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The Spirit, Subjective Medium, and Body

Script: It looks like Universal Law is that reality is dependent upon belief, that experience follows thought, and that working with the cause is the only way to make changes and be happy in a universe that works via logical cause and effect. It works in healing- heal the thought back of an illness and you are healed physically.
Script: Love is the one cause, the only power. The way it works is law, and that law is impersonal.

The Threefold Nature of God
Mind-Body-Spirit, Explicate-Implicate-Superimplicate

Script: The following bit says it exceptionally well.
*SoM* Spirit:

The definition of Spirit is: "Life or intelligence conceived of entirely apart from physical embodiment. It is vital essence, force, energy, as distinct from matter. Spirit is the active and Self-Conscious Principle. Spirit is Conscious Mind and is the Power which knows Itself. It is Absolute and All. It is Self-Existent and has all life within Itself. It has choice because It is Volition. It is Will because it chooses. It knows nothing outside Itself, and therefore nothing different from Itself. It has no enemies, no differences, no otherness, no apartness, no separation from Itself. It is the Life in everything and the Love through everything. Spirit is creative. The Soul of the Universe is that receptive medium into which the Spirit breathes forth the forms of Its thought. That which is subjective is always impersonal, neutral, plastic, passive, and receptive.

Creation is the passing of Spirit into form. Spirit cannot change, for being All, there is nothing for It to change into. The Spirit is conscious of Its own Thought, Its own Desire, Its own manifest Action; and It is conscious that Its Desire is satisfied. In order to express, there must be a medium through which Spirit manifests and there must be a manifestation, hence, Soul and Body. Spirit, Soul and Body- of Intelligence, Substance, and Form.

All law is some form of universal force or energy. Did God make Law? It is impossible to think of a time when Law did not operate; it is impossible to conceive that It was ever created. Therefore, Law must be Co-Existent and Co-Eternal with Spirit, a part of the Causeless Nature of the Divine Reality. There is something called God that makes things out of Itself by becoming the things It makes, according to law and order. Spirit creates by contemplation.

*SoM* The Threefold Nature of God:

God is Spirit, or Self-Knowingness; God is Law and action; God is result or Body. God as Law means the way in which Spirit works, and Law in this sense would be the servant of the Spirit. God as Body means the manifestation of the Spirit.

This trinity of being appears to run through all Nature and all life. For instance, there is electricity, the way it works, and its results, which is light or motive power. There is the seed, the creative medium of the soil, and the plant. Being is the Thing, the Way it Works, and What It Does. The Thing is Absolute Intelligence; the way It works, is Absolute Law; and What It does is the result-manifestation.

*SoM* Volition:

God did not make Law; Law is Co-Eternal with God. God did not make substance, this is also Co-Existent and Co-Eternal with God. BUT GOD DID MAKE AND DOES MAKE, and IS MAKING AND WILL CONTINUE TO MAKE, FROM ETERNITY TO ETERNITY, FORMS.

*TB* The Revelation of the Bardos:

So what do the bardo teachings show us that death is? Nothing more than three phases of a process of gradual manifestation of mind: from out of its very purest state of the essential nature of mind, through light and energy (the radiance of the nature of mind), and into increasing crystallization into a mental form. This threefold pattern does not only unfold in the process of dying and death: It is unfolding now, at this moment, at every moment, within our mind, in our thoughts and emotions, and at every single level of our conscious experience.

*BS&S* East & West:

The implicate order is basically passive, or linear. It does not have the intrinsic capacity to unfold into the explicate. The superimplicate order can be seen as analogous to Seth's Framework 3, where sentient minds reside, and as the home of the "mind"

*BS&S* Creating Reality:

Seth: Framework 2 exists in the moment point. The EE units are then slowed down from their normal faster-than-light activities by creating a white hole at the point of electron formation.

*BS&S* The Superimplicate Order:

The superquantum wave function is related to the original quantum wave function in the same manner as the original quantum wave function is related to the particle. The quantum potential becomes nonlinear. It is this quality of nonlinearity that leads to quantum wholeness. The implicate does not have the intrinsic capacity to unfold an order, being essentially passive. The superimplicate order produces nonlinearity in the implicate order and thus organizes it or unfolds it into relatively stable forms with complex structures. An arrangement of particles has an implicate order of its own, apart from that of each individual particle. The superimplicate order is what makes the laws of nature operate- what turns them on, so to speak. The superquantum potential is the agent that brings together the field at one region to produce a manifestation that we call a particle. It also provides the stability needed to sustain the existence of the particle. So the original quantum field converges and diverges from one point to another, creating the appearance of particle motion, while the spreading wave retains its wavelike characteristics. The superquantum potential fashions form out of the quantum field, which gives rise to our manifest world. Bohm identifies the quantum field with the implicate order.

*HU* The Implicate/Explicate Across Cultures:

The Tibetan Buddhists Refer to the Implicate & Explicate as the void & nonvoid. The nonvoid is the reality of visible objects. The void, like the implicate order, is the birthplace of all things in the universe, which pour out of it in a "boundless flux." However, only the void is real and all forms in the objective world are illusory, existing merely because of the unceasing flux between the two orders.

The void is described as "subtle," "indivisible," and "free from distinguishing characteristics."

The reason we are unable to perceive the void directly, is because our unconscious mind is far too "conditioned" in its perceptions. This conditioning not only keeps us from seeing what he calls "the border between mind and matter," or what we would call the frequency domain, but also causes us to form a body for ourselves when we are in the between-life state and no longer have a body.

The Hindu's Brahman is formless, but is the birthplace of all forms in visible reality which appear out of it and then enfold back into it in endless flux. It is composed of pure consciousness

Or as the Vedas put it, the physical world is brought into being through both the "veiling" and "projecting" powers of consciousness.

The Dogon people of the Sudan believe that the physical world is the product of a deeper and more fundamental level of reality and is perpetually flowing out of and then streaming back into this more primary aspect of existence. "To draw up and then return what one had drawn—that is the life of the world."

*PAP* The Invisible Formless:

The invisible universe is formless. It reduces itself to an atmosphere impregnated with energy, under a variable pressure.

*PoP* Creation of All:

Creation is continuous. God decided to make the universe and made the first Intelligence, which is in a way the primordial matter for all the universe. Nine other intelligences proceed in a hierarchy from the first, called the Second Intellect, the Third, and so on. These Intelligences are the creative causes of the different parts of the universe. Thus every creature has its origin in the First Intelligence.

He created the Essence, or primordial substrate. It was like water and covered in non-color, and was perpetually moving within that spiritual space of light. That Essence was the reflection of God's Being. ‘As long as you cannot see yourself you will not see Me, and as long as you do not know yourself, you will not know Me.' The original space in which the essence moved was all light, and that is why light could not be made manifest within the light itself, but required darkness to be known.

*CWG1* Body, Mind, & Soul:

The soul conceives, the mind creates, the body experiences. The three aspects of Self each have a function, but no function is greater than another, nor does any function actually precede another. All are interrelated in an exactly equal way. Conceive-create-experience.

The function of the soul is to indicate its desire, not impose it. The function of the mind is to choose from its alternatives. The function of the body is to act out that choice. Obedience is not creation. Obedience is a response, while creation is pure choice, undictated, unrequired.

*CMS* Creation Begins in the Spiritual:

Creation is first spiritual, through mental law, and then physical in its manifestation.

*LDer* The Buddhist Nature of Mind:

In The Tibetan Book of the Dead the instructions whispered in the ear of the deceased are briefly summarized as:

Now the pure luminosity is shining before you; recognize it. At this moment your state of mind is by nature pure emptiness, possessing no nature, no quality of color, or substance whatsoever. This pure emptiness is the female Buddha-nature. But this mind is not only emptiness for it is also sparkling, pure and vibrant which is the male Buddha-nature. These two are inseparable, both vibrant luminosity and emptiness in the form of a great mass of light. On recognizing this pure nature as being your mind liberation is assured.

The Conscious & Subconscious Mind

Script: in the following two, the conscious is spirit, the subconscious is the law or subjective medium. *

*R* The Conscious & the Subconscious:

The subconscious is what a man is. The conscious is what a man knows...

I, objective consciousness, of myself can do nothing; the Father, the subconscious, He doeth the work. The subconscious is that in which everything is known, in which everything is possible, to which everything goes, from which everything comes, which belongs to all, to which all have access...

The whole of creation is asleep within the deep of man and is awakened to objective existence by his subconscious assumptions.


The conscious is personal and selective; the subconscious is impersonal and nonselective...

The conscious impresses the subconscious while the subconscious expresses all that is impressed upon it.

*R* The Deductive & Inductive Minds:

The conscious mind reasons inductively from observation, experience and education... The subconscious reasons deductively and is never concerned with the truth or falsity of the premise, but proceeds on the assumption of the correctness of the premise and objectifies results which are consistent with the premise. (NOTE: imagination)

*EL* The Reason of the Subjective & Objective Mind:

The subjective mind is only able to reason deductively and not inductively, while the objective mind can do both... The relation of the two modes of reasoning is that, first by observing a sufficient number of instances, we inductively reach the conclusion that a certain principle is of general application, and then we enter upon the deductive process by assuming the truth of this principle and determining what result must follow in a particular case... It is not concerned with the truth or falsity of those suppositions, but only with the question as to what results must necessarily follow supposing them to be true... (NOTE: Neville! Holmes!)

Innumerable experiments on persons in the hypnotic state have shown that the subjective mind is utterly incapable of making the selection and comparison which are necessary to the inductive process, but will accept any suggestion, however false, but having once accepted any suggesstion, it is strictly logical in deducing the proper conclusions from it, and works out every suggestion to the minutest fraction of the results which flow from it. (NOTE: subjective mind= Neville's subconscious and Holmes' Law)

*tSD* The Universal Male/Female, Fire & Water:

Fire standing in every philosophical and religious system as a representation of the Spirit of Deity, the active, male, generative principle; and Ether, or the Soul of matter, the light of the fire, for the passive female principle from which everything in this Universe emanated. Hence, Ether or Water is the Mother, and Fire is the Father...

The Universe or the "Son" lies still concealed "in the Divine Thought," which had not yet penetrated "into the Divine Bosom." This idea, note well, is at the root, and forms the origin of all the allegories about the "Sons of God" born of immaculate virgins.

*CH* Yin-Yang Creation Story:

Lao-tzu: "I saw Yin, the female energy, in its motionless grandeur. I saw Yang, the male energy, grounded in its fiery vigor. The motionless grandeur came about the earth, the fiery vigor burst out in heaven, the two penetrated one another, were inextricably blended, and from their union the things of the world were born."

*SoM* Not Two Minds, Only Two Names:

Mind- the Thing, Spirit, Causation- is beyond, and yet not beyond, our grasp. Beyond, in that It is so big; within, in that wherever we grasp at It, we are It to the extent that we grasp It. We shall never encompass God. There are not two minds, but rather two names employed in describing states of consciousness: the objective, or conscious and the subjective, or unconscious. We think of the conscious state as our conscious use of mind. The subconscious (or subjective) state of mind- sometimes called the unconscious state- is that part of mind which is set in motion as a creative thing by the conscious state. The subconscious mind acts upon our thoughts. Within us is a mental law, working out the will and purposes of our conscious thoughts. This can be no other than our individual use of that Greater SUBJECTIVE MIND, which is the sea of all mental law and action.

Mind/Spirit is Cause

The Primordial Substances

*MotFE* Spirit: The Creative, Intelligent, Motivating Force:

The difference between the Hindu conception and the theory of Monism is that the latter eliminated all but the blind force of nature or creation. The Hindu always considered it an active, intelligent force that knew what it was doing, an energetic force, and a force that did accomplish an intelligent creation that moved toward an intelligent purpose and that anyone who would work with the intelligence of that force could accomplish all things through it.

The true basis of knowledge is to know the motivating force and the ends toward which it moves, as it is this motivating sense or the inward sense of the trend of the motivating force of the Universe that brought all things into existence in the beginning and will bring all things into being through that individual who senses and works in harmony with its purpose.

The true knowledge comes through samadhi or silence. It comes through an inner feeling or an intuitive knowing.

The flesh is not a producer; it does not produce anything for it is the thing produced. It is the Spirit which produces.

When the Spirit works in manifest form it obeys a manifestation of law. That evidence of Spirit, which is first faith and then knowing, creates.

When you rightly understand the nature of what you call matter as pure Spirit substance, then you can see just why this is true. The Hindu says, "Compress the cube and you have a different substance. Expand it and you have a different substance." The power of extending anything from one magnitude to another by the simple rearrangement of the atoms is its fourth dimension and does not change its inherent character. If all things are made of Spiritual substance, there is no dividing line between what we have called Spirit and its manifestation.

Spirit is Cause.

*MotFE* Spirit As Cause, Spirit's Goal:

Spirit is the creative cause in the universe and our words are potent only as this same spirit is seen as the operative force back of them. The creative trend of the Universe or the will and purpose of God is to dissolve ignorance just as light dissolves darkness.

*MotFE* Mind = Spirit:

Spirit and Mind are synonymous. They are one and the same in vibratory influence. That which seems to make a difference is that we take our thoughts as indicating mind. Mind is consciousness, for mind and consciousness are inseparable. The element of consciousness is thought and when conscious of spiritual Fact there is no difference to us between mind and spirit. We are in a state of Spiritual Consciousness.

You are right in thinking of mind as consciousness in action but so is Spirit consciousness in action. They, too, are synonymous.

They dissolve the whole structure of substance and resolve it all back to emanating energy identical with Spirit. Spirit is all-pervading; it manifests in everything. But this energy, in the last analysis, is not blind force but intelligent force. It knows what it is doing. Scientists even admit that there is a certain form of "electricity" that seems to know what it is doing. This all-pervading, creative energy back of all things is aware of itself, aware of what it is doing, aware of how to do it, and we therefore call it Spirit or God.

*SoM* Mind is Spirit:

The law of Mind is the law of Spirit. All things in the physical world or the world of form are in a certain rate of vibration and are an effect. This is the result of "an Infinite Thinker thinking mathematically." Anything the mind thinks, it can unthink. If, therefore, by the law of cause and effect we have produced unpleasant conditions, we should be able by this same law to produce an entirely different effect. To be self-conscious, is to be a spiritual entity. Mind, in Its self-conscious form, cannot be differentiated from Spirit. Mind, in Its subjective or subconscious state, is the Law of Spirit. No limit can be placed upon the spirit of man. It emerges with the Universal Spirit for the two are really One. God is in us as we are in God. Man's evolution is the unfolding of this everlasting Mind or Spirit throughout his thought.

*DEVF1* Consciousness Forms Matter:

Consciousness formed matter... Each atom and molecule has its own consciousness. Consciousness and matter and energy are one, but consciousness initiates the transformation of energy into matter... The universe emerged into actuality in the same way, but to a different degree, that any idea emerges from what you think of as subjectivity into physical expression.

*U* A Single Universal Force:

Light, heat, electricity, magnetism, chemism, energy, and matter are, in origin, nature, and density- are all the same thing. Heat is the measurement of electronic activity. Gravity presence prevents "absolute zero." The scarcest, emptiest space has @ 100 Ultimatons (one electron) in each cubic inch. Low temps favor electronic and atomic assembly (cold fusion), heat favors breakdowns. Nuclear matter is formed in cold, too. Ultimatomic energies can be anti-gravity, under conditions of temperature, velocity, and revolution. (m2 - m1) = (E2 - E1)/C2. E=mc2 variant where m1-m2 is the increase in mass and E1-E2 is the increase in energy.

*DL* Spiritual Life is Spiritual Law:

We must realize the Life of the Spirit as being also the Law of the Spirit.

*MotFE* Manifesting Ideas- Time and Simultaneous Time:

The One Mind is not constantly creating new ideas. It is manifesting Ideas that have been created from the beginning, for the One Mind is and always has been Omniscient- all knowing. It has never been nor will it ever be more or less than ITSELF.

The Intelligent, Subjective Mental Medium

The Subconscious Mind- That Which Fulfills Conscious Desires

*E* Natural Law & the Ascendant:

No Natural Law ever is or even can be detached from its Source in the Ascendant.

*SoM* Soul:

We should not, however, think of Soul or Spirit as separate from each other. They are really two parts or aspects of the same thing, each being Self-Existent and Co-Eternal with the other. MIND NEVER COULD BE UNCONSCIOUS! Think of the Soul as the last and final analysis of matter. We know that matter comes from somewhere, and the teaching is that Soul-Stuff is the source from which it comes. We must, however, distinguish Soul-Stuff from Soul. The term "Soul-Stuff" refers to the primordial or undifferentiated Substance from which all things are made. Soul may not choose, having no self-consciousness of Its own, yet It has an Intelligence which is infinite. The combined intelligence of the race could not create the life of a plant, yet the Intelligence in the creative soil of the earth will produce as many for us as we ask.

The Creative Medium of Spirit is the great Mental Law of the Universe. The Karmic Law is the Law of Cause and Effect. The next bridge that psychology must cross is a recognition that what is called your subjective mind and my subjective mind is merely the place where Universal Subjectivity, the Creative Medium Itself, reacts to our personal use of It. Everyone is Universal on the subjective side of life and individual only at the point of conscious perception.

Whatever is known at one point is known at all points, instantly! Anything that has ever been thought at any time in the history of man, exists today in a subjective state in Universal Mind. It is impossible to divide Mind. Consciousness is always a unity. Soul has been called the Universal Feminine or the Holy Womb of Nature, because it is receptive and creative. The Subconscious, or Subjective, is never an entity.

*SoM* Mental Laws:

The Mental Medium must be the Law of mental action. While we might think of It as the Mind of God, we could not think of It as the Spirit of God; for the Mental Medium is automatic, while the Spirit must be Self-Knowing. The Universal Medium of Mind is but one of the many attributes of God. We should differentiate between Universal Mind and Universal Spirit. As we examine the Subjective, we find It to be both intelligent and conscious, without knowing that It is intelligent, and without being self-conscious. All law must be subjective. If this were not true of the laws of nature, we could not depend upon them. The Law of Mind knows how to create without knowing what It created. Therefore, we must distinguish between the Law of Mind and the Spirit which uses the Law. The ancients taught that there is an Infinite Self-Knowing Spirit (Spirit is the Power that knows Itself) in addition to which there is an Infinite Law which knows how to do but does not care what It does. It is Cause and Effect. We cannot destroy the Law but we can re-direct Its movement. When we are dealing with Subjectivity, we are always dealing with that which is subject to the conscious volition. The conscious volition in the Universe is what is meant by the Spirit or God. The Mental Medium, the Universal Subjectivity, the Law, is the doer of the Word! Subjective Law works with intelligence but not self-conscious awareness. The Law we are discussing is simply a law of Nature, a force of Nature. It happens to be a mental force, and an intelligent and creative one, like electricity, which will either light our house and cook our food or will electrocute us if we use it incorrectly.

*U* The Universal Subjective Substance:

Science will soon see that all things can be reduced to one primal element containing innumerable particles universally distributed, responding to vibratory influences, and all in perfect equilibrium or balance.

Hence, it follows on mathematical grounds alone that it took some definite movement, some initial action to draw together the infinite particles of this all-pervading universal natural substance, in order to bring them into form as selective objects.

This power did not originate wholly within a particle, but is a power greater, yet at one with the particle and you, through your thought and definite action, co-operating with this vibration, give selectivity to these particles.

Scientists will recognize the presence of a power which at this time is not understood because it is inactive; and it inactive only because it is not recognized.

*EL* What the Subjective Mind Is:

The subjective mind is in itself absolutely impersonal...

What we call the hypnotic state is the normal state of the subjective mind... (NOTE: Simply the putting to sleep of the conscious or objective mind)

All-pervading spirit [is] universal subjective mind... The universal mind is the creative power throughout Nature; and as the originating power it must first give rise to the various forms in which objective mind recognizes its own individuality... The universal all-permeating intelligence... is purely subjective mind... The subjective mind in ourselves is the same subjective mind which is at work throughout the universe giving rise to the infinitude of natural forms with which we are surrounded.


The three great facts regarding subjective mind are its creative power, its amenableness to suggestion, and its inability to work by any other than the deductive method... (NOTE: Meaning that it does not have access to the store of complete knowledge. That must be channeled through our conscious mind only) The Universal Mind must be to us exactly according to our conception of it...

