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Near Death Experiences

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The Near Death Experience

The Grand Release of Death
Death as Waking Up, Going Home

** Beautiful Vision of Death:

Rabindranath Tagore, "death is not the extinguishing of the light; it is only the putting out the lamp because the dawn has come."

*CWG3* The Grand Release of Death:

Death in that instance is a glorious moment; a wonderful experience. Now the soul can return to its natural form; its normal state. There is an incredible lightness; a sense of total freedom; a limitlessness. And an awareness of Oneness that is at once blissful and sublime.

*BDL* The Pleasant Experience of Death, The Option of Pain:

S: Have you ever dived into a deep pool... to where it's dark and murky at the bottom? As you come back up towards the surface of the water it gets lighter and lighter. Then when you break through the surface of the water there's sunlight all around. Death was like that...

Dying is pleasant...

Death is not painful unless that you have need of pain... It can be extremely painful if you wish it to be or if you feel you have need of it in order to teach you a lesson. But you can separate yourself from that at all times. And this is available no matter how connected you are with what is going on.

*LWU* The Sensation of Death:

There came a moment when the physical sensations attendant upon my last illness left me abruptly, and in place of them a delightful feeling of bodily ease and peace of mind completely enveloped me. I felt that I wanted to breathe deeply, and I did so. (NOTE: breathing with release) The impulse to rise from my bed, and the passing of all physical sensations, mark the instant of my physical ‘death' and my birth into the world of spirit.

But when this took place I was still in my own earthly bedroom, and therefore a part, at least, of the spirit world must interpenetrate the earth world.

*LBD* The Beauty of Death:

[Death] is the most glorious, lofty and beautiful thing of all when seen from the other side of life.

Joy of Afterlife(Medium): 1) I'm getting on very well, no regrets, I'm very happy, I wouldn't come back if you offered me all the gold in China. I'm perfectly well, and perfectly happy, and I can't tell you how marvellous it is to be dead! My goodness me, people should think themselves lucky the day they kick the bucket!

On Death(PoP): Death is not a sleep. The true reality of our self, the soul, goes on into the other world fully awakened, while in reality, it is our life on earth that is like a dream.

Whatever the state of each individual when their natural death occurs, dying is still a liberation for them.

*BtL* Death in Aramaic:

The Aramaic word for death translates: not here, present elsewhere

*HTO* New View of Death:

We learn to view death from the outside. The actual experience of death is ecstatic. Death not only is not to be feared but is instead an experience that ranges beyond joy. 35-40% of those who come close to death have a NDE. That represents eight million in the US alone.

** A Feeling of Going Home:

Feeling of Home(DG): (NDE) Suddenly I was whisked away and found myself traveling rapidly through a vortex toward a beautiful white light in the far, far distance. I continued to experience an overwhelming feeling of love within me and around me. There was no fear, no anxiety, no worry. I even felt as if I'd done this before and was remembering that I was going home...

(CCG) (OBE) You're out! You feel that you have returned to a familiar place, somewhere you've been many times before. You have! You're home, safe. Cherish the feeling. You'll probably not want to leave. You will just "know" certain things. This is not the first time you have been "out," perhaps just the first time your were consciously "out." Your Watcher knows infinitely more than your ordinary consciousness. As you gain more experience, insights will begin to stream in. Listen to the whispers.

Overview of NDE

*HTO, LAL, TbtL* The Order of Core Events of NDE:

Sense of being dead, peace and painlessness, OBE, exploration & travel, Tunnel & sound, people of light, being of light, life reveiw, return. At the point of greatest physical distress, he hears the doctor pronounce him dead. The experience begins with a feeling of easeful peace and a sense of well-being which culminates in a sense of overwhelming joy and happiness. One may be aware of a transitory buzzing or windlike sound, and finds himself looking down at his body. At some point he may find himself in a state of dual awareness. He sees the physical at the same time as another reality, which he feels himself drawn into. He drifts into a dark void or tunnel and feels to be floating through it. All at once he is sensitive to a presence, which stimulates him to review his life and asks him to decide whether he wants to live or die. Sometimes, the decisional crisis occurs later or is absent. He may continue to float through the dark void toward a magnetic and brilliant golden light, from which emanates feelings of warmth, love, and acceptance. Or he may enter into a world of light and preternatural beauty, to be temporarily rejoined with deceased loved ones before being told he must return.

*APitL* Dannion's NDE:

While the doctors and nurses tried to jump-start my heart, I went up a tunnel that spiraled around me and vibrated with the sound of heavenly chimes. Soon I was in a paradise of brilliant light, a soothing illumination that bathed me in a love and comfort that made me feel as though I were as weightless as helium and as loved as a newborn child. A shimmering silver form appeared. It came like a silhouette through a fog. As it appeared I felt a deep sense of love that became so intense that it was almost too pleasurable to withstand. I had become translucent and shimmering, like water in a coral sea or a scarf made of fine silk blowing in a gentle breeze. The Being of Light looked as though it was composed of thousands of tiny diamonds, each glowing with the colors of the rainbow.As I admired the Being's beauty I was engulfed, and every memory flowed from my mind as though a dam had broken. In a great rush my life flowed past me and I was able to see it all, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful. I witnessed myself taunting a little girl. I could feel her fear. I saw myself talking to a man to whom I had given advice. The man went back home, only in the life review I was able to follow him home and see how my advice had affected his relationship with his son- it was better.

I was taken to a crystal city of light. I described this place of massive spiritual power, with cathedrals of crystal glass that glowed from within. I described sitting inside one of these cathedrals and gazing in awe at a spectacular white podium at the front of the room that stood out in stark contrast to the carousel of colors that merged and surged on the wall behind. Suddenly, the podium was filled with Beings of Light.

Length of Assumed Death While NDE

Body Dead for a Long Time(SD): For some NDEs have lasted several hours, while their body was completely without breath or heartbeat. (Er and many others, too)

Length of Death=Depth of NDE(SD): Those who went deeper into the other world were people who had been dead for longer. If you left for only 2 minutes or so, you'd probably only have an OBE.

*SBtL* Long Dead in a NDE:

I once spoke to a Russian, for instance, who was struck by a car and sent to the morgue because he was believed dead. He was put into a refrigerated file drawer for three days, during which time his spirit left his body and roamed...

The man was discovered to be alive just before the pathologist started his autopsy. He was sent to the hospital where he made a full physical recovery.

*GotB* The Sphere as the Brain/Mind/Head:

Mrs. Anna Lee died on a stormy afternoon just after a hurricane had swept over the region...

Mrs. Lee was buried in the family vault... The second day after her burial, the cemetery caretaker, going by the vault, heard a weak, plaintive voice...

When the doctor and the caretaker opened the coffin, they found that Mrs. Lee had become conscious again. She was removed to a hospital, and fifteen days later was fit to be released...

"I was in a great reddish-brown vault. I had the feeling that this vault, this sphere, was someone's head- or brain. In any case, I felt safely hidden and very happy in this dark space. Yet suddenly, I realized- perhaps this huge brain or head had thought it- that I couldn't stay where I was."

*GotB* NDE Slow Recovery, Permanent Damage:

[Penka Naidenova] demonstrably died, who was clinically dead for 120 minutes, and yet was awakened to a new life. (NOTE: very slow recovery, some permanent damage)

Unaware of One's Death

*SC* Sudden Passings:

John: "When the physical passing is swift, frequently an individual will not even realize he or she has crossed over... This is particularly true with individuals who have little or no consciousness, or desired consciousness, of the existence of the pattern beyond their own physical bodies. They maintain that level of consciousness, for that is all they have known for many years."

*BDL* Painless Death, Orientation to the Spiritual Plane:

S: At one moment you're in one plane of existence and you blink your eyes, so to speak, and you're in another plane of existence. That's about the physical sensation you have, and it's as painless as that... Your memories are intact and you feel the same, as if your life is continuing. Sometimes it takes you a little bit to notice that you're no longer connected to your physical body, but usually that is noticed right away because your perceptions are broadened to where you can perceive the spiritual plane without the veil in the way... What happens is that at first there is a period of orientation. you are still very conscious of the physical plane but you are exploring and absorbing the sensations of being aware of the spiritual plane, until you get used to the fact that you're really on the spiritual plane and you are comfortable with it.

Premature Death

*LBD* Premature Death:

The spiritual researcher can also throw light on what may occur with someone whose life ends prematurely, whether through illness or accident. Essentially, the effect on the life between death and rebirth of entering earlier than usual into the spiritual world is that forces are created for the soul which would otherwise not be available for it... We can perhaps only attain the forces we lack from a previous life.

*LBD* Life Review & Dying in the Prime of Life:

One who dies in the prime of life has the following experience and he will say to himself: ‘The dream-picture of your life rises up, and you vitalize it from out of the central point of your life. But while you pour your own vitalizing forces out on this life-picture something else stands behind this picture of your life, something which is like a remainder from the world out of which you have come when you passed through birth!'

...The contemplation of certain things which we have experienced before birth and which have remained behind from the spiritual world disappears in our after-death retrospection when we have gone beyond the thirty-fifth year of life.

*LBD* Etheric Body Separation & Dying in the Prime of Life:

When a human being passes through the portal of death in such a way that his life has, so to speak, been closed abruptly from outside, or if he has died in the prime of life, then the separation from his etheric body sets in very soon after his passage through the portal of death.

*RotOS* Children Who Die:

Parents who have lost a child ask, "Will I know my baby when I pass over?.."

The child will be waiting for the parents when they pass on. The child will introduce itself to the parents. Recognition will then be immediate, regardless of the age of the child. Many times the parents have had contact with their child while in the sleep state. Even if they dont remember this while on earth, the memories will come back to them in spirit.

When the soul of a child reincarnates before the passing of its parents, they are told where the child is and why the child's soul had to return to earth at that specific time.

...The babies were growing up quickly, getting prepared for future lives on earth. She took me to view the nursery. It was enchanting. Beautiful murals of Mother Goose nursery rhymes were painted on the walls. These murals seemed alive.

I heard no crying in this realm of the spirit. Children were singing songs and laughing.

*TDA* It's No Tragedy To Die Young:

Dr. Peebles: "It is not a great tragedy when one leaves before they have lived, because they are still living, first of all, and they were living before it, and because in that two years they lived, sometimes they've lived more than someone who's lived sixty years; they were more present."

*WANF* Attitude Toward One's Death:

"Many spirits come through and say, essentially, ‘It was my time to go.' Yet there can be a sudden death like a car crash or a heart attack, and the soul feels cheated... Some people are resentful at first. The other side handles that with love and patience. They don't pressure the person to change; they leave him or her alone."

Scientific NDE Research

*LBD* A Scientific Investigation:

What is to be presented about the life between death and rebirth adheres to the most rigorous spiritual-scientific method and can be upheld on equal terms with the results of science.

*HU* NDEs & Flat EEGs:

Under normal circumstances whenever a person talks, thinks, imagines, dreams, or does just about anything else, their EEG registers an enormous amount of activity. Even hallucinations measure on the EEG. But there are many cases in which people with flat EEGs have had NDEs.

Cultural Eschatology

*LBD* Egyptians & Life After Death:

"The Egyptian possessed a detailed and differentiated view of the essence of the human being... First of all he detached himself from his body, which was embalmed; then from his ‘Ka', a constituent of his being in which the formative life-forces were experienced; and finally also from his ‘Ba', a kind of personification of his soul which had first of all to be judged and purified before it could enter, transformed, into the realm of the sun god." -Frank Teichmann (NOTE: Also used in Energy Body)

*GotB* The Egyptian Journey of the Dead:

The Egyptian Book of the Dead throws light on a belief in the development of the spirit by steps. Pilgrim staff in hand, the souls of the dead set out on the long road leading to the fields of Osiris, a road in the region of the Milky Way, thought of as the Great White Nile of heaven. At the highest stage the Creator is confronted.

Actually, there were two essences or souls, the ka and the ba. The ka seems to have been conceived of as a delicate physical substance, a corporeal genius or double, whereas the ba was pure soul or spirit...

The departed soul resorts first to the divine spirits that lead purified ba to the sacred precincts of Osiris. Careful study of the magic incantations shows there were many interruptions and stayovers on the pilgrimage through the underworld to the luminous heights (NOTE: Bardo attractions, the burning out of desire in the Astral)

Khu, as the transfigured soul or intelligence was called, was pursued by frightful monsters and armed spirits... (NOTE: From the lower astral)

The dead person tarried in all regions of the beyond, saying prayers and litanies, undergoing all sorts of metamorphoses. He emerged as a divine personality.

*LBD* Evolution of Ideas About Death:

"At the beginning of the third millennium BC, there still existed an unshaken conviction that souls lived on after death; gradually, though, doubt entered in. Towards the end of the second millennium, a song could even end with the refrain: ‘and no one returns when once he has perished.'" -Frank Teichmann

*VS-HB* Meaning of Shaman:

The very term Shaman denotes "one who has died."

*CtL* Near Death Experiences in the Bible:

What we now know as near-death experiences have been reported since the beginning of recorded history. In the New Testament (2 Cor. 12:1-4), Paul describes one that he had. And Pope Gregory the Great in the sixth century collected these experiences as proof of life beyond.

*LBD* Greek Ideas of Death:

"The mystery of death becomes a really pressing problem in the Greek cultural epoch... He feels himself at home in his body and can only imagine life without it as the bleak existence of disembodied shadows. ‘Rather a beggar in the upper world than a king in the realm of shades'... Only the Mysteries still brighten this shadowy teaching... There is a saying by Sophocles about the Mysteries of Eleusis, which conveys his trust and belief in them: ‘Those mortals are thrice blessed who have known this initiation and go to Hades; they alone find life there, while for all others there is only suffering.'... According to [Socrates], whoever dedicates himself to philosophy will find access to inner mysteries, for the world of thought reaches into supersensible regions." -Frank Teichmann

*JoNDE-BAB* Ancient Sources of NDE-Like Literature:

Gnostic Christianity provides us with some striking parallels with modern accounts of near death experiences...

The Gnostic tradition is one of many branches of early Christianity labelled as heretical by the early Church fathers. The term "gnostic" is derived from the Greek gnosis, meaning "to know..."

Raymond Moody (1975) noted the similarities between NDEs and the vision of St. Paul, Plato's story of Er, and The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Frederick Holck (1978) cited comparisons to Plato and The Tibetan Book of the Dead, as well as the Hindu Upanishads, and Babylonian, Egyptian, and Zoroastrian records. Paul and Linda Badham (1987) edited a collection of essays dealing with death and the afterlife among Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and Africans. Carol Zaliski (1987) added similar comparisons with medieval Christian accounts in the form of the Dialogues of Gregory the Great, the Vision of Drythelm, and the Treatise on the Purgatory of St. Patrick. Carl Becker (1981, 1984a, 1984b) found distinct similarities between NDEs and the Pure Land Buddhist tradition...

*LBD* Christianity & Life After Death:

In Christianity also there was a conviction that the human being lives on after death, although the idea of reincarnation- in spite of being hinted at in the Gospels- faded for the time being into the background. The Christian churches continued the old traditions in modified form.

*CtL* Historical Relationships With Death:

French historian Philippe Aries has documented that before 1000 A.D. People had entirely different death experiences than the ones we have today. When the dying person felt his time was near he usually reviewed his life, his acheivements and failures, and wept for the sorrow he felt in knowing he wouldnt see family or friends again. The dying person then asked forgiveness of friends and family for any trespasses he might have committed in the life he was about to leave. Usually, says Aries, the dying would tell of visions of God and of seeing those who had died before them.

*BDL* Names for NDEs:

There are many metaphors for it in the earthly languages. "Crossing over Jordan," "going through the veil"...

*SBtL* Mormons and NDEs:

Mormons did not make near-death experiencers feel crazy. Since the afterlife was a part of their church doctrine, they actually welcomed testimony on what had been seen and heard on the other side.

*CtL* The Aztecs & NDEs:

The Aztec Song of the Dead represents a work that served to enlighten the Aztecs about the world beyond. This was a society that practiced ritual and slow death as part of their basic religion.

Their Song of the Dead tells the story of Quetzalcoatl, their god and legendary king...

Their Song of the Dead reads like a poetic version of a near-death experience... The Song reads like this:

"Then the time came for Quetzlcoatl to die, when he felt the darkness twist in him like a river."

He then had a life review, in which he remembers all of his good works and is able to settle his affairs. He then "saw my face (like looking into a) cracked mirror." He hears flutes and the voices of friends and then passes through a shining city and over hills of many colors. He comes to the edge of a great sea, where he again sees his own face, during which time "the beauty of his face returned to him."

*CtL* The Egyptian NDE Initiation:

Deep in an underground chamber a solemn group of men is seeking guidance from death. They are dressed in white robes and chanting softly around a casket that is sealed with wax. One of their member is steadfastly counting to himself, carefully marking the time. After about eight minutes, the casket is opened, and the man who nearly suffocated inside is revived by the rush of fresh air. He tells the men around him what he saw. As he passed out from lack of oxygen, he saw a light that became brighter and larger as he sped toward it through a tunnel. From that light came a radiant person in white who delivered a message of eternal life.

The priest... says, "..Every living soul is destined to resurrection."

The man who "died" but is now reborn is happy. He is now a member of one of the strangest societies in history.

...This was the cult of Osiris, a small society of men who were the priests and pharaohs of ancient Egypt, one of the greatest civilizations in human history.

...What better way to generate this absolute continuity of the god-king than to have each new king undergo a near-death experience. ...These king-initiates would perceive that same light as the spirit of Osiris...

Archaeologists have deciphered the exact experience of these mystery rituals, and virtually all agree that its purpose was to generate an understanding of eternal life. The Egyptian book of the Dead... Is simply a detailed description of a near-death experience. It starts with a judgement scene and goes on to reveal many gods and various voices, continues on a long boat trip through a dark tunnel, and ends with union with a bright light.

*CtL* A Society Familiar with the Other Side:

I also believe that an NDE as part of a king's job description may account for the unusual peace and prosperity that Egypt enjoyed for the nearly two thousand years that the pharaohs reigned. ...They became kind and caring and interested in the universe and the world around them.

These... People... Were able to obtain a vast knowledge of the stars, even finding dark stars that we have been able to confirm only with powerful telescopes.

The ancient Egyptians were advanced in medicine and the use of foods and antibiotics to prevent epidemics among pyramid workers. They knew of special diets of red onions, bread, and garlic that stimulated the immune system, a diet that was only recently endorsed by the National Science Foundation...

*TB* The Near Death Experience:

The Darkness & the Tunnel: The final phase of the dissolution process of the bardo of dying is when the black experience of "full attainment" dawns. It's like a dark void.

The Light: At the moment of death, the Ground Luminosity or Clear Light dawns in all its splendor.

Cultural Influences on NDEs

*JoNDE-PF* NDEs in Other Cultures:

(Jansen, again, from the first section)

The near-death experience in highly variable from person to person and culture to culture. For example, the tunnel and the being of light in East Indians are often depicted as the River Ganges and a specific guru.

*TbtL* Cultural Interpretation:

In Japan, many NDErs see long dark rivers and beautiful flowers. Indians sometimes see heaven as a giant bureaucracy and are frequently sent back due to clerical errors. Americans and the English are usually sent back for love or to do a job while the natives of Micronesia say that heaven is simlar to a large, brightly lit American city with loud noisy cars and tall buildings.

*D&IS* The River of Death:

A member of the Samoyed tribe: "I had been sick in bed for a long time, and the heat (fever) had plagued me badly. Finally my spirit left its body and flew away. I came to regions where I had never been before and the further I went, the duskier it became. I crossed a large ocean through wondrous forests and high mountains. Finally I reached a ridge of high hills from which I could see a black river. There were many people in the black river all trying to escape from it. Some of them sank ever deeper into the stream and they tried in vain to work themselves out. Others climbed the smooth mountain slopes until their bloody hands were not longer able to continue and they would fall down again. In the river there was a tremendously high pole which many climbed. Large birds were flying around the pole and terrified the people so that they would lose their grip. Others drove back and forth on the river without trying to escape but fished and had a good time on the sand banks.

"In the forests above the river, people were hunting and living just like on earth. A few of them were there with their entire families; others waited for their wives and children."

The souls on the far side of the river seem to lead a comfortable life – while the newly-arrived souls are trying to cross the stream and endure great hardship in doing so.


In another OBE – also during a Ghost Dance – Black Elk again is aware of this wondrous atmosphere: "I saw again how beautiful the day was, the sky all blue and full of yellow light above the greening earth. I saw that all the people were beautiful and young. There were no old ones there, nor children either – just people of about one age, and beautiful."

On the way back to his earthly body Black Elk flies over a black river – obviously the frontier between this world and the Beyond: "I started to walk, and it seemed as though a strong wind went under me and picked me up. I was in the air, with outstretched arms, and floating fast. There was a fearful dark river that I had to go over, and I was afraid. It rushed and roared and was full of angry foam. Then I looked down and saw many men and women who were trying to cross the dark and fearful river, but they could not."

It would seem that only people who have actually died encounter problems at the River of Death because the river appears to represent their individual burden of transgressions.


Essie Parrish, Kashia Pomo shamaness, had her first spiritual experience at the age of seven. She was unconscious at the time: "And so I went. Through rolling hills I walked. Mountains and valleys, and rolling hills. I came to a footbridge, and on the right side there were a whole lot of people and they were naked and crying out, ‘How'd you get over there, we want to get over there, too, but we're stuck here. Please come over here and help us cross. The water's too deep for us.' I didn't pay any attention. I just walked and walked. I came to a four-way road like a cross. East is the right way to go to heaven. North, South, and West were dangerous. At this crossroad, there was a place in the center. North, you could see beautiful things of the Earth, hills and fields and flowers and everything beautiful and I felt like grabbing it but I turned away. South was dark, but there were sounds, monsters, and huge animals. I walked eastward and walked and walked and there were flowers, on both sides of the road. And there is white light at the center while you're walking.


The river marking the frontier between our world and the Beyond consistently occurs in all cultures. According to the Haida Indians, the dead person, once he has reached the shore of an ocean bay, calls to the other shore from where a figure carrying a red staff sets out on a raft to take him to the other side. In Borneo they believe in a city of souls situated on an island in the Sea of Fog. The traveler has to use a vessel made of iron to reach it, because on the way there hot whirlpools of fire must be crossed. Sinners become very thirsty, because of the tremendous heat, but are only offered a pitcher of molten lead to quench their thirst, whereas virtuous people suffer fewer torments. With the Yugakir, there is an old woman standing on the bank of the river who asks whether the soul wishes to cross for good or only temporarily. The traveler then has to cross the river in a boat and is met by a dead relative on the other shore.

In the Solomon Islands, the souls of the dead reached Totomanu, the river of Living Water, in which it bathes and is thereby transformed into a true spirit of the dead. For the Semang (Malaysian Peninsula) the road to the land of the dead at first has ordinary scenery, but then gets lost in spheres that are increasingly unearthly. A river appears, which marks the frontier between this world and the Beyond. After the soul has washed itself in this rive it becomes aware of its destiny, picks a few flowers and then loses the longing to return to the earthly life. The Lakhers (East India) call this river "Lungo," which can be translated as "without feeling," and thus might be an allusion to the loss of the human status as a result of crossing it.

To reach the underworld (Hades) Aeneas had to cross the river Styx. Charon, the ferryman and guardian of the river, wanted to refuse him the crossing, but in the end allowed him to cross as a result of the entreaties by the sybil accompanying him. Similarly, the Egyptians believed in an ocean or sea that separates our world from the underworld, and Sumerians had to cross a large ocean before reaching Sheol, the world of the dead.

The Ojibway Indians, too, have an ancient Orpheus myth, in which a river plays a central role. It tells of the man Geezhig (Cedar) and the woman Wabun-anung (Morning Star).

The river seems deep and wide to some, and narrow and shallow as a brook to others.

As Geezhig draws near the farther side the water becomes more turbulent, full of eeddies and jutting rocks. As Geezhig reaches the other shore he is called back to return to the Land of the Living. He turns his canoe around and recrosses the river which as suddenly shrunk to a small brook.

*TB* The Near Death Experience:

Tibetan NDEs: Traditionally deloks are people who seemingly die as a result of an illness, and find themselves traveling in the bardo. They visit the hell realms, where they witness the judgement of the dead and the sufferings of hell, and sometimes they go to paradises and buddha realms. They can be accompanied by a deity, who protects them and explains what is happening.

1) She failed to realize she was dead, how she found herself out of her body, and saw a pig's corpse lying on her bed, wearing her clothes. When her children wept, she felt a "hail of pus and blood" fall, which caused her intense pain. After a while she heard someone who she thought was her father calling to her and followed him. She arrived in the bardo realm, which appeared to her like a country. From there, there was a bridge that led to the hell realms, and to where the Lord of Death was counting the good or evil actions of the dead. In this realm she met various people who recounted their stories, and she saw a great yogin who had come into the hell realms in order to liberate beings.

*VftA* NDE in Cheyenne Perspective- The Tunnel, NDE, Astral World:

Willow Dancing: "My grandmother was there for me in her brightness. She held her hand out to me and pulled me away from the body that had housed my spirit. She then clothed me in my wedding dress and placed my story belt around my waist. These things had been lost to me in that time of sorrow and destruction for our people. But everything of beauty that is created in love and prayerfulness has a life in the spirit world, and so the song that my spirit sang through these things was not lost, but was given back to me filled with life and glowing with an inner light.

"I was now ready for my last journey as Willow Dancing. All that I knew- my body, the yellow-green grasses, the trees, the rushing waters, the lodges- even the cries of my people- were swallowed up in a great flash of light. And then I heard the thundering wings of the mighty Spirit Bird. This great being of fire and light swept me up and then we were moving faster than the fastest wind. We entered the darkness of the sacred mountain, and as I was carried through the heart of this mountain and into the Spirit World I could feel others of my people near. So many had ended their Earth walk in that time of flowing blood, of flowing tears. And so it was in a river of Spirits that I made my journey. I could see only darkness and light. I could hear only the song of the Thunderbird's wings and his powerful cries, but I knew that my people were there with me.

"Then in a flash of brilliant light we left the sacred mountains and the Thunderbird set me down in the Land of Great Spirit. I could now see, but it was with new eyes. And what my eyes saw my heart embraced with great joy! For there was Wears a Feather. Three Elk was with her for he had met death shortly after toward the Great Council Fire, accompanied by the loving spirits of our ancestors who welcomed us with much celebration.

"There were twelve Great Spirits around this Holy Fire, which lit up all of Creation...

"And then in the fire I saw my life as Willow Dancing. In that Great Light all things were made clear and whole and new. All the pain and anger and hatred of our white brothers that had come to walk with me when I saw what they did to the People, when I saw what they did to the Earth in their ignorance- all was burned away and in their place wisdom and forgiveness and, above all else, love now stood tall and strong in my spirit...

"Wears a Feather runs strong and free with many horses, their bodies sleek and light. There are buffalo as far as the eye can see, moving like a brown river through glowing golden grasses. Deer run swift as the wind, their tails flashing white as they leap with joy. And the Great Eagle and Mighty Hawk dance in the sky above me, all perfect and whole and made of light- the Light of Great Spirit...

"I am learning much here. There is only One Clan, and that is the Clan of the People- white, black, yellow, red- we are all one."

*GHL* A Native American OBE/NDE/Lucid Dream:

"I was so tired that I lay down and fell asleep. Almost as soon as my eyes closed, the ‘Night Walker' spirit was there, coming to take my soul with him.

"We traveled off together, drifting higher and higher, until we came to a place far off in the mountains in a forest. Then I was standing there, as if in the flesh, and Night Walker was walking to me. His face became one with mine, and through his eyes I could see the mistakes I had made over the years, and the things I had missed out on. The Night Walker then said that with this wisdom, I would not be given another chance. Then voices spoke to me, voices out of the past, carrying the words of the Old Ones since the earliest beginnings of time. As each one finished, I said ‘thank you,' and then another one began to speak, like whispers in the wind.

"I felt more aware of myself than ever before, and then songs began to come, not just from the wind, but from the ancient past. They touched me so deeply and made me feel more and more alive. For each song, I gave thanks to the Creator. And this lasted all night long...

I looked back at the rocks in the waterfalls, and there were written ancient legends. I didn't have to walk closer to see as it seemed as though I could see through the water. The first story was about me and my people. It said how I had been preparing for this time. Then it said that these legends had been written here so the mountain water flowing over them would always wash over them and keep them pure." -Kenneth Cooper

The Experience is Individually Tailored

*SFH* Staging of the After-Death Scene:

I asked my friend, and his friends, about death- what happends when we die? They said that when a loving person dies, angels come down to meet him, and they take him up- gradually, at first, because it would be unbearable for that person to be instantly exposed to God.

...They know what each of us needs, so they provide that. In some cases it may be a heavenly meadow, and in another, something else. If a person needs to see a relative, the angels will bring that relative. If the person really likes jewels, they will show the person jewels. We see what is necessary for our introduction into the spirit world, and those things are real, in the heavenly, the divine sense.

They gradually educate us as spirit beings, and bring us into heaven. We grow and increase, and grow and increase, and shed the concerns, desires, and base animal stuff that we have been fighting much of our life.

