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It's Been Proven

*EtS-EKR* Proof of Life After Death For Those Who Need It:

(NOTE: proof for those who need it:) I met a man who told me of an incredible experience. He was driving on the highway when he saw a woman in her 30s lying on the side of the road. She had been injured in a hit-and-run accident and had been lying on the roadside curb for hours. One car after another drove by. Nobody stopped to help her except this one guy, whom I call "the Good Samaritan", who stopped his car and went over to the woman. Supporting her in his arms, he asked her, "Is there anything I can do for you?" She looked at him and said, "No, there is nothing else anybody else can do for me now." She then lost consciousness, but the Good Samaritan stayed with this woman and did not leave her. Then after about ten minutes, she opened her eyes and said, "Maybe there is one thing that someday you can do for me. When you can, please go to the Indian reservation where my mother lives and give her a message. Tell my mother that I am okay. I am not only okay, I am very happy right now because I am already with my Dad." The young woman gave him her mother's name and told him what Indian reservation she lived on and then died in the arms of this total stranger.

The Good Samaritan was so excited that he had been at the right place at the right time that he immediately drove 700 miles out of his way to the Indian reservation. When he told her mother the news, she did not seem terribly distraught in hearing about the death of her daughter. In fact, the mother apologized to him for not being more upset about the news of her daughter's death. She said, "You understand, the message that my daughter gave that she was already with her Dad, she could not have known that my husband died an hour before the car accident of my daughter, 700 miles apart."


The Personification of God

Script: This is a very important section, as it is the source of all misunderstandings about God. It will be greatly expanded in time. Look at how in many ancient religions Gods were personifications of natural forces and human attributes- the sea, the sun, speed, intelligence. Now most religions have only one god remaining, the personification of a man with infinite power. The template for this god was the most powerful person of the time, the king. In these ancient days, a good king needed to be ruthless, commanding, selfish, and unforgiving.

Projected Qualities of God

*CH* Qualities of Allah:

As Bawa explains: "The highest treasure, Allah, is in the form of pure Love, existing with three thousand compassionate and beneficiant qualities, existing as Love within love, embracing each life with patience, restraint, contentment, surrender, tolerance, peacefulness and the qualities which exist as the calming honey of Grace."

*BG* The Personal vs. Impersonal God:

He whose mind is fixed on My personal form, always engaged in worshipping Me with great and transcendental faith, is considered by Me to be most perfect. But those who fully worship the unmanifested, that which lies beyond the perception of the senses, the all-pervading, inconceivable, fixed, and immovable- the impersonal conception of the Absolute Truth... such persons, engaged in the welfare of all, at last achieve Me. (NOTE: Ah, better put) For those whose minds are attached to the unmanifested, impersonal feature of the Supreme, advancement is very troublesome.

*CWG2* What God Is:

Q: God doesn't become indignant?

A: God is everything, and God becomes everything. There is nothing which God is not, and all that is God is experiencing of Itself, God is experiencing in, as, and through you. It is your indignation which you are feeling.

Truth and God are found in the same place: in the silence.

Absolute Power demands absolutely nothing. I am Absolutely Everything, and therefore, I need, want, and demand absolutely nothing.

Yet, no matter what you make of Me, I cannot forget, and will always return to, My Purest Form. All the rest is a fiction. It is something you are making up. There are those who would make Me a jealous God; but who could be jealous when one has, and is, Everything? There are those who would make Me a wrathful God; but what could cause Me to be angry when I can not be hurt or damaged in any way? There are those who would make Me a vengeful God; but on whom would I take vengeance, since all that exists is Me?

You Cant Affect God

Script: Like trying to get to the center of a white hole. It may be quite literally that God is the blaring power coming from this source (not hole).
*EK* You Cant Affect God:

It is inappropriate to say of Ein Sof "blessed be he," "glorified be he," "praised be he," or similar expressions, since it cannot be blessed, praised, or glorified by another. Rather, it is the one who blesses, praises, glorifies.

*B* You Cant Add to God:

People think that they have an advantage if they bring things to God as if God didn't have anything. That is incorrect, for all things added to God are no more than God alone.

*CH* God Gives Only:

"He is the One who gives. God is not someone who accepts or likes our things. He is the One who is Generous. He gives everything." -Bawa

*BG* Nothing Affects God:

There is no work that affects Me, nor do I aspire for the fruits of action.

*LotSB* Talking To or Listening To the Lord:

"For one soul that exclaims, ‘Speak Lord, for Thy servant heareth,' there are ten that say, ‘Hear Lord! for Thy servant speaketh,' and there is no rest for these." -Pamela Grey

*EIM-N* You Cannot Glorify God:


It is I who glorify you

You cannot glorify me!

It is I who act upon you and make you act

How could you act on me?

*SoM* Mental Equivalents:

Prayer does something to the mind of the one praying. It does not do anything to God.

*AoaY* Glorfying God:

"No mortal can glorify God. The only honor that man can pay his Creator is to seek Him."

*SPoK* Existence Glorifies God:

"Every created thing other than mankind and jinn magnify and glorify God innately, and so also do all the bodily parts of mankind and jinn."

*BWT* You Cannot Influence God:

You cannot make God do your will. You cannot influence God...

You must surrender yourself to God... You must yield yourself to God.

Foolish Ideas About God

*FWG* Accepting a Loving God:

You must be able to embrace a God who loves and embraces you, without conditions; be able to welcome into your life a God who welcomes you into the kingdom, no questions asked; be able to stop punishing yourself for acknowledging a God who will not be punishing you; and be able to talk with a God who has never stopped talking to you.

*FWG* God Has No Needs:

I need nothing from you. Do you imagine Me to be such an impotent God that I would need something from you and not be able to get it?...

It is not like that. It is like this. You tell Me where you seek to go, and I tell you how to get there.

*EK* Foolish Forms:

The greatest impediment to the human spirit results from the fact that the conception of God is fixed in a particular form, due to childish habit and imagination. This is a spark of the defect of idolatry, of which we must always beware...

*CH* Forms & God:

All forms are masks of God.

*FWG* Friendship with God Takes Courage:

Neale: "You were starting to tell me what it would take to have that kind of friendship with You."

A change of mind and a change of heart..

And courage...

The courage to reject every notion, every idea, every teaching of a God who would reject you.

*FWG* No Humility In Front of God:

Don't retreat just because I've shown up. That's the problem with so many people. God shows up and they think they have to get smaller. They think they have to humble themselves.

I have not come to humble you, but to exalt you.

*CWG3* God's Forgiveness:

I forgive your mistakes. All of them. I forgive your misplaced passions. All of them. I forgive your erroneous notions, your misguided understandings, your hurtful actions, your selfish decisions. All of them...

In truth, I do not forgive you, and will not forgive you ever, for anything. I do not have to. There is nothing to forgive...

The reason I have no need to forgive you is that you cannot offend Me, nor can I be damaged or destroyed. Yet you imagine yourself capable of offending, even damaging Me. What an illusion! What a magnificent obsession!

*AoaY* God's Harmony:

"Think you," Jesus was saying, "to silence men of peace? As well may you hope to throttle the voice of God, whose very stones sing His glory and His omnipresence. Will you demand that men not celebrate in honor of the peace in heaven, but should only gather together in multitudes to shout for war on earth? Then make your preparations, O Pharisees, to overtopple the foundations of the world; for it is not gentle men alone, but stones or earth, and water and fire and air that will rise up against you, to bear witness of His ordered harmony."

Personification of Impersonal Laws

*K* The Personification of Laws:

"...but acting in harmony (with Me)..." (NOTE: Personify the law of gravity in such a way in Foundations! Look at the dangers of personification of a law- ignorance of it makes it seem cruel and vengeful. Now look at what is thought of God. Is this not the surest sign of ignorance of the law we personify in him?)


Maladaptive Religion

The Origins of Religion

*tSD* The Seven Dialects of the Mystery Language:

Recent discoveries made by great mathematicians and Kabalists prove that every theology, from the earliest and oldest down to the latest, has sprung not only from a common source of abstract beliefs, but from one universal esoteric, or "Mystery" language... The great archaic system... has seven "dialects," so to speak, each referring, and being specially appropriated, to one of the seven mysteries of Nature. Each had its own symbolism. Nature could thus be either read in its fullness, or viewed from one of its special aspects...

Since the fall of Memphis, Egypt began to lose those keys one by one, and Chaldea had preserved only three in the days of Berosus. As for the Hebrews, in all their writings they show no more than a thorough knowledge of the astronomical, geometrical and numerical systems of symbolizing all the human, and especially the physiological functions. They never had the higher keys.

*tSD* The Oldest Religions:

The oldest religions of the world- exoterically, for the esoteric root or foundation is one- are the Indian, the Mazdean, and the Egyptian. Then comes the Chaldean, the outcome of these- entirely lost to the world now, except in its disfigured Sabeanism as at present rendered by the archaeologists; then, passing over a number of religions that will be mentioned later, comes the Jewish, esoterically, as in the Kabala, following in the line of Babylonian Magism; exoterically, as in Genesis and the Pentateuch, a collection of allegorical legends. Read by the light of the Zohar, the initial four chapters of Genesis are the fragment of a highly philosophical page in the World's Cosmogony. Left in their symbolical disguise, they are a nursery tale, an ugly thorn in the side of science and logic, an evident effect of Karma. To have let them serve as a prologue to Christianity was a cruel revenge on the part of the Rabbis, who knew better what their Pentateuch meant.

*LotSB* The Eternal Human Religion:

"That which is now called the Christian religion existed among the ancients, and never did not exist from the planting of the human race until Christ came in the flesh, at which time the true religion which already existed began to be called Christianity." -St. Augustine, Opera, Basileae, 1569

*SiO* The Bible's Basis:

The more one studies ancient religious texts, the more one finds that the ground-work of the New Testament is the same as the ground-work of the Vedas, of the Egyptian theology, and the Mazdean allegories.

*BMS* Prophecy Through History:

"The earliest oracle to which I have found reference was a Babylonian oracle of the goddess Astarte in the eleventh century BCE. In Greece, there was an early shrine to Gaia, the Greek earth goddess, at Delphi, and this was likely an oracle with a priestess channeling the words of the goddess. Later, according to myth, the god Apollo came to the shrine and made it his by killing a python there (the python was the animal sacred to Gaia), and it became the oracle of Apollo at Delphi...

"In the traditions of the three Near-Eastern revealed religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam... prophecy was accepted as inspiration from God. Revelations became the basis of the religion, providing commandments, rules, and transmitting the will of God to the people. The prophet spoke the words of God; either the words were revealed to the prophet in a vision or dreams, or the spirit possessed the prophet and spoke through his or her voice.

"In the prophetic days of Judaism, there were schools for prophecy. Large cities had brotherhoods of prophets who gathered around a leader or major prophet to learn how to go into prophetic states of ecstasy. These were often induced through dancing, chanting, prayer, and music...

"Prophecy was a regular part of the Christian services in the early meetings of the churches until a formal liturgy developed.

"The third major Near-Eastern religion, Islam, is based on Muhammad's prophetic revelations, which came in ecstatic states and were collected as scriptures in the Koran...

"[Muhammad's] followers developed criteria for identifying his prophetic trances so they would know when his words were revelation (one sign was sweating, another was when he reported hearing bells.)" -Arthur Hastings

*TDA* The Off-World Source of Ancient Religions:

Dr. Peebles: "The most ancient religions- that doesn't necessarily cover Christianity, for example- but the more ancient mystical religions, yes, are loosely the result of systems of thought and communication previous to the earth experience...

"Human affairs on Earth have had so much other activity, and dominated by off-planet visitations and interactions...

Don: "This off-Earth influence... I presume we are talking about physical entities..?"

Dr. Peebles: "Yes, that's correct."

Don: "Would there be some sort of a direct connection between that fact and, for instance, the ancient Brahman idea that man came into being from the result of playful spirits who came in to sample our environment?"

Dr. Peebles: "Yes... you will find that in the writings of all of the older religions, that is consistent in all of them."

*SS* Religious Dramas From Dreams:

Other religions were based upon different dramas, in which ideas were acted out in a way that was comprehensible to various cultures. Those dramas are also privately worked out in the dream state. The God-personified figures first were introduced to man in the dream state, and the way then prepared. In visions and inspirations, men knew that the Christ drama would be enacted and hence recognized it for what it was when it occured physically. It's power and strength then returned to the dream universe. It had increased its vigor and intensity through the physical materilization.

*SS* Internal Dramas Projected Out, Mass Ideas & Religious Dramas:

An internal drama is carried on by each individual, a psychic drama which is finally projected outward with great force upon the field of history. The birth of great religious events emerges from the interior religious drama.

Ego's nature is to manipulate within physical reality. As it grows, it looks outward for confirmation of this inner knowledge. The inner self upholds the ego with its support. It forms its truths into physically oriented data with which the ego can deal. It then projects these outward into the area of physical reality. Seeing these truths thus materialized, the ego then finds it easier to accept them. Thus you deal often with events in which men are touched by great illumination, isolated from the rest of humanity, and endowed with great powers -periods of history that appear almost unnaturally brilliant in contrast with others; prophets, geniuses, and kings shown in greater-than-human proportions. These people are chosen by others to manifest outwardly the interior truths that all intuitively know. On the one hand, such individuals receive their unearthly abilities and power from their fellows, contain it, exhibit it in the physical world for all to see. They play their part of the blessed self that actually cannot operate within physical reality uncloaked by flesh. This energy is a valid projection from the interior self.

When the strength of one great religion begins to diminish and its physical effects grow less, then the internal drama begins once more to quicken.

The internal dramas will be formed to impress world conditions at any given time, and therefore couched in symbols and events that will most impress the populace. This is craftily done, for the inner self knows exactly what will impress the ego, and what kinds of personalities will be best able to personify the message at any given time. When such a personality appears in history, he is intuitively recognized, for the way he has long been laid, and in many cases the prophesies announcing such an arrival have already been given. They are not chosen at random. They are individuals who have taken upon themselves the responsibility for this role. Certain trigger experiences may at times arouse their full memories. They serve quite clearly as human representatives of All That Is. In such a religious drama the main personality is much more conscious of his inner knowledge, more aware of his abilties, far better able to use them, and exultantly familiar with his relationship with all of life.

Ideas of good and evil, gods and devils, salvation and damnation, are merely symbols of deeper religious values; cosmic values that cannot be translated into physical terms.

The actors may return, time and time again, in different roles. In any given historic religious drama, the actors may have already appeared on the historic scene in your past, the prophet of today being the traitor of a past drama. These psychic entities are real.

Projection & History of the Gods

*DEVF2* Projecting Unassimilated Personality Elements- History of the Gods:

Man has always projected unassimilated psychological elements of his own personality outward, but in much earlier times he did this using a multitudinous variety of images, personifications, gods, goddesses, demons and devils, good spirits and bad. Before the Roman gods were fully formalized, there was a spectacular range of good and bad deities, with all gradations, that more or less "democratically" represented the unknown but sensed, splendid and tumultuous characteristics of the human soul, and have stood for those sensed but unknown glimpses of his own reality that man was in one way or another determined to explore.

It was understood that all of these "forces" had their parts to play in human events... There was no chasm of polarity between the "good gods and the bad ones."

Jehovah and the Christian version of God brought about a direct conflict between the so-called forces of good and the so-called forced of evil by largely cutting out all the intermediary gods, and therefore destroying the subtle psychological give-and-take that occurred between them- among them- and polarizing man's own view of his inner psychological reality. (NOTE: Christianity is schizophrenic!)

There were no schizophrenia in the time of the pagans, for the belief systems did not support that kind of interpretation...

It was as if man could not understand his own potentials unless he projected them outward into a godhead, where he could see them in a kind of isolated pure form, recognize them for what they are, and then accept them- the potentials- as a part of his own psychological reality. As a species, however, you have not taken the last step...

Evil actions, in other words, are the result of ignorance and misunderstanding. Evil is not a force in itself.

*CWG3* The Shift From Matriarchy to Patriarchy:

In an earlier part of your history, you lived on this planet in a matriarchal society. Then there was a shift, and the patriarchy emerged. When you made that shift, you moved away from expressing your emotions. You labeled it "weak" to do so. It was during this period that males also invented the devil, and the masculine God...

Men had to justify their existence, for they had very little importance beyond their ability to fertilize female eggs and move heavy objects. They were very much like worker ants and bees...

It was not easy for men, who were powerless, to convince other powerless men to seek power. Until they discovered fear...

They sought to grow fear from the seeds of doubt...

This is something many men could not imagine. After all, didn't women have a direct line to the Goddess? Were they not, in fact, exact physical replicas of the Goddess? And was not the Goddess good?

The teaching was so powerful, so pervasive, that men had no choice but to invent a devil, a Satan, to counteract the unlimited goodness of the Great Mother imagined and worshipped by the people of the matriarchy. ..

So a myth was created.

One day, the myth went, the Great Mother, the Goddess of Goddesses, brought forth a child who turned out to be not good. No matter what the Mother tried, the child would not be good. Finally, he struggled with his Mother for her very throne.

This was too much, even for a loving, forgiving Mother. The boy was banished forever- but continued to show up in clever disguises and clever costumes, sometimes even posing as the Great Mother herself...

When it came to matters of wisdom and insight, of clarity and compassion, of planning and thinking, no one doubted feminine superiority. Yet in matters of brute strength, was not a male needed?..

Gradually, very gradually, societies began seeing the male consort as also the male protector in their spiritual mythologies, for now that there was someone to protect the Goddess from, such a protector was clearly needed.

It was not a major leap from male as protector to male as equal partner, now standing alongside the Goddess. The male God was created, and, for a while, Gods and Goddesses rules mythology together.

Then, again gradually, Gods were given larger roles. The need for protection, for strength, began to supplant the need for wisdom and love. A new kind of love was born in these mythologies. A love which protects with brute force. But it was a love which also covets what it protects; which was jealous of its Goddesses...

And so was born the jealous God.

It wasn't long before the jealousy of the Gods extended not only to the Goddesses- but to all creations in all realms. We had better love Him, these jealous Gods demanded, and no other God- or else!..

Stories of those who did argue, and lost, began to emerge. The God of wrath was born.

Soon, the whole idea of Deity was subverted. Instead of being the source of all love, it became the source of all fear.

A model of love which was largely feminine- the endlessly tolerant love of a mother for a child, and yes, even of a woman for her not-too-bright, but, after all, useful man, was replaced by the jealous, wrathful love of a demanding, intolerant God who would brook no interference, allow no insouciance, ignore no offense.

The smile of the amused Goddess, experiencing limitless love and gently submitting to the laws of nature, was replaced by the stern countenance of the not-so-amused God, proclaiming power over the laws of nature, and forevermore limiting love.

This is the God you worship today, and that's how you got where you are now.

*CJ* Creating God In Man's Image, The Experience of God:

ROMC: "Man creates God in his own image; therefore, this is a false god. Man's need to create God shows that he has fallen from his own true God-nature. You do not have to create that which is already there...

"God is experienced, not understood...

"Love is that outpouring of energy that comes from the attunement of inner and outer universes...

"That force that is pure love and pure energy is what man would label God."

*MotFE* Man Makes God in Man's Image:

"How am I to understand that God made man in his image, unless from the many gods set up, I would say that each man has made God in his, man's, own image?"

*UR* The Concept of God & Man's Emerging Ego:

The ego, emerging, needed to feel its dominance and control, and so it imagined a dominant god apart from nature. Whenever a tribe or a group or a nation decided to embark upon a war, it always used the concept of its god to lead it on.

The god concept then was an aid to man's emerging ego. To develop its sense of specialization, the ego forgot the great cooperative venture of the earth. Some of man's cells have been the cells of animals, and the animal knows he will look out through a man's eyes. The god concepts that spoke of oneness with nature were not those that served the ego's purposes in the line of development as you understand it.

An exterior separation had to occur for a while, in which consciousness forgot, egotistically speaking, that it was a part of nature, and pretended to be apart.

When man's consciousness was sure of itself it would not need to be so narrowly focused.

The development of consciousness as you understand it follows the development of the gods through the ages; and in those stories appear the guises that man might have taken, as well as those that he did.

The gods served, then, as stimulators of development. Seemingly outside the self, they were meant to lead the self into its greatest area of fulfillment. The various gods concepts that have fallen by the wayside, so to speak, represent areas of development that were not chosen, in your terms, but they are latent. The totem pole, for example, is a remnant from an era where there was much greater communication between man and the animals when, in fact, men went to the animals to learn, and from them first acquired knowledge of herbs and corrective medicinal behavior.

It would not be programmed any more than necessary by "instinct." There are great sweeping changes in religious concepts abroad in your times, is projecting greater images of his own probable fulfillment, and these are seen in his changing concepts of God.

*UR* Christ & Man's Probabilities, Evolution & Religion:

Christ represented man's probabilities. His theories and teachings could be interpreted in many ways; they stood for kernels that man could sow as he wished. Because of Christ, there was an England – and an Industrial Revolution. The male aspects of Christ were the ones that Western civilization emphasized.

The church ignored Christ's physical birth, for example, and made his mother an immaculate virgin, which meant that the consciousness of the species would for a longer time ignore its relationship with nature and feminine aspects. God the Father would be recognized and the Earth Goddess forgotten. Man would believe he did indeed have dominion over the earth as a separate species for God the Father had given it to him.

Christ had altered the concept enough so that at least God the Father was not quite as capricious as Jehovah. Some mercy came to the forefront. Growing ego consciousness could not run rampant over nature. Religious concepts from the beginning kept tribes together, provided social structures, and insured physical survival and the protection that made descendants most probable.

I am emphasizing your Western civilization.

American democracy arises directly from the birth of Protestantism. Luther is as much responsible for the United States of America as George Washington is.

Evolution and religion are closely connected.

*SPoK* Beliefs About God & His Diverse Forms:

"Every group have believed something about God. If He discloses Himself in other than that something, they will deny Him."

"If anyone wants entrance to God, let him abandon his reason and place before himself God's Law, for God does not accept delimitation and reason is a delimitation."

"This is the cause which brings about His self-disclosure within the diverse forms and His self-transmutation within them: The diversity of beliefs in the cosmos demands this manyness. The root of the diversity of beliefs in the cosmos is this manyness in the One Entity."

"No individual can escape having a belief concerning his Lord. When the Real discloses Himself to him in his belief, he recognizes and acknowledges Him. But if He discloses Himself to him in other than his belief, he denies Him and seeks refuge from Him.

"No believer believes in any God other than what he has made in himself, for the God of beliefs is made. The believers see nothing but themselves and what they have made within themselves.

"Beware of becoming delimited by a specific knotting and disbelieving in everything else, lest great good escape you."

*SS* Man's Gods:

Man identifies himself with the god he has created. Say that gods and men create each other, and you will be closer to the truth, but only if you are very careful in your definitions -for how, exactly, do gods and men differ? The attributes of the gods are those inherent within man himself, magnified, brought into powerful activity. Men believe that the gods live forever. Men live forever, but having forgotten this, they remember to endow their gods with this characteristic.