Belief in limitation is the one and only thing that causes limitation.

*R* The Subjective is in All:

In all substance is a single soul- subjective mind.

*R* No Time or Space for the Subjective Mind:

Distance, as it is cognized by your objective senses, does not exist for the subjective mind... Time and space are conditions of thought; the imagination can transcend them and move in a psychological time and space.

*BG* The Subconscious/God Fulfills All Wishes:

"God has given independence to everyone; therefore, if a person desires to have material enjoyment and wants very sincerely to have such facilities from the material demigods, the Supreme Lord, as Supersoul in everyone's heart, understands and gives facilities to such persons.

*CWG3* The Universe Grants All Wishes:

The universe knows nothing except how to grant your fondest wish, your greatest desire. Indeed, it is doing that every moment, every day...

There is no separation between you and anything you desire...

Believing that you cannot have something is the same thing as not desiring to have it, for it produces the same result...

"As long as I am seeking to have something, I cannot have it, because my very seeking is a statement that I do not now have it."

*HU* The High Self & Desires:

The high self is the unconscious portion of a person that can see the parts of the future that are crystallized or "set."

(NOTE: Fractured selves.) Most people are not in charge of their own thoughts, said the kahunas, and constantly bombard their high self with an uncontrolled and contradictory mixture of plans, wishes, and fears. This confuses the high self and is why most people's lives appear to be equally haphazard and uncontrolled. Powerful kahunas who were in open communication with their high selves, were said to be able to help a person remake his or her future.

[NOTE: This is key in this section]

Body - The Manifestation of Spirit

*SoM* Body:

Body means the entire manifestation of Spirit on all planes. Body is always an effect, never a cause. We would not say that consciousness is in the body, but rather that body is in consciousness! If one is unconscious he has neither pain nor fear. Pain and fear are in consciousness, but consciousness so completely envelops the body that it appears to be intelligent. The physical body is evolved for the purpose of allowing consciousness to function on this plane. The body is necessary to this plane, since only through a physical body can we properly function here. When the body is no longer a fit instrument the soul deserts it and continues to function on another plane. To say that the body is unreal is a mistake.

THE BODY OF THE UNIVERSE CANNOT HELP CHANGING. The Formless takes form in what we call "time." Evolution is the passing of thought into manifestation. Evolution is an effect of intelligence and not the cause of it. How can we doubt that the very mind which we now use is the Intelligent Principle from which all life draws its power to be and its intelligence to express? The furtherance of evolution depends upon our ability to sense a unity with Nature and her forces. Planes are not places; they are states of consciousness. Intelligence is the ultimate creative agency of the Universe!

*SPoK* The Cloud, The Substance of the Universe:

As the Barzakh, the Cloud stands between God and nothingness and shares in the attributes of both. Through the intermediary of the Barzakh, God takes on the attributes of the creatures, and they become clothed in His qualities.

"The Cloud is the Real Through Whom Creation Takes Place."

"In the state of its existence the cosmos is nothing but the forms which the Cloud receives and which become manifest within it.

One of Ibn al-'Arabi's best-known names for the substance of the universe is the "Breath of the All-merciful."

"The immutable substance is the Cloud, which is nothing other than the Breath of the All-merciful."

"Nonexistence is identical with straitness and constriction. The All-merciful relieves this straitness through His Breath, since He brings the possible thing into existence."

"The creatures' root lies in contraction. Everything contracted is constrained, and everything constrained is confined. But since man comes into existence upon the Divine Form, he finds confinement intolerable. So God relieves that in him through this all-merciful Breath."

"The Cloud is attributed to the Lord before He creates the creatures."


The Physical from the Spiritual

Script: This section needs to be broken down and moved to better sections.

Consciousness Forms Matter

*DEVF1* The Creativity of Energy, Value Fulfillment Is Fulfillment of All Potential:

All possible visible or invisible particles that you discover or imagine- meaning hypothesized particles- possess consciousness. They are energized consciousness...

Energy is above all things infinitely creative, innovative, original. Energy is imaginative... I am not assigning human traits to energy. Instead, your human traits are the result of energy's characteristics... Space as you think of it is, in your terms, filled with invisible particles. They are the unstated portion of physical reality, the unmanifest medium in which your world exists...

In the beginning [atoms and molecules] imagined the myriad of forms that were physically possible. They imagined the numberless cells that could arise from their own cooperative creation. Energy is boundless. It is exuberant. It knows no limits. In those terms, the atoms dreamed the cells into physical being- and from that new threshold of physical activity cellular consciousness dreamed of the myriad organizations that could emerge from this indescribable venture.

Again, in actuality all of this took place at once, yet the depth of psychological experience contained therein can never be measured, for it involved a kind of value fulfillment with which each consciousness is involved. That characteristic of value fulfillment is perhaps the most important element in the being of All That Is, and it is a part of the heritage of all species.

[Value fulfillment] combines the nature of its own divine complexity- with a creative ability of infinite proportions that seeks to bring to fulfillment even the slightest, most distant portion of its own inverted complexity. Translated into simpler terms, each portion of energy is endowed with an inbuilt reach of creativity that seeks to fulfill its own potentials in all possible variations- and in such a way that such a development also furthers the creative potentials of each other portion of reality.

*DEVF1* Energy and Matter and Consciousness Are One:

Scientists say now that energy and matter are one. They must take the next full step to realize that consciousness and energy and matter are one.

*DEVF1* The CU's Journey into Physical Reality:

The entities, or units of consciousness- those ancient fragments that burst into objectivity from the vast and infinite psychological realms of All That Is- dared all, for they joyfully abandoned themselves in space and time. They created new psychological entities, opened up an area of divine creativity that "until then" had been closed, and therefore to that [degree] extended the experience and immense existence of All That Is... In those terms All That Is became physical also, aroused at its divine depth by the thrusting of each grass blade through the soil into the air, aroused by each birth and by each moment of each creature's existence.

*BMS* The Spatial & Non-Spatial:

"It is true that matter is material, concretized, localized in time and space; but it is also true that matter is virtually entirely space and energy and is spread out nonlocally throughout time and space." -William Braud

*tSD* All Exist as Ideas, and Become in Matter:

The active Power, the "Perpetual Motion of the great Breath" only awakens Kosmos at the dawn of every new Period, setting it into motion by means of the two contrary Forces, and thus causing it to become objective on the plane of Illusion. In other words, that dual motion transfers Kosmos from the plane of the Eternal Ideal into that of finite manifestation, or from the Noumenal to the phenomenal plane. Everything that is, was, and will be, eternally is, even the countless forms, which are finite and perishable only in their objective, not in their ideal Form. They existed as Ideas, in the Eternity, and, when they pass away, will exist as reflections. Neither the form of man, nor that of any animal, plant or stone has ever been created, and it is only on this plane of ours that it commences "becoming," i.e., objectivizing into its present materiality.

*tSD* Spirit and Matter Are States of Life:

"Whatsoever quits the Laya State, becomes active Life; it is drawn into the vortex of MOTION (the alchemical solvent of Life); Spirit and Matter are the two States of the ONE, which is neither Spirit nor Matter, both being the Absolute Life, latent." (Book of Dzyan, Comm. III., par. 18)

*tSD* The Fundamental Law:

[The fundamental Law] is called "Substance-Principle," for it becomes "Substance" on the plane of the manifested Universe, an illusion, while it remains a "Principle" in the beginningless and endless abstract, visible and invisible Space. It is the omnipresent Reality: impersonal, because it contains all and everything. Its impersonality is the fundamental conception of the System. It is latent in every atom in the Universe, and is the Universe itself.

The Universe is the periodical manifestation of this unknown Absolute Essence. It is best described as neither Spirit nor Matter, but both...

*SD&P* The Source & Nature of Ideas & Energy:

Energy is the basis of the universe.

Ideas are mental transformations of energy by an entity into physical reality.

The subconscious is the threshold of an idea's emergence into the individual conscious mind. It connects the entity and the individual.

Emotions are the driving force that propel ideas into constructions.

Each evolutionary change is preceded and caused by a new idea.

Though the construction of an idea seems to disappear physically, the idea which it represents still exists.

*CWG2* Space:

Your thoughts are pure vibration- and they can and do create physical matter! If enough of you hold the same thought, you can impact, and even create, portions of your physical universe.


Creation By Thought

Script: When considering that the fundamental substance of creation is consciousness, it is impossible to talk about any aspect of creation apart from the mind. Because we are centers of universal mind/spirit, we create via or thoughts in the same way.*

Nature of Thought

*IAD* Thought and Form:

All thought carries form.

Script: The next two bits are important- mind as cause, thought as form.
*CMS* We Provide Only the Form:

Mind is cause, and what we term matter, or the visible, is effect... Mind will solidify only into forms that our thought takes. Thought is form. The individual provides the form; he never creates or even manifests... of himself... But the mold that most of us provide is a very poor one, and we change it so quickly that it is more like a motion picture than anything else.

*CMS* Thought is the Pattern, Mind Builds:

We live in mind; and it can return to us only what we think into it... Whatever we think is the pattern, and mind is the builder.

*CBtL* Thoughts Are Limitless:

"Thoughts have no limits!" says Juergenson. They reach across all dimensions.(NOTE: If this is hard to understand, think of it this way. Thinking about the sun, your thought is there. Picture the past, the future, anything, and thought is there. Imagine new worlds, higher dimensions, and thought is there.)

*TDA* Thought is Real:

"There's nothing theoretical about thought. It's the realest [sic] thing in the universe. Thought moves and thought does. It moves against and into. It is a force, a thing, a reality."

-Source uncertain

*IL* Thought is Creation:

This Key, when you once know how to use it, will open the door to all Wisdom and all Power in heaven and earth...

This Key is

"To THINK is to CREATE."

...When you once know how "to think," you can create at will anything you wish,- whether it be a new personality, a new environment, or a new world.

Consciousness Forming Matter Through Thought Forms

Script: This is just a more detailed way of looking at it, more of a step-by-step process. And mental science is even more detailed. These should all be together.
*TYSD* Matter is a Development of Thought:

Applied to physics, the Doctrine of Maya implies that matter, although illusorily substantial, is, as our own science already suspects, non-existent save as phenomena, as a manifestation of that primordial energy constituting the electron, whose ultimate source is Mind. Matter is thus a development of thought... The Sangsara, or external universe, is a psychophysical compound of mind; matter, as we see it, being crystallized mental energy, and, consequently, the product of thought...

Materialized thought-forms attach themselves one to another, like drops of water in an ocean, and in their totality constitute external nature... Thus Mind is the Cosmos.

Matter is Thought-Made

*CPitI* Matter is a Cosmic Thought Form!:

When the fluent matter was thus held in particular forms you would have concrete matter just as we know it now, only with this difference, that it would return to its fluent state as soon as the supporting will was withdrawn. Now, as we shall see later on, this is precisely what matter really is, only the will which holds it together in concrete form is not individual but cosmic. (NOTE: astral thought-forms and cosmic matter-forms!)

...The Essence of Matter is precisely the fluent substance we have imagined... The knowledge of this fact, when realized in its proper order, is the basis of the legitamate control of mind over matter.

*TYSD* Matter is the Crystallization of Thought:

Matter is but the crystallization of thought; or, otherwise stated, the Universe is merely the materialization of thought-forms...

Hsuan-Tsang: ‘Because thought attacheth itself to itself, it developeth in the form of external things. This visible doth not exist; there is only thought.'...

*TYSD* Everything is Mind-Made- Creating Thought-Forms & Giving Them Life:

The body of man and of every phenomenally-appearing form and thing of the Sangsara are mind-made. Some are merely visualizations, or thought-forms, consciously or unconsciously projected into nature and thus given illusive existence by their creator. Of such character are probably most of the materializations created by ‘spirit' mediums. As man, impelled by karmic necessity, unconsciously creates the physical form he wears, similarly the master of yoga, consciously and at will, can create any number of equally unreal bodies, of human and non-human shape, and give them physically as ‘real' as his own body, and, infusing into them a portion of his animal vitality, direct them as though they were living creatures...

Collectively considered, the Sangsara itself is for the yogin merely a complex thought-form, which has emanated from and is being sustained by the One Mind.

*TF* The Universe as a Thought-Form:

Some very complex thought-forms can be exactly imitated by the action of certain mechanical forces. The universe is itself a mighty thought-form called into existence by the logos. Tiny parts of it are also the thought-forms of minor entities engaged in the same work. (NOTE: This is then like the Word, the AUM, the primary vibrations, and as we are given the creative powers of God, we give them out in the smae way, though they are lesser in power.)

*BWT* All Potential Forms are in our Consciousness:

Infinity exists within ourselves, the infinity of any and every form that may ever be necessary to our experience. Whether that form is to appear outwardly as words, thoughts, or ideas; whether it is to appear outwardly as designs in clothing, architecture, or bridges- regardless of what form we are to bring forth on earth- its abiding place is within our consciousness.


Consciousness is the fabric and the substance of all form.


Particle Physics - Creation from CUs

Consciousness Units (CUs)

*UR* The Basic, Independent Unit of Consciousness:

There are units of consciousness. I do not want you to think of these units as particles. There is a basic unit of consciousness that, expressed, will not be broken down. It contains within itself innately infinite properties of expansion, development, and organization; yet within itself always maintains the kernel of its own individuality. Despite whatever organizations it becomes part of, or how it mixes with other such basic units, its own identity is not annihilated.

It is aware energy. It is therefore the source of all other kinds of consciousness, and the varieties of its activity are infinite. It combines with others of its kind.

This basic unit is endowed with unpredictability. You would call a soul the result of a certain organization of such units.

These units can indeed appear in several places at once, and without going through space, in your terms. These basic units of consciousness can be in all places at once. They are in all places at once. They will not be recognized because they will always appear as something else.

There are millions of them in one atom – many millions. Each of these units is aware of the reality of all others, and influences all others. These units can move forward or backward in time, but they can also move into thresholds of time with which you are not familiar.

These units of consciousness possess their own "inclinations," leanings, propensities.

All matter is based upon the units mentioned, with their unpredictability and their propensity for exploring all probabilities.

The CU's, or units of consciousness are literally in every place and time at once. They possess the greatest adaptability, and profound "inborn" propensity for organization of all kinds. They act as individuals, and yet each carries within it a knowledge of all other kinds of activity that is happening in any other given unit or group of units.

The units actually form the systems of reality in which they have their experience. They can move forward or backward in time. They possess an interior mobility within time as you know it.

These CU's are literally indestructible. They can take any form, organize themselves in any kind of time-behavior and seem to form a reality that is completely dependent upon its apparent form and structure.

*BS&S* Consciousness Units:

Seth: Thoughts and emotions are formed into physical matter by definite methods and through specific laws. The basic building blocks are "units of consciousness," or CUs. They are not physical and do not occupy space, they can be in all places at all times simultaneously. This freedom from 3D constraints permits them to be precognitive and clairvoyant. The Cus contain within themselves innately properties of expansion, development, and organization, yet they always maintain the kernel of their own individuality. They do not have human characteristics, but they do have their own learnings, inclinations, and propensities. The basic CU is endowed with unpredictability, which allows for infinite patterns and fulfillments. The Cus are divine fragments of All That Is. Cus can operate as either particles or waves. The Cus act as particles when they are explicated; when they are in the implicate order, they act as waves. (Huh what's here?) energy has such transforming pattern-forming propensities that it always appears as its manifestations. It becomes its "camouflages." Energy is not divided. Each smallest portion- each smallest unit of pure energy- contains within it the propelling force toward the formation of all possible variations of itself. Each particleized unit of consciousness contains within it inherently the knowledge of all other such particles. Cus can move faster than light and slow down to the speed of light to form matter. Before matter appears, there is a "disturbance" in the spot of space-time where the materialization is to take place. The slowing down of prior faster-than-light activity helps "freeze" the activity into form. The initial faster-than-light activity and the deceleration cannot be ascertained from within the 3D universe. So matter, as it were, is condensed or frozen light. Light is not merely EM waves but in a sense other kinds of waves that go at that speed. Therefore all matter is a condensation of light into patterns moving back and forth at average speeds which are less than the speed of light.

*UR* Conservation of Energy, CUs as Black/White Holes:

No energy is ever lost. It may seem to disappear from one system, but if so, it will emerge in another. The inward and outward thrust that is not perceived is largely responsible for what you think of as ordinary consecutive time.

There is the constant surge into your universe of new energy through infinite minute sources. The sources are the CU's themselves. In certain respects at least the CU's operate as minute but extremely potent black holes and white holes.

The CU's serve as source points or "holes" through which energy falls into your system, or is attracted to it. As CU's leave your system, time is broken down. Its effects are no longer experienced as consecutive, and matter becomes more and more plastic until its mental elements become apparent. The CU's are aware of everything happening – only on the top of the moment, but within it in all of its probabilities.

*UR* Consciousness Units Emerging Out of the Now From Past & Future:

All psychological structures then are composed of such organizations. They are innately endowed with the desire or propensity for growth and creative organization. Since these units of consciousness exist at once, they are aware of all the organized self-structures of which they are a part. To this extent, all probable realities are connected in the basic manner. These units grow out of themselves. Since I have told you that in your terms your past, present, and future exist at once, these units are constantly emerging out of your now-point from both the future and the past.

*WoLi* Consciousness is the Basic Building Block:

It is not matter but consciousness that is the basic underlying reality behind all of existence.

CUs are Alive

Script: CU's are alive in the same way that plasmas "appear" to be alive by knowing what's going on at each point in itself.
Script: These are the source of our personality traits.
*DEVF2* CUs Are Alive, Not Mechanistic:

Remember that these units of consciousness of which I have been speaking are not neutral, mathematical, or mechanistic...

Basically consciousness has nothing to do with size.

*DA* The Life of All Things is the Same Life:

"The physical and chemical constituents of all being found to be identical, chemical Science may well say that there is no difference between the matter which composes the ox and that which forms man. But the Occult Doctrine is far more explicit. It says: Not only the chemical compounds are the same, but the same infinitesimal invisible lives compose the atoms of the bodies of the mountains and the daisy, of man and the ant, of the elephant, and of the tree which shelters him from the sun. Each particle- whether you call it organic or inorganic- is a life."

(The Secret Doctrine, vol. I, p. 281 3rd Edn.)

*BS&S* Consciousness or Matter?:

According to quantum theory, mind gives form to potentia, which then exhibits the property of matter. If the electron is seen in some sense as being "alive," then it can have its own equivalent of observer and observed, its own form of consciousness. If we no longer see matter as primary, but see mind as primary, we might say that an "alive" particle responds to information, and force fields (e.g., electromagnetic and gravitational) might be viewed as information fields.

The wave function is the mental aspect of the electron. The wave function which determines the field is information.

Seth: All energy contains consciousness.

Physicist Freeman Dyson: Every particle in the universe is an active agent making choices between random processes.

CUs Are Nonlocal Probability Waves

*DEVF2* Particles Taking On or Dropping Mass, Intersecting From Everywhere Into Probabilities:

Beyond certain levels it is almost meaningless to speak in terms of particles, but I will for now use the term "invisible particles" because you are familiar with it. Invisible particles, then, form the foundation of your world. The invisible particles that I am referring to, however, have the ability to transform themselves into mass, or to divest themselves of it... (NOTE: CU's) Each such invisible particle contains within itself the potential to embark upon an infinite number of probable variations of consciousness...

They can be, and they are, everywhere at once... Now you are composed of such invisible particles, and so is everything else that you can physically perceive. To that degree... portions of your own consciousness are everywhere at once. They are not lost, or spread out in some generalized fashion, but acutely responsive, and as highly alert as your familiar consciousness is now.

The self that you are aware of represents only one "position" in which those invisible particles happen to intersect, gain mass, build up form.

*DEVF1* CU's Acting As Waves Are Everywhere and Everywhen:

When CU's operate as waves, however, they do not set up any boundaries about their own self-awareness- and when operating as waves CU's can indeed be in more than one place at one time...

In its purest form a unit of consciousness can be in all places at the same time. It becomes beside the point, then, to say that when it operates as a wave a unit of consciousness is precognitive, or clairvoyant, since it has the capacity to be in all places and all times simultaneously. (NOTE: Ah! Bohm's implicate and explicate- it drops in and out of the hologram! It goes from all looking at one to one looking at all. Influenced by all or by itself only.)

