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The Planes & Worlds

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The Planes of Reality

Script: This whole section needs a great degree of integration and pouring over.

What Planes Can Be

*SD&P* The Possibilities of What a Plane May Be:

A plane is not necessarily a planet. A plane may be one planet, but a plane may also exist where no planet is. One planet may have several planes. Planes may also involve various aspects of apparent time. Planes can and do intermix without the knowledge of the inhabitants. A plane may be a time... Or only one iota of vitality that exists by itself. A plane may cease to be. A plane is formed for entities as patterns for fulfillment along various lines. It is a climate conducive to the development of unique and particular capabilities and achievements.

The analogy of a plane with an emotional state is much more valid than the analogy between a plane and a geographical state, particularly since emotional states take up no room or space.

Names of the Planes

*tAW* Origins of the Word "Astral:"

The term "astral" is derived from the Greek word meaning "related to a star," and was originally used in describing the heavens of the Greeks- the abodes of their gods.

*CBtL* Names of Planes:

The Fourth Plane, High Astral... Indian mystics refer to as Devachan.

*CBAP* The Earth Aura in Ancient Culture:

The earth has a "super-physical" body, that which the Persians called the "Paradise" belt of the total earth, and the Greeks Elysium.

*DA* What Kamaloka Means:

Loka is a Sanskrit word that may be translated as place, world, land, so the Kamaloka is literally the place or the world of Desire, Kama being the name of that part of the human organism that includes all the passions, desires and emotions which man has in common with the lower animals.

The Greater Planes

*tAW* The Planes:

The oldest occult teachings, as well as the latest, inform the student that there are Seven Planes of Being. The lowest of these planes is that which is known as the Material Plane. Second in order is that which is known as the Plane of Forces (NOTE: Etheric?) . The third is that which is known as the Astral Plane. The fourth is that which is known as the Mental Plane...

*SFH* The Expanded Light Spectrum:

There are three primary, three secondary, and six tertiary colors in the visible light spectrum. Here, I was seeing a visible light spectrum with at least 80 new primary colors.

*WtK* Journey Through the Different Realms:

We started from the physical, or outer rim of consciousness, and began our journey inward toward the center of being, where lies the Kingdom.

Unconsciously we passed through the six inner planes of the physical world- the two planes of the chemical region and the four planes of the etheric region, which supply vitality to the physical organism.

Then all aspirants passed easily through the three lower planes of the Astral World or Emotional Realm, commonly known as Purgatory; for it is supposed that all have won past the enticements of their lower or animal natures, which express on these planes of consciousness.

The next plane is the Borderland, that between the three lower and the three higher planes of the Desire, Emotional or Astral World, as they are variously called.

If any are still of a highly emotional type, it has been and will be most difficult to get beyond this realm, for their feelings and their reactions thereto will hold them so that they cannot free their soul consciousness to permit them to concentrate and thereby to penetrate the Mental World with its first four concrete planes constituting the first, second, third and fourth heavens. These planes comprise the realm of mental forms, as distinguished from the three higher planes- the fifth, sixth and seventh heavens, which comprise the realm of abstract thought, also called the Causal Realm.

Similarly until one has been able to free the consciousness from its interest in the form side of things, and can concentrate and meditate easily upon abstract ideas and gain light and understanding therefrom, one is held in the concrete realms; while those who become engrossed in the beauty of tones and ideas- as is the case with many musicians, artists, poets and other writers- and who cannot penetrate through to their spiritual realities, are held here, although they have reached the entrance to the Kingdom...

Beyond the Causal Realm is the first Spiritual Realm; but the last of the three Causal planes, the one next to the Spiritual, is the virtual entrance to the Kingdom...

Here dwell the purified and perfected souls of all things, the ideal state, all Spiritual realities made manifest in their purest soul forms. Which means that here everyone is perfect in his or her soul nature- young, beautiful, wise, powerful and all-loving, all manifesting that phase of soul their Higher Selves intend to express.

*MB* The Colors of Higher Planes:

ALMA: First, the spheres are all colors, each sphere having a predominant color, such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, white and gold. It is fascinating to travel upwards with all these colors radiating and blending together. They are not harsh tones but, rather, pastels. The red is pinkish, for example.

*LBD* Different Spheres:

We go through the moon-, Mercury-, Venus-, and sun-spheres. In each sphere we meet, to begin with, what corresponds to the inner forces that we bring with us. Our emotions, urges, passions, sensual love, unite us to the moon-sphere. In the Mercury-sphere we meet everything that is due to our moral imperfections; in the Venus-sphere, all our religious shortcomings; in the sun-sphere, everything that severs us from the purely human.

Now we proceed to other spheres that the occultist terms the spheres of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn...

We reach a boundary, then we begin to contract and enter again into the realms through which we have travelled previously. We go through the sun-, Venus-, Mercury-, and moon-spheres until we come again into the neighborhood of the earth and everything that has been carried out in the cosmic expanse has concentrated itself again in an embryo borne by an earthly mother.

*WtK* The Astral:

The lower astral [is] where self and the darkness of ignorance rule...

The astral is merely the plane of consciousness from which come all desires, feelings, emotions and passions, including love...