*SS* The History of Man's Gods & Development of His Ego:

At no time will any given church be able to express the inner experience of all individuals. No new religion really startles anyone, for the drama has already been played subjectively. This applies to Buddah as much as to Christ; both accepted the inner projections and then tried to physically represent these. They were more, however, than the sum of those projectons. Mohammedanism fell far short. In this case the projections were of violence predominating. Love and kinship were secondary to what indeed amounted to baptism and communion through violence and blood.

The Hebrew god represents growing more and more aware of the ego, of a sense of power over nature. God became man's ally against nature. The early Hebrew god became a symbol of man's unleashed ego. Nature became a tool to use against others. Before this time, however, man felt a part of nature, not seperated from it. In those times, death was not feared as it is in your terms, for the cycle of consciousness was understood.

He wanted to study the process of his own consciousness. In one way this meant a giant seperation from the inner spontaneity that had given him both peace and security. On the other hand, it offered new creativity, in his terms.

At this point, the god inside became the god outside.

In order to begin this new venture, it was necessary to pretend that this inner unity did not exist. Otherwise the new kind of consciousness would always run back to its home for security and comfort.

Perception of the exterior universe then changed, and it seemed to be alien and apart from the individual who perceived it. God, therefore, became an idea projected outward, independant of the individual, divorced from nature. He became the reflection of man's emerging ego, with all of its brilliance, savagery, power, and intent for mastery. The adventure was a highly creative one despite the obvious disadvantages, and represented an "evolution" of consciousness that enriched man's subjective experience, and indeed added to the dimension of reality itself. To be effectively organized, inner and outer experience had to appear as separate, disconnected events. Historically the characters of God changed as man's ego changed. (Suspension of the soul)

The original propulsion of inner charactedistics outward into the formation of the ego could be compared with the birth of innumerable stars- an event of immerasurable consequences that originated on a subjective level and within inner reality. The ego, having its birth from within, must always boast of its independence while maintaining the nagging certainty of its inner origin.

The ego feared for its position, frightened that it would dissolve back into the inner self from which it came. Yet in its emergence it provided the inner self with a new kind of feedback, a different view not only of itself; but through this, the inner self was able to glimpse possibilities of development of which it had not previoulsy been aware. By the time of Christ, the ego was sure enough of its position so that the projected picture of God could begin to change. The inner self is in a state of constant growth. The need, the psychological and spiritual need of the species, demanded both exterior and interior alterations of great import.

So the concept of God began to change as the ego recognized its reliance upon inner reality, but the drama had to be worked out within the current framework. Mohammedanism was basically so violent precisely because Christianity was basically so gentle. As the psyche went through its development and battled with itself, denying some feelings and characteristics and stressing others, so the historic religious exterior dramas represented and followed these inner aspirations, struggles, and searches.

All That Is, in other words, represents the reality from which all of us spring.

Behind all faces there is one face.

While maintaining its own status, it will be able to have much greater commerce with other portions of the self, and also to offer the inner self opportunities of awareness that the inner self on its own accord could not procure. (Ego is looking back at God?)

The gods attain, of course, a psychic reality. I am not saying therefore that they are not real, but I am to some extent defining the nature of their reality. "Be careful of the gods you chose, for you will reinforce each other." Such an allaince sets up certain fields of attraction. A man who attaches himself to one of the gods is necessarily attaching himself largely to his own projections.

You do create your own reality and live it according to your inner beliefs. Therefore, be careful also of those beleifs that you accept.

It isn't known for sure that Christ and Paul ever met. Paul was converted several years after Christ's death; before that he had been zealous persecuted of Christians. Nor does it appear that John and Paul met.

*SS* Ideas of God:

God was seen as cruel and powerful when man believed that these were desirable characteristics, needed particularly in his battle for physical survival. He projected these upon his idea of a god because he envied them and feared them. You have cast your idea of god, therefore, in your own image. God is an idea. There is a dimensions in which an idea has its reality, and you do not understand the energy that it can originate and propel. God does not exist apart from or separate from physical reality, but exists within it and as a part of it, as he exists within and as a part of all other systems of existence. The idea of God has manifested within each system in a way that is comprehensible to the inhabitants.

Where Religions Agree, Touch the Truth

*TBD* Tibetan Deification of Elements & Planes:

Religiously, Tibetans tended to deify elements of nature, especially mountains and sky, and shared a complex set of rituals of sacrifice, divination, and propitiation of a diverse pantheon of underworld, landscape, and celestial deities. (NOTE: A plane-oriented religion)

*TBD* Similarities of Hindu, Taoist, and Buddhist Yoga:

It has been hard to distinguish between Hindu kundalini yoga, Taoist energy yogas, and the Buddhist Tantric yogas.

*TYSD* Yoga As Basis For Many Religions' Monasticism:

Regarded thus, as the applied psychology of religion, yoga is the very tap-root of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Taoism...

The history of monasticism in East and West is almost inseparable from that of yoga. When the early Christians, both Gnostic and non-Gnostic, dwelt in the desert and mountain solitudes of Egypt and the Near East as solitary hermits or in communities vowed to the three vows, of poverty, chastity, and obedience, they grafted into the tree of the Christian Faith a form of yoga which appears to have had sources both in the monasticism of the ancient Egyptian priests and in that of the early Zoroastrians and Hindus... In all monastic orders of Christendom, but more especially in the Jesuit Order, the rules which govern the spiritual training of the monks are based on yoga...

More perceptibly are we the inheritors of the yogic legacy of the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, handed on through such fraternal orders as the Stoics, the Pythagoreans, and the Neo-Platonists.

*TYSD* Buddhist & Hindu Yoga:

There is need to distinguish Buddhistic from Hindu and other systems of yoga. To the occultist, however, the differences are largely a matter of terms and technique and not of essentials.

*TYSD* Zen and Tantricism Are the Same:

The teaching of Zen and the advanced Tantricism of the Mahamudra are identical. Any difference discernable is merely the superficial and external one of diversity of style and methods of presentation. The essence is wholly the same.

*TYSD* Zen and Mahamudra:

Zen is esoteric Mahamudra and Mahamudra is exoteric Zen.

*TYSD* The Difference (Sameness) Between Buddhism & Brahmanism:

In the journey to Buddhahood this oneness must be reduced to the Voidness. Otherwise there cannot be true Liberation. In this view, Buddhism is fundamentally unlike Brahmanism; for Liberation is attainable only when consciousness is freed from the twofold concept of manifoldness and oneness. (NOTE: This is the sameness! Duh! The freedom from the duality is the unity!)

*TYSD* Buddhism is Applied Yoga:

Buddhism is fundamentally a system of practically applied yoga; and the Buddha ever teaches of such yogic disciplining as will enable ‘man' thus to realize that he is neither the body not the mental faculties of the body, but that both are merely instruments...

*ANMU* The Common Aim of All Religions:

[The Yogi Ramakrishna] belonged simultaneously to all religions. Twelve years of his life were spent in following over and over again the way of asceticism according to the rules of each of the great religions in turn. And always he came to the same result, to the state of samadhi or ecstasy, which he became convinced constitutes the aim of all religions.

*MotFE* Seeking The Truth in Religion:

"I now see that all that is needed is for each to return to the fountain of his own religion, to remove all false interpretation and cast out all selfishness. In each will be found the pure gold of the alchemist, the Wisdom of the Most High; your God and my God, not many gods of many people, just one God."

Eastern & Western Religious Views

*DA* Spiritualizing the Material and Materializing the Spiritual:

[The Philosophers and oral Teachers of the far East] are ever seeking "to spiritualize the material," while in the West the continual tendency has been "to materialize the spiritual." So the Indian describes the life of the freed Soul in all the terms that make it least material- illusion, dream, and so on- whereas the Hebrew endeavors to delineate it in terms descriptive of the material luxury and splendor of earth- marriage, feast, streets of gold, thrones and crowns of solid metal and precious stones; the Western has followed the materializing conceptions of the Hebrew, and pictures a heaven which is merely a double of earth with earth's sorrows extracted, until we reach the grossest of all, the modern Summerland, with its "spirit-husbands," "spirit-wives," and "spirit-infants" that of to school and college, and grow up into spirit-adults.

*TBD* Spirituality & Materialism, East and West:

This modern Western character complex is connected with a peculiar perception of all things- including psychic or mental things- as ultimately reducible to quantifiable material entities. This is what gives it its "outwardness." ... The Tibetan view is that the "strong force" in nature is spiritual, not material. This is what gives the Tibetan character its "inwardness."

...Tibetan Buddhists believe that outer reality is interconnected with inner mental development over a beginningless and endless series of lives, so they see no limit to how far the self and the environment can be transformed for the better. The self can become a Buddha, a being of perfect wisdom and compassion; and the environment can become a perfect Buddha-land, wherein no one suffers pointlessly and all are there for the happiness of all...

Materialistic habits of thought reduce the mind to matter and eliminate the soul.

Beliefs Around the World

*DE* Astral Projection During Dreams:

Aborigines, in sleep, can see distant people, even those who are dead.

In Arabic culture, the soul, when it is freed form he physical limits of the body, can float at ease over everything that it desires to possess.

According to the Aguaruna, dreams are generally regarded as taking place during the wanderings of the soul during sleep, when it encounters other souls and discovers their intentions.

The Narrang-ga say that the human spirit can leave the body in sleep and communicate with the spirits of the dead who wander as ghosts in the bush.

In Berti though, the spirit is thought to leave the body and wander in different places, or back and forth in time. Its expeditions are experienced as dreams.

Hawaiian dreams were known as "soul sleep". While the body slept, the soul exited the body. The soul traveled through this earthly realm or through spirit realms. Dreams were remembrances of these journeys. Rather tan beginning dream accounts with "I had the weirdest dream…," traditional Hawaiians would say, "My spirit saw…"

In the Hindu view, during sleep a subtle body that is the basis for dream consciousness can detach itself from the physical body and wander.

To the Kalapalo, dreaming is believed to occur when, during sleep, an individual's interactive self awakens and wanders until it achieves an experience. The dream experience begins when the interactive self stops wandering and starts to participate actively in some event. The process of remembering is responsible for the experience of particular images, which can be associated with the memory of recent events.

The Logoli view dreams as resulting from the travels and encounters of the consciousness of one individual with those of others and ghosts of the dead during sleep, even when the specifics of these encounters are not remembered.

Moroccans, like many other people, believe that dreams result from the wandering of the soul during sleep, whereas daydreams occur when the soul leaves the body but stays close to it. The wandering soul witnesses real events that happen elsewhere in space and time.

According to the Tikopia explanation of dreams, every person embodies an intangible entity capable of leaving the body during sleep and wandering abroad, transmitting its experiences to its mortal owner upon its return.

When one dreams, one's face or destiny leaves the body as if one were dead for the Quiche'. The dreamer's free-soul, after leaving the body and wandering about in the world, meets other people's and animal's free-souls.

He Raramuri Indians of northern Mexico regard dreams as the activities of a person's principal soul during sleep. During the dream state people's souls act independently of their bodies. The abilities of the souls are far superior when they are independent from the bodies in which they live.

Among the Sambia, dreams are regarded as experiences, occurring during sleep, in which the soul leaves the body. The soul takes thought with it, leaves the body empty, and visits various places.

The Senoi are able to leave the body when a person is asleep or in a trance.

Among the Mohave, a spirit takes the future shaman's soul and leads it from mountain to mountain, each time revealing songs and cures. Among the Walapai a journey under the guidance of spirits is an essential characteristic of shamanic dreams.

A common belief among the Tukolor is that the soul, which is thought to leave the body during sleep and wander across the earth, is responsible for dreams.

According to Zuni, during the dream experience a part of the dreamer's self wanders outside the body and has experiences in remote places or in past or future times.

The believe, in Corsica, also, that the spirit can leave the body.

*DE* Arab Dreams & Interiors:

In Arabic culture, sleep is a preoccupation of the soul, which detaches itself from external things and experiences events taking place in its interior. Images are outlined in the soul, and they are presented to the mind of the dreamer in the same way as in the waking state.

*BE* Parallel Dreamtime Reality:

The parallel Dreamtime reality is where your soul or spirit is operating on a continual basis to send you information that will allow you to be aware of all things that are happening in physical life. Since you are not using your physical body in the Dreamtime, you can fly, walk through walls, or dive into solid earth.

Dreamers are not being ackowledged in today's world as they were in the past. To be a dreamer was a highly honored position in a Tribe or Nation. The place of the Dreamer was similar to a prophet or healer by today's standards.

*LDer* Cultures Where the Soul Travels In Sleep:

The Menangkabau tribes of Indonesia believe that the real life force, the sumanghat, actually leaves the body in both dreams and serious illness.

*LDer* Lucid Dreaming & Shamanism:

Lucid or conscious dreaming appears to have formed the central core of virtually every shamanic and mystical practice from the dawn of consciousness.

*D&IS* Believers in Reincarnation:

The Indonesian Batak believe in reincarnation.

The idea of reincarnation may be found in a few cultures. (the Yugakhir, the Tungus).

*AD* Reincarnation:

(NOTE: These believe in reincarnation.) The Igbo, Yoruban, Nigerian, a particular group of Australian Aborigines called the Yongu, the ancient Greeks, Hindu, and Buddhist

*D&IS* The NDE is Cross-Culturally the Same:

The investigations of Osis and Haraldsson, who compared Indian and Western cases, show that the near-death experience (NDE) does not vary, irrespective of cultural differences.

*AD* Contact with the Recently Deceased:

The pollster Gallup has determined that well over half of mourners in the United States speak to their deceased love ones. (George Gallup, Jr., Adventures in Immortality (McGraw Hill, 1982), p. 199) Most such visits occur soon after the death; their frequency diminishes as time passes.

History & Development of the Church

The Banning of Dreams & Reincarnation

*CWG3* Why the Church Hates Reincarnation & What It Did About It:

The church was proclaiming that you'd better be nice, or else- and along came the reincarnationists, saying: "You'll have another chance after this, and another chance after that. And still more chances. So don't worry. Do the best you can...

Naturally, the early church couldn't hear of such a thing. So it did two things. First, it denounced the doctrine of reincarnation as heretical. Then it created the sacrament of confession. Confession could do for the churchgoer what reincarnation promised. That is, give him another chance...

But there was a catch. This absolution could not come directly from God. It had to flow through the church, whose priests pronounced "penances" which had to be performed. These were usually prayers which were required of the sinner. So now you had two reasons to keep up your membership...

More and more rules- many of them arbitrary and capricious- began to be promulgated by the church, each rule having the power of God's eternal condemnation behind it, unless, of course, failure was confessed...

But now there was another problem. People figured out that this must mean they could do anything, as long as they confessed it. The church was in a quandary. Fear had left the hearts of the people. Church attendance and membership dropped...

There was no question about it. A way had to be found to strike fear into the heart again.

So purgatory was invented...

This was described as a place something like hell, but not eternal. This new doctrine declared that God would make you suffer for your sins even if you confessed them...

Once more, church attendance shot up. Collections were up, too, and especially contributions- for the doctrine of purgatory also included a way one could buy one's way out of the suffering...

For a really huge sum, one could obtain a plenary indulgence. This meant no time in purgatory at all. It was a nonstop ticket straight to heaven...

The amount of money, jewels, and land given to the church in exchange for these plenary indulgences was enormous. But the exclusivity of all this brought great frustration and resentment to the masses- no pun intended.

The poorest peasant hadn't a hope of gaining a bishop's indulgence- and so the rank and file lost faith in the system, with attendance threatening to drop once again...

They brought in the novena candles.

People could come to the church and light a novena candle for the "poor souls in purgatory," and by saying a novena (a series of prayers in a particular order that took some time to complete), they could knock years off the "sentence" of the dearly departed, extricating them from purgatory sooner than God would otherwise have allowed...

Of course, it would be helpful if a coin or two were dropping through the slot for each candle lit.

*CPL* The History of the Belief in Reincarnation:

Reincarnation has been an enduring spiritual belief for billions of people for thousands of years all over the world, a global idea that sprang up independently among peoples on every continent, from the Celts and Teutons of northern Europe, to the indigenous peoples of Africa, Australia, and the Americas. Our Judeo-Christian culture, with its denial of reincarnation, is in the minority.

On the question of how long a soul waits to be reborn, some believe that the interval is hundreds of years, while others believe it is fixed at seven or twenty years. The Druses of Lebanon hold the extreme belief that rebirth happens immediately after death, with no interval whatsoever-they say that the last dying breath is followed, without pause, by the first breath of the reincarnated newborn. (Ian Stevenson, Cases of the Reincarnation Type, vol. 2, Lebanon and Turkey, Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 1980, p. 3.)

Nowhere in the Bible is reincarnation addressed, let alone banned. Many biblical scholars and devout Christians believe that Jesus tacitly endorsed the idea. Historians know that reincarnation was a widely held belief in the Middle East at the time, and Jesus seems to assume it as an accepted idea of the day, not worthy of explicit comment one way or the other.

There was direct acknowledgment by Jesus that Elias has returned as John the Baptist.

Origen, one of the heralded Fathers of the Church and described by Saint Gregory as "the Prince of Christian learning in the third century," wrote: "Every soul comes into this world strengthened by the victories and weakened by the defeats of its previous life." (Sogyal Rinpoche, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, New York: HarperCollins, 1994, p. 82.)

By the early fourth century, strong Christian factions were vying with each other for influence and power, while at the same time the Roman Empire was beginning to fall apart. In A.D. 325, in a move to renew the unity of the empire, the absolute dictator Emperor Constantine convened the leaders of the feuding Christian factions at the Council of Nicaea. He offered to throw his imperial power behind the Christians if they would settle their differences and agree on a single creed. Decisions made at this first council set the foundation for the Roman Catholic Church. (Soon after, the books of the bible were fixed too.) For the sake of unity, all beliefs that conflicted with the new creed were banished, and in the process the factions and writings that supported reincarnation were thrown out.

Then, with the applause and support of the Christian leaders, Constantine moved to eliminate competing religions and make his personal grip on the empire even more absolute. (H.G. Wells, The Outline of History, pp. 429-30). The result of the marriage between church and imperial state was a new Church made in the image of the autocratic Roman Empire. This is why, according to some historians, the church exalts unquestioned central authority, imposes a singular dogmatic creed on its followers, and works so hard to stamp out divergent ideas. (Ibid, p. 439).

Apparently some Christians continued to believe in reincarnation even after the Council of Nicaea, because in A.D. 553 the Church found the need to single out reincarnation and condemn it explicitly. At the Second Council of Constantinople the concept of reincarnation, bundled together with other ideas under the term "pre-existence of the soul," was decreed to be a crime worthy of excommunication and damnation ("anathema"):

"If anyone assert the fabulous pre-existence of souls, and shall assert the monstrous restoration which follows from it: let him be anathema." (Joseph Head and Sylvia Cranston, Reincarnation: The Phoenix Fire Mystery, Pasadena, CA: Theosophical University Press, 1994, p. 159).

Why would the Church go to such lengths to discredit reincarnation? The implicit psychology of reincarnation may be the best explanation. A person who believes in reincarnation assumes responsibility for his own spiritual evolution through rebirth. He does not need priests, confessionals, and rituals to ward off damnation (all ideas, incidentally, that were not part of Jesus' teachings). A belief in reincarnation eliminates the fear of eternal hell that the church uses to discipline the flock. In other words, reincarnation directly undermines the authority and power of the dogmatic church. No wonder reincarnation made the Defenders of the Faith so nervous. (Ibid, p. 164).

Despite the decree of 553, belief in reincarnation persisted among the rank and file. It took another thousand years and much bloodshed to completely stamp out the idea. In the early thirteenth century, the Cathars, a devout and enlightened sect of Christians who believed in reincarnation, flourished in Italy and southern France. (Hans Ten Dam, Exploring Reincarnation, p. 45). The pope launched a crusade to stop the heresy, a half million people were massacred – whole villages at a time – and the Cathars were totally wiped out. (Arthur Guirdham, The Cathars and Reincarnation, London: Spearman, 1970, p. 29). This purging set the tone for the brutal Inquisition that began soon after. Not only was a belief in reincarnation cause for persecution, but so was belief in any metaphysical idea that fell outside the bounds of Church dogma.

The murderous efficiency of the Inquisition proved effective. The persecution by the institutional church has scarred our collective psyche, and it has surrounded us with an invisible force dividing what is safe from what is dangerous to believe.

Reincarnation is at the heart of esoteric Judaism, called the kabbalah. I had always thought that Judaism ignored reincarnation. It had never been mentioned in any of my religious training or by anyone in my family.

The History of Reincarnation(SD): Reincarnation is beleived in by many other than the eastern religions: The Elusinian Mysteries, the Orphic Mysteries, the Medditerranean at the time of the Pharaohs, the Gauls, Celts, Essenes, Cathars, Gnostics, Druids, Haida Indians, Africa, Venezuela, Australia, Lebanon.. the idea of rebirth seems to anthropologically innate. Why not in Xtianity? In 553 AD, a meeting of church leaders, the Fifth Ecumenical Council, under the direction of Roman Emporor Justinian, cursed the doctrine of the pre-existence of souls. Any Xtian who thereafter professsed a faith in reincarnation would face excommunication and death, and so rebirth was effectively excluded from their beleifs from that moment onwards.

*JoNDE-BB* Reincarnation in Judaism, It's Banning:

An ancient, deep current in popular Judaism teaches that people experience reincarnation. Two angels foretell all the tasks the soul will confront during this new life, including the rewards and punishment for one's behavior, and transmit knowledge of all things. However, before firth one of the angels touches the baby on the nose, erasing this memory.

The doctrine of transmigration of souls, once widely held by both Christians and Jews, was first declared to be heresy by the Church Fathers in the Second Council of Constantinople in 553 A.D. The Jewish Gnostic belief in reincarnation became popular form the 12th century onward and persists in certain circles, such as the Orthodox Lubavitchers, today. It has been out of mainstream currency for so long that modern Jewish thought doesn't even bother to discount it.

*DE* Christianity & The History of Dreams:

Owing to mistranslations of certain key biblical passage, Jerome helped to propagate a negative attitude toward dreams throughout western Christendom.

(NOTE: beginning the misunderstanding) As a young man, Jerome had collected an extensive personal library of pagan literary works, which he believed conflicted with his Christian faith. This conflict surfaced in a dream in which, brought before the Throne of Judgment, he was told that he was a follower of Cicero rather than Christ. After being subjected to innumerable lashes, Jerome swore that he would never read such worldly books again. It is said that when he awakened his back bore the marks of the lash. Later Jerome dreamed about his own death, as well as about having the supernatural power to fly.

It was perhaps these dream experiences that led Saint Jerome to mistranslate the Hebrew word for witchcraft, anan, as "observing dreams" when commissioned to translate the Bible by Pope Damasus.

*LBD* When Spirit Was Banned:

‘Spirit' was eliminated from western humanity in the year 869 at the Eighth Ecumenical Council in Constantinople. The dogma was then drawn up that Christians must not regard man as consisting of body, soul and spirit, but of body and soul only, through certain spiritual qualities were to be ascribed to the soul.