*HoL* Particle-Probability, not Particle-Wave:

Physicists have found that particles can be waves at the same time because they are not real physical waves like sound or water waves, but rather they are probability waves... The physicists are saying there is no such thing as "thing." What we used to call "things" are really "events" or paths that might become events...

Electromagnetic Energy (EE Units)

*UR* Consciousness Units Form EE Units:

Consciousness units: from them EE units are formed, and the first roots sent out into the world of physical matter.

As these units approach physical structure, however, they do slow down in your terms. Electrons, for example, are slow dullards in comparison with EE units. Units of consciousness are "mental," disembodied, though from their inner organization all physical forms emerge. These units form what you think of as the mind, around which the structure of the brain is formulated.

*BS&S* Matter Formation:

Seth: A combination of Cus forms a consciousness. The subjective experience of consciousness automatically expresses itself as EM energy (EE) units. The EE units are natural emanations from consciousness. They exist not in 3D space but just beneath the range of physical matter. They seldom exist in isolation but unite under certain conditions. They pulsate and can change their form. Their duration depends on the intensity of the mental activity from which they originate; if the intensity is high enough, the EE units activate the dormant energy of a subordinate/coordinate point and are propelled into matter.

When EE units are operating beneath the surface of reality, they are traveling at a velocity greater than light and therefore do not emerge as matter in our 3D universe. When they do become matter- through the help of coordinate points- they are slowed to the velocity of our light and then take on solid form. In a similar manner to the way in which the sun aids the growth of plants, coordinate points and EE units, with consciousness as guide, activate the behavior of atoms and molecules. The EE units are not confined to human consciousness but arise from all levels of consciousness, including the cellular. The EE units can be compared to "active" information directing a much greater energy source, the subordinate point. A form, having very little energy, enters into and directs a much greater energy from acting to "inform," or put form into, a much larger energy has significant applications in many areas beyond quantum theory. The subordinate points and EE units, as they intrude into our 3D universe, make up the vast energy pool of space.

Bohm: The quantum wave carries "information" and is therefore potentially active everywhere, but it is actually active only when and where this energy enters into the energy of the particle.

*BS&S* EM Radiation as an Aspect of EE Units:

Seth: There are many gradations of matter, or form, that we do not perceive, and that "many of these particles making up such constructions do move faster than the speed of your light. There are indeed universes composed of such faster-than-light particles. Some of these in your terms share the same space as your own universe. EE units are in effect light units that intrude into our EM spectrum by slowing their velocity to that of our light and becoming trapped at that velocity. EE units permeate all of space and operate just below the surface of our 3D universe. Matter is their projecting into our world.

*SS* EE Units & Emotion:

EE units are formed spontaneoulsy from the electromagnetic reality of feelings emitted from each consciousness, as breath automatically goes out from the physical body. The intensity of the thought or emotion determines the characteristics of the units themselves. At certain ranges are reached, they are propelled into physical actualization. Whether or not this occurs, they will exist as small matter particles -as, say, latent matter or pseudomatter.

You are not utterly unaware of the existence of some of these units, thought you do not experience them as mass. You interpret some of them as events, dream events, so-called hallucinations; and sometimes certain ranges of these units are interpreted by you as movement-through-time. All of them cast certain "atmospheric conditions" or reflections that color physical events as you know them.

The physical brain is the mechanism by which thought or emotion is automatically formed into EE units of the proper range and intensity to be used by the physical organism.

*SS* EE Units:

The subjective experience of any consciousness is automatically expressed as electromagnetic energy units. These exist beneath the range of physical matter. They are particles which have not yet emerged into matter. They very seldom exist in isolation, but unite under certain laws. They change both their form and their pulsation. Their relative "duration" depends on the emotional intensity behind them. Under certain conditions, these coagulate into matter. More intense EM units are accellerated more rapidly into matter. Molecules would appear as planets to these units. Atoms and molecules and planets and EM units are simply different manifestations of the same principles that bring the units themselves into being. Mental images, accompanied by strong emotion, are blueprints therefore upon which a corresponding physical object, or condition or event, will in your terms appear. The intensity is the core about which the EM unit forms. The more intense the core, the sooner the physical manifestation. Pessimism and optimism create themselves. The points activate the generating behavior of atoms and molecules, and greatly encourage their cooperative abilities, their tendency to swarm into organizations and structures. They magnify the latent spontaneity inherent within matter. These emanations in varying degrees arise from all consciousness, including cellular consciousness. Physical matter particles are formed from the webwork of EM units pervading our entire atmosphere.

Nature of Vibrations

*WoLi* Sound, Vibration, Communication:

The Hindus believe that all matter is made of sound.

Patterns are another kind of limitation, limiting movement and change to a fixed form. When patterns are fixed, they repeat. Through limitation, otherwise random movement becomes vibration- a fixed pattern of repeated movement.

A running engine looks like a vibrating block of metal, emitting a "whirring" sound. We have stepped out from the specific interactions within a structure, and now look at the combined behavior of the structure as a whole, perceiving its overall "vibration."

The most solid aspects of matter are constantly vibrating at high speeds. In fact, only by constant movement can we perceive the emptiness of matter as a solid field. The movement of atomic particles, bound to a very small space, becomes more like vibration or oscillation, vibrating at the rate of about 10(x15) Hz (Hz = cps).

Mere sound waves, projected into various mediums- such as water, powders, pastes, or oil- produce patterns with remarkable similarity to forms found in nature, such as spiral galaxies, cellular division in an embryo, the iris and the pupil of the human eye.

*UB* Quantum Vibration:

Vibration, or wavelike behavior of quantum is wholly determined by the dimensions of the material structures concerned. Such wavelike energy ripples are 860x the diameter of the ultimatons, electrons, atoms, or other units thus performing.

Confusion in observing wave mechanics of quantum behavior is due to wave interference and construction. It creates double-height crests and cancelations.

*ND* How Vibrations Work:

During World War II, I used to sit on planes with propellers, four big propellers. The blades would interfere with my seeing anything beyond them. Suddenly they would start the engine, and the blades would move, then blur, and disappear! They were moving so fast that I could no longer see them. I could now see the terminal on the other side of the blades.

*CJ* Higher Vibe = More Stillness, Lower = More Movement:

Much movement was now taking place on the outside of my capsule, but I was experiencing a strange sense of weightlessness, timelessness, and stillness within it... I perceived that the earth was on a much slowed vibration than my speeded-up light vibration; paradoxically, the earth's lower vibration seemed like movement and activity, while my higher vibration in the capsule felt peaceful and quiet.

Spirals & The Nature of Waves

*TDA* Circles & Spirals:

"The perfect circle is an infinite line defining a finite space. Around and around you go but always in the same place. Transform your circle into a spiral, my friends, and you touch the fabric of eternity." -Dr. Peebles

*TDA* Vibrations, Spirals, Pulses, the Interdimensional High & Low Points of Waves:

Dr. Peebles: "When the perspective is high enough, you see more and more that all shapes become spirals...

"The vibration, the energy frequency, rather, of matter is related to images... of life and the relationship between the two. The frequency of that field of energy increases accordingly to vulnerability, according to love, according to closeness, in attitude, according to acceptance, and so on.

"That vibration becomes very dense as there is resistance and separation. Now the frequency of this energy must be so rhythmic that individualization is only temporary- and then you have union, union of two different points of view, two different bodies, two different nations... in the pulsations, the rhythms- and the mechanical physics that is physical now on Earth will become spiritual in the coming decades, will concentrate on where are the pulses? -where is the high point of the wave? -where is the low point of the wave? And instead of looking and studying the middle, you will see that high point of the wave and the low point of the wave as the entry places- the doorways, the windows- into multiple dimensions, into other aspects of the unified field... (NOTE: go to Brahman through silence or sound)

"Understand that your physical body is not solid but is porous and that it is a vibrational zone controlled by your... images of self and others...

"The vibrational waves are controlled by will, images, feelings, intentions."

* Law of Attraction & Materialization - Creation of Matter *

Matter as Vortices of Attracted Energy

*WoLi* Matter & Materialization:

Matter occurs when there are enough forces of a similar nature and direction to reach a critical mass, resulting in what we call manifestation or materialization. Similar forces headed in the same direction will tend to gravitate toward each other, creating similar forms which will also bond.

Where we have a strong focus, we create a vector to which lines of force will be attracted and thereby directed. Matter is a group of vectors aimed at a central point.

Forms that fit pre-existing patterns are more likely to manifest than something new.

*WoLi* Matter As Rapidly Moving Vortexes of Primordial Energy:

The particles move so quickly (and our perceptions so slowly) that they create a field which makes them seem solid, just as a quickly moving propeller blade appears as a solid circle.

Matter is not the minute grains of mass which moves so quickly but is rather the vortex of interconnecting energies of which this mass, its movement, and the energy they create are all a part.

Think of this as tiny knots welling up within the fabric of the void. These knots are a slightly denser form of the primordial energy.

While a point bindu itself may not have mass in itself, it attracts energies that give it mass, as lines of force get locked up in its vortex. These points then become attracted toward each other. As they collect, they form larger and denser bodies, gradually developing more mass, and hence, a stronger gravitational field. This can be seen as the nature of bindu to separate itself from the void by attracting to itself, thus gathering itself into larger bodies. This is the force of the first chakra, the force of gravity, which focuses, limits, unifies, and forms.

So now we have "mass" and "nothingness," creating polarity. Polarity symbolizes the electric duality inherent in the atom.

The particles in the nucleus look less like movement and more like charged, vibrating "particle fields" pulsating at incredibly fast rhythms.

In Hindu mythology and philosophy, one hundred drops of bindu (the points of focus that compress physical matter, sometimes also correlated to semen), when sublimated, distill into one drop of ojas (divine consciousness). (NOTE: Urantia! 100 Ultimatons!)

*MJooB* Spinning of Particles:

Scientists have begun to perceive the spinning of the particle itself. It is the creative force that produces such spinning which humans and INSPECS have in common.

*BS&S* What is a Particle?:

In relativity theory, the particle described in classical physics is no longer a "thing: but a vortex-like disturbance in a continual field.

On the wave-particle dualism: because the mass of a body in macro reality is so large, the wavelength is too short to be detectable, so we are not generally aware of wavelength was applied to everyday items.

The History of Voritcal Motion in Atoms

Script: By altering spacetime into a shape, a constant movement can be established. This is the nature of the great flow.
*tSD* The Formation of Matter:

The Ancient Commentary to Stanza 4:-

"The Mother is the fiery Fish of Life. She scatters her spawn and the Breath (Motion) heats and quickens it. The grains (of spawn) are soon attracted to each other and form the curds in the Ocean (of Space)... Some of the lumps detach themselves and assume spheroidal form, a process which they effect only when not interfered with by the others. After which, law No. *** comes into operation. Motion (the Breath) becomes the whirlwind and set them into rotation."

*tSD* Whirlwinds of Motion Giving Way to Form:

Centres of Forces at first, the invisible Sparks of primordial Atoms differentiate into molecules, and become Suns- passing gradually into objectivity- gaseous, radiant, cosmic, the one "Whirlwind" (or motion) finally giving the impulse to the form, and the initial motion, regulated and sustained by the never-resting Breaths.

*TYSD* Ancient Conceptions of Atoms:

From The Path of the Transcendental Wisdom: The Yoga of the Voidness:

The most remarkable of the arguments concern the existence or non-existence of material atoms, of which the master minds in India had already conceived unknown centuries ago, long before the rise of European science.

‘The Vaibhashikas assert that atoms exist; that each of them, independently of another, hath a space in which to whirl; and that it is due to mind's activity that they have coherence. The Sautrantikas assert that the atoms exist, that they have no space in which to whirl, but remain in close proximity to one another without actually being in contact with one another.'

*tSD* Vortical Motion & The History of the Occult Mysteries:

He placed them in the six directions of space and one in the middle- the central wheel.

"Wheels..." are the centres of force around which primordial Cosmic matter expands, and, passing through all the six stages of consolidation, becomes spheroidal and ends by being transformed into globes or spheres...

This law of vortical movement in primordial matter is one of the oldest conceptions of Greek philosophy, whose first historical Sages were nearly all Initiates of the Mysteries. The Greeks had it from the Egyptians, and the latter from the Chaldeans, who had been the pupils of Brahmins of the esoteric school. Leucippus, and Democritus of Abdera- the pupil of the Magi taught that this gyratory movement of the atoms and spheres existed from eternity.

By the "Six directions of Space" is here meant the "Double Triangle."

Wave/Particle Nature

*LDer* Buddhist Wave/Particle Nature:

The Hindu concepts of nada and bindu are virtually identical to the quantum physicists' idea that matter can be both wave and particle. According to ancient Tantric texts, when Brahma creates matter a vibration or wave (nada) is set in motion. But when matter is viewed as separate from consciousness, it is seen as many points (bindhu).

*BS&S* East & West:

Seth: CUs can also operate as "particles" or as "waves." When CUs operate as particles, in your terms, they build up continuity in time. They take on the characteristics of particularity. When they operate as particles, they experience their reality from "the center of" those forms. They become in your terms individual. When Cus operate as waves, however, they do not set up any boundaries about their own self-awareness- and when operating as waves Cus can indeed be in more than one place at one time.

The left brain hemisphere is sequential, and the right is wholistic. The right side provides context and order, while the left provides facts and detail. The scientific view prevalent in the West is analogous to the left side of the brain, while the wholistic approach typical of Eastern thought is analogous to the right side.

Seth: Your own science has led you to its logical conclusion. You cannot stand apart from a reality and do any more than present diagrams of it. You will not understand its living heart or its nature. As long as you think in terms of particles, you are basically off the track- or even when you think in terms of waves. The idea of interrelated fields comes closer. In all of these cases you are ignoring the reality of consciousness, and its gestalt formations and manifestations.*BS&S* Different Velocities of Light:

In a higher light velocity universe, it would be as if the second and the centimeter contracted. We would experience more units of time in a given subjective interval and more units of length in our subjective space. Time would seem to speed up, and space would expand. (*Expansiveness & more moments! Focus! No, it's the opposite, actually, resulting from us slowing down relative to the velocity of light.)

*BS&S* The Quantum Field:

The quantum field then becomes the basic reality, with the particle being a manifestation or aspect of the field. A field is a form of wave motion; that is, it varies from one point to the other and also changes with time. A periodic wave, no matter how complex, can be seen as a unique sum of sine waves. It can also be seen as a set of harmonic (sinusoidal) oscillators. Actually, a free electromagnetic field is mathematically equivalent to an infinite number of harmonic oscillators. In another respect, however, the field is like a particle with a discrete quantum of energy proportional to the frequency. The particle then can be interpreted as energy residing in the field and can be removed or inserted in discrete amounts. Heisenberg's uncertainty principle does not allow an oscillating wave system to rest.

*tSD* The Basis of Matter is Eternal:

Prakriti and Purusha, Nature or Matter... "Matter is Eternal, becoming atomic (its aspect) only periodically."

Observation Causes Particleization

*BS&S* What is a Particle?:

The particle is a manifestation of the field when observed. When we look at it, it is a particle. When we are not looking, it is a wave, but a wave that is not real. The entire wave appears to collapse down to a particle instantaneously upon being observed. Bohm has suggested that the electron is an entity that continually fluctuated from a particlelike character to a wavelike character and then back again.

Particles are not separate entities that interact.

*HU* Particles Via Observation:

When an electron isn't being looked at, experimental findings suggest that it is always a wave.

If subatomic particles only come into existence in the presence of an observer, then it is also meaningless to speak of a particle's properties and characteristics as existing before they are observed.

Particleization is Dependent on Nonlocality

*DEVF1* CU's Can Be Particles Because of Their Wave Knowledge:

Each unit of consciousness inherently possesses within itself all of the information available to the whole, and its specific nature when it operates as a particle rests upon that great "body" of inner knowledge. Any one such particle can be where it "is," be what it is, and be when it is only because the positions, relative positions, and situations of all other such particles are known.

*DEVF1* The Formation of a Physical EE Unit:

In the deepest terms, again, your physical world is beginning at each point at which these units of consciousness assert themselves to form physical reality... Each unit of consciousness intensifies, magnifies its own intent to be- and you might say, works up from within itself an explosive spark of primal desire that "explodes" into a process that causes physical materialization. It turns into what I have called [an] EE unit, in which case it is embarked upon its own kind of physical experience. (NOTE: little bangs)

These EE units also operate as fields, as waves, or as particles, as the units of consciousness do- but in your terms they are closer to physical orientation. Their die is cast, so to speak: They have already begun the special kind of screening process necessary that will bring about physical form... There are literally numberless steps taken before EE units combine in their own fashion to form the most microscopic physical particles, and even here the greatest, gentlest sorting-out process takes place as these units disentangle themselves at certain operational levels from their own greater fields of "information," to specialize in the various elements that will allow for the production of atoms and molecules impeccably suited to your kind of world...

There are endless varieties of "matter" between the matter that you recognize and the antimatter of physicists' theories...

Your dream forms are quite as real as your physical ones. They simply fit into their own environment at another level of activity.

*DEVF1* CU's Forming Matter, As Particles Experience Time & See From Inside Their Position:

I call the building blocks of matter CU's- units of consciousness. They form physical matter as it exists in your understanding and experience. Units of consciousness also form other kinds of matter that you do not perceive.

CU's can also operate as "particles" or as "waves." They are aware of their own existences. When CU's operate as particles, in your terms, they build up a continuity in time. They take on the characteristics of particularity. They identify themselves by the establishment of specific boundaries.

They take certain forms, then, when they operate as particles, and experience their reality from "the center of" those forms... They become in your terms individual...

Those units of consciousness are the building blocks for the physical material of your body, for the trees and rocks, the oceans, the continents, and the very manifestation of space itself as you understand it.

*EL* The Smallest Unit of Matter:

As soon as we are dealing with anything capable of the conception of measurement we may be quite certain that we are not dealing with Spirit but only with one of its vehicles. Therefore although we may push our analysis of matter further and even further back- and on this line there is a great deal of knowledge to be gained- we shall find that the point at which spiritual power or thought-force is translated into etheric or atomic vibration will always elude us.

The Dual Simultaneous Nature of CUs
Even As Particles, They Ride Upon Waves

*DEVF1* The Dual Simultaneous Nature of CU's:

These CU's can operate as separate entities, as identities, or they can flow together in a vast, harmonious wave of activity, as a force... Actually, units of consciousness operate in both ways all the time. No identity, once "formed," is ever annihilated, for its existence is indelibly a part of "the entire wave of consciousness to which it belongs."

Each "particleized" unit, however, rides the continual thrust set up by fields of consciousness, in which wave and particle both belong. Each particleized unit of consciousness contains within it inherently the knowledge of all other such particles- for at other levels, again, the units are operating as waves. Basically the units move faster than light, slowing down, in your terms, to form matter. These units can be considered, again, as entities or as forces, and they can operate as either. Metaphysically, they can be thought of as the point at which All That Is acts to form [your] world- the immediate contact of a never-ending creative inspiration, coming into mental focus... Ethically, the CU's represent the spectacular foundations of the world in value fulfillment, for each unit of consciousness is related to each others.

*DEVF1* The Creativity of the First Entities- CU's:

In the beginning CU's... began themselves to create, to explore, and to fulfill those innate values by which they were characterized... directed in part by their own creative restlessness, and directed in part by the unquenchable creativity of All That Is, they embarked upon the project that brought time and space and your entire [universe] into being. They were the first entities, then...

There exists a psychological force that includes within its capabilities the ability to act simultaneously on the most microscopic and the most macroscopic levels; that can form within itself a million separate inviolate unique identities, and that can still operate as a part of those identities, and as a larger unit that is their source- in which case it is a wave from which the particles emerge. That description fits our units of consciousness.

They build your world from the inside out...

At other levels, while each individuality is maintained, it rides the wavelike formations of consciousness. It is everywhere at once, and the units of consciousness that make up your cells know the positions of all other such units, both in time and in space.

