The Spiritual Foundations

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The One, The Many & The Flow

The Foundations of Everything

God • The Eternal & The Changing, The Flow • The Holographic Model- The Whole In The Parts • The Form of Reality- The Greater Flows • Reality & Illusion • The Reason For Creation- God Experiences Itself Through Us • The Unity, Continuity, & Qualities of Consciousness • Individuality Within Unity • The Flow Into Us- The Source of Thoughts


God's Names

*EJ* God's Many Names:

[The pure, timeless state that Buddhists call nirvana and Christians the Kingdom of God] is the I AM. Saint Augustine called it "That Which Is"; Plotinus, "the One" and "the Supplier of True Life"; Saint Bernard, "the Energetic Word." Dante called it "the Eternal Light"; Ruysbroeck, "the Abyss"; Saint Catherine of Siena, "Pure Love"; Saint Teresa of Avila, "His Majesty." It is Paul Tillich's "Ground of Our Being," Martin Buber's "the Eternal Thou," Hegel's "Absolute Spirit." It is the Goddess. It is Yahweh, Allah, Jehovah, Krishna, Vishnu, Buddha, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. It is called Enlightenment. The Awakening. Dieu. Gott. God.

God Is The Source

*AoaY* Simplicity of God:

"God is simple. Everything else is complex."

*E* The Ascendant:

Being is a common and useful word for the Ascendant.

It is not possible to go beyond the Infinite Ascendant. If it were, it would not be the Infinite. The Ascendant is the Source of everything, all knowledge, all thought, all that exists.

Go as far as you wish into the past, there will be Ascendant be, shining in its perfect glory. As far as you would like into the future, there is the Ascendant ever Perfect ever Pure.

It is not a void, it is the state of complete fullness, of Being, the Source of everything.

The Ascendant is free from limitations of any kind, including the limit of having had a beginning.

Nature wishes to transform life all the time. All the individual can do is remove the self-imposed blocks to the Infinite light.

The root or Source of all that is, the Eternal Ascendant, is fully conscious of all that was, all that is, all that will ever be. It is only consciousness out of the Ascendant that does not know.

Consciousness without motion is the Ascendant.

All of life meets in the perfect Unity of the Ascendant; there is nothing in creation not joined to That.

The Ascendant's purpose is for the Absolute to be known.

*IL* God/You Are All Life:


There is nothing dead, for I, the Impersonal ONE, AM all that there is...

Nothing can Be without manifesting and expressing some phase of Me, Who AM not only the Builder of all forms, but the Dweller in each...

I, and the I AM of you and of your brother, and the consciousness and intelligence of all cells of all bodies, are ONE.

I AM the directing Intelligence of All, the animating Spirit, the Life, the Consciousness of all matter, of all Substance.

If you can see it, You, the Real you, the Impersonal you, are in all and are one with all, are in Me and are one with Me.

*CWG1* What God Is & Isn't:

You have this idea that God shows up in only one way in life. That's a very dangerous idea. If you think God looks only one way or sounds only one way or is only one way, you're going to look right past Me night and day. God is the sadness and the laughter. There is a divine purpose behind everything- and therefore a divine presence in everything. God is the up and the down. The hot and the cold. The left and the right. The reverent and the irreverent! Is it your knowing that God is without humor? I tell you, God invented humor. Are your slang words or tough language outside my ken? I tell you, you can speak to Me as you would speak to your best friend. I despise nothing. None of it is repulsive to Me. You cannot create a thing which is outside of God's plan. For God's plan is for you to create anything- everything- whatever you want.

*MotFE* What God Is:

Jesus: "God is the principle behind everything that exists today. The principle behind a thing is Spirit; and Spirit is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient. God is the one Mind. God is the source of all the true Love that holds or binds all forms together. God is impersonal principle. God is never personal except as he becomes to each individual a personal loving Father-Mother. God is the Life itself and that life never dies. God is not a judge or a king who can intrude His presence upon you or bring you before the bar of justice. God is a loving, all-giving Father-Mother, who, when you approach, puts out His arms and enfolds you. It does not matter who or what you are or what you have been.

"You can see and talk with God at any time. God is far dearer and truer than any friend.

*FT* The Ascendant:

The Ascendant is Universal, non-changing Absolute that underlies all forms and phenomena in Nature. God truly is a circle with center everywhere and circumference nowhere. That which is smaller than the smallest is larger than the largest. There is more energy contained on subtler levels. The power contained at the Planck scale 10- 43 cm is so great it could create a Universe. As one approaches the ascendant, the power increases. It takes less effort to Ascend, not more. Even the slightest effort, even the slightest desiring for the experience to be like something, to be specific somehow, will slow down this process. (NOTE: Suspension of SS) Consciousness is what you and the ascendant are. We're flowing in the river of life, and that is why ascension so rapidly transforms us.

The ascendant has a personal interest in each of us. Without each and every one of us, it is incomplete.

*SS* God:

God, therefore, is first of all a creator, not of one physical universe, but of an infinite variety of probable existences. There was no beginning, and there will be no end. God is more than the sum of all the probable systems of reality he has created. He is therefore within each man and woman. He is also within each spider, shadow, and frog, and this is what man does not like to admit. You experience him whether or not you realize it, through your own existence. He is not male or female. In the most inescapable truth, he is not human in your terms at all, nor in your terms is he a personality. Your ideas of personality are too limited to contain the multitudinous facets of his multidimensional existence. Within the vastness of his experience he holds an "idea-shape" of himself as human, to which you can relate. He literally was made flesh to dwell among you, for he forms your flesh in that he is responsible for the energy that gives vitality and validity to your private multidimensional self, which in turn forms your image in accordance with your own ideas. The private multidimensional self, or the soul, has then an eternal validity. It is upheld, supported, maintained by the energy, the inconceivable vitality, of All That Is. It cannot be destroyed then, this inner self of yours, nor can it be diminished. It shares in those abilities that are inherent within All That Is. It must, therefore, create as it is created, for his is the great giving that is behind all dimensions of existence, the spilling-over from the fountain of All That Is.

There are probable gods, each one reflecting in its way the multidimensional aspecs of a prime identity so great that no one reality form or particular kind of existence could contain it.

*IA* God:

God has 70,000 veils of light and darkness. God's divine lovingmercy is not itself an existant thing, but whatever gives rise to pleasure and joy in its human object. The manifestations that bring the joy are existant things. We often fail to remember God. The Divine voice speaks in first person. "My earth and My heaven do not encompass me, but the heart of my servant who has faith encompasses me." ...True spiritual knowledge is a light that God projects into the heart.

*DEVF1* All That Is:

In the beginning there was... a divine psychological gestalt- and by that I mean a being whose reality escapes the definition of the word "being," since it is the source from which all being emerges. That being exists in a psychological dimension, a spacious present, in which everything that was or is or will be (in your terms) is kept in immediate attention, poised in a divine context that is characterized by such a brilliant concentration that the grandest and the lowliest, the largest and the smallest, are equally held in a multiloving constant focus.

*IL* The Threefold Force:

I AM Infinite and wholly unconfined; the Universe is My Body, all the Intelligence there is emanates from My Mind, all the Love there is flows from My Heart, all the Power there is, is but My Will in action.

The threefold Force, manifesting as all Wisdom, all Love, all Power, or if you will, as Light, Heat, and Energy- that which holds together all forms and is back of and in all expressions and phases of life,- is but the manifestation of My Self in the act or state of Being.

*CH* Life is An Emanation of the One:

The One is more alive, for instance, than the life-energy of organic beings, which are Its emanations on a less primal plane of existence.

*BG* Brahman- Origin of All:

"The foremost point is that He is not impersonal or void... He is the origin of everything... He can enter the atom and into the heart of the smallest and control him as the Supersoul. Although so small, He is still all-pervading and maintains everything."


The total material substance, called Brahman, is the source of birth, and in that Brahman I create pregnancy.

*BG* What God Is:

I am the original seed of all existences, the intelligence of the intelligent, and the prowess of all powerful men.


All states of being- goodness, passion or ignorance- are manifested by My energy. (NOTE: The light behind the aura)


I am the goal, the upholder, the master, the witness, the home, the shelter and the most dear friend. I am the creation and the annihilation, the basis of everything, the resting place and the eternal seed... Both being and nonbeing are in Me.

*DL* The Heart & Mind of the Spirit:

He is... dealing... with something that is pulsating with a Life as warm and vivid and full of interest as his own- nay, more so, for it is the Infinite of all that he himself is.

*tSD* The One Source of All:

The whole Kosmos has sprung from the Divine Thought. This Thought impregnates Matter, which is co-eternal with the One Reality; and all that lives and breathes evolves from the emanation of the One.

*VS-AG* The Light Behind All Things:

"Which light proceedeth forth from the presence of God to fill the immensity of space-

"The light which is in all things, which giveth life to all things, which is the law by which all things are governed, even the power of God who sitteth upon the throne, who is in the bosom of eternity, who is in the midst of all things."

(the LDS scriptures, Doctrine and Covenants. Section 88:12-13)

*DEVF1* The Source of All Universes:

Your universe is not the only one...

Your universe and all others spring from a dimension that is the creative source for all realities- a basic dream universe, so to speak, a divine psychological bed where subjective being is sparked, illuminated, stimulated, pierced, by its own infinite desire for creativity. The source of its power is so great that its imaginings become worlds, but it is endowed with a creativity of such splendor that it seeks the finest fulfillment, for even the smallest of its thoughts and all of its potentials are directed with a good intent that is literally beyond all imagining.

*BG* The Unchangeable Source of All:

Although I am the creator if this system, you should know that I am yet the nondoer, being unchangeable.


"The Lord is the creator of everything. Everything is born of Him, everything is sustained by Him, and everything, after annihilation, rests in Him."


I am the source of everything; from Me the entire creation flows.

*ER* All Creation From a Simple Source:

There is a way that leads from all-colors

to colorlessness. Know that the magnificent variety

of the clouds and the weather comes from

the total simplicity of the sun and the moon.

*AoaY* The Nature of God:

"It is the Spirit of God that actively sustains every form and force in the universe; yet He is transcendental and aloof in the blissful uncreated void beyond the worlds of vibratory phenomena. God nevertheless expects that souls made in His image shall ultimately rise above all sense identifications and reunite with Him."

God As Love, The Only Power

The One Cause

*MotFE* God's LOVE:

The meal had not progressed far when our Chief asked the lady what she considered the greatest attribute of God. Without a moment's hesitation she answered, "Love." Then she went onto say, "Love is the greatest healing force in the world. Love never fails to meet every demand of the human heart. The Divine Principle of Love may be used to eliminate every sorrow, every infirmity, every harsh condition, and every lack that harasses humanity.

"Love is God, eternal, limitless, changeless, going beyond all vision into infinitude. Love reveals the Christ within the soul of man. Love is ever seeking an inlet whereby it may flow forth into the soul of man and pour itself out as all good to him. It is not disturbed by man's perversity and discordant thinking. God's eternal, changeless current of love flows ever onward, carrying before it, into the great universal sea of forgetfulness, every appearance of inharmony or ugliness which disturbs the peace of man. Love is the very pulse of the world, the heartbeat of the universe. Humanity must be charged with this current of love from the great Omnipresent Life if it would do the works of Jesus.

"Are you sick or afraid? If so, lift your heart and pray to God who leads the way. Approach this throne of grace boldly, not as you have thought of beseeching and groveling attitude, but with the prayer of understanding faith, knowing that the help you stand in need of is already yours. Never doubt. Do more- ask. Know that in the Invisible, Universal Substance, in which we all live and move and have our being, is every good and perfect thing that man can desire, waiting to be drawn forth by faith into visible form or manifestation.

"Solomon asked to be of service and not for self. This brought to him wealth untold and added to this was life and honor beyond his power to ask.

"If we love we cannot help giving, and to give is to gain, and the law of love is fulfilled. Then, by giving, we set in operation the unfailing law of measure for measure. With no thought of receiving, it is impossible to avoid receiving.

"If we work in the spirit of love, we must have God present in consciousness. None need want in the presence of God's abundance. This thought of abundance must lift the mind far beyond the bounds of limitation. To conceive abundance, one must relinquish all thoughts of things in particular. To hold it in mind, consciousness must swing far out into the Universal and revel in the joyousness of perfect freedom. Our consciousness cannot attain to this freedom in an instant. The breaking of the last vestige of limitation may be accomplished in an instant but the preparation for this glorious event has gone before."

*MotFE* The Sum of All Love:

"The sum of all Love is the Great Principle, God. Every attracted love, great or small, sublime or low, makes the one infinite love stand forth and nothing is too great for us. As we love unselfishly, we have the complete ocean of Cosmic Love with us. There is no greater power on earth or in heaven than pure love. Earth becomes heaven; heaven is Humanity's true home.

*VS-BT* All is Made of Love, the Brightness of the Spark:

Love was the very fabric of the universe...

Love ties everything together and allows for its material creation and existence.

*OwtL* The One Power- Love:

"Divine Love is the one great power that moves the universe."

*CWG3* God:

The Father of all is pure thought. This is the energy of life. This is what you have chosen to call Absolute Love.

*IAD* The One Cause:

When [students'] attention is fixed upon the "Mighty I AM Presence," they are dealing with the One and Mightiest Cause, whose One and Only Expression is Perfection

*VS-KR* Bohm Says It's Love:

The physicist, David Bohm, said that the energy of the universe is not a neutral energy but an energy of love.

*BDL* Spirit and Energy:

S: Spirit is of an energy nature- somewhat more of a life force than a life form. Perhaps to say, more of the sustaining life. That is, the essence of life as opposed to the personality which is full of this life.

*EL* Spirit is Creative Through Love:

The Supreme All-originating Spirit... is creative. If it were not creative nothing could come into existence... Love is the prime moving power of the Creating Spirit.

*FWG* First Cause is Life:

The universe didnt just burst into being out of thin air...

This first cause is life itself, expressing in physical form.

*FWG* Being is the First Cause:

Thought is not the first cause. True Being is.

*LotSB* Love is Order, Beauty, Mathematics:

Love is order; it is beauty, it is living mathematics.

*IAD* Divine Love:

Divine Love is a Power, a Presence, an Intelligence, a Light, that can be fanned into a Boundless Flame or Fire.

*MotFE* The Universe

The Universe is another name for God. It is the sum of all life, all substance, all intelligence, all power. It is all Love for it is bound together in a single system and operates as a single unit. Love is the integrity principle or the binding principle which maintains the universe as a unity and keeps all its operations moving in perfect harmony and regularity.

You must learn to find out what the world is like by knowing what the Universe is like and then you will be able to tell the world what it is. "Nothing in this world is single. All things by a law Divine with one another's being mingled."

God As Light

*BG* The Brightness of the Lord:

If hundreds of thousands of suns rose at once into the sky, they might resemble the effulgence of the Supreme Person in that universal form.

*ND* The Light In Which Being Exists:

Edgar Cayce: "God moved and said, ‘Let there be light,' and there was light, not the light of the sun, but rather that of which, through which, in which every soul had, has, and ever has its being."

*TYSD* The Source of Light:

From The Precious Rosary:

‘Although many stars shine, and that ornament of the Earth, the Moon, also shineth,

Yet when the Sun setteth, it becometh night.'

*BDL* The Light is the Truth:

D: Can you tell me where this light is?

S: Where all knowledge and everything is known. Everything is pure and simple. There is more pure truth here. You don't have the things of the world to confuse you. You have the truth on Earth but you just don't see it.

*JoNDE-BAB* Ancient Sources Referring to God as Light:

In The Apocalypse of Paul, which purported to detail the voyage of the Apostle through the heavens, we read that in the "sixth heaven" Paul "gazed up on high and saw a great light shining down" (Robinson, p. 259). According to The Concept of Great Power, we find that those who know the Great [Divine] Power "will enter into the immeasurable light" (Robinson, p. 316). The Prayer of Thanksgiving similarly referred to God as an "intelligent light" (Robinson, p. 329). In The Paraphrase of Shem we read about the origins of the "exalted, infinite Light" and the "universal Light," and how it went about fashioning the universe (Robinson, p. 343).

The Apocryphon of John asserted that God, the "Father of everything," is "pure light into which no eye can look... [Immeasurable light] which is pure, holy [and immaculate]" (Robinson, p. 106). The Gospel of the Egyptians referred to the Father as the "infinite light" as well as the "great invisible [Spirit]]" (Robinson, p. 209). In The Thought of Norea, the father was referred to as "the Light... Above the [regions] below, Light dwelling [in the[ heights" (Robinson, p. 446). The Interpretation of Knowledge asserted that the Father is "the light of the world" (Robinson, p. 475).

*MotFE* The Universe

Light is the vehicle that carries Universality into complete existence.

Inconceivable Vastness

*EK* Inconceivable Infinity:

The essence of faith is an awareness of the vastness of Infinity. Whatever conception of it enters the mind is an absolutely negligible speck in comparison to what should be conceived...

*ANMU* All is Nothing:

In one case it was All that swallowed me up, in the other it was Nothing. But this made no difference, because All was equivalent to Nothing.

*SL* The One Existence, Brahman, and the Necessary Relativity and Limitation of All Else:

The One Existence, spoken of sometimes as Brahman, is absolute and undivided; it has no attributes, no qualities...

When you try to think of this Existence, in the very thinking you must separate yourself from it. You as a mind endeavor to consider something which is thought of and is not the thinker... That is neither conscious nor unconscious. However, there is some deeper essence which becomes consciousness when conditioned, because consciousness implies duality, something which is conscious, and something of which it is conscious...

With anything you may think of comes its opposite, for the opposite is implied in the very act of defining: "A" implies "not-A."...

Every object being necessarily limited, is also necessarily imperfect, (NOTE: not imperfect, incomplete) being less than the whole.

Now when you realize that, you have your origin of imperfection, of what is called evil...

The very words "good" and "evil" imply relativity, the pairs of opposites necessary to thought...

It is a fundamental law of mind that thought must work by differences, by discriminating the difference between "A" and "not-A."...

Evil, like good, lies in the relationship between one thing and another; it is relative... What we speak of as evil in one place may not be evil in another.

Pure Consciousness

*TYSD* What the Clear Light Is:

The Clear Light, in its primal aspect, symbolizes the unconditioned, pure Nirvanic Consciousness, the transcendent, Supramundane Consciousness of a Fully Awakened One. It is a Mystic Radiance of the Dharma-Kaya, of the Nirvanic Consciousness free of all sangsaric or conditioned obscuration. It cannot be described; It can only be known...

The Clear Light is momentarily experienced by all human beings at the moment of death; by masters of yoga it is experienced in the highest states of samadhi at will, and unceasingly by Buddhas.

*ABTM* What Love Is:

When we experience consciousness purely, with no extraneous images or assumptions, that is love...

Shakespeare: "Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds, or bends with the remover to remove. Oh no! It is an ever-fixed mark that looks on tempest and is never shaken."

*IL* The Mind of God:

[My Consciousness] is the real Substance of My All-comprehending and All-including Mind, whose informing and vitalizing Center is everywhere and Its limit and circumference nowhere. Within the realm of My Mind alone I live and move and have My Being. It both contains and fills all things, and Its every vibration and manifestation is but the expression of some phase of My Be-ing.

*tSD* Absolute Consciousness:

The true Buddhist, recognizing no "personal God," nor any "Father" and "Creator of Heaven and Earth," still believes in an Absolute Consciousness.

*TDA* God:

Dr. Peebles: "God is all things, and God is consciousness- God is aware and active in the universe and throughout all time and space. Each and every human mind, mind of the animal, natural intelligence of the plants, and of the entire relationship of universe, are particles of mind."

*CU* What Spirit Is:

There is a Spirit that is mind and life, light and truth and vast spaces. He contains all works and desires and all perfumes and all tastes. He enfolds the whole universe, and in silence is loving to all.

*IAD* Consciousness is Light, Focused:

Within all Light at certain points is consciousness focused. At those points it becomes illumination. Suppose this room were the Great Sun. It has an atmosphere. The individuals moving within it would have their own Radiance about them, the same as the lights in this room.

Eternal Newness, Freshness

*DL* Newness of Spirit:

The Divine Spirit... in the expression of its inherent Love and Beauty, makes all things new.

*BG* Life is Eternal:

Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor all these kings; nor in the future shall any of us cease to be.

Changeless Timeless Spirit

*DL* Spirit is Changeless- Go Straight to Spirit:

Spirit never changes. It is still the same, and is just as independent of existing conditions now as it was in the beginning; and so we must pass over all existing conditions, however apparently adverse, and go straight to the Spirit as the originator of new forms and new conditions. This is real New Thought, for it does not trouble about the old things.

*CH* The One is Without Qualities:

"Every inquiry is either about what a thing essentially is, or its quality, or its cause, or the fact of its existence, but none of this applies to the One." -Plotinus

...The One is too simple, too ultimate, too primal to express any condition of existence or to possess any quality, although existence and all its qualities emanate from the One.

*DL* The Creativity of Spirit in Us:

Since the Original Spirit cannot change its nature its self-contemplation through our own minds must be as creative in, for, and through us as it ever was in the beginning.

*BG* Changeless Brahman:

"Brahman is indestructible and eternally existing, and there is no change in its constitution. But beyond Brahman is Parabrahman, the Supreme Truth. Brahman means the living entity, and Parabrahman is the Supreme Personality of Godhead." (NOTE: ??)

*CWG3* The Moment Point In Which All is Fact:

All the events you could possibly imagine- indeed, have imagined- are taking place right now, in the Eternal Moment. This is the Holy Instant. This is the Moment that precedes your awareness. It is what is happening before the Light gets to you. (NOTE: The flashing out theory- every moment anything could be different, but the causes have only slightly shifted so things only slightly change)

*B* The Constancy of God:

[The divine being] seeks nothing outside of itself, remaining constant in itself.

*IL* The I AM of God:

[This I AM] is wholly Impersonal, and knows neither time, space, nor different identities.

*KaU* What the Atman Is:

The Atman is beyond sound and form, without touch and taste and perfume. It is eternal, unchangeable, and without beginning or end: indeed above reasoning.

Observer, Not Creator

*CWG1* About God's Role:

I have no form or shape. I could adopt form or shape, however. I am what I am not. It is from the am-notness that I come, and to it I always return.

God is the observer, not the creator. God gave you free choice. Your will for you is God's will for you. I do not care what you do. I know you are perfectly safe. I always hope that you do not hurt yourselves, and if you do, I will be right there to help you, heal you, allow you to feel safe again, to be happy again, to go and play another day. I cannot stop you from doing dangerous things. If you cannot depend on God's love to always be there, on whose love can you depend? I care not deeply about the process, but the result. I do not even care so much about the ultimate outcome, because it is assured.

*CWG1* God's Desire:

Desire is the beginning of all creation. God's desire is first to know and experience Myself, in all My glory- to know Who I Am. Second, I desire that you shall know and experience Who You Really Are. Third, I desire for the whole life process to be an experience of constant joy, continuous creation, never-ending expansion, and total fulfillment in each moment of now.

I want for you what you want for you. Nothing more, nothing less. My law is the law of cause and effect.

I do not make a judgement about the creations that you conjure, I simply empower you to conjure more.

Where All Is One

*ND* All Force is One Force:

Edgar Cayce: "Things spiritual and things material are but those same conditions raised to a different condition [vibration] of the same element- for all force is as of one force."

*BDL* God:

S: God simply is. God is, period. The children are doing; God is. The concept of God is the sum of all, of everything. We are God. We are collectively God. We are individual pieces of God...

All the universes put together make God. Each universe does have the awareness of God, although the awareness would be different in different universes as well as different areas in one universe.

*B* Seeing All In God:

The saints see in God only a single image, and in this image they know all things. He has no need to turn from one things to another, as we must do. If it could be so in this earthly life that we at all times might have a mirror before us in which we in a single moment could see all things, and could know them in a single image, neither deed nor knowledge could be a hindrance for us.

*B* Equality in God:

In God there is no smaller and greater; he is only the one, simple, pure essential Truth.


The Eternal & The Changing, The Flow

The Changeless Creator & The Changing Creation

The Changeless & Changing
*CWG3* What God Is- Change!:

God is also The Process by which All is created, and experiences Itself...

I am the Creator, and I am The Process by which I am created.

Everything you see in the heavens and the earth is Me, being created. The Process of Creation is never over. It is never complete. I am never "done." This is another way of saying everything is forever changing...

The One Unchanging Truth is that God is always changing...

Life is change. God is life.

Therefore, God is change...

My love for you is always changing, because you are always changing, and I love you just the way you are. For Me to love you just the way you are, My idea of what is "lovable" must change as your idea of Who You Are changes...

Now, this process that you and I are is eternal. It always was, is now, and always will be occurring. It needs no "help" from you in order to occur. It happens "automatically." And, when left alone, it happens perfectly.

*SoM* The Voice, Thought, Word of God In Creation:

This ONE must be Changeless, for being One and Only, It could not change into anything but Itself. The Word is the Concept, Idea, Image, or Thought of God. The world of multiplicity does not contradict the world of Unity, for the many live in the One.

*ABTM* The Eternal & Changing:

Everyone inhabits a reality of non-change lying beyond all change.

...The billions of changes occuring in our cells are only the passing scenery of life; behind their mask is the seer, who represents the source of the flow of awareness.

*SPoK* Only God is Changeless:

All things change constantly because none of them is the Essence of God, which alone is absolutely changeless and eternal.

"At root the substance of the cosmos is one. It never changes from its reality.

The One & the Many

*CWG3* Duality and Unity Explained: The Nature of Time:

Life is a single occurrence, an event in the cosmos that is happening right now. All of it is happening. Everywhere.

There is no "time" but now. There is no "place" but here.

Here and now is All There Is.

Yet you chose to experience the magnificence of here and now in its every detail, and to experience your Divine Self as the here and now creator of that reality. There were only two ways- two fields of experience- in which you could do that. Time and space...

You use time as the microscope of your soul.

Consider the Parable of the Rock.

Once there was a Rock, filled with countless atoms, protons, neutrons, and subatomic particles of matter. These particles were racing around continually, in a pattern, each particle going from "here" to "there," and taking "time" to do so, yet going so fast that the Rock itself seemed to move not at all. It just was...

"But," asked the Rock, "which, then, is the illusion? The oneness, the stillness, of the Rock, or the separateness and the movement of Its parts?"

...This is The Cosmology...

Both observations are accurate. Both realities are "real."

...What are those particles doing? They are making that rock what it is...

The rock isn't becoming a rock; it is a rock, right here- right now...

All is One... All the movement hasn't moved anything...

"‘Time' is really perspective; that it neither ‘exists' nor ‘ceases to exist,' but that as the soul alters its perspective, we experience ultimate reality in different ways."

...The movement is occurring and the rock is "being," all at the "same time."

...After death, you are no longer limited in your understanding. You see the rock, and you see into the rock.


All of it has already happened. Every possibility exists as fact, as completed events...

All the endings already exists. The universe is just waiting to see which one you choose this time.

*BG* The Form of the Lord:

At that time Arjuna could see in the universal form of the Lord the unlimited expansions of the universe situated in one place although divided into many, many thousands.


O Lord of the universe, I see in Your universal body many, many forms- arms, bellies, mouths, eyes- expanded without limit.

*SDoG* Order, Unity, & Manyness:

Order and arrangement only make sense in the context of a multiplicity of interrelating things. Wujud is one, so multiplicity is rooted in oneness, and so also is order.

*UR* Within the Whole Are Many:

There is one God, but within that God are many. There is one self, but within that self are many. There is one body, in one time, but the self has other bodies in other times. All "times" exist at once.