Every human soul is involved in the astral plane every time he lets any desire, feeling or emotion of whatsoever kind rule him and influence his thoughts, words and actions. The same way exactly as he is involved in the mental plane when some thought or idea claims his attention and rules his mind.

Organization of the Planes

*RB* Higher Levels And Their Buffer Zones:

Higher Planes(RB): The commonly accepted names for the seven known levels of existence, from lowest to highest, are: Physical, Astral, Mental, Buddhic, Atmic, Anupadaka and Adi. These higher planes are similar in structure to the astral dimension but at a much higher level of consciousness and are completely separate from it.

(FM) There are seven stages, which are levels of consciousness, or planes of existence. Stage one is the earth plane. Stage two is called the "Intermediate Plane" or "Hades". Stage three is a dimension where things can be shaped by the mind and imagination, (the astral). Stage four is the plane of color (RB's Mental). [Physical, lower astral, astral, color-mental]

*HU* Beyond Heaven:

(NOTE: Regenerating !!!!) Swedenborg said that beyond the heaven he visited was another heaven, one so brilliant and formless to his perceptions that it appeared only as "a streaming of light."

*AoaY* [physical, astral, mental, unity]

*MjooB* [physical, astral, essences, beyond the dream]

*PoP* [physical, astral, permanent heaven & hell, unity]

*TB* Six Realms:

There are six realms of existence in Buddhism: gods, demigods, humans, animals, hungry ghosts, and hells. They are each the result of one of the six main negative emotions: pride, jealousy, desire, ignorance, greed, and anger.

*MJooB* The Levels:

Plants exist on, or are on a vibrational rate on levels 1-7. Animals exist on levels 8-14. When a consciousness attains level 14, it cant go any higher without chaning its form. Levels 15-21 are what you call human life on earth. To go higher than 21, one must give up human form. 21 can be physical or nonphysical, depending on where you focus your energy. It seems to be a rainbow of colors, but they are all going at different beats and moving. It is like seeing a spectrum of 22-28. Levels 22-28 are your bridge. They are the levels that you enter upon death. Those on level 20 and 21 can enter the realm beyond physical life, but you can only stay with a change of form. Once level 28 is reached, the bridge is crossed, and it can never incarnate in human form again.

Imagine 7 circles, giving you 49 levels. The first three are physical matter; plants, animals, and humans. The fourth is the bridge and center for that overall plane. You choose here to go back or to go onwards. The upper three circles is the spirit realm. One in the spirit realm could not reach one in level 18 due to vibrational differences, but he could reach level 20 because it is an ascending spiral/ellipse. Upon reaching level 49, one leaves all of this realm of existence, this group of seven. These seven circles are enclosed with an even larger circle, which is the bottom of another stack of seven, the entirety of which is enclosed within the bottom of the next stack, ad infinitum. It does not ever stop.

*E* Seven Spheres:

There are generally considered to be seven major regions of light that surround and permeate our three dimensional Universe.

*JoYS* Significant Numbers in our Universe:

Our universe is based in part on the law of seven. Seven consists of two sets of three connected by one.

Twelve is another significant number in this universe.

Other universes are based on different mathematical ideas.

Our system of seven is only one way a perfect whole can be differentiated.

*JoYS* The Planes:

The universe has seven planes, or dimensions. Three are ordinal (concrete), three are cardinal (abstract), and one is neutral, providing connection. The most ordinal plane is the physical, which is concrete energy. Its position is mirrored by the most cardinal plane, the buddhaic, which is abstract energy. The astral plane (concrete emotion) is the middle ordinal plane. It is mirrored in position by the middle cardinal plane, the messianic (abstract emotion). The causal plane (concrete thought) is the highest ordinal plane. It is mirrored position by the lowest cardinal plane, the mental. This mirroring balances the universe. The higher planes are about pure energy, love, and through; the lower planes are about manifesting them. The fulcrum of the balance is the neutral akashic plane. It connects all the other through the akashic or re cord-keeping aspect of each plane, which feed into it.

There are etheric, nonsolid levels of the physical plane both lower and higher in frequency than our physical bodies. Some people with psychic skills can see them. The fact that they can be physically seen indicates that they are part of the physical plane. We cannot physically see what is nonphysical, although we may translate our nonphysical perceptions into physical images.

The etheric substance lower in vibration than the solid physical connects it with the Tao. This is the real of devas, nor nature spirits; it could be called the "lower physical plane." The etheric substance higher in vibration than the solid physical connects it with the astral; it is in the realm of what could be called the "upper physical plane." It is the domain of "ghosts," and some extraterrestrials. The ethereal life form of the "higher sentients" who lived on earth before the "fall of man" was also of the upper physical plane.

It might be more accurate to view the planes as being in a circle rather than a line. The six spiral loops that make one big loop are like the planes we experience in a progression. The loop in the middle is the akashic plane; it is not directly part of the progression because we do not actually have a cycle of experience there—it is a resource for the universe as a whole, and provides the Tao with a distillation of all that has been accomplished in this universe. The point of beginning ("Entrance") and end ("Exit") is the Tao, the undimensional ground of all being—this is where we start and finish the game.

Some people consider the etheric substance connecting the solid physical with the astral plane as another plane, and leave out the akashic.