*HU* Matter Rising Out of the Sea:

Matter does not exist independently from the sea of energy, from so-called empty space. It is a part of space. To explain what he means, Bohm offers the following analogy: A crystal cooled to absolute zero will allow a stream of electrons to pass through it without scattering them. If the temperature is raised, various flaws in the crystal will lose their transparency, so to speak, and begin to scatter electrons. From an electron's point of view, such flaws would appear as pieces of "matter" floating in a sea of nothingness, but this is not really the case. The nothingness and the pieces of matter do not exist independently from one another. They are both part of the same fabric, the deeper order of the crystal. (NOTE: Aha! It's all crystal, but the "flows" scatter them. Yah! temp, grav, time!)

The Psychic Structures Behind The Physical

Script: This could be joined with the The Dual Simultaneous below.
*UR2* Underlying Psychic Structures:

There are psychic structures quite as effective as physical ones, and these underlie the reality of your objective world. They merge together beautifully to form an inner picture of the world at any given "time," even while that picture is ever-changing.

*UR2* Wave-Particle:

All exterior events, including your own bodies with their insides, all objects, all physical materializations, are the outside structures of inside ones that are composed of interior sound and invisible light, interwoven in electromagnetic patterns. (NOTE: So the appearance of something is dependent upon the perceiver being on the same wavelength or frequency as the object. How to create a machine on a higher frequency?)

*TDA* The Field Produces the Object:

The natural assumption would be that the object produces the field. But it can also be argued without violating tenets of field physics that the field produces the object.

*Chaos* Vibrational Genetics:

(NOTE: Vibrational genetics- now there's a field!) Behind the particular, visible shapes of matter must lie ghostly forms serving as invisible templates. Forms in motion. (NOTE: Imagine unwinding an entire life cycle from womb to adulthood from a gene.)

The Probability-Knowing Electrons

Time-Traveling Particles

Script: Now how does this work exactly? Vacuum diagrams show them going both ways in time, but it's the wave aspect that knows all, everywhere and at once. Ahh, then comes the answer in "The Dual Simultaneous Nature" above.
*DEVF1* Electrons are Precognitive, Straddling Probabilities, Giving Stability:

Electrons in your terms are precognitive, and so is your cellular consciousness. Your body's relative permanence in time is dependent upon the electron's magnificent behavior as it deals with probabilities. The cell's stability, and its reliability in the bodily environment, is dependent upon its innate properties of instant communication and instant decision...

At one level your cells obey the rules of the time, but on other levels they defy it... Events are not built up initially from physical particles. They are the result of psychological activity...

"In the beginning" you were only aware of that psychological activity. It had not "as yet" thickened itself into form. The form was there, but it was not manifest.

*ABTM* Time Traveling Particles:

As they exchange energy states, two particles can move backward in time as easily as forward; things that happened in the past can be altered by energy events in the future. (NOTE: Aha! This is how the now creates the past and future out of itself!)

Matter is Materialized Light
The Essential Nature is Light

Light Is the Fundamental Reality

*CWG3* All is Vibration, Objects are Made of Light:

All of life is a vibration. That which you call life (you could just as easily call it God) is pure energy. That energy is vibrating constantly, always. It is moving in waves. The waves vibrate at different speeds, producing different degrees of density, or light. This, in turn, produces what you would call different "effects" in the physical world- actually, different physical objects. Yet while the objects are different and discreet, the energy which produces them is exactly the same... (NOTE: The physical is densities of light. Light is the primary unit.)

The "Soul of God" ...coalesces in a particular way to form those objects...

As particles of energy join together to form physical matter, they become very concentrated... They begin to "look like," even "feel like," distinct units. That is, they begin to seem "separate," "different," from all the other energy. Yet this is all the same energy, behaving differently.

It is this very act of behaving differently which makes it possible for That Which Is All to manifest as That Which Is Many...

The "clumps of energy" which coalesced into discreet units that held in physical beings are what you have chosen to call "souls."

*UR2* The Interior of All Things, Slowing Down From Light Speed Is Freezing Into Matter:

Everything that is apparent three-dimensionally has an inside source, out of which its appearance springs...

The cell as you understand it is but the cell's three-dimensional face... Before a cell as such makes its physical appearance there are "disturbances" in the spot in which the cell will later show itself. Those disturbances are the result of a slowing down of prior effects of faster-than-light activity, and represent the emergence into your space-time system of energy that can then be effectively used and formed into the cellular pattern.

The very slowing-down process itself helps "freeze" the activity into a form. At the death of a cell a reverse process occurs- the death is the escape of that energy from the cell form, its release, the release itself triggering certain stages of acceleration... Such faster-than-light behavior, then, helps form the basis for the physical universe. This characteristic is an attribute of the CU's, which have already slowed down to some extent when they form EE units.

*tSD* Light is Temporary Matter, Darkness is Eternal Spirit:

According to the Rosicrucian tenets, as handled and explained by the profane for once correctly, if only partially, "Light and Darkness are identical in themselves, being only divisible in the human mind"; and according to Robert Fludd, "Darkness adopted illumination in order to make itself visible" (On Rosenkranz). According to the tenets of Eastern Occultism, Darkness is the one true actuality, the basis and the root of Light, without which the latter could never manifest itself, nor even exist. Light is Matter, and Darkness pure spirit. Darkness, in its radical, metaphysical basis, is subjective and absolute Light; while the latter in all its seeming effulgence and glory, is merely a mass of shadows, as it can never be eternal, and is simply an illusion, or Maya.

Even in the mind-baffling and science-harassing Genesis, light is created out of darkness.

*IAD* Light as Substance:

The length of the Ray from a precipitated substance or condensation of "Light" is controlled by the consciousness of the wearer. If the wearer's consciousness is raised very high, the scintillation is very great.


The principle within both energy and substance is the same. Substance holds energy within it naturally.

*IAD* Light and Darkness:

Light repels all that is unlike Itself.

*HU* The Nature of Physical Reality:

What is physical reality? Just "a mass of stable light." -Sri Aurobindo.

*MWT* Energy and Matter:

When asked to give some clues as to this new knowledge which could harness the new discovery for common usage, he stated that we must reverse all electro-chemical practice by ceasing to rely upon substance primarily and electricity secondarily. "In fact," he said, "it is better practically to forget substance, for the varying pressures of electricity in different sections of the wave alone determines the variations of substance and perform all the miracles of the laboratory of Nature, as well as that of the chemist. The number of electrons and protons has nothing whatsoever to do with the determination of difference in the elements, as commonly believed.

"That which man calls matter, or substance, has no existence whatsoever. So-called matter is but waves of the motion of light, electrically divided into opposed pairs, then electrically conditioned and patterned into what we call various substances of matter. Briefly put, matter is but the motion of light, and motion is not substance. It only appears to be. Take motion away and there would not be even the appearance of substances.

"Electricity manufactures all of the qualities and attributes of light in wave motion which we think of as substance. Density, alkalinity, acidity, conductivity, pressures of heat and cold, and even appearance is given to waves of light by the two electrical workers which build up the universe and tear it apart in polarized fields measured out by the two magnetic surveyors which keep all electric actions in balance with their reactions.

And you pick up one of these products of wave motion and say, ‘This is a piece of steel,' or ‘This is an apple' without the slightest realization that sudden withdrawal of the electric power which brought that state of motion into being would blow you and it, and a mile or more around you, into the nothingness of the equilibrium from which you were electrically assembled.

And that is what radio-activity is, a quick return to the state of rest which underlies the spiritual or invisible universe. And that is what a lightning flash is, as contrasted to a flame which is a slower return, or to decay which is a still slower return."

Particles Massing Into Physical Objects

*DEVF1* Building the Physical Unit By Unit, CU's in Trance As Rocks:

The earth's entire environment was built mentally, atom by conscious atom... These units... entities of unimaginable creative and psychic properties, purposeful fragments propelled from the infinite mind as that mind was filled with the inspiration that gave light to the world. Those entities, in your terms so ancient, left fragments of themselves in trance, so to speak, that form the rocks and hills, the mountains, the air and the water, and all of the elements that exist on the face of the earth.

Those entities are in trance, in those terms, but their potency is not diminished, and there is constant communication among them always.

There is also constant communication between them and you at other levels than those you recognize, so that there is an unending interplay between each species and its environment.

There is no place where consciousness stops and the environment begins, or vice versa.

Mutability of Particles

*HoL* Mutability of Particles:

All particles can be transmuted into other particles... They can be created from energy and can vanish into energy.

*HU* Implicit & Explicit Describe Particle Shape-Shifts:

The constant and flowing exchange between the two orders explains how particles, such as the electron in the positronium atom, can shape-shift from one kind of particle to another. Such shiftings can be viewed as one particle, say an electron, enfolding back into the implicate order while another, a photon, unfolds and takes its place. It also explains how a quantum can manifest as either a particle or a wave. According to Bohm, both aspects are always enfolded in a quantum's ensemble, but the way an observer interacts with the ensemble determines which aspect unfolds and which remains hidden. As such, the role an observer plays in determining the form a quantum takes may be no more mysterious than the fact that the way a jeweler manipulates a gem determines which of its facets become visible and which do not. Because the term hologram usually refers to an image that is static and does not convey the dynamic and ever active nature of the incalculable enfoldings and unfoldings that moment by moment create our universe, Bohm prefers to describe the universe not as a hologram, but as a "holomovement."

Limited Predictability - Symmetry & Asymmetry

*UR* Unpredictability, Free Will, & the Behavior of Electrons:

You do have free will, and in a certain fashion it can be said to be dependent upon the nature of probabilities and the multidimensional behavior of electrons.

Unpredictability does not mean chaos. All order rises out of the creative elements of unpredictability. Unpredictability assures uniqueness, and is the opposite of predetermined motion.

*JoYS* Symmetry in the Universe:

The universe must be both symmetrical and asymmetrical in order to grow.

There is symmetry when looking at the planes themselves, and asymmetry when looking at the soul's experience of planes.

*UR* Limited Predictability, True Order Based on a Basic Unpredictability:

Scientists perceive only what appears within your system, and that often appears predictable.

True order and organization can be achieved only by granting a basic unpredictability. The motion of any wave or particle or entity is unpredictable – freewheeling and undetermined. Because you are presented with a fairly cohesive picture, in which certain laws seem to apply, you think that the laws come first and physical reality follows. The unpredictable nature that is and must be basic to all energy.

But no one knows where any given atom is at any given time.

You are examining probable atoms. Consciousness, to be fully free, had to be endowed with unpredictability. All That Is had to surprise himself, itself, herself, constantly, through freely granting itself its own freedom, or forever repeat itself. This basic unpredictability then follows through on all levels of consciousness and being.

Only out of unpredictability can an infinite number of orders, or ordered systems, arise.

Anything less than complete unpredictability will ultimately result in stagnation or orders of existence that in the long run are self-defeating. Only from unpredictability can any system emerge that can be predictable within itself. Only within complete freedom of motion is any "ordered" motion truly possible.

From the "chaotic" bed of your dreams springs your ordered daily organized action. Unpredictability, looking at itself in a variety of different fashions, finds certain portions of itself significant, and forms certain orders, or ordered sequences, about itself. Only unpredictability can provide the greatest source of probable orders.

The Empty Space of Particles

*ABTM* Vibrating Atomic Particles:

Every atom is more than 99.9999 percent empty space, and the subatomic particles moving at lightning speed through this space are actually bundles of vibrating energy. These vibrations arent random and meaningless, however; they carry information...

The void between two electrons is proportionately as empty as the space between two galaxies.

Particle Physics

*UB* The Nature of the Physical Universe:

Matter: indentical in all universes. Properties depend on revolutionary rates of components, # and size of components, distance from nuclear body, or space context... + unknowns. There are 10 divisions:

1) Ultimatomic matter- prime physical units. Particles that make up electrons.

2) Subelectronic matter- the explosive stage of solar supergases

3) Electronic matter- electrons, protons, etc.

4) Subatomic- exists in the interior of hot suns

5) Shattered- found in cooling suns throughout space

6) Ionizes- atom stripped of outer (chemically active) electrons by electrical, thermal, or X-ray activities or solvents.

7) Atomic- chemical stage of electrical organization, component units of molecular/visible matter

8) Molecular- Earth matter, stable

9) Radioactive- disorganizing tendency of heavier elements when moderate heat and low gravity.

10) Collapsed matter- stationary matter in cold/dead suns. Still ultimatomic and electronic activity, but revolutions are greatly diminished.

*UB* Ultimatons:

Ultimatons, Electrons, and Atoms: The space charge and universal force is homogenous and even, the organization of evolved energy into matter entails the concentration of energy into discrete masses of definite dimensions and weight- precise gravity reaction. Local gravity becomes fully operative upon creation of atomic matter. Preatomic matter becomes slightly gravity reactive when activated by X-rays and similar energies, but no linear-gravity pull is exerted on free, unattached, uncharged electronic energy particles or ultimatons. Ultimatons function on mutual attraction, and respond only to circular Paradise-gravity pull, otherwise held in the universal space-drift. They can accelerate revolutionary velocity to partial antigrav, but cant escape individual existance back into Puissant energy. Ultimatons only de-physicalize in a cooling, dying sun.

Ultimatons slow down through many phases before they can make electrons. Varieties of motion: mutual resistance to cosmic force, individual revolutions of antigravity potential, and the position of the 100 ultimatons in an electron. Mutual attraction holds all 100 together. The loss of one or more Ultimaton changes it into one of ten modified electron forms.

They have no orbits, but cluster in accordance with their axial revolutionary velocities, thus determining the differential electron dimensions. The same ultimatonic velocity of axial rotation also determines the negative or positive reactions. The electronic matter segregation and +/- qualities result from these Ultimatoni associations.

Atom: 1/100000000th of an inch in diameter

electron: 1/2000th of the smallest atom, hydrogen. The proton is no larger than a negative electron, but weighs almost 2000 times more.

*UB* Wave Energy:

Wave-Energy: There are 100 octaves of wave energy. 64 are wholly or partially recognized here. Sun's rays-4, visible rays-1 [cut off]

1) Infraultimatomic rays- borderland revolutions of ultimatons as they begin to assume definate form. This is the first stage of emergent energy where wavelike phenomena can be measured and detected.

2) Ultimatomic rays- the assembly of energy into minute spheres of the ultimatons occasions vibrations in the content of space (measurable). Long before we detect the ultimaton, we'll detect the phenomena of these rays showering in on Earth. These short, powerful rays represent the initial activity of the ultimaton as they are slowed down to the point where they veer toward electronic organization of matter. As they form electrons, condensation occurs with a storage of energy.

3) Short Space Rays- shortest of all pure electronic vibrations and represent the preatomic stage of this form of matter. They need extraordinary high or low temps for their production. There are 2 kinds: ones from the birth of atoms, and one from the death of atoms. They come in large quantities from the Milky Way, densest plane of the superuniverse.

4) Electronic stage- basis for all materialization. Electrons give off quanta when passing from higher to lower energy levels. Orbital shifting results in ejection or absorbtion of uniform particles of light and energy. An individual electron always gives up a particle of light energy upon collision. All particles manifest wavelike energy.

5) Gamma rays- characterizations spontaneous dissolution of atomic matter. Radium disintegration.

6) X-rays - next step in slowing down an electron. Aha! Electronic charge creates an electric field. Movement in the field makes an electrical current. The current produces a magnetic field. When an electron is suddenly stopped, the common[?] makes an X-ray, which is _that_ disturbance.

7) Ultraviolet- chemical rays of sunlight

8) The white light- whole visible light of the suns

9) Infrared- slowing down of electronic activity still nearer the stage of appreciable heat.

10) Hertizon waves- energies used for broadcasting.

*UB* No Ether, But Similar Effect:

Primordial force behavior DOES give rise to phenomena which are in many ways analogous to Ether. Space is not empty; it is an ocean of outspread force-energy. Neither is the space content of an atom empty. Nevertheless, there is no ether, which allows planets to avoid falling into the sun and electrons from falling into the nucleus.

*UB* Atomic Matter:

Atomic Matter: The formulation of all matter is like a solar system. At each center is a relatively stable, stationary portion. This center has a 3-fold possibility of manifestation. Surrounding it swirl energy units like the planets, in endless profusion but in fluctuating circuits. It is the same relative distance between the nucleus and an electron as the sun and mercury. Electronic axial revolution and orbital velocities about the nucleus are HIGH. eg. positive particles of radiation enter space at 10,000 miles a second, and negative reach light speed.

There are 100 forms of matter, the heavier ones tend to fly apart on most worlds.

Stability of an atom depends on the number of electrically inactive neutrons in the central body. Chemical behavior depends wholly on freely revolving electrons.

Only the outer 10 electrons of larger atoms revolve around the central nucleus as distinct and discrete bodies. The 30 nearer the center are harder to detect. The nearer the nucleus, the less there is of electronic individuality. The wavelike energy extension of an electron may so spread out to occupy the whole of lesser atomic orbits. The 30 innermost do have individuality, but they all intermingle between electrons and orbits. The next 30 are advancing individually. The next 30 are even more individualized. Four energy zones. The last 10, only in heaviest atoms are more or less free to go. The first 27 atoms are easier of comprehension. 28+ we encounter more os the unpredictability of the Unqualified Absolute.

*UB* Atomic Cohesion:

Atomic Cohersion: Gravity is one of the several factors, yet something basic, physical, powerful, and undiscovered, a universal influence which influences all the space in an atom. Throughout an atom this interelectric space is activated by wavelike manifestations which are perfectly in synch with electronic velocity and ultimatonic revolutions. Its NOT wholly dominated by +/-, and is sometimes unpredictable. The space force reaction of the Unqualified Absolute.

Protons and neutrons are held together by the reciprocating function of the mesotron, a particla of matter 180x as heavy as the electron. This, and not gravitation or electric forces hold it together. It can hold charged and uncharged particles together by superior force/mass power, plus it causes protons and neutrons to change places. They're unendingly switched. it happens so fast that the charge is denied influence. Mesotrons are energy-carriers.

Excess of radiation energy is from breaking up the mesotron, which thereby becomes a mere electron, plus certain small uncharged particles are released. Mesotrons are found in space rays which enter our planet.

*H* The Standard Model:

The Standard Model can explain every piece of experimental data concerning subatomic particles, up to about 1 trillion electron volts in energy. According to the Standard Model, each of the forces binding the various particles is created by exchanging different kinds of quanta.

Quarks come in a wide variety: three ""colors" and six "flavors." There are also the antimatter counterparts of the quarks, called antiquarks. This gives us a total of 36 quarks. The quarks, in turn, are held together by the exchange of small packets of energy, called gluons. The gluon field is so powerful and binds to quarks so tightly together that the quarks can never be torn away from one another. Free quarks have never been seen experimentally. The proton and neutron can be compared to three steel balls (quarks) held together by a Y-shaped string (gluon) in the shape of a bola. Other strongly interacting particles, such as the pi meson, can be compared to a quark and an antiquark held together by a single string. By kicking this arrangement of steel balls, we can set this contraption vibrating. In the quantum world, only a discrete set of vibrations is allowing. Each vibration of this set of steel balls or quarks corresponds to a different type of subatomic particle. This part of the Standard Model describing the strong force is called quantum chromodynamics (QCD)- that is, the quantum theory of the color force.

The weak force governs the properties of "leptons."

This part of the Standard Model governing the interaction of electrons and light is called quantum electrodynamics (QED).

The most interesting feature of the Standard Model is that it is based on symmetry. It "unifies" the three fundamental forces by simply placing all three theories into one large symmetry, which is just the product of the symmetries of the individual forces. One might have expected that "the ultimate theory" would have all the particles inside just a single multiplet. Unfortunately, the Standard Model has three distinct multiplets, which cannot be rotated among one another.

There are several deep reasons why the Standard Model cannot be the final theory. The Standard Model does not describe gravity. It is very ugly because it crudely splices three very different interactions together. This long list of particles can be broken down into three "families" of quarks and leptons, which are practically indistinguishable from one another. (It is disturbing to realize that we now have vastly more "elementary" particles than the total number of subatomic particles that were discovered by the 1940s/ It makes one wonder how elementary these elementary particles really are.) The Standard Model has been the most spectacularly successful theory in the history of science.