*BDL* Corrupted Religion:

S: Religion was corrupted into a political or power play, such that what was spiritual became a tool for the sublimation of the masses in order to control their behavior.


S: Many of those that you have been told are sins- like you hear of the "Seven Deadly Sins" that the Catholics thought up- were later additions that they added at their own wish. It was a control...

The Bible itself has been changed throughout the centuries to what they feel is right or what they feel the truth to be. For centuries that was the control they had over the people, the masses.

*ZP* Bible Revamping:

In 325AD the bible was revamped. The Nag Hamadi and the Dead Sea Scrolls hold the missing parts.

The Petty, Insecure God of the Christians

Script: Show how this is a reflection of the people taking the power of the church for themselves and how they created the ultimate tyrant out of fear and presented this as God.
*CWG2* Doubting God:

Q: Why do people doubt You?

A: Because they doubt themselves.

Q: Why do they doubt themselves?

A: Because they have been told to; taught to.

Q: By whom?

A: People who claimed to be representing Me.

Q: Why?

A: Because it is the only way to control people.

*LWU* The Glorification of the Church & Its Projection onto God:

When Edwin, Ruth, and I were on earth we were asked to believe that God, the Father of the Universe, punishes, actually punishes people by condemning them to burn in the flames of hell for all eternity. Could there ever be any grosser travesty...? The churches- of whatever denomination- have built up a monstrous conception of the Eternal Father of Heaven. They have made of Him, on the one hand, a mountain of corruption by shallow lip service, by spending large sums of money to erect churches and chapels to His ‘glory', (NOTE: The church's glory) by pretending a groveling contrition for having ‘offended Him', by professing to fear Him- fear Him Who is all love!... (NOTE: The Lord of ego, the weakest, most self-centered being who ever existed. If ever I were to imagine a Lord of Darkness, that would be it)

We are taught glibly to beg for God's mercy. The church's God is a Being of extraordinary moods. He must be continually placated. It is by no means certain that, having begged for mercy, we shall get it. He must be feared- because He can bring down His vengeance upon us at any moment; we do not know when He will strike. He is vengeful and unforgiving. He has commanded such trivialties as are embodied in church doctrines and dogmas that at once expose not a great mind, but a small one. He has made the doorway to ‘salvation' so narrow that few, very few souls will ever be able to pass through it. (NOTE: Think. Everything attributed by the church to God can actually justly be attributed back to the church. It is a big projection of the church's ego and power and smallness, their mad obsession to control people and keep power. We will never know what was said by Jesus and what was changed by the church to meet its ends.)

*CWG3* Imagining that God Loves Exclusively:

You cannot stand the thought of a God who loves no one in a way which is more special than any other, and so you create fictions about a God who only loves certain people for certain reasons. And you call these fictions Religions. I call them blasphemies...

You have bastardized the Word of God in order to justify your fears and rationalize your insane treatment of each other...

Yea, you have invoked My name, and waved My flag, and carried crosses on your battlefields for centuries, all as proof that I love one people more than another, and would ask you to kill to prove it...

For you have created a culture based on exclusion, and supported it with a cultural myth of a God who excludes.

Yet the culture of God is based on inclusion. In God's love, everyone is included. Into God's Kingdom everyone is invited.

*FWG* More on the Ultra-Insecure Petty Violent God:

Many people think of Me as a parent, not a friend- and a harsh, cruel, demanding, angry parent at that. A Father who will tolerate absolutely no failure in certain areas- such as, for instance, how to worship Me.

In the minds of these people, I not only demand your worship, I demand it is a specific way. It is not enough that you come to Me. You must come to Me by a particular path. Should you come to Me by another path- any other path- I will reject your love, ignore your entreaties, and, indeed, condemn you to hell...

You can be as pure in your intent as possible; you can be so filled with love for Me that you overflow. I will cast you into the fires of hell nonetheless, and you will suffer there forever if you come to Me with the wrong name on your lips, the wrong ideas in your head.

*FWG* The Petty God of Fear:

Neale: "It isn't just Roman Catholics who stand in frightened pose before the Lord. Far from it. Half the world's people believe God I going to "get them" if they are not good. Fundamentalists of many religions strike fear into the hearts of their followers. (NOTE: Showing that the fundamentals of religion is control through fear) You cant do this. Don't do that. Stop it, or God will punish you. And we're not talking about major prohibitions here, like Thou Shalt Not Kill. We're talking about God being upset if you eat meat on Friday (He's changed His mind on that, though), or pork any day of the week, or get a divorce. This is a God you will anger by failing to cover your female face with a veil, by not visiting Mecca in your lifetime, by failing to stop all activities, roll out your carpet, and prostrate yourself five times a day, by not marrying in the temple, by failing to go to confession or attending church every Sunday, whatever."

*FWG* Need & Expectation End Love, Modeling Love After a Sad, Jealous God:

You might call these the three great love-enders. 1. Neediness 2. Expectation 3. Jealousy. You cannot truly love another when any of these three is present...

You have been taught of a God who is jealous, who has enormous expectations, and who is so needy that if His love for you is unrequited, He'll punish you with everlasting damnation...

Neediness is the most potent love killer there ever was. Yet most members of your species do not know the difference between love and need...

"Need" is when you imagine that there is something outside of yourself that you do not now have, and that you require in order to be happy...

You imagine that this is the way to show your love for each other because you have been taught that this is the way God shows love for you.

God has worked out a trade deal: if you love Me, I'll let you into heaven. if you don't love Me, I wont...

Expectation reduced freedom, and freedom is the essence of love.

When you love someone, you grant them total freedom to be who they are, for this is the greatest gift you could give them, and love always gives the greatest gift...

Get rid of your idea that happiness depends on anything outside of yourself, and you will get rid of jealousy.

*CWG3* The Man-God:

People will always belief in hell, and in a God who would send them there, as long as they believe that God is like man- ruthless, self-serving, unforgiving, and vengeful.

*CWS* Horrid Religion:

While you think you are being plunged into a life of sin and denial and of lower vibrations, then you will be forced to think in terms of being saved from that life. Then you will need to manufacture a god who must be killed for your sins. When your consciousness seemed to be stuck inside your head, then you must think in terms of one personhood, and you must project outward a god who was greater than you only in degree. If you could be cruel, that god with his greater power could be far more cruel. He could annihilate thousands and cause floods. He could send all of you to an eternal hell. If you could be kind to those that you love, then this god could also be kind and bless you- as long as you followed his rules, as you blessed your children as long as they followed your rules. Your religions are based on the idea that you are basically bad.

I would, then, if I were speaking for those unborn gods, request with their voice, a people who would not say, ‘Set me then in domination above all the creatures of the Earth,' but instead say, ‘Let me understand all the creatures of the Earth and see their own sacred individuality and meaning.'

And those gods are still unborn and awaiting your desire.

*CWG2* Religion's God:

If you believe your life exists as a test, a trial, a period of putting you through your paves to see if you are "worthy," your theologies begin to make sense. If you believe that life exists as an opportunity, a process through which you discover- remember- that you are worthy (and have always been), then your theologies seem insane. If you believe God is an ego-filled God who requires attention, adoration, appreciation, and affection- and will kill to get it- your theologies start to hold together. If you believe that God is a vengeful God, jealous in His love and wrathful in His anger, then your theologies are perfect.

The purpose of life is n not to please God. The purpose of life is to know, and to recreate, Who You Are.

The Sterile Unchanging Fear of Religion

*TDA* The Suppression of Religion:

Dr. Peebles: "In the nature of religion,. often there is a desire to suppress passion, believing passion to be fundamental to crime and sin...

"And of course, really what takes place is only an experience of stagnation, a sterility... And so always there is the reincarnation, the desire to live again, in any plateau of time and space, so as to try to give permission to experience passion as the touch of God...

"The demonstration of human beings typically through organized religion is one of condemnation, fear, avoidance, protection, and greater and greater isolation."

*SL* Too Much Faith, Hope, & Authority In Religion Leads to Superstition:

In the great domain of religion, faith has too much taken the place of knowledge, hope too much the place of certainty and authority too much the place of vision. The result is that... you find the great masses of the people sunk in superstition, a prey to terrors of every kind.

*BG* Going Back to Old Sources:

"Krishna is the highest authority in explaining this knowledge. Still, as a matter of course, learned scholars and standard authorities always give evidence from previous authorities."

*EK* Bible-Thumping:

The crude complacency of imagining divinity as embodied in words and letters alone puts humanity to shame.

*SiO* Christianity's Horrors:

The missionary prides himself with the so-called conversion of a heathen, who makes of Christianity ever a profession, but rarely a religion, a source of income from the missionary fund, and a pretext, since the blood of Jesus has washed them all, by anticipation, for every petty crime, from drunkenness and lying up to theft. That same missionary, however, would not hesitate to publicly condemn the greatest saint to eternal perdition and hell fires if that holy man had only neglected to pass through the fruitless and meaningless form of baptism by water with accompaniment of lip prayers and vain ritualism.

*LWU* The Ignorant Church Stifling Inspiration:

The churches, of whatever denomination, suffer from abysmal ignorance. Throughout the ages right down to the present time they have gone their own blind, ignorant way, disseminating fantastic teachings in place of the truth, and paving the way, through the universal ignorance begotten of such false teachings, for the forces of evil to operate.

A minister of the church performs the services and offices prescribed by his particular sect, and he stifles all inspiration by holding to creeds and dogmas that are utterly false...

It is a strange habit of mind that persists in the belief that it is always the forces of evil from the spirit world that try to make their power felt upon the earth-plane. The forces of evil are attributes with powers which, it would seem, are denied to the forces of good.

*LWU* The Church's View of the Psychic:

This intrusion of a psychic faculty into my priestly life I found to be considerably disturbing since it conflicted with my orthodoxy...

The great barrier to any further investigation of these faculties was the Church's attitude towards them, which was- and is- unrelenting, unequivocal, narrow, and ignorant. However long were any investigations or in whatever direction, the Church's final judgment was always the same, and its pronouncements unvarying- ‘such things have their origin in the devil'.

*B* Ritual Keeps You Bound & From God:

All those who egotistically cling to prayer, fasting, vigils, and all kinds of external practices and mortification. Every ego attachment to any kind of deed robs you of your freedom to be free and ready at this very moment to be at God's service.

*BMS* Religions Close the Doors to Prophecy:

"As each of the three religions became more solidified, the role of prophecy disappeared. Doctrine and tradition, including the prophetic teachings, became settled, and new teachings were not welcome. In Judaism prophecy ceased with the final revision of the scriptures around 600 BCE. As the Christian churches became organized as an institution, the liturgy became set and prophecy, speaking I tongues, and other gifts of the spirit were not emphasized." -Arthur Hastings

*BMS* Religion, At Its Worst:

At its worst, the early religious story is one of fear-based indoctrination into a pathological, dysfunctional belief system, incorporating the shortcomings and neuroses of the parents, the community and the religion, and producing a lifetime of stupid and useless suffering for ourselves and others. (NOTE: The Church was a world power, and just as governments do, it's main goal after its establishment was to remain in power, and for that it needed control, and for that it changed. Jesus did not intend to be a world-power. He meant to speak truth and bring inspiration to the world, and he did so, but a corrupt world stepped into his words and flexed their influence over great masses of people.)

*BDL* Dogma Closes the Mind, How Religions Control By Fear:

S: Philosophical dogma is the way people have of closing off their minds to what is...

Many of the churches do not want people to believe in prior or successive existences because of the fact that it loosens their grip of fear and they no longer have control... Even the Hindu school of thought uses this control in a different manner because they say that, "This man has done something in his previous existence to make him suffer now. Therefore, why should I help him? He has done something to deserve this." In this way they are using the same tactics as Christianity or any of the others.

*MotFE* Flaws of Christianty & Eastern Religion: The Great Error Made With Jesus' Teachings:

"The great error you have made with Jesus' teachings is, you have consigned them to the dim and misty past, looking upon them as mythical and mystical, pointing to something that may be gained after death, instead of knowing that they can be applied in the daily lives of all, right here and now, if you only will."

"The leaders of Christian thought have diverted the followers of Jesus and his teaching from their practical application and the study of the God power. They have taught them to look upon his teachings as the experiences of the Apostles after his time, instead of teaching them that the law upon which those teachings were based was an exact science which could be understood by all."

"The Orientals have made the scientific phase of their religion the supreme object of their study and attainment. In this they have gone to the other extreme. In this way both have consigned their religion to the realm of the miraculous and supernatural. The one has become absorbed in the wholly ethical, while the other has become absorbed in the scientific side only. Thus both have shut out true spirituality.

"The monastic life of retirement, asceticism, and seclusion from the world, whether in Buddhistic or Christian monasteries, is neither a necessity nor is it the true method of attaining spiritual enlightenment nor the realization of the perfect life of wisdom and power as brought forth by Jesus.

"These monastic systems have been in existence for many thousands of years, yet they have in no ways accomplished as much for the uplift of the common people as did the teachings of Jesus in the few short years of his time here on earth."

*MotFE* Religion From Scriptures, and Scriptures From Experiences:

The scriptures are a product of religion, not the cause of it. The history of religion came out of experiences, while the gospels came out of all religions.

*GoE* Christianty Dead in the Past:

Men have come to speak of the revelation as somewhat long ago given and done, as if God were dead...

The stationariness of religion; the assumption that the age of inspiration is past, that the Bible is closed; the fear of degrading the character of Jesus by representing him as a man; -indicate with sufficient clearness the falsehood of our theology...

None believeth in the soul of man, but only in some man or person old and departed... They cannot see in secret; they love to be blind in public.

*GoE* Irrelevant Communications For Others in Other Ages:

If therefore a man claims to know and speak of God and carries you backward to the phraseology of some old mouldered nation in another country, in another world, believe him not. Is the acorn better than the oak which is its fulness and completion?.. Whence then this worship of the past? The centuries are conspirators aginast the sanity and authority of the soul.

...The soul is light; where it is, is day; where it was, is night.

Religious Fear Campaigns

Script: The whole precept of having to know this or be born horribly is the method wherein Buddhism propagates itself through fear. Compare Christianity's pitch with negative ad campaigns. Convince someone of a problem, then sell the solution.
*FWG* Recruiting Christians With Fear:

Neale: "I thought the best way to avoid the wrath of God was to make God love me. I had dreams of going into the priesthood." (NOTE: Out of fear! Think of this- why do Christians automatically treat homosexuality as an organization out "recruiting" people? The idea comes of course, as a projection of what they see within their own organization every day.)

*CWG3* Churches Use Fear to Control:

It was through fear that churches gained, and controlled, their membership.

One church even insisted that God would punish you if you did not go to church every Sunday. Not going to church was declared a sin.

And not just any church. One had to attend one particular church. If you went to a church of a different denomination, that, too, was a sin. This was an attempt at control, pure and simple, using fear. The amazing thing is, it worked.

*MotFE* The Orthodox Churches' Devolving Society:

The orthodox churches, according to Dr. Lyman Abbot, have done more toward the retrogression of civilization than any other influence because of their hatreds.

*CWG1* Religious Manipulation:

In order to justify the idea of a punitive God, your religions needed to create something for Me to be angry about. So that even the people who lead exemplary lives somehow need to be saved. This was original sin.

*CWG2* Organized Religion:

In order for organized religion to succeed, it has to make people believe they need it. In order for people to put faith in something else, they must first lose faith in themselves. So the first task of organized religion is to make you lose faith in yourself. The second task is to make you see that it has the answers you do not. And the third and most important task is to make you accept its answers without question. If you question, you start to think! If you think, you start to go back to that Source Within. Religion cant have you do that, because you're liable to come up with an answer different from what it has contrived. So religion must make you doubt your Self.

It is religion that has creates agnostics. It is religion which has ordered men to bow down before God, where once man rose up in joyful outreach. It is religion which has burdened man with worries about God's wrath, where once man sought God to lighten his burden! It is religion which told man to be ashamed of his body and its most natural functions, where once man celebrated those functions as the greatest gifts of life! Religion has separated man from God. It is religion which insists to this very day that women are somehow less, somehow second-class spiritual citizens, somehow not "suited" to teach the Word of God, preach the Word of God, or minister to the people.

Scary Buddhist Beliefs &

The Flying Snake of Azgribinash

Script: These verses are just like the Flying Snake of Azgribinash [Re: The Prayer for Deliverance from the Straits of the Between ]
*TBD* The Archetype Buddhas Get Nasty and Forceful:

The fierce deities are actually the same five archetype Buddhas- Vairochana, Akshobhya, Ratnasambhava, Amitabha, and Amoghasiddhi- appearing in their terrific, or Heruka, forms... A person who has not been able to accept the mild Buddhas' invitations to liberation or life in the Buddha-lands is about to lose conscious control and fall under the compulsion of subconscious drives of lust and aggression. This is why he begins to feel panic and terror. In this straight, the Buddhas adopt a ferocious approach, forcefully breaking into the person's awareness and offering him a powerful escort through a realm that has suddenly become frightening...

So, when you see the host of Heruka deities, with their huge bodies and powerful limbs, arising to fill all space, you will surely feel fear and hate. But as soon as you receive this orientation, you can recognize them as your own visions or as your Archetype Deities... The clear light that now arises can merge like mother and child, and you are instantly liberated in the natural clarity of your own awareness.

*TBD* Animal-Headed Creatures:

[Pishachi ghouls] have animal heads, as described, and two arms and two legs. They are cannibalistic and revolting.


From The Fierce Deity Reality Between:

"From the east, the dark maroon, yak-headed Rakshasi holding a vajra; the orange, serpent-headed Brahmi holding a lotus; the dark green, leopard-headed Maheshvari holding a trident; the blue, mongoose-headed Lobha holding a wheel; the red, mule-headed Kumari holding a javelin; the white, bear-headed Indrani holding an intestine-noose; these six eastern Yoginis emerge from your own brain and appear before you! Do not fear them!" (NOTE: This list goes on and on. Cross-compare with Egyptian and Swedenborg)

*TBD* Very Gross Nasty Deities:

From The Fierce Deity Reality Between:

"If you do not recognize your own visions, then the moment you die, reality arises in the between in the image of Yama Dharmaraja the Lord of Death! The Yama Dharmaraja deities will arise at most filling all of space, at medium like huge mountains, filling the whole world. Their fanglike teeth protruding from their lips, their eyes like glass, their hair bound up on top of their heads, with protruding bellies, with this necks, they carry punishment boards and shout, ‘Beat him!' and ‘Kill him!' They lick up your brains, they sever your head from your body, and they extract your heart and vital organs. Thus they arise, filling the world."

*TBD* Negative Suggestion in Tibetan Prayers:

From The Prayer For Refuge From All Terrors of the Between:

"When I'm born by apparition in the existence between,

May evil prophecies of perverse devils not come true!

(NOTE: This negative suggestion will bring the dying to the hell of Christians. Notice the negativity is a certainty, the saving-from a mere request.)

...When I am driven by snow, rain, wind, and darkness,

May I find the divine vision of brilliant wisdom!"

*TYSD* The Bon Faith Was Before Buddhism:

[The pre-Buddhistic Bon Faith] was dominant in Tibet at the time of the coming of the ‘Precious Guru'.

*TYSD* The Tibetan Snake of Azgribinash:

From The Path of the Mystic Sacrifice: The Yoga of Subduing the Lower Self:

Thus, in the manuscript now being considered, just after the stanza describing the dance on the head of the Vampire of Stupidity, there come the following directions... (NOTE: Hahahaha!!!)

Religious Bickering

Script: To all the sects- it isn't about bickering over details. Either you KNOW, or you don't. Either you see TRUTH through all and bring together or are serving only to further sever yourselves from God.
*GoE* The Decline of Religion:

Religion is the relation of the soul to God, and therefore the progress of Sectarianism marks the decline of religion.

Idolization of Jesus

*MotFE* The Christian Nailing Obsession:

Jesus: "Why do you not see me as I am, not nailed to the cross, but risen above all mortality" [this illustrated the common Christian's faith in the rising of Jesus]

*MotFE* Jesus Idolatry:

"A later form of idolatry is to idealize the personality of the one who expresses our ideal. We should idealize the ideal which he expresses and not the personality which expresses it. This is true even of so great a person as Jesus. As long as the people looked at his personality they would not recognize their own powers. For they must look within, within their very selves."

*GoE* The Noxious Personification of Christianity:

Historical Christianity has fallen into the error that corrupts all attempts to communicate religion. As it appears to us, and as it has appeared for ages, it is not the doctrine of the soul, but an exaggeration of the personal, the positive, the ritual. It has dwelt, it dwells, with noxious exaggeration about the person of Jesus...

The Belief in Christianity that now prevails is the Unbelief of men. They will have Christ for a Lord and not for a Brother. Christ preaches the greatness of man, but we hear only the greatness of Christ.

Miracles Reveal Ignorance

*LotSB* Miracles Show Our Ignorance:

"Miracles are not contrary to nature but only contrary to what we know about nature."

-St. Augustine, A.D. 353

Built-In Religious Mysogyny

*TYSD* The Seminal Thing:

(NOTE: The seminal-fluid stuff excludes women, it seems. Is that its true role?)

The Supernatural- Our Ignornace

"Miracles happen, not in opposition to Nature,

but in opposition to what we know of nature." -St.Augustine

*C&HEF* Nothing Supernatural:

(NOTE: YES! My attitude exactly!) There is nothing "supernatural" in the universe; whatever phenomena appear so to us are the results of our ignorance of the laws that govern them.

*BS&S* A Finer Net:

Seth: Science itself must change, as it discovers that its net of evidence is equipped only to catch certain kinds of fish, and that it is constructed of webs of assumptions that can only hold certain varieties of reality, while others escape its net entirely.

Friedman: Certain events, casually assigned to the paranormal are thereby dismissed.

*H* Carp Scientists:

Carp in a pond would be amazed to see the lilies waving in the rainstorm that was currently going on. Their scientists, I imagined, would concoct a clever invention called a "force" in order to hide their ignorance.

The Buddhist ‘Life Is Suffering' Belief

*TYSD* The Buddhist Life-Hate:

Man is enslaved by the incessant round of birth and death... (NOTE: This attitude is everywhere in Buddhism)

Problems with Astrology

*IAD* An Unexpected Hack at Astrology:

There is no one thing or phase of study which has caused more failure or more indirect murder than the present delusion of astrology...

The present use of astrology has no semblance of the use to which it was put centuries ago. Then it conveyed no negative statements of any kind. The great harm of the attention fixed upon it is that students accept the negative statements far more than they are willing to admit.


Many of those attempting to cast horoscopes are unknowingly drawing themselves into the psychic net and are becoming sensitized and voicing the adverse conditions which exist only in this stratum...

Many time through this, the thought, or radiation from this stratum, says that certain conditions will manifest for the individual which he cannot avoid... This is one of the principal reasons why the last cataclysm of Atlantis occurred, and why the people of Atlantis, in the great majority, refused to listen to the Wisdom of the Masters- who prophesied from Reality the destruction of Atlantis.

