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The Nature of the Universe

The Nature of the Universe • The Origin of the Universe • Physical Reality Out Of Dreams • The Holographic Model • Dimensions • Hyperspace & Superstrings • The One Source, The Forces, & Perpetual Motion • The First Law of Thermodynamics • The Second Law of Thermodynamics • Quantum Theory • Reality & Focus • Chaos • The Nature of Time • Cycles of the Universe

The Nature of the Universe

Energy At Different Frequencies

*JoYS* Everything is Energy, Frequency:

Everything in the universe is energy at a particular frequency.

The Spiritual Emanations of Matter

*MotFE* The Energy That Fills Space, It's Emanations, & Matter, Cause & Effect:

Every form has within itself some degree of energy and this energy is a distinct emanation of the energy that fills infinite space. The amount of energy that each particular form radiates is in direct proportion to the relationship which it has with the Universal energy.

Matter becomes less and less active as it loses some of its contact with the original impelling force which started it into motion. When this energy ceases to act within the form, the form disintegrates.

*MotFE* Oneness & Radiating Your Energy:

The direct violation of this fundamental unity is in considering the mind as having phases or faculties, when, in reality, mind is a single unit, not only as within the individual but as existing in and of the Universe. Material form is not something isolated from and independent of the Universe but is one in and with the Universal substance. The physical body is not an isolated phase of the creative scheme but is in and one with the Universal Energy.

It is only to the degree that this oneness is maintained by the individual that he begins to radiate the energy that sent him into being. This is the basis of the Quantum Theory as applied from the viewpoint of pure religion or pure metaphysics.

All true reason works out from principle to its manifestation and not from the manifestation back to principle.

*UB* The Energy of Matter:

(m2 - m1) = (E2 - E1)/C2: the work which resting matter can perform is equal to the energy expended in bringing it together minus the resistance of the forces overcome in transit and the attraction exerted by the parts of the matter on one another.

Proof: existence of pre-electronic forms of matter is indicated by the two atomic weights of lead (original weighs more than through uranium disintegration by way of radium emanations). The difference in atomic weight represents the actual loss of energy in the atomic breakup.

*UB* The Original Impelling Force of Matter's Creation:

Matter becomes less and less active as it loses some of its contact with the original impelling force which started it into motion. When this energy ceases to act within the form, the form disintegrates.

*CWG2* The Energy Emanations of All Things:

I have built into all things an energy that transmits its signal throughout the universe. Every physical thing sends out energy, like a giant radio transmitter. You are sending off energy- emitting energy- right now, from the center of your being in all directions. This energy- which is you- moves outward in wave patterns. The energy leaves you, moves through walls, over mountains, past the moon, and into Forever. It never, ever stops. Every thought you've ever had colors this energy. The vibration, the rate of speed, the wavelength, the frequency of your emanations shift and change constantly with your thoughts, moods, feelings, words, and actions. This weave is the combined energy field within which you live. The Matrix can directly impact, affect, and create physical objects and events. This energy Matrix is the Collective Consciousness.

Have you ever walked into a room where the "air was so thick you could cut it with a knife?" Or have you heard of two scientists working on the same problem at the same time- on opposite sides of the globe- each working without the other's knowledge, and each simultaneously- and independently.

Your energy is pushing out, touching everything else. Everything and everyone else is touching you. But now an interesting thing happens. At some point midway between you and everything else- those energies meet. The energies unite and combine to form a new energy unit we'll call "Tomary." It is the energy of Tom and Mary combined, and it is just that: a body of energy to which both are connected, which both are feeding the continuing energies which flow to it, and which is sending energies back to its two "sponsors" along the thread, or cord, or pipeline that always exists within the Matrix. (Indeed, this "pipeline" is the Matrix.) It is this experience of "Tomary" which is the truth of Tom and Mary. Tom and Mary, standing off at a distance, can feel-in a physical way- what is going on in the Matrix. Both are urgently drawn toward this experience. They want to move toward each other! At once! Now their "training" sets in. The world has trained them to slow down, to mistrust the feeling to guard against "hurt," to hold back. TOMARY is already being experienced metaphysically, and Tom and Mary will want to experience it physically. So they more toward this "feeling" they are experiencing, and, as they close the gap between them, the energy they are both sending to TOMARY travels a shorter distance and is thus more intense. The shorter the distance, the greater the intensity. Now, they touch. The sensation is almost unbearable. They feel, at the point of their touch, all the energy of TOMARY- all the compacted, intensely unified substance of their Combined Being. You'll be able to feel this subtle, sublime energy as a tingling when you touch, or as heat at the point of your touch. They want to get even closer- to literally meld with Tomary. To become Tomary in physical form. I have created in the male and female bodies a way to do that.

This dance that I've described, this energy interaction I've explained, is occurring all the time- in and with everything. You are never totally disconnected with anything. The criss-crossing, intermingling, intertwining energies racing between everything that you can call physical is what holds physicality together. It is along this Matrix that you send signals to each other- messages, meanings, healings, and other physical effects. These innumerable energies are, as I have explained, attracted to each other. Like attracts like. When enough of these similar energies "clump together," so to speak, their vibrations become heavier, they slow down- and some become Matter.

Those objects must then repel each other- move away- or they will merge forever- in effect, disappearing in their present form and taking on a new form. All beings of consciousness intuitively know this, so all beings of consciousness move away from the Permanent Melding in order to maintain their relationship to all other beings. If they did not, they would meld into all other beings, and experience the Oneness Forever. This is the state from which we have come. You are constantly being attracted, compelled toward union with one another, then, at the Moment of Unity, being repelled by conscious choice away from that Unity. Your choice is to remain free of it, so that you can experience it. This is a natural rhythm of the universe.

Interconnectedness & Instantaneous Communication

Individual Behavior Affected by the Whole

*HU* Nonlocal Aspects of Physics:

According to quantum physics no matter how far apart the photons travel, when they are measured they will always be found to have identical angles of polarization. (Polarization is the spatial orientation of the photon's wavelike aspect as it travels away from its point of origin.)

Aspect's experiment is generally viewed as virtual proof that the connection between the two photons is nonlocal.

"The nonlocal aspects of quantum systems is therefore a general property of nature."

-Physicist Paul Davis

*HU* The Physical as an Indivisible System:

If subatomic particles do not exist until they are observed, then one could no longer think of them as independent "things." Thus, Einstein was basing his argument on an error when he viewed twin particles as separate. They were part of an indivisible system, and it was meaningless to think of them otherwise.

Bohr's view that subatomic systems are indivisible has equally profound implications for the nature of reality. Ironically, these implications were also ignored, and once again, the potential importance of interconnectedness was swept under the carpet.

*HU* Instantaneous Communication & Unity:

When you look at the two television monitors you might mistakenly assume that the fish on the screens are separate entities. After all, because the cameras are set at different angles, each of the images will be slightly different. But as you continue to watch you will eventually realize there is a relationship between the two fish. When one turns, the other makes a slightly different but corresponding turn. When one faces the front, the other faces the side, and so on. If you are unaware of the full scope of the situation, you might wrongly conclude that the fish are instantaneously communicating with one another, but this is not the case. No communication is taking place because at a deeper level of reality, the reality of the aquarium, the two fish are actually one and the same. This, says Bohm, is precisely what is going on between particles such as the two photons emitted when a positronium atom decays.

(FIGURE 8:. Bohm believes subatomic particles are connected in the same way as the images of the fish on the two television monitors. Although particles such as electrons appear to be separate from one another, on a deeper level of reality—a level analogous to the aquarium—they are actually just different aspects of a deeper cosmic unity.

*HU* Bohm's Quantum Field & Nonlocality:

Bohm called his proposed new field the quantum potential and theorized that, like gravity, it pervaded all of space. However, unlike gravitational fields, magnetic fields, and so on, its influence did not diminish with distance. Its effects were subtle, but it was equally powerful everywhere.

The quantum potential stood its view on its ear and indicated that the behavior of the parts was actually organized by the whole. This not only took Bohr's assertion that subatomic particles are not independent "things," but are part of an indivisible system one step further, but even suggested that wholeness was in some ways the more primary reality.

"Such quantum wholeness of activity is closer to the organized unity of functioning of the parts of a living being than it is to the kind of unity that is obtained by putting together the parts of a machine."

Bohm's interpretation of quantum physics indicated that at the subquantum level, the level in which the quantum potential operated, location ceased to exist.


*HU* Infinite Causality:

In the book, he argued that the way science viewed causality was also much too limited. Most effects were thought of as having only one or several causes. However, Bohm felt that an effect could have an infinite number of causes. For example, if you asked someone what caused Abraham Lincoln's death, they might answer that it was the bullet in John Wilkes Booth's gun. But a complete list of all the causes that contributed to Lincoln's death would have to include all of the events that led to the development of the gun, all of the factors that caused Booth to want to kill Lincoln, all of the steps in the evolution of the human race that allowed for the development of a hand capable of holding a gun, and son on, and son on. Bohm conceded that most of the time one could ignore the vast cascade of causes that had led any given effect, but he still felt it was important for scientists to remember that no single cause-and effect relationship was ever really separate from the universe as a whole.

*HU* The Unified Living Movement of Plasma:

At the Berkeley Radiation Laboratory Bohm began what was to become his landmark work on plasmas. A plasma is a gas containing a high density of electrons and positive ions, atoms that have a positive charge. To his amazement, he found that once they were in a plasma, electrons stopped behaving like individuals and started behaving as if they were part of a larger and interconnected whole. Although their individual movements appeared random, vast numbers of electrons were able to produce effects that were surprisingly well organized. Like some amoeboid creature, the plasma constantly regenerated itself and enclosed all impurities in a wall in the same way that a biological organism might encase a foreign substance in a cyst. So struck was Bohm by these organic qualities that he later remarked he'd frequently had the impression the electron sea was "alive."

These were no longer situations involving two particles, each behaving as if it knew what the other was doing, but entire oceans of particles, each behaving as if it knew what untold trillions of others were doing.

*BS&S* Particle Motion:

The motion is determined by the ebb and flow of the entire wave rather than by local forces acting on the particle at each point of its trajectory. The packet is totally controlled by the ground (body of water) from which it was created.

An analogy of quantum motion is a strip of lights times to turn on and then off, one after another, creating the illusion of movement along the strip.

*SD&P* The Fabric of Physical Matter:

So-called empty space is full of constructions not our own that we cannot perceive. The action of each one of the most minute of these particles affects each other one. The slight motion of one grain of sand causes a corresponding alteration in the distribution of the stars, and in all matter's fabric, from an atom in a man's skull down to the slightest variation in a microbe's action.

Quantum Potential- The Information Field

*BS&S* Quantum Potential & Information Field:

One of the significant features of Bohm's quantum potential is that its effect on the particle depends on its form rather than its magnitude. The wave may have large effects even at long distances, for the wave does not carry energy; it is an information wave. The information within the radio waves actually guides the enormous energy possessed by the ship. The particle moves via its own energy but is directed by the quantum potential. Campbell sees information as giving form or shape.

*BS&S* The Quantum Field:

When a particle taps into the information field, its movement reflects the state of the whole. The essential feature of the quantum field and the resulting quantum potential is that any event happening anywhere is immediately available everywhere as information. Other radiations such as sound can also produce holograms.

*ABTM* The Quantum Field:

The quantum field exists in, around, and through you. You are not looking at the field- in every wave and particle, the field is your extended body.

*ABTM* The Higher Dimension:

At the core of reality, Einstein said, linear time evaporates completely, pooling out like a stream overflowing its banks...

The physical world arose from the quantum field, which is the source of all matter and energy.

What Space Is

*MotFE* Space is the One Spiritual Mind:

That which we call space is in reality the One Spiritual Mind. It is a state of complete oneness existing in fact between the individual and the Universal soul and it must become a conscious fact to the individual.

*BS&S* Space as a Plenum:

The universe can be seen as a large number of interacting fields which manifest as particles interacting with each other.

Why Space is Dark

*SL* Why Space Is Dark:

Astronomers tells us, startling as it seems, that the depths of space are dark, not light, although they are full of the frequencies which on earth we recognize as light. Why? Because there are vast spaces of the mighty universe where there are no light-reflecting bodies. In the absence of these dark bodies, light cannot be thrown back and reflected. Hence space, which is full of the vibrations, is absolutely dark.

The Base Energy of the Universe

*HU* The Base Energy of the Universe:

Every cubic centimeter of empty space contains more energy than the total energy of all the matter in the known universe!

Some physicists refuse to take this calculation seriously and believe it must somehow be in error. Bohm feels most physicists ignore the existence of its enormous ocean of energy because, like fish who are unaware of the water in which they swim, they have been taught to focus primarily on objects embedded in the ocean, on matter.

Space is not empty. It is full. The universes is not separate from this cosmic sea of energy, it is a ripple on its surface, a comparatively small "pattern of excitation" in the midst of an unimaginably vast ocean."

*SS* What Fills Vacant Space:

The space between our two friends is not vacant. You think of it as vacant because you do not perceive what is there. You do not perceive the atoms and the molecules that swin about the room, nor those that fill the space between our two friends, nor the forces -the field forces- that exist. The couch serves to unite them since they sit upon it. And what do they sit upon? Emptiness that you perceive as solidity.

Scaffolding of Reality

*EtS-AG* The Structure, The Scaffolding of Experience:

On a mystical visionary experience, I was part of one vast luminescent, transparent lattice system of love energy. It was as if the veil of supposed ‘reality' had been stripped form the material world to expose the bedrock reality, the scaffolding of spirit.

The Wire Model of the Planes

*SD&P* The Wire Model of the Planes:

Consider, then, a network of wires- a maze of interlocking wires endlessly constructed, so that looking through them there would seem to be no beginning or end. Your plane could be likened to a small position between four very spindly and thin wires, and my plane could be likened to the small position in the neighboring wires on the other side.

Again, if you will consider our maze of wires, I will ask you to imagine them filling up everything that is, with your plane and my plane like two small birds' nests in the netlike fabric of some gigantic tree. These wires are also mobile, constantly trembling and also alive, in that they not only carry the stuff of the universe but are themselves projections of this stuff. It is no more actually seen or touched than is the buzzing of a million invisible bees.

Your plane is composed of solidified thought.

Imagine these wires as being alive. Imagine these wires as being composed of the solidified emotion of which I have just spoken.

Our wires and mazes and composed of solidified vitality.

They form the universe's boundaries and seem to divide it into labyrinthian ways, like the inside of a honeycomb. The planes formed by the connections and interconnections of our imaginary wires- come into the sphere of each different plane and take on the form inherent in the plane itself.

Therefore, these wires, continuing our analogy, will grow thick or thin, or change color completely, like some chameleon-like animal.

In some respects, all planes or fields of existence are byproducts of others.

*SD&P* The Electrical System, Identity:

The electrical system is composed of electricity that is far different from your idea of it. Electricity, as you perceive it, is merely an echo emanation or a sort of shadow image of these infinite varieties of pulsation which give actuality to many phenomena with which you are familiar, but which do not appear as tangible objects within the physical field.

This electrical system is vastly dense. This is a denseness that does not take up space, a denseness caused by an infinity of electrical fields of varying ranges of intensity. Not only are no two of these electrical fields identical, but there are no identical impulses within them.

The gradations of intensities are so minute that it would be impossible to measure them, and yet each field contains in coded form the actual living reality of endless eons; contains what you would call the past, present, and future of unnumbered universes; contains the coded data of any and every consciousness that has been or will be, in any universe; those that have appeared to vanish, and those which, seemingly, do not yet exist.

It is the infinite variety and gradations of intensity that makes all identities possible. It is this density, with this infinite variety of intensity, which allows for both identity and change.

The electricity that is perceivable within your system is merely a projection of a vast electrical system that you cannot perceive.

*SD&P* The Electrical System & Dream Locations, Thoughts, & Motion:

Dream locations have a definite actuality. Dream locations are composed of electrical mass, density and intensity.

Each of your own thoughts is composed of a unique intensity of impulse.

Your field is contained within its own range of intensities, a tiny back of electrical impulses.

All motion is mental or psychological motion, and all mental or psychological motion has its electrical reality. The inner self moves by moving through intensities. To move through intensities within the electrical system gives the result, in the physical field, of moving through time.

True motion has nothing to do with space. The only real motion is that of the traveling consciousness.

The Perspective Scroll of Realities

*CWG3* The Perspective Scroll of Realities:

Even the macro reality to which you return is but a micro reality of an even larger macro reality, which is a smaller part of a larger reality still- and so on, and on, and on, forever and ever, and ever forever more, world without end... (NOTE: larger contexts to eternity. That's the forward motion. Perspective scrolling- and I'll bet it goes on forever without end because creation is neverending. As you gain a greater context, there is that much more to know, to experience)

Even the rock will not be a rock forever, but only what "seems like forever..." It was once something else, and will be something else again...

Then there will be new mysteries for you to ponder. As you move around the Cosmic Wheel, there will be larger and larger realities- bigger and bigger truths...

Assume a different perspective and you will have a different thought about everything.

Four Fundamental Laws - Value Fulfillment,

Energy Transformation, Spontaneity, and Durability

*UR2* The Execution of Inner Laws in Outer Universes:

Now the so-called laws of your camouflage physical universe do not apply to the inner universe. They do not even apply to other camouflage planes. However, the laws of the inner universe apply to all camouflage realities....

These fundamental laws are followed on many levels in your own universe. So far I have given you but one, which is value fulfillment. In your physical universe this rule is followed as physical growth... In other camouflage realities, this law is carried through in different manners, but it is never ignored.

The second law of the inner universe is energy transformation. This occurs constantly. Energy transformation and value fulfillment, both existing within the spacious present [or at once], add up to a durability that is at the same time spontaneous... and simultaneous...

Our third law is spontaneity, and despite all appearances of beginning and end, of death and decay, all consciousnesses exist in the spacious present, in a spontaneous manner, in simultaneous harmony; and yet within the spacious present there is also durability.

Durability is our fourth law. Durability within the framework of the spacious present would not exist were it not for the laws of value fulfillment and energy transformation. These make duration within the spacious present not only possible but necessary.

*GHL* Based on What?:

"Recent discoveries in physics strongly suggest that the nature of the universe was from the beginning such that it would come alive however and wherever possible." -Elisabet Sahtouris

Beyond the Speed of Light

*SC* The Light Barrier is a Perceptual Barrier:

John: "It is not that you are limited to the speed of light, but moreso that you cannot perceive beyond it, for since your ability to observe is dependent upon the speed of light, or light itself, you cannot observe those things which dwell beyond it."

*SC* Faster-Than-Light Physical Sciences:

John: "Man often perceives light as a by-product of activity upon the atomic level. This is incorrect. Light itself is the activator of all forms of activity, other than the primary force, which governs its own nature. Black holes are the focal point whence these activities proceed forth, or light proceeds forth from your sun, or it is drawn out from your sun by the greater force of the black hole. Black holes are a focal point for the pattern of those things which travel faster than light, as well as light itself.

"Particles which travel far beyond the reaching of light have been termed, since ancient times, as the ‘ethers,' or the unseen forces...

"These forces, which are instantaneous and beyond the speed of light, approximate that which you might term the "speed of thought." does not travel along the normal curvatures of time and space. The science you term'"radionics' is perhaps the closest to understanding and documenting these things...

"Those particles which travel beyond the speed of light in a completely frictionless state are finer forms of energy. These particles travel not so much in waves but in a specific pattern...

"So interlocked are they with your activities, you have yet to detect them. You still perceive upon the levels of the speed of light and continue to give credence to the idea that there is such a thing as time and space."

*HoL* Nonlocality:

In Bell's theorem, effects can be "superluminal," (NOTE: nonlocal) or faster than the speed of light.

*WoLi* Tachyons Move Faster than Light:

Actually, there are subatomic particles called tachyons which are believed to travel faster than light speed, but are unable to slow down to the speed of light.

Psychological Realities

*UR2* Lands of the Mind, What Knowing is Based On:

There are lands of the mind. That is, the mind has its own "civilizations," its own personal culture and geography, its own history and inclinations... To some extent what you know now is dependent upon what will be known, and what has been known, in your terms. The "past" races of men live to that extent within your Now, as do those who will seemingly come after.

*CJ* All Universes Are Internal:

ROMC: "Everyone is a universe in and of itself... The only universes that exist are universes that are perceived from within. Therefore, there are no external universes- only internal ones.

"Souls exist in what appear to be external universes. These are only illusions...

"[The earth] exists only for those who experience it as existing. It does not exist for those who do not experience its existence."