*H* Grand Unified Theories (GUTs):

In SU(5) GUT, there are five particles within a mutiplet that can rotate into one another: three quarks, the electron, and the neutrino. This means that one can, under certain circumstances, turn a proton (made of quarks) into an electron or neutrino. All atoms in the universe will eventually disintegrate into radiation.

The simplest SU(5) GUT predicted that the half-life of the proton should be about 10(29) years, but experimentalists saw no clear-cut evidence of any proton decays. As with the Standard Model, GUTs make no mention of gravity. After half a century of dormancy, the time had come for "Einstein's revenge."

*SD&P* The Search for the Smallest Particle:

Your scientists will discover more and more elements until they are ready to go out of their minds. They will see smaller and smaller particles, seemingly without end. As their instruments reach further into the physical universe, they will see further and further, but they will automatically and unconsciously transform what they apparently see into the camouflage patterns with which they are familiar.

The instruments will be designed to catch certain camouflages. This involves a simplification that distorts the original information out of shape. The original is hardly discernable when they are done. You are destroying the meaning in the translation.

Any material instrument will have built-in distortive effects.

*MotFE* Cosmic Rays, Atoms Are Shattered, Life is Released:

"It will soon be known that these cosmic rays have such tremendous penetrating power that they penetrate through all mass, shattering as it were, the very heart or nucleus of a so-called atom, transmuting it into atoms of other substance and thereby creating other elements of higher order; and in this way, creation advances into a higher emanation of pure light or life itself.

"These radiations, which have such tremendous penetrating power, are readily distinguished from all radiations coming from the earth or sun galaxy and have complete control over all these radiations or vibrations. It will soon be known that these radiations come from a universal source, unseen, and that the earth is continually subjected to a terrific bombardment of these rays that are so potent they change or transmute atoms of one element into the Infinite particles of another element. It will also be found that when this cosmic ray strikes the nucleus of an atom, it does shatter it. It separates this atom into the minute particles of another substance, causing transmutation from a lower to a higher element. Thus, these radiations do not destroy matter; they transmute it from a lower to a higher element,- from the material to spiritual."

"The so-called light bullets are shot out with such radiating force that, when they collide with the nucleus of another atom, that atom is shattered but not destroyed. Its particles are transmuted into particles of other elements which are finally assimilated into the elements to which they belong; then that element comes to life.

"Life is the energy that is released by this so-called bombardment of light bullets; and that portion absorbed by the particles released is called the life of the particle, or of the whole element; while the portion of the energy released but not absorbed as life, is returned or drawn back to the Cosmos as it were. It is again concentrated and condensed until it can be again shot forth to collide with and shatter other atoms, thus creating the particles that are to create the atoms of another element."


Nature Of The Spiritual World

Reality Flows From a Higher Dimension

*HU* The Nature of Reality:

Our brains mathematically construct objective reality by interpreting frequencies that are ultimately projections from another dimension, a deeper order of existence that is beyond both space and time: The brain is a hologram enfolded in a holographic universe.

What makes it difficult is that in this case, we are not looking at the hologram. We are part of the hologram.

*HU* The Nature & Reality of Heaven:

Despite its ghostlike and ephemeral qualities, heaven is actually a more fundamental level of reality than our own physical world. It is the archetypal source from which all earthly forms originate, and to which all forms return, a concept no too dissimilar from Bohm's idea of the implicate and explicate orders. He too, believed that the afterlife realm and physical reality are different in degree, but not in kind and that the material world is just a frozen version of the thought-built reality of heaven. The matter that comprises both heaven and earth "flows in by stages" from the Divine, said Swedenborg, and "at each new stage it becomes more general and therefore coarser and hazier, and it becomes slower, and therefore more viscous and colder." (NOTE: Slower vibe.)

It was a plane of existence created by the imagination of many people, and yet one that still had its own corporeality and dimension, its own forests, mountains, and even cities.

Imagination itself is a faculty of perception.

Despite its phantasmal qualities, the afterlife realm is the generative matrix that gives birth to the entire physical universe. Venturing deep into the psyche one arrived in an inner world that "turns out to envelop, surround, or contain that which at first was outer and visible."

What is the quintessential nature of our reality once we take up residence in this luminous land? We are, as Sri Yukteswar quite simply put it, "intelligent and coordinated images of light."

*DEVF2* Master Events in Dream Space & Shaping of Worlds:

Master events are those whose main activity takes place in inner dimensions. Such events are too multidimensional to appear clearly in your reality, so that you see or experience only parts of them. They are source events. Their main thrust is in what you can call the vaster dimensions of dreams, the unknown territory of inner reality... Those events then "subsequently" show themselves in time and space, with extraordinary results.

They shed their light upon the "facts" of historical time, and influence those events. Master events may end up translated through mythology, or religion or art, or the effects may actually serve to give a framework to an entire civilization.

*BS&S* Third Dimension Manifestations:

The basic operations of our three-dimensional world are manifestations of something going on outside our perceived space. Our everyday world is a three-dimensional projection of a higher-dimensional reality.

*BS&S* Ever Renewed:

Friedman: By postulating Framework 2 (and frameworks indefinitely beyond), Seth sees energy as being inserted continuously into Framework 1. Our psyches and matter are constantly rejuvenated from other frameworks. In a sense, we are perpetually being reborn, as is every particle in the universe. Throughout history individuals have had glimpses of this inner reality through dreams, meditation, and altered states of consciousness. These glimpses are actually brief visits to Framework 2.

*PAP* Vibratory Disturbances Between Planes:

As each of the successive states of this universe penetrates the interior dimensions of the substance we have just quitted, we draw near the fundamental causes of phenomena, and the same separation accomplished upon a higher plane causes a series of vibratory disturbance on lower levels, which in turn become causes in a substance still more condensed.

*HU* Materiality of the Universe Followed It's Conception in Fluid Thought:

Numerous ancient traditions speak of a time when the hologram of physical reality was much more plastic than it is now, much more like the amorphous and fluid reality of the afterlife dimension. For example, the Australian aborigines say that there was a time when the entire world was dreamtime. Edgar Cayce asserted that the earth was "at first merely in the nature of thought-forms or visualization made by pushing themselves out of themselves in whatever manner desired… Then came materiality as such into the earth, through Spirit pushing itself into matter."

The aborigines assert that the day will come when the earth returns to the dreamtime.

The Downward Sweep of Evolution
Ensoulment of Matter & Veiling of Spirit

*DP* Downward Waves of Evolution- Antimatter & The Veiling of Spirit in Matter:

The method in which spirit enfolds itself in its descent into matter must be realized. We are... now dealing with... the descent of a new wave of evolution into matter already existing... (NOTE: Ah! Waves of organization, antimatter. Reverse entropy.)

When spirit resting on any plane (it matters not which), on its path downward into matter, is driven by the resistless force of its own evolution to pass onward to the plane next below, it must, in order to manifest itself there, enfold itself in at least the atomic matter of that lower plane- draw round itself as a body a veil of that matter, to which it will act as soul or energizing force. Similarly, when it continues its descent to a third plane, it must draw round itself some of its matter, and we shall have then an entity whose body or outer covering consists of the atomic matter of that third plane...

A wave of the Divine Life having finished in some previous eon its downward evolution through the buddhic plane, pours down into the seventh heaven, and ensouls great masses of the atomic mental matter, thus becoming the elemental essence of the first great kingdom... During the eon which it spends on this level, its evolution will consist in accustoming itself to vibrate at all rates which are possible there, so that at any moment it can ensoul and use any combination of the matter of that plane...

Since here we are dealing with the monadic essence on the downward sweep of its arc, and progress for elemental essence therefore means descent into matter instead of, as with us, ascent towards higher planes.

*DP* Pure Energy Becomes Veiled, Ensouled as it Descends:

On the highest sub-plane we shall find its appropriate matter ensouled and vivified by an energy which still flows down like light from above- from a plane which lies away beyond the mental altogether. Then if we descend to the second subdivision we shall find that... the original energy, plus the garment of matter of the first sub-plane with which it has endued itself, is still the energy ensouling the matter of this second sub-plane. In the same way, in the third division we shall find that the original energy has twice veiled itself in the matter of these first and second sub-planes through which it has passed... This process is exactly analogous to the veiling of Atma, the primordial Spirit, in its descent as monadic essence in order to energize the matter of the planes of the cosmos.

*tSD* The Octave in the Universe:

Space is called in the esoteric symbolism "the Seven-Skinned Eternal Mother-Father." (NOTE: Seven veils, seven electrons orbits!)

...Occult Science recognized Seven Cosmic Elements- four entirely physical, and the fifth (Ether) semi-material.

*tSD* Ether, Astral, Akasha, Matter:

Ether is the Astral Light, and the Primordial Substance is Akasa...

"Matter" must be regarded as objectivity in its purest abstraction.

*THAS* Energy Rivers Through the Spheres:

Flowing through the spheres from the throne of God are many movements, like rivers.

*MV&I* Physical = Lowest Point of Divine Force:

When this great life-wave of divine force reaches the lowest point of its destined course it is immersed in physical matter.

As these streams descend from kingdom to kingdom they divide and subdivide more and more.

* Consciousness Breaking into Particles *

In Different Frequency Domains

Script: This is wildly important! What is a wave to physical reality can be an object to astral reality.
*UR2* Wave-Particle Gradations of Matter, Waking Waves & Dream Particles:

Moments as you understand them are like waves experienced as "particles"- as small bubbles, for example, each one breaking and another forming. Subatomic particles also behave like waves sometimes; in fact, it is usually only when they act like particles that they are perceived at all...

Subjectively, you will think of your own thoughts as waves rather than as particles. Yet in the dream level of reality those waves "break" into particles, so to speak. They form pseudo-objects from your viewpoint. While dreaming you accept that reality as real... The nervous system itself is biologically equipped to perceive various gradations of physical matter, and there are "in-between" (NOTE: Through our more-frequent focus) impulse passageways that are utilized while dreaming. From your point of view these are alternate passageways, but in the dream state they allow you to perceive as physical matter objects that in the waking state would not be observable.

*UR2* Invisible Particles Visible in Other Realities:

Physicists are beginning to study the characteristics of "invisible" particles. They seem to defy space and time principles...

To a certain extent they are latent. In some other realities, however, their characteristics rule rather than the attributes of the visible particles that you see. Dream images, therefore, exist at a different range of matter.

Different Intervals of Perception

Script: Think about how black and white at different speeds appear as color, how a wheel at different speeds appears to turn different directions at different speeds.
*DEVF2* Different Worlds At Different Intervals of Perception:

There are what I will call "intervals of perception." You are usually conscious of events that are significant neurologically, and that neurological timing is the end result of an infinite series of sequences. Those sequences are areas in which activities happen. Each consciousness within each area is tuned into its proper sequence. Each area builds on the others. The invisible particles... move faster than the speed of light, yet you are not dizzy. You are aware of no such action. You are tuned into a different sequence of action.

There are, then, different worlds operating with different frequencies at different intervals... When I speak of time, I do not merely refer to other centuries as you think of them. But between the moments that you know, and neurologically accept, there are other kinds of moments.

*DEVF2* Children & Dreams See Other Intervals:

In childhood, before you so leashed your imaginations, however, you each had your own dreams- dreams that awakened you to other portions of your own identities. There are many experiences open to you now- if you can be free enough to allow them- that will give you glimpses of those other intervals in which you have a reality.

Frequency Domains & The Velocity of Light

*SS* Superluminal Structures:

There are many graditions of matter, or form, that you do not perceive. Many of these particles making up such construction do move faster that the speed of your light.

[Your scientists] can only investigate light as it intrudes into the 3-dimensional system. The same applies to a study of the structure of matter of form. There are indeed universes composed of such faster than light particles. Some of these share the same space as your own universe. You simply would not perceive such particles as mass. When these particles are slowed down sufficiently, you do experience them as matter. Some of these particles drastically alter their velocity, appearing sometimes at your slower rate, usually in the cyclic fashion. The inner vortex of some such particles has a much greater velocity that the obiting portions.

*SS* Superluminal Structures in OBEs:

Now in certain dreams and OBEs, your own consciousness moves faster than the speed of light, and under such circumstances you are able to perceive some of these other forms of "mass of matter."

Some systems are bounded with centers of faster than light particles. These begin to slow down at a rhymthic rate toward the peripheries over great distances, until actually the outside slower particles to some extent imprison the center masses even though they move much more quickly, but within a confined area.

Since consciousness can travel faster than the speed of light, then when it is not imprisoned by the slower particles of the body it can become aware of some of these other realities.

*SS* The Nature of Matter:

The nature of matter itself is not understood. You perceive it at a certain "stage." There are other forms of matter beyond those you see. These forms are quite real and vivid, quite "physical," to those who react to that particular sphere of activity. The activity of atoms and molecules are perceived only during the range of particular vibratory rhythms. When your scientists examine them for example, they do not examine the nature, say, of an atom. They only explore the characteristics of an atom as it acts or shows itself within your system. Its greater reality completely escapes them. There are spectrums of light. So are there spectrums of matter. Your system of physical reality is not dense in comparison with some others.

*BS&S* Infinite Realities:

Can we speculate that there are an infinite number of realities, each having a particular velocity for its electromagnetic spectrum? Seth says yes, and calls these realities code systems. We focus within our code system and block out other code systems when operating with our normal senses.

Einstein: Time can be seen as equivalent to a spatial axis if the time interval is multiplied by the velocity of light. The time axis turns out to be negative and therefore can be understood as an imaginary dimension. Because the velocity of light is large, one second of time is equivalent to 300,000 km of space. Using this metaphor, the passage of time means that we are actually moving down the time axis at the velocity of light. Everything in the universe is moving along the time coordinate at the same velocity. Relatively speaking, we are at rest. Realities are not separated by space, then, but by the velocity of light.

Friedman: Descriptions of the mystical experience and other altered states of consciousness often characterize these other systems as involving another frequency domain, usually a higher frequency. This experience might be related to Seth's higher-velocity systems. The higher the velocity of light, the higher the frequency domain.

NDE of Stefan von Jankovich: "God" represents, for me, a source of primal energy, inexhaustible and timeless, continually radiating energy, absorbing energy and constantly pulsating. Different worlds are formed from different oscillations; the frequencies determine the differences.

*SS* Many Layers of Reality:

Imagine a table, then imagine one just behind it, not quite as physical, then more behind that, each one more difficult to perceive, fading into invisibility. The same goes for each side of the table. Anything that appears in physical terms also exists in other terms that you do not perceive. You only perceive realities when they acheive a certain "pitch," when they seem to coalesce into matter. But they actually exist, and quite validly at other levels. There are also realities that are "relatively more valid" than you own, in which a shadowy table here is solid there. Yours is not a system of reality formed by the most intense concentration of energy. You are simply tuned to it. Other portions of yourself of which you are not consciously aware do inhabit what you could call a supersystem of reality in which consciousness learns to handle and perceive much stronger concentrations of energy, and to construct "forms" of a different nature. Empty space is filled with all kinds of phenomena that make no impression on your perceptive mechanisms. In various ways and on occasion, you can tune into these other realities to some degree- and you do so spasmodically, though in many cases the experience is lost because it does not register physically.

*LotSB* The Dream Band, The Higher Horizon:

Perhaps I speak to you behind many horizons. (NOTE: That's just it... the larger world, the dream world rides higher like a band, a horizon above what we know, a vast, flying beautiful realm...)

Colocation of Vibrational Spheres

Script: A lot of my work has been in understanding mind frequency- what is it? What is more or less frequent? Why does it become more or less frequent- it is a matter of focus, and this is a very important missing link in the understanding of the spirit and mind. Think of frequency domains of light.
*ASJ* Higher Spheres Aren't Higher:

Although he called them higher spheres, they were not actually above one another, but rather all round us, being conditions of different density only.

*BDL* Colocation of the Planes:

S: The different planes occupy the same space. For example, you right now are existing on the physical plane, yet your spiritual aspects of yourself have reflections on the spiritual planes. This is because the spiritual planes are here, too, but the vibrations involved are of a different frequency... They exist at the same time but they are on different frequencies so they do not collide, so to speak.

*DP* Not Physically Higher and Lower, Our Many Bodies:

It should also be clearly understood that the use of the words ‘higher' and ‘lower' with reference to these planes does not refer in any way to their position (since they all occupy the same space), but only to the degree or rarity of the matter of which they are respectively composed...

To speak of a man as passing from one of these planes to another does not in the least signify any kind of movement in space, but simply a change of consciousness.

*DP* The Astral & Mental Around Planets:

Each physical globe has its physical plane (including its atmosphere), its astral plane, and its mental plane, all interpenetrating one another, and therefore occupying the same position in space, but all quite apart from and not communicating with the corresponding planes of any other globe. It is only when we rise to the lofty levels of the buddhic plane that we find a condition common to, at any rate, all the planets of our chain...

The astral plane of our own earth interpenetrates it and its atmosphere, but also extends for some distance beyond the atmosphere... This plane was called by the Greeks the sublunar world. The mental plane in its turn interpenetrates the astral, but also extends further into space than does the latter.

*TDA* The Interlocation of the Spiritual and Physical:

Don: "Is the separation between the Earth plane and the spirit plane a real separation?"

Dr. Peebles: "No, it's not real. It's an imagined separation... There is no such thing as the spirit side... It's all one universe and one world with different localities inside it, and right here among physical life as you know it is interspersed right here among physical life as you know it is interspersed spirit life, and it is according to the faculties of perception and reception of each individual as to how much they feel moved or affected by other parts of this reality called life... There have been times, mostly in unwritten history of Earth, and in the so-called future, where that will be bridged dramatically. It will be common to communicate with Spirit as you're walking around. There are some societies in your history who have done this, who bridged that, but they were just called... uncivilized! That's all, you see, then everyone gets to ignore it..."

Don: "If we insisted on thinking of separation between Earth and spirit, it would be improper to think separation in spatial terms such as light-years, miles, hours- but it should be expressed more as a difference in vibration or frequencies?" (NOTE: A parallel would be heat- when an object got to a certain temperature, it escaped out vision. It wavers and disappears. But it's not out of existence, just out of our range of vision.)

Dr. Peebles: "Exactly... The frequency can be very much slower than your visual color spectrum, and often it is much higher frequency, beyond your color spectrum... X rays and... so forth."

*MV&I* Realms Described For Convenience as Planes:

These different realms of nature are frequently spoken of as planes, because in our study it is sometimes convenient to image them as one above another, according to the different degrees of density of the matter of which they are composed. This arrangement is merely adopted for convenience and as a symbol.

They must be imagined as filling the same space and interpenetrating one another. Every physical atom is floating in an astral sea – a sea of astral matter which surrounds it and fills every interstice in this physical matter. The mental matter in its turn interpenetrates the astral in precisely the same manner.

*HU* Location is an Illusion in a Holographic Universe:

In a holographic universe, location is itself an illusion. Just as an image of an apple has no specific location on a piece of holographic film, in a universe that is organized holographically, things and objects also possess no definite location.

Your consciousness appears to be localized in the head of the person you are in the dream.

*LFS* Same Place, Higher Frequency:

"I'm still present in the same ‘place' you are, just on a higher frequency. Sometimes, I can actually ‘see' you and the others that I loved, but most of the time, I sense and ‘feel' their essence. I'm always just a thought away, as close as a heartbeat." -James

*tAW* The Interlocation of the Planes:

[The student of occultism] is apt to get the idea of a plane as one of a series of straight layers- one part of a great strata- above and below which are other layers or strata...

This error arises from thinking of these planes of being as composed of matter, or material substance, which, of course, is incorrect... In short, they are planes of vibrations of energy, and not planes of matter at all. Matter is simply the lowest degree of vibrations of energy, that is all...

The planes do not lie one above the other, in space. They have not spatial distinction or degree. They interpenetrate each other in the same point of space. A single point of space may have its manifestations of each and all of the seven planes of being...

A very celebrated ancient teacher [said] "A plane of being is not a place, but a state of being."

Different Planes, Different Vibrations(Taylor): All of the various planes of consciousness have different frequencies of vibration. The matter of earth is composed of atoms and that these atoms are composed of energy which vibrates. This matter of earth is denser than the matter of the higher planes. As you can see light waves which vibrate at a 'visual observing' rate, so you can see the matter of earth. However, as you cannot see radio or television waves which vibrate at too fast a rate to be seen, so you cannot see the matter of the world beyond, unless you are clairvoyant.