The Religious Persecution of Mystics

Script: By refusing the revelation of new mystics and refusing to change, the world religions have sounded their death knell. The mystics, finding no home for (and thus no influence upon) their inspiration, fall into this free ground of new spirituality. And this spirituality is destined by its nature to succeed the dead religions of the world. This is the re-emergence of the clear natural spirituality of the people. This is its source, and will forever spontaneously flow forth through the people. It cannot fail. It is now poised to sweep over the world.
*OwtL* Mystical Experience is the Beginning of all Religions:

William James once observed that... The fountainhead of all religions, lies in the mystical experience of the individual. All theologies, all ecclesiastical establishments are but secondary growths superimposed upon the initial revelatory experience.

*EJ* The Emergence of New Religions Through Mysticism:

William James, in The Varieties of Religious Experience: "A genuine first-hand experience like this is bound to be a heterodoxy to its witnesses, the prophet appearing as a mere lonely madman. If his doctrine prove contagious enough to be spread to others, it becomes a... Labeled heresy. But if it then still prove contagious enough to triumph over persecution, it becomes itself an orthodoxy;.. Its day of inwardness is over:... The faithful live at second hand exclusively and stone the prophets in their turn.

*EJ* Materialism Killing Saints:

William James, in The Varieties of Religious Experience: "Medical materialism finishes up Saint Paul by calling his vision on the road to Damascus a discharging lesion of the occipital cortex, he being an epileptic. It snuffs out Saint Teresa as an hysteric, Saint Francis of Assisi as an hereditary degenerate."

*EJ* Mysticism Precedes Religion:

We forget that the formation of a religion always comes after the revelation.

*CH* No Second Coming Allowed:

The Coming of the Messiah is an event that orthodox Jewish tradition never allows to occur, no matter how many Messiah figures may appear, just as, by orthodox Christianity, no Second Coming of Christ could be widely accepted, for its authenticity would be denied, as Jesus was rejected by the religious leaders of his day... Esoteric wisdom, or Gnosis, understands the Messiah's Coming as an inner, secret, mystical transfiguration of Being.

...Christ is not simply the historical person Jesus, but the principle through which the Godhead manifests as all life.

*CH* No New Masters Allowed:

Jewish tradition has crystallized in such a way that new prophets are not allowed to appear.

...We find reticence in Jewish tradition to express openly this oneness with God which we can call God-realization.

*BtC* The Church's Resistance to Healers:

[Macmillan] began his studies to become a minister, but his astounding results in healing people became embarrassing to the Church of England. One could pray for healing and no doubt God would in due course comfort the sufferer and possibly a state of health would ensue. But for people to actually be healed on the spot definitely and without doubt just wasnt done in our present-day world.

*BMS* The Domination of the Christian Church:

"Every religion, to the extent it is institutionalized, tends to perpetuate orthodoxy and fundamentalism beyond the essentials of religious experience. Brian Inglis (1977), for example, suggests that as Christianity spread and had to deal with pagan rituals there arose a need to specify authority and endorse orthodoxy. The practice of divination which was quite prevalent then became a suspect because one could propagate heresy as something inspired by the holy spirit. Consequently, the institution of oracles was suppressed by the politically powerful Christian orthodoxy. Mediumistic practices and inspirational utterances tended to be regarded as the work of demons which acquired the connotation of evil spirits." -K. Ramakrishna Rao

Christianity's Domination & Accidental

Integration of Other Beliefs

*TYSD* The Christian Holiday Pilfering:

The esotericism of the cult of Isis and the child Horus, now metamorphosed into the cult of the Virgin and the child Jesus.

*BMS* Accidental Accretions of Major Religions:

"According to Arnold Toynbee (1956), religions as practiced contain both essential truths and nonessential practices and propositions... in order that these essential truths be communicated to people living in a certain temporal and social context, they become institutionalized, and the local and temporary circumstances influence religion, and thus the religions accumulate accidental accretions... One is often prone to mistake means for ends and consider the accidental accretions as no less sacrosanct than the essential truths themselves. This, according to Toynbee, is what makes the "higher religions" degenerate into taboo." -K. Ramakrishna Rao (NOTE: This is a little bit true..many are not accidental... added for other purposes, to keep the status quo, etc.)

The Metaphor Game

*B* The Bible Curse:

I have recited a little passage from the Gospel, first in Latin. It runs as follows in the vernacular: "Jesus came to a certain castle, and was welcomed by a virgin who was also a wife."

Now pay heed to what I have said. It had to be by a virgin that Jesus was received. The word virgin means a person who is free of all false images, and who is as detached as if he or she did not yet exist. (NOTE: The trouble with seeing, forcing truth from the bible)


I believe the Scripture more than I do myself. (NOTE: the source of his problems)


Christ himself said it, and we have to accept it as being true, because Christ is the truth.


We find a sign of this in Genesis 21 and Galatians 4: "Throw out the maid and her son." The maid is that sensuality which should serve reason; her son refers to the force of passion. (NOTE: Is there anything it cant mean?!)

Religion vs Spirituality

*ER* The Religious and the Spiritual:

There are two types on the path. Those who come

against their will, the blindly religious people, and those

who obey out of love. The former have ulterior motives.

They want the midwife near, because she gives them milk.

The others love the beauty of the nurse.

The former memorize the prooftexts of conformity,

and repeat them. The latter disappear

into whatever draws them to God.

*BMS* Spirituality- A Larger Context:

"We have examined the nature of matter and of science; let us now look at spirituality... What seems to be asserted is the inadequacy of our ordinary individual selves... Spirituality brings us fundamental meaning in life because we find ourselves connected with- related to- a larger context." -Hoyt Edge

*CWG2* Religion vs Spirituality:

Religion would have you take its word for it. That is why all religions ultimately fail. Spirituality, on the other hand, will always succeed.

Religion asks you to learn from the experience of others. Spirituality urges you to seek your own.

Religion cannot stand Spirituality, for Spirituality may bring you to a different conclusion than a particular religion- and this no known religion can tolerate.

*WAT* The Religious & the Spiritual:

There are two types on the Path. Those who come

against their will, the blindly religious people, and those

who obey out of love. The former have ulterior motives.

They want the Midwife near, because she gives them milk.

The others love the Beauty of the Nurse.

The former memorize the proof-text of conformity,

and repeat them. The latter disappear

into whatever draws them to God.

Pascal's Cowardice

*TBD* Pascal's Wager For the Materialist:

For even the most diehard materialist, Pascal's famous "wager" is still compelling: If we become nothing after death, we will not be there to regret having prepared for something. But if we are something after death, and we have not prepared at all, or are badly prepared, then we will long feel bitter, painful regret. So we have everything to lose by not preparing, and nothing to gain; we have everything to gain by preparing, and nothing to lose. (NOTE: Wow, Pascal's in a positive light!)

Unquestioning Blind Faith

*CBtL* Buddha's Wise Teaching:

Buddha admonished his followers to not unquestioningly accept his teachings, but to trust their experience.

*TBD* Buddha- Question Authority! Down With Religion! Use Reason!

Buddhism is a teaching originated by Shakyamuni Buddha about 2500 years ago. It is not based on, or a reform of, any religion existing in ancient Indian culture. Nor was it based on a revelation received from any sort of deity. The Buddha flatly rejected the contemporary Indian form of the religious belief in an omnipotent world Creator. He did not "believe in God" as Westerners understand God. To many Westerners, he would appear an atheist (although he did accept the presence of nonomnipotent, superhuman beings he called "gods"). He did not even consider belief or faith an end in itself, as many religious people do, although he accepted reasonable beliefs as practically useful to people. He encouraged people to question authority and use their power of reason, and not to accept irrational traditions. In his personal quest of truth, he was often quite unreligious...

Rather than a founder of a religion, he was primarily a critic of religion. He critiqued its absolutist tendencies, its devaluation of human reason, and its legitimation of unreasonable, arbitrary, and oppressive structures of authority...

He taught that the psychological habit of assuming a fixed subjectivity, an unchanging identity, was a key obstacle to a good life.


The Buddha was never dogmatic about formulae, even about his most powerful formula known as "selflessness." He emphasized selflessness when talking with absolutists, and he emphasized self when talking with nihilists.

*BMS* Buddha Was Anti-Dogma:

"As Radhakrishnan points out, the Buddha sought ‘to start a religion independent of dogma and priesthood, sacrifice and sacrament, which would insist on an inward change of heart and a system of self-culture'" -K. Ramakrishna Rao

*BMS* Giving In To Authority:

Many people give in to authority in order to fit in and receive approval, crippling a part of their natural intelligence.

*AD* Universalized Activities of the Dead:

(NOTE: Ritual chooses one possible action and universalizes it.) The Tanka people of South China believe their souls return to their homes two to three weeks after death.

*GoE* Weak Religion Needs Authority:

The faith that stands on authority is not faith. The reliance on authority measures the decline of religion, the withdrawal of the soul.

*GoE* Releasing Thought to a Sect:

A sect or party is an elegant incognito devised to save a man from the vexation of thinking.


Origins & Ideas of Heaven & Hell

Ancient Conceptions of Heaven

*CBAP* Origins of Heaven:

Case No. 710: Dr. Teunissen pointed out that the Elysian fields of the Greeks and the Eternal Hunting-ground of the Germans had much earlier origins than the 23rd Psalm (verse 2) with its "green pastures."

*ASJ* The Greek's Vision of Heaven:

The Master: ‘Paradise was the name given by the Greeks to the upper regions of the astral plane and they taught that Heaven was found in the mental world, after man had left the astral world on his journey back to the home of the soul or ego. At these higher levels some men surround themselves with the thought-forms of Seraphim and Cherubim... it is perfectly real to them and it harms no one... Many of them even make thought-forms of God or St. Peter.. There will come a day when they have developed their intellect a little more, when they will begin to try to ascertain what is fact and what is illusion.'

Difficulty of Description

Script: We must first make a distinction in the meaning of the term "physical". For the purposes of understanding the planes of reality, physical will mean a certain frequency domain of light, and not that you are able to touch it, for that falls under a broader law- which is that objects of the same frequency domain are solid to others in that domain.
*ANMU* The Indescibableness of the Unknown:

The unknown is unlike anything that we can suppose about it. The complete unexpectedness of everything that is met with in these experiences, from great to small, makes the description of them difficult.

Absurd Conceptions of Heaven

*LWU* Unnatural Religious Symbolic Meaning is Absurd:

But there are many people in the earth world who earnestly believe that we in spirit live in a continual state of perfervid religious emotion, that every concomitant of spirit life, every form and degree of personal activity, every atom of which the great world of spirit is composed, must have some pious, devotional significance. Such a stupid notion is wide, very wide of the mark. Search through the earth world, and do you find any such unnatural ideas attached to the multiplicity of life that lies within it?

Absurdity of Hell

Script: Illustrate how the more absurd beliefs had little to do with reality, as they were created to further political ends, to control people. As this is the diametrical opposite of the truth that all are free, the conclusions based on such ideas are quite horrible.
*LWU* The Absurdity of Hell:

Spirituality means warmth in the spirit world; lack of spirituality means coldness. (NOTE: Think of this played out on a large scale- with everyone closed up to themselves, they release no light, no heat, no creativity into the environment, and THAT is why it is dark and cold in the closed, selfish lowlands!) The whole fantastic doctrine of hell-fire- a fire which burns but never consumed- is one of the most outrageously stupid and ignorant doctrines that has even been invented... It is against the very laws of spirit existence.

*BDL* The Invention of Hell:

S: [Hell] is a notion developed by the Christians... It was mainly developed as a political device to help build the power of the orthodox church and to help overcome the influence of the gnostics.

*SC* Origins of "Hell":

Tom MacPherson: "Hell is something that was made up a long time ago, in medieval days, I believe. References in the Bible to hell are a mistranslation more than anything. For instance, the word shivat is used, which means more "a grave." It says "you shall go to the grave." They translate it to mean Hades or hell. From Greek, the word Hades means "place of the dead." It does not mean a fiery furnace."

*ASJ* Hell is Impossible:

The Master: ‘There is no such thing as an eternal hell- there could not be, if for no other reason than that a finite cause can never produce an infinite result.'

No Hell(JoS): There is no hell to permanently seperate the good from the bad. The only residence of terrible suffering is earth.

*BtL* Origins of "Hell":

What came to be translated as hell was a peculiar idiom in the Aramaic language that used the name of a city dump where trash was burned to signify "mental torment" and "regret." Centuries later, and after numerous translations of the Bible, what was originally expressed as Gehenna of Fire was changed to hell.

The word hell is actually Scandinavian and refers to Hel the Teutonic queen of the dead and ruler of "the other world." According to Norse myth, "to Hel" is where people went who were good, but not quite good enough to transcend to Valhalla, that heavenly hall reserved for heroes killed in battle and other special folk. Unlike more modern symbols depicting satanic figures and being burned for one's sins, there was nothing evil or scary about Hell (or Hel herself, except her looks). She was said to be deformed, with half of her face human and the other half featureless. Over time allusions to Hel connoted "an abode of the dead," not some place of everlasting punishment.

Today, the type of hell most people visualize when they say the word is a European conceptualization used during the early days of Christianity to scare converts into obedience.

Belief in Hell

*ASJ* Believing in Hell:

The Master: ‘Consider the man who all his life has been taught that hell-fire and eternal damnation are the portion of all who do not come up to the standard of perfection demanded. After death the difficulty of ridding himself of such thoughts causes him to go through much misery. He is continually tortured by the thought that he is being fooled, although assured that such beliefs are untrue. Until he manages to discard them he will be unable to settle down in the new life, where there is so much to be seen and to be learned.'

*SS* Religious Beliefs:

As long as you believe in a devil, for example, you will create one that is real enough for you, and for the others who continue to create him. (NOTE: as a source of attribution)

The Buddhists come closer, generally speaking, to a description of the nature of reality.

*AP* The Total Wrong Western Conceptions of the Afterlife & Their Effect:

The popular religious teaching of the West as to man's post-mortem adventures has long been so wildly inaccurate that even intelligent people are often terribly puzzled when they recover consciousness in kamaloka after death. The condition in which the new arrival finds himself differs so radically from that he has been led to expect that it is no uncommon case for him to refuse at first to believe that he has passed through the portals of death at all. The horrible doctrine of eternal punishment, too, is responsible for a vast amount of most pitiable and entirely groundless terror among those newly arrived in Kamaloka, who in many cases spend long periods of acute mental suffering before they can free themselves from the fatal influence of that hideous blasphemy, and realize that the world is governed not according to the caprice of some demon who gloats over human anguish, but according to a benevolent and wonderfully patient law of evolution. Thus in Kamaloka, exactly as on earth, there are the few who comprehend something of their position and know how to make the best of it, and the man who have not yet acquired that knowledge; and there, just as here, the ignorant are rarely ready to profit by the advice or example of the wise.

Emotional Equivalent of Hell

*CJ* Hell and Purgatory:

ROMC: "Purgatory and hell represent man locked into his own unreality...

"Hell is a burning out of the dross that puts the blinders on the soul's true eyesight...

"There is nothing holding man back from true reality but himself."

*BDL* Never Progressing is Hell:

S: Never progressing is the closest thing there is to the Christian concept of Hell.

*WotT* Hell is Wrongful Identification & Attachment:

"Hell" refers to the constantly changing material (spatiotemporal) modality of being, or to the soul that persists in identifying itself with the transient forms and passions of a particular body.

*IA* Satan:

The touch of Satan is the passion of blind anger.

*CWG1* Hell, Justice:

There is hell, but it is not what you think. Hell is the experience of the worst possible outcome of your choices, decisions, and creations. It is the natural consequence of any thought which denies me, or says no to Who You Are in relationship to me. Hell is the opposite of joy. It is unfulfillment. It is knowing Who and What You Are and failing to experience that. It is not a place. I do not punish or seek revenge. Would not a simple denial of communication with me in heaven serve the ends of justice. There is an experience of the soul so unhappy, so incomplete, so less than whole, so separated from God's greatest joy, that to your soul this would be hell. You create the experience when you separate yourself from your own highest thought about you. Even this experience is never eternal.

There is no place or dimension to which we are everlastingly condemned. What would be the purpose of that? You- we- are a self-created being.

*BtL* The Nature of Hell:

He was shown that hell is a black blankness without God.

Permanent Heaven & Hells

Script: The belief in no reincarnation or a limited period of reincarnation makes it necessary to have either an instant return to God no matter what your beliefs and actions (a stance no religion takes) or a permanent heaven and hell, where the actions of one unenlightened life are rewarded or punished eternally. Doesn't sound so nice, does it? Not the universe of a God of love. In fact, when it comes down to it, it doesn't even make sense. If there is the possibility for reform, for improvement, why not give it? It is a horrible, shortsighted viewpoint which posits an evil God. And to put it simply, it isnt a bit true.
*PoP* 50,000 Years, 1000 Bodies:

The angelic soul has a period of fifty thousand years earth-time and a thousand human bodies in which it must travel through a thousand spiritual stages to attain perfection. This is an average of one stage per lifetime, though it is possible to pass through several or all stages in a single lifetime.

After fifty-thousand years, each soul appears before the final judgement, then goes to the permanent world, never to return to earth or the intermediate world again. If one has not reached its ultimate goal of attaining spiritual Perfection, two worlds exist for that soul: Paradise & Hell.

*PoP* The Worlds of Souls:

The worlds of souls are reality itself. Every creature that has been brought out of nothingness exists in one of the three following worlds: the physical, the intermediate, and the eternal or permanent world.

Souls in the other world, according to their degree of perfection, possess a force that keeps lower souls from approaching them without their permission.

*PoP* The Permanent World:

The permanent world contains three essential abodes: the world of Perfect souls, paradise, and hell. Each of these abodes has a great many levels, corresponding to the different capacities of the souls and to what each one has come to deserve. These are so many corresponding degrees of proximity to or estrangement from God, and hence of bliss or of suffering. In this world, souls no longer have to take on a particular form to make themselves known.

*PoP* The Eternal Paradise:

The eternal paradise is a place where joys far surpass all descriptions. Even though the souls there are extremely happy, the eternal paradise is quite distant from the world of the perfect, and is quite different and inferior. Even a soul who is in the highest level of the eternal paradise would be like an ordinary person leading an very agreeable life but who would forever feel a certain regret at not having made the necessary efforts to become noble as well. A soul's potential and freedom have limits on them here.

Whenever a soul has equal goods and bads, God's mercy wins out and the first level of paradise is opened up to them.

*PoP* The Eternal Hell:

Those in hell must suffer constant heart-rending despair of being irreparably removed from God's presence. Hell is wherever someone is suffering or tormented. Hell lasts eternally, but God in his mercy can diminish the degree of suffering of the souls of the damned. There will even come a time, infinitely far from now, when those souls will be pardoned. Such a person still remains marked by the experience.

The Devil & Evil: Evil is a complication brought about by responsible beings. God is the divine spark of the angelic soul and Satan is the basharic soul.

Punishment: Those who have committed horrible sins falls under the ‘Law of Divine Wrath,' wherein the current of evil produced by the person collides with Divine Justice and gives rise to a counter reaction of divine ‘Anger.' The lightest sins will be atoned for in the same lifetime, and other may cause one to take on a garment of sin, and the worst have to go back and take on an animal garment. Neither of these bodies count against the fifty thousand years or thousand garments alloted to one.

Believers in Ignorance

*LWU* Those Who Don't Believe in Knowing:

There are also people who refuse even to think for themselves, and who stolidly uphold the belief that while they are incarnate they are not meant to know anything of the life of spirit that lies before them all. They affirm that it is not God's purpose that they should be told of such matters, and that when they come to spirit they will know all things....

The partisans of the ‘closed door'.


History of Science & Religion

History of the Mind/Body Distinction

*BMS* The Further Distinction Between Mind and Body:

"In the Phaedo, Plato argued that philosophy was a preparation for death; analogous to the spirit separating from the body... at death, so a philosopher was supposed to engage in the process of purifying his spirit. Since it was the appetites and the sense that distracted one from philosophical purity, the philosopher should distance himself or herself from these concerns. Hence, the mental/spiritual world was good, and one should guard against the negative influence of the body.

"Likewise, stoicism focused on the distinction between what one had control over and what one did not have control over. In essence, one could control one's internal attitudes toward the world but not control external events in the world. The effect of this stoic distinction produced a further emphasis on the essence of the self being its interiority, and to be happy one ought to make this interior self as cut off from the dominance of the senses and the world as possible. Cartesian duality reified these distinctions into atomistic entities, thus emphasizing the disjunction between mind (the interior), and body/matter (the exterior)...

"As the distinction between mind and body has been emphasized, so has the distinction between the spiritual and the nonspiritual. In distinguishing mind from body, spirituality was conceived as the act of attaining greater and greater purity of the spirit, with spirit understood to be interior and nonphysical. To be spiritual meant that one had to inhabit a purely mental, nonphysical, transcendent world. This view resulted in an emphasis on the distinction between the sacred and the profane, between the spiritual and the nonspiritual.

Thus, to become spiritual implied two kinds of separations. On the one hand it meant that one had to separate oneself from the physical world and achieve some sort of spiritual transcendence; thus, disconnection from the world (and our bodies) was emphasized rather than our being continuous with the natural world. On the other hand, it meant separating oneself from the daily affairs of the community...

"If spirit dealt with the purity of the private, interior self, then the public world concomitantly assumed lesser importance... The emphasis on the separation of church and state in American exemplifies its cultural importance." -Hoyt Edge

Nature of the Science/Religion Conflict

*BMS* Nature of the Science/Religion Conflict:

The... conflict between science and religion... is very much a conflict between scientism- a dogmatic, psychological hardening of materialistic belief systems with emotional attachments rather than authentic science- and "religion" in the worst sense of the word, rigid and unhealthy belief systems that belie the spirituality they claim to be founded on.

The Split Between Science & Religion

*BMS* Why Science is Materialistic- The History of Science:

"As modern science was developing in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, there were specific problems facing Europe. Everyone is aware of the dominating influence of the Catholic Church over science, with the resultant recantation and house arrest of Galileo. Thus, science needed to find a way to free itself from this control, for very practical reasons. In particular, there were growing problems with the expansion of the population and the resultant need to increase the food supply. World trade was increasing with the desire to develop more efficient trading practices... The ideas of dualism and atomism were introduced to solve the practical problems...

"In arguing for dualism, Descartes declared that both mind and matter were substances, medieval terminology which in essence asserted that they each had opposing characteristics...

"This argument effectively solved the practical problem of freeing science from the Church by bifurcating reality into radically different domains. On the one hand, there was the mind, which with its rationality could know moral and religious truths, and which by definition survived bodily death. Obviously, this was the real domain of the Church. On the other hand, there was matter, which was non-thinking and had nothing to do with values (an atom is neither good nor bad). The material world was simply a machine that was determined, and the only stake that the Church should have in it was the assertion that it was the creation of God...