*BtL* Humorous Jesus:

Electric shocks did make a difference, but during the tenth treatment her heart went into fibrillation- nurse had forgotten to give her a necessary shot of potassium- and she died:

"I was floating above my body.

"There was Jesus. I was stunned and said, "I don't believe in you." He smiled and said the etheric equivalent of tough shit, here I am. Looking at his eyes, I asked, "You mean, you've been with me the whole time and I didn't know?" and his reply was: "Lo, I am with thee, always, even beyond the end of the world." Now I wasn't into lo so I said, "Hey, man, this is the seventies and we don't say lo. Come on." He kind of grinned, I guess I was amusing him, and answered, "You want to be reincarnated?" "Hey give me a break," I yelled (only I made no sound). "I just died. Don't I get a chance to rest?" "Take it easy, hold on, it's alright. You can change your mind at any time." I gasped, "I don't even believe in you and now you want me to reincarnate. Help!"

"Our conversation continued. He even asked me to kiss his feet. No way. I gave him a bear hug and kissed his cheek. I got the equivalent of a belly laugh. I was so happy with him that words were no longer necessary. We then communicated mind-to-mind. Suddenly I was aware God was coming. I came to know that I had needed a human-looking Christ to relate to so I wouldn't be scared.

"The White Light in front of me was so strong. This was so delicious, I was crying with torrents of tears that didn't exist. It was so enormous. I was loved. I didn't feel irrelevant. I felt humble, awed, and amazed. (NOTE: She proceeds to a life review in a domed room)

*OwtL* Angels Fulfill Expectations:

Gloria said that she had always wondered about the Old Testament story of Jacob wrestling with an angel. Could a man really wrestle with an angelic entity?..

"Jacob, you see, required a kind of physical act to accompany the spiritual blessing that he sought so desperately. So the angel wrestled with him as a kind of stimulus to accompany the blessing that he would have gladly and willingly bestowed anyway."


She and a group of angels walked with her into a beautiful area of flowers, green grass, and a small stream.

"This is not the true Heaven," one of the angels cautioned her. "This is a construct that we have created for your good and your gaining. It is our intention that this experience will contribute greatly to the positive growth of your soul.


"Well, if you're supposed to be an angel, where are your wings?"

"If you want wings, you'll get wings. I didnt think such traditional trappings would appeal to a disciple of science such as yourself," the angel replied...

"If you prefer a business suit, I can arrange it with but a moment's thought."

Belief Shapes Your After-Death Experience

*VftA* NDEs- Where They Differ, Where They Must Be Similar:

Angels: "The way a person lives while in your world- their mythology and understanding of the workings of the universe- determines the form their transition will take.

"However, every soul's transition holds similar characteristics. The essence of all life- all truth- is the same... The truth is filtered through each individual's idea of how things work...

"Each soul, from no matter what culture or religious background, will experience the tunnel and unearthly music and living sounds that affect them profoundly. They each experience the brilliant light of Heaven and otherworldly beings- both familiar and unfamiliar to them. They each will experience a review of their most recent life. They all encounter that Great Being, the perfected Child of God, who is known by many names in many cultures...

"The most recent experiences of the newly departed soul will determine his understanding of who this Divine Essence is. Many names, one being. Many paths, one destination- one destiny: to let go of anything that interferes with a total and complete surrender to God and His Love."

*TDA* The Force of Belief After Death:

Dr. Peebles: "When you die from the human body- you do have the encouragement and direct inspiration of friends and loved ones, teachers of the spirit world, to use as a resource. However [forcefully], you remain in control. Your free will remains dominant... That's the stubbornness we're talking about. The desire to disbelieve the right to be loved, or the reality of this or that, can be so strong- and supported through logic- that any manifestation and experience is secondary to the drive to remain safe...

"If you believe in hell, and that you deserve to go there- and you believe it so firmly that you are not willing to even blink your eye, then you will experience a place called hell. For a while. For the power of the divine within is so strong that you will be gathered with others of like mind, who insist on believing it as well, so you create that reality.

"But if there is even a flicker of an eyelash of receptivity to an alternative, you begin to experience more light of a more objectified and consistent universe...

"So, yes, you continue to believe, for the most part, what you believed after you died. This is altered in greater or lesser degrees by the real and direct proximity of inspiration."

Cause of NDEs

*BDL* Cause of NDEs:

S: When [NDEs] happen it is usually because their guide has decided that they were heading towards a dead end in their karma. They were not really wanting to break out of their pattern. Something like that happens to really shake up their thinking, so they start on new patterns and can begin guiding their karma into new directions, hopefully more positive patterns.

*TtE* Expectation-Caused NDEs:

The experience of an NDE before an injury often happens under stressful conditions... Skiers have found themselves in situations where they were flying through the air and felt that they would probably not survive the jump. Although they did survive, they had an NDE because of the intense stress from the expectation of death.

NDE Caused By Fear

** Near/Fear NDE:

1) While I was picking the flowers, a car came whizzing by and suddenly headed straight for me. As I looked up and saw what I presumed would be an inevitable death, I separated from my body and viewed what was happening from another perspective. My whole life flashed in front of me, from that moment backwards to segments of my life. The review was not like a judgment. It was passive, more like an interesting novelty.

2) Albert fell 70 feet down a sheer rock face. He felt no fear, only peace and serenity. His mental activity increased a hundredfold velocity and his surroundings were transfigured in a heavenly light. The climber had time to see every major event off his life flash before his eyes, each incident acquiring a greater, deeper significance. "I was both hero and onlooker. Then sounded solemn music as though through an organ in powerful chords. I felt myself go softly backwards into this magnificent heaven." Many other falls by others resulted in the same sensations.

*TbtL* Fear Death and Near Death:

The circuitboards can be tripped in two ways, from fear death and near death. There was no light in fear death.

Predeath Visions & NDEs

*CtL* Predeath Visions:

Predeath visions have many things in common with near-death experiences. For instance, the dying patient who has been in pain for several days suddenly finds himself devoid of pain and discomfort. ...Also, predeath visions frequently involve visions of other worlds and conversations with dead loved ones.

*CtL* Predeath Vision- Angels Break Glass:

"He was unsedated, fully conscious, and had a low temperature. He was a rather religious person and believed in life after death. We expected him to die, and he probably did too, as he was asking us to pray for him. In the room where he was lying, there was a staircase leading to the second floor. Suddenly he exclaimed: ‘See, the angels are coming down the stairs. The glass has fallen and broken.' All of us in the room looked toward the staircase where a drinking glass had been placed on one of the steps. As we looked, we saw the glass break into a thousand pieces without any apparent cause. It did not fall; it simply exploded. The angels, of course, we did not see. A happy and peaceful expression came over the patient's face."

*CtL* Predeath Vision- What It's Like Going To Heaven:

[A seven-year-old boy] had experienced a predeath vision of what heaven was like...

When he was asked what heaven looked like in his vision, he tried his best to explain it: "It's sort of like if you went through another passageway... You walked right through a wall to another galaxy or something. It's sort of like walking into your brain. And it's sort of like living on a cloud, and your spirit is there, but not your body. You've left your body. It is really like walking into your mind."

*CtL* Predeath Vision- Colors, Double-Jump:

At about three A.M., Seth sat up again, startling the four people who had gathered around the bed to pray. "There are beautiful colors in the sky!" he shouted. "There are beautiful colors and more colors. You can double jump up here, double jump!"

...Seth died a rare death in the world of modern medicine. He had taken no painkilers, no mind-altering medications; he was surrounded by family and friends. His visions left his family intact and comforted.

Infant & Children NDEs

*CtL* NDE- 9 Month Old NDE, Stasis, Tunnel, Running With God:

Mark's story is among the most fascinating near-death experiences because of his age when it happened- he was only nine months old. ..Mark had severe bronchiolitis. While in the emergency room, he had a full cardiopulminary arrest. For more than forty minutes, doctors worked tro revive him and finally did. Most people show signs of mental retardation from experiences such as this, but not Mark. (NOTE: There is never any negative body affects in being out in a NDE. The body is kept in perfect stasis.)

...He then reported seeing a long, dark tunnel and crawling up it. He said it was difficult to crawl without a helping hand, but he couldnt say who was helping him. At the end of this tunnel was a bright light that kept him going.

At the end of that tunnel, he found a "bright place" and "ran through fields with God.: He was very animated when he described this run with God. He said that "one can double jump in heaven" (a statement, incidentally, that I heard later from another patient) and turn without effort.

*VftA* Death is Easy for Children:

Angels: "Remember not to be sad for the child who has to leave the planet early, because it is not that difficult for them."

*VS-RP* Meeting a Dead Secret Brother During an NDE:

Widdison tells the story about a little boy who had a drowning experience (which is the most common way children have an NDE). Upon resuscitation, he said to his mother, "Mommy, how come you never told me I had a brother named Michael?" The boy had been lovingly greeted by his brother, Michael, who had been born dead. the mother nearly fainted when her son revealed this information to her.

*VS-PMHA* Ole Negative Atwater:

[Children of the New Millennium] concerns my study of children's near-death states, and more specifically focuses on 277 child experiencers, 44 of whom filled out a lengthy and very probing questionnaire...

The youngest to have a distressing, unpleasant scenario that I came across was only nine days old.. the baby girl was traumatized by the ghoul-like beings who threatened her when she "died" during surgery. The event haunted her throughout her childhood, and was not resolved until she had a second near-death experience twenty-eight years later that explained the first one.

*GotB* A Child's NDE- Children in Golden Cities:

[Ten-year-old Hans Borgmann] was crushed under a wall when it collapsed...

"It felt wonderful. So wonderful, I only hoped never to lose the feeling. Twice I visited another county. There were a lot of children there playing outdoors and in big, golden cites...

"The first time I went away I saw children outdoors, with such wonderful toys, I didn't want ever to go away. They had instruments which they made nice music with and flowers that you could see growing."

*VS-MM* Children's Uncultured NDEs:

It is not until age four and older that children start to incorporate cultural elements such as religious figures or visions of heaven into the experience.

NDE Stories

*CBAP* NDE: Loud Heart Beat, Squeezing Through Narrow Tunnel, Stream of Dead, Roaring Return:

Case No. 563: "I went through the strange and painful experience of drowning. It seemed to me that I was being shot from one huge anvil to another,- that big sledge-hammers were crashing down upon my chest. No doubt this terrible pounding was the exaggerated beating of my tortured heart.

"Then suddenly it seemed that I was swept into a glistening spiral-tunnel so narrow that it began to squeeze the last bit of air from my agonized lungs. This tunnel ended in a mere pinpoint of light, but somehow I knew that I had to squeeze through this tiny opening... Finally I slipped through the opening and was released from all pain and pressure.

"I found myself floating in a strange ‘stream'... which wended upward into infinity. This ‘river' carried my along. It's water and space and the stars seemed to emit a soothing music which penetrated my innermost being. It was incredibly beautiful and filled my with bliss and peace.

"When I opened my eyes I saw that the strange ‘river' was filled with people of all races and ages. Men, women, and children drifted along and were carried up towards the stars along with me. They all had their eyes closed and seemed to be listening to the soothing music as I had listened... I saw that the river reached a far-flung shore where people stood waiting in groups, like welcoming parties. The water eddied onto beaches, into coves and nooks and crannies. Hands reached out to pull some of the drifters out of the river... The waiting people hugged and kissed them as if they had come home from a long and dangerous voyage...

"I almost touched mother's hand, then suddenly I felt myself being pulled away. I seemed to sink into a whirlpool, and my mother smiled sadly as she watched my being sucked rapidly down. She became smaller and smaller until her figure was a mere dot, and then she vanished while a roar filled my ears and the whirlpool forced my chest to heave convulsively.

"Next I was aware of vomiting the water..."

Twisting NDEs for Selfish Purposes

*WtL* Medieval Christian Exploitation of NDEs:

In medieval times, reports of otherworldly visions- "educational tours" of the otherworld, including journeys through the terrors of hell- were well-known, since they were very effectively exploited by the church for its own purposes. The recounting of a vision often became a collaborative effort as the reticence of the visionary was overridden to develop the story into a convincing conversion narrative. Such stories were lucrative for the church, as they served to confirm the need for expensive funeral rites and intercessory Masses on behalf of the dead.

Belief in the Afterlife

*BMS* Belief in the Afterlife:

"A large majority of Americans (73 percent) do affirm [a belief in the afterlife] (National Opinion Research Center, 1986)." -Karlis Osis

Sending Out a Death Projection

*SiO* Seeing Apparitions At Death:

[The mayavi-rupa] is unconscious to the extent that the dying man does not generally do it knowingly; nor is he aware that he so appears. What happens is this. If he thinks very intently at the moment of death of the person he either is very anxious to see, or loves best, he may appear to that person. The thought becomes objective; the double, or shadow of a man, being nothing but the faithful reproduction of him, like a reflection in a mirror: that which the man does, even in thought, that the double repeats. This is why the phantoms are often seen in such cases in the clothes they wear at the particular moment, and the image reproduces even the expression on the dying man's face... so when a man who has been drowned appears to his friend, the image will be seen to be dripping with water. The cause for the apparition may also be reversed; i.e., the dying man may or may not be thinking at all of the particular person his image appears to, but it is that person who is sensitive... Let us call the dying man A, and him who sees the double B. The latter, owing to love, hate, or fear, has the image of A so deeply impressed on his psychic memory, that actual magnetic attraction and repulsion are established between the two, whether one knows of it and feels it, or not. When A dies, the sixth sense or psychic spiritual intelligence of the inner man in B becomes cognizant of the change in A, and forthwith apprized the physical senses of the man by projecting before his eye the form of A as it is at the instant of the great change. The same when the dying man longs to see some one; his thought telegraphs to his friend, consciously or unconsciously along the sire of sympathy, and becomes objective...

The ‘Double' cannot act unless the key-note of this action was struck in the brain of the man to whom the ‘Double' belongs, be that man just dead, or alive, in good or in bad health. If he paused on the thought a second, long enough to give it form, before he passed on to other mental pictures, this one second is as sufficient for the objectivization of his personality on the astral waves, as for your face to impress itself on the sensitized plate of a photographic apparatus. Nothing prevents your form then being seized upon by the surrounding Forces- as a dry leaf fallen from a tree is taken up and carried away by the wind- being made to caricature or distort your thought...

There must exist a connecting link- a telegraph wire- between the two persons, a point of psychic sympathy, and on this the thought travels instantly. Of course there must be, in every case, some strong reason why that particular thought takes that direction; it must be connected in some way with the other person.

Commonality of NDEs

*OwtL* Frequency of NDEs:

Dr. Bruce Greyson, professor of psychiatry at the University of Connecticut Health Center, says that his studies indicate that as many as eight million Americans have undergone a near-death-experience that completely transformed their lives.

*TtE* Number of US NDEs:

Using standard polling techniques, Gallup determined that eight million people in the United States had NDEs. Shortly after that, a subsequent poll expanded this number to thirteen million, an impressive population.

*VS-BH* Number of NDEs:

George Gallup, Jr., in Adventures in Immortality by Cox-Chapman was told: there are conservatively at least 8 million adult experiencers who have had an NDE and/or/OBE, although the number was probably closer to 12 million; meaning that one out of 25 people in the United States have had one or more experiences.

*WtL* NDE Survey in 1985:

Even ten years ago (NOTE: That'd be around 1985) a survey in the United States revealed that eight million Americans, or five percent of the adult American population, have had [a NDE]. And, in a prospective hospital survey conducted about the same time, it was found that in circumstances of near-death crisis more than forty percent of people report an NDE.

*EtS-SBH* Commonality of NDEs:

Over 20 million people in the United States reported having a near-death experience at least once in their lifetime.

*PA* Children NDEs:

Research shows that about one-third of people who face death in a hospital or clinical setting have an NDE, according to the authors. But in children, that figure jumps to 75 percent.

Simultaneous NDEs

** Simultaneous NDEs:

1) I feel powerless because I can't get to her and I'm yelling, 'Hang on, don't panic,' when I take a tremendous mouthful of water. Without any warning, time, as I know it, stops.

"The water has a golden glow and I find myself just floating as without gravity, feeling very warm and comfortable. I'm floating in a vertical position with my arms outstretched and my head laying on my left shoulder. I feel totally at peace and full of serenity in this timeless space. Next I go through a past-life review. It was like looking at a very fast slide show of my past life, and I do mean fast, like seconds. I don't quite understand the significance of all the events that were shown to me, but I'm sure there is some importance. When this ended, it was as if I was floating very high up and looking down at a funeral. Suddenly I realized that I was looking at myself in a casket. I saw myself dressed in a black tux with a white shirt and a red rose on my left lapel. Standing around me were my immediate family and significant friends.

"Then, as if some powerful force wrapped around me, I was thrust out of the water, gasping for air. There was Debbie within arm's reach. I grabbed her by the back of her hair and I was able to get us both over to the rocks and out of the water. After lying on the rocks for a while, I glance over at Debbie and it's like looking at a ghost. As she describes what she went through, it became apparent that we both had the same experience underwater - the golden glow, the serenity, seeing our lives flash before us, floating over a funeral, and seeing ourselves in a casket.

(Me: Time stops, false funeral)

** Mass Transition: Cougar:

With me were many others; a tidal wave of human souls rushing away from the material world as the whole continent of Alantis was destroyed.

*BtL* Horrifying Shared NDEs:

If two or more teenagers or adults were in close physical proximity to each other when their near-death episode occurred – they tended to have either identical or similar experiences.

1) When clinically dead, a woman I knew had experienced an incident that went like this: She floated out of her body and into a dark tunnel, then headed through the tunnel toward a bright light ahead. Once the light was reached, she came to view a landscape of barren, rolling hills filled to overflowing with nude, zombie-like people standing elbow to elbow doing nothing but staring straight at her. She was so horrified at what she saw that she started screaming. This snapped her back into her body, where she continued screaming until sedated.

As I patiently listened, two other people entered the room, an elderly man and woman, both walking with canes. Both relayed substantially the same story as the woman I knew.

All three confessed to having hidden within their deepest selves varying types of guilt. They admitted to me that they met what they most feared in dying.

Before I left, a nurse took me aside and said there was one more experiencer, a man recovering from surgery who was so shaken he refused to speak with anyone, but kept muttering words like "hills and hills of nude people, all staring."

Sorrow's Affect on the Passing Spirit

*DA* Awakening the Slumbering Dead With Sorrow:

In the case of such a person as we have been describing, an awakening may be caused by the passionate sorrow and desires of friends left on earth and these violently vibrating kamic elements in the embodied persons may set up vibrations in the desire body of the disembodied... This awakening is often accompanied with acute suffering, and even if this be avoided, the natural process of the Triad freeing itself is rudely disturbed, and the completion of its freedom is delayed...

Intense desire may move the disembodied entity to return spontaneously to the sorrowing ones left behind, but this spontaneous return is rare in the case of persons of the type we are just now considering.

*BDL* Tied Ghosts:

S: It is either [many problems], or someone here on Earth is tying them so hard that they cant leave. Every time you grieve for someone who is gone, you the that person a little closer to being earthbound.

*RotOS* Letting Go of the Dying & Dead:

People making the transition to the spirit world are sometimes held to the physical world by the desire of those they love to hold onto them. The force of the grieving can make it very difficult for those who are ready to move on into spirit.

...They dying can slip easier if their loved ones leave the room, taking their sadness with them. We must give our loved ones permission to leave us.

...Lois went into a coma. Sitting by her bed, I was able to psychically hear her thoughts. She was saying that she was very tired and was ready to move on but she couldnt bear to leave her grieving husband.

...I patted this dear lady's hand and left the toom to find her husband.

...Tom left me to spend time alone with his dear Lois. He sat on the bed beside her. He talked about their life together. Laughing at times over the memories calmed him. Telling her he loved her and would miss her but wanted her to go on to her new life freed both of them.

He left the room to get a cup of coffee. Lois passed on while he was gone. Tom knew before he returned to the room that she was gone. Later he remarked that he had never experienced the peace he had felt as he entered the room and looked at Lois. At the at moment he felt positive that she was truly in a higher place.

*RotOS* Feeling Grief From Beyond:

For a short time you'll feel the vibrations of the sadness of your earth friends. Though you will feel sympathy at their grief, you will lack sentiment. The knowledge that grief is a normal and necessary part of life will prevent you from worrying about the reactions of those on earth.

*CtL* Holding Back the Dying:

A five-year-old boy was in a coma, dying from a malignant brain tumor. He had been in the coma for three weeks and was surrounded almost the entire time by his family. They encircled his bed and prayed constantly for his recovery, taking only brief breaks to eat and rest.

At the end of the third week, the pastor of the family's church came into the hospital room and told them a remarkable story. He'd had a dream, he said, in which the boy told him, "It's my time to die. You must tell my parents to quit praying. I am supposed to go now."

The pastor was nervous about delivering this message to the family. Still, he said, it was a message too vivid to ignore. "It's as though he was right there in the room, talking to me face to face."

The family members accepted the minister's dream as a message from their son. They prayed, they touched his comatose body, and they told him that he would be missed, but he had permission to die.

Suddenly, the boy regained consciousness. He thanked his family for letting him go and told them he would be dying soon. He died the next day.

*Ea* Grounded By Grief:

Others, though aware of their mortal death, can be physically chained to the earth plane by surviving mortals.


"Mama, I cant go on till you let go. Let go!" The voice broke with sorrow...

He paused, then, imploringly, "Oh, Mama, the light's there and I want to go to it. Let go of me."

*AP* The Disservice of Uncontrolled Grief:

There is another and much more frequently exercised influence which may seriously retard a disembodied entity on his way to deyachan, and that is the intense and uncontrolled grief of his surviving friends or relatives. It is one among many melancholy results of the terribly inaccurate and even irreligious view that we in the West have for centuries been taking of death. When our departed brother is sinking peacefully and naturally into pre-devachanic unconsciousness, an awakening may be caused by the passionate sorrow and desires of friends left on earth, and these violently vibrating the karmic elements in the embodied persons, may set up vibrations in the Kamarupa of the disembodied. Thus it may be roused from its dreamy state to vivid remembrance of the earth-life so lately left. This awakening is often accompanied by acute suffering. Grief, however natural it may be, is yet in its essence selfish.

A man's affectionate remembrance of his departed friend is of real value to him.

Fear of Death

*TBD* Fear of Death is Fear of Life After Death:

We are afraid of death, not because we know it is nothing, but because we know in our bones it cannot automatically bring us nothing. We fear the many painful somethings it might bring us.

*VftA* Facing Death, Facing Truth:

I perched momentarily in the lap of a great rounded stone to drink in the beauty of the high desert. It was then that I sensed a change in the energy surrounding me. I closed my eyes, and when I opened them again, I saw a great distortion of the air, as if I were looking at things through a watery screen. it was And, come to show my her life, her death, and the wisdom she gained from these experiences...

And: Dying wasn't easy for me... I fought it through all the operations and the dashed hopes and the realizations of my worst fears. I fought it until the end, through the pain and the rage and the helplessness and the tears, until I had nothing left to fight with. It was only then that I began to understand. It was the moment of stillness which allowed me to see the truth.

The Body's Fear of Death

*APr* On Death:

What of the Last Projection? There is nothing to fear. Be assured of that! The terror is not in us, but in the body—the poor, frail, animal part, so weary, yet dreading its coming dissolution. We shall rise from the last sleep even as from some half-remembered dream of woe and feel those haunting shapes slip back into the night now past. Yes, young and strong again, shall we stand erect in the glamorous dawn of the new life, and stretch our spirit-arms to greet the glory of the rising sun.

Learning More About Death On Earth

*Medium* Knowing About Death On Earth:

It is better if you believe while you are yet on Earth, for then you can do much that is good, than to wait until you come here. For many are they who look back and wish that they had known truth when on Earth. How different their lives would have been, how different their actions, and how much more could they have served their fellow men, and God in consequence.

*Mediums* Bessie:

Overriding Expectation: When I passed over I was met by my parents, brothers and sisters. I was so surprised I had not got wings! I sure did! When I realized where I was I felt behind my back, and I hadn't got no wings at all, you know! No one had wings! I realized that you don't have wings there. But I was always taught, you know, that when you went to Heaven you had great big wings, and the better you was, the bigger your wings was.

Dealing with Death

*TDA* Cremation and Wakes:

Don: "So at the time of death... the resultant transformation, release of the body... is this made easier through cremation?"

Dr. Peebles: "Yes, and we highly recommend it. We strongly encourage the burning of the body as very healthy and as a wonderful experience that helps the passing... Also the experience of a wake, for example, that celebrates death, this as well we strongly encourage."

*TDA* Dealing With Death:

Dr. Peebles: "Certainly the tears must be honored, for missing the presence of a loved one, but in terms of the loved one who has passed, you can feel good for them. They are much better off. They are celebrating their experience of love.

"So the wake is a celebration that the departed soul is well and that it is going on to a finer experience. It is also a ‘thank-you' to the soul for having lived with us and been with us. So the person who is on the spirit side, recently passed, feels so much better.

"Compare that experience to John, on the spirit side, looking at Mary who seven months later is still crying her eyes out, day and night. And because he loves her, is her going to leave her? Probably not; he might stay around and still try to help her. And so Mary, in terms of loving John- if she really understood that- would stop crying, that's all, and feel that love she has for John, so he can go about his business."

*CtL* Death Denial:

• All parties avoid "dangerous" topics.

• Discussions of "dangerous" topics stop immediately if someone becomes emotional.

• When something happens to expose the fiction that is being sustained, then everyone pretends that nothing went awry: For example, in her research Dr. Bluebond-Langner describes a therapist who tells a child to draw whatever he wants. The child responds by drawing a grave. The therapist immediately took a break from picture drawing.

• All parties strive to keep interaction normal: As death approaches, more effort is spent pretending that everything is normal. The researchers cited above found a dramatic increase in the discussion of such "safe" topics as ward activities, restaurants, movies, television programs, and so forth.

• All parties strive to keep interactions brief: When reality intrudes, all parties strive to end the interaction.

*WANF* Dying is an Affair for the Living:

"A man's dying is more the survivor's affair than his own." -Thomas Mann

Settling Earthly Affairs

*RotOS* Getting Earthly Affairs in Order:

Many people are unable to move into the spirit world because they feel they have unfinished business on earth.

My friend Beth's mother lay totally paralyzed for eight months... As I held her hand, I was deeply disturbed by her vibrations. Though she seemed to be in a resting state, she was deeply worried that her personal affairs were not in order...

There were very specific instructions from her mother about the handling of the estate. Certain things needed to be arranged immediately. As soon as she knew everything had been taken care of, Beth's mother passed on in her sleep.

Listening to NDEs

*SBtL* Nurses Listen More to NDEs:

I have found that although doctors tend to ignore these experiences, nurses listen to them and use them to help patients heal.

*VS-DC* Repressed NDEs Bring Problems:

I have received several calls from parents who have children who are experiencers, and who are having trouble with their school system. The counselors don't know what the experience is so they tell the children that their experience was not real and they should not talk about it... PMH Atwater's current research shows children NDEs having more problems with alcohol and suicide...

Not knowing or not understanding the near-death experience is equivalent to seeing a bleeding child and not knowing enough to bandage the wound.

Planning Your Moment of Death

*TDA* Free Will & The Moment of Dying:

Don: "[John Doe]'s getting ready to vacate the flesh... does somebody in spirit world already know that his time is coming? Is there any sort of a preparation that is made for this?"

Dr. Peebles: "It is usually not planned to the minute, although that does happen... So the free will, according to your growth patterns... dictate as to what year and what month one is either finished- what you want to learn and need to learn in this life- or you don't care if you're finished, you want to quit, and want to really withdraw, and so you invoke your own experience. So it is predestined, and yet that predestination is hand in hand with a free will... And you can reset it when you go to sleep every night, or at least once a month."

*UR2* Deciding When to Die:

There is a time when you, as a consciousness, decide that death will happen, when in your terms you no longer bridge the gap of minute deaths.

Post-Death Visitations

*TDA* Recently Post-Death Visitations:

Don: "Could you comment on the phenomenon in which those who have recently died are said to physically reappear to friends or family?

Dr. Peebles: "They are manifesting their etheric bodies... which can appear to be physical and can be touched...

"Jesus, for example, was using his etheric body in a projection of his total and complete self, slowing down the vibration through thought and through will.

"Now, this can take place not only through love but through great rage, or anger, or extraordinary emotions to slow the vibration down into an anchored locality in your physical world. And that's the etheric body."

Dead While Living

*TDA* Death Defined:

Dr. Peebles: "[Death] is believing that you are complete, fulfilled.

Near Death Is Death

*TDA* Near Death IS Death:

Dr. Peebles: "It was a death experience, Don. Wasn't near-death; it was death. And if you had not chosen to come to the body, you just would have kept going right where you were."

*CtL* NDE Requires A Short Death:

A person does need to be near death to experience an NDE. Of the 121 seriously ill children, not one of them had anything resembling a near-death experience.

...I went outside the control group to interview thirty-seven children who had been treated with almost every kind of mind-altering medication known to pharmacology.

...None of them had anything resembling an NDE.