The old notions are that you go 'up to heaven,' you go 'down to hell.' We have not understood that it is merely a matter of vibration. The finer the vibration is, the nearer we are to heaven; a state of being joyous, light, loving, harmonious, vibrant, God-centered and others-centered. The heavier the vibration, the nearer we are to hell; a state of being heavy, dull, dismal, gray, and glum - as when you are heavily depressed and self-centered.

(PS) Within each dimension, there are many levels of perception. Each dimension, and each level within it, contains its own unique frequency, rate of vibration, laws of physics, and certain characteristics of the Beings dwelling therein. Depending upon one's understanding of higher consciousness (rate of vibration upon departure from physical reality), one will find themself in a plane of existence suitable to their rate of vibration and beliefs.

Concentric Vibrational Spheres
Monroe's Rings

Script: I see evidence for both of these points of view. Living on earth, your higher bodies are inside you. And inside each atom is the highest. But also, there is the rising and falling land of the astral realms. And a big thing- notice the relative motion here- the astral and mental world turns with the earth.

** All The Rings:

(MjooB) Around the planet were rings of haze, gigantic thick rings, of indeterminate number. The bands are composed of billions of living forms, all repeaters; those who reincarnate. They do so because they have forgotten who they are. Demarcation between the rings was vague, as wisps and tendrils reached from one to the other, except the ring nearly touching the planet itself and the one furthest out. These both appeared isolated. With this exception, the others were flowing rapidly through portals in the Entry Station. Looming through the haze was a large vertical slot, vibrating with a vivid energy. There is a stream of forms passing through the portal.

Most first-timers who decide to repeat end up in the outer band. One gets more and more involved in the human experience, dropping down a ring each time until they are at the bottom. Then they stay at the bottom and dont come back or slowly work their way back up. Repeaters dont live sequential lives relative to time. Moving further out through the rings was going more and more out-of-phase.

"The haze was gathering into clusters, some large, some small. Each had wispy spirals of rote that brushed through AA as he wandered among the clusters. This was a sign of poor discipline, or at least leaky valves."

The Transparent Globes(MJooB): We could perceive Earth in the center with semitransparent radiant globes around it, each larger and thinner as the distance increased. We were seeing the nonphysical energies in the structure rather than electrons and molecules. Science knows nothing of this aspect of the structure.

*LWU* Co-Location of the Spirit World with the Physical Earth, 7 Divisions:

The spirit world is divided into spheres or realms...

These spheres have been given numbers by some students, ranging from the first, which is the lowest, up to the seventh, the highest. It is customary among most of us here to follow this system of numbering...

The spheres of the spirit world are ranged in a series of bands forming a number of concentric circles around the earth... [These circles] are invisibly linked with the earth world in its lesser revolution upon its axis, and, of course, in its greater revolution round the sun. The sun has no influence whatever upon the spirit world. We have no consciousness of it at all since it is purely material.

An exemplification of the concentric circles is afforded us when we are told that a visitant from a higher sphere I coming down to us. He is relatively above us, both spiritually and spatially.

The low realms of darkness are situated close to the earth-plane, and interpenetrate it at their lowest.

The Staging Area & Structure of the Spirit World

*JoS* Transition:

All souls eventually arrive at a central port in the spirit world which Newton calls the staging area (I am floating along in a chain of some kind. It's as though I'm weaving through a series of connecting links, a foggy maze, then it opens up). Large numbers of returning souls are conveyed in a form of mass transit. There is no haste, no dawdling. Spirits are brought in, collected, then projected out to their final destinations. It is "the hub of a great wagon wheel, where we are transported from a center along the spokes to our designated places." This region has a large number of unaquainted spirits moving in and out in an efficient manner. Each client considers their own route to and from to be the only one. It is as if the soul is now traveling through the loosely-wound arms of a mighty galactic cloud into a more unified celestial field. Spirits are dazzled by an eternal world spread out before them and believe that somewhere within lies the nucleus of creation. When they look at the fully opened canopy around them, it is seen that the spirit world is of varied luminescence. The gathering of souls look like myriads of sharp star lights all going in different directions. Some drift while others move fast. The more distant energy concentrations are like islands of misty veils. There is a continual feeling of a powerful mental force directing everything in amazing harmony. It is a place of pure thought.

1: It's like we start in a stream and then all those returning from death are pulled together into a great river. The rivers converge into a sea, where all of us swirl around in slow motion. Then I feel as if I'm being pulled away to a small tributary again and it's quieter, going to the ones I know. Higher entities are doing the pushing and pulling.

*JoS* Destinations:

1: I see a variety of lights in patches, seperated from each other by galleries, like a long corridor, bulging out in places, stretching out away from me into the distance. It is also described as a floating trail of balloons and nests of people. The lights are people within the bulging galleries reflecting light outward to me. Patches of lights bobbing around. There are no walls, for nothing is structural, with angles or corners. The people are divided by thin, wispy filaments, making the light milky, like the transparency of frosted glass. There is an incandescent glow from their energy as I pass by. Individual souls are like light dots, masses of dots hanging in clumps, hanging grapes, all lit up. The spirits inside are also described as clumps of huge, transluscent bulbs, giant bunches of transparent bubbles, and bunches of moving fireflies. The groups can be large or small, depending on development. They are groups of soul-energy masses with spaces between them. The whole thing looks like a long glow-worm, its sides bulging in and out rhythmically. The corridor itself sways as a ribbon in the breeze. I float away and am at the edge of another corridor. I'm coming towards the site where my friends are attached. No group is really isolated from the others. No one is a stranger. There is a total lack of hostility toward anyone. We recognize a universal bond between us which makes us all the same.

Planes & Connection With the Tao - Flow

Clearer Flow on Higher Planes

*JoYS* The Planes' Connection With the Tao:

Every plane has a direct connection with the Tao. The Tao is inherent in any vibrational frequency; those on any plane can "arrive" at it "coming or going" through either increasing their frequency to "all frequency" or decreasing it to "no frequency."

By transcending the material illusions round about and entering into a space of no space and a time of no time, you experience the Tao. You can get there by descending through the earth vibration or ascending through the heaven vibration. The solid roles generally find the former to be easier. The fluid roles find the latter to be easier. However, any role can do both. This is available only when balance and nonattachment are achieved.

(NOTE: !!!Speed up = see ALL meaning in a leaf: all meaning through one image. Slow down = see personal embodiment of all meaning in imagination sight. All images through one meaning.)

*JoYS* Resonances In The Planes:

On every plane, those planes that are higher are experienced as resonances. Since the physical plane is first in the progression, only here do all the other planes resonate. Musical overtones are always higher than the note sounding, only higher planes can be resonances. On other planes, the resonances remaining are stronger. Michael experiences strong resonances with the akashic plane. These resonances may seem particularly faint on the physical plane because of our unnecessarily strong sense of separation from the whole.

Individuals resonate with some planes more than others. Someone intellectually centered might have strong resonances with the causal and/or mental planes.

*H&H* Lord Communicating To The Heavens:

The Lord conjoins the three very different heavens by his immediate influx into each and by mediate influx between them. Whatever is not connected by intermediates to the first is nothing. Each society gets immediate influx from the Lord and mediate influx through the higher heavens.

*TF* The Higher the Plane, the More Full the Divine Life Flowing Through:

The divine life flows forth with incomparably greater fullness on the mental plane than on the astral; and yet even its glory at the mental level in ineffably transcended by that of the buddhic plane.

Flow Between the Planes

Ring Flow(MJooB): There is energy moving both inward and outward through this particular ring. The inward flow is composed of fresh energy from the NPR area first encountering the HTSI field, becoming more and more attracted to it through a series of in-human existences, passing through this particular ring more rapidly once the null point is crossed. From that point inward, it accelerates through the inner rings and terminates in the lowest of these.

The outward flow, after release from the innermost rings, commences the haphazard-seeming yet meticulous path through this large ring. For some, the passage is relatively direct, needing only a few human lives as the impetus. For the majority, however, require several hundred lifetimes and thousands of years to complete the process. One acheives a more direct route by carefully selecting in-human life experiences, plus accomplishment against the odds (faith). Some get tired of waiting and accept entry into a not-so-good life. The two paths lead out to the outermost ring.

Higher Formless Planes, More Connected

Script: Clearly, the more formless a plane is, the more connected it is, since it is forms or bodies which separate things.
*BDL* The Higher Pure-Energy Plane:

Heaven refers to the higher planes where everything is energy. And paradise refers to these so-called "lower" planes where it's still similar to Earth because you're on a higher plane of Earth...

D: In the area known as heaven, would it just be all blank or would there be scenes, buildings or whatever?

S: No, not buildings. Your perception is different and you can see the energies. It would be like fantastic displays of aurora borealis. You would be energy yourself and you could manipulate the energies to achieve different things and cause different things to happen... You can look into the lower planes very easily and see the physical planes and see what's going on.

*HoL* Higher Planes in Physics:

Jack Sarfatti, another physicist, suggests in Psychoenergetic Systems that the way superluminal connectedness can exist is through a higher plane of reality. He suggests that "things" are more connected or events more "correlated" on a plane of reality "above" ours, and that "things" in that plane are connected through an even higher plane.

*TtE* Each More Interior Heaven is Infinitely Greater than the Last:

"A certain god spirit, was taken up into the first heaven, and speaking with me from thence he said that he saw infinite things in what I was then reading in the Word; when yet I myself had only a simple thought on the subject. Afterward he was taken up into a more interior heaven, and he said from thence that he now saw still more things, and so many from thence that he now saw still more things, and so many that what he had seen before were comparatively gross to him. He was next taken up into a heaven still more interior, where the celestial angels are, and he said from thence that what he had before seen was scarcely anything compared with the things he now saw." -Swedenborg, Arcana Coelestia

Malleability of Higher Planes

*T* The Malleability of the Soul Worlds:

If we want to cite a preliminary difference between the physical and soul worlds, we can say that the latter is much finer, more mobile and more malleable than the former...

An urge can just as well be called a "force" as a "substance."

The Great Reality of the Spirit World
The Physicality of Same-Frequency Objects

*LWU* The Great Reality of the Spirit World:

There is something of conceit in [this strange fallacy that the world I am living in, here in spirit, is vague and shadowy]- that makes such things exclusive to the earth world. At the same time, if any soul thinks that such things have no business to exist in the spirit world, he is at liberty to abstain from both the sight and enjoyment of them by betaking himself to some barren spot where his susceptibilities will not be offended by such earthly objects as trees and flowers and water... I venture to assert that it will not be long before such a soul emerges from his retreat and joins his fellows in the enjoyment of all the delights of God's heaven. (NOTE: It is only some people's conception of heaven that is vague and shadowy)

*TDA* The Physicality of Spiritual Realms:

Dr. Peebles: "Unto each other within that community, they feel physical, as you feel physical to each other, because your frequency matches, and their frequency matches. When you have frequencies that match, the sensory system of self perceives it as solid... So it is over here as it is on Earth. However, it is true the frequency is of a higher resonance than that of Earth...

*tAW* Same Vibrations Keep You Together:

Will that your vibrations increase in rate, but in perfect harmony with mine, so that you will keep in my company instead of moving on to other sub-planes or sub-visions, parting with my company.

*ASJ* Same Matter Density Seems Solid:

This building was composed of astral matter and therefore a door here was an obstacle to one's progress, as I also was in astral matter.

** Astral Plane Depictions:

The Nature of the Afterlife(Medium): Truly this is a spiritual world, but not as man has depicted it. It is so, so different, and so tremendously alive, so vital, so far removed from Man's conception of things. One can only feel it and know it and sense it - it is so vast and so beautiful.

*BDL* The Lower Earth-Like Planes:

S: You can see anything that you want to see here. Just by visualizing it, it occurs. You can make it as nice or as bad as you wish... On some planes, including the plane that I am on now, it's like being on a higher plane of Earth, so the topography here is similar, but it has a finer energy level. I mean, there are hills and mountains and valleys, but they may not be positioned exactly like the hills there on Earth. There's greenery and such, but the colors are more intense and purer...

The mountains and greenery are general features of this plane that everyone sees. It's Earth, but it's at a different energy level. And with it being a different energy level, the laws governing energy are different. The ground is solid and the hills are solid, and the trees and the animals really exist; they're really there...

It's there all the time. It's just a matter of personal perception as to whether or not your perceive it...

*JoYS* The Lower Range of Human Perception:

How can a vibration slower than physical matter not resulting in something even more solid?

Solidity does not refer to the slowest possible speed of vibration, but only to what is slowest or most dense within the usual range of human perception. If something that was as hard and solid as it could be were to slow down in vibration, it would lose solidity, insofar as human perception is concerned, and become part of the unseen world.

Just as there are sounds that are higher than human beings can hear, there are also sounds too low for human perception.

Higher Sensations

*DP* Changing Light As One Ascends:

Ever as we ascend the material becomes finer, the harmonies fuller, the light more living and transparent. There are more overtones in the sound, more delicate intershades in the colours as we rise, more and more new colours appear- hues entirely unknown to the physical sight; and it has been poetically yet truly said that the light of the lower plane is darkness on the one above it.

*HoL* New Colors:

"As we reach into broader dimensions of reality, the color become more distinct and more dimensional, as in multi-dimensional colors within each other."

Etheric & Astral By Subdividing Matter

*MV&I* The Etheric, Astral, & Mental By Continuously Subdividing Matter:

Occult chemistry shows us another and higher condition than the gaseous, into which also all substances known to us can be translated or transmuted; and to that condition we have given the name of etheric.

These are found to be units only from the point of view of our physical plane; there are methods by which even they can be subdivided, but when they are so broken up they give us matter belonging to a different realm of nature. Yet this higher matter also is not simple but complex; and we find that it also exists in a series of states of its own, corresponding very fairly to the states of physical matter which we call solid, liquid, gaseous, or etheric. Again, by carrying on our process of subdivision far enough we reach another unit – the unit of that realm of nature to which occultists have given the name of the astral world.

Then the whole process may be repeated; for by further subdivision of that astral unit we find ourselves dealing with another still higher and more refined world, though a world which is still material. This third great realm of nature we call the mental world. So far as we know, there is no limit to this possibility of subdivision, but there is a very distinct limit to our capability of observing it.

The Etheric & Astral Doubles of Matter

*C&HEF* Etheric Doubles of Matter:

Every physical particle has its etheric counterpart (hence the term "etheric double") which is a perfect replica of the physical form. In one sense, certainly, the etheric is physical, in that it is never separated from the body during life and disintegrates with it at death.

*C&HEF* Etheric Nature:

Liquids and gases, as well as solids have etheric counterparts. Some observers have even postulated that the electron is an aspect of the etheric.

The radioactive tube has more etheric luminosity than the normal iodine solution.

Two cups of water, one cold and one warm, were place two feet away from DVK in a dark room, and she was asked to describe them etherically. She said that one of the cups showed a slight increase of etheric energy on its surface, and she therefore assumed that it was the one containing warm water. This was correct.

DVK observed that manmade materials, such as nylon and dacron, partially inhibit the freedom of the etheric flow, which may be why some people find them uncomfortable to wear. She perceived the reverse to be true with respect to cotton, wool and silk.

*MV&I* The Astral Counterparts of Matter:

Every particle of solid physical matter is interpenetrated by and has for its counterpart certain particles of astral matter of the lowest subplane, which for convenience we may call "solid astral" matter – though that is in truth a contradiction in terms. Every liquid physical particle has for its counterpart "liquid astral" particles.

*AP* Complex Astral Counterparts To Physical Matter:

We do not yet understand half the complexity of the problem; for besides all these new forms of physical matter we have to deal with the still more numerous and perplexing subdivisions of astral matter. Every material object, every particle even, has its astral counterpart and is usually extremely complex, being composed of various kinds of astral matter. In addition to this each living creature is surrounded with its aura.

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The Matter of Other Worlds

*PAP* The Matter of Other Worlds:

The matter of the other worlds appears to our observation as an atmosphere of density, luminosity, and of variable vibratory relations. Supposing that we are experimenting with a double, composed of a matter of medium density, the following are the characteristics which will be noticed and the sensations which will be experienced.

The field of energy in which pure energy has its being is perceived by an increase or diminution of the centrifugal pull.

Astral Antipathy & Sympathy

The Law of Attraction

Script: Note the similarities to Swedenborg's "interiors" and "exteriors"!
*PAP* The Law of Attraction & the Formation of Planes:

The cosmic system automatically selects all forms of energy, according to their rhythms and harmonies, and distributes them either toward the crude matter or pure energy of the universe.

Whether this contributes to his happiness or sorrow does not concern the law of Cause and Effect.

*PAP* Energy & Matter, The Life Current, & the Formation of Planes:

Let us consider the general characteristics of the universe. In a limited space we are given a radio-active matter endowed with a potential varying from +1 to -1. Of itself this substance has no other function than to absorb avidly all forms of energy which present themselves. This we might call the feminine element, amenable to all influences.

An active element, movement, animates this substance. On one side a maximum of intensity and a minimum electro-motive energy balances the attractions. This is the aspect of matter, negative, ruled by centripetal force. On the other side a minimum of intensity under the influence of a maximum of voltage. This is the energy aspect, positive, ruled by the centrifugal force.

Life, a neutral element, formed by a conjunction between the opposed relationships of universal movement, lies latent in all motions of the universal substance. It can manifest from a state of extreme density to the most volatile essence of our universe. It circulates freely in all forms of movement without becoming subject to any one form.

The stabilization of these low and high frequency currents [neutral life] creates balanced states in the universe, planes which do not intermingle. Life alone, formed by a balance of extreme elements, may penetrate within them all. In order to change from one plane to another it becomes necessary to acquire life.

*T* The Two Main Astral Forces- Antipathy and Sympathy:

In soul space... the interaction between two formations that meet depends on their inner attributes. If they are related, they interpenetrate and grow together, so to speak. If their essential natures are in conflict, they repel each other... (NOTE: As revealed later: what kind of astral substance [light] composes them.) In soul space all things, near and far, appear to the observer at distances from one another that are determined by their inner nature... (NOTE: BTW, soul space is astral space)

We need to be aware of the two basic forces that are all-important here, which may be called sympathy and antipathy... Sympathy is the force with which soul formations attract each other, try to merge with each other, and let their affinity take effect. Antipathy, on the other hand, is the force through which soul formations repel and exclude each other, and maintain their own identity...

(NOTE: Antipathy-Dominated:) When we look at a soul formation of the first type, we find that it attracts other formations in its surroundings by means of the sympathy at work within it. But in addition to this sympathy, antipathy is also present at the same time, causing the formation to repel certain things in its surroundings... Both sympathy and antipathy are present in it, but the latter is dominant. Formations like this play a self-centered role in soul space, repelling much of what surrounds them and lovingly attracting relatively little. Thus, they move through soul space as unchangeable forms. The force of sympathy present in them makes them appear greedy, and their greed appears insatiable, as though it could never be satisfied, since their prevailing antipathy repels so much of what approaches them that no satisfaction can occur... (NOTE: Unwrapping that dark antipathy, you will see the true impulse behind it. The veil is the form the impulse is lost in, and in unveiling it, it is transformed, revealed, released)

(NOTE: Balanced Forms:) In the second type of soul formation, the two basic forces are held in balance; that is, sympathy and antipathy work equally strongly. Formations of this sort approach others with a certain neutrality, acting as if they were related but without especially attracting or repelling them. They do not draw any fixed boundaries between themselves and their surroundings, so to speak, and constantly allow themselves to be influenced by other formations around them... We must describe the soul substance in question as totally malleable and flowing... Its existence is constantly receptive to impressions.

(NOTE: Sympathy-Dominated:) In the third type of soul formations, sympathy predominates over antipathy... It appears as the center of a sphere of attraction reaching out over the objects in its surroundings... The effect of the antipathy present in them, although it is weaker then the sympathy, is to bring the objects the formation attracts into its own sphere of influence, thus giving the sympathy in it a fundamental note of self-seeking... It spreads out in all directions, just as a gas naturally rises to expand on all sides...

(NOTE: Lacking Antipathy:) The higher levels of soul substance are characterized by the total withdrawal of one of the fundamental forces, namely antipathy; only sympathy exhibits any effectiveness...