*UR2* The Creative Beginning of Worlds:

All creativity comes from the psyche... I suggested that Ruburt's students create a "city" at another level of reality... a pleasant environment with quite definite coordinates, established as an "orbiting satellite" on the outskirts of your world.

Initially, all worlds are created in just that fashion.

Script: Time and space expands in dreams through attention.
*UR2* Perspective From Outside a Reality:

Within dreams space and time expand, again, as I have mentioned, but in a way that you cannot physically pinpoint. Your own exterior space exists in precisely the same manner from the standpoint of any other reality.

Age & Gravity

*UR2* Older Objects Have Stronger Gravity:

Jane: "There is a different kind of gravity that surrounds older objects than that which surrounds younger ones, but we don't perceive this at the level of our instruments. We can pick it up, however, if we know where to look. Age affects gravity... Older objects are heavier. This is ordinary gravity- not some new kind." (NOTE: This is probably what psychometry tunes into)

Similarity & Vastness of Worlds

*TDA* Similarity of Worlds In the Universes:

Dr. Peebles: "You will never find another planet, for example, of your dimension or another, that is that extraordinary different, as a few science fiction writers have suggested. What is going to be shocking are the similarities... All things want to learn and thereby they expand. As does the universe. Yet all things are one with each other, and the learning through expansion becomes a spiralic activity... that returns to the center... The universe is expanding and yet there is gravity, to be closer together... Self becomes in rapture by merging with the diversity that surrounds you... That's the nature of things- to be together with each other, to do cooperative projects and products, to have opinions, to express those opinions, to experience that response of those opinions- that's the joy of living, that's life everywhere."


The Origin of the Universe

Newly Created in Each Moment
From the Inside Out

*DEVF2* The Origin of the Universe:

Now the origin of the universe that you know, as I have described it, was of course a master event. The initial action did not occur in space or time, but formed space and time.

In your terms other universes, with all of their own space and time structures, were created simultaneously, and exist simultaneously. The effect of looking outward into space, and therefore backward into time, is a kind of built-in convention that appears within your own space-time picture... Beginnings and endings are themselves effects that seem to be facts to your perceptions. In a fashion they simply represent beginnings and endings, the boundaries, the reaches and the limitations of your own span of attention...

All universes, including your own, have their original creations occurring now, with all of their pasts and futures built in, and with all of their scales of time winding ever outward, and all of their appearances of space, galaxies and nebulae, and all of their seeming changes, being instantly and originally created in what you think of as this moment.

Your universe cannot be its own source... You must look not to space but to the source of space, not to time but to the source of time- and most of all, you must look to the kind of consciousness that experiences space and time.

All That Is - Imagination Creating Worlds

*DEVF1* All That Is in the Beginning:

I will try to arouse within your own consciousnesses memories of events with which your own inner psyches were intimately involved as the world was formed- and though these may appear to be past events, they are even now occurring.

Before the beginning of the universe, we will postulate the existence of an omnipotent, creative source. We will hope to show that this divine subjectivity is as present in the world of your experience as it was before the beginning of the universe...

All That Is, before the beginning contained within itself the infinite thrust of all possible creations. All That Is possessed a creativity of such magnificence that its slightest imaginings, dreams, thoughts, feelings or moods attained a kind of reality, a vividness, an intensity, that almost demanded freedom... (NOTE: How about this? There are beginnings, an infinite number of them, lined up perpendicular to time, and each thrusts out its creation, creating a moment, but it is like we are moving in a circle around it, propelled by the wind of its Infinite creativity. Like tempest, the video game.)

The experience, the subjective universe, the "mind" of All That Is, was so brilliant, so distinct, that All That Is almost became lost, mentally wandering within this ever flourishing, ever-growing interior landscape. Each thought, feeling, dream, or mood was itself indelibly marked with all the attributes of this infinite subjectivity. Each glowed and quivered with its own creativity, its own desire to create as it has been created.

Before the beginning there existed an interior universe that had no beginning or ending... (NOTE: My entire life has this subtext, this knowledge of certain truths that it is built upon, memories from when I was created, universe-spanning truths, knowledge of what is to become, bigger than anything in life even comes close to, that everyday experience is built upon. We all have these pictures, stories of knowledge, of the things we know to be inherently true. They are always with us, awaiting inspiration to temporarily reveal them. Then they shine for a moment in their full light and glory and slowly fade again into the background, where they always remain.) (That same infinite interior universe exists now...)

All That Is contained within itself the knowledge of all existences, with their infinite probabilities, and "as soon as" All That Is imagined those numberless circumstances, they existed in what I will call divine fact.

Creative Creations Interact With All That Is

*DEVF1* The Thoughts of All That Is Begin Thinking Their Own Thoughts:

All That Is knew of itself only. It was engrossed with its own subjective experiences, even divinely astonished as its own thoughts and imaginings attained their own vitality, and inherited the creativity of their subjective creator. [Those thoughts and imaginings] began to have a dialogue with their "Maker."

Thoughts of such magnificent vigor began to think their own thoughts- and their thoughts thought thoughts. As if in divine astonishment and surprise, All That Is began to listen, and began to respond to these "generations" of thoughts and dreams, for the thoughts and dreams related to each other also. There was no time, so all of this "was happening" simultaneously... Then, in your terms, All That Is spontaneously thought new thoughts and dreamed new dreams, and became involved in new imaginings- and all of these also related to those now-infinite generations of interweaving and interrelating thoughts and dreams that "already" existed.

So besides this spontaneous creation, this simultaneous "stream" of divine rousing, All That Is began to watch the interactions that occurred among his own subjective progeny. He listened, began to respond and to answer a thought or a dream. He began to purposefully bring about those mental conditions that were requested by these generations of mental progeny. If he had been lonely before, he was no longer.

*DEVF1* More Value Fulfillment:

The thoughts, for example, of All That Is were not simply thoughts as you might have, but multidimensional mental events of superlative nature... They yearned to create as they had been created, and All That Is, in a kind of divine perplexity, nevertheless realized that this had always been its own intent.

All That Is realized that such a separation would also allow you to bring about a different kind of divine art, in which the creators themselves created, and their creations created, bringing into actuality existences that were possible precisely because there would seem to be a difference between the creator and the creations...

Yet each smallest portion of consciousness can uniquely create, bring into being, eccentric versions of All That Is, that in certain terms All That Is, without that separation, could not otherwise create. The loving support, the loving encouragement of the slightest probable consciousness and manifestation- that is the intent of All That Is.

All That Is knows that even this purpose is a portion of a larger purpose. In terms of time, the realization of that purpose will emerge with another momentous explosion of subjective inspiration into objectivity, or into another form. In deeper terms, however, that purpose is also known now, and to one extent or another the entire universe dreams of it, as once cellular consciousness dreamed of the organs that it might "form"...

The state of dreaming not only helped shape the consciousness of your species, but also in those terms serves to provide a steady source of information to man about his physical environment, and served as an inner web of communication among all species.

Into the Physical - The Big Bang

*DEVF1* The Creation of the Physical Universe- The Big Bang:

All That Is is quite beyond any designations having to do with any one species or sex. All That Is, then, began to feel a growing sense of pressure as it realized that its own ever-multiplying thoughts and dreams themselves yearned to enjoy those greater gifts of creativity with which they were innately endowed...

It is possessed by "the need" to lovingly create from its own being; to lovingly transform its own reality in such a way that each most slight probable consciousness can come to be and with the need to see that any and all possible orchestrations of consciousness have the chance to emerge, to perceive and to love...

All That Is, then became aware of a kind of creative tumult as each of its superlative thoughts and dreams, moods and feelings, strained at the very edges of their beings, looking for some then-unknown, undiscovered, as of then unthought-of release... This mental progeny included all of the consciousnesses that [have] ever appeared or will appear upon your earth- all tenderly couched: the first human being, the first insect- each with an inner knowledge of the possibilities of its development...

All That Is searched through the truly infinite assortment of its incredible progeny to see what conditions were needed for this even more magnificent dream, this dream of freedom of objectivity. What door could open to let physical reality emerge from such an inner realm? When All That Is, in your terms, put all of those conditions together it saw, of course, in a flash, the mental creation of those objective worlds that would be needed- and as it imagined those worlds, in your terms, they were physically created.

[All That Is] did not separate itself from those worlds, however, for they were created from its thoughts, and each one has divine content... Each hypothetical point in your universe is in direct contact with All That Is in the most basic terms...

Divine subjectivity is indeed infinite. It can never be entirely objectified. When the worlds, your and others, were thus created, there was indeed an explosion of unimaginable proportions, as the divine spark of inspiration exploded into objectivity.

The first "object" was an almost unendurable mass, though it had no weight, and it exploded, instantaneously beginning processes that formed the universe- but no time was involved. The process that you might imagine took up eons occurred in the twinkling of an eye, and the initial objective materialization of the massive thought of All That Is burst into reality. In your terms this was a physical explosion- but in the terms of the consciousnesses involved in that breakthrough, this was experienced as a triumphant "first" inspirational frenzy, a breakthrough into another kind of being.


Script: The Infinite Touches the Temporal: God reached into the nothingness- the big bang. A super-lava warp! This in terms of time, beginning and ends. More likely, it's a big bang from the inside out occuring every moment.
Script: A pinprick opening in the great swelling balloon of the astral.. Or the pure spirit?
*CWG2* Space:

Invisible "energy" is the "space" which holds "matter together." At one point the entire universe actually was solid. There was virtually no space between the particles of matter. That matter filled an area smaller than the head of a pin. There was actually a time before that time when there was no matter at all- just the purest form of Highest Vibration Energy, which you would call anti-matter. In the beginning, pure energy-Me!- vibrated, oscillated, so fast as to form matter- all the matter of the universe!

There will be another so-called Big Bang, and another universe will be born after the universe "collapses." It will expand and contract. This is the breathing in and breathing out of God. Everything is cyclical. Everything.

Consciousness Gradually Moves Into Matter

*DEVF1* The Spasmodic Universe Manifests For Longer Periods:

Now in our tale of beginnings, however, we still have a spasmodic universe that appears and disappears- that gradually, in those terms, manifests for longer periods of time...

As all of this occurred, consciousness took on more and more specific orientations, greater organizations at your end. At the "other end," is disentangled itself from vaster fields of activity to allow for this specific behavior... Consciousness formed the experience of time- and not, of course, the other way around.

*DEVF1* Early Physical Space:

In the beginning, physical space had the qualities that dream space has to you now. It seemed to have a more private nature and only gradually, in those terms, did it become publicly shared.

*DEVF1* Unstable Reality in the Beginning:

There was in the beginning an almost unimaginable time in which energized consciousness, using its own creative abilities, its own imagination, experimented with triumphant rambunctiousness, trying out one form after another. In the terms you are used to thinking of, nothing was stable. Consciousness as you think of it turned into matter, and then into pure energy and back again... (NOTE: Continuing the perpendicular beginnings, the higher realms are just riding further up on the stream. What Monroe experienced was rising rapidly through realms, cracking through forms faster into the formless)

Individualized consciousness was also somewhat homesick, and returned often to the family homestead- but gradually gained confidence and left finally to form a [universe].

*DEVF1* Creative Fearless Play Created the Universe:

In a fashion, creative play is your human version of far greater characteristics from which your universe itself was formed...

Creativity is playful, and that it always surfaces when he allows his mind to drop its worries.

Script: I'm not sure how to interpret the following...
*SC* The Birth of the Known Universe:

John: "Originally there existed only pure consciousness and total materia, or matter. It was perfect consciousness, observing and penetrating perfect matter through a process of psychokinesis, which started the currently existing known universe."

Physical Reality Out Of Dreams

Script: There is a similar section in Law of Dreams. Combine!
Script: Is this due to the slowing-down of God's light as it passes through the planes? If dreams form the physical, does the mental form dreams? I think so, as Seth doesnt seem to differentiate here between the different levels of reality- astral mental, etc.
Script: This all should be in a section for the origin of the earth, as it's more specific.

Why "Dreams"

*DEVF1* Seth's Meaning of "Dreams":

The consciousness of each reader of this book existed before the universe was formed (in your terms)- but that consciousness was unmanifest. Your closest approximation- and it is an approximation only- of the state of being that existed before the universe was formed is the dream state. In that state before the beginning, your consciousness existed free of space and time, aware of immense probabilities... Your consciousness is part of an infinitely original creative process...

Dreams As the Source of Reality

*UR* Dreams Are the Origin of Waking Reality:

Many in the sciences do not comprehend that there is an inner reality. It is not only as valid as the exterior one, but it is the origin for it. It is that world that offers you answers, solutions, and would reveal many of the blueprints that exist behind the world of your experience.

None of your manufacture would provide you with even one object, were it not for those that appeared as source materials long before. Physical events have the same source.

The true scientist understands that he must probe the interior and not the exterior universe; he will comprehend that he cannot isolate himself from a reality of which he is necessarily a part.

*UR* Reality is a Mass-Dream:

Your present universe is a mass-shared dream, quite valid, a dream that presents reality in a certain light; a dream that is above all meaningful, creative, based not upon chaos, but upon spontaneous order.

*UR* The Purposes of Dreams:

Many of the true purposes of dreams have been forgotten, even though those purposes are still being fulfilled. The conscious art of creating, understanding, and using dreams has been largely lost; and the intimate relationship between daily life, world events, and dreams almost completely ignored. The "future" of the species is being worked out in the private and mass dreams of its members. The members of some ancient civilizations, including the Egyptians, knew how to be the conscious directors of dream activity, how to delve into various levels of dream reality to the founts of creativity, and they were able to use that source material in their physical world.

Healings can take place in the dream state, where events at another order of existence alter the cells themselves. They will, these dream expeditions, throw great light on the nature of personal daily experience, and they will provide personal knowledge of the ways in which probabilities operate.

When Dreaming Was the Main Focus

*DEVF1* From Dreams To Physical:

For some time, in your terms, the sleepwalkers remained more or less at that level of activity, and for many centuries they used the surface of the earth as a kind of background for other activity. Their real life was what you would now call the dreaming one. They worked mentally while asleep, constructing in their individual mind and in their joint mental endeavors all of the dazzling images that would later become a mental reservoir from which men could draw... Consciousness mentally learned to form itself into EE units, atoms and molecules, electrons and chromosomes. It mentally formed the patterns through which all physical life could flow. The world then came into physical existence... While men's forms were dream images, consciousness spun forms into physical material...

Those units of consciousness, for example, can mix and combine with others to form a million different sequences of memory and desire, of neutral achievement and recognition, [of] structure and design...

While, generally speaking, earth's species existed from the beginning in the forms by which you now know them, consciousness of species was quite different, and all species were much more intimately related through various kinds of identification that have since gone into the underground of awareness

Script: Now this entire emergence from dreams has correlations with the Illusion & Reality section of Unity of Consciousness. It is also an exact reflection of the idea of high-pitched energy descending into lower spheres; the flow of thoughts from God.
*DEVF1* The Waking World an Extension of the Dream World:

The waking state as you think of it is a specialized extension of the dream state, and emerges from it to the surface of your awareness...

The waking state, then, has its source in the dream state, and all of the objects, environment, and experience that are familiar to you in the waking state also originate in that inner dimension.

When you examine the state of dreams, however, you do it as a rule from the framework of waking reality... In a manner of speaking, it is true to say that the universe was created in the same fashion that your own thoughts and dreams happen: spontaneously and yet with a built-in amazing order, and an inner organization... (NOTE: The order that photons of light use in the double slit experiment)

Your subjective life is now interpreted through the specialized state of consciousness that you call the waking one, in which you recognize as real only experience that falls within certain space and time coordinates.

*DEVF1* Cooperative Creation of the Psychic Atmosphere in Dreams:

In periods of dreaming... animals, like men, participate in a vast cooperative venture that helps to form the psychological atmosphere in which your lives must first of all exist.

*UR2* Inner-Focused Yet Having Physical Bodies:

There were several such races of human beings. Their [overall] primary experience was outside of the body. The physical corporal existence was a secondary effect. To them the real was the dream life, which contained the highest stimuli, the most focused experience, the most maintained purpose, the most meaningful activity, and the most organized social and cultural behavior... Such races left the physical earth much as they found it...

It is not better or worse than your own. It is simply alternate behavior, biologically and spiritually possible... They did not saddle [the body] with negative beliefs of disease or limitation. Such bodies did not age to the extent now, that yours do, and enjoyed the greatest ease and sense of belonging with the environment...

There have been highly sophisticated, developed civilizations that would not be apparent to you because the main orientation was mental or psychic, while the physical race itself would seem to be highly undeveloped...

In systems different from your own, there are realities in which physical organisms are activated after what would seem to you to be centuries of inactivity- again, when the conditions are right.

*DEVF1* Our Physical Bodies Used To Seem Mysterious, As Our Dream Bodies Seem Now:

While you and all of the other species were what I have called sleepwalkers, your bodies by then were physically capable... You did not know how to use them properly as yet. Now, from a waking state, you do not understand how your dream bodies can seem to fly through the air, defy space and even time, converse with strangers and so forth. In the same way, however, once, you had to learn to deal with gravity, to deal with space and time, to manipulate in a world of objects, to simply breathe, to digest your food, and to perform all of the biological manipulations that now you take for granted.

You could not afford to identify too completely with such bodies until you learned how to survive within them.

Moving into the Physical Focus

*DEVF1* Forming From an Unstable Dream World- Physical Reality Forming in Concert:

In the beginning, then, there was a subjective world that became objective. Matter was not yet permanent, in your terms, for consciousness was not yet as stable there. In the beginning, then, there was a dream world, in which consciousness formed a dream of physical reality, and gradually became awake within that world.

Mountains rose and tumbled. Oceans filled. Tidal waves thundered. Islands appeared. The seasons themselves were not stable. In your terms the magnetic fields themselves fluctuated- but all of the species were there at the beginning, though in the same fashion, for as the dream world broke through into physical reality there was all of the tumultuous excitement and confusion with which a mass creative event is achieved. There was much greater plasticity, motion, variety, give-and-take, as consciousness experimented with its own forms. The species and environment together formed themselves in concert, in glorious combination, so that each fulfilled the requirements of its own existence while adding to the fulfillment of all other portions of physical reality.

*DEVF1* All Physical Things Emerged From the Dream World:

When I speak of the dream world, I am not referring to some imaginary realm, but to the kind of world of ideas, of thoughts, of mental actions, out of which all form as you think of it emerges. In actuality this is an inner universe rather than an inner world. Your physical reality is but one materialization of that inner organization. All possible civilizations exist first in that realm of inner mind.

In the beginning, then, the species did not have the kinds of forms they do now. They had pseudoforms- dream bodies, if you prefer- and they could not physically reproduce themselves. Their experience of time was entirely different, and in the beginning the entire earth operated in a kind of dream time. In your terms, this meant that time could be quickened, or lengthened. It was a kind of psychological time...

Forms appeared and disappeared... For a while, then, the earth had a mixed population of species who had completely taken on physical forms, and species who had not. The forms, however, whether physical or not, were complete in themselves. Birds were birds, and fish fish.

In the beginning there were also species of various other kinds: combinations of man-animal and animal-man, and many other "crossbreed" species, some of fairly long duration in your terms. This applies to all areas. There were dream trees, with dream foliage, that gradually became aware within that dream, turning physical, focusing more and more in physical reality, until their dream seeds finally brought forth physical trees...

The dream state appears chaotic, shadowy, suspicious, or even meaningless, precisely because in life you are so brilliantly focused in daily reality... But that is how [physical experience would seem to someone not focused in it, or inexperienced with its organization.

*IL* The Body is a Veil:

So having fallen or stepped out of your Impersonal or Edenic estate, you yeilded completely to the lure of this Dream World, and now permitting Desire wholly to lead, you no longer were capable of seeing the Reality or Soul of things; for you had put on a physical body, an earthly covering with a human brain, which acted as a veil to your Soul Consciousness, and so bedimmed your sight and clouded your mind that the light of Truth did not penetrate through...

Thus no longer seeing the Soul of things, but only their misty shadows, you grew to thinking these shadows were real substance, and that the world about you was composed of and filled with such substance.

Origin of Earth
Solidifying of a Thought Form

*IL* The Mental Science Formation of the Universe:

At once did the Cosmic Forces of My BE-ing, set in vibration by the concentrating of My Will, proceed to attract the necessary elements from the eternal storehouse of My Mind, and, with My Idea as a nucleus, to combine, form and shape around It these elements into what is called a thought-form of a planet, filling it with My Life Substance- My Consciousness- and endowing it with all the potentialities of My Being.