...The experimental group, those children who had survived cardiac arrest or who had miraculously returned from deep comas, had another story all together. Most of these children had at least one of the NDE traits- being out of their physical bodies, traveling up some sort of tunnel, seeing a light, visiting with people who describe themselves as being dead, seeing a Being of Light, having a life review, and maybe even deciding consciously to return to their bodies.

Pre-Death Lucidity

*TtE* The Lucid Moments Before Death:

In many situations where a patient has been dying over a fairy long period of time, perhaps in a coma, a remarkable change takes place just before the moment of death. Family members or medical personnel notice a "brightening," a different quality when the fatal condition briefly changes. The patient's eyes may open, and sometimes there is a verbal expression of a vision, just a few moments before their long-awaited release occurs. In the American Bible Belt, this change is commonly called "angel gazing."

Elation In Final Hours(SD): Most patients living through their last hours are far from sad. They are joyful, even elated. This curious mood change often coincided with them seeing, and sometimes even holding conversations with relatives recently deceased.

Scientific Bias & Medical Ignorance

*VS-MM* What Biological Correlates of NDEs Mean:

By understanding that there is a biological counterpart to near-death experiences, we learn that these experiences are quite real indeed.

*VS-HB* The Absurdity of Attributing NDEs to Birth Memories:

The notion... that the NDE with its bright light is nothing more than a memory of birth in a brightly lit delivery room is deplorable in its ignorance of wither experience. Children born in the middle of the night in dark hovels are just as likely as those born under glaring lights to experience the bright light in an NDE.

*CtL* The Present Ignorant Medical Treatment of Death:

Patients who have predeath visions are treated for "anxiety" with narcotics and Valium, both of which erase short-term memory and prevent patients from remembering any visions or near-death experiences they may have had.

...About ninety percent of poeple who die in hospitals are heavily sedated, endlessly resuscitated and medicated until even the most aggressive physician has had enough, and the body is permitted to die.

...Time and motion studies show doctors spending less time with a patient as he nears death. Doctors like to think they are in control of situations. When a patient starts slipping away, the phsyician can feel uncomfortable with a situation he cant control. ...Feeling emotionally close to a patient means that the doctor too will suffer an emotional loss whent he patient dies.

*CtL* Lying About Death:

Our current attitudes toward death started developing in the mid-1800s, when physicians began lying to patients about their true prognoses. ...As recently as ten years ago, most physicians felt that such lying was ethical and in the patient's best interest.

Since the loving lie can only be maintained if the patient is kept ignorant, physicians became less willing to answer questions. ...Children especially avoid discussing death because they recognize that people visit them les if they ask questions.

*CtL* Dying Alone With Machines:

Technology- beneficial as it is- has made a terrible parody of death. Instead of a deathbed scene in which the patient shares a last moment with family and friends, people are more likely to be surrounded and sustained by machines.

...Many times with Airlift Northwest we would pick up children who had no chance of surviving and aggressively resuscitate them for the two or three hours it took to get them to the Children's Hospital...

We did this because of the loving lie. ...We wanted the parent to believe that everything possible was being done. Unfortunately, "doing everything" often meant taking dying children for a five hundred-mile airplane ride only to have them die alone, separated from their parents.

NDE Location in the Brain?

*CtL* The Right Temporal Lobe & NDEs:

Ward remembered one patient who experienced every trait of the near-death experience while Wilder Penfield poked an area of his brain with an electric probe. As part of the patient's brain was stimulated, he had the sensation of leaving his body. When another area close by was stimulated, he had the sensation of zooming up a tunnel, and so forth.

Ward thought that the area Penfield was probing was the right temporal lobe...

At times patients on his operating table would say, "I am leaving my body now," when he touched this area with an electric probe. Several reported saying, "I'm half in and half out."

The area he was "mapping" was the Sylvian fissure, an area in the right temporal lobe located just above the right ear. When he electrically stimulated the surrounding areas of the fissure, patients frequently had the experience of "seeing God," hearing beautiful music, seeing dead friends and relatives, and even having a panoramic life review.

...The near-death experience is the first psychological experience to be located within the brain.

...[It has been] established that the near-death experience is a natural and normal event that happens to human beings when they die.

*BtL* NDE Phenomenon in Brain:

Electrical stimulation of the right temporal lobe of the brain, above the right ear and specifically in the Sylvan fissure, can produce visions of God, hearing beautiful music, seeing dead friends and relatives, and even having panoramic life reviews.

Suicide NDEs

*BtL* Suicide NDEs:

Contrary to popular notions, most suicide near-death scenarios are positive, or at least illustrative of the importance of life and its living.

*LAL* Suicide:

I do know of a few cases in which a suicide attempt was the cause of the apparent death. These experiences were uniformly unpleasant. Those who have gone to this unpleasant limbo remarked that they had the feeling that they would be there for a long time. This was their penalty for "breaking the rules" by trying to release themselves prematurely from what was, in effect, as "assignment"- to fulfill a certain purpose.

1) I didnt go where my wife was. I went to an awful place.

2) Two things it was completely forbidden for me to do was to kill myself or another person.

*TB* Suicide:

When a person commits suicide, the consciousness has no choice but to follow its negative karma, and it may well happen that a harmful spirit will seize and possess his life force.

*PA* Suicide NDEs:

Contrary to popular notions, most suicide NDEs are positive, or at least illustrative of the importance of life and its living. Although I have yet to find a suicide experience that was in any way transcendent or in-depth, just to have something happen, anything that affirms that he or she is loved and special, seems miracle enough for the one involved. Near-death survivors from suicide attempts can and often do return with the same sense of mission that any other experiencer of the phenomenon reports. And that mission is usually to tell other potential victims that suicide is not the answer.

Some are negative, and these can be so negative that they upset the individual more than the original problem that precipitated the suicide. This kind of devastation can be transforming if used as a catalyst to help the person make the kind of changes that comprise constructive, long-term solutions. Such changes can come from an inner awakening, or from the fear that what was experienced may indeed herald the individual's final fate if something is not done to turn things around.

Frightening NDEs

*BtL* Negative NDEs:

One out of seven of those I interviewed spoke of hell rather than heaven.

In the hell-like cases I've dealt with, seldom does anyone mention fiery hot or burning sensations; rather, most comment on how cold it was, or clammy or shivery or somehow "hard" or empty. Also mentioned is the dullness of the light, sometimes gray or "heavy" as if overcast, foggy. Many experienced a bright light beckoning to them initially, but when they entered the light it promptly dimmed or darkened.

Only adults reported unpleasant and/or hell-like episodes; children didn't.

1) During the premature delivery of her second child, things went awry:

"I knew the hospital and the world were receding below me, very fast; to this day my mind holds a sharp picture of them down there, though I don't know how I could so clearly have seen something I didn't look at. I was rocketing through space like an astronaut without a capsule, with immense speed and great distance. A small group of circles appeared ahead of me, some tending toward the left. To the right was just a dark space. The circles were black and white, and made a clicking sound as they snapped black to white, white to black. They we jeering and tormenting, not evil, exactly, but more mocking and mechanistic. The message in their clicking was: your life never existed. You were allowed to imagine it. You were allowed to make it up. It was never there. There is nothing here. There was never anything there. That's the joke – it was all a joke."

*BtL* Hellish NDE After-Effects:

Also common are reports of hauntings after the individual revives and resumes the routines of daily living. These are perceived as physical, very solid and real. The numerous claims that a "devil" can suddenly appear and disappear, as he chases the experiencer in broad daylight to try and capture his or her soul or do battle.

My third near-death experience was precipitated by a complete physical, emotional, and mental collapse. My body fell away as I, the soul I perceived myself to be, took leave and soared high through the night sky, drawn to a "lip of light." Once absorbed into that light, I was surprised at what I saw. There before me was a gigantic form, like two cyclones one above the other in an hourglass shape, spinning at tremendous speeds – the one on top was moving clockwise and the bottom one, counterclockwise. Where the two cyclones should have touched but didn't, there burst forth rays of the strangest light I have ever seen – piercing in its intensity. After I revived, a peculiar thing happened: The cyclones began to physically manifest themselves. I'd be speaking with my oldest daughter Natalie when she'd disappear and in her place would be the cyclones. It mad no difference what I was doing, where I was, or the time of day, as to when they'd appear Their intrusion was always totally and completely real.

The cyclone affair haunted me in varying degrees of frequency and intensity for more than a decade. As I relaxed in front of my computer, more details revealed themselves until the image on the screen took on their shape – literally! The middle, where the spouts should have touched but didn't, rapidly expanded to be larger and larger until it physically exploded right through the monitor screen, flinging sparkly particles of a radiation-type substance all over me, my office and the nearby hallway. The smell was awful – a kind of flat, acid ozone odor. I was shaken but unhurt. The cause of my haunting was not the cyclones, it was an unexpressed fear.

Fear is the casual factor in every single case of hauntings claimed by near-death survivors.

*BDD* Pleasant/Unpleasant NDEs:

Good and bad reports are about equally divided in number.

*BDD* NDE- The Ocean of Blue Fire:

"I was dead as far as this world is concerned...

"The next thing I knew I was standing near a shoreline of a great ocean of fire...

"I remember more clearly than any other thing that has ever happened to me in my lifetime every detail of every moment... I was standing some distance from this burning, turbulent, rolling mass of blue fire. As far as my eyes could see it was just the same. A lake of fire and brimstone. There was nobody in it. I was not in it. I saw other people whom I had known that had died when I was thirteen... We recognized each other, even though we did not speak. They, too, were looking and seemed to be perplexed and in deep thought, as though they could not believe what they saw...

"I saw another man coming... I knew immediately who He was... It was Jesus Himself."

*BDD* NDE- The Giant & the Gloom:

An average Christian: "Then I saw that I was getting out of my body. The next thing I remember was entering this gloomy room where I saw in one of the windows this huge giant with a grotesque face that was watching me. Running around the windowsill were little imps or elves that seemed to be with the giant. The giant beckoned me to come with him. I didnt want to go, but I had to. Outside was darkness but I could hear people moaning all around me. I could feel things moving about my feet. As we moved on through this tunnel or cave, things were getting worse. I remember I was crying."

*BDD* NDE- Tunnel Descent, Scary Smells & Sounds, Half-Humans, Jesus:

"I was going through this long tunnel and I was wondering why my feet werent touching the sides. I seemed to be floating and going very fast. It seemed to be underground. It may have been a cave, but the awfullest, eery sounds were going on. There was an odor of decay like a cancer patient would have. I cant recall all of the things I saw, but some of the workers were only half human, mocking and talking to each other in a language I didnt understand... But there was a large person in radiant white clothes that appeared when I called, ‘Jesus, save me!' He looked at me and I felt the message ‘live differently!'"

*BDD* NDE- Tunnel Descent to the Fireball of Hell, God, Return:

"The spiritual man that lives in my body departed from my body... I went down, down, down, until the lights of the earth faded away... The further down I went the blacker it became, until it was all blackness... The further down I went, the more stifling it was and the hotter it was.

"Finally, way down below me, I could see lights flickering on the walls of the caverns of the damned. They were caused by the fires of hell. The giant orb of flame, white crested, pulled me... Drew me like a magnet draws metal unto itself. I did not want to go...I could not take my eyes off it. The heat beat me in the face...

"Upon reaching the bottom of the pit, I became conscious of some kind of spirit-being by my side. I hadnt looked at him because I could not take my gaze off the fires of hell, but when I paused, that creates laid his hand on my arm half-way between my shoulder and my elbow to escort me in.At the same moment, a Voice spoke, away above the blackness, above the earth, above the heavens. It was the voice of God, though I did not see Him, and I do not know what He said, because He did not speak in English. He spoke some other tongue, and when He spoke, it reverberated throughout the region of the damned, shaking it like a leaf in the wind, causing that creature to lose its grip. I did not turn around, but there was a Power that pulled me, and I came back away from the fire, away from the heat, back into the shadows of the darkness...

"I slipped right back down into my body... The same way in which I went out, through my mouth." (NOTE: Was this a masking of the Light?)

*BDD* NDE- Tunnel Descent, Fiery Hell of Useless Endless Labor:

A regular church member who was surprised in death to find himself descending through a tunnel lined by fire in its lower half, opening into a huge, fiery world of horror. He saw some of his old friends from the "good old days" who exhibited black stares of apathy, who were burdened with useless loads, and who were continually going nowhere but never stopping for fear of "the main drivers"... Complete darkness skirted the milieu of pointless activity.

*BDD* Suicide NDE- Tunnel Descent, Fiery Muddy Hell:

[Suicide:] "As I got drowsy, I remember going down this black hole, round and round. Then I saw a glowing red-hot spot getting bigger and bigger until I was able to stand up. It was all red and hot and on fire. The earth was like slimy mud that sank over my feet, and it was hard to move. The heat was awful and made it hard to breathe."

*BDD* Suicide NDE- Dark Cave With Satanic Beings:

[Suicide:] She hoped to join her daughter. Instead of seeing her daughter, she found herself in what appeared to be hell, being jostled up and down on a blanket held between two satanic beings. The scene occured ina huge, forboding cave. The beings had tails and slanted eyes, she says, and looked horrible.

*WtL* Frightening NDEs:

An article by Bruce Greyson and Nancy Evens-Bush, which surveyed fifty reports of distressing NDEs that were collected over a nine-year period, was published in Psychiatry. Greyson and Evans-Bush identified three types of distressing experience: the first (and by far the largest group) included experiences similar to the usual NDE but which for some reason were interpreted as frightening; the second (smaller group) revealed the experience of a void; and the third (the smallest group) included typical hellish images...

Among the hundreds of near-death experiences I have personally spoken with, I have only come across two who described anything that could be even vaguely construed as having a frightening element, and in neither case did the person concerned think of their experience as being "negative."

*WtL* NDE: Falling into Cramped, Scary Darkness, then Called For Help & Was Held, Seeing Body Separating Out, Return:

(Alexandra:) I just felt myself right up on the ceiling, and they were talking about changing the intravenous or something, and there was a little kind of conference. Shortly thereafter, I felt myself falling into an abyss. And it was a kind of, not flight, this was falling, this was out-of-control motion. It was very, very terrifying and seemed to go on for a long time. I felt like there was slush around me and "gush." and there was no air. It was moist and dark and there were sort of nasty shapes and smells. I visualized I was falling into some awful pit, but it was quite large and there were no walls, and there were no parameters and there was less and less light. And then it was just pitch-dark...

I did, at that moment of what would call absolute terror and despair, of course cry out, rather helplessly, but I cried out. And I also remember I heard nothing, not in this part of the experience.

But I finally seemed to land and what I landed in was like the size of a huge sort of bed, but it wasn't a bed, it was two large arms... I felt myself being held. I felt like I was being told, "You're a child of God." And soon after I began to hear my grandmother's voice...

I could feel her sort of soothing me, and she was saying, just quietly, "You must choose, you must choose." And then in the middle of my indecisiveness, I got a glimpse of my body. It was like I was with her in this limbo stage, and yet I got a glimpse of my body, and I saw it separating out, like two replicas just floating apart. And I thought, "Ooh, if I don't get back there immediately, that's going to be it!"

...Immediately I was back in my body, fully- I mean, it was just like someone pushed me back in there. I remember that it was sort of a yank, and I remember seeing a connection between the up-here and the ceiling, and the down-there, almost like a little slide. Now, I wouldn't say I saw a silver cord, but it seemed like it was a path.

Changes in NDEs Over Time

*BDD* Multiple NDE Improvement:

A few of the patients I have interviewed report multiple experiences from multiple deaths. At first these experiences may be bad and then good; so far, never in the reverse order.


Pre-Tunnel OBE

In-Body Thought-Form Atmosphere

Script: The body shows itself to be quite a source of sensation to the world of the mind. Often it is fear keeping the astral body from separating from the physical, and that fear creates a thought-form environment as well. It is also dreaming while joined with the body that creates a lot of the dream hallucinations and rationalizations that arent present in OBEs.
*GotB* NDE- Caught on Fire, Fire Thought-Forms, Fade, Red Mist to Garden, Scrying Pool:

Janine Charrat after catching on fire and being badly burned: "I was overcome by a dizzy, whirling feeling, and I thought I was falling into a deep well. The fall seemed never to end...When I finally felt ground under my feet, I could open my eyes again, which before had been shut fast by lids as heavy as lead...

"I was alone in a strange and unfamiliar world, surrounded by huge licking flames. The flames got bigger, and their incandescent redness became so glaring that I thought I would perish of fear...

"They seemed to be coming in a wild dance out of the interior of the earth, their bizarre shapes constantly changing. The ground under me was incandescent, a lavalike, boiling mud...

"The glowing surface underfoot was only moderately warm. I came to a standstill immediately at the wall of flame encircling me, meanwhile remembering the fiery catastrophe I had just been through on the stage. As a believer, I have always prayed in dangerous situations, and that is what I turned to now.

"After saying prayers, I lifted my head and noted that the tall flames were no longer terrifying. They had become much smaller and only a rosy color, and almost transparent. (NOTE: Fading thought-forms!) Now all fear left me. I strode through the circle of fire and at once felt a great relief. Although I was aware of still having awful burns, I felt no more pain...

"I caught sight of a woman in a silk dress. Her white hair was done up, her brown eyes were mild, and a kind, concerned smile played about her lips...

"Now I did recognize my dead grandmother, and felt wonderfully happy to have her with me in my sorry state...

"We walked along through a reddish mist and came into a big garden where there were many fantastic trees unknown to me, a place filled with a marvelous harmony. In the middle of the garden was a pond. The water in the pond was calm and clear and remarkably clean. The pond was like a mirror filled with light." (NOTE: continues in Life Review)

*GotB* NDE- To Hell With Death:

Curt Jurgens: "Feeling my life draining away evoked powerful sensations of dread... I had been looking up into the big glass cupola over the operating room. This cupola now began to change. Suddenly it turned a glowing red. I saw twisted faces grimacing as they stared down at me... Then it seemed as if the glass cupola had turned into a transparent dome that was slowly sinking down over me. A fiery rain was now falling, but though the drops were enormous, none of them touched me. They splattered down around me, and out of them grew menacing tongues of flame licking up about me... The sensation of horror was so great it choked me, and I had the impression I was about to suffocate...

"The black silhouette of a human figure suddenly materialized and began to draw near. At first I saw it only indistinctly amid the flames and clouds of reddish smoke, but quickly it became clearer. It was a woman in a black veil, a slender woman with a lipless mouth and in her eyes an expression that sent icy shudders down my back. When she was standing right face to face with me, all I could see were two black, empty holes. But out of these holes the creature was nonetheless staring at me. The figure stretched out her arms toward me, and, pulled by an irresistible force, I followed her. An icy breath touched me, and I came into a world filled with faint sounds of lamentation, though there was no a person in sight.

"Then and there I asked the figure to tell me who she was. A voice answered: ‘I am death.'...

"When Simone [his wife] appeared on the scene, the woman with the black veil departed soundlessly, on her lipless face a dreadful smile. Death could avail nothing against Simone, all radiant with youth and life. I felt only freshness and tenderness as she led me back by the hand along the same way that just before had been under the dark figure's spell.

"Gradually, gradually we left the fearful realm of shadows behind us and approached the great light. This luminousness guided us on, and finally became so bright that it began to blind me, and I had to close my eyes.

"Then suddenly a severe, dull pain set in, threatening to tear apart my chest cavity. I clutched Simone's hand harder and harder after my sudden return to consciousness.

"I found Simon sitting on my bed wearing a white nurse's uniform. I just had the strength to muster a weak smile. It was all I could do it utter one word: ‘Thanks.'"

*VS-PMHA* Scary NDE:

The woman who came next described a terrible darkness in hers, and told of having to fight for her life while trying to escape from a violent whirlpool. Thunder raged throughout and wind shrieked, and she was frightened out of her wits.

*GotB* A Near-Death In-Body Nightmare With Correspondences:

"I tried to lift my right arm to my face, but the arm wouldn't work. However, this didn't bother me, for I was now in a quiet world filled with a vivid rose-colored mist...

"Suddenly I heard a voice say: ‘My God, he's dead!'...

"I screamed and screamed loudly, but nobody seemed to pay any attention, although I could plainly make out shadowy figures moving through the reddish mist. But suddenly I saw no more. All I could feel was something touching my eyes, and then a big black curtain sank down in front of me. It seemed to me that a policeman must have closed my eyes and spread a blanket over my body...

"Then, like lightning, the thought came to me that I wasn't at the accident site on the highway under a woolen blanket any more, but in my own coffin.

"A soft sobbing filled me with gratification: My first wife, Evelyn, had come to my burial service! She was standing beside the big silver-mounted sarcophagus in the little Russian church I knew so well. The Church was filled with people. Again I was shaken by feelings of dread, and the rosy mist made me very restless... Although I was lying inside my own coffin, I could still see the outside of the sarcophagus. In short, I was consciously taking part in my own burial.

"Some people came up to me with censers of incense... I breathed in the fumes with deep pleasure... The mourners slowly left the church. I was carried out, which dispersed the strong incense odor and replaced it with a stale, depressing smell of rot. I now became aware that my body was decomposing... In my coffin, carried out by people unknown to me, I shrieked and raved... The smell of putrefaction, growing ever more penetrating, made it clear to me that my fate was sealed irrevocably.

"Then a voice pierced the stillness: ‘Calm yourself, please, Monsieur Aznavour.'

"My tightly shut eyes opened, and I saw that a nurse was bending over my bed and cleaning my face with a swab of cotton. That held the odor that had been horrifying me. Now again I felt severe pains, growing even more unbearable..."

The nurse confirmed what had been going on through his head.

"You were far gone, way off, when we revived you. They'd already written you off as dead. Your heart stopped, and you didn't begin to breathe again until it had been massaged." (NOTE: Note the amazing similarity to dream rationalizations. Body sensations becoming fuel for OB experiences!)

*GotB* NDE- Thought-Form Monster, Widening Sphere, Incoming Neural Flames:

Electric chair: "I kept on hollering this until suddenly I was in a completely green room, all alone, in a room that seemed to be lit up by the sun but which had no windows. And through one of the walls of this green space a creature came moving toward me...

"When he got very close, I noticed his hair smelled as if it had just been singed... (NOTE: From his own singed hair from the electric chair!)

"I shouted out into the green space:

"‘I want to live!'

"And every time I shouted like that, the walls shook, walls without any corners, round ones like the walls of a sphere. They shook every time I hollered and moved back a little from me...

"Then I saw that the monster with the wide mouth and strange eyes was growing weaker under my hands, falling to pieces and shrinking all the time.

"I shouted and howled for my life and squashed the creature, now grown tiny, between my hands.

"The green sphere by now had become very wide- like a cathedral dome. I sat in the middle of this broadness and hollered for my life.

"Then the green sphere began to turn- slowly at first, then faster, and finally went so fast that I got dizzy and had to shut my eyes...

"In my eyes, which were now looking into blackness, darkness, sparks seemed to be coming at me from far off. They kept coming closer and turned into tongues of flame.

"However, I was not afraid at all of this fire coming at me.

"Finally I heard voices, people's voices, hurriedly whispering directions to one another." [these were real people as he wakes up]

*GotB* NDE- Dreamed-Up Black Wadding (?), Light, Orangeness:

John Forth, a master machinist at a large New York generating plant, gave the following description to the doctors who had brought him back to life after electrocution...

"It was as if my brain had been struck by a bolt of lightning. Then I had the feeling that the inside of my head was stuffed with wadding, black wadding. Suddenly I was stuck in black wadding and could see that my head- that's right, my head- was filled with nothing but light. And this light gave off a hissing sound. I tried to free myself from the black wadding.

"Then, suddenly, the hissing stopped and the light went out...

"As I waded through the black wadding, I stopped thinking altogether. After a while I found that even the wadding had stopped being uncomfortable. It was really beautifully soft. Supposing I were to lie down in it and go to sleep?

"But as I started to lie down, I saw I was absolutely wrong. I had only dreamed up the black wadding. I had just imagined everything. And where everything had just been black was now a deep orange."


*LAL* After Death: OB at NDE:

Many feel confused about this state and dont link it with death for a considerable time. Most people report, at first, a desperate desire to get back into their bodies, but they do not know how to proceed. They felt as if they were pure consciousness. The majority found themselves in another body.

*JoS: End of Pain: Pain of sickness and body disappear upon death. *LAL: Many people describe extremely pleasant feelings and sensations during the early stages of the experience. *JoS: Souls often leave the body before death if the body is in great pain. *EbtL: If our death is traumatic, the spirit quickly leaves the body, sometimes even before death occurs. If a person is in an accident or fire, for example, their spirit may be taken from their body before they experience much pain.

*PotAB* Dying OB:

1) Awake, on guard duty, there was an explosion and something struck me hard on the neck. I fell, and as I did so, without passing through any apparent interval of unconsciousness, I found myself outside myself! One moment I was alive, in the earthly sense, five seconds later I was standing outside my body, helping two of my pals carry my body down the trench labyrinth toward a dressing-station. I seemed in a dream. I had dreamt that someone or something had knocked me down. Now I was dreaming that I was outside my body. "Soon", I thought, "I shall wake up and find myself in the traverse, waiting to go on guard."

Pre-Light OB Attitude

** Emotions During NDE:

1) From my position near the ceiling, I watched as they began to wrap both my legs from tips of the toes up to my hips, then my arms and hands up to the shoulders. This was to keep what blood remained for my heart and lungs. Then they tilted my body so my legs were up in the air and I was standing on my head! I was venting my anger and frustration from the corner of the ceiling on the right side of my body. I can remember the anger vividly, fury at the powerless position this whole event put me in, and I was very 'verbal' about it - silently - up there, as my mind raced to express its reaction, worry, and concern. Their statements 'We're losing her! We're losing her!' frightened me and I'd get pissed all over again.

(Me: Notice how angry emotion only fades when the scene changes)

2) Only when one OB at death guy saw a sheet being pulled over his face did he realize what was up. He flet a surge of emotion, a profound sadness. Then the room became bathed in a golden glow and he felt a presence by his side. He saw a flash and a life review. Moments later the hospital walls seemed to disappear altogether and he found himself in front of a city of light standing on a hill, a place of indispensible majesty peopled by beings whose very skin seemed to give off an aura of warmth and love.

*OwtL* NDE: OB Appearance, Pre-Light Attitude:

Bertrand suddenly felt a moment of intense pain, which he interpreted as the throes of physical death.

When the spasm ended, Bertrand was bobbing above his body as if he were a helium-filled balloon on a silver string...

The clergyman's thoughts turned toward his students, and immediately he was with them, watching with great annoyance as they repeatedly made wrong turns.

*OwtL* NDE Pre-Light Anxiety:

Arnold experienced just a moment of panic when it occured to him that he might truly have died.

"But then I looked behind me and saw this really beautiful being of pure light that seemed to be waiting for me on the other side of a crystal clear river. Somehow I understood that all I had to do was to cross over the bridge and join the Light Being- and that would be all there was to it.

*OwtL* Wave of Peace, Change of Personality OB at Death:

Heidi was convinced that she had died. "For a fleeting moment I felt upset and angered at the injustice of dying as the result of such a minor operation. I morosely attributes my death to the inadequacies of the hospital staff and the incompetence of my doctor.

"Then a warm wave of peace seemed to wash over me, and I thought how foolish it was to care about a continued existence in that painfully throbbing shell of flesh that lay sprawled out on the hospital bed below me." (NOTE: It hits you like a wave)

*WtL* NDE: Peaceful Exit, Peaceful Blackness, 360˚ Vision of Becoming, Sympathy Return:

Michael was fifteen at the time of his experience and I spoke with him four years later.

...I was thrashing for the surface, feeling my lungs going in and out, trying to breathe. All of a sudden it just stopped. I cant explain it- it just stopped. And I thought, "Ah!" And I opened my eyes and it was all white.

I thought, "Ah, I'm dead." And I felt really happy. I was floating around. And then, I don't know if I closed my eyes or whether I blacked out, but everything went really dark and I felt really peaceful. I felt great, as though the worries of the world were lifted off my shoulders. I cant explain it but it was all dark, and I felt as if I knew what I had to do. I didn't see the light but I could feel it, if you know what I mean. I couldn't actually see a light but I knew it was there and I knew what I had to do.

And then I started seeing again, and I was seeing where I was from above the surf! I couldn't actually see my body, I just knew it was down there. But when I was looking it was different- usually when we look without eyes we see one thing, but I could see everything, the whole beach. I was looking around and I sort of got this feeling, it's hard to explain, as though I was a part of it all. I felt as though I was a part of everything around me... I remember feeling sorry for the people walking along the beach, because they didn't understand. I felt it was really sad that they didn't know this sort of thing happened. And that's when I went down. I didn't actually want to go down, I was more or less dragged down...

I think there's a reason I didn't die. I honestly don't know what it is yet, but I think it has something to do with that feeling sorry for people, because that's what actually took me back down to my body.

*CBAP* Dying Felt So Good:

Case No. 683: He heard, coming from outside his door, a woman's voice saying "Hush- there's a boy dying in there!" his immediate reaction was, "So that's it- that's why I'm feeling so good!"

*OwtL* OB at NDE Calmness:

"I remember anticipation, but mainly I felt calm- a calm such as I had never known before. It was a calmness that nothing could shake."


