The Spiritual Foundations

The Collected Knowledge of Mystics, Science, & the World Religions


Introduction • On The Sources


Script: In presenting the Spiritual Foundations of Mankind, I will progress from the broadest foundations to more and more exact and specific descriptions and explanations, until every experience of day-to-day physical life can be understood in terms of its true context, reason, and purpose.



Script: There is a quiet spiritual revolution sweeping over the world. This great new wisdom, all in agreement no matter the source, is bringing a clear and scientific understanding of how the mind, body, and spirit works. A new picture is developing, a perfect philosophy, a brilliant new spirituality bound to bring us happiness undreamt of before. You live in the time that will be known throughout our upcoming history as the New Beginning, the New Awakening.

** A Central Organization of New Age Ideals:

(NOTE: What is lacking, and perhaps gladly so, in the present deluge of independent spiritual research, discovery, and personal revelation is a central organizing principle. We could be putting together a clearer and clearer picture of things, as we are all seeking and studying one truth. But imagine the dark side of such an organization- it could take the form of an organized religion that lays down its own absolute truth and stifles individual discovery and expression. We must walk a fine line and share our discoveries while making absolutely certain we are not dismissing anything or anyone, or choking the freedom that we are all seeking to discover.)

** Sources of Truth:

(NOTE: In none of this am I giving any appeal to authority. If I heard someone say they heard truth from a mischeivous gnome, their fork, or a spot of dirt on the carpet, still, if it was truth they spoke, it is truth I will hear. No source is beyond being wrong or beneath being the most brilliant truth ever spoken.)

** About the Intro:

Intro section on why this is for everyone, for all seekers. For scientists, this is in depth quantum theory, multidimensional theory from those who have been there, for science fiction lover, this is the true stories, etc etc. It is not some shadowy- half-real thing. It is more real than what we now think of as real.

** Explorer:

In a world flooded with people, walls, property, barriers, borders, and fences, I have turned to other frontiers of exploration.

** Foundations Intro:

"Foundations" seeks to shake the foundations of fear that much of this world has been built upon. A way of life so natural, simple, and necessary, that we will all return to it.

** The Foundation of Foundations:

This book is founded on a search for truth, whatever that truth may be, however it may conflict with what I presently believe or expect. What this means is that in numerous circumstances, I may be wrong. That is fine, I am not shamed by it and will continue to write and learn. This is only the first printing of Foundations and I plan on having another in time as I learn more. What I ask of you, the reader, is to be discerning. If new data arises to make obselete a section or passage of this book, do not hesitate to release it. One of the most damaging behaviors of people today is to hold tightly to anything- especially in such a changing time as this. Seek truth yourself, and you shall be my companion.

** Beneath the Foundations:

These answers were found beneath the foundations of that which we know already. It took imagination to look beneath what everyone accepts as fact. I threw out everything I knew and began searching underneath it all. What have we assumed is normal and natural as a foundation for explaining cause and effect? The deeper we dig, the less we take for granted, the more we question, the more we imagine, the closer to the truth we will come. I am nothing more than a beginner.


Ideas for Foundations

Script: The science of drug experiences... "creative connections" to soul... some name like that. The study of the interaction, the give and take.

Bits for "Foundations of Human Experience"

** Motivation Explained:

(NOTE: Imagine a spark shining out in all directions. It is in equilibrium. Then block one direction, and it takes off like a rocket in that direction, apparently seeking the removal of the block! This is spiritual motivation, where we are moved to action when we are moved from bliss)

Drug Misinformation

Script: Drugs can be a great scapegoat, a big source of attributing fears and failures. It's easy. You also get to side with the establishment.


*VftA* Terms:

Otherworldly beings... (NOTE: "beings from our homeland" gives a much more accurate feel.)

*TBD* Dharma:

"Dharma" concerned being held away from suffering. Dharma came to mean the Teaching, the path of practice of the Teaching, the virtue of that practice, the reality or Truth taught in that Teaching, and the freedom of that reality or Truth, nirvana itself.

*MV&I* Names For Higher Planes Are From Sanskrit:

The names used in theosophical literature for the higher planes are derived from Sanskrit.

*MV&I* Astral Is From the Alchemists:

The name "astral" is not of our choosing; we have inherited it from the medieval alchemists.

Speaking from Two Contexts

*FWG* Speaking From Two Contexts:

I am crossing over into the context of Ultimate Reality when I say things like that. In Ultimate Reality, what helps you, helps Me, because in Ultimate Reality, you and I are One. There is no separation between us. Yet within the separation paradigm in which you live, within the illusion you ar experiencing, such a statement has no meaning.

Throughout this dialogue I have had to do that kind of crossing over, moving from one context to another, in order to explain things that cannot be explained simply by staying within the framework of your own Earthly experience.


On The Sources

Script: On the Different Sources:

...I'm taking a break now.

*SoM* What The Mystics Have Taught:

A mystic is not a mysterious person but is one who has a deep, inner sense of Life and of his unity with the Whole. The great poets have been true mystics who, through their poems, have revealed the Presence of God. Men like Robert Browning, Tennyson, Wordsworth, Homer, Walt Whitman, Edward Rowland Sill, and others of like nature.