The akashic records extend from the akashic plane and interpenetrate all the planes of existence. The akashic plane is directly accessible from the causal and mental planes.

The akashic plane is between the causal and mental planes, giving these two planes direct access to it. It is a band of frequency, like the other planes, we don't have a separate cycle of experience on the akashic plane.

Beyond the mid-astral plane, there is little fear, "negativity," or ego. These are mainly functions of the mortality and separateness of the physical body. Without bodies, there is not much to sustain fear.

On higher planes the game is different. It is less rigidly structured.

The higher planes of earth are part of earth and are specific to it.

*MV&I* Seven Planes, In Each Seven Subplanes:

The number of planes is seven; each of them in turn is divided into seven subplanes.

*JoYS* The Seven Planes:

The physical plane is only the first (and most dense) of seven planes. The next plane is the astral; we dwell on the lower astral plane before birth and after death. The other planes are the causal, akashic, mental, messianic, and buddhaic. These planes aren't really separate from our lives here on the physical plane.

*DE* The Seven Celestial Spheres:

(NOTE: find, get) In the Lailatal-Miraj or (Night Journey), the dream in which Muhammad's religious mission as well as portions of the Koran were revealed. He conversed and prayed with Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. Continuing on his journey, he traversed the seven celestial spheres. Each sphere is infused with its own color, the esoteric meanings of which relate to the seven levels of existence: material, vegetable, animal, human, and three more beyond ordinary human nature. Then he reached across the ocean of white light, and, finally, he approached God.

*WoLi* The Significance of Sevens:

Seven-ness is also found outside of myth and religion. There are seven colors to the rainbow, seven notes in the Western major scale, seven days in the week, and it is believed that major life cycles run in periods of 7 years each- childhood to age seven, adolescence at 14, adulthood at 21, first Saturn return at 28.

Arthur Young, in The Reflective Universe, has described evolution in seven levels and the periodic table of elements can even be viewed as falling into a pattern of seven, by atomic weight.

*JoNDE-BB* The Seven Heavens in Judaism:

Visionary tours of Gan Eden from Medieval religious stories describe seven heavens, guarded by myriads of angels, some beautiful and others terrible to see, in which all beings, enraptured by the love and truth (torah) of god, dwell in the midst of dazzling splendor and radiance.

"Gan Eden has two gates and sixty myriads of ministering angels keep watch over them. Each of these angels shine like the radiance of the heavens. When the righteous person approaches them, the angels remove from him the clothes in which he had been buried, and clothe him with eight clouds of glory…and in every corner there are sixty myriads of ministering angels singing with sweet voices, and the tree of life and its flowering branches stands in the middle and overshadow [sic] all of Gan Eden; and it has fifteen thousand tastes, and each one unique." (Rabbi Joshua ben Levi, p.186-187)

This sublimity is also not eternal. Beyond Eden, the fourth and final level is a spiritual world called the "storehouse of souls." In this holy celestial abode the highest grade of the soul is swept up into divine oneness and perfection: "If the Transit Stage is one of ‘being with God.'"

*AP* The Planes:

The names usually given to these planes, taking them in order of materiality, rising from the denser to the finer, are the physical, the astral, the devachanic, the sushuptic, and the nirvanic. Higher than this last are two others.

*BS&S* Frameworks of Existence:

Seth talks about a spectrum of consciousness, but in terms of frameworks.

Seth: All these frameworks exist one within the other, and each impinges upon the other. There is no spatial separation; to some extent, all realities are immersed in all others. The more our thoughts aspire toward higher frameworks, the more likely we are to reach them. Watching a program, we are not aware of the activities in the television studio that make the production possible. The realm of the studio, which is the creative background for the program we watch, is like Framework 2.

Framework 2 is a huge creative atmosphere where all events are known everywhere. The communication network is instant, and each mental act makes its imprint on the nearly infinite multidimensional screen of Framework 2. It provides us instantly with any knowledge we deem necessary. It has loving intent. Your desires cannot conflict with those of another being and be physically actualized. All That Is- the Absolute, the holomovement- is a constant presence that surrounds and engulfs us. It is a well-intentioned, gentle, powerful, and all-knowing atmosphere, and each individual is a manifestation of this presence. The inner reality cannot be correlated with Framework 2 (and beyond) and the outer reality with Framework 1.

Myth is the womb out of which fact must come, the inner reality from which our world springs. A myth, when accepted by a culture, is considered fact.

Framework 2, then, is an everlasting interior world housing the "dreams, hopes, aspirations, and fears as well as the emotional reality of all consciousness." In addition to forming models and patterns, Framework 2 acts as a source of creativity for out outer reality. Restricting the use of that tremendous creative pool of Framework 2 results in artistic works that fail to touch us deeply. We can tap the pool of Framework 2 in which barriers and compartments do not exist.

Friedman: Every electron, every cell, every animal, every human being has a choreographer in Framework 3, the abode of the outer ego. Framework 3 might be considered the region entered by a person's consciousness upon death. Many people talk about traveling through a tunnel or dark void. This is called by Itzhak Bentov "the adjustment of the consciousness from one plane of reality to another." Seth calls it a sort of refocusing: The dead waken in Framework 2 and move through it to Framework 3, where they can be aware of their reincarnational identities and connections with time, while being apart from a concentration upon earth realities.It is in Framework 3 that Jane Roberts and Seth actually came together.

Seth: The encounters themselves occur in a Framework 3 environment. The frameworks represent spheres of action. Some portion of each identity resides in Framework 4, and in all other frameworks.

Wilber: The deep structure contains the "limiting principles" or constraints for the surface structure.

Framework 3 programs Framework 2 to create Framework 1.

*AoaY* Cosmic Spheres:

I reached Tarakeswar and prostrated myself fully before the altar. The round stone enlarged before my inner vision until it became the cosmical spheres, ring within ring, zone after zone, all dowered with divinity.

*Suhrawardi* Four Universes:

1: [Unity] The world of dominant or angelic lights. These are seperated intelligible lights which have no attachments to any kind of bodies. They are cohorts of the Divine majesty, angels of the highest rank.

2: the world of lights governing bodies. These could be the commander of a celestial sphere or of a human body.

3: [Physical] Double interval. This is the universe of bodies perceptible to the senses, for everything has a distance, an interval. This is divided into the world of celestial spheres with the astral bodies they enclose, and the world of the elements with their compounds.

4: [Astral] World of autonomous images and forms, some dark, constituting the imaginative torment of the retrobate, and some luminous, constituting the imaginative sweetness enjoyed by the blessed. It is independant of matter. This is where the resurrection of bodies and divine apparitions are realized and where the prophetic promises are fulfilled. This is the immense and infinite world of the active imagination. Its creatures are in a term-for-term correspondence with those enclosed in the sensory world in the double interval world. This is the place the sages speak of, infinite in its marvels and cities. It corresponds to the sensory world. It's imaginative celestial spheres are in perpetual movement and give out sounds. Its elements and their compounds receive from these spheres the influx and are at the same time the illuminations of the intelligible worlds. It is there that the various archetypal images are infinitely realized, forming a heirarchy of degrees according to their relative subtlety or density. The degrees are finite, but the individuals peopling each degree are infinite. Some are peopled by the angels and human elect, others by angels and genii, and other by demons. (heaven and hell, then) The pilgrim rising from one degree to the next discovers on each higher level a subtler state, a more entrancing beauty, a more intense spirituality, a more overflowing delight. The highest of these degrees borders on that of the intelligible pure entities of light and very closely resembles it (world #1).

Heavens or hells are perceived by the Active or Creative Imagiantion. But far from bring "imaginary," it is far more real than what the body senses perceive. Dreams may touch the fringes of it, but most people enter it fully only after death, when it is the setting for their posthumous experiences.

*JoS* Four Spiritual Worlds:

One can be occupied in four spiritual places at once. There is the World Without Ego [origin, unity], the World of All-Knowing [mental], the World of Creation and Non-Creation [physical], and the World of Altered Time [astral]. Creation/Non-Creation exists in our physical universe, the rest are non-dimensional spheres of attention for the use of souls. The 3 non-physical worlds are mental worlds, habitations for spiritual life.

The World Without Ego is the place of learning to be. The newly created soul is there to learn who they are. It's the place of origin. The purpose of this world is the distribution of soul identities by advanced beings. The new soul is pure energy with no real self yet. This world provides you with a signature. It is here where the soul is offered meaning to its existence. When a soul has severe obstacles to improvement they are returned to this world and are mended by the restoration of positive energy. These restored souls are then allowed to return to their groups and incarnations.

The World of All-Knowing is the opposite. It is a place for older souls, a place to strive for. It is a place of contemplation, the ultimate mental world of planning and design. It is the final destination of all thought. The senses of all living things are coordinated here. It is abstract in the highest form. It's about blending content with form, the rational with ideals. It is a dimension where the realization of our hopes and dreams is possible. Those who havent gone there yet get glimpses to encourage them. All souls are anxious to reach and be absorbed by this nucleus, especially as they draw closer. This and the World Without Ego are opposite ends of a soul's experience.

The World of Altered Time is a sphere available to all souls, because it represents their own physical world, such as earth. The sphere of earth is only simulated for one's use. Each soul studies their own geographic planet where they incarnate. They are physically real, but temporarily. You use it for training purposes. It is called the World of Altered Time because one can change time sequences to study specific events. This allows one to improve their decisions for life. It makes one more discriminating and prepares one for the World of All-Knowing. "I think of what I want and it happens. I know I'm being assisted. We can be anything familiar to our past experiences." Souls can become rocks to experience the esence of density, trees for serenity, water for flowing cohesiveness, butterflies for freedom and beauty, and whales for power and immensity. Souls may also totally integrate into a particular feeling such as compassion to sharpen their awareness. Some tell of being mystical spirits of nature which are familiar from folklore. They are so vivid that it cant be metaphoric. These myths are memories from long ago.

The World of Creation and Non-Creation is the three-dimensional physical world.

*H&H* Celestial Heaven:

1) The good of love.

2) Divine love.

3) Heat, flame, fire.

4) God-love: in love to Lord.

5) Loving good.

6) 3rd, innermost heaven.

7) Receive God more interiorly.

8) Superior & interior.

9) In front of the right eye.

10) God lives here.

11) Receive truth immediately into life. They dont question, but will and do these truths.

12) Heart, arteries, veins.

13) Local (gravity?)

14) Fiery sun

15) Wood

16) Justice

17) Good=wisdom

18) Woman

19) Will, voluntary, affection, sound

*H&H* Spiritual Heaven:

1) The truth of faith.

2) Divine truth (derived from good and divine love)

3) Light.

4) Neighbor-love: In love to angels.

5) Loving good coming from another.

6) 2nd, middle heaven.

7) Receive God less interiorly.

8) Inferior and less interior.

9) In front of the left eye.

10) God doesnt live here.

11) Receive truth through memory and thought first. Memory, then understanding, then will.

12) Lungs, nerves, moving fibers.

13) Nonlocal (waves?)

14) Bright moon

15) Stone

16) Judgement

17) Truth=intelligence

18) Man

19) Understanding, intellectual, thought

Discerning The Plane You're On

*PAP* Learning About the Plane You're On:

The projection of the self on any plane of consciousness does not necessarily give it an integral understanding of that level. Before penetrating into a more active state, the consciousness must learn to make use of the elements in which it finds itself. It is only after having felt the effects, observed the resistance or the ease, respectively, with which these manifest the forms of thought, the subtle reactions of all nature, that we realize the possibilities and the limitation of whatever state we may be in. When this has been achieved we leave this world behind and travel forward into another, when it will be necessary once more to undergo the same studies as before in order to analyze the make-up of our new state. We go on in this manner, from ether to ether, becoming all the time more refined in our substance until, one day, we reach the culminating point where human consciousness becomes united with the essence of all life.

*PAP* Watch From a Slightly Less Material Viewpoint:

Examine the world where you may happen to be by placing yourself in a substance which is slightly less material. In this way you will be able to observe at leisure all the different details without any risk of causing any disturbance by your personal thoughts. What is more, we are far freer in our actions as we are in no way incommoded by the magnetism of the world which we are studying.

One day I was studying the constitution of earthly objects in this way. I could see trees and plants as if under X-ray.

I remember once having touched a metal shaving thrown off by a lathe in a factory and to have received a sensation of burning. This happened, of course, in the state of consciousness connected with the plane.

*PAP* Illusion & Reality:

What is real on earth is illusion in the next plane, and so on. But without earthly illusion there would be no higher reality. Each living element possesses its portion of both illusion and reality, one being as necessary as the other, since they transform themselves reciprocally. (NOTE: Like the part real & unreal of Ibn Arabi!)

*PAP* Earth Into a Higher Dimension:

Suppose, for a moment that our earth and its inhabitants have been switched over to the next dimension. As all variations would have occurred in a proportionate manner no one would notice that there had been any change. Everyone would carry on with his work as if nothing had happened. All the same, an unusual atmosphere of peace would extend over all. Inter-relationships would become less harsh, would gradually become more pleasant. Everything would turn out as it should, each person would see his wishes realize very quickly, all without hindering anyone else. No more grumbling of any kind whatsoever. The social system, would work like a watch. Almost incredible fact, politicians would like in peace, "civil servants" would be civil, journalists would tell the truth, trains would be punctual, and the ladies would no longer be jealous! In short, the Golden Age would have begun.

The Astral Subplanes

*T* Regions of the Soul (Astral) World:

We must thus distinguish three lower and three upper regions of the soul world and a fourth that mediates between them...

The soul substances of these highest regions waft through soul space, enlightening and enlivening, awakening what would, if left to itself, lose itself in its own existence.

*ASJ* The Seven Astral Sub-Planes:

The Master: ‘So far you have seen only a tiny sector of the astral world, the sector usually occupied by those who have recently passed from this world through the portal known as death...

‘The astral world is divided into what are known as spheres, levels or sub-planes...

‘There are seven spheres of consciousness in the astral world... Permanent inhabitants can spend their astral lives on any of these spheres, according to their natural desires. For example, a man may spend a few weeks on the first sphere, then the next two years on the second sphere, later passing to the third or fourth, as his habits and desires become less material and more artistic, intellectual or spiritual.'

*GHL* Irish Astral Realms:

"The Tir-na-nog of the ancient Irish, in which the races of the Sidhe exist, may be described as a radiant archetype of this world, though this definition does not at all express its psychic nature. in Tir-no-nog one sees nothing save harmony and beautiful forms. There are other worlds in which we can see horrible shapes." -George Russell

*BDL* Three Astral Parts:

J: He says the astral world is divided into three parts: the lower, middle and upper astral planes.

Variety of the Subplanes

*tAW* Thus The Difference in Astral Reports:

Contrast the varying "heavens" just mentioned, and see how different the reports would be coming from some of their inhabitants. When the nature of astral phenomena is once understood, the difficulty vanishes, and each report is recognized as being an attempt to describe the Astral picture upon which the disembodied entity has gazed.

Pairings of the Subplanes

*DP* The Division of the Planes, the Descent of Elemental Essence:

In the case of the first kingdom, its highest subdivision corresponds to the first sub-plane, while the second and third sub-planes are each divided into three parts, each of which is the habitat of one of the elemental subdivisions. The second kingdom distributes itself over the lower heaven-world, its highest sub-division corresponding to the fourth sub-plane, while fifth, sixth, and seventh sub-planes are each divided into two to accommodate the remainder. (NOTE: Well here is your seven and seven, meaning seven for the mental and seven for the causal.)

*ASJ* Sphere Pairings:

The Master: ‘The first and second spheres form one stage, the third and fourth the second stage, the fifth and sixth the third stage, and the seventh sphere is the frontier between the astral and the mental worlds. (NOTE: Think of the formed/formless pairings of Barbara Brennan)'

The Mental Subplanes

*T* The Human Spirit in the Mental World:

Once a human spirit has passed through the world of souls on its journey between two incarnations, it enters the country of spirits, where it remains until it is ready for a new bodily existence...

What is merely thought on earth is experienced in this region... What we perceived through our senses during earthly life now works on us in its thought form, but the thought appears to us, not as a shadow hiding behind the things, but as a living reality that creates the things...

Through observation, we gradually learn to recognize our relationship to, our unity with, our surroundings, to realize that we ourselves once were what is spread out around us here...

In a certain sense, we live through [physical life] all again, but from the active spiritual side. Our love for our family and the friendship we extended to others are now enlivened in us from within, and our capacities in this direction are enhanced... (NOTE: These last two paragraphs- Life review?)

The people with whom we lived in the physical world are encountered again in the spiritual world...

In the country of spirit beings, however, living thought nature appears in its true form rather than as a reflection, an we can actually unite with the unity we worshipped on earth...

(NOTE: The Second Region:) In the second region, we come into the presence of all those with whom we felt united in a wider sense through a common devotion, a common faith and so on. It must be emphasized that our spiritual experience in preceding region continue in the next, so we are not torn out of the context of family, friends and so on when we take part in the life of the second and successive regions... We experience being in a new region not because we have "entered" it in any outward way, but because we have only now acquired the inner ability to perceive something that has been surrounding us all the time.

(NOTE: The Third Region:) What others wish and desire is indistinguishable from what I wish and desire.

(NOTE: The Fourth Region:) Without our participation, no image of these things would exist in the world. The archetypes for these purely human creations are to be found in the fourth region of the country of spirit beings. Everything human beings develop during earthly life by way of scientific accomplishments, artistic ideas and forms, and technological thinking bears fruit in this fourth region. Artists, scholars and great inventors draw their impulses from this region during their stay in the spirit world...

If we spent the interval between death and a new birth without passing through this region, in the next life we would have no interests reaching beyond the narrow circumference of our own personal life to universal human concerns.

(NOTE: The Fifth Region:) In the still higher regions of the country of spirit beings, the human spirit is relieved of all earthly bonds and ascends to a purely spiritual world, where it experiences the intentions and goals it established for earthly life... We ourselves can only be copies or imitations of what the kingdom of the spirit intended us to be. Therefore, what we actually are as spirits in the country of spirit beings is only evident once we have reached the fifth region of spirit country during the interval between two incarnations. Here we are really ourselves...

When the self is in the fifth region of the country of spirit beings, it dwells in the kingdom of intentions and goals... The self discards any of the results of experience in earlier lifetimes that have to do with lower-worldly imperfections...

For instance, if we have acquired very little that relates to this fifth region, we feel an urgent need to imprint on ourselves an impulse that will cause our next life to run its course in such a way that the effect of this deficit becomes apparent in the destiny or karma we meet... We look back on our past and are aware that everything we have experienced is being absorbed into intentions that we will have to realize in future. A certain capacity to remember earlier lifetimes as well as a prophetic preview of later ones flares up...

Because they have climbed to the level where they can understand divine wisdom, these human beings spend the intervals between incarnations in the presence of all the exalted beings who have an unrestricted view of that wisdom.

(NOTE: The Sixth Region:) In the sixth region of the country of spirit beings, everything that human beings do brings about what is best suited to the true and essential nature of the world...

(NOTE: The Seventh Region:) The seventh region of the spirit world leads to the boundary of the three worlds we have discussed. Here, human beings stand face to face with the "kernels of life" that are transplanted from still higher worlds into these.

Earth's Fall in Frequency

*JoYS* The Density of Earth's Material & Rising Vibrations:

Only on the physical plane are we divided between two planes, returning to the lower astral between lifetimes and often at night when we sleep. Apparently, that is because the physical plane "fell" in vibration. It is no longer light or quick enough to sustain a very high consciousness on its own. The lower astral plane had to become the seat of the essence for earth's physical plane. (On many other planets, the upper physical plane is the seat of the essence.)

There is an opening occurring between the physical plane and the higher planes. Originally, there was much more communication and ease of movement between them. Earth's physical plane is currently denser than it was intended to be. That makes it more difficult for those of higher planes to just "stop by for a visit." Slowing down our vibration requires a great deal of energy, because the drop in vibration is so great. It is now difficult for human beings to speed up their vibration and visit higher planes while in their bodies. The earth is returning to a lighter density, which will make channeling unnecessary. A lighter physical body will live longer and get sick less, if at all.

A new kind of physical body may be in the offing sometime in the next thousand years, but it is still on the "drawing board."

*JoYS* Moving Between Planes:

Before the current dense human body became the status quo, people could move easily between the physical and higher planes at will by changing their speed of vibration. Although they were focused on a particular plane, they could visit the others. It is similar to what would happen if all forms of transportation and communication were taken away. Those in American might begin to think that those in Europe were just a legend. With channeling you do at least have the equivalent of shortwave radio.

Swedenborg's Heavens & Quarters

*H&H* The Heavens:

Heaven is "the Divine flowing through the angels collectively from the Lord." Heaven and Hell are the permanent states of one's ruling love. There are two kingdoms. There are three heavens. There are two infinite societies. Higher order appears like clouds to lower. Higher heaven is higher order. The form of one heaven subsists from another. Heaven is perfect because of its different parts. Heaven becomes more perfect with more angels. Heaven ends its reach in physical man.

*H&H* Heaven, Hell, & The Human Race:

All in heaven and hell are from the human race. Human life and angelic life are very similar. All good people on earth from the beginning of time are there. The human race belongs to innumerable earths. The ends of all creation are to make the human race into heaven.

*H&H* The Three Heavens:

The three heavens are as follows: Celestial is 3rd and innermost. Spiritual is 2nd and middle. Natural is 1st and ultimate. The natural heaven is not like here, for it contains the spiritual and celestial in it. Angels are celestial-natural or spiritual-natural. Those who beleive in God but who dont want instruction are in the Natural heaven. Those open to God through others are in the Spiritual heaven. The Celestial kingdom is in elevated places like mountains and the Spiritual kingdom is like hills. There are different species of trees and flowers there. Fruit grows according to the good of love in the angels.

*H&H* The Quarters in Heaven:

E, S, W, & N are determined by the sun as in the natural world. E is where the Lord rises as a sun, and opposite is W. The east is always before the angels and the west behind them. S is on the right, and N on the left. Angels in the good of love dwell from E to W. Those in the east with a clear perception of it, and in the west with an obscure one. Those who are in truth from good live S to N, those in the clear light of wisdom in the south and those in obscure light of wisdom in the north.

E is hell is opposite E in heaven. W is where heaven's sun is. S is right, N is left. Self-love evils are from E to W, and falses of evil from S to N. "Go east" in heaven means go towards the Lord.

Length is E-W, a state of good. Breadth is N-S, a state of truth, and height is both according to degrees.

*H&H* Perceiving Heaven:

Angels cant see all of heaven but can deduce the whole from seeing parts distant. At first, heaven appeared to Swedenborg as an indistinct mass, then slowly it came to appear as a man.

*IaTR* The Eternal Man:

(NOTE: The following is copied from another section) "Open your eyes." As though a blindfold is being removed, I am seeing with a vision that transcends my eyes, the all-embracing vision of a multidimensional Reality.

I am no longer in a room. I am somewhere in space, among the stars. But this is a space of Light. I can see the lights of countless stars in this Light as easily as I see them in a clear night sky.

I watch countless numbers of stars wheeling around me, as though alive and aware. And I know that they are. Each star as with our Earth, is an aware expression of Spirit, and each is involved in its own spiritual growth. The stars pause in their orbital progression in space and, without another movement, form the outline of an unbelievably immense human figure. Gradually, the details of the face are filled in—eyes, mouth, nose, ears—all with an expression of joy and amusement. The body is only hazily defined, as though unimportant.

I see that in a minute way, I too, am a human figure of sparking stars, for the glitter dust is now whirling and orbiting around my body of light. I see the full magnificence of humanity. I know that we, too, are Gods of Creation. This Limitless Being is the Light of Conscious Enlightenment. We already are what we are becoming.

An arrow shaft of Light reaches out, piercing me to my soul. Deep within me, I feel a formless pain. Then it fades. Against my will, I see the everyday me exposed—my folly, my fears, my humanity. I know that every aspect of me is loved by the Light of Enlightenment. Only complete acceptance.

The Three Worlds

*EJ* Revealing "The Process":

Jakob Bohme (1575-1624): "In one quarter of an hour," the German mystic later wrote, "I saw and knew more than if I had been many years together at a university. For I saw and knew the being of all things." He understood that there were three worlds, an external physical world, a spiritual world, and a third that existed inside himself. He saw how the physical world and all things in it were the creation of the other two. (NOTE: Wow- this is like The Process from Conversations with God 3!!!)

Tech & Planes

*CJ* Monroe's Focus Levels:

..."Focus 10," in which the mind is awake but the body is asleep; "Focus 12," in which a person has expanded awareness; "Focus 15," in which levels of "no time" are reached; and "Focus 21," in which one moved into other energy systems...

Limits of One's Sight - Limitless Planes

*VftA* The Levels of Existence After Death:

Angels: "There are never-ending levels of awareness beyond the one a which you find yourselves, consisting of finer and finer gradations of light...

"With each transition comes a different set of experiences. You cannot know the dynamics of the space in which you find yourselves until you fully know and experience the space immediately below it. Yet, you carry an awareness of these limitless levels of existence within your spirits...

"The heaven-space which is spoken of in your so-called myths and legends is the vibrational frequency that holds the archetypal pattern of your world. It is the reality that you experience upon leaving the world in which you now find yourselves."

*BDL* The Limits of This Entity's Knowledge

S: There are countless planes, I think. Some planes are for special purposes, and other planes are just general...

I am not aware of any limits and my perception only extends upward so far.

Buddhist Inaccuracies

*TBD* Six of This, Seven of That- Heuristic Devices:

The schemes we need to understand here are those of the three levels of gross, subtle, and extremely subtle body and mind, the five aggregates, the five elements, and the six senses. Before describing them, we should bear in mind that all such schemes in Buddhist sciences are heuristic devices, patterns easy to remember. There need not absolutely be only five or six of this or that. In each case, one could analyze things into more or fewer categories.

*TBD* The Six Categories of Life Realms:

Buddhists have schematized the possible life realms into six main categories... Hells are produced by negative evolutionary actions driven predominantly by hate...

Next there are the realms of the pretans, often called "hungry ghost realms." ...They are considered living beings caught in realms of extreme frustration... Greed, the desire to incorporate, is magnified and fed back to produce the pretan realms...

Animal life forms are created by accumulated ignorance, folly, or stupidity...

Humans, in their realm nearby the animals, are also incarnations of all the negativities, but have become free of the extremes of hate, greed, and ignorance that bind the hell-beings, pretans, and animals. The human life form is the evolutionary product not only of these negativities, but also of their opposites, patience, generosity, and intelligent sensitivity...

Beyond the human life realm is the life realm of the antigods, or titans... They have invested their generosity, tolerance, and sensitivity in the pursuit of power. They have been caught in the thrall of competitiveness and are driven by jealousy. They want to outdo other beings. They love to fight. They live in heavenlike realms near the heavens, and they are constantly trying to compete with the gods, attempting to take the heaven realms away from them. Since their lives of constant fighting and killing and dying habituate them to rage, they tend eventually to fall down into the hells.

The highest egocentric life forms in terms of sheer merit and intelligence are those of the gods. Due to their long evolutionary practice of generosity, sensitivity, and tolerance, coupled with their mastery of mind control, they ascended from the human life form through various paradises. They have more freedom and opportunity than humans, but they very richness of their endowment is their greatest danger... They are dominated by pride, and tend to fall back below the human level when their extremely long lives lose the evolutionary momentum that created them.

*TBD* The Three Regions of the God Realm:

There are three regions within the god realm, the desire, pure form, and formless regions. The desire region consists of six heavens, two of them terrestrial though invisible to humans, and four celestial heavens that still have a kind of landscape for the deities within them. The deities of these heavens experience a paradisiacal existence, but as a result they lose the drive for ultimate freedom and happiness in a seemingly neverending round of high-quality pleasures. Above the six desire heavens are the sixteen pure form heavens, within which deities exist in bodies of pure energy... They are like transgalactic energy clouds of bliss and brilliance... "Beyond" these pure form heavens- though the spatial term "beyond" loses meaningfulness here- are the four formless heavens, those of infinite space, infinite consciousness... [Countless trillions of gods] remain within realms of dead calm for extremely long periods of time, untroubled by any concern, secure in their sense of having achieved final ultimacy, of having become one with the absolute. They are most subtly locked by pride and delusion into the ultimate self-constructed world of alienation and self-preoccupation imaginable. Buddhists consider these heavens and the life forms of the gods to be the most dangerous pitfall for mediators, because they are so close to what the philosophically uneducated expect the absolute to be: an infinite objectivity, an infinite subjectivity, nothingness, and an infinite indefinability. Only the understanding of voidness, the relativity of all things and states, provides the critical defense against succumbing to the apparent calm and transcendency of these heavens and becoming reborn there for a very long time.


The Boundaries - Crossing Realms

Nature of Traveling Between Planes

Script: How to organize? Put with the Nature of Colocation?
*ASJ* Traveling Between Spheres, Communicating By Travelling:

The Master: ‘It is usually through these schools, which a man hears about in one way or another at the appropriate time, that the urge or desire to pass from one sphere to another is born. In these schools the astral entity is shown the way in which to transport himself from one level to another- the change being brought about through an effort of will made in a particular way... Our astral bodies include matter similar to that of all the spheres and it is only a question of making active the atoms in our bodies relative to the sphere concerned, to enable us to function fully in the sphere chosen... A man functioning on the second sphere cannot contact or communicate with one functioning in the first sphere- nor a man on the third with one on the second. If a man living at the third level wishes for any reason to get into touch with a person living on the first level, he must again descend to the first level by an action of will, which, as I said, makes the first sphere atoms in his body become active again... The life expressed at the different spheres is separate and to all intents and purposes self-contained, in exactly the same way that life in England is separate and different from life in India.'

*ASJ* Travelling Up Spheres & Using Corresponding Astral Bodies:

The Master: ‘That body, composed of astral matter, has particles in it relative to all the different spheres of the astral world, and so long as you have a physical body, these particles are intermingled one with the other. You are able to travel to any sphere of the astral world up or down merely be exercising your will-power, and, in accordance with the sphere to which you go, these particles of your astral body become active and make such journeys possible...

‘When the physical body is dropped at the moment of death, the astral body, which before was a mass of revolving particles all intermingling, rearranged itself into an entirely different form... Visualize the astral body after death as an ovoid, like an orange, with a core and with seven separate and distinct skins surrounding that core. The core represents the permