The Law of Dreams

The Nature of Dreams

The Law of Dreams

The Nature of Dreams • Purpose of Sleep • Dream Activities • Inspiration from Dreams • Development Out Of Dreams • Hypnogogia & Oncoming Dreams • Types & Causes of Dreams • Telepathic Influence on Dreams • Lucid Dreaming • Becoming Lucid, Losing Lucidity • Things Incorporated into Dreams- NonLucid Rationalizations & Realizing Them • Dream Projections & Hallucinations • Creating Your Environment • Deep Sleep • Conscious Control of Projections • Gateways & Dream Transformations • OBEs & Lucid Dreams Compared • False Awakenings & The Near-Realm • Identity & Inhabitation • Health & Healing in Dreams • Facing Antagonistic Forces • Shared Dreams • The Meaning of REM Periods • Flying • Reading OB & in Dreams • Turning on Lights • Peculiarities of the Astral-Physical • Memory Problems • Dream Tech • Other Dream & Lucid Dream • Focus & State of Mind of Astral Entities • Convincing Others of Dreaming State • Getting Help From Guides • Soul Growth & Becoming a Guide


The Nature of Dreams

The Nature of Dreams

*DEVF2* Everything Dreams:

No level of consciousness is without some kind of participation in dream states... Even electrons, for example, dream. Dreaming touches upon both microscopic and macroscopic events, or realities, and is not simply a human characteristic... It is instead one area of subjective experience that is everywhere prevailing within the universe...

Animals dream, as do plants, insects, and all forms of life.

*HIoD* Dreaming & Waking Are the Same:

As Dement has repeatedly emphasized, dreaming is experiential the same as being awake, except that endogenous neurological activity is substituted for sensory input and the motor outflow is ordinarily blocked...

"We can only say at the present state of our knowledge, the similarities between REM sleep and wakefulness seem far more striking than the differences." (Dement, 1965, p. 210)

The Reality of Dreams

*UR2* Reality Is Perceived More Clearly in Dreams:

Waking experience springs from the unknown dream reality. On the one hand the statement is indeed true. On the other hand, the intricate inner workings make it impossible to separate one from the other. "Reality" operates basically, however, in a way that is perceived more clearly in the dream state. Freedom from time and place, the wider kind of communication, the great mobility of consciousness- all of these experiences under dreaming conditions are characteristic of the basic nature of reality.

*UR2* The Reality of Dreams:

The dream world is as organized as your own, but from the waking state you do not focus upon that inner organization. Your dream images exist. They are quite as real as a table of a chair. They are built up from particles, invisible only from the waking situation.

*SS* Dreaming:

In sleep and dream states you are involved in the same dimension of existence in which you will have your after-death experiences. You do not remember the most important part of these nightly adventures and so those you do recall seem bizarre and chaotic. Your dreaming self has a body of memory as large as your waking self. As there is continuity to your daily life, so there is continuity in your sleeping life. Your waking physical self is the dreamer, as far as your dreaming self is concerned: You are the dreamer it sends on its way. Your daily experience are the dreams that it dreams, so when you look at your dreaming self and consider it, you take for granted that it is illusion and that waking reality is real. Its reality is far more native to your being, however. When you dream you are flying, you often are. Many of your experiences are precisely those that you will meet after death. In dream reality, there is no lag between the conception of an idea and its construction. In the sleeping state, you have a memory of everyone you have ever met in your dreams, though you may or may not have met them in your daytime existence. In the dream state you may have constant experience with close associates who may live in another portion of the world entirely, and be strangers to you in the waking state. As your daily endeavors have meaning and purpose, so do your dream adventures, and in these you attain various goals. These you will continue in the after-death experience. The vitality, force, life, and creativity behind your physical existence is generated in this other dimension. You are in many ways a fleshy projection of your dreaming self! In the dream state you learn, among other things, how to construct your own physical reality day by day, just as after death you learn how to construct your next physical lifetime. In dreams you solve the problems. In daytime you are consciously aware of the methods of problem solving that you learned in sleep. In dreams you set your goals, as after death you set the goals for another incarnation.

*CWS* Reality of Dreams:

Your dreams are real. Your intent itself has a reality that builds up in energy at other levels of existence, and works for you. Not only are your dreams individually important, there is a mass gestalt in which your individual dreams have an even greater meaning, and in which each of you are doing your part in erecting realities that you do not as yet understand. You can see also a great correlation and give-and-take as you created your own images, allowed others to borrow them, borrowed some for yourselves. Each of you made original dreams that were, on the other hand, like no other; and yet, the same issues were often found. Your dreams also, in their way, nourish worlds. There is no waste. Your dreams and you thoughts have reality.

There is a continuity of your own experience in the dream state. Recognize the continuity of your consciousness as it passes through these thresholds of activity. Oftentimes, dreaming, you are not aware of your waking self; but waking, you are not often aware of your dreaming self. When you are dreaming, try to remember your waking activities.

*LD* A Peak of Vital Energy, Living Darkness:

The dream was suffused with such vital animation that "the darkness itself seemed alive." At this point, a thought presented itself with such undeniable force that he was driven to declare: "I have never been awake before."

*UR* Waking Reality From the Dream State:

All of your institutions, beliefs, and activities seem to justify your picture, because everything within the overall "frame" will of course seem to agree.

You are used to examining your dream state from the viewpoint of your "waking" condition, but some time in the dream state try to examine your normal waking reality. Simply give yourself the instructions to do so. From the other side – within what is loosely called the dream state, there is an existence quite as valid as your own, and from that viewpoint you can be considered as the dreamer. "You" are the part of you concentrating in this reality. You form it through information and through energy that on the one hand has it source outside this system, and that on the other constantly flows into this system.

Factors Involved in the Production of Dreams

Script: This runs for a large part on the spectrum of consciousness idea, with all kinds of physical and astral events being integrated and mixed in. That should be the running idea here. By the way, this is great stuff.
*D* The Factors in the Production of Dreams:

The factors which may be concerned in the production of dreams are:

1. The ego, who may be in any state of consciousness from almost utter insensibility to perfect command of his faculties, and as he approximates to the latter condition, enters more and more fully into possession of certain powers transcending any that most of us possess in our ordinary waking state.

2. The astral body, ever palpitating with the wild surging of emotion and desire.

3. The etheric part of the brain, with a ceaseless procession of disconnected pictures sweeping through it.

4. The lower physical brain, with its infantile semi-consciousness and its habit of expressing every stimulus in pictorial form.

The recollection on waking, which is a sort of syntheses of all the different activities which have been going on, should generally be somewhat confused.

*SS* Translating Dream-States:

While you are awake ordinarily, you block out these other existences. In the dream state, you are much more aware of them, although there is a final process in dreaming that often masks intense psychological and psychic experience, and unfortunately what you usually recall is this final dream version. In this final version the basic experience is converted as nearly as possible into physical terms, and therefore distorted. This touch-up is much more nearly a conscious process than you realize. If you do not want to remember a particular dream, you yourself censor the memory on levels quite close to consciousness. Here the basic experience is hastily dressed up as much as possible in physical clothes. This is not because you want to understand the experience, but because you refuse to accept it as nonphysical. All dreams are not of this nature. Some dreams themselves do take place in psychic or mental areas connected with your daily activities, in which case no dressing-up process is necessary.

*D* Dream Experiment with Physical Stimulus, Astral Motion, and Visualization:

The first experiment tried was with an average man of small education and rough exterior whose astral form was externally little more than a shapeless wreath of mist.

The consciousness of the body on the bed was dull and heavy, both as regards the grosser and the etheric parts of the frame. The sprinkling of two or three drops of water on the face called up in the brain (though somewhat tardily) a picture of a heavy shower of rain; while the etheric part of the brain was as usual a passive channel for an endless stream of disconnected thoughts, it rarely responded to any of the vibrations they produced, and even when it did it seemed somewhat sluggish in its action. The ego floating above was in an undeveloped and semi-unconscious condition, but the astral envelope, though shapeless and ill-defined, showed considerable activity.

The floating astral can at any time be acted upon, with an ease that can scarcely be imagined, by the conscious thought of another person, The experiment was made withdrawing it to some little distance from the physical body on the bed, with the result, however, that as soon as it was more than a few yards away, considerable uneasiness was manifested in both the vehicles. Any further withdrawal would have caused the man to awake, probably in a state of great terror.

A certain scene was chosen – a view of the most magnificent character from the summit of a mountain in the tropics – and a vivid picture of it was projected by the operator into the dreamy consciousness of the ego, which assimilated and examined it, though in a dull, apathetic, and unappreciative kind of way. The man was awakened to see whether he recollected it as a dream. His mind, however, was an absolute blank on the subject, and except for some vague yearnings of the most animal description, he had brought back no memory whatever from the state of sleep.

It was suggested that possibly the constant stream of thought-forms from outside might constitute an obstacle by so distracting it as to make it unreceptive to influences from its higher principles; so after the man had again fallen asleep, a magnetic shell was formed around his body to prevent the entrance of this stream, and the experiment was tried again.

When thus deprived of its ordinary pabulum, his brain began very slowly and dreamily to evolve out of itself scenes of the man's past life; but when he was again aroused, the result was precisely the same.

*D* Similar Experiments on a More Developed Dreamer:

The next subject was a person of much higher type – a man of good moral life, educated and intellectual, with broad philanthropic ideas and exalted ambitions. In his case the denser body responded instantaneously to the water test by a very respectable picture of a tremendous thunder-storm, and that in turn, reacting on the etheric part of the brain, called up by association a whole series of vividly-represented scenes. When this disturbance was over, the usual stream of thoughts began to flow through, but it was observable that a far grater proportion of them awoke a response in this brain – also that the responsive vibrations were much stronger, and that in each case a train of associations was started which sometimes excluded the stream from the outside for quite a considerable time.

The astral vehicle in this subject was far more definite in its ovoid outline, and the body of denser astral matter within it was a very fair reproduction of his physical form; and while desire was decidedly less active, the ego itself possessed a much higher grade of consciousness.

The astral body in this case could be drawn away to a distance of several miles from the physical without apparently producing the slightest sense of disquiet in either of them.

When the tropical landscape was submitted to this ego, he at once seized upon it with the greatest appreciation, admiring and dwelling upon its beauties in the most enthusiastic manner. After letting him admire it for awhile the man was aroused, but the result was somewhat disappointing. He knew that he had had a beautiful dream, but was quite unable to recall any details.

With him, as with the other man, the experiment was then repeated with the addition of a magnetic shell thrown round the body, and in this case, as in the other, the brain at once began to evolve pictures of its own. The ego received the landscape with even greater enthusiasm than at first, recognizing it at once as the view he had seen before, and surveying it point by point with quite ecstatic admiration of its many beauties.

But while he was thus engaged in contemplation of it, the etheric brain down below was amusing itself by recalling pictures of hi school-life, the most prominent being a scene on a winter day, when the ground was covered with snow, and he and a number of playmates were snowballing one another in the school playground.

When the man was aroused as usual, the effect was exceedingly curious. He had a most vivid remembrance of standing upon the summit of a mountain, admiring a magnificent view, and he even had the main features of the scenery quite clearly in his mind; but instead of the gorgeous tropical verdure which lent such richness to the real prospect, he saw the surrounding country entirely covered with a mantle of snow! And it seemed to him that even while he was drinking in with deep delight the loveliness of the panorama spread out before him, he suddenly found himself, by one of the rapid transitions so frequent in dreams, snowballing with boyhood's long-forgotten companions in the old school-yard, or which he had not thought for years.

*PotAB* The Dream World:

While dreaming, you really are in the astral plane. In a dream, your mind is thus a receiving station for the vibratory waves, ether waves- carrying with them thoughts, sounds, influences, music, voices, and what not, of two worlds; and it is through the reception of these impressions that many dreams are instigated. When you are asleep, your vibration-reception-ability is greater than when you are physically awake. The astral body has well been termed the ‘dream body', for it is in that body that we dream.

*ODM* Presleep Influences on Dreams:

Brief exposures to experimental stimuli or environments have only fleeting effects on dreams unless those stimuli have a strong affective charge.

Presleep Films: Only 8% of the dreams were judged to have incorporated elements of the presleep film. Subjects who indicated they were aroused by watching the film tended to dream about it, usually in a symbolized fashion.

1) The troop carrier which drops parachutists when a man pulls a wire, bears many similarities to the woman's body in the film, from which the chain-pulling obstetrician extracts a baby.

Color Deprivation: Subjects were deprived of exposure to certain color stimulus by wearing colored goggles during every waking moment for five to eight days. The goggle-colored objects appeared almost entirely during the early parts of the night and all but completely disappeared after the third REM period. Subjects who lived in a red-dominated world in their waking lives also lived in a red-dominated world in their dreaming lives during the early part of the night.

The dreams of the congenitally deaf were described as being in bright color and containing primary colors in high saturation and intensity. 445% of science and engineering students denied that their dreams possessed any color qualities.

*PotAB* Exteriorization & Dream Correspondence:

Astral projections of the unconscious type is of such a nature that it will promote sensations! These sensations cause emotions in the mind, or dreams. And the emotion in the dream will cause the finer body to interiorize. Such action is the same as in dreams- e.g. Irritation of or sensation in the bladder, will cause a dream of emptying the bladder. Usually the sensations promoted by astral body activities bring about ‘aviation-type' dreams. The dream acts as a ‘suggestion' to the subconscious will-the power which actually moves the etheric counterpart. It is the dream proper which gives the subconscious will the suggestion to move the body, and the physical is incapacitated- so that the astral body is ‘pulled out' by the dream.

*PAP* Higher Plane Mixture of Illusion & Reality:

The more we rise toward the rarefied higher ether the less we can depend on our memory. If the concentration of the will is not kept up sufficiently another source of error intervenes. The consciousness abandons its astral body. This latter, endowed with a certain sensitivity of consciousness, gauges impressions on its own plane, whilst the conscious spirit brings back impressions from another dimension. The result is a mixture, more or less coherent, of illusion and reality.

*PtE* Dreams With Dual Attributive Threads:

1) In the dream I felt being myself and felt being my ancestor temple dancer at the same time. I experienced the two realities.

Me) This is due to two different attributive threads- two different form-streams. Or maybe in this case, it was the blueprints showing through.

*UR* Retaining Self While Bringing in Other-Consciousness Material, Simultaneous Dreams:

Rob: I'd just finished having two dreams at once.

To the entity, your own consciousness could be likened to one stream of consciousness.

You are rarely able to "bring in" any "other-self" material and hold it while retaining your own sense of identity. Such material may at times bleed or intrude into your own thought, where it blends and is not recognized. It adds to the overall atmosphere of your being. Without understanding or training, you would have to "lose" your own consciousness in order to perceive the "other-consciousness."

You could not experience such other-consciousness unless you learned to stand somewhat aside. But even if you did, the very experience of other-consciousness itself would supersede your living space. You would need another self, able to hold both lines of consciousness at once, lost in neither but maintaining footing in each. This would be a very difficult achievement in a normal life in any sustained fashion.

At certain levels the brain can handle simultaneous material. This does not mean the development of dual personality. It means the further expansion of the concept of identity.

That identity would contain the you that you have always known, and in no way threaten it. You would just have another expansion of consciousness another self-who-is-aware-of-being.

Selves are born out of selves to operate in various levels of activity.

Language and your verbal thought patterns make simultaneous dream translations highly difficult.

One experience was a dream of your own. The other "dream" experienced simultaneously was, instead, your muddled interpretation of vital experienced reality on the part of another portion of yourself, in another reality entirely.

In the waking state you would find such an experience highly threatening without some suitable preparation.

Your subjective experience has a far greater scope than the physical brain itself allows.

It presents a parallel noncorporal existence. In the sleep state you are in a connective area, where bleed-throughs occur.

The Effect of Projection on Dreams

*SD&P* Form One Dreams & Projections:

For simplicity's sake, we will call the body forms discussed in our last session forms one, two and three.

Form one will spring out of an ordinary dream state. In spontaneous projections, you may become conscious in form one, project, return to the ordinary dream state and from there project again several times.

Your excursions with form one will be within your own system, largely connected to the earth, although past, present and future may be involved.

The projections here are fairly short in duration, though exceptionally clear. You may encounter phantoms from your own subconscious, however, and they will seem exceedingly real.

*SD&P* Form Two Projection & The Vivid Experience of Constructions:

In form two you will not, as a rule, encounter any subconscious phantoms. Ordinary dream elements will not be as frequent, nor will they intrude as much. A longer duration of projection is possible. The vividness is extraordinary. Here you will begin to perceive quite clearly constructions that are not your own, where earlier these are but dimly glimpsed. Some will exist in your future. Some may have existed in your past, and some were thought of, but never materialized.

But the reality of all of these constructions will be equally vivid, you see, for they are, indeed, equally real. I will give you a simple example. You may find yourself in a room with certain people. Later, upon awakening, you realize that both the people and setting belong to a particular sequence in a novel. You think then: ‘This was no projection, then, but only a dream.'

It may, however, be a valid projection. The room and people exist but not in a way that you endorse as reality. They exist in another dimension, but as a rule you cannot perceive it. [To Rob:] The paintings that you will paint exist now. It is possible for you to project yourself into one of your own future landscapes. This would not be an imaginative projection.

The Cycles of Consciousness
Translating Nonphysical Experiences Into Dreams

Script: This is brilliant, extremely important!
*SS* The Cycles of Consciousness, Falling Into Dreams:

There are also various states of consciousness in waking life, upon which you do not focus, and of which you are usually quite unaware. Each state knows its own conditions and is familiar with a different kind of reality. "You" close off from your experience these other stages of consciousness in which other portions of your entire identity are intimately involved. These other stages of consciousness create their own realities as you create your own. If you probe into these realms you will be forced to perceive them with the root assumptions of your own system, translating feelings of warmth and comfort, for example, into images of warm shelters or buildings, or feelings of fear into images of demons. The dream is an attempt to translate the deeper experience into recognizable forms. Dreams exist in more than one reality, with effects that dissect various stages of consciousness that are real, in your terms, to both the living and the dead and in which both the living and the dead may participate.

There are minute chemical and EM alterations that accompany these stages of consciousness, and certain physical changes within the body itself in hormone production and pineal activity. First, of course, with various degrees of spontaneity, there is the inward turn of consciousness away from physical data, from worries and concerns of the day. Then there is an undifferentiated level between wakefulness and sleep where you act as a receiver- passive but open, in which telepathic and clairvoyant messages come to you quite easily. Your consciousness can seem to float. There are varying physical sensations, sometimes of growing large, sometimes of falling. Both sensations are characteristic of moments in which you almost catch yourself, almost become aware of this undifferentiated area, and then translate some of its experiences into physical terms. The sensation of largeness, for example, is a physical interpretation of a sudden return of consciousness to the body. (NOTE: The astral having rolled up into a tiny ball)

This period can last for only a few moments, for half an hour, or can be returned to. It is a cushioning, supportive, and expansive stage of consciousness. Following this period there is an active state, that can occur, of pseudodreaming, where the mind busies itself with physical concerns that have managed to cling through the first two stages.

If these are too vigorous, the individual may awaken. This is a vivid, intense, but usually brief stage. Another undifferentiated layer follows, this time marked quite definitely by voices, conversations, or images, as consciousness tunes in more firmly to other communications. Several of these may compete for the individual's attention. At this point the body is fairly quiet. The individual will follow one or another of these inner stimuli to a deeper level of consciousness, and form into light dreams the communications he is receiving.

Somewhere during this time he will go into a deeply protected area of sleep, where he is at the threshhold to other layers of reality and probabilities. At this point his experiences will be out of all context to time as you know it. He may experience years though only minutes have passed. He will then return toward physical reality in an area marked as REM sleep by your scientists, where physically oriented dream productions will be created, putting the knowledge he has gained into use.

The cycle would then be repeated. Almost the same kinds of fluctuations and stages occur even when you are waking, however, though you are even less aware of them because then the egotistical self acts quite purposefully to blanket out these other areas of experience.

The precise stages are present beneath waking awareness, however, and with the same chemical, EM, and hormonal fluctuations. You simply are not aware of what your consciousness is doing. You cannot yourselves keep track of it for five full moments of your time. The dimensions of it can only be sensed by those determined enough to take the time and effort required to journey through their own subjective realities. Yet intuitively each individual knows that a part of his experience escapes from him all the time. When you suddenly cannot remember a name that you should know, you have in essence the same kind of feeling of which you are always subconsciously aware.

*SS* Being Conscious of All Changes in Consciousness & Translation:

The purpose of the Speakers is to help you correlate and understand this multidimensional existence, and to bring as much as possible of it to your conscious attention. Only by learning to feel, or sense, or intuitively perceive the depths of your own experience can you glimpse the nature of All That Is. By becoming more aware of your consciousness as it operates in physical life, you can learn to watch it as it manipulates through these other less familiar areas. Probable realities are only probable to you because you are not aware of them.

You can learn to "shift gears," stand aside from your own experience, and examine it with much better perspective. You can prepare questions or problems, suggesting that they be solved for you in the sleep state. You can suggest that you will speak with distant friends. You can direct the healing of your body. Unconsciously you do many of these things. You often go back in time, so to speak, and "relive" a particular event so that it has a different ending, or say things that you wish you had said. In a light trance the meaning of dream symbols will be given if you ask them. They symbols may then be used as methods of suggestion that will be tailored for you personally. If you discover, say, that a fountain in a dream represents refreshment, then when you are tired or depressed, think of a fountain. In another layer of reality, of course, you will be creating one.

In the most protected areas of sleep you are dealing with experience that is pure feeling or knowing, and disconnected from both words or images. As mentioned, these experiences are translated into dreams later, necessitating a return to areas of consciousness more familiar with physical data. Here a great creative synthesis and a great creative diversification takes place, in which any given dream image has meaning to various layers of the self- on one level representing a truth you have lived and on other levels representing this truth as it is more specifically applied to various areas of experience or problems. There will be a metamorphosis, therefore, of one symbol turning into many, and the conscious mind may only perceive a chaos of various dream images, because the inner organization and unity is partially hidden in the other areas of consciousness through which the reasoning mind cannot follow.

The unconscious and subconscious areas, however, are aware of much more of this information than the ego, for it receives only the minute residue of dream material as a rule. The Speakers therefore may appear within dreams as historical characters, as prophets, as trusted old friends, or in whatever guise will impress the particular personality.

In the original experience, however, the true nature of the Speaker is apparent. The production of dreams is as "sophisticated" an endeavor as is the production of the objective life of a given individual. It is simply living on different terms.

*SS* Coordination Points & Dreams:

There are an infinite number of inner universes. There are points of coincidence where under certain conditions entry may be made from one of these systems of reality to the other. These are called coordination points, where one camouflage merges into the other. Some of these are geographical in your system, but in all cases, a tuning-in of consciousness is a necessary preliminary. Such entries can only be made in an OB condition. There are adjacent states of consciousness that occur within the sleep pattern, that cannot be picked up by your EEG's- adjacent "corridors" through which your consciousness travels.

The "absent" portion of the self cannot be traced through brain patterns, though the point of its departure and the point of its return may show a particular pattern. This happens in every night's sleep. Two areas of activity are involved, one very passive and one acutely active. In one state this portion of consciousness is passive, receiving information. In the next stage it is active as it takes part through action- the concepts given it are then vividly perceived through participation and examples. This is the most protected area of sleep. The rejuvinating characteristics enter in here, and it is during this period that the Speakers act as teachers and guides. This information is, then, often interpreted on return by other layers of the self such as the body consciousness and subconscious, where it is formed into dreams that will have meaning to these areas of the self and where general teaching, for example, may be translated into practical advice involving a particular matter.

There are several very definite stages of sleep, and they all perform various services for the personality. They are also signals for different layers of consciousness, realization, and activity. They are accompanied by some physical variations, and there are some variations having to do with age.

*SS* Dreams:

Even then in many dreams you still tend to translate experience into hallucinatory physical terms. Most of the dreams that you recall are of this nature. At certain depths of sleep, the soul's perception operates relatively unhampered. You drink from the pure well of perception. You communicate with the depths of your own being, and the source of your creativity. These experiences, not being translated physically, do not remain in the morning. You do not remember them as dreams. Dreams may later the same evening be formed from the information gained during what I will call the "depth experience." This particular level of consciousness, occuring in the sleep state, has not been found by your scientists. During it, energy is generated that makes the dream state itself possible. It is true that dreams allow the physically oriented self to digest current experience, but it is also true that the experience is then returned to its initial components. It breaks apart, so to speak. Portions of it are retained as "past" physical sense data, but the whole experience returns to its initial direct state. It exists then, "eternally" separated from the physical clothing that you need in order to understand it. You continually create your soul as it continually creates you.

*LD* Releasing & Retaining Dream Memory:

Wrote a twentieth-century Indian master, Sri Aurobindo Ghose, "…it is even possible to become wholly conscious in sleep and follow through from beginning to end or over large stretches the stages of our dream experience; it is found that then we are aware of ourselves passing form state after state of consciousness to a brief period of luminous and peaceful dreamless rest, which is the true restorer of the energies of the waking nature, and then returning by the same way to the waking consciousness. It is normal, as we thus pass from state to state, to let the previous experiences slip away from us; in their turn only the more vivid or those nearest to the waking surface are remembered: but his can be remedied – a greater retention is possible or the power can be developed of going back in memory from dream to dream, from state to state, till the whole is once more before us. A coherent knowledge of sleep-life, though difficult to achieve or to keep established, is possible [my italics]."

*TB* The Process In Sleep:

The three phases of the process we see unfolding in the bardo states in death can be perceived in other levels of consciousness in life also. Consider them in the light of what occurs in sleep and dream:

1) When we fall asleep, the senses and grosser layers of consciousness dissolve, and gradually the absolute nature of mind, we could say the Ground Luminosity, is briefly laid bare.

2) Next there is a dimension of consciousness, comparable to the bardo or dharmata, which is so subtle that we are normally completely unaware of its very existence. How many of us, after all, are aware of the moment of sleep before dreams begin?

3) For most of us, all that we are aware of is the next stage, when the mind becomes yet again active, and we find ourselves in a dream-world similar to the bardo of becoming. Here we take on a dream-body and go through different dream-experiences to a great extent influenced and shaped by the habits and activities of our waking state, all of which we believe to be solid and real, without ever realizing that we are dreaming.

*MM* Dreams:

Dreams are the shadow of reality. Mutants know only one way to enter the dream state, and that is through sleep, but the Real People are aware of the dream consciousness while awake. Merely using breathing techniques and concentration, they perform consciously while in the dream world.

The instruction I received was to dance with the dream catcher. Whirling is especially successful. You plant the question firmly in your mind and say it over and over as you move about. The most effective spin is one that increases energy vortexes in seven key centers of the body. It was merely standing with my arms outstretched and spinning always to the right.

The tribal people do not dream at night unless they call in a dream. Sleep for them is a time of important rest and recovery of the body. It is not meant to be a time of splitting energy between projects. They believe the reason Mutants dream at night is because in our society we are not allowed to dream during the day. To dream with one's eyes open is especially misunderstood.

Interpretation: she asked me mostly about how I felt, what emotion was attached to the objects and things that happened in my dream.

Their consciousness had been for all time touching the universal consciousness of mankind.

*SS* Dreams:

Multidimensional awareness is available to you in your dreams, however, in some trance states, and often even beneath ordinary consciousness as you go about your day.

*UR* The Selective & Distortive Memory of Dreams:

A remembered dream is a product of several things, but often it is your conscious interpretation of events that initially may have been quite different from your memory of them. There are many kinds or varieties of dreams, some more and some less faithful to your memories of them – but as you remember a dream you automatically snatch certain portions of subjective events away from others, and try to "frame" these in space and time in ways that will make sense to your usual orientation.

You dream whether you are living or dead. When you are alive, corporally speaking, what you think of as dreaming becomes subordinate to what you refer to as your conscious waking life. You always examine your dreams then from an "alien" standpoint. The dreaming condition is consequently experienced in distorted form.

*ODM-HDSD* Dreaming of Events Lacking Blueprints:

Saint-Denys proposed that the imaginary events of dreams followed logic which was borrowed from memories of real life. If this were so, he reasoned, he should be unable to have a dream image or sensation for a situation he had never experienced in waking reality. He decided to test his theory by attempting to induce a previously unexperienced event, a suicide jump, into a lucid dream over which he had control. In his lucid dream, he leaped from the top story of a high house. He described his immediate feeling as "full of anxious curiosity" as to what would happen next. The dream scene suddenly shifted and he found himself in a crowd gathered around a dead man. When the body was being carried away on a stretcher, someone informed the dreamer that the man had thrown himself from a cathedral tower. As he predicted, he failed to experience the unfamiliar sensation of fatally landing on the ground floor below (Me: but what about flying?)

Chemical Influences on Dreams

17) Here dream content was clearly affected by endocrine therapy: Finley was given an extract of whole pituitary gland each morning. After about ten days of treatment, her nighttime activities underwent a dramatic change. As soon as her head touched the pillow, she began to experience extremely pleasant dreams. The dreams generally took the form of a journey and were perceived in very bright color. The sun was shining, a familiar, dingy railroad station was now clean and bright, the fields of grain were deep yellow, and the sky was clear blue as the train moved along. The characters in her dreams were smiling or laughing.

The pituitary extract was discontinued after three week and the patient was placed on an extract of suprarenal (the whole adrenal gland). After a few days of the new treatment, the character of the dreams changed. They were harder to recall, less vivid, without colors, and, without exception, unpleasant. She would awake several times each night with a sense of horror, and muscles so tense they would ache for several minutes. The only emotions she experienced in her dreams were fear and anger. She dreamed of having violent quarrels and awaiting terrible news. In one, there was a horribly misshapen child clinging to her neck, whose arms she was unable to loosen. The patient's daytime mood was actually more cheerful under the adrenal substance because of her increased energy level.

The Continuity of Dream Life

*LBD* Dreams Remember Waking AND Dreams:

Here, during our physical life, we remember our days; in the soul-land we remember the same things, but we remember the way in which we have worked and lived through our days during the nights. We go backwards in memory through the nights...

During the time in which we pass through the soul world we are able to remember the things which we continued to elaborate in the night upon the foundation of the experiences gained during our waking daytime consciousness.

*SD&P* The Reality & Continuity of the Dream-World & Dream-Self Fragments:

The dream world has its own reality, its own 'time' and its own inner organization.

It is filled with conscious semi-personalities. They are not [as a rule] as developed as you are, as you are not as developed as your entity is. That dream world experiences its own continuity. It is not aware of any break, for example, when you are waking. It merely exists to a fairly vivid degree while you dream or sleep, and it sleeps but does not ‘die' when you waken.

*SDoG* The Natural Awakening & Understanding Meaning:

"They may wake up because they have fully achieved the meaning into which they were transmuted in sleep, so nothing remains for them to be given from that specific transmutation. Such is the case of the person who wakes up without any occasion, and this is ‘natural awakening.'

"If the person is transferred from sleep to wakefulness by an occasion, whether from the direction of the sensory domain, or from some frightening affair or disturbing movement that appeared from him in the state of his sleep, then he awakens. If that conforms to the eye's full achievement of the natural sleep, so be it. But if it does not conform to it, and something remains that would have been achieved had that occasion not intervened, then it achieves it in another sleep."

Science's Limited View

*HIoD* Freud's Frustration:

Freud... in 1933... complained that analysts "behave as though they had nothing more to say about the dream- as though the whole subject of dream theory were finished and done with."

-An Experimental Approach to Dream Psychology Through the Use of Hypnosis (By Leslie H. Farber and Charles Fisher)

*HIoD* How Freud Actually Moved the Field Forwards:

The revolutionary nature of the theory that Freud advanced is better appreciated when contrasted to the conception held by his medical contemporaries. They regarded dreams as the product of irregular excitations of nervous elements in a cerebral cortex largely paralyzed by sleep, and any logical components were attributed to a close anatomical or physiological relation among the cortical elements involved. There was no problem of the "meaning" of a dream for Freud's medical colleagues, because a dream was not susceptible to logical interpretation.

*HIoD* Analytical Psych Accepts Seriousness of the Unconscious:

The root conception of analytical psychology is the absolute seriousness with which it accepts the reality of the unconscious and its contents as the really potent and creative layer of the psyche.

Foolish Dream Theories

Script: These complete misunderstandings of dreams are due to a lack of context and stark materialism. Dreams can only be truly understood by knowing their place in the greater reality, by taking into account he spiritual foundations they work upon. Without understanding thought forms, energy bodies, higher frequency domains, telepathy, and the unity of consciousness, these thinkers can only surmise a meaningless jumble of events that they can, at best, project meaning upon. But the roots of dreams run far deeper and truer than that.
*CD* Dream Rationalization:

Each idiosyncratic dream image offers us a chance to learn more about ourselves. (NOTE: The idea of rationalization doesn't even occur to the Gestaltist! I am standing with both feet in tomorrow excited as hell at the opportunity to pull everyone else across.)

*HIoD* The Problem With Thinking Dreams Are Symbols:

Various investigators, have reported, for example, that hypnosis can facilitate recall of forgotten dream elements or encourage the completion of a prematurely terminated dream, and that some hypnotized subjects actually have the capacity to "dream" in response to suggestion or the capacity to interpret the meaning of unconsciously determined symbols.

*CD* The Dream Subjectivity Misconception:

All your dream images and dream actions are part of yourself. (NOTE: This is true on a metaphysical scale, such as "we are all god, we are all connected, one." But in just as accurate terms, they are objective people and places who on our usual level of consciousness are seen as other individuals, whose inner reality we cannot access.) (NOTE: This "everything is me" attitude is actually based on the dismissal of the possibility that this is real, taking place in a real environment with real people, a dismissal of OBEs and psychic abilities, of life after death and all experiences without a body. Thus the higher metaphysical perspective is accidental, is actually a materialist view. That is why it is incorrect.) (NOTE: It is clearly not true that everything that takes place in your head is subjective. Everything that we label objective takes place, is created in the space of our minds. Take the most basic assumption- that we are what we see. Look at that. It is so basic, nobody would question it. Who are you? A place that you see from. And it is this assumption that leads to the fallacy that there is an objectivity. Objectivity is falling to the level where the average view of society holds you. Independently, you can create of supposed "objectivity" any experience you want. But it tales strength, a letting go of the past, an ideal of the future to drive you off the average level and into unique experience.)

*CD* Why Gestalt Works But Fails:

Gestalt therapists suggest that you go even further than posing questions to dream characters, They suggest that you play the role of each element in your dream, be it person or thing... (NOTE: This works on the idea of becoming, which is like a first person listening to.) The dreamer imagines or acts out how his dream characters would interact until two conflicting roles clearly emerge. (NOTE: But this falls quickly victim to projection, wild imagination and fulfillment of others' expectations. It cannot fail to produce and is akin in its unprovability and shallow inaccuracy as the metaphor game.)

*CD* The Fallacy of "Representation":

Record your own dreams as current action.

As you work with your dreams, think about them, question them, induce them, you will find that certain positive elements emerge in your dreams: a friendly dragon may appear, a strong man with great muscled arms, a wise goddess, a fantastic ornament, a strange flying bird-animal- all sorts of unusual and interesting images will come to you. They represent emerging positive aspects of yourself. (NOTE: Again, "representing" is used and is accurate in the higher metaphysical reality, but from this viewpoint, down here, it is more accurate to say that we rise in frequency and meet higher beings. it's true, but not the whole picture.)

*CD* The Metaphor Game:

I now make a "translation." I take the dream plot as it appears and substitute my associations to the symbols... (NOTE: It is so ingrained that dreams are symbols that one doesn't even think to question the fact.) Assuming for the moment that all parts of the dream are parts of myself... (NOTE: the metaphor game. Natural meaning is replaced with artificial meaning) The resulting document can lead to amazing insights... My daughter, for example, can represent childishness, vulnerability, betrayal, potential talent, or emerging strength, depending on the relationship of the moment and her current condition. (NOTE: This is exactly the game. Can you imagine actually believing what you come up with from such broad associations as the "true" meaning of the dream?)

*CD* The Tyrannical Hallucination Concept:

(NOTE: The idea of hallucinations is tyrannical.Visions and experiences that are not shared are labeled unreal.)

*HIoD* No Symbolization!

(NOTE: There is no symbolization in dreams! There is only rationalization and the more of this there is, the less true and understandable the dream is. Why? Because while we are dreaming we don't realize we are dreaming and try to make sense of an entirely different world. As this world is thought-reactive, it conforms to our expectations.

*HIoD* We Study Dream Recall:

We are still restricted to the study of dream recall rather than dreams themselves:

*HIoD* All Dreams Is Sex:

The central proposition of the psychoanalytic theory of dreams is that dream formation is an unconscious event and that the form of the dream which eventually emerges is a compromise formation between the demands of unexpressed sexual or hostile impulses and the resistance of moral attitudes which exercise a censorship function... (NOTE: So wrong, so random!)

Freud... maintained that "in dreams the symbols are almost exclusively used to represent sexual objects and relations" (Freud, 1920, p.174)

*HIoD* Dreams Is Stupid:

In later formulations Freud recognized the dream as a regressive or primitive mode of thought. (NOTE: Notice the ability of the scientist to scientifically state that something is objectively stupid because he does not understand it.)

*HIoD* Built-In Rationalizations To The Absurdity of Dream Repression & Symbolism:

As Jones succinctly states the case: "Only what is repressed is symbolized; only what is repressed needs to be symbolized. This conclusion is the touchstone of the psychoanalytic theory of symbolism" (Jones, 1912, p. 116). Because symbolization, as the term is used in psychoanalysis, is a process which serves not only to represent but to disguise, an interpretation of a true symbol usually evokes a reaction of surprise and incredulity on the part of the subject, since he is supposedly unfamiliar with its latent meaning. (NOTE: Think of the witch hunts this caused. Pre-made rationalizations for it's absurdity! Perhaps this is an attempt to understand the oddities of dreams- but it's rationalization, not repression.. Repression in terms of removing an option from the world of possibility causes rationalization.)

*HIoD* Meaningless Equals True:

In fact, the absence of meaningful associations was accepted by Freud as evidence that a "true symbol" had been encountered. (NOTE: Obviously, meaningless = true)

*HIoD* Science's Lack of Personal Experience:

(NOTE: Science is full of people who are supposed experts on things they have never themselves experienced)

*CBAP* Stupid Jung:

Jung termed an ‘archetypal' experience- an experience potentially available to many members of the human race simply virtue of being human. (NOTE: Like "gravity." Duh!)

*HIoD* Science- Made For Machines, By Machines:

(NOTE: Science divorces itself from experience in all ways. It seeks to transform the outer manifestations of the inner experience of others into numbers, which are then seen as irrefutable, as proof. Yet the process of observing secondary effects and assigning arbitrary numerical values to those effects takes one completely out of the realm of real experiences and into strange, paradoxical world where numbers are equivalent to truth. They act as if catering to a world of machines and numbers. There is the assumption that if a machine senses something, it is real, whereas if a person senses it and a machine does not, it is not real. The idea that the machine may be limited is far less acceptable than the assumption that a person is limited in its perception of true reality. The assumption is that the person is fallible and a machine is not. Machines measure reality and produce numbers which can be added, made into graphs, and people produce ideas, thoughts, and things that are too difficult to quantize, so they are either converted to numbers with machines or thrown out. Some fantasy writers play with the idea of a world in which the machines are the masters and we are the slaves. Well this is no longer a fantasy in the realm of science! Soulless machines have calculated away our human souls and left us with a brilliant, however dead mechanistic world.)

*HIoD* Using Obscure Language To Sound Intelligent:

Somatic complaints... (NOTE: This fancy harder-to-understand language makes the scientist feel intelligent, sets him apart from normal, stupid people.

-Dreams and Hypnosis (By Margaret Brenman)

*HIoD* Desperate Symbol-Seeking:

Farber and Fisher have noted, and this was confirmed, that the early dreams of a subject in response to a stimulus may be simply a paraphrasing of the stimulus by material from the subject's life experience, but that if he is induced to continue to dream, the dream elements become more and more disguised until the final production is a symbolized, distorted dream... (NOTE: This shows the extent that they will go to find symbols of the things they want to find even as the dream moves on to other topics.)

Dream symbols common to a number of dreamers were rare, and the same dreamer might use different symbols for the same function, person, or emotion upon different occasions.

-An Experimental Study of the Hypnotic Dream (By Milton Mazer)

*HIoD* True Dreams Are Boring:

There are, for example, spontaneous night dreams which are simple and undistorted, while some hypnotic dreams have the symbolization and richness of imagery one customarily associates with night dreams. (NOTE: They like symbols. True dreams are boring, poor. The uncertainty gives them "power of interpretation.")

-An Experimental Study of the Hypnotic Dream (By Milton Mazer)

*LD-P* Definition of the Term Hallucination:

Any percept-like experience which (a) occurs in the absence of an appropriate stimulus, (NOTE: Huh? Nice definition!) (b) has the full force or impact of the corresponding actual (real) perception, and (c) is not amenable to direct and voluntary control by the experiencer.

(NOTE: Ah, tis democracy's foulest state. If it's not real to me, it doesn't exist. Democratic TV and science: the lowest common denominator.) Apparitions may be characterized as hallucinations which are (a) "projected" onto the external world and (b) consist of unrealistic or non-existent elements which appear more or less fully integrated into the rest of the perceptual field.

The percipient, while experiencing the hallucination, is at the same time normally perceiving real objects within his range of vision, and the hallucinatory percept is brought into relation with these, so as to occupy apparently as definite a place in the field of vision. The phantasm appears to stand side by side with real objects. (Sidgwick et al., 1894, pg. 75)

(NOTE: Witches! Witch!) We have suggested that the whole visual field may be hallucinatory in such experiences, and not just the unrealistic or non-existent element.

*S&tS* The Stupidity of Dream Symbolism Pt.1:

As far as all the books about dream symbolism, I recommend the authors look elsewhere for knowledge into dreams. That any symbol has a common meaning is reflection of nothing more significant than the fact that we all live in a similar society. Would fire mean inner change to an arson? To a burn victim? Would a sleeping cat mean the same to a cat enthusiast? To someone with cat allergies? To someone with a cat sleeping on their chest while they sleep? To a cat? To discover the secret of dream symbolism, all one must do is look out their window and ask what people generally think of.. trees, police cars, children playing, and Jo-Bob Mobster out the window. If the normal, average person thinks children playing is a good thing, then it will probably symbolize a good thing in the dreams of normal, average people. Incredible! Now you can sell a book. Fact is, every person has a very self-specific set of dream symbols. [PG: We must always make our own associations to dream symbols and give preference to these over classic dream interpretation.]

That said, I'll take this one step further:

*S&tS* The Stupidity of Dream Interpretation Pt.2:

Imagine going through waking life transforming every real event into some vaguely relevant metaphor: "There is an open box across the room from me. This symbolizes my open mind, yet there are all these things trying to get out. I have to learn to express myself more. And over here are my two shoes. The left shoe is resting just in front of and on top of the right one. The two shoes represent the left and right brain hemispheres. That the left one is in front and on top is a symbol of the dominance of my left brain. I need to put a little more energy into right--brained, logical thinking." Or later, when driving to the store, I see a storefront with the letters missing. "This symbolizes my uncertainty as to what is going to be my face, the way I present myself. I do not know how I am going to present myself and thus people do not approach me as much as I would like."

Clearly, these examples express nothing more than the fact that 1) I am unpacking in the first example and that a department store is going out of or coming into business in the second, and 2) a very keen imagination. Could the things I am reading out of these events be true and helpful? Yes, indeed! But the credit is to go to the storyteller, the dream interpreter, the seer, and not to the unconscious mind or the self. These metaphors, though potentially useful, have no more to do with the cause of the scene than the person behind them. That we can fall for these arbitrary metaphors speaks measures about just how little we know about dreams.

Just try it! Look around you and pretend this is a dream, and go ahead and interpret it in this style. Following are some examples to get you started:

1KK) The undecipherable babbling of the beast who just knocked at the door and came in may well indicate that I was not ready to face and understand the negative forces that were currently "knocking at my door."

2KK) I had a lucid dream where I commanded my hands to appear and they did, but without the wedding ring. However, I could see the indentation of it and feel it with my fingers. My wedding ring is the symbol of my connection to my inner female (feminine consciousness) in my inner life. The dream, I realized, was giving me a significant message here in saying that my connection to my feminine or feeling side was still not solid enough.

3PG) I was driving a car, then realized I was dreaming and began to fly, but hadn't let go of the steering wheel, which became bigger. This was a symbolic expression of satisfaction with the way I was "steering" myself through life.

4KK) My van is in a traffic jam, and I am inside. Then it starts moving without me driving it! After reflecting on these images, I had to conclude that there are still times in my life when I am not "in the driver's seat" and my energy (my van) was moving without me. There are still times when I feel stuck and jammed in old mental habits.

5PG) Pondering the meaning of the roots extending from my head, I finally realized that my own creative thinking was growing, dividing, and subdividing. The tender, growing tips of the antler-branches was the growing edge of myself. (Me: wow, it could be anything!)

6PG) In my dream language, a set of my hair was a set of my mind. I noticed, immediately before becoming lucid, that a character was having his or her hair set. Then I would be conscious, that is, in an unusual set in the dream state. (Me: bad metaphors and word plays)

7PG) Headpieces, hairgrowths, and so on are equivalent to my mental contents, an outer expression of an inner condition.

8KK) I embrace an oriental woman. My embracing her in the dream reminded me of my process of embracing the lucid dream state itself. I asked myself: isn't she a lot like the lucid state? Isn't she rather foreign? Isn't she tender, petite, and delicate? Yes.

9KK) In a prison, a tough Latino guy cuts off another fellow's ring finger. I was the Latino, who was a shadow of myself called "survival". The connection to my inner female was stronger than it had even been, but was in danger of being "amputated," cruelly cut off by ineffectual worrying about security, survival, and money. I was also the amputee, who told me that I was too passive and being victimized by my survivor consciousness. This implied that I needed to mobilize more of my aggressive male side at the time when my income was rising. This dream answered my questions regarding income taxes.

10KK) Black people are often a common dream symbol for the shadow, the dark side of the white man's psyche.

11KK) (here is the interpretation of the visual depiction of someone telling him a story about a polar bear:) I began to put the pieces together quickly, even as I lay in bed. The polar bear connoted a "polarity" within myself, some two-sided inner struggle. The lumberjack was a part of me, a symbol for the survivalist aspect of my ego. Upon discussing it with my colleagues, I realized that the polar bear represented a powerful rage towards a noisy neighbor.

me) These metaphors are all made up! But not untrue- we see truth in these things. They are not, however, the cause. I do not believe that the metaphor makes the image- rather that it is some objective law of dreaming and the nature of the mind while dreaming is to find truth in these things (like when you see truth in so many things while high).

*S&tS* Moments of Truth:

1KK) The familiar feeling of extraordinary clarity and mental balance appear. Father Lucas is there and begins slowly to fade from sight and I telepathically call for him to return. As he fades out of sight completely, I realize I do not have control over this dream.

2PG) As one of them had red hair, I immediately seized the lucid opportunity to inquire, "What's the significance of red hair in my dreams?" She replied rather saucily, "It depends. It's not always the same. You don't control all the dream, you know."

Script: Stupidity of Archetypes: I could create any random archetype list and cram all dream characters into it.
*LD* The Stupidity of Previous Dream Theory:

(NOTE: nothing is random) The Activation-Synthesis Hypothesis of the Dream Process: The forebrain is activated and bombarded with partially random impulses generating sensory information within the system.

(NOTE: duh.) The forebrain may be making the best of a bad job in producing even partially coherent dream imagery from the relatively noisy signals sent up to it from the brain stem.

(NOTE: nice work, boys) …dreams were after all merely the senseless, random accompaniment of the autonomous electrical activity of the sleeping Central Nervous System.

(Hobson & McCarley)

(NOTE: the wonders of science!) "…attempting to remember one's dreams should perhaps not be encouraged, because such remembering may help to retain patters of thought which are better forgotten. These are the very patterns the organism was attempting to damp down."

(Crick & Mitchison)


Script: Imagine a point in the physical sciences where a scientist is saying the same thing and presenting it as a scientific theory.
*ODM-SF* Disguised Wish Fulfillment & Dream Symbolism Stupidity:

Manifest content, in Freud's view, possessed no meaning or significance because it was the disguised representation of the true thoughts underlying the dream. These thoughts make up the latent content and consist of unconscious wishes and fantasies which have been denied gratification. The latent images are disguised by the censor, who acts as sentinel or border guard, preventing the instinctual material from gaining access to the domain of consciousness. Dream symbols were the things standing as substitutes for something hidden. Symbols existed as a preexisting entity having a genetic character that extended back to prehistoric times. Though the number of symbols is large, the number of subjects symbolized is not large. Those pertaining to sexual life are the overwhelming majority:

"All elongated objects, such as sticks, tree-trunks and umbrellas (the opening of which being comparable to an erection) may stand for the male organ..

Boxes, cases, chests, cupboards, and ovens represent the uterus, and also hollow objects, ships, and vessels of all kinds. Rooms in dreams are usually women; if the various ways in and out of them are represented, this interpretation is scarcely open to doubt.. A dream of going through a suite of rooms is a brothel or harem dream.

Steps, ladders, or staircases, or, as the case may be, walking up or down them, are representations of the sexual act.

A woman's hat can very often be interpreted with certainty as a genital organ, and, moreover, as a man's. The same is true of an overcoat.. In men's dreams, a neck-tie often appears as a symbol for the penis.

It is highly probable that all complicated machinery and apparatus occurring in dreams stand for the genitals (and as a rule the male ones).. Nor is there any doubt that all weapons and tools are used as symbols for the male organ: e.g. Ploughs, hammers, rifles, revolvers, daggers, sabres, etc. In the same way many landscapes in dreams, especially any containing bridges or wooded hills, may clearly be recognized as descriptions of the genitals.

Children in dreams often stand for the genitals.. Playing with a child, beating it, etc., often represents masturbation in dreams. To represent castration symbolically, the dream-work makes use of baldness, hair-cutting, falling gout of teeth, and decapitation. If one of the ordinary symbols for a penis occurs in a dream doubled or multiplied, it is to be regarded as a warding--off of castration..

The genitals can also be represented in dreams in other parts of the body: the male organ by a hand or a foot and the female genital orifice by the mouth or an ear or even an eye."

I need say no more.

*ODM-CJ&me* The Foundation of Stupid Dream Interpretation:

Jung: "The whole dream work is essentially subjective and a dream is a theater in which the dreamer is himself the scene, the player, the prompter, the author, the public, and the critic. Such an interpretation, as the term implies, conceives all the figures in the dream as personified features of the dreamer's own personality.

Clearly, I do not think that this is the case, and to involve the collective unconscious and maintain that this is the case is overlooking the obvious result of such influence: that it involves things not of the dreamer's mind, and even things wholly irrelevant, yet possibly traceable.

*ODM* The "Brilliant" Contemporary Dream Research:

a) Dreams reflect concerns and adaptive patterns of waking life. Very good!

b) Dreams correspond to personality. They reflect reality in form. Wow! InCREDible!

c) There are marked correspondences between the dream series of widely different individuals and the facts of their waking lives. WOW!!! People have common associations with objects? In THIS society??

d) Kasatkin determined that dream content is determined by the dreamer's life conditions and reflects the dreamer's age, sex, social and cultural class, profession, and ethnic group. Oooooo!! Good boy! So smart! Give that psychologist a cracker!

e) Continuity & Compensation: These are both absurd. When one dreams about murdering someone, it does not mean that the dreamer is likely or unlikely to murder while awake. There could have been untold causes for the dream, endless contexts. The continuity hypothesis is that dreams act as a mirror to reflect our waking personality. This is true, a little. It is certainly us in dreams unless we are in a story of some sort. The compensation hypothesis is that dreams show the reverse of our waking personality. How stupid. It may allow usually repressed desires free reign, but certainly not the opposite. Lonely people will seek dream friends. More work during the day, more tired at night and in dreams. Stop math. Start think. I failed psych because it was so damn stupid. Psycholodunces miss everything because they don't know what they're looking for.

*ODM* How To Fuck Up Experiments:

Features of the experiment were represented in an obvious way in 1/3 of the dreams, and in a disguised manner in another third. The anxiety engendered by participating in the study was probably increased because these normal subjects were also administered three different drugs (a sedative, a tranquilizer, and an antidepressant). The experimental equipment was frequently dreamed about as causing injury, such as electrocution occurring through the EEG wires. The money subjects received for participating in the study was also incorporated into their dreams in interesting ways. In another study, the laboratory situation represented 25% of the dreams.

*ODM* Bad, Bad Dream Interpretation (First One Ala Jung):

1) She found herself in the "mail room" she regularly visited but was aware that "a new modern development had taken place" there. This pun on mail (male) room reveals that the dreamer was aware that her attitude towards her masculine side was changing and new developments were occurring. (Me: Puns! These guys love to see them but I've never dreamt them. So absurd, stretching sooo far for something)

2) "It looked like it was a couple of two feet thick." This unusual word usage in describing the dream may have been a reference to Al's own two feet. (Me: this is so dumb because look at how this fellow talks!) "I, we, was all half-scared of him.. Beating the hell out of a bunch of grown men by kicking them right under the kneecap."

3) ..she continued to engage in repeatedly stepping on more windowpanes ("pains" that are invisible and can be found in every home).

4) This is an explanation for falling dreams: Downward motion is considered to have several connotations: Hell is down below and we'll descend to there if we're sinful; we "fall down" on the job if we fail at our work performance; we "land" in the gutter if we don't behave correctly. In a falling dream, we no longer have our "feet on the ground," we have "lost our balance," and there is generally nothing we can do in the dream to control our rapid descent or alter our expected demise. These dreams are about losing status, respect, security, or emotional instability. If you explore dreams of falling, perhaps try dreaming of "rising" to the challenge. (Me: Dumb. Clueless. Idiotic. Stabbing in the dark with childish metaphor. This is what becomes of a so-called "science" that refuses to look at anything paranormal, scary, weird, or beyond its scope of explanation.)

5) Mary had a recurrent nightmare of a close-up view of a wooden surface painted white. The paint is just beginning to blister and bubble. Whenever she had this dream she was overwhelmed with feelings of despair, anguish, and terror. She considered her dream to be totally meaningless and pointless. Here's the interpretation: Maybe she had grown up in a repressed home where the spontaneous expression of feelings was not allowed and had to be covered up with white paint. If strong emotions began to bubble up, the thin veneer of social politeness might blister and possibly peel away. The family image would be tarnished if feelings trapped beneath the surface heated up and became visible.

*ODM-FP* Fritz Perls's Gestalt Folly:

Gestalt dream workers encouraged dreamers to become the subject of their dreams. If you dreamed of a quilt, you should relax and drape yourself over another member of the group to become the quilt, to feel what it's like to warm or constrict someone, for you are everything in your dreams.

(Me: though they are right, they are only accidentally so. Everything you experience, you become to a degree, or you do not experience it. In this way only are you the quilt that you dream of. It's silliness to act it out later)

*DY* Bad Bad Dream Interpretation:

(NOTE: Ha ha ha.) Fritz Perls, founder of the Gestalt school of psychology, based his dreamwork on the supposition that facets of a dream might all be perceived as projections of parts or personas of the dreamer.

(NOTE: Ha ha ha.) The following dramatic example of one woman's enactment of a dream part in the style of Gestalt therapy. The woman recounted a dream in which a small aerosol spray can was one of many times on a dresser bureau, and she dramatized the different items in turn. When she reached the spray can, she announced, "I'm under enormous pressure. I feel as if I'm about to explode." The enactment of this dream provided swift and clear feedback regarding an unresolved issue in her life.

*LD* Piaget's Stages of Dream Brainwashing:

(NOTE: The stages of dream brainwashing.) According to Jean Piaget, children pass through three stages of understanding of dreams. In the first stage, attained between ages three and four, children do not distinguish dreams from waking life; thus a child believes that dreaming takes place in the same (external) world as the rest of his or her experiences. At this age, a child might awake in terror from a nightmare and believe that dream "monsters" are in the room. Parents' assurances that it was "just a dream" are not greatly effective at this stage.

Between the ages of approximately four and six – and after sufficient experiences with awakening from dreams that are denied reality by parental figures – children modify their concept of dreaming. Now they know that what was happening was "just a dream." However, they don't know exactly what "just a dream" is.

(NOTE: Now totally brainwashed.) Somewhere between the ages of five and eight, this transitional stage gives way to the third stage, in which the child recognizes the dream as entirely internal in nature.

*DE* Internal/External Dreams:

(NOTE: war on dreams) Initially Hausa children believe the events in their dreams to be real occurrences that are visible to others. They treat dream events as if they were intrasomatic stimuli potentially capable of public perception, if one could look through the eyes of the dreamer or open him as in an operation. Hausa adults find this view of dreams inadequate and tell their children that dreams are a kind of vision that gives them access to an external, objective realm of the soul. Hausa children later change their minds about the reality or the externality of these events and view dreams as either mirages or internal perceptions.

*ODM-CJ* Archetypes & The Collective Unconscious:

Archetypes are the psychic structural components of the collective unconscious that parallel components of our common human bodily structure. They create predispositions to certain forms of images and contain a large element of emotion. An archetype is not a specific image. It is an inherited tendency of the human mind to form representations of mythological motifs- representations that vary a great deal without losing their basic pattern.

One of the experiences that first led Jung to the idea of archetypes was the case of an old schizophrenic who was constantly hallucinating. He saw the sun with a phallus the movements of which produced the wind. Jung later came across a recent book containing the text of an ancient papyrus which described how the wind originated in a tube hanging from the sun. (Me: that is your evidence?!)

With another man, Jung uncovered strong parallels between the symbols employed by the reamer to portray his problems and the symbols developed by medieval alchemists to represent their efforts to transform base materials into golf. This provided evidence for the collective unconscious.

A black man from the south dreamt of a man crucified on a wheel. So fucking bizarre was this, thought Jung, that it must have been from the collective unconscious. It must have been from the ancient sun-wheel and the sacrifices made on it to propitiate the sun god, from Rhodesian sculptures, and also the Greek myth of Ixion. (me; whatever!)

As instincts are "typical modes of action", archetypes are "typical modes of perception". (Me: typical modes of perception! How absurd!)

Archetypal imagery is generally more prevalent around the time of crises. It corresponds almost entirely to what Benji knows as "true dreams."

The shadow archetype deals with the dark, primitive, animal-like instincts that man has inherited from his evolutionary ancestors. The shadow is expressed in dreams as a character of the same sex as the dreamer.

The archetypes of the soul are the animus and the anima. The animus represents the masculine side of a woman's personality and the anima the feminine side of a man's personality.

Another pair of dream archetypes, the old wise man and the great mother, usually confront the dreamer when a difficult situation must be faced.

*ODM-CJ* Amplification: Symbols Have Many Meanings:

"A snake may have seven thousand meanings." A favorite question of Jung's was: "Suppose I had no idea what the word bull meant, describe this object to me in such a way that I can not fail to understand what sort of thing it is." A Latin American or Spaniard accustomed to bloody bullfights would react quite differently to the image of a bull than would someone from India where Brahman bulls are revered and wander unharmed in the village streets. Then Jung would look for vertical themes within the dream and horizontal trends between dreams.

One vertical dream analysis involved the dream of a young man who had had a rendezvous with a housemaid the night before but had not yet consummated the affair. His dream was: "I was standing in a strange garden and picked an apple from a tree. I looked about cautiously, to make sure no one saw me." His amplification included a memory of having secretly plucked some pears from a neighbor's garden when he was a boy. He also recalled being severely punished as a boy when his father caught him secretly watching girls bathing. He could not understand his punishment.

Jung goes on to say that the dreamer's personal and collective unconscious collaborated to produce a short but powerful dream message sufficiently intense to catch his attention. I think that's hooey. It's not a message, but merely an expression, and there's no need at all for the collective unconscious to be involved. Surely he has heard the tale of the Garden of Eden, if that is even relevant.

*HU* Wolf's Incorrect Lucid Dream Analysis:

Wolf believes that all dreams are internal holograms, and ordinary dreams are less vivid because they are virtual images. However, he thinks the brain also has the ability to generate real images, and that is exactly what it does when we are dreaming lucidly. The unusual vibrancy of the lucid dream is due to the fact that the waves are converging and diverging. "If there is a ‘viewer' where these waves focus, that viewer will be bathed in the scene, and the scene coming to a focus will ‘contain' him. In this way the dream experience will appear ‘lucid,'" observes Wolf.

*HU* Ceremonial Psychology:

Edgar A. Levenson feels all psychoanalytic approaches are purely ceremonial, and change is due to something else entirely.

Levenson also believes that something is resonance. "It is as though a huge, three-dimensional, spatially coded representation of the patient's experience develops in the therapy, running through every aspect of his life, his history. At some point there is a kind of ‘overload' and everything falls into place."

*ODM* Repression Causes Dreams:

Yves Delage: Delage asserted that the great majority of nocturnal dream images come from incompleted acts of inhibited and suppressed perceptions of the preceding day.

Fallacy of Hypnotic Dream Induction

*HIoD* The Absurd Idea That Suggesting a Dream Results in a Dream:

It is curious that investigators appear to have taken it for granted that the hypnotic suggestion to "dream" actually issues in a dream. It is as if the belief in the magic power of hypnosis overwhelms the investigator as well as the subject and thus, when the subject responds with a production which often resembles a night dream, it is assumed without further question that there is no difference between the two. The hypnotist might as well assume that were he to command his subject to fly, the resulting activity, whatever its nature, could be called "flight"...

We have observed in our hypnotic work that there is a great range of psychic production at the instruction: to dream... (NOTE: Perhaps it is dependent on what the subject believes dreaming is.)

No one of our subjects reported anything remotely resembling a night dream if left to himself. The hypnotic dream, so far as we now know, does not occur spontaneously but only at the explicit or implicit behest of the hypnotist.

-Dreams and Hypnosis (By Margaret Brenman)

*HIoD* Hypnotic Dreams Are About The Therapist:

In the first paper Kanzer affirmed that "Hypnotically-induced dreams provide the psychiatrist with unusual opportunities for direct intervention in the unconscious of the patient, and offer a field for the experimental study of the dream process" (p. 333) In the second paper, Kanzer recanted, leveling the charge that not only does the hypnotic dream fail to provide access to unconscious material but it is usually briefer, shows a lack of associations, and actually provokes defenses that may be even more difficult to penetrate than during normal consciousness. He argues further that dreams induced under hypnosis show evidence of a greater censorship than do spontaneous nocturnal dreams. The important point was also advanced that the content of hypnotically induced dreams are interpretable mainly in terms of the immediate therapeutic relationship. (NOTE: Because that is the subject, in fact. you have an unwanted companion with you telling you what to do. Of course that becomes the focus.)

*HIoD* All Dream Research is Based on Hypnotic Dreams:

Two studied represent the total reported effort to date to effect a systematic quantitative comparison of the content of nocturnal and hypnotic dreams.

*HIoD* How Hypnosis Differs From Sleep:

Roffwarg et al. (1965): The finding suggest that "during alpha activity the subject is generally controlling his thoughts and is aware of being awake. With the fragmentation and disappearance of alpha, there is a loss of contact with the surroundings and a sensation of drift. The thinking is described as having become involuntary and looser In many cases of awakening from this state, vivid and immediate imagery is recalled." In a related study Vogel et al. (1965) report that "The usual, though not invariable, sequence of events during sleep onset is as follows: during alpha EEG reality testing and thought content are intact; during descending stage 1 there is a loss of both functions; and during descending stage 2 reality testing is completely lost but thought content is no longer regressed."

The EEG in the hypnotic state is most often characterized by a sustained alpha rhythm... Records of REM period sleep in many individuals display a clearly visible, if somewhat reduced alpha wave (one cycle/second slower)... Individual variability is so extensive that EEG discrimination between sleep stages or sleeping and waking is a relative matter.

*HIoD* The Position and Influence of the Hypnotist:

We have come to believe that these uniform sexual responses were influenced by the nature of the hypnotic relationship. Hypnosis is not only a state of consciousness, like sleep, in which dreams occur, but it is also a very striking interpersonal relationship. The most obvious characteristic of this relationship is the extreme dependence of the subjects and their feelings that the hypnotist is omnipotent... The hypnotist too is reacting, not only to the subject, but to the hypnotists's role of omnipotence. His reaction will in turn influence the subject... Even under what seem to be the same experimental conditions, different hypnotists evoke totally different responses...

Questioned by a person other than the hypnotist, her translation was on a conventional social level. The dream was perceived in sexual terms in relation to the hypnotist...

Neither the hypnotist nor the substitute exerted any suggestion.

-An Experimental Approach to Dream Psychology Through the Use of Hypnosis (By Leslie H. Farber and Charles Fisher)

*HIoD* Absurd Expectations:

The subject, still under hypnosis, was then told that he would have a dream about the same complex during the night. The next day he described having slept fitfully and having been awakened from the following dream by the alarm clock. (NOTE: Absurd! He is expected to obsessively dream about one topic for 8 hours?!)

-The Experimental Situation as a Determinant of Hypnotic Dreams: A Contribution to the Experimental Use of Hypnosis (By Richard Newman Jay Katz, and Robert Rubenstein)

*HIoD* The Shortsighted Nature of Dream Research:

The dreams still expressed obvious intense ambivalent feelings about the hypnotist and the hypnotic situation... It is possible for an experimenter to overlook the role of the actual situation as a dream stimulus because its meaning for the subject is lost sight of when the experimented looks at the experiment only from his own point of view, or, to use another term, only from his design.

-The Experimental Situation as a Determinant of Hypnotic Dreams: A Contribution to the Experimental Use of Hypnosis (By Richard Newman Jay Katz, and Robert Rubenstein)

*HIoD* Hypnotic Dreams Aren't Dreams:

The "hypnotic dream" is typically an unembellished imaginative product containing very little if any evidence of the "dream work." In some instances it consists of straightforward recall of previous happenings or of former night dreams; in the majority of instances it consists of banal verbal or imaginal associations to the suggested dream topic.

The evidence suggests that a) "good" hypnotic subjects who are given the suggestion to dream may define their imaginative productions as "dreams" in order to comply with the wishes and expectations of the hypnotist and b) if such "good" subjects were to be instructed to imagine or to visualize, similar productions would result which the subjects would not define as "dreams"...

In many of these instances, Ss were told to represent the dream topic symbolically. (NOTE: "Alright, I'm going to do a math equation, but the answer must be 5.")

-Toward a Theory of "Hypnotic" Behavior: The "Hypnotically Induced Dream" (By Theodore X. Barber)

*HIoD* Dream-Study Dreamers Dream About the Experiment:

Dreams often depicted intense ambivalent feelings about the hypnotist and the hypnotic situation... They very act of harvesting dreams even under laboratory-controlled conditions may distort the phenomenon being investigated. Whitman et al. (1962) concluded that two thirds of the dreams dreamed by 10 subjects over 40 nights in the laboratory dealt with the experiment in either an obvious or indirect manner. The elaborate electrical instrumentation was particularly distressing to the subjects, and neither reassurance nor continuing exposure to the situation was sufficient to decrease anxiety...

There was also a greater tendency for the early dreams of the night to be related to the experiment.

*HIoD* Dreamers Dream To Suit Their Experimenters:

The propensity of patients for producing dreams consonant with the theoretical proclivities of their therapists is well known, so that, as Zubin (1964) put it, Freudians get Freudian dreams, Jungians get Jungian dreams, and Rogerians get no dreams at all.

Always Dreaming

*ANMU* We Dream Constantly- How To See Them When Awake:

I realized that we have dreams continuously, both in sleep and in a waking state. We never cease to have dreams, though we are not aware of this...

It is not at all necessary to be asleep in order to observe dreams. Dreams never stop. We do not notice them in a waking state, amidst the continuous flow of visual, auditory and other sensations, for the same reason for which we do not see stars in the light of the sun... Concentration upon one idea cannot produce this isolation. An arrest of the current of usual thoughts and mental images is necessary. It is necessary to achieve for a short period "consciousness without thought." When this consciousness comes dream images begin slowly to emerge through the usual sensations, and with astonishment you suddenly see yourself surrounded by a strange world of shadows, moods, conversations, sounds, pictures...

The two states are not sleep and waking state. They may be called sleep and sleep plus waking state. This means that when we awake sleep does not disappear, but to the state of sleep there is added the waking state, which muffles the voices of dreams and makes dream images invisible...

To the dreams observable only in a waking state belongs the strange sensation... that this has happened before.

*DEVF1* Dreaming Beneath Consciousness, & Where You Tune Your Consciousness:

You have taught yourselves to respond to certain neural patterns, and to ignore alternate ones that now simply operate as background activity... Those other background stimuli are now quite difficult for you to identify, but they are always there in the [hinterland] of your waking consciousness, like dream chatter way beneath your usual associations.

Neurologically, you tune into only a portion of your body's reality and are ignorant of the great, tiny but tumultuous communications that are ever flying back and forth in the microscopic but vital cellular world.

*CWS* Dreams:

You are dreaming when you think you are awake. When you are constantly concentrating in the manner that you understand, that you are also doing dream work- that you are involved on other levels of consciousness beside the one that you know.

History of Dreaming

*CD* Dream Temples in the Past:

The description is representative of dream incubation in ancient Greece, but actual practice varied from country to country, temple to temple, and time to time. Researchers believe that 300 to 400 or more temples in honor of the god Asclepias existed in the ancient world. These temples were in active use for nearly 1,000 years (from the end of the sixth century B.C. until the end of the fifth century A.D.) Some such temples are still in use today. According to a friend from Taiwan, pilgrims travel to the Chinankung Taoist Monastery (situated at the peak of Monkey Hill, at Musa, near Taipei) to sleep, hoping for a dream of healing or guidance...

Dream incubation formulas are found in written records that date from approximately 3000 B.C. The first four civilizations- the Middle East, the Egyptian, the Indian, and the Chinese- all left some record of their views on dreams and their methods od inducing them.

The ancient Assyrians, for example, had a special prayer for invoking good dreams and preventing evil ones...

The people of Islam, too, had a prayer ritual that many researchers believe was a kind of dream incubation... The practice, called istiqara, consists of the recital of a special prayer before sleep with the expectation of an answer to a difficult problem in a dream of that night. In addition, people in Kurdistan (a mountainous plateau region in Iran) and the Dervishes (a Muslim ascetic order) employed a drug mixed with wine (mang) to induce visionary sleep.

*CD* The Native American Culture is Very Dream Based:

Many of the products of [Native Americans] culture are believed to be directly derived from dreams. Several songs are known to be songs obtained by warriors in their vision quests... All sorts of cultural artifacts- drums, pipes, headdresses- are though to be dream derived. Many decorative patters on pottery, paintings, blankets, and clothing are likewise from dreams.

*CD* Cultural Pattern Dreams:

You can observe many similarities between the ancient dreamers and the Native American dreamers. Both have learned well the importance of dreams and the kinds of dreams that must be obtained for success. Both are exposed to strong cultural pressures to produce what is called a "cultural pattern dream," a dream required by their society. Modern psychologists would say that the appropriate dream is "reinforced," that is, it is followed by strong rewards so the probability the dreamer will have it is increased...

Researchers studying the manifest content of dreams in Native Americans exposed to our culture found fewer and fewer cultural pattern dreams and more and more dreams dealing only with personal problems.

*CD* American Indian Dream Songs:

Dream songs... were particularly important in American Indian life. The dream songs received during the all-important adolescent vision quest became the dreamer's personal refrain. They were used throughout his life at stressful times (for example, war parties) and were also used to evoke the power of his own personal spirit.

*ODM* Dream Repression:

The Nazis began to watch people's dreams for clues of betrayal. A young man reported a dream in which the corrosive effects of censorship had leached down to the level of his personal dream symbols: "I dreamt that I no longer dream about anything but rectangles, triangles, and octagons, all of which somehow look like Christmas cookies- you see, it was forbidden to dream."