"This scheme also defined the nature of science. Therefore, although I believe science should more correctly be characterized in terms of its careful approach to experimentation, nevertheless, it has been taken implicitly as a discipline that studied spatial, avaluable, unthinking material units, and necessarily assumed that these bits acted in a determined and mechanistic manner...

"One can already see how science could naturally develop into scientism, and how science by its very nature became juxtaposed to the spiritual.. Such was the price of freeing science from an over-domineering religion." -Hoyt Edge

*BMS* Further Breaking From Religion- Newtonian Atomism Rejects the Possibility of Psi:

"Medieval science was a mixture of Aristotelian teleology and alchemy, which stressed sympathetic connections among things, mental and physical. Roman Catholic doctrine had been reinterpreted through Aristotelian philosophy, and in its attempt to separate from the Church, as well as to empty the technological power of the New Science, natural philosophers rejected Aristotle' more organic and teleological view of the world in favor of atomistic mechanism. Atomism, of course, was an ancient doctrine, but it was revived at this time because of its non-teleological approach to nature... There were a variety of atomisms, but the English (Newtonian) interpretation eventually won the day, and it consisted of several straightforward components: 1) Reality ultimately consists of basic units- in the material world these are indivisible material bits; 2) Atoms exist in a void; the purpose of the void is to separate the atoms, which are self-sufficient and inherently not connected to or dependent on other atoms; and 3) Action occurs through contact, one atom bumping against another, and the job of science is to explain how atoms become associated (and thus built into molecules, etc). According to this mechanistic view, there is no teleology, no sympathetic relations, and no action at a distance. Work in nature occurs only through contact.

"Notice that this understanding of the world seem to exclude parapsychology a priori. Remember that each mind is considered a separate atom, but parapsychology asserts that in telepathy information is transferred from one mind to another without any "bumping" or intermediate processes...

"Scientism excludes transcendence, and paranormal phenomena stand in defiance of such reductionism." -Hoyt Edge

*CtL* Why Science and Religion Disagree:

Some theologians feel that the change in Western spirituality started in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries with scientist-philosophers Isaac Newton, John Locke, and John Ray. These three English Protestants and amateur theologians built the foundations of modern science by trying to discover the works of God in the design of the universe...

Their work, which led to the scientific revolution, was initially an attempt to find the hidden divinity of God within nature...

These scientists were deeply religious. ...The Catholic Church, which never really recovered from its attempt to suppress Galileo's theory that the earth rotated around the sun, was powerless to stop the development of scientific thought. Rather than welcome it as an acceptable addendum to religion, the church fought it. Since that time, religion has found itself squarely opposite science.

The study of nature was abandoned to the scientists, with religious leaders focusing on the immortal soul and metaphysics while at the same time claiming that some scientific discoveries were "the devil's work." Darwin's theory of evolution and the subsequent fossil evidence supporting his theory conflicted with the theologian's account of creation. Advance in obstetrics, including the use of anesthesia, were bitterly reviled by the clergy, who claimed that "man should be born in pain."

The triumph of science in interpreting the world weakened the role of the church. By the late 1800s, many people no longer believed in heaven and hell. Church attendance dropped dramatically as the Indistrial Revolution rapidly vindicated science as the new God.

This period also marked the birth of medical meterialism...

Where early physicians had always incorporated religion into their healing practices, they now omitted it... The possibility that religion and science could peacefully coexist was no an option. (NOTE: Think about the effect of the separation of church and state).

*SiO* The Beginning of Science-vs-Spirituality:

Had not the leeches well nigh disappeared to make room for diplomaed physicians with royal licenses...? Hence the nodding ‘Immortal' in his academical chair was regarded as the sole competent authority in the decision of questions he had never studied, and for rendering verdicts about that which he had never heard of. It was the Reign of Reason, and of Science- in its teens; the beginning of the great deadly struggle between Theology and Facts, Spirituality and Materialism. In the educated classes of Society too much faith had been succeeded by no faith at all. The cycle of Science-worship had just set in, with... its raids upon every one who refused to manifest a noisy admiration.

*BMS* The Battle Against Religion:

"The Copernican revolution revealed the limitations of Biblical geology; the effect was to shatter the Christian conceit of earth-centeredness. Meanwhile, Galileo founded a cosmology that substituted mechanical for final causation; it is inert matter that makes the world go round- not love, purpose, or the beautiful...

"Renaissance scholars such as Lorenzo Valla started scientific Bible criticism- a practice with wicked potentials. Enlightenment philosophes, such as Voltaire and Montesquieu, created more mischief by inventing comparative religion, which shook church dogma. Nineteenth-century evolutionary theory embedded human life firmly within naturalism, seeing to further discredit notions of divinity... Nietzsche announced the death of God; Marx reduced religion to a drug; Freud, to an illusion." -Michael Grosso

Origin of the Self-Important Worldview

*GHL* The Western Self-Importance Worldview:

"The Western scientific worldview- the dominant view of Western civilization since the Renaissance- holds that human beings are the most important creatures in the universe. Everything else- plants, animals, rocks, and rivers- exist to serve the needs of humanity. Followed to its logical conclusion, this view deems the harvesting of rainforests, the damming of wild rivers to generate electricity, and the decimation of animal species for their horns and hide as unassailable human rights." -Shirley Nicholson and Brenda Rosen

*CWG3* Selfish Science:

Your chief interest is yourself. Every evidence, no matter how scientific, no matter how demonstrable or compelling, will be denied if it violates your self-interest...

Your definition of self-interest is very narrow, barely reaching past the individual being to his loved ones.

Creationists & Evolutionists

*CWS* Creationists & Evolutionists:

The Creationists believe that the Lord in His holy wisdom created a perfect world which then promptly began to decay. They also believe that the good Lord in His holy wisdom set upon the world a catastrophe so that all of the organisms were greatly set upon. They believe that God punished man by the catastrophe.

The evolutionists believe that the world instead was created simply through chance.

You are still not aware of the weight of those beliefs upon your mind. I would dearly love you to imagine the magical changes in your personal realities that could occur if suddenly, for a moment, you freed your minds from the weight of those beliefs; if you could look upon your reality as Gary and Rhoda's baby does now, with new eyes not so ready to thrust beliefs upon this world, but to perceive it with the freshness and originality that is a part of your heritage. Throw aside from your thoughts and minds and beings all thoughts of belonging to a blighted species, whether it be a spiritual or a physical one.

If you do not make your own reality, the universe must be an accidental mechanism appearing with no reason. Your body came accidentally into creation, and out of some cosmic accident attained its miraculous complexity. And that body was formed so beautifully for no reason except to be a victim. That is the only other alternative to forming your own reality. You have a universe formed with a reason, or a universe formed without a reason. And in a universe of reason, there are no victims. Everything has a reason, or nothing has a reason. So- choose your side!


Materialism & Science

The Origins of Materialism

*HoL* Source of The Materialist View:

Until recently, when the eastern religions began to have a greater impact upon our culture, much of our self-definition (largely unconscious) was based on the physics of a few hundred years ago. What I am referring to here is our insistence on seeing ourselves as solid objects. This definition of the universe, as made up of solid objects, was held largely by Isaac Newton and his colleagues in the late 17th and early 18th centuries...

Energy-matter interactions, such as a radio playing music in response to invisible radiowaves, were not yet known.

*HoL* Introduction of Field Theory:

In the early 19th century, new physical phenomena were discovered that could not be described by Newtonian physics. The discovery and investigation of electromagnetic phenomena led to the concept of a field. A field was defined as a condition in space which has the potential of producing a force.

*HoL* Introduction of Relativity:

In 1905, Albert Einstein published his Special Theory of Relativity and shattered all the principal concepts of the Newtonian world view. According to the relativity theory, space is not three-dimensional, and time is not a separate entity. Both are intimately connected and form a four-dimensional continuum, "space-time"... Furthermore, there is no universal flow of time; i.e. time is not linear, not is it absolute. Time is relative. That is, two observers will order events differently in time if they move with different velocities relative to the observed events... (NOTE: Materialists are centuries behind the times in a very old, simplistic, and very wrong idea of reality. It has been proven wrong by their beloved science which they believe stands behind them. In fact, while they have been standing still in old beliefs, it has moved forward 300 years.)

It is time to stop invalidating experience that lies outside our Newtonian way of thinking and broaden our framework of reality.


Script: Notice the unconscious negations of the immaterial. The negation by the use of the world "immaterial" shows just how deeply this belief has been established.
*IAD* The Doubt of Others:

If a student be fortunate enough to have a beautiful experience and then discuss it with others, there is usually so much doubt poured at him that he soon begins to doubt himself.

*GHL* Materialism Problems:

"An awareness of the esthetic quality of nature, let alone a moral sensibility, has been difficult to sustain due to the prestige afforded the ‘value free' objectivistic framework." -Patrick Milburn

*BMS* The Materialist Backlash Against Evil Christianity:

The background of many of our beliefs about survival, especially what we were taught in childhood, was that yes, there was survival, post mortem survival in which you were judged and you had an excellent chance of going to Hell because you weren't good enough! The materialist position is thus psychologically appealing because it leads to thoughts like, "Oh, I am not going to go to Hell, there is nothing that survives to be judged, at last that fear is gone!"

*GHL* Lack of Becoming Seen as Lack of Life:

"Of course things are dead, said the old psychology, because they do not ‘experience' [feelings, memories, intentions] ...Because things do not experience, they have no subjectivity, no interiority, no depth." -Hillman (NOTE: This shows how closed off people were from becoming during this period)

*TYSD* Some Think Earth Is Unsurpassable:

Many men there are, as the Tibetan gurus teach, who are karmically so attached to the state of human existence that they have no desire for any state less sensuous... They think that there can be no state higher than that they alone know.

*D&IS* Western Nihilism:

Two special factors have strongly influenced Western civilization: the first of these is the idea – also shared by Nietzsche – that we are alone in a hostile universe; the other is the notion that in the last resort life is meaningless.

Western psychology's idea of human capacity comes from a scientific tradition which had its beginning in the materialistically oriented Age of Enlightenment and which, by either systematically rejecting the idea of alternative or higher states of consciousness or by pathologizing such states, has presented us with a restricted concept of an ego capable only of concerning itself with the vital necessities of existence. Our ideas about what is empirically and experimentally acceptable are conditioned by history. Things which today cannot be scientifically investigated – because of generally accepted social taboos or unfounded moral or epistemological value systems – will tomorrow by general consensus be regarded as perfectly acceptable areas of scientific endeavor.

*HU* The Humans Have Forgotten, Become Nihilists:

"Only human beings have come to a point where they no longer know why they exist. They don't use their brains and they have forgotten the secret knowledge of their bodies, their senses, or their dreams. They don't use the knowledge the spirit has put into every one of them; they are not even aware of this, and so they stumble along blindly on the road to nowhere—a paved highway which they themselves bulldoze and make smooth so that they can get faster to the big empty hole which they'll find at the end, waiting to swallow them up. It's a quick comfortable superhighway, but I know where it leads to. I've seen it. I've been there in my vision and it makes me shudder to think about it."

—The Lakota shaman Lame Deer: Lame Deer Seeker of Visions

Nihilism & Fear of Death

*Mediums* Ghandi:

Fear of Death: Death is something which in your world is taboo! People are afraid to mention the word. They do not like to think about it. They run away from it. It is something they are afraid of because they know deep down in their hearts that it is a reality they must face eventually, and they are afraid of it because they are knowing deep down in themselves they are not fully prepared for it. They know so little about it and they are afraid to find out. Fear dominates the hearts and minds of man. And we know that, unless something is done about this before it is too late, the disastrous consequences are so tremendous that one hardly dares to think about it.

*SS* Nihilistic Beliefs:

There is nothing more important than belief. If you believe that you exist only within the context of this life, that you are born only to death and annihilation, then you will not use your freedoms in this existence.

*TB* Death Denial:

The disastrous effects of the denial of death effect the whole planet. Modern people have developed no long-term vision. There is nothing to restrain them from plundering the planet for their own immediate ends and from living in a selfish way that could prove fatal for the future. We are acting as if we are the last generation on the planet. Could it be more ironic that young people are so highly educated in every subject but the one that holds the key to the entire meaning of life, and perhaps to our very survival? We are a society fixated on short-term results. We are obsessed with youth, sex, and power, and we shun old age and decay.

Ignorance of life and death will rob us of the basis of our journey to enlightenment, and trap us endlessly in the realm of illusion, the uncontrolled cycle of birth and death, that ocean of suffering that we Buddhists call samsara. The root of all suffering is ignorance.

*TB* Fear of Death:

Perhaps the deepest reason we are afraid of death is that we do not know who we are. This identity depends entirely on an endless collection of things to prop it up: our name, our "biography," our partners, family, home, job, friends, credit cards... It is on their fragile and transient support that we rely on for security. Without our familiar props, we are faced with just ourselves, a person we do not know, an unnerving stranger with whom we have been living all the time but we never really wanted to meet. Isn't that why we have tried to fill every moment of time with noise and activity, however boring or trivial, to ensure that we are never left in silence with this stranger on our own? Our lives are monotonous, petty, and repetitive, wasted in the pursuit of the trivial, because we seem to know of nothing better. Our myopic focus on this life, and this life only, is the great deception, the source of the modern world's bleak and destructive materialism. If we look into our lives, we will see clearly how many unimportant tasks, so-called "responsibilities" accumulate to fill them up.

The longer man lives, the stupider he becomes, because his anxiety to avoid unavoidable death becomes more and more acute.

In Tibet, people do not distract themselves by spending all their time trying to make their external circumstances more comfortable. They were satisfied if they had enough to eat, clothes on their backs, and a roof over their heads. Going on as we do, obsessively trying to improve our conditions, can become an end in itself and a pointless distraction.

Modern society seems to be a celebration of all the things that lead away form the truth, make truth hard to live for, and discourage people from even believing that it exists. This modern misery feeds off an anxiety and depression that it fosters and trains us all in, and carefully nurtures with a consumer machine that needs to keep us greedy to keep going. Samsara is highly organized, versatile, and sophisticated; it assaults us from every angle with its propaganda, and creates an almost impregnable environment of addiction around us. Obsessed, then, with false promises, dreams, and ambitions, which promise happiness but lead only to misery, we are like people crawling through an endless desert, dying of thirst. And all that this samsara holds out to us to drink is a cup of salt water, designed to make us even thirstier. Perhaps the darkest and most disturbing aspect of modern civilization is its ignorance and repression of who we really are. We are terrified of looking inward because our culture has given us no idea of what we might find, maybe it's NOTHING. So we make our lives so hectic that we eliminate the slightest risk of looking into ourselves. When they hear the words "egoless" or "emptiness" they think it's like being thrown into a dark, chilly void. In a world dedicated to distraction, silence and stillness terrify us (do we hear our insecurities in the silence?). We protect ourselves from them with noise and constant business. Our society in fact treats us as obsessed only with power, sex, and money, and needing to be distracted at any moment from any contact with death or with real life.

Researchers only look at the projections of the mind. Our minds have two positions: looking out and looking in. Let us now look in. Seek the truth from inside the mind.

When we accept death and transform our attitude towards life, a dramatic possibility for healing can occur.

*SD&P* The Lost Clergymen:

Malba (in the midplane) was highly amused at the plight of the clergy men of different faiths, who had died, because the circumstances were so different than those they had expected.

*EtS-JH* Ancient Relationships to Death:

The ancient Aramic word for death, maw'ta, when literally translated, means "not here, present elsewhere." The Persian word for death, intakaal, when translated, means "to change, to move from."

*D&IS* Western Fear of Death:

Our society suppresses any thoughts or mention of death and dying.

This characteristically Western attitude is almost without parallel in recorded history.

The Materialist Dogma of Science

*T* The Limited Reality of Science:

What is nowadays often considered the one and only science is more likely to be a hindrance than a help on the way to this goal, because it characteristically accepts as "real" only what is accessible to our ordinary senses.

*T* The Limits of Science:

"In what is probably the most widely discussed analysis of the scientific endeavor in the second half of this century, [Thomas Kuhn's book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions] makes evident the presuppositions that underlie every form of scientific activity. Scientific ‘truths,' supposedly ‘objective' in nature, were shown to be the reflection of a background of shared assumptions dominant in that scientific community...

"Like it or not, the limits of reductive natural science and of the narrow fixation on outer progress are becoming undeniably visible." -Michael Holdrege

*JoNDE-CT* The Materialist Belief System of Science:

Scientism... Is a perversion of genuine science. Scientism in our time consists of a dogmatic commitment to a materialist philosophy that "explains away" the spiritual rather than actually examining it carefully and trying to understand it (Wellmuth, 1944). Since scientism never recognizes itself as a belief system, but always thinks of itself as true science, confusion between the two is pernicious...

Because people caught in scientism have an emotional attachment to a totally materialistic view of the world, they will not really look at data like NDEs that imply a spiritual, nonmaterial side to reality. They do not recognize that their belief that everything can be explained in purely material terms should be treated like any scientific theory; that is, it should be subject to continual test and modified or rejected when found wanting...

Scientism, a dogmatic materialism masquerading as science, dismisses the NDE from the outset as something that cannot be what it seems to be, namely, a mind or soul traveling outside the physical body, either in the physical world or in some nonphysical world. So the NDE is automatically dismissed as a hallucination or, more likely, as some kind of psychopathology...

Recall that if there is no way of disproving an idea or theory, then you may like it or dislike it, believe it or disbelieve it, but it is not a scientific theory.

*TBD* Materialism Is Not Scientific, It's Dogmatic:

The picture of death as a nothing in consciousness is not a scientific finding...

What is it that provides [materialists] the guarantee of a restful nothing awaiting them after death? Do they have any credible evidence? No one has ever returned to report entry into nothingness. They have no recorder, no viewer, no extension of their senses into the subjectivity of a dead person. They cannot physically probe into the brain-dead state of any being. They have no convincing description of nothingness, which obviously has no attributes. They have never observed even one material thing become nothing. Why should the energy reality of a state of awareness, be it even a minimal awareness of pure rest, be the exception to the law of physics that energy is conserved and only transformed?..

The answer is, obviously, that they have no grounds at all for this belief. It is merely a belief based on a brave assertion, corroborated by many other believers, all without a shred of evidence, reinforced by constant repetition and dogmatic insistence. It provides ultimate comfort, satisfying the religious urge to have a complete sense of reality...

This is why materialist scientists are so dogmatically dismissive of evidence about the postdeath continuity of consciousness. They cannot consider the evidence even casually, because this would generate questions about their own belief. Like any religious dogmatism, since it is a logically weak belief, often admittedly irrational, based on no credible evidence, it cannot allow even the slightest questioning, for fear that the resulting doubt could not be withstood.

*SiO* Science Is Full of Hypothesi:

The whole of modern science is formed of ‘working hypotheses', the fruits of ‘scientific imagination.'

*GHL* No Scientific Definition of Life:

"I expected to discover somewhere in the scientific literature a comprehensive definition of life as a physical process, on which one could base the design of life-detection experiments, but I was surprised to find how little had been written about the nature of life itself... This seeming conspiracy of silence may have been due in part to the division of science into separate disciplines, with each specialist assuming that someone else had done the job." -James Lovelock

*SiO* Science's Inorganics- Lifeless:

Science divides matter into organic and inorganic bodies, only because it rejects the idea of absolute life and a life-principle as an entity.

*SiO* Science's Limited Band of Causality:

(NOTE: When Science limits itself only to physical things, it is studying and attributing cause to only a narrow band of phenomena. It is like studying only thing that are blue, denying the existence of other colors.)

*Chaos* Reductionist Determinism:

Implicitly, the mission of many twentieth-century scientists- biologists, neurologists, economists- has been to break their universes down into the simplest atoms that will obey scientific rules. In all these sciences, a kind of Newtonian determinism has been brought to bear.


The tradition of looking at systems locally- isolating the mechanisms and then adding them together- was beginning to break down.

*BMS* Materialism is Bad Science:

Now the main thing I, speaking as a scientist, want to say about the materialist position is that it is not good science. The first rule of science is that you have to account for all the data, all the experience, all the information, all the facts you can gather about something. If your theory cannot account for all the facts, it is not very good...

In a parapsychology experiment, basically you take all you know about the material world, the dominant materialistic understanding, and you set up a situation that is "impossible," where nothing can happen. If something happens, there is something wrong with the apparent or claimed completeness of your materialistic theories...

Experiments in parapsychology are generally far better controlled experiments than in ordinary branches of science. The criticism has been so intense over the last century that the methodology has gotten extremely good.

*BMS* Science Denies Purpose:

"Jacques Monod (1972) wrote: "The cornerstone of scientific method is... the systematic denial that ‘true' knowledge can be got at by interpreting phenomena in terms of final causes- that is to say, of ‘purpose'" (p, 21)." -William Braud

*BMS* The Western Creed:

I BELIEVE.. in the material universe... as the only and ultimate reality... a universe controlled by fixed physical laws... and blind chance.

I AFFIRM... that the universe has no creator... no objective purpose... and no objective meaning or destiny.

I MAINTAIN... that all ideas about God or gods... enlightened beings... prophets and saviors... or other nonphysical beings or forces... are superstitious and delusions... Life and consciousness are totally identical to physical processes... and arose from chance interactions of blind physical forces... Like the rest of life... my life... and my consciousness.. has no objective purpose... meaning... or destiny.

I BELIEVE... that all judgments, values, and moralities... whether my own or others... are subjective... arising solely from biological determinants... personal history... and chance... Free will is an illusion... Therefore the most rational values I can personally live by must be based on the knowledge that for me... what pleases me is Good... what pains me is bad... Those who please me or help me avoid pain are my friends... those who pain me or keep me from my pleasure are my enemies... Rationality requires that friends and enemies be used in ways that maximize my pleasure... and minimize my pain. (NOTE: This is mostly true, but used by bad materialists in a short-sighted and small way)

I AFFIRM... that churches have no real use other than social support... that there are no objective sins to commit or be forgiven for... that there is no divine or supernatural retribution for sin or reward for virtue... although there may be social consequences of actions... Virtue for me is getting what I want... without being caught and punished by others. (NOTE: I believe this is true as well. Careful, Tart, that's a part of Christianity that should be thrown out.)

I MAINTAIN... that the death of the body... is the death of the mind... There is no afterlife... and all hope of such is nonsense.

You will seldom find the beliefs of scientism expressed this blatantly. But you will find them expressed more indirectly, as if they were scientific "facts," in millions of places, such as college textbook in the various sciences. (NOTE: I'll bet a campaign to remove religion from schools would be successful in finding materialism a religion in scientific textbooks.)

*BMS* Scientism Proven a Mistaken Religion:

The primary implication is that, using the best kind of scientific methodology, the human mind has occasional abilities to transcend space and time that are totally inexplicable in terms of the material world... Thus scientism is a factually mistaken "religion" insofar as it purports to be based on scientific fact and a total view of reality.