(NOTE: Extended Sympathy:) A still higher level is occupied by the soul formation whose sympathy is not confined to the domain of their own lives... Only through these higher forms of soul substance can the many different soul formations unite into a common soul world. As long as any antipathy is involved, a soul formation strives toward other things for the sake of its own life, in order to strengthen and enrich itself through the other. When antipathy is silent, the other is received as revelation, as information.

*T* Sympathy and Pleasure, Antipathy and Pain:

The force of sympathy within a soul body comes to expression in what we call pleasure; any reduction in sympathy is called displeasure. Displeasure is simply diminished pleasure, just as cold is diminished heat...

When the functions of the physical body are proceeding smoothly, pleasure and comfort arise in the soul, but when these functions are disturbed, displeasure and pain appear. But the soul also takes part in the spirit's activities- one thought fills it with joy, another with disgust.

*TDA* The Spiral Journey- Change:

Don: "On a scale of zero to ten, with man at zero and God at ten, where on that scale is the spiritual realm?"

Dr. Peebles: "Well, the spiritual realm of teachers... is... the realm of nine... Everyone is always part of ten, everyone is ten, right now, no matter what their self-image... Nine is the number of change, and the great wisdom of the true masters is not only the allowance of change, it's the ecstasy of change. For change is perceived... as a voyage that is circular or spiral in nature, so that you are always participating in different realms of the divine, of ten, of God. So nine accepts change. Eight and below, to lesser and in greater factors, resists change... or abuse change.

Spiritual State- Time & Space

*ND* Time and Space in Spheres:

Edgar Cayce: "When an entity, a soul, passes into any sphere, with that it has builded in its celestial body, it must occupy- to a finite mind- space, place, time."

*LWU* Space & Time in the Spiritual, No Periods of Fluctuation, Earth-Spiritual Time Relations:

It is commonly thought by people of the earth-plane that in the spirit world time and space do not exist. That is wrong. We have both, but our conception of them differs from that of the earth world...

On the earth-plane the measurements of time had its source in the revolution of the earth upon its axis, giving a division of time known to us as night and day. The recurrence of the four seasons gave that larger measure, during which the earth revolved round the sun...

In the spirit world we have no clocks or other mechanical contrivances to indicate the passage of time. It would be the simplest thing in the world for our scientists to provide us with such if we felt the need for them. But we have no such need. We have no recurrent seasons, no alternation of light and darkness as external indications of time, and, in addition, we have no personal reminders, common to all the incarnate, of hunger and thirst and fatigue, together with the ageing of the physical body...

Those of us in the spirit world who live in the realm of happiness and perpetual summer will have no cause to find ‘time hang heavily'. In this sense we are simply not conscious of the flight of time.

In the dark realms the reverse is the case. The period of darkness will seem interminable to those who live there... A period of existence within these dark regions, amounting to nothing more than a year or two of earthly time, will seem like an eternity to the sufferers... (NOTE: Note the difference in the experience of time due to openeness or closedness)

Some people, who would not otherwise have done so, have returned to the earth world for the very purpose of satisfying their curiosity as to the number of years they have been in the spirit world. I have spoken to some who have made this journey, and they were all amazed to discover the unsuspected scores of years that had passed by since their transition...

All earthly events, whether concerning nations or individuals, are subject to, or governed by, time. And in so far as those events have their application to, or extension into, the spirit world, so do we in the spirit world come under the influence of time, or its operation. We might take the festival of Christmas as the simplest and readiest example. We celebrate this festival in the spirit world at the same time as do you... The two celebrations, yours and ours, are synchronized and recurrent year by year. We are not subservient to the earth world in this; our purpose is solely one of co-operation...

In the spirit world, at that time, it is common enough to hear one person say to another: ‘Christmas on the earth-plane is drawing near'. But the person so addressed might have been completely unaware of the fact...

Those of us who are in close and constant connection with the earth will know, of course, as well as do you, the year, the month, and day. We shall know, too, the exact hour of earth time There is no difficulty about this, nor is there any mystery... When we actively co-operate with you your thoughts to us are sufficient indication that a certain moment has recurred when we meet to work or converse together. Such thoughts are all that we need... When we look forward to the arrival of relative or friend into the spirit world it is towards the event that we cast our minds, not the year in which the event is to take place...

We have eternity of time, but we have also infinity of space.

Space must exist in the spirit world. Take my own realm alone, as an example, standing at the window of one of the upper rooms of my house I can see across huge distances whereon are many houses and grand buildings. In the distance I can see the city with many more great buildings. Dispersed throughout the whole side prospect are woods and meadows, rivers and streams, gardens and orchards, and they are all occupying space, just as all these occupy space in the earth world...

Time- in the spirit sense- and space are relative in the spirit world, just as they are upon the earth-plane. But our conceptions of them differ widely.


Thought Forms

Nature of Thought Forms

*tAW* Artificial Entities:

There are to be found on the Astral, or on the earth plane by means of astral vision, a great class of entities, or semi-entities, which occultists know as "artificial entities..." (NOTE: Like robots- use that comparison!) They are the creations of the minds of men, and are really a highly concentrated class of thought-forms. They are not entities, in the strict sense of the term, having no life or vitality except that which they borrow from, or have been given by their creators... (NOTE: !! THIS IS IT! There's a stream coming from inside us and we shape it into thought-forms without meaning to as it comes through. Purely, without interference, it comes through perfect. It causes the colors in our aura, it is the source of the aura lighting up! It's the lava warp, but that's US- a gateway for it!!!)

The majority of these artificial entities, or thought-forms, are created unconsciously by persons who manifest strong desire-force, accompanied by definite mental pictures of that which they desire. But many have learned the art of creating them consciously, in an elementary form of magic, white or black. Much of the effect of thought-force, or mind-power, is due to the creation of these thought-forms. Strong wishes for good, as well as strong curse for evil, tend to manifest form and a semblance of vitality in the shape of these artificial entities. These entities, however, are under the law of thought-attraction and go only where they are attracted. Moreover, they may be neutralized, and even destroyed, by positive thought properly directed...

*VftA* Thought Creates:

Angels: "Thoughts contain a force that creates- not only at the level of physical existence, but at other levels as well- the very thing upon which they focus. Where your energy is placed, where your thought is placed and then backed by emotion, there will your reality manifest, there will you realize the fruit of your creative labors."

*R* Creation of Influencing Thought-Forms:

By the power of imagination all men, certainly imaginative men, are forever casting forth enchantments, and all men, especially unimaginative men, are continually passing under their power... If I can unintentionally cast an enchantment over persons, there is no reason to doubt that I am able to cast intentionally a far stronger enchantment...

*BAU* The Eye is the Source of Forms:

The source of all forms is the eye, for it is by the eye that all forms are seen. The eye is behind all forms, even as Brahman is behind the eye.

*K* What Thought Forms Are & How They Work:

A thought-form, then, is a mental image, created- or moulded- by the mind out of the subtle matter of the higher psychic plane... This form, composed of the rapidly vibrating atoms of the matter of that region, sets up vibrations all around it; these vibrations will give rise to sensations of sound and colour in any entities adapted to translate them thus, and as the thought-form passes outward- or sinks downward, whichever expression may be preferred to express the transition- into the denser matter of the lower psychic regions, these vibrations thrill out as a singing-colour in every direction, and call to the thought form whence they proceed the elementals belonging to that colour.

*BDL* Thoughts Create:

S: Thinking of hell on Earth will bring it just as surely as going out and building it by the sweat of your brow...

A thought is energy. Your soul manipulates energy. Thinking is manipulation of energy. A thought is a willful act... It's the intention of the thought itself that counts...

D: Is it possible that be believing it, people can create some kind of a thought form?

S: They cannot create an entity, for only God can do that. They can create situations which seem to prove their existence. They set up the events which prove to themselves the validity of that which they want to believe. This is true not only in "evil" experiences, but in good and "holy" experiences also- that which you believe preprograms your experience. Believe what you want and that is what you will find...

There is not the creation of any entity in this; there is simply the pooling of energies, which is a very powerful process. There is no creation of life by any creature, be it astral or otherwise. There is only energy created by God and that is all. (NOTE: Thought forms have a will, but are not considered an entity. Without feeding, they will eventually disappear. This is an example of a seeming contradiction that turns out to be true if you understand it's meaning.)

*C&HEF* Thought-Forms:

(NOTE: almost like self-made diseases) A thought form is lifeless and static, and its energy comes from the astral and mental fields of the individual who harbors it. The great advantage of being able to see thought-forms is that we can become aware of what we are generating and thus change them to more constructive images.

Thoughts are action of a kind, in that they affect behavior.

*TF* They Convey Character of the Thought, Not The Subject:

This radiating vibration conveys the character of the thought, but not its subject. They naturally act with special vigor upon those minds already habituated to vibrations of similar character. It is thus evident that every man who thinks along high lines is doing missionary work.

*SoM* The Medium of Thought-Forms:

Thought force is a movement of consciousness in a field of mechanical but intelligent Law. The movement of consciousness upon itself creates a motion or vibration upon Substance, the force of which is equal to the embodiment of the thought set in motion. For everything that happens in the objective world, there must be something in the subjective world which perfectly balances it. Let us suppose, for illustration, that the Universe is nothing but water, permeated by an Infinite Intelligence. Imagine that every time this Intelligence moves, or thinks, ice is formed in the water, exactly corresponding to the thought. We might have countless pieces of ice of different form, color, and size, but these pieces of ice would still be water! If we could heat the entire mass, it would melt, and all forms would again become fluid. (NOTE: Brilliant!)

*D&IS* Thought-Forms:

I learned to see thoughts as spatially extended creatures which, no sooner than they were born, were clothed with form and life.

Eileen Garrett

*TF* The Three Attributes of Thought Forms:

Three general principles underlie the production of all thought-forms:

1. Quality of thought determines color.

2. Nature of thought determines form.

3. Definiteness of thought determines clearness of outline.

*TF* Finding Thought-Form Vibration Patterns in Nature:

A sound plate is made of brass or plateglass. Grains of fine sand are scattered over the surface, and the edge of the plate is bowed. The sand is thrown up into the air by the vibration of the plate, and re-falling on the plate is arranged in regular lines. By touching the edge of the plate at different points when it is bowed, different notes and hence varying forms, are obtained. The shapes pictured are due to the interplay of the vibrations that create them.

Pendulums demonstrate how readily vibrations may be transformed into figures. Thus compare fig. 4 with fig. 12, the mother's prayer; or fig. 5 with fig. 10; or fig. 6 with fig. 25, the serpent-like darting forms. Fig. 7 is added as an illustration of the complexity attainable.

Fig. 16 (page 39), for example, is somewhat suggestive of a partially opened flower-bud, while other forms are found to bear a certain resemblance to shells or leaves or tree-shapes. Manifestly, however, these are not and cannot be copies of vegetable or animal forms, and it seems probable that the explanation of the similarity lies very much deeper than that.

As the thought strengthens and expands, these beautiful wings change their color to violet and become like the petals of a flower, and overlap one another in an intricate but exceedingly effective pattern.

*TF* Sound & Music Produces Color & Form:

When a musical note is sounded, a flash of color corresponding to it may be seen by those whose finer senses are already to some extent developed. Sound produces form as well. Every piece of music leaves behind it an impression of this nature. Such a shape is perhaps not technically a thought-form.

The same piece of music if accurately played will always build the same form, but that form will be enormously larger when it is played upon a church organ or by a band than when it is performed upon a piano, and not only the size but also the texture of the resultant form will be very different.

Such forms remain as coherent erections for some considerable time – an hour or two at least; and during all that time they are radiating forth their characteristic vibrations in every directions, just as our thought-forms do.

In these three Plates only the form created directly by the sound-vibrations has been drawn, though as seen by the clairvoyant it is usually surrounded by many other minor forms, the result of the personal feelings of the performer or of the emotions aroused among the audience by the music.

The Mental Image Which Generates Thought Forms
& Remains Within You Between Lives

*K* Mental Images- Where Karma Lies:

The soul, working as mind, creates a mental image... This mental image remains attached to its creator, part of the content of his consciousness: it is a living, vibrating form of subtle matter, the Word thought but not yet spoken, conceived but not yet made flesh... It cannot be separated from him; he carries it with him during his earthly life, carries it with him through the gateway of death, carries it with him in the regions beyond death; and if, during his upward travelling through those regions, he himself passes into air too rarified for it to endure, he leaves behind the denser matter built into it, carrying on the mental matrix, the essential form; on his return to the grosser region the matter of that plane is again built into the mental matrix, and the appropriate denser form is reproduced. This mental image may remain sleeping, as it were, for long periods, but it may be re-awakened...

It evolves, as we shall see, according to definite laws, and the aggregation of these mental images makes the character; the outer mirrors the inner, and as cells aggregate into the tissues of the body and are often much modified in the process, so do these mental images aggregate into the characteristics of the mind, and often undergo much modification... But lofty or base, intellectual or passional, serviceable or mischievous, divine or bestial, it is always in man a mental image, the product of the creative soul, and on its existence individual karma depends. Without this mental image there can be no individual karma linking life-period to life-period

*EL* Thought-Forms & Their Growth:

The only action of Mind is Thought... Our thought of anything forms a spiritual prototype of it, thus constituting a nucleus or center of attraction for all conditions necessary to its eventual externalization by a law of growth inherent in the prototype itself...

The greater the vitality we put into the... spiritual prototype, the quicker it will germinate.

*EL* Making Harmful Thought Forms:

Our mistakes always eventually resolve themselves into distrusting the law of growth. Either we fancy we can hasten it by some exertion of our own from without, and are thus led into hurry and anxiety, not to say sometimes into the employment of grievously wrong methods; or else we give up all hope and so deny the germinating power of the seed we have planted. The result in either case is the same, for in either case we are in effect forming a fresh spiritual prototype of an opposite character to our desire, which therefore neutralizes the one first formed, and disintigrates it and usurps its place. The law is always the same, that our Thought forms a spiritual prototype which, if left undisturbed, will reproduce itself in external circumstances.

The Thought Form Generated By the Mental Image

Script: This is a great link into mental science.
*K* Difference Between the Internal Mental Image and the External Thought-Form Generated:

Let us now consider... the thought-form pure and simple in relation to the ensouled thought-form... The soul breathes out the thought, and the sound makes form in astral matter; as the Ideas in the Universal Mind become the manifested universe when they are outbreathed, so do these mental images in the human mind, when outbreathed, become the manifested universe of their creator. He peoples his current in space with a world of his own... The mental image itself remains, as has been already said, in the consciousness of its creator, but its vibrations passing outside that consciousness reproduce its form in the denser matter of the lower astral plane. This is the form that affords the casing for a portion of the elemental energy, specializing it for the time that the form persists, since the manasic element in the form gives a touch of individuality to that which ensouls it. This is the active entity... It is this astro-mental image that ranges over the astral plane, keeping up with is progenitor the magnetic tie spoken of, reacting on its parent, the mental image, and acting also on others. The life-period of an astro-mental image may be long or short, according to circumstances, and its perishing does not affect the persistence of its parent; any fresh impulse given to the latter will cause it to generate afresh its astral counterpart.

*K* Creating Thought Forms and Their Karmic Results:

"EVERY thought of man upon being evolved passes into the inner world, and becomes an active entity by associating itself, coalescing we might term it, with an elemental- that is to say, with one of the semi-intelligent forces of the kingdoms. It survives as an active intelligence- a creature of the mind's begetting- for a longer or shorter period proportionate with the original intensity of the cerebral action which generated it. Thus a good thought is perpetuated as an active, beneficent power, an evil one as a maleficent demon. And so man is continually peopling his current in space with a world of his own, crowded with the offspring of his fancies, desires, impulses and passions; a current which reacts upon any sensitive or nervous organization which comes in contact with it, in proportion to its dynamic intensity. The Buddhist calls it his "Skandha"; the Hindu gives it the name of "Karma". The Adept evolved these shapes consciously; other men throw them off unconsciously." - Master K.H., The Occult World, p89-90

*K* All Forms Have a Soul:

No form exists which is not thus ensouled, but the informing entity may be the loftiest intelligent, the lowest elemental, or any of the countless hosts that range between.

*TF* The Mental Body & Throwing Off Mental Thought-Forms:

Every thought gives rise to a set of correlated vibrations in the matter of this [mental] body, accompanied with a marvelous play of color, like that in the spray of a waterfall as the sunlight strikes it, raised to the nth degree of color and vivid delicacy. The body under this impulse throws off a vibrating portion of itself, shaped by the nature of the vibrations – as figures are made by sand on a disk vibrating to a musical note – and this gathers from the surrounding atmosphere matter like itself in fineness from the elemental essence of the mental world. We have then a thought-form pure and simple, and it is a living entity of intense activity animated by the one idea that generated it. If made of the finer kinds of matter, it will be of great power and energy, and may be used as a most potent agent when directed by a strong and steady will.

The Elemental Essence

Sub: The Receptive Elemental Essence / Universal Substance

The Subjective Matter That Thought Molds

*CPitI* Universal Substance & Universal Spirit:

To establish such a consciousness of its own universal livingness there must be the recognition of a corresponding relation equally extensive in character; and the only possible correspondence to fulfill this condition is therefore that of a universally distributed and plastic medium whose particles are all in perfect equilibrium, which is exactly the description of the Primary Substance, or ether. We are thus philosophically led to the conclusion that Universal Substance must be projected by Universal Spirit as a necessary consequence of Spirit's own inherent feeling of Aliveness; and in this way we find that the great Primary Polarity of Being becomes established.

*AP* The Elemental Essence- Reactions To Thought By a Latent Force:

What we find is a vast store of elemental essence, wonderfully sensitive to the most fleeting human thought, responding with inconceivable delicacy in an infinitesimal fraction of a second to a vibration set up in it even by an entirely unconscious exercise of human will or desire. But the moment that by the influence of such thought or exercise of will it is molded into a living force – into something that may correctly be described as an elemental – it at once ceases to belong to the category we are discussing, and becomes a member of the artificial class. Even then its separate existence is usually of the most evanescent character, and as soon as its impulse has worked itself out it sinks back into the undifferentiated mass of that particular subdivision of elemental essence from which it came. First comes the broad division which has given the elementals their name – the classification according to the kind of matter which they inhabit. There are seven such chief groups.

This elemental evolution is taking place on what is sometimes called the downward curve of the arc; that is to say it is progressing towards the complete entanglement in matter which we witness in the mineral kingdom, instead of away from it.

When any portion of this essence remains for a few moments entirely unaffected by any outside influence it is absolutely without any definite from of its own, though even then its motion is rapid and ceaseless; but on the slightest disturbance, set up perhaps by some passing thought-current, it flashes into a bewildering confusion of restless, ever-changing shapes, which form, rush about, and disappear with the rapidity of the bubbles on the surface of boiling water. These evanescent shapes have usually a certain appropriateness to the character of the thought-stream which calls them into existence, though nearly always with some grotesque distortion. What intelligence is exerted in the selection of an appropriate shape or its distortion? We are simply dealing with the result produced by the stream of half-conscious, involuntary thoughts which the majority of mankind allow to flow idly through their brains, so that the intelligence is obviously not derived from the mind of the thinker; and we certainly cannot credit the elemental essence itself, which belongs to a kingdom further from individualization even than the mineral, with any sort of awakening of the manasic quality. Yet it does possess a marvelous adaptability which often seems to come very near it. When we read of a good or evil elemental, it must always be either an artificial entity or one of the many varieties of nature-spirits that is meant, for the elemental kingdoms proper do not admit of any such conceptions as good and evil, though there is undoubtedly a sort of bias or tendency permeating nearly all their subdivisions which operates to render them rather hostile than friendly towards man, as every neophyte knows, for in most cases his very first impression of the astral plane is of the presence all around him of vast hosts of Protean spectres who advance upon him in threatening guise, but always retire or dissipate harmlessly if boldly faced. Man has only himself to thank for its existence. In the golden age before this Kaliyuga men were on the whole less selfish and more spiritual, and then the "elementals" were friendly, though now they are no longer so because of man's indifference to, and want of sympathy with, other living beings. This elemental kingdom as a whole is very much what the collective though of humanity makes it. Any one who will think for a moment will see little reason to wonder that this essence, which has no power of perception, but only blindly receives and reflects what is projected upon it, should usually exhibit unfriendly characteristics.

The fact that we are so readily able to influence the elemental kingdoms at once shows us that we have a responsibility towards them. The mass of mankind is still utterly regardless of its responsibility on the thought-plane.

By its means nearly all the physical phenomena of the séance-room are produced, and it is also the agent in most cases of stone-throwing or bell-ringing in haunted houses.

The "elemental" is simply a latent force, which needs an external power to set it in motion. Although all classes of the essence have the power of reflecting images from the astral light as described above, there are varieties which receive certain impressions much more readily than others – which have favorite forms of their own into which upon disturbance they would naturally flow unless absolutely forced into some other, and such shapes tend to be a trifle less evanescent than usual.

*C&HEF* The Give & Take of Astral Emotions:

If we accept the idea that we are dynamic systems which are constantly receiving and radiating energy, we can understand the degree to which human beings affect one another's emotional fields. This varies, of course, according to the inner stability and integration of the individual. When a person identifies himself with his emotions he naturally responds readily to the emotions of others. He may be a warm and loving person, but he may also become the victim of other people's emotional disturbances.

The violence so prevalent in the world today is constantly adding to the pollution of this dimension of life. Those whose emotional attitudes respond to such negative frequencies may be thrown off balance by these disturbing influences, so that their tendencies toward violence become exacerbated. On the positive side, as we look at the emotional climate of the world today, we become aware of the many constructive forces at work. The desire for world peace, the concern for social justice, the compassion for victims of natural or economic disasters, the search for ways to prevent illness and alleviate human suffering – all these feelings resonate to healing forces in the universal emotional field and help create harmony and order.

We might say, therefore, that the astral body of each one of us is the result both of individual emotional activity, whether or not consciously directed, and of interaction with other energies within the general astral field. Every person is in continuous exchange with other people and with the environment as a whole. This open exchange is critically important for health, for even a negative environment need not be damaging if the person involved keeps the interconnection open. The astral field, like all the rest, is universal, and therefore there are no real barriers within it, although local conditions can enhance or inhibit elements in every environment, even in such places as hospitals and prisons, for the individual can reach out beyond his immediate circumstances to the wholeness within nature.

*MJooB* M-Band:

The M-Band is part of the energy spectrum usually used for thought. It isnt electromagnetic, nucleonic, etc. M-Band noise is caused by uncontrolled thought. Noise level in the M-Band above New York is almost unbearable. But other than noise, it can be seen as an amazing mixture of resonance, beat frequencies, standing waves, and incalculable patterns. M-Band doesnt decline with distance or dimension. If there was no M-Band, there was no life. The scratchy stuff in the M-Band is human emotions. M-Band noise creats haze.

The M-Band is a broad field of energy, the only field common to and operating both within and outside spacetime and is present to varying degrees in all physical matter. M accumulates in living organisms. The variance and spectrum of M radiation is extremely wide by local standards, yet it is only a notch in M's total breadth. All living organisms use M to communicate. Animals are more aware of it than humans, who are generally unaware of it. Thought is a much-used affector and modulator of M radiation, and emotions are bands of M adjacent to thought. Love is also a band of M adjacent to thought. Humans are subject to constant M input from other sources, including human sources, without knowing it is sent or received. The inner self is composed solely of M. They are outside spacetime but within the M field. Those asleep, OB, unconscious, are operating in the M Field with a lesser phase relationship to the physical. Most are fully occupied trying to cope with the M field and have no more awareness of M energy fields than they did in the physical. Those proficient in M techniques rarely find earth life interesting. Bonding effected during physical lifetimes is strictly M Field imprint which continues between the innerself clusters during any mind-state. The stronger the bonding (such as a deep love), the closer the continuing interaction between the clusters. (?)

*MJooB* Tuning in the M-Band:

The influence of M field thought radiation would be overwhelming if not for the inherent phase relationships involved. In phase = tuned in. The entire individual system of awareness is in phase with only parts of this radiation. If there is no alignment of a given frequency, there is no reception. Methods can be learned to prevent reception of undesirable thought radiation. Shut off the aligning receptor thought-form and there is no influence. Group thought increases the amplitude of the radiation and can be highly contagious. However, a single person can send out an even stronger broad-banded radiation. Emotional thoughts have the capacity to instill signals into the physical body which may be misinterpreted. They effect communication with the inner self and DNA patterns and can cause health or sickness. Throughout time, some have had conscious control of their M-field thought radiation. This might have been aided by their inner self personality cluster. Control is willful selection or rejection of incoming thought radiation through manipulation of receptor phasing. Those with great control can couple other M Field bands with that of thought to produce a variety of experiences within the receptor, to alter matter both in structure and form, and to vary spacetime energy fields. Minor M-field control include medicine men, mind readers, magicians, witches, soothsayers, early kings and emporers, hypnotists, mediums, healers, psychokinetics, and much more.

Most M-field radiation is not love and light. To participate openly in it would be devastating. When leaks occur due to inadvertant phasing- emotional thinking- we become exposed to an incredible degree of discordant and dangerous radiation. This is the essence of empathy...

The H-Band is the peak of uncontrolled thought that emanates from all living forms on Earth, particularly humans. The amplitude of each segment of the band is determined by the emotion involved in the thought. Just beyond the H-Band noise is where Monroe met the Inspecs. This noise is the total of all human thought processes that ever were, ours included.

*TF* Thought Form As a Half-Intelligent Life With Soul & Body:

The elemental essence is that strange half-intelligent life which surrounds us in all directions, vivifying the matter of the mental and astral planes. This matter responds very readily to the influence of human thought, and every impulse sent out, either from the mental body or from the astral body of man, immediately clothes itself in a temporary vehicle of this vitalized matter. Such a thought or impulse becomes for the time a kind of living creature, the thought-force being the soul, and the vivified matter the body. Sometimes they speak of the thought-form as "an elemental." Each thought draws round it the matter which is appropriate for its expression, and sets that matter into vibration in harmony with its own.

*TB* The Bardo of Becoming:

The Power of the Mind: Without a physical body to ground us, thoughts actually become reality. The slightest irritation in the bardo of becoming can have a devastating effect. Our mind in this bardo is like a flaming red-hot iron bar that can be bent in whichever way you want it until it cools, when whatever form it finds itself in rapidly solidifies. A single positive thought in this bardo can lead directly to enlightenment, and a single negative reaction can plunge you into the most prolonged and extreme suffering.

Give up attachment to people and possessions, to abandon yearning for a body, not to give in to desire or anger, to cultivate kindness rather than hostility, and not even to contemplate negative actions. The terrifying bardo figures are nothing more than your own deluded projections and by nature empty. They themselves have only a mental body of habitual tendencies and are therefore empty, too. So emptiness cannot harm emptiness. All we have to do Is remember one instruction; all it needs for one positive thought to spring into our mind. Just by remembering the buddha realms, you can transfer yourself there directly by the power of your mind, and proceed toward enlightenment. Even though the possibilities are limitless, we must have at least some, if not total, control over our minds in this bardo; and this is extremely difficult, because the mind here is so vulnerable, fragmented, and restless. So in this bardo, whenever you can suddenly retrieve your awareness, even for a moment, immediately recall your connection with spiritual practice. There is sheer difficulty of focusing the mind at this juncture if we have no previous training.

Sub: The Downward Evolution of the Elemental Essence
*DP* The Evolution and Thought-Reactiveness of the Elemental Essence- Why It Needs Us:

[The mental elemental essence] is, if possible, even more instantaneously sensitive to thought-action here than it is on the astral plane... It is in such response that its very life consists- that its progress is greatly helped by the use made of it in the process of thought by the more advanced entities whose evolution it shares.

If it could be imagined as entirely free for a moment from the action of thought, it would appear as a formless conglomeration of dancing infinitesimal atoms- instinct indeed with a marvelous intensity of life, yet probably making but little progress on the downward path of its involution into matter. But when thought seizes upon it and stirs it into activity, throwing it on the rupa levels into all kinds of lovely forms, and on the arupa levels into flashing streams, it received a distinct additional impulse which, often repeated, helps it forward on its way. For whenever a thought is directed from those higher levels to the affairs of earth, it naturally sweeps downward and takes upon itself the matter for the lower planes. In doing so it brings into contact with that matter the elemental essence of which its first veil was formed, and so by degrees habituated that essence to answering to lower vibrations; and this greatly assists its downward evolution into matter.

Very noticeably it is also affected by music- by the splendid floods of glorious sound of which we have previously spoken as poured forth upon these lofty planes by the great masters of melody who are carrying on these in far fuller measure the work which down here on this dull earth they had only commenced.

Sub: Differences in Thought-Reactivity

Thought-Reactive Energy Clouds(ABtB): In some areas, clouds of energy dominated the environment. I was especially amazed to see some of these clouds taking specific forms. I saw what appeared to be cars, homes, even cruise ships partially created. I have concluded that the environments within the nonphysical dimensions are made of thought-responsive energy. Thoughts rearrange the subtle energies that make up these dimensions. The energy clouds exist as clusters of raw, unformed energy- much like holograms that are slowly growing and changing in form and density.

The most significant differences between inner dimensions appears to be the degree of responsiveness to thought. Some are easily molded by thought and some are more resistant. Natural raw unpopulated energy environments are often observed as misty voids, empty space, or featureless, open areas consisting of white, silver, or golden clouds of energy. These environments are extremely sensitive to thought. Any focused thought will instantly mold the immediate energy environment.

1) Directly in front of me are dozens o trash cans. I push them aside and say "what do these things rerpesent?" At that instant, a series of vivid pictures appears in my mind. I cant tell if it's originating from within me or somehow outside of me. "You are in a higher vibratory region, a thought-responsive environment. Your perceptions of your surrondings are created by your mind. Your mind is interpreting the environment according to reference points it can relate to." The sidewalk is my path, the garbage cans are that which slows my progress: fears, limits, and attachments. A surge of energy fills me as I toss the garbage cans away. I feel empowered and filled with energy as I step towards the tower, the I realize I am right beside it. The surroundings seem to respond easily to my thoughts.

*HU* The Physical Manifests/Reacts Slower To Thought:

It takes a little more time for our beliefs to resculpt our bodies into things like nail-like stigmata and for the symbolic language of our psyches to manifest externally as synchronicities. But manifest they do, in a slow and inexorable river, a river whose persistent presence teaches us that we live in a universe we are only just beginning to understand.

*AF* An Internal Darkness:

And as I wondered about him, I heard a voice and it was coming from outside of this place where I was. It was very dark in this place and these people had a darkness within them that was like an internal shadow and ... it was like spirit matter is finer than physical matter so you can see more readily what it's made up of and you can see through it as well and this was like I could see the individual darkness molecules that this darkness was made up of and it was an energy that I was seeing.

It was an energy and it was pure darkness and that is what is used to form things that are dark in nature. You know evil, and not just that but dark feelings about ourselves, you know negative things that don't help us to grow. Things that are not true. Like for instance, things I believed about myself. I thought I was a horrible mother. I thought I was a terrible wife. I felt like I was doing my family a favor. All these things were not true.

*PAP* Joyous Action in the Dark Ether:

One day my guides gave me a task to carry out in the dark part of the ether.

The quality of the substance in which I found myself did not provoke any disagreeable sensations. I brought my attention to bear on the work to be accomplished, and the joy I felt was due merely to attraction.

Sub: Purity of Thought Determines Purity of Essense Affected
*DP* True & False Love & Devotion:

In order that an aspiration or a thought-force should result in existence on [the heaven-world], its dominant characteristic must be unselfishness.

Affection for family or friends takes many a man into the heaven-life, and so also does religious devotion...

There is the love which pours itself out upon its object, seeking for nothing in return- never even thinking of itself, but only of what it can do for the loved one; and such a feeling as this generates a spiritual force which cannot work itself out except upon the mental plane. But there is also another emotion which is sometimes called love- an exacting, selfish kind of passion which desires mainly to be loved- which is thinking all the time of what it receives rather than of what it gives... The force which it sets in motion will never rise above the astral plane.

The same is true of the feeling of a certain very large class of religious devotees, whose one thought is, not the glory of their deity, but how they may save their own miserable souls.

*DP* Upward Traveling and Downward Traveling Thought-Forms:

Our ordinary thought begins in the mind-body on the lower mental levels and clothes itself as it descends with the appropriate astral elemental essence; but when a man has advanced so far as to have his consciousness active in the true self in the higher heaven-world, his thought commences there and clothes itself first in the elemental essence of the lower levels of the mental plane, and is consequently infinitely finer, more penetrating, and in every way more effective. If the thought be directed exclusively to higher objects, its vibrations may be of too fine a character to find expression on the astral plane at all; but when they do affect this lower matter they will do so with much more far-reaching effect than those which are generated so much nearer to its own level.

Following this idea a stage further we see the thought of the initiate taking its rise upon the buddhic plane, above the mental world altogether, and clothing itself with the elemental essence of the highest heavens for garment, while the thought of the Adept pours down from nirvana itself, wielding the tremendous, the wholly incalculable powers of regions beyond the ken of mere ordinary humanity.

*TF* The Matter in Which the Thought-Form is Generated:

Another consideration which must not be forgotten is the type of matter in which these forms are generated. If a thought be purely intellectual and impersonal – for example, if the thinker is attempting to solve a problem in algebra or geometry – the thought-form and the wave of vibration will be confined entirely to the mental plane. If, however, the thought be of a spiritual nature, if it be tinged with love and aspiration or deep unselfish feeling, it will rise upwards from the mental plane and will borrow much of the splendor and glory of the buddhic level. In such a case its influence is exceedingly powerful, and every such thought is a mighty force for good which cannot but produce a decided effect upon all mental bodies within reach, if they contain any quality at all capable of response.

If, on the other hand, the thought has in it something of self or of personal desire, at once its vibration turns downwards, and it draws round itself a body of astral matter in addition to its clothing of mental matter. Such a thought-form is capable of acting upon the astral bodies of other men as well as their minds, so that it can not only raise thought within them, but can also stir up their feelings.

Sub: Speed of Exteriorization of Thoughts Determined By

Responsiveness of the Elemental Essence

Script: This seems a built-in advantage, as the higher thoughts come to life instantly and the lower, denser ones take some time to come to reality.
*VftA* Slow Cause & Effect of Thought on Earth:

Angels: "Because of the slowed vibrational rate in your world there is a longer time between the thought and the manifestation of the thought. This gives you the opportunity to make alterations in your direction, to rethink things before taking action- to learn to take responsibility for what you have created."

*UR2* More Easily Creating Dream Reality From Ideas:

In the dream state and in certain other levels of reality, ideas and their symbols are immediately experienced. There is no time lag, then, between a feeling and its "exteriorized" condition. It is automatically experienced in whatever form is familiar and natural to the one who holds it.

*TDA* Time For Thoughts To Become Things:

Dr. Peebles: "Depending on what vibratory plane you are responding to, things become things from thoughts more rapidly... The slower vibrations of Earth, where there's a delay in thoughts becoming things, is by intention so that you can study the process of that."

*DP* The Responsive Mental Elemental Essence:

On the mental as on the astral plane there was present an elemental essence quite distinct from the mere matter of the plane... It was, if possible, even more instantaneously sensitive to the action of thought here than it had been in that lower world. But here in the heaven-world all was thought-substance.

*BDL* Slow-Motion Physical Results of Thought:

S: In the spiritual world, a thought is as good as done. Merely thinking the thought produces the desired effect. In the physical, things are not quite that easy; thus the human must learn patience.

...On Earth we are given much more time between the thinking and the manifestation of the thought, so that we have a chance to change our mind.

Sub: The Unresponsive Virgin Matter
*PAP* The Virgin Matter, Unaffected & Unaffecting:

Let us now consider some of the characteristics of the virgin substance which lies outside and beyond our evolutionary system.

This new substance had the property of a kind of mechanical inertia. In the successive ethers of the universe the matter of any one given stratum responds with an intensity which varies with our personal vibrations. Thousands of ties make us aware of the fact that we are in touch, through our own system of atoms, with the surrounding universe, and experience shows that the link becomes more intimate in the higher worlds.

The virgin matter into which I projected myself exhibited no ties like those mentioned above. Neither thought, desire, will, nor any attraction of our own world has power over this matter, and equally, the matter has no magnetic effect on us.

Seen in bulk, this matter has the color of freshly cut ebonite. It gives out no vibrations. It has no elasticity. Here we feel nothing, and we are not aware of the very least reaction. According to the density of this virgin substance so we have the impression of standing before a thick wall or in a mist, neither so solid nor so dark. In order to penetrate into it we must make a definite mechanical effort. With arms outstretched we must push this matter aside in order to break through, when we have the quite material sensation of moving in a sort of "paste" which does not stick and is not cloying.

Though the powers of thinking, reasoning, and consciousness itself are clear, they have not the sensitivity even of that experienced in the lowest strata of our cosmic ether.

Deeply immersed in this gluey matter, which I was handling as if it were some material object, I placed in opposition to it, by the power of thought, the vibrant sweetness and delicacy of the extra-sensitive waves of astral matter.

A substance so material might well be the root of matter.

Where is the superman who would not do his best to make this matter more supple, to mould it, to try, by all the means known to him, to transmit some of his own energy into it so as to make it responsive to a "stimulus?"

To sum up, are we not here face to face with the very principle by which the universe was formed? This very principle would urge the consciousness to make this matter sufficiently supple to transform a mechanical energy into a field of electro-magnetic energy, for instance, to make life spring forth by creating an equilibrium of the forces brought into action. Life could then make use of this matter.

One of these two opposite principles is endowed with conscious life, with universal powers, outside time and space. The other with latent energy, limitless, sleeping in the womb of Eternity. Let it once happen that the former acts on the latter and a whole new system of energies will be born, following upon this first wave of universalized life.

*SD&P* The Camouflage of Different Systems, the Uncamouflaged Layer Between:

When you travel beyond a certain range of intensities, even pseudo-objects must vanish. They exist in a cluster about, and connected to, your own system. The lack of these, obviously, means that you have gone beyond your own camouflage system. If it were possible, you would then travel through a range of intensities in which no camouflage existed. Then you would encounter the pseudo-camouflage of the next system. You would then encounter the heart of the camouflage area. The completely uncamouflaged areas at the outer edges of the various systems should remind you of the undifferentiated areas between various life cycles in the subconscious. This is no coincidence.

There is little communication within the uncamouflaged areas. They act as boundaries, even while they represent the basic stuff of which all camouflage is composed. (Without the camouflage, you would perceive nothing with the physical senses.)

The sentence is really meaningless, however, because the physical senses are themselves camouflage. There would be nothing to translate. It is only the inner senses that will allow you to perceive under these circumstances.

The undifferentiated layers are composed of the vitality that forms the camouflage of all systems. You are in touch with infinity in such areas, since it is only camouflage that gives you the conception of time.

Now, during some projections, you may be aware of nothing as far as surroundings are concerned. If this occurs, you will be traveling through such an uncamouflaged area. You could then expect to encounter next a more differentiated environment, that seems to become clearer as you progress toward the heart of another system.

The completely uncamouflaged layer would be rather bewildering. You might automatically be tempted to project images into it. They would not take, but would appear and disappear with great rapidity. This is a silent area. Thoughts would not be perceived here, as a rule, for the symbols for them would not be understood.

I have used the idea of neighboring systems for simplicity's sake, as if they were laid out end to end. Obviously, such is not the case. The systems [of reality] are more like the various segments of a tangerine, with the uncamouflaged boundary areas like the white membrane between the tangerine sections.

The tangerine would be but one segment of a larger system.

It is now thought, I believe, that time and space are basically one, but they are both a part of something else. Space as you perceive it in the dream state comes much closer to the reality.

Projections within your own system will, of course, involve you with some kind of camouflage. If none is present, you will know you are out of the system. The dream universe is obviously closely connected with your own, since pseudo-objects are present. Within the dream state, then, you are in the ‘outward' areas of the physically oriented universe.

There are other systems all about and within your own. The undifferentiated areas move out like spirals, through all reality. Little resistance is encountered within them. They represent inner roads that connect systems, as well as divide them. The traveler must leave his own camouflage paraphernalia behind him, however, or he will get nowhere.