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What Happens at Death

Script: I think this section is organized really well. It concerns itself only with the deaths and transitions of the bodies, and not with any other events, such as saying goodbyes, fulfilling karmic desires, and life in the astral, which is described later.
Death of the Physical Body

The Transition At Death

*MB* Back & Forth Near Death:

ANDREW: We see things happening now, but try to fit them into your concept of time...

She is very much bordering between your plane and the next. She is vibrating back and forth. she needs to get a greater familiarity with her next plane before leaving the Earth physical plane completely. We see this happening in the now. It is imminent, from our perspective. She's been here and gone back many times, but she wont be going back the next time she crosses over.

The Stages of Death

*CBtL* The Transition at Death:

1. After shedding the physical body, you live for a few days in a body of etheric energy, but then, that body, too, disintegrates.

2. Now you begin the journey to the next life on the astral plane. You may fall into a deep sleep for a few days or weeks during this transition. Although it is also possible to make the transition fully conscious and many advanced souls do.

3. You may waken in a hospital and find yourself being cared for by loving beings (provided you have succeeded in reaching the middle or higher astral planes).

4. Deceased family members both from this time period and those from former lifetimes greet you.

5. Gradually, you discover you do not have to be old, ill, or decrepit. You see how young most of the people around you look (even your deceased grandmother) and you discover that you can choose to be the age at which you feel and look best.

6. Upon leaving the hospital, you notice that the environment is similar to that on Earth, only the colors are vivid and iridescent... To your immense joy, you discover that you can replicate objects on earth that you knew and loved.

*JDS* What Happens At Death:

As the death process begins, a number of things take place, not necessarily in this exact order:

1. The removal of the life thread, or silver cord.

2. The removal of the consciousness thread;

3. The exit of the three permanent atoms. They are the recording devices in the solar plexus, pineal gland, and heart. They are called the astral seed atom, the mental seed atom, and the heart seed atom;

4. The exit of the etheric, astral, and mental bodies;

5. The rising of the kundalini, and the exit of the soul extension, or personality.

*TB* The Process of Dying:

Padmasambhava: "When the cause of death is the exhaustion of the natural lifespan, you are like a lamp which has run out of oil. There is no way of averting death by cheating it; you have to get ready to go." Because of our karma, we all have a certain lifespan; and when it is exhausted, it is extremely difficult to prolong out lives. There are special "long-life practices" which summon the life-energy from the elements and the universe through the power of meditation and visualization. The natural karmic logic is that taking the life of others or harming them will shorten your life.

We will know what enormous hope there is when the Ground Luminosity dawns at the moment of death.

Our anxiety will even heighten the experience of physical pain.

The process of dying consists of two phases of dissolution: an outer dissolution, when the senses and elements dissolve, and an inner dissolution of the gross and subtle thought states and emotions.

Speculation(RB): When you leave your body for the final time, at death, this is what I believe will happen: You will be projecting, in real time, for the first few days, close to the physical world, until your supply of etheric matter runs out. Then you will go through the second death and enter the Astral dimension. There, you will purge yourself of all desire, by being able to have anything you have ever wanted, in abundance. This is done through having the full use of your subconscious mind's powerful creative ability. Here you can saturate your every need and desire, until you see these desires for the illusions they really are.

You will then shed your Astral (desire body) and enter the Mental dimension. There you will see your past life, examine and express every thought you have ever had and every action you have ever done. There, your thoughts, memories and experiences will be added to the Akashic Record.

Shedding your mental body you will then enter the Buddhic dimension. There you will stay for timeless healing, for rest, forgiveness and understanding of self. In this world your inner wounds will heal and your soul will be nurtured by divine love. Your spirit will become whole and perfect once more.

Then you will shed your Buddhic body and enter the Atmic dimension. There you will wait in the divine presence for those you love. Then, one day, you will go on to the next level of existence; where the last great mystery of life will be revealed to you....

Death of the Physical Body

*TB* The Energy Network of the Body:

A dynamic network of subtle channels (nadi), "winds" or inner air (prana), and essences (bindu). There are 72,000 subtle channels in the body, but three principal ones: the central channel, running parallel to the spine, and the right and left channels, which run either side of it. The right and left channels coil around the central one at a number of points to form a series of "knots." Along the central channel are situated a number of "channel wheels," the chakras or energy centers, from which channels branch off like the ribs of an umbrella. Through these channels flow the winds, or prana. There are five root and five branch winds. Each of the root winds supports an element and is responsible for a function of the human body. The branch winds enable the senses to operate. The winds that flow through all the channels except the central one are said to be impure and activate negative, dualistic thought patterns; the winds in the central channel are called "wisdom winds."

The "essences" are contained within the channels. There are red and white essences. The principal seat of the white essence is the crown of the head, and of the red essence at the navel.

*TB* Meditation & The Energy Network:

By causing the winds to enter and dissolve in the central channel through the force of meditation, a practitioner can have a direct realization of the luminosity or "Clear Light" of the nature of mind. This is made possible by the fact that the consciousness is mounted on the wind. By directing his or her mind to any particular point in the body, a practitioner can bring the winds there.

One day, one old master had no breathing, but a faint pulse was perceptible. At noon he suddenly heard a deep exhalation, and the master returned to his normal condition, talked with his attendant in a joyful mood, and asked for his lunch, which he ate with relish. He did this because our lifespan is counted as a finite number of breaths. Just after lunch, the master took a deep breath in again, and held it until the evening.

*TB* The Outer Dissolution, Death of the Body:

What happens at death: when the knots in the channels are released, the winds flow into the central channel, and enlightenment is momentarily experienced... As the winds disappear, the bodily functions and the senses fail. The energy centers collapse, and without their supporting winds the elements dissolve in sequence from the grossest to the subtlest. The stages of outer dissolution may take place extremely quickly and not very obviously.

The first thing we may be aware of is how our senses cease to function. If people around our bed are talking, there will come a point where we can hear the sound of their voices but we cannot make out the words. This means that the ear consciousness has ceased to function. We look at an object in front of us, and we can only see its outline, not its details. This means that the eye consciousness has failed. And the same happens with our faculties of smell, taste, and touch. The next four stages are:

1) Our body begins to lose all its strength. We are drained of any energy. We feel as though we are falling, sinking underground, or being crushed by a great weight. Our complexion fades and a pallor sets in. Our cheeks sink, and dark stains appear on our teeth. It becomes harder to open and close our eyes. This means that the wind related to the earth element is becoming less capable of providing a base for consciousness, and the ability of the water element is more manifest. So the "secret sign" that appears in the mind is a vision of a shimmering mirage.

2) We begin to lose control of our bodily fluids. Our nose begins to run and we dribble. We tremble and twitch. As the aggregate of feeling is dissolving, bodily sensations dwindle, alternating between pain and pleasure, heat and cold. Some sources say that we feel as if we were drowning in an ocean or being swept away by a huge river. The "secret sign" is a vision of a haze with swirling wisps of smoke.

3) Our mouth and nose dry up completely. All the warmth of our body begins to seep away, usually from the feet and hands toward the heard. We cannot remember the names of out family or friends, or even recognize who they are. It becomes more and more difficult to perceive anything outside of us as sound and sight are confused. The secret sign is of shimmering red sparks dancing above an open fire like fireflies.

4) It becomes harder and harder to breathe. The air seems to be escaping through our throat. We begin to rasp and pant. Our eyes roll upward, and we are totally immobile. Everything becomes a blur. Our last feeling of contact with our physical environment is slipping away. We begin to hallucinate and have visions: It there has been a lot of negativity in our lives, we may see terrifying forms. Haunting and dreadful moments of our lives are replayed, and we may even try to cry out in terror. If we have led lives of kindness and compassion, we may experience blissful, heavenly visions, and "meet" loving friends or enlightened beings. The internal experience for the dying individual is of a great wind sweeping away the whole world, including the dying person, an incredible maelstrom of wind, consuming the entire universe. The winds have all united in the life supporting wind in the heart. So the "secret sign" is described as a vision of a flaming torch or lamp with a red glow. All vital signs are gone.

->) The time between the end of the breathing and the cessation of the "inner respiration" is said to be approximately 20 minutes. But nothing is certain, and this whole process may take place very quickly.

*TBD* The Stages of Death & Recognizing the Clear Light:

One feels sinkingly weak and melting... The body seems to shrivel... Forms become indistinct... Sights are blurred; everything seems like a mirage of water down a highway... Bodily fluids seem to dry out, sensations cease as one becomes numb... The ear sense goes and one can no longer hear; one feels surrounded in smoke... Individuating wisdom (the energy of desire) fades as notions dim out from one's mind, inhalation weakened and the nose cannot smell anything; one feels surrounded by a swarm of fireflies or a burst of sparks... Breathing stops and energy circulations withdraw into the central nervous system, volitional functions disappear... The tongue thickens and tastes are forgotten, the body sense fades and textures are lost; one feels enveloped in a candle flame in its last moment...

Seeing Death Energetically

*HoL* Death- Breakup of the Bodies & Life Review:

I have observed two people who were in the dying process a couple of days before their deaths... The lower three bodies were breaking up and coming off the body as opalescent cloudy blobs. This gave the person an opalescent white look. The lower three chakras were also breaking up, with long threads of energy coming out of the solar plexus. The upper four chakras appeared to be very wide open, almost like gaping oles. There was no longer a shield over them. The people who were crossing over spent most of their time out of the body and away... When the people were in their bodies, there were plenty of spirits around the room.


Death from the auric point of view: There is a washing of the field, there is a clearing, an opening of all the chakras... [Lower energy bodies] are disintegrating... The chakras there are opened and there are cords of energy coming out. The upper chakras are great open holes into other dimensions... The lower parts of the energy field separate from the upper parts. And then during the three hours or so around the hour of death, there is a washing of the body... where the energy is flushed through like a fountain right up the main vertical power current. A fountain of golden light flushes through, and all of the blocks are cleansed. And the aura becomes white gold... A person sees his or her entire life wash by them... All blocks are let go. All forgotten experiences of that lifetime are unblocked. They all flow through the consciousness.

"With the dissolution of the walls of forgetting within you, you remember who you truly are. You become integrated with your greater self and feel the lightness and the vastness of it.

*VS-CM* The Energetic Sensations of Someone Else Dying:

My hands usually become hot and have a feeling of expansion when I am working with these healing energies...

I FELT the dying energetically as it was happening. As the person's spirit moved toward the final exit from the body, I feel a lessening of the heat in my hands. By the time the spirit has made its final thrust, I feel an absence of heat, an actual cool sensation. I have had this experience several times.

*DA* Looking Clairvoyantly at the Separation At Death:

Andrew Jackson Davis, "the Poughkeepsie Seer," describes how he himself watched this escape of the ethereal body, and he states that the magnetic cord did not break for some thirty-six hours after apparent death. Others have described, in similar terms, how they saw a faint violet mist rise from the dying body, gradually condensing into a figure which was the counterpart of the expiring person, and attached to that person by a glistening thread.

*HoL* Death- Exiting the Body:

According to Phoebe Bendit, at death a luminous ray flashes out the top of the head as the person leaves the earth plane through the crown chakra..

*TbtL* Death Shout:

Dying organisms emit intense amounts of EM energy or light. They emit a light shout more than a thousand times greater than their usual resting state. This light is something NDErs actually see. On rare occassions, other people have seen this light, too.

*PotAB* Dying:

Andrew Jackson Davis: "No two deaths are alike viewed either from the physical or the astral plane. The physical body grows negative and cold, in proportion as the elements of the spiritual body become warm and positive. The clairvoyant sees right over the head what may be called a magnetic halo- an ethereal emanation, golden in appearance and throbbing as though conscious. Now the body is cold up to the hips and the arms to the shoulders. The emanation is more expanded, though it has not risen higher in the room. The death-coldness steals over the breast and around on either side. The emanation has attained a position nearer the ceiling. The person has ceased to breath, the pulse is still. The golden emanation is elongated and fashioned in the outline of the human form. It is connected with the brain by a very fine life-thread. On the body of the emanation there appears something white and shining, like the human head; next comes a faint outline of the face divine; the fair neck and beautiful shoulders manifest, and then in rapid succession all parts of the new body down to the feet- a bright shining image, somewhat smaller than the physical, but a perfect prototype in all its details."

Ways of Looking At Death

Deaths are Incorporations

*ER* Deaths are Incorporations, not Losses:

"The successive "deaths" that are gone through as the soul ascends returning to God do not involve a severing from a lower form and a release into a higher. Rather, each stage is incorporated in the next." -Coleman Barks

*LBD* What Dies:

We can hand over to the earth only those parts of our physical body that come from the earth itself.

Death as a Change of Focus in Time

*SS* The Flickering Rhythm of Reality & Death as A Different Focus:

There is no separate, indivisible, specific point of death. You are alive now, alive while the atoms and molecules of your body die and are reborn. You are alive, despite, and yet because of, the multitudinous deaths and rebirths that occur within your body in physical terms. By "dead" I mean completely unfocused in physical reality. One instant your consciousness is "alive," focused in physical reality. Now for the next instant it is focused somewhere else entirely, in a different system of reality. It is unalive or dead to your way of thinking. The next instant it is alive again, focused in your reality, but you are not aware of the intervening instant of unaliveness. Your sense of continuity is therefore built up entirely on every other pulsation of consciousness. There is, then, what we call the underside of consciousness. Now, in the same way, atoms and molecules exist so that they are "dead," or inactive within your system, then alive or active, but you cannot perceive the instant in which they do not exist. Since your bodies and your entire physical universe are composed of atoms and molecules, then I am telling you that the entire structure exists in the same manner. It flickers off and on, in other words, and in a certain rhythm, as in the rhythm of breath. There are overall rhythms, and within them an infinity of individual variations. In these terms, when you call death is simply the insertion of a longer duration of that pulsation of which you are not aware, a long pulse in that other dimension. Consciousness -human consciousness- is not dependent upon the tissues, and yet there is no physical matter that is not brought into being by some portion of consciousness. Your consciousness may withdraw from your body slowly or quickly, according to many variables. In many cases of senility, the strongly organized portions of personality have already left the body, and are meeting the new circumstances. The fear of death itself can cause such a psychological panic that out of a sense of self-preservation and defense you lower your consciousness so that you are in a state of coma, and you may take some time to recover.

Transition Into The Etheric Body

The Good Gathers in Higher Bodies

*DA* The Good of Your Life Gathers into the Higher You:

"A mother dies, leaving behind her little helpless children, whom she adores, perhaps a beloved husband also. We say that her "Spirit" or Ego- that individuality which is now wholly impregnated, for the entire devachanic period, with the noblest feelings held by its late personality, i.e., love for her children, pity for those who suffer, and so on- is now entirely separated from the "vale of tears." (NOTE: Ah, okay, from the perspective of the higher collection-being) (Key to Theosophy, p. 99. Third Edition)

Releasing Bodies (Veils)

*CBAP* Dropping Bodies & Gaining Oneness:

Case No. 734: "I seemed to relinquish my life in ‘layers' [of consciousness, due to the shedding of the hierarchy of bodies, first the physical, then the vital, and finally the Soul Body, at the first, second, and third "deaths"]: the more I let go, the greater the sense of one-ness I received... [The successive bodies acted as "veils," so that their shedding permitted an increasingly great sense of one-ness.]

*ND* Astral, Mental, is all Changed Matter:

(Q) "At the change called death is the entity free of a physical or material body?"

(A) Edgar Cayce: "Free of the material body but not free of matter; only changed in the form as to matter."

*DA* Death is a Disrobing:

Six principles still remain as his constitution immediately after dearth, the seventh, or the dense body, being left as a cast-off garment.

Death consists, indeed, in a repeated process of unrobing, or unsheathing. The immortal part of man shakes off from itself, one after the other, its outer casings, and- as the snake from its skin, the butterfly from its chrysalis, emerges from one after another, passing into a higher state of consciousness.

*K* Dropping Off and Picking Up Lower Karmic Images:

The kama-rupic vesture is purified of its grosser elements as the Lower Ego is drawn upwards, or inward, towards the devachanic region, each cast-off "shell" disintegrating in due course... On the return of the Ego towards earth life, these latent images will be thrown outward and will attract to themselves the appropriate kamic materials.

*AD* Transformations Upon Death:

Paul Beard describes the transformation process as removing the many robes we wear upon our spirits.

Soul Exiting the Physical Body

*SuT* Death:

When the body falls into weakness on account of old age or disease... The Spirit of man is loosened from the human body and returns by the same way to Life, wherefrom he came...

All the powers of life wait for him who knows this and say: ‘The Spirit is coming, the Spirit is approaching.'

...The powers of life gather about the soul when a man is giving up the breath of life...

The soul gathers these elements of life-fire and enters into the heart. And when the Spirit that lives in the eye has returned to his own source, then the soul knows no more forms...

Then at the point of the heart a light shines, and this light illumines the soul on its way afar. When departing, by the head, or by the eye or other parts of the body, life arises and follows the soul, and the powers of life follow life. The soul becomes conscious and enters into Consciousness. His wisdom and works take him by the hand, and the knowledge known of old.

...The Soul, leaving the body and unwisdom behind it, reaches out to another body and draws itself over to it.

*TDA* The Etheric Body and Death:

Dr. Peebles: "John releases the body. But now... there is an etheric envelope, an etheric vehicle that is finer than the physical body and yet still contains the spirit and the soul. If there is resistance to death in the personality of the soul, this etheric body can release the physical structure... But overall it is the soul releasing the body..."

Don: "This same being, John, who has just died, can he be aware of events transpiring on Earth since his death?.."

Dr. Peebles: "Yes, particularly for the first three months. Rarely is it longer than that. Often for the first three days the spirit is so involved with the total separation of the body- for upon medical death the spirit is not totally separate from the physical body. It can take some additional hours, or even up to three days, for a total release of the physical body, through the etheric."

*Ea* Clairvoyantly Viewing Death:

Being a registered nurse specializing in hospice care, she is sometimes present at the moment of a terminal patient's death, when she sees the vital aura- a diaphanous orb of the individual's life essence- separate itself from the expiring physical body. It's comforting that, on these occasions, without exception in her experience, she perceives a group of other discarnate entities hovering near to welcome the now disembodied but surviving essence of the newly deceased and escort it to its new domain.

On Death(PoP): The angelic soul lives on after death, while retaining the impression of the basharic soul. Each time an angelic soul leaves behind its body, it recalls its past lives. When we are about to die, we have an instantaneous vision of the whole life we are leaving, and even of our preceding lives, in all their details.

The Chakra of Exit

The Chakra of Exit(JDS): This last occurence is absolutely fascinating in that the soul extension and kundalini exist from the chakra that the person focused on the most in that lifetime. The ideal would be to leave out of the crown chakra or at minimum, the third eye. However, the soul extensions, or personalities, that were very astrally focused in that lifetime will leave out of the soul plexus chakra. If they were love-focused they will leave out of the heart chakra. If they were will- and communication- focused in that lifetime they will leave out of the throat chakra. If they were focused on spiritual sight as their main interest they will leave out of the third eye. If they were God-focused they will leave out of crown.

Which chakra the personality leaves out of will also affect the bardo experience and possibly which plane it will magnetized toward after the bardo.

It is usually the astral seed atom that leaves first, then the mental seed atom, and lastly the the head seed atom. When the emotional and mental seed atoms leave, one is no longer conscious of the Earth plane. When the head seed atom leaves, the silver cord then breaks, releasing the soul extension completely. The hear seed atom will leave rather quickly in an initiate, but may ramain in the physical body for three days in the case of a less evolved soul extension.

*TB* Phowa: How the Consciousness Exits At Death:

"Ejecting the consciousness into the space of unborn Rigpa" refers to the transference of consciousness, the phowa practice, which is the most commonly used practice for dying. At the moment of death, the practitioner ejects his or her consciousness and merges it with the wisdom mind of the Buddha, in what Padmasambhava calls "the space of unborn Rigpa."

At death, our consciousness, which is mounted on a "wind" and so needs an aperture through which to leave the body, can leave it through any one of nine openings. The route it takes determines exactly which realm of existence we are to be reborn in. When it leaves through the opening at the fontanel, at the crown of the head, we are reborn, it is said, in a pure land, where we can gradually proceed toward enlightenment.

The signs of accomplishment include an itching at the top of the head, headaches, the emergence of a clear fluid, hair falling out around the fontanel, a warmth or vapor is seen rising from the crown of the head, a swelling or a softness around the area of the fontanel, or even the opening of a small hole there, into which traditionally the tip of a stalk of grass is inserted as a test or measure of how successful the practice has been. In some exceptional cases, the masters or practitioners have been so powerful that when they uttered the syllable that effects the transference, everyone in the room would faint, or a piece of bone would fly off the dead persons skull as the consciousness was propelled out with immense force.

The patterns of the flow of energy through the meridians of the body of the phowa master he was studying were very similar to those measures in psychics with strong ESP abilities. EEG measurements showed that phowa involved the stimulation of a certain part of the brain, the hypothalamus, as well as the stopping of ordinary conscious mental activity, in order to allow a deep state of meditation to be experienced.

Their glimpses of the peace and light of the Buddha realm, and their visions of Amitabha, are reminiscent of certain aspects of the NDE.

The Permanent Etheric Withdrawl

*RB* Etheric Matter:

Etheric matter is the actual life force substance generated by all living things by simply being alive. It is a substance in-between physical matter and astral matter, part physical and part astral. This etheric matter has actual weight. It is a very refined substance inbetween matter and energy and is similar to its coarser cousin, ectoplasm.

At the exact moment of death, a sudden weight loss of approximately one quarter of an ounce is observed. This is caused by a large amount of etheric matter being transferred into the astral body at the moment of physical death, as happens with NDEs, where the body believes it is dying.

*ASJ* The Unevolved Man At Death:

The Master: ‘When a man of this [unevolved] type dies and no longer has a physical body, he feels that he is in a completely strange world. There are times, immediately after death, when such a man craves for the physical life which he knows, but he can do nothing to regain it- for when the etheric matter has all been withdrawn from a physical body, it cannot be put back.'

The Etheric Clinging- Ghost-Making

*ASJ* The Etheric Fearfully Clinging On to the Astral After Death:

The Master: ‘At the moment of death, when the heart ceases to beat, the etheric double registers extreme fear and wraps itself round the outside of the astral body in which the man is standing, since he was forced out of the physical body at the time death took place. The etheric part of the physical body knows that the death of the denser part means also death for itself and, in its desire to continue its existence, it clings to the astral body of the man, hoping to survive longer. By an effort of will the man can easily rid himself of this encumbrance. Until he does, he is suspended between the two worlds of consciousness; he cannot function on the physical plane, for he has lost his physical body, and he cannot function properly on the astral plane, because the clinging etheric matter makes it impossible for him either to see or hear properly.

‘Men who die fearing death often refuse to make the necessary effort of will which they are told to make by friends who meet them on the other side, but hang on to the remaining particles of physical matter in the hope of continuing their physical existence, the physical life being the only one they know... Sooner or later they must let go and make the effort of will that I have mentioned- resisting the inevitable only causes them to be suspended between the two worlds for a much longer time than is necessary. A man who has acquired some knowledge of the subject of death... will at once shake himself free from this encumbrance and take up his life again under what I may perhaps call permanent astral conditions.' (NOTE: There is a perfect parallel to everyday fear- seeing a car approach causes a state of panic and fear. Once you have dodged the car, the danger is passed and the panic and fear should instantly disappear, but all too often we hold on to this kind of fear and remain troubled for hours, or even longer. We may take with us a general fear of cars for the rest of our life, dragging the moment of almost-being-hit along with us long after it is over. Ah! And the amount of lingering fear is exactly proportional to your level of distraction at the time. You were distracted, you felt you weren't there, and yet something came out of nowhere to hurt you, seeming intentional. You didn't cause it. Thus the world is dangerous, and thus begins a lingering fear, which is what distraction is in the first place.)

*ASJ* Witnessing the Attachment of the Etheric Double to a Scared Dead Person:

For a few moments it was a veritable inferno and although ambulances arrived almost at once, it was obvious that nothing could be done for the unfortunate pilot...

Although the body of the airman was terribly burnt and hardly recognizable as a human being, the real man in his astral body was standing by the body on the ground, looking frightened and intensely miserable. When my guide went up and spoke to him, he did not seem to hear or take any notice. I saw what looked like a cloak of dense matter attempting to wind itself round the astral form that was standing before us. It appeared rather like a thick elastic material and almost completely surrounded the clearcut astral form- this winding process took only a few seconds to complete. It seemed as if what I can only describe as a wraith, came from the physical body lying on the ground and was magnetically attracted to the man standing near by... The etheric double...

I did not hear every word that my friend was saying, but after some time I saw that a glimmer of understanding seemed to appear on the boy's face, whereupon the clinging matter which had partly enveloped him, started to disconnect and fall to the ground... After a little time it all dropped to the ground and seemed to evaporate into smoke and dust... The boy then seemed to come to life. He sat on the ground, put his head in his hands and sobbed hysterically. My friend let him do this for a time... ‘Come with me and we'll talk about this,' said my friend as he took him by the arm and, without the boy seeming to notice it, we swiftly moved from the scene; within a few seconds we were far away and in the country...

At first he would not believe that he was dead and kept on saying ‘How can I be dead, when I feel so much alive?' We then asked him where he lived and he told us. ‘Come along then, we'll go and see if your father and mother are asleep yet.'... After a time first his father and then his mother fell asleep and as they slipped out of their bodies, they seemed overjoyed at seeing their son.

Visitations in the Etheric Body

*DA* Communications- Ethereal Visitations & Thought-Form Projections:

I. While the Soul has shaken off only the dense body, and remains still clothed in the etheric double. This is a brief period only, but during it the disembodied Soul may show itself, clad in this ethereal garment.

"For a very short period after death, while the incorporeal principles remain within the sphere of our earth's attraction, it is possible for spirit, under peculiar and favorable conditions, to appear." (Theosophist, Sept. 1882, p. 310)

It makes no communications during this brief interval, nor while dwelling in this form. Such "ghosts" are silent, dreamy, like sleep-walkers, and indeed they are nothing more than astral sleep-walkers. Equally irresponsive, but capable of expressing a single thought, as of sorrow, anxiety, accident, murder, etc., are apparitions which are merely a thought of the dying, taking shape in the astral world, and carrier by the dying person's will to some particular person, with whom the dying intensely longs to communicate.

Shedding the Etheric Body

Script: This is like in projection- the etheric body can only project a limited distance from the body and is pestered by the astral cord when doing so. In the same way, freedom after death necessetates the release of this compaatively dense etheric body.
*CBAP* Second Death & Composite OBE:

The descriptions of the experience of the second "death" [= the shedding of the vehicle of vitality from an originally composite "double," by the "dead"] necessarily described via mediums, corresponded with the descriptions of experiences given independently of any medium by certain people who had out-of-the-body experiences (that is by those who had a loose vehicle of vitality and who also therefore released a "double" that was composite.)

*LBD* Transformation of Etheric Forces:

Just as in the physical world no forces are lost, or they merely undergo a transformation, so also these forces of the etheric are not lost, but remain.

*ASJ* Releasing the Etheric Matter At Death:

The Master: ‘Immediately the effort of will to get rid of the etheric double is made, the etheric matter falls away and starts to disintegrate in much the same way that the dense physical body disintegrates, but whilst it may be months or years before the disintegration of the physical body is complete, the etheric part of it, being much finer and lighter in weight, returns to dust almost immediately.'

*LBD* Breaking From the Etheric:

Then begins a process which severs from us that part which constitutes our etheric body- for all the other processes described above take place while we are still connected with our etheric body... Just as here upon the earth the human substances given to us by the earth become incorporated, as it were, with man's soul being, so after we have passed through the portal of death the cosmic substance incorporates itself.

*DA* Prana Returns to the Sea as the Etheric Double Fades:

Prana, the portion of the life-energy appropriated by the man in his embodied state, having lost its vehicle, the ethereal double, which, with the physical body, has slipped away from its controlling energy, must pass back into the great life-reservoir of the universe.

*DA* Disengagement From the Etheric & Etheric Decomposition:

As the days go on, the five higher principles gradually disengage themselves from the etheric double, and shake this off as they previously shook off the grosser body... This ethereal corpse remains near the dense one, and they disintegrate together; clairvoyants see these ethereal wraiths in churchyards, sometimes showing likeness to the dead dense body, sometimes as violet mists or lights...

One of the great advantages of cremation- apart from all sanitary conditions- lies in the swift restoration to Mother Nature of the physical elements composing the dense and ethereal corpse, brought about by the burning.

Animating the Etheric Corpse

*DA* Re-Aminating the Astral [Etheric] Corpse:

Dr. Hartmann says: "The astral corpse of a person may be brought back into an artificial life by being infused with a part of the life principle of the medium. If that corpse is one of a very intellectual person, it may talk very intellectually; and if it was that of a fool, it will talk like a fool." (Magic, White and Black, Dr. Franz Hartmann, pp. 109, 110. Third Edition) This mischievous procedure can only be carried out in the neighborhood of the corpse, and for a very limited time after death... Needless to say that such a process belongs distinctly to "Black" Magic.

The Astral Cord At Death

Separation of the Cord At Death

*PotAB* The Cord & Death:

The heart may actually cease beating for some time, and yet the astral cord may not be disconnected. Naturally this condition could not exist long before the cord would ‘snap'.

Mrs. Richmond: "These periods of calling my attention to and visiting the body were brief- just enough to keep the vital spark alive. I have remained projected in the astral for many days."

A celebrated fakir was buried for a period of thirty days.

*VS* Sensory Dulling, Stomach Exit, Astral Lifeline:

"After a long period of racking pain, a strange sensation spread throughout my body. My five senses began to dull and move slowly towards my stomach area. When all sensation converged there, I became a ball of energy and floated out and up above my body. Peace at last. No pain. Tranquility. An umbilical cord of electricity tethered me to my body. An electrical current of life force slowly seeped out of my body and traveled along the cord into my new being. I was a ball of energy growing stronger by the moment. I simply knew and understood that there was no returning to earth once all the life force had been drained from my earthly body."

Ernie Schroeder, v.XVI, n.4

*CBAP* Ecclesiastes' Silver Cord:

The ‘silver cord' that Ecclesiastes described as ‘loosed' [at death, freeing the Soul Body from its physical counterpart and temporary instrument] is no fragment of the Eastern imagination.

*VftA* Ghosts & Astral Cords:

I have learned that there are many people who are caught in a kind of limbo space- a place between your reality and the next- because they have not severed this cord and made the final disconnect from their bodies. There remains a very thin, ever-fading connection. As long as this connection is not consciously severed, their souls will not progress. That is why many people sense "ghosts" in and around cemeteries. (NOTE: Probably etheric shells)

Reconnecting the Astral Cord

*VftA* Reconnecting the Astral Cord:

Sandy: I have learned that sometimes, when one suffers a traumatic or instant death that is unexpected, this cord is severed as a result of the shock of the experience. The soul in its entirety shoots out of the body. These souls are given the option of reconnecting with their physical bodies if they so wish, and if the condition of those bodies allows for the continuation of life. This is the source of many near-death experiences.

The Cord as the Tunnel

** The Cord as a Tunnel:

(NOTE: Is the silver thread the tunnel to the light?! Picture of a sphere, nearly closed, but open like a long cord to a different level of frequency, like a scuba diver into denser matter. And that works because the source is in the center. The further out you go, the more bodies you take on. )

*VS-MS* A NDE Caused By Kundalini Awakening:

(NOTE: Copied from Energy Body) I went back through the tunnel and through the silver cord into the physical abode I had left behind.

Cord-Activity Range At Death

*CBAP* Held Firm By the Cord:

The "cord" of a newly dead person (whose "double" always contains the whole of the vehicle of vitality) is sometimes described by a "communicator" as holding him near to his body- as not very elastic. "Robertson" found that a "cord" held his newly released, composite "double" within three feet of his vacated body. "Farnese" said, "It was as if a great chain held me fast; I could not go more than a few yards from my body. And then I saw why- a chain, as of dark silk... held me to my body. No power of mine could break it. As I moved, it stretched, like elastic, but always drew me back again.

Transition To The Astral Body

Post Life-Review Slumber

*DA* Post Life Review Slumber:

This vivid sight is succeeded, in the ordinary person, by the dreamy, peaceful semi-consciousness spoken of above, as the etheric double floats above the body to which it has belonged... When seen, it shows the dreamy, hazy consciousness alluded to, is silent, vague in its aspect, unresponsive.


Up to the point of this re-arrangement of the matter of the desire body, the post-mortem experience of all is much the same; it is a "dreamy, peaceful semi-consciousness," as before said, and this, in the happiest cases, passes without vivid awakening into the deeper "predevachanic unconsciousness" which ends with the blissful wakening in Devachan, heaven, for the period of repose that intervenes between two incarnations.

Reorganization of the Astral Body

*DA* The Reorganization of the Astral Body into Shells:

This desire body undergoes a marked change soon after death. The different densities of the astral matter of which it is composed arrange themselves in a series of shells or envelopes, the densest being outside, shutting the consciousness away from all but very limited contact and expression. The consciousness turns in on itself, if left undisturbed, and prepares itself for the next step onwards, while the desire body gradually disintegrates, shell after shell.

(Insert Section on Astral/Desire World)


Changes in Personality

The Inner Source of Life

*LBD* The Vitalizing Force Within:

Here upon the earth we feel that life is given to us from outside, that our life depends upon the vital forces which we receive from the earth, from the external world. But now this earth and all that it used to give us departs, as it were, and this inevitably produces the feeling that the vitalizing force now flows from within.

Man's Interiors & Ruling Love

*H&H* Turning Interiors:

The whole heaven turns itself to the Lord, as to its common center. Those societies in the center have the greatest light. The interiors of angels turn as well. In heaven, the interiors tend towards the common center, which is the Lord as a sun. An angel's face determines the quarters, for the interiors present themselves in the face. Angels can turn their bodies any direction and still have the Lord before them. An aspect is turned in all four directions. Standing behind an angel, looking at the back of thier head disturbs the influx from the Lord. The understanding of the wicked can be turned, but not the will, and so it is temporary.

*H&H* Interiors & Exteriors:

In each heaven there is an internal and an external, corresponding to the will and the understanding. One does not exist without the other. Things interior and exterior are distinct. There are continuous and noncontinuous degrees. Continuous degrees are like waning light and noncontinuous are like front/back, & cause/effect.

*H&H* The Forms of Heaven, Angels, and Man:

Heaven is the Divine Man. The interiors of men & angels are made in the likeness of heaven. They are heavens in miniature and have three layers. All heaven is in man, some above and some beneath. This is central to angelic intelligence: that the whole is like the parts, different only in magnitude. Wisdom is being in the form of heaven. The human form can be found in every thought as well.

*LWK* The Invisible World Inside:

The invisible other world awaits our attention close at hand, always intimately near, yet, for those with their backs to it, farther away than the farthest star in the firmament.

*H&H* Man's Spirit:

The soul = the spirit. There are two kingdoms in spiritual man: the will and understanding. The spirit thinks and has a will. The spirit is in the form of a human. Man is man by virtue of understanding truth and willing what is good.

*EIM-N* Turning Interiors; Want:


This world belongs to the person I have turned away from it,

And from whom I have turned away the world

The afterworld belongs to whomever I turn it,

To whomever turn to me

*IA* The Face:

The face represents a direction, intention or goal, particular meaning or sense, a perspective or point of view, and the substance or essential reality of something. Ibn turns the face of his heart towards the Lord. <-connection to Swedenborg!

Changes in Selfhood At Death

*PAP* No Falseness, No Male/Female in the Invisible:

In the invisible worlds, the mask of hypocrisy which we use in our social relations no longer exists. Sexual differences are no more. Men or women, young or old, are no more than centers of life radiating different qualities of energy which they have assimilated during their successive incarnations.

*H&H* Man's Self After Death = Spirit/Angel:

Neither touch nor sight can distinguish between physical and spirital bodies. After death, man has every sense and all memory, thought, and affection which he had in the world. Man's spirit also longs, desires, wishes, thinks, reflects, is affected, loves, and wills as before. His desire to dominate or serve also goes to heaven. He who likes learning reads and writes as before. The spiritual memory contains every detail.

After death, man keeps the reason he learned from language and sciences. Reason is an ability to discern truth. It is the only important thing to learn from life. Not facts & deceptions. Some are able to recognize truths, but do not wish to understand them. Arguing is the faculty of confirming whatever a man pleases. These people see falses as truths. Falses may be seen from truths, but truths cannot be seen from falses. Metaphor/correspondence for the rational faculty: memory is the ground, scientific truths and knowledges are the seeds, and light and warmth is the good of heaven. Faith - love = science. Those with empty facts in earth life are sent into the desert in heaven so they dont tell lies to the simple folk. Man is elevated when gross, material, obscure, natural facts disappear, but if that is all you had, then too bad.

Angels learn and retain new memories and continually cultivate their rational faculty. None are imbued with knowledge and intelligence beyond their degree of affection for love and truth in the world. This affection remains the same. Man cannot be reformed by instruction after death.

*JoYS* Human Personality Traits & Reincarnational Selves:

Human personality, which is based on the body, overleaves, imprinting, and so forth, exists fully only on the physical plane. After death, only vestiges remain in what might be called the reincarnational self, which is, in effect, a subpersonality of the essence. If a reincarnational self is channeled, some sense of human personality can come back through. Otherwise, there is no actual human personality in a channeled entity or energy. From the causal plane or higher, there is no human personality in them because they have fully integrated their reincarnational selves, although human personality traits may be projected upon them by the channel or by those listening.

*AP* The Loss of the Physical Doesnt Effect Personality:

The loss of the physical body makes no difference whatever in the character or intellect of the person.

*CWG1* The Afterlife:

There is no such thing as "getting to heaven." You cannot go where you already are. Enlightenment is understanding that there is nowhere to go, nothing to do, and nobody you have to be except exactly who you're being right now. What Enlightenment asks you to do is to know something you have not experienced and thus experience it. Knowing opens the door to experience- and you imagine it is the other way around. You do not know what you have not experienced.

In the afterlife you will know who you were, and who you have ever been. It will all be opened onto you- because then it will profit you to know.

We're Still Ourselves In Astral(PS): One does not become instantly wiser and all knowing after physical death. Those contacted residing in the Astral realms just appear to be wiser simply because they possess a broader view; they can see us but we cannot see them.

(Taylor) I see people come over. They arrive and have high hopes that everything is going to be different for them. However, nothing can be different for them because they have brought with them what they are. There is no sudden metamorphosis from an idle person into an active person, from a nonreligious person into a religious person, from a money-centered person into a God-centered person. This is not an automatic thing. Your personality - your likes and dislikes, your hopes, your fears - are still attached to you, although in a more nebulous form that when you are on earth in a physical body.

(Macy) People arrive there with the same psychological and emotional nature they had when they died, although shortcomings and imbalances can be overcome through rapid learning.

*H&H* Death:

When man dies, his last dying thought remains with him until he returns to the general affection he had in the world. Then the Lord pulls the spirit out of the body. Natural sight changes to spiritual sight when angels roll off the coat over the left eye. Thought is changed by removing a coat from the face. Unloving thoughts are repressed by angels. Man looks like his exteriors did in the beginning, then gradually he is transformed into the appearance of his interiors. The more interiorly one has lived, the more perfect they are. The more exterior, the more ugly.

Man's spirit dissociates and departs from the higher angels lower and lower until he is in the company of those like him, who have lived their worldly life like he has.

The memories of men are publically visible; thoughts and desires and all. There is no denial of what you've done, for it all comes out. Angels start at the fingertips and examine the whole body to bring back memories. Thoughts begin in the will and end in the whole of the body. Spiritual truths terminate and dwell in the exterior, the ultimate of order. The natural memory is then laid asleep and they awake into their interior memory and gradually into angelic memory.

The evil think that all go to heaven. A deed is equal to the thought and will behind it. Will makes a man, and thought only so long as it proceeds from will.

Nonaligned understandings are removed until the spirit is in its own love. His own love is continually before his eyes, wherever he turns. Spirits are led by their love. An angel goes to whatever agrees with his love and removes what does not agree with it. One's love is like spongy and porous wood which takes in whatever promotes its growth. Love of evil desires falses while love of good desires truths. Spirits dont listen to what they dont want to hear. One's will is their love. To change that love in a spirit would be to annihilate him. Natural delights are turned into corresponding spiritual ones.

*H&H* The Three States of Man After Death:

There are three states that man passes through in the world of spirits after death. The first state is that of the exteriors, the second state is that of the interiors, and the third state is that of preparation for heaven or hell. Some go directly to heaven or hell without these stages, including those who have been regenerated and prepared in the world.

The First State: The first state begins immediately. The exteriors of his spirit are those whereby he accomodates his body, especially his face, speech, gestures, and communication with others. The interiors are the will and thought which are rarely manifested in the exteriors. All in the world are trained to appear good and happy. Good and evil do the same things externally. Evil spirits attend vigorously to what is said about external things. External things cover and conceal internal things, especially if the interior is evil. Because of this, man often doesnt know his interiors. All is the same in stage one as during life on earth, and often there is no awareness of death. He is recognized by his friends due to these similarities. When you think of someone, they become present, and you continue the same relationship with them as you had on earth. If conjugal love hasnt joined their minds, lovers eventually become seperated. Friends instruct them on heaven and hell and give tours. Then they think about their ideas of life and death. The dead want to know if they are going to heaven or not. The first state lasts days, months, or a year. Duration is longer for those with more internal/external disagreement. (NOTE: Does the life review change the 1st state into the 2nd state?)

The Second State: (NOTE: Working out of desires)The second state is the state of the interiors. His exteriors are laid asleep and lost after death. The spirit of this state scarcely thinks without willing. All act openly. He who was good in the world is no longer obscured by bodily things. The external rationalities of evils are gone and they seem insane. All hidden things are uncovered. To imagine yourself in this state, ask yourself how you would act if there were no fear of laws, no possibility of loss of life, and no external restraints. No one pays for evils done in the world- only for evils done in this second state, but one will commit the same worldy evils here unless he has learned otherwise. The good arent punished, for their evils were done not from an evil nature, but from blind external delight. The only way the evil can be affected is through punishment. Evil spirits are punished severely in the world of spirits to deter them. (NOTE: This is so poorly put) The good are seperated from the evil in this stage. (NOTE: This is like the karmic stage, the following like the heaven after karmic- the mental realm or maybe the outer rings. Stage one might be the near-earth realm.)

The Third State: (NOTE: Refining of skills in the mental world.) The third state is a state of instruction. Only angels going to heaven can be instructed. To the evil, the 3rd state is like the second. The good must learn of God, heaven & hell, life after death, and loving God & neighbors. In proportion that the Lord flows in, he instructs them. The evil resist God and tear away from him, and get no new knowledge. Angels of all societies instruct, especially those from the N & S, for they are in intelligence and wisdom from the knowledge of good and truth. New angels are purified of their grosser interiors, like those of honest riches. Some have to be vastated of falses, for they lived well but with them. New angels are instructed by those who believed like them in the worldly life. In heaven, knowledge is committed to life, not to memory. There are four places of instruction in the spirit world, with two ways leading from each to the corresponding society. One enters the celestial from the east and the spiritual from the west. Each angel and good has uses.

After death, evil spirits are attracted to the sooty stench of hell like carrion-birds to death. Evil spirits cast themselves down toward their like. He goes head down, feet up.

*SPoK* In the Next World:

"In the next world man's outward dimension will be like his inward dimension in this world."

"God says [to the soul at death], ‘We have now unveiled from you your covering and your sight today is piercing.' In other words, at death man sees the actual situation."

Lucid & Dreaming Death

*CPitI* Death is Like Nonlucid & Lucid Dreamers, Earthbound Ghosts:

All who have passed through death... have their mode of consciousnes determined entirely by the dominant mode of suggestion which they have brought over with them from the objective side of life... Their life becomes purely subjective and is a sort of dream-life, only with a vast difference between two classes of dreamers: those who dream as they must and those who dream as they will.

The former are those who have enslaved themselves in various ways to their lower mentality... These different classes, either through remorse, or unsatisfied desires, or sheer incapacity to grasp higher principles, all remain earthbound, suffering in exact correspondence with the nature of the suggetion they have brought along with them...

The suggestion becomes the life... Those who have brought over with them the great truth that conditions are the creations of thought, and who have accustomed themselves while in objective life to dwell on good and beautiful ideas, are still able, by reason of being imbued with this suggestion, to mold the conditions of their consciousness in the subjective world in accordance with the sort of ideas which have become a second nature to them.

Restoration of Past Life Memory

*CBtL* Restoration of Past Life Memories:

After death, the entire memory of the individual's past lives is restored and he or she may even seek out friends and relatives of a former past life.

*BDL* Connecting With Your Greater Memory After Death:

S: Another thing that causes confusion when you cross over to the spiritual planes is that your memory starts opening up to your past incarnations and your entire karmic picture. So you'll recognize those souls. First, initially in the relationship you knew them in the life you just left. Then you'll start remembering other relationships where you've known them. That's part of the process of remembering all of your karma while you're on that plane, so you can understand what you've just completed and what you still need to work out when you return to Earth again.

*LBD* The Overall Memory Picture:

First, we have the tapestry of memory; behind it, the might cosmic pictures we have ‘rolled up' within us; behind this, again, lives what we have written into the world.

Sudden Understanding (In Regressions)

*JoNDE-JW* After-Death Mentation in Regression OB:

After-death mentation was reported to be quick, clear, and unfettered by the constraints imposed by the past-life personality, especially ego defense mechanisms. Participants felt they tapped into a broader source of knowledge that was somehow intuitively apprehended. (NOTE: This is very much like when receiving rotes, reading the Akashic, and psychic knowing- you get an experience and with it the knowledge gained- you know what was learned and have this higher spiritual perspective on it automatically. How this is like it!)


"My self in this state is now aware of something about the meaning of this life, the purpose [of it], the problems being worked through, the debts being paid... Where it may have [been] baffling when you were going through these various experiences, now it has some resolution... You're able to put things in context and gain some understanding of meaning." (Subject 4)


"Immediate wisdom, uncluttered... by attachments, boundaries, fears, limitations... Understanding or acknowledgement of the spiritual perfections that is so well masked in life. Immediate knowing without all the filters and garbage we put in the way" (Subject 8)

Transition To The Mental Body

Shedding the Astral Body

*ASJ* The Physical and Astral Death Compared:

The Master: ‘When, after his physical death, a man becomes fully conscious in the astral world, his first sensation is a feeling of well-being and buoyant health. When, after his astral death, he becomes fully conscious in the mental world, his first sensation is that of profound bliss and a feeling of being at peace with mankind... Once more he has to be taught, by those who wait to welcome him, the difference between the conditions under which he must now live and those relating to the world he has just left.'

*LBD* End of Kamaloca & End of Desires:

In later phases when Kamaloca has come to an end, we penetrate into still vaster realms. We expand ever more. When the Kamaloca phase draws to a close, man leaves behind him, as if discarded, everything that during his physical existence was the expression of his propensities, longings and desires for earthly life... The account of the debts, as it were, owing by every person is recorded in the moon-sphere. (NOTE: astral)

*SiO* The Astral Body At Death:

The ‘thought-power' or aspect of the Mayavi or ‘Illusion-body', merges after death entirely into the causal body or the conscious, thinking Ego. The animal elements, or power of desire of the ‘Dream body', absorbing after death that which it has collected (through its insatiable desire to live) during life; i.e., all the astral vitality as well as all the impressions of its material acts and thoughts while it lived in possession of the body, forms the Kama-rupa... After death the higher Manas unites with the monad and passes into Devachan, while the dregs of the lower Manas or animal mind go to form this Spook. This has life in it, bur hardly any consciousness, except, as it were, by proxy; when it is drawn into the current of a medium.

*tAW* The Breakup of the Astral Body:

The astral body is an exact counterpart of the physical body, but survives the latter by a number of years. It is not immortal, however, and finally disintegrates and is resolves into its original elements just as is the physical body.

*tAW* Rates of Astral Disintegration:

The astral of a person of high spirituality and ideals will disintegrate very rapidly indeed, as its atoms have little or no cohesive attraction when once it is discarded. But, on the other hand, the astral shell of a person of earthly ideals and material tendencies will hold together for a comparatively long time, so strong is the attractive force generated while the shell is occupied by its owner.

*CBtL* Death of the Astral Body:

When a soul is ready to leave the astral planes and move to the mental-causal planes, there is a death of the astral body and a period of rest in which the soul reviews its progress. (NOTE: Do they get this from Timestream or Theosophy?)

*PotAB* The Astral Body At Death:

The astral body exists a long time after the death of the physical body, but it disintegrates in time. The material part of us is as dead as a door-nail. It is the energy behind the physical mechanism that is the real ‘live' thing.

Your astral body is now tuned down to harmonize with the vibrations common to material substance. After death, the phantom continues to hold this true form, but sooner or later changes to a much more finely composed spirit.

The astral ‘line of force' severs more rapidly at death with some individuals than with others.

Animation & Action of Astral Corpses

*tAW* Animation & Habit of Astral Corpses:

Those astral bodies are "dead" and have no consciousness or intelligence, and as a rule cannot even be galvanized into appearing a life as can the class of astral forms known as the "specters," or "shades," which belong to a slightly different category...

Instead of floating about in astral space, as did the shells which we saw a few moment back, these specters acted like shadowy human beings in a dazed or dreamlike condition. You saw them walking dreamily about, without set object or purpose- a weird, unpleasant sight.

These specters are really astral shells from which the souls have departed, but which have left in them sufficient power arising from the former thought and will vibrations of their owners, to give them a temporary semblance of life and action. This power gradually wears away, and the shell then sinks to the subdivision which we saw a little further back...

As a rule, the power disappears in the way stated, but in certain other cases it is used up, as a spark is rendered bright by blowing upon it, by means of a psychic stimulus from persons living on the material plane. I am now alluding to the power generated in "circles," and through mediumistic persons, on the material plane or earth life. The psychic power so generated, coupled with the strong mental attraction set up between persons in earth life and the spectral form, may cause the latter to manifest itself to the former...

The specter, reanimated and "galvanized" into seeming life by means of the psychic power of the medium, or those composing the psychic circle, will strive to manifest itself by speech, automatic writing, raps, or otherwise. But, at the best, its efforts will be feeble and faulty... In some cases, the vibration of old memories will survive in the spectral form, which will enable it to answer questions fairly well, and to allude to past experiences. But even then, in these cases there will be a shadow of unreality which will impress the careful observer.

Remember, there are many other forms of "spirit return," partial or complete, but much that passes for the real phenomena is really but a manifestation of the presence of these spectral forms... Moreover, these entities (if they may be called by that name) borrow ideas and impressions from the minds of the mediums or persons in the circle, in addition to their own shadowy memories, and thus doubly become reflections or counterfeits.

These specters have really no soul.

*DA* The Disintegration & Re-Animation of the Desire/Astral Body's Shell:

The shell is the desire body, emptied of the Triad and the Ray, which have now passed onwards; it is the third of the transitory garments of Soul, cast aside and left in Kamaloka to disintegrate.

When the past earth-life has been noble, or even when it has been of average purity and utility, this Shell retains but little vitality after the passing onwards of the Triad, and rapidly dissolves. Its molecules, however, retain, during this process of disintegration, the impressions made upon them during the earth-life, the tendency to vibrate in response to stimuli constantly experienced during that period...

In it are set up habits, tendencies to repeat automatically familiar vibrations, vibrations of love and desire, vibrations imaging past experiences of all kinds... The Shell may thus stimulate feelings and thoughts which are empty of all true intelligence and will. Many of the responses to eager enquiries at seances come from such Shells, drawn to the neighborhood of friends and relatives by the magnetic attractions so long familiar and dear... Phrases of affection, moral platitudes, memories of past events, will be all the communications such Shells can make...

The desire body may have acquired a very considerable automatism of an intellectual character, and may give forth responses of considerable intellectual merit. But still the mark of non-originality will be present; the apparent intellectuality will only give our reproductions, and there will be no sign of the new and independent thought which would be the inevitable outcome of a strong intelligence working with originality amid new surroundings...

Just because they are Shells, and nothing more, they answer to the impulses that strike on them from without, and easily become malicious and mischievous, automatically responding to evil vibrations. Thus a medium, or sitters of poor moral character, will impress the Shells that flock around them with impulses of a lower order, and any animal desires, petty and foolish thoughts, will set up similar vibrations in the blindly responsive Shells.

Again, the Shell is very easily taken possession of by Elementals, the semi-conscious forces working in the kingdoms of Nature, and may be used by them as a convenient vehicle for many a prank and trick. The etheric double of the medium, and the desire bodies emptied of their immortal Tenants, give the material basis by which Elementals can work many a curious and startling result.

"The true "ghost" consists of the exterior and earthly portion of the Soul, that portion which, being weighted with cares, attachments, and memories merely mundane, is detached by the Soul and remains in the astral sphere, an existence more or less definite and personal, and capable of holding, through a sensitive, converse with the living. It is, however, but as a cast-off-vestment of the Soul." -The Perfect Way

*DA* The Activity of the Desire Body- The Unattached:

If a person has led a pure life, and has steadfastly striven to rise and to identify himself with the higher rather than the lower part of his nature, after shaking off the dense body and the etheric double, and after Prana has re-mingled with the ocean of Life, and he is clothed only with the Kama Rupa, the passional elements in him, being but weak and accustomed to comparatively little activity, will not be able to assert themselves strongly in Kamaloka... All that is left of Kama is a mere residue, easily to be gotten rid of, from which the Immortal Triad can readily free itself...

But during the whole period that the five principles- the Immortal Triad, Mind and Desire- remain in Kamaloka, whether the period be long or short, days or centuries, they are within the reach of the earth-influences.

Beyond the Karmic Thought World to the Spiritual World

Script: Place after karmic-astral working out.
*LBD* Our Light & Moving into the Spiritual World:

Then it seems that gradually beings arise from the spiritual environment, which belong to the spiritual world... We grow beyond ourself into a spiritual world...

We have this experience: ‘In your last life you let ripen in you something like inner light, inner strength of soul; this gives you now, increasingly, the possibility of looking upon and perceiving the outer world of spiritual beings and processes, and of living among them.'... In the inmost depth of the feeling-will and willed-feeling an inner light has ripened in the inner world... If we had not developed this inner light, everything in the spiritual world would have remained dark, would not have been perceived. The strength required to overcome our connection with the previous life is like an inner power of light... We feel ourself to be a creative part of the universe, through which the spiritual world streams...

*LBD* The Days and Nights of the Soul:

Now we begin, increasingly, to experience the objective outer spiritual world, to work within it just as we work within the sense-world according to our particular tasks and disposition. However, what we experience inwardly as a power of illumination develops only gradually, and to use a phrase familiar to the spiritual researcher, in a rhythmic, cyclical way...

So the condition in which we are given over to all the spiritual beings and processes alternates with one in which the inner light again grows dim and finally is extinguished altogether; in which, though, our felt-willing and willed-feeling of everything which we experienced in the spiritual world... (NOTE: Swedenborg!!) We first experience ourself opened wide in companionship with the whole spiritual world; then this condition alters to one of inner loneliness, one in which the soul grows self-aware, in which the whole experienced spiritual cosmos is contained within us. At the same time, though, we know: ‘You are living within yourself now; what you now experience is what your soul has retained- you are no longer in connection with anything outside yourself.'... These two conditions need to alternate, for the inner power of illumination can only be sustained when the human being is time and time again thrown back upon himself.

*LBD* Spiritual Memory, Light & Darkness:

We gradually feel as if inwardly permeated with force, with impulses proceeding from the spiritual beings around us. All that we have previously experienced now becomes more and more real to us, in a spiritual way... We now feel: there is something I have done on earth, in thought or deed; it has its corresponding spiritual worth, and this is engraved into the spiritual cosmos. The beings whom I now encounter can either do something with it, or not; it either lies in the direction of their evolution... or it does not... (NOTE: Steiner, please!)

Above all, it is not mere ideal judgement of ourselves that we feel, but a real evaluation...

Should we have hindered the evolution that was intended in the spiritual world, it is as if darkness were robbing us of our very existence. If we have done something in accordance with the evolution of the spiritual world, ad its effects continue, it is as if light were calling us to fresh spiritual life.

*LBD* Moving Into Higher Realms:

The soul grows, lives into ever-richer worlds of spirit for whose perception it requires ever-greater inner powers of illumination. This continues for a long time. Then we begin to have the feeling that as we grow into these worlds of spirit a certain boundary is encountered. This is connected with the capacities which we developed in life.

*LBD* Life Between Incarnations:

We call into life what we afterwards enjoy here. During our life between death and a new birth we share in the work, we participate in the weaving of the Gods' images. We have the privilege of sharing in a divine task, in what the Gods aimed at when they placed man into the world.

*AP* Casting Off the Physical, Etheric, Prana, and Hopefully the Astral (Karmic), Too:

After death the true man is withdrawing into himself, and just as at the first step of that process he casts off the physical body, and almost directly afterwards the etheric double and the Prana, so it is intended that he should as soon as possible cast off the astral or karmic body, and pass into the devachanic condition, where alone his spiritual aspirations can find their full fruition. The noble and pure-minded man will be able to do this, for he has subdued all earthly passions during life; the force of his will has been directed into higher channels, and there is therefore but little energy of lower desire to be worked out in Kamaloka (NOTE: the astral).

Refining of Skills in the Mental World

*K* The Transformation of Mental Images into Abilities in the Devachanic Realm:

Freed for the time from these lower elements, the soul passes on into devachan, where it spends a time proportionate to the wealth or poverty of its mental images pure enough to be carried into that region. Here it finds again every one of its loftier efforts, however brief it may have been, however fleeting, and here it works upon them, building out of these materials powers for its coming lives...

The devachanic life is one of assimilation; the experiences collected on earth have to be worked into the texture of the soul, and it is by these that the ego grows; its development depends on the number and variety of the mental images it has formed during its earth-life... For instance: a man has formed many mental images out of aspirations for knowledge and efforts to understand subtle and lofty reasonings; he casts off his body, his mental powers being of only average kind; in his devachan he works on all these mental images, and evolves them into capacity, so that his soul returns to earth with a higher mental apparatus than it before possessed, with much increased intellectual powers, able to achieve tasks for which before it was utterly inadequate. This is the transformation of the mental images, by which as mental images they cease to exist; if in later lives the soul would seek to see again these as they were, it must seek them in the karmic records, where they remain for ever as akashic images. By this transformation they cease to be mental images created and worked on by the soul, and become powers of the soul, part of its very nature... Desire and aspiration in one life become faculty in another, and the will to perform becomes the capacity to achieve. But it must be remembered that the faculty thus built is strictly limited by the materials supplied to the architect; there is no creation out of nothing...

If the mental image was formed out of desire to do beneficent actions, it would give rise to the mental performance, the reflection of the image itself, would leave it in the Ego as an intensified mental image of an action, which would be thrown out on to the physical plane as a physical act, the moment the touch of favourable opportunity precipitated this crystallization of the thought into the act... The same applies to mental images formed out of baser desires, though these never pass into devachan, but are subjected to the process before described, to be reformed on the way back to earth. Repeated covetous desires, for instance, out of which mental images are formed, will crystallize out as acts of theft, when circumstances ar propitious. The causative karma is complete, and the physical act has become the inevitable effect, when it has reached the stage at which another repetition of the mental image means its passing into action...

Lessons of success and failure, of achievement and disappointment, of fears proving groundless, of hopes failing realization, of strength collapsing under trial, of fancies knowledge betraying itself as ignorance, of patient endurance wresting victory from apparent defeat, of recklessness changing into defeat apparent victory. Over all these things the soul ponders, and by its own alchemy it changes all this mixture of experiences into the gold of wisdom, so that it may return to earth as a wiser soul... Here again the mental images have been transmuted, and no longer exist as mental images. They can only be recovered in their old form from the karmic records.

Learning Harmony on the (Mental?) Plane

*CBtL* Getting Past the Third Plane:

The final step on the third plane is to live in harmony and peace with others. Until this knowledge is learned, higher progression is not possible.


The Evolution of Consciousness

God as the Source & Destination of Reincarnation

*RtUR* Reincarnation & Karma to the Structure:

"Countless lives" [is] the lesser reincarnation... The greater doctrine of reincarnation... says indeed there is an endless return of life, but that it is ultimately only God's life that returns... (NOTE: in each moment you start as God and the light gets bent on the way up. Yes. To the structure there is reincarnation. To habitual beliefs there is karma.)

*RtUR* Altered State Regressions to God:

I recall particularly one young woman who worked back through animal lives to primeval ooze... It became completely apparent that only God existed and that it was God who had manifested in countless lives, including the current one...

I had some subjects who went easily and directly into the experience of God. The other subjects, who went through repeated incarnations, seemed to need a progressive loosening and expansion of ego boundaries before they could come to the experience of God...

The tendency of taking past lives seriously is towards the One Life. How is it that what I do unto you will be done unto me? Only insofar as we are both of God and in God.

*RtUR* The Chance For Liberation:

I later amply comfirmed [the greater doctrine] by consulting with a Buddhist priest and Buddhist and Hindu texts in translation. It is fundamental in these texts that ego is an illusion, the mask of Brahma who is the God over all. An illusion doesnt reincarnate, not in any real sense. But an illusion can have the appearance of reincarnating (the lesser doctrine) until God is known (escaping from the wheel of lives, the greater doctrine)... (NOTE: There is a chance of liberation, then you take on the same bodies and tendencies again.) It seems the individual returns until God's role is seen and the illusion disappears. (NOTE: Seth's view makes sense of this, in that all individuality continues to develop).

*RtUR* Recipient Vessels of God:

The candle is the body, individuality, the personal history. The One Flame that gives light is God... Reincarnation is a new candle lit by the old flame, the Universal. This is very similar to Swedenborg's statements that we are reciepient vessels. The new vessel (candle) receives the influx (Universal Light). The quality of the vessel affects how well it reflects the light.

...What really lives keeps turning up endlessly... (NOTE: *! And that being in fear is an echo that can attribute, but is dead/dying)

*RtUR* The Continuity of Life & Lives:

The turning point between the lesser and greater doctrines of reincarnation really rests on the concept of what is the self. If you see the self as an independent, self-contained entity, then you will favor the lesser doctrine. (NOTE: Just as in each moment you are in a new moment of God, the life of the individual has cohesion. It has ups and downs and memories. In the same way does the procession of lives have cohesion and memory. THUS- reincarnation as we know it.)

*CJ* The Upward Evolution of Man:

ROMC: "The soul of man evolved through many levels of consciousness, and is working back toward its own purity through these levels and experiences. Time came into existence when man put limitations upon himself."

Greater Life & Activity

(No Re-Absorbtion)

*CPitI* Evolution is into Greater Life, Activity, and Naturality:

Our further evolution is not into a state of less activity but of greater, not into being less alive but more alive, not into being less ourselves but more ourselves- thus being just the opposite of those systems which present the goal of existence as re-absorbtion into the undifferentiated Divine essence. On the contrary, our further evolution is into greater degrees of conscious activity than we have ever yet known, because it implies our development of greater powers as the consequence of our clearer perception of our true relation to the All-originating Spirit.

Evolution Toward Enlightenment & Expanded Ego

*LWK* Evolution & The Mystical State, Transformation Via Kundalini:

The mystic state represents the last and most arduous lap of the journey which began with the human ascent from dust and terminates with tasting, after suffering and travail, the incomparable bliss of unembodied existence, not after death, but within the human span of life on earth.

I was witnessing in my own body the immensely accelerated activity of an energy not yet known to science, which is carrying the human race itself towards the heights of superconsciousness.

The transforming fire lit in the body by kundalini, required when lighted easily digestible and nutritive food and complete chastity of thought and deed to enable it to perform its godly task, which normally takes epochs, within the span of a single life.

The luminous current was acting with a superior intelligence beyond my comprehension.

The transcendental state is the natural heritage of the human race.

*UR* The Expansion/Evolution of Ego Consciousness:

When ego consciousness reached a certain point of biological and mental competence, when experience in the present became extensive enough, then ego consciousness would be at the stage where it could begin to accept greater data. Indeed, it is now at that stage.

(NOTE: More awareness moments.) Its focus in the present is now secure. That focus finally brought about an expansion of consciousness, time now includes more space, and hence more experience and stimuli.

He now needs a more expansive viewpoint of past and future in order to help him deal with the ramifications of the present as it has evolved through experience.

It learned how to focus. The necessary specialization meant that only so much data could be handled at once, emotionally or otherwise. The formation of different tribes allowed man to behave cooperatively, in small numbers. This meant that those on the outside were selectively ignored, considered strangers.

At that point, consciousness in those terms could not handle focused concentration, the emergence of ego consciousness, and simultaneously experience powerful feelings of oneness with other large groups. It was struggling for individuation.

As the ego learned to feel more secure, the cooperative tendencies broadened so that the growth of nations was possible.

As egotistical consciousness expands to include hereto largely neglected data, then it will experience, practically speaking, a new kind of identity; knowing itself differently. Your limited ideas about the nature of the self led you to fear your emotions. Often you are afraid that love will overwhelm you, for instance.

While you were so concerned with protecting what you thought of as the boundaries and integrity of one selfhood, as a race you actually arrived at a point where you were beginning to deny your own greater reality.

*UR* Evolution & Man's Emerging Unconscious Knowledge:

You are in a position where your private experience of yourself does not correlate with what you are told by your societies, churches, sciences, archaeologies, or other disciplines. Man's "unconscious" knowledge is becoming more and more consciously apparent. This will be done under and with the direction of an enlightened and expanding egotistical awareness that can organize the hereto neglected knowledge – or it will be done at the expense of the reasoning intellect, leading to a rebirth of superstition, chaos, and unnecessary war between reason and intuitive knowledge.

When, at this point now, of mankind's development, his emerging unconscious knowledge is denied by his institutions, then it will rise up despite those institutions, and annihilate them. Cult after cult will emerge, each unrestrained by the use of reason, because reason will have denied the existence of rampant unconscious knowledge, disorganized and feeling only its own ancient force.

If this happens, all kinds of old and new religious denominations will war, and all kinds of ideologies surface. This need not take place, the conscious mind is meant to expand, and to organize these deeply creative principles into cultural patterns.

The "progression" of religion gives you a perfect picture of the development of human consciousness, the differentiation of peoples and nations, and the growth of the ideas of the "individual."

I am not suggesting, therefore, that your individuality is something to be lost, thrown aside, or superseded. I am not suggesting that its edges be blurred by a powerful unconscious.

I am saying that the individual self must become consciously aware of far more reality; that it must allow its recognition of identity to expand so that it includes previously unconscious knowledge. Your species is in a time of change. There are potentials within the body's mechanisms, in your terms, not as yet used. If some changes are not made, the race as such will not endure.

*PAP* Evolution in Time & Space:

Life animated a matter which is pure energy capable of responding to weaker and weaker stimuli the further it radiates into a greater space with, naturally, atoms which are far less densely packed together.

The progressive subtlety of the succeeding states of matter, the increase in powers, the unity of the faculties which have the capacity for instantaneous self-realization in absolute freedom permits one to approach the constitution of the universe with a total of probability hitherto unknown.

We are in the presence of:

(1) A matter in constant motion, progressively obedient to our needs, in a manner which becomes speedier and more intense.

(2) An intelligence conscious both of the unity and universality of its powers, which it can put into action in either a fraction or the whole of the spherical space which it occupies, in a measure exactly proportionate to its power. It is capable of rest or movement with no interval of time occurring between the two states.

Energy is limited by two factors- time and space.

All living atoms collect together in order to fight time. They cling tenaciously to everything favorable to their existence and no individuality would even have seen daylight without egotism or this centralization of atoms.

The human being, representing the triumph of life over time, has no more cause to worry.

The first whirlpools of cosmic substance, which have acquired life, are going to use this life in order to increase their personal energy, and little by little reach this intermediary cosmic state, where a new birth awaits them. This awakening is for the animal a kind of illumination. It becomes aware of being a unity. It feels as One in the midst of the surrounding energy. It has now become an individuality.

The human entity has no further interest in remaining egotistical. On the contrary, egotism and self-centeredness hinder him from becoming aware of, and realizing, the causes and principles which are going to become his only nourishment in the higher worlds. The human being has no longer any need to be egotistical as he has become independent of the time factor. In order to conquer time, he has had to accumulate around him the greatest possible amount of energy. In order to become master of space the human being must decentralize himself by returning to nature the energy which he has borrowed.

*SoM* The Personalities of God:

Anything which has been in the human mind since time began- anything we are unable to erase from the human mind as a deep urge- arises out of Reality. Spiritual evolution should make the Infinite not more distant; but more intimate.

*UR* Mankind's Blueprint- Brotherhood:

The idealization is one of brotherhood, in terms of your species. You take it for granted that because the cells work so well together, they have no private uniqueness.

In social terms you have yet to achieve the same kind of spiritual brotherhood possessed by your cells. If a portion of the race is hurt it may take a while before "you" feel the pain, but the entire unconscious mechanism of the species will try to heal the wound. Consciously you can facilitate that development, and admit your brotherhood with all other living beings. The healing will take place far quicker if you do. A biological brotherhood exists, an inner empathy on cellular levels, connecting all individuals of the species with one another. This is the result of a biological idealization. It exists in all species, and connects all species.

The race suffers when any of its members die of starvation or disease.

*ABtB* Remembering & Past Lives: As I focus, all my questions seem to become instantly clear. A simple request fills my awareness. I ask to see my life. A series of three-dimensional pictures expands and unfolds: hundreds, then thousands, then tens of thousands of pictures come into focus. Each is a picture of me. I focus on one. The picture is alive. I'm a small boy wearing a tunic and sandals two thousand years ago. I'm neither shocked nor suprised- I just seem to know. Like a memory of an event long forgotten, this moment in time passes briefly before me. Each one is my life, some on earth, others occuring in nonphysical areas of the universe. Each event, each life was a necessary step. Each picture, each experience was needed to create the sum of who I am today. I'm overwhelmed by the magnificence and wisdom of all I observe. Each life built upon the previous one. Each challenge was an important learning step. The only way to know and understand something absolutely is to experience it yourself. I am immortal, I never age. Time is meaningless. I only grow in knowledge and experience. Each journey expanded my vision and appreciation of life. Each moment is recorded in the subconscious mind. Each energy level of the universe is serving a specific purpose. Each has specific challenges and opportunities. I'm witnessing the evolution of consciousness.

*CWG3* The Biological Imperative:

The biological imperative is not to guarantee the survival of the species, but to experience the Oneness which is the true nature of your being...

The biological imperative is not to create more life, but to experience more life- and to experience that life as it really is: a manifestation of Oneness...

Remember, you are a three-part being, with seven chakra centers. When you respond to one another from all three parts, and all seven centers, at the same time, then you have the peak experience you are looking for- that you have been created for!..

Yet if you choose just one of them... It is not being whole!

Infinite Endless Evolution

*HoL* Progression Through Many Lives:

David: "And after one finishes his rounds of incarnation on the physical plane?"

Heyoan: "Then enlightenment goes on in another way... There are an infinite number of stages. For if you were to be carried from one level of reality to the next to the next, you would go into an infinite space. At this point you can only go to a certain height because your perception ability is not that broad. The more enlightened one gets, the broader the perception. There is really no end to it...

"As the darkness fades, the transformation process becomes one of creativity rather than of healing.."

*TYSD* No Final End, Eternal Change:

There is no conceivable state of finality like that of an eternal paradise... there is no conceivable end of evolution; that the Cosmos itself is eternally subject to rebirths and redyings, of which the One Mind is the Dreamer, the Source, and the Sustainer...

To [a Buddhist] no states of sangsaric existence, in heavens, hells, or worlds, are other than karmic and, therefore, of but limited duration... Buddhism, unlike the Semetic Faiths, thus teaches that all living things, in all worlds, hells, or heavens, will ultimately attain to the true spiritual freedom of the Nirvanic State.


*DEVF1* All Working Together:

Far from the claw-and-dagger universe, you have one whose very foundation is based upon the loving cooperation of all of its parts. That is given- the gift of life brings along with it the actualization of the cooperation, for the body's parts exist as a unit because of inner relationships of a cooperative nature; and those exist at your birth, when you are innocent of any cultural beliefs that may be to the contrary. (NOTE: Survival of the fittest within your own body- lung trying to crush heart, stomach choking out the intestines.)

If it were not for this most basic, initial loving cooperation, that is a given quality in life itself, life would not have continued... Each individual of whatever species, and each consciousness, whatever its degree, automatically seeks to enhance the quality of life itself- not only for itself but for all of reality as well.

*CWG3* The Measure of Evolution (Kant's Imperative):

What would happen if everyone did it?

This is a very easy measure, and a very accurate one. If everyone did a thing, and the result was of ultimate benefit to the human race, then that is "evolved."

*SC* The Evolutionary Force:

John: "Consciousness is the evolutionary force."

Evolution & Simultaneity of Time

*CWG1* The First Humans:

You symbolize the cellular memory of these first version humans by calling them Adam and Eve. Actually, of course, there were more than two.

The evolutionists are not right. I created all of this- all of this- in the blink of an eye; And, it came about through a process of evolution taking billions and billions of what you call years, just as the evolutionists claim. They are both "right." It all depends on how you look at it.

*TDA* Evolution Is A Spiral:

Dr. Peebles: "Evolution is a reality. However, as your perspective becomes larger and larger, phenomenally large, then there is no evolution eternally. There is evolution over millions of years, thousands of years, over a few minutes... But in the true definition of evolution it is not a linear experience, from one to another, but it's part of that spiral that, again, is so large in scope that you cant see it, really, from the earth point of view."

Evolution of Earth

*BDL* Earth Evolving:

J: He says, "This is all going to be changing very shortly because the Earth is going to be too highly evolved for these spirits. So we're going to be shipping these souls out to ... Arturis."

...Those are still evolving planets.

Consciousness Evolves Form

*SS* Darwin's Wrong- Consciousness Was First:

Darwin and his theory of ecolution has no real validity, for conciousness does indeed evolve form. All consciousness does indeed exist at once. The consciousness existed first, and evolved the form into which it then began to manifest itself. No form of matter, however potent, can be self-willed into consciousness. Every bit of matter has consciousness.

Some life forms are being developed in what you think of as the present time. They will not appear physically until you reach your future time.

Complicated physical forms are not the result of previous simpler ones. They all exist in larger terms at once. More complicated organizations of consciousness are necessary to form, enter, and vitalize the more complicated physical structures

*SoM* Evolution:

Evolution is the result of intelligence, rather than intelligence being the result of evolution. The aim of evolution is to produce a man who, at the objective point of his own self-determination, may completely manifest the inner life of the Spirit. Evolution can only follow involution. Involution is the idea, while evolution is the unfoldment of the idea. Evolution is the time and the process through which Spirit unfolds!

*CWS* Where New Species Come From:

What is to prevent a mysterious bird from entering your reality and forming a new species? Only your beliefs that that isn't possible. Yet again, if it is impossible, then where did the first bird come from, or the first seed?

Evolution of Memory & Idea Construction

*SD&P* The Entity's Memory, Evolutionary Experience of Time, & Idea Construction:

The energy of which the entity is composed is self-generating and always seeking more complicated form and awareness.

Each entity perceives only his own constructions on a physical level.

After death, the entity will have its ghost image (memories) at its command, though their apparent sequence will no longer apply. Memories are properties of the entity and, as such, are indestructible (though they may be unavailable to the individual under various circumstances).

The ability of the entity to transform energy into an idea and then to construct it physically determines the entity's place on the physical evolutionary plane. Simple organisms are capable of "picking up" fewer communications. Their range is less, but the vitality and validity of their constructions is excellent. In simple organisms such as the paramecium and amoeba, the few sharp ideas received are constructed almost simultaneously, without reflection. The organism needs no other mechanism to translate ideas.

More complicated organisms- mammals, for example- have need of further mechanisms to construct ideas because they are able to perceive more of them. Here memory is an element. Now the organism has a built-in ghost image of past constructions by which to perfect and test new ones. Reflection of some sort enters into the picture. Slowly, within its range of receptivity, it is given some choice in the actual construction of ideas into physical reality.

The reflection is brief, but for a moment the animal partakes of a new dimension. The shadow of time glimmers in his eyes as the still imperfect memory of past constructions lingers in his consciousness. As yet, memory storage is small, but now the instantaneous construction is no longer instantaneous. There is a pause: the organism- dog or tiger- can choose to attack or not to attack.

Man has such a range of receptivity that it is impossible for him to construct all of his ideas physically. As his scope widened, a mechanism was necessary that would allow him to choose. Self-consciousness and reason were the answers.

Suddenly, time blossomed like a strange flower in his skull. Before this he was transfixed in the present. But memory produced another dimension in the animal and man carried it further. No longer did memory flicker briefly and disappear, enclosing him in darkness again. Now it stretched brightly behind him and also stretched out ahead- a road on which he always saw his own changing image.

He learned continuity. And with his focused memory at his command, man's ego was born, which could follow its own identity through the maze of blazing impulses that beset him, could recognize itself through the pattern of continuing constructions and could separate itself from its action in the physical world. Here you have the birth of subject and object.

This new dimension enabled the species to manipulate and recognize its own constructions and freed it to focus greater energy in projecting some ideas over others. In other words, conscious purpose became possible, physically. Somewhere along the line, however, man began to divorce himself almost completely and artificially from his own constructions. Hence his groping, his sense of alienation from nature, his search for a Cause or Creator of a creation he no longer recognized as his own.

Desire for Individuality, Union

*SL* The Universal Desire For Separation, Union:

The cause of sorrow is the thirst for the separated life in which individuality begins. Without that thirst the eternal seed could not become a center of self-consciousness able to exist amid the tremendous vibrations which disintegrate universes...

While this thirst for separated life again and again draws the soul into the ocean of births and deaths, a still deeper constituent of its being drives it to seek union...

*TYSD* Sangsaric Mind Has Relative Existence:

So long as there is ignorance of the True State, the craving for sangsaric (or illusory) sensuousness, sangsaric mind continues in its cycle of rebirths and redyings. When the ignorance and the craving are overcome by the Great Awakening of Buddhahood and the True State is attained, sangsaric mind, that is to say, personal, or soul, consciousness is realized to have, like time and space, merely relative and not absolute existence.

*R* Our Ideal:

The ideal we serve and strive to attain could never be evolved from us were it not potentially involved in our nature.

*IL* God's Yearning For Completion Through You:

That within you which cries out for completion is only your sense of Me within, yearning for recognition and expression.

From Where We Are, All Movement is Towards God

*TDA* All Movement is Towards God:

Dr. Peebles meticulously makes the point that only a very subtle movement of the soul marks the difference between a murderous act and a saintly one. Both are motivated by the same desire for love and acceptance. One is expressed negatively, the other positively, but both are a movement toward God because all movements in the universe are God moving upon Himself and no other movements are possible. (NOTE: Life is movement toward God and fear is clinging, non-movement. There is no moving away.)

*TDA* The Inevitable Pathway to God:

Dr. Peebles: "So whether you are the Baptist or the Buddhist, the atheist or the skeptic, or the believer... where you are a criminal, in social terms, or whether you are law-abiding, each and every one of them contains their lessons to self-realization, divine realization, and it is impossible to avoid the pathway of God... You can hate God or you can believe in no God, and you still are creating very real techniques of thought that will move you closer to God...

"The farther you go the more tight the attraction."

*FWG* Imperfect Things, Perfect Reasons:

Neale: "Every soul is perfect, pure, and beautiful. In the state of forgetfulness in which they reside here on Earth, God's perfect beings may do imperfect things- or what we would call imperfect things- yet everything that occurs in life occurs for a perfect reason."

*FWG* No Mistakes, No Accidents:

There is no such thing as bad luck, nothing happens by accident, there are no coincidences, and God doesn't make mistakes...

Especially if they don't look perfect. That's a sure sign that there's something huge for you to remember here.

The Desire for Union

*SL* All Seek the One Life:

As mass attracts mass so does each life that is separate in manifestation seek the One Life. That One Life ceaselessly exerts an upward drawing force...

The life in one form seeks the life in another form. But the form finds only the form of others, thus baffling the seeker.

*CJ* The Ever-Attractive Pull Towards Oneness:

ROMC: "(speaking for the helpers)... Like attracts like. You are what you think...

"There is a God-force in the universe, the highest energy, the highest consciousness level of existence, constantly working to guide you back to your true natures... There is only now in the reality of existence."

Where Human Development Excels

*THAS* Where Human Development Excels:

In some directions human development is potentially greater than [the devas'] own. For instance, they said, the very contrasts we experience could bring us a greater gift of wonder, a broader view of the many expressions of divine life. Eventually, through experiencing the polarities, we understand love better; through seeing lack, our hearts develop compassion. In fact, the balancing of the pairs of opposites can bring us to a wisdom unattainable by angelic life.


Selfhood & The Grand Cycle

Section 4: Development & Blending of Consciousness

Individuality From a Higher Perspective

*UR* The Life of the Self Seen From Above:

Think now of the life of the self as one message leaping across the nerve cells of a multidimensional structure – again, as real as your body – and consider it also as a greater ‘moment of reflection' on the part of such a many-sided personality.

*UR* Parts of a Larger Body:

Jane: "I think that I'm alive in Seth's subjective ‘body' in the same way that one of my cells is alive in my physical body.

"We are traveling through some gigantic psyche that spawns selves the way space spawns stars."

*SD&P* Time & Incarnations to the Entity:

Now, condensed time is the time felt by the entity, while any of its given personalities live on a plane of physical materialization.

The life of any given individual could be legitimately compared to the dream of an entity. While the individual suffers and enjoys his given number of years, these years are but a flash to the entity. The entity is concerned with them in the same way that you are concerned with your dreams. As you give inner purpose and organization to your dreams, and as you obtain insight and satisfaction from them, though they involve only a portion of your life, so the entity to some extent directs and gives purpose and organization to his personalities. So does the entity obtain insights and satisfactions from its existing personalities, although no one of them takes up all of its attention. (NOTE: So a prophet is like a lucid dream to the entity, where the dreamer (waking earth person) becomes aware of the nature of the dream (of reality) and attempts to tell everyone!)

And as your dreams originate with you, rise from you, attain a seeming independence and have their ending with you, so do the entity's personalities arise from him, attain various degrees of independence and return to him while never leaving him for an instant.

As you attempt to use your abilities, so does the entity use its abilities, and he organizes his various personalities and, to some extent, directs their activities while still allowing them what you could call free will.

Your own dreams are fragments, even as you are fragments of your entity.

*JoNDE-RW* The Higher Perspective:

Another astronaut, Jeff Holman, cited an unidentified poem by a mountain climber:

"What is above knows what is below, but what is below does not know what is above. One climbs, one sees; one descends, one sees no longer, but one has seen. There is an art of conducting oneself in the lower regions by the memory of what one saw higher up." (White, 1987, p.24)

*BS&S* Incompleteness & Infinity:

Godel's Theorem: If anything is to see itself, it must literally cut itself in two. One part becomes the object and the other part the viewer. The portion called the viewer is not part of the object to be viewed and as a result is not seen. To overcome this problem, the original total self must be transcended. This method is never-ending; the requirement for transcendence goes on indefinitely because a portion is always missing.

The Total Reincarnational Self

*TDA* The You Of Yourself:

Dr. Peebles: "You are your soul. This is the composite of all of your experience."

Don: "Of all the experience of all lives?"

Dr. Peebles: "Exactly. What you are right now -speaking- that is you. That's all of you. In your superconscious, your unconscious- what have you- are various details; but the conclusions are voiced in your attitude."

*UR2* The Sharing of Experience with the Greater Self:

Your experiences are your own. Through you they become a part of the experience of the greater identity, but its reality also "originally" gave you your physical existence, as you gave your children physical life...

Your individual experience then becomes a part of your own greater personage, but at the same time you unconsciously draw upon the knowledge of that personage and use it for your purposes... You are unconsciously aware of the experiences of "your" counterparts, as they are of yours, and you use that information to round out your own...

You are closer to some counterparts than others...

Organ transplants, for example, could be accepted more easily from counterparts...

Telepathic messages flash more quickly from one counterpart to another...

A portion of you has lived many lives upon this planet, but the "you" that you know is freshly here... The soul, or this greater personage, does not simply send out an old self in new clothes time and time again.

*SC* The Soul is More Than The Sum of it's Personalities:

John: "The same way that all of your childhood events create your adult personality, yet this is not the sum total of your being, so in turn the spirit, which is the sum total of all of your past lives and all of your future potentials on the earth plane, is still not the whole essence, the true self, or the true nature. It is but the soul's sojourn through the physical."

*CWG3* The One Soul & Seeming Individuated Souls:

There is only One Soul. Yet what you call the individuated soul is huge, hovering over, in, and through hundreds of physical forms...

Some of the physical forms enveloped by your soul are "living now," in your understanding. Others individuated in forms that are now what you would call "dead." And some have enveloped forms that live in what you call the "future." It's all happening right now, of course...

Some of these are the "other lives" you've lived "before." And some are not. And other parts of your soul are enveloping bodies that will be alive in what you call your future. And still others are embodied in different forms living on your planet right now.

*WtK* Bringing Up All Previous Souls:

When a Son of God is lifted up he draws with him all his previous or lesser selves.

*WtK* The Soul/Intelligence:

The soul is the "intelligence" evolved out of the experience of consciousness working up through the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdom and combining all into human or self-consciousness, with this intelligence now capable of working with and being used by the Sons of God, Who as his Higher Selves are directing man's spiritual evolution...

We might say that the soul is now functioning through the self-consciousness of the human mind and using it as a medium for its outer expression...

The consciousness of the soul has evolved up through the density of the material or outermost realms, through the etheric and emotional realms, into the mental realms, and is now supposed to be about midway between the lower and higher realms of mind; which explains why the soul is constantly swayed and torn between its lower and higher natures...

It is God's Mind or Consciousness reflected down through a Son of God, through the soul, into a physical brain; the human mind being but the soul in expression on the physical plane,


The soul is the ego, the self, the seat of consciousness in man.

*SC* The Higher Self:

Tom MacPherson: "The higher self is your collective higher goals achieved in past lives."

*JoYS* Our Essence As Our Basic Vehicle:

Our essence is a sort of "vehicle" for the spark's journey. A spark cannot live in the universe without a relatively dense form to anchor it. There are seven basic kinds of essences a spark can create as the "roles" or "essence roles." they are server, priest, artisan, sage, warrior, king, and scholar. They are like the various basic kinds of vehicles we can choose from.

Such elements of our essence as male/female energy ratio, frequency, and the largest configurations in which we participate, such as our entity -these modify the "basic vehicle."

All is choice. Personality is the creation of our essence.

*SS* Your Ever-Changing Inner Identity, Your Soul:

There is not just one dimension in which nonphysical consciousness resides. I use one portion of myself from many personalities that are available to my identity in these communications. In other systems of reality, this particular Seth personality that I, the larger Seth identity adopt here, would not be understood. This multidimensional self of which I speak is not a psychological structure completed and done with. It is also in a state of becoming. It is learning the art of actualization. It has within it infinite sources of creativity, unlimited possibilities of development.

Your most intimate powerful inner identity- is and must be forever changing. It is alive, responsive, curious. The soul or entity is always in a state of flux, or learning, and of developments that have to do with subjective experience rather than with time or space. The soul or entity is itself the most highly motivated, energized, and potent consciousness unit known in the universe. The soul, above all, perceives and creates. Personality is a portion of the soul. Your soul possesses the wisdom, information, and knowledge that is part of the experience of all these other personalities (those you were and will be); and you have here within yourselves access to this information, but only if you realize the true nature of your reality.

The soul does not have to follow physical laws, and it does not depend on physical perception. The soul can be considered as an EM energy field, of which you are a part. It is a field of concentrated action when you consider it in this light- a powerhouse of probabilities or probable actions, seeking to be expressed; a grouping of nonphysical consciousnesses that nevertheless knows itself as an identity. The soul could be considered as a prime identity that is in itself a gestalt of many other individual consciousnesses. Identity is retained even though it may, figuratively speaking, now merge with and travel through other such energy fields. There is, in other words, a give and take between souls, and no end of possibilities, both of development and expansion. The soul is not frightened for its identity. It is sure of itself. It ever seeks. The soul is a traveler, as has been said so often; but it is also the creator of all experience, and of all destinations in your terms. It creates worlds as it goes, so to speak. Consciousness is not basically built upon those precepts of good and evil that so presently concern you.