"I took in Mama's anguish, but I was not a part of the emotional scene below me.

"I shall never forget the peace that I experienced when I was out of my body. I felt a dynamic kind of consciousness of joy and well-being."

*OwtL* NDE- Calmness, Change of Perspective:

"Soon my mind began to take on a new feeling," Fay wrote in his book, Into the Light. "I had a sensation of alertness or awareness that I had never before experienced. The room and each object in it seemed to take on a new sharpness of detail..."

But then as his vision sharpened, he realized that he was viewing things from a very different perspective.

He now found himself looking down on his body as it lay on the bed, and his point of view seemed to be coming from the ceiling on the other side of the room.

*JoNDE-JW* After-Death Emotion In Regression OB:

...Although all affect experienced by the after-death self seemed quite muted compared to that of the regressed personality when it was alive, the after-death self seemed bound by the emotional experience of the past life. All emotions but fear carried over from life beyond death


"The emotions that come up are related to the pain that person was feeling or the experiences they went through. Much of that has been... feeling a sense of loss for the loss of life that was wasted, or compassion for that person who was yourself and the pain they went through. Loss, grief, and compassion, and a sort of sense of love. It's strong, but slightly removed from a current experience of loss." (Subject 7)


"It's a sense of awareness, of being aware in a complete way of what that life was about... It's relatively flat emotionally... Fear is gone, but sadness can be there for a variety of reasons." (Subject 2)


"[In one regression, my life] was very powerful, a life of love, yeah, no regret. This was a peaceful life, and it [was just] time to move on. So that state is very dependent on past-life personality." (Subject 5)

Feeling Music

*CBAP* NDE: Instant Transition, Waves of Color:

Case No. 562: [drowning...] "Suddenly a mountainous wave broke over me. I went down, down, down into the quiet depths. I was so tired that I did not care. I felt peace settle over me. Well, I thought, I had tried, and I was so very tired. It seemed then that a wonderful transition occurred. I was no longer in the water but rather I was high above the water and looking down upon it. the sky, that had been so grey and lowering, was iridescent with indescribably beauty. There was music that I seemed to feel rather than hear. Waves of ecstatic and delicate color vibrated around me and lulled me to a sense of peace beyond comprehension.

"In the water beneath me, a boat came into view, with two men and a girl in it. The girl was Mildred. Then I saw a blob of something floating in the water. A wave tossed it and rolled it over. I found myself looking into my own distorted face. What a relief, I thought, that that ungainly thing was no longer needed by me. The men lifted the form into the boat and my vision faded.

The 4D Corner of Room Effect

*CBAP* The Gradual Departure At Death:

Case No. 549: Miguel Serrano: "Aldous Huxley... had been with D.H. Lawrence at the moment of his death... Lawrence told him he could feel himself ["double"] coming out of his own body, as though he ["double"] were standing at the corner of the room looking at himself [physical body] lying in bed."

Life Flashed Before Eyes

Script: This following is probably a brief separation of whatever permanently separates during the life review.
*CBAP* NDE- Backwards Memory Flow:

Case No. 569: "Only for a few seconds was I conscious of sinking [into the water], then dropping ever so rapidly through a pale green world through which... all the events of my life seemed to whirl around me... All I had ever known was flung into this great whirl... The memory of events became so clear that they were reexperienced... the final images- the sunlight on a blade of grass, the willows-in bloom, etc. These were details of my life when I was five years old."

Gradual Brightening of Room

Script: The pink light seems to be associated with the body, colored by the body.
*CtL* NDE- OB, Pink Light:

"Then the blackness was gone and in its place was a beautiful soft pink light. All the weight was gone, and I floated back up into the room as light as a feather. I seemed to be filled with this same light, which was the most profound spirit of love that you can imagine."

*CtL* NDE- OB, Light at End of Tunnel:

"The next thing I was aware of was being up near the ceiling over the foot of the stairs. The light was dim and at first I saw nothing unusual...

I noticed the dim light growing slowly brighter. The source of light was not in the basement, but far behind and slightly above me. I looked over my shoulder into the most beautiful light imaginable. It seemed to be at the end of a long tunnel which was gradually getting brighter and brighter as more and more of the Light entered it. It was yellow-white and brilliant... As I turned to face the Light with my full ‘body,' I felt happier than I ever had before or have since."

*CtL* NDE- OB, Astral Light Sight:

"The next thing I remember is floating only an inch or two from the ocean's sandy bottom in the midst of a great light. The light wasnt the bright glaring sort of light that makes you blink. Instead it was incandescent, almost ethereal. I could see every indentation and curvature in the sand and minute details in the seaweed... I felt absolutely nothing. Not the water, nor the sand, nothing. I was surrounded by silence, but I wasnt afraid. I wanted to stay there forever."

*VS-KR* A Gradually Brightening Light & NDE:

The first story is of a little girl who had leukemia. And was four years old when her parents brought her home from the hospital to die...

"I lay there for a moment waiting to go to sleep when I noticed a light coming into the room. It was a beautiful golden-white light which seemed to appear in the wall to the left of my bed.

"I wasn't afraid, just curious about the light... As the ball of light grew, the pain and feeling of illness suddenly left me...

"I sat up and watched the light grow. It grew rapidly in both size and brightness. In fact the light got so bright that it seemed to me that the whole world was lit by it. I could see someone inside the light. There was this beautiful woman, and she was part of the light...

"As soon as I was standing beside her we moved through a short darkness to a beautiful, even brighter, light. And then I saw... there was this astonishingly beautiful world before me." (NOTE: Like the psychic cross opening! [See pic])

*VS-SE* A Filling With Light & Visit From Someone Who Just Died:

I began praying for her pain to ease... (NOTE: Notice in the next line how she "opened her eyes". This happens in many experiences.. As if they all begin with eyes closed)

Suddenly, I became aware of a strong light shining on my face and, opening my eyes, I saw that the whole room was pulsating with a bright golden light. I remember wondering if the light could be within my own consciousness or actually in the room, then the light became stronger and of such density that it blotted out the furniture and the door. I could see nothing but the light. From a central mass of shining gold, the light flared out, striated with rays of brilliant white that sparkled and pulsated into every corner of the room.

I sat frozen in wonder at the splendor of the shimmering light appearing in my own living room and bringing with it a feeling of comfort and love. My distress was lifted from me and all thought stopped. Lucille appeared in the center of the light. She looked radiant... She gave one last long look and then, nodding and smiling, she slowly disappeared with the fading light. I sat for a long time in a state of bliss.

*SC* Perception of Light at Death:

John: "It is not so much that you enter into darkness or a void, but moreso there is greater and greater illumination that seems to fill the room, and those in the room about you slowly dissolve and mesh into a single pattern of light. For as you begin to make the sojourn from the physical body, the aura about each individual becomes illumined and more and more visible to you."

*OwtL* NDE- World of Gray, Onset of Light:

[Martin Bauer was falling from a tall tree] The nineteen-year-old hurtled through the air, desperately flailing arms and legs hoping for something to break his fall.

Then the lights went out.

Martin Bauer wrote that he now floated in "a world of gray." If he was dreaming, it was the most vivid dream that he had ever experienced:

"I do not know where I am. This world is gray, but it has a depth and is distinct, like the overcast grayness of clouds rolling over the mountains of northern New England."

After an indeterminate passing of time, Martin sensed something to his left: "A golden light appears. Gradually it pushes the gray away. My curiosity intensifies as the light grows brighter, but try as I might I cannot shift faster to see its source. Slowly, ever so slowly, I understand that what is out of sight is not a something but a someone- a presence, radiating a tremendous force of warmth and love, divine joy. Joy swells in my heart, and I know this is no dream...

Martin Bauer regained consciousness.

*CtL* NDE- Canopy Overhead, People From the Light:

"As I watched them work on my body, the room became very light. Then a canopy of color grew above me, like the canopy that is over the front door of a nightclub. It was made of blue and silver rain, and there was a very bright light in the middle of it. The air sparkled around this light...

"From this light came other people. There was no ‘God' or spiritual guide with them, only these ordinary people like myself who were people of light." (NOTE: Notice the dome! That's the effect of the tunnel!)

*EtS-DM* The Sound of AUM During a NDE:

The doctors began operating. It was at this moment that the whole room lit up with that beautifully peaceful, radiant light of the spiritual eye. Gradually it expanded until it seemed to fill all space. At the same time came the great, comforting sound of the Aum, spoken in the scriptures as "the sound of many waters" – the cosmic vibration that creates and sustains all things.

Seeing Guides With You

Script: This light is often the appearance of a guide or friend who has passed on.
*OwtL* NDE- No Tunnel, Remembering Spirit Guide From Childhood:

"I found myself floating above the entire scene- and then soaring through what seemed like outer space..."

Ingrid did not perceive a brilliant light, a dark tunnel, or angelic guides...

"I found myself at the entrance of a spacious park but everything was unnaturally silent. I mean, there should have been people streaming around; there should have been laughter, music, happy shouts. But the place seemed absolutely deserted..."

A man dressed in the uniform and cap of a park keeper approached the gates from the inside.

They stared at each other for several moments before he asked her: "You coming in- or staying out?.."

Before Ingrid could say another word, she was astonished to see the park keeper begin to change before her eyes.

"Instead of the park uniform, he now wore a glittering, silklike tunic that came to his knees. Around his middle was a belt of silver. His arms and legs were bare, but they seemed to be glowing and giving forth a light of purity and holiness. His face was brightest of all..."

After a moment or two of careful scrutiny, she suddenly exclaimed: "I know you! I used to see you all the time when I was a little girl. You're my guardian angel."

The angelic entity smiled and nodded agreement...

"You shut your ears to me and my guidance a long time ago...

"Ah, child, when you reached those teenage years! You wanted no counsel other than your own. You turned your back on your parents, your pastor- and certainly on me, the still, small voice inside your head."

*OwtL* NDE- OB Appearance, Angel Tugging:

"I felt no real sorrow at leaving Laura and Edward, but I was thankful that I was somehow given the opportunity to see them one last time."

It was at that point that Ernest felt something tugging at his right hand.

"I should really say my ‘right side,' as I didnt really seem to be any longer in human form. I actually looked more like a kind of egg yolk floating above the physical ‘me' in the car below."

The "something" that was tugging at him appeared to be either an angel or one of the saints.

*OwtL* NDE- Angelic Companion, Tunnel:

Randy felt a moment of panic when he realized that he might be dying.

"But then this beautiful angel appeared beside me...

"She told me not to worry. She said that she was with me and that she would stay right by my side. She took my hand, and I felt a lot better."

Randy said that they soon approached a dark tunnel. When he held back and said that he was afraid to go into the darkness, the angel smiled and told him that this was the only way that they could get to their final destination.

"I could see a bright light at the far end of the tunnel, so I said, ‘All right, as long as you dont let go of my hand!'

"She laughed and said, ‘I told you that I would never leave your side. I have been with you ever since you were born." (NOTE: Continued below)

*OwtL* NDE- Relaxing Beam of Light:

"I started to think that this was the angel that had been assigned to my case to jot down every single one of my missteps..."

A beam of light suddenly emanated from the entity, and Cynthia began to relax.

"It now occured to me that I was supposed to approach the hooded figure and be guided into the light..."

*OwtL* NDE- Seeing a Friend Taken Away by an Angel Before You Are:

According to Jack, he remembered nothing after one of his coworkers in the laboratory managed to shout a brief exclamation of warning before the explosion shattered the building.

"I was astonished when I saw what appeared to be the traditional representation of an angel flying off with what looked as though it might be Peter, my lab partner.

"And then I was even more astonished when I saw that I- or some part of me- was also being borne aloft by someone or something in what appeared to be a gown of shimmering white."

*VftA* Death, Tunnel with Lights, Life Review In a Building, Becoming His Real Self:

Joey: "I thought I was holding on tight, but we hit this bump so hard. Then it was like I was flying up in the air, and the next thing I knew I was looking down at myself. There were people all around me and my head was bleeding bad...

"Just at that moment, I saw Gabe. Gabe's my friend. No one can see him but me. My mom used to say I had a great imagination when I would tell her about him, but he's real!

"He took my hand and turned me around and I saw this really bright light. Then we were moving very fast through this tunnel." (NOTE: continues in appropriate sectins)

*OwtL* What NDE Guide Angels Are:

"In some sense, I am the nonphysical aspect of yourself," the angel told him...

"We've more or less taken advantage of the accident to get you apart so that we can set you back on the path with greater equilibrium..."

The angel smiled at him, and Jack was certain that he had seen his face somewhere before.

"Perhaps in dreams," the being acknowledged. "And certainly when you were a small boy. You are my ward, you see."

*LWU* Temporary Death, OBE, Traveling & Mistiness:

I had a presentiment that my days on earth were drawing to a close only a short while before my passing. There was a heaviness of the mind, something akin to drowsiness, as I lay in my bed... I knew for certain that my time had come to pass on, and I was full of eagerness to be gone...

I suddenly felt a great urge to rise up, I had no physical feeling whatever, very much in the same way that physical feeling is absent during a dream, but I was mentally alert... I found that I was actually doing so... Turning, I then beheld what had taken place. I saw my physical body lying lifeless upon its bed, but here was I, the real I, alive and well... I could still see the room quite clearly around me, but there was a certain mistiness about is as though it were filled with smoke very evenly distributed... I had on my usual attire, such as I wore when moving freely and in good health about my own house...

I was in full wonder at what was to happen next, for here I was, in full possession of all my faculties, and, indeed, feeling ‘physically' as I had never felt before...

I found myself joined by a former colleague- a priest- who had passed to this life some years before...

I had just relinquished a bed of final sickness, and that in casting off the physical body I had also cast off the sickness with it, and the new sensation of comfort and freedom from bodily ills was one so glorious that the realization of it took a little while to comprehend fully...

The very conception of ‘judgment' and ‘hell' and ‘heaven' seemed utterly impossible. Indeed, they were wholly fantastic, now that I found myself alive and well, ‘clothed in my right mind'...

I noticed that we spoke just as we had always done upon the earth, that is, we simply used our vocal cords and spoke, quite as a matter of course...

As we departed, the room gradually became more misty until it faded farther from my vision; and finally disappeared. So far, I had had the use, as usual, of my legs as in ordinary walking... my friend said that it would be better if we did not use the customary means of locomotion... He then told me to take hold of his arm firmly... I at once experienced a sensation of floating such as one has in physical dreams... The motion seemed to become more rapid as time went on.

*CtL* Beings Arrive Through the Tunnel:

Her first memory was of darkness and the feeling that she was so heavy she couldnt move. Then a tunnel opened and through that tunnel came "Elizabeth."

Elizabeth was "tall and nice" with bright, golden hair. She accompanied Katie up the tunnel, where she saw her late grandfather and met several boys- "souls waiting to be born"- named Andy and Mark, who played with her and introduced her to many people.

At one point in the voyage, Katie was given a glimpse of her home.

...Finally, Elizabeth- who seemed to be a guardian angel to Katie- took her to meet the Heavenly Father and Jesus.

Delaying the Tunnel for Goodbyes

*LFS* NDE- Disinterest in the Physical Releases One to the Light:

In an operating room in Charlotte, N.C., I "died" for four minutes when my heart stopped, and in that moment my life changed forever.

I found myself floating above the operating table, listening to the frantic voices of the doctors and nurses...

The very moment disinterest arose, I felt myself moving at an incredible speed through the ceiling, up, up, up into a wondrous Light that was urging me forward.


The Velvet Black

Three Varieties of Light

*VS-PMHA* The Different Kinds of Light:

Primary Light- Colorless- A pulsating presence or luminosity usually perceived as frighteningly awesome, a piercing power, raw essence; the origin of all origins... Primary Light fostered deep mystical knowings in people and engendered more radical changes in their sense of reality and life's purpose.

Dark Light- Pure black yet often with velvety tinges of dark purple- A shimmering peaceful depth usually perceived as "The Darkness That Knows," a source of strength and knowing, sanctuary; the womb of creation... Dark Light gently reassured those it touched and left them with a sense of being nurtured and supported while at the same time linked to larger evolutionary processes.

Bright Light- The range of yellow-gold-white- A brilliant radiance usually perceived as an almost blinding glow that emanated unconditional love, a warm inviting intelligence, union; the activity of Truth... Those who were met with Bright Light, though, displayed a broad range of visibly heightened abilities and an unusual sensitivity to sound, sunshine, pharmaceutical, and anything electrically based.

The Velvet Black

*VS-PMHA* Children & The Dark Light:

Kids have dark experiences, as well as bright ones.

Kids are sometimes bathed in "dark light," rather than brilliant light.

The kids who had dark experiences talked about "The Darkness That Knows" with the same love and affection as they described their Real Home, their Homey Home, the place where God is, where they were before they had a body and where they will return once their body falls away: HOME-HOME.

Many of the young (once verbal) spoke of having been cradled in a womb-like darkness so purple-black that it shimmered, so silent that it know all things, so peaceful and wonderful and bliss-filled and perfect that we adults would have named it "heaven"- yet it was devoid of light.

*VS-RP* The Black Light:

Children often report the presence of a comforting light which they describe as the "black black," or the "dark dark," a black light which is often tinged with purple around the edges...

This particular black light is entirely positive.

*VS-CM* Personification of the Velvet Blackness:

About a year ago I became aware of an angel who is with me. This angel was introduced to me as Rab'ai, the Angel of Death. This angel is huge. And this angel is black. It's the softest, gentlest black that one could imagine. It's really quite indescribable. It just feels like one enters it and joins with it in the most sacred of ways, fully nurtured and cared for within this darkness...

I described Rab'ai's energy in almost the same exact terms as the descriptions of the dark NDEs. Rab'ai's feathers have the same soft, velvety blackness as what I remembered and encountered when I looked back at my NDEs.

The Velvet Black of the Tunnel

*WtL* NDE: Bright, Bright Black:

(Cass:) The experience that I had was of just traveling so fast through black, and it was black. I cant explain the black- it was bright, bright black...

I felt frightened- it was just the speed and the blackness.

*BDL* The Velvet Black & Dreamfire:

Suddenly I was going down a very long, dark canyon. I felt very, very warm and very, very secure, but it was the blackest canyon I've ever seen. They were like mountain walls that seemed quite far away, and then suddenly they seemed close. At one point I looked on these mountain walls and instead of being all black they almost appeared orange with dark, flickering lights against them.

*TtE* NDE: Cotton Blackness & Light Over Shoulder:

"Then I was no longer afraid and a warm feeling came over me. I felt very peaceful and physically very comfortable. It felt like I was being drawn backwards down a long, dark tube, sucked past a wall of spongy black cotton. Over my shoulder I saw what looked like the sun, it had a soft yellow glow." -a young man's NDE

The Tunnel

Script: See section in OBEs.


The Light

1. The Light As Gateway

*CtL* NDE- Tunnel, Light:

"I wanted to venture into this experience which started as drifting into what I could only describe as a long, rectangular tunnel of light. But it wasnt just light, it was a protective passage of energy with an intense brightness at the end which I wanted to look into, to touch.

"...As I reached the source of the Light, I could see in. I cannot begin to describe in human terms the feelings I had over what I saw. It was a giant infinite world of calm, and love, and energy, and beauty... It was all being, all beauty, all meaning for all existence. It was all the energy of the Universe forever in one place."

*BDL* Arrival At the Light:

S: When they go through the barrier all they see is the bright energy. And they feel like they are being cleansed because the energy is adjusting their own spiritual vibrations to be compatible with whatever level they have attained... Once they get to the other side, at first in their adjustment period they may see scenes that resemble things they remember or imagined on the physical plane, but these are much more perfect and beautiful than they could have imagined. Then as they become adjusted they realize that these are really constructs of their own mind and they start seeing the level where they are as it actually is. But it is a very smooth transition because it is guided solely by what their minds are ready for...

You may be in a particular type of energy field with various properties. And various events take place due to your interacting with this energy field. So it depends on what the plane is and thus it is difficult to describe. Sometimes you will see visual analogues to help you make connections with what you are seeing compared to what you have already experienced (NOTE: Swedenborg's correspondences)

*SBtL* The Light as Sparkles, Then Into the Garden:

(An elderly woman in the Midwest:) This light was more than light. It was made of millions and millions of tiny, diamondlike sparkles that glittered and had feeling. I knew I was a apart of this light.

I went into a grassy area that was like a lovely pasture. I found my grandmother there...

In the blink of an eye I left the grassy place and was back with Jesus.

*WtL* NDE- The Light as a Gateway:

As I approached the light I could see it was like a very bright but gentle sunlight. Then I found I could see into the light where there was a beautiful landscape: gently rolling hills, flowers, and grasses rippling in the softest of breezes, and all of this bathed in a golden glow.

*OwtL* Summerland Without Light:

"When I floated out of the dark tunnel, I was in an open area with blue skies and white clouds, and everything around me was beautiful beyond description." (NOTE: So is this because the NDEr was already of a high vibration or because it was a lower entrance garden?)

*WtL* NDE: Warm Blackness, Light as a Gateway, Description of the Garden & Its Feelings:

(Moira:) I could feel all my strength going. And I can remember the exact second when I thought, "I cant go on, I've just got to let go, this is the end." Anyway, I let go and then everything was very black. I can remember someone getting a doctor, or people coming around to me, and then it was black, absolute blackness. And it was warm, a warm sort of blackness. I felt as though I was enveloped in warm air.

And then I could see a light right at the very end of what looked like a tunnel. It was a long, long was away, just a very small light. And I knew without doubt that I had to get to that light- I felt a tremendous drawing power- so I started to go toward it. But strangely enough, at the same time there was something holding me back- I felt as if I was wading through water... It was though thick air was trying to hold me back. I was pushing and pushing to get to this light- I knew I had to get there. Eventually it got bigger and bigger and I finally found myself at this light. It was like an enormous lit-up picture window. And there was a very high step to get over before I could get into it.

As I looked through into this tremendous light, I could see there was a glorious garden... And the whole thing was enveloped in a beautiful golden light...

I had the feeling that the place was teeming with life even though there wasn't a soul to be seen. I felt that everybody must have been hiding behind rocks and trees and (laughs) it was a strange feeling, as if they were all just hiding there. I felt the warmth of them and the love of them, but they wouldn't come out. I kept on struggling to get over this big step while all this thick air (or whatever it was) was pulling me back... Then suddenly I made a really enormous effort, because I had to get into this garden. Then I heard a voice which said, "You're too early." And with that I let go and I went back at a tremendous rate. I felt myself being drawn very swiftly back up the tunnel into the blackness...

It felt like a coming home, as though this was a place where I'd been before and, after a long journey, I was coming back to it...

It was the truest, most honest thing that had ever happened to me.

5) As I reached the source of the light, I could see in. It was a giant infinite world of calm, and love, and energy, and beauty. It was all being, all beauty, all meaning for all existence.

2. The Light As a Being

*TtE* NDE: Visiting Parents, then Fabulous Tunnel Experience:

"I found myself flying over the city and suburbs until I paused over my parents' back garden. My mother emerged to hang out some washing... Then I became aware of a tremendous suction behind me, and turning around, found myself being drawn upward. Traveling at tremendous speed I saw a speck of light in the far distance, and I felt a great desire to reach that light. It grew larger until it was a glorious golden disc and the sides of the tunnel glistened with a million tiny stars. Then, with a great burst of light, and rays of light like iridescent arms reaching out to me, I emerged from the tunnel to find a Radiant Being before me. He seemed to be made of love and His voice reached out to me like soothing, golden, liquid music, and I was engulfed in light and love." - a woman's NDE in Australia

*SBtL* The Jesus Assumption:

(A woman in Chicago:) I saw a person of light that I think was Jesus. I couldn't see his face, but he was glowing gloriously and furiously. Even when I couldn't look at him, I could feel the glow, it was that strong.

*SBtL* The Being of Light:

(NOTE: At the end of the tunnel) As the Being of Light came closer, these feelings of love intensified until they became almost too pleasurable to withstand. I had the sense of becoming less dense, as though I had lost twenty or thirty pounds...

The Being of Light stood directly in front of me. As I gazed into its essence I could see prisms of color, as though it were composed of thousands of tiny diamonds, each emitting the colors of the rainbow...

*OwtL* NDE- Thought-Travel, Fear of Tunnel:

For the first time in hours, she thought of her husband Jarvin, who had been sitting anxiously in the waiting room.

"Just like that," Carli wrote, "I was hovering over him...

"While I was watching Jarv and wanting to tell him about our beautiful baby boy, I became aware of a tugging, a pulling, and I seemed to be being dragged into some kind of dark, dark tunnel."

Although she could see a light at the far end of the tunnel, Carli was frightened...

She fought an awful moment of panic, and then she perceived a glowing light beginning to form in the darkness of the tunnel.

"The light began to coalesce into a humanoid-type figure...

"The image became that of Jesus...

"His eyes were warm and kind, and I felt an overwhelming peace permeate every aspect of my being. His voice was soft and gentle.

"‘It is not yet your time to come home, Carli,'"

*VS* Brightness of the Light, the Magnetic Pull:

"I look up and I can see a Light! It's bright, so very bright. It looks like a thousand suns all exploding at the same time!

"I am rushing toward the Light, and for some unknown reason I have no fear, and I love the Light. Oh what a wonderful, beautiful, enchanting, warm and loving Light. It's as if I'm being drawn by a giant magnet.

"I am in the Light! Oh, God, I am actually in the Light, I am the Light! I see the Light and now it appears to have a human-like form. I've never seen it before, but, somehow, I recognize it. The Light speaks to me. The Light says, ‘Andy, do not be afraid. Everything is OK.' Then the Light says, ‘Andy, I love you. Andy, we love you.'

"I can see me in the unending Light. But I am still ‘Andy'. The Light has a voice that I have never heard, but it is not strange to me. The Light has a smile that is indescribably beautiful, and I recognize it. The Light has an infectious laugh and we laugh together. The Light has all of the answers in the universe…and I don't have any questions, because I know everything that the Light knows.

"I'm home! I am home forever!

"Then the light says, ‘Andy, you must go back!'

‘The next instant, the very next moment, without any pause or delay of even the smallest amount of time, I am back! I open my eyes and tears are rolling down my cheeks. The Light is gone! Oh, God, the light is gone. I am back on earth. I am so sad."

Andrw Petro, Jr., v.XVI, n.4

*LD-CL* Easier When the Light Takes on Form:

"I am with Alan (a close friend). At one point I see him standing in a doorway at the back of the auditorium, talking to someone standing behind the door. I know that it is Jesus. Anxiously, I walk through the door and look toward Him. At first I am only able to see a bright white light. But then the light abruptly changes into the clear form of the Master…"

The Form of the Light: 1) She saw the figure of a man standing in the light, which radiated all around him. The light was more brilliant than the sun. His body had a golden halo that burst into white light outwards. She felt his light blending into hers and she felt hers being drawn towards his. Their lights merged and she felt an explosion of love. It was unconditional. "I'm home, I'm home." He was aware of her faults, but it didnt matter. He appeared as Jesus to her. He was light itself and love itself. Her spirit remembered him.

*GR* The Light's Appearance & Transformation:

I wasn't sure when the light in the room began to change; suddenly I was aware that it was brighter, a lot brighter, than it had been.

The brightness increased, coming from nowhere, seeming to shine everywhere at once. It was like a million welder's lamps all blazing at once.

Now I saw that it was not light but a Man who had entered the room.

This Person was power itself, older than time and yet more modern than anyone I had ever met.

Far more even than power, what emanated from this Presence was unconditional love. An astonishing love. A love beyond my wildest imaginings. This love knew every unlovable thing about me- and accepted and loved me just the same.

Why The Light Appears as a Being
*HU* The Form of the Light:

The propensity near-death reality has for molding itself into hologram-like shapes that mirror the thoughts, desires, and symbols that populate our minds, explains why Westerners tend to perceive the beings of light as Christian religious figures, why Indians perceive them as Hindu saints and deities, and so on.

*LD-CL* Easier When the Light Takes on Form:

I have found it difficult to surrender to something that seems so overwhelming and totally "other." I have been able to choose a "mediator" between this overwhelming experience and myself; a mediator who lends human and tangible qualities to it.

Dissolution of the Form of The Light

** Form for Comfort:

1) Jesus, the angels, and the platform disintegrated into a giant sphere of light once Carter Mills no longer needed their shape or form to put him at ease. As the sphere grew it absorbed him, infused him with the ecstasy of unconditional love. "Sexual orgasms can't compare. You are so high. Magnify that to infinity!" He zoomed back to his mangled remains as a ball of all knowing light and crashed into his solar plexus with such force it jolted his body to action.

Script: Here we see the dissolution of the form once trust is established.
*BtD* Jesus:

This love was as pure and potent as the Father's, but it had an entirely new dimension of pure compassion, of complete and perfect empathy...

Through this empathy ran a deep vein of sorrow. He ached, He truly grieved for the pain I had endured, but even more for my failure to seek His comfort... Suddenly I knew that I was in the presence of the Redeemer of the world...

His love surrounded me, melting me, and flushing out all residual feelings of worthlessness.


As God the Father and Jesus were teaching me, their words picked up speed and power and then merged, so that they were saying the exact same things in the very same moment. They shared one voice, one mind, and one purpose, and I was deluged with pure knowledge.