This act of thinking produced only a vitalized thought-form of a planet, and its manifestation was still in a nebulous state in the thought realm.

From a thought-form, however, the quickening of the Idea within, with My Will focused upon It, proceeded to mold, fashion and gradually to solidify into material form the various elements of Life Substance; until My Idea finally shone forth in substantial manifestation in the world of visible forms as the planet Earth, a medium ready for living expression, and now capable of both containing and expressing Me...

The next stage was the developing and preparing of avenues or mediums through which I could express...

The outward evidence of this was what is known as the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms...

While each perfectly expressed some phase of My Nature, yet all existing mediums and avenues were unconscious of Me...

It was at this moment in Time that You and Your Brothers and Sisters were born into existence as human expressions...

For in Reality You are an Angel of Light, one of My Thought Rays, an Attribute of My Being, ensouled in Earth conditions, with no other purpose but the final complete expression of My Idea.

Continuing Creation out of Dreams

*DEVF2* Crushed By Science & Religion, The Yearning for Freedom:

The old myths of evolution can be seen as outmoded, ancient or forsaken castles amid a forest of beliefs- a forest that is indeed itself a magically formed one. The forest is the world of your imagination, surely, the imagination of your minds, and yet given force and power by the innate creativity that rises up from an inner world that represents much more truly the origins of man and beast. That world has been largely hidden by the camouflages shed by science and religion alike, but in your times the landscape began to appear so dark and threatening, so forbidden and alien to your own desires, that its end seemed all the more inevitable and swift...

The inner world of reality, the world of dreams, presents a model of existence in which new energy, vitality, and being is everywhere apparent, ready to come forward to form new transformations, new combinations of energy and desire..

The inner natural leanings of all of consciousness within the realms of your being now yearn for constructive change, clearer vision, to experience again their inherent sense of corporal spirituality, physical and psychic grace. They want to sense again the effortless motion that is their natural birthright.

*DEVF1* Our Own Creations:

Man is learning to create new worlds...

You will all "one day" also be the mental parents of dream children who also waken in a new world, and look about them for the first time, feeling isolated and frightened and triumphant all at once. All worlds have an inner beginning. All of your dreams somewhere waken... That which is in harmony with the universe, with All That Is, has a natural inborn impetus that will dissolve all impediments. It is easier, therefore, for nature to flourish then not.


The Holographic Model

Non-Local Memory Storage

*HU* Temporal Lobe Memory Stimulation, Total Non-Localized Storage:

To his amazement, he found that when he stimulated the temporal lobes of one of his fully conscious patients, they reexperienced memories of past episodes from their lives in vivid detail.

From his research, Penfield concluded that everything we have ever experienced is recorded in our brain.

Even with massive portions of their brains removed, their memories remain stubbornly intact.

Memories were not localized at specific brain sites, but were somehow spread out or distributed throughout the brain as a whole.

(NOTE: Can't remove memories!) No one ever came out of surgery with any selective memory loss.

(NOTE: Only epileptics?) Pribram's thinking was further solidified by his and other researcher's inability to duplicate Penfield's findings when stimulating brains other than those of epileptics. Even Penfield himself was unable to duplicate his results in nonepileptic patients.

*HU* The Vastness of Our Memory:

John von Neumann once calculated that over the course of the average human lifetime, the brain stores something on the order of 2.8x1020 bits of information.

*HU* Non-locality of Holograms:

[Nonlocality] was precisely the feature that got Pribram so excited, for it offered at last a way of understanding how memories could be distributed rather than localized in the brain. If it was possible for every portion of a piece of holographic film to contain all the information necessary to create a whole image, then it seemed equally possible for every part of the brain to contain all of the information necessary to recall a whole memory.

If a holographic plate is broken into fragments, each piece can still be used to reconstruct the entire image.

The "whole in every part" nature of a hologram. (NOTE: Like the Oneness! Like People!)

Saying that every part of a piece of holographic film contains all the information possessed by the whole is another way of saying that the information is distributed nonlocally.

*WoLi* The Holographic Nature of Reality:

Holograms are nonspatial. Many holograms can be superimposed upon one another in one "space," or on one plate.

This explained why memories survived massive brain damage, why the brain could store infinite layers of memory, and why memories were often triggered by certain "reference beams" of associations.

*HU* Photographic Memory:

Such individuals have more vivid memories because they somehow have access to very large regions of their memory holograms.

Again, once the brain has memorized a face and converted it into a language of waveforms, it can, in a sense, tumble this internal hologram around and examine it from any perspective it wants.

Holographic Senses

*HU* Holographic Vision:

98 percent of a cat's optic nerves can be severed without seriously impairing its ability to perform complex visual tasks.

He discovered that not only did no such one-to-one correspondence exist, but there wasn't even a discernible pattern to the sequence in which the electrodes fired.

*HU* Senses Are Frequency Analyzers:

The ear was a frequency analyzer. Our sense of smell seems to be based on what are called osmic frequencies. Bekesy's work had clearly demonstrated that our skin is sensitive to frequencies of vibration, and he even produced some evidence that taste may involve frequency analysis. (NOTE: All senses are frequency analyzers!)

Neurons Encode the Hologram

*HU* Neural Interference Patterns Encode Holograms:

(NOTE: Neuron ripples and holography.) The only question that remained was what wavelike phenomenon the brain might be using to create such internal holograms. As soon as Pribram considered the question, he thought of a possible answer. It was known that the electrical communications that take place between the brain's nerve cells, or neurons, do not occur alone. Neurons possess branches like little trees, and when an electrical message reaches the end of one of these branches, it radiates outward as does the ripple in a pond. Because neurons are packed together so densely, these expanding ripples of electricity—also a wavelike phenomenon—are constantly crisscrossing one another. When Pribram remembered this he realized that they were most assuredly crating an almost endless and kaleidoscopic array of interference patterns, and these in turn might be what give the brain its holographic properties. "The hologram was there all the time in the wave-front nature of brain-cell connectivity," observed Pribram. "We simply hadnt had the wit to realize it."

Storage & Retreival Angles

*HU* Encoding & Retrieval Angles: Massive Storage, Remembering & Forgetting:

By changing the angle at which the two lasers strike a piece of photographic film, it is possible to record many different images on the same surface. Any image thus recorded can be retrieved simply by illuminating the film with a laser beam possessing the same angle as the original two beams. By employing this method, researchers have calculated that a one-inch square of film can store the same amount of information contained in fifty Bibles!

Pieces of holographic film containing multiple images, such as those described above, also provide a way of understanding our ability to both recall and forget. It has been suggested that our ability to remember is analogous to shining a laser beam on such a piece of film and calling up a particular image. Similarly, when we are unable to recall soemthing, this may be equivalent to shining various beams on a piece of multiple-image film, but failing to find the right angle to call up the image/memory for which we are searching. (NOTE: Same angle is needed. Must find the right angle to recall. Yah!)

Holographic Streams- Movies

*HU* Holographic Streams-Motion & Movies:

When such a piece of film is held in a laser beam and tilted back and forth, the various images it contains appear and disappear in a glittering stream.

If each phase of an activity, say a woman blowing a soap bubble is recorded as a series of successive images in a multiple-image hologram, each image becomes as a frame in a movie. If the hologram is a "white light" hologram—a piece of holographic film whose image can be seen by the naked eye and does not need laser light to become visible—when a viewer walks by the film and changes the angle of his or her perception, he/she will see what amounts to a three-dimensional motion picture of the woman blowing the soap bubble.

Holographic Projection

*HU* We Project the World Outwards Holographically:

The image of the person is really on the surface of our retinas. Yet we do not perceive the person as being on our retinas. We perceive them as being in the "world-out-there."

Creating the illusion that things are located where they are not is the quintessential feature of a hologram.

In short, he demonstrated that humans have the ability to seemingly experience sensation in spatial locations where they have absolutely no sense receptors.

Fourier Transforms- The Language of the Brain

*HU* The Holographic Language of the Brain- Fourier Transformations:

Just as a television camera converts an image into electromagnetic frequencies and a television set converts those frequencies back into the original image, Fourier showed how a similar process could be achieved mathematically. The equations he developed to convert images into waveforms and back again are known as Fourier transforms.

The visual system worked as a kind of frequency analyzer. Since frequency is a measure of the number oscillations a wave undergoes per second, this strongly suggested that the brain might be functioning as a hologram does.

Despite the popularity of this view, the DeValoises felt it was only a partial truth. To test their assumption they used Fourier's equations to covert plaid and checkerboard patterns into simple waveforms. Then they tested to see how the brain cells in the visual cortex responded to these new waveform images. What they found was that the brain cells responded not to the original patterns, but to the Fourier translations of the patterns. Only one conclusion could be drawn. The brain was using Fourier mathematics—the same mathematics holography employed—to convert visual images into the Fourier language of waveforms.

Learning Wholes- Flowing Movement

*HU* Learning Flowing Movements:

If the brain analyzed movements by breaking them down into their frequency components, it explained the rapidity with which we learn many complex physical tasks. For instance, we do not learn to ride a bicycle by painstakingly memorizing every tiny feature of the process. We learn by grasping the whole flowing movement.

Karma & Habitual Viewpoints

*LDer* Karma, Holography, and Death:

The Tibetan Book of the Dead is an amazing description of the holographic model. The deceased becomes increasingly identified with the often violent and confused projections of what the Tibetans call karma, or what we might, in the context of the hologram, call a fixation of attention with habitual viewpoints, fears, attitudes, guilt and all the other social beliefs and conditioning programs.

Holographic Collective Unconscious & Beyond

*HU* Personal Resosnance in the Collective Unconscious:

We are only able to tap into information in the implicate order that is directly relevant to our memories. Anderson calls this selective process personal resonance and likens it to the fact that a vibrating tuning fork will resonate with (or set up a vibration in) another tuning fork only if the second tuning fork possesses a similar structure, shape, and size.

*HU* Holographic Explanation for Transpersonal Experience:

In addition, he feels the enfolded nature of space and time in the holographic domain explains why transpersonal experiences are not bound by the usual spatial or temporal limitations.

Intense faith and hysteria have triggered the deeper forces of the mind.

It would result from activity on an even more fundamental level and involve the processes that create both the physical universe and the laws of physics in the first place.

"Mystical experience makes sense when one can provide the mathematical formulas that take one back and forth between the ordinary world, or ‘image-object' domain, and the ‘frequency' domain," Pribram states.

*WoLi* Clairvoyance & Holography:

Our minds are using a self-made reference beam to retrieve previously unknown data from the holographic memory bank. That bank theoretically contains all information. Clairvoyance is a matter of systematically being able to call up relevant information on demand. We transcend time at this level. (NOTE: Ah! The bigger you are, the clearer the hologram of all knowledge appears to you. When you extend yourself, your brotherhood through experiencing the light or becoming one with a tree, then the hologram becomes more clear, and information comes seemingly "through" the object of shared selfhood.)



Script: This section contains general dimensional information while Hyperspace contains 10-dimension information.

Note: There's great material on dimensions in the OBE section. *

Nature of Dimensions

*R* Dimensions:

A dimension is any way in which a thing can be measured that is entirely different from all other ways...

Time measures my life without employing the three dimensions of length, width, and height...

The more dimensions an object has, the more substantial and real it becomes...

All three-dimensional objects are but cross sections of four-dimensional bodies. Which means: when I meet you, I meet a cross section of the four-dimensional you... To see the four-dimensional self I must see every cross section or moment of your life from birth to death and see them all as coexisting. (NOTE: Like what happens at the life review)

*BS&S* Dimensions:

An increase in dimensions means an increase of information.

Multiply Appearing Parts of a Single
Higher Dimensional Object/Being

*UR2* Particle & Personality Partial Appearances in Many Places:

Many of these invisible particles (CU's) can be in more than one place at a time- a fact that quite confounds the physically tuned brain perceiving a world in which objects stay where they are supposed to be.

Basically, however, each "appearance" of such a particle is a self-version, for it is altered to some extent by its "location"... When you look at an electron- figuratively speaking- you are observing a trace or a track of something else entirely, and that appearance is termed an electron. So the self that you know is a physical trace or intrusion into space and time of an "original" self that never appears. In a way, then, you are as ghostly as an electron.

The unknown self, the "original self," straddles realities, dipping in and out of them in creative versions of itself, taking on the properties of the system in which it appears, and the characteristics native to that environment...

When your "original self" enters [part of] itself into three-dimensional life from an inner reality, the energy waves carrying it break- not simply into one particle, following our analogy, but into a number of conscious particles. In certain terms these are built up using the medium at hand- the biological properties of the earth. They spread out from the "point of contact," forming individual lives. In your conception of the centuries, then, there are other counterparts of yourself living at the same time in different places- all creative versions of the original self.

Crossing Dimensions, Membranes

*ANMU* Distances in a Higher Dimension:

The plane-being begins to understand the third dimension when he begins to see that what he considered parallel to his plane may actually be at different distances from it. (NOTE: Like frequency differences in the fourth dimension are to us) (NOTE: thoughts are 4d, moving through probable realities (Seth))

** The 4D Membrane:

(NOTE: The membrane separating frequencies is like the skin on soup. Certain unhealthy elements settle to form that barrier. That separates us from other levels.)

Higher-Dimensional Movement

Script: 4D Movements Are Changes in Destiny: We are often stationary in the 4th dimension (with 5th as time). By moving 4th dimensionally, we alter our fate [picture of baby-to-old self as one continuous being]. AND, as Seth says, we produce new action in the past by doing so. Our whole life at once is our 4D body.

Love Binds the Dimensions

*SC* Love Binds the Dimensions:

Atun-Re: "The essence of existence is love. Love is not just an emotion. Nor is love even dimensional. Love is that which binds the dimensions together... It is that which, by binding everything together, creates a harmonious, understandable perceptual experience."

Dimensional Changes in a Psychological Reality

*SS* Dimension Changes:

If a room suddenly appears small and cramped to you, you take it for granted that this change of dimension is imaginary, and that the room has not actually changed. The fact is that the room under such conditions will have changed quite definitely in very major respects- the entire psychological impact of the room will have altered. This effect will be felt by others as well. It will attract certain kinds of events rather than others, and it will alter your own psychological structure and hormonal output. Your instruments would show no physical alteration, since they would have been altered to the same degree.


Hyperspace & Superstrings

Introduction To Hyperspace

*H* Introduction:

Scientifically, the hyperspace theory goes by the names of Kaluza-Klein theory and supergravity. But its most advanced formulation is called superstring theory, which even predicts the precise number of dimensions: ten. Light, in fact, can be explained as vibrations in the fifth dimension. The hyperspace theory allows the possibility of explaining the four forces of nature as well as the seemingly random collection of subatomic particles in a truly elegant fashion. "Matter" can be also viewed as the vibrations that ripple through the fabric of space and time. Thus follows the fascinating possibility that everything we see around us, from the trees and mountains to the stars themselves, are nothing but vibrations in hyperspace.

The Medium of EM Waves

*H* Waves, & Light In the 5th Dimension:

Sound waves require air, water waves require water, but since there is nothing to wave in a vacuum, we have a paradox when it comes to light. The simplest explanation of light is that it is really a vibration of the fifth dimension. The vacuum itself was vibrating. When extended to N-dimensional space, the clumsy-looking theories of subatomic particles dramatically take on a startling symmetry. This bewildering collection of subatomic particles can be explained as mere vibrations of the hyperspace theory.

Ten Hyperspace Dimensions

*H* Ten Dimensions:

The laws of nature become simpler and more elegant when expressed in higher dimensions, which is their natural home. These higher dimensions have "curled up" into a tiny ball so small that they can no longer be detected, the size of these curled up dimensions is called the Planck length.

We can turn its length into width and its width into depth. If time is the fourth dimension, then it is possible to make "rotations" that convert space into time and vice versa. Time and space can rotate into each other in a mathematically precise way. Maxwell's field equations, written in a relativistic fashion, contains the same physical content as the eight equations originally written down by Maxwell over 100 years ago.

An infinite number of dimensions does not seem to be physically possible.

One of the deepest secrets of string theory, which is still not well understood, is why it is defined in only ten and 26 dimensions. It is the geometry of higher dimensions that is the central feature of the theory.

*BMS* Hyperspace Dimensions:

"It is generally believed by physicists working on unified field theory that space-time is hyperdimensional, with all but four of the dimensions being invisible... If the extra space-time dimensions or the gauge dimensions are real, this provides scope for considering ordinary reality a substructure within a hyperdimensional reality." -Jeffrey Misholve

The Sephiroth & Superstring Theory

Script: This links up with ideas everywhere- the emanations, the sounds, the dimensions.
*EK* The Light of the Sephirot:

The light of the sefirot emanates and radiates from above to below in a direct path... Having descended to the sire of its status, the light is reflected back, from below to above.


All are levels of enlightenment.

In the light of each and every level

there is revealed what is revealed.

All those lights are connected:

this light to that light, that light to this light,

one shining into the other,

inseparable, one from the other.

*EK* The Ten Sefirot:

Emanating from Ein Sof are the ten sefirot. They constitute the process by which all things come into being and pass away. They energize every existent thing that can be quantified... Their energy emanates from [Ein Sof]. No change takes place in it.


In the beginning Ein Sof emanated ten sefirot (NOTE: Superstring dimensions?), which are of its essence, united with it...

Imagine a ray of sunlight shining through a stained-glass window of ten different colors. The sunlight possessed no color at all but appears to change hue as it passes through the different colors of glass. (NOTE: Containing all color)

*EK* The Names Are the Sefirot:

These names are the sefirot. It is not that the names are merely ascribed to the sefirot, God forbid, rather, the names are the sefirot.

*EK* Before Emanation:

Before the formation of the universe, it had no need of emanation. It was concealed in its holy, pure simplicity. No letter, vowel, or images can be applied to it.

*EK* Clothes of the Seforit:

These sefirot are souls, which clothe themselves in the ten sefirot called by name, which serve as vessels for the ten essences.

*EK* Order of the Emanations:

Ein Sof emanated one point from itself, one emanation. This is Keter, called Ayin, Nothingness, on account of its extreme subtlety... From Keter a second point emanated in a second revelation. This is Hokhmah (Wisdom), called Yesh. being, for it is the beginning of revelation and existence... Because it is the beginning of being and not being itself, it required a third point to reveal what exists. This is Binah (Understanding).

From these three sefirot emerged the six dimensions of providence. (NOTE: Isnt that one of the superstring theory divisions?)

*EK* Reciprocal Power:

The power of the lower sefirot is in the upper ones, and the power of the upper sefirot is in the lower ones...

*EK* The Sefirot are Within Each Other:

Ein Sof is the location of the sefirot, and Keter is the location of nine sefirot, and Hokhmah is the location of eight, and Binah is the location of seven, and so on...

Each sefirah is composed of all ten, yet they manifest particular combinations.

*EK* The Kabbalistic Trinity:

The first three sefirot... constitute the Divine Mind, Wisdom, and Understanding.


*H* Wormholes:

The shortest path between two points is not necessarily a straight line, but a wormhole. When he enters one of these tunnels and exits at the other end, he finds himself back in the past. Apparently, these wormholes connect parts of the universe where time beats at different rates. If you fall into the wormhole, you are instantly transported to a different region of space and time.

There are multiply connected spaces in which different regions of space and time are spliced together.

In the physics of wormholes, "acausal" effects show up repeatedly. The wormhole may connect the present to the past. A wormhole may require vast amounts of energy for its creation, beyond what will be technically possible for centuries to come. The physics of wormholes may make it possible to create a baby universe of our own in the laboratory. By concentrating intense heat and energy in a chamber, a wormhole may eventually open up, serving as an umbilical cord connecting our universe to another, much smaller universe.

*H* Traveling Wormholes:

Small disturbances in wormholes would cause the Einstein-Rosen bridge to collapse. A spaceship's presence inside a black hole would be sufficient to cause a disturbance that would close the entrance to the wormhole. One would have to go faster than the speed of light actually to penetrate the wormhole to the other side. Quantum effects would be so large that the wormhole might close by itself. Time slows down in a wormhole and comes to a complete stop at the center. Thus wormholes have the undesirable feature that as seen by someone on the earth, a space traveler appears to slow down and come to a total halt at the center of the black hole. The space traveler looks like he or she is frozen in time. It take an infinite amount of time for a space traveler to go through a wormhole.

Once they decided what their wormhole would look like, then, and only then, did they begin to calculate the amount of energy necessary to create such a wormhole. Much to their delight, with remarkable ease they soon found a surprisingly simply solution that satisfied all their rigid constraints. It was not a typical black hole solution at all. It was a transversible wormhole. They were surprised by the simplicity of their solution. The maximum gravitational forces experienced by the travelers would not exceed 1 g. The travelers would never have to worry about the entrance of the wormhole closing up during the journey. Thorne's wormhole is, in fact, permanently open. The trip will be fully comfortable and will require a total of 220 days. The CTCs that appear in his wormhole seem to fulfill the past, rather than change it or initiate time paradoxes. There is, of course, a catch to all this. At the center of the wormhole, there must be an "exotic" form of matter that has unusual properties. This exotic form of matter, although unusual, does not seem to violate any of the known laws of physics.

Hyperdonuts & An Infinite Thread

*E* Hyperspace Reality Theory:

(NOTE: Hyperdonut string theory.) The Tortoise Tube is the subtle energy channel that flows through all of creation connecting all beings and all humans with the Creator. Every soul is like a bead on this Infinite thread, winding without ceasing through all of space and time.

Hyperdimensional Geometry

*H* Hypergeometry:

If we lived in a hyperdonut, we would see an infinite succession of ourselves repeated in front of us, to the back of us, and to our sides.

Life on a cylinder: Anyone walking in the direction of the fifth dimension would eventually find himself back where he started. This is because the fifth dimension is topographically identical to a circle, and the universe is topographically identical to a cylinder. If they moved perpendicular to Lineland, they would encounter an infinite number of parallel line worlds that coexisted with their universe. As they moved farther into the second dimension, they would eventually return to their own line world. Because the eyes of a Flatlander would be able to see only parallel to the surface of Flatland, he would see different Flatland universes appearing before him.

A universe like asteroids, where when one flies off the top they appear at the bottom or off the side and appear at the other side is shaped like an inner tube.

Our sister universe has the shape of some sort of twisted six-dimensional torus, what mathematicians call an orbifold. In an orbifold, however, if we move less than 360 degrees around the May pole, we will still come back to the same point. An orbifold is a higher-dimensional generalization of a cone. This universe is so small that it is unobservable.

The curvature in a certain space is determined by the amount of matter-energy contained in that space.

Hyperspace Origins In The Big Bang

*MotFE* The Universe Expands With Thoughts, the Big Bang:

The theory of the expanding Universe is not accurate except in that it expands in our thoughts.

*H* Creation:

The temperatures necessary to create a baby universe in the laboratory is 1,000 trillion trillion degrees; much greater than anything found in the interior of a star. According to higher dimensional theory, before the Big Bang, our cosmos was actually a perfect ten-dimensional universe, a world where interdimensional travel was possible. However, this ten-dimensional world was unstable, and eventually it "cracked" in two, creating two separate universes: a four- and a six-dimensional universe. (* ?..) Our universe still has a dwarf twin, a companion universe that has curled up into a small six-dimensional ball that is too small to be observed.

Since Creation, by definition, is not a reproducible event, Hume had to conclude that it is impossible to verify any theory of Creation.

Mahapurana: "The world is uncreated, as time itself is, without beginning and end."

*H* Death of the Universe:

Gravitation will reverse the cosmic expansion generated by the big bang and pull the stars and galaxies back, once again, into a primordial mass. As the stars contract, temperatures will rise dramatically.

*H* The Echo of the Big Bang:

This echo of the Big Bang is a microwave radiation that permeates the known universe. Before the universe cooled enough to condense, it was opaque, like a thick, absorbing, and impenetrable fog. After 300,000 years, however, the radiation was no longer sufficiently strong to break up the atoms, and hence light could travel long distances without being scattered. In other words, the universe suddenly became black and transparent after 300,000 years. (We are so used to hearing about the "blackness of outer space" that we forget that the early universe was not transparent at all, but filled with turbulent, opaque radiation.) The Big Bang had left a residual blanket of radiation that had cooled down to 3 degrees K.

The background radiation was exceptionally smooth, with no apparent ripples, kinks, or blotches. It was like a smooth, invisible fog filling up the universe.

The only theory which can claim to solve the mystery of what happened before the Big Bang is the ten-dimensional superstring theory. Scientists are just now conjecturing how the ten-dimensional universe split into a four- and a six-dimensional universe.

Tunneling can be measured in the laboratory and, in fact, solves the riddle of radioactive decay. Our universe, which originally might have begun as a ten-dimensional universe, was not stable; it tunneled and exploded into a four- and a six-dimensional universe.The symmetry is broken. At the beginning of time, the universe was perfectly symmetrical. If anyone was around at that time, he could freely pass through any of the ten dimensions without problem.

*H* Cooling the Big Bang:

10(-43) seconds: The ten-dimensional universe breaks down to a four- and six-dimensional universe. The six-dimensional universe collapses down to 10(-32) centimeter in size. (* this is obviously ignorant of everything psychic and after death, which is an almost storybook description of life in the fifth dimension) The four-dimensional universe inflates rapidly. The temperature is 10(32)K.

10(-35) seconds: The GUT force breaks; the strong force is no longer united with the electroweak interactions. SU(3) breaks off from the GUT symmetry. A small speck in the larger universe becomes inflated by a factor of 10(50), eventually becoming our visible universe.

10(-9) seconds: The temperature is now 10(15)K, and the electroweak symmetry breaks into SU(2) and U(1).

10(-3) seconds: Quarks begin to condense into neutrons and protons. The temperature is roughly 10(14)K.

3 minutes: The protons and neutrons are now condensing into stable nuclei. The energy of random collisions is no longer powerful enough to break up the nucleus of the emerging nuclei. Space is still opaque to light because ions do not transmit light well.

300,000 years: Electrons begin to condense around nuclei. Atoms begin to form. Because light is no longer scattered or absorbed as much, the universe becomes transparent to light. Outer space becomes black.

3 billion years: The first quasars appear.

5 billion years: The first galaxies appear.

10-15 billion years: The solar system is born. A few billion years after that, the first forms of life appear on earth.

Dimensional Transparency

*SD&P* Fifth Dimension Transparency:

True transparency is not the ability to see through but to move through. This is what I mean by fifth dimension.

To me, the walls are transparent.

The walls are not there as such, but you had better act if they were or suffer a possible broken neck.

Intellectual truth will not make you free, you see, though it is a necessary preliminary. If this were the case, your walls would fall away, since, intellectually, you understand their rather dubious nature. Since feeling is so often the cohesive with which mind builds, it is feeling itself which must be changed if you would find freedom from your particular plane of existence at your particular time.

*H* A Fourth-Dimensional Being:

A fourth-dimensional being would have almost God-like powers, such as being able to walk through walls, being able to disappear and reappear at will, and having x-ray eyes.

In four dimensions, one could push together two separate, unbroken wooden rings so that they would be intertwined without breaking. One could transform a right-handed shell into a left-handed shell and vice versa. One could make a knot in a circular loop of rope without cutting it.

Mr. 2D Square, seeing only the cross sections of 3D objects, views a fantastic world where objects change shape and even appear and disappear into thin air. 3Ders would see strange objects suddenly appear out of nowhere, get larger, change color, change shape, get smaller, and finally disappear. (* dimension 5 shifts time. We see of 2nd dimensions time at once.) If a Flatlander were to try to capture our finger as it poked its way into Flatland, the Flatlander could stick a needle through our finger, painfully impaling it to the two-dimensional universe. Thus 3Ders could drive a spike through one of the blobs and impale the creature in our universe!

A Mobius strip is a strip with only one side. It's outside and inside are identical. If a Flatlander wanders around a Mobius strip, his internal organs will be reversed.

One can visualize higher-dimensional objects by looking at the shadows they cast in lower dimensions. A hypercube's shadow cast on the third dimension becomes a cube within a cube.


*H* Symmetry & Beauty:

Feynman: "You can recognize truth by its beauty and simplicity. Usually what happens is that more comes out than goes in."

Maxwell's equations originally consisted of eight equations. When rewritten using time as the fourth dimension, this rather awkward set of eight equations collapses into a single tensor equation.

*H* Evolution & Symmetry:

According to the philosophy of dialectics, each stage that an object goes through is characterized by a conflict between two opposing forces. When the conflict is resolved, the object goes to a higher state, called the synthesis, where a new contradiction begins, and the process starts over again at a higher level. Philosophers call this the transition from "quantity" to "quality."

Whenever a symmetry is broken, a large amount of energy is dumped into the vacuum.

The Symmetry of Hyperspace

*H* The Symmetry of Hyperspace:

When physicists extended the old five-dimensional theory of Kaluza-Klein to N dimensions, they realized that there is the freedom to impose a symmetry to hyperspace. When the fifth dimension was curled up, they saw that the Maxwell field popped out of Reimann's metric. But when N dimensions were curled up, physicists found the celebrated Yang-Mills field, the key to the Standard Model, popping out of their equations!

The hyperspace has a symmetry called O(N).

If we carefully vibrate a beach ball in a certain way, we can induce regular vibrations on it that are called resonances. These resonances, unlike ordinary ripples, can vibrate at only certain frequencies. These vibrations, in turn, can be cataloged by the symmetry of O(3). The key point is now this: If the wave function of a particle vibrates along this surface, it will inherit this SU(N) symmetry. Thus the mysterious SU(N) symmetries arising in subatomic physics can now be seen as by-products of vibrating hyperspace!

Clay, like matter, inherits its symmetry because the mold, like space-time, has a symmetry. If the unseen dimensions have the symmetry SU(5), then we can write SU(5) GUT as a Kaluza-Klein theory.

*WotT* Hyperspace:

(NOTE: hyperspace!) His saying: And the heavens are rolled up in His Right Hand.

Symmetry By Adding Incredible Heat

*H* Adding Incredible Heat:

Water undergoes a phase transition when boiled and turns into steam. Under greater heat, the water molecules break up. We continue to heat it past 3000K and the atoms of H & O are ripped apart. The electrons are pulled from the nucleus, and we now have a plasma (an ionized gas), often called the fourth state of matter (after gases, liquids, and solids.) Plasma is the most common state of matter in the universe. If we heat this gas to 1 quadrillion K, the electromagnetic force and the weak force will become united. The symmetry SU(2) x U(1) will emerge at this temperature. At 10(28)K the electroweak and strong forces become united, and the GUT symmetries [SU(5), O(10), or E(6)] appear. (* heat = more speed, a bigger context). Finally, at a fabulous 10(32)K gravity unites with the GUT force, and all the symmetries of the ten-dimensional superstring appear.We now have a gas of superstrings. At that point, so much energy will have gone into the pressure cooker that the geometry of space time may change. The space around our kitchen may very well become unstable, a rip may form in the fabric of space, and a wormhole may appear in the kitchen.

By heating an ordinary ice cube to fantastic temperatures, we can retrieve the superstring. Matter goes through definite stages of development as we heat it up. Eventually, more and more symmetry becomes restored as we increase the energy.

Rise & Fall of Supergravity Theory

*H* The Rise & Fall of Supergravity Theory:

Fermions and bosons were never supposed to mix. A new symmetry, called supersymmetry, was discovered that did exactly that. Equations that are supersymmetric allow the interchange of a fermion with a boson and still keep the equations intact. This gives us the tantalizing possibility of putting all the particles in the universe into one multiplet!

Most of the operations of multiplication and division that we take for granted fail for supersymmetry (for example, if a & b are two supernumbers, a x b = -b x a and a x a = o even when a >< 0). An entirely new system of super calculus can be based on them.

In a supersymmetric theory, all particles have super partners, called sparticles. The supergravity theory of the Stony Brook group contains just two fields: the spin-two graviton field (which is a boson) and its spin-3/2 partner, called the gravitino.

The simplest way to include matter is to write down the supergravity theory in 11-dimensional space.

The fact that certain particles are missing in Riemann's metric tensor forces us to go a more powerful formalism: superstring theory. All are manifestations of the same force, the superforce. Riemann's metric tensor has now been replaced by the super metric tensor of supergravity, which has literally hundreds of components.

The critics, however, gradually began to see problems with supergravity. Sparticles were not seen in any experiment. The spin-1/2 electron does not have any spin-0 partner. However, the firm belief of physicists working in this area is that, at the enormous energies found at the instant of Creation, all particles were accompanied by their super partners. The highest symmetry that supergravity could include was called O(8). However, just as interest in supergravity began to wane, a new theory came along that was perhaps the strangest but most powerful physical theory ever proposed: the ten-dimensional superstring theory.


*BS&S* Strings:

In superstring theory, the basic constituents of the universe are tiny vibrating strings. Theoretically these strings can be open or closed, but the hypotheses that show the most promise propose closed strings. The size of these strings is in the region of the Planck length, 1.6x10(-33) cm. Thus they are similar in dimension to the postulated black/white holes. At this time, string theory does not describe black holes.

Ed Witten: There is basically one kind of string, which, like a violin string, can vibrate at any number of frequencies. These frequencies, or harmonics, have unique energy levels, which correspond to the different masses of various elementary particles. Strings exist in a higher-dimensional world, beyond our three dimensions of space and one of time. The additional dimension are not observed because they are "curled up" in diameters of 1.6x10(-33) cm.

Michale Green: It may not be correct even to think of this thing as moving through what we normally think of as continuous space and time. The notion of a string is inseparable from the space and time in which it's moving. These strings have structure. Different charges can reside on the string.

*H* Superstrings:

Strings can vibrate self-consistently only in ten and 26 dimensions. The string, about 100 billion billion times smaller than a proton, is vibrating; each mode of vibration represents a distinct resonance or particle. Each subatomic particle corresponds to a distance resonance that vibrates only at a distinct frequency. The specific vibrations are called resonances, while other vibrations (whose waves are of an incorrect size) are canceled out. The particles of the universe are not, by themselves, fundamental. Matter is nothing but the harmonies created by this vibrating string. As a string moves in space-time, it executes a complicated set of motions. The string can, in turn, break into smaller strings or collide with other strings to form longer strings. The key point is that all these quantum corrections or loop diagrams are finite and calculable. This is the first quantum theory of gravity in the history of physics to have finite quantum corrections. In order to execute these complicates motions, a string must obey a large set of self-consistency conditions. Einstein's equations were no longer found to be fundamental; they could be derived from string theory. These self-consistency constraints are surprisingly rigid. They forbid the string to move in three or four dimensions.

Starting from a simple theory of vibrating strings, one can extract the theory of Einstein, Kaluza-Klein theory, supergravity, the Standard Model, and even GUT theory.

The graviton emerges as the smallest vibration of the closed string. Gravity emerges in superstring theory from self-consistency requirements alone.

The heterotic string consists of a closed string that has two types of vibrations, clockwise and counterclockwise. The clockwise vibrations live in a ten-dimensional space. The counterclockwise live in 26-dimensional space, of which 16 dimensions have been compactified. 16-Dimensional space is a monstrously large symmetry, called E(8) x E(8). All the vibrations of the string would inherit the symmetry of the 16-dimensional space.

The symmetries that we see around us, from rainbows to blossoming flowers to crystals, may ultimately be viewed as manifestations of fragments of the original ten-dimensional theory.

Conformal symmetry allows us to treat the tubes and sheets of loop diagrams as though they were made of rubber: We can pull, stretch, bend, and shrink these diagrams. Loops were introducing an entirely new language to physics, the language of topology.

The Field Theory of Strings- Describing Probable Realitites

*H* The Field Theory of Strings:

The next step was to construct a field theory of strings. The Veneziano model had many magical properties (including something called duality) that had never been seen before in field theory. Our field equations reproduced an infinite series of string resonances, each corresponding to a subatomic particle. The vibrations traveled down the string at less than the speed of light. One can split the Veneziano-Suzuki formula into two pieces. Each part then corresponds to one of Feynman's diagrams, and each part violates duality, but the sum obeys all the correct properties of a field theory. The conclusion: Field theory does violate duality, as everyone expected, but this is acceptable because the final sum reproduces the Veneziano-Suzuki formula.

*H* Problems With the Field Theory of Strings:

Then string theory lapsed into a deep hibernation. For 10 long years, the model was banished to obscurity. Finally, it was proved that superstring theory was the only self-consistent theory of quantum gravity. Our old field theory could be derived using powerful mathematical and geometric theorems (coming from something called cohomology theory) with a fully relativistic form.

The problem is that no one is smart enough to solve the field theory of strings. Solving field theory requires techniques that are currently beyond the skill of any physicist. The reason for this pessimism is that our main calculational tool, perturbation theory, fails. Millions upon millions of veneziano-like formulas have now been discovered. String theorists are literally drowning in these perturbative solutions. No one knows how to select the correct solution out of the million that have been discovered. There are also millions upon millions of other solutions describing universes that do not appear anything like our universe. In some of these solutions, the universe has no quarks or too many quarks. Our universe may be lost somewhere among the millions of possible universes that have been found in string theory. We are at a total loss to find the one true solution to the theory. Many of the solutions are actually unstable. After a time, these incorrect, unstable solutions will make a quantum leap to the correct, stable solution. Although some of these solutions are very close to the Standard Model, other solutions produce undesirable physical properties. Perturbation theory fails to break the ten-dimensional theory down to four and six dimensions. It would take an infinite amount of time to decide which of the millions of possibilities was the correct one, or to calculate solutions to quantum problems involving the bizarre process of tunneling one of the most difficult of quantum phenomena to solve.

With a little effort, we are able to turn a few dials and press a few buttons with the theory, and out pops the supergravity theory, Kaluza-Klein theory, and the Standard Model. But we are at a total loss to explain why it works.

One of the deepest secrets of string theory, which is still not well understood, is why it is defined in only ten and 26 dimensions. It is the geometry of higher dimensions that is the central feature of the theory.

*H* Modular Functions:

In string theory, each of the 24 modes in the Ramanujan function corresponds to a physical vibration of the string. Physicists add two more dimensions when they count the total number of vibrations appearing in a relativistic theory, this means that space--time must have 24+2=26 space-time dimensions. When the Ramanujan function is generalized, the number 244 is replaced by the number 8. Thus the critical number for the superstring is 8+2, or 10.

The laws of nature simplify when self-consistently expressed in higher dimensions. Self-consistency alone, they claim, must have forced God to create the universe as he did. The critics of the theory still pound at its weakest point. Any theory, they claim, must be testable. Any theory defined at the Planck energy of 10(19) billion electron volts is not testable. An experimental test of the theory seems beyond our present-day technology. The unification of all forces occurs at the Planck energy, or 10(19) billion electron volts. There is perhaps one last "laboratory" in which we may experimentally probe the natural home of superstring theory, and this is the echo of Creation! If we were smart enough, we could solve the theory exactly and find the true nonperturbance solution of the theory.


The One Source, The Forces, & Perpetual Motion

A Single Fundamental Force
The Unified Field Theory

*GHL* The Scientific Grail:

"The search in science for a unified theory is the scientific equivalent to the mystical search for the unity of all life." -Pamela Kent Demers

Forces as Differentiations of the One Universal Motion

*tSD* The Forces of Nature as Differentiations of the One Universal Force:

The intimate connection of those Elementals... with the elements of pure Matter, results in our terrestrial phenomena, such as light, heat, magnetism, etc... The "Elementals," the Nature-Forces, are the acting, though invisible, or rather imperceptible, secondary Causes and in themselves the effects of primary Causes behind the Veil of all terrestrial phenomena...

The so-called Forces of Nature, Electricity, Magnetism, Light, Heat, etc... are... in their ultimate constitution, the differentiated aspects of that Universal Motion... For formative or creative purposes the Great Law (Theists may call it God)... modifies its perpetual motion on seven invisible points within the area of the manifested Universe. "The great Breath digs through Space seven holes into Laya to cause them to circumgyrate during Manvantara."... Laya is... the one real absolute Force.

*tSD* The Primordial Forces:

Behold him lifting the veil, and unfurling it from east to west. He shuts out the above and leaves the below to be seen as the great Illusion. He marks the places for the shining ones (stars) and turns the upper (space) into a shoreless sea of fire, and the one manifested (element) into the great waters...

The "Sea of Fire" is the Super-Astral (i.e., noumenal) Light, the first radiation from the Root, the Mulaprakriti, the undifferentiated Cosmic Substance, which becomes Astral Matter... There is but One Universal Element, which is infinite, unborn, and undying, and that all the rest- as in the world of phenomena- are but so many various differentiated aspects and transformations... The primordial Electric Energy- electrifies into life, and separates primordial stuff or pregenetic matter into atoms, themselves the source of all life and consciousness. The ancients represented it by a serpent, for "Fohat hisses as he glides hither and thither" (in zigzags)...