The Blind, Purposeless, Running-Down Materialist Universe

Script: The survival of the fittest view is so pervasive! Watching nature shows, everything is framed in terms of survival of the fittest, the endless struggle for survival! It's plainly accepted in today's unspoken belief systems. In the media, you can see the widespread understanding that there can be great horror, hate, and hypocisy in religion. The malignant religious adherent is almost a cliche. But we have yet to collectively realize and see in the media the cold scientist who believes in a purposeless life, trades pollution for money, and treats animals as lifeless robots.
*SiO* Motion- Blind or Not:

"The fact that we reject the interference of other forces in living things, depends entirely on the limitations of our senses. We use, instead, the same organs for our observations of both animate and inanimate nature; and these organs can receive manifestations of only a limited realm of motion..."

Official science sees in motion simply a blind, unreasoning force or law; Occultism, tracing motion to its origin, identifies it with the Universal Deity, and calls this eternal ceaseless motion- the ‘Great Breath'.

Scientific Misunderstanding of Medicine

*DEVF1* Scientific Understanding of Disease Based on Nonsense:

For many centuries the structure of the Roman Catholic church held [Western] civilization together, and gave it is meaning and its precepts. Those meanings and precepts flowed through the entire society, and served as the basis for all of the established modes of knowledge, commerce, medicine, science, and so forth.

The beliefs of those times structured individual human living, so that the most private events of personal lives were interpreted to mean thus and so, as were of course the events of nations, plants, and animals...

Illness was suffered, was sent by God to purge the soul, to cleanse the body, to punish the sinner...

Some other civilizations have believed that illness was sent by demons or evil spirits, and that the world was full of good and bad spirits... In man's history there have been all kinds of incantations, meant to mollify the evil spirits that man believed were real in fact and in religious truth.

It is easy enough to look at those belief structures and shrug your shoulders, wondering at man's distorted views of reality. The entire scientific view of illness, however, is quite as distorted. It is as laboriously conceived and interwound with "nonsense." It is about as factual as the "fact" that God sends illness as punishment, or that illness is the unwanted gift of mischievous demons...

Your beliefs become self-evident realities... Ideas are transmitted from generation to generation- and those ideas are the carriers of all of your reality, its joys and its agonies. Science, however, is all in all a poor healer...

In a universe formed by chance, with the survival of the fittest as the main rule of good behavior, illness became a kind of crime against a species itself. It meant you were unfit...

The "new" Freudian ideas of the unsavory unconscious led further to a new dilemma, for it was then- as it is now- widely believed that as the result of experiences in infancy the subconscious, or unconscious, might very well sabotage the best interests of the conscious personality, and trick it into illness and disaster.

In a way, that concept puts a psychological devil in place of the metaphysical one. If life itself is seen scientifically as having no real meaning, then suffering, of course, must also be seen as meaningless...

You consider certain subjects taboo. Thoughts of death and suffering are among those. In a species geared above all to the survival of the fittest, and the competition among species, then any touch of suffering or pain, or thoughts of death, become dishonorable, biologically shameful... Life is to be pursued at all costs- not because it is innately meaningful, but because it is the only game going...

In that framework, even the emotions of love and exaltation are seen as no more than the erratic activity of neurons firing, or of chemicals reacting to chemicals. Those beliefs alone bring on suffering. All of science, in your time, has been set up to promote beliefs that run in direct contradiction to the knowledge of man's heart. Science has, you have noted, denied emotional truth... It has believed so firmly that knowledge can only be acquired from the outside, from observing the exterior of nature.

*BMS* Neuroscience Doesn't See Its Limits:

"The neurosciences have lately been admirably successful and useful- except in seeing the limitations of their reach: that part of us which transcends physiological functioning." -Karlis Osis

Unscientific Materialist Denial of Spiritual Things

Script: Establishments protect themselves against change. Where the church attempted to take away and control spiritual experience, science attempted the same with scientific explanation.
Script: Materialism is fighting a holy war on open scientific investigation. And what a backwards belief system- the world today is filled with unseen forces operating our electronics, beaming signals from broadcasting towers and satellites to our TVs and radios. Materialism specifically attacks the idea of a soul. It is a backlash against the horrors of the Church, and as a backlash is wholly appropriate, but there is no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Just because one company makes bad cars doesn't means all cars are inherently bad.
*BtC* Flat-Out Denial:

A number of years ago the ability of Margaret Foos to read any printed material while she was completely blindfolded was demonstrated many times in this country. She and her cousin were evaluated at a hospital in Washington, D.C. An excellent demonstration of her ability and her cousin's ability was given. Those present were of a divided opinion as to how to evaluate such amazing feats. Doctors and psychiatrists finally decided that in spite of repeated demonstrations it just had to be impossible.

*CtL* Science Ignores Visions:

Science has not disproven the validity of these visions; rather it has simply ignored them.

*WANF* Absolutist Skeptics:

To hear skeptics tell it, no scientific endeavor has been marred by error. How absurd. To extend that ridiculous assertion and claim that nothing George does is valid unless he is 100-percent accurate sets a standard for judging psychic phenomena far more stringent and inflexible than applied to anything else. Certainly this all-or-nothing standard isn't used to measure success in medicine, the space program, or quantum physics.

*WANF* Fanatic Disbelief:

For the majority of skeptics, the refusal to believe in a world beyond the unseen borders on fanaticism.

*TDA* Skepticism:

Skepticism is a natural and healthy exercise of human consciousness, but it can also mislead and deafen us when not exercised intelligently. Just as skepticism is not synonymous with intelligence, science is not synonymous with truth... "Faith" is the true engine of science, skepticism merely the brakes. The "scientific method" does not produce scientific breakthroughs, it merely verifies them after trying its best to discredit them.

Even in its purest form- as a means to evaluate knowledge- skepticism is mere negativity. That's okay if it is exercised intelligently and with a desire to learn the truth. It is not okay if the skeptical attitude is merely a mask worn by a closed mind trying to hide from truth.


Dr. Peebles: "It's a desire, a plea, in times of desperation, to maintain control; and the fear of falling in love is one of losing control and then finding oneself alone again through rejection."

*TYSD* Science Cant Say No:

Science has no business to say ‘wrong' when it merely means ‘different.'

*SiO* With Truth As Goal, No Prejudices or Bias Should Appear (Mat vs Spir):

What should one dread when fact and truth are one's only aim?.. If Theosophy and Spiritualism are no better than ‘gigantic fraud and will-o'-the wisps of the age' why such expensive crusades against both? And if they are not, why should Agnostics and searchers after truth in general, help bigoted and narrow-minded materialists, sectarians and dogmatists to hide our light under a bushel by mere brutal force and usurped authority?... ‘We welcome no supposition so eagerly as one which accords with and intensifies our own prejudices' says, in Don Jesualdo, a popular author.

*DEVF2* Science's Fear of the Unknown:

The unknown is more feared by science than it ever was by religion.

Religion was hampered- and is- by its own interpretation of good and evil, but it did not deny the existence of other versions of consciousness, or differing kinds of psychological activity and life.

*DEVF2* Scientific Taboos:

Your present beliefs limit the full and free operation of your intellects, as far as your established fields of knowledge are concerned, for science has placed so many taboos, limiting the areas of free intellectual inquiry.

*CtL* The West Officially Denies Death:

Virtually all primitive societies believed in survival after death.

In fact, it has only been in the last two hundred years (and then primarily in Western civilization) that the belief in a hereafter has been abandoned as "unscientific." ...When science turns its spotlight on life after death, it is usually trying to debunk it.

...Why does the medical establishment assume that NDEs are hallucinations?

Today we ignore death.

*Chaos* Resistance to New Ideas:

Every scientist who turned to chaos early had a story to tell of discouragement or open hostility. Graduate students were warned that their careers could be jeopardized if they wrote theses in an untested discipline, in which their advisors had no expertise. A particle physicist, hearing about this new mathematics, might begin playing with it on his own, thinking it was a beautiful thing, both beautiful and hard- but would feel that he could never tell his colleagues about it...

Shallow ideas can be assimilated; ideas that require people to reorganize this picture of the world provoke hostility.


Uncomprehension; resistance; anger; acceptance... To Ford, the presence of chaos in the Duffing equation was a curious fact- just one of those things he knew to be true, although several years passed before it was publishes in Physical Review Letters...

"When I said that? Jee-sus Christ, the audience began to bounce up and down. It was, ‘My daddy played with the Duffing equation, and my granddaddy played with the Duffing equation, and nobody seen anything like what you're talking about.' You would really run across resistance to the notion that nature is complicated. What I didn't understand was the hostility."

*CBAP* Skeptics Must Come Up With A Better Explanation:

F. W. H. Myers said, "Scientific caution and humility are not enough. A certain boldness also is required, a readiness to grasp a vast range of converging evidence, each of which, standing alone, can lead us nowhere."

Any who reject our hypotheses, which manifestly embrace and explain all the facts, are in honor bound to advance better hypotheses- and show, specifically and in detail, that they perform that task satisfactorily.

*CBAP* Foolish Skepticism:

Sir William Barett: "Whatever the humblest men affirm from their own experiences is always worth listening to, but what even the cleverest of man, in their ignorance, deny, is never worth a moment's attention."

*CBAP* Appeals to Imagination By Skeptics Aren't Scientific:

Some medical men (and others) state that all the "doubles" that people have claimed to have seen are purely imaginary. But this sort of hypothesis is neither scientific nor logical: No one can- or ever will- "prove" beyond a peradventure that any single "double" was actually imagined; much less can anyone "prove" that all "doubles" were imaginary.

*CBAP* The Burden Of Proof on the Skeptics:

[Professor Hornell Hart, the Director of the International Project for Research in ESP Projection's] last article, "Scientific Survival Research," represents what he described to me as "the most important article I ever published."... Hart's conclusions were as follows: 1. The survival hypothesis has been tested, in terms of analysis of abundant, evidentially supported cases which have been reinforced by experimental findings. 2. Survival is found to consist in the permanent projection of the psychic body from the biological body. 3. The nature of the earthly stages of life after death can be understood, to a considerable extent, in terms of out-of-the-body experiences of temporarily projected persons. 4. The fact of survival is reinforced by multiple independent, but reciprocally confirming reports of encounters between temporarily and permanently projected Soul Bodies. 5. It is generally agreed, among the more thoughtful psychical researchers, that negative propositions (such as denial of the above conclusions would involve) would need to be supported by evidence as sound and detailed as the skeptics require for the support of positive propositions."

*BMS* The Religious War on Parapsychology:

There is so much emotionally intense opposition to parapsychological findings from the defenders of scientism against what they treat as heresy.

*BMS* Critics Don't Even Read the Literature:

As you know, the scientific establishment in general pays no attention to the findings of parapsychology... Since scientism functions as a dogmatic, closed religion, part of the implicit education of scientists is the occasional disparaging remark about what nonsense parapsychology is... Many of the most outspoken pseudo-critics of parapsychology are insulted if you ask them to read the literature: why should they waste their time on what they know is nonsense?

This kind of obstinate closed-mindedness is often found in religion... What is needed is not mindless resistance and orthodoxy in any area of knowledge, but open-minded investigation.

Script: And not just spiritual things- anything that isnt machine-detectable.
*VS-MM* The Life Cycle of Revolutions:

When Lister, back in the 1800s, showed that it was a good idea to actually clean and sterilize instruments used in surgery, it was mostly the young surgeons who were the believers in these invisible germs. It took thirty years and the older generation retiring before sterile procedures became routine in the operating room.

*C&HEF* Narrow-Minded Science:

Scientists have held that it lies outside the province of their discipline to investigate claims that it is possible to perceive states of matter subtler than the physical. For this reason, the painstaking work of J.B. Rhine in the field of telepathy and clairvoyance had little impact upon the scientific community.

*LWK* The Stuckness of the Normal Mind:

I wonder at the inability of the mass mind to move out even an inch beyond the accustomed rut.

*OC* The Unscientific Bias:

Serious enquiry as to whether one is in the presence of a demon is considered by mainstream psychiatry as unscientific on the basis of ideological prejudice, not science. The reductionist, atheistic bias of modern psychiatry which dismisses the reality of demons is just that, reductionism. It is not science.

One of the key strategies of the mechanistic reductionist philosophy that dominates twentieth century medicine is to define the reductionist model of medicine as the medical model. Reductionism has claimed a monopoly, in effect, over medicine, and has borrowed the prestige of science to cloak itself in an aura of power, sobriety, and rationality.

This has nothing to do with true science, and everything to do with suppression of free scientific enquiry.

*HU* Scientists Have to Believe if They've Read The Studies:

"My experience with scientists is that if they've read the literature, they believe in reincarnation. The evidence is just so compelling, that intellectual assent is virtually natural."

*ET* Scientific Foolishness:

The fourth dimension is sometimes referred to as the astral plane. This dimension has fallen out of favor with the thinking of scientific materialism and has been reduced to the ranks of a primitive, superstitious belief- a belief that permeated human myth until you all smartened up and dismissed it. You may be suprised to learn that the truth does not require your belief in it in order to function.

*CPL* A Question Against Bias:

"What evidence, if you had it, would convince you of reincarnation?" (Stevenson, Children Who Remember, p.138)

*VS* The Stupidity of Biased Science:

(NOTE: HEAR, HEAR!) "Precious time and resources are being spent, and possible wasted on the ‘Science vs. NDE' debate." -Maggie Callanan, v.XVII, n.2

*AW* Biased Reality:

Our dividing of worlds into ‘real' and ‘not real' is biased by survival needs.

*EtS-WH* There Can Be No Scientific Denial:

Most scientists would claim that there is no satisfactory scientific evidence to support the hypothesis of the continuation of personhood through the transition called death. It is essential to recognize that science in its present form is not in a position to deny the possibility. That is because the present epistemology (way of knowing, "rules of evidence") of Western science rules out any consideration of consciousness as a causal reality.

*WAT* A Narrow View:

You ask the embryo why he, or she, stays cooped up

in the dark with eyes closed.

Listen to the answer.

There is no "other world."

I only know what I've experienced.

You must be hallucinating.

*PotL* The Common Love of Normality, Seeing Spiritual Sickness Only:

The easy way in which our forefather would speak of "our mortal and immortal parts" is hard to imitate in face of the accumulating testimony to the existence of the one element in us, and the evanescence of the other. The lives of lunatics are found to have more lessons for us than the lives of saints. For these thinkers know well that man can fall below himself; but that he can rise above himself they can believe no more. A corresponding ideal is gradually created; an ideal of mere sanity and normality, which gets to look on any excessive emotion or fixed idea, any departure from a balanced practicality, with distrust or disfavor, and sometimes classes genius itself as a neurosis.

It might well seem that, in abandoning the belief in any spiritual or permanent element in man, it were wise to abandon also that intensity of the affections which is ill-adapted to bonds so perishable and insecure.

The Further Failings of Science

*ET* Science Sold Out:

[Sciences] have been bought off by the industries that control their funding. These industries have a vested interest in not developing anything that would liberate this planet from economic slavery. Therefore, they have created a parity program that is actually paying scientists not to discover anything that might overthrow the current system.

*D&IS* Science & Religion:

Albert Einstein said, "Science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind."

Script: Psychology can only discover correlations, such as between aggression and TV violence. But which is the cause? And what if there are multiple causes? Or both are effects? Psychology cannot tell you. Crime goes up with police reform. Why? Better record-keeping.

Scientifically Proven Psi

Script: Would you be surprised to know that evolution and the big bang are mere theories while telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition and psychokinesis are scientifically proven? This is a scientific fact. Do you resist it? You may be a dogmatic materialist. Ask yourself this- if science proved reincarnation, would you believe it? If science proved the existence of invisible energy dinosaurs that influence our emotions, would you believe it? If not, you are not a believer in science, you are a dogmatic religion-materialist.
*BMS* Psi Is Proven:

As people who have been taught to respect science, we have to know that we have very sound scientific data, well over 1,300 experiments, that show that the human mind can do things that a human brain cant conceivably do.

*BMS* Four Psi Are Proven:

"It is remarkable that science, itself, using its own methods, has validated the reality of the four major psychic phenomena. Instances of telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and psychokinesis have been verified repeatedly in thoughtful laboratory research projects. Further, such abilities are not rare, but seem to be widely distributed among the population." -William Braud

*BMS* Four Proven Psi Phenomena:

Four basic kinds of psi phenomena, as they are now generally called, have been established beyond what I consider any reasonable doubt. The procedure I sketched above would be called telepathy, where the agent intends to "send" information to the percipient. With a clairvoyance procedure, the percipient must directly get the information from some material object in a distant or shielded place; they are not currently known to anyone who might act as a sender. For a precognition procedure, the percipient would be asked to describe some target material which does not yet exist, but whose order will be determined at some future date as a result of a randomizing process. These three forms of psi are generally called extrasensory perception (ESP).

The fourth form of psi, psychokinesis (PK), involves the direct influence of the mind on matter without the normal intervention of our muscles or other physical apparatus.

*BMS* An Easy Psi Experiment:

This is the ganzfeld method. Ganzfeld is German for a uniform, featureless visual field. You tape halved ping pong balls over the receiver's eyes and shine a light on them. The receiver sees a featureless field, but soon begins to project his or her own visual imagery on this field and describes it aloud. Meanwhile a "sender" in a distant room looks at a randomly selected picture and tries to telepathically send it to the receiver...

Thorough analyses and metanalyses (See Bem and Honorton, 1994, for a review) have shown that some form of psi occurs with fair regularity in ganzfeld studies.

*BMS* Psi Proven With Quantum Random Generators:

Precognitively and clairvoyantly detected events have also included the outcomes of events based on quantum mechanical random event generators.

*C* It's Been Proven Hundreds of Times:

I know that there are still many men in the world who are so far behind the times as to deny the existence of such powers, just as there are still villagers who have never seen a railway train. I have neither time nor space to argue with such invincible ignorance; I can only refer enquirers to my book on Clairvoyance, or to scores of books by other authors on the same subject. The whole case has been proved hundreds of times, and no one who is capable of weighing the value of evidence can any longer be in doubt.

*PotL* Odds of Simple Coincidence of These Investigations:

The probability that the observed total of successes have resulted from some other agency than pure chance 999, 999, 999, 999, 999, 999, 999, 999, 98.

*BMS* Psi Data Prove Interconnectedness:

"Parapsychological phenomena are no more spiritual than any other phenomena in themselves, but there is an implication of the paranormal that is profound: the data of parapsychology provide evidence for the view that there is a connectedness to all things, and that this relatedness is natural, not a result of human effort... If psi indirectly suggests that all aspects of the cosmos are intimately interrelated and I am a significant part of this unity, then spiritual meaning can be developed out of this view." -Hoyt Edge

The Unproven Yet Accepted Theories of Science

*DEVF1* The Proof is Better For Reincarnation Than Black Holes:

There is far more evidence for reincarnation and life after death than there is, for example, for the existence of black holes. Few people have seen a black hole, to make the most generous statement possible, (NOTE: black holes can only be suggested) while countless people have had private reincarnational experiences, or encounters that suggest the survival of the personality beyond death.

*DEVF1* Science's Theories Are Not Proven, Go Against Inner Knowing:

Science cannot prove its version of the [universe's] origin either. It only sets up a hypothesis, which collects about it all data that agree, and again ignored what does not fit. Moreover, science's thesis meets with no answering affirmation in the human heart- and in fact arouses the deepest antipathy, for in his heart man well knows his own worth, and realizes that his own consciousness is no accident...

There is furthermore a deep, subjective immaculately knowledgeable standard within man's consciousness by which he ultimately judges all of the theories and the beliefs of his time, and even if his intellect is momentarily swamped by ignoble doctrines, still that point of integrity within him is never fooled.

*ANMU* Evolution is a Hypothesis Only:

Keeping strictly to facts, it is possible to accept evolution based on selection, adaptation and elimination only in the sense of "preservation of species," because only this can be observed. In reality the appearance of new species, their formation and transition from lower forms to higher, have never been observed anywhere. Evolution in the sense of "development" of species has always been only a hypothesis, which became a theory simply through misunderstanding.

*HU* The Need For Science to Lose its Unprofessional Prejudice:

The Institute of Noetic Sciences and a former senior social scientist at Stanford Research Institute International, feels this acceptance is crucial not only to science, but to the survival of human civilization.

The idea that the universe began in a single, primordial explosion, or Big Bang, is accepted without question by most scientists. And, this is odd because, although there are compelling reasons to believe that this is true, no one has ever proved that it is true. On the other hand, if a near-death psychologist were to state flatly that the realm of light NDEers travel to during their experiences is an actual other level of reality, the psychologist would be attacked for making a statement that cannot be proved. Science already accepts what is probably about very important matters if those matters fall into the category of "fashionable things to believe."

Present Disciplines Dont Explain

*UR2* Our Great Reality is Yet Unexplained:

When I am finished, I hope you will discover that the known reality is even more precious, more ‘real,' because you will find it illuminated both within and without by the rich fabric of an ‘unknown' reality now seen emerging from the most intimate portions of daily life...

Your psychologies do not explain your own reality to you. They cannot contain your experience. Your religions do not explain your greater reality, and your sciences have you just as ignorant about the nature of the universe in which you dwell.

These institutions and disciplines are composed of individuals, each restrained by limiting ideas about their own private reality; and so it is with private reality that we will begin and always return.

*ANMU* The Falling Short of Religion, Art, Science, and Philosophy:

Philosophy and science are intellectual ways; religion and art, emotional ways...

Religion, philosophy, science and art represent similar, equivalent, and equally imperfect ways of seeking truth...

Religion is founded on revelation...

When we find... that religion is centuries, or even, as happens in many cases, thousands of years behind science and philosophy, the main inference is that it is not religion, but only pseudo-religion, the withered corpse of what once was or may have been religion... (NOTE: Which is inevitable when the doors to spiritual experience are closed by the church for control)

Philosophy is based on speculation, on logic, on thought, on the synthesis of what we know and on the analysis of what we do not know... Philosophy is nothing but self-satisfied dialectic surrounding itself with an impenetrable barrier of terminology unintelligible to the uninitiated and solving for itself all the problems of the universe without any possibility of proving these explanations or making them intelligible to ordinary mortals. (NOTE: That's a bit harsh, but I see where he's coming from?)

Science is based on experiment and observation. It must know no fear, must have no dogmas, must create no "taboo" for itself. But contemporary science, by the mere fact of having set up for itself a definite "taboo," has become an accidental and unreliable instrument of thought. The constant feeling of this "taboo" compels it to shut its eyes to a whole series of inexplicable and unintelligible phenomena, deprives it of wholeness and unity...

Art is based on emotional understanding... Art is a definite way of knowledge... An art which does not reveal mysteries, which does not lead to the sphere of the Unknown, does not yield new knowledge, is a parody of art, and still more often it is not even a parody, but simply a commerce or an industry.

Pseudo-religion, pseudo-philosophy, pseudo-science and pseudo-art are practically all that we know. We are fed on substitutes.

*HU* The Shortsightedness of "Science":

"There is at present little doubt in my mind that our current understanding of the universe, of the nature of reality, and particularly of human beings, is superficial, incorrect, and incomplete."


*PAP* The Ignorance of Science:

The simplicity of the cosmic constitution unfortunately also shows us the depths of our ignorance. It demonstrates without comment the poverty, the intellectual feebleness of all those so-called thinkers who, from century to century, encumber our literary output, by reciting, like parrots, the same inanities in a form updated to the mentality of the time.

Scientific Mystics, Scientific Revolutions

Script: Those that push the frontiers of science forward possess the same qualities as mystics and all great men- an ability to break outside the current bounds of thoughts, a mystical sense of unity with living things, creativity and courage. The problems come when followers act as leaders and attempt to enforce the status quo. This creates an environment in which it is difficult to move forward. Our society doesnt reward brilliance. When the great discoveries are made, they are in private, by poor, humble people who believe in themselves.
Script: The world will finally come to accept the existence of the greater world when a scientist is able to bring it to their eyes, and that scientist will be celebrated as the discoverer of these greater worlds, even though they have been spoken of through history.
*ABTM* Scientific Mystics:

Einstein and his colleagues were united by a mystical reverence for their discoveries. Niels Bohr compared the wave aspect of matter to cosmic mind; Erwin Schrodinger ended his life believing that the universe was itself a living mind (echoing Isaac Newton, who maintained that gravity and all other forces were thoughts in the mind of God). (NOTE: The great scientists are all mystics!)

*Chaos* Scientific Revolutions Begun By Scientific Mystics:

Kuhn's notions of how scientists work and how revolutions occur drew as much hostility as admiration when he first published them... He pushed a sharp needle into the traditional view that science progresses by the accretion of knowledge, each discovery adding to the last, and that new theories emerge when new experimental facts require them. He deflated the view of science as an orderly process of asking questions and finding their answers. He emphasized a contrast between the bulk of what scientists do, working on legitimate, well-understood problems within their disciplines, and the exceptional, unorthodox work that creates revolutions...

"Under normal conditions the research scientist is not an innovator but a solver of puzzles, and the puzzles upon which he concentrates are just those which he believes can be both stated and solved within the existing scientific tradition," Kuhn wrote.


When a discovery is made, when an idea is expressed, it is assumed to become the common property of the scientific world...

That view of science works best when a well-defined discipline awaits the resolution of a well-defined problem... But the history of ideas is not always so neat.

*SiO* Science Resisting the New:

The greatest discoveries of modern science are due to the imaginative faculty of the discoverers. But when has anything new been postulated, when a theory clashing with and contradicting a comfortably settles predecessor put forth, without orthodox science first sitting on it, and tying to crush it out of existence?

*TBD* Buddhist Mind-Scientist Heroes:

Vidyadhara in Sanskrit literally means "knowledge-holder," and is translated here as Hero Scientist. They are the mind-scientists of ancient India and Tibet. They do not wear white coats and their laboratories are in the inner realms, accessed through the mastery of the mind and its faculties. But they have been quintessential scientists of that nonmaterialist civilization.

*GHL* The Ideal Mystical Scientist:

"‘The ideal chemist of the future,' said Carver, ‘will not be satisfied with humdrum day-to-day analysis, but is one who dares to think and work with an independence not permissible heretofore, unfolding before our eyes a veritable mystic maze of new and useful products from material almost or quite beneath our feet and now considered of little or no value.'" -Peter Tomkins & Christopher Bird

*SiO* Discrediting Brings Attention:

Such topics as Mysticism, Magic, Sorcery, Spiritualism, Theosophy, Mesmerism, or, as it is now called, Hypnotism, all the various branches in short of the Occult side of nature, are becoming predominant in every kind of literature. They visibly increase in proportion to the efforts made to discredit the movements.

*BMS* Science Working With Spirituality:

Genuine science, as opposed to scientism, can both help and be inspired by genuine spirituality...

For a long time I felt little conflict between my growing knowledge of religion and science. I, as I learned many early scientists had done, accepted God as Creator and saw science as an exciting opportunity to reveal the wonders of creation. Indeed, science was (and still is to me) a noble quest, based on dedicated, disciplined, and basically spiritual commitment to discover and serve Truth at all costs and on a humility where you admit to and refine your wrong opinions and failed experiments...

Genuine science was (and still is) a quite noble and spiritual process, having arisen from beliefs that a search for better knowledge about the world, for Truth, could reduce the suffering and increase the happiness of humanity. Absolute honesty and dedication were necessary qualities to be a scientist, and you accepted what the universe, Reality, taught you through the factual results of your experiments, even if they weren't what you had hoped to find.

*HU* Listen to Fact, No Scientific Bias:

"Sit down before fact like a little child, and be prepared to give up every preconceived notion, follow humbly wherever and to whatever abyss Nature leads, or you shall learn nothing."

T.H. Huxley

*HU* The Secret Psychologist Believers:

Brian Weiss, chairman of psychology at Mount Sanaii Medical Center, has been deluged with letters and telephone calls from psychiatrists who say that they, too, are secret believers. "I think that is just the tip of the iceberg," says Weiss. "There are psychiatrists who write me they've been doing regression therapy for ten to twenty years, in the privacy of their office, and ‘please don't tell anyone, but…' Many are receptive to it, but they won't admit it." (NOTE: Look at the fear there is! The current paradigm is so dominating tha tpeople fear breaking out.)

*HU* More Trailblazers!:

We need more trailblazers like Weiss and Whitton (and the myriad other courageous researchers whose work has been discussed in this book) to go public with their private beliefs and discoveries.

*HU* What Constitutes Scientific Evidence:

Another feature that must be a part of the restructuring of science is a broadening of the definition of what constitutes scientific evidence. Psychic and spiritual phenomena have played a significant role in human history and have helped shape some of the most fundamental aspects of our culture. But because they are not easy to rope in, and scrutinize in a laboratory setting, science has tended to ignore them.

Even worse, when they are studied, it is often the least important aspects of the phenomena that are isolated and catalogued. For instance, of the few discoveries regarding OBEs that is considered valid in a scientific sense, is that the brain waves change when an OBEer exits the body.

Stevenson believes it is better to learn what is probable about important matters than to be certain about trivial ones.

*HU* Enough Stale Scientific Objectivity!:

Most crucial of all, science must replace its enamorment with objectivity—the idea that the best way to study nature is to be detached, analytical, and dispassionately objective—with a more participatory approach. We can no longer pretend that we are separate from that which we are studying. In a holographic and omnijective universe, a universe in which all things are part of a seamless continuum, strict objectivity ceases to be possible. (NOTE: This is even unscientific since the wave/particle observer-centric nature of reality has been discovered)

It appears that hypnosis eliminates the interference caused by the conscious thoughts and beliefs of the test subjects, and helps produce "cleaner" results.

Scientists in turn, will see themselves less and less as observers and more and more as experiencers.

Instead of just observing what happened to the Conibo after they consumed the soul-vine ayahuasca, Harner imbibed the hallucinogen himself. By becoming a participant instead of just an observer, he was able to learn much more than ever could have by just sitting on the sidelines and taking notes.

Instead of just interviewing NDEers, OBEers, and other journeyers into the subtler realms, participatory scientists of the future may devise methods of traveling there themselves. Already lucid-dream researchers are exploring and reporting back on their own lucid-dream experiences.

Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences in the Blue Ridge Mountains and claims to have trained hundreds of individuals to make the same out-of-body journeys he has made.

*EtS-F* Alternate Freud:

Dr. Sigmund Freud himself became a member of The British Society for Psychical Research and was so impressed with the impeccable research methods and the extraordinary cases being investigated that he once stated, "If I had my life to live over again, I would devote it to psychical research instead of psychoanalysis."

*UR* Studying By Identification With That Which Is Being Studied:

There are also other important ways that could be used to study the nature of reality. One includes identification with, rather than separation from, that which is being studied.

The man Einstein came closest perhaps in this regard, for he was able to quite naturally identify himself with various "functions" of the universe. He was able to listen to the inner voice of matter. He leaned against time, and felt it give and wobble.

You often use tools, instruments, and paraphernalia. Studying your own conscious experience with time will teach you far more. Period.

In many cases your scientists seem to have the strange idea that you can understand a reality by destroying it; that you can perceive the life mechanism of an animal by killing it; or that you can examine a phenomenon best by separating yourself from it.

*UR* Art is a Science:

Art is a much a science, in the truest sense of the word, as biology is.

*UR* Science Free From Dogma:

It is no accident that greater discoveries are often made by "amateurs" – those who are relatively free from official dogmas, released from the pressure to get ahead in a given field – those whose creativity flows freely and naturally in those areas of their natural interest.

*UR* The End of Science As We Know It- Particles, Waves, & No Consciousness:

Your own science has led you to its logical conclusion.

The behavior of electrons will elude your technological knowledge – for in deepest terms what you will "perceive" will be a façade, an appearance or illusion.

As long as you think in terms of [subatomic] particles, you are basically off the track – or even when you think in terms of waves. The idea of interrelated fields comes closer, yet even here you are simply changing one kind of term for one like it. In all of these cases you are ignoring the reality of consciousness, and its gestalt formations and manifestations. Until you perceive the innate consciousness behind any "visible" or "invisible" manifestations. You put a definite barrier to your own knowledge.

Even in the so-called objective framework many "facts" are facts only within certain frequencies.

*D&IS* Transpersonal Science:

The theoretical repertoire for this investigation comes, in the main, from a new scientific orientation, one that has lost its specifically Western character, because it gives full recognition to the psychologies and philosophies of other cultures and strives to bring these into harmony with our modern knowledge. This new scientific orientation is known as Transpersonal Science.

Church & State

Script: Separation of Church and State isnt possible. How can we govern without values and beliefs? It isnt mosque and state, is it? The official , accepted religion or church of America is materialist science. Government bows to it in all its forms.
*FWG* Separation of Church and State:

Your political viewpoint is your spirituality, demonstrated...

The reason you may decide that Church and State should be separate is that Church means a particular point of view, a particular religious belief. You may have observed that when such beleifs inform your politics, you create great controversy and political strife...

If spirituality is really another word for life, then that which is spiritual is life affirming. To inject spiritualty into your politics, therefore, would be to make all political activities and all political decisions life affirming.



Absurdity of Accidental Evolution

*DEVF1* The Absurdity of Evolution:

How many reptiles tried for wings, for example, and failed, or could not fly- or how many millions of reptiles did it take, and how many trials, before the first triumphant bird flew above the landscape? How many fish died with only half-formed lungs, who were too far from the water's edge to dip again beneath the waves? Or how many fish flopped backward to the water, finding themselves in such an in-between stage that they could no longer live in the water nor breathe the air?

So in those terms, how many water dwellers died before the first mammal stood securely with fully completed lungs, breathing earth's early air? (NOTE: Archeology should reveal a nightmare of misshapen and half-evolved creatures. The 99.99% of random mutations that proved detrimental)

*ANMU* The Absurdity of "Accidental" Evolution Without a Plan:

If you examine an insect which resembles a green leaf, or a butterfly whose folded wings are like a withered leaf, or the insect which imitates a green twig with a leaf, you see in each of them not one feature which makes it similar to a plant, not two or three such features, but thousands of features, each of which, according to the old "scientific" theory, must have been formed separately, independently of others, for it is utterly impossible to suppose that one insect suddenly, "accidentally," became similar to a green leaf in all its details. "Accident" may be admitted in one direction, but it is quite impossible to admit it in a thousand directions at once... Science could not admit a "plan"... There remained only "accident"...

Those who invented "scientific" explanations of mimicry did not take into consideration the mathematical impossibility of this kind of "accidental" series of combinations and repetitions...

On the basis of this or a similar theory one might expect to find in some stratus of rock a typewriter, which has been formed naturally and is perfectly ready for use.

*VS-AG* Random Evolution is Mathematically Impossible:

Numerous scientists and mathematicians have, therefore, examined the probability that life could have spontaneously spring forth from some pre-biotic soup. The numbers that they have come up with or a single protein are on the order of one chance in ten raised to the 200th power. Mathematicians and other scientists define impossibility as 10 to the 50th power... Clearly the chance formation of a protein falls into the realm of impossibility... (NOTE: It's absurd, laughable hubris to even pretend they can know such numbers)

The astronomer, Chandra Wickramasinghe said: "The chances that life just occurred are about as unlikely as a typhoon blowing through a junk-yard and constructing a Boeing 747." Other calculations of a similar nature show that the time required for the chance formation of a single protein exceeds the entire life of the universe (from 10 to 20 billion years).

Assumption That Brain Causes Mind

*OwtL* The Evolution of Mind:

Washington Post (April, 1981), Sir John: "...If you look at the most modern texts on evolution, you find nothing about mind and consciousness. They assume that it just comes automatically with the development of the brain. But that's not an answer."

Symbiosis, Not Competition

*DEVF2* There is No Natural Competition:

There is no basic competition between species. When you think that there is, you are reading nature wrong.

*GHL* Symbiosis, Not Competition Rules Life:

"According to Darwin's theories, all organisms constantly compete with each other, and only the most fit, toughest, meanest, hardiest survive. But more and more biologists are discovering that the organisms with the best chance of survival are those that behave symbiotically with other organisms, not competitively. These new biologists consider symbiosis, not competition, as the epitome of biological interactions." -Pamela Kent Demers

Beliefs Caused by Evolution

*UR2* Beliefs Caused By Belief in Evolution:

The theory of evolution, as it is conventionally held, has caused unfortunate beliefs. For how can you look at yourselves with self-respect, with dignity or with joy, if you believe that you are the end product of forces in which the fittest survive?...

Are you physically composed of murderous cells, then, each spontaneously out to get the others? If so, your physical being is more miraculous a product than even I have ever told you!

Higher Evolution

*UR2* Evolution- Consciousness Evolving Form in All Directions:

Consciousness does, indeed, evolve form. Form does not evolve consciousness...

Life bursts apart in all directions as consciousness does. There is no one steady stream of progress. (NOTE: What is our silly land obsession? Why is that more evolved than living in the sea? What about land creatures evolving to live in the sea?)

*CWG3* Evolution is Directed, Not Automatic:

Most people think that "evolution" is a process which is simply "going on" -not a process which they are directing, according to certain principles.

Explosions of Evolution

*DEVF1* Probable Earths & Explosions of Evolution:

There are probable earths, of course, as real as your own. They coexist with your own, and they are all in one way or another connected. Each one carries hints and clues about the others. In the terms used by science, there was no evolution in linear terms, but vast explosions of consciousness, expansions of capacities, unfoldings on the parts of all species, and these still continue... (NOTE: Like the period they discovered in which tons of new forms appeared- in national geographic)

They represent intuitive leaps of new understandings. The pattern of animal behavior, for example, is not at all as set and finished as you suppose.


Mystical Science

Origins of Parapsychology,

Theosophy, Esoterism & Occultism

*SC* History of Parapsychology:

William James, the American psychologist, wrote about psychic phenomena; actually it was James himself who coined the term parapsychology.

*tSD* The Origins of Theosophy:

Theosophy, "Divine Wisdom, or the aggregate of the knowledge and wisdom that underlie the Universe," a word originally coined in the third century A.D. by the Neo-Platonists.

*tAW* Occultism is Based on Experience:

The occult teaching is not based merely on the principles laid down as "gospel" by the old occultists. Respect, yes! Great respect is paid to these old teachings, of course, but every advanced occultist knows that he must actually experience the manifestation of occult phenomena before he can positively pronounce the same to be an occult truth.

*tAW* The Purpose of Occultism:

Occultism does not deny the phenomena of modern western spiritualism- it merely seeks to explain its true nature.

*SiO* Helena Blavatsky & The Founding of the Theosophical Society:

"While still in her teens she set out, with only servants, to travel. During the years that followed she lived in Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Canada, crossed the United Stated in a covered wagon, proceeded to Central and South America, thence to India, Java and finally Tibet, where she spent a considerable time. On her return to Russia in 1856 she was still only a girl of twenty-five.

"After a few years she made another extensive tour of Asia and the Middle East, paying a second long visit to Tibet in 1868. She affirmed the popular belief held by occultists that Tibet was the domain of the Hidden Masters...

"In 1873 she went to New York and there, with the help of Colonel H.S. Olcott and William Q. Judge, in 1975 she founded the Theosophical Society. Its objects were to form a universal brotherhood, irrespective of sex, creed or colour, which would promote the study of comparative religion, philosophy and science, and investigate the powers latent in man together with the unexplained laws of nature.

"The publication of her Isis Unveiled in 1877 attracted world-wide attention and brought her permanent recognition as one of the greatest authorities ever known on the subject of occultism." -Dennis Wheatley

*SiO* Paracelsus:

Physician-Occultist, Paracelsus, the greatest Alchemist of the age.

*ND* The Messianic Expectancy in Theosophy:

Krishnamurti broke from the Theosophical Society in 1927-29, because of a Messianic expectancy he felt there.

*GHL* The Fundamental of Esoterism- Unity:

"The fundamental basis on which all esoteric philosophy rests is... unity, the recognition that the cosmos is one and we are all interconnected." -Shirley Nicholson

*GHL* Origin of Theosophy:

"Esoteric philosophy [is called] theosophy, one of its names since the time of Ammonius Saccas in the third century." -Shirley Nicholson

*BMS* Psychic Organizations Appear:

"Well-organized, systematic studies of apparitions started after the Society for Psychical Research (SPR) was founded in England in 1882. The SPR was soon joined in this quest by the American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR) and by smaller research groups and individual investigators in continental Europe. Scholarly journals were established to publish ongoing research as well as theoretical speculation and fierce debates. The basic idea of these efforts was to apply scientific method to data collection, evaluation, and interpretation of psychic phenomena- an area which nineteenth-century materialistic sciences had ignored up to that time." -Karlis Osis

*BMS* Parapsychology's Limits:

(NOTE: parapsychology seems to miss the big picture, attributing causes to odds and ends of experience.)

*BMS* Boring Para-Skeptics:

"I suggest we ignore the pseudo-skeptics, whose attitude toward the paranormal is as boring as it is biased. It's time to move on to more interesting things." -Michael Grosso

*BMS* Respectability of Parapsychology:

Scientific parapsychology, on the other hand, is a discipline over one hundred years old (counting its earlier form, psychical research) that has been much more restricted in scope but very careful in using the best kind of scientific methodology to solidly establish the reality and nature of some basic psi phenomena.

*BMS* The Society for Psychical Research:

In 1882 the Society for Psychical Research was formed in London.

New Science, New Tools

Script: Parapsychology uses the wrong tools- machines. The tools of physical science study machines We need psychics as the tools. Theosophy should be parapsychology's best friend.

Ideal Belief Systems

*BMS* Making Spirituality More Open:

"A practical parapsychology of god... would take the godlike out of the hands of fanatical monotheists of the imagination, whether scientific or religious, and place it back in the democratic world of the poetic imagination." -Michael Grosso

*BMS* Greek's Open Religion & Psychedelic Mysteries:

"Greek ‘religion' was free of dogma, sacred books and fixed theologies; an ongoing collective enterprise, where the divine, the nonlocal factor, appears in many forms and shapes, in epic mystery rites and philosophy. The Eleusinian Mysteries, for example, used psychedelics to induce an encounter with a near-deathlike Being of Light. Neither dogmatic nor compulsively precise, the ‘truth' of Greek ‘religion' and spirituality was poetic, experimental, and ever-evolving." -Michael Grosso

*BMS* Greek Gods:

"The Greeks talked of to theon- gender neuter- meaning "the godlike" or "the divine." To theon is power; it exists free from the constraints of time and space, a label for the archetypal powers of the universe." -Michael Grosso

*TYSD* The Optimism of Buddhism:

Buddhism offers such inspiring altruism and such limitless optimism as have never been surpassed, if equalled, in any of the philosophical or religious systems of the world (NOTE: Until the full truth came along)

*ER* Sufism:

"Islamic mysticism is known as Sufism... Every Muslim will meet God eventually, but Sufis want him stage center in this very life. This takes effort, and those who undertook it attracted followers who acknowledged them as their shaikhs, or masters." -Huston Smith

*ER* Dervishes:

"From this practice, the mevlevis came to be known as Whirling Dervishes, darvish being the Persian word for ‘poor,' which, when applied to members of Sufi Orders, took on the connotation of "poor in spirit," or humility." -Huston Smith


"Dervish literally means ‘doorway.'" -Coleman Barks

*ER* Rumi's Holiday:

"December 17 is celebrated each year as Rumi's Wedding Night, the night he died in 1273 and reached full union." -Coleman Barks

Belief Polls

*WANF* Belief in God & Heaven:

As a 1989 Newsweek poll found, 94 percent of Americans believe that God exists, and 77 percent believe in a heaven, or "the other side."

*TDA* Polls: Mysticism, Contact With Dead, Mystical Experience, & Supreme Beings:

Recent Gallup studies have shown that most forms of mysticism are on the rise and growing quickly among middle-class Americans. In that same vein, the University of Chicago's National Opinion Research Council recently released the results of an eleven-year study that shows that forty-two percent of American adults say they have been in touch with the dead. That same study produced the surprising suggestion that some twenty million of us have experienced profoundly mystical experiences, including healing... The Gallup studies reveal that fully ninety-four percent of Americans believe in a supreme being.

*SC* Scientist Believers:

A poll published in New Scientist on January 25, 1973, indicated that 25 percent of the scientists surveyed considered paranormal phenomena an established fact. Another 42 percent of them thought it was a likely possibility. Today's statistics show even higher percentages. (NOTE: Find out what)

Beyond Science & Materialism:

The Revaluation of Human Experience

Script: This brings up a good point. Science can help work with spirituality to a point, then our instruments are no longer any good. Then it is spiritual experience that must be our proof. To continue to believe that science must rest on instruments draws very definite lines at the edges of physical reality. Parapsychologists seem to become almost obsessive in their causation, opening up another world which is vast beyond their comprehension. And here we step into the realm of human experience. We must move beyond a science for machines. When the incredible numbers of people having mystical experiences show agreement, when the communications from beyond all work like clockwork together, then the burden of proof lies on those who would deny such existences and experiences. Science claims that the human being is faulty, that our perceptions cannot be trusted, and that machines can be. Psi says our influence stretches to machines.. So what is free of this wretched meddling human influence? Nothing. In this science is at heart wrong. You cannot extract the human from the data. And what good would that be anyway? To overcome bias, says science, but what bigger bias is there than the bias against people?
*BMS* The Limits of Science in Mystical Experience:

"The emphasis on verification has meant that psi researchers have almost completely ignored a large class of experiences- those in which the validity of extrasensory perceptions are not, in principle, verifiable. This can occur for two primary reasons: 1) Extrasensory perception may be directed toward realities that are not presently testable through empirical methods, or 2) Extrasensory perception may be inextricably intertwined with normal sensory perceptions." -Jeffrey Misholve

*BMS* Transcendence a Fact:

"The transcendental state of pure consciousness is not a rational presupposition or a logical abstraction. It is claimed to be a fact of mystical experience." -K. Ramakrishna Rao


Spirit Tech

Photographing Higher Frequencies

** Photographing Higher Impressions:

(NOTE: Why cant we fake a wider perspective of light through a camera and condense it into human vision ranges such that normal colors center on green (the middle) and red and purple would show extended ranges!)

*BtC* Thought-Photography:

["Mr. A"] felt sure that the camera was taking pictures, at a distance, of the internal organs of the body. In addition, he got a number of different types of pictures associated with mineral compounds. These pictures showed specific patterns to be associated with certain specific substances...

Nothing appeared on the film when someone else operated the camera... Actually I found that his camera was not a camera in the true sense. No light entered it and it had no lenses... magnetic fields and crystals also affected the pictures on the film. Eventually he discovered that when he concentrated on an object or an organ of the body a picture of the object or organ would appear on the film. When he thought of a certain chemical compound he got a characteristic pattern in the case of any given compound... (NOTE: find this!)

Two years later, to my surprise, I saw some of these pictures on exhibit at the Eastman Kodak Laboratories under the label "thought-photography"... I found that there are people who cannot handle film or work in film processing because for some strange reason they fog the film. So far no one knows why this happens.

*BtC* Photographing Thought-Forms:

Miss Ikuko, one of Professor Fukurai's sensitives, was... able to imprint a predetermined thoughtform on any particular photographic plate that might be designated in a stack of films. A number of his subjects could imprint images with varying degrees of success on a photographic plate simply by concentrated thought.

*VS-PK* Russia & Kirlian Photography:

Harry Oldfield is a science teacher who has become one of the most prominent men in England using Kirlian photography... It has been controversial since its discovery in Romania in the 1970's. Although it is not much discussed in the United States, it is quite popular in Russia and in Europe.

*VS-PK* PIP- 3D Kirlian Field Camera:

[Dr. Oldfield] has in the last few years been working with developing a three-dimensional view of energy fields through a different type of camera which he terms the PIP (Polycontrast Interface Photography). With that camera, he is able to show people their own energy fields, allowing them to see for themselves how their thoughts change their energy fields... His colleagues from Victoria, Canada, brought such a camera to the conference.

Materials Affecting Higher Frequencies

*CBAP* A Material That Senses Higher Bodies:

When some projected "doubles" were made, by Dr. H. Durville, to approach screens that were coated with calcium sulphide, the latter glowed with increased luminosity.

*BtC* A Special Aura- Seeing Dye:

[Kilner] began to experiment with dicyanine, a coal-tar dye. This dye had a definite effect upon the eyes, making the observer more able to perceive radiation in the ultraviolet band. Kilner placed a solution of the dye between two plates of glass and this apparatus was used as a viewing screen. As Kilner observed a human form through the dye solution he was able to clearly perceive a "human atmosphere" surrounding the person. It extended for some distance beyond the body and consisted of an inner and outer component.

The "inner atmosphere" which Kilner observed followed closely the contour of the body. The "outer field" extended a foot or more outward from the body and had an ovoid form.

Some individuals who worked with Kilner's screen were able to see these fields around the human form and others were not...

[Oscar Bagnall] improved the viewing screen by using a cheaper and more stable coal tar dye called pinacynol. He felt that the aura or haze around the human body became visible because the screen sensitized the eye to hyper-short waves.

*BtC* HSP-Inhibiting Material:

He had always been able to dowse for water...

I had been experimenting with some materials which seemed to inhibit types of HSP... "Doctor, it isn't my hands, it is my feet that I feel the energy coming through."... I had him stand on the materials, and to his utter amazement, his dowsing rod did not work. There was no effect at all... (NOTE: Find this material!)

The same material appeared to inhibit both girl's ability to read the pictures (with their skin)...

There may also be materials which could improve the performance of a sensitive. This remains to be seen.

ITC - Instrumental Transcommunication

Recording Spirit Voices

*CBtL* Shamanistic Spirit Summoning:

In 1901, US ethnologist Waldemar Bogras traveled to Siberia to visit a shaman of the Tchouktchi tribe. In a darkened room, he observed a spirit conjuring ritual. The shaman beat a drum more and more rapidly, putting himself in a trance state. Startled, Bogras heard strange voices filling the room. The voices seemed to come from all corners and spoke in English and Russian...

"This experiment was the first in which voices of ‘conjured spirits' were recorded in an electrical recording device.

*CBtL* The Priest's Recordings:

In the early 1950's in Italy, two Catholic priests, Father Ernetti and Father Gemelli, were collaborating on music research. Gemelli was President of the Papal Academy and Ernetti, an internationally respected scientist, physicist and philosopher, was also a music lover. They worked together in a physics lab with oscilloscopes, filter systems and other electronic gear in an effort to find ways to produce clearer singing voices.

For years, Father Gemelli had often silently called upon his deceased father for advice when he faced crisis situations...

Exasperated, Father Gemelli looked up and asked his father for help. To the two men's amazement, his father's voice, recorded on the magnetophone, answered: "Oh course I shall help you. I'm always with you."

...He made certain that the experiment did not go public until the last years of his life. It wasn't until 1990 that the results were published.

*CBtL* Edison's Attempt at ITC:

In the 1920's, Thomas Alva Edison... was busily at work in his laboratory constructing a machine to achieve spirit communication with the dead. Edison told the Scientific American:

"If we can evolve an instrument so delicate as to be affected, or moved, or manipulated by our personality as it survives in the next life, such an instrument, when made available, ought to record something."

...Unfortunately, Edison died before he could complete his invention. (NOTE: It may be wise to present the problem, the counterflow against the psychic as habit and ingrained materialist thought. It seems the all the geniuses of science and psychology beleived in the spiritual and made steps towards it.)

*CBtL* People's Response to ITC: "Duh":

In 1956, two California men, Attila von Szalay and Raymond Bayless, captured paranormal voices on audio tape... The announcement was virtually ignored in the US; neither the Society nor the authors received a single response from readers.

*CBtL* Jeurgenson's Recordings:

In 1959, the man who was to become a great pioneer in the recording of voice phenomena, Swedish film producer Friedrich Jeurgenson, captured voices on tapes while taping bird songs. He was startled when he played the tape back and heard a male voice say something about "bird voices in the night." Listening more intently to his tapes, he heard another voice, that of his deceased mother say in German: "Friedrich, you are being watched. Friedel, my little Friedel, can you hear me?"

...During the next four years, Jeurgenson continued to tape hundreds of paranormal voices. He played that tapes at an international press conference and in 1964 published a book in Swedish: Voices from the Universe and then another entitled Radio Contact with the Dead.

*CBtL* Leo Schmid's Recordings:

Reverend Father Leo Schmid, a Swiss theologist... has taped over ten thousand [voices].

*CBtL* EVP Is Accepted:

In 1970, the International Society for Catholic Parapsychologists held a conference in Austria and a major part of that conference was concerned with papers on voice phenomena. In Ireland and England many TV shows discussed the tapes. Investigators examined the evidence and concluded the tapes were genuine.

*CBtL* Raudive's Discoveries:

In 1967, Jeurgenson's Radio Contact with the Dead was translated into German, and Latvian psychologist Dr. Konstantin Raudive read it. Raudive was fascinated with the idea of contacting the dead, but he was skeptical. He decided to visit Jeurgenson to learn his methodology. Impressed, Raudive soon began developing his own experimental techniques. Like Jeurgenson, he, to, heard the voice of his own deceased mother, who called him by his boyhood name: "Kostulit, this is your mother."

Raudive conducted his experiments under strict laboratory conditions. He codified the principles and techniques relating to this new field, EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena).

*CBtL* The Carrier Sound:

It was Raudive who discovered that spirits needed white noise (a vibration) or carrier sound which they could modulate into voice patterns strong enough to be captured on tape. Now it was evident why Bogoras' shaman had used drum beats to provide the carrier sound!

Raudive found that the white noise between radio stations produced a rich spectrum of frequencies that spirit voices could manipulate into voices. His book, Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication with the Dead, revealed his startling research.

*CBtL* The Evolution of Voices:

Raudive's voices were different from human voices; they differed in pitch, amplification and intensity. The rhythm was irregular and had peculiar cadences.

*CBtL* The Radio Experiments:

In 1971, the chief engineers of Pye Records Ltd. decided to do a controlled experiment with Raudive. They invited him to their sound lab and installed special equipment to block out nay radio and television signals. They would not allow Raudive to touch any of the equipment.

Raudive used one tape recorder which was monitored by a control tape recorder. All he could do was speak into the microphone. The engineers taped Raudive's voice for eighteen minutes and none of the experimenters heard any other sounds. But when they played back the tape, to their amazement, over two hundred voices were heard and twenty-seven of them were clear enough to be played back over a loud speaker. The control monitor's tape was blank. What had happened was theoretically impossible!

Two observers, published Sir Robert Mayer and his wife, Lady Mayer, received messages from a deceased friend, Arthur Schnabel, who spoke in German to them. Other voices directly addressed Raudive as "Kosti" or "Koste," and Raudive's deceased sister said her name three times: "Tekle."

...Also in 1971, the English company Belling and Lee, Ltd. decided to conduct some experiments with Raudive at their Radio-Frequency-Screened Laboratory... Again, paranormal voices were recorded on factory fresh tape.

*CBtL* New ITC Developments:

In 1969... Swiss physicist Alex Schneider discovered that many of the spirit voices could not be heard by the human ear during recording, but they could be heard while playing back the tape. High frequency engineer Theodor Rudolf, an employee of the German communications company Telefunken, developed the "goniometer" and electronics engineer Franz Seidl developed the "psychophon," both sophisticated recording devices.

*CBtL* Meek & The Development of Spiricom:

Scottish researcher, Alexander Macra, studied hundreds of the Raudive voices and found that they lasted an average of 1.8 seconds...

Then, in the 1970's, a significant breakthrough occurred. Ironically, it occurred in the US where EVP had been virtually ignored. Retired industrialist George Meek and his wife Jeannette had been traveling around the world with teams of researchers to explore first hand spiritual healing, materialization, and other paranormal phenomena...

That was the beginning of an astonishing collaboration between dimensions: Doc Mueller and Doc Nick in spirit, helping Bill O'Neil on Earth design a new piece of electromagnetic equipment that would convert spirit voices into audible voices.

The project almost didn't get off the ground, however, because the O'Neils were broke and the many paranormal events in their home had left Bill shaken and unstable emotionally... However, George Meek, who had been helping the O'Neils out for four years, giving Bill an occasional check to continue his paranormal experiments, felt that Bill was really on to something...

Finally, on October 27, 1977, after several months of experimenting, the voice of Doc Nick came through on Spiricom. His voice could barely be heard through the heavy tones of the equipment, but after all the effort that had gone into the project, even this was a remarkable accomplishment...

By the fall of 1980, with the help of Doc Mueller (who had studied electronics during his life-time), Spiricom had advanced to the point where the spirit voice , although quite buzzy, was easily understandable.

On Easter Sunday in 1982, George Meek held a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC to announce the success of Spiricom- the Meek-O'Neil project had made contact with the mind of a NASA scientist who had died fourteen years earlier...

The Spiricom system allowed, for the first time in history, extended instrumental dialogue with the spiritual world.

*CBtL* Competition From Spirit Side When Descending to the Earth Realm:

Ironically, in the next few months there developed a competitive rivalry between Doc Mueller and Doc Nick as they helped develop a spirit communication machine, "Spiricom" The machine produced a set of tones and frequencies that spanned the range of the adult male voice. The rivalry puzzled Bill, for he'd assumed that once people made their transition to spirit, petty human emotions would disappear.

George Meek, who'd been doing experiments on his own for many years, assured Bill that such feelings were normal for beings operating at a "low level" of spirit- that is, at spiritual frequencies which exist near the physical world. George said that in order for Doc Nick and Doc Mueller to communicate with Bill, they needed to "descend," or "lower their frequency" to be near the Earth; and in so doing, they resumed many of their Earthly thought patterns, emotions and behaviors.

*CBtL* Old ITCers Working From the Other Side:

Amazingly, Friedrich Juergenson and Dr. Konstantin Raudive, the great pioneers of EVP, along with Klaus Schreiber... have died and are now coming across on television, computer, radio, telephone and fax.

*TDA* SpiritCom:

... via telephone hookup from Franklin, North Carolina, was George Meek, inventor of the "SpiritCom" and head of the Life Beyond Death Research Foundation.

*CBtL* How Contact is Made:

Scientists on the other side say that communication on the astral plane is telepathic...

Experimenters in ITC receive images, text and simulated voices from their spirit colleagues, who say they can "manufacture" voices reminiscent of their Earth voices by the use of apparatuses on their side of the veil. These apparatuses can "soak up" noise on Earth (such as the hiss between radio stations) and turn it into artificial voices.

ITC of this type is fairly new, having begun in the mid-1980s. Before that, in the 1950s, "the dead" began to make contact through audiotapes.

*CBtL* Raudive & Audio Communications:

One man, a Latvian psychologist named Konstantin Raudive, collected over seventy-five thousand of them. He presented his research in a book, Breakthrough... Raudive, using an ordinary tape recorder, would sit quietly along, address departed friends and loved ones, and ask them questions. Then he would let the tap recorder run in his laboratory for several hours, monitoring it. The dead answered his questions and explained that they could modulate sound waves with their thoughts to simulate voice patterns.

*CBtL* The Timestream Sending Station:

Timestream... says its facilities are located in the third plane of the astral world on a planet named Marduk.

Spirit workers describe Timestream, whose purpose is to communicated with Earth, as being the size of a large cathedral with very advanced video and sound equipment, so advanced that it has been having a hard time communicating with us because our equipment is so primitive.

The director of Timestream is a scientist, Swejen Salter, who reports that he was born, lived and died on the planet Varid, a parallel planet of Earth. Since her death in 1987 (approximate Earth time) she has been living on the astral planet, Marduk. She leads a small team of experimenters- among them Thomas Alva Edison, Marie Curie, Mernher von Braun, and Albert Einstein- all who are part of the large group of colleagues in the spirit group Timestream. The Timestream group is in daily contact with colleagues in sound labs in various countries. At present, those countries include the United States, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Sweden.

The Timestream research team also includes Konstantin Raudive (now deceased, but very much alive ont eh astral plane), as well as Friedrich Juergenson and Klaus Schreiber, both of whom when living on Earth were key researchers in spirit audio and video transmissions. Other members of the team are Dr. Konrad Lorenz, father of modern ethology; writers Sir Conan Doyle and Jules Verne; and explorer Sir Richard Francis Burton. Filmmakers George Cukor and Hal Roach provide film expertise to help with artistic considerations in television transmission.

*CBtL* A German EVP Association:

Hanna Buschbeck... founded the German Electronic Voice Association to track and document early paranormal sound research in Europe.

*CBtL* Rate of Telephone Contacts:

CETL in Luxembourg receives an average of three paranormal telephone calls per week.

*CBtL* The Technician- Higher Help:

When Maggy and Jules were just starting out in the summer of 1986, a high-pitched, mechanical sounding voice was received on an FM tuner and the entity identified himself as a higher being who had no name. "Call me Technician," he said. He gave Maggy and Jules instructions on how to modify the equipment at the Luxembourg lab for better reception. He had the memory of a computer and said he had never lived on Earth. But he was an important part of the research team on the other side.

*CBtL* First Communication from Marduk:

Ernst Mackes died on November 26, 1992. He was a good friend of Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach... When Maggy turned on her computer, on February 4, 1993, she found a message from Ernst...

"At the moment I am sitting here under a roof of exotic palm tree leaves. I am trying to focus my thoughts into a sort of typewriter which is sitting in front of me on the glass plate of a small bamboo table...

"I am here on Marduk and have finally found my beloved Margret [his deceased wife] again. When I arrived here I was understandably confused. Because of my illness, I could not immediately think or se clearly...

"Wounds and amputations take some time to heal and regenerate here. Old age reverts backwards. Every hour, one slowly feels a strength flow back into the body that was lost long ago...

"Above me is the light of our three suns. Temperatures are very moderate, and in the clear morning air numerous multicolored hummingbirds are buzzing around me. Butterflies of incredible beauty, some of them as large as soup plates, are flapping their wings and settle down on blossoms and plants.

"Before me is a refreshing glass of lemonade. In the distance the sunlight is reflecting in the River of Eternity which is visible behind a yellow sand beach." (NOTE: This is odd.. we could be talking about a different planet or about some local name for the astral plane they're on)

ITC With Images


In 1986, German experimenter Klaus Screiber received instructions on his tape recorder to turn on the TV. The result was a picture of his deceased daughter Karin...

Most notable among the new generation of ITC researchers are Maggy ad Jules Harsch-Fischbach of Luxembourg, Directors of CETL, the Sound Lab in Luxembourg whose work won the 1992 Swiss Award for Paranormal Discoveries.

*CBtL* Instrumental Transcommunication:

A new science is being born, the science of Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC). Today, using high-tech communication, the "dead" are now transmitting information to our scientists in pictures, text, and voice cia television screens, computers and telephones... The undisputed leaders of this new science of ITC [are] Jules and Maggy Harsh-Fischbach, who run the Transcommunication Study Circle of Luxembourg (CETL)...

Dozens of "dead scientists," including Thomas Alva Edison, Albert Einstein, Madame Curie, and their colleagues, are engaged in a project to communicate with the Earth.

*CBtL* Pictures on the Hard Drive:

On March 4, 1993, CETL received a scanned pictures of the now much younger Ernst on their computer. Spirit technicians at Timestream Space Lab, a superhigh-technology communications lab located in the spirit world, planted the scanned image on the computer's hard disk.

How To Use ITC

*CBtL* Equipment & Technique Needed:

Acquire one or two audio cassette recorders- one to be used to record paranormal voices, the other (optional) one to generate a source of noise which the spirit beings will modulate to create EVP voices. In addition to the tape recorder(s), you will need one microphone with a built-in preamplifier and perhaps an audio mixer (to amplify the microphone) and a set of headphones for concentrated listening...

It is best to use a separate microphone, even if the cassette recorder has a built-in mike, and it is best to have the external mike plugged into a mixer and the mixer into the recorder, position the microphone about five feet from the recorder. Turn the volume down low while you ask questions. Turn the volume up while you wait quietly for answers...

By experimenting in a quiet space, the EVP voices stand out clearly on tape, but often the spiritual being lacks the energy to make his messages loud enough to be noticed or long enough to be meaningful.

A noise source acts as "fuel" for the spiritual being's voice capability. He can modulate the sound energy in order to plant louder, longer messages on tape...

At first it is best to ask only two or three questions as it takes about an hour of listening for each five minutes of recording.

It is best to try to contact deceased loved ones and friends at first, because with your love you already have established a contact field with these people, and also because you know intimate details of their lives and can therefore assess the validity of the contact and the messages...

The best contacts are usually made in the wee hours of the morning- say two to four a.m. Since it is neither fun nor "normal" for most of us to be up at that time, the next best time to make contact is late evening, before bed.

*CBtL* What the Voices Sound Like:

Apparently it takes considerable effort and energy for our spiritside colleagues to give us EVP messages, so quite often the only message received is the name of the experimenter or the name of the being.

EVP voices rush by quickly and have an unusual timbre. They are often grammatically incorrect. The last syllable of a word may rise, giving the voice a sing-song quality. Sometimes the last syllables are dropped altogether as though energy has run out, making the message sound staccato.

The Necessary Contact Field

*CBtL* The Personal Contact Field:

As new equipment was developed and modified, longer picture sequences came through as well as pages and pages of computer text.

Through practical experience, however, CETL soon learned that the biggest obstacles to ITC contacts is not technical in nature. It involved the "energy field" that is created when two or more beings become aware of each other. This field is then strengthened when the beings start collaborating in a close psychic and spiritual rapport. CETL scientists call this a "contact field," and it doesn't matter how advanced the equipment or the level of expertise, real success cannot be achieved in ITC contacts until this contact field is firmly established across dimensions...

"Aggressive, fearful attitudes prevent the further development of good, noise-free, two-way voice communication with other dimensions."

...The CLARITY of transmission depends on the contact field, the thoughts of those receiving the transmission.

*BtC* Thought-Photography:

I tried experiments with four people who had no such effect on film along with a sensitive who did. We sat in a dark room with the sensitive, and I handed a sealed film to each individual present. Without unsealing the film each person held his film for four or five minutes. The films were then opened and immediately passed through the developing solution. On every occasion there was fogging of the film and usually recognizable objects on the films. I repeated this experiment many times. When the same four people went through the same procedure without the sensitive present, there was no effect on the film.

*CBtL* Our Own Energy:

When we are consumed by negative thoughts we draw lower, negative beings into our life... Positive thoughts are the product of our love, trust and appreciation, and these aspects of ourselves draw higher beings into our life...

Developing a strong, healthy contact field with spiritual beings "near" to you- deceased loved ones, deceased people whom you have always deeply admired- is the most important aspect of ITC...

People with strong telepathic skills, whether innate or developed, can generate strong contact fields.


K. Raudive: It can only work when the vibrations of those present are in complete harmony and when their aims and intentions are pure.

SQUID - Bioplasma Detection

*HoL* Machines Sensing Energy Fields:

They can now even measure electromagnetic fields around the body with a sensitive device called the SQUID (the superconducting quantum interference device). This device does not even touch the body when measuring the magnetic fields around it. Dr. Samuel Williamson of New York University states that the SQUID offers more information about the state of brain functioning than a normal EEG...

As early as 1939, Drs H. Burr and F. Nothrop at Yale University found that by measuring the energy field of a plant seed (which they termed the L, or Life-field), they could tell how healthy the plant grown from that seed would be...

In 1979, another scientist, Dr. Robert Becker of Upstate Medical School, Syracuse, New York, mapped a complex electrical field on the body which is shaped like the body and the central nervous system. He named this field the Direct Current Control System and found that it changes shape and strength with physiological and psychological changes...

Dr. Victor Inyushin at Kazakh University in Russia has done extensive research with the Human Energy Field since the 1950s. Using the results of these experiments, he suggests the existence of a "bioplasmic" energy field composed of ions, free protons and free electrons. Since this is a state distinct from the four known states of matter- solids, liquids, gases and plasma, Inyushin suggests that the bioplasmic energy field is a fifth state of matter. His observations showed the bioplasmic particles are constantly renewed by chemical processes in the cells and are in constant motion... Inyishin has found that a significant amount of this energy is radiated into space. Clouds of bioplasmic particles which have broken away from the organism, can be measured moving through the air.

Psychics Working with Scientists

*BtC* Sensitives Working With Scientists:

I have found that the sensitive profits greatly from the observations of the trained researcher. The sensitive is often too close to his gifts to observe and analyze them. The research expert can point out areas to be observed ad ask the questions which do not seem to occur to the sensitive...

Many times individuals with outstanding gifts have been ridiculed by families and friends and have endeavored to inhibit their abilities. Many people in responsible positions do not dare to admit they have such gifts. This is a loss to the individual and to society...

Is genius simply a designation for certain types of Higher Sense Perception?

Intuitive Science Fiction

*BtC* Science Fiction Prepares the Way:

Science-fiction is doing a good deal to prepare us for the phenomena of Higher Sense Perception.