The Foundations of Human Experience

The Collected Knowledge of Mystics, Science, & the World Religions

The Foundations of Human Experience

The Unity, Continuity, & Qualities of Consciousness • Love, Becoming, and Freedom • Opening Up To The Flow • Working With Higher Law • Directing, Choosing God's Will • Blocking & Distorting the Flow • Thinking Yourself the Source • Previous Impressions & Inner Senses • Belief in Good & Evil • General


Section 1: The Unity, Continuity, & Qualities of Consciousness

Infinite Varieties of Consciousness

*UR2* Varieties of Self-Awareness:

You like to think- again- that only your own species possesses an awareness of its own selfhood. There are different kinds of selfhood, and an infinite variety of ways to experience self-awareness.

*UR2* All Consciousness is Self-Aware:

Consciousness is always conscious of itself, and of its validity and integrity, and in those terms there is no unconsciousness

*UR2* Different Varieties of Consciousness, Not Degrees:

The fly is intensely conscious, at every moment engrossed in itself and its environment, precisely tuned to elements of which you are "unconscious." There are simply different kinds of consciousness, and you cannot basically compare one to the other any more than you can compare, say, a toad to a star to an apple to a thought to a woman to a child to a native to a suburbanite to a spider to a cat. They are varieties of consciousness, each focused upon its own view of reality, each containing experience that others exclude.

*DEVF2* All Consciousness is Unique:

All That Is endows each portion of its own transformed reality with a unique existence that is duplicated nowhere else, and each spark of consciousness is endowed with a divine heritage that is never extinguished- a spark that is apparent in all other corners of the universe.

*DEVF1* The Universal Perceptual Grid & Patterns Consciousness Takes:

The world as you know it exists as it does because you are yourself a living portion of a vast "conscious grid" of perception.

Every cell, in those terms, is a sender and a receiver...

No systems are closed, however, so that basically the living grid of perception that causes one world or reality is also "wired into" all other such systems. There is a give-and-take between them...

Your physical senses put you in a certain position within the entire grid. Animals, for example, while part of your experience, are also "tuned into" that grid at another level. The large classifications of mammals, fish, birds, men, reptiles, plants, and so forth, are [each] an integral part of that larger perceptive pattern- and that pattern in those terms had to be complete even in the beginning of your time...

In various periods that "gridwork" might "carry more traffic" along certain circuits than at other periods...

The large classifications of life give you the patterns into which consciousness forms itself, and because those patterns seem relatively stable it is easy to miss the fact that they are filled out, so to speak, in each moment with new energy. Man does not in his physical development pass through the stages supposedly followed by the hypothetical creature who left the water for the land to become a mammal.

*LWK* Texture of Consciousness:

The enormous gulf that exists between the mind of an imbecile and an intellectual is not so much due to the difference in the pattern of the brain as in the texture of consciousness.

*GHL* Consciousness as Autonomy:

Erich Jantsch biologist, wrote, "If consciousness is defined as the degree of autonomy a system gains in the dynamic relations with its environment, even the simplest... systems such as chemical... structures have a primitive form of consciousness."

*BDL* All is Energy, Influences from Other Levels:

S: All of the universe- including all of the planes of this universe and some of the other universes... all of it is energy of various intensity and different levels... The energies embodied in the various levels of creation, such as the rocks, trees and such are not necessarily lower or higher levels of energy, or no necessarily lower or higher planes. They're just different vibrations of energy or spirits, if you wish to call them that... Things that happen which seem inexplicable on your Earth happen because they're often influenced or caused by entities on these other energy levels. They can interact with your energy level...

If a strange series of what could be called "coincidences" had happened, it would be due to influences from these other energy levels.

*SS* Fragment Personalities as Children:

Many of us leave fragment personalities as you leave children.

*UR* Different Kinds of Consciousness, Species of Consciousness:

There are even now in your species a number of different consciousness; different in that the physical life-situation is qualitatively experienced in ways that are not native to you in your culture; different in the entire fabric of meaning, interpretation, experience, and life itself is "alien" to the kind of experience with which you are familiar. This does not mean that such differences occur as the result of cultural backgrounds or situations, for some such with your kind of consciousness exist in cultures where they are a minority.

Each group does possess a different relationship with the body, with nature, and with the world in general.

Even now in some "tribal societies," for example, while so-called individuality as you understand it is maintained, each self is also experienced as part of others in the tribe, and the natural environment.

Right now, in our time, all of the different kinds of consciousness that we might expand into are here with us… some of them appearing as pathological to us.

We consider anything that doesn't seem like usual consciousness to be pathological in one way or another. There are actually species of consciousness, but we don't recognize them as such.

Together the creatures and the earth worked out the kind of stability best suited for the particular kind of developments that were to emerge.

Different Intervals of Consciousness

*UR2* Different Consciousness, Different Subjective Time:

Other species of consciousness- of a different order entirely, and with a different rhythm of experience- would think of a life in your terms as a day, and have no trouble bridging that gap between apparent life, death, and new life.

Some individuals find themselves with memories of other lives, which are other days to the soul. Such persons then become aware of a greater consciousness reaching over those gaps...

In greater terms, all such lives happen at once. Your present neurological structure makes this seem impossible, yet your inner consciousness is not so impeded.

Consciousness Expressing on Different Levels

*EL* The Organs of Conscious & Subconscious Mind:

The cerebro-spinal system is the organ of conscious mind and the sympathetic is that of sub-conscious mind...

The "corpus callosum"... is the point of union between the subjective and objective, and as the current returns from the solar plexus to this point it is restored to the objective portion of the brain in a fresh form which it has acquired by the silent alchemy of the subjective mind.

*HoL* Consciousness Expressed on Different Levels:

On the physical level, consciousness takes the form of instinct, automatic reflexes and the automatic functioning of internal organs... At the etheric level, consciousness is expressed in terms of sensations like physical pleasure or pain... At the emotional level, consciousness is expressed in basic primal emotions and reactions like fear, anger and love... On the mental level, consciousness is expressed in terms of rational thinking...

On the astral level, consciousness is experienced as strong emotions that extend beyond the self and the other to encompass humanity. The astral plane, (is) an entirely different world...

The laws that govern the astral plane would be based on natural law governing a medium of finer substance, higher energy and faster vibrations...

On the spiritual plane there is yet another world with its own reality... On the fifth layer, the etheric template, consciousness expresses itself as higher will, with which we will things into being through the power of naming and defining them. On the celestial level, consciousness expresses itself as higher feelings like universal love... On the seventh level, consciousness is expressed in higher concepts of knowing...This is where the initial creative impulse begins from our knowing, not just linear knowing, but integrated knowing.

*CWG3* No Separation, But Differences in Soul Density:

There is no place where another soul "ends" and ours "begins"! Just like there is no place where the air in the living room "stops" and the air in the dining room "starts." It's all the same air. It's all the same soul!..

While there is no actual separation between souls, it is true that the stuff of which the One Soul is made manifests in physical reality at different speeds, producing different degrees of density... (NOTE: Holy shit! Moments!)

Yet there is a place where the "air of the living room" becomes less dense. That is, it dissipates, becomes "thinner." So, too, the "air of the dining room."

...Because the air has taken on different characteristics, it seems as though it is different air. But it is not. It is all the same air, seeming different...

The further one moves from the point of this concentration, the more dissipated the energy becomes... The aura fades. The energy never completely disappears, because it cannot. It is the stuff of which everything is made. It's All There Is. Yet it can become very, very thin, very subtle- almost "not there."

*SL* There Is One Life, The Primary Division Is By Time:

There is but one life- past and future, with the ever-changing moment that is their meetingplace... There is but one life, without beginning and without ending, the ageless, timeless life, and our arbitrary divisions of it by the ever-recurring incidents of births and deaths delude and ensnare us... Of all the snares the illusion of Time is the most subtle.

*SD&P* Conscious, Compartmentalized Layers of Personality, & The Nature of Reality:

The nature of reality can be approached only by an investigation of it as it is directly experienced in all levels of awareness.

All layers of the personality are ‘conscious.' They simply operate like compartments, so that often one portion of the self is not aware of other portions.

In your sleep, you may have greeted friends who are strangers to your waking self. When you are asleep, you usually cannot find the street upon which you live your waking hours, and when you are asleep, you do not know your waking self. The sleeping self is your identity.

There are connections between these two conditions, and there are definite realities that exist in both states, and these are what you are looking for. Only by finding these can you discover the nature of human personality and the nature of reality within which it operates.

Various levels of the ‘subconscious' will yield their own characteristics.

The personality's aims and goals are not only reflected but sometimes achieved in and through the dream condition.

*DEVF2* The Tuning of Consciousness:

The word "unconscious" is in a fashion meaningless...

You tune your consciousness while you sleep as one might tune a piano, so that in waking reality it clearly perceives the proper notes and values that build up into physical experience. Those inner fields of reference in which you have your existence are completely changing themselves as your experience is added to them, and your own identity was couched in those references before birth as you understand it.

Consciousness is Order

*WoLi* Higher Consciousness = Higher Order:

Higher consciousness is the perception of a higher order- that is, one that is simpler and more inclusive- a deeper order.

*WoLi* Consciousness & Order:

From criss-crossing wave forms to the structure of molecules, buildings and cities, consciousness is the ordering principle in all things.

To the Hindus, order is the one underlying universal reality, and that order is considered synonymous with consciousness.

As vehicles of consciousness, our natural inclination is to express that information- to use it and manifest it. The ultimate expression is physical form, yet it is also the most limited. Because of its limitation, consciousness, after manifesting, wants to free itself from the binding of the physical and return again to its source- the nonphysical, where it can play in its infinite diversity. In this way, order is formed, added to, and taken away to be organized again at higher levels.

Continuity of Consciousness

*TYSD* Continuity of Consciousness Through Time, Lives:

A man at seventy is not the boy he was at ten, nor was the boy at ten the man he was to be at seventy. Between the two there is, nevertheless, continuity of consciousness. Similarly, the old man is not the child he will be when he is reborn, and yet there is between them a causal nexus although not identity of personality. There is, however, this difference: Between the old man and the boy there is normally continuity of memory; between the child of the new birth and the old man there is, on the contrary, save under exceptional conditions due to yogic training prior to death, a more or less complete break in the continuity of memory in the sangsaric (or mundane) consciousness, but not in the subconsciousness. (NOTE: It's the exact same process, but the past life is less relevant than yesterday.)

Fluctuations in Consciousness

*UR* Gradations of Consciousness:

There are gradations of consciousness in the waking state. Usually you pay little attention to them. (NOTE: You only see yourself, when reality reminds you of it. Recognition filter. Otherwise you see nothing.) In the dreaming state, such fluctuations also happen. There you can leap from time to time.

*UR* The Fluctuation of Consciousness:

Your consciousness fluctuates. You are more alert on some occasions than others. The "holes of nonexistence" are plugged up by the process of selectivity. This process chooses significances around which experience is built.

*SS* Memory & Blank Spots in Consciousness- Fear of Nonexistence:

To a large extent it has memory only of itself and its own perceptions. In normal consciousness, it seems as if there are no other real kinds of consciousness, no other areas of levels. When it encounters "blank spots" and "returns," it blots out awareness that the moment of nonfunction occured. It forgets the stumble. It cannot be aware of alternate kinds of consciousness while being itself, unless methods are taken that allow it to recover from this amnesia.

On such occasions your attention is focused elsewhere, in what you might call mini-dreams or hallucinations, or associative and intuitive processes of thought that go quite beyone normal focus. When you return, you lose the thread. This happens with some regularity, and to varying degrees, from 15 to 50 times an hour, according to your activities. At various times people do catch themselves, the experience being so vivid that it leaps the gap, so to speak, with perception so intense that even normal waking consciousness is made aware of it. These intervals are quite necessary to physical consciousness. They are woven through the fabric of your awareness so cleverly and so intimately that they color your psychic and feeling automosphere.

Inner portions of your personality also have memory of your dreams. These exist simultaneously, and suspended like lights over a dark city, illluminating various portions of the psyche. These memory systems are all interconnected. Now in the same way you have your memory of past lives, all quite complete and operating in the entire memory system. In periods of conscious "blank spots" or certain fluctuations, these memory systems are often perceived. As a rule the conscious mind with its own memory system will not accept them. When a personality realizes that other such realities exist and that other experiences with consciousness are possible, then he activates certain potentials within himself. The conscious mind is set free of itself. To a large measure it undergoes a metamorphosis, taking on greater functions. It need no longer perceive the momentary "blank spots" fearfully, as evidence of nonexistance. The fluctuations mentioned earlier are quite minute, yet highly significant. The conscious mind knows well of its own fluctuating state. When once it is led to face this, it finds not chaos, or worse, nonexistance, but the source of its own abilities and strength. The personality then begins to use its own potential.

*SS* Memory & Blank Spots in Consciousness- Fear of Creativity:

"Systems of lights for memories"

Normal waking consciousness can be as afraid of creative states as it is of blank states, for it can feel that the I is being thrust aside, can feel the upthrust of energy that it may not understand. It is precisely in the low points of fluctuation that such experiences originate, for normal waking consciousness is momentarily at a weak state and in a period of rest. In some the waves of motion are comparatively long and sloped; with others, the reverse is true. With some, the lapses are more noticible, outside of the norm. The fluctuations also follow seasonal changes.

You learn not only in physical life and in the dream state, but also in these interior existances of which you have no memory. Creative abilities of a specific nature, or healing abilities, are often trained in this fashion, only then emerging into physical actuality. Your future thoughts and acts are as real in these dimensions as if they had already occured, and as much a part of your development.

*SS* Accepting Another Focus As Real:

Any one of these various layers of consciousness can be used as the normal acting consciousness, reality being viewed from that specific standpoint.

Alternate focus allows personalities from other realities to perceive your own.

In certain conditions, the inner self, abandoning its usual reliance upon the physical senses, is aware of these periods that would seem to you to be negations.

"The analogy I get is of an electromagnetic wave, a carrier wave, and its rectified. The intervals are the positive pulses and the nonintervals are the negative pulses." "Are there more then 2 pulses?"

There are.

"Would a noninterval be a positive interval to another aspect of our existence?"

It is, and they would not perceive your existence here, for to them it would be a noninterval.

"Could this be the key to the simultaneous existence of all of our lives, the key to nontime?"

Yes, indeed.

*SS* Spirit & Consciousness:

You are aware of your own consciousness through the medium of your physical mechanism. You are not nearly as aware of your own consciousness when it is not operating primarily through the mediumship of the body, as it does in OBE states and some dissociated conditions. The characteristics of consciousness are the same whether you are in a body or out of one. The peaks and valleys of consciousness that I mentioned exist to some degree in all consciousness despite the form adopted after death.

Contacting Greater Consciousness

*PAP* The Open/Closed System of Man:

We are composed of a system of whirling atoms, functioning at one moment in an open circuit and at another in a closed circuit. (NOTE: I've thought this! The deeper you go into the moment, the more of undifferentiated God you see, and the more energy you get. Also, the further in you go, the further into eternity you can use your will to make change. You could even jump so far into eternity (generalize) that you specifize back as the opposite sex, for example.)

*SS* Following Thoughts:

What happens to a thought when it leaves your conscious mind? It does not simply disappear. You can learn to follow it, but you are usually frightened of turning your attention away from its intense focus in three-dimensional existence. You can follow these thoughts and emotions simply by realizing that your own reality continues in another direction, beside the one with which you mainly identify. These subjective openings through which thoughts seem to disappear are in fact like psychic warps, connecting the self that you know with other universes of experience- realities where symbols come to life and thoughts are not denied their potential. There is a communication between these other realities and your own in your dream states, and a constant interaction between both systems. If there is any point where your own consciousness seems to end, then these are the points where you have yourselves set up psychological and psychic barriers, and these are precisely those areas that you should explore.

All Consciousness Dreams

*UR* All Things Dream:

The same applies to all consciousness. Your cells dream. There are minute variations of electrical discharge, not now perceivable, that could pinpoint this kind of fluctuation on the part of cells, and also on the part of atoms and molecules.

There are indeed "lapses" from physical focus that are analogous to your dreaming state. In those conditions the atoms pursue their own probable activities, and indeed make astounding calculations, bringing into your actuality the necessary probable actions to insure official life forms. Their other probable directions are also actualized. On different levels in the dream state, then, you are also subjectively aware of other probable realities. Your conscious intent is unconsciously brought into the dreaming condition, and that intent helps you sort the data.

*SD&P* All Consciousness Dreams:

All consciousness dreams. Atoms and molecules have consciousness, and this minute consciousness forms its own dreams even as, on the other hand, it forms its own physical image.

Consciousness & Time

*CPL* Consciousness & Time:

(NOTE: total consciousness is a total freeze in time?) To be conscious is not to be in time.

*SS* Consciousness & Time:

Consciousness only pretends to bow to the idea of time. At other levels it enjoys playing with such concepts and perceiving a great unity from events that occur outside a time context.

*EtS-AmG* Instantaneous Operation of Consciousness:

By an experiment conducted by Dr. Jocobo Grinberg-Zylberbaum published in the scientific journal Physics Essays, two subjects were put in the same room and both asked to silently meditate together, with their eyes closed, for about 20 to 30 minutes. They were asked to inwardly establish a direct feeling of oneness with each other.

After the mediation, both were asked to sit in special types of metallic enclosures that have the ability to block all electromagnetic signals from entering or leaving (Faraday cages). Both subjects were also hooked up to separate EEGs. Mediator One was exposed to a series of flickering light signals. The response in his brain was recorded on the graph of the EEG.

Mediator Two had no knowledge that Mediator One was being exposed to these light flashes. However, at the exact same time that the series of flickering lights were being shown to Mediator One, Mediator Two's EEG reading reflected an almost identical EEG readout.

Could it be that consciousness itself was the uniting factor? Could it be that consciousness operates instantaneously over any distance? Couldnt it be that consciousness is primary to both mind and matter which consciousness expresses itself through? Yes!


Love, Becoming, and Freedom

Love, Joy & Bliss

Script: This brings it down to earth a bit.
*ER* The Qualities of Love:

The power of love came into me,

and I became fierce like a lion,

then tender like the evening star.

*B* Love:

Love at its purest and most detached level is nothing else in itself than God.

*PotC* The Awesome Transforming Power of Pure Love:

Wherever she went, the all-understanding, all-knowing messenger spread inspiration and energies of healing, peace and fraternity. While beside her, I felt filled with compassion, jubilation, tenderness, understanding, humanity, abnegation and all elevated and constructive ideas and sentiments...

I did not witness any energetic confrontations or any of the usual cleansing and extraphysical assistance. It seemed like the mere arrival of this emissary of good will would sweep away misfortune and cleanse the consciousnesses and their environment. The power of pure love is fantastic!...

Emotionality constitutes an unbalance and is counterproductive, whereas serenity is synonymous with balance and evolution. It is strange how tranquil pure love is.

As some malevolent humans came into sight next to a structure, I could see a few objects resembling weapons. The extraphysical consciousness simply stretched out her arms and, within seconds, the entire mass began to burn slowly, until everything had disappeared and the fire extinguished itself. All that was left were dark marks from the flames...

An infant, only days old, at the orphanage received special assistance from the extraphysical consciousness. The baby girl received a transmission of energy so powerful that she appeared to grow as I watched...

During the entire extraphysical experience I did not perceive the extraphysical consciousness to engage in transmental dialogue. She did not waste a single moment, but continued to assist in many different ways, acting as a source of pure affection for all types of creatures in all conditions from all origins.

*THAS* The Supreme Joy of Life:

What fun life is! To hold each little atom in its pattern is to hold it in joy. We see you humans going greyly about your designs, doing things without zest because ‘they have to be done', and we marvel that the sparkling life given you could be so filtered down and disguised... We should love to shake this sluggishness out of you to make you see that life is ever brighter, flowing, creative, blooming, waxing and waning, eternally one.

*THAS* Living a Life of Bliss:

Leading a life of bliss entails canceling other engagements you have made through habit to your body, to convention and the social code, and to others' opinions.

*THAS* Love & Openness:

They said, ‘Love binds us, because it makes us want to be bound, makes us want to be close to you. In a different way it binds us to our work. Love attracts all creation.'...

When open and pulsing with life- which is rare- you are powerhouses of love to all you contact. Generally, you are closed, having cut yourselves off from the whole.


All sense of strain or limitation goes when you love.

*IAD* Divine Love as Cohesive, Attractive:

When I became aware of what it meant and began the use of the "I AM Presence," I found that shortly I was entirely unaware of time or place; and that each day, as I entered more fully into this expansion of consciousness, I found that all things of my desire were right within reach... Divine Love was the Mighty Cohesive Power holding all things together and in place- that this Divine Love within Me of which I had begun to learn made Me an Invincible Magnet for everything upon which My desire rested.

*THAS* Only Act With Joy:

Fruit Devas: Nothing is worth doing unless it is done with joy.

*FWG* Expressing Joy, Being Close to God:

You become much more conscious of My presence when you do these things; when you smile or love or sing or dance or write from your heart. This is the highest version of Who I Am, and when you are expressing these qualities, you are expressing Me.

*HoL* Love & Openness:

I found many forms of love, all of them saying: "I care for your well-being in any way I can"; "I honor your soul and respect your light"; "I support and trust your integrity and light as a fellow traveler along the way of life." You begin to learn that giving is receiving, is giving, is receiving. (NOTE: opens flow)

*DEVF2* Timeless Love:

Love relationships do indeed survive time.

*FWG* Divine Laughter, The Joyous Soul:

People have this idea that God is never humorous, cannot laugh, and that everybody has to act very sacred around the Divine. I wish you would all lighten up a bit. All of you. Laugh at yourself...

Joy is the soul. The soul is that which you would call joy. Pure joy. Endless joy. Unadulterated, unlimited, unrestricted joy. That is the nature of the soul...

A smile is a window to your soul. Laughter is the door.

*FWG* All-Enduring Love:

Love bears all things, knows all things, endures all things, embraces all things.

*FWG* You Are Pure Love:

Pure love is Who You Are.

When you express pure love, you give yourself the direct experience of Who You Are. It is the greatest gift. It looks as if you are giving a gift to others, and you are giving it to your Self. That is because there is no one else in the room. It only looks as if there is. Pure love allows you to see the truth.

*TDA* Life is a Joy:

Dr. Peebles: "Life is a joy, particularly as you surrender to the opportunities for growth, each and every day."


Script: I wonder if the becoming brings energy because you are forgetting yourself, which is what is necessary for the flow to come in.
*DL* Becoming:

If we do not enter into the Spirit of a thing, it is dead so far as we are concerned; but if we do enter into it we reproduce in ourselves the same quality of life which called that thing into existence...

May we not enter into the originating Spirit of Life itself, and so reproduce it in ourselves as a perennial spring of livingness?


We cannot be conscious of anything except by realizing a certain relation between it and ourselves. It must affect us in some way.

*R* Stages of Being:

Be aware... Be aware of something... Be aware as, or... be aware of being that which you were only aware of.

*FWG* Feeling & Being:

What you are feeling is what you are being... Feeling is the language of the soul...

In every single moment of now you are "being" something. And what you are feeling tells you exactly what you are being. Your feelings never lie... You can change how you are feeling by simply changing how you are being...

The way you feel is a response to the way you are being. And you can control that.

*R* Joining With the Thing Desired:

It is through feeling that the consciousness desiring is joined to the thing desired.

*SL* The Essence of Happiness- Union With the Object of Desire:

Now what is the essence of happiness, found alike in the passion of the sensualist and in the ecstasy of the of the saint? It is union with the object of desire, becoming one with that which promises delight... Their place in evolution is shown by the object with which they seek union. The disturbing mark of a base or lofty Soul is not the search for happiness, but the nature of the object which yields happiness.


Happiness is the feeling which accompanies the increase of life.

*TDA* Union is Allowance:

Dr. Peebles: "How do you define union? Union is not collective agreement. Union is allowance- indeed, fascination- with disagreement...

"It is that rapturous desire by all communities of the Earth to change other communities- always for the higher good, it is not? -that leads to conflict; a lack of allowance for the different points of view."

*THAS* Attention Causes Becoming, Joining:

Rhubarb Deva: Whenever anyone contributes attention or feeling to a plant, part of that person's being mingles with part of our being, and the one world is fostered.

** Love Seeks To Fulfill Us:

(NOTE: The love of the highest is given to beingness. It helps us to be what we want.)

*THAS* Purity Recognized Begets Becoming:

Purity recognized in anything awakens a response.

*ANMU* Knowing All Through Becoming- Each Thing's Archetype:

Looking at the horse's face I understood all that could be understood about a horse... Each thing is an atom of a "great thing." A glass is an atom of a "great glass." A fork is an atom of a "great fork"...

I remember once sitting on a sofa smoking and looking at an ash-tray. It was an ordinary copper ash-tray. Suddenly I felt that I was beginning to understand what the ash-tray was, and at the same time, with a certain wonder and almost with fear, I felt that I had never understood it before and that we do not understand the simplest things around us.

The ash-tray roused a whirlwind of thoughts and images. It contained such an infinite number of facts, of events; it was linked with such an immense number of things...

The meaning of all that I felt was that in one ash-tray it was possible to know all. By invisible threads the ash-tray was connected with everything in the world, not only with the present, but with all the past and with all the future. To know an ash-tray meant to know all...

The first and principle impression was that the ash-tray was alive, that it thought, understood and told me all about itself...

"Everything is alive," I said to myself in the midst of these observations; "there is nothing dead, it is only we who are dead. If we become alive for a moment, we shall feel that everything is alive, that all things live, think, feel and can speak to us."

*IAD* I AM- Becoming & The Flow:

If I want health in my body I say: "‘I AM' the Presence charging this body with Pure, Electronic Energy"...

Suppose you want great intelligent activity, say: "‘I AM' the Perfect Intelligent Activity in this body." You cannot do this looking to something outside...

The "I AM" in you created everything in the Universe.


"When I say ‘I AM,' ‘I AM' setting in motion the Limitless Power of God in whatever I couple the expression ‘I AM' with."


When they say: "‘I AM' whatever I wish to be or manifest," they are actually setting into visible physical activity the Mightiest Presence and Power of God which "I AM."


"In the consciousness that you are the ‘I AM Presence' acting at all times, you then must know that you are, that moment of recognition, an invincible magnet of attraction- which causes every activity of the Universe to rush to you to fulfill the demand...

"When one becomes conscious that he has Dominion over the four elements, he has but to practice its use to become conscious that he may direct the lightning, master the storm, control the waters, and walk in the midst of the fire unharmed." -Jesus

*THAS* Recognizing Your Life Force Unity With All:

There is no such thing as dead matter. Everything is living and everything has a place in my one life... You are simply surrounded by life; you are a life force moving among other life forces. As you recognize this and open up to them, you draw near to them and become one with them, and work with them in my purposes.

** Becoming the Common Experiencer:

(NOTE: The spiritual world can be understood as the common experiencer in all things. Thus- becoming.)

*IAD* "I AM" All Things:

One cannot long use the Statement "I AM," even intellectually, until he begins to feel a deeper and deeper conviction that: "‘I AM' all things."

*THAS* Understanding Comes Through Vibrational Experience:

We understand nothing unless we have, in some way, the same vibrational experience. We cannot truly understand the taste of an apple until we taste it, through our taste buds.

*SoM* Embodying Perfection:

Undoubtedly we are surrounded by, and immersed in, a perfect Life: a complete, normal, happy, sane, harmonious and peaceful existence. But only as much of this Life as we embody will really become ours to use.

*SS* Putting Energy Into a Thing, Fragments, Animals, & Reincarnation:

"Are animals fragments of human beings?" In one manner of speaking, you are fragments of your own entities. Animals have varying degrees of self-consciousness, as indeed people do. The consciousness that is within them is as valid and eternal as your own. However. There is nothing to prevent a personality from investing a portion of his own energy into an animal form. This is not transmigration of souls. It does not mean that a man can be reincarnated in an animal. It does mean that personalities can send a portion of their energy into various kinds of form. Perhaps reincarnations are over for a given individual, yet within him is still some sense of yearning for the natural earth with which he has been so often involved. So he may project a fragment of his consciousness in such a way into an animal form. When this is done, the earth is then experienced in the way natural for the form. A man is not an animal, nor does he invade the body of one. He simply adds some of his energy to that present in the animal, mixing this vitality with the animal's own. This does not mean that all animals are fragments in this manner, however.

There are no limitations set upon the development of any individual consciousnes, or growth of any identity. A dog, then, is not limited to being a dog in other existances. A certain level, again, of consciousness is necessary, a certain kind of knowledge, a certain understanding of energy organization before an identity can manipulate a complicated physical organism.

An animal consciousness after death may form such a gestalt with other such consciousnesses, in which abilities are pooled and the combined cooperation makes possible a change of species. The innate individual is not lost but remains indelibly imprinted. Consciousness must by its nature change, and so identities must also change -not one blotting out the other, but building upon it while each succeding step is maintained and not discarded. In such interrelationships, the steps or identities are each immeasurably enriched by the added perception of others.

A fragment is a consciousness not as developed as your own.

Love & Freedom

*CWG3* Love is Unique, It is Freedom:

All people are One, yet no two people are alike. You could not, therefore, love two people in the same way even if you tried- and you would never want to, because love is a unique response to that which is unique... (NOTE: In that it fills the unique needs and perceived voids in each individual person)

If the time has come when you have desired this special demonstration with one person alone, then choose it, as you say. Announce it, and declare it. Yet make your declaration an announcement moment-to-moment of your freedom, not your ongoing obligation. For true love is always free, and obligation cannot exist in the space of love.

If you see your decision to express your love in a particular way with only one particular other as a sacred promise, never to be broken, the day may come when you will experience that promise as an obligation- and you will resent it. Yet if you see this decision not as a promise, made only once, but as a free choice, made over and over, that day of resentment will never come.

*FWG* Joy & Freedom:

Joy is freedom... Any curtailing of freedom is a curtailing of joy.

*FWG* Love & Freedom:

Neale: "You are saying that to be totally loving means to by fully free."

Yes, and to allow others to be fully free.

Freedom, Our Nature

*TBD* The Enlightened Buddha's Discovery- Our Essential Freedom:

Shakyamuni was called a "Buddha," an "Awakened" or "Enlightened" person, because he claimed to have achieved a perfect understanding of the nature and structure of reality...

The core of the Buddha's discovery was the essential reality of freedom- that underlying the lived reality of existence is the immediacy of total freedom, especially freedom from suffering, from bondage, from ignorance. This essential freedom can be realized by the human mind as its own deepest and most true condition. This realization makes it possible for freedom to prevail over the habitual suffering of personal experience.

*FWG* Freedom Is The Basic Nature of All Life:

Freedom is the basic concept and construct of life everywhere, because freedom is the basic nature of God. All systems which reduce, restrict, impinge upon, or eliminate freedom in any way are systems which work against life itself.

Freedom is not the goal of the human soul, but its very nature... In truly enlightened societies, freedom is not recognized as a right, but as a fact. It is something that is, rather than something that is given...

What is observable in enlightened societies is that all beings are free to love each other, and to express and demonstrate that love to each other, in whatever way is authentic and true and appropriate to the moment.

The people who decide what is appropriate to the moment are the people doing the loving.

*FWG* The Limits of Freedom:

Loving another does not mean that you must stop loving yourself.

Granting another full freedom does not mean granting the right to abuse you... Yet granting full freedom does mean placing no limitations of any kind upon another...

You do not place limitations on them, you place limitations on yourself. You limit what you chose to experience, not what another is allowed to experience.

This limitation is voluntary, and so, in a very real sense, it is not a limitation at all. It is a declaration of Who You Are. It is a creation. A definition...

And these words are all interchangeable. Love. Freedom. Soul. God...

You are free to announce and declare Who You Are in every moment of Now... You are not free, however, to declare who someone else is, or who they must be. This, love would never do. Nor would God, who is the essence of love itself. (NOTE: That is as far as your freedom goes. it's you-centric)

*CWG3* Give Freedom, Get Freedom:

Letting someone "off the hook" on a promise or commitment made to you may look like it will hurt you in the short run, but it will never damage you in the long run, because when you give the other person their freedom, you give yourself freedom as well.

Free Will Resisting Spontaneous Love

*B* Holding Back From Love:

If you hold anything back for yourself, then you would be losing that much of your eternal blessedness, for God has hidden nothing of himself from us.

*DL* Love is Spontaneous:

Love must be spontaneous, or it has no existence at all... Hence if the Originating Mind is to realize the reality of Love, it can only be by relation to some being which has the power to withhold love.

*TDA* Life Necessitates Free Will:

Dr. Peebles: "So, look at the little miracles that you have in your own lives, as human beings on Earth, and remember when you chose to either disbelieve or simply ignore, or to downplay that light or symphony or that orgasm, that rapture and that pleasure of life- and through guilt, through self-punishment, through priorities of safety and sanctuary and so forth, you see it but you choose not to be touched by it.

"So you see, we cannot literally take our hand of light into your heart and make it okay, even when you are over here. So we dance for you, we entertain you, we give you symphonies of life, and you have every opportunity to be thrilled to the core of your being, but it must be suggestive- it must be no more and no less than your own free will to translate as you prefer.

"[This universal truth] is what guarantees the light of life. Without that free will, you don't have life, there is no life There's only movement."

Knowing Love Through its Lack

*BDL* Unconditional Love:

We shall speak to you now of unconditional love. We would say that in order to experience this concept one would necessarily be required to experience a lack of this same energy... in the grand design, one finds oneself returned out of the darkness and lack of love and understanding. And thence into the light again on this side and surrounded with those who provide this unconditional love. Then one can easily remember the lack of it and relate in a most harmonious way to an abundance of it.


Opening Up To The Flow

Opening to the Ourpouring
Only As Much As We Are Ready For

Being a Clear Channel

Script: There seems to be two sections for each part of these pages- it's application to all things (e.g. physical objects) and it's application to ourselves, as the following section shows.
*B* Opening to the Flow:

Insofar as creatures are open to receive him, to that extent God pours himself out into them. If my soul were as open and expansive as one of the seraphim, who have nothing in themselves because they are completely empty and receptive, then God would pour himself out as fully in me as in that seraphic soul...

A pagan girl says of Joseph, the son of the patriarch Jacob, "I don't regard him as a human being but as a god, for God shines from his works" (cf. Gn 39:23).


It is according to this outflowing, yet remaining within works, that God has made the soul.

It is the rule of nature for everything that the higher always flows into the lower, so long as the lower is turned to the higher. For the higher never receives from the lower; it is always the other way around. Now since God is above the soul, God is always flowing into the soul and can never escape the soul. But the soul can easily escape God. As long, however, as a person remains purely from God and stands under nothing else, neither under fear nor love nor suffering nor under anything other than God... The masters say that the soul receives as a light from light, for in this way there is neither strangeness nor distance.


[Aristotle in the book called Metaphysics] talks about these pure spirits and says that they are not the form of anything but receive their existence as it flows out immediately from God.


The Spirit flows just as completely into the soul as the soul empties itself in humility and expands itself to receive him... The Holy Spirit cannot keep from flowing into every place where he finds space and he flows just as extensively as the space he finds there.


Whoever wishes to receive something from above must of necessity be below in proper humility.

*HoL* The Process, The Flow:

It is the ever renewing process of the creative force welling up inside you and everyone else. It is what coming home is all about. When you learn to flow completely, without resistance, with that inner creative movement, then you are home.

*EJ* The Flow of God:

Wouldst thou know my meaning? Lie down in the Fire.

See and taste the flowing godhead through thy being. -Mechtild of Magdeburg


I seemed... To perceive a glow of divine love come down from the heart of Christ in heaven into my heart in a constant stream... At the same time my heart and soul all flowed out in love.

*IAD* Preparing For Higher Energy:

As you rise in consciousness, the energy is waiting like an avalanche for expression; and if the energy is not controlled, it will rush in and cause you to do things that you would not have done for the world.

*SL* Form Takes, Spirit Gives:

While the life of the form consists in taking, the life of the spirit consists in giving...

With the things of the spirit, the more we give, the more we have; each act of giving makes us a larger reservoir.


The law of form is taking; the law of life is giving. Life grows by pouring itself out through form, fed by the inexhaustible source of life at the heart of the universe.

*WO* What Influxes:

(NOTE: The influx is of the stuff that all realities are made of) [My Life] is always pushing forth in and through him toward full, complete, harmonious outer manifestation.

*IAD* You Must Invite the God Power to Work Through Love:

This Limitless, Mighty Power of God cannot intrude Its Wondrous Powers into your outer use- except by your invitation. There is only one kind of invitation that can reach it and loose it, and that is your feeling of deep devotion and Love.

*SC* The Spirit's Flow & Karma:

Atun-Re: "The spirit is continuously flowing, like a river, animating the physical body, constantly drawing in the higher ideals and coordinating them with the karmic events that are stored in the physical body...

"If you relax your physical form, if you promote healing based upon the spirit, then you have emptied out the subconscious. It no longer breaks up or blocks the flow of the superconscious as it enters in to spiritualize the subconscious and then passes up into the higher dimensions that become your conscious self. The emptier the subconscious, the clearer the flow from the higher self.

*IAD* I AM- Becoming & The Flow of Energy:

When you say and feel "I AM," you release the spring of Eternal, Everlasting Life to flow on Its way unmolested. In other words, you open wide the door to Its natural flow.

*LotSB* The Source of Joy:

Have greater joy, but be sure the source of it is within rather than without.

*LotSB* Each According to His Capacity:

"And the Voice went forth throughout the world... and each one heard it according to his capacity; old men and youths and boys and sucklings and women; the Voice was to each one as each one has the power to receive it." -Shemoth [R.c.v]

*ER* Wisdom and Motivation:

Sometimes God reveals all the wisdom of doing a certain action, and the listener becomes so overwhelmed in contemplating that, that he is unable to perform it. Lost in the infinity, with no ability to understand, or do, anything.

God then reduces the wisdom portion, and makes a small bridle to fit over the listener's head to lead him by.

*IAD* The Rays & Acceptance:

"These Rays are no idle fancy, but a tangible Current of Energy containing in It all things, and blessing you according to your acceptance." -Jesus

*IAD* The I AM of God:

"I AM" is the Full Activity of God... (NOTE: An unceasing stream of becoming. Unblockable- there's nothing you aren't.)

*WtK* We Are Openings to God:

Let us consider men's minds, how they are in truth holes or openings into the great Universal Mind, through which the Light of God's Perfect Love is ever trying to pour in order to illumine man's consciousness. Many millions of men's minds we know are only tiny pin holes, others are fair sized apertures, while a few, comparatively, are large and wide open channels through which the light of Divine Mind pours freely...

In very truth the dark curtain that separates us from the great Light is the curtain of our mortal minds which in their ignorance think themselves separate from the One Mind... These shadows are caused by their belief in separation which keeps their faces ever turned away from the light so that they see only with the darkened sense of self and know no more the light that shines within.

*CPitI* What Determines the Flow of Life:

The rate at which the growth will go on will depend on the amount of vitalizing energy the Spirit puts into it, and the amount of vitalizing energy will depend on the degree in which the individualized Spirit appreciates its own livingness; and finally, the degree of this appreciation will depend on the quality of the individual's perception of the Great All-originating Spirit as reflecting itself in him.

*LotSB* Let God's Power Use You, Revive You:

The power of God is upon you. Let is use you- let it; do not strive... Open wide and let the power of the Spirit flow through you like rivers of living water, sweeping out all pettiness, all fears, all doubts of self. When you do this you have risen and the new self has been released from the things of the old, the things you have feared and fought against. Through such daily dying you pass beyond the reach of morbid thoughts and entanglements of nagging fears, and each day you can begin as if it were the morning of your life. (NOTE: Oh the blissful dying, the complete releasing of the ecstasy trance..)

*LotSB* God Cannot Force:

"[God] has all power in heaven and earth, but the power to do His work in man against man's will, He has not got." John Tauler, 1304-1361

*MotFE* The One Life Through All Things, Blocking It:

Consequently, we may select and use that life force, as we would say, in a degenerate way where we do not allow it to manifest in its greatest degree or potency. The human being can use it in that way but it is only the fault of the individual or the group and is not in any way the fault of life itself. Life, if we will allow it to be so, is the all-knowing, all-seeing and all-being activity of Principle.

People separate themselves from the life which IS by trying to live in the past or the future. But the past is dead and the future is only born in the eternal now. If you are alive at all, you are in eternal life and all you need to do is to so live it.

The moment life becomes hard, it is not life.

Children are happy because they live life abundantly. They put no limitations upon life whatever. It is quite often illustrated in this way: It is said that only children and sages are happy because the child has not developed a material sense of value and the sage knows that the material has no value.

Life is always a matter of giving. To draw on the Universal life that flows freely throughout infinite space is the privilege of anyone and his way of living should be to receive from this source and then give it out to all who are around him, inspiring them to seek life where he has found it. This is the work all men should be doing. To merely receive from those about you is not life at all but a constantly contracting existence. To seek life from the material world is to lose it.

*SoM* Treatment Active:

We must supply the avenue through which Creative Energy can work. It is ready and willing. It is Its nature to spring into being through our thought and action.

God's Influx of Perfection to Men & Angels(H&H): Rejecting and suffocating God's love and faith turn it into hell: it turns good into evil, life to death, and truth into falsity.

All communication is according to the form of heaven. That which is of the same form as heaven communicates with that part of heaven. All thought and affection flows in via communication. All influx from heaven is according to its reception. Likeness in form is due to communion, and thus each receives good in proportion as he loves the common good. Man's spirit is conjoined to heaven and hell. Each man in spirit lives in a heavenly or hellish society while he is in the world, though he is such in a different state. There are angels and devils with every man. This conjunction is through the world of spirits. There are none from heaven or hell itself. Divine love and Divine truth are one, but they are received in varying degrees. The light of heaven gives life to angels' understanding. Heat forms the life of their will. All things grow from heat and light. Angels believe in truth, or in things which agree with them. The latter has incoherant communication with heaven and more with hell. The interiors of angels determine which heaven they are in. The more open their interiors are to God, the more interior a heaven they are in. Interiors open through reception of good from the affection of truth. Every angel receives heaven without him according to the heaven within him. The Lord is allowed in according to interiors. Angels see different parts of him.

*BWT* Never Do You Have Power Over:

No one becomes a power over anyone else: he becomes a transparency for the power of Spirit, the power of love, the power of life, the power of liberty.

*CMS* Providing Avenues for Mind:

All is mind, and we must provide a receptive avenue for it as it passes out through us into the outer expression of our affairs.

*HTKHW* Only As Much As We Are Ready For:

Whatever lies beyond initiation is difficult to communicate in an understandable way.

We can fully experience only as much of the mysteries of existence as the level of our maturity allows.

*JoYS* Receiving What God Pours Forth:

More resources come forth when there is more room for those resources to be received.

*SPoK* Knowledge of God & One's Preparedness:

"Knowledge of God takes on the measure of your preparedness."

*MotFE* Receiving God:

"‘Know ye not that ye are gods?'

"You receive the kingdom of God when the without is as the within."

*MotFE* As Much As You're Ready For:

"As much is possible as we can conceive. Should all the wisdom of the universe be poured over us, we should yet recieve only that which are are ready to understand."

*THAS* Wielding Power for the Whole:

Wormwood: The energies of our world and your world are immense; they crowd around, they cry to be unleashed and put to use... We wield that energy, that power, in vast sweeps, in concentrated nibblings, in vortices, and we wield it right, left and center as colour, as sound, as anything you can think of. But we wield it according to pattern and for the whole; we wield it with precision for God and to the best of our ability. It is our joy to perfect that power in service...

Life to us is an expanding glorious change; often to you it is a dreary grind, a purposeless round- and all because you use your opportunities and your power against the whole...

There is one way to achieve the beautiful use of power: by putting God first. Then all falls into place, and there is the incredible wonder of power wielded in harmony with the whole, as it is with us, in a flashing interchange of beauty leading to ever greater beauty, worlds without end...

It was obvious that the devas, in their dance of life, served selflessly, while we humans mainly served ourselves. They did not search for answers to the questions of life because they were conscious participants in life's processes.

*DL* The Mind's Reflection of the Divine Ideal:

In proportion as the mirror of our own mind blurs or clearly reflects the image of the Divine ideal, so will it give rise to a correspondingly feeble or vigorous reproduction of it in our external life.

*IAD* Being an Open, Unqualifying Source:

"It is within [mankind's] ability to keep themselves so harmonized that the Perfect Intelligence and Energy flowing through the human form could not and would not be requalified. Therefore it would constantly do Its Perfect Work, not only in perfecting the human form, causing it to express Divine Perfection, but it would allow that Purity and Perfection to flow out into the individual's world, producing the beauty, harmony and success each heart so much craves." -Jesus

*IL* God's Inspiration- Source of Ideas:

There is always first the Idea... It is always I who inspire It or cause It to impress your consciousness at the particular moment it does.

Then, just to the extent that you grow quiet and focus your attention upon that Idea, stilling all the activities of your mind and eliminating all other ideas and thoughts from your consciousness, so that Idea can have full sway, do I illumine your mind and cause to unfold before your mental gaze the various phases and possibilities contained within that Idea...

Then does your human personality take up its task; for as I created and inspired the Idea in your mind, so did I cause that Idea to fructify therein and give birth to Desire,- desire to bring into outermanifestation all the possibilities of the Idea, Desire thus becoming the mortal agent of My Will and supplying the motive Power.

*ND* Be A Channel of Divine Love:

Edgar Cayce: "Become, then, a channel of blessings to others, and thus may the beauties of the heavenly forces- as may be expressed in such- be thine very own."

*IAD* Preventing Requalification:

Whenever you say "I AM," you are setting the Pure Energy of God into motion, uncolored by human concepts. This is the only way of keeping the pure energy of God uncontaminated by human qualifications.

*GoE* The Soul as the Source:

When [the soul] breathes through his intellect, it is genius; when it breathes through his will, it is virtue; when it flows through his affection, it is love. And the blindness of the intellect begins when it would be something of itself. The weakness of the will begins when the individual would be something of himself.

*DL* The Spirit Forms:

The Originating Spirit is a forming power. It is the forming power throughout nature, and if we would specialize it we must learn to trust its formative quality when operating from its new starting point in ourselves.

Secondary Sources of Arising Thoughts

*SPoK* Angels Cast Knowledge:

Angels are known as the "casters," since they cast the knowledge of unseen realities into the heart.

*EIM-Q* Whisperings Into the Mind:

Inclinations consist of speech that comes upon the conscience or inner mind. The source of these thoughts can be the speech of the self, or it can come from the real. If it is from an angel, it is an inspiration. If it is from the self, it is said to consist of murmurings. If it is from the satan, it consists of whisperings. If it is from the direction of Allah, Most Praised, who sends it into the heart, it is a true thought.

When it is from the satan, it will in most cases call for acts of disobedience. When it is from the self, it will in most cases call for the following of carnal desire or a feeling of pride. (NOTE: This is very dangerous! This section should be trimmed or scrapped)

The ego-self is never truthful and the heart never lies.

Oncomings are praiseworthy inclinations that come upon the heart independent of any intention on the part of the servant. There is an oncoming from the real and an oncoming from knowledge.

Expressing the Flow

Script: Perhaps the essence of opening to the flow is expressing it. Or maybe that's what you need to do to continue the outpouring?
*THAS* The Spontaneous Overflowing Joy of Life:

If you really look, you will see the joy in every leaf, every petal, every colour, every scent. We express this divine reality. You can express it even more than we can...

According to the angels, the natural state of life, including humanity's, is one of overflowing joy. With that joy, we can lift all life. True creation comes with a contagious, spontaneous joy.

*IAD* A Continual Outpouring:

The one reaching within the Electronic Circle becomes a continual outpouring, and this very Radiation alone is a tremendous Blessing to all mankind...

Unlike the water dammed up that rushes forward, dissipating itself because it is without direction, the God-Power thus loosed goes direct to the channel of consciousness most receptive, and there builds Itself up, awaiting the opportunity to rush forward more and more...

There is only one, mighty, invincible, evolving process, and that is through the power of consciously generating Divine Love. Love, being the Hub of all Life, the more we enter in and use It consciously, the more easily and quickly we realize this Mighty Power of God, which is always standing as a dammed-up force, waiting to find an opening in our own consciousness by which It can project Itself.

*LotSB* Be a Channel:

If you would bring victory for goodness and order and peace, be a channel for the omnipotent Spirit to flow through and do the work in splendor

*WtK* The Stream of Love:

We must keep the stream ever flowing, and as we give out, more and more will be poured in.

*WtK* Expressing, Freeing God:

Wilt thou express Me? for thereby thou wilt free Me.

*CWG3* Acting in Love:

If you are seeking to be love, you will do loving things with others. Not for others, but with others...

You will be doing loving things with others, for your Self- so that you can actualize and experience your grandest idea about your Self and Who You Really Are...

When you are true to your Self, when you do not betray your Self, then when it "looks like" you are "giving," you will know you are actually "receiving." You are literally giving yourself back to your Self.

You cannot truly "give" to another, for the simple reason that there is no "other." If We are all One, then there is only You.

Returning to the Source

*HoL* Returning To The Source:

This higher consciousness can be tapped into with practice. Once it is found, it is no surprise. One has the sensation of "Oh, yes! I knew that all along."...

Since the aura is the medium through which creative impulses from our higher realities are precipitated down into the physical reality, we can use the auric field to bring our consciousness back up (in vibration) through its layers into the reality of the Godself.

*TYSD* Piercing the Veil By Going Beyond Separateness:

All dualistic concepts, all sense of separateness of one microcosmic form from another, or of the Many from the One, must be transcended; personality must be impersonalized... Then, in what our texts call the True State, on the Plane of the Ideal, the yogically clarified mind ecstatically perceives behind the mists of Maya, behind the mirage of life, behind the Veil of Isis, the Thatness, the Voidness, the Source of Phenomena, the Totality of Knowledge...

He attains to Knowledge in its primordially unmodified aspect; that is to say, he perceives Reality in its true essence, as Undifferentiated Absoluteness, which is called the Voidness, because separated from all modifications, from all shaping, as the Uncreated, the Unborn.

*ANMU* Widening Answers:

Usually the answer began far away and, gradually widening, including everything, so that finally the answer to the question included the answers to all possible questions. Naturally, for that reason I could not retain it in my memory. (NOTE: This is swimming up the stream of thoughts toward the source)

*WtK* Trusting God:

Now you want to begin thinking only His thoughts, and to let His Love motivate and vitalize every one of them...

You have trained your mind to trust Him, to make that trust the doorkeeper...

Yield your consciousness over wholly to Him, so that no thoughts ever enter your mind that are not all beautiful, all good and all perfect. Then there will naturally be nothing to hinder your seeing with His eyes- being in His Consciousness- and knowing with His understanding...

When such consciousness enters, Love and its law of service automatically rule... You will be no longer concerned about prosperity, health, or happiness for self, for you know that as you give yourself- your mind and heart- fully to the Father for His use, He will provide everything necessary to enable you to do the Work He gives you to do.

*MotFE* Communicating With the Source:

Faith is the active principle of the mind. The mind acting upon inner knowing or understanding ripens into knowledge or becomes absolute knowledge. Spiritual intuition is direct knowing; it is tapping the infinite consciousness directly at its source. The less one is subjected to the supposed knowledge of the race, which is really ignorance, the more readily does that one follow what he instinctively knows and feels to be true. It is within the individual always and must be brought out.

Jesus said, "I have nothing save that which comes in the name and through the power of Christ."

You may look for beauty and ugliness and you use the same sight. One is desirable and the other is undesirable. Intuition turned in any other direction than to discover the operations of the Principle itself is perversion of this sense back of all senses and hypnosis is the result.

*MotFE* Return All Things & Thoughts To the Universal & Return Perfect:

"Through the power or process of thought we can transmute and evolve our bodies, or our outer conditions and surroundings, through recognition of this Christ Consciousness within ourselves, so that we will never experience death nor any change called death. This is done wholly through man's power to visualize, idealize, conceive, and bring forth that which he gazes upon. This is done by holding our body one with God, made in the image and likeness of God and merging that body into the perfect God body just as God sees us."

"It is in this way that we can return all things to the Universal Mind Substance, from which they sprang, and bring them back or return them perfect into outer form or manifestation. Then, by holding them in their pure, spiritual, perfect state, the vibrations are lowered and the things we wish to create come forth in perfect form. In this way we can take every false belief, every old condition, every sin, all of our past life- it does not matter what it has been, how good or seeming bad- and we can say to them all, ‘I now return you to the great ocean of Universal Mind Substance, from which all things come forth and where all is perfection, and from which you sprang, there to be again resolved into the elements from which you were created. I now return you or bring you back from that pure substance as perfect and pure as God sees you and hold you always in that absolute perfection.'

The Emotional Power of Clear Thoughts

*T* Clear, Pure Thoughts Bring the Most Inspirational Emotions:

Many people tend to underestimate thinking and to place more value on the warmth and depth of feelings or sensations. They even claim that it is not through sober thinking but through the warmth of feelings, through the direct power of sensations, that we ascend to higher knowledge. These people are afraid that clear thinking will deaden their feelings. This is certainly true of mundane thinking that is concerned only with utilitarian things, but exactly the opposite is true of thoughts that lead to higher levels of existence. No feeling and no enthusiasm on earth can compare with the sensations of warmth, beauty and exaltation that are enkindled by pure, crystal-clear thoughts relating to higher worlds. (NOTE: And it's not surprising that people think that with the unemotional logial man as the model in this day and age. What a repulsive idea that is!)


Working With Higher Law

The Nature of Higher Law

*R* Law is Impersonal:

Law is no respecter of persons.

*B* Higher Law is More Loving:

Augustine especially says that the law of God is... more loving toward us than we are toward ourselves.

*DL* Law:

A higher law can include a lower one so completely as entirely to swallow it up.


The knowledge that the same principle will produce new results when working under new conditions is the key to the unfoldment of infinite possibilities.


The law which every new creation carries with it is therefore not a contradiction of the old law but its specialization into a higher mode of action.

Freedom in Cause, Determinism in Effect

No Free Will in the World of Effect

*PAP* Determinism in Cause & Effect, Freedom in Decision:

In the states where I made my observations, happiness or unhappiness are independent of the working of the universe. The same causes always produce the same effects, if they are put into action under the same circumstances. This happens on all the planes of the universe. It is left to us to conform to the law.

Freedom exists in the choice of a decision. Determinism comes into play in the execution of this decision, because a relation of Cause and Effect united them.

*CWG1* Knowing Natural Law:

What seems like punishment to you- or what you would call evil or bad luck- is nothing more than natural law asserting itself. If you knew these laws, you would never understand any situation in life to be a problem. You would put an end to all worry, doubt, and fear. You remember these laws by being still.

You are all at root cause for the conditions which exist which create in the robber the desire or need to steal. You have all created the consciousness which makes rape possible. Put away your pointless restrictions and taboos on sexual energy. Feed your hungry, give dignity to the poor. Grant opportunity to your less fortunate. End the prejudice which keeps masses huddled and angry, with little promise of a better tomorrow. Do these things and you will go a long way towards ending robbery and rape forever.

*CWS* Cause & Effect:

It is not death any of you have to worry about- it is your own creations, and you cannot blame your own creations upon any god or any ‘fact' or any predestination! Your present thoughts, feelings, and emotions not only affect you, but affect your probable selves.

*CMS* The Law Follows Attention:

Think of the Law as your friend, always looking out for your interest.

*SoM* Cause & Effect:

Just so far as we depend upon any conditions, past, present, or future, we are creating chaos, because we are then dealing with conditions (effects) and not with causes. We have limited ourselves by our very freedom.


Directing, Choosing God's Will

Script: This is a strong section. It seems to contradict, but it doesn't. Think of God's will as a personification of an impersonal thing. There is the flow, it is the law, the way, the cause. We choose to accept it or block it. We choose to use it in the way we do. Joining God's will means joining with a greater brotherhood, a higher love With this joining we release the Way into being. We open to it by this more selfless love. And so these two things are the same, and so it is that all seeming paradoxes are resolved.

Joining with God's Will

Surrendering the Personal Will

Script: Joining with God's Will is equivalent to following the law, the cause, in order to direct it.. Of course, the idea of the will of God is a personification.
*VftA* Surrender:

Angels: "Here we know the true ecstasy of consciously surrendering our individual wills to God's will. God's will is always that the good of the whole be served and enhanced and expanded. In this surrender, we do not lose our individuality. Rather, we are strengthened in our uniqueness by how that uniqueness fits into and enhances the whole." (NOTE: Keep in mind that God isn't a person, but the essence of personhood, of individuality, so you aren't dominated by another will, but instead you are going along with your essence.)

*B* The Will's Original Source:

If this will returns to its original source from itself and from all creation even for a moment, this will is again in its true nature and is free. And in this moment all the lost time will be regained.

*VftA* Being a Source of Life;

It is about surrendering myself so totally to the will of Great Spirit that I become a hollow reed through which the Breath of Life is given to others.

*KaU* Releasing the Human Will:

The man who surrenders his human will leaves sorrows behind, and beholds the glory of the Atman by the grace of the Creator.

...The wise should surrender speech in mind, mind in the knowing self, the knowing self in the Spirit of the universe, and the Spirit of the universe in the Spirit of peace.

*WtK* The Way of Angels:

Keep in the way of Angels. The Angel hath not any Will, neither of self not any glory save in the expression of Divine Spirit.

*HoL* Many Little Wills and Aligning Them:

The way I used my will was creating problems in my life. It was unsteady. I would change my decisions about things. I found many levels of "wanting" or will issues inside. All of us have these. They are from the defended self and are often found in the will of the inner child, the teenager, or the young adult...I realized that I needed to align al the little wills inside with the spark of Divine will inside... (NOTE: This is an exact and true metaphor for the power of the ecstasy trance- every cell aligning into every motion, the incredible strength of that, of all working together as a whole, directed by a singular will. Such is an awesome way of life)

Emmanuel said, "Your will and God's will are the same... when something brings you joy and fulfillment, it is the will of God speaking through your own heart."

Examine your use of will. How much do you "should" yourself according to an external set of morals? How often do you listen and follow your heart's desire?

*DL* Working With Spirit:

There is only one proviso attached to this forward movement of the Spirit in the world of our own surroundings, and that is that we shall co-operate with it; and this co-operation consists in making the best use of existing conditions in cheerful reliance on the Spirit of Increase to express itself through us, and for us, because we are in harmony with it.

*CWG2* God's Will:

Most of the time you don't even know My Will. You just don't listen. And when you do listen, you don't really hear. And when you do hear, you don't believe what you're hearing. And when you do believe what you're hearing, you don't follow instructions anyway.

You have free will to do as you wish- and that I make your will Mine, through unconditional love. Now for My Will to be yours, you would have to do the same. First, you would have to know it. Second, you would have to accept it. Third, you would have to praise it. Fourth, you would have to love it. Finally, you would have to call it your own.

God's greatest gift is in the sharing of God's power. I would have you be like Me.

*GoE* God Within Us:

There is a principle which is the basis of things, which all speech aims to say, and all action to evolve, a simple, quiet, undescribed, undescribable presence, dwelling very peacefully in us, our rightful lord: we are not to do, but to let do; not to work, but to be worked upon.

*GoE* Our Own Power is Profane:

When we ask simply, ‘What is true in thought? what is just in action?' it is the yielding of the private heart to the Divine mind, and all personal preferences, and all requiring of wonders, are profane.

*PoP* Joining Your Will With God's:

In the course of a soul's development, it must pass through three stages: The first is self-resignation, where the spiritual voyager is making the effort to surrender their will to the Divine will. They must follow the commandments and refrain from sin. They must always try to be satisfied with whatever actually happens. That is the state of the spiritual traveler at the beginning of the path.

The second stage is the state of true submission. One has to purify themself from pride, conceit, vanity, selfishness, and the other desires of the nafs. At the conclusion of this phase, one wants only what God wants. Then one no longer has the sense of a seperate will or ego demanding a particular action. This is the spiritual state of absolute determinism.

The third stage is the state of absolute free will, where the traveler reaches a state in which the divine Will becomes manifest through him. Their will is God's Will.

The closer a soul comes to God, the more things concerning it are written on the Permanent Tablet, and fewer are on the Variable Tablet. The closer we come to God, the less our own personal will intrudes at all. We become what God wishes, and what we do is His Will. At that point, the person becomes completely ‘predestined.'

Being perfect is being beyond the law of causality.

Generating Karma From Personal Will

*BG* The Only Unbound Work is Through God:

Work done as a sacrafice for Vishnu has to be performed, otherwise work binds one to this material world. (NOTE: Ah! The great cosmic plan of love is attempting to play out perfectly in earth life but we are too busy to let it work through us. The plasma movement!)


Surrender... all your works unto Me, with mind intent on Me, ...without desire for gain and free from egoism and lethargy.


"One has to sacrifice everything for the good will of the Supreme Lord, and at the same time discharge his prescribed duties without claims of proprietorship."


"He who is acting in Krishna consciousness, under the direction of the Supersoul situated within the heart, naturally is not bound by any activity he performs."


The Supreme Lord is situated in everyone's heart, O Arjuna, and is directing the wanderings of all living entities, who are seated as on a machine, made of the material energy.

*BG* Centered in the Self, There is No Duty:

One who is, however, taking pleasure in the self, who is illumined in the self, who rejoices in and is satisfied with the self only, fully satiated- for him there is no duty. The self-realized man has no purpose to fulfill in the discharge of his prescribed duties, nor has he any reason not to perform such work... Therefore, without being attached to the fruits of activities, one should act as a matter of duty, for by working without attachment one attains the Supreme... Just for the sake of educating the people in general, you should perform your work. Whatever action a great man performs, common men follow. And whatever standards he sets by exemplary acts, all the world pursues.


As the ignorant perform their duties with attachment to results, so the learned may also act, but without attachment, for the sake of leading people on the right path.


All that you do... should be done as an offering unto Me. Thus you will be freed of all reaction to good and evil deeds, and by this principle of renunciation you will be liberated and come to Me.

God Has No Will, Grants Freedom

Your Will Directing God's Flow

*EK* God Energizes Desires, Will, Thought, But Doesn't Possess Them- We Do:

Ein Sof has no will, no intention, no desire, no thought, no speech, no action...

One feels the divine life force coursing the pathways of existence, through all desires, all worlds, all thoughts, all nations, all creatures.

*EL* Volition in the Universal Mind:

The Universal Mind... has no intention, because it is impersonal... The same principle which shows itself in the individual mind as Will, becomes in the universal mind a Law of Tendency; and the direction of this tendency must always be to life-givingness, because the universal mind is the undifferentiated Life-spirit of the universe.

*DL* We Direct, Not Create:

The human mind forms a new point of departure for the work of the Creative Spirit.

*FWG* Will of God Relieves Responsibility:

Neale: "I'm kind of attracted to the idea that this was all the will of God"

Of course, you are. That relieves you of responsibility for it, and, furthermore, gives the whole thing higher credential. (NOTE: And, as it says somewhere in this book, the responsible one is the one who gets punished for making mistakes)

*DL* What Will Is:

Life guided by Intelligence becomes Volition.

*CWG3* No Free Will With a Preferential God:

There is no free will if to exercise it in certain ways produces punishment...

So with regard to abortion or war, buying that car or marrying that person, having sex or not having sex, "doing your duty" or not "doing your duty," there is no such thing as right and wrong, and I have no preference in the matter.


If I did have a preference, that would make everything easier for you. Then you wouldn't have to figure things out and come to your own conclusions. You'd just have to do as I say.

*CWG3* God Doesn't Prefer Anything!:

You keep wanting to make me a God of preferences, which I am not...

It is true that religions could not exist if the whole human race understood that God doesn't have preferences, because a religion purports to be a statement of God's preferences.

*CWG3* God Wants What You Want- Free Will:

I am always with you, even unto the end of time.

Yet I will not impose My will on you- ever...

When I want for you what you want for you, then I truly love you...

Love chooses naught for itself, but only seeks to make possible the choices of the beloved other...

My highest choice for Me is the same as your highest choice for you. And that is because you and I are one... (NOTE: Notice the opposite tone this takes from "The Way To The Kingdom." But since God and you are one, they are interchangeable.)

What is best for Me is giving you what you decide is best for you. Because what I am trying to be is My Self, expressed. And I am being this through you.

*IL* Personal Will:

Your will and all your powers are only phases of My Will, which I supply to suit your capacity to use it...

When I breathed into man's organism My Breath, it became alive with Me; for then it was I breathed into it My Will... Ever afterward I breathed and lived and had My Being within man, for I created him in My Image and Likeness only for that purpose...

Man's will, which is but a focal point of My Will, must likewise reach everywhere.

*IAD* Directing God Through Free Will:

Having free will, the student must understand that God can only act in his Life and world according to his conscious direction...

Consciousness is always subject to direction through the use of the free will.

The most unfortunate understanding established through the orthodox idea that God acts of His own Free Will in the Life of the individual or a nation, is positively not true. God can only act through the mind of His own individualization, which is clothed with the personalities that you see about you. These personalities are but vehicles of use and expression of this Mighty Individuality- which is God's Will and your free will.


"This One Mighty Energy does all things according to the quality you give It, or the wish you want fulfilled." -Jesus


"Do not let anyone of the beloved students make such a mistake as to think that the ‘Mighty I AM Presence' is going to act independently of the individual's own Self-conscious effort. This never is and cannot be done. It is true that after the student has reached a certain point of attainment, the Law seems to begin to act almost automatically, but this is only because a charged momentum has been built and established about the individual." -Jesus

*FWG* Using God, Creating Your Perfect World:

If I have been using you for My purposes, I must be a very inefficient God... Could it be that My purpose has been to create the world as it is? Of course not... unless... My purpose has been for you to create the world as you choose. In that case, you have served My purpose, and I have been "using" you.

Yet you have also been "using" Me, because it is only through the creative power that resides within you- power given to you by Me- that you have been able to create the world of your dreams. (NOTE: How clear is it? Of course God wants what you want, being the core of you. The words God and You are interchangeable, but remember that you are God, veiled, playing the game of life whose purpose is to forget how great things are so you can discover it all over again.)

*EL* Direction of Creation is Effortless:

It implies no strain on the nervous system and is consequently not followed by any sense of exhaustion.

*EL* Magic, Do As You Will:

Concentration is for the purpose of determining the quality we are going to give to the previously undifferentiated energy rather than to arrange the specific circumstances of its manifestation. That is the work of the creative energy itself, which will build up its own forms of expression quite naturally. (NOTE: The great and deep messages of creative works)

*WO* God's Will:

I seek nothing but to BE and EXPRESS My Self in and through you...

Therefore, you, too, must seek nothing but to be and express your True Self.

*IAD* God Acts Through Us:

God can only act in the physical world through His Individualizations.

*FWG* Our Freedom To Choose Our Lives:

My intention is to allow you to choose your own outcomes, to create and experience your own reality. Your history is a record of what you have intended, and what you have intended, I have intended, since there is no separation between us.

What You Do, God Does

*IL* God Acts By You:

Whatever man is, I AM, and whatever man does, or you do, I do, and whatever you say or think, it is I Who say or think it through your organism.

*B* God Becomes Where God is Expressed:

God becomes God where all creatures express God: There he becomes "God."

*CWG3* Co-Creation:

You are not separate from Me, and you are not separate from each other.

Everything We are doing, We are doing in concert with each other. Our reality is a co-created reality.

The Connection to Mental Science

Script: This directly connects with Mental Science. This could be in that section but I am keeping it here for now as a linking point.
*EL* We Direct, We Dont Create:

We do not put the self-expansive vitality into the seed, but we must sow it, and we may also, so to speak, water it by quiet concentrated contemplating of our desire as an actually accomplished fact. But we must carefully remove from such contemplation any idea of a strenuous effort on our part to make the seed grow.


The mistake is in attributing the creative power to the will, or perhaps I should say in attributing the creative power to ourselves at all. The truth is that man never creates anything. His function is, not to create, but to combine and distribute that which is already in being... This is amply demonstrated in the physical sciences. No one speaks of creating energy, but only of transforming one form of energy into another... What... we call his creative power, is that receptive attitude of expectancy which, so to say, makes a mould into which the plastic and as yet undifferentiated substance can flow and take the desired form. The will... is not the power... It's function is to keep the imagination centered in the right direction. We are aiming at consciouisly controlling our mental powers instead of letting them hurry us hither and thither in a purposeless manner.

God Informs, Doesnt Direct

*LotSB* God Doesn't Control, But Informs:

"God doth not ride me as a horse, and guide me I know not whither myself; but converseth with me as a Friend; and speaks to me in such a dialect as I understand fully, and can make others understand." -Henry More, 1614-1687

*IAD* Anchor in Your "I AM":

Find your "I AM Presence" and anchor to It... Enter in and set free that Mighty Presence, Energy and Action which has already solved the problems before they appear to you...

You can cause this Mighty Presence to handle every condition in your entire experience and raise you into Its Freedom...

"‘I AM' is all there is everywhere present, visible and invisible."

We Focus the Flow

Script: These next two go hand in hand. We are a point of focus and action, but not a source.
*CPitI* We Focus the Spiritual Stream:

To open out into manifestation the wonderful possibilities hidden in the Creative Power of the Universe, we require to do two things: to see that we ourselves are necessary as centers for focusing that power, and at the same time to withdraw the thought of ourselves as contributing anything to its efficiency... (NOTE: we are only the focusing lens)

The error is in supposing that we ourselves are the ultimate source of Personality instead of merely the distributors and specializers of it.

*CPitI* Another Way of Holding Man Above God:

There is another way of putting Man in the place of God, and that is by the misconception that the All-orginating Spirit is merely a cosmic force without intelligence, and that Man has to orginate the intelligence without which no specific purpose can be conceived.

Directing the Flow

*DL* The Function of the Individual:

The function of the individual is to differentiate the undistributed flow of the Universal into suitable directions for starting different trains of secondary causation...

[The Supreme Mind] is the generating center and we are distributing centers.

*tSD* The Plan:

The plan was furnished by the Ideation of the Universe, and the constructive labour was left to the Hosts of intelligent Powers and Forces.

Developing a Greater Will

** You Develop Will, The Ability to Choose:

(NOTE: What you develop in Earth life is a will that makes you more than reactionary- you choose your reaction. You are learning to choose love.)

*GoE* The Categorical Imperitive:

Hear the definition which Kant gives of moral conduct: "Act always so that the immediate motive of thy will may become a universal rule for all intelligent beings." (NOTE: integrate Kant and the Universal Will)

*PAP* The Will:

Will grows, with full development, up to absolute freedom. Every person can aspire to escape from the evolutionary wheel by joining his consciousness with the fundamental principles of cosmic harmony.

The will exercises, in the Invisible, power proportionate to the accuracy of our knowledge and to the disinteredness of our motives.


Blocking & Distorting the Flow

Script: The causes:

Veiling the Flow

*B* Veiling The Flow:

The existence of the soul is sensitized to the influence of God's radiance. However, since the soul is not wholly pure or transparent, it is not able to receive God's light in its fullness. God's light must enter the soul veiled.


As long as your soul is operating like a mind, so long does it have images and representations. But as long as it has images, it has intermediaries, and as long as it has intermediaries, it has neither oneness nor simplicity.

*LotSB* The Outer Veil of Hearing the Inner Voice:

The outer you hears as through a veil, but the inner you translates the delicate suggestions of serene timeless peace, understands the message of the Word whenever it is spoken.

*MotFE* Static, Non-Magnetic Fields of Consciousness:

These non-magnetic fields are like the static states in human consciousness, more intense with greater darkness or ignorance. But the positive radiations of the Spiritual I AM, the declarations of that which man is in fact, penetrate through these static fields of his consciousness and it is as though they do not exist.

Blocking the Flow with
Images & Concepts

*B* Blocking The Flow:

God cannot enter unless everything is taken away that is added to the soul...

Unity is something purer than goodness and truth. Goodness and truth add something; they add a thought. When the thought is conceived, it adds...

A master says: "God loves all things in all his works." The soul is "all things." God pours into the soul whatever is the noblest, the purest, the highest among all things which are under the soul. God is all and is one.


The smallest image of a creature that is formed in you is as big as God. Why? Because it prevents you from forming a whole God. For just where this image is formed in you, God and his whole Godhead must yield. Wherever this image emerges, however, God can go in.

*THAS* What Consciousness Is:

Consciousness is the knowing faculty. When consciousness has no object to be conscious of, it is pure intelligence.

*SL* Fighting the Current of Evolution, Wearing Out:

The Divine Life, going on and causing evolution, returns to unity; everything which harmonizes with its mighty course is carried onwards without waste of energy. On the other hand, everything which sets itself against evolution and causes friction and retardation wears itself out by the very friction it causes... Wherever there is friction there is expenditure of energy; friction transmutes the energy of motion into another form such as heat, and the energy is dissipated.

Blocks as Walled Off Portions of Self

Script: CENTRAL. I like the flow idea more and more, and this is the essence of the blocks; why we form them, what they are, and how we project beyond them. Incredible stuff, this.
*HoL* Walling Off Portions of Ourselves:

Heyoan says that we have already died, in forgetting who we are. Those parts of us that have been forgotten are walled off from reality, and we have come into incarnation to retrieve them... He says that the only thing that dies is death.

During our life, we wall off experiences that we wish to forget. We do this so effectively that we do not remember many of them. We begin this walling-off process early in childhood and continue it throughout our life. These walled-off pieces of our consciousness can be seen in the auric field in terms of blocks... Heyoan says that the real death has already occurred in the form of that internal wall...

[Death] is being walled-off and separate from. It is forgetting... You have in fact incarnated to bring to life those pieces of you that are already in what you call death...

The death that you imagine you will experience can be found within your wall. Every time you separate yourself in any way, you die a small death. Every time you block your wonderful life force from flowing, you create a small death... [Death] is nothing but the releasing of the wall of illusion when you are ready to move on.

*HoL* Walling Off Self, Then Projecting Beyond the Wall:

Whenever you experience discomfort, you are in some way experiencing the wall you built up between the greater integrated you and a part of yourself. That wall serves to hold back a portion of yourself that you do not want to enter into your experience of the moment... It begins to appear that what is walled off is something from the outside, that the wall appears to hold back some dreaded force from the outside...

You may see yourself behind this wall and a great flood, a great pressure of power of some form on the outside, with you inside. Your wall then makes up for that which you feel you are lacking on the inner level. In other words there is this great power coming towards you and you think you have less power than it has. Then you make a wall to protect you... You who are inside the wall must first explore the essence of this wall, for it is fashioned of you. It is fashioned of your essence and it is full of statements, statements of what you must do in order to remain safe...

In the process of going into the wall, experiencing it and enlivening it, you are also enlightening the block. The block seen in the auric field begins to move and stops disrupting the natural energy flow.

Script: And the following, stating it from the greater self viewpoint, where all are parts of your self.
*SC* God is Unity, Separation Separates You From God:

Atun-Re: "What is God? God is the interlinking of yourself with the whole. It is from the whole that the inner light comes. So, if you are derogatory toward any of your brothers or sisters, then you are derogatory toward yourself, and that light grows dim, for you have disinherited a small portion of yourself... The light grows dim if you do not acknowledge yourself, for you are also a part of the whole, are you not?"

Script: Projected essence, projected portions of you.
*EK* Joining with Thoughts:

Thought is like a mirror. One looking at it sees his image inside and thinks that there are two images, but the two are really one. (NOTE: Because you become thoughts)

Bodily Blocks

*IAD* Sickness and Body Fixation Block the Flow:

The Pure and Perfect Life of God is flowing through you every instant; why not switch off the old design and switch on the new? Do you not see how important it is to perfect the body?

What can the Inner Presence do with a body that is sick or out of harmony all the time? When this is the case, the attention becomes so fixed upon the body that the "I AM Presence" cannot get the attention but a little part of the time.

Belief in Separation

*CWG3* The Great Lie- Separation Leads to Power:

Separation from God and from each other is the cause of all your dysfunction and suffering. Still, separation continues to masquerade as strength...

This lie is the genesis of all wars and all the class struggles that lead to war; of all animosity between races and genders, and all the power struggles that lead to animosity...

Act as if you were separate from nothing, and no one, and you will heal your world tomorrow.

This is the greatest secret of all time...

Understand that it is about power with, not power over.

*ER* How We Know Separation:

"We know separation so well because we've tasted the union." -Coleman Barks

*CJ* Separation & Stagnation:

ROMC: "There is no separation in consciousness. Separation is perceived only by stagnation of human consciousness; it means living in a state of unreality."

*CWG3* The Unreal Separation Team:

"I thought there was only one team! Who is on the other team?"

Every thought which ignores our oneness, every idea which separates us, every action which announces that we are not united. The "other team" is not real, yet it is a part of your reality, for you have made it so.

*BG* Forgetting God:

"The real cause of his difficulties in the hard struggle for life may be found in his forgetfulness of his relationship with the Supreme Lord."

*CWG3* Dualism:

Your penchant for, your insistence upon, comparisons, and your constant need to characterize something as "better" or "worse," "higher" or "lower," "good" or "bad" demonstrates how far into duality you have fallen; how deeply into separation you have submerged...

Social evolution is demonstrated by movement towards unity, not separatism.

Script: The effects:

Distortion of the Flow

Script: Distortion by assigning a small, selfish purpose to a grand universal thought or impulse. Show examples of how this has gone wrong historically, how good intentions that include some at the expense of others causes horrible results.
*HoL* Distortion On the Path to Creation:

In the diseased system the same step-down process is at work. However, after the primary creative force moves out from human spiritual reality, it becomes distorted and then acts against universal law. This distortion occurs when the primary creative impulse impinges upon an energy block or distortion within the aura. As soon as the primary creative impulse becomes distorted on its way into the denser layers of the auric bodies, it continues to be distorted as it is transmitted to succeeding levels.

*CPitI* Creations of Fear:

The root, therefore, of all the trouble of the world consists in using our creative power of thought invertedly, and thus giving substance to that which as principle has no existence... The expereince is perfectly real while it lasts. Its unreality consists in the fact that there was never any real need for it.

*IL* Mistaking the Source & Purpose of Thoughts:

Man beleives he thinks, but before he has awakened to a realization of Me within he only takes the thoughts I attract to or inspire in his mind, and, mistaking their real meaning and purpose, places a personal construction upon them and, through the selfish desires thus aroused, creates for himself all his troubles and brings upon himself all his woes. (NOTE: pure arising thoughts)

*IAD* Requalifying Perfect Energy:

The old saying: "There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so." is an Absolute Truth.

When you know that God's Energy comes forth into the individual absolutely Pure and Perfect, then you must realize that it is the individual who requalifies that energy and imposes his own impure quality upon it. This Pure God Energy is projected forth by the conscious effort of the individual, and he must impose some kind of a quality upon it, for that is his privilege as a Creator.

Everyone is constantly qualifying this energy, which is pouring forth continually. Each one is continually pouring his color into it, through his own consciousness.

Every activity of the outer that qualifies carries with it the inherent faculty of sound and color. (NOTE: Thus the aura and the pure bright light of its center... God's Perfection naturally has no discoloration within it... Every student must take the responsibility of his own activity in qualifying the energy he sends forth.


The attention is the channel by which God's Mighty Energy, through thought and feeling, flows to its directed accomplishment.


I wish the students to understand that the Stream of Life flowing through the mind and body always comes into them pure and unadulterated, containing within It all the strength, courage, energy and wisdom that can ever be desired.

*IAD* Realizing the Only Source, Requalifying to Perfection:

There cannot be a quality or an appearance in your world except what you give to it.

If fear causes you to believe in a disturbing presence, you are responsible for it, because if there were to be a disturbing presence and you qualified it by the "I AM Presence," you see how impossible it would be for it to disturb you. There is only one energy acting, and the moment you acknowledge the "I AM Presence," you have requalified that activity with Perfection.

Expectation is a very powerful qualifying consciousness to maintain. Intense expectation is a splendid thing. It manifests always.

*EL* Intuition is Spontaneous:

Our very first impression of feeling on any subject is generally corrrect. Before the objective mind has begun to argue on the subject it is like the surface of a smooth lake which clearly reflects the light from above; but as soon as it begins to argue from outside appearances these also throw their reflections upon its surface, so that the original image becomes blurred and is no longer recognizable.


The spontaneousness of the intuition cannot in any way be interfered with, for it is ceased to act spontaneously it would cease to be the intuition. Its province is, as it were, to capture ideas from the infinite and present them to the mind to be dealt with at its discretion... Intuition can be trained so as to acquire increased sensitiveness in some particular direction, and the choice of the general direction is determined by the will of the individual.

*RotOS* Source in Heaven:

Everything is first created in spirit, then transferred to the physical world. Inevitably, something is lost in the process.

...Ideas are conceived in spirit and channeled through those on the earth...

*IAD* Interesting Atomic Brain Ideas:

The brain is the first point where obstruction begins to register, because that is the point of contact with wrong ideas. Wrong ideas register most quickly and intensely in the brain structure because that is the field of atomic activity. However, the attention held upon the "I AM Presence" so releases the Power of the Perfection, which is within the electron at the center of the atom, that the wrong ideas and obstruction to the Light simply dissolve and disappear.

*ANMU* Truth Brought To Our Level:

If we admit that there is truth at the origin of everything and that there are different degrees of distortion of the truth, we shall see that in this way truth is gradually brought down to our level, though of course in a completely unrecognizable form.

*E* Distortion of Thoughts Along the Way:

Most thoughts making their way to the surface of the mind have been distorted by stress. They are no longer particularly filled with clarity, intelligence, happiness, love or energy. Previous life experiences and the beliefs based on those experiences twist and maim the original intention and purity of the thoughts arising from their Source. The actions resulting from these diminished thoughts are necessarily flawed, mutually contradictory and weak.

If the rising thought stream collides with a stress in the nervous system, the thought takes on the characteristics of the limitation.

Energy rising resonates with stresses turning them into afflicting, self-destructive desires.

*TB* The Process in Everyday Life:

That pregnant moment before the energy of emotion has a chance to arise is a moment of pure, pristine awareness, in which we could, if we let ourselves, have a glimpse of the true nature of mind. For an instant the spell of ignorance is broken; we are totally freed from any need or possibility of grasping, and even the notion of clinging is made ridiculous. However, instead of embracing the emptiness of that gap, in which we could find the bliss of being free from and unbounded by any idea, reference, or concept, we grasp at the dubious security of the familiar, comforting drama of our emotions, driven by our deep, habitual tendencies. And this is how an inherently unconditional energy arising from the nature of mind is crystallized into the form of an emotion, and how its fundamental purity is then colored and distorted by our samsaric vision to provide a continuous source of everyday distractions and delusions.

*E* Any Movement Is Less Then Pure:

Through the imperfections in Unified Consciousness, previous impressions inspire thoughts to arise, thereby opening the door to potential injury and suffering.

Any movement of consciousness is not Absolute Pure Consciousness. Even the highest, graceful, delightful, pleasing, soothing, propitious, bright experience of consciousness is not the same as Absolute Pure Consciousness.

*IA* Heart, Holography, & Specific Search:

One's intentions are in the human heart. God has an extreme proximity and closeness to the human heart. He passes between the man and his heart. The heart is the enduring self and the seat of our moral and spiritual responsibility. God is responsible for the states of the heart. He veils or closes hearts that are sick or blind due to their misdeeds. The divinely supported heart (whether in this world or the next) is the locus of true remembrance of God. The heart is the open door connecting God and the soul.

The heart is a finely polished mirror - all of it is a face. If it rusts, it is because the heart has become preoccupied with knowing the secondary causes, or the workings of the world, instead of knowing God. The polishing of the heart occurs through remembrance of God. Purification of the heart is through liberating ourselves from all attachments other than God. When the heart fails to receive that Divine self-manifestation from the direction of the Divine speaking, because it has received something else instead, then its receiving something else is its tarnishing, or receiving veils. The outward shifting of the heart's attention between God and particular created things is that a human being happens to be seeking the knowledge of some existent thing, or some sign pointing to what they are seeking, which is also a particular existant thing. But when they attain what they are seeking, suddenly the Face of God appears to them in that thing, even though they werent seeking that Face. (NOTE: A match in a search holographically allows light through, and perhaps this is what is meant by "God's Face." A specific search looking for everything or nothing [suspension of specific search] brings this about in a full manner.) The place of the heart is always receiving, either knowledge or ignorance. True knowing arrives from God, continually flowing into the heart of the true servant. They receive in a single instant what could never be bounded within time.

If there were no confusion in your heart and excess of talking, you would see and hear what Arabi does.

*E* The Power of Desire [Without Previous Impressions]:

Every desire that manifests in the human mind has at its inception enough power and significance to be fulfilled instantly. But in the Waking State, by the time the desire reaches the surface of the mind, it is colored by previous impressions of stress and limitation, is therefore weak, often pointless, self-contradictory or even damaging. Such a desire often degenerates into a shallow attachment, small, powerless, of no significance at all.

*EIM-M* Desire & Expectation:

Ali said: "Two things bring ruin: Desire and length of expectation. Desire blocks access to the real, while length of expectation brings forgetfulness of the finality."

*TB* The Process in Thoughts & Emotions:

Exactly the same process can be recognized in the workings of thoughts and emotions, and the manner in which they arise:

1) The Ground Luminosity exists before any thought or emotion.

2) Within its unconditional space, a fundamental energy stirs, the spontaneous radiance of Rigpa, which begins to arise as the basis, the potential, and the fuel for raw emotion.

3) This energy can then take on the forms of emotions and thoughts, which eventually propel us into action and cause us to accumulate karma.

*CMS* Confusion & Calm Waters of the Mind:

If our outer thought were never confused, we should at all times draw from this Infinite source of knowledge; we should be guided by It and never make mistakes; our minds would be like the smooth surface of a lake, unruffled by wind and storm.

But with most of us this is not the case; we become confused in the outer so that the surface of the mind is in turmoil, no longer clear and transparent, and we cannot get the clear vision, the real guidance, and we get things wrong because we do not see clearly.

You Can Distort the Flow, But Not Stop the Truth

*IL* You Could Never Misuse God's Ideas- All Paths Lead to God:

You have no ideas of your own and could not possibly have a desire that came from other than Me, for I AM all there Is... (NOTE: This like the arising thoughts idea!)

You may wrongly interpret My Desires, My Urges from within, and seek to use them for your own selfish purpose, but even while permitting this they still fulfill My Purpose. For it is only by letting you misuse My Gifts and by the suffering such misuse brings, that I can make you into the clean and selfless channel I require for the perfect expression of My Ideas. (NOTE: This is also often stated as "making a demonstration".)

Emotional Results of Blocking the Flow

*ER* Separation is EMOTIONAL Separation!:

Manyness is having sixty different emotions.

Unity is peace, and silence.

*HoL* Distortion of the Flow and Negative Pleasure:

Negative pleasure is based on separation... (NOTE: worthiness) Negative pleasure is created when the original impulse flowing with movement and energy from the core gets distorted or twisted and partially blocked in some way.

*CWG3* The Source of All Thoughts:

Ultimately, all thoughts are sponsored by love or fear...

And, in the end, there is really only one.


In truth, love is all there is. Even fear is an outgrowth of love, and when used effectively, expresses love.

Script: More:

Grasping the Flow

*WO* Grasping Inhibits the Flow:

It is the pinching and holding on to your last dollar, fearing that no more will come, that actually prevents your receiving more. For giving, more than anything else, helps to open the channel so that supply, both spiritual and material, can freely flow.

*ER* A Frozen Spring:

Your spring is frozen. Faith is a flowing.

Don't try to forge cold iron.

Discerning the Distortion of Thoughts

*IL* The Source of Thoughts:

Other thoughts may come from other human sources, but if you are alert you will recognize them as such and refuse to accept them...

When you have learned to distinguish My Voice from all other voices, and can keep your personal interest wholly suppressed, then will you be able to hold silent communion with Me at will, without interference from others' ideas, beliefs, and opinions; and you can ask any question you wish, or another can ask you any question on any problem on which they need help, and I will that moment place in your mind the words to speak, either silently to yourself, or audibly through your tongue to the other.

*BDL* Noticing External Influences:

D: How would you know if other influences are trying to sway you the other direction?

S: By opening up to perceive what the final outcome of what they are recommending will be.

*IL* Become Master of Your Thoughts:

It is first wholly necessary that you learn HOW to think, how to know Your thoughts, those directed by Me, from the thoughts of others; how to trace thoughts back to their source and to banish undesirable ones at will from your consciousness; and finally how to control and utilize your desires so that they will always serve You, instead of your being a slave to them.


Thinking Yourself the Source

Thinking Yourself the Source

*BG* God is the Source:

"The person in material consciousness is convinced by false ego that he is the doer of everything... He is factually bewildered by the false ego, and that is the cause of his forgetfulness of his eternal relationship with Krishna."

*CPitI* Seeing Self As the Source Poisons the Stream:

All this can only proceed from the individual's recognition that his own powers are a derivative from the All-originating Spirit...

Every inversion we bring with us in presenting ourselves to the Spirit is bound to be... Thus adulterateing the stream of Pure Life, and rendering it less life-giving in proportion to the extent to which we invert the action of the Life-Principle; so that in extreme cases the stream flowing through and from the individual may be rendered absolutely poisonous and deadly, and the more so the greater his recognition of his own personal power to employ spiritual forces...

False creation, with all its accompaniments of limitation, sin, sorrow, sickness, and death, must necessarily be real to us until we perceive that these things were not created by God, the Spirit of the Affirmative, but by our own inversion of our true relation to the All-creating Being.

*BMS* Ownership Inhibition- Thinking Self the Source:

"Batcheldor discussed the possibility of ‘ownership inhibition' blocking psychokinetic ability." -Michael Grosso (NOTE: Thinking yourself the source!)

*CtL* The Devolution of Man- Thinking Himself the Source:

[The Egyptian age] was the age of the bicameral mind, a period in which men believed that their thoughts came to them from the gods and were not internally generated. For the Egyptians, thoughts and dreams were gods speaking to them.

Prior to the evolution of individual consciousness, people were what Princeton psychiatrist Julian Jaynes calls "bicameral." By this, he means that they did not understand that their own thoughts and actions were generated from within themselves, but rather that they thought external gods created these thoughts and actions. (NOTE: Ha! Ha! They do!)

This bicameral thinking has long vanished from human beings, ever since the evolution of language and writing. Once men could write down their thoughts, and read what other people have written, they came to understand that each human being has an individual consciousness, and that gods do not direct our every action. (NOTE: Men took themselves to be the source. This is evolution?!)

*LotSB* Thinking Yourself the Source:

You lose what you have when you think you have a power, you lose it when you think you are an influence. If it is your good fortune to be an instrument so great and dynamic, you must, perforce, renounce all personal gratification.

*THAS* Yourself as the Source of Power:

Peter had, in fact, shared with Eileen, Lena and me a series of lectures that had been part of his training. Included in these was the exercise of repeating the phrase ‘I am Power.' I had considerable trouble with this exercise at first... Then, on analyzing myself, I concluded that the word ‘power' was not the culprit, but the word ‘I'. I had been thinking of the limited human personality called Dorothy as the ‘I', as the power, instead of the unlimited God-essence of Dorothy... (NOTE: When you identify with less than you truly are, you act like less than you truly are.) For I as God-essence could be one with the essence of any part of creation.

*IAD* Claiming Ownership, Yourself As the Source:

The unfortunate thing in humanity- which has caused such rampant selfishness and unprecedented condemnation of each other- is the idea of claiming ownership to these wonderful Blessings of God... The Warning that should be placed before every student and individual is to guard against the desire of the outer self to claim power of its own. If in every act of the personality, God were given full credit, transformations unbelievable could not help taking place in the one thus giving full credit and power where it belongs.

*LotSB* The Source of Peace:

It is only difficult when you think that you can make [the world] serene. The serenity will be given you.

*MotFE* The Siddha & the Tower of Babel:

"It is from the teaching of the Siddha that the system of rulers sprang. But these rulers soon wandered away from the realization that it was God expressing through them. Thinking it was themselves, the personal, who were doing the work, they lost sight of the spiritual and brought forth the personal or material, forgetting that all comes from the one source- God. These rulers' personal concepts gave rise to the great separations in belief and the wide diversity of thought. This is our concept of the tower of Babel. The Siddha have preserved throughout the ages the true inspirational methods of God expressing through mankind and through all His creations, realizing that God is All and that it is God manifesting through all."

*EIM-M* Taking Credit for God's Work:

I said: What is this vanity (‘ijab) which you fear on my account?

He said: Attention to yourself in any act, and the exaggeration of your own role in it- forgetting that it was God Most High who graced you with it and gave you success. It is praising oneself for any good deed.

*H&H* God Is The Only Source:

The only good and love are from God, not the self. Angels are displeased and withdraw if anyone attributes good to them. Seeing yourself as the source of good and faith is ignorant. Nature clothes the spiritual. Things are not from nature.

Misattribution of the Flow
No Power in the Outer

*IAD* No Constant Power in the Outer:

After hundreds of years of search in the outer for power and authority, we find that anything that seems to be so is but shifting sand, and tomorrow it may be gone. (NOTE: This is just like saying that there is no endless power source in the neurons which receive the images of our seeing. The power is in our seeing.)

*ANMU* Distortion of Pure Truth Flow Are From Outside Us:

It is difficult for us to realize that we are surrounded by distortions and perversions and that apart from these distortions and perversions we can receive nothing from outside. (NOTE: The outside is brought in and joined to meaning in our mental atmosphere.)

*E* What Ignorance Is [The Changing & Never-Changing]:

Ignorance is the perception of the transient as the Eternal, impurity as purity, suffering as happiness and the not-self as the Self.

Mistaking the ephemeral and constantly changing for the never-changing causes every aspect of life to be distorted. Mistaking the Eternal for the temporal leads to identification with the ever-changing body rather than the never-changing spirit.

Ignorance means that values are built upon the ephemeral – the body, possessions, cherished beliefs – and not on the experience of the unchanging Absolute. Since this is so, suffering becomes certain, for if our treasure is stored up where moth eats and rust decays, we will weep for our lost idols in the end, for these eventually pass away. Only the Ascendant endures forever, if the Ascendant is our prime focus, if the Ascendant is our treasure, then life will be lived in purity and joy, in love, in health.

That which obscures the perfect light of Self realization is the belief in separation, in limitation. Ignorance.

All objects, all of everything, everywhere, always have at their root the One Unchanging.

Knowing the Source

*THAS* Make Every Effort to the Whole:

Landscape Angel: The noblest and highest human effort, however wonderful- and it is wonderful- is of no avail unless the glory is given to the whole... You are nothing and we are nothing without those life forces which we are, which are God.

*CPitI* Knowing Your Source:

This, it seems to me, is the Divine Ideal: that of an Individuality which recognizes its Source, and recognizes also the method by which it springs from that Source, and which is therefore able to open up in itself a channel by which that Source can flow in uninterruptedly.

*AoaY* God is the Doer, the Power, the Source:

"The following day Ramu felt almost ashamed to ask that physical wealth be added to his spiritual superabundance. Ramu, someone has connived to put me in a difficult position, I have no healing power."

"Sir, the Infinite One within you can certainly heal."

"That is indeed different, Ramu. God's limit is nowhere! He who ignites the stars and the cells of flesh with mysterious life-effulgence can surely bring luster of vision into your eyes."

"Lahiri Mahasaya never allowed the ego-principle* to consider itself a causative force. By perfection of resistless surrender, the master enabled the Prime Healing Power to flow freely through him."

*Egoism; the root cause of dualism or illusion of maya, whereby the subject (ego) appears as object; the creatures imagine themselves to be creators.


"Suppose I never asked for food, and nobody gives me any. I should starve to death."

"Die then! Die if you must, Mukunda! Never admit that you live by the power of food and not by the power of God! He who has created every form of nourishment, He who has bestowed appetite, will certainly see that His devotee is sustained! Do not imagine that rice maintains you, or that money or men support you! Could they aid if the Lord withdraws your life-breath?"

Gone was an age-old delusion by which bodily imperatives outwit the soul.


"Babaji laughed softly. ‘Whatever the Lord has made me say is bound to materialize as truth.'"

*SDoG* Knowing God as the Source:

All things take knowledge directly from God. What differentiates the prophets and God's friends from ordinary people is not so much the source of their knowledge as the fact that they know where the knowledge comes from.

Strength comes from God through the spirit, and human problems arise precisely because they fail to attribute the strength to its owner.

*BWT* God Works Through You:

This Presence, and not your mind or mine, is the healing agency...

If you want God, be still; be still and let God function.


The Master: "I can of mine own self do nothing... The Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works."

*BWT* Living by Grace- Completely Selfless:

The goal of the mystical life is to be a beholder of God in action, a life in which nothing is ascribed to one's self, not even good motives. As for desire, there is none. There are not even needs because every need seems to be met before one becomes aware of it as a need. This is living by Grace.

*BWT* Live By the Source:

True, the activity of Grace can come to me as words and thoughts, and then it can be imparted to you in words and thoughts. But I am not living by those words or thoughts, and you are not living by them: we are living by the Grace that produceth the words and thoughts.

*MotFE* God is the Source:

On Jesus: "He relied wholly upon His deep knowledge or understanding of God and this is how He did His mighty works. He did not rely upon His own will power or upon strong, concentrated thoughts."


"We can get more out of this ideal way of expression if we but let God express through us in the ideal way He has conceived for us. It is only when we take things into our own hand that the problems and difficulties begin."


‘Of myself I can do nothing,' said Jesus, ‘The Father that dwells in me, He does the work.' Have faith in God. There is no limitation to God's power. ‘All things are possible.'


Previous Impressions & Inner Senses

The Inner Senses Without Previous Impressions

Script: This is very related to seeing God in all things.
*E* Clear Perceptions (uncolored) (upward thought):

Upward thoughts result from clear perception, logical deduction and direct cognition

(NOTE: Suspension of recognition should mean suspension of meaning projection.)

Clear perception implies that previous experience and belief are not coloring the reality seen as it is Now. Slip beyond the limitation of our past and see life as it is truly is right Now.

*E* Seeing More Subtly (fewer and fewer previous impressions): The Inner Senses:

After the previous impressions are eradicated so that objects can be seen as they really are, the awareness begins to appreciate subtler or more delicate levels of the reality of the focus of attention.

Bliss increases as subtlety of experience increases, for every new level of perception is more perfect, more beautiful, more glorious than the one before.

The process of knowing refines until everything is perceived clothed in celestial light, this is Exalted Consciousness.

The light of Pure Consciousness can see through objects; it is not limited by space or time and can see the entire range of creation. The primary indicator of Exalted Consciousness is seeing the celestial light and the beings who inhabit the celestial light everywhere, always.

It is effortless to move the light of Pure Consciousness anywhere, to know anything at all that there is to be known.

One can hear, touch, see, taste, smell anywhere at any level of existence when one is fully cognizant of the Ascendant.

The body of the Ascendant is the Universe and everything and everyone that is in the Universe. So through mastery of the movements of the mind, one recognizes that one is inside of everyone and everything, automatically. There are not limits to this -- one can look out of anyone's eyes, hear with anyone's ears, know what anyone knows.

The speed of the mind means that the senses can travel throughout creation as quickly as the mind thinks. The speed limit of light does not apply to the mind.

*E* Seeing Into the Unmanifest:

The ever increasing subtlety of objects culminates in the unmanifest.

If the object of attention continues to become increasingly subtle during Ascension, and if one does not fall asleep, the experience will lead to the Unmanifest, the Absolute. This is so because the Ascendant pervades everything, it underlies everything.

*WotT* Perceiving The Real:

The true knower witnesses things according to their primordial Realities, with an otherworldly form of perception illuminated with the Light of the Kingdom.

*E* Distraction:

If the mind is distracted, the eyes do not see, the ears do not hear.

*E* Be Free from Stress, See Only Beauty & Truth:

Be completely free from stress inside, they see only Beauty and Truth outside.

Only when one is continuously witnessing the inherent duality of creation – Infinite on the inside, finite on the outside – does the quest to see the Infinite on the outside begin to make any sense. If one still sees limitation, death, disease and fear inside, it is not very likely that one will perceive anything very wonderful outside! Cleanse first the mirror of the mind.

The nervous system is freed from stress as consciousness expands; consciousness expands as the nervous system is freed from stress.

*E* Memory (When Previous Impressions are Absent):

When memory is perfect, the ability to remember the Absolute continually naturally develops. No experience is ever lost — it continues forever in the subtle recording medium. It retains the imprint of all thoughts, of all experiences, of all sensations, of all feelings.

Everything that has ever happened to us is recorded. As the stress decreases, these experiences become available for review. It is a common experience in the practice of Ascension for a memory to float through about something that happened years before.

If the mind is troubled by noise, experiences and memory are quickly overshadowed.

The three transformations are: the Transformation to Stillness, the Transformation to Ascendant Consciousness, and the Transformation to One-pointedness.

What is their full meaning? Knowledge of the past and future.

Memory is the subtlest motion of consciousness. When the mind is purified, memory naturally functions perfectly.

The whole of the past and the future unrolls before one.

Previous Impressions Block Experience
Seeing By Habit

*E* Previous Impressions Color Experience & Block Memory:

Nothing is remembered perfectly in the Waking State, for nothing is experienced perfectly, as it really is. Rather, the previous impressions of experience and belief color every experience, every thought.

Previous impressions of experience collide with current sensory data to distort or color all images. This typical experience of the Waking State — partial or complete loss of the experience almost immediately. The less is lost, the more is remembered.

Memory is the natural state of mind. When the experiences are not lost, memory is automatic.

What steals away the experience? Conditioned responses, beliefs and judgments. The vast majority of sensory and mental input is filtered out before it reaches the conscious mind by the Hypothalamus and the Reticular Activating System. This keeps the mind from being overwhelmed by excessive data — but is also has the unfortunate effect of keeping the boundaries of the Waking State firmly in place.

When we perceive anything, the previous impressions we have learned to associate with similar objects resonate with our current experience to provide a name for the object.

A coarse mind will tend to force new experience into the old grooves.

Consciousness will be colored by desire; the objects of perception will not be seen clearly.

*E* Wandering From Thing to Thing Seeking Happiness:

In the Waking State, the mind is continually swayed by previous impressions. As these distort its calm mirror, it moves continually from object to object, from thought to thought, in the vain effort simply to be happy.

A weak mind is a scattered mind, wandering from experience to experience, never able to hold onto any thought stream for long enough to accomplish its purpose. Without transformation to one purpose, one meaning, one object, one cause, one use, life continues to be burdened by mutually contradictory thoughts, desires and actions.

  If life is divided, progress will always be sporadic and weak.

*E* Overshadowed By Every Experience:

Slavery means being overshadowed by every experience, forgetting joy, forgetting peace, forgetting love, forgetting everything that is of the Real, the True or the Good and being left with nothing but a handful of broken dreams.

*WotT* The Effects of Physical Preoccupation On Forms:

Now these forms present in the world of the soul may differ in manifestness and hiddenness, in intensity and weakness. The less it is preoccupied with the distractions of this body and the use of the bodily powers of motion – the more manifestly will these forms appear in the soul and the stronger will be their being. In sleep, too, the soul is usually preoccupied with the body.

The complete manifestation of these forms and the perfection of the power of their being occurs only after death. This is true to such a degree that compared to the forms man will see after death, the forms he sees in this world are like dreams. "Mankind are sleeping, when they die, they awaken." Then the Unseen becomes directly visible, and knowledge becomes immediate vision.

*ABTM* Losing the Moment to Memory:

The curse of memory is that it ages us from the inside; our inner world is getting older, shutting us out from reality, which is never old.

*TBD* Seeing Truly Or By Habit:

Enjoyments are experienced by enlightened faculties; ordinary objects are perceived only by impure habit.

Script: The following bit is BIG! So the pattern-matching of specific search and the emotional correlation is the sole concern of the brain. This is a good description of the unthinker, man more like animal.
*CWG3* The Brain Sees Through Previous Experience:

Your brain is not the source of your intelligence. It is simply a data processor. It takes in data through receptors called your senses. It interprets this energy in formation according to its previous data on the subject. It tells you what it perceives, not what really is. (NOTE: Survival compares, curiosity sees)

*IL* Experiences Based on Previous Impressions:

Your human mind is so constituted that it cannot accept anything which does not conform with what it has previously experienced or learned, and which its intellect does not consider reasonable.

*UR2* Belief Can Lock Away Experience:

The unknown reality: Much of that reality is unknown simply because your beliefs close you off from your own knowledge. The reaches of your own consciousness are not limited.

Living by Imitation & Habit

*THAS* You Are More Than Your Past Habits:

You are each conditioned by your background and enclosed in its memory... You are more than that small pattern of behavior created by your past... Be alert to life, and then its communications can run through you like a ripple of laughter, or a deep deep understanding...

Why do you not let life grow in you as we do? Why do you put brakes on, or divert your energy into habits which you have long outgrown?... We see you imitating one another, following current fashions, doing something because you always have, choosing from habit, or, in other words, closing yourselves off from the life urge within you. What a waste, when you have this most wonderful God-energy within which, if followed, would make a paradise on this Earth!...

There is nothing static in the worlds of the One who forever expresses life and love in an outgoing manner...

To keep up with life, to be part of the Oneness of all, there is nothing to cling to but the One who, forever the same, forever changes...

Throw all conditioning overboard and experience from within.


Belief in Good & Evil

The Belief in Two Powers

*EL* There is Only One Force, and it is Positive:

Evil is brought to us by precisely the same law as good...

We have no longer to consider two forces, but only one, as being the cause of all things; the difference between good and evil resulting simply from the direction in which this force is made to flow.


Every positive condition has an exactly opposite negative condition corresponding to it, and that this correspondence results from their being related to the same cause, the one positively and the other negatively... The primary cause of any series can never be negative, for negation is the condition which arises from the absense of active causation... Evil being negative, or privation of good, has no substantive existence in itself.


The whole sequence always partakes of the same character as the initial cause.

*CPitI* Love & Fear- Love is the Only Power:

Then the Fall is the failure of the lower mentality to realize that... Love is the only ultimate Motive Power it is possible to conceive, and that the creations of Love cannot be otherwise than good and beautiful. The lower mentality conceives an opposite quality of Evil and thus produces a motive power the opposite of Love, which is Fear...

If we analyze our motives, we shall find that they are always some mode either of Love or Fear; and fear has its root in the recognition of some power other than Perfect Love... Love is eternal and Fear is not...

By accepting the notion of a dual power- that of Good and Evil- the inverted creative working of Fear is introduced with all its attendant train of evil things.

*CPitI* Overcoming the Illusion of Two Powers:

There must be such a manifestation of the Divine Love to Man as, when rightly apprehended, will leave no ground for fear.

*DL* There is Only One Force:

To recognize evil as a force to be reckoned with is therefore to give up the creative stand-point altogether. It is to quit the plane of First Cause and descend into the realm of secondary causation and lose ourselves amid the confusion of a multiplicity of relative causes and effects without grasping any unifying principle behind them.

Now the only thing that can release us from the inextricable confusion of an infinite multiplicity is the realization of an underlying unity.

*ER* Love Alone is Real:

Love is the reality, and poetry is the drum

that calls us to that. Don't keep complaining

about loneliness! Let the fear-language of that theme

crack open and float away.

*BWT* There Cant Be Two Forces:

There cannot be two powers in a purely spiritual universe created by a pure God.

Belief in Good & Evil

*SPoK* Good & Evil:

"Evil is the opposite of good, and nothing emerges from good but good; evil is only the nonexistence of good. Hence, all good is existence, while evil is nonexistence, since it is the manifestation of that which has no entity in reality."

*CWS* Good & Evil:

What you call evil works for what you call good. There is no destruction, and there is no evil.

Ron: "I think that even in the way we look at it now there is destruction, which is evil." I know that you do! You live within that reality and while you live within it, you must deal with it.

Each of you, in your own way, works out your ideas of good and bad, of ‘opposites'; that you are working with the same challenges, and that there are no opposites! If you want to experience your ideas on the nature of religion, and do a good job of it, you must be a skeptic and a believer; and an Indian, and a Jew.

*MotFE* Separation Makes Diversity, Good, & Evil:

"All was good until man separated himself from God and saw duality, or two. Then he, by his thought, created two, one good and the other the opposite; for if there were two, they would be opposite- good and evil. Thus evil came through man's perfect power to express or bring forth that which he gazed upon. If man had not seen evil, evil would have been given no power of expression."


"Man comes forth in unity just as long as he has consciously realized this and used the power and dominion rightly; but the moment he, in his mortal self, conceived dual powers, he began to see dual, he misused this power, and brought forth duality, for man is a free will agent and brings forth that which he gazes upon. Then diversity and wide separation resulted and this has followed him all over the earth. But a change is coming. Diversity has about reached its limit and mankind is recognizing that all came forth from the one Source. Man is beginning to realize that every other man is his brother instead of his enemy. God is the substance of all things. When man breathes, he breathes God as much as he does air."


Jesus: "Hell or the devil has no abiding place except in man's mortal thought. Both of them are just wherever man places them."


"Once he had named a thing, he has power to bring it into existence.

"Man is the only-begotten Son of God, or the only-begotten son of the animal. Thus, by choice, man can become evil or devil if his eye beholds evil; or he becomes God, if his eye beholds God."

*LDer* Like/Dislike, Love/Hate Blind One to Truth:

Sosan: "The Great Way is not difficult for those who have no preferences. When love and hate are both absent everything becomes clear and undisguised. Make the smallest distinction, however, and Heaven and Earth are set infinitely apart. If you wish to see the truth then hold no opinion for or against. The struggle of what one likes and what one dislikes is the disease of the mind."

Sosan again: "To deny the reality of things is to miss their reality; to assert the emptiness of things is again to miss their reality. The more you talk and thing about it, the further astray you wander form the truth."

*CWS* Beliefs In Inherent Bad:

You can condemn yourself because you are sinful and the daughters and sons of Satan. Or you can say, ‘That is nonsense/ We are instead the idiot offcasts of nature. We are going to destroy our planet. We are rotten, not because we are the sons of Satan, but because we are insane atoms and molecules from astray!' Only the vocabulary is different.

As long as you believe in the basic evil of man, then you must project upon yourself great punishment. You must see your world destroyed, and so will you have prophets to tell you so. You are convinced that you are so evil that you must be destroyed! Only those who so believe will partake in that probability, and those of you who refuse to accept that believe will learn instead, as I have said, a loving technology. If you take certain directions, there is a birth of a new kind of species- a species that consciously and purposefully creates the kind of world that a sane god would create.

*CWS* Bad Words:

When you accept from others the idea that a word is wrong, then when they use it, they use it to be nasty, because they know it will have that effect upon you.

*E* No Good or Evil, Just Good:

(NOTE: Seth.) The Ascendant causes all actions of consciousness, even those that seemingly lead away from the Ascendant. It is only human interpretations based on limited perspectives that some actions are "good" and others are "bad." All are good in the eyes of the Ascendant, even those that seem to take us away from it.

*SS* Good & Evil & Lack of Perception:

Opposites have validity only in your own system of reality. The represent, however, deep unities that you do not understand. Your conception of good and evil results in large part from the kind of consciousness you have presently adopted. You do not perceive wholes, but portions. The conscious mind focuses with a quick, limited, but intense light, perceiving from a given field of reality only certain "stimuli." Anything that it does not accept as a portion of reality, it does not perceive. The effect of opposites results, then, from a lack of perception. The ideas of opposites are also necessary guide lines for the developing ego. The inner self knows quite well the unity that exists.

*SS* A Look Into The Heart of Good & Evil:

You have an idea that good is gentle and bad is violent. This is because in your mind violence and destruction are the same thing. By this analogy, the soft voice is the holy voice and the loud voice is the wicked one, and a strong desire is a bad desire and a weak desire the good one. You become afraid of projecting ideas or desires outward, for in the back of your mind you think that what is powerful is evil.

*SS* Compassion vs. Right & Wrong:

I spoke earlier of rigid concepts of right and wrong. There is only one way to avoid this problem. Only true compassion and love will lead to an understanding of the nature of good, and only these qualities will serve to annihilate the erroneous and distortive concepts of evil. The simple fact is that as long as you believe in the concept of evil, it is reality in your system,and you will always find it manifest. (* you can fight ignorance with truth but not evil)

*SS* Hate:

Hate is restrictive. It narrows down your perception. It is indeed a dark glass that shadows all of your experience. If, for example, you hate a parent, then it becomes quite easy to hate any parents, for in their faces you see and project the original offender. A generation that hates war will not bring peace. A generation that loves peace will bring peace. (**) A man who hates always believes himself justified. There is nothing to be gained, either, by hating hatred. No one thrusts the experience of any given lifetime upon you. It is formed faithfully according to your own emotions and beleifs.

The problem of war will sooner or later teach you that when you kill another man, basically you will end up killing yourself. The overall population problem will teach you that if you do not have a loving concern for the environment in which you dwell, it will no longer sustain you.

*ER* Beyond Right & Wrong:

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,

there is a field. I'll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,

the world is too full to talk about.

*TDA* Evil is a Distraction:

Dr. Weisberg: "I'm very attracted by the position on evil, that it is a distraction rather than a positive force."

*TDA* The Necessity of Contrast:

Flowers are beautiful, but their beauty is enhanced by the contrast with other flowers. We are enriched by our diversities, and each of us enriches the world by our own differences.

*CWG3* There is No Wrong:

There is no such thing as "wrong." There is only that which does not serve you; does not speak the truth about Who You Are, and Who You Choose to Be.

*TDA* The Fundamental Error of Religious Good & Evil:

Dr. Peebles: "No matter how loving, no matter how well intended, no matter how structured and objective and fair the religion seeks to be, it is based on a fundamental error. And that is the belief that there are significant and long-term differences between beings. Thereby it is your need, as a student of religion, to identify those who are evil- very separate, from a point of view- of the leader of the religion, usually- and those who are good, which means they agree with the leader of the religion.

"This gives birth to a constant need for protection and a constant, guaranteed violence. You don't like to be protected against, do you? How do you feel when others want to protect themselves against you? You want to bang their walls down, font you? Or you want to never speak to them again, no matter what happens.

"Well, this is the birth of religion. And of course religion is well intended. Its disciples do want to create love on Earth. But how can you do that when you are constantly having to try to identify what is evil and what is good?... Silly, silly, silly! All things are part of God...

"The new religions based on the metaphysical community are no different from the old religions. They as well are teaching people to surround themselves with white light so that negativity cannot enter their being and you can think only positive thoughts, and ignore negative thoughts whatever you do!

"Now, what are negative thoughts?

"Well, they're something that other people have. And on and on it goes, around and around."

*THAS* Artificial Right and Wrong:

Right and wrong are often artificial standards, varying in each country, which seem outwardly to create moral law but in the end cause degeneration. Yet every child has a natural sense of right and wrong, for a child feels a wrong vibration; it is adults who become confused.

*VftA* Evil is Contraction, Rejection:

Angels: "Evil is contraction. Evil rejects. Goodness forgives and accepts. Divine consciousness sees beyond evil to the source of the contraction, to the source of the pain and the choices made as the result of that pain... It is man who is primarily responsible for and ultimately the source of evil."

*TBD* Beyond Good & Evil:

From The Detailed Identification:

"Virtue and vice cannot enforce their effects.

Just as a fountain cannot spring forth from empty sky,

So virtue and vice are de-objectified in voidness."

*WtK* Good & Evil- There is Only One Power:

God is One, not two (good and evil), and hence such think themselves separate from Him, thereby unwittingly classing themselves with what is not God and therefore not good...

There is only one- a very wise and mighty Power, from Whom all other powers spring and derive their existence or reason for being... (NOTE: There are two "opposites:" a thing and it's lack, and two ends of a relative scale. What is good? God? #1)

Harmony is the first Law, the supreme Law.

*WtK* All Faculties and Powers are Good:

All faculties and all powers given to man are good- when developed and used unselfishly and for the good of others. This includes all psychic gifts that have unfolded naturally in one who is earnestly trying to live the higher life.

*IAD* Fearing Evil, You Become Evil:

(NOTE: Fearing evil, you become evil in order to learn from others how to deal with evil.)

*IL* Good & Evil:

All things I give you are Good- and that they are for use.

*SL* Curing Evil With Good:

For Lao-tze, speaking six hundred years before Christ was born, laid down the law of curing evil by good... "The untruthful," Lao-tze said, "I will meet with truth... I will cure the miser by generosity, I will cure the liar by truth."...

Six centuries before Christ, the Buddha repeated the lesson, "To him that causelessly injures me I will return the protection of my ungrudging love. The more evil comes from him the more good shall flow from me." Exactly the same lesson flows from the lips of the great Jewish teacher when in the Sermon on the Mount he bids his disciples, "Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, that you may be the children of your Father in Heaven."

*SL* Pain:

Now pain is regarded as part of the evil of the universe, as the results of what is called evil. But actually pain is the result of contact between two things which separately are innocuous.


Pain verily is discordant vibration.

*SL* Evil Makes Possible Good:

The presence of evil in the universe makes it possible for good to grow and for perfection to triumph. (NOTE: The concept of evil. This is like CWG's "All is choice" but seems to rub against the "all is perfection" thought.)

Another fundamental use of evil is the evolution of the power to discriminate between good and evil, and thus of volition, of choice.

*UR2* Rigid Beliefs in Good & Evil, The Self-Hating Nature of a Belief in Evil:

A rigid, dogmatic concept of good and evil will force you to perceive physical existence as a battleground of opposing forces... (NOTE: I was thinking, people with beliefs like that are very easy to manipulate. With a slight change in lighting, good becomes evil and evil becomes good. And the fear of evil keeps the believer running to the light, fighting against whatever this moment's evil is)

In such a case all of your experience becomes suspect...

You are used to projecting your beliefs onto physical objects and events. When you leave your home station, those objects and events no longer present themselves in the same fashion...

You may believe that the soul "descends" into the body, and therefore that the body is lower, inferior, and a degraded version of "what you really are." At the same time your own physical being knows better, and basically cannot accept such a concept. So in daily life you may project the idea of unworth outward onto another person, who seems then to be your enemy; or upon another nation. In general, you might select animals to play the part of the enemy, or members of another religion, or political parties.

In any case, in your private life you may hardly ever encounter your belief in your own unworth, or evil. You will not realize that you actually consider yourself the enemy. you will be so convinced that your projection (onto others) is the enemy that there will be no slack to take up, for all of your feelings of self-hate or self-fear will be directed outward.

*SC* No Good & Evil:

John: "There is neither good nor evil, there is only wisdom and ignorance."

*FWG* Replace Good & Evil With Oneness:

That old message of right and wrong, crime and punishment, good and evil, everlasting rewarding and everlasting damnation, has done nothing to end the suffering on your planet, to end the killing on your planet, to end the torture that you are inflicting upon yourselves. And that is because it is a message of separation.

There is only one message that can change the course of human history forever, end the torture, and bring youback to God. That message is... WE ARE ALL ONE...

You will not end the torture of yourselves so long as you imagine yourselves to be merely torturing another. You will only end the torture when you are clear that you are, in factm torturing youself.

*ER* Reminded by the Cruel:

He doesn't pray for the good,

but only for the blatantly cruel.

Why is this? His congregation asks.

"Because they have done me such generous favors.

Every time I turn back toward the things they want,

I run into them, they beat me, and leave me nearly dead

in the road, and I understand, again, hat what they want

is not what I want. They keep me on the spiritual path.

*CWG3* Right and Wrong:

"Right" and "wrong" are philosophical polarities in a human value system which have nothing to do with ultimate reality... They are, furthermore, not even constant constructs within your own system, but rather, values which keep shifting from time to time...

If a person in your society kills himself with a gun, his family loses insurance benefits. If he does so with cigarettes, they do not.

If a doctor assists you in your suicide, it is called manslaughter, while if a tobacco company does, it is called commerce.

With you, it seems to be merely a question of time. The legality of self-destruction- the "rightness" or "wrongness" of it- seems to have much to do with how quickly the deed is done, as well as who is doing it. The faster the death, the more "wrong" it seems to be. The slower the death, the more it slips into "okayness."

Interestingly, this is the exact opposite of what a truly humane society would conclude.

*CWG3* We Created Evil to More Fully Experience Love:

In the realm of the absolute- as opposed to the realm of the relative, in which you live- it is very clear that the one truth which is All There Is sometimes produces an effect which, viewed in relative terms, looks like a contradiction...

As an example, the tension between good and evil. In ultimate reality there is no such thing as good and evil. In the realm of the absolute, all there is is love. Yet in the realm of the relative you have created the experience of what you "call" evil, and you have done it for a very sound reason. You wanted to experience love, not just "know" that love is All There Is, and you cannot experience something when there is nothing else but that. (NOTE: We have the ability to block love. We need time and memory in order to do that- the ability to move out of the moment, the ability to drop back out of time.)

*BDL* Evil is Misguided Energy:

S: In our perceptions the things which you call "evil" are merely energies which are misguided or misdirected... Shed your fascination with evil and good for this is an inaccurate concept and will hinder your conceptions and understandings...

D: Where does our concept of evil come from?...

S: There is one word that sums this whole concept up easily. E-X-C-U-S-E-S. There is a lack of responsibility by blaming this unhappiness and this dread on others. It is much easier to assign the blame outward than inward...

It came from the imagination. (NOTE: Think of every children's cartoon and show. Yikes!)


*BWT* Seeing Evil as Ignorance:

Evil is not a man or a woman but an impersonal temptation... They could not be evil if they were not ignorant. Therefore, you do not feel horror at the evils or the evil persons of the world, but a compassion, a "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do."


*CPitI* Philosophy Brings One to Spirituality:

"A little philosophy inclineth a man's mind to atheism, but depth in philosophy bringeth men's minds about to religion." -Sir Francis Bacon

*DEVF2* Philosophies of Meaninglessness:

Any philosophy that promotes the idea that life is meaningless is biologically dangerous... Such philosophers are extremely disadvantageous creatively, since they dampen the emotional spirits and exuberance, and sense of play, from which creativity itself emerges.

Such philosophies are also deadening on an intellectual basis, for they must of necessity close out man's great curiosity... If life has no meaning, then nothing else really makes any difference.


*K* Morality Defined:

Morality is science applied to conduct.



God Speaks Through All Things
The Highest Guidance

Script: This is Descending Thoughts?
*IL* God Speaks Through All Things:

I AM continually teaching you, not only through all men but through every avenue needed at the time...

I speak with many voices, -with the voice of all human emotions, passions and desires. I speak with Nature's voice, with the voice of Expereince... (NOTE: As Law. This Impersonal is more a law than a being..)

I AM in All... I AM All. What this Voice says, in Its thousand ways, is that you, too, are part of this All, and that I AM in you.

*IL* Guided By God:

If you will but turn to Me, and will carefully watch for and study these impressions which you are receiving every moment, and will learn to trust them... Verily I will guide you in all your ways; I will solve for you all your problems, make easy all your work, and you will be led among green pastures, beside the still waters of life...

To your eyes there will be no shadows, no evil, and consequently no Devil; for all is Light and Love, Freedom, Happiness and Peace, and you will see Me in all, in each Being some attribute of Me, in each animate thing some phase of Me and you will need only to let My Love shine from out your heart and It will illumine for you the Real meaning of all that you see.


I will not only teach you many things through the mouths of those nearest you, but I will teach those others similarly through you.

*WtK* God Speaks Through All Things:

I use every possible medium to teach you the laws of being, which must be learned if you would make yourself measure up to that ideal I am ever holding before your soul's eye...

There never will be a time when I shall not teach you through others; for so long as you work with and for others there will always be some above you to help you in such work and to prepare you for the next grade ahead. Through them I shall ever teach and help you, for remember I am the Real and only Self of all men; for I am All in all...

And when you realize that through each and all of such you can reach Me and be one with Me, even as you can reach and be one with Me in your own soul, then you will know that I am the ONE and ONLY Teacher for you and for all men.

*TDA* Truth Speaks Through All Things:

Dr. Peebles: "The spirit that wishes to teach and to learn is concerned with truth... truth as translated through the human mind... The relationship between the smallest of particles is relevant and reflective of the relationship from one human soul to another... And so it is impossible to avoid the philosophy of life, or the physics of life, when one quests- one wishes to understand God. There is no other search... All subjects are contained therein. So the higher perspective, if you wish, is a little more direct about that."

*tSD* All From Within:

The Universe is worked and guided from within outwards. (NOTE: And what does this mean? It means holographically. It is guided from the wholeness inherent in it.)

*GHL* Life as an Efflux From God:

"An early Ranter belief held that ‘every creature is God, every creature that hath life and breath being an efflux from God, and shall return into God again.'" -Carolyn Merchant

*LotSB* The Influence of the God Within:

May the Lord of all, the very real and present Savior, the very quick, the very vital, breathe his health in you and fill you with divine breath; may he hold your mind in stillness, quicken your thoughts, speak with your tongue and listen with your ear; may he give you the impulse of the moment that you may hold it, illumined.

*WtK* The Inner Teacher:

Gradually he learns, by centering his attention deep within, that there a wonderfully wise and loving Self exists, one that is ever ready to teach, help and strengthen, when asked; and the Voice there, which says with unmistakable authority- "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life."


The mind that learns by experience- more and more becomes conscious of a quiet Voice within pointing out the lessons of such experiences and... gradually getting the mind to listen to and heed it.


There is sure guidance and the highest authority for you always within you, no matter how far you climb the Spiritual heights.

*THAS* Even The Smallest is Divine:

Deva of Abutilon: Every cell and every speck of dust are important and speak in a divine voice.

Script: This last part as a less personalized way of saying that God speaks through all things.
*CU* The Supreme Knowledge- That of Spirit:

‘Have you asked for that knowledge whereby what is not heard is heard, what is not thought is thought, and what is not known is known?'

‘What is that knowledge, father?' asked Svetaketu.

‘Just as by knowing a lump of clay, my son, all that is clay can be known, since any differences are only words and the reality is clay.'


A Rigid Ego, Small & Selfish

*MotFE* Separateness, Duality, & Unhappiness:

Physical man or man conscious of himself only as a physical being that thinks he is apart from God, the One Mind, and thinks in terms of moving from place to place, is only moving in illusion for himself and, hence, unhappiness.

Man himself has assigned power to the external world for there is no power there originally, nor is power there even when he has seemed to delegate it. That power still remains within himself and that which seems to be power in environment or anything outside of his own I AM, his central identity, is the perversion of this power within himself. Perfect accord must exist between cause and effect for the movement of the cause is the life of the effect.

It is only in the sense of his isolation, which is the root of all unrighteousness, that he loses the beneficent influences of the Creative Cause, which are his by the natural order of things.

Duality is brought into existence through thought and action without regard to the whole. It is a well known fact that we cannot accomplish with a dual purpose or even with a dual nature.

In reality there is not duality in nature. There is the positive and negative, good and evil, hot and cold, all the opposites, but the opposites, when related and brought together, bring the thought to one purpose, one action, one Principle.

As duality has no recognition it becomes harmonized.

Summer and winter are not two things but phases of one Nature. Winter is as essential to the growth of vegetation as is summer and only depicts two phases of a single process. What we call evil contains the germ of good and, when looked through to behold the good, the sense of evil disappears and there remains only the sense that all things are working together for good. A problem is not foreign to the principle of mathematics nor is it an obstacle to one who wishes to become a mathematician. Conditions in life that seem opposed to our highest good are but points of practice until we attain that strength of character to see and manifest only the perfection of the One. When life is seen in this way all unpleasantness vanishes and everything becomes a sort of practice game in which we see, live, move, and have being that the existing good may show forth in our own character and in our world. Nature then is harmonious. All is harmony. All is working under the influence of the One Purpose.

Just as the difference between a perfect chord and discord is apparent even to the novice, so is the individual able to know within himself that which is in harmony with the Universal Principle and that which is at variance with it.

There can be no discord between the opposites for they have their perfect relationship to each other in Principle.

Many scientists, through their research today, are making the same statement: The only discord that exists is with the human or the individual and that discord is brought about by discordant thoughts.

The mathematical axiom that only things that are equal to the same thing are equal to each other is, after all, the key to all harmony. Only when all the forces involved in a single organism, or in many organisms, become animated by a single impulse and move in perfect unison toward a given objective is there complete harmony.

A line may seemingly have two opposites but bring these opposites together and you have a circle and the opposites have thus disappeared. Extend the circle and you have a perfect sphere, which is complete, synchronized relationship of all elements.

*JoA* Separateness:

We try so hard to overcome the separateness. More intimacy. More rubbing of bodies.

*CWG2* Ego:

(A guy said "I am God" and then tried to fly from a building) By declaring "I am God," he began his demonstration with a lie. He hoped to make himself separate. Larger. More powerful. It was an act of the ego. Ego- that which is separate, individual- can never duplicate or demonstrate that which is One.

*LWK* The Foolish Ego-Pious:

I have never been able to understand why pilgrims to the inner shrine should arrogate to themselves positions of power as great spiritual teachers and guides, or lay claim to exceptional piety, parity, or infallibility when in every description of the divine encounter recorded during the past thousands of years we find expressions of wonder, mystification, and incomprehensibility written large across them.

*E* Ego Distorts Consciousness Like Pebbles in Water:

The distortions of consciousness are all from the ego.

Consciousness undistorted is clear and experiences exactly what it is -- Infinite.

Just as a handful of pebbles dropped into a still pool shatters the calm reflection of the single Moon into a myriad of broken shards, just so the distorted tendencies arising from the ego make the simplicity of Unified Consciousness appear as duality.

We can live, think and act in perfect harmony with the Ascendant, or we can attempt to act in isolation and separation. The limited desires of the ego pull us away from the realization of who we are.

*FT* Ego's Traps:

Regret for the past and fear for the future are the twin nets the ego uses to keep us bound to its petty demands and faulty cousel. Only ego defines good and bad and judges our feelings.

*H&H* Self-love & Evil:

Self-love is wishing well to himself alone, and to any other only for his sake. He is not interested in church, state, or any human society except wherein it benefits him personally. His friends are those who praise and honor him. He does not serve any other. To act for honors, reputation, gain, glory, and fear of law is to be evil. This kind delights in being worshipped. Kings, without fear of punishment and loss of reputation, seek to conquer all. Self-love is honor among theives. It is seeking the pleasures of the external senses contrary to reason and the internal senses. Self love delights in contempt of others, hatred, and revenge. He in self-love loves his children and grandchildren for he sees himself in them. Self-love leads the self, instead of the Lord leading the self. It hates the Lord. It speaks from memory, not rationality. Falses confirm the evils of the self-loving. Evil ones see no light or love or truth, and say that there are no such things, and thus are themselves nothing. Self-love removes one from heaven. Man without God is evil.

*H&H* World-love:

World love isnt as bad as self-love- there is not as much malice and cunning.

*H&H* Neighbor-love:

Neighborly love proceeds from the Lord, to all who are conjoined to him, according to their love and faith. Neighborly love and worldly love are opposites.

*MotFE* You Get Out of a Thing What You Take To It:

You cannot go into India with a Spirit of egotism, selfishness and design and get anything out of India any more than you can in these states get anything from these lessons, from the Bible, or any other source of Truth. There is nothing in Truth comparable with these attitudes. You get out of India whatever you take to India. It is not a matter of going into India at all. It is an ever present state if you can receive it.

We take from the Bible what we take to the Bible.

*MotFE* Man In Wholeness & Egotistical Separation:

Man as man can never be a completely independent organism for he is inseparably united with the whole. How could he remove himself out of infinity?

Man's kingship arises from his sense of oneness with the whole and egotism arises from the sense that he is a separate ego within and of himself. Therefore, egotism is the greatest violation of the natural law of his being and produces the most disastrous results.

Man as a separate identity can do nothing. In his isolated sense man is like a street car with the trolly off the wire. He has lost contact with all motivating power, which is the great underlying cause of all manifestation.

When this inner becomes the without then there can be no outward difference, hence no strife, no greed, no war.

*E* Destructive & Creative Movements:

Destructive movements of consciousness are those which increase the bondage of the Seer.

Creative movements of consciousness are those which lead to the liberation of the Seer. Liberating thoughts gently remind the forgetful self that it is the Self.

In Sanskrit, "destructive" also means "painful, tormenting, annoying, afflicting, damaging, wearing out, distressing, obscuring and forcing." Creative thoughts are comforting, soothing, supporting, healing, renewing, pacifying, clarifying and effortless.

*TB* Self-Loving:

What do we imagine will make us happy? A canny, self-seeking, resourceful selfishness, the selfish protection of our ego, which can, as we all know, make us at moments extremely brutal.

Every single negative thing we have ever thought or done has ultimately arisen from our grasping at a false self, and our cherishing of that false self, making it the dearest and most important element in our lives. All those negative thoughts, emotions, desires, and actions that are the cause of our negative karma are engendered by self-grasping and self-cherishing, How almost impossible it makes it for us to uncover the heart of unconditional love.

Overcoming Rigidity & Selfishness

*AoaY* Dealing with the Ego:

"I have long exercised an honest introspection, the exquisitely painful approach to wisdom. Self-scrutiny, relentless observance of one's thoughts, is a stark and shattering experience. It pulverizes the stoutest ego. But true self-analysis mathematically operates to produce seers.


The hard core of human egotism is hardly to be dislodged except rudely.

*MM* Advice:

Humans cannot exist if everything that is unpleasant is eliminated instead of understood.

Remain centered, be non-judgmental and let others follow their own path with your blessing.

The end of each species is a step closer to the end of the human species.

Possession is the extreme of excluding others for self-indulgence.

*E* Take Negativities Into the Ascendant:

Taking the impulse of attachment, aversion, obstinacy, ego, or ignorance backward into subtler and subtler states until it dissolves back into the Ascendant obliterates the tendency before it has the chance to manifest fully.

*MotFE* The True State of the Body, Giving Up Our Limited Selves:

The body is radiant and pure spiritual substance and it will show forth this condition when the thought of its materiality is withdrawn and gives place to the truth that flesh in its true state is the radiant light of God through which and in which God is manifest in His spiritual perfection.

This involves completely surrendering what we have called the self and accepting the Self that is the only reality, which is the spiritual Self, for there is no other Self.

This is difficult for many to understand for they think of themselves only in terms of their conscious thought. All such thought must be discarded. The realization includes the conscious mind when the Christ mind has become the complete consciousness of the individual, for the conscious mind is then included in complete consciousness. All thoughts that we have embraced within our consciousness that are at variance with the Truth must be given up. Give up your own estimate of yourself and accept yourself as you are in complete relationship to the whole.