Other Forms of The Light

5) ...I was no longer in the tunnel. I was standing somewhere. The first thing I was aware of at this new 'place' was that there was a male person (being) there with me. I felt TOTALLY safe and at ease with him, and was no longer terrified; I felt like he was very holy and pure, and I KNEW that he loved me very much. He felt like a life-long friend ... he had a long white robe, flowing white hair, and he was glowing internally with a bright light. Looking back now, I think he was some kind of guardian angel or spirit-guide or something. This angel/being spoke to me without words -telepathically - and I could do the same. He told me not to worry - -- and I did not.

2) I opened my eyes to see a large sphere of light floating about five feet in front of me. There was a light within it that was rotating slowly from left to right.

3) A brilliant white-yellow warm pillar of light confronted me. I was now in a light golden cellular embodiment and the greatest feeling of warmth and love. My consciousness or soul was at the foot or base. When I tried to look up, I saw the sweet smile and love of my father. Instantly my entire life was laid bare and open to this wonderful presence. It asked what I had done to benefit the human race. What I had counted in my life as unimportant was my salvation and what I thought was important was nil.

4) It was a pulsating love.

3. Light as Light- Appearance & Intensity

Sub: Appearance of The Light

(LAL) This light is usually said to be white or clear.

2) The light was really an absence of darkness. This light was so total and complete that you didn't look at the light, you were in the light.

*CtL* Coma NDE- Boat Tunnel, Turn Off From ∞, Light, Return, Light in Everything:

While lying in a coma, she left her body and traveled down a tunnel. She said it was as though water were in the tunnel, and she was making her way through this mystical river in a small boat.

...Suddenly, she turned onto another branch of the river and passed under a glowing arch that led to a light "so beautiful that it couldnt be called just a light. It represented love and peace and happiness and complete and utter joy."

The Light was misty like a "glowing cloud."

...She knew that she could go no farther into it and still return to her earthly body.

That was when she decided to return.

..."When I came out of the coma in the hospital, I opened my eyes and saw pieces of the Light everywhere. I could see how everything in the world fits together." (NOTE: copied into Tunnel)

Sub: Brightness of The Light
*WtL* The Light:

(Hal:) I could see in the distance a pinpoint of light and it was coming toward me. The Light seemed to be coming from hundreds of miles away, coming at immense speed. And it just kept getting bigger and brighter. It was perhaps the brightest light I've ever seen. As the Light got closer the feeling of peace got even greater.

*JoNDE-JG* The Extreme Brightness:

(NOTE: like ‘e') " I wasn't sure when the light in the room began to change; suddenly I was aware that it was brighter, a lot brighter, than it had been. I stared in astonishment as the brightness increased, coming from nowhere, seeming to shine everywhere at once. It was impossibly bright: it was like a million welders' lamps all blazing at once." (Ritchie and Sherrill, 1978, p.48)

Sub: Intensity of The Light

*BtL* The Light: Seeing The Internal Reality and Power of Love:

Haisley Long of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, was sitting in his living room one day watching television. He got up, walked across the floor, looked out the window, returned to his chair, and was about to sit down when the room lit up and he found himself "on the outskirts of heaven." As he walked into this light-filled world, he was overcome by the power he encountered. Waves of unselfish love and unlimited knowledge nearly blew him away.

"I wondered how I was able to withstand this. It was like standing in front of a huge star, and being amazed at the power a star can pump out, then having the star go super nova and the power just jump incredibly, but you're not fried. It was total ecstasy. More and more waves came. You just cry and cry and cry, while waves wash you and clean you and remove what little pieces of humanity are left stuck to you, so that when you go into heaven you are as perfect as the environment you are in.

"I absorbed all the information, all at once."

The Brightness of the Light(GR): "Suddenly I was aware that it was brighter, a lot brighter, than it had been. I stared in astonishment as the brightness increased, coming from nowhere, seeming to shine everywhere at once. All the light bulbs in the ward couldn't give off that much light. All the bulbs in the world couldn't! It was impossibly bright: it was like a million welders' lamps all blazing at once. 'I'm glad I don't have physical eyes at this moment,' I thought. 'This light would destroy the retina in a tenth of a second.'

"No, I corrected myself, not the light. He. He would be too bright to look at. For now I saw that it was not light but a Man who had entered the room, or rather, a Man made out of light, though this seemed no more possible to my mind than the incredible intensity of the brightness that made up His form.

Sensory Perfection: 1) The next events take place within a millisecond, more or less all at once. The next sensation is this wonderful, wonderful feeling of this light. It's almost like a person. It is a being of some kind, a mass of energy. It covers the entire vista before you. It totally engulfs whatever the horizon might be. There's no temperature involved. Whatever your senses would feel absolute perfect- if it's temperature, it's a perfect temperature. It's so absolutely vivid and clear. It's total pure energy.

2) The light was all colors at the same time.

3) Another consciousness began to unfold. At first I became aware of beautiful colors which were all the colors of the rainbow. They were magnified in crystalized light and beamed with a brilliance in every direction. It was as if all this light that was coming at me through a prism made by a most beautiful and purified diamond, and yet at the same time it was as if I were in its center. I was in a heavenly pasture with flowers. My ears were filled with a music so beautiful no composer could ever duplicate it. It was soothing, gentle, warm, and seemed to come from a source deep within me. Everything in this state of consciousness was familiar, as if I had always known of its existence. As my senses expanded, I became aware of colors that were far beyond the spectrum of the rainbow. My awareness stretched out in 360 degrees. I became aware of being in the middle of a tunnel. I was speeding closer and closer to a light at the other end. In the far distance I saw two circles. In the middle of one circle was a most beautiful being. An immense radiant love poured from it. An incredible light shone through every single pore of its face. The colors of the light were magnificent, vibrant and alive. It was a brilliant white superimposed with a golden hue. I felt I knew this being extremely well. With all my heart I wanted to embrace and melt into it as if we were one. The second circle surrounded the first. In it I became aware of six mother-of-pearl impressions which unfolded and opened up in the way the petals of a freshly created flower open to the sun. They were living beings. They were breathtaking. From beyond this impression, I became aware of the most powerful, radiant, brilliant white light. It totally absorbed my consciousness. It shone through this glorious scene like the sun rising on the horizon through a veil which had suddenly opened. This magnificent light seemed to be pouring through a brilliant crystal. It seemed to radiate from the very center of the consciousness I was in and to shine out in every direction through the infinite expanses of the universe. I knew that it was omnipotent, that it represented infinite divine love.

4) I was very ill. Gradually everything seemed still. It was as if I was drifting away from everything. And then I began to see an enormous light. At first it was a little tiny glimmer, then it became brighter and brighter...and I began to hear sounds. Music began to swell up and became louder and louder... it was as if there was a whole orchestra. Magnificent! I tried to hear what this melody was. I could not recognize it. It was not music I was accustomed to. It was different; much more maginificent than anything I ever heard...... (Chopin)

*VS-AG* The Light Filling You & Expansion:

"It was an incredible energy- a light you wouldn't believe. I almost floated in it. It was feeding my consciousness feelings of unconditional love, complete safety, and complete, total perfection... It just POWED into you. My consciousness was going out getting larger and taking in more; I expanded and more and more came in. It was such rapture, such bliss."

(Zaleski, C. Otherworld Journeys. Oxford University Press, N.Y.; Oxford. 1987, p. 125)

Sub: Permeated By The Light
*JoNDE-JG* The Extreme Brightness:

"This light was so total and complete that you didn't look at the light, you were in the light." (Sabom, 1982, p.44) Other subjects report the light as emanating from the end of a tunnel of from persons encountered in the experience.

9) I gained strength from gazing upon the golden light. By doing this, it was revitalizing something within the depths of me. There was a transmission of a higher power, knowledge, understanding, and the oneness with everything. The light projects its energy into us and fills us with love.

3) I had no sense of separate identity. I was the light and one with it.

5) The pure love of the light was in, around, and through everything.

*CtL* The Light in General:

Those who experience the Light say that it is more than just light. There is substance to it that "wraps" them in a warmth and caring that they have never before felt. For some the voice of God comes from the Light.

*VS-BR* Totally Penetrated, Soaked in the Light:

"Suddenly I was through that tunnel and in a sea of bright, slightly golden, white light, that's like an immense brilliant white fog, only denser and heavier. It was literally a sea of light that penetrated my every pore and atom, and interacted with every cell. That light envelops you, thoroughly penetrates and soaks your every sub-atomic particle. You are a part of it, and it is a part of you. I knew I had been a part of this light before, and was merely returning to my proper place where I belonged. This was home, not the earth down here. To me, the sea of light is God, the Creator." -Jarod

*VftA* Into the Healing Light/Sound:

And: My angel could read my thoughts. He knew everything I was feeling. "Come with me," he repeated gently, "and you will see how you can help her. There is a way.

He held out his hand, and with a final backward glance at what had been my life, I let him lead me away. Immediately the room, my daughter, my lifeless body all vanished. I was engulfed in a blinding, bright light. This light wrapped around me like a blanket and I was carried like a baby into a new world.

Waves of love and peace washed over me. I journeyed with my angel through a place of pulsing, healing light and sound until suddenly all movement stopped, and I found myself in a space filled with a golden radiance. I could feel the presence of a mighty goodness, although I could see nothing but the light.

Sub: Merging With The Light

*OwtL* NDE- Merging with Light, Summerland:

(NOTE: After the angel takes him into the tunnel) "And then we stood before this totally awesome light," Randy said. "It was so bright and powerful that you really couldnt look right at it.

"I looked at Areo, wondering what we were to do next. She said that we would enter the Light and become One with it. Before I could ask what that meant, she just gave my hand a little tug, and then we were inside the Light.

"That was really cool! I kind of felt as though my body exploded- in a nice way- and became a million different atoms- and each single atom could think its own thought and have its own feelings. All at once I seemed to feel like I was a boy, a girl, a dog, a cat, a fish. Then I felt like I was an old man, an old woman- and then a little tiny baby."

And then Randy and Areo were standing in what appeared to be a lovely park, bedecked with "millions and millions" of colorful flowers. Randy could hear beautiful music playing somewhere off in the distance.

"Just a little ways off I could see a bridge with someone standing on it. Beyond the bridge, I saw a golden city with towers like European castles. The whole city seemed to be shining with light that shot up into the sky like a giant searchlight.

"I could see that some of the domes of the city were red, others were gold, and a few were blue. The gates and walls of the city seemed to be made of bright blue, red, and violet lights..."

The angel nodded. "That's to be your new home, Randy."

They began walking toward the bridge to the city, and Randy saw that the man standing awaiting them was his Grandpa Hansen...

Randy asked his beloved grandfather if he would now be living with him in Heaven.

"One day," Grandpa Hansen told him. "But not just yet."

When Randy questioned his grandfather, he told him that he still had things to learn on Earth...

Areo seemed puzzled. "But it seemed to me that I was doing the right thing. The word that I received indicated that now was Randy's time to return home."

Grandpa Hansen shrugged. "I was told to meet you at the bridge and tell you to take him back home. He's got some lessons that he hasnt learned yet- and lots of work that he hasnt even started to fulfill." (NOTE: The bridge! Where the cord is severed in this case)

*OwtL* NDE- OB Appearance, Angel Descends, Detailed Merging with Light & Transformation:

"I was out of my body, floating up toward the ceiling."

Gloria stated that she now perceived herself as if she were a shiny orange balloon with a silver string attached to it...

"I felt something pulling me higher, farther away from the operating room.

"I thought of my husband and my three-year-old daughter in the waiting room, and I felt sad that I was leaving them... (NOTE: Magnetic influences are stronger than thought-travel influences)

"I heard bells tolling, like they do after funerals; and then I saw my guardian angel coming down through the ceiling for me."

The angelic being accompanied Gloria toward a bright light that appeared to be shining in the center of a great expanse of darkness.

"It was the most beautiful and compelling light that I had ever seen... ‘Yes,' the angelic being said. ‘We must now become One with the Light so that we may ascend higher.'

"I felt myself blending with the powerful energy of the Light, and it was as if my very essence were being separated layer by layer. It was as though I were this orange-colored balloon-onion kind of thing, and I was being peeled layer by layer. And it was wonderful! Like each layer of my essence was being bathed in soft, warm, soapy love."

The next thing Gloria Novara knew, she was no longer a shiny orange "balloon kind of thing," but she was herself again. (NOTE: An important part of the Light experience)

"I had on a lovely white robe, and all around me were beautiful angels in bright, shining gowns..."

Gloria was told what a privilege it was that she had been permitted to advance to the Greater Light and to become One with its beauty.

*OwtL* NDE- Vision of Love & Merging:

It was at this point in her near-death, out-of-body experience that Ingrid was shown a vision by her guardian angel that she can only describe as "completely ineffable... Beyond all words and the power of human speech."

She only has been able to preserve a very fleeting image of soaring through a star-decked universe in which every atom of matter seemed intelligent and throbbing with Divine Love.

"And then," she said, "I seemed to be moving toward the center of all creation, toward God, toward a brilliant light. And then I became One with the Light. Totally, completely, One with the Light."

** Translation To Physical Terms:

[is angry at being OB in a NDE, wathcing on in the hospital room.]

The scene changed and I was no longer in that room. I found myself in a place of such beauty and peace. It was timeless and spaceless. I was aware of delicate and shifting hues of colors with their accompanying rainbows of 'sound,' though there was no noise in this sound. It might have felt like wind and bells, were it earthly. I 'hung' there - floating. Then I became aware of other loving, caring beings hovering near me. Their presence was so welcoming and nurturing. They appeared 'formless' in the way I was accustomed by now to seeing things. I don't know how to describe them. I was aware of some bearded male figures in white robes in a semicircle around me. The atmosphere became blended as though made of translucent clouds. I watched as these clouds and their delicate shifting colors moved through and around us.

"Then I was aware of an Immense Presence coming toward me, bathed in white, shimmering light that glowed and at times sparkled like diamonds. Everything else seen, the colors, beings, faded into the distance as the Light Being permeated everything. I was being addressed by an overwhelming presence. (NOTE: This aas a good translation of non-physical experience)

Its Intelligence & Personality

** The Light:

(LAL) This light is usually said to be white or clear. It was a being of light. It has a very definite personality. The love and the warmth which emanate from this being are utterly beyond words, and one feels completely surrounded by it and taken up in it, completely at ease and accepted by this being. One senses an irresistible magnetic attraction to this light and is drawn to it. This being took different forms for different people.

4) The sensation is of a kind of being of some kind, more a kind of energy, not a character in the sense of another person, but an intelligence with whom it is possible to communicate. Also, in size it just covers the entire vista before you. It totally engulfs everything, you feel enveloped.

Light Is Intelligent(CCG): Oh my, the light is alive. Yes it is. The higher you go, the more alive -- and intelligent -- it gets. Imagine a giant hologram containing scans of every page of every book of the Library of Congress. If that hologram were shattered, every little piece would continue to contain the entire contents (only smaller and perhaps at a different angle). I think that light is very like that -- small pieces of the Whole. At the higher astral levels, light can be read, so to speak. But by that time, you are normally acting beyond the capability of words.

Humor(GR): "What about the insurance money coming when I'm seventy?" The words were out, in this strange realm where communication took place by thought instead of speech, before I could call them back. If I'd suspected before that there was mirth in the Presence beside me, now I was sure of it: the brightness seemed to vibrate and shimmer with a kind of holy laughter.

*BtL* Humorous Jesus:

(NOTE: After the light...) "Then I was instantly zapped to a domed room with square screens up and down the walls, on the ceiling – hundreds of television screens. On each screen was a home movie of one event in my life. The good, the bad, the secret, the ugly, the special. Everything was going on at once; nothing was chronological. All was silent. When you looked at one screen, you focused in, and you could hear what was there . Not only words, but your thoughts, your feelings, everything; and when you looked at the other people or animals, you could hear their thoughts, their feelings, too. And you made the connection between these and the events which ensued. You were filled with, not guilt, but a strong sense of responsibility.

"God said to me: ‘I gave you the precious gift of life. What did you do with this gift?' I was the judge and I was satisfied. I guess that was what God wanted. I was told that before we're born, we have to take an oath that we will pretend time and space are real so we can come here and advance our spirit. If you don't promise, you can't be born."

Jeanie Dicus


Communication/Remembering in the Light(HU): The preeminence of knowledge in the afterlife dimension is apparent in another way. In the presence of the light, they suddenly had direct access to all knowledge. This access manifested in several ways. Sometimes it came in response to inquiries. One man said that all he had to do was ask a question, such as what would it be like to be an insect, and instantly the experience was his. "You can think of a question…and immediately know the answer to it. As simple as that. And it can be any question whatsoever. I can be on a subject that you don't know anything about, that you are not in the proper position even to understand and the light will give you the instantaneous correct answer and make you understand it." (NOTE: In your language.)

Some NDEers report that they didn't even have to ask questions in order to access this infinite library of information. Following their life review they just suddenly knew everything, all the knowledge there was to know from the beginning of time to the end. Others came into contact with this knowledge after the being of light made some specific gesture, such as wave its hand. Still others said that instead of acquiring the knowledge, they remembered it, but forgot most of what they recalled as soon as they returned to their physical bodies (an amnesia that seems to be universal among NDEers who are privy to such visions).

The ultimate answers to existence are not to be found in intellectual concepts and philosophies, however sophisticated, but rather in a level of direct nonconceptual experience.

1) When she asked questions, his light entered her mind and began to answer them even before they were fully asked. His light was knowledge. Her questions came faster and the answers did, too. She understood, or rather, remembered his role as creator. This knowledge was more like remembering. The veil of forgetfulness placed upon her at birth was being raised. He had a sense of humor. I'll never forget his sense of humor, which was far more delightful and quick than any here. Knowledge permeated her, it became her. To receive truth, we need to listen to our spirits, nor our egos.

2) I was standing in a mist. I had nothing but feelings of gratitude. While I was pouring out these feelings, the mist started being infiltrated with enormous light and the light just got brighter and brighter and brighter. I just seemed to exist in it and become part of it and be nurtured by it and the feeling became more and more ecstatic and glorious and perfect. You're engulfed by it and you begin to know a lot of things. I knew that everything, everywhere in the universe was perfect, that whatever was happening, the wars, famine, whatever, was OK. Somehow it was all a part of the perfection, that we didnt have to be concerned about it at all. It seemed infinite. It was timeless. It said "there are no sins, not the way you think of it. What is in your heart?" I saw that there was nothing in my heart but love.

*VS* Knowing & The Light:

"There were also other times when I just floated or glided in the light. There were things I just seemed to ‘know'." -Mary Horan, v.XVI, n.3

*BtD* The Form of Communication with the Light:

Now His voice exploded with energy. "Dont you know that this is the worst thing you could have done?"..

When the Father spoke, each of His words exploded into a complex of meanings, like fireworks, tiny balls of light that erupted into a billion bits of information, filling me with streams of vivid truth and pure understanding...

Sub: Communication By Mandala
*OwtL* Thought Form Telepathy from the Light:

And then the beautiful light was very near to me, and I perceived a calming intelligence, a being composed of pure light that projected before me a peculiar, three-dimensional geometric design that somehow instantly permeated my very essence with the knowledge that everything would be all right.

The very sight of that geometric design somehow transmitted to me that there was a pattern to the universe and a meaning, a Divine Plan, to life...

Three or four of the group stated that they understood what I was attempting to explain, for they, too, had been shown some kind of tranquilizing, yet revelatory, geometric object...

Fractal geometry very closely approximated what I had been shown during my near-death experience.


The Ecstasy of Knowing: 1) As I existed in this white light, in this incredible love, I began to be rapturous. The rapture built. The bliss built. My consciousness began to expand with the bliss of it all. Suddenly there came into my field of consciousness an entire field of knowledge. It was like a whole block of knowledge that just simply came in and settled itself on me.

Then I simply remember I became more blissful, more rapturous, more ecstatic. I was just filling and filling with this light and love that was in the light. The dynamics of this light are not static at all. They are so dynamic and so much going on in there of love and joy and knowledge. As you take it into yourself, or as it goes into you and you receive it, your ecstasy level just becomes tremendous.

I knew that I had lost all sense of having a body. It was just my consciousness, sort of pure and free floating, and I did not think at all during this part of the experience. I had no thoughts. I was a receiving station. I merely felt and absorbed and took in and did not think at all. I reached the point in the rapture of it all where I thought to myself suddenly, the first thought.

7) Great waves of awareness flowed into me and into my mind. Consciousness is life. The purpose of life does not depend on me. It has its own purpose. An intensity of feeling rushed through me. The feeling was dynamic, rolling, magnificent, expanding, ecstatic, Bliss. It whirled around me and, entering my chest, flowed through me.

*EtS-EKR* Melting & The Light:

I hastened toward that Light and went smack into the center of it. I literally melted into it.

*BDD* The Aliveness of Dying & the Light:

"I had never been so totally alive as in the act of dying... The totality and reality of the living God exploded within my being and He filled every atom of my body with His glory."

*VftA* The Sound-Light Changing Who You Are:

Michael: "The world disappeared, and I was standing in this field of bright light with a couple of very impressive angels!...

"We started to move through the light. A sound, very high-pitched, seemed to be propelling us faster and faster until I felt the outline of who I was blurring. And then, I was filled with an ecstasy I thought I would never experience."

What It Is

*LWK* The Immortal Light:

This is the immortal light, held aloft by Nature from time immemorial to guide the faltering footsteps of erring humanity across the turns and twists, ups and downs, of the winding path of evolution, the light which shone in the prophets and sages of antiquity, which continues to shine in the men and women of genius and seers of today, and will continue to shine for all eternity, illuminating the vast amphitheater of the universe for the marvelous, unending play of the eternal, almighty, queen of creation—life.

Explanations of the Light: 1) I once saw the light and it was not like anything you could imagine, for it was like sound that existed only in the silence of pitch black. It is the sound of life searching for a place to lay and rest, almost as if it was everyone's existing energy taken and mixed together to form a white ball of light that rings the sound of life as loud as it can, but so faint that the unaware dont hear it and the aware only think they do. The light is a pattern that some call life. The calling of the world is to shout out and scream "I'm alive, cant you see, so give me the power to hear the great sound for I've heard it once and it wont let me down." My light will be there forever to stay for it is neverending, eternal and sharp, and it will always be with me even in the everlasting dark.

2) A light appeared at the back of the chapel. I did not see it with my earthly eyes, but with some other unexplainable source. It was more of an "inner awareness." I could see it definitely, but not with my human eyes. There was an immediate recognition on my part that it was God. There was a transference of knowledge placed directly into my consciousness. I completely merged with the light and became it.

4) It's something which becomes you and you become it. You're all-knowing, and everything is a part of you. It was eternity. I was always there and I always will be there, and that my existence on earth was just a brief instant.

*WtL* The Light- What It Is:

(from an AUSTRALIANDS newsletter:) It is the light-of-being, pulsating from each of us. And the sound! It is the sound-of-being, radiating from each of us to create a community of pure, sacred vibration!

Lesser Depictions

Other Depictions: 1) It almost seemed that clouds, a pink mist really, began to gather around me, and then I floated right straight on through the screen porch as if it werent there, and up into this crystal clear light, an illuminating white light. It is a light of perfect understanding and perfect love.

2) It was gradually getting lighter in the cellar as the light came.

3) The nearest thing I can approximate it to is the setting sun at a time of ideal circumstances when one can look right at it. It is a yellow-orangish color. There was nothing but love in every direction.

6) It was like a golden sun. Homecoming, a real acceptance (it's love reaches out to ALL possibilities, possible selves).

8) He waved his hand across the space in front of me and the haze cleared. I could see nurses and doctors.

10) He asked me if I was ready to die, or what I had done with my life that I wanted to show him.

*VS* A Dimmer Light:

"Within a very short time, I saw and felt a light- The Light. I've read of The Light as appearing to other as quite bright. In my experience, however, The Light was not so much bright as it was diffuse, enveloping and permeating. It surrounded, enveloped and entered me. What bliss!!! Upon first seeing The Light, my thought was ‘Oh! Home! I'm going Home!! Now I know why I was born. This is why!' This was more than just a thought; it was a knowing in every cell of my ‘being.' All my questions regarding existence were answered in the nanosecond."

Mary Ann Lugenbeal, v.XVI, n.4

Resistance To Death & The Light

** The Effects of Resistance:

1) "I recall being pulled down into a spinning vortex. At first, I did not know what was happening. Then I realized my body was being drawn downward, head first. I panicked and fought, trying to grab at the sides of the vortex. All I could think of was my two children. No one would care for them. I pleaded, Please, not now, but I kept moving downward.

"I tried to see something, but all there was to see was this cyclonic void that tapered into a funnel. I kept grabbing at the sides but my fingers had nothing to grasp. Terror set in, true terror. I saw a black spot, darker than the funnel and like a black curtain, falling in front of me. Then there was a white dot, like a bright light at the end of the funnel. But as I grew closer, it was a small white skull. It became larger, grinning at me with bare sockets and gaping mouth, and traveling straight toward me like a baseball. Not only was I terrified, I was really livid, too. I struggled to grab hold of anything to keep me from falling, but the skull loomed larger. 'My kids, my baby is so little. My little boy, he's only two years old. No!' My words rang in my head and ears. With a bellowing yell, I screamed: 'No! damn it, no! Let me go. My babies need me! No! No! No! No!'

"The skull shattered into fragments and I slowed in movement. A white light, the brightest light I have ever known or will ever see again was in place of the skull. It was so bright yet it did not blind me. It was a welcome, calming light. The black spot or curtain was gone. I felt absolute peace of mind and sensed myself floating upward, and I was back. I heard my husband calling me, off in the distance.

2) I glanced at my physical body. It was the last thing I saw as I went through the wall. I found myself in a region of total darkness up to my neck in water. My bodily pain, absent moments before, had returned. The water was very cold and moving around. I was quite panicky because I cannot swim. In my mind I asked, "Where am I?" In response I heard a loud, loving and beautiful voice, sounding almost as though it came from a megaphone, saying, "This is eternity! This is eternity! You are lost! You are lost!" In some way I knew that was God's voice. "What is this?" I again asked in my mind. God's reply was, "This is the river of death."

Struggling in the darkness I suddenly found myself being carried into the upper portions of a large whirlpool. I fought to keep my head above water, but gradually was drawn lower into the pool where the water was whirling more quickly. By the time I was sucked into the bottom of the pool I was completely exhausted. Emotionally, fear and hopelessness had drained me. So, as I was going underwater for what I was sure was the last time, I completely gave up! It was then that I saw light enter the water around me. The water turned warm. I turned, looked up and there was Jesus, about four feet above me.

(Me: The resistance turns it nasty!!!)

*LD-CL* Distraction & the Light:

The Light may present itself in its fullness and yet go unseen without the discerning power of lucidity:

"I go into a bedroom and see a pretty young woman sitting on the edge of a bed. I ask her if she would like a back rub and she says yes. I notice bright light coming in through the window. As I give her the rub I begin to be sexually aroused. However, the light coming in through the window (which is brilliant and brighter than the sun) is bothering me. I want to find some sunglasses or pull the shade but she doesn't want me to do that. Finally I just turn my back to it." -M.A.T., 1975

*LD-CL* Fear, Desire, & Self-Interest Keeps Away the Light:

As I lie in my bed with my eyes closed, I suddenly realize that there is no reason why I shouldn't experience the Light! I feel a complete lack of the usual feelings of unworthiness. As I wait expectantly, a warmth begins to fill my body. I sense that a white light is shining through the window and entering my solar plexus. It rushes upward until a warm brightness fills my vision. I feel deep love and surrender.

When the Light makes its appearance in the lucid dream, the preceding events usually fall to the wayside. The independence and the interests of self must be relinquished if the Light is to approach and become an inner experience. The pre-eminent demand placed upon the dreamer as he stands at this threshold is to surrender.


"I am outdoors and see a light in the sky. I am told that I must turn my head away if the light is to descend upon me. I am aware that I am dreaming. I bow my head. The ground around me becomes illuminated by the brilliant orb. I begin to be afraid as it nears me. I look up, and it withdraws into the sky. The process is repeated, but I fail to overcome my fear. I awaken."


"I look up in the eastern sky and see a large orb of white light many times the size of the moon. I realize that I am dreaming. I yell out in joy knowing it is coming for me. As soon as I do, the Light withdraws into the sky as if it is awaiting a more appropriate response on my part. I know that I must turn my eyes away and trust. As I do, the Light descends. As it approaches, I hear a woman's voice say, "You've done well reflecting this Light within yourself. But now it must be turned outward."

The air becomes charged and the ground is brilliantly lit. The top of my head begins to prickle and be warmed by the Light. I awaken."


Desire itself may form the final obstacle to inner union.


(NOTE: a mismatch of expectation due to desire: That's why you must surrender: no expectation) "a man who I know is Jesus is materializing in front of me. I become excited and run to embrace Him. The figure abruptly disappears…"


"…I look up in the eastern sky and see a large orb of white light many times the size of the moon. I realize that I am dreaming. I yell out in joy knowing it is coming for me. As soon as I do the light withdraws…"

*BtL* Surrender to NDEs:

"Surrender" may indeed be the factor that determines not only depth of experience but who might possibly have one to begin with, i.e., people who refuse to relinquish the power of their will seldom report the phenomenon.

*IaTR* The Need for Acceptance To Continue:

"My intuition tells me that my experience is being guided or overseen by a Being of Light. I am safer in this mystical realm than is possible in any physical reality. If I can accept what I am experiencing this adventure will continue, while rigidity and denial will quickly bring it to an end."

"Your intuition is working with a real clarity, even if you are confused."

"I can feel myself accepting all this at a speed that I could never normally manage. I'm amazed at how calm I feel already."

Trusting an inner prompting so powerful that I can scarcely resist it, I dive into the river.

The Truth Of The Light(O): Spirits with evil thoughts avoid the Light because they are too ashamed to have their life revealed.

*PtE* Resisting The Light: Cloudiness To Clarity:

A being may also appear in a wrathful form, a horrific image, decorated with skulls and flayed skins; he then represents energy clouded by passion.

The anger that is cloudy, turbulent, and aggressive, is also brilliant, powerful, and energetic. When we recognize that positive qualities are a part of the same passion, we can transmute the negative aspects into the positive. It can become clear and unruffled, representing the sharp, precise, clear reflectiveness of mirrorlike wisdom.

(Me: obscuring new light by demanding an old form has the same effect, perhaps)

The Light As An Accumulation of Superluminosity

*TtE* NDE: Light Formed out of the Tunnel Wrapping About:

"...and then I didn't breathe anymore and I found myself at the top of the room near the ceiling, looking down at this body on the bed. I noticed it was small. Then all of a sudden I was in this tunnel, very dark expect for these rectangular mirrors of different colors. I started up the tunnel, slow at first, then speeding up, like the speed of light. The little mirrors were pulled with my increasing speed and pretty soon formed a focused light and all of a sudden I was in total white, standing on the steps of a cathedral that was like crystal. You could put your hand through the building, and it pulsed and shimmered." -NDE of a 3-year old girl (NOTE: Light speed, huh... the light trails behind you as you approach, then when you reach it, they are seen at their source- the golden disk. This is perhaps yourself? You reach light speed and make contact with your greater self?)

Toning Down the Light

*TtE* The Incredible Melting Heat of God:

Swedenborg affirms the belief that humans cannot actually see the infinite God. God's infinite majesty would consume us as though we had ventured into the sun itself.

6) Off in the distance, I saw a pinpoint of white light. It was coming toward me, but with such subtlety that I couldn‘t tell it was moving until it completely enveloped me. It felt like I was floating in a semi- reclined sitting position when the light enveloped me. Then I realized that it was more like being held, as though I was a child.

The Light was so brilliant that I put my left "arm" over my eyes. I was shocked that this didn't make any difference. The Light went right through my arm. The Light went right through me. With some panic I thought that this Light was so intense that I wouldn‘t be able to handle it, that I'd vaporize or disintegrate. Somehow It must have known this because It softened.

The Light Severs the Cord

*BDL* Near Death Experiences, The Light & Dissolution of the Cord:

D: People have near-death experiences and they sometime describe the same scenes.

S: What they're describing is what they see up to the approach to the barrier between the physical and the spiritual. The approach up to this barrier is usually very similar because you must go through the same types of energy fields to cross over to the spiritual side. But once they get past what is usually described as a bright light at the end of a tunnel- this bright light is the barrier itself then what they see differs according to their individual development...

The act of leaving the body is a very natural act; it is like breathing. But the act of passing from the physical side to the spiritual side can be a shock to the system...

D: Then once they go past that light they cannot come back into the physical body at that point?

S: That is correct. When they recross that light it will be for entering another body... (NOTE: But that's not true. There are plenty of near-death tours of the astral.)

When you go through that bright light it severs the cord because you are going through an intense energy field. The cord that connects the astral body to the physical body is a type of energy. And when you go through the energy barrier, it is dissolved.

One's Own Appearance in the Light

*SBtL* Appearance in the Light:

I looked at my hand. It was translucent and shimmering and moved with fluidity, like the water in the ocean. I looked down at my chest. It, too, had the translucence and flow of fine silk in a light breeze.

Others in the Light

*SBtL* The Beings Above and Below:

Below us were other Beings who looked like me. They appeared to be lost and shimmered at a rate that was far slower than the rate at which I shimmered. As I watched them I noticed that I slowed down as well. There was a discomfort in this reduced vibration that made me look away.

I looked above me. There were more Beings, these brighter and more radiant than I. I felt discomfort when looking at them as well because I began to vibrate faster. It was as though I had drunk too much coffee and was now speeding up and moving too fast. I looked away from them and straight ahead at the Being of Light, who now stood before me.

Children & the Light

*TtE* Percentage of Children Seeing the Light:

One survey indicated that 65% of children who have undergone near-death experiences mention the bright light.


The Life Review

Script: The order of this section needs some work.

Simultaneous Experience

** The Life Reveiw:

The Life Review(LAL) The being presents to the person a panoramic review of his life. It is extraordinarily rapid. The memories, when they are described in temporal terms, are said to follow in swift chronological order. Others recall no awareness of chronological order at all. The remembrance was instantaneous; everything appeared at once, and they could take it all in with one mental glance. Even for a time following their reveiw, they could recall the events of thier life in incredible detail. Life flashes before eyes even without actual death if very scared.

(HU) "And it all happens in an instant. The whole thing was really odd. I was there; I was actually seeing these flashbacks; I was actually walking through them, it was so fast. Yet, it was slow enough that I could take it all in." It is the ability to "simultaneously comprehend the whole and every part."

1) It seemed like it was less than five minutes, and probably more than thirty seconds.

Rote-Like Holographic Experience

(HU) Many NDEers themselves use the term "holographic" when describing the experience.

Again, and again, NDEers use the same adjectives to describe the life review, referring to it as an incredibly vivid, warp-around, three-dimensional replay of their entire life. "Every moment from every year of your life is played back in complete sensory detail. Total, total recall."

Failed dreams and aspirations—things they had hoped to accomplish during their life, but had not—also caused them pangs of sadness.

Thoughts, too, are replayed with exacting fidelity during the life review. Reveries, faces glimpsed once but remembered for years, things that made one laugh, the joy one felt when gazing at a particular painting, childish worries, and long forgotten daydreams—all flit through one's mind in a second. "Not even your thoughts are lost…Every thought was there."

The Theater of the Life Review

*VS* Life Review on the Way to the Light:

"Closer and closer…

"‘What now?' ‘Where am I?' I'm inside an immense ball! And the inside of the sphere is like an enormous, unending movie screen. Everything is going on at once, all around me…left, right, up, down…wherever I look I see my life. I can not only see it, but I can also hear, feel and experience every event my life…past, present and future. There is no beginning! Strange, there is no fear or judgement. What incredible feelings, I can feel each and every thought, word and action all at once!

"Now I'm back in the tunnel again, speeding toward the Light!" -Andrw Petro, Jr., v.XVI, n.4

*GR* The Life Review:

For into that room along with His radiant presence had also entered every single episode of my entire life. Everything that had ever happened to me was simply there, in full view, contemporary and current, all seemingly taking place at that moment.

The little one-bed room was still visible, but it no longer confined us. Instead, on all sides of us was what I could only think of as a kind of enormous mural- except that the figures on it were three dimensional, moving and speaking.

And many of these figures seemed to be me.Transfixed, I stared at myself standing at the blackboard in a third-grade spelling class, receiving my Eagle badge, wheeling Papa Dabney onto the veranda, myself getting beaten up by that boy, myself as a tiny two-and-a-half pound infant, and simultaneously lifted by Caesarean section from the womb.

Complete Empathy
Omniperspective Life Reviews

(HU) (NOTE: Complete empathy!) During this instantaneous and panoramic remembrance, NDEers reexperience all the emotions, the joys and the sorrows, that accompanied all of the events in their life. More than that, they feel all of the emotions of the people with whom they have interacted as well. They feel the happiness of all the individuals to whom they've been kind. If they have committed a hurtful act, they become acutely aware of the pain their victim felt as a result of their thoughtlessness. And no event seems too trivial to be exempt. While reliving a moment in her childhood, one woman suddenly experienced all the loss and powerlessness her sister had felt after she (then a child) snatched a toy away from her sister.

5) My life appeared before me in the form of what we might consider extremely well-defined holograms, but at tremendous speed. I was astonished that I could understand so much knowledge at such a speed. My comprehension included much more than what I remember happening during each event of my life. I not only reexperienced my own emotions at each moment, but also what others around me had felt. I experienced their feelings and thoughts about me. Then I saw the disappointment that I had caused others, and I cringed as their feelings of disappointment filled me, compounded by my own guilt. I understood all the suffering I had caused, and I felt it. I began to tremble. I saw how much grief my bad temper had caused, and I suffered this grief. I saw my selfishness, and my heart cried for relief. How had I been so uncaring?

6) Instantly Carter Mills's whole life began to play out, starting at birth. He relived being a tiny spark of light traveling to earth as soon as egg and sperm met and entering his mother's womb. In mere seconds he had to choose hair color and eyes out of the genetic material available to him and any genes that might give him the body he would need. He bypassed the gene for clubfootedness, then watched from a soul's perspective as cells subdivided. He could hear his parents whenever they spoke and feel their emotions, but any knowledge of his past lives dissolved. Birth was a shock: awful lights, giant people, eyes peering over face masks. His only comfort was his mother.

He relived each incident in his life, including killing a mother bird when he was eight. He was so proud of that single shot until he felt the pain the bird's three babies went through when they starved to death without her. "It's not true that only humans have souls,"

*TB* The Life Review:

NDErs experience the complete range of effects their actions had on others and all the feelings, however disturbing or shocking, they aroused in them. You are the very people you hurt and the very people you helped to feel good.

*FWG* The Life Review, Omniperspective:

All souls experience their at-one-ment in a most interesting way. They are allowed to move through, once again, every moment of the life they've just completed- and to experience it not only from their viewpoint, but from the viewpoint of everyone else who was affected by that moment. They get to rethink every thought, resay every word, redo every deed, and to experience its effect on every person it affected, as if they were that other person- which they are.

They get to know that they are, experientially. At this moment the statement "We Are All One" will no longer be a concept, it will be an experience...

During your "life review," as some have called it, you will not be judged by anyone, but simply be allowed to experience what the Whole of You experienced, rather than what the localized version of You that resides with your present body experienced.

*SBtL* The Life Review:

The Being of Light engulfed me, and as it did I began to experience my whole life, feeling and seeing everything that had ever happened to me. It was as though a dam had burst and every memory stored in my brain flowed out.

...At the time I thought I was funny. But now, as I relived this incident, I found myself in his body, living with the pain that I was causing.

...From fifth to twelfth grade, I estimate that I had at least six thousand fistfights. Now, as I reviewed my life in the bosom of the Being, I relived each one of those altercations, but with one major difference: I was the receiver.

I wasn't the receiver in the sense that I felt the punches I had thrown. Rather, I felt the anguish and the humiliation my opponent felt...

Not only could I feel the way both I and the other person had felt when an incident took place, I could also feel the feelings of the next person they reacted to. I was in a chain reaction of emotion, one that showed how deeply we affect one another...

People who beat animals or are cruel to them are going to know how those animals felt when they have a life review.

I also discovered that it is not so much what you do that counts, but why you do it. For example, having a fistfight with someone for no real reason hurt me far more in the life review than having one with someone who had picked a fight with me. To relive hurting someone just for fun is the greatest pain of all.

(In Viet Nam)...We surrounded the hotel with plastic explosives and leveled it at sunrise, killing the official along with about fifty people who were staying there...

I saw this incident again during my near-death experience, but this time, I was hit by a rush of emotions and information. I felt the stark horror that all of those people felt as they realized their lives were being snuffed out. I experienced the pain their families felt when they discovered that they had lost loved ones in such a tragic way. In many cases I even felt the loss their absence would make to future generations.

...My task was simply to transfer these weapons from an airplane to our military interests in the area. When this transfer was completed, I got back on the airplane and left.

But leaving wasn't so easy in my life review. I stayed with the weapons and watched as they were distributed at a military staging area. Then I went with the guns as they were used in the job of killing, some of them murdering innocent people and some the not so innocent...

I remember watching children cry because they had been told that their fathers were dead, and I knew these deaths were caused by the guns I had delivered...

I was ashamed. I realized I had led a very selfish life, rarely reaching out to help anyone...

As I gazed at the Being of Light I felt as though he was touching me. From that contact I felt a love and joy that could only be compared to the nonjudgmental compassion that a grandfather has for a grandchild...

Again I was allowed a period of reflection... I could see that for every good in my life, there were twenty bad ones to weigh against it...

As the Being of Light moved away, I felt the burden of this guilt being removed. I had felt the pain and anguish of reflection, but from that I had gained the knowledge that I could use to correct my life. I could hear the Being's message in my head, again as if through telepathy: "Humans are powerful spiritual beings meant to create good on the earth. This good isn't usually accomplished in bold actions, but in singular acts of kindness between people. It's the little things that count, because they are more spontaneous and show who you truly are."

...The amount of love and good feelings you have at the end of your life is equal to the love and good feelings you put out during your life...

Despite the horribly flawed life we had just witnessed, deep and meaningful forgiveness came to me from this Being... I was bathed in the love that embraced me through the light, and had to give nothing in return.

*VS-LR* Life Review- Total Responsibility:

At that moment I was rapidly shown images of my life from a different perspective. It was uncomfortable. No matter how much I struggled I could not escape this way of seeing. The truth was very loud... I was responsible for every decision, every action and every consequence to myself and others.

*SBtL* The Being of Light & Second Life Review:

At the end of the tunnel I was met by the Being of Light, the same one that greeted me the first time...

He drew me toward him, and as he did he spread out, almost like an angel spreading its wings. I was engulfed by these wings of light, and as I was, I began to see my life all over again.

The first twenty-five years passed as they had in my first near-death experience. I saw many of the same things... Watching these early years again was painful, I wont deny that, but the agony was tempered by viewing the years since the first experience...

One after the other, events both great and small were reviewed as I stood in this cocoon of light...

One time for instance, I helped care for an elderly woman. She had lain in bed so long that she was stiff and could hardly move. I scooped her out of the bed like a child- she couldn't have weighed more than eighty pounds- and held her while the nurses changed the sheets. To give her a change of scenery, I walked around the building with her in my arms.

I knew this meant a lot to her at the time because she thanked me profusely and cried when I left. Now, as I relived the event, the perspective I had in this heavenly place let me feel her gratitude at having someone hold her again...

The life review that came with this second near-death experience was wonderful. Unlike my first, which was filled with mayhem, anger, and even death, this one was a pyrotechnic display of good deeds... It is like a great Fourth of July fireworks display, in which your life bursts before you in scenes that are spiced with the emotions and feelings of everyone in them.

*LBD* Again, the Experiences After Death:

We go backwards from our experience of death towards our birth... We now pass through this experience with the other person's feelings... Spiritual beings appear in our retrospective experience when we dive into the consequences of our deeds... We encounter there, among the spiritual beings of the elemental kingdoms and of the higher hierarchies, the souls of those who have died before us and dwell in the spiritual world...This melting away of our being into the world of our own deeds vitalizes the foundation of our life.

*ASJ* Seeing Both Sides of Every Interaction:

The Master: ‘The whole story was shown to him in what is called purgatory...

‘On the other side, we see the full and complete results of all our actions; few of us do not suffer in the seeing and register a vow that in future lives we shall act differently... Once our outlook is changed, our experiences in purgatory are at an end.'

Omniperspective & Karma

*LBD* Feeling the Others' Emotions in the Life Review & Karma:

We ourselves experience what the other person has passed through in the physical world... And in having this experience a force rises up from our inner being, entirely as if it were born out of an inner elemental necessity, a force which makes us say: ‘You must compensate for this! You must make amends!'

...This produces the desire to be with him again during a subsequent life on earth in order to make amends for what you have done to him. During this retrospective experience all the forces arise which produce karma; all the forces are taken up which create a compensation through karma...

Thus the will arises which then becomes the unconscious will bringing into effect karma.

Saying Goodbye During Life Review

*VftA* Death, Tunnel with Lights, Life Review In a Building, Becoming His Real Self:

"I also got to say good-bye to my mom then. It's like I thought of her and all of a sudden I want in the room of shiny people anymore. I was in her room and she was sleeping, and I bent over and kissed her cheek and I whispered, "Goodbye, Mommy. I love you." in her ear.

"You can say good-bye to people still on Earth right after you leave, you know, And if you forget someone, you have a second chance when you see your life in this special room." (NOTE: Continued)


(HU) In fact, according to Whitton's subjects, the main purpose of the life review was to refresh their memories so they could more mindfully plan their next life, a process in which the beings of light gently and noncoercively assisted.

Seeing Your Earthly Deeds Clearly(Medium): There will come a time when you will step out of the physical body into the realms of the Spirit, and you will be able to see then, and only then with a clarity of vision which is now denied to you, how much you have done, how much you have achieved, how much your patience has been rewarded. You have brought forth out of the darkness the voice of the Spirit and many have been illuminated by it and blessed in consequence.

Here death is a great leveler of people. You realize it is unimportant what you were on Earth, as to what your station in life was. It's what you yourself were that counts. Whether you yourself were a real person inasmuch that you had real values, and real appreciation of the things that mattered. When we come here we face ourselves possibly for the first time and see ourselves as we really are.

How It Is Done

3) She was brought in front of a council of men. A light appeared at her side and she felt love beside her. She stepped to her left to watch the review. It occured in the place where I had been standing.

*LFS* Preparation for the Life Review:

"I attended another special ‘seminar' to prepare me for the Hall of Memories... [Counselors] talked to us about self-forgiveness and loving ourselves in spite of our oversights and mistakes. I sat in a special chair that had currents of energy running through it... It felt pleasant and stimulating. Radha, the leader, said it was to dissolve attachments to old energies, and to clear our force fields of self-condemnation and regrets. She said we needed to enter the Hall of Memories as clear and unencumbered as possible... We emerged feeling ‘impersonal' and removed from the past.

"Radha said these preparations are very necessary. If the souls weren't prepared in advance, their pain and guilt could cause them to experience a sort of insanity. Their grief would be more than they could bear. In the Memory Halls everything is recorded, values, motives, lies, deceptions, anger, fears, etc., nothing is left out...

"[The Lady] said the entire lifetime is shown in about twelve earth minutes, presented in major segments at a time. No one has to go to the Hall of Memories until they are ready... I just want to clear away all the past errors and get on with my new life.

"Radha said we will feel remorse and pain when we emerge, but immediately will be taken to the Restoration Clinic, where personal counselors will answer questions and help us evaluate the lessons learned...

‘We even have a fruity drink that is an elixir of sorts that quickly stops anxiety and fear...

"It's the only shadow here in Summerland, the dread of the Hall of Memories. I've seen several radiantly happy people return from there sickly and despairing. They say it is the only judgement over here, when we each one must judge ourselves. And, there's no way to by-pass it." -James

*LFS* James' Experience with the Life Review:

"You have no idea how happy I am that the Hall of Memories ordeal is over!... I had to see myself as I really was, not how I thought I was...

"When I emerged I was literally a ‘basket case,' stumbling out into the comforting arms of the Lady. I ached for all the mistakes I had made, and the hundreds of opportunities I had missed to comfort, love and aid others. The smugness of my former judgements and opinions as well as the arrogance of my ego cut me to the depths of my being...

"I was taken immediately to the chapel at the restoration clinic...

"[Radha] pulled me into her arms, like I was a small boy, and held me close for the longest time. Then quietly she said:

"‘Dear One, you have seen the error of anger, fear and ego. You have felt the pain they cause. You have seen the shallowness of your motives...

"‘Remember this, James, it was all for growth and learning... for everyone involved in each situation...

"‘Fortunately for you, the Law of Forgiveness was invoked and granted in the last several years, so Grace has removed you from Karmic return...

"‘When you commence communications again, you will move from incidental reportings to much Higher Truths from the Fifth Dimension.'" -James

Those With You During the Life Review

4) I didnt actually see the light when I was going through the flashbacks. He disappeared as soon as he asked me what I had done, and the flashbacks started, and yet I knew that he was there with me the whole time, that he carried me back through these flashbacks, because I felt his presence and because he made some comments here and there.

*SFH* The Life Review:

Next, they wanted to talk about my life. To my surprise my life played out before me, maybe six or eight feet in front of me, from beginning to end. The life review was very much in their control, and they showed me my life, but not from my point of view. I saw me in my life- and this whole thing was a lesson, even though I didnt know it at the time. They were trying to teach me something...

We just watched my life from beginning to the end. Some things they slowed down on, and zoomed in on and other things they went right through...

I could feel their feelings of sorrow and suffering, or joy, as my life's review unfolded. They didnt say that something was bad or good, but I could feel it. And I could sense all those things they were indifferent to...

What they responded to was how I had interacted with other people...

I got to see when my sister had a bad night one night, how I went into her bedroom and put my arms around her. Not saying anything, I just lay there with my arms around her. As it turned out that experience was one of the biggest triumphs of my life.

The entire life's review would have been emotionally destructive, and would have left me a psychotic person, if it hadnt been for the fact that my friend, and my friend's friends, were loving me during the unfolding of my life... Every time I got a little upset they turned the life's review off for awhile, and they just loved me. Their love was tanglible. You could feel it on your body, you could feel it inside you...

The therapy was their love, because my life's review kept tearing me down.

*TDA* The Life Review, Greeted By Friends:

Dr. Peebles: "Self is spontaneously debriefed by self, and that can be very painful if the soul has left a lot of unfinished business on the other side, has come to the spirit side with very rigid attitudes, and so forth, but each and every soul who comes to the spirit side from the body is greeted by friends and family, a few or many. Each and every soul is greeted by a force of light. However, each and every soul has the freedom and the will to translate that as they choose...

"As we have your ear, you will see us smiling, you will see us happy, you will see us embracing you, you will see us liking you- not just loving you but liking you- as you are, not as you could be... The pains and challenges of life on Earth are looked at in a very different light over here, and sometimes it takes the returning spirit a while to find that light...

"The counseling is to forgive yourself- to lighten up, and not take yourself and life too seriously."

Multiperspective & Extension of Time

Script: It's the essence that matters, that elongates time, that records experiences. It's attention on the essence.
*BtD* Directly into Life Review's Birth Memories:

Closing my eyes, I wished for death. At once I saw what I thought was the warm glow of morning light filtering through my eyelids, but this time I noticed there were bright red lines scrawled across the yellowish-peach background, weaving in and out, like dozens of tiny streets spread across a road map. At the same time I began to move through a coccoon of soft warmth toward a black spot at the end. I started to realize that I must be seeing some kind of mucous membrane, but it couldnt possibly be the inside of my eyelids. Instead my whole body felt enveloped in a warm, comforting embrace that gave me a greater sense of peace and security than I had ever experienced.

...Again I opened my eyes...

The trembling roar swallowed me up, and again I was sucked into the warm tunnel. Its golden walls, lines with blood vessels and capillaries, squeezed me as I passed through slowly...

I was experienceing my own birth, my first memory. My perspective was both that of a participant and that of an observer. I could feel the physical warmth and pressure from within the canal as well as my mother's contractions, just as she had experienced this joyous event twenty-seven years earlier. As if I were her, I could feel my mother's sense of awe, her reverence about what was taking place...

Suddenly I was pushed out of the tunnel with great force and speed. Once outside, I could feel myself being cradled, my head resting in the calm support of a hand.

These first two memories- of my birth and of being cradled by my mother- were the most protracted, detailed, and emotionally colored of all that I would be shown. Through them I came to understand that my mother had cherished me just as much as I did my boys.

*BtD* The Life Review- Multiperspective, Extension By Moments of Essence:

My mother's attention was drawn away, and now I noticed that there was a large screen before me. I was being drawn into a three-dimensional slide show of my life that played out before my eyes chronologically, while I experienced every part of it from all points of view and all points of understanding...

I was living my childhood all over again, literally from everyone's point of view, including that of my adult self...

I was suprised by how little effort it took to scramble around and by how quickly my attention shifted.

...As my life continued to progress in hologram style, I was beginning to understand that I had forgotten very important emotions and events of my past. As a little girl, I had felt secure in my home and in myself. I saw myself with pure, accepting eyes. My emotions were clear and intense, not muddled and conflicted...

As my darker years approached, the images became less detailed. They had the same electrical charge, but I passed through them very quickly with confusion and detachment rather than with the full absorption and the emotional glow of my earlier memories. I was seeing single frames of my life from different time periods, with some events apparently being more significant than others because I went through them slowly... I wasnt permitted to stay in any of the later memories, so it seemed that this part of my life wasnt being screened for my own benefit. And indeed, I became aware that I wasnt viewing my life alone.

...I knew that the presence was male and that he didnt judge my life- no condemnation or empathy emanated from him. The only feeling I got was, "This is the way it is. This is the life that you lived."

The closer I came to the end of my life, the faster the pictures flew past me.

Nature of The Life Review

*JoNDE-JW* Past-Life Regression Isn't Dependent on Belief:

The apparently universal ability to recall material that seems to represent a previous biological existence is independent of the consciously held beliefs of either patient or therapist; in fact, it often contradicts them (Bache, 1990; Christie-Murray, 1981; TenDam, 1990).

*JoNDE-JW* View of Past Life During Regressed OB and NDE Life Review:

Whereas past-life cognition is intuitive and insignificant regarding the deceased self, NDE cognition is telepathically attuned to the thoughts and feelings of others (Moody, 1975, 1977; Ring, 1980, 1984). Moreover, during the life review of NDEs, survivors report awareness of opportunities seized or lost as they view specific events. But the past-life perspective is a global and thematic review of the entire life, an aggregate impression of the primary issues rather than a revisiting of specific incidents. This regression overview occurs in the out-of-body state, whereas the life review seems to occur at different phases of the near-death process.

...The omniscience, wisdom, and broadened perspective displayed by the regressed post-death self is in marked contrast to the concern with immediate events displayed during the OBE portion of NDEs.

*LBD* After Death- Our Vitalized Memories Surround Us:

[The vitalizing force] produces what I have often called the panorama of life, a surging life containing all we have experienced between birth and death. The pictures of this life rise up before our soul. Our whole past life between birth and death rises up, as it were, like a powerful dream, from the very point where we ourselves are standing. But vital forces are needed for the production of this picture, so as to make it into something which is more than a dream... The dream becomes filled with life. What would otherwise be nothing but a surging, dark world of dream-pictures is thus filled with life streaming out of one point: it becomes a living world, a living panorama of life. And we ourselves are the vitalizing source of the dream which thus arises.

This is the first experience immediately after death. It takes place so that man is hardly aware of having abandoned his former state of consciousness; he simply realizes that something new has arisen, coming, as it were, from the central point of his being... What he did not know between birth and death he now knows, namely, that thoughts, which otherwise surge up and down like a dream dreamt by the ego, can be alive... he penetrated with his own life into sounds resounding through the panorama of life, and he connects these sounds with the whole universe...

The dream itself becomes a living universe, a living cosmos... The next experience is that we begin to feel how intimately the cosmos permeates what we thus are, as a part of the cosmic. We feel as if an inner light were to rise and throw its lights upon what we once were. All this streams into the panorama of our life and resounds through it, as it were.

*LBD* Half the Astral Experience:

Here on earth we can only experience, in regard to the astral bodies, one half at the most of everything through which we pass... [The other person to whom we addressed] has, as it were, the other half of the impression... The second half of the impression lives in him.

Script: The one above and the two below go together. The following could go in "complete empathy" but seems better as a set with the other LBD entries.
*LBD* The Life Review- Experiencing the Others' Experience:

The spiritual counterpart is engraved into the world; and it is this counterpart of our memories that we now enter... There is no single experience whose spiritual counterpart is not engraved into the spiritual world in which we are ever present, even while on earth. Every handshake we have exchanged has its spiritual counterpart...

If, however, our experience was with another human being- if, for example, we have caused him pain- there is already a spiritual counterpart in the physical world... Now on going backwards through our life, we do not undergo our experience, but his. We experience what he experienced through our deed... Man lives through his experiences once more, but in a spiritual way, going backwards from death to birth...

It is part of this experience to feel that beings whom, for the present, we may call ‘superhuman', are participating in it. Pressing onwards through these spiritual counterparts of our experiences, we feel as if these spiritual beings were showering down their sympathies and antipathies upon our deeds and thoughts... In burning thirst we experience the passions we have harbored in our soul; and this continues until we have sufficiently realized the worthlessness, for the spiritual world, of harbouring passions and have outgrown these states which depend on our physical, earthly personality...

Thirst is not something in the body; it lives in the soul- in the astral... It is the same with hunger. And if someone, in his soul, takes great pleasure in something that can only be satisfied by physical measures in physical life, it is as if he were experiencing thirst in physical life...

So when, for example, you experience after death the pain of another man through having caused him pain on earth, you say to yourself at once: ‘If I did not feel this pain, I would remain an imperfect human soul, for the pain I have caused in the universe would continually take something from me. I only become a while human being by experiencing this compensation.'