*HU* Individuality Among Unity:

Bohm cautions that this does not mean the universe is a giant undifferentiated mass. Things can be part of an undivided whole and still possess their own unique qualities. To illustrate what he means he points to the little eddies and whirlpools that often form in a river. At a glance such eddies, appear to be separate things and possess many individual characteristics such as size, rate, and direction of rotation., et cetera. But careful scrutiny revels that it is impossible to determine where any given whirlpool ends and the river begins. Thus, Bohm is not suggesting that the differences between "things" is meaningless. He merely wants us to be aware constantly that dividing various aspects of the holomovement into "things" is always an abstraction, a way of making those aspects stand out in our perception by our way of thinking.

The Absolute & the Opposites
*CWG1* The Absolute:

Within the realm of gross relationships, nothing conceptualized can exist without a conceptualization of its opposite. Within the realm of sublime relationships nothing which exists has an opposite. All is One and everything progresses from one to the other in a never-ending circle. Time is such a sublime realm, in which what you call past, present, and future exist inter-relationally. They exist at one and the same time. Life itself is a rhythm. It is a wave, a vibration, a pulsation at the very heart of All That Is.

The realm of the relative is a created reality you and I have devised and continue to devise- in order that we may know ourselves experientially.

In the world of the absolute, all things are everything. There is no male and female, there is no before and after, there is no fast and slow, here and there, up and down, left and right- and no right and wrong.

*CWG2* Judgment & Consequence:

In your reality, Good cannot exist without Bad. So you believe it must be the same in Mine. After you change form, consequences cease to exist. There is just Knowing. Consequences are an element of relativity.

The Eternal & the Temporal
*PoP* Eternity of Life:

Only God alone is absolutely eternal. For all created beings, eternity is inevitably relative, since whatever has a beginning will necessarily have an end. This end is transformation, transmutation, and changes of state, not disappearance. Those who attain perfection become eternal as they rejoin God.

*WotT* Transition & Passing Away vs. Stability:

A separate immaterial mover (that is, its intelligible Form) is the aim of its motion; this world is a realm of extinction, transience, and passing away, while the other world is a realm of stability and that this realm and everything in it is dependent on that other realm.

The other world is an enduring modality of being.

This world is perishing and passing away, banished from the region of Holiness.

*SDoG* All Things In the Cloud Are Perishing:

"Within the Cloud, God gave existence to all the forms of the cosmos. Concerning them He said that each of them is perishing, that is, in respect of its forms, except its face, that is, except in respect of its reality, for that is not perishing."

*tSD* Life Behind All:

Life precedes form, and life survives the last atom.

*BS&S* The Infinite:

Bohm: To the eye of the infinite, no such place as there exists (since, but crudely, if you go some other place over there, you will still only find the very same infinite as here.) All of Eternity is wholly and completely present at every point of time. To the eye of Eternity, there is no then, either past or future.

Ever-Moving, Ever-Changing Perfection

*JoYS* Sparks & Tao, The Grand Cycle:

The only perfection is the Tao. The Tao is in equilibrium, while the universe is in motion. The universe is "imperfect," unstable, and incomplete. If the universe were also complete, there would be no room for growth and movement.

*UR* Perfection Must Be Ever-Changing, Ever-Growing:

Platonic thought saw this inner world as perfect. As you think of it, however, perfection always suggests something done and finished, or beyond surpassing, and this of course denies the inherent characteristics of creativity, which do indeed always seek to surpass themselves. The Platonic, idealized inner world would ultimately result in a dead one, for in it the models for all exteriorizations were seen as already completed – finished and perfect.

*WoLi* Perfection is Ever-Changing:

Nothing is stagnant in the universe, least of all perfection.

*SS* The Nature of Perfection:

There is no "perfect ending," no completed perfection beyond which further experience is impossible or meaningless.

Perfection presupposes that point beyond which development is impossible, and creativity at an end. There would be an order in which only predestination could rule, each part fitting in with a particular order without freedom to change the pattern given it. There is order, but within this order there is freedom- the freeedom of creativity, that characteristic of All That Is, that guarantees its infinite becoming. Now in that infinite becoming, there are states that you would call perfected, but had creativity rested within them, all of experience would be destined to grind to a halt.

*TDA* God, Changing:

Dr. Peebles: "God is already complete. For God has total concept and celebration of change, brought forward through self, toward God... It is impossible not to change...

"All of God is within each and every being; each and every essence of life."

All Things Made of God
The Eternal Creates the Temporal Out of Itself

*SoM* The Beginning:

The world is tired of mysteries. In the beginning, Spirit or Intelligence only. No manifest universe! It is Self-Existent Consciousness, and also Self-Existent Substance. SPIRIT MAKES THINGS OUT OF ITSELF THROUGH SOME INNER ACT UPON ITSELF. This inner act must be an act of consciousness.

God was conscious of Himself, prior to the creation of any special world system. The Law is mechanical, the Word is spontaneous. He created a being who had real life within himself. He could do this only by imparting His own nature to the being whom he called man.

*SoM* Absolute Intelligence:

Spirit being All and Only, there is nothing for It to change into but Itself. Therefore, It is the Changeless, within which must take place all change or manifestation of Itself. Spirit is conscious and must be conscious of something. Therefore, It must always create. The Spirit is alive, conscious, aware, and active.

*CMS* God Creates All Things Out of Himself:

"In the beginning was God" or life. Out of this life which is, everything which is is made. So life must flow through all things... The Spirit, or Life, or God, must make things out of Himself, through self-recognition, or self-knowing or, as we would call it- thinking... "How do things come into being?".. God makes them out of Himself. God thinks, or knows, and that thing which He thinks or knows appears from Himself, and is made out of Himself.


Spirit makes things out of itself; it manifests in the visible world by becoming the thing that it wills to become. In the world of the individual the same process takes place.

*TYSD* All Manifestation is the One Essence:

The Do-Ha Mahamudra, by Saraha, teaches:

‘All manifestation and feelings are identical with the essence of mind.

There being no difference between the sea and its waves,

No difference existeth between Buddhas and other sentient beings.'

*DEVF1* Creator in the Created:

All That Is is so much a part of its creations that it is almost impossible to separate the "creator from the creations," for each creation also carries indelibly within it the characteristics of its source... (NOTE: Holographically)


God in All Things

The Whole in the Parts

*PoP* Creation of Souls:

God has reproduced the whole universe in miniature within us: all the forces of creation are already within us. Hence we must truly know ourself in order to know the universe, and in knowing ourself, we know God.

*SDoG* We Are Many, He Is One:

"I say that ‘We are many and He is one' only because the flints are many, but the fire of each is one in entity."

*MotFE* God Dwells Within:

About Jesus: "This Great Master was sent to show more fully that God not only dwells without us but within us, that He never is, nor can be, separated from us or any of His creations; that He is all things; knows all things; knows all and is all Truth.

*HU* The Unity of All Reality:

Everything interpenetrates, and is interpenetrated by, everything else.

Everything is in the universe is infinitely interconnected and that this interconnectivity can almost be thought of as a web. The shaman, recognizing the interconnectedness of all things, sees himself at the center of this web and thus capable of affecting every other part of the universe.

"The macrocosm is the microcosm."

Harney Peak was the center of the world. "Anywhere is the center of the world. God is a circle whose center is everywhere, and its circumferences nowhere." -Black Elk

"If you look at one [pearl], you see all the others reflect in it." Each object in the world is not merely itself, but involves every other object and, in fact, is everything else.

Fa-Tsang held that the whole cosmos was implicit in each of its parts (and who also believed that every point in the cosmos was its center), likened the universe to a multidimensional network of jewels, each one reflecting all others ad infinitum.

Fa-Tsang suspended a candle in the middle of a room full of mirrors. This, he told the empress Wu, represented the relationship of One to the many. Then he took a polished crystal and placed it in the center of the room so that it reflected everything around it. This, he said, showed the relationship of the many to the One. Fa-Tsang stressed that his model was static and did not reflect the dynamism and constant movement of the cosmic interrelatedness among all things in the universe.

Some have argued that this was why Leibniz proposed that the universe is constituted out of fundamental entities he called "monads," each of which contains a reflection of the whole universe. What is significant is that Leibniz also gave the world integral calculus, and it was integral calculus that enabled Dennis Gabor to invent the hologram.

*HU* Everything Enfolded in Each Part:

The idea that consciousness and life (and indeed all things) are ensembles enfolded throughout the universe has an equally dazzling flip side. Just as every portion of a hologram contains the image of the whole, every portion of the universe enfolds the whole. This means that if we knew how to access it we could find the Andromeda galaxy in the thumbnail of our left hand. We could also find Cleopatra meeting Caesar for the first time, for in principle the whole past and implications for the whole future are also enfolded in each small region of space and time. Every cell in our body enfolds the entire cosmos. So does every leaf, every raindrop, and every dust mote.

*TB* Nature of All:

The Buddha compared the universe to a vast net woven of a countless variety of brilliant jewels, each with countless numbers of facets. Each jewel reflects in itself every other jewel in the net and is, in fact one with every other jewel. When through contemplation we really have seen the emptiness and interdependence of all things and ourselves the world is revealed in a brighter, fresher, more sparkling light as the infinitely reflecting net of jewels that Buddha spoke of.

There is a constant cycle, in which the universe evolves and disintegrates, then comes back into being.

Script: The following is a link to the personal side of God being in all things.
*GHL* God in All Things:

"God is an indwelling presence, the core of what I am and what everything is. God is life itself, speaking through all life... Let My will be a mystery for you to find in each moment, my guidance told me. Seek it within the little and the big. It includes all people and all things, all questions and all answers." -Dorothy Maclean

*BG* Brahman:

The indestructible, transcendental living entity is called Brahman, and his eternal nature is called the self. And action pertaining to the development of these material bodies is called karma, or fruitive activities.


The universe is the cosmic form of the Supreme Lord, and I am that Lord represented as the Supersoul, dwelling in the heart of every embodied being.


Think of the Supreme Person as one who knows everything, who is the oldest, who is the controlled, who is smaller than the smallest, who is the maintainer of everything, who is beyond any material conception, who is inconceivable, and who is always a person. He is luminous like the sun, beyond this material nature, transcendental.

*BG* The Light in Everything:

"Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, is partially realized in His impersonal... shining effulgence. Krishna is also partially realized as the all-pervading Supersoul dwelling within everything, even in the particles of atoms."

*B* God Remains in All:

Saint Augustine says God has created all things not that he would let them come into existence and then go their own way, but rather he remains in them.


Where my soul is, there is God, and where God is, there my soul is also.

*B* All Are God's Creation:

All creatures are in God and are his own Godhead.

*SL* God Is Everywhere:

The manifestation is still divine. By understanding this we touch the feet of God. If it is true that he is everywhere and in everything, then he is as much in the marketplace as in the desert, as much in the office as in the jungle, as easily found in the street of the crowded city as in the solitude of the mountain peak.

*tSD* The Universal:

The Hindus say that the Universe is Brahman and Brahma, for Brahman is in every atom of the universe, the six principles in Nature being all the outcome. (NOTE: I'd say, from the source)

*TDA* We Encounter God in All Experiences:

The diversity of God's expression: all is contained within God; therefore we encounter God in every activity, every locale, every thought and deed.

*HoL* The Whole In The Part:

The whole is made up of the individual parts, and the individual parts are therefore not only part of the whole, but like a hologram are in fact the whole.

*GHL* Vitalism- Spirit as Real Covered By Matter:

"Vitalism designates the unity of matter and spirit as a self-active entity, in which the spiritual kernel is considered the real substance and the material ‘cover' a mere phenomenon."

-Carolyn Merchant

God's Relationship To Creation

God Sustains All Things

*SPoK* Everything Is Supported By A Divine Reality:

"It is impossible for there to be something in the cosmos whose very form is not supported by a divine reality.

*TYSD* The Absolute's Relation To the Created:

Nagarjuna, from the Avatangsaka Sutra: ‘The One True Essence is like a bright mirror, which is the basis of all phenomena. The Basis itself is permanent and real, the phenomena are evanescent and unreal. As the mirror, however, is capable of reflecting all images, so the True Essence embraceth all phenomena, and all things exist in and by it.'...

An Absolute is inherent in phenomena, for the Absolute is the source and support of phenomena... The phenomena are the Ocean of Mind conceived as waves of thought; the Absolute is the waves conceived as the Ocean.

*EK* The Essential Divinity:

The Essence of divinity is found in every single thing- nothing but it exists. Since it causes every thing to be, no thing can live by anything else. It enlivens them...

There is nothing that is not pervaded by the power of divinity. If there were, Ein Sof would be limited, subject to duality... (NOTE: Ein Sof: God as infinity)

If God's gaze were withdrawn for even a moment, all existence would be nullified.


Ein Sof is present in all things in actuality, while all things are present in it potentially.

*BDL* The Universal God Force:

S: In all creation from the very edges of every universe to the center and back, there is a force, unseen but there nonetheless, which is an invisible structure holding everything together...

This then is the God concept... Were this to phase out for even a fraction of a second there would be total, utter, complete destruction.

*WotT* Everything Exists in Possiblity:

The forms of all existing things, for example, occur in His Essence and subsist in Him without being (materially) incarnated in Him.


Reality Is Created Anew Each Moment

The Eternal Between Every Moment & Particle

The Ever-Created Now

*E* The Eternal Now, the Infinite Between Moments:

There is no succession of moments in Reality -- there is only the Eternal Now.

Shining between every transformation, in the gap between the end of one and the beginning of the next, is the Infinite. Shining between every particle of matter, every moment of time, is the Infinite. But one does not often (or ever) perceive this, because attention is caught by the illusory succession of change.

Our belief in and perception of time continues until we are fully aware of the Eternity that permeates and underlies every moment of time and every particle of space. This is complete knowledge.

*BS&S* Tibetan Book of the Dead:

Wilber: In this moment and this moment and this, an individual is Buddha, is Atman, is the Dharmakaya- but, in this moment and this moment and this, he ends up as John Doe, as a separate self, as an isolated body, apparently bounded by other isolated bodies. At the beginning of this and every moment, each individual is God and the Clear Light; but by the end of this same moment- in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye- he winds up as an isolated ego. And what happens In Between the beginning and ending of this moment is identical to what happened In Between death and rebirth as described in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. (* pure original moment flashes!)

Friedman: While the Bardo state can last 49 days, the time of the microgeny process is incredibly short. It may involve time spent as short as (10)-43 seconds. When the universe is "not here" for a fraction of a second, it is part of the absolute. This phenomenon of microgeny is a projection of consciousness into a spectrum and an injection back into the Absolute at an extremely high frequency. Instead of knowing the universe from a distance, the self on the higher levels knows the universe by being it- without need of space or time.

*E* The Eternal Now:

Wholeness gives itself to Wholeness, over and over again, eternally. The Eternal Now is recreated from within its own Self.

*SPoK* Changing Form:

"No form ever remains for two instants. In every instant the cosmos in respect to its form undergoes a new creation in which there is no repetition."

"It is impossible for the infinite to enter into existence. So everything that enters into existence is finite.

"Every instant they are in a new creation, so what they see in the first instant is not identical to what they see in the second instant. They are in confusion about this."

"In reality, the situation is new forever, so there is nothing that returns."

*ANMU* The Universal Gateway- The Eternal Now:

The "Eternal Now" is the state of Brahma, the state in which "everything is everywhere and always," that is, in which every point of space touches every point of time.

*DEVF1* Everything Is Newly Created In Each Moment, Dreaming the Universe:

Whenever science or religion seeks the origin of the universe, they search for it in the past. The universe is being created now. Creation occurs in each moment, in your terms. The illusion of time itself is being created now...

Your now, or present moment, is a psychological platform... Many individuals, following either persuasion, believe that regardless of its source, the [universe] must run out of energy..

Each consciousness that takes a part in the physical universe dreamed of such a physical existence, in your terms, before the earth was formed...

Your life is given. In each moment it is renewed. So smoothly and effortlessly do you ride that thrust of life's energy that you are sometimes scarcely aware of it. You are not equipped with a certain amount of energy that then wears out and dies. Instead you are, again, newly created in each moment.

*DEVF1* As Close To the Beginning as Adam & Eve:

You are as close to the beginning of [your] world as Adam and Eve were, or as the Romans, or as the Egyptians or Sumerians. The beginning of the world is just a step outside the moment.


Constant Returning To Source & Re-Creation

The Flickering Pulsation of Everything

*IA* Matter's Source & Dimensional Shift:

The visible world must be understood in its true condition as the manifestation of the "unseen," governed by its spiritual forms and continuously "returning" to its creative source in the spiritual realm. Body is formed by their spiritual form.

*BS&S* The Beginning of the Universe:

To understand Seth's view on the beginning of the universe, we must make two assumptions. One, there is an invisible universe out of which the visible universe springs. Two, time is simultaneous; that is, it is from the present that we form our past and future, both collectively and individually. We are not at the mercy of a past we do not control.

Seth: There are probable pasts just as there are probable futures. We select only one version of events as our past and ignore the others. The narration of the past no longer describes us. There is no beginning. Instead we have quite literally the implicate order, a psychological gestalt that exists in what Seth calls the moment point (present moment). The universe is always coming into existence at each moment, and with it comes its own built-in past. It was created from the inside out. There was consciousness before there was matter. There is of course no "outside" into which the invisible universe materialized, since all does indeed exist in a mental, psychic, or spiritual realm quite impossible to describe.

*BS&S* Pulsations, Unfolding & Enfolding:

A particle is in our 3D world for a very small fraction of its cycle of pulsation.

Herbert: It is an assembly of events rather than of things. These events (called quanta) last for only an instant, then fade away. Imagine a trillion trillion fireflies flashing in the space of your coffee cup. The old-fashioned notion of the cup as made up of atoms is just one frozen frame of the microscopic light show.

Bohm: For every moment that is projected out into the explicate order would be another movement in which that moment would be injected or "introjected" back into the implicate order. It is space itself vibrating. (NOTE: This is the constant communion that all things have with all other things.)

Seth: All particles are a series of pulsations at a rate too fast for our biological system to track. Particles move in and out with fluctuations that are highly predictable in pattern and rhythm. The integrity of the solid object is maintained because of the consistency of the fluctuations. During the gaps, the particle exists in another system of reality. In fact, at many points of the cycle, the particle exists in many different universes. In a similar manner, our psyche or outer ego is being freshly created "at every point" of our existence. In between are other fluctuations in which consciousness Is focused upon entirely different systems of reality. Our consciousness pulsates in the same way as matter. The inner ego remembers the periods when we are out of our physical reality. No particular object "exists long enough: as an indivisible, rigid, or identical thing to change with age. The energy behind it weakens. The physical pattern therefore blurs. After a certain point each re-creation becomes less perfect from your standpoint. After many such re-creations that have been unperceived by you, then you notice a difference and assume a change has occurred. The actual material that seems to make up the object has completely disappeared many times, and the pattern has been completely filled again with new matter. Matter itself is a pattern of pulsations of psychic energy, creating the illusion of solid objects in 3D space.

*U* Ether & Christmas-Light Movement of Light:

Ether: collective name to designate a group of force and energy activities in space. Ultimatons, electrons, and other mass gatherings of energy are uniform particles of matter, and actually proceed in direct lines (modified by gravity, etc.) Light and other forms of recognizible energy manifestations consist of a succession of definite energy particles which proceed in direct lines! These processions appear wavelike in some observations because of the resistance of the undifferentiated force blanket of all space (the hypothetical ether) and due to the intergravity tension of associated collections of matter. The spacing of the particle-intervals of matter, together with the initial velocity of the energy beams, establishes the waving appearance.

The excitation of content of space produces a wavelike reaction to the passage of rapidly moving particles of matter, just as the passage of a ship through water initiates waves of varying amplitude and interval.

*UR* All Systems Are Constantly Being Created:

The idea of one universe alone is basically nonsensical. Your reality must be seen in its relationship to others. Otherwise you are always caught in questions like "How did the universe begin?" or "When will it end?" All systems are constantly being created.

*HU* Matter is Sustained by a Constant Influx:

When an instrument detects the presence of a single electron it is simply because one aspect of the electron's ensemble has unfolded, similar to the way an ink drop unfolds out of the glycerin, at that particular location. When an electron appears to be moving, it is due to a continuous series of such unfoldments and enfoldments. (NOTE: Christmas lights. The flashing makes it seem like an object is moving.)

Put another way, electrons and all other particles are no more substantive or permanent than the form a geyser of water takes as it gushes out of a fountain. They are sustained by a constant influx from the implicate order, and when a particle appears to be destroyed, it is not lost. It has merely enfolded back into the deeper order from which it sprang. A piece of holographic film and the image it generates are also an example of an implicate and explicate order. The film is an implicate order because the image encoded in its interference patterns is a hidden totality enfolded throughout the whole. The hologram projected from the film is an explicate order because it represents the unfolded and perceptible version of the image. (NOTE: Link this up with the dropping back to infinity between moments of matter and the visible shimmering (welling up, geyser) of astral matter)

*SD&P* The Universe as a Physical Body:

The matter of the universe can be conceived of as a physical body, an organism of individual cells (objects) held together by connective tissue (air). Within the connective tissue, there is a certain elasticity, a certain amount of regeneration and a constant replacement of the atoms and molecules that compose it.

*ER* Seeing the Source of Words:

Every spoken word is a covering for the inner self.

A little curtain-flick no wider than a slice

of roast meat can reveal hundreds of exploding suns.

Even if what is being said is trivial and wrong,

the listener hears the source.

*TDA* Everything Cycles to the Source- The Interwoven Fabric, the Oneness, Change and Cycling:

Don: "It has been suggested by some modern thinkers that the Earth and its biosphere is, in their view, like a single entity, sort of a living system..."

Dr. Peebles: "It is what we call synchronicity and the oneness of the universe. In the Earth or in the universe or in the microbe or in the nucleus there is movement, there is motion. In that motion there is only change. And within that change there is always the return to the source; there is always the recycling, similar, extremely close in precise measurements, extremely close to a perfect circle but not quite; and so thereby becoming a spiral- figuratively, symbolically, and literally by measurement.

"This is not only a three-dimensional but four-dimensional phenomenon and even beyond that. The spiral is the source of the greater frequency changes, such as black holes, which goes into the discussion of other dimensions, another reality, another universe... interdimensional travel, in the form of the spiral.

"To resist change is to ignite pain and separation; to surrender and move with, and eventually to pilot change is to become the center of the universe rather than the periphery; the creator rather than the victim.

"The entire universe is a loving and living experience of divine thought. It is a fabric that is intermeshed with all things... All the differences that have been found, or so-called discovered in your current century will... their source will be found to be common, into oneness, or a unified field, in the century to come. (NOTE: Superstring theory!)

"So it is true that every movement in one part of the universe affects another part of that universe to some infinitesimal degree at least."

*BG* The Perpetual Rebirth of the Soul:

If, however, you think the soul is perpetually born and always dies, still you have no reason to lament.


The Stream of Creation is A Flow

The Unchanging Behind the Changing

Flowing Yet Remaining

*B* Flowing Yet Remaining:

It is an amazing thing that something flows forth and nonetheless remains within... The innermost and the highest realms of the soul- these two are one...

The sun casts its bright light upon all creatures. Whatever the sun casts its light upon draws the sun up into itself; yet as a result the sun does not lose any of its power of illumination.

*B* Changelessness Causing Change:

Beothius says: "God is one and does not change." Everything that God ever created, he created in change. All things when they are created are branded with the marks of change...

Outside God there is absolutely nothing but nothing. Therefore it is impossible that any change or transformation would be able to affect God. Whatever seeks another place outside him suffers change.

*EK* Changeless, It Becomes an Infinite Stream:

It is absolute undifferentiation in perfect, changeless oneness. (NOTE: Thus the infinite supply of energy, the infinite stream. It cant lessen!)


Ein Sof generates, actualizes potential infinity.

The Flow of the Eternal into All Things

Script: This is the flow of being- existing in time, the flow or recreation, of renewal. Think of this in terms of the Constant Returning To Source and Re-Creation section.
*DEVF1* The Beginning is Now:

The beginning is now. That critical explosion of divine subjectivity into objectivity is always happening, and you are being given life "in each moment" because of the simultaneous nature of that divine subjectivity.

*MotFE* One Life Pressing Out Into All Things:

"Realize the countless number of drops of water, rock particles, trees, plants, flowers, shrubs, and animals upon the earth are all outpicturing of the ideal held in the great universal mind of God; that they all contain the one life, the life of God. Each person is an expression of pressing out (from the unseen, the Spirit) into visible form, a form through which God loves to express."

"All have come forth from the one Source [minerals, plants, animals, humans], and all contain the one life, the life of God."

*WotT* Pure Essence Flowing Into All Things Always:

It is forever changing and transforming and flowing (into particular forms) according to the substance of Its essence. Its essential motion of being (by giving being to all substances) is the Source of all motions.

It is through this (universal motion or transubstantiation of being) that the Eternal is connected to that which originates in time.

The meaning of "motion" (in the real and primary sense) is this continual renewal of the state (of being) of a thing. The thing's emergence and gradual passage from potency to actuality (which is commonly called "motion") is only a relative, derivative abstract notion in the mind.

For taken simply by itself, it is not a particular individual thing which actually has being. So by itself it has no subsistence, even if all of its particular instances should come to exist.

*SPoK* God Enters the Finite:

"The infinite does not enter into existence all at once; rather it enters little by little, with no end."

*WotT* The Celestial Sphere:

The celestial sphere itself has no separate (immaterial and purely intellective) soul. Rather, it has an animal, imaginative soul which imitates and resembles the intelligible Form (of its archetype) and is connected to It as rays are connected to a (source of) light. The (bodily) nature of the sphere is likewise connected with its imaginative soul in a way like the connection of a shadow with the thing that casts it.

Both the nature of the sphere and its animal soul, are (ceaselessly) perishing and passing away with the continuous renewal and inflowing (of their being).

*TYSD* The Neverending Flow in Matter:

One phenomenon instantaneously arises and gives place to another, as one thought gives birth to another... The densest aspects of matter, like the most subtle invisible gases, are never exactly the same one second after another; through all alike moves the life-force in its psycho-physical, ever-flowing, ever-structurally modifying pulsation, even as in the body of man. Likewise the ego, or soul, is equally ephemeral, being dependent for its relative existence upon an interminable series of sense impressions, instantaneously arising and passing away, a mere flux of perpetual transformations.

*B* The Flow of the Eternal to the Temporal:

When I was still in the core, the soil, the stream, and the source of the Godhead, no one asked me where I wanted to go or what I was doing. There was no one there who might have put such a question to me. But when I flowed out from there, all creatures called out: "God!" I was asked, "Brother Eckhart, when did you go out of the house?" For I had been inside. In this way all creatures speak about "God." ...When I come into the core, the soil, the stream, and the source of the Godhead, no one asks me where I'm coming from or where I've been. No one has missed me in the place where "God" ceases to become. (NOTE: this is all about the dimensional barrier between infinity and time.)


It is true that time comes from heaven, but this happens as a kind of falling away from grace. In its course, on the other hand, heaven is eternal; it knows nothing about time.

*IL* Being is Expressing:

Being is ex-pressing or out-pressing. You cannot imagine be-ing without expression. Therefore, I, All that is, AM expressing, constantly and continuously expressing.

Expressing what?

What else could I express, if I AM All that Is, but My Self?