The devil-fear of the Christians had its effects, too. Dreams, in effect, had been banished, and we see here, as later in the case with Nazi Germany, what happens to a culture when the authorities limit people's autonomy and prevent creativity from flourishing by discouraging them from "observing their dreams." The Dark Ages took a terrible toll, not only on thousands of innocent victims tortured or slowly burned alive, but on an entire population, whose collective creative pursuits in the arts, literature, and sciences were squelched for centuries. The lesson to be learned from these tragic dream-dismissing periods of history seems inescapable. When we fail to honor that which is illuminated in our dreams in dark bedrooms, we will spend more of our daylight hours dwelling in self-induced dark cells.

Purpose of Sleep

Infant Integration Dreams

*CJ* Infant Dreams:

ROMC: "Infant babies sleep and dream a great deal in the first months of their earth existence to get their energies integrated and balanced into the earth-consciousness. Many of their dreams are of animals and earth objects."

*TDA* Infant Sleep Patterns:

Don: "Is this why infants will fight sleep so hard?"

Dr. Peebles: "Yes... Newly upon the planet Earth, in some cases it's a drive more than a fear, to be awake, to be alive... It's a genuine excitement... Earth is a place of contact... ‘Earth is not just a place of survival,' the spirit says to itself, ‘but a place of love; here is my mommy.' And as discipline comes into childhood... then life becomes more real in some ways but also the spirit and love become less real... More often than not, the child is asleep in a state of trance as a bridge from the spirit world and trying to come alive, trying to be more and more awake and in the body."

Don: "This is why in infancy the sleep periods are much longer than they are in adults?"

Dr. Peebles: "Yes."

Tuning & Balancing

*UR2* Awake While Sleeping, Sleep Is No By-Product:

The greatest biological creativity takes place while you sleep, for example, and certain cellular functions are accelerated... Sleeping is not a by-product of waking life.

In greater terms you are just as awake when you are asleep, but the focus of your awareness is turned in other directions. As you know, you can live for years while in a coma, but you could not live for years without ever sleeping. Even in a coma there is mental activity, though it may be impossible to ascertain it from the outside...

Cellular comprehension and reaction are too fast for you to follow...

The meeting of body consciousness and your main consciousness requires an intense focus, in which the greatest manipulations are necessary... Cellular comprehension is not tuned into by the normally conscious self, which is equally unaware of its own free-wheeling nature at "higher" levels. So a disintegration process must happen that allows each to regenerate. The consciousness then leaves the body. The body consciousness stays with it.

Rejuvenation, Union, Knowledge

Release from Fear & Struggling

*CWG3* The Soul & The Body- The Need for Sleep:

The soul seeks the rest, and so, causes the body to "fall asleep".

...It will just leave the body when it seeks "refueling"; when it becomes weary of all the nontruth and false reality and imagined dangers, and when it seeks, once again, reconnection, reassurance, restfulness, and reawakening for the mind.

When the soul first embraces a body, it finds the experience extremely difficult. It is very tiring, particularly for a newly arriving soul. That is why babies sleep a lot.

When the soul gets over the initial shock of being attached to a body once more, it begins to increase its tolerance for that. It stays with it more.

At the same time, the part of you called your mind moves into forgetfulness- just as it was designed to do. Even the soul's flights out of the body, taken now on a less-frequent, but still usually daily, basis do not always bring the mind back to remembrance.

Indeed, during these times the soul may be free, but the mind may be confused. Thus, the whole being may ask: "Where am I? What am I creating here?" These searchings may lead to fitful journeys; even frightening ones. You call these trips "nightmares."

Sometimes just the opposite will occur. The soul will arrive at a place of great remembering. Now the mind will have an awakening. This will fill it with peace and joy- which you will experience in your body when you return to it.

The more your whole being experiences the reassurance of these rejuvenations- and the more it remembers what it is doing, and trying to do, with the body, for now it knows that it came to the body for a reason, and with a purpose...

The person of great wisdom needs little sleep.

*TDA* The Trance State of Sleep, Daydreaming, and Orgasm:

Dr. Peebles: "When you go to sleep you are going into your own deep trance, by suspending significantly your fears of the day, your self-interest of the day, your assumptions of the day. Thereby you enter in an act of love, of intimacy between yourself and the universe, yourself and the rest of the planet Earth, yourself and other points of view. You surrender into contact, into oneness, through merging yourself with the rest of life... Trance is also accomplished in daydreams, precisely the same as that of sleep, but with a little bit less surrender. This is a state of invention, problem solving, innovation, reevaluation, where one's points of view are again suspended or laid aside or at least relaxed for a moment... Because in the state of daydreams, approaching sleep, there is less and less demand by the critical mind for... the validations, for the credibility, and more for faith or simply fun in unusual points of view. And that is when true problem solving, invention, insight, become successful. As well during the state of orgasm and after the state of orgasm, in sex, physical sexuality, is a state of trance. Again the result is intimacy, contact, oneness, surrender of self... and there is union of the astral body with the universe."

*DEVF2* Greater Freedom in Dreams:

In dreams there is greater leeway... Consciousness becomes more familiar with its own inner motion, and even with the kinds of work with its own inner motion, and even with the kinds of work and actions it performs outside of its usual waking prejudices.

*R* Sleep & the Subconscious:

[Sleep] is the natural door into the subconscious...

It is in sleep and in prayer, a state akin to sleep, that man enters the subconscious to make his impressions and receive his instructions. In these states the conscious and subconscious are creatively joined.

*LBD* Dreaming:

Every night during sleep we must return to the starting-point of our earth-life...

While we are asleep, our ego and our astral body return to the spiritual world...

We cease to have the definite perceptions that formerly connected us with all the things surrounding us in our earthly existence.

*TDA* Why People Sleep- To Escape:

Dr. Peebles: "People fall asleep either because of their exhaustion from resisting or fighting the world, or desire to prove self to the world... because fear is suspended long enough to surrender sufficiently into a state of love, of bliss...because one is in the bedroom and doors are locked, they feel safe. Well, the challenge of life, the magic of life, is how can you create that same attitude out there in public as well as in your bedroom. You'll have the same results, that good feeling you have after you've had a good night's sleep. That is intimacy, you see."

*ER* At Night into Dreams:

I walk into a huge pasture.

I nurse the milk of millennia.

Everyone does this in different ways.

Knowing that conscious decisions and personal memory

are much too small a place to live,

every human being streams at night

into the loving nowhere, or during the day,

in some absorbing work.

*TDA* Spirit's Guidance During Sleep:

Dr. Peebles: "Every soul, and that includes many animals, is guided by Spirit... Guided is to be touched with love so as to... experience, for example, when you wake up in the morning... a desire to be alive... But it's not because your body lay inert. It was because you went into another realm, and you experienced guidance, healing, if you will, from the Spirit, that made sense of your activity and gave permission and invoked desire to come alive again. That is the purpose of guidance."

*AoaY* Sleep & the Bodies:

"A man identifies himself about sixteen hours daily with his physical vehicle. Then he sleeps; if he dreams, he remains in his astral body, effortlessly creating any object even as do the astral beings. If man's sleep be deep and dreamless, for several hours he is able to transfer his consciousness, or sense of I-ness, to the causal body; such sleep is revivifying. A dreamer is contacting his astral and not his causal body; his sleep is not fully refreshing."

*HTKHW* The Soul's Connections During Sleep:

In sleep, the human soul does not receive any information communicated by the physical senses. Our soul is in a sense outside the so-called physical body. During this time, the soul is connected only with the subtler (ether and astral bodies). The soul lives in a higher world. During sleep the soul is particularly active.

From higher worlds, the soul draws the inspiration and impulses by means of which it works unendingly on the physical body. Esoteric students bring these higher activities into consciousness. As long as our souls could not "see" in the higher sense, they were guided by superior cosmic beings.

We outgrow the need to be led.

*HTKHW* What We're Aware of in Sleep & Deep Sleep:

Our consciousness is continually broken by periods of sleep. During these intervals, our soul knows nothing either of the outer world or of itself.

The sensory world reveals the effects of certain higher realities in it. As long as our perception is limited to our senses, we cannot penetrate to the causes of these effects. These causes are partially revealed to us in the state that develops out of our dream life.

The complete unconsciousness that usually accompanies the state of deep sleep is occasionally interrupted by isolated conscious experiences.

The conscious experiences that emerge from the ocean of unconsciousness in deep sleep are best understood as a kind of "hearing." We may describe what happens in dream sleep as a kind of "seeing." In the spiritual world, colors are higher than sounds and words. Therefore, at first this world reveals itself only in sounds and words; and only thereafter does one ascend to colors and forms.

Concepts which were previously vague and shadowy now become resonant and alive. We feel increasingly as though a higher world were softly whispering in our ears answers to the riddles we ponder.

The birth of this higher soul being must first occur during deep sleep. When the body and its activities based on sense perception are at rest, the activity of the higher soul, at first so delicate and inconspicuous, can make itself felt.

We cannot consider these sleep experiences to be fully valid knowledge until we are capable of bringing the newly awakened higher soul across into waking consciousness.

As more and more experiences emerge from unconsciousness, our periods of unconscious sleep grow shorter and shorter.

We must learn how to connect these higher sleep experiences with our ordinary, sense-perceptible surroundings.

Conservation & Integration of Knowledge

*DEVF2* Dreams Conserve Knowledge & Add Surprises:

Dreams promote the conservation of knowledge. They are an aid in the development of skills. They conserve available information by weaving it through the other structures of your experience.

At the same time dreams have their startling qualities, promoting the insertion of unexpected developments, in which case they appear to deal with the breaking down of conserving principles. In this fashion they also mirror your more external behavior, conserving what you know already, and yet introducing new patterns, new spontaneous orders that would sometimes seem to run against conservative issues...

You would not get by for one day if the conserving principles and the unexpected did not exist exactly as they do.

*LBD* What Occurs in Dreams:

During the night we consider the events of the day far more seriously, far more significantly, through our ego and our astral body... We weigh and examine these events in regard to their cosmic value.

Rehearsal & Exploring Probabilities

*CD* Dream Rehearsal:

After dealing with crisis in their dreams they could deal with it better in waking life.

*UR2* Exploring Probabilities in Dreams:

On many occasions then you set yourself a problem- "Shall I do this or that?" - and form a dream in which you follow through the probable futures that would "result" from the courses available. While you are sleeping and dreaming, your chemical and hormonal activity faithfully follows the courses of the dreams... Each individual alive also has his and her private dreams, and these help form the accepted probability sequence of the following day, and of "time to come."

*UR2* Dream Snapshots:

[In the dream world] consciousness can capture scenes from entirely different times as easily as the waking photographer can take pictures of different places...

Many [events] may later appear as physical ones, while others just as valid will not. The dream camera, therefore, will capture probable events also.

*DEVF2* Dreams Combine Work and Play:

Dreams are mental work and play combined, psychic and emotional rich creative dramas. They also involve you in the most productive of enterprises as you begin to play with versions of events that are being considered for physical actualization.

** Types of Dreams:

Tuning Into the Astral(RB): The subconscious mind creates dreams by tuning into the astral dimension during sleep. It can create any scenario it wishes. This is the subconscious mind's way of solving problems and of communicating with the conscious mind. It projects into solidity a series of complex thought form scenarios. The conscious mind then lives through and experiences these scenarios in the dream state.

(RM) Psychogical dreams: you repeatedly dream a situation you lived physically until you get its understanding and integration on soul-level.

*SS* Activities in Dreams:

In the deeper sleep levels where you communicate with other portions of your own identity in other realities, you pursue works and endeavors that may or may not be connected with your interests as you know of them. You are learning, studying, playing; you are anything but asleep. You are highly active. You are involved in underground work, the real nitty-gritty of existence. In many ways when you are awake, you are resting far more than you are in your so-called unconscious nightly-state. At a very simple level, your consciousness leaves the body often in the sleep state. You communicate with people in other levels of reality that you have known, but far beyond this, you creatively maintain and revitalize your physical image. You process daily experience, project it into what you think of as the future, choose from an infinity of probable events those you will make physical, and begin the mental psychic processes that will bring them into the world of substance. At the same time, you make this information available to all these other portions of your identity, who dwell in different realities and receive from them comparable information. You do not lose contact with your ordinary waking self. You simply do not focus on it. Your sleeping self is far more knowledgable than the waking self. There are channels that exist between all these streams of consciousness.

*DE* Precognitive Dreams & Astral Projection:

According to the Aguaruna, dreams may reveal emergent possibilities and events that are developing but have not yet occurred or become fully accomplished facts.

*UR* Collecting Subjective Photographs in Dreams:

In the dreaming state you "collect" subjective photographs of a different kind. They do not appear in sequence, however. Nevertheless, at a conscious level they can provide you with valuable information about your future and your past.

The living subjective photography of dreams, however, provides a framework in which these "images" have their own mobility. They represent creativity in far different terms than you usually understand. Your dream life is continuous. It has organization on its own levels that you do not comprehend, and from its rich source you draw much of the energy with which you form your daily experience.

In dreams you take many subjective "photographs" and decide which ones among them you want to materialize in time. The dreams are blueprints for your later snapshots.

*UR* Dreaming Series of Events, Separate Strands of Consciousness:

There are "separate" strands of consciousness that are naturally pursued in the dream state, and these can be followed with some training and diligence. They involve probable "series" of events. If one particular dream event is chosen for physical materialization, then in your reality other events will appear in due time, and in serial fashion.

Genetic Teaching Dreams & Warning Dreams

*DEVF2* Genetic Dreams as Teachers and Warnings:

Genetic dreams of one kind or another continue throughout your lives, whether or not you are consciously aware of them... They were the source of dreams, mentioned earlier, that sent man on migrations after food, that led him toward fertile land. Those dreams are most closely related to survival in physical existence, and whenever that survival seems threatened such dreams arise to consciousness whenever possible.

They are the dreams that warn of famines or of wars... Overanxiety... can confuse the genetic system, and in a variety of ways... Each species comes into being not merely feeling a natural built-in trust in its own validity, but is literally propelled by exuberance in its ability suited to its place within life's framework. The young of all species exhibit an unquenchable rambunctiousness.

Social Dreaming Roles

*DEVF2* Dream Roles

One person might, because of his or her own interests, seek largely from dreams warnings of difficulty or trouble, and therefore be the family's dream watchguard- the one who has, say, the nightmares for everyone else. That person will also serve a somewhat similar role in the waking state, as a member of a family...

Others even in the dream state operate as healers or teachers or explorers or whatever.

Inspiration & Invention

*DEVF2* The Dream Origins of Technology:

There is no craft that was not first conceived of by an individual reamer, who later transferred it to the social world of activity...

"The technological world out there" was at one time the world of dreams.

*DEVF2* Sharpening Skills in Dreams:

There is no human activity to which dreams and group dreams have not contributed...

Dream content was and is directed by the individual intents, purposes and interests of the dreamer... Dreaming, then, helped sharpen such individual tendencies... The person interested most in herbs and plant life would also find that nightly dreams mirrored that daytime preoccupation, so that nightly dream excursions might find the dreamer examining strange herbs in another location than the native one. Or he might be given knowledge as to how the herbs could best be used for healing purposes.

*IAD* Help In Dreams:

On the Higher Planes there is a constant meeting and exchange of help while the bodies are asleep, far beyond anything the outer self is conscious of.

*DEVF1* Invention From Dreams:

Inventiveness was the result of the inspiration and communication of the dream world. Man dreamed his world and then created it, and the units of consciousness first dreamed man and all of the other species that you know.

*CJ* Listen To Dreams:

ROMC: "Be very interested in what your higher self is telling you through the dream state. We continually work out problem situations through our dreams. We also receive many insights into ourselves. Dreams keep our daily emotional ‘temperature.'

*CD* Answers In Dreams:

Answers to problems and cures to illness have been received in dreams in every culture and in every faith in every time... Belief is what makes dream induction possible.

*UR2* Unlimited Dreams, Working Out Problems in Dreams:

No individual's ideas in the dream state are limited by his or her cultural background, or physical experience.

Even those who have never seen an airplane can travel from place to place in the twinkling of an eye, and the poor are fed, the ignorant are wise, the sick are well. The creativity that may be physically hampered is expressed... In the dream state each person will be working out his or her own problems or challenged. Dreaming, a person can cure himself or herself of a disease, working through the problems that caused it... Dreaming is a practical activity...

Animals also dream, for example, and whole herd of starving animals will be led by their dreams to find better feeding grounds.

*DEVF1* The History of the World is the History of Dreams:

Man's dreams have always provided him with a sense of impetus, purpose, meaning, and given him the raw material from which to form his civilizations. The true history of the world is the history of man's dreams, for they have been responsible in one way or another for all historic developments.

*DEVF2* The Origins of Drama:

People are natural mimics, as are some animals and birds, so when tribal members related their dreams, they did not just tell them but acted them out with great mobility, carefully mimicking whatever animals or people or elements of land they may have encountered.

The origins of drama began in just this fashion.

Communication Dreams

*DEVF2* Dreams As Backup Systems of Communication:

Dreams serve as backup systems also, for example, in the important communications between various peoples or nations- and, particularly when physical communication is cut off between such groups, dreams provide the continuation of information's flow from one part of the species to another.

*DEVF2* Merging in Dreams:

There are certain kinds of dreams in which the various species then communicate, and in which the energies of the environment and its inhabitants merge. These include a kind of horizontal psychological extension, the translation of one kind of dream into another kind- the transference of information from one system to another, in which the symbols themselves come alive.

*DEVF1* Sharing Dreams Across Time, Across Reincarnational Selves:

If you are having a dream as yourself from your own perspective, another reincarnation self may be having the same dream from its perspective- in which, of course, you play a minor role... If the dream were to include an idea, say, for a play or an invention, then that play or invention might appear as a physical event in both historic times, to whatever degree it would be possible for the two individuals living in time to interpret that information... Abilities and inventions were not dependent upon human migrations, but those migrations themselves were the result of information given in dreams, telling tribes of men the directions in which better homelands could be found.

*UR2* The Dream State Unites Your Existences:

Your dream experience represents a pivotal reality, like the center of a wheel. Your physical world is one spoke. You are united with all of your other simultaneous existences through the nature of the dream state.

*SC* Past Life Influences in the Dream State:

Atun-Re: "In the dream state you pass through the different levels you call beta, alpha, and theta and remember events of past lives (the ultimate memories that are stored in the subconscious)."

*SS* Past Life Friends in Dreams:

Very close friends from past lives, who are in a position to do so, often communicate with you when you are in the dream state. The strangers that you meet in your dreams are often, of course, people now alive- contemporaries- that you have also known in past lives.

*SD&P* Past Incarnations Communicating With Present in Dreams:

Dream images work for the entity as a whole and serve as a means for the various personalities to communicate. In many cases, the previous personalities communicate with the present one. This is a means of acquainting the present personality with its ‘past' and also of reminding it of its goals, without disturbing the blatant awake ego.

In sleep, the ego is quieted.

OB Exploration

*DEVF2* Exploring the Physical World By OB Dreams:

Man explored the physical world in the dreaming state long before he explored it physically. Such dreams gave him the assurance that other lands existed outside of his own, and spurred him onward into those physical expeditions in which the species has always taken a particular delight.

A man or woman might [be] while dreaming suddenly in strange territory, looking at the sky from a different viewpoint, with, say, a familiar river nowhere in sight, and with a mountain where ordinarily a plain might be... (You do, for that matter, explore space in the same fashion, and on at least some occasions your own "visitors from outer space" are dream travelers from other dimensions of reality.)

In such a fashion man learned the location of the oceans upon the earth- or at least was given the assurance that such large bodies of water existed, along with clues as to their locations, and the placement of the stars overhead.

*DEVF1* Learning To Survive From Dreams:

It was early man's dreams that allowed him to cope with physical reality. The dream world was his original learning ground. In times of drought he would dream of the location of water. In times of famine he would dream of the location of food. That is, his dreaming allowed him to clairvoyantly view the body of land... In dreams his consciousness operated as a wave.

In those early times all species shared their dreams in a way that is now quite unconscious for your kind, so that in dreams man inquired of the animals also- long before he learned to follow the animal tracks, for example... Man explored the planet because his dreams told him that the land was there.

*DEVF1* Freedom of the Dream Bodies:

When men had their dream bodies alone they enjoyed a remarkable freedom, of course, for those bodies did not have to be fed or clothed. They did not have to operate under the law of gravity... They knew themselves to be themselves, but their identities were not as closely allied with their forms.

*BS&S* Dreams:

Ancient dreamers would travel OB in various directions to see the extent of drought conditions, and to ascertain the best direction for the tribe to take in any needed migration.

Sleep & Dream Deprivation

*HIoD* Dream Deprivation, Illness, and Irritability:

Disordered sleep is well known as a precursor of many mental and physical illnesses... Subjects deprived of stage 1 sleep: they became increasingly anxious, irritable, unable to concentrate, susceptible to an increase in hunger and sex drives, and some even developed paranoid or psychotic-like symptoms... Fisher and Dement (1963) found that when psychotic patients are deprived of sleep, and thus of dreams, they react with intensifies psychotic symptoms.

Sleep & Dream Disorders

*HIoD* Dreaming While Awake- Narcolepsy:

Witness the confusion and consternation of the poor narcoleptic who suffers vivid and realistic dreams in the midst of his workaday world.


Dream Activities

Interaction with Others

*D* The Activities of the Sleeper:

Not only may he visit distant scenes of surpassing beauty, but he may meet and exchange ideas with friends, either living or departed, who happen to be equally awake on the astral plane. He may be fortunate enough to encounter those who know far more than he does, and may receive warning or instruction from them, he may, on the other hand, be privileged to help and comfort some who know less than himself. He may come into contact with non-human entities of various kinds – with nature-spirits, artificial elementals, or even, though very rarely, with Devas.

*CWS* Dream Meetings:

There are individuals that you are meeting in dreams. They will appear to you as strangers, and not as people that you know. The strangers in our midst were dream-selves from other probability systems.You also have quite a legitimate relationship with people that you do not know as you go about your daily concerns. You should also become aware of other personalities who work with you when your normally conscious ego is quieted.

You are involved in many activities; helping people who have died, in your terms; speaking to others who are quite alive, in the dream state; learning to understand and manipulate subjective realities. You are using abilities in that work that you are not using- as yet- in your conscious lives, and I want you to become aware of what these abilities are.

You have begun to become aware of some of your own reincarnational existences in dreams.

*LFS* Dream Meetings:

"Last night, in dreamtime, you journeyed with me to visit my children. What a pleasant reunion we had. I wondered today if dream memories carried over into their awakening?" -James

Communicating with Past Life Friends

*SD&P* Jane's Lucid Dream & OBE- Support From Past Friends:

...Here I stopped, dead still. The storm had come. It was pouring outside. Everything inside was strangely silent. The voices suddenly ceased. The whole room seemed to be in a state of waiting- but for what? Completely puzzled, I looked around, trying to get my bearings. And it took some doing. There was no denying the fact that a door had replaced our middle bay window. Curious, I approached and finally threw it open.

Here I found a table and chair set of fine dark wood, and beyond, another spacious apartment. Again I paused: Where had the apartment come from? Then it seemed to me that I had known about it in some dim past and forgotten. Indeed, as I hurried down the hallway I seemed to remember other such apartments also.

The hall opened into a large center area that was used as a clothing store. Preparations were being made for a sale. I recalled that the people here were friends of mine from that same remembered past and that I had visited them before in this same manner. The people saw me, recognized me at once and welcomed me with great joy.

As we chatted, I was filled with warm satisfaction and wondered how I could ever have forgotten our previous visits. A delightful conversation followed.

I mentioned the other apartments and looked forward to exploring them. My friends thought it would be great fun and offered to go with me. A sense of adventure filled me. I couldn't remember when I'd had such a good time! Then I remembered that I had to return by noon to get Rob's lunch. Though I was very tempted to stay, I left my friends, promising to return that afternoon... (NOTE: Continues elsewhere)

Communicating With Your Greater Self

*SS* Dreaming:

You are sometimes wiser, more creative, and far more knowledgeable when you are dreaming than when you are awake. In childhood and in the dream state, each personality is aware to some extent of the true freedom that belongs to its own inner consciousness. Many of these freedoms are quite natural to you in the dream state, and you form dream environments often to exercise such potentials. You can learn to change your physical environment by learning to change and manipulate your dream environment. You can also suggest specific dreams in which a desired change is seen, and under certain circumstances, these will then appear in your physical reality. Whether or not you realize it, each of you intrudes into other systems of reality in your dream states without the full participation of your normally conscious self. When you think of the purpose of your existence, you think in terms of daily waking life, but you also work at your purpose in these other dream dimensions, and you are then in communication with other portions of your own entity, at work at endeavors quite as valid as those you are about in waking life. There are periods set and allowed for within a life in which each actor retires in order to refresh himself. In these he is informed through the inner senses of his other roles, and he realizes that he is far more than the self appearing in any given play. In these periods he understands that he has his hand in the writing of the play, and he is freed from those assumptions that bind him while he is actively concerned with the drama's activities. These periods, of course, coincide with your sleep states and dreaming conditions.

*CWS* Dreams:

In the dream state, you will be reassured, and by yourselves; the selves you think, again, are afraid you will never be. Those selves are, and they will speak to you and reassure you in the dream state, as they speak when you are awake- but you do not listen.

*UR* Probabilities & Dreams:

Your cells are quite able to handle different orders of events; therefore in the dream state they are able, in their individual ways, to perceive your experience, and from it to choose those actualities you want made real in your terms.

In dreams you are acquainted with probable events, from which you then choose; before you died as a child, you knew that you could pick or choose that death.

In some adventures you do visit other probable realities in which you have a body structure quite as real as "your own." Your own psychological makeup, for that matter, achieves its marvelous complexity because it draws from the rich bank of your greater probable existences.

The dream state, however, does operate as a rich web of communication between probable selves and probable existences. The consciousness that you know can indeed now emerge into even greater realization of itself, but not by obsessively defending its old position. Instead it must recognize its power as the director of probable action, and no longer inhibit its own greater capacities.

Dream Classes

** Scientific Dreams & Classrooms:

1) A dream- I had been at a picnic. I walked into the house where the picnic was at, and upon entering the door I was now in the laboratory. (an example of blipping!). (NOTE: A gateway)

Blaine (who is my boss) was asking me if I had completed the experiment yet. I told him I had just set it up. Now, from my standpoint as a chemist, the "reaction" I was running in the dream was extremely interesting. What I was doing in the dream involved taking a sample of brain DNA (from a dog that had been given a heart attack) and placing this DNA on a little machine. This machine had on it a screen that magnified the chemical reactions taking place and allowed us to directly view what the molecules were doing.

At any rate, Blaine was standing on the other side of the lab bench from me watching as I was viewing the screen. Looking at the screen I began to realize what was going on in the reaction. What I saw was that the DNA was damaged and that it looked like fish DNA, not dog DNA. This I was thinking to myself, but Blaine literally and directly read this out of my mind. Then I felt him think, "It's not the base pairs, it's the structure of the entire chromosome." I heard him think this as if it was in my head. Then I started thinking, "That's right! It's the chromosomes, and the molecules are struggling to reassemble themselves. The damage has caused the chromosomes to degenerate into that of a fish. But these are dog chromosomes, and they are struggling like hell in there to reconstruct themselves into dog chromosomes." Then I felt a deep and very sincere sympathy come over me for these poor molecules that were in there

struggling to put themselves back together again, but simply couldn't. It was a very strong emotion that I felt. Blaine didn't say anything, but it was obvious that he again felt directly what I was feeling and thinking. Then I felt his thoughts.

*UR* Meeting Places, Classes in Dreams:

There are inner meeting places, then, interior "places" that serve as points of inner commerce and communication. They are quite as used as any city or marketplace in the physical world. Our dream-art scientist learns to recognize such points of correlation.

They are indeed learning centers. Many people have dreams in which they are attending classes in another kind of reality. Whether or not such dreams are "distorted," many of them represent a valid inner experience. He or she then begins to recognize the fact of involvement with many different levels and kinds of reality and activity. He must learn to isolate these, separate one from the others, and then try to understand the laws that govern them. He learns that some of these realities nearly coincide with the physical one, that on certain levels events become physical in the future, while others do not. He is then beginning to glimpse the blueprints for the world that you know.

Psychic Healing

*BP* Unconscious Astral Work:

Then, just like my first OBE, I slowly started to become more conscious and I was aware of having multiple consciousness. My awareness increased until I was fully conscious, but this time my conscious self was an observer. I was allowed to watch with astral vision, but I wasn't in control. Another part of me was running the show, doing some very serious work, and knew all the tools of the trade. What I saw was astounding.

I was gliding slowly up from below, until I saw what looked like a human brain. I could sense the body it belonged to. Somehow, I knew it was my own body. The brain looked like about one hundred small spheres of light, grouped in the shape of a human brain. Each sphere had a different brightness. I noticed that four particular spheres were shining brighter than the rest, and I knew they had been cut off from the other spheres. Using my mind tools, I worked for about 10 minutes adjusting neural pathways, "rewiring," and manipulating energy. Then I recharged the four spheres with energy. Next, I programmed the brain so that it would use different neurological connections and make automatic adjustments! I was a psychic healer in my sleep!

Satisfied with my work, I left. I approached a second brain and followed the same process. I rewired, transferred energy, then programmed the brain to aid in the healing process. After I was finished with the second brain, I worked on a third and then a fourth.

The fifth brain was a much more difficult case. As I approached the brain, I could tell that it belonged to a forty- year-old woman with dark hair. Like the others, she had some physical problem and I sensed many damaged parts of her body.

I went through the same sort of procedure. I looked at the brain and saw many messed up spheres. I sensed that she had stopped using certain parts of her brain until she had lost the use of these spheres. I pulled myself very close to those spheres as if I were looking through a magnifying glass, and began to work. I worked for about an hour on her, "rewiring" and opening pathways. I transferred a lot of energy to her. My energy spread throughout her body, healing as much damage as possible. Then I spent a long time programming her brain to heal her body. As I left, her body and brain were both busy with the healing process.

As I approached a sixth brain, the observing part of my psyche began to gain more control. As this happened, I was poured like a liquid into my body. As I came to, I was in complete awe. I looked at my clock and saw it was 2:00am. I went over the experience several times in my mind so I would not forget. Then I drifted off toward sleep.

At once, I saw another brain. Then my subconscious realized that "I" was consciously tagging along again. It quickly went back to my body and I woke up again. I dozed off again and this time I was out cold. My subconscious didn't take me along this time. The next memory I have is of dreaming sometime later in the night.

Being Healed

*MB* Being Worked Upon In Sleep:

ARIEL: We are working quite intensively on your energy centers while you are sleeping. That is because we can make faster and deeper progress that way. During your waking hours- because you are such an active person- there are many distractions that make our work more difficult. We still do work with you during your waking hours- but more effectively when you sleep.


ARIEL: We were able to make good progress on your energy centers. You will be noticing a much greater awareness in all things now, and this will continue to progress as you go to the point of constant clairvoyance.


ARIEL: Your communication skills can only be improved by boosting your energy centers. This is referred to by some as increasing your voltage.

*MB* Results of Energy Work:

JIM: I dont know if its vibrant that I feel, but I certainly feel clearer in thought and vision, and hearing, and perceptions of everything. Perhaps these indicate a more vibrant state.

ARIEL: They certainly do, Jim...

JIM: My sense of values seems to have changed dramatically, and I seem much more able to quickly judge people, that is, in the sense of reading them- what they are like- and very quickly.


Inspiration from Dreams

Dream Lectures

*BtC* Dream Classes:

From time to time and sometimes for many weeks and months at a time [Vicky] went regularly to classes at night when she was asleep. She could repeat word for word on awakening the lectures that had been given and describe the class demonstrations which had been made...

From time to time she read accounts of some new scientific theory or discovery that was in print for the first time, which she had heard about in the "night classes" months or even years previously...

The discourses given by the lecturer are in clear and orderly sequence. At times teaching aids are used or there are laboratory demonstrations. She goes to sleep and seems almost immediately to find herself on the campus or in a building or a classroom of the university. These have been the same buildings and lecture halls through the years. The architecture is simple but not like any building she has seen in waking consciousness.

The demonstrations or teaching aids are what she calls "thoughtforms." The teacher or lecturer instantly brings into manifestation in the air in front of him, three-dimensional models which he can turn and alter at will. The models are instantly enlarged or reduced in size as the teacher desires for demonstrating some point in the lecture. When she attends lectures on the atom, schematic models are shown, also models that do not look like anything she has ever seen. These models may be in motion or may be stopped for observation... (NOTE: A book or series should be collected of dream lectures.)

In the last few years, at my insistence, many of these lectures which Vicky attends while she is asleep have been dictated and typed, and the material remains to be evaluated... (NOTE: Find these!) The lectures are on many different subjects because Vicky can choose the subject that interests her. Often when she walks into the college at night she looks over a list of lectures that are posted and seeks out the classroom and the lecture which interests her. On other occasions, immediately she goes to sleep and finds herself sitting in a particular lecture hall clearly alert and aware and waiting for a lecture to begin.

Usually the other students in the class are not known to Vicky in waking life, though she may see the same students from month to month in the classes. Occasionally she sees people she knows in waking life at the lectures. At times a number of students gather for questions at the end of a class. On one occasion Vicky decided to see whether she could verify the presence of a friend in a night class. Would he be aware of it and would he remember anything regarding the class? The friend was living across the United States. A few cautious questions on the telephone verified that he remembered being present. He did not remember the details of the lecture as clearly as she did.

Dream Lecture on Neutrons

*BtC* Neutrons, From Dream Lectures:

In one lecture on the atom which she recently attended the lecturer discussed the neutron of the atom. he called it a "sound-binder" and said that the binding energy of an atom is what might be described as ultra-sonic in a very narrow frequency band slightly different for different elements...

The others present were scientists from different countries. The lecture lasted for some time and when she awoke in the morning it took an hour to dictate it word for word. During the course of the lecture the instructor brought into visibility in mid-air a schematic model of a neutron in an atom of iron. He represented it as a spiral of a certain number of turns with the two ends of the spiral forming a central line within the coil perpendicular to the plane of the turns of the spiral. The spiral was in the form of a cone, wider at one end than the other. Another model which he used for demonstration showed the neutron as two spiral vortices of this type with the small ends of the cones almost touching each other and the cones whirling in opposite directions. (NOTE: Wow! Quasars!)

Dream Lecture on the Senses

*BDL* Spiritual Lectures, Cultivating Psychic Abilities in the Astral:

S: One of us who has experienced something is telling the others so we may all learn from it. I suppose you could say that I am attending a lecture...

The lecture is being presented in mental concepts and images rather than in words... He is lecturing us on the malleability of the senses and how they can be fooled... You must go by your intuitive feelings because your instincts are in tune with the basic heart throb of the universe and they will guide you through... For example, he is showing us different natural objects but they will be the wrong color and texture to show how the eyes can be fooled. Like, for example, blue, glittery okra... They encourage us to use our intuitive and psychic powers because it is much easier to develop them on this side. And the more you develop them here, the easier it is for them to break through when you are on the physical plane.

Dream HSP Training

*BtC* Developing HSP in Dream Classes:

He said that for many years he had regularly attended "classes" when he was asleep at night. During the sleep state he found himself in what appeared to be a medical college where night after night clear and logical medical lectures were given in perfectly intelligent sequence with none of the confusion or irrelevancies that normally accompany a dream state. He spoke with individuals and professors who were present in these classes and discussed medical problems. He felt as alert and as aware as he did in waking consciousness and on waking he could remember everything that had been said. In these classes he was trained to see into the physical body and observe its condition and function. Early in this experience he discovered that he could see into the physical bodies of patients when he was wide awake and at work in his office as easily as he did in the night classes when he was asleep.

Dream Discoveries

*BtC* Great Discoveries From Dreams:

[Niels Bohr] Dreamed that he was on a sun which consisted of burning gas. There were planets that moved swiftly around this sun attached by thin filaments. When he awoke he had the model of the atom which is substantially the same today.

*CD* Direct Information Given in Dreams:

In the field of anthropology, an astounding dream discovery was made by Hermann V. Hilprecht, professor of Assyrian at the University of Pennsylvania.

Hilprecht was working late one evening in 1893 trying to decipher the cuneiform characters on drawings of two small fragments of agate that he thought were babylonian finger rings found in temple ruins. He tentatively assigned one fragment to a particular period (that of the Cassite period, c. 1700 B.C.), but he was unable to classify the other. He went to bed about midnight, feeling uncertain about his classification, and had this dream:

"A tall, thin priest of the old pre-Christian Nippur, about forty years of age and clad in a simple abba, led me to the treasure chamber of the temple, on its southeast side. He went with me into a small, low-ceiled room without windows, in which there was a large wooden chest, while scraps of agate and lapis lazuli lay scattered on the floor. Here he addressed me as follows: ‘The two fragments which you have published separately on pages 22 and 26, belong together, are not finger rings and their history is as follows: King Kurigalzu (Ca. 1300 B.C.) once sent to the temple of Bel, among other articles of agate and lapiz lazuli, an inscribed votive cylinder of agate. We were in great dismay, since there was no agate as raw material at hand. In order to execute the command there was nothing for us to do but cut the votive cylinder into three parts, thus making three rings, each of which contained a portion of the original inscription. The first two rings served as earrings for the statue of the god; the two fragments which have given you so much trouble are portions of them. If you will put the two together you will have confirmation of my words. But the third ring you have not found in the course of your excavations and you will never find it.' With this the priest disappeared... I woke at once and immediately told my wife the dream that I might not forget it. Next morning- Sunday- I examined the fragments once more in the light of these disclosures, and to my astonishment found all the details of the dream precisely verified in so far as the means of verification were in my hands. The original inscription on the votive cylinder reads: "To the god Ninib, son of Bel, his lord, has Kurigalzu, pontifex of Bel, presented this."

Hilprecht had been working with drawings of the fragments at the time of his dream. As soon as he was able he went to the museum in Constantinople, where the actual fragments were. They were kept in separate cases, since it was not known that they went together. Hilprecht found that they fit together perfectly. In all respects they confirmed the information in the dream.

*CD* The Benzene Dream:

The German chemist Friedrich A. Kekule had tried for may years to find the molecular structure of benzene. He reported dreaming as he dozed in front of a crackling fire one cold night in 1865:

"Again the atoms were juggling before my eyes... my mind's eye, sharpened by repeated sights of a similar kind, could now distinguish larger repeated sights of different forms and in long chains, many of them close together; everything was moving in a snake-like and twisting manner. Suddenly, what was this? One of the snakes got hold of its own tail and the whole structure was mockingly twisting in front of my eyes. As if struck by lightning, I awoke."

This dream led Kekule to the realization that the structure of benzene is a closed carbon ring, a discovery that revolutionized modern chemistry... Suppose he had simply dismissed his dream of snakes as Freudian symbolism!... Kekule implied he had had similar dreams for some time before the dramatic realization of their meaning struck him.

*CD* Answer to the World's Problems:

One dreamer reported after having dreamed that she had the answer to the world's problems, scribbled it on a pad, and, in the morning, found she had written: Hoggimous, higgimous, men are polygamous. Higgimous, hoggimous, women monogamous." (NOTE: But it's true!)

*DE* Reveleations from Dreams:

The Experience of the nineteenth-century chemist F.A. Kekule, who was attempting to determine the structure of the benzene molecule. He had been wrestling with this problem for quite some time when he was dozing off in front of his fireplace, fantasizing that he was seeing snakelike benzene molecules dancing in the fire:

(NOTE: nice) My mental eye, rendered more acute by repeated visions of this kind, could now distinguish larger structures, of manifold conformation; long rows, sometimes more closely fitted together; all twining and twisting in snakelike motion. But look! What was that? One of the snakes had seized hold of its own tail and the form whirled mockingly before my eye. As if by a flash of lightning, I awoke as if struck by lightning; this time again I spent the rest of the night working out the consequences. (Cited in Empson, p. 85)

*ODM* Other Creative Treasures From Dreams:

Cartesian coordinates are from a dream.

As a result of another dream, the periodic table of the elements was created.

The structural riddle of the benzene molecule was realized in a dream. This discovery revolutionized organic chemistry.

An approach for isolating insulin came from a dream.

Dream Inspiration

*CD* Receiving Imperatives To Write:

Creative workers sometimes receive imperatives to write in their dreams. Socrates, the great Greek philosopher (c.470-399 B.C.), for example, reported such dreams on the day he carried out his death sentence by drinking the hemlock poison.

*CD* Stories From Dreams:

Whether [Stevenson] was awake or asleep, he, or what he called the "little people" of his dreams, were occupied in making stories for the market. Especially when he was pressed for money, he found that:

" once the little people begin to bestir themselves in the same quest, and labour all night long, and all night long set before him truncheons of tales upon their lighted theatre. No fear of his being frightened now; the flying heart and the frozen scalp are things bygone; applause, growing applause, growing interest, growing exultation in his own cleverness (for he takes all the credit), and at last a jubilant leap to wakefulness, with the cry, ‘I have it, that'll do' upon his lips."

...The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a famous example of the tales partially produced by Stevenson's Brownies.

*CD* Medical Help In Dreams:

I give myself medical advice during a dream. This time I have a pain in a back muscle that I was vaguely aware of prior to sleep. During my dream I am suffering with this pain. I see a team of doctors consulting about the case, and they conclude with a recommendation to apply heat. Of course, it proved to be the only helpful thing for the severe strain that developed and lasted several days.

*CD* Colleridge's Dream Inspiration:

The English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834) experienced his famous dream inspiration: one lazy summer afternoon in 1789 the young poet whiled away the hours in his thatch-roof cottage in the western countryside of England. He idly turned the pages of a history book called Purchas His Pilgrimage. His newly found opium habit nipped his innards, so he drained the nearby glass of laudanum he had nearby. He yawned as he read the words "Here the Khan Kubla commanded a palace to be built..." Flipping the page, he closed his eyes, his head tipped forward. His dark curls fell across his face and moved gently with his breath as he dozed. The golden rays of the afternoon sun lit his cheek. When he awake three hours later the stately passages of "Kubla Khan" were firmly in his mind, with their "caverns measureless to man" and "sunless sea."

In this case, the creative product occurred in its totality in the dream. Coleridge estimated that his original poem was 200 to 300 lines. He said that "all the images rose up before him as things" along with descriptions of them without any sense of effort.

*UR* Creativity From the Dream State:

Some inventors, writers, scientists, artists, who are used to dealing with creative material directly, are quite aware of the fact that many of their productive ideas came from the dream condition. Many others, though untrained, can clearly trace certain decisions made in waking life to dreams. Private reality is like a finished product, rising out of the immense productivity that occurs in the dreaming condition.

*ODM* Dali, Art, & Dreams:

Dali referred to his work as "hand-painted dream photographs," and to heighten the visual intensity of his dreams, he liked to sleep with an intense light on.

*ODM* Music From Dreams:

Sullivan composed the Lost Chord in a dream but was only able to remember the first few bars. In contrast, George Frederick Handel heard the last movement of his oratorio The Messiah during a dream. Richard Wagner wrote to a friend, regarding his opera Tristan und Isolde, "For once you are going to hear a dream, I dreamed all this: never could my poor head have invented such a thing purposely." Schumann claimed he recorded a song that he heard in a dream, and Steve Allen recalled from a dream portions of what has become his most popular song, This Could Be the Start of Something Big. Shaballa was quoted as saying "Every time when I am sleeping, I have music in my mind."

*ODM* Other Creative Treasures From Dreams:

A famous acrobat said, "I have sometimes dreamed my tricks at night.. And then tried to master them from the dream."

My friend had many dreams of joyously riding the velocipede, a high-wheeled bicycle. He discovered that he was able to successfully ride his velocipede on the very first attempt. It seemed as if the "practice" sessions in his dreams had enabled him to achieve waking mastery of the complicated balancing skills necessary for such a performance.

Graham Greene, a novelist, said "Sometimes identification with a character goes so far that one may dream his dream and not one's own. The symbols, the memories, the associations of that dream belonged so clearly to my character Query that the next morning I could put the dream without change into the novel, where it bridged a gap in the narrative which for days I had been unable to cross.. When an obstacle seems insurmountable, I read the day's work before sleep.. When I wake, the obstacle has nearly always been removed: the solution is there and obvious.

Dream Inventions

*CD* Inventions From Dreams:

William Blake... while searching for a less expensive means to engrave his illustrated songs, he dreamed that his dead younger brother, Robert, appeared to him and indicated a process of copper engraving, which he immediately verified and used.

*SD&P* Inventions, Ideas Await in the Dream World:

Many concepts, advancements and practical inventions simply wait in abeyance in the world of dreams until some man accepts them as possibilities. Imagination is waking man's connection with the world of dreams.


Development Out Of Dreams

Atomic Dreams

*CWS* Atoms Dreaming You:

The atoms and molecules within you dream that there are people. How real their dream is to you! How deep a trance is your life! You assume a dream is less real; yet through what you think of as your dreaming life, you make your physical life. Where would you be but for the atom's dreams? If atoms dream their joint dreams of you, who do you dream of and what realities do you form? Now, the dream of the atoms is a gestalt dream while still individual, and you dream individually; and yet you meet in dreams, and there are mass dreams. How aware are your atoms of your individual lives, and how aware are the products of your dreaming lives of your realities and you of them? Do stars dream?

Genetic Fetal Dreams

*DEVF2* Fetus Dreams & Thoughts Develop the Brain:

The fetus dreams. As its physical growth takes place in the womb, so the shaping of its consciousness is also extended by genetic dreams... They are actually involved with forming the contours of the individual consciousness. Such dreams provide the subjective understanding from which thoughts are developed, and in those terms complete thoughts are possible before the brain itself is fully formed. It is the process of thinking that helps bring the brain into activity...

Such thoughts are like, now, electrical patterns that form their own magnets... The process of conceptualization and of thought are already established. This establishment takes place in genetic dreams.

Infant Development from Dreams

*DEVF1* Infants Dream of Past Lives:

"Infants" dream of their past lives, remembering, for example, how to walk and talk. They are born with the knowledge of how to think, with the propensity for language. They are guided by memories that they later forget.

Intellectual Development

*DEVF1* Intellectual Capacities From Dreams:

[Intellectual capacities] emerge as you know them because of the dreaming self's uninterrupted use of the full power of the united intellect and intuitions.

The intellectual abilities as you know them cannot compare to those greater capacities that are a part of your own inner reality.

Development of Language

*DEVF2* Thoughts & Dreams of Speaking Precede Speaking:

Infants think long before they can speak. Thought must come before language. Language is thought's handmaiden...

In genetically inspired dreams, children- or rather, infants- practice language. Before such infants hear their parents speak, however, they are in telepathic communication, and even in the fetus genetic dreams involve the coding and interpretation of language. Those dreams themselves inspire the physical formations necessary to bring about their own actualizations.

*LBD* Development of Speech:

The child, when learning how to speak, does not grasp the words with his thoughts, but alone with his emotions. He lives in the language as if it were an emotional element; and a child of normal development learns conceptual thinking only after acquiring the faculty of speech. A child's thoughts actually develop out of the words.

*DEVF1* Learning To Walk and Talk From the Dream World:

What you now think of as the dream state was the waking one, for it was still the recognized form of purposeful activity, creativity, and power. The dream state continues to be a connective between the two realities, and as a species you literally learned to walk by first being sleepwalkers. You walked in your sleep. You dreamed your languages. You spoke in your dreams and later wrote down the alphabets- and your knowledge and your intellect have always been fired, sharpened, propelled by the great inner reality from which your minds emerged...

One mind alone could not come into being from chance alone; one thought could not leap an infinite number of nerve ends, if matter itself was not initially alive with consciousness, packed with the intent to be.

*DEVF1* Talking and Walking From Dreams- The Word Appears Whole, "From God":

Sleepwalking was once, in that beginning, a very common experience- far more so than now- in which the inner self actually taught the physical body to talk, and hence presented the newly emerged physically oriented intellect from getting in its own way, asking too many questions that might otherwise impede the body's smooth spontaneous motion.

In the same fashion man is born with an inbuilt propensity for language, and for the communication of symbols through pictures and writing. He spoke first in an automatic fashion that began in his dreams. In a fashion, you could almost say that he used language before he consciously understood it. it is not just that he learned by doing, but that the doing did the teaching... Therefore, it possesses an almost magical quality, and the "word" was seen as coming directly from God.

Language Replacing Telepathy

*SBtL* Hope for Freud:

Others believe, as did Freud, that we communicated in a psychic fashion before we developed speech and that the near-death experience revives these psychic abilities.

*DEVF1* Language From Dreams To Replace Telepathy:

In his dreams he practiced stringing the words together to form their meanings, so that finally he could consciously begin a sentence without actually knowing how it was begun, yet in the faith that he could and would complete it...

The need for language arose, however, as man became less a dreamer and more immersed in the specifics of space and time, for in the dream state his communications with his fellows and other species was instantaneous. Language arose to take the place of that inner communication, then. There is a great underlying unity in all of man's so-called early cultures- cave drawings and religions- because they were all fed by that common source, as man tried to transpose inner knowledge into physical actuality.

*UR2* The Origin of Language:

The many languages that are now known originated in what you can call, from your point of view, nonwaking reality. Words, again, are related to the neurological structure, and languages follow that pattern... Two people with different languages can speak together quite clearly in certain dreams, and understand each other perfectly. They may each translate the communication into their familiar language.

Underneath this, however, there are basic inner sounds upon which all language is based, in which certain images give forth their own sound, and the two together portray clear, precise meaning... Language would be impossible were it not for its basis in telepathic communication- and that communication is built up of microscopic images and sounds. These are translated into different languages.

Direct Non-Language Dream Experience

*UR2* Waking Thoughts Shaped By Language, Direct Dream Experience:

Your world view is affected by the language of your culture or country...

In the most effective of dreams experience is actually more direct, in that it is less limited by language concepts. Waking, you generally become familiar with your thoughts through words that are mental, automatically translating your thoughts into language. Your thoughts therefore fall, or flow, into prefabricated forms. In the dream state, however, thoughts are often experienced directly: "You live" them out. You become what they are...

Part of the unknown reality, then, is hidden beneath language and the enforced pattern of accustomed words...

The freshness of dream experience lies in its direct nature... At night you tune in to dreaming reality simply by closing out so-called waking reality, but the same kind of dream experience continues beneath your focus in waking life...

If you are bilingual you are somewhat better off, for your thoughts have a choice of two paths...

Your language actually structures your visual perception of objects...

The various focuses of consciousness will have their own "languages"...

Music is a language. Painting is a language. The senses have a language of their own- one that seeps into structured words but dimly.

*DEVF1* The Reasoning Mind is Sometimes Replaced By Direct Knowing in Dreams:

[The reasoning mind] is involved with the trial-and-error method...

In the dreaming state the characteristics of the reasoning mind become altered, and from a waking viewpoint it might seem distorted in its activity. What actually happens, however, is that in the dreaming state you are presented with certain kinds of immediate knowledge. It often appears out of context in usual terms...

Dreams also sometimes help in showing the pathways that can be taken to advantage by an individual, or by a group of individuals, and therefore help clarify the ways in which free will might most advantageously be directed...

In dreams the reasoning mind loosens its hold upon perception. From your standpoint you are almost faced with too much data. The reasoning mind attempts to catch what it can as it reassembles its abilities toward waking, but the net of its reasoning simply cannot hold that assemblage of information. Instead it is processed at other levels of the psyche.


Hypnagogia & Oncoming Dreams

The Hypnagogic State

*HIoD* Hypnagogic State:

In this hypnagogic state the primary signal system is freed from the constraint of the secondary or socialized signal system, or in other words, the imagination, accompanied by imagery of a hallucinatory intensity, is dissociated from the critical faculties.

*CD* The Hypnagogic State:

There is a tenth-century Tantric text (the Spandakarika of Vasagupta) that alludes to an "intermediate state" between waking and sleeping in which alone it is possible to induce and master dreams.

*UR* Hypnagogic Visions & Inner Structures Within Matter:

There are inner structures within matter. These are swirls of energy. The structures are formed by CU's.

There are shapes and formations that appear when your eyes are closed that are perfect replicas of atoms, molecules, and cells, but you do not recognize them as such. There are also paintings – so-called abstracts – unconsciously produced, many by amateurs, that are excellent representations of such inner organizations.

*HIoD* Thoughts Creating Visual Patterns:

[Silberer (1909)] determined that in a state intermediate between waking and sleep the effort to think conceptually would produce an automatic visual symbolization of what had a moment before been an abstract idea represented in conventional symbols. (NOTE: Thought-forms!)

Hypnagogic Experiences

*BP* Experiences of Hypnogogia & Subsequent OBEs:

It's very easy to recognize these states of consciousness: In both states, it is normal and natural to see mixed-up visual images, and to hear voices. Usually the voices and images don't make any sense.

Hypnogogia Step-By-Step(DDG): If you stare into the darkness behind your closed eyes, you will soon come to see that it's not just a flat blackness. If you look closely you will see that there is something moving in the darkness behind your closed eyes! I see zillions of little pin pricks of electric yellow light. They move and wave around in a peculiar way. The image itself is faint and not easy to focus on. This is the Ideoretinal Light and is a doorway to the Astral Plane.

As my relaxation deepens, my breathing becomes very quiet and regular, I start to feel heavy, like one feels as they are falling off to sleep. As my body continues to relax, the darkness behind my closed eyes no longer looks "flat". It takes on a 3D appearance. It looks like a space that I could reach into, except that I can still feel my arms laying against my bed. This space is now swirling in a weird, subtle fashion and I can still see the ideoretinal lights swirling in this dark space. I may feel a wave of relaxation sweep over me. It is shortly after this point that really weird things start to happen in the darkness.

One thing that is relatively common is that I will see a flash of purple. It's as if one of the little yellow pinpoints flared up into a bright purple flash, but only for a split instant. Another really weird thing I've seen is that one of the little yellow lights will flare up, and open up into what looks like a little circular window! Sometimes it just stays open for an instant but I can't see anything in it, and then it shuts. Other times, I can actually see something in it! Once I saw trees. Another time I saw an open doorway. When the yellow lights flare in this fashion, the image lasts longer than the purple flashes. The little yellow window flares can stay open for a number of seconds.

This is where the dam breaks, and I begin to see all kinds of other amazing things. Hypnogogic imagery is a signpost saying, "astral projection getting close". It will only be a short time after this that you will be able to leave your body.


1) I saw undulations in the darkness behind my closed eyes for a brief period. These undulations looked like someone had dropped a rock in the water, except they went backwards, from the periphery to the center. Then they faded to darkness. I perceived a circular swirling motion between my eyes and this motion became like an expanding hole. In the hole I saw a woman's face. The image faded. I felt a sinking feeling, or a wave of relaxation overtake me. My eyes were closed but my entire visual field was visible. In it there was a beautiful, dynamic panorama of swirling blues before me. It was a little darker than sky blue. It had an amorphous shape. It seemed to be framed by something that I could not identify. This image faded. I continued concentrating and now a light purple mist, like a thin smoke cloud was before me. This faded. A pattern appeared. It looked like a pattern of glyphs, but there was a woman's face and an outline of a body also in the pattern, though they looked abstract and not literal. The pattern moved three times. When it moved, it looked like "fire" or some molten looking liquid, welling up at one point in the pattern and going to and filling in another point in the pattern, almost like if you had two open bottles, one filled and the other empty, and the liquid flowed out of the filled one into the empty one. I really had no idea of what I was seeing here.

*LD* Strange Inner Hypnagogic Vision:

Hypnagogic imagery: "I was observing the inside of a pleural [chest] cavity. There were small people in it, like in a room. The people were hairy, like monkeys. The walls of the pleural cavity are made of ice and slippery. In the mid-part there is an ivory bench with people sitting on it. Some people are throwing balls of cheese against the inner side of the chest wall." -?

PotL: An informant had a dream, in the train, of looking at her watch, and on waking saw the dial before her eyes "larger at her watch, and on waking saw the dial before her eyes "larger than the real one, and blue: after a few moments it flickered and went out like a candle."

Oncoming Dreams, Going Into a Hypnagogic Image

*PotL* Hypnagogic Developments into Dreams:

"Illusions hypnagogieques " seem to begin with an appearance of bright points and streaks, which then form a more or less complicated pattern, or develop into a scene or landscape.

Into An Image(DDG): Now, another thing that can happen to you is that you are laying on your bed getting more and more relaxed, and you begin to see hypnogogic images. It is possible to jump directly into a hypnogogic image. You may be staring at a scene of a city street, or maybe a scene of a forest or you may be looking at the room you are in. You can try to "push out" into the scene itself.


2) I was laying on my bed. Felt that "sinking" feeling of relaxation. Saw a grey pattern and "swam" into it. The pattern took on a more geometric form around me, like a checker board, but it was like moving static as well. When the static cleared I was flying about a department store.


3) As I relaxed and concentrated I felt myself get lighter and lighter. Saw the "stars" ("ideoretinal light") transform into a balloon-like cocoon surrounding me. I turned around and pushed backwards through it. I think I appeared in a forest, but I can't remember now for sure. I recall walking along a muddy dirt road.

*HTKHW* Hot Spots:

(NOTE: Hot spots!) When the doors of the outer senses are closed during sleep, these impression from the spiritual world light up at random. As they do so we then become, as dreamers, aware of experiences in the other world.

*ST* Moving Into Hot Spots:

I lay there until I became aware of a small scene forming between my eyes. As I stared at the picture, it grew larger and larger until I was standing in it. I was nearing what looked like a neighborhood street corner.


I was dreaming that I was walking through my house when I woke up in the dream (became lucid). I was instantly back in my body in the paralysis, except in my third eye there was a picture. I focused on the picture, and it grew larger. Then I was in the picture. I floated throughout the front doors into a huge dining hall.

*APr* The Click:

The "click:" I have heard it also when breaking a trance of exceptional severity. When I was trying a very difficult method, which I have not mentioned so far. In the drowsy state that precludes sleep, a mental image is formed of a well-known street or strip of country or room. The Will is then concentrated upon the idea of projecting oneself into this picture. When successful, the thing happens in a flash: the "click" is heard, and one is there. A moment later—after the "click"—the consciousness appears to function in the picture which now forms the surrounding world. I did not notice the "click" on the return journey to my body.

*ANMU* Hypnagogic Source- Blood Pulse, and its Transformation into Dream Images:

I am falling asleep. Golden dots, sparks and tiny stars appear and disappear before my eyes. These sparks and stars gradually merge into a golden net with diagonal meshes which moves slowly and regularly in rhythm with the beating of my heart, which I feel quite distinctly. (NOTE: This! like when I was high and "saw" but more felt the mesh of blood vessels pulsing up my neck and over my head, and this is the view from the inside- the black/gold switch) The next moment the golden net is transformed into rows of brass helmets belonging to Roman soldiers marching along the street below. I hear their measured tread and watch them from the window of a high house in Galata, in Constantinople... Then suddenly I detach myself from the window-sill on which I am lying, and then over the Golden Horn in the direction of Stamboul. I smell the sea, feel the wind, the warm sun. This flying gives me a wonderfully pleasant sensation, and I cannot help opening my eyes.

*LD* The Transformation of Hypnagogic Sensations Into The Emergence of A Dream:

"I am falling asleep. Golden dots, sparks and tiny stars appear and disappear before my eyes. From the first moment to the last I observed how pictures appeared and how they were transformed into a net with regular meshes. Then the golden net was transformed into the helmets of the roman soldiers. The pulsation which I heard was transformed into the measured tread of the marching detachment. The sensation of this pulsation means the relaxation of many small muscles, which in its turn produces a sensation of slight giddiness. This sensation of slight giddiness was immediately manifested in my seeing the soldiers, while lying on the window-sill of a high house and looking down; and when this giddiness increased a little, I rose from the window and flew over the gulf. This at once brought with it by association the sensation of the sea, the wind and the sun, and I had not awakened, probably at the next moment of the dream I should have seen myself in the open sea, on a ship, and so on."


*APr* Hot Spots- Oncoming Dreams:

One experience of a pleasant nature. A funny little fellow dressed in brown—rather like those garden gnomes one gets a little tired of seeing nowadays—clambered up on to my bed and smiled at me reassuringly. He pointed to a screen that stood near, and then a bright circle of light appeared which is now suggestive of a magic lantern.

In this circle, from misty beginnings, was gradually evolved an enchanting, vividly colored picture of a farmyard scene. And everything was moving. A woman in a blue dress waving her hand from the doorway of the farmhouse. For in the years to come, I was to see the circle of light again, though without the gnome and the farmyard scene, and other investigators have noted a similar phenomenon.

Hypnagogic Clairvoyance

*DDG* Seeing With Closed Eyes:

There is one special type of hypnogogic image I would like to mention: You will be laying there relaxing and going into trance, and all of a sudden, you are staring at the room you are in clear as day. It's as if you are seeing your room through your closed eyelids! Recognize this as a hypnogogic image, and that you are close to being able to leave your body.

*APr* Separation From Trance:

Lying on the sofa in the afternoon with my eyes closed, I suddenly found that I could see the pattern on the sofa-back. This told me that I was in the Trance Condition. I then left my body, by willing myself out of it, and experienced an extremely sudden transition to a beautiful unknown stretch of country.

Over a year elapsed before I could repeat this success.

1) My eyes were closed; but presently, with my astral sight, I could see the room quite plainly and my wife sitting sewing by the fire. I also felt a numbness creeping up my legs and the old disinclination, or inability to move. I just willed to leave my body and then found myself standing on the lamp-lit pavement outside the house.

Hypnagogic Separation

*BP* Experiences of Hypnogogia & Subsequent OBEs:

Most of my out-of-body experiences occur during the hypnogogic and hypnopompic states. The hypnogogic state occurs at the beginning of the sleep cycle when we're just starting to fall asleep. During this state, your conscious mind is normally "letting go" and your subconscious mind is taking over. The hypnopompic state is similar, but it occurs when you are waking up naturally (not awakened by an alarm clock).

*DDG* Hypnagogic Separation:

As your relaxation deepens, you will feel your body get heavier. As I said above, you may feel a wave of relaxation sweep over your body. You may also feel your skin tingle or you may feel waves like little chills moving through your body. Finally, all of a sudden, it feels like your body is slipping backwards, or that you are falling, or that your body is slipping forward, or that your body is floating gently downwards. Prior to this you may or may not have been seeing hypnogogic images. When this happens, you are leaving your body. It is also very likely that you will black out for a split instant. Then you will be conscious again, but you will no longer feel yourself laying on your bed, and you will no longer be looking into the darkness behind your closed eyes. You will be astral projecting. You will be somewhere in the dream world, fully lucid. A number of other things can occur at this point. (The void, jumping into an image)


4) I tried to fall in trance by relaxing, using a step by step method initially inducing heaviness of body and limbs, thereafter listening to my blood pulsating in the bloodvessels, then by feeling warmth and following all these steps by distracting my awareness from the body towards inner space. I began to hear a rushing. Then the rushing vanished and I saw very colourful mosaics attracting my attention. After a while the mosaics disappeared and it became dark and silent and very peaceful. Then I heard the laughing and screaming of many children, initially the sounds were faint as if far away; then they seemed to be approaching. When they seemed to be very close I had the impression of dissociating from my physical body. In lying position I drifted through a short tunnel, which I could not see, but of which I had a space feeling. When the tunnel was passed, all of a sudden I stood on a meadow. There was full daylight and I saw a swimming pool just in front of me. The meadow and swimming pool were crowded.

The Dreaming Separation of the Astral Body

*PotAB* Astral Body Energy & Condensement: Hypnagogia & Falling Asleep:

The astral body is the condenser of (the nervous) cosmic energy you are using right now to move about. Nervousness is the inability to hold the energy within the bounds of the physical. When the etheric body moves slightly out of coincidence, it becomes more of a magnet to the universal energy than when in coincidence. What is thought to be an ‘aura', resting above sleepers and seen by seers, is in reality the etheric body, out of coincidence a few inches.

It is only when consciousness is still in play that they ever experience the paralysis or catalepsy. Catalepsy with consciousness is more apt to occur in passing from sleeping to waking than the reverse.

Everyone who sleeps' astral body moves slightly out of coincidence for the purpose of becoming charged with cosmic energy, every night. When the condenser, the astral body, is run down, the subconscious moves it out of coincidence as soon as possible, to enable it to recuperate more quickly.

In the nervous person, in the fatigued, the ‘condenser' (astral body) is greatly run down. The astral, where the mind really is, often gets the sensation of sinking or sliding, because the sensibility is in both bodies, and the physical seems to move downward, while, as a matter of fact, the astral moves upward. There are certain sensations, which, when once he has become familiar with their significance, he will always recognize as ‘signs' of the loosening of the astral body. He can experience them in the hypnagogic state, when going to sleep- if he will but concentrate his attention upon himself. A slight repercussion of body generally follows this, if conscious, because of emotion. If you could hold consciousness up to the last moment, in the hypnagogic state, you could feel the act of discoincidence.

It the astral body becomes cataleptic, while in exact coincidence with the physical, the physical will be cataleptic; but if it comes under this spell while the phantom is in the zone of quietude, the physical does not become cataleptic. When you experience the falling or sliding sensation, you will find that consciousness was slowly diminishing all the time- almost gone- then the sliding feeling concurrent with the startled jump- and you are conscious again! If you will admit that, for a moment, you were not sure of being conscious. It was during that very brief moment of ‘unknowingness' that the subconscious Will moved the phantom.

There is an inflowing and outflowing of cosmic energy during the waking hours, the outflow exceeds the inflow, especially in the nervous type.

*RB* Astral Expansion & Seperation: The Intermediate Phase:

After the physical body has fallen asleep, the astral body always projects into the physical world. Once the energy body has expanded, the astral body floats free and hovers just above the physical body, but within the expanded energy body's field of influence. Within this field, known as cord activity range, the astral body is held close to the real-time physical world as it is within a field flooded with etheric matter.

During a conscious astral projection it may appear as if you are projecting straight into an astral plane. But there is always an intermediary phase at the beginning, when you are existing as an astral form close to the physical dimension. This real time part of any projection may be missed if you black out at the moment of projection.

Why We Need To Sleep(RM) When asleep, you rejoin with the higher fragments of your consciousness. If someone is really aware of his or her astral and higher presences, the sleep-time reduces, because this entity doesn't need to rejoin the higher fragments, because the soul is consciously connected; self realized.

*PotL* Seeing the Dreaming Double:

"The first instance that I was thus seen was by my sister-in-law, who was sitting up with me, the night after the birth of my first child. She looked towards the bed where I was sleeping, and distinctly saw me and my double; the first my natural body, the second spiritualized and fainter."

-Mrs. Stone

*RB* How does Projection Happen?:

During sleep, the energy body expands and opens in order to accumulate and store energy. The energy body can normally only do this in its expanded state during sleep. Once expanded, the chakras trickle power, in the form of etheric matter, into the energy body. During this recharging process the astral body separates and tunes into the astral dimension where it can create and experience dreams.

If this separation is done consciously, or if you become aware after it, you can take some control over it. It then becomes an OBE, astral projection or lucid dream.

*PotAB* Disorientation:

Later you awaken and have lost your sense of direction. Why is it that, after you have slept for an interval, you sometimes believe that you are in a different position to the one you really occupy. The astral body rises out of the physical, and can lie at a different angle.

Inducing Hypnagogia

*BMS* The Uniform Field- Carrier Wave Technique:

"Ganzfield technique: Involved uniform visual and acoustic stimulation and that leads to an experimentally-induced hypnagogic condition. Attention is freed from external stimuli and is directed inwardly toward ordinary ignored thoughts, feelings, and images. The density, vividness, and reality of imagery is greatly enhanced. Muscular noise/distractions are reduced by means of progressive muscular relaxation and biofeedback procedures." -William Braud


Types & Causes of Dreams

Development of the Ego
True Dreams & Habit Dreams

*DY* Dreams of Clarity and Karmic Dreams:

Our dreams may be grouped into two main categories: the more common types of dreams appearing from karmic traces and other types of dreams appearing from the clarity of mind.

With regard to dreams related to traces of karma, one type of dream encompasses those whose cause originates in a previous life.

Through relaxing the body, energy, and mind, the elements and energies become balanced, and different kinds of clarity dreams arise. This is particularly true for the practitioner who is doing practices related to the chakras and the channels which control the prana and energy.

An example of the dreams of clarity that a practitioner might have as a result of the karmic traces accumulated during youth would be as follows. Earlier in his or her life, a person may have met many extraordinary teachers, or received teachings and empowerments, or learned methods of practice. Later that person can have dreams about these things in which he or she goes deeper into this knowledge.

A dream of clarity generally manifests in the early morning. Why? It is because when we first fall asleep, we sleep very deeply. Slowly we consume this heaviness and our sleep becomes lighter. The state of presence represents total relaxation. Consequently there will be no karmic dreams.

If you dream about a place or a thing where you have been in the past, this usually reflects a repetition through karmic trace; if you dream of a place or a situation where you are not, this reflects a desire or a wish. On the other hand, if you dream of the place you actually are, this is often significant.

*APr* Different Type of Dreams & Projections:

(NOTE: Hear Hear! The symbolism is completely subjective. What is symbolized may not be.)

By the time my school days were over, I had reached the following conclusion:

1. Most of my dreams were obviously a more or less nonsensical mix-up, based on past happenings and memories of books I had read. They might be highly pleasurable and entertaining, but I did not feel that any importance could be attached to them.

2. Now and then, it would happen that a dream possessed real prophetic significance, but only in connection with quite trivial matters.

3. When I dreamed of my dead mother, the dreams were extraordinarily vivid, and so charged with her fragrant atmosphere, that on waking, it seemed as if I had only just left her presence.

4. On rare occasions, I would have what might be called an historical dream, staged on a big, spectacular scale and seemingly set in the past. These dreams had two peculiar features; I was not an actor in them, only a spectator—as though at a vast open-air theatre; and I could never remember them in detail, retaining only a confused impression on awaking. I favored the theory that in these dreams I had contacted the Akashic Records, or more probably, their reflection in the Astral Light.

5. Dreams in which I was exploring what appeared to be a marvelous celestial world, exhibiting the most amazing extremes of beauty and ugliness, of attraction and repulsion, of hope and despair. This world was saturated with an indescribable glamour, a seemingly divine atmosphere; so that, on waking, I felt I had been nearer to God even in a dream-hell than I was in my pleasant room lit by the morning sun.

And in these dreams, I noted on many occasions what seemed to be the manifestation of some underlying divine law. If the shape of horror was faced boldly, it would either be dissipated or actually changed into a thing of beauty, and the latter always happened when my compassion was aroused and conquered my aversion.

6. The very unpleasantness of my predicament would give rise to the thoughts: "But this can't be real! I must be dreaming! I've had enough of this, I'm going to wake up." I never realized the great possibilities latent in this discovery.

*PotAB* Dreams:

Interpretation: The idea that dreams are all caused by events met with in prior states of conscious every-day life, which are recorded in the subconscious mind, is pure fallacy.

Dream Consciousness: There is a dream consciousness which is not the real consciousness.

*D* The Lucidity of the Ego During Sleep:

Though the condition in which the astral body is to be found during sleep changes largely as evolution takes place, that of the ego inhabiting it changes still more. Where the former is in the stage of the floating wreath of mist, the ego is practically almost as much asleep as the body lying below him; he is blind to the sights and deaf to the voices of his own higher plane, and even if some idea belonging to it should by chance reach him, since he has no control over his mechanism, he will be quite unable to impress it upon his physical brain so that it may be remembered upon waking. If a man in this primitive condition recollects anything at all of what happens to him during sleep, it will almost invariably be the result of purely physical impressions made upon the brain either from within or from without – any experience which his real ego may have had being forgotten.