...There is a certain state of soul in which this painful compensation for many things done on earth is even experienced as bliss. It is the state of soul that results from acquiring on earth some knowledge of the supersensible life...

It is only now, after having undergone all this, that we enter the spiritual world and are really able to live there. Our faculty of memory now undergoes its fourth metamorphosis... We have received our earthly life in its spiritual significance; we now become this significance... We have passed through the above experiences, have experienced the pain caused to another, have experienced the spiritual value corresponding to an experience with a tree, let us say; we have experienced all this, but it was not self-experience...

When we enter the spiritual world, all we have experienced backwards gradually becomes ourself, our spiritual self-consciousness. We are now what we have experienced. (NOTE: repeated from the spiritual perspective)

*LBD* Casting Off the Astral- Reverse Passing Through Life:

The astral body remains with us... We now pass through a time during which we can only cast off little by little what has become of our astral body as a result of our earthly life...

Between death and a new birth we therefore pass through our life by going through it backwards. And when we have gone back as far as our birth, we are ripe for the moment when also that part of our astral body may be cast off which is permeated with earthly things...

Now that we have cast off our astral body, we are quite free of all that pertains to the earth and we live in the real spiritual world.

The Etheric Separation & Life Review

*DA* The Exit of the Etheric Body at Death & the Life Review:

When the etheric double finally quits the body, it does not travel to any distance from it. Normally it remains floating over the body, the state of consciousness being dreamy and peaceful, unless tumultuous distress and violent emotion surround the corpse from which it has just issued... During this time the whole life passes swiftly in review before the Ego, the individual... A Master has written:

At the last moment the whole life is reflected in our memory, and emerges from all the forgotten nooks and corners, picture after picture, one event after another... Between the last throbbing of his heart and the moment when the last spark of animal heat leaves the body, the brain thinks, and the Ego lives over in those few brief seconds his whole life...

"He sees and now understand himself as he is, unadorned by flattery or self-deception. He reads his life, remaining as a spectator, looking down into the arena he is quitting."

(Key to Theosophy, H.P. Blavatsky, p. 109. Third Edition)

*DA* The Life Review Stamps History and Future Tendencies in the Astral Light:

This is the time during which the thought-images of the ended earth-life, clustering around their maker, group and interweave themselves into the completed image of that life, and are impressed in their totality on the Astral Light. The dominant tendencies, the strongest thought-habits, assert their pre-eminence, and stamp themselves as the characteristics which will appear as "innate qualities" in the succeeding incarnation.

Life Review Commonality

*CtL* Adult Life Review Frequency:

A life review is a feature of twenty-five percent of adult NDEs.

Children & the Life Review

*CtL* No Life Review for Children:

In the seventeen childhood NDEs Bush examined, not one had a life review. Yet the other events were every bit as powerful as any found in the adult literature.

*CtL* Early Life Review:

I discovered later that Dean had had another near-death experience, at the ago of ten. ...Dean's first experience was interesting because it contained a life review, which is extremely rare among children or teenagers.

What's Important

*APitL* The Life Review:

As my life passed before me, little things shown brightly. When I bought somebody a meal, or helped them feel good about themselves- even though these were brief moments in my life, they were significant and meaningful in this life review.

*GR* The Life Review:

With this all-inclusive view came a question. It was implicit in every scene and, like the scenes themselves, seemed to proceed from the living Light beside me.

What did you do with your life?

There were no horrendous depths, there were no heights either. Only an endless, shortsighted, clamorous concern for myself.

It was I who was judging the events around us so harshly. It was I who saw them as trivial, self-centered, unimportant.

The question had to do with love. How much have you loved with your life? Have you loved others as I am loving you? Totally? Unconditionally?

*APitL* Dying:

The life review was the only thing I had taken with me. It was the only thing that was from this side that went with me through the tunnel both times when I died.

Only Self-Judgement

Self-Judgement Only(HU): NDEers universally report that they are never judged by the beings of light, but feel only love and acceptance in their presence. The only judgment that ever takes place is self-judgment and arises solely out of the NDERer's own feelings of guilt and repentance. Occasionally the beings do assert themselves, but instead of behaving in an authoritarian manner, they act as guides and counselors whose only purpose is to teach.

1) Every detail of twenty years of living was there to be looked at. The good, the bad, the high points, the run-of-the-mill. And with this all-inclusive view came a question. It was implicit in every scene and, like the scenes themselves, seemed to proceed from the living Light beside me."

"What did you do with your life?"

And in the ecstasy of that laughter I realized that it was I who was judging the events around us so harshly. It was I who saw them as trivial, self-centered, unimportant. No such condemnation came from the Glory shining around me. He was not blaming or reproaching. He was simply ... loving me.

2) Then in the midst of my pain, I felt the love of the council come over me. The coucil was not judging me. I was judging myself. Their love and mercy were absolute.

3) You are shown your life and you do the judging.

4) At the end of every life, we serve as our most sever critic. This is why karma is both just and merciful.

*CWG1* Judgement:

There is no judgement in what you call the afterlife. You will not even be allowed to judge yourself. There will be opportunity to look again at all you have thought, said, and done here, and to decide if that is what you would choose again, based on Who You say You Are, and Who You Want to Be.

*TB* The Bardo of Becoming:

Judgement: Ultimately all judgement takes place within our own mind. We are the judge and the judged. You have been forgiven all your sins, but are you able to forgive yourself for not doing the things you should have done? Can you forgive yourself? This is the judgement. What really counts, in the final analysis, is the motivation behind our every action.

Forgiving Yourself

*OwtL* NDE- No Judgement:

"So this is the place where you list all my sins. We're going to be here for quite a while."

The angel shook his head. "I've been through a lot with you, but thankfully the itemization of sins, misdeeds, and lack of good judgement is not in my department.

"You need have no fear, child... Love is the guiding principle of this sphere."

*VftA* The Life Review, Compassion:

And: I was asked if I were willing to submit without resistance to something which, although it surely would be difficult, could ultimately free me and make me whole.

I learned then what true courage is. It is the willingness to look at your life clearly and to accept responsibility for your actions. It is staying open to love... With clarity comes compassion. This Divine gift of compassion allowed me to forgive myself, as well as those who had hurt me as a child. (NOTE: compassion applies to the self as well.)

Forgiving myself, I was now ready to accept my lessons, integrate them, and move on.

*VftA* Life Review:

Ruth: "I saw my life and through this I was healed. I learned that when I took my life it was not my time. I experienced the pain and confusion of those who had loved me on Earth- my parents, my friends- as the result of my actions. I saw all the possibilities for learning and growing and loving and helping others that I had thrown away through my decision not to continue my life. I felt the deep sorrow of the spirit of my child at the termination of our chance to be together on the Earth plane.

"I then was shown that I would have an opportunity to go back to Earth and to relive similar experiences, only this time to make different choices, more appropriate choices. In this way, I would be able to complete the destiny path I had begin in the life just ended. (NOTE: Forgiveness comes in seeing a new chance)

"In that moment, I was finally able to forgive myself for what I had done. As I did this, I actually saw and felt my own light, the light that I was, becoming brighter in one intense burst of energy...

"Today, I am still learning. There is so much to learn!..

"Fear is the one thing that you have to transmute, above all other things... It is the one thing that can create a contraction of the soul, which closes out love."

Forgiving Others in the Life Review

*SBtL* Post Life-Review Forgiveness:

After the life review was over, the Being of Light gave me the opportunity to forgive everyone who had ever crossed me. That meant that I was able to shake the hatred that I had built up against many people. I didn't want to forgive many of these people because I felt that the things they had done to me were unforgivable...

But the Being of Light told me I had to forgive them. If I didn't, he let me know, I would be stuck at the spiritual level that I now occupied.

What else could I do? Next to spiritual advancement, these earthly trespasses seemed trivial. Forgiveness flooded my heart, along with a strong sense of humility. It was only then that we began to move upward.

Transformed by The Life Review

*VftA* Death, Tunnel with Lights, Life Review In a Building, Becoming His Real Self:

"When I left that room I was different. My body wasn't little anymore and was glowing the same as everyone else's here. But I still felt like me inside. Just that there was more of me, sort of.

"And then I saw this beautiful, beautiful man, and I just knew that it had to be Jesus. So I asked Gabe, ‘Is that Jesus?' And Gabe said, ‘Yes, that's Jesus, except we know him by many names here.'...

"When I saw Him, I remembered. I remembered not with my head, but with all of me. It felt like He reached into my heart and turned my light up, and I was brighter. That's what happens when you're around Him- your light's turned up.

"Here is not like there- here everyone is joined together, sort of... way deep down. Their no difference between you and Him or you and anybody. But it's not like you lose who you are. You finally know who you really are. And you can feel everything about a person, and that person can feel everything about you and about how you feel about them."

*VftA* Death, Tunnel with Lights, Life Review In a Building, Becoming His Real Self:

Joey: (NOTE: After the tunnel) "...And then we were at the light. And then we moved through the light into the most beautiful place. I saw my grampa Dan- he's there...

"Gabe and Grampa Dan took me to this big building that looks like it is made out of light somehow. We went in and there were all these really shiny people standing around. Grampa Dan said, ‘We're going to leave you now.' But that was okay ‘cause these people were wonderful people.

"I started to feel really good. And then I got to see everything that happened to me when I was Joey. It was kind of like watching a great movie, except you're in it, too, at the same time. It didnt take very long. And when I saw it, I became more me. Things I didnt understand before I got here I understood now, and that understanding came when I looked back at my life with new eyes." (NOTE: Maybe it's a joining up with and becoming your full self! The greater you! Maybe on the other side of the light you were always there and you are just seeing the actual life you just lived in the speed that the higher self sees it. Like from the higher perspective you step onto a platform, experience 3 minutes of experience (an entire Earth life), then step down into the hands of your friends. Notice that the life review is often in a building.) (NOTE: continued..)

Different Forms of The Life Review

*GotB* NDE- Caught on Fire, Fire Thought-Forms, Fade, Red Mist to Garden, Scrying Pool:

(NOTE: After a fiery death and escaping thought-forms of fire) "We walked along through a reddish mist and came into a big garden where there were many fantastic trees unknown to me, a place filled with a marvelous harmony. In the middle of the garden was a pond. The water in the pond was calm and clear and remarkably clean. The pond was like a mirror filled with light.

"My grandmother urged me to bend down over the pond's surface. When I looked down into it more closely, I observed images taking shape on the watery surface. I soon realized I was seeing two nurses who were going to hold me up when I made my first attempts to walk again...

"I saw visions of coming years, visions that unrolled before me like a film...

"I wondered whether I was really seeing my future. I would have to ask my grandmother. But when I looked up to her, she was no longer to be seen. My euphoria vanished; my limbs fell dead tired and heavy as lead. In this state of exhaustion, my burns began to turn fiery again...

"I must now have suddenly returned to consciousness."

*VftA* Entering the Temple of the Life Review:

Sandy: Almost immediately after I arrived, I was taken by my guardian to a beautiful temple-like space... There is a council there made up of twelve great beings...

I have learned just how limiting words can be. Instead, we merge our consciousness and transfer our thoughts as well as our emotions so that there is perfect clarity among us, with no room for misunderstanding...

I relived the whole of my existence, only this time I saw it with a clear and understanding eye. I not only "saw" these events, I felt them. I learned the true impact of my actions by experiencing not only my emotions but the emotions of everyone I had interacted with...

I saw how fear had limited me, and as I saw this I was healed, the pain and grief washed away... When it was done, I felt a peace and a completeness, and a total understanding and compassion for my life and the man that I was. This wisdom is now recorded on my soul and will be a part of me forever.

*VftA* Life Review:

Ruth: "Then I was taken to the door of a great and magnificent temple. The walls were of light. Inside stood twelve beautiful beautiful beings. They were filled with love and total acceptance. There was no judgment. John could not come in with me and so waited outside. I had to do this alone.

"I saw my life and through this I was healed..." (NOTE: Continued elsewhere)

*TBD* Buddhist Dogmatic Life Review:

The "messengers of Yama" are the wraithlike minions of Yama, the Indian and Tibetan Lord of Death. The belief is that these fearsome creatures, often with Indian buffalo heads, come upon your soul at the moment of death and drag you away into the nether region where Yama resides. There you are judged, your good and evil deeds are weighed, and your next life in the six realms of beings is determined. (NOTE: This is as backwards and wrong and dogmatic as Christianity! And just as negative and fearful! It engenders a lack of self-empowerment, a weak, pleading to other sources for power and happiness.)


From Orientation To The Existence Between:

"Yama, the Judge of the Dead, will say, ‘Will look into the mirror of evolution!' When he looks into the mirror of evolution, all your sins and virtues will clearly and distinctly appear therein...

"The Yama-deities are your own hallucinations and themselves are forms of the void... You should recognize that there is nothing other than your own hallucination." (NOTE: And you experience them because it is Buddhist to do so.)

Third Body & Life Review: I slowly rose toward the ceiling getting more and more into it. Just when I felt ready to let go and really take off a man's voice said, "She's going for good!" With that my "self" left my astral body and I found myself having an instant life review. I was then looking in a book which told me the things I had to accomplish in life and the things left to do. I remember saying, "I can't go, there's too much to do."

Eastern Life Review Descriptions

*D&IS* The Eastern Life Review:

There is a review of one's life. The Tibetan Book of the Dead refers to a "mirror of karma."

*WotT* The Veil & Inner Book of the Soul [The Day of Reckoning]:

Whenever the time comes that a man's (inner) vision is turned toward the countenance of his essential self, when the veil is removed, then he will turn his attention toward his inner being and the Book of his soul. We have removed your veil, and Today your vision is sharp.

Whoever is among the people of blessedness - he will be given his Book in his right hand.

(NOTE: again, like Swedenborg!) But whoever is amongst those wretched ones among the people of the left hand – then he will be given his Book in his left hand or from behind his back, from the direction of the "Great Prison".

But as for him who is given his Book in his left hand, he was distracted with this world and its pleasures and diversions from the other world and its goods and joys.

(NOTE: Enough with this judgement & reckoning. It's all explainable by a simple range of consciousness deep denial = true hell, no new experience. True consciousness = full heaven, but you have to make peace with all you've done on the way.)

(NOTE: like Swedenborg!) There are two Gardens, and in those two Gardens there is a pair of every kind of fruit. The sensible "fruit" (of pleasing states of the soul) is for the people of the right hand; while the noetic is for those drawn near to God, who are themselves the Highest Heavens. And Hell, likewise, is twofold.

*EbotD* Afterlife Judgement:

"Perhaps the most important religious innovation of the Coffin Texts is the idea that everyone would be judged in the afterlife on the basis of his or her deeds while alive... The judgement takes place before Osiris and a council of gods." -Dr. Ogden Goelet, Jr.


2) It went click-click, in a split second. It was chronological. I was more of a spectator. After my whole life went by in black and white, it turned to color and things that hadnt happened yet. Things that have happened since then.

Personal Flash-Forward(HU): [see section on precognition]


The Boundary & Return

Returned By Medical Means

*CtL* NDE- Exit, OB, Conscious Re-Entry:

An eleven-year-old boy was without a heartbeat for at least twenty minutes. During this time, several cardiac medications were given, with no success.

...As a last resort, the physicians tried the cardioversion paddles again. ...Miraculously, the boy opened his eyes and said "That was weird. You sucked me back into my body!" He then lapsed back into unconsciousness.

..."Suddenly I heard a whooshing sound in my ears. I felt like you feel when you go over a bump in a car going real fast, and you feel your stomach drop out. I heard a buzzing sound in my ears.

"The next thing I knew, I was in a room, crouched in a corner of the ceiling. I could see my body below me. It was real dark, you know. I could see my body because it was lit up with a light, like there was a light bulb inside me.

"I could see the doctors and nurses working on me."

*CtL* NDE- OB with Jesus, Shock-Return:

In Little Rock, Arkansas, this doctor was called upon to resuscitate a seven-year-old boy...

Several weeks later, when this doctor was making rounds late at night, he was called by the boy as he passed his room. "Doctor, where is Jesus?"

The doctor didnt know what to say. "He's everywhere," he finally said.

"That's not what I mean," said the boy. "What did you do to make Jesus go away? Jesus and I were above you watching you put a tube in my throat. Then you shocked me with that machine, and you made Jesus go away. Why did you do that? I'm mad at you for making him go away."

"We were trying to help you," said the doctor.

"I know that," said the boy. "But I was all right with Jesus, and I didnt want to come back. Jesus was taking care of me."

Outer Forms of the Barrier

*OwtL* NDE- The Chasm, The Calming Light:

She seemed to be floating away...

When she stopped floating, she found herself at the edge of a wide chasm, "so dark beneath me... I could not see the bottom."

She experienced a great fear, then calm, when a bright "spiritual light appeared on the other side of the abyss.

Oleta could make out the general form of a being in the midst of the light, but the illumination surrounding the entity was so brilliant that she could see no part of him from his shoulders up.

To the being's left stood a dozen or so other beings in long, white garments. They all seemed to be telling her not to be afraid, that she could cross the chasm without danger and that they would be waiting for her on the other side.

*OwtL* NDE- Intense Vision, Astral Cord, Soaring to Barrier, Black Cloud:

"I never saw the street more distinctly than I saw it then," he stated. "Glancing around, I noticed that I was attached by means of a small cord, like a spider's web, to my body in the house."

Then all at once the doctor found himself soaring high above the neighborhood...

Just as he was relaxing into his newly achieved emancipation from the confines of bodily flesh, however, Dr. Wiltse found himself on a road with steep rocks blocking his journey.

He attempted to climb around them; but as he was doing so, a black cloud surrounded him- and he found himself back in his bedroom, once more confined to an ill body.

*CtL* NDE- OB, Detailed Pre-Tunnel, Decision Point:

"I passed out in the car. The next thing I remember was floating above my body and watching the doctors pushing on my chest.

"...I then passed into a room filled with all of my friends. The room was very large and open at the top. It was like looking out at the sky. Sparks would fill the air and streaks of light zoomed up from the earth and burst into rainbows. I wanted very much to be one of those sparks, but I didnt know how to lift myself up and become one.

"I wanted to leave the room, but the door was closed. I knew if I opened it, I could never return. I was afraid of the door but wanted to go through it too, if you know what I mean."

*CtL* NDE- OB/IB, Void, Fog & Angel, Detailed Barrier, Light, Peer at Voiders:

"I was part in and part out of my body. I then had the most marvelous time bouncing in and out of my body. And then, all of a sudden, I was in a velvety black place. But I wasnt frightened, since I was always there with, well, God...

"Then suddenly there came a fog, and right in the center was my beautiful amber light. I was filled with complete knowledge and wonderment...

"There was an amber light and above it a huge angel- I think it was my guardian angel.

"To the right of the light was a huge plank, a giant four-by-four, which stretched beside me. It was covered with a horrible green paint. I didnt want to touch it because it was my barrier. God told me that if you are meant to go back, they put up a barrier. Sometimes it's a cliff, sometimes it's a waterfall. Mine was a green plank like you see in a trick or treeat place.

"Then he took me into the Light. Light was pouring through me...

"And then the plank came in front of me, and God was laughing behind me. He took my hand and put it on the plank. I looked down into a round opening in the black void in which people were walking around in white robes. Some people remained in the void, especially if they had committed suicide. He said, ‘You cant go down there.'"

*GotB* NDE- Sees Dead Lover Pierce Barrier, Has Past Life Visions:

[a car accident:] At first he became aware of a great explosion of light. The garishly white, blinding light was like a magnesium flare. The thunderous crashing sound of his collision was still reverberating in his ears when he felt himself suddenly being possessed of an enormous strength. Another self seemed slowly to detach itself from his body...

At the same time, he became aware of a sobbing sound nearby. With some difficulty he succeeded in opening his eyes. He saw, in ghostly silhouette, the woman, his lover, who had been seated beside him in the car. However, when Lama started to follow her, the girl retreated from him. He was prevented from catching up with her by an invisible barrier he could not cross. He remained behind this mysterious barrier while his mistress's form completely disappeared.

Instead, looking around, Lama now saw wonderful images of places he felt sure he had been before, images corroborating his assumption that he must have lived on earth more than once. For example, there appeared to him an inn located in Carcassonne, an old town in the south of France...

The singer saw himself inside the inn wearing a monk's brown cowl and surrounded by other men. Obviously, they were all in hiding. Suddenly armed men burst into the room...

To blot out this terrible vision for a time, the singer held his hands over his eyes. When he took them away, another picture was there in perfect clarity. [More past life visions]

*CtL* NDE- Void, Light, Crossing the Stream:

"Black clouds swirled all around me like I was in a heavy fog. Then suddenly, a point of light appeared. It moved closer and closer to me until the clouds suddenly cleared, and I was standing next to a narrow stream. I began to walk next to the stream until it got so narrow that I could step over it.

"The other side of the stream was extremely peaceful. There were hills on the peaceful side that were lighted from behind and looked beautiful.

"As I walked, I was approached by an old man... ‘It's not your time,' he said.

"I turned and looked at the stream. It was quite wide at thsi point, but soon it narrowed. Then I stepped across and simply passed right into my body."

*WtL* The Boundary:

In most cases there is a definite sense of a boundary- whether visual, auditory or emotional- beyond which experiences cannot pass. This can take many forms- steps, walls, rivers, bridges, angels, voices and decisions are among the most common...

The stream or river is a common boundary reported by Japanese near-death experiences.

*WtL* NDE: Barrier & the Informative Voice:

(Patrick:) I went through this tunnel, and it wasn't a continuous straight tunnel, it was a sort of winding affair, an I saw a light at the end and I came to see a wall... But people were going straight through it to the other side. They were just white shapeless forms, but I knew they were people. I hadn't seen anybody till I got there, then they seemed to be passing me when I stopped. You know they'd sshhooo straight through the wall. While I was stopped there a voice said to me, "Well, if you go through the wall, you don't get back. If you go through like those people, you've got to stay there, you cant get back. Make up your mind- if you go through you stay."

...The voice was softly spoken yet I felt it could reach into the universe... This voice didn't seem to belong to anybody in particular, but the light, I suppose, is part of it.

*WtL* NDE: The Boundary, and Exiting the Realm of Light Like "Stepping Out of a Bubble:"

Hal, a fourteen-year-old at the time of his experience, actually entered the "world of light." But even in that realm there were boundaries beyond which he couldn't pass. He saw a stream, and on the other side of the stream were departed relatives who called to him. But he found he could not cross over. As he said, "It seemed I was in another dimension." He was, however, met on his side of the stream by two deceased school friends who showed him around. When it was finally time for him to go back to his body, his friend took him to a wall. Hal described what happened:

He took me over to the wall and said, "It's nothing to worry about. You just step out, it's like stepping out of a bubble. And you'll see your body just as soon as you get out."

I went straight through the wall, and I was out of that dimension and back into our own dimension, and I was all on my own.

*CtL* NDE- OB, Inhabitation, Tunnel, Light Fog & Barrier:

"I remember leaving my physical body and seeing the transport team carrying me out of the house!...

"I didnt go with it. Instead I briefly went into my sister's head and saw the world through her eyes. Then I saw my father weeping as he got into the car to take the family to the hospital...

"I then left the earth and traveled down a long tunnel. I came to a bright opening and passed through it. Out in the brightness I was engulfed by fog. There seemed to be a border, something like a waterline on the beach that separated me from the true Light."

*BDD* NDE- Black Clouds, Boundary, & Cloud Sapping:

[About Dr. Wiltse:] He then described himself as being lifted and gently propelled through the air by someone's hands and placed on some road in the sky upon which he walked into three "prodigious rocks blocking the road... A great and dark cloud, which I compared to a cubic acre in size, stood over my head... I was aware of a presence which I could not see but which I knew was entering into the cloud from the southern side. The presence did not seem to my mind as a form because it filled the cloud like some vast intelligence... (And as the cloud) rested lightly upon either side of my head... Thoughts not my own entered into my brain...

‘All is well... This is the road to the eternal world. Yonder rocks are the boundary between the two worlds and the two lives. Once you pass them, you can no more return into the body.' I was tempted to cross the boundary line... I advance the left foot across the line. As I did so, a small densely black cloud appeared in front of me and advanced toward my face. I knew that I was to be stopped. I felt the power to move or to think leaving me. My hands felt powerless at my side, my head dropped forward, the cloud touched my face and I knew no more.

Inner Decisions to Return

*OwtL* NDE- Seeing Relative As Turning Point, Scene Reflecting Gradual Return to Pain:

The next thing of which she was aware was that she was moving through a "dark railway tunnel." Far off in the distance she could see a tiny point of light.

"I came out into the light, and I saw a green railway embankment on each side of a green road," Shirley said. "The banks were covered with lilies and the fragrance was beautiful..."

At the end of the road, she was delighted to see her maternal grandmother, Angie Waldrum, who had been dead for seven years.

"As soon as I saw Gram, all the pain and suffering from my long illness vanished...

"I knew that I was walking but I could feel nothing under my feet..."

"‘Do not go to her. It is not yet your time!' I knew that I must return."

As soon as Shirley accepted the edict that she must go back to her physical body, she had a keen sense of some of the pain beginning to return.

"I turned and walked back into the darkness. As I passed the lilies, their edges curled and turned brown as if they were dying."

It was at this point, Shirley explained, that all the pain rushed back upon her agony-wearied body. She found that her feet were hurting as she walked the path.

*WtL* NDE: She Remembers Where She's Headed, View Back from the Tunnel, Sympathy Return:

[Barbara] had her experience as a ten-year-old.

...And then I looked down and I saw this little figure on the bed and I thought, "Oh, isn't she little? Aren't I little? That's me." And that was okay, that was fine. There was just acknowledgement that that was me down there, but I knew I was really in total "up here." But then I thought, "Now I'm going to do something and I can hardly wait. I'm going, I'm going!" And I was just absolutely thrilled. I was bursting with anticipation and joy that I was going now. It was like going home.

I say today that I made one mistake. Today I wonder what would have happened had I not looked back, because what I saw when I looked back was my mother's face. My father was sitting on the left side of the bed, and my mother was on the right side, and it was a long, long way down. As soon as I looked at my mother's face, I knew I couldn't do that to her. And as soon as I decided that, I was overcome with a wave of disappointment.

*CtL* NDE- Stairway, Decision Point:

"I have a wonderful secret to tell you, Mother. I've been climbing a staircase to heaven.

"It was such a good and peaceful feeling. I felt wonderful. I was on a staircase, and it was dark, and I started climbing upward. I got about half way up the staircase and decided not to go any higher. I wanted to go on up, but I knew I couldnt come back if I went too high."

...Months later Chris had completely forgotten this experience. When I tell him about it now, he smiles and shrugs as though it happened to someone else.

...Chris just didnt forget the staircase. He had been treated with many narcotics and Valium, all of which cause amnesia.

*VS-HB* A Sudden NDE Not Anywhere Near Death:

The sixth- and to date, final- near death experience was of a whole other order. I was beginning to succumb to a common strain of the flu one evening as I sat in an over-heated restaurant. When I stood up to leave I "fainted." I must qualify the word "fainted" here, for at no time did I actually lose consciousness. My sentient self merely shifted focus, and I was once more being drawn down a dark tunnel toward a preternatural brilliance within which I encountered a being of light... I was also embarrassed, because I knew I was in no danger of dying, and therefore- in a manner of speaking- had no business being there. All of this I explained to the being of light. As soon as I acknowledged that I knew my time for remaining in the light had not yet come, I felt myself being drawn back down and sucked into the claustrophobically small mass of closing thick, black molasses that was my body.

*VS-FB* Across the Boundary, Into Summerland, Oneness with God, Our Purpose, Veils:

Then I was seeing my whole life from beginning to end, even all those little things you forget along the way. I felt the pain, the joy, the shame of it all, including how others, whose lives I had touched, had felt. Yet never once did the Being condemn me. He just said, "You were learning."

After this, I found myself standing on a patch of very hard, pebbly ground. Around me was a mixed terrain of both barren and fertile scenery. (NOTE: Swedenborg's landscape correspondence)

"This is where you are in your present evolution," came a voice...

A path led from my mixed terrain to a lovely green, verdant area. I followed the path and came to a crystal-clear stream across which was a pretty rustic bridge.

On the other side of the stream was a beautiful park and where people gathered in groups and animals frolicked and birds sang...

We visited libraries where books could be read, absorbed or experienced...

Finally we came to a temple of light and my consciousness "arose" until it was within the unmanifest mind of God. This was indescribable bliss and completeness. There was no time in the unmanifest; it was "all-at-one-ment", and all knowledge and wisdom was mine...

I experienced the creation of the myriad levels of existence and saw how each scintilla of the Source chose its own unique path of evolution in order to bring its own gift of experience back to the Source, the divine Light, but each level of existence has its own veil or filter...

At first I begged to stay, but when reminded that at my present stage of evolution I would find myself on the partly barren area, I then chose to return.

Being Told to Return

*CtL* NDE- Siphoning, Tunnel, Hand, OB:

Bill was siphoning gas out of a tractor when he accidentally inhaled it.

"I found myself floating into a dark tunnel... When I got to the portal opening to the Light and was just ready to step through... A hand reached out and grabbed me. ‘He's a fiesty rascal, isn't he,' said a voice. ‘Well, Bill, it's not your time this time. You have a job to do.'

"Suddenly, I was above my body. I saw my brother below me. I saw my father rush to him and I heard him say, ‘My God, my God.' ...I saw my dad shaking me, and I was spitting out gasoline and gagging and choking and then I came to."

*CtL* NDE- Siphoning, Tunnel, Hand, OB:

Here is another case of someone facing their maker as the result of a gas-siphoning accident.

"Suddenly, I was in a tunnel..."

"I reached the end of the tunnel, and a hand reached out and pushed me away. It was my dead aunt. She smiled at me and said: ‘No, Bobby, its not your time.' The next thing I knew, I was floating about fifty feet above me body...

"I watched a neighbor run up the road. All the way he was shouting ‘Oh my God' until he reached my body. Then he began pushing on my chest." (NOTE: Almost the exact same as the other gas NDE!)

*GotB* NDE- No Voice, Spirits Fading In, Fade Out, Yawning Return:

Daniel Gelin: "Suddenly I found myself floating through the room...

"I opened my mouth to ask a question about this, but no sound came from my lips...

"In thought I clung to everything I held dear. With all the concentration my mind was capable of, I fastened my thoughts on my children. But this stratagem proved futile too, for the faces I tried to visualize came to me only fleetingly, nebulously...

"The minute I moved I stirred up a cloud of fine, gleaming dust. The little particles made me think of stardust. The sky now arching over me like a dome was preternaturally clear and very light blue color that seemed pure and transparent.

"Gradually a certain cheerfulness replaced my initial despair...

"The shadows or shades who suddenly were all around me gave me the notion they must have something to do with my parents, and presently I actually recognized my father and mother among them. A boundless joy filled my heart...

"Only gradually did the outlines of my father and mother become more distinct and finally take on firm shape before my astonished eyes... A deep feeling of happiness came over me as I saw I could take them both in my arms...

"My mother made the same kind of gesture I had known her to make when I was a child... She led me to a mysterious place that I certainly would never have discovered by myself, without her providential help.

"We found ourselves in a rose-colored world, a sort of fairy garden filled with wonderful flowers. Children were playing and laughing on every side. Suddenly I heard my mother whisper: ‘Pascal is here. See how happy he feels.'

"Now I saw him too: Pascal, my son, taken from us at the age of fourteen months by a tragic accident...

"In my rapture I started to run toward Pascal to fold him in my arms. But when my hand touched him, everything around me changed. Both little Pascal and my father disappeared. The only one remaining clearly recognizable was my mother... I began loudly to cry out in despair. Then I heard my mother saying to me, with an undertone of sadness: ‘Go now, Daniel, it's time, life is waiting.'

"...I let out a final scream, opened my eyes, and knew I was still alive.

"My head was filled with a yawning emptiness, and I felt extraordinarily weak."

*WtL* NDE: The Tone of the Directive To Return:

(Olivia:) After I came back to myself I was very aware that this was the hard end, and that the other end was very beautiful...

The second one happened after a hysterectomy operation... It was virtually the same thing... But the question wasn't put to me that time. What I did hear that time was a directive that I had to go back, that it wasn't my time. It had to be put that way because I'd made a conscious decision in my mind that I wanted to stay there. But I had to go back and I went back into my body very quickly.

*GotB* The Return to Earth:

"Next thing, I was standing in front of a mountain all covered with flowers, all sorts of flowers. I saw a bright light in the distance, and this light approached me and filled me with a marvelous warmth.

"I heard sounds coming from this light, this warmth, music with a curious harmony. I saw people coming toward me. I wasn't able right off to make out who they were. But when I looked at them more closely I recognized them and spoke to them. ..

"Presently something took me by the shoulder, by both shoulders. I was pulled back, back from the mountain with the flowers, back from the friends I had been talking to. I felt as if I were suddenly sliding down a steep slope. It became darker and darker around me. Just before this I had been in a state of wonderful bliss, but now I hurt unspeakably."

Passing the Boundary

*BDD* Passing the Barrier:

Only a few people seem to pass over tha barrier and return to tell us about it.


AfterEffects of NDEs & OBEs

Script: Watch closely for the different effects in OBEs & NDEs, which will have a certain amount to do with the light, thought light in some NDEs is weak and in some OBEs is very strong.

Intensity of Light Determines Transformation

*BtL* Determining Part of NDE for Aftereffects:

The intensity of the light, not length of exposure seems to determine the prevalence of many of the physiological aftereffects.

(TbtL) Those who have the experience of light have the greatest transformation. What they are actually seeing is a blast of the energy that powers their life. People who have a mystical experience of light, whether in a lucid dream or simply tripping into an altered state, without being near death, are just as transformed as those who have a NDE.

*BtL* The Light: Seeing The Internal Reality and Power of Love:

The Light on the other side of death is more than life changing. That light is the very essence, the heart and soul, the all-consuming consummation of ecstatic ecstasy. It is a million suns of compressed love dissolving everything unto itself, annihilating thought and cell, vaporizing humanness and history, into the one great brilliance of all that is and all that was and all that ever will be.

And you melt away as the "you" you think you are, reforming as the "YOU" you really are, and you are reborn because at last you "remember."

*VS-PMHA* Electrical Sensitivity:

The presence of electrical sensitivity can be traced, not to the experiencer's length of exposure to the brightness subjective light can produce, but specifically to the intensity of that experience.

*VS-PK* Post NDE Hot Hands & Electrical Disturbances:

He draws the comparison between the known electrical problems with watches, light bulbs, computers, and answering machines which are generally attributed to a greater charge in the NDErs and the self-reported "hot hands" syndrome of NDErs. It is relatively common for NDErs to have such hot hands that they are actually uncomfortable to be around because of the heat.

*OwtL* Results of Union with the Light:

The cosmic process of becoming one with the Light can stimulate any of the five senses or even activate talents and abilities that had previously lain unknown within the psyche of a person who survived a near-death experience.


*PAP* Retaining Traces of Higher Realms:

One often retains traces of the radio-active principles of the worlds one explores. These extra vibrations give one splendid strength and energy. We think and act during the day with unparalleled ease. This state seems so natural that it is as if it had always been the case, and there seems to be no end to it.

*JoYS* Different Kinds of Energy & Its Interplane Transference:

Chi is a physical plane energy. Ultimately, all energy springs from the Tao. Energy comes in infinite "flavors." The causal plane vibrates more quickly than physical-plane energy.It is concentrated and catalytic. Unless you are channeling, if you send someone energy, it is physical-plane energy. Purity and love are always healing.

Casual-plane energy, because of its faster vibration, is experienced as a stimulant, lifting you to a higher place. When it is expressed through a group, its power can be amplified. Although this can be a catalyst for healing and change, you are not used to the "altitude" so you get a little dizzy. In time, it becomes easier to stay alert in it.

We experience an upliftment by an infusion of energy from planes higher than where we dwell. One would not want to live all the time in an energy not of one's own plane because it would be much too intense, but higher-plane energy is valuable as an occasional boost.

*BP* You Return With More Energy:

When I return from an OBE, I usually feel more vitalized than ever! Sure, my body sometimes feels "stiff" like I've just come out of a short coma. Not unusually stiff, and certainly not sore. Just a slightly harder to bend my limbs. Once I'm up and about I'm back to normal. It's just that first thirty seconds to a minute that's stiff.

No Fear of Death

*TbtL*Low death anxiety. They have a conviction of life after death.

Universal Spirituality & End of Religion

*HTO* Changes/Transformations by NDE:

Spiritual Changes: Following their experience, NDErs are likely to shift toward a universalistically spiritual orientation, and believe in the underlying unity of all religions. They feel spiritual rather than religious, and deemphasize the formal aspects of religion and worship. There is an increased openness to reincarnation and eastern religions. They feel inwardly close to God. They feel that their lives were broadened and deepened by their experience.

*HU* Changes Brought On By NDEs:

NDEers also become much more spiritually oriented. They return not only firmly convinced of the immortality of the human soul, but also with a deep and abiding sense that the universe is compassionate and intelligent, and this loving presence is always with them. Many NDEers stress the importance of the distinction between religion and spirituality. Studies show that following their experience, NDEers display an increased openness to ideas outside their own religious background, such as reincarnation and Eastern religions.

*BtL* The Most Common Positive Adjustments After the Near-Death Experience:

• Unconditionally loving and generous

• Unhindered, detached, childlike

• A heightened sense of the present moment

• Enhanced sensitivities and a greater awareness of the needs of others

• Expanded worldview, fewer worries and fears

• Knowledgeable of spiritual identity

• Accepting of a greater reality and the existence of God

End of Materialism

*HTO* Changes/Transformations by NDE:

Materialism: They enjoy their possessions, but are not particularly attached to them and they certainly dont live for them. NDErs do have goals, but not in the material or social worlds. They are likely to strive after meaning, purpose, and understanding.

1) I've shared or given away much of the worldly goods that come to me. My interest in material wealth and greed for possessions was replaced with a thirst for spiritual understanding and a passionate desire to see world conditions improve.

Seeing Life & Light in Everything

*HTO* Changes/Transformations by NDE:

3) There is a deeper love and unity with everyone and everything I come in contact with. My earthly eyes have opened to see- really see- life around me. The simplest sights, a leaf, a tree, a blade of grass, a frog- EVERYTHING is a marvel of creation to me and I take the time to appreciate it because I feel a bond of life between us (shroom veil).

6) There was a beautiful light that had everything good in it. For about a week, I could see sparks of that light in everything.

7) When I came out of my coma in the hospital, I opened my eyes and saw pieces of the Light everywhere. I could see how everything in the world fits together.

*BtD* Aftereffects- Seeing the Light in Things:

I have since caught glimpses of this light in the splendor of nature, and I have felt portions of this intense light in people who love without judgement and who give without pretense. Occasionally I have felt the presence of spirits of lights, and it is this kind of light that comes from them.


I realized that the ability to see darkness and light remained with me. I could see little pieces of energy everywhere. I felt as though I could put my hand through the wall, and the molecules would part if it was my will. My potted plants had a visible glow to them. Richard had a great aura of energy about him.

*CtL* Transformations by NDEs:

Patients who have had NDEs often report that the world looks fresh and new.

*WtL* The Luminosity Remains:

(Mary:) I just remember the light becoming dimmer, and then a gradual awakening in a painful body. When I came to properly, everything somehow seemed too hard, and yet a lot of that luminosity stayed with me. I still felt glowing inside.

Relationship With Self & Life

*HTO* Changes/Transformations by NDE:

Relationship With Self: Those who come back are almost always happier, more optimistic, and more easygoing. Someone who has confidence in and likes himself doesnt need to remain shy or care what others think of him or her. This is precisely the case with NDErs. After their experience, NDErs like themselves more. They are less responsive to the opinions of others after their experience. They accept themselves as they are, and present themselves to others as they are. They do not tend to regard themselves as anyone special. Considerations of relative status and other social-comparison games are of no interest to them. One discovers who they are and reclaims their true identity.

1) Before my NDE, I lived to please others. My whole life I was acting, because I always had the feeling that if people found out who I really was they wouldnt like me, that I was really bad. I had walked around for thirty-one years hiding the fact that I was bad. It was an act, an act to be good so people would know that I was a good person and if I could win everybody over, then I would finally like myself. I never felt accepted. I never felt like I was like everybody else. I felt that I was different and I didnt want to be different. I wanted to be normal, I didnt want to be crazy. Those were the things I was trying to grab a hold of. A sense of being loved, a sense of being sane, and a sense of being normal.

After my NDE, I knew where my dad was coming from, and I knew all the connections between us. I could understand everyone's beauties and qualities. All that rejection was in my own head. It wasnt everybody else rejecting me. Everyone else was just coming from their own problems and hangups. And it was like the slates were being wiped clean. Like the domino effect, the sudden realization from the beginning was going through and everything was shifting. Like each electron was jumping into another orbit. It was like a healing.

2) I really experienced how precious and how loved I am by God. If he values me so much, then no matter what bad thoughts I may think about myself- I HAVE to be a worthwhile person.

*TbtL* Zest for life. All of the NDErs with which I spoke have a desire to get everything they can out of life. Many work really hard, but without anger when something gets in the way.

*HU* Changes Brought On By NDEs:

NDEers are almost always profoundly changed by their journey to the beyond. They become happier, more optimistic, more easygoing, and less concerned with material possessions.

*APitL* NDE Changes:

I think the knowledge imparted through the NDE reduces not only our fear of death, but also our fear of life.

*BtL* Post NDE: Fearlessness:

A noticeable reduction in worries and fears. Patience and forgiveness can replace former needs to criticize and condemn. Hard-driving achievers and materialists can transform into easy-going philosophers; but by the same token, those more relaxed or uncommitted before can become energetic "movers and shakers," determined to make a difference in the world. Personality switches seem to depend more on what is "needed" to round out the individual's inner growth.

*BtL* Post NDE: Knowing Who You Are:

A different feeling of physical self, knowing we live in and "wear" our bodies. They now know they are not their body; they are a living soul, a child of God.

*BtL* Post NDE: New Ratioanlity:

Rationale of any kind tends to lose its logic. The wold is the same, but the individual isn't.

*BtL* More Post-NDE Aftereffects:

• Experiencers find they attract animals, birds, and small children to them just by their presence. Plants seem to grown better around them.

• Latent talents tend to surface along with a thirst for knowledge. Experiencers suddenly know more, laugh more.

• Old memories seem to take longer to retrieve and are not as meaningful while recent memories are more lively and focused.

• Experiencers find they are more creative.

• Whatever has been repressed or suppressed or ignored within he inner psyche surfaces

*BtL* P.M.H.'s Aftereffects:

• Cognitive abilities reversed. Where once analytical, now intuitive. Where once intuitive, now analytical.

• Intelligence increased and I developed an insatiable hunger for knowledge. Once memory disconnection and energy fragmentation were corrected, my ability to concentrate increased significantly. My mind now works like a laser beam and I can completely lose myself in whatever I am thinking about or doing.

• The "newness" of life doesn't wear off. No matter how many times I do something, hear or see it, I find myself caught up in a childlike sense of wonder and curiosity. Absorption levels have reached such a high degree that I have learned to be very selective about what movies and television shows I watch. Nothing is mundane anymore.

• Am now more in tune with soul levels than with human levels.

Relationships With Others

*HTO* Changes/Transformations by NDE:

Relationship With Others: NDErs claim that they rarely or never lose their temper, that others with problems tend to seek them out, that they feel in inward desire to work with or for others in some capacity. They tend to accept others as they are. Their capacity to love increases enormously.

1) I very rarely meet someone I dont like. I accept them right away. My joy comes from another's smile. I reach out and touch people more. I have more insight into other people. It's very difficult for me to lose my temper anymore. I can see the pain in people's eyes. The most important thing that we have are our relationships and other people.

2) Since then, many have remarked that I seem to have a calming effect on them, instantly, when they are troubled. I am more in tune with people now and can pick up things about them faster. I can sense the needs of other people's lives.

3) I didnt do any of the "donts." I thought that surely hell would upon up immediately and swallow me if I did. I was extremely fearful, controlled totally by other people. Never any self-expression; never knew there was any such thing. I married young, had five children, and played out the role of the "ideal wife." I realize now why I was so restricted. I didnt do my own thinking. My biological mother had rejected me- somehow it had been my doing. It set up a barrier that kept me from going past anything that was required of me in order to not be rejected in that way again. Now I stand toe-to-toe and say "reject me, if you will.' I have the same power over you.

4) Take every opportunity to show love. I am more tolerant and understanding, and sympathetic.

*HU* Changes Brought On By NDEs:

Most striking of all, their capacity to love expands enormously. Aloof husbands suddenly become warm and affectionate, workaholics start relaxing and devoting time to their families, and introverts become extroverts. These changes are often so dramatic that people who know the NDEer frequently remark that he or she has become an entirely different person. There are even cases on record of criminals completely reforming their ways, and fire-and-brimstone preachers replacing their message of damnation with one of unconditional love and compassion.

*BtL* Post NDE: Real Love:

Near-death survivors come to love and accept others without the usual attachments and conditions society expects. They perceive themselves as equally and fully loving of each and all, openly generous, excited about the potential and wonder of each person they see.

Want To Tell the World

*BtL* Driven To Share:

After a near-death experience you want to talk about it, you want to tell the whole world that death ends nothing but the physical body, that God exists and love is God revealed. You want to scream this news from the highest rooftop. You want to shake up a deluded world. God is real, life is ongoing and never ending and worth its living. And the life we have is multidimensional, limited only by the prejudice of our own misperceptions and the folly of blind belief. You want to say this; you need to say this.

Changes in Sleep

*VS* Post-NDE Change In Sleep Patterns:

"What I noticed in my research was a change in sleep patterning. Examples: adults who had to relearn how to recognize the need for sleep, kids who switched form naps to increased flow states, those who began to wake up during early morning hours as if "on cue," and folks whose dreamlife became so vivid and complex it was as if they lived a parallel life while asleep."

P. M. H. Atwater, v.XVII, n.2

*MJooB* Effects of OBEs:

Monroe had not had ordinary dreams or nightmares for years.

Sleep requirements became less.

Changes in Physiology

*BtL* Brain Chemistry after a NDE:

The near-death experience changes the brain's physiology, actually altering its structure. Near-death experiences significantly change the electromagnetic fields that surround the average person.

*BtL* Typical Physiological Aftereffects:

• Near-death experiencers tend to look and act younger, are more playful

• Have brighter skin, eyes that sparkle

• Become more sensitive to light, especially sunlight

• Become more sensitive to sound and to noise levels

• Are more open and accepting

• Regard things as new even when they're not, boredom levels decrease or disappear

• Handle stress more easily and heal more quickly

*BtL* More Post-NDE Aftereffects:

At near-death conferences sponsored by IANDS, house lights are kept somewhat more subdued than usual, and sound systems are tuned to decibels lower than for regular conference settings.

Metabolic changes – it doesn't seem to take as long to digest food

I also want to call attention to the increased allergies to pharmaceuticals. It takes less of any substance for full effect. Near-death survivors are still, even today, being involuntarily committed to psychiatric ward and institutions solely because they are being subjected to large, sometimes mega doses of various chemical medications. At a time when they can least handle even normal adult dosages, they are given full strengths – or stronger.

There is a greater sensitivity to household chemicals, the coatings used on fabrics and wood, food preservatives, sprays and perfumes.

• Blood pressure lowers and pulse rate can also decrease

• With the inability to tolerate loud noises, experiencers find themselves drawn to classical music and to other melodious sounds. They crave the longer, pure sine wave as opposed to short, choppy beats.

• A new preference for open doors, windows, and shades; no locks; few if any curtains.

• Experiencers become more orgasmic

• Heightened sensations of taste-touch-texture-odors.

• Increased sensitivity to temperature, pressure, air movement, and humidity.

• Their body energy interferes with electronic equipment, light sources, security systems, and the like.

*BtL* P.M.H.'s Aftereffects:

Here is a brief list of some of my own changes:

• Hair and nails now grow faster, blood pressure is lower.

• Muscle strength decreased while energy levels increased.

• Sun tolerance decreased. The first seven years I would turn bright orange and become nauseated and dizzy if exposed to direct sunlight for over fifteen minutes. The orange coloration finally ceased, but sun sensitivity remains, although I can now handle longer exposure time.

• Both temporal lobe areas of head thicker and more spongy than before, and so sensitive even finger pressure cannot be tolerated.

• Body clock reversed to mornings (was a night person).

• No awareness of tiring at first, would suddenly collapse with the onset of sleep. It took several years before I could adequately control sleep urges and withstand longer hours awake and active.

• Jaws and teeth hurt if I say an untruth or hear a falsehood.

• Hearing range has increased and I have become more tonal.

• Taste and smell more acute, can also taste words and feelings. Regularly display synesthesia (multiple sensing).

• Had difficulty at first handling the great sweeps of joy that would suddenly overwhelm me. Meditation and prayer enabled me to redirect this ecstatic energy into modes of healing and help for other people.

• Memory seemed disconnected and hard to access at first, as if it belonged to someone else or somewhere else, and energy flows were fragmented. Exercises and effort corrected this.

• Much more sensitive now to any fluctuations in air pressure and electromagnetic fields. Can no longer wear a wristwatch.

• Look younger, feel younger. Eyes and skin brighter.

• No longer store stress in my body in the same manner as before. Can become "stressed," but it is easier now to release tension.

• Would suddenly quit breathing for nor reason whatsoever. Body would continue to operate as if nothing was amiss, with the longest such episode lasting eight minutes. Lasted one year. I have no idea what caused or ended it.

Changes in Food & Drug Patterns

*MJooB* Effects of OBEs:

His body rejected all unnatural drugs. LSD had no effect on him.

*BtL* More Post-NDE Aftereffects:

• A reduction in red-meat consumption or complete conversion to vegetarianism occurs

*BtL* P.M.H.'s Aftereffects:

• Food flushes out of digestive system within fifteen to twenty minutes if in disagreement with my body or tainted.

• Developed allergies to chemical medications to the degree that I switched to homeopathy, herbs, and natural remedies. I can no longer tolerate most pharmaceuticals.


*BtL* Post NDE: Timelessness:

Most experiencers come to develop a sense of timelessness. They tend to "flow" with the natural shift of light and dark, and display a more heightened awareness of the present moment and the importance of being "in the now". Making future preparations can seem irrelevant.

Psychic Abilities

*HU* Changes Brought On By NDEs:

NDEers often develop a marked fascination for the types of subjects discussed in this book, in particular, psychic phenomena and the new physics.

The man also started developing various psychic abilities after his experience, which is not uncommon among NDEers. He found that there was an increase in virtually all of the psychic and psi-related phenomena he assessed. "Telepathy and healing gifts are common."

*BP* OBEs & Psychic Abilities:

I discovered that when I became too wrapped up in daily life, I would have fewer psychic experiences. And if I took the time to meditate and explore altered states of consciousness, I would have more psychic experiences.

Many psychic experiences occured as very strange coincidences. I started reading people's minds. I started to "know" what song would be on the radio next.

** Psychic Powers:

During Dreams & OBEs(DDG): During your dreams and OBEs you automatically and easily use psychic powers. Some of the psychic powers you will find yourself using during an OBE are the following: seeing visions (or using clairvoaynce), reading minds, psychokinesis (moving things with your mind), and even experiencing memories of past (and future) lives. What you want to do is RECOGNIZE when this is happening. Since you are not lucid in most dreams, it seems like no big deal at the time.

Permanent Afteraffects(TbtL): NDErs gain a wide variety of psychic abilities, including telepathy, precognitive dreams, remote viewing, diagnosing illnesses and healing. Over 10% see ghosts and apparitions now.

(BP) When I started practicing OBEs, I got an unexpected side-effect: I started also having psychic experiences. I started somehow reading people's minds, having visions, some clairvoyance, etc. And I am a skeptic!

As I learned more about psychic experiences, I discovered that my psychic abilities fade in and fade out in cycles. At times they are strong, and at other times they seemed to fade out completely. I also learned that it's possible to increase psychic abilities.

(HTO) Attainment of psychic powers is a minor advantage, of no value in itself for progress toward liberation. Powers in one who has not yet attained the nirvanic state are seen as an impediment, for they may endanger progress by enhancing his sense of self-esteem, thus strengtheneing the attachment to self. The sincere spiritual aspirant can have very little concern with such matters.

When the mind has reached a high state of purification, the psychic powers may come to it spontaneously and unbidden. Psychic ability is directly correlated with one's level of consciousness.

Telepathy: (BP)

Telepathic Sending: (BP)

Clairvoyance: (BP)

Visions: (BP)

Precognition: (BP)

Deja Vu: (BP)

Apparitions: (BP)

Clairaudience: (BP)

Knowing All: 1)

Channeling: 1)

Intelligence increase:

Bilocation: 1)

Teleportation: 1)

Watch-breaking: many cannot wear watches because something keeps breaking them. The watches ran again without having to be repaired when he gave them to his sons. For another, the watch runs fine when in the drawer but stops when he puts it on his wrist.

Guardian Angels: Some people reported guardian angels who stayed with them long after their experience. About 12% still have contact with their guardian angels.

*MJooB* Effects of OBEs:

One of the early changes is the gradual flooding of the memory with events, places, people, and things which have no relationship in any way to one's current physical life activities or past experience.

*ODM* Dream Repression and ESP:

Reduced repression in dreams, such as reports of long dreams, the presence of animal characters, direct sexuality, and aggressive interactions, led to higher ESP scores.

Script: The following were sitting here with no text. I think some were in being-obes.php. Search on "vocal tone matching": *APitL* Psychic Abilities: *APitL* Vocal Tone Matching: *APitL* Seeing Spirits: *PtE* Psychic Knowing:

*BtL* Post NDE: Psychic Sensitivity:

Sensitivities enhance and expand, the intuitive opens up to the psychic. If not psychic before, the experiencer becomes so afterward; if psychic before, he or she becomes even more so after. Out-of-body episodes can continue, the light beings met in death can become a daily part of life routines, the future is often know before it occurs, extrasensory perception becomes normal and ordinary!

*BtL* More Post-NDE Aftereffects:

• Clairvoyance

• Precognition

• Healing

*BtL* Post-NDE Object Displacement:

• Object Displacement, Materialization, Dematerialization

Gaining Healing Abilities

*VS-PK* Healing Abilities of NDErs:

[Kenneth Ring] cited the results from a variety of studies worldwide that showed that NDErs appear to have vastly increased healing abilities compared to what they felt prior to the NDE. These changes went from 8-10% prior to the experience to 50-60% after the experience. These are consistent findings reported by P.M.H. Atwater in the United States, Margot Grey in England, and Cherie Sutherland in Australia.

Inexplicable Abilities

*OwtL* NDE Causes Inexplicable Skills:

[Ligustro Berio] suffered a heart attack in 1972... When the resident of Oneglia, Italy, recovered, he discovered that he suddenly had the talent to create valuable masterpieces in the style of ancient Japanese master painters...

Japanese art critic Fukada Kazuhiko of Tokyo declared Berio's prints to be an "...incredible, unexplainable, yet perfect revival of an ancient Japanese technique."

Difficulty in Returning

*VS* Dealing With the Return:

"At an emotional level I had difficulties taking up my daily responsibilities at first. They felt senseless and lifeless. But I wished to continue my life in a normal way at any price and after about two months I managed to do so." -Joost Mulder, v.XVII, n.2

*CCG* A Reluctance To Talk About It:

You might consider your gift to be a secret to be carefully guarded. Depending on your social and personal environment, you might be right. I think 99% of the people who do this are reluctant to speak about it -- unless they get involved with an understanding circle of friends who share the gift. Those of us who write about the experience tend to have a weird split personality -- mega-nonverbal and mega-verbal at the same time (or able to switch back and forth easily). ***Thank-You.

*BtL* Post NDE: Loss of Importance of Ritual:

Familiar codes of conduct can lose relevance.

*BtL* The Most Common Negative Adjustments After the Near-Death Experience:

• Initial confusion and disorientation

• Disappointment with the unresponsive or uncaring attitudes of others

• Depression and the inability to integrate the experience into daily life

• Behavior threatening to others

• Seen and arrogant and unloving

• The know-it-all syndrome

Effects of Lucid Dreams

*PtE* AfterEffects:

People universally seem to find lucid dreams refreshing.

Spiritual & Psychological Transformations

*BtL* The Transformational Process:
In Psychological Work In Spiritual Work
You are identified with the personality. You feel/know: I am my feelings, my thoughts, my beliefs, my memories. You are identified with the observer, the witness, the power-to-be-conscious. You feel/know: When I am conscious, I have creative jurisdiction over my life. You embrace the personality as your vehicle of expression, but do not feel limited to it.
You approach things subjectively, From your own point of view. You may recognize that others see your situation differently, but that seems irrelevant to your dilemma. You approach things impersonally. You are not totally identified with your personality even when very involved in life circumstances. You view your Personality as one among others.
You believe your feelings are evoked by the persons and circumstances with which you interact. You get caught in reactions. You know that your feelings are internal messages, from you to you. You know you have choices about what to feel and that Your feelings are not caused by any external circumstance. You do not allow reactions or habit patterns to govern.
You need and want to be heard and and understood right where you are, and until you are, you cannot move on. You are eager to see things from a wider perspective than the one you first experienced. You welcome other points of view in order to put your own into proper perspective.
You are not able to let go of a dynamic until the energy of it finishes in you and through you. You are able to withdraw your energy at will from relationships, situations, and interactions. You call this "letting go" or "surrender to what is."


Fading Memory

*VS-FB* Being Unable to Touch That Knowing:

Although I can say with humility and conviction:

"I am the Light,"

"I am the one Radiant Source of all,"

"I am the Unmanifest that ever was, is and shall be."

Still the full knowledge and wisdom of those higher parts of myself, (and, of course, of All our selves) cannot be fully remembered nor comprehended while in the physical body. For our brain acts as a filter, and only in moments of revelation or cosmic experience and awareness do fragments light up the lower consciousness.

*OwtL* The Reality of NDE, the Fading of Visions:

Once back, all the clarity of the vision of everything disappeared...

His near-death experience had shown no tendency to "...fade like a dream would fade... nor to grow... or to rationalize itself."