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Thought Forms

Thought Forms


Thought Forms

Nature of Thought

*IAD* Thought and Form:

All thought carries form.

*CJ* Thought-Forms, Learning How To Think, & Access To All Knowledge:

ROMC: "(speaking for the helpers)... The basic form of communication, which is the mind, is on a wavelength that is on a very high rate of vibration on the earth level...

"In the earth atmosphere, thought radiates from the human mind at a certain rate of vibration. Thoughts are energy, and as they come into being they are immediately dispersed into the atmosphere. Thoughts are powerful, and are at an extremely high frequency. They are limitless in their ability to travel and penetrate...

"Humans are taught what to think instead of how to think... The mind that is taught what to think is taught belief systems with limitations... This is the power of the human mind. It becomes what it thinks itself to be...

"Humans who are taught how to think would discover that the human mind is capable of travelling into the depths of every type of universe, to tap into all knowledge that exists. At the base of every human system is the very principle of universal knowledge. Every cell in the body is a pattern of the whole... All knowledge exists therein. Every human system is capable of tapping into that source, which is its very being. When this knowledge is understood, the human mind and human soul are then freed to explore the depths of all possible universes, which are all within."

*ND* Thoughts Are Things That Build on Themselves:

Edgar Cayce: "What one thinks continually, they become...

"For thoughts are things and as their currents run through the environs of an entity's experience these become barriers or stepping-stones, dependent upon the manner in which these are laid as it were."

*THAS* Thoughts Draw To You:

Landscape Angel: Each individual draws to himself the result of his thinking. You think positively about a situation and you manifest a positive result... All creation is light, though obscured by human thought.

*DEVF1* What Makes Us Human- Thoughts:

Your thoughts make you human.

*SL* Thoughts Mold Our Character:

As we reincarnate, thought molds our character; no one who molds character towards evil will thus discover tendencies to good.

*IL* As You Believe/Think, So It Is:

All things are to man's mortal consciousness what he thinks or believes they are.

*IL* Mis-Using Thought Power:

Not being conscious that thinking is creating and that it is one of My Divine Powers you are using, you have indeed all your life been thinking, but it has been mis-thinking...

You think you are separated from Me.

Thought Precedes & Develops the Brain

*TDA* Thought Developed the Cortex, Mind Then Brain:

Could it be that the natural and spontaneous and instantaneous flashes of thought... which would seem to characterize the mode of communication in the spirit world, was made to slow down and become mere potential communication in the dense realm and more or less dependent upon the development of higher brain mechanisms for their expression? If so, could this be what has given rise to language centers in the cortex, rather than vice versa? (NOTE: The mental screens that see, that pick up the spiritual?) ...Does Spirit think in symbols? -wouldn't that be more efficient than linear packaging..?

Does thought arise in different form from somewhere beyond the brain and then stimulate certain neurons of expression in the brain? Is it possible that our medical researchers have put the cart before the horse?..

Our Innate Imaginitive Language

*K* Clear Ideas and Clumsy Words:

Imagination has very accurately been called the creative faculty of the mind, and it is so in a more literal sense than many may suppose who use the phrase. This image-making capacity is the characteristic power of the mind, and a word is only a clumsy attempt to partially represent a mental image... We do our best thinking in symbols, and then laboriously and imperfectly summarize our symbols into words. In regions where mind speaks to mind there is perfect expression, far beyond anything words may convey; even in thought transference of a limited kind it is not words that are sent, but ideas. A speaker puts into words such part of his mental pictures as he can, and these words call up in the hearer's mind pictures corresponding to those in the mind of the speaker; the mind deals with the pictures, the images, not with the words, and half the controversies and misunderstandings that arise come about because people attach different images to the same words, or use different words to represent the same images.

A thought-form, then, is a mental image, created- or moulded- by the mind out of the subtle matter of the higher psychic plane..

*LBD* The Imagination:

We call the ‘elemental world' that world which can only be perceived by what we know as ‘imaginations'. Hence we may also call it the ‘imaginative world'... Imaginations are perpetually ebbing and flowing in us... In ordinary, every-day thoughts, only the head is concerned as an instrument of conscious assimilation and experience. In our imaginations, on the other hand, we partake with almost the whole of our organism- albeit, it is our etheric organism.


Script: This is a great model of attention!
*LotSB* A Literal Description of Focus of Attention on Thoughts:

Think of yourself, your mind, as a shining surface within a circle that can contract and grow small or expand and grow larger, smooth and glowing. A thought, like a speck of dust, floats down, touches the surface and immediately the surface contracts to a pin point and is concerned with a fear in that speck of thought. Hot cinders of irritation lodge on this smooth surface of content and happiness; the circle contracts and the cinder seems to become a mountain in proportion to the surface. (NOTE: focus, prana, becoming fire)

Types of Thought Forms

*TF* Astral Body Thought Forms & Projected Thought Forms:

When the man's energy flows outward toward external objects of desire, or is occupied in passional and emotional activities, this energy works in a less subtle order of matter than the mental, in that of the astral world. What is called his desire-body is composed of this matter, and it forms the most prominent part of the aura in the undeveloped man. When the man is of a gross type, the desire-body is of the denser matter of the astral plane, and is dull in hue, browns and dirty greens and reds playing a great part in it. Through this will flash various characteristic colors, as his passions are excited. A man of a higher type has his desire-body composed of the finer qualities of astral matter, with the colors, rippling over and flashing through it, fine and clear in hue. While less delicate and less radiant than the mental body, it forms a beautiful object, and as selfishness is eliminated all the duller and heavier shades disappear.

The desire (or astral) body gives rise to a second class of entities, similar in their general constitution to the thought-forms already described, but limited to the astral plane, and generated by the mind under the dominion of the animal nature.

Such a thought-form has for its body this elemental essence, and for its animating soul the desire or passion which threw it forth; according to the amount of mental energy combined with this desire or passion will be the force of the thought-form.

*AP* Artificial Astral Inhabitants:

The largest class of astral entities, is also much the most important to man. Being entirely his own creation, it is inter-related with him by the closest karmic bonds, and its action upon him is direct and incessant. It is an enormous inchoate mass of semi-intelligent entities, differing among themselves as human thoughts differ.

1. Elementals formed unconsciously

2. Elementals formed consciously

3. Human Artificials

*TF* Three Classes [Appearances] of Thought-Forms:

From the point of view of the forms which they produce we may group thought into three classes:

1. That which takes the image of the thinker. When a man thinks of himself as in some distant place, or wishes earnestly to be in that place, he makes a thought-form in his own image which appears there. Such a form has not infrequently been seen by others, and has sometimes been taken for the astral body or apparition of the man himself. In such a case, either the seer must have enough of clairvoyance for the time to be able to observe that astral shape, or the thought-form must have sufficient strength to materialize itself – that is, to draw round itself temporarily a certain amount of physical matter. The thought which generates such a form as this must necessarily be a strong one, and it therefore employs a larger proportion of the matter of the mental body, so that though the form is small and compressed when it leaves the thinker, it draws round it a considerable amount of astral matter, and usually expands to life-size before it appears at its destination.

2. That which takes the image of some material object. When a man thinks of his friend he forms within his mental body a minute image of that friend, which often passes outward and usually floats suspended in the air before him. In the same way if he thinks of a room, a house, a landscape, tiny images of these things are formed within the mental body and afterwards externalized. This is equally true when he is exercising his imagination; the painter who forms a conception of his future picture builds it up out of the matter of his mental body, and then projects it into space in front of him, keeps it before his mind's eye, and copies it. The novelist in the same way builds images of his characters in mental matter, and by the exercise of his will moves these puppets from one position or grouping to another, so that the plot of his story is literally acted out before him. With our curiously inverted conceptions of reality it is hard for us to understand that these mental images actually exist, and are so entirely objective that they may readily be seen by he clairvoyant, and can even be rearranged by some one other than their creator. Some novelists have been dimly aware of such a process, and have testified that their characters when once created developed a will of their own, and insisted on carrying the plot of the story along lines quite different from those originally intended by the author. This has actually happened, sometimes because the thought-forms we ensouled by playful nature-spirits, or more often because some ‘dead' novelist, watching in the astral plane the development of the plan of his fellow-author, thought that he could improve upon it, and chose this method of putting forward his suggestions.

3. That which takes a form entirely its own, expressing its inherent qualities in the matter which it draws round it. Only thought-forms of this third class can usefully be illustrated, for to represent those of the fist or second class would be merely to draw portraits or landscapes. In those types we have the plastic mental or astral matter molded in imitation of forms belonging to the physical plane; in this third group we have a glimpse of the forms natural to the astral or mental planes. Yet this very fact, which makes them so interesting, places an insuperable barrier in the way of their accurate reproduction.

Thought forms of this third class almost invariably manifest themselves upon the astral plane, as the vast majority of them are expressions of feeling as well as of thought. Those of which we here give specimens are almost wholly of that class, except that we take a few examples of the beautiful thought-forms created in definite meditation by those who, through long practice, have learnt how to think.

History of Magic & Thought-Forms

Actual Creation of Gods, Ghosts, & Protective Spirits

*tAW* Artificial Entities: Thought-Forms of Deities & Supernatural Beings:

Another, and quite large, class of these artificial entities, consist of thought-forms of supernatural (!) beings... For instance, a strongly religious mother, who prays for the protective influence of the angels around and about her children, and whose strong religious imagination pictures these heavenly visitors as present by the side of the children, frequently actually creates thought-forms of such angel guardians around her children... In this way, such guardian angels, so created, serve to protect the children and warn them from evil and against temptation. Many a pious mother has accomplished more than she realized by her prayers and earnest desires... Even after the mother has passed on to higher planes, her loving memory may serve to keep alive these thought-form entities, and thus serve to guard her loved ones.

In a similar way, many "family ghosts" have been created and kept in being in the same way, by the constantly repeated tale and belief in their reality, on the part of generation after generation. In this class belong the celebrated historic ghosts who warn royal or noble families of approaching death or sorrow.

Repeated thought, and repeated belief, will serve to keep alive and to strengthen these entities- otherwise they will disappear in time.

Many supernatural visitors, saints, semidivine beings, etc., of all religions have been formed in this way... In many temples in oriental countries, there have been created, and kept alive for many centuries, the thought-form entities of the minor god and saints, endowed in thought with great power of response to prayer, offering, and ceremonies. Those accepting the belief in these powers, are brought into harmony with its vibrations, and are effected thereby, for good or evil.

The power of the devils of savage races arise in the same way... Many of the effects of sorcery, black-magic, etc., were produced in this way- the element of belief, of course, adding greatly to the effect. The Voodoo practices of Africa, and later, of Martinique; and the Kahuna practices of Hawaii, are based on these same principles. The effect of "charms," etc., depend on the same laws, including the effect of faith.

*SL* Help & Protection From Consciously-Created Thought-Forms:

In the physical world a people will be able to aid and protect others, by consciously sending forces from the astral to effect this purpose. They will be able to think a useful thought and clothe it in elemental essence, thus creating an artificial elemental which can be directed to help the weaker, to safeguard the unprotected, to ward off danger...

The most backward will be aided by those who have advanced further... The majority will be available from which to draw helpers to guide, comfort and direct the more ignorant souls who have cast off the garment of the physical body.

*GHL* Incubus & Succubus- Negatively Charged Thought-Forms:

"The terms incubus and succubus have been applied indiscriminately by the Church Fathers to elementals. The incubus and succubus, however, are evil and unnatural creations, whereas elementals is a collective term for all the inhabitants of the four elemental essences. According to Paracelsus, the incubus and succubus (which are male and female respectively) are parasitical creatures subsisting upon the evil thoughts and emotions of the astral body... While these larvae are in no sense imaginary beings, they are, nevertheless, the offspring of the imagination. By the ancient sages they were recognized as the invisible cause of vice because they hover in the ethers surrounding the morally weak and continually incite them to excesses of a degrading nature... By permitting his senses to become deadened through indulgence in habit-forming drugs or alcoholic stimulants, the individual becomes temporarily en rapport with these denizens of the astral plane." -Manly Palmer Hall

*GHL* Vampire:

"Differing widely from the elementals and also the incubus and succubus is the vampire, which is defined by Paracelsus as the astral body of a person either living or dead (usually the latter state). The vampire seeks to prolong existence upon the physical plane by robbing the living of their vital energies and misappropriating such energies to its own ends.

"In his De Ente Spirituali paracelsus writes thus of these malignant beings: ‘A healthy and pure person cannot become obsessed by them, because such Larvae can only act upon men if the latter make room for them in their minds... If they are allowed to enter, the excite the passions of men and women, they create cravings in them, they produce bad thoughts." -Manly Palmer Hall

*GHL* Pagan Gods as Elementals:

"A number of authorities are of the opinion that many of the gods worshipped by the pagans were elementals." -Manly Palmer Hall

*AP* The White Bird of the Oxenhams- A Powerful Thought-Form:

The white bird of the Oxenhams, whose appearance has ever since the time of Queen Elizabeth been recognized as a sure presage of the death of some member of the family. A phenomenon of this order occurs in connection with the family of one of our members. Consisting only of a solemn and impressive strain of dirge-like music, which is heard apparently floating in the air three days before the death takes place. According to family tradition the same thing had been happening for several centuries. Somewhere in the twelfth century the head of the family went to the crusades and took with him to win his spurs in the sacred cause his youngest and favorite son, a promising youth whose success in life was the dearest wish of his father's heart. Unhappily, however, the young man was killed in battle, and the father was plunged into the depths. So poignant, indeed, were the old man's feelings that he castoff his knightly armor and joined one of the great monastic orders, vowing to devote all the remainder of his life to prayer, first for the soul of his son, and secondly that henceforward no descendant of his might ever again encounter what seemed to his simple and pious mind the terrible danger of meeting death unprepared. Day after day for many a year he poured all the energy of his soul into the channel of that one intense wish. Our knightly monk created an artificial elemental of immense power and resourcefulness for its own particular object, and accumulated within it a store of force which would enable it to carry out his wishes for an indefinite period. An elemental is a perfect storage-battery – one from which there is practically no leakage; and when we remember what its original strength must have been, and how comparatively rarely it would be called upon to put it forth, we shall scarcely wonder that even now it exhibits unimpaired vitality.

*AP* Artificially Created Dieties

Such [consciously formed elementals] occasionally, for various reasons, escape from the control of those who are trying to make use of them and become wandering and aimless demons. But those that we are considering having much more intelligence and power, and a much longer existence are proportionately more dangerous. They invariably seek for means of prolonging their life either by feeding like vampires upon the vitality of human beings, or by influencing them to make offerings to them; and among simple half-savage tribes they have frequently succeeded by judicious management in getting themselves recognized as village or family gods. Any deity which demands sacrifices involving the shedding of blood may always be set down as belonging to the lowest and most loathsome class of this order; other less objectionable types are sometimes content with offerings of rice and cooked food of various kinds. (NOTE: Why?) Invariably making themselves unpleasant in some way or other if the accustomed sacrifices are neglected. For example, it was asserted recently that in one Indian village the inhabitants had found that whenever for any reason the local deity did not get his or her regular meals, spontaneous fires began to break out with alarming frequency among the cottages, sometimes three or four simultaneously, in cases where they declared it was impossible to suspect human agency.

*AP* Elementals & Atlantis:

The art of manufacturing artificial elementals of extreme virulence and power seems to have been one of the specialties of the magicians of Atlantis. It is more than eleven thousand years since the cataclysm. The ghastly Kali, worshipped even to this day with rites too abominable to be described – might well be a relic of a system which had to be swept away even at the cost of the submergence of a continent, and the loss of sixty-five million human lives.

*EbotD* Multi-Meaning Egyptian Words:

"The Egyptian word that begins most of the subdivisions is ro, a term with a wide range of meanings. The basic meaning is ‘mouth,' but it can also mean a speech, a chapter in a book, a spell, or a magical incantation." -Dr. Ogden Goelet, Jr.

*EbotD* The Power of Egyptian Spoken Magic:

"The number of words in the Egyptian language which could be translated as ‘magic' is in indication of the complexity of their thoughts concerning magic." -Dr. Ogden Goelet, Jr.

Thought Forms Are Objective

*tAW* The Creation & Decay of Astral Forms:

The astral material is not thrown into shape by physical forces, but is shaped and formed only by the thought and imaginative power of the minds of those inhabiting that plane. But these shapes, forms and structures of the astral material are not to be thought of as existing merely in the mind of the astral dwellers. They have an independent existence of their own, being composed of astral material, though shaped, formed and built up directly by the mind-power of the astral dwellers, instead of by the physical forces of nature.

The astral scenery, etc., survives the passing away of the mind which built it up, and disintegrates only after the passage of considerable time... As for the power of imagination of man, do not be deceived for a moment- for this is one of the most efficient powers in nature, and operates strongly even on the material plane, though on the Astral its power is more easily recognized by the senses.

Intensity of Thought Determines the Life-Span of Thought-Forms

*K* The Life-Span of Thought-Forms:

The life-period of these ensouled thought-forms depends first on their initial intensity, on the energy bestowed upon them by their human progenitor; and secondly on the nutriment supplied to them after their generation, by the repetition of the thought either by him or by others. Their life may be continually reinforced by their repetition, and a thought which is brooded over, which forms the subject of repeated meditation, acquires great stability of form on the psychic plane. So again thought-forms of a similar character are attracted to each other and mutually strengthen each other, making a form of great energy and intensity, active in this astral world.

*C&HEF* The Energy Behind Thought-Forms:

Although holding on to such an image may be an excellent exercise in mental concentration, it will have little effect on the mental, astral and etheric fields unless it is energized and becomes dynamic. For example, if a person is emotionally upset and is told to visualize a green disk over the solar plexus area in order to help him calm down, it should be perceived as a green light flowing into his solar plexus and thence harmonizing the whole abdominal region.

In another experiment, DVK was asked to observe the effect on VPN's throat chakra as she visualized certain geometrical forms and colors. DVK was not told what symbols were being used, but was merely to observe their effects on this chakra, which was somewhat leaky.

At first, VPN visualized a deep blue-violet diamond-shaped pattern a few centimeters in size and localized in front of the throat chakra. DVK reported no effect. The second symbol visualized was a golden diamond-shaped object. DVK reported that the image was speeding up the throat chakra very slightly, but that the effect was more apparent on the astral level than on the etheric, where the symbol did not seem to hit the core of the center. When a silver-blue diamond was visualized, it too affected the astral chakra but not the etheric. The conclusion seemed to be that when visualization is a purely mental exercise, it does not seem to affect the chakras. On the other hand, they do respond to the visualization of a symbol, which has some significance or inner meaning for the practitioner, as attested by the effective use of visualization in patients.

*TF* Vibrations Depend of Initial Strength, Sympathize With Others:

These radiating vibrations, like all others in nature become less powerful in proportion to the distance from their source. Vibrations, whenever they strike upon another mental body, tend to provoke it in their own rate of motion. These waves tend to produce in his mind thoughts of the same type as that which had previously arisen in the mind of the thinker who sent forth the waves. The distance to which such thought-waves penetrate, and the force and persistency with which they impinge upon the mental bodies of others, depend upon the strength and clearness of the original thought. In this way the thinker is in the same position as the speaker. The voice of the latter sets in motion waves of sound in the air which radiate from him in all directions, and convey his message to all those who are within hearing, and the distance to which his voice can penetrate depends upon its power and upon the clearness of his enunciation.

*AP* Elementals Formed Unconsciously- Thought-Forms & How Long They Last:

When the human mind formulates a definite, purposeful thought or wish, the effect produced is of the most striking nature. The thought seizes upon the plastic essence, and moulds it instantly into a living being of appropriate form – a being which when once thus created is in no way under the control of its creator, but lives out a life of its own, the length of which is proportionate to the intensity of the thought or wish which called it into existence. Just as long as the thought-force holds it together. Most people's thoughts are so fleeting and indecisive that the elmentals created by them last only a few minutes or a few hours, but an often repeated thought or an earnest wish will form an elemental whose existence may extend to many days.

*SD&P* The Duration of a Thought-Form & Its Traces:

The original intensity behind the construction determines its duration. Left alone, any such construction will eventually vanish. It will leave a trace, however, in electromagnetic reality where it can then be activated by anyone when certain conditions are met or are favorable.

Denying energy to such a construction can be like pricking a balloon. Then all attention must be taken from it, for it thrives upon attention.

Created Thought Form Objects(RB): You can use your conscious mind to create objects while projecting. The duration of these thought-form created objects depends on the strength of your creative visualization ability. It also depends on how much time and effort you put in to a creation.

*EoH* Prana Inflates Thoughts:

Paraphrase: You breathe prana into a thought. (NOTE: that's what inflates it- attention)

*C&HEF* The Exchange of Mental Energy & Thought-Forms:

The energies at the mental level are discharged at a more rapid rate and with more volatility than the lower energies. In fact, when energy flows actively in and out this lights up the field around the individual and this affects his environment in direct proportion to the strength of the thought. Thus ideas which are charged with mental power strongly influence other individuals. This may or may not be directly related to the truth of the ideas themselves: grand ideas stand the test of history and contribute to the growth of human culture, but mistaken ideas can dominate large groups of people when these are projected with great force and conviction, as was the case in Nazi Germany.

How are such widespread ideas transmitted? Through sharing a common vision or world-view based upon a strong mental image. Such a mental image has come to be known as a thought-form. The spread of ideas is achieved through the mind's ability to construct a powerful and well-defined image within the mental body, and then direct it toward its object with clarity and intensity. This ability to project one's thoughts clearly is an important factor in successful teaching. But the ability to create strong thought-forms can also react upon us negatively, for if they become too rigid they can surround and imprison us within a wall of our own making, thus preventing the inrush of new ideas and fresh mental energy. We then become ideologues, or fanatics who reject all but their own interpretations of truth.

Science of Mind- Releasing Thought

*CMS* Changes in the Science of Mind:

We... have modified our techniques slightly... We no longer ‘hold thought'. We think positive thoughts- and then release them, charged with the spiritual energy of Faith, into the Universal Mind which is common to all men.

Neither do we use the ‘power of will' to set the Law in motion. We use our God-given power of choice- either to use the Law constructively or destructively.

The Influence From & Growth of Thought Forms

*WtK* Fear is a Thought-Form:

The moment you let fear enter the mind, you are sucked into the emotional or astral plane, and unless you are able calmly to face it there and see it for just what it is- a craven creature of your own imagining, which has come to you to be fed, for it has no life but what you give it by recognition and tremblingly entertaining it...

Every disciple must learn, the moment any fear of whatsoever nature appears, to detect it immediately and to call it forth into the open, compel it to stand in front of him as it were, so that he can look it squarely in the face and see it for the cowardly thing it is- usually some form of selfish quality that is being disturbed in its mental dominion and thus seeks to maintain its hold over the soul.


If any such thoughts come begging for admittance- the fearful, doubting, worrying, unhappy, self-pitying, hateful, jealous ones- it is only self crying out, thinking of itself first, not concerned about others...

Watch all the thoughts that come claiming your attention, and learn to discriminate between them, to know their source, whether they are your own creations or some one's else; and particularly to note how many of the negative ones are your own, and how they keep coming back to you to be fed by more of the feelings which gave them birth and have kept them alive since.

*WO* The Life Force of Thought-Forms:

The thoughts themselves are but mental forms, but when you think them with feeling of any kind you fill these forms with life and they become as living things which ever return to you, their parent, to be fed with more living power... All the thoughts which persistently influence your mind and harass you, are only your mental children clamoring for food and attention, and compelling more worrying, anxiety, or fear from you: all of which are excellent food containing rich vital power, and which makes them grow rapidly...

*VftA* Dark Thought-Forms & Their Creators & Feeders:

Angels: "A demonic being is any individualized essence that has as its motivating force the destruction of the soul and the turning of that soul away from the Divine, away from its oneness with the whole. Because these beings were created not by God, but by the contracted energies emanating from the hearts of men, they are soulless entities. They were formed of and are perpetuated and fed by the collective darkness emanating from the minds and emotions of souls who have rejected their true essence...

"Rather than being filled with the love and peace that comes with this acceptance of their true nature, they are instead filled with fear and a deep aching emptiness over which they feel powerless... Their fear drives them to create, by calling up of lower emotional energies, a demonic essence. They then enlist this essence to do their bidding in an attempt to achieve power over their reality. (NOTE: This is a weird definition... they wouldn't feel empty unless they were ensouled)

"These types of demonic beings, because they have no souls, also have no knowing of God, of what is best for the whole. They have no life force, no spiritual energy of their own, and are therefore depending for their existence upon the perpetuation and absorption of inappropriate energies generated by human action and emotion. They become the very embodiment of such emotions as lust, hatred, greed, fear, and cruelty. They can easily be directed by humans bent upon the misuse of power. These humans then become their masters for a time. Yet, inevitably the master is overcome and destroyed by his creation. This demonic being then moves on to create more mindless destruction and chaos in the lives and souls of susceptible individuals.

"[The human creators of these demons] have turned their backs on love. Their only goal is power. This need to control all they see and to destroy what they cannot control stems from a deep fear. That fear is the fear of not being a part of- not being loved, not being cared for or nurtured, not safe in God's arms. (NOTE: This is stated without compassion. This is a temporary, lost state, never one's nature)

"This is what these lost souls experience. This is what they live. This is not God's reality, but the reality they have created for themselves... They consciously or unconsciously call upon demonic beings, who were formed by the generations of lower energies and the pulling together of these energies over centuries, over aeons of time, in the hope that this will give them the power they seek...

"There also exist souls, who were created by God pure and filled with light, but who have chosen to manifest darkness... Their only aim is destruction. This need to destroy comes from a wounded heart filled with despair. They have rejected love and contracted into a space of fear so deep and overwhelming that they no longer remember who they really are."

*PAP* Thought-Form Influence:

For centuries we have been developing certain kinds of "energies" which live at our expense. We feed from our vitality a mass of beings, embryos of life, which we have attracted by our manner of thinking and acting, and we must expect a reaction on their part. One of the favorite methods of these entities is to inspire in their father a deep disgust, a moral lassitude, a profound inertia. The student sees the black side of things.

*R* Thought Forms:

Everyone can be transformed; every thought can be transmitted; every thought can be visibly embodied...

Subjective words- subconscious assumptions- awaken what they affirm... They are endowed with the intelligence pretaining to their mission and will persist until the object of their existence is realized... The moment the object of their creation is accomplished they cease to be.

*K* The Re-Influencing Power of Thought-Forms:

Thought-forms are connected with their progenitor by what- for want of a better phrase- we must call a magnetic tie; they react upon him, producing an impression which leads to their reproduction, and in the case mentioned above, where a thought-form is reinforced by repetition, a very definite habit of thought may be set up, a mould may be formed into which thought will readily flow- helpful if it be of a very lofty character, as a noble ideal, but for the most part cramping and a hindrance to mental growth.

*BDL* Elementals Affected By Humans:

S: There are entities which are just elementals which have been warped by human contact. There are also entities which are elementals which have been lifted by human contact. It's all in the exposure...

Elementals are Earth spirits...

Elementals live upon feeling energies. You will find some who live in churches. They feel the uplifting of prayer and the happiness that lives in that place, and they feed upon these emotions. And then there are those that feed upon hate and lust and things like that, and they congregate around places that generate those emotions.

*BDL* Elemental Possession:

S: When [some people] talk of possessions, usually they are talking of an elemental overtaking...

They could evolve into a higher form, but they would never be allowed to incarnate...

People who are presumably "possessed" are actually examples of those spirits who have a particularly bad dose of negative energies attracted to them. It had gotten strong enough to start influencing them on the physical plane. These spirits when they cross over will have to spend quite some time in the resting place to rid themselves of this...

The cases of so-called "possession" are generally caused by someone who has allowed their karma to become seriously imbalanced, leaving a vacuum in part of their karmic energies where other energies can enter in...

The reason why they enter in is because there is a serious imbalance and a vacuum there, and the vacuum needs to be filled. It is like a magnet to them and they are drawn in without their really wanting to be drawn in... And the violence that ensues is because they are not as organized, in energy terms, as the human soul is. They are more loosely formed and so they are not able to have organized action: thus violent actions are the result...

As things get back in balance, the elementals would have to leave just as a natural course of events...

The person involved must actively work with themselves to be able to balance the imbalance...

See yourself enveloped in a pyramid of white energy surrounding, perhaps, the entire building you are in.

*WotT* Thought Forms:

Although now the being of those forms is weak, they are capable of becoming concrete particulars existing with a being even stronger than the being of material force.

"Every man creates with his imagination things which have no being outside the place of his intention…Yet his intention continues to preserve them without this act of preservation at all tiring him; whenever neglect overtakes him, though, that which he created disappears.

*AP* Thought-Forms & Their Will To Live:

Since the ordinary man's thoughts refer very largely to himself, the elementals they form remain hovering about him, and constantly tend to provoke a repetition of the idea they represent, since such repetitions, instead of forming new elementals, would strengthen the old one, and give it a fresh lease of life. A man, therefore, who frequently dwells upon one wish often forms for himself an astral attendant which, constantly fed by fresh thought, may haunt him for years, ever gaining more and more strength and influence over him; and it will easily be seen that if the desire be an evil one the effect upon his moral nature may be of the most disastrous character.

Furthermore, it appears to be actuated, like most other beings, by an instinctive desire to prolong its life, and thus reacts on it creator as a force constantly tending to provoke the renewal of the feeling which called it into existence. It also influences in a similar manner others with whom it comes into contact, though its rapport with them is naturally not so perfect.

*UR* Thought-Forms Seeking Fulfillment:

Thoughts have their own kind of structure, as cells do, and they seek their own fulfillment. They move toward like thoughts, and you have as a species an inner mass body of thought. Privately your thoughts are expressions of your idealizations; and while expressing those inner patterns they also modify and creatively change them. As cells respond at certain levels to ever-changing streams of probabilities, so do your thoughts. (NOTE: Motivation capacitors!)

*C&HEF* Thought-Forms and Habitual Emotional Patterns:

Each human being is constantly creating waves and currents of emotional energy by the ways he responds to the world around him. In our immediate neighborhood, we "people" our space with our emotional images, whether positive, negative or neutral. In turn, these images crowd in upon us and encourage us to repeat the same feelings that fostered them. Thus we develop habitual emotional patterns. The material of the astral world is very impressionable, and responds quickly to the thought-forms or images which we imbue with our feelings. Such images may melt like snow in the sun and vanish, but others may be more enduring and stay with us a long time.

How We Are Affected by the Elemental Essence

*T* Elemental Effects on Humans:

The beings that work on our physical body are the same ones that shape the minerals in nature. The ones that work on our ether body are the same kind as those that live in the plant kingdom, and the ones that work on our sentient soul body are the same kind as those that are active in the animal kingdom.

Thoughts From Other Minds

*WO* Thoughts Also Come From Other Minds:

What is ordinarily called thinking is only the admitting into your mind of thoughts that originated chiefly in other minds.

*BMS* Autonomic Control:

"We found that, compared to noninfluence, control period, the distant persons did indeed evidence greater autonomic activity during periods when the influencers were mentally intending for this to happen, and showed lowered autonomic activity when reduced activity was the aim. We also found preliminary indications that persons are able to "block" unwanted influences upon their own physiological systems through their own interfering intentions and imagery." -William Braud

*SL* Unwanted, Uncharacteristic Nasty Thoughts- The Life Cycle of Thought-Forms:

Another difficulty that sorely bewilders and distresses aspirants is the unbidden presence of thoughts and desires that are incongruous with their life and aims. When they would contemplate the holy, the presence of the unholy thrusts itself upon them... Where do these thronging forms of evil that crowd around come from?... Can an aspirant really be the parent of this foul swarm?...

Life embodies itself in forms, and the life-energy which comes forth from that aspect of the Self which is knowledgeable molds the matter of the mental plane into thought-forms. The vibrations that affect the mental body determine the materials that are built into its composition... If the consciousness ceases to work in a particular way, the materials which answered to those previous workings gradually lose their activity, finally becoming effete matter and being shaken out of the mental body. A considerable number of stages, however, intervene to mental impulses and its final deadness when ready for expulsion. Until the last stage is reached, the mental matter is capable of being thrown into renewed activity by mental impulses, either from within or from without. Long after the person has ceased to energize it, having outgrown the stage it represents, it may be thrown into active vibration and made to start up as a living thought by a wholly external influence.

For example, we have succeeded in purifying our thoughts from sensuality... We are no longer vivifying the coarse matter, which in the mental and astral bodies vibrates under such impulses, and the thought-forms we created are dying or dead. But we meet someone in whom these things are active, and the vibrations sent out by that person revivify the dying thought-forms, lending them a temporary artificial life. They appear as our own thoughts... The very contrast they afford to our purified mind adds to the harassing torture of their presence... When we learn their true nature, they lose their power to torment.

Charging Matter with Thought Energy

*PotC* The Light of Sacred Objects:

Suddenly, the luminosity of some bright and pretty objects on the ground caught my attention as I was coming from the side of the hill. As I descended to observe the objects more closely, their brightness increased and it was possible to identify a luminescence emanating from several tombstones... I had the idea of grabbing one of the ornamental pieces from a tomb; a small reclining angel which glowed like a light bulb. As soon as I thought it, the action took place. I fully experienced the sensation of feeling the object and receiving its luminescence, like "star dust" in my hands.

Finding the luminous radiation strange, an intuitive explanation came from deep within me. This was the accumulation of thosenes generated by the loved ones of the person whose soma was buried there. A similar thing occurs with images in religious temples which seem to acquire life from the intense energy imparted to them through the prayers of the faithful over time...

The positive emanations... turn into luminous energy. The essence of everything in life is thought, emotion and energy. What we think with passion, we materialize and impregnate with life...

My hands seemed to attract the luminescence of the object, like a magnet attracting slivers of iron, which I could touch and feel.

*SS* Thought-Forms:

Your emotional intensity and focus create forms beside your physical body. Some more sophisticated scientific instruments than you now have would clearly show not only the existence of these forms, but also vibrations in varying waves of intensity surrounding those physical objects that you do perceive.

The Clear Light Between Thoughts

*TYSD* The Clear Light Between Thoughts:

From The Path of Knowledge: The Yoga of the Six Doctrines:

9) The identification [or realization of the Clear Light] is to be attained in the interval between the cessation of one thought and the birth of the next thought...

12) The unobscured, primordial condition of the mind, which shineth in the interval between the cessation of one thought-formation and the birth of the next, is the Mother Clear Light.

*TYSD* Knowledge Comes From Contact Between Forms & the Formless:

From The Path of Knowledge: The Yoga of the Six Doctrines:

35) ...It hath been said:

‘When illusory forms contact the Formless, Knowledge dawneth.'

Recognizing Thought Forms

*ASJ* Passing Astral Tests For Pupilship- Not Being Tricked By Thought-Forms:

The Master: ‘Before a human being can be utilized for occult work by these great Beings, he must show that he has eradicated completely the emotion of fear from his make up and must prove that at all times he is willing to sacrifice himself in the interest of the work. It is necessary for the student to pass five astral tests- these are usually remembered by him in the form of dreams or nightmares... The dream you had on Wednesday night was actually an astral test... The test was to prove that, although obviously you were frightened by the gorilla-like creature, actually a thought-form created by the Master concerned, yet you were willing to forget yourself and if necessary make the supreme sacrifice, in order to protect what was only a thought-form of Daphne... As a personality you know very little about such things, but the real you, the ego, knows perfectly well what is happening and he, I happen to know, is very keen indeed to make the grade and be used for the helping of humanity...

‘Before you can qualify for this special work... you have to know how to move about quickly and effectively on all the different planes of the astral world. You have to know all about the lower astral entities... and must be trained so that the hypnotic effect of the eyes of such creatures has no effect on you. There is a fire test, taking the shape of a fierce forest fire, which you must walk through without fear and with unhurried steps... The terrific heat, which you feel in your astral body in the same way that a physical fire of similar dimensions would be felt, is likely to terrify you and... once you realize that because you are in your astral body you cannot be harmed, you calmly walk through the fire and the test has been passed. There is a water test which teaches you to travel under the sea, and you would be surprised at the number of students who fail that. They succumb to a feeling of suffocation... You have to satisfy the Master who is interested in you that you can differentiate between a permanent inhabitant of the astral world an one who is sojourning there during a sleep period. You must prove that you have developed the sympathetic understanding which enables you to work in conjunction with the members of the deva evolution... you must be able to tell the difference between a thought-form of a particular person and the man himself... Impersonations are very common in the astral world and you have to be trained to use certain power signs, which enable you to prove conclusively whether the person concerned is genuine or not. You have probably heard of vampires. They do exist but fortunately are uncommon. They live under similar conditions to suicides; both are earthbound, and you must know not only how to help them, but how to release them from their bondage.'

*ASJ* A Thought-Form Christ:

The Master: ‘You remarked to your guide that all that Christ was saying had already been recorded in the different gospels of the New Testament. That in itself should have been sufficient proof to you that it was not the great Being, who was known on earth as Christ, who was speaking, but merely the expression of that founder of the Christian faith that was part of the thoughts and minds of His most faithful followers. I am sure that had Christ himself been speaking... the impression of what he said would not so easily have been erased from your memory.'

The View From Inside & Outside a Thought-Form

Forms Are Chosen To Present Feelings

*BDL* A Spirit Friend, A Thought-Form Room, the View of Ectoplasm From Outside the Form:

S: The appearance he has is that of a mature man in his late forties. The signs of age that he wears are not due to his condition but to personal choice for the mental reactions that he wants from others. He has black hair that is graying at the temples and a well-turned mustache and beard. He looks like a British doctor from the turn of the century. And he is dressed in an old-fashioned three-pieced suit, very distinguished looking with black polished shoes. That is just the image he's maintaining today. We are in a place that looks like a man's study. There is a hardwood floor with an oriental carpet and a leather-topped desk. Leather upholstered chairs and shelves of books all the way to the ceiling, and a fireplace...

He is wanting to project an image towards me. The feeling of being like a father protector or an uncle or someone who has my welfare in mind and wants to help and protect me. He knows that I am more comfortable with someone who looks like an ordinary human being rather than someone wrapped in white flowing robes. I would be more apt to feel an affinity with him...

He and I are the only two in this study... It is just an image surrounding us to set a certain atmosphere. And so, were one to see it from the outside they would merely see a large piece of ectoplasm. It would look rather like a blob of mist. But they would know from the psychic feeling emanating from it that it was an ectoplasmic construct being used for a specific purpose. And they would also be able to realize that we were within this construct of ectoplasm...

Most of the time when we get together he appears like this, or rather in his face he is like this. Sometimes he is dressed differently. Sometimes he has more or less gray in his hair. But I usually identify him with a certain psychic feeling rather than with a particular visual appearance.

Our Pictures of Others' Thoughts

*WtK* The Outpicturing Capabilities of the Human Mind:

Those who have studied the processes of the human mind know that its nature is such as automatically to build mental pictures of every thought vibration that enters the consciousness. A thought thus becomes a picture, and on all the outer and inner planes of human consciousness what one really sees are the mind's picturized interpretations of thoughts or vibrations coming from the minds of others. These pictures or thought creations fill the astral and mental realms of mortal consciousness, and as they all have to be redeemed and lifted up into the Christ Consciousness, you can see what a work we have to do. (NOTE: -To have Monroe's pure rings)

*ASJ* Molding Astral Matter- Differing Ideas of One Object:

I saw Charles dressed in his uniform because that was what he was wearing the last time I had seen him and so I, unknowingly, had made a thought-form of him dressed in his uniform, and the plastic astral matter had immediately responded to my thought. He told me also that even if Charles had thought about what he was wearing before seeing me, I should not have seen him dressed in the type of clothing he had imagined, unless he had mentioned it to me. I would always see him dressed as I imagined he would be. (NOTE: This is really interesting. Do you actually shape the astral matter or do you form internal impressions of it? Do you make objective or subjective changes?)

Communicating Through Others' Thought-Forms of Us

*DP* Images of Friends & Their Ability to Express Through Them:

In most instances observed on this level the images of the loved ones are very far from perfect, and consequently the true egos or souls of the friends who are loved can express themselves but poorly through them; though even at the worst that expression is much fuller and more satisfying than it ever was in physical life. In earth-life we see our friends so partially; we know only those parts of them which are congenial to us, and the other sides of their characters are practically non-existent for us... Indeed, if it were possible for us, with the direct and perfect vision of the mental plane, to see for the first time the whole of our friend when we met him after death, the probability is that he would be quite unrecognizable...

Two factors have to be taken into account in our consideration of this subject- the degree of development of each of the persons concerned. If the man in the heaven-life has strong affection and some development in spirituality he will form a clear and fairly perfect thought-image of his friend as he knew him- an image through which at that level of the soul of the friend could express himself to a very considerable extent. But in order to take full advantage of that opportunity it is necessary that that soul should himself be very fairly advanced in evolution...

But in any and every case the soul of the friend is reached by the feeling of affection, and whatever may be its stage of development it at once responds by pouring itself forth into the image which has been made.

*DP* Multiply Appearing & The Infinite Nature of Dimensions:

An interesting point is that since a man may well enter into the heaven-life of several of his departed friends at once, he may thus be simultaneously manifesting himself in all these various forms, as well as, perhaps, managing a physical body down here... It is just as easy for him to manifest himself in several of these celestial images at once, as it is for us to be simultaneously conscious of the pressure of several different articles against different parts of our body. The relation of one plane to another is like that of one dimension to another; no number of units of the lower dimension can ever equal one of the higher, and in just the same way no number of these manifestations could exhaust the power of response in the ego above...

A soul may be shining out gloriously through his image in a friend's heaven-life, and yet in his manifestation through the physical body on this plane that soul may be entirely unconscious of all this.

*DP* An Example of Images of Friends:

A mother... had died perhaps twenty years earlier, leaving behind her two boys to whom she was deeply attached. Naturally they were the most prominent figures in her heaven, and quite naturally, too, she thought of them as she had left them, as boys of fifteen or sixteen years of age... One of these images was very much more instinct with living force than the other. On tracing this very interesting phenomenon to its source, it was found that in one case the son had grown up into an ordinary man of business... while the other had become a man of high unselfish aspiration, and of considerable refinement and culture. His life had been such as to develop a much greater amount of consciousness in the soul than his brother's and consequently this higher self was able to vitalize much more fully that image of his youthful days.

You Dont Control Thought-Forms

*UR2* Creator Doesn't Control Creations:

The creator is not the master of his creations. He is simply their creator, and he creates because he does not attempt to control...

When you try to control power or people, you always copy.

*UR2* Your Creations Are Creative:

As a physical being, your beliefs and concepts form your own reality. The psyche from which your identity springs is free of the picture of reality that you have chosen...

Pretend that you are a writer of fiction, and you create a character. This character is so independent, alive and real, that it in turn forms other characters- and each writes its own book, or forms its own reality...

With all of this, however, there is the finest balance between spontaneity and order.

The Action of Undirected Thought-Forms

*TF* Undirected Thought-Forms:

If the thought-form be neither definitely personal nor specially aimed at someone else, it simply floats detached in the atmosphere, all the time radiating vibrations similar tot hose originally sent forth by its creator. If it does not come into contact with any other mental body, this radiation gradually exhausts its store of energy, and in that case the form falls to pieces; but if it succeeds in awakening sympathetic vibration in any mental body near at hand, an attraction is set up, and the thought-form is usually absorbed by that mental body. Thus we see that the influence of the thought-form is by no means so far-reaching as that of the original vibration; but in so far as it acts, it acts with much greater precision. What it produces in the mind-body which it influences is not merely a thought of an order similar to that which gave it birth; it is actually the same thought. The radiation may affect thousands and stir up in them thoughts on the same level as the original, and yet it may happen that no one of them will be identical with that original; the thought-form can affect only very few, but in those few cases it will reproduce exactly the initiatory idea.

*E* Thought-Forms:

Once the impulse of thought has been created, it continues bouncing around creation forever, producing effects, creating worlds and Universes in response to its original intent. For the Sons and Daughters of the One God are like unto their Creator in this: anything they create is as Eternal as are they.

*CWG1* Emotion & Thought:

You can be, do, and have whatever you imagine. You attract what you fear. Emotion is the power which attracts. Thought is pure energy. The energy of your thought never ever dies. Ever. It leaves your being and heads out into the universe.

*AP* Rejected Thought Forms:

It occasionally happens, however, that [a directed artificial elemental] is for various reasons unable to expend its force either upon its object or its creator, and in such cases it becomes a kind of wandering demon, readily attracted by any person who indulges feelings similar to that which gave it birth, and equally prepared wither to stimulate such feelings in him for the sake of the strength it may gain from them, or to pour out its store of evil influence upon him through any opening which he may offer it. If it is sufficiently powerful to seize upon and inhabit some passing shell it frequently does so, as the possession of such a temporary home enables it to husband its dreadful resources more carefully. In this form it may manifest through a medium, and by masquerading as some well-known friend may sometimes obtain an influence over people upon whom it would otherwise have little hold.

Thought Forms Released From Attention
Melting & Fading of Thought Forms

Script: We equate the appearance of fading thought-forms to "melting" as the effect is much similar to the melting of an object made of ice. Sharp edges become rounded as the entire object slowly shrinks, loses definition, and colors fade to white/clear. However, unlike ice there is no liquid equivalent left over when it is gone.
*DP* Undirected Thoughts:

Naturally the thoughts to be seen on this plane are not all definitely directed at some other person; many are simply thrown off to float vaguely about.

*ASJ* Things Exist In the Astral As Long As One Thought Remains on it:

‘Does the first one fade, once the artist has withdrawn his attention from the canvas?' I asked. ‘No,' replied my friend, ‘it remains just as you see it now, so long as anyone is looking at it. You see, once a picture is created in astral matter, that picture remains static for anyone to see, so long as a single thought is concentrated on it. When all thought is withdrawn from it, then it gradually disintegrates into the main astral atmosphere and is lost for ever, or until a new thought creates it again as a new picture.'

*ST* Thought-Forms:

I attempted to disconnect once more. The next thing I knew I was driving my car.

"Is this a dream?"

Sometimes people create vehicles to move about during an OBE. On the astral plane things self-generated appear to be as real as in the physical realm. I pulled the car over. As I turned my attention from it, the car became increasingly transparent and simply ceased to be.

*LD-P* Thought-Forms:

(NOTE: Like melting.) I become lucid. Realize it's a dream and I have control. See a large, old-fashioned looking car/van. Point at it and command it to disappear. After a couple of goes it starts to fade away.

I see some sort of tall crane device. Have a go at ordering it to disappear. Parts of its structure fade until only a little tall, spindly crane-like thing remains.

(Subject N.C.)

Melting(RB): This same melting phenomena happens with any conscious creation done in the astral dimension. If you create for example, a sword, it will appear in your hand just as you imagine it, briefly, and then melt away just like the hand did. If you concentrate on it you can hold it in shape, but as soon as your concentration wavers so does the creation. This is similar to visualization in the real world. To make a lasting thought form object you have to trick the subconscious mind into creating it for you. This illustrates the vast difference between the creative powers of the conscious and the subconscious mind.

Astral Melting(RB): When you project the astral body close to the physical world you do not have a body as such. But, the mind cannot accept this and so provides a thought form one made out of etheric matter. If you try and look at your body, say your hands, you will find they start to melt very quickly. They look pale and odd, and in a couple of seconds your fingers start to melt away like ice under a blow torch. They shorten into pale stumps, then the rest of your hand and arm starts to melt away too. This melting effect only seems to happen when you deliberately/consciously try and observe a body part or create something. The conscious mind, having poor creative powers, can't hold complex shapes together for very long and it is this that causes the melting effect. If you happen to notice parts of your body, in passing, during projection this melting effect will not be seen.

*RB* Melting:

This didn't make any sense to me and I was getting bored, so I tried to move to another realm in the dream pool. I looked at my hand, this usually works. It was white and pale and unreal looking, it began to melt quickly, like white ice under a blowtorch. My fingers were soon stumps and then my hand melted and my arm began to follow. I tried remaking it. It grew back as I concentrated on visualizing what it should look like, but started to melt again as soon as I stopped concentrating.

*LFS* Leaving Behind Thought Forms:

"When I move to the temple my lovely cottage will dissolve back into the ethers... It was manifested out of the etheric substance, and when no longer needed it simply disappears." -James

Your Thought Atmosphere

*SoM* The Power of Thought on the Body:

Health and sickness are largely externalizations of our dominant mental and spiritual states. All mind activity inevitably tends to create its physical correspondent. A realization of the Presence of God is the most powerful healing agency known to the mind of man.

*MotFE* The Thought Atmosphere:

"The thought atmosphere is a real, substantial thing and has in it all that makes the body. Our thought atmosphere is constantly precipitating its slowly cooling words on our body and there it is seen by all men."

"Man is made or unmade by himself. In the armory of thought he forges the weapons by which he destroys himself. He also fashions the tools with which he builds for himself heavenly mansions of joy, strength, and peace."

*AP* Thought-Forms:

Among the artificial elementals many terrible creatures are to be seen. A man whose thoughts or desires are spiteful, brutal sensual, avaricious, moves through the world carrying with him everywhere a pestiferous atmosphere of his own, peopled with the loathsome beings he has created to be his companions, and thus is not only in sadly evil case himself, but is a dangerous nuisance to his fellow-men.

*H&H* Correspondes of Visible Memories:

Interior memory appears as a medullary substance similar to that in the brain. Those who labor to store memory without the rational appears hard and streaked within as with tendons. Memory as falses appear hairy and rough. Those who serve memory for self-love and world-love, its fibers appear glued together and ossified. Those who believe only what is proven by science and philosophy are dark, a dark which absorbs light. Deceit and hypocrisy appear bony like ebony and reflect light. Those in good and light transmit light from their interior to their exterior.

*CMS* Our World of Thought:

As God's thought makes worlds and peoples them with all living things, so does our thought make our world and peoples it with all the experiences we have had.

*BtD* Thought Forms:

Expressions of love that are nurtured will take root in the soul...

Some seeds will die when they reach ground that is infertile. We are the groundkeepers, and we create soil that will be most suitable for whatever crop it is that we want to grow.

*LFS* Creating Your Afterlife:

"If only people could realize that thought by thought they are creating their own hereafter." -James

Thought-Forms in the Aura-

Colors & Shapes

Script: This clearly has connections to the Energy Body section, but also has a place here.
*T* Developing Higher Senses- The Appearance of Thought-Forms:

[Those who have developed their inner senses] experience another being's feelings as raying out toward them like rays of light... For them, one person's thought about another person is not invisible, it is a perceptible process. The actual content of a thought exists only in the mind of the thinker, but it produces effects on the spiritual world and it is this process that is perceptible to the spiritual eye. The thought is an actual reality streaming out from one person toward the other... (NOTE: We do have these senses operating- feeling, thought, or we would not feel or think. That they are experienced so intensely that synesthesia takes place is what is meant by "developed" inner senses. And in that way, yes, it is indeed unnecessary. One can enjoy a taste just as well without seeing a visual representation of it. But how these things appear through synesthesia reveals much about the human process of thought and experiences.)

A thought that is otherwise alive only in the listener's understanding appears as a spiritual perceptible color phenomenon, its color corresponding to the character of the thought... A thinking mind's precise thought appears as a formation with distinct contours, while a confused idea appears as a blurred and foggy formation...

These spiritually perceptible colors, which surround an active physical human being like an egg-shaped cloud, constitute that person's aura... (NOTE: Auric movies reveal that the thoughts themselves can be seen.)

Within the aura, streams of different colors present a true and ever-changing picture of our inner life in all its variability...

An inventive mind that applies all its thoughts to satisfying its own sensuous passions shows dark shades of blue and red, while one that selflessly places its ideas at the service of an objective interest shows light red-blue tones...

A sudden outbreak of violent anger produces floods of red... In the aura of a person suddenly seized with fear, we notice wavy stripes of blue with a reddish-blue shimmer moving from top to bottom. The aura of someone who is tensely awaiting some particular event has red-blue stripes constantly radiating from inside outward...

People who get excited about every external impression have a constant flickering of little blue and red spots and flecks in their auras, while people who perceive less vividly have similar flecks that are yellow-orange or a lovely yellow color. The auras of so-called "absent-minded" people have bluish or blue-green specks of more or less variable shape.

*SL* The Thought-Atmosphere:

Every one of you has thoughts that you pour out into the world by your daily thinking. You are creating the possibilities of the future and making or marring the potencies of today. Even as you think, the thought burning in your brain becomes a living force for good or evil in the mental atmosphere...

As we think, thoughts go out to mold the thoughts and lives of others.

*RotOS* Thought-Forms:

Every thought you have- in spirit and in the physical- takes a form...

Some thoughts that pass through our minds quickly dont create lasting forms. Others, because of their intensity or because of repetition, will become a powerful form with color and sound... The longer you hold the thought, the more power it builts... Thoughts that are held create strong patterns that build our auras.

...Intense jealousy creates a brownish-green, murky color in the aura of the person holding this type of thought... A loving thought will produce shades of yellow and will open you to attract other positive thoughts.

Let's say you feel an intense hatred toward someone... If you hold on to the anger for a long time, no loving person will be attracted to you.

...Spending time with a depressed, negative person will bring you down too. This happens because you are in their aura and, like a chameleon, you cant help absorbing their vibration.

The power of your will is the only tool for breaking a negative pattern.

*RotOS* Perceiving Thought-Forms:

Everything is alive and vibrates at different rates. The clairvoyant has the ability to perceive things at a different rate of vibration.

...I'm tuning into her thought forms. I can then psychically perceive her future as it is headed. I see that she will become ill if she holds on to this negative thinking...

As we talk, other thought forms come into being, but anger remains dominant. The other forms cant compete with the power of her rage.

*TF* The Vibration & Form of Thoughts- Sudden Emotion & Slight Permanent Effects:

Each definite thought produces a double effect – a radiating vibration and a floating form. The thought itself appears first to clairvoyant sight as a vibration in the mental body, and this may be either simple or complex. If the thought itself is absolutely simple, there is only the one rate of vibration and only one type of mental matter will be strongly affected. The mental body is composed of matter of several degrees of density, which we commonly arrange in classes according to the sub-planes. There are thus many varieties of this mental matter, and it is found that each one of these has its own especial and appropriate rate of vibration, to which it seems most accustomed, so that it very readily responds to it, and tends to return to it as soon as possible when it has forced away from it by some strong rush of thought or feeling. When a sudden wave of some emotion sweeps over a man, for example, his astral body is thrown into violent agitation, and its original colors are for the time almost obscured by the flush of caramine, of blue, or of scarlet which corresponds with the rate of vibration of that particular emotion. This change is only temporary; it passes off in a few seconds, and the astral body rapidly resumes its usual condition. Yet every such rush of feeling produces a permanent effect: it always adds a little of its hue to the normal coloring of the astral body, so that every time that the man yields himself to a certain emotion, it becomes easier for him to yield himself to it again, because his astral body is getting into the habit of vibrating at that especial rate.

The majority of human thoughts, however, are by no means simple. Absolutely pure affection of course exists; but we very often find it tinged with pride or with selfishness, with jealousy or with animal passion. This means that at least two separate vibrations appear both in the mental and astral bodies – frequently more than two. The radiating vibration, therefore, will be a complex one, and the resultant thought-form will show several colors instead of only one.

*HTKHW* Thought-Forms in the Aura:

Those who practice the exercises described in the previous chapters will first of all experience certain changes in their so called "soul organism," which may be compared to a more or less soul-spiritually luminous cloud, whose center is the physical body. All our instincts, desires, passions, ideas, and so on are spiritually visible within this "cloud." For example, sensual desires are perceived in the form of dark red rays radiating in a certain form, while pure and noble thoughts express themselves in radiating red purple hues. Sharply defined concepts, such as grasped by a logical thinker, are felt as yellowish forms with quite distinct outlines, but the muddled thoughts of confused minds appear indistinct. Intolerant and opinionated thoughts appear sharp, fixed, and inflexible, while thoughts open to the concerns of others appear flexible and changing.

If someone sends a feeling of hatred toward me, a clairvoyant can see this as a delicate cloud of light of a certain hue and can ward off this hatred. We can see it only when we are able to direct the force inherent in our feeling outward.

*C&HEF* Aura Thought-Forms:

(NOTE: WOW! Thoughtforms=coherent ideas, connections that make sense) Some clairvoyants are able to see the thought-forms within an individual's mental body. A discussion with the late Phoebe Payne Bendit, who was acknowledged to be a competent and trained clairvoyant, helped to clarify this matter. She recounted the case of a man who came to her claiming that he was possessed by several great musicians who had passed on, and that other clairvoyants had corroborated his claim. But when Phoebe Bendit observed him carefully, she found that these fingers were not those long-gone musicians at all, but rather the man's wish-fulfillment thoughts that he had charged with his own hopes and desires. She warned his family that he was headed toward a dangerous mental illness, and unfortunately this materialized a few months later, when he was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and admitted to a mental hospital.

*JoYS* Related Past Lives Are Found in the Aura:

Past lives that relate to our current one are present in our aura like folders from our files open on our desk- we are drawing from them, so the information is "right there" to be read.

*HU* Wave-Form Associations with Auric Thought-Forms:

"I could see solid concepts of thought as though they were surrounded by a kind of wave. But nothing reaches [normal] human sensation except what is in the middle and seems solid. When I was thinking about someone I knew, then his image appeared as he looked when he was named in human presence; but all around, like something flowing in waves, was everything I had known and thought about him from boyhood." -Swedenborg

Thought-Forms in the Aura-

Seeing the Source Events Behind Colors & Shapes

*HU* Holograms in the Aura:

The aura's ability to manifest as an amorphous blur of energy, or occasionally form itself into three-dimensional images. Talented psychics often report seeing such "holograms" floating in people's auras. These images are usually of objects and ideas that hold a prominent position in the thoughts of the person around whom they are seen. Some occult traditions hold that such images are a product of the third, or mental, layer of the aura.

Beatrice Rich, another psychic, saw silver spoons, silver plates, and similar objects circling around a man's head. Finally, after discussing this with her subject, she discovered he was in the import/export business and traded in the very objects she was seeing circling his head.

Dryer saw a bunch of potatoes whirling around a woman's head, "she was from the Idaho Potato Board," says Dryer.

Dryer also saw a wispy and holographic-like layer of mud clinging to a woman's hands and arms. She was a sculptor and had tried out a new medium that morning that clung to her arms and hands exactly as Dryer had described.

*HU* Characteristics of Auric Movies:

I can see what they've thought of and what's happened to them during the last six months. Recently I told a client that I could see her home and she had masks and flutes hanging on her wall.

Dryer also sees what look like three-dimensional movies in a person's energy field. "Usually they're in color, but they can also be brown, or look like tintypes. Often they depict a story about the person that can take anywhere from five minutes to an hour to unfold.

When she chooses one and starts to watch it, it seems to expand and fill the entire room. "If I see something going on with a person's shoulder, such as an injury, suddenly the whole scene widens.

Releasing Trapped Energy & Auric Movies

*HU* Images/Movies Disappear When Revealed:

Dryer has a special way of knowing whether she has interpreted an image correctly. "If I haven't explained it correctly, it doesn't go away," she states. "Once I've told the person everything they need to know about a particular image, it begins to dissolve and disappear."

The Appearance of Thought-Forms

Script: This is very conected to the aura, as we are the generators of thoughts.
*TF* The Effect in the Ether By the Thought-Image:

One striking illustration is that of a force raying outward, the projection of an earnest prayer. Another prayer is seen producing forms like the fronds of a fern, another like rain pouring upwards. A rippled oblong mass is projected by three persons thinking of their unity in affection. A young boy sorrowing over and caressing a dead bird is surrounded by a flood of curved interwoven threads of emotional disturbance. A strong vortex is formed by a feeling of deep sadness. It is clear that in these pictures that which is obtained is not the thought-image, but the effect caused in etheric matter by its vibrations, and it is necessary to see clairvoyantly the thought in order to understand the results produced.

*TF* Thought Forms in the Mental & Desire Bodies:

The mental and desire bodies are those chiefly concerned with the appearance of thought-forms.

*TF* A Spiraling Line in the Thought-Form:

We have here the first specimen of an interesting class of thought-forms of which we shall find abundant examples later – that in which light of one color shines out through a network of lines of some quite different hue.

All these apparently intricate lines are in reality only one line circling round the form again.

*MV&I* The Form of Abstract Thoughts:

The more abstract thought expresses itself to the eye of the clairvoyant in flashes or streams.

*MV&I* Some Examples of the Appearance of Thought-Forms:

Coils or vortices of vivid color are to be seen, well-defined and solid looking, and glowing with an intense light from within. Each of these is in reality a thought-form of intense affection, generated within the astral body, and about to be poured forth from it towards the object of the feeling.

This magnificent display of astral fireworks usually lasts only a few seconds.

The Meaning of Thought Form Colors

*DP* Color of Thought-Forms:

The thought of strong affection produced a creature of glowing rose-colour; an intense wish of healing, projected towards a sick friend, called into existence a most lovely silvery-white elemental; while an earnest mental effort to steady and strengthen the mind of a depressed and despairing person resulted in the production of a beautiful flashing golden-yellow messenger.

*K* The Seven Rays:

All elementals, like all things else in the universe, belong to one or other of the seven primary Rays... The white light breaks forth from the Third Logos, the manifested Divine Mind, in the seven Rays, the "Seven Spirits that are before the Throne," and each of these Rays has its seven sub-rays, and so onwards in sequential sub-divisions.

*K* Colors of Thought Forms & Attracting Elemental Souls:

The hue of the singing-colour depends on the nature of the motive inspiring the generator of the thought-form. If the motive be pure, loving, beneficent in its character, the colour produced will summon to the thought-form an elemental, which will take on the characteristics impressed on the form by the motive, and act along the line thus traced; this elemental enters into the thought-form, playing to it the part of a soul, and thus an independent entity is made in the astral world, an entity of a beneficent character...

For example, an angry thought will cause a flash of red, the thought-form vibrating so as to produce red; that flash of red is a summons to the elementals and they sweep in the direction of the summoner, and one of them enters into the thought-form, which gives it an independent activity of a destructive, disintegrating type... Angels and demons of our own creating throng round us on every side.

*TF* The Meaning of the Colors:

Black means hatred and malice. Red, of all shades from lurid brick-red to brilliant scarlet, indicates anger; brutal anger will show as flashes of lurid red from dark brown clouds, while the anger of "noble indignation" is a vivid scarlet, by no means unbeautiful, though it gives an unpleasant thrill; a particularly dark and unpleasant red, almost exactly the color called dragon's blood, shows animal passion and sensual desire of various kinds. Clear brown (almost burnt sienna) shows avarice; hard dull brown-grey is a sign of selfishness – a color which is indeed painfully common; deep heavy grey signifies depression, while a livid pale grey is associated with fear; grey-green is a signal of deceit, while brownish-green (usually flecked with points and flashes of scarlet) betokens jealousy. Green seems always to denote adaptability; in the lowest case, when mingled with selfishness, this adaptability becomes deceit; at a later stage, when the color becomes purer, it means rather the which to be all things to all men, even though it may be chiefly for the sake of becoming popular and bearing a good reputation with them; it its still higher, more delicate and more luminous aspect, it shows the divine power of sympathy. Affection expresses itself in all shades of crimson and rose; a full clear carmine means a strong healthy affection of normal type; if stained heavily with brown-grey, a selfish and grasping feeling is indicated, while pure pale rose marks that absolutely unselfish love which is possible only to high natures; it passes from the dull crimson of animal love to the most exquisite shades of delicate rose, like the early flushes of the dawning, as the love becomes purified from all selfish elements, and flows out in wider and wider circles of generous impersonal tenderness and compassion to all who are in need. With a touch of the blue of devotion in it, this may express a strong realization of the universal brotherhood of humanity. Deep orange imports pride or ambition, and the various shades of yellow denote intellect or intellectual gratification, dull yellow ochre implying the direction of such faculty to selfish purposes, while clear gamoge shows a distinctly higher type, and pale luminous primrose yellow is a sign of the highest and most unselfish use of intellectual power, the pure reason directed to spiritual ends. The different shades of blue all indicate religious feeling, and range through all hues form the dark brown-blue of selfish devotion, or the pallid grey-blue of fetish-worship tinged with fear, up to the rich deep clear color of heartfelt adoration, and the beautiful pale azure of that highest form which implies self-renunciation and union with the divine; the devotional thought of an unselfish heart is very lovely in color, like the deep blue of a summer sky. Through such clouds of blue will often shine out golden stars of great brilliancy, darting upwards like a shower of sparks. A mixture of affection and devotion is manifested by a tint of violet, and the more delicate shades of this invariably show the capacity of absorbing and responding to a high and beautiful idea. The brilliancy and the depth of the colors are usually a measure of the strength and the activity of the feeling.

Yellow in any of man's vehicles always indicates intellectual capacity. Most yellow thought-forms are clearly outlined, and a vague cloud of this color is comparatively rare. The same effect may be produced by delight in musical ingenuity. A cloud of this nature betokens the entire absence of any personal emotion, for if that were present it would inevitably tinge the yellow with its own appropriate color.

Aggregate Social Thought Forms

*K* Aggregate Social Thought-Forms:

Elementals have a tendency to be attracted towards others of a similar kind- aggregating together in classes, being, in a sense, gregarious to their own account... To these aggregations of similar thought-forms are due the characteristics, often strongly marked, of family, local and national opinion; they form a kind of astral atmosphere through which everything is seen, and which colours that to which the gaze is directed... Such family, local or national karmic surroundings largely modify the individual's activity and limit to a very great extent his power of expressing the capacities he may possess. Suppose an idea should be presented to him, he can only see it through this atmosphere that surrounds him.

The Purposeful Creation of Thought Forms Objects

*PotC* Creating Thought Forms:

As soon as I had the idea, a resounding clarification echoed close by, as if it were inside my head. It addressed the fact that when we think, we create. I heard:

"There is a difference between physical objects and the creations of your mind. This bag of toys, for example, is a mental creation."

Close to my hand, a bag appeared. It seeming to be full of toys, like the bags used by Santa Clauses at Christmas parties.

"You can pick it up and throw it. If you so desire, the noise of the bag hitting the floor can also be created, but it all represents a creation of the mind."

*PotC* OB Comedians & Controlled Creation of Thought Forms:

My thoughts attracted and inspired some extraphysical consciousness who were practicing the creation of morphothosenes and somehow could capture my thoughts there on the street...

The group of about eight... were playing with forms that they created instantaneously...

One of them grabbed me as if by the collar and he emitted his thoughts, with mannerisms typical of a French artist, emphatically proclaiming to the other observers: "Look! This one here does not have documents! He doesn't exist! he came from very far away. He is clandestine! There is nothing I can do but call the Inspector."

At the same instant, another one appeared in front of me and two others behind me. They were transformed into policemen holding and pointing huge, extravagant machine guns...

I knew I had nothing to fear and that it would be better to play along, participating in the farce...

A fifth extraphysical consciousness dressed himself as a higher ranked policeman, came toward the others and stated:

"Hold it there! I am the inspector! I am in possession of this citizen's documents out of his coat, more would appear from the seemingly bottomless pocket.

The spectators were delighted by the scene...

Moments later, another extraphysical pedestrian caught their attention and became the center of their momentary interest.

*PotC* Controlling Energy, Creating Forms:

Since energy can be influenced by thought, it can be used to produce instantaneous wonders for one who is capable of controlling it...

In spite of his persistent prodding, the other extraphysical consciousnesses were not able to create any objects or shapes. The process appeared to demand a lot of consciential energy (energy applied by the consciousness), concentration, quick and creative thought, practice, attention to detail and an adequate environment for the energies of the one commanding the process.

Sending Directed Thought Forms

*TF* Who the Thought Is Directed At:

If the man's thought or feeling is directly connected with someone else, the resultant thought-form moves towards that person and discharges itself upon his astral and mental bodies. If the man's thought is about himself, or is based upon a personal feeling, as the vast majority of thoughts are, it hovers round its creator and is always ready to react upon him whenever he is for a moment in a passive condition. If the consciousness of the man be to any extent awakened, he may perceive this and cry out that he is being tempted by the devil; yet the truth is that the temptation is from without only in appearance, since it is nothing but the natural reaction upon him of his own thought-forms. Each man travels through space enclosed within a case of his own building, surrounded by a mass of the forms created by his habitual thoughts. Through this medium he looks out upon the world and naturally he sees everything tinged with its predominant colors, and all rates of vibration which reach him from without are more or less modified by its rate. Thus until the man learns complete control of thought and feeling, he sees nothing as it really is, since all his observations must be made through this medium, which distorts and colors everything like badly-made glass.

Thought-forms directed towards individuals produce definitely marked effects, these effects being either partially reproduced in the aura of the recipient and so increasing the total result, or repelled from it. A thought of love and of desire to protect, directed strongly towards some beloved object, creates a form which goes to the person thought of, and remains in his aura as a shielding and protecting agent; it will seek all opportunities to serve, and all opportunities to defend, not by a conscious and elaborate action, but by a blind following out of the impulse impressed upon it, and it will strengthen friendly forces that impinge on the aura and weaken unfriendly ones. Thus may we create and maintain veritable guardian angels round those we love, and many a mother's prayer for a distant child thus circles round him, though she knows not the method by which her "prayer is answered."

*AP* Directed Thought-Forms & Their Action:

Still more pregnant of result for good or evil are a man's thoughts about other people, for in that case they hover not about the object of the thought. If the wish be a definite one, as, for example, that he may recover from some sickness, then the elemental will be a force ever hovering over him to promote his recovery, or to ward off any influence that might end to hinder it, and in doing this it will display what appears like a very considerable amount of intelligence and adaptability, though really it is simply a force acting along the line of least resistance – pressing steadily in one direction all the time, and taking advantage of any channel that it can find, just as the water in a cistern would in a moment find the one open pipe among a dozen closed ones, and proceed to empty itself though that.

A feeling of envious or jealous hatred towards another person will send an evil elemental to hover over him and seek for a weak point through which it can operate...

Many a time a mother's loving thoughts and prayer have formed themselves into an angel guardian for the child. Such guardians may often be seen by clairvoyant vision, and there have even been cases where one of them has had sufficient strength to materialize and become for the moment visible to physical sight. A curious fact which deserves mention here is that even after the passage of the mother into the devachanic condition the love which she pours out upon the children she thinks of as surrounding her will react upon the real children still living in this world, and will often support the guardian elemental which she created while on earth.

This power of an earnest desire, especially if frequently repeated, to create an active elemental which ever presses forcefully in the direction of its own fulfillment, is the scientific explanation of what devout but unphilosophical people describe as answers to prayers. There are occasions, though at present these are rare, when the Karma of the person so praying is such as to permit of assistance being directly rendered to him by an adept or his pupil.

*IaTR* Returning Negativity:

All negativity you express toward other people will always reflect back into your own life.

*MotFE* The Expression & Return of All Vibrations:

"The thought or word sets in motion certain vibrations that go out and on, in ever-widening circles, until they compass the universe. Then they return as they went forth, to the one that sent them out.

"The Soul and Spirit respond to the call of man; and that for which he asks by word or thought, he receives.

*K* Sending Thought-Forms:

Thought-forms may also be directed by their progenitor towards particular persons, who may be helped or injured by them, according to the nature of the ensouling elemental; it is no mere poetic fancy that good wishes, prayers, and loving thoughts are of value to those to whom they are sent; they form a protective host encircling the beloved, and ward off many an evil influence and danger.

Unintentional Thought-Form Projections of Yourself

*SS* Sending & Communicating With Ghost Images, Pseudoforms:

In the middle of life conditions, you also appear on occasion as ghosts in other levels of reality, where your "psuedoappearance" causes some comment and is the ground for many myths- and you are not even aware of this. There are exceptions where memory is retained, but as a rule ghosts and apparitions are not any more aware of their effect upon others than you are when you appear quite unconsiously as ghosts in worlds that would be quite strange to you. The combination of thought, emotion, and desire creates form, possesses energy, and is made of energy. It will show itself in as many ways as possible. Pseudoforms are completely aside from the existence of astral travel and projection, which is a more complicated affair. But whether you have a physical form or not, if you have emotion or feelings, these will take form (*desire for expression). They have a reality. If you think strongly of an object, somewhere it will appear. If you think strongly of being somewhere, an image will appear, whether or not you yourself are conscious of it, or conscious in it. All of these forms are called secondary constuctions, for as a rule full consciousness of the personality is not in them. They are automaic projections. Now, in primary constructions, a consciousness, usually fully aware and alert, adopts a form- not his "native" one- and consciously projects it, often into another level of reality. Even this is a rather complicated endeavor, and one seldom used for purposes of communiation. You perceive only your own constructions. If a "ghost" wants to contact you therefore, he can do so through telepathy, and you can yourself construct the corresponding image you desire. Or the individal might send you a thought-form at the same time that he telepathically communicates with you. You ignore certain temperature variations and stirrings of air as imagination, that are instead indicative of such thought-forms. Some dead friends and relatives do visit you, projecting from their own levels of reality into yours, but you cannot as a rule perceive their forms. As a rule, however, they can perceive you on those occasions. Others, strangers, may communicate with you when you are sleeping, and even guide you through various periods of your life.

*SS* Sending Ghost Images Out:

If you have a highly vivid desire to be somewhere else, then without realizing it consciously, a pseudophysical form, identical with your own, may appear in that very spot. Such an image may be perceived by those who have developed use of the inner senses. Any intense mental act- thought or emotion- will not only be constructed in some physical or pseudophysical manner, but will also bear to some extent the imprint of the personality who originally conceived it. There are many such incipent or latent forms. To help you imagine what I am speaking of, you might think of them as ghost images, or shadow images, though this is only for the sake of analogy- forms, just beneath, that have not emerged completely into physical reality as you know it, but are nevertheless vivid enough to be constructed. Each individual actually sends such replica images of himself out frequently. These images "make room" for themselves in ways that are rather difficult to explain, although they may coexist at times with physical objects. The place that you envision would then attract the form, and it would instantaneously stand there. If the desire were still more intense, the energy core would be greater and a portion of your own flow of consciousness would be imparted to the form, so that for a moment you in your room might suddenly smell the salt air, or in some other way perceive the environment in which this pseudoimage stands. The fantastic energy of your psyche not only created your physical body, but maintains it. It is not one continuous thing, although to you it seems permanent enough. It is nevertheless in a constant state of pulsation, and because of the nature of energy and its construction, the body is actually blinking on and off. Physically, you are "not here" as often as you are.

*PotL* Visitations Preceding Death:

The case differs in that the percipient's experience preceded the death by some hours.

"Since I had come in a light snow had fallen, just sufficient to make the ground show white.

"I had just taken down from the nearest bookcase a volume, and was in the act of reading the passage, when I distinctly heard the front gate opened and shut again with a clap, and footsteps advancing at a run up the drive; when opposite the window the steps changed from sharp and distinct on gravel to dull and less clear on the grass slip below the window, and at the same time I was conscious that someone or something stood close me outside. I could hear the quick panting labored breathing. Suddenly, like a gunshot, inside, outside, and all around, there broke out the most appalling shriek – a prolonged wail of horror, which seemed to freeze the blood. Commencing in a high key, and then less and less, wailing away towards the north, and becoming weaker and weaker as it receded in sobbing pulsations of intense agony. My wife heard nothing.

"Young B had poured out half-a-glass of water, into which he emptied a small bottle of poison. He walked upstairs, and on entering his room drank off the glass, and with a scream fell dead on the floor. At the exact time when I had been so much alarmed at my own house.

"I was out very soon on the following morning, and on going to examine the ground beneath the window found no footsteps on grass or drive, still covered with the slight sprinkling of snow which had fallen on the previous evening."

-A. Z.

*PotL* Unintentional Thought-Form Sending:

"I proposed to make trial whether I could will them to think I was coming to see them at that moment. ‘It is positively very ridiculous, but I could have sworn some third person was in the room, and that impression is connected with an idea of Henry Thompson.'"

-H. S. Thompson


"I had a singularly clear and vivid dream. I dreamed that I was stopping with the family of the lady who subsequently became my wife. On arriving in the hall, I perceived that my fiancée had been detained downstairs, and was only then near the top of the staircase. I rushed upstairs, overtook her on top steps, and passed my two arms around her waist, under the arms, from behind."

"On this I woke, and a clock in the house struck 10."

"I received a letter from the lady in question: ‘Were you thinking about me, very specialty, last night, just about 10 o'clock? For, as I was going upstairs to bed, I distinctly heard your footsteps on the stairs, and felt you put your arms around my waist.'"

-P. H. Newnham


"In the course of my life I have been accused four times of appearing to people; neither can I account for those supposed visits."

"In the first instance of my supposed appearance, which happened some years ago, the young lady died very shortly afterwards. The fourth time rather differed from the others; but the young lady in that case died soon after. I am conscious that in all these cases I was thinking intensely of the individuals."

-Miss Hopkinson


"Case 4: A young lady asserted I stood at the bottom of her bed (she was not well at the time) and told her distinctly to get up and dress herself, and that I thought her well enough to do so. She obeyed."

-Miss Hopkinson


"I was sitting one evening in the large dining-room. Suddenly I seemed to see my wife bustling in through the door of the back dining-room, which was in view from my position. She was in a mauve dress. I got up to meet her, though much astonished, as I believed her to be at Tenby. As I advanced, the figure disappeared. On inquiry, I found that my wife was spending that evening at a friend's house, in a mauve dress, which I had most certainly never seen. I had never seen her dressed in that color. My wife recollected that time she was talking with some friends about me, much regretting my absence."

-Alex S. Beaumont


"I went on Saturday afternoon [last] to see an old man and woman named Bedford. I determined, without saying a word abut it to either Mr. or Mrs. Bedford, to give her a curtain. This (Monday) afternoon I again went to see the old couple. After a few remarks he said, ‘My wife has seen you yesterday (Sunday) morning; she turned her head towards the side of the bed and said, "Is that her?" It is Mrs. Gladstone, and she is holding up a curtain with both her hands" (imitating the posture), "but she says it is not long enough. Then she smiled and disappeared."' I exclaimed, ‘That is just what I did yesterday morning whilst I was dressing. I went to a cupboard in my room, and took out a piece of serge, which I thought would answer the purpose, and held it up with both hands to see the length, and said to myself, "It is not long enough."'

-Augusta Gladstone


"My elder daughter was a bright lively girl of fifteen. I had placed her at a finishing school in Edinburgh, and returned to my cottage. Next morning at breakfast, I suddenly looked out of the window, and saw her quite distinctly coming in at the garden gate, just as she had been the day before. Not a word said I, but M., my second daughter exclaimed joyously and wonderingly, ‘There is B!' For the few seconds the vision lasted, I saw her, as if stooping to undo the latch of the gate. Afterwards she told me how unhappy she had been for the first day in school, and what an intense longing had seized her to return to us."

-Forsyth Hunter


"Miss L., some years before I made her acquaintance, occupied much of her time in visiting the poor. One day, as she walked home-wards, she felt cold and tired, and longed to be at home, warming herself at the kitchen fire. At or about the minute corresponding to this wish, the two servants being in the kitchen, the door-handle was seen to turn, the door opened, and in walked Miss L., and going up to the fire she held out her hands and warmed herself. She suddenly disappeared before their eyes, and the two servants in great alarm went upstairs and told the mother what they had seen."

"In about half-an-hour the veritable Miss L., entered the house, and going into the kitchen warmed herself by the fire; and she had on a pair of green kid gloves which she had brought on her way home."

-G. Wyld

*PotL* Reciprocal Cases- Thought-Forms That Perceive Or OB Visits:

"While trying to catch a horse, I was kicked in the face. I had two teeth split and a severe rap on the chest. I was standing leaning against the stable wall, when I saw on my left, apparently quite close, the young lady I have mentioned. She looked pale. Her eyes appeared troubled and anxious. There was not merely a false, but the whole form, looking perfectly material and natural."

"The first words the young lady said when I met her were, ‘Why, I expected you all yesterday afternoon. I though I saw you looking so pale, and your face all bleeding.' I was very much struck by this and asked her when this was. She said, ‘Immediately after lunch.' It was just after my lunch that the accident occurred."

-Milward Pierce


"My sister-in-law had heart disease. I had a nightmare and could not move a muscle. While in this state, I saw the spirit of my sister-in-law in the room. I knew that she was confined to her bedroom. She said, ‘If you do not move you will die'; but I could not move, and she said, ‘If you submit yourself to me, I will frighten you, and you will then be able to move.' When at last I consented, my heart had ceased beating. When she suddenly exclaimed, ‘Oh, Cromwell! I am dying,' that frightened me exceedingly, and threw me out of the torpid state. In the morning she told us that she had passed a dreadful night; that she had been in our room, and greatly troubled on my accounts, and that I had been nearly dying. It was between 3:30 and 4 a.m. She only succeeded in arousing me by exclaiming, ‘Oh, Cromwell! I am dying.'"

-Cromwell F. Varley


"My wife dreamt that she was in a well-remembered room, at the base of the building, in company with four females. They were talking and laughing and preparing to retire to their several sleeping apartments. She followed them upstairs, entered with two of them into a bedroom, saw ‘Bessie' place some things in a box, undress, and get into bed; then she went to her, took her by the hand, and said, ‘Bessie, let us be friends.'"

"She and her friend, ‘Bessie,' had gone to bed on Sunday night, when an alarming cry from the latter brought the other to her bedside; ‘I have just seen ____' (my wife); ‘she touched me and said, "Let us be friends."'

-F. K. Munton


"I saw a man standing in front of his chair, and apparently talking to him. I wondered who it was, and concluded it must be a stranger. I turned away my eyes for a moment, and when I again looked up the garden, the man had disappeared."

"When my husband came in a little later, I said to him, carelessly, ‘Oh, who was that talking to you in the square just now?'"

"He replied, ‘No one has spoken to me since you left. No one has even passed near me.'"

"Two days afterwards, Mr. L., after giving my husband his treatment, said, ‘It is a very odd thing, but the same experience has happened to me twice since I have attended your husband, that, when in quite another place, I have suddenly felt as if I were standing by his side, either in your drawing-room or out there in the garden.'"

-Mrs. Parker


"On the day mentioned, at about noon, Margaret and Constance were in the garden of B. Rectory, running down a path which was separated by a hedge from an orchard adjoining; they distinctly heard themselves called twice, apparently from the orchard, thus: ‘Connie, Margaret – Connie, Margaret.' They stopped, but could see no one, and so went to the house. Mrs. W., Margaret's mother, assured the girls no one had called them from the house."

"On the following day, Mrs. W., drove over to inquire for the sick boy Edward. In the course of conversation, his mother said that the day before he had been delirious, and had spoken of Constance and Margaret, and he had called to them in his delirium, and had then said, ‘Now I see them running along the hedge, but directly I call them they run towards the house. These words were spoken by Edward at the same time at which the two girls had heard themselves called."

-M. K. S.


"For the last year, I have been in the habit of mesmerizing a fellow-student of mine. Last Friday evening he expressed his wish to see a young lady living in Wandsworth, and he also said he would try to make himself seen by her. I accordingly mesmerized him. When he came round he said he had seen her in the dining-room, and that after a time she grew restless, and then suddenly looked straight at him and then covered her eyes with her hands. Just after this he came round. Last Monday we did the same thing, and this time he said he thought he had frightened her, as after she had looked at him for a few minutes she fell back in her chair in a sort of faint. On Wednesday morning he received a letter from this young lady asking whether anything had happened to him, as on Friday evening she was startled by seeing him standing at the door of the room. After a minute he disappeared, and she thought that it might have been fancy; but on the Monday evening she was still more startled by seeing him again, and this time much clearer, and it so frightened her that she nearly fainted."

-H. Percy Sparks

*PotL* A Transparent Phosphorescence in a Thought-Form:

"One night as I lay asleep, I all at once woke to perfect consciousness, as wide awake as I am now; and there, in the embrasure made by the thickness of the wall, stood a little old woman in her night-dress and cap. I knew her well, and, as I lay, remarked to myself on the beauty and transparency of her complexion, while a soft lambent light seemed to play over the whole figure, such as you would see on your fingers when you rub a match, or the liquid gleaming phosphorescence one sometimes finds ridging the wavelets at sea."

"When I got up, I found that she had sent a message, wishing to see me. she was the attendant on the pews at my side of the church, a friend of my housekeeper's, who sometimes came in to help if we had any extra company. I went to see her. There she lay in her little bed – so clean and tidy – so peaceably passing away in a trance-like calm. She at once recognized my voice, when a pleased smile of restful satisfaction seemed to play over the face."

-John Hernaman

The Purposeful Sending of Directed Thought Forms

*DP* Seeing Thought-Forms of People Wanting to Be Somewhere:

Besant in Lucifer: "A thought-form may assume the shape of its projector. If a person wills strongly to be present at a particular place, to visit a particular person, and be seen, such a thought-form may take his own shape, and a clairvoyant present at the desired spot would see what he would probably mistake for his friend in the astral body. Such a thought-form might convey a message, if that formed part of its content, setting up in the astral body of the person reached vibrations like its own, and these being passed on by that astral body to the brain, where they would be translated into a thought or a sentence."

*SiO* Sending Thought-Form Images of Yourself:

M.C.: Then one may say that the form of an adept appearing at a distance from his body... is simply an image?

H.P.B.: Exactly. It is a walking thought.

M.C.: In which case an adept can appear in several places almost simultaneously.

H.P.B: He can... It must be understood that not all of even the astral adept is present in each appearance... Each though has a shape which borrows the appearance of the man engaged in the action of which he thought. Otherwise how can clairvoyants see in your aura your past and present? What they see is a passing panorama of yourself represented in successive actions be your thoughts.

*DP* The Creation and Travel of Thought-Forms From the Mental:

The experiment was tried of sending an affectionate and helpful thought to an absent friend in a far-distant country.

The result was very remarkable: a sort of vibrating shell, formed in the matter of the plane, issued in all directions around the operator, corresponding exactly to the circle which spreads out in still water from the spot where a stone has been thrown into it, except in many dimensions instead of merely over a flat surface. These vibrations, like those on the physical plane, though very much more gradually, lost in intensity as they passed further away from their source, till at last at an enormous distance they seemed to be exhausted, or at least became so faint as to be imperceptible...

All the rays thrown out cross in all directions without interfering with one another in the slightest degree, just as rays of light do down here. This expanding sphere of vibrations was many-coloured and opalescent, but its colours also grew gradually fainter and fainter as it spread away.

The effect on the elemental essence of the plane was, however, entirely different. In this the thought immediately called into existence a distinct form resembling the human, of one colour only, though exhibiting many shades of that colour. This form flashed instantaneously across the ocean to the friend to whom the good wish had been directed, and there took to itself elemental essence of the astral plane, and thus became an ordinary artificial elemental of that plane, waiting... for an opportunity to pour out upon him its store of helpful influence. In taking on that astral form the mental elemental lost much of its brilliancy, though its glowing rose-colour was still plainly visible inside the shell of lower matter which it had assumed, showing that just as the original thought ensouled the elemental essence of its own plane, so that same thought, plus its form as a mental elemental, acted as soul to the astral elemental- thus following closely the method in which the ultimate spirit itself takes on sheath after sheath in its descent through the various planes and sub-planes of matter.

*RotOS* Loving Thought-Forms:

Sometimes [Lawrence] returns my cry for help with a loving thought form. When he does this, I feel wrapped in a blanket of comfort. Other times he just shows up. Sometimes it seems that he doesnt respond. The truth is, he answers by saying nothing. His silence lets me know that I can handle the particular situaiton myself.

...The spirit world is alive with thoughts of love directed toward the quest for knowledge.

*TF* Trying To Send & See Thought-Forms:

If the sender (A) could formulate his thought deliberately at the appointed time, the receiver (B) would report seeing a large clear form. The latter persisted for some minutes, constantly streaming its luminous yellow ‘message' upon B. If, however, A was experimenting under difficulty – say walking out of doors – he would occasionally see his ‘forms' broken up into smaller globes, or shapes, and B would report their receipt so broken up. Upon one occasion A was disturbed in his endeavor to send a thought of the blue-pink connotation, by a feeling of anxiety that the nature of the pink element should not be misapprehended. The report of B was that a well-defined globe was first seen, but that this suddenly disappeared, being replaced by a moving procession of little light-green triangles.

*AP* Elementals Formed Consciously:

A magician who understands the subject, and can see exactly what effect he is producing, may weild immense power along these lines. Occultists of both the white and dark schools frequently use artificial elementals in their work, and few tasks are beyond the powers of such creatures. One who knows how to do so can maintain a connection with his elemental and guide it, no matter what distance it may be working, so that it will practically act as though endowed with the full intelligence of its master. Very definite and very efficient guardian angels have sometimes been supplied in this way, though it is probably very rarely that Karma permits such a decided interference in a person's life as that would be. The mediaeval story of the magician being torn to pieces by the fiends he himself had raised is no mere fable.

Communication Only Through Sympathetic Vibration

Script: This is a good concept. I wonder how far it can go. Touching someone, they only feel it if they are reactive, awake. Speaking to someone, they only hear if the vibrations reach their brain and mind. Communicating a concept, the similar experience is awakened in the hearer or there is no understanding. It looks like this can be taken far.
Script: There are those who can hear words but not understand them. This is due to a lack of sympathetic vibration.
*R* Defense From All Harm:

Not even a sunburn is given from without. The rays without only awaken corresponding rays within... Were the tones of health not contained within the consciousness of the one of whom they are affirmed, they could not be vibrated by the word which is sent. You do not really give to another- you resurrect that which is asleep within him.

Script: The following is powerful, too. You have channels that by belief can be opened or closed. If you can hate, you can be hated. If you are, as in my case, intolerant of mistaken beliefs, you are open to intolerance yourself and feel fearful and defensive when it comes to expressing your own beliefs.
*R* Defense From Thought Influence:

The subject has no power to resist your controlled subjective ideas of him unless the state affirmed by you to be true of him is a state he is incapable of wishing as true of another. In that case, it returns to you, the sender, and will realize itself in you...

Furthermore, what you can wish and believe of another can be wished and beleived of you, and you have no power to reject it if the one who desires it for you accepts it as true of you. The only power to reject a subjective word is to be incapable of wishing a similar state of another- to give presupposed the ability to receive...

To awaken a state within another it first must be awake within you. The state you would transmit to another can be transmitted only if it is believed by you... You are what you believe...

Giving is simply believing, for what you truly believe of others you awaken within them.

Like Attracts Like & Thought Forms

*K* Attracting Thought-Forms:

Not only does a man generate and send forth his own thought-forms, but he also serves as a magnet to draw towards himself the thought-forms of others from the astral plane around him, of the classes to which his own ensouled thought-forms belong. He may thus attract to himself large reinforcements of energy from outside... A man of foul and base thoughts attracts to himself hosts of maleficent entities, and by this added energy for evil commits crimes that astonish him in the retrospect.

*CJ* Dead Planet Thought-Forms Seeking Alike:

ROMC: "The energy forms from the planets that destroy themselves seek similar energy forms on other planets, and this disturbs the energy patterns of these planets- just like an earthbound spirit that attaches itself to a physical home...

"Another problem is that when death comes rapidly and traumatically to a planet, the inhabitants are frequently unaware that their physical forms have been destroyed. They are now in their etheric-substance energies, but they experience this as they would their previous physical energy bodies. Thus, many energy forms from a destroyed planet can get caught in a time warp, thinking they still exist in their physical forms."

*CWG1* Like Attracts Like:

All thoughts congeal; all thoughts meet other thoughts, criss-crossing in an incredible maze of energy, forming an ever-changing pattern of unspeakable beauty and unbelievable complexity. Like energy attracts like energy- forming "clumps" of energy of like kind. When enough similar clumps criss-cross each other- they stick. It takes an incomprehensibly huge amount of similar energy "sticking together," thusly, to form matter. Even individuals- if their thought (prayer, wish, dream, hope, fear) is amazingly strong- can, in and of themselves, produce such results.

*SoM* Like Attracts Like:

Thought attracts what is like itself and repels what is unlike. We are drawn toward those things which we mentally image.

*C* Thoughts of the Same Type Aggregate, Picking Up Premade Thoughts:

Thoughts on the same subject and of the same character tend to aggregate. It is much easier for a man of lazy mentality to accept a ready-made thought from someone else than to go through the mental labour of considering the various aspects of a subject and arriving at a decision for himself.

This is true on the astral plane with regard to feeling. Thought flies like lightning through the subtle matter on the mental plane, so the thought of the whole world on a certain subject may easily gather together in one spot, and yet be accessible and attractive to every thinker on that subject. The great clouds of "emotion-forms" which are generated in the astral world by strong feelings do not all fly to one world-centre, but they do coalesce with other forms of the same nature in their own neighborhood, so that enormous and very powerful "blocks" of feeling are floating about almost everywhere, and a man may readily come into contact with them and be influenced by them.

When such influence is exercised it is throughout the medium of one or other of the chakras. The vibrations radiated by an astral body of a man who is filled with fear will at once attract any fear-clouds that happen to be in the vicinity; if the man can quickly recover himself and master his fear, the clouds will roll back sullenly, but if the fear remains or increases they will discharge their accumulated energy through his umbilical chakra, and his fear my become mad panic. In the same way one who loses his temper attracts clouds of anger, and renders himself liable to an inrush of feeling which will change his indignation into maniacal fury.

All such undesirable currents reach the man through the navel chakra. Fortunately there are clouds of affection and of devotion.

*C&HEF* Like Attracts Like:

Nevertheless, we draw those elements of the environment towards us to which we are habituated, as like attracts like. Conscious emotional activity establishes patterns of interaction that can, over a period of time, modify an individual's aura. The personal aura or astral body is also affected by the impact of the many types of emotions impinging upon it. Thus our astral environment has subtle but marked effects upon us.

(NOTE: only absorbs synchronous energy) It is as though the person, when interacting with the universal field, absorbs those particular energies with which he is in synchrony, and filters out those which are alien, just as a living organism processes only that information which it is able to utilize.

Distraction Blocks Thought-Form Reception

Script: This is due to a temporary focusing into a non-receptive mode.
*TF* Distraction Blocks Thought-Form Reception:

Again, just as the speaker's voice may fall upon heedless ears where men are already engaged in business or in pleasure, so may a mighty wave of thought sweep past without affecting the mind of the man, if he be already deeply engrossed in some other line of thought.

It may often happen that at the moment our friend may be too entirely occupied with his own suffering, or perhaps too much excited, to receive and accept any suggestion from without, but presently a time comes when our thought-form can penetrate and discharge itself, and then assuredly our sympathy will produce its due result.

Rebounding of Destructive Thoughts

Script: Likewise, loving thoughts are rebounded when no receptive medium is found for them.
*IAD* Destructive Thought Toward a Protected Person:

The angry, condemning person who sends out destructive thought, feeling, or speech to another who is poised in his own God power, receives back to himself the quality with which he charged this power; while the poised person receives the energy which serves him, and which he automatically requalifies by his own poise. Thus, the creator of discord, through anger and condemnation, is consciously destroying himself, his world of activity, and his affairs.

*WO* Defense From Thought-Forms:

These thoughts exist to you only when you let them into your mind... Their power over you and their life can be quickly nullified by simply knowing the law, and refusing to feed them longer with life power by giving them further attention or interest...

Of all negative, inharmonious and destructive thoughts- there must be something in you that attracts them or they would not come.

Many will still permit them to come, for only by the suffering, hardship and struggle to escape from their influence that you undergo, will you learn how to free yourself and gain the power to control and consciously direct your life to constructive ends...


Like attracts like.

*SiO* Rejected Thought-Forms:

M.C.: Do such wishes or thoughts come home to roost?

H.P.B.: They do; just as a ball which fails to penetrate an object rebounds upon the thrower.

*K* Meeting Negative Thought-Forms With Positive:

In his daily life he can neutralize the ill results that would follow from some ill deed, by bringing to bear upon the same point a corresponding force for good. A man sends against him an evil thought; he might meet it with another of its own kind, and then the two thought-forms, running together like two drops of water, would be reinforced, strengthened, each by each. But this one against whom the evil thought is flying is a knower of karma, and he meets the malignant form with the force and compassion and shatters it; the broken form can no longer be ensouled with elemental life; the life melts back to its own, the form disintegrates; its power for evil is thus destroyed by compassion...

Delusive forms of falsehood go forth into the astral world; the man of knowledge sends against them forms of truth; purity breaks up foulness, and charity selfish greed. As knowledge increases, this action becomes direct and purposive, the thought is aimed with definite intent, winged with potent will. Thus evil karma is checked in its very inception, and naught is left to make a karmic tie between the one who shot a shaft of injury and the one who burned it up by pardon...

Knowledge enables him to utilize law with the same certainty with which scientists utilize it in every department of Nature...

We are using karmic force to affect karmic results, and once more we conquer Nature by obedience.

*K* Repelling Thought-Forms:

Elementals in an opposite kind of thought-form will repel them, and the good man will drive back by his very atmosphere, his aura, all that is foul and cruel.

*TF* Rebounding Thought Forms:

In cases in which good or evil thoughts are projected at individuals, those thoughts, if they are to fulfill directly their mission, must find, in the aura of the object to whom they are sent, materials capable of responding sympathetically to their vibrations. Any combination of matter can only vibrate within certain definite limits, and if the thought-form be outside all the limits within which the aura is capable of vibrating, it cannot affect that aura at all. It consequently rebounds from it, and that with a force proportionate to the energy with which it impinged upon it. This is why it is said that a pure heart and mind are the best protectors against any inimical assaults, for such a pure heart and mind will construct an astral and a mental body of fine and subtle materials, and these bodies cannot respond to vibrations that demand coarse and dense matter. If an evil thought, projected with malefic intent, strikes such a body, it can only rebound from it, and it is flung back with all its own energy; it then flies backward along the magnetic line of least resistance, that which it has just traversed, and strikes its projector; he, having matter in his astral and mental bodies similar to that of the thought-form he generated, is thrown into respondent vibrations, and suffers the destructive effects he had intended to cause to another. Thus "curses (and blessings) come home to roost". So long as any of the coarser kinds of matter connected with evil and selfish thoughts remain in a person's body, he is open to attack from those who wish him evil, but when he has perfectly eliminated these by self-purification his haters cannot injure him, and he goes on calmly and peacefully amid all the darts of their malice. But it is bad for those who shoot out such darts.

*AP* Rebounding Thought Forms:

It can, however, produce no effect upon the person towards whom it is directed unless he has himself some tendency which it can foster. From the aura of a man of pure thought and good life all such influences at once rebound, finding nothing upon which they can fasten, and in that case, by a very curious law, they react in all their force upon their original creator. In him they find a very congenial sphere of action and thus the Karma of his evil wish works itself out at once by means of the very entity which he himself has called into existence.

*PAP* Attracting & Resisting Thoughts:

Thoughts of a similar nature attract each other, and thoughts of a contrary nature repel one another.

(NOTE: Aha!!!) In sending thoughts of affection towards a person who wishes you ill, you raise an impenetrable wall against which all adverse thoughts will break themselves. If your enemy persists, a line of least resistance will be created, along which his thoughts will return to him, like a ball rebounding from a wall.

Developing Our Thinking

Script: This clearly has connections to the Skylike Awareness section on thought.
*K* The Evolution of the Will:

In the early stages of the Ego's growth his progress will be extremely slow, for he will be led hither and thither by desire, following attractions on the physical plane; the mental images he generates will be mostly of the passional class, and hence the astro-mental images will be violent and short-lived rather than strong and far-reaching... Steady, sustained thought will form clearly defined mental images and correspondingly strong and enduring astro-mental images, and there will be a distinct purpose in the life, a clearly recognized ideal to which the mind is constantly recurring and on which it continually dwells: this mental image will become a dominating influence in the mental life, and the energies of the soul will be largely directed by it.

*T* Thought-Training:

The need to subject ourselves to the hard work of thinking if we want to develop our capacity for higher knowledge cannot be emphasized strongly enough... We completely misunderstand thinking if we confuse it with any idle or abstract spinning of thoughts...

Only thinking can lead to the inner steadiness and stability of soul that seership requires. Without it, we get nothing more than a meaningless and erratic display of images- enjoyable, perhaps, but totally irrelevant as far as actual access to the higher world is concerned... Taking a dreamy approach to self-development by shunning the rigors of thinking can only foster illusions and faulty approach to life...

Unwarranted disbelief, however, is harmful because it acts as a repelling force, preventing the recipient from taking up the fruitful influence of these thoughts... Spiritual researchers challenge their students, not to believe what they are told, but to think it, to take it into the world of their own thoughts...

If I have the wrong idea about some physical phenomenon such as the form of a plant, reality confronts me and sets my thinking straight. In relationship to higher areas of existence, however, things are very different. These realms disclose themselves to me only when I approach them with my thinking already strictly disciplined... My thoughts must gradually get out of the habit of running their everyday course and adopt instead the inner character of the spiritual world... The transition from one idea to another must correspond to strict laws of thinking... I must eliminate from my train of thought everything not flowing from these laws. If a favorite thought gets in my way, I must push it aside so that it does not disturb the orderly sequence, and if a personal feeling tries to impose a direction on my thoughts that is not inherent in them, I must suppress it...

Voluntarily overcoming all uncontrolled and arbitrary thinking prepares them for the task ahead... Their thinking must replicate the undisturbed results and conclusions of mathematics.

*THAS* Becoming Aware of Your Thought Creations:

The Red Sage Deva: As you become aware of and attuned to the energy worlds behind form, and as you learn mastery of the energy patterns which your own thoughts and feelings create, you have all control.

*IAD* Self-Control & Creative Thought, Manifestation:

Thought and feeling are the only and Mightiest Creative Power in Life or in the Universe. Thus the only way to the definite use of the full power of one's thought and feeling, which is God in Action, is through Self-control...

When sufficient Self-control is attained, it enables individuals to hold the thought steady upon a given desire... Then will they understand that they may bring into visibility, precipitate into visibility, whatsoever they desire...

Thus is each individual left free to meet the effect of his own creative cause...

As soon as the individual becomes aware that he really has control of his own Creative thought, power, and feeling, then he knows positively that he can precipitate into his visible use, or bring into his use from the outer where it is already created, anything whatsoever upon which he holds his Creative thought and feeling firmly.

The moment that he is truly aware of this, he will know he is forever free from the need of the wealth of the outer world, or anything that the outer world can give.


Once the student becomes really aware that "God is Love," and Love's True Activity comes through the heart, he will understand that to focus his attention on the desire to project Love forth for any given purpose is the supreme privilege of the outer activity of the consciousness- which can generate Love to a boundless degree...

When I wish to precipitate anything whatsoever, I know: "I AM" the Power acting; "I AM" the Intelligence directing; "I AM" the Substance being acted upon, and I now bring it into visible form and my use.


When one says: "‘I AM' this or ‘I AM' that," he is setting God in Action, which is his Life individualized, the Life of the Universe, the Energy of the Universe, the Intelligence at the Heart of the Universe governing all.


To maintain a tranquil, sweet disposition in the face of all things is the certain road to Self-control and Absolute Mastery.

*RotOS* Controling Your Thoughts:

"Most people cant control their thoughts, so they're controlled by them." -Lawrence

*CWG1* Changing Thought:

The universe is just a big Xerox machine. It simply produces multiple copies of your thoughts.

The most rapid way to change a root thought, or sponsoring idea, is to reverse the thought-word-deed process. Do the deed that you want to have the new thought about. Then say the words that you want to have your new thought about. Do this often enough and you'll train the mind to think a new way. Are you not better armed with creative thoughts than reactive thoughts? Yet the mind is filled with reactive thought- thought that springs from the experience of others. How we change a root thought: cause it to be your root thought, not another's. Do you remember the old adage "Think before you act"? Well, forget it. If you want to change a root thought, you have to act before you think.

Thought leads to experience, which leads to thought, which leads to experience. This can produce constant joy when the Sponsoring Thought is joyous. It can, and does, produce continual hell when the Sponsoring Thought is hellatious.

*SoM* Changing Thought:

Consciously embody what we wish, and think of this only, and then we are drawn silently toward it. Life-long habits of wrong thinking can be consciously and deliberately neutralized, and an entirely new order of mental and emotional reaction established in Mind.

The only way we can be individuals is to be spontaneous.

*SoM* Change:

By changing his thought, he could re-mold his affairs; and by right thinking he could bring new conditions into his life!

Overcoming Habitual Thoughts, Karma

& Dissociated Thought Forms

*K* A Simple Karmic Cycle of Thought-Form Influence:

Let us suppose we could take ready-made a mind, with no past activity behind it... Such a mind might be imagined to work with perfect freedom and spontaneity, and to produce a thought-form; it proceeds to repeat this many times, until a habit of thought is made, a definite habit, so that the mind will unconsciously slip into that thought, its energies will flow into it without any consciously selective action of the will. Let us further suppose that the mind comes to disapprove this habit of thought... It has now become a limitation; but if it is to be gotten rid of, it can only be by the renewed spontaneous action of the mind... Here we have a little ideal karmic cycle, rapidly run through.

*HoL* Ignoring Problems & Dissociated Thought Forms:

This impasse is expressed in energy and vibrations. If the impasse is not solved by the individual, it may become a dissociated thought form and fall into unconsciousness.

*HoL* Thought-Forms Awaiting Activation, Chronic Non-Release Cycles:

William Butler, in his book How to Read the Aura, has observed that particular thought forms remain stationary in the energy field until triggered by an internal or external energy input. These forms then move through the aura in a chronic sequence but are not released. They simply play themselves out and become dormant until gaining enough energy through the individual's habitual semi-conscious thoughts and related feelings. They also gain energy by attracting similar thoughts and feelings from other people... If you keep telling yourself that you are dumb, unworthy, ugly or fat, soon others will agree with you. This energy is added to your personal stockpile until your thought form has enough energy (reaching critical mass) to be triggered. You will then fall into a state in which you are convinced you are dumb, ugly, unworthy, or fat, until the energy in the thought form s dissipated for the time being.

*HoL* Healing Lurking Thought Forms- Look At Them:

The therapist's description of each reality state, as the client is experiencing it, will give the client an overview of the whole process...

The breaking point comes when the client is able to hold one of the thoughts, which has particularly strong emotional content, long enough to express this emotion. Usually, if the client is able to tolerate the anger or pain associated with the thought, he is able to break out and connect to the deeper levels inside the thought form.

*HoL* Lurking Thought Forms are Dissociated, Feared:

She usually avoided this pain by staying on the surface of the thought form (and, therefore, in unreality)... (NOTE: The outside wall of it, the defense. Love is enclosed.)

Usually, expressing and releasing the feelings is the key to breaking out of a cyclical thought pattern. Most of the time these forms have become dissociated in the first place in order for the person not to experience the feelings contained in them. The individual spends a lot of effort during his daily life trying to avoid setting the thought form in motion, because it may evoke the unwanted feeling. Even though the person avoids situations that would evoke such feelings, it does not completely work, because he is continually recharging the though forms. (NOTE: They repeat due to avoidance)

*HoL* Long-Term Belief Thought Forms:

In terms of psychodynamics, there exist "spaces of reality" of "belief systems" containing groups of thought forms which are associated with conceptions and misconceptions of reality. Each thought form contains its own definitions of reality, such as, all men are cruel; love is weak; being in control is safe and strong. From my observations, as people move through daily experience they also move through different "spaces" or levels of reality defined by these groups of thought forms. The world is experienced differently in each group or space of reality.

These thought forms are energetic, observable realities which radiate colors at various intensities... Thought forms are created, built and maintained by their owners through habitual thoughts. The more definite and clear the thoughts, the more definite the form. The nature and strength of emotions associated with the thoughts give the form its color, intensity and power. These thoughts may or may not be conscious. For example, a thought of a fear like "He's going to leave me." The creator of the thought form will act as if it is going to happen... The more this is given power, by putting energy into it either consciously or unconsciously, the more effective it will be in creating the feared result. Usually these thought forms are so naturally a part of the personality that the individual doesn't even notice them. They begin to form in childhood and are based on a child's reasoning, then integrated into the personality. They are like extra baggage a person carries about within himself, not noticing their effect, which is very great. These conglomerate thought forms, or belief systems, attract many "effects" in one's outer reality.

*HoL* Altering Thought Forms:

When the forms are brought to the focus of the consciousness by expressing the feelings associated with them and releasing those feelings, they are then possible to change... When the invalid assumptions (remember they are based on logic from childhood) are uncovered, seen and released, they can be replaced by a more mature, clear view of reality, which in turn leads to the creation of positive life experiences.

Riding Toward the Source of Thoughts

*WtK* Watching Your Mind- Finding the Inner Teacher:

Watching and studying of your mind and its thought processes is one of the most important practices in which you can engage, for you soon will begin to realize your power to control and direct your thinking, and that thereby you are learning to be master of your fate. With this realization will come a new consciousness in which you will gradually be able to abide and from which you will more and more think, speak and work.

How will that consciousness begin to manifest itself? By what some call "hunches." You will have leadings, strong urges from within, that will claim your attention and which if heeded will always bring satisfying and happy results...

Something within knows what is best, aye, sees ahead and knows good which awaits and is eager to lead them to that good.

Thought-Forms & Objectivity in the Astral

*SD&P* Thought-Forms, States of Mind, & Objective Astral Realities:

You are withdrawing your perceptive abilities from the physical body. Your thoughts instantly attain a form that you can then perceive. If you think of a dog, for example, quite unconsciously you form the image of a dog, which you then perceive.

It is because of this instantaneous creation and projection of inner reality outward into form that you experience time within the physical system- to train you, to give you time to learn to handle your own creations. Projection experiments, then, should only be tried when you are in a peaceful state of mind.

There are ‘objective' realities that exist within the astral system. There are more than your own thought forms, in other words. Your own thought-forms can be definite aids when you are in the proper mental condition, and they can impede your progress if you are not. For example, a man in a desperate frame of mind is more apt to emphasize the unpleasant aspects of the news and to see bitterness rather than the joy in the faces of those he meets. He will ignore a contented child playing on one side of the street and notice, instead, a dirty fagged child, even though he be further away. So your frame of mind when projecting will largely determine the kind of experiences you have.

*HU* Thought and Light:

When the mind is in the "higher" frequencies of the near-death dimension, it continues to do what it does best, translate those frequencies into a world of appearances. "I believe that this is a realm that is created by interacting thought structures. These structures or ‘thought-forms' combine to form patterns, just as interference waves form patterns on a holographic plate. And just as the holographic image appears to be fully real when illuminated by a laser beam, so the images produced by interacting thought-forms appear to be real." -Ring

"I think we've come to the point in NDE research where it's difficult to make a distinction between thought and light. In the near-death experience thought seems to be light."

The hereafter is "a world of existence where thought is king."

*ST* Imagination & Expectation Creates:

I have found my worst enemy during OBEs to be my own uncontrolled imagination. I have learned that whatever I imagine-devils, demons, or pink elephants-will be created instantly. I have found that it is important to keep my thoughts clear and uncluttered.

It is important not to prejudge or guess what is going to happen, because I might be the one creating it! It is important to keep dreamlike manifestations from contaminating my OBEs. But controlled use of the imagination during an OBE can be quite amazing and down right fun!

Astral Thought-Forms(MJooB): One does perceive solid matter and artifacts as are found on this world. They are brought into existence accidentally and purposefully by the thoughts of those who once lived in the physical world. The after-death area is created by higher beings who did so to make the death-life transition easier.

Physical Things Become Astral Thought Forms(RB): Any new object in the real world is assimilated into the astral dimension over a period of time. A thought form representation of it first grows in the lowest part of the astral, close to the physical dimension, becoming more and more permanent as time goes on. As with all thought forms, the more attention paid to it the quicker it grows. A famous painting; loved, viewed and highly thought of by millions, will have a much stronger thought form than that of a common painting that hangs in someone's bedroom and is only viewed by a few.

The higher up in the astral dimension, or the further away from the physical, the less physical world thought forms are found. Physical things have to soak in attention for a very long time before they take shape, and are found, in the higher astral.

If you are very close to the physical dimension, as in a real time projection or OBE, very few thought forms, if any, will be found. In a real time OBE you are not quite in the astral dimension but are existing as an astral form in the buffer zone between the astral and the physical dimensions.

Thought forms in the astral degenerate, too. After the object is physically destroyed or removed, its thought form still endures. You may, for example, in the astral, find furniture in your house you don't have, jumbled up with your own. This is caused by the decaying thought forms of old stuff still being there from previous tenants, years after the originals have gone.

Old thought forms do not follow their physical counterpart around when they are moved. New ones begin to grow in the astral wherever it goes while the old ones slowly decay. The longer a thing is in one place, the stronger the thought form will become in that place. This also applies to buildings, structures and geological features. You may project into a park and find a house, bridge, stream, or hill that you know is definitely not there. These may have existed in times past. The higher up in the astral you go, the older the thought forms are, or the further back in geological time you appear to be.

*LFS* Creating Thought Forms:

"We can duplicate favorite things here in this vibration. They are just as vibrant, and solid, as they are in your realm." -James

Examples of Thought-Forms

*SD&P* Jane's Lucid Dreams/OBE- Double Rob:

Here I experienced another false awakening in which I told Rob what was going on and explained the previous episode.

I left the room almost at once and appeared in a house supposedly owned by friends, Jack and Lydia. This was not their normal house in daily life, though, and I was aware of this. Here I stood talking to Rob again, quite forgetting that he was at work. As I spoke to him, I turned my head and saw another Rob, a perfect double, standing in a room directly across from the corridor. Amazed, I told Rob to stand where he was, while I moved closer to the door to check my observations.

"Look, Rob. Come here," I said, and Rob came to the doorway where he saw his own double clearly. They stared at each other, the double looking as amazed as Rob was.

Then I fell into a brief period of unconsciousness. I came to to find myself back in the garden I had seen earlier. A woman beckoned to me. I recognized her instantly as Miss Lizzie Roohan, a neighbor of ours years ago, who had been dead for at least fifteen years. Although she had been in her eighties when she died and in her sixties when I first knew her, she looked like a woman in her middle thirties.

Ruburt's projection from the dream state was legitimate. The plants Ruburt saw represented the books upon which he has worked and is working. The Lydia episode contained many ordinary dream elements. [To Rob:] You were indeed present with Ruburt in some of his travels, but you have forgotten.

Ruburt saw two of you. He saw your second form as described earlier. The other was Ruburt's dream form of you, created by himself in the dream state (NOTE: thought-form!) When you appeared in your form two, he was conscious enough to recognize your arrival and then point out the dream image he had already created. You were able to see it also, because of your own state.

*SM* Giraffe Thought-Form:

There were three children. I think two were girls and the other a boy. The oldest, say five yr. old, was a girl. The youngest looked about one or two yr. old. Immediately, I could tell that they could see me. They were all crying so I went up to the oldest and stroked her hair saying, `Don't cry...'. I think one of them moved and cuddled up to another either before or at this point.

I asked the children if they could see me and they nodded. I was then about to cheer them up by showing them how I could fly when they told me Dobbin the Giraffe was coming by the window to see them. I turned and saw that they had three windows in the room on two walls. I also noticed that they were on the ground floor though I expected it to be the first floor.

Then this `thing' straddled past the windows. I could only see the top of it; the head and the neck. It was a giraffe but it looked like a soft toy. I moved closer as it was about to go out of view and it turned and looked at me. I moved my hands in an odd fashion against the window to try and get a reaction - expecting to frighten it - but it just stood there and stared at me. It looked really macabre.

*BtL* Momentary Separation & Thought-Forms:

One minute I was standing at the toilet horrified to recognize a small fetus bobbing around in the blood I had just expelled, the next minute I was little more than a fetus myself, bobbing along the ceiling and bumping into the bathroom light bulb. Every time I formed a question in my mind about this state of affairs, strange blobs would form in the air around me. So many appeared that they nearly crowded me out of airspace. A loud "snap" ricocheted around my small bathroom, as I felt myself suddenly jerked back into my body like an overstretched rubber band (entering through the top of my head where I had once had a soft spot as a baby) and somehow "shrinking" so I could once again fit into my body's lesser size. -P.M.H. Atwater

*MJooB* Gateway Program Experiments:

They developed an excercise whereby the participants would simultaneously move this special mental energy into a visual pattern some 1000 feet above the motel. At the exact time, against the starlit night, appeared soft, red, neonlike waves. It shut off right when the experiment asked it to. On another attempt, nothing was visible, but a camera picked up a round ball with a marbelized effect much like the earth from a distance.

Thought-Form Surroundings in Higher Planes

*SS* Surrounded By Desired Projected Real Images:

No objective reality exists but that which is created by consciousness. My environment is a reality of existence created by myself and others like me, and it represents the manifestation of our development. We do not use permanent structures. There is not a city or a town where I dwell. We form whatever particular images we want to surround us. They are created by our mental patterns, just as your own physical reality is created in perfect replica of your inner desires and thoughts. I can have it be night or day, in your terms, as I prefer- or any period of your history. These changing forms would in no way bother my associates, for they would take them as immediate clues as to my mood, feelings, and ideas. Environment (context?) is not a seperate thing in itself, it is a result of perceptive patterns.

*CWS* Building A City:

We do have a city building. Highly impractical, it seems, at this time. A city that does indeed exist mentally. But all things exist mentally first, or they will never be materialized. And someday, that city might exist physically. But it will not be when you are here. Yet your memories will be in it and your desires. And to that extent, you will be founders. When one member of a species dreams such dreams, those dreams are transmitted to all other members.

Consentual Reality(ABtB): When a group of individuals maintains the same image or beliefs, they mold and maintain a consensus reality. Group thought-energy forms, stabalizes, and actually solidifies nonphysical energy. The larger the group, the more stable the environment.

1) It's raining in the park. I wonder if this is a consentual environment. Out of curiosity I focus all my attention on stopping the rain. Instantly the rain stops.

Projections(MJooB): While Monroe could see all things physical in this area, including forests, rows of churches, large buildings, fields, parks, houses, etc., his non-incarnated friend BB could only see the haze and the human entity forms moving around.

*DP* The Volume of Artificial Elementals on the Mental Planes:

The mental plane is even more fully peopled than the astral by the artificial elementals called into temporary existence by the thoughts of its inhabitants; and when it is remembered how much grander and more powerful thought is upon this plane, and that its forces are being wielded not only by the human inhabitants, embodied and disembodied, but by the devas and by visitors from higher planes, it will at once be seen that the importance and influence of such artificial entities can hardly be exaggerated.

Interaction With Dream Matter

*AW* The Half-Solidity of Dream Matter:

How solid is dream ‘furniture'?

I tried pushing my hand into various objects such as a tabletop. Although there might be a delay before anything happened I usually found that my hand would penetrate the table after a second or so. I pushed the tips of my fingers onto the glass and after a delay of about a second my fingers started to go through. It was as if the glass made way for them so that all times my hand was a perfect fit in the hole it was making in the glass. The resistance to penetration was characteristic of what engineers call a ‘push' fit, neither sliding nor requiring great force but offering steady resistance or ‘drag'.

*FVE* Delayed Reaction in Breaking Dream-Glass:

I dreamt that I stood at a table before a window. On the table were different objects. I was perfectly well aware that I was dreaming and I considered what sorts of experiments I could make. I began by trying to break glass, by beating it with a stone. I put a small tablet of glass on two stones and struck it with another stone. Yet it would not break. Then I took a fine claret glass form the table and struck it with my fist, with all my might, at the same time reflecting how dangerous it would be do this in waking life; yet the glass remained whole. But lo! When I looked at it again after some time, it was broken.

I took the broken glass and threw it out of the window, in order to observe whether I could hear the tinkling. I heard the noise all right and I even saw two dogs run away from it quite naturally.