Whether he remembers anything when physically awake or not, the ego who is fully or even partially conscious of his surroundings on the astral plane is beginning to enter into his heritage of powers which far transcend those he possesses down here. His measure of time and space is so entirely different from that which we use in waking life, that from our view it seems as though neither time nor space existed for him.

*E* The Source of Dreams:

Dreams follow the echo of experience; they are void of reality (NOTE: ?!)

With the rest of sleep, stresses start to dissolve; their movement creates the illusion of reality in the mind. The source of most dreams is the reverberation of previous experience. Attempting to derive meaning from the symbols contained in dreams is therefore largely a waste of time.

(NOTE: Ok…) Direct cognition can occur in any state. Lucid dreaming does not fall under this definition of dreaming. It is not from studying dreams that direct cognition most easily flows.

By focussing on the images veiled by dreams, True Knowledge can be born.

*E* Sleep & Thought:

Sleep is not a state of mind completely without thought.

** Types of Dreams:

Spiritual & Intellectual Dreams(PoP): During true dreams, the soul is freed from the veil of the body and experiences states of being and thoughts that are different than during the waking state. In a true spiritual dream, either a spiritual messenger come to contact the dreamer's soul, or else the soul leaves the body and goes to the Source and contacts Them. There are two main types of dreams: dreams of the intellect; purely spiritual dreams; and combination dreams. Those who are dominated by their nafs have almost uniquely intellectual dreams. This type is easy to recognize: they are the expressions of our instincts and passions, or they may derive from physical or psychical states such as indigestion, pain, anxiety, or a particular preoccupation we have had during the hours preceding the dream. They have no spiritual meaning or deep and lasting effect and do not tell us anything concerning the angelic soul. The greater the spiritual siginifcance of a dream, the more we are struck by it and the longer its effects will last.

In spiritual dreams, our soul may be subjected to substantial tests which are only reflected partially or in a broad and summary form in our dreams. The spiritual dreams one has during a nap have considerable results and are rarely false.

Stupid Release-Type Dreams(MJooB): Monroe has come to recognize the pure release-type dreams, which reflect the day's tensions or long-felt inner anxieties. In dreams, the rational component is missing. In delta sleep, consciousness is completely detached from physical reality.

Dream Consciousness(MotFE): In sleep the consciousness becomes completely universal. It becomes Knowing, with all attributes alert. That is why we can often do in our sleep what we cannot do when awake. We should be just as conscious as in our so-called waking condition. Sleep allows that complete consciousness to come into function.

That is why psycho-analysis lays such stress on the dream state as being superior to the waking state when used rationally and in its right order. But the two- the sleeping and waking states- should be exactly the same. If we should turn our thoughts to this higher consciousness we would be in that realm always. We would KNOW. The dream is more of a clairvoyant state of a very low order unless we do turn our minds to a higher condition or knowing state. If we do this our dreams are true always and are not something that has not actually happened to us at all. Dreams ordinarily are a mixture of the earthly and the higher experiences.

When you are in the nightmare, it is possible to come out of it if you will think of what you would think if you were in the waking stage. A patient has been known to cure himself entirely of extreme cases of nightmare by thinking while experiencing the nightmare. "Just what would I do if I were in the waking state?"

*CWS* True Dreams From the Gates of Horn:

Tell yourself that you will have a True Dream from the Gates of Horn.' This is an ancient suggestion, given by the Egyptians: The Gates of Horn. A True Dream will help harmonize the portions of your being.

Said Betty DiAngelo, "My TD/GH dreams all deal with nature in some way; the two realities always kept merging and I would have a difficult time writing the dreams down. All those throbbing jungle scenes are TD/GH-type inspirations. I had a dream of my sister; that she had a TD/GH, discovering her inner self, being close to nature and her roots as a human in physical reality, the source she springs from."

Eddie Feinstein: "I tell Jean this is how Alice in Wonderland was written- from a dream through the Gates of Horn. Later, my aunt takes me aside and shows me a room in this house that she says was mine years ago. For an instant, I don't recognize this room- I realize that it wasn't ‘actually' in the house- and then I feel this room being created in my past- I feel it spilling out of this dream, my dream, and backwards into physical ‘fact' where it becomes a familiar memory, and deeply comforting. My aunt hands me a white rag doll. I hold it and it ‘becomes' familiar in the same way."

From these beginnings, "True Dreams" came to be used by class members as the infallible call-for-help dreams; as a special "signal" to the inner self that direction, answers- harmony- was needed. TD/GH requests always seemed to result in vivid, direct information.

George Rhoads: "After True Dreams, daily events take on a dream aspect, and I am able to interpret these events as I would those of a sleeping dream. I am more attuned to the weather, animals, other people, and my own body. All these speak through an inner voice. I have entered a different area of consciousness in which my focus widened to include all sensations equally, my own thoughts becoming one small event among many at once. With this came an inner quiet, a calm and crystalline attention."

Gates of Horn dreams will involve you with beliefs behind your daily reality; and, in certain form, you will see how you form that reality, and your most intimate living relationships. There will be, therefore, a correlation between those dreams, your beliefs, and your daily experience.

Both the Gates of Ivory and the Gates of Horn, historically, in your terms only, were used by the Egyptians. Their idea was that dreams from the Gates of Horn were ‘true,' and dreams from the Gates of Ivory were ‘not.' But we, in class, are dealing with different definitions.

You do indeed meet, many of you, in the dream state, at other levels of actuality. You exchange ideas. You help each other. You have, in those terms, an interior family.

Each time you remember to wake up and record a dream, you are doing something with your consciousness, and it is important. For you think enough of your interior life to consciously record it as a physical event in your time. And with your beliefs, that is important. In any given five-minute period of your life, you perceive information that you do not accept= it is not official information. You do not have to dream in order to become aware of other realities. You must simply allow your consciousness some freedom. Become more and more aware of your waking experience, and of those stray thoughts that come, like thieves in the night. They are not official. You do not accept them.

Precognitive Dreams

*R* What Dreams Are:

A dream is nothing more than uncontrolled four-dimensional thinking, or the rearrangement of both past and future sensory impressions... [Man] usually dreams of two or more events which are separated in time, fused into a single sensory impression; or, in his dream, he so completely rearranges his single waking sensory impressions that he does not recognize them when he encounters them in his waking state.

For example: I dreamed that I delivered a package to the restaurant in my apartment building. The hostess said to me, "You cant leave that there"; whereupon, the elevator operator gave me a few letters and as I thanked him for them, he, in turn, thanked me. At this point, the night elevator operator appeared and waved a greeting to me.

The following day, as I left my apartment, I picked up a few letters which had been placed at my door. On my way down I gave the day elevator operator a tip and thanked him for taking care of my mail; whereupon, he thanked me for the tip. On my return home that day I overheard a doorman say to a delivery man, "You cant leave that there." As I was about to take the elevator up to my apartment, I was attracted by a familiar face in the restaurant, and, as I looked in, the hostess greeted me with a smile. Late that night I escorted my dinner guests to the elevator and as I said good-by to them, the night operator waved good-night to me.

*CD* Illness-Warning Dreams:

Dreams in which symptoms of illness seem to appear prior to awareness of them in a waking state are called "prodromic" (from the Greek word prodromos, meaning "running before").

Reincarnational Memory Dreams

*ANMU* The Executioner's Dream- A Reincarnational Association:

Events in [Maury's] dream followed not in the order which he describes, but from the end towards the beginning...

Maury's first impression was: Oh God, what has happened to me? Answer: I am guillotined. Imagination at once draws the picture of the execution, the scaffold, the guillotine, the executioner. At the same time the question arises: How can it all have happened? How can I have got on to the scaffold? In answer there again comes pictures of the Paris streets. (NOTE: Ah!- A reincarnational memory, instantly accessed by similarity, a memory which hit at once and in full without the passing of time).

Symbolic Dreams

Script: Like the Akashic sometimes does.
*D* The Symbolic Dream:

This, too, is the work of the ego, and, indeed, it might almost be defined as a less successful variant.

A good example of this kind of dream was described by Sir Noel Paton in a letter to Mrs. Crowe, published by the latter in The Night Side of Nature (p. 54):

‘That dream of my mother's was as follows. She stood in a long, dark, empty gallery; on one side was my father, on the other my eldest sister, then myself and the rest of the family according to their ages…We all stood silent and motionless. At last it entered – the unimagined something that, casting its grim shadow before, had enveloped all the trivialities of the preceding dream in the stifling atmosphere of terror. It entered, stealthily descending the three steps that led from the entrance down into the chamber of horror; and my mother felt that it was Death.

He carried on his shoulder a heavy axes, and had come, she thought, to destroy all her little ones at one fell swoop. On the entrance of the shape my sister Alexes leapt out of the rank, interposing herself between him and my mother. He raised his axe and aimed a blow at my sister Catherine – a blow which, to her horror, my mother could not intercept, though she had snatched up a three-legged stool for that purpose. She could not, she felt , fling the stool at the figure without destroying Alexes, who kept shooting out and in between her and the ghastly thing…

Down came the axe, and poor Catherine fell…Again the axe was lifted by the inexorable shape over the head of my brother, who stood next in the line, but now Alexes had disappeared somewhere behind the ghastly visitant, and with a scream my mother flung the stool at his head. He vanished and she awoke…

Three months had elapsed when we children were all of us seized with scarlet fever. My sister Catherine, died almost immediately – sacrificed, as my mother in her misery thought, to her over-anxiety for Alexes, whose danger seemed more imminent. The dream prophecy was in part fulfilled.

I also was at death's door – give up by the doctors, but not my mother; she was confident of my recovery. But for my brother, who was scarcely considered in danger at all, but over whose head she had seen the visionary axe impending, her fears were great; for she could not recollect whether the blow had or had not descended when the specter vanished. My brother recovered, but relapsed and barely escaped with life; but Alexes did not. For a year and ten months the poor child lingered…and I held her little hand as she died…Thus the dream was fulfilled.'

Altered State Dreaming

*CD* Drunk Dreams:

Recovered alcoholics sometimes experience "drunk dreams" in which they believe themselves to have slipped into drinking behavior again.

3) I am pregnant and at a dentist's office. As I drift under the anesthetic, the scene shifts to a cool park where, lucid, I make love with the beast with beard and eyeglasses like Zal's.


Telepathic Influence on Dreams

Script: Unlike rationalizations, these thoughts, experiences, and stories are accepted completely or weaved into a current dream. This could easily go with "Factors Involved in the Production of Dreams."
Script: Split the next section into Directed and NonDirected (random, accidental) Telepathic Communication.

Influence of Telepathic Communications in Dreams

*SD&P* Weaving Dreams About Legitimate Telepathic Communications:

Ruburt wove a dream about a legitimate telepathic communication. The information was correct in its bare essentials.

The actual communication is not in words or pictures. Material from the inner senses is seldom experienced in its true form. What you get is a hasty twisting of channels, a rather inept and sometimes rather disastrous attempt to pick up such information with the outer senses.

At the precise time of Ruburt's dream, Miss Cunningham was deciding to leave this plane of reality. Ruburt received the message directly. The unwillingness on Miss Cunningham's part represented her present personality's protest against the change that a deeper part of herself deemed necessary and proper.

It was Miss Cunningham's discovery that she needed operations on both eyes that caused this deeper decision.

Yet consciously, she was ignorant of her own inner decision.

*ODM* Telepathic Suggestion Influences on Dreams:

Sometimes the correspondence between the target picture and a dream image would be based upon a similarity in form (a full moon represented by a crystal ball, or a pencil by a telephone pole), in material composition (a lake representing a swimming pool or an ice cube representing an iceberg), or in color (red wine substituted for blood, or green book pages for money). The greatest successes were achieved using emotional topics with which physical sensations were associated.

(Me: In these examples, the slight variations are like those in visual agnosiacs. They see it alright, but describe it without putting the pieces together, as if they are actually seeing the picture itself, not getting the meaning and then making a picture. The throwings-off above seem to be based on differences in context, and not so much in appearance.)

1) An experimenter attempted to project his influence onto the dreams of friends at a distance. He sent a message to an elderly woman that she would dream about the funeral procession of a deceased friend of the experimenter. She reported she had dreamed about a funeral procession, but it was the experimenter who was the corpse.

2) Another experimenter intended Angelina to dream she was a goatherd grazing goats on a hillside. She dreamed she was in a high place, with a stick in her hand, among a lot of dogs with horns on their heads.

3) On another night, the suggestion involved Angelina being with Dr. Armacora at the church of San Mateo and meeting Elvira there, who would be dressed in pink with a white handkerchief round her head. They would then all go into a tent and be shown a tiger. Her dream mirrored all details of the suggestion except she said the final action was "We all went together to a little house, where there was an animal like a cat, but larger, and not really a cat."

4) Hall used an axe one night in his efforts to pantomime chopping down a coconut tree. The subject dreamed about using a knife to chip some organic growth from something resembled the interior of an acorn squash.

5) The stimulus topic was that of broiling a steak. The dream a reference to an outside barbecue unit.

6) The experimenter was thinking about finding money and the subject reported a dream in which his father's company was going bankrupt and his father was trying to design a plane that would make a lot of money.

7) The stimulus material was climbing a mountain. The subject dreamed that his girlfriend was pedaling a bicycle up a very steep hill with snow on it.

8) The experimenter thought about a tooth being extracted, and the dream included an image of a ferocious tiger with a huge, cavernous mouth.

9) The painting of focus depicts the young Columbus in a dream sequence about his future voyage across the Atlantic. The Virgin Mary is on his banner in a white transparent robe through which a nipple can be seen. Dreams included "some fairly youngish male figure," "a woman from Atlantic City or Atlantic Beach," and "semi-transparent pajamas through which you could still see her nipples."

10) A picture of a Dutch couple in old fashioned dress, with the man wearing large black hat and holding a bottle. The woman is sitting at a table with a colorful flower design on it and is drinking a glass of wine. The floor is covered with black and white tiles in a checkerboard pattern. Some of my dream images included: a night club Cabaret scene, a fellow dressed in the clothing of that era, wearing a black derby hat, a black and white checkered coat, and a flower field.

11) The picture was a jungle setting, and, in a small central area in the foreground, lion whose jaws encircling the head of a smaller, striped animal. My dreams that night contained a great deal of aggression, including a reference to a murderess, giving karate chops, and nearly strangling someone. During my next dream, I described two puppies.. The two of them had been sort of fighting.. Their jaws were open and you could see their teeth.. Where they snap at each other, an outdoor setting.

12) The picture was of two women in bright striped costumes dancing in a meadow. An oval shape circles these women and golden starlike objects are scattered through a blue sky outside this oval. The dreamer: foreign land, there were striped black and yellow bees.. you could only see two of them, one of the people had a striped suit on.. which might be like the bees and the stripes they had on, the sky seemed to be full of stars and the stars had a sort of golden color to them.

13) This was between a pair of identical twins: One brother looked at a target picture of a large waterfall. His twin dreamed that we had installed a shower in his room during the night and reported hearing the sounds of the water splashing and seeing a woman standing in the shower.

The following are influences by other dreams: It may be easier for two dreaming minds to develop a synchronicity than it is for a dreaming mind to connect with a waking mind.

1) I was with several people in a large laboratory going from one room to another. The percipient dreamed she was in a room with a friend who was doing an experiment and the friend went to another part of the laboratory. I also dreamed about a dog barking, and the percipient had a dream with a dog in it. Still another dream involved my wife taking a car trip with other people, including Dr. L. My wife met a man with whom she talked about music. The percipient dreamed about being on a car trip with other people and was later talking to Dr. L. She also dreamed about a woman who got up and sang on a show.

2) One dreamt about students singing in Russian, and the other subject dreamt about students doing of interpretive singing. In the second dream, the first subject was taking a violin lesson and the other subject was learning a guitar melody. In the third dream, the first subject was watching a James Cagney gangster movie, and the other subject reported a dream about a recent gangster movie, Bonnie & Clyde.

3) The hypnotized agent was told to dream he was in an amusement park having a very good time. He dreamed about riding on a merry-go-round. The percipient dreamed of people laughing and running in circles, and of "grinning, funny-looking horses."

4) Agent: The girl throws him an orange. Recipient: The trampoline turns into an tangerine. Agent: The buildings vanish. Recipient: The buildings collapse.

5) In a dream, I attempted to cut the fish open with a razor blade. Some blood came out; the fish's face turned into a man's face and he was bleeding. Claudia's dream: I was mounting a whale-sized fish head. I removing one eye. I feel a kindred, or sympathy, with the whale, which at some point transforms into a person. The wet, stretched, mounted skin is now of a man's face, reddish-brown.

People chosen to dream helpful things of a target person: They knew nothing about the target person's problems.

1) The dream helpers reported a black car driving into the town of White Hall, someone being hesitant to accept an Oreo cookie, someone ordering an ice cream cone with one scoop of chocolate and one scoop of vanilla, someone noticing the black and white keys on a piano keyboard, and Martin Luther King Jr. Preaching in front of the White House. The theme of black and white was predominant. The target person, a white woman, was dating a black man and struggling with the question of how to deal with the negative reaction she had anticipated from her family. (Me: maybe.. But how many other parts of the dreams and dream strands were ignored. What other things could have been singled out?)

2) Helpers had dreams of extreme violence: wild animals were often involved. There were several mother-daughter dreams with disturbing content; one had a mother duck and several drowned baby ducks. The target her in a tub of boiling water.

*ODM* Telepathically Influencing Dreams:

1) There was a boxing match going on. I remember standing up and throwing a few punches in the air myself because I was so involved with the action on the ring. Later, when I awoke, I discovered Calvin Hall had been thinking about boxing imagery and thrown a few punches in the air himself.

2) One of my REM reports involved specific and detailed skiing imagery. The imagery that Calvin had been concentrating on during that REM period was a skiing scene.

Script: Both accidental and purposeful thought enter into dreaming.
*PotL* Thoughts & Visualizations of the Waking Taken Into Someone Else's Dream:

"During the summer of 1878 I happened to be staying at Oban, and on the 1st of August went to see the Falls of Lora. Loch Etive, which is a branch of the larger Loch Linnhe, is on a lower level. This difference in level occurs at its mouth, and is so abrupt that, when the tide is out, it leaves an irregular waterfall between the two. The mass of sea-water rushes from Loch Linnhe into Loch Etive, shaped into all kinds of cataracts and hollow whirlpools, and is approached either by standing on rocks of some height above the Falls."

"I was at the time in extreme anxiety about some friends of mine who were in great trouble. I applied the picture metaphorically to the case, fancying my friends in the whirlpools and myself trying to save them. When my maid called me in the morning, she at once began to say that she had never passed so strange a night, for every time she fell asleep she awoke dreaming of the same place – ‘Water rushing over rocks, and the most dreadful whirlpools,' and that she was ‘standing on high rocks, trying to save people out of them with ropes,' ‘And,' she said, "it was not a waterfall of a river, it was a waterfall of the sea.'"

"The only part of her dream which did not reflect my thoughts was that the persons whom she was trying to save from drowning were not the same that I was thinking of."

-Mrs. Mason


"In those days I always went to bed about midnight. I awoke suddenly, tremendously startled by a dream that my father's house was on fire. The dream impressed me so vividly that I felt convinced that a fire had actually happened there. Two of my father's maids, named Coombes and Caroline respectively, were the only persons except myself present in the vision, and that I seemed to have no impulses and no power of moving, but was merely a spectator."

"Six or seven weeks afterwards (mail contract between London and Melbourne is 42 days) I received a letter from my father. He wrote, ‘We had a fire on Sunday evening while we were at church.

"I had the communication, therefore, in my sleep, not on the actual day of the fire, but on the day on which my father wrote the letter."

-Douglas B. W. Sladen


"I went out one morning about 9 o'clock, carrying books for the library, and being very busy, took the short way to town. On some flags in a very steep part of the road, some boys had made a slide. Both my feet flew away at the same moment that the back of my head resounded on the flags. A policeman picked me up, saw I was hurt, and rang at the Nurses' Home close by, to get me looked to. My head was cut, and while they were washing the blood away, I was worrying myself that I should be ill, and how should I manage my school till the end of the term. The next morning after a sleepless night, I could not get up. It was my habit to sit in the drawing-room while the music lessons were given, so my daughter went in to tell Mr. _____ that I had had a bad night, and was not yet up. He said, ‘I had a wretched night too, and all through a most vivid dream.' ‘What was it?' she asked. ‘I dreamed I was walking by the Nurses' Home, and I came on a slide, both my feet slipped, and I fell on the back of my head. I was helped to the Home, and while my head was being bathed I was worrying myself how I should manage my lessons till the end of the term, and the worrying feeling would not go.'"

-Mrs. Walsh


Script: Analyze what is carried over- intense experiences in 1st person, and to whom- connected people in some way.


"Three nights after that, on Saturday, I awakened suddenly with the idea that some person was calling me, and that I was wanted immediately. I was conscious of having had a very vivid dream, but could not recall any part of it. The city bell struck midnight. All Sunday and Monday I was impressed with a consciousness of some duty unperformed."

"On Tuesday evening, on my way home, an almost irresistible impulse came over me to turn aside from my direct way, down a little street leading in another direction. Standing a moment on the street corner at the parting of ways, I turned off, walked a few blocks, and came to the hotel where the lieutenant had lodged. I went into the office, and having no business or object in going there, I asked the clerk when Lieutenant O. left. The clerk said, ‘There he sits, in the same reading-room.' After a very brief greeting he asked me to go to his room. Following him up the stairway, the corner of a panel on the landing seemed to bring clearly to my mind the full details of my Saturday night's dream. From that point the stairs, hallways, the room into which he led me, the furniture and general appearance, all were strangely familiar, although I had never been there before. the lieutenant's first words on closing the door were ‘J., did you ever faint?' He then told me that his transportation order not having arrived, he had not been able to leave at the time fixed; that on the preceding Saturday, while reading in the reading-room, he glanced at the clock, and noticing it was 5 minutes of 12 o'clock, took a light, went immediately to his room, fell on the bed, losing consciousness and knowing nothing until broad daylight on the Sunday winter morning. His last conscious thought had been, ‘If J. was here he could help me.' All that he told me was just what I had dreamed on the preceding Saturday night."

-Joseph Albree


"I had a frightful dream of the funeral ceremony. I saw my brother faint away at the service, and fall into the grave."

-Mrs. Montgomery

At the moment of Mrs. Montgomery's dream her husband was just about to enter her room, with the shock of the burial-scene probably still fresh in his mind, it is at any rate conceivable that he then, and not the brother at the earlier time, transmitted this impression.


We come now to the larger family of cases, in which the agent's personality, and not merely his particular thought, is reflected, and the dream conveys a true impression of his state, or of some event connected with him.


"I dreamed that the sister (who acted as guardian to our boys in our absence) was reading to me a letter giving a detailed account of how our Harry died of choking, while eating dinner one day at school."

"A fortnight later another letter from my sister came in, bearing an apology for not having told me in her last what a narrow escape from death our Harry had experienced, and then went on to detail what I had dreamed.

"A friend who was present said to him, ‘Do you remember what you thought about when you were choking?' He replied, ‘Yes, I distinctly remember thinking, I wonder what my mother will do when she hears I am dead.'"

-Mrs. Hobbs

*PotL* Semi-Clairvoyant Dreams of Voices:

This case forms a natural transition to the group where the reality is not only presented in a pictorial way, but the dream-scene corresponds (in whole or in part) with what the eyes of the supposed agent are actually beholding.

"I dreamed that I heard the voice of the man calling me from the bottom of a well. During the course of the day, a messenger came to tell me that the man had actually fallen down a well overnight, from which, though in no danger, he had been extricated with some difficulty."

-L. Barr


"On the night of Saturday, the 11th of March, 1871, I awoke in much alarm, having seen my eldest son, then at St. Paul de Loanda, on the south-west coast of Africa, looking dreadfully ill and emaciated, and I heard his voice distinctly calling to me. A letter arrived with the news of our son's death from a fresh attack of fever, on the night of the 11th of March, and adding that just before his death he kept calling repeatedly for me."

-Mary G. Griffith Kate Dew

*PotL* Full-Scale Dream Clairvoyance:

I pass now to the final class of cases, where the dreamer seems to be transported to the actual scene of the event. These cases cannot but suggest clairvoyance.

"I dreamed that a small blue three-cornered note was brought in to me, which contained these words: ‘My Dear Mrs. M. M., -- I know the Colonel is away; but would you look in his room for the rules of the "Kriegspiel?" You will find them, I think, on his table. Yours sincerely, -- George Phillips.'"

"I awoke, and never having heard that there were ‘Kriegspiel' rules, I laughed at having dreamed of it. When I had finished dressing, I went into the drawing-room, and on the piano just outside my door, I saw the identical blue three-cornered note, which I found contained the exact words written exactly as I had seen them in my dream."

-Mrs. Montgomery Moore

(NOTE: Or OB clairvoyance.) The cases seem typical examples of telepathic clairvoyance.

"Mr. O'Sullivan was engaged to dine, one evening in 1858, with his British colleague, Mr. Howard. By accident, he was obliged to present himself in a pair of wet, muddy, and broken boots, which he sedulously kept concealed during the evening, taking care to arrive after the dinner had begun, and to play cards afterwards, instead of resorting to the drawing-room. "

"The next morning I went as usually to the bedside of my invalid mother, who for years had not been able even to turn over in bed. After a little while she said, ‘My son, I had such a queer dream about you last night. I saw you at Mrs. Howard's party, and you were in such a comical but annoying predicament. I though you had on a pair of wet and muddy and broken boots, and you were keeping your feet hidden under the table.'"

-J. L. O'Sullivan


"I dreamed that I received a letter from an old friend from whom I had not heard for 12 months or more. His handwriting was very distinct, and it stood out very clearly before me, as I read that his wife had presented him with another little daughter. On reaching the bottom of the page, I tried to turn over the leaf, but could not, and the effort awoke me. In a few minutes the postman came, but there was no letter from Ireson. It came however, the following day, and the first page seemed to be identical with the one I had read in my dream."

-Fred. W. Conquest

Script: Maybe separate out where you enter a rote.
*PotL* Transition of Sensation In a Dream:

"I woke up with a start, feeling I had had a hard blow on my mouth, and with a distinct sense that I had been cut, and was bleeding under my upper lip. I was astonished not to see any blood. I looked at my watch, and saw it was seven."

"At breakfast (half-past nine), Arthur came in rather late and every now and then put his pocket-handkerchief furtively up to his lip. He said, ‘Well, when I was sailing, a sudden squall came, throwing the tiller suddenly round, and it struck me a bad blow in the mouth, under the upper lip. It must have been about seven.'"

-Joan R. Severn

Telepathy Between Dreamers

*PotL* Hypnagogic Telepathy:

Mr. E. W. P., describes how in a half-wakeful state he had been imagining himself to be reading "The Book of Days," till it seemed to become too dark to see – when all at once his wife said in her sleep, "You should not read in bed, it is so bad for the eyes." On inquiry, we find that Mrs. P. is not in the habit of talking in her sleep.

Dream Visitations by the Recently Disembodied

*PotL* Dreams In Which the Communication Intended Is Expressed More Personally- A Visitation:

"Between 12 at midnight and 3 in the morning, I had a most vivid dream. I seemed to hear the voice of the above-named William Edwards calling me in earnest tones. In my dream I seemed to go to him, and saw him quite distinctly. I prayed with him and saw him die. The next day I received a letter from my mother, with the P.S.: ‘The bell is tolling; I fear poor William Edwards is dead.' On inquiry I found the he did die between 12 and 3; that he frequently expressed the wish that I were with them. I had no idea that he was ill."

-W. D. Wood Rees


"Towards morning of the 10th January, 1885, I was conscious of a young woman standing by my bedside clad in a gray dressing gown, holding in her arms, towards me, a child. The woman was weeping bitterly, and said, ‘Oh! Mrs. Saunders, I am in such trouble.' I instantly recognized her as Mrs. C. R. Seymour, and was about to interrogate her as to her trouble, when I was awakened by my husband asking me what was the matter."

"On March 12th I again called on Mrs. Goodall who said,, ‘Oh, have you hard the bad news of Fanny? I have thought so much of what you told me; her dear little Dottie has gone."

-Bessie Saunders


"A Danish gentleman sought to improve his position by going to the city of Mexico. Some months after he left, I dreamed that I saw him sitting in my father's office, and immediately ran up to him, exclaiming, ‘I'm so glad you've come back.' He put his hand up, as if to repulse me gently, and said gravely, ‘You must not come near me. I am dying in Mexico of the sore throat, and I have come to tell your father.' Three weeks after, I overheard a gentleman say to him, ‘Well, doctor, have you heard about your friend H ____?' My father having replied in the negative, the gentleman continued, ‘I was told he died at Mexico, three weeks ago, of sore throat.'"

-Lita Jarratt


"I dreamt that I was looking out of my bedroom window, and that I saw Mr. R., walking up the avenue, and that, knowing him to be in Australia, I felt so surprised and pleased that I r

an down to meet him at the glass portico. When I put out my hand, I said, ‘Oh, how glad I am to see you again.' He looked so sad and said, ‘You will not be glad, as I bring you sad news. Your brother Stephen is dead.' I awoke at the moment, and it seemed as though the words were sounding in my ears."

-Olivia A. Denroche


"One morning at breakfast I related to my sister a very vivid dream. D. L. was sauntering up the middle of the long narrow room; and when he caught sight of me he quickened his step, and smiling put out his hand, saying, ‘Sparrow, congratulate me; I am engaged to be married, and am as spooney as I was at one-and-twenty.' I did offer him my congratulations, and asked who the lady was, to which he replied, ‘She is an Irish girl; I met her at Kingstown Regatta.'"

"When I returned from business that evening, my sister said, ‘Your dream has come true, even the very words."

-Alex G. Sparrow


"I fell asleep, and it was then that the idea of my grandmother's illness or death (I am uncertain which) first came to me. Every particular of the room which I saw was strongly impressed upon me. The old lady was breathing very heavily; and, strangest of all, my mother, who was and is in Australia, seemed in the room. She, as I thought, turned to me, saying, ‘I fear, Duncan, she is dying!' how long it was before I wakened I cannot say; but every fact was strangely distinct, I seemed to remember even the ticking of the clock. The gas being quite bright when I awoke, I rose to extinguish it, and quite accidentally noticed the time."

"On receiving the intimation of her death, the time, I noticed after my surprise had passed away, was between 4 and 5 a.m. The time I had noticed was 5:30."

-John D. Best


"I saw my late brother as a spirit, but when I spoke to ‘him,' he gradually disappeared. I then woke up."

-W. H. Brooks


"I have myself had an exceedingly interesting experience viz., my own appearance at the supposed deathbed of my sister, when we were 3,000 miles apart. She was attended on this particular night by another sister, who distinctly saw me go into the room, and lean over my darling young sister. The latter was too ill to speak, but she whispered, ‘Mary is here; now I am happy.'"

"On the night referred to, I had a most vivid dream of seeing her, in a bed not in her own room, and of seeing my other sister in attendance. I leaned over her and said, as I thought, ‘Emma, you will recover.' My dream, and my appearance to my two sisters, occurred at as nearly as possible the same time. I was so life-like to my younger sister that she thought I had really arrived on a visit; to my elder sister I was shadowy below my knees, but perfectly natural in appearance."

-Mrs. T.


Script: The following are presented as having a fantasic element but which make perfect sense when considering the energy bodies.


"On a certain night I dreamed that Mr. W., with whom I was acquainted, and myself were walking in the cloisters of Westminster Abbey."

"He abruptly bade me ‘Good-bye,' saying that he must go to a particular gravestone. I – in my dream – entreated him not to go, but to come back with me out of the cloisters. ‘No, no,' he replied, ‘I must go, I am fated to go.' With that he broke from me, hurried to the stone, and sank through the floor."

"The next morning's post brought me a letter from my brother, who stated that on the previous night Mr. W., had died suddenly."

-C. C. Wambey


"I seemed to be walking in a country road, with high grassy banks on either side. Suddenly I heard the tramp of many feet. Feeling a strange sense of fear, I called out, ‘Who are these people coming?' a voice above me replied, ‘A procession of the dead.' I then found myself on the bank, looking into the road where the people were walking, five or six abreast. Hundreds of them passed by me – neither looking aside nor looking at each other. They were people of all conditions and in all ranks of life. I saw no children amongst them. I watched the long line of people go away into the far distance, but I felt no special interest in any of them, until I saw a middle-aged Friend, dressed as a gentleman farmer. I pointed to him and called out, ‘Who is that, please?' He turned round and said in a loud voice, ‘I am John M., of Chelmsford.' Then my dream ended. Next day, when my husband returned from his office he told me that John M., of Chelmsford, had died the previous day."

-Marie Hilton

*PotL* Dream Visitations Containing the True Injured State of the Recently Dead:

"‘Mr. Wellington was killed in a brave attempt to defend Mrs. Middleton and her children.' The Chinese, it appears, taking Mr. Wellington for the Raja's son, struck off his head.'"

"And now for the dream. She saw her headless brother standing at the foot of the bed with his head lying on a coffin by his side."

-N. T. Menneer


"A Cambridge student, my informant, had arranged, some years ago, with a fellow student that they should meet together in Cambridge at a certain time for the purpose of reading. A short time before going up to keep his appointment, my informant, waking in the night, he saw, as he imagined, his friend sitting at the foot of his bed. He was surprised at the sight, the more so as his friend was dripping with water. He spoke, but the apparition only shook its head and disappeared. Information was soon received that shortly before the time of the apparition, his friend had been drowned whilst bathing."

-J.P. Farler

*PotL* A Dream Visitation & Full Clairvoyant Communication of What Happened:

"On the evening of the 18th July, when I went to my room I even felt as if someone was there. I fancied, as I stepped into bed, that someone in thought tried to stop me. In a twinkle of light I saw a railway, and the puff of the engine. I thought, ‘What's going on up there? Traveling? I wonder if any of us are traveling and I'm dreaming of it.' Someone unseen by me answered, ‘No; something quite different – something wrong.' Then I saw behind and above my head William's upper half reclining, eyes and mouth half shut; his chest moved forward convulsively, and he raised his right arm. Then he bent forward, saying, ‘I supposed I should move out of this.' Then I saw him lying, eyes shut, on the ground, flat. I saw William sitting in the open air – faint moonlight – on a raised place, sideways. He raised his right arm, shuddered, and said, ‘I can't go on, or back, No.' Then he seemed lying flat. He seemed then upon his elbow, saying, ‘Now it comes.' Then, as if struggling to rise, turned twice around quickly, saying, ‘Is it the train? The train, the train,' his right shoulder reverberating as if struck from behind. He fell back like fainting; his eyes rolled. The whole thing went away with a swish. Close beside me on the ground there seemed a long dark object. I called out, ‘They've left something behind, it's like a man.' The same someone answered, ‘Yes, sadly. The someone said close to me, ‘Now I'm going.' I started, and at once saw William's back at my side. He put his right hand (in grief) over his face, and the other almost touching my shoulder. I felt frightened, and called out, ‘Is he angry?' ‘O, no,' ‘Is he going away?' Answered, ‘Yes,' by the same someone, and I woke."

"The news reached me one week afterwards. The accident had happened to my brother on the same night. He was walking along the line, must have been tired and sat down to take off his boot, which was beside him, dozed off and was very likely roused by the sound of the train; some wooden projection, likely the step, had touched the right side of his head, and killed him instantaneously. I believe now that the someone was William himself."

"The voice of the ‘someone' unseen seemed always above the figure of William which I saw."

-Mrs. Storie

The dream followed the accident by about 4 hours; such deferment is, I think, a strong point in favor of telepathic, as opposed to independent, clairvoyance.


"After reading a short time, I began to feel a little drowsy, put out the light, and soon fell asleep. Quite early in the night I was awakened. I felt as if I had been aroused intentionally."

"I then turned on my side to go to sleep again, and immediately felt a consciousness of a presence in the room. It was of a spiritual presence. I felt as if I were dozing off again to sleep. I felt also at the same time a strong feeling of superstitious dread, as if something strange and fearful were about to happen. I was soon asleep again. I saw two men engaged in a slight scuffle; one fell fatally wounded – the other immediately disappeared. I did not see the gash in the wounded man's throat, but knew that his throat was cut. I did not recognize him, either as my brother-in-law. I could, from the position in which I stood, see but a small portion of his face; his coat, collar, hair or something partly obscured it. I was aware it was someone I knew, but still could not recognize him. I turned, and then saw my wife sitting not far from him. She told me she could not leave until he was attended to. He appeared to be lying on an elevated platform of some kind, surrounded by chairs, benches, and desks, reminding me somewhat of a school-room."

"It was not until a week or 10 days after this that I got a letter from my wife, giving me an account of her brother's death. He went into a store near by to see a young man who kept a bar-room near the depot, with whom he had some words. He turned and left the man, and walked out of the store. The bar-room keeper followed him out, and without further words deliberately cut his throat. My brother-in-law had on his overcoat, with the collar turned up."

-Dr. Bruce

*PotL* Dream Communications- Symbolic to Clairvoyant:

Dreams at once fall into distinct classes. In the first class, the agent is a normal state, or is himself also dreaming: the external event here is simply the occurrence to the agent of a particular thought or dream.; and the percipient's impression is concerned simply with the content of that thought or dream, not with the agent himself. In all other classes the agent is in some condition or situation which is more or less abnormal; and the percipient has an impression of the agent as in this situation. Not infrequently the central fact is a dreamt of merely as a fact – as something the dreamer bears of, or becomes aware of, as having occurred. In another class of cases, he perceives the principal actor in the matter dreamt of – the dying person, if death is the occasion – in such a manner as to suggest the actual catastrophe. And in yet another class, he seems himself transported into the actual scene – to be an actual spectator of the event.


"I dreamed that I saw my brother covered with blood, and that I threw my arms round him and implored him not to die, and that I felt the blood touch me, and saw it drip on me. I awoke in great distress. ‘He had had an accident that evening before, glass broke and my brother's leg went through, cutting a vein in the leg; it bled profusely for a couple of hours before a doctor could be found to bandage it up. This accident took place early in the evening; I probably was not in bed until after the bleeding had been stopped."

-M. Geraldine J. Bramly


"Dr. A. F. Sengireef, from whom she had parted about half a year previously with some coldness, appeared to her, on the night of May 12th, 1855, in what seems to have been a very prolonged and feverish vision, in which she must have been partially awake, as in the course of it she heard the clock strike 3. The figure in the vision held his cold hand on her mouth, and repeatedly bade her kiss it; and then, after spreading out a roll of parchment beside her, recited a prayer in front of a crucifix, and finally disappeared, to the sound of sacred music and in a blaze of light. She noticed his "long black hair hanging down on his shoulders, and a large round, beard such as I had never seen him wear. The day after this terrible event," she continues, "we received the news of the illness of my brother-in-law, Sengireef, and about a fortnight later, tidings of his death." My sister-in-law mentioned incidentally to a lady in my presence that her late husband had been buried with long hair hanging down to his shoulders, and with a large curious-looking beard which had grown during his illness."

-the Journal Psychische Studien

*PotL* A Visitation In Dream, Then Waking:

"My brother was placed as doctor of medicine in A. He resided there about four years, towards the close of which he resolved, at the request of my late father, to return to H. . . We ardently looked for his arrival. . . I dreamt one night that I saw my brother on horseback, who said to me that he was on a journey; he would therefore give me several commissions to my parents. He reached me his hand, but whilst giving him mine, his horse began to plunge, which terrified me, and I awoke. Not long after awaking, the door of my room opened, someone came to my bedside, and drew aside the curtains, when I perceived the natural figure of my brother in his night-gown. After standing there a few minutes, he went to the table, took up the snuffers, and let them fall, and the shut the room door again."

"About three weeks afterwards my father received the melancholy intelligence of my brother's decease; the same night, and the same hour."

-Johann H. Jung Stilling, Theory of Pneumatology, p. 271-272

*PotL* Delayed Death-Visitation in Dreams:

"On the night of Thursday, the 25th of March, 1880, I retired to bed after reading till late, as is my habit. I dreamed that I was lying on my sofa reading, when, on looking up, I saw distinctly the figure of my brother, sitting on the chair before me. I dreamed that I spoke to him, but that he simply bent his head in reply, rose and left the room."

"Three days afterwards I received the news that my brother had died on Thursday evening, the 25 of March, 1880, at 8:30 p.m."

-Fred Wingfield


The impression followed the death by a few hours – a feature which will frequently recur. It is usually at night that the delayed impression emerges into the percipient's consciousness.

*PotL* The Hazy Dead Among the Solid Living in a Dream:

"There was a long room or gallery, and several of my friends there, including my brother. He was rather want of substance. None of the other friends had a hazy appearance. My brother was the only ‘ghostly' figure. He advanced gradually towards me, which made me feel a little nervous, and looked kindly at me. I advanced a little and said, ‘James, why do you not speak?' which utterance seemed to make him recede. He retired a little down the room, and gradually became more indistinct, and disappeared. None of the friends seemed to take any decided notice, and did not speak."

-W. H. Brooks


Lucid Dreaming

Description of Lucid Dreams

*CD* Description of Lucid Dreams:

Lucid dreams appear more realistic than ordinary dreams. Animals or objects rarely start talking or acting like people, as they often do in ordinary dreams. Your body will rarely change form in a lucid dream. In general, your lucid dreams will feel exceptionally real. At the same time you will be able to perform what seem like miracles: you can fly; you can command the environment to change; you can instantly travel- by flight or through a tunnel- to distant times and places.

Perceptions in lucid dreams are particularly vivid. Colors are lifelike. Sounds, noses, tastes, odors, the feel of textures, temperatures, pain, kinesthetic sensations- all seem quite real.

*SC* Dreams Are Real on the Astral:

John: "After a period of expressing through symbols, the dream state then enters into areas of greater clarity, wherein events take on a more literal appearance. And indeed, this is because the events are quite literal. For here you have attunement with the levels of the astral plane, which are as real as the earth plane itself. Often there is a certain vividness to colors, greater even than their vividness on this plane."

*SD&P* Awake-Seeming Dreams & the Ego:

Concerning dreams in which you feel certain you are normally awake: When these dreams are unusually vivid, then the ego is aware and participating, but generally it is not using its critical faculties. You can become critically alert, but when you do so, you realize that you are not in your normal waking condition.

In awake-seeming dreams you are indeed awake, but within a different psychological framework, indeed, within a different framework of reality. You are operating at a high level of awareness, and using the inner senses. These enable you to perceive an added depth of dimension which is responsible for the vividness and sense of exhilaration that often occurs within the kind of dream. The next step, of course, is to allow the ego to awaken its critical faculties while within this state. You are then able to realize that while you are indeed awake as you seem, you are awake while the body is asleep.

Only then can you fully begin to manipulate the conditions that exist and communicate this knowledge that you receive to the ego.

*LD-P* The Incredible Realism of Dreams:

Examples of different lucid dreams in which various subjects felt the warmth of the sun, tasted wine, ate a plum, sampled ice cream, and smelled the scent coming from a woman's hair, in apparently realistic fashion, will be found in McCreery (1973, pp. 15-17, 89-90, 110-11).

Subjects sometimes have a difficulty within a lucid dream in fully accepting its total independence of the waking world.

Energy Used To Balance or To Dream Lucidly

Script: Important! Internal balance shifts one into higher vibrations!
*CJ* Balance in the Self & Regeneration in the Sleep State:

ROMC: "As the energy polar systems within the self come into greater balance, they begin to shift into higher levels of vibration. When the systems are not balanced, they are constantly working against themselves...

"If the body is unbalanced, most energy is used in just balancing the internal aspects of the consciousness. When the bodily energies become balanced, and use less time during the sleep state to readjust the balance or the internal energy structures, then the person is able to work in the higher energies...

"There is a regeneration level of all energy systems that helps to keep balance in the body. This regeneration takes place mostly during the sleep state... The majority of souls on the earth level go into their higher energy system during this period of regeneration...

"They usually cannot recollect these experiences in the memory system because they are not understood or recorded in the earth plane. However, when the individual begins to recollect these experiences, then the soul is rising into a higher balance within its own system of perception...

"All energy dimensions of the human self are working their way into balance during the sleep state. This includes the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Those individuals who are living more in the energy levels of the first two and a half dimensions are more closely connected to the earth/time dimension, and their dreams will be much more in a functional level...

"When their lower energies are balanced temporarily, they can go into the higher levels, but rarely remember them. They mainly remember the dreams that are more earth-oriented, which is a working out of emotional and mental blocks or a balancing of energies in these lower-vibratory levels.

"Those individuals who function on a higher-energy level will have higher-energy dreams, which the individual would interpret as more real than the conscious state. You call this ‘lucid' dreaming. It is more real because it is the reality levels of the higher consciousness."

Script: This goes hand in hand with the above to form an incredible description!
*SC* The Broader Realm of Dreaming & Subconscious Flotsam:

Tom MacPherson: "The dream state is a dimension. To some degree, it reflects the mundane random wanderings of the subconscious anxieties of the day. But it is literally a dimension, for it is also accessing a broader degree of recall, or mind, or memory that exists independently of the physical body...

"The higher self, or superconsciousness, is like a wheel that is constantly turning. It is the causal energy. It comes into the subconscious mind through the subtle anatomies and then cycles through the physical body as the life force. (NOTE: Kundalini, thought-stream!) Then it comes up and approaches the conscious realms. It breaks up anything that is unspiritualized or blocked in the physical body and drags it up into the dream state. Your dreams then become a series of symbols of activated energy so you can retain the information consciously from the subconscious, which is the physical body."

Lucid Awareness of Physical Stimuli

*LD-P* The Effect of Outside Stimulus in a Lucid Dream:

(NOTE: Yah!) One area in which we think further work could usefully be carried out lies in the repetition of experiments in which the course of a non-lucid dream has been influenced by some outside stimulus in order to discover whether or not a lucid dream is more readily influenced in this way.

An interesting illustration of the possibilities of stimulus incorporation in lucid dreams is provided by a dream recorded by Hervey de Saint-Denys (1867), in which the striking of a clock was not only incorporated into his lucid dream but recognized as an external stimulus from which he deduced that he was lying asleep in Paris, where he was living near a noisy clock, and also inferred (apparently correctly) what the time was and how long he had left for sleeping.

Lucidity Incubation

*CD* The Dream Picture & Frame:

Stephen LaBerge tells me he sometimes places an empty picture frame beside his bed before going to sleep. During a dream, he reminds himself to look at the picture frame. When he sees it filled with a special painting, he recognizes that he is dreaming and launches into dream adventures. He may also reproduce the design seen in his dreams when he is awake.

Lucid Dream-Recall of Waking Life

*CD* Van Eeden- Lucid Dreamer:

Altogether [The Dutch psychotherapist Frederik van Eeden] recorded 500 dreams, of which 352 were lucid... He said that he had almost complete recall of his waking life during them and he could perform acts of will in them.

Best Time for Lucidity

*CD* The Time For Lucidity:

Van Eeden went on to say "that without exception all my lucid dreams occurred in the hours between five and eight in the morning." My own experience confirms van Eeden's finding: All my lucid dreams occurred between 5 AM and 8:30 AM.

Intent's Influence on Dreams

*CD* Desires, Intents Rule in Dreams:

"Dreaming that I was walking along a road- straight and I think walled on one side- and realized I was dreaming. I knew this was a thing I had been trying to do and thought, "Now I can make something happen." I thought I would like to have an apple. I saw a patch on the road ahead and thought, "By the time I reach that it will be an apple." Before reaching it, I found I had another apple in my hand." (NOTE: The desire fulfilled- a higher, more forward desire.)

The Powers of Lucidity

*LDer* Infinite Strange Dream Powers:

Milarepa: "By night, in my dreams, I could traverse the summit of Mount Meru to its base – and saw everything clearly as I went. Likewise in my dreams I could multiply myself into hundreds of personalities, all endowed with the same powers as myself. Each of my multiplied forms could traverse space and go to some Buddha Heaven, listen to the teachings there, and then come back and teach the Dharma to many persons. I could also transform my physical body into a mass of blazing fire, or into an expanse of flowing or calm water. Seeing that I had obtained infinite phenomenal powers even though it be but in my dreams, I was filled with happiness and encouragement."

The Light of Lucid Dreams

*PtE* The Light of Lucid Dreams:

My lucid dreams would often contain imagery of light. Now, this is not simply the general change in quality- the brightening of images or the translucency of colors- but also there is a specific source of light.

The light often takes the form of a line or crack, such as illumination gleaming from underneath a closed door or shining through a space like a window.

Often the light I notice in lucid dreams seems to reflect from the sparkles of moonlight or sunlight upon the waves of ocean or river, or from the moon itself.

Once, in a dark dream, a great light flashed on and off, illuminating a whole countryside. In another, I saw a strange globelike apparatus in the sky that sparkled and glowed, fascinating me.

*ODM* Lucid Dreams & The Clear Light:

This stage of the lucid dream during which the dreamer may enter an illuminated state is referred to in the Tibetan text as the "Dawning of the Clear Light." It is a stage in which the dreamer turns his attention to the Source motivating the dream images.

*LD-CL* Opening Doors To Lucidity:

I have come home from school. I become aware that I'm dreaming as I stand outside a small building which has large black double-doors on its eastern side. I approach them to enter. As soon as I open them, a brilliant white light hits me in the face. Immediately I am filled with intense feelings of love. The interior resembles a small chapel or meeting room. It has large windows overlooking barren land like the Great Plains. Everything is amazingly clear and the colors brilliant.

Frequency of Lucidity

*LD* Many Lucid Dreams:

Nearly nine hundred such experiences I have recorded since 1977.

The Development of Long-Term Lucidity

*HTKHW* Changes That Occur in Dream Life:

An indication that we have reached, or soon will reach, the state of development described in the last chapter is the change that occurs in our dream life. Previously, our dreams were muddled and random. Now they begin to take on a more orderly character. Their images connect in a meaningful way, like the thoughts and ideas of waking consciousness.

The content of our dreams also changes. Whereas our dreams formerly contained only echoes of our daily lives, and transformed impressions of our surroundings or our own bodily condition, the images we now see arise out of a world unknown to us before.

Events occurring in our surroundings while we are asleep may similarly be reflected symbolically in dreams. The striking of a clock can evoke images of soldiers marching by to the beat of drums.

The more orderly and structured dreams retain this symbolic mode of expression, but they no longer reflect only events that are connected to our physical surroundings or bodily processes. For, as the dreams originating in physical reality become increasingly regulated, they begin to mix with images expressing conditions and events of another world.

Dream images may be considered by this intelligence in as orderly and lawful a way as the ideas and sensations of waking consciousness. In this way the difference between the waking state and dream consciousness increasingly disappears.

*HTKHW* We Dream In Another World:

(NOTE: Yah!) When dreaming we are actually in a different world. However, as long as our spiritual organs are undeveloped, we can form only a muddled idea of this world. Until then it exists for us only as much as the sensible world would exist for a being with only the most primitive, rudimentary eyes. This is why we usually see only images and reflections of daily life in this second world. Our soul paints the pictures of its daytime perceptions into the stuff of which the dream world is made.

*UR* The Science/Art of Dreaming:

The true art of dreaming is a science long forgotten by your world. Such an art, pursued, trains the mind in a new kind of consciousness – one that is equally at home in either existence, well-grounded and secure in each. Its true fulfillment takes years of training, a strong sense of purpose, and a dedication.

A sense of daring, exploration, independence, and spontaneity is required. Such a work is a joy. A practitioner of this ancient art learns first of all how to become conscious in normal terms, while the sleep state. Then he becomes sensitive to the different subjective alterations that occur when dreams begin, happen, and end. He familiarizes himself with the symbolism of his own dreams.


Becoming Lucid, Losing Lucidity

Degrees of Lucidity

*APr* Degrees of Lucidity:

Before going to sleep, I must impress upon my mind the desirability of not allowing the critical faculty to slumber; it must be kept awake, ready to pounce on any inconsistency in the dream and recognize it as such. Always this knowledge brought, at least to some extent, the changes I have described. But I found that though I might know I was dreaming, there were degrees of realization, and the vividness of perfection of the experience was proportionate to the extent of the consciousness manifesting in the dream. To get the best results, I had to know all about the past life to realize my body was asleep in bed, and to appreciate the extended powers of my command in this seemingly disembodied state.

*APr* Degrees of Awareness of the Critical Faculty:

(NOTE: Like insecurities inability to apply your own judgments.) At a table near mine is a lady who would be very attractive—only, she has four eyes. Here are some illustration of these degrees of activity of the critical faculty:

1. (NOTE: Not noticing.) In the dream, it is practically dormant, but on waking, I have the feeling that there was something peculiar about this lady. Suddenly I get it —"Why of course, she had four eyes!"

2. (NOTE: Noticing, but not accounting for.) In the dream I exhibit mild surprise and say "How curious, that girl has four eyes!" It spoils her. But only in the same way that I might remark, "What a pity, she has broken her nose! I wonder how she did it."

3. (NOTE: It must be accounted for, but dreaming isn't a possibility.) The critical faculty is more awake and the four eyes are regarded as abnormal; but the phenomenon is not fully appreciated. I exclaim, "Good Lord!" and then reassure myself by adding, "There must be a freak show or a circus in the town." Thus I hover on the brink of realization, but do not quite get there.

4. (NOTE: Dreaming is a possibility) My critical faculty is now fully awake and refuses to be satisfied by this explanation. I continue my train of though, "But there never was such a freak! An adult woman with four eyes—it's impossible, I am dreaming."

*CD* Degrees of Lucidity:

If a lucid dream is a dream in which you are aware that you are dreaming, a prelucid dream is one in which you suspect that you are dreaming without fully realizing that you are doing so...

Prelucid dreams... can defy all detailed inspection to test their reality...

You may conclude, on the basis of examining your dream, that it is reality. If you do so, the dream continues in an ordinary manner. If, on the other hand, you determine that your experience is indeed a dream, you can proceed into a lucid dream experience... (NOTE: Its the same as the attribution short-circuit and deadening. If you attribute very thing to known causes, you wont grow or change or wake up)


*S&tS* Degrees of Lucidity:

As I "felt" a strange state of consciousness coming on and "half-wondered" whether I was dreaming or awake, I was entering into the pre-lucid state.

*LD-P* Pre-Lucidity: Suspicion That You're Dreaming:

A type of dream closely related to a lucid dream, is that in which the dreamer suspects that he or she may be dreaming and thinks about this question, or undertakes various tests, to try to decide the true situation.


"By a small river I am walking along a narrow path. I do not know the country, the place is strange to me. A woman is coming towards me and a large object like a hat box falls from her grasp into the water and floats. The woman climbs down the river bank, steps onto the water surface, makes a few steps and fetches the object. This astonishes me and I leave the path so as to go down to the river and look at the water. I have forgotten whether there were ripples, the color is green and rather dull, the top layers are transparent. I step on it and walk over to the other bank. At each step I sink in slightly: it seems like walking on sand. Looking around me, I suddenly find the whole river covered with people who are walking across from the banks. The first surprise soon passes, I come to accept the facts as they are. But when I see a bridge at some distance, my unwearying intellectual curiosity stirs again. I begin to ponder: ‘It cannot be ice; it is too soft for that and besides the air is too warm. Perhaps it is a new invention. But if so, why should bridges be built?' Suddenly I have a flash of enlightenment: ‘Could it not once again be a question of a dream?' At first I feel a disinclination to accept this idea, but slowly convince myself that no other possible explanation remains to me."

(Moers-Messmer, 1938, Case 18)


Even after the most careful consideration of the situation in which he find himself, the pre-lucid dreamer may none the less come to the conclusion that he is really awake.

*CD* The Larger Dream Picture:

"I see the face of a decorative clock on an upright piano that has just been opened. It is literally a face, with a lovely expression on it. I see closer and closer views of it. It rather resembles a Buddha's face, white, constructed of seamed metal. Then I see it drawn on my note pad, and I say, ‘I'd usually wake up at that part.' The dream continues." ("Buddha Clock," 11/5/72)

(NOTE: Note the suggestion of a great dream-life knowledge of the dreamer, like my timing of descents into the underworld)


*LD-CL* Positive Suggestion:

"I seemed to be responsible for a baby which was very messy and sitting on a pot. My concern was to find a bathroom and clean it up without others noticing it. As I held the baby, I distinctly felt that it should be older and better trained. I looked closely into its face which was full of wisdom and suddenly I knew I was dreaming.

"Excitedly, I tried to remember the advice in the article and the only thought I had was ‘Ultimate Experience'. A blissful sensation took over – of blending and melting with colors and light –opening up into a total ‘orgasm.' I gently floated into waking consciousness. A feeling of bubbling joy has stayed with me now for six days." -P.L., 1975

Unlucid Dreams About Lucidity

*CD* Failed Lucidity Attempts:

On one attempt to induce a lucid dream, the result was a dream about lucid dreams. In the second dream I recorded that night, I saw myself reading a book that described a series of dreams in which thirteen out of fourteen dreams were lucid... At the end of the fifth and final dream that night, I saw my note pad with a recording about a lucid dream I'd had. I looked at it and thought, "I didn't think I'd had a lucid dream." This critical, analytical thought woke me.

Bursts of Lucidity

*PtE* Short Duration Lucidity:

When I first became lucid in dreams, the consciousness was of such brief duration that it seemed unimportant. These brief flashes are mild forms of lucidity. I used them mostly to wake myself.

*LD-CL* Beginners' Lucidity Is Short:

During the beginning stages of lucid dreaming the experience rarely lasts for more than a few moments. The dreamer usually awakens immediately, or is quickly reabsorbed into the normal dream-state.

Recognizing Yourself As Source of Thought Forms

*CD* Yogi Dream Control:

The Tibetan Yogis of the dream state say that the awareness of your role as creator of your dream images can become total.

Yogis claim to have evolved control to a point that their bodies can enter a physical state of sleep while their minds remain fully conscious... Then they return to the waking state with complete memory of all that has passed... What we know of these "ear-whispered" teachings on dream control is chiefly from the writings of W.Y. Evans-Wentz, an Oxford scholar who lived in India and Sikkim for several years, studying occult doctrines...

The Yogis refer to dream images as "thought-forms."... Recognize that your own frightening dream images originate from your thoughts. Ability to recognize dream images (while living or while dead) as being one's "own thought-forms" is the secret to Yoga dream control.

*CD* Yogis Transform Dream Images:

Yogis are urged to transform dream content to test the dreamer's ability to impose change, regardless of whether the images are threatening or not. If a dream is of fire, Ram should sometimes transform it into water, the antidote of fire. If the dream is of minute objects, transform them into large objects; or if it is of large objects, transform them into small, in order to comprehend "the nature of dimensions." If the dream is of a single thing, he should transform it into many things; or if it is of many things, he should transform it into one thing, in order to comprehend "the nature of plurality and unity."

*CD* Fearlessness Goes Hand in Hand With Control:

The common denominator of abandoning fear of dream images seem to be an important aspect of developing control...

The Yogi is advised to advance, but without the additional Senoi advice of counterattack... The important thing is fearlessness of your dream image.

Causes of Lucidity

Sub: Lucidity By Weirdness

5) I think I must be dreaming since I don't have a beard and don't remember shaving it off. I hold up my hands before me and gaze at them steadily. Feeling the pleasant and familiar rush of energy in my body, I now realize beyond any doubt that I am dreaming and become fully lucid. I gaze steadily at both hands and watch as they become etherial, beautiful, and sparkling with light. Soon they become translucent and they appear to be malleable because they are basically made of light.

*APr* Oncoming of Lucidity:

I dreamed that I was standing on the pavement outside my home. The sun was rising behind the Roman wall, and the waters of Bletchingden Bay were sparkling in the morning light.

I was about to enter the house when, on glancing casually at these stones, my attention became riveted by a passing strange phenomenon, so extraordinary, that I could not believe my eyes—they had seemingly all changed their position in the night. Then the solution flashed upon me: thought this glorious summer morning seemed as real as real could be, I was dreaming!

With the realization of this fact, the quality of the dream changed in a manner very difficult to convey. Instantly, the vividness of life increased a hundred-fold. Never had sea, sky, and trees shone with such glamorous beauty; even the commonplace houses seemed alive and mystically beautiful. Never had I felt so well, so clear-brained, so divinely powerful, so inexpressibly free! The sensation was exquisite beyond words; but it lasted only a few moments, and I awoke. As I was to learn later, my mental control had been overwhelmed by my emotions.

*CD* Becoming Lucid From Absolute Weirdness:

A lucid dream may begin as a result of recognizing the strange dreamlike quality of the experience.

"I walk by a bowl on the shelf with a plant growing in it. I see with horror some small moldy snake-lizardlike animals crawling in the earth. "I'll have to discard the whole thing later," I think. I feel a wave of disappointment at the vague thought. "I haven't dreamed anything like that in a long time." Then I look out a nearby window and see my daughter, who has sneaked outside, running over to a boy. Now she begins to change form, bubbling and turning into a large similar snakelike object herself- like a huge ball formed of, or covered with, snakes, but with her own head. This is even worse (to dream about). Suddenly, I am struck with the full realization that I AM DREAMING altogether. I become very excited." ("Looking At Myself," 6/6/73)

*SD&P* Jane's Lucid Dream & OBE- Support From Past Friends:

...Next, I found myself running out in the back yard, through the rain. I dropped my cigarettes on the wet ground, picked them up, and discovered to my astonishment that they weren't wet at all. At the same time I found another pack in my pocket. This really stopped me. I was so certain I only had one pack. As I stood there trying to figure this out, a newsboy came across the lawn and called out, "Hi."

I looked up, really confused this time. He definitely was not our present newspaper boy, but the one who had delivered papers to us in another town, several years earlier. He couldn't possibly be the same age and delivering papers in Elmira! Besides, we got only the evening paper, and it was still morning.

For the first time I wondered: Could this be some kind of dream? A rush of disappointment flooded through me. If I was dreaming then the apartments would disappear when I awakened. I would never get to explore them! I looked at the yard again. It was our yard. The environment was brilliantly clear. And then, out of nowhere it seemed, a sense of freedom and exhilaration flashed- I could explore the apartments if I wanted to! I was out of my body. My body was in bed.

With that realization, my senses became super-alert. The yard and everything within my vision was significant, alive, super-real- seemingly more real than at any other moment of my life. Surely, it was past the half-hour I had given myself. I decided to return to my body at once.

With no transition at all, I sprang up to a sitting position in bed. Immediately, I checked the clock. Only half an hour of physical time had passed.

Thought it was still raining when I got up, I felt great.

In the dream, then, he goes into his own room. He has consciously forgotten this part, covering it with a vague reference to an electrical storm. In the dream itself, however, he discovers that his ability is as much a part of him as breath and cant be turned off and on at will. He stands in the middle of the room, touched by vibrating currents. Though he is afraid, he realizes that he is part of the storm- it is not destructive but creative and, most of all, a simple elemental part of reality.

The second dream is one of expansion. The most meaningful level was one in which the many rooms and apartments represented psychic areas of development, endless possibilities that continually open, but possibilities that were based on previous life experiences.

The people were all persons with whom I'd had past life connections. This caused the feelings of rediscovery and joy.

Sub: Lucidity By Stress

2) I am a pregnant mother in a hospital, about to deliver. The sensations are so intense that I realize that I am dreaming.

*CD* Brief Lucidity:

Brief lucid dreams commonly arise from an emotionally stressful situation. A nightmare in which you are terrified becomes lucid at the point you say to yourself, "This is only a dream' I don't need to be afraid. I can wake up." This realization usually terminates the dream. Dreamers commonly experience this rudimentary level of lucid dreaming, usually without recognizing it as such. (NOTE: Lucidity is an ever-varying spectrum. it comes and goes throughout the night to different degrees) (NOTE: The statement "only a dream" also speaks of our belief in dreams' unreality. We should be relieved only in that we should realize that we cant be physically harmed)

Sub: Helped To Lucidity
*PotAB* Becoming Lucid In A Dream:

She said "Do you know you're dreaming?" I replied, "By gosh, I am, aren't I?" I awoke in the physical body. I was conscious, but unable to move; I could not utter a sound, could not move my eyelids. This condition prevailed for about three minutes, and all the time my entire body kept twitching, especially the limbs.

*LD* The Onset of Lucidity:

"In my dream I was crossing a large room, in which several people were gathered, when I saw a pure white dove fly down obliquely and alight on my forehead. Immediately I found myself in a state of conscious projection [lucidity] and profited by the occasion to go and see some friends. As soon as the dove had touched me, the transformation was instantaneous. As if under a magic spell I suddenly became as clear-headed as in the best moments of my physical life."

Stephen LaBerge

Onset of Lucidity

Sub: Sensations of Lucidity Onset
*PtE* Phenomenology of Onset of Lucid Dreaming:

The typical lucid dream begins with an initial change of consciousness. An intense body movement in air or water is followed by a different state of mind. A sensation of coolness often accompanies or precedes the lightheaded feeling. Next, I am likely to have a vivid sensation of rising in the air. This lifting up is sometimes simultaneous with a whirring sound and a vibration feeling that travels through my dream body. The lifting or flying builds to a crescendo. I may decide to plummet back to earth or I reach a peak in the air and arch backwards or go into airborne spins. In any case, there is a physical climax- a sexual orgasm, a visual burst of light or color, or a total body spasm. At this point, my typical lucid dream ends and I wake feeling wonderfully refreshed.

1) Changes in sensation:

a) A tingling of your skin. This often involves the image of a light rain or drizzle, or the feeling of wind blowing in your face or a cool draft. Sensations of cold was one of the crucial elements in the emerging pattern of lucid dreams. Lucid dreams have contained imagery of my walking through sprinkles of snow, or being in cool night air, or feeling a fresh, cool breeze, or diving into deep pools of water. Many lucid dreamers and OBErs also notice these sensations of coolness that precede altered states.

c) A sound or vibration, like a combined buzzing-tingling or a buzzing light.

d) A patch, crack, or hole of light that appears- sometimes as a window.

f) A shift of consciousness within a dream- a sense that you are going to sleep, waking up, going into a trance, feeling lightheaded, or feeling tired. When I am about to become conscious in a dream, I get a strange feeling in my head. Suddenly, within the dream, I will "feel tired" and may even lie down to sleep. Or I will have the impression that I have been asleep and have just awakened. In some dreams I feel I am in a trance. When a dream figure goes to sleep, I become conscious. When a dream figure wakes up, I go into unconscious dreaming.

g) Rhythmic movements such as dancing, spinning, swimming, or pelvic thrusting. Spinning around and around in a dream, like dancing, also produces the peculiar feeling- a lightheaded exhilaration- that is the frequent precursor to lucid dreams.

h) An intense staring or focusing of your eyes (fixedness). Closely allied with lightheadedness in the initial stage of a lucid dream is an experience of intense visual focusing, a staring with total absorption. Circles of energy were radiating in my cheeks. Outside my body, images were swirling before me. Both at once, inside and outside, were whirls of activity, yet I was absolutely fixed.

e) The sense that a dream story is beginning again (rather like waking deja vu). This often accompanies lightheadedness and fixedness. Immediately prior to the beginning of lucidity I often notice that something is beginning again. In one dream, a movie that I had just seen was about to start over; in another, a story that had just ended was about to repeat. In yet another dream, there were several rounds: I ate in a restaurant, I flew, I landed in a restaurant, I flew, I landed, I flew, again and again. In one instance, I noticed how many people had look-alikes; each had a twin. Sometimes I realize a symbol had occurred from earlier in the same dream, and sometimes I just recognize it as familiar.

i) Suspension in the air, such as flying, floating, swimming, or levitating.

*S&tS* Onset of Lucidity:

The onset of lucidity is sometimes felt very distinctly, like bursting out of the clouds in an airplane flight and feeling dazzled by the clear sunlight. Or sometimes is appears so slowly and gradually as to be almost imperceptible to the dreamer.

1) Suddenly I realize I am dreaming, and I feel a great surge of energy shoot through my whole body and settle in my forehead. I stand ready to meet the wildebeest's attack and feel tremendous energy bristling out of my arms. At the very last moment of its charge, just as I expect to feel their impact, the wildebeest and the naked aborigine come to an abrupt halt, directly in front of me. For several minutes I confront the wildebeest, powerfully, looking straight into one of its bloodshot eyes, as it nervously paws the earth. I feel totally balanced and poised, mentally clear, and very satisfied. Slowly the dream fades out.

2) I become aware that I am dreaming. I begin to feel a very pleasant, light-headed sensation.

3) As soon as I become lucid, I feel a flow of tingling energy rising up into my head and settling in my forehead. The dream images shift suddenly and now I see an amazingly beautiful evergreen tree in front of me.

4) To test out whether I am dreaming or not, I gently rub together the thumb and the fingers of my right hand. A delicate, refined energy quickly flows from my fingertips and rushes all through my upper body. The feeling is so unique that now I realize that I am dreaming.

6) I am standing somewhere inside a small dark room and I see two square window frames in front of me. I see a bright light streaming in from the outside. (Me: inside dark room or jail cell is inside head) Suddenly I realize I am dreaming and I feel a powerful jolt of energy shoot through my body. I rise up off the floor and enter the light, flying head-first through one of the open window frames. Instantly, I enter a whole new scene.

7) Soon the bed and I are flying together around the room. Suddenly, I realize I am dreaming. I begin to sing, "Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me, Starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee." As I sing, I hear the gentle tinkling of a music box in perfect accompaniment. (NOTE: flying first)

8) Suddenly I become aware that I am dreaming. I see a huge, all-pervasive flash of light that illuminates my entire field of vision. I feel me whole consciousness elevated rapidly to that familiar feeling of the lucid dream.

9) I start splashing through the puddles on the street and all at once I say aloud "I'm dreaming." I have a rush of excitement and say to myself that this being the case, I can do anything.

*PtE* Lucidity & Expansion:

1) More and more I became aware that I was dreaming during a dream. I felt the excitement of an inner world expanding.

Sub: Changes Caused By Lucidity
*LD-P* How Lucidity Affects the Dream:

"‘We are lost in a place where we have been living for decades! It must therefore be a dream!'

"No sooner have I come this realization than both the surroundings and my wife disappear. I however am standing in a room quite near a boy of about 12 years old."

(Lischka, 199, pp. 8-81)

*LD* The Onset of Lucidity:

For Rapport, the emergence of lucidity "instantly" transformed his dream into "an incommunicably beautiful vision." For Faraday, "immediately the light became almost supernaturally intense…space seemed expanded and deeper, just as it does under psychedelic drugs."

*PtE* Onsets of Lucid Dreams:

1) The day is bright and beautiful. I'm driving my car down a street in San Fancisco. I'm thinking ordinary thoughts. For some unknown reason, I realize I am in a dream. Still driving, I command "Up!" and my body lifts from the ground. The car is gone. I still grasp the upper part of the steering wheel, which becomes huge, a great circle. Before long, the scene fades, like a light dimming, and suddenly I'm awake in bed.

*DE* Lucidity Signs by Muhammad:

Muhammad had already experienced visions of isolated luminous and sonorous impressions that he described as "the breaking of the light of dawn."

*DY* Lucid Dream- Fast Changing Scenes:

On this particular night, I suddenly had the realization that I was both asleep and aware that I was dreaming. At the instant of realization, the colors of the dreamscape became startling vivid and intense. I found myself standing on a cliff and looking out over a vast and beautiful valley.

I leapt into space, but instead of flying, I found the dream transforming once again. Still lucid, my awareness appeared to be on a stairway. My body was longer in the dream but I was moving up the stairs. I had gone up one step and was making my way up another when the dream changed again. This time it was just black with no imagery whatsoever. I resisted the impulse to open my eyes. I wished and willed the imagery to return and then suddenly I was back on the stairway. This recurrence of the stairway imagery lasted only momentarily and then I awoke.

Sub: Lucidity Leading To OBE
Script: This initial motion is the rationalization of astral body movements. *

2) (the current) (a normal dream, then).. suddenly we all seem to be caught up in a swift current of water that comes rushing into the corridor. The water fills the space rapidly and we are whisked down the hall, people and fish and water swirling on all sides around us. The current is strange because it is so clear.I can hardly see it, yet I know it is there. Spinning around, we are swept faster and faster.

(The lucid state followed, partly because water is cool and partly because being swept away by water is similar to the sensation of flying.)

(near body trance) The scene shifts and now I am lying in bed with Zal on my left (as I actually am). It's dark, as though I had just awakened in the middle of the night, yet I know I am dreaming. I feel very peculiar- as though I am in a trance (this is similar to the lightheaded sensation). I decide to test whether I can move out of my body. (OBE) Immediately I feel myself rising from the bed. , Lifting straight up from my body as though I'm floating on my back in a swimming pool. The sensations are strikingly real. I hear and feel the blood throbbing loudly in my ears. Accompanying it is a kind of sound-feel, a kind of whirring vibration that continues so long as I am out. Then I seem to float back down into my body and the whirring-tingling ceases.

(Alice in Wonderland) I look around the darkened room. Seeing a window with light sky behind it, I say to myself "Well, look out of it!" The window itself seems to move from spot to spot on the wall. When the window is still, I can see that outside of it there is a city skyline.

Suddenly, I am aware that a man is in bed with us, lashing out in attack. The man and I wrestle. (in and out of lucidity) For seconds at a time I am losing and forget that I am dreaming. At these moments, the fight is as though it were a real and desperate one with my life at stake. Finally, at one moment where the awareness of dreaming is strong and the idea that I can do anything in a dream holds, I find that I am clutching a table knife. I plunge the knife into the man's now-bare buttocks. Then he is gone.

I have a strange physical reaction. All of my muscles, especially in my face, twitch and jerk. The whole body goes into spasms, out of control. It resembles a strong orgasm but is more intense and more like what I imagine an epileptic fit would be.

3) With a sense of revelation, I know that I am dreaming. The scene floods with more intense color. I see a parakeet in the pet shop. (rhyming & echo effects) "Oh you pretty..." I start to say kitty. I being wondering what to do with this precious lucid state, but now I feel overcome by a wave of exhaustion. (vibration) My ears begin the familiar ringing, my head feels floaty and dizzy. I must rest. I lie down on the ground on my right side and close my eyes (I was in fact sleeping on my right side at the time). The whirring-buzzing sound grows louder, drowning out everything. This time it does not stay centered in the head, but moves around my body and travels to my bottom. Like a point of buzzing light it traces patterns around and around the cheeks of my buttocks.

I see a crack of bright light in the sky and watch it. Through the swirling in my head and the feel of the delicious buzzing, I struggle to decide what to experience. Clearly I will go into orgasm soon.

(body -> dream) Unexpectedly, there is a sharp movement, as though of the earth beneath me (it is Zal shifting in our bed). The dream snaps to ordinary. The whirring stops. I am no longer me, lying lucid in a dream wondering what to do. Instead I see a small boy who lies on his right side in a crib. His mother, a large, plump woman, has just startled him awake by opening the door. (disturbance jumps to a whole new attributive track nearby)

4) I feel myself floating a couple of feet above my sleeping body. "Go back!" I tell myself. Immediately, I feel the astral body lower and click back into alignment with the physical. Again I will myself to rise and I float upward. (the current) Suddenly I am caught up, as though in a great gust of wind, and feel myself hurtled away in space. I have so many weird adventures that my mind cannot hold them- blurred memories of fleeting scenes and colors merge together. Then I seem to become unconscious briefly. Next I fall, for a moment, into ordinary dreaming.. (bland dream)

Now I am in the air, flying. Once again, I become clearly conscious of the fact that my body is asleep and I am dreaming. As I fly, my body floods with sexual passion. I decide to hold off orgasm and continue to fly around the large, warehouse-like room. (passing through objects) Flying on, I come to a wall covered with graffiti. I place my hands upon the wall and push gently: my hands go directly through it, I can feel the wall's grainy texture. The letters written on it show clearly through my hands as they pass to the other side.

I am standing in front of a window with an iron grill and have an urge to feel like what it will feel like to go through glass and iron. Again I place my hands in front of me and push. This time I feel a great resistance. Some substance like taut plastic film presses back against my hands and face. I am having trouble breathing, as though a sheet of plastic were being pressed against my face. I push even harder. Suddenly I burst through and find myself outside the building again.

I had better go back under the power of my astral body. All I have to do is think of my room. Good God, I cant remember my room! I cant see it! I cant think of what it looks like. My mind whirls with blending images of former bedrooms. "San Francisco, California!" I shriek. Abruptly, I am in a bedroom. It is not mine, but it is similar to it.

When I finally did wake up from this strange experience, my eyes remained shut. I was puzzled to observe that my visual field, a light grey, had markings at the edge in the pattern of veins.

6) Suddenly I have a strange feeling that something is happening in the next room. With a sense of urgency, I rush around a corner. Reaching the doorway I see that the room is a spacious one with windows on all sides that stand open; bright sunlight streams in. Long sheer curtains billow up in the breeze that enters the open windows. I recognize that I am dreaming. The breeze blows against my body and face (the coolness). I begin to feel slightly dizzy and I rise into the air. Now my body is a-tremble with the "sound-feel." It is a tactile noise, or an audible-touch- both at once. A whirring-tingling rumbles in my every cell.

7) Towards the end of a complex ordinary dream that includes scenes of my mother becoming dizzy (lightheadedness in another character usually precedes my becoming lightheaded) and rain (coolness), the scene shifts:

(a rote or mistaken identity) I am climbing up a beautiful hill on a clear, sunny, breezy day. Reaching the top, I survey a majestic scene. As my gaze lowers, I see a long stone wall and a royal river. I watch with fascination as small boats filled with dark-skinned people slip past the opening in the wall. I somehow am certain that these people are members of the royal family. As they float by, some of the people in the boats glance up and, noticing me, smile warmly. I can sense that I wear something special on my head. Seeing outward through my own eyes, I can feel its weight and sense a shape. A child in one of the boats points to my headpiece and shouts in a quaint, childish style "Xerxes give it to her!" The people begin to murmur in tones of awe "Xerxes, Xerxes." I have a strange feeling, as though I am some sort of goddess or good spirit.

Xerxes had been a king of Persia.

Losing Lucidity - Going Into a Dream

Sub: Strong Desire Fantasies

*BP* The Fantasy Trap: Leaping Into Subjective Dreams:

Strong Desire Fantasy(BP): I wanted to get away so strongly that I started to use my mind to pretend to go to places. In essence, I started to fantasize. It was very much like the normal dream state.

In the first fantasy I walked out into the living room. JP, CA, Mom, and Dad were there, talking. I walked out and sat down. I said something like, "You can see me!", then they said, "Of course we can see you." Then I thought, "This can't be right; I'm projecting." Just then I came out of it and came to realize I had been fantasizing. I was still stuck to my body in the same position.

I tried again to use my mind to get away and slipped into another fantasy. In this fantasy I walked up to my bedroom door, opened it and went through. I walked to the nearest window and tried to walk through it. But it seemed very solid. So I very quickly went to the back door, ignoring everything else. I opened the door and walked outside. I went to the nearest clearing and jumped up into the air in a Superman pose. Then I fell flat on my face! It seemed so very physical that I began to doubt I was projecting. I thought, "Well, now I've made a complete fool of myself. I must be physical." I started walking toward the house again but I never got there. It was then I came to realize that I had been fantasizing again.

Sub: OB Fantasies

Dreaming of Going OB(BP): The Fantasy trap can be quite persistent and annoying, as you can see from the following example:

1) I tried to pull myself up to the ceiling, and tried to send my consciousness to the ceiling by imagining the point of view of looking down at my body. I got a brief "clairvoyant" image of my body down on the bed, but I didn't actually travel up there. I tried for a while longer to get free, but once again I lapsed into semi-consciousness. After a long time of dreamlike short scenes, I finally snapped out of it again, and I was still out of my body but stuck to it. I thought, "I'm really out of my body!" Then I said, "Wow! I'm really projecting. I'm even speaking aloud while out of my body!" Then the humor of what I just said, and the fact that I was talking to myself, caught up with me and I chuckled aloud. I laughed a while longer, then set out to free myself again.

Sub: Instantaneous Travel Fantasies

Instantaneous Travel Fantasy(BP): Most of the OBE books say that you can travel in the blink of an eye, just by thinking about the person or place you want to visit. Therefore, I would think about a place I wanted to visit, and I would visualize that place, and imagine I was there.

I learned this form of idle imagination can easily turn into an unproductive OBE-daydream. Instead of being transported, the visualization takes on a life of its own and my consciousness slips into a dream-fantasy state. The fantasy is entirely subjective, as far as I can tell, and can be as wild as any ordinary dream. But once the fantasy is over and my consciousness returns to normal, I know I've been dreaming.

When I return to full consciousness, I may still be out of my body. Waking up out-of-body (and comparing the former dream to the now-OBE state) convinces me that the OBE was real (objective) and that the fantasy was not real (subjective).

(BP) 1) In an attempt to instantaneously travel to LD, I closed my eyes and visualized her perfectly in every detail. Nothing happened. I opened my eyes and I was still in bed sitting up in my astral body. I thought, "This is getting me nowhere." I started to think about LD instead. Still no results.

A few times I could "think" myself to another location, but these had unpredictable results:

2) ...I closed my [astral] eyes and started thinking about LD, but nothing changed. I closed my eyes, and visualized LD. I opened my eyes and I was not in the same place! I didn't see LD either. I had no idea where I was. I was so overwhelmed by the change of scenery without any physical sensations, that I lost all consciousness....

3) ...I launched myself straight up in the air. I thought about LD and in a split-second, it seemed as if my consciousness blurred and instead of flying, I was transported somewhere at a blinding speed. That confused me, and I thought for a second, "No! I want to fly there." I felt LD's presence for a second, but my confusion sent me back to my body again instantly....

*CD* Retaining Lucidity Through Dream Travel

Dream travel is, according to Green, "A somewhat unreliable process, with a high probability that the subject will lose his state of lucidity or wake up before the termination of the journey is reached."

** Trouble With Instantaneous Travel:

Instantaneous Travel(RB): It is generally accepted that if you can visualize a destination you can project yourself there instantly, at the speed of thought. I have found this to be highly unreliable. I find this instantaneous method usually projects you straight into a subjective location created by the visualization of your target. You may appear to be at your destination but you will usually find many discrepancies between the real location and where you are. By using your visualization powers to travel with, you will not actually travel. You will create a subjective copy of a destination and enter it.

Long Distance Travel(RB): I have found it more reliable to follow the surface for short to medium distance projection of up to a few hundred miles. Even this can be difficult as it is easy to fall into the Alice effect while traveling. All you have to do is break concentration once and you will slip into a dream pool. Strict mental control must be maintained at all times when travelling in real time.

Sub: Determining Reality From Fantasy

How To Tell If You're In Fantasy(BP): If you fall prey to the fantasy trap, there are certain clues that you are no longer in the proper state: Fantasy-objects (such as doors and windows) might seem solid, fantasy-people might see you, and your fantasy-body might not be able to fly.

Sub: Strong Emotion Loss of Lucidity
*LD-CL* Overwhelming Out of Lucidity:

During the first few moments of lucidity, the dreamer may commit the "fatal error" of turning his attention outward. If he does, the instability or the emotional impact of the images may cause him to lapse back into the semi-consciousness of the dream. Hence the immediate need upon the awakening of lucidity is to direct one's awareness to ideals and object which will remain unchanging throughout the course of the dream. The dreamer needs to discover "fixed" symbols onto which he can project his feeble dream identity.

One method of establishing a firm internal identity is to concentrate on an affirmation which serves as a continual reminder of the illusory nature of the experience such as "Everything I see is a dream."

Movement in the lucid dream tends to stabilize the dreamer's involvement.


"I walk on down the street. It is night; and as I look up at the sky I am astounded by the clarity of the stars. They seem so close. At this point I become lucid. The dream "shakes" momentarily. Immediately I look down at the ground and concentrate on solidifying the image and remaining in the dreamscape. I turn my attention to the pole star above my head. Gradually the clarity of the stars returns in its fullness."

*LD* Emotional Involvement & Loss of Lucidity:

One danger of emotional involvement is that the lucid dreamer's consciousness may be reabsorbed by the dream, and as the lucid dreamer becomes emotionally absorbed, he reidentifies with the dream role.

*CD* Emotion Breaks Lucidity:

If you do things in a lucid dream that seem too physically dangerous to you or you lose yourself in the emotion.

*CD* Orgasms in Lucid Dreams:

In an even more recent lucid dream, "Naked Babies," 9/15/73, I succeeded in experiencing an orgasm, suggesting that it is possible to learn to have strong emotional experiences in a lucid dream if one is accustomed to the state of dream consciousness.)

Sub: Distraction & Interest
*S&tS* Loss of Lucidity:

1) Now, knocking at the door is a man with the hairy, dark face of a beast. His deep, rumbling, gravelly voice becomes so loud and distracting to me that I begin to lose my lucid awareness as I listen to him. Suddenly I awaken.

5) The bird becomes larger as I approach it and I know it is too large to be a crow. I wonder what kind of bird it is, when suddenly it disappears. Again, I feel a swirling, confusing sensation all over and slowly I begin to descend to the ground. My lucidity slowly fades out, and gradually I lose sight of the dreamscape as well.

*APr* Loss of Lucidity:

I would enter a restaurant and order a meal, only to wake after savoring the first few mouthfuls.

Similarly I would visit a theatre, but could never stay in the dream more than a few minutes after the curtain had risen, because my growing interest in the play broke down my mental control of the experience. I would encounter a fascinating lady and even talk to her for a little while, but the mere though of a possible embrace was fatal. The motto for projectionist should be: "I may look, but I must not get too interested—let alone touch!"

*FVE* Ordinary Dreaming's Reactions to Lucid Dreaming:

Then the lucid dream was interrupted by an ordinary dream in which I saw a lady standing on a bridge, who told me she had heard me talk in my sleep.

Sub: Sensations of Lucidity Loss

2) As I mentally search for an idea or image to command, I feel myself being pulled out of the lucid state and falling back into ordinary dream consciousness. I somehow "fell" back into the state of normal dreaming, and I was clearly aware of this falling sensation as it occurred.

4) I now feel myself losing balance as I start to fall from the lucid state. (Me: falling like from the pillar of air in XTC lucidity)

Sub: Changes Caused By Loss of Lucidity

3) The lucidity begins to fade and then the dreamscape also fades as I fall back into a sound sleep.

*LD-P* Loss of Lucidity:

"...On repetition the sentence seems to become continually longer although the content remains similar, and I cannot retain it in my mind. It strikes me that I am fairly tired and a strange indifference disposes me to do nothing more. The light is continually weakening, and in its place arise all sorts of fantastic images. Then I awaken and hear 3 o'clock strike. It is three and a half hours since falling asleep."

(Moers-Messmer, Case 11)

Awakening From a Lucid Dream

*LD-P* Withdrawing from a Lucid Dream:

"The first development beyond lucid dreaming was the discovery of how to wake myself out of a dream. The method, which I discovered quite by chance in an ordinary dream while hiding from pursuers, consists in covering my eyes with my hands and withdrawing my thoughts from the dream. There would follow a prolonged and most unpleasant sensation as though trying to get back into my body, which I could sense but not move." (Subject E)

Unbroken Lucidity

*PotC* Unbroken Lucidity:

I remained lucid from the time I went to bed until now, and the act of awakening was virtually dispensed with.

*CD* Bringing Consciousness Across into Dreams:

The Yogis of the dream state strive to never let go of consciousness; the lucid dreamers usually struggle to become conscious during the dream.

*CJ* Falling Asleep in the Thick State:

It wasn't long before I went into my level and moved through the thick state...

Sometimes I would get stuck in this state- and simply fall sound asleep.

5) Then I found, to my delight, that some dreams were starting lucid. There was no particular image that shifted me from an ordinary dream state to a lucid one. They simply began lucid.


Things Incorporated into Dreams

NonLucid Rationalizations & Realizing Them

Script: Rationalizations occur in a pre-lucid state, where you realize something is amiss, but the possibility of dreaming doesnt occur to you, so the inconsistancy must be physically explained. Whatever you need to account for it becomes a reality and appears in the dream/OBE and puts your prelucid state to rest. It's easy to rationalize telepathic communications- the person appears and talks to you. Their story may even be a rote and pull you into it.
Script: Definitely include my discoveries on context and attribution based on different contexts.

The Nature of Dream Rationalizations

*PotC* Dreams & Critical Faculties:

In a dream, one accepts as natural the most absurd occurrences through lack of lucidity; in a conscious projection, critical judgement is always operative.

*UR2* The Journeying Part of You:

While fully enjoying the physical aspect you find that there is some part of you left over, so to speak; and that part can travel into other realities. It can also then return, bringing the physically oriented self "snapshots" of its journeys. These snapshots are usually interpreted in terms of your home program. Otherwise, they might make no sense to the physical self.

*UR2* Objects Crossing Realities, Being Many Things At Once:

The hat on the table, while possessing all of the necessary paraphernalia of reality for that scene, might also, however, serve as a different kind of reference point for one of the other programs simultaneously occurring. In that reality, say program two, the entire configuration of hat and table may be meaningless, while still being interpreted in an entirely different way from a quite different perspective. There in program two the table might be a flat natural plain, and the hat an oddly shaped structure upon it- a natural rather than a manufactured one... Any of the objects shown in the program you are watching, then, may be used as a different kind of reference point in another reality, in which those objects appear as something else. (NOTE: Ah! I have had many experiences like this! An object or pattern is whisked into your story and hallucinated upon- rationalized- into your dream. Like when the blanket is a face looking at me and as I slowly transfer from dream to waking, it resolves/morphs into the blanket pattern with no semblance of a face. Also- the micro-world of dreams and hallucinations)


Ruburt found himself in an out-of-body state, looking at a jacket. It had four rectangular pockets. It was giant-sized. As he looked at it the front flap was open. In the dream he flew through this flap literally into another dimension, where the point of the flap was a hill upon which he landed. From that second perspective, the pockets of the jacket in the first perspective became the windows of a building that existed in a still-further, third dimension beyond the hill... (NOTE: Yes! The mini-dimensions of high and dream states, built of something physical reinterpreted! It comes from a strong beleif in your present context- so strong, in fact, that the possibility of a non-flowing incongruous object does not occur to you. Then the malleability of your mind shows itself as it is rationalized into your context.)

If the shades were pulled in the windows in Perspective Three, then the jacket-pocket flaps would appear to be closed in Perspective One. He also realized he had been directing the erection of the building in Perspective Three by making the jacket (in Perspective One)...

Ruburt was validly involved in the erection of that building, and he did indeed travel through various dimensions in which the objects in one represented something entirely different in another... Any given object in one dimension has its own reality in another.

*LBD* Rationalization in Dreams:

Sleeping life is inwardly a far more active life than the waking life of the soul...

The images of dream-life arise because life spreads its carpet over the true inner activity... The ego and the astral body are livingly active when we dream; when their activity comes into contact with the etheric body, when we hit upon the etheric body, then dreams arise. But in dreams we make use of life's physical memories in the etheric body, thus rendering visible the activity of the ego and of the astral body, which would otherwise remain invisible... This activity which we unfold during sleep can thus reveal itself to a serious and worthy form of spiritual research.

*LBD* Dreams:

Dreams are the least part of his experiences while asleep. Everything else, however, remains unconscious. Only the dreams surge up into consciousness. Yet it could be said that the dreams, be they ever so interesting, ever so manifold, ever so rich in many-hued colour, represent something that restricts the human being completely to his own self. (NOTE: In its rationalizations)

*UR2* Traveling To and Translating From Other Realities in Dreams:

Now all consciousness, including your own, is highly mobile. While you focus your attention primarily in your own world, certain portions of your consciousness are always straying. When you are sleeping, then, your consciousness often ventures into other realities, usually in a wandering fashion without tuning itself in to any precise frequencies. Beneath many seemingly chaotic dreams there are often valid experiences in which your consciousness "lights" in another reality, without being attuned to it with the necessary precision that would allow for clear perception. The information cannot be sifted effectively and is translated into dream images, as your consciousness returns toward your own home station. Therefore, it has been difficult to achieve any kind of clear picture of such other realities...

Unless your consciousness is tuned in with exquisite precision you will not be able to perceive clearly. You will instead pick up at best the ghost images, probabilities, and private data that are not officially recognized as part of the main reality's official structure of events.

*UR2* Greater Codified System Gestalts, Projecting Your Symbols in Dreams:

There are levels within dreams, highly pertinent but mainly personal, in that they reflect your own private intents and purposes. There are other levels, further away in your terms, that involve mass behavior on a psychic level, where together the inhabitants of the physical world plan out future events. Here probabilities are recognized and utilized. Symbolism is used... Private desires here are magnified as they are felt by others, or minimized accordingly, so that in the overall, large general plans are made having to do with the species at any given "time." Here again, these desires and intents must fit into the codified system as it exists.

At these levels you are still close to home. Beyond, there are layers of actuality in which your psyche is also highly involved, and these may or may not appear to have anything to do with the world that you know.

When you travel into such realms you usually do so from the dream state, still carrying your private symbols with you. Even here, these are automatically translated into experience. This is not your own codified system, however. You may journey through such a reality, perceiving it opaquely, layering it over with your own perceived symbols, and taking those for the "real" environment. In these terms the real environment will be that which was generally perceived by the natural inhabitants of the system...

In certain terms you are a part of any reality that you experience- but you may have difficulty in the interpretation of events.

*CWS* Physical Interpretation of OB Adventures:

When you are OB, in this life, you will use the attributes of the brain. When you come back to your body, you must interpret the knowledge that you have received through the brain. You think, even OB, in human terms. When you leave your body, in your terms, for good, then you do not even think in terms of passing moments, or time. You could not dream in the way that you consider dreaming unless you were physical! There are chemical releases within your body, and many interactions that result in the thing you call dreaming.

*LD-P* Rationalization:

A particularly interesting type of pre-lucid dream is that in which the resistance expresses itself, not merely by suggesting to the dreamer ways of accounting for his perceptions, but also by modifying the imagery of the dream as soon as the dreamer becomes critical of it.

*MJooB* Dream Conjurings, Rationalization & Possibility Holes:

When an impossible situation, person, or place appears, the mind finds some answer rather than none at all. A search is made to produce proper identification. If there is nothing to coincide with the observed data, the mind reports the most similar memory and tells you that that is what you are seeing. It takes a critical analysis to find out what was actually perceived. This is due to the attempt to translate into the five senses. It is misattribution taking place on the sensory level, as well as the explanatory level.

Dream Delusions: While dreaming, you ‘see' anything you think about; so when a relative thought is brought into the mind you see it as substance, thought it is a delusion. The body might ‘through associated ideas' take on the aspect of a crowd, or an animal, and the subject would then believe that he was flying over a crowd or an animal. In the falling dream the bed might appear to be the ground, or the bottom of a pit, because these things are associated with falling. These are just crude examples.

Rationalizations of Dream Inconsistencies

*LD-P* Rationalization:

The following example reported by the physical Ernst Mach:

"At a time when I was much occupied with problems about space I dreamed that I was walking in a wood. Suddenly I noticed that the displacement of the trees was insufficient in terms of perspective, and deduced from this that I was dreaming. Immediately the deficiencies in the displacements were made good. Then again, in another dream, I saw in my laboratory a glass beaker filled with water, in which a candle was steadily burning. ‘Where does it get the oxygen? There is oxygen absorbed in the water. But where do the gases which result from combustion come away?' Now bubbles began to rise from the flame, and my mind was set at rest."

(Ernst Mach, quoted in Tholey and Utecht, 1987, p. 91)


"It occurred to me that a house directly in front of me seemed to be upside down, upon which I was convinced that I must be dreaming. But then I noticed that I had spectacles on, and it immediately crossed my mind that they might be inverting spectacles. In order to test this, I took off the spectacles, whereupon I saw that the house ahead of me was now standing upright. This led me to suppose incorrectly that I was really in a waking state."

(Tholey and Utecht, 1987, p. 88)


The difficulty which lucid dreamers often experience in reproducing the effect of a light being switched on may be disguised by a switch or bulb being absent or appearing to be defective.

Rationalization of Physical Stimuli

Sub: The Paralysis
*ANMU* Dreaming of the Paralysis:

There was another recurring dream which always frightened me. In this dream I was a paralytic or a cripple; I fell down and could not get up, because my legs did not obey me.

*ANMU* A Dream Inspired By Environment:

When I happened to press my hand with my knee and the hand became numb, I dreamt that a dog was biting my hand.

Sub: Physical Touch
*HIoD* Rationalization of Body Input:

Klein (1930) described the influence of discrete physical stimuli (for example, the smell of creosote and the sound of a tuning fork) on the "imaginal associations" or dreams of hypnotized subjects. Characteristically of Klein's results, one subject who was pinched on the hand invariably dreamed of a black rat, whereas another subject whose hand was touched with cotton dreamed: "A cow licked my hand." (NOTE: Rationalization again, as "another body collecting stimulus" isn't an option. Just like psychics who don't believe in psychic abilities.)

*ANMU* Half-Dressed Dreams & Environmental Influences:

Amusing dreams which occur very often, those in which one sees oneself undressed or half-dressed walking in the street or among people, also required no complicated theories for their explanation. This was simply the sensation of one's half-dressed body.

*ANMU* A Dream Inspired By Environment:

The first and most characteristic dream, which I had very often, was one in which I saw a quagmire or bog of a peculiar character. Often this quagmire or bog... appeared before me on the ground or even on the floor of my room, without any association with the plot of the dream. I did my utmost to avoid this mud, not to step into it, even not to touch it. But I invariably got into it, and it began to suck me in and generally sucked my legs in up to the knees. I made every conceivable effort to get out of this mud or mire, and sometimes I succeeded, but then I usually awoke. ..

The whole content of this dream was created by the sensation of my legs being entangled in the blanket or sheets, so that I could neither move nor turn them. If I succeeded in turning over, I escaped from this mud, but then I invariably woke up, because I made a violent movement.

*LD* Physical Incorporation Into Dreams:

Tactile stimuli were more frequently incorporated into dreams than either light or sound.

*ODM* Body Effects on Dreams:

me: Physical stimuli appear objectively in dreams and are attributed subjectively. This is an attempt by the mind to justify and rationalize all strange sensations coming from the body and mind as it slips deeper to sleep and into alpha, theta, and OB, from brainwave patterns (Satori) and retinal field patterns (#12) to sound, body heat, and mental vibrations.

Potzl: Brief visual exposures were later incorporated into the dream content in an interesting fashion. The parts of the stimulus picture consciously perceived and reported immediately after the exposure were excluded from subsequent dreams, but the parts not reported were included. These images underwent many transformations and distortions.

book: This pattern of individual differences can be noted more clearly. Maury, for example, frequently reported calamitous incidents in response to the sensory stimuli to which he was exposed. Hervey Saint-Denys, on the other hand, seemed frequently to come up with images of beautiful and desirous women, regardless of whether auditory, olfactory, or taste stimuli were involved. And Cubberly's dream imagery was often suggestive of concerns with social status or position.

1) Meier described a dream of being hanged; he awoke to realize that he had fastened his nightshirt too tightly around his neck.

2) He was being overpowered by men who stretched him out on the ground and drove a stake into the earth between his big toe and the toe next to it. He woke up to find a straw sticking between these same toes.

3) Dr. Gregory applied a bottle of hot water to his feet while in bed and dreamed that he was making a journey over almost unbearably hot ground on his way to the top of Mount Etna. The same stimulus induced dreams in other nineteenth-century authors of being led by Satan over the burning marl of hell; having one's feet held to a fire by a bandit; being a bear learning to dance by standing on hot iron plates; and scorching one's feet while escaping from a burning house.

4) A friend of mine happening to sleep in damp sheets, dreamed that he was dragged through a stream.

9) A woman who awoke because of a painful sensation in her nose, caused by its resting too long on her hand, dreamed there was a peculiar epidemic going on which attacked and destroyed the bridges of its victims' noses. She was greatly affected in her dream by the agony she endured of seeing so many noseless persons, and her distress woke her.

16) A small piece of gummed paper was attached to the sole of one foot. He dreamed of people dancing rather clumsily, like rustics dancing in a barn; one woman in the center of the group was notably awkward, "as if there were lameness in one foot or the other." When this paper bit was placed on the right large toe, he dreamed of climbing stairs in a building to reach a certain office, which he entered on a tiptoe so as not to be discovered.

20) The water spray was associated with dreams in which there was a sudden rainfall or a roof beginning to leak.

21) Cold water had been sprayed on a subject's back, then they had awoken him thirty seconds later. He was dreaming of acting in a play. Then the leading lady collapsed. "I ran over to her and felt water dripping on my back and head. The roof was leaking. I was very puzzled why she fell down and decided some plaster must have fallen on her. I looked up and there was a hole in the roof."

22) The stimulus was painless chocks to the wrist. The dream was of trying to ignore someone who was tugging at his sleeve.

23) When the upper part of the hospital bed on which they were sleeping was raised or lowered, subjects reported dreams of falling, flying, or riding a motor scooter.

24) When warm water was introduced, the dreamer reported experiencing a warm day.

25) Colder room temperature increased the intensity of dream emotions, which became increasingly unpleasant.

Script: The following uses reverse reasoning- dream actions cause the jerks. Remember that science is notoriously bad at deducing causation.
*JoNDE-JWh* Incorporation of Spasms & Tunnel-Vision into Dreamlets:

We have observed other physical and physiologic activities, such as myoclonic jerking of the extremities, being incorporated into the dreamlet. The incorporation of tunnel vision into the dreamlet could logically be interpreted as coming out of the darkness of a tunnel or perhaps bright sunlight.

This sequence results in the myoclonic jerking occurring as the individual is regaining consciousness. The apparent inclusion of myoclonic jerking into the dreamlet is one of the prime reasons that we consider the dream period to be near the end of the absolute incapacitation period. Dreamlets in which individuals stated they were riding on "bumper cars" at an amusement park were reported as one individual experienced a dream about fishing and pulling back on his fishing rod several times to set the hook. Floundering around in the water while being about to drown was reported in association with the rhythmic extremity jerking of the myoclonic convulsions. Daniel Dennett, in his own dream, heard a lamb bleating rhythmically, which then coalesced perfectly in cadence with his telephone ringing as he awoke.

G-LOC: "I was in the grocery store going down one of the aisles. I was…being propelled by something like a magic carpet, although I could not make movements. I wanted to reach out and get a carton of ice cream but could not move my arm or even my eyes to look for it. It was intensely frustrating to hear the warning horn and not be able to get my arm down to turn the darn thing off."

He could hear a G-LOC warning tone in the centrifuge.

Sub: Internal Physical Phenomena
*PtE* Body Input -> Dream Experiences:

1) Once, as an adolescent, when I dreamed of a house on fire, there was no question in my mind when I woke that my dream referred to my aroused sexual condition at the moment. My body, as the dream house, was "on fire."

10) A patient with painful itching skin dreamed he was stroking his dog, who enjoyed the sensations so much that the dreamer began to use his nails and intensifies his efforts until he became almost breathless. He woke to find his skin lacerated and bleeding.

*ODM* Body Influence On Dreams:

Menstrual cycles: Before ovulation, more male characters were present, and they were viewed as very interesting and appealing, while other women receded into the background or were cast into somewhat competitive roles in relation to the dreamer. After ovulation, women seemed to feel an affiliative connection with other women, but an attitude of hostility towards men was detectable.

Pregnancy: The changes occurring in pregnant women's bodies were sometimes symbolically reflected by means of architectural imagery, references to tilting skyscrapers or newly appearing front porches. Imagery involving the unborn child increased dramatically during the third trimester of pregnancy.

*ODM* Dreams During Pregnancy:

References to the baby are extremely common and occur in approximately 1/3 of all dreams after the fifth month. The actual delivery is not very often mentioned and the baby is frequently born as if by magic, or sometimes the woman's mother obligingly has it for her. Once born, the baby usually possesses unusual physical characteristics such as weighing 5 ounces (Me: yes! I'm not alone!) or else tipping the scales at 35 pounds, or can walk and talk at birth.

1) A woman dreamed of rowing across the river in an orange shell. As Nancy was rowing, she discovered a magic seed, which she placed in the orange shell. This seed grew very fast and eventually formed a plant.

2) A woman, who had been trying to conceive for a long time, dreamed of looking down and seeing huge, ripe bunches of grapes growing from her belly.

3) I'm staring at a dark, starless sky. Slowly I look over my right shoulder and a huge full moon overwhelms my vision. I cant see anything else. The moon gives off a glowing aliveness. I absorb a feeling of complete benevolence from this moon, and I face it head-on. Looking again, I see that there's a smaller moon racing within the large moon. Clouds are crossing back and forth in front of the little moon. Together the two moons produce a sense of total innocence and wonder.

When this woman awoke, she told her husband she was pregnant and the child was a girl. This was proven true.

4) I dreamed with regularity, every month about 3-4 days before menstruation, that I would be using the bathroom and find blood on the tiles paper. The dream occurred with such regularity that I began to accept it as assurance that I was not pregnant. Then one month the dream did not occur and a few weeks later it was confirmed that I was pregnant.

5) I dreamed labor had begun and that upon arriving at the hospital I took a leisurely walk through a beautiful garden and then delivered a baby girl. When it finally happened, I had a very easy and unmedicated labor.

6) My fourth pregnancy ended in miscarriage. At approximately ten weeks, I dreamed that I lost the baby. The dream was remarkably close to the actual event, even to such details as what I was wearing, my surroundings at the time of miscarriage, etc.

Sub: Neural Phenomena
Script: These could be neural, or they could be "orgone" energy balls.
*APr* Brain Cell-Hallucination:

(NOTE: The smallest unit of experience!) Sometimes, just before falling asleep, I would see through my closed eyelids, a number of small misty-blue or mauve vibrating circles. Somewhat resembling a mass of frog's eggs, and only just on the borderline of visibility. At first, these circles would be empty, but soon a tiny grinning face, with piercing steel-blue eyes, would appear in each circle, and I would hear a chorus of mocking voices, saying very rapidly, as though in tune with the vibration, "That is it, you see! That is it, you see!" Always, they said the same thing. The appearance of these faces always heralded a particularly nasty nightmare.

1) The vibrating circles appeared, empty at first, and lo and behold, they became filled by little glass-ink pots! And there was no nightmare! Thereafter I performed a feat of childish magic. When the empty circles came, I would give the command, "Let it be ink-stands!" Sure enough, the little glass pots would appear and there would be no nightmare. But I had to very quick about it, or the grinning faces would get in first. A deeper significance in my out-of-the-body experiences I have noted on several occasions, beneath the golden glow suffusing the room, this barely visible, vibrating curtain of circular cells. I believe it is always present at the back of tings, if one concentrates upon it, though it will often remain unnoticed because of the more arresting nature of other phenomena. But in my experiences, these vibrating circles remain empty. It was only in my early childhood, that impish faces or friendly ink-pots appeared in them.

2) We came to a yellow path, leading across a desolate moor. As we stood at the foot of this path, it suddenly rose up before us and became a roadway of golden light stretching from earth to zenith.

Now in this amber-tinted shining haze, there appeared countless colored forms of men and beasts, representing man's upward evolution through different stages of civilization. These forms faded away; the pathway lost its golden tint and became a mass of vibrating circles or globules (like frog's eggs), a purplish-blue in color. These in their turn, changed to "peacock's eyes"; and then suddenly there came a culminating vision of gigantic peacock, whose outspread tail filled the heavens.

OF: Though the eyes are closed, the room is plainly visible; and the atmosphere also, so that one gets an effect rather like particles of dust illuminated by the sun- or roughly a golden glow, quite variable in its intensity. Behind this, and only just on the borderline of visibility, is something like a mass of frog's eggs, bluish-grey in color and vibrating.

*S&tS* Frog Eggs, Peach Trees, Orbs:

1) I am standing on the street about half a block west of my home. There is a peach tree in the front corner of my yard. All the peaches are perfectly uniform in size, slightly bigger than baseballs, and they all shine with an amazing array of brilliant colors, red, yellow, and gold.

2) I see a large cluster of grapes in my field of vision. They are all perfectly round, somewhat small, and uniform in size and shape.Suddenly, every grape on the cluster, in perfect unison, shifts its position slightly, and each grape is outlined with a brilliant ring of white light. I realize I'm dreaming. Now all the rings of light, perfectly circular around each grape, move again as one, in perfect unison, as each takes on a slight hexagon shape or light which appears just inside the circumference. Now, as if by the twist of a brilliant, giant kaleidoscope, the entire cluster spreads out and expands with a brilliant white flash, creating thousands of identically illuminated grapes that spread gloriously to the left and right as far as I can see across my entire field of vision.

14) Ladd recalled a dream involving a printed page of words and sentences clearly spread out before him. When he examined his retinal field, he claimed he could detect the minute light and dark spots arising from the activity of the rods and cones, which had arranged themselves in parallel lines extending across his retinal field. (Me: like my satori pools)

Sub: Sound

5) Another friend dreamed that he was stroking a kitten which in consequence purred most lustily. On awakening, he found that the working of the heavy machinery of a neighboring mill was slightly shaking his bed, and making the joints produce a sound like the purring of a cat.

12) He dreamed about the ringing of an alarm bell signaling that a revolution had broken out when a pair of tweezers was held near his ear and struck with a pair of scissors.

26) high-meaning words were incorporated much more frequently than low-meaning words. The effects of hearing one's own voice can have powerful influence upon the subsequent dream process. After listening to the dreamer's voice, the dreamer was significantly more active, assertive, and independent.

Sub: Smell

6) A flower being applied to the nostrils may excite powerfully the imagination, and give the dreamer the idea of walking in a garden.

7) It was summertime and the odors from a recently unpacked barrel of "strong old American cheese" pervaded his sleeping quarters. In addition, he became aware of rats gnawing in an old wall behind the bedstead. When he finally got to sleep, the dreamer found himself in some barbarous country, charged with a political offense, and doomed to be incarcerated in a large cheese. He then became away of an army of rats attacking the monstrous cheese which was his prison. Just as they gained entrance and began to "fix themselves in numbers upon my naked body," the dreamer awoke with throbbing temples and a sense of nausea from the extremely strong odor of cheese.

8) A man sleeping in a strange house awoke in a state of exhaustion from having struggled in his dream with birds of prey, which eventually overpowered him and carried him to the gardens of the dead in India. A pillow stuffed with the decomposing feathers of wild birds had induced his disturbing dreams. The pillow gave off a peculiar odor as his body warmed it up. His deathly dreams vanished when the pillow was changed.

11) In response to a burning match held close to his nose, he dreamed that he was on a ship at sea and the magazine of the ship blew up.

13) During a vacation at Vivarais, Saint-Denys decided to constantly smell one of his handkerchiefs impregnated with a particular perfume. After returning home, he arranged for his servant to sporadically shake a few drops of the same perfume onto his pillow after he was asleep. On those nights, his master reported dreams containing images associated with Vivarais, such as mountains and chestnut trees.

When nocturnally exposed to the perfume associated with Vivarais and perfume associated with his artists studio, he dreamed he was watching an artist paint a picturesque canvas in a mountainous region similar to Vivarais.

Sub: Sight
Script: Include my experiences with the nova dreamer.

15) Max Simon preferred to sleep in a room without curtains because in his early morning dreams he then frequently found himself in buildings "bathed in floods of dazzling light, while everything seemed animated and joyous."

19) Flashing lights evoked dreams of seeing lightning or shooting stars

Rationalizations of Astral Experiences

Script: Some of those might be well placed in their sections, such as flying.
Sub: Flying & Falling
*SD&P* Flying & Falling Dreams are Reaund), I see that it is our Chinese housekeeper, Hsiu-Ming. Leaning forward again, I continue to talk. I have an overwhelming desire to go outside. Hsiu-Ming and I move towards a screened-in porch. Outside the screened porch I can see that it is night and dark. I want very much to get out but there seems to be no door. Hsiu-Ming cuts an opening in the screen with one of her fingernails. I squeeze my body through the space in the mesh. A blast of cool night air strikes me (the coolness). Bending my knees, I push off from the ground and into the air, still fully aware that I am dreaming.

Pushing through a narrow space seems to suggest a movement from one state of being to another. Occultists would say that it represents the separation of the astral body from the physical. Many of my lucid dreams involve such imagery.

4) I am on a ship. I go outside, yet somehow I am underground and see a staircase. Ascending it, I exit through a hole in the earth. There, people across the water on a dock point to falling snow (the coolness). Will I be able to reopen the hole in the earth? Feeling the edges of it with my fingertips, I push. A kind of trapdoor swings open and I go through it, down the steps and back to the ship.

5) The pretty green grasslike plantings on either side of the path all look alike, until, at a certain spot, they appear wavy. This is a clue to the presence of a special opening. This special spot covers a hole in the earth where it is possible to go through to the "other side." Zal and I kneel and scoop the earth away with our hands. When we have uncovered the opening, Zal and I squeeze through this hole in the earth. Hovering in the air on the other side, we seal the hole from underneath with our hands. On this side, all is white and snowy (the coolness). Back and back Zal and I move, now falling. More and more rapidly we go. The white, sunny color in front of me begins to spin and break up into small patterns (the visual orgasm).

*CPL* Childhood OBE Nightmares:

"My worst childhood nightmares were underwater terrors. From the age of four or five, as I dozed in bed, I first would hear a faint buzzing, then swirling water would engulf me. Somehow I was paralyzed and couldn't cry out for my parents. But when I woke up from these dreams, I would scream for my parents and run into their room."

*PtE* Unconscious Attribution of the Vibration:

It's not simply that auditory and tactile sensations in conscious dreams are more beautiful- silk feels even more lustrous, musical tones are even more exquisite- but, in addition, the sounds and feelings take on specific shapes. When I felt the wind and the sun on my face. I didn't question it when I felt the wind in my face when flying, or hearing the rush of water passing by my ears as I dove deep into a pool to pick up a pebble from the bottom, and when I flew along the seashore and heard the roar of the ocean.

Bit by bit I came to the realization that the sounds and sensations of wind and water in my dreams are pictures of the sound-feeling that comes from within myself. It was not the wind or water or memory-image of the wind or water that produced the sound, it was, quite literally, myself. I was producing a shimmery sound-feeling that my dreams were formed into pictures of wind and water.

Other dream pictures were related to the sound-feel. The roar of a passing train in a dream, the powerful purr of a bus-train that approached, the buzz of a swarm of bees, the rumble of voices in a crowd, a burst of clapping hands (Me: whatever is most appropriate to your context).

(Script: The less conscious you are, the more your mind makes things up to explain what sensations you're experiencing. It is your normal, everyday, waking mind trying to find reasons for what's going on. "The sensation is real, god damn!" it thinks. What could that be? It cant be denied. So your idea of the scenery has to change; what you're doing, where you are.)

I began to notice fast-moving beats in the background of lucid dreams. I heard pulsations or drumbeats. Sometimes the pulsation shapes itself into rhythmic verse or music.

I justify the sound I hear myself making by images of wind, water, motors, insects, animals, and people that buzz, purr, roar, chant, and whir. I justify the vibration that I feel myself making by objects, animals, and people that pet, kiss, and tickle me.

1) I am sailing in the air to a heavy musical beat. Matching the tune, I begin to sing.

2) I was being kissed on every portion of my body at once. The all-over tingling sensation it produced led me to the awareness that I was dreaming.

3) I was hopping down a street when I saw a group of people who wanted to stop me. I rose into the air a few feet to avoid them. The whole group reached up and began petting my body, every portion at once, as they chanted "two thousand and one" in a buzzing sort of hum. Here, it was the sensation of being petted everywhere that led to the awareness that I was dreaming.

4) I found myself being overrun by a horde of mice. The tickle of hundreds of tiny feet on my bare skin explained the prickly sensation I was experiencing.

5) I catch a glimpse of myself reflected in a glass down. Instantly I know I am dreaming. Then I realize that I am no longer myself- I am an earthworm crawling across a thick, deep blue carpet. I feel the plumpness of my earthworm hips as I sashay side to side across the plush carpet. Looking out through earthworm eyes, I feel the fuzzy pile of the carpet tickle my body.

Energy Circulation Attribution: The meaning of my dreams, their symbolic content, is lying over a base of physical sensation. The varied shapes of our dreams tell us of the location and the blockage or movement of the basic life energy dwelling and circulating within us.

The current tingles and buzzes as it moves from place to place in my system- now in my genitals stirring passion, now in my legs making me feel airborne, now in my cheeks creating whirlpools and breezes, now in my head stirring whirlpools of lightheaded ecstasy, now on the surface of my skin like a drizzle of rain, tingling alive in every pore, now plunging down my front to make me feel, in my dreams, as though I am plummeting to earth.

When the current is very strong and the peak passes down my throat, a mass of energy sometimes sticks in the depression in the base of the throat. Like a great, whirling lump, the mass of energy wedges there, unable to break through, giving me a sensation of difficulty in breathing or a sense of some matter caught in my throat.

Most often now, the current originates from the soles of my feet. Rumbling out, hot and bubbly, it starts its upward journey. It is like my dreams of dancing on hot mud, of walking on pulsating sands, of twirling on my toes; it is like all my dreams of dancing.

1) I dream that I am dancing, twirling, leaping, ballerina-style, and awaken to find that the "bubbling springs" in the soles of my feet are whirling wildly.

2) A dream of a cigarette burning on both ends preceded my awakening to find that the current was alternating between my head and pelvis in a steady rhythm.

3) Shortly before the pathway through my crown opened, I dreamt of a stream of water dripping on the top of my head; after the pathway opened, and the whole area was sore for days, my dream characters were hit on the head with rocks and hammers, leaving them as sore as I felt.

4) As I circulated the energy upward and downward during the day, I dreamt at night of roller coasters, escalators, steep hills, ski slopes, deep-grooved tracks, sharp curves in roadways, flights of stairways up and down.

Sub: Astral Travel
*MJooB* Dream Conjurings, Rationalization & Possibility Holes:

The greatest difficulty is the ability of the conscious mind to accept the existence of this infinite Locale 2. There is a great barrier in recall immediately upon waking.

(DW) I finally made it to the door, so I jumped outside into the white cold fluffy clouds and lost consciousness then landed back into a dream. The dream was with me as I was driving my brother's car, then I was on a bike riding down a hill.

2) An airplane flight began to fly low and slow over a city, when actually Monroe was transfered to a bus. He held to the idea that he was on a plane.

*DY* Rationalization:

"I became aware that I was dreaming; and I decided that the best thing to do would be to fly in the sky. I hitched myself to a jet and we went very high into the stratosphere. I then had the jet reverse course so I could hang from it and see the world. I looked down and saw the earth as a great sphere." -participent in seminar

Sub: Chakras

4) At some point I stopped whatever I had been doing and tried to meditate with the intent to see my chakras. I sat down (with my eyes open, looking at myself) and began concentrating on trying to see the spectrum of my chakras. Initially, nothing happened. But after a few moments, very faint colors appeared at the various centers. Then I shut my eyes, and my sight clicked in with my eyes closed. I was wearing what I thought was a blue gown with golden flowers etched into it, or hanging from it. There were very complex etchings throughout the whole robe. There was one big flower that was distinctly noticeable, the stem coming out from my waist (which I had originally thought was a belt) and lying on the floor between my legs. When I saw all this I thought, "What's this robe? I wanted to see my chakras!" Then it dawned on me that these *were* my chakras. Then I lost consciousness and went off into other adventures.

As I sit here and write, I wonder if that robe was some type of representation of my etheric body, displaying the more active chakras as flowers, and the complex etchings being the nadis. However, I'm not sure.

*PtE* Aura Impressions:

1) A crystal-clear image of the heads of two dancers upside down. Their headgear was marvelous- a kind of helmet formed from spots of light.

2) The night of the day after my midline channel opened and the energy squeezed through my solar plexus and crept beyond my navel during meditation, I dreamt that I put on a leotard that had a front panel set into it made of beautiful pale-blue open lace.

3) I hear a noise. There is a sound, crackling and sizzling like fire, on the top of my head. My face is awhirl with strong vibrations. Then, in a rush, I feel a stream of energy exiting from the sizzling spot on the top of my head. All is quiet. Through the lapping of the blue water I see the reflection of a lovely flower shape.

Sub: Environment of the Projected Body

1) In the dream, the room was about twelve feet square, and I stood on the floor in the center of the room, looking up through the hole in the center of the ceiling. That was the only opening through which I could escape. I wondered if I could not fly through the hole. I began to rise into the air, but as I was passing through the hole I became caught fast in it. At this point I began to awaken. I found myself projected! The position of the astral body corresponded with the position it held in the dream. I was just half-way through the ceiling of the room, when I became conscious.

2) ...I was shooting at an Indian chief I had read about, ‘Little Priest.' Bang-bang-bang! As he got nearer, I dropped the gun and began to cringe back. But the bang-bang-bang! continued. It was growing more distinct! I was forgetting about the Indian chief. I was conscious! It was a windy night, and the screen-door, outside, was slamming back and forth in the wind-bang-bang-bang. I found, when conscious, that I was projected in the astral, and standing near my shotgun, behind the door of the kitchen. But that was not all! There stood an Indian (spirit) and he said, ‘You call Little Priest?'

Had I been within cord-activity range, when this banging and fearful Indian fighting commenced, an interiorization would have resulted, because of the emotion. Consciousness is faintly functioning in dreams.

Sub: Others' OB Behavior
Script: This is no surprise, since we do this in our waking lives, too.

3) I was consciously projected to a friend's room. I went over to her dresser, put my hand upon her hair-brush, walked over to her and put my hand upon her shoulder, stood there for a few moments, then went back and placed my hand upon the hairbrush, then back to her again, etc.- repeating this about a dozen times. The next day she told me that she dreamed that I was there, trying to brush her hair and that he kept running back and forth, trying to find the comb, and that I kept telling you it was on the dresser.

Sub: The Astral Cord

3) The body and head-flapping/thumping dream: The thumping in my head was due to the pulsations in the astral cable.

4) Dream of moving toward a phantasmal object: The subject is dreaming and sees a phantasmal object instead of his physical body. He is therefore being drawn, in the dream, toward the phantasmal object- such as Buddha, some hideous person, an animal, etc; in fact, anything which his mind conceives at the time. As I crashed into the Buddha, lights would fly in all directions, from the center where I struck, and this would be simultaneous with the repercussion. Most of those who have experienced this have done so about the age of puberty.

The Form of the Astral Cord(BP): In the experience above the astral cord seemed like a glowing piece of garden hose. I soon found out the silver cord can take different shapes, especially when the astral traveler is a somewhat disoriented computer programmer:

1) I was groggy. I noticed that I seemed to have a computer printout in my hand, and I felt the need to take this printout with me and show it to LD. I took the end of my computer printout, and I walked into the dining room. I didn't want my computer printout to tear, so I walked very carefully, and I turned to see how my printout would unfold itself. The other end was sitting on the floor next to my bed--apart from my body.

I walked backwards and I watched it unfold and grow longer with each additional page being unfolded from the main pile. Upon looking back into my room I saw the printout, but not any astral cord, so I realized that the printout that was unfolding WAS my astral cord [in disguise]! That's why there seemed no end to it! It only took the appearance of a printout!

(PotAB) 1) The dreamer found herself, on one occasion- of course in the dream- upon the roof of a building, and for some reason or other was particularly interested in a cord which she took to be, quite prosaically, a clothesline looped over the roof. Curiosity led her to follow-up this line as it went over the edge of the roof and into a bedroom window. It led her to a bed in which lay her own sleeping body, and immediately upon the recognition of this she found herself awake and in her own body once more. I have had dreams similar to the foregoing many times.

Sub: Vibration & Separation

8) (dream interp of OBE) A girlfriend and I are catapulted from a swing at its forward arc. We zoom into the air and are then caught up and blown along by a great gust of wind. The wind is blowing swift and cold (the coolness). It carries us above snowy fields. Suddenly, the wind dips down and I am carried very close to two peacocks (distraction).

*PtE* Lucid Dreams With Emerging/Birthing Imagery:

Some of my lucid dreams are preceded by ordinary ones with explicit imagery of being pregnant or giving birth. Emerging from a hole, then, whether it is the birth canal of a woman, a space cut in a screen, seems to be part of my personal imagery for beginning a lucid dream. More often, my movement in these dreams has been upward- through a hole in the roof or forward and up, as through the screen. Sometimes the movement is upwards and later downward.

1) I seem to be in a house that resembles the one that we now live in, although not exactly like it. (360 vision) Bending backwards (rather than turning around), I see that it is our Chinese housekeeper, Hsiu-Ming. Leaning forward again, I continue to talk. I have an overwhelming desire to go outside. Hsiu-Ming and I move towards a screened-in porch. Outside the screened porch I can see that it is night and dark. I want very much to get out but there seems to be no door. Hsiu Ming cuts an opening in the screen with one of her fingernails. I squeeze my body through the space in the mesh. A blast of cool night air strikes me (the coolness). Bending my knees, I push off from the ground and into the air, still fully aware that I am dreaming.

Pushing through a narrow space seems to suggest a movement from one state of being to another. Occultists would say that it represents the separation of the astral body from the physical. Many of my lucid dreams involve such imagery.

4) I am on a ship. I go outside, yet somehow I am underground and see a staircase. Ascending it, I exit through a hole in the earth. There, people across the water on a dock point to falling snow (the coolness). Will I be able to reopen the hole in the earth? Feeling the edges of it with my fingertips, I push. A kind of trapdoor swings open and I go through it, down the steps and back to the ship.

5) The pretty green grasslike plantings on either side of the path all look alike, until, at a certain spot, they appear wavy. This is a clue to the presence of a special opening. This special spot covers a hole in the earth where it is possible to go through to the "other side." Zal and I kneel and scoop the earth away with our hands. When we have uncovered the opening, Zal and I squeeze through this hole in the earth. Hovering in the air on the other side, we seal the hole from underneath with our hands. On this side, all is white and snowy (the coolness). Back and back Zal and I move, now falling. More and more rapidly we go. The white, sunny color in front of me begins to spin and break up into small patterns (the visual orgasm).

*CPL* Childhood OBE Nightmares:

"My worst childhood nightmares were underwater terrors. From the age of four or five, as I dozed in bed, I first would hear a faint buzzing, then swirling water would engulf me. Somehow I was paralyzed and couldn't cry out for my parents. But when I woke up from these dreams, I would scream for my parents and run into their room."

*PtE* Unconscious Attribution of the Vibration:

It's not simply that auditory and tactile sensations in conscious dreams are more beautiful- silk feels even more lustrous, musical tones are even more exquisite- but, in addition, the sounds and feelings take on specific shapes. When I felt the wind and the sun on my face. I didn't question it when I felt the wind in my face when flying, or hearing the rush of water passing by my ears as I dove deep into a pool to pick up a pebble from the bottom, and when I flew along the seashore and heard the roar of the ocean.

Bit by bit I came to the realization that the sounds and sensations of wind and water in my dreams are pictures of the sound-feeling that comes from within myself. It was not the wind or water or memory-image of the wind or water that produced the sound, it was, quite literally, myself. I was producing a shimmery sound-feeling that my dreams were formed into pictures of wind and water.

Other dream pictures were related to the sound-feel. The roar of a passing train in a dream, the powerful purr of a bus-train that approached, the buzz of a swarm of bees, the rumble of voices in a crowd, a burst of clapping hands (Me: whatever is most appropriate to your context).

(Script: The less conscious you are, the more your mind makes things up to explain what sensations you're experiencing. It is your normal, everyday, waking mind trying to find reasons for what's going on. "The sensation is real, god damn!" it thinks. What could that be? It cant be denied. So your idea of the scenery has to change; what you're doing, where you are.)

I began to notice fast-moving beats in the background of lucid dreams. I heard pulsations or drumbeats. Sometimes the pulsation shapes itself into rhythmic verse or music.

I justify the sound I hear myself making by images of wind, water, motors, insects, animals, and people that buzz, purr, roar, chant, and whir. I justify the vibration that I feel myself making by objects, animals, and people that pet, kiss, and tickle me.

1) I am sailing in the air to a heavy musical beat. Matching the tune, I begin to sing.

2) I was being kissed on every portion of my body at once. The all-over tingling sensation it produced led me to the awareness that I was dreaming.

3) I was hopping down a street when I saw a group of people who wanted to stop me. I rose into the air a few feet to avoid them. The whole group reached up and began petting my body, every portion at once, as they chanted "two thousand and one" in a buzzing sort of hum. Here, it was the sensation of being petted everywhere that led to the awareness that I was dreaming.

4) I found myself being overrun by a horde of mice. The tickle of hundreds of tiny feet on my bare skin explained the prickly sensation I was experiencing.

5) I catch a glimpse of myself reflected in a glass down. Instantly I know I am dreaming. Then I realize that I am no longer myself- I am an earthworm crawling across a thick, deep blue carpet. I feel the plumpness of my earthworm hips as I sashay side to side across the plush carpet. Looking out through earthworm eyes, I feel the fuzzy pile of the carpet tickle my body.

Energy Circulation Attribution: The meaning of my dreams, their symbolic content, is lying over a base of physical sensation. The varied shapes of our dreams tell us of the location and the blockage or movement of the basic life energy dwelling and circulating within us.

The current tingles and buzzes as it moves from place to place in my system- now in my genitals stirring passion, now in my legs making me feel airborne, now in my cheeks creating whirlpools and breezes, now in my head stirring whirlpools of lightheaded ecstasy, now on the surface of my skin like a drizzle of rain, tingling alive in every pore, now plunging down my front to make me feel, in my dreams, as though I am plummeting to earth.

When the current is very strong and the peak passes down my throat, a mass of energy sometimes sticks in the depression in the base of the throat. Like a great, whirling lump, the mass of energy wedges there, unable to break through, giving me a sensation of difficulty in breathing or a sense of some matter caught in my throat.

Most often now, the current originates from the soles of my feet. Rumbling out, hot and bubbly, it starts its upward journey. It is like my dreams of dancing on hot mud, of walking on pulsating sands, of twirling on my toes; it is like all my dreams of dancing.

1) I dream that I am dancing, twirling, leaping, ballerina-style, and awaken to find that the "bubbling springs" in the soles of my feet are whirling wildly.

2) A dream of a cigarette burning on both ends preceded my awakening to find that the current was alternating between my head and pelvis in a steady rhythm.

3) Shortly before the pathway through my crown opened, I dreamt of a stream of water dripping on the top of my head; after the pathway opened, and the whole area was sore for days, my dream characters were hit on the head with rocks and hammers, leaving them as sore as I felt.

4) As I circulated the energy upward and downward during the day, I dreamt at night of roller coasters, escalators, steep hills, ski slopes, deep-grooved tracks, sharp curves in roadways, flights of stairways up and down.

Rationalizations of Telepathic Communications

*SD&P* Jane's Lucid Dream & OBE, Including Voices & Rationalization:

I decided to take a nap. It was 10:30 AM by the clock. I set the alarm for 11:00 and lay down. Just before going to sleep, I gave myself the suggestion to have a dream that would raise my spirits and restore my native enthusiasm.

I lay there, aware of a growing disquiet. Suddenly I realized that I was hearing voices, but they seemed to come from inside my head. They grew steadily louder and louder. I was certain that I was still awake. The voices rose. I felt as if a radio was turned on full volume in my head, but with stations scrambled- for I could make no sense out of what was said. Instead, I seemed to hear fragments of conversations. Really frightened, I shook my head and looked about the room.

Everything was normal. The morning was still dark and dismal, the gray light of outdoors visible through the blinds. But the voices were definitely booming now. Desperately I tried to find their source. Then I realized that a transistor radio was blaring from the bedside table. I turned it off. It didn't occur to me that in reality, we had no such radio in the house. To my complete bewilderment, the voice continued. Then I "remembered" that there was another radio in Rob's studio. Surely the voices were coming from there! I leaped out of bed and rushed to the studio. There was the radio. Quickly I reached to turn it off and received a bad electric shock. Not only that, but the voices had actually doubles in volume.

Now I was too frightened to touch the radio again or to pull the plug from the socket and disconnect it. (This radio again, had no physical existence.) Instead, I ran through the bedroom and bath, our into the living room.

The basic action of the first dream involved his reception of several voices. Though Ruburt does not remember this, they spoke words of encouragement. Initially they were crystal-clear and without distortion. There were four in all- all male. They belonged to personalities no longer within the physical system, but who were closely allied with Ruburt in past lives. The fourth voice was mine. This was an attempt to build Ruburt's confidence- to show how clear reception can be if his abilities are fully utilized.

The above portions therefore were actually not dreams but experiences happening while he was dissociated. They shocked him; hence, the shock later on when he turned this into a dream. When he heard the voices, instead of becoming confident, he fell into a dream state. He did not want to accept the responsibility that he felt his abilities put upon him, and so in the dream, he looked for an outside source for the voices and dreamed the radio sequences. In the dream, however, the voices continue [after he switched the radio off[ because he knows he is picking them up from a channel that is not physical.

He tries again, discovering another radio on your bookcase, Joseph, where our manuscripts are kept. The connection is obvious, for he knows that the Seth Material comes from the same system as the voices. Here he reaches out to turn the radio off and gets a shock; the shock is his realization that the Material itself would cease were he to shut off his abilities.

*UR2* Jane's Seth Dream:

From Jane's dream journal... "I heard Seth's voice, very loud and powerful, as I lay asleep in bed last night. This was the first time I've had such an experience. The voice was coming from the area of the room next door or just beyond, but also from above; like out of the sky or something. It wasn't speaking through anyone... The words didn't seem to be directed a me, particularly, but just to be there. It seemed that Seth was really laying it on somebody. At first I thought he was angry, but then I realized I was interpreting the power of the voice that way... The sound was like a super-voice; maybe like Nature speaking, or something, not the way a person would speak."


I was not speaking to Ruburt personally when he heard me, but addressing myself to the world at large in a program that was indeed picked up by others.

This program spread out and was translated by others in dream states.

*LD-P* False Awakenings, Near-Realm Voices, & Rationalizations:

"I awaken in bed and look around myself. It is already light, I find myself in a room in which I lived as a child twenty years ago, but I do not realize this. But something else strikes me instead; I hear voices and sounds, which seem to be coming from all directions. I think that this is sure to be an after-effect of sleep, and that I now have the opportunity to write down word by word what the voices are saying. All at once I find a pencil in my hand and see a notepad lying on the bed in front of me. (NOTE: Intentions.) This makes me suspicious. I think: if I did not pick up a pencil, then it should not be in my hand, and if it is there, there must be something wrong with me. The most plausible explanation would be to regard it as a dream, if I had not just woken up. So, I think, now for the first time I am really awake. Only the voices, which I still hear, worry me. For it occurs to me that hallucinations in a waking state are a sure sign of mental disturbance. I get up and begin to search. When I open the door of the bedside table, I see inside it the parts of a radio pile up: tubes, transformers, and coils; in addition to a loudspeaker funnel there is a small glowing light bulb. I pull a connection out of the accumulator, upon which the tubes go out, but the light bulb goes on burning. At the same moment the voices and sounds also vanish. (NOTE: Expectation kicking in!) But immediately afterwards they start again, at first softly, then becoming continually louder, and music joins in. Now I give up the struggle and think: I hope that no one will notice that I am out of my mind – and I continue to dream."

(Moers-Messmer, 1983; our italics)


"I awoke to the realization that the bedside radio was still on. Someone passed the door on the way downstairs. I turned the music low; strange, I thought, the radio being on at this time of night – what was the time? I reached out of bed to look at the clock (about six feet away) but as I did so an eerie feeling came over me, and I hesitated; yet everything looked perfectly natural so I went ahead, against a mounting tension of the atmosphere, and picked up the clock – hereupon it suddenly changed in my hands! Hastily I put it down; its black dial had turned white and hands moved to the nine and ten. I recognized this was the false awakening. Pausing a moment to ponder the significance of the position of the hands (for I knew this could not represent the actual time) I dived back under the blankets. Monsters were pressing on me, I called for help but could not wake up – not until I had seized the monsters and fought them, and flung them on the floor." (Subject E.)

The monsters which appeared to "press" on Subject E in the preceding case may also have been related to lowered muscle tone, describing a case of sleep paralysis.

*BP* Lucid, Watching Multiple-Self Conversation:

I practiced for about two months before I had my first out-of-body experience. And that first OBE didn't happen during practice, it happened on a day when I wasn't able to practice; it was a sporadic OBE. The next one happened over a month later.

...I put up with that dream for four annoying hours. That was all I could stand. I became so annoyed by this dream that I couldn't take any more. Slowly I turned my attention away from the dream. I slowly forced myself to become conscious, but as I did, I noticed the dream was still going on! Somehow I was awake and asleep at the same time!

What happened next is hard to describe. My consciousness was split into five parts. Each part was separate and unique, yet I was each of them simultaneously. Each was thinking its own thoughts, and communicating with the other four. All five of "me" were arguing about the computer game and how to make it better!

The feeling was beyond words: I was five personalities at the same time and I was talking to myself! One of my five selves asked, "Well, how can we make the spacewar game better?" Another "me" said, "Well, I think we should allow more interactive communication between space ships." Yet another "me" replied, "No, I think it's more important to improve the fighting ability of the computer-controlled opponent ships." One of my five selves was bored to tears watching this whole conversation and tried to force itself to consciousness. Now that "I" was conscious, I was fascinated at what was happening: I was conscious and split into five parts and each of them were taking turns talking.

At first I tried to follow the conversation, but something strange started happening. As I became more conscious, my four other selves seemed to speed up! I tried to keep up with the conversation, but the talking became faster and faster. Soon they sounded like a tape player in fast-forward mode, and I lost track of what they were saying. Meanwhile, the voices faded into the distance and seemed to disappear.

My consciousness was no longer split. I was completely awake and aware of my surroundings, but I knew something was not normal. My body felt unusual. It felt odd to be conscious and yet still asleep.

Just then, I got a strange feeling all over, like a shiver over my whole body. I listened to see if I could hear what caused the strange feeling. I heard what sounded like a hockey announcer in the background! I thought, "Now that's odd. Where could that be coming from?" I wondered if the sound could be coming from the bathroom where we kept a small radio. It sounded a little bit too loud for that; the radio had to be closer to my bedroom.

I wondered if a radio was playing in our dining room, which was next to my bedroom. That didn't make sense because there weren't any radios in that room. Besides, the radio seemed a bit too loud for that, too. I figured the radio must be in my bedroom somewhere.

I thought for a moment that my little alarm clock/radio might have turned on in the night, but it seemed too loud even for that. It was loud enough to be my stereo, but I remembered turning it off before going to bed. Besides, when I listened closer, the hockey announcer sounded even closer than my stereo.

As I listened, the sound of the hockey announcer's voice grew louder and louder as if someone were turning up the volume steadily. I started to worry as the sound became louder and louder, until finally my ears were hurting and I was ready to scream with the pain.

Suddenly it stopped and I experienced complete and total silence. Another strange feeling came over me: I felt like I was completely separate from my body, although I was still occupying the same space. I decided to try to get out.


1) Someone handing out the mail at breakfast was reported as dealing cards, but that left an incongruity, too.


Dream Projections & Hallucinations

Script: Unlike rationalizations, these are projected from the dreamer's mind into the dreaming environment.

Hallucinations During Projection

*HTKHW* The Second Trial- Moving Freely in Higher Worlds:

After we have learned to read the occult sign writing, another "trial" begins. In this trial we must demonstrate that we can move freely and surely in the higher worlds.

This trail is called the Water Trial.

To continue on this path we must now be able to distinguish true reality from illusion. We have to be perfectly prepared to let go of any thought, opinion, or inclination if one is in any way attached to one's own opinions.

The worst enemies on the path of higher cognition are dreaming, fantasizing, and superstition.

*SD&P* Hallucinations During Projections::

One weekend afternoon, Rob was napping. He fell asleep and "awakened" to find himself hovering about three feet out in the air outside his studio window, between the house and the large pear tree that shades the room.

Suddenly he realized that he was out of his body and didn't know what to do next. Rob wished for some support, and quite spontaneously he creates a child's scooter that appeared beneath him. He could see the yard and garage clearly but the image of a grown-up man on a scooter up two stories from the ground was just too much- he snapped back to his body.

From my records

...I realized that I was in an excellent state for experimentation, fully alert and awake, and still in my body which was asleep. This time I decided to try to get up astrally, just walk around the room and observe the various stages of activity. I tried cautiously at first, afraid that I might rouse the physical muscles instead. The second time I succeeded, getting used to the fine distinction between moving the astral body up while leaving the physical one alone. This took quite a bit of concentration. I finally stood up, wobbly, and somewhat groggy with the effort.

I was having trouble getting away from the couch and walking properly. All through this, I was afraid that my body might not be as deeply asleep as I'd earlier supposed, but all of my consciousness was with me in my astral form. My vision wasn't clear, though, and the room looked hazy. I shook my head to clear it and saw to my dismay that the entire living room wall was lying flat on the floor, face up, closed door and all. This told me at once that I was hallucinating and if I didn't watch it, I could fall into a dreaming state. I decided that it might be better to go back into my body and try over.

By now, I was standing with my back to my body, and I just ‘fell' backward into it. I got out again fairly quickly, this time able to study the strange sensing involved in distinguishing between the astral self I wanted to sit up and the physical self I wanted to stay flat. I walked out to the center of the room which now was perfectly normal, but had difficulty walking and remembered that in my case, at least, this sometimes happens when I'm close to my body. I decided to go into Rob's studio, where he was working, to see if I could make him observe me.

I was still walking very slowly, with my astral eyes slitted to cut down the focus of distractions. I closed them to deepen my trance and reached out for the bathroom doorknob. I felt it hard and round, perfectly normal in my astral hand. Then I paused in uncertainty; something didn't seem right. What had I done wrong now? I opened my astral eyes fully and stared down at my hand. It circled a ‘knob' of air. For just a moment I felt the hardness, the bulk of that knob. Then only air was there. Obviously, I'd hallucinated the doorknob. The door was still several feet away.

*PotL* Hallucination & Objectivity:

(NOTE: Hallucination: a sensory experience which, because it breaks with man's (narrow) idea of reality, is rationalized as not having occurred. {pg. 462})

Suppose all the seeing world, save one individual, had a visual percept, the object of which nevertheless eluded all physical tests: would the solitary individual be justified in saying that all the others were victims of a subjective delusion?

*PotL* Fantastic Hallucination of Graveyard Writing:

"One day, after having spent a considerable time in inspecting a village churchyard, what was my horror and consternation to find, on leaving it, that wherever my eyes rested I could descry nothing but monumental inscriptions. The dust on the roadside somehow seemed to form itself into letters. The macadamized highway seemed written all over with mourning, lamentation, and woe; and even when I turned my gaze to the stone dykes on either side of the way, it was only to find that, by some subtle chemistry of my brain, the weather-stains and cracks shaped themselves into words which I could plainly decipher, and found to be of the same nature as those which I had recently been reading in the church-yard. Every time that autumn and winter that I paid a visit to a church-yard, the experience recurred; and on more than one occasion also without that exciting cause."

-Rev. Robertson Wilson

*PotL* Telepathic Projection Onto A Similarly-Looking Person:

A mind which is telepathically affected can project its sensory delusion on some real figure which bears a general resemblance to the agent.

*CWS* OB Hallucinations:

Betty DiAngelo: "In one OBE I went to see my daughter in her room, but she appeared like a little old man with a white beard!"

Dispersing Subjective Projections

*SS* Encountering & Deactivating Thought-Forms & Projections:

Now at any of these various stages of consciousness, other phenomena may also be perceived- thoughtforms for example, energy manifestations, projections from the personal subconsciousness, and projections from the collective unconscious. Often they are incipient forms given activity by the personality who encounters them. The nature of their activity, therefore, will be projected outward from the personality onto the relatively passive materiliazation. The person encountering these has only to turn his attention away to "deactivate" the phenomenon. It has some energy of its own, but needs additional energy from a perceiver for any interrelationship to take place. If such a materiliazation appears threatening, than simply wish it peace and withdraw your attention from it. It draws its main activating energy from your focusing, and according to the nature and intensity of your focus.

The "stuff" of the environment will have its origin in the mind of the projectionist, being symbolic of his idea. A Speaker or Speakers will appear in whatever guise will be most acceptable to the projectionist, whether it be the guise of a god, an angel, or a disciple.

Molecular structures send out their own messages, and unless you are tuned in to perceive them, they may be interpreted as static or meaningless noise.

*SD&P* Banishing Hallucinations & Subconscious Projections With the Will:

If you realize that you are projecting, you may simply order any unpleasant phantoms to disappear, and they will do so. You may banish a nightmare also, if you realize that it is a product of your own subconscious.

In completely different dimensions, the rules with which you are familiar simply do not apply.

You may, then, encounter images that are subconsciously formed, quite valid images that belong in another dimension; or constructions created by others in other systems. If you meet a disturbing image, you must first will it to disappear. If it is a subconscious construction of your own, it will vanish. But if you do not will it to disappear or realize its nature, then you must deal with it.

If your levitation experience seems to carry you outside of the solar system, then you know that you are in the third form and that your abilities for the time are almost limitless, comparatively speaking. Any image you see here must be accepted. You must respect the reality in which they exist. Some of these constructions will belong to other systems. You are safe as long as you do not meddle. You may explore, and freely, and that is all.

You may "awaken" in your house, for example. If so, check your rooms against their normal arrangement. Anything that does not normally belong there may be a hallucination, part of the usual dreaming process. If you will such images to disappear, they will, leaving you within the basic unhallucinated environment. If you rationalize any such elements or accept them uncritically, you may fall back into normal dreaming.

Keep this up with any other such images that you meet. You can accept such images and play around with them or watch them to see what develops, but only if you realize they are hallucinations.

*PAP* Dissolving Different Kinds of Astral Forms With the Will:

We ourselves placed in the same state of consciousness as the dwellers on any given plane, feel the usefulness of this organization, beyond the range of argument, and would never dream of acting on these forms for the sake of mere curiosity. Just in the same way as no sane person on earth would think of breaking window-panes in order to amuse himself. Furthermore, it is impossible to give anyone the consciousness of a higher state if he has not become aware of the need for such in the cosmic scheme.

When it is a matter of forms representing past events the will acts more positively. All that is necessary is to will in order to make them disappear at once, just like a photograph in which we are no longer interested.

The shapes of lesser importance created in a haphazard way, without any definite consistency, dissolve fairly easily under the influence of will. We must never be too trustful of appearances. If they belong to groups it may be that we are not so strong as the people who have created them and may be ill-used by them. It is better not to take any notice of such forces.

Under the influence of thought certain shapes dissolve and leave not a trace. Others have far more resistance, and we are obliged to have a kind of struggle with them before they will go. In certain cases I noticed that a liquid residue was left behind, a thick, blackish kind of amorphous protoplasm. Sometimes it was a residue symbolic of broken glass.

In the majority of cases thought-forms are less vibrant, less active than beings in evolution. Their magnetism is far less powerful. During these studies I one day had occasion to dissolve the astral form of a dog. Only the head remained, and I saw a child come towards me and tell me that it was really a dog. The intense nature of the life which animated this head made me understand my mistake at once.

When we dissolve a thought-form, the first thing we notice is a slowing down in the whirling movement of its atoms. The shape loses definition and seems to go out of focus. The dimensions change, the image grows smaller and loses cohesion, and finally disappears.

*WoLi* Expectations Block Actual Perception:

When we lose prejudice over what things "should" be, we begin to see them as they are.


Creating Your Environment

Projecting into Your Inner Environment
Dream Shadows of Thoughts and Emotions

*UR2* Hallucinations- Dream Shadows, All About Thought Forms:

Now, using an analogy only, let me explain that your thoughts and feelings also give off shadows that we will here call hallucinations. They are quite valid. They have as strong a part to play in dream reality as shadows do in the physical world. They are beautiful in themselves. They add to the entire picture. A shadow of a tree cools the ground. It affects the environment. So hallucinations alter the environment, but in a different way and at another level of reality. In the dream world hallucinations are like conscious shadows. They are not passive, nor is their shape dependent upon their origin. They have their own abilities.

Physically, an oak tree may cast a rich deep shadow upon the ground. It will move, faithfully mirroring the tiniest motion of the smallest leaf...

Following our analogy, in the dream world the shadow of the oak tree, once cast, would then be free to pursue its own direction. Not only that, but there would be a creative give-and-take between it and the tree that gave it birth...

It may take a while before you are able to tell the difference between dream events and their shadows or hallucinations...

In your dream travels simply remember that there "objects" do not possess shadows, but thought and feelings do...

In the dream world, however, any hallucination will vanish immediately as soon as you recognize it as such, and tell it to go away. It was caused originally by your own thought or feeling, and when you withdraw that source, then its "shadow" is automatically gone...

Physically the day may be brilliant, but if you are in a blue mood you may automatically close yourself off from the day's natural light, not notice it- or even use that natural beauty as counterpoint that only makes you feel more disconsolate. Then you might look outward at the day through your mood and see its beauty as a meaningless or even cruel facade. Your mood, therefore, will alter your perception.

The same applies in the dream state; but there, the shadows of your thoughts may be projected outward into scenes of darkest desolation. In the physical world you have mass sense data about you. Each individual helps form that exterior environment. No matter how dark your mood on any given sunny day, your individual thoughts alone will not suddenly turn the blue skies into rainy ones. You alone do not have that kind of control over your fellows' environment. In the dream world, however, such thoughts will definitely form your environment.

Stormy dream landscapes are on the one hand hallucinations, cast upon the inner world by your thoughts or feelings. On the other hand, they are valid representations of your inner climate at the time of any given dream...

If you are honest with your thoughts and feelings, then you will express them in your waking life, and they will not cast disturbing shadows in your dreams...

Some dream hallucinations are beautiful, comforting, refreshing... You may believe that God exists as s kindly father, or you might personify him as Christ or Buddha. In your dreams you might then encounter such personages. They are quite valid, but they are also hallucinations cast by your own thoughts and feelings...

Your hallucinations appearing in dreams also bear witness to their origin, and give testimony to a valid "objective" dream object that is as "solid" in that reality as the tree is in your world...

If not physically expressed, the thought will be actualized in another reality..

Your thoughts are "manufactured products" in the dream world. They are a part of the environment and appear within its reality, though they change shape and form constantly...

The dream world also possesses its own natural environment. You form your dreams from it, and use its natural products to manufacture dream images.

*SuT* Journeys & Creation in Dreams:

When the Spirit of man retires to rest, he takes with him materials from this all-containing world, and he creates and destroys in his own glory and radiance. Then the Spirit of man shines in his own light.

In that land there are no chariots, no teams of horses, nor roads; but he creates his own chariots, his teams of horses, and roads... He creates his own joys, his own pleasures and delights... He creates his own lakes, his lotus-ponds, and streams. For the Spirit of man is Creator.

It was said in these verses:

"Abandoning his body by the gate of dreams, the Spirit holds in awaking his senses sleeping. Then he takes his own light and returns to his home, this Spirit of golden radiance...

"The immortal Spirit soars afar from his nest. He moves in all regions wherever he loves...

"And in the region of dreams, wandering above and below, the Spirit makes for himself innumerable subtle creations. Sometimes he seems to rejoice in the love of fairy beauties, sometimes he laughs or beholds awe-inspiring terrible visions.

"People see his field of pleasure; but he can never be seen."

*UR2* Setting Loose Thought-Forms in Dreams To See What They Do:

In the dream state you are looking into the mirror of the psyche, so to speak, and seeing the reflections of your own thoughts, fears, and desires...

In a certain sense they are freewheeling, in that they have their own kind of reality. In the dream state your joys and fears talk back to you, perform, and act out the role in which you have cast them...

Inner wealth would be interpreted here in the same terms as worldly luxury. The dream, once created, would go its own ways. If you have conflicts over the ideas connected with good and evil, or wealth and poverty, then the king might lose his lands or goods, or some catastrophe might befall him.

If you suspect that abundance is somehow spiritually dangerous, then the king might be captured and punished... The entire drama would involve the "evolution" of an emotion or belief. In the dream state you set it free and see what will happen to it, how it will develop, where it will go.

The reflections of your ideas and intimate emotions are then projected outward in a rich drama. You can observe the play, take a role in it, or move in and out of its acts as you prefer. You will use your own private symbols. These represent your psychic shorthand... Symbols themselves change...

Whether or not you remember your dreams, you are educating yourself as they happen...

If you meet with people or events not of your liking, then you must simply move your attention away from them, and they will disappear as far as your experience is concerned.

*SS* Consciousness of Created Symbols:

Pretend now that he beings to daydream and falls into a reverie. Into his inner mind come pictures or symbols of material objects, people or events, from perhaps the past as well as present and future imaginings, the joy now being expressed with greater freedom mentally, but with symbols. The joy stretches out, so to speak, into a future, sheds also its light into the past, and may cover greater areas of expansion than could be shown in physical terms at that moment. Now imagine that our individual from his reverie falls either into a trance state or into a deep sleep. He may see images that are highly symbolic to him of joy or exuberance. Logically there may be little connection between them, but intuitively the connections are clear. He now enters into his mental experiences far more deeply than in the reverie state, and may have a series of dream episodes in which he is able to express his joy and share it with others. He is still dealing with physically oriented symbols, however. He may form images of dream cities or people that are of a very joyful nature, translate the emotion itself into whatever symbols are pertinent to him. An exuberance may be translated into images of playing animals, flying people, or animals or landscapes of great beauty. The entire episode will be connected by this emotion.

The physical body all the while is greatly benefitted, because the beneficial feelings automatically renew and replenish its recuperative abilities. The feelings of joy now may lead to images of Christ, Buddha, or the prophets. The experiences are to be considered creations.

*SS* Dreaming:

Generally speaking, if you are fairly content about physical reality, you are in a better position to study these inner environments. If you see evil all about you in physical life, and if it seems to outweight the good, then you are not ready. You should not embark upon an exploration of these nightly adventures if you are depressed, for at this time your own psychic state is predisposed toward depressing experiences, whether awake or asleep. You should be as flexible mentally, psychologically, and spiritually as possible, open to new ideas, creative, and not overly dependent upon organizations or dogma. This is to be an active exploration and endeavor, not a passive withdrawl, and certainly not a cowardly retreat. In physical life you see what you want to see. You perceive from the available field of reality certain data- data selected carefully by you in accordance with your ideas of what reality is (*attribution & possibilites). Your experience follows your expectations. Now the same applies to after death experience and to the dream experience, and to any OBEs. If you are obsessed with the idea of evil, then you will meet evil conditions. If you beleive in devils, then you will encounter these (*to release, this is why).

*BS&S* Dreams:

Seth: Dreams are sources of divination, healing, reflections on the waking state, and experience of the supernatural. Anyone deprived of sufficient dreaming will most likely begin to hallucinate while in the waking state, for too much experience has built up that needs processing. In the dream state you are looking into the mirror of the psyche, so to speak, and seeing the reflections of your own thoughts, fears, and desires. The "reflections" do indeed speak, and take their own form. In the dream state your joys and fears talk back to you, perform, and act out the role in which you have cast them. In the dream world, our ideas, thoughts and emotions are the "objects" of our concern. Thoughts and feelings encountered in dreams also cast shadows of a kind, hallucinations. The hallucination is not passive, not completely subordinate to the originating thought or feeling. Hallucinations are, in a sense, conscious, and display abilities of their own, as if the shadow of the tree, once cast, was free to pursue its own imperatives. A creative exchange exists between the thought and its hallucination. If we were conversant with our dreams we would have no difficulty distinguishing between a hallucination and its source. Until we learn this, the hallucinations may distort our dreams and make them seem confusing, chaotic, meaningless, or even frightening. In the dream environment, since the hallucination was created by our own mental activity, we can withdraw the source (the thought or feeling) and the hallucination will disappear. Dark moods turn into dark landscapes; desolate surroundings in our dreams are the shadows cast by out own feelings of desolation. The more honest our thoughts and feelings while awake, the less disturbing will be our shadows while asleep. Dream images are like waking images but are built of particles not visible in the waking state; that is, the EE units are not slowed down enough to be physical matter.

Purposeful Thought-Form Creation

*R* Creation & Assumptions in the Dream World:

In the dimensionally larger world, the external reality instantly mirrors our assumption. Here there is no need to wait four months will harvest. We look again as though we saw, and lo and behold, the fields are already white to harvest...

And because that greater world is slowly passing through our three-dimensional world, we can by the power of imagination mold our world in harmony with our desire. Look as though you saw; listen as though you heard; stretch forth your imaginary hand as though you touched... And your assumptions will harden into facts.

Dreams Change By Observation

*ANMU* Dreams Changed By Observation:

Dreams do not stand observation; observations change them. And I very soon noticed that I was observing, not those dreams which I used to have before, but new dreams which were created by the very fact of observation.

Deciphering Subjective & Objective

*UR2* Early Inner Explorer's Accounts, Lucidly Experiencing For Yourself, Deciphering Projections:

Many [explorers traveling into inner reality] have been so excited with their discoveries that they wrote guidebooks long before they even began to explore the inner landscape. They did not understand that they found what they wanted to find, or that the seemingly objective phenomena originated in the reflections of the psyche.

You may, for example, have read books numbering the "inner realms," and telling you what you can expect to encounter in each...

That kind of structuring also does a disservice, however, for it prevents you from coming in contact with your own original concepts... When your consciousness is not directly focused in physical reality, then, the great creativity of the psyche is given fuller play. All of its dimensions are faithfully and instantly produced as experience when you learn to take your "normally alert" conscious mind with you; and when you are free of such limiting ideas, then at those levels you can glimpse the inner powers as they are manifested before your eyes. Until you learn to do this you will most certainly have difficulty, for you will not be able to tell the difference between your projections and what is happening in the inner environment.

*UR2* Recognizing Your Symbols in Dreams:

You have to learn how to distinguish your psychological state from the reality in which you find yourself, if you want to maintain your alertness and explore that environment...

In almost all instances, demons in dreams represent the dreamer's belief in evil, instantly materialized...

Demons simply represent a state of your own mind that is seemingly out there, objectified.

The Subjectivity of Waking Reality

*UR2* Waking Reality is as Subjective as Dream Reality:

You are most certainly traveling through the private and mass psyche when you so much as walk down the street... interior traveling is no more subjective, then, than a journey from New York to San Francisco...

Descriptions would vary because of their private beliefs, and would be colored by the individual focus from which each of them viewed the city.

*UR2* Coherence Dependent Upon Focus On Similarities:

Because you focus upon similarities of necessity, then the physical world possesses its coherence.


Deep Sleep

Dreamless State of Union

*SuT* Deep Sleep & Union:

The Spirit of man hastens to that place of rest where the soul has no desires and the Spirit sees no dreams.

What was seen in a dream... Is seen to be a delusion. But when like a king or a god the Spirit feels ‘I am all,' then he is in the highest world. It is the world of the Spirit, where there are no desires, all evil has vanished, and there is no fear...

The Soul in the embrace of Atman, the Spirit of vision, feels only peace all around. All desires are attained, since the Spirit that is all has been attained, no desires are there, and there is no sorrow.

There a father is a father no more... The worlds are no longer worlds...

There the Spirit sees not, but though seeing not he sees. How could the Spirit not see if he is the All? But there is no duality there, nothing apart for him to see...

For only where there seems to be a duality, there one sees another, one feels another's perfume, one tastes another, one speaks to another, one listens to another, one touches another and one knows another.

But in the ocean of Spirit the seer is alone beholding his own immensity.

This is the world of Brahman.

*PU* Radiance in Dreams:

In dreams the mind beholds its own immensity. What has been seen is seen again... What has been felt in different places or far-away regions returns to the mind again...

But when the mind is overcome by its own radiance, then dreams are no longer seen: joy and peace come to the body.

*BAU* Dreaming & Deep Sleep:

When a man is asleep his soul takes the consciousness of the several senses and goes to rest with them on the Supreme Spirit who is in the human heart. When all the senses are quiet the man is said to be asleep...

When the soul is in the land of dreams, then all the worlds belong to the soul. A man can be a great king or a great Brahman, and live in conditions high or low... The soul of man takes the powers of life with him and wanders in the land of dreams according to his desires.

When a man is in deep sleep and all consciousness is gone through the seventy-two thousand little channels which lead to the center of the heart from its circumference, then the soul rests in the covering around the heart... The soul of man has now found peace.

*SuT* Deep Sleep:

For ever remaining the same, the Spirit of man wanders in the world of waking life and also in the world of dreams. He seems to wander in thought. He seems to wander in joy.

But in the rest of deep sleep he goes beyond this world and beyond its fleeting forms...


Conscious Control of Projections

*S&tS* Conscious Control of Dream Imagery:

1) Lucid, I decide to practice directing the actual content of the dream. I command my right hand to appear and it does. Then I focus on a tree in the dream scene and mentally command it to turn into a house. Slowly, the tree dematerializes and disappears and a small white house appears in its place.

2) Lucid, I mentally command the tree to turn into a.. (pause).. rabbit! Instantly the tree vanishes and I see only a blank, brown scene in my field of vision. I keep visualizing a rabbit. Soon I see the white outline of a rabbit on the brown screen. First I see it from a side view and then from its backside, as it begins to hop about with movements similar to an animated cartoon. Suddenly, the scene changes again.

3) The images did not occur because I created them, but because I had, in these rare and precious moments, allowed them to emerge. (Me: force makes stupid dreams. Release makes real dreams.)

4) Lucid, I deliberately think that my hands will appear before my eyes and immediately they both appear. I look closely at my left hand and notice that my wedding ring is gone. In its exact place I can see two parallel pink lines going around my ring finger as if the ring had left its impression there. With my right index finger I carefully and gently rub the spot where the lines are, and am surprised that I can feel my ring with my fingertip.

5) (Me: mistaken identity is the result this time:) Now I look at the lady standing beside the mirror and I think to myself, "I don't want her to be here; I want Linda to be here." And with that thought, the woman becomes Linda.

*APr* Affecting Dream-Matter:

In these Dreams I could also move objects without visible contact, and molding the plastic matter into new forms.

*LD-CL* Communications From Dreams:

"I am sitting in front of a small altar which has figurines upon it. At first I see an ox. I look away momentarily, then look back, only to find that there is the figure of a dragon in its place. I begin to realize that I am dreaming. I turn my head away, and this time affirm that when I look back I will see the highest form possible. I slowly turn back and open my eyes. On the altar is the figure of man in meditation. A tremendous wave of emotion and energy overwhelms me. I jump up and run outdoors in exhilaration."

*PtE* Dream Composing:

I also found myself dream composing, a kind of designing of the dream while it's happening; it is a stage that precedes full lucid dreaming.

*ODM* Creating Dream Characters:

Paul Tholey has provided accounts where one can create new dream characters while lucid; when dreamers are angry or afraid, for example, they can blow out the anger or fear through their mouths and thereby create a dream character that corresponds to that emotion.

*DY* Transforming Dreams:

Knowing the true nature of the dream, you may subsequently transform it.

If you have difficulty transforming dream vision, it may be that in your dreams there arise too many images of the past, of childhood, for example, or even of other lives. One finds considerable difficulty in transforming such a dream, whereas if one dreams of items or events linked to present or recent situations and happenings, transformation is much easier. (NOTE: The difference between seeing past lives and normal dreaming)

*LD-P* Dreams & Imagination Within Dreams:

Rechtschaffen writes: "I cannot remember a dream report which took the form, ‘Well, I was dreaming of such and such, but as I was dreaming this I was imagining a different scene which was completely unrelated.' (1978, p.102) As Empson puts it, ‘While dreaming [non-lucidly] we are without imagination.' (1989, p.92) Lucid dreamers, on the other hand, have found it possible to experiment with ‘imagining' things within the lucid dream." (NOTE: Lucid, we realize the difference.)

Two psychologists who were habitual lucid dreamers, Moers-Messmer and Embury Brown, both independently made a distinction between "perception" and imagination in lucid dreams. Brown, in one account, describes sitting in a taxi in a lucid dream, an imaginative activity which he found dispelled his current "perceptions" of the taxi. (Quoted in full on page 95-96). In another example (quote on pg. 107) he describes sitting at his desk in a lucid dream, but imagining himself standing outside on the roof of his veranda. On this occasion the "image" does not take the place of the "perception" of the desk, and he continues to find himself ostensibly sitting indoors. Similarly, Moers-Messmer refers to an activity he calls "introspection" in lucid dreams, which he clearly regards as something qualitatively different from "perceptual" experience while dreaming.

*PotC* Dealing With Your Problems While OB:

The helpers know what they are doing when they let the projector solve certain problems in the projection by himself. These lessons serve to stimulate initiative and nimbleness in the tasks performed while outside the soma.


Gateways & Dream Transformations

Unintentional Dream Transformations

*LD-P* Lack of Stability:

Lucid dreams occasionally exhibit a lack of stability in their imagery. Lischka (1979) refers to the shifting outline of a range of mountains in one of his lucid dreams, and other lucid dreamers sometimes become aware that when they have looked away from something within the dream for some time, it is no longer exactly the same when they look at it again.


"After realizing I was dreaming I found my hands. I started at them for a short while, and they blurred/faded slightly, so I averted my vision to a hallway or room I was in, then looked at them again. I became fascinated. The very lines in my palms were quite distinct, and I found I could stare at them increasingly longer without losing the image."

(Marcot, 1987)

*S&tS* Lucid Unwilled Transformations:

3) I am walking uphill. I know intuitively that I am going to encounter some Vietnamese soldiers soon. The small band of soldiers is all women. I feel especially attracted to one small woman and she is also strongly attracted to me. I pick her up in my arms. I am most willing to be with her. Suddenly, the scene changes. The area is quiet, peaceful, and deserted at the moment. Suddenly the road is jammed with vehicles and traffic has stopped completely. A long line of cars is waiting on the road, bumper to bumper, and my van is one of them. I enter my van and sit for a while. Now I notice that the line of traffic is moving again and my van is moving along with it, without a driver! My friend Karl is in the passenger seat and we talk. The scene changes again. I am now sitting around a table right along a highway. The table is covered with many platters of delicious food. Karl and three student hitch-hikers are with me. One is a young oriental woman. "I would love to have a piece of you, " I say.

[me: note the easy transformation of the dashboard with road beyond to a table with highway beyond, and how the oriental woman and Karl remain, even though the scene changes. Interpretive hallucinations.]

4) I grab the fox's paw with my right hand and swing his whole body with full force, round and round in the air. I now fling the fox away and throw him high into the air with all my might. His body at once becomes birdlike and glides through the air for a short time, finally landing on a distant telephone wire. He perches there, precariously, with ruffled fur and feathers.

*LD-P* Scene Transformations:

Several subjects have found that covering or closing their eyes in the lucid dream, and thinking of the change of scene which they would like to see on reopening them, has had the effect of producing the desired scene, or at least something approximating to it.

[What about if you don't close your eyes?]

A lucid dreamer decided that he would prefer to be in a glass house at Kew Gardens, rather than traveling on the London Underground, as he seemed to be doing at the time. The result of his concentrating on this idea was that the roof of the carriage began to look dome like and semitransparent, and his fellow passengers began to sprout twigs and leaves. Cases such as this suggest that what lucid dreams find it difficult to produce is not just discontinuities related to the level of brightness, but sudden and total discontinuities of any kind. One might say that lucid dream imagery seems to "prefer" to proceed by evolution rather than revolution.

*APr* Sudden Transitions Leaving House:

1) Left my body and passed out of the house. Sudden transition to a strange town or city. Read a recruiting poster in English. This episode must have been astral in nature.

2) Left my body and passed out of the house. Sudden transition to an oriental city.

*HDSD* Thought-Form Transformations:

What has not been set on fire by my eyes takes the most fantastic and unreasonable forms. A sofa elongates itself and becomes an extravagant ladder. I want to flee. The stairs change into an open wall. However, I escape from that evil place. I jump into one of those half-open door carriages of which I spoke.

*ODM-HDSD* Trains of Dream-Thought & Dream-Transformations:

"The moving panorama of our visions corresponds exactly with the train of ideas arising in our mind. Abstractions are the most common form of link between ideas. Abstraction refers to the process whereby the mind transfers the qualities or mode of being of one subject onto another. Two conflicting ideas frequently unfold together. A statue could become a living person, a closely packed crowd with heads turned towards some spectacle could become transformed into a field full of daisies, and then into a huge mosaic scattered with regularly spaced medallions. (Me: just like LSD transformations!!) A portrait of Saint Peter might lead to an abstract idea of religion which might then be transferred onto some familiar pious person known to the dreamer.

Horses of quality and draught horses are crowded together round the same drinking trough. I think of the inequality of the care that is given to different horses and the work that is imposed on them, and without realizing it I immediately transfer this abstract idea of inequality onto the pipes through which the water flows. Previously I had seen a trough with four lead pipes of identical proportions, and now these pipes appear to me to be all of unequal length.

"I dream I am the spectator at some terrible accident; the sight of a wounded man fills me with pity; I imagine what he must be suffering; and it is then I who am the wounded man.

"The mind constantly proceeds by means of a dialogue with itself as soon as it starts to reason or contemplate. Hardly has a dream begun when we seem to be engaged in conversation with some imaginary person.

"We suffer a kind of moral dichotomy in which we find all the elements of a violent controversy within ourselves. We plead with ourselves for and against the contrary opinions that preoccupy us; at times we are the pleaders, at others more or less impartial judges, watching a discussion among the imaginary being who are talking on our behalf. I can think of few subjects more fertile than the analysis of these internal debates in which our conscience, our instincts, and all the internal voices of our feelings are heard through the mouths of characters which our imagination has thought fit to choose for their expression.

"The incoherent dreams become less disrupted under the influence of the will; and in the emotional dreams, full of tumultuous desires and unpleasant thoughts, the new consciousness and freedom of mind that we have acquired enable us to banish painful images and favor happier ones. The fear of disagreeable visions weakens as we perceive how foolish it is, and the desire to see agreeable ones becomes more active as we develop a growing power to induce them of our own accord." -Saint-Denys

It is a superimposition of images. Saint-Denys likened the process to what would occur if a second slide were placed in a slide projector.

*ANMU* Flying Backwards, Unknown OBE, Witches, and Over-Creative Transformations:

I remember once seeing myself in a large empty room without windows. Besides myself there was in the room only a small black kitten. "I am dreaming." I say to myself. "How can I know whether I am really asleep or not? Suppose I try this way. Let this black kitten be transformed into a large white dog... I say this to myself and immediately the black kitten becomes transformed into a large white dog. At the same time the opposite wall disappears, disclosing a mountain landscape with a river like a ribbon receding into the distance.

"This is curious," I say to myself; "I did not order this landscape. Where did it come from?" Some faint recollection begins to stir in me, a recollection of having seen this landscape somewhere and of its being somehow connected with the white dog. But I feel that if I let myself go into it I shall forget that most important thing that I have to remember, namely, that I am asleep and am conscious of myself, i.e. that I am in the state for which I have long wished and which I have been trying to attain. I make an effort not to think about the landscape, but at that moment some power seems to drag me backwards. I fly swiftly through the back wall of the room and go on flying in a straight line, all the time backwards and with a terrible noise in my ears, suddenly come to a stop and awake...

It was in this way, flying backwards, that people used to return from the witches' Sabbath.

Crossing Dream Contexts

*ANMU* Dream Combinations & Multiple Perspective:

A young girl, a political prisoner who spent a long time in the Boutirsky prison in Moscow (in 1906-1908), told me during my visits, from behind two rows of bars, that in her dreams the impressions of the prison were completely mixed up with the impressions of the "Institute" which she had left only six years before. In her dreams the prison warden became confused with former "class-ladies" and "inspectresses" (house-mistresses). Summonses before the prosecutor and cross-examination were lessons, the coming trial was the final examination.

Consciously Switching Dream Pools

*RB* Changing Your Reality Location, Materializing Somewhere Else:

If you don't like the dream pool you are in, or are in a real time OBE and want to enter a dream pool, here are a couple of ways to do it. These techniques all trick the subconscious, through disorientation, into moving you to another reality location:

1. Look closely at your hands and watch them melt. (This is worth doing just to see the melting hands phenomenon).

2. Spin around until you become disoriented.

3. Visualize a place you would like to be. (Instantaneous travel). This will usually move you to a dream pool similar to your visualized target destination.

4. Fly straight up, as fast as you can. If this fails to shift your reality location, at least you will experience space flight.

5. Fly away fast, close to the surface, until you find a place you like. The blurring of speed will cause a reality shift.

6. Walk into a mirror, picture or painting.

Materialization: The Hand Trick(DDG): If you want to cause yourself to appear somewhere in one of the planes/subplanes, try to look at your hands. You might find it a little difficult to pull your hands up in front of your face, but just do it anyway. What you will see at first is that you have no hands! Just stare at where it feels like your hands are. Wiggle your fingers, try to flail your arms. What will happen is that you will see your hands and arms form in front of you! At the same time, you will cause a scene to materialize around you. In effect, what you are doing is tuning into a subplane.

1) Then I faded out of the lockmold and was back in the void again. I tried my newly discovered hand trick again. This time I got strange results. I saw my hand appear, kind of ghost like and transparent, then disappear as I withdrew my immediate attention from trying to feel/move it. I re-concentrated on feeling it. Now I was looking at my palm, thumb and about half of one finger. This kind of grossed me out cause it looked like melted wax or something where the rest of my hand should have been. Then I watched my other fingers "grow" or materialize, first as stumps, then they formed into my fingers. Then I got the idea to try to feel both hands, then my legs and feet. I was literally wiggling my whole body. This seemed to cause the void to disappear and make me phase in to a new lockmold.

2) Gained consciousness thru a dream by means of looking at my hands. I would look at my hands for about 15 seconds then look away and I realized that my awareness was awakening the clarity of my environment.

3) The scene started out with me in a flying dream which I decided to look at my hands. Once I looked at my hands, a flash of bright light flickered in my eyes, I then began to loose control of flight and started to descend. It felt like I was being pulled back to my body so I acted quickly with imagining how it feels to leave. I could feel the separation of the bodies taking place and that I knew I was gonna have success again.

4) I decided to look at my hands on and off for a few minutes time, I learned this technique from a friend "Joe Braun" which the story behind it deals with raising your consciousness. You would look at your hands for five seconds then look away at the environment then look at the hands again.

(This technique was also used in Carlos Castenada that was taught by Don Juan).

5) It was dark out. For some reason I started looking at my hands which I noticed a bluish, green vibrating color moving all around me. ( Could this be my aura?). This vibrating flickering of light all around me would glow bright and then diminish to a weak light then start glowing again. The longer I looked at my hands, the more aware of the environment I became, also I noticed that outside darkness that filled air instantly broke into daylight as if it had to do with my awareness.

Materialization: The Spin Trick(DDG): Another thing you can do to get out of the void is spin yourself around like a top. Just spin yourself around as fast as you can and you will cause yourself to appear somewhere.

1) When I started to feel the sensation slipping away I focused a little more and pretended I was spinning around in circles....

2) I turned and looked at his door and it was closed. I did my new trick and looked away, then looked back, and it was open.

Flying Through The Ceiling To Higher Planes(DDG): Now, if you are on a lower subplane, how to you get out of it? One trick I learned is the following: fly through the ceiling of wherever you are at. When you do this, you will go through the ceiling and come up through the floor of the same room you just left! But actually, it will not be the exact same room; it will be the room but on a higher subplane. Do this a few times until you see light outside and do not feel the heavy, eerie feeling anymore. You will then be on a higher subplane. This does not always work, but it does work sometimes, so it's worth giving it a try.

1) I flopped out of my body and rolled onto the floor. My vision was blinking but I quickly realized where I was at and thought, "Shit! I gotta get outta here!" I saw I was on the lowest astral plane. I felt that dark, heavy uncomfortable feeling. Everything was in greys and browns. And worst of all, there were ghoulies all over my bedroom! They were broken and twisted bodies, moving about in their lethargic fashion. At least I didn't get frightened this time. I stayed level headed. My first thought was to wake

myself up, but then I thought, "no, I'll just go to a higher plane." So I flew upwards through the ceiling, passed through the ceiling and came up through my floor. I did this a second time. Now there was sun shinning through my window and the ghoulies were gone, and everything was in normal colors. I was quite pleased with myself. I flew through the ceiling, this time going outside the house. It was sunny and beautiful outside.

*ODM-HDSD* Dream Manipulation Tricks:

Saint-Denys, by placing his hands over his eyes in a dream could blot out the existing setting and enable him to fix his attention on whatever new objects or events he wished to evoke.

Astral Navigation(RB): Moving amongst the astral dream pools is usually a hit or miss affair for most projectors. It takes a lot of experience to make planned astral journeys to specific realities. During sleep, or in a lucid dream, the subconscious mind usually creates one especially for you. When you become aware during a dream, you take control from the powerful subconscious mind. Without its powerful controlling influence, your personal created realm will change. You will begin tuning into other sympathetic parts of the astral, and the reality you are in will mix with other realities and take on different aspects. In a conscious projection into the astral dimension, you can tune into any part of it and travel into different realities and dream pools. Techniques for this involve tricking the subconscious mind into moving you into a different Astral reality.

*CD* Ending a Dream, Dream Transitions:

Mary Arnold-Forster: "In most cases the disordered dream is stopped by a simple word of command, which either ends it abruptly as the falling of the stage curtain brings the play to a close, or which ends it by changing the dream scene, as one magic lantern picture fades out and gives place to another."


Script: There are correlations between the False Awakenings and going back through Gateways. But does one ever go back from Gateways? Are the subcontexts ever left? I dont think I've ever exited back through a Gateway. Perhaps the stream of attention only flows one way. Perhaps it doesnt ebb.
*RB* The Alice In Wonderland Effect:

Take these together:

1. The incredible creative power of the subconscious mind.

2. The weak creative powers of the conscious mind.

3. The sensitivity of astral matter to thought.

4. Spherical vision.

5. Left-right sense reversals.

And you have a recipe for total confusion.

How Wonderland Works(RB): What you are doing, in effect, is entering the astral dimension via uncontrolled creation, through this false door (Me: or poster, or movie, or map). Once the subconscious mind starts creating like this it continues to do so at a geometric rate. It has to for the conscious mind to assimilate the abnormal situation it is in. In Wonderland, everything is possible, just not very plausible.

Wonderland Through Circular Vision Effects(RB): You project your astral body and look around your room. Everything appears normal, but suddenly, you notice the door is on the wrong wall! While looking around, you have seen this door with your rear vision, confusing your natural left-right brain perspective. The brain can't assimilate this because your frontal perspective belief, and the position of the furniture, pictures, windows etc, are normal; but the view behind you is reversed. This tricks the subconscious mind into creating a very real door where it thinks it should be. Once it has been created, it will not be uncreated, as vanishing doors would be unacceptable to your conscious mind.

When you turn to where the door really should be, you will usually find the door there as normal. Now you may have two, or more, doors where there should only be one. If you go through the real door, you will find the rest of the house as it should be, hopefully. But, if you go through a false door, the mind knows it's false and won't accept it opening to a normal part of your house that it knows can't possibly be there. So, if you open this door you will find something else. It is usually a corridor or passage you don't have, leading off into other parts of the house you don't have either. From then on, if you go through this door, you are in Wonderland.

Astral Gateways(DDG): 1) I noticed that there was a doorway in my bedroom wall, one that was not there physically. So I went through the door and began to explore. The doorway lead into a castle and I was very surprised by this. I remember thinking to myself that rooms have all these hidden directions in them in the astral plane. It was a huge and elegantly decorated place and the decor looked fairly modern.

2) When I went back out into the hall, I looked into John's closet. There was now a window right in the middle of his closet. In the window was a pink rainbow swirling mist that enchanted me enough to want to dive right into it. I thought to myself, "Well, I've only gotten this far by pushin' on ahead!" And so I plunged into this glimmering, enchanting window. I really don't recall well what happened to me after this point, other than it really freaked me out in a very pleasant way.

3) I saw through a window up over the sink that it was raining outside, and I could feel that pleasant fresh feeling that one feels on warm and sunny

rainy days. I was really surprised that it rained on the astral plane and that it felt so similar to what it's like on the physical plane. I really wanted to go outside and feel the rain for myself. I tried to pass through the wall to get outside but I couldn't. I tried to go forward and backward, but just couldn't pass through the wall. The window was open, but there was a screen blocking my way. I tried to open the screen but couldn't, so I decided to

tear the window out. I smashed through it but the hole was too small to crawl through, so I tore away the wall around the window. But the hole was still too small to pass through! So I tore down the whole kitchen wall! I figured, hell, it was just somebody's thought-form anyway, and they could reconstruct it easy enough! Now the hole was big enough to climb through and I jumped through it. But I wasn't outside! Instead, I was in a strange and unfamiliar hallway. I turned around and the kitchen with the hole in the wall was gone! There was just a door there now.

Mirrors As Gateways(RB): Mirrors, historically, are magical devices used as doorways to other worlds. There are also numerous superstitions and old wives tales concerning their effect on the recently departed. After a person had died, all mirrors in their home were covered. This was so they could not see their lack of a reflection and be shocked. Another reason for this was to prevent them from being accidentally trapped in a mirror. There is some logic to this if you look at the mechanics of projection. Death, in the early stages, is very much like a powerful real time projection.

What can happen with mirrors, is this: A spirit can inadvertently enter a mirror in the same way a projector enters a picture. In this mirror world they usually do not know where they are, or how to get out of it, and can be stuck there for a while, causing confusion for a few days until it enters the next stage of existence. This can interfere in the natural goodbye process.

Wonderland Tunes Into Astral Land(RB): At some stage in this creative maelstrom the subconscious mind loses it completely and starts tuning in to other parts of the astral. At this point of the projection, all semblance of reality is lost and you fade into the astral dimension proper. There are many ways this "Alice" effect can happen during a projection, the above example is just one variation.

When Chaos Erupts(RB): It has been noted by many projectors that at some time during a projection they seem to lose control of it. Objects appear, disappear, and generally everything gets a little strange. This is caused, basically, by the subconscious mind's vast creative ability being triggered. It starts making and unmaking things, and tuning into other areas of the astral and generally making everything difficult for the poor projector.

How To Avoid Wonderland(RB): To avoid the above problem: Concentrate on what you are doing while you are projecting and don't let your mind wander. The vision reversal problem can be minimized if you concentrate on your forward vision during projection; focus in one direction at a time. When you turn, follow the room around with your vision.

Harnessing Wonderland: Create Your Own Gateways(RB): The vast creative power of the subconscious can, however, be utilized. It is an extremely valuable tool if you know how to use it.

To create your own personal realm, get a poster of a pleasant scene, something bright and sunny, the bigger the better. Hang it on the wall of the room you are going to project in. Get a small spotlight and set it so the poster is highlighted when the main light is turned off, a normal directional

bedside lamp will do.

When you project, go towards the poster, keeping your mind blank. Don't think about what you are doing, just gaze at it and move towards it. As you approach it in this way, your subconscious mind will be tricked into creating an astral realm exactly like the poster. Just move up to and into the poster. It is like stepping into another world. Everything in this world will be exactly like in the poster. It will appear to be a normal three dimensional world, indistinguishable from reality. (dream travel!)

To customize this world, cut and paste small pictures what you want to find in this world with you when you enter it. Try and find pictures that are

approximately to the same scale as the poster. If you cut out a small picture of someone, your subconscious will create a thought form shell of them and they will be there waiting for you. This may be an excellent way of communicating with those who have died. (theory:)This shell can be animated by the perfect, detailed memory of your subconscious. But, if there is love between the projector and this created person, the spirit of this deceased person, will be drawn to this scenario and will use this opportunity to communicate with the projector, by animating the created image of their old body.

*RB* Gateways:

I went to go through the wall into the lounge, where there was more light, as it was pretty dark in my room. Suddenly I was in a strange world. "Where the hell am I" I thought. There was very dim light and there was a damp fog all around me. There was a large building in front of me with an old fashioned thatched roof. To the side of me was an old rail fence made of massive, rough hewn timbers. I leaned against the fence and thought about it all. I looked past the house and saw the reflection of water. There was a lake on the other side of the house.

Then it hit me, why this scene was so familiar to me, I was in a picture! I have a large picture hanging on the wall in my room, in the exact position where I had tried to pass through the wall. This picture has an old house with a thatched roof and a rough hewn fence around it. There is a lake behind it and it is early dawn, when the sun is just starting to illuminate things. There was no doubt about it, I was in my picture.

I'd had enough of this, it was too dim to enjoy the projection, or to do anything. I focused on my physical body, which I could still feel. I concentrated on moving my mouth and eyes and this soon brought me back to my physical body.

Settling back down again I tried climbing the ROPE again. Within a couple of minutes I was back out of my body again. "This is great," I thought! I hovered above my body and looked about the room. There in the gloom was the picture on the wall, the one I had entered by accident. I went towards it again, just to see if it would happen again. As I got closer it got bigger and bigger and I seemed to shrink into it. As I got right up to it, instead of passing through it, I seemed to move into it and there I was again in this dimly lit, damp world with the old house and the fence. Everything felt real about it, the fence felt like wood and even the air smelled different, it had a farm like, swampish smell about it.

Leaving the picture again and returning to my body, I again wrote everything down in my notebook.

*UR2* Gateways, Expanding Environments in Dreams:

Try to expand any location in which you find yourself. If you are in a house, remember to look out the window. And once you walk to that window, a scene will appear. You can walk out of that dream house into another environment; and theoretically at least you can explore that world, and the space within it will expand. There will be no spot in the dream where the environment will cease.

*CWS* Cubist Portal:

Susan: "I'd quite consciously decide to leave my body and float down the Lower Garden path to the place where this library existed. I'd turn around a "corner" in the air, and the landscape would simply open up, like a cubistic door, and reveal the library's interior.

*APr* Wonderland Effect:

When I entered that fantastic shop, which had no physical counterpart to my knowledge, the experience became definitely astral in nature.

*IaTR* The Door to Wonderland:

I dreamt that while living in my house, I discovered the door to a room I had never before seen or known about. (NOTE: Enter Wonderland.) The room was old, yet fine and grand.

*ODM* Gateway:

1) The dream opened with two people in Florida, driving a car. After they passed under a bridge, the scene shifted to Pennsylvania, where they were living at the time of the dream.

Hyperspace Corridors

*ANMU* Hyperspace Corridors in Dreams:

These are strange dreams, and many people have them. You go up huge, gloomy, endless staircases, find certain passages leading out, remember the way, then lose it again, come upon unfamiliar landings, turnings, doors, etc... These dreams of stairs are in no way different from dreams of long corridors, with endless court-yards through which you pass, with streets, alleys, gardens, parks, fields, woods. (NOTE: Hyperspace corridors, ships? Or the pathways of light beams that I translate into sky highways)


OBEs & Lucid Dreams Compared

Script: This is one of the more important sections of this "chapter" and should be integrated with others and placed more prominently.

OB Periods During Sleep

*BDL* Dreaming is Astral Projection:

J: [The Guardian of the Library] says... "Actually dreaming is astral traveling."

*CJ* Dreams & OBEs:

ROMC: "The dream process is an energy-cleansing process and goes through all five bodies during each major period of sleep...

"When souls reach the two-and-a-half dimension point, they experience themselves as flying, because at this point they are moving into the timeless dimension and are released from the magnetism of the earth energy... Unless one is an advanced soul who lives somewhat consciously in its higher energy state of two and a half and beyond, he or she will not remember out-of-body experiences."

*UR2* Nightly OBs, Lucidity, and Remembering:

Instinctively you leave your body for varying amounts of time each night while you sleep... If you are alert you may even take snapshots- only as far as inner tours are concerned, the snapshots consist of clear pictures of the environment taken at the time, developed in the unconscious, ad then presented to the waking mind...

It is the conscious alert mind that must take these pictures if you hope to later make sense of your inner journeys. That conscious reasoning mind must therefore be taken along.

*ASJ* Sleeping, You Enter the Astral:

The Master: ‘When you go to sleep, the ego slips out of your physical body at the moment when it loses consciousness; you are clothed in your astral body and living in the astral world, under astral plane conditions... At the astral level the force of gravity does not exist.'


‘Whilst our physical bodies sleep, we function at the astral level in our astral bodies and there meet friends and relations who have died... In many ways it is a pity so few people remember what they do at night; if they did, they would be much less troubled about the state called death- and the wicked rumours circulated concerning hell and eternal damnation would have no more effect.'

*PotAB* Dreaming Without Projection:

The astral body does not even respond to some dreams. One may dream and the astral body will project and enact the dream in its true locale; or one may dream the same dream, and the astral body will enact the dream close to the physical body. One may dream of events which are happening at some distant place, without ever being projected there, just as a clairvoyant may see things happening at a distant place, without being actually projected there. One can see the same events, without projecting, which he could see if actually projected. Physical somnambulism and astral projection cannot occur simultaneously in the same subject.

A dreamer, in a clairvoyant dream, can see scenes and events which are occurring elsewhere on the earth plane. One can see events and scenes, in his dreams, which are taking place upon higher planes, and believe that he has projected into these planes, when he actually has not done so.

1) A dreamer found himself suddenly at the gate of Major N.M.'s Avenue. "I struck violently at the man on my left, but my arms were without substance. In the course of the night, he had much alarmed his wife by striking out again and again with his arms in a terrific manner. The subject's astral body was not even out of coincidence. This is a case of physical somnambulism.

*PotAB* When The Astral Body Leaves:

In the case of dreams and great mental stress, the astral body may become detached and sent on long journeys. It also leaves the body during what are known as Psychomantic dreams; or under the influence of anesthetics; or in some of the deeper phases of hypnosis.

Evidence of OB Travel During Sleep

*CBAP* Your Dream Visits Appearing as Apparitions:

Case No. 732: She merely glanced at many houses that were offered by agents, remarking, "No- it's not my house. I shall know it when I see it." One day she was taken to a house and exclaimed, "This is it! It's been waiting for me!" The man who came to the door stared but said nothing. The owner, an elderly man, invited the lady and her daughter, who had brought her, into the house. She kept taking his descriptions "out of his mouth"- "Yes, I know! This will be the music room! These is the window I love!" ... Finally she said, "It's all just like I knew it would be. Oh, I'm so happy!"

The owner said, "...The place is haunted. But I do not feel you need worry, for the ‘ghost' is you. We have seen you many times about the house and garden."

*SBtL* Dreams After the NDE Returned Him To It:

If my waking world could be considered "incoherent," as one doctor put it, then my dream time was a model of coherency. When I was asleep, I was back in the Crystal City, being trained to do the many things that the vision would require me to do.

The Difference Between Lucid Dreams & OBEs

Sub: The Difference Between OBEs & Lucid Dreams
*RB* OBE, Astral Projection, Or Lucid Dream?:

The OBE is a realtime projection close to the physical world. The OBE is slightly different from astral projection or lucid dreaming because of its realtime, objective aspect. OBE'ers are aware of things happening in the real world (unprojected), in real time, such as conversations and events centred around or near their physical body.

Real time projections are due to a large amount of etheric matter being channelled into the astral body, which holds it close to the physical world. This occurs when 1) A person's body is near death, or thinks it is, or 2) The person has active chakras, which can be a natural ability, or it can be developed by training. The amount of etheric matter generated and channelled to the astral body is a strong natural barrier to conscious realtime projection. It limits the duration of any real time projection to the degree of chakra development and control.

(Me: this is a very good definition!)

(BP) Lucid dreams are great. You can literally do anything you want. You can remain completely conscious, and create anything or do anything you can imagine. They're almost as fun as OBEs, but they're not as real. Your consciousness will be awake and alert, but the scenery will be fake.

OBEs, on the other hand, are sometimes more constraining, but they're real.

(G&T): Comparison of Lucid Dreams and OBE (as edited and agreed upon by Bob Peterson)

A. LD: 50%-70% incidence in general population.

OBE: 14%-25% incidence in general population.

B. LD: Dreamer can consciously program the dream.

OBE: OBEer is a passive, objective observer.

C. LD: Dreamer occupies a dream body and may "know" he has a sleeping body but is not visibly aware of it.

OBE: OBEer perceives him/herself in a nonphysical body separated from the physical body, which is visible, inert and thoughtless.

D: LD: Consciousness often vivid, with mystical qualities in experienced subjects.

OBE: Consciousness more ordinary, like being awake, even in experienced subjects.

E. LD: Two types: REM dream type with occasional alpha.

OBE: No typical REM findings on EEG.

On Ability To Control: (DW) Firstly it is not always possible to control the dream when lucid. Lucidity is merely conscious awareness of the dream state. A consequence of this is usually total control over your own actions, and sometimes control over wider aspects of the dream. Secondly, lucid dreamers have to be objective observers for the most part, otherwise they risk becoming reabsorbed into the dream scenario and losing conscious awareness.

Seeing Body: (DW) I would say it is questionable as to whether an OBEer has awareness of their true physical bodies. They perceive a representation of their physical bodies, but to say that it is their physical body is a hasty conclusion in my opinion.

Good Points Regarding Consciousness: (DW) Well, I've read a bit about OBEers travelling to distant planes of existence and meeting all sorts of wierd and wonderful non-physical beings, some of which are able to communicate with the OBEer via telepathy. I've also read of realms of existence where perceptions are mixed up such that it is possible to hear colours and to see sounds, that kind of thing. These sorts of experience are certainly not of any ordinary consciousness that I am familiar with.

I admit that there do seem to be two sorts of OBE account. On the one hand there are those where the OBEer seems to be travelling in disembodied form throughout the objective reality that we all know and love (to hate?). And on the other hand there are accounts of a more mystical nature, involving other realities which in some (most?) cases are apparently still objective realities.

This dichotomy is also true of what I regard to be lucid dreams. I have lucid dreams where I possess more or less waking consciousness, where the dream environment is fairly stable (although differing from reality somewhat). But I also have lucid dreams where I possess somewhat less of my waking faculty and find there to be much less stability and more elements of fantasy involved.

I personally have a theory that it is the integrity of our mental models of the world which dictate what we experience when sensory deprivation sets in. The longer the period since we lost contact with the physical world, the more elements of fantasy that are likely to be involved. Thus maintaining conscious awareness from waking through to the OBE/lucid dream state might result in a somewhat intact mental model which is perhaps reflected in the realistic perceptions of the room in which we physically (as opposed to mentally, spiritually or etherally) reside.

REM: (DW) Now that isn't to say that lucidity doesn't sometimes occur during NREM sleep also. In fact LaBerge cites the case of a subject in his book "Lucid Dreaming" who was able to become lucid briefly during NREM stage 1 sleep. These lucid episodes were very short, lasting only a matter of seconds and perhaps could be better described as becoming aware or maintaining awareness within the hypnagogic state rather than being lucid within a dream.

*S&tS* Difference Between LD & OBEs

Completely absent from these LDs are the bodily paralysis that accompanies OBEs, right? Thus body input is still transmitted into the astral plane. In the OBE, there is only the pull of the cord or no pull. Have you brought your etheric body with you or left it... Is this the question?

Sub: Similarities Between WILDs & OBEs

(SLB): One important reason for connecting WILDs and OBEs is that they share phenomenological features. The experience of vibrations, strange noises, electrical sensations, feelings of weight on the chest and difficulty breathing, and floating -- sometimes with the sensation of peeling out of the body are common to both. The best time to directly enter the REM state is immediately after having awakened from it. During this experiment, many experienced paralysis, weight on chest, vibrations, buzzing (or other noises), and floating or sinking.

Similarities: (DW) It begins with the vibrations and weird sensations, then a floating sensation. The "dream" begins with me floating out of bed and onto the floor. I stand up and explore the house and surrounding environment. Many might interpret this experience as an OBE, but I do not since it is not significantly different from my other lucid dreams.

Sub: Differences in the Return

(DDG): Coming out of an OBE is NOT like waking up from sleep. Usually when we wake up from sleep we pass through a hypnopomic period, or at least we lie in bed feeling dreamy and comfortable and many times do not want to get out of bed right away. Coming out of a projection is much different: the transition is completely abrupt and you will find yourself wide awake laying on your bed. As I said, you may even feel "light and tingly" when you return here to the physical, or in rare cases you may feel tired and unrested.

Sub: Certainty Afterward

(BP): If you're not really sure if you experienced the real thing, then you probably didn't. Real OBEs leave no doubt in your mind.

Sub: Feeling the Differences When There

(SM): 1) I began to dream that I was back at my secondary school. I was walking down the corridor, into the reception and then into the dining hall. It was here that I became cognisant of dreaming; I had regained consciousness. I ran a bit forward whilst I tried to decide what to do next.

I noticed how different this was from OBing. In both cases, you can become conscious, but when dreaming, you know that you and your physical are one, and in the same place. When OBing, you feel separate from your physical body.

2) I'm not sure whether this was a dream about OBing or an actual OB. It certainly felt like the latter, but I can't be absolutely sure.

Sub: Other Differences

Bedroom: (G&T) In a lucid dream, typically one does not dream about being in one's bedroom, as is common in the out-of-body state.

On Bedroom Exploration: (DW) Well you could question whether or not my experiences are lucid dreams or OBEs, but the majority of what I would describe as lucid dreams occur within the house I currently occupy and often begin specifically in my bedroom. There are so many discrepancies with waking reality especially when I look at the surrounding landscape, that I can only conclude that I am dreaming. I could try to invent a theory which might explain the discrepancies (such as parallel universes etc), but since the images are so unstable (they vary both between dreams and within the same dream), that it's just not worth it. Dreaming fits so much better as an explanation in these cases.

1) Do you claim that as I had this dream in which I was aware of both my dream body and my physical body, I was not lucid but rather had an OBE? I was undoubtedly in a dream world but I was able to feel my dream body and physical body at the same time.

2) I felt that I was lying on my left side in my bed. At the same time, I felt that I was floating. In the dream, I levitated in such a position that my head pointed to the opposite direction as in the real world. Very confusing to feel two opposite postures.

Reality: (G&T) After a lucid dream, the subject accepts the "unreality" of the lucid dream after awakening. After an OBE, the subject usually asserts emphatically that the experience was "real."

Reality Of It: (DW) Lucid dreams sometimes feel more real that reality.

(G&T) Lucid dreams are not easily remembered, unless one is conditioned, and fewer have a lasting impact. OBEs, however, are usually remembered vividly for years, and have a highly positive lasting impact.

(PotC) In a dream, images are weaker than those perceived while in the waking state; in a conscious projection, they reach the highest intensity of any state of consciousness.

Dreams, although having weaker images, are easier to remember, as they occur in a state of consciousness in which the psychosoma is either almost in alignment with or is at least in proximity with the soma; a conscious projection... is not directly influenced by the physical brain... The more prolonged and distant the excursion of the psychosoma or the mentalsoma, the more difficult it will be to remember.

Recall: (DW) The more vivid the lucid dream the easier it is to remember. And the fact that dreams often increase in brilliance at lucidity onset makes them much easier to remember. Also conscious awareness seems to break the amnesia barrier (for me anyway), such that there is almost no noticeable transition or gap in consciousness from dreaming to waking. Awakening from a non-lucid dream on the other hand is often associated with a period of disorientation and confusion, which hampers recall.

(G&T) A Lucid Dream is seen as a totally personal (subjective) production of the dreamer's mind. The OBEer sees it as objective reality.

(BP): I've had lucid dreams in which I had complete control, then dispelled the dream only to wake up in an out-of-body state. When this happens I've noticed that the scenery in a lucid dream seems artificial, unlike OBE scenery. It's even possible to change the scenery with your mind.

Subjectivity: (DW) Again this is just a statement of how the dreamer and OBEer interpret their experiences, and not a difference in the experiences themselves.

Sex: (G&T) Many Lucid Dreams contain sexual content. In fact, author Patricia Garfield indicates that "fully two-thirds" of her LDs have sexual content. During LDs, sexuality is convincingly real. In other words, it feels the same as real sex. OBEs, however, rarely have sexual content. When OBEers report having "astral sex," the experience is not anything like physical sex. It's more like an ecstatic mind-trip, a transfer of energy, or a euphoria, but it doesn't feel like physical sex.

Where It Begins: (G&T) Typical lucid dreams happen from REM sleep. People don't unexpectedly pass into a lucid dream from a waking state. But typical OBEs are initiated from a waking state. In fact, OBEs can unexpectedly occur from a waking state. For instance, several people (myself included) have reported OBEs during which they have unexpectedly "fallen out of their body" from total consciousness. Some of these (mine included) occur when the physical body is active, such as walking down the street.

Dependant on Exit/Entrance: (RB) A lucid dream is where a person becomes fully aware that they are dreaming during a dream, in the astral realm. They then take some kind of conscious control over the course of events. If you miss the conscious exit from your body, if you black out and then awareness returns when you are in the astral, you are technically having a lucid dream, not an astral projection as you have become aware after separation.

Wake/Sleep Definitions: (DW) In my opinion saying LD's only occur during sleep tells us nothing useful about how OBEs and lucid dreams compare. It's just a consequence of how we have chosen to label these experiences. Anyway you could argue that an OBE is a conscious transition into sleep, since the body is usually inactive. And after all, one mans OBE induced from the waking state is another mans WILD (wake initiated lucid dream).

Relation To NDE: (G&T) Also, an OBE is a typical feature of a NDE. One can hardly think that Lucid Dreams occur during an NDE, especially because the physical body doesn't spontaneously go into REM sleep during an NDE.

*ODM* NDEs & LDs:

Two studies have shown that people who have NDEs are more likely to experience dream lucidity.

*MJooB* Dreams & OBE:

Flying dreams are usually OBEs. Dreams about getting out of your car or loosing your car can be OBEs.

*PtE* OBE Signs:

According to an ancient tradition, the first sign that the soul has truly been outside the body and into the astral world is the presence of "flashes of lightning" in the visual field.

*PotAB* Dream Body & Astral Body:

The dream body is the astral body in a partially conscious condition.

*SD&P* Projection From a Dream:

Projection from a dream is something else again.

Almost all of your dream experiences do involve projection of one kind or another.

*SD&P* The Difference Between Projection & Dreams:

There is a vast difference between ordinary dreams and projections. Dreams are constructed and sent upon their way. As you know, they maintain an independence within their own dimension.

Projections involve many more aspects of the whole self and are a mark that the personality is progressing in important ways. The inner senses are allows their greatest freedom in projection states, and the self retains experience that it would not otherwise. When this knowledge becomes a part of the ordinary waking consciousness, then you have taken a gigantic step forward.

*JoYS* Lucid Dreams & OBEs in the Astral:

In our normal waking state, our sense of self is usually centered in our personality. When we're asleep, our sense of self reverts to being centered in our astral self. People often wake up tired after lucid dreaming, since the personality isn't at rest, as well as after extensive unconscious out-of-body excursions, because the body isn't receiving the astral self's undivided attention; energy is being expended rather than regenerated.

*PAP* How to Distinguish Between Dreams and Astral Projection:

Whether the dream be caused by one of many physical sensations, by memory of past experiences, by symbolic visions, or by a simultaneous glance into many dimensions, it is impossible to mistake it for projection.

*PtE* Lucid Dreams & OBEs:

After months of lucid dreaming, I found myself automatically, on occasion, experiencing OBEs. As I experienced lucid dreaming more often, occasional sensations of lifting out of my body increased. Lucid dreaming is an almost sure path to OBEs.

*LD-P* Rare to Be Bodiless in a Lucid Dream:

In lucid dreams it is rare for the dreamers to be identified with an apparently incorporeal point of view.

From Lucid Dream To OBE & Back

** Back & Forth From Astral Projections/OBEs To Dreams:

(AB) Consciousness on astral plane can be unstable - quite opposed to that in etheric body. If consciousness is unstable on astral plane, your awareness may shift from astral to dream state and go back to astral state again. It's like you would turn a switch in your head. When I had experienced this several times, I was amazed to realize, that my astral body existed furtheron, unconscious and independent from my awareness, maintaining its activities.

(DDG) Once you start astral projecting you will find that you will astral project from within your dreams. You will be in a dream, and in the dream you will get the idea to astral project. This is a different phenomena from becoming lucid during a dream that we have already discussed. When you become lucid during a dream, you will still be in the same dream, only now you will be lucid. When you astral project from a dream you will LEAVE the dream you were in and enter a projection. Often, when you wake up from the projection you will be back in the dream that you had left and you will NOT realize that you are dreaming. This is a weird situation to be in, but it has happened to me many times.

Also, strange as this sounds, you can have an OBE while you are having an OBE! That is, you can leave your body while you are projecting!

(BP) You could turn an ordinary dream into an OBE. You could wake yourself up and say, "Wait a minute. I know this is a dream. I'm wide awake now." From there you have a choice: either you can keep dreaming and have a "Lucid dream," or you can wake yourself out of the dream and have an OBE. Both a tons of fun.

(1) I have dreamed I was out-of-body, and have woken up KNOWING it was only a dream.

(2) I have had OBEs where I have fallen asleep while out-of-body, then started dreaming, then woken up out-of-body again.

(3) I have also have lucid dreams, then I made the conscious transition to an out-of-body state where I watched my lucid dream scenery dissolve.

(AbtB) "I am walking on a sidewalk or path of some kind. In the distance a radio tower extends as far as I can see. I have a strong urge to go to it. Instantly I am closer.

A crab was jumping up and down really high. I realized I was dreaming! Immediately I felt strange tingling and realized I'd entered the vibrational state while dreaming. I focused my attention on floating up. Within seconds, I did.

(RB) When you become aware in a dream, you should already be in a communal dream pool. If you want to try changing this to a real time projection, try and become aware of your physical body. If you can sense it, you may be able to return to a time location near it. This is difficult, though, and may end the experience completely, forcing a return to the waking state.

I suggest you enjoy the L.D. for what it is. Communal dream pools are very colourful places and usually lots of fun. You will see all kinds of weird and wonderful things there and have all kinds of adventures.

(DW) While in this state, I was falling into darkness, where I felt the energy all around me pulsating, then seconds later I landed into a dream.

(CCG) You might have to regain awareness by awakening in a dream. A lucid dream can be an entry point to OBEs. Skilled astral projectors are usually also skilled dreamers.

*SS* Sleeping Projections:

Projections occur of course in the sleep state constantly, whether or not they are remembered. They are recalled when there is some reason to do so, some merit or obvious acheivement involved, as in societies where it is considered highly advantageous to use dreams and projections.

** Experiences:

1) I was dreaming, though unaware of it, when the vibrations came on this time. I found myself in my friend's room on Canterbury.

2) I was dreaming of being in a classroom. A teacher first called out one kids name, and then Stephen Hall, this kid I used to know. People were looking at me thinking it was me and I became embarrassed, and then felt that sinking feeling I always have when I am about to project. This startled me a little but I managed to calm myself down. Three dots appeared in my line of vision and I figured I would concentrate on those to make sure no stray thoughts entered my head and stopped the vibrations. The dots looked like this:


o o

They began to spin counter-clockwise and the more I stared into and through them, the deeper I felt myself go. Then the vibrations kicked in and I began to feel my astral body separate.

2) I was dreaming and then felt the vibrations without the sinking feeling. I imagined there was something spinning, nothing in particular, just a swirling black hole that pulled me free of my body.

3) I was dreaming of sitting on our sofa in our front room. My mother was talking and as she did, I felt my head slip to the left side and my eyes close. She kept talking even though she knew I was about to project. I think she was saying that it wasn't possible to project and that I was making it all up. I remember sinking.

4) All in all, I had a feeling of being in a classroom scene. It felt as if there were people in the room who were trying to stop me leaving my body. There was a feeling of foreboding and something trying to press down on me as I tried to leave my body.

5) As I stepped through the glass window pane, my consciousness dimmed considerably. At once everything seemed strange. I was outside, but it looked so strange that I couldn't tell where I was. I looked around and saw images, possibly from an oncoming dream. I couldn't even tell whether I was on the first-floor or on a second-story. I recognized things, but everything seemed out of place. I saw toys, furniture and other objects. I twisted around and saw that I was outside, to the north of our kitchen, and one story up! I became confused and eventually blacked out. I remember thinking, "I don't want to enter a dream now."

6) I went up to my bedroom in this dream house. Again, at this point I thought everything was normal and had no idea I was dreaming. I laid down on my bed and started concentrating to leave just exactly like I always do on the physical plane. However, when I laid down, shut my eyes and began concentrating, the effect was intensely more dramatic than it is on the physical plane. I got results almost as soon as I shut my eyes (compared to the 15 to 30 minutes it usually seems to take on the physical plane). Still I was unaware that I was projecting out of a dream. Instead of seeing the "stars" (entopic light) filling the darkness behind my closed eyes, the effect was more like when I'm in the void during a projection. But, again, at the time I didn't recognize this, I only remember it now as I write this entry.

Then, practically immediately, imagery began to form. What I saw looked like a hole forming in the fog. What I thought at the moment was that a gateway to the astral plane was forming. I laid there trying to transfer my consciousness from my body into this gate. The "gate" imagery itself was vivid and well focused, kind of a blue swirling mist with stars (little pinpoints of light) blinking on and off in it. After a few moments of

concentration, I was standing at the gate.

7) I dreamed that I was talking to someone about astral projection. After the conversation ended, and I was back inside my bedroom, I said to myself (still in a dream state), "That's an excellent idea; I think I'll project."

So in the dream, I stood up and went outside. I walked to the place just behind (east of) my house and I woke up there out of my body! I realized my condition, and I was surprised, but I stayed in perfect control of my emotions.

8) This morning I was in the beginning of a dream in which I found myself walking through the hallways of a hospital, and there were other people in the hallways. I realized I was dreaming, and became lucid.

First, I wanted to play with the lucid dream state for a little while, so I started gliding through the hallway. (Entered a tunnel-see tunnel experiences) I returned to the same hallway. I turned and started floating myself back down the hallway in the opposite direction, turned left, and down toward the main desk. Then I stopped completely and decided that I didn't want the illusion of the dream anymore.

I closed my eyes, to unfocus from the dream. The dream scenery melted away and my vision went black. I was floating out of my body. Then I decided to have some fun, and I started flying wildly in all directions, doing loop-the-loops and having a ball. I turned about twenty loops of great size, just like a jet airplane, but I was unable to open my eyes for some unknown reason. Still, the sensation of flying was a blast.

*PAP* How to Distinguish Between Dreams and Astral Projection:

In my dream I was crossing a large room, in which several people were gathered, when I saw a pure white dove fly down obliquely and alight on my forehead. Immediately I found myself in a state of conscious projection, and profited by the occasion to go and visit some friends.

Without being confused, my vision was, however, somewhat passive. However light it might be, there was a sort of veil over my dream. But, as soon as the dove had touched me, the transformation was instantaneous. As if under a magic spell I suddenly became as clear-headed as in the best moment of my physical life. I was fully conscious of all the work I had done with regard to astral projection, of the presence of my sleeping body, and of the exterioriazation of my double, at the same time as I was working out how best to use my momentary powers.

*ST* Exit While Dreaming:

Suddenly I snapped to full consciousness observing that I was now floating above my bed. I must have been in a semi-dream state when I left my body.

*PotAB* Astral Projecting in a Dream:

If you ever begin to dream of astral projection (that is, dream that your astral body can and does do astral things) you are positively sure to experience projection of the astral body.

I once noticed that the instant I dreamed of getting into the (already projected) astral body, I became conscious in that body.

*CWS* OB & Dream:

Rudy Storch: "As often happens in the moments preceding a projection experience, I fell into a dream scene. I went rushing through the entrance (a portal) and found myself flying. I realized that I was OB."

Dreaming While OB - Nonlucid Projections

*PotAB* Astral Sleepwalking & Becoming Conscious In An OBE or After Death:

Rarely does an astral projector ever experience projections which are completely conscious from beginning to end. Most tales of conscious astral projection begin after the astral body has left the physical. On other occasions the projection would begin in the hypnagogic state when emerging from and going to sleep. When a conscious projection begins during the emerging hypnagogic state, the subject will feel the disconnection of the two bodies. But when the projection occurs during the hypnagogic state when entering sleep, the astral body rises up so easily that the subject scarcely knows that he has moved upward until suddenly he sees this to be the case.

The reason why completely conscious projections only occur, as a rule, after the subject has been sleeping for several hours, is because the physical body has become ‘incapacitated' to a greater extent. Projections often make their appearances at 6-7:00 in the morning.

As a rule, when consciousness does intervene, it makes its debut after the body has already separated, and is walking about, totally unaware of the fact up to the time of awakening. (strange..) It is not unusual for the phantom to stand there for some time before being liberated. Some projectors get only to this point, and never become free- interiorizing again, all the time in a cataleptic position. When such is the case, the body will always be unstable, swaying to and fro, from side to side, forward and backward. This is really an incompleted projection.

Just as there is somnambulism (sleep-walking) of the physical being, there are also persons who, while asleep, walk about in the astral body. It is a state of unconscious projection. The subconscious mind controls the meandering body. At scattered intervals, throughout astral somnambulism, the dormant, conscious mind may become active for an infinitesimally short time, or partially conscious for a longer or shorter time. When the intermittent flashes of ‘awareness' occur, they register muddled and haphazard scenes, sounds, etc.

In death, as in astral projection, the phantom may not become conscious for some time. Some exist for a while in the dream state.

Unless consciousness be present from the very beginning of a projection, it will first begin to manifest itself in the form of a dream. It seldom comes suddenly, but slowly, when the phantom is projected- a dream always preceding it, and it works itself out of the dream. If the dream corresponds to the action of the phantom, consciousness is more likely to appear- that is why dream control is such an important factor.

Every time the dream corresponds to the action of the astral body, real consciousness generally appears.

The physical sleepwalker can act out the dream which is in his mind. If the somnambulist encounters a person, he will either pay no attention to him, or at once that person will become a part of the dream- if the subject is partially conscious. Should the projector in a dream encounter other individuals- wither earthly or in spirit- they likewise at once become characters in the dream.

1) One begins to awaken slowly, unable to understand where he exists, but conscious that he does exist somewhere. Consciousness grows slightly stronger, and one understands that he is lying upon the bed, before he can see or hear; and there will be a very noticeable pulsation in the back of his head. This is the heartbeat. Presently the subject will realize that he cannot move. He cannot try to move up into the air by trying to use effort; for this would interfere. At this time one merely lies quiet, without emotion, and thinks of moving upward. He will be cataleptic, as a rule, until after the power has moved him outside cord-activity range, but he becomes free form catalepsy- sometimes (after the body has uprighted) when within cord-activity range. But he never becomes free from catalepsy while the body is in the horizontal position- he could not and remain horizontal.

*ODM-CJ* Collective Dreams:

Jung: But not only are the bounds of personal consciousness extended vaguely in sleep so as to cover all the past life of the sleeper, it is even possible to hold that the consciousness of the species, and even its predecessors, may be represented in the psychic organism and reappear in sleep.

*PotC* Dreaming OB:

Simulation of action, as illustrated above, frequently occurs when one is dreaming while projected in the psychosoma or, in other words, when in the transitional phase between a common dream and a conscious projection.

*UR2* Always Dreaming, Clothing OBEs in Physical Terms, Open Systems:

You dream when you are out of your body, even as you dream inside it. You may therefore form dream stories about your own out-of-body travel, while your physical image rests soundly in bed... If you remember such an episode at all it may well seem very confusing, for you will have superimposed your own world view where it does not belong.

In dream travel it is quite possible to journey to other civilizations- those in your past or future, or even to worlds whose reality exists in other probable systems. There is even a kind of "cross-breeding," for you affect any system of reality with which you have experience. There are no closed realities, only apparent boundaries that seem to separate them. The more parochial your own world view, however, the less you will recall of their dreams or their activities, or the more distorted your "dream snapshots" will be.

*ASJ* Levels of Astral Consciousness:

The Master: ‘During his lifetime a man has the opportunity of living under astral plane conditions every time his body is asleep, but in actual fact it is only the man whose standing in evolution is above the average who takes full advantage of these opportunities. The young soul, or unevolved ego, certainly gets out of his body during sleep- he cannot help doing so- but his intelligence (mental or mind body) is not sufficiently developed to furnish him with the amount of knowledge necessary before he can use all his faculties to their highest extent. Therefore he usually hangs about near his sleeping body, waiting for the call to re-enter it.'


False Awakenings & The Near-Realm

Script: Since any expected scenario can be projected outside oneself in a dream, we find that the habituated idea to wake up and write down one's experiences appearing within a dream.

The Nature of False Awakenings

*DDG* False Awakenings:

What can happen many times is that you will think you are awake back here on the physical, but in fact you are NOT. This is called a "false awakening" by Oliver Fox. Basically, you will come out of the OBE and think you are physical again, but you will actually still be projecting! A number of times I have woken up from an OBE, laid gathering my memories and promptly gotten up and started recording my experience in my journal only to discover I was not really awake here in the physical!

If you do not realize you had a false awakening, it will become like a normal dream and you may go off and do other things, characteristic of your dream behavior, only to find yourself waking up for real here in the physical sometime later.

Types of False Awakenings

*CD* False Awakenings:

A cycle of dreams within a dream can continue through three or four dreams. Philosophers who have experienced a series of false awakenings have speculated that what we believe to be life may be only another layer of dream.

There are two types of false awakenings, according to Green. The first is fairly common. I call it Thoughtful False Awakening. In it, the dreamer seems to be talking or thinking about some previous dream experience. This may or may not start with a fairly realistic representation of the dreamer waking up in his own bed...

The second classification of false awakenings is one in which the dreamer seems to awaken in a realistic manner, in his own bedroom setting, but in addition, there is a strange atmosphere. I call it Suspenseful False Awakening. The dreamer usually remains in his or her own bed.. Suspense, excitement, or apprehension come immediately or in a few minutes. This type of false awakening differs from the first type in that it always (rather than sometimes) begins with the dreamer in bed.

*LD-P* False Awakenings, Near-Realm Voices, & Rationalizations:

The philosopher Bertrand Russell, interestingly, reports appearing to wake up hundreds of times in succession after an anaesthetic (Russell, 1948, pg. 186).

A particularly striking kind of realistic false awakening was distinguished in Green's book Lucid Dreams (1968a) as a "Type 2" false awakening. In such an experience the subject seems to wake in his or her bed in the normal way, but the atmosphere seems stressed, electrified or tense, and he or she has a feeling of foreboding or expectancy. In a false awakening of this kind ominous and anxiety-producing noises may be hard, and "apparitions" may be seen.

Thoughtful False Awakenings

*CD* Writing Weirdness in Dreams:

"At the end of a dream I am writing my dream with a pencil across the pillow. It is something about Western philosophy. I force myself to sit up and see whether the writing is clear. I find it is only a series of dots and dashes. I then force myself actually awake to write." ("Dots and Dashes," 1/7/72)

(IW) I call one state Secondary Consciousness where super imposed-realism kicks in and you think you are awake. So you get up, eat breakfast and fret about not going OB. Then you wake up. That's a good example of your mental ability to project a reality.

1) I then began a totally weird false awakening....

I opened my eyes, looked left and saw the chest of drawers besides my bed that had been placed there yesterday when I moved my room about. First thought was to write my OB down, so I jumped out of bed and went to another drawer on the other side of the room. I pulled out a writing pad (and possibly pen?) and moved back toward the bed. I then noticed that Chris Tarrant (Capital Radio DJ) was sitting in a chair to my right. A couple of kids were also to my left in the room. In addition, my dog was sniffing around near the kids. Still, my suspicions weren't aroused! As I told Chris about having had an amazing OB - best one yet out of 40/50', my dog jumped on the bed and got hidden beneath the folds of the duvet as I tucked myself in.

Then woke up for real and was totally confused. Going to that drawer across the room, I found no such writing pad - it was on the floor. And the pen was on the chest of drawers to my left. What was interesting was that in the false awakening, my room was just as it really is. I had only changed it over yesterday after 4 years!

*LD* False Awakenings:

In some cases, lucid dreamers have reported enduring literally dozens of false awakenings before finally waking up "for real."


Delage's: "One night I was woken by urgent knocking at the door of my room. I got up and asked: ‘Who is there?' ‘Monsieur,' came the answer in the voice of Marty, ‘it is Madame H, who is asking for you to come immediately to her house.'

(NOTE: These things like to repeat themselves if interrupted.) "‘Just give me time to dress', I said, ‘and I will run.' I dressed hurriedly, but before going out I went into my dressing-room to wipe my face with a damp sponge. The sensation of cold water woke me and I realized that I had dreamt all the foregoing events. So I went back to sleep. But a little later, the same knocking came again at my door. ‘What, Monsieur, aren't you coming then?'

"‘Good heavens! So it is really true, I thought I had dreamt it.'

"‘Not at all. Hurry up. They are all waiting for you.'

"‘All right, I will run.' Again I dressed myself, again in my dressing-room I wiped my face with cold water, and again the sensation of cold water woke me and made me understand that I had been deceived by a repetition of my dream. I went back to bed and went to sleep again. The same scene re-enacted itself almost identically twice more."


When Delage "really" awoke the next morning, he could see the "whole series of actions, reasonings and thought had been nothing but a dream repeated four times in succession with no break in my sleep and without my having stirred from my bed.

Although false awakenings are also reported following non-lucid dreams, they appear to be more often associated with lucid dreams, probably because only in these does the question of being awake or asleep normally arise.

It was my expectation of waking up that was deluding me. By expecting a "false" rather than an actual awakening, I was able to maintain lucidity during most subsequent dreams.

Both falling backward and spinning are especially effective in producing lucid dreams of awakening. (NOTE: Reconnecting with the body)

*APr* False Awakenings:

Sometimes after a Dream of Knowledge, and less frequently after an unremembered dream, I would seem to wake and remain quite under the impression that I was awake, and then some abnormal happening would show me I was in a state of trance.

*LD* Lucid Orgasms:

In the dozen instances in which I dreamed that I reach orgasm, the sensation of ejaculation was convincingly vivid, so much so that these lucid dream orgasms were usually followed by false awakenings in which I dreamed that I had in fact had a wet dream. Yet as soon as I awoke in actuality, I always discovered that I was mistaken.

*CWS* Waking Near Realm:

[At the end of Susan's OBE] "Something was pulling at me, and I was giving in. I floated away from him, back into the library, past the bookshelves, back out the Lower Garden ‘door', up the path, and into my bedroom, where I awoke with a jolt to find strange furniture- velvet-covered and beautifully carved chairs sitting in my room. I sat up and stared at the chairs. I was wide awake, but these chairs were not mine. All at once, a voice came down out of the ceiling, saying, in an amused tone, ‘You were so energetic that you pulled a few symbols back with you.' An odd tingle went through me, and the chairs vanished, Cheshire-Cat-like, from the room."

Suspenseful False Awakenings with Apparitions

*LD-P* The Near-Realm & Apparitions:

A quarter of all the apparitional cases reported to us occurred just after waking, usually during the night.

*FVE* False Awakenings:

This wrong-waking up type is not to be confused with the dreams in which I dreamt that I woke after a lucid dream and told that dream to some listener. Those dreams were of the ordinary sort. There was nothing uncanny about them. Dreams of the wrong-waking-up class are undoubtedly demoniacal, uncanny, and very vivid and bright, with a sort of ominous sharpness and clearness, a strong diabolical light. (NOTE: Diabolical light? Strange perspective!)

*FVE* Waking From Lucidity & Trailing Off:

Lucid dreams occur in deep sleep and do not as a rule end in waking up, unless I wish it and do it by an act of volition. I prefer, however, in most cases to continue dreaming as long as possible, and then the lucidity vanishes and gives place to other forms of dream, and the form that follows is often the "demon-dream".

Script: Note the commonality of the paralysis.

2) I passed from unremembered dreams and thought I was awake. It was still night, and my room very dark. Although it seemed to me that I was awake, I felt curiously disinclined to move. The atmosphere seemed changed, to be in a "strained" condition. I had a sense of invisible, intangible powers at work, which caused this feeling as of aerial stress. I became expectant. Certainly, something was about to happen. Suddenly the room was faintly illuminated. A soft greenish glow, suggesting phosphorescence, was emanating from a glass-doored Japanese cabinet beside my bed. From this source, it spread slowly and evenly, like a luminous gas—a cold, spectral light, of unvarying brightness. For a while I stayed motionless, watching it. I did not feel afraid, but I was filled with wonder. Then, wishing to observe more closely the source of this mysterious light, I made an effort to overcome my strange disinclination to move. Instantly the light vanished and things were as usual. I was really awake now, with my head half raised from the pillow.Note: I did not know it, but I could have left my body quite easily (by the method of instantaneous projection) when in this condition.

3) I told my friend I was expecting as astral visit from Barrow, and must go back to my bedroom and await his coming. Instantly I was caught up, as though in some invisible current, and borne back to my body. I awoke—at least, I was certainly under the impression that I was awake—and was much annoyed.

At this point I became aware of two things: (1) that a sudden almost indescribable change had been effected in the atmosphere, which seemed charged with expectation (the "before a storm" sensation intensified) and rarefied, or perhaps compressed. It seemed to me that the atmosphere was being strained. (2) That my bedroom door, which had been shut, was now ajar—a faint golden light streaming through the opening.

Literally, in a flash, my friend came. He did not enter by the door. He appeared instantaneously, in an egg-shaped cloud of intense bluish-white light, and stood by my bed, gravely regarding me. He was dressed in a white robe (possibly his nightshirt); and as my eyes recovered from the dazzling effect of his sudden appearance, I saw that inside the blush-white ovoid surrounding him, were bands of color—deep red, rose-red, violet, blue, sea-green and pale orange. The pale orange was centered around the head, shooting upwards from it in a widening conical ray, until it reached the ceiling. He did not speak, but I felt that he was telling me mentally not to be afraid. All this happened in a moment or two; then he vanished as suddenly as he had come.

A fresh phenomenon arrested my attention. In the air above the foot of my bed appeared a circle of yellow light, as though projected from a magic lantern, and in this, were three figures—a man and two women. These figures were about three free high; the dress was modern, and the coloring perfect. I could not actually hear their words, but I knew mentally what was being said.

Barrow had no recollection of having been in my room.

The presence of the well-marked aura is in opposition to the theory that I saw merely a thought-form of my own making.

4) I passed from an unremembered dream to find myself apparently awake in the darkness of my room. In a moment or two, I became aware of that curious change in the atmosphere, which has already been described. The thought came to me that something unusual was about to happen, but I had no idea as to the form this expected manifestation would take. Then, with startling suddenness, an ovoid of blush-white appeared a few feet from my bed, and in it was a seemingly solid figure, which I instantly recognized. The apparition was clothed in a simple white robe of intense brilliance, but no astral colors were discernible.

I stretched out a hand to touch the figure, and then it immediately vanished.

Taking into consideration the absence of the auric colors, which one would most certainly expect to see, I think this figure was only a thought form, though of exceptional beauty and power.

Script: Which body views the aura?

5) Some time in the night, while it was still dark, I woke—but it was the False Awakening. I could hear the clock ticking and dimly see the objects in the room. I lay on the left side of my double bed, with tingling nerves, waiting. Something was going to happen.

Suddenly there appeared a large egg-shaped cloud of intensely brilliant bluish-white light. In the middle was Elsie, hair loose, and in her nightdress. She seemed perfectly solid as she stood by a chest of drawers near the right side of my bed. Thus she remained, regarding me with calm but sorrowful eyes, and running her fingers along the top and front side of a desk, which stood on the drawers. She did not speak.

For what seemed to be some seconds, I could not move or utter a word. Again, I felt the strange paralysis. Wonder and admiration filled me, but I was not afraid of her. At last, I broke the spell. Rising on one elbow, I called her name, and she vanished as suddenly as she had come.

"I did come to you!" she greeted me. "I really did."

She described how she was running her fingers along a projecting ridge on the front of this desk.

Script: Perhaps the appearance of an apparition or astral body calls one back to their own body. There is probably a mental contact heralding the appearance.

6) She woke on a bright morning to find me standing, fully dressed but hatless, by her bed. I looked so solid and real that she never doubted I was there in the flesh. She slept with her window wide open, and she thought I had been emulating Romeo. She wanted so desperately to warn me that discovery was only a matter of seconds, but seem paralyzed and could not move or speak. I just stood there, solid and stolid, very serious and silent. Then, as the doorknob turned, I vanished. I was asleep at the time, but I had no memory of the happening.

7) Sometimes after the false awakening I had the rather frightening experience of feeling an apparently solid hand touching or gripping me. A hand would be pressing on my forehead. On one occasion I was seized by steel-like arms and squeezed until I seemed to be gasping for breath. At last, I managed to cry out, and as the trance was broken, I saw a misty white shape dissolving in the night. One apparition of a non-human kind particularly impressed me. My visitor resembled a conical mass of glistening snow and nearly reached the ceiling. It had no features, but two blazing blue eyes completed the picture.

+ I heard also, when in this state, in addition to physical sounds, several strange noises; crackling sounds suggesting electrical phenomena; roaring and whirring noises as of gigantic machines; a peculiar snapping sound, recalling the driving-bands, used to transmit power in a workshop; sounds like the surging of an angry sea and rushing winds; and sometimes voices calling.

8) [Pinael door projection] As I opened my astral eyes, I turned right round within my physical body so that I faced the other direction. Great forces seem to be straining the atmosphere, and bluish-green flashes of light came from all parts of the room. I then caught sight of a hideous monster—a vague, white, filmy, formless thing, spreading out in queer patches and snake-like protuberances. It had two enormous round eyes, like globes filled with pale blue fire, each about six or seven inches in diameter.

Once more I turned within myself and viewed the room. The monster had gone, but the flashings continued for a little while. These too subsided, and then the room seemed just as usual, except for the fact that it was dimly and evenly illuminated by no visible source of light. Dual consciousness.

(NOTE: It just wants you nearby.) My body called me back. I made the journey home in a flash and found myself still in the Trance Condition.

(NOTE: Lots of trance conversation.) Just as I was about to leave my body, I heard my wife say with peculiar distinctness: "No! You must not do it again now, or I shall be frightened." I thought her voice was probably only an illusion and so hesitated. Then she spoke again: "Wake up dear!" I still thought the voice was most likely unreal in the physical sense, but I broke the trance quite easily and questioned her. She had not spoken and had no recollection of seeing me leave my body.

Note: The leisurely and easy manner, in which separation was effected, points to this having been a true Pineal Door projection.

I have frequently found that a sudden return to waking life prevents one from bringing through any details of the dream.

*PotL* The Inability To Speak- You're Not in Your Body:

"That night I awoke suddenly, and saw facing the window of my room, by my bedside, surrounded by a light sort of phosphorescent mist, as it were, my brother kneeling. I tried to speak, but could not. I buried my head in the bedclothes, not at all afraid (because we had all been brought up not to believe in ghosts or apparitions), but simply to collect my ideas, because I had not been thinking or dreaming of him, and, indeed, had forgotten all about what I had written to him a fortnight before. I decided that it must be fancy, and the moonlight playing on a towel, or something out of place. But on looking up, there he was again, looking lovingly, imploringly, and sadly at me. I tried again to speak, but found myself tongue-tied. I could not utter a sound. I sprang out of bed, glanced through the window, and saw that there was no moon, but it was very dark and raining hard, by the sound against the panes. I turned, and still saw poor Oliver. I shut my eyes, walked through it, and reached the door of the room. As I turned the handle, before leaving the room, I looked once more back. The apparition turned around his head slowly and again looked anxiously and lovingly at me, and I saw then for the first time a wound on the right temple with a red stream from it. His face was of a waxy pale tint, but transparent-looking, and so was the reddish mark. But it is almost impossible to describe his appearance."

"I told my friend to let me know if he saw the name among the killed and wounded before me. about a fortnight later he came to my bedroom with a very grave face. I said, ‘I supposed it is to tell me the sad news I expect;' and he said, ‘Yes." The death-wound was exactly where I had seen it."

-Captain G. F. Russell Colt

*PotL* Dream Visitation & Hypnagogic/Paralysis Witness Of It:

"I awoke on the morning of June 10th, and was lying on my back with my eyes fixed on the ceiling, when I heard the door open and felt someone come in and bend over me, but not far enough to come between my eyes and the ceiling; knowing it was only C., I did not move, but instead of kissing me she suddenly drew back, and going towards the foot of the bed, crouched down there. Thinking this very strange, I closed and opened my eyes several times, to convince myself that I was really awake, and then turned my head to see if she had left the door open, but found it still shut. Upon this a sort of horror came over me, and I dared not look towards the figure, which was crouching in the same position, gently moving the bed-clothes from my feet. I tried to call to the occupant of the next room, but my voice failed. At this moment she touched my bare foot, and a cold chill ran all over me and I knew nothing more till I found myself out of bed looking for C., who must, I felt, be still in the room. I never doubted that she had really been there until I saw both doors fastened on the inside. On looking at my watch it was a few minutes past 5.

-E. Elliott

*PotL* A Waking Symbolic Apparition (Probably Not Truly Waking):

"On New Year's Eve, 1852, I awoke about 12:40 a.m. and found my room so brilliantly illuminated that I imagined that I had forgotten to put out my candle, and that something must have caught fire. I got up and, on looking around, saw at the foot of the bed a coffin resting on chairs, on each of which was a silver candlestick with a large wax taper alight; in the coffin was a figure of my father. I put out my hand and touched him, when it became quite dark. My father had died suddenly at 12:40 on New Year's Eve, and he had expressed such a strong wish to see his youngest child (i.e., myself) again just before his death.

-E. A. Schmidt

Dealing With False Awakenings

(AB) In most cases you feel yourself awaken and dont realize it's a false awakening. I have experienced this very often. Being "awake", I tried to make the best of it and continued exercising my concentration, but I usually heard some people entering the room, speaking loudly in a reckless way, switching on radio and lamp (my visual field was brightened by the light passing the eyelids). I often got angry and protested.

There are two possible ways of further development from a false awakening: If I ignore all the noise and continue exercising I slowly get aware of the situation and there is a great chance for me to have a successful OBE. Otherwise, if I open the eyes and leave the easy-chair to complain about the noise, and follow the imaginary people, who usually tend to go outside. My level of consciousness will drop even more and I fall into a dreamlike state.

If I succeed in getting the false awakening under control I can either step out of the body or project by a kind of zooming my sight. Going OB in false awakening differs in experience from going OB out in physical trance. I am not likely to feel a silver cord, my range is not limited, and I have no sensory input from the physical body. Controlled false awakening turns into a sort of astral travelling in a near-physical astral plane. Uncontrolled false awakening turns to a dreamlike state.


Identity & Inhabitation

Inhabitation & Degrees of Lucidity

*SD&P* Form Two Projection & Maintaining Your Identity:

There are various situations you must learn to handle, attractions and repulsion which could pull you willy-nilly in any direction. Experience will teach you how to handle these.What is needed is a steady maintenance of identity under conditions which will be new as far as your conscious awareness is concerned.

*LD-CL* Boundaries of the Self & Dream-Inhabitation:

(NOTE: The theory of becoming – but these psyches say its bad! Duh! This falls to ideas of who one is & boundaries of self. Better as my theory of gateways & subsets. Lost somewhere in a story subset where the will is no longer yours to command.) Another characteristic of this level of consciousness is a lack of fine distinction between the dreamer and the images of the dream. It is quite common for the dreamer to be observing a person in his dream at one moment and then to be identifying with person in the next moment. According to Jung, this state of consciousness is a predominant characteristic of the primitive psyche as well as the early stages of childhood. This manifests in the dream as a susceptibility to the influence of the dream images. In this state the dreamer's capacity to respond as and individual decreases.


*SD&P* Form Two Projection & Inhabitation:

You may find yourself, for example, in the middle of a battle that was once planned in some general's mind, a battle that never materialized in physical reality. In such a case, incidentally, you were not a part of the battle and could not be harmed. However, you might be attracted enough to project yourself spontaneously into the body of one of the soldiers, in which case you could experience pain until your own fear pulled you back.

Mistaken Identity

*APr* Mistaken Identity, Lower Astral Realms:

I then decided that I try to reach a certain ruined temple in Tibet.

The result was absolutely unexpected. The ground collapsed beneath my feet and I was falling, with seemingly tremendous velocity, down a dark, narrow tunnel or shaft, until I lost my time-sense and it seemed that I might have been falling for hours. Something in me was getting frightened, but I managed to keep calm. At last, I came gently to rest. Blackness and silence; then, as one awaking from a heavy sleep, I became progressively aware of my surroundings.

(NOTE: Mistaken identity.) My eyes seemed hopelessly out of focus; I could see only a blur of bright colors—red and yellow predominating. I was naked and bound to an X-shaped framework in a vertical position. Something was trickling down my bare flesh. It was blood from many wounds; I was burning and smarting all over. I could not see, because my sight had been almost destroyed by red-hot irons. The colors might be the robes of men or women. Every second the pain became more acute, as though an anesthetic were wearing off. My body seemed to be a mass of wounds and burns and hopelessly mutilated.

Then I heard a man's voice speaking close to my right ear—calm, but with a horrible insistence: "Say thou art Theseus!"

I seemed nearly past speech, but with a great effort I replied: "I am not Theseus. I am Oliver Fox, the servant of Azelda!"

Akashic records?

Theseus was the slayer of the Minotaur.

*APr* Past Life Astral?:

I noticed that I was dressed in the uniform of any Army officer. I knew I was a Clerical Officer at a the --- Department. I knew also that in my Army days I was only a Private.

I had my usual feeling (in these experiments) of wonderful health and vitality, and the atmosphere was charged with beauty and the sense of coming adventure.

My officer's uniform, and the fact that the solider could see me, make it appear more probable that this experience was purely astral in its setting.

*IaTR* The Rippling Sky, the Red Sun, Which Home is Home? Hidden Memories Surfacing:

I realize that it is not setting, for it is still high in the sky, but it is fading. The sky is rapidly changing to a deep burgundy red, yet with a clarity that removes any trace of threat. This place is an expression of Light, that there can be no darkness here.

The red is slowly melting away, leaving the sky as the deepest of pinks, but even more strange, the sky is rippling! Like a fast flowing river over a bed of rocks, the sky is a rippling ocean of pink. The bizarre effect of a rippling sky of pink is reflected onto the ground. All around me the Nature of this mystic place is wavering. Even standing is becoming difficult, for I am feeling increasingly dizzy.

Overpoweringly, I want to go home. As I focus on home, I visualize a vast orange sun that fills the sky with a warm ambient light, and I see the familiar beautiful, slender, lithe Beings of translucent blue. I sense a deep compassion and love waiting for me, whenever I care to return. I know that in the not too distant future I will go home — home to my family on countless stars.

I shake my head in confusion. Wait! That's not home. No one is with me, yet I am not alone.

I feel my own Lightness of Being from some nameless dimension within myself. It is always within me, waiting to be permanently owned.

No longer rippling, the sky is now a deep rich pink, satin smooth in tone and appearance. The rippling effect was especially for me, for it reached into long retained, hidden, memories.

Suddenly, the pink sky is filled with twinkling stars and hurtling planets. It evokes a wondrous and familiar memory.

Mistaken Identity(MJooB): Often times, especially in the emotional lower-frequency areas, he was mistaken for someone else, often the person another entity most wanted to see.

In one instance, he saw a being that appeared as a 10-year-old human boy come up to him and climb on his back. He tried pulling it off and it stretched a bit, then tried to get back on. It didnt seem human, but more animal. Then later, two of them came to him and he freaked out and grabbed them and held them away from him. They turned into facsimilies of his daughters, and were amused at his attempts to harm them. Later, after learning much, Monroe went back to the same scene and saw the entities clearly- two of his favorite cats!

Often bits of conversations and the actions of other beings are missed when one OB is thinking or distracted. Details are hard to be certain of.


Health & Healing in Dreams

Healing in Dreams

*SD&P* Seth's Dream-Healing & Different Aspects of the Self:

Sue Watkins: In February, 1969, I had a real bout of bursitis that lasted off and on until my son's birth in October. Since then, the condition got worse until for the last month or so I haven't been able to get my right hand in my jean pockets, or comb my hair, or anything without severe pain in my right shoulder blade and right hand to the fingers.

I had the following dream:

I came to Rob and Jane's apartment and walked into a Seth session. I sat next to Rob, who was transcribing notes, as usual. Seth (as Jane) turned toward me at once. His voice was almost angry, but not without compassion. ‘Now then, I will tell you what to do,' he said, ‘but I won't be communicating with the part of you that uses words.'

He began a long lecture on the methods of handling aggression and expressing it in acceptable ways. At this point, my critical self separated from my dream self who was receiving the lecture. [In other words, Sue became aware of herself and the dream self.] My critical self instantly felt put off, since it could not understand or translate the lecture. It seemed to have a definite function, though, perhaps in connection with the physical body. Both selves were equally aware.

Seth then sat in front of my dream self, feeding it something that looked like cereal. My critical self became upset then, almost feeling that the dream was worthless. Then Seth said to the critical self, ‘This is for thought...far more complicated then you know and beyond any part of you that you understand.' At once the dream self became soothed, almost hypnotically. The critical self kept thinking that this couldn't happen in a dream.

Seth began to lecture again, and my critical self began to fade out. As it did, I asked, ‘Seth, will I ever understand this?' The answer was lost except that I felt that the ‘new knowledge' received in the lecture I could not hear was healing me and that as a wife and mother I was freer than I ever was before.

When I awakened, my shoulder, arm and hand were completely free and loose.

*SD&P* Spirit Helpers Helping Heal:

Two weeks later, Sue was awakened in the middle of the night by the same two voices [that had once spoken to her before about her bursitis]."How is the condition now?" asked the first voice.

"Much better," the second voice replied. "The yoga exercises are repairing the effects worked on the physical system. She is also learning not to channel aggressions onto the shoulder."

Seth said that he had communicated with Sue during the dream episode.

*SD&P* Healing Dreams:

Such healing dreams come most often when the self feels a sense of desperation and automatically opens up channels to deeper layers of personality.

Through self-suggestion, these therapeutic dreams can be brought about with practice.

Mood-changing dreams could also be manufactured through the use of suggestion.

*PtE* Lucid Dream Healing & Altered State Healing:

A friend, after "healing" himself in a lucid dream, found that his wound would always be much more improved than it would have been without the dream.

A hypnotist has reported a case of warts dropping off his entranced subject's hands when told to imagine that heat was traveling to the warts and burning them off.

Yogis have claimed for centuries to be able to send their prana to any place in their bodies and produce changes in temperature, create and remove bumps, etc.

Taoist meditators assert that they can send their ch'i out and effect similar changes. I have observed a Taoist master produce within seconds, on request, spots of scarlet on his palms and then remove them; and I have felt with my own hand intense heat issue from his neck and crown when he indicated that the ch'I had reached these areas.

*ODM* Cures & Healing In Dreams:

1) Ptolemaus was dying of a poisoned wound. His friend, Alexander the Great, dreamed that a dragon appeared holding a certain plant in its mouth and said that the plant would cure Ptolemaus. He was healed by this plant.

2) A physician dreamed he was in a place where palm trees grew and a woman in an unusual costume reached up and gave him some dates. The next day he sent for these dates and they cured his patient.

3) A woman had suffered severe migraine headaches for almost forty years. She dreamed she was taking care of an old woman who was dying, even though her family wanted her to take care of them. The woman died and after the funeral the woman's husband and son came to her, stood by her bed, and the son indicated that because she had been so kind to his mother he would help her. He laid his hand on her forehead and said she would never experience another migraine. When the dreamer awoke her headache had vanished and she was cured.

4) A man had a dream in which Muhammad offered him a large glass of milk with a piece of bread in it. Muhammad raised the glass and the dreamer sipped a little of it, believing it was intended as a remedy for his colic. He awoke with a very sweet taste in his mouth and never experienced another attack of colic.

5) A physician, in a dream, saw his sister, who had been dead for more than twenty years. She said "Do not worry about (youo??) cure you; there is much yet for you to do in this world." She then vanished and his brain seemed electrified, and the sensation spread downward over his entire body. He awoke, found himself well, and never again had an attack of bronchitis.

6) The dreamer said her lower back "felt like a hot iron had been set off at the base of her spine." The thought went through her mind in her dream that she was healed. Afterwards, she experienced no further pain in her back.

7) A woman with a disabling bronchial infection dreamed: I saw a sudden spot of light and watched as it came closer to me, growing in intensity and size. It grew until it covered me, felt hot in the center of my chest, made my eyes burn with its brightness and gave me the feeling that I was being healed. This woman was able to get out of her bed the next day.

8) I am looking at a bubble of water on our patio. A fish is swimming in it.. The bubble changes to a spotted light with a dark center. It begins to move toward me. I am very glad that I am going to be immersed in that light. As the light reaches me I feel a tingling, electrified sensation strongly centered in my right eye. When the dreamer awoke, the pain in her right eye was gone.

Impending Illness & Death in Dreams

*ODM* Dreams of Impending Illness:

1) A man who dreamed that his leg was turned to stone developed a paralysis of that leg a few days later.

2) A man dreamed on two successive occasions that his ear was being beaten with a stone. Soon afterward, he developed a serious inflammation of the ear on the same side as he had been beaten in the dream..

3) A minister of justice dreamed that he suffered a stroke. He died of this condition three days later.

4) A man dreamed of a pain in his throat and awoke feeling well, but later developed a severe inflammation of the throat.

5) A woman had recurring nightmares of dogs tearing at her stomach a few months before she was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

6) A journalist had a dream in which torturers were placing hot coals beneath his chin. He felt the heat start to seer his throat and screamed in desperation as "the coals gnawed at his larynx." He awoke very disturbed and received a long-distance phone call from his girlfriend who had just experienced a horrible dream of being with him in a bed filling with blood. In a later dream, medicine men stuck hypodermis needles into what he called his "neck brain." Later he was discovered to have cancer in the thyroid gland, located near the larynx.

7) A patient with breast cancer dreamed that her head was shaved and the word cancer written on it. She awoke with the knowledge that her cancer had spread to her brain. Her dream diagnosis was confirmed.

8) "The bullets are reaching the tree and cutting me in half methodically going from the left side of my lower chest to the right, clear across my body." A checkup revealed a small tumor on the left lower lobe of his lung.

9) In his dream, he was on a stage receiving a tremendous applause, which he acknowledged with a bow. He then opened his violin case and took out a machine gun and swiftly put the muzzle to his mouth and rat-a-tat-tat- blew his brains out. The patient awoke from the dream and experienced a massive heart attack a few minutes later. The loud, rhythmic sound of the machine gun suggests a markedly accelerated heart rate.

10) The dreamer felt the bullets pierce his heart and saw blood flow out. At its conclusion the dreamer felt as if a bomb exploded. He had experienced a heart blockage during the dream.

11) The dreamer was lying on the earth, when it began to give way under her, forming a cavity. The sides of the earth then began to fall on top of her body, compressing her chest and producing a feeling of suffocation. Two months later: tuberculosis.

12) The night before he experienced a perforated ulcer, a 29 year old man dreamed he was eating pizza and his stomach broke open.

13) A woman who dreamed that a stranger threw oil all over her and set it on fire came down with typhoid fever three days later.

14) Gastrointestinal disorders were foreshadowed by a dream of an apartment littered with feces and dirty water, then a restroom that was dirty with feces. Later in the dream, he was caught by an enemy who hit him on the head with a rifle butt and another who bayoneted him in the abdomen. He awoke with dysentery, a headache, and a pain in his lower abdomen.

15) In a gastrointestinal disturbance with a slow onset, the repetitive dreams may involve visions of spoiled food, intestinal worms, or rotting or decomposing fish.

16) Dreamers dreaming of being shot in the head and struck by a bolt of lightning in the head both awoke with migraine headaches.

17) One woman dreamed for several months of characters who were ominously still. This represented her slowing metabolism.

18) A woman repetitively dreamed that her family members turned to stone statues. Although she appeared to be the picture of perfect health at the times these dreams began, she developed severe catatonia ten days after the fourth repetition of her dream.

19) A woman, for nearly a year, repeatedly dreamed that a woman resembling a nurse held a lighted candle toward the dreamer's left leg. At first she did not burn the dreamer, but then the nurse came closer and did seem to burn her. She developed an infection in the bone marrow of her left leg.

*ODM* Dreams of Impending Bodily Death:

1) A woman with cancer had recurring dreams of being on the bank of a river and seeing a hand beckoning from the other side. As the days passed, the width of the river gradually decreased until, a few days before her death, it had narrowed to a tumbling spring which she knew she could step across easily.

2) A shadowy stranger, dressed darkly, stands by my bedside. I find I can walk. He leads me out of the hospital to a place I've never been to before. He is somehow very comforting. I am extremely interested in what he shows me-but now I don't remember what it was.

In his last dream, a few days before his death, he was in a room with two acquaintances who were enjoying themselves and playing a record. "It is as if I am a ghost; they cannot see me." When the record ended, the turntable kept spinning and the dreamer found himself very angry and shouted "It's all over. Turn it off," but they couldn't hear him and kept talking and laughing. The patient had become increasingly impatient with being sick, being paralyzed, and having to endure so many of the indignities of his illness.

3) A woman, the night before her death: She sees a candle lit on the windowsill of the hospital room and finds that the candle suddenly goes out. Fear and anxiety ensue as the darkness envelops her. Suddenly, the candle lights on the other side of the window and she awakens.


Facing Antagonistic Forces

Kinds of Antagonistic Forces

*PAP* Overcoming Obstacles In the Invisible:

The essential question required in order to conquer obstacles is moral purity.

Morality is an intelligent selection of the forces favorable to our evolution.

The hindrances we meet are a useful means of becoming conscious of the extent of our powers. At first we feel a certain pleasure in struggling against them. We are so sure of success that we carry on with ease.

Two kinds of obstacles are met in the invisible realms. The first of these are beings living in a lower stratum of the fundamental matter, and the second are images created by ourselves or by unknown intelligences.

To defend yourself from any of these, all you have to do is to call your guides, to raise the consciousness to a higher and purer level.

(1) The principles of authority and of power are functions dependent upon the moral loftiness of the consciousness.

The obstacles we are likely to meet in the Invisible world are the results of the inferior quality of our own aspirations, which place us provisionally at the mercy of the lower vibrations of matter and its denizens.

Remember that a thought is often enough to cause an entity which pleases or displeases us to appear or disappear.

*Dr. Wiltse* Black Cloud:

A small, densely black cloud appeared in front of me and advanced towards my face. I knew that I was to be stopped. I felt the power to move or to think leaving me. My hands fell powerless to my sides, my shoulders and head dropped forward, the cloud touched my face and I knew no more.

*PAP* The Manner of Vile Influences:

The vile influence of the people by whom I was surrounded came to me in the form of invisible electro-magnetic waves of an extraordinary power of resistance.

*PAP* Antagonistic Forces:

The main aim of antagonistic forces seems to be to hinder the experimenter. They therefore produce images which try to imprison the student in space, or they attempt to sap his vitality.

The first kind are many in number: barriers, very narrow tubes, boxes, cages, and prisons. Agents such as grease and glass are also used.

In the second instance, pointed objects are created, or mirages of rain, which draw away the student's strength and force him to return to his physical envelope.

All these hindrances are produced when we leave our room in order to reach a new dimension.

I found myself outside my body, in my own room.

I went towards the door, intending to pass through it. I had hardly done this when new room appeared and kept me prisoner. I dispelled the illusion, but immediately another room took its place, this time one with a window. In order to leave this room I broke the window-panes. Still under the power of the mysterious influence, the glass broke into sharp points. I decided to risk it and tried to squeeze my way past the jagged edges guarding this opening. I was neither cut nor scratched. I felt only a strange discomfort which drew away my strength, as if it had been held in a reservoir from which it was rapidly being emptied. I had to return to my body.


Sometimes obstacles crop up during a projection. I was wandering about a town built in the ether when, arriving at a certain spot, I saw, to my great surprise, that the streets were closing up in front of me. Soon I found myself in a sort of tube shut up at both ends. (NOTE: An increasing curvature of space and loss of motion) Immediately I invoked my guides.


I travelled hundreds of miles, intending to visit one of my friends living on earth, when a grating suddenly sprang up before me. By an effort of will I forced it to disappear and continued my journey. Already I was near my goal. I could actually feel the magnetic aura of the person in question, when I had the very definite impression of being attracted by two opposing forces. One was pushing me towards my goal, the other was pulling me back. Despite my efforts, I had to yield to the second force and come back to my body.


Another day, after having projected my astral body in the room where I lay, I rose perpendicularly into space. Suddenly a series of thatched roofs came in my way, doing their best to stop this ascent. Aided by prayer, I managed to see daylight and carry on.


In other cases I have been stopped from going further by a kind of grease which would suddenly impregnate all the objects around me at whatever spot I visited.

** Dream Beasties & Weird Peoples:

1) I got ready to have another attempt but fell into what I hope was a dream fragment. I was in bed trying to adjust the bed covers on my feet. This, oddly enough, involved positioning an open book on each foot in such a way that it was comfortable and had the same number of pages resting on each foot. Then the bed covers were pulled down, something sank its hands/claws into the flesh just below my rib cage from the bottom of the bed and started to drag me down there. I screamed in the dream which woke me up. I could still feel the impressions upon my chest. Time to stop I think...

2) I tried to lift out. I couldn't, there were voices and I was being stopped. Instead, I willed myself to go to the left. At first, I moved slowly, then faster. Seems I outwitted whatever was trying to stop me leaving my body. I kind of ran out of steam (effort?) some distance outside the house. Felt I was being pursued and then caught. Was frightened and wiggled back to my body.

Causes of Antagonistic Forces

*LD-CL* Projecting Fears, Lucidly Convincing Others, Rationalization, & Continuity of Dream Life:

The dream images which only we have crated remain impervious to dissolution as long as we cannot face them with full awareness.

"I run to the north and hear the man calling to his companions to join him in the pursuit."

(NOTE: Standing on chair – a justification) "Suddenly I realize that we are dreaming. I seem to be standing on a chair because my perspective is from the ceiling. I look down on the girl and say, 'We're dreaming!' She scoffs at this and refuses to believe me. I tell her that I will prove it to her by temporarily withdrawing from the dream. As I do this, I hear her gasp in surprise, so I return. She is elated when she realizes that she has nothing to fear…"

"We hear the gang storming up the stairs. I see a man going to meet them with a gun. I decide to withdraw. I awaken."

As the dreamer goes back to sleep, there is an immediate confrontation with the unfinished situation:

"From a distance I see the same group of men who were in the previous dream. As they approach, I decide not to escape. They come up to me like a group of dogs, just waiting for a wrong move. But as I laugh nervously, they begin to slap me on the back, and smile in a playful manner."

*EtS-SL* Resistance = Suffering:

It is the resistance to pain that creates suffering.

*FT* A Story:

Some of the Ishayas ere attacked by hordes of demons when they were deep in prayer. No matter how hard they struggled, there was no escape. But as soon as they stopped judging them as evil, the demons vanished or transformed into angels.

*LD-CL* Resistance & Fears Transform Good Into Bad:

"I am with a girl. We are both worried as to how we can escape from the devil. The devil comes into the building. He looks about 30 years old, has fairly long black hair and speaks gruffly. I act childish and innocent so as not to arouse his suspicion. He hits me twice with a rolled-up newspaper for acting stupidly. Later we are all outdoors on the lawn in front of the building. We plan to escape by running across the yard. We take off, or at least I do. I see his shadow creep past me as if the light were behind him. As I turn in fear, I say, ‘Lord, have mercy!' Instead of the devil, a beautiful woman clothed in white is here. Light surrounds her. She walks up to me, reaches down and touches my forehead. My dream is over. I am aware that light is building within me. A bright warmth fills my vision. Then I awaken." (NOTE: Probably a being of light all along. The same scene as horror. The skull at the end of the tunnel – resistance. [Picture] through a glass darkly)


(NOTE: suggestion?) "I'm in a dark, poor section of a city. A young man starts chasing me down an alley. I'm running for what seems to be a long time in the dream. Then I become aware that I am dreaming and that much of my dream life is spent running from male pursuers. I say to myself, ‘I'm tired of this never-ending chase.' I stop running, turn around and walk up o the man. I touch him and say, ‘Is there anything I can do to help you?' He becomes very gentle and open to me and replies, ‘Yes. My friend and I need help.' I go to the apartment they share and talk with them both about their problem, feeling compassionate love for them both."

C.D.Y., 1975

The Guardian at the Threshhold

*DDG* Encountering The Darkside Dweller:

When you project, things that are inside you on the physical plane (i.e. subjective things) appear to be outside of you on the astral plane (i.e. objective things).

A year after my darkside experience, I was surprised to read in a Manly Hall book about a thing called "The Dweller on the Threshold". Manly Hall described this "Dweller" as the very first thing waiting on the path to greet the aspiring occultist. He essentially described this Dweller to be exactly what I realized my Darkside to be: all of the badness in one's personality manifested as a being. So, basically, I quite literally met the Dweller on my threshold very shortly after I learned how to leave my body.

*HTKHW* The Guardian At the Threshhold:

Among the most important experiences in the ascent to higher worlds are the encounters with the so called "guardian of the threshold." There are two such beings, known as the "lesser" and the "greater" guardians. We meet the first when the connection between willing, thinking, and feeling in the finer (astral and ether) bodies begins to loosen. The second, greater guardian is encountered when the separation of these three forces also affects the physical body, particularly the brain.

A thoroughly horrid, ghostly being stands before us.

Up to now, unseen by you, mighty powers ruled over you in the form of the all embracing law of karma. These powers will now begin to loosen the reins by which they guide you. Now you yourself must do some of the work they did for you before.

Now, all the good and bad aspects of your past lives are to be revealed to you. Now, your past actions are separating themselves from you, stepping out of your personality. They are assuming an independent form that you can see. I am that self-same being. I myself, if I am not to fall into corruption, must become a perfect and glorious being. For, were I to fall, I would drag you down with me into a dark, corrupted world.

To prevent this, your own wisdom must be great enough to take over the task previously performed by the hidden wisdom now departed from you. I shall never leave your side once you have crossed my threshold. My being will be changed and become radiantly beautiful only when you have made amends for all your wrongs. Then, I shall be able to unite with you again as a single being in order to bless and benefit your further activity.

My threshold is built of every feeling of fear still within you and every feeling of reluctance in the face of the strength you need to take on full responsibility for your thoughts and actions.

During the interval between death and rebirth, based on my appearance, they formed in you the forces and faculties to enable you to work to make me beautiful in your next life.

Once you have crossed my threshold, you will enter realms you otherwise entered only after physical death in full knowledge.

As a result of passing the meeting with the guardian of the threshold successfully, our next physical death is a quite different event than before. Dying becomes a conscious experience for us in which we lay aside our physical body, like a garment that is worn out. For before we die the whole supersensible world is already open to us.

After the guardian begins to speak, a whirlwind arises from the place where the guardian stands, extinguishing all the spiritual lights that illuminated our life up to now. Utter darkness then surrounds us, broken only by the radiance streaming from the guardian. Do not cross my threshold until you fully understand that you yourself have to illuminate the darkness before you.

We must turn and cast our gaze behind us. The guardian of the threshold now pulls aside the curtain that hitherto veiled life's deep mysteries from us. Now the spirits of tribe, nation, and race are revealed in their full reality. We see clearly how we have been guided in the past and that now this guidance is no more.

*HTKHW* Larger Group Souls & The Guardian at the Treshhold:

"Family souls," "nation souls," and "race spirits" are real beings. In a sense, as individuals, we are only the instruments – the executive organs, the soul of a nation or people makes use of the individuals who belong to it to accomplish certain tasks.

As soon as we encounter the guardian of the threshold, we not only know our own personal tasks but also have to work consciously to help accomplish those of our people and our race.

Higher spirits oversaw what we had to do for our community, our nation, and our race. Now, the guardian of the threshold reveals to us that these spirits will no longer take care of us. We must therefore leave behind all belonging to communities. Yet, we would wholly fall into ruin if we did not acquire the powers inherent in the spirits of our race and nation.

*HTKHW* The Second Guardian At the Threshhold:

After we have recognized in the lesser guardian those things from which we need to free ourselves, a magnificent form of light comes to meet us on the path. The meeting takes place when our physical organs of thinking, feeling, and willing have so separated from each other. Higher consciousness, now detached completely from physical conditions, regulates their relations. The second guardian of the threshold speaks somewhat as follows.

You have freed yourself from the world of the senses. You no longer need your physical bodily nature. Now that you are free, you can help free all your fellow beings in the sense world. Up to now, you have striven as an individual. Now you must join yourself to the whole, so that you may bring with you into the supersensible realm not only yourself, but also all else that exists in the sensible world.

Some day, you will be able to unite with my form, but I myself cannot find perfect blessedness as long as there are others who are still unfortunate! If they had not descended into the sense world, you would not have been able to descend either. You must share with the others the powers that you achieved with them.

I refuse to admit you to the highest regions of the supersensible world until you have used all your powers for the deliverance of your fellow world and fellow beings.

Those seeking salvation only for themselves will almost certainly choose the black path.

*HIoD* Neurotic Keepers of the Threshold:

Whereas psychiatrically sound persons are easily persuaded to cooperate in these symbolic ascensions and descensions, neurotics always encounter hindrances "regularly embodied in a person, an animal, a figure, or in any case a living being that expressly forbids any advance- the keeper of the threshold."

*ND* Seeing One's Negativity From OB, The Guardian At the Doorway:

I spent a couple of years doing yoga... One day, curled up in the middle of the floor, in my room at Virginia Beach, suddenly something clicked. And I was out of my body.

I was away from my body. I knew my body was back of me, sitting there, curled up on the floor, and I had my back to it, and I was way down a dark tunnel- a horribly dark tunnel, oppressively dark. And there was this monster- not very pleasant looking- something like an amoeba, a woozy, goozy glob of jellyfish. But magnified. And It was moving toward my body, with the intent of swallowing it, possessing it, taking it over...

Then, click, I was back in my body again. And I knew what I'd been looking at- all of the vile thoughts, all of the negativity I had poured our perhaps for many lives- right there in front of me. I'd been looking at myself- that which I myself had created.

Lucidly Facing Antagonistic Forces

*LD* The Helpfulness of Lucidity:

While awake in your dreams you are in a unique position to respond creatively to the unexpected situations you can encounter there.

*LD* Facing Nightmares, Full Lucidity, & Absorbing the Power of an Enemy:

Saint-Denys wrote, "Just as the monsters were about to start pursuing me again, I suddenly became aware of my true situation. My desire to rid myself of the illusory terrors gave me the strength to overcome my fear. I did not flee, but instead, making a great effort of will, I put my back up against the wall, and determined to look the phantom monsters in the face. This time I would make a deliberate study of them, and not just glance at them as I had on previous occasions.

"I stared at my principal assailant. He bore some resemblance to one of those bristling and grimacing demons which are sculptured on cathedral porches. Academic curiosity soon overcame all my other emotions. The monster's features were all precise and realistic. My imagination was certainly responsible for the movement and color in the image. The result of concentrating my attention on the figure was that all his acolytes vanished, as if by magic. Soon the leading monster also began to slow down, lose precision, and take on a downy appearance. He finally changed into a sort of floating hide."

And that was the end of Saint-Denys' nightmares.

** Dealing With Antagonists:

5) A man comes out of his seat and deliberately and aggressively stands in our way. I say to myself, "This is a lucid dream and no harm can come from this, so I'm going to kick this guy in the nuts." With that I kick him in the testicles and he folds up with great, shrieking convulsions.

*ODM* Dealing With Fears Lucidly:

Nightmares can be cured by lucidity.

1) When attacked by a frightening male figure, her immediate response was to turn and yell at him to scare him away. She did the same thing the second time he appeared. The third time he appeared, she was gratified to report that her response had been more creative in that she had materialized a bag of "magic darts" to throw at him. In yet another lucid dream, the same subject was able to enlist a dream figure's help in holding some male attackers at bay until the police could arrive. When the attackers began shooting at her, she materialized a crash helmet for herself and turned their bullets into popcorn balls.

2) One man who was afraid of heights used his lucid dreams of flying to gradually rise higher and higher. As he became able to ascend further in his dreams without discomfort, his waking fears gradually faded.

3) A woman with a long-term fear of bugs decided in a lucid dream to shrink herself to such a degree that cockroaches seemed ten feet tall. She looked at a cockroach close up and "had a nice talk." The dreamer next dreamt herself into a bug to see what it was like. I looked at this bug and saw him the way the other bugs must see him. When she woke up she wasn't afraid of bugs anymore and could pick one up if she had to.

*SD&P* Fulfilling Desires & Releasing Aggressive Tendencies Harmlessly in Dreams:

To the whole self, there is little differentiation made between exterior or interior actions. The ego makes such distinctions.

When the ego is too rigid, it will even attempt to censor dreams, and freedom of action is not entirely permitted, even in the dream condition.

If an individual has strong feelings of dependency that cannot be expressed in daily life, he will express these in dreams. If he does not, then he may develop an illness that allows him to be dependent in physical life. If he is aware of difficulties, however, he may request dreams that will release this feeling.

Both psychological and physical illnesses could largely be avoided through dream therapy. Rather harmlessly, aggressive tendencies could also be given freedom in the dream condition.

*LD-P* Satisfying Violence, Befriending an Enemy:

"I dreamed I was having dinner with a rather uptight group of psychologists when a woman across the table suddenly started recriminating with me for leaving the world of the academic elite and lowering my standards to those of the Sunday newspapers. I protested that this was an exaggeration, and that I believed the layman was entitled to at least some of our ideas, especially as he was paying for our research. At this she literally spat across the table that I was bringing the whole profession into disrepute, that we must retain some vestige of authority, and so on. My fury rose to such a pitch that I had an irresistible desire to beat her up, and no sooner had I become aware of this desire than I realized with the utmost clarity that I was dreaming and could do exactly what I wanted because dream bodies cannot get hurt.

" So, leaning across the table, I grabbed her by the hair, punched her face, and knocked her front teeth out. This inspired me to further violence and with an exhilaration I have never previously experienced I dragged her onto the floor and began to beat up her body in the same way. Of course, she fought back, and I could still feel the slashing of her fingernails across my cheek and the kicks of what felt like hobnailed boots on my back. At last I detected the waning of her strength, and the flight was over. Then the scene changed, and I found myself in another room walking toward this woman, who was now transformed and wearing a nurse's uniform. As we approached each other, I reminded myself that I must not magically change the events of my lucid dream but allow them to happen spontaneously and observe the outcome. I noted that she was smiling now and that her front teeth were back in place. She then put out her arms to me in a friendly gesture, and we hugged each other.

"I woke up with a great sense of well-being, as if my humanistic underdog had really made its protest against my academic topdog… I felt it not just in my mind but throughout my whole body."

(Faraday, 1972 pg. 310)

*PAP* A Dark Astral Area & Malevolent Projections:

Projection took place with ease. With my consciousness as clear as a bell, I found myself projected with perfect self-mastery. I leapt into space. The atmosphere was fairly clear. In the middle of a fine blue sky I noticed, set higher up, a house, which was surrounded by rather heavy clouds. I began to make my way towards this when I noticed that a "Being" was coming towards me. He was dressed in a cloak whose dark grey cloud did not inspire confidence in me; yet, despite my mistrust, I went on my way with him. Soon I found myself in the center of a town, being chased by men in black. Passing through the forms which were being built up around me, hiding in one house and then another, I found myself shut up in a kind of small cavern from which there was no exit. Mentally, I called for my guide. Immediately I was freed from the illusions created by these beings. All trace of houses or town had disappeared. I was in space, surrounded by about fifteen persons who were quite incapable of hiding their malevolent thoughts. I contemplated their envious and sneering faces. I made this an opportunity to try out the value of the so-called magical signs: triangles, pentagons, divine names, etc. Not only did these have no effect, but they mimicked my gestures, laughing and sneering at me all the while. They even managed to catch hold of my arm in order to stop me. The result was that I lost my temper. This was a mistake. I came hurtling back into my body.

*PAP* Dealing With Malevolent Beings in a Positive Way:

During another experiment I was being chased by an individual whose thoughts created cubes in which he tried to shut me up. Suddenly he attacked me. I had the feeling of being kicked twice on the head. Despite the pain, I managed to free myself and take up the offensive. I destroyed his thought-forms and rose above him to a somewhat higher stratum. Still, he did his best to follow. Being unable to reach me, his powerful will took the shape of stones which it seemed that he was throwing at me. Tired of his insistence, I became aggressive and raised a huge bench over his head. Luckily I stopped in time, put down my weapon, and forgave him. Immediately a strange metamorphosis took place, and I saw this entity turn into a dog.


I was sucked up by a whirlwind. The magnetic stream was carrying me away. To my surprise, I saw an individual of menacing aspect coming towards me, driving me into a corner of a cube which he had created, and by means of which he tried to hem me in. I stood where I was, folded my arms, leaned against the impassible barriers, and smilingly awaited the coming of this enemy. I let him draw near. When he raised his arm to strike I mentally called my guides. He stopped transfixed, but retained his threatening air. At last he drew back slightly, stopped, stepped back once more, slowly at first and then more quickly, until I made him finally vanish by stretching out my arm and pointing my index finger in his direction. The magnetic current once more took up its flow. The atmosphere became clearer.

*CD* Putting an Ugly Face on the Enemy- Resistance:

[Psychologist Paul Tholey, 1959] believes that the most effective technique a dreamer can use to deprive a threatening figure of its dangerous characteristics is "conciliation." He came to this conclusion after a series of dreams about his deceased father:

"After my father's death in 1968, he often appeared to me in my dreams as a dangerous figure, who insulted and threatened me. When I became lucid, I would beat him in anger. He was then sometimes transformed into a more primitive creature, like a dwarf, an animal, or a mummy. (NOTE: Thought-form!) Whenever I won, I was overcome by a feeling of triumph. Nevertheless, my father continued to appear as a threatening figure in subsequent dreams. Then I had the following decisive dream. I became lucid, while being chased by a tiger, and wanted to flee. I then pulled myself together, stood my ground and asked, "Who are you?" The tiger was taken aback but was transformed into my father and answered, "I am your father and will not tell you what you are to do!" In contrast to my earlier dreams, I did not attempt to beat him, but tried to get involved in a dialogue with him. I told him that he could not order me around. I rejected his threats and insults. On the other hand, I had to admit that some of my father's criticism was justified, and I decided to change my behavior accordingly. At that moment, my father became friendly, and we shook hands. I asked him if he could help me, and he encouraged me to go my own way alone. My father then seemed to slip into my own body, and I remained alone in the dream." (NOTE: That's better.)

...He said that his father never again appeared as a threatening dream figure, and in the waking state, his fear and inhibitions in dealing with figures of authority vanished...

Tholey concluded that aggressive behavior by the dreamer in a dream can have a cathartic effect in a short period of time without being therapeutic in the long run... (NOTE: Right-o!)

Tholey found that when hostile dream figures were faced courageously, they often shrank and became less harmful, sometimes transforming from an animal or mythological figure into a human being. (NOTE: astral, astral!)

*CD* The Evolution & Non-Evolution of Dreaming:

By the time a Senoi child reaches adolescence, he no longer has nightmares; his dreams change over the years until they reach the basic pattern required by their society. He is not considered to be a man until his dream characters cooperate with him and serve him in socially acceptable ways.

In contrast with the Senoi, the dreams of Westerners remain virtually unchanged from year to year. Nathaniel Kleitman, the contemporary American sleep researcher who codiscovered rapid eye movements, describes adult American dreams "as a manifestation of low-grade thinking." He likens dream thinking to the thinking of the very old, the very young, the very drunk, or dreams of those with disorders of the central nervous system. Hall, in his extensive analysis of the manifest content of dreams, reports no change in dream style despite dramatic shifts in life style over the years.

"Anxiety in the child's dream is more frequently caused by being chased or attacked by animals and monsters. In adult dreams, the dreamer himself often produces the anxiety by committing some crime or socially disapproved act...

"It is interesting that there was no difference between children and adults in their attempts to cope with the threatening situation."..

Change in dream events can change the dreamer's ideas about himself and the world.

*CD* Becoming Stronger From Dreams:

As you control your dreams, you will discover that you have a powerful tool within yourself. You can practice overcoming your own fears, inhibitions, and phobias within your dreams.

Violence Towards Antagonistic Forces

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*CD* The Trouble With Dream-Killing:

I have not yet entirely eliminated from my repertoire chase and attack-type dreams in which I am victimized, but I have greatly shifted the balance: I often, instead of seldom, confront and conquer the dream enemies... (NOTE: This is just like mental preparations... "what would I do if..." fighting isn't the answer, finding what you fear in you is. It makes you feel more confident but keeps you looking for the attacker.)

"He is attacking me! I am yelling for help from my friends. The three other people come and are pounding on him and I am out of his grasp... His head is rolling back and forth, his chin on his chest... He is almost unconscious.

"I feel sorry for him, for the pain I am causing him. I lean down and am stroking his head- communicating my sorrow. I am aware I have to continue beating him, until it is done, even though I now do not want to." (NOTE: This shows the danger of the Senoi killing tradition. That which you resist, persists.)

*CD* Conquering Fear in Dreams:

I have come to the conclusion that a variety or responses to dream villains is beneficial.

I believe that when dreamers are faced with frightening dream images, it is helpful to begin with fighting back, "confronting and conquering" danger in dreams. Many people still don't realize this is even possible. They accept their role as passive victims. (NOTE: They are that suggestible. The best response is to be more lucid and offer a better, stronger suggestion. Rage, bigger rage, isn't the best suggestion. Be clever. Magic works. "But you are just a frog! How do you intend to hurt me?" If it is a nonlucid being, it should work! If it is a thoughtform it will be repelled by your lack of a fear-response. Think- maybe magic came from dreams! I'm certain it did- that suggestibility, that malleability of form!) (NOTE: If it is a thought-form, fighting against it may only enliven it (if you expect it to fight back))

*CD* Aggression in Young American Dreams:

Calvin Hall, an American psychologist... reports that aggression occurs in 50 percent or more of the dreams of young adult Americans. The aggressive images are usually accompanied by anxiety, or fear, or even terror.

*CD* Defeating a Dream Enemy:

The Senoi see the death of a dream enemy as a good thing. It causes the enemy's spirit to emerge as a kind of good servant to the dreamer... The death of a dream enemy releases a positive force from the part of the dreamer that has formed the antagonist dream image. The essence of the dream enemy then emerges as a helpful, positive figure... (NOTE: It may help, but only in the case of a thought-form. You cant kill another being, and you haven't created the other being, as well.)

Some theorists take the view that a dream image should only be confronted, not destroyed. They suggest several techniques such as staring into the eyes of the frightful dream creature, overfeeding the dream creature thus rendering it helpless, forcing it to perform an activity that exhausts it, or making friends with the hostile dream figure by petting it. In my opinion, "killing" a dream image in Senoi terms is not harmful, since the effort is made to produce a positive figure in its stead- the servant, friend, ally...

Transforming Antagonistic Forces into Gifts

*CD* Calling the Name of Fears, Knowing It:

In legend, myth, and fairy tale, the prescription for capturing a nightmare demon is to call its rightful name, as in the tale of Rumpelstiltskin, forcing it to flee... An evil spirit could be forced to divulge its secrets; to reveal a treasure; to grant a boon of strength, good health, or long life.

*CD* The Senoi & Dreaming:

[The Senoi tribe in Malaysia] teach their children, from the time they can talk, to dream in a particular pattern. Every member of the tribe learns to eliminate nightmares and produce artistic creations from his dreams.

*CD* The Senoi Rules of Dreaming:

I have abstracted three general rules that are applied to a variety of specific situations. The first general rule is what I call confront and conquer danger in a dream...

Always attack a dream image which attacks you... Never let something attack you in a dream and run from it. Always confront the danger...

The second general rule of the Senoi is a parallel of the first, except that it is directed at a different stimulus: advance toward pleasure in a dream. The child is encouraged to move toward pleasurable sexual experience in a dream, to enjoy the sensations, to extend them to the ultimate. The child is also urged to enjoy the pleasurable sensations of flying in a dream, to relax and experience them fully.

The third general rule I call the rule to achieve a positive outcome...

If the child is wounded in a dream, he is told that he has reduced the power of the attacker by using up some of the attacker's strength. If he is killed in his dream, he has permanently exhausted the adversary's power. He must immediately become reborn in a better form...

The dreamer should not allow his dream to end without completing a positive action. He should fall or fly someplace, make love to orgasm, fight to the death (or be killed), and always obtain a creative product.

*CD*A Dream Enemy's Gift:

Once the dream enemy has been confronted and conquered, the Senoi say its spirit should be forced to give the dreamer a gift... in the case of an amorphous threat, rather than a specific dream attacker, the dreamer advances into the vague threatening presence (for example, smoke) and finds the gift. This gift can be a poem a story, a song, a dance, a design, a painting, or some other beautiful thing. Or it can be something useful, such as an invention or a solution to a problem...

if a dreamer sees the image of a friend act aggressively to him in a dream, he should advise the friend when awake, so that the friend has a chance to repair his damaged image...

If the dreamer himself has been aggressive or refused to cooperate with a friend in a dream and this is a person he knows, the dreamer should make friendly gestures to him while awake.

If the dreamer observes someone being attacked and this is a person he knows, he should advise him of this while awake, to warn him. The dreamer himself should determine in future dreams to kill the aggressive object before it has a chance to attack.

Absorbing & Integrating the Power of an Enemy

*LD* Facing Nightmares, Full Lucidity, & Absorbing the Power of an Enemy:

"Walking down the hall, I could feel the cold hardness of the stones beneath my feet and hear the echo of my steps.

"I was in full possession of my waking faculties while dreaming and soundly asleep; I could think as clearly as ever, freely remember details of my waking life, and act deliberately upon conscious reflection. Yet none of this diminished the vividness of my dream.

"Several hundred yards below I could see what appeared to be a fountain surrounded by marble statuary. As soon as I landed beside the pool, I was at once startled by the discovery that what from above had seemed merely an inanimate statue now appeared unmistakably and ominously alive. Towering above the fountain stood a huge and intimidating genie, the guardian of the Spring, as I somehow immediately knew. All my instincts cried out "Flee!" But I remembered that this terrifying sight was only a dream. Emboldened by the thought, I cast aside fear and flew not away but straight up to the apparition. As is the way of dreams, no sooner was I within reach than we had somehow become of equal size. I resolved to embrace what I had been eager to reject, and with open arms and heart I took both his hands in mine. As the dream slowly faded, the genie's power seemed to flow into me, and I awoke filled with a vibrant energy."

-Stephen LaBerge


Another of my dreams: I had just returned from a journey and a taxi pulled up, blocking my way. Two men in the taxi and one outside it threatened me with robbery and violence. Somehow I realized that I was dreaming, and immediately attacked the three muggers, heaping them into a formless pile and setting fire to them. Out of their ashes I arranged for flowers to grow, and I awoke feeling filled with vibrant energy.

My acceptance or transformation of the dream characters represented a symbolic acceptance or transformation of whatever unidentified emotion, behavior or role they stood for me. (NOTE: ??)

*S&tS* Confrontation & Integration In Lucid Dreams:

What we consider unacceptable within ourselves and in others must be confronted lucidly, modified through dialogue and interaction, and wedded to our conscious selves.


Shared Dreams

The Nature of Shared Dreams

*DEVF2* Communication in Dreams, the Global Dream Network:

Families in your society are often broken up, parents and children living quite apart in other portions of the country or in different countries entirely, so dreams that connect you with such relatives have risen to the fore, so to speak. People often keep track of changes in hometowns that they may not have visited for twenty years except in the dream state, when they familiarize themselves with the alterations that have happened, visit beloved streets and houses, or view old classmates...

There is an entire global dream network, in other words, that goes quite unrecognized- one of spectacular organization in which exchanges of information occur that give you the basis for the formation of recognized physical events.

*SD&P* Mass & Shared Dreams:

Mass or shared dreams are shared at one time or another by the majority of living persons on your planet.

The dreams usually are not precognitive, although they might appear to be, since many of the dream events will later occur. They are not precognitive, however, because in a large measure they bring about or cause the later events.

They occur, comparatively speaking, just above that layer which Jung refers to as the collective unconscious. If you could turn into these dreams, you would have a good idea of the main events of the future because you would see them being born. They are concerned with significant events that affect many countries. They represent deep intents, wishes and purposes.

One man passionate willing good or evil can overbalance literally a hundred men. And in the dream state, also, leaders can be born and make themselves known. The people already know them in mass dreams before they are recognized in physical reality.

History of Shared Dreams

*DEVF2* Group Dreams, Traveling OB In Dreams:

As your private conscious life is lived in a community setting of one kind or another as a rule, so do your dreams take place in the same context, so that as you dream for yourself, to some extent you also dream for your own family, for your community, and for the world.

Group dreaming was at one time taken for granted as a natural human characteristic- in a tribe, for example, when new locations were being sought, perhaps in time of drought. The various tribal members would have dreams in which the problem was considered, each dreamer tackling whatever aspect of the problem that best suited his or her abilities and personal intents. The dreamers would travel out-of-body in various directions to see the extent of drought conditions, and to ascertain the best direction for the tribe to take in any needed migration.

Their dreams would then be shared by the tribe in the morning, or at special meetings, when each dreamer would give a rendition of the dream or dreams that seemed to be involved. In the same way, other dreamers would simply check with the dreamers of other villages or tribes...

Instead of sending cameramen and newspaper people to the farthest corners of the earth, early man sent out aspects of himself to gather the news and to form it into dream dramas. Oftentimes much of the material did not need to become conscious: It was "unconsciously" acted upon, turned directly into action.

Meetings With Friends & Family

*APr* Shared Lucid Dreams:

I dreamed I met Elkington on the Common as arranged, but Slade was not present. We both knew we were dreaming and commented on Slade's absence. The next day when I saw Elkington, I said nothing at first of my experience, but asked him if he had dreamed. "Yes," he replied, "I met you on the Common all right and knew I was dreaming, but old Slade didn't turn up." On interviewing Slade, we learned that he had not dreamed at all.

*IaTR* Mutual Astral Experience:

I turn around to see that Treenie is standing nearby.

"What are you doing here?"

"Trying to decide if I am in your dream, or if you are in mine."

*PotL* A OB-Dream Gathering:

"Some time before I had to get up, the doctor called me up, and said that he had a terrible dream. He thought that he saw his mother dying, and whilst she was lying in that state a cousin, a medical man, who was a surgeon in the Artillery, and whom he believed to be at that moment in China, had suddenly appeared in the room, and when he saw his aunt, she said, ‘You are entirely wrong in supposing what is the matter with her; she is not dying from what you say, but from such and such a complaint.'"

-G. B.

*PotL* Shared Dreams:

"I dreamed that for some reason or other I had poisoned a woman, and the same night Mrs. Toy had a very vivid dream, in which she thought I was going to be tried for having committed a murder."

-Edmund Toy


"The other night my husband and I dreamt at the same hour, the same dream – a subject which neither of us had been thinking of for months. It was a dream of wandering about our first home, and in it looking at the same spot."

-Jane E. Fielding


Vernon Terrance had a most distressing dream in which his death was foretold to him as about to happen within 24 hours:

His wife said, "I had dreamed most vividly that I was a widow, and the pillow was actually wet with tears. I never had such a vivid dream before, and it has troubled me ever since."


"The dream you ask me to narrate took place in 1856. I had a vivid impression that I was dying, and awoke with a start to hear my husband sobbing so painfully that I aroused him to ask what was the matter, upon which he said the he had dreamt that I was just on the point of dying."

-Mrs. Willmore


"When I was a young child, my mother took me into her room to sleep. She awoke in the middle of the night, or early morning, out of a dream in which it had appeared to her that the servant was attempting to murder her with a knife. I had awakened at the same time, and was sobbing in my crib by her bedside. Upon her inquiring what was amiss with me, I replied that I had dreamt that John was murdering her with a knife."

-A. A. Watts


"I went up in the afternoon to my room, locked the door and fell asleep upon my bed, having undressed myself and merely covered myself with the sheet, it being a warm day. After a while, I was startled out of sleep by dreaming in a very lively way that a gentleman, whom I had never seen before, was stooping over me. He was dressed in a dark gray tweed suit; he wore on his little finger a cornelian ring, and a small cameo pin which was a veiled figure. I observed that one of his eyes drooped a little. There were a number of Zulus standing behind him. When he bent down towards me he put out his hand and said, "Poor thing, you seem tired.'"

"The impression was so vivid that I jumped off the bed to see whether the door could have come open, but I found that it was locked as I had left it. As I was going down the Military Hill leading from the camp to Sandgae, I met the gentleman whom I had seen in my dream, wearing the same clothes. He stopped, and looked at me, and said, ‘I think we must have met before.' I said, ‘Yes'; then introduced myself, and told him of my dream. He had dreamt of seeing me lying down in a white gown."

-M. R. Wedgwood

Meetings With Transplant Donors

*CD* Transplants and Meeting in Dreams:

Forty-three-year old Claire Sylvia, had begun having dreams about the donor of her transplanted heart and lungs soon after the surgery. She knew only that she had received the organs of an eighteen-year-old boy who died a few hours earlier. Her dreams revealed to her the name of the donor, his appearance, and some of his behaviors. These revelations were later confirmed.

Shared Dreams

*ODM-CJ* Collective Dreams:

1) Several hundred soldiers slept in a "haunted" abbey because quarters were scarce. They awoke screaming and fled the building in terror, complaining that a large dog with long black hair had jumped upon their chests and disappeared through an opening. The next night, the same thing happened again at the same time.

Dream Conventions

*LD-P* Dream Conventions & Events:

Some time later, I've "woken up" in a place in America. It is a sort of "dreamers' convention" – a gathering of vivid dreamers. At one point I'm sitting on a bed. Have two toothbrushes. Wonder if this is a dream. Easily pass them through one another and realize that it is.

Subject N.C.

Differences in Shared Dreams

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The Meaning of REM Periods

The Nature of Dreams & Meaning of REM

*SD&P* REM & Dream States, Dreams Always Continue Beneath Consciousness:

REM sleep or no REM sleep, your dreams exist constantly beneath consciousness, even in the waking state. The personality is constantly affected by them.

The eye movements noted in the beginning of REM sleep are only indications of dream activity that is closely connected with the physical layers of the self. These periods mark not the onset of dreams but the return to the personality from deeper layers of dream awareness to more surface ones. The self is actually returning to more surface levels to check upon physical environment.

The self travels to areas of reality that are far divorced from the physical areas of mobility. The muscles are lax then because physical activity is not required. The energy that is not being expended physically is used to sustain mental actions. The chemical excesses built up in the waking state are automatically changed as they are drained off, into electrical energy which also helps to form and sustain dream images.

*SD&P* The Dreams of Children & REM Cycles:

The dreams of children could be investigated in this way and compared with those of adults. Children dream vividly and more often. They return more frequently, however, to periods of near wakefulness in order to check their physical environment, since they are not as sure of it as adults are. In deep periods of sleep, children range further away, as far as dream activities are concerned.

The ego allows them more freedom. For this reason, they also have more telepathic and clairvoyant dreams than adults. Because of the intenseness of their waking experience, the chemical excesses build up at a faster rate. Therefore, children have more of this ‘chemical propellant' to use in dream formation. They are also more conscious of their dreams.

*UR2* The Brain Wave Patterns in Detail, Consciousness in Sleep:

The beta waves quicken...

Beta was not meant to carry the full weight of conscious activity, however, although its accelerating qualities can lead to initiations into "higher" realms of consciousness... The other patterns (delta, theta, and alpha) are highly important to physical and mental stability, being very interwound with cellular consciousness. In cases usually called schizophrenic, the beta acceleration is not supported by the stabilizing attributes of the other known frequencies.

It is possible, then, for a brain to register all of the known patterns at once, though your machines would note only the predominating rhythm.

A kind of inverted beta pattern, difficult to describe, often appears suddenly in the midst of the other ranges, driving through them, accelerating consciousness to a high degree of creativity... (NOTE: Are these the spikes in OBEs? The spindles... K-complexes?) Other activity escapes [your machines]. They cannot note the rapidity with which you move through all of the known patterns constantly...

In between one moment and the next of the waking day, there are, in your terms, long delta and theta waves that you cannot recognize. They are not recorded by your machines because quite literally they go in a different, "unofficial" direction. Each official waking brain wave is a peak in your world of a far deeper "wave" of other experience, and represents your points of continuity.

Each beta wave rides atop the other patterns. In normal sleep, the "conscious" wave rides beneath the others, with the face of consciousness turned inward, so to speak. All the recognized characteristics of consciousness are "inverted," probing other realities than the one you know. They are quite effective and lightning fast. In sleep the beta waves are not turned off- the "conscious" part of you, with its beta rhythms, is elsewhere...

In a way [these sessions are] like an accelerated, chosen, well-organized "conscious" dream venture, in which Ruburt travels through mediums of consciousness until finally he, still being himself, is nevertheless no longer himself, but me...

The normal waking consciousness, with its characteristic patterns, can indeed follow [into sleep]. A mixture of brain waves would result. Consciousness as you think of it expands tremendously under such conditions...

People of various nations do differ to some extent in their prevalent brain frequencies... All in all, however, the beta has predominated, and been expected to solve many problems unsuited to its own characteristics.

Lucid Dreams & REM

Script: As you see, it has been thought that dreaming occurs only in REM. Summarize some of this.
*LD* The Frequency of REM Periods:

The fact that REM periods get longer and closer together as the night progresses has the greatest practical significance for dreamers; In a night when you get seven hours of sleep, fifty percent of your dreaming time will fall in the last two hours. If you can afford to sleep and extra hour, it will be almost all dreaming time.

*LD* Lucid Dreaming & REM:

Lucid dreaming occurs during REM periods.

The longer you wait before returning to sleep, the less likely it is for lucid dreams to occur. When you awaken from REM dreaming, you brain persists in a REM-like state for several minutes afterwards.

*CT* Some Figures:

A typical lucid dream lasted between two and five minutes, occurred at about 6.30 a.m., about 24 minutes into a REM period and towards the end of a 22-second REM burst. The nights on which lucid dreams occurred did not show a different sleep pattern from other nights, although they did tend to follow days of above average stimulation.

The laboratory studies show that when OBEs happen in lucid dreams they

happen either when a person re-enters REM sleep right after an awakening, or right after having become aware of being in bed.

The imagery and activities of an OBE are usually much less bizarre and more coherent than those of an ordinary dream, and most often the scenery is something from the normal environment rather than the peculiar setting of dreams. Third, OBEers are often adamant that their experience was nothing like a dream. Finally, there is the great difference in the state of consciousness. Ordinary dreams are characterized by very cloudly consciousness at best, and are only recognized as dreams on waking up.

For Miss Z at least OBEs do not occur in the same state as dreaming. Monroe's OBEs occurred in the dreaming state; but this idea presented him with a problem. Monroe claims that for him, dreaming and OBEs are entirely different. Tart finally concluded that perhaps the OBEs were a mixture ofdreams and 'something else.' This 'something else' might, he thought, be ESP. During the OBE periods, the EEG was markedly flattened and there were frequency changes, with a decrease in alpha and increase in beta activity. While these changes took place, the heart rate stayed normal. These findings are rather different from those with previous subjects in that Swann seemed to be more alert during his OBEs. Here there were no changes in EEG. The amount and frequency of alpha were the same in OBE and 'cool down' periods and there were only slightly fewer eye movements in the OBE phases. These measurements alone show that Harary was awake and that his OBEs did not occur in a sleeping, dreaming or borderline state. Other measures did show a change. Skin potential fell, indicating greater relaxation, and it was this measure which provided the best indicator that an OBE had begun. Both heart rate and respiration increased. These changes are surprising because they imply a greater degree of arousal; the opposite of the finding from skin potential. So in some ways Harary was more relaxed, but he was also more alert. Perhaps this just confirms what was learned from case studies, that the OBE can occur in a variety of states. But perhaps most important is that in no case so far did there seem to be a discrete state in which the OBE took place. There were no sudden changes in either EEG or autonomic functions to mark the beginning or end of the OBE. Any changes were gradual; unlike dreaming, the OBE does not seem to be associated with a discrete physiological state.

*ODM* EEGs & Lucid Dreams:

The EEGs indicated both that Worsley was fully asleep in an REM period when he gave the prearranged ocular signal. He was awakened and reported an unmistakable lucid dream.

Stages of Sleep & EEGs

*ODM* REM Studies:

REM & EEG Stages: REM period length varied from 1-72 minutes, with an average duration of about 18-20 minutes. These REM periods were found to occur, on average, every 92 minutes and to be longer later in the night. In a 6 hour period of sleep, 4 REM periods would usually be seen.

Stage 1 sleep: 2-7cps; low-voltage, mixed frequency EEG with occasional sharp waves or spikes. Complete absence of spindles, K-complexes, and delta waves. The REM stage always occurs in conjunction with a Stage 1 EEG pattern. The distinction between Stage 1 NREM and Stage 1 REM is based on the presence or absence of rapid eye movements. Stage 1 REM frequently includes a distinctive saw-tooth wave.

Stage 2 sleep: characterized by sleep spindles (12-14cps) and K-complexes. K-complexes can be elicited in response to external stimuli, such as sudden sounds, but they also appear in response to internal stimuli that are not yet well understood; < 20% delta (A delta wave is a high-amplitude, slow frequency (1-2cps) wave).

Stage 3 sleep: 20-50% delta waves.

Stage 4 sleep: > 50% delta waves.

(HIoD) The characteristic sleep cycle of the young adult evidences four EEG stages, repeated three to seven times each night.

Awakened During Different Periods: Subjects were awakened from either five or fifteen minutes of REM dreaming and asked whether they had been dreaming for a short or long period of time. Subjects were able to make the discrimination with a very high level of success. REM activity was not present during the onset of sleep; subjects awakened at this time reported imagery that differed from that of actual dreams: floating, drifting, seeing flashing lights, and so forth. (Me: the thinking/idea stage)

*CT* Normal Sleep:

Sleep may be defined in this paper as a stage of the organism indicated (in human subjects) by one of four EEG stages (16, 17). The Stage 1 pattern consists of an irregular mixture of theta waves (4-8 cps), random low voltage activity, occasional isolated alphoid activity (waves of 1 to 2 cps slower than the subject's waking alpha), and occasional alpha waves (8-13 cps). Stage 2 contains spindle activity (14 cps) in addition to the above, and Stages 3 and 4 contain an increasingly larger proportion (up to 100 per cent) of delta waves, 1-3 cps, high amplitude, in addition to spindle activity. The exact divisions between Stages 2, 3, and 4 are arbitrary, based on the percentages of delta waves in given epochs. The Stage 1 pattern is readily distinguishable from the other stages by its total lack of spindles and delta waves.

Stages 1 through 4 were initially conceived of as comprising a continuum from "light" to "deep" sleep (2, 3, 14), but as other measures of the "depth" of sleep contradict this conception (5, 32, 37, 56, 62), this paper will treat sleep as being of two qualitatively distinct types, namely, Stage 1 as one type and Stages 2, 3, and 4 as the other type. Distinctions between Stages 2, 3, and 4 will not be made, and they will be collectively referred to as Nonstage 1 sleep.

If subjects are awakened from the two types of sleep and asked to report on what they have been experiencing, the reports may be classified into two rather distinct types. One type, awakenings from Stage 1 sleep or shortly (within, roughly, ten to fifteen minutes) after Stage 1 sleep has changed to Nonstage 1 sleep, possesses the characteristics traditionally associated with the experience of dreaming (24, 51). Reports from Nonstage 1 sleep seem more like "thinking," and are generally called thinking by the subjects-these same subjects generally refer to their Stage 1 experiences as dreams. The psychological differences reported so far are quantitative rather than being completely dichotomous, but they generally give the impression of being distinct types of experiences.

Stage 1 sleep is almost always accompanied by binocularly synchronous rapid eye movements (REMs), and the evidence is very convincing that these are closely associated with the content of the dream, if not actual scanning movements of the dream imagery (6, 19, 53). Such REMs have not been reported in Nonstage 1 sleep, although there are some slow, rolling movements (37). In view of these findings, the theoretical position taken in this paper is that an experientially distinct type of phenomenon occurs concurrently with the presence of Stage 1 sleep, which phenomenon will be called Stage 1 dreaming, or just dreaming. The mental phenomena of Nonstage 1 sleep will not be considered in this paper. Further, it is assumed that the experience of Stage 1 dreaming is essentially continuous during the presence of Stage 1 EEG, whether or not the subject can always recall this experience on waking. This position is, in my opinion, supported by all the studies using the EEG and REM technique, and directly refuted by none.

For normal subjects, Stage 1 dreaming and Nonstage 1 sleep alternate in a regular cyclic fashion referred to as the sleep-dream cycle. As the subject falls asleep there is generally a brief (a few seconds to a minute or two) period of Stage 1, without REMs, but subjects' reports indicate that this is apparently a period of hypnagogic imagery rather than typical dreaming (17, 47). At approximately ninety-minute intervals through the night there are periods of Stage I dreaming, each dream period generally being longer than the preceding one. The first Stage 1 period may last for ten minutes; the fourth or fifth one may last as long as fifty minutes. Altogether, Stage 1 dreaming occupies between twenty and thirty per cent of the total sleep time of most young adults, spread over three to six Stage 1 periods. While the exact percentage of dream time and the number of cycles varies from subject to subject, for a given subject the sleep-dream cycle is generally quite stable from night to night (15,16, 40, 63).

REM Dreaming

*CD* REM in the Animal Kingdom:

REM sleep occurs in... all species of mammals (except the spiny anteater) and even some birds.

*HIoD* Outflow Control of Eye Movement:

In a study of the eye movements accompanying fantasy activity in waking and hypnosis, Deckert (1964) found that subjects instructed to imagine a beating pendulum develop smooth pursuit-tracking eye movements of a frequency comparable to that of a previously visualized pendulum under both conditions when their eyes were closed, whereas saccadic (rapid shift) movements were characteristic of the eyes-open-imagining conditions in either state. Hypnotic dreaming and hallucinating were also accompanied by saccadic eye movements. Deckert suggests that the appearance of pursuit movements in the eyes-closed imagining condition supports an "outflow" theory for central control of eye movement.

*HIoD* Eye Movement in Dreams and Daydreams:

Daydreaming is associated with minimal eye movement (Antrobus, Antrobus, and Singer, 1964). An interesting related observation is that the deliberate suppression of an ongoing private fantasy provokes considerable rapid eye movement, a finding consistent with an experiment by Antrobus (1963) which found that habitual nonrecallers of dreams actually show more eye movement during REM sleep than do persistent recallers. Singer and Antrobus (1965) further report that engagement in even vigorous daytime fantasying involves relatively little eye movement.

*HIoD* REM Sleep Patterns:

Changes in the proportion of REM sleep to total sleep time was noted to vary with ages of subjects, with highest percentage of REM sleep in the newborn and least in the aged. The sleep patterns of all mammals thus far studied are similar to that of humans in exhibiting stage 1-REM periods alternating with higher-voltage, slow-wave (NREM) periods... The REM state is... triggered in the brain stem probably in the caudal pontine nucleus of the reticular formation (Jouvet, 1960).

*HIoD* REM Is Closer To Waking:

Arkin et al. (1964) have undertaken to capitalize on the fact that sleep talking throughout the night is a common occurrence and that it changes in tone, growing more expressive and emotional during REM periods.

*HIoD* REM in the Blind:

Gross et al. (1965) studied eye movements in the congenitally blind and concluded that "the eye movement mechanism pre-prepared at birth persists in subjects with life long blindness in the absence of visual imagery and presumably visual dreaming. (NOTE: But their dreaming often is visual)

*HIoD* Attention On External Things:

It takes a relatively intense peripheral stimulus to arouse a person in the REM phase of sleep, except when the stimulus has personal significance, in which case even a slight stimulus may quickly alert him. (NOTE: Contextually sensitive)

*CT* Night One: Unusual REM:

The only unusual feature of this night was that the subject showed REMs during Stage I drowsiness at the beginning of sleep, a very unusual finding. Rapid eye movements almost never occur if normal subjects during drowsiness, although they have been found to occur frequently in narcoleptics (18, 36, 49, 52). There is no evidence that. Miss Z suffers from narcolepsy, however, and these REMs during drowsiness seem to be related to the unusually vivid hypnagogic imagery that she reportedly experiences on falling asleep.

Miss Z did not feel that she had had any OB experiences that night.

NREM Dreaming

*HIoD* Dreaming Without REM:

"In instances where I have had an opportunity to be wired up for EEG study during afternoon naps, I have had dreams with no EEG evidence or rapid eye movements (Singer, 1966, p. 49)


When awakened during NREM periods, subjects often report a fairly logical preoccupation with recent events, that is, the ideation is relatively bland and innocuous, there is less distortion, many pure memories are related to recent activities, and the subject himself labels the experiences as "thoughts," not "dreams" (Foulkes, 1962)

*ODM* Dreaming Inside & Outside REM Sleep:

Dreamers reported content during NREM sleep about 50% of the time. Following REM awakenings, subjects typically reported that they had been dreaming, following NREM awakenings, that they had been "thinking," usually continuing thought-streams from during the day. REM reports were longer, displayed more intense visual imagery, and showed a higher degree of integration and continuity; the dreamer often engaged in physical movement, several scene shifts occurred, and the dreamer displayed more emotional involvement. The NREM reports seemed to involve more recent events or daytime concerns of the subject without too much distortion, although some of them did sound very dreamlike. NREM imagery started to take on more "dreamy" aspects during the latter part of the night; a late NREM report might resemble a REM report from early in the night. Reports from the hypnagogic state generally seemed emotionally flat; the images seemed more like a succession of snapshots than a movie.

1) 6:55 AM (dreaming): I was at the house of these girls I know and I was asking about the rent.. And then I was thinking about Professor M's course which hasn't met yet this quarter.

7:17 AM (thinking): I was thinking about Professor M's course in political science, which I am signed up for. The course is being canceled. I was thinking about what to do.

Light & Heavy Sleepers: Light sleepers reported dreaming after 71% of their NREM awakenings, while only 21% of the deep sleepers reported NREM dreaming. Among the light sleepers, the differences between their REM and NREM reports were very minor, and they generally classified themselves as dreaming when awakened from either stage of sleep. It was only the deep sleepers who were likely to label their NREM reports as involving thinking. Light sleepers had faster heart and respiration rates, higher body temperature, and more body movements.

*CD* REM & NREM Dreams:

You'll find that your dream reports from REM periods are more dramatic, like a horror film or spy story; those from your non-REM periods are calmer and thoughtlike, more like a documentary film.

Physiological & Electromagnetic Correlates of Dream Activity

REM Correspondences: Three cases in which vertical eye movements had preceded the awakening involved dreams of action in the vertical plane such as throwing a basketball to a hoop, looking down to pick up another ball, then shooting again. There was one instance where purely horizontal movements were observed; this subject reported seeing two people throwing tomatoes at each other. Dreams reported on ten occasions, when few or no eye movements had appeared for a minute before investigators awoke the subjects, involved the dreamers watching something at a distance or just staring fixedly at some object.

If subjects are awakened after REM bursts, their images are generally visual in nature, but if awakened after intervals of no eye movements during REM sleep. Their reports are more conceptual in nature and are similar to those obtained from NREM sleep.

Since eye movements occur both in fetuses and in humans without any cerebral cortex, it would be difficult to expect any precise relationship to exist between directions of eye movements and specific dreaming visualizations.

EMG Correspondences: Reaching for a jacket was associated with EMG activity from an arm, and in a dreamer who reported jumping over a line, EMG activity was shown for the leg, arm, and trunk muscles. Electrodes attached to the chin and lip areas of subjects detected significant EMG activity during conversational dreams, but not during visual ones.

*CT* Dream Segments & Body Motion:

Within a continuous period of Stage 1 EEG, the content of the experienced dream may be divided into several distinct episodes so that, in a sense, there are several distinct "dreams" within a continuous period of dreaming. Dement and Wolpert (19) present some evidence that such change of topic may he accompanied by a gross body movement on the part of the subject.

*LD* Dreaming Action More Real Than Imagined Action:

A series of our experiments provides evidence that, from the point of view of both dreamers and their brains (and to a lesser extent, bodies), dreaming of doing something is more like actually doing it than imagining it.

*LD* Lucid Respiration Reflects in Physical:

Voluntary control of the mental image of respiration during lucid dreaming is reflected in corresponding changes in actual respiration.

*LD* What's Not Inhibited During REM:

The extraocular muscles are not inhibited at all during REM. The respiratory muscles are not inhibited for obvious reasons.

*LD* Alpha Appears in the Less Active Hemisphere:

If during the performance of a given task one of the hemispheres doing most of the work, the other hemisphere – the less active one – will show more alpha activity. Since the right hemisphere is involved during the singing and the left hemisphere during the counting, we expected to find more alpha in my left hemisphere during singing.

*ODM* Body Movements & Dreams:

If a large body movement occurred, the continuity of the dream was interrupted. The presence of a body movement seemed to signal the conclusion of some specific dream activity, because the dreamer frequently reported being located in a different setting of being engaged in different activities after the body movement occurred.

*CD* Physiological REM Changes:

Researchers discovered more and more physiological changes that accompany REM periods: The pulse rate quickens and becomes irregular; the breathing rate becomes faster and irregular; the blood pressure becomes irregular; males have full or partial penile erections, females have erect nipples, an engorged clitoris, and lubricated genitals; large muscles become limp, while small muscles in the face or fingers twitch sporadically.

Things Influencing Sleep Stages

Effects of Age: There are marked differences associated with age. A normal newborn infant spends approximately 50% of its sleeping time in REM, and the time premature infants spend in REM is as high as 70-80%. The REM percentage figure for children decreases to the level found for adults by about the fourth year. Young children also have a higher percentage of Stage 4 sleep. Growth hormone is secreted during Stage 4 sleep and seems to be necessary for the child to achieve normal stature. A progressive diminuation of EEG voltage from infancy throughout the life span is found. It doesn't take much energy to generate the electrical activity of the brain. "The brain runs effectively on 20 watts of power, the amount used by an icebox light bulb."

*DE* Dream Disturbance & Age:

People sleep progressively less soundly in later life. Stage 4 or deep sleep practically disappears among the elderly.

*DE* Alcohol & REM:

Under the influence of alcohol, the quantity of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep decreases and Stage 4 sleep increases.

*DE* Reduction in Sleep:

Reduction in total sleep time appears to be at the expense of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.

In the course of extended sleep deprivation, subjects tend periodically to experience forms of hypnagogic experience.

*CD* More Alonetime, More Learning, More REM:

Recent experimental studies have clearly established that when a person engages in singular quiet daily activities, he or she actually has more dreams (increased amount of REM) than when engaged in busy social activities. Subjects who studied, read, wrote, and so on in a room alone all day showed lengthened REM cycles at night (as much as 60 percent more REM). Relative isolation increases dreaming (and total isolation can produce hallucinations in normal people)...

Researchers have frequently observed increased REM following new learning.

*HIoD* REM Deprivation:

Preliminary evidence indicated that the frequency and duration of REM periods increased in direct proportion to the degree of deprivation. After several consecutive nights of dream deprivation if became literally impossible to deprive a subject of his dreams without depriving him of all sleep. Control studies showed that loss of total sleep time and awakenings from other sleep stages do not result in any compensatory rise, although NREM sleep tends to take precedence over REM sleep when there has been deprivation of all stages.

*HIoD* Drugs and Sleep:

In general, drugs that either increase sleep (hypnotic or hypnosedative agents) or increase wakefulness (amphetamines, barbiturates, and other stimulants) act to depress dreaming time. A night of increased REM time can be achieved pharmalogically by administering for a time and then withdrawing phenothrazines, alcohol, or dextramphetamine (Hartmann, 1965). One of the few drugs identified thus far which directly increases the amount of dreaming sleep in humans is d-lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD-25)...

The usual patterns of brief early REM periods and longer subsequent ones was in effect reversed, and there was an interposition of REM bursts during NREM intervals.

*CD* Dreaming & The Brain:

Exceptions to the universality of dreaming seem to be limited to people with shrapnel wounds to the pons- the area of the brain that contains the giant cells responsible for dreaming.

Current dream researchers believe dreaming is initiated when group of nerve cells in the brain step (called gigantocellular tegmental field [GTF] neurons, or giant reticular cells) periodically fire during sleep.

Alpha Field Rotation

Script: Alpha field rotations wash out the mind. Bigger issues are slowly worked out like layers in an onion. These are hot spots. These form dreams. [see pic]
*ER* Alpha Rotation in Sleep:

God has made sleep so

that it erases every thought.


Your actions in my head,

my head here in my hands

with something circling inside.

I have no name

for what circles

so perfectly.


A secret turning in us

makes the universe turn.


Whatever circles comes from the center


A Spring wind moves to dance

any branch that isn't dead.


They say I circle around you.

Nonsense. I circle around me.

EEG Limitations

*HIoD* The Difficulties of EEG Studies:

An undoubted complication is posed by the marked resemblance of the irregular, low-voltage, rapidly changing brain wave pattern during dreaming sleep to that of the alert, waking brain, highlighting the fact that the distinguishing characteristics of the various stages of sleep are at best somewhat arbitrary... Furthermore, evoked cortical potentials during the waking state are quite comparable to those evoked in REM sleep, and if the accompanying EEG patterns are not identical, they are certainly very similar.


Flying & Lucidity

*CD* Flying Dreams & Lucidity:

Flying dreams often preceded lucid dreams. In fact, lucid dreamers have many more flying dreams than the ordinary dreamer...

Flying dreams seem to indicate to van Eeden that lucid dreams are coming:

"When I have been flying in my dreams for two or three nights, then I know that a lucid dream is at hand. And the lucid dream itself is often initiated and accompanied all the time by the sensation of flying."

...Two out of four recent lucid dreams of mine were preceded by nonlucid flying dreams that occurred during the same night... (NOTE: Think about it- flying requires that the attribution-to-normal life mechanism be let down, otherwise you'd be in a plane or car. So when flying, you're that much closer to being lucid)

Mary Arnold-Forster: "I found that it was just as easy to fly downstairs as to walk... At first I only flew down one particular flight of steps, and always downwards; but very soon I began to fly more actively... When once I realized that I could always escape by flight, the sense of the something unknown, to be escaped from, became a thing of the past."

...By concentrating her thinking on a particular dream such as flying, it would come to her in two or three nights or sometimes longer, depending, she felt, on the degree of concentration she was able to achieve with the waking mind.

Overcoming the Gravity Habit

*CD* Defying Gravity:

Arnold-Forster: "It was a long time before I could fly higher than five or six feet from the ground, and it was only after watching and thinking about the flight of birds, the soaring of the larks above the Wiltshire Downs, the hovering of a kestrel, the action of the rooks' strong wings, and the glancing flights of swallows, that I began to achieve in my dreams some of the same bird-like flights.

*CD* Talking About Flying in Dreams:

She was a guest at a party. In the dream, her brother-in-law explained to several men present her method of flying and asked her to demonstrate it, which she did. They discussed it critically. However, one gentleman stepped forward and offered an explanation to the puzzle...

"You know that the law of gravity has no power over you here. If the law is suspended, you can fly at will. Have confidence in yourself, and you need not fear."

Flying in High Realms

*CD* Flight & The Higher Lands:

[Mary Arnold-Forster's] commonest flying dreams were in "lofty rooms and the great staircases of palatial buildings which I do not know," although they sometimes occurred in the British Museum or other public galleries... She states she always wore her "‘flying dress'- it is a dress of straight close folds which fall three or four inched below my feet." She explained that this dress appeared in her dreams following a dream in which she was gliding along a busy sidewalk and became fearful that people might notice that her feet never moved as theirs did and so attract undesirable attention.

OB Flight Inspired Physical Flight

*UR2* Exteriorizing Inner Freedom- Man Flies:

Man learned to fly as he tried to exteriorize inner experience, for in out-of-body states in dreams he had long been familiar with flight. All excursions into outer reality come as the psyche attempted to reproduce in any given "exterior" world the inner freedom of its being.

The Bodiless Sensation of Flight

*CD* Flying Sensations:

Saints in religious ecstasy and persons on the borderline of death commonly report a flying sensation. (NOTE And that to be had from being high- that is how it works)


Reading OB & in Dreams

*ST* OB Reading:

I flew up to a street sign. I could not read the words. I could see letters or symbols but nothing more.

*APr* Reading:

In a Dream of Knowledge, reading is very difficult matter. The print seems clear enough until one tried to read it; then the letters become blurred, or run together, or fade away, or change to others.

Each line, or in some cases each word, must be held by an effort of the will, until its meaning has been grasped; then it is released—on which it becomes blotted out or changed—and the next held in its turn and so on.

*LD-P* Reading in Dreams:

"As soon as I am on the ground again I run up to the next shop and pull the door open. Two people are standing behind the counter. I call out, "something to read quick!" Books and newspaper are lying on the counter. I grab one up, leaf through it and read. I want to learn a sentence off by heart and read it several times through. The first half of the sentence does make sense; it is talking about the use of memos in business. The second half of the sentence is complete nonsense, even though the individual words are comprehensible in themselves. I particularly look for some newly coined words but cannot find any. On repetition the sentence seems to become continually longer although the content remains similar, and I cannot retain it in my mind. It strikes me that I am fairly tried and a strange indifference disposes me to do nothing more. The light is continually weakening, and in its place arise all sorts of fantastic images. Then I awaken and hear 3 o'clock strike. It is three and a half hours since falling asleep."

(Moers-Messmer, Case 11)


I pick up a newspaper, which is lying on the table and read without difficulty. Then I attempt to read the individual words backwards. As I do so there are many more letters than belong to the corresponding words. When I have read several words in this way, partly forwards and partly backwards, something remarkable happens. Some of them have changed their shape; they no longer consist of the usual letters, but form figures, which bear a distinct resemblance to hieroglyphics. And now I can see nothing but these symbols, each of which signifies a word or syllable, the ordinary letters having completely disappeared. I know exactly what each symbol signifies, and run my eyes over them in the usual direction from left to right and read entire sentences without any effort. (Moers-Messmer, 1938, Case 10)


Saltmarsh (1925) writes: "In these instances I have a hypnagogic vision of a printed book which I try to read. I never succeed in getting more than about half a line, and it is always the same sort of nonsense."

*LBD* Higher Beings Cant Read:

Beings of the higher Hierarchies cannot read our books... (NOTE: What?! That's garbage. But maybe there's a connection to non-reading in dreams.)

The spiritual Beings begin to read only when human beings on the earth read books- that is to say, when what is contained in the books comes to life in the thoughts of men.

Turning on Lights

*AW* Turning on Dream-Lights:

I have noticed a similar delay between operating a dream light switch and the light coming on.

I have found that if I regard dream lights as naturally slow to change, like the dawn, they will often come on, even from complete darkness and grow steadily brighter over a few seconds.

*LD-P* Turning on Lights, Controlling Illumination:

One common limitation on control of the perceptual environment reported by lucid dreamers consists in being unable to control the general level of illumination.

"Appear to wake up in bed normally. Try to turn on bedside light but it won't work. Feeling very groggy. Get up and try to turn on main light. That won't work either. Then go through to kitchen to try to turn on that light. Same story. Think that maybe metered electricity has run out and think of going to look in cupboard with torch, but also start to suspect that this is a dream. Surroundings dark (but lighter than they would be if lights were really off)."

(Subject N.C.)


"I switched it on and off several times and looked up at the light, which was a naked bulb. It kept sparking and flickering – I could see the filament light up and glow orangy red. I thought, "typical of this place, nothing works properly.

"I went to the bedroom light switch and turned it on. To my surprise, a light came on behind me in a room to the side, but not in the bedroom. Then I tried the kitchen light switch. Nothing happened." (Hearne, 1981)


Hearne, 1981: The one subject who succeeded at the task found that she could only do so by covering her eyes in the dream, which abolished her previous imagery.

Another of Hearne's subjects reported that it was possible to switch a light off first, and then on, but not the other way round.

Moss reports various methods which he believes facilitate successful performance of the task, such as finding an angle of view which includes both the light switch and the light source in close proximity to each other in the visual field.


(MjooB) 2) I switched the light on. I heard the click and felt the switch depress, but couldn't discern any other change in the room. It certainly didn't flood with light. I pressed the light switch once more and again, noticed no difference other than the movement of the switch. Each time, I looked toward the ceiling where the light bulb is. Everything was hazy but I felt that I would have at least noticed a light source.

Looking down toward the door once more, I could see the brass knob. I reached out and held it; it was cool and metallic as I would expect. I was surprised that my hand didn't go straight through it.


Peculiarities of the Astral-Physical

Script: Read through... Maybe join with Near Realm.
*BP* Astral/Physical Differences & Peculiarities of Sight:

Astral travelers have always reported differences between the physical world and the OBE world. For instance, a door that is closed physically might appear open while out of the body. Why are there differences? The most common explanation is that we aren't really seeing the physical world: We are seeing the astral counterpart of the physical world. It is said that the astral world is very plastic and when left alone, it molds itself to the shape of physical objects.

I looked toward the countertop right of the sink, and there was no countertop! It appeared as if someone had cut out the countertop at the sink, all the way back to the wall, and the wall looked somewhat dirty. It looked as if whoever cut the countertop out did a very sloppy job.

(MjooB) There can also be discrepacies, like an extra person or a chair appearing instead of a table.

1) I didn't realize that I was astral; a bit of grogginess still hindered my thoughts. My vision blurred away. When it returned, I saw my posters and all, but there was strange pieces of woodwork that doesn't exist in my room. "This isn't quite right either!"

3) Firstly, the room was different. There were these wardrobes behind the head of the bed that don't exist in real life and in any case, wouldn't be in that position. Secondly, this woman wasn't my mother! She was younger and had black, short, straggly hair. She looked a bit funny with her messed up hair. I didn't recognise her. I think I said something to her but can't remember now. In any case, I soon lost interest and wanted to explore the neighbours house.

I went to the cupboard and saw that the door was open. Again, nothing like real life - our doors slide, they don't open. Anyway, I pushed myself backwards through the cupboard, then the wall and through what should have been a cupboard on the other side. What was strange was that for most of the time (95%) I could see everything in my mother's room - I expected to black out when my head went into the wall etc. It felt strange, too, as I moved. It was a kind of muggy feeling. I guess it was because I had never been through something so thick before.

I popped out into this bedroom that had two single beds in it. I was surprised - I had expected to see a double bed with a man and a woman under the covers. I had a close look at both the occupants and saw that they were two men - both of whom looked unshaven and rough.

4) Somehow I found myself more toward the centre of the yard adjacent to where I had been. On the roofs, there were a number of creatures who seemed to be guards or sentries. Each roof had its own particular type of guard. The ones I looked at had mushroom shaped guns. They looked big, bulky and pretty silly. I must have then returned to my original position.

5) The chair I touched downstairs is currently different from how it felt when I was out of my body. There are no padded arm rests and the fabric is different.

6) I moved back towards the door ready to start exploring some more. I looked once more up at the lightshade and got the impression that it wasn't in it's usual place. It seemed to have moved to the part of the ceiling above where my head lies at night. I also got the feeling that it was a plain bulb - no shade and it was turned off.

7) I saw what appeared to be highly colored paper mache tubes suspended from strings, real reminiscent of Chinese artwork. I focused on them in the same fashion I did above and their appearance changed. Now they looked like little creatures dangling from strings! They had bodies that were small in proportion to their heads. They had little bead-like eyes and long tube-like beaks. They had short little dangling arms with little detailed hands that reminded me of mice hands. I figured that they must be some kind of elementals. I touched them and felt them. But the focus broke again and they reverted back to colored paper-mache tubes.

8) I was floating in a great darkness, but before me was a structure that looked to be made up of passages of flags or curtains draping downwards. As I got closer the passages seemed to form a maze of fabric flags with superhero theme colors on each of them.

9) I was looking through this wall into what seemed like a dark, watery medium. Then, something on the other side seemed to get up from the mud and swim away off into the darkness. This startled me and I pulled myself up. I stood up and stepped backwards away from the wall, but the colored "beanbag" that I had stepped on got up and swam out from underneath me! The floor was alive! This really scared me and I started to feel claustrophobic. I hovered up into the air, and this "beanbag' was actually a fish-like creature, maybe about 7 feet long, colored in red and white swirls, and it was now swimming around through the air in the room. I hovered around trying to avoid it. It swam up to me as if to investigate me and it circled around me. I was too afraid to move. But then it got close enough to me and I punched its face. It swam over towards the other side of the room. I looked around me trying to get a better sense of where I was at and it was then I really noticed that the whole floor was made of these creatures!

10) When I got on the roof over my bedroom, I looked out across the street (which does not exist on the physical plane). There was a row of very quaint houses of a typically American design. One in particular had a very bright blue roof that caught my attention. I remember now that if I tried to proceed too quickly I lost my lock mold. So I slowly jumped off the roof and slowly walked across the street. It was "topsey turvey" when I moved like there were little hills where there were none in sight. This made it difficult to move and my movements felt slow and sluggish. Still,I just plodded on very carefully and slowly. I made it across the street and I went up the driveway of the above mentioned house.

(Me: What's that disease where we can describe it's parts but cant see it for what it really is?!? Remember Ingo Swan)

Where Is Your Room This Time? (DDG): 1) Through my bedroom window I saw that I was quite a few stories off the ground, and there was an unfamiliar city off in the distance. I decided to fly about and explore.

Clocks & Time (DW): 1) The time between physical and what I saw in the astral were not correct...... (This happened many times)

2) I looked over at the digital clock to see what time it was. But I couldn't read what time it was because I could see about twenty different times displayed at once, fading successively backwards. And I could also see the gears spinning around inside of the clock.

3) Our plan was that whoever got out-of-body first would go to the other's room and see what they were doing. And that's exactly what I did. Turns out in this case, what I saw actually happened, only my projection occurred about 3 hours after the events I saw.

4) The clock seemed to read 12:56, but I wasn't sure because it was blurry and not quite legible, no matter how hard I would try to focus on it. Then, I seemed, for no apparent reason at all, to completely lose interest in the situation. I turned and left the room.

*IW* Other OBE Experiences:

Here are some OB sensations: Sudden flashes of color or shifting through a tunnel into a dream state...

3) I flew outside through the wall and went by my window. I looked in the

window and saw myself lying there on the bed! My fan was conspicuously missing from the window, but the me on the bed stared back and waved at the me outside the window. I wasn't too taken aback by this because Greene mentioned that one could see one's other bodies.

4) As I rose I looked down hoping to see the terrain unfold below me. What I saw was not what I expected. Below me was a globe but it was not the Earth that we see in pictures. The surface of the globe was covered with strange and complex geometric patterns of various colors and the whole scene had the texture of a cartoon. A vast light seemed to be sweeping across the surface. As I rose higher and higher, I soon lost control and blacked out.

*APr* Buildings from the Astral:

I was walking through some side streets in a place that might have been a hitherto unexplored portion of the vast dream-London. So I emerged into a night square, and there before me, towered a colossal building—a miracle of bulk and architectural beauty. Roughly it was Gothic in design, a mass of lacework and carven detail, with innumerable pointed windows and countless niches holding statues. The whole glowed with an indescribable mellowness, compounded of a thousand subtle shades and tints, in a wonderful brilliance and purity of the dream-light. This building was not only a thing of brick and stone; it seemed to be a living thing, to have an eternal soul; and for me it had all the high, intensely spiritual appeal of a lovely woman.

Near it was a gray, decaying statue (perhaps of Queen Victoria) upon a massive pedestal; but this structure, though about fifty or sixty feet high seemed absurdly small.

The statue had the appearance of being very old. I decided to levitate and made the slight paddling motions, which I have hitherto found necessary, at the same time leaning backwards as though about to float on water. At first I rose slowly, then I seemed to be caught in some strong current and was borne up with great velocity in a slanting direction. I remember passing close to the face of the statue—a monstrous, weather-beaten, ghastly thing, which had the appearance of having been eaten away by some loathsome disease, the crumbling nostrils making the nose grotesquely pointed.

Note: Unlike the Bletchingden Bay adventure, in which I seemed to be earthbound, the above experience was located on some level of the astral plane. I have found that the astral counterpart (if such it be) of a city appears much larger than the earthly one; for in addition to its present structures and features are to be found buildings, monuments, etc., which have no present existence on the earth. Some of these may have existed in the past; and others I suspect to be very powerful thought-forms—or perhaps the astral foreshadowings of earthly buildings yet to come. And, as far as my experiences go, the investigator, who makes his nth trip to the astral Xtown, will still find the same features (non-existent on earth) that puzzled him on his first adventure.

*APr* Astral Earth Peculiarities:

1) I left my body and passed into the front room. It was brilliantly illuminated by a golden light, and I saw to my surprise that some of the furniture and objects were strange and very beautiful. In particular, I noticed a small oriental cabinet. The furniture on one side of the room, however, was as it really is. The fireplace appeared to have shifted into a corner.

2) All the details of the street and room were very real and vivid, especially the new blue wallpaper and the pictures and china. I then noted a discrepancy; an oriental lacquer cabinet stood near the little table bearing our miniature Chinese gardens.

*LD-P* Strange Scenes out the Window:

"When I was only 7 years of age I had an ordinary dream of which I don't remember much. By the end of this I was together with a schoolfellow in my playing room, when I suddenly realized that I was dreaming.

"I therefore said to my friend: "Hey, wait a minute – we're dreaming!" He seemed to ignore what I had just said.

"I didn't become angry. Instead a sensation of wonder and a feeling of possessing superior knowledge overwhelmed me. Then I went to the windows, which were covered by drapes, and shouted out loud: "So you don't believe me! Well, then look for yourself!" And while saying this I pulled down the curtains.

"Outside was a scenery quite different from that of the "real" world: a small village in the most beautiful colors, and covered with tinsel. All the buildings seemed to be glowing. I could see a church and also hear the sound of church bells.

"It was a very beautiful sight and the mood of the situation felt so nice, so I didn't hesitate to jump out of the window and into the village."

(Subject O.D.)

*APr* Lucid Dream:

Dream of Knowledge: On pulling up the blind, we made the amazing discovery that the row of houses opposite had vanished and in their place were bare fields. I opened the window and climbed out on to the sill. I then jumped, and floated gently down into the street. When my feet touched the pavement, I awoke. The atmosphere inside our bedroom seemed so absolutely real, that it nearly made me accept the manifest absurdity of things outside.

*GR* OB Hallucination:

Once I saw for a long time beside a dark-haired young man whose mouth and chin in the faint light reminded me of my father's. He was moaning slightly, sleeping on his left side, his left arm under the pillow, and the more I stared at him the more I was sure that this was my own physical self. (NOTE: It wasn't.)

*CD* Drugs & Mirrors in Dreams:

"In the dream I am part of an audience. I see men high in a balcony of the huge auditorium throwing small pellets into balloons, which burst and release a drug into the atmosphere. The lights go out. I close my eyes and can feel the effect already. "Oh, yes," I say knowingly. I float up in the air into the balcony level and, hovering in the air, observe myself in a mirror... My face appears in a series of bizarre forms. In one of the reflections, my face is covered with a network of scars. In another, I appear wild, with long flowing hair, a bikini top, and a native skirt. Waves of passion flow through my lower body as I move and my eyes are wild and staring."


Memory Problems

Things That Enhance Memory

*CD* Feeling Importance of Dreams:

Dreamers who regard dreams as important and even vital to success in life will receive and remember helpful dreams.

*CD* Promoting Dream Recall:

Value your dreams. Don't reject any one of them. The dream you dismiss as ridiculous or trivial... may be the very one with great potential to blossom beautifully... Attend patiently to all your dreams and they will provide you with remarkable insights about yourself...

The best time to begin developing skill in dream recall is in the morning from a natural awakening. When you awaken spontaneously in the morning... you are awakening directly from a REM period. Any time that you awaken by yourself you awaken from a dream...

Knowing that you have just completed a dream, the next step is crucial: don't open your eyes! Lie still with closed eyes and let images flow into your mind... (NOTE: I'll bet consciously breathing is important at this point.) The tiniest fragment of the last dream can serve as a hook for the whole night's series... In reverse order the scenes of the last dream appear. It is not like a film run backward; the whole scenes, in complete sections, line up in reverse order... (NOTE: They line up as you remember causes and causes of causes. Especially the gateways.)

Let your mind wander over images of the people close to you, your family, your intimate friends. Like rifling the pages of a photographic book, you may hit upon the image you seek in passing. You will know...

Hermann Rorschach... observed that is was necessary to lie still when awakening because any quick motor movement like jumping out of bed disrupts memory of the dream... Allow yourself to recall whatever dreams come to you in the position in which you awake. Lie still and let the images flow. Then roll over... For some as yet unknown reason, additional dream recall often comes when you move gently from one position and settle into another...

One research team clearly established that dream recall is richest and most detailed immediately after a REM period ends. Researchers awakened sleepers at four different times: 1) when the EEG machine showed they were experiencing REM: sleepers reported, as expected, an ongoing dream story: 2) during a body movement immediately after REM stopped; sleepers awakened at this point describe complete, vivid, specific dream stories; 3) sleepers were awakened five minutes after REM stopped: they reported vague snatches of dream stories; and 4) sleepers were awakened ten minutes after REM stopped: most of these sleepers had no dream recall or only a blurry impression of a dream...

You can actually train yourself to awaken after a dream story is completed naturally.

*CD* Write Key Phrases, Quotes, Poems, First:

Always record a unique verbal expression immediately. If I awaken with a dream poem in mind and I also recall the entire preceding scene, I dare not describe the scene first and then the poem... I write the poem itself immediately.

*CD* Telling Dreams to a Friend:

Many people find that telling a dream to a friend helps them to recall it. The very act of putting the dream into words and trying to explain or express it seems to stimulate both recall of the dream and insight into aspects of it.

*CD* Tricked When Writing Dreams Down:

When I first evolved this technique I often dreamed I was recording the dream. Occasionally, however, I felt certain I was actually recording because I could feel myself writing with what I believed to be the pen on what I believed to be the pad. On rousing further, I discovered I was actually tracing words with my fingers on my skin. in one case, the thigh of my right leg served as a pad and in another my right cheek. Now, after long use of the method, this does not happen. In fact, my dream state cooperates with the intent to record. For example, at the end of one dream segment, I saw a dark-haired, mustached reporter holding a pen and note pad. He was looking at me and pointing to the right. Turning my head to see what he was pointing at, I opened my eyes and saw my own pad and pen. In another dream, a character said, "Now it's time to pause for a commercial." I found myself awake, obviously for the purpose of writing.

*CD* Other Factors Affecting Dream Recall:

In one study, researchers found that dreamers who have trained themselves to self-awaken from REM periods can do so with remarkable accuracy. In another study, students learned to substantially increase their dream recall during the first two weeks of keeping a regular dream journal and meeting with a group three hours a week to discuss dreams. When they were given a special task one night to use their dreams to creatively solve a problem, there was four times as much dream recall as on other nights.

*SC* Aids To the Dream State:

Tom MacPherson: "Orange juice about one hour before slumber is a marvelous stimulant for the dream state because it is rich in natural sugar. This stimulates the muscular tissues... The way to turn off the dream is by eating grains.

"The way it works is that with the neurological tissues at rest and the muscular tissues slightly stimulated, dream material is released that comes up and is amplified through the neurological tissues. And you wake up with clearer memory, because the neurological tissues are no longer exhausted."

** Remembering:

(RM) We can also experience future events astrally. We learn these things on lower, denser astral-planes as it's easier to remember and may be neccessary for our memory of it.

Things Preventing Memory

*PotC* Too Much Detail:

Excessive attention to detail has a negative effect on the accuracy of the recollections.

*CD* Factors Affecting Dream Recall:

Low dream recallers seem to be conformist, self-controlled, and defensive; they are likely to be more confident and less self-aware than habitual high dream recallers...

Females seem to recall dreams more often and more completely than males... (NOTE: As everything can be a self-fulfilling prophecy, the simple announcement of a scientific discovery invalidates it from then on.) Greater female dream recall... could be a result of attitudes taught by our culture... Perhaps lifestyle plays a more important role in dream-recall than sex per se...

*HIoD* Thinking & Gradual Awakenings:

Reports of "thinking" were more frequent after gradual awakenings than after abrupt ones.

*UR* Cut off From Dreams:

In the waking state the conscious mind must focus rather exclusively upon that one particular point of concentration that you call reality, simply so that it can direct your activities properly in temporal life. It is quite equipped, however, also to direct you to some extent in other levels of reality when it is not needed for specific survival duties.

Because you have in the past convinced yourselves that the conscious mind must of necessity be cut off from inner reality, you think that it must be alienated from the dream state. Following such beliefs, you find yourselves thinking of dreaming as chaotic, unreasonable, and as completely divorced from normal conscious direction, purpose, or function. You have so divorced your waking and dreaming experience that it seems you have separate "lives," and that there is little connection between your waking and dreaming hours. The rich tapestry of probable actions from which you choose your official life becomes just as invisible. This is quite needless.

*CWS* Remembering Dreams:

[Even recalling a tiny portion of a dream in the space of months was an achievement for Florence.] You are still afraid of your inner self. You still do not trust your dreams. It is only when you do not know yourself that you fear that you are evil, and are afraid to look within yourself. There is nothing in yourself to be afraid of.

You can change the ending of the dream by understanding the nature of reality.

You know very well, because it has happened many times, that if you do not write it down you will forget it- and only part of you wants to. "If it is good, I'll write it down; if it's a bad dream, then I wont." said Stewie. That is your problem! You should not make a judgement! Simply write the dream down! The very habit that is set up when you write down your dreams and recall them, opens up channels between what you think of, now, as your conscious and unconscious selves. The training teaches you to switch from one level of reality to another.

*ODM* Dream Recall:

Subjects with more active right hemisphere arousal had greater dream recall. Those who dreamed in the hypnagogic state tended to have greater social poise, to be more self-accepting, to be less rigidly conforming to social standards, and to be more adept at producing voluntary waking fantasy. Those with a rigid authoritarian personality are usually unable to enter into voluntary waking fantasy.

Memory & Unconsciousness

*JoNDE-JWh* Denying or Not Recognizing Unconsciousness:

A pattern of experiences emerged…

50 percent of the individuals did not immediately recognize that they suffered a loss of consciousness episode. Many were shocked to observe their unrecognized G-LOC episodes on videotape. Many of the subjects experienced a psychologic urge to suppress or deny that they had been unconscious. The individuals found it difficult to describe this urge to try to hide their loss of consciousness, but indicated that it frequently resulted in their keeping quiet while hoping for someone to provide them with adequate information to fill in their G-LOC void. Many subjects automatically, and essentially uncontrollably, attempted to fill in their void by confabulation. The longer the absolute incapacitation period, the more likely one is to recognize that G-LOC had occurred.

To quote a written communication from a naval aviator: I'd G-LOC'd at least 3 times. I always felt foolish after them and told myself to pay more attention, worker harder, etc.

For the most transient episodes there is frequently no recognition at all. I classify this as absolute lack of recognition of the loss of consciousness. The second type of experience is associated with knowing that something was unusual, but being unsure exactly what it was. As the ischemic insult increases, the likelihood of recognition of loss of consciousness increases. The third type of experience is associated with a clear knowledge of the loss of consciousness; however, these individuals do not have a dreamlet, or at least are unable to remember if they had. The fourth type of experience is one in which the individual has a memorable dreamlet and is able to remember and describe all the major aspects of the experience.

*JoNDE* The Part of Us That Remembers:

(NOTE: Why the brain is fucked up- the mind is free) We had patients who were head-injured and whose arousal was confusional and showed all the characteristics and mental states that would be expected after a severe head injury. Yet, within this dense confusional state, but attributed by the individual to the time of unconsciousness, was full memory of a wonderfully clear NDE. It is worth noting that in severe head injury memory for the accident and for the confusional awakening in hospital is absent.

*JoNDE-JWh* Memory & Unconsciousness:

Memory must return prior to the end of the absolute incapacitation period, since the dreamlet, myoclonic convulsions, and paralysis frequently can be remembered.

It is evident that memory processes return prior to consciousness.

Things Affecting Memory

*CD* The Moon Effects Dream Recall:

Julius Nelson, an American psychologist, kept careful track of his dreams for three years (from 1884 to 188). His records contained over 1,000 dreams a year, suggesting that his recall for REM periods was fairly complete. Nelson noticed a curious fluctuation in the amount of his dream recall. He found that his regular rise and fall in dreaming varied with the lunar month...

I compared the amount of my dream recall to the stage of my menstrual cycle... Sure enough, a basic pattern of dream recall emerged: dream recall is lower during menses (the first five days of the menstrual cycle, for me, counting the first day of bleeding as day 1). There is a high peak of dream recall somewhere during the middle of the cycle (days 6-19), followed by another period of low dream recall just before the next menses (days 20-27, for me).


Dream Tech

Dream Labs

*CD* Dream Labs:

Dozens of dream labs exist in the United States alone.


*CD* Biofeedback & Autonomic Control:

Today we are discovering that processes previously conceived of as impossible to control actually can be controlled. Modern science is beginning to discover what Yogis have been doing for centuries. People in the lab have learned to regulate their blood pressure, control the amount of acid secretions in their stomachs, or increase the alpha wave frequency of their brains by feedback techniques.


Other Dream & Lucid Dream

Script: It might be useful to go over the history of dream theories and how we got to where we are now. "Our Dreaming Mind" is a good reference for that.

Sensing the Inner Reality

*SS* Dreaming:

When your eyes are open, do not take for granted that only the immediate perceivable objects exist. Look where space seems empty. and listen in the middle of silence. There are molecular structures in every inch of empty space, but you have taught yourself not to perceive them. The inner senses are equipped to perceive data that is not physical. They are not deceived by the images that you project into 3D reality. They operate constantly beneath normal waking consciousness.

In many ways, you are dead now, as dead as you will ever be. While you go about your daily chores and endeavors, beneath normal waking consciousness you are constantly focused in other realities also, reacting to stimuli of which your physical conscious self is not aware, perceiving conditions through the inner senses, and experiencing events that are not even registered within the physical brain. Events are not things that happen to you. They are materialized experiences formed by you according to your expectations and beleifs. Other existences and realities as just described coexist with your own, and in the waking state you are not aware of them. In the midst of life, you dwell with so-called ghosts and apparitions, and for that matter you yourselves appear as apparitions to others, particularly when you send strong thought-forms of yourself from the sleep state. There are obviously as many kinds of ghosts and apparitions as there are people.

Seth's Dreams

*CWS* Dreams:

My dreams are like winds that blow about the universe, and that are seen in different shapes and forms, according to your perspective, and upon which hilltop you happen to stand.

Animal Dreams

*CWS* Dreams:

Cats dream. Monkeys dream. In the dreams of animals, they explore and expand the dimension that they know. You do the same and you step up through those levels of actuality and actualize them.

Reflection of Self-Development in Dreams

*PtE* Differences in Dreams by Age:

When I was 14, the emotions I expressed in dreams were usually passive: I often felt frightened, worried, apologetic, left out, or sad, and, in general, withdrew from or avoided fearful images as much as possible. When I was 42, I rarely felt this way. I was annoyed, resentful, cranky, or furious at bothersome images in my dreams; I actively approached the troublesome figure to scold or to challenge it, often with an awareness that I was dreaming. My role as victim had been sharply reduced (as it had in waking life) and a positive emotion appeared: wonder.

I became aware of a new figure in my dream life: a strong, capable woman. Sometimes a judo expert, sometimes a tribal queen or skilled opera singer, but clearly a newcomer who was edging out the hurt little girls and male heroes that had previously dominated my dream world.

*PtE* Dreams From Fear to Wonder: Planes of Dreaming:

There is a movement from dreams of fear to dreams of anger to dreams of wonder. There are levels of interaction in dreams: at the first level, we are total victims of our dream figures. "Wrathful deities" hold absolute dominion. I was projecting my energy into "outer" figures: it was they who were hateful; I was an innocent victim. These are the dreams of fear.

At the second level, we are participants in our dream struggles. We rebel; we enlist aid; we become wrathful ourselves. The energy of the horrific figure becomes active in us.

At the third level of interaction, we are conscious and peaceful participants in our dream adventures. The wrath of the images dissolves and is replaced by benevolence. By absorbing more of the figure's energy into ourselves, our dreams take on a wondrous quality- crystal clear, brilliantly colored, filled with light and bliss. The shifting images of our conscious dreams are reflected as in a mirror, without hate or anger in the figures or fear or hatred towards the figures.Recognizing them for what they are- projections of ourselves- we can let them exist without being distressed by them. We may tame them, talk with them, exchange with and learn from them, but we need not hate or fear them.

(Me: Embracing vs denying our responsibility for these emotions! We become more aware by embracing our responsibility. Passive and unconscious to conscious and in full control. You can crapify your surroundings "I live in a shitty world," thinking you cant do anything about it, you aren't there. *PtE*)

The current focus of my dreams is at the level of wonder of conscious dreaming. I fly, or become giant-sized, or shrink to a pinpoint. I flood with passion, I marvel at strange sights. I am beyond fear or hate in myself or others.

At the fourth level, we move into a full-blown mystical ecstatic experience within the dream. Forms disappear and all is radiance. We are part of a single life force, at one with the universe. These are the dream experiences of light.

*CWS* Opening To Dream Information:

The closets are in your conscious mind, and these closets are formed when you say, ‘I know it, but I will pretend that I do not know it.' Sometimes, in dreams, you will receive your answers; but not if the conscious mind is still allowed to hide its own contents. You are the one who must open the door and accept the dream information; and you will not do so unless you are ready for the encounter with yourself. And the encounter with yourself is a bold and exciting one; and it does not look to others, but to the knowledge within yourself as a species.


*ODM* Nightmares:

The intensity of traumatic dreams declines and their content gradually changes and incorporates other elements. If new stressors appear, even if they are quite different in content, the war scenes can return with all of their associated pain and anxiety. Persons with frequent nightmares have unusual openness, defenselessness, vulnerability, and difficulty with certain ego functions. They have thin boundaries.

*APr* Recurring Nightmare of the Double:

Until I was seven or eight years old, my dreams were chiefly of the nightmare variety. There were two of recurrent types that have a very special bearing on our subject of astral projection.

The first of these I have named the dream of the Double. In this dream, my mother and I would be sitting together in the dining room; and nearly always, it was evening and the oil-lamp would be burning and perhaps a cozy fire blazing on the hearth. At first, things seemed quite normal, but soon a strange change came over the peaceful scene. My mother would stop talking and stare fixedly at me with her beautiful, compelling eyes, and at the same time the lamplight and the firelight would grow dim, while another light—golden and coming seemingly from nowhere—filled the room. Then the door would open and another mother, dressed in exactly the same way to the smallest detail, would enter and walk towards me; and she, too, stared silently with beautiful, mesmeric eyes. Then the awful dream-fear swept over me; and after the usual struggle to cry out, I would wake, actually screaming.

My fear found its origin in this dilemma; I was confronted with two mothers, as alike as two peas, and I could not tell which was my real mother.

While my mother lived, she nearly always figured in it, though occasionally, the scene would be different and her place taken by my father or some other relative or friend. Just once my wife was the principal character, and once I saw my own double. In the latter case, I seemed to glimpse my Twin of Darkness, for I looked very old and incredibly evil. Though shocked by the wicked appearance of my double, I did not feel afraid of it.

*APr* Recurring Nightmare of Extension:

The other nightmare was much rarer and took many forms, though the same underlying principle was manifest in each. I have called it the fear of Extension. The earliest example I can remember of this dream is an unending procession of coal-men emptying sacks of coal on to a pile which slowly grows higher and higher. Something in me seems to be linked with the mounting black column and is gradually being stretched tighter and tighter. There is a terrible sense of fate, of inevitability: the coal-men will never cease emptying their sacks, the black column will never cease mounting to the sky, and the torment in me will grow and grow until…? Then follows panic, the struggle to cry out, and the breaking of the dream.

The last example occurred when I was about eighteen. I dreamed that my grandfather and I were sitting at the supper-table. Suddenly, he took a three-penny bit from his pocket and held it between his finger and thumb, across the table for me to see. "A little three-penny bit!" he exclaimed, "but it will grow and grow and grow and nothing can ever stop it!" Now, in my dream, though the three-penny bit did not increase in size, something in me seemed linked with an invisible coin and was being stretched, as it grew larger and larger in obedience to my grandfather's horrible monologue. There was the same awful sense of inevitability and helplessness, ending in panic. I echoed his scream, and that broke the nightmare.

When I was very small, about four or five, this Extension dream would intrude now and then upon my waking life. I would at times, fall into a reverie when playing with my toys and just sit staring at nothing in particular. Suddenly a subtle change would come over the room, though everything looked the same, and I would begin to feel frightened. I could not understand the nature of this change, and could only explain it to my small self by saying that "things went wrong." I might have, say, one hand resting on the table and one on the back of my chair. The illusion was that I could not remove my hands and that the table and chair were very slowly separating and stretching me, yet at the same time, I knew with one part of my mind that they were not really moving. I would struggle to remove my hands and then, just as suddenly, things would "come right" again. On one occasion, when my hands were resting on the crocheted cover to my play-box, the network seemed to be expanding and separating my fingers. When things "went wrong," whether by daylight or lamplight, the light changed in a way similar to that described in the dream of the Double.

*APr* Nightmares & Health:

(NOTE: Health related?) My health steadily improved, and the nightmare-haunted atmosphere of those early years receded into the past.

Nightmares were now getting infrequent and generally of the ordinary kind attributable to an unwise supper.

The Dream Star

*LD-CL* The Dream Star:

(NOTE: Hey! Last night I saw this: * spinning & twinkling, a dull dark red inverse color.) Gradually, a light began to appear in my dreams which I at first mistook for a bright star, the moon or the sun. Usually bright white in color, it would suddenly appear hovering above me and increasing in intensity.

*ST* The Blue-White Star, Burned Away By The Sun:

I became aware of the paralysis but was not fully focused. I winked out of my physical body with no destination in mind.

I winked into the middle of nowhere. All around me there was an endless darkness; except directly in front of me, there was a single source bright light. It was as if a blue-white star burned a hole in the middle of a black velvet curtain.

The "Light" radiated outward in long bright shards, like a crystal comprised of thousands of needle-like spears. The shards penetrated my very soul.

The Light pierced through me. Parts of me were burned away. Parts I no longer needed. The Light was excruciatingly wonderful.

Consciously this entire scene was alien to me, bus subconsciously this whole series of events was completely familiar and welcome.

Serpents in Dreams

*S&tS* The Serpent & Kundalini:

Lucid, after exiting the dark room of my head and a scene changes, I see a huge serpent approach me from the right. It grips me strongly around the chest in its powerful coil. It's gray-brown body is about three-four inches thick and about thirty feet long. Its eyes are a strange yellow-green in color and they gaze at me calmly and steadily, continuously emitting their soft, yellow-green luminescence from within. Our eyes meet and the impact is extremely powerful- absolutely unforgettable as I stare for a long moment into the serpent's profound yellow-green eyes, utterly perplexed and fascinated at the same time. Now I drop my head and begin to wrestle with the serpent. I am no match for its incredible strength. The serpent is actually very gentle. It's body is warm. Several times it rotates me from my face-down position to my side, then back again to face down, then up onto my other side, each time with a quick, powerful jerk of its massive coil. (Me: alpha rotation)

Suddenly the whole scene vanishes. I feel many confusing, swirling energies moving through my body and I feel a lot of dizziness in my head. After a while my field of vision gradually becomes clear again, and I see myself lying on the same spot of bare, brown earth, face down.

Now another large, grey-brown serpent approaches me from my right in the exact same manner as the first. The serpent is fully identical to the first in every detail of its appearance, except it is slightly smaller in size and length. It makes one full coil around me exactly as its predecessor had done. Again I stare upwards for a time into the amazingly powerful eyes of the serpent, trying to fathom its intent. I am entranced by the soft, yellow-green luminescence that steadily flows from somewhere deep, deep within the serpent's eyes and even beyond its eyes, as if from the untold reaches of another world. I begin to wrestle with it, but the serpent remains virtually motionless, calmly gazing at me from above.

*ODM* Serpent Dream:

1) The huge serpent swam closer and now I could see its large triangular-shaped head and shiny black eyes. It came right up to the dock and raising its head, looked directly at me. The shiny, black, shoe-button eyes held mine and I was amazed to see an intelligence coming out, rather than the flat, black eyes of a reptile. The snake's gaze locked into mine and held me frozen where I stood, unable to break free of its almost mesmerizing force. The powerful creature looked like a giant anaconda. Incredibly, I realized that I was not frightened of the snake. I was only afraid of what it might do to Ray. I screamed for him to hurry onto the pier.

(me; power of suggestion) He was almost on the dock when the snake suddenly reared straight up from the water and grabbed him around the knees and feet. Terrified, I watched from my perch on the pier as the snake turned into a gigantic octopus. (Me: Ray was a thought form) Ray's eyes were void of expression and he uttered no cry, nor attempted any struggle. It drag Ray under the water. I managed to get him out and onto the pier. At that point the scene became dramatically brighter, suggesting that some form of regeneration had taken place. Staring down at Ray, I was surprised to see that he now looked like a wind-up toy, much like a child's metal roly-poly man. (Me: totally a thought-form!)

Four months later he was diagnosed with colon cancer and died seven months later.

Interp by Jung: The snake thus seemed to have a definite dual symbolism: the dark, sinister association with future illness and death, and a healing association with the acquisition of spiritual intelligence.

The snake's transformation, in the dream, into a gargantuan octopus with a giant hump and many short powerful legs foreshadowed the metastatic spread of the cancer within the body of the dreamer's husband. The colon may have been depicted by the large stream running through the backyard, very dirty, with logs [feces] and bits of stuff and floating debris, and the stomach by the smaller stream up a ways.

Misinterp by Jung: after the spiritual regeneration symbolized by the beautiful lakeside scene, any physical functioning could be considered as taking place on a rather mechanical level, "like a wind--up toy." The reference to the "metal body" also becomes clear when we learn that Ray underwent two treatments with cis-Platinol, an anticancer compound containing the metallic element platinum. (Me: it's actually just a thought-form, which appear that way, and there's nothing to be read from it.)

She reported that the sun reflecting off the lake made it "one large shimmering body." The word usage here suggests a transformation of Ray's physical body into a spiritual body that reflects brilliant, shimmering light.

2) "The serpent looks me in the eye and says, "I am the wounder and the healer. We will meet again." She became attracted to bodywork and described how "energy actually vibrated, mainly in my spine, but also in my neck, head, arms, and finger" when engaged in such work.

Things That Correspond To My Ideas

*SD&P* The Order of Dreams in the Night:

I also suggest that the first recalled dream for any given evening be compared with the first recalled dream for other evenings, and that the second recalled dream from any one evening be compared with the second dream from other evenings, and so forth.

The result could lead to excellent evidence for the various layers of the subconscious and inner self.

*PtE* Recurring Dream Places:

We must locate the symbol that moves us. For me it was that horrible house on Willow Grove. It had a recurring presence in my dreams. Yet the years passed since I had lived there- ten, then twenty- and still I found myself returning in dreams to that unhappy dwelling. My activities there seemed to be of sorting things out, or fixing up and redecorating. Somehow I was making things better. The new awareness was that there was something of value in that place of adolescent pain: the power of imagination that had at once so fascinated and frightened me had been buried in the mess of those times. I had exiled my fantasy from waking life; the artistic skill of my father, the story-weaving skill of my mother. As a troubled adolescent, I had needed to set these parts of myself aside and concentrate on making a marriage and educational achievement. Yet now I needed to go back and unearth these treasures and integrate them into my present life.

1) I found myself sorting through the junk accumulated in the dream attic or cellar of a house that had horrible memories- the endless distributing into piles of things to throw away, to give away, or to keep. Only when I began to discover in my dreams something of value midst the trash and dirt- a brilliant blue vase, an old painting I didn't know was there- did I begin to suspect the quiet evolution taking place within me. There, among the worthless objects, I would find something of value, something worth keeping. The worst parts of our lives contain something of value.

(Me: It's so important to see love in a past self, to send it love from now to release and heal it, to free it up to join you now. Where are you? Where are you trapped? In that horrible experience on the train, in the love affair that failed, a little more in your desperate need for cocaine. This is an attributive problem. The attribution determines the addiction.)

*SD&P* A Dream Within a Dream:

There is, at times, a dream within a dream where the dreamer dreams that he dreams. Here, of course, the dimensions of action are more diverse.


*PtE* Dream Symbolism:

1) My frustration with sex caused "starving creatures" to populate my dreams. Disheveled caged birds who hadn't been fed in weeks or neglected, hungry pussycats symbolically call my attention to my state. (NOTE: The frustration might cause the attributions)

2) Sexuality portrayed symbolically in positive terms appears as rubbing sweet-smelling oils into my skin, or dressing in lush furs or silky gowns, or being given armfuls of fragrant flowers. More often, sexuality is expressed directly. Dream characters often and easily engage in sex and experience orgasm. I accepted the premise that all dream lovers should be encouraged to experience orgasm and should be asked for a gift to remember them by- each lover being an aspect of myself that needed to be integrated. My dream lovers increased, as did passionate feelings on all levels.

*PtE* What To Do In Lucid Dreams:

When one can pursue any activity in a lucid dream, orgasm is a pleasant choice.

*UR* Empty Houses in Dreams, Movement Within Yourself:

Empty houses are psychic vacancies that yearn to be filled. When you move, you move into other portions of your selfhood.

*D* Past Life Memory or Sudden Dream?:

(NOTE: Or a past-life memory suddenly recalled?) Richers tells the story of a man who was awakened by the firing of a shot, which yet came in as the conclusion of a long dream, in which he had become a soldier, had deserted and suffered terrible hardship, had been captured, tried, condemned, and finally shot – the whole long drama being lived through in the moment of being awakened by the sound of the shot.

*LD-P* Pain & Physical Damage in Dreams:

The reproduction of pain and physical damage generally seems to be avoided in lucid dreams, although sensations reminiscent of real pain sensations can certainly be reported.

*LD* Name Pronouncing in Dreams:

Ouspensky reported, "if I pronounced my name in sleep, I immediately woke up."

One of Celia Green's informants, Subject C, tested the effect of repeating her own name during a lucid dream. She reports that "I achieved a sort of gap-in-consciousness of two words; but it seemed to have some effect; made me ‘giddy', perhaps; at any rate I stopped."

Patricia Garfield: " ‘Carving My Name,' I proceeded to do just that on the door where I was already carving. I read it and realized why Ouspensky believed it is impossible to say one's name in a lucid dream: the whole atmosphere vibrated and thundered and I woke. It is not impossible to say one's own name in a lucid dream, but it is disruptive."

In one of my early lucid dreams I spoke the magic word: "Stephen, I am Stephen." Beyond hearing my own voice, nothing happened.

*PtE* Resonation In Dreams:

1) I am in my bedroom- exactly as it actually is- getting dressed early on a Sunday morning, when I hear church bells begin to chime. Their tone is exquisite. They vibrate and resonate, rippling the air around me. I marvel at the extraordinary sound. The chiming reverberates through my whole being.

*PtE* Weird Dream Characters:

1) A pale white child whose lower body was like a fish and whose upper torso was that of a boy; on his head grew hundreds of tiny Buddha-heads.

*CWS* Strangers In Dreams:

Susan: "In a dream I had, I'd published a science-fiction trilogy and was giving copies to the characters that I'd created in the story- yet these characters were people that I knew in daily waking life. It was crystal-clear in this dream that I had created these three people. Seth told us to be aware of "strangers" in our dreams, some of whom existed now in other parts of the physical world.

"George had a recurring vision during meditations. It was strangely absent of color. A soldier killed another and fell off the wall to his death on the ground below. He knew the soldier was himself; yet he seemed somehow to be both victim and assailant: he could also "Remember" coming up the steps of the tower to attack the soldier."

When you kill an enemy, you are killing a version of yourself.

There are no strangers, in deeper terms, upon the face of the earth. You have specific counterparts that are more related to you than others. Many of the class members became deadly serious as they tried to understand the counterpart concept. Fred played with the concept. In a way his experiences were like those of a child- open, curious, filled with enthusiasm. As a result he himself discovered a few of his counterparts.

Harold: "One day I was walking on the farm. Gradually, I became aware that my counterpart was ‘walking' with me, and we were conversing. I seemed to move outside of myself, and there I was, walking along in the sunshine, listening, as a third-party eavesdropper, to a conversation between myself and Greg. I heard me speaking with my physical voice, and I seemed to hear Greg's in my mind. Our conversation was quite personal and very specific. Later I wrote to him, and he to me. Our two letters- my report to him and his description of his Sunday afternoon- could have come from the same script. They meshed in detail after detail. It was uncanny."

You aren't even obliged to like your counterparts.

*CWS* Playing Out Dreams:

Susan: "My daughter plays out her dreams, particularly her nightmares. The American Indians felt that it was vital to a person's emotional and physical health to act out his or her dreams."

*LD-CL*The Dreaming Mind & Primitive Man:

There is something curiously similar between the normal dream state and the consciousness of primitive humanity. In the dream, an individual possesses what seems to be a conscious identity, but rarely does it dawn on the dreamer that things in the dream could be other than they are.

*SD&P* Things in Dreams to Watch For:

Particular notice should also be taken of characters and settings and the approximate period of history in which the dream action occurs.

While sleeping in your present time, you may have a dream that concerns your past. Nevertheless, you may experience these events as happening within the present.

The present within which you seem to experience the dream is not, however, the present in physical time.

Unknown characters within the dream action, persons unknown to you in daily life, should be given careful attention also, and the roles which they play within the dream drama.

*LD-P* Retinal Afterimage in a Dream!:

"I realize I am dreaming.

"I look for the sun. It looks its normal size, and dazzlingly bright, and looking at it is uncomfortable, though not painful. Its brightness is evidently not as great as in reality, and I immediately compare it, as I look, with that of a carbon arc light or a several hundred watt bulb. When I again look at my surroundings, I see a bright spot before my eyes, while the periphery of my field of vision remains normal."

(Moers-Messmer, 1938)

*ODM-HK* Helen Keller & Dreams:

Helen Keller, before she was taught to read, write, and talk, she "live in a sort of perpetual dream." She seemed to relish what took place after passing through "the portals of sleep." "Once across the border, we feel at home, as if we had always lived there and had never made any excursions into this rational daylight world."

*Suhrawardi* Dream-Perceived Things:

Everything which is perceived in dream- mountains, oceans, and continents, extraordinary voices, human personages- all these are so many figures and forms which are self-subsistent and need no substratum.

Learning From Your Environment

*CD* Interviewing Dream Characters:

Carry on a conversation with the characters that have already appeared in your dream... You can ask your dream images any type of question, such as "Who are you?" or "Why do you do so and so?" The answers that come to mind are often both unexpected and informative.

Dream Incubation

*CD* Act In Day To Dreams:

Another waking procedure that will increase your ability to induce future dreams is to make observations or invoke yourself in activities that are relevant to your desired dream.

*CD* Dream Incubation:

The essential elements of inducing a desired dream..:

The first essential is to place yourself where you will not be distracted from the subject of your desired dream...

A peaceful place can be generated in many ways. The Yogis who withdraw their attention and turn it inward to meditate in the midst of great distraction create for themselves a private place...

The next step is to clearly formulate your intended dream...

Choose a specific dream topic...

Put your attention into a concise positive phrase. To simply state to yourself, for example, "I think I'll try to have a flying dream tonight," is not strong enough. Say instead, "Tonight I fly in my dream."...

Your body should be in a deeply relaxed state when you present yourself with suggestions for the intended dream... The mind is more receptive and you can also concentrate your thoughts better when the body is relaxed...

While in a relaxed, drowsy state, repeat to yourself your intended dream phrase several times...

Visualize the desired dream as though it is happening. See it as though it is happening right now. Picture it. Feel as though it is already real. After you have pictured the dream, picture its results. As William James, the father of American psychology, said, "Act as if..." (NOTE: Mental science!)


[One researcher] found that the median time for the self-suggested dream to appear was five weeks; the shortest time was two weeks.


*HIoD* Sleepwalkers' Aptitudes:

Jenness (1965) reports that sleep walkers average better on visual and kinesthetic imagery tests than nonsomnambulists and also score significantly higher on tests of hypnotic susceptibility.

*HIoD* Sleepwalking Sleep Stages:

There is the puzzling fact that sleep walking incidents, long assumed to be the acting out of a dream, occur in sleep stages 3 and 4 and are thus divorced from "dreaming" stage 1.

The Questionable Senoi

[Warning, much of this is later refuted, and killing dream enemies is a bad idea anyway]

*CD* The Importance of Dreams to the Senoi:

The question "What did you dream last night?" is actually the most important question of Senoi life...

Every morning at breakfast each family member, youngest to oldest, related his or her dreams. no one will say, "I don't know," or "I don't remember," for dreams are the most central aspect of Senoi life, and everyone does remember..

When the process of dream sharing at breakfast is concluded, many of the family members go off to village council. Here the serious work of dream discussion continues... The Senoi people determine most activities of daily life from the interpretations and decisions that arise out of their council discussions: friendships are formed; tribal members organize dream-depicted projects; they even agree on when to move the compound based on dream discussions. Adults help the children to make artistic or mechanical things seen in their dreams. Some members work together to create costumes and paintings, perform dances, and sing songs they've seen or heard in dreams. The day is largely spent in these dream-inspired activities...

The Senoi people, sometimes called the Temiar-Senoi, are a large primitive tribe, now estimated to consist of approximately 12,000 individuals, living in the mountainous jungles of Malaysia. They are one of three large groupings of aborigines...

The Senoi are a peaceful culture; violence of any sort is extremely rare...

A basic Senoi exhortation is "Cooperate with your fellows- if you must oppose their wishes, oppose them with goodwill." There is a feeling of shared responsibility. Food is shared, land is shared, life is shared.

Although cooperative, the Senoi are also individualistic and creative. Each person evolves his own unique personality and creative products... both polygamy and polyandry are tolerated, in addition to the usual monogamy...

Neuroses and psychoses as we know them are reported to be nonexistent amount the Senoi... It is documented by researchers who spent considerable time directly observing the Senoi. The Senoi show remarkable emotional maturity. Desire for possession of things and people seems extraordinarily slight... They efficiently use a small amount of time to provide the material necessities of life- it takes, for instance, about one week for the group to build a house lasting five or six years; another week or so is needed to clear land for planting; cooperative food gathering requires only a couple of hours each day. They use the remaining time for large dream projects...

When Senoi children first begin to report dreams, their descriptions are very much like dreams of all children, in which, for example, frightening animals or monsters chase them. By the time they are adolescents, they have eliminated nightmares and consistently produce creative products from their dreams.

*CD* Good Dream Sex:

The Senoi say that if pleasurable sexual contact at any level (for example, kissing or petting) is occurring in a realm, the dreamer should allow it to continue into intercourse and intensify the pleasurable sensations. Once the dreamer is engaged in intercourse in a dream, he or she should allow it to proceed through orgasm...

Whenever the dreamer has a dream lover and proceeds through orgasm in the manner suggested, he should then ask the dream lover for a gift to remember him or her by.

*CD* Your Dream Gift:

Whether he is falling or flying, the dreamer should allow himself to arrive at some interesting place. The dreamer should allow himself to arrive at some interesting place. The dreamer should observe this place, the people there, the costumes they wear, the dances they do, the music they sing and play, the designs they have; ideally, he remembers all of it, and brings it back to share with the tribe. In this case, you find your gift, rather than demanding or asking for it.

*CD* The Senoi Researcher:

The chief source of written material is the work of Kilton Stewart... Material in this section especially draws on Stewart's writings.

*CD* Senoi Update- Not What Was Said:

The Senoi, according to contemporary investigators, are indeed an extremely tolerant, unaggressive, and sexually permissive people...

The ordinary villager is believed to have little dream control, while only the shamans exhibit the changes in dream content from fear and attack dreams to dreams containing spirit guides. Obtaining a protective spirit guide in dreams is said to happen more by luck or chance than be deliberate intent. When a dreamer does acquire a spirit dream guide, it is regarded as especially valuable if the figure tells the dreamer its name and provides the dreamer with a song... Village councils are hold often, but tend to center on resolving disputes, rather than on discussing dreams...

Call the methods Senoi, call the Stewart's or call them mine, but use them and see dreams change.

*DE* A Successful Dream Psychology:

The Senoi of Malaysia reportedly lived a trouble-free life based on their reverence for dreams. Stewart, who lived with the Senoi in 1935, wrote that "the absence of violent crime, armed conflict, and mental and physical diseases…can only be explained on the basis of institutions which produce a high state of psychological integration and emotional maturity, along with social skills and attitudes that promote creative rather than destructive interpersonal relations" (Stewart, p.160) The collective life of the Senoi centered around a complex dream psychology that served to integrate the community.

*PtE* Senoi Dream Theory:

The three basic tenets of Senoi dream theory are:

1) Always confront and conquer danger in a dream. If you are attacked by a hostile dream figure, fight back; don't try to run and hide. The specific action taken is not so important as the fact that we are taking an action.

2) Always move towards pleasurable experiences in dreams. If you are having a sensuous experience, increase it.

3) Always give your dreams a positive outcome. Extract a creative product from the dream, such as a "gift" from a dream figure- something beautiful or useful to remember the dream by.


Focus & State of Mind of Astral Entities

Script: This section needs another comb-though badly. There might be two sections here- first, the state of minds of astral entities, and second, kinds of entities and distinguishing them.

State of Mind of Astral Entities

Dazed Out & NonLucid In The Astral Plane(DDG): One of the most interesting things I have observed when meeting other humans in my OBEs is generally how completely out of it and in a daze they are, completely NOT lucid. In fact, when I meet a person who responds to me normally, I am very surprised.


1. What is your name?

2. Where are we? What city is this?

3. Did you know we are in the dream world right now?

4. What year is it?

5. Are you dead or are you dreaming?

The people I have met in my projections generally CANNOT answer these simple questions. I think this is one of the most amazing discoveries I have made in my OB explorations: People in the OB realm are generally not as lucid as people in the physical plane.

A typical scenario of me meeting a person in one of my OBEs is as follows: I approach the person and they may or may not respond to my presence. If they do respond, it is a rather feeble recognition that I am there. I will then talk to the person, and, more often than not, ask the questions I listed above. And, more often than not, the person will NOT know their name, will NOT know where they are at, and generally speaking, will respond to me as if they are in a daze.

Sometimes I will be SLY with the person and not let on that I know I am astral projecting. I will approach the person and interact with them in a matter of fact way, without any indication that I know I am projecting. Whatever is going on, I will just go along with it. Then, out of the blue I will say something to the effect, "Hey, wake up, we are in the dream world; This is all a dream." Often, in such circumstances, the person looks at me as if I am joking or I am a nut. And then, I will float up about five feet off the ground and say, "Ha! Can you do this in the physical world?". When I do this, the person is often genuinely surprised and no longer thinks I am joking! However, depending on the circumstances, they will either fall back into their catatonic stupor, or I will bring them into some kind of adventure or another.

1) All of a sudden, a little colored boy about 10 comes walking out of nowhere. He's wearing a blue parka but looks quite normal otherwise. I said "Hello. I love you" but he didn't seem to hear me. I thought "Wow! He must be sleeping" (that he was dead never entered my mind). I said "Who are you? What are you doing?" He still didn't seem to hear me even though he was looking right at me. I said "Who are you?" quite loudly in his face. He turned dazedly and started walking away from me and he was mumbling his name.

2) I went up to the policemen and asked them the same questions. And I got the same response! The cop I was addressing looked at his partner and

they both shrugged their shoulders. I noticed a sign in front of a building and got the idea to go try to read it so I thanked the cops and hurried off. The sign was on some steps leading into a building and I got the sense that it was some kind of official sign. I tried to read it but had a very difficult time. I could not get it into focus that easily.

3) I became a little amused and hovered out near the door to peek into the storage closet and see who was in there. Then, a guy dressed like a janitor walked out of the storage closet. He looked up and saw me floating there and I obviously startled him because he gasped at me. The whole situation was becoming very amusing to me so I flew down closer towards him. He ran scared back into the storage closet. I hovered for a second outside the door to the closet and the janitor reappeared, this time carrying a large garbage can, which he then proceeded to throw at me. He missed me and the garbage can struck the wall next to me, but I was surprised nonetheless.

4) "Eric, what's up?" I said, extending my hand in greeting.

He turned and recognized me and showed the typical surprise one would show when seeing a friend one hasn't seen for a while. We hadn't seen each other for over a year.

"Don!, How are you?" We were shaking hands. Eric had a drink in his hand and he was acting as if he was slightly drunk, which I found quite novel knowing that we were in the dream world and one's dream body simply cannot get drunk!

We gabbed about what we had each been doing since we last saw each other. Eric told me that he was working at a radio station (which was true, and I knew this anyway). I told him I was still in school working towards graduation. I kept up this small talk, but I was trying to figure out what I should do next. Finally, right in the middle of our small talk, I looked at Eric and very casually, but seriously said, "By the way, Eric, we're dreaming right now."

He looked at me and started laughing as if I was joking. I responded, "Look, Eric, I'm totally serious. I'm in Houghton right now, and my body is sleeping in my bed. You and I are on the astral plane right now."

Eric said something about me always having been a great kidder.

There was a young woman sitting next to Eric at the bar and she was listening to us. She looked at me very snidely in response to what I was saying. I looked at her and said, "Look, woman, We're dreaming right now. Just wake yourself up, then you'll believe me." Then I made some nasty remark to her about the fact that she was just another typically stupid dreamer. Meanwhile, Eric was watching this getting a big kick out of it.

Then I felt myself begin to fade out. I grabbed Eric and said, "Uh oh! Look, Eric! I'm gonna disappear right before your eyes, then you'll know that this is a dream!" And I was gone.

A little while later, I returned. This time Eric was standing next to the wall and he seemed much drunker than before. Not only that, he was acting incredibly unlucid, just like any other ordinary dreamer. This time, I decided, I wouldn't waste time with small talk. An idea occurred to me. I went up to him, grabbed him and said, "Hey, Eric, I'm back."

"Hey, Don, where'd you go?" he said smiling and slurring his speech. Just that I got this response from him was amazing because it implied an interesting memory continuity.

Very seriously I said to him, "Look, Eric, we are dreaming. Didn't you see me disappear? Can't you understand? This is a dream!"

His attention, however, was wavering. I didn't seem to be getting through to him. I shook him and continued, "Look, Eric, I'm in Houghton right now sleeping. I want you to wake up and call me on the telephone right now. My number is 7449. Do you understand? 7449. Wake up and call me."

For an instant it seemed that he had come out of his dreamer mind and seemed to be understanding what I was saying. A glint of recognition passed over his features. I repeated my phone number and told him to wake up and call me.

He said, "7447." I corrected him, but he just kept getting the phone number more and more wrong. At this point now, we were both floating about five feet off the ground, and we were in front of a long mirror up over the bar. I turned Eric towards the mirror.

"Look," I said pointing into the mirror, "We're floating, Eric. You can only do stuff like this in a dream. Don't you get it? We're dreaming Eric!"

Again, a definite glint of recognition passed through his eyes. For a second he seemed to understand the situation. I started shaking him violently, telling him to wake up while I was repeating my phone number to him.

As we were floating, I looked over on the wall and saw a flyer posted there that said something about Ferndale. I thought, "he knows I'm from Ferndale". I pointed it out to him, but continued pleading to him to wake up and call me.

But by now he was acting, not only like a typical dreamer, but like he was very drunk as well, and I gave up on him. He began to float away from me, what little lucidity he did display was completely gone. "This is futile," I thought, and I let him float away..."

5) I flipped him to the floor and started pounding him into the ground. I literally flattened him out like a pancake! It was like a cartoon. But when I saw that he wasn't being aggressive anymore, I stopped thrashing and helped him "pop" back out to 3-D , and helped him to his feet.

He seemed surprised that neither of us was in the least bit scathed after our scuffle. His attitude was significantly different. He was more submissive and friendly. He got back on his cart and I started to push him out towards the bar. I asked him if he was dead (seeing that he was on the hospital stretcher and all). Quite to my surprise, he said he had died the night before.

6) He met a man in a cafe who knew he was dreaming. It was hard for him to recall the date, but did so, but couldnt recall his phone number. "His answers were quick and succinct, though he had that subtle confusion that comes with being lucid in the dream world when you are not used to doing so. He looked as if he was surprised by his own responses as much as I was."

7) Looking at this employee who had brown hair, wearing eye glasses, and around in his mid 20's, I went up to asked him "Can I Stare Into Your Eyes?", he really didn't say anything, so I took it as a yes then proceeded. From my observation his eyes looked glassy, like as if he was serverly stoned on some good drugs. Looking into the mirror I saw a sparkle in my eyes that signified the sparkle of life or consciousness you could say. My guitar instructor John Felicks explained that those who have a sparkle in their eyes are aware of their surroundings, but those who don't sparkle are unconscious.

*PotL* The State of Mind of the Dead:

"The time was in the middle of a sunny August day, in a wide, public, commonplace high road, not a hundred yards from a roadside public-house – I myself in a perfectly cheerful, healthy frame of mind. Suddenly a ‘phantom' stood before me, so close that had it been a human being it must have touched me; blotting out for a moment the landscape and surrounding objects; itself indistinct in outline, but with lips that seemed to move and murmur something, and with eyes fearfully distinct that fixed and followed and glared into mine, with a look so intense and deeply earnest that I fairly recoiled from the spot. I said to myself instinctively and probably uttered it aloud, ‘Good God, it is Harrison!' In probably a few seconds, which seemed to me far longer, it vanished."

-H. B. Garling

The Character of Discarnate Spirits(PS): Some of those in the lower Astral realms are termed "earthbound" (ghosts) and are usually confused; they have passsed over with very little or no understanding of higher consciousness. Those of the higher Astral realms are most often benevolent Guides with pure intentions. However, in addition to loving guidance, some of the informational characteristics that are received from any level of the Astral will always contain one or more of the following: opinions, judgments, unsolicited ad- vice, warnings, predictions of gloom and doom, etc.

(RM) Obessions also come from the lower plane. For example, being depressed attracts depressed entities, as the feeling of pain brings you together.

(O) If an addiction isn't conquered before your physical death, it could keep your spirit earthbound.

*AW* The Distraction of Other Astral People:

The presence of others astrally did sometimes spoil my concentration.

Romantic encounters often excited me so that I woke and thus lost the dream.

Types of Entities & Thought-Forms

*PAP* How to Distinguish Between Thought-Forms and Living Beings:

Only place a limited confidence in the shapes which manifest during your projections. You must seek to see the universal substance as a limitless atmosphere of variable density and luminosity.

Our first efforts will be to distinguish between thought-forms and living beings. The following are the most common:

(1) Images created by our own thoughts.

(2) Images created by discerned entities, dependent upon the direction of their thoughts and affections.

(3) The ephemeral thoughts of each individual consciousness floating at random, or towards a predetermined goal, in any grade of the universal substance.

(4) The collective thoughts of the earth's inhabitants.

(5) Images relative to past events, great or small.

(6) The animated double of everything which exists here below, whether of so-called inanimate objects or of living things.

(7) Living entities already well stabilized, such as plants and animals which are awaiting their earthly manifestation.

(8) The empty, worn-out shells of living beings passing from one dimension to a higher one.

(9) Human beings themselves, among which we must distinguish between those living in permanent and those in temporary forms.

Lastly, you must realize that a will greater than your own can manifest in any form, and then you may gauge the difficulties attendant upon these studies.

So far as the shapes of Higher Beings are concerned, they have none. It is easy for them to show themselves in whatever shape they wish, but, in practice, one sees them rarely. We feel their presence only by a special atmosphere which is marked by a friendly energy, full of confidence and conveying a benevolent and protective magnetism.

The images of past events are easily distinguishable from those organizations whose aim is to give instructions to the newly dead.

*AP* Different Kinds of Apparitions, & How To Identify Them:

For an ordinary person to "see a ghost," as the common expression runs, one of two things must happen; either that ghost must materialize, or that person must have a temporary flash of psychic perception.

If the ghost is seen hovering about a grave it is probably the etheric shell of a newly buried person, though it may be the astral body of a living man haunting in sleep the tomb of a friend; or again, it may be a materialized thought-form. These varieties would be easily distinguishable one from the other by any one accustomed to use astral vision.

Apparitions at the time of death are very often really visits paid by the astral form of the dying man just before the moment of dissolution; though here again they are quite likely to be thought-forms called into being by his earnest wish to see some friend once more before he passes into an unfamiliar condition.

Apparitions at the spot where some crime was committed are usually thought-forms projected by the criminal, who, whether living or dead, but most especially when dead, is perpetually thinking over again and again the circumstances of his action; and since these thoughts are naturally specially vivid in his mind on the anniversary of the original crime, it is often only on that occasion that the artificial elementals he creates are strong enough to materialize themselves to ordinary sight. Wherever any tremendous mental disturbance has taken place, wherever overwhelming terror, pain, sorrow, hatred, or indeed any kind of intense passion has been felt, an impression of so very marked a character has been made upon the astral light that a person with even the faintest glimmer of psychic faculty cannot but be deeply impressed by it, and it would need but a light temporary increase of sensibility to enable him to visualize the entire scene – to see the event in all its detail apparently taking place before his eyes – and in such a case he would of course report that the place was haunted, and that he had seen a ghost. People who are as yet unable to see psychically under any circumstances are frequently very unpleasantly impressed when visiting such places. The loathsome astral entities always swarm about such centers.

The family ghost, whom we generally find in the stock stories of the supernatural as an appendage of the feudal castle, may be either a thought-form light, or again he may really be an earth-bound ancestor still haunting the scenes in which his thoughts and hopes centered during life.

Another class of hauntings which take the form of bell-ringing, stone-throwing, or the breaking of crockery, has already been referred to, and is almost invariably the work of elemental forces, either set blindly in motion by the clumsy efforts of an ignorant person trying to attract the attention of his surviving friends, or intentionally employed by some childishly mischievous nature-spirit.

The nature-spirits are also responsible for whatever of truth there may be in all the strange fairy stories which are so common in certain parts of the country. Sometimes a temporary accession of clairvoyance, which is by no means uncommon among the inhabitants of lonely mountainous regions, enable some belated wayfarer to watch their joyous gambols; sometimes strange tricks are played upon some terrified victim, and a glamour is cast over him, making him, for example, see houses and people where he knows none really exist. And this is frequently no mere momentary delusion, for a man will sometimes go through quite a long series of imaginary but most striking adventures, and then suddenly find that all his brilliant surroundings have vanished in a moment, leaving him standing in some lonely valley or on some wind-swept plain. On the other hand, it is by no means safe to accept as founded on fact all the popular legends on the subject with the theories of the peasantry about these beings.

*FVE* How To Know Who's Astrally Real:

Then a second period of lucidity followed in which I saw Prof. van't Hoff.

I asked why we could arrive at any certainty that the person to whom we were talking was really that person and not a subjective illusion. Then van't Hoff said: "Just as in common life; by a general impression."

"Yet," I said, "in common life there is stability of observation and there is consolidation by repeated observation."

"Here also, " said van't Hoff. "And the sensation of certainty is the same." Then I had indeed a very strong feeling of certitude that it was really van't Hoff. Then I began to inquire again about the clearness, the lucidity, the stability of this life of shades and then I got the same hesitating, dubious, unsatisfactory answer as from my brother.

Distinguishing Different Types of Thought Forms

*HTKHW* Distinguishing Kinds of Forms:

The sixteen-petalled lotus flower enables us to see spiritually the beings and forms of a higher world. But now we must learn to distinguish among the forms. They differ depending on whether they were caused by an object or a being. We should pay attention to how our own thoughts and feelings can influence these forms – strongly or only slightly or perhaps not at all. Some forms will change immediately if, when we first see them, we think, "that is beautiful," and then, in the course of contemplation, change that to "that is useful." These forms that characteristically change with our every thought or feeling are those produced by minerals or human made objects. Forms arising from plants change less easily in response to our thoughts and feelings, and those of animals even less so.

Further clarity is gained when we next observe the forms that we know result from people's emotions, instincts, passions, and so on. We find that our own thoughts and feelings still have an influence on these, although it is relatively slight.

We must observe ourselves. Then we find out which forms we ourselves are causing. These forms manifest our instincts, desires, and intentions. Our conscious thoughts and feelings can influence all the forms in this higher world that are not produced by us. But once the forms produced by our being come into existence, we cannot influence them. (NOTE: ?Why not?)

Lucid & Nonlucid OB Travelers

*AP* Living Human Inhabitants:

The human denizens fall naturally into two groups, the living and the dead, or, to speak more accurately, those who have still a physical body, and those who have not.

The entities which manifest on the astral plane during the physical life may be subdivided into four classes:

1. The Adept or Chela

2. The Psychically-developed Person who is not under the guidance of a Master

3. The Ordinary Person.

*AP* Psychic Development From a Past Life:

When a man is born with psychic powers it is simply the result of efforts made during a previous incarnation. He will often be able to range through the different subdivisions of the astral plane almost as fully as persons belonging to the last class; but sometimes he is especially attracted to some one division and rarely travels beyond its influences.

Script: The following is good for "Factors Involved" too.
*AP* The Semi-Conscious Astral Projectionist or Dreamer:

That is, the person without any psychic development – floating about in his astral body in a more or less unconscious condition. In deep slumber the higher principles in their astral vehicle almost invariably withdraw from the body, and hover in its immediate neighborhood, practically almost as much asleep as the latter. In some cases, however, this astral vehicle is less lethargic, and floats dreamily about on the various astral currents, occasionally recognizing other people in a similar condition, and meeting with experiences of all sorts, pleasant and unpleasant, the memory of which, hopelessly confused and often travestied into a grotesque caricature of what really happened, will cause the man to think next morning what a remarkable dream he has had. These extruded astral bodies are almost shapeless and very indefinite in outline.

*PotC* A Nonlucid Projector:

I noticed that he was actually an intraphysical consciousness. I tried to wake him up with these thoughts:

"Hey, my friend, we are in a projection! Wake-up! Go home!"

He... continued to exhibit a vague, distracted look, not seeming to understand anything.


We can see from the night's occurrences that one can be projected in the condition of a somnambulant or zombie... In this state, like that of the daydream experienced in the waking state, one becomes profoundly self-absorbed, to the point of not realizing what is happening in one's immediate surroundings.

The Disembodied

*AP* Dead Human Inhabitants:

Those who are for the time unattached to a physical body may be subdivided into nine principal classes as follows:

1. The Nirmanakaya

2. The Chela awaiting reincarnation

3. The Ordinary Person after Death

4. The Shade

5. The Shell

6. The Vitalized Shell

7. The Suicide, or victim of sudden death

8. The Vampire and the Werewolf

9. The Black Magician or his pupil

*AP* Teachers Awaiting Reincarnation:

When the pupil reaches a certain stage he is able with the assistance of his Master to escape from the action of what is in ordinary cases the law of nature which carries a human being into the devachanic condition after death, there to receive his due reward in the full working out of all the spiritual forces which his highest aspirations have set in motion while on earth. But if instead of taking it he chooses the Path of Renunciation, for the benefit of mankind, he no doubt sacrifices centuries of intense bliss, but on the other hand he gains the enormous advantage of being able to continue his life of work and progress without a break. When a pupil who has decided to do this dies, he simply steps out of his body, as he has often done before, and waits upon the astral plane until a suitable reincarnation can be arranged for him by his Master. In some cases, though these are rare, he is enabled to avoid the trouble of anew birth by being placed directly in an adult body whose previous tenant has no further use for it.

*AP* The Shade- Manas Are Left Behind, Evilly Impersonating the Individual:

If he has purged himself from all earthly desires during life, and directed all his energies into the channels of unselfish spiritual aspiration, his higher lower Manas which it put forth into incarnation; in that case the Kamarupa left behind on the astral plane will be a mere corpse like the abandoned physical body. Even in the case of a man of somewhat less than perfect life almost the same result may be attained if the forces of lower desire are allowed to work themselves out undisturbed in Kamaloka, but the majority of mankind make but very trifling and perfunctory efforts while on earth to rid themselves of the less legated impulses of their nature and consequently doom themselves not only to greatly prolonged sojourn on the astral plane, but also to what cannot be described otherwise than as a loss of a portion of the lower Manas. The manasic principle sends down a portion of itself into the lower world of physical life at each incarnation, and expects to be able to withdraw it again at the end of life, enriched by all its varied experiences. The ordinary man, however, usually allows himself to be so pitiably enslaved by all sorts of base desires that a certain portion of this lower Manas becomes very closely interwoven with karma, and when the separation takes place, his life in kamaloka being over, the manasic principle has, as it were, to be torn apart, the degraded portion remaining within the Kamarupa.

Thus comes into existence the class of entity which has been called "The Shade" – an entity, be it observed, which is not in any sense the real individual at all (for he has passed away into Devachan), but nevertheless, not only bears his exact personal appearance, but possesses his memory and all his little idiosyncrasies, and may, therefore, very readily personate him, as indeed it frequently does at seances. It is not, of course, conscious of any act of impersonation, for as far as its intellect goes it must necessarily suppose itself to be the individual. It is a mere soulless bundle of all his worst qualities. Its length of life varies according to the amount of the lower Manas which animates it; but as this is all the while in process of fading out, its intellect is a steadily diminishing quantity, though it may posses a great deal of a certain sort of animal cunning. From its very nature it is exceedingly liable to be swayed by all kinds of evil influences, and, having separated from its higher Ego, it has nothing in its constitution capable of responding to good ones. It therefore lends itself readily to various minor purposes of some of the baser sort of black magicians. The shade fades by almost imperceptible gradations into a member of our next class.

*FVE* Meeting the Deceased Astrally:

It began with flying and floating. I felt wonderfully light and strong. I saw immense and beautiful prospects—first a town, then country-landscapes, fantastic and brightly colored. Then I saw my brother sitting—the same who died in 1906—and I went up to him saying: "Now we are dreaming, both of us." He answered, "No, I am not!" And then I remembered that he was dead. We had a long conversation about the conditions of existence after death, and I inquired especially after the awareness, the clear, bright insight. But that he could not answer, he seemed to lack it.

*PotL* The State of Mind of the Dead:

(NOTE: Note the condition of the deceased.) "As he approached the gate of the courtyard he saw two of the fishermen (brothers), Walter and John Cook, leaning against the wall rather stiffly. Being in a hurry he merely nodded, said something about its being a fine evening and went on. He was surprised that they did not answer him, which was very unlike their usual custom. Next morning some fishermen said their boat capsized and they were both drowned. They both sailed with the rest of the fleet between 3 and 4 in the afternoon, and never returned."

-Annette Rocardo

Etheric Shells

*AP* The Etheric Shell:

The etheric double is destined to slow disintegration precisely as is the kamarupic shell at a later stage of the proceedings. The etheric shell, however, remains within a few yards of the decaying physical body, and since it is readily visible to any one even slightly sensitive, it is accountable for many of the commonly current stories of churchyard ghosts. A psychically developed person passing one of our great cemeteries will see hundreds of these bluish-white, misty forms hovering over the graves where are laid the physical vestures which they have recently left; and as they, like their lower counterparts, are in various stages of disintegration, the sight is by no means a pleasant one. This also, like the other kind of shell, is entirely devoid of consciousness and intelligence.

Man casts off and leaves to slow disintegration no less than three corpses – the physical body, the etheric double and the Kamarupa – all of which are by degrees resolved into their constituent elements and utilized anew on their respective planes by the wonderful chemistry of nature.

Astral Shells

*ND* Some Mindless Astral Entities are Shells:

(Q) "In regard to my first projection of myself into the astral plane, about two weeks ago: Some of the people were animated and some seemed like waxen images of themselves. What made the difference?"

(A) Edgar Cayce: "Some- those that appear as images- are the expressions or shells or the body of an individual that has been left when its soul self has projected on, and has not been as yet dissolved."

*tAW* Spirit Return:

I am fully familiar with very many instances of the real return to earth-life of disembodied souls. But at the same time, I, as well as all other advanced occultists, are equally aware of the many chances of mistake in this class of psychic phenomena. Shades, and even astral shells, too often are mistaken for departed loved ones. Again, many apparently real "spirit forms" are nothing more or less than semi-vitalized thought-form artificial entities such as I have just described.

*AP* The Kamarupic Shell:

This is absolutely the mere astral corpse in process of disintegration, every particle of the lower Manas having left it. It is entirely without any kind of consciousness or intelligence, and is drifted passively about upon the astral currents just as a cloud might be swept in any direction by a passing breeze; but even yet it may be galvanized for a few moments into a ghastly burlesque of life if it happens to come within reach of a medium's aura. Under such circumstances it will still exactly resemble its departed personality in appearance, and may even reproduce to some extent his familiar expressions or handwriting, but it does so merely by the automatic action of the cells of which it is composed, which tend under stimulation to repeat the form of action to which they are most accustomed. It has also the quality of being still blindly responsive to such vibrations – usually of the lowest order – as were frequently set up in it during its last stage of existence as a shade.

Thought-Forms of People

*ASJ* Thought-Form Friend in Nightmare:

I found Daphne in her room at the Academy. One of the first things I asked her about, was her part in my nightmare- but she assured me she was not present.

Distinguishing Projectors from the Disembodied

*PotC* What Distinguishes Projectors, Hiding It:

Lucid projectors often disguise their projected state in order not to embarrass others and to be able to perform tasks. They can be noticed due to the luminescence of the psychosoma, the act of flight and their appearance. Projectors can also hide their silver cord.

It is common for the projected visitor to "switch off" the radiant light of the psychosoma while in shadowy districts in order to appear to be in the same condition as the extraphysical inhabitants...

Assuming an opaque and a less pleasant extraphysical appearance when in an ambiance of an inferior nature, permits greater liberty and anonymity.

*BDL* The Silver Cord:

J: He knows I am still in the body. He sees the silver thread that lies behind me.

*ASJ* Comparing Incarnate and Discarnate Astral Entities:

The astral body which we saw was not clearly outlined in the case of a man using his physical body, whereas that of a permanent resident in the astral world [and] also of a man functioning at the astral level during sleep, had a much clearer outline There was another difference to be noted and that was the faint silken cord of etheric matter which was always attached to those who were temporary visitors, who never seemed to be quite as much alive as the permanent inhabitants.

*BP* Meeting People OB:

Meeting People OB(DDG): Meeting people in the OBE realm is one of the most fascinating and eye-opening aspects of the projection experience. When I meet people during my projections, they are actually on the subplane I am on. And, like nonhuman entities, people you meet in the planes will respond to you in all manner of ways, from friendly to hostile to ignoring you.

(RB) You meet people while OB about 10% of the time.

(SD&P) If in your projection you seem to be flying past treetops, then you are doing so. You can meet and speak with others on some of these excursions. It is possible, with training, to arrange such meetings.

You might begin by making an appointment to meet each other, say, at three in the morning in the living room.

It might also help you if you place an object to which you are strongly attached in the living room.

Observing Physical People While OB (DDG): First, some authors report that you can observe people who are on the physical plane while you are out-of-body. Monroe for example makes this claim. In my own personal experiences I have never been able to do this, except perhaps once during my very first astral projection and a couple other times that were very ambiguous.

Physical or NonPhysical, Discarnate or Dreamers (BP): When you meet someone on the astral plane, it's easy to tell if they are physical or nonphysical. The physical people usually seem preoccupied with trivialities. If you meet up with a physical person, they will usually be busily preoccupied with reading, doing dishes or another physical activity. They don't seem to notice you. You can speak with them, but usually they won't look at you while they speak, although sometimes it may seem as if they look at you. Physical people are always affected by gravity. Also, physical people usually have irregular or discolored auras. My experience with physical people was like Robert Monroe's. Talking to a physical person is strained, as if they are too preoccupied to talk with you. Or perhaps their conscious minds feel uneasy having their subconscious talking with a "spirit." It seems as if physical people are so focused on their daily lives that they feel uncomfortable turning any portion of their consciousness away from that focus.

On the other hand, nonphysical people are not preoccupied. They usually notice you, and look at you when they are talking. They often wear out-of-place clothes. And they can be found perched in midair or just about anywhere. Quite often in my experience, I've been able to hear or "feel" the presence of discarnates, but haven't been able to see them. Also, their auras are mostly clear, regularly shaped and evenly colored.

(DDG) If you accept the occult viewpoint, there are two main classes of people you can meet during an OBE: dreamers and deceased or "discarnate" humans. I think I have met both during different projections, though it is very difficult to verify if someone you meet during an OBE is a dreamer or a discarnate person.

I think that there is a "dreamers current" in the subplanes close to our physical plane, and it is on this "dream current" that most of us go every night when we dream. I think that the regions inhabited by discarnate people are "farther away" from the physical plane. Dreamers mix with the deceased only under certain conditions.

Now, how can you tell a deceased person from a dreamer? If you meet people in your OBEs who are dressed in fashions from another era, this may be a clue that it is a deceased person. Likewise, if you find yourself in a region that looks like a past era, it is conceivable that the people there are the deceased who lived in that era.

Distinguishing Thought-Forms & Living Beings

8) It felt like sunset was just around the corner and the city lights were sparkling off into the distance. Beyond the city I could see countryside. Then I looked directly below me and got an incredible shock. Here I am hovering five stories up in the air, but down below me on the ground is a gigantic creature that looks like a centaur! It was easily three stories high. I freaked out! I was just gonna fly away and hope that it didn't see me. I tried to fly but I couldn't, it felt like I was locked in place.

And then, as if in response to my desire to split, it saw me. It looked up at me and pointed at me and said in a low, deep, rumbling voice, "Excuse, me. Oh excuse me, sir, but I must ask a favor of you." I couldn't believe it, the thing's voice sounded like a low thunder filling the air.

(He started flying towards a castle in the clouds)

"Sir," it said, rather impatiently, "I asked if you may assist me on a rather important matter." It was funny how formally and fairy-tale like it spoke. The centaur, flying alongside me now, looked smaller up close, about twice as big as a horse. And it didn't really look like a centaur anymore. It seemed to be some type of a giant that was riding on a headless horse.

Staring ahead towards the beautiful city on the clouds, I spoke to it, "Ok? What do you want?"

It replied, "Sir, I need to find the whereabouts of a very important person."

"Ok. Who is it? Tell me who you are looking for, and I'll help you find them," I answered.

But it kept rambling in its thunder voice, "Sir, would you please give me your assistance?"

Meeting An Awake Person In The Astral (DDG): Numerous times I have met J.C. in my projections, yet I don't know what to make of it. In some cases he was awake here on the physical plane at the time, and in others he was sleeping. I know that there is no apparent correlation between what he is doing while he is awake and what he was doing, apparently at the same time when I have met him in my OBEs. The times I've met him when he was in bed sleeping here on the physical plane, he has never once woken up and remembered meeting me in my OBE.

*DDG* Meeting Non-Human Entities & Thought-Forms:

Basically, and this is commonly reported in the astral plane literature, there are any number of nonhuman entities you may meet. Such entities include "intelligent" animals, spirits of all types, fairy folk, strange monsters, ghouls, zombies, rotting bodies and pretty much anything else you can imagine. These entities may be friendly, hostile or anything in between. They may be completely indifferent to your presence.

About all I can say in terms of meeting nonhuman entities is that you want to try to ascertain a number of factors. First, you want to try to determine if the entity displays volition. That is, does the entity act of its own accord? If it does not, then it is possible you are seeing a thought-form. I will give an example of meeting a thought-form below. Second, try to communicate with the entity if you can. It can't hurt you to try. Finally, if the entity appears hostile, don't worry about it.

1) After flying upwards for some time I tried to regain my lockmold. I concentrated on trying to perceive around me in the void, and I started to materialize somewhere. I was standing in a clearing in a misty old forest. I thought to myself, "This is the moon? It doesn't look like the moon." I remember a moss covered fallen tree at my feet, mist creeping across the ground, yellow dead grass. My vision wasn't perfect, the lockmold was shaky, I couldn't see into my peripheral vision. I heard a weird gooing noise in front of me. It sounded like little babies laughing in a demented way. I looked up and saw little people coming at me. I became frightened a little bit, but I was as equally curious. The gooing noises were coming from them and it was creepy. They were ugly little creatures- grey purple skin, black matted hair on the tops of their heads, about 1 and 1/2 feet tall, stout little bodies with pudgy arms and legs, and pitch black eyes. They were wearing what looked like rags about their groins. They approached me with their arms outstretched trying to touch me. I was frightened as much as I was repulsed. I said "let me go!", as they were now grabbing at me. They weren't hostile though, they only seemed to be curious. I looked one of them distinctly in the face and it stared back up at me and seemed

to smile- though it was an empty and nonintelligent smile.

2) There was a figure floating at the entrance to this maze and as I got closer, I realized it was Superman! But Superman looked like a toy doll, or a manikin and he didn't look real at all. The expression on his face was completely immobile and looked like it was made out of plastic. I asked him if he was real, but I got no answer. Then I figured it was probably just a thought-form. I drifted past Superman into the maze of hanging flags. I noticed that the Superman thought-form was following me, but I didn't really care.

4) I had a dream of being in a room and she stated that she had seen me there. Of course, the theory of ‘thought-forms' might be advanced to account for this; but then, it is no greater miracle for the astral body to be at a spot than for a thought-form to be created and seen. I have undergone too many of these experiences, while conscious, ever to accept the thought-form theory, although I admit its possibility. Those instances where I appear to someone, dazed, sitting, wandering, are unconscious projections. Why experimenters should try to substitute one miracle for another is beyond me.

*LD-P* Attempting to Kill in a Lucid Dream:

"...I pass into an unfamiliar room, a kind of woodshed with a pit seven feet deep in the center. A man sits on the steps that lead into the pit. At first he is our friend to Rev. Mr. —, but later he is more like a young hobo. I tell him he must be hanged. There is a noose dangling on the opposite side of the pit, and an apparatus for winding it up. I find myself precariously poised aloft, trying to adjust the rope. I draw down what I adjudge to be a sufficient length and then descend to the rim of the pit. "You are about to enter the next world," I tell the young man. Again I feel an aversion to continuing the experiment, but reflect that is certainly a dream, and can do no real harm, while it may be both interesting and informative if carried out. "Perhaps," I think, "if I somewhat let go of the reality of the situation, it will seem more tolerable." I withdraw all imaginative cooperation from the dreaming function, at the seeming risk of waking, but am satisfied to observe that I do not wake up, though the objects in the room have a very reassuring dream-like vagueness. "It is certainly possible – indeed now actual – to conduct introspections in a dream," I notice. The young man has obediently come round to be hanged. He jumps onto a chair that stands on the floor of the pit. "He thinks he is to be lifted from there," I reflect; "evidently he does not understand hanging." I tell him to come back up. I adjust the noose, and again reassuring myself with the thought that I am obviously acting in a mere dream world, I lift the boy and plunge him into the pit. I almost expect the shock to tear the head from his body, but it does not even kill him. On the floor of the pit he sits up and raises his hands to his neck, seeming to suffer a great pain. As I stand looking down at him, I wake up."

(Brown, 1936, pgs. 64 – 65)


Convincing Others of Dreaming State

*LD-CL* Convincing Others of Dreaming State:

"I am on a high hill above a lake, searching for Indian artifacts. It seems that I am being told about the culture which existed in the area during primitive times.

"At this point Alta walks by. I ask ‘Do you know that we are dreaming?' She laughs. So I point out the three stone objects on the ground. In their midst items of silverware begin spontaneously to appear – first a fork, then a cup. I look at her face. She is puzzled, seemingly on the verge of ‘waking up.' I take the items away and other objects appear. We begin to laugh as the process speeds up. We are inundated with beautiful silver objects. Then I awaken."

*LD-P* Proving To Others They're Dreaming:

"I go up to a black man who's walking behind me and tell him that this is a dream. He seems disbelieving so I ask to demonstrate this to him. We go over to a skip. I take out two objects (one metallic, the other plasticky?) and pass them through one another, saying something like, "There you are! That couldn't happen in real life, could it?" He is now more with me.

"A little later, his mates join him. They are white, all or mostly male, and heavy, potential fighter types, so I a little afraid.

"I ask them if I should fly to show them that this is a dream and they say, "Yeah, yeah," with much encouragement, so I do so.

"I am nervous and dubious but I kick off from the ground as from the bottom of a swimming pool. I rapidly (more than is comfortable) fly up past the houses to about thirty feet above the street and look down on the people below. I then descend, again rapidly and land quite hard on my feet in front of the group."

Subject N.C.

*ODM* Spreading Lucidity:

A higher form of lucidity is attained when all the dream characters display lucidity. The usual progression is that the dreamer's dream ego becomes lucid first and the other dream figures attain lucidity as the dream progresses. If the dream ego is able to convince the other characters that they are in a dream, a deeper level of communication between the dream characters is established. In one dream, another dream figure became lucid and persuaded the dream ego that she too was lucid:

The dreamer had forced herself through a gray and slimy mass. It was unpleasant but she felt it was necessary if she was to advance further. She met Spock, who told the dreamer that she had just passed through her own brain or mind. He said he would jump up and remain suspended in midair to prove to her that they were part of a dream. When he successfully did so, the dreamer became convinced.

*S&tS* In & Out of Lucidity:

1) I was lucid earlier, then went around doing things. As we start to climb the outside steps I say to Linda, "Wait a minute. This is a lucid dream. We don't have to walk up these stairs. We can just fly!"

Later still, I say to myself "Wait a minute! I wonder if Linda has been able to get through the window." Sure enough, Linda has not been able to get through. (Me: forgetting into habit)

*PotC* Awaking a Person From OB, Fears of OBEs:

I was completely awake as I respectfully entered the bedroom of R., my sister and very close friend... I saw her sleeping peacefully, laying on her right side, with her psychosoma in alignment with her soma...

After employing a reasonable amount of mental force and determination with the intention of provoking her extraphysical awakening, she sleepily looked upwards seeking the direction of the call...

"F., it's me! Look! I'm outside of the soma which is in Rio de Janeiro!"

For an instant, after giving the impression of continuing to sleep, as if somnambulant, she seemed to open her eyes and emitted a thought:

"My God! Is that you?! What happened?"

"I'm visiting. How are S. and E.J.?"

...With a serious, younger, brighter face looking fixedly at me, she just repeated, horrified:

"No! No! Please, leave me! You must be a vampire!"


Getting Help From Guides


*PAP* The Higher Intelligences:

The Higher Intelligences impart knowledge according to the mentality and temperament of each student. He is guided in his best path, his eyes are opened to conceptions of which he was ignorant, and he is taught to observe, correlate, deduce,and construct new conceptions for himself.

*JoYS* Assistance Between Planes:

It is big news in higher planes when the separation between the physical and higher planes is bridged at events such as channeled lectures.

Your actions that are in alignment with truth, and hence for the higher good are assisted and supported from a higher place, especially the astral plane, which has a particular connection with the physical plane.

Guides Are Always with You

*VS* Spirit Guardians for Everyone:

"Parked on the right side of my street about a block from my approach was a delivery truck. The driver was on the street side of the truck unloading and I thought, "You should not be in the street. That is dangerous." No sooner had the thought crossed my mind when the already-present light surrounding the man flared and glinted and took the form of a gentle, beautiful woman. She was translucent, radiant and gentle as she looked at me and smiled before she returned her attention to her charge. I was stunned as her eyes met mine and assumed that her glance was in recognition of my caring thought about the man to whom she attended. When I allowed my gaze to wander from her, I could hardly believe what I saw. There were heavenly spirit beings around everyone! I watched as people entering buildings were accompanied by spirits; joggers were followed by flutters of light as their Beings stayed close, unfettered by physical barriers; Light Beings hovered close by drivers and passengers of every car within my field of vision." -Linda Stewart, v.XVI, n.2

Guidance From Your Higher Self

*MJooB* Teachers:

Monroe's higher self turned out to be a great teacher. He called this driver an INSPEC, for intelligent species.

He joined another class where the teacher was a bright, radiating ball, which sent out rotes as a method of teaching.

Adepts & Masters

*ASJ* Adepts & Their Pupils:

The Master: ‘Adepts are perfected man... These men have finished the course of life to be lived at the physical level, for they have learnt all the lessons that the physical world has to teach. Because of their developed love for humanity as a whole, they have elected to remain (at some sacrifice to themselves, as you may understand later on) in connection with this plane, to help it on and to assist in its development. These adepts are sometimes referred to as masters... Pupils are given many opportunities of development which are not open to mankind in general, but you may be sure that they have earned these opportunities... It is selfless service that they offer, and their only reward is that they are allowed to contact personally, in sleep when using their astral bodies, these perfected men whom they have agreed to serve.'

*IAD* Not Knowing a Master:

One might walk beside a Master for years and not discover it until his own Inner Faculties revealed the fact.

*IL* Masters are Just Personalities:

Any being, either in human or spirit form, that presents himself to your consciousness and claims to be a Master, or who permits you to call him Master, is noting more nor less than a personality, the same as yours.

The General Council

*BDL* Different Levels of Guideship:

S: It's not that we are assigned to specific people... We are told to keep an eye on a particular portion of the overall picture, and whenever we see a part that needs a little bit of a nudge or a little bit of help, we go ahead and at on our own initiative. It may not be the same person every time that we help... It is usually an action that benefits many people.

D: Do these people have guides assigned to them?

S: Yes, they do. But where I am at, we are working with general events rather than with specific people...

We switch back and forth between lifetimes, as to whether we will work on a general council like this or be a specific guide.

*BDL* Using the General Council to Inform, Nudging Events:

S: When you're in-between lives and on the other planes like this plane, you are working on your karma also, but in a different way... They also like for everyone to have a chance to be in the general council so they can get a grasp of the overall view of things. That way they can have a pretty good idea of how they are progressing and thus continue to progress in the right direction...

We work very closely with the spirits who are acting as individual guides... They want to make sure they are totally aware of the events so they can help these individual people to take full advantage of them for the benefit of their karma. Sometimes they will tell us that a certain person is bound and determined to do a particular thing. They ask us how that will affect the general events and will we need to alter it any, so as to have the most positive effect on the most people...

We can see the general patterns of what is likely to take place, and they generally come to pass... Sometimes at a crucial point an individual may make a totally different decision than what their guide is urging them to do, and it changes the picture a little at that point. And further down the line we'll have to give other events a nudge. But that's the way it has always been, and this is what keeps the universe alive and fluctuating...

Everyone has their own free will to do what they wish. But if they make a decision that is going to negatively affect many other people, well, those other people did not choose to be affected that way. And that, in effect, takes away a little bit of their free will. For instance, if an individual person makes a decision that has a drastic negative effect on other people, we try to keep the events contained so they will have a less drastic effect on the other spirits...

We don't necessarily see things in visions of individual people and individual events, at least on this general council. What we see is the overall pattern, like glistening webs of energy...

We don't have absolute power, no, but we don't generally make mistakes either because the higher levels make sure that we are not given more than we can handle...

Many times [wars] can be traced down to a single personal handful of people that are so stuck in their negative karma that nothing can get through to them...

We tend to concentrate on the appearance of karmic energy rather than the individual appearance of people and things... Guides are the ones that see things the way they appear on the physical plane, so they can help individuals.

*BDL* Universal Councils:

S: Each universe has a central council, and then there are local councils...

In each universe there are governmental levels which govern the individual and collective universes.


*JoS* Guides:

Sometimes during a hypnotic session, a guide is present in the room. Senior guides and above work with a whole group, and there are usually guides in training as well. Guides comfort us during trying periods in our life, especially when we are children. Their teaching styles and techniques beautifully integrate with our soul identity. Guides who got through certain problems may help those going through them now. Guide training begins at the end of Level III. Once you become a competent teacher, the size of the group doesnt matter. Guides have a love of teaching and want to help others. They must be compassionate without being too easy on you. They dont impose their values on you and arent judgemental. They build morale and instill confidence. They never give up on you. Their most important attribute is the ability to motivate you and instill courage. Some guides incarnate in a life with you. You dont choose guides, they choose you.

The names people attach to guides range from ordinary, whimsical, quaint, to the bizzare. These names usually trace back to a past life the guide and student had in common together. Guides appear to religious people as figures of their faith. Guides can place certain thoughts and ideas in a person's head. People can sometimes be angry with their guides, thinking them too hard on them, too absent, etc. This is usually temporary. Guides cannot assist us until we are ready to make changes to take full advantage of life's opportunities. Guides carefully evaluate how badly they are needed. Guides work together, relaying messages so that help can find their student. We can be guided by the inner voice of intuition and inspiration, too. Guides dont solve their problems, but illuminate clues and pathways to answers. Guides feel spiritual sorrow when we make bad choices. Level VI Master Guides never incarnate. The masters report to even higher entities, who are in the darkest purple range of energy.

Guides dont get deeply into things, for they know life is transitory, and without human bodies, they are unencumbered by the immediacy of human emotions. As watchers in the stillness, guides recognize the amount of turbulence from the wake of troubled thought. Then they carefully merge with it and gently touch the mind. It's a turbulent slip-stream of thought. One must enter with subtlety, to wait for the best receptivity. When people want immediate relief, they may not be in the proper mode for reflection. Pain, anxiety, resentfulness, and other negative energies alert me but exhaust them. Being an awkward guide means rushing in too fast without coordinating patterns of thought. People can go numb. When attentions are distracted and thought energy is scattered, the guide is shut out. A guide implants ideas and inspiration. The hardest thing to communicate through is fear.

1: Giles likes to hide behind a shadow of blue vapor. He comes out soon, and looks like an Irish Leprechaun. He is an elf figure with tangled hair all over his wrinkled face which looks a mess and moves constantly in all directions. He is not dignified, but clever and crafty. He makes me see life as a chess game and I think he sets traps for me to work through sometimes. I cant just grab him in any situation like I can Quan, he is elusive. I love Quan as a mother, but I wouldnt be where I am without Giles' discipline.

*LWU* Inspiration from the Spirit World:

Inspiration devoted to whatever cause or pursuit, comes from the world of spirit, and from nowhere else. If it be for the good of mankind the source is equally good; if the inspiration is obviously not for the good of mankind, then the source is unquestionably evil...

A person is exactly the same spiritually the moment after he has ‘died' as he was the moment before...

Think of the evils that could be swept from the face of the earth under the immensely able guidance of wise teachers from the spirit world... Many a leader, either of the nation's affairs or of religious thought, who is here with us in the spirit world, is filled with sorrow when he looks back upon the wasted opportunities for bringing about a revolutionary change for the betterment of his fellow countrymen. He will confess that he had the idea in his mind- he did not know then that it had been impinged thereupon by the spirit world- but he had allowed himself to be overruled...

It can safely be said that in spite of universal earth-world disorder, had we withdrawn every element of our influence, the earth-world would, in a very brief time, be reduced to a state of complete and absolute barbarity and chaos.

*LWU* Spirit Guides:

Every soul that has been, and is to be, born upon the earth-plane has allocated to him- or her- a spirit guide...

Spirit guides constitute one of the grandest orders in the whole organization and administration of the spirit world. They inhabit a realm of their own, and they have all lived for many centuries in the spirit world...

The principal guide is chosen for each individual on the earth-plane in conformity with a fixed plan. Most guides are temperamentally similar to their charges in the latter's finer natures, but what is most important the guides understand and are in sympathy with their charges' failings. Many of them, indeed, had the same failings when they were incarnate, and among other useful services they try to help their charges overcome those failings and weaknesses.

A great number of those who practice communication with the spirit world have already met their spirit guides and are in close touch with them. And fortunate, indeed, they are. The guides, too, are never happier than when they have established a direct link with those whose lives they are helping to direct... Even in the worst souls there comes an occasion, however transient, when the conscience speaks, and it is usually the spirit guide who has implanted the better thought within the brain.

*ASJ* No One Is Ever Alone:

The woman who answered his call was one of the many ‘astral helpers', as they are called, who have dedicated themselves to the helping of those who pass from the physical world... No one is ever left to find things out for himself always someone is detailed to perform this necessary task.

*CD* Dream Guides:

The ordinary Senoi acquires in his dream one or several "spirit guides" of some natural thing, such as a flower or rock. The rare Senoi considered to be a great shaman may have many spirit guides, including those of a different quality such as a tiger. These spirit guides appear in dreams and call the dreamer "father." Each spirit guide becomes a child-friend who tells the dreamer things- about dances, songs, religion, and so on. Information from the spirit guide leads to changes in the religious structure. Religion thus varies from village to village, depending on personal revelation in dreams...

To the Native American, the dreamer is the suffering child who is helped out of pity by the grandfather spirit...

The difference in the dreamer's degree of confidence, and in his overall positive self-concept is remarkable. A dreamer who regards himself as a suffering child pitied by one grandfather spirit will surely relate differently to people in waking life than a dreamer who sees himself as a father with many child-spirit friends.

*BDL* Guardian Spirits:

S: There are guardian spirits. Usually it is someone that you have had a close bond with before and they are attending school or whatever on the spirit plane...

No one is ever alone. The aloneness is a walling of one's self away from others...

Your guides feel as if they are a part of yourself and an extension...

You have complete freedom to choose that which you may. If you need assistance in your choice, that is their purpose. They merely help and try to show or clarify... Feel only that you should help when you feel you want to help. Forced help is worse than no help at all...

The relationship between guide and guided is fluid and mercurial and changes from incarnation to incarnation and even within a single incarnation, as needed. There is no rigid set rule. The means are dictated by the need...

Some may be a guide throughout the incarnation. Others may be temporary or may come and go as needed. Through the course of a lifetime we may have several different guides. Their functions change as our lives change...

A counselor (NOTE: master, adept) is of a higher order than a guide. A counselor has much more knowledge and experience from which to draw... A guide is much more intimate and close to an actual incarnation and thus is still familiar with the intricacies of physical life. A counselor has usually been removed from an incarnation for some time and is drawn in for information. (NOTE: [picture of a pyramid of units, at the top is singularity] We are particles running a path between separation and singularity like dust specks in a sunbeam.)

...[The principal is] more removed from the situation, but as such they can give much more unbiased opinion.

*HoL* Characteristics of Different Level Guides:

Those who work on the astral level are concerned primarily with matters of the heart and loving. They are very comforting, loving and caring and speak poetically, teaching us to learn to love ourselves with all our faults, etc. They guides who do the ketheric and etheric template work look to me to be very serious and quite active and "want to get to work." They are concerned with the perfect template and simply healing efficiently. They do not appear to have a lot of feelings, but at the same time are very supportive and accepting... The Eighth Level Shield guides give a sense of great acceptance and infinite patience with love.

*SC* Spirit Guides:

Spirit guides are beings whom we have known in past lives. They assist us with conditions that are karmic in nature, issues that we still need to work out in the context of this lifetime... Our spirit guides learn from us and we learn from them.


John: "The purpose of spirit guides and teachers is to provide guidance in specific areas of thought... Since there is no progression in this plane of existence without a physical body, they desire to fulfill karmic patterns through empathy with you, because you have a physical body...

"Above all else, you promote one another's well-being. They are usually members of your soul group, but in the discarnate state."

*SD&P* Seth's Appearance in Dreams:

On February 12, 1966, I dreamed that I was on a bed, with Rob on one side of me and another man nearby. There was no pain but a movement in the pelvis, and I delivered a baby.

I am one of those represented in the dream, as Joseph is the other.

Help Only When Asked For

*SC* Asking For Information:

Little Elk: "We desire that you would ask more, for you would learn more that way. When you ask, you pour yourself out, for you admit to an element of ignorance. And this is wise. For that which you learn, as has been said many times, is how little you knew before."

*CJ* Simply Ask for Guidance:

Our desire for information at the start of each session was enough to draw the Invisible Helpers to us immediately.

** Asking/Calling For Help:

(MjooB) The OBE program didnt have any encounters with other life until they added this affirmation:

"...Also, I deeply desire the help and cooperation, the assistance, the understanding of those individuals whose wisdom, development, and experience are equal or greater to my own. I ask their guidance and protection from any influence or any source that might provide me with less than my stated desires."

After this, almost every explorer encountered helpful intelligent beings. Two-thirds of communication is done via Second Body. A being usually appears to the explorer as a hooded figure whose face is hidden in shadow. Once the explorer becomes familiar with the "feel" of the entity, the robe is discarded and the explorer perceives nothing save the radiation that is the entity.

(ABtB) Several different people were assisting me in different areas, each a specialist in that area. They remain unobserved until their presence is requested. Each person with an OBE or NDE has a guide present during the experience. Assistence is always available but must be requested. I wish I had asked for help more often. I probably would have progressed faster.

(RB) It is possible to call for help from another projector when attempting to project, or to call someone to meet you in the astral. When in trance,

mentally call out the person's name several times as loudly (mentally) as

you can. If they are in the astral they will definitely hear you, no matter

where they are or how far away, and be drawn to come visit you. If this

person is an experienced projector they may be able to help you out of your

body. If you call out to me, and if I am in the astral, I will definitely

hear the call and come visit you, and will help all I can. I do NOT mind people calling me from the astral to come help them out - I love to help.

(BP) For a time, I was content to explore on my own. I was afraid to contact "spirits" because I wasn't too sure of their power and what they could do to me when I was "out," but since I wasn't having much success at traveling by myself, I decided to ask someone for help.

1) I got a brilliant idea then: "I'll call for help from guides!"

No sooner had I done this when I felt the presence of a very advanced, great being. I couldn't see him, but I felt he had a very large aura. I figured that I couldn't see him because his vibrations were much higher than mine.

He called mentally and two of his spirit-friends came. These two friends, I felt, were less developed than the master whose presence I felt. They were servants of that powerful being. They weren't bound to him, but they always did what he asked, because serving him was their way to advance themselves spiritually. He told his friends exactly what to do. I didn't hear them exactly, but I could tell he instructed them to accompany me to LD's house.

The two friends were normal-looking spirits that were my own size. And I could see them all right. They were very friendly to me, and we became friends right away. They were average-looking men. One had brown hair, and the other had slightly lighter colored sandy brown hair. They were happy, and they were good friends. The "master" spirit left.

*PAP* Use Only Positive Wordings When Asking for Help:

When you are concentrating your ideas on the goal to be attained, by asking politely, under the guise of an invocation or prayer, that you should be helped in your efforts, take care to follow psychical laws. Use only such expressions as are positive, full of confidence and love and certainty.

Helping Those That Help Themselves

*WtK* Attracting Teachers:

It is the motive and the faithfulness with which the seeker persists despite failure that attracts the attention of Teachers on the inner planes.

Sensing & Hearing Your Guide

*BDL* Sensing the Presence of Your Guide:

D: Is there any way you will know whenever he is there?

S: The spirit guide? One way to tell- at least for this subject when I am incarnated- is that my visual perception of things will change, to where everything will seem to sparkle. Even things of a solid color will seem to sparkle with intensive flashes of that color, as if the color that it is on the spiritual plane is peeping through...

When it is your guide there is a particular warm, tingling feeling in your heart, in your chest, and you seem to see this beautiful sparkling affect of everything too... And the feelings you have that are associated with this are generally those of comfort and confidence and security. Whereas if it is a spirit entity trying to do you harm, the feelings that you have would be insecurity, fear, and perhaps anger...

They'll just say, "You have asked for my advice and this is what is your best course of action. but the choice is yours. If you prefer to do something else, then we will work with that choice of action instead."

*BDL* Message-Giving From Guides:

S: Usually whenever people interact with a spirit that has come back to give them a message, it is usually their guide trying to contact them...

D: You mean it is not actually the spirit of their loved one or whoever?

S: Sometimes it is, if the loved one is on hand to help out. And they usually do want to help out because people remain karmically linked across several lifetimes... Many times their guide will contact some loved one on the other end. Together they work to help this loved one cast an echo of themselves across the barrier to this person in order to deliver a message... (NOTE: a thought-form of themselves.)

Sometimes they have to do it several times before the person on the physical plane begins to perceive this. That is why sometimes before a person perceives what they call a "ghost" or a "spirit," other odd events will happen first. They are already projecting; they are just trying to get the person's attention turned toward that aspects of things so they would be more apt to perceive the spiritual echo...

Sometimes the guide will deliver a message himself and the person will report having seen an angel or some other unknown celestial being.

Guide Experiences

*OwtL* Dream Guide Warns of Coming Attack, Guides Him, Is Seen OB During Attack:

Cole's out-of-body experience was preceded by a dream in which he had seen a doctor and a nun dressed in army uniforms. Cole, a pharmacist, sensed that the nun was handing him a prescription, but he was unable to read it. When he looked to the doctor for clarification, the physician told him that the prescription meant that he suffered from "mitral regurgitation..."

Although he had been visiting the same medical doctor for years and normally would have made an appointment with his regular physician, Cole found himself for some unknown reason mounting the steps to the office of a doctor named Bender...

Three weeks later, Cole lay on the operating table while Dr. Bender stood by with the anesthetic.. At first, Cole felt himself fighting the anesthetic, then, finally, he let himself go.

The next thing he knew... "I was standing in the corner of the room, near the doorway, with two other people whom I at once recognized."

One was the nun, and the other was the doctor...

"We sent you to Dr. Bender," the nun told him. "Dr. Bender is a man of immense physical vitality- which we are drawing upon at this very moment to keep you alive!

"If you had asked your regular doctor to administer the anesthetic, quite frankly, you would have had no chance to survive this surgery. Your regular doctor is much too fragile."

*OwtL* NDE- Angles Guide, OB Vision, Saved From Beasties:

Two angels manifested at his side.

"They picked me up by my arms and carried me right through the wall and into the street. Then we began to ascend quickly..."

Although it was dark, he was able to see everything clearly. And he was able to perceive a much greater expanse than he would have with his ordinary vision.

As the ascent continued, they were suddenly surrounded by a "throng of hideous beings, evil spirits," which tried to snatch him away from the angel guides.

In what must have been a remarkable experience for the atheist, he found himself praying for deliverance from the negative entities. To the nonbeliever's astonishment, as if in answer to his prayer, there appeared a "white mist which concealed them from the ugly spirits."

*VftA* The Appearance and Feel of Angels:

[The angels'] presence, though awe inspiring and overwhelming, is never threatening. Rather they feel like home, like peace, like safety. They feel like love. I always feel them before I see them... it is like being in a room with your very best friends. You know they know everything there is to know about you and they love you anyway...

Their form is much like ours, only their light is not hidden or dense, but shines forth in a radiant halo. This halo surrounds them and consists of many colors that we cannot normally perceive with our physical eyes. There is always an abundance of gold and blue and pink and silvery white, in addition to the heavenly hues. This cloak of leaping, living light radiates outward and can appear at times to take the shape of wings. If need be, angels can slow down this dance of light so that they appear more human, more like us, less shiny. At that point they can be seen by a greater number of people...

"There is no place where you are that we are not. We are simply focusing and expressing our consciousness, our souls, at a higher vibrational level."

Near-Realm Correspondence of Guide Work

*PotC* Astral Helpers & Preferred Physical Surroundings:

It is common for helpers to take advantage of available physical surroundings such as empty centers and churches when they are closed. (NOTE: There's a dream-guide example of this somewhere)


Soul Growth & Becoming a Guide

Soul Growth

*JoS* The Journey of Souls:

1: There is no pyramid heirarchy. We are all threads in the same long piece of fabric. Think of it as a moving continuum rather than souls being in brackets of highs and lows. It's as if we are all part of a universal train on a flat track of existence. Most of the souls on earth are in one car moving along the track. Other souls are in different cars, but all on the same track. The more advanced souls move back and forth between the cars, but are closer to the engine. The maker is the engine, who is up front.

*JoS* Creation of New Souls: (see also World Without Ego)

There is a kind of spirit-world maternity ward for newborn souls. This place is where infantile light is arranged in a honeycomb fashion as unhatched eggs, ready to be used. They are removed from small family cocoons with other novices and placed in a larger group of beginner souls. The realization that they are part of a substantial group of spirits brings delight. This has generally occured by the end of the fifth life on earth. The new soul is not capable of choice. You acquire your character based upon the way your energy is combined... put together for you. When one receives the ego, the agreement is to "do the best I can with who I am."

1: I was just there, with thought. I realized I existed but I didnt know myself as myself until I was moved into a quiet place with Ahmed. My identity came into focus when I met someone besides my guide. There was a warm, nuturing, mind-opening presence with me, like a mother figure. It was a soft light, changing features, loving messages, encouragement. There were helpers when I was born, too. I was in a nursery. I was created by the One.

*JoS* Beginner Souls:

This is level I and II, which includes those with very few incarnations, and those with many incarnations who remain immature. In some cases, one has been incarnating for 30,000 years and is still a beginner. 3/4 of incarnated souls are beginners. Beginners have lots of anger and transfer responsibility to and blame others. They are not very generous towards others, or close to their children. These less developed souls are inclined to surrender their wills to the controlling aspects of human society. This inexperienced soul tends to be stifled by a lack of independant thinking. They also lean towards being self-centered and dont easily accept others for who they are.

Souls at the beginning levels are frequenctly seperated from their groups to individually work on energy projects. One soul was alone trying to put together this geometric puzzle with self-produced energy. It was described as being multidimensional, colorful, and holographic in nature. The purpose was to learn to intensify one's energy to bring the diffused into focus and give it shape. Beginner souls may be highly intelligent but with a closed attitude about adjusting to new situations and little curiosity.

All souls have character-part of which is intensity of desire, and integrity- the desire to be honest about Self and motives to such an extent that full awareness of the path to the source is possible.

*JoS* Intermediate Souls:

Once our souls advance to level III-IV, group cluster activity is considerably reduced. They have acquired the maturity and experience to operate more independantly. These souls are also reducing the number of their incarnations. Our relationship with our guides changes now from teacher-student to colleagues working together. Our old guides get new student groups and we begin guide training. These entities are modest about their acheivements. There is more composure with these. There is trust rather than suspicion of the motives of others, and have faith and confidence for the future of humanity, which provides encouragement for others. These are trial periods for potential teachers, for not everyone is suited for teaching. Not teaching doesnt prevent advancement, however. You know you are ready to start teaching when you are in balance with yourself.

One attempted to lift people from their fear, while remaining non-alinged to any factions. He was an outsider and explorer, searching for truth across many lands while helping others along the way.

*JoS* Advanced Souls:

By the time we reach level V, our soul aptitudes are well known in the spirit world and we are given duties according to our abilities. In most cases, Level Vs are here as incarnated guides. The advanced soul goes about his good deeds in a quiet, unassuming manner. They are practical and are likely to be working in a cultural mainstream which allows them to influence people and events. Having extrasensory impressions and psychic talent does not necessarily denote an advanced soul. The mark of an advanced soul is one who has patience with society and is very adaptable. They have great insight. They radiate composure, kindness, and understanding towards others. Advanced souls dont have much communication with others to avoid attachments. Sages are those advanced souls who go to earth even though they do not need to. They are the true watchers of the earth. They live simple lives. They dont like to come to cities much- it is hard to see them. They live in small communities or alone, in deserts and mountains. They wander about, too. They were also known as the oracles. They prefer to be with the common people who are most affected by the movers and shakers. Material things mean nothing to them. They are saints, for most welcome the time when they can stop incarnating. Advanced souls have an evenness of mood, whose interests and abilities are solidly in focus and directed towards helping human progress. They seek personal truths beyond the demands of ego.

The masters report to the Old Ones. I dont think there are many Old Ones. They represent the purest elements of thought, engaging in the planning and arranging of substances. They are close to the source, but not embodiments of it. They must be close to conjunction.

1: I felt she was looking into me rather than at me. She rapidly entered a deep trance and contacted her inner self. Her first life occured at the beginning of the last warm interglacial period which lasted from 130,000 to 70,000 years ago, before the last great Ice Age spread over the planet. Her physical appearance was slightly bent, but straightened through many lives.

*PoP* Different Capacities of Souls:

Every soul has the same possibility of reaching the ultimate goal, but not all angelic souls have the same capacity. Some could hold a drop of water while others could hold an entire sea or more. A soul attains perfection when it cannot contain anything more. It is possible, however, for some angelic souls with a relatively small capacity to increase their capacity. Perfect harmony of all creation requires a variety of spiritual capacity.

*PoP* Equality of Struggle for Perfection:

God has counter-balanced the weight of each soul with the weight of its corresponding basharic soul, such that the potential of its nafs is proportional to its spiritual capacity as a soul, so that the spiritual struggle is equally difficult for everyone.

Becoming A Guide

*BDL* Becoming a Guide:

S: When you get to the level where you can guide an individual person on the physical plane, then you've reached that stage of spiritual development where you can handle that responsibility in a spiritually mature manner without flubbing up. But that doesn't mean that you've stopped all your growing because someone more advanced than you is still helping you with your growing.

*SC* Trading Places With Guides:

We've all been guides and teachers to our own guides and teachers when they were physically incarnate. It's a constant process of give-and-take.

*SC* No Hierarchy in Spirit:

John has often said that there's no such thing as a hierarchy in Spirit. We don't have to complete certain assignments before moving on to the next level of progression. It doesn't work that way.

*VftA* Becoming Her Granddaughter's Guide:

And: The golden light... is more than light- it is a Living Presence.

"There is a way for you to help your daughter. She is soon to become a mother. The soul who will be born to her could use a guide to help her along her life path. This way of service is open to you... a means of expressing your love for your daughter by caring for her family..."

"How can I be a guide for another, when I myself have so much to learn?"

He smiled. "Can you love this soul?" A young woman with eyes of light and a smile of tender mercy appeared beside him. "If you can love her, then you can guide her with the wisdom of your heart."

This beautiful vision reached out to me and instantly became a part of me forever. "I am Eleanor," she said, her voice filled with music. "Your daughter and I have been together before. I love her so much, and will be with her again very soon. But when I enter into human form, I will forget much of what I know to be the truth. I will need someone to be there, someone to speak to me in my dreams, someone to remind me of what is real, someone to help me when I have lost my way. I would like it very much if that someone were you."

How could I refuse such an eloquent plea? And so it was that I left the golden light and accompanied this exquisite soul to Earth, and was present at her birth.

*JoYS* The Astral Teaching Stage:

We grow by teaching. After completing the physical and astral planes, each person passes through this kind of teaching phase, although not everyone has the privilege of being directly channeled.