All these- "Light," "Flame," "Hot," "Cold," "Fire," "Heat," "Water," and the "water of life" are all, on our plane, the progeny; or as a modern physicist would say, the correlations of Electricity...

Perpetual Motion

*tSD* The Serpent Swallowing Its Tail- Eternity:

In Occultism... the primordial form of everything manifested, from atom to globe, from man to angel, is spheroidal, the sphere having been with all nations the emblem of eternity and infinity- a serpent swallowing its tail. To realize the meaning, however, the sphere must be thought of as seen from its center. The field of vision or of thought is like a sphere whose radii proceed from one's self in every direction, and extend out into space, opening up boundless vistas all around. It is the symbolical circle of Pascal and the Kabalists, "whose centre is everywhere and circumference nowhere."

The Speed of Light

Script: The spacially oscillatory EM field at rest is perpetual motion!


*H* The Speed of Light:

Einstein: "If I pursue a beam of light with the velocity c (velocity of light in a vacuum) I should observe such a beam of light as a spatially oscillatory electromagnetic field at rest. However, there seems to be no such thing."

A light travels at the same velocity c, no matter how hard you try to catch up with it. The faster we travel, the slower our clocks tick and the shorter our rulers become. The mass of our car increases as it speeds up. This excess mass comes from energy. The sum total of mass added to energy must always remain the same. (NOTE: Yes! Total mass not moving through time on one end and no mass moving infinitely fast through time on the other!) The bending of space is directly related to the amount of energy and matter contained within that space.

All Motion is Perpetual

Script: This is a restatement of the first law of thermodynamics.
*tSD* All Motion is Perpetual:

Sir William Grove's wise "concluding remarks"...:

"All motion is, in one sense, perpetual. In masses, whose motion is stopped by mutual concussion, heat or motion of the particles is generated; and thus the motion continues."

What's Moving

*tSD* Atoms in Space & Life:

Atoms fill the immensity of Space, and by their continuous vibration are that Motion which keeps the wheels of Life perpetually going.

Fohat- Electricity

*tSD* Fohat Bonding Atoms:

[Fohat, the constructive Force of Cosmic Electricity] has seven sons who are his brothers; and Fohat is forced to be born time after time whenever any two of his son-brothers indulge in too close contact... He binds together and unites those of unlike nature and separates those of similar temperaments. This, of course, relates, as any one can see, to electricity... and to the law involving attraction between two objects of unlike, and repulsion between those of like polarity.


*H* Fields:

Faraday could assign a series of numbers (the strength and direction of the force) to that point (and any point in space). He christened the totality of these numbers at any point in space, treated as a single entity, a field. At each point, there is a series of six numbers that describes both the magnetic and electric lines of force. All forces of nature can be expressed as a field. We must be able to write down the equations that these fields obey. The progress of the past hundred years in theoretical physics can be succinctly summarized as the search for the field equations of the forces of nature.

In the 1860s, Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell wrote down the field equations for electricity and magnetism. In 1915, Einstein discovered the field equations for gravity. After innumerable false starts, the field equations for the subatomic forces were finally written down in the 1970s by Yang & Mills. The puzzle is why the nuclear force seems so different from gravity.

The advantage of the hyperspace theory is that the Yang-Mills field, Maxwell's field, and Einstein's field can all be placed comfortably within the hyperspace field. We see that these fields fit together precisely within the hyperspace field like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. The other advantage of field theory is that it allows is to calculate the precise energies at which we can expect space and time to form wormholes.

*H* Force & Geometry: Reimann's Metric Tensor:

Ever since Newton, scientists had considered a force to be an instantaneous interaction between two distant bodies. Physicists called it action-at-a-distance, which meant that a body could influence the motions of distant bodies instantaneously. To Riemann, "force" was a consequence of geometry. The Pythagorean Theorem is simple to generalize to the case of N-dimensions.

Surfaces can have positive curvature, as in the surface of a sphere, where parallel lines always meet and where the sum of the angles of a triangle can exceed 180 degrees.

Riemann's idea was to introduce a collection of numbers at every point in space that would describe how much it was bent or curved. In four spatial dimensions, one needs a collection of ten numbers at each point to describe its properties. This is his metric tensor. He expressed gravity as a field. The metric tensor, because it describes the force of gravity (via curvature) at every point in space, is precisely Faraday's field concept when applied to gravity. Riemann''s metric tensor was precisely the Faraday field for gravity. There is "enough room" within the 15 components of Riemann's five-dimensional gravity to fit both the ten components of Einstein's field and the four components of Maxwell's field.

*H* The Yang-Mills Field:

The Yang-Mills field is a generalization of the Maxwell field introduced earlier to describe light, except that the Yang-Mills field has many more components and can have an electrical charge (the photon carries no electrical charge). For the weak interactions, the quantum corresponding to the Yang-Mills field is the W particle, which can have charge +1, 0, and -1. The Yang-Mills field is not "renormalizable." We have to make quantum corrections to our first approximation, but these quantum corrections, or "loop graphs," instead of being small, were infinite. The Yang-Mills field had a formidable reputation of being devilishly hard to calculate with, compared with the simpler Maxfield field. Whenever we have "symmetry breaking", the Yang-Mills field acquires a mass but remains a finite theory. T' Hooft demonstrated that the infinities due to the loop graphs can all be canceled or shuffled around until they become harmless. The secret of all nuclear matter could be unlocked by the Yang-Mills field.


The First Law of Thermodynamics

Not Even Thought Energy is Wasted

*UR2* The First Law of Thermodynamics- Strengthened:

No energy is ever lost. The energy within your own thoughts, then, does not dissipate even when you yourself have finished with them. Their energy has reality in other worlds.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics

Script: If you think science is objective, take a look at the second law of thermodynamics. Could this be stated more like a belief? It's not provable, it's not even true. It's a creationist statement that has been "scientized".

One Creation, then Eternal Decay

*DEVF1* Alternative to Constant Creation is One Creation, the Decay (2nd Law of Thermo):

Many [religious] theorists believe... that such a God created the world... and that the process of decay began at almost the same hypothetical moment that the creation ended.

Such an idea is much like some scientific ones, that see the universe running down, [with energy] being dissipated and order gradually disintegrating into chaos...

Creation is continuous, spontaneously occurring everywhere, and everywhere simultaneously, in a kind of spacious present, from which all experiences with time emerge... We are considering a model that is based upon the active cooperation of each of its parts, which in one way or another also participate in the experience of the whole.

In this model, changes of form are the result of creative synthesis.

*Chaos* The Second Law of Thermodynamics Applies to Nonexistent Systems:

The Second Law, the inexorable tendency of the universe, and any isolated system in it, to slide toward a state of increasing disorder. (NOTE: Ah! "Isolated" system- when no system is isolated and some are only relatively isolated.)


"Let us again look at the laws of thermodynamics," wrote James E. Lovelock, author of the Gaia hypothesis. "It is true that at first sight they read like the notice at the gate of Dante's Hell..."

The Second Law is one piece of technical bad news from science that has established itself firmly in the nonscientific culture. Everything tends toward disorder. Any process that converts energy from one form to another must lose some as heat. Perfect efficiency is impossible. The universe is a one-way street. Entropy must always increase in the universe and in any hypothetical isolated system within it. (NOTE: Such systems do not exist)

Life Stands in the Face of Entropy

*GHL* How Limited the Concept of Entropy Is:

(NOTE: Entropy applies to heat, not gravity)

"[Schrodinger concluded that] life is the paradoxical contradiction to the second law, which states that everything is, always has been, and always will be running down to equilibrium and death. Yet life evolves to ever-greater complexity and is characterized by an omnipresence of improbability that would make winning a sweepstake every day for a year seem trivial by comparison." -James Lovelock

*GHL* The Second Law of Thermodynamics- Bunk:

"We have come to believe that the total useful, or working, energy of the universe- according to the laws of physics, in particular the law of entropy- is gradually running down. Yet living creatures collect, store, and increase working energy wherever they find it, violating this law... The second law of thermodynamics [is] the law which says that things are running down as a whole. This implies that living things must use up and thereby degrade their environment, making it ever less useful to other living things...

"Over billions of years, our Gaian planet has continued to self-organize in ever greater complexity." -Elisabet Sahtouris

*Chaos* Biology's Order:

Pattern born amid formlessness: that is biology's basic beauty and its basic mystery. Life sucks order from a sea of disorder. Erwin Schrodinger... put it this way forty years ago: A living organism has the "astonishing gift of concentrating a ‘stream of order' on itself and thus escaping the decay into atomic chaos.

The Organizing Power of Intelligence

*ABTM* Entropy & Intelligence:

Entropy is dragging the entire cosmos down to its end, when all energy will be evenly distributed across the vastness of space...

Yet it is obvious that the universe hasnt just expanded after the Big Bang; it has evolved...

A huge hole was punched in the theory of evolution by scientific insistence that the entire chain of evolution came about randomly... Clearly, there is a counterforce pushing evolution along, creating life, fending off the threat of entropy.

The counterforce is intelligence. (NOTE: Intelligence is the organizing principle- life) [British physicist Paul Davies believes] the cosmos is not just expanding like a balloon but growing like a living entity...

Intelligence is a synonym for creative power... When entropy gains an upper hand, intelligence must wane. The two forces are in constant battle... (NOTE: an exploding car is creative if that's what you're trying to create. Creation is intention. Will. In the overall scheme, entropy may be intended where will is lacking, as a recycling measure, and thus if entropy is intended, then it is not entropy, but an illusion of entropy. Intelligence is entropy backwards, and vice versa. Intelligence is moving toward an outcome, a plan, and thus organizing. But the plan must have existed first, and in mental realms, it must exist as fact if it is to become an idea to us.)

Without destruction, life couldnt exist.


Entropy doenst apply to intelligence. (NOTE: it's the opposite. The less present you are in the now of your life, the less intelligence is brought to bear, and thus the more entropy is allowed to run through your body)

Entropy Isnt Definable

*Chaos* Entropy Depends on Goals:

Divide a swimming pool in half with some barrier; fill one half with water and one with ink... Eventually the ink and water will mix... What would be a reliable test for the level of mixing of two substances? One could imagine counting the molecules of each in some sample. But what if they were arranged yes-no-yes-no-yes-no-yes-no? Entropy could hardly be described as high... Order intrudes in ways that defy any straightforward counting algorhythm.


Compounding the trouble is the slippery notion of entropy, reasonably well-defined for thermodynamic purposes in terms of heat and temperature, but devilishly hard to pin down as a measure of disorder.


Quantum Theory

Geometric & Quantum Theory

*H* Einstein's Theory and Quantum Theory:

The key difference between Einstein's beautiful geometric theory and quantum theory and quantum theory can now be summarized as follows.

1. Forces are created by the exchange of discrete packets of energy, called quanta. When two electrons bump into each other, they repel each other not because of the curvature of space, but because they exchange a packet of energy, the photon.

2. Different forces are caused by the exchange of different quanta. The weak force, for example, is caused by the exchange of a different type of quantum, called a W particle (W stands for "weak"). The strong force holding the protons and neutrons together within the nucleus of the atom is caused by the exchange of subatomic particles called pi mesons. The subnuclear force holding the protons and neutrons and even the pi mesons together are called gluons. Three of the four forces (excluding gravity) are therefore united by quantum theory.

3. We can never know simultaneously the velocity and position of a subatomic particle. Quantum theory merges concepts of both particle and wave into a nice dialectic: The fundamental physical objects of nature are particles, but the probability of finding a particle at any given place in space and time is given by a probability wave. We can predict with great precision how many electrons in a beam will scatter when moving through a screen with holes in it. However, we can never know precisely which electron will scatter in which direction.

4. There is a finite probability that particles may "tunnel" through or make a quantum leap through impenetrable barriers. "Tunneling," or quantum leaps through barriers, has survived every experimental challenge. In fact, a world without tunneling is now unimaginable. If you place an electron in a box, the electron's probability wave will spread through the box and seep into the outside world. There is a small probability that the electron's position is somewhere outside the box.

*H* Quantizing Gravity:

If you blindly try to quantize the theory of gravity, you postulate that it functions by the exchange of tiny packets of gravity, called gravitons.

Quantum Jumps

*BS&S* Bell's Theorem:

When a particle "jumps" from one quantum state to another, there is no flow of energy.

10- 33 cm

*BS&S* Planck's Minimums:

Max Planck combined the constants or gravity, the velocity of light, and the constant h (Planck's constant) and came up with natural units of length, time, and mass. The length turned out to be 1.6x10(-33) cm, the time to be 5.4x10(-44) seconds, and the mass to be 2.2x10(-5) grams.

*BS&S* (10)-33 cm:

There has always been this experimentation that something "odd" happens at the Planck length 10(-33) cm. Bohm estimates this to be the smallest possible piece of space.


*H* Wave Function:

If I could somehow see my own wave function, it would resemble a cloud very much in the shape of my body. However, some of the cloud would spread out over all space.


Reality & Focus

The Center of Your Reality

*DEVF2* Each Point Is the Center of It's Reality, The Intersection of All Realities:

You automatically stand in the center of knowledge. You are never at the periphery of events...

At your center all existences intersect. You are everywhere part of them, and they are of you. Each portion of the universe carries the knowledge of all other parts, and each point of reality is that reality's center...

Even your dreams and thoughts go out to help form new worlds.

*UR2* Your Body Is Your Home Station:

In the most intimate of terms your body is your home station.

*UR2* What the Home Station Is:

You form your home station according to your beliefs.

** Reality As Focus & Frequency:

(NOTE: What is real is determined by where you are. Thus waking and dreams are more real at the time. Yet the nature of the world of dreams is closer to the nature of consciousness and thus measured in equal circumstances, higher dimensions (frequencies) are more real as they happen more often.)

Intermixing of All Realities

*DEVF2* Infinity & Universes:

Even infinity is being everywhere expressed in each moment, for infinity itself is not something apart from what the universe is... There are new species appearing all of the time, whether or not your own situation allows you to perceive that emergence...

At other levels your dreams mix and intertwine not only with those of your contemporaries, but with those of all times and places, living or dead in your terms. Each universe- such as the one you know- serves as a small colony of existence, and is infinite within the characteristics of its own nature.

*UR2* Consciousness Intruding Into Your Reality:

The universe exists, but it takes the shape and form that you recognize only in your own perceptions...

The universe is seeded with various kinds of consciousnesses. Some of these appear to you as planets or stars, as they "intrude" into your field of actuality. As such they appear to behave in a certain fashion, to take a certain form, to have certain effects.

The Structure of Reality

*UR2* Reality Implies a Structure:

It is impossible not to structure reality in some fashion. Reality implies a structuring.



What Chaos Is

*Chaos* Definitions of Chaos:

Hao Bai-Lin... A kind of order without periodicity...

James Crutchfield... Behavior that produces information (amplifies small uncertainties), but is not utterly unpredictable...

Ford... Dynamics freed at last from the shackles of order and predictability... Systems liberated to randomly explore their every dynamical possibility... Exciting variety, richness of choice, a cornucopia of opportunity.

(NOTE: Ironically, chaos is the study of order and information. Similarly, when I study death, I am seeing only the evidence of eternal life.

*Chaos* Not State, But Becoming- Not Parts, But the Whole:

To some physicists chaos is a science of process rather than state, of becoming rather than being... The first chaos theorists, the scientists who set the discipline in motion, shared certain sensibilities. They had an eye for pattern, especially pattern that appeared on different scales at the same time... They feel that they are turning back a trend in science toward reductionism, the analysis of systems in terms of their constituent parts: quarks, chromosomes, or neurons. They believe that they are looking for the whole.

Chaos vs Reductionism

*Chaos* Boring vs. Ever-Changing:

The difference was like the difference between wallpaper and tapestry, between the regular repetition of a pattern and the rich, coherent variation of an artist's creation. (NOTE: "Life's rich wallpaper.")

*Chaos* The Morality of Natural Balance:

To [Robert] MacArthur, balance in nature had what could almost be called a moral quality- states of equilibrium in his models entailed the most efficient use of food resources, the least waste. Nature, if left alone, would be good.

*Chaos* Chaos- An End To Reductionism:

A scientist studying chemical reactions in a laboratory or tracking insect populations in a three-year field experiment or modeling ocean temperature variations could not respond in the traditional way to the presence of unexpected fluctuations or oscillations- that is, ignoring them... For them chaos was the end of the reductionist program in science.

*Chaos* Approximations Ruled:

Measurements could never be perfect. Scientists marching under Newton's banner actually waved another flag that said something like this: Given an approximate knowledge of a system's initial conditions and an understanding of natural law, one can calculate the approximate behavior of the system.


Equations were vastly oversimplified versions of the real phenomena.

The Nature of Order

Script: It is only through our limited context that we can experience chaos, or "not knowing." Thus the science of chaos is that of understanding chaos, eliminating chaos.
*BS&S* Order:

Certain things are selected by our mental process as being different from some general background. These things can be brought together, and we can regard the difference from the background as significant. By knowing and recognizing the differences between flowers and vegetables, we are capable of creating new categories, or orders. The mind, through a creative action, categorizes the differences. A coded message will seem completely disordered until one knows the code, whereupon the message suddenly becomes ordered and meaningful. No matter how far out the spectrum we go, randomness gives way to orderliness as broader contexts are included. In each succeeding broader context, meaningful order is always possible. Randomness can the be defined as a system in which the available information is incomplete. A view of an event in 3D space is comparatively restricted. By increasing the dimensions, the view is more encompassing. The suborders are not independent but are affected by the larger order and in turn affect the larger order. Chaos is enfolded in order, but even deeper, another chaos takes over with an ever deeper order behind that. Each chance mutation is absolutely independent, yet collectively they function in an orderly way. There is no irreducible randomness. So-called chance events actually reveal the pattern of the superorder in which the events are embedded. Each event is aware, or knows, or is informed, of the overall plan in which it participates.

Each successive order unfolds and enfolds into the orders below and above. This spectrum of order is infinite; a level of total determinism is never reached.

Bohm extends the idea of meaning to include a multilevel arrangement in the holomovement. Meaning always depends on the context, so it can never be fully defined. The meaning is not fully defined without taking the context into account.

Order Entering into Chaos

*tSD* The Vibration in the Womb of the Universe, Order into Chaos:

The vibration sweeps along, touching with its swift wing (simultaneously) the whole universe, and the germ that dwelleth in darkness: the darkness that breathes (moves) over the slumbering waters of life...

In all Cosmogonies "Water" plays the same important part. It is the base and source of material existence...

The solitary ray dropping into the mother deep may be taken as meaning Divine Thought or Intelligence impregnating Chaos. This, however, occurs on the plane of metaphysical abstraction, or rather the plane whereon that which we call a metaphysical abstraction is a reality. (NOTE: Perhaps the openings in fractals... let the light through. And that links info to light.)

Disintegrating Energy

*K* Accidents and Storms:

A vortex of disintegrating energy, they are the fruitful sources of "accidents", of natural convulsions, of storms, cyclones, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods.

The Butterfly Effect

*Chaos* Nonlocal, Scaling Causes:

The Butterfly Effect- the notion that a butterfly stirring the air today in Peking can transform storm systems next month in New York.

*Chaos* The Butterfly Effect- Dangers of Approximation:

This new run should have exactly duplicated the old. Lorenz had copied the numbers into the machine himself. The program had not changed. Yet as he stared at the new printout, Lorenz saw his weather diverging so rapidly from the pattern of the last run that, within just a few months, all resemblance had disappeared...

Suddenly he realized the truth. There had been no malfunction. The problem lay in the numbers he had typed. In the computer's memory, six decimal places were stored: .506127. On the printout, to save space, just three appeared: .506. lorenz had entered the shorter, rounded-off numbers, assuming that the difference- one part in a thousand- was inconsequential...

Given a slightly different starting point, the weather should unfold in a slightly different way... Yet in Lorenz's particular system of equations, small errors proved catastrophic...

Suppose the earth could be covered with sensors spaced one foot apart, rising at one-foot intervals all the way to the top of the atmosphere...

The computer will still be unable to predict whether Princeton, New Jersey, will have sun or rain on a day one month away. At noon the spaces between the sensors will hide fluctuations that the computer will not know about, tiny derivations from the average. By 12:01, those fluctuations will already have created small errors one foot away. Soon the errors will have multiplied to the ten-foot scale, and so on up to the size of the globe...

[The Butterfly Effect] had a place in folklore:

"For want of a nail, the shoe was lost;

For want of a shoe, the horse was lost;

For want of a horse, the battle was lost;

For want of a battle, the kingdom was lost!"

*Chaos* Instability at Every Point:

[Von Neumann] recognized that a complicated dynamical system could have points of instability- critical points where a small push can have large consequences, as with a ball balanced at the top of a hill... But Von Neumann had overlooked the possibility of chaos, with instability at every point.

The Stability of Chaos

Script: This would apply to the greater order of the universe, karma, basically. We live in this seeming disorder, but its because we cant see the whole picture.
*Chaos* The Order in Chaos:

Lorenz saw more than randomness embedded in his weather model. He saw a fine geometrical structure, order masquerading as randomness.


The chaos Lorenz discovered, with all its unpredictability, was as stable as a marble in a bowl. You could add noise to this system, jiggle it, stir it up, interfere with its motion, and then when everything settled down, the transients dying away like echoes in a canyon, the system would return to the same peculiar pattern of irregularity as before. It was locally unpredictable, globally stable.


Nature was constrained. Disorder was channeled, it seemed, into patterns with some common underlying theme...

*Chaos* Chaos Soaks Up Energy- The Great Red Spot- Order In Chaos:

[Philip] Marcus programmed a computer with a system of fluid equations...

Then he made slides, and then he assembled the images into an animated movie. It was a revelation. In brilliant blues, reds, and yellows, a checkerboard pattern of rotating vortices coalesces into an oval with an uncanny resemblance to the Great Red Spot in NASA's animated film of the real thing. "You can see this large-scale spot, happy as a clam amid the small-scale chaotic flow, and the chaotic flow is soaking up energy like a sponge"...

The spot is a self-organizing system, created and regulated by the same nonlinear twists that create the unpredictable turmoil around it. It is stable chaos.

*Chaos* Cycles of Chaos and Order:

If you were following an animal population governed by this simplest of nonlinear equations, you would think the changes from year to year were absolutely random, as though blown about by environmental noise. Yet in the middle of this complexity, stable cycles suddenly return. Even though the parameter is rising, meaning that the nonlinearity is driving the system harder and harder, a window will suddenly appear with a regular period: an odd period, like 3 or 7. The pattern of changing population repeats itself on a three-year or seven-year cycle. Then the period-doubling bifurcations begin all over at a faster rate, rapidly passing through cycles of 3, 6, 12... or 7, 14, 28... and then breaking off once again to renewed chaos...

Chaos is ubiquitous; it is stable; it is structured.

*Chaos* The Stability of Nonlinear Processes:

A linear process, given a slight nudge, tends to remain slightly off track. A nonlinear process, given the same nudge, tends to return to its starting point...

With all such control phenomena, a critical issue is robustness: how well can a system withstand small jolts. Equally critical in biological systems is flexibility: how well can a system function over a range of frequencies... Organisms must respond to circumstances that vary rapidly and unpredictably; no heartbeat or respiratory rhythm can be locked into the strict periodicies of the simplest physical models.

Nonlinearity - The Nonrepeating Lorenz Attractor

*Chaos* Nonlinearity:

Nonlinearity means that the act of playing the game has a way of changing the rules. You cannot assign a constant importance to friction, because its importance depends on speed. Speed, in turn, depends on friction.


The surprising, erratic behavior comes from a nonlinear twist in the flow of energy in and out of this simple oscillator.

Script: And dont forget the oscillation due to the deceleration of chocolate pouring straight down.
*Chaos* Flipping Directions From an Ever-Increasing Flow:

The long-term behavior depends on how hard the driving energy is.

Water pours in from the top at a steady rate. If the flow of water in the waterwheel is slow, the top bucket never fills up enough to overcome friction, and the wheel never starts turning...

If the flow is faster, the weight of the top bucket sets the wheel in motion. The waterwheel can settle into a rotation that continues at a steady rate.

But if the flow is faster still, the spin can become chaotic, because of nonlinear effects built into the system. As buckets pass under the flowing water, how much they fill depends on the speed of spin... If the wheel is spinning rapidly, buckets can start up the other side before they have time to empty. As a result, heavy buckets on the side moving upward can cause the spin to slow down and then reverse.

In fact, Lorenz discovered, over long periods, the spin can reverse itself many times, never settling down to a steady rate and never repeating itself in any predictable pattern...

[The earth's magnetic field] is known to have flipped many times during the earth's history, at intervals that seem erratic and inexplicable...

The crossover from one wing of the [Lorenz] attractor to the other corresponds to a reversal in the direction of the waterwheel or convecting fluid. (NOTE: Look at the cause of this as varying frequencies, such as that of visual speed and rotation speed of wheels or fans. The frequency variance produces the effects, such as in the case of the water wheel, the variance is between the rate of inflow and outflow.)

*Chaos* The Lorenz Attractor:

Three equations, with three variables, completely described the motion of this system. Lorenz's computer printed out the changing values of the three variables: 0-10-0; 4-12-0; 9-20-0; 16-36-2; 30-66-7; 54-115-24; 93-192-74...

To make a picture from the data, Lorenz used each set of three numbers as coordinates to specify the location of a point in three-dimensional space...

Lorenz's system... displayed a kind of infinite complexity. It always stayed within certain bounds, never running off the page but never repeating itself, either... The shape signaled pure disorder, since no point or pattern of points ever recurred. (NOTE: This never recurring is a law that presents order) Yet it also signaled a new kind of order.


When the rising heat of his system pushed the fluid around in one direction, the trajectory stayed on the right wing; when the rolling motion stopped and reversed itself, the trajectory would swing across to the other wing.

The attractor was stable, low-dimensional, and nonperiodic. It could never intersect itself, because if it did, returning to a point already visited, from then on the motion would repeat itself in a periodic loop. That never happened- that was the beauty of the attractor...

An attractor like Lorenz's illustrated the stability and the hidden structure of a system that otherwise seemed patternless. (NOTE: So far all strange attractors seem to concern gravity, or at least a constant force)

*Chaos* Orbits:

What appear to be single lines prove, on magnification, to be pairs, then pairs of pairs. Yet whether any two successive points appear nearby or far apart is unpredictable.

*Chaos* The Minimum For Chaos:

Three differential equations [are] the minimum necessary for chaos, as Poincare and Lorenz had shown.

*Chaos* Sleep Cycles:

Every twenty-three hours, [the mosquitos] buzz around with particular intensity. What keeps them on track outdoors is the jolt of light they get each day: in effect, it resets their clock...

[Arthur T. Winfree]: "You go to a mosquito at midnight and give him a certain number of photons, and that particularly well-timed jolt turns off the mosquito's clock. He's an insomniac after that- he'll doze, buzz for a while, all at random, and he'll continue doing that for as long as you care to watch, or until you come along with another jolt."...

People have a sleep-wake cycle and also a body-temperature cycle, both nonlinear oscillators that restore themselves after slight perturbations. In isolation, without a daily resetting stimulus, the temperature cycle seems to be about twenty-five hours, with the low occurring during sleep. But experiments by German researchers found that after some weeks the sleep-wake cycle would detach itself from the temperature cycle and become erratic. People would stay awake for twenty or thirty hours at a time, followed by ten or twenty hours of sleep. Not only would the subjects remain unaware that their day had lengthened, they would refuse to believe it when told.

Phase Transitions

*Chaos* What Precedes Phase Transitions:

"Often an irregular noise is heard in the telephone receivers before the frequency jumps to the next lower value." [Balthasar van der Pol] wrote in a letter to Nature. (NOTE: The heat-wave appearance of spirits when moving to a new dimension, a new frequency)

*GHL* Energy of Changing States:

"The quantity of heat needed to melt a snowflake to a raindrop is 80 times larger than the quantity needed to warm the raindrop by a single degree of temperature." -James Lovelock

*Chaos* Phase Transitions:

[Harry Swinney] designed an apparatus to measure how well carbon dioxide conducted heat around the critical point where it turned from vapor to liquid. Most people thought that the thermal conductivity would change slightly. Swinney found that it changed by a factor of 1000... He saw other-worldly light that shines from a vapor, any vapor near the critical point, the light called "opalescence" because the soft scattering of rays gives the white glow of an opal...

A nonmagnet-magnet phase transition proved to be like a liquid-vapor phase transition. The fluid-superfluid phase transition proved to be like the conductor-superconductor phase transition.


As singular boundaries between two realms of existence, phase transitions tend to be highly nonlinear in their mathematics. The smooth and predictable behavior of matter in any one phase tends to be little help in understanding the transitions. A pot of water on the stove heats up in a regular way until it reaches the boiling point. But then the change in temperature pauses while something quite interesting happens at the molecular interface between liquid and gas.

*Chaos* Attractors in Phase Space:

In the short term any point in phase space can stand for a possible behavior of the dynamical system. In the long term the only possible behaviors are the attractors themselves... By definition, attractors had the important property of stability.

Self-Similarity Across Scale - Fractal Recursion

*Chaos* Randomness Matching Across Scale- a Constant Fractal Dimension- Self-Similarity:

When Mandelbrot sifted the cotton-price data through IBM's computers, he found the astonishing results he was seeking. The numbers that produced aberrations from the point of view of normal distribution produced symmetry from the point of view of scaling. Each particular price change was random and unpredictable. But the sequence of changes was independent of scale; curves for daily price changes and monthly price changes matched perfectly...

A computer-generated coastline; the details are random, but the fractal dimension is constant, so the degree of roughness or irregularity looks the same no matter how much the image is magnified...

Above all, fractal meant self-similar.

Self-similarity is a symmetry across scale. It implies recursion, pattern inside of pattern.


The presence of geometric convergences suggests that something, somewhere, is repeating itself on different scales...

In an apparently unruly system, scaling meant that some quality was being preserved while everything else changed. (NOTE: What is remaining?)

*Chaos* Strange Fractal-Dimension Shapes:

The Cantor Dust begins with a line; remove the middle third; then remove the middle third of the remaining segments; and so on. The Cantor set is the dust of points that remains. They are infinitely many, but their total length is 0...

To construct a Koch curve, begin with a triangle with sides of length 1. At the middle of each line, add a new triangle one-third the size; and so on...

The Koch curve has some interesting features. For one thing, it is a continuous loop... Each transformation adds a little area to the inside of the curve, but the total area remains finite, not much bigger than the original triangle...

The paradoxical result, infinite length in a finite space, disturbed many of the turn-of-the-century mathematicians who thought about it...

The Sierpinski carpet, constructed by cutting the center one-ninth of a square; then cutting out the centers of the eight smaller squares that remain; and so on. The three-dimensional analogue is the Menger sponge, a solid- looking lattice that has an infinite area, yet zero volume.

*Chaos* The Infinite Coastline:

Mandelbrot found that as the scale of measurement becomes smaller, the measured length of a coastline rises without limit, bays and peninsulas revealing ever-smaller subbays and subpeninsulas- at least down to atomic scales, where the process does finally come to an end. Perhaps.

*Chaos* Fractals and Infinity:

A fractal is a way of seeing infinity.


(NOTE: Fractals are a relationship to infinity, a boundary between infinity and physicality. The infinite flow?)

*Chaos* Fluid Flow Remains Across Scale:

It happens that the equations of fluid flow are in many contexts dimensionless, meaning that they apply without regard to scale. Scaled-down airplane wings and ship propellers can be tested in wind tunnels and laboratory basins.

*Chaos* Fractals in the Body:

In terms of the body's resources, blood is expensive and space is at a premium. The fractal structure nature has devised works so efficiently that, in most tissue, no cell is ever more than three or four cells away from a blood vessel. Yet the vessels and blood take up little space, no more than about five percent of the body...

In the digestive tract, tissue reveals undulations within undulations. The lungs, too, need to pack the greatest possible surface into the smallest space... Typical human lungs pack in a surface bigger than a tennis court...

The standard "exponential" description of bronchial branching proved to be quite wrong: a fractal description turned out to fit the data. The urinary collecting system proved fractal. The biliary duct in the liver. The network of special fibers in the heart that carry pulses of electric current to the contracting muscles...

DNA surely cannot specify the vast number of bronchi, bronchioles, and alveoli or the particular spatial structure of the resulting tree, but it can specify a repeating process of bifurcation and development.


Hubbard said, "...I strongly suspect that the day somebody actually figures out how the brain is organized they will discover to their amazement that there is a coding scheme for building the brain which is of extraordinary precision."

** Scaling in Depth Perception:

(NOTE: Look at Mandelbrot's set in 3 dimensions, with scale being equal to distance! It fades to eternal distance. That's probably the way object-recognition occurs- an object remains the same object regardless of scale- how far away it is.)

*Chaos* Fractal Pictures:

Given any complex number as a starting point, the question was to see which of the three solutions Newton's method would lead to. It was as if Newton's method were a dynamical system and the three solutions were three attractors...

Instead of a neat ridge between the blue and red valleys, for example, he saw blotches of green, strung together like jewels. It was as if a marble, caught between the conflicting tugs of two nearby valleys, would end up in the third and most distant valley instead. A boundary between two colors never quite forms... Wherever two colors try to come together, the third always inserts itself, with a series of new, self-similar intrusions.

Script: And following is an actual mystical experience confirming that idea.
*ANMU* The Fractilian Nature of Reality- Perspective Scrolling, The Music of the Spheres:

I remember seeing mathematical laws in operation, and the world as the result of the operation of these laws. Thus the process of the world's creation, when I thought of it, appeared to me under the aspect of the differentiation of some very simple basic principles or basic quantities. This differentiation always proceeded before my eyes in certain forms, sometimes for instance taking the form of a very complicated design enveloping out of a very simple basic motif, which was continually repeated and entered into every combination throughout the design. Thus the whole of the design consisted of nothing but combinations and repetitions of the basic motif and could at any point, so to speak, be resolved into its component elements. Sometimes it was music, which began similarly with some very simple sounds and gradually passed into complicated harmonious combinations expressed in visible forms, resembling the design which I have just described, or completely merging into it. The music and the design made a single whole; the one as it were expressed the other.

*ZP* Fractals:

Fractals represent a membrane where chaos and order meet. Fractals are holographic in that they have the whole in each part.

The Mandelbrot Set

*Chaos* The Mandelbrot Set Doesn't Repeat?!:

The [Mandelbrot] set did prove to contain, when magnified enough, rough copies of itself, tiny buglike objects floating off from the main body, but greater magnification showed that none of these molecules exactly matched any other. There were always new kinds of sea horses, new curling hothouse species. In fact, no part of the set exactly resembles any other part, at any magnification. (NOTE: Is this non-repeating standard to fractals? If so is this an aspect of nonlinearity?)

*Chaos* Calculating the Mandelbrot Set:

For the Mandelbrot set, the rule is this: z->z2 + c, where z begins at zero and c is the complex number corresponding to the point being tested. So, take 0, multiply it by itself, and add the starting number; take the result- the starting number- multiply it by itself, and add the starting number... A complex number is written with two parts: for example, 2 + 3i (the address for the point 2 east and 3 north on the complex plane)...

To break out of this loop, the program needs to watch the running total. If the total heads off to infinity, moving farther and farther from the center of the plane, the original point does not belong to the set.

Partial, Fractal Dimensions

*Chaos* Fractal-Dimensions:

Fractional dimension proved to be precisely the right yardstick. In a sense, the degree of irregularity corresponded to the efficiency of the object in taking up space. A simple, Euclidean one-dimensional line fills no space at all. But the outline of the Koch curve, with infinite length crowding into finite area, does fill space. It is more than a line, yet less than a plane... (NOTE: Ah! That's why changing dimensions produces fractal-like experience! The ecstasy trance!) For the Koch curve, the infinitely extended multiplication by four-thirds gives a dimension of 1.2618.

*Chaos* Practical Uses of Fractal Dimensions:

The fractal dimension of a metal's surface, for example, often provides information that corresponds to the metal's strength... Scholz thought about a classic geological formation, a talus slope on a mountainside. From a distance it is a Euclidean shape, dimension two. As a geologist approaches, though, he finds himself walking not so much on it as in it- the talus has resolved itself into boulders the size of cars. Its effective dimension has become about 2.7, because the rock surfaces hook over and wrap around and nearly fill three-dimensional space, like the surface of a sponge...

A cloud twenty feet away can be indistinguishable from two thousand feet away. Indeed, analysis of satellite pictures has shown an invariant fractal dimension in clouds observed from hundreds of miles away.

It is hard to break the habit of thinking of things in terms of how big they are and how long they last.

*Chaos* Renormalization- Measuring Fractal Dimensions:

The renormalization shortcut succeeded by acting as though a quantity like mass were not fixed at all. Such quantities seemed to float up or down depending on the scale from which they were viewed. It seemed absurd. Yet it was an exact analogue of what Benoit Mandelbrot was realizing about geometrical shapes and the coastline of England. Their length could not be measured independent of scale... Variability in the standard measures of mass or length meant that a different sort of quantity was remaining fixed. In the case of fractals, it was the fractional dimension- a constant that could be calculated and used as a tool for further calculations...

By acknowledging self-similarity, it gave a way of collapsing the complexity, one layer at a time.

*ANMU* The Reflexive, Fractilian Triads:

The number "three" played a very important part in the world in which I found myself... All taken together, that is, the entire universe, sometimes appeared in the form of a "triad," composing one whole... Each part of the "triad," by some inner process, was again transformed into a "triad," and this process continued until all was filled with "triads," which were transformed into music, or light, or designs.

*ANMU* Infinity in the Mathematical Fractal:

Everything moved, changed, was transformed and became something else. Sometimes I suddenly saw all mathematical relations disappear one after another into infinity. Infinity swallowed everything, filled everything; all distinctions were effaced... And I came to understand it quite differently. Infinity was not infinite continuation in one direction, but infinite variation at one point.


*Chaos* Turbulence Drains Energy:

What is turbulence then? It is a mess of disorder at all scales, small eddies within large ones. It is unstable. It is highly dissipative, meaning that turbulence drains energy and creates drag...

A plume of cigarette smoke rises smoothly from an ashtray, accelerating until it passes a critical velocity and splinters into wild eddies...

Something shakes a fluid, exciting it... When you shake it, you add energy at low frequencies, or large wavelengths, and the first thing to notice is that the large wavelengths decompose into small ones. Eddies form, and smaller eddies within them, each dissipating the fluid's energy and each producing a characteristic rhythm.

*Chaos* Dissipative Systems:

Systems that lose energy to friction are dissipative. Astronomical systems are not: they are conservative.

Almost-Intransitivity - Two Unique Fluctuation Periods

*Chaos* Ice-Ages and Almost-Intransitivity:

The average weather for the last 12,000 years has been notably different than the average for the previous 12,000, when most of North America was covered by ice. Was there one climate that changed to another for some physical reason? Or is there an even longer-term climate within which those periods were just fluctuations? Or is it possible that a system like the weather may never converge to an average?..

Computer models have such a strong tendency to fall into the White Earth equilibrium (an earth whose continents are covered by snow and whose oceans are covered by ice) that climatologists find themselves wondering why it has never come about. It may simply be a matter of chance...

An almost-intransitive system displays one sort of average behavior for a very long time, fluctuating within certain bounds. Then, for no reason whatsoever, it shifts into a different sort of behavior, still fluctuating but producing a different average... Almost-intransitivity might well explain why the earth's climate has drifted in and out of long Ice Ages at mysterious, irregular intervals. If so, no physical cause need be found for the timing. The Ice Ages may simply be a byproduct of chaos.

Period Doubling

*Chaos* Period-Doubling:

With the first period-doubling, the attractor splits in two, like a dividing cell. At first, these two points are practically together; then, as the parameter rises, they float apart. Then another period-doubling: each point of the attractor divides again, at the same moment. Feigenbaum's number let him predict when the period-doublings would occur. Now he discovered that he could also predict the precise values of each point on this ever-more-complicated attractor. (NOTE: Probable realities!)


The liquid at the bottom warms and expands enough to become lighter than the cool liquid above... The liquid organizes itself into a pair of rolling cylinders. The rolls reach a constant speed, and the system settles into an equilibrium- a moving equilibrium...

In the equilibrium motion after the first bifurcation, the temperature at any one point remains steady, more or less... With more heating, more instability sets in. A kink develops in each roll, and the kink moves steadily back and forth. This wobble shows up as a changing temperature, up and down between two values. The pen now draws a wavy line across the paper...

The next bifurcation brought a subtle change. The roll continues to wobble and the bolometer temperature continued to rise and fall with a dominant rhythm. But on odd cycles the temperature started going a bit higher than before, and on even cycles a bit lower... A new frequency appeared at exactly half the old frequency... New frequencies appeared at double the old, so that the diagram filled in the quarters and the eighths and the sixteenths.

Iterating Functions - Process, Not Solution

*Chaos* Iterating Functions- Process, Not Solution:

When a geometer iterates an equation instead of solving it, the equation becomes a process instead of a description, dynamic instead of static. When a number goes into the equation, a new number comes out; the new number goes in, and so on, points hopping from place to place. A point is plotted not when it satisfies the equation but when it produces a certain kind of behavior. One behavior might be a steady state. Another might be a convergence to a periodic repetition of states. Another might be an out-of-control race to infinity.

Free Will - Deterministic System, Free Action

*Chaos* Physics, Meet Metaphysics:

Farmer said, "On a philosophical level, it struck me as an operational way to define free will, in a way that allowed you to reconcile free will with determinism. The system is deterministic, but you cant say what it's going to do next."

Exchanging Energy through Turbulence for Information
Magnifying Subtle Influences

Script: As mentioned below, this may be the best method for detecting astral phenomenon. This may also be how the astral magnification sense works.
*Chaos* Exchanging Turbulence For Information Across Scales:

Pick a point directly downstream from the obstruction and, at uniform time intervals, ask whether the whorl is to the right or the left.

If the whorls are static, the data stream will look like this: left-left-left-left-left-left-left-left-left-left... After a while, the observer starts to feel that new bits of data are failing to offer new information about the system.

Or the whorls might be moving back and forth periodically: left-right-left-right-left-right-left-right... Again, though at first the system seems one degree more interesting, it quickly ceases to offer and surprises.

As the system becomes chaotic, however, strictly by virtue of its unpredictability, it generates a steady stream of information. Each new observation is a new bit...

Where is this information coming from? The heat bath of the microscales, billions of molecules in their random thermodynamic dance. Just as turbulence transmits energy from large scales downward through chains of vortices to the dissipating small scales of viscosity, so information is transmitted back from the small scales to the large- at any rate, this was how Shaw and his colleagues began describing it. And the channel transmitting the information upward is the strange attractor, magnifying the initial randomness just as the Butterfly Effect magnifies small uncertainties into large-scale weather patterns... (NOTE: Could this be how the question-answer happens in automatic writing?)

Packard said, "...Information is clearly not just accumulated but also generated- created from connections that were not there before"...

So Shaw tried... a method of reconstructing a phase space for an unseen strange attractor, and it could be applied to any series of data at all. For the dripping faucet data, Shaw made a two-dimensional graph in which the x axis represented a time interval between a pair of drops and the y axis represented the next time interval...

"It turns out that the [dripping faucet] is an excellent seismometer," Shaw said ironically, "very efficient in bringing noise up from the little-league scales to the big-league scales." (NOTE: So chaos theory would be perfect for detecting the subtleties of the higher-frequency planes, which is why static is needed, why a noise pattern is needed to transmit messages- Macy!)


Ary Goldberger noted: "Fractal processes associated with scaled, broadband spectra are ‘information-rich.' Periodic states, in contrast, reflect narrow-band spectra and are defined by monotonous, repetitive sequences, depleted of information content."


*Chaos* Frequency Entrainment:

This phenomenon, in which one regular cycle locks into another, is now called entrainment, or mode locking. Mode locking explains why the moon always faces the earth, or more generally why satellites tend to spin in some whole-number ratio of their orbital period: 1 to 1, or 2 to 1, or 3 to 2. When the ration is close to a whole number, nonlinearity in the tidal attraction of the satellite tends to lock it in... Mode locking accounts for the ability of groups of oscillators, including biological oscillators, like heart cells and nerve cells, to work in synchronization. A spectacular example in nature is a Southeast Asian species of firefly that congregates in trees during mating periods, thousands at one time, blinking in a fantastic spectral harmony.

Chaos & Health

*Chaos* Stable Unpredictability is Health, Monotonous Order is Death:

Arnold Mandell: "Is it possible that mathematical pathology, i.e. chaos, is health? And that mathematical health, which is the predictability and differentiability of this kind of a structure, is disease?.. When you reach an equilibrium in biology you're dead." (NOTE: Do great inbursts of energy serve to keep the organism rocking? And as these inbursts disappear and life becomes boring, do we run down?)

*Chaos* The Failure of Reductionist Medicine:

To [Arnold] Mandell, the discoveries of chaos dictate a shift in clinical approaches to treating psychiatric disorders. By any objective measure, the modern business of "psychopharmacology" -the use of drugs to treat everything from anxiety and insomnia to schizophrenia itself- has to be judged a failure. Few patients, if any, are cured...

As he saw it, the problem was conceptual. Traditional methods for treating this "most unstable, dynamic, infinite-dimensional machine" were linear and reductionist. "The underlying paradigm remains: one gene -> one peptide -> one enzyme -> one neurotransmitter -> one receptor -> one animal behavior -> one clinical syndrome -> one drug -> one clinical rating scale. It dominates almost all research and treatment in psychopharmacology... Still the brain is thought of as a chemical point-to-point switchboard." To someone exposed to the world of nonlinear dynamics the response could only be: How naive. Mandell urged his colleagues to understand the flowing geometries that sustain complex systems like the mind.

The Attraction of Ideas

*Chaos* Ideas Attracted to Events as Lorenz Attractors:

A physicist thinking of ideas as regions with fuzzy boundaries, separate yet overlapping, pulling like magnets and yet letting go, would naturally turn to the image of a phase space with "basins of attraction." (NOTE: gravitational, again. Perhaps gravity is an electrostatic field, caused by the same attractions that form matter in the first place.)

Dissipative Structures
All Things Sustained by a Flow

*GHL* Dissipative Structures- All Things!- Sustained By a Flow of Energy:

"Osborne Reynolds, curious about the conditions that led to turbulence in the flow of fluids discovered that the onset of eddies in a stream or in a flow of gas takes place only when the flow exceeds a critical value. A useful analogy here is that if you blow a flute too gently no sound emerges. But if you blow hard enough, wind eddies form and are made part of the system that makes sound... Lars Onsager, Prigogine and his colleagues have applied the thermodynamics of the steady state to develop what might be called the thermodynamics of the "unsteady state." They classify these phenomena by the term "dissipative structures." They have structure, but not the permanency of solids; they dissipate when the supply of energy is turned off... (NOTE: Like all things disconnected from their source! Mystics would have us know that all structures are dissipative.) [The class] includes many manufactured things, such as refrigerators, and natural phenomena such as flames, whirlpools, hurricanes, and certain peculiar chemical reactions." -James Lovelock (NOTE: Refrigerators and flames are second-degree dissipative structures, built upon the base flow source of their being.)

(NOTE: The second law of thermodynamics restated: When deprived of its motivational energy source, the working energy of any system runs down. When including this condition, the second law of thermodynamics seems almost ridiculously obvious. But it is only when this condition applies that the second law of thermodynamics is a true statement.)

*HU* Chaos & Dissipative Structures:

Science has long believed that one of the most absolute rules in the universe is that things always tend toward a greater state of disorder.

When mixed together, some chemicals develop into a more ordered arrangement, not a more disordered one. Ilya Prigogine calls these spontaneously appearing ordered systems "dissipative structures" and won a Nobel Prize for unraveling their mysteries. Far from materializing out of nowhere, they are an indication of a deeper level of order in the universe, evidence of the implicate aspects of reality becoming explicate.

*BS&S* Dissipative Systems:

An open system is one in which an exchange of matter and energy takes place with the outside environment. A closed system is an ideal system having little or no exchange with its environment. A high-entropy system would be in thermodynamic equilibrium and would have a uniform temperature distribution, thus preventing heat energy from being utilized. The second law of thermodynamics states that in a closed system, entropy never decreases.

Prigogine studied dissipative systems, systems that are far from equilibrium. The theory states that if a system is driven far from equilibrium by an insertion of energy from the outside, that system undergoes changes which, at a critical point, completely destroy the previous structure. In many cases, the system can then develop a new and different level of order. Prigogine called systems capable of this activity dissipative structures because they require an insertion of energy to sustain them. Dissipative structures evade the second law of thermodynamics. The bifurcation point is that critical point beyond which a new state can appear when energy is inserted into the system. An example is a system in which a small change creates a large, unpredictable effect. Prigogine sees nature as active, as primarily self-organized. Order can be created out of chaos. If outside energy is inserted into a system with order of a high degree (nearly chaotic), and if the inserted energy is an order of low degree (very orderly), then the system can be converted from seeming chaos to orderliness. This is analogous to the superimplicate order (outside energy of a high degree of order) forming the complex implicate order into what we consider our very orderly 3D world. A system high in entropy can organize itself into complex forms and structures as long as it is not closed. (* God coming through interiors) The context is enlarged, and order is the result. The universe is constantly receiving energy- from the holomovement (Bohm)... or frameworks (Seth). The 3d world can be viewed as a dissipative structure with a self-organizing principle.

Higher Degrees of Order

*HU* Coincidences & Operating at a Higher Order:

Jung encountered many such meaningful coincidences during his psychotherapeutic work and noticed that they almost always accompanied periods of emotional intensity and transformation: fundamental changes in belief, sudden and new insights, deaths, births, even changes in profession.

According to Peat, when we experience a synchronicity, what we are really experiencing "is the human mind operating, for a moment, in its true order and extending throughout society and nature, moving through orders of increasing subtlety, reaching past the source of mind and matter into creativity itself."

*HU* Deeper Implicate Orders:

Bohm concedes that there is no reason to believe the implicate order is the end of things. There may be other undreamed of orders beyond it, infinite stages of further development.

*HU* High Degrees of Order, No Randomness:

Bohm and Aharonov found that under the right circumstances an electron is able to "feel" the presence of a magnetic field that is in a region where there is zero probability of finding the electron.

Perhaps their order is of such an "indefinitely high degree" that they only appear to us as random (interestingly, mathematicians are unable to prove randomness).

The Nature of Time

Newly Created in Each Moment

Script: Remember this, it's true!

All Time Is Connected, Simultaneous

*CWG2* Time & Selfhood Across Time:

Time is not a continuum. It is an element of relativity that exists vertically, not horizontally. Each moment is separate and distinct, yet existing simultaneously with the other, as much as there will ever be, as much as there ever was! BOOM, here it is- right here, right now- ALL OF IT!

You can move in consciousness within the Isness to any "time" or "place" you choose. We can indeed time travel. You do it routinely in what you call the dream state. You have often looked up, or looked down, from your moment and seen all the other pieces.

A part of you is in every moment! You have always been, are now, and always will be. There has never been a time when you were not- nor will there ever be such a time.

What about the concept of old souls? Nothing is "older" than anything. I created it ALL AT ONCE, and All Of It exists right now. The experience of "older" and "younger" to which you refer has to do with the levels of awareness of a particular soul. Each part has the consciousness of the Whole imbedded within it. Every element carries the imprint. (**The expanded being of Monroe's future!) The individual aspect of the ALL becomes aware of Itself. It becomes, quite literally, self conscious. Then, gradually, it becomes conscious of all the others, and then, of the fact that there are no others- that All is One.

You are perfect, just as you are. A tree is no less perfect because it is a seedling.

All things exist simultaneously. This book is being written, and as it's being written it's already written; it already exists. In fact, that's where you're getting all this information.

It is you who are moving, not time.

Q: If everything has already happened, then it follows that I am powerless to change your future. Is this predestination?

A: No! Don't buy into that! If you "see" a future event or experience you do not like, don't choose it! It has not happened to you- yet! You are at a place in the Space-Time Continuum where you are not consciously aware of the occurrence. You have not "remembered" your future! (This forgetfulness is the secret of all time. It is what makes it possible for you to "play" the great game of life!) A thing "happens" only when it is "experienced." If you don't like what you sense about your future, step away from that! In that instant you change your experience- and everyone of You breathes a sign of relief!

There is only one of you, but you are much larger than you think! When the you that exists now changes something he doesn't like about his future, the me that exists in the future no longer has that as part of his experience. The whole mosaic changes. But he never loses the experience he's given himself. He's just relieved and happy that "you" don't have to go through that. The you in the past has yet to experience this, so he walks right into it in a sense. But, of course, you can help him. First, by changing what you in front of you experienced, the you behind you may never have to experience it! It is by this device that your soul evolves. In the same way, the future you got help from own future self, thus helping you avoid what he did not.

You are able to divide your Self into as many different "selves" as you choose. You can live the same life over and over again, in different ways- as I've just explained. And you can also live different lives at different times on the continuum. A part of you is choosing to know yourself as your presently-experienced identity. Yet this is by far not the limit of your Being, although you think that it is. You must think that it is, or you cannot do what you've given yourself this life to do. It would be very difficult for you to play this wonderful game of life is you had full awareness of what is going on. This Process depends on the Process being complete, as it is- including your lack of total awareness at this stage.

You are an Eternal Moment of Self creation and Self fulfillment through the process of Self expression. This process of creation and recreation is ongoing, never ending, and multi-layered. It is all happening "right now" and on many levels. You are living this life, your presently realized life, in your Past, your Present, your Future, all at once! Premonition is simply an awareness in your future. Your future you is saying "Hey, this was no fun. Don't do this!" You are also living past lives right now.

It is all contained in a single truth: THERE IS ONLY ONE OF US.

Do you imagine that the future is predictable- even by God? I tell you this: Your future is creatable. Everything that's going to happen already has happened- is happening now. But the Eternal Moment of Now is also forever changing. It is like a mosaic- one that is always there, but constantly shifting. You cant blink, because it will be different when you open your eyes again. Watch! Look! See? There it goes again! I am constantly changing. What makes me change? Your idea about me! Your thought about all of it is what makes it change- instantly. Sometimes the change in the All is subtle, virtually indiscernible, depending upon the power of the thought. But when there is an intense thought- or a collective thought- then there is tremendous impact, incredible effect. Everything changes. You must understand the greatest truth: Nothing Matters.

*IaTR* The Simultaneity of All Time, All Reality:

(NOTE: All knowledge held up in scrolls of Akash. + picture, p.31)

In some frame of reality, the race of giants continues, held in the Isness of Now.


"I get the feeling that I was once the peasant farmer and that Treenie was once Ellen."

"What you experienced is happening. You are the farmer and Treenie is Ellen."

Lifetimes all occupy the same no-time framework together. The Self experiences all the life cycles of your individual identities simultaneously. However, for this to have real meaning for the identities who you believe yourself to be, each life cycle is experienced in a linear procession, thus creating the illusion of time. Time is valid for a physical, three-dimensional reality.

*JoYS* Simultaneity of Time & Access To Past Cycles:

In the large picture, everything is simultaneous—the interrelationships of the various levels of our inner reality are not governed by time. "Now" is a higher reality than time. These interrelating levels of reality include our previous (and potential future) cycles. Although our spark experiences them progressively, they also exist simultaneously: our previous cycles are all present in our spark like integrated subpersonalities.

When you are focused in the Tao, you might never think about your past planetary experiences, although the fruits of them are manifest in your spark. Only when contemplating another cycle might past cycles be recalled and reviewed.

*BS&S* Time, a Feature of Framework 1:

Seth: The inner ego exists in the moment point, in which there is no past and future separate from the present. All probabilities and all reality flow through the moment point. Suppose we are a consciousness capable of accessing all events at all moments. Then a time sequence is not necessary and all moments can be accessed at one moment. For this consciousness, there is really only one moment, the moment point. Past moments are back in the ocean and no longer have 3D existence. As information flows into the now-moment, it also flows out in terms of probabilities, or "ghost images." Our present life is not only affected by our past lives but by our future lives as well. All the reincarnational lives are actually aspects of one entity. If we understand this, the whole self is changed by all of its comprehensions. Yet paradoxically, each life is unique, and independent, and determined its own destiny even after it leaves our earthly time line.

*BS&S* Simultaneity:

Seth: Seth sees all happenings simultaneously.

*BtL* NDE of Simultaneity:

Rodonaia felt he was able to do as much as he did because time and space, as we know them, do not exist. In the span of mere hours, he could engage millenniums of experience via multi-dimensional simultaneity (being everywhere present all at once).

*SS* Simultaneity:

All that Is is not done and finished.

Everything within your 3 dimensional system occurs simultaneoulsy. All that Is simultaneously and unendingly creates itself.

*JoYS* Simultaneity of Reincarnation:

You are now the sum total of all you have even been.

*SS* Perceptions Separate Events, Not Time:

What seperates events is not time, but your perception. You perceive events "one at a time." Time as it appears to you is, instead, a psychic organization of experience. The seeming beginning and end of an event; the seeming birth and death, are simply other dimensions of experience.

The whole self or entity or soul can never be completely materialized in 3-dimensional form, extending so many years in time, taking up so much space, and so forth.

The "outside time" events are composed of units that also have their own kind of consciousness. They form what appears as time to you, as atoms and molecules form what appears as space to you.

*CWG3* In Simultaneous Time:

You've already done the choosing. Everything you're ever going to be, do, or have, you've already done. You're doing it right now!

Do you see? There is no such thing as time...

[All of your (Our) experiences] actually are overlapping- that is, happening at the same "time" -you simply don't know this. You've placed yourself in a perception shell that blocks out the Total Reality. (NOTE: Timeblind)

Simultaneity & Self-Generation

*SD&P* We Are Self-Generating Energy:

All entities are self-aware portions of the energy of All That Is. They are self-generating, and if you understand this, you will stop thinking in terms of beginnings and endings.

Simultaneous Time & Dreams

*SD&P* Timelessness, Lack of Beginnings & Endings, The Origins of Dreams:

As there is in actuality no beginning or end to a dream, so there is no beginning or end to any reality. You come into awareness of a dream, and you leave it.

You do create your own dreams. The beginnings of dreams reach back into ‘past' lives of which you are not aware and beyond even this; the origins are part of a heritage that was before your planet existed.

For every consciousness existed simultaneously and in essence even before what you may call the beginnings of your world. And what you are yet to be existed then and still exists now- in actuality.

What you will be, you are now, in a most real sense. You simply are not aware of these selves on a conscious level any more than you are aware of ‘past' lives. As there is usually no contact between the entity and the ordinary conscious ego, there is usually no contact on a conscious level between the self who dreams and the dream world which has its own independent existence.

You continually create it- have always created it.

The dream world is, then a natural byproduct of the relationship between the inner self and the physical being- not a reflection, but a byproduct.

Yet, while your world and the dream world are basically independent, they exert pressures and influences one upon the other.

The dream world exists more closely in that spacious present of which the inner self is so aware.

In many ways the dream universe depends upon you to give it expression.

Cross-Time Influences & Interaction

*IaTR* Cross-Life, Cross-Time Influences Via Higher Dimensions:

"The me that is here, now, can influence the identity of the past?"

Persephone: "Who do you think Tom, the crofer, saw in his dream if it was not the you of now? On other levels of Self, you acted, bringing a solution into the lives of those you were involved with. You were able to do this because what was happening or will happen is happening now. The past and the future are always accessible in the present moment. You accessed the past, and brought about change. Only you could do this. I don't have permission to alter your life; neither does anyone else."

"It was I who brought myself into this mystical realm?"


"I assume that this is Earth's future."

"Not really. The scene you gaze upon is neither past nor future; it is this moment. The past and future are different frames in the Greater Reality of Now."

"The giants?"

"That is your past, yet it is also a continuity in a different frame of Now."

"As you change in the moment, growing in consciousness both individually and as a people, so you alter the future and the past. All time occupies the same space. However, within this timelessness, there are infinite frames of reality. No frame is free from the effect of the eternal Now. Your Now can affect and change their Now."

*JoYS* Time & Help From Your Higher Sources:

We cannot experience the abstract levels of our essence except through our soul.

From our point of view as a personality, our higher levels of self are potential rather than realized. Our progression through the planes is not a progression through physical time. It is linear in one sense, but it is also true that all levels of self exist simultaneously. It is the focus of our awareness that progresses.

These higher-plane aspects of self give you resonance and relationship with what is coming in your experience.

Although we experience our nonphysical levels of self as potential, they are also functional in our lives. The oak tree could be seen as the essence of the acorn, guiding its development into the oak tree. The adult is its essence. When an essence is cast from the Tao, it is unrealized potential seeking realization. It guides its realization at every step.

*UR* The Final Result Also Affects the Original Idea:

(NOTE: Spontaneous ideals [idea to make] <---> [finished product].) To some extent great artists not only capture a physical picture of Inner Idea, capitalized, but they also have a hand in creating that idea or inner model to being with.

*UR* Future & Past Memory:

All consciousness, in all of its forms, exist at once. Go back to our bulb and flower. In basic terms they exist at once. In your terms, however, it is as if the flower-to-be, from its "future" calls back to the bulb and tells it how to make the flower. Memory operates backward and forward in time. The flower — calling back to the bulb, urging it "ahead" and reminding it of its (probable future) development is like a future self in your terms, or a more highly advanced self, who has the answers and can indeed be quite practically relied upon. Larger concepts of personhood will indeed lead you to some glimpse of the truly remarkable gestalts of consciousness from which you constantly emerge.

The fetus grows into an adult, not because it is programmed from the past, but because it is to some extent precognitively aware of its probabilities, and from the "future" then imprints this information into the past structure.

It is the body's own precognitions that allows the child to develop, to speak and walk and grow.

*SD&P* How Association Works:

Association is not clearly understood,. Because psychologists, at present, believe that it works only in connection with past events. Many associations are the results of events that happen in the dream state.

The mind, as opposed to the brain, perceives in terms of a spacious present. Therefore, it draws its associations not only from your present and past but also from your future.

Take an example: Frederick Y. Becomes ill whenever he smells a certain perfume. He does not know the reason.

Frederick may be reacting to an unpleasant event experienced in the dream state in which the upsetting situation was accompanied by the particular odor. [But] he could also be reacting to a future event of the same nature, for again, the mind does not break time into a series of moments.

*UR* Altering Both Past & Future:

Neither future nor past is predetermined. From your platform of poised now-experience, you alter both the past and the future, and that alteration, that change, that action, causes your point of immediate sense life.

The Unfoldment of Time - Fluctuation In & Out

*BS&S* Time, a Derivation of the Timeless:

Our 3D world does not use all probabilities. Whenever anything happens, the symmetry is broken. Moments in time can be viewed as projections from this same reality. Time, like space, is a derivative of a higher-dimensional ground. Time has an implicate order, and in any given moment the whole of time is enfolded. If we go far enough into the implicate order, what will later appear as succession is still co-present. Let us identify the lake with the implicate order. Now imagine a stream flowing from the lake. By creating the stream, the lake "expresses" itself fin a space-and-time order. Events being fed into the stream are what we refer to as "projection" (unfolding). "Injection" (enfolding) refers to the return of events to the lake. Projection and injection occur in a pulsating manner.

*BS&S* Projection & Injection:

All causation occurs through the process of projection and injection. A moment is one complete cycle of projection and injection. Since the implicate order is not local, similar forms resonate and are connected regardless of their location in space and time. All similar forms influence each other in the implicate order. The implicate order cannot function without the explicate order. Such an interchange implies that we are part of an eternal life-energy.

If all explications were creative, everything would disappear as soon as it appears. There would be no past. (* no context, living in the now) On the other hand, without creativity, we would be stuck in our past with no hope for release. The universe seems to be experimenting and thereby learning. Forms that do not last seemingly are not compatible with what we might consider the purpose of the universe. The implicate order, with guidance from the explicate, constantly creates new forms that either resonate, and thereby survive for a time, or disappear.

*SS* The Flickering In & Out:

Time as you think of it does not exist, yet in your terms, time's true nature could be understood if the basic nature of the atom was ever made known to you. In one way, an atom could be compared to a microsecond. (***!) It seems as if an atom "exists" steadily for a certain amount of time. Instead it phases in and out. It fluctuates in a highly predictable pattern and rhythm. It can be perceived within your system only at certain points in this fluctuation, so it seems to scientists that the atom is steadily present. They are not aware of any gaps of absence as far as the atom is concerned. In those periods of nonphysical prokection, the off periods of fluctuation, the atoms "appear" in another system of reality. In that system they are perceived in what are "on" point of fluctuation, and in that system also then the atoms (seem to ) appear steadily.

The same sort of behavior occurs on a deep, basic, secret, and unexplored psychological level. The physically oriented consciousness, responding to one phase of the atom's activity, comes alive and awake to its particular existence, but in between are other fluctuations in which consciousness is focused upon entirely different systems of reality; each of these coming awake and responding, and each one having no sense of absence, and memory only of those particular fluctuation to which they respond. These fluctuations are actually simultaneous. It would seem to you as if there would be gaps between the fluctuations, but the probable systems all exist simultaneously, and basically, following the discussion, the atom is in all these other systems at one time. We have been speaking in terms of fantastically swift pulses or fluctuations, so smooth and "brief" that you do not notice them. But there are also "slower," "more vast," "longer" fluctuations from your end of the scale. These affect entirely different systems of existence than any closely connected with your own. The experience of such kinds of consciousness is highly alien to you. One such fluctuation might take several thousand of your years, for example. These several thousand years would be experienced, say, as a second of your time, with the events occuring within it perceived simply as a "present period." The consciousness of such beings would also contain the consciousness of large numbers of probable selves and systems, experienced quite vividly and clearly as multiple presents. These multiple presents can be altered at any of an actual number of infinite points; infinity not existing in terms of one indefinite line, but in terms of numberless probabilities and possible combinations growing out of each act of consciousness. Such beings, with their multiple presents, may or may not be aware of your particular system. Their multiple present may or may not include it. In much more limited terms your probable realities are multiple presents. The image, for an analogy, of an eye within an eye within an eye, endlessly repeated, may be useful here. (* shroom sidestepping & shifting)

Electron Spin & Time Sequences

*UR* The Electron Spin & Time Sequences:

The electron's spin determines time "sequences" from your viewpoint. In those terms, then, a reversed spin is a reversed time motion. Electrons, however, spin in many directions at once, an effect impossible for you to perceive. There are "electromagnetic momentums thus achieved and maintained," certain stabilities that operate and maintain their own integrity, though these may not be "equal" at all portions of the spin. There are equalities set up "between" the inequalities.

Time, in your terms then, is spinning newly backward as surely as it is springing newly into the future. And it is spinning outward and inward into all probabilities simultaneously.

There are, nevertheless, unequal thrusts in all directions, though "equalities" can be ascertained by concentrating only upon certain portions of the spin.

The multidimensional aspects of the electron cannot be perceived within your three-dimensional system.

It is possible to understand the electron's nature and greater reality by using certain focuses of consciousness.

Time & Space

*UR2* Space & Time 101- What's Beneath Them, What They Are:

The mind takes up neither more nor less space, whether it be the mind of a flea or a man...

Your idea of space is some completely erroneous conception of an emptiness to be filled... True inner space is to the contrary vital energy, itself alive, possessing abilities of transformation, forming all existences, even the camouflage reality with which you are familiar, and which you attempt to probe so ineffectively...

The basic universe beneath all camouflage does not have an existence in space at all, as you envision it. Space is a camouflage...

[The value climate of psychological reality] is the medium. This takes the place of what you call space...

One of the main attributes of this value climate is spontaneity, which shows itself in the existence of the only sort of time that has any real meaning- that of the spacious present...

The spacious present, while existing spontaneously, while happening simultaneously, still contains within it qualities of duration.

*LBD* Time Becomes Space:

Richard Wagner: ‘Time becomes space.' In the supersensible world, time really does become space. (NOTE: Its brightness is how far it stretches ahead and behind itself)

The Now Creates Both Its Past & Future

*UR2* The Origin of Time:

Even in the dream state, any present expands into its own version of past and future; so in those terms the dream possesses its own background, its own kind of historic past, the moment you construct it...

The past and future ripple outward from any event, making it "thicker" than it appears to be.

In greater terms, the past is definitely created from the present... "Subatomic particles," however, appear in your present, rippling into your system's dimensions, creating their own "tracks," which scientists then try to observe. In some cases, unknowingly, your scientists are close to observing the birth of time effects within your system...

Any present event can bring about a memory of a similar event that occurred before, while instead each actually occurs at once.

*UR2* The Expansion of Time & Black/White Holes:

Time expands inwardly and outwardly in those terms- it does not just go forward (NOTE: Is this the black/white hole through which influences move?)

** The Source of Time:

(NOTE: The source of time is at the center of every atom, unmoving but flowing forward into time.)

*UR2* Ever-Active Past & Future Lives, Seth & Ruburt:

In certain terms, for instance, I am a future of Ruburt, but the "past" is always freshly creative. Ruburt's life as he knows it is not in my memory- because I did different things when I was Ruburt. And he is not bound by that reality that was mine.

I have memories of being Ruburt- but the Ruburt I was is not the Ruburt that Ruburt is in his reality. He surprises me, and his reactions alter my past. In his terms I am a future self, with far greater knowledge, yet he uses that knowledge to alter his present reality; and when I was Ruburt I did not have that knowledge. You can say then that I am altering my own past, but Ruburt's present experience also changes my present experience- and so there is an unending interchange...

Your personal living experience is always the main source of information.

*UR2* The Subjective Source of Time:

All "time" would be seen to flow out from the instant moment of perception, the private now; and in many ways the mass now, or mass perception, represents the overall now-point of your planet. From that now, "time" goes out in all probable directions. Actually it also goes inward in all probable directions.

*UR2* Fresh Creativity in the Past:

Ruburt can do many things that surprise me- that I did not do in my past, for remember that fresh creativity emerges from the past also...

Ruburt will be a different Seth than I am.

*DEVF1* Probable Pasts & Futures:

All of the probable versions of 1980 spin off their own probable pasts as well as their own probable futures.

Script: This is the answer to the literal understanding of how this is possible! The physical facts back it up, although I doubt any scientist has thought of it in these terms!
*ABTM* Time Traveling Particles:

As they exchange energy states, two particles can move backward in time as easily as forward; things that happened in the past can be altered by energy events in the future. (NOTE: Aha! This is how the now creates the past and future out of itself!)

*BMS* Tachyons & Time:

"Tachyons seem, like precognition, to reverse the arrow of time." -Michael Grosso

Infinity & Eternity

*ANMU* The Location of Infinity:

If [man] thinks of infinity he conceives it as outside him. In reality infinity is within him.

*B* Eternity, Beyond Time:

In eternity all time has its end and there is neither before nor after. There everything is present and new, everything which is there. And there you have in a present vision everything which ever happened or ever will happen.


Eternity would not be eternity if it could become new and were not continually the same.

The Influence of Time

*SC* People Without Concept of Past, Then Future:

I recall an interesting experiment where people were hypnotized so that they couldn't conceive of a past. As a result, they saw their future potential as unlimited. Without the weight of their personal history, they became more joyful, optimistic, and creative. But when these same people were hypnotized so that they couldn't conceive of a future, they became very depressed. Unable to see beyond their immediate circumstances, they had no dreams or hopes by which to lift themselves above the mundaneness of the present moment. (NOTE: Past is seen as "things you cant change" and thus was a release. Future is commonly seen as "space in which to change" but actually its only the moment that you can change in. The depression here was in that there was past motivations with no means of expression.)

*HoL* Cultures with Different Conceptions of Time:

The Native American culture, which didn't have clocks to create linear time, divided time into two aspects: the now and all other time. The Australian aborigines also have two kinds of time: the passing time and the Great Time. What occurs in the Great Time has sequence, but it cannot be dated.

Seeing Only into the Past

*CWG3* It Is Impossible to See the Present- You See Your Past in the Stars, Spacetime Explained:

When you look up, you see the stars- as they were hundred, thousands, millions of light-years ago. What you are seeing it not actually there. You are seeing what was there. You are seeing the past. And it is a past in which you participated...

You were there, experiencing those things, doing those things...

There is only One of us. So when you look up at the stars you are seeing what you would call OUR PAST...

It is impossible to see The Present. The Present "happens," then turns into a burst of light, formed by energy dispersing, and that light reaches your receptors, your eyes, and it takes time for it to do that.

All the while that light is reaching you, life is going on, moving forward. The next event is happening while the light from the last event is reaching you...

The more distance you place between your Self and the physical location of any event, the further into the "past" that event recedes. Place yourself a few light-years back, and what you are looking at happened very, very long ago, indeed.

Yet it did not happen "long ago." It is merely physical distance which has created the illusion of "time," and allowed you to experience your Self as being both "here, now" all the while you are being "there, then!"

One day you will see that what you call time and space are the same thing.

Then you will see that everything is happening right here, right now... (NOTE: As they converge on you, in your experience, they become real TO someone. Everyone.)

When you understand what I have told you, you will understand that nothing you see is real.

The Eternal Now

*ER* All is in the Now:

No need to announce the future!

This now is it. This. Your deepest need and desire

is satisfied by the moment's energy

here in your hand.

*DEVF2* Power is in the Present:

The present is the point of power. Given the genetic makeup that you now have, your conscious intents and purposes act as the triggers that activate whatever genetic or reincarnational aspects that you need.

The state of dreaming provides the connecting links between these systems of consciousness.

** Active Nows in the Past and Future:

(NOTE: What would constitute a "now" 1000 years ago? The ability to communicate with and alter each other. And so it is!)

*FWG* Now is the Moment of Power, Always:

For all that has ever happened, is happening now, and ever will happen, is happening right now. This it the eternal moment, the time of your new deciding.

The world awaits you, and your decision.

Faces of One Master Event Occuring in Different Times

*DEVF2* One Event Appearing in Different Times, Cross-Time Correspondence:

Time overlays are versions of master events, in that they occur in such a fashion that one "face" of an overall event may appear in one time, one in another, and so forth...

So-called present time is thickened, then, by a psychological realization on deep levels of the psyche that all events are interrelated, and that the reincarnational experiences of any given individual provide a rich source of experience from which each person at least unconsciously draws...

Mental associations at any given time may put you in correspondence with other events of a similar nature in some future or past incarnation... It is truer to say that those similar events are instead time versions of one larger event. As a rule you experience only one time version of any given action...

Time overlays present you with a picture in which you have free will- yet each event that you choose will have its own time version...

Such a time version suggests an occurrence in time, of course, and yet the event may leave only a ghostly track, so to speak, being hardly manifest, while in another life the time version may be of considerable prominence- while in your own experience it represents a fairly trivial incident of an ordinary afternoon.

The inner core of events, however, is held together by just that kind of activity...

In an experience last evening in the dream state (NOTE: This is a really good way of saying it), Ruburt received fresh evidence by viewing for himself portions of two other lives- merely snatches of environment, but so dearly filled with precious belongings and loved ones, so alive with immediacy- that he was shocked to realize that the full dimensions of existence could continue so completely in such detail and depth at the same time as his present life.

It seemed that he could step from any one such existence to the other as you might walk from one room to the other, and he knew that at other levels of the psyche this was indeed possible...

[Reincarnation's] reality, however, serves to generate activity throughout time's framework as you understand it, to unite the species, to reinforce structures of knowledge, to transmit information, and perhaps most of all to reinforce relationships involving love, brotherhood, and cooperation between generations of men and women that would otherwise be quite separate and apart from each other.

Through such relationships, for example, say, the cavemen and the people of the 22nd century rub elbows.

Different Species of Time

*DEVF2* Different Times:

There are dimensions of activity, then, that do not appear within time's structure, and developments that happen quite naturally, following different laws of development than those you recognize...

There are "durations," then, that have nothing to do with time as you understand it: psychological motions that manipulate time but are apart from it...

Your historical time is, say, but one species of time that dwells upon the earth. There are many others. Time itself emerges from idea, which is itself timeless, so in those terms there was no point where time began.

The Experience of Time

*DEVF2* All Time Is Psychological, Determined By Spin of Electrons:

Imagine, now, as far as you are able, the existence of All That Is, a consciousness so magnificently complex that what we may call its own psychological compartments are, literally now, infinite. All appearances of time, and all experience of it, must be psychological. The "speed" of electrons, for example, would reflect their psychological motion. (NOTE: So maybe the electron's spin shows ALL possible moments and the skipping out of what we don't see determines our interval. 34% lights up to our reality, so our interval is 34%)

*tSD* Time Is a Cross-Section:

Persons and things, which, dropping out of the to-be into the has-been, out of the future into the past- present momentarily to our senses a cross-section, as it were, of their total selves, as they pass through time and space (as matter) on their way from one eternity to another...

Our ideas, in short, on duration and time are all derived from our sensations according to the laws of association. Inextricably bound up with the relativity of human knowledge, they nevertheless can have no existence except in the experience of the individual ego, and perish when its evolutionary march dispels the Maya of phenomenal existence. What is Time, for instance, but the panoramic succession of our states of consciousness? (NOTE: Very good! What if things around us were to continue changing but none of that reached our consciousness. We'd be "frozen in time.")

*IL* The Cause of Time, Space, and Individuality:

It is only by reason of the phenomenon of Thought being born from the womb of Mind into the world of Matter that the illusions of Time, Space and Individuality occur.

*ER* The Experience of Time:

The mystic flies moment to moment.

The fearful ascetic drags along month to month.

But also the length of a "day" to a lover

may be fifty thousand years!

*SD&P* The Physical Body Contains Elements of the Past & Future Body:

The physical construction still contains elements of the "past" construction and is already becoming the "next" one.


Cycles of the Universe

The Divine Breath

Script: Is the following an ever-continuing process of the universe, or is this speaking of a great Pralaya, or dissolution and rebirth of all things?
*tSD* The Breath, the Expanding and Contracting Web & Light:

It (the Web) expands when the breath of fire (the Father) is upon it; it contracts when the breath of the mother (the root of Matter) touches it... When it (the Web) is cooling, it becomes radiant...

Great heat breaks up the compound elements and resolves the heavenly bodies into their primeval one element, explains the commentary. "Once disintegrated into its primal constituent by getting within the attraction and reach of a focus, or centre of heat (energy), of which many are carried about to and from in space, a body, whether alive or dead, will be vaporized and held in "the bosom of the Mother" until Fohat, gathering a few of the clusters of Cosmic matter (nebulae) will, by giving it an impulse, set it in motion anew, develop the required heat, and then leave it to follow its own new growth. (NOTE: Think big- suns as contractions and black holes as expansions.)

The expanding and contracting of the Web- i.e., the world stuff or atoms- expresses here the pulsatory movement; for it is the regular contraction and expansion of the infinite and shoreless Ocean of that which we may call the noumenon of matter emanated by Swabhavat, which causes the universal vibration of atoms...

"Fohat hardens the atoms"; i.e., by infusing energy into them...

It is through Fohat that the ideas of the Universal Mind are impressed upon matter... To the commonly known properties of electricity must, in this case, be added others, including intelligence.

*tSD* Hot/Cold, Male/Female, and the Breath:

"The Mother sleeps, yet is ever breathing." And every breath sends out into the plane of manifestation her Protean products, which, carried on by the wave of the efflux, are scattered by Fohat, and driven toward and beyond this or another planetary atmosphere... "The Breath of the Father-Mother issues cold and radiant and gets hot and corrupt, to cool once more, and be purified in the eternal bosom of inner Space."

Periods of Dissolution

*tSD* Periods of Dissolution:

[Pralaya (Dissolution)]... These periods, which follow each other in regular succession, are also called Kalpas, small and great.

*tSD* The Inbreathing & Outbreathing of the Universe:

The Secret Doctrine teaches the progressive development of everything, worlds as well as atoms; and this stupendous development has neither conceivable beginning nor imaginable end. Our "Universe" is only one of an infinite number of Universes, all of them "Sons of Necessity," because links in the great Cosmic chain of Universes, each one standing in the relation of an effect as regards its predecessor, and being a cause as regards its successor. (NOTE: In time?)

The appearance and disappearance of the Universe are pictured as an outbreathing and inbreathing of "the Great Breath."

Appearance & Disappearance of Worlds

*DEVF2* Inner Passageways Through the Universe, Flickering Earth:

There are what I can only call inner passageways throughout the universe. You know how one association can suddenly in your minds connect you with a past event so clearly that it almost seems to occur in the present- and indeed, a strong-enough memory is like a ghost event. So there are processes that work like associations, that can provide passageways through the universe's otherwise time-structured ways. These passageways are simply a part of the greater nature of events that you do not perceive.

At times your species has traveled those passageways, and many of your myths represent ghost memories of those events. There is a rhythm, again, to all existence, and so in your terms your species returned to its home planet, to renew its roots, refresh its natural stock, to return to nature, to find solace again amid the sweet ancient heritage of dusk and dawn.

The planet has seen many changes. It has appeared and disappeared many times. It flickers off and on- but because of the intervals of your attention, each "on" period seems to last for millions of years, of course, while at other levels the earth is like a firefly, flickering off and on.

*tSD* Influx & Outflux:

"The appearance and disappearance of Worlds is like a regular tidal ebb and flux and reflux." (See Part II, "Days and Nights of Brahma")