*SS* Personality & Its Connection to the Whole:

Personality is not a "here and now" attribute of consciousness. Personality is a gestalt of ever-changing perception. It is part of the identity which perceives. I am aware of a different kind of experience, not linear, and can focus upon and react to an infinite variety of simultaneous events. This ability is a basic characteristic of each whole self or entity. Within each personality, in the most secret recesses, is the condensed knowledge that resides in the whole entity. Each personality has within it the ability not only to gain a new type of existence in the environment- in your case in physical reality- but to add creatively to the very quality of its own consciousness, and in so doing to work its way through the specialized system, breaking the barriers of reality as it knows it. When you are born then, you are already "conditioned" to perceive reality in a particular manner, and to interpret experience in a very limited but intense range.

*SS* The Deeper You, Past the Inner Ego:

There is a portion of you, however, the deeper identity who forms both the inner and outer ego, who decided that you would be a physical being in this place and time. This is the core of your identity, the psychic seed from which you sprang, the multidimensional personality of which you are a part.

Home of the Total Reincarnational Self

*WtK* The Place Where Soul Dwells & Creates Separate Minds:

Deep within the consciousness of mind there must be realms where the soul actually "dwells" and which must be its real home. And it must be a real home, for we have seen how many times in physical incarnations it has built bodies to house its "separate" mind, in which it involved itself while seeking the knowledge which would finally free it from its earth attachments...

After each earth life it would return to its home in the inner realm of consciousness, there to digest and assimilate the essence of the lessons gained from such earth experiences.

Gradually through many such experiences it learned that it could partially free itself and return temporarily to its home in Mind or Spirit- for Mind is really Spirit. Such freedom occurred first at night when the brain mind slept, and then later it was found that in true meditation, when the brain mind was stilled, the soul was able to escape for a brief period to its soul home in consciousness.

Now if there are realms in consciousness where the soul dwells, naturally all souls must dwell there and they must live, think, speak and act there... [Our brain minds] still think in terms of personality and of separateness and thereby ever tend to keep us in such separate consciousness...

There they appear to each other as young, beautiful and perfect- as their ideal selves, all living the purest life of loving service, having only one thought and purpose- how they can help their younger brothers and how to grow wiser and stronger...

[This soul plane] is indeed the first realm of the Kingdom...

You will be carried far above the astral, through the mental planes, to the causal plane, which is your soul's and therefore your true home...

Not that the lower planes have not their part and place in the unfolding of consciousness, but that purified souls will rise naturally above them- unless still held by their attractions.


The soul must be in the inner realms just what its reflection- the personality- is in the outer, for it creates its home and environment first in the soul realm of consciousness, manifesting or outpicturing them within, on the mental or one of the astral planes, according to its spiritual growth, and then without on the physical plane; the inner and the outer being really one- the same consciousness manifesting on different planes of being. The only difference is, on the inner planes that which manifests is divested of all pretence, the soul stands forth naked and has no personality or mask to cover and hide its real nature, and similarly all else there are seen in their native purity... (NOTE: Notice- personality as a mask, a covering, a defense..)

The soul automatically finds its own level or plane of consciousness.

Higher Planes & More Blended Energies

*JoYS* Stages of Individuality & Unity: Seth & Michael:

Most people would think of Seth, for instance, as being wholly separate from Michael, which is not the case. Those on higher planes are not totally unified yet, but we do not experience nearly the degree of separation that is your experience on the physical plane.

Each consciousness is evolving individually, yet it is connected to the whole, which is also evolving. We are individual and not individual at the same time in a way that is difficult to describe in language. The higher the plane of existence, the more blended the energies.

As we ascend to higher planes we work together in our larger groupings much more cohesively. Individuality becomes less important. The more unified we become, the more our universe is developed. Each part becomes more specialized yet the whole works together more effectively.

On the physical plane, you are only aware of a small part of your entity's consciousness, for example. As it unifies on higher planes, you increasingly partake of the awareness of the whole, thereby exploring more of its total capacity for sentience. Since you will eventually experience reunification with everything, helping other evolve is ultimately in your self-interest.

We experience the greatest separation of our individual parts or aspects of self on the physical plane. On our journey through the higher planes backs to the Tao, we experience increasing integration. We recombine with our entity, our entity recombines with our cadre, and so on, until we're totally recombined back into the Tao.

Meanwhile, our various subpersonalities integrate into our personality, and our various reincarnational personalities integrate into our essence. The consciousness of the individual parts gradually recedes, as the consciousness of the whole increases. Paradoxically, this enhances the individuality and effectiveness of the parts, like how individual cells become more specialized, which allows them and the whole organism to function more effectively. The separation was useful at the time—it allowed a broader band of experience.

Our individuality as specific points of consciousness remains on all planes, and even in the Tao although it is experienced differently than on the physical plane.

*SS* Deeper Levels & Merging:

There are other layers of awareness beneath this one, but here there is a greater tendancy for one to merge into another. In the next level communication is possible with various kinds of consciousness that have never been physically manifested.

Soul Groupings

*JoYS* Soul Groupings:

When cadres complete the buddhaic plane and are reabsorbed back into the Tao, they no longer exist as formations but are part of the increasing fabric of the Tao. This reabsorption process drives the evolution of universes. As one cadre is reabsorbed into the Tao, it pulls along the other cadres in the cadre group who are still universal. When whole cadre groups are reabsorbed, they pull along their greater cadre group members who are still on a dimensional plane. This process has no end that we know of. Greater cadre groups are linked in groups of twelve again, we believe.

7 Essences = 1 Cadence

7 Cadences = 1 Greater Cadence (49 Essences)

X Greater Cadences of X Roles = 1 Entity (About 1000 Essences)

7 Entities = 1 Cadre (About 7000 Essences)

12 Cadres = 1 Cadre Group (About 84000 Essences)

7 Cadre Groups = 1 Greater Cadre Group (84 Cadres, about 588000 Essences)

12 Greater Cadre Groups = One (UNNAMED) (1008 Cadres, about 7000000 Essences)

Eventually, these linkages, directly or indirectly, include all sentient consciousness in the universe. The evolution of each part helps "pull" everything else along. The entity is our larger identity, but since the entity is part of the cadre, and so forth, ultimately, our identity is that of the Tao itself.

*JoYS* Cadences:

A cadre is a group of about seven thousand souls. It is divided into seven entities of about a thousand souls each. A cadre contains essences of all seven roles, but within an individual entity, two to four roles are usually represented.

There are unconventional cadres, such as my own, in which each entity contains all the roles.

*JoYS* Cadre Groups:

Twelve cadres make up what Michael calls a cadre group, and seven cadre groups make up a greater cadre group.

A cadre group is reunited after cadres are reunited, generally on the messianic plane. On the buddhaic plane, cadre groups are united with one another, first in groups of seven (the greater cadre group).

Our entity (Michael) is part of a cadre group that cycled off just before the current Cadre Group One cycled off.

Cadres One and Two in my system are the last two cadres of an otherwise cycled-off cadre group. Cadre Group One, whereas ten of the twelve cadres of Cadre Group Two (my cadre group) are still incarnating.

How do the cadres within the cadre group interrelate?

Seventh entities, for one thing, tend to join with seven entities of other cadres within a cadre group through essence twin connections.

*JoYS* Cadences:

Cadences are configurations of seven souls that, like entities and cadres, stay together for an entire grand cycle. A primary cadence is the smallest grouping of essences within an entity, and each member has the same role.

Seven primary cadences join together into a greater cadence. So a greater cadence of servers, for example, consists of seven groups of seven servers, or forty-nine servers. Greater cadences also group together. Series of greater cadences of various roles make up the entity.

Out casting precisely locates us within the universe.

I am referring to primary cadences when using the word cadence unless I state otherwise.

Recombination of the Entity

*JoYS* The Entity Reunites:

This journey involves incremental steps of reunification. In the upper astral and lower causal planes, out entity reunites: our entity is our spiritual family, consisting of about a thousand souls. On the upper casual plane, our cadre reunites; a cadre is a group of seven entities. At this point, we experience through unity that we are no longer considered fragments. As we move through the 3 high planes, consecutively larger groups of cadres reunite, until everything is reunited back into the Tao.

In order to begin incarnating on the physical plane, our entity must "fragment" into its individual essences. Members of our entity who have cycled off (completed) the physical plane begin to reunite on the middle astral plane while waiting for the rest of our entity to cycle off. The make themselves available to assist us. It is almost as if they live within us, providing us with an expanded "palette" of energies from which to draw. What Jung describes as the collective unconscious was his perception of his reunited entity mates. It is possible to remember past lives of such entity mates almost as if they were our own.

Where does it end?

Development & Identification with Higher Impulses

Script: This is some really good stuff.
*SL* Two Extremes With No Inner Strife, & The Conflict Of Multiple "I's":

In the life wholly of sensation there is no multiplicity of "I's," and therefore no conflict; in the life that has transcended sensation.... there is no conflict. But in all the ranges between there are manifold "I's" and among them conflict.

Let us consider this life of sensation as found in those whose development lies there. There is an "I," passionate, craving, fierce, grasping, when aroused to activity. But there is no conflict, except with the world outside the physical body. With that such people may war, but they do not know inner strife... The actions of the body follow the prompting of desire, and the mind does not challenge, nor criticize, nor condemn. It merely pictures and records, storing up materials for future elaboration. Its evolution is forwarded by the demands made upon it by the "I" of sensations...

The mind is driven into activity by these prompting of desire and begins to work on its store of observations and remembrances, thus evolving a little reasoning faculty and planning beforehand for the gratification of that "I." In this way it develops intelligence, but the intelligence is wholly subordinated to desire...

Contest begins only when, after a long series of experiences, the Eternal Self has developed sufficient mind to review and balance up, during its life in the lower mental world between death and birth, the results of its earthly activities. It then marks off certain experiences as resulting in more pain than pleasure, and comes to the conclusion that it will do well to avoid their repetition; it regards them with repulsion and engraves that repulsion on its mental tablets, while similarly engraving attraction as regards other experiences that have resulted in more pleasure than pain. When the Eternal Self returns to earth, it brings this record along as an inner tendency of mind. When the desire-"I" rushes towards an attractive object, recommencing a course of experiences that have led to suffering, it interposes a feeble protest. Another "I"-consciousness working as mind- makes itself felt and heard... (NOTE: Interesting- mind is here seen as the ability to deduce longer trends of cause and effect)

The protest is so weak and the desire so strong that we can scarcely speak of a contest; the desire-"I," long enthroned, rushes over the weakly protesting rebel. But when the pleasure is over and the painful results follow, the ignored rebel lifts its voice again in a querulous "I told you so," and this is the first sting of remorse.

As life succeeds life, the mind asserts itself more and more, and the contest between the desire-desire-"I" and the thought-"I" grows more and more fierce... The war grows hotter and hotter as, during the devachanic life, the decisions of the inner Self are more and more strongly impressed on the mind, appearing as innate ideas in the subsequent birth, and lending strength to the thought-"I." Thus "I," withdrawing itself from the passions and emotions, regards these as outside itself and repudiates their claim to control it.

*T* The "I" and What It Identifies With:

Body and soul give themselves over to the "I" in order to serve it, but the "I" gives itself over to the spirit in order to be filled by it. The "I" lives within the body and the soul, but the spirit lives within the "I"... (NOTE: This depends on where you draw the lines of selfhood) The "I" receives its nature and significance from whatever it is united with. To the extent that it dwells in a physical body, it is subject to mineral laws; through the ether body it is subject to the laws governing reproduction and growth; by virtue of the sentient and mind souls it is subject to the laws of the soul world. And to the extent that it receives the spiritual into itself, it is subject to the laws of the spirit.

*IAD* God, Not Personality:

The very simple thing, if students could only understand and apply it, is to absolutely keep the mind off every personality and know only: "‘I AM' the only Presence there." It would open the doors- oh so wide!

Development of the Ego
Expanding To God Consciousness

*SD&P* The Ego's Mistrust & Future Development:

The ego chooses channels of reception with great discrimination, and again, it censors anything which it feels is a threat to its dominance. [It is the ego's persistent discrimination in choosing the stimuli to which it will react that determines the nature of physical time as it appears to the personality.] The ego cannot make swift decisions as can the intuitive self. Therefore, it perceives events almost in slow motion.

In the future, the ego and intellect will expand to contain, use and appreciate all the other portions of the self which they now mistrust. Individual identity will expand to include a greater variety of impulses and stimuli. The ego will become more of an organizer, in general, letting in, literally, a barrage of experiences and forming them into meaningful patterns. Now it fears such experiences because it is not certain of its strength or of its ability to organize them.

One night, Rob asked Seth how our own egos had changes as a result of our sessions.

The ego becomes more like the inner ego and less like its old self. It accepts large portions of reality that it previously denied. It has changed chemically and electromagnetically. Once this freedom is achieved, the ego can never return to its old state.

This altered ego can now experience itself as an identity within and as a part of action.

The next step is taken when identity is able to include within itself the intimate knowledge of all incarnations.

As each separate identity then seeks to know and experience its other portions, then All That Is learns Who and What It Is. Action never ceases its exploration of itself. All That Is can never know itself completely, since action must always act and each action creates a new unknown.

*MotFE* Raising Consciousness to God Consciousness- Lifting the Veil:

Consciousness must be that which represents the highest attributes. We carry our consciousness to God consciousness wherein we are aware of all things including ourselves in the highest state. That is the state where we see through all conditions and all circumstances. As the Masters say, the veil is then completely removed- the veil that hitherto seemed to exist between the mortal or physical and Spirit. There is no limitation here. The mortal and physical conceptions are abandoned completely for the true Spiritual.

This spiritual consciousness does not exclude sense activity. The senses- so-called- act in a limiting manner only when not under the right determining influence.

The question is often asked in what state of consciousness is the individual when in trance. Trance is only a partial expression of sense activity.

*UR* Finding Answers By Expanding Consciousness:

(NOTE: Bigger Context.) Consciousness, by its nature, continually expands. Those problems set by one level of consciousness will automatically cause breakthroughs into other areas of conscious activity, where solutions can be found.

*PAP* The Growth of Consciousness, the Intellect:

The metamorphosis of inspiration into a faculty which is balanced with the others, permits its possessor to come into touch with the higher planes at any time of the day.

An intellectual person is not necessarily conscious in the full meaning of the word. In order to be truly conscious, it is not enough merely to observe technical relationships, but also the relationships of the universal to the particular, in regard to the application of this experience to moral utility, without which no evolution is possible.

The evolution of consciousness cannot be compared to memory which becomes enriched by a greater store of material. Consciousness expands like the horizon of the observer as he mounts further and further from the ground. Each new stage of consciousness synthesizes the others into a superior state which is the key to the one which preceded it, and so on, until we attain the First Cause.

*BS&S* Consciousness as a Spectrum Interpenetrating Levels:

What divides or specifies the levels of consciousness is focus. The lower levels represent a more limited focus than the levels above. A consciousness can move up to a higher level just by broadening its focus. The surface structure can manifest or unfold any potential within the limits of that deep structure.

Wilbur: The self eventually disidentifies with its present structure so as to identify with the next higher-order emergent structure. The self detaches itself from its exclusive identification with that lower structure and transcends it, and can thus operate on that lower structure using the tools of the newly emergent structure.

Seth: The material level in and of itself is a symbol of the mental level. Symbols express feelings and represent their infinite variations. Symbols are no longer necessary in higher states, and creativity takes place completely without their use. Representations blink on and off, and finally disappear. Consciousness is less and less physically oriented. In this stage of consciousness, the soul finds itself alone with its own feelings, stripped of symbolism and representations, and begins to perceive the gigantic reality of its own knowing.

*UR* As Consciousness Matures, It Crosses Into Alternate Moments:

Consciousness is able to hold its own sense of identity by accepting one probability, one physical life, and maintaining its identity through a lifetime. The consciousness also learns to handle alternate moments as it "matures." As it does so mature it forms a new, larger framework of identity.

*UR* Familiarity & Acceleration of Consciousness:

(NOTE: Because you accept more moments as real.) You should also experience an acceleration of consciousness, as you read it, a growing sense of familiarity.

They begin a process in which other neurological pulses are to some degree recognized.

In the beginning the glimpses may be very brief, and the sense experience misty.

*CWS* Ego:

While you think that the ego is an outsider who must be swept aside so that this great energy and knowledge can flow through you, then you set up a situation of opposites that need not apply, for the ego can learn far more than you give it credit for and it can assimilate that kind of experience when the individual realizes that it is able to. There is no need for what you think of as the ego to be swept aside and annihilated.

There are two schools. One says that the intellect must dissect and rip apart and that the intellect is all and everything, and the other says the intellect and the ego are nothing; that we would be better off without them; and both schools are equally wrong!

The Eastern caper is just as distorted as what you all think of as the Western idea of the dominating intellect. A false prophet tells you to ignore one portion of your being for another.

*GoE* The Soul's Advancement:

The soul's advances are not made by gradation, such as can be represented by motion in a straight line, but rather by ascension of state, such as can be represented by metamorphosis.

*GoE* The Expanding Circle of Life- Neural Pulses:

The life of man is a self-evolving circle, which, from a ring imperceptibly small, rushes on all sides outwards to new and larger circles, and that without end... For it is the inert effort of each thought, having formed itself into a circular wave of circumstance... to heap itself on that ridge and to solidify and hem in the life. But if the soul is quick and strong it bursts over that boundary on all sides and expands another orbit on the great deep, which also runs up into a high wave, with attempt again to stop and to bind. But the heart refuses to be imprisoned; in its first and narrowest pulses it already tends outward with a vast force and to immense and innumerable expansions. (NOTE: Description of neural wave interference patterns)

...Every one seems to be contradicted by the new; it is only limited by the new. The new statement is always hated by the old, and, to those dwelling in the old, comes like an abyss of scepticism... Then its innocence and benefit appear, and presently, all its energy spent, it pales and dwindles before the revelation of the new hour. (NOTE: Alpha washing out)

Contacting Portions of Your Reincarnational Self
Communicating With the Greater You

*UR* Think of Time as a Place, Communicating With the Greater You:

Think of that century as a place that exists as surely as any portion of the earth that you know.

Think of your ancestor, yourself, and your children as members of one tribe, each journeying into different countries instead of times. Culture is as real and natural as trees and rocks, so see the various cultures of these three groups as natural environments of the different places or countries; and imagine, then, each group exploring the unique environment of the land into which they have journeyed. Imagine further of course that these explorations occur at once, even though communication may be faulty, so that each group has difficulty communicating with the others. Imagine, however, that there is a homeland from which our groups originally came. Each expedition sends "letters" back home, commenting upon the behavior, customs, environment, and history of the land in which it finds itself.

These letters are written in an original native language that has little to do with the acquired language that has been picked up. Mama and Papa read with amusement, amazement, and wonder the communications from their offspring. Mama and Papa send letters back – also in the native language. As time goes by, however, the children lose their memories of their home tongue. Their children grow to believe that they are far more separate from each other than they actually area. The children forgot that they can move through time as easily as through space.

The various children represent your ancestors, yourself, and your own children. In your physical world it is obvious that nature grows more of itself. In the land of time, time also grows more of itself. As you can climb trees, both up and down the branches, so you can climb times in the same way. The family tree exists at once – but that tree is only one tree that appears in the land of time. There are probable family trees, then.

Infinite potential needs infinite opportunity; the true self's reality needs an ever-new, changing situation, for each experience enriches it and, therefore, enhances its own possibilities. Mama and Papa, in our analogy, represent the infinite potential within one basic unit (CU) of consciousness.

*SS* Multidimensional Access:

You have the knowledge of your entire multidimensional personality at your fingertips. When you realize that you do, this knowledge allows you to solve the problems or meet the challenges you have set quicker, and also opens further areas of creativity by which the entire play can be enriched. To the extent that you allow the intuitions and knowledge of the multidimensional self to flow through the conscious self, to that extent not only do you perform your role in the play more effectively, but also you add new energy, insights, and creativity to the entire dimension. Your multidimensional personality, your true identity, the real you, is conscious of itself, as itself, in any of these roles. By the very nature of consciousness, it seeks to materialize itself in as many dimensions as possible- to create from itself new levels of awareness, new offshoots. In so doing it creates all reality. Reality, therefore, is always in a state of becoming. The soul or entity has complete freedom of expression. It changes its form to suit its expression, and it forms environments like stage settings, and worlds to suit its purposes. The soul or entity is highly individualized spiritual energy. It forms whatever body you now wear, and is the motive power behind your physical survival, for from it you derive you vitality. Consciousness can never be still, but seeks further creativity/expression. In learning to rediscover its relationship with the entity, the three-dimensional self raises still further the level of acheivement, comprehension, and creativity. The three-dimensional self becomes more than it knows. Not only is the entity strengthened, but portions of it, having been actualized in three-dimensional existence, now add to the very quality and nature of that existence. The soul or entity then gives breath to the body, and to the three-dimensional self within it. The three-dimensional self then goes about its purpose of opening up new areas of creativity. Entities or souls, in other words, send out portions of themselves to open up avenues of reality that would not exist otherwise. An inner awareness gives them a source of energy and strength.

Evolution & Breaking Out of Lower Forms

*SL* Evolution- One Life in Many Forms Which Must Change:

One Life is evolving into many lives through an ascending series of forms. The lives manifest as energies, displayed and further developed by means of forms. In order that these lives may thus develop, the forms must continually change, for each form is first an instrument and later a prison... The form must break. The breaking of a series of forms around an ever-expanding life means evolution...

All growth is the unfolding of hidden powers.

*TDA* You Live Forever- Continuity of Self:

Paraphrasing of Dr. Peebles: You shall live forever, in one dimension of being or another, and you shall always know yourself as yourself except in the sense that your ‘self' is always changing into higher deductions of experience. You experience this same relativity of self in the present life as you ‘grow' from infancy into maturity and beyond; the thirty-year-old is not the exact same self as self was experienced at six months or six years or ever at twenty-nine years- but the deduction of experience continues to modify the perception of self into an ever-unfolding identification with self.

Other Incarnations Within You

*MJooB* Inside A Self: Mind & Supermind:

Slowly, the conscious mind begins to act upon this apparently unorganized, illogical mass, to bring order and objective perception to it. The conscious mind is a modulator of a master driving force, and isnt in full control. It responds to the needs of the master without question. The supermind knows without question what is right, and problems occur only when the conscious mind refuses this guidence.

Monroe became bored going OB, for he was too much in control. He turned over control to his entire self and after only a few seconds felt a tremendous surge and entered a whole new era of OBEs.

First is the memory layer; a file or mainframe of every moment of life to date, with more pouring in as he looked around. There was a great hindsight which brought recollections of every thought, emotion, and action. He saw all his mistakes and it wasnt too pleasant.

The Fear Layer: One discovers that they are far from fearless. There were old fears and a constant inflow of new ones. The tests from long ago were to lessen fears by experiencing them over and over. His inner self had instigated this process. Fears are limits to expression & do?

The Emotional Layer: Every emotion was here, neatly organized.

The Broken Barrier: There was a ragged hole in a gray wall. This was a restraining wall, and even with the hole, he felt its resistence as he tried to get through. It was made of addictions and needs.

The Repertory: Beyond the barrier were hundreds upon hundreds of what appeared to be waving beams of multicolored light. Uncertainly, I reached out and touched one. A rich male voice rang out in his mind. Every beam of light was one of me, one of my inner self personalities complete with a different life experience. Each life pattern was in great detail, and each is a conscious, sentient being with an individual awareness, mind, and memory. All he had to do to find one of these was to find the right pattern in his present life-activity, for these were the driving forces in his present life-activity. For example, Robert Monroe built the Monroe Institute, while Robert Munro in 1151 AD Scotland built the Louris Castle Tower. Both have four stories, are octagonal and embedded into the side of the main building, have the same general dimensions, the same roof pitch, and both even have similar iron fencing at the top, tied into the building roof.

These other selfs are what is meant by "the total is greater than the parts." They are the focal point, the tip of the pyramid of you and more, including you as you are now. They are highly organized. The memory layer is neatly set up in serial form, and also by category, as are all those of the other existence patterns they have been through. They easily convert the fear faster than it comes in. They made the decision to become human again. They selected the time and place and organized the DNA matrix- elements from the physical and elements from us. It was a court jester, a good talker, who spoke for the group to Monroe now. It's your ride- you're in charge. They're a cabin of screaming passengers hoping you'll all find escape velocity and screaming out advice. Escape velocity is the way out. It is not only eternity, but infinity. They helped him get OB by practicing with him in dreams. You were a surrogate of them when you began this life, but you turned into a brand-new personality as you grew. The mix has been gradually melded into a whole. Different personalities of "they" have different frequencies. They can use the body to talk while you just relax and go to sleep. They have so much bonding love to take them to infinity and through it. Love is the major energy base for their intellect. It incorporates both pain and pleasure; it is the union of opposites to create a whole. There are a thousand or more lifetimes in him. Every possible situation is there, every emotion. There is nothing you can encounter in earth-life that isnt stored here in fifty different ways. He is here to find one final piece, and then they can lift off. There is another one here at this time serving as a back-up, but Monroe is first in line. Some become so locked up in a belief system that they never come back inside. They lose 9 out of 10 that way. They forget about the inside completely. They keep helping, hoping that they will remember. In time a doubt arises, perhaps ten lifetimes later, and a representative from their I-There retrieves them and brings them back to where they belong. Monroe responded due to more curiosity, less fear, and no heavy indoctrination. His inner self was filled with a universe of its own. He could contact them in waking hours. Sometimes one joins them by accident, like Talo, from another energy system.

There are people moving/flowing inward, and a tremendous surge of love and brotherhood. This is their retreival flow, retrieving our own from outside the Belief System Territories and from the inner rings. This is where Monroe met the Inspec.

The Core Self is the original M Field energy vortex of each living physical being.

Inspec: "we are many, and you have known many of us. We are created and we create, just as you. The in-human experience is an important addition to what you are, but isnt itself what you are. Some of us have passed through in-human, and I am one of those few. There are more of us than the current in-human population, perhaps x100, but it is difficult to know due to the melding. We participate in all consciousness growth centers throughout the universe."

*UR* The Life of the Self Seen From Above:

(NOTE: Free will in slit x 2 experiment!) The experience of any given unit, constantly changing, affects all other units. These units contain within themselves, all "latent" identities. Selves may be quite independent within the framework of their own reality, while still being a part of a larger reality in which their independence works not only for their own benefit, but for the sake of a greater structure.

*UR* Loss of Connection to the Greater Whole:

Several groups experimented. At those times the individual consciousness became so entranced with its own experiences, however, that the clear-cut, steady, and conscious communication with the mass consciousness went underground. It became available to those who looked for it.

  Your idea of one soul, one self, forms a significance and a selectivity that blinds you to these other realities that are as much "here and now" as your present self.

*PAP* Reincarnational Synthesis:

At this point in its evolution human consciousness is a synthesis, having at its beck and call the different rhythms of the universal order whose harmonies it has known in its past experiences.

Complexity of Personality & Identity

Ever-Changing Gestalts

No Loss of Identity

*UR2* Ever-Changing Personalities:

Personalities are not static things. Entities are eternal. They are not as nicely nor as nearly packaged out, one to a body, as your psychologists believe. They constantly change. They grow. They make decisions. They use the physical body fully, or they partially depart according to their own inner needs and development.

When psychic gestalts are formed they are not static. They make different alliances until they find their place in the whole identity that serves their purposes.

*UR2* Independent Portions of Yourself:

Each [portion of myself] is involved in its own context of reality, each one pursuing its own directions for its own purposes. One of those "Seths" was born in your space and time. That Seth then seeded himself, so to speak, in the space-time environment you recognize- appearing through the centuries, sending out offshoots of "himself," exploring earthly experience and developing as well as he could those potentials of his own greater identity that could best be brought to fruition within a creature context.

That one Seth was endowed with his own inner blueprint. The blueprint gave him an idea of his potentials, and how they could be best fulfilled in earthly terms...

Each Seth would be completely independent, however, and each appearance would signify the creation of a new personality- not simply a new version of an old one.

Each would be inherently aware of its own potentials and "background," but each would tune in to a particular point of that so-called background...

Because you are usually so worried about preserving what you think of as your identity, we use terms like reincarnational selves or counterparts.

*UR2* The Spontaneous Inner Order:

There is indeed an inner kind of order that unites all of these issues; yet that inner order is not the result of laws, but of spontaneous creation, which flows into its own kinds of patterns. You see the patterns at any given time and try to make laws of them.

*UR2* Identity Gestalts, Ever-Changing Yet Remembering, The Mountain Metaphor:

Identity itself is composed of pure energy. It takes up no space. It takes up no time. I said that there are invisible particles that can appear in more than one place simultaneously. So can identity... The atoms and molecules that form the table today did not have anything to do with the table five years ago- though the table appeared the same then as now.

In the same way, quite separate identities can merge with others in a give-and-take gestalt, in which the overall intent is as clear as the shape of the table...

Even the smallest "particle" of identity is inviolate. It may grow, develop or expand, change alliances or organizations, and it does combine with others even as your cells do. Your body does not feel as if you invade it. Your consciousness and its consciousness are merged;yet it is composed of the multitudinous individual consciousnesses that form the tiniest physical particles within it...

Your identity changes constantly, even while you retain your sense of permanence. That sense of permanence rides upon endless changes- it is actually dependent upon those physical, spiritual, and psychic changes. In your terms, for example, if they did not occur constantly your body would die...

Cells are organizations, ever-changing, forming and unforming...

[An identity] is a unit of consciousness ever itself and inviolate while still free to form other organizations, enter other combinations in which all other units also decide to play a part... Identity can take different shapes- and basically those forms are far more rich and diverse than the variety of physical objects...

There are psychic blueprints, so to speak, wherein each identity knows of its "history"... The potential of such an identity is far greater, however, than can ever be expressed through any physical one-line kind of development.

Identities, then, do send out "strands of consciousness" into as many realities as possible, so that all versions of any given identity have the potential to develop in as many ways as possible...

A mountain exists. It is composed of rocks and trees, grass and hills, and in your terms of time you can look at it, see it as such, give it a name, and ignore its equally independent parts. Without those parts the mountain would not exist. It is not invaded by the trees or rocks that compose it, and while trees grow and die the mountain itself, at least in your terms of time, exists despite the changes...

I have my own identity. Yet that identity is composed of other identities, each independent...

I can look into your reality, as the top of the mountain can look down to the plain and the village...

Your thinking mind, as you consider it, is the top of your mountain. In certain terms you can see "more" than your cells can, though they are also conscious of their realities. Were it not for their lives you would not be at the top of your psychological mountain...

You can draw the lines where you will for convenience's sake, but each identity retains its individuality and inviolate nature even while it constantly changes.

*UR2* Seed Identities, Becoming Yet Remaining Yourself:

Identities throw off seeds of themselves... These may grow up in quite different environments. Their realities in no way threaten the identity of the "parent." Identities have free choice, so they will pick their environments or birthplaces... (NOTE: Like people changing the nation they belong to. The nation changes only slightly but largely remains itself)

Atoms and molecules will sometimes form trees; sometimes they will become parts of couches. They will form people or ants or blades of grass, yet in each of these ventures they will also retain their own sense of identity. They combine to form cells and organs, and through all of these events they obtain different kinds of experience...

The constant interchange that exists biologically means that the same physical stuff that composes a man or a woman may be dispersed, and later form a toad, a starfish, a dog or a flower... Reminiscent within each form is the consciousness of all the other combinations, all of the other alliances, as identity continually forms new creative endeavors and gestalts of relatedness...

Your own identity sends out strands of itself constantly, then. These mix psychically with other strands, as psychically atoms and molecules are interchanged...

Ruburt is connected with me in that manner. He is also connected with any ant in the back yard in the same way. Yet I retain my identity, the ant retains its identity, and Ruburt retains his...

As in the analogy given this evening, the spirit of no island invaded any other, but looked momentarily and with permission through another's picture of reality...

Your own private identities do not need fences. They are themselves. They can combine and unite with others, yet retain their uniqueness and experience...

You can disperse your own characteristics into another and they can disperse theirs into you, with your consent and theirs, to form new aspects of reality and to cast new light on combined purposes and challenges...

You were not your past "self," therefore, though you shared a certain relationship...

You have to walk around a plant on a table in order to see it from all sides. So, figuratively, walk around "time" to see yourself from all angles, and to perceive all of your manifestations.

*UR2* Psychic Races & The Open, Limitless Possibilities of Identity, Becoming:

You are each members of a particular race, and you do not feel any the less individualistic because of that affiliation...

So there are inner psychic "races" to which you belong, or psychic stocks, so to speak, each providing physical variations...

There are psychic pools of identity, therefore; and generally speaking those alive in any given century are as much a part of that inner pool as they are a part of the particular race to which they may belong...

You imagine personhood to be a kind of mental particle that must have definite boundaries, or it will lose its identity. The identity of even the smallest consciousness is always maintained- but not limited. If you can think of your present idea of identity as if it were but one shape or one motion of a moving particle, a shape or a motion that never loses its imprint or meaning, then you could also see how you could follow it forward or backward to the shape or motion taken "before or afterward."

You could retain the identity of yourself as you know yourself, and yet flow into a greater field or wave of reality that allowed you to perceive your own other motions or shapes or versions. You could become aware of a larger structure in which you also have your own validity, and therefore add to your own knowledge and to the dimensions of your experience...

Counterparts come from the same psychic pool.

*DEVF1* The Phenomenon of the Self:

The "structure" of earthly tuned consciousness formed the phenomena of "the self"...

A self... in one way or another must be supported by realms of information and knowledge of a kind that was basically independent of time and space. A knowledge indispensable, and yet a knowledge that could not be allowed to distract the physical focus...

You could never move as quickly as you do if you had to consciously work all the muscles involved in motion- or in speech, or in any such bodily performance. You certainly could not communicate on such a physical level if you first had to be aware of all of speech's mechanisms, working them consciously before a word was uttered. Yet you had to have that kind of knowledge, and you had to have it in a way that did not intrude upon your conscious thoughts.

Basically there are no real divisions to the self, but for the sake of explanation we must speak of them in those terms. First of all you had the inner self, the creative dreaming self composed, again, of units of consciousness, awareized energy that forms your identity... These inner selves formed their own dream bodies about them.

*BG* The Soul is Constant Through Change:

"The body is changing every moment by the actions and reactions of different cells, and thus growth and old age are taking place. But the spiritual soul exists permanently, remaining the same in all the changing circumstances of the body and the mind."

*DEVF2* Life Clouds- Seedlings With Environment & Probabilities:

[Life Clouds] is an excellent description of the way in which your universe was "initially" seeded...

The term "dream cloud" would serve as well... Such life clouds "still" exist... Each seed of life, of living, contains within itself its own protective coating, its own placenta of necessary nourishment and environmental circumstances, its own system and branches of probabilities.

Those branches of probabilities act like remote sensors, seeking out those conditions that will be suited to the seed's best value fulfillment and development... On the other hand, the life clouds can see their own worlds completely...

Probabilities may be swirling everywhere, yet remain of course unperceived in any given instant, so that you might in this odd strange analogy hear a dim brief whirr, as in the whirling of winds, and think it unimportant- while what you heard instead was an entire world of probabilities speed past where you stood.

Your own entire structure of life, therefore, with its acute and precise definitions in the package of reality, is a living life cloud that may or may not be perceived in other realities. That cloud contains within it ever-freshening sources of new creativity. When you dream or sleep or think, you automatically add to other dimensions of a life cloud or dream cloud that emerge from the very actions of your own subjective motions.

No Loss of Self or Identity

*UR2* You Cant Lose Your Identity:

You seem to be afraid that the self will bleed out and lose "itself" in a maze in which all identity is lost.

*UR2* Individuals Stronger Than Systems:

The individual is stronger than any system, and the individual always comes first.

*DL* Growth is a Growth of a Fuller Individuality:

It is not a case of control by an external individuality, but the fuller expression of the Universal through an organized mentality which has all along been a less perfect expression of the Universal; and therefore the process is one of growth. We are not losing our individuality, but are coming into fuller possession of ourselves.

*FWG* Not Lost in the Whole, Differences Define You:

Differences confirm, and make possible, your experience of Who You Are. Divisions confuse, and render impossible that experience...

You do not have to disappear as an individual in order to experience Oneness. That is the great fear, of course. The great fear is that Oneness will mean sameness, and that that which separates you from the Whole will disappear. Thus you will disappear. And so, the struggle against Oneness is a struggle for survival.

Yet Oneness will not put an end to your survival as an individual expression of the Whole. Rather, it will allow it...

Celebrate your differences, yet end your divisions.

*BS&S* Ever Individual:

The map is mistaken for the territory. You are not fated to dissolve into All That Is. The aspects of your personality as you presently understand them will be retained. All That Is is the creator of individualism, not the means of its destruction. My own "previous" personalities are not dissolved into me any more than you "past" personalities. All are living and vital. All go their own way. Your "future" personalities are as real as your past ones.

*SS* Seth's Previous Personalities:

I hope to have each of my previous personalities speak for themselves, for they should tell their own story. These personalities still exist and are independent. While what I am once seemed to be contained within those personalities, I was but the seed for them. They coexist with me, but at another layer of reality.

In several lives I was consciously aware of my "past existances."

It was always a lesson between lives to trace the thoughts and events that "led to a given demise."

If I chose, I can relive any portion of those existances, but those personalities go their own way.

In my particular case, I am so unfocused on my reincarnational selves, and they have gone so far on their own, that I have little feeling of immediacy.

All Consciousness is Interwoven
Simultaneous Reincarnation & Development

*SS* Interrelation of Selves- Development & Simultaneity of Time:

You can imagine Seth Two as a future portion of me if your prefer, and yet far more is involved.

My own reincarnational personalities, probable selves, and even Seth Two exist within me now, as I exist within them. My experience enriches Seth Two, and his experiences enrich me to the extent that I am able to perceive and translate them for my own use. I am not really speaking in terms of group souls, although this interpretation can be made. Each "part" of the soul contains the whole.

Seth Two does represent what I will become, to some extent, and in your terms, yet when I become what he is he will be something different. Though it seems to you that reincarnational existances involve past or future events, they are existances parallel or adjacent to your own present life and consciousness.

[Seth lets a woman he once was channel through] That woman was alive again in me- as, for example, the child is alive within the adult, and filled with gratitude comparing later experiences to the earlier ones. It is as if the child within you is a part of your own memory and experience, and yet in another way has left you, gone apart from you as if you are only one adult that the child "turned into." So the people that I have been have gone their own way, and yet are a part of me and I of them. I am alive in Seth Two's memory, as a self from which he sprang. Yet the self I am now is not the self from which he sprang. In a larger context, I can remember Seth Two.

Reincarnation, in its own way, is also a parable. It seems very difficult for you to understand that you live in many realities -and many centuries- at one time.

All of existance and consciousness is interwoven.

All That Is is the creator of individuality. My own previous personalities are not dissolved into me any more than your past personalities. All are living and vital. I exist as I am while my reincarnational lives still exist. Personality changes whether it is within a body or outside it, so you will change after death as you change before it.

The doorways within are open. You have only to experience the moment as you know it as fully as possible.

The reincarnatonal structure is a psychological one. It can not be understood in any other terms.

Reincarnational lives are indeed alternate presents.

Because time is open-ended, you can also affect what you would think of as past reincarnational selves, and at times react in and to their environment. You would usually do this in a dream state. Strong emotional associations can often trigger such responses.

Your inner self, or soul, is a focal point of reality from which other realities spring.

[Ruburt & I] were originally a portion of the same entity. I evolved to form my own entity. Ruburt will also, but he is not at that stage yet. He will not become what I am.

All of your so-called pasts exist within you now, and you can recapture your memories and discover what they are.

Communication From Latent & Probable Selves

*UR2* The Psyche is Endless:

The private psyche is ever creative, actually- expansive and literally without beginning or end... We have learned to be aware of each other to communicate between stations, to affect each other's programs and to change each other's worlds.

*UR2* The Code Systems of Consciousness:

Consciousness operates with what you may call code systems. These are beyond count. Consciousness differentiates itself, therefore, by operating within certain code systems that help direct particular kinds of focus, bringing in certain kinds of significances while blocking out other data...

These systems are interrelated, so that at other levels there is communication between them- secondary data, you might say, that is supportive but not primarily concentrated upon.

These code systems involve molecular constructions and light values, and in certain ways the light values are as precisely and effectively used as your alphabet is.

*UR2* Exploring Consciousness- The Potentials of Mankind:

The private psyche contains within it hints and glimpses of other alternate realities. These operate as secondary codes, so to speak, beneath the existence that you officially recognize. Such secondary systems can tell you much about the potentials of human reality, those that are latent but can at any time be "raised" to primary importance...

Any biological or spiritual advancement that you might imagine will of course not come from any outside agency, but from within the heritage of consciousness made flesh... [Man] has been studying the nature of his consciousness...

He is learning how to use the light of his own consciousness, and discovering how far one particular method of using it can be counted upon. He is studying what he can do and not do with that particular focus...

Before the historical system that you recognize, man had indeed experimented with these other directions, and with some success...

Those paths are latent or secondary, however, within your own private and mass experience. They reside within you, presenting you with alternate realities that you may or may not choose privately or en masse, as you prefer.

*FWG* Obeying All Levels of Consciousness, "God" Arranging Things:

Neale: "I had no tolerance for intolerance. I understood nothing about that level of prejudice...

"I cried out to God, ‘Get me out of here.'...

"It was a phone call, out of the blue, from a complete stranger... ‘Would you be interested in coming up here for an interview?'...

"‘Yes, I think I could arrange that," I said...

"‘There's one thing you should know though.' He continued, ‘This is an all-black radio station.'...

It was clever how I facilitated what you chose to call forth. This is how friendship with God works. First, you decide what it is you choose, then I make it possible...

You decided that you wanted to understand more fully what racial prejudice- and righteousness- was all about. You decided this at a very high level. At the soul level. It was about giving your Self lessons...

Your subconscious thought was to flee, to get out of there. Your superconscious thought was to find out more, at the conscious level, about racial attitudes and about intolerance, including your own. You obeyed all of these impulses at once.

*UR2* Free-Flying Portions of Personality:

A portion of the human mind, as you understand it, goes beyond the threshold of itself into other dimensions of actuality; then, as best it can, it translates what it learns, sees, and experiences. It goes out of itself- it launches itself on paths that it does not understand, taking journeys that even Ruburt does not understand; and yet, that one portion of Ruburt's human personality is that free.

Consciousness & Probability

*SD&P* The Ego's Decision-Making & the Necessity of Probable Realities:

Were it not for the experience of this probable self, and for its information given via the dreaming self to the subconscious, then it would be most difficult for the ego to come to any clear decision in daily life.

This probable self has operated in each reincarnation and has at its command literally millions of probable situations and conditions upon which to make value judgements. Of itself, however, it does not make the decision as to whether or not a particular event will be made physical. It merely passes on the information that it has received through experience.

The subconscious makes its own judgements and passes these on with the data. Then the ego makes its decision. On occasion, when an unwise decision is made by the ego, the subconscious will change it.

In the materialization of personality through various reincarnations only the ego and layers of personal subconscious adapt new characteristics. Other portions retain their experience, identity, and knowledge. The ego, in fact, receives much of its stability because of this retention. Were it not for experiences in other lives on the part of deeper layers of the self, the ego would find it almost impossible to relate to other individuals, and the cohesive nature of society would not exist.

*EtS-AmG* Observation & Probability:

Consciousness in the observer transforms "possibilities" into "actualities." In the words of St. Francis of Assisi, "What you are looking for is what is looking." (NOTE: This actually makes a lot of sense as attention following probabilities into actualization)

*HU* The Decision Maker- Is It Conscious?:

Somehow their brains were creating the comforting delusion that they had consciously controlled the action even though they had not. This has caused some researchers to wonder if free will is an illusion. Later, studies have shown that one and a half seconds before we "decide" to move one of our muscles, such as lift a finger, our brain has already started to generate the signals necessary to accomplish the movement. Again, who is making the decision, the conscious mind or the unconscious mind?

The human energy field responds to stimuli even before the brain does.


*HU* Unconscious Precognition & How We Act On It:

Our unconscious mind is aware of the rough outline of our destiny, but actually steers us toward its fulfillment. In a statistical study of 28 serious U.S. railroad accidents, parapsychologist William Cox found that significantly fewer people took trains on accident days than on the same day in previous weeks.

(NOTE: Worthiness.) Cox's finding suggests that we all may be constantly unconsciously precognizing the future and making decisions based on that information. Choosing to experience negative situations to fulfill other unconscious designs and purposes.

*UR* Your Greater Identity:

Because your greater identity is aware of its probable existences, you are in matter and out of it at the same time – in time and out of it.

You have a greater identity outside of your context, yet a part of it is inside your context, as you. Your youngness is your significance, a focus of awareness, conscious of itself, that seeks out and views experience with its own unique propensities. That selfhood jumps in leapfrog fashion over events that it does not want to actualize and does not admit such experience into its selfhood.

The reality of the godhood straddles the reality of each unit, and the mass reality of all units.

The private oracle is the voice of the inner multidimensional self, the part of each person not fully contained in his or her personhood, the part of the unknown self-structure out of which personhood, with its physical alliance, spring. That portion of the psyche is outside of space and time, while enabling you to operate in it.

Because of its position it has great powers of communication, both as a receiver and as a sender.

Soul Groups & Counterparts

*VftA* Soul Groups & Guides:

Jonathon: "My brother and I have direct and deep soul connections with our parents that span many lifetimes. We are all a part of the same soul group. We share similar paths, similar life lessons- our individual experiences complement and enhance the soul development of the other members of our spirit family. We have been many things to each other. We have all played many roles to help the others learn and grow in awareness...

"Due to certain circumstances, all souls in a group do not always choose to incarnate at the same time. In these instances, those who choose not to take a body serve as guides in spirit for those who are experiencing physical existence."

*VftA* Soul Groups & Guardians:

There are also souls, human in nature, who serve as guides and helpers to those still living. These disembodied spirits are a part of the embodied human's soul group- that group of souls who travel together through incarnation after incarnation, serving as teachers for one another, learning the same lessons, balancing the same imbalances, sharing similar destinies... When a soul leaves the Earth before the rest of its soul family, that soul will often stay close to this reality until all in its family have finished that particular incarnation...

[The souls serving as guardians] communicate- as to the angelic messengers- through intuitive knowings, through dreams, through the manifestation of external signs, whose meanings are unmistakable to the intended receivers if they have faith to trust what they see and hear.

*UR2* Contemporaries Are Counterparts:

You are counterparts of each other who are alive at any given earth time.

*UR2* Soul Mates & Counterparts:

In their own ways children are quite aware of their counterparts, and of other portions of their individual realities. They relate to their counterparts in dreams. They sometimes see them as "invisible" companions. You dream of your own counterparts frequently..

People have written here asking about soul mates. In certain circles this is the latest vogue. The idea is an old one; it is based upon the reality of counterparts, and presents another version of the theory. But, again, it is treated with an almost pompous seriousness... You are not one part, or one half, of another soul, searching through the annals of time for your partner, undone until you are completed by your soul mate...

Many of you have daydreams in which you actually see yourselves as your counterparts, and portions of their lives sometimes come through to you as you go about your chores...

Some of the people you dislike most heartily may be counterparts.

The Seven Soul Types
Psychic Families

Script: There are a number of divisions of the souls into groups, types, and families. These give characteristics to the souls. But they are not going to be in the book.

The Higher Joining of Souls

*ER* The One and the Many:

The ocean waves are their closest likeness,

when wind makes, from unity, the numerous.


Day and night I guarded the pearl of my soul.

Now in this ocean of pearling currents,

I've lost track of which was mine.

*IAD* Higher Selves are One:

Whether he speaks to the Godhead direct, to one of the Ascended Masters of Light, or to his own God Self, in reality it makes no difference, for all are One.

Group Entities

*SC* Group Entities:

Group Entity: "Entity is now focused. The entity speaking is a focus of the collective consciousness of individuals present and that which you hold in common. The entity is a common revelation."

*CBtL* Higher Beings:

Timestream scientists say of the Beings of Light: "The difference between a higher spirit being and a human can best be visualized like this: a human is one personality; a higher being incorporates the attributes and knowledge of many human personalities in one being. Some of them are very close to the principle [God] the source and the center, and are far from the ‘existence of man.'"

...The Technician says that the closer one gets to the higher planes of life, the more healing power one has.

*UR2* Gestalt Entities of Places:

To a certain extent any given inhabited area forms its own "entity"... Empty houses are psychic vacancies that yearn to be filled. When you move, you move into other portions of your own selfhood.


The Bardo & Clear Light

The Inner Dissolution & Dawning of the Clear Light

*TB* The Inner Dissolution:

In the inner dissolution, where gross and subtle thought states and emotions dissolve, four increasingly subtle levels of consciousness are to be encountered. During the development of the fetus, our father's essence, a nucleus that is described as "white and blissful," rests in the chakra at the crown of our head at the top of the central channel. The mother's essence, a nucleus that is "red and hot," rests in the chakra said to be located four finger-widths below the navel.

With the disappearance of the wind that holds it there, the white essence inherited from our father descends the central channel toward the heart. As an outer sign, there is an experience of "whiteness," like "a pure sky struck by moonlight." As an inner sign, our awareness becomes extremely clear, and all the thought states resulting from anger, 33 of them in all, come to an end. This phase is known as "Appearance."

Then the mother's essence begins to rise through the central channel. The outer sign is an experience of "redness," like a sun shining in a pure sky. As an inner sign, there arises a great experience of bliss, as all the thoughts states resulting from desire, 440 in all, cease to function. This stage is known as "Increase."

When the red and white essences meet at the heart, consciousness is enclosed between them. The experience is like the meeting of the sky and earth. As an outer sign, we experience a "blackness," like an empty sky shrouded in utter darkness. The inner sign is an experience of a state of mind free of thoughts. The seven thought states resulting from ignorance and delusion are brought to an end. This is known as "Full Attainment."

Then, as we become slightly conscious again, the Ground Luminosity dawns, like an immaculate sky, free of clouds, fog, or mist. This consciousness is the innermost subtle mind. We call it the buddha nature, the real source of all consciousness.

When we die, it is as if we are returning to our original state. The three "poisons"- anger, desire, and ignorance- all die, which means that all the negative emotions, the root of samsara, actually cease, and then there is a gap. And where does this process take us? To the primordial ground of the nature of mind, in all its purity and natural simplicity. When we practice meditation, the experience of bliss, clarity, and absence of thoughts indicate that desire, anger, and ignorance have momentarily dissolved. As anger, desire, and ignorance are dying, we are becoming purer and purer. The phases of appearance, increase, and attainment are signs of the gradual manifestation of Rigpa. This sequence of progressively deepening states of consciousness does not only happen when we all die. It also occurs, usually unnoticed, as we fall asleep, or whenever we travel from the grosser to subtlest levels of consciousness.

What I have explained here is the general pattern, but it can unfold differently according to the makeup of the individual.

*TB* The Moment of Death: The Sky-Like Nature of Mind:

What happens at the moment of death is that the ordinary mind and its delusions die, and in that gap the boundless sky-like nature of our mind is uncovered. This essential nature of mind is the background to the whole of life and death, like the sky. (Hey! My infinite unmoving perspective point, the place of infinite energy, this is it, isn't it!) It is our unchanging awareness which we really are.

Meditation is the only way we can repeatedly uncover and gradually realize and stabilize that nature of mind.

Ignorance obscures the mind like clouds obscure the moon and stars.

What happens at the moment of death, for everyone, is this: The Ground Luminosity dawn in vast splendor, and with it brings an opportunity for total liberation-if, and only if, you have learned how to recognize it.

*TBD* The Stages of Death & Recognizing the Clear Light:

The winds that drive the eighty patterns dissolve into the central channel, and the white awareness-drop (or male essence, the white "spirit of enlightenment") from the brain descends down the central channel toward the heart complex; one inwardly perceives within the mind-space a vast sky full of white moonlight. Next, the red awareness-drop (or female essence, the red "spirit of enlightenment") rises from the genital wheel toward the heart complex; one perceives a sky full of orange sunlight. In the seventh dissolution, the stage of imminence, the two drops meet at the heart and enclose the consciousness; one perceives the sky full of bright dark-light, or pure darkness, and then one loses consciousness. Finally, one passes into the realm of clear light translucently, gaining an unaccustomed kind of nondualistic consciousness.

At this point a key structure of ordinary life, what is known as the sixfold knot at the heart complex, unravels... When it unravels totally, our extremely subtle consciousness flies out of its location, driven by our evolutionary orientation. This is the real moment of death... It is a state so transparent that one unprepared for it will see right through it and not even notice it. One will experience the loss of consciousness of darkness when reversing back up through the imminence state toward reembodiment... (NOTE: Is this a prevention of taking the astral body in a moment of nakedness?) The whole science and art of navigating the between-state bears down on this moment, assisting a person to use the transition between habitual lives to enter this extremely subtle awareness that is naturally at one with blissful freedom, total intelligence, boundless sensitivity- that is, perfect enlightenment.

Many persons spend a number of days in this juncture, but often in a state of complete unconsciousness. Confusion about what has happened to them, residual unconsciousness from the stage of imminence, and terror at being cut loose in the universe prevent them from recognizing their deepest home in this clear light translucency... Because of the difficulty of unraveling the sixfold heart complex knot, it must have been gradually loosened in the death process not to cause an overwhelmingly distracting trauma at this point.

Most people traverse these dissolutions without recognizing what is happening to them, not being able to rest in the clear light, not realizing their essential freedom, happiness, and natural and joyous boundless participation in the lives of all beings. They will mentally shoot through the void's clear light and rise back up into gross embodiment through the eight dissolutions in the reverse order... (NOTE: The choice made by habit to return to something very familiar.)

The meditative practices associated with between-state training are crucial for sharpening attention so you can become aware of the process, slow down the transitions, and remain lucidly aware of the changes as they occur.

The Three Aspects of Mind

*TB* The Three Stages In Short:

1) The absolute nature, uncovered at the moment of death in the Ground Luminosity, is the dimension of "empty," unconditional truth into which illusion and ignorance, and any kind of concept have never entered.

2) The intrinsic radiance of energy and light that is spontaneously displayed in the bardo of dharmata, the dimension of complete enjoyment, the field of total plenitude, of full richness, beyond all dualistic limitations, beyond space and time.

3) The sphere of crystallization into form revealed in the bardo of becoming, the dimension of ceaseless manifestation.

->) Remember now that when we looked at the nature of mind, we saw that it had these three same aspects: its empty, sky-like essence, its radiant luminous nature, and its unobstructed, all-pervasive, compassionate energy, which are all simultaneously present and interpenetrating as one within the Rigpa.

Dying Lucidly

*TBD* The Secret To Dying Lucidly- Becoming Self-Aware:

An important first step toward the ability to die lucidly is developing a sensitivity to the transitions between these various states.

The Clear Light

*TB* The Ground Luminosity:

The very subtlest consciousness of all is the Ground Luminosity or Clear Light.

In death we cannot escape from who or what we really are. Whether we like it or not, our true nature is revealed. It is important to know that there are two aspects of our being that are revealed at the moment of death: our absolute nature, and our relative nature- how we are, and have been, in this life. This is called the dawning of the Ground Luminosity, or "Clear Light," where consciousness itself dissolves into the all-encompassing space of truth.

This self-originated Clear Light, which from the very beginning was never born, is the child of Rigpa, which is itself without any parents. This self-organized wisdom has not been created by anyone.

What is important is not to confuse it with the physical light that we know, not with the experiences of light that will unfold presently in the next bardo; the luminosity that arises at death is the natural radiance of the wisdom of our own Rigpa, "the uncompounded nature present throughout all of samsara and nirvana."

*TB* The Ground Luminosity:

When the master introduces us to the nature of mind, it is as if our sight has been restored, for we have been blind to the Ground Luminosity that is in everything. The master's introduction awakens in us a wisdom eye, with which we come to see clearly the true nature of whatever arises, the luminosity-Clear Light- nature of all our thoughts and emotions. Thoughts and emotions go on arising; they are like waves of darkness. But each time the waves unfurl and meet the light, they dissolve immediately. If the ground of our ordinary mind is completely purified, it is as if we have shattered the storehouse of our karma and so emptied the karmic supply for future rebirths.

Forms of the Bardo

*GotB* The Bardo for Christians:

[Alexandra David-Neel] centered her investigations on Buddhism... She left behind an interesting conversation with the Dalai Lama of Tibet..:

"Do Christians, thought they follow the religions of Issu [Jesus], also go to bardo when they die?"


"But they don't believe in the gods of lamaism, or in reincarnation, or in anything written in the Bardo Thodol."

"They will still go to bardo. However, what they see there will be Issu, angels, paradise, hell, and the life. In their projecting spirit they will see all the things they have been taught which they believe in. They will have visions which in some cases will frighten them, for instance, the Last Judgement, the torments of hell. Their images and experiences during their dream journey will be different from a Tibetan's. But in essence it will be the same thing. The psychomental impressions stored up during the individual's lifetime will take on forms and be represented as ensouled images. Thus the Tibetan, the Christian, or any other disembodied being will tend to view these visions as real events unfolding in the form of a series of thoughts."

*DA* The Bardo Seen Theosophically- The Slumber:

"Interval the first is that period between the physical death and the merging of the spiritual Ego into that state which is known in the Arhat esoteric doctrine as Bardo. We have translated this as the "gestation" period (pre-devachanic)." (H.P. Blavatsky, The Theosophist, June, 1882, art.)

Rumbling Light

*TBD* The Rumbling Sound of the Wisdom Light:

From The Mild Deity Reality Between:

"The soft green light of the animal realm dawns together with the wisdom light... Don't be afraid of that energetic, piercing, five-colored light! Don't be terrified! Recognize it as wisdom! From within the light comes the thousand rolling thunders of the natural sound of teaching. The sound is fierce, reverberating, rumbling, stirring, like fierce mantras of intense sound. Don't fear it! ...Recognize it as the exercise of your own awareness, your own perception."

Script: The following few sections arent necessarily in the right order yet.

The Luminous Bardo of Dharmata

*TB* The Luminous Bardo of Dharmata:

If we fail to recognize the Ground Luminosity, then we encounter the next bardo, the luminous bardo of dharmata. Dharmata means the intrinsic nature of everything, the essence of things as they are. Dharmata is the naked, unconditional truth, the nature of reality, or the true nature of phenomenal existence. The end of the dissolution process and dawning of the Ground Luminosity has opened up an entirely new dimension, which now begins to unfold. The arising of the Ground Luminosity is like the clarity of the empty sky just before dawn. Now gradually the sun of dharmata begins to rise in all its splendor, illuminating the contours of the land in all directions. The natural radiance of Rigpa manifests spontaneously and blazes out energy and light. The name we give to this display of sound, light, and color os "spontaneous presence," for it is always and inherently present within the expanse of "primordial purity," which is its ground.

What is actually taking place here is a process of unfoldment, in which mind and its fundamental nature are gradually becoming more and more manifest. The bardo of dharmata is one stage in that process. For it is through this dimension of light and energy that mind unfolds from its purest state, the Ground Luminosity, towards its manifestation as form in the next bardo, the bardo of becoming.

Matter is condensed or frozen light. All matter is a condensation of light into patterns moving back and forth at average speeds which are less than the speed of light. Light is energy and also it's information- content, form, and structure. It's the potential for everything.

*TB* The 4 Phases of the Bardo of Dharmata:

The bardo of dharmata has four phases, each one of which presents another opportunity for liberation. If the opportunity is not taken, then the next phase will unfold.

1) In the bardo of dharmata, you take on a body of light. The first phase of this bardo is when "space dissolves into luminosity":

Suddenly you become aware of a floating vibrant world of sound, light, and color. All the ordinary features of our familiar environment have melted into an all-pervasive landscape of light. This is brilliantly clear and radiant, transparent and multicolored, unlimited by any kind of dimension or direction, shimmering and constantly in motion. Its colors are the natural expression of the intrinsic elemental qualities of the mind: space is perceived as blue light, water as white, earth as yellow, fire as red, and wind as green.

How stable these dazzling appearances of light are in the bardo of dharmata depends entirely upon what stability you have managed to attain. Only a real mastery of this practice will enable you to stabilize the experience and so use it to gain liberation. Otherwise the bardo of dharmata will simply flash by like a bolt of lightning; you will not even know that it has occurred. The all-important recognition: that these radiant manifestations of light have no separate existence from the nature of mind.

2) If you are unable to recognize this as the spontaneous display of Rigpa, the simple rays and colors then begin to integrate and coalesce into points or balls of light of different sizes. Within them the "mandala of the peaceful and wrathful deities" appear, as enormous spherical concentrations of light seeming to occupy the whole of space.

This is the second phase, known as "luminosity dissolving into union," where the luminosity manifests in the form of buddhas or deities of various size, color, and form, holding different attributes. The brilliant light they emanate is blinding and dazzling, the sound is tremendous, like the roaring of a thousand thunderclaps, and the rays and beams of light are like lasers, piercing everything.

They unfold over a period of "days," taking on their own characteristic mandala pattern of five-fold clusters. This is a vision that fills the whole of your perception with such intensity that if you are unable to recognize it for what it is, it appears terrifying and threatening. Sheer fear and blind panic can consume you, and you faint.

From yourself and from the deities, very fine shafts of light stream out, joining your heart with theirs. Countless luminous spheres appear in their rays, which increase and then "roll up," as the deities all dissolve into you.

3) If again you fail to recognize and gain stability, the next phase unfolds, called "union dissolving into wisdom." Another fine shaft of light springs out from your heart and an enormous vision unfolds from it; however, every detail remains distinct and precise. This is the display of the various aspects of wisdom, which appear together in a show of unfurling carpets of light and resplendent spherical luminous balls.

First, on a carpet of deep blue light appear shimmering balls of sapphire blue, in patterns of five. Above that, on a carpet of white light, appear radiant balls, white like crystal. Above, on a carpet of red light supports ruby red balls. They are crowned by a radiant sphere like an outspread canopy made of peacock feathers.

This brilliant display of light is the manifestation of the five wisdoms: wisdom of all-encompassing space, mirror-like wisdom, equalizing wisdom, wisdom of discernment, and all-accomplishing wisdom. But since the all-accomplishing wisdom is only perfected at the time of enlightenment, it does not appear yet. Therefore there is no green carpet of light and balls, yet it is inherent within all the other colors. What is being manifested here is our potential for enlightenment.

If you do now attain liberation here through resting undistracted in the nature of mind, the carpets of light and their balls, along with your Rigpa, all dissolve into the radiant sphere of light, which is like the canopy of peacock feathers.

4) The final phase of the bardo of dharmata is "wisdom dissolving into spontaneous presence." Now the whole of reality presents itself in one tremendous display. First the state of primordial purity dawns like an open, cloudless sky. Then the peaceful and wrathful deities appear, followed by the pure realms of the buddhas, and below them the six realms of samsaric existence.

Every possibility is presented: from wisdom and liberation to confusion and rebirth. At this point you will find yourself endowed with powers of clairvoyant perception and recollection. For example, with total clairvoyance and your sense unobstructed, you will know your past and future lives, see into others' minds, and have knowledge of all six realms of existence. In an instant you will vividly recall whatever teachings you have heard, and even teachings you have never heard will awaken in your mind.

The entire vision then dissolves back into its original essence, like a tent collapsing once its ropes are cut.

->) If you have the stability to recognize these manifestations as the "self-radiance" of your own Rigpa, you will be liberated. But without the experience of Togal practice, you will be unable to look at the vision of the deities, which is as bright as the sun." Instead, as a result of the habitual tendencies of your previous lives, your gaze will be drawn downward to the six realms. It is those that you will recognize and which will lure you again into delusion.

In the sphere of dharmata we have gone completely beyond all limits such as time and space. These days are "meditation days," and refer to the length of time we have been able to rest undistracted in the nature of mind, or in one single state of mind. (Length is equal to our focus power.)

Dawning of the Different Levels

*TBD* Seven Levels, Seven Days:

From The Mild Deity Reality Between:

"On the seventh day a five-colored, rainbow-striped light will dawn to purify your instincts by immersion in reality. (NOTE: Seven levels, like astral mappings)"

*TBD* Running Down the Evolutionary Ladder:

From The Mild Deity Reality Between:

"Now, since the life cycle is in suspension, all things dawn as lights and deities. All space dawns full of azure light... The blue light of the Reality Perfection wisdom, a clear vivid color blue, frighteningly intense, shines piercingly from the heart center of this Vairochana couple, dazzling your eyes unbearably. Simultaneously the soft white light of the gods shines upon you and penetrates you in parallel with the bright blue light. At that time, influenced by negative evolution, you panic and are terrified of that bright blue light of Reality Perfection wisdom and you flee from it. And you feel a liking for the soft white light of the gods, and you approach it...

"Now you must fearlessly recognize that brilliant white, piercing, dazzling clear light as wisdom... Don't be enticed by that soft smoky light of hell!..

"The soft blue light of the human realm shines before you... You feel a liking for that soft blue light of the human realms and you approach it... You must fearlessly recognize that brilliant yellow, piercing, dazzling clear light as wisdom. Upon it place your mind... Don't be enticed by that soft yellow light of the pretan realms!..

"The green light of the All-accomplishing wisdom... Enter the experience of the great, unoccupied equanimity... At the same time a soft, envy-made red light of the titan realm shines upon you."


From The Mild Deity Reality Between:

"Along with the wisdom lights, there also arise the impure, misleading visions of the six species; namely, the soft white light of the gods, the soft red light of the titans, the soft blue light of the humans, the soft green light of the animals, the soft yellow light of the pretans, and the soft smoky light of the hells. These six arise entwined in parallel with the pure wisdom lights. Therefore, dont seize or cling to any of those lights... If you fear the wisdom lights and cling to the impure six-species life-cycle lights, you will assume a body of a being of the six species." (NOTE: Interesting... this is like denying truth, and thus going back until you learn to accept what each wisdom shows as part of you.)

*TBD* You Form An Astral Body and Have Visions of Your Next Realm:

From Orientation To The Existence Between:

"You arise as if in a flesh-and-blood body determined by the instincts of your preceding life. If you are radiant and have traces of the auspicious bodily signs and marks of a mythic hero, it is because your imagination can transform your body; thus, that perceived in the between is called a ‘mental body.'

"At that time, if you are to be born as a god, you will have visions of the heavens. If you are to be born as a titan, a human, an animal, a pretan, or a hell-being, you will have visions of whichever realm you will be born in... You begin to have visions of the place where you are heading for rebirth...

"Do not follow after every vision that happens. Don't be attached to it! Don't adhere to it! If you are stubborn and attached to all of them, you will roam in suffering through the six realms. Up until yesterday, the visions of the reality between dawned for you, but you did not recognize them. So you have had to wander here now. So now, if, without wavering, you can develop recognition, the spiritual teacher's orientation can open your awareness of the clear light, the naked, pure, vibrant void. Enter into it, relax into the experience of nonholding, nondoing! Without having to enter a womb, you will be liberated."

*TBD* The Journey of Between-States: Subsequent Opportunities for Recognition:

If one doubts and does not recognize the first clear light, again the "second clear light" dawns...

At this point, the deceased feels his consciousness emerge out of the body, but he does not recognize the situation, worrying instead, "Have I died or not?" He still feels as if connected with his loved ones. He hears their weeping...

If the deceased is still not liberated, it is then called the "third between phase." The reality between dawns. This becomes the third between, in which the evolutionary hallucinations dawn... At that time, her loved ones will weep and wail... She can see them, but they cannot see her. She can hear them calling her, but they cannot hear when she calls them. So she must depart, her heart sinking in despair. Perceptions arise of sounds, lights, and rays, and she feels faint with fear, terror, and panic...

The deceased here has entered into the dreamlike world of the between, and is not yet used to the ghostly senses of the between. To his or her heightened sensitivity, sights and sounds can have a startling intensity. Further, the underlying instincts can emerge from the subconscious easily and quickly, and can color any experience with intense moods, either of terror or joy... This fearful state in the between can itself create distressing manifestations. Should we give ourselves to such terrors, we would become more and more tied up in knots of defensiveness, would close down our sensitivity more and more, and would inevitably descend into the sea of patterns of negativity...

Under the influence of envy and negative evolutionary actions, the deceased may still feel anxiety and fear the sounds and lights, and may still not be picked up by the tractor beam of the light rays of compassion.

Signs of the Bardo

*TBD* Easy Manifestation:

From Orientation To The Existence Between:

"You have the ability to manifest anything without any obstruction. You should recognize this as a sign of the existence between! You should pray to your spiritual teacher!" (NOTE: The previous line is repeated after each sign of being in the "between")

Recognizing Your Mental Emanations

*TBD* Recognize These as Your Own Mental Emanations:

From The Mild Deity Reality Between:

"At this time when your mind and body are parting ways, pure reality manifests in subtle, dazzling visions, vividly experienced, naturally frightening and worrisome, shimmering like a mirage on the plains in autumn... Whatever sounds, lights, and rays may come at you, they cannot hurt you. You cannot die. It is enough just for you to recognize them as your own perceptions...

"If you don't recognize them as your own perceptions in this way... the lights will frighten you, the sounds will panic you, the rays will terrify you... and you will wander in the life cycle."


From The Mild Deity Reality Between:

"These all arise from the natural exercise of your own awareness. They do not come from anywhere else. So do not be attached to them! Do not be terrified of them! Relax in the experience of nonconceptualization... Trust those visions... Recognize reality like the child meeting the mother, or like the greeting of a long familiar person... Recognizing your vision as your own creations, you will trust your being held on the changeless path of pure reality... Your awareness will dissolve into the body of great effortlessness, and you will become a Buddha in the Beatific Body, never to be reversed."


From The Fierce Deity Reality Between:

"What you see and perceive, whatever terrifying visions occur, recognize them as your own visions! Recognize the clear light as the natural energy of your own awareness! If you so recognize, there is no doubt you will become a Buddha right away! The so-called "instantaneous perfect Buddhahood" will have come to pass!"

*TB* Recognizing Your Mental Emanations in the Bardo of Dharmata:

The key to understanding this bardo is that all of the experiences that take place in it are the natural radiance of the nature of mind. What is happening is that different aspects of its enlightened energy are being released. These dazzling appearances are the spontaneous expression of the nature of mind. It would be wrong to call these appearances "visions" or even "experiences," because vision and experience depend upon a dualistic relationship between a perceiver and something perceived. There is no difference between perceiver and perceived. To enter into that experience completely is to attain liberation. It arises at that moment, in the after--death state when consciousness can realize its experiences to be nothing other than mind itself. Once we mistake the experiences as separate from us, as "external visions," we respond with fear or hope, which leads us into delusion. Here it is the recognition of the self-radiance of Rigpa.

How are we to understand these buddhas or deities? "Each one of these pure forms expresses an enlightened perspective of a part of our impure experience." The five masculine buddhas are the pure aspect of the five aggregates of ego. Their five wisdoms are the pure aspect of the five negative emotions. The five female buddhas are the pure elemental qualities of mind, which we experience as the impure elements of our physical body and environment. The eight bodhisattvas are the pure aspect of the different types of consciousness, and their female counterparts are the objects of these consciousnesses.

Whether the pure vision of the buddha families and their wisdoms manifests, or the impure vision of the aggregates and negative emotions arises, they are intrinsically the same in their fundamental nature. The difference lies in how we recognize them. For example, a thought of desire; if its true nature is recognized, it arises, free of grasping, as the "wisdom of discernment." Hatred and anger, when truly recognized, arise as diamond-like clarity, free of grasping; this is the "mirror-like wisdom." When ignorance is recognized, it arises as vast and natural clarity without concepts: the "wisdom of all-encompassing space." Pride, when recognized, is realized as non-duality and equality: the "equalizing wisdom." Jealousy, when recognized, is freed from partiality and grasping, and arises as the "all-accomplishing wisdom." If you fail to recognize the red, ruby light of the wisdom of discernment, it arises as fire, for it is the pure essence of the fire element. If you fail to recognize the true nature of the golden radiance of the equalizing wisdom, then it arises as the element earth, because it is the pure essence of the earth element; and so on.

Recognizing the Clear Light

*BG* Recognizing the Nature of Mind:

Anyone who, at the end of life, quits his body remembering Me, attains immediately to My nature, and there is no doubt of this. (NOTE: Buddhist dawning of the true nature of mind)

*TYSD* The Clear Light Between Lives:

From The Path of Knowledge: The Yoga of the Six Doctrines:

6) The recognizing of the Clear Light is to be accomplished in the interval between the cessation of consciousness in this world and the arising of consciousness in the after-death state.

*TBD* Recognizing Different Bardo's Clear Light:

From The Root Verses of the Six Betweens:

"Now when the dream between dawns upon me,

I will give up corpselike sleeping in delusion,

And mindfully enter unwavering the experience of reality.

Conscious of dreaming, I will enjoy the changes as clear light...

Now when the meditation between dawns upon me,

I will abandon the host of distracting errors,

Focus in extreme-free experience, without releasing or controlling,

And achieve stability."

*TBD* The Experience of the Clear Light:

From The Prayer of the Reality Between:

"Just as your breath stops, the objective clear light of the first between will dawn... Your outer breath stops and you experience reality stark and void like space, your immaculate naked awareness dawning clear and void without horizon or center. At that instant, you yourself must recognize it as yourself."

*TBD* Embracing the Clear Light- You Only Lose Limitation, Ignorance:

The seeker who embraces nothingness, who blasts off into the samadhi of the void, finds that what ceases is not all life, but is his or her ignorance, misknowledge, egocentric addiction, the subjective and objective self-addictions. Fortunately, liberation- the cessation of self-addiction- results in a powerful and durable happiness, a vibrating and sustaining bliss. That special overflowing of joy makes the small worldly joys previously knowable in the tight trap of self-addiction seem paltry and pathetic.

*TB* Recognizing The Ground Luminosity:

The dawning of the Ground Luminosity is the great opportunity for liberation. Only if we have really been introduced to the nature of our mind, our Rigpa, and only if we have established and stabilized it through meditation and integrated it into our life, does the moment of death offer a real opportunity for liberation. Most of us are totally unprepared for its sheer immensity, the cast and subtle depth of its naked simplicity. The majority of us will simply have no means of recognizing it. What happens, then, is that we tend to react instinctively with all our past fears, habits, and conditioning. Though the negative emotions may have died for the luminosity to appear, the habits of lifetimes still remain. Though all our confusion dies in death, instead of surrendering and opening to the luminosity, in our fear and ignorance we withdraw and instinctively hold onto our grasping. This is what obstructs us from truly using this powerful moment as an opportunity for liberation. All beings have lived and died and been reborn countless times. Over and over again they have experienced the indescribable Clear Light. But because they are obscured by the darkness of ignorance, they wander endlessly in a limitless samsara.

All these habitual tendencies, the results of our negative karma, which have sprung from the darkness of ignorance, are stored in the ground of the ordinary mind. The ground of the ordinary mind prevents us from breaking through to the sky-like nature of our mind, even if we can still have glimpses of it. Meditation practitioners can mistake the experience of the ground of the ordinary mind for the real nature of mind itself. It is the difference between looking up at the sky from within a glass dome, and standing outside in the open air. The aim of all spiritual practice is to purify this subtle barrier, and gradually weaken it and break it down. Each time we rest in the nature of mind, the ground of the ordinary mind gets weaker.

The ground of the ordinary mind gathers and stores all our karma and habits. And just as we have to keep wiping the glass, so we have to keep purifying the ground of the ordinary mind. (PoP purification) Through our practice we gradually stabilize the nature of mind more and more, so that it does not simply remain as our absolute nature but becomes our everyday reality. As it does so, the more our habits dissolve, and the less of a difference there is between meditation and everyday life.

*TB* The Ground Luminosity:

The Ground Luminosity lasts as long as he or she can rest, undistracted, in the state of the nature of mind. For most people, however, it lasts no longer than a snap of the fingers. The vast majority of people do not recognize the Ground Luminosity at all, and instead they are plunged into a state of unconsciousness, which can last up to three and a half days. It is then that the consciousness finally leaves the body,

There are signs that one is resting in the state of the Ground Luminosity: There is still a certain color and glow in their face, the nose does not sink inward, the skin remains soft and flexible, the body does not become stiff, the eyes are said to keep a soft and compassionate glow, and there is still a warmth to the heart.

1) During a funeral, an incandescent, milky light, looking like a thin and luminous fog, began to appear and gradually spread everywhere. Four large electric lamps were dimmed by this mysterious light. Such manifestations of light are said in the Tantras to be a sign of someone attaining Buddhahood.

*TB* Practice Recognizing The Ground Luminosity:

There is a way in which we can prepare completely to recognize the dawning of the Ground Luminosity at the moment of death. This is through the very highest level of meditation, the practice of Dzogchen. It is called the "union of two luminosities," which is also known as the merging of the Mother and Child Luminosities. The Mother Luminosity is the Ground Luminosity. This is the fundamental, inherent nature of everything, which underlies our whole experience, and which manifests in its full glory at the moment of death. The Child Luminosity is the nature of our mind. When the integration is complete, recognition is complete and realization occurs. Once the nature of mind has been introduced and you organize it, you have the key to recognizing it again. Then the recognition becomes so ingrained in you, so much a part of you, that you have no further need of the photograph; when you meet the person recognition is spontaneous and immediate. At the moment of death the Ground Luminosity dawns, and you will be able then to recognize it and merge with it- as instinctively as a little child running eagerly into its mother's lap, like old friends meeting, or a river flowing into the sea.

Grasping & Attraction to the Lower Realms

*TB* Drawn to the 6 Realms:

If we have not recognized and stabilized the dharmata nature of mind in life, we are instinctively drawn toward the dim lights of the six realms, as the basic tendency toward grasping, which we have built up during life, begins to stir and awaken. Threatened by the dynamic brilliance of wisdom, the mind retreats.

The deities are not unique to Tibetans; they are a universal and fundamental experience, but the way they are perceived depends on our conditioning. Since they are by nature limitless, they have the freedom then to manifest in any form. They are understood as metaphors, which personalize and capture the infinite energies and qualities of the wisdom mind of the buddhas. Through training in creating and reabsorbing the deities in the practice of visualization, he or she realizes that the mind that perceives the deity and the deity itself are not separate. Instead of perceiving the appearances of the dharmata as external phenomena, the Tantric practitioners will relate them to their yidam practice, and unite and merge with the appearances.

We are presented with the means to liberation, yet we are simultaneously seduced by the call of our habits and instincts. We experience the pure energy of mind, and its confusion at one and the same time. It is almost as if we were being prompted to make up our mind- to choose between one or the other.

*TB* How Grasping Solidifies Forms:

This is how, when self--grasping enters into the "perceptions" of the appearances of the bardo of dharmata, they are transformed, you could almost say solidified, through that into the various bases of delusion of samsara.

One Dzogchen master uses the example of ice and water to show how this lack of recognition and self-grasping unfold: Water is usually liquid, an element with wonderful qualities, that purifies and quenches thirst. But when it freezes, it solidifies into ice. Whenever self-grasping arises it solidifies both our inner experience and the way we perceive the world around us (YES! Take the melt-down metaphor with the gravity one. Being gravitated is like being frozen, like lava taking solid form!) Just as in the heat of the sun ice will melt into water, so in the light of recognition, our unbound wisdom nature is revealed. (NOTE: This shows the down side of mental science and demonstrates Eastern and Western religious tendencies well. Asceticism vs fulfillment.)

After the dawning of the Ground Luminosity in the bardo of dharmata, samsara actually arises as a result of two successive failures to recognize the essential nature of mind. Arising negative emotions then start to solidify into different false perceptions, which together go on to create the illusory realms we call samsara, and which imprison us in the cycle of birth and death.

When the brilliant light of wisdom shines out, it is accompanied by a display of simple, comforting, cozy sounds and lights, less challenging and overwhelming than the light of wisdom. These dim lights- smoky, yellow, green, blue, red, and white- are out habitual, unconscious tendencies accumulated by anger, greed, ignorance, desire, jealousy, and pride. These are the emotions that create the six realms of samsara: hell, hungry ghost, animal, human, demigod, and god realms respectively.

The Bardo from a Western Viewpoint

*CWG3* Uncontrolled Thoughts- Purgatory, Controlled Thoughts- Heaven, Collective- Nirvana:

You may submit to the creations of your uncontrolled thoughts, you may create your experience consciously out of choice, or you may experience the collective consciousness of All That Is...

Should you take the first path, most of you will not do so for very long (unlike the way you behave on Earth). This is because in the moment you don't like what you are experiencing, you will choose to create a new and more pleasant reality, which you will do by simply stopping your negative thoughts.

Because of this, you will never experience the "hell" of which you are so afraid, unless you choose to. Even in that case you will be "happy," in that you will be getting what you want. (More people than you know are "happy" being "miserable.")...

Should you take the second path and consciously create your experience, you will no doubt experience going "straight to heaven," because this is what anyone who is freely choosing, and who believes in heaven, would create...

Should you take the third path and submit to the creations of the collective consciousness, you will move very quickly into total acceptance, total peace, total joy, total awareness, and total love, for that is the consciousness of the collective. Then you will become one with the Oneness, and there will be nothing else except That Which You Are- which is All There Ever Was, until you decide that there should be something else...

After you experience the Oneness for an infinite time-no time, you will cease to experience it, because you cannot experience the Oneness as Oneness unless and until That Which Is Not One also exists. Understanding this, you will create, once again, the idea and the thought of separation, or disunity.

Then you will keep on traveling on the Cosmic Wheel, keep going, keep circling, keep on being, forever and ever, and even forever more.

You will return to the Oneness many times- an infinite number of times and for an infinite period each time...

If you "die" in a state of limited perspective and uncontrolled thoughts, you'll experience whatever that state brings you, until you don't want to anymore. Then you'll "wake up" -become conscious- and start experiencing yourself creating your reality.

You'll look back at the first stage and call it purgatory. The second stage, when you can have anything you want with the speed of thought, you'll call heaven. The third stage, when you experience the bliss of the Oneness, you'll call Nirvana.

Ready To Kick the Frame - Dying Well

*IaTR* Dying Well:

I am dying.

Mirel: "Bert, your light is shining more powerfully than I have ever seen. Are you leaving us?"

I realize that she is correct. My sense of Self is now vast, expanding far beyond the capacity of my physical body I feel the physical shell fall away, and I am free.

I step back from the sphere. Persephone moves away.

*MM* Death:

They do not believe that death by disease or accident is natural. They believe the natural way to exit the human experience is by exercising one's free will and choice. At about age one hundred and twenty or thirty, when one gets excited about returning to FOREVER, and after asking Oneness if it is in the highest good, they call for a party, a celebration of life.

The Real People nation have for centuries had the practice at birth to speak the same first phrase to all newborns. Each person hears the exact same first words: "We love you and support you on the journey." At the final celebration, everyone hugs them and repeats this phrase again. Then the departing person sits down in the sand and shuts down the body systems. In less than two minutes, they are gone.

*AoaY* A Yogi Dies:

"Sanandan, be prepared; I am going to kick the frame."

"After a stunned silence, I cried loudly, ‘Master, don't do it! Please, please don't do it!' My guru smiled at me, but his solemn gaze was already fixed on Eternity."

"Be not selfish," he said, "nor grieve for me. I have been long cheerfully serving you all; now rejoice and wish me God-speed. I go to meet my Cosmic Beloved." In a whisper, Pranabanandaji added, "I shall be reborn shortly. After enjoying a short period of the Infinite Bliss, I shall return to earth and join Babaji."

"He cried again, ‘Sanandan, here I kick the frame by the second Kriya Yoga.'"

"He looked at the sea of faces before us, and gave a blessing. Directing his gaze inwardly to the spiritual eye, he became immobile. He had left the tabernacle of flesh and plunged his soul into the cosmic vastness. The disciples touched his body, seated in the lotus posture, but it was no longer the warm flesh. Only a stiffened frame remained; the tenant had fled to the immortal shore."


For a moment, Master trembled like a frightened child.

("Attachment in bodily residence, springing up of its own nature [i.e., arising from immemorial roots, past experiences of death]," Pantajali wrote, "is present in slight degree even in great saints. Just as long-caged bird hesitates to leave its accustomed home when the door is opened.")

*TB* Death & Freedom: Letting Go & Change:

To practice death is to practice freedom. A man who has learned how to die has unlearned how to be a slave. It is only when we believe things to be permanent that we shut off the possibility of learning from change. We are terrified of letting go, terrified, in fact, of living at all, since learning to live is learning to let go. "He who binds to himself a joy does the winged life destroy. He who kisses the joy as it flies lives in eternity's sunrise." Letting go is the path to real freedom.

"Always recognize the dreamlike aspects of life and reduce attachment and aversion. Practice good-heartedness towards all beings. Be loving and compassionate, no matter what others do to you. What they will do will not matter so much when you see it as a dream. The trick is to have positive intention during the dream. This is the essential point. This is true spirituality."

May all live without too much attachment and too much aversion.

*TB* How To Help The Dying:

When in a hospital, I suggest that you request that the hospital staff do not disturb him or her so often, and that they stop taking tests. Being in an intensive care unit will make a peaceful death very difficult. There will be no chance of leaving the body undisturbed for a period of time after death, as the masters advise.

If you can, you should arrange with the doctor to be told when there is no possibility of the person recovering, and than request to have them moved to a private room, if the dying person wishes it, with the monitors disconnected. Make sure that the staff knows too to leave the body undisturbed after death for as long as possible. Try and make certain also that while the person is actually in the final stages of dying, all injections and all invasive procedures of any kind are discontinued. These can cause anger, iteration, and pain, and for the mind of the dying person to be as calm as possible in the moments before death is, as I will explain in detail later, absolutely crucial. Comatose and dying patients may be much more aware of things around them than we realize.

Always when you are with a dying person, dwell on what they have accomplished and done well.

Through forgiving and being forgiven, we purify ourselves of the darkness of what we have done.

*TB* How To Die:

The Buddhist masters speak of the need to die consciously with as lucid, unblurred, and serene a mental mastery as possible. Keeping pain under control without clouding the dying person's consciousness is the first prerequisite.

Whenever possible, people should die at home, because it is at home that the majority of people are likely to feel most comfortable.

As you approach death, think continually to yourself: "May I take on the shuddering, the fear, and loneliness of all others all over the world who are dying or will die. May they be all freed from pain and confusion; may they all find comfort and peace of mind. "Every day the doctors discovered the symptoms of some new disease, only to find them done the next day and replaced by another illness, as if all the diseases in the world were finding room in his flesh. He was deliberately suffering all of these diseases to help minimize the coming pains of was, disease, and famine.

This is the essence of what is needed as you come to die: "Be free of attachment and aversion. Keep you mind pure. The moment of death is an exceptionally powerful opportunity for purifying karma. Remember that all the habits and tendencies that are stored in the ground of our ordinary mind are lying ready to be activated by any influence. The Dalai Lama says: "At the time of death attitudes of long familiarity usually take precedence and direct the rebirth." Our state of mind at death is all-important. If we die in a positive frame of mind, we can improve our next birth. And if we are upset and distressed, it may have a detrimental effect, even though we may have used our lives well. That last thought or emotion we have can be magnified out of all proportion and flood our whole perception.

The ideal way for a person to die is having given away everything, internally and externally, so that there is as little as possible yearning, grasping, and attachment for the mind at that essential moment to latch onto

It is essential that the atmosphere around is when we die should be as peaceful as possible. Grieving friends and relatives should not be present at a dying person's bedside, in case then provoke a disturbing emotion at the moment of death. I advise everyone to do their best to work out attachment and grief with the dying person before death comes: Cry together, express your love, and say goodbye, but try to finish with this process before the actual moment of death arrives.

Make a one-pointed and concentrated wish that you will be reborn either in a pure realm or as a human being, but in order to protect, nurture, and help others. To die with such love and such tender compassion in your heart until your last breath is said in the Tibetan tradition to be another form of phowa.

*TB* Leaving the Body:

In the bardos, most people go on grasping at a false sense of self, with its ghostly grasping at physical solidity; and this continuation of that illusion exposes them in death to more suffering. Solidity is a mere illusion. The most powerful way to realize this is to learn how, after meditation, to "become a child of illusion:" seeing directly, as we do in meditation, that all phenomena are illusory and dreamlike. The deepening perception of the body's illusory nature is one of the most profound and inspiring realizations we can have to help us to let go. When we are faced at death with the fact that our body is an illusion, we will be able to recognize its illusory nature without fear, to calmly free ourselves from all attachment to it, and to leave it behind willingly, even gratefully and joyfully, knowing it now for what it is. If we do not understand the illusory nature of our body, we might suffer cast emotional trauma as we lose it; and on the other hand, we are presented with the possibility of limitless freedom, a freedom that springs precisely from the absence of that very same body.

Stripped of a physical body, mind stands naked, revealed startlingly for what it has always been: the architect of our reality.

If, at the moment of death, we have already a stable realization of the nature of mind, in one instant, we can purify all our karma. And if we continue that stable recognition, we will actually be able to end our karma altogether, by entering the expanse of the primordial purity of the nature of mind, and attaining liberation.

Padmasambhava: "At present our mind is encased in a new, the new of the "wind of karma." And the wind of karma is encased itself in a new, the new of our physical body. The result is that we have no independence or freedom. If we can recognize the nature of mind in the bardo in the same way as we can now when it is introduced by the master, there is not the slightest doubt that we will attain enlightenment.

*TB?* Predeath Attitude:

Your attitude just before death is very important. If the dyer is disturbed, manifest desire or hatred will be generated. We all have predispositions from former non-virtuous actions which are activated in disadvantageous circumstances. This predispositions provide impetus for lives as animals. We also have predispositions established by previous advantageous circumstances, which upon meeting with advantageous circumstances, provide lifetimes in happy migrations as humans. These capacities are nourished by attachment and grasping, leading to bad or good rebirth. Thus if the disposition left by bad karma is activated, a life as an animal, hungry ghost, or hell-being will result. If a bad person dies with a virtuous attitude, then he will be reborn in a good situation. Seeing death as a release brings a movement into light, while seeing death with fear brings a movement from light to darkness and unpleasant forms. It is important for those around a dying person to foster a virtuous state, not a desirous or hateful state. If you are freezing to death, you may die with a desire for heat. This leads to a rebirth as a being in a hot hell. One is desirously attracted to their new birthplace, even if it is to be a hell. In the end, one rushes to the palce of rebirth and, when one's wish is not acheived, gets angry, whereupon the intermediate state ceases and the new life begins. The connection to life is made under the influence of desire, hatred, and ignorance. Until these afflictions are overcome, one is bound in chains without freedom. To overcome the sufferings of birth, ageing, sickness and death, desire, hatred, and confusion must be overcome. Their root, in turn, is ignorance. Trying to overcome desire and hatred is a temporary fix, for ignorance is the root.

*APitL* Being With the Dying:

By being with people as they make their transitions, I have actually been able to make part of their dying transition with them. I have shared visions that the dying are having and have even witnessed important portions of their lives, sharing in their panoramic life reviews as they make their transitions into the spirit world.

When family members come to visit, there is little meaningful talk about anything. The family members and the patient are often in a state of denial, so the subject of death rarely comes up. Instead, there is uncomfortable conversation about some postcard they have received, or hearing how sorry Aunt Jane is that they are ill. For the dying there is the comfort of having a loved one who is not trying to tell him he will be okay. Most hospice patients want to have meaningful interactions with someone else.

On many occasions I have heard the same celestial music they have heard. This music is like standing in a deep stone canyon and hearing a distant symphony echo off the canyon walls. One day when I cam in to visit Albert, he was staring intently into space. He put his finger to his lips so I would stay quiet and motioned for me to sit down. Faintly, very faintly, I could hear a soothing yet powerful music. We looked at each other in mystery. "It started last night," said Albert. I asked a passing nurse, "Do you hear it?" She listened a moment and then shook her head. "Hear what?" she asked. Albert's face was as serene as a sleeping child's. Then it hit me. The music is coming from the spirit side. Another day passed, and Albert said, "I'm going with the music." Within five minutes he was gone.


The Karma/Desire Astral Working Out

A First-Hand Experience With Bardo AND Karma/Desire

*VftA* At Death, Towards Truth, Taking Your Power Back in the Lower Astral, to the Mental:

Li: "Then, something changed. One moment, I was a girl frozen in fear by the eyes of a monster who was her destroyer; the next moment I saw that the monster wore a mask, as did the girl. Behind those masks were two spirits who were really one heart. And that heart was overflowing with so much love, it swept me up and out of the pain and fear, and then I was flying- a bird of pure spirit- above my green jungle and into a great light...

"We were moving rapidly through this living light. I was being swept farther and farther away from all that I had believed I was, toward who I had always truly been...

"The only thing that now had the potential to limit me was my mind, and the beliefs and fears that I had adopted as truth. These beliefs, desires, and fears, all children of my consciousness, I knew could present themselves as entities of very real and powerful substance. I now had to face them, and take back the power I had given them, so that nothing of me remained caught in that Earthly prison by attachment.

"We had moved to a place far beyond the limitations of time and space, and so this facing down of my creations- both good and bad- seemed never-ending. I encountered here many forms: some terrifying, appearing to possess a deadly force capable of great destruction; others were alluring forms of great beauty and seduction. The power they hold, though confined to this level, is very real. They were created and continue to exist due to the strength of my beliefs, as well as that of countless other souls.

"I saw many who are trapped here, halted in their holy progress, immobilized by their fears, transfixed by their attachments and desires. They are unwilling to let go, to leave what they have known, to reclaim the pieces of themselves they have given away in this way.

"It is a very difficult test, one which takes great courage and strength: to acknowledge your fears and the creations of your life and reclaim from them your soul. Some, too afraid to relinquish a corporeal form, become frantic to recapture their Earthly existence, and so reincarnate before they have had time to absorb the lessons of the life they have most recently left. Not only do these souls postpone by this choice the experience of indescribable freedom and infinite love that awaits them, they also create even greater difficulties and challenges for themselves by going back, when their spirits are ready to progress to the next level of learning and development.

"Others, refusing to let go, paralyzed by fear, are trapped here in this limbo world, until they are awakened from their illusion... The overwhelming power of prayer, as well as the presence of many enlightened ones sent to help free trapped spirits from the bonds of their attachments, forms a great mirror in which they may finally see the truth of their enslavement...

"As I passed through this challenging space, I kept my heart open and my whole being focused on the Great Love that lies beyond all illusion. I did not refuse my lessons, nor did I allow myself to be pulled by my fears or my Earthly memories from this bright core of molten love. Of my own volition, and with the support and encouragement of my beloved spirit guide, I cast the last remaining chains that bound me to my Earthly existence into this sacred furnace of flaming Love.

"The illusion of this testing ground then shattered into a thousand, thousand, pieces, and we were once again traveling unimpeded through an endless space of light and indescribable harmonies. We passed through many levels, within them great and beautiful gardens, and lovely temples of light, filled with many voices- all rejoicing. At each level, I was asked if I desired to stay, to experience what that existence held for me. I had at one time or another participated in all of these Heaven Worlds; and although they each possessed their own unique gifts, their own particular beauty and truths, I had already made these a part of my being and grown from them as a soul. There was no need for me there, and so my spirit flew on through the light...

"I then reached a great endless field of moving color and immense living sound. This was where I had been headed all along...

"[This place] is made up of the pure and all-encompassing and mighty power of Love. It is everywhere. It is nonconfining. It is nonlimiting. It is total surrender. It is melting in ecstatic union with the Divine...

"After an endless time spent in this sacred bliss, I began to feel a pull at the very center of my essence. This pull was the manifestation of a need the universe had, which only I could satisfy. A living cord of light formed that connected me to the source of that need. I let myself be carried by that cord back through endless levels of light to a Heaven World that is much closer to the Earth. As I drew nearer to my destination, I felt my energy condense, until I was once again wearing the form familiar to me at this level. I found myself walking in a Heavenly garden, surrounded by spirit beings and beautiful souls filled with light and celebration.

"I knew I would find here one who needed something only I could provide: healing through forgiveness. I had forgiven his long, long ago, and though he had been told the truth of this many times, in many ways, he needed to experience forgiveness directly...

"Nothing born of Love an ever die."

Entering the Astral (Kamaloca)- The Desire Body

*LBD* Entering Kamaloca, An Internal Warmth:

And now, with the laying aside of the etheric body, we begin to enter that world which has so often been called the Kamaloca world... After having experienced the inner vitalizing force, followed by a process resembling an inner permeating of our being with sounds, after feeling entirely alone with our own self and being filled with light from within, something arises which is like being filled with warmth from within... We feel that the etheric body is beginning to leave us. And this is the entrance into the world which has purposely been named the Region of Burning Desires in my book Theosophy, because the heat which arises from within is at the same time passion; it is a steaming, flowing passion, producing itself; it is the experiencing of the will element. (NOTE: This is the natural feeling that we may have attributed to all sorts of things, and if we have, then when we feel it, we remember that thing, and desire that thing, thinking it the source of this feeling.)

Soul Release To The Soul Plane(MotFE): "Those that have passed from the visible through death are manifesting on the same psychic plane as when they left the body, for the mortal mind functions on the psychic plane. This is the cause of the great psychic realm which lies between the material, or visible, and the true spiritual, and through which all aspiring to the true spiritual must force their way before the spiritual is perceived. In order to perceive the spiritual, we must forge through the psychic directly to God. Death releases the soul only onto the psychic plane and it manifests on the same spiritual plane it was in when the soul was released from the body. The one so passing has not perceived that there is but one Spirit, one Mind, one Body and that all came forth from this One."

*PotAB* Buddhism & Astral Body:

When you have recovered from the swoon of death, your Knower must have risen up in its primordial condition and a radiant body, resembling the former body, must have sprung forth. It is called the desire-body. It is endowed with all sense faculties. You are endowed with the power of miraculous unimpeded motion. Ceaselessly and involuntarily will you be wandering about.

Expansion in the Astral (Kamaloca)

*LBD* Expansion and the Kamaloca Period:

When the physical and etheric bodies have been laid aside, our astral body still possesses all the peculiarities it had on earth, and these peculiarities of the astral body, which it acquired because it lives in a physical body, also have to be laid aside. This requires a certain time and that marks the period of Kamaloca. The Kamaloca period is followed by experiences in the spiritual world or Devachan...

After death, our whole being expands and we feel that we are becoming ever larger. The feeling of being here in my skin with space and surrounding things out there is an experience that we do not have after death. After death we are inside objects and beings. We expand within a definite spatial area. During the Kamaloca period we are continually expanding. (NOTE: Swedenborg. He has a lot of agreements with Swedenborg, who traveled and learned in much the same way.)

The Unconscious Period of Thoughts Going Outside You

Script: This is so odd.. I dont know what to make of it. Does it correspond to Monroe's inner journey and all those layers? Or do you go inside yourself at the same time that you go outside into the planes? Is there a direct correspondence? Layer 3 in = Plane 3 out? Like a focus? Perhaps the unconsciousness is due to being closed within your own thought-world.
*ND* The Period of Unconsciousness at Death:

Just after death, there's a period of unconsciousness which may be likened to the dream state in the physical from which there is a gradual awakening. The duration of this period is governed by the individual's development.

*LBD* Thoughts Go Outside Him:

Immediately after passing through the portal of death, the human being first experiences the withdrawing of his ideational world. The ideas, the powers of thought, become objects, become something like active forces spreading out into the universe... But whereas earth-life, as experienced through thinking, withdraws from the human being and goes out into the vast cosmos (a process that occurs a few days after death, man's inner depths send forth a consciousness of all that he has undergone unconsciously during earth-life while asleep. This stage takes shape in such a way that he goes backward and recapitulates his earth-life in a period of one third of its actual duration.

During this time, the human being is intensely wrapped up in his own self. It might be said that he is still intensely connected with his own earthly affairs. He is thoroughly interwoven with what he passed through, while asleep, during the successive nights of his earthly life...

This world of our own which we pass through every night between falling asleep and awaking is the world we pass through in reverse, after death, during a period encompassing one third of our life-span.

*LBD* The Expansion of Memory Upon Death:

Old people, when dying, suddenly remember things that had long disappeared from their conscious memory...

When we go through the Gate of Death our life on earth is followed by a few days in which pictures of the life just ended come before us in a gigantic perspective... As the spatial exists side by side and only possesses spatial perspective, so the temporal events of our earthly life are now seen side by side and possess ‘time-perspective'. This tableau appears suddenly, but, during the short time it is there, it becomes more and more shadowy, weaker and weaker. Whereas in earthly life we look into ourselves and feel that we have our memory-pictures ‘rolled up' within us, these pictures now become greater and greater. We feel as if they were being received by the universe. What is at first comprised within the memory tableau as in a narrow space, becomes greater and greater, more and more shadowy, until we find it has expanded to a universe, becoming so faint that we can scarcely decipher what we first saw plainly... Then it vanishes in the far spaces and is no longer there...

This experience lasts a few days and, when these have passed, we feel that we ourselves are being expanded too... We actually feel ourselves within these rapidly retreating memories and being received into the wide spaces of the universe...

If we were only what can be preserved in our memories between birth and death, we would be nothing at all a few days after death.

*CPitI* Death Uses Only Earth Images:

Death may be described as the withdrawl of the life into the subjective consciousness to the total exclusion of the objective consciousness... The subjective mind, severed from its corresponding objective mentality, has no means of acquiring fresh impressions on its own account, and therefore can only ring the changes on those impressions which it has brought with it from its past life. (NOTE: ?)

*K* The Lower Mental Images Just After Death:

The soul just after death is encumbered with its complete body of desire, or kama rupa, and all the mental images formed by kama-manas (NOTE: Mental) that are of a gross and animal nature are powerful on the lowest levels of this astral world. A poorly developed soul will dwell on these images and act them out, thus preparing itself to repeat them again physically in its next life...

Some of the mental images encircling the newly arrived soul are the source of much trouble during the earlier stages of the post-mortem life; superstitious beliefs presenting themselves as mental images torture the soul with pictures of horrors that have no place in its real surroundings.

*LBD* Entering the World of Thought at Death:

After the human being has passed through the Gate of Death, he experiences his thought-life, his thinking, in a different way. In our life between birth and death we experience thoughts within our soul, we think. And these thoughts, between birth and death, are no more than images of an outer reality. When the human being has laid aside his physical body, then thought becomes an outer reality. This is the first experience in the spiritual world for someone who has died... In this world is contained, as thought, everything in the way of life experiences which accrued to us in our last life, all the wealth of experience gained simply by having lived... These thoughts, though, are not fleeting, for as they separate from the soul and take on independent life they grow more solid, vital and full of motion, and form a world of beings.

Script: The following passage is important. As the thoughts go out, the will-feeling gets bound to the higher aspects of you. I'll copy that part into a new section.
*LBD* Feeling & Will Are United & The Thought World:

After death our consciousness unfolds as a result of the human being becoming aware of his connection with the receding thought-world... Consciousness after death is further stimulated by the soul feeling: ‘Your thoughts are disappearing into the distance and you must seek them.'... The distinction between feeling life and will-life that exists from birth to death is no longer at all relevant after death... Whereas our thoughts become a world outside the soul after death, our willed feeling and feeling-imbued will bind themselves much more closely and intimately with our soul... This creates an inner life which is immeasurably more intense than the inner life of the soul when it lives within the body. After his thoughts have receded, the human being inhabits his inner world for a long time, for decades even, experiencing it as his principal world... For years this felt willing and willed feeling looks back upon its past earthly life. The human soul feels, after death, something like a longing, like a turning back toward what was offered by its previous life. For every life can be seen to have offered far more possibilities of experience than the human being in fact took advantage of... (NOTE: Depending on where your earthly focus was. If higher, you wont be attracted back to reincarnation.) (NOTE: Is this some sort of life-review? Is he looking at the discarded theosophy-corpses?) What the soul owes to other people, the harm it has done to others, all this appears as an intense feeling of deficient love...

Years go by after death during which the soul is occupied in gradually separating, unbinding itself from the context of its last life... We remain connected to the people whom we have left, whom we have loved... After death one lives together with the living; but also with those who have already died with whom one had a connection during life... It is a life in which the soul chiefly lives through everything which it wills and desires and longs for in connection with its felt and willed memories of the life that is past...

The early years of childhood have no influence on these initial years after death.

*ND* How Desires and the Subconscious Is Carried Into the Spiritual Planes:

(Q) "What form of consciousness does the spirit entity assume?"

(A) Edgar Cayce: "That of the subconscious consciousness, as known in the material plane, or the acts and deeds, and thoughts, done in the body, are ever present before that being. Then consider what a hell digged by some, and what a haven and heaven builded by many."


(Q) "Are the desires of the earth's plane carried over into the spiritual plane?"

(A) Edgar Cayce: "When those desires have fastened such hold upon the inner being as to become a portion of the subconsciousness, those desires pass on... The subconscious... is the storehouse of every act, thought, or deed... In these conditions, we find these conditions become a portion of the entity to the extent that the entirety of the subconscious becomes imbibed with that condition, wherein the entity depends upon that element for its sustenance."

Experiencing Your Expectations At Death

Script: This is probably connected with what goes on above.
*BDL* Building Your Own Hell After Death:

S: Due to the type of life they have lived they have attracted negative energies and influences unto themselves. When they cross over to the spiritual side of things, the negative influences are still clustered about them. But now they are conscious of these influences and they can perceive them because they are on the spiritual plane themselves. These things surround them totally and it affects their minds and makes them think that they are at a place that is very unpleasant...

When they work on the different aspects of themselves, and as they correct or heal a certain attitude or what-have-you, the energy of attraction is no longer there. The negative influences dissipate or drop away since there is no longer the energy there to hold them.

*BDL* Encountering After Death What You Expect, Becoming Obsessed:

S: That which you expect to find or that reality you create, you do indeed find. Were they to expect to awaken into perhaps a carnival, then that would be what they would find... If they expect to meet guides or friends along the way to help them toward the light, this is what they shall see. If they were steeped in the belief of damnation and hellfire and if they believe that they deserve this, this is what they shall also perceive... More times than not, another soul will come and guide them to a place of healing so they will lose their confusion and understand what has occurred... Some people, if it is a traumatic death, go into a period of deep, deep resting until they can handle the experience of knowing that their body has ceased to exist. And the awakening will be very slow. We don't need people who are wandering around in a daze. They can cause themselves harm and others also...

They don't know where they are. In their panic, they can hurt themselves by feeling, "I've got to get back, I've got to get back." And they tie themselves to wherever they died by the feeling that this cant be happening.

*SiO* The Materialist Sleep Between Lives:

For the materialist, who, notwithstanding his materialism, was not a bad man, the interval between the two lives will be like the unbroken and placid sleep of a child; either entirely dreamless, or with pictures of which he will have no definite perception. For the believer it will be a dream as vivid as life and full of realistic bliss and vision. As for the bad and cruel man, whether materialist or otherwise, he will be immediately reborn and suffer his hell on earth. (NOTE: Buddhist, but not really people's experience)


*DP* Materialists Not All Blind to the Heaven-World:

Madame Blavatsky has stated in The Key to Theosophy that in some cases a materialist has no conscious life in the heaven-world, since he did not while on earth believe in such a post-mortem condition...

A prominent materialist intimately known to one of our members was not long ago discovered by his friend upon the highest sub-plane of the astral, where he had surrounded himself with his books, and was continuing his studies almost as he might have done on earth. On being questioned by his friend he readily admitted that the theories which he had held while upon earth were confuted by the irresistible logic of facts... Since his entire disbelief in any life after death has not prevented his astral experiences, there seems no reason to suppose that I can check the due working out of the higher forces in him in the heaven-world hereafter...

Another instance still more recently observed was that of a materialist who on awakening upon the astral plane after death supposed himself to be still alive, and merely experiencing an unpleasant dream. Fortunately for him there was among the band of those able to function upon the astral plane a son of an old friend of his, who was commissioned to search for him and endeavor to render him some assistance...

We constantly find down here that nature makes no allowance for our ignorance of her laws...

The kind of materialism referred to by Madame Blavatsky in the remarks above mentioned was therefore probably something much coarser and more aggressive than ordinary agnosticism.

*BMS* Dead Materialists:

Some mediums in the last century, dealing with materialists who had died, reported that it was interesting when somebody asked them to get in contact with such people. They said it was hard to find these people and when they did find them, they had sort of made themselves a little "black hole" in after-death space, where they remained in a state of minimal consciousness, because they were convinced they couldn't survive death, so nothing was happening for them.

*CWG3* What You Experience at Death- Your Expectations:

In truth, you experience the consciousness in which you die.

Some of you have expectations without even knowing it. All your life you've had thoughts about what occurs after death, and when you "die" those thoughts are made manifest, and you suddenly realize (make real) what you've been thinking about. And it is your strongest thoughts, the ones you've held most fervently, that, as always in life, will prevail...

You may create any subreality you choose- including the experience of hell... Most of what you experience does not exist, yet you experience it nonetheless...

"What would stop me from creating such a place for all eternity if I believed all my life that there was such a place, and that something I'd done had caused me to deserve such a place?"

...One thing you will come to know and understand very quickly is that you are at choice, always, about what you wish to experience. That is because in the afterlife results are instantaneous, and you will not be able to miss the connection between your thoughts about a thing, and the experience those thoughts create...

The soul responds to, re-creates, the mind's most powerful suggestion, producing that in its experience.

Some souls remain in that experience for a time, making it very real... Other souls quickly adjust, see the experience for what it is, begin to think new thoughts, and move immediately to new experiences...

*BDL* Creating Expected Hell After Death:

S: The mind will at the time of death create its own Hell if that is what it's expecting...

They remain there in their version of Hell until they realize that it is a manufacture of their own mind. It may take a year or it may take hundreds... When they realize they don't have to stay there it has no power to hold them and they are released to go where they truly belong.

Attracted To Similar Astral Matter

*PAP* Entering Habitual States After Death:

The electro-mechanical constitution of Universal Energy balanced in each of its waves brings together vibrations of a similar nature.

When he leaves his material form, the human being does not take away with him any one action more than another. He only retains the harmonies, the expressions and the rhythm of his experiences on earth. But this is sufficient to attract him and keep him prisoner in a medium where he will be able to put into action his habitual affections.

In order to maintain a perfect equilibrium in all the degrees of the ether, all attractions must be left behind, in order to reduce the series of vibrations used by the consciousness to its simplest expression.

Until this result is obtained, which represents the goal of human evolution, one notices, in the visible world, the existence of a field of energy particularly favorable to the attractions, affinities, and sympathies of the moment.

The vibratory rhythm of our oscillations, automatically places each human being in matter whose density decided the possibilities which are within his reach.

The power of action within the invisible worlds is therefore limited by the quality, the nature, and the degree of concentration.

Like Attracts Like(MJooB): Like attracts like. Monroe speculates that you end up in areas of Locale 2 with people much like you. Your destinations are "like" your innermost, most constant motivations and emotions. You home in to these areas. You may not consciously want to go there, but you have no choice. Each is attracted to a particular segment in accordance with a deep attachment made during the life just finished to a seemingly powerful beleif.

*AP* Astral & Karmic Aura:

The astral is the karmic aura.

What You're Attracted To(Taylor): There is so much harmony here, and if they have brought a disharmonious personality with them, they find it very difficult to link in with the harmonious existence that we have. This is something that grieves me when I see it.

I did notice that there is a tendency among certain sects or religious people over here to congregate in their little groups and have their little sessions of what they feel are 'heaven.' This is an interesting fact. I am told by my teacher here that eventually they become very bored with this narrowness, and then their own helpers and teachers here try to give them another thought and another idea and help them to break away from this narrow approach.

People who have an orientation of hate, for instance, find themselves unable to appreciate a realm of love and harmony. Therefore, they continue in their state of bitterness and are 'closed' to the glory which exists around them. They have to wait and gradually they appreciate the fact that it is very destructive to hate. When they have had real hates and bitterness toward someone and have been emotionally upset, then it takes them quite a while to get the light around them again, to be able to appreciate the Valley of Praise or beautiful music. They just hear discords, and eventually they come to the realization that 'this isn't much of a life, is it?' The moment that happens, those who are dedicated to work with this sort of person come and they have their methods of easing them away from the state they are in. It is like taking a skin off an onion. They will gently peel off this layer that is formed by hate - this shutting-in, restricting coat that appears on them with their violent, negative emotion.

(Me: you cannot wish a worse fate on someone than to let them have what they truly want. All fate/vengeance/retribution/justice works itself out.)

(JDS) One will gravitate like a magnet to the plane that is most appropriate to its soul development.

Received As We Believe(Taylor): We tend to feel that when we die, heaven is as we thought it - and it certainly is. As I've said, you can be received exactly the same way you always thought you would be received. You may remain in that narrowness if you want - you need never change unless you wish. God gives us perfect freedom in spirit.

*PAP* Desire Creates Paths of Least Resistance & Worlds Gather About You:

In the higher worlds, to think, to wish, and to act, are inseparable from one another.

Every time you think, or desire, or act under any influence whatever, you actuate a part of the ether whose waves will be directed towards the point which you have assigned to them. At the same time you have created in the ether a "line of least resistance" which will favor your efforts in the chosen direction. This magnetic path is a canal along which all vibrations of a similar nature will flow. If you have been moved by greed and with the sole aim of obtaining one advantage or another, this is what happens: The electronic particles of the ether which are set in motion, after having passed a portion of their energy in the desired direction, will return to you. The magnetic field thus formed will attract, by affinity, all other systems of a similar nature. Soon a veritable world will gravitate about you, attracting by sympathy all sorts of living entities of a similar quality. You are now bound to a particular system of energy, the nature of which will force you to experience the same type of attraction over and over again. For you it is easier to give way to these attractions than to create new ones. Having no better reason for changing your mode of existence you go on living in this way your whole life through. After death, the subtle body will be placed in an atmosphere having such characteristics as harmonize with its composition.

The energy which you put into movement in the substances of the invisible planes follows blindly the direction you give it, until, one day, it returns and concentrated in you.

*PAP* Consciousness is Limited by the Surrounding Matter:

When we project ourselves into one of these dimensions the consciousness is limited by the very nature of the matter in which it is immersed. As the human being can only change dimensions when he has cast off all the attractions which hold him to a lower one, it follows that each individual is given power in accordance with his evolution.

*PAP* Living Consciously vs. Projecting Astral Images:

Each state of density, or dimensional division of the ethers, corresponds to our affinities, desires, and preferences. Each one is therefore able to lead the life he wishes. As the majority of people are ignorant of the possibility of living consciously in space, they surround themselves with imaginary creations.

For those who know no better their imagination is a reality. It is necessary to their state of being. These are, in the astral world, no more than "illusions" and "images," yet to what trouble do we go in order to build them, what suffering do they not sometimes bring in their wake. No one is likely to worry as to the nature of these materials in the next world.

*PAP* It's Impossible For Lower Beings To Live on the Higher Planes:

It is materially and spiritual impossible for beings of a lower state of evolution to live, consciously, in the higher worlds, as long as they have not harmonized their consciousness with the finer vibrations of those strata.

To change from one plane or dimension to another is to die; that is to say, to abandon all lower desires.

In order to pass from one dimension to another it is necessary to abandon some part of one's makeup; just as, at death, the physical body is left behind.

*TB* The Descent From Buddhahood & Entering An Astral Realm:

Rebirth: As the time for rebirth gets closer, you crave more and more for the support of a material body, and you search for any one that might be available in which to be reborn. Lights of various colors shine from the six realms of existence, and you will feel drawn toward one or another, depending on the negative emotion that is predominant in your mind. Once you have been drawn back into one of these lights, it is very difficult to turn back.

Then the images and visions will arise, linked to the different realms. Some say that if you are to be reborn as a god, you will have visions of entertaining a heavenly palace with many stories. If you are to be reborn as a demigod, you will feel you are amidst spinning circular weapons of fire, or going onto a battle field. If you are to be reborn as an animal, you find yourself in a cave, a hole in the ground, or a nest made of straw. If you have a vision of a tree stump, a deep forest, or a woven cloth, you are to be reborn as a hungry ghost. And if you are top be reborn in hell, you will feel you are being led, powerless, into a black pit, down a black road, into a somber land with black or red houses, or toward a city of iron. If you are to be reborn in a god or human realm, your gaze will be directed upward; if in an animal realm, you will look straight ahead, as do birds; and if in a hungry ghost or hell realm, you will look downward, as though you were diving.

If any of these signs appear, you should be on guard not to fall into any of these unfortunate rebirths. The teachings warn us that at this point there is a great danger that out of your avid eagerness to be born, you will rush to any place at all that seems to offer some security. If your desire is frustrated, the anger that arise will of itself bring the bardo abruptly to an end, as you are swept into your next rebirth by the current of that negative emotion. You may hear the voices of your loved ones calling you, or seductive singing, and follow these, only to find yourself being lured down into the lower realms. The instant you become aware of what is happening to you, you can actually begin to influence and change your destiny.

*PoP* The Three Kinds of Souls:

In the beginning of the world three groups of souls were created: the luminous, fiery, and tenebrous souls. There are also the Saviours, who are above all the rest. Various species serve as the material supports of these different groups of souls. Vicious and harmful animals serve as material supports for the tenebrous or dark souls, while those housing the luminous souls are helpful, beneficient, and useful. Animals falling between these two are for the fiery souls.

One can see the dominant qualities in a human soul, too. If a person with a basharic soul of a mostly tenebrous nature takes the straight path and makes the necessary spiritual efforts, their soul will gradually be transformed into a luminous one. The opposite can happen as well. If a luminous nature has come to dominate the soul, it will return to the luminous space, where it can see the divine light and hear the divine voice. That state is accompanied by an ecstasy and joy far exceeding the happiness of every paradise. The fiery and tenebrous souls can neither see nor hear God, and there is no greater conceivable misery than that. The Saviors are in the blue spiritual space, the luminous souls in the earth-colored space, the fiery souls in the wind-colored space, and the tenebrous souls are in the space the color of fire.

Working Through Astral Desire & Karma

*HTKHW* Desires In The Astral World:

If the desire is satisfied and its object attained then (for the time being) the astral counterpart of the desire will be weak. It will achieve its full strength only after the death of the individual. At that point, the soul, in accordance with its nature, will still harbor the same desire but will now be unable to satisfy it, because it lacks both the object and the organs necessary to enjoy it.

After our death our desire now produces a particularly powerful astral counterpart, which torments our soul. Such experiences are called "experiences in the soul realm," or more particularly, the "region of desire." They disappear only after the soul has purified itself of all desire for the things of the physical world. Only then does the soul ascend to the higher realm, the spiritual world.

*AoaY* Astral Lifespan & Karma:

"The span of life in the astral world is much longer than on earth. A normal advanced astral being's average life period is from five hundred to one thousand years, measured in accordance with earthly standards of time. Some astral beings live much longer than the usual span of astral existence. Visitors to the astral world dwell there for a longer or shorter period in accordance with the weight of their physical karma, which draws them back to earth within a specified time."

"The astral being does not have to contend painfully with death at the time of shedding his luminous body. Many of these beings nevertheless feel slightly nervous at the thought of dropping their astral form for the subtler causal one. The astral world is free from unwilling death, disease, and old age."

"Astral death consists of the dispersement of prana, those manifest units of energy which constitute the life of astral beings. Experiencing astral death in due time, a being thus passes from the consciousness of astral birth and death to that of physical birth and death. These recurrent cycles of astral and physical encasement are the ineluctable destiny of all unenlightened beings."

*AP* Once the Forces Of Karma Are Worked Out, the Kamaloka Dies:

When the separation of the principles is complete, the Kamaloka life of the person is over and he passes into the devachanic condition. But just as when he dies to this plane he leaves his physical body behind him, so when he dies to the astral plane he leaves his Kamarupa behind him.

*TB* The Bardo of Becoming:

The experience of death, for most people, will simply mean passing into a state of oblivion at the end of the process of dying. The three stages of the inner dissolution can be as quick as three snaps of a finger. We faint into unconsciousness.

The first thing that we are aware of is "as if the sky and earth were separating again": We suddenly awaken into the intermediate state that lies between death and a new rebirth. This is called the bardo of becoming, and is the third bardo of death. The seeds of all our habitual tendencies are activated and reawakened. The bardo of becoming spans the time between their reawakening and our entering the womb of the next life. As the mind is no longer limited and obstructed by the physical body of this world, the "possibilities" are infinite for "becoming" reborn in different realms. This bardo has the outer "existence" of the mental body and the inner "existence" of the mind.

In the bardo of dharmata we have a body of light, and in the bardo of becoming we have a mental body. The mind is endowed with immense clarity and unlimited mobility, yet the direction in which it moves is determined solely by the habitual tendencies of our past karma. It is an entirely automatic or blind result of our previous actions of karma, and nothing that occurs here is a conscious decision on the part of the being. The mind arrives at its third stage, out of its purest state, through its light and energy, and so into the yet grosser manifestation of a mental form in the bardo of becoming. What takes place now at this stage is a reverse process of dissolution: the winds reappear, and along with them come the thought states connected with ignorance, desire, and anger.

The Mental Body: [equivalent to the west's astral body] Because of the presence of the five elements in its makeup, the mental body seems to us to be solid, and we still feel pangs of hunger. The bardo teachings say that the mental body lives off odors and derives nourishment from burnt offerings, but it can only benefit from offerings dedicated specially in its name. (NOTE: From attention..)

In this state mental activity is very rapid: thoughts come in quick succession, and we can do many things at once. The mind continues to perpetuate set patterns and habits, especially its clinging to experiences, and its belief that they are ultimately real.

The Experiences of the Bardo: During the first weeks of the bardo, we have the impression that we are a man or woman, just as in our previous life. We do not realize that we are dead. We return home to meet our family and loved ones. We try to talk to them, to touch them on the shoulder. But they do not reply, or even show they are aware we are there. We feel angry, hurt, frustrated. In extreme cases the mental body can linger near its possessions or body for weeks or even years.

In the bardo of becoming we relive all the experiences of our past life, reviewing minute details long lost to memory, and revisiting places where we did no more than spit on the ground. Every seven days we are compelled to go through the experience of death once again, with all its suffering. If our death was peaceful, that peaceful state of mind is repeated; if it was tormented, however, that torment is repeated, too. And remember that this is with a consciousness seven times more intense than that of life. All the negative karma of previous lives is returning, in a fiercely concentrated and deranging way.

Our restless, solitary wandering through the bardo world is as frantic as a nightmare, and just as in a dream, we believe we have a physical body and that we really exist. Yet all the experiences of this bardo arise only from the mind.

The winds of the elements return. One hears loud sounds caused by the four elements of earth, water, fire, and wind. There is the sound of an avalanche continuously falling behind one, the sound of a great rushing river, the sound of a huge blazing mass of fire like a volcano, and the sound of a great storm. Trying to escape them in the terrifying darkness, it is said that three different abysses, white, red, and black, open up in front of us. These, are our own anger, desire, and ignorance. We are assailed by freezing downpours, hailstorms of pus and blood; haunted by the sound of disembodied, menacing cries; hounded by flesh-eating demons and carnivorous beasts.

At this time, the great tornado of karma, terrifying, unbearable, whirling fiercely, will drive you from behind. Consumed by fear, blown to and fro like dandelion seeds in the wind, we roam, helpless, through the gloom of the bardo. Tormented by hunger and thirst, we seek refuge here and there. Our mind's perceptions change every moment, projecting us, like out of a catapult into alternate states of sorrow and joy. Into our minds comes the longing for a physical body, and yet we fail to find one, which plunges us into further suffering.

If our habitual conduct in life was positive, our perception and experience in the bardo will be mixed with bliss and happiness. Fishermen, butchers,a nd hunters are attacked by monstrous versions of their former victims. We can experience all the suffering for which we were both directly and indirectly responsible.

The Duration of this Bardo: The whole of the bardo of becoming has an average duration of forty-nine days, and a minimum length of one week. But it varies. Some can even get stuck in the bardo, to become spirits or ghosts. During the first 21 days of the bardo, you still have a strong impression of your previous life. After that, your future slowly takes shape and becomes the dominant influence.

We have to wait in the bardo until we can make a karmic connection with our future parents. There are two special cases who don't have to wait in the intermediate state, because the intensity of the power of their karma sweeps them immediately on to their next rebirth. The first are those who have lived extremely beneficial and positive lives, and so trained their minds in spiritual practice that the force of their realization carries them directly into a good rebirth. The second case are those whose lives have been negative and harmful; they travel swiftly down to their next birth, wherever that might be.

*AP* The Lengths of Stays on the Astral:

Within wide limits may vary also the length of their lives upon the astral plane, for while there are those who pass only a few days or hours there, others remain upon this level for many years and even centuries. A man who has led a good and pure life, whose strongest feelings and aspirations have been unselfish and spiritual, will have no attraction to this plane, and will, if entirely left alone, find little to keep him upon it.

*AP* The Working Out of Lower Urges in the Astral & The Less Free Astral Body:

The average man takes a long period of more or less fully conscious life on the astral plane to allow the forces he has generated to work themselves out, and thus release the higher Ego. The body which he occupies during this period is the Kamurupa, which may be described as a rearrangement of the matter of his astral body; but it is much more defined in outline, and there is also this important difference between the two – that while the astral body, if sufficiently awakened during life to function at all freely, would probably be able to visit all, or at any rate most, of the subdivisions of its plane, the Kamarupa has not that liberty, but is strictly confined to that level to which its affinities have drawn it. It has, however, a certain kind of progress connected with it, for it generally happens that the forces a man has set in motion during earth-life need for their appropriate working out a sojourn on more divisions than one of the Kamaloka, and when this is the case a regular sequence is observed, commencing with the lowest; so that when the Kamarupa has exhausted its attractions to one level, the greater part of its grosser particles fall away, and it finds itself in affinity with a somewhat higher state of existence. Its specific gravity, as it were, is constantly decreasing, and so it steadily rises from the denser to the lighter strata, pausing only when it is exactly balanced for a time.

The definiteness of outline which distinguishes the Kamarupa from the astral body is of an entirely different character from that definiteness which was described as a sign of progress in the astral of the man before death. While in the case of the man attached to a physical body the different orders of astral particles are all inextricably mingled and ceaselessly changing their position, after death their activity is much more circumscribed, since they then sort themselves according to their degree of materiality, and become, as it were, a series of sheaths or shells surrounding him, the grossest being always outside and so dissipating before the others. This dissipation is not necessarily complete, the extent to which it is carried being governed by the power of Manas to free itself from its connection with any given level; and on this also, as will be seen later, the nature of the "shade" depends.

Unquenchable Physical Desires

*T* Working Out Of Desires, Influence From Above:

Without the coloring it assumed through being bound up with the body, the newly disembodied soul would immediately start to obey only the laws of the spirit and soul world. This would be the case if the person in question had lost all interest in the earthly world before dying, if all the desires, wishes and so on linking that individual to the physical existence left behind had been satisfied. But to the extent that this is not the case, what remains of this orientation clings to the soul...

For the human spirit, death is followed by a time in which the soul strips itself of its inclinations toward physical existence so that it can once again obey only the laws of the spirit and soul worlds and can set the spirit free. Of course this takes longer in cases where the soul has been more tightly bound to the physical...

After death, the soul does not immediately lose its desire, but the physical organs that used to be the means of satisfying it are no longer there... The soul suffers burning pain at being deprived of this pleasure... It lasts until the soul has learned to stop craving what can be provided only by the body...

*LBD* Impulses & the Dead:

The dead enters into those impulses which live themselves out in the system of blood and nerves, and in this way lower impulses may be aroused. Naturally, there is only danger for those who have not purified their natures through discipline and control.

*CBtL* You Follow Desire:

Man sentences himself by his own desires. What he deeply desires or wants acts as a magnetic attraction attracting him to a plane where those things exist.

The Effect Of Sudden Death & Suicide

*AP* The Kind Victim of Sudden Death or Suicide Rests in the 7th Subdivision:

A man who is torn from physical life hurriedly while in full health and strength, whether by accident or suicide, finds himself upon the astral plane under conditions differing considerably from those which surround one who dies either form old age or from disease. In the latter case, the hold of earthly desires upon the entity is more or less weakened, and probably the very grossest particles are already got rid of, so that the Kamarupa will most likely form itself on the sixth or fifth subdivision of the Kamaloka. In the case of the accidental death or suicide none of these preparations have taken place, and the grossest kind of astral matter still clings around the personality which is consequently held in the seventh or lowest subdivision of the Kamaloka. Those victims of sudden death whose earth lives have been pure and noble have no affinity for this plane, and the time of their sojourn upon it is passed "in happy ignorance and full oblivion, or in a state of quiet slumber, a sleep full of rosy dreams."

*SD&P* Modes of Death & Confusion in the Next World:

There is a period of adjustment after leaving any plane, although yours involves the most difficulty since your camouflage pattern is unusually rigid.

Already Miss Cunningham's vital core of awareness is appearing on another plane, and she appears there as a wondering, but not frightened young girl.

"Will she be fully materialized on another plane before she dies in this one?" Rob asked.

Yes. This is the case in her particular type of withdrawal. In a sudden death, however, this can be more upsetting to the personality involved, and since the new materialization is simultaneous, it can lead to confusion.

Attracted To Your Own Thought Forms

*CJ* Death:

ROMC: "Death is a soul freed of its physical body, and at that point it is attracted to its own thought-forms and energy vibrations.

"You become what you believe you are, and you will remain that until you realize and become what you really are."

Help With Astral Karma

*PAP* Why The Plane You Desire Loses Its Appeal:

In principle, everyone should find happiness, since their affections draw them to a plane where the vibrations correspond to their own rhythm.

A moment arrives when he becomes disturbed. He catches a glimpse of the grossness of his surroundings, the inferior quality of the plane. His punishment begins. In order to acquire the freedom that he glimpses by this inspiration, he tries to escape from his own atmosphere. But, as he must first work out the sum of the energy which he has accumulated during his earthly life, it is often only after centuries of painful loneliness that he can at last escape from the chains which he himself has forged.

*AoaY* The Astral Heaven & Astral Karma:

"As prophets are sent on earth to help men work out their physical karma, so I have been directed by God to serve on an astral planet as a savior. It is called Hiranyaloka or ‘Illumined Astral Planet.' There I am aiding advanced beings to rid themselves of astral karma and thus attain liberation from astral rebirths. The dwellers on Hiranyaloka are highly developed spiritually; all of them had acquired, in their last earth-incarnation, the meditation given power of consciously leaving their physical bodies at death."

"The Hiranyaloka inhabitants have already passed through the ordinary astral spheres, where nearly all beings from earth must go at death; there they worked out many seeds of their past actions in the astral worlds. Then, in order to free their souls more fully, these higher beings were drawn by cosmic law to be reborn with new astral bodies on Hiranyaloka, the astral sun or heaven, where I have resurrected to help them."

*PAP* Astral Help From Higher Levels:

People are selected according to their impulses, which automatically place them in groups of similar character. Beings of a greater development come to their aid, so that they may organize a state of affairs adapted to their characters.

I once noticed, whilst I was in the astral world, a region in the ether where, after death, those people go who are neither good nor bad, and who know of nothing but their daily work, with its pleasures and difficulties. At first their material sensations persist. But a devoted band shares the joy of helping these poor, half-blind people to put into operation the possibilities of the world in which they find themselves. They start by freeing them from their crudest material ties, and help them to organize a social system in which they will all be happy.

Everyone was happy. I watched a certain class of workmen draw their wages and contrive important economies. Had they but known it they had but to think of it to become multi-millionaires. In the life beyond, as on earth, all is relative. One can only become aware by acquired knowledge.

*GR* Free Will, Sadness From the Light:

No condemnation came from the Presence at my side, only a compassion for these unhappy creatures that was breaking His heart. Clearly it was not His will that any one of them should be in this place.

Being Without Desire

*PAP* Union Or Desire:

By directing these harmonious conditions towards a cosmic unity, one reaches the domain of the centrifugal force. With a minimum expenditure of energy, we are given access to far greater powers, and in much less time.

(NOTE: Attention moves out of the now due to want. We pass a lot more time with less attention) By becoming attached to lower pleasures, one narrows down one's field of action into a state of being where time increases in volume.

Desire in the Bigger Picture

*AoaY* Reincarnation & Desire:

"The soul remains encased in the astral and causal bodies. The adhesive force by which all three bodies are held together is desire. The power of unfulfilled desires is the root of all man's slavery."

"Astral desires center around enjoyment in terms of vibrations. Astral beings enjoy the ethereal music of spheres and are entranced by the sight of all creation as exhaustless expressions of changing light. The astral beings also smell, taste, and touch light. Astral desires are thus connected with an astral being's power to precipitate all objects and experiences as forms of light or as condensed thoughts or dreams."

"Causal desires are fulfilled by perception only. The nearly-free beings who are encased only in the causal body see the whole universe as realizations of the dream-ideas of God; they can materialize anything and everything in sheer thought. Causal beings therefore consider the enjoyment of physical sensations or astral delights as gross and suffocating to the soul's fine sensibilities. Causal beings work out their desires by materializing them instantly. Those who find themselves covered only by the delicate veil of the causal body can bring universes into manifestation even as the Creator. Because all creation is made of the cosmic dream-texture, the soul thinly clothed in the causal has vast realizations of power."

"A soul, being invisible by nature, can be distinguished only by the presence of its body or bodies. The mere presence of a body signifies that its existence is made possible by unfulfilled desires."

"So long as the soul of man is encased in one, two, or three body-containers, sealed tightly with the corks of ignorance and desires, he cannot merge with the sea of Spirit. When the gross physical receptacle is destroyed by the hammer of death, the other two coverings – astral and causal – still remain to prevent the soul from consciously joining the Omnipresent Life. When desirelessness is attained through wisdom, its power disintegrates the two remaining vessels. The tiny human soul emerges, free at last; it is one with the Measureless Amplitude."

"The physical karma or desires of man must be completely worked out before his permanent stay in astral worlds becomes possible. Two kinds of beings live in the astral spheres. Those who still have earthly karma to dispose of and who must therefore reinhabit a gross physical body in order to pay their karmic debts could be classified, after physical death, as temporary visitors to the astral world rather than as permanent residents."

"Beings with unredeemed earthly karma are not permitted after astral death to go to the high causal sphere of cosmic ideas, but must shuttle to and fro from the physical and astral worlds only. After each loss of his physical body, however, an undeveloped being from the earth remains for the most part in the deep stupor of the death-sleep and his hardly conscious of the beautiful astral sphere. After the astral rest, such a man returns to the material plane for further lessons, gradually accustoming himself, through repeated journeys, to the worlds of subtle astral texture."

"Normal or long-established residents of the astral universe are those who have only astral and causal karma to work out. At astral death these beings pass to the infinitely finer and more delicate causal world. Shedding the thought-form of the causal body at the end of a certain span, determined by cosmic law, these advanced beings then return to Hiranyaloka or similar high astral planet, reborn in a new astral body to work out their unredeemed astral karma."

"Just as most people on earth have not learned through meditation-acquired vision to appreciate the superior joys and advantages of astral life and thus, after death, desire to return to the limited, imperfect pleasures of earth, so many astral beings, during the normal disintegration of their astral bodies, fail to picture the advanced state of spiritual joy in the causal world, and dwelling on thoughts of the more gross and gaudy astral happiness, yearn to revisit the astral paradise. Heavy astral karma must be redeemed by such beings before they can achieve after astral death a permanent stay in the causal thought-world, so thinly partitioned from the Creator."

*BS&S* Tibetan Book of the Dead:

At physical death, the soul enters into the top level of consciousness, or Atman. (That is, the soul was there all the time but now becomes aware of it.) Then begins the process downward from the top. Because of its "karmic propensities," the soul contracts away from Atman because it cannot stand the intensity of pure Oneness. This process of contraction is repeated through the various levels of consciousness. The transformations are downward until rebirth occurs in a new body. Then, in a new body, the soul begins its journey upward again, hoping to rid itself of its karmic propensities so that at its next death and rebirth, the fall will end at a higher level. The higher levels are all there, but they must be remembered and unfolded.

Length of Stay in the Astral (Kamaloca)

& Those Passing Straight Through

*DA* The Activity of the Desire Body- The Desirous:

Persons who have led an evil life, who have gratified and stimulated their animal passions, and have full fed the desire body while they have starved even the lower mind- these remain for long, denizens of Kamaloka, and are filled with yearnings for the earth-life they have left, and for the animal delights that they can no longer- in the absence of the physical body- directly taste.

*CU* Freedom is in Finding Your Soul:

‘Those who leave this world and have not found their soul, and that love which is Truth, find not their freedom in other worlds. But those who leave this world and have found their soul and that love which is Truth, for them there is the liberty of Spirit, in this world and in the worlds to come.'

*IAD* Losing Control of Passions, Being Open to Influence:

There is occasionally a rare nature who, because of its great purity, passes through this psychic stratum without ever knowing it or contacting it. This kind of individual is very fortunate indeed. The forces within this stratum work most directly upon the feeling nature- and this means upon the passion of the individual, because it is most easily reached.

Men and women who have lost the controlling power over their passion, which may be either sex or anger, have knowingly or unknowingly become entangled in the psychic stratum of thought and feeling, thereby opening the doors of their beautiful and wonderful Temples of God. Through the open door, the forces within the psychic stratum fasten upon them, intensifying their own passion into an uncontrolled condition. (NOTE: Must be talking about the lower astral)

Sympathy- the Upward Pull

*T* Working Out Of Desires, Influence From Above:

(NOTE: Copied from above) The soul suffers burning pain at being deprived of this pleasure... It lasts until the soul has learned to stop craving what can be provided only by the body...

The process is such that any antipathy in the soul is gradually overcome by the forces of sympathy, and the sympathy itself it taken to the ultimate degree. At this highest level of sympathy toward all the rest of the soul world, an individual soul merges with the rest, so to speak, becomes one with it, its self-seeking exhausted... (NOTE: The total joining from the higher worlds offers light to all below and creates a gradual upward current, for it joins with even the lowest. That light raises it. Light flows from the top to the bottom, ever raising up the bottom. As the bottom emits no equivalent force [as it is closed and powerless] the flow proceeds upwards.) Through this the spirit is set free.

Your Thoughts Finally Receding

*LBD* The World of Thought Receding:

The experience of the soul within a world of thought which has become objective lasts different lengths of time according to each individual, but in all cases it is a matter of days. After some days... the human being who has passed through the Gate of Death, experiences this whole world, which has become his world, distancing itself from him, as though diminishing in a spiritual perspective, as though it was going far, far away from him in spiritual regions... The thought world recedes and becomes ever thinner and thinner, ever mistier and mistier, ever more veiled in obscurity as it moves away into far distances... This first condition after death lasts longer for those who, before death, were more easily able to do without sleep without losing their strength.

The Higher Mental Refinement

*LBD* Feeling & Will Are United & The Thought World:

After death our consciousness unfolds as a result of the human being becoming aware of his connection with the receding thought-world... Consciousness after death is further stimulated by the soul feeling: ‘Your thoughts are disappearing into the distance and you must seek them.'... The distinction between feeling life and will-life that exists from birth to death is no longer at all relevant after death... Whereas our thoughts become a world outside the soul after death, our willed feeling and feeling-imbued will bind themselves much more closely and intimately with our soul... This creates an inner life which is immeasurably more intense than the inner life of the soul when it lives within the body. (NOTE: Copied from a larger text)

*DA* The Purification of the Manas Via Astral Burning-Out:

Manas is dual during earth-life, and the lower Manas is purified from all passional elements during the kamalkic interlude. By this purification of the Ray it carries only the pure and noble experiences of the earth-life into Devachan

*K* The Refinement:

Aspirations and Desires become Capacities.

Repeated Thoughts become Tendencies.

Wills to perform become Actions.

Experiences become Wisdom.

Painful Experiences become Conscience.

*DA* Devachan [The Astral?]- The Purpose and Working Out Earth Experiences:

In the partial freedom of Devachan he assimilates his experiences on earth, still partly dominated by them- at first, indeed, almost completely dominated by them so that the devachanic life is merely a sublimated continuation of the earth-life- but gradually freeing himself more and more as he recognizes them as transitory and external, until he can move through any region of our universe with unbroken self-consciousness... (NOTE: So this Devachan is many others' astral)

He must work out the effects of his earth-life in his devachanic life; he cannot eat and assimilate more food then he has gathered; he cannot reap more harvest than he has sown seed...

"There is a change of occupation, a continual change in Devachan... Life in Devachan is the function of the aspiration of earth-life...The dreams of the objective become the realities of the subjective existence..." (Notes on Devachan)

Into Devachan enters nothing that defileth, for gross matter has been left behind with all its attributes on earth and in Kamaloka... Hence the enormous importance of the earth-life, the field of sowing, the place where experience is to be gathered...It yields the rough ore which the Soul then takes in hand, and works upon during the devachanic stage, smelting it, forging it, tempering it, into the weapons it will take back with it for its next earth-life... In Devachan the Soul, as it were, sifts and sorts out its experiences; it lives a comparatively free life, and gradually gains the power to estimate the earthly experiences at their real value; it works out thoroughly and completely as objective realities all the ideas of which it only conceived the germ on earth... For the mind sphere is the sphere of creation, and earth only the place for materializing the pre-existent thought.

*ASJ* The Cycle Between Lives:

The Master: ‘Generally it is necessary for a man to return to the home of the ego, which is at the higher mental level, only if he has lived a life in the physical world for an average length of time. To get there he must pass through the astral world, live his life there, then drop his astral body and in his mental body consolidate at the mental level all the mental experiences and intellectual efforts that took place in his last life. This being one, his mental body is also dropped and he does not get new mental and astral vehicles until the time comes for him to incarnate again... (NOTE: This may correspond with the Buddhist clear light, or what happens in NDE after the light.) The child, having little or no experience to consolidate after such a short physical existence, returns to the astral place only, for a few years, and is then given a new physical body retaining the same astral and mental bodies which it had drawn round itself prior to the recent short life on the physical plane.'

*tAW* The Pre-Incarnate Trip to the Mental:

Each soul on the Astral, even the very lowest, finally sinks into an astral slumber when it has completed its work on that plane. Before passing on to rebirth, however, it awakens for a time upon one of the subdivisions of the next highest plane above the Astral. It may remain awake on this plane, in its appropriate subdivision, for merely a moment in time, or for many centuries even, depending upon its state of spiritual unfoldment. During this stay on these higher planes, the soul communes with the higher phase of itself- the divine fragment of Spirit- and is strengthened and invigorated thereby. In this period of communion, much dross of the nature is burnt out and dissolved into nothingness, and the higher part of the nature is nourished and encouraged.

*IAD* Reincarnational Carryovers:

That which is accumulated in one lifetime is carried over into the succeeding lives.

*BDL* Forgetting the Mode of Lessons Learned:

D: Do you remember what your first life was?

S: If the lessons have been learned I have a tendency to forget about them.

Length of Stay in the Mental

*DA* Length of Stay in Devachan:

The greater the degree of spirituality reached, the purer and loftier the preceding earth-life, the longer the stay in Devachan... The "average time [in Devachan] is from ten to fifteen centuries," H.P. Blavatsky tells us... But in modern life this period has much shortened, in consequence of the greater attraction exercised by physical objects over the heart of man.

Returning To the Causal

*ASJ* The Causal Body, The Reincarnating Ego, and The Source of Memory:

‘The ego after he has dropped his remaining vehicle of consciousness, which we call the mental body, and lives for a period clothed in the only permanent vehicle he possesses- the causal body...

‘The third death is very similar to the passing from the astral to the mental world, for the man just gradually loses consciousness and, having slipped out of the mental body, finds that he is in his causal body. The causal body is so called because it only functions on what is called the causal level, formed by the sixth and seventh spheres of the mental world. It is known as man's permanent vehicle because he has had it since he individualized out of the animal kingdom and became a separate human entity.

‘The causal level is the natural home of the ego, and here he remains during the period s which we call incarnations when part of himself is manifesting at lower levels of consciousness and gaining the experiences necessary to free the ego from having to be reborn again and again in different physical bodies.

‘The causal body changes every life merely by the addition to it of the experience the man has accumulated during his last incarnation: for this reason we sometimes refer to it as the reservoir of knowledge. An evolved man can tap this reservoir at will and draw down to the physical level the experiences of his past lives; this enables him to avoid having to learn certain things every time he has a new physical brain, for, in itself, the brain has no memory of past experiences...

‘This ego, or individuality, overshadows and guides that personality to the best of his ability, within the limits allowed by the free will which is granted to all men...

‘At the causal level past, present and future are in reality one... (NOTE: This, then would be the source of memory, where past and present and future are one)

‘At the causal level the ego is shown a full record of his past life in a series of pictures... These pictures show him exactly where he failed in his past life and where he excelled. They also show what his next life is intended to do for him and what changes in his character must be achieved before further progress can be made. The unevolved man sees all this, but owing to his limited intelligence does not grasp its significance in the way it is understood by the intellectual person... The lessons he learnt from these pictures of the past life and built into the structure of his permanent atom- that reservoir of knowledge which contains the essence of this experiences in all his past lives- and when the time comes, in a future life, for him to make decisions on similar problems, the voice of conscience, which is the warning sent to him by the ego... ensures that similar mistakes are not made a second time.'


Earthbound Spirits

Kinds of Ghosts (Reasons for Earthbinding)

*Ea* Why Ghosts Remain:

Some remain interactive on our plane by choice. At least one was "restrained" by grieving family members; another feared infernal punishment; while most- of which Angela was a prime example- were what we call "unaware," "trapped," or "earthbound" souls...

The usually explanation for such unawareness is that the death was sudden and unforseen, through trauma or an abruptly fatal turn of illness- or was so hysterically resisted- that the subject's consciousness simply rejected, or blanked out, the fact...

Its focus remains on whatever it was intensely seeking at the moment of death.

*TDA* Ghosts:

Dr. Peebles: "Now, often the ghosts, however, are not the etheric body; they are the soul, they are the spirit, a little finer vibration... These are beings who don't have... flexibility... Their belief is so focused and determined on a given house or city, or a place in the forest, that that is heaven for them; they don't want to leave it."

*RotOS* Ghosts Caught Between Worlds:

It's terrible to be caught between two worlds. Shock is the major cause of this condition... Battle fields are overrun with marching soldiers not aware they've been shot. They'd keep marching until they are convinced to go to the spirit world.

...There are special spirit helpers in charge of talking to these poor souls. Often, it takes many years to convince someone that they must leave the earth.

*DA* Re-Attraction to Earthly Places of Desire:

Human beings, who have quitted earth and in whom the kamic elements were strong, may very readily be attracted by the kamic elements in embodied men, and by their help become conscious again of the presence of the scenes they had left.

*CJ* Ghosts & Releasing Them:

ROMC: "(speaking for the helpers)... "There are souls whose energies shift into the etheric body, but whose mental or emotional levels, or both, keep them in the physical realm of vibration. These are souls whose mental or emotional vibrations are at the rate of the earth vibrations. And because they are locked into certain earth-level concepts, or emotions, they stay in this earth-level of consciousness until they are able to release the special thought-forms that confine them. These are considered to be ‘earthbound' souls- or ghosts, as you call them...

"Our purpose is to release souls into the higher level of their own freedom."

*LWU* Ghosts:

There is a surprising number of people who do no realize that they have passed from the earth in the death of the physical body. Resolutely they will not believe that they are what the earth world calls ‘dead'. They are dimly aware that some sort of change has taken place, but what that change is they are not prepared to say. Some, after a little explanation and even demonstration- can grasp what has actually happened; others are stubborn, and will be convinced only after prolonged reasoning. In the latter case we are oft-times obliged to leave such a soul for a while to allow a little quiet contemplation to work its way.

*PotAB* Causes of Obsession:

There are four, and only four reasons why spirits are earthbound: Desire, Habit, Dreams, and Insanity. Revenge will cause an entity to be earth-bound, and will cause him to ‘haunt' a place or person; and that love will do the very same thing. One ghost, when asked why it stayed around, said "I come now yest to see how my children are." This is a case of love (desire) holding the entity back by its stress.

Unaware That You're Dead

On Death(PoP): Our feelings and sensation remain with us after death, so that certain individuals who have died may go on for some time before realizing that they are actually in the other world (such cases are a kind of punishment).

As for sudden death, it is extremely unpleasant; in fact the soul doesnt understand what has happened to it and has the impression, for a longer or shorter period of time, of wandering aimlessly without knowing where it is until it realizes its condition.

1) A man was killed in a violent manner, under his engine, No. 89. This, in fact, was what he called himself (89), and he was in such bewilderment that he thought he was still under the engine. He could not understand that he was dead and in the astral body. The observer was eventually enlightened, and found that his body was not hurting him after all. (Me: could in the last moment that could possibly be considered ‘real')

Identification With the Body, Stuck in the Physical

*SS* Overidentifying With the Body:

Those who "overidentify" their consciousness with their body can suffer self-created torment for no reason, lingering about the body. Indeed, quite the forlorn soul, thinking it has no other place to go. Close to death, in varying degrees when the consciousness realizes that it can no longer express itself through the mediumship of the body. If the dying person overidentifies with the body then he can easily panic, thinking that all expression is therefore cut off, and for that matter that his consciousness is about to be extinguished.

The blurred areas represent a confusion of vibrations.

*AoaY* Man Is a Soul:

"Man is a soul, and has a body. When he properly places his sense of identity, he leaves behind all compulsive patterns."

*JoYS* Becoming a Ghost:

The astral self slows its vibration to incarnate. When a reincarnational self becomes a "ghost" after death, the astral self is being kept weighted down, abnormally dense, which is a burden to it once the lifetime is complete. This occurs either when the reincarnational self won't let go of the physical plane (or someone or something in it—sometimes addictions are involved), or when someone else won't let go of the reincarnational self and the reincarnational self isn't strong enough to free itself.

Aware but Emotionally Bound Ghosts

*Ea* Seeing the Light But Not Moving On From Fear:

Peter claimed to be afraid in his current state, not knowing what to do. He had been twenty and his wife was pregnant with Peter Junior when, deranged by cocaine, Peter committed suicide. He said he hadn't expected to still be "alive" (aware) once he shot himself. When he saw the Light [of the astral levels], he cowered in this realm, confused and afraid...

Peter alluded to watching his son, his family, and relatives on both sides of the Atlantic grow and interact in physical time, from which we concluded that he was not a "trapped" or "unaware" soul... He also regretted having left the physical world and was struggling to continue interacting with it...

*Ea* Afraid of Heaven:

"Sister Agnes," she wailed, "said I was very, very wicked. She said Jesus the Savior made my tummy hurt so bad. She said it wouldn't have hurt if I hadn't been a very wicked girl."...

"You know where Heaven is."

"Where they make people hurt," she responded...

In common with all these episodes, it was the subject's perception of a loved or revered one's having called or some to lead the subject away from this plane that finally achieved success.

*Ea* Ghosts Who Know They're Ghosts:

Not all ghosts remain here through blind ignorance; it's said some know full well they are discarnate but nevertheless voluntarily inhabit this plane, for one reason or another...

Some of the happenings Pat related suggested some degree of interactive awareness, so we suspected that whatever the entity, or entities, residing there was there by choice, not blind fixation.

*Ea* A Happy Ghost:

"The silent visitor was, as Charles was perceiving from [his Higher Self] during the episode, a fairly young Native American Mattaponi [nation or tribe], mid-1400s.

"She had a very slight build and was not anatomically prepared to carry twins. She survived the birth of the twins long enough to start nursing them; what they didn't realize at the time, after the delivery, was that she had started to have a massive internal hemorrhage from the [birth], and she very quietly lost consciousness and died while nursing her twin daughters.

"Her energy never really left the area, which was right there around [the twins' apartment complex'. It got very much reactivated, however, by [the arrival of twins Karen and Sharon]... She had always been at one with nature- she's not an unhappy Spirit; just one that chose not to leave, enjoying being around the trees, the flowers, watching the gradual progress of time. But the sight of the twins, when they moved in there, reawakened something else in her, so she just simply attached herself to them at that point and has been there in the apartment pretty much since they moved in.

"She did ‘go over' for a time, when Charles led her over, but she goes back and forth at will."

*VftA* A Civil War Ghost:

David: "My name is David. I am proud to serve under the great General Robert E. Lee...

"My head hurts. Awhile back, I was runnin' across the field... lots of smoke and shoutin'! That's when I felt somethin' hit me in the head, and I fell down. I don't know... I really don't know what's happenin'. I was lyin' there on the ground, and Josh was... I could see him. He was shakin' me, tryin' to make me get up.

"Next thing I knew I was standin' up, but somehow now I was standin' behind Josh. I was lookin' over his shoulder, watching' him shakin' some soldier on the ground- and that soldier looked like me.. kind like me! But it cant- it couldn't be me, ‘cause I'm here!

"Anyways, I had to keep goin'. I couldn't stay there. It got kinda hard to see what was happenin' after that. I lost sight of Josh. I felt just like I did one time when I was really, really sick. Everything seemed like a bad dream; things looked like they do in dreams, too. But I was awake...

"There's this angel... He was tryin' to tell me I needed to leave and go with him. I'm afraid. I don't know what's gonna happen to Mama. I'm all she's got. I cant leave...

"I went back to town after I couldn't find my buddy Josh, in that field... That's when I knew nobody can see me. But I wouldn't let myself accept that...

"So I went back out to the field where we was fightin'. There was some soldiers still wanderin' around where the battle had been. And you know what? They could see me! They were just as puzzled about what was happenin' as I was.

"Some of ‘em were tryin' to fight each other, but their swords and guns had lost their killin' power. They still made a real racket but didn't do much else. Those soldiers looked kinda like they was sleepwalkin'- stumblin' all around!

"Those angels, they were still there, too. Looked like there was one for each soldier...

"The world's really changed. There's all kinds of things happenin' I don't understand. It's like I'm dreamin', watching' everything goin' on around me, but I'm not in the picture.

"Sometimes I can get somebody to see me or hear me- just for a minute, sometimes. I've been to your house before. Lily, when you lived out on that land near the field where we fought. Me an' a couple of other fellas from that fight saw your light- it's like some folks got a real bright light around ‘em. I learned that those are the ones that just might hear me.

"Anyway, we made the door blow open, an' then I picked up the shell off your altar table and dropped it on the floor. That sure scared your boy! Remember that? I remember you. I know you saw me then, just for a little bit. You did, didnt you?

"I don't know what to do. I keep tryin' to get people to see me. I just cane accept that... that I'm... that I'm dead. I'm only thirteen. I cant be dead!...

"Most of the guys where I am have gone on to the other side these angels keep tellin' us about. There were a lot of us here right after the big fight, but now there's not so many. Most of the time I'm really alone here, except for my angel...

"Well, I'd better get back now, in case Mama comes home."


On the night in question, although it was a calm, windless July evening, the back door flew open suddenly, and a bone-chilling cold entered the house. I could hear what sounded like a small army of boots clambering down the hall.

My son heard this also and ran into my room just in time to see the shell from my altar rise into the air as if it were being lifted by curious, invisible hands, examined carefully, and then very deliberately dropped to the floor. The clattering of feet then proceeded to go back down the hall and out the door, at which time the temperature of the house returned to normal.

*RotOS* Spirits With Unsaid Messages:

"Henry is here and wants to speak to you," I said.

He was very upset and kept asking Lucy to forgive him for leaving her unprotected. He could not leave the earth sphere until he told her how sorry he was.


When I entered the house I was overwhelmed by the smell of cigarette smoke, although no one was smoking. Seated in the den, I tried to be pleasant even though I was having trouble breathing because of the smoke...

I kept hearing someone say, "Tell her that Bill is sorry that he smoked so much. Also that he is worried about their daughter's irregular heartbeat."

...I gave Joan the message.

She began to cry... From overwhelming emotion...

I was delighted when the smoke cleared. Her anger toward Bill began to leave her.

...In my subsequent visits to her home, I didnt see or smell any signs of Bill. He had gotten his message across and didnt feel the need to return. I was thankful, as I knew this meant Bill was at peace now.


Miriam lost her husband... She received a message from her husband, Lou, in a dream.

"It was so real that when I woke up I thought Lou was in the room with me. He'd been gone for abour twelve hours when I had this dream. He was covered in light and looked very happy... He told me he'd come to help me because he'd felt my sorrow and tears. He let me know that it wasnt necessary to cry for him, that we'd be together again in the spirit world. He told me I must go on living to the fullest. He couldnt be happy knowing I was depressed."

This experience convinces Miriam that she could and should go on with life.

About Obsession

** Dream Obsession:

3) When I was younger, I touched a live wire that had come down in a storm. I have no words which can describe the awful feelings which I underwent, while conscious in the astral body- my physical body still in contact with the wire. My arms, in the astral body, were held rigid- as if grasping a wire which was not there. My astral body, wherein I was conscious, although upright, was in exactly the same position as the physical body. I felt the intense agony of being electrocuted as plainly as if I had been conscious in the physical body at the time. Eventually, this man reached down to pick up my physical body, and as he did so, I seemed to bound right back into it again and was conscious there, as all the neighbors stood by.

Almost every night after this tragedy. I dreamed that I was being electrocuted, and in the dream, I would live through the whole experience again, exactly as it happened.

5) Sleepwalking: The young girl has the singular habit of acting again all the events that took place at her mother's death, without forgetting the least detail. Sometimes she only speaks, putting questions and answers in turn, or asking questions only, and seeming to listen for the answer; sometimes she only sees the sight, looking with frightened face and staring on the various scenes, and acting according to what she sees. At other times, she combines all hallucinations, words and acts.

One of the characteristics of these somnambulisms is that they repeat themselves indefinitely. Not only are the different attacks always exactly alike, repeating the same movements, expressions and words, but in the course of the same attack, when it has lasted a certain time, the same scene may be repeated again, exactly in the same way five or ten times. At last the agitation seems to wear out, the dream grows less clear, and gradually, or suddenly, according to the causes, the patient comes back to her normal consciousness, takes up her ordinary business, quite undisturbed by what has happened.

*PotAB* Obsessed:

2) In bed lay Mr. G. In terrible convulsions caused by an overdose of dope and liquor. Suddenly I saw Mr. G. rise up in his astral body and step out entirely from his physical counterpart. At once he started an eager and thorough search all round the bed for a half-filled bottle of whiskey and a small bottle of narcotics. He found them and endeavored to lift them to his mouth. Failing in this, an expression of chagrin spread over his face. Then he went up to his body and swiftly he connected with it once more.

In a short while he again stepped out of his mortal form only to go through the same performance. This he did several times and it was strange to observe that every time he left his body it became still in death and that as soon as he connected with it, it writhed in fearful convulsions.

Finally he came out for the last time. He staggered out of the house completely confused in his mind and ignorant of the fact that he had left behind his physical form which he was never to inhabit again.

It was significant that each time that he stepped out of his physical body his aura covered him with a dress similar to a sack suit he always wore. But it was of brown color, denoting the lack of any spiritual development.

*SS* Obsession:

The same mechanism that causes a disturbed woman, say, to perform repetitive action such as a constant washing and rewashing of hands also causes a particular kind of apparition to return time and time again to one place. For various reasons, such a personality has not learned to assimilate its own experience. The whole consciousness is not present. The personality itself seems to be having a nightmare, or a series of recurring dreams, during which it returns to the physical environment. They are in themselves quite harmless.

About Obsessed Ghosts

*VftA* Angels on Obsessed Ghosts:

Angels: "Their attachment to these addictions has swallowed them up, usurped their will. The need to satisfy their obsession has become greater than their need for anything else. It has become God to them...

"Instead of facing their discomfort and pain as a warrior- finding the imbalances causing the disconnection from the whole, and then healing those imbalances through the light of understanding and compassion- they choose to numb their discomfort and run away from the pain... They surrender their heart, their mind, their soul, to this thing without which they feel they cannot live...

"It blinds the soul to the truth of its power and origins and serves to build a wall between that soul and the whole, between that soul and its true source of strength and well-being...

"At the time of their death, these additions had become the greatest power, the only reality to them...

"Their inability to trust in the love and infinite mercy of God, keeps them trapped in a gray limbo space. This is a nightmare reality of confusion, anger, and devouring thirst for that which was all consuming to them in life- a thirst that will never be quenched, a lust for sensations that will never be satiated but only become more excruciatingly torturous...

*Ea* The Mindstate of Ghosts:

Many ghosts seem dreamlike, to be oblivious to current external reality...

The "unaware" ghost seems to be similarly immersed in its own repetitive nightmare of events, now past, oblivious to present reality. It is into this obsessive dream that the "medium" can ingratiate himself or herself as a channel.

*CJ* Earthbound Souls:

ROMC: "There are many souls... who have dropped their physical bodies and are not aware that they are ‘dead'. These are called ‘earthbound' spirits. Such souls are often locked into emotional levels of their own being. They are usually not aware of anything outside themselves...

"When a soul moves rapidly from one energy level to another, if it has a strong emotional tie to the earth level, it often still perceives itself to be in the physical body, even though it is looking at its etheric-substance body...

"The possessing souls are usually of a very low vibration. The confused souls are usually on a higher rate of vibration, but because of imbalance in perception, they are locked into a time warp- and therefore still think they are functioning on an earth time/space level.

"[The possessing souls] are very difficult to work with because they are so strongly embedded in their own negative energy forces...

"There is no barrier... It is a soul locked into its own narrow perceptions."

*Ea* Minimum Ghost Age:

"How old are you, Molly?" I asked.

"Seven" (NOTE: Never earlier than the age of forgetting.)

*Ea* The Point of Remembering the Pain of Death:

Alice had moved just far enough past death to say, "It doesn't hurt anymore," but Molly was still focused on the pain in her last hours of life.

*BDL* Obsessed Sleepwalking Ghosts:

S: [Ghosts] are earthbound entities who are trapped in their own doings, so to say, and can find no release. For they are so directed in their energies that they can perceive nothing around them except that which they have focused onto. And so they find themselves in a vicious circle, so to say, destined to repeat the same set of circumstances which put them there in the first place, until there is the awakening. The people in physical form can help and assist these individuals much more readily than we who are on the spirit. Although these ghosts are also spirit, their consciousness and awareness is locked into the physical and this is all they can perceive. So they cannot se those spirits around them who are attempting to guide them to their truth, to enlighten them and release them from their misery...

Oftentimes they are so locked into their own energy they see nothing around them, even physical, except their own energy...

An earthbound spirit is someone who has had many problems and does not want to admit that they can be released...

Usually what has happened is that [earthbound spirits] are spiritually sleepwalking. They are still conscious of the physical plane and they notice that something is different, but they cant quite figure it out. On a spiritual plane it appears that they are sleepwalking. They can sleepwalk for what may appear to be a very long tim to you, in the form of earthbound spirits or ghost or what-have-you. But after a while they'll wake up and realize that they are on the spiritual plane and they have other things to go on to...

They tend to remain in areas they were familiar with. probably because they are trying to figure out what is going on... (NOTE: This wouldn't happen without some sort of obsession, but more likely an obsession with the belief in physical reality as the only reality)

When they are deep into this spiritual sleepwalking it is very difficult to reach them...

It is usually the strong, exotic sensations such as from the various drugs that are in use in your society: alcohol, nicotine, heroine or what-have-you. So these spirits who are in transition stay around people who experience these things regularly to try to absorb their feelings, their physical sensations from it. They try to enjoy themselves vicariously...

[These spirits who seem to want to stay around Earth] have their mental constructs of scenes that they are familiar with. They don't grow beyond that and they use it as a crutch. So it tends to make them stay close to the physical plane...

If they continue to stay close to the physical plane their vibrations stay sympathetic enough with the physical plane to where sometimes there may be echoes of themselves on the physical plane...

Perhaps the spirit on the other side of the barrier is using a mental construct of a house. When he first crossed over, the spirit would have pictured "home," for example, to help him adjust to this new phase of life... He keeps hanging onto this picture of home as a crutch because it is familiar... That is why these spiritual echoes, which you call ghosts, are usually seen in such a limited area. because they are using this one mental image to hang on to... They have closed their minds to their surroundings because they are using this mental construct... In a sense, they are alone to themselves because they have closed themselves within this illusion of "home." They don't see that there are other spirits waiting there to help them complete their adjustment. It is as if they have closed their eyes and stopped up their ears, and they are only thinking about home. So in effect, they are alone ad so the echo reflects this by being unaware of other people in the surroundings. The live occupants of the earthly house can see the ghost, but it seems oblivious of them...

Usually that happens in cases when the spirit is very scared and has not adjusted to crossing over... Their mind is locked onto it and is visualizing it, and so the spiritual echo goes through the same actions over and over again... it would be like, on your plane, when someone has an irrational fear and they have a lucky word that they consider to be a charm. They repeat it over and over to help ward off this fear...

Sometimes the action may involve another person and his visualizing this other person, too...

Usually when the soul crosses over and realizes that the level of karma they have attained this time has been in a negative direction, they don't want to complete the transition because they are scared of what they will se. Meanwhile their minds will lock onto this source of the fear, and it might be the very scene from the life that caused their karma to develop in a negative direction.

*tAW* Very Low Subdivision of the Lowest Astral Subplane:

We are now vibrating on a very low subdivision of the lowest subplane of the Astral. You are conscious of a very unpleasant feeling, and an almost physical repulsion to the atmosphere around you. Some very sensitive natures experience a feeling of being surrounded by a dense, sticky, foul, foggy atmosphere, through which they must almost force their way...

It is no wonder that one of the old Egyptian writers, whose work survives on graven stone, said, some four thousand years ago: "What manner of foul region is this into which I have foolishly come? It is without water; without air; it is unfathomably deep; it has the darkness of the blackest night, when the sky is overcast with dense clouds, and no ray of light penetrates their curtain. Souls wander hopelessly and helplessly about herein; in it there is no peace, no calm, no rest, no quiet of the heart or mind. It is an abomination and desolation. Woe is the soul that abideth herein!"

Looking around you, in the dim, ghastly light of this region, you perceive countless human forms, of the most repulsive appearance. Some of them are so low in the scale as to seem almost beast-like, rather than human. There are still lower forms on the subdivisions just below this one, but I shall spare you the disgusting sight. These creatures are disembodied souls, in the astral body, living on the low plane to which they descended when awakening from their very brief astral sleep.

If you will peer through the enveloping fog, you will become conscious of the presence of the material world as a sort of background. To you it appears detached, and removed in space, but to these creatures- these low souls- the two planes seem to be blended. To them, they appear actually to be abiding in the scenes and among the persons of the lowest phases of earth life. Even you find that you can see only the very low earth-scenes in the background- the higher scenes appear blotted out with great smears, like a censored newspaper page in war times. To these poor souls there is no earth world except these scenes which accord with their old desires...

While they plainly see these scenes, and all that is going on in them, they cannot otherwise participate in the revels and debaucheries which they perceive plainly... This renders the place a veritable hell for them, for they are constantly tantalized and tormented by sights of scenes in which they cannot participate... While they eagerly cluster around, they cannot make their presence felt (under ordinary circumstances).

The astral atmosphere of low dram-shops, pool rooms, gambling hells, race tracks, "free-and-easies," brothels, "red-light" districts- and their more fashionable counterparts- are filled with these low astral forms of souls across the astral border. Occasionally, they are able to influence some earth companion, who is so saturated with liquor, or overcome by drugs, that he is physically open to such influences. When they so influence him, they strive to lead him into further degradation and debauchery, for, in so doing, they obtain a reflex-gratification, as it were...

In some instances, the sojourn on this low astral sub-plane sets up such strong desire for rebirth in the flesh, among similar scenes, that the poor soul eagerly presses forward toward reincarnation on a similar low plane. In other cases, I am glad to say, the experience so sickens and disgusts the poor soul that it experiences a revulsion and disgust for such things, in which case the current of its desires naturally carries it in the opposite direction, and it is given the opportunity to rise in the scale of the Astral, where its better tendencies are encouraged, and a better rebirth finally results...

Even the lowest rises in time... The degraded souls are "punished not for their sins, but by them" as an old writer once forcibly stated it...

There are hundred of similar regions on the lower astral, some of which are much higher, however, than those we have just considered. All of them serve as a Purgatory, or place of the burning-out of desires of a low kind.

*ASJ* Addiction on the Lower Astral:

The Master: ‘We all of us know what this drink curse can be; we know of so many cases where a man has wrecked his life... Thirst, like hunger, is unknown in the astral world... The origin of the desire is not thirst, it is the craving for a certain pleasurable sensation. After death the same craving which drove him in his lifetime to such terrible lengths will be stronger than ever, but now that he has lost his physical body there will be no possibility of satisfying it... The other names of the "astral plane" are the "desire plane" and the "emotional plane"... No one can deny that this is suffering, but also no one can say that the man is being punished... The time during which the suffering lasts may well seem to him an eternity, though in reality it may be only a few days... He can make thought-forms of drink and imagine he is drinking. He can even imagine the taste of the liquid, but he cannot produce the result, the sensation for which he drank during his lifetime. The nearest that he can get to this sensation is to go to places where people are drinking and suck up, as it were, the fumes of the alcohol, which gives him a very limited amount of satisfaction... (NOTE: This is really amazing, actually, for look at the Greek beliefs that the ghosts could drink of smells but not eat... think of Odysseus. They knew something. This is also revealing as to the sort of interaction with matter an astral entity may have.)

‘The trouble is that no one can really help such a man... The only thing that can be done is to explain carefully to him what is happening and the reason for it all, and tell him that the only way out is to get rid of the desire... Sooner or later he realized this and so that stage of his purgatory ends.'

*ASJ* Greed in the Lower Astral:

The Master: ‘Next, take the case of a miser who hoards his gold on earth... Then think what such a man's feelings would be when he saw from the astral level the hoard discovered, and probably spent recklessly by those who were fortunate enough to find it. he could do nothing, although doubtless he did hang round the hiding place for a considerable time after death. he may have tried to influence the searchers to go elsewhere... he would know no method of communicating with them, except when they were asleep and temporarily at his level. in most cases they would remember nothing of such conversations and so be uninfluenced by his efforts. Once again, no one is punishing that man, nevertheless he is suffering from the uncontrolled emotions.'

*ASJ* Jealousy in the Lower Astral:

The Master: ‘Another very common case is that of the extremely jealous man who thinks he is in love with someone, whilst in reality all he wants is to possess that individual, body and soul, for his own personal gratification. Surely a man who really loved would be thankful to see the object of his love receive admiration and attention from others, but the jealous man is not. Having been jealous during his lifetime, he remains jealous after death, torturing himself indefinitely and uselessly by constantly watching the approaches of others to the object of his supposed love, hating those other people and trying in every way to influence them, but finding his efforts useless.'

*BDL* Violence-Mongers in the Lower Astral:

J: I just saw someone get shot. And there's a whole group of spirits watching that and shouting "Oh, isn't that great! Look at those blood and guts!"...

They're watching two people. A black man and another black man had a shoot-out with each other over a drug deal. And there's like... oh! About a thousand spirits watching this. It's almost like, "Oh, there goes another one! Where are we going to go next? Oh, look at this girl! She's getting raped! Let's watch that!" They're witnessing all this brutality. And the guardian tells me, "They have to watch this to see how they've lived their own lives. They've lived like this, in a very degenerate way." And he says these spirits have to learn from this...

Their vibrational rate, spiritually, is very low. They're a dense vibration and they cant go any higher up, so they have to watch the physical world. They interact with this world...

He says some of them are almost beastly.

*TBD* Earthly Attachments Bring You Back:

From Orientation To The Existence Between:

"If you yourself have great attachment to the wealth and possessions you left behind, or if you know that others are using your possessions, you will feel attached to them and angry at the people who are using them. Conditioned by that, even though you might have attained the high estates, you will be reborn in hell or in the pretan realm."

*ASJ* Worriers in the Afterlife:

The Master: ‘There are others who are miserable when they look back on their physical life from this higher level [and] they realize the number of opportunities they have wasted... Again we find a man who has been supporting a wife and a large family before his death. Probably he has not made adequate provision for them and he worries how they will manage. This is a very natural thing, but unfortunately it is a very foolish one too... No worrying can bring practical help and it reacts on those left behind in a way that makes them more depressed than they need be. He is adding to their troubles instead of lessening them, and a solution of the problem only comes about when he realizes that those he has left behind are separate egos each working out his or her karma...

‘There are people in this world who always make trouble for themselves, by worrying about things over which they have no control or by being pessimistic about the future... After death such men are the same: they continue to feel depressed and to radiate depression wherever they go. Unfortunately, people with these depressing ideas continue to flock together as they did on the physical plane and still believe what they previously believed... Sooner or later man of this type are made to realize their foolishness by those who are ever on the watch for opportunities to help such sad cases.'

*CBtL* Accident Victims:

Another group of people trapped in the lower planes are those who have been killed in an accident and are traumatized, unable to leave the scene of the accident. Many psychics have reported the accident victim hovering over his or her lifeless body and trying futilely to talk to those people trying to help.

*PotAB* Astral Obsession:

Obsession: Many victims of violent death, especially when the death was painful, have returned shortly after to mediums and have complained of still feeling the pain which was present in the physical body at the time of death. The phantom, at the time of death, was exteriorized and within cord-activity range, while sensibility was transmitted from the physical body to the astral body. This pain, in conjunction with the bemuddlement of such an experience, actually drives him mad, obsessed. In this madness, the victim is often constantly living through- even for months afterwards- the death he experienced.

Just why the victim should live over his death time after time is not difficult to account for. It is not so much the actual pain which remains as it is the mental terror which the pain has impressed deeply upon the mind which has gained control of the victim, unless his conscious mind be functioning perfectly. Suppose I was killed by the wire. Whenever unconsciousness would overtake me, or when I would dream, I would live through my death, in the astral body. The stress would have me under control. After a violent death one will actually be insane in the astral for a time; the dominating ‘stress' in his mind will compel him constantly to re-enact the scene. Whenever you have found an earthbound condition, you have a condition in which the subject's conscious mind is not functioning strongly enough, and the crypto-conscious Will is controlling him. The next time you meet a sleepwalker who can talk to you logically- in his somnambulism- speak to him, then wake him up and ask him if he remembers what he said. He will say ‘No' practically every time. Yet he talked logically, and acted with instinctive precision. Hence, it was not his conscious mind to which you were talking after all.

It was a very common occurrence, during the World War, to see soldiers, while dreaming, jump from their beds and re-enact terrors which they had met with and which had left deep stresses in their subconscious minds.

Earthbound phantoms are not as numerous as one might suppose.

** Astral Pain:

Pain in the astral is real; the sensibility is the same sensibility that it was when the bodies were in coincidence. It is a real pain, and stays after the cable snaps and until it is cured by the mind. Perhaps this in some manner explains why some persons who have had arms or legs severed claim to be able to feel the arm or the leg after the stump has healed. Might it not be through the sensibility present in the astral, occupying the space formerly occupied by the physical arm?

2) Because it was ultimately eliminated by the mind does not prove that the pain did not exist. Surely there was no bayonet sticking in the phantom's astral body. But there was! Not a physical bayonet, but an astral form of the bayonet, created by the mind of the phantom.

*TB* The Intermediate State of Death:

In the intermediate state after death, beings are tormented, for their consciousness is agonizingly restless.

Obsessed Ghosts

Script: Notice throughout the kind of attribution these people use to avoid having to face the possibility that their beliefs are wrong. They live in a very different world but refuse to see as such. Imagine! You can die and not notice. Even death wont shake some beliefs!
*ND* A Obsession Ghost:

Almost immediately after they moved in, they began to hear strange sounds, a thump, like a bag being dropped, and then a noise, as if something were being pulled or moved. And then the lock, the latch on the door in the master bedroom, would begin to rattle, but did not move. Now this is wild!

They had a cat and a dog. The cat had left; the dog was cowed, and was between the wife's knees all the time... They went out, asked around the neighborhood, and discovered the story about it.

There was a man and woman who had lived there, and the man had a tendency to drink heavily, and he beat his wife. One night, she put everything in a suitcase and left him. He was drunk, and became despondent, and tried to shoot himself; he didn't do a very good job, and crawled off the bed, and got his hand onto the lock.

That's where they found him, about four days later. he apparently had been crawling to that door, right from the beginning, and kept crawling every night... The captain and his wife had had more strange experiences. They described soft tappings on various pieces of furniture, the dragging of a heavy soft object, a clatter in the fireplace set, a thumping in the upstairs hall, and a darkening and staining of the bedroom rug.

*Ea* A Haunting- How Reason Fails the Ghost:

She and her husband had occasionally heard noises they couldn't account for, such as doors closing mysteriously; hearing in the middle of the night what sounded like a music box playing on the third floor; and sometimes there seemed to be a woman talking. But the most distressing and puzzling sound was that of a baby crying...

One of these rooms, though, seemed to Janet to have an inexplicably cold and uncomfortable atmosphere...

"You do? You hear the baby crying? But you told me the baby is dead."

"Yes, suh."...

Both Marianne and Sandie Fairhill went into psychic trance to explore the circumstances via their Higher Selves...

"Effie was pacing, waiting for her mistress to get back, Sandie reported in trance. When she heard the door open downstairs, as the mistress returned, Effie got even more [rattled and distraught] and started to run down the stairs to beg forgiveness, even before the mistress discovered the baby's death. In her hysteria, she slipped on the stairs and fell, breaking her neck."

*GotB* Vengeful Earthbound Souls:

"I'm not able to get free of the earth. I'm waiting for deliverance. I was taken too soon from this world- much too soon. Now I'm faring like all who die too young through violence.

"We cannot find peace. We go about and are very close to you. We are near you because we still feel connected with you, and we call on you to speak to us or help us. You can help us- who died too early and in truth are not yet free and must wander about for a long time...

"You must avenge me! For the man who killed me is still going around free. And as long as he is free and on the lookout for other victims... I must come night after night and beg you to avenge me!"

"...My daughter demands atonement for her violent death... A year ago my daughter was murdered... My daughter comes to me night after night and pleads with me to avenge her."


"I come to you because you are able to hear me. It's not easy for us, from the world in which I speak, to find a spokesman everyone can understand, someone to be interpreter for me...

"Until the world knows what happened to me, I shall suffer very much. I know that, because I died, a second murder was perpetuated. My murder started a chain of them. You must help break this chain."


"Last night I saw Margaret. She came to me and told me everything. She had a big, gaping wound on her neck. She said to me:

"‘...They keep telling me, the ones where I am now, to talk to someone on the other side so that there will be atonement for the deed done to me. It was Ernest Foutch. I can tell you exactly how it happened...

"‘He bent my head back, always pulling harder on my hair, and then he stuck a knife into my neck with his left hand. At this moment I couldn't see anything but a red light all around me. Then the red light began to waver and grow dim. I didn't feel any pain any more. A long time later, after you'd already found my body, suddenly I found myself among creatures who had been taken from the world by violence, just like myself. We all sat close together. We were cold. We were afraid we might be forgotten. To be forgotten is the worst thing for people like me in the other world, who cant go the same way as the others who die peacefully.

"‘But every time a friendly thought comes drifting over to us, every time someone on earth remembers us kindly, then the warmth of this loving thought streams over us and we don't shiver so much...

"‘We must wait until we can go with the one who murdered us before a court of justice- where he can plead for mercy if we put in a good word for him. Otherwise, he's lost and damned for all eternity.'"

*Ea* A Ghost Suffering Eternal Replay of His Murder:

This ghost just repetitiously screamed "help."...

Charles, in the meantime, was having visions of violence. It appeared intuitively to him that a man attired in garb typical of colonial days was attacking a female with an axe- certainly an instrument of terrifying violent execution. As he put it later, "The ‘red' entity that Marianne sensed was a male figure; one I believe was a highly religious zealot who mistakenly thought his daughter had compromised her virtue, and what started out to be a severe beating turned in raging passion into a murder involving an axe.

"His energy was disturbing because he was ‘religiously crazy.' He was so restrictive in what he would allow as acceptable behavior... that his belief grew suffocating and he became [literally deranged]."

This intense scene played out in Charles's mind somewhat like the residual, repetitious apparitional "movie" hauntings...

[Speaking with the SC]:

Lou seized the moment to ask, "One question: is the perception that once the girl's gone, the other [personality] will go, too- is that correct?"

"Yes- the other one actually has gone; what you've got here is one of these situations where the spirit of the girl is here, but it's one of these ‘time warp' circumstances that takes place at the site of a violent incident like this." That explained Charles's perception of a ghostly tableau...

"He immediately took his own life after killing her."...

"Then we really shouldn't fear his..."

"No, but that violent energy is still there."

*VftA* Angels on David's Life As a Ghost:

Angels: "David exists at this time at a level that is between worlds, between realities... It is a nebulous gray place of nothingness, separated from your reality by a thin veil... It is an unformed world peopled by lost and confused spirits and uncontrolled thought forms. It is a very real place, yet neither here nor there.

"David, like many others, was caught there because he was not at all prepared for his transition. It was sudden and violent, abrupt and unexpected. He is very resistant to accepting the truth of his situation and has therefore entrapped himself in a space of confusion and chaos. This confusion dominates his world. He misinterprets many of his experiences there. Until he accepts the reality of his situation he cannot progress on to his next experience...

"We cannot force these things. It is against Universal Law... All we can do is to be there, forever constant and without end, offering guidance and God's love. And that is what we will do for this young man until he is ready to let go of his attachment to your reality.

"We have told him that his mother is already on the other side, waiting for him there. He refuses this truth also. He tells us that she couldn't be gone because he didnt get to say goodbye. He believes she is visiting friends or has moved away for a while and will return for him soon.

"He is bewildered and frightened by the things he sees happening in your modern world. It is a never-ending nightmare from which he longs to awaken but does not know how."

*CJ* Another Ghost Example:

ROMC: "I'm in a dark are, and I feel a lot of turbulence. I'm receiving the thought that on our journeys we often hit turbulence. Factors are at work outside of ourselves as well as within... Sometimes we hit turbulence, but we must continue going on...

"I'm now in an open space, and it is dark. I'm aware of forces around me- which are the turbulence...

"I'm being told that I must sensitize myself. I must be prepared for what I'll be experiencing, and put a strong energy of protection around myself...

"It's a cold energy- a strange kind of coolness. I'm told that I'm in the presence of energies that are locked into themselves...

"I hear moans... The cold is due to the energy being cut off from light and heat. These are soul forms that have shut themselves off from everything else...

"Energy thought of as a ghost on the earth level is certain strong emotional energies that are locked into a time zone in the earth plane, and keep playing the same emotions over and over. Usually great emotional traumas will create these energy configurations...

"They are taking me into a house. I can see a soul that has left the body. It's an older man. Though the body has died, the soul is exactly the same. This is a mansion. The floors are highly polished and very clean. The soul is walking around the mansion and has no intention of leaving. Much money is involved here.

"This soul has put so much into this particular home that he doesn't want to release it... There is such a coldness. Even while in the physical body, he was already cut off from everything, including himself. He was locked into his own selfishness and will remain there until he seeks help and change... (NOTE: You come to fear things and the fear of it is the only negative thing. This simple cycle continues until there is a realization that no harm can possibly come to you, then fear itself disappears.)

"Souls that are locked into their own energies are dead because they are not growing. Growth comes only with an interchange of energy. When you take in energies and hold them, not allowing them to flow through you, a stagnant existence sets in.

*PotC* Some Obsessed Ghosts:

I saw a sleepwalking psychotic post-mortem, insistently mentally repeating that his name was Ago. He appeared to be some 68 years old. he had a large oblong face and was wearing a huge jacket with chewing tobacco in the pockets. The whole ensemble reeked of tobacco smoke. I did what I could to awaken him and a helper soon took him away...

The helpers then brought an extremely beautiful, and very lethargic 27-year-old blonde woman wearing an orange dress. It seemed that she had recently died in an accident, leaving her in a state of shock and immersed in an endless sleep...

As I woke her, she clung to my psychosoma the same way a child would upon meeting its father. Carrying her in my extraphysical arms, I left her in the care of a helper before returning to the soma.

*Ea* Angela's Story- Different Psychics Working Together:

Angelica was a female in desperate search for her Civil War soldier fiancé


We turned to psychic Sandie Fairhill for more information...:

"The site of the lawn garden was that of a temporary field hospital during some stage of the Civil War. Andrew was a wounded Confederate officer treated in the hospital, and Angelica was his seventeen-year-old fiancé who, when she learned Andrew was among the hospital's patients, had ventured from her Richmond home to comfort him...

"She was told Andrew had succumbed to his wounds before her arrival.

"Angela adamantly refused to accept this news... Stressed by the bloodshed and overwhelming misery, shocked by the report of Andrew's death, and unstrung by emotional conflict, her coordination suffered and she stumbled over a body. She fell on a sharp instrument, described by Sandie only as "something similar to a bayonet," and died almost immediately, Andrew's name on her lips."

4) For many months after a deadly fight, at the same time each night (the time when the death actually occurred), the victim was repeatedly seen, living through the quarrel and death. The entity appeared to be dreaming, yet he occasionally conversed with investigators as logically as any conscious person would. It is the crypto-conscious mind which has the entity under control at such a time, and it is this mind which does the talking, answers the questions, etc, while the conscious mind is engaged in the dream.

Ghosts Influence on the Living & Possession

*VftA* Chaotic Addicted Ghosts Latching onto the Living:

On a bright day in early spring, as Helen and I settled into our normal places to begin the session, I immediately sensed that something was different. As always, their appeared a great angel of brightness. his presence filled the room with an intensity that loosened the hold of this reality on my mind and body, allowing me to glimpse an expanded view of existence. Within this Light I felt a small whirlwind of darker, heavier energy- chaotic and dissimilar to anything we had confronted in our explorations up to now.

As I penetrated deeper into this chaotic whirlwind, I could sense two distinct souls- one male, one female. Both were totally absorbed in themselves. Their energies, rather than radiating out, seemed to implode, creating two black holes with the capability of absorbing all the light around them...

They are angry and confused. They still carry addictions that they have had for many lifetimes...

In their great anguish and confusion and despair, they create chaos on this planet. One way in which they do this is by attaching themselves to the living. Through this attachment they are capable of creating great discomfort and difficult challenges for those whom they possess. If this is a human who has an addiction shared by the disembodied spirit, then the addictive tendencies and dysfunctional behaviors of that human will be greatly magnified.

*LBD* Astral Being Influences:

Now in this world-of-soul...we find...beings who... live- as in their lowest corporeality- in that which we are wont to call the astral body. Constantly, during our life and after our death, we are connected intimately with a large number of these purely astral beings...

Just as we constantly get influences from the elemental world, although we do not notice it, so too we constantly receive influences- straight into our astral body- out of this world-of-soul...

The dead interest themselves intensely in the human world, and send their active impulses into the human world. For the dead work through the living into this world...

Whatever we find blameworthy in him, we put it down to him. The dead does not put it down directly to the human being. He sees how the person is misled... This brings about a toning-down, so to speak, of the sharply differentiated feelings which in our physical and earthly life we generally have towards this or that human being...

Our views and ideas, originating as they do in our ego, are under constant influences from those long dead... By this very means, the continuity of evolution is preserved- out of the spiritual world. It is a necessity, for otherwise the thread of people's ideas would constantly be broken.


We must realize that we are never completely, thoroughly, awake with our whole being; with part of ourselves we are always asleep. Hence we may ask; with what part of our being are we genuinely awake in the time between waking up and going to sleep?

We are awake as regards our perceptions- as regards all that we perceive through our senses... With regard to our life of ideas we are less awake... (NOTE: Awake equating to open chakras.)

In the life of feeling we are so near to sleeping as to be dreaming. (NOTE: i.e. rationalizing our feelings as dreams rationalize events)


There is a living and perpetual intercourse between the so-called dead and the so-called living...

We cannot say that we know the spiritual world until the way in which we think and speak about it comes from that world itself.

*VftA* Edith- Ghost With Food Addiction & Depression:

Angels: "The first of these disembodied souls is a woman known as Edith.. She is very large, overweight, very lethargic, and unhealthy physically as well as emotionally. She had a dazed expression on her face, a glazed look in her eye, both of which reflect her soul sickness. The darkness of desperation and severe depression emanate from and surround her...

"Edith's addiction was to food and to the emotional state known as depression. Because of her inability to face the challenges that arose while she was living, she took on the identity of martyr and victim- an identity that further disempowered her to take responsibility for her actions and control of her life choices. She gave up and turned to the pleasures of food to fill the hole that self-hatred and bitterness had created in her soul...

"In the end she died of heart failure at the age of thirty-nine- a direct result of closing her heart to giving and received love, choosing instead to attempt to numb her pain with food.

"Immediately after leaving her body- despite al attempts made by her guardian angel to comfort and guide her to the experiences on the other side that will heal her deep wounds- she attached herself to one who she sensed had the same tendencies toward overeating and depression. She has since been with this woman, whom we will call Pam, constantly. She does not possess Pam in that she enters into the physical body, but she does stay always merged with her energy field.

"Since her possession by Edith, Pam's depression has deepened, her overeating has been greatly exacerbated. Depression creates a weakened energy field and lowers the vibrational frequency of the body to the point that many times the voice which holds the truth of that person's beauty and strength cannot penetrate the conscious mind... Depression begins many times with the denial of a path, that needs to be taken to fulfill a particular destiny, or with a fear of expressing the great creative force that is the very essence of our being...

"Only when she finds the courage within herself to replace these old patterns of disempowerment with patterns that acknowledge her strength and beauty and worthiness- patterns which allow her to give and to receive love freely- will she close the door to Edith's influence...

"Edith is overwhelmed by immense anxiety and terror when she considers leaving the Earthly realm of the senses."

*CBtL* Ghosts Influencing the Living:

Many of the spirits in the lower astral planes cause a great deal of trouble on Earth. They can communicate telepathically to others on Earth and inspire weaker people, who think these thoughts are their own, to act badly. For example, spirits of deceased alcoholics, drug addicts, murderers and other violent criminals, are drawn to people on Earth who have a similar disposition or to people of a weaker will and the spirits encourage the vices to which they are addicted.


Many alcoholics and cigarette smokers find themselves trapped on the lower plane as well. Their preoccupation leads them to hang around bars on Earth so they can vicariously pick up the effects of alcohol and cigarette fumes. They attach themselves to the auric field (an electro-magnetic field surrounding each person), like a parasite, trying to absorb into themselves the alcohol and nicotine. However, since they do not have a physical body, it becomes a hellish experience, like a thirsty man trying to drink water that is beyond his reach. (NOTE: They mentioned Ritchie before... this must be from him)

*VftA* Frank- Ghost With Addiction to Alcohol, Tobacco, and Sex, Multiple Possession:

Angels: "[Frank] chose to hide from this pain in his addictions to alcohol, tobacco, and the sensations of lust. These things numbed his senses and his ability to experience anything but the lower vibrational frequencies, so that he became unable to feel love for others or to receive the love that was shown him. The only time he felt alive was through his experience of these lower frequencies...

"After his death, his soul immediately found its way to the bar where he spent his last years on Earth. He would choose patrons of this establishment and follow them home. He did this several times until he found a man with precisely the right combination of addictions to suit him... Ed is addicted to pornography and prostitutes, cigarettes and gin- exactly those things to which Frank had turned for satisfaction and fulfillment.

Ever since Frank attached himself to Ed, Ed's addictions have totally consumed him. When he drinks he will drink until he blacks out. It is at this point that Frank can actually enter into and control Ed's body. During this process, Ed's soul is pushed into a dark corner of his being, imprisoned there by Franks's presence. Ed's soul sleeps and while it is sleeping, Frank does what he will with Ed's life. (NOTE: Anytime there is a blackout, there is another personality involved, such as with multiple personalities)

"Furthermore, Frank is not the only one who takes advantage of Ed's state. There are other disembodied souls- all trapped in that limbo space by similar obsessions- who literally fight over the opportunity to experience their addictions again, however briefly, through Ed's helpless body. While these souls are in possession of the body, that body takes on the memories, personality, and characteristics of the soul who is in control. These possessing souls will then vacate the body only when the sensations or circumstances that they have created become too perilous or too unpleasant. At that point, Ed returns to a life that has been muddied and a body that has been greatly damaged by souls run amok. Frank finds this very amusing.

"Every time Ed drinks to the extent that he loses conscious awareness, he further weakens his energy field, making it that much simpler for Frank and others to take control of his body... [Those souls who feed off of his habits] have no affection for Ed, only contempt. They will simply find another through which to satisfy their needs once Ed's body is no longer viable...

"Frank's form reflects his soul sickness. he appears emaciated, colorless, lecherous, and unwell. The air around him is permeated by a convoluted, twisted, polluted feeling. Yet, there is still the child of innocence crying deep inside of all that sickness. That child holds Frank's true essence... he is aware that he is dead. he is also aware of the reality of a Heaven World, but he cannot imagine an existence without the objects of his desires."

*VftA* A Pregnant Suicide, Fear of Hell & Clinging to Earth- The Life of a Ghost:

Ruth: "I was not a very good swimmer, and the waves were fairly rough, the waters icy cold. As the last strength drained from my numbed limbs and I was engulfed by another of the endless waves, I felt a subtle snap and found myself floating above my body yet still attached to it. I became terrified- ‘Oh no! This isn't what I wanted... this is wrong, this is very, very wrong!' But somehow I could not make my body respond... It was too late! Then I heard a loud ringing. It filled my whole being. The sound became deafening. I felt it pulling me away.

"And then I saw the spirit of my child, I was five and a half months pregnant at the time. My child... floating like a beautiful light angel...

"I felt at that moment such an anguished grief for what would never be. I reached for my child, but just then two beautiful beings of light swept her up in their arms and carried her away.

"An angel was there for me, too. Things around me began to grow dim...

"Far ahead, in the dimness surrounding me, I saw an opening filled with the brightest light. It was through that opening that the angels were carrying my child. The angel at my side was telling me that if I would simply let go I, too, could pass through that same opening with him, but I did not believe him.

"I knew I was bad. I knew I had done something unforgivable, I knew about Hell. My parents were religious and I had been taken to Sunday school regularly as a child. I remembered at this moment those lessons I had learned: that suicide is a mortal sin! (NOTE: The danger of religious beliefs, of stigmatizing suicide)

"After a time- it could have been minutes or years spent suspended in this space between worlds, captured by my own guilt and fear, I began to long for my home and the garden I so loved. This was the Earthly place where I had experienced such happiness and joy with Johnny. Just as I thought these things, I was caught up in what felt like a great whooshing of wind. It then seemed as if I simply dissolved into this wind.

"My next conscious awareness was of finding myself once more in my home in Virginia, looking out the window of the kitchen into the garden. The roses looked so beautiful to me. They were bursting with blooms, much more vibrant than I remembered them. The sun was shining through the window. I could see it, but I could not feel it. I was definitely there, but it seemed as if a thin film separated me from everything. I felt, in a way, as if I were dreaming.

"There were people in the house I did not know. They were painting the interior walls, covering over the wallpaper with the blue flowers that John and I had put up just before he left...

"Previously, I had been moving through the house as I did before my death, using the doorways, walking around objects and people. However, soon I found that things were not solid at all to me and offered no resistance when I moved into or through them. This was very disorienting at first and very frightening.

"I stayed in that garden for many years, watching the seasons change and people come and go. Yet, in many ways it truly seemed an endless time, like a dream from which I was powerless to awaken. I was filled with fear and remorse and regret for what I had done. I longed with everything in me for the arms of my husband and the little warm body of my child... I was swallowed up in a void of deep, deep, loneliness and excruciating pain.

"All this time, the angel who had joined me in the ocean never left my side. Over the years I grew used to his presence and my fear of him lessened...

"I watched a family move into my house. There was a little girl named Emily. She was so beautiful... She could see me! We would play in the garden. She told her parents about me, but they thought that the "Ruthie" she spoke of so often was an imaginary friend.

"I loved her, you see. I gave to her all the love and attention I wanted to give to my own daughter.

"Years went by and after a time she could no longer see me, but I continued to follow her, to stay constantly by her side, even when she slept.

"In this I did a great wrong. In my attachment to her, I not only shared with her the love I felt, I also unwittingly shared my sorrow. As a result, Emily carried a depression with her for many years, which she thought was her own. She also had an abiding terror of the sea, which she had absorbed from my experience. At the time I did not realize that it was I who was the source of her difficulties.

"After years had passed, I began to listen more and more to the angel. I understood by now that he really saw me- he knew everything about me and still loved me deeply. Finally, I began to feel that love.

"So one day I let go of the garden and my house and Emily, and I went with him. I surrendered myself into his care, even though I wasn't certain if we were truly going to where he told me we were...

"Immediately, I was swept up in a ray of this light that reached out and cradles me and carried me. It was as if I were immersed in a river of spirits. My angel never left my side. (NOTE: Tartarus?!! -Plato!)

"But when we reached the end of the tunnel, we did indeed enter Paradise, just as he had promised! It was beautiful beyond anything I could have imagined. I felt none of the condemnation I had expected- only acceptance and compassionate understanding.

"And what great joy- John was there! He greeted me with a brilliant smile and an embrace, and in that one moment I understood many things."

*VftA* Angels on Chaotic Addicted Ghosts Latching onto the Living:

Angels: "They attach themselves to those who have similar obsessions, merge with their energy field, and then do everything they can to encourage that person to continue their addictive behavior.

"Because those humans being possessed have surrendered their will to addiction, it is very easy to persuade them to indulge in their obsessions, to push them deeper and deeper into total enslavement to their destructive, devouring desires... They have the ability to influence the thoughts and behavior of those made susceptible to them by similar obsessions. They grow adept at interjecting dreams and visions into the subconscious mind and inducing feelings and desires in the physical body.

"Those being possessed can be influenced in this way because they have lost their spiritual immunity...

"These addictions also weaken their energy field- the light of the spirit that radiates from every being. This makes it very easy for a disembodied soul to attach itself to and sometimes even to penetrate and merge with the soul in the body, so that the human then takes on the characteristics, emotions, and personality of the disembodied soul.

"In rare cases, what we know of as possession can occur in instances where those in a body have ‘disassociated' during times of extreme stress or trauma. In other words, rather than staying present in the body to deal with whatever situation in which it found itself, that soul chose to vacate the body for the duration of the event, leaving only a fragment behind to ensure the survival of the physical vehicle. During these times, a weakness in the integrity of the energy field is created, which can allow for penetration and possession of the body by a disembodied soul. Afterward, the person in the body finds that they now may experience feelings, thoughts, and urges they never had before."

*PotC* Malignant Influences by Ghosts:

The processes used by minds that are clouded by insanity are unimaginable and unbelievable...

I noticed various examples of negative forces undermining edifying work. One was the construction of a dike in the wrong spot. Instead of containing influxes from seaquakes, it actually helped the violent waters to move inland and destroy everything in their path...

Several clandestine criminal organizations operate in human society. They work outside of the law in an atmosphere of camouflaged terror. This climate of intense mental sadism and parasitism is a result of associations made with shady extraphysical consciousnesses having extraordinary magnetic powers...

Finally, I was privy to the outright intrusive manipulation of a human scientist working with full awareness and conviction on malignant objectives ranging from genocide and mass insanity, to bacteriological war and even the neutron bomb. This was occurring at great human and financial expense, with government approval.

*RotOS* Influenced By External Forces:

"A client frightened me. He acted quite unbalanced. I felt a negative influence around him that appeared to be in control of his personality...

"No matter what I said to this man, he snapped at me. His negativity was making it impossible to help him. After ten minutes of this battle... I banged the arm of the chair and told the influence to get out of my house. The influece was childish and nasty... It was a little spirit that attached itself to his astral body. This spirit acted like an obnoxious child, arguing for no reason. This action stunned my client, and the elemental left him. The man grew calmer and started to cry."

*PotC* Ghost Influences on the Living:

For the first time, I became aware of several extraphysical consciousnesses riding in cars next to human drivers and passengers...

Some of the persons passing by were accompanied by one or more intimately connected extraphysical consciousness, seeming to be "composite persons". A young man under the impulsive influence of an extraphysical consciousness that was attached to him, was speaking loudly inside a convertible. It was quite astonishing to witness the cool, overt intrusion. It is incredible how persons can be influenced... Intruders are truly energetic parasites... It is such a complete body-to-body coupling that it resembles the coexistence or alignment of one's own psychosoma and soma...

The extraphysical consciousness was a middle-aged male preying on the unprotected mind of the young man who appeared to be some 25 years old. The youth... was being "spoken through," expressing himself in loud yells and wild gestures, as he communicated with his friends who were in other convertibles with the tops down.

*Ea* Ghost Influences:

Tony's letter... "I felt half my normal energy... It was as if his physical body was inside me." He went on to say it was hard to think clearly, and he couldn't enjoy food because it was like eating paper. At times, Peter mischievously would wake him several times during the night...

We have more recently had discussions with certain others involved in entity-releases, and their experience suggests that some living hosts to attached entities are subtly, subliminally influenced by those entities in their emotions and thinking, even when the hosts have no knowledge of those entities...

Supporting this concept, in her book, Unquiet Dead, prominent American psychologist, Edith Fiore, concluded that a large percentage of the thousands of subjects she regressed had one or more "attached" spirits.

*Ea* A Scared Ghost & Mean Automatic Writing:

When Peter first commandeered his arm for automatic writing, Tony thought he could "release" the energy, much as he had with the Ouija board. but, to his dismay, he found otherwise. "It's as if his physical body was inside mine," Tony said, in his letter. "It was frightening, because whenever a thought entered my mind, he answered it... He lied to me... was mean... but he often apologized..."

*RotOS* Addicted Ghosts & Possession:

If you pass over with a powerful addiction, the only way to get the sensation of the substance is by possessing someone in the physical... No one can be possessed unless theyopen themselves yup to possession by specifically indulging in these substances.

I was with some friends in a nightclub one evening, and a man seated next to us was drinking quite heavily. I looked at him and saw an evil influence hovering over him, a shadow (a ghostlike being) very close to his head. The man kept ordering more drinks, and drinking them quickly, until eventually his behavior became rowdy.

...I saw this "spirit" enter him. It was too late and too dangerous to interfere.

...The "influence would leave once the drinking stopped.

..."You're protected by your own goodness. Evil influences cant get near you if you dont allow them an opening." -Lawrence

...Why do you think that another name for alcohol is spirits? Its's because alcohol attracts them.

*Ea* Interfering With the Living:

"Maybe you should explain to him..." A guttural growl intruded here, before I could say, "Why you interfere in his reality and his life."

"He invited me..."

"Oh, he did? Have you not also interfered, at times, when you were not invited?"

"That's none of your business," Peter said, coldly.

*ND* Possession:

Edgar Cayce: "As individuals become abased, or possessed, are their thoughts guided by those in the borderland? Certainly! If allowed to be!"

*SC* Psychological Domination Resembles Possession:

Obsession is a very powerful psychological state that, in the extreme, resembles what we think of as possession. For example, an individual can be dominated by a parent even to the point of taking on the personality traits of that parent. Until the individual learns to detach himself from that parent and is able to restore his own individuality, he will not be "exorcised" of that parent's influence. But we cant really say that the parent has literally "taken over" the child, only that he or she has dominated the child's psychology to such an extent that it appears the child has been taken over.

*ND* Possession By Lower Astral Entities or Thought-Forms:

Possession can evidently include not only influences from what Theosophists call the "lower astral," but also influences from thought-forms created by individuals.

*BDL* Drug-Addicted Ghosts:

J: They still have that desire after they pass over, but they cannot manifest it... He says, "For instance, we've got people here that want a cigarette, but they cant smoke because we don't have cigarettes over here. So they'll spend time hanging around with physical people that want to smoke. Or we have spirits who have done drugs, who want to shoot up and have made that a pattern in their lives. They will be around people who are shooting up." (NOTE: And they get communications from them? - the Berkeley Psychics)

...When they sense that they've had enough of this, guardian spirits come to them... the guardians come and conduct them and start showing them ways that they can make a transformation for themselves.

*AP* The Nasty Victim of Sudden Death or Suicide Turns Nastier in the 7th Subdivision:

If their earth lives have been low and brutal, selfish and sensual, they will, like the suicides, be conscious to the fullest extent in this undesirable region; and they are liable to develop into terribly evil entities. Inflamed with all kinds of horrible appetites which they can no longer satisfy directly now they are without a physical body. "These are the incubi and succubae of mediaeval writers – demons of thirst and gluttony, of lust and avarice, of intensified craft, wickedness and cruelty, provoking their victims to horrible crimes." But their power fails utterly before purity of mind and purpose; they can do nothing with a man unless he has first encouraged in himself the vices into which they seek to draw him.

One whose psychic sight has been opened will often see crowds of these unfortunate creatures hanging round butcher's shops, public-houses – wherever the gross influences in which they delight are to be found. On this lowest level of the astral plane he must stay at least as long as his earthy life would have lasted if it had not been prematurely cut short. (NOTE: no...) The unfulfilled desires will gradually burn themselves out, and the suffering caused in the process will probably go far towards working off the evil Karma of the past life.

The Cold Ectoplasm Drain of Ghosts

*CBAP* Tart- Communication Problems With Ghosts:

"Communications" from the dead are, in the main, received under similar conditions- the "communicator" borrows "ectoplasm" from the vehicle of vitality of the mortal- and it often dulls his mental activities, accounting for some unsatisfactory communications.

*CBAP* Coldness Explained, Seeing Ghost OB, Ectoplasm Drains:

Case No 623: "I felt an oppressive weird coldness... [=ectoplasm being withdrawn from her vehicle of vitality in an attempt to form a "bridge" and so contact her]

"I looked down at a particularly ugly patch of dead grass below me and saw, with a shock, that I had no legs! I was aware then, that, according to Dr. Crookall [regarding the observation of incongruities between the physical environment and that in which the "double" find itself], I was having an out-of-the-body experience... Grandmother was there. She was sitting crosswise in the old spring rocker, her head drooping on her chest. I flew to her, passing through the wrought-iron decorated screen and the glass-paneled door as though they did not exist. I ‘knelt' beside her, putting my ‘face' in her ‘lap' (she had no substance)... (NOTE: Earth OB and Earthbound are the same place)

"The following evening I again ‘visited' him. His mind was obviously clouded and confused [because his vehicle of vitality still enshrouded his Soul Body]. By prayer and intense concentration I set out to cause him and my grandmother to realize that they were ‘dead' and divorced from all the ‘leftovers' of their physical existence."

Mr. Frye noted: "For no apparent reason I become uncommonly sleepy [= ectoplasm being drawn from her vehicle of vitality for purposes of appearing or communicating]. I lay down and was immediately ‘out.' I was standing before a tall white fence. A gate opened and my uncle stepped through... he was projecting at about ago twenty-three rather than the fifty-odd which he had died. [This rejuvenation of the "double" is highly characteristic: the uncle had doubtless shed the vehicle of vitality and, with it, the distressing confusion of "Hades" conditions...] He grinned. His eyes glinted with humor and enthusiasm. he nodded and ‘kissed' me."

*CBAP* Seeing Deceased By Living and Dreamer:

Case No. 657: "...But this is the really strange thing about all this- a couple of times, when my wife works the mill night-shift, my children had to awaken me. I see her, or my children, well in advance of their touching me. but this is the thing- my wife, and my children, tell me that my eyelids are closed tight..."

"In 1966 my mother ‘passed away.' Since then my mother has appeared in my house about six times. She lived 480 miles away and has never been in this house. Every time my mother has appeared, my wife sees her at exactly the same time as I dream about my mother [The mother draws upon ectoplasm from his sleeping body- his "semi-physical" vehicle of vitality is naturally loose, hence the catalepsy noted above- in order to be seen by Mrs. Zaino's physical eyes]. This one night, at 3 a.m., I was dreaming of my mother, when somewhere in my dream I began getting this ‘buzzing' all through my body [= release of ectoplasm]. At the same time my mother appeared and my wife saw her."

Echoes or Obsessed Ghosts?

*HU* Echo Ghosts:

Many ghostly apparitions appear to be little more than holograms, three-dimensional recordings of some person or scene from the past. There are numerous cases on record of individuals seeing phantoms of inanimate objects as well, a fact that belies the idea that apparitions are discarnate souls. In one case a British military officer and his family watched as a spectral horse-drawn carriage pulled upon their lawn and stopped. (NOTE: Or could these be projections of the ghost?)

*PotL* Recurring Auditory Apparition At the Same Hour:

"My husband came home about 3 o'clock, and, to please Lilly, said he would have his dinner in the bedroom with her. I sat beside the bed with one of Lilly's hands in mine, my husband was eating his dinner, when our attention was roused by sounds of the music of an AEolian harp, which proceeded from a corner cupboard in one corner of the room. All was hushed, and I said, ‘Lilly, do you hear the pretty music?' and she said, ‘No,' at which I was much surprised, for she was a great lover of music. The sounds increased until the room was full of melody, when it gradually and slowly seemed to pass down the stairs and ceased. The servant, who occupied in the kitchen, two stories below, heard the sounds, and our eldest daughter, who was going into the larder, stopped in the passage to listen and wonder where the music came from, and the servant called to her, ‘Do you hear that music?'"

"The next day (Sunday) my old nurse and aunt came up to see how Lilly was, and were, with my husband, all in the room with the child. I had gone down into the kitchen, when the same sounds of AEolian music were heard by all three in the room, and I heard the same in the kitchen. Monday passed, but we had no repetition. On Tuesday, at the same hour, we once more heard the same wailing AEolian music from the same part of the room; again it increased in volume, until the room was full of wailing melody; and again did the sounds appear to pass through the door, down the stairs, and out at the front door. Now, this music was heard three different days, at the same time each day."

"The child herself, never heard a sound."

-Sarah A. Sewell

*APr* Waking Haunting:

The house, which was my home at this period of my life, seemed to be haunted by an earth-bound spirit. Often in the night, or even in the light of early morning, I would hear footsteps ascending and descending the stairs, and sometimes they had a nasty trick of stopping just outside my door—and this when I was really awake and not in the Trance Condition.

*HU* Intensity & Ghosts [Both Echo and Haunting]:

Some events leave stronger imprints in the holographic record than others. This is supported by the tendency of hauntings to occur at locations where some terrible act of violence or other unusually powerful emotional occurrence has taken place. In addition to images and sounds, the emotions being fed during an event are also recorded in the cosmic hologram.

*MotFE* The Goblins of the Sea of Sand:

We also investigated the goblin tales from the "sea of sand" as the Gobi is called in China. In many places one hears strange voices: many times we have heard our own names called. We have heard the din made by great throngs of people which seemed to be close by. Often we heard voices in song. We have seen many mirages and heard the noises of shifting sands.

Thus the air strata become the sounding boards that pick up and reflect the vibrations just as they pick up and send out the vibrations of a mirage.

*HU* Fairies and Echo Ghosts:

Not all of the fairies were small. Some were tall, looked like normal human beings except they were luminous and translucent, and had the curious habit of wearing the clothing of earlier historical periods.

Moreover, these "fairies" often appeared in or around archaeological ruins—burial mounds, standing stones, crumbling sixth-century fortresses. Thronged with men battling in medieval armor or desolate fens covered with soldiers in colored uniforms. Sometimes these frays were eerily silent. Sometimes they were full-fledged dins; and perhaps most haunting of all, sometimes they could only be heard but not seen.

*HU* Big Echoes of the Past:

The staff of an embassy whose offices overlook Versailles, claims to have watched the garden revert back to an earlier period of history as well.

Buterbaugh looked out the window of her office at Nebraska Wesleyan University and saw the campus as it was fifty years earlier. Gone were the bustling streets and the sorority houses, and in their place was an open field and a sprinkling of trees, their leaves aflutter in the breeze of a summer long since passed.

Nonentity Ghosts

*BDL* Some Are Self-Created Ghosts:

S: The manifestation of many ghosts is nothing more than the projection of the energies of the individual who is seeing these apparitions. The individuals themselves are projecting these energies which could perhaps be reflections of their own former lives or awareness of other spirit planes... These are possibilities.

*Ea* Playback Hauntings:

[An "apparitional haunting"] is a repetitive "psychic movie," associated with a given location and perceivable by some individuals, under favorable circumstances... (NOTE: Perhaps a trauma of the place that need healing. The ghost then is a thought-form memory in its field) It may be just a solitary, nebulous figure slowly descending a staircase, only to disappear at the bottom, or a complex scene of opposing forces in noisy battle. Whatever the content, the sequence of events is identical every time the phenomenon appears, and the ghostly participants are always totally oblivious to the presence of the observers...

They resemble lifeless, mechanical playbacks of an incident somehow recorded in an obscure, astral matrix of space, time, and human experience.

Psychokinetic Ghosts- Poltergeists

*BDL* Poltergeists:

S: The terminology [ghosts and poltergeists] is simply applied to those spirit entities who have their consciousness focused to such a degree that they can cause manifestations on the physical level... Intense emotions such as anger, rage, or jealousy tend to focus the entire consciousness to such an extent that this is what happens...

Often there is intent which is positive and helpful and good in doing this, because it enlightens the receivers of this energy to the fact that there are things which cannot be seen, which are real, as real as the physical...

Poltergeists move physical objects and are aware of their consequences. They are aware of the physical surroundings. It is true a poltergeist may be locked onto the Earth energy...

Poltergeists move physical objects and are aware of their consequences. They are aware of the physical surroundings. It is true a poltergeist may be locked onto the Earth energy...

It is simply to get the attention of those around them, whether it be for amusement or ego gratification...

It may be more than attention, however, that they are seeking. It may be revenge, for instance.

*Ea* Ghosts Trying To Influence the Physical:

"It's sometimes difficult to communicate," Lizzie affirmed, "but you know, there are so may times when we really try to help, and it doesn't go quite the way we expected. You see, we sometimes have a little problem with coordination, since we don't have physical bodies anymore... And sometimes when we intend to help- maybe by moving something- it kinda' slip and just takes off. You know what I mean?"...

"It doesn't always go where it's supposed to go. Or the way it's supposed to go.

*Ea* Disembodied Psychokinetics:

It follows that if a living person's mind can subconsciously generate forces to manipulate objects without using physical bodily energy, the body is incidental to the process; therefore, a nonphysical mind probably can move objects, too. I'm comfortable with Holzer's contention that some poltergeist phenomena do derive from conscious, but incorporeal, entities.

Ghost Smells

*Ea* Ghost Smells:

"We smell a scent... sometimes a very, very pungent rose scent, so strong that you can almost taste it down our throat. And then, at times, it can be lilac."

Relationships Between Ghosts

*Ea* Ghosts Meeting, Befriending Ghosts:

Even though they had lived and died in widely separated times, Rosie and Lizzie met each other in their nonphysical states, interacted, and became friends.

*Ea* Two Antagonistic Ghosts Avoiding Each Other:

Regarding Agnes, [Marianne's SC] said:

"That's a very angry energy that's still here [centered in another apartment in the same building]. She started out feeling well-motivated in life and ended up being generally despised by all of the nuns who were working with her. She carried self-righteousness to an extreme. [She remains here] mostly due to anger; she comes and goes intermittently. She's held here to some degree by a tremendous feeling of guilt over Molly's death; she was aware of the [role of] the blow she's given her. Possibly with young Molly gone, she may be willing to release and move on."

A side issue of curiosity: if the elder Molly and Sister Agnes, who must have shared a mutual animosity, frequented the same site, I wondered, how did they avoid some form of conflict or confrontation? Marianne's SC explained. "It's a little bit like two cats [that cant stand each other] coexisting in the same household- they're both very, very good at pretending the other doesn't exist."

*PotC* The Endless Battle of Two Beings:

Pointing to the deep ravine, she asked me to examine the environment, bid me farewell, and disappeared suddenly.

I was in a place that appeared to be somewhere in the intraphysical dimension. There was a localized storm a short distance before me in the ravine. Strange colored blotched and nauseating smells bubbled up from the water resulting from the storm...

Two extraphysical consciousnesses were fighting each other in a continuous battle. There were so many continuously changing deformations in their figures that they gave the impression of: shapeless amoebas devouring each other; inextinguishable continuously inter-exploding fire bombs; living flames in a raging fire; dragons gridlocked in a bloody fight, making unpleasant guttural sounds. The combatants changed their stances and positions with lightning speed. The exotic, unstable forms changed from one unpleasant color to another...

What should I do? How long would it last?

At that moment, I heard a resonating voice:

"A battle such as this is the sad epilogue in the conflict between these two consciousnesses. It will continue until the two opponents become exhausted, end up losing their humanoid forms and become enclosed in their own private world...

"In the initial stages of the battle, when the opponents still have sufficient energy and their efforts are more spectacular, spectators frequently appear who become agitated by the morbid event, as they hunger for strong emotions. This is what is happening here. The opponents, moved by the fire of hatred and manipulated by the power of unbalanced minds, will continue to gradually change until their forms regress. This constitutes a temporary suicide for these two who are poisoned through a malfunctioning of their higher mental faculties. Have thoughts and sentiments of peace for all these demented beings and go on your way."

...It was the biggest energetic confrontation that I have ever witnessed outside of the body.

Ghost Tech

*Ea* Microphone Effects From Ghost Channeling:

I was using two clip-on microphones- one on Marianne and the other on Charles. Upon playback of the tape, all had recorded well- until the moment when Simon left Marianne and Child of the Moon abruptly slipped in. At the very instant of this sudden change of energies, one of the microphones abruptly generated a sharp burst of static on the tape. The noise continued in sporadic outbreaks of progressively diminishing intensity for about the next minute, after which everything settled down and functioned entirely normally... Coincidence? Or some electromagnetic disturbance intruding from an overlap of two greatly dissimilar energies and Marianne's wrenching adjustment to the change?

Rescue Missions

*CJ* Rescuing Earthbound Ghosts:

ROMC: "There are many millions of souls that are in the earth vibration with the feeling that they are still in their physical bodies. They are locked into a time zone. It is necessary to penetrate their time zones, to talk to them individually and bring them into the awareness that they are no longer in physical form.

"There are different methods of approach to these confused souls. it is a special type of counseling, and the sensitivity of the person who works with them is a very important factor in this type of work. It is most important to make these souls aware of the fact that they are no longer in the physical body.

"It is important first to allow such souls to express their own personhood, and to describe their situation as they experience it- to tell their story- in their time level of reality. Then you must relate to such souls from the point of view of their present reality as they are experiencing it. They often will attempt to communicate with someone on the earth level, because they feel they themselves are still in their earth bodies.

"They commonly do not recognize the presence of anyone from our dimension- such as their guardians, or loved ones who have passed over- because they are locked into an earth-time dimension. Therefore, it often requires someone from the earth level to make them aware of their situation.

"When they see the light and realize that they have dropped the body, have ‘died' in earth terms, then helpers from our dimension can take over...

"We send these souls through on a special light beam, a particular ray of energy. It is a specialized process. As a result, they can speak through this entity, and you can relate directly to help enlighten them.

"Sometimes you have to shock them into the realization that they are no longer living in the earth body... Each personality is unique. Each person is special. Therefore, each situation is different...

"Ask them if there is someone that they have been close to who has passed on. If there is, ask them to look for this person, or to listen for this person.

"An alternative method is to ask them to look around and describe what they see. They are always surrounded by helpers from our dimension who are constantly trying to get into communication with them...

"We work very carefully, and there is never a problem of a soul getting caught in the aura of this dear being who is always eager to assist us in helping to raise the earth's vibrations in this way. It is a very special process and part of the lesson we are teaching you. This is not related to the ‘possession' situation that we described before. What we are doing here is a completely different energy source.

"Another technique to use in assisting this lost soul is to ask it to touch what it believes is its physical body. Often this can shock such souls into the awareness that they are no longer in their physical body, as they realize that the body they are speaking through it foreign to them. The shock is an important process in awakening the soul to its true situation...

"There are many levels of souls that are lost. The ones we send through are on the threshold of enlightenment. Others are in such great darkness that we would never attempt to work with them in this way, because of the nature of their consciousness.

"There are many delightful souls who are locked into the physical universe of reality because they are imprisoned by their own thought-forms. Often it is fear that confines them, brought on by the trauma of the event of death. It is such souls that we bring through in a crying need of help, and on the verge of breakthrough.

"All souls have surrounding them many helpers. There are many levels of such helpers. That is why no soul is really lost in the universe."


ROMC: "Dropping the body is like dropping a shell. The vibrations of the soul body are at a much more rapid rate. The mental levels are functioning at a different level- but are performing very much the same as before transition. Often it is the emotional level that locks the soul into the earth plane. because of a very strong emotional earth attachment, it still vibrates on the slower earth level. Therefore, the complete transition cannot take place until the soul mentally and emotionally releases the earth vibrations...

"There are also times when the mental thought-forms can lock souls in because of training that is put into the mind. For instance, there is a concept that a soul will ‘sleep' until ‘the last trumpet sounds.' Very strong thought-forms that can confine often come through religious training...

"Thus, a soul can be locked into a sleeping state, waiting for the sound of a trumpet. We often have trouble relating to these souls, because we do not sound trumpets- not wanting to reinforce other thought-forms associated with that belief.

"Sometimes, such souls will wait until they get bored- and finally open their spiritual eyes, only to realize that they are awake and alive, even though they have not heard the trumpet sound they were awaiting. It is at this stage that we can begin working with such souls...

"Souls can be locked into the physical realm through both emotional and mental energies and sometimes for thousands of years of earth time...

"It is important to break into these negative thought-forms and release them. We use the term ‘negative,' meaning that the energy flow is blocked...

"The negative energies block the love flow... (NOTE: You block flow. Energy- all energy is positive. You close)

"Ask for help in releasing the negative energies." (NOTE: In opening up to the flow, actually)

*Ea* Superconscious Cant Contact Ghosts:

We are told by our SC's (NOTE: superconscious) that a deceased individual's SC can be frustrated by its total inability to break through and get the "attention" of its earth-fixated mortal consciousness.

*Ea* Double-Trancing:

Some of our sessions are unique in that a second person may drop into trance to accommodate a deceased relative or friend of the target ghost who comes to guide it onward.


A second medium spontaneously channeled a deceased loved one of the ghost... to penetrate the troubled soul's fixation and entreat it to move on.

*HH2* Freedom:

What a man loves he does freely. Freedom is the life of everyone. Nothing is gained through compulsion. No compulsive reformation works. No one is ever deprived of his freedom. Infernal freedom is to be led by lusts and self.

*MB* Spiritual Rescue Work:

ALMA: Tomorrow is expected to be a busy one, though, on rescue work. Right after the weekend makes a difference in the number we have to attend to.

Self-Rescue Missions

*MJooB* Receiving Help Calls:

Monroe started to receive signals from the gray area which were a cry for help. He began to answer calls for help from an earlier version of himself. He rescued himself from the attack of cats, appearing in robes to his previous self. He escorted an earlier recently killed self off the Earth. He was the Inspec who helped himself out so much. It was a role he hasnt played yet. He also helped others who were calling for help. It began to seem a never-ending task. People he was escorting out kept disappearing from his hand in the Belief-System Territories. They disappeared because their beleif system took over. Their beleif system is all they have to hold onto, so they go where there is some kind of security. They phase out when they encounter the radiation of belief system with which they resonate, like the sex-pile. His physical body responded to a strong help signal with a strong sense of heat. After a while he stopped being able to resist the help calls- some part of him that he wasnt aware of was taking over. It was his inner self guiding him. In most of the helping instances, they became what they were perceived to be: father, mother, friend, or some "heavenly being." The major task of his inner-self was to pick up previous life personalities who had become addicted or lost. All such rescued took place in the past.

*MJooB* Retreiving Other Aspects: Another Perspective:

It was reuniting with parts of his total self that he had for whatever reason lost awareness. These aspects would include past lives or simply powerful emotional thought forms which were keeping some of my energy blocked and limiting my awareness. Focus 22-23 was a reflection of any type of turmoil, 24-25 were the source of the beleif system or misinformation upon which the confusion was based, and 27 was provided the pure light of one's essence. By going to 27 first and reclaiming his own light, he was much better at facing his own darkness.

*SD&P* Saving Even the Shadows of Ourselves:

We attempt to save even the shadows of ourselves, and we create light in even the darkest recesses of our own hidden fragments. To that extent and in those terms, we are our own redeemers.

Rescue Mission Experiences

*PotC* Ghost Rescue:

As I floated up and away from the tombs, I saw several extraphysical consciousnesses circling a grave in a distant row. The consciousnesses I saw from a distance seemed to be working with other psychotic post-mortems, assisting those who were unconsciously still tied down to their tombs and the general area of the cemetery.

*PotC* Ghost Rescue:

I gained awareness on an islet where a group of helpers was taking care of an extraphysical consciousness. he was sitting down and looked like a soldier with the intense stare characteristic of a psychotic post-mortem... The images arising from his mind revealed the image of another soldier or sailor who had died and whom he had placed on the tip of a low rock.

The images in the demented soldier's psychosphere (aura) revealed that the right pants leg and heavy boot of his companion were handing from the rock...

[The helpers]were assisting a sick extraphysical consciousness- a prisoner of implacably fixed ideas who had been isolated on the island for a long time, still believing to be among humans. He had died during a dramatic event with a coworker... The ailing extraphysical consciousness was picked up by the group of helpers and taken away...

As I laid on top of the soma entering it through the back, I clearly heard a soft, peaceful voice which sounded like someone speaking through a thin tube. It was the voice of a female extraphysical consciousness. The psychosoma was still not aligned with the soma.

"Waldo! Waldo! Wake up!"

The gentle call was repeated twice, whereupon I fully reentered the soma.

*CBtL* Earthbound Ghosts:

One of the main tasks on the third plane is to locate those lost souls who are entitles to live on this plane but who for some reason or other have not yet found their way here. Some people do not even realize they have died, and some have rejected the idea of life after death or have not even considered it. After death, these people remain in a confused state wandering around in their homes and among their friends, and it is hard to reach them. People who have died violent deaths also remain in a confused state of awhile, around the scene of their murder or accident, and are still reliving their battles in their mind.

*CJ* An Earthbound Rescue:

PATRICK: "It's so cold. It's so cold in this water. Oh, my God. If you can just send someone. It seems as if I've ben floating out here for so many days. It's so cold! I don't see any of my shipmates...

"It's so dark...

"I was in the kitchen preparing the evening meal. All of a sudden it became very warm, and there was an explosion. The next thing I knew, I was floating in the darkness, and it was cold. I grabbed onto a log and have felt very alone. I haven't been able to see any of my shipmates...

"What year is it? It's in the year 1879...

"I must have been here all night- at least twelve hours...

"I think I have been out of my head, because I've been seeing faces around me...

"I'll let go of the log and see what happens. Okay, I just feel relaxed. I must have... are you saying that when the boat exploded, I died?...

"I feel so light...

"I'm free! I... feel as if I am floating above the water...

"I see a hand. Who is reaching for me? Oh, by golly, who is reaching? Someone is reaching their hand down to me!...

"It is getting lighter. The darkness is lifting. I have released the ship. I feel as if I am floating above the water. I can see... I can see... Is that my mother? It's my mother!"

ROMC: "We have brought this soul as an example of the locked-in conditions of fear thought-forms."

*BDL* Ghosts' Gradual Spiritual Awakening:

S: The longer they stay dead the more aware they become of the spiritual plane, simply because of a matter of vibrational attraction.

*Ea* Intense Fear- Trying To Get Through To A Faker:

Peter said, "I stand on the brink of the abyss, not you."...

"Does the truth bore you?" Charles responded.

"IN-finitely!" He caressed the first syllable. "Infinitely; there is nothing more boring than the truth. It makes me very weary."

"That," Charles said, "is because you have not seen the truth. Boredom is lack of thought... lack of creation...

"Many that he is having contact with," Peter responded with a glare at Tony, "say I do not exist. Therefore I must not!"

"Yet you do exist," Chalres countered, "and I know that you do. You are not Peter, and you are not [Rhoda's deceased husband]."

Peter (or whoever) then tried another ploy, now addressing me. "The water is very cold, Robert; do you remember me? It's very cold."

Another diversionary attempt; he was now impersonating the soul of a close boyhood friend of mine who drowned as a young man. "You're trying again, aren't you?" I said. "You're not my friend Clyde either..."

..."Then seek the Light. The Light contains all."

... I jumped in: "I will dare you to find out."

"Oh, others have tried that," Peter said, with utter contempt. "Be more original, puleeze!"...

"Convince me," Peter challenged. "It's rather nice being here in the physical."..

"They will punish me, and I will not go!" Peter declared...

"The Hell that you're in," he added, "is in being caught outside of the physical and outside of the Light, and that would indeed be Hell."...

"PROVE to me that what is out there is good, and I will go to it- but prove to me that it is good."...

There is a more fundamental uncertainty in this case: Was this entity truly Peter DeMarco? Or was that just a convenient role assumed by some opportunistic being to take advantage of Tony's invitation through the Ouija board?

*Ea* Getting Through to the Ghost- You're Channeling !

"Well, let me explain it to you this way," Alexandra said, in a tone of resignation. "Look down at yourself, right now."

Through Marianne's eyes, Alive looked down at Marianne's adult body. "It doesn't look like you remember yourself, does it?" Alexandra challenged

"Unh-unh," Alice conceded.

"You're dead, kid!" Alexandra said, flippantly. "Come on, Momma and Poppa are waiting."

There was no defiance, no doubt left in Alice. "OK," she said flatly, and she was gone.

*Ea* There's a Kindred Spirit To Every Ghost:

There's always an entity available that an "earthbound" ghost will respond to, once the ghost's attention is directed away from its self-limiting obsession.

*Ea* In the Impossible: Attributing Away Voices:

"Are there a number of compatriots with you, in the same situation?"

"Oh yes."...

For the first time, James sounded tired. "Myte, I just wanta' go ‘ome. I don't wanta' listen to your blarney."...

"I've heard Meg call me many time," he announced.

"You have? But you haven't believed that it was Meg, have you? You thought it was your imagination."

"Delirium!" he corrected.

"Delirium, nonsense!" I retorted. "When Meg calls you, you answer. Respond, and you may be reunited with Meg in the blink of an eye. Take if from somebody who's daft upstairs. Give it a..."

"You are that!"

"I don't deny that," I continued the role. "But you have nothing to lose by trying, do you?"

"Yes, but I've heard her before," he demured.

"But you've never before said, ‘I hear you, Meg, and I'm coming,'" I countered.

Groping for excuses, James said, "An' everyone else would think I was daft."...

"Most of them have their own ‘Meg,' their own lady friend, who's waiting for them somewhere... Answer Meg!"

Resigned at last, James said, "Oh, all right."

"All right!" I exulted. "Say, ‘Meg, I'm coming.'"

And he did. He actually said it: "Meg, I'm coming." In that instant, barking a yelp of surprise, he left.

*Ea* Playing Stupid To Learn More:

Roger- through expressing abysmal ignorance and sympathetic concern- managed to glean many details right from the "ghost's mouth."

*Ea* Focus On Their Obsession:

Our lesson here is to focus on the entity's obsession. For Angela, Effie, and Alice, the focus was on loved ones who- by our time, could safely be presumed to be in Heaven. Thus, God, Heaven, and loved ones residing there led to workable hooks. (NOTE: Of course- they are only interested in one thing, so why would they talk to you if you weren't also interested in it?)

*Ea* One Spirit Helping Another:

With Simon's confidence in Kenneth finally solidified, this seemed the moment to push him on. "Go with him and join them," I urged. "You really should go."

Simon asked Kenneth, "What's he talkin' bout?"

Charles's body began to shiver. "It's just a little cold for me in here now," Kenneth said, "C'mon with me, where it's warm."

*Ea* A Deaf-Mute Ghost:

This impasse went on for several minutes, when Charles, finally suspecting- or gaining intuitive insight- that she might be deaf as well as mute, took her hand and made an impromptu sign. Instantly, her expression brightened, and she made a sign in return.

*Ea* The Block Is a Wall of Terror:

"There had been an almost continuous attempt to get her to see the light, and to follow the light. It's around her, it's waiting... What you're going to be going through is a wall of terror, more than anything else. And if she can just simply be redirected to- to look to the light, which she should perceive as a very, very clear and intense blue..."...

"That's her own Superconscious trying to pull her in."

*Ea* Ghosts Can Be Afraid of People:

As I pondered my next question, she abruptly said, "I'm scared. I'm going back!"

And she did.

Which shows that, while ghosts may scare some people, people may scare some ghosts.

*Ea* How Ghost Rescues Are Arranged:

Our ghost encounters don't come about by pure chance. We've been told (by our DC's) more than once that the frustrated SC of an "unaware" has taken roundabout action by enlisting Marianne's and other involved SC's to guide us, however subtly, into situations leading to "rescue" encounters.

*BtD* Being Able to See the Light:

From the light I felt love directed toward me as an individual... I now saw that I had limited my ability to feel His presence and concern for me...

I could see that none of the others in the plane were aware of God's presence. The man cowering next to me could see that I was focused on something, but it was apparent that he couldnt see anything beyond the barrier. Others continued to babble unaware.

...Why was it that I could see God while the vacant husk of a man next to me could not?..

I was told that the reason is willingness... Once I was willing to believe, I was able to see.

...If we are filled with darkness, we become spiritually blind.


Suddenly I felt another presence with us, the same presence that had been with me when I first crossed over into death... Now I could feel Him so strongly that I could even ascertain His shape. What I could see was bits of light coming through the darkness, like tiny laser beams pinpricking a black sheet or like stars peeping through the blackness and some are barely perceptible.. This light was unmistakably of the same brilliance as the glorious light that emanated from the Father, but my spiritual eyes were incapable of fully beholding it...

*SFH* The Light:

Then a most unusual thing happened. I heard very clearly once again in my own voice, something that I had learned in nursey Sunday School. It was the little song: "Jesus loves me, yes I know..." And I, inside, screamed: "Jesus please save me." That thought was screamed with every ounce of strength and feeling left in me.

When I did that, I saw, off in the darkness somewhere, the tiniest little star... It was moving rapidly... It was getting very bright.

When the light came near, its radiance spilled over me, and I just rose up- not with my effort- I just lifted up. Then I saw- and I saw this very plainly- I saw all my wounds, all my tears, all my brokenness, melt away. And I became whole in this radiance.

...Suddenly I knew a whole bunch of things. I knew things... I knew that this light, this radiance, knew me... It knew me better than my mother or father did. The luminous entity that embraced me knew me intimately and began to communicate a tremendous sense of knowledge. I knew that he knew everything about me and I was being unconditionally loved and accepted... (NOTE: More evidence that its you.)

*SFH* The Tao, Untranslated:

We started going faster and faster, out of the darkness... I saw off in the distance something that looked like the picture of a galaxy, except that it was larger and there were more stars than I had seen on earth. There was a great center of brilliance... Outside the center countless millions of spheres of light were flying about entering and leaving what was a great Beingness at the center. It was off in the distance...

Then he called out in a musical tone to the luminous entities who surrounded the great center. Several came and circled around us... One of the first things these marvelous beings did was to ask, all with thought: "Are you afraid of us?" I told them I wasnt. They said that they could turn their brilliance down and appear as people, and I told them to stay as they were.

...Throughout my conversation with the luminous beings... I was being physically supported by the being in whom I had been engulfed... Everywhere around us were countless radiant beings, like stars in the sky, coming and going. It was like a super magnified view of a galaxy super packed with stars. And inthe giant radiance of the center they were packed so densely together that individuals could not be identified. Their selves were in such harmony with the creator that they were really just one.

One of the reasons, I was told, that all the countless beings had to go back to their source was to become invigorated with this sense of harmony and oneness. Being apart for too long a time diminished them and made them feel separate. Their greatest pleasure was to go back to the sources of all life.

*BtD* The Light Reaches Out:

(NOTE: On the plane of dark fog) Then I heard a voice of awesome power, not loud but crashing over me like a booming wave of sound; a voice that encompassed such ferocious anger that with one word it could destroy the universe, and that also encompassed such potent and unwavering love that, like the sun, it could coax life from the earth. I cowered at its force and at its excruciating words: "Is this what you really want?" The great voice emanated from a pinpoint of light that swelled with each thunderous word until it hung like a radiant sun just beyond the black wall of mist that formed my prison. Though far more brilliant than the sun, the light that soothed my eyes with its deep and pure white luminescence. I senses that the light could not cross the barrier into the darkness. And I knew with complete certainty that I was in the presence of God.

Now within the brilliance I could see the form of a man draped in billowing robes of breathtaking whiteness... He was a being of light, not just radiating light or illuminated from within, but He almost seemed to be made of the light. It was a light that had substance and dimension, the most beautiful, glorious substance that I have ever beheld.

...All beauty, all love, all goodness were contained in the light that poured forth from this Being.

...I was certain that I was not meeting Him for the first time. There was a tremendous familiarity about Him.

*LFS* Helping Those in the Lower Realms:

"I really feel the heaviness and pain where Brad and Troy are. So much sadness there. I cant go there alone without the Lady. I think she protects me while I'm there. She doesn't ever speak or interfere, but if the vibrations begin to feel ‘heavy,' I feel her enfolding me in a soft blanket of loving energy that tends to strengthen me." -James


"I've noticed that every time someone there sends prayers and Light, it gets softer and lighter in the grey place." -James


"I love my work as a mentor in the Gray area... The progress is slow, but the Light is beginning to filter in, and dissipate the grey shadows somewhat." -James

Temporary Ghosts & Natural Realizations

*BDL* Realizing the Futility of Being a Ghost, Entering the Valley of Life Review:

After a while being a ghost became boring, because she knew no one could see or hear her, and she was unable to communicate. She soon discovered that she would not be able to accomplish whatever she had gone back to the house to do, because of her unsolid sate. The instant she came to this revelation she was out of the house, and standing on a hill overlooking a valley. Her deceased husband had come to meet her, and was standing next to her. In that dimension they were young again... As they stood arm-in-arm looking out over the valley, it became a "valley of life." She later described this as if a brightly colored pallet or quilt had been thrown over the valley, and it appeared as a collage of scenes and places from the life she had just left...

It's sort of like you stand there and survey. As if you had some great big fields, and you had different things growing in them. Or if you had lots of flowers in a garden, and you stand and survey it. You'd remember what you did to get the garden ready. You'd remember how things grew and developed... ‘It was literally as though we were going through a scrapbook looking at our lives, but it was more or less like a valley.' (NOTE: A 4d plane being a curved mirror into 3d space.)

...There appeared to be a mental note-taking to remind them of what they wanted to change the next time around.

*TBD* Visiting The Living:

From Orientation To The Existence Between:

"You encounter relatives and familiar places as if in a dream. When you meet these relatives, though you communicate with them, they do not answer... Don't be attracted to your loved ones- it is useless."


What Happens Between Lives

Lingering After Death

*EbtL, JoS* Staying Around For a Bit After Dying:

Most spirits choose to stay on earth a short period to comfort their loved ones.

Visitations After Death
Delaying The Tunnel for Goodbyes

*PotL* Apparitions of the Recently Dead, Wanting To See Someone Prior to Death:

"One day when I was walking in the cloisters, I saw my sister walking before me, dressed in white. I knew that she was not staying in Oxford, and I was much surprised at seeing her there – but I had no doubt whatever that it was my sister. She passed along the cloister before me, I following close behind her till she turned the first angle. To my surprise, when I reached the same place, instead of seeing her before me, she was gone. Immediately the conviction that she was dead seized me, and I felt myself strengthened to receive the tidings of her death, which reached me next day."

-Rev. C. Woodcock


"I saw a ghost with my own eyes in broad daylight. One morning I had just got out of bed, and was dressing myself, when suddenly my old friend entered the room. I greeted him warmly; told him to call for a cup of tea in the verandah, and promised to be with him immediately. I dressed myself in all haste, and went out into the verandah, but found no one there. He had died 600 miles off, about the very time I had seen him at Maulmain."

-Albert Fytche


"I rushed out of the house without my hat on, although it was blowing a hurricane, and the rain fell in torrents, accompanied by permanent flashes of lightning, and the loud and unceasing roar of the sea and of thunder."

"I saw my brother, with a top hat and his big white moustachios, stepping leisurely along from one rock to another, as if the weather were fair and calm! I could not believe my eyes; and yet, there he was – he, unmistakably!"

"We found, to our horror, that my brother had died just at the time when in the morning I had seen him on the rocks."

-Sebastiano Fenzi


"One morning in the beginning of April, I went as usual to the Arkhangelsk Cathedral in the Kremlin. The church was, as usual, full of worshippers. At the beginning of the liturgy I accidentally turned my head, and to my greatest surprise saw in the crowd of worshippers my mother, praying, and with her eyes directed to the holy images, like other worshippers round her. She was dressed in her usual dress. My astonishment was very great, for I knew very well that my parents were than at home. I spent the whole liturgy in looking at her. Meanwhile the liturgy had come to an end, and the worshippers began to kiss the cross. Among others, my mother approached the priest. When she, after having kissed the cross, went to the door, I went after her. She went out of the door, advanced some feet, and then stopped at the corner, formed by the wall of the cathedral itself and the wall of the altar, and in such a manner that her face turned towards the crowd which was passing by her. I approached her. I saw her looking at me and weeping, her tears flowing down her cheeks. I stopped momentarily, but the crowd continued to pass by us, and I all at once understood that I saw before me something extraordinarily – something that was visible to me alone."

"The summer came. We went home to our parents. When we arrived, we heard of our mother's death; she died precisely at the beginning of April."



(NOTE: Many are seen in passing, not appearing specifically to a person.) "Garland was steward was on board one of Her Majesty's ships. This lad had been ashore on leave, and had bade by his mother farewell to return to his duty. She, soon after parting with him, saw him returning up the street, and she exclaimed, ‘Why, goodness! He has lost the boat. Whatever will he do?' She rose up and surveyed him as he approached her, identifying his face, hair, figure, gait, dress, and even the bundle of clothes he had carried away. She called out to him, but he made no answer, walked past her into the house, and went up into her rooms. She followed, but found nobody there.

"It turned out that in trying to get from the boat on to the ladder lying over the ship's side he missed his foothold, fell into the sea, and was drowned, at the very time his mother saw his apparition."

-William Wicks


"One night (16 years back) about 10 o'clock, as his wife, his child, an elder sister, and myself (a boy of nine years) were sitting in a back room, the shutters were closed, bolted, and barred, the yard-door locked, when suddenly a light house shone through he window, the shutters, the bars, illumined the room we sat in. We looked – started – and beheld the spirit of a murdered brother; his eye was fixed on his wife and child alternately; he waved his hand, smiled, continued about half a minute, then vanished from our sight. The moment before the spirit disappeared, my sister cried, ‘He's dead; he's dead'. A short time after this, my brother-in-law was found weltering in his blood. The last wish he was heard to breathe was to see his wife and child, the very hour he died in the Island of Minorca, the same hour his spirit appeared."

-Thos. Savage

*PotL* Full Waking Visitation:

"In my very early life, I had been deeply and devotedly attached to one in England, and only relinquished the hope of some day winning her when the terrible order came out that no furlough to Europe would be granted. One evening I was at the village of Dewas Kudea, after a very long afternoon and evening march from Muktul, and I lay down very weary. Suddenly, I saw the face and figure so familiar to me, but looking older, and with a sad and troubled expression; the dress was white, and seemed covered with a profusion of lace, and glistened in the bright moonlight. The arms were stretched out, and a low plaintive cry of ‘Do no let me go; do not leg me go!' reached me. I sprang forward, but the figure receded, growing fainter and fainter till I could see it no longer, but the low sad tones still sounded."

"I wrote to my father, I wished to know whether there was any hope for me. He wrote back to me these words; ‘Too late, my dear son – on the very day of the vision you describe to me, A., was married.'"

-Colonel Meadows Taylor, Story of My Life, p. 32-33

*PotL* Apparition Passing Into the Light Above:

"During my college days I had a very dear and intimate chum R.F. Dombrain."

"I had the most vivid dream I remember ever to have seen. I seemed to be walking with young Dombrain, amidst some beautiful scenery, when suddenly I was brought to a waking condition by a sort of light appearing before me. I started up in my bed, and saw before me, in his ordinary dress and appearance, my friend, who seemed to be passing from earth towards the light above. He seemed to give me one loving smile, and I felt that his look contained an expression of affectionate separation and farewell."

"The time was 3 minutes past 5."

"The following morning I received a letter from my sister, stating that at 3 minutes past 5 in the morning he had quietly passed away from this world."

-Rev. W. J. Ball

*PotL* Heavenly Music & Angels:

"About 10 a.m., one day, I was sitting in the kitchen, blowing up the fire with the bellows. I heard some very beautiful music, and stopped to listen, at the same time looking up. I saw above me thousands of angles, as tight as they could be packed, seeming to rise far above and beyond me. they were only visible as far as the head and shoulders. In front of them all I saw my friend, Anne Cox. As I looked and listened, the music seemed to die away in the distance, and at the same time, the angels seemed to pass away into the distance, and vanish like smoke."

-M. A. Larcombe


"I was sleeping with Miss Z. T., when I suddenly saw a white figure fly through the room from the door to the window. It was only a shadowy form, and passed in a moment. I felt utterly terrified and called out at once, ‘Did you see that?' and at the same moment Miss Z. T. exclaimed, ‘Did you hear that?' Then I said, instantly, ‘I saw an angel fly through the room,' and she said, ‘I heard an angel singing.'"

-K. C.

*PotL* Awakened By A Voice:

The Rev. E. H. Sugden, of Bradford, writes to me: "Once I had a most vivid dream about a man whom I knew well. On suddenly waking, I saw him, in the light of early morning, standing at my bedside in the very attitude of the dream. I looked at him for a second or two, and the putting my foot out, I kicked at him; as my foot reached him, he vanished."


"Just as I woke that morning, I heard the voice of an old schoolfellow (C. C.) who had been dead at least a year or two, saying, ‘Your brother Mark and Harriet are both gone.' These words were echoing in my ears as I woke. I seemed to hear them."

"On the 18th of August I received a line from my brother's wife, Harriet, saying that Mark had just breathed his last, of cholera, that she herself was ill."

-Andrew Jukes


"I was lying in a sort of half-awake, half-asleep state, when I distinctly heard our mother's voice say faintly, ‘Harry, Harry!" and when daylight came and I though the matter over, I wondered what could have possessed me to fancy such a thing. Our Uncle C., and his family called me Harry, and Uncle B sometimes did so, and the D.'s also called me Harry, but with these exceptions I was called Henry by all of our relations."

-H. C. Field

"On 26th November, 1873, while sitting by my mother's bed, I heard her say most plainly, ‘Harry, Harry.' On the following day she died."

-Sophia Hughes Field

*PotL* Awoken By A Dead Relative To Save Someone:

"I was aroused by what appeared to be some one at my bedroom door, calling ‘Mary Anne, Mary Anne.' It seemed like my mother's voice, who had been dead two or three years. I roused my husband, but there was no one at the door or anywhere on the same floor. Going upstairs to my son's bedroom, it was so full of smoke that I was nearly suffocated, till I could open the window, when I found my son apparently asleep but quite insensible. Our medical man thought had I not gone in just in time, my son would have been dead."

-Mary Anne Roe

*VftA* Channeling Sandy, His OBE & Final Separation, Goodbyes, Entering the Light:

"He will relay his thoughts to me, and I will put them into words and convey them to you."...

Sandy: I resisted letting go...

When my consciousness was centered in my body, things seemed very cloudy and dreamlike.

Many times I would slip out to my physical shell...

While I was in this out-of-body state, everything was crystal clear. I felt no pain, just very free and light. These intervals began to occur more frequently until, toward the end, I was spending very little time actually centered in my body...

The experience allowed me to let go of much of my fear because, for the first time, I realized that I could exist outside my body...

The experience of being out of my body had become more real than anything else. My former life and my physical shell were becoming very shadowy and unreal to me. I also was aware that the more time I spent out of my body, the lighter I was becoming...

Immediately we were flying through a tunnel-like space at a tremendous rate of speed toward a brilliant light. As we entered that light, for the first time I could remember, I truly felt love... I came back through the tunnel into my hospital room and into my poor, tired body one last time to say good-bye to it. I also wanted to check on you, Helen, to make certain you would be all right.

Then, I simply left. I slipped out of my body and severed that slender thread of life through a conscious act of will...

After I had separated my true self from my physical body, I was joined immediately by a great angelic being. He informed me that he was, in fact, my guardian angel!...

I was given a choice: to cross over to the other side immediately or to spend three days in this space between the worlds, saying one last goodbye to the people and places I dearly love. I chose to say good-bye... Once, when you were at my house, I was able to get Casey [his cat] to notice me... (NOTE: This choice clears up the different stories)

I had simply to think of a person or a place, and I was there immediately. Really, it is more feeling a person or place rather than thinking about them... (NOTE: As feeling is the motivating force in the astral)

The longer I was out of my body, the more difficult it became to maintain contact with your reality...

I was joined by my guardian angel, and together we entered the tunnel... (NOTE: Continued in Tunnels)

Sticking Around A While(RB): Spirits are normally held close to the physical dimension, in real time, for a week or so after death. This is until the supply of etheric matter that binds the spirit to its physical body runs out. During this time it is normal for the spirit to wander among relatives and loved ones, saying goodbye and coming to terms with their new state of existence. This goodbye process, eases the psychological trauma of death, and helps prepare the spirit for the next stage of existence.

Script: The following is after the journey through the tunnel.

Met By Friends & Loved Ones

*LBD* Met By Our Friends:

In that world there immediately come before us, first, the souls of those who have died before us and to whom we stood in some kind of relationship, and then the individualities of higher spiritual beings.

*LBD* Meeting Others at the Gates of Death:

Many a human being in earthly life meets with a friend or with some person with whom he becomes connected in one way or another- to whom, perhaps, he finds himself obliged to do this or that by way of kindness or of criticism to rebuke. The fact that they were brought together required the influence of certain forces... When two human beings are brought together to this end or that, sometimes one and sometimes several of those who have gone before them through the Gate of Death are instrumental.

*WANF* Crossed Over By Relatives:

Some souls have described a moment of complete darkness where it's as if somebody turned out the lights. Then they see the light, which can be as tiny as a pinhead, and move toward it. As they do, their relatives meet them and cross them over, or help them in their transition to the other side...

"Other souls have described going to what I can understand only as a ‘receiving station.' There they are met be souls who would be strangers to them here on earth but who may help them out. It seems that it's like walking into a hospital emergency room. After a while there, these spirits help new arrivals adjust to their spiritual body. They ‘clear' it and perk them up, more or less. Then they take them to their relatives and family.

*JoS* Who Meets Us There First: Beings Encountered Upon Death:

Soul adjustment times vary. The time of the adjustment depends on circumstances of death, earth-attachments, and level of advancement. A guide is ususally met if there is lots of unfinished business. Much of our internal adjustment depends on the help of these kindly entities.

We can be met by a soulmate upon death. If a relative or close friend appears to the incoming soul, their regular guide might be absent from the scene. Close, loved people are always waiting to meet us there, even though they may already be living a new life in a new body. This is due to a soul dividing its essence.

You are greeted by others in order of how much they mean to you. These meetings provide an emotional high. The size of your welcoming party changes after every lifetime, and is almost nonexistent for more advanced souls, where spiritual comfort is less necessary. Just because a person meets you after death does not mean that they will be in the same spiritual learning group as you.

*LAL: In the NDEs where someone saw deceased relatives in the room with them, they had not actually gone OB or gone through any tunnels, the haze has appeared around them.

1) Suddenly she wasnt in bed, but in the arms of a man with a beautiful white beard which emenated light. Perfectly calm and happy, she giggled and ran her hands through his beard while he gently rocked her. She never wanted to leave him. Outside, she began breathing again.

2) Three men suddenly appeared at her side, beautiful, wearing light brown robes, and one had a hood on the back of his head. Each wore a gold-braided belt that was tied around the waist with the ends hanging down. A kind of glow emenated from them, but not unusually bright, then she realized that a soft glow was coming from her own body as well, and that their lights had merged together around them. They appeared 70-80 years old, but felt ancient. She sensed in them great spirituality, knowledge, and wisdom. They had been with her for eternities, they said. Then she began to see images in her mind of their relationship from an earth life a long time ago. They had acted as her guardian angels on earth. They didnt speak or use their mouths, but communicated more rapidly, with "pure knowledge." She felt their emotions and intents, their love, and their feelings.

*JoNDE* Unrecognized Relatives Waiting For You in NDE:

An adult whose NDE occurred in childhood reported that while in the light, he became aware that… "there were some presences there. There were some ladies…I didn't know them at the time. They were my great-grandmothers who had died years before I was born. I didn't see any pictures of them until I was an adult, but then I said, "Oh, yeah."…They were so loving and so wonderful and I just didn't want to come back. (Wilson, 1995)

Isolation & Special Attention

*JoS* Not-So-Good Life:

Isolated Souls: Those souls who have been bad are removed by spiritual guides from the company of others for an indeterminate period. This may be caused by free will combined with inharmony, emotional disorders, addictions and need, family abuse, poor life choices, etc. and all are held responsible for their actions. The bad souls dont mix well with others and are isolated, then eventually placed together in their own group to learn under close supervision. The instruction and isolation vary for each of these souls. The guides are intimately connected with the rehabilitation.

1: It isnt punishment, it is regeneration. They are taken out of their group. Upon death, they werent met by anyone except their teacher and went to a place to be alone with that teacher. After a short while he returned to earth as a woman where people were cruel and physically abusive. It was a deliberate choice, he needed to experience that. He did this to gain understanding, to appreciate the damage he did. This is very Karmic. It propells us forward by teaching us lessons.

If one fails to reform, they are readjusted, remodeled, for they cannot be destroyed.

The Place of Healing

*JoS* The Healing Place:

1: After the reunion, I am alone for a while, moving through vast distances, being guided into a more enclosed space- an opening into a place of pure energy. I'm propelled in and I see a bright warm beam. It reaches out to me as a stream of liquid energy. There is a vapor-like steam swirling about me at first, then gently touching my soul as if it were alive. Then it is absorbed into me as fire and I am bathed and cleansed from my hurts. The ravages of the physical body and mind leave an emotional mark on the soul. Your very expression- who you are as a being- was affected. Each body leaves an imprint on you, at least for a while. Even though you are free of your bodies, you keep some of the outstanding memories of certain ones. I am suspended in the light, it permeates my soul, washing out most of the negative viruses. It allows me to let go of the bonds of my last life, bringing out my transformation so I can become whole again.

When I was younger and less experienced, I came here more damaged, and the energy seemed less effective because I didnt know how to use it to completely purge the negativity. I carried old wounds with me longer despite the healing energy.


*JoS* Counseling & Orientation: Life Choices:

Their guides are gentle but probing. They know everything about you, strengths, weaknesses, fears, and as long as you try, you will move forward. Orientation usually takes place in a room. To some it is a comfortable place from their memories. Paths taken and not taken in life are discussed. If one backs out early, they'll have to go back and deal with the same thing all over. Sometimes one tries to be someone they arent. If it werent for earth's beauty, it would be hard to make some go back. Learning from a blank slate is better than knowing past lives. If one knew their past, they might pay too much attention to it and not try new things, or try to avenge the past. It's not a total blackout, we get flashes in dreams and have an inner knowing of what direction to take. Sometimes guides give hints or flash ideas. A guide can lift the veil momentarily if needed. When one has a great life, they return to the spirit world with enthusiasm, and when they do badly or commit suicide, they return dejected. The violence of earth is usually a great shock to new souls. The bad makes a soul able to appreciate the good. A soul reincarnates to conquer fear. Guides look at the intent of our actions as much as our actual actions. There is an overwhelming forgiveness in the spirit world. Advanced souls dont go through this training. They are interviewed later by master teachers.

Choices After Death

Script: This needs subsections.

*JDS* Choices After Death:

The choices for a soul extension first entering into the spiritual world are: 1) A quick return to Earth life, or 2) anywhere on the astral planes.

1) A quick return to Earth life: For the person who has attained even the smallest level of enlightment, an immediate return to incarnation on the Earth would be unthinkable. The average person gravitates to the middle astral plane. Paramahansa Yogananda said that if a person has the slightest degree of a spiritual belief in life, his passing would be a pleasant one. It is usually only the lower impulses of Earth life that draw a soul back for immediate rebirth without some kind of review and assessment period. This path is followed very often.

2) Astral Planes: see astral planes section

(FM) The intermediate plane is the plane where all must go upon experiencing the earth plane. Here, memories or their entire past lives flash before them. Apparently it is this state which is referred to in the ancient tradition of "hell". Whether or not it is "hellish," depends upon the memory of the particular person. Some persons begin at this stage to feel what is called "the earth/birth pull" and the person may decide to return to stage one, the earth plane. For others, stage two is brief and is followed by entry into a more stable world called "the plane of illusion", stage three.

Though a person may linger in the astral for generations, an eventual decision must be made: The individual either returns to earth or progresses to stage four.

*CPL* Choices After Death:

Chase explained, "As you die, you have choices as to what you can do. You can go back to a scene from the life you left and get any information you want to answer questions to finish up your life there. You can see what happens with the people you left behind. You can go back while you're in spirit and say good-bye and see what happens to them in the future. If you see that all is well with them, this frees you to leave the Earth plane."

I asked him what would happen if you saw that your loved ones were in trouble. He said, "You can come back into a body quickly to be back with that group. You're in a different time than we have on Earth. Then you go to heaven before you come back in another body."

*SS* After-Death Choices and the Mechanics of Transition:

There are three main areas. You may decide upon another reincarnation. You may decide to focus instead upon your past life, uising it as the stuff of new experience, as mentioned previously creating variations of events as you have known them, making corrections as you choose. Or you may enter another system of probability entirely; and this is quite apart from a reincarnational existence. You will be leaving all thoughts of continuity of time behind you in such a case.

Now some individuals, some personalities, prefer a life organization bound about past, present, and future in a seemingly logial structure, and these persons usually choose reincarnation. Others naively prefer to experience events in an extraordinarily intuitive manner, with the organization being provided by the associative process. These will choose a system of probabilities for their next main endeavor.

Some simply find the physical system not to their liking, and in such a way take leave of it. This cannot be done, however, until the reincarnational cycle, once chosen, is completed, so the last choice exists for thos who have developed their abilities through reincarnation as far as possible within the system.

Some, finished with reincarnation, may choose to reenter the cycle acting as teachers, and in such a case some recognition of higher identity is always present. Now there is an in-between stage of relative indecision, a midplane of existence; a rest area, comparatively speaking, and it is from this area that most commuinication from relatives occurs. This is usually the level that is visited by the living in projections from the dream state.

Before the time of choosing, however, there is a period of self-examination, and your full "history" becomes available to you. You understand the nature of the entity, and you are advised by other portions of that entity, more "advanced" than yourself.

You will become aware of your other reincarnational selves, for example. There will be emotional ties with other personalities whom you have known in past lives, and some of these may supercede your relationships in the immediately past life. This is a meeting place for individuals from your own system also, however.

All necessary explanations are given to those who are disoriented. Those who do not realize that they are dead are here told of their true condition, and all efforts are made to refresh the energies and spirits. It is a time of study and comprehension. It is from this area that some disturbed personalities have those dreams of returning to the physical environment.

It is a place of commerce between systems, so to speak. Conditions and development are important, rather than the length an individual stays in this area. It is an intermediary step, but an important one. In your dreams you have been here.

Some, for example, choose to isolate various characteristics in a given life, and work on these almost exclusively, basing a given existence upon, say, one main theme. As seen from a physical viewpoint, such a personality would appear very one-sided, and far from a well-developed indiviual.

In one life the intellect may purposely be very high, and those powers of the mind carrier as fas as the individual can take them. These abilities are then studied thoroughly by the entire personality, both the benefits and the detrimental aspects of the intellect weighed carefully. Through experience in another life this same kind of individual might specialize in emotional development, and purposely underplay intellectual abilities.

Again, the physical picture would not be necessarily that of a well-developed or balanced personality. Specific creative abilities might be specialized in the same manner. If you looked at these lives as a series of progressions in usual terms, then you would be left with many questions unanswered. Nevertheless the development does occur, but tge individuals choose the way in which they prefer this development to take place.

Through denying themselves, say, intellectual development in a given life, personalities also learn the value and purpose of that which they do not possess. The desire for it is then born within them- if, for exmple, earlier they did not understand the purposes of the intellect. So in the time of choosing, personalities decide upon the ways in which they will develop in the following incarnation.

Some will choose progression at an easier rate and in a more balanced manner. They will help keep all the strands of personality working at once, so to speak, and even meet again and again people they have known in other lives. They will work out probelms at a rather east rate, rather than in, say, an explosive way. They will pace themselves as dancers do.

In this time of rest and choosing, all counsel is given. Some perosnalities do reincarnate before they are advised to, for many reasons. This is usually unfortunate in the short run, for the necessary planning has not taken place. But in the long run great lessons will still be learned fromt he "error." There is no time schedule, and yet it is very unusual for an individual to wait for anything over three centuries between lives, for this makes the orientation very difficult, and the emotional ties with earth have become weak.

The relationships for the next life have to be settled upon, and this involves telepathic commuication with all those who will be involved. This is a time, then, of many projections. There are those who are simply loners, who reincarnate without any great feeling for earth's historical periods. There are others who like to return when their contemporaries from some particular past historical time return again, and therefore there are group patterns that involve reincarnational cycles in which many, but not all, are involved.

You Robert, did not opereate within a cycle in those terms. There are personal cycles of course, in which families may reincarnate, taking different relationshps to each other, and you have been involved in several of these.

There are different depths to be probed in reincarnational existences. Some choose to "go all the way." These personalities specialize in physical existence, and their knowledge of this system is most comprehensive. For these there is a movemnet through each of your racial types- a requirement that is not laid upon most. There is intensive preoccupation with historical periods. Many of these personalities live comparatively short live, but very intense ones, and they experience more lives than most other individuals. They return, in other words, in as many historical times as possible, finally helping to shape the world as you know it.

In one way or another you are all travelers before you begin even your first reincarnational cycle. You do not have the same backgrounds, necessarily, when you enter the physical system of reality. You are leaning to be as completely as possible. Many personalities have extraordinary talents along specific lines, and these may show up again and again in succeeding existences. Throughout the reincarnational cycle, with some there will be a very noticeable line of continuity. Entering the field of probabilities can be compared to entering the reincarnational cycle. There will be a sustained focus of awareness and existence in an entirely different sort of reality. Powers latent but barely glimpsed within the multidimensional personality are drawn upon and used when such a choice is made. Here the personality must learn to group events in an entirely different way, and completely without any reliance upon the time structure as you know it.

In this one, as in no other reality, intellectual and intuitive abilities finally work so well together that there is little distinction between them. The self that decides upon reincarnational existence is the same self who chooses experience within the probable system. The structure of personality, however, within the system is quite different. The personality structures with which you are familiar are bit one variety of the many forms of awareness availbale to you.

A portion of the whole self focuses in reincarnational cycles and handles developments there. )There is also a probable system, of course, in which no reincarnational cycles exist, and a cycle of reincarnations in which no probabilities exist.)

Now for those who choose to recombine, "mix and match,' events from the immediately past life. The earth years will be experienced again, but not necessarily in continuity. The events may be used in any way the individual chooses; altered, played back the way they happened for contrast. The actor can change his approach or the ending. The personality manipulates events consciously of course, and studies the various effects. The focus demanded is quite intensive. He realizes that those who participate with him are thought-forms, and his own, but again, thought-forms do possess a certain reality and consciousness. They will grow in consciousness and continue their own lines of development on different levels. In one way, we are all thought-forms. Understand, however, that I do not mean that we lack our own initiative for action, indiviually or pupose- you live from the inside out.

You also make friends and acquaintences in these rest periods whom you meet again and agaain- and only, perhaps, during in-between existences.

The time of choosing may happen almost immediately, in your terms, or it may be put off for a much longer period while training is carried on.

The system of probabilities originated within physical reality. There are systems of probability not connected with your own system at all, much more advanced than any you presently imagine, and in these, the truths of which I have been speaking are well known. In them individuals creatively and purposely create realities, knowing how to do so and giving full rein to the creative abilities of consiousness.

When you have learned to your capacity in this in-between period, you are ready to progress. Instead of countries or physical divisions, you have psychological states. This inbetween period can last for centuries. It can last only a few years.

*SS* Things that Aid in the Time of Choosing:

Belief in Self-Created Reality: Those who understand thoroughly that reality is self-created will have least difficulty. Those who have learned to understand and operate in the mechanics of the dream state will have great advantage.

*SS* Things that Impede the Time of Choosing:

Many of the impediments that I have mentioned impede progress not only after death, but during your own physical existence.

Strong ID with a Certain Sex: An overly strong identification with the sexual characteristics can also hold back progress. If an individual considrs identity strongly in terms of male or female identity, then such a person may refise to accept the fact of the sexual changes that occur in reincarnational existences. This kind of sexual identification, however, also impedes personality development during physical life.

No Realization of Death: There are instances of couse where the individuals concerned do not realize the fact of death. In this state such an individual will also be obsessed with earthly concerns, and wander perhaps bewildered throughout his own home or surroundings. The time of choosing will, of course, necessarily be postponed.

Obsession: It goes without saying that an obsession with earthly concerns also acts in the same manner. In sich instances, often the personality will insist upon focusing his perceptive abilities and energies toward physical existence. This is a psychic refusal to accept the fact of death. The individual knows quite well that he is dead in your terms, but he refuses to complete the psychic separation.

Belief in Demons: A belief in demons is highly disadvantageous after death, as it is during physical exisence.

Belief in Heaven & Hell: A belief in heaven and hell, under certain conditions, can be equally disadvantageous. Some will refuse to accept the idea of further work, development, and challenge, believing instead that conventional heaven situations are the only possibility. For some time they may indeed inhabit such an environment, until they learn through their own experience that existence demands development, and that sucha heaven would be sterile, boring, and indeed "deadly."

Other may insist that because of their transgressions they will be cast into hell, and because of the force of such beleif, they may for some time actually encounter such conditions. In either case, however, there are always teachers available. They try to get through these false beleifs.

In the Hades conditions, the individuals come somewhat more quickly to their senses. Their own fears trigger within themselves the answering release. Their need, in other words, more quickly opens up the inner doorways of knowledge. Their state does not usually last as long, hterefore, as the heaven state.

Either state, however, puts off the time of choosing and the next existence. In all cases, the individual creates his experience. I say this again at the risk of repeating myself because this is a basic fact of all consciousness and existence. There are no special "places" or situations or conditions set apart after physical death in which any given personality must have experience. Any problems that were not faced in this life will, however, be faced in another one. These conditions are also impediments to the time of choosing.

Theology of Opposites: A systematized theology of opposites is also detrimental. If you believe, for example, that all good must be balanced by evil, then you bind yourslef into a system of reality that is highly limiting, and that contains within it the seeds of great torment. The intellect says "If there is good, there must be evil." Evil is simply ignorance. A strong beleif in such opposing forces is highly detrimental, however, for it prevetns an understanding of the facts- the facts of inner unity and of oneness, of interconnections and of cooperation. A belief, therefore, an obsessional beleif in sich opposing factos, is perhaps the most detrimental element, not only after death but during any existence.

A belief in good without a belief in evil Is actually highly realistic, since in physical life it will keep your body healthier, keep you psychologically free of many fears and mental difficulties, and bring you a feeling of ease and spontaneity in which the development of your abilities can be better fulfilled. (* it builds trust, takes away fear)

*SS* The Afterlife:

A belief in hell fires can cause you to hallucinate Hades' conditions. A belief in a stereotyped heaven can result in a hallucination of heavenly conditions You always form your own reality according to your ideas and expectations. This is the nature of consciousness in whatever reality it finds itself. Such hallucinations, I assure you, are temporary. Consciousness must use its abilities. The boredom and stagnation of a stereotyped heaven will not for long content the striving consciousness. There are teachers to explain the conditions and circumstances. You are not left alone, therefore, lost in mazes of hallucination. You may or may not realize immediately that you are dead in physical terms. You will find yourself in another form, an image that will appear physical to you a large degree, as long as you do not try to manipulate within the physical system with it. Then the differences become obvious. If you firmly believe that your consciousness is a product of your physical body, then you may attempt to cling to it. There is an order of personalities, an honorary guard, so to speak, who are ready to lend assistance and aid, however. Now this honorary guard is made up of people both living and dead. Those who are living in your system of reality perform these activites in an OB experience while asleep. They are familiar with projections of consciousness, with the sensations involved, and they help orient those who will not be returning to the physical body. These people are particularly helpful because they are still involved with physical reality, and have a more immediate understanding of the feeling and emotions involved at your end. Such persons may or may not remember their helping. Experiences with projection of consciousness and knowledge of the mobility of consciousness, are therefore very helpful as preparations for death. You can experience the after-death environment beforehand, and learn the conditions that will be encountered. The after death environment is generally more intense and joyful than the reality you now know. You will simply be learning to operate in a new environment where new laws apply, and the laws are far less limiting than the physical ones you know. You must learn to understand your new freedoms. Even these experiences will vary, and even this state is a state of becoming, for many will continue into other physical lives. Some will exist and develop their abilities in different systems of reality altogether and so for a time will remain in this "intermediary" state. There is no eternal resting place. You may rest if you wish, for a while. Not only must you use your abilities after death, but you must face up to yourself for those that you did not use during your previous existence. Those who have faith in life after death will more easily become accustomed to these new conditions. Consciousness as you know it is used to these brief gaps of physical nonexistence. Longer gaps disorient it to varying degrees, but these are not unusual. In the sleep state, each of you have undergone -to some degree- the same kind of absence of consciousness from physical reality that you experience during death. You have passed over the threshhold into these other existences many many times, so it will not be as unfamiliar to you as you may suppose. You may or may not be greeted by friends or relatives immediately following death. This is a personal matter, as always. Overall, you may be far more interested in people you have known during past lives than present ones. Your true feelings towards relatives that are dead are truly known to you and them. There is no hypocrisy. Telepathy operates without distortion in this after-death period, so you must deal with only true relationships. Your own motives will be crystal clear. You examine the fabric of the existence you have left, and you learn to understand how your experiences were the result of your own thoughts and emotions and how these affected others. Until this examination is through, you are not yet aware of the larger portions of your own identity. When you realize the significance and meaning of the life you have just left, then you are ready for conscious knowledge of your other existences. You become aware, then, of an expanded awareness. What you are begins to include what you have been in other lives, and you begin to make plans for your next physical existence, if you decide upon one. You can instead enter another level of reality, and then return to a physical existence if you choose.

Your consciousness may of course leave your body entirely before physical death. The simple consciousness of cells, atoms, and organs, continues to exist after the main consciousness has left for some time. It has not the leadership or organization that existed previously. Difficulties can arise when the newly freed consciousness seizes upon its ideas of reality after death, rather than facing the particular reality where it finds itself. It can deny feeling and even attempt to argue itself out of its present independance from its body. One can be so certain that death is the end that oblivion, though temporary, results. At funerals, no one gazes at the face of the corpse with as much curiosity and wonder as the spirit. At this point, many variations in behavior emerge, each the result of individual background, knowledge, and habit. The surrounding in which the dead find themselves will often vary. Vivid hallucinations will form experiences quite as real as those in physical life. Thoughts and emotions form the after-death experience. The experiences are just as valid. Certain images have been used to symbolize such a transition between existences, and many of these are valuable in that they provide an understandable reference. For example, a consciousness might hallucinate the river Styx upon death. It is not an illusion. The symbol is reality, you see. Guides take on the appropriate masks to fulfill a person's expectations of after-death encounters. With this as framework, and in terms that they can understand, such individuals are told the true situation. One who does not realize his creative potency of their thoughts and emotions may find himself in ten different environments within the flicker of an eye, with no idea of the reason behind the situation. He will see no continuity at all and feel himself flung without rhyme or reason from one experience to another, never realizing that his own thoughts are propelling him quite literally.

To be a guide to the dead requires great discipline and training. Before I became one, I had spent many lifetimes acting as a guide under the tutorship of another in my daily sleep states. It is possible to lose yourself in the hallucinations that are being formed, in which case another teacher must bail you out. Delicate probing of the psychological processes is necessary, and there are an endless variety of hallucinations. All of the hallucinatory activities take place usually some short time immediately following death. Some are fully aware of their circumstances due to previous training and development. They may become aware of their own reincarnational selves, recognizing quite readily personalities they knew in other lives, if they are not otherwise engaged. They may deliberately now hallucinate, or they may relive certain portions of past lives if they choose. Then there is a period of self-examination, a rendering of accounts, so to speak, in which they are able to view their entire performance, their abilities and weak points and to decide whether or not they will return to physical existence. Any given individual may experience any of these stages; except for the self-examination, many may be sidestepped entirely. Sometimes a guide will take the guise of a friend waiting for you, so you will feel more confident. It is only because we dont believe in OBEs that we dont have them regularly. In one way, your physical existence is a result of mass hallucination. Vast gulfs exist between one man's reality and another. Hallucinations, the same as intense symbolic encounters, can also occur in your sleep states, when the personality is at a time of great change, or when opposing ideas must be unified, or if one must give way to another. These are highly charged, significant psychological and psychic events, whether they happen before or after death. Occuring in a dream state, they may change the course of a civilization. One may have to face himself as an animal after death, for he must come to terms with all portions of himself. In this case, whether the hallucintion ends with him riding the animal, making friends with it, domesticating it, killing it or being killed by it, each alternative is carefully weighed, and the results will have much to do with future development. This "life-symbolization" may be adopted by those who gave little thought to self-examination during their lifetime. It is a part of the self-examination process in which an individual forms his life into an image and then deals with it. Such a method is not used by all, and sometimes a series of such episodes are necessary.

There is no one after-death reality. Each experience is different. Generally speaking, there are dimensions into which these individual experiences will fall. For example, there is an initial stage for those still strongly focused in the physical reality, and for those who need a period of recuperation and rest. On this level there will be hospitals and rest homes. The patients do not yet realize that there is nothing wrong with them at all. Some are so centered on illness that they project it onto this new body as well. Many individuals do not need to pass through this particular period. The hospitals are not physical, and are maintained enmasse by guides. There are also training centers, where the nature of reality is explaied in accordance with that individual's ability to understand and perceive it. The familiar parable will be used for some, and they will be gradually weened away from them. In these centers there are certain classes in which instruction is given for those who are going to return to the physical. They are taught the method in which they translate emotion and thought into physical actuality. There is no time lapse here as there must be in three-dimensional systems, between the initiation of thoughts and their materialization. All of this occurs more or less at one level, though this is a simplification. Some skip these altogether because they are ready to pursue more ambitious programs. After death you may choose to not believe you are dead and you continue to focus your emotional energy toward those you have known in life. If you have been obsessed with a particular project, you may try to complete it. There are always guides to help you understand your situation, but you may be so engrossed in it that you refuse to see them. Large fields of emotional energy can hold you back from progress. Some may try to reenter the corpse, which happens when a person has identified almost entirely with their physical image. They may spend a long time weeping over their corpse, not realizing that they are completely fine. Those who have not identified much with the body find it easy to leave. Those who have hated the body are, strangely enough, quite drawn to it. Immediately after leaving the body, you find yourself in another, the same as you have in OBEs. This form will seem physical. It cannot be seen by the physical, generally speaking. It can do anything that you now do in your dreams. Therefore it flies, goes through solid objects, and is moved directly by your will, taking you from place to place as you think of these places. Much later and on many levels, you will finally learn to take many forms, as you choose, consciously. In one manner of speaking you do this now, translating your thought and emotion quite literally but unconsciously into physical objects. When you imagine yourself as a child, after death, you suddenly have the form of the child that you were. For a certain period of time, you may manipulate this form so that it takes any appearance that it had when it was connected with your immediately previous physical life. Most choose a form at the age of peak physical, mental, or emotional abilities, regardless of beauty or age at that time. You will feel comfortable with the form you choose and will use it to communicate with others you have known; though for such communication with the living, you may adopt the form known to that individual. These after-death environments do not take up space, so the question of where this takes place is meaningless. There is no one place or specific location. These environments exist unperceived by you amid the physical world that you know. Your perceptive mechanisms simply do not allow you to tune into their range. Other realities coexist with yours at death. From this other viewpoint, you can to some extent view physical reality. However, there are energy fields which separate them. Your entire concept is space is so distorted that any true explanation is very difficult. What your senses tell you about the nature of matter as solid is entirely erroneous, and what they tell you about space is equally wrong- wrong in terms of basic reality, but right in terms of 3d concepts. In OBEs and after death, many of the problems in terms of space will be met, and in such episodes, the true nature of time and space will be met. After death, it does not take long to go through space. Space does not exist in terms of distance. There are barriers, but they are mental or psychic barriers. There are intensities of experience that are interpreted in your reality as distance in miles. The after-death training center could be in the middle of your present living room, in physical space, but the distance between you and the living would have nothing to do with space. You would be more separated from them than the moon. You could change your focus of attention away from the center and see the room, and yet still the distance has nothing to do with miles.

After death, you can review your life, and you can alter the events. You can correct severe errors of judgement. You may perfect, but you cannot again enter into that frame of reference as a completely participating consciousness following historic trends of the time. Some choose this rather than reincarnating, and they are often very perfectionist at heart. This is a mental and psychic excercise undertaken by many, demanding great concentration, and is no more hallucinatory than any existence. You may feel that you want to "relive" certain episodes of your life so that you can understand them better. Such conditions certainly are not alien. In ordinary living, you often imagine yourself behaving in a different manner than you did, or in your mind reexperiencing events in order to gain greater understanding from them.

*LFS* So Happy, They Want to Share, to Serve:

"Service, always service. That is the motto for everyone here. New arrivals quickly pick up the joy of being able to help others. Everyone works, if you can really call it such, to get balanced and energetically fit, in order to play a productive role.

"We are so enfolded in the serenity and joy, our souls long to help others find the same thing." -James

*LFS* Helpers For the Recently Deceased:

"Many here, like the Lady, act as escorts and guides for the new arrivals. The Escorts never interfere; but they stand by in case the neophyte oversteps their present ability to remain centered. They may suggest, but never insist their assignee do any particular thing. Whenever I'm in doubt, the Lady instantly appears." -James

*LFS* Those Clinging to the Old:

"Q. How about the hard core haters, manipulators, and controllers? What if they refuse to change?

"A. They will simply die, and re-embody on another lower energy planet, until they are ready to surrender to Love." -James

*LFS* Moving to a Higher Level:

"I have a lovely opportunity to enter the Golden Center of Wisdom for my own growth. If I choose the Wisdom Center, I will not be communicating with you in the same manner or as freely as we have in the past...

"[The Center of Wisdom] is such a glorious place, high on a hill, much removed from where I am now. The buildings look like sparkling alabaster, and at sundown a golden glow radiates out in all directions. The center is walled, but the gates are always open...

"Everyone here looks up to the center, like it was a Holy Shrine, and most of us hope someday to be there. What I have noticed is once someone leaves our community to go there, we don't see them again. Like everything else in this world, it seems like it may be a portal, or doorway, to yet a Higher Plane." -James

*LFS* No Automatic Awakening Upon Death:

"Closed minds and fear-filled egos don't miraculously ‘open' upon return to the spirit world. Only when the soul evolves to a state of awareness of its spiritual identity can progress be made. The closed minded ones keep embodying and dying, over and over until, on earth they finally ‘wake up' and want to learn about love and brotherhood. Then the real progression begins on the homeward journey!" -James

*CWG3* Infinite Options, Infinite Paths are Available:

It would be a mistake to assume that reincarnating- returning to another physical body- was the only option open to them.

"What are the other options?"

In truth, whatever they want them to be...

Some souls feel that there is a lot more they would like to know, and so they find themselves going to a "school," whereas other souls- what you call "old souls" -teach them. And what do they teach them? That they have nothing to learn. That they never had anything to learn. That all they ever had to do was remember...

The answer to the question you are basically asking- can a soul return as an animal- is yes, of course. The real question is, would it? The answer is, probably not...

Evolution proceeds one way. Upward. Ever upward.

*UR2* Perfecting Past Lives From a Distance:

Many people do choose to reexperience what you would think of as a past existence in order to change it as they go along...

You may perfect [that past life], in other words, but you cannot again enter into that frame of reference as a completely participating consciousness- following- say, the historic trends of the time, joining into the mass-hallucinated existence that resulted from the applied consciousness of your self and your ‘contemporaries.'

*SC* Leaving Earth:

Tom MacPherson: "Souls occasionally move on to other planets after they leave the earth plane, but not until they get over most of their karma here- unless they pay perhaps just a light visit to one of the other planes within this solar system. But an individual doesn't go beyond the solar system until he more or less masters its frequency."

*CWG3* Choices in the Spirit World:

In what you would call the "spirit world," what you can imagine, you can experience. Now, if you want to experience yourself being one soul, in one place, at one "time," you may do that. Yet if you wish to experience your spirit being larger than that, being in more than one place at one "time," you may do that as well.

*CWG3* What You Experience at Death- The Truth:

Those whose only desire is to know the eternal truth of All That Is, to understand the great mysteries, to experience the grandest reality, do so.

Yes, there is a One Great Truth; there is a Final Reality. But you will always get what you choose, regardless of that reality- precisely because the reality is that you are a divine creature, divinely creating your reality even as you are experiencing it...

Those who "die" in a state of such choosing, of such desiring, of such willingness and such knowing, move into the experience of the Oneness at once...

In the time after your "death" you may choose to have every question you ever had answered- and open yourself to new questions you never dreamed existed. You may choose to experience Oneness with All That Is. And you will have a chance to decide what you wish to be, do, and have next.

Do you choose to return to your most recent body? Do you choose to experience life again in human form, but of another kind?

DO you choose to remain where you are in the "spirit world," at the level you are then experiencing?

*JoS* Inside the Spheres- The School House & Books of Life:

2: The schoolhouse appears as a perfectly square Greek temple with columns. This is due to his lives in Greece. I return here after every life cycle. There are different buildings where various groups study near us, but our group alone uses this building. They regularly go to one other building, where they help the newer ones. We can relate to this group more easily than the further-along teachers. There is a large library inside their building, and small gatherings of people speaking in quiet tones at tables. I am immediately greeted by my friends. There are 20 in the group, but five are his dearest friends. They have pet names for each other, like Thistle and Spray, which define their essence. At the tables are life books, which are picture books with thick white edges, two or three inches thick. They are quite large. There is no writing. Everything we see is live multidimensional pictures which move or shift from the center of a crystal. It's always out of focus when the book is opened, then we think of what we want and the crystal turns from dark to light and gets into alignment. Then we can see in miniature our past lives and the alternatives. Time is treated by frames, by pages, and is condensed in these life books. One can see future possibilities in small bites only, in the form of lessons. The books are intended to emphasize our past acts. We all help one another go over our mistakes during this cycle. Our teacher is in and out, so we do a lot of studying together and discuss the value of our choices.

*JoYS* Classes Between Lifetimes:

Between lifetimes and after completing the physical plane, there are informal "classes" and study groups of all kinds available.

Some people work with nature in a deva-like form between lifetimes.

*JoS* Group Focusing: The Cone:

1: The cones assist us into harmony with intelligent energy. It's shaped to go around us. It is cylindrical, very bright, it is above and all around us. It is small on top and wide at the bottom. We can float under the cone in order to use it. It isnt the shower of healing to repair earth damage. The top funnels energy down as a waterfall in a spreading circle around us all and allows us to really concentrate on our mental sameness as a group. We can feel our thoughts being expanded, then drawn up and returned back with more information added. It helps group unity in focused thinking. It gives us more collective insight to work together. The cone is available when we need it.

Script: Re: the following: Isnt there a whole section for this sort of thing?
*JoS* Time Alone Helping:

Souls on all levels are expected to spend time mentally concentratin on helping those on earth or other physical worlds whom they have known and cared about. They go to a space called the place of projection and enter an interdimensional field of floating, silvery-blue energy and project outward to a geographic area of their choosing. This is a mental excercise in holding and releasing positive vibrational energy to create a territory, which means they ride on their own thought waves to specific people, buildings, or area in an attempt to confort or effect change.

*JoS* Creation Training:

Soul groups train in creation. One begins in group settings where it is easier to pool their energies. When souls reach level III, they can begin to individually work with the forces of creation. The formation of inanimate to animate objects is a long, slow process. Students are encouraged to create miniature planetary microhabitats for a given set of organisms which can adapt to certain environmental conditions.

1: we made a circle around our guide. Collectively, we had to practice hard to harmonize our thoughts and fine-tune our ability to all focus on one thing with the same intensity. One time we were working on a tree leaf after our guide had shown us how it should appear in front of us. As we directed our beams of energy for texture, color, and shape we kept messing it up. We werent unified, so a small part of the leaf did not have the proper veinging and pigmentation. The group jokester was deliberately alternating his energy the wrong way for laughs.

2: I am good with fish. We give instructions to organisms. We start with small cells, and this is very difficult to learn. We direct our energy to alter molecules, and make new chemical compounds by mixing the basic molecular elements of life with my energy flow. We must learn to split cells and give DNA instructions by sending particles into protoplasm. We must coordinate this with the sun's energy because each sun has different energy effects on the world saround them. We examine mutations to see what is workable. Usually a planet hospitable to life has souls watching and whatever we do is natural. I can generate small bundles of highly concentrated matter, heated, which end up looking like small solar systems. My suns are the size of basketballs and the planets are marble-size. After enough compression in the suns, the atoms explode and condense. I cant do anything really big alone. We must learn to combine our energy for the best results. The source, the concentrated energy of the Old Ones, creates full-sozed thermonuclear explosions which create physical universes and space. I think the source has help.

Children Who Pass Over

*HH2* Children in Heaven:

When children die, they are children in the other life with like mind, innocent and ignorant and tender. Children arent angels but become angels. You pass into the other world in the same state that you left this one: child, old man. Innocence is a recepticle of the truth of faith and the good of love. Children have angels' bodies. They already know how to walk, speak, see. Their exteriors are homogenous with their interiors. Upon death, they are taken to angel women who loved little children. This heaven appears in front before the forehead, directly in the line or radius of which the angels look to the Lord. The heaven of innocence is the third heaven, and it flows into them. Some little children have the disposition of spiritual angels and some that of celestial angels. Celestial to the right eye, spiritual to the left eye. Children are in the eyes. When this first age is passed, they move to another heaven to be taught by masters. What flowed forth from them flowed through them almost as if directly fromt he Lord. There is no falsity to close it off. They see everything as living. The celestial are gentle, have the love of God and others only appears. The spiritual are not so gentle. In everything with them there appears a vibration, as of wings. They have ill feelings. Children with intelligence and wisdom makes an angel. Then they appear as adults. Intelligence and wisdom are spiritual nourishment, and it makes them grow. You nourish the mind and that nourishes the body. They stop as a young man. Innocence is willingness to be led by the Lord and not oneself. Children's external innocence isnt genuine innocence without wisdom. The innocence of a child is like wood, devoid of life, which grows as they know truth and affection for good. Innocence is nakedness without shame. Evil is seeing the self as a source of good. They are taught to resist learning fromothers, so they learn only from the Lord.


Birth Memories

Children Know God, Remember Heaven

*EtS-EKR* The Most Beautiful Story Ever:

(NOTE: Oh beautiful beautiful!) Dr. Elisabeth Kubler Ross: As the story goes, a young couple had a four year old daughter who kept asking them if she could be alone with her newborn baby brother. The parents were hesitant to grant their little girl's request because they knew about sibling rivalry and didn't want anything to happen to the newborn. But the little girl persisted over the next few days, so her parents decided to give her a chance to be alone with her baby brother for a few minutes. Her parents escorted her into the baby's room and left her alone with him. As a safety precaution, however, the listened in on the meeting with an intercom connected to the baby's room. Then they heard their daughter say to her baby brother, "Tell me about God, I'm forgetting."

*CPL* Children KNOW What Happened Before, They Remember:

"One night when Alan and Michael were six and their sister Colleen was about eight, we were all riding in the car and the discussion turned to a pet goldfish who had just died.

"'Will our goldfish come back to life as another fish? Like people do. Will our fish come back and live another fish life like people come back to live another people life?'

"His tone of voice got to me. I looked at him and asked, ‘Who told you this about coming back and living another life?'

"Michael said confidently, ‘Nobody had to tell us about it. We just know it.' I saw nodding of heads all around as the other children agreed. I tried to avoid crashing the car!

"When Colleen was five or six and the boys were three or four, we were sitting at the kitchen table, and somehow the conversation turned to heaven and what it was like before they were born. They became very animated and were interrupting each other to talk.

"Colleen said, ‘When I was in heaven waiting to be born, there were a lot of us there. Some of my friends were waiting too. There were two angels watching over us, and if anybody cried, the angel would come over and pick you up. There was a long line of us waiting to be born.'

"Michael interrupted, ‘God holded me right before I came down to be born.'

"Ever since Eileen, my fourth child, was born, the children have been saying that they can't wait until she can talk so can tell them about heaven, because they are starting to forget." -Mary Fleming


"You go to heaven, then you have a little time to rest, like a vacation, but then you have to get to work. You have to start thinking about what you have to learn in your next life. You have to start picking out your next family, one that will help you learn whatever it is you need to learn next. Heaven isn't just a place to relax and kick back. You have work to do there." -Lisa's Daughter Courtney. 6

Conception Memories

*CPL* Pre-Conception Visitations:

I've heard many stories I've heard of children who tell of hovering near their parents long before conception. Judy described the car accident that had left her crippled. Then Jessica, her two-year-old, said: "I was there. I was just sitting there watching…until the car that went ‘URRR, URR' came and got you. When you had your wreck , the little red car threw you out and you hurt yourself."

"Oh," I answered her, "I don't remember a red car."

Yes, I do remember now. That car was a little red Volkswagen!

*JoNDE-JW* Conception/Abortion Memories:

Memories extend to events surrounding conception.

"Ingrid remembered her mother and father making love on a couch in Germany before they were married. The doorbell rang to announce that Grandmother and Aunt had come back from shopping when they weren't supposed to. The encounter sent shockwaves through all present. Ingrid says, ‘Mother was beside herself. She knew she got pregnant. She was ashamed. She didn't want to do it in the first place…'" (Chamberlain, 1990, P.181)

Pre-Birth Memories

*CPL* Womb-Stillbirth Memories:

Several children remembered former lives as relatives who had died before they themselves were born.

Desmond had been playing with his toy cars on the floor when he told his mother, without any prompting, "You know, Mummy, I went to Aunty Ruth before I came to you, but I didn't stay there very long." Her sister-in-law, Ruth, had given birth to a stillborn son ten years before. But the family had a pact to never speak of it because it had been so traumatic for her.

Desmond remembered clearly what it was like in Aunty Ruth's womb; it was very warm and "quite bouncy." He was happy and comfortable and very wet. He used to turn "around and around all the time." It was always dark – but not scary. From time to time he would get sleepy. He said, "One time I went to sleep but when I woke up again I wasn't with Aunty Ruth any more." (Ibid, p. 70)

*JoNDE-JW* Abortion Memories:

"I was hardly formed and my mom is using some kind of remedy to wash me away. It feels real hot…I know she is trying to get me out of there. I'm just a little blob. I don't know how I know, but I know. My aunt seems to be giving my mom directions. I can hear voice and another woman in the background. She is not supposed to get pregnant…It didn't work either. It had a vile strong smell. I can see where I was too; I was way up there, just teeny." (Chamberlain, 1990, P.179)

*TbtL* Newborn & Unborn:

The newborn and unborn child can remember anything from specific Dr. Seuss stories to words and music.

*JoNDE-JW* PreBirth Telepathy:

Regression records also demonstrate knowledge of the unspoken thoughts of others, especially the parents.

*CPL* Knowledge of Parents Before Conception:

"My dog. I miss my dog from that lifetime. I was really mad when my parents gave away our dog before I was born. I wanted to have a dog again."

"You knew that was happening before you were born?"

"Oh, yeah."

Birth Memories

*JoNDE-JW* Birth Memories:

Jason, a 3/12 year old boy riding home in the car, surprised his mother by saying that he remembered being born, that he had heard her crying and was doing everything he could to get out.


"It was tight, he felt wet, and felt something around his neck and throat. In addition something hurt his head and he remembered his face had been scratched up. Jason's mother said she had never talked to him about the birth, never, but the facts were correct. The umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck, he was monitored via an electrode in his scalp, and was pulled out by forceps." (Chamberlain, 1988a, P.103)

*SS* Birth:

Birth is much more of a shock than death.

Early Death & Reappearance

*CPL* Early Death & Reappearance:

Little Mandy remembered being her sister who had died as a baby of a congenital heart disease. The death had wracked the family with grief, but Mandy's only problem with dying, she told her parents now, was that she didn't like it when everyone had cried so much for her.

Effects of Reincarnation(SD): Parents who have lost a child at an early age sometimes find them returning in the body of their next offspring.

Meeting Future Children

*EtS-SBH* Experiences With Children Before They're Born:

I was blessed with the gift of meeting the unborn souls of five of our children before they were born into our family. In one of my pregnancies, I had a very sorrowful and traumatic miscarriage. I felt particularly bonded to this female soul, because even before I conceived, her loving presence had entered my dreams on several occasions. When she appeared, I saw her as a young woman with beautiful brown hair and brown eyes. I received the impression that she was fearful of coming to Earth, and this is probably why I lost her.

One afternoon, I heard Becky's joyful cooing sounds as usual. I went to see if she was okay. I felt an unusual sensation, a feeling that I was entering "sacred ground." I walked into her room and sensed a holy male presence hovering above her crib. I could tell that Becky was telepathically communicating with this being by the way she was looking upward in the direction of the presence above her crib. Her face was radiant, and she was making babbling sounds and excitedly kicking her feet. I received an inner knowledge that this was the spirit of my unborn son – Becky's future brother. I heard with my spiritual ears, "Tell mother I need to come soon."

I was deeply reflecting on the wonderful experiences we'd already had with our child-to-be, Matthew. While absorbed in these thoughts, Matthew appeared before me, not in his baby form but as a handsome tall man with blond hair, broad shoulders, and olive skin. He looked radiant. Telepathically, he thanked me for the sacrifices I'd gone through during pregnancy to allow his spirit to come to Earth and be housed in a mortal body.


[EtS-HW] A little over one-half of PBEs (Prebirth experiences) occur before conception.

When the unborn souls are on Earth, their physical appearances do in fact match what they looked like in the previous PBE vision many years before.

A woman was physically and sexually abused both as a child and later by her spouses. During a flashback PBE, Mary saw herself selecting the pain-filled experiences that she would undergo in this life. In this same flashback vision, an angelic being says to her, "Are you really sure you want this? These experiences will be very hard for you." Mary replies, "Yes, I elect to have these experiences. I will learn more from adversity than if I have an easier life. I want it and choose it." The angelic being then said, "These experiences will be difficult, but know that we will always be by your side.

A baby-sitter of a young child named Billy observes him playing with and talking to one such friend. She walks over to him, and asks, "Who are you playing with?" He says, "My baby sister. She hasn't com yet, but she will, and her name is Sarah."

*BtL* Meeting Those On The Way in NDEs:

Adult experiencers will occasionally be met in death by the children they will eventually father or mother. Children, even infants, were invariably greeted during their death episode by any siblings who died before they did. These siblings told them how they passed over, whether from stillbirth, death shortly after birth, miscarriage, or because of an abortion when they were but a fetus. Future sibling sometimes appeared as well, introducing themselves and giving the names they would someday have.


Maturity of Children's Souls

The Maturity of Children's Souls

*JoNDE-JW* The Maturity & Viewpoint of the New Baby & Mature Soul:

"The maturity of the perceptions and thoughts moving through the infant mind at the time. This unexpected maturity is seen in expressions of compassion and love, moral anguish, clear insights about people and their relationships, problem solving and decision making, critical commentary on how birth is handled, and comprehension of what things mean. (Chamberlain, 1988b, p. 20)."


"Then all of a sudden there was this yellow room and these people. That's when I was beginning to figure out what was going on. Not very happy about it…I didn't realize that right off I could make noises [cry] – that seemed to just kind of happen…Starting to breathe was pretty strange, too. I had never done anything like that before…

"The breathing was just in bursts at first, every time I made a noise. Then I noticed every time I was doing it I was doing it in between the noises, so I was thinking about that, too. It kind of distracted me from being mad because I was concentrating on what was going on inside me. Listening to the way it sounded. Feeling the air go in and out. Making it go faster and slower – that was kind of a neat idea. I thought as long as I had to be in this place, I might as well have something like noise and air. Kind of gave me something to do…

"I felt I knew a lot – I really did. I thought I was pretty intelligent. I never thought about being a person, just a mind. I thought I was an intelligent mind. And so when the situation [of being born] was forced on me, I didn't like it too much.

"I saw all these people acting real crazy. That's when I thought I really had a more intelligent mind, because I knew what the situation was with me, and they didn't seem to.

"They seemed to ignore me. They were doing things to me – to the outside of me. But they acted like that's all there was…" (Chamberlain, 1988a, P.155-157)


(NOTE: Such a developed sense of self!) "The put me on her stomach, sort of dumped me on her. He's talking to my mom. Everything seems to be okay and she's all right…I feel bigger and heavier. I can see her but I'm not by her. Her hair is wrapped up, like in curlers or something. She looks tired, sweaty. Nobody's talking to me. They're talking about me, I think, but not to me. They act like they know I'm there but like I don't know I'm there…the nurse kind of wiped me. Then they brought me over next to my mother. She wasn't crying but something like that. She's the first one that talked to me. She said "Hi!" Nobody else seemed to think that I was really there. Then she talked to the doctor a little bit and they took me away again." (Chamberlain, 1988b, P.21)

*BtL* NDE & Speaking with Infants :

[At the end of a NDE] He returned to the morgue and was drawn to the newborn section of the adjacent hospital where a friend's wife had just given birth to a daughter. The baby cried incessantly. As if possessed of X-ray vision, Rodonaia scanned her body and noted that her hip had been broken in birth. He "verbally" addressed her: Don't cry. Nobody will understand you. The infant was so surprised at his presence that she stopped crying. "Children can see and hear spirit beings. That child responded to me because, to her, I was a physical reality."

"What I learned in dying, you see, enabled me to make sense of religion and science. "

*JoNDE-JW* PreBirth & PostDeath Consciousness is the Same:

The deceased exhibit the same detailed and accurate perceptions as do prenatal subjects.

*CPL* The Inner Mature Self:

Norman and I were both amazed that we didn't have to interpret anything for Sarah. A few days later, Sarah unpacked the bag she had kept under her bed with her dolls and clothes.

There had been a look on his face the day before – an energized, glowing look as he spoke of his memory. It wasn't there now.


Chase, with the now-familiar halting syntax of past life recall, told me of a life as a wood craftsman in fourteenth-century Russia.

"What did you learn from this lifetime?" I asked.

"If you have an idea and keep working at it, you will be successful."


Witnessing these kids go through past life deaths inspired me every time. I could feel a palpable shift of the energy in the room. At times I was sure that I saw light around the children as they lay there in absolute peace. I waited for these moments, these energetic peaks, to ask what they had learned from the lifetime they had just remembered. Each time the children delivered a gem of more insight, more wise and mature than their few years of worldly experience could possibly render. It was in these moments that I was aware of being in the presence of wise and experienced souls.


Most were matter-of-fact about their deaths, and they talked about dying calmly, without sadness or fear.


Tineke Noordegraaf stressed that children are amazing in therapy because they seem to know intuitively, if asked in the right way, what they need to do to complete the unfinished lifetime.


These children could be very experienced souls, only in little bodies.

The Wider Knowing of Children

*VS-PMHA* A Child's Story of Ongoing Life:

Kids are tuned to different harmonics than adults. Concepts of either life or death leave them with puzzled faces. "I don't end or begin anywhere," a youngster once told me. "I just reach out and catch the next wave that goes by and hop a ride. That's how I got here."

This child, like other young experiencers, speaks in the language of "other worlds," one that is less verbal; and more akin to synesthesia (multiple sensing). The ability enables them to perceive what we call "reality" as consisting of layered realms unrestricted by physical boundaries. Hence, they easily giggle with angels, play with ghosts, and pre-experience the future. Parents generally find such behavior cause for alarm. The kids think it's wonderful.

*VftA* Children are Fearless:

Angels: "[Children] are naturally unafraid of the unknown. Whatever fear they do experience, they pick up by merging with the adults who are designated their caregivers on Earth."

The Viewpoint of Birth & Past Life Memories

*JoNDE-JW* Outer Vantage Point is Detached, Inner is Emotional:

The phenomenology of this physically transcendent source of consciousness is somewhat different from "normal" consciousness. The sequence of discreet events is often confused, and subjects report a sense of timelessness. The portions of records in the physically-transcendent voice, describing perception from the external vantage point, seem rather devoid of emotion, even when the subject is viewing highly evocative events; when, however, the vantage point shifts to inside the fetal body, emotions are strong.

The perception of temporarily is of a timeless present.

*JoNDE-JW* Dual Vantagepoint in Womb/Birth Memories:

These early impressions seem to involve an out-of-body vantage point. Switches in vantagepoint occur in virtually all records. Very young children do not seem bothered by the dual vantagepoint, but older subjects may express puzzlement even under hypnosis.


"I keep looking through the nursery window. It's weird. I can't be on both sides of the window? I'm looking at the baby; it's me." (Chamberlain, 1988a, P.187-188)

*CPL* Example of Objective-Subjective Switches, Time, & Doubt: (Carol's Experience)

Just as my body finally surrendered to fatigue and I began dozing off, I saw a vision of a frail middle-aged man. "At first I saw only his face, the vision holding steady in front of my closed eyes, his deep brown eyes penetrating mine. It was so clear and real. As I focused on his face, the image grew. In the next moment I could see a complete picture of the man and the room he was in. He was lying in bed, dressed in a white gown, bolstered by many pillows. I could see and hear him coughing, gasping for breath.

The power of these images drew me in; they had a luminescence and vitality unlike daydreams. I wasn't sleeping, because I was aware of the barking of the dog next door.

There was something haunting and familiar about the scene. As I allowed myself to sink deeper into the vision, it not only looked familiar, it began to feel familiar.

Then a bolt of recognition surged through my entire body, as if I had touched a live wire. I knew in that instant that I had been this man.

This man died of consumption in his mid thirties – the same age that I was now in my present life.

(NOTE: objectively watching OR inside, feeling) The movie in my mind segued to the next scene: his funeral – a procession of carriages and horses. From an aerial view above the treetops, I saw the procession move through the elaborate stone and iron gates of a cemetery. At close range I saw the woman in the long dress, who had lovingly nursed this man at his deathbed, holding a handkerchief to her veiled face. The sight of this grieving woman let loose in me ripples of unspeakable sorrow and fear. I struggled to quell these unwelcome feelings, which broke my concentration. Just as quickly as the images had formed, they faded.

The intense feelings these images evoked were too compelling to dismiss. The emotion was too familiar, like something I had once known but forgotten. And the image had the clarity and body of a waking vision.


As I followed Norman's suggestion, the pictures changed from fuzzy impressions to clear and colorful, full-bodied images. Sometimes the scenes moved along in succession, like a movie. Other times the frame froze as I directed my attention to my feelings in that scene.

The skeptical voice in my mind interrupted, chiding, "You're just making this up." This skeptical voice soon quieted and disappeared as I was pulled deeper into the experience.

(NOTE: Not so amazing since you're new to his mind. It's all same old to him.) After a few minutes of this focusing, I wasn't just watching a movie in my head; I was the main character in the story, engaged in a full sensory experience. I could "see" through this man's eyes, I could "hear" through his ears, I could feel love swelling in his heart, and I knew what he was thinking. I could easily shift my perspective from that of an observer, to being in the body of the character I saw – or be in both places at once. I had access to everything this man knew, understood, and remembered, plus I enjoyed a broader overview, an understanding of the patterns in his life beyond what even he knew.

At the same time that I was engrossed in the visions, I was still aware that I was in the room with Norman. I could hear my telephone ringing in the background, but the ringing sounded far away and had no significance. It was as if I were fully awake while dreaming.

Children Are Psychic

*CWS* Psychic Children:

Children see auras, remember past lives, remember dreams clearly, and are really very aware.

*PotL* Children Sense Death:

"One afternoon, my wife was sitting with her sister, while a child of the latter, a girl 3 years of age, was amusing itself with toys in another part of the room. Suddenly the child ceased its play and ran to my wife, exclaiming, ‘Auntie, Davie's drowned.'"

"A few hours later a telegram was received, announcing that at just about the time these words were spoken, David, the child's cousin, with a brother, a year or two older, were drowned while skating 40 miles away"

-Charles B. Curtis

*JoA* Children Naturally Meditate:

As children, the play of the sun on rippling water brought us before God's throne. Did you ever see an infant gaze at a lightbulb or the moon? Spiritual techniques are discovered naturally by infants and little children: holding their breath, staring unblinking, standing on their heads, imitating animals, turning in circles, sitting unmoving, and repeating phrases over and over until all else ceases to exist. Stop thinking that meditation is anything special. Stop thinking all together. Look at the world around you as if you had just arrived on Planet Earth. Observe the rocks in their natural formations, the trees rooted in the ground, their branches reaching to the sky, the plants, animals and the interrelationships of each to the other. See a flower through its essence. See a mountain through its massiveness. When the mind allows its objects to remain unmolested, there may be no mind and no object- just breathless unity.

Surya Singer

How Children Face Death

*BtL* Forshadowing of Childhood Death: Children & Art:

On Friday, October 4, 1991, when six-and-a-half-year-old Katie Thronson got off the school bus, she was beautiful, healthy, and happy. Soon she was drawing and, holding her picture, she bounced to her mother's side and said, "Mommy, am I going to die?" "No," her surprised mother replied. "Never?" "No, Katie, you're not going to die." Three days later Katie died of a cerebral hernia. Five months after her death, the drawing Katie made before she died was found. (Pictures, page 194-195)

*PotL* How Children Face Death:

"At half-past 7 in the morning, I was suddenly awoke by hearing his voice, as I fancied, very near me. I saw a bright, opaque, white mass before my eyes, and in the center of this light I saw the face of my little darling, his eyes bright, his mouth smiling. The apparition, accompanied by the sound of his voice, was too short and too sudden to be called a dream. The sound I heard was that of extreme delight, such as only a happy child can utter."

Mr. Keulemans describes the ensuing day as one of peculiar brightness and cheerfulness. He took a long walk with a friend, with whom he dined; and was afterwards playing a game of billiards, when he again saw the apparition of his child. This made him seriously uneasy, the child had died after a few hours' illness, at the exact time of the first apparition.

-A. Keulemans


"The child was four years and five months old, and a very fine girl. A few minutes after 11 she came running into the kitchen and said to me, ‘Mother, may I go and play?' I said, ‘Yes.' She then went out. Soon after I spoke to her, I went and fetched a pail of water from the bedroom. As I was walking across the yard, the child came in front of me like a bright shadow, and I stopped quite still and looked at her, and turned my head to the right, and saw her pass away. My husband's brother said, ‘Fanny have got runned over.'"

-Anne E. Wright


"My sister Elizabeth had a young friend staying with her, who shared the same bed. They had ceased chatting, and were preparing for sleep, when Elizabeth touched Henriette, saying, ‘Look at the beautiful light!' Henriette exclaimed, ‘Very beautiful, but what is it?' Elizabeth replied, ‘Oh, it is little Mary Stanger! How exquisitely beautiful. She is floating away,' and the vision passed."

"Early the next morning, she learnt that the dear child had died at the exact time she had seen the vision."

"The appearance was the perfect child, enveloped in a soft cloud of the faintest bluish light; so clear, and emitting or reflecting a light which illuminated the whole exquisitely beautiful little vision."

-Lucy Spencer


"My father and mother had many children; most of us died in infancy; Susanna survived, and Charlotte and myself. Father's was an entailed estate, and the deaths of two sons, William, who died in boyhood, and John, who died in infancy, had been the great disappointment of his life."

"Charlotte was unwell; she had complained of a chill, and the doctor recommended her to keep in bed. She was sleeping quietly that afternoon. I do not know how long we had been sitting there, but by chance I raised my head and I saw a golden light above Charlotte's bed, and within the light were enfolded two cherubs' faces gazing intently upon her. I was fascinated and did not stir, neither did the vision fade for a little while. At last I put my hand across the bed to Susanna, and I only said this word, ‘Susanna, look up!' she did so, and at once her countenance changed, ‘Oh, Emmeline,' she said, ‘they are William and John.' Then both of us watched on till all faded away like a washed-out picture; and in a few hours Charlotte died of sudden inflammation."

-Miss J. E. Walker

*VS* Development of Lost Children Continues:

"Having studied the paranormal for many years, I now realize from an overwhelming amount of evidence that children who are aborted, miscarried, stillborn or who die during childhood, continue to mature on the Other Side of Life until they reach their prime of life. The brother I saw was about seven and the sister about five, the ages they would have been had they lived."

Fler Beaumont, v.XVI, n.4

A New Relationship With Children

*CPL* A New Relationship To Children:

Children are experienced souls in little bodies – they have more available to them, and more to offer us, than we ever thought possible before.

The poet Kahlil Gibran said, "Children come through you, but not from you."

We have to rethink our roles as all-knowing parents and enter into a new relationship with our children, one of mutual respect and learning.

Your child in this life could have been your parent, wife, brother, teacher, persecutor, rival, or lover in the past. On the soul level you are both equal.

*EbtL* Children:

She realized that her children werent hers, but only her to take care of. They had their own life agendas. She forsaw some of their challenges and difficulties.

*TDA* The New Child-Parent Relationship:

Dr. Peebles: "This would be part of a new relationship between the child and the parent- where parents see themselves instead as host and hostess for another being who will create its own life rather than mother and father who must form the child as clay... This is where the greater conflict and the falling apart of families comes forward.

"It is to support the child, its desire to learn, to understand its own pathway; and it is the responsibility of a host and hostess to remind the child that responsibility for oneself is the technique...

"And your challenge as the child is to accept responsibility as you grow into your maturing years."


Remembering Past Lives

Children Remember Past Lives

*AoaY* Aware of Past Life Memories:

I find my earliest memories covering the anachronistic features of a previous incarnation. Clear recollections came to me of a distant life, a yogi amidst the Himalayan snows.

The helpless humiliations of infancy are not banished from my mind. I was resentfully conscious of not being able to walk or express myself freely. Among the inward confusion of tongues, my ear gradually accustomed itself to the circumambient Bengali syllables of my people. The beguiling scope of an infant's mind!


He added gently, "Lahiri, surely this cave seems familiar to you?"

"As I maintained a bewildered silence, the saint approached and struck me gently on the forehead. At his magnetic touch, a wondrous current swept through my brain, releasing the sweet seed memories of my previous life."

"I remember!" My voice was half-choked with joyous sobs. "You are my guru Babaji, who has belonged to me always!"

Babaji's voice rang with celestial love. "You slipped away and vanished into the tumultuous waves of life beyond death. The magic wand of your karma touched you, and you were gone! Though you lost sight of me, never did I lose sight of you! I pursued you over the luminescent astral sea where the glorious angels sail."

*CPL* Childen Have Thin Barriers:

Children haven't lived through enough years and experiences to layer over and thoroughly embed these issues into their personalities. Very young children, especially, don't have the additional layers of belief and cultural conditioning glazing over their memories.

*CPL* Tales from the Crib:

I wondered if wee children ruminate about the past while still in their cribs, even before they can talk. Some of the children were so young when they first began talking about their memories, it seemed as if they had been just waiting for the words to come. Many of them were still in diapers, when they first began speaking of their memories. They were still babies.


One of the children, Elspeth, was only eighteen months old and had never put words together before – had never uttered a complete sentence. One evening when her mother was giving Elspeth her bath, the baby said, "I'm going to take my vows." Her astonished mother couldn't believe her ears.

When she questioned Elspeth, the little one replied, "I'm not Elspeth now. I'm Rose, but I'm going to be Sister Teresa Gregory." (Ibid, p. 133) Now her mother was stunned. They were not Catholics; Elspeth could not possible have known about nuns and vows.

Elspeth went on to tell her mother that "when I was here before," she had been an old lady and wore a long black dress with a black cloth over her head. That was it. Then one day, two years later, Elspeth filled in the story about the nun's life, describing her jobs at the convent. Her day began when it was still dark; she milked goats, made cheese, and helped prepare the food.

*HU* Children's Spontaneous Past-Life Recall:

Spontaneous past-life recall is relatively common among children, so common that the number of cases that seem worth considering far exceeds his staff's ability to investigate them. Generally children are between the ages of two and four when they start talking about their "other life," and frequently they remember dozens of particulars; including their name, the names of family members and friends, where they lived, what their house looked like, what they did for a living, how they died, and even obscure information such as where they hid money before they died and, in cases involving murder, sometimes even who killed them.

Indeed, frequently their memories are so detailed, Stevenson is able to track down the identity of their previous personality and verify virtually everything they have said. He has even taken children to the area in which their past incarnation lived, and watched as they navigated effortlessly through strange neighborhoods and correctly identified their former house, belongings, and past-life relatives and friends.

*CPL* Between-Life Memory Goes Before Past-Life Memory:

One of baby Celal Kapan's first full sentences was, "What am I doing here? I was at the port." As his language improved, he explained that he had been a dock worker who fell asleep in the hold of a ship that was being loaded. He was killed instantly when an oil drum was dropped on top of him. From Celal's point of view, when he awoke from his nap in the hold of the ship he was surprised to find himself in the body of a small child. He didn't know that he had died. (Ian Stevenson, Children Who Remember Previous Lives (Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 1987), p. 105).

The Age of Forgetting

*BDL* Forgetting Spiritual Memories:

S: One does not lose the memories at birth. Children still have them... We, as adults, silence them in many ways whether it is intended or not. But the memories grow quieter as one grows older because of these outside influences, more so than anything in the entity.

*TDA* Children's Spiritual Recall:

Don: "We have noted in very young children, especially from the age of three and back... that sometimes they make surprising statements that seem to be calling back some previous period."

Dr. Peebles: "Correct. It is valid... They are not fantasy; they are not exaggerated; they are literal. It is at the age of five and six when they become fantasy; things get stretched out of proportion. But at the age of two and three, it is pure truth coming forward."

*VftA* Initial Full Memory Upon Incarnation:

Angels: "Every soul comes to your reality with an inner knowing of the truth of this limitless, endless adventure as an inseparable part of creation. All souls carry a memory of the glory of other realms. For a short time after souls are born into your world, they live with an awareness of these other levels of existence, and they speak with angels until they learn the language of man. It is at this time that the linear mind becomes dominant in most individuals, and they choose to shut the door on the wonders they have known. However, these truths are still held within the genetic pattern of every human. When they are ready and they choose of their own free will to open the door, these truths and this wonder will once again be theirs."

*BMS* Children & Reincarnation Memories:

Professor Ian Stevenson and his colleagues at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.. have now collected well over a thousand cases of children who spontaneously remember past lives...

There are some fascinating patterns that come out of Stevenson's reincarnational research. For example, it is generally preschool children that make these claims, and once they start school they talk less and less about it and may finally forget these memories. That makes sense, because school is not simply an education, but also an indoctrination into the belief systems and limitations of their particular culture.

*VftA* Remembering the Spiritual, The Forgetting at Age 7:

Angels: "Before the age of seven, the soul is not fully integrated into the physical body. The attachment to your reality is not complete and total, therefore the death experience is easy. Children have not forgotten their spirit's true home. Their awareness is not concentrated solely in their identity as an individual ego, separate from their surroundings, set apart from God. They have not forgotten their oneness with all creation or the innate fluidity of their being. Eternity for them is encompassed within each moment. All realities are valid and possible for them. For a time they retain an ability to see angels and to remember their past incarnations.

"Around the age of seven, deep attachments begin to form to your world and most souls lose all conscious memory of the Heaven realm. This process of forgetting begins much earlier, however, sometimes within the first two years of life...

"This process of forgetting is what makes it easier for souls to participate fully in their life process by becoming completely immersed in your reality construct."

*VftA* Attachment Begins After Forgetting:

Angels: "It is the attachment to your reality that quickly follows this forgetting- attachment to people, places, and things, and to individual identity- that creates a resistance to the change which you call death, no matter the duration of time spent on the Earth plane. These attachments become a source of security and create a false sense of well-being. Any reality that does not include the object or idea to which the soul is attached then becomes a terrifying place, unknown and therefore fraught with danger, to be avoided at all costs."

*CPL* The Age of Remembering:

Most of the memories appear for the first time when the child is between the ages of two and five. This pattern is universal, occurring in every country and culture. Some children talk of their memories as soon as they can put words together.

Generally, the memories begin to fade around school age, between five and eight. They recede into the unconscious, fading like a dream. After they have faded, the child will typically deny he ever had them. In a small number of rare cases the memories remain intact into adulthood.

Phobias appeared before they expressed any conscious memories of their past lives.

Effects of Reincarnation(SD): In a typical case, a child, usually age 2-4, starts to tell that he/she can remember being someone else. These statemenets are usually accompanied by behavior which is alien to the child's background, but which harmonizes with events of the past existence. These recollections may increase from age 2-4 but rarely are remembered after the age of five.

Why We Forget Past Lives

*BDL* Why You Forget Past Lives:

Can you imagine how difficult it would be to function in the everyday world if you had the memories of countless past lives constantly bombarding you? You would never be able to concentrate on the lessons you have to work out during this lifetime. Sometimes when you're a young child you remember your past connections because you're still close to it. But then the memories you get in future years bury these memories and you forget, although they're still there in your subconscious.

*LBD* Why We Forget Previous Lives:

The forces which he makes use of to transform the body, so that the dawn of early childhood can change into the full waking light of consciousness in subsequent earthly life, are those which he could otherwise transform to remember his previous lives...

*TDA* The Reason For Forgetting:

Dr. Peebles: "Many souls of their own desire really don't want to think too much about the spirit... for that would be a distraction; for some people would want to leave Earth several times every year and return to the spirit."

*CWG3* Why We Forget:

Your story- the whole worldly drama- was created so that you could know Who You Are in your own experience. It's also been designed to help you forget Who You Are, so that you might remember Who You Are once again, and create it.

*CWG3* Why You Don't Remember All:

The game would be over if you remembered everything. You came here for a particular reason, and your Divine Purpose would be thwarted if you understood how everything is put together...

Enjoy the experience of becoming.


*CPL* Regressing Children:

As soon as they began getting images, I told them to focus on their bodies – what they had on their feet, the color of their skin and hair, their age, what they wore. I asked them to describe their surroundings – the landscape, the buildings…

Accessing past lives was not difficult for most of the children, but I found it did not always work. When I tried the same regression techniques with younger children, five and six years old, nothing happened, except a lot of fidgeting and random images. Some came up with fragments of stories that sounded like pieces of dreams, TV adventure shows, or responses that they thought I wanted to hear. But I could always spot these ramblings right away. The children would tell these stories in a conversational, almost singsong way – not with the halting, starting-and-stopping style that I associated with true past life expression. When they were fantasizing, they weren't emotionally engaged with their stories, either.

That session was deep and engaging for both of us. Why couldn't I duplicate those deep experiences with these random regressions? Was it because my young volunteers had no specific problems to address? Or was it because the impulse to go into the past life originated with Chase and not me?

*SD* Hypnotic Regressions:

While under a deep trance, patient's minds can so completely be taken back to a early age, that their handwriting will conform to samples taken from old school books. Their eyesight either degenerates or improves to the level they enjoyed at the time. Even changing patterns of neurological responses during the first months following birth have been preceisely mirrored during early-life regression experiments.

EEGs have shown that past life memories occur when the brain level measures 8.3 cps. When the conscious mind is invited to intervene- the pattern alters immediately.

*CPL* Past Life Regression:

Children go in and out of trance more easily and more often than adults. Some psychologists believe that the brightest and most creative children are those who stare frequently, without interruption.

Roger seldom uses formal hypnotic induction. Instead, he uses the images, recurrent thoughts and phrases (life scripts), body symptoms, or feelings as a bridge to the past life story. Since these memories have several components – mental, emotional, and physical – by closing one's eyes and focusing on any one of them, a full past life story can emerge.

Norman had used a bridging technique when he said, "Tell me what you see when you hear the loud noises that frighten you" and "Close your eyes and tell me what you see when you feel your fear of fire."

*HU* Past Life Memories:

When individuals are hypnotized, they often remember what appear to be memories of previous existences. Over 90 percent of all hypnotizable individuals are able to recall these apparent memories.

One striking aspect was the degree of agreement between the subjects' experiences. All reported numerous past lives, some as many as twenty to twenty-five, although a practical limit was reached when Whitton regressed them to what he calls their "caveman existences." When one lifetime became indistinguishable from the next. Gender was not specific to the soul. All reported that the purpose of life was to evolve and learn, and that multiple existences facilitated this process.

Effects of Reincarnation(SD): During regressions, a facial transformation would accompany the past personality's presence. Those who recalled old age appeared haggard and drawn, whilst creases in the faces of older subjects would smooth out when they recalled previous youth. There are instances where regressed individuals manifest the medical conditions consistent with past-life memories, such as muscular spasms in the faces of stroke victims. One subject manifested a livid rope burn around his neck from being hanged and other who had been beaten to death manifested bruises.

*CPL* Naturally Getting Into Children's Past Life Causes:

Tineke Noordegraaf was one of the only therapists in Holland using past life therapy to help children overcome really serious problems such as palsy, phobias, diabetes, and sleep disorders. Tineke explained that she didn't use hypnotic induction with children. Instead, to help the children open up, to get them talking about their problems, she used toys, games, and, most often, drawing. These tools focused the children on their own feelings, images, body sensations, and key phrases as a bridge to the past life that was causing the problems.


Just by bringing up the subject everywhere and often, I found the cases were there right in my own back yard.

The Trance of Remembering

*CPL* Auto-Trance:

Parents told me so often, "We were riding in the car when my child began to tell me about his past life."

The motion of the car lulls children into a trance state. Other children speak of their memories while in the bath or just before bedtime. The motion of a rocking chair or a swing can sway a child into an altered state of consciousness as easily as the proverbial hypnotist's watch.

Children can also go into a mild trance while engaged in any creative activity like drawing, painting, or playing make-believe.

Reaction to Past Lives Memories

*CPL* Parents Should Awknowledge:

When children communicate a past life memory, they are exposing an innermost part of their nature, something delicate and true. By acknowledging their memories, we are accepting them deeply.

More important than any technique, allow your child to lead the way.

"…acknowledge them without making a big deal about it. I ask as few specific questions as possible, and instead say, ‘Tell me more about it.'" -Henry Bolduc, past life regressionist

*CPL* Family Suppression of Past Life Memories:

In over half the cases the family tries to suppress the memory.

*CPL*No Bias in Children:

Children didn't have any trouble accepting the possibility of past lives.

*CPL* Honor & Protect These Memories:

If you have the urge to share her amazing story with relatives and friends, be discreet. Don't make a big fuss about it, especially in front of your child – it could embarrass her.

Protect her from direct criticism, too.

(NOTE: As long as the memory has the clear light behind it, you know it's true. If one were to combine the clear light with a false memory, that would be making it true. It's the deemer of reality & the giver of life.)

Identifying Past Life Memories

*CPL* Children Playing vs Reliving Past Lives:

I marveled at how rich the fantasy lives of these children are. I thought how past life memories seem, on the surface, to resemble fantasy: in both, the child can experience being a different person in a different time, seeing things that nobody else can see, talking to more people that don't exist. It is easy to distinguish between the two. A child engaged in fantasy play constructs a temporary reality that shifts and changes at will. He can easily switch personae and settings. In these fantasies glaring inconsistencies are thrown into the mix too – a combination of what a child believes to be true of the role he is playing, peppered with unbounded imagination and impossible magic.

When Sarah and Chase remembered their past lives, however, they saw another type of reality – an intact and consistent inner reality with only plausible details.

We talked of children we knew who had unusual talents, odd interests, or quirky behavior that puzzled their parents. She told me the story of a three-year old girl in her class who sat on the playground crying in front of a small hole she had dug and covered with leaves. She said, "I'm crying for my children who died in the flood." The girl's parent's couldn't explain it.

How often do we find children in families who seem to be totally different from each other and from their parents?

Not all child's play is fantasy. Any obsessive or repetitive play activity could be a reenactment of a scene from a past life, an attempt to gain closure on unresolved feelings or unfinished business. Listen to play dialogues: is your daughter carrying on an unusually coherent conversation with a doll, making references to situations that are beyond her experience?

Past life memories sound, look, act, and feel distinctly different from fantasies because they issue from a different source.

The four signs of children's past life memory are:

1. Matter-of-fact tone

2. Consistency over time

3. Knowledge beyond experience

4. Corresponding behavior and traits

*CPL* Sign 1: Matter-of-Fact Tone:

Usually, when children are telling a made up story, there is a sing-song, lilting, drifting quality to the voice.

"He doesn't sound like a four-year old anymore." -Charlotte Swenson

"It was suddenly like talking to a grown-up." -Ed Durbin

"When children tell fanciful tales, they are told to get a reaction from me. They are told as a story: they want me to laugh, challenge them, tell them how sill they are, or whatever it is they're up to." -Lisa, child psychologist

Some children simply don't understand that we don't remember their past lives.

A child achieves a sudden breakthrough in language. The child may, for the first time, speak in full sentences or use words outside his vocabulary.

"He used full sentences, which was very unusual for him. He didn't pause, he didn't search for words, and he didn't struggle to describe things." -Pat Carroll

They look different. Their expression changes; sometimes an unusual peace or calm appears on the child's face. They glow.

"Suddenly he looked much older than his age…each time he talks about his memories, that is what happens." -Pat Carroll

Their children look as though they are in a trance, losing touch with their surroundings as they focus inward. They may stare off into space while speaking of their memories and appear "wide-eyed," or their eyes may become "glazed over," as they report seeing and sensing something outside their ordinary range of perception.

Whatever that state was, it disappears as quickly as it appeared.

Almost all parents I have talked to describe the same chills, goose bumps, or energized feeling that runs through their own bodies when their child speaks of a past life.

"I felt my spine tingling. I get chills. You can feel the energy of the memory." -Charlotte Swenson

*CPL* Sign 3: Knowledge Beyond Experience:

"Lauren had six clunky silver crowns put on her back teeth. On the way home she said, with great concern in her voice: ‘I don't like having silver teeth, because remember when we died together and those bad guys took our silver teeth?'

Since we are Jewish, I knew immediately that she was talking about the Holocaust. [The Nazis extracted the gold and silver out of the mouths of many of their victims.]" -Karen Greene


Another form of knowledge beyond experience is the ability of small children to speak in an unknown language that they could not possibly have learned through ordinary means. This phenomenon is called xenoglossy.

"…their twin baby boys were found to be conversing among themselves in some unknown vernacular. A professor of ancient languages happened to pass by and was amazed to discover that the babies were speaking Aramaic, a language current at the time of Christ!" (Joseph Head and Sylvia Cranston, Reincarnation: The Phoenix Fire Mystery (Pasadena, CA: Theosophical University Press, 1994), pp. 401-2.)


The parents of two-year-old Simon were convinced that he was remembering the life of a 19th century sailor. Once, in describing his days at sea, he referred to the "spanker" sail – the correct term for the aftmost sail of a fully rigged ship. Another time, when he accidentally knocked a jelly jar onto the floor, he nervously asked his mother if he would have to do "haze." Haze is a vintage sailor slang for extra work assigned for punishment.


When two-year-old Natalie Elkins was telling her mother about drowning in a swimming pool, she had her eyes fixed on her mother's eyes. But when her mother, probing for more of the story, wisely asked if she was wearing a bathing suit at the time, "Natalie looked down at herself and answered yes." She was seeing herself in that other body.


Some children who remember their past lives and deaths also have knowledge of what happened to them immediately after they died. Occasionally they speak from the perspective of an omniscient observer outside the body they just left behind, still seeing and hearing what is going on around them.

*CPL* Sign 4: Corresponding Behavior & Traits:

His physical appearance was curiously consistent with his past life as a German. Both of his siblings were stocky with dark hair and tan complexions. Carl, though, was slight with a far Aryan complexion and blond hair. (Ibid, p. 70)


When Tommy was four years old, one of our field trips was to a small airfield. Tommy got into the airplane, sat in the pilot's seat, looked at all the controls, pressed on the pedals, and demonstrated to the pilot that he knew exactly what to do to fly that airplane. The pilot was astounded. He said that if the key had been in the ignition, Tommy would have taken off!

Tommy found a picture book of airplanes of the Second World War. And what airplanes did he immediately go for? The Japanese Zeros. I asked him, "I wonder if you ever flew any of those."

He replied, "Oh, yes…I crashed my plane into a ship."

Shared Reincarnational Memories

*CWG3* Shared Reincarnational Memories:

"The phenomenon of more than one person in this "lifetime" claiming to have memories of being Joan of Arc. Or Mozart... This is possible! All that has happened is that several of the sentient beings now being enveloped by one soul are ‘remembering' the part of their single soul which (is now) Joan of Arc." (NOTE: Though I'd bet many are pleasing themselves with ego gratification)

Reincarnational Memory Tech & Energetics

*HoL* Past Life DC Shift & Opening:

Many times when a client reexperiences a past life, there is a very strong field effect called a direct current (DC) field shift by Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere. In the shift, Rev. Bruyere says that the whole auric field expands to a much greater size than normal but still maintains its high vibration rate. Almost twice as much energy stays in the field for about 48 hours, and the client is very vulnerable and impressionable... It is very important for him to stay in a quiet, safe and nourishing environment to allow the healing to continue and complete itself.

When We Do Remember

*WtK* Remembering Past Lives:

The soul, while dwelling in it and using it, has developed its brain-mind so that the soul can bring through to its brain consciousness the memory of former lives as other personalities. But this is only possible with very old and advanced souls.


Phobias & Physical Carryovers

Past Life Causes of Present Phobias

*CPL* Past Life Connections to Present Phobias:

A traumatic experience in a past life such as being in war – and especially a traumatic death – can cause a phobia is the present life. He was surprised at how easily Chase had retrieved his past life memory – no hypnotic induction had been needed.


Phobias are common in these cases and almost always correspond to a past life death.


Shamline was terrified of water. At the same time she had a severe phobia of buses. Soon after Shamline began talking, she told her parents that she had lived before, and gave full details of her life in a village not far away called Galtudawa. She also described how she had died. One morning she was on her way to buy some bread. Because the ground was flooded from heavy rains, she walked on the raised part of the road reserved for vehicles. A bus passed too close, splashing water on her and throwing her into a flooded, paddy field.


On New Year's Eve he went to his first-ever slumber party. The kids were entertained with Ninja games, karate videos, and the favorite Ninja Turtle food. Chase appeared to be having a great time, but late in the night he became upset and couldn't sleep. At dawn she put him in the car and brought an exhausted and tearful Chase home.

After that night, Chase had anxiety attacks every evening at bedtime for six long weeks.

I waited until bedtime when his anxiety started. I decided to use the sick feeling in his stomach as a bridge back to the past. He described the feeling in his stomach as an emptiness, a spinning that would start in his stomach, travel to his throat, and flow back to his stomach. He said that it was not a sick feeling, but a feeling of emptiness.

Chase saw an image of himself as an adult manacled in a dungeon, in what he described as "castle times." It was dark, and he was alone. His arms were stretched tightly above him, and they hurt.

I suggested that he go back to an earlier time. He saw himself in a village square crowded with many people – a marketplace. He was planing a theft. He saw his hand reaching for something, when he was suddenly apprehended.

"I feel guilty about what I did – sorry. It was a waste of my life to end up like this. I feel that sadness and guilt in my stomach. I can't sleep hanging in this position. I die here.

He said that he had been having fun at the slumber party seeing how late he could stay up, when suddenly he became anxious and scared about not being able to sleep. He said that the slumber party was "dark and unfamiliar like the dungeon."

Chase gave me a hug and said he felt better now. He was able to sleep soundly that night and was not bothered by the anxiety or sick feeling again.

*CPL* Sarah's Fear of Fire- Death By Fire:

Sarah had been struggling with her own terrible fear of house fires. Like Chase's fear of loud noises, Sarah's extreme fear of fire was inexplicable. She had cried uncontrollably when someone in the movie was killed in a fire. She was so terrified of fires – especially house fires – that she kept a bag packed under her bed with her favorite Barbie dolls and some clothes, ready for a quick escape. This kind of precaution was totally out of character for our self-assured and independent Sarah.

Norman instructed Sarah, "Close your eyes, feel the fear of fire. Now tell me what you see."

Sarah described a simple two-story wooden house, shaped "like a barn" and surrounded by woods and farmland. A wagon road, overgrown with grass, passed in front of the house. She saw herself as a girl. She didn't go to school because "they don't believe girls need education."

Up to this point, Sarah told her story as an observer, objectively reporting what she saw. Then Norman suggested she "move ahead to the time when your fear of fire started." Sarah's perspective shifted. Now she spoke as the young girl, in the present tense, totally absorbed in the terror of her predicament.

"I wake up suddenly and smell smoke – I know the house is on fire. I'm scared. Panicked. Can't think. I jump out of bed. Flames and smoke everywhere. I run across the hall looking for my parents. Big flames cover the stairs and banister. Small flames shoot up through cracks in the floor. The bottom of my nightgown is on fire! I'm running into my parents' room. They're not there! Their beds are made. Where are they? I keep running until I'm trapped in the far corner of the room."

She was reliving this painful memory with all of her being, panicked like a trapped little animal. The terror in her voice drew me into her story. I felt the adrenaline pumping in my body.

"A beam covered with big flames falls down right in front of me and breaks a hole in the floor. Fire is everywhere. There's no way out. Oh, it really hurts to breathe. I know I'm going to die!"

Her breathing slowed, her face relaxed. "I feel myself floating high above the treetops. I feel light, like air. I guess I'm dead. I don't feel any pain. There's my house – it's totally covered with flames. The roof is gone. I can see my family in the yard. My brother is sitting on the ground, and my father is holding on to my mother, who's crying and waving her arms at the house."

She knew that they had tried to save her but were driven back by the heat and the flames. They were devastated that they could not save their daughter. Clearly Sarah was deeply moved by the grief of her family. Through her sobs, with her eyes still closed, she said she realized that her family had really loved her after all. She admitted that she had carried into her present life the false belief that her parents hadn't tried to save her from dying in the burning house.

Sarah's sobbing gradually stopped. She sniffled a few times and gave us a big smile. The panic and terror were gone. She looked peaceful.

*CPL* Chase's Unexplained Fears- Civil War Death:

For weeks Chase had been talking excitedly about the fun he had had in previous years at our parties, and especially about the fireworks.

Suddenly the cannonlike booms were echoing all around us. The sky lit up and crackled with giant starbursts. But Chase, instead of being delighted, began to cry. His crying got deeper and more desperate. Chase was sobbing so deeply, he couldn't walk He had never cried so long or so deeply. And he had never been afraid of fireworks.

A month later, as soon as he entered the pool area, where the sound of the diving board and splashing and yelling echoed in the big hall, he began to cry hysterically.

"Sit on your mom's lap, close your eyes, and tell me what you see when you hear the loud noises that scare you."

Young Chase immediately began describing himself as a soldier – an adult soldier – carrying a gun. "I'm standing behind a rock. I'm carrying a long gun with a kind of sword at the end. I have dirty, ripped clothes, brown boots, and a belt. I'm hiding behind a rock, crouching on my knees and shooting at the enemy. I'm at the edge of a valley. The battle is going on all around me."

He had never been interested in war toys.

"I don't want to look, but I have to when I shoot. Smoke and flashes everywhere. And loud noises; yelling, screaming, loud booms. I'm not sure who I'm shooting at – there's so much smoke, so much going on. I'm scared. I shoot at anything that moves. I really don't want to be here and shoot other people."

Although this was Chase's little boy voice, his tone was serious and mature for a five year old. He actually seemed to be feeling this soldier's feelings and thinking his thoughts.

As he described himself shooting from behind the rock, I could feel his body tense on my lap.

Norman explained to Chase, "We live many different lives on Earth. We take turns playing different parts, like actors in a ply. We learn what it means to be human by playing these different parts. Sometimes we are soldiers and kill others in a battle, and sometimes we are killed. We are simply playing our parts to learn." Norman emphasized that there was no blame in being a soldier.

As my son listened, I could feel his body relax. The anguished look on his face melted away.

"I'm crouching on my knees behind the rock. I'm hit in the right wrist by a bullet someone shot from above the valley. I slide down behind the rock, holding my wrist where I was shot. It's bleeding – I feel dizzy. Someone I know drags me out of the battle and takes me to a place where they took soldiers that are hurt – not like a regular hospital, just big poles, like an open tent, covered with material. There are beds there, but they're like wooden benches. They're very hard and uncomfortable."

He was ordered back into battle. "I'm walking back to battle. I see a wagon pulling a cannon on it. The cannon is tied onto the wagon with ropes. The wagon has big wheels."

He said he missed his family. Chase started to fidget and told us the images were fading. He opened his eyes, looked around the kitchen, looked at us, and smiled.


"Mom, remember when I saw that I was a soldier with Norman? Well, we talked funny," Chase said looking right through me. "We sounded different. You know how black people talk? Well, I as black."

"There were black soldiers and white soldiers fighting together." His eyes looked to the side. He seemed to be viewing images in his mind and reporting to me what he saw.

"What else do you see?"

"That's it." And that was that. Chase lost the image and went back to spooning his cereal.


"I want to do another regression like I did with Norman that time when I was a soldier. There's more coming up." The war news had triggered Chase's memory.

"Can't hear sounds, but can see it. I see horses coming in the valley. Men with guns with spears on the ends. I'm feeling sad, scared, proud."

"I'm back in battle. I'm shooting a cannon from the top of the valley. I pull a string, the cannon fires. I'm not loading it, though. I can't shoot a gun because of my arm. I'm scared shooting the cannon. Now I know how the others feel to be shot at. They're scared too."

"I'm at a house. It's mine. Sort of a cabin made of rough wood. The house has a front porch with a railing – a place to hitch horses. There's a rocking chair on the porch, and a door in the middle. I have two kids. I think I have a wife – I do. I'm happy. It's before the war. I was where the blacks are free. I see a black man on the porch smoking a pipe – it's me. The name of our town is something like Collosso. It's eighteen-sixty something, at the beginning of the war. People are standing around a post where the roads meet – it's the center of town. There's a lot of excitement; they're talking about the war. I get excited too, and I volunteer. I sign a paper. I don't know what the paper says. I can't read."

"I'm leaving my family. They're crying. I'm very sad. This is the saddest time of my life."

"I'm behind the cannon. I'm hit!"

Chase stopped speaking. I felt the energy shift – it felt lighter, like a breeze flowing through the room.

"I'm floating above the battlefield. I feel good that I'm done. I see the battle and smoke below. As I look down on the battlefield, everything is still and smoky – nothing is moving down there. I feel happy that I'm done. I float over my house. I see my wife and kids.

I asked him what he had learned from his lifetime as a soldier. "Everything has to be in a war. It balances everything out. Not necessarily die in a war, but experience it. It teaches you about feelings. It gives you a sense of how other people feel. It's a bad place. I skipped World War II. I was up. I was waiting for my turn to go back to a more peaceful time. I had a short life in between."

The war in the Middle East triggered another layer of memory: the longing for his family. Chase's sadness changed to relief as he progressed further in the story to his death and had the opportunity to say good-bye to his family. He finally had closure on his life as a soldier. This enabled him to move beyond his personal tragedy to a universal understanding of the significance of war in a soul's development.

*HoL* John's Past Life Trauma:

As John talked about his life, I suddenly saw him in a past life sometime around the era of Genghis Khan. The scene was in a battle where he was lustfully killing a soldier from the "other army" with a hand weapon. he had a rod with a chain, and on the end of the chain was a metal ball with spikes with which he impaled his enemy's head. At the same time this happened, the enemy was plunging a lance into John's solar plexus. Both were killed in this interaction. This experience left him with the belief that any lusty, powerful expression of the life-force energy leads to injury and death...

He had been born with [scoliosis] and had never had an operation to straighten his spine...

Once a lot of the stagnated energy from the second and fourth auric levels had been cleared... I found the lance embedded in his solar plexus on the fifth energy level, or etheric template level. The handle of the lance was completely embedded within the auric field and curled into a spiral. To remove it, first I had to straighten the handle and then yank out the lance.

*VftA* Coming to Incarnated Life Pure, Surfacing of Past Disturbances:

Angels: "The spirit of a child, although it is ageless and ancient and very wise, is also innocent. It has come to its incarnation through a process of cleansing and rebalancing and harmonizing. It has released the dross it may have accumulated as a result of its experiences in previous incarnations, so that only the wisdom and skills gained from those experiences remain.

"The soul then transfers this wisdom, these perfected abilities and skills, into the cellular emory of the physical body that it chooses to inhabit. It carefully selects its parents according to soul affinity, as well as genetic potentials, so that it will have every available opportunity to complete its destiny.

"The spirit is always pure and innocent and clear. However, there may be times when the soul experiences of a previous life are not fully resolved. That soul may then need more time to work on a particular issue so that it may transmute accumulated, unresolved emotions into wisdom through a learning process. In these instances, those emotions, wounds, and darkness that remain in the soul's memory are carried into the next incarnation in order to balance the imbalances from which these emotions arise. Sometimes this is the only way in which the soul can fully heal.

"So, as unresolved attachments and emotions of the previous incarnation begin to surface in the soul's consciousness, the very cells of the still developing physical body will mirror those memories. These patterns are programmed into the subconscious and can sometime manifest as physical or emotional imbalances and difficulties to serve as a reminded of the work that the soul has to do. Some of these imbalances may take form in the body while it is still developing in the womb. Others may not appear until later in life, when circumstances may trigger deep memories of similar experiences in other lifetimes."

Scars & Other Physical Carryovers

*CPL* Physical Carryovers:

The location of the wound Chase described was exactly the same location as that of a persistent rash he had suffered since he was a baby. Whenever he became upset or tired, he scratched that wrist until it bled.

Being hanged for speaking out against the authorities could result in a chronic neck pain and a fear of speaking in public.

Physical symptoms can be caused not only through wounds to the flesh, but by penetrating blows to the psyche as well: headaches can come from intolerable mental choices, sinusitis from a failure to grieve, back troubles from carrying too much guilt.

In 35 percent of his verified cases, Dr. Stevenson found the children had birthmarks or birth defects that matched wounds from their previous lives.

There was an Indian boy who remembered being killed by a shotgun blast to his chest. On this boy's chest was an array of birthmarks that matched the pattern and location (verified by autopsy report) of the fatal wounds.

Another shotgun victim was hit at point-blank range in the right side of the head (confirmed from the hospital report). The Turkish boy who remembered this life was born with "a diminished and malformed ear….and underdevelopment of the right side of his face. (Ibid, p. 411)

One woman had three separate linear scarlike birthmarks on her back. As a child, the remembered the life of a woman who was killed by three blows to her back with an ax. (Ibid, p. 410)

Another boy in India was born with stubs for fingers on only his right hand – an extremely rare condition. He remembered the life of a boy who had his fingers cut off by the blades of a fodder chopping machine. (Ibid, p. 413)

The birthmarks in most of Dr. Stevenson's cases are distinct, large, and notable marks, "likely to be puckered and scarlike, sometimes depressed a little below the surrounding skin, areas of hairlessness, areas of markedly diminished pigmentations, or port-wine stains." (Ibid, p. 404) Birth defects are unusual and rare specimens.

Nine of these cases involve bullet wounds where not only do the marks match the exact site of entry and exit, but the mark corresponding to the entry wound is small and round, and the mark corresponding to the exit wound is large and irregular.


Dominic had a birthmark; a scar on his right thigh. As an infant, Dominic was so terrified of being immersed in water that he screamed hysterically. One day, around the time he was learning his first words, his grandmother, who had never mentioned the scar before, touched it gently. Dominic explained to the astonished woman, "Man on boat did that with big knife. Lots of blood everywhere. All covered with blood." He said he fell in the water and "got drowned." (Ibid)


"The Pollack family in England suffered an unthinkable tragedy when their two daughters, eleven-year-old Joanna and six-year-old Jacqueline, both died in the same accident.

"For years before the accident, their father had prayed to God asking for proof of reincarnation. Now he prayed that God would send his daughters back to him.

"Within a year his wife, Florence, became pregnant. John assured her that her two daughters were returning to their family as twins. John persisted in this belief, contradicting their gynecologist who maintained that only one baby was there. Florence gave birth to identical twin girls; they named the twins Jennifer and Gillian.

"Immediately they noticed that Jennifer, but not Gillian, had two birthmarks – a white line on her forehead and a brown birthmark on her waist – that matched the size, shape, and location of a scar and a congenital birthmark that had been on Jacqueline's forehead and waist. This is remarkable because identical twins, if the share identical genetic material, will have identical birthmarks too.

"When the girls were old enough to talk, they remembered details of their deceased sisters." (Children Who Remember Previous Lives, Dr. Stevenson)

Effects of Reincarnation(SD): Some have manifested strange and alarming signs of their former selves, usually birthmarks corresponding to wounds suffered at their earlier moment of death. These are strikingly common.

In one case of twin girls, one appeared with a blemish on her hip which corresponded to the one on the departed child. The other one had no birthmarks whatsoever, which is odd since they were monozygotic- from the same egg.

*HU* Physical Carryovers From Past Lives:

A person's previous incarnation can apparently affect the very shape and structure of their current physical body. He has discovered, for example, that Burmese children who remember previous lives as British or American Air Force pilots shot down over Burma during World War II, all have fairer hair and complexions than their siblings.

Distinctive facial features, foot deformities, and other characteristics have carried over from one life to the next. Most numerous among these are physical injuries carrying over as scars or birthmarks. A boy who remembered being murdered in his former life by having his throat slit, still had a long reddish mark resembling a scar across his neck. In another, a boy who remembered committing suicide by shooting himself in the head in his past incarnation, still had two scarlike birthmarks that lined up perfectly along the bullet's trajectory, one where the bullet had entered and one where it had existed. And, in another, a body had a birthmark resembling a surgical scar, complete with a line of red marks resembling stitch wounds, in the exact location where his previous personality had had surgery.

That the imprint of wounds on the previous personality must be carried between lives on some kind of an extended body which in turn acts as a template for the production on a new physical body of birthmarks and deformities that correspond to the wounds on the body of the previous personality.

The human energy field is a holographic template that guides the form and structure of the physical body.

The kahunas believed this shadowy body stuff also forms a template upon which the physical body is molded.

Every moment of our lives we are creating the images and patterns that give our future energy and shape.

Attributive Healing

*CPL* Healing By Finding the Cause:

Within a few days of his regression to the lifetime as a soldier, the eczema on Chase's right wrist vanished completely, and it has never returned.

Chase's fear of loud noises also totally disappeared.

Norman regressed me through two of my own past lives. The regression healed a chronic illness and explained visions, obsessions, and dreams that had puzzled me since childhood.

*CPL* Observe Story-Telling Tense:

Sometimes, as the story unfolds, a change in verb tense will reflect where the child is in the process of remembering and reveal how much she has let go of the past.

Notice how baby Natalie's verb tenses flip back and forth, revealing that she is confused about time and reality.

She had the catharsis by herself, in her car seat. Then she was free of it. A few weeks later, Natalie told the family friend about her memory and referred to it in the past tense and in third person. She was no longer emotional about it, she was no longer troubled.

*CPL* Fears From Mode of Death Removed:

In the weeks after the group regression, some of the subjects reported to her that their lifelong phobias had disappeared. These phobias were always related to the mode of death they had experienced in their past lives: a fear of water disappeared when the subject remembered drowning; another subject lost his fear of horses when remembering a death caused by a horse; and a woman with recurring dizzy spells and an irrational urge to run found these were eradicated after she remembered being pursued by angry townspeople and chased over a cliff to her death.

Another client she was regressing with hypnosis unexpectedly jumped back to a past life and described a death that perfectly explained the problem that had brought her into therapy. Six weeks later the patient returned to report that her problem had completely disappeared.

The death experience, she found, was the event most responsible for the person's symptoms and problems.

(NOTE: does it retreat back into the amnesia? Is it disowned? Why does it heal? How?) In a dramatic, highly emotional regression, this man, who was terrified of heights, remembered being a workman fixing a tile roof on a European church. He slipped on a tile and slid down the roof, clinging on to a gutter to break his fall. He relived each terror-filled second as he slowly lost his grip on the gutter and fell to his death, becoming impaled on the wooden scaffolding below. After he fully reexperienced and processed this gruesome death in several regression sessions, he was free of his crippling fear of heights.


The moment of death is the point where the real healing happens.

Strong emotions that were frozen in the past at the time of death well to the surface and are released – usually with lots of crying. Once they do, the energy that held the memory dissipates, and the negative thoughts, feelings, and sensations that were fixed to the memory become "unglued" from the soul.


His most traumatic memory from childhood, when his parents sent him away to overnight summer camp. How he hated it! He ran away and took a train home.

He did everything Norman suggested. But he continued to report that none of the images he saw were anything but ordinary thinking pictures. "Charles, it's strange that you had such a bad experience in camp as a child, because the same thing happened to me when I went to Girl Scout camp. I cried and cried the whole time. Now, I know that it was because summer camp reminded me of my own death in a concentration camp."

No sooner were the words out of my mouth than Charles clutched his chest and began gasping for air. "I smell gas…can't breathe…being suffocated." Charles began weeping uncontrollably.

Charles recounted his life as a young man, a Polish Jew, who had been forced from his home "That's why I get anxiety attacks! My parents took me to one specialist after another, but none of the doctors could find an organic problem. Now it all makes sense – the anxiety, the chest pains, and my difficulty breathing. It's from my death in the concentration camp."

*CPL* Early Life and Birth Causes:

She found that some lifelong problems could be traced back even further – to events in the first few months of life, during the birth experience, or in the womb. When Dr. Fiore's patients recalled these very early experiences, their chronic emotional problems, such as guilt, or their physical symptoms, such as headaches or asthma, disappeared.

*CPL* Grieving Can Occur and Be Released:

At the time of my death in the gas chamber, I was less than human, my soul was numb. The tears of grief for my family and my wasted life had frozen in my body. A lifetime later, the immense pressure of that grief welled below the surface of my awareness, even pushing into my childhood dreams. Now, bringing the truth to consciousness, I could finally cry and grieve for the lives lost long ago, setting that part of my soul to rest.

*CPL* Present Aversions Are Unfinished Business:

She admitted that her last moments had been filled with anger for her parents. She explained that her current fear of fire was a reminder that she still had something unfinished from that lifetime to work out.

*CPL* Healing a Degenerative Disease Via Past Life Memory:

Edith, a dancer in her late twenties, suffered from a degenerative disease called lupus erythematosus, causing painful stiffness in her joints. During a workshop with Dr. Woolger, she vividly recalled being a young Russian man, an anarchist, who was engaged in an uprising against palace guards who were suppressing food riots by the poor. This man's father had been slain a few days earlier in one of these riots. In a fit of vengeance, this man and his friends planned an attack on the palace barracks with a homemade bomb. One night, with a bomb hidden beneath his coat, he furtively approached the barracks. But before he had a chance to throw the bomb, it went off in his hands.

She burst into tears, almost screaming, telling him that she couldn't bear to look and see what had happened. She saw her body; the bomb had blown off her arms and legs. This man had died slowly.

Edith suddenly made the connection between this painful past life death and her fear of progressive degeneration from the lupus.

Edith described her anger toward the men who killed the young man's father; her vengeance had turned on itself. With this realization she agreed to let go of her anger. She took a deep breath, and her body, which had been reexperiencing the pain, went limp. When she sat up and opened her eyes, the pain was gone from her joints.

Six months later, her lupus was in remission and she was able to dance again.

Effects of Reincarnation(SD): A disproportionately high number of children who remember their past lives recall violent deaths and their memories center on these last moments.

Cowan believes that many psychic disorders such as fears, complexes, and phobias have thier root cause as the inherited memories of traumatic incidents rom previous existences. Obesity is usually the result of starving in a past life and migraines may be suffered by those who have been scalped or suffered head wounds. One insomniac was so because he was killed in his sleep by a bayonet. Instantaneous cures coincide with the liberation of a suppressed past-life memory. A visit to this regression surgery on a typical day will find men and women screaming, weeping, or moaning, in foriegn languages or in voices inappropriate to their sex. Once one knows a past sickness or injury has no power over their new body, they have nothing to fear and no longer suffer.

*CPL* Closure on Past Lives:

Their past life deaths were incomplete.

In Chase's case, a catharsis was not necessary for his fear of loud noises and his eczema to be cured. Awareness and understanding were all he needed. The process was gentle and not highly emotional. Apparently it wasn't time for Chase to see his death in that lifetime. He went just so far, and the memory faded.

But as it turned out, his story was still incomplete. The unsettled emotions of his war experience continued to reside in him, and three years later they were triggered by the immediate reality of the war in the Persian Gulf. His sadness about leaving his family surfaced along with the rest of his story, including his death on the battlefield. He finally had closure on that life when he experienced his death and moved into the after-death state. He gained the detachment he needed to resolve his feelings and leave that lifetime behind.

*CPL* Spontaneous Healing:

Spontaneous memories can heal naturally and on their own

All a parent needs to do is simply acknowledge the truth of the memory and not deny it. Then the memory will run its course.

Keeping Sagiv engaged in the memory quickly led to a life-changing catharsis.

*CPL* Putting A Past Life in the Past:

By tracing this transition from past life death to rebirth, she may come to understand for the first time that the past life is over, that she is now in a new lifetime. This could be just the understanding she needs to help her let go of the past and ground herself in present reality.


Blake's mother feared that Blake might try again to run under a moving truck. I knew that Colleen was describing what Freud called repetition compulsion, the compulsive drive to repeat earlier traumatic experiences.

Young children sometimes have difficulty distinguishing between past life events and the present. Sometimes events and feelings of the past are as vivid and real as anything that happened recently.

"I then explained to him that he was hit by the truck in a different life, not this life. I told him he had a different body then and that he had a different mommy too. I thought I'd get another blank look like he had been giving me for the past several months, and that he wouldn't understand what I was saying.

But his eyes lit up with surprise and he said, ‘Really, that was a different body? I had a different mommy?"

He was happy for the first time in a long time. The sparkle came back to his eyes. He's back to being full of happy mischief. Blake's physical symptoms have completely disappeared.


Some children need our help in clarifying the difference between what happened in the past and what is true now in the present.

Both past and present lifetimes merge in their awareness.

Some children still have one foot in the past and jump back and forth between lifetimes; they are blatantly confused about which life they are in. This is more likely to be true for very young children because they are closer on the continuum of memory to their past life.

We can help children complete the transition by telling them, "You are now safe in a new body. You are now in a different life."


"I was shot and killed. Burglars. They didn't mean to. I wasn't doing anything. He just shot me for no reason. I was at the top of the stairs. First, they shot my mother, and she was on the floor. And then they shot me."

Then he looked at me, and in a loud an angry voice, he blasted, "You didn't save me!" He was really angry at me and started getting excited. Again he shouted, "You didn't save me!"

I assured him, in a calm and authoritative voice, "It wasn't me. It wasn't me. It was a different time. It was a different mother, someone I don't even know."

He seemed to accept this immediately, then proceeded to tell me what happened next. He said, "Well, then I died. I was dead, but I grew up – you know what I mean. I stayed there until I came back to be a baby again." And then his eyebrows went up, his face lit up, and he said, "And then I chose you and Abba!" He said this like suddenly it all made perfect sense to him.

A week later Elona brought up the memory again. This time, though, when Sagiv told his story, he was not emotional about it – his catharsis was complete, his anger was spent.

"It was after this that I noticed a huge change in Sagiv, especially in the way he related to me. He had never been a warm child. Since he was born, something was missing. He was never a cuddly baby. Immediately after he told me the story, he changed. It hit me like a bomb! Sagiv moved himself onto my lap, put his arms around me, and said, "I love you, Mommy." He became very cuddly and started hugging me. Looking back, I could see that he held me responsible for whatever had happened to him in that other life."


"At her baby's one-month check-up, the mother said "I don't know why, but this baby is the most frightened child I've ever seen. He just screams."

If her son in his last lifetime was the Indian who fell down a precipice to his death, then his turning in the womb from vertex to breech, over and over again, was a repetition of his falling off that cliff, head over heels.

After she had the dream, the baby was still terrified and screaming. She talked to him as he was falling asleep: "If that is what happened, then it happened. It's done, it's over with, and you don't need to go through that experience again. You've been born into a new life, and you don't have to be full of fear and terror any more. We love you and we will help you get rid of your fear." -(Gladys McGarey, Born To Live)

After she talked to him like that, he never had the screaming fits again. From then on, he was a happy and peaceful baby.

Arizona history tells that soldiers from a Company "B" of the Arizona Volunteers climbed up a secret path to the top of Big Pichacho Mountain near Phoenix and cornered seventy-five Apaches on Big Picacho cliff. Shots were fired, there were war whoops, and Indians jumped off the cliff and fell to the rocks below.

While still in the womb, the baby was reenacting his head-over-heels fall to death.

*CPL* The Cause May Not Be You:

"For a long time Donald had terrible separation anxiety. His past life parents were killed in front of him and he was left alone." -Becky Foster

Because we generally don't accept reincarnation in our culture, conscientious parents often blame themselves and their parenting mistakes for any and all mental or behavioral problems their young children my have.

*CPL* There's No Denying It:

Despite her beliefs or the beliefs of her patients, past life stories healed.

Chase's feelings of guilt that had originated in another lifetime had continued to afflict him, not as guilt in this life but as a physical symptom – the eczema – on the same spot where the bullet had pierced his wrist in the past life.

*HU* The Explaining & Healing Power of Regaining Past Life Memories:

One unusual feature was the ability the memories had to explain a wide range of seemingly unrelated events and experiences in the subjects' current lives.

Many of the subjects also experienced profound psychological and physical healings as a result of the traumatic past-life memories they unearthed, and gave uncannily accurate historical details about the times in which they had lived. While reliving an apparent past life as a Viking, one man, a thirty-seven year-old behavioral scientist, shouted words that linguistic authorities later identified as Old Norse. After being regressed to an ancient Persian lifetime, the same man began to write in a spidery, Arabic-style script that an expert in Near Eastern languages identified as an authentic representation of Sassanid Pahlavi, a long extinct Mesopotamian tongue that flourished between A.D.. 226 and 651.


Soul Groups

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*JoS* Inside the Spheres: Group Placement:

Those who arent present are embodied. These are schools. Group placement is determined by soul level. The souls within one's colony are intimate old friends who have about the same awareness level. There is a great sensitivity among them. There are usually 3-25 souls in a primary group, with an average of 15. Those in the same primary group are closely united for all eternity. They are like-minded souls with common objectives. They choose lives with close roles together. In family incarnations, they usually appear as brother and sister, rather than parent and child. Any working contact between primary groups revolve around lessons to be learned during an incarnation, and this is due to a past life connection or similar identity trait. These kinds of acquiantanceships are like between high school classmates who were once good firends and no longer see each other. Groups have similar internal characteristics, such as a great sense of adventure and excitement. Each recognizes the strengths and faults of the others and all are open about it. There is a sense of amusement and compassion about it all. There is never any hatred, suspicion, resentment, jealousy, disrespect, cliques, stars, or isolated souls in soul groups. There is no shame. The greatest criticism comes from within oneself. There are regrets for mistakes, but they get over them. They get discouraged and feel unworthy of the confidence placed in them sometimes. Souls also spend time alone in personal reflection and learn much from this.

Secondary groups of souls are arranged in the form of a community support groups which are much less intimate with each other. Larger secondary groups of entities are made up of giant sets of primary clusters as lily pads in one pond. There are no secondary groups mentioned with less than 1000 souls. There are rarely any meaningful interaction between souls from two different secondary groups. The seperation is similar to being in different classrooms in the same school.

*JoS* Advancement Through Soul Groups:

Once a new soul support group is established, no new members are added in the future. Primary clusters may split into smaller sub-groups for study, but are not seperated from the integrated whole within a single cluster. Rates of learning vary and some will advance faster than other in a cluster group. Their physical energy leaves the cluster when they attain level III. These souls are then loosely formed into an "independant studies" work group with their old guides monitoring them, usually under one master guide. Thus, a new pod of entities graduating into Level III could be brought together from many clusters within one or more secondary groups. Although group size diminishes as souls advance, their intimate connections are never lost.

*JoS* Soul Group Activities:

None see the spirit world as confining. Many go to open spaces where souls of many learning levels gather in a recreational atmosphere. Some are quite playful, and the older souls sometimes "tease" the younger ones about what lies ahead for them. They play tricks on each other like a bunch of kids. During hide and go seek, some of the younger ones get lost and the older ones have to go help them find themselves. Guests can appear at times to entertain and tell stories. One called "Humor" shows up from time to time and makes them all laugh with his antics. Sometimes they form a circle to more fully unify and project their thought energy to connect with a higher entity. Thought rhythms are so synchronized that they bring forth a form of singing. Dancing occurs when souls whirl around each other in a mixture of energy, blending and seperating in exotic patterns of light and color. Physical things such as shrines, boats, animals, trees, or beaches can be conjured up in the center of these dances as well. These objects have special meaning for the soul groups of happy lives together. While playing, the souls dont project features, but seem like different lights, buzzing around like fireflies.

*JoS* The Make-Up of Clusters:

Clusters have subgroups made up of entities whose identities are linked by similar issues blocking their advancement. Typically, my subjects report a male/female mixture of one or more of the following character types in their group: 1) Courageous, resilient, a tenacious survivor, 2) Gentle, quiet, devoted, and innocent, 3) Fun-loving, humorous, a jokester and risk-taker, 4) Serious, dependable, cautious, 5) Flamboyant, enthusiastic, frank, 6) Patient, steady, perceptive, 7) Thoughtful, calculating, determined, and 8) innovative, resourceful, adaptable. These differences give a group balance.

*JoS* Contact Between Spheres:

1: One is free to mentally contact those in different spheres, but not to go inside them and intermingle with their energy. It's the directors who move around mostly. There are great expanses of space and such freedom here.


Personality Carryovers

Past Life Influences

*CPL* Positive Traces:

Dr. Wambach's survey found that 62 percent of lives end in a peaceful death.

Fulfilled and happy lives leave their positive traces as talents, virtues, wisdom, loving relationships, and a propensity for more happy lives. Dr. Fiore found evidence of these too. But happy lives do not cause problems that bring people into therapy.

*CPL* Just Another Example:

Amanda Dickey was eleven. She had particularly vivid recall of an Englishwoman by the name of Elizabeth C. who lived in London with her mother and brother in the mid-1800s. Elizabeth would often sit in a garden near her townhouse and talk to the "flower people," little spirits who came out from behind the flowers and advised her whenever she had a problem in her life. Elizabeth wrote stories about these "flower people," which were published in a London newspaper and became quite popular as a serial.

But where had "flower people" come from? Amanda, down-to-earth and sophisticated, was embarrassed by this seemingly incongruous embellishment to the story. Norman Inge had taught me that fragments of fantasy, or present life experience, sometimes seep into the stream of past life recall because, as he explained, past life recall is filtered through the subconscious mind, the repository of all stored memory from this and other lives.

Amanda wrote to me, "One of the strangest incidents happened to me about a year ago on my vacation in England. I had never been to England before. Our cab driver told us that almost everyone in London had a garden. He said that Londoners used gardening as a way to escape from the pressures of their lives and that he, and other people he knew, liked to talk to the flower people in their gardens.

Personality Carryovers

*CPL* Behaviors- Acting Out the Past:

Dr. Stevenson records traits, skills, phobias, and preferences that are out of place for a child's natural family, but that match the life of the pervious personality.

Children in India who remember a past life in a higher class may scold their lower-class parents for having uncouth habits and lifestyle, and they may refuse to eat the food of inferiors. Bishen Chand acted exactly like the spoiled rich man he remembered being. He contemptuously rebuked his parents for their poverty, demanded better food, and rejected the cheap clothes he was given, saying that they weren't good enough for his servants. (Stevenson, Children Who Remember, p. 116) On the other hand, some children who remember being from a lower caste than their parents may display the coarseness and survival instincts of the desperately poor and habits offensive to the new family. Some are grateful for their improved station and show great pleasure in eating good food and owning nice clothes.


He describes a young boy in India who reprimanded a woman he recognized as his former wife for wearing the white sari customarily worn by widows, rather than the colored sari of his wife. It would normally be a serious social offense for a small boy to make such a comment to an older woman. (Stevenson, Twenty Cases, p. 117)


Sarah saw herself as a young girl in a hot, sunny landscape with clay buildings. She was an orphan who stayed alive by stealing food and hiding in whatever shelter she could find at night. Her survival depended on her stealth and speed. She said that she died young, killed for stealing food. She did not seem to be sad or troubled by her untimely death.

She is fanatical bout scouring the refrigerator for leftovers, because she can't stand to see any food wasted.

*CPL* Unexplained Knowledge Comes To Light:

Another incident from my childhood now became clear. When I was three or four years old, I was sitting in our living room playing on the floor. My mother came into the room and put a classical piano record on the record player. Suddenly I forgot about my toys; I was swept up in the music. I knew the music! I could hum along, anticipating the notes, the melodies, the shifting harmonies. I sat and listened, so overwhelmed with joy that I began to cry. I felt myself and the whole room getting larger; I felt expanded , merging with everything around me.

The piano music must have been a composition I had performed hundreds of times in either of my past lives.


Paramod, a two-and-a-half-year old boy from India remembered owning a large soda and biscuit shop in another town. When his family took him to the town, he led them directly to the biscuit shop and demonstrated how to fix a complicated sod machines that had been purposely disconnected to test his knowledge. (Ian Stevenson, Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation, Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 1974, pp 109-27)

*CPL* Affinities to Time-Periods:

Another type of behavior that could point to a past life is a strong affinity toward a different culture or time period.

Three-year-old John said "I remember when I was an Indian. I was young, but older than I am now. We all had ponies, and we kids did a lot of riding and shooting animals. Then one day they said we had to fight. We didn't want to because that was a man's job we weren't big enough. But they made us do it anyway. It was awful. All my friends died, and so did I. It wasn't fair. We were just killed off like animals. It was disgusting. I hate Indians. I hate them."

Talent Carryovers

*CPL* Musical Inclinations, Childhood Games, and Lung Illness Explained:

I immediately saw the image of a young girl, about eleven or twelve, playing a grand piano before a small audience. "I am playing for these people so they can determine whether I should go on to the Conservatory. It's a great honor to go to the Conservatory. I'm sad about leaving my family. I'm leaving Poland to study in Vienna." This information leaped into my mind, startling me.

"This is where I study music. I have many friends here, and I'm happy. This is now my home."

My happiness melted into fear. "I see myself in a narrow apartment – I am in my mid to late twenties, with two small children., A grand piano fills once corner of the room. The door opens, and a young man wearing a beret walks in. I know he is my husband. He looks worried. I know that whatever he tells me has something to do with our being Jewish. My husband, who is a teacher at the university, speaks out against German policies. From the fear in his eyes, I know we're in trouble.

My husband is gone – I don't know where he is. They've taken him somewhere. The Germans are rounding us up.

"We're beside a train. Soldiers and dogs…I'm in a camp. Everything is gray. I walk around numb. I don't know what happened to my children or my husband. My spirit feels dead. I don't want to live anymore. Then I'm floating. I look down on an icy room with concrete walls. I see myself lying in a pile of twisted bodies. I've been gassed."

I now realized that I had been carrying the shadow of this woman's grief with me my whole life. What a relief to finally let it go! I felt lighter and clearer.

New insights came to me in flashes and reinforced my understanding of how the lifetimes I had seen related to my present life.

Scenes and feelings from early childhood began to make more sense: my love of music and the piano, my horrified fascination with the Holocaust, the pattern of illness in my lungs. A childhood game took on new significance: my friend and I used to cower under my basement stairs pretending we were hiding from the Nazis, taking cans of food with us so that we wouldn't starve – surely an odd game for young children to play.

The winter came and went. I remained healthy.

In each life I had died with trauma to the lungs: as the man, I died of consumption; as the woman, I died with gas in my lungs. By reliving these deaths through the regression, bringing them to conscious awareness, and crying out the pain, the trauma was released. I could breathe again.


I always felt like an outside, even as a child. "Fitting in" had always been a big issue with me and caused me uneasiness in many situations.

I saw myself as a young boy – about twelve – sitting on a hard wooden bench in a square, primitive building. I was in Pennsylvania in the late 1700s in a religious community – possibly Amish. I was a clever and imaginative child, and I was totally out of place in this austere, God-fearing community. At the moment I entered this vision, I found myself daydreaming.

Suddenly I felt a stinging blow across my hands. The dull schoolmaster had whipped my hands with a switch. I hated this repressive life. Their structures were killing me.

In the next scene I saw myself climbing an old cherry tree. I not only saw it, but I could feel the raised bark under my fingers. And I could feel the hemp rope I carried over my shoulder. My mind was made up. I began to cry. I felt the scratchy rope around my neck. I hesitated before jumping off the limb, distracted by a burning sensation across the back of my hands. I jumped, and my last breath was cut short by the rope cinching my neck.


Then I saw a vision of myself in the nineteenth-century lifetime, the elegantly dressed man, playing the piano. The full expression of my spirit flowed effortlessly through my hands. My hands were alive, but my lungs were weak from disease. I struggled for each breath I took – as if the tightness of that noose were still choking my neck. The connections between the two lives filled my awareness with an awesome speed and clarity.

*SS* Abilities From Past Lives:

Abilities from past lives are at your disposal for your present use.

*CPL* Prodigies Have Carried-Over Skills:

Prodigies are literally remembering skills they honed in a past life.

"Michael and Alan were four years old. Michael's preschool teacher told me that he was drawing at the level of a talented twelve-year old. Michael said, ‘I'm so glad I remember my art, Mom. I was so worried I wouldn't remember. It's coming back all at once. I was so worried that I'd forgotten it.' He approaches his work like a seasoned professional. While most kids his age are drawing stick figures, Michael is drawing with perspective and shading." -Mary Fleming


"They didn't have any money, and they couldn't take care of me, so they had to let me go."

I told him that I didn't understand and asked him where he went. Then he looked deep into my eyes and said, "Mom, they gave me to you."

"They had to let me die. I was seven years old when I died."

Billy was so excited when he was finally old enough to go to kindergarten. On his first day of school, I went to pick him up, eager to hear how his day went. But as soon as he got in the car, he threw his bag down in disgust and cried, "I hate it! They didn't let me do anything I wanted to do. Don't they know that I'm supposed to be in second grade!"

Now, I understand why he said this. He died when he was seven, the age that he would have been in second grade!


Recurring Dreams Explained

*CPL* Recurring Dreams Explained and Released:

Ever since I was very young, I had a recurring dream of a woman with medium-length brown hair wearing a maroon coat, a black hat, and carrying a shoulder bag, walking down a boulevard with a stone wall in the background. The image was bright and clear, so vivid that I never could forget it.

But the last time I had it, just weeks before the regression with Norman, it progressed and changed. That time I knew I was this woman. Again I was walking down the boulevard dressed in exactly the same way, but then I continued and approached a palatial building. I entered a dark room in the right wind.

I approached three men in uniform behind a desk, politely asking for the whereabouts of my husband. My inquiry was met with silence. They acted as if I wasn't really there. In frustration I banged my fist on the desk, demanding attention, and furiously yelled at them in German – a language I do not speak. They laughed at me with contempt and physically forced me out of the room.

These fragments of memory had seeped from my unconscious into my dreams. After the regression, I never had the dream again.


Dr. Woolger vividly recalled a life in thirteenth-century France as a mercenary in the papal army. He found himself in the midst of unspeakable horror, as the inhabitants of entire French villages were massacred and burned in the name of the Church. Repulsed by the cruelty, the soldier had a change of heart and deserted the army, but was captured and burned at the stake as a heretic himself.

This regression opened Dr. Woolger's eyes and changed his life. It explained terrifying dreams he had had of torture and killing, which no amount of psychotherapy had been able to erase. And with this single stroke, another mystery was solved: he finally understood that a severe phobia of fire that had plagued him all his life.


Jenny was plagued by the most vivid recurring dream. She saw herself as a grown woman, named Mary, lying in bed in a large white room and dying from a fever. Jenny would awaken from the dream sobbing with grief and tormented by guilt for the eight young children she was leaving behind. She drew maps and pictures of the village she saw in her dream: detailed depictions of her home, the roads, the shops, the church, even gates and lanes.

Babies in utero, beginning at twenty-six to thirty weeks, exhibit the brain patterns of REM sleep.

Curiously, an eleventh-century Tibetan medical text pinpoints the time when past life memories begin in utero, and agrees exactly with present-day scientific findings about the onset of REM sleep and dreaming. This text says: "In the 26th week in the womb, the child's awareness becomes very clear and it can see its former lives. It can see if it was a pure being or if it was an ordinary being, and what type of life it had before it took this birth." (Quoted in Dr. Winafred Blake Lucas, Regression Therapy: A Handbook for Professionals, vol. 2 (Crest Park, CA: Deep Forest Press, 1993), p. 270)

"My husband and I were awakened one night by the sound of a strange voice coming from our six-year-old daughter's room. We got out of bed and went into her room but found her sleeping quietly. She began to talk in her sleep. She spoke rapidly in French in an unfamiliar voice. My daughter is six and has never been outside this country and has never been exposed to anyone who speaks French.

She spoke in French for several nights in a row. The French teacher told us that the little girl (our daughter) on the tape was looking for her mother, who she had been separated from when her village was attacked by the Germans." (from Lifetimes by Dr. Frederick Lenz)

Night terrors are a serious sleep disturbance that is not in the same category as regular nightmares. In a typical night terror episode, the child screams, thrashes about, and may even walk or run around and get violent, all while appearing to be awake. But afterward, unlike a nightmare, the child has absolutely no memory of the incident and no dream story that might explain the bizarre behavior. They occur during the deepest sleep cycle, and that they commonly begin between the ages of three and four, and fade by the age of five or six.(Richard Ferber, Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems, New York: Simon & Schuster, 1985, p. 147)

Night terrors occur at the same ages when children are most likely to have spontaneous past life memories.

When nightmares are treated as a form of past life memory, they can be healed.


Eight-year-old Keith came to Dr. Ron De Vasto in search of a cure for his compulsive grinding of his teeth.

Dr. De Vasto: Keith was having nightmares, which had started at about the same time as his grinding of teeth. In Keith's nightmares he was being suffocated. He had the feeling that he was being crushed.

Men in uniform with machine guns began firing. A bullet grazed the side of his head, and he fell into the ditch. He felt the suffocating weight and pressure of bodies as they fell on top of him. He gasped for air and tried to scream, but he couldn't open his jaw because of the mass of bodies on his head. So his screams remained silent and internalized. Filled with fear and anger, he finally died a slow and excruciating death.

That was the last of Keith's nightmares and grinding of teeth.

*O* Reoccuring Birth Dream:

1) It starts and ends the same - I am kneeling down and bent over, frantically trying to untie some kind of knots. They almost seem alive. I am pulling on them and they are thick and slippery. I am very upset. Pulling and snapping. I can't see what they're made of. I remember getting hit in the face while trying to untie or break free of the knots, and waking up crying.

After I am able to sleep through the knotty part, suddenly my struggling stops. I feel like a puppet with all the strings cut. My body goes limp. All the stress and struggle is drained right out of me. I feel very calm and peaceful, but wonder what caused me to lose interest in the knots. They were important one minute; the next minute I am floating in this big bright light. I know I can't touch the ground because there is light there, too. I look at the light and try to move toward it. I can't, and this upsets me. There is a woman in a long, flowing gown floating away to my left. I call and call to her but the light is so bright sound does not travel through it. I want to talk to the woman.

For the first time in my life, I now understand my dream. Those knots were when I struggled in the womb with the umbilical cord; getting hit in the face is when the doctor grabbed me with the forceps, then I died. After that, I went into the light.

*CPL* A Recurring Hypnagogic Visit From A Past Life Husband:

"She would become cold and terrified in her sleep and would wake to find her room filled with an eerie silvery-blue light. Standing on the other side of the room watching her was an old man dressed in old-fashioned rumpled clothes. This figure never moved, but seemed to peer at her from beneath the brim of his battered hat, pulled down low over his forehead. Upon seeing him, Joan always screamed, and this broke the spell. The old man faded away and the silvery-blue light went with him.

"Each time she had the nightmare, the dream figure moved a little closer to her bed.

"At my instruction, she asked him to look directly at her, but after a moment, she reported he would not do so.

"However, she said that she now felt he wanted something from her.

"Joan reported a life in the early 1800's. She was raised in an English seacoast town and when she was fifteen her widowed and impoverished mother arranged a marriage for her to a prosperous local shopkeeper. Her new husband was in his forties, a dour and upright citizen. Her was the man of Joan's nightmare, her apparition.

"He grew more and more distant toward her. She was soon lonely and bored. She fell in love with a young fisherman from one of these ships. She ran away with him to his village in Spain.

"One day, when her "husband" was away on his ship, she and her daughter were gathering wildflowers on a hillside overlooking the sea. When Joan looked up she saw her true English husband striding up the hillside toward her. He had tracked her down.

"(NOTE: See! The memory is stored in the same light it was experienced in. This is that voice-filled hypnotized stage.) He came up to her where she sat on the ground, wildflowers in her lap. He said nothing, but stood staring down at her, a look of scorn and hatred on his face. After a moment he gave her a savage kick. As if on cue, the village woman nearest to her scooped up a stone and threw it. Then the other women joined in, howling epithets at her and pelting her with stones. She died, stoned to death. The last thing she saw before she died was her husband, standing passively by, watching her writhing body from underneath his lowered hat brim. She could not see his eyes. The scene was diffused with the silvery-blue light of the sun reflecting off the sea.

"I instructed Joan to place herself once more in the clearing in the woods that started the session.

"She asked again the "old man" to come forward, calling him by his name, William. She was crying as she asked him what he wanted from her. This time she got an answer. He said he wanted her back as his wife.

"She explained to him that their time was long past, that she had moved into another life and that they must forgive each other so that he could do the same. He seemed to understand, looked at her, took her hands, and spoke to her, agreeing. Then he smiled and faded away. Still crying, Joan called "good-bye" to him as he went.

"She never had that nightmare again." -(Journal of Regression Therapy, Dr. Thelma Freedman)


Exact Demographical Correlation

*CPL* Exact Demographical Correlation:

Half of Dr. Wambach's subjects, she noticed, reported at least one life in which they had died as very young children. This mirrored the historical fact that in primitive societies nearly 50 percent of children died before reaching the age of five.

She had 1,088 completed questionnaires.

Male and female: the subjects reported an almost even split between the two sexes, with 50.3 percent male and 49.7 percent female across all the time periods. This result came despite the fact that 78 percent of her subjects were women and that most subjects switched gender from lifetime to lifetime.

Rich and poor: Not one of her subjects remembered being a know historical personality or anyone worthy of even a good fantasy. Most lives were dreary, ordinary, and hard. The primary occupation, in almost every time period was farming and gathering food.

For all time periods, the upper classes were never more than 10 percent of her sample; middle classes ( the craftsmen and merchants) fluctuated between 20 and 34 percent; the lower classes (peasants, primitives, soldiers, and slaves) were never less than 60 percent. During the bleak periods of history, when civilization was at an ebb, the proportion of desperately poor rose to as high as 80 percent.

Race and geography: Even though almost all of Wambach's regression subjects were middle-class Caucasians, most of them remembered at least one life as a member of another race – African, Asian, or Indian. And the fluctuations in the numbers and locations of the different races accurately reflected the shifting densities of population through history and across the globe.

Many of the white subjects who remembered previous lives in the twentieth century reported that they were black or Asian in their most immediate past life. This rules out genetic memory as an explanation for the phenomenon.

Food: The majority of subjects reported eating bland foods, like gruel made from cereal grains, roots and berries gathered by the primitives, and an occasional tree fruit or vegetable. Meat was rare-beef wasn't mentioned at all until 1500 – and many of the subjects reported tasting spoiled food.

As an example of the high degree of detail, Dr. Wambach's results trace the evolution of eating utensils from crude spoons and scoopers to the three-pronged fork, which first appeared in her surveys around 1500, and then to the modern four-pronged fork, which first appeared around 1800. The majority of her subjects, however, reported eating with their fingers.

Age of Death: Many of the subjects were under thirty years of age when they died, which matches what we know of the average life span through history.

*CPL* NDE Correlations from Past Lives:

(NOTE: how strong this evidence is)

• For 90 percent of her subjects, death was the best part of the regression. Again and again, they reported how pleasant it was to die.

• About 20 percent described floating above their bodies after death and watching the commotion around the body they had left behind.

• Two-thirds soared up toward a bright light after leaving their bodies; 25 percent said that they found themselves in darkness first, then went into the light.


The reports of remembered deaths were amazingly consistent with each other, with the reports of Dr. Wamgach's regression subjects, and with the reports of near death experiences in Dr. Raymond Moody's Life After Life.

Many entered a celestial realm of bright light and bathed in its warm, living presence. Angels and light beings appeared. some heard sounds – buzzing, humming, even celestial music.

*CPL* Violent Deaths:

10 percent of the subjects reported highly charged negative emotions surrounding the death. Each of these subjects had died violently or suddenly, in an accident or a war, or in great fear.


72 percent of the children remembered how they died, and more than half of these died violently. (Stevenson, Children who Remember, p. 163) Far fewer children in his cases could remember their past life names.

Dr. Steveson speculates: "The intensity of an experience such as a violent death can in some way strengthen or ‘fixate' memories so that they are more readily preserved in consciousness." (Stevenson, Twenty Cases p. 329)

Dying burdened by unresolved emotions and issues, or dying incomplete, energizes the memories to influence subsequent lives. A part of the child is still "back there" with one foot in the past life, stuck in the web of unresolved feelings, still attached to a life left behind unexpectedly.


Relationships Between Lives

Entity-Mates & Friends

*JoYS* Entity-Mates & Friends in Cadences:

Just as each person has a life task and overall focus for his grand cycle, each entity has goals and interest, both short- and long-term.

Entity mates share a common energy, and we are often attracted to people whose energy is more different from our own than that of our entity mates. Therefore, romantic relationships appear to be most common between members of directly neighboring entities in a cadre. Relationships within an entity are usually more brother-and-sisterly. Mature and old soul members of the same primary cadence are often "the best of friends of lovers." (A primary cadence is a group of seven souls who have the same role; it is the "building block" of the entity.

We are often close to other essences with whom we were on other planets during previous grand cycles. Many of them are in our cadre.

Cadres are reformed each cycle, but as might be expected, many of the same sparks choose to band together more than once, so as to maintain continuity.

Essence mate relationships tend to be close and deep, but without the intensity of the present essence twin relationship; they are like relationships with former lovers who are now good friends. Some of us also have close relationships with people who were our task companion in the previous cycle.

Older souls tend to "run with the same crowd" from lifetime to lifetime, but the crowd is a larger one.

Resonances with the lower astral plane occur through the individual astral self. Resonances with the middle astral plane occur through cycled-off entity mates who are focused there and have begun the entity's process of recombining. The more cycled-off entity mates one has, the stronger the resonance with the middle astral plane one can have.

Essence Twins

*JoYS* The Essence Twin:

If our essence twin, or twin soul, has a different role, qualities of that role tend to "bleed through" our own, especially when the essence twin is nonincarnate.

Essence twins are cast from the Tao simultaneously.

Simultaneously means at the same universal frequency.

Essence twins are cast at a particular frequency. There are also group frequencies shared, first by cadences, all the way up to the greater cadre groups and beyond.

Let's say that your essence twin is in a difference cadre group, and is cycled off. Would that put pressure on you to cycle off as well?

Yes, but you will probably stay pretty close in soul age to your essence twin as you move along anyway, so this is not a major issue.

An essence twin is a soul we team up with for an entire grand cycle to reflect ourselves back to us; it is the most intense relationship we can have. It is synonymous with the terms twin flame and twin soul, but not necessarily with soul mate.

Lessons you learn tend to be communicated, your essence twin, and vice versa.

Your growth helps your essence twin indirectly, because of the energy you share.

The task companion relationship emphasizes how you handle things. The essence twin relationship emphasizes how you feel about things.

Essence twins classically have opposite male/female energy ratios, and the same casting (positions within their cadence and greater cadence). This is not always the case. Choice rather than mathematics makes two souls twins. Cadres made up of essences with a relatively high number of previous cycles tend to be more experimental, and don't necessarily stick to "classic Michael" in their design.

Close soul connections do no always translate into close personality connections. The higher frequencies of our auras are very similar in color and shape. Even more than essence twins, task companions are often thought to look or talk alike.

Our essence twin is typically in a different entity that our own but in the same cadre. Our essence twin is usually someone we have known in previous grand cycles.

Essence twins are "never in the same entity, but are part of different entities that were cast at the same time."

The reuniting of a cadre's seven entities on higher planes is, in part, the reunification of the essence twins within that cadre. The later reunification of a cadre group's twelve cadres is also, in part, the reunification of those essence twins who are in different cadres.

When we are deeply involved with our essence twin on the physical plane, that relationship can be so compelling as to distract us from our life task or other things we wish to accomplish. That is why we don't necessarily get together often with our essence twin on the physical plane. On the other hand, the very intensity of it can bring up important issues.

Your essence twin reflects you back to yourself—your shortcomings as well as your strengths—like a finely polished mirror. Working with your essence twin is a good way of processing your blocks.

We mirror our essence twin not only because of our mathematical correlations, but because of having had so many experiences together, both on and off the physical plane.

When our essence twin is not incarnate, it is almost as if that soul is living within us. The bleed-through is noticeably stronger than when our essence twin is incarnate. If your essence twin dies while you are alive, the bleed-through immediately increases.

On the higher planes, the essence twin bleed-through is even more pronounced than it is on the physical plane.

Every time we incarnate, we bond with our essence twin in a particular way. We either bond directly with his essence, or with a reincarnational personality that is going to be in the same time frame.

About five percent of us have no essence twin. A lesson of a cycle without an essence twin may be self-sufficiency, finding balance and completeness within, experiencing our reflection within ourselves rather than externally.

Clients are disgruntled to find that both their essence twin and task companion(s) are not incarnate. Michael said that many of us like to "take turns" with them being on the physical plane so that we have plenty of support astrally. This can make our lifetime more intense and productive.

The concept of soul mate, if defined as your one-and-only perfect mate, is not valid for most essences, who desire a variety of experiences.

Soul Affinities & Karmic Links

*CWG3* Soul Affinities:

When you run into one of these, you may feel an immediate sense of affinity...

You have an awareness of what, in a sense, has not yet happened...

These are very subtle vibrations, and some of you are more sensitive to them than others... When there is still that sensation of ""having met before," but just not as strong of one, it may mean that you shared the same "time" together, but not the same body. Perhaps you were (or will be) husband and wife, brother and sister, parent and child, lover and beloved.

These are strong bonds, and it is natural that you would feel them when you "meet again" for the "first time" in "this" life.

*K* Karmic Links Between People & Reincarnating Together:

Those who weave bonds of affection in one life tend to be drawn together again as members of the same family. Sometimes these ties recur very persistently life after life, and the destinies of two individuals are very intimately interwoven in successive incarnations. Sometimes, in consequence of the different lengths of the devachans necessitated by differences of intellectual and spiritual activity during the earth-lives spent together- members of a family may be scattered and may not meet again until after several incarnations... The karma of the individual is affected by the inter-linked karmas of his family.

*ASJ* Life Mates:

The Master: ‘It is quite true that soul-mates exist, for originally when the life force is sent out by Divine Power, the force emerges into life as twin forms, one male, one female. Both these forms evolve quite separately... but on special occasions, when a great work has to be done, these two entities are sometimes brought together...

‘It would not be a good thing for us always to have lives with our soul-mates, for under such circumstances we should tend to grow very selfish; we would never learn to see things from others' points of view.'

*JoS* Groups:

1: I was abused by my mother after killing her in my last life. These two harsh parents are going to be my parents again. I dont want it, but without them, I would slack off too much. I am going to really rebel against them. There are lessons for everyone involved. Along with learning our own lessons, we come to play a part in the drama of others' lessons as well.

*SS* Karmic Reincarnational Relationships:

You grow spiritually as you learn to step aside from limiting conceptions and dogmas. You should turn the other cheek because you realize that basically the attacker only attacks himself. Then you are free, and the reaction is a good one. If you hate another person, that hate may bind you to him through as many lives as you allow the hate to consume you. You draw to yourself in this existence and in all others those qualities upon which you concentrate your attention.

*SS* Reincarnational Relationships:

Some individuals always choose to be born as a part of some group- reborn, in other words, with past contemporaries, while others, disdaining such endeavors, return in much more isolated positions.

Twins, incidentally, almost always involve very deep, abiding psychic relationships of a strong, sometimes obsessive nature. I am speaking now of identical twins.

Changing Roles

*BDL* Swapping Roles With Spirit Friends, Joined Entities:

S: In one life a person might be your mate, in another life one of your parents, and in another life a child or a good friend... Then eventually, when we all reach the ultimate (the source), the connections have developed to the point that, if the desire is there, we can form an entity greater than ourselves with all of us being part of it.

*CPL* Switching Roles & Relationships Between Lives:

The same people weave in and out of our lifetimes, reappearing over and over again to finish business from the past. We come back to replay the same themes, switching roles and changing gender from life to life.

A former husband can now be a beloved daughter, or a former loyal friend can be your mother. Generally, if there was a positive relationship in the past, it continues to be good in the present. Love survives , even thought the roles may change.

His patients come to therapy burdened with serious relationship problems. When regressed, they often describe feuds and vindictive squabbles spanning many centuries and many lifetimes. Old scores between parent and child, aster and slave, victim and victimizer, siblings, spouses, lovers – are reenergized and replayed in the present life. Dr. Woolger gives one case where a father and daughter flip-flopped through six different lives, and another where bitter reprisals between a trio – mother, daughter, and granddaughter in this life – could be traced through eight past lives.


Sarah described herself as an adult male in Egypt, a long time ago.

"Do you have any regrets about this lifetime?"

"According to Egyptian law, I had every right to inherit everything after my father died. But my sister was jealous. She and her husband stole something valuable from me – a statue, I think. She heard that I knew and fled with her husband during the night. She never came back. I never saw her again. I missed her the rest of my life. I should have followed my heart and not the law of the land."

"Do you know your sister in this life?"

"It's Chase. I chose to come back with him this time so we could learn to be fair with each other. That's funny, he had very straight red hair in that lifetime too. Almost everyone else had black hair."

"Is that why you go out of your way to share with your brother, even when he bothers you?

"Yeah, I guess so."


His eyelids fluttered rapidly.

"Is there anyone in that lifetime who is with you now, as a different person?"

"Yes, my son. It's my friend, Henson."


Sarah grew jealous of Chase and John's friendship, and she taunted Chase. Chase and John collected big cardboard boxes and spent the day busily cutting and taping. They were both hunched over a huge cardboard model of a castle, adorned with towers, windows, doors, and a working drawbridge.

Sarah again teased Chase about John. He began crying hysterically. Through his sobs, he told me that images were coming to him of a lifetime during "castle times."

"I'm a young woman. I have a long dress on. I'm in a room in a kind of stone castle. I'm very, very sad. I'm dying of a broken heart. I'm betrothed to a young man, but I don't love him. I love someone else."

"Sarah was my father, and John was the man I wanted to marry."

The whole time, Sarah was jumping up and down on the minitramp in her room. Suddenly she stormed into the room and blasted, "I had every right to do that as her father. It was the law of the land!"

"How do you feel about your actions now?" I asked. Sarah burst into sobs. "I should have followed my heart. Not the laws. I was wrong to try to force her marriage."

"Why don't you tell Chase how you feel about that now?" I offered. With tears still streaming down her face, Sarah ran back up to Chase's room and explained to him how she was sorry for what she had done. Chase accepted he apology with a hug.

Sarah could not possibly have heard his hushed voice from behind her closed door. Sarah's role in this drama reiterated the theme of "following one's heart instead of the laws of the land," the same as in the Egyptian lifetime. Apparently they have been playing out this familial pattern of rivalry over inheritance for lifetimes. Each time they are together, they switch roles, gender, and modify the script, but fail to come to a resolution.

After that afternoon, Chase and John gradually became less involved with each other, which seemed more appropriate to the difference in their ages.

Sarah had "tuned in" to what was happening with Chase.


Three-year-old Michael Wright of Texas amazed his mother with specific details of a fatal automobile accident that he claimed had killed him. The life he remembered was of his mother's high school boyfriend, who no one in the family ever mentioned. The boyfriend had died in an automobile accident – precisely as little Michael had described. (Ian Stevenson, Children Who Remember Previous Lives, Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 1987, pp. 84-88)

Afterlife Companions

*DA* Companions in the Afterlife:

They will enjoy the presence of their beloved in the one personal aspect held by him or her in the one incarnation they are conscious of for as long as the desire for that presence remains... The Devachani is surrounded by all he loved on earth, with pure affection, and the union being on the plane of the Ego, not on the physical plane, it is free from all the sufferings which would be inevitable...

Love "has its roots in eternity," and those to whom on earth we are strongly drawn are the Egos we have loved in past earth-lives and dwelt with in Devachan: coming back to earth, these enduring bonds of love draw us together yet again, and add to the strength and beauty of the tie, and so on and on till all illusions are lived down, and the strong and perfected Egos stand side by side, sharing the experience of their well-nigh illimitable past.

*PAP* United With Those You Love in the Invisible:

When we meet people whom we have known on earth, the dominant links between us are dependent on the kind of affections which brought us together.

If you want to be united truly, eternally, with those you love, you must vibrate in harmony with them on all the planes. The more intimate the communion of thoughts and desires, the less will be the separation. The feeble links of mere habit weaken rapidly and have no influence in the higher worlds.

On many repeated occasions I went astrally to see an old friend, of the same regiment as myself, who died during the Great War. On his part, he often asked for my help in assisting other comrades of whose death I was not aware. This I did with great happiness, being both joyful and grateful to him for his good thoughts.

A mutual exchange of sympathetic thoughts does not go beyond the particular nature of the plane where people find themselves. This is a truth which knows of no exception.

*DA* Seeing All As Brothers Or Seeing From the Most Recent Life:

Were the manasic entity free from all illusion, it would see all Egos as its brother-Souls, and looking back over its past would recognize all the varied relationships it had born to others in many lives, as the actor would remember the many parts he had played with other actors... The deeper human relationship would prevent the brother actors from identifying each other with their parts...But the Devachani, at least in the lower stages, is still within the personal boundaries of his past earth-life; he is shut into the relationships of the one incarnation; his paradise is peopled with those he "loved best with an undying love, that holy feeling that alone survives..."

Reincarnation - The Continuity of Lifetimes

About Reincarnation

Script: Reincarnation is a mirror of the grand cycle on a smaller scale!
*DP* The Circle of Life To Manifestation & Back:

In obedience to the desire for manifestation which he finds within him, which is impressed upon him by that law of evolution which is the will of the Logos, he copies the action of that Logos by pouring himself forth into lower planes.

In the course of this process he clothes himself with matter of the various planes into which he passes- mental, astral, and physical in turn, all the while steadily pressing outward. Through the earlier part of that little fragment of existence on the physical plane which we call his life, the outward force is still strong, but at about the middle of it, in ordinary cases, that force becomes exhausted, and the great inward sweep begins.

Not that there is any sudden or violent change, for this is not an angle, but still part of the curve of the same circle...

The final results of the life is known only when in that process of withdrawal the consciousness is once more centred in the ego in his home in the higher heaven-world... At that time also a glimpse of the life as a whole is obtained; the soul has for a moment a flash of clearer consciousness, in which he sees the results of the life just completed, and something of what will follow from it in his next birth...

The vision would be chiefly valuable to the soul as a lesson in the karmic result of his action in the past...

At first he makes little of it, since he is but very dimly conscious and very poorly fitted to apprehend facts and their varied interrelations; but gradually his power to appreciate what he sees increases, and later the ability comes to remember such flashes at the end of previous lives, and to compare them, and so to estimate the progress which he is making along the road which he has to traverse.

*ND* Reincarnation:

Ode. Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood.

"Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting:

The soul that rises with us, our life's star,

Hath had elsewhere its setting,

And cometh from afar:

Not in entire forgetfulness,

And not in utter nakedness,

But trailing clouds of glory do we come

From God, who is our home..."

-William Wordsworth

*ASJ* Human Laws- Reincarnation:

The Master: ‘The first important law which operates in the human kingdom is the law of reincarnation. This law asserts that an ego, once individualized, returns again and again to incarnate in a human physical body until such time as e had learned, by experience in all types of surroundings, all the lessons that can be learned under physical conditions... In the animal kingdom it also exists, still only to a limited extent as there are as yet no separate entities.'

*TDA* The Complete Acceptance of Reincarnation:

Modern scholars have discovered that the idea had wide currency throughout early America, both North and South, and even the Eskimos have a reincarnation tradition. Similarly, the ancients of Europe- from Scandinavia to Italy- believed in reincarnation... Scholars can point to many examples of early Christian and Jewish thought centering on rebirth, also among the Greeks and Romans- most notably Heraclitus, Herodotus, Socrates and Plato, Aristotle, cicero, Lucretius, Ovid and Vergil, and the Emporor Julian.

But that's all primitive stuff, you say; enlightened people of this modern age cannot be expected to swallow that stuff. Well, maybe not, but here are a few who have tasted it: Joseph Addison, Louisa May Alcott, Hervey Allen, Honore de Balzac, James M. Barrie, Arnold Bennett, William Blake, Johann Ehlert Bode, Napolean Bonaparte, Bernad Bosanquet, Francis Bowen, Sit Thomas Browne, Robert Browning, Pearl S. Buck, Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Luther Burbank, Samuel Butler, Tomasso Campanella, Thomas Carlyl, Edward Carpenter, Edgar Cayce, Gina Cerminara, James Freeman Clarke, Samual T. Coleridge, Sir Humphrey Davy, Charles Dickens, Emily Dickenson, John Donne, Feodor Dostoevsky, Lord Hugh Dowding, Arthur Conan Doyle, John Dryden, Thomas Edison, T. S. Eliot, Queen Elizabeth of Austria, Ralph Waldo Emerson, henry Fielding, Gustave Flaubert, Henry Ford, Benjamin Franklin, Frederick the Great, Robert Frost, Mohandas K. Gandhi, Paul Gauguin, David Lloyd George, J.W. Von Goethe, G. W. F. Hegel, Heirich Heine, Herman Hesse, Oliver Wendall Holmes, Victor Huge, David Hume, Aldous Huxley, Julian Huxley, Thomas H. Huxley, Henrik Ibsen, William James, Mary Johnston, James Jones, James Joyce, Carl G. Jung, Immanuel Kant, Soren Kierkegard, Rudyard Kipling, Joseph Wood Krutch, Leibniz, D. H. Lawrence, Pierre Leroux, G. E. Lessing, John Leyden, Charl;es A. Lindbergh, Jack London, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Maurice Maeterlinck, Gustav Mahler, Norman Mailer, John Masefield, Somerset Maugham, Herman Melville, Henry Miller, John Milton, Friedrich Nietzsche, Eugene O'Neill, Edgar Allan Poe, J. B. Priestly, Ernest Renan, Jean Paul Richter, Rainer Maria Rilke, J. D. Salinger, George Sand, Friedrich Schiller, Friedrich von Schlegel, Arthur Schopenhauer, Sir Walter Scott, Ernest Thompson Seton (founder of Boy Scouts of America), William Shakespeare, George Bernard Shaw, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Robert Southey, Edmund Spenser, Benedict Spinoza, Robert Stroud (Birdman of Alcatraz), Alfred lord Tennyson, Henry David Thoreau, Leo Tolstoy, Voltaire, Richard Wagner, Walt Whitman, John Greenleaf Whittier, Thomas Wolfe, William Wordsworth, William Butler Yeats...

*BDL* Death, Learning Lessons, and Casting off the Details of Learned Lessons:

S: Death is necessary in order to progress. Stagnation would occur if there were no death in order to move one to the spirit side... If the lessons you were learning were finished then there would be a casting-off of the experiences which taught those lessons, and an assuming of new experiences to learn the more advanced lessons.

*BG* Reincarnation:

As the embodied soul continually passes, in this body, from boyhood to youth, and then to old age, the soul similarly passes into another body at death. The self-realized soul is not bewildered by such a change.


As a person puts on new garments, giving up old ones, similarly, the soul accepts new material bodies, giving up the old and useless ones.

*CH* Muslim Reincarnation:

Bawa accepts the process of reincarnation, but departs from the traditional interpretation of this doctrine by suggesting that the soul has most immediate access to the Divine in its first lifetime and this access becomes less easy as the soul reincarnated again and again.

*IL* Reincarnation:

You say you remember past lives...

Just because I have permitted you a glimpse of the Reality of one of My past Expressions, that you might the better comprehend My Meaning which I am now expressing to you, is no assurance from Me that you personally were My Avenue of that expression.

For do I not express through all avenues, and You with Me, and are We not the Life and Intelligence of all expression, no matter what the character, or the age, or race?

...It is only the personality that is born and dies, and which seeks and strives to prolong its stay in the body and in earth life, and then to return to other bodies after I no longer have any use for its body. (NOTE: but that's reincarnation.)

*JoS* Order of Events At Full Death:

Death, leaving body, possible looking or waiting around, then tunnel to spirit world, then meeting with soulmates, friends, and guides, then place of healing, then orientation, then transition to central receiving station, then return to learning groups, then reincarnation preparation and embarkation, then rebirth.

*AD* Reincarnation:

Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood:

Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting;

The Soul that rises with us, our life's Star,

Hath had elsewhere its setting,

And cometh from afar:

-William Wordsworth, 1807

*CWG1* The Pace & Desire For Movement & Change:

We have several lifetimes. If you do get to the next step, if you evolve to the next level, it's because you want to, not because you have to. If you enjoy life at this level, if you feel this is the ultimate for you, you can have this experience over and over and over again! You love the "not knowing," the mystery, the suspense! That's why you're here!

Some of you are highly evolved creatures, with a very sure sense of Self. You know Who You Are and you know what you'd like to become. That's a great sign. That's a sure indication of the fact that you now have very few lives left.

Not long ago you begged the universe to bring you Truth. Now you tell the universe your truth. And that's a very good sign. Not long ago you sought to be rich and famous. Now you seek to be simply, and wonderfully, your Self. And not very long ago you feared Me. Now you love Me, enough to call Me your equal. All of these are very, very good signs.

Does it get any easier? It is so much easier for you now than it was three lifetimes ago. The more you remember, the more you are able to experience, the more you know. The more you know, the more you remember. It is a circle. Yes, it gets easier, it gets better, it becomes even more joyful. Your joys are now increasingly available without pain. That, too, is a very good sign. You are remembering how to love without pain; to let go without pain; to create without pain; to even cry without pain. Yes, you're even able to have your pain without pain.

There comes a certain point in your evolution when you cease to love the drama, cease to love the "story" as you've been living it. That's when you decide to change it. If, now, there is something you choose to experience in your life, do not "want" it- choose it. There comes a time in the evolution os every soul when the chief concern is no longer the survival of the physical body, but the growth of the spirit; no longer the attainment of worldly success, but the realization of Self.

You are a tri-part being, made of body, mind, and soul. You will always be a tri-part being, not just while you are living on Earth. Upon death, the body and the mind are not dropped. The body changes form, leaving its most dense part behind, but retaining always its outer shell. The mind (not to be confused with the brain) goes with you, too, joining with the spirit and the body as the one energy mass of three dimensions, or facets.

You (Walsh) had 647 past lives. This is your 648th.

The Continuity of Lifetimes

*CPL* Lessons Continue Through Lifetimes: (Carol's Further Experiences)

The scene in my mind progressed, and I saw myself as a boy of ten. My life was a fusion of love and music. I was happy.

"A decision has been made that I should go away to a city some distance from my home to study music. I am honored to go."

I was walking down a broad carpeted staircase with an elegantly dressed woman on each arm. "I feel torn. I enjoy their admiration, but they never see who I really am. They can't see beyond my talent. They can't see me.

I lay sick. My sister sat next to my bed, lovingly attending to my needs. Norman asked, "What are the emotional reasons for your illness? What is it that you need?" Without thinking, I replied, "this is the only way I can get the attention and nurturing that I need." I sensed that what I was saying was significant to my present life as well. But I wasn't sure how.

My present life was almost the inverse of my past life. As a musician, he could express his creativity fully through his music, but he lacked the loving relationships he needed to be a complete and balanced person.

My life, on the other hand, was rich with a loving, lively family and good friends. However, all of my time and energy were spent taking care of the kids and the house. I had no medium for expressing my creativity.

I saw a look of relief come over his gaunt face as he died and left his sick, drained body behind. At the same moment I felt a tingling lightness in my own body.

*IaTR* Continued Patterns Between Lives, Death Doesnt End Suffering:

I stare at the sphere intently…

…and fall straight into the scene that is within the crystal sphere. I am a crofter, in a long ago England.

"If you throw a pebble in a pond, ripples spread across the surface. Those ripples continue through one life cycle after another. If they contain suffering, death will not end it. Just imagine, you may have to do all this suffering again."

It is possible for this me to become the possible me. (NOTE: A lesson ends, return.)


I watch as the moving picture reveals a procession of my life cycles following that betrayal. In each life, Cedrus and I fought bitterly. We went through a life of him betraying me, and then one with me murdering him, on and on, one terrible life of hate and revenge after another.

That is no more than unrealized Love.

*TB* Continuity & Rebirth:

If you trace our present mind or consciousness back, then you will find that you are tracing the origin of the continuity of mind, just like the origin of the material universe, into an infinite dimension; it is beginingless. Mind, or consciousness comes into being from its previous instants.

What provides the continuity between lives is not an entity, we believe, but the ultimately subtlest level of consciousness. The successive existences in a series of rebirths are not like the pearls in a pearl necklace, held together by the soul, which passes through all the pearls; rather they are like pearls within cubes, each separate, but which supports the one above it, with which it is functionally connected. Between the dice there is no identity, but conditionality. There are different levels of consciousness. Innermost subtle consciousness is always there. The continuity of that consciousness is almost like something permanent, like the space-particles. In the field of matter, that is the space-particles; in the field of consciousness, it is the Clear Light, with its special energy, makes the connection with consciousness.

Disbelieving Reincarnation

*Ea* Reincarnation in the Church's History:

Origen, a second-century theologian and Church scholar, espoused life after death and reincarnation. Unfortunately, he lacked a sufficient power base, and, in A.D. 543 at the Council of Constantinople, his works were declared heretical. For centuries, just the word "heretic" created terror in large parts of Western civilization. Simply to be accused of heresy meant the dungeon or galleys, if one were lucky.

*CBtL* Not Believing:

Many of our spirit colleagues did not believe in reincarnation when they lived on Earth. They discovered it to be a fact on the astral plane. (NOTE: I wouldn't be worried about those who don't believe in any of this. It's still true. You can close your eyes up and lock the door for as long as you like, staying where the rules are your own, but when you come out to play with the others, what is, is, whether you believe it or not.)

Number of Past Lives on Earth

*TDA* Commonality of Past Lives on Earth:

Dr. Peebles: "Four in ten are souls who have lived often on Earth. Another two or three out of ten are souls who have lived on Earth before but not too often, relatively new, and the other two or three are souls incarnating for the first time.

*BDL* Number of Incarnations:

J: He says some advanced souls can do it in maybe ten lives. But the average number is about 120..

All Incarnations Are Partial

*BDL* Never Total Incarnations- Some Always Remain in the Astral:

S: Were everyone to incarnate, there would be no one left in the spirit world to tend to the store, s to say. There must always be those on this side to assist and guide and direct...

There has never been a total influx of all the souls on this planet. Were that to be, you would surely be standing several feet deep in people, shoulder to shoulder over the entire Earth.

*HoL* Full Incarnation Isn't Possible:

The greater portion of you, that is not completely incarnated (and we must say that you couldn't possibly do that anyway)...

Time Between Incarnations

*WtK* Time Between Lives:

Ordinarily a soul spends the few years of life in his mortal body and then retires and lives in his soul body for centuries before reincarnating again. But of course it depends on the soul.

*tAW* Time Between Incarnations:

The higher the advancement of a soul, the greater the time between its incarnations; and vice versa. There are special cases, however, such as the call to duty on the part of a high soul, or a strong attraction to another, or others, approaching reincarnation.

*TDA* Old Souls Are Slow Learners:

"An old soul is nothing but a very slow learner." -Dr. Peebles

*JoYS* Time Between Lifetimes:

On average, a person waits about seventy years after death before reincarnating.

Generally, younger souls reincarnate more quickly, whereas older souls become increasingly specific in their needs and tend to take more time setting up their lifetimes. Younger souls are more uncomfortable in astral planes and want to return to earth more quickly than older souls.

Until souls have adequate practical experience on the physical plane, they may bite off more than they can chew. There are also souls who, upon death, rush into the next available body, without adequately examining what they are getting into.

Also, events do not always happen as expected.

x: There is usually a long span of hundreds, even thousands of years between their lives in Paleolithic nomadic cultures. Between 1000 and 1500 AD, they live once every 200 years. After 1700, one incarnates once every 100 years. By the 1900s, living more than one life in a century is common. New souls are always available to fill any expanding population requirements. Some spend less time in the spirit world to speed up development.

Beliefs & Reincarnation(SD): The likely interval between lives tended to be shorter in those cultures that held reincarnation as an article of faith. Gender swaps seem to occur with greatest frequency among cultures that believe them possible.

Reincarnation is Link Between Mental & Earth

*DA* The Only Way Back is Through Reincarnation:

In the "Notes on Devachan," again, we read:

Certainly the new Ego, once that it is reborn (in Devachan), retains for a certain time- proportionate to its earth-life- a complete recollection "of his earth life;" but it can never visit the Earth from Devachan except in Reincarnation.

Too Much Attention on Reincarnation

*TBD* Overinfatuation With Reincarnation:

Huston Smith: "Professor Thurman quotes a Tibetan saying that registers the full force of this law: ‘Don't wonder about your former lives; just look carefully at your present body! Don't wonder about your future lives; just look at your mind in the present!'"

Reincarnation & Simultaneous Time

*UR* Multipersonhood & Lack of "Levels" of Progression:

Any concepts of gods or other beings that are based upon limited ideas of personhood will ultimately be futile. You are multipersons. You exist in many times and places at once. Your inner reality straddles their reality, while it also serves as a psychic world in which they can grow.

I do not want to get involved in a discussion of "levels," in which progression is supposed to occur from one to the other. All such discussions are based upon your idea of one-personhood, consecutive time, and limited versions of the soul.

It is not correct to say that one is more progressed than another.

All directions taken are good. It may seem as if there are progressions, or consecutive steps of development, in which more mature comprehensive selves will emerge. You are a part of those selves now.

There are, then, stratas of consciousness existing at once. The ones you are not aware of yet seem more progressed, developed than your own. You can know them as you begin to stretch your concepts of personhood and awareness. In terms of time you have many bodies, as you are born and reborn in earth experience. These units of consciousness are within all physical matter, containing their own memories

*HTO* Reincarnation:

In some cases, a NDEr has a past lives review. Those who believe in reincarnation are not necessarily saying that they are a progression of successive incarnations that are lived out in linear historical time.

*JoYS* The Essence & Progression of Reincarnational Lifetimes:

On an essence level, we experience our lifetimes consecutively; in other words, lifetime forty-three follows forty-two. Because our essence exists somewhat beyond time, time is elastic for it. It is possible to have what our essence considers to be our next lifetime in the past or in the same physical plane time frame.

If your essence has more than one reincarnational personality in this time frame, from its point of view it did not cast all of them at the "same time."

More difficult, disorienting, and rare is incarnating in the past, in a time frame before an already-completed lifetime.

From the vantage point of higher planes, all events are simultaneous.

Having lived in the future might help us tune in to the probabilities more strongly, making us more visionary of what is possible. However, we don't know which probabilities will manifest in this parallel universe.

We can communicate with our simultaneous (as well as future and past) reincarnational selves—for example, in mediation or in the dream state.

*CWS* Beyond Reincarnation:

Think of a multidimensional body, existing at one time in different realities, and appearing differently within these realities. Your world exists in different terms than you recognize, and that reincarnation is indeed a myth and a story that stands for something else entirely! Probabilities and reincarnation got all tied up together as the same thing.

*UR* Reincarnation Represents Probabilities in a Time Context:

Reincarnation simply represents probabilities in a time context- portions of the self that are materialized in historical contexts. Each self born in time will then pursue its own probable realities from that standpoint.

Parallel Lives- Multiple Present Incarnations

*TDA* Multiple Simultaneous Lives:

Dr. Peebles: "It is possible for the soul to live two or three times in the same earthly time, context...

"This doesn't happen consistently for everyone, but in some it does happen... with oh, advanced students, you might say, and there are those who live as an animal and as a human at the same time as well."

*UR2* Reincarnated into Different Versions of the Same Time:

You always think of being reincarnated in terms of being born backward into a history of which you have read. But any given year has its own variations...

You could choose to be born five "times" in 1940, and each existence would be entirely separate, as you probed into the probable realities existing for you in the variations of that period.

*JoS* Parallel Lives & Dividing Selfs:

One can live two lives at once. Parallel lives can be tiring and divisive. The effort may become counter-productive with diminished resuls for both lives. The average soul is better off living one life at a time. There are motivations to speed up incarnations, such as a faster reflection out of incarnation, and there are longer rest periods between lives for greater reflection. Occasionally, there are three or more parallel lives.

We are as particles of energized units. We originated out of one original unit- the maker. Each part of the soul remains intact, complete within itself. Part of us never leaves the spirit world when we incarnate, for we do not totally seperate from the maker. The part that remains is dormant, waiting to be rejoined with the rest of your energy.

An advanced soul: Being incarnated and helping nine students used to affect my concentration to some extent, but now there is no conflict. The capacity of souls to seperate their soul energy allows for management of both. A soul does not divide, per se, for each part is whole. It is hard to manage two programs at once, but it gets easier.

*MJooB* Multiple Incarnations Now:

One has multiple incarnations at the same period in time. For one woman, one is old, one is crippled, and one is male. She could not feel the male one, but she could feel being old and being crippled. We also inhabit other forms of things or beings on other planets.

Reincarnation Denied

** No Reincarnation:

(EbtL) We do not have repeated lives on this earth, and when we seem to remember a past life, we are actually recalling genetic memories contined in the cells.

Cause of A Belief in Reincarnation(H&H): The cause of a belief in reincarnation is due to angels or spirits communicating to man using their memories and not the memories of the man. (NOTE: Note that Swedenborg's life was threatened by the church, and altered his work to agree with them)

*WotT* Reincarnation:

(NOTE: Mulla Sadra refutes reincarnation, p. 169-170)


Relationship Between Reincarnational Selves

Patterns Through Lives

*HoL* Patterns Continuing Through Lives:

One client who was in a very destructive marriage where her husband would hurt her physically was unable to leave the marriage until she reexperienced about 15 past lifetimes where she had been physically abused by men in some form or another. She saw the continuation of her pattern of dependency in which she thought that men have all the power (and also all the responsibility). She saw that she lived out her belief in situations that proved men did have more power than she on the physical level.

*BDL* The Book of Life & Blending of Past Lives:

As I worked with one woman for a year on merely 26 lives, they began to blur together and I started to have difficulty distinguishing them from each other. I could see how they each influenced the other and how they were components of the whole integrated personality...

S: The Book of Life- a record of what you have done... Everybody can go to it and refer through it. You turn the pages, and if I'm looking in it then it reflects what I look for. If another looks in it, then it reflect what they look for.

Past Lives & the Energy Bodies

*SC* Interaction of Past Lives:

Tom MacPherson: "Your whole personality is based along guideline more than anything else. How much of a past-life personality do you bring in with you? Very little, if at all. It's only if you become obsessed with a part of it...

"Your past lives are basically energy... They are preserved and filtered through the astral body, but first they must pass through the spiritual body, where all the higher ethics are organized. Then the causal body draws in all the various individuals to possible act out karmic circumstances. Then it projects into the astral body, where it is all screened out and kept unique, relative to your currently functioning personality...

"With regard to physical afflictions, a person may come in with a limp because perhaps he trapped animals rather cruelly in a previous life and caused them to walk around with a limp."

The Independence of Reincarnational Selves

*UR2* The Connections & Independence of Reincarnational Selves:

The psyche sends up counterparts of itself, each with different features or characteristics...

You are not any of those past selves, even though they are a part of the history of your being. They are themselves in their own space and time. They exist simultaneously with your own life...

Your present existence, however, is highly related to those other levels of selfhood... Everything that you do affects those other realms of selfhood...

You have a history in terms of the present that is yours, and yet not yours. It does not control you, for you alter it with each thought and action...

You are as different from those reincarnational selves, therefore, as you are from your parents, though you share certain backgrounds and characteristics.

The Nonlinearity of Reincarnational Selves

*UR2* The Expansion of Space & Time, Simultaneous Reincarnational Lives

When you find yourself within a dream, tell yourself you will know what happened before you entered it, and the past will grow outward from that moment...

Time expands in all directions, and away from any given point. The past is never done and finished, and the future is never concretely formed. You choose to experience certain versions of events. You then organize these, nibbling at them, so to speak, a bit "at a time."...

Many people realize intuitively that the self is multitudinous and not singular. The realization is usually put in reincarnation terms, so that the self is seen as traveling through the centuries, moving through doors of death and life into other times and places...

Space and time continually expand, and all probabilities of any given action are actualized in one reality or another. All of the potentials of the entity are also actualized...

Quite literally, you live more than one life at a time. You do not experience your century simply from one separate vantage point, and the individuals alive in any given century have far deeper connections than you realize...

Those involved in a given century are working on particular problems and challenges. Various races do not simply "happen," and divine cultures do not just appear. The greater self "divides" itself, materializing in flesh as several individuals, with entirely different backgrounds- yet with each embarked upon the same kind of creative challenge.

The black man is somewhere a white man or woman in your time. The white man or woman is somewhere black. The oppressor is somewhere the oppressed. The conqueror is somewhere the conquered...

In greater terms, these experiences all occur at once...

Joseph's focus of identity is his own. He will follow it. He was not Nebene, or the Roman officer or the woman. Yet they are versions of what he is, and he is a version of what they "were," and at certain levels each is aware of the others. There is constant interaction...

[The Roman soldier and Nebene and the woman] contributed to the world as it existed, in those terms, and then followed their own lines of development, elsewhere, in other realities...

Jane: "Each counterpart personality thinks of itself as being the sun, or the center of things."


Reuniting With a Past Life

Reuniting With a Past Life

*CPL* Reuniting With a Past Life:

Typically on these first visits the child will lead the way unaided through the streets of the village to the homestead of the deceased, spontaneously recognize family and friends of the previous personality and call them by their pet names, comment on changes to the house, inquire about people and possessions that he finds missing, and reminisce about obscure events from the past – all from the unique perspective of the deceased. In some cases he will reveal knowledge of hiding places for the family gold, or of secret debts, or of family scandals that no one else knows about. Most amazingly, the child will know nothing about what happened after the previous personality died.


When Sukla of India was a year and a half, she would cradle a block of wood and call it Minu, her daughter. Over the next few years, Sukla remembered enough details of her past life for her family to be able to take her to her former village. Sukla led them to her former home and was reunited with Minu, a girl whose mother had died when she was a young baby. (Stevenson, Twenty Cases, pp. 52-67)

Then Dr. Stevenson investigated the case and verified that the child had not learned about the remembered person by any normal means, leaving past life memory as the only explanation.


Swarnlata's past life memories began when, at the age of three, she gave enough information to locate the family of the deceased person she remembered. But Swarnlata's case was different from most because her memories did not fade.

She said her name was Biya Pathak. Biya Pathak had died in 1939, leaving behind a husband, two young sons, and many younger brothers.

(NOTE: full & complete memory) Here was a ten-year-old stranger from far away – so far, in terms of Indian culture, that her dialect was distinctly different from that of the Pathaks.

In the years that followed, Swarnlata visited the Patha family at regular intervals. She developed a loving relationship with many of her past life family, who all accepted her as Biya reborn.

Was it confusing for her to remember so completely the life of a grown woman? She had grown up normally, matured into a beautiful young woman, gotten married, and earned an advanced degree at the university. She told him that sometimes when she reminisced about her happy life in Katni, her eyes brimmed with tears, and for a moment she wished she could return to the wealth and life of Biya. But she remained loyal to the Mishra family and accepted fully her station in this life.


A young girl from Thailand was overjoyed to be reunited with a beloved daughter from the past life, and at the same time, hostile to the former husband from a bitter marriage. (Ibid, p. 114)


When Ravi Shankar was barely two years old, informed his parents that he really was Munna, the son of Jageshwar, a barber in the Chhipatti District of Kanauj. He told them, in great detail, how one day he had been enticed away from his play by two men, a washerman and a barber, who took him to an orchard near Chintamini Temple, slit his throat, and buried him in the sand.

He asked his parents repeatedly for toys he said that he had owned in a previous life – a large wooden slate, a toy pistol, a wooden elephant, a watch, and a school bag.

One day while attending a religious ceremony, he became suddenly terrified of a strange man in the crowd. He recognized the man as Chaturi, the washerman, one of Munna's murderers.

Ravi was born with a birthmark that resembled a long knife wound across his neck. The mark ran horizontally across Ravi's neck and had the stippled quality of a scar. It looked much like an old scar of a healed knife wound. (Ibid, p. 101) According to witnesses, the birthmark had been longer when Ravi was a small child but had gradually faded as he grew older.

When Ravi was eighteen years old, his memories of the previous life as Munna had vanished. All of his phobias had vanished as well, though he still felt uneasy whenever he was in the area of Chintamini Temple, where Munna was murdered. The birthmark was still clearly visible across his neck.


"I worked at a health spa, in the nursery. One day a little towheaded boy came in with his mother and sister. His name was Mark, and he was four years old. He saw me and ran over and started hugging me around the legs. I though, ‘What a friendly little kid!' Then Mark looked up at me with his little round face. ‘Remember when you came to my shop and I was sweeping up and we went for a ride in my car and we had so much fun?'"

I asked him, "When was this, Mark?"

"You know…before."

Mark came back to the nursery a few days later. Again he ran up to me. He repeated the story in exactly the same way with the same details. He added that we had been friends at first and then later we got married. He said, "They called me Painter."

"Did we have children?"

"Yes," he replied, "a daughter." Then he added that I had died first, and that he missed me so much and he loved me.

I saw Mark two more times. With each visit I felt stronger and stronger emotions toward him that I couldn't understand. I had a hard time sleeping at night. I cried for him. I know it sounds silly, but I wanted to be with him.

His mother told me that Mark talked about me all the time and said that he loved me and missed me.

Finally I sought out a therapist who could help me with a past life regression. I immediately went back to that lifetime and saw clearly that everything Mark had said was true. I also saw that I was in a car accident with my little girl at my side. She survived, but I died. My husband never got over my death and became an alcoholic.

Finding Someone's Next Reincarnation

*AoaY* Finding My Reincarnated Student:

I lifted my hands in the usual manner. For the first time, there was response. I thrilled to detect electrical impulses trickling down my fingers and palms. These currents translated themselves into one overpowering thought from a deep recess of my consciousness: "I am Kashi; I am Kashi; come to me!"

The thought became almost audible as I concentrated on my heart radio.

I began to turn round and round. The electrical impulses tingled through my fingers only when I faced toward a near-by path.

My companions and I approached closer. The vibrations in my upraised hands grew stronger, more pronounced. As if by a magnet, I was pulled toward the right side of the road. Reaching the entrance of a certain house, I was astounded to find myself transfixed.

"Please tell me, sir, if you and your wife have been expecting a child for about six months?"

"Yes, it is so."

Even in infancy he was strikingly similar in appearance to my dear Ranchi student. The child showed me an instantaneous affection; the attraction of the past awoke with redoubled intensity.


Pertinent Past Lives

How We Carry Past Lives With Us

*SS* The Transition of Past Life Memories Into Genetic Coding:

The animus and anima not only have a reality in the psyche, however, but they are imbedded in genetically codified data by the inner self- a genetic memory of past psychic events- transposed into the genetic memory of the very cells that compose the body.

Each inner self, adopting a new body, impoes upon it and upon its entire genetic makeup, memory of the past physical forms in which it has been involved. Now the present characteristics usually overshadow the past ones. They are dominant, but the other characteristic are latent and present, built into the pattern.

*SS* Unfocused Past Life Bodies in Your Energy Body:

There are presently invisible layers within the body, the topmost layer that you see representing, of course, the present physical form. But enmeshed within this there are what amount to invisible layers, "shadow," latent layers that represent previous physical images that have belonged to the personality. They are connected electromagnetically to the atomic structure of the present body. To your way of thinking, they would be unfocused. The body does not only carry memory biologically of its own past condition in this life therefore, but indelibly with it, even physically, are the memories of the other bodies that the personality has formed in previous reincarnations.

Pertinent Lives Shine Through

*SS* Effects of Past Lives:

When you are ill, in the dream state you often have experiences in which you seem to be someone else with an entirely healthy body. Often such a dream is therapeutic. An "older" reincarnational body has come to your aid, from which you draw strength through the memory of its health.

Reincarnational experiences will, therefore, be reflected not only in the dream state, but in other layers of activity. Often past-life memories come to the surface but are not recognized as such, since they appear in fantasy form, or are projected into art creations.

*CPL* Subconscious Influences:

Past life memories sometimes ripple just below the surface of consciousness to influence a person's present life.

*SS* Resonation Between Reincarnational Lives:

The difference between one life and another exists psychologically, and not in terms of years or centuries. The psychological distance, however, can be much more vast. There are certain lives, as there are certain events in this life, that you may not want to face or deal with. There may be great tempermental differences in some cases, between your personality in one given life and another -so that your present self simply could not relate to the others exoerience. You will be more strongly drawn to those "past lives" that somehow reinforce your own at this time. Most of you remember little of the years spent as an infant and a child.

*RM* Third EyeSight:

Practice meditation with eyes open- looking in the mirror, in an animal's eyes, at a flame, or in nature. Become very calm.

On the face-in-the-mirror game:

There are a lot of faces, what does that mean?

This person is dealing with a lot of personality aspects, which may be perceived in a spiritual manner as entities in her or his aura. I tend to remain in silence and not share this perception, as I made the experience that it does disturb the person even more than help her. Maybe mention the major impression of all faces, for example fear, or not being respected. Support this person with words of understanding and suggestions of integration of the so-called denied aspects of her or himself. People who tend to judge themselves being unworthy tend to have a lot of faces of sadness, or beings in their auras which have distorted looks of accidents or sickness when they left their bodies, and now had found an embodied being, who shares the same view of him or herself. It's a symbiotic relationship of sympathy, not a case to judge.

I see freaky and ugly faces, what does it mean?

Freaky faces tend to be associated with mentally unsteady people, who have no focus, and tend to be attracted by everything which seems to give them something. Ugly faces, there you have to distinguish very carefully, sometimes there are past-lives coming through, where other kinds of beauty counted in society that may not be like today. Sometimes, with people who are afraid of getting fat, you may see very fat faces. Understand that they fear to repeat this again, and have a difficult connection with their bodies.

How do I know, whether it's a being, or a past-life?

Generally speaking, you see associated energies. Your inner knowledge will allow you to understand the bigger picture. Non-balanced past-lives, which someone rejects inside, appear as another being in his or her aura, or even attract like-minded bounded entities.

There is no other face, but the same just a bit younger. What does it mean?

I personally only saw one single person, where I shifted my focus and watched with my third-eye, and the face didn't change, but got bright and more intense in appearance than the physical view I had before. When I tried to find out what it did mean, I received the hint, that this person indeed has intergrated all aspects of himself, and that this person is to become complete, self-realized.

Is it for sure that the things I see are connected to the person?

Yes, and to you too. You look with the key-pattern of the other person's face into the pool of all patterns. The more skilled you are, the deeper the patterns you will get. Every piece of information is given to you in understanding. You may experience also some cases, where you are not permitted to get information.

*SS* Anima/Animus = Past Life Opposite Sex Memories:

To prevent an overidentification of the individual with his present sex, within the male there resides an inner personification of femaleness. This personification of femaleness in the male is the true meaning of what Jung called the "anima." The anima in the male is, therefore, the psychic memory and identification of all the previous female existences in which the inner self has been involved. The anima, therefore, is an important safeguard, preventing the male from over-identifying with whatever cultural male characteristics have been imposed upon him. The anima serves not only as a personal but as a mass-civilizing influence, mellowing strongly aggressive tendencies and serving also as a bridge both in communicating with women in a family relationship, and in communication also as it is applied through the arts and verbalization.

There is what Jung called the "animus", ot the hidden male within the woman. Women, therefore, can learn much about their reincarnational past as men, through studying those dreams in which these types appear, or in which they themselves appear as men. On some occasions, for example, the woman may go overboard and exaggerate female characteristics, in which case the animus or male within comes to her aid, bringing through dream experiences an onrush of knowledge that will result in compensating malelike reactions.

The anima is the necessary initial "inwardness," the brooding, caring, intuitive, inside-turning characteristics, the inward focusing from which creativity comes. The anima allows itself to be acted upon, but the motive behind this is the desire and the necessity to tune into other forces that are supremely powerful. The animus provide the aggressive thrust that returns the personality back outward into the physical activities, triumphantly holding the products of creativity that the anima characteristics have secured.

After the final incarnation, the physical sexual type of creativity is simply no longer needed. You do not need to reproduce physically, in other words. In simple terms the whole self contains male and female characteristics, finely tuned together, blended so that true identity can then arise- for it cannot, when one group of characteristics must be emphasized over the other group, as it must be during your present physical existence.

The reality of the anima and he animus is far deeper than Jung supposed. Symbolically speaking, the two together represent the whole self with its diverse abilities, desires, and characteristics. The original pattern for the animus and anima comes from the whole self before reincarnations. The animus and the anima are born into the individual with the first physical life, and serve as an inner pattern, reminding the personality of its basic unity. The male yearns toward the anima because it represents to the deep unconscious those other characteristics of the whole self that, on the one hand, lie latent, and that, on the other hand, struggle for release. The tension between the two leads him to temper aggressiveness with creativity, or to use aggressiveness creatively. Your consciousness as you know it, yoour particular present kind of consciousness, is a statement of awareness brought sbout by a particular kind of tension, a specific kind of focus arising from the true unconscious of the whole self.

The tension results from the nature of your consciousness that arises from the anima, but depends for its continuation upon the "aggressiveness" of the animus.

If you are born as a male, then the mother serves as a stimulus to activate the symbol of the anima in you, so that the pattern of your own female lives becomes a portion of your next existence. Your mother, if you have known her in the past, will find at your birth an upsurge of dreams involving other existences in which the two of you were together. Her own past male lives will help her relate to you as her son. In some cases new mothers may feel highlt aggressive and nervous. These feelings are sometimes due to the fact that the male son causes an activation of the animus in her, with a resulting charge of aggressive feelings.

Here we become concerned again with the animus and anima. If a personality believes that it is doing a poor job in a male life, it may activate the anima's qualities, taking on the characteristics of a past female existence in which it handled itself well. Reversing the picture, the same can happen to a woman.

On the other hand, if the personality finds that it has so over-identified with its present sex that its individuality is deeply threatened, then it may also bring to the fore the opposite picture, going so far as to identify again with a past personality of the opposite sex.


*RtUR* Reincarnational Empathy:

It seems strange to me that I have not seen anyone link the idea of reincarnation to empathy... Do you want to explore other lives? There are countless opportunities at hand. Here comes a stranger, a totally new life. (NOTE: The spark is always within us, pure, ever reappearing. Deep enough, we are all one, but some connections are brighter than others, those of our relevant past lives. Certainly, full empathy is possible outside that as well.)


The Desire for Reincarnation

*K* Past Devachan To the Reincarnational Plane:

When the soul has lived out its devachanic life, and has assimilated all that it can of the material gathered during its last period on earth, it begins to be drawn again towards earth by the links of desire that bind it to material existence. The last stage of its life-period now lies before it, the stage of earthly life, the stage that is closed by the gateway of birth.

The soul steps over the threshold of devachan into what has been called the plane of reincarnation, bringing with it the result, small or great, of its devachanic work. If it be but a young soul, it will have gained but little; progress in the early stages of soul evolution is slow to an extent scarcely realized by most students... As faculties develop, growth quickens at an ever increasing rate... It issues from devachan clothed only in that body of the soul that endures and grows throughout the manvantara (NOTE: series of lives?)

*BDL* Everything Is Energy, Preparing for Incarnation:

S: Since everything is energy here, everything is done according to how you fit in with the energy. As you work on helping other people, you're building up energy on your own. And when you get a certain amount of energy built up then it's time for you to re-enter the physical plane, because it takes energy to go back through the barrier and continue work...

Everything's perfectly clear to everybody, so it's not a matter of telling anyone what to do because it's apparent to you and everyone else what needs you have and what you can and will do. Everything is seen in the form of energy here. Every thought and intention has energy that is apparent. And when it's time for you to do back and re-enter the physical plane, that's when the general council comes in and determines where you fit in the pattern. And that determines when and where and to who you are born on the physical plane...

When someone needs to return to the physical plane then they re-enter that level of energy where they should in a way that's compatible with their energy and the surrounding energy, to make sure it ends up putting them back into contact with people that they have been in contact with before in other lifetimes. And hence you come up with linked karmas...

It's like pouring some water at the top of the slide. You cant recollect the water until it reaches the bottom of the slide and runs off the edge. This is like entering the physical plane again. Making the decision to enter the physical plane starts the energy flowing, an that's the equivalent of pouring the water out of the container at the top of the slide... You have to follow through...

It's just simply one of the laws of the universe on how energy flows. Once energy starts going through this pattern, the energy has to complete this pattern before it can be turned to other things.

*CBtL* Feeling the Urge To Return:

Salter: "Nobody is forced to return. To many, the process is like an inner voice that reminds them of their duties and lessons that are still waiting for them on Earth. They may delay these tasks for many years, but know they cannot avoid them forever."

She goes on to say that some people meet with "more spiritually evolved beings," who tell them when it is time for the person to return to Earth. Still other people do not need a committee of guides, but they rely on their own inner voice that tells them what they need to finish on Earth.

*LBD* The Spiritual Atmosphere & Desire To Return to Earth:

First you behold the divine-spiritual beings, with whom you are working, as single individualities. Then, after living with them more intensively, you behold their general spiritual atmosphere, just as you beheld the swarm of flies in the shape of a cloud...

Now you perceive the spiritual world only as a general spiritual atmosphere. Your own self-consciousness, however, is perceived in greater degree. It awakens with heightened intensity. And thus, slowly and gradually, the desire to return to earth again arises in the human being.

During the entire period which I have described and which lasts for centuries, the human being- except in the first stage when he was still connected with the earth and returned to his starting point- is fundamentally interested in nothing but the spiritual world...

At the moment when the individualities of the spiritual world are merged together, as it were, and man perceives the spiritual world in a general way, there arises in him a renewed interest in earth-life... We are interested, a long time before, in our parents' ancestors. We follow the line of generations until reaching our parents... We also foresee, as if prophetically, the whole span of generations. Across the succession of great-great-great-grandfathers, great-great-grandfathers, great-grand-fathers, grandfathers, and so forth, we can foresee the path on which we shall descend again to earth...

*DA* The Desire to Return to Earth:

At length the causes that carried the Ego into Devachan are exhausted, the experiences gathered have been wholly assimilated, and the Soul begins to feel again the thirst for sentient material life than can be gratified only on the physical plane...

When the experiences are assimilated, be the time long or short, the Ego is ready to return, and he brings back with him his now increased experience, and any further gains he may have made in Devachan along the lines of abstract thought.

"In one sense we can acquire more knowledge; that is, we can develop further any faculty which we loved and strove after during life, provided it is concerned with abstract and ideal things, such as music, painting, poetry, etc."

(Key to Theosophy, p. 105 Third Edition 1969 Ed., pp. 100-1.)

*LBD* Spiritual Midnight and Going Inward:

But then a time comes when we feel the inner power of illumination diminishing. That happens when we approach the midpoint between death and the next birth... Everything grows dimmer and dimmer and the periods of inner experience, which grow more and more intense, assume increasing importance... Inner experience grows richer and richer, while perception grows darker and dimmer... We experience a time during which we are filled with the spiritual world, when we awaken, yet awaken into ‘night', when we experience ourself as closed and contained within the spiritual world... This experience of being within oneself creates a condition of soul which is unbearable, which one does not want, because it is only knowing... As we become more and more deeply immersed in the twilight and then the night of the spiritual world, the longing for an outer world becomes ever stronger... The longing which we experience in the spiritual midnight is a power which develops in a similar way to electric or magnetic power on earth. The longing in the soul begets a new power, a power which can again conjure an outer world before the soul. The soul has immersed itself more and more deeply in a spiritual inner world and has grown ever larger, more and more huge and mighty. Yet within it there lives a longing to have, once again, an outer world surrounding it. This longing is an active force which created for itself an outer world, but of a most unusual kind.

*LBD* Falling Behind the Thought World..?:

When we come to the second half of this life after death, we may have the conviction: ‘You cannot now, with everything you have developed and experienced, fully unite yourself with a new earthly life.' Then it becomes necessary to unite oneself sooner with a new earth life than would have been occasioned by the vanished thought-world which has now flown ahead of you.' This results in the human being failing to have such an intense longing for earthly life, failing to take hold of it as fully as he otherwise would...

If true personal morality is to grow within the soul one must have the will to unite fully with earthly life... (NOTE: All of this so far varies from the normal descriptions as to make me feel horrible, hopeless, and to see it all as tedious and awful.)

*LBD* The Desire For Reincarnation, Uniting with Thoughts:

When we awaken out of loneliness, we encounter images which rise up out of our previous life. Our past outer world surrounds us once more... We encounter for a while, and judge, our past earthly experiences in the form of an outer world. Previously we stood within them and lived through them; now we encounter and confront them. And now the further longing arises to make good in a new earthly life what is perceived by the newly awoken consciousness as lack, inadequacy and insufficiency of previous earthly lives... It received the sure knowledge which awakens in the second half of the life between death and a new birth: ‘Your thought-experiences have flown ahead of you; you can only rediscover them by traveling once more through an earthly life... At this period, the soul finds it natural to reunite with the thoughts which have departed from it, which it can only do by passing once more through earthly life. (NOTE: This is very Buddhist, the ascent and descent)

Walk-Ins & Imprints


*BDL* Resisting the Idea of Walk-Ins:

When this young woman was told upon awakening what she had said in trance, she was startled, to say the least. She said, No! She could not believe that. She felt no different; she knew she was still the same person... She did say that her parents had remarked that she seemed different, that she had changed in the last year or so. But that could have been merely part of the natural maturing process.

*BDL* Walk-Ins:

Often the entity tried to take on to much karma to be worked out as they plan their curriculum in this earthly classroom... Often a student realized he is taking on more than he can comfortably handle. This is similar to coming into a life. It always looks easier during the planning stage.

S: I'm preparing to enter into the body for the final time. Up to this point it has been for... short periods only...

It is not the body of a baby. It is an adult body...

D: This is not a normal thing, is it?

S: No, but it is becoming more normal than a lot of people would be led to believe...

There has been an exchange of souls. A trying-out period, as it were, to decide whether or not the relinquishment would be made. Whether or not she would accept what she had asked for...

It is something that has been wished for and the other entity felt her time was over...

She thought she was unable to handle the problems that she had put upon herself and when she found out that they were too strong, she asked to be returned home...

But why cause the body to die when another can take it's place and do much good... This body... it is not time for it to die. It must continue on. In these cases the body is left operating so that another soul may enter...

It would be frowned upon if she took the life of the physical body...

This is a trade that is made with both parties agreeing...

A possession is when a warped spirit would control another. In a walk-in situation there is no control. There s but one entity in that body. The only way that entity can step into that body is that the other one willingly relinquish it. There is total permission...

The masters decided hat there was enough likeness of selves that the change would not be greatly noticeable...

Those who are walking-in have not gone through the trauma of childhood or birth and they are more open to the influences from this side. At present and in the future there is a great need for this openness. These are people who shall guide others into the times to come...

In many cases this exchange is done at the point of death- where a person would seem to die and then begin again. But this is not always the case.many times there is just a going to sleep. And when they wake up... you are that person and the other one has gone. But all of the memories have been absorbed, so you are that person...

In the agreements made, I must finish certain things that the other person stipulated must be finished.

D: You work out the other person karma?

S: Not so much karma as, their are certain things that this original takes on when a body is begun. There is so much interaction with other souls that if certain obligations were not completed it would affect too many lives...

I have her memories of this life, but no past.

...Does this mean that if I had regressed her a few years earlier I would have gotten the memories of totally different lives than she had given me during the year I worked with her? This has happened to other researchers and it is a point that is often grasped by psychiatrists and skeptics to disclaim reincarnation.


S: There are more souls waiting to incarnate than there are bodies to accommodate them...

After completing various tasks agreed to beforehand, the entering entity is then allowed to begin work on its own tasks and karma...

It is decided in the same manner that the decision is made of who will enter in the first place. It depends on who has karma to work out with these people. Whether or not it is felt that they can handle what must be done. And whether or not the person is advanced enough to not need the lessons of childhood and birth and to enter into an entity with full memory...

Oftentimes the vehicle will not know that ownership has traded hands...

The consciousness is never interrupted... Sometimes when it is necessary or desired there will be the realization and remembrance of the actual transfer. And oftentimes with time there is the gradual realization and possibly remembrance of the exact time o the transfer.


*BDL* Imprinting:

S: This is my first physical life, my first true incarnation on this planet. I have had imprints from many others and been assistant to others. However, this is my first true physical incarnation on Earth...

They can withdraw information from the Akashic records and imprint this information into their soul, and it will then be their experience...

Even I cant tell the difference. If I am in an imprint, that imprint is as real as if I had actually experienced it. All the emotions, the memories, the feelings, virtually everything about that life is in that imprint. So from my point of view I would be unable to tell because I would be completely absorbed in the experience. This is the whole idea of imprint. This is the ability to live thousands, hundreds of thousands of years on a planet and actually never have been there before...

If one never experienced a life on Earth before, or if it has perhaps been a long time since the last incarnation, there would be no point of reference, nothing to fall back on or relate to. If one were to come to this planet without the aid of imprints, one would be totally lost... The confusion and disharmony from having to experience this would negate any learning, for always there would be the disharmony which all learning would have to filter through... For even such simple things as an argument would become so terrifying to the vehicle as to render him totally void. These innocents have no experience with anger or fear as you know it. It would incapacitate them. it would paralyze them. They would be totally traumatized...

The experience was actually lived, even though it was not lived by the vehicle you would be presently speaking to. However, all the information would be the same, as if you had actually been talking to the very soul which had been in that vehicle at that time. Imprints become in reality a part of that soul and are so carried with that soul...

There is no proprietorship to these imprints. They are open to all. And so it becomes useless to try to pinpoint who was actually that person, for it is meaningless...

The imprints are chosen before the incarnation... There is a hierarchy of spirits whose job it is to do this. There is a council which oversees this. They assist the soul. This computer or council is given all the information regarding the mission and the past experiences of the vehicles with which to draw from...

The imprints are available from this source but the individual makes the final decision. The soul has the power to reject if he finds an imprint which is not acceptable to him, for whatever reason. If he simple decided to use his authority to say "I do not wish to have that one," then so be it...

Someone may have lived actually five lives, but yet have the experience of five hundred. It's a combination of effects.

The imprints are complete at the time of birth. But extra imprints are also available whenever necessary... The imprints may be overlaid in many different ways, one being in a dream or a physical experience of some sort. It can be a traumatic experience such as a death in the family or a loss of one's job or any time where one is open from within by some experience. Be it joyous or grievous or anywhere in between, the opening of oneself is he key here. And that imprint which is necessary will be neatly fitted in, with no notice whatsoever by the entity... You can also actually live many lives without even having an imprint. Imprints are simply aids. They are not necessarily for everyone.

*BDL* Coloring & Filtering Imprints:

S: We would say that human experience is like a filter and colors these perceptions which pass through it. So if an experience in that Cleopatra incarnation was found objectionable to the conscious of the person relating that, it would either be deleted or changed in order to present it in such a manner as to not cause the disruption of the entity... (NOTE: The personal viewpoint aspect- how it is remembered after the imprinting. Like how channeled material is filtered)

It would be presented in as accurate a portrait as possible, but in the most comfortable one also.

*BDL* Which Lives Are Imprinted:

S: The imprint is determined by what the incarnation's goals are to be. If one were to become a leader, a president, for example, one might have imprints from various levels of leaders, from tribal leaders on up through possibly past presidential leaders, maybe a mayor, maybe a leader of thieves... The effect is to experience multiple lives, maybe simultaneously, maybe serially. But the effect is to learn lessons from other people's experiences... it is simply borrowing books from a library if you would consider each life a book and reading and understanding it instantly...

The imprint simply gives reference from which to draw. It does not assist in working off any karma. It simply is an added tool with which to work off karma. Were everyone to receive imprints then there would be a standstill in which no one would be experiencing true lives.

*BDL* Any Number Can Imprint the Same Life:

S: There is no limitation on how many can use one particular life. Thousands of people could imprint the same experience simultaneously.

*BDL* Creepy Jesus Imprints:

Jesus came as the foundation for this present evolution, to imprint this particular life for the healing of this planet. Tat is what is called the "Christ Consciousness." And each person who walks this path as the friend to the friend or as the healer, as Jesus was, has this imprint. And they are able to call upon this imprint when they have reached a certain state of consciousness in their own developments... (NOTE: Makes sense, but ehh.. So Idolatrous. ugh)

Many describe it as Christ entering their life, when in fact it or He has been there all the time.


Planning the New Life

Planning the New Life

*DA* Planning the Next Life:

Out of the knowledge gained in his past life, the Soul draws his plans for the next.

*UR2* Planning Lives:

The self knows ahead of time the best conditions for its own development, in light of time and the place of its chosen birth. It has, however, literally endless probabilities to choose from, to fulfill its abilities while maintaining a workable selfhood... It then preconditions its own organism to respond or not respond to the time and place of birth, to exaggerate or minimize, to negate or accept.

*HoL* Planning Future Lifetimes:

Heyoan said that future lifetimes were laid down into the field before birth and could be taken on at the completion of a life if the individual so chose...

Heyoan: "In a sense, and here we must use metaphor, you sit down with your spirit guides before birth and choose your parents; choose a set of probable realities; choose work to do; and choose a set of energies that will then build a body. You in a sense separate a portion of your Greater Being, take that consciousness and create a body with it. You choose your parents and the physical inherited qualities gained from them.

"You sit down and you choose all that for a specific purpose. If in a particular lifetime, you complete that purpose and reach a certain goal, then it is always very easy to add another lifetime. You simply interweave the new consciousness that would be used in the next body into the old body and consciousness.

*K* Orchestrating Birth Place & Past-Life Friends:

This mould is guided by the Maharajahs to the country, the race, the family, the social surroundings, which afford the most suitable field for the working out of the karma allotted to the particular life-span in question... It is placed where the Ego may come into relations with some of such Egos, with whom it has been related in its past, as are present in, or are coming into, incarnation during its own life-period. A country is chosen where the religious, political and social conditions can be found which are suitable to some of its capacities, and afford the field for the occurrence of some of the effects it has generated. A race is selected... of which the characteristics resemble some of the faculties which are ripe for exercise, of which the type befits the incoming soul. A family is found in which physical heredity has evolved the kind of physical materials which, built into the etheric double, will adapt themselves to its constitution... The web of a man's destiny may indeed be composed of threads that to us are innumerable, and that may need to be woven into a pattern of to us inconceivable complexity; a thread may disappear- it has only passed to the under side to come to the surface again presently.

*ASJ* The Return to Incarnation- Nation, Family, and Body Choices:

‘The first decision to be made is what changes in the character have to be accomplished... When the nation into which the ego is to be born has been decided upon, it becomes necessary for a suitable family in that nation to be chosen- this is an intricate matter demanding much attention to detail... A family must be chosen through which he will come into contact with some of the personal links he has made in the past... The question of heredity is another decision which has to be made and consideration is given as to whether the ego deserves health or must suffer from diseases.' (NOTE: Not well stated. it is a decision as to what can be learned the most from)

*LBD* Forming an Image of the New Life:

The strength which develops in the soul in the presence of everything which I have characterized gives it the capacity to create for itself a formative image- initially a soul-spiritual one- of a new earthly life. We do not immediately perceive the life-experiences which transformed themselves into thoughts and receded from us when we enter the second half of the life between death and rebirth. But the soul experiences this period as a time of intensified creative willing and feeling; and the result of this intensification is that a formative image of a new earthly life crystallizes out of the surrounding spiritual substance...

The formative image of a new life becomes clearer and more defined and the human being feels himself, as a result of the forces which accumulate in him, to be driven down towards the parents who can give him a bodily frame most in keeping with the formative image of his approaching life on earth which he has created in the spiritual wold. Three elements are united at the human being's rebirth: the male, the female and the spiritual. (NOTE: Very Buddhist)

*JoS* Selection of New Lifes:

There comes a time when a soul must once again incarnate. It is not easy, for souls must give up this world of total wisdom to return to a world of competition and struggle. Souls do remember the physical pleasures and life on earth with fondness. When wounds are healed and we are once again one with ourselves, we feel the pull to return to earth to have a physical expression for our identity. One must decide 1) if they are ready to return, 2) what lessons do I want to undertake, and 3) where should I go and who should I be and work with? Souls choose when and where before choosing who they want to be. We start by having the opportunity of viewing how me might fit into certain environments in future time segments. Then our attention is directed to people living in these places. A soul is largely influenced by cultural conditions and events. When we enter the place of life selection, we are filled with hope, promise, and lofty expectations. Here souls are virtually alone, with guides out of sight. This place is larger than other spiritual study areas. One soul refered to it as the World of Altered Time. It resembles a movie theatre which allows souls to see themselves in the future, playing different roles. Before leaving, they will have selected a scenario for themselves.

1: There are coordinators, who receive the thoughts I send out. My guide talks to the coordinators, who actually assist us in previewing our life possibilities at the Ring. We call it the Ring of Destiny. There are probably many of these in the spirit world, but I cant see the others. It's circular, a monster bubble. There is a concentrated energy force, the light is so intense. I'm being sucked inward through a funnel, it's a little darker. The energy is relaxing and I feel concern and caring for me. The Ring is surrounded by banks of screens. They appear as walls themselves, but nothing is really solid. It's all elastic. The screens curve around me, moving. They are blank, not reflecting anything yet. They shimmer as sheets of glass, mirrors. I feel a moment of quietness, then it seems like someone flips the switch. There is color, action, full of light and sound. I am hovering in the middle, watching the panorama around me. It's New York! We talked about my going back there. I'm going to mentally operate the panel. It is a scanning device in front of the screens. It is a mass of lights and buttons. This image of technology is coming through for explanation's sake. I will help the controllers change the images on the screen by controlling the movement of the scenes I am watching. It works like a tracking system which converts my commands. I have assumed control. I see lines converging along various points in a series of scenes... I'm traveling through time now on lines and watching the images on the screens change. The points light up on the lines when I want the scene to stop. The stops are major turning points on life's pathways involving important decisions, possibilities, events which make it necessary to consider alternate choices in time. The lines makr the pathways through a series of events in time and space. I do not create the scenes I track. I just control their movement through time on the lines. The lines of energy are roads with points of colored light as guideposts which I can move forward, backward, or stop. I suspend the scene on the screens so I can enter it and have direct access to the action. I become the person in the scene and my soul hovers overhead at the same time. I can experience what life is like for anyone in the scene, or just watch them from any vantage point. While I do this, a part of me stays in the Ring so I can start up and stop the process. I can send thoughts back to myself. When I make contact with a human in the scenes, the soul in residence is put on hold for a moment. It's relatively short. We dont disturb life cycles when tracking through time. Spirits use time subjectively. Things and events are moved around, and become objects in time, but to us time is uniform. Progressive time is creates to test us. We are not shown all the possible endings to a scene. Parts of lives are obscured to us. This is used to test our ability to find solutions. We guage our abilities against the difficulty of the events. The Ring sets up different experiments to choose from. On Earth we try to solve them. I'll have to handle the consequence for any mistakes in my choices, if I'm not able to handle a life well. Our choices are not unlimited. Because of what they dont show you, there is risk attached to all body choices. There is destiny- all life cycles are in place.It's just that there are so many alternatives which are unclear.

x: Sensing that they are leaving the spiritual now within the circle, souls apparently rotate back and forth on resonating waves during their observational runs (REM & time experience!). All aspects of time are presented to them as reoccuring realities ebbing and flowing together. Because parallel realities are superimposed upon one another, they too can be seen as possibilities for physical lives. Souls may not clearly see significant events too far into the future because the further away these souls get from the present probabilities, the higher the incidence of possible alternative realities which cloud their images (!). Amnesia is imposed both on souls as they are incarnated and for souls examining future lives. If everything was preordained, there would be no purpose to our struggle. The purpose of reincarnation is the excercise of free will. We are masters of our destiny. (Perhaps we have planned our whole soul life for us and created us if it turned out right. The paradox comes true if it likes itself.) Souls have preferences for certain land types, cities, or coutryside, and certain geographic locations. For variety, souls do not come back within the same family. Some souls who dont live long after birth return as the soul of their next baby. Some choose to come for a short "filler life" and to die young to help someone else. Those lives with premature deaths are shown in the place of life selection. Otherwise, deaths are not usually included in the information they get. Some souls volunteer to be murdered, killed by illness, or die in a big catastrophe. Every soul has a motive for the events in which it chooses to participate.

x: In the Ring, souls preview the life span of more than one human being within the same time cycle. One who has skated through one life may choose a really tough and challenging life next time. The effort it takes to overcome a bodily impediment accelerates advancement. Souls will accept trade-offs, the good with the bad. Souls search for self-expression by developing different aspects of their character. The laws of karma will prevail: if the soul chooses one extreme, somewhere down the line this will be counterbalanced by an opposite choice to even out development. By surviving different challenges, our soul identity is strengthened. It is how we stand up to failure which marks our progress in life. The real lessons of life are learned by coming to terms with being human. Sometimes one of the most important lesson is to learn to let go of the past. Souls give the most attention to the psychological aspects of human life. This decision is the most vital part of the selection process. This is done before entering the place of life selection. A soul's spiritual energy has a fluctuating influence on whether the temperament of its human host is extroverted or introverted, ratioanlistic or idealistic, and emotionally or analytically dominated. Childhood traumas are a difficult barrier to discovering our identity. This is a difficult life. Sometimes a negative trait is selected by an otherwise developed soul for special attention in a certain body.

*JoYS* Choices For Incarnations:

When we are ready to incarnate on the physical plane, we have several other choices to make that will further shape our experiences, giving us a specific personality and set of circumstances. These include our overleaves, body type, agreements, and so on. We also choose our parents and physical body, and can, to a degree, influence our time of birth (which affects our astrological influences.)

*PtMoE* Life Choosing:

Each had to choose their own next life. Above all, we should seek to distinguish between the life that is good nad the life that is not good. Man's greatest happiness comes in choosing the best life. Some men chose to be animals, and some animals chose to become men.

Help From the Masters

*BDL* Meeting Souls, Learning, Preparing For the Next Incarnation:

D: When the spirit is met by other souls after it has died, where does it usually go?

S: It goes to the plane where the learning takes place. There's no central location for it; it's just a state of being. And usually the spirit interacts with many other souls while it is doing this. After learning what it needs for its next lifetime, it consults with the spiritual masters and starts preparing for its next incarnation. it consults with the spiritual masters to see what kind of situation would be best for the spirit to come back into. There is also consultation about which souls would be best for it to interact with for the benefit of all.

*BDL* Help With Reincarnation Decisions:

D: The teachers and masters that help you figure all this out, is their decision more important than yours?

S: It's not that it is more important. Many times they are viewing it from a different angle of perspective. They view it from their experience and they will share their wisdom. Most times their judgment is sound and you will pay to see it from that perspective also, and in this way you learn.

D: In other words, they see things you don't.

S: Yes, because they are standing back from the situation, so to speak...

It's generally done by a consensus of opinion between the person and their spiritual masters. They wont like many aspects of the life in particular, but the majority of the life will be something they can handle. And these extra things they're not to fond of are looked upon as spiritual challenges, something for them to accomplish and to work for...

The souls that are sick and damaged need stronger guidance than those that are healthy.

*BDL* Planning Future Lives:

S: When we are not directly involved with a life, we can go to this higher plane to plan our future path. And to plan ways of helping others who have not advanced as far as we have yet...

Others who are in-between lives right now, but not as advanced as we are, will often need help planning for future lives so as to continue progressing their karma. We give them advice and suggestions from our experiences, and then they can make their own decisions...

We are in a council on this level and we are handling things so far. But if it were to come a point that we are stumped, so to speak, we can contract those on higher levels from the podium with the pillars of power and they can come and communicate with us.

Group Planning Sessions
Planning Our Relationships

*BDL* Planning Your Next Incarnation:

S: There is a group of us gathered together. You could call it a sort of discussion and planning group. The majority of us here have been linked karmically in our past lives. These is one here who is our main guide for the group in general, and our individual guides are nearby. We are discussing and planning what karmic problems we will be working on during this next upcoming life... And we are discussing and planning how our lives and our karmas interweave and interrelate and what we hope to work out karmically...

These planning conferences are kind of rare and when an opportunity comes to have them, we do. Because usually one or the other in the group is on the earthly plane. But occasionally it overlaps to where all of us are on the spiritual plane at the same time, and we get together to coordinate things, so to speak...

Although we could communicate with their subconscious if need be, but it is not as clear a communication...

We discuss how we are going to interact with each other. We have our free will on such things from the physical viewpoint when we get there.

*LBD* Meeting All the People with Karmic Links:

And now one new experience after another arises out of the dim darkness of the spiritual world. One thing which arises is our connection with those people closest to us. We were engaged in this connection before the mid-point period; but then we worked with them in the spiritual world and were united in spirit with them. Now those souls reappear with whom we have unfinished business from our previous life... As they appear we are able to judge what is still incomplete in us, what we still owe them, what we need to do to balance out our insufficiencies with regard to them... We experience a desire to live closely together again with those souls with whom we had a close connection in the past. As this period continues, souls begin to appear with whom we had some kind of lesser connection: with whom, in some way or other, we formed a whole group... Then we encounter, finally, and in a vivid way, the people who shone out for us in life as ideal figures, even if we were not personally close to them.

*K* Neglecting Others & Its Karmic Effects:

If an ego treats unkindly or neglects one to whom he owes affectionate duty and protection, or service of any kind, he will but too likely again find himself born in close relationship with the neglected one, and perhaps tenderly attached to him, only for early death to snatch him away from the encircling arms.

*JoS* Preperation for Incarnation:

The person returning from the place of life selection must sort out which body to take and coordinate this decision with other players in the coming drama. Script changes (via free will) can be made while the play is in progress. Finding soulmates and others is very important in this life. Souls go to recognition class or prep-class to help them. Souls that are close to us can be spouses, siblings or non-parent relatives, and close friends. They can be with us for long or short periods, but the impact they have is what matters. Soulmates help each other accomplish mutual goals while supporting each other. We learn from human relationships is accepting others for who they are and not depending on them for happiness. Prearrangements for meeting are made before incarnation. The class takes place in a circular auditorium with a raised dias in the middle. That's where the speakers are. There is one main course of life we choose in advance, but alternatives exist and we learn from them, too. To hear these messages, dont intellectualize too much. Listen to instincts and gut feelings.

1: Some of the ten-fifteen around me are from my cluster group, and there are many others playing peripheral roles. There is a lot of energy and anticipation. The speakers arent tutor-guides, but promptors. They give us signs by coming up with ingenius ideas. Signs are placed in our minds now to jog our memory later as human beings. They are flags, markers on the road of life. These signs kick us in a new direction in life at certain important times. We must know the signs to recognize each other, too. These triggers may seem like insignificant little things, but they are turning points inour lives. Our soul power grows with what we discover. A silver pendant shining in the sun when I am seven will indicate a person to befriend and learn from. I will connect with that guy on my baseball team, a farming partner, and there will be my life-long pal from grade school. The most important sign to remember will be Melinda's laugh. She's my wife-to-be. Then the scent of her perfume when we first dance. Her trigger to recognize me is my big ears and stepping on her toes during the dance. My sister will convince me to go to California where we will eventually meet. The physical bodies chosen for lovers-to-be play a little role, but the greatest is in the mind recognition. My idea to go to the dance that night was sudden. I didnt like dancing because I was clumsy. I felt stupid, but was guided there. When we first met, I felt as if I was in another world. There was this familiarity, a knowing without doubt that something important was unfolding. An old girlfriend on the farm was one of the false trails I needed to get past.

*EbtL* Coming To Earth:

We choose to come with certain others because of the work we would do together. Some of us wanted to unite in a cause to change certain things on earth, and we could best do it with certain circumstances brought about by selected parents or others. We understood the effects we would have on each other, and the physical and behavioral attributes we would recieve from our families. We were given special spiritual attributes as well. We can always and at any time gain new ones.

*EbtL* Recognition:

Sometimes one meets people who seem familiar to them, where you feel an instant closeness, a recognition, without knowing why. But they appeared for a reason. They are sometimes angels sent to help us. They will help without interfering with your free will.

Choosing a Sex

*ASJ* Development & the Sexes:

The Master: ‘It is only possible to develop certain characteristics in female bodies and others in male bodies... When a man reaches perfection, he should have all the outstanding qualities of both sexes reasonably well developed.'

*TDA* Sexuality & Incarnation:

Dr. Peebles: "Sometimes the reason is that this...brave student... wants to intensely experience isolated introspection as the male, with no effect of the female inside. So most human beings or animals that walk around have both male and female inside- in the nuclear activity of their being, the vibration, the energy vibration. But when you split off into one male, one female... you're just totally female in that one person and totally male in the other...

"It is ultimately unavoidable and ultimately preferred and enjoyed to know self as bisexual. That is, attitude that in no way needs be expressed physically.

"But as an attitude... the heterosexual who is proud of their heterosexuality- if it is a man, just loves women and can barely shake hands with a man, much less hold them- has something to learn, just like the homosexual.

"If it's a male who prefers to hold males, and is angry or uncomfortable or not attracted to the female, he has something to learn about the female, about self...

"In fact, more often than not someone... in a condition of social bias... is always with intent and purpose for accelerated growth."

*JoS* Sex Preference of Souls:

There are periods in a soul's existence when it is more inclinced towards one gender or the other. Eventually, this natural preference evens out. Advanced souls are 50-50 while younger souls choose one sex about 75% of the time. Male/female is a preferred valence. Valence in chemistry are positive or negative properties.

*SS* Choosing a Sex:

The entire reincarnational experience must involve both sexual experiences. If in one life, for example, you hated women, you may very well be a woman in the next life. Only in this way, you see, would you be able to relate to the experience of womanhood, and then as a woman face those attitudes that you yourself had against women in the past.

Choosing a Receptive Place & Time Period

*CJ* Time Periods to Incarnate Into With Common Goals:

ROMC: "The earth also goes through a process of growth. When I was going through a trying period in a lifetime, the consciousness of the whole country I lived in was going through similar growth stages...

"During the Golden Age of Greece, the earth was at a very high level of energy. During these lighter periods of history, the soul grows in the finer, sensitive points. Many souls come in at the same moment in time for similar growth patterns...

"After a high experience, the soul might come back into an earth area of its lowest-vibrating energies in order to bring all parts of itself into higher energies.

"It works in rhythmic patterns. A soul can fluctuate back and forth from its lowest to its highest energy levels. And it would come into those points of earth time where the needed energy levels exist...

"The higher the vibratory level, the greater the responsibility. This is a universal principle."

*IAD* Rebirth in The Same Places:

Humanity should know and be made to realize that again, again, and again, the inhabitants of cities pass out through so-called death and re-embody in that same place, because attachments have been formed that draw them back into the same environment again.

*BG* Reincarnation on the Path:

The unsuccessful yogi, after many, many years of enjoyment on the planets of the pious living entities, is born into the family of righteous people, or into a family of rich aristocracy. Or he takes his birth in a family of transcendentalists who are surely great in wisdom. Verily, such a birth is rare in this world. On taking such a birth, he again revives the divine consciousness of his previous life, and he tries to make further progress in order to acheive complete success. By virtue of the divine consciousness of his previous life, he automatically becomes attracted to the yogic principles- even without seeking them.

2: Some of us begin staking out a new life by deciding what surroundings are best for all concerned. We can go anywhere in the world, and our preferences are weighed against what bodies are available. One begins by looking at locations in the Ring. I tried out four different cities, looking for the best place to study piano. One has to be in the Ring to study past and future mental processes of people. Making contact with someone in the present can be done from anywhere in the spirit world. The Ring allows you to actually be various people who are not yet born. We dont go to the Ring unless our minds are made up as to the type of the life we want to live. After you are finished reviewing lives in the ring, the controllers ask if I am satisfied. The controllers have been the same entities as far back as I can remember. I dont decide for certain until I go back and meet with my friends.

1: I may be not still going to earth near the end of my incarnations. There is another world besides earth with earth people. Earth will have fewer people in times to come.

Planning Lessons &

Dealing with the Karma You're Ready For

*BDL* Your Spirit Planning Lessons:

Your spirit knows what things you need to learn and then it creates situations with out you really being aware of what's going on.

*BDL* Working Off Karma:

S: [The perpetrators of those crimes'] karmic records would reflect the punishment that would be appropriate for whatever atrocities were undertaken. For in so storing these atrocities there is also given that which is appropriate penance, to use the religious terminology. The paybacks would be evident on playback. And so during the readying for the next incarnation, by assessing that which needs to be healed, there would be given that which is the healing experience...

You deal with the [lives] that are not necessarily immediate, but the ones that you feel you are far enough removed from now to work with that particular karma. When a person dies, their next thoughts may not particularly deal exclusively with any of the karma incurred in the last life but may deal with the lives successive and previous to that, if you feel you are capable of coming face-to-face with what has been incurred...

Some may be able to complete their karma in one life if they live a very exemplary life, and that is the end of it.

*ASJ* Human Laws- Karma:

The Master: ‘The second important law, which operates for humans though not for animals, is the law of karma- often referred to as the law of cause and effect... The law of karma decrees that every thought, word or action that emanates from man must produce a definite result- either good or bad- and that result must be worked out by us in our lives at the physical level... The Christian teaching has it, ‘as you sow, so shall you reap...

‘When a new ego starts his human lives, the number of foolish or evil actions, thoughts and words naturally far exceed those of a beneficent kind and if the law worked literally, the man would lead a life of perpetual misery and suffering, caused entirely by his own actions, thoughts and words... Such a life would be intolerable and impossible... A more humane method is adopted however whereby, in any one life, no man is expected to suffer more than he can stand, and the units of bad karma made by him in that life through inexperience, and which have not been paid off or negatived by similar units of good karma, are carried forward for working out in future lives. The result of this arrangement... is that during the first two hundred or more incarnations the man continually adds to that overdraft. But all this time he is creating what we call the voice of conscience... It does not operate appreciably for many lives...

‘A man who has a sensitive conscience and who listens to it, must be an old soul, for he could not have an efficient conscience unless he had much experience in the past lives in which his conscience, or reservoir of knowledge, was built up...

‘In all his future lives, before the new incarnation commences, a small percentage of his overdraft is allotted to him for paying off in that particular life, and that quota must be paid off, in addition to any units of evil karma made in the life itself.'

*ASJ* Cause of Tragedy:

The Master: ‘All such tragedies are produced entirely by the individuals concerned, by their actions in previous lives.'

1: Ashley's biological mind and I worked in unison to have a crippling fall. When I saw Ashley for the first time, I was able to see her without me, healthy, able... another life possibility. If she had begun her soul life with another entity, she might not have fallen- that's a possibility, one of many. She could have been less severely injured. But her uninjured life was unhappy, with a man, feeling trapped. I had a moment of hesitation before I decided to fall, and heard a voice inside my head, telling me that it was an opportunity, to take the fall, for it is what I wanted., that it was the best course of action. As my consciousness slipped in and out after the fall, it began growing in power. I learned to better control the pain. This mental control helped me to concentrate later. I became a listener and thinker. I wrote with inspiration and gained teaching abilites. My teacher was very proud of me.

*HU* Regressed Between Lives, Planning the Next Life:

He regressed subjects to the interim between lives, a dazzling, light-filled realm in which there was "no such thing as time or space as we know it." According to his subjects, part of the purpose of this realm was to allow them to plan their next life, to literally sketch out the important events and circumstances that would befall them in the future. When individuals were in the between-life realm, they entered an unusual state of consciousness in which they were acutely self-aware and had a heightened moral and ethical sense. In addition, they no longer possessed the ability to rationalized away any of their faults and misdeeds, and saw themselves with total honesty.

When subjects planned their next life, they did so with a sense of moral obligation. They would choose to be reborn with people whom they had wronged in a previous life so they would have the opportunity to make amends for their actions. They planned pleasant encounters with "soul mates," individuals with whom they had built a loving and mutually beneficial relationship over many lifetimes; and they scheduled "accidental" events to fulfill still other lessons and purposes.

A woman who had been raped when she was thirty-seven revealed that she had actually planned the event before she had come into this incarnation. As she explained, it had been necessary for her to experience a tragedy at that age in order to force her to change her "entire soul complexion" and thus break through to a deeper and more positive understanding of the meaning of life. Another subject, a man afflicted with a serious and life-threatening kidney disease, disclosed that he had chosen the illness to punish himself for a past-life transgression. However, he also revealed that dying from the kidney disease was not part of his script, and before he had come into this life, he had also arranged to encounter someone or something that would help him remember this fact and hence enable him to heal both his guilt and his body. True to his word, after he started his sessions with Whitton, he experienced a near miraculous complete recovery.

*JoYS* Karma:

One might choose to repay karmic debts. Some bad situations might just be bad luck, though. Repaying karma is growing through pain, and the enlightened soul prefers to grow through joy.

We dont incarnate on other planets, for we dont want to create any karma that would require deep involvement to repay. Things get messy this way.

Choosing Challenging Lives

*VftA* The Benefit of Hard Times:

Jonathon: "I know that life can be filled with pain and confusion, sorrow and despair, where you are, for I remember this. However, those difficulties are seen from this perspective as great and precious jewels, for they create a quickening in the evolution of the soul, and this holds a universal value beyond all measure."

*CJ* Reincarnation Choices & Speed of Growth:

ROMC: "Some souls cycle back into the earth for more intense growth; some souls cycle into other galaxies or dimensions. Souls are attracted to the areas where they can receive the greatest levels of growth.

"The earth level is a very intense level of growth. In the time-space zone of the earth, friction sets up faster growth levels within souls. Lessons are often learned rapidly."

*UR2* Choosing Tragedies in Life:

Certain individuals can and do choose life experiences that involve great tragedies. Yet those tragic lives are used as a focus point that actually brings into experience, through comparison, the great vitality and thrust of being...

Many follow dangerous professions. It is fashionable to suppose that these people have a death wish. Instead, many of them have an intensified life wish, so to speak. Certainly it seems destructive to others. To those people, however, the additional excitement is worth the risk. The risk, in fact, gives them an intensified version of life...

No slayer kills someone who does not want to die, either.

He picks, or she picks, victims as intuitively as the victim seeks out the slayer.

*DEVF2* Reincarnation Doesn't Involve Punishment- Choosing Deficits:

The entire idea of reincarnation has been highly distorted by other religious concepts. It is not a psychological arena composed of crime and punishment... The great facility and adaptability of the human species are dependent upon an amazing interplay between genetic preciseness and genetic freedom...

The possibility of creative change must always be present to insure the species' resiliency, and that resiliency can show in many ways- in conditions that you consider deformities, disabilities from birth, or in any physical variation from a hypothetical physical norm...

There are mental conditions also: the so-called retarded people who do not use their reasoning minds as others do...

Your thoughts, feelings, desires and intents, your reincarnational knowledge as well, modify that structure, bring certain latent characteristics into actualization, minimize others, as through the experience of your life you use your free will and constantly make new decisions...

Some people, in beginning such a venture, will indeed insist upon an excellent vessel, with the most sophisticated mechanisms, equipped with grand couches and a banquet room. Others would want much more excitement, much more zest, and order then instead a less grand vessel, but one that went faster. Some would set goals for themselves tat demanded that their powers of seamanship be tested...

In no way do I mean to demean the indisputable value of geniuses, or their great contributions to the quality of life- but the quality of life is, again, also benefitted by the existence of idiots. Not only because both ends of the scale are necessary for genetic reasons, but also because idiots themselves are in no way considered failures or defects by nature... Idiots also serve their role by moderating the sometimes fierce hold that the reasoning mind can have upon human activity.

The idiot is often able to experience in his or her own reality a freer, more generous, more faithful flow of emotional stages...

It is highly important... that the species retain flexibility, and not become locked into any one pattern, however advantageous- and I am referring to physical or mental patterns... Those genetic variances may appear as defective or eccentric. They may appear as the handicapped. They may appear as superior characteristics.

*DEVF2* Choosing Defective Bodies & Hard Lives To Focus in Certain Directions:

Most individuals do not choose one "happy" life after another, always ensconced in a capable body, endowed by nature or heritage with all of the gifts most people seem to think they desire.

Each person seeks value fulfillment, and that means that they choose various lives in such a fashion that all of their abilities and capacities can be best developed, and in such a way that their world is also enriched. Some people will choose "defective" bodies purposely in order to focus more intensely in other areas. They want a different kind of focus... Such people will be embarked upon subjective issues and questions also that might not be considered otherwise...

Your overreliance upon physical norms, and your distorted concepts concerning survival of the fittest, help exaggerate the existence of any genetic defects.

*DEVF2* Hard Lives Keep Sympathy Alive:

Many such conditions also serve to keep man's sympathies alive.

*K* Congenital Karmic Defects:

Congenital defects result from a defective etheric double, and are life-long penalties for serious rebellions against law, or for injuries inflicted upon others. (NOTE: watch out! This is dangerous!)

The Life Script - What's Flexible

*HU* The Life Script, Flashforwards, & What We Have Planned for Ourselves:

The guiding force behind our choices is often affection or a sense of guilt or indebtedness. Although a person's material conditions can vary greatly from one life to the next, their moral conduct, interests, aptitudes, and attitudes remain the same. Individuals who were criminals in their previous existence, tend to be drawn to criminal behavior again; people who were generous and kind, continue to be generous, kind, and so on.

If this world is (in Keat's phrase) ‘a vale of soul-making,' we are the makers of our own souls."

Although Stevenson's research suggests that we are the creators of our own lives and, to a certain extent, our own bodies, our participation in this process is so passive as to be almost involuntary.

NDErs are often given the choice whether to return or stay. There are even instances of NDEers being told that it is their time and still being allowed to return.

That our future is at least partially sketched out is also evident in a phenomenon Ring calls the "personal flashforward." On occasion, during the vision of knowledge, NDEers are shown glimpses of their own future.

On occasion NDEers are show personal flashforwards and told that the future they have witnessed will come to pass only if they continue on their current path. In one unique instance, an NDEer was shown a completely different history of the earth, a history that would have developed if "certain events" had not taken place around the time of the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras three thousand years ago. The vision revealed that if these events, the precise nature of which the woman does not disclose, had failed to take place, we would now be living in a world of peace and harmony, marked "by the absence of religious wars and of a Christ figure."

*UR* Planning Out a Lifetime Ahead of Time- What's Set and What's Flexible:

At your birth you are quite aware on unconscious levels of those conditions that you will meet. You have chosen them and projected them ahead of you.

The conditions, however, while "set" in one fashion, are highly plastic in another. You are unconsciously quite aware of the results of any given action. Ruburt had already become aware of the overall interests and concerns that would dominate his future life, although the particular course of it had not been chosen.

The source-reality out of which all else springs is never predetermined – that is, predestined, or even set.

*SS* Lives Arent Predestined:

Reincarnation is a tool used by personalities. Predestination is never involved.

*JoYS* Life Plans- Designed Generally Before Reincarnation, Agreements Between Souls:

Before incarnating, we usually plan each lifetime in detail. The most important thing we want to accomplish, is our "life task." We usually begin working directly on our life task (or tasks—we can have more than one) after completing our "midlife monad" in our middle to late thirties.

Examples: using the entertainment media to inspire in others a love of love and truth; working for world peace on a grass roots level; helping people learn how to survive gracefully and prosper under harsh circumstances; and integrating the lessons of many past lives. All are specific, yet broad enough to have many possible ways of fulfilling them. Everything in the akashic records must be translated.

Not everything in our lives is planned out ahead of time. Plans are usually made, but they are flexible frameworks within which we create our lives.

Our midlife monad is a life passage in which our genuine role, overleaves, and life path emerge wherever they were obscured by what we were conditions to be. Those who do not successfully complete the midlife monad tend to remain stuck in their restrictive imprinting.

Our life plan provides us with a framework, but we must continually build upon it.

A major part of our life plan is our agreements. An agreement is a decision made by two souls, usually before incarnating, to work together on the physical plane in a particular way. People make an average of about nine mate agreements before incarnations. Personality does not always reveal essence.

If a couple has five children, for example, the first, third, and fifth child may have had agreements with the father, and the second and fourth, with the mother. The couple usually alternates between their individual child agreements.

There are not grand, metaphysical reasons for everything.

*CWG1* Life Plan Clarification:

A soul does not choose what kind of life it will experience ahead of time. That defeats the purpose, which is to create your experience- and thus create your Self- in the glorious moment of Now. You may however, select the persons, places, and events- the conditions and circumstances, the challenges and obstacles, the opportunities and options- with which to create your experience. What you create with these is your business. Your potential is unlimited. The world is not buffeted by fate. Each event and adventure is called to your Self by your Self in order that you might create and experience Who You Really Are.

*SS* Reincarnational Dramas:

You are so focused in your roles, so intrigued by the reality that you have created, so entranced by the problems, challenges, hopes, and sorrows of your particular roles that you have forgotten they are of your own creation. You live many existences at one time. Some, resting between lives, try to communicate with those who are still taking part; but they themselves are merely in the wings, so to speak, and can only see so far.

The meaning of the play is within you, therefore. It is only the conscious portion of you that acts so well, and that is focused so securely within the props of the production.

Life Task

*JoYS* Task Companions:

A task companion is another soul we team up with at the beginning of a grand cycle. Our life tasks are complementary.

We often work with our task companion and essence twin in the dream state, especially if we don't know them "in the flesh." A nonincarnate task companion is often one of our spirit guides.

*JoYS* Monads, Or Essential Experiences:

Monads are essential experiences.

You set up any monads in your life plan. Most of these are reciprocal. You usually do one side in one lifetime, the other side in another, with the same essence.

The most common monad is teacher/student.

Monads are only done once.

Those with many previous cycles, with their boundless energy, for advanced experimenting, often choose to do the monads several times, each time in different ways.

Love monads are formed when two essences have completed all the major monads together. Love monads are only possible in the old soul cycle, since some of the monads are not done until then.

There are seven internal monads, which concern our relationship with ourselves rather than with others. These have also been called "milestones." The first is birth. The second is the emergence of an awareness of self as a separate individual, usually by the age of two. The third occurs around the age of eighteen, when a person leaves the "nets." The fourth happens at the time of midlife crisis. The fifth or "senior citizen's" internal monad usually occurs between the ages of sixty-five and seventy-five when a person reflects on his life, on what he has accomplished versus what he set out to do. The sixth is the beginning of the dying process, and the seventh is death itself.

*TB* Purpose:

Man has come into this world for a particular task, and that is his purpose. If he doesn't perform it, he will have done nothing.

*SS* Reincarnaitonal Challenges & Dreamwork:

Beside our objective role in each life, your reincarnational challenges also involve your dream states, rhythms of creativity that flow and ebb beneath the daily world you know.

Healing Before Incarnation

*BDL* Healing & Preparing For Incarnation:

S: The spirit that has been damaged by something that they have done in their past incarnations, even though they may want to enter the physical plane, they would not be able to because the damage they have sustained prevents them from doing so without help from someone who is higher up...

The learning and preparation you do here carries over in your subconscious and in your attitudes about whatever wisdom you are able to gain. In this way you're more successful in your karma.

Immediate Disorganized Reincarnation

*BDL* Incarnating Without Preparation:

D: I think some of them are so wrapped up in the physical they think that is all there is. In those cases where they come back immediately they wouldn't have had any chance to work on karmic relation or see their patterns...

S: They are usually the people who think their lives seem all messed up and confused and complain, "Why doesn't anything ever go right?" It is because they came back disorganized...

Now sometimes if a spirit just doesn't seem to want to change, they are kept in a special place between lifetimes to help them grow and develop for the next incarnation...

If this were not so, some would get locked into a vicious cycle and would never progress and that is not good...

There they meet with others that have similar problems and with a spiritual guide.

Script: The following few should be a section called "Creepy Buddhist Shit"
*TBD* Approaching the New Life:

From Orientation To The Existence Between:

"Now your sense of your body from the preceding life will become vague, and your sense of your body of the emerging life will become more distinct. Then you will feel sad and think, ‘I am suffering so- now I will seek whatever body comes along!' Then you will move toward whatever appears, gradually and uncertainly, and the six lights of the six realms will dawn. The realm toward which evolution impels your birth will dawn most clearly...

"By power of evolution the vision will arise of your proceeding upward, on the level, or downward with head hanging... You will have visions of hurricanes, blizzards, hailstorms, dense fogs, and being chased by many men, and you will seem to escape. Those without merit will seem to escape to a miserable place, but those with merit will seem to escape to a happy place... (NOTE: Arising/descending through the lower astral?)

"You are now wandering within the existence between. A sign of that is that when you look in water you will not see your reflection. You have no shadow."

*TBD* Blocking the Womb:

From Orientation To The Existence Between:

"Now is the time to block the door of the womb! ...Remember to be revulsed!..

"At this time you will have visions of couples making love. When you see them, don't enter between them, but stay mindful."

*TBD* Entering the Womb:

From Orientation To The Existence Between:

"If you are going to be male, you arise appearing to be male; you feel strong hate toward the father, and attraction and lust toward the mother. If you are going to be female, you appear as a female; you feel strong envy and jealousy toward the mother, you feel strong longing and lust for the father. Conditioned by that, you enter the path of the womb. You experience orgasmic bliss in the center of the union between white and red drops, and within the experience of that bliss you faint and lose consciousness...

"The womb you have entered should appear to you as if magically transformed into a divine palace."

*TBD* Choosing a Womb:

From Orientation To The Existence Between:

"Now signs and marks will arise about which continent you will be reborn in... Choose a continent...

"If you are to be reborn a god, you will see delightful, divine, multistoried mansions made of various jewels. It is alright to dwell there, so you may enter there. If you are to be reborn as a titan, you will see a pleasant grove and spinning wheels of fire; remember renunciation, and by all means do not of there! If you are to be reborn among the animals you will see caves, ant holes, and grass huts, as if through a fog. Do not go there! If you are to be reborn as a pretan, you will see charred stumps, black spots, dark ravines, darkness, and shadows... If you are to be reborn in the hells, you will hear the songs of negative evolution, or you will feel a helpless need to go there, and you will have visions of an island of darkness, a black house or a red house, black pits, and black roads. If you go there, you will be stuck in the hells... You will never escape... (NOTE: so wrong!)

"You will feel as if you are fleeing from overwhelming darkness, hurricanes, tempests, harsh noises, snow and rain, hailstorms, thunderstorms, and violent blizzards. Escaping in panic, you will seek a refuge, and you will feel safe in the previously mentioned beautiful houses, in rock caves, in earthen caverns, in forest thickets, within the round blossoms of lotuses and so forth...

"Do not go to just any womb that presents itself... Since now you have subtle clairvoyance, you will be able to understand the nature of all places, so choose your place of rebirth wisely."

*CPL* The Last Thought Dominates:

The last thought that occupies the mind at the very moment of death can imprint on the soul and dominate the person's thinking in the next life. Dr. Woolger calls this a life script. These life scripts can shape a person's disposition, expectations, and motivations, coloring all perceptions of how the world works.

The life script "It's not safe to go out in the world" could result from dying in a surprise attack. "I'm not good enough" could stem from any serious failure in a past life. Dying as a child in any accident where the parents ware nearby could result in the life script "You didn't protect me." (NOTE: Aha! Because when you forget the between-life stage, the last big, dominating emotion that you remember, as if it just happened, was your thoughts & feelings at death. Thus the carryover.)

*SS* Reasons for Reincarnation:

Those personalities who are returning, are doing so for various reasons. Some of them are drawn to physical life again because of attitudes of survival regardless of the consequences. They are those who in the past, in your terms, strove for physical existence without consideration for the rights of other species. They are driven to return because of their own desires.



The River of Forgetfulness

*HU* Censoring the Knowledge of What is Planned to Come:

Not all of Whitton's subjects were so eager to learn about the future their metaconscious selves had laid out for them. Several censored their own memories and asked Whitton to please give them posthypnotic instructions not to remember anything that they had said during trance. As they explained, they did not want to be tempted to tamper with the script their metaconscious selves had written for them.

*PtMoE* River of Forgetfulness:

Before reincarnation, each were required to drink a measure from the River of Forgetfulness, and those who were not saved by their good sense drank more than the measure, and each one as he drank forgot all things. And after they had fallen asleep and it was the middle of the night, there was a sound of thunder and a quaking of the earth, and they were suddenly wafted thence, one this way and one that, upward to their birth like shooting stars.

The Return To Earth

*JoS* Incarnations:

There are spacetime tunnels or channels for incarnation available near their group centers. These portals are symbolized by a line of huge archways for passage similar to a large train station. The way back is much faster than the way in.

1: We see these openings to lives as lighter or darker voids of space. The lighter tunnels denote more interactive communities of beings. The darker fields lead to low-density mental colonies where I am going to be alone a lot more.

*Anon* Pt3: The Rebirth:

Back in the city I met the brother that passed in Dec of 61 from Viral Encephalitis, and I was told that it was my time to go now so I proceeded out the East gate onto a cloud bank and went inside the sixth red box from the beginning it looked like an elevator box. I turned around and waved goodbye the door closed and then I was falling into a precipice it seemed like the universe turned upside down, when I finally got my bearings there was a point were I was standing at a doorway between two Universes illuminated by an infinitely creative intelligent light. I started toward a point of light in the heavens thinking to myself that I wanted to remember what I had learned and share it.

As I approached the solar system I went to the North polar region of the solar system drawing geometrical lines between the planets. I proceeded to the earth and saw a space capsule orbiting the earth. I was excited at the chance to be born in such a time when human beings were making such great strides with technology. I looked inside the space capsule and saw a man at the control panel he appeared to turn and look at me, and the capsule went on the light side of the planet. I looked at the flickering lights of the world embracing it in contemplation all the people were like my parents or family and we were all going to work together. I proceeded toward the earth approaching what looked like the continent of North America and what looked like Arizona from the position of the Sun between 8:00am & 9:00am Feb 20, 1962. Then I remember going into a dark room were there was a blue light I went inside the light and it was like I lost my self awareness but yet I was aware that I wasn't self aware. I felt like I had been betrayed by not being able to keep my faculties. Latter I started having this dream of white and black winged horses in a dark terrain with cliffs and a red setting sun to the west. I was a messenger with the white ones but I was working with the black ones and I was on this dangerous mission?

Then I remembered being born and seeing the hospital lights, I remember just about everything as well as conversations that were taking place at the age of 6 months.

*TB* Rebirth:

If you must take birth, or you intentionally wish to be reborn in order to pursue your spiritual path and be of benefit to others you should not enter any but the human realm. It is only there that conditions are favorable for spiritual progress. If you are going to be born in a fortunate situation in the human realm, you will feel you are arriving at a sumptuous and beautiful house, or in a city, or among a crowd of people, or you will have a vision of couples making love.

Life begins, as it ends, with the Ground Luminosity.

Swept along by the winds of karma, you will then arrive at a place where your future parents are making love. Seeing them, you become emotionally drawn in; and because of past karmic connections, you begin spontaneously to feel strong attachment or aversion. Attraction and desire for the mother and aversion or jealousy for the father will result in your being born as a male child, and the reverse a female.

Creating New Mental, Astral, & Physical Bodies

*ASJ* The Return to Incarnation:

The Master: ‘Although we all enjoy our time lived at the ego's level, we have to leave it again in obedience to the law of evolution. We all want to leave when our time comes, for we feel within us the desire for further expression and experience...

‘The naked ego must clothe himself once again- in other words obtain three new bodies through which he can function on the planes of consciousness applicable to them... The matter that is drawn round him takes the form of his last mental body- the one he dropped at the end of his sojourn at the mental level- with one small difference; it is a better mental vehicle of consciousness than the last one, because it includes in it the result of his mental efforts in his past incarnation...

‘He turns his attention to the astral atom and vivifies that... This new body contains within it the results of the work he did during the years he lived under the astral plane conditions... The new astral body is much more sensitive than the old one, that is to say, it is able to register emotions more strongly than its predecessor.

‘He must next have a physical body (his overcoat). This is acquired through the medium of being born in the normal way into a family in the world. The body is not necessarily a better type than that of the previous incarnation- much depends on the lessons which have to be learned in the new life.'

*DA* Meeting Your Evil Past on the Way To Reincarnation:

But the Ego meets... In the "atmosphere of the terrestrial plane," the seeds of evil sown in his preceding life on earth... The evil he did in his past has been in a state of suspended animation... The Ego has to take up the burden of his past.

*LBD* The Journey Back into Incarnation:

The distinct, clear, conscious relation to [the sun-sphere] becomes dim and we are drawn back into the moon-sphere. And here, in the moon-sphere, we find the ‘small package' deposited by us... we find again what represents the worth of our moral qualities...

We must embody within us this package of destiny...

We have lost the spiritual germ of the physical body. This has already arrived below and united itself with the last of those successive generations which we have watched. We ourselves, however, are still above...

Having sent the spiritual germ of the physical body down to earth and remained behind the soul (ego and astral body), we draw etheric substance out of the world-ether and form our own etheric body. And to this etheric body, formed by ourselves, is joined- approximately three weeks after the fecundation has taken place on earth- the physical germ which formed itself out of the spiritual germ... (NOTE: This is all very questionable)

We weave [the small package containing our moral worth] into our ego, our astral body, and also into our etheric body. Thus it is joined to the physical body. In this way we bring our karma down to earth...

The human physical body acquires individuality only through the circumstance of its being permeated by the etheric body... We become individualities only by means of our karma. (NOTE: ???)

*WtK* The Journey From Soul to the Physical:

Now as Mind includes within itself all realms of consciousness, it does not take much of an effort of thought to realize that you, a soul- the thinker, must dwell within Mind, and that you are a center of consciousness of Mind... In order to express your self or your soul on the earth plane, you had first to create a "separate" mind or mental body in which to dwell; and then that your mind had to create for itself a physical body with a human brain in which to dwell; and then that your mind had to create for itself a physical body with a human brain in which it could dwell, in order that you as a soul could function as a self-conscious separate unit of Mind.

*WtK* The Soul Incarnates:

It is the soul only that incarnates- not the Higher Self; That, a Son of God, stays in the higher realms of consciousness where, through the brain-mind, It directs the life and teaches the soul the lessons garnered from the experiences of the personality while living in the human body.

*K* Retaking a Body & Your Karma:

Passing on to the astral plane on its earthward journey, it clothes itself anew in a body of desire, the first result of the workings out of its past karma. The mental images formed during the past "from materials supplied by the desire nature..." are now thrown outward by the soul, and immediately attract to themselves from the matter of the astral plane the kamic elements congenial to their natures, and "become the appetites, passions, and lower emotions of his -the Ego's desire body for this new incarnation." [-Ante, p. 35] When this work is accomplished- a work sometimes very brief, sometimes one that causes long delay- the Ego stands in the karmic vesture he has prepared for himself, ready to be "clothed upon", to receive from the hands of the agents of the great Lords of Karma the etheric double built for him according to the elements he has himself provided, after which shall be shaped his physical body... The man is in very truth self-created, responsible, in the fullest sense of the word, of all that he is...

He is to tread a path marked out by the causes he has set going... he has to meet events joyful and sorrowful, resulting from the forces he has generated.

*SC* What We Incarnate Into:

Spirit has said that we aren't incarnate in the physical body, we're incarnate in a human personality.

From Spirit to the Cell Joining

*CBtL* The Process of Reincarnation:

After a person has decided to reincarnate, he or she is led to a "special building" for the process of reincarnation. Salter describes the process:

"The procedure is similar to people's arrival here. Only this time it is a going back. The person is placed in what looks like a tub. His body, which on their level usually takes on an average age of 25-30 years, begins to change and becomes increasingly younger and smaller. It returns to the state of a child and then to a baby and finally to a small cell. By the time the body has become a cell, it is no longer present here among us. The cell has meanwhile arrived in the female body of a human being.

*GotB* NDE- Bright Rod, Bright Figures, Spherical Space:

An electrical engineer had told me he had the sensation of sliding down a very thin, brilliantly incandescent brass rod...

"He said he encountered a host of bright figures. He had been picked up, he said, and taken into a circle of these figures, after which he felt very well... These figures had moved about in a spherical sort of space which seemed to be steeped in a lilac color.

*CWG3* Spirit Taking Physical Form:

By a process through which energy becomes matter, spirit is embodied in physicality. This is done by the energy literally slowing itself down- changing its oscillation, or what you would call vibration.

*CWG1* Ethereal + Thought = New Body:

As you undertake to inhabit a new physical body here on Earth, your ethereal body lowers its vibrations- slows itself from a vibration so rapid that it cannot even be seen, to a speed that produces mass and matter. This actual matter is the creation of pure thought. This matter is a coagulation of a million billion trillion different energy units into one enormous mass. As these tiny energy units have expanded their energy, they are discarded by the body, while the mind creates new ones. This the mind creates out of its continuing thought about Who You Are! The ethereal body "catches" the thought, so to speak, and lowers the vibration of more energy units (in a sense "crystallizes" them), and they become matter- the new matter of you.

*SS* Ideas of Yourself:

Your own physical image is the materialization of your idea of yourself within the properties of matter. Without the idea of yourself, your physical image would not be; yet often it is all you are aware of. The initial power and energy of that idea of yourself keeps your image alive. Ideas, then, are far more important than you realize. To say that physical life is not real is to deny that reality pervades all appearance, and is a part of all appearance.

The Spirit's World Enters the Egg

*LBD* Man is the Spiritual World:

As here we found rocks, river, mountains on all sides, so there above we find the human being, MAN, on all side. Man is the world...

When we speak of germs here on earth, we think of something small which becomes big. If we speak, however, of the germ of the physical human being as it exists in the spiritual world... we must think of it as immense, enormous.... What we undergo in the time between death and a new birth is the experience of fashioning a spiritual germ, as large as the universe, of our coming earthly existence. Then this spiritual germ begins to shrink. More and more its essence becomes convoluted. Finally it produces its own image in the mother's body.

The Reincarnational Information in Genetics

*DEVF1* The Reincarnational Memory Structure Behind Genetics:

Now besides this physical genetic structure, there is an inner bank of psychic information that in your terms would contain the "past" history- the reincarnational history- of the individual. This provides an overall reservoir of psychic characteristics, leanings, abilities, knowledge, that is as much a part of the individual's heritage as the genetic structure is a part of the physical heritage.

A person of great intelligence may be born from a family of idiots, for example, because of that reincarnational structure...

In the greater framework of reincarnational existences you choose your roles, or your lives, but the lines that you speak, the situations that you meet, are not predetermined...

With all the opportunities of creativity, and with your own greater knowledge instantly available, you would be swamped by so many stimuli that you literally could not physically respond, and so your particular kinds of civilization and science and art could not have been accomplished.

Entering the Fetus

*BDL* The Spirit's Connection to the Fetus:

I have discovered with my work at least two main ways that the entity is born. They may enter the body while it is still in the womb and go through the actual birth if they wish to experience this. They may also remain outside of the baby's body but in close proximity to the mother ad merely watch. They have freedom during this time to still go back and forth to the spirit planes as they are not totally tied to the baby yet. The main requirement, no matter which way they choose to do it, is that they enter the baby's body at the first breath...

The soul leaves the baby's body continually for long periods of time when the baby is little... It continues until the child has reached the age of around two years old. The soul is usually conversing with the masters at the school during this time and making last-minute decisions... So in this way the body can be separate and continue to exist for periods of time without the life force within it...

As she talked, her voice sounded tired and her responses began to dull. She no longer had any interest in answering or couldn't remember the answers to the questions. I have witnessed this before sometimes when the entity entered a baby's body. When they were cut off from the other side, the knowledge was also cut off. They were no longer thinking in spiritual terms but were becoming involved in the physical...

D: Have you entered the body now?

S: Yes...

(Softly) It is strange to feel the heart again. To feel the body.


D: Under normal circumstances, can you tell me at what point or at what time in the progress of the human physical development does the soul or spirit inhabit the body?

S: It is at that point at which the spirit chooses to inhabit. It could be at the precise moment of fertilization or conception, or perhaps some time removed from the birth experience, so as not to have to experience the trauma of birth. it is entirely up to that individual spirit's choice. It is also determined by what lesson the spirit needs to learn.


S: Some do not enter until days after the baby has been born...

D: You said sometimes they can leave for awhile and go back and forth...

S: Usually it is done when the body sleeps and there is no great harm, unless one stays gone too long. This could cause harm; the body could die...

It is preferred that it stop at about age one. but their have been cases where people have done it until three and even five years old. There are those who remember longer than others what it was like on this side.

...They do not like to be within the developing fetus; it is a cramped, uncomfortable feeling. They have the sensation of feeling warm but being in the dark. They can also describe all the emotions that the mother-to-be is experiencing...

They ar aware of everyone;s thoughts and they don't like being separated from the mother. Their first cries are in frustration at being unable to communicate with these strange creatures in this new environment. Then softly a wave of forgetfulness seems to sweep over them as their responses dull and the memories of the other planes and other existences fade away.

*UR2* Soul Gradually Enters the Fetus:

To a certain extent what you are was latent in the fetus, but their is no one point when "the full awareness of the soul enters into the flesh." The process is gradual...

All things have consciousness, and in those terms possess a soul-nature. There are no gradations as to soul. Soul is the life within everything that is. Of course the fetus "has a soul"- but in the same way, if you think in those terms, then each cell within the fetus must be granted a soul.

*TDA* The Soul Entering the Fetus:

Linda: "When does the soul enter the fetus?"

Dr. Peebles: "Well, it can be anywhere from as early as six weeks... The greatest frequency is three months to fourteen weeks... Sometimes it's not uncommon for it to be around the... sixth month... It's most commonly between twelve and fourteen weeks to six months, occasional exceptions in both directions...

"The soul, however, is hovering... is there... before and... leaves the body frequently after totally embracing the physical body. The soul is never fully inside the physical body while in the womb. The total, complete action of oneness takes place in the first breath upon birth. But between the third and sixth month, there is... oh, you might say, seventy-five percent inhabitation. You see? Nothing at all before that, just a hovering."

"Merely ask yourself how often is it true that you just done want to wake up in the morning...

"That hesitation is in the mind of the incoming spirit but recorded within the physical experience of the womb of Mommy. This, to greater or lesser degree, has direct bearing upon the consciousness of Mother."

*VftA* Entering Incarnation, Shaping the Fetus, Forgetting:

Jonathon: "As you can see, I do not appear to you as an infant. My soul's body is made of light, perfect and whole and ageless, as is yours. Yet, when I am born into your world, my spirit will fill the immature form of a newborn child, helpless and soft and dependent on those around him for sustenance. Even now I am molding that physical temple so that I can best serve God. I am developing certain traits and abilities in the physical form, which will help me to achieve my Destiny. This is a major task for every soul prior to incarnation. Each spirit is drawn to its mother at the point of conception- sometimes even before conception occurs. That spirit then guides the development of the fetus so that, indeed, the spirit is not an outgrowth of the body, not is it ever separate. Rather, the body is an outgrowth, a projection of the soul, a reflection of what the soul requires of a physical body in order to learn its particular lessons, to fulfill its unique destiny.

"When we are born we know everything, and then we must forget most of what we know until it is time to remember. This forgetting is gradual. We never lose the deep soul memory of who we really are and what we came to do and where we have been. We do all that we can while in Heaven to ensure that we do not totally forget these things once we have entered your reality."

*CBtL* The Spirit and the Fetus:

Still other research reveals that the soul may not necessarily have entered the cell, but that it remains close to the cell and may enter it anywhere between conception and birth.

*TDA* Fear of Incarnation:

Dr. Peebles: "It is often with hesitation and fear- and trepidation, on occasion but not always- that a spirit enters- approaches the womb, and prepares to enter the womb. But then the warmth and the nurturing of the womb is so overwhelming that peace comes into the child, temporarily... but just previous to that, the... ending of the spirit experience... is the greater challenge."

*BtL* NDE of Genetic Choice:

Instantly Carter Mill's whole life began to play out, starting at birth. He relived being a tiny spark of light traveling to earth as soon as egg and sperm met and entering his mother's womb. In mere seconds he had to choose hair color and eyes out of the genetic material available to him and any genes that might give him the body he would need. He bypassed the gene for clubfootedness, then watched from a soul's perspective as cells subdivided.

*JoNDE-JW* Joining With The Fetus:

Helen Wambach (1981) regressed more than 750 people and then had them describe their experience of fetal life. Eighty-nine percent of her subjects reported having two separate, simultaneous sources of awareness. They did not identify with the growing fetus or its stream of consciousness, although they accepted that the fetus was "theirs." Instead, they identified themselves with a nonphysical source of consciousness, and tended not to become involved with "their fetus" until six months after conception. In fact many were extremely reluctant to join "their consciousness" with the fetus. Wambach's subjects characterized themselves as disembodied minds hovering around the fetus and mother, being "in and out" of the fetus and having a telepathic knowledge of the mother's emotions throughout pregnancy and birth.

One-third of Wambach's subjects said they did not come into the fetus or join their consciousness with that of the fetus until just before or during birth; 12 percent stated they attached to the fetus about the beginning of the third trimester, which interestingly is when brain activity is first observed; and only 11 percent reported prior attachment to the fetus. The rest joined within a day or two after birth. Subjects ascribed their reluctance to join with the fetus to negative feelings about being born. Approximately 68 percent expressed antipathy and anxiety about being embodied. Their attitude was resigned toward physical life as an unpleasant duty they had to perform in response to an unidentified imperative.

At some point during the pregnancy or prenatal period, the transcendent source becomes "stuck" to its body with less freedom to dissociate its quasi-independent selfhood from that of the fetus. For the majority of people, this joining coincides with the period when measurable brain wave activity commences.

*SS* Physical-Soul Union in the Fetus:

[The fetus has a basic consciousness of its own] The personality enters the new fetus gradually. The process is determined by experience in other lives. Various methods of entry are adopted. If there is a strong relationship between the parents and child-to-be, then the personality may enter at the point of conception if he is extremely anxious to rejoin them. Even here, however, large portions of the self-awareness continue to operate in the between-life dimension. In the beginning, the womb state under these conditions is a dream-like one. Gradually the situation reverses, until it becomes more difficult to retain clear concentration in the between-life situation. In these circumstances, when the personality attaches itself at conception, there is almost without excpetion strong parst-life connections between parents and child, or there is an unceasing and almost obsessional desire to return to the earthly situation- either for a specific purpose, or because the reincarnating personality is presently obsessed with earthly existence. Some personalities are drawn to enter at conception as a result of seemingly less worthy motives- greed, for example, or an obsessional desire that is partially composed of unresolved problems. At the other end of the scale, before death the same applies, where some individuals remove their focus from phsical life, leaving the body consciousness alone. In the early days of infancy, there is not a steady focus of the personality in the body in any case.

The decisions have been made ahead of time. The reincarnating personality is aware, therefore, when the conception for which it has been waiting takes place. And while it may or may not choose to enter at this point, it is drawn irresistably to that time and point in space and flesh. Between lives an individual may see flashes of the future existence. The ghosts of the future are as real in your homes as the ghosts of the past.

The shock of birth has several consequences, however, that usually draw the personality full blast, so to speak, into physical reality. New stimuli are introduced with a rapidity that the body consciousness has never to that point experienced. It greatly needs a stabilizing factor. Previously the body consciousness has been enriched and supported by deep biological and telepathic identification withthemother. The communication of the living cells is far more profound than you imagine. The identification is almost complete before birth as far as body consciousness alone is concerned.

Until the new personality enters, the fetus regards itself as a part of the organism of the mother. This support is suddenly denied at birth. The new personality comforts the new organism, in other words. When it enters at the point of birth, it is fairly independent, not yet identified with the form it has entered, and acting in a supportive role. The newly entered personality, as a consciousness, flickers, in that there is a while before stabilization takes place. When the child, particularly the young child, is sleeping, for example, the personality often simply vacates the body. Gradualy the identification with the between-life situation dwindles until nearly full focus resides in the physical body.

Those mentioned earlier who enter at the point of conception are usually highly anxious for physical existence. They will, therefore, be more fully developed and show their individual characteristics very early. They seize upon the new body and already mold it. The control over matter is vigorous, and they usually stay within the body, dying either in accidents where death is immediate or in sleep or with a disease that strikes quickly. They are manipulators of matter as a rule. They are emotional. They work out their problems in immediate, sometimes impatient, teangible ways. They work well with earth materials, and translate their ideas with great force into physical trms. They make cities, monuments. They are architects.

As a rule, now, those who do not enter your plane of existence until the point of birth are less able manipulators in those particular terms. They are the average, if such a term can be used.

Now there are some who resist the new existence, even though they chose it, as long as possible. To some extent they must be present at birth, but they can still escape any full identification with the born infant. They hover within and about the form, but half reluctantly. There are many reasons for such behavior. Some personalities simply prefer in-between-life existence and are much more concerned with the theoretical solving of problems than the practical application necessarily involved. Others have discovered that physical existence does not meet their needs as well as they thought it would, and they will progress much better in other fields of reality and existence.

Because of their own characteristics, however, some prefer to set up a certain distance between themselves and their physical existences. They are much more concerned with symbols. They look upon earthly life as highly experimental. They approach it almost with a jaundiced eye, so to speak. They are not interested so much in manipulating matter as they are curious as to the ways in which ideas appear within matter.

Again generally speaking, they are always more at home with ideas, philosophies, and nontangible realities. They are thinkers always a bit apart, their body types showing a lack of muscular development. Poets and artists, while somewhat of this nature, as a rule are more deeply appreciative of the physical values of earthly existence, although they have many of the same characteristics.

The attitude toward the body will always vary, therefore. Various types of bodies may be chosen, but there will still be overall preferences on the part of the whole self, and characteristics that will lead the whole self, so that generally the various lives lived will still have their own individual flavor.

It is almost impossible to speak of when the personality enters the physical body without discussing the ways in which it leaves it, for all this is highly dependent upon personal characteristics and attitudes toward physical reality. Decisions as to future lives may be made not only in between-life conditions but also in dream states in any given life.

*SS* Relationship With the Body:

The personality, for its own reasons, may decide upon choosing a body that is not aestetically pleasing. He may never relate to it, and while the existence will serve what purpose he had in mind, there will always be a basic sensed distance between the body and the personality within it.

*EtS-GJDC* Diane Remembers:

Diane: "I remember when I was about three years old, looking down at my hand and rubbing my three fingers together. I said to myself, ‘This is a trick. Somebody stuffed me inside this skin.'"

*PoP* How the Soul Enters the Body:

During birth, the angelic soul enters the newborn's body at the exact instant when the baby takes its first breath of air. When a soul enters the body shortly before delivery, it is usually as a punishment. When a soul enters the fetus long before birth, it suffers imprisonment.

During the period following birth, the infant still retains the impressions and memories of its preceding life. It is not yet aware of its new state, but still lives in its previous consciousness and remains in contact with the spiritual world and perceives the impressions of that world quite clearly. Little by little those impressions blur and fade away, and around the age of six months the infant begins gradually to forget who it was.

At first a baby is only semi-conscious. It lives in a state of euphoria like that of animals. *EbtL* Spirits can enter the body at any time during pregnancy.

*JoS* Rebirth:

Nearing the moment of incarnation, souls become quietly introspective or engage in light bantering with their friends. This is a last chance to enjoy knowing who you are before they take a new body. Being born is much more shocking than death. At some point prior to birth, the soul will carefully touch and join more fully with the impresionable, developing brain of a baby. The child has no free choice in accepting or rejecting that soul. At the moment of first entry, chronological time begins for the soul. The connection may occur early or late in a pregnancy. The babies who are aborted early dont need souls. I try to reach to fighting parents through the baby to calm them. I can tickle the kids funnybone or get it to poke the parents faces, anything to bring harmony to my family. Inside the womb, there is a warm, comfortable feeling of love. Most of the time there is love, and sometimes is stress. I think and plan what I am going to do in this life, and consider past mistakes. Amnesia starts at birth. By the time a child learns to speak, information about who the souls is is locked deep inside me and that's the way it's supposed to be. We have datdreams, creating stories, pretending, having imaginary friends who are real, but it fades. In the first few years of life, babies know more than they are given credit for.

The soul is busy with this new mind, even though it is not fully ready. I have to bring my mind into syncronization with the brain. We have to get used to each other as partners. I start with a gentle probe, defining connections, gaps, every mind is different. There is a slight resistance in the child in the beginning, not full accpetance while I trace the passages (I keep bumping into myself!). That's usual, until there is familiarization. It takes a while to be able to do this and new souls are assisted while they learn. It is something like tracing nerve cell connections; I learn the brain wave patterns of the baby, which is how this person translates signals. No two children are the same. My presence is a melding. There is an emptiness before my arrival which I fill to make the baby whole. We expand what intellect is there. The soul proves a comprehension of things, a recognition of the truth of what the brain sees. The baby recognizes me as a friend, a twin, who is going to be part of her. It's as if the baby is waiting for me to come. Once birth takes place, the union of spirit and flesh has been fully solidified into a partnership. We have started to complement each other.

Even those souls who join the baby early do a lot of traveling outside the womb. Souls can never be trapped. The soul can come and go while sleeping, under anesthetic, or in deep meditation. The soul stops leaving the child altogether at the age of 5 or 6. usually we get fully operational when the child starts school. And we're back in the body like a shot when there's trouble.

1: I am excited about living in the 20th century. Most of us have mixed emotions about leaving the spirit world. I say goodbye to everyone, then drift away from them alone. It's a period of inspiration and expectation. My guide encourages me. We begin to move at a greater speed, then my guide detaches from me and I am alone. Away, slanting away through pillows of whiteness. I'm passing through folds of smooth silky cloth. I'm on a band, a pathway, faster and faster. Everything is blurred. I'm sliding down, down into a long dark tube, a hollow feeling, darkness, then warmth! I'm aware of being inside my mother. I'm in a baby- I'm a baby. This journey is much more rapid than the journey back.

2: When I am not with the pre-birth baby, I play! It's a fine time to leave. I have fun with my friends who are doing the same thing. We bounce around earth to visit each other and then go to interesting places where we lived togetehr in former lives.

*JoS* Different Mergings:

Souls have quite a lot of effect on humans, but good body and soul mergers dont happen all the time. A human would be pretty vacant without us. They would be dominated by senses and emotions. Each human brain affects how we exhibit ourselves from that body. That which I am is able to utilize some bodies better than others. I dont always feel fully attached to a human being. Some emotions are too powerful and I am not so effective. I am only able to interpret ideas and make sense out of the body's turmoil when the storms of the human mind are quiet, and I like choosing stormy people. We dont control the human mind. We try by our presence to elevate it to see meaning in the world and be receptive to morality, to give understanding. We give and take with our energy. I use different facets of expression, depending on the emotional drives of each body. I feel submerged and tired and unresponsive when there is too much negative energy. I go into a shell, I tune out when I dont get self-gratification from the body I am in, I am intimidated by a body in an emotional tailspin. One may choose to live a life contrary to their soul's personality, for example, a timid person might get a life in a really emotional body. Souls both give and receive mental gifts in life through a symbiosis of human brain cells and intelligent energy. Deep feelings engendered by eternal consciousness are conjoined with human emotion in the expression of one personality, which is as it should be. A soul does not have absolute control over its human body. Ideas and imagination may come from the soul.


*TDA* Abortion:

Dr. Peebles: "More often, in the desire for abortion, it is the rule rather than the exception that there is agreement there- a real agreement, not implied- between the incarnating spirit and the mother, a change of mind- or an intention in the first place merely to experience some time in the womb, for reasons that are individual...

"To leave life before it starts, as a baby, really is no different from leaving life after ninety years in the body, for from our awareness- and from the larger perspective- life is eternal."

*CBtL* Abortion:

The Luxembourg Lab asked Salter if any of the women at Timestream had had abortions during their Earth life. Salter replied:

"Yes, but it is not a topic of importance here anymore, such as on Earth. Here the emotions and feelings of guilt that arose on Earth about abortion are not playing a role anymore."

She went on to say that it's important to remember that we are eternal creatures, literally millions of years old, and that for an aborted fetus, generally, the period of being in the womb is only a short time. An abortion takes only a few minutes and is painful for only a moment.

To an aborted fetus, its memory of that painful time is as fleeting as a dark part of a dream. No one can extinguish the life of a soul...

Salter says: "There is a great difference between the decision motivated by lower, selfish reasons and the one made out of desperation or in an emergency."


*TDA* Gentler Births, Happier Babies:

Dr. Peebles: "As birth becomes more gentle- the use of water, the use of sound and soothing environments- the bridge will become more rapid and the result will be the need for less sleep in the child. And they'll become more alert more rapidly."

*TDA* The Pain of Childbirth:

Dr. Peebles: "We see pain as a blessing, not as a curse. It's a signal to create change, and to identify resistance.

"It is quite possible to bear child in a- as you call it- a natural state with very little pain. It's all equal to degree of resistance on the part of the mother- fear of failure and so forth- and upon the part of the child coming forward- fear of life- and, according to that mixture, there is pain...

"It is healthier for the child, in the long run, to allow the pain of birth...

"So often the child has come forward- you know, we see some human beings walking around for years in a mild dream state, in part affected by the anesthesia given at birth."

Life of a Baby

*ASJ* The Delight & Memory of Babies:

The Master: ‘It is as if children are the only really natural beings in the human world- the only people who understand enjoyment...

‘Having so recently returned to earth they are as yet so near to the truly glorious life of the heaven-world that they still retain some touch with life at its highest, life that is one with the nature kingdom, the land of fairies, the land of beauties untold and undreamed of by the material beings we all seem to become when we grow up... Even lion cubs are delightful as babies... After some months, or even a year or so, their instinct- which is part of the group soul to which they belong- filters through, then fear and antagonism for the human race comes into force and no longer can they be considered as safe pets.'

Crying Babies

*TDA* Babies Who Always Cry & Healing Them:

Dr. Peebles: "[Babies who cry all the time] are living out nightmares, nightmares within the soul before they were born...

"Whatever such source might be there, however- when the child cried constantly and no physical reason is obvious- is only subservient and responsive to the spiritual psychology, a dread of life, a belief that there is nothing outside the nightmare...

"The one out of the ten who live inside these nightmares are more often than not the middle range, those who have lived less frequently on Earth but are not new nor old, experienced on Earth, and are in a state of shock, feeling that they are in the midst of some kind of unfair punishment by having to reincarnate again..."

"Some of these children, for example, believe that they are in eternal hell. They believe they are in a region of the universe which, according to previous beliefs, is eternal damnation- and so how could they possibly believe that they are finding love and nurture?..

"The mother's mind can enter the child's mind. That entry, with proper guidance by a therapist, can bring forward clear emotions and stories as if that child were an adult, so if a therapist communicates with that level of awareness, then within a period of, oh, thirty days- sixty at the most, I believe- there can be total resolution of this condition...

"For example the mother will hold the child to her bosom and there would be loving and firm suggestion, tones, that the mother surrender her self-image and regress herself into her own womb, during the time of labor.

"When she begins to live that out, then the therapist will more likely than not achieve some real success in helping the mother project her mind into her baby, at which point the therapist can take the child backward to a moment just previous to incarnation into her womb. The child will then be encouraged to see the light of Earth through Mommy's womb, and to allow that light to pierce the nightmares brought from the spirit side.

"Then the child can be brought forward into a reenactment of birth- through soothing sounds and images that reveal Mommy's great love."

Leaving Early

*BDL* Crib Death:

S: [Crib death] is the life force simply vacated the vehicle and took with it the life energy...

There was a reverse decision or need to withdraw. Perhaps some occurrence from the physical level or on some spiritual plane necessitated that energy withdrawal. perhaps a karmic connection for that infant was lost. Perhaps one whom that infant had bargained and contracted with to meet at some point in that future life had either been killed, perhaps through accident or disease, or had decided not to incarnate. Then perhaps the life force would choose not to incarnate because the contract, as it were, could not be consummated.

*BDL* Stillborns & Young Deaths:

S: What happens with babies that are stillborn is that the parents bearing the baby need that experience in their lives at that point for their own development of their karma...

The ones that die when they're very young, in those cases they are usually spirits that are advanced enough to occasionally go to the physical plane, not necessarily because they need to work out an aspect of their karma, but to help out someone else's karma. They do it to help them when for some reason the other person's karma will be benefitted by just having a particular spirit within the realm of their lives for a short duration.

Incarnation Continues Through Life

*HoL* Incarnation:

The process of incarnation takes a lifetime... Incarnation is organic soul movement in which higher, finer vibrations or soul aspects are continually radiated downward through the finer auric bodies into the more dense ones and then finally into the physical body...

Each major stage of life corresponds with new and higher vibrations and the activation of different chakras...

The process of incarnating is directed by the higher self. This life pattern, is held in the seventh layer of the aura, the ketheric template level. It is a dynamic template which is constantly changing as the individual makes free-will choices... Each generation is usually able to sustain higher vibrations and expanded realities.

*ASJ* What You Bring With in Incarnations:

The Master: ‘When he returns to this plane he comes as a child without possessions other than the experience gained in his previous lives, experience stored by his higher self in the reservoir of knowledge which, as he gradually evolves, he is more and more able to bring down to the physical level.'

The Incarnation Waiting List

*CBtL* Many Waiting to Incarnate:

The great guru Ramakrishna Ananda, who is still alive on Earth, points out that millions of souls are waiting to be born on Earth, to have the Earth experience necessary for their spiritual development and he often says to his devotees: "Congratulations! You have a body! They're hard to get!"

...The waiting soul may have to wait what is equivalent to several lifetimes on Earth to finally get a suitable body which will enable the soul to have a life which will give it the particular experience it needs.

Incarnation Is Enough

*CWG3* Incarnating is Enough:

By taking physical form you have already done enough. I want, I need, nothing more. You have contributed to the common good. You have made it possible for that which is common- the One Common Element- to experience that which is good.


Script: There is some strong information on Karma in the thought-forms section.

The Infinite Tapestry of Karma

*BDL* Karma:

S: The energy from each individual life is like a universe in itself, and the way it intertwines and reacts to all the other energy in your universe, particularly the energies put out by other life-forms, weaves the complex tapestry that we call karma...

The law of cause and effect is one of the basic laws in effect everywhere, regardless of which universe you are in. This law is one of the underlying principles of karma that supports the entire structure... Anything, any action initiated can be labeled as "cause," and anything that happens as a result of that can be "effect." The action that results can also be called cause for other effects. It is all interlocking. It would be like having a sphere made out of chain links and they are all interlinked with each other. Every chain link is interlinked with every other chain link within the sphere...

It is being worked out all the time. Just the act of breathing works out karma. Regardless of what you do, you are always working out past karma and creating future karma...

The creation of future karma is what causes the universe to go on. Your future karma does not have to be bad karma... you will be able to continue and improve your future lives until you reach the ultimate...

When you reach the higher levels of karma you no longer have to go through physical lifetimes to work it out. You can do it on the spiritual plane and still be working towards the ultimate. And even when you reach the ultimate, your karma will be influencing and including other universes and the working out of the complex tapestry of the universes. It is not to be considered a prison. it is just a natural cycle that you can grow and develop through to become your ultimate self...

[People] should be looking at it as a teaching tool to help them to learn to grow and become better.

*tSD* The One Life is Karma is Action-Reaction:

The One Life is closely related to the one law which governs the World of Being- Karma. Exoterically, this is simply and literally "action," or rather an "effect-producing cause." Esoterically it is quite a different thing in its far-fetching moral effects. It is the unerring Law of Retribution...

"The one Cosmic Atom becomes seven atoms on the plane of Matter, and each is transformed into a centre of energy; that same Atom becomes seven Rays on the plane of Spirit, and the seven creative Forces of Nature, radiating from the Root-Essence... What unites them? Karma.

*IAD* Karma:

When individuals start to do wrong, that moment they set in motion the Great Universal, or Cosmic Law of retribution, and they can no more avoid retribution striking them sometime, somewhere, than they can stop the action of the planets. To the innocent victim, retribution sometimes seems a long time coming, but the longer its arrival is delayed, the more powerful it acts when it does arrive. There is no human being in existence that can avoid this Law. (NOTE: Dangerous: retribution!)

*TBD* The Law of Karma in a Nutshell:

Huston Smith: "The best known Buddhist text, the Dhammapada, announces in its opening line that ‘everything we are is the result of what we have thought.' If we add, ‘and what we have wanted and done,' which the Dhammapada assumes without stating, we have the law of karma in a nutshell."

*T* Karma & Overcoming Karma:

I would have to be created anew... if the effects of my actions from yesterday were not meant to be my destiny today.

*SuT* Karma:

According as a man acts and walks in the path of life, so he becomes.

*CWG3* Karma?

Whatever you cause another to experience, you will one day experience...

Do unto others as you would have it done unto you.

*K* Inevitability of Strong Karma:

When the aggregation of mental images has reached saturation point, the addition of but one more solidifies them into an at. The act, again, is inevitable, for the freedom of choice has been exhausted in choosing over and over again to make the mental image.

*SL* Escaping the Results of Your Actions, "Earned Bliss":

Take away all doubt, and hope that springs from doubt, that we may escape the results of our own actions and creep into unearned bliss by some side door of vicarious atonement where we have not labored.

*LBD* Not Everything Is From Karma:

Many things happen here on earth which we shall not attribute directly to karma. If we knock our foot against a stone, this must not always be attributed to karma- not, at any rate, to moral karma.

*K* Karma is Perfect Justice:

This assurance that "perfect justice rules the world" find support from the increasing knowledge of the evolving soul; for as it advances and begins to see on higher planes and to transmit its knowledge to the waking consciousness, we learn with ever-growing certainty, and therefore with ever-increasing joy, that the Good Law is working with undeviating accuracy... and that all is therefore very well with the world and with its struggling souls.

*tSD* Karma:

Those who believe in Karma have to believe in Destiny, which, from birth to death, every man is weaving thread by thread around himself, as a spider does his cobweb... When the last strand is woven, and man is seemingly enwrapped in the net-work of his own doing, he finds himself completely under the empire of this self-made Destiny. It then either fixes him like the inert shell against the immovable rock, or carries him away like a feather in a whirlwind raised by his own actions, and this is- Karma...

The only decree of Karma- an eternal and immutable decree- is absolute Harmony in the world of matter as it is in the world of Spirit. It is not, therefore, Karma that rewards or punishes, but it is we, who reward or punish ourselves according to whether we work with, through and along with nature, abiding by the laws on which that Harmony depends, or- break them...

There is not an accident in our lives, not a mis-shapen day, or a misfortune that could not be traced back to our own doings in this or in another life.

*ASJ* No Reward & Punishment- Only Cause and Effect:

The Master: ‘Get rid of the idea of reward and punishment. There is no reward, no punishment, but there is result, there is cause and effect, and the Law acts just as much in higher worlds as it acts down here on the physical plane.'

*SoM* Karma:

The Karmic Law is the Law of Cause and Effect.

*SoM: The Karmic Law is not Kismet. It is not fate but cause and effect. It is a taskmaster to the unwise; a servant to the wise.

*TB* Karma:

The truth and the driving force behind rebirth is karma. All joy comes from desiring others to be happy, and all misery from desiring ourselves to be happy. Karma is not fatalistic or predetermined. There is no situation which cannot help us to evolve. There is no crime or cruelty that sincere regret and sincere spiritual practice cannot purify.

Karma Is Generated By Intent, Attachment

*tSD* Karma Works, But It Doesn't Create:

Karma creates nothing, nor does it design. It is man who plans and creates causes, and Karmic law adjusts the effects; which adjustment I not an act, but universal harmony, tending ever to resume its original position, like a bough, which, bent down too forcibly, rebounds with corresponding vigour.

*K* Karma & Motives:

A man may do an act that gives widespread enjoyment from sheer benevolence, from a longing to give happiness to his fellow creatures; let us say that from such a motive he presents a park to a town, for the free use of its inhabitants; another may do a similar act from mere ostentation, from desire to attract attention from those who can bestow social honours... ; a third may give a park from mixed motives, partly unselfish, partly selfish. The motives will severally affect these three men's characters in their future incarnations... But the effect of the action in causing happiness to large numbers of people does not depend on the motive of the giver; the people enjoy the park equally, no matter what may have prompted its gift, and this enjoyment, due to the action of the giver, establishes for him a karmic claim on Nature, a debt due to him that will be scrupulously paid. He will receive a physically comfortable or luxurious environment, as he has given widespread physical enjoyment, and his sacrifice of physical wealth will bring him his due reward, the karmic fruit of his action. This is his right; but the use he makes of his position, the happiness he derives from his wealth and his surroundings, will depend chiefly on his character.

*K* Bound By Good Karma- Desire & Attachment Bind:

Karma brings us ever back to rebirth, binds us to the wheel of births and deaths. Good karma drags us back as relentlessly as bad, and the chain which is wrought out of our virtues holds as firmly and as closely as that forged from our vices...

Not in action but in desire, not in action but in attachment to its fruit, lies the binding force of action. An action is performed with desire to enjoy its fruit, a course is adopted with desire to obtain its results; the soul is expectant and Nature must reply to it, it has demanded and Nature must award. To every cause is bound its effect, to every action its fruit, and desire is the cord that links them together... When all the bonds of the heart are broken the soul is free. Karma can then no longer hold it; karma can then no longer bind it; the wheel of cause and effect may continue to turn, but the soul has become the liberated Life.


"Whose works are all free from the moulding of desire, whose actions are burned up by the fire of wisdom, he is called a Sage by the spiritually wise.

"Having abandoned all attachment to the fruit of action, always content, seeking refuge in none, although doing actions, he is not doing anything. (NOTE: karmically)" -Bhagavad Gita, iv, 19-23

*GoE* Intentions:

The sentiment from which it sprung determines the dignity of the deed.

That Which Doesnt Generate Karma

*K* Beings Without Karma:

The non-presence of manas in the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms has as its corollary the non-generation of individual karma.

Karma & Freedom

*LBD* Freedom, Karma, and Cause & Effect:

Our life does not become any the less free thereby. We do not lose our freedom because we starve if we do not eat.

*CWG1* Karma:

There is no such thing as karmic debt. A debt is something that must or should be repaid. You are not obligated to do anything.

How Karma Plays Out

*VftA* Karma:

Angels: "It does not mean, for example, that one who has committed suicide must live through the same tragedy- the loss of a loved one to suicide. This is a gross misunderstanding of the workings of the universe and the generally held concept of karma: the idea that if you do something "wrong," you will have it done to you in the next life. This misconception is predicated upon a denial of God's great compassion and love. It is a negation of the free will of each individual to lovingly create balance, strength, and empowerment of themselves and the whole from imbalance. In this way, the cycle of pain and inappropriate action is broken. The patterns that are not conducive to the good of the whole or the individual are then changed forever. In the changing of these patterns in the self, the tendency for them to exist and have power in the whole is greatly lessened."

*ANMU* Karma isn't Retribution:

In reality in the idea of karma suffering in itself has no redeeming power. A man must only understand something from suffering, must change inwardly and must then begin to act in a different way from before. Then the new karma will, so to speak, wipe out the old one, and a man's sufferings will cease.

*BDL* The Karmic Fate of Hitler:

S: [Adolph Hitler] was not sent to the hospital because his soul was not that damaged. He was sent to the learning portion of the plane, the retreat. He needed a quiet time of reflection... The problem in that lifetime was that he was an extremely creative person. he would have been a creative genius but he had no outlets for it because the Depression culture he was raised in did not allow for creative outlets. There was an inordinate amount of energy behind this creativeness, as there always is in these geniuses. It had to have another outlet somewhere and it warped his outlook on life and hence his thoughts, and it developed into the final outcome. That which happened reflected mainly on his father's karma rather than his...

The root of the problem started when his father refused to let him study creative things...

He was not allowed to develop in that direction, and the energy there was warped. His main mistake was not being able to handle that energy in a constructive form, in another form besides creativeness. So he turned it to destructiveness. That is the main thing that he's had to work out...

Hitler has to share his part of the blame, too. But it cannot be set solely upon him because the problem started with the narrow attitudes his father had developed...

Had he been able to develop into an artist instead, he would have been a crazy artist and fanatical about that...

In his former lifetimes he also had a strong creative impulse and he was in situations where he could let it develop. But in this lifetime it was blocked...

It will take several lifetimes, several incarnations to be able to see just how it affected the balance of things and how much more he has to work out...

The men who received these orders to build the gas chambers and use them, the guards and others, took direct physical pleasure in seeing these people die...

Many of the men in the system were doing this because they wanted to. They were misfits in normal societies and they took direct physical pleasure in committing these atrocities.

*BDL* Karma:

As a very general word [karma] means loving. As an example, you know that if you kill, that you have to face it again. For instance, let's say you killed for money. Then you must come around to the same thing again till you can overcome it. Situations are oftentimes turned around and you might be killed for money...

Or you may have to leave a very delightful life where things are all pleasant and good. You cut it short. Therefore you have to experience the loss of something. It all comes around.

*EbtL* Karma:

I was shown the "ripple effect," as they described it. I saw how I had often wronged people and how they had often turned to others and committed a similar wrong. This chain continued from victim to victim until it came back to me, the offender. The ripples went out, and they came back. This applied also to acts of kindness and love.

Reversing Incoming Bad Karma & Forgiving

*K* Reversing Incoming Bad Karma:

Let us now suppose that the advanced student, glancing backwards over the past, sees lines of past karma converging to a point of action of an undesirable kind; he can introduce a new force among the converging energies, and so modify the event, which must be the resultant of all the forces concerned in its generation and ripening... In this way he may lessen or destroy the results of evil wrought by himself in the past... He cannot undo the past, he cannot destroy it, but so far as its effects are still in the future he can modify them or reverse them, by the new forces he brings to bear as causes taking part in their production... He works with the certainty of the scientist, who balanced one force against another and, unable to destroy a unit of energy, can yet make a body move as he will be a calculation of angles and movements. Similarly karma may be accelerated or delayed...

As knowledge grows, it becomes easier and easier to get rid of the karma of the past...

[The soul] is able not only to look backwards but also to look forwards and see the effects these causes will produce... Knowledge of certain laws enables us to predict a result...

Just in the same way as we can take a wave of sound, and then a second wave, and setting the two going one slightly after the other, so that the vibrations of the denser part of the one shall correspond to the rarer part of the other, and thus out of sounds we can make silence by interference, so in the higher regions it is possible by love and hate vibrations, used by knowledge and controlled by will, to bring karmic causes to an ending and so to reach equilibrium, which is another word for liberation.

*SC* Karma & Grace:

John: "The law of karma is simply the law of return... It returns unto you as karma only that you would gain understanding, not as punishment...

"The law of grace is that which dissolves the law of karma. It transcends the law of karma... As you forgive, which is the law of grace, so in turn you are forgiven, thus superseding the law of karma...

"Positive or good karma allows you great freedom and you need not contend with the issues of ego. Negative karma holds you close to the issues of ego."

Tom MacPherson: "Karma incurred in the earth plane can usually be gotten rid of only in the earth plane."

*SL* Desire Produces Karma, Reincarnation:

Desire is a binding force, and as long as there is desire, so long must we come back to birth...

In order to get rid of karma we must get rid of desire. We need not cease from action, but we must act without desire- making every necessary effort, yet being indifferent to the result.

*MuU* Overcoming Karma:

When he (one's deepest self) is seen in his immanence and transcendence, then the ties that have bound the heard are unloosened, the doubts of the mind vanish, and the law of Karma works no more.

*SS* Overcoming Karma:

You cannot justify or rationalize present circumstances by saying "This is because of something I did in a past life," for within yourself now is the ability to change negative influences. You cannot say, "The poor are poor simply because they chose poverty, and therefore there is no need for me to help them." This attitude can easily draw poverty to you in the next experience.

Fulfilling Karma

*JoYS* Karma, & Fulfilling Karma Before Monads Begin:

During the first half of your life, your emphasis is usually on completing the majority of your karmas, if any, and on preparing for your life task.

Significant abridgment of another person's right of free choice without prior agreement, such as murder, is "Major Karma." Murder creates a significant energy imbalance because it robs someone of his physical body and all the effort he invested into setting up that lifetime. The murderer owes his victim that energy. In rare instances, the energy imbalance is neutralized through "grace," in which the murderer fully realizes his infringement, and both parties are able and willing to forgive the karma without acting out physically. (NOTE: Karma is a system of guilt belief which determines many decisions but isnt a necessary cause and effect)

"Intermediate" and minor karmas. It may or may not come from those whom he treated unfairly.

Only major karmas must be repaid before a soul cycles off.

"Self-karma," which could be defined as an energy imbalance within oneself caused by false, limiting beliefs acquired in past experiences, either in past lives or earlier in this lifetime. This can result in a disease, for instance, that requires a righting of the internal imbalance in order to heal.

Prejudice is a projection of some rejected part of self. He will tend to hate whatever group is "popular" to hate in that culture.

*RtUR* It's The Separate Identity That Produces Karma:

"So do I come back into this world to suffer the karma of all I've done?" Indeed yes. You are the one who returns endlessly. In this way I pay homage to the lesser doctrines of reincarnation and karma. (NOTE: Would you imply that God does the unenlightened things that humans do? Would you say that God suffers the effects of karma? In God and Oneness there is no reincarnation but in human ideas and ideas of separation there is.Conclusion: This theory doesnt heal the hurting areas in Swedenborg's conception.)

The True Man is Beyond Karma

*K* The True Man is Free- All Bonds Are Illusory:

The Law may be utilized for the control of destiny...

A man comes into the world with certain inborn mental faculties, let us say of an average type... He is within a limiting ring and cannot pass out of it, long as he may for liberty... The man is limited by his past thoughts, by his wasted opportunities, by his mistaken choices, by his foolish yieldings... And yet he is not bound, the Real Man... He himself is free, and the fetters will crumble away from his limbs, and according to the measure of his knowledge will be the illusoriness of his bonds... The first step towards freedom will be to accept his limitations as self-made... True, he cannot think as a genius thinks just yet, but he can think to the very best of his ability, and by-and-by he will become a genius; he can make power for the future, and he will... he is always himself, the free soul, in the midst of his prison house, and he can hew down the walls he himself has built.

Karma, Cause, & Effect(MotFE): It can be proved today that there is no debt of Karma, that the Soul does not bring any of this through. Spiritual understanding takes no account of Karmic conditions or any imperfect condition. One's access to the rule Is always direct no matter what his mistakes are and once the rule is known and followed there are no false results.

*SS* Karma:

It is not correct to suppose that your actions in this life are caused by a previous existence, or that you are being punished for crimes in a past one. The lives are simultaneous.

I have also discussed reincarnation in terms of environment because many schools of thought over-emphasize the effects of reincarnational existences, so that often they explain present-life circumstances as a result of rigid and uncompromising patterns determined in a "past" life. You will feel relatively incompetent to handle present physical reality, to alter your environment, to affect and change your world, if you feel that you are at the mercy of conditions over which you have no control. Past-life influences effect you as any experience does. Time is not closed, however- it is open. One life is not buried in the past, disconnected from the present self and any future self as well (**Aha!*).

*E* Returning Action, Unraveling Karma, and Fate:

Some of our actions return very quickly to us whereas others return very slowly. By focussing in Ascendant Consciousness on these two kinds of returning action, we can discover the lifespan as well as all events that are coming to us. The purpose is to avert the undesirable.

As the mind expands to Infinity, the returning missiles of death and destruction are vaporized, or turn into gentle showers of life. All programs can be rewritten, all unfortunate realities, erased, before they oppress. This is the only intelligent way to experience human life. Being a victim is senseless. Anyone can change individual destiny -- it is only necessary to expand to Infinity and there will be no action, no karma left to rebound.

In the state of perfected Unified Consciousness, all the effects of returning action are automatically averted. There is no inevitability about the future.

*BWT* Beyond Karma:

Karmic law of any kind does not operate except for those who are prisoners of the mind and who, therefore, accept that law.

If you are abiding in Grace, there is no law.

Generating Bad Karma

*BDL* Giving Up, Generating Karma:

S: If you were handicapped and didn't struggle to accomplish anything, then you would incur more karma. (NOTE: Strengthening the belief in limitation)

*SC* Emotions Bind as Karma:

John: "Emotions are the substance that binds you to the earth plane. They are the malleable material from lives past that make up the substance of karma itself...

"What you experience as anger is but the blockage of love."

Generating Good Karma

*K* Karmic Results of Spiritual Service:

The rendering of service to man collectively as by some noble book or speech, the spreading of elevating ideas by pen or tongue, is again a claim upon the law... Such help given comes back as help bestowed on the giver, as mental and spiritual assistance which is his by right.

Development of Artistic Abilities

*K* Development of Artistic Abilities & Karma:

The development of artistic faculties- to take another type of quality- will be answered by the Lords of Karma by the provision of a mould for the etheric double after which a delicate nervous system can be physically built.

Taking Control of Karma

*BDL* We Are in Charge of Our Own Fate:

S: One of the major things in the next stage of human development is to realize that everyone is in charge of their own fate. That what they desire to come to pass is what comes to pass. Things that appear to happen out of the clear blue are a result of past causes, past thoughts or what-have-you that were sent out.

*IU* Selfless Action:

Only actions done in God bind not the soul of man.

*K* Taking Control of Karma & Evolution:

The student, when he grasps something of the meaning of the law, of its absolute certainty, of its unerring exactitude, begins to take himself in hand and actively to superintend his own evolution... Daily he will meditate on his ideal; daily he will strive to live it; and he will do this persistently and calmly, "without haste, without rest", for he knows that he is building on a sure foundation, on the rock of the eternal law. He appeals to the law; he takes refuge in the law; for such a man failure exists not... During earth life he gathers his experiences, utilizing all that comes in his way; during devachan he assimilated them and plans out his future buildings.

Becoming Free of Karma

*AoaY* Becoming Free of Karma:

"Yonder light is the glow of a golden palace, materialized here tonight by the peerless Babaji. In the dim past, you once expressed a desire to enjoy the beauties of a palace. Our master is now satisfying your wish, thus freeing you from the bonds of karma."


Bliss poured forth like a fountain through endless, newly opened soul-pores. Anciently clogged with disuse, they now widened in purity at the driving flood of ecstasy. Subconscious thoughts and feelings of my past incarnations shed their karmic taints.

*BWT* Channel God, Lost All Karma:

You must open yourself to receive spiritual impartations through the new consciousness that you have developed. In that consciousness, karma is surmounted because there is no longer any sowing, and therefore, no longer any reaping. You are no longer the doer: you are the instrument as which God is performing His mighty works.

*CMS* Karma & Overcoming It:

Are we bound by Karma? Yes, in a certain degree we are bound by what we have done; it is impossible to set law in motion and not have it produce... Under certain conditions we will not have to suffer. What are those conditions? A changed attitude toward the Law. It means that we must stop thinking and acting in the wrong way.

...The Law is not broken... We have changed the flow of the Law...

All that we have to do is to drop the undesired thing from our thought, forgive ourselves and start anew. We must never even think of it again. Let go of it once and for all.

Purpose of Karma- Development of Conscience

Script: Or even better, developing a sense of your common center with everyone else.
*K* The Development of Conscience:

It is from the mental images of experiences, and more especially from those which tell how suffering has been caused by ignorance of law, that conscience is born and is developed... Gratifications sought against law are but wombs of pain, and when in some new earth-life the desire-body would fain carry the soul into enjoyment which is evil, the memory of past experiences asserts itself as conscience, and cries aloud its forbiddance... At the present stage of evolution all but the most backward souls have passed through sufficient experiences to recognize the broad outlines of "right" and "wrong"... but on many higher and subtler questions, belonging to the present stage of evolution and not to the stages that lie behind us, experience is still so restricted and insufficient that it has not yet been worked up into conscience, and the soul may err in its decision, however well intentioned its effort to see clearly and to act rightly. Here its will to obey sets it in line with the Divine Nature on the higher planes, and its failure to see how to obey on the lower plane will be remedied for the future by the pain it feels as it blunders up against the law.

*BDL* Karma & Purpose:

S: Karma is an effect, not a cause. The concept has been given trough careful consideration as an explanation of why things happen...

The purpose is to learn more. To always learn more... The purpose of living again is not to correct, but to add to...

If it were true that the only way [a murderer] could work it out was to be murdered himself, then that would shift the negative karma to someone else. This would simply be shifting the load around rather than working it out and getting humanity in general past that.

...In my work with regressions I have had cases of people being born into a family with the same victims they had killed in a former lifetime. in these cases they are trying to work out their karma with each other through love...

S: Generally what happens is that in their future lifetimes they will continually be involved in a close relationship of some sort with the person they murdered. And that is usually, in the first few lifetimes, an antagonistic type relationship. because the person who was murdered finds that for some reason they fear or hate this person and doesn't understand why. And meanwhile this person, the murderer, feels compelled to know them and be around them because he wants to make up for what he did in the past lifetime.

Bearing the World's Karma

*SL* Finishing Your Karma, Taking On the World's Karma:

As disciples advance... the shackles of their own karma fall off, they become free to bear part of "the heavy karma of the world." ...They share in humanity's karma and quicken its evolution. But the disciple gradually learns to bear this sorrow with peaceful satisfaction that deepens into a sense of profound inner joy... Only abounding compassion remains...

[The world's Saviors] are trained for its more arduous struggles gradually learning to draw inharmonious and disruptive forces into themselves, so that these forces become exhausted, often tearing and rending the disciple in the process. They are then sent forth harmonized and rhythmical, forces for building instead of for destroying.

Incarnation on Earth

*JoS* Incarnations & Earth:

Guides assist in the selection of the world to be incarnated in. We were drawn to being human beings. Guides usually start you on an easy world or two, without much to do. Then you may be offered life on a severe planet such as earth. On some worlds, you have to overcome physical discomforts and pain, on others you have mental contests. On earth, you have both, and that is why it is considered severe. One gets kudos for doing well on hard worlds.

The human brain is quite unique. We are egocentric, but vulnerable. We have kinship while struggling against one another. They can be mean and have a great capacity for kindness. Souls are attracted by a sanction to help humans know of the infinite beyond their life and to assist them in having a passion in expressing true benevolence. It is the passion that is great, even though it can be malevolent, it can bring out our best.

Some other physical incarnation worlds are analytical schools. Others are basically mental worlds. The Earth school is insecure by comparison, still. It is filled with resentment of many people over being led and antagonism of the leaders towards each other. There is much fear to overcome here. It is a world in conflict because there is too much diversity among too many people. Other worlds have low populations with more harmony. Earth's population has outpaced its mental development. But for all Earth's fighting and cruelty, there is passion and bravery here. Some like working in crisis situations, bringing order out of disorder.

There are easier bodies, who are less in conflict with themselves, than humans to incarnate in.

*MJooB* Earth Life Rules:

On earth, each is guarenteed to retain a fully established freedom of will and consciousness at the entry point. Earth incarnators usually lose the rote, lose who they are. They have to firmly believe in space-time, and get temporarily blanked of pre-entry activity.

*JoS* Changing the Rules on Earth:

A number of more advanced subjects have stated that there is a growing movement in the spirit world to change the game rules on earth. These people say their souls had less amnesia about Self and the interlife when they lived in earlier cultures. It seems in the last few thousand years there has been tighter blocking of our memories. This has led to a lack of faith in our transcendence.

Large numbers of souls who have had more frequent incarnations in recent centuries are opting, when they get the chance, for less stressful worlds. There are enlightened places where amnesia is greatly reduced without causing homesickness for the spirit world. Those who direct earth's destiny are making changes to permit more information and understanding of who we are and why we came here.


The Intent Matters

*VftA* Suicide:

Angels: "What you call ‘suicide' -the deliberate termination of your own life- disrupts a pattern that was set forth and agreed upon by you as your chosen destiny. However, as always, one must examine not only the action itself, but the intent behind that action to determine whether it was appropriate or inappropriate.

"If you deliberately give your life so that the whole may be strengthened in some way, or out of love for another, then it can be seen as an appropriate action, stemming from a clear, loving intent. if the action is taken out of fear, despair, denial, guilt, or any emotion arising from a contracted understanding, then it is inappropriate action...

"If a soul comes into this life with a destiny that it has chosen for the good of the whole as well as itself, and then chooses to deny that destiny through the act of suicide, there will be an opportunity created to come back and fulfill that destiny- an opportunity to balance the imbalance created by inappropriate action."

Regret Afterwards

*ASJ* Suicide:

The Master: ‘The taking of one's own life is not only a crime, but is also an extremely foolish act. You do not solve your difficulties by running away from them, but merely postpone their solution for a future life... A group of circumstances will again arise, forming exactly the same obstacles and difficulties from which he now runs away... Extreme remorse usually follows an act of suicide, and within a very short time of their arrival in the astral word, the majority of suicides would give anything to undo their action...

‘Being a suicide he does not get the same sympathetic help from the astral helpers as you have seen is selflessly given to all who pass to the next world in the normal way; thus he may remain "earthbound" through ignorance... (NOTE: ?) feeling the extreme loneliness that exists under these circumstances. After a period which seems like an eternity, he will, through a changed state of mind, draw towards him a helping hand, after which he can commence his life under astral conditions.'

Ideas of Punishment & Limbo

*WtL* Our Expectation of Punishment for Suicide:

Raymond Moody, in 1975, reported that he had encountered "a few cases" and that their "experiences were uniformly characterized as being unpleasant". However, in a later work, he found that the issue was much more complex than he originally suggested...

In our society there is an expectation that people who commit suicide will be severely punished in the afterlife.

*RotOS* The Fate of Suicides:

Someone who takes their physical life neither lives nor dies; instead, the spirit resides between the earth and the spirit worlds until the time of its normal passing (the time that the body would have passed over if death hadnt been self-inflicted). This state- not really dead or alive- is a terrible condition of existence.

...A seriously ill woman I know was tortured by physical pain. Unable to think rationally, she swallowed a toxic amount of painkillers...

"It was very dim, almost total darkness... It felt as if I were in limbo, not here or there. I could hear my daughter crying but I couldnt get back to her. It seemed impossible to go forward or backward... I could hear them grieving."

Having to Relearn the Lessons

*CJ* Purposefully Dropping the Body and the Results:

ROMC: "Often the souls that chose to leave their bodies because of physical pain rather than emotional pain are very compassionate beings... However, they often will go to a type of ‘hospital' situation where they recuperate for a period of time, if the illness has put a strain on their various energy bodies...

"The body is an entity in and of itself; to destroy your life form before it has had a chance to drop off naturally can often set you back in your growth process. Frequently a soul comes back into a very similar situation until is has learned the lesson for which it came before."

*BDL* Karmic Effects of Suicide:

S: The suicide must come to the realization of the gravity of what he has done. For there is not simply the breaking of the contract, the individual's soul energy is thrown into complete disharmony. The suicides, depending on what shape they're in, sometimes go to the hospital and sometimes to the contemplation area... Suicides normally do not go back into the body quickly. Usually it is too traumatic. They cant solve the problem that caused them to commit suicide quickly enough to go back into the body that soon...

A suicide must face the same situation and problem again until they learn an acceptable way of solving it...

Killing yourself, murdering yourself that's not working out any karma. That's creating more karma.


Ending Reincarnation

Script: As each individual continues to live on in the essence, it can be said that there is no reincarnation. In that it can communicate with past & future "selves" (actually other entity-mates), it acts with influence on other selves.

Integration of Individual Selves

*JoYS* Entity Combining:

When all members of an entity complete the physical plane, the entity begins to recombine so that it can work together more as a unit, rather than as individual fragments pursuing separate lifetimes.

*JoYS* Reincarnational Selves & Integration of Personality Into the Essence:

Our astral self, which might be described as the outer "layer" of our essence, casts parts of itself into reincarnational selves in order to live on the physical plane, much the same way our spark cast a part of itself into our essence in order to exist in the dimensional universe.

Reincarnational selves are reabsorbed back into the essence after the death of the body and continue to have an independent existence. Each reincarnational self is like a subpersonality of the essence that continues to develop under the "umbrella" of the essence.

On the level of our personality, we spawn many subpersonalities.

Those needing healing or resolution call out for our attention when we are in a position to offer it. Once we experience the necessary healing and resolution, they can integrate into our essence. The fruits of their lessons become available to the whole self. They also continue to develop and grow, while remaining part of our essence. They go on to become creators by expanding our essence.

Your essence integrates your personality. Integration is a gradual process. In some cases, personality elements from lifetimes thousands of years ago are still not integrated.

We "share essence" with our other reincarnational selves. Those who believe in reincarnation and those who don't are both right. Although in one sense we are not our other reincarnational selves, in another sense we are all that is contained within our essence, as well as within our entity, cadre, and so forth.

After death, the reincarnational self, in tandem with its essence, has the opportunity to review the previous lifetime and integrate as many of its lessons as possible.

After death, once the personality and essence have processed their previous lifetime on the physical plane as much as they can for the time being, the essence is free to birth more personalities, i.e., reincarnate. If the essence has not reincarnated, or if it has, but the previous lifetime's personality is not deeply engaged in the new incarnation, the personality is free to travel and take advantage of the resources of the astral plane. It can continue to grow and advance itself for as long as it wishes, until reintegrating into its essence.

The essence is capable of maintaining many personalities simultaneously.

*SS* Perceiving Inner Information:

The inner information must be conscioulsy recognized. In your terms, by the time an individual is in his last physical life all positions of the personality are then familiar with it at the time of death.

How To End Reincarnation

*PoP* Reincarnation:

An individual who has faith and is virtuous may be exempted from a following lifetime, or even from a hundred or more.

*MotFE* Reincarnation Not Necessary:

It is from this point that the Masters look upon reincarnation. They say it is not necessary. It is a human hypothesis only. They say that if there is a light placed in the center of the room the best ray to reach it is to go straight to it. Why circle around it time after time? If you go directly to that light and pick it up and incorporate it, you are through with all reincarnation and karma completely.

*PAP* End Reincarnation By Harmonizing With Force, By Desiring Only God:

The purpose is to establish in oneself the necessary harmony to vibrate in agreement with the "force" aspect of matter, and in this way avoid the attraction of the planetary system where all other kinds of attraction would hold us back.

By detaching the human being from his lower tendencies, in teaching him to live in a world of higher principles, he becomes accustomed to the handling of the formidable energy to which he is about to have access.

When an honest man dies, he finds himself in a medium corresponding to his affections. This happiness lasts until the energy which has been registered is exhausted. It will be necessary for him to return to earth, renew his store of energy, until he is centered on but one attraction, knows only one form of harmony; that is, one which is independent of all forms of energy.

When we have attained the highest vibratory speed of our universe, our presence on earth becomes unnecessary. This state manifests a supreme dimension, penetrating all the others. The consciousness vibrates on the fundamental harmony of all forms of energy, of which it becomes, in a way, a conduit. It is at this moment that human freedom coincides with the characteristics which have been attributed to the gods of religion.

In drawing personality away from the limiting influence of personal acts, we avoid the law of reincarnation with all its consequences.

In this evolutionary work, the need for effort grows less, and the joy more profound in proportion to the perfecting of our system in harmony with the universal law.

The most simple way for all people is to direct their thoughts, their desires, and motives less and less on themselves.

By trying to see the usefulness of all things, by realizing the charm, the poetry, the beauty of nature, you will learn to love for its own sake.

*TB* Preventing Rebirth:

The guidelines for closing the entrance to another birth is to abandon the emotions such as desire, anger, or jealousy, and recognize that none of these bardo experiences have any ultimate reality. The next best method to prevent rebirth is to see your potential parents as the buddha.

*LWK* Kundalini & Reincarnation:

By properly directed effort it is possible for a person to complete the evolutionary cycle of human existence in one life.

*E* Ida, the Lunar Path, and Experiences at Death:

Ida is the subtle channel that moves along the left side of the spine. The ida contains the downward directed, cool, dark, negative, yin, feminine, lunar energy. Or by samyamah on the left side of the body, or on the left breast or the left eye. But the best is the part of the susumna that branches at the base of the skull and heads to the forehead. That is called the Lunar Path, that is the route the soul in Perpetual Consciousness takes at death, that is the path that leads directly to the intermediate levels of Heaven, that is the path of the Gods.

(NOTE: Is Swedenborg's heaven and hell the lifetime of one body? Cells as spirits?) For one who has mastered this path, there is no rebirth in this world, but the soul continues to evolve to higher and higher planes of existence until the highest is reached. This is a much slower path to complete realization than perfected Unified Consciousness in human life. All paths eventually end in the same place -- complete Union with the Ascendant -- but on Earth, it is possible to evolve the quickest. This is why it is said that the angels and the gods are envious of the humans -- here it is possible to accomplish in one short lifetime what elsewhere can take uncountable ages.

*JoYS* Cycling Off:

We cycle off not when we're perfect, according to some definition, but when we feel finished.

Cycling off is the essence deciding that it is finished with school on the physical plane. As you move along, you become more and more capable of expressing yourself effectively.


*RtUR* Ending Reincarnation:

Awareness of the One Life ends the endless round of rebirth again into a struggling skin, trying to figure out what it is... In the Hindu-Buddhist concept this ends maya, the illusion of the isolated, package self. Regeneration expands the self into a total relationship with and interdependence with others, called heaven... (NOTE: Regeneration is the repeating moments of expansion, of life.)

The person considering reincarnation looks to see if his life is somehow connected to lives that went before and will come after. Indeed it is... But we see the real power of the idea is not in the self coming back, but in beginning to identify with what always was and always will be. (NOTE: Sure that's the real power, but we reincarnate because we dont realize that. We live within the illusion of maya and our beliefs shape our experiences- we are separate, as we believe.)

*LFS* The Third Heaven, Beyond Reincarnation:

James reported that he was in a beautiful place which is known as the Third Heaven. That is the spiritual plane, or heaven from which the soul no longer has need to re-enter this great university of life called planet earth.


"When the question was asked if we would be returning to earth, our teacher said, ‘No, beloved ones. Your path leads upward to more heavenly realms. Your earthly service now will be as guides and guardians. And only if you insist, will you return to forma nd matter.'" -James

*BG* Escaping Rebirth:

One who knows the transcendental nature of My appearance and activities does not, upon leaving the body, take his birth again in this material world, but attains My eternal abode, O Arjuna.

*BG* Ending Rebirth:

After many births and deaths, he who is actually in knowledge surrenders unto Me, knowing Me to be the cause of all causes and all that is.

*CBtL* Beyond Earthly Incarnations:

The Technician: "When a man [or a woman] has experienced all facets of Earthly life, grief, joy, happiness, pain, suffering and exhaustion, when all search for knowledge was satisfied and he explored all corners of the Earth, when the wheel of life comes to a conclusion after many incarnations, then the time has come to look for new horizons."

The new horizons of which the Technician speaks is the next plane of existence, the fourth plane (or higher astral plane) and those above- planes which offer a more spiritualized expression of life. As the Technician says, "When man [or a woman] reaches the fourth plane... the person is freed from the law of reincarnation."

*CBtL* The Buddhist Wheel of Desire:

Buddha spoke of a multi-dimensional world that was a wheel- "the wheel of life." Man passed from the physical world to the astral plane, returning again to Earth to fulfill the desires he still had. If you wanted to "get off the wheel" you had to desire nothing.

Bodily Resurrection

*CPitI* Bodily Resurrection:

The principle of Creative progression, when it reaches the level of fully developed mental man, necessarily implies the resurrection of the Body...

The final resurrection or transmutation of the body would terminate the series of succesive lives and deaths, thus bringing the individual out of the circle of generation, which is the circle of Karma.

Death, Dying, and Vibrations(MotFE): When the vibrations of their bodies are lowered or allowed to slow down, death ensues. In fact, these people know that when the mistake of death is accomplished,the body is vibrating at such a low rate that the emanating life-vibrations are actually crowded out of the body temple and that those vibrating life-emanations still hold together and maintain the same form which the body had when they were crowded out. Those emanations have intelligence and still revolve around a central nucleus or sun which attracts and holds them together. These emanating particles are surrounded by an intelligent emanation that assists them to keep their form and from which they again draw substance to erect another temple. This is in direct accord and works in complete harmony with the intelligence that has been built around the body during their life cycle. If that intelligence vibrates at a low frequency or, in other words, is weak, it loses contact with the emanations of life and energy that have been forced out of the body and the emanations finally disperse and return to the source, then complete death is accomplished; but, if the intelligence is strong, vibrant, and active, it takes full charge immediately and a new body is instantly assembled. A resurrection has taken place; and through that resurrection man is perfected in the flesh.

"Here is a dear brother who never relied wholly on God but went on partially in his own strength, until he has reached this stage and given up and made the mistake which so many are making today, the mistake you look upon as death. This dear soul has not been able to let go of all doubt and fear and thus he has relied on his own strength and has not been able to finish the work set before all. Should we leave him thus, his body will dissolve and he will be again sent forth to finish his mortal task, which is all but complete. In fact, so nearly complete is it that we can help him to finish and we feel this to be a great privilege.

"You asked if he can again be awakened to full consciousness. Yes, he can and so can all others who have similarly passed. Though he has passed, as you look upon it, we who have shared a part of his life with him can help and he will be able to understand quickly so that he may take his body with him. It is not necessary to leave the body to so-called death and dissolution even after one has apparently made the great mistake."

*AoaY* Sri Yuktrswar's Ressurection:

I was roused from my meditation by a beatific light. Before my open and astonished eyes, the whole room was transformed into a strange world, the sunlight transmuted into supernal splendor.

Waves of rapture engulfed me as I beheld the flesh and blood form of Sri Yukteswar!

"I am the same. This is a flesh and blood body. Though I see it as ethereal, to your sight it is physical. From the cosmic atoms I created an entirely new body, exactly like that cosmic-dream physical body which you laid beneath the dream-sands at Puri in your dream-world. I am in truth resurrected – not on earth but on an astral planet."

Choices Beyond Reincarnation

*SS* Choices at the End of the Reincarnational Cycle:

The time of choosing is somewheat more complicated if the last reincarnational cycle, in your terms, is completed. At the end of the reincarnational cycle you understand quite thoroughly that you, the basic identiy, the inner core of your being, is more than the sum of your reincarnational personalities. These reincarnational personalitites continue to develop, but they also understand that their main identity is also yours. When the cycle is finishes, therefore, you have complete knowledge of your past lives. The information, experience, and abilities are at your fingertips. Your reality exists not only in terms of reincarnational existences but also in the probable realities mentioned earlier.

When the time of choosing comes, therefore, the choices available are far more diverse than those offered or possible to personalities who must still reincarnate.

Teachers: There is always the opportunity to teach if you have the inclination and the capabilities. Such a teacher must be able to iunstruce various portions of one entity, in your terms, at the same time. Say, for example, a particular entity has reincarnations in the fourteenth centure, in 3 BC, in the year AD 260, and in the time of Atlantis. A teacher would simultaneously be in contact ith these various personalities, communicating with them in terms that they could understand. Such communication demands a complete knowledge of the root assumptions of such eras, and of the general philosophical and scientific climate of thought at the time.

The entity might well be exploring several probable systems too, and these personalities would also have to be reached and contacted. The amount of knowledge and training necessary makes such a teaching communicator-career extremely demanding, but it is one of the courses available. The process of learning such information necessarily adds to the development and abilities of the teacher. A delicate manipulation of energy is required, and a constant travel through dimensions. Once such a choice is made, training immediately begins, always under the leadership of a practical expert. The vocation, for it is a vocation, leads such a teacher even into other realms of reality than those he previously knew existed.

Creators: Others, finished with reincarantions and of a different overall nature, may begin the long journey leading toward the vocation of a creator. The creators begin to experiment with dimensions of actuality, imparting knowledge in as many forms as possible- and I do not mean physical forms. What you would call time is manipulated as an artist would manipulate pigment. What you would call space is gathered together in different ways. One of their main preoccupations is to create beauty that impinges in as many various dimensions of reality as possible. These creators, however, are also involved in inspiring those in all levels of reality available to them. Inspiration in you rsystem is often the work of such creators. These "art forms" are often symbolic representations of the nature of reality. In your terms they may be living dramas. They will always be psychic structures, however, existing apart from any given system of reality, but at least partially perceived by many. Some exist in what you might term the astral plane, and you perceive them in visits during the sleep state.

Healers: There are also those who choose to be healers, and of course this involves far more than healing as you are familiar with it. These healers mucy be able to work with all levels of the entity's experience, directly helping those personalities that area aprt of it. Again, this involves a manipulation through reincarnational patterns, and here agin, great diversification. The healing involved is always psychic and spiritual, and these healers are available to help each personality in your system as you know it, in your present time, and in other systems.


The Purpose of Life

To Know Yourself As God

*CWG1* Purpose of Life:

There is only one purpose in all of life, and that is for you and all that lives to experience the fullest glory. There is nothing else for your soul to do, and nothing else that your soul wants to do. The wonder of this purpose is that it is never-ending. Should there come a moment in which you experience yourself in your fullest glory, you will in that instant imagine an ever greater glory to fulfill. Life is not a process of discovery, but a process of creation. You are not discovering yourself, but creating yourself anew. Seek to determine Who You Want To Be. Life is not a school. We are here to remember and re-create Who You Are. School is a place you go if there is something you do not know that you want to know. It is not a place you go if you already know a thing and simply want to experience your knowingness. Life is an opportunity to know experientially what you know conceptually. You need learn nothing to do this. You need merely remember what you already know, and act on it. Your soul knows all there is to know all the time. Nothing is hidden to it. Yet knowing is not enough. The soul seeks to experience. You can know yourself to be kind but unless you do someone a kindness, you have nothing but an idea about yourself. It is your soul's only desire to turn its grandest concept about itself to its greatest experience.

My purpose for you is that you should know yourself as me. There is only one way for you to know yourself as me, and that is for you to know yourself as not me. Your job on Earth is to re-member Who You Are, and to re-member who everyone else is. It is your sole purpose.

There is only one reason to do anything: as a statement to the universe of Who You Are.

*CWG1* Your Soul:

Your soul (subconscious, id, spirit, past, etc.) is the sum total of every feeling you're ever had (created). Nothing exists in your world which did not first exist as pure thought. The soul is very clear that its purpose is evolving. It is not concerned with the achievements of the body or the development of the mind. What the soul is after is- the highest feeling of love you can imagine. Knowledge is conceptual. Feeling is experiential. The soul wants to feel itself, and thus to know itself in its own experience. The highest feeling is the experience of unity with All That Is. Perfect love is to feeling what perfect white is to color. White is the inclusion of all color. So, too, is love not the absence of an emotion, but the summation of all feeling. It is the sum total. (*Loosh) For the soul to experience perfect love, it must experience every human feeling.

The soul, therefore, never condemns what is not grand, but blesses- seeing in it apart of itself which must exist for another part of itself to manifest.

The soul is seeking to be Me. The soul is choosing states of being, and then producing the right and perfect conditions within which to create the experience of that. The soul leads you to the right and perfect opportunities for you to experience exactly what you had planned to experience. What you actually experience is up to you. The spirit of you seeks that grand moment when you have conscious awareness of its wishes, and join in joyful oneness with them. The soul is completely without need (unlike the body and the mind, which are shackled with it).

*E* The Purpose of Life:

What is the purpose of individual life? To rise to complete consciousness, enlightenment, full and continual awareness of the Ascendant. What is the purpose of Cosmic Life? To bring joy, fulfillment, healing and enlightenment to all created beings.

There are four primary aims of human life. Dharma is the path of life that is aligned with the upward current of creation.

Artha is to understand one's purpose, one's individual meaning, source and goal.

Mastering Kama means that every desire is life-supporting for oneself and everyone else.

Moksa is liberation or enlightenment and is of course the aim of the entirety of the Yoga Sutras.

Any step toward one is a step toward all.

If the four aims of life could be compared to the flowing of a river, Dharma would be the path the river follows, Artha would be the direction the river flows, Kama would be the impelling force of the water, and Moksa would be the goal of the river, the Unbounded oceans.

*CWG2* The Plan & Point of All Life:

In the Allness you simply are and cannot experience your "awareness" as anything in particular because, in the Allness, there is nothing you are not. So I devised a way for you to create anew, and Know, Who You Are in your experience. I did this by providing you with:

1) Relativity- a system wherein you could exist as a thing in relationship to something else.

2) Forgetfulness- a process by which you willingly submit to total amnesia, so that you can not know that relativity is merely a trick, and that you are All of It.

3) Consciousness- a state of Being in which you grow until you reach full awareness, then becoming a True and Living God, creating and experiencing your own reality, expanding and exploring that reality, changing and re-creating that reality as you stretch your consciousness to new limits- or shall we say, to no limit.

You forget Who You Are, so that you can create Who You Are and Who You Want to Be. This is the point of all life.

*JoS* Purpose of Souls:

The ultimate objective of souls is to seek unification with the supreme source of creative energy... the act of conjunction. The source is the spirit world. When we are young souls, we sense power around us everywhere and yet feel that we are on the edge of it. The creator is the ultimate selfless being which we strive to be. Universes are created, to live and die, for the use of the source. The place of spirits is the source. One relates to the oneness of creation by sensations of movement. In the beginning there is an outward migration of our soul energy from the source. Afterwards our lives are spent moving inward, towards cohesion and the uniting (like gravitational kickout and return). There is an explosive release, then a returning. The source pulsates. There is no center of the source, it is all around us as if we were inside a beating heart. One is thrust outward as a child, and is drawn back further inside the source at one grows. It's as if souls are all part of a massive electrical explosion which produces a halo effect. In this circular halo is a dark purple light which flares out, lightening to a whiteness at the edges. Our awareness begins at the edges of brilliant light and as we grow, we become more engulfed in the darker light. The dark light is itself a covering, beyond which we feel an intense warmth, full of a knowing presence which is everywhere for us and is alive. To first become aware of yourself is like watching the first flower of spring open and it is you, and as it opens more you become aware of a whole field of flowers and there is boundless joy. Souls never die. As we coalesce, our increasing wisdom makes the source stronger. The source gives life to us so we can arrive at perfection. Creating this new life helps the creator to create. We add to the building blocks of life. Souls decided to incarnate to magnify themselves in the beautiful variety of creation. The creator expresses itself by creating. The creator's perfection is maintained and enriched by sharing the possibility of expression with us and this is the ultimate extension of itself. One has to have lack to have appreciation, and perhaps that is why we are created without any knowing. The transformation gives us purpose. Perhaps if the source didnt express it would shrink?

The desire for expression of self-identity is an important motivating factor for souls choosing to come to earth to learn practical lessons. The more pain and adversity you experience as a child, the more opportunity you have to expand your potential. Incarnation expands the nature of our real self. Self-actualization is the purpose of life on any world. Fulfillment is not cultivating self for selfish means, but allowing for integration with others. Surviving our trials on earth places us into a heightened state of perception with each new life and enhances our identity as souls.


*MMFM* We Didn't Incarnate to Become Complete- We Always Were:

Wurtawurta: "Our spirits were not incomplete in the invisible world before birth. We didn't have to come here to earth to be made whole."

*THAS* One Inside, Separate Outside:

The Sweet William Deva: Do you not see that it is the purpose of life to be fully manifesting on the outer levels, and fully united and conscious of Oneness at the same time? That is reality. One life breathes through all.

Greater Oneness

*BDL* Advancing Toward God:

S: If you would like to envision an inverted pyramid, God would be at the top or the longest edge, and humanity would be at the bottom or at the point... As one advances in the planes, one broadens one's awareness and becomes closer to God... The top or longest part would be infinite...

D: Do we have to live more that one life in order to advance?

S: You need not live any lives at all if you so desire. It is not necessary to incarnate, it is simply more efficient...

D: If we didn't incarnate, how would we reach God?

S: Through other methods. Through helping, assisting incarnated beings. Through being a guide, a teacher, a helper, a friend on the spirit planes. There are many different methods.

*BDL* Our Goal of Perfection:

D: What is our goal eventually?

J: Perfection. We increase. As you know from your law of physics, energy is neither creator nor destroyed. It just changes its form on its drive back to its source. And by the time it reaches its source it's of the same energy. He says this applied to spiritual physics as well. He says, "There's the clue. You think it for yourself."

*PotC* Brotherhood and Co-Evolution:

When we appear in a human family... we need to fraternally accept to live in this family together with: the balanced as well as the unbalanced consciousnesses; the calm as well as agitated individuals; the studious and also the negligent ones; the intellectuals and those less brilliant; the easygoing fellows and those who are more difficult to get along with...

These companions are almost always the reason why we are called upon to be reborn into specific conditions...

We must not exclude these individuals, but rather, go forth together with them...

For the sake of spiritual truth and fraternal love, it is imperative to join, and not divide...

Evolution, whether we like it or not, as well as being an individual process, is also inevitably a group process...

We evolve together, rising up hand in hand, and fly into infinity in flocks.

*tSD* Man's Purpose:

Esoteric Philosophy solved, ages ago, the problem of what man was, is, and will be; of man's origin, life-cycle- interminable in its duration of successive incarnations or rebirths- and finally of his absorption into the source from which he started.

Polishing the Mirror of the Soul - Becoming Like God

*PoP* Becoming Transparent Like the Ocean/Source:

The soul is seeking the distinctive qualities of the boundless ocean of Divinity. The elements of which those divine elements are composed exist in excess in the human body and basharic soul, so the work of spiritual perfection consists in transmitting those psychic elements from the human-animal, in the proper proportions, into the reservoir of the angelic soul in order to provide it with the same nature as the Divine ocean. It is only then that the soul rejoins its source.

This transformation could be seen as a sort of osmosis through a permeable, selective membrane seperating the body and soul. The basharic soul is made up of highly concentrated, obscure substances which when dissolved in the pure water of the angelic soul give it the properties of the ocean. These substances are the natural instincts and drives of the nafs, along with all of our thoughts, impressions, and sensations. When one of those elements in the basharic soul becomes present in too great a concentration, it also flows to the angelic soul and darkens and pollutes the angelic soul. When all the substances are agitated and unbalanced, their darkness conceals their own soul from them, so that they dont know who they are, what they should do, or even why they exist. Just the right amounts make it perfect without harming its transparency. The perfect state of each quality depends on the right balance, with no excess or insufficiencies. When the equilibrium of the angelic soul is reached we can truly know our soul. At that point the self becomes transparent and the extent of our vision in the spirit world is only limited by our particular soul's capacity. When this happens, it no longer needs the body and looses itself in the divine ocean. With help from a master, we can learn to control this membrane with our angelic, not basharic soul. (Connect w/Loosh! and transparency-Swedenborg)

The angelic soul has a spark of the divine in it which gives it life like it gives life to the body. The reservoir of the angelic soul keeps the body alive, and in exchange it finds the psychic elements it needs. (NOTE: Just as only the highest drives & emotions make it to the causal body with Leadbeater)

*CH* The Purpose of This Collective Dream:

Our learning to become transparent to the Divine, expressing more and more clearly the Divine Attributes, is the purpose of this collective dream we call the universe and which is actually, as Bawa elsewhere reveals, God dreaming through us.

...Bawa speaks about the manifest, or dreamed universe as God's Story. This endlessly complicated Story exists for beings to study it, but the ultimate goal of studying this dream tale is simply to awaken from it, not to catalogue its infinite patterns and details.


*VS* Service:

"He who is drawn to spiritual endeavor, who feels the call and the pull of the innate mysteries, will embark on a pilgrimage in which there is no turning back. He will go through the stages of studying the self, developing the self, and then forgetting the self completely. He will then realize that the ultimate privilege and joy, as Jesus Christ came to show, is to serve."

Vera Stanly Alder, "The Finding of the Third Eye"

*MotFE* Your Purpose is to Serve:

"To serve gives purpose to vision; it releases love in life. Spirit is the fulfillment of the need. In no way can it be given higher expression than when it is allowed to fill the need of others."

"Jesus is only drawn to us by the thought we have in common, the same as he is drawn to all by the thoughts they have in common. Jesus abides only to be of service, as all great souls do.

A Master is a servant. If he is a Master, he is above the world and the world can give him nothing. He must reverse the process and he in turn gives to the world.

In this service they do not seem to seek out people nor do people necessarily seek them out. The Masters come across those in need in their everyday life as they go about among the people. They also assist in a universal attitude as well as through thought and the projection of thought. They also project conditions of perfection into the whole world. They say it is necessary to work locally to assist people to a better understanding and, in many cases, a better understanding comes through the furnishing of food and clothing or a better condition in which to live.

Our expectancy should be from above and our attitude toward the world as giving.

One of the easiest ways to isolate ourselves from harmony is to demand service from another instead of giving of our service all of the time. When we give of ourselves we come nearer and nearer to that Universality where we belong.

It takes no energy from our bodies to give out Service, Love, and Harmony but it does take energy from our bodies to give out inharmony or discordant conditions or to give out negative thoughts or words. Allpositive words or words of accord add energy to our bodies every instant that we are giving them out. Not only that, but we create an influence that returns and surrounds us with emanating energy.

We can so surround one with Love that that very influence floods in upon him and it may in an instant change his whole life, his whole thought. We are not dominating him when we surround him with Love for that is his native environment. We are only placing an influence that he may accept, this changing the whole course of life, and we may also change the whole course of our own lives and thoughts.

One who is completely in light lifts everyone into that same light to the degree that they are willing to let themselves respond to its influence.

*PoP* Worldly Conduct:

Our duty on earth is to educate ourselves in order to become a source of good and benefit for others. It is essential to avoid whatever might lead to addiction and delusion. The right place for a human being is among other people, so it is not good to withdraw in isolation far from the world. We must always look at the world and other people lucidly, without fooling ourselves about them, but also without letting ourselves be overly upset by what we see, since we are not held responsible for the good and evil others may do.

*APitL* The Meaning of Life:

The Being of Light stood by and kindly told me the meaning of life: "Humans are powerful spiritual beings meant to create good on the earth," he said. "This good isn't usually accomplished in bold actions, but in singular acts of kindness between people." The Being told me that it was "the little things that count" because they show who you truly are. I realize now that small acts of kindness are spontaneous acts, almost like reflexes.


*GoE* Your Purpose:

If you think you came into being for the purpose of taking an important part in the administration of events, to guard a province of the moral creation from ruin, and that its salvation hangs on the success of your single arm, you have wholly mistaken your business.

The secret of culture is to learn that a few great points steadily reappear... and that these few are alone to be regarded; -the escape from all false ties; courage to be what we are, and love of what is simple and beautiful; independence and cheerful relation, these are the essentials, -these, and the wish to serve.

To Love - Pure Expression of the Light

*MJooB* Loosh Intro:

"We did not create the universe or space-time or the human process. Our concern is the output and the quality of it. The goal of being human is in the generation and transformation of radiation only. This includes the sharing of experience and the unity needed for survival. What you call emotion is essential to the basic learning process. It is a specific observable result of exposure to the loosh/love radiation. Therefore it is the driving force, the creative energy which motivates human thought and animals. It makes us different from animals. Animals show a reflection, a response to human radiation, which has been self-generated or transformed by the human. The paradox attached to such vital energy, emotion as you call it, is the opportunity for growth it provides and the simultaneous possibility of stasis and retrogression. Control and direction thereof thus provides a prime purpose in the evolving human experience. Understanding and compassion are the resultant and flow without effort. At no point is the goal to repress or supress such energy. Instead, it is enhanced when it is directed and focused into the channels for which it was originally designed. What you call your curiosity is perhaps the most unrecognized and undistorted form of such energy."

"Sex is one of the most common inducements of this love/loosh radiation."

*MJooB* Loosh Full:

Someone, Somewhere needs, likes, eats, values Loosh, a rare substance in Somewhere. Loosh was found to originate from a series of vibrational actions in the carbon-oxygen cycle, and the residue was Loosh in varying degrees of purity. It occured only during such action, and secondarily during the reactive process. So Someone built a Garden. He carefully created Earth, which could sustain the carbon-oxygen cycle. Then he tried his First Crop, sea-borne unicellular creatures, which produced low-grade Loosh in small quantities. The crop could only be harvested at the point of life termination, no sooner. This was not enough.

He went on to try his Second Crop, that of land plants with great variety and comparatively greater size and more complex than the First Crop. He reversed the carbon-oxygen cycle and immobilized them so they would stay in their own section of the Garden. Like the first crop, they would reseed at regular intervals and terminate their livespan automatically.

He set up winds to aid in the reseeding, and realized that violent storms could release lots of Loosh by killing the plants in a certain area. But the Second Crop still failed. A much greater quantity was obtained, but at a lower grade still, and the growth period was too long.

He studied the Garden long and hard before creating the Third Crop, where he went back to the original carbon-oxygen cycle and restored mobility. Then he added size. He took samples of the First Crop and modified them for land growth and existence. The Mobiles took nourishment from the plants, which terminated their lifespan and produced Loosh. The quantity was massive, but is was still too slow, and the Mobiles were living to long and would eat all the plants away.

As plants grew scarce, the herbivores began to fight for what they found. Someone found that as the struggles ensued, the Mobiles were emanating Loosh of much higher quality in practical amounts. So he took another unit of single-celled organisms and created predators. The Prime Catalyst was conflict among animals, which brought forth consistent emanations of Loosh.

The giant herbivores were too slow and eating too much, and he wanted to redesign them, so he terminated the lifespans of all herbivores in a single motion. He took some of the single-celled organisms and created new herbivores and predators. Sea life was the first and produced a steady supply of Loosh. He then did the same on land, with much more variety, including different attack, defense, and sensory abilities, as well as a great new variety of plant-life. He didnt make any herbivores as big as the the ones he killed out.

As a side experiment, he created a weak and ineffective form of mobiles, with two advantages: they were omnivorous and they contained a Piece of Someone to act as an intensive, ultimate trigger to mobility. Following the Rule of attraction, he knew that this would create an unceasing mobility. The need for food would not be the only motivating force.

The Fourth Crop exceeded all of Someone's expectations. The balance of life operated perfectly. To handle the output, Someone set up Collectors to aid in the harvest and channels to convey the Loosh from his Garden to Somewhere. Periodically, the Collectors harvested segments of the Fourth Crop to ensure survival for those to come and provide extra Loosh. They did so by storms and earthquakes.

The Garden ended Somewhere's dependance on the wild-state Loosh it used to collect. Others began to cultivate gardens, as Someone's Loosh garden only partially met the needs of somewhere.

On a particular occasion, Someone noticed a difference. Woven delicately in with the more common Loosh fragments was a slender fragment of purified and distilled Loosh. This was an impossibility, for it was usually only produced after the wild-state Loosh had been processed many times! Yet here it was, so finely graded that it could not return into compound with the raw substance. The Difference lay not with the unicellular or plant crops. Then he saw it- a Fourth Crop unit was in a life-threatening fight with another unit, not over food or to save itself, but to save its three of its own newly generated species huddled under a tree. There was no doubt- this was the action producing the flashes of distilled Loosh. This occured with all such situations. Yet this didnt cover half the total pure Loosh. He quickly found the answer: it was a human. It was not hungry, nor trying to defend its young, it was lonely! This produced distilled Loosh. Upon feeling the presence of Someone, it fell to the ground and started crying, producing even more pure Loosh. He realized that "The creation of pure, distilled Loosh is brought forth in Type 4M units by the action of unfulfillment, but only if such pattern is enacted at a vibratory level above the sensory bounds of the environment. The greater the intensity of said pattern, the greater the output of Loosh."

He split the crop into halves (seperated continents) to engender loneliness and encouraged the dominance of the humans. The Collectors developed a technology for production, including love, friendship, greed, hate, family, pain, guilt, disease, pride, ambition, ownership, possession, sacrafice, nations, wars, famine, religion, machines, freedom, industry, trade, etc. (This translation is not exact or real, for it is very difficult to understand)

Someone is a creator that was created, and Somewhere is not heaven.

*MJooB* More on Loosh:

They are the next ones up on the food chain. We fed to them unknowingly for a long period our waste products, which they needed to exist. The clearest production of Loosh comes from humans, created by our own activity which triggers emotion, the highest of such emotions being love. We begin by expressing anger, pain, fear, and the rest, and if you do well, you learnto express love. That is our purpose here. We give off emotions, we cannot store them. Need is expressed to the INSPECS by a blockage in the flow of Loosh.

Pure loosh is white, and others have other colors, across the spectrum. All come from the same baseline, the difference is frequency and amplitude. If a smart transmitter propogates certain waves, they can resonate with other related vibrations of the like to form a multiple pattern which if thought of as light would be- white! It is helpful to be an oscillator if you are not the end-product antenna or transducer.

*MJooB* Somewhere, Destination of Loosh:

Even closed tightly, the radiation was so strong it was nearly unbearable to Monroe. He felt as if sweat was dripping off him, that he was melting, but it wasnt heat and he began to heave with great racking sobs, not knowing why. The inspecs were blocking most of what was coming out, which was only leakage. Slowly his rational self emerged again. This would be the most emphatic heaven, the ultimate home, he thought. It appeared as a humanoid, momentarily, with arms outstretched in front, palms upward. Then it became a shining globe with indistinct edges, behind it another, identical, and behind it another, so on until infinity. From each came numberless beams or rays, some huge, some like pinpricks, all uniform in size throughout their length to unknown destinations. He touched a ray and was changed forever with a great knowing of all, which he forgot.

The Loosh/Love is transmitted to the center of those globes. From there it is redirected into the rays, which go to the points where it is needed most. Somewhere was created, but it was always there without beginning.

*VftA* Purpose is to Increase Love:

Angels: "As Light is increased in even one soul, so it increases the Light of the Universe. Reincarnation is about increasing this Light, this Love."

Expressing Life, Intimacy

*TDA* Our Purpose- Joining with Life, Intimacy:

Dr. Peebles: "The fundamental drive of the soul in the human sphere is to be one with life again. To be held by another person, to hold another person, this is the purpose of life...

"It is in that moment of surrender that the greatest ecstasy of life comes forward...

"Sexuality is a wonderful experience of spiritual oneness... How can self create that permission to reach out and say, ‘Will you love me? Will you hold me? Will you ask me for my presence?'

"How can you create that honesty with others instead of waiting for life to do that for you? There is the loneliness, there is the pain, there is the isolation from the great romance, the great passion of life. You simply do it yourself."

"It is in that passion that one is experiencing the natural magnetic drive to be with life, to be touched by life in any sense, and that touch is an electromagnetic activity of the soul that creates higher frequency, a vibration that becomes union... It has been at that moment of being touched in the mind, in the body, in the heart, all of the above- intimacy, sexuality of the soul- when all invention and inspiration occur...

Increasing the Quality of Life

*DEVF1* Our Purpose Is Value Fulfillment, Not Survival of the Fittest:

All units of consciousness, whatever their degree, possess purpose and intent. They are endowed with the desire for creativity, and to increase the quality of existence. They have the capacity to respond to multitudinous cues. There is a great elasticity for action and mobility, so that, for example, in man his conscious experience can actually be put together in an almost limitless number of ways...

Even the bare-seeming facts of history are experienced far differently according to the symbolic content within which they are inevitably immersed. A war, in your terms, can be practically experienced as a murderous disaster, a triumph of savagery- or as a sublime victory of the human spirit over evil...

Man is not basically endowed with "warlike characteristics"... There is no battle for survival- but while you project such an idea upon natural reality, then you will read nature, and your own experiences with it, in that fashion...

Physically speaking, man's "purpose" is to help enrich the quality of existence in all of its dimensions. Spiritually speaking, his "purpose" is to understand the qualities of love and creativity, to intellectually and psychically understand the sources of his being, and to lovingly create other dimensions of reality of which he is presently unaware.

Evolving the Will To Increase Love

*EL* Purpose- Evolving the Will:

All legitimate use of Mental Science is toward the strengthening of the will, whether in ourselves or others, and bringing it under the control of an enlightened reason.


The ultimate aim of evolutionary process is to evolve individual wills actuated by such beneficience and enlightenment as shall make them fitting vehicles for the outflowing of the Supreme Spirit... This is the only possible solution of the great problem, How can the Universal Mind act in all its fullness upon the plane of the individual and particular?

*VftA* Here To Learn Responsible Creation:

Angels: "This is the purpose of your reality: to learn responsibility for yourselves and your actions. To learn how to be a responsible creator- always holding uppermost in your intent the good of the whole, how your action will affect all of creation."

*TDA* Our Purpose- To Celebrate, To Accept Responsibility:

Dr. Peebles: "You are here to understand will, as the motivator, the bridge between your soul and thought. Thought, in and of itself, is as nothing, as dust in the breeze. It is, in fact, the will- the desire of your soul to be, to be seen, to be heard, to be felt, to be known, to be identified...

"It is the awakening, to become consciousness, to accept that grand responsibility fearful to the human mind only because of the limited concepts of judgment."

Love & Knowledge

*HTO* Importance in Life:

1) One of the things that I discovered is very important is patience toward other human beings and realizing that you yourself may be in that situation sometime.

2) What my life had done so far to affect other people's lives using the feeling of pure love that was surrounding me as a point of comparison.

*LAL* Meaning of Life:

The importance of life is learning to love one another and acquiring knowledge. One must cultivate love for others of a unique and profound kind.

*JoYS* Love:

Love is what the spiritual path is ultimately about. Love, of itself, has little to do with soul age, although presumably, our experience of love matures as we go along.

*HU* The Purpose of Living: Love & Knowledge:

The beings of light stress two things. One is the importance of love. Over and over they repeat this message, that we must learn to replace anger with love, learn to love more, learn to forgive and love everyone unconditionally, and learn that we in turn are loved. This appears to be the only moral criterion the beings use. Even sexual activity ceases to possess the moral stigma we humans are so fond of attaching to it. One of Whitton'' subjects reported that after living several withdrawn and depressed incarnations, he was urged to plan a life as an amorous and sexually active female in order to add balance to the overall development of his soul. It appears that in the minds of the beings of light, compassion is the barometer of grace, and time and time again when NDEers wonder if some act they committed was right or wrong, the being counter their inquiries only with a question: Did you do it out of love? Was the motivation love?

That is why we have been placed here on the earth, say the beings, to learn that love is the key. It is crucial to both our biological and spiritual existence in ways that we have perhaps not even begun to fathom.

The second thing the beings emphasize is knowledge. Frequently NDEers comment that the beings seem pleased whenever an incident involving knowledge of learning flickered by during their life review. Some are openly counseled to embark on a quest for knowledge after they return to their physical bodies, especially knowledge related to self-growth or that enhances one's ability to help other people. "knowledge is one of the few things you will be able to take with you after you have died."

The thoughtful reader may immediately wonder why the quest for learning is so important during life if we have access to all knowledge after we die? When asked this question, NDEers replied that they weren't certain, but felt strongly that it had something to do with the purpose of life and the ability of each individual to reach out and help others.

*PoP* Perfection- Awareness & Understanding:

The further a person advances, the greater their awareness and understanding, and the more great this is, the happier they are. Absolute happiness and bliss flow from absolute knowledge and understanding. A soul can only become perfect when it has come to understand and know and be aware of everything in creation. If someone possesses real divine knowledge, then that person implicitly knows all the material sciences as well.

Evolution: The Law of Love/Life/Spirit

*MotFE* Obeying Only the Highest Law:

A human being does not need to obey even the manifestation of law, which is gravitation. You need not obey even the conscious manifestation of law; you need obey only the law that controls these manifestations. All, the Allness is the Universality Principle.

*MotFE* The Law of Love & It's Purpose:

To know the law of Spirit and to live in harmony with that law is always power of unlimited degree. And that law of the Spirit is the law of Love. It is love that governs infinite space and all forms that are projected in space. Love is harmony and therefore keeps all things in harmony not only with itself but with each other. Love is, as it might be said, cohesion, or a binding force that keeps all things in relationship to their source. But love will dissolve that which is not in harmony with the Universal order for it demands of everything its complete adherence to the principle of its own nature, which is Spirit. For that reason love destroys hate, greed, selfishness, and self-seeking and the ego that comes from those states of consciousness.

The divine purpose of the law of life is to perfect and refine the nature of man until it is a complete and perfect expression of Itself. Only in this way can man fulfill his destiny and receive the full support of the Universal forces. Man must come into harmony with this Universal purpose. Then, and only then, will he attain that state of complete childlikeness where he lives life naturally.

You say you have been taught that the first law of nature is self-preservation and so it is. But that does not mean that one protects his own life at the expense of another. In the Master there is no revenge and his whole motive is to protect life from every intrusion.

*MotFE* The Eternal Truth, Evolution Brings It Forth, Present World Changes & Man's Thought:

"That which was before consciousness began, is eternal; is Truth."

"As the centuries roll on and push back the material veil by the process of evolution, thoughts come through the mind of humanity that revert back to Truth."

"All things that are not in perfect accord and union with actual, existing cosmic fact, must erase themselves when the Absolute Law of Truth holds sway in the human consciousness.

"‘Let them alone, blind teachers of the blind. If the blind always lead the blind, shall they not fall into the same ditch?"

"The cycle is fast closing in which the blind of the whole race have led the blind into a welter of ignorance, superstition, and delusion created by those who believe as human beings think, rather than that which is true and real. The civilization that has risen on the delusions and superstitions of the closing centuries is submerging itself in the welter. Through the pain and tragedy of their misappropriated creations, a new race consciousness has been conceived and is fast evolving. In fact, the door is opening wide for its new birth.

"Those thus absorbed in personal consciousness must go on through natural exhaustion of beliefs and experiences until they fail to go forward; then, of its own accord, Absolute Law wields a progressive hand through disease, pain, and loss, until the human is satisfied and turns to find the curse of a false idea within the idea itself.

"If a race or nation refuses to let go of things created by a portion of human thought instead of that which really exists, the Law takes a hand in its progress by allowing the accumulated vibrations sent out by such a condition to reflect back upon itself through the light ray. Then with war, strife, discord, and death on every hand, that race or nation is wiped out, in order that it may be placed again in a new up-lift of creation. Every tree that has not been planted by Truth will be uprooted. There is approaching a complete cosmic overthrow of the present social, political, financial, and religious institutions that will make room for the placing of a new era in order that humanity may come in closer touch with that which is and was established before the present human consciousness submerged and set it aside.

"Humanity is taking a forward step from the cradle stories of the former generations and their creations are no longer of any avail to the arisen individuality and spiritual discernment of the consciousness of the generation that is fast approaching. Delusions, traditions, and superstitions are nearing the end. It is also true of the civilization which they established. The old idols are good enough for the infantile consciousness that is nearing an impasse. Their delusion has caused their undoing as they are proved to be only cradle stories woven by a mastercraft of priesthood and preceptor to lull into false sleep the crying infants of an evolving race. Most of them saw that the cradle stories were not true and many stepped boldly forth to erase the untruth. From this portion there will arise a new and more vitalizing consciousness, fully awake and ready to erase the idols that man has set up for his fellow man to follow and make room for the new ideals which are as old as creation's dawn.

"There can be no mistake or contradiction and on a plane of interpretation that is so simple that it cannot be misunderstood. The awakening tiger of higher intelligence and spirituality will refuse to sleep again, as it is already ravaged with the fragments of the past and disappointed with the torture of misplaced confidence."

"Humanity's traditional and idolized ideas of God, of Christ and man, of self, of life and death, all must go; and in the absolute freedom from these preconceived ideas there must pass and thus be erased all that was built upon them."

"Another cycle of spirit is dawning for the whole world. Another age of the Crystal Race is coming up out of the maelstrom."

"A great new race of thinkers is coming to the fore with herculean strides.

"The work is already accomplished. Hundreds of millions are re-released with their heart, soul, body, and instinct free. They are the throbbing pulse of an unborn race that is again heir to the ages. I see them stepping across the ages, walking hand in hand with God."

Experience & Developing Qualities

*MV&I* The Purpose of Evolution- Why You Are Cast In the First Place:

While the soul of the animal pours back after the death of the body into the group-soul or block to which it belongs, the divine spirit in man cannot so fall back again, but rises ever onward and upward towards the divinity from which it came.

It is sometimes asked why, if the essence was divine in the beginning, and returns again to divinity at the end -–if the human monad was all-wise and all-good when it started on its long journey through matter – it was necessary for it to go through all this evolution, including as it does much sorrow and suffering, simply to return to its source in the end. But this question is based on a complete misconception of the facts. When what is sometimes, though perhaps inappropriately called the human monad came forth from the divine, it was not a monad at all – still less an all-wise and all-good one. There was no sort of individualization in it – it as simply a mass of monadic essence. The difference between its condition when issuing forth and when returning is exactly like that between a great mass of shining nebulous matter and the solar system which is eventually formed out of it. The nebula is beautiful, no doubt, but vague and useless; the sun formed from it by slow evolution pours life and heat and light upon many worlds and their inhabitants.

The essence comes forth as a mere outpouring of force, even though it be divine force; it returns in the form of thousands of millions of mighty adepts, each capable of himself developing into a Logos.

The method of progress destined for him is that by reincarnation- by putting forth part of himself into these lower planes for the sake of the experience to be gained there and of the qualities which that experience develops, and then withdrawing back again into himself, bearing with him the results of his endeavor.

*SD&P* Incarnations Expand the Entity:

The various reincarnated personalities express and expand the entity as a whole.

Without the stages of childhood, adulthood and old age, the personality could not expand to its fullest degree, and without various incarnations, the entity cannot expand.

*TB* Simplicity & Goals:

The key to finding a happy balance in modern life is simplicity. The only truly serious goals in life are learning to love other people and acquiring knowledge. What have you done to benefit the human race? You will keep falling into the same traps until you learn your lessons.

The supreme way of preparing is now, to become enlightened in this lifetime.

Script: Where is Monroe's future BECOMING adventures???Add them!
*SS* The Big Picture:

The soul stands at the center of itself, exploring, extending its capacities in all directions at once, involved in issues of creativity, each one highly legitimate.

*SS* Purpose:

Jointly, each generation has its own purpose. It is this- to perfect inner knowledge, and to materialize it as faithfully as possible outward into the world. The changing physical scene throughout the centuries, as you know them, represents the inner images that have flickered through the minds of the individuals who lived within the world through the various ages.

At the end of the reincarnational cycle, the whole self is far more developed than it was before. It has realized and experienced itself in a dimension of reality unknown to it earlier, and in doing so, has of course increased its being.

*SS* Purpose of Physical:

The multidimensional self cannot act within three-dimensional reality until it materializes a portion of itself within it. Within this reality, it brings about all kinds of creativity and development that could not appear otherwise. During its three-dimensional existence, it has helped others in ways that they could not otherwise be helped, and it has been itself benefitted and developed in ways that would be impossible otherwise.

Balancing Opposites

*JoYS* Earth's Experiment:

Earth is a particularly important experiment, primarily about balancing opposites.

Development of Your Species

*UR2* Your Goals and the Goals of the Species:

In far greater terms, the goals set consciously by your species also set into operation the same kind of inner biological activity. The goals of the species do not exist apart from individual goals. As you go about your life, therefore, you are very effectively taking part in the "future" development of your species.

Making a Spiritual Earth

*ET* The Mission:

Reliance on Spirit is the mission. Spiritual self-reliance is the essential shift in consciousness that the mission is here to help implement.

*HTKHW* Our Goal- Transforming the Earth:

Our work is wholly here on earth. And if we evade our earthly tasks and try to escape into another world, we can rest assured that we will never achieve our goal.

We must transform the earth by implanting in it what we discover of the spiritual realm. Our task is the transformation of the earth.

*ET* Change From the Inside:

The need to absorb the dysfunctionality of the planet is in order to legitimately disarm its patterns. Any other method would constitute an invasion, and we do not invade. We alter by earning the right to do so. No entity is permitted to enter an alien world and disarm its dysfunctional patterns without having lived them.

Getting out of here is not the point. Getting more light into here is. Remember?

The fact that you endured human denial is of great importance. Why? Because, as you transmute, all the dysfunctional patterns that you have willingly taken on will transmute with you.


Why the Spiritual Needs the Physical

Soul Needs Physical For Development

*PoP* Angelic Soul's Need for Basharic Soul & Body:

The angelic soul is the positive pole while the basharic soul (domineering self or nafs) is the negative pole. Together they form a single entity, the "self." This bipolarity is an indispensible condition for the soul's development and hence for its process of perfection. Every soul needs matter as a substrate and support in order to acquire the potential for fulfilling its process of perfection, so it can become fully conscious of itself and thereby become free. The angelic soul needs a material garment that it can use as a means of communication, which will allow it to develop and advance.

These two souls are constantly in conflict. The angelic soul is attracted towards God while the basharic soul is attracted towards the animal paradise of eating well, sleeping, sexual relations, etc, which leads us into injustice, oppression, and trampling on the rights of others for our own good. Our reason can be at the service of our angelic soul or our basharic soul. We must keep them in balance, for each has a tendency to go to extremes and lead us astray. This proper balance is the "straight path" which doesnt stray either direction.

Only when the divine part comes to control the animal part can the self return to God. We should not stifle the nafs- if we have a demanding vital need, it is harmful to stifle it.

*HTKHW* The Value of the Sense-Perceptible World & The Interrelation With the Spiritual:

Certain tendencies and habits dwell within us. Now we realize why we have these. We recognize where these come from. We come to understand our visible life on the basis of its invisible causes. We realize that we wove the causes that led us to return to life before we were born.

We realize: "Once I entered this world for the first time because I am a being who needs life in this world in order to acquire qualities I cannot acquire in any other world."

Only through insight into the supersensible worlds do we realize the value of the sense-perceptible world. Without experiences in the visible world they would be quite powerless in the invisible worlds.

This power of spiritual vision in a "higher" world develops only gradually by means of experiences in the "lower" world.

Indeed, in a certain sense, this "higher" world seems incomplete without the "lower" one.

The supersensible world came first and that the sensible, physical world developed out of it.

Before we entered the physical world for the first time we ourselves belonged to a supersensible world. This supersensible world too had to pass through life in the sensible world in order to develop further. Its further evolution was impossible unless it passed through the physical realm. Indeed, only if certain beings evolved with the appropriate faculties in the physical realm could the supersensible realm advance in its evolution. We are those beings.

To Speed Progression
Physical is Direct Experience

*BDL* Learning By Incarnations:

J: By understanding universal laws and love, I could gain my light back. It's easier to go through the earth school than to incarnate on other dimensions. It's quicker.

*TDA* Learning Needs Experience:

Dr. Peebles: "There is no learning, except through experience. To learn in the mind is only a theory...

"Many spirits will, lifetime after lifetime, do everything they can to avoid such experiences. Actually they are avoiding growth and trying to live in pleasure and safety. And the divine universe is such that... that is absolutely fine. But then, you see, there are still issues that have not been addressed."

*SBtL* The Difficulty of Earth Life:

"Those who come here are courageous, because we are willing to experiment in a world that is so confining when compared to the entire universe. The spirits say that everyone who is here should hold himself in high esteem."

*BDL* Why We Incarnate to Learn:

D: If you're able to learn lessons while you're in the spirit world, why is it necessary to incarnate in the physical form at all?

S: It is like reading a book... It is stronger, more personal if you are experiencing or living the problems. It is not felt this greatly when you have just read about something. You can learn all about how to do something by reading a book, but unless you have the "hands-on" experience it doesn't do you a bit of good.

*CBtL* Why You Come To Earth To Learn:

One can create many mental constructs and play with ideas on the astral plane. But actually living on Earth is putting one's ideas into nitty gritty practice.

*SL* Growth Requires Energy Against Opposition:

For their development it is necessary for positive qualities to be exercised against opposition... All growth and development result from the exercise against something which opposes... If you want to develop strength in your muscles, how are you to do it? By exercising them, by stimulating them, not be keeping them still...

Muscularity is developed by working against the opposing weight until it becomes stronger and able to overcome opposing forces...

So you develop moral character by struggling against evil...

The result of the recognition of falsehood will be to develop in you the necessary power for truth...

As you enlarge and increase your capacity for Truth.. you are making your character a receptacle for the Divine Life...

So also with every other virtue. Courage is developed in the presence, not in the absence, of something you fear...

You will begin to utilize what seems to be evil in order that you may get rid of everything which binds you to the transitory side of nature.

*WtK* The Necessity of Reincarnation:

Because all living things on earth can grow to their fullness of life only on earth, then only by repeated lives on earth can this fullness and perfection be attained...

The only way a soul can come into the fullness of wisdom is by repeated lives on earth in many different types of bodies, in many different ages and conditions, giving opportunity for a great variety of experiences, from all of which can be garnered the lessons that would bring wisdom.

*WtK* The Higher Self Teaches the Soul Through Incarnations!:

The human soul in each succeeding manifestation on earth of necessity builds for itself, under the direction of its Higher Self, a new body with a new brain mind, appearing in each earth life as a new and different personality. In each personality the soul seeks and gains new experiences, from which through its brain mind it is taught by its Higher Self many lessons whose spiritual essence is built into soul consciousness. Thus gradually the soul or ego is taught all that the Higher Self can teach it on earth, and it knows all that its Teacher knows, when evolution on earth is finished.

*JoS* Need For Bodies:

2: If you lose having direct experience, you miss a great deal. I would have no satisfaction without my physical lives.

*SDoG* The Interrelations of Spirit & Body:

The spirit is the body's meaning and the body is the spirit's form.

The relation between spirit and body is mutual, which is to say that each leaves traces in the other.

"The body bestows on the spirit knowledges of tastings and what cannot be known except through it."

Traces left by the higher in the lower depend upon the lower's knowledge of the higher. Only ignorance can allow us to remain unmoved by God's self-disclosure in our souls.

To Enlighten the Physical
The Evolution of Matter

*T* Why the Body:

Our task as messengers of the spiritual world is to incorporate the spirit into the material world... We must take on physical bodies as our tools so that we have something material through which to work on the material world and through which the material world can work on us.

*IL* The Idea Behind Earth Life:

The Word that was in the beginning and that was with Me was then not only an Idea, but It was My Idea of My Self IN EXPRESSION in a new state or condition, which you call earth life...

This, My Idea, therefore, is now in the process of unfoldment or of being thought into outer expression- some call it evolution...

When I shall have completely thought out My Idea, or shall have perfected My many mediums or expression, then shall My Idea shine forth in every Word...

This is the plan and purpose of My Creation and of all manifested things.

*SC* We Are the Consciousness & Light of this Planet:

Atun-Re: "Each of you is a portal. You are a window upon the Akasha, the all-knowing. Collectively, you are the consciousness of this planet and you are portals through which light streams forth and illumines this place."

*WotT* The Spirit of Life in Bodies: Mining the Physical:

Every body in the other world possesses the spirit (of life), and indeed is living by its very essence.

Bodies in this world are receptive to their soul by way of their (material) preparedness, while souls in the other world make their own bodies, by way of immediate affirmations. Here, bodies and materials gradually ascend, according to their states of preparedness and transformations, until they attain to the ranks of souls. But in the other world, the command (of creation and life) descends from soul into bodies.

To Unify Opposites

*B* The Soul Needs the Body to Unify Opposites:

The soul is purified in the body in that it gathers what was scattered and carried away. When the things that our five senses have carried away return into the soul, the soul has a form of strength in which all becomes one... Everything in the lower object that is separate will be united when the soul soars into a form of life in which there is no opposition. When the soul comes into the light of reason, then it knows nothing of opposition.

*CH* All Form as One Continuum:

Ecstatically to experience all forms as one continuum of Consciousness... is the Tantric attitude by which the ways of wisdom and devotion are fused.

For Enjoyment

*DEVF1* Why We Are Physical Creatures:

You are physical creatures because you do like to live on earth, you do like the conditions, you do enjoy overall the particular kind of challenge and the particular kind of perception, knowledge and understanding that the earthly environment provides...

The life of the body provides you, among all things, with a life of sensation, of feeling, a spectrum that must include the experience of all possible sensations within its overall range...

All creatures, regardless of their degree, can and do choose, within their spheres of reality, those sensations that they will experience but to one extent or another all sensations are felt...

The body consciousness is therefore given a superb sense of its own reality, a sureness of identity, a sense of innate safety and security, that allows it to not only function but to grow in the physical world. It is endowed with a sense of boldness, daring, a sense of natural power...

*IAD* Purpose of Outer Things:

Within you and the Light about you is everything you can possibly desire... Then in the outer things that come to you will come joyous Freedom. This is the true activity of outer things.

*E* Purpose of the Seen- Enjoyment:

The purpose of the seen is enjoyment and liberation.

Why does the Universe exist? To provide for enjoyment and liberation.

By increasing the level of enjoyment one rises to higher and higher stages of desiring and eventually rises to the desire for enlightenment. There is no necessity for suffering on the path of evolution.

No Appreciation Without Loss

*PoP* The Struggle & Necessity of Conflict:

The possibility of perfection is the greatest of all blessings, for perfect happiness can only be felt by perfect beings. If we didnt have to work to get something, we would never appreciate the results or really understand it. We can only work towards perfecting ourselves if there is a struggle, if there is an opposition to overcome. We cannot be near to God if we know nothing of unhappiness and sin, if we do not feel and truly understand the other creatures. The soul can only become conscious of the meaning and value of things through experiencing phenomena and their contraries. As long as the angelic soul does not take on an earthly human garment it will have no consciousness of spirituality; if it had no contact with adversity it will have no awareness of real happiness; if it had never known lying and cruelty, it would not be aware of uprightness and honesty.

To Develop the Will

*IL* Why This Dream is Necessary- Development of Will:

It was only through your thus losing the memory of your Divine estate, and centering all your consciousness in these earthly conditions, that I could develop your human mind and will.

For God to Experience "Who I Am"

*CWG3* Reincarnation Lets God Experience "Who I Am":

Reincarnation fits perfectly into that purpose, which is for Me to create and experience Who I Am through you, lifetime after lifetime, and through the millions of other creatures of consciousness I have placed in the universe.

The Lessons of Earth

*TDA* Reasons For Coming To Earth:

Dr. Peebles: "Jennifer, you are a beautiful spirit; you came to the planet Earth as a search for the great creativity of God, the beauty of the divine. Similarly, you came into this life through the doorway of beauty. The planet Earth appeared to you to be a great rainbow of experience and of color. You came forward from other places in the universe in a great love affair; there was no hesitation whatsoever; you said, ‘Look at that beautiful blue place. I want to be part of that.'"


Dr. Peebles: "Michael, you came into the planet Earth as a pioneer, as an adventurer, you came to the planet Earth from other regions of space and time merely out of curiosity... because that was just your drive, just curiosity, to explore the unknown- which we send you accolades for- your ability to seek the unknown, where so many fear it...

You couldn't wait to go somewhere you hadn't been... As quickly as you could, you spent no time in the spirit; you'd die, you'd leave the body; with your next breath you'd be in some woman's womb again as a child."

*TDA* Earth Is For Learning Love:

Dr. Peebles: "What're you going to learn? -you're going to learn love, you're going to learn that you're loved, how to love others... Earth is a school for that. So, the Spirits who are working with you are already inside that vibration."

*CJ* Earth is Emotional:

The invisibles call the earth "the emotional universe"... They contrasted our emotional universe with the mental universe just described.


ROMC: "Earth is specifically the emotional level of the universe. Many choose earth for their emotional growth, which is represented in the body by the area of the solar plexus and heart energies."

*ASJ* Self Sacrifice:

The Master: ‘The keynote of the human kingdom... is self sacrifice... For the first few lives lived by the unevolved man, he is more animal than man. Although he has shaken off his fear of man, the practices brought over from the animal kingdom... still persist.'


Greater Cycles of Evolution

The Distribution of Consciousness in the Grand Cycle

*JoYS* What Is Cast From the Tao- Animals, Devas, Humans, Stars, Etc.:

Only about twenty-five percent of the Tao plays the universal game at all; the rest of it remains "uncast." Sentient souls account for about twenty percent of the consciousness operating in the dimensional universe.

Animals might occupy about another five percent of the Tao, devas perhaps four percent. Perhaps six percent is star consciousness, although that has many subdivisions. The other five percent is miscellaneous, such as free agent beings who help create new planets. The raw material of undeveloped planets and of the universe itself, does not account for a large percentage of the Tao—maybe two percent. The more developed, mature planetary energies, such as earth or gaia energy, perhaps accounts for about one percent of the Tao. Although developed planets carry more of the Tao's consciousness than undeveloped one.

Devas are directly from the Tao—they have had no intervening experiences in the universe. They wear "Tao-like clothing." They are caretakers of the physical kingdoms of the earth, the "wee people" of legend.

Individuation from Mineral to Man

Script: So does the body consciousness serve as the most individuated of this evolution and then the human soul incarnated into it to help the lower energy on its upward path? It seems impossible that this less individual energy could develop into a spark. More likely, it is the point at which the spark can meet the ascending evolution. But then again, isnt the source in the center of everything?
*ASJ* From Animal To Man in Great Detail:

The Master: ‘Try to imagine the life-force as constituting the water of a slowly moving canal; it is bounded on both sides by the banks of the canal, thus giving the impression of a controlled purpose. There is practically no difference in this stream when passing through the mineral and vegetable kingdoms, but there is a distinct change as it emerges from the canal into the conditions ruling the animal kingdom...

‘In passing through the animal kingdom the life force acquires the colouration of experience. It takes form as, shall we say, myriads of tadpoles... When the units of water comprising these fragments of life return to the compartments, their experience most certainly colours the water, which when it started out was clear, with many colours expressing sufferings in its diverse forms. The whole experience, blended together, leaves that compartment coloured with the experiences of all the units, none of which has a separate identity, all being part of the complete group soul.

‘After one or two lives at this stage of evolution, the life force with its accumulated water experiences passes to the next level. Instead of tens of thousands of tadpoles, it is divided into about ten thousand units of rats, or mice, for example. The rat is born with a fear of the human being and of its natural enemies, for is not the water coloured with the fear that was brought back from the lives lived in the earlier stage...

‘The level of evolution of the life force reached in the wild animals is as far removed from the humble worm, as he is from the plant world. The animals themselves live by the natural law, which is the ‘survival of the strongest', and the key-note of the animal kingdom is self preservation. The weaker animals are killed for food, and fear for survival colours the experiences of all such animals...

‘Many lives are lived by group souls in the bodies of wild animals, because in such incarnations they learn the important lessons of self preservation and the necessity to work in order to survive, for the obtaining of food alone for each and every animal becomes a daily duty which can never be neglected...

‘The wild animals represent the top of the spiral covering the lives lived by the group soul in the animal kingdom...

‘When caught it is only if they are tamed by kindness that they become at all domesticated and willing to use their natural powers in the interests of human progress... However in the lives which follow they are mostly born into captivity, therefore their environment from birth teaches them to lose some of the natural fear that past lives have produced in them. The most evolved of this group are the cattle for they are often stall fed in the winter months, and it is generally admitted that the providing of food for an animal does more to gain its confidence and eradicate its natural fear of man than anything else...

‘...Its last stage in the animal world, that of the truly domesticated animals- the horse, the dog and the cat. The group soul which in the beginning went out seeking experience in the form of approximately ten thousand tadpoles has gradually but surely divided itself into fewer and fewer parts, until in the last stages of the animal kingdom it is in two parts only- as two horses, two dogs or two cats...

‘Now the possibility of its individualizing as a separate human ego becomes a fact. How many lives still have to be lived by this group soul depends entirely on the human beings to whom these two animals are attached. If one of the two owners of these horses, dogs or cats is not an animal lover and therefore the treatment meted out to the animal is unsympathetic, or cruel, then some of the fear which in the last twenty lives has been partly eradicated, will come back again...

‘No group soul can individualize into a human soul until all fear of the human race has been overcome...

‘How does individualization eventually take place? It can come about in one of two ways- through the pathway of either the heart or the head... A dog most frequently passes into the human kingdom through love and/or sacrifice...

‘While a dog or horse passes into the human kingdom through devotion and/or sacrifice, so a cat earns the right to live as a higher entity by learning to understand man...

‘We can see instances of elephants who have been trained to serve man, and monkeys who have lived in the right types of zoological gardens, who obviously qualify in this respect...

‘I must mention the case of the animal which individualizes as a human being whilst still occupying an animal body... In a case where one dog, which is half a group soul, has died a natural death and where the second half of the group soul, another dog, remains alive but has no more lessons to learn, this dog becomes a human being in everything other than form. Doubtless you have come across cases where a dog in later life seemed "almost human", where it appeared to understand almost every word that was said to it and where its uncanny understanding of your thoughts and actions...

‘The main difference between a human being and an animal is the faculty of reason- and with it the gift of free will... An animal lives by instinct, and outside the limits of instinct it cannot think.'

*ASJ* Evolution From Mineral to Man:

The Master: ‘When life starts functioning as various minerals, it has no individuality as we understand such a thing at the human level. In the lower types of minerals the life-force, after having gained the experience it must obtain, passes into the higher forms; later it passes to the lower type of vegetable and so to the higher types of the same kingdom. All this takes many thousands of years... It is only when life passes from the vegetable to the animal kingdom that any sort of division becomes apparent. (NOTE: Think of the group plant souls at Findhorn) Even at this stage there is no individuality but merely a group consciousness or group soul, common to all the different animals from without. When the life-force passes to the human kingdom, an indwelling spirit or ego inhabits each individual body and dictates the thoughts and actions of every human being. At this stage of evolution group souls have an influence upon races- but none on individuals, who now have free-will.

‘To animals man is a super-animal, just as to man a perfect man is a super-man.'

*BDL* The Group Souls of Plants & Animals:

S: Plants and animals all have a group spirit... There are individual souls that take care of the group souls. And the individual souls are the elves, fairies, etc...

The group soul is not as evolved as a helping soul...

They are like guides and channelers for the plant and animal kingdom. These kingdoms are aware of these spirits...

They're full of love for all humanity and all of nature, but especially nature...

Just like you will go on to higher levels, so does an animal's spirit separate from the group spirit and become an individual soul and begin the process of growing spiritually...

We must go through all the series of development: gas, matter, plant, animal, human, spirit, divine...

Humans showing love to an animal gives it a personality. Love helps it to separate and makes it more individualistic. This raises their consciousness.

*CJ* The Evolution of Consciousness From Mineral to Human:

ROMC: "When the group soul evolved to a certain level, then a choice can be made. If an individual animal wants to evolve into another type of animal, or species, to learn a certain type of lesson, it can...

"The energies of a stone or rock evolve into vegetation- flowers and trees. Then these energies evolve into movable forms from the immovable- they can begin to have a type of mobility that is not as dense. There is thus an evolution through the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms. In the animal kingdom, wild animals can evolve into more domesticated ones. And then, at a certain point, a group soul of animals can evolve into a human consciousness."

*tSD* The Circle of Evolution:

The well-known Kabalistic aphorism runs:- "A stone becomes a plant; a plant, a beast; a beast, a man; a man, a spirit; and the spirit a god." The "Spark" animated all the kingdoms in turn before it enters into and informs Divine Man...

The Monad... is, first of all, shot down by the law of Evolution into the lowest form of matter.

*tSD* The Path of Evolution From Mineral to Man:

Occultists distinguish the progressive stages of the evolution of the concrete from the abstract by terms of which the ‘Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, (etc), Monad' are examples... The ‘Monadic Essence' begins to imperceptibly differentiate towards individual consciousness in the Vegetable Kingdom.

*PoP* The Five Classes of Souls & Their Path Upwards:

The five classes of souls are mineral, plant, animal, basharic, and angelic. There are many different levels of development within each of the mineral, plant, and animal worlds. The accumulation of lower animal souls gives rise to a more advanced animal soul. Each soul continues its process of perfection until, when it concludes the process, it is transformed into the soul of the next highest level. The creation of each higher sort of being does not result automatically from the perfection of the soul that preceeds it. A perfected mineral soul does not itself ‘create' plants: it only allows for their growth. Each soul carries the impressions and influences of their previous souls from previous levels.

Each form, each structure, receives the soul that is properly suited to it. The plant is a recepticle for the vegetal soul.

*PoP* The Basharic Soul:

The basharic soul is a result of a certain number of perfected influences from a great many minerals, plants, and animals. In a human, the mineral soul is present in different parts of the body, including the bones; the vegetal soul accounts for the growth of the hair and nails, among other things; and the animal soul which shows in temperament.

The basharic soul itself has two components, an aspect which is useful and necessary for animal life, and the harmful domineering nafs.

*SD&P* Ego & Focus:

The cat focuses upon one thing at a time even though it has no strong ego.

*PAP* The Mineral, Vegetable, & Animal Kingdoms, Life & Evolution:

This life is at the mercy of all disturbing elements, of all lack of balance occurring in any of the modes of movement in the universal substance. If an infinity is established between elements of different potential an electrical coupling will arise, the rhythm of which will evoke relationships of equal wave-length. This is the story of the mineral kingdom, visible reflection of the invisible agglomerations which exist in the universal substance.

The forms of energy circulating in the physical matter will establish between the elements of the mineral kingdom paths of least resistance which will, in turn, bring about new affinities. These, in their turn, will take on life in the invisible worlds in order to manifest on earth at the first opportunity.

The successive addition of the resulting potentialities determinates the visible repetition of the instantaneous movement which may be observed in the formation of the intimate principles of the mineral kingdom. Instead of being born and dying almost instantaneouly, the mineral elements succeed in coming together and giving each other mutual support. The result is an alternating movement, at great speed, of the life and death of the atoms; but the sum total persists, grows and finally develops into the vegetable kingdom.

The vegetable life will develop and strengthen the type of movement begun in the mineral kingdom. Observed in its own dimension, each plant already constitutes a little universe of specialized life, and soon the protozoans will appear, the rudiments of the animal kingdom.

First of all without a nucleus, then a simple unicellular organism, then association of cells, this evolution pursues its way from the simple to the complex. In the ether the movement is accentuated, the potential energy takes on greater activity and becomes visible on earth. The organs of movement collect first of all as radiations around a center, then in pairs placed on either side of a median axis. The disturbing affinity, manifested by a specialized form of life, has been considerably transformed. Endowed with a certain sensitivity it seeks our similar elements and grows by means of all the affinities it can capture. It attaches itself to these, clings on, and thereby increases its power and its capacity for life.

This elementary mechanism of life, visible and invisible, opens out fresh horizons on all the phenomena of evolution.

Since there are constant relationships between the same potential of life, whether visible or invisible, the evolution of the system of harmonies which it represents falls into normal conditions. Whether this vital potential be called mineral, vegetable, animal, or human , it is the same principle which is perfecting itself, ever drawn towards the positive aspect of its own system in the universe.

We know, by experience, that this primitive aspect represents a maximum of forces, of electromagnetic power, with a minimum of density. The rarefaction of this force is such that freedom is almost absolute, and the manipulation of this energy determines the greatest number of effects with the least effort.

The observation of facts shows us all the affinities directing themselves towards the positive side of the universe. Life follows these groupings, whose autonomy becomes more defined as they perfect themselves.

Affinity, desire, sentiment, are all so many disturbing causes which are capable of taking on life in the universal substance. It is therefore natural that the human being should be attracted constantly by these elementary lives. To these man represents the center of the universe. From this results an attraction on the part of man towards the material side of life, towards ephemeral pleasure of all kinds, and this attraction of living matter is one of the normal facts of evolution.

Writers who can only conceive of egotism as the basis of our activities are only obeying this law of nature. But, if they favor the evolution of the universal substance in the lower kingdoms they are delaying their personal evolutionary processes.

The way of life, on our particular planet, seems therefore to teach us that personal disinteredness is a form of spiritual egoism. This would be true if the Love of Unity did not intervene. This sends back into multiplicity the benefit which has been acquired by personal evolution.

Having entered into the circle of manifested life in our system through egotism, the consciousness which results can only leave by abandoning the root of personality.

*GHL* The Continuity of L