*DL* The Primary Movement:

The primary movement must therefore be entirely due to the action of the Original Mind upon itself; it is the reaching out of this Mind for realization of all that it feels itself to be.

*EK* Creation is Constant:

Sense creation not as something completed, but as constantly becoming, evolving, ascending. This transports you from a place where there is nothing new to a place where there is nothing old, where everything renews itself.

*MotFE* The One Life Through All Things:

The Masters' attitude toward life is that it is the action of the One Principle, never divided or separated from its source. They say that it is God expressing through the human individual, the highest and most select channel through which life manifests.

They see the One Life emanating in and through all things. In fact, everything that has being is of the very essence of this one life. It, of itself, flows freely and universally without cessation or limitation.

There is not a thing in existence that does not have life. All planets are alive. Everything has life. The rock has life.

Also, if you can appreciate the fact that all of the cells of the body are renewed every seven years, you will begin to realize the possibilities of life. If you will keep your mind continually renewed as the processes of life unfold, you will begin to see that life might just as well go on cycle after cycle, or continuously. The buds on a tree are just as young whether that tree be old or young. And the bud has the completed tree within itself. Life is eternal, everpresent, and limitless. It is the vital action of the entire system called the Universe or God.

Life is a process of inward force working itself out into outward form.

*GoE* God is Present Here:

God is one and omnipresent; here or nowhere is the whole fact. The one miracle which God works evermore is in Nature, and imparting himself to the mind.

(In other words...)

Perpetual Motion

Script: Think of how dripping liquids form vibrations as they hit a thicker medium, or how pouring thick chocolate forms into folds as it reaches a slower-moving medium. In the same way, the direct current of the flow from God forms periods of oscillation and vibration as it enters into slower-moving substances.
*tSD* The One Life, Perpetual Motion:

It is the One Life, eternal, invisible, yet Omnipresent, without beginning or end, yet periodical in its regular manifestations, between which periods reigns the dark mystery of non-Being; unconscious, yet absolute Consciousness; unrealizable, yet the one self-existing reality... Its one absolute attribute, which it Itself, eternal, ceaseless Motion, is called in esoteric parlance the "Great Breath," which is the perpetual motion of the universe...

Intra-Cosmic motion is eternal and ceaseless; cosmic motion (the visible, or that which is subject to perception) is finite and periodical...

*tSD* The Eternal Breath of the One Element:

The One Eternal Element, or element-containing Vehicle is Space, dimensionless in every sense... Motion- absolute "Perpetual Motion" which is the "Breath" of the "One" Element.

Appearance of the Flow

*EK* Appearance of the Flows:

These abundant flows, hidden from the senses, will appear to the eye of your mind as cascading water; they are nothing but sparks of light- which, pure, and dazzling.

Aum, Sound of the Flow

*E* OM:

Its sound is OM

OM is the fundamental vibration of creation, "the Eternally new voice of God." It contains within its vibratory matrix all vibrations.

(NOTE: Whoa! The Sound!) Even with a slight inward movement of consciousness, it is common to hear the first stages of OM. It can sound like "the voice of many waters" (PSALMS 93:4), like the roar of an ocean wave, like a rainstorm, like a choir of angels singing, like a chorus of tinkling bells, like the wind sighing through a pine forest, like a deeply resonating bass drum.

OM is the cause of creation.

This one sound vibration is a master key to unlock all of the fundamental issues of creation.

*E* The Nature of Reality & True Perception:

All of matter is vibrating energy. To those who are sufficiently consciousness, these vibrations can be heard. Seeing nothing as it really is, those in the Waking State do not truly know the purpose or meaning of anything. Previous impressions, ideas and beliefs keep the true meaning or purpose of anything unknown.

The Vedas are called the blueprints of creation -- they are the sound vibrations that underlie all phenomena, all objects, all Natural Law. This ability to cognize all the sounds of creation is a by product of expanding consciousness.

*E* Space & Inner Hearing:

Hearing flows through space, which is the ground state of quantum mechanics, the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature. Space is the vacuum itself, with no matter left in it at all.

Space vibrates with Infinite energy.

Divine Hearing does not require air molecules, nor any physical machinery of the body.

*AoaY* Aum:

Patanjali speaks of God as the actual Cosmic Sound of Aum heard in meditation. Aum is the Creative World, the sound of the Vibratory Motor.

*MotFE* AUM:

"He who contemplates ‘A,' the first part of AUM contemplates God in the wakeful phase. He who meditates upon ‘U,' the second part of AUM, the intermediate phase, obtains glimpses of the interior world and is of Spirit. He who meditates upon ‘M,' the third part of AUM, sees God as himself, becomes illumined and is free immediately."


This name "I AM" was God to Moses. To the Hindoos it is AUM. The Chinese use it as TAU.


The Holographic Model- The Whole In The Parts

Holographic Organization

Script: The Holographic Model goes far beyond the essential nature of reality which is explained here. It explains in great detail how the human mind works, as you will see in Human Experience.
*HU* Non-locality of Holograms:

Three-dimensionality is not the only remarkable aspect of holograms. If a piece of holographic film, containing the image of an apple is cut in half and then illuminated by a laser; each half will still be found to contain the entire image of the apple! Even if the halves are divided again and then again, an entire apple can still be reconstructed from each small portion of the film (although the images will get hazier as the portions get smaller). Unlike normal photographs, ever-small fragment of a piece of holographic film contains all the information recorded in the whole (see Figure: insert example from page 16 here)

*DEVF1* The Holographic Organization of the Universe:

Each portion of consciousness is a part of All That Is, and... the universe falls together in a spontaneous, divine order- and that each portion of consciousness carries within it indelibly the knowledge of the whole... (NOTE: Ah! As is illustrated by the photons in the double-slit experiment!! That's a model of the holographic universe!!!)

*HoL* The Holographic Nature:

[Dr. David Bohm:] "Parts are seen to be in immediate connection, in which their dynamical relationships depend in an irreducible way on the state of the whole system..." (NOTE: Each part is closer to God than any other part, and can be much more influenced by that which is closer to it)

Dr. Bohm states that the holographic view of the universe is a jumping-off place to begin to understand the implicate enfolded and explicate unfolded orders. The hologram concept states that every piece is an exact representation of the whole and can be used to reconstruct the entire hologram. (NOTE: Though its blurriness when seeing only a portion applies to the probabilities of the positions of everything around it.)

*ER* The Universal Within:

A particular glows with the universal.

Holographic Cosmic Mind

*AoaY* Holographic Cosmic Mind:

"As all things can be reflected in water, so the whole universe is mirrored in the lake of the Cosmic Mind."

The Holomovement

*BS&S* The Holomovement:

The holomovement, then, is an infinite spectrum of implicate orders, an unbroken and undivided totality. The movement of the holomovement is not from place to place, but is more like a flux. In this case, the flux is an enfolding and unfolding. The holomovement is not to be visualized as a hierarchy spread out in space, but as having every point interpenetrated with every other point.

There are three main aspects of the holomovement: 1) The universe of matter floats in a vast ocean of energy. 2) This ocean of energy- the implicate order- is not inert. 3) The holomovement is a spectrum, a continuum of consciousness with matter on its lowest rung.

The holomovement is described as an unending sea of light; matter is condensed or frozen light. The patterns forming matter are rays of EM radiation that are somehow reflected back and forth and thus become stable. If the reflection stops, then matter turns into energy.

The Whole in Each Part

*WoLi* The Holographic Nature of Reality:

Just as we perceive the world in a holographic fashion, so may the world itself be a larger hologram in which we are just small pieces. But as pieces, we each reflect the whole.

If this is true then we as parts contain the information of this whole, as does anything around us. Not only does a grain of sand describe the universe in which it occurs, but each of our minds also contains the encoded information of a greater intelligence, just waiting for the right reference beam to trigger the image.

The Beam

Script: So a hologram consists of the nonlocally encoded images and the reference beam, which is attention, which is the flow, which is God, creating and experiencing its creation. Monroe went deeper and deeper into reality, and saw for himself the beam, which he calls the Emitter.
*MJooB* The Aperture & Emitter:

The Aperture is just ahead and will open soon, I am told. Beside it I can perceive the Emitter for the energy beam that creates what you call the dream (all spacetime reality). The dream/spacetime is a hologram... I needed to move through the other half of the circle to complete my journey, which is much easier, I was told. It was like moving downstream, the regular skip, skip, and through the narrow slit to the blur of curls playing. I began to remember myself. He has to move the other way on the Interstate, not out, but in. I use my quick-switch phasing and the skip and I move swiftly in, past the inner-self clusters, Belief System Territories, past the blue planet, and watch as it reverts to a ring of dust, going against the flow again, following back to where it began- a huge flower of particles and light folding back together, back into a beam. I get into the beam, move with it, it is so strong, can I stand it? And there it is, the Emitter! There was no big bang, it came from the Emitter, the creation of the hologram, and there it is, the return flow off to one side, a cycle, a closed loop, a circle!...

There is no beginning or end, only change. There is no teacher or student, only remembering. There is no good or evil, only expression. There is no union or sharing, only one. There is no joy or sadness, only love. There is no greater or lesser, only balance. There is no stasis or entropy, only motion. There is no wakefulness or sleep, only being. There is no limit or chance, only a plan. This is what it is to be complete.

The physical universe, including the whole of mankind is an ongoing creative process. The creator lies beyond the Emitter and the Aperture. M-Field energy is at work in creating the hologram.

Script: In its whole, this is very much like a magnetic field, and like the field of a black hole. There is a flow down the center, and a circum-flow around the outside that enters the flow again.


The Form of Reality- The Greater Flows

The Larger Circular Flow
God & The Grand Cycle

Script: This goes hand in hand with The Flow.
*TU* Brahman is Joy:

So Bhrigu went and practiced spiritual prayer. And then he saw that Brahman is joy: for FROM JOY ALL BEINGS HAVE COME, BY JOY THEY ALL LIVE, AND UNTO JOY THEY ALL RETURN.

*ANMU* A Revelation of "The World:"

Once when I was in the state into which my experiments brought me, I asked myself: "What is the world?"

Immediately I saw a semblance of some big flower, like a rose or a lotus, the petals of which were continually unfolding from the middle, growing, increasing in size, reaching the outside of the flower and then in some way again returning to the middle and starting again at the beginning... In this flower there was an incredible quantity of light, movement, color, music, emotion, agitation, knowledge, intelligence, mathematics, and continuous unceasing growth. And while I was looking at this flower someone seemed to explain to me that this was the "World" or "Brahma" in its clearest aspect and in the nearest possible approximation to what it is in reality- "If the approximation were made still nearer, it would be Brahma himself, as he is," said the voice... This again was "infinity."

*TtE* The Absolute Simplicity of the Master Plan:

One experiencer said, "When I saw the complete picture, I found myself saying, ‘But of course, of course!'"

*SDoG* The Center & the Circumference:

If we think of the cosmos in temporal terms, God is the First and the Last, and if we think in spatial terms, He is the Manifest and the Nonmanifest. If we conceive of wujud as a circle, then God is both the center point and the circumference. The center corresponds to the names First and Nonmanifest, because a circle begins with the center point, which, in itself, has no dimensions, and hence remains hidden. The circumference correlates with the Last and the Manifest because it arises from the center point and can be plainly seen.

Things do not leave God in a straight line and then suddenly turn around and go back. Rather, they go out from Him following a line that "inclines," eventually curving back on its source. Everything in the cosmos follows a circular route. (NOTE: Think of a doughnut where the hole (whole) in the center has a diameter of zero)

*EL* The Center & Circumference:

[The center of infinitude] is the center where we find that we both receive from all and flow out to all... There can be no action at a center only. There must be a perpetual flowing out toward the circumference, and thence back again to the center to maintain a vital activity; otherwise collapse must ensue... The outflowing consists in the habit of mind which gives itself to the good it sees in others.

*tSD* The One Circle, Perpetual Motion:

"The One is an unbroken Circle (Ring) with no circumference, for it is nowhere and everywhere; the One is the boundless plane of the Circle... The One is the Ring as also the rings that are within that Ring... It expands and contracts (exhalation and inhalation). When it expands the mother diffuses and scatters; when it contracts, the mother draws back and ingathers." -The Occult Catechism (NOTE: The symbolism is deep in the Lord of the Rings. The "One Ring")

The Individual & The Grand Cycle

*JoYS* Casting From the Tao & The Grand Cycle:

The Tao consists of an infinite number of sparks, or units of consciousness, that are at one wholly unified and individual, like the cells in our body. Some of these sparks are purely potential, and others have experienced various degrees and kinds of realization in the universe and in the Tao itself. The Tao created the universe to be its "workshop," a place where it could manifest and further know itself. Love is the animating force, the fundamental impulse in all creation. Our spark, being part of the Tao, shares in the Tao's creativity. When we created our essence, we cast or extended ourselves from the Tao into the universe in order to expand the Tao. We explore, experience, and create in order to actualize more of the Tao's potential and bring back to it a wealth of new knowledge about itself. The Tao's nature is love: we are really about expanding love.

This journey from the Tao into the universe and back to the Tao again has seven main "destinations." These are the universe's seven planes of creation. Our first destination is the physical plane. When we complete the physical plane, we will next have a cycle of experience on the astral plane. When that is complete, we will move on to the causal plane, and so forth.

When we are cast from the Tao, we become a "fragment." During the middle of our time on the physical plane (the young soul cycle), we are at our most fragmented or individual. After that, our journey back to being fully focused in the Tao, which is the experience of total oneness, begins.

I call the big "loop" to and from the Tao a "grand cycle." It is like taking a journey around and returning home with a much expanded awareness. In casting from the Tao, we never actually leave it.

*JoYS* Casting from the Tao- From Above & Below:

We are cast from the Tao "from below" the physical plane onto the lower physical plane as a deva. Those in the same entity tend to work together as devas, although there is much fluidity in devic associations. When we complete our devic stage and commit to a sentient cycle, we gather together into our entity, and firm up our plans for our role and so forth. Then we are cast "from above" as an essence, "landing" on the lower astral plane.

To cast means "to form in a mold," as in casting bronze. Being cast from the Tao soul can be seen as being made from the Tao's mold. The Tao extends parts of itself into the dimensional universe. (Essences do not actually leave the Tao, since all is included in the Tao.)

At this point, our essence is fundamentally our role and casting. However, behind our essence is our spark, with all experience in the Tao, in previous cycles, and other universal activities.

How does progressive casting tie in with time being simultaneous on a certain level?

This is an example of the progressive nature of structure unfurling itself against the structure of time.

Your essence feels excited anticipation when you begin to incarnate, you usually have not hesitation about doing so. At this point, any and all experiences look interesting, so you dive in.

Through incarnating, the part of us coming "up" from our devic stage meets the part of us coming "down" through the higher planes. It is not that our spark is divided in half, but that it expresses itself from the Tao into the universe from both directions.

Lower self is wild, in the sense of being natural, not yet acculturated, but it is not innately destructive. (Devas, for instance, are known for sometimes being playfully mischievous.) There is no real joy in life until the higher and lower selves are integrated.

There is energy that comes "up" from the earth, and energy that comes "down" through the higher planes, which could be called "heaven energy." We need both earth and heaven energies in our bodies, in balance, to be healthy.

*HU* The Universe as Two Wave-Flows, From Heaven & Us:

Dr. George F. Dole notes that our universe is constantly created and sustained by two wave-life flows, one from heaven and one coming from our own soul or spirit. "If we put these images together, the resemblance to the hologram is striking. We are constituted by the intersection of two flows—one direct, from the divine, and one indirect, from the divine via our environment. We can view ourselves as interference patterns, because the inflow is a wave phenomenon, and we are where the waves meet."

*BS&S* The Perennial Philosophy:

The basic premise of the Perennial Philosophy is that the eternal self is one with the Absolute, and each individual is on a journey to discover that fact. Each individual's path through life is to fulfill his/her destiny and thereby to return to his/her true home. This is accomplished through remembering our true nature rather than through learning.

Each point in the potential form-without-physical-nature, no matter how small, contains the whole, which is infinite (the implicate order). That which is formed from this infinite ground is called the creatura (explicate order). The Jungian archetypes are formative elements that originate in the plemora. The unconscious is the ocean that gives birth to the individual "wave packets" of consciousness; the wave packets are the conscious ego.

All formulations of the Perennial Philosophy posit a hierarchic chain of consciousness in which the self journeys from the lowest, most dense, and fragmentary levels to the highest level, which is the source and nature of all the levels.

*MV&I* The Grand Cycle of Evolution- Collecting Plane Bodies, Developing Consciousness In Them:

The monadic essence, in its downward course, simply aggregates round itself the different kinds of matter on the various planes, evolving that matter by accustoming and adapting it to convey vibrations and impressions, and at the same time acquiring for itself the power to receive and respond readily to these impressions at their respective levels. But when it has reached the lowest point of its immersion in matter, and turns to begin the grand upward sweep of evolution towards divinity, its work then is somewhat different. Its object then is to develop its consciousness fully at these various levels, learning to control the bodies which it constructs from them, and to use them definitely as vehicles, so that they shall not only serve as bridges to carry impression from without to the soul, but shall also enable that soul to express itself on their several planes through their instrumentality.

In this effort it naturally begins with the lowest matter, since its vibrations, though they are the largest and coarsest, are also the least powerful or penetrating and therefore the easiest to control.

*D* Astral Matter From the Descending Ego:

The astral matter has been gathered together by the descending ego – as he passed through the astral plane, and is, in fact, merely the development in that plane of tendencies whose seeds have been lying dormant in him during his experiences in the heaven-world, because on that level it was impossible that they could germinate for want of the grade of matter necessary for their expression.

*SL* Creation Story of the Universes, Planes, and Humankind:

From the great Logos from whom the universe proceeded, there issues a Breath which comes forth and returns but once in a manvantara...

The energy of the Logos, flashing forth, pours itself out as Atma, the one Self, into a universe yet to be. It makes plane after plane in sevenfold order. It is itself the energy, the first spirit; the first matter is its own outer aspect, the ring within which it limits itself for the purpose of manifestation. This energy passes outwards, enfolded in that first matter as in a garment. Its outer aspect again forms a new phase of matter, that of the second plane, so that the energy of the second plane is the first energy plus first-plane matter. Around this the fresh differentiation of the matter of the second plane is wrapped. The energy of the third plane is the first energy plus first and second-plane matter, and the outer limit becomes third-plane matter... All are differentiations of the One- all Atma, but Atma modifying itself in manifestation.

Then, touching the limiting surface of the sphere- the self-ordained ring pass-not- the great Life-wave rushes back upon itself, drawing in from circumference to center. Having touched the outermost limit, the lowest world of matter, it begins to unfold what it had infolded.

Having thus brought into objective existence the spirit-matter of each plane, the Life-wave begins to use this as material. It builds that spirit-matter into various organisms and forms of living things that are to be vehicles of consciousness in this universe... The unfolding energy climbs from mineral to vegetable, from vegetable to animal, and so upwards to precursors of humanity... In these bodies, which the undifferentiated Atma is brooding over, unfold one by one the successive types of spirit-matter. These had been infolded during the descent. Imagine how, going upwards to the animal than human- gradually these subtler, less dense types of spirit-matter unfold within the coarser matter of the physical body...

At last the moment comes when full human beings begin to be. This upward-climbing, unfolding energy is now able to stretch upwards to the ever-living Fire that flashes downwards from above, and the life below reaches up to the life above, till they meet and humanity if born...

An individual is born when what we may call the negative current of Atma reaching upwards and the positive current of Atma reaching downwards rush together and meet. The immortal Self comes into existence...

[This great Life-Breath] is the wave of evolution.

*WotT* The Development of the Soul:

At first, in the human soul's state of connection (with the body) it is a corporeal substance. Then it gradually becomes more and more intensified and develops through the different stages of its natural constitution until it subsists by itself and moves from this world to the other world, and so returns to its Lord.

The first thing to be generated in its state (of connection with the body) is a corporeal power; next is a natural form; then the sensible soul with its levels; then the cogitative and recollective; and then the rational soul.

For one cannot conceive of the soul's having being – so long as it is soul (and not pure Intellect) – except for a being such that it is in connection with the body and utilizing the bodily powers, unless..

Unless it should become transformed in its being and intensified in its substantialization to such a degree that it becomes independent in its own essence and able to dispense with its connection to the physical body.

The "Adamic' soul has a form of existence preceding the body.

*LFS* The Grand Cycle:

"There is only life dancing outwardly, then back to the Source, then once again moving back into physical expression. No beginning. No ending. Ever! Only life, learning, growing, changing until, at last, the soul knows it is immortal and Everlasting!" -James (NOTE: Ah, we don't have self-awareness, we grow it until we know the full infinite extent of ourselves.)

*VftA* The Purpose of Earth Life, The Grand Cycle:

Angels: "If you could see the whole, you would see birth into your world as the real death and death as the real birth. Yet both experiences are necessary. Each world holds gifts that you cannot receive from the other. All of these experiences, these gifts, are needed for the rounding off and smoothing out of the jagged edges of the soul. These jagged edges- the rough spots- were formed during the journey out from the One. They are smoothed and polished clean by the journey back, until the soul becomes a perfect, reflective, brilliant orb of pure radiance and love." (NOTE: The journey out- a great gathering of raw, unrefined energy. The journey back is the refining of it.)

*CWG3* Starting a New Grand Cycle:

When a soul (a part of Me) reaches ultimate realization, it has the option to "start over," to literally "forget everything," so that it can remember all over again, and re-create itself anew once more.

*SL* Evil Was Good During the Descent Into Matter of the One Life, & Vice Versa:

The outward-going Life seeks diversity and may be said therefore to tend to the pole of matter. The inward-going Life seeks unity, and may be said therefore to tend to the pole of Spirit...

Qualities now regarded, and rightly regarded, as evil- selfishness, desire for material gain, etc.- would have been good during the "descent into matter," as only by these could diversity be obtained. Now they are evil, retarding the process of integration...

Evolution, on its returning path... is making matter more and more plastic, as it were, more and more delicate, more and more complicated in its organization. By its very complexity its equilibrium becomes so unstable that it easily takes shapes of various kinds under impulses from within; it becomes a mere graceful garment in which Life is expressed. Finally, matter is nothing more than the subtle form which expresses Life by limiting it... This is evolution...

Then we name "good" all that works in that direction and "evil" all the tendencies which persist from the stage of evolution in which greater diversity was sought.

*tSD* The Downward Evolution:

The physical, according to Esoteric teaching, evolving gradually from the spiritual, mental, and psychic.

*TDA* The Flow Of Souls To and From Earth:

Dr. Peebles: "Many, many souls have come to the planet Earth and have left it, finished, done, enlightened, and are in other spheres of growth and living. New souls come- new to the planet Earth- all the time."

*CWG3* The Process, The Cosmic Cycle:

The Cosmic Wheel simply describes the ultimate reality, or what you might call the cosmology of the universe.

It is the cycle of life, or what I sometimes term The Process. It is a picture phrase describing the no-beginning-and-no-end nature of things; the continually connected path to and from the all of everything, on which the soul joyfully journeys throughout eternity...

In truth, there is no "lower" or "higher" place on the Cosmic Wheel.


You can move to any place on the Cosmic Wheel. You may "come back" as anything you wish, or in any other dimension, reality, solar system, or civilization you choose. Some of those who have reached the place of total union with the Divine have even chosen to "come back" as enlightened masters...

The truth is that there is no journey. You are right now what you are attempting to be. You are right now where you are attempting to go.

It is the master who knows this, and thus ends the struggle...

Yet this process- this Cosmic Wheel- is not a depressing treadmill. It is a glorious and continual reaffirmation of the utter magnificent of God, and all life- and there is nothing depressing about that at all.

*CWG3* The Grand Cycle:

You incarnate as lower forms, then evolve into higher states of consciousness. You are simply raising the energy in the Body of God. You are that energy. And when you arrive at the highest state, you experience it fully, then you decide what next you choose to experience, and where in the Realm of Relativity you choose to go in order to experience it.

You may wish to again experience yourself becoming your Self- it is a grand experience, indeed- and so you may start all over again on the Cosmic Wheel.

*ASJ* Ever-Upward Growth:

The Master: ‘When man has conquered the human kingdom, his evolution does not come to a sudden end, but goes on upwards, until at last it reaches the source from which it spring... The goal of life is experience.'

*JoYS* Previous Cycles:

Each lifetime puts a "ring" of experience "around" our essence, and each grand cycle puts one around our spark. When this cycle is complete, it will be fully integrated into our spark, just as when this lifetime is complete, it will be fully integrated into our essence. The core of our spark is unchanging. It is the ultimate "I" who experiences.

The more sentient cycles a spark has had, the higher its level of sentience, because it gains experience.

Increased complexity does not make one superior. I know two people with eighteen previous cycles: one is a loving and "enlightened" person; the other looks like a mess. The point is not to be complex, but to expand the Tao through the expression of love through our uniqueness.

The final state of agape is one of total unconditional love for everything. The ultimate goal of all sentient evolution.

Those with more previous cycles can better afford the luxury, so to speak, of studying something "nonessential."

Some of us completed a cycle on earth in the ethereal life form, rejoined the Tao, and then began another cycle in these human bodies. It is very rare for a spark to have two cycles in the same life form on the same planet.

*JoYS* New Sparks, More Advanced Planets:

The Tao is always generating new sparks for sentient cycles. More advanced planets are all over, but in general closer to the center of the universe than earth.


Reality & Illusion

Script: This fits in well with The Eternal, Changing, and Flow. Present it as perspective, conclude that it as is real to the one experiencing it, that higher, less veiled reality is more bright, brilliant, true, and real.
Script: God is the source of all things. When you look at something, you can see its fleeting illusion, its foundation in reality, or anywhere inbetween.

Reality as the Permanent, Eternal

*IAD* The Only Real Thing:

Remember, there is only one thing in the Universe that is permanent, real and Eternal. That is the "I AM Presence," God in you, which is the Owner, the Creator, and the Intelligence governing all manifested form.

Illusion as That Which Begins & Ends

*TYSD* Buddhism- What Begins Must End:

Buddhism postulates that what has a beginning in time must inevitably have an ending in time.

*CWG3* There is No True Constancy In Duality:

Sometimes the changes are so delicate, so subtle, that from our less discerning viewpoint they appear the same- sometimes exactly the same- when, in fact, they are not...

Yet we can re-create ourselves anew in a form sufficiently similar to produce the effect of constancy...

True constancy (as opposed to the appearance of constancy) violates the natural law.

*TYSD* The Fleeting World:


‘Thus shall ye think of all this fleeting world:

A star at dawn; a bubble in a stream;

A flash of lightning in a summer cloud;

A flickering lamp; a phantom; and a dream.'

-Prajna-Paramita Sutra (Kenneth Saunders's Version)

*tSD* The Unreality of Maya:

The Universe is called, with everything in it, Maya, because all is temporary therein, from the ephemeral life of a fire-fly to that of the Sun. Yet, the Universe is real enough to the conscious beings in it, which are as unreal as it is itself.

*SL* All Forms Must Have an End:

All things that take on separate forms must have an end.

Separation as Illusion

*TDA* You Are Never Alone:

"The greatest illusion is that you are alone; never are you alone. The second greatest is that you are unloved; you cannot escape love, for it is the invisible essence of all things." -Dr. Peebles

*THAS* Separation is Unreality:

It was we who were living in a dream world, in unreality, for all form is based on unity and all life is one, while we thought otherwise...

Life is like a rope, or a chain of beings, from the highest to the lowest, and one little flick of that rope runs through to cause movement at both ends.

*IL* The Dream is Due to Belief in Separation:

Perhaps you can understand the necessity of first causing You (Humanity) to fall into a deep sleep, and of letting you dream you had awakened, -but in reality from that day to this, including all seeming earthly events and conditions, have been but a Dream, from which you will fully awaken only when You (Humanity) again become wholly conscious of Me within.

*TDA* Our World is Real, Separation is Illusion:

This world we inhabit is very real- no illusion- but our perceptions of it create the illusion that our world is composed of material aggregates that exist separate and distinct from one another when actually there is no such separation, no real distinction, except in consciousness.

*tSD* One Source, Many Reflections:

Just as milliards of bright sparks on the waters of an ocean above which one and the same moon is shining, so our evanescent personalities- the illusive envelopes of the immortal monad-ego- twinkle and dance on the waves of Maya.

*SL* Manifestation Requires Limitation:

No manifestation can occur, no multiplicity can become, no diversity can appear, unless there is limitation.

Our Creations as Illusion

*JoNDE-GG* Redefining Illusion:

When something is labeled an illusion, the common inference is that this phenomena is conceived to be unreal. However, the present explanation turns this presumption on its head. The illusion is created when human expectations about the nature of reality clash with the actual structure of this higher extension to the cosmos... They are, more exactly, hyperreal.

*IAD* The Outer Alone Contains Imperfection:

Thus is the attention so constantly fixed upon the outer, which alone contains imperfection, that the Children of God have forgotten their own Divinity and must come back to It again...

Anything imperfect is the creation of the outer concept of mankind.

*WO* Don't Fall For Appearances:

From this moment you must pay no more attention to appearances, for what is now appearing is but the outmanifestation of what you formerly visualized in your thinking...

It is not what you see as conditions surrounding you that really counts- it is what you believe is so.

Lack of Objectivity as Illusion

*ABTM* There's No Objective World:

There is no objective world independent of the observer.

...Take any object, such as a folding chair. To you the chair isnt very large, but to an ant it is immense. To you the chair feels hard, but a neutrino would whiz through it without slowing down, because to a subatomic particle the chair's atoms are miles apart. The chair seems stationary to you, but if you observed it from outer space, you would see it revolving past you, along with everything else on Earth, at a thousand miles per hour... If the chair is red, you can make it appear black by looking at it through green glasses. If the chair weighs five pounds, you can make it weigh two pounds by putting it on the moon or a hundred thousand pounds by putting it in the gravitational field of a dense star...

There are no absolute qualities in the material world... The human nervous system takes in only the most minute fraction, less than one part per billion, of the total energy vibrating in the environment.

*CPitI* No Total Subjectivity:

On the supposition that each individual is projecting his own material world in entire independence of all other individuals, there is no reason why any two persons should ever see the same thing in the same place... No intercourse between individuals would be possible.

Particle: Separation, Wave: Unity

Maya & Enlightenment

*AoaY* God Appearing as Many: The Real & The Veil: THE NATURE OF REALITY:

God is an Absolute Unity; He cannot appear as the separate and diverse manifestations of a creation except under a false or unreal veil. That cosmic illusion is maya.

To rise above the duality of creation and perceive the unity of the Creator was conceived of as man's highest goal. Those who cling to the cosmic illusion must accept its essential law of polarity: flow and ebb, rise and fall, day and night, pleasure and pain, good and evil, birth and death.

To tear the veil of maya is to pierce the secret of creation.

Maya can never be destroyed through intellectual conviction or analysis, but solely through attaining the interior state. Ezekiel says "Afterwards he brought me to the gate, even the gate that looketh toward the east: and, behold, the glory of God is Israel came from the way of the east: and his voice was like a noise of many waters: and the earth shined with his glory." Through the divine eye in the forehead (east), the yogi sails his consciousness into omnipresence, hearing the Word or Aum, divine sound of many waters or vibrations which is the sole reality of creation.

On the sole absolute of light-velocity depend all human standards of time and space. Einstein has banished from the cosmos every fixed reality except that of light.

In his Unified Field Theory, the great physicist embodies in one mathematical formula the laws of gravitation and of electromagnetism. Reducing the cosmical structure to variations on a single law, Einstein reaches across the ages to the rishis who proclaimed a sole texture of creation – that of a protean maya.

Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington writes in The Nature of the Physical World: "The realistic matter and fields of force of former physical theory are altogether irrelevant except in so far as the mind-stuff has itself spun these imaginings. In removing our illusions we have removed the substance, for indeed, we have seen that substance is one of the greatest of our illusions."

"The electron had a dual personality partaking of the characteristic of both a particle and a wave."

"The entire realm of physical nature had a dual personality."

*BtD* Darkness & Light:

There is no gray area or in-between stage. Light is light and darkness is darkness; and like oil and water, darkness and light repel each other. Sometimes the two are tightly intertwined and it is difficult to see them separately, but they never occupy the same space.

Maya - Reality, Veiled

*KaU* Brahman and Reflection of Light:

Brahman is seen in a pure soul as in a mirror clear, and also in the Creator's heaven as clear as light; but in the land of shades as remembrance of dreams, and in the world of spirits as reflections in trembling waters.

*TYSD* Maya, the Veil:

Maya is the Magic Veil, ever worn by Nature, the Great Mother Isis, which veils Reality. It is by yoga alone that the Veil can be rent asunder and man led to self-knowledge and self-conquest, whereby Illusion is transcended...

Maya refers to that magical glamour of appearances which causes the unenlightened percipient of them to conceive multiplicity and duality as being real...

Maya is that illusive projection of the Cosmos whereby the immeasurable Brahman appears as if measured...

Through innumerable myriads of forms, through innumerable myriads of eyes and sense-organs of creatures, through innumerable myriads of microcosms, Mind knows Itself to be the Dreamer of Maya's Kingdom...

The illusory body of man is no more than an emanation of Mind... it is merely the mayavic product of the will to live, the offspring of desire, the sangsaric sheath of mind...

Nature as a whole is the Dream of the One Mind; and until man conquers Nature, and thereby transcends maya, he will remain asleep, dreaming the Dream of Ignorance...

Brahma sleeps and wakes. When He sleeps, His Dream is the Cosmic Creation. When He wakes, His Dream ends. His Dream-State is the Sangsara; His Waking-State, Nirvana. (NOTE: Why, then, is there a "dream" state? It is presented as suffering! There is a note of aloofness and a misunderstanding of the purpose of earth life in this.)

*BtC* Plato's Parable of the Cave & Enlightenment:

"Let me show in an allegory how far our nature is enlightened or unenlightened. Imagine human beings living in an underground cave, which has a mouth open toward the light and reaching all along the cave. Here they have been from childhood. They have their legs and necks chained so that they cannot move and can only see the wall of the cave before them, being prevented by the chains from turning their heads. Above and behind them at a distance the fire of the sun is blazing, and between the sun and the prisoners there is a raised way and a low wall built along the way. And do you see men passing along the way carrying all sorts of vessels and statues and figures of animals made of wood and stone and various materials which appear as shadows on the wall of the cave facing the prisoners? Some of them are talking, others silent.

"‘You have shown me a strange image and they are strange prisoners,' Glaucon replies.

"Like ourselves, and they see only their own shadows, or the shadows which the sun throws on the opposite wall of the cave, of the men and the objects which are being carried. If they were able to converse with one another, would they not suppose that they were seeing as realities what was before them? And suppose further that the prison had an echo which came from the other side. Would they not be sure to fancy when one of the passers-by spoke that the voice which they heard came from the passing shadow?

"To them the truth would be literally nothing but the shadows of images.

"At first when any one of the prisoners is liberated and compelled suddenly to stand up and turn around and walk and look towards the light he will suffer sharp pain and he will be unable to see the reality of which in his former state he had seen the shadow. Conceive of someone saying to him that what he saw before was an illusion. Would he not be perplexed? Would he not fancy that the shadows which he formerly saw are truer than the objects which are now shown to him? If he is compelled to look straight at the light, will he not have a pain in his eyes which will make him turn away? He will take refuge in the shadows which he can see and which he will conceive to be in reality clearer than the things which are now being shown to him?

"He will require to grow accustomed to the sight of the upper world. Last of all, he will be able to see the sun. he will ten proceed to argue that the sun is he who gives the seasons and the years and is the guardian of all that is in the visible world, and in a certain way the cause of all things which he and his fellows have been accustomed to behold.

"When he remembered his old habitation and the wisdom of the cave and his fellow prisoners, do you suppose that he would congratulate himself on the change and pity them? Imagine once more such an individual coming suddenly out of the sun to be replaced in his old situation. Would he not be certain to have his eyes full of darkness?

"If there were contests and he had to compete in measuring the shadows with the prisoners who had never moved out of the cave, while his sight was still weak, would he not seem ridiculous? Men would say to him, ‘Up he went and down he came without his eyes,' and that it was better not even to think of ascending. If any one tried to loose another and lead him up to the light, let them only catch the offender and they would put him to death." (NOTE: See if my other copy is a better translation)

Veiling Reveals Higher Things To Lower Senses

*EK* Turning Down God's Light To See It:

[The sun's] dazzle conceals it, for you cannot look at its overwhelming brilliance. Yet when you conceal it- looking at it through screens- you can see and not be harmed. So it is with emanation: by concealing and clothing itself, it reveals itself.

What is Illusion & What is Reality

*tSD* Buddhism- Two Eternal Things as Maya, Together As Real:

[Buddhists] teach that only "two things are (objectively) eternal, namely Akasa and Nirvana"; and that these are One in reality, and but a maya when divided. "Buddhists deny creation and cannot conceive of a Creator." "Everything has come out of Akasa (or Svabhavat on our earth) in obedience to a law of motion inherent in it, and after a certain existence passes away. Nothing ever came out of nothing.

*tSD* Spirit is Matter is Spirit is Maya:

Spirit is matter on the seventh plane; matter is Spirit- on the lowest point of its cyclic activity; and both- are Maya.

*TYSD* The Tantric Duality:

Tantricism views the world as consisting of contrasting antithetical relationship: Nirvana and Sangsara... potentiality and manifestation... emptiness and vitality, consciousness and prana. Moreover, Tantricism, from the standpoint of ultimate reality, declares that each of these dualities, although apparently antithetical, is inseparably a unity. Accordingly, the disciple, by completely, automatically understands and masters the other member.

*tSD* The World of Truth:

The World of Truth... through which the direct energy that radiates from the One Reality... reaches us. It is coeval and coexistent with the One Life, "Secondless," but as a manifestation it is still a Maya- like the rest. This "World of Truth" can be described only in the words of the Commentary as "A bright star dropped from the heart of Eternity; the beacon of hope on whose Seven Rays hang the Seven Worlds of Being."

Physical Waking Life As A Dream

*E* The Waking State is a Dream:

The Waking State is a dream, a particularly cunning dream, with three dimensions, five senses, sound, fury, complete and enveloping motion – but it is nevertheless a dream.

*HU* Reality as a Dream:

The Australian aborigines refer to the dreamlike nature of the afterlife realm as the dreamtime. Whose dream is it? The universe is God's dream.

Are we being dreamed by a single divine intelligence, by God, or are we being dreamed by the collective consciousness of all things—by all the electrons, Z particles, butterflies, neutron starts, sea cucumbers, human and nonhuman intelligences in the universe? In a holographic universe, we cannot ask if the part is creating the whole, or the whole is creating the part because the part is the whole. "The dream is dreaming itself."

*MJooB* Reality is A Dream:

Normal matter, and a certain amount of our imaginative and daydreaming qualities, is a large daydream or thought from a higher consciousness. We are characters in its dream. It learns as we learn. That we have the option to expand our awareness is part of the experiment itself. The more we can understand and become a part of this greater dreamer, the more power to us.

*DY* The Physical World as Unreal:

Metaphors for our unreal condition include the reflection of the moon in water, a mirage, a city comprised of sounds.

*LDer* The Waking Dream:

Mystics have been broadcasting for millennia that our waking world is an illusion and a dream.

*DE* Life as a Dream:

Chuang-tzu: When the Great Awakening comes upon us, shall we know this life to be a great dream. Fools believe themselves to be awake now. Once upon a time, I, Chuang-tzu, dreamed I was a butterfly, fluttering hither and thither, to all intents and purposes a butterfly. I was conscious only of following my fancies as a butterfly, and was unconscious of my individuality as a butterfly. Suddenly I was awakened, and there I lay myself again. Now I do not know whether I was a man dreaming I as a butterfly, or whether I am a butterfly dreaming I am a man.

Aborigines choose in some cases not to distinguish between waking events and dream events.

As with other African societies, the Ashanti dreams hold the status of superior realities. Dreams have as much if not more reality than waking experiences.

Dreams to Native Americans are regarded as the most important experiences in the individual's life and as the determining factors in the individual's role in the life of the tribe.

*SS* Life As A Real Dream:

This life is a dimension of experience of reality even if it is, in contrast, a dream in a higher level of reality in which you have your larger consciousness.

Relative Illusion & Reality

*tSD* Ever Higher Towards Reality From Passing Maya:

Maya or illusion is an element which enters into all finite things, for everything that exists has only a relative, not an absolute, reality... Nothing is permanent except the one hidden absolute existence which contains in itself the noumena of all realities.. All things are relatively real, for the cognizer is also a reflection, and the things cognized are therefore as real to him as himself... Whatever plane our consciousness may be acting in, both we and the things belonging to that plane are, for the time being, our only realities. As we rise in the scale of development we perceive that during the stages through which we have passed we mistook shadows for realities, and the upward progress of the Ego is a series of progressive awakenings, each advance bringing with it the idea that now, at last, we have reached "reality"; but only when we shall have reached the absolute Consciousness, and blended our own with it, shall we be free from the delusions produced by Maya.

*DA* The Light of the One Reality & The Twilight World of Appearances:

The sunlight ranges over the universe, and at incarnation we step out of it into the twilight of the body, and see but dimly during the period of our incarceration; at Death we step out of the prison again into the sunlight, and are nearer to the reality. Short are the twilight periods, and long the periods of the sunlight; but in our blinded state we call the twilight life, and to us it is the real existence.


In a deep metaphysical sense all that is conditioned is illusory. All phenomena are literally "appearances," the outer masks in which the One Reality shows itself forth in our changing universe. The more "material" and solid the appearance, the further it is from Reality, and therefore the more illusory it is... In truth, it is the thought-world that is the nearest to reality... His freer and less illusory life is that which is without the body... As a diver may plunge into the depths of the ocean to seek a pearl, so the Thinker plunges into the depths of the ocean of life to seek the pearl of experience; but he rises up again into his own atmosphere and shakes off from him the heavier element he leaves.


Thus the Master said: ...the hours of his posthumous life, when unveiled he stands face to face with truth, and the short-lived mirages of his terrestrial existence are far from him, compose or make up, in our ideas, the only reality.

*VftA* The Real World, This World is a Shadow:

Crazy Horse dreamed and went into the world where there is nothing but the spirits of all things. That is the real world beyond this one. And everything we see here is something like a shadow from that world. -Black Elk

*tSD* The Astral Between Maya & Truth:

It is now in the "Lap of Maya," the Great Illusion, and between itself and the Reality has the Astral Light, the great Deceiver of man's limited senses.

*CBtL* The Idea of Illusions:

An Earthside researcher commented that her world is "an illusion of the mind." To which Salter replied "That is correct." But to her, it is reality and she has the opportunity to see many worlds. As she says: "I only see things that exist."

She counters that, on Earth, too, a car and the most beautiful house in the world are also illusions of the mind. Only on the third plane, things can be mentally constructed much more quickly than we on Earth can build them.

Disengaging from the Illusion

*SL* Stepping Back From Life's Turmoil:

In some hearts a whisper sometimes sounds softly, saying that all the seeming clash and rush is but the struggle of shadows thrown upon a screen; that social success, business triumph, public admiration are trivial things at best, bubbles floating down a tossing stream.

*ER* This World is a Dream:

This place is a dream.

Only a sleeper considers it real.

Then death comes like dawn,

and you wake up laughing

at what you thought was your grief.

*BG* Seeing Everything as the Same:

A person is said to be established in self-realization and is called a yogi when he... sees everything- whether it be pebbles, stones, or gold- as the same. A person is said to be still further advanced when he regards all- the honest well-wisher, friends and enemies, the envious, relatives, the pious, the sinner and those who are indifferent and impartial- with an equal mind.

*AoaY* The True Nature of Matter:

"It is not the physical scientist but the full self-realized master who comprehends the true nature of matter."


"So you have inexplicably failed to isolate the Supreme Power in your test tubes! I recommend an unheard-of experiment. Examine your thoughts unremittingly for twenty-fours. Then wonder no longer at God's absence."



The Reason For Creation

God Experiences Itself Through Us

The Eternal Creates the Temporal To Experience Itself

Script: ...Whether through us or as stones or CUs.
*CWG1* The Absolute:

A thing cannot exist without its opposite, except in the world of the absolute. I existed there, I the Always, and it is from where you, too, have come. In the absolute, there is no experience, only knowing. Knowing is a divine state, yet the grandest joy is in being. Being is achieved only after experience. Knowing is the begetter of all experience, for you cannot experience anything which you do not know. You cannot be that which you have not experienced. Being is the simple, exquisite is-ness possible only through the memory of the knowing and experiencing. Being is bliss. It is God-state, after knowing and experiencing itself. It is that for which God yearned in the beginning.

*SoM* The Principle Restated:

We are surrounded by an Infinite Possibility. It is Goodness, Life, Law and Reason. In expressing Itself through us, It becomes more fully conscious of Its own being. Therefore, It wishes to express through us. It can pass into expression through us only as we consciously allow It to do so. Therefore, we should have faith in It, and Its desires and Its ability to do for us all that we shall ever need to have done.

*CWG1* Creation Story:

In the beginning, that which Is is all there was and there was nothing else. Yet All That Is could not know itself- because it was all there was, and there was nothing else. And so, All That Is.. Was not. For in the absence of something else, All That Is, is not. All That Is could only know its utter magnificence conceptually. It could not know what it felt like to be magnificent unless that which is not showed up. All That Is could never know itself from a reference point outside itself. All That Is was energy- a pure, unseen, unheard, unobserved, and therefore unknown-by-anyone energy. If it simply divided itself into portions, each portion, being less than the whole, could look back on the rest of itself and see its magnificence. So it divided itself. Thus three elements existed: that which is here, that which is there, and that which is neither here nor there. It is the nothing which holds the everything, the non-space which holds the space. This nothing which holds the everything is what some people call God. I am all things- seen and unseen. I am All That Is and All That Is Not. In the moment of this great explosion from within, God created relativity. From the No-Thing thus sprang the Everything- a spiritual event entirely consistent with the Big Bang Theory. For love to exist- and to know itself as pure love- its exact opposite had to exist as well. In the moment fear existed, love could exist as a thing that could be experienced. The part of God which forms the second half of the Am/Am-Not equation also exploded into an infinite number of units smaller than the whole. These energy units you would call spirits. The endless spirits comprising the totality of me are, in a cosmic sense, my offspring. There is only one way for the creator to know itself experientially, and that is for the creator to create. And so I gave each of the countless parts of me the same power to create which I have as a whole. Our essence is the same.

You as pure spirit would enter the physical universe just created. This is because physicality is the only way to know experientially what you know conceptually. You cannot create yourself until you uncreate yourself. In a sense, you have to first not be in order to be. You did the next best thing. You caused yourself to forget Who You Really Are. Upon entering the physical universe, you relinquished your remembrance of yourself. You are, have always been, and will always be, a divine part of the divine whole, a member of the body. That is why the act of rejoining the whole, of returning to God, is called remembrance. You actually choose to re-member (join members) Who You Really Are, or to join together with the various parts of you to experience the all of you- which is to say, the All of Me.

*CWG3* Why Oneness Needs Not-Oneness:

To remain in the state of sublime no-thing, or Oneness with the All, would make it impossible to be there... That Which Is cannot be, except in the space of That Which Is Not. Even the total bliss of Oneness cannot be experienced as "total bliss" unless something less than total bliss exists. So, something less than the total bliss of total Oneness had to be- and continually has to be- created...

"We are constantly, every one of us, journeying from Knowing to Not Knowing to Knowing again, from being to not being to being again, from Oneness to Separation to Oneness again, in a never-ending cycle... the Cosmic Wheel."

God Experiences Itself Through Us

*SC* God Experiences Through Us:

John: "It is through you that God perceives and expresses upon this plane. You are the eyes, the ears, and the senses of God upon this plane." (NOTE: Of course! How otherwise could God, except through a creature that lives there (which God is)? God is limited in us. And expanded through us as channels.)

*CWG3* God is Knowing Itself Through You:

What I am seeking is to know Myself experientially. I am doing this through you, and through everything else that exists. And I am experiencing My Self as magnificent through the choices I make... Each choice represents Me- that is, re-presents Me- as Who I Choose to Be Right Now.

Yet I cannot choose to be magnificent unless there is something to choose from. Some part of Me must be less than magnificent for Me to choose the part of Me which is magnificent...

I am God, in the act of creating My Self.

And so, too, are you...

My greatest desire is to experience My Self as What I Am... I can only do that in the space of What I Am Not...

Yet I Am everything I create- therefore I Am, in a sense, What I Am Not.


Your soul is the tool through which I express and experience Myself...

You are Me, expressing in your present form. Yet don't worry about limiting Me... For I am not limited, and never have been. Do you think that you are the only form that I have chosen?..

I tell you, I am in every flower, every rainbow, every star in the heavens, and everything in and on every planet rotating around every star...

My purpose in creating you, My blessed creatures, was so that I might have an experience of Myself as the Creator of My Own Experience...

What you are experiencing (and what I am experiencing through you) is Me, creating Me.

I am in the continual act of creating Myself...

I Am the collective experience of the lot of you!


You are the Source- of everything I Am.

*DEVF1* All Consciousness Perceives Your Experience:

Whatever knowledge man attains, whatever experience any one person accumulates, whatever arts or sciences you produce, all such information is instantly perceived at other levels of activity by each of the other units of consciousness that compose physical reality- whether those units form the shape of a rock, a raindrop, an apple, a cat, a frog or a shoe.

*DEVF1* Man is the World's Eyes:

Man thinks as naturally as the bids fly. He looks at physical reality for the rest of physical reality: He is earth coming alive to view itself through conscious eyes.

*UR2* Honoring Life & the Senses:

Jane: "What is this passion for nonbeing, this denial of sensual life, that drives so many gurus and self-proclaimed prophets?...

"Thank God that some god loved itself enough to diversify, to create itself in a million different forms...

"If All That Is didn't want appearances, we wouldn't experience any!..

"God knows itself through the flesh. God may know itself through a million or a thousand million other worlds, as so may I- but because this world is, and because I am alive in it, it is more than appearance, more than a shackle to be thrown aside. It is a privilege to be here, to look out with this unique focus, with these individual eyes...

"You are a god living a life- being, desiring, creating. Through honoring yourself, you honor whatever it is God is, and become a conscious co-creator."

*DL* The Self-Consciousness of Spirit Through Us:

If the human soul did not possess an unlimited power of differentiation from the Infinite, then the Infinite would not be reflected in it, and consequently the Infinite Spirit would find no outlet for its conscious recognition of itself as the Life, Love, and Beauty which it is... The self-recognition or self-contemplation of Spirit is the primary movement out of which all creation proceeds...

As the individual wakes up to the oneness with the Spirit, the Spirit wakes up to the same thing. It becomes conscious of itself through the consciousness of the individual.

*DEVF1* The Creator In All Things:

You have... a Creator that can know itself as a mouse in a field, or as the field, or as the continent upon which the field rests, or as the planet that holds the continent, or as the universe that holds the world.

*CPitI* Creativity is from Self-Contemplation:

The moving power in the Creative Process is the Self-contemplation of Spirit... Because we are miniature reproductions of the Original Spirit, our contemplation of It becomes Its contemplation of Itself from the standpoint of our own individuality.

*E* The Divine Lives Through Us:

(NOTE: Swederborg!) There is another side to consciousness, that which forever faces its Source. Consciousness is nothing other than the Ascendant when it is not colored by the external world. The Divine sees through our eyes, thinks with our minds, feels with our hearts, laughs with our mouths, breathes with our breath.

*CWG1* Perspective Vortex:

You are a microcosm of Me. YOU ARE MY BODY. As your body is to your mind and soul, so, too, are you to My mind and soul. Therefore: Everything I experience, I experience through you. For even though as you are the body of Me, I am the body of another. You are My children. Even as I am the child of another. Truth is more unlimited than you can imagine. Have you ever seen pictures or movies of molecular action, and said, "Good heavens, there's a whole universe down there. And to that universe, I, the now-present observer, must feel like God!" This reality of which you have given yourself a glimpse never ends. How many times can you divide matter until it ceases to exist? You can never completely destroy it. All you can do is change its form. You can change form all you wish, but you cannot fail to be. There is no limit to what you can become. You are already a God. You simply do not know it. And what makes you think infinity goes only one way?

*DEVF1* The Inner Ego & Outer Self:

The inner self was too aware of its own multidimensionality, so in your terms it gave psychological birth to itself through the body in space and time. It knew itself as a physical creature. That portion of the self is the portion you recognize as your usual conscious self, alive within the scheme of seasons, aware within the designs of time, caught transfixed in moments of brilliant awareness, with civilizations that seem to come and go...

*FWG* The Relative & Absolute, Purpose, The Ego- Who You Think You Are, Compensation:

A big ego is not a sign that one likes oneself, but just the opposite.

If people "brag" and "show off" a lot, it raises the question, what do they dislike about themselves so much that they feel they have to get others to like them to compensate?...

The larger your understanding of Who You Really Are, the smaller your ego...

Your ego is who you think that you are...

An "ego" is necessary in order for you to have the experience you are now having, as what you imagine to be a separate entity in a relative world...

You've entered the relative world- what I call the Realm of the Relative- in order to experience what you cannot experience in the Realm of the Absolute. What you seek to experience is Who You Really Are... The reason that you cannot experience any aspect of Who You Are in the Realm of the Absolute is that in this realm, there is no aspect you are not...

The only way for you to experience the magnificence of being One with everything is for there to be some state of condition in which not being One with everything is possible. Yet since everything is One in the Realm of the Absolute- which is the ultimate reality- something not being One with everything is impossible.

What is not impossible, however, is the illusion of not being One with everything. It was for the purpose of creating this illusion, then, that the Realm of the Relative was created...

Your ego is your chief tool in creating this illusion... It is the part of you that thinks of you as being an individual...

And so in this sense, it is "good" to have an ego...

Yet too much ego is- given what you are trying to do- "not good"...

When the ego becomes so enlarged that all you can see is the separate Self, all chance of experiencing the unified Self is gone, and you are lost. You have literally become lost in the world of your illusion.

*CWG3* Purpose of You:

I have sent you- a blessed part of Me- into physical form that I might know Myself experientially as all that I know Myself to be conceptually. Life exists as a tool for God to turn concept into experience. It exists for you to do the same. For you are God, doing this.

God Expresses Itself Through Us

*DL* The Universal Needs Us to Express:

The Universal cannot act on the plane of the Particular except by becoming the particular, that is be expression through the individual.

*IL* The Idea Needs Us:

[The final perfect expression of My Idea] can be expressed only through your human personality.

Script: The following is a good example of a personification followed by an explanation.
*IAD* The Individuation of God:

Q. Understanding God as Love, why did God individualize Himself?

A. In order to have something to love.

Q. Why were the Rays divided?

A. In order to express Love.


The First Principle of activity from the Godhead is projection, or precipitation. Therefore, Its nature is to project, or precipitate Itself.

The first activity is the divided Rays going forth into individualization...

Thus you will see the nature of your Being as Rays of Light, and who you are as the Natural Quality of Life which you so much desire at this time.

Your Choices Create God

*CWG3* Your Choices Create God:

I want to tell you, My dearest children, that this matter of Who You Are, and Who You Choose To Be, is of great importance. Not only because it sets the tone of your experience, but because it creates the nature of Mine.

All of your life you have been told that God created you. I come now to tell you this: You are creating God...

Yet you are not without guidance in these matters, nor will you ever be. Built into you is an internal guidance system that shows you the way home. This is the voice that speaks to you always of your highest choice, that places before you your grandest vision...

Your world will follow your idea about yourself.

God Surprises Itself in Life

*DEVF2* All That Is Surprises Itself:

All That Is, as the source of all realities and experience, is so psychologically complex, so multidimensionally creative, that it constantly surprises itself... Your thoughts are the invisible partners of your words, and the vast unstated subjectivity of All That Is is in the same way behind all stated or manifest phenomena.

Script: There is a natural breaking point here, before moving on to a new topic. I've chosen to move on to Individuality Within Unity to keep the concept of the Flow within this section. *


(Experience Occurs Through Consciousnsess)

The Unity, Continuity, & Qualities of Consciousness

Script: This also all fits well with the Energy Body section, as one of the first parts. Also, it should be combined with the Body/Soul/Spirit and Conscious/Subconscious/Superconscious section.

God (Spirit) Has Consciousness

Script: God is within all things, the basis of all things, and sustains all things. God is sometimes referred to as Spirit, and one of the prime characteristics of God is that it is conscious.
*SS* Spirit & Consciousness:

Spirit has a consciousness. The spirit may turn its consciousness off and on. By its nature consciousness may flicker and fluctuate, but the spirit does not. Consciousness does not refresh itself in sleep. It is merely turned in another direction. Turning it off does not extinguish it in the way that a light disappears when a switch is turned. If consciousness were like a light that belonged to you, even when you turned it off, there would be a sort of twilight, but not darkness. The spirit, therefore, is never in a state of nothingness, with its consciousness extinguished.

*MaiU* Spirit is Consciousness:

This Spirit is conscious and gives consciousness to the body.

What Consciousness Is

*MotFE* What Consciousness Is:

Consciousness is man's state of awareness. It is the capacity of the mind to know and its knowing determines his capacities along all lines.

*R* The Fundamental Reality:

Consciousness is the one and only reality. All phenomena are formed of the same substance vibrating at different rates... In consciousness all states exist subjectively, and are awakened to their objective existence by belief.

Script: The following must be consciousness apart from oneness, as storage or memory changes that which is conscious, and must take place throught the Akashic on a lower plane.
*WoLi* Consciousness Defined:

Consciousness means that structure which perceives, analyzes, stores, retrieves and creates information about any subject whatsoever, whether it be internal, external, "real," or imagined.

If there is a unifying field behind the world we experience, it is the very consciousness with which we perceive it.

*PAP* Consciousness Defined:

Consciousness is a unity of life capable of expressing itself in a multiplicity of forms.

*UR* The Seat of Consciousness:

Consciousness always sees itself at the center of its world. All phenomenal appearances occur when the basic units of consciousness, the CU's emerge into EE units, and hence into the dimensions of actuality.

*WoLi* Consciousness Is a Universal Force:

"The Universal Force is a universal Consciousness. This is what the seeker discovers. When he has contacted this current of consciousness in himself, he can switch on to any plane whatsoever of the universal reality, to any point, and perceive, understand the consciousness there, or even act upon it, because everywhere it is the same current of consciousness with different vibratory modalities." -Satprem, on Sri Aurobindo


Consciousness is the fundamental reality of everything; it shines through everything. In its pure form, consciousness is the Ascendant...

Consciousness, undivided, unchanging, contains complete knowledge and self-awareness.

*DEVF1* A Definition of Consciousness:

Consciousness, for example, can be defined as a wave or as a particle, for it can operate as either, and appear as either, even though its true definition would have to include the creative capacity to shape itself into such forms.

*VS* Meaning of Consciousness:

Consciousness comes from "con" and "sciere" meaning "to know with."

*IL* What Consciousness Is:

Have you ever taken the pains to study out what is consciousness? How it seems to be an impersonal state of awareness, of waiting to serve or to be directed or used by some power latent in and intimately related to itself?..

This power latent in man's consciousness and in all consciousness is nothing but Will, My Will?

*CH* Consciousness:

The clear water of Consciousness, with no shape of its own, perfectly fills all cultural receptacles... All is Consciousness.

Everything Has Consciousness

Script: Everything is spirit and spirit has consciousness, therefore...
*SS* Aware Molecules & Continuity of The Self:

The atoms and molecules that make up this page are also, within their own level, aware. You are yourselves physically composed of conscious cells that carry within themselves the realization of their own identity, that cooperate willingly to form the corporeal structure that is your phsyical body. There is no such thing as dead matter. There is no object that was not formed by consciousness, and each consciousness, regardless of its degree, rejoices in sensation and creativity. Even as physical creatures, you are to some extent a portion of other consciousnesses. There are no limitations to the self. There are no limitations to its potentials. You can adopt artificial limitations through your own ignorance, however. You can identify with the outer ego alone and cut yourself off from the abilities that are a part of you.

Reality adopts a camouflage, and that camouflage is real, and yet there is a much greater reality within it- the vitality that gave it form.

Script: Any thing's objective existence is due to its self-consciousness.
*HU* Consciousness In Everything:

Bohm rejects the idea that particles don't exist until they are observed.

In a sense, the observer is the observed. Consciousness is a more subtle form of matter. Consciousness is present in various degrees of enfoldment and unfoldment in all matter, which is perhaps why plasmas possess some of the traits of living things.

"Deep down the consciousness of mankind is one." -Bohm

*JoYS* Kinds of Consciousness, Energies & Entities:

Entities are energies-there is no distinction; both are consciousness. Every consciousness has a unique quality.

Broader, more blended energies have a less specific quality or stamp than those more specific. For example, the consciousness of the sun as a whole is a broad blend and would probably not be interpreted as an entity so much as an energy, but is fundamentally no different from us, except that we have a history of planetary sentience and can communicate more specifically with you.

*SD&P* Consciousness, the Development of Human Consciousness:

All form has consciousness, and so there was no point at which self-consciousness entered.

Self-consciousness entered in very shortly after the first materialization on your plane. There is no actual differentiation between the various kinds of consciousness.

So-called human consciousness did not suddenly appear. Our poor maligned friend, the ape, did not suddenly beat his hairy chest in exultation and cry, ‘I am a man.' The beginnings of human consciousness began as soon as multi-cellular groupings began to form in field patterns of a certain complexity.

In these mental genes existed the pattern for your human type of self-consciousness. It did not appear in constructed form for a long period.

Human consciousness was inherent and latent from the beginning of your physical universe.

The inner senses themselves, through the use of mental enzymes, imprint the data contained in the mental genes onto the physical camouflage material.

*tSD* All is Conscious:

Everything in the Universe, throughout all its kingdoms, is Conscious: i.e., endowed with a consciousness of its own kind and on its own plane of perception.

*C&HEF* Consciousness:

"If consciousness is defined as the degree of autonomy a system gains in the dynamic relations with its environment, even the simplest…systems such as chemical dissipative structures have a primitive form of consciousness." -Erich Jantsch, The Self-Organizing Universe

We accept mind and emotion as universal concomitants of life. All living creatures exhibit choice (likes and dislikes) as well as volition; life is a learning process, and evolution implies a growth in assimilated knowledge.

Consciousness is an Open System

*SS* Consciousness is an Open System:

Consciousness can never be a closed system, and all barriers of such a nature are illusion. You are so afraid for your sense of identity that you resist the idea that the soul is an open spiritual system. Your conception of reality is so limited that you take fright whenever you perceive any experience that does not fit into your conception.

The inner self knows its relationship with the soul. It is a portion of the self that acts as a messenger between the soul and the present personality. There are no real distinctions. What seems subconscious in one instant may be conscious the next. You have only to extend your egotistical idea of reality, and you will find even your egotistical self accepting quite readily the existence of nonphysical information. There are no real divisions between the perceiver and the thing seemingly perceived.

*MotFE* There Are no Divisions of Mind:

The division of the mind into conscious, subconscious and so forth was first put forth as an assistance in teaching. Now, however, the reverse is true. We can best understand mind and progress consciously in spiritual unfoldment by thinking and working in terms of One Mind. The divisions were a part of the teaching of symbolism now past.

*MotFE* What Consciousness Is:

One should not attempt to classify consciousness for it cannot be subdivided. It is ONE consciousness and in that state we cannot think in terms of divisions or separations.

Simplicity in the end is always the greatest clarity.

The fact is, you recognize it as one process with many phases and each one of these phases is a self-operative process within a single system. In a normal physical state there is not a single phase of the entire system that functions independently but every one of the various phases is but the working out of the single system.

The body is only a symbol of the soul or the man who lives within the body. That is, the body is a symbol of the working of consciousness. There is not conscious, subconscious, superconscious but just one radiant living consciousness of reality. This is the state of complete freedom from symbols and therefore from hypnosis.

*SPoK* The Self is an Ocean Without Shore:

"In the view of those who know the self, the self is an ocean without shore, so knowledge of it has no end. Such is the property of knowledge of the self."

All Are Vitally Connected

*MotFE* All Are Vitally Connected:

Each man's nature in one way and another is vitally associated with the life and well-being of every other individual in the world and what affects one must in some degree affect the rest of humanity.

Only as the individual identifies himself with Universal Law can he expect to find his individual good for it is inseparably united with the common good...

It were far better to unify oneself with purely creative motives that contribute to universal good, for thereby shall good come to the individual.

*CWS* The World:

As long as one person is starving, then you are starving in ways that you are too ignorant to realize. Each area of the world is an important focal point; each working out certain beliefs in exaggerated form.

Thoughts Are Observed By Consciousness

*E* Thoughts are Observed by Consciousness:

The movements of consciousness are not conscious in and of themselves. They are observed by consciousness. We perhaps don't often think of our thoughts as being objects of our perception. We believe that we are our thoughts. In the Waking State, it is assumed that our experiences, our memories, our beliefs, makes us what we are. Or perhaps our definition of who we are rests in the environment -- our possessions -- the list is endless.

Only from the standpoint of Perpetual Consciousness do we clearly witness the thoughts and experiences of life as separate from the Reality of the knower. Withdraw the light of the inner Self, and what continuance do the movements of thought have?

*EtS-RD* Awareness Before Thought:

Awareness precedes all thinking. The thinking mind isnt the source of awareness.

Thinking of the silence as boredom or emptiness is only the mind thinking inside that silence.


Individuality Within Unity

Section 1: God Is Your True Being

(Because God Creates and Sustains All Things...)

God is Your True Being

*IL* The Real You:

Who am I?-

I, Who speak with such seeming knowledge and authority?


I AM You, that part of you who IS and KNOWS;


And always knew, and always was...

That transcendent, innermost part of you which quickens within as you read, which responds to this My Word, which perceives Its Truth, which recognizes all Truth and discards all error wherever found...

For I AM your real Teacher, the only real one you will ever know, and the only MASTER...

Therefore that which appeals to YOU, as you read, is MY Message, spoken to your outer human consciousness from within, and is but a confirmation of that which the I AM of you always knew within, but had not yet translated in definite, tangible terms to your outer consciousness.

Likewise, all that ever appealed to You, coming from some outward expression, was but the confirmation of My Word already spoken within. The outward expression was the avenue or means I chose at the time through which to reach and impress your human or self consciousness...

You and I are One...

You must feel Me within, before you can know I AM there.


I AM in You as the oak is in the acorn. You are I as the sunbeam is the Sun.


KNOW I AM in you. KNOW I AM You. KNOW I AM your LIFE. KNOW All Wisdom, All Love, All Power abides in this Life, which is flowing freely through your entire being NOW...

KNOW that all I have is yours, that My Omnipotent LIFE is flowing through you, that you can take of IT and build with IT what you WILL...

*K* The One Unbreakable Bond- That With the One:

But there is one bond that breaks not ever, the bond of that real unity which is no bond, for it cannot be distinguished as separate, that which unites the One to the All, the disciple to the Master, the Master to his disciple; the Divine Life which draws us ever onwards and upwards.

*ER* This Great Love Inside Me:

I am so small I can barely be seen.

How can this great love be inside me?

Look at your eyes. They are small,

but they see enormous things.

*THAS* The Vast Real You:

I met the essence of myself, of my uniqueness, and also a vastness so infinite that I could not say it was myself.

*THAS* The Real Inner Presence of God:

With a clarity that extended beyond time into eternity, I knew that God was within. God was no distant figurehead defined by ideals and philosophies; God was within me, the core of my life, real, ever-present, inseparable.

*THAS* All Beauty is Inside:

Yarrow Deva: Welcome Oneness... We are not less real nor lessened in any way...

You think you will miss the sense of massed beauty and joy of our world?... That too is within. Feel it, feel it vibrating within, closer than breathing.

*B* Where Creation Occurs- In the Soul:

There where time never penetrates, where no image shines in, in the innermost and highest aspect of the soul God creates the entire cosmos... Everything which is past and everything which is present and everything which is future God creates in the innermost realms of the soul.

*R* You Are God:

The most difficult thing for man to really grasp is this: That the "I amness" in himself is God...

Do not claim anything to be true of yourself that you would not claim to be true of God, for in defining yourself you are defining God. That which you are conscious of being is that which you have named God.

*R* God in Man:

All that was said of God was in reality said of man's consciousness...

Things have no life if they are severed from their roots, and our consciousness, our "I am-ness" is the root of all that springs in our world.

*K* The Serene Beneath:

Body and mind work out their full activities... but the Self remains serene, untroubled.

*GoE* The Soul is a Light:

The soul in man is not an organ, but animates and exercises all the organs; is not a function, like the power of memory, of calculation, of compassion, but uses these as hands and feet; is not a faculty, but a light; is not the intellect or the will, but the master of the intellect and the will... From within or from behind, a light shines through us upon things and makes us aware that we are nothing, but the light is all. (NOTE: Mirror the Upanishads!)

*MotFE* God & Man:

God and man are inseparable.

The Masters talk of God considerably but they consider It as One attribute of Being- Being as one attribute, or a single entity comprising the entire universal system, visible and invisible. Man is an integral part of the whole and is identical in nature with the whole.

There are so many orthodox conceptions today that hold to the theory that God is made in the image and likeness of man instead of the truth that man is made in the image and likeness of God.

If God is the sum of all things visible and invisible, the Infinite One, the image of God embraces all time and space for there is nothing but God. Man could only be created in or within His image for there could be no outside where man could be created. He subsists within the very image of God, as your thoughts exist within and live as an integral part of your mind. Not only is man created within this image of God or contained within the allness of God but he is made of the very essence of the God nature, like unto it. Cause and effect must be one. Can there be thought without mind and can there be mind without thought?

When you get away from the fear of the animal and project the God-Self there is peace and harmony.

The life of the Masters is simply the God life.

*E* Our Consciousness is the Infinite Itself:

The consciousness of the human is nothing other than the Infinite itself. The Universal Divine Consciousness already shines within everyone, always; it is only necessary to stop blocking it to experience it fully.

*BWT* God is You, You are Me:

The place whereon I stand is holy ground because God is here.


It is not your consciousness, it is the divine Consciousness which you are... and out of the Consciousness which you are flows spiritual Grace.


The I that I am is the You that you are.

*BWT* You Are Beginningless:

You have never had a beginning. You cannot coexist with God and have a beginning or an ending.

*CMS* God is in Man:

Whatever God is in the Universal, man must be in the individual world. The difference between God and man is one of degree.

*GoE* The Omnipotent Soul:

There is somebody within him that... does not learn by experience or by books, but knew it all already; makes no progress, but was wise in youth as in age... Whatever object is brought before it is already well known to it.


God Is Always With You

Script: The perspective in this section is both comforting and misleading. It is comforting in that for one who feels apart from God, it leads you to know that you are not alone. It is misleading in that it posits an "I" and "you" when the two are in fact one.
*CWG2* God Is With You Always:

I am never not with you. You are simply not always aware. This is because your life gets caught up in other things. It's an irony of life that when you need our connection the most, you step away from it. Every Master has said to you this central teaching, this ultimate truth: "I am with you always, even unto the end of time."

Get close to Me! Do what you have to. Kiss a stone. Bow to the East. Chant a chant. Swing a pendulum. Test a muscle. Each of you has you own construction. Each of you has understood Me- create Me- in your own way.

I am the wind which rustles your hair. I am the sun which warms your body. I am the rain which dances on your face. I am the smell of flowers in the air.

If a thing is everywhere, it is nowhere in particular.

We are always united, you and I. We cannot not be. Yet you live now in the unconscious experience of that unification. It is also possible to live in the physical body in conscious union with All That Is; in conscious awareness of ultimate truth. You become a living re-minder.

*E* The Ascendant is Within Us Always:

(NOTE: Since the now is the fundamental personal reality, when you consciously remember, you are bringing that to the now, not going to it.) Regardless how shrouded the belief in the innate Unity of life, regardless how shattered life is in terms of habit, experience, ill health and suffering, still the Ascendant lies inside each one of us and supports every one of us. Therein lies the simple solution to the bondage of ignorance.

From any point in Creation, it is a very short step back to the omnipresent Source.

Everyone is always at home, regardless of belief.

*EIM-N* God is Always With You:

"If They Only Knew," From the Diwan Attributed to Al-Hallaj

Creatures perish

In the darkened

Blind of quest,

Knowing intimations.

Guessing and dreaming

They pursue the real,

Faces turned toward the sky

Whispering secrets to the heavens.

While the lord remains among them

In every turn of time

Abiding in their every condition

Every instant.

Never without him, they

Not for the blink of an eye –

If they only knew!

Nor he for a moment without them.

*SPoK* God is Always With Us:

"God accompanies us in every state in which we are, but we do not accompany Him except through halting at His bounds. He is with us, but we are not with Him. For He knows us, but we do not know Him."

*IA* The Garden:

The Garden which is attained by those who are among its people is visible to you today with respect to its place, though not its form. So you are in the Garden, transformed, in whatever state you happen to be, but you dont know you are in it, because you are veiled from it by the form in which it manifests itself to you! This paradisic state is surrender-to-peace.

God says "this is My Dwellingplace where I have brought you all to live, My Garden where I have lodged you, and My Self which I have caused you all to see. I am gazing upon you all, never turning my sight away from you. So ask me for whatever you wish and whatever you desire. Already I kept close to you with myself- and I am your closest companion and most intimate friend. So after this there is no need, nor any lack, no sorrow, no sickness, no resentment, no anxiety, no loss- forever and eternally ever after. There is something more for you: my everlasting contentment with you all: never will I ever be angry with you!"

*ER* You Know it All Already:

I have lived on the lip

of insanity, wanting to know reasons,

knocking on a door. It opens.

I've been knocking from the inside.

*B* God Is Nearer To You Than You Are:

Nothing is so "near" to me as God. God is nearer to me than myself... I am all the happier to the extent that I am aware of this fact.

*FWG* You Are Never Alone:

There is no time that you are ever alone. I am always with you, and you are always with Me... If you think you are really alone, it could be devastating... That's because the very nature of the soul is unity and Oneness with All That Is, and if it appears that there is nothing and no one else, then an individual could feel just that- individual, and not One with anything else at all... It violates your deepest sense of Who You Are.

God Is The Source of You
Your Qualities, Your Thinking, Your Perception

Script: Here you will get a good introduction to two different perspectives on truth. The first is the narrative, or telling version of the truth. The second is in first person, or speaking from the truth.
Script: Narrative:
*KeU* The Source of All in Spirit:

What cannot be thought with the mind, but that whereby the mind can think: Know that alone to be Brahman, the Spirit...

What cannot be seen with the eye, but that whereby the eye can see: Know that alone to be Brahman, the Spirit.

*IAD* The Goal is to Know Your True Source:

All outer form and its attendant expression is but the experience... by which each individual may learn- through his own experiences- the True Source of his Being.

*IAD* The Becoming is the Ability to Receive Instruction:

The "I AM" -the Active Presence of God in you- is your certain ability to receive, accept, and apply without limit the Instruction which is being given forth with an accompanying Radiance- which will enable certain students at this time to comprehend these simple, yet mighty Assertions of Truth.

*IAD* Your I AM is God in You:

When you recognized and accept fully "I AM" as the Mighty Presence of God in you- in action- you will have taken one of the greatest steps to liberation.

*EK* You Are a Channel:

Understand that all your physical and mental powers and your essential being depend on the divine elements within. You are simply a channel for the divine attributes.

*BG* The Supersoul is the Source:

The Supersoul is the original source of all senses, yet He is without senses. He is unattached, although He is the maintainer of all living beings.

*THAS* The Intelligence in All Things:

The intelligence that we are and the intelligence that the angels are, the intelligence in everything, is unique yet universal, for the God-principle exists in all life. One definition of the devas would be the intelligent principle of growth, whether that growth be physical, emotional or mental.

*SS* The Whole In The Parts:

All that Is is alive with the least of itself, aware within for example the molecule. It endows all of its parts -or its creations- with its own abilities that then acts as inspiration, impetus, guiding lines and principles, by which these parts then seek to further create themselves, their own words and systems. This is freely given.

*PAP* Nature of Human Beings:

The Human Being is formless and is also but an electric atmosphere endowed with oscillating energy. In the invisible world, a human being is a conscious thought, endowed with an active will.

*SoM* Man's Relationship to the Spiritual Universe:

Whatever is true of the Universe as a Whole must also be true of the individual as some part of this Whole. A single drop of water is not the whole ocean, but does contain within itself the same qualities and attributes. Individuality means self-choice, volition, conscious mind, personified Spirit, complete freedom, and a POWER TO BACK UP THAT FREEDOM. While bondage is an experience, there is a Reality to which bondage is not real.

*UR* The Powers & Abilities of the Greater Self Are Inherent in the Lesser:

All of the powers, abilities, and characteristics inherent in the species are inherent in any individual member of it.

Each individual is a universe in a small package.

*TU* Brahman is Life:

Joy comes from God. Who could live and who could breathe if the joy of Brahman filled not the universe.

Script: First Person:
Script: The first person perspective gets troubling when it intimates an I-you relationship that does not exist. In these statements know that it is the greater you speaking in first person to the more limited you, and that it is not an outside being speaking.
*WtK* God is Your Source:

"I am the Truth. There would be no knowing in you if it were not for Me in you. For am I not the Interpreter- the only Teacher of Truth- the only Knower- for you?

"I am the Life. There would be no life in your body if I were not dwelling in it- for I am the Life that lives it. I am the Life of God that flows into, centers in you, expresses you, and Is you."

*IL* God is All You Claim To Be:

You, of yourself, can know nothing and can do nothing, and... what you call your intelligence and your strength and your substance are really Mine.

*IL* God/You Are All Life:

I AM that which animated your body, which causes your mind to think, your heart to beat.

God, the Doer in You

*IAD* God is the Life and Activity in You:

When you start to go down the street, think for an instant: "This is God's Intelligence and Power by which I walk, and this is His Intelligence by which I know ‘I AM' going." Thus you will see that it is no longer possible to go on without understanding that every move you make is God in Action. Every thought in your mind is God's Energy, which enables you to think.

*IL* How God Works Through You:

I, the Impersonal Self within him, AM constantly directing, controlling and using the consciousness of all organisms every moment of every day...

I AM doing this by and through his thinking...

Man thinks he thinks; but it is I, the Real I of him, who think through his organism...

Man, ordinarily, does not think, any more than he does anything else he supposes he does. (NOTE: You take away life, and man is dead)

For I, within him, do all that he does; but I necessarily do it through his organism, through his personality, his body, mind and soul.

*ER* God is the Doer:

The truth is, you are speaking, not me.

*WtK* What Part Controls You:

That which thinks, which decides, which directs you... in every activity of mind, speech or body, is the Master- is You, the Christ of you- the one and only Self, telling your brain mind what You want it, your instrument, to think, say or do.

*LBD* Gods Working Within Our Experience:

The Gods work within our experiences. We think that we only live for our own sake; yet the Gods work out something through our experiences; they obtain from them something that they can weave into the world...

Our human destinies are, at the same time, the deeds of Gods, and the form in which they appear to us human beings is merely their outward aspect.

*ER* Relax, God Does the Work:

Mystics are experts in laziness. They rely on it,

because they continuously see God working all around them.

The harvest keeps coming in, yet they

never even did the plowing!

*ER* The Inner Music:

We rarely hear the inward music,

but we're all dancing to it nevertheless. (NOTE: Kundalini, pure and simple!)

*IL* Life Is Pleased To Have a Channel:

Know that I AM already pleased with you, for you do nothing that I do not cause you to do. (NOTE: Pleased because you are a channel of expression. Cause as the impelling force of life.)

*EtS-DM* God Does ALL:

We think that we are beating these hearts, that we are taking in this oxygen, that we are running these bodies. No, it is God who is doing all of this. When that understanding comes, it makes you humble. It makes you realize, "Lord, You are the Doer, not I."

*LD-CL* God is the Doer:

Edgar Cayce:…though chosen as a channel, thou of thyself may do nothing. The Spirit of the Christ working in and through thee will bring the fruits of the spirit in the experience of those that thou would lead to the light.

The Spark (or Spirit)

*VS-BT* The Brightness of the Spark:

I saw myself as an intense point of light, like an arc welder spark.

*KaU* Your Most Central Heart is Spirit:

Concealed in the heart of all beings is the Atman, the Spirit, the Self; smaller than the smallest atom, greater than the vast spaces.

...The soul dwells within us, a flame the size of a thumb.

*CU* The Holographic Whole Inside Us:

‘The little space within the heart is as great as this vast universe. The heavens and the earth are there, and the sun, and the moon, and the stars; fire and lightning and winds are there; and all that now is and all that is not: for the whole universe is in Him and He dwells within our heart.'

*CH* The Mover of the Physical Heart:

[Ramana] was walking on the mountainside with some friends and suddenly perceived a light move from the left of his chest to the right. He fell down paralyzed, breath suspended, his body turning blue. For some minutes there were no physical signs of life. His heart had stopped. Ramana could not speak but could hear his friends bemoaning his death. He was perfectly awake and perceived his awareness radiating from the right side of the chest. Then, as Ramana reports, there was a flash as one spark of this universal conscious Light leaped from the right side to the left side, igniting his physical heart into activity once more.

*MotFE* The Christ:

"The Christ is the Central Spark which is God in us all."

Jesus: "You are the Christ when you see yourself a part of the greater life but willing to sacrifice yourself for the good of the whole.

*MotFE* The Spark of Life in Man:

"This immortal ideal must always include a portion or spark of the central fire of that which brought or projected it into existence. This projection was the first cell that finally became man's body and is the spark of life that always endured and never dies. This cell is, in name, the Christ.

"This cell projects its divinity into every cell created by the multiplication of itself, unless perverted by man's thinking.

"This higher self must be thought of, pondered over, worshipped, and blessed as being right within man.

"First, there must be faith that it is there. This brings forth the knowing that it does exist in man; then the blessings and thanks given bring it into visibility. Man is that very thing itself. This is the way to the attainment of all knowledge.

"The brain cells first accept the vibrations and amplify them so that they may be perceived by man. Then they are selected and sent to all the other organs."

*IAD* What Your "I AM" Is to You:

"Your ‘Mighty I AM Presence' is your Directing Intelligence, your Exhaustless, Sustaining Energy. Your ‘Mighty I AM Presence' is the Voice of Truth speaking within your heart." -Jesus

*LBD* Our Immortal Soul:

Within the human being there resides the eternal, immortal kernal of the soul. But in the life between birth and death it is engaged and engrossed in the energies and processes of the sensory, physical body... As the soul progresses from life to life it becomes more and more inward.

*VftA* Individuality & Unity:

Angels: "Each soul radiates a light that is unique and individual- all its own, yet not separate from that One Great Light. Each soul is ‘dressed' in this light, which can take on any form that soul wishes. There is a great joy in the creation of beauty and a great playfulness- a great celebration- in the sharing of each other's experiences and wisdom."

*C&HEF* The Real, Highest Self:

The highest vesture of the Self, which is known as buddhi (insight, wisdom, "clear seeing" or prajna), it carries the Self's fundamental intentionally to be, and this is the ultimate cause of our existence.

*TB* The Nature of Inner Mind:

Then there is the very nature of mind, its innermost essence, which is absolutely and always untouched by change or death. At present it is hidden within your own sem mind, enveloped and obscured by the mental scurry of our thoughts and emotions. Some inspiration can uncover for us moments of glimpses of this nature of mind. These glimpses have many depths and degrees, but each of them will bring some depth of understanding, meaning, and freedom. We call it Rigpa, a primordial, pure, pristine awareness that is at once intelligent, cognizant, radiant, and always awake. To realize the nature of mind is to realize the nature of all things. What all mystics are fundamentally experiencing is the essential nature of mind. It is called God, the Self, Shiva, the Hidden Essence, and the Buddha Nature. Our Buddha mind is enclosed within the walls of our ordinary mind. When we become enlightened, it is as if that vase shatters into pieces. The space "inside" merges instantly into the space "outside." The Buddha nature is in the sky-like nature of mind. Utterly open, free, and limitless, it is fundamentally so simple and so natural that it can never be corrupted, complicated, or stained, so pure it is even beyond the concept of purity and impurity. The Buddha nature has a radiant clarity of awareness. It is merely the immaculate looking naturally at itself.

When the mind is empty, it is always ready for anything; it is open to everything. In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities. In the expert's mind there are few.

The essence of the nature of mind is like an empty, spacious sky, pure from the beginning. The nature of mind is like a luminous, clear, unobstructed sun. The energy of the nature of mind shines out impartially to all things, it is the manifestation of compassion. Nothing can obstruct it and it pervades everywhere. Like your face it is always with you but you cannot see it without help.

*GoE* The Common Heart of Man: One Mind:

That Over-Soul, within which every man's particular being is contained and made one with all other; that common heart of which all sincere conversation is the worship, to which all right action is submission... Within man is the soul of the whole; the wise silence; the universal beauty, to which every part and particle is equally reflected; the eternal ONE...

There is one mind common to all individual men. Every man is an inlet to the same and to all of the same... What Plato has thought, he may think; what a saint has felt, he may feel; what at any time has befallen any man, he can understand.

...Moses and Confucius, Montaigne and Leibnitz, are not so much individuals as they are parts of man and parts of me.


Section 2: The Nature of Individuation

Nature of Individuation

*VftA* The Vastness of Who You Are:

Li: "I come to you out of the heart of the One. I am in the gentle wind that caresses your hair, and in the howling monsoon. I live beneath the clear, calm surface of a still pond and in the tumbling waters of a laughing brook. I am the tired leaf that falls to the ground, and the iridescent wing that lifts the butterfly. I am in the brilliance of the smiling sun, and in the blessing of the great pearl moon. You can hear me in the song of the nightbird and the cry of a child. I am nothing, and I am everything.

"But once I believed I was a girl, and so that is what I became, forgetting everything else. I grew very small, my spirit distilled into a single point within the soul of a child in a deep, green jungle, who knew nothing of the vastness of who she really was."

*SL* A VERY Good Description of How One Energy (Spirit) Produces Many Forms (People):

Now consciousness... is a unit. If it appears in the outer world as many, this is not because consciousness has lost its unity, but because it presents itself there through different media... If a current from a galvanic battery is led through a series of several different materials, its appearance will vary with each wire. In platinum it may appear as light, in iron as heat, around a bar of soft iron as magnetic energy, in a solution as a power that decomposes and recombines. One single energy is present, yet many modes of it appear, for the manifestation of life is always conditioned by its forms.

In like manner as consciousness works in the causal, mental, astral, or physical body, the resulting "I" presents very different characteristics... If it is working the astral body it will be the "I" of the sense; if in the mental, it will be the "I" of the intellect. By illusion, blinded by the material that enwraps it, it identifies itself with the craving of the senses, the reasoning of the intellect, and cries, "I want," "I think." The nature which is developing the germs of bliss and knowledge is the eternal Self within, and this is the root of sensations and thoughts.

These sensations and thoughts themselves are only the transitory activities in the outer bodies, set up by the contact of the inner life with the outer life, of the Self with the not-Self... As its evolution proceeds, as the Self develops, it gradually discovers that these physical, astral, mental centers are its instruments, not itself; it sees them as parts of the "not-Self" that it has temporarily attracted into union with it... The Self knows itself to be life, not form, bliss, not desire, knowledge, not thought... While the consciousness identifies itself with forms, it appears to be multiple; when it identifies itself as life, it stands forth as one.

*WtK* Who We Are:

(NOTE: Copied from the Causal Planes section)

"But who then are you and the others, and who am I?" I asked in a panic...

"You as you now deem yourself are but mortal mind's creation. You are what that mind, separate in consciousness from the Lord, has conceived your human self to be, the thought-built son of man that was born only to die as a separate self, after the soul has lived and learned enough with us in this world of memory to assimilate all the Truth taught in yon pictures, which are the true records of its past lives for its and our teaching...

"As you are now, involved in the fear thoughts of your mortal mind, you are no more than we. For you and we are the thought creations of our mortal, separate minds, given life and being by our ignorant misuse of the life breathed into us by the Lord. But remember, all life is His Life, all mind is His Mind, and all substance is His Substance; and when we really know this and abide in this knowledge, then it is that we cease as separate personalities and become one in consciousness with Him, our beloved Lord and Master, Who all the time is and has been our Real Self.

"That knowledge is almost a reality to me and to you- when you are in your normal consciousness, my more than brother; but when it is a reality, can we go on and leave our other selves here behind- for you know that they also are His disciples? Can we?...

"Those personalities are all phases of the soul- our soul, which the Lord is lifting up and making one with His Consciousness... Do we not by union enter into His Consciousness and therefore into His Being, and is not His Mind then our Mind, His Life our Life, His Will our Will, His Personality our Personality?"

*SC* Thought-Mind::Soul-God:

John: "Even as you have many thoughts yet only one mind, so in turn there are many souls and only one God."

*CWG3* All Souls Were Created At Once:

Every soul that was ever created was created At Once. (NOTE: And that is NOW)

*IL* Your Relationship to God:

You, the I AM of you, are to Me what the cell consciousness of your body is to your I AM Consciousness.

You are a cell, as it were, of My Body, and your consciousness (as one of My Cells) is to Me what the consciousness of one of the cells of your body is to You...

Do the cells of your body, the muscles of your arm, think to set themselves up as having a separate will from your will, or a separate intelligence from your intelligence?

*WtK* We Are Thoughts in God's Mind:

Human minds are only centers of his Consciousness, are ideas in His Mind, just as your thoughts and ideas are centers of your consciousness.

*GHL* The One is Made of Many, the Many Are One:

"According to Margulis and Guerrero, the metaphysical summation of this organismal cooperation is that ‘in the arithmetic of life, One is always Many. Many often make one, and one when looked at more closely, can be seen to be composed of many'" -Pamela Kent Demers (NOTE: And the many, at source, are one.)

*HU* Our Source in God

Many ancient traditions also assert that humanity did not originate on the earth, and that our true home is with God, or at least in a nonphysical and more paradisiacal realm of pure spirit. For example, there is a Hindu myth that human consciousness began as a ripple that decided to leave the ocean of "consciousness as such, timeless, spaceless, infinite and eternal." Awakening to itself, it forgot that it was a part of this infinite ocean, and felt isolated and separated. An ancient memory of how human consciousness, somewhere in its unfathomable past, left its home in the implicate and forgot that it was a part of the cosmic wholeness of all things. In this view the earth is a kind of playground "in which one is free to experience all the pleasures of the flesh provided one realizes that one is a holographic projection of a higher-order spatial dimension."

*CWG3* We Are All One Being:

"If one of the ‘me's' on the Space-Time Continuum ‘dies,' then comes back here as another person... then... then, who am I? I would have to be existing as two people at once. And if I kept on doing this through all eternity, which You say I do, then I am being a hundred people at once! A thousand. A million. A million versions of a million people at a million points on the Space-Time Continuum..."


"If that's true, then ‘I' -the part of ‘me' that is immortal- must be evolving in a billion different ways in a billion different forms at a billion different points on the Cosmic Wheel in the eternal moment of now."

Right again. That's exactly what I'm doing...

The confusion here is that you still think there's more than one of Us here...

There was never more than one of Us here. Ever...

We are all One. That is what is meant by "whatsoever ye do unto the least of these... Ye do unto me."

...Consciousness is a marvelous thing. It can be divided into a thousand pieces. A million. A million times a million.

I have divided Myself into an infinite number of "pieces" -so that each "piece" of Me could look back on Itself and behold the wonder of Who and What I Am.

*EL* Individuality & Our Relation to Universal Mind:

Whatever may be the nature of [Universal Mind's] intelligence, it must be entirely devoid of the element of self-recognition as an individual personality on any scale whatever... (NOTE: because it is infinite, undifferentiated)

The fact that we ourselves are centers of personal intelligence is proof that the infinite, from which these centers are concentrated, must be infinite intelligence, and thus we cannot avoid attributing to it the two factors which constitute personality, namely, intelligence and volition... All Nature is pervaded by an interior personalness, infinite in its potentialities of intelligence, responsiveness, and power of expression, and only waiting to be called into activity by our recognition of it...

The universal can never be the individual... But because the universal personalness is the root of all individual personalities, it finds its highest expression in response to those who realize its personal nature... Infinite as the law itself, is a universal Intelligence in the midst of which we float as in a living ocean. Intelligence without individual personality, but which, in producing us, concentrates itself into the personal individualities which we are... By the very terms of its being, therefore, this infinite, underlying, all-producing Mind must be ready immediately to respond to all who realize their true relation to it... It will reproduce with absolute accuracy whatever conception of itself we impress upon it... It's most perfect mode of self-expression must be by identifying itself with these individual personalities.

The identification is, of course, limited by the measure of the individual intelligence, meaning, not merely the intellectual perception of the sequence of cause and effect, but also that indescribable reciprocity of feeling by which we instinctively recognize something in another making them akin to ourselves...

In this way, then, the recognition of the community of personality between ourselves and the universal undifferentiated Spirit... Solves the question of our release from the iron grasp of an inflexible Law... By producing in us an intelligence equal in affinity with the universal Law itself, and thus enabling us to apprehend and meet the requirements of the Law in each particular as it arises. In this way the Cosmic Intelligence becomes individualized... The whole process is that of bringing the universal within the grasp of the individual by raising the individual to the level of the universal and not vice-versa. It is a mathematical truism that you cannot contract the infinite, and that you can expand the individual... We can come into such a realization of our own relation to the universal principle of Law that underlies them as to be able to press all particular laws, whether of the visible or invisible side of Nature, into our service and so find ourselves masters of the situation.

All Consciousness Remains Individual & Whole

*SS* Superself's Projections: You, Your Projections: Ghost Images:

The image follows its own laws of reality, and to some extent, and to a lesser degree than you, has a consciousness. You are sent out by a superself who strongly wanted existence in physical form. You are no puppet of this superself, however, and will follow your own lines of development, and add to the experience of the superself and also then extend the nature of its reality. You also insure your own development, and you are able to draw upon the abilities of the superself. Nor will you ever be swallowed by the self that seems so superior. You send out projections of your own. There is no end to the reality of consciousness nor the means of its materialization, nor is there any end to the development possible for each entity. Your present personality as you think of it is indeed "indelible," and continues after death to grow and develop. That energy which is projected from your superself, that spark of intense identity that resulted in your physical birth, that unique impetus, in one way has many similarities to the old concept of the soul- except that it contains only a part of the story. While you continue to exist and develop as an individual, your whole self, or soul, has such vast potential, that it can never be expressed fully through one personality. Through very intense emotional focus, you can create a form and project it to another person who may see it. This may be done consciously or unconsciously. This is not astral forms, which is something different. The physical body is the materialization of the astral form, which does not desert the body for any length of time. Not only are you part of other independent selves, each one focused in its own reality, but there is a sympathetic relationship that exists. Because of this relationship, your experience need not be limited by the physical perceptive mechanisms. You can draw upon knowledge that belongs to these other independant selves. You can learn to focus your attention away from physical reality, to learn new methods of perception that will enable you to enlarge your concept of reality and greatly expand your experience. It is only your singular beleif in this reality that limits you. The so-called stream of consciousness is simply that- one small stream of thoughts, images, and impressions-- that is part of a much deeper river of consciousness that represents your own far greater existence and experience. You spend all your time examining this one small stream that you become hypnotized by it's flow. Simultaneously these other streams go by without your notice, yet they are very much a part of you, and they represent quite valid aspects, events, actions, emotions, with which you are also involved in other layers of reality. You are not divorced from these other streams of consciousness in any way; only your focus of attention closes you off from them. You can rise above or turn transparent your own stream in solitude to see the others. Often you tune into these other streams without realizing that you have done so. Any creative work involves you in a cooperative process in which you learn to dip into these other streams of consciousness, and come up with a perception that has far more dimensions than one arising from the one narrow usual stream that you know. Great creativity is multidimensional. It takes the breath away. You can pick up an event in which a probable self is involved. Your own consciousness and identity is independent of the world in which you now focus.

Initially Ruburt and Joseph and I were a part of the same entity, and so symbolically speaking, there are psychic currents that unite us. All of these merge into what has often been compared to an ocean of consciousness, a well from which all actuality springs. Start with one and you will find the rest. Now often ego acts as a dam, to hold back other perceptions, simply because we have been taught that the purpose of the ego is restrictive rather than expanding, which is its natural inclination. The ego does want to understand and interpret physical reality, and to relate to it. It is inflexible only because you put blinders on it.

A portion of Robert was earlier projected to the hospital where your father is. Ruburt felt the absence of that part of you.

You Are God, Veiled

*WO* Your Consciousness is God's Consciousness:

It must then be His Consciousness that is your consciousness, but stepped down through your Higher Self to your soul and then to your human mind...

He is your Higher Self- the Real You- the perfect man. (NOTE: The intelligence which causes you to create it so long as you listen to it. Any ideal, any object of attention does this.)

*WO* You Are Pure Consciousness, Sensing the World Through a Mind:

You in your integrity are a soul and are pure consciousness. In other words you are that which is conscious or aware of all that comes to you from without through the avenue of your five senses, or through vibrations which they are not sensitive enough to perceive, such as impressions or thoughts from other centers of consciousness...

Your mind is in reality an outer extension of your soul consciousness, slowed down to the mental capacity of your human brain, there serving as your agent in the informing you of all things going on in the physical world...

In that partial and necessarily limited consciousness, your mind grew to think itself a self and separate from you in your soul consciousness.

*DL* The Nature of Intelligence:

When working through our own mentality [Intelligence] in no way changes its essential nature, just as electricity loses none of its essential qualities in passing through the special apparatus which enables it to manifest as light.

*SoM* Contains All Knowledge:

The Universal Mind, is the potential ultimate of all things. To It, all things are possible. To us, as much is possible as we can conceive, according to law. Should all the wisdom of the universe be poured over us, we should yet receive only that which we are ready to understand. All material forms are but different manifestations of one formless stuff. One state of consciousness will differentiate one kind of a result, another mental state a different manifestation.

*IL* Same Consciousness:

I AM You, the Real Self of you, All that you really are...

That which you call your consciousness is in reality My Consciousness, thinned down to suit the capacity of your human mind. It is still My Consciousness, and when you can drive from your mind all its human misconceptions, ideas and opinions, and can cleanse and empty it utterly, so that My Consciousness can have a chance to express freely, then you will recognize Me and you will know that you are nothing- being only a focal center of My Consciousness, an avenue or medium through which I can express My meaning- in matter.

Individuality Necessitates Separation

*TYSD* Ego Needs Separation To Be Ego:

The ego, or self, or soul, is illusory; it is the unenlightened, or spiritually unawakened, perceiver of phenomena, dependent for its illusory personal character upon its sense of separateness.

*CH* Separation is Of Us:

The One is the utmost simplicity... The realms of Being are not experienced by the One as other than Itself. Otherness, or separation from the One, is only experienced by beings such as ourselves.

*GHL* Boundaries of Individuality:

"A crucial insight that comes from Schrodinger's generalizations about life is that living systems have boundaries." -James Lovelock (NOTE: Individuality has boundaries to the extent that it is closed off. Our lungs end only in the earth's atmosphere)

*MotFE* Separations As Steps:

Separations are only steps in the process of man's discovery of himself.

*UR* Separation & Evolutionary Diversity:

When the race was in the process of adopting a necessary artificial separation of itself from the rest of nature; when it needed to be assured of its abilities to do so; when it took upon itself the task of a particular kind of specialization and individual focus, it needed a religion that would assure it of its abilities.

While (ego consciousness) recognized its deep oneness with the earth and all creatures, it could not at the same time develop those abilities of specialization and its own particular unique focus. The growth of separate tribal cultures, for example, and later of nations, could emerge only through a sense of separation, and a certain kind of alienation. This however, allowed for a diversity that could not otherwise be achieved under the accepted conditions.

*E* The Primordial Cause:

The Primordial Cause is that which give rise to all other causes and effects. What is that? It is simply the belief in separation; this is all that fuels the life of the ego.

Separation Is Accomplished Through Bodies

*SDoG* The Soul & the Barzakhs, God Into Spirits, Bodies Divide Them:

"Soul derives from the world of the barzakhs."

"The Real blew into him of His spirit. Hence the soul becomes manifest between the divine inblowing and the proportioned body."

The spirits born from the Divine Spirit are often called "partial" or "particular" spirits, in which case the Divine Spirit may be called "the All Spirit." The partial spirits become differentiated when God blows something of the undifferentiated, Universal Spirit into the bodies, which receive it in keeping with their preparedness. That which "divides" the spirit is bodies.

Even corporeal and "dark" bodies are luminous at root, because all existent things come into existence from light.

Just as light is present in the darkest of bodies, so also life is present in all things, and along with life, spirit.

*E* The Body Connects the Absolute & the Gross:

The "connection of the Absolute Self to the gross and the subtle" is the physical body.

*CPitI* Expression Needs Form:

Now Expression is impossible except through Form, and therefore form of some sort is a necessity of individuality.

*CPitI* The Purpose of the Material:

If the form were not expressed in solid substance, things would be perpetually flowing into each other so that no identity could be maintained for a single moment.

Individuality: The Personality/Ego

The Illusory Limited Personality

*JoA* What The Ego Does:

We need the matrix of thoughts, feelings, and sensations we call the ego for our physical and psychological survival. The ego tells us what leads to what, what to avoid, how to satisfy our desires, and what to do in each situation. It does this by labeling everything we sense or think. These labels put order in our world and give us a sense of security and well-being. With these labels, we know our world and our place in it.

Our ego renders safe an unruly world. Or so it seems.

Like a dictator, it offers us paternalistic security at the expense of our freedom.

*TB* Ego/Sem: The Nature of Outer Mind:

That which possesses discriminating awareness, that which possesses a sense of duality- which grasps or rejects something external- that is mind. Fundamentally it is that which can associate with an ‘other', with any ‘something' that is seen as different from the perceiver. This is the mind that thinks, plots, desires, manipulates, that flares up in anger, that creates and indulges in waves of negative emotions and thoughts, that has to go on and on asserting, validating, and confirming its ‘existence' by fragmenting, conceptualizing, and solidifying experience. The ordinary mind is the ceaselessly shifting and shiftless prey of external influences, habitual tendencies, and conditioning: the masters liken it to a candle flame in an open doorway, vulnerable to all the winds of circumstance. It is called Sem. It's energy is consumed by projecting outwards. It has a false, dull stability, a smug and self-protective inertia, a stone-like calm of integrated habits. It is as cunning as a crooked politician, skeptical, distrustful, expert at trickery and guile, ingenious in the games of deception. It is within the experience of chaotic, confused, undisciplined, and repetitive sem that we undergo change and death.

When resistance dissolves, so does your ordinary mind.

If we were to have total amnesia, we would cast about in total dread and clutch with desperation onto an ignorantly assumed identity. Ego is the absence of true knowledge of who we really are, together with its result: a doomed clutching on at all costs to a makeshift image of ourselves. Ego's greatest triumph is to get us to believe that its best interests are our best interests, and even to identifying our survival with its own (Deep worthiness). Ego plays on our fundamental fear of losing control, and of the unknown. Ego promises false hopes and false fears. Both hope and fear are enemies of your peace of mind; hopes deceive you and leave you empty and disappointed and fears paralyze you in the narrow cell of your own reality. When you realize the fraudulence and criminality of your ego, you grow an inner expansiveness and a direct knowledge of the interdependence of all things, and humor, the hallmark of freedom.

Perhaps doubt is an even greater block to evolution than desire and attachment. Our society promotes cleverness instead of wisdom, and celebrates the most superficial, harsh, and least useful aspects of our intelligence. Doubt is ego's desperate attempt to defend itself from wisdom and is deified as the goal and fruit of real knowledge. To be seen as intelligent, we have to be seen as doubting everything, to always point out what is wrong and not what is right, to cynically denigrate all inherited spiritual goals and ideals or anything done in goodwill or innocence. We have been schooled in a sterile addiction to contradiction. But turn the dogs of doubt on doubt itself, unmask cynicism and uncover the fear, despair, hopelessness, and tired conditioning it springs from.

*SS* The Ego:

As a species, you have grown ego-bound, held in spiritual rigidity, with the intuitive portions of the self either denied or distorted beyond any recognition. The ego is not natively as rigid as it seems. It's curiosity can be of great value. Your ego will do its best to keep you in the small enclosed area of your accepted reality. If your intuitions and creative instincts are allowed freedom, then they communicate some knowledge of greater dimensions to this physically oriented part of you. The ego, or exterior self that you think of as your self- that portion of you maintains its safety and its seeming command precisely because inner layers of your own personality constantly uphold it, keep the physical body operating, and maintain communications with the multitudinous stimuli that come both from outside and inside conditions. How many of you would want to limit your reality to the experience you now know? You do this when you imagine that your present self is your entire personality, or insist that your identity remain unchanged through eternity. In considering "immortality," mankind seems to hope for further egotistical development, and yet objects to the idea that such development might involve change.

*SD&P* The Ego's Perceptions & Responsibilities:

The ego's responsibility is with the relationship between the self and the physical environment. It must necessarily focus within the confines of physical reality. Nevertheless, it is fully capable of perceiving far more than Western man allows it to perceive. Fear, ignorance, and superstition limit its potentials.

The ego itself cannot directly experience certain intuitions and psychological experiences, but it can experience them insofar as it can become aware of them on an intellectual basis. When training forces the ego to become too rigid and to limit its perceptions of other realities, then the intuitions will not be accepted by the ego because intuitional experience will not fit into the framework of reality that it accepts as valid.

The ego in that case will therefore fight against what it then considers an unknown threat to survival. We want to bring intuitional comprehension to a point where the ego will accept it. In our dream experiments, this is one of the purposes we hope to achieve. If it is trained to be flexible, it will accept such knowledge from other wider horizons of the self.

We will attempt to map this exotic country in such a way that the ego can understand what is there in terms of resources that can be used for its own benefit.

The inner senses have an electromagnetic reality and the mental enzymes act as sparks, setting off inner reactions. In the dream state, these reactions are easily triggered. This is the result of the lowering of egotistical guards.

*SD&P* Inner Senses & Ego:

In the first form, you usually use certain inner senses. In the second form, you use more of these, and in the third form you attempt to use all of them, though very rarely is this successful. You automatically shield yourselves from stimuli that are too strong for your own rate of development.

It is almost impossible for you to be aware of the full perceptions possible, for the ego would not stand for it. Often, even in simple dreams, however, you will feel concepts or understanding a particular piece of information without a word being spoken.

*SD&P* Root Assumptions & the Ego:

The root assumptions represent secure ground to the ego.

The ego can exist only within the context of these assumptions.

*SD&P* The Ego Approaching Death:

[Approaching death]: The last struggles of the ego will take place. It will finally understand, however, that it will not be dumped aside but taken along as itself, independent as always, to stand beside other independent egos each of whom represents facets of the entire entity.

*JoA* Beyond the Ego:

The ego doesn't disappear. We can learn to venture beyond it, though. The ego is there, as our servant.

*SS* The Desire for Constancy:

You try to maintain a constant, relatively permanent physical and subjective self in order to maintain a relatively constant, relatively permanent environment. So you are always in a position of ignoring such change.

*UR* Indivduality & Protecting the Self:

Uniqueness, private experience, and individuality attain their dimensions of being and their true grandeur only when the inherent relationships among all elements of being are understood. You fight against your own greater individuality, and the spacious dimensions of your own being, when you overprotect your ideas of selfhood by limiting the experience of the self.

*E* The Ego is Illusion:

The ego is an illusion merely. Without full knowledge of the Absolute Self, there can be no consistent or permanent control of the mind or the senses.

*WO* The Personality:

And this personality, what is it? It is that which you, with your human mind, imagine yourself to be...

You, the Impersonal you, the True you, are one with your brother, even as you are one with Me, you must learn to see Me, his Impersonal self, underneath the illusions of his personality...

You will only give and help and bless Impersonally, seeking to remove all fetters, all hindrances, all limitations that prevent My Life in any way from expressing in and through your fellow beings.

*IL* The Self You Created- the Personality:

It will be necessary for you thoroughly to know that supposed other self, that self which You created by thinking it real and separate from Me... that self-created self, with its purely selfish pride and ambitions and imagined power, its love of life, of possessions, of being thought wise or good, -but which self is merely your human personality, which was born only to die as a separate identity...

You (Humanity) had to leave the Edenic state of Impersonal Consciousness and lose Your Self wholly in the earth illusions of this Dream World, in order to be able to create a body and develop in it a personal or self consciousness capable of fully expressing My Perfection.

Thus was born Your human personality, and since its birth have I impelled You to nourish, support and strengthen it, by filling You with longings, hopes, ambitions, and aspirations, with all the various manifestations of Desire; which are but the human phases of My Will.

*IL* The Limited Self- The Personality:

I AM not your human mind, nor its child, the intellect. They are but the expression of your Being, as you are the expression of My Being...

Rise up and free yourself now and for always from the domination of your personality, with its self-inflated and self-glorifying mind and intellect...

Be prepared to have this personality of yours doubt My Word as you read It all along the way;

For its very life is threatened, and it knows it cannot live and thrive and longer dominate your thinking, your feelings, your going and coming, as of old,- if you take My Word into your heart and permit It there to abide...

You have been so interested in and affected by the pleasures and sufferings of your body and intellect, that you have almost come to believe You are your intellect and body.


As for your so-called individuality, that is nothing but your personality still seeking to maintain a separate existence.

Soon you shall know there is no individuality apart from My Individuality, and all personality shall fade away into My Divine Impersonality.

Yes, and you shall soon reach that state of awakening where you will get a glimpse of My Impersonality, and you will then desire no individuality, no separation for yourself.

*SC* The Perfect Soul, the Confused Personality:

John: "The soul is always in total illumination; it is the personality, which is but a memory, that seems to dwell in confusion."

*IAD* Individual Vibration:

Each individual has his own distinct radiation and vibratory action.

*WtK* You Are Not Your Personality:

Try to realize that this must be so- if you are an immortal soul- that this present personality is but one of many you have similarly used back through the ages, -but that these personalities were not you. They were only characters you assumed for the purpose of accomplishing what you planned to do.

*SC* The Personality:

John: "The personality is woven from the tapestry of your emotions, which are those unrealized dimensions of self in this plane from past experiences that you seek to uplift and eventually transform."


John: "Personality is the vocabulary by which you communicate with all other beings. For indeed, the human ego, or the human personality, is just that- a vocabulary. It is nothing more and nothing less. It is the means and the manner by which your character articulates itself."

(In Other Words...)

Individuality: Conditioned Consciousness

*SC* Ego Defined!:

The human ego is conditioned mind.

*ABTM* Conditioned Awareness:

Your awareness becomes conditioned, or trained, into various attitudes, assumptions, beliefs, and reactions...

The effect of conditioning is always the same: choice becomes restricted...

Any time choice seems to be cut off, some form of illusion is operating.

*ABTM* Spirit Trapped in Conditions:

Rumi: "You are the unconditioned spirit trapped in conditions, the sun in eclipse."

*UR* The Seat of Consciousness:

Your mainly accepted normal consciousness is within the matter of your body. And through it – the body – you view your world. There is nothing to prevent you from viewing your body from a standpoint outside of it, except that you have been taught that consciousness is imprisoned within the flesh.

The body is a sending and receiving organism; your home station, and the focus for your activity. You can, however, quite consciously leap from it – and you do often, when for a while, particularly in the dream state, you view the world from another perspective.

Your conscious mind tells you where you are in time and space, and directs your activity in a world of human action. Because you have a conscious mind, then, other portions of your being rely upon it to give them an adequate picture of your situation, and to give the conscious orders for action

*R* Conditioned & Unconditioned Consciousness:

Unconditioned consciousness is God, the one and only reality. By unconditioned consciousness is meant a sense of awareness; a sense of knowing that I AM apart from knowing who I AM...

As the conditioned state, I (man), might forget who I am, or where I am, but I cannot forget that I AM... All that I have ever believed myself to be, all that I now believe myself to be, and all that I shall ever believe myself to be, are but attempts to know myself, - the unknown, undefined reality... I AM the unconditioned reality conditioned as that which I believe myself to be. I AM the believer limited by my beliefs, the knower defined by the known...

He always knows that he is, but that which he is, is an illusion created by himself in an attempt at self-definition.


Conditioned consciousness continually objectifies itself on the screen of space.

*E* Conditioned Consciousness:

Through limiting belief and experience, consciousness identifies with boundaries; this obscures the experience of consciousness by itself.

Even if over-shadowed by the movements of thought or the experiences of objects, consciousness never loses its essential nature. Re-awakening to that, one becomes more aware of the movements.

*BG* Arising Thoughts:

"Consciousness is pure, for the spirit soul is pure, but consciousness is changed according to the association of the material qualities."

*TDA* Our Limited Consciousness:

Our brains function somewhat as a movie screen making sense of a flow of energies in which we are totally immersed. What results is called consciousness, but it is a limited consciousness because our "screens" do not react to the total energy available. We therefore experience distortions of the total reality.

*UR2* The Single Conscious Focus:

The conscious self generally focuses in but one small dimension. That dimension is experienced as fully as possible, its clear brilliance and exquisite focus possible only because you tune in to it and bring it to the forefront of your attention.

*DEVF1* The Limitations of Our Conscious Mind, The Inner Senses of All Beings & Cells:

The conscious mind sees with a spectacular but limited scope. It lacks all peripheral vision. I use the term "conscious mind" as you define it, for you allow it to accept as evidence only those physical data available for the five senses- while the five senses, of course, represent only a relatively flat view of reality, that deals with the most apparent surface.

The physical senses are the extensions of inner senses that are, in one way or another, a part of each physical species regardless of its degree. The inner senses provide all species with an inner method of communication. The cells then, possess inner senses.

Atoms perceive their own positions, their velocities, motions, the nature of their surroundings, the material that they compose.

Script: The next five (What Determined Your Personality, Defining Yourself Through Contrast, You Are Your Choices, Memory & Personality, and Personality Meant To Channel God) have not been read through and are just placed here for now as they seemed at the time the place to put them.

What Determines Your Personality

*JoYS* What You Bring With You, What Defines You:

Each essence has had its own unique history and experiences that have shaped it. Beyond that, the spark behind each essence brings its experiences from other planets in previous cycles, and from other universal experiences.

Our overleaves and other personality traits provide the details that specifically identify us as the person we are in this lifetime.

If the essence in your body "walked out," and a new one "walked in," you would not immediately become a totally different person. In the beginning, your overleaves, as well as your body, memories, imprinting, and other elements of your personality, as well as your life circumstances, would remain the same, although you might find yourself feeling and looking at things differently. Over time, your new essence would gradually adapt those elements, even your body, to "his" purposes.

Defining Yourself Through Contrast

*FWG* The Parable of Whiteness- Defining Yourself Through Other Things:

Imagine that you are in a white room, with white walls, white floor, white ceiling, no corners. Imagine that you are suspended in this space by some invisible force. You are dangling there, in mid-air. You cannot touch anything, you cannot hear anything, and all you see is whiteness...

Your mind is the part of you that is assigned the task of making sense out of all incoming data, and without any data incoming, your mind has nothing to do.

Now, the moment you go out of your mind, you cease to exist in your own experience. That is, you cease to know anything in particular about yourself.

Are you big? Are you small? You cannot know, because there is nothing outside of yourself with which to compare yourself...

Then something happens to change all this. There appears a tiny dot on the wall...

Suddenly, you can make some decisions again, you can have some experiences again. The dot is over there. That means that you must be here. The dot is smaller than you. You are bigger than it. You are stating to define yourself again- in relationship to the Dot On The Wall...

Now a kitten appears in the room...

More things begin appearing in the room, and you begin to expand your definition of Self... Only in the presence of something else can you know yourself...

You have remembered an enormous truth... You welcome every other person, place, and thing in your life with open arms. You reject none of it, because you see now that all that appears in your life is a blessing, presenting you with a greater opportunity to define who you are, and to know yourself as that.

*CWG3* What Is Needs What Is Not:

This is what is true in the relative world of your existence: In the absence of that which you are not, that which you are... is not.


In the absence of that which you are not, that which you are, is not.

That is, in the absence of cold, you cannot know the experience called warmth. In the absence of up, the idea of "down" is an empty, meaningless concept...

Yet know this: You are making it all up. You are deciding what is "cold" and what is "warm," what is "up" and what is "down."

...The universe merely provides you with a field of experience- what might be called a range of objective phenomena. You decide what to label them...

Now here is a great secret: It is not necessary for an opposite condition to exist right next to you in order to provide a contextual field within which the reality that you choose may be experienced.

The distance between contrasts is irrelevant...

You have experienced "cold." You have experienced all of it. If not in this lifetime, then in the last. Or the one before that. Or one of the many others. You have experienced "cold." And "big" and "small" and "up" and "down" and "here" and "there" and every contrasting element that there is. And these are burned into your memory.

You do not have to experience them again if you don't want to. You need merely remember them- know that they exist- in order to invoke the universal law of relativity.

You Are Your Choices

*CWG3* The Consequence of All Things:

No matter is inconsequential. There is a consequence to everything. The consequence is who and what you are.

*BDL* Who You Are:

You have certain characteristics. You are the sum total of everything you have ever been or done. You are a person. You may be slightly imprinted through your childhood by the people you're around but that is more of an added element. It doesn't really change you.

*UR2* You Are the Result of Your Decisions:

In certain terms, you are the recognized "result" of all of the decisions you have made up to this point in your life.

Memory & Personality

*SoM* Immortality:

Personal identity of course postulates memory, which binds into one sequence the old life and the new. This means that man must carry with him- after the experience of physical death- a complete remembrance, for it is to this alone that we must look for the link which binds one event to another, making life a continuous stream of self-conscious expression. Individuality might remain without remembrance, but not so with personality for what we are is the result of what we have been.

Detach the brain and it will not formulate ideas nor work out plans. THE THINKER ALONE CAN THINK!

Personality Meant To Channel God

*WtK* Purpose of the Personality:

That is all your human personality is for- the John Smith part of you; it is only to serve- when it is finally prepared and ready as you intend it- for the use of your Christ Self in the work which you came here to do as your part in the Divine Plan. Then You- the Real of You- will enter in and possess and be your personality.

*WtK* The Individualized Soul:

In man the soul has become individualized in the human mind, and its consciousness has unfolded to the stage where it can be taught to co-operate with the Intelligence that is directing and assisting it.

*WtK* Being Of and In God's Mind:

All life, all minds, all centers of consciousness, which means all manifest things, are parts of and one with God's Mind, in which all live, move and have their being... Only by so living that Love is allowed to rule, motivate and direct all activities of the human consciousness can it come into conscious oneness with His Mind.

*SL* True Devotees Want Only To Channel, For Others To Join:

True devotees have their faces turned upward to those higher than themselves to gain spiritual force, spiritual strength, spiritual energy. This is not for themselves so that they may be liberated, for they desire no liberation until all share the freedom. It is not in order to gain, for they desire no gain except for giving. It is not that they may keep anything, but to be channels of blessing to others. On the path of devotion the Soul is ever turned to the Light above, not that it may be enlightened, not that it may shine, but that it may serve as focus and channel for that Light, to pass it on to those who are in darkness.

The Illusion of Separateness & the Reality of Unity

*MotFE* The One Infinite Whole, Feeling Separated or Unified With the Whole:

"All together make One Infinite Whole, the body of which is the Universe, the Mind, Cosmic Intelligence; the soul, Cosmic Love. Woven together as a whole, their bodies, minds, and souls are held together with the cohesive force of love; yet each one functions in eternal individual identity, moving freely in its individual orbit and octave of harmony, attracted, drawn, and held together by the love of that universe of harmony. If a portion of one unit excludes itself from the whole, it makes no difference to Principle Being but it makes a vast difference to the unit. The ocean is not conscious of the removal of the drop of water but the drop is very conscious of the ocean when it is returned or reunited with it...

"You are an especially designed creation, you have a particular mission, you have a light to give, a work to do that no other can give or accomplish; and if you will open your heart, mind, and soul wide to spirit, you will learn of it in your own heart.

"Humanity is more than a brotherhood. It is One Man, just as a vine and its branches are one vine. No one part or one unit can be separated from the whole."

"Like those of old, man may walk the earth and talk with God and the more he does so, the more difficult it will be for him to discover where Universal Life ends and individual existence begins."

"The armor that protects me will in the same way protect you. If it protects you and me, it must protect all. The dividing line has disappeared. What a celestial truth! If we see the near and far places together, they will be the same to us."

"Can there be discord between brothers if they become this all-absorbing One?"

"Loved ones, we are never parted, though you may think space separates us. Not so; distance has no power to separate, for God and yourself permeate all space."

We Are All One
Interconnection of All Things

*CWG3* The Simple Truths:

1. We Are All One.

2. There's Enough.

3. There's Nothing We Have To Do.

...Truth has an elegance that startles the heart to its own reawakening.

*THAS* We Are All One:

The devas then said that even if we acknowledge the physical interdependence of all life, our derivation from a common Source is our true link... They warned that we were as likely as not to use our forces against each other until we came close enough to the One to know that we are moving on the same path to the same goal.

*GHL* No Division of Life:

"There is no clear distinction anywhere on the Earth's surface between living and nonliving matter. There is merely a hierarchy of intensity going from the ‘material' environment of the rocks and the atmosphere to the living cells." -James Lovelock

*ANMU* The Whole and the Parts:

Nothing existed separately. I felt that the separate existence of anything- including myself- was a fiction, something non-existent, impossible...

There was a picture or mental image which entered into everything and appeared as a necessary part of every logical or illogical construction. This image showed two aspects, both of everything taken together, that is, the whole world, and of every separate part of it... I saw, as it were, the origin of the whole world of any given phenomenon or any given idea. The other aspect was connected with separate things: I saw the world, or those events which interested me at the particular moment, in their final manifestation, that is, as we see them around us, but connected into a whole.

*TYSD* Buddhism- All Life Is Connected:

Buddhism views life as an inseparable whole, beginningless and endless...

Christianity, like the Judaism which underlies it, and the Islamic Faith which grew out of both, limits, at least in practice, its moral teachings to man, whereas Buddhism comprises in its Universe-embracing altruism and hope of ultimate deliverance every living thing, sub-human, human, and super-human... Buddhism teaches that all sentient things are inseparably parts of a Whole, and that, consequently, there can be no true blissfulness for any until all attain the Other Shore.

*TYSD* All Things Are Connected:

From The Supreme Path of Discipleship: The Precepts of the Gurus:

‘No existing thing has an independent existence... All things are interdependent.'

*AoaY* The Interconnectedness of All Things:

Shankara: "Where there is duality by virtue of ignorance, one sees all things as distinct from the Self. When everything is seen as the Self, then there is not even an atom other than the Self…"

*HU* The Unified, Unbroken Holomovement:

An electron is not an "elementary particle." It is just a name given to a certain aspect of the holomovement.

Everything is a seamless extension of everything else.

Take a moment to consider this. Look at your hand. Now look at the light streaming from the lamp beside you. And at the dog resting at your feet. You are not merely made of the same things. You are the same thing. One thing. Unbroken. One enormous something that has extended its uncountable arms and appendages into all the apparent objects, atoms, restless oceans, and twinkling stars in the cosmos. "I" the universe. (NOTE: "I" speaks for a much greater thing! Then your actions are in the interest of the greater thing.)

You realize that the apparent separateness of the various objects in the dream was also an illusion, for everything was produced by a deeper and more fundamental order—the unbroken wholeness of your own unconscious mind.

If there is no division between the mental and physical worlds, these same qualities are also true of objective reality. "The self lives on but as one aspect of the more subtle movement that involves the order of the whole of consciousness."

Chairs and tables are just habits in this flux, but the flux is the reality, even if we tend only to see the habit.

*SS* Experience of God & All That Is:

Such a reality as All That Is can only be experienced. There are no facts that can be given that can portray with any faithfulness the attributes of All That Is. The inner experience with the multidimensional God can come in two main areas. One is through the realization that this prime moving force is within everything that you can perceive with your senses. The other method is to realize that this primary motive force has a reality independent of its connection with the world of appearances.

All personal contact with the multidimensional God, all legitimate moments of mystic consciousness, will always have a unifying effect. They will not, therefore, isolate the individual involved, but instead will enlarge his perceptions until he will experience the reality and uniqueness of as many other aspects of reality of which he is capable. He will feel, therefore, less isolated and less set apart. He will not regard himself as being above others because of the experience. On the contrary he will be swept along in a gestalt of comprehension in which he realizes his own oneness with All That Is.

*TDA* Why We Separate Ourselves From God:

Don: "The idea that man is zero and the angels are something else and the spirit masters-"

Dr. Peebles: "That's the whole problem right there. That's why you're all still on Earth, because you believe that...

"You are ten now and you're afraid to see that because one is afraid of too much responsibility- for the misunderstanding of the true nature of love...

*MotFE* The Unity of Mind, The Life of Oneness:

How can such diverging thought and feelings be organized into a harmonious mass? Only in man's innermost nature is he identical with his neighbor in thought and motive and only through bringing out what is within can there be peace and harmony in the earth.

Mind is a Unit and moves as a Unit and what seems to be dual-mindedness is only a dual set of ideas, one set evolved from outer impressions and one set originating in the natural state of mind as it originally moves.

Man was started out into being in perfect oneness with his source; he was sound, whole, and Jesus said he must return to this state of sound-mindedness.

This life of oneness is the life of the masters and anyone may live that life if he will drop his alliances with institutions and religions and races and nations and accept his alliance with the Universe.

The Quantum Theory is the approach of Science to this basic fact of life and there can be no true science, religion, social structure, or successful living outside the undefeatable and indissolute oneness of all things.

*FWG* Befriending God Through Friends:

Have now a friendship with God, and cause others to know that in their friendship with you, they have a friendship with God, for you and I are One, and thus, you are the God they would befriend.

*MotFE* The One Great Cosmic Mind:

Jesus: "All intelligence throughout the whole cosmic Universe is working with us. The intelligence of all great genius, as well as the little mentality of the single cell of the body, is working with us in perfect harmony and accord. This is the One Great Intelligent Cosmic Mind that we are positively allied with.

"From this Universal Consciousness we can draw all knowledge; we know that we can know all, without studying and without process of reasoning, not going from one lesson to another nor from one point to another. The lessons are necessary only in order to bring us to the attitude in which we can step forth into this thought. Then we become comprehensive and include all thought. There is a complete stream of motivating thought that is irresistible and we know that nothing can divert us from true accomplishment. We are with the whole; thus we move on irresistibly with the whole. It is impossible for any condition to keep us from our accomplishment. The drop of water is only weak when it is removed from the ocean; replace it and it is as powerful as the whole ocean.

*MotFE* The Great Truth:

"Every true word, thought or spoken, is a part of The Great Truth, One Great All, One Universal Truth, and we are that very thing.

*SoM* Only One Mind:

Things are ideas in form. There is nothing from which to make things except ideas. That which we call our subjective mind is, in reality, our identity in Infinite Mind. It is our mental atmosphere, or center, in Universal Subjective Mind, in which are retained all of the images, impressions, inherited tendencies and race suggestions. We see then that our subjective mind is the medium through which experiences come to us. Spirit and Soul intersphere each other and both have omnipresence.

*SoM* Points in Unity:

Since the Universal Subjectivity is a Unity it follows that all of these pictures exist at any and every point within It. Each person in his objective state is a distinct and individualized center in Universal Mind, but in his subjective state (in his stream of consciousness, or at his rate of vibration) each is Universal, because of the Indivisibility of Mind.

*MWT* Unity of Mind:

"All Mind is One Mind. Men do not have separate minds. All knowledge can be obtained from the Universal Source of All-Knowledge by becoming One with that Source."

"Every man can multiply his own ability by almost constant wordless REALIZATION of his unity with his Source. I have, myself, made that feeling so much a part of me that I actually feel myself to be an extension of the Source; that my works are not my own but interpretations of this Source."

*HU* The Unity of All People:

One thing I learned was that we are all part of one big, living universe. If we think we can hurt another person or another living thing without hurting ourselves, we are sadly mistaken.

Although human beings appear to be separate from one another, we are all connected in a cosmic unity. Each of us is a heaven in a miniature, and every person, indeed the entire physical universe, is a microcosm of the greater divine reality.

All separateness is an illusion. All things are ultimately interconnected and whole. It was only as one descended from the higher vibrational levels of reality to the lower that a "progressive law of fragmentation" took over. We fragment things because we exist at a lower vibration of consciousness and reality. It is our propensity for fragmentation that keeps us from experiencing the intensity of consciousness, joy, love, and delight for existence that are the norm in these higher and more subtle realms.

Sri Aurobindo's epiphanic understanding of wholeness also made him aware of the ultimate relativity of all truths and the arbitrariness of trying to divide the seamless holomovement up into "things." So convinced was he that any attempt to reduce the universe into absolute facts and unchangeable doctrine only led to distortion that he was even against religion.

*RtUR* Separation & Unity:

The idea that we are totally separate is fundamentally an illusion...

Insofar as we conceive our self as a package self separate from and independent of all else, we drift towards hell. Hell is the ultimate of separateness...

Heaven is the opposite. I exist out of the will of God, which comes through the heavens and enters me as influx... A man's very thoughts and affections "reach out round about into a heaven in keeping with its form, communicating marvelously with the communities there, and they in turn with him. (NOTE: Thought-forms attracting a world of thought)


Section 3: Between the Spirit & Personality: The Soul
Script: This section is sloppy. The distinctions of spirit/soul/body dont lead anywhere and dont provide any new information. They should probably be dropped for the most part.
Script: This section presents information on the "soul" which is an umbrella term for what is between the individual personality and the eternal spirit. A more exact description will follow in "Energy Body".

Soul as Bridge Between Spiritual & Physical

Script: This section basically says that there is something between the spiritual and physical called the "soul". It doesnt provide much information beyond that, so it's been dropped.
*B* The Inner & Outer Soul:

The soul, as it were, was created at that point which divides time from eternity; it touches both of these points. With its highest faculties, the soul touches eternity, with its lowest, however, it is in touch with time. That is why the soul acts in time, not according to time, but in accordance with eternity.

*VftA* At One With the Source, The Individual Soul:

Angels: "The spirit is not confined by linear space and time. It is never separated from the source of all creation and is, therefore, forever perfect and pure and whole- at one with God. The soul is that part of the spirit that takes on an individualized form. This form is seemingly separate from the whole.

The Spark, Entity, Personality, & Body

*UR2* The Ego's Role:

The ego (NOTE: outer self) is not the most powerful or the most knowledgeable portion of the self. It is simply a well-specialized part of the personality, fully equipped to operate under certain circumstances... When those conditions no longer exist [after "death"], then other layers of the self take over the dominant position, and the personality realigns its psychological components. The ego does not disappear, however; it merely takes a back seat in some respects, as your own subconscious does during physical existence.

*DEVF1* The Inner Ego, Outer Self & Body Consciousness:

It is the self that looks outward. It is the self that you call egotistically aware. The inner self became what I refer to as the inner ego. It looks into that inner reality, that psychic dimension of awareness from which both your own consciousness and your body consciousness emerged...

These portions, however, are intimately connected. They are like three different systems of consciousness operating together to form the whole. The divisions- the seeming divisions- are not stationary, but change constantly.

*DEVF1* Three Systems of Consciousness:

These three systems of consciousness (NOTE: inner ego, body consciousness, and waking consciousness) operate in one way or another in all of the species, and in all particles, in the physical universe... The proportions of the three systems might vary, but they are always in operation... The inner self represents your prime identity, the self you really are...

Script: This is the same, Inner Ego above is Higher Mana/Mind/Higher Ego here; Outer Ego/Self is the Lower Self/Kama Manas/Personality; the body consciousness is the flesh. This is the reincarnating self, the personality and the body.
*SiO* The Individual and the Personality (Will and Memory):

We say that the two sources of ‘memory' are in these two ‘principles'. These two we distinguish as the Higher Manas (Mind or Ego), and the Kama-Manas, i.e., the rational, but earthly or physical intellect of man, incased in, and bound by, matter, therefore subject to the influence of the latter: the all-conscious Self, that which reincarnates periodically... and which is always the same, while it reflected ‘Double', changing with every new incarnation and personality, is, therefore, conscious but for a life-period. The latter ‘principle' is the Lower Self, or that which, manifesting through our organic system, acting on this plane of illusion, imagines itself the Ego Sum, and thus falls into what the Buddhist philosophy brands as the ‘heresy of separateness'. The former we term Individuality, the latter Personality... (NOTE: Imagine your memory mostly taken away, broken by discontinuity and your senses dulled and limited. Now this sub-you runs about proclaiming it is the whole you, immensely proud of its half-forgotten skills and half-baked ideas. This is the earth self. And the pity you now feel for this character is the forgiveness you receive at death.)

The ‘Higher Ego' cannot act directly on the body, as its consciousness belongs to quite another plane and planes of ideation: the ‘lower' Self does: and its action and behavior depend on its free-will and choice as to whether it will gravitate more towards its parent (‘The Father in Heaven') or the ‘animal' which it informs, the man of flesh. The ‘Higher Ego', as part of the essence of the Universal Mind, is unconditionally omniscient on its own plane, and only potentially so in our terrestrial sphere, as it has to act solely through its alter ego- the Personal Self. Now, although the former is the vehicle of all knowledge of the past, the present, and the future, and although it is from this fountainhead that its ‘double' catches occasional glimpses of that which is beyond the senses of man, and transmits them to certain brain cells (unknown to science in their functions), thus making of man a Seer, a soothsayer, and a prophet; yet the memory of bygone events- especially of the earth earthy- has its seat in the Personal Ego alone. No memory of a purely daily-life function, of the physical, egotistical, or of a lower mental nature- such as, e.g., eating and drinking, enjoying personal sensual pleasures, transacting business to the detriment of one's neighbor, etc., etc., has aught to do with the ‘Higher' Mind or Ego.

*UR2* Qualities of the Soul:

The soul is not a unit that is definable. It is instead an undefinable quality. It cannot be broken down or built up, destroyed or expanded, yet it can change affiliation and organization, and its characteristics, while ever remaining itself.

*T* The Spirit Self:

The spirit streams into the "I," taking it as its "garment" just as the "I" itself lives in the body and the soul... We will call the spirit that shapes an "I," that lives as an "I," the spirit self, since it appears as the human "I" or "self."

*EL* The Atomic & Individual Intelligence:

We may conveniently speak of this primary intelligence inherent in the very substance of things as the Atomic Intelligence. The term... will serve our present purpose as distinguishing this mode of spirit's intelligence from that of the opposite pole, or Individual Intelligence... It is by the response of the atomic intelligence to the individual intelligence that thought-power is able to produce results on the material plane...

Since, then, we have recognized the presence of a universal intelligence permeating all things, we must also recognize a corresponding responsiveness hidden deep down in their nature and ready to be called into action when appealed to.

*SuT* The Physical, Spiritual, & In-Between:

The Spirit of man has two dwellings: this world and the world beyond. There is also a third dwelling place: the land of sleep and dreams. Resting in this borderland the Spirit of man can behold his dwelling in this world and in the other world afar, and wandering in this borderland he beholds behind him the sorrows of this world and in front of him he sees the joys of the beyond.

Script: This shows an example of how the threefold represents the sevenfold.
*JoYS* Our Personality, Essence, and Spark:

There are three basic levels of self: personality, essence (or soul), and spark.

Our personality is our outermost level; it is who we are for this lifetime only. It is a composite of physical, mental, and emotional traits and is influenced by such factors as overleaves, body type, heredity, imprinting, numerology, astrology, and many others.

Our essence animates our personality, providing our spiritual component. It is the part of us that continues from lifetime to lifetime on the physical plane, as well as through the six higher planes of creation in the universe. It is influenced by factors such as role, cadence position, entity, frequency, male/female energy ratio, and many others. Our essence develops from what we learn in all our earth lifetimes and our periods between lifetimes, the "astral interval." When our personality integrates lessons from our present lifetime, they become a part of our essence's knowledge.

Our spark animates our essence. It is our core, the part of us that is a unit of consciousness of the Tao, which is also referred to as the "All That Is" or the "Ground of All Being." The Tao is the source from which the universe springs. Our spark develops from what we learn in all our experiences in the universe. When our essence integrates the experiences of our series of earth lifetimes, as well as our higher-plane experiences, they become part of our sparks knowledge.

Our spark created our essence to enable us to express ourselves in the universe. Our essence, in turn, created our personality to enable us to express ourselves specifically on the physical plane.

The essence is the intrinsic core of the soul. Essence mainly means the abstract aspects of self resonating with the three cardinal planes. These could be called our buddhaic, messianic, and mental selves. The essence is in the dimensional universe rather than the Tao, which is undimensional, it is beyond time and space. It could be contrasted with the concrete aspects of self, those that resonate with the ordinal planes and are influenced by time and space. It could be contrasted with the concrete causal selves. Our ordinal levels of self could be viewed as clothing or expressing our cardinal levels, just as our essence itself clothes our spark, our personality clothes our astral self. Our astral self, which has direct contact with our body and leaves our body at death and sometimes during sleep, could be specifically designated as our soul. It contains our reincarnational selves.

"What makes the agreements is your astral self…which is mostly in essence, and the vestiges of personalities. Agreements are not made by essence."- Messages From Michael

The soul is created from essence, as its vehicle into the physical body. The emergence of the essence transforms the personal self.

*SD&P* Freedom in Development:

The entity never dominates a previous personality. Sometimes these personalities also travel divergent ways for their own benefit and with the entity's full consent.

There is no such thing as division as far as the personality is concerned. Even a fragment can turn into an entity in certain cases.

*WotT* The Soul & The Intellect:

This Man of soul is a substance intermediate in being between the physical man and the Man of (pure) Intellect.

The characteristics of both of these – that is, of soul, and of Intellect – are in the bodily man, except that they are in him only rarely, in a weakened and diminuitive way, since he is the image of an image.

*C&HEF* The Enduring Self:

The word "self," in turn, is reserved for the deepest and most enduring essence of that which each of us really is—our true being.

The personality is much like the notion of persona as it was developed in ancient Greece and Rome: a mask or appearance which the actor dons to indicate the role he is playing in the drama.

One of the greatest struggles for human beings is to become aware of the difference between the self (which some call the soul) and its persona or personality.

Supra-Consciousness, Superconscious, Conscious, & Subconscious

Script: Not an especially good word use. This is trying to make sense of Freud's terminology. The ideas are generally vague and weak.
The Threefold Nature
*FWG* The Levels of Consciousness, the Automatic Subconscious:

The superconscious level is the place of experience at which you know about, and create, your reality with full awareness of what you are doing. This is the soul level...

The conscious level is the place of experience at which you know about, and create, your reality with some awareness of what you are doing... (NOTE: the attention)

The subconscious level is the place of experience at which you do not know about, or consciously create, your reality. You do so subconsciously- that is, with very little awareness that you are even doing this, much less why... (NOTE: The part of the mind operating without attention) It allows you to do things automatically, such as grow your hair, or blink your eyes, or beat your heart- or create an instant solution to a problem. Yet if you are unaware of what parts of your life you have chosen to create automatically, you might imagine yourself to be at the "effect" of life, rather than at cause in the matter.

*MaU* The Four Conditions of Consciousness:

Atman, the Self, has four conditions.

The first condition is the waking life of outward-moving consciousness, enjoying the seven outer gross elements.

The second condition is the dreaming life of inner-moving consciousness, enjoying the seven subtle inner elements in its own light and solitude.

The third condition is the sleeping life of the silent consciousness when a person has no desires and beholds no dreams. That condition of deep sleep is one of oneness, a mass of silent consciousness made of peace and enjoying peace.

This silent consciousness is all-powerful, all-knowing, the inner ruler, the source of all, the beginning and end of all beings.

The fourth condition is Atman in his own pure state: the awakened life of supreme consciousness... He is Atman, the Spirit himself, that cannot be seen or touched, that is above all distinction, beyond thought and ineffable. In the union with him is the supreme proof of his reality...

This Atman is the eternal Word OM. It's three sounds, A, U, and M, are the first three states of consciousness...

The word OM as one sound is the fourth state of supreme consciousness. It is beyond the senses and is the end of evolution. It is non-duality and love.

*WtK* All Consciousness is of the Soul:

The human mind in the sum total of its consciousness- subconsciousness, ordinary consciousness, and superconsciousness is really the outer reflection of the soul, through which or by means of which the soul expresses itself.

*JoS* Three-Layer Mind:

Visualize the mind as having three concentric circles, seperated only by layers of mind-consciousness. The outer layer is our conscious, critical, analytical mind. The second layer is the subconscious, wherein all our memories of this and other lives are stored. The third is the superconscious mind, wherein our real identity is held, augmented by the subconscious supermemory. This is where all the information about life after death comes from.

The Conscious
Script: This section was best in "conditioned consciousness"
The Subconscious
*ND* The Subconscious is Universal & Interconnected:

Edgar Cayce: "Edgar Cayce's mind is amenable to suggestion, the same as all other subconscious minds, but in addition thereto it has the power to interpret to the objective mind of others what it acquires from the subconscious mind of other individuals of the same kind. The subconscious mind forgets nothing. The conscious mind receives the impression from without and transfers all thought to the subconscious, where it remains... The subconscious mind of Edgar Cayce is in direct communication with all other subconscious minds."

*WtK* The Subconscious is the Consciousness of the Soul:

What is commonly known as the subconscious mind is really the consciousness of the soul... (NOTE: Defined here as the reincarnational whole)

The soul dwells deep within the mind, or deep beneath the surface of the conscious mind, and rules and operates from there.

*SS* The Subconscious:

You can imagine the subconscious as a meeting place between the inner and outer egos. You must understand that there are no real divisions to the self, however.

*R* The Unconditional Love of the Subconscious:

The subconscious... has no desire to change the conscious, waking state, but loves it as it is and faithfully reproduces its likeness in the outer world of form.

*R* The Subconscious Never Sleeps:

The subconscious never sleeps.

The Unconscious- The Soul

** The Unconscious Defined:

(NOTE: Unconscious- means experienced from beyond the barrier of the believed possible. Here I mean unofficial sources of experience, repressed. But also habit lies here.)

*BS&S* The Inner & Outer Ego:

Seth: The inner ego, or unconscious mind, is another term for the inner self. It has access to a huge library of knowledge (the collective unconscious). The outer ego is spoonfed- given only that information, including feelings and emotions, that it can handle. This information is usually in the form of data picked up by the physical senses. Matter, in short, is the shape that basic experience takes when the inner ego projects into the three-dimensional world. The conscious mind can see into inner reality once it understands that it is possible to do so and rids itself of unnecessary limitations. A broader focus is available to the outer ego when and if the ego learns to handle it. The soul is not a closed system. The inner ego is itself a projection of a still higher consciousness... There are no real divisions to the self. (NOTE: The spark.)

The outer ego performs in the world at the direction of our inner ego because you are learning to translate energy and ideas into experience. In your system of reality you are learning what mental energy is, and how to use it. You do this by constantly transforming your thoughts and emotions into physical form.

*SS* The Unconscious:

The true unconscious is not unconscious. Instead, it is so profoundly and unutteringly conscious that it bubbles over. The life that you know is simple; one of the many areas in which it is conscious. In each facet of its consciousness, literally tremendous power and balance must be maintained to hold aloft this particual consciousness-experience from all others.

Your reality exists in a particular area of activity in which aggressive qualities, thrusting-outward characteristics, are supremely necessary to prevent a falling back into the infinite possibilities from which you have only lately emerged. Yet from this unconscious bed of possibilities you derive your strength, your creativity, and the fragile yet powerful kind of individual consciousness that is your own. The two-sex division was adopted, separating and balancing these most necessary but seemingly opposing tendencies.

*FWG* Anticipation & Consciousness:

"The degree to which a result appears unanticipated is a direct indication of the level of consciousness at which an experience is being perceived."

The Inner You - (Unclear What)

*TB* The Wise Guide:

Two people have been living in you: the ego and the wise guide. The wise guide is the hidden spiritual being, whose still voice of wisdom you have rarely listened to. Your guide can also be a continual, joyful, tender, and sometimes teasing presence, who knows always what is best for you and will help you find more ways out of your obsession with habits and confused emotions.

Our buddha nature has an active inner teacher, who works tirelessly for us, trying to bring us back to the radiance and spaciousness of our true being.

*BS&S* The Observer:

Hilgard: In a study involving age regression and hypnosis, adult subjects were asked to go back to childhood and experience being five years old. This experience takes two different forms. In one form the subject becomes completely absorbed in the experience of being a child again, while in the second form the subject becomes a child again in a manner that feels convincing, but in addition there is an observer present.

Campbell: The hidden observer proved to be superior, in many ways, to the conscious individual inside whom it was hidden; more mature, more realistic and logical, and in possession of more information.

*LWK* The Universal Intelligence, The Superintelligence in Man:

Whenever we speak of life we are talking of a stupendous Intelligence, pervading every nook and corner of the universe, which at every moment of our lives reads our thoughts and knows precisely all about our actions even before we have formulated or performed them. We are merely the tiny droplets of an ocean which every moment supplies and controls the whole thinking of humankind.

There is a natural fount of wisdom in all of us which, alas, oversophistication, faulty education, crazy ideas imbibed from books and foolish indoctrination depletes or destroys.

Some, at least, of the manifestations of psychic powers were genuine. I was able to locate the source of the bewildering phenomena and trace it to a marvelous superintelligent power in man, which is both illuminating and mystifying-illuminating in the revealing flashes of genius and mystifying in the baffling masquerades of spirits and demons in mediums and the possessed; which is both blissful and awful – blissful in the enrapturing visions of ecstatic and awful in the appalling shadows of insanity.

*JoA* The Inner Guide:

Jump in and trust your inner guide. The purity of your own yearning and of the methods you follow will show you the way.

Your attachments lead you to seek outside of yourself for answers that can only come from your own heart. Each time you lose contact with that inner awareness, you need only meditate.

*FWG* The All-Knowing Soul:

Your soul knows everything- past, present, and future. It knows Who You Are, and Who You Seek to Be. It knows Me, intimately, because it is the part of Me that is closest to you.


The Flow Into Us

The Source of Thoughts

Script: Overall, this, then, would deal specifically with the flow into higher life forms.. Unless it could be rightly thought that stones think. But perhaps their thought is "I AM". This is the flow as we perceive it. Being impersonal, it is the same thing flowing to us to us as to a stone.
Script: Does the following belong with "the flow" or "the flow of thoughts"? What is the difference?

The Flow Into Us

*PoP* Creation of Souls:

God has created the angelic souls of human beings from his Breath or Spirit, and this creation is continuous and ongoing. Our angelic soul is the Breath of the divine Soul. God creates our angelic souls like the sun sending out its rays of light. He has assigned a goal for us, for which he has given us existence.

God's Influx of Perfection to Men & Angels(H&H): The Divine proceeding from the Lord is omnipresent and proceeds in every direction. The Lord's sphere is an effort to save all. The Lord flows into men and angels in a certain spot and organizes and arranges things from there. The influx of the Lord differentiates man from animal.

Communication via correspondence is influx. Correspondence is communication with heaven. Angels think from correspondence. All heavenly correspondence is from the Divine Human of the Lord. Heavenly things exist from the sun of the heavens, and can only be seen by the eyes of the spirit. They exist from the Lord according to their correspondence with the interiors of angels.

God's Influx of Perfection to Men & Angels(PoP): Every creature is endowed with a continuous inner movement of ascent that allows it to return to its sacred Source or Origin. The movement of perfection extends continuously from the very lowest being up to the highest. It is the result of an influx, an invisible vital force or essence that dwells in every existing thing and gives life to all visible beings, so that any being seperated from its own vital influx immediately dies. If this force does not exist in a seed, it is dead. There are also certain precious stones which are dead and have lost their radiant aura. Each thing, from the most minute simple particle of the material world to the most perfect composition (which on this planet is the human being) possesses and influx, a vital, life-giving force that follows its own course of gradual perfection by means of the continual transformation of matter. This inner movement is directed towards God and perfection by its very nature and keeps those creatures in perpetual movement.

*EIM-Q* The Breath:

The breath is the inspiriting of the hearts with the subtle essences of the unknown. They said: "God created the hearts and made them mines of recognition. He created the heart-secrets and made them the places of the affirmation of unity."

*SS* From the Inside Out:

There are internal realizations always present within the whole self. There is comprehension of the meaning of all existence within each personality.

The knowledge of this greater dimension floods outward from the innermost heart of all being, and is projected outward, transforming all it touches. This flooding-out imbues certain elements of the physical world with a brilliance and intensity far surpassing that usually known. Those touched by it are transformed into something more than they were.

The outer world is a reflection of the inner world, though far from perfect.

*C&HEF* Self-Revitalizing:

(NOTE: We need light & others, too-nature, water, food…but yes, it is done by us.) The living (as open systems) has specific characteristics not shared by inorganic matter. The most important of these is the ability to replenish energy (what we call vitality) without an outside agency, which no machine can do.

*CMS* The Power With Us:

All the Power of the Universe is with you; feel it, know it, and then act as though it were true.

*GoE* Spirit Flows into All Things:

Good is positive. Evil is merely privative... Benevolence is absolute and real... For all things proceed out of this same spirit, which is differently named love, justice, temperance, in its different applications, just as the ocean receives different names on the several shores which it washes.

Impersonality of the Flow

*IAD* Ever-Flowing Life:

Life, in all Its Activities everywhere manifest, is god in Action; and it is only through lack of the understanding of applied thought and feeling that mankind is constantly interrupting the pure flow of that Perfect Essence of Life which would, without interference, naturally express Its Perfection everywhere...

Life cares not who uses It, but is constantly surging to pour more of Its Perfection into manifestation, always with that lifting process which is ever inherent within Itself.

*CH* The Overflowing One:

Plotinus teaches that the One overflows spontaneously and eternally as several planes or levels of Being...

"The One, perfect because It seeks nothing, needs nothing, overflows, as it were, and Its superabundance makes something, as it were, other than Itself, which is Being." -Plotinus

...The One loves as It overflows, although Its love is free from the distraction of any separate subject or object and is therefore infinitely more intense than ordinary human love.

*CMS* God Gives Freely:

We should think of God as the great Spirit whose sole impulse is love, freely giving of Himself to all who ask and refusing none.

*BWT* God Doesn't Favor, the Flow isn't Personal:

There is nothing personal about the activity of God in the sense that God would do any more for me than He would do for you.


Since God does not function on a personal basis, God will not do anything for you personally. There must be within you always the remembrance that this that you seek, you seek for all mankind, for everyone, friend or enemy...

You have to realize the universal nature of God's grace and never believe that it can be channeled to good people only, or to white Anglo-Saxon Protestants.


God makes no distinction between the good and the bad. God's abundance is never withheld from anyone, regardless of his sins, nor is it ever given to anyone because of his virtue...

Lack and limitation and every other ill that man seems heir to come about through our failure to keep our consciousness active, alert, alive, and above all, receptive.


There is lack and limitation in the world because the people of the world have... set themselves apart as if there were a God up there and they were down here. They believe that God has lost sight of them, and through their many petitions, they are trying to remind God that they are down here in lack, forgetting that the kingdom of God is within them, not up there, and that God is omniscience, the all-knowing.


God has never disinherited any of His children, whatever their human faults.

The Source of Thoughts

*MotFE* God's Pure Love's Courses Up Through Man- The Lava Warp:

"God's love is like a pure spring that gushes from a mountain. At its source it is pure but as it flows on its course it becomes clouded and polluted until it enters the ocean so impure it does not even resemble that which emerged from the source. As it enters the ocean it begins to drop the mud and slime to the bottom and again rises to the surface as a part of the glad, free ocean, from which it again can be taken up to refresh the spring. (NOTE: This has relevance to the upwelling of thoughts by ?? and the lava warp)

*MWT* Thought:

"To get back to the real substance of all things, you must get back into the thought world. Until one knows that the thought-energy is the cause which is the back of all things, and the product only the effect, then he is tied to the effect and is limited by it. He belongs to the world of imitation and that world only."

"The thought which flows through you is itself never created; the thought belongs to the universe; it is only the form of the thought that is created."

*EIM-S* Inner Conversation:

As for his saying, "He said to me" and "I said to him" – by that he alludes to the intimate conversations of the secret of the heart and to the purity of remembrance that occurs with the heart's vision of the almighty. Thoughts and motions of the inner heart, and whatever occurs, all have their origin with Allah and their end in Allah.

*WotT* God's Speech:

God's "Speech" is an expression for His establishment of Perfect Words and the sending down of definite Signs in the clothing of words and expressions.

For His Speech Belongs to the hearts of mankind. The "Book" can be perceived by everyone.

*SPoK* God Speaking To You, Remembrance:

"The Real never ceases disclosing Himself constantly to hearts in this world. Hence man's incoming thoughts undergo variation because of the divine self-disclosure in a manner of which no one is aware except the Folk of Allah.

"God ‘sent no messenger save with the tongue of his people."

"You will know nothing of God except that which comes from Him and which He brings into existence within you, either as inspiration or the unveiling of a self-disclosure which has been occasioned. This ‘Remembrance' is His Speech, which had a temporal origination within them and became an object of their knowledge."

*HU* Unfoldment of Thoughts:

The ebb and flow of our consciousness is not precisely definable but can be seen as a deeper and more fundamental reality out of which our thoughts and ideas unfold. In turn, these thoughts and ideas are not unlike the ripples, eddies, and whirlpools that form in a flowing stream, and like the whirlpools in a stream some can recur and persist in a more or less stable way, while others are evanescent and vanish almost as quickly as they appear.

*WAT* Thoughts Come From Pure Mind:

Thinking gives off smoke

to prove the existence of fire.

The mystic sits within the burning.

*BWT* God Comes Through the Unconditioned Mind:

You receive the realization of God through the unconditioned mind, the mind that does not think personal thoughts, selfish thoughts.

*CMS* God Speaking Through Thought:

According to the clearness of his perception and the greatness of his realization of this power will he provide within himself a starting point through which God may operate.

*GoE* The Influx From God:

The soul's communication of truth is the highest event in nature, since it then does not give somewhat from itself, but it gives itself, or passes into and becomes that man whom it enlightens...

This communication is an influx of the Divine mind into our mind.

In these communications the power to see is not separated from the will to do...

The nature of these reveleations is the same; they are perceptions of the absolute law. They are solutions of the soul's own questions.

*DL* How Thought Originates In Spirit:

Thought possesses creative power... Every manifestation is in essence the expression of a Divine Thought.


The Spirit thinks through our thought only its thought is greater than ours... What we do not know is the greater thought that is all the time giving rise to our smaller thought... Then we gradually see the greater thought which prompted our smaller one and we find ourselves working along its lines, guided by the invisible hand of the Creative Spirit into continually increasing degrees of livingness to which we need assign no limits, for it is the expansion of the Infinite within ourselves.

Script: Translate the following bit, explaining how it bows to the false idea that wisdom exists in the past, how that is an argumentative and logical fallicy. -Th to -s.
*TYSD* Seeing Both the Moving & NonMoving, and Their Sameness:

From The Nirvanic Path: The Yoga of the Great Symbol:

73) Although while thus quiescent there is cognition of the [mental] motion [of thoughts arising and vanishing], nevertheless, the mind having attained to the motion, the state is called ‘The state wherein falleth the partition separating motion from rest'.

74) Thereby one realizeth one-pointedness of mind.

75) That which recognizeth the ‘Moving' and the ‘NonMoving' [or motion and rest, as being one and inseparable], is called, when It be rightly understood, ‘The All-Discriminating Wisdom, or the Supramundane Intellect.'...

78) With the Intellect of the All-Discriminating Wisdom, born of the quiescent state of non-cognition [or the indifference to the arising and vanishing of thoughts], one observeth:

What the real nature of the ‘Non-Moving' [or mind] is when it is motionless;

How it remaineth motionless;

How it moveth from the state of motionlessness;

When moving whether it maintain its tranquility of motionlessness;

Whether it move any at all while maintaining the state of motionlessness;

Whether the ‘Moving' is other than the ‘Non-Moving';

What the real nature of the ‘Moving' [or thought] is;

and, finally,

How the ‘Moving' becometh the ‘Non-Moving'.

*IAD* Thought and Feeling Are From God:

Thought and feeling are the Creative Power of God in Action.

The uncontrolled, ungoverned use of thought and feeling has brought about all kinds of discord, sickness and distress.


You cannot form a thought without the Intelligence and Energy of God to do it.

*R* Objective Ideas Within:

In the deep of himself... every idea exists in itself and not in relation to something else.

*HH2* Influx:

Life from the Lord flows in according to its reception. Good flows from the Lord, evil from hell. This is the fountain of life. Internal man is in the spirit world and external man is in the natural. Influx into reason and analysis. The Lord's influx is into the good of man, through good into truth. Good receives influx. Truth without good does not. Nothing flowing into thought is harmful. Only if it flows into will. Then it is man's. There is influx into animals and vegetbales, too.

*HoL* Creation From Above:

Creation or manifestation takes place when a concept or a belief is transmitted from its source in the high levels down into the more dense levels of reality until it becomes crystallized into physical reality...

The basic primary creative force is initiated in the highest spiritual body and is then moved into the astral body. Or, from another point of view, one might say that the finer substances and energies in the spiritual bodies induce harmonic resonance in the lower three bodies. This process continues all the way down into the frequency level of the physical body... As it moves into the lower frequency layers, it will be first expressed in terms of thoughts, then specific feelings, then physical sensation, and the physical body will respond automatically through the autonomic nervous system. It will either relax if it reads a positive impulse or will contract if it receives a negative one.

*CBAP* Realizing Your Fuel on LSD:

Case No. 686: "Under the influence of LSD...

"I was suddenly alarmed by the fact that I was alive. There was a strange energy driving my motor and I was not physically plugged into any source. At once I knew God was my ‘fuel.'"

Pure Arisings
Creativity, Inspiration & Spontaneity


*E* The Source of Thought:

(NOTE: Deeper self comm.) Direct cognition means those thoughts that rise up without distortion from the Source of Thought. The Source of Thought is the unlimited reservoir of creativity, intelligence and bliss that lies within each of us.

(NOTE: Remembering!) Those fortunate thoughts that arise purely and without distortion from the Source remain surcharged with energy, intelligence and bliss; they, being unflawed, never contradict each other and therefore result in greater harmony, happiness and success.

One quality of enlightenment is the ability to think and therefore speak without distortion from the Source. It takes a mind that is incapable of being distorted to verify the reality of the written words.

*HTKHW* Joining With Pure Thoughts:

With inner effort, we can isolate something consisting only of pure thoughts from everything else in our soul life. Such thoughts show themselves to be spiritual, supersensible entities. If our soul unites with these thoughts, and excludes all perception, remembering, and other inner activities, it lives with this thinking in the supersensible realm, that is, it experiences itself outside the body.

*IA* Trance & The Divine Voice:

In the fully realized state of recollection, the Divine voice speaks. If one stopped to ponder the meanings of what it is saying he would be taken away from it by his thinking and reflection. The Knower realizes with complete certainty knowings which did not come from within himself, since it was from God. "I converse with my servant through his tongue." The knowing that comes is pure.

After the first self-manifestation, the experiencer imagines that they have reached their goal, and nothing is to be sought except the continuation of that state. But when the next occurs, they find an entirely new quality and implication. The person soon comes to know that this matter has no end. Each person's curiosity increases and there is great pleasure in it. So they only seek to continue these self-manifestations.

*MotFE* Inspiration Is From God:

"It is inspiration only when it comes direct from God and you let God express through you; then you are with us."

*DEVF2* The Source of Light & Thought:

You will end up with, if all goes well, a kind of "new" illuminated consciousness, an intellect who realizes that the source of its own light is not itself, but comes from the spontaneous power that provides the fuel for its thoughts.

*DEVF1* Creativity Is Contact With the Source:

Your creative abilities do not simply allow you to paint pictures, to tell or write stories, to create sculpture or architecture. They do not simply provide you with a basis for your religions, sciences, and civilizations. They are your contact with the source of existence itself...

While you believe that consciousness somehow emerges from dead matter, you will never understand yourselves.

*CBAP* God Expressed Thought in Our Imagination:

Case No. 579: The "communicator" (NOTE: channel) of Christ in You (Watkins 1910, p. 70) stated, "That which you call ‘imagination' is the ground for the expression of God's thought... A pure imagination is sometimes called ‘genius.' It is the mirror of God...

"The place of creation in the individual, the spiritual ground for the projection of thought from the Divine Innermost was the imagination...

"God's idea for your world and for you is perfection and nothing less."

*GoE* Spontaneous Thought is New Life- Release to Inspiration:

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. The way of life is wonderful; it is by abandonment...

What is best in any work of art but that... which the man cannot do again; that which flows from the hour and the occasion...

Men grind and grind in the mill of a truism, and nothing comes out but what was put in. But the moment they desert the tradition for a spontaneous thought, then poetry, wit, hope, virtue, learning, anecdote, all flock to their aid.

*GoE* Spontaneous Action:

A wise man will never impawn his future being and action, and decide beforehand what he shall do in a given extreme event. Nature and God will instruct him in that hour....

Why drag about this corpse of your memory?

*GoE* Genius & Continuing Creation:

The genius of man is a continuation of the power that made him and that has not done making him.

*GoE* Spontaneity in Conversation:

All good conversation, manners and action come from a spontaneity which... makes the moment great.

*GoE* The Essence Speaks Newly Now:

"This spirit is self-renewed in each one who will listen, by teachings from within (in-tuitions)."

-Emerson's doctrine of intuition, given by Edward Emerson.

...Truth is simple, and will not be antique; is ever present and insists on being of this age and of this moment. Here is thought and love and truth and duty, new as on the first day of Adam and of angels.

*SFH* Inspiration From Heaven:

Science, technology, and other benefits, they told me, had been gifts bestowed on mankind by them- through inspiration.

*EK* Closer to the Source of Thoughts:

All thoughts, whether practical or theoretical, flow out of the endless divine ocean and return there...

By cleaving in love and full awareness to the source of life, the soul shines from the supernal light, and all feelings, thoughts, and actions are refined.

*DL* Expanding With Spirit's Intelligence:

By establishing, then, a personal relation to the life of the Spirit, the sphere of the individual becomes enlarged. The reason is that he allows a greater intelligence than his own to take the initiative... Knowing, then, that by its inherent nature this Intelligence can only work to the expansion of the individual life, we can rest upon it with the utmost confidence and trust it to take an initiaitve which will lead to far greater results than any we could forecast from the stand-point of our own knowledge.

*EIM-Q* Transformation & Fixity:

Some people are changed by pangs. Others are beyond having their state and strength taken by surprise. These are the masters of the moment.

Transformation is an attribute of the lords of the states. Fixity is an attribute of the people of realities. As long as the servant is on the path, he is a possessor of transformation because he is still rising from state to state, changing from one attribute to another. When he arrives, he attains fixity.

The people of realities have risen above the characteristic of being affected by happenings.

The servant, as long as he continues his ascent, is properly characterized by continual waxing and waning of states. However, when he arrives at the real, then the real, Most Praised, fixes him. He becomes fixed in his state according to his position and what he deserves.

Now the possibilities bestowed in each breath by the real, Most Praised, are limitless. A person experiences constant augmentation and transforms himself, or rather undergoes transformation. At the root of his state he is fixed, but in each case he is fixed in a condition higher than the previous one, only to rise to another even higher than that.

The most beautiful form which he saw that night did not distract him from the vision of the Most High. Rather, he saw the author of the image in the image and the constructor in what was constructed.

*EIM-Q* God Becomes Your Eyes & Ears:

The servant then continues to draw near to me through free acts of devotion until he loves me, and I love him. When I love him, I become for him the hearing and the seeing. Through me he sees and through me he hears.

There is no place that the real, Most Praised, does not see. Whenever a person sees a place or even a breath as his own he falls into a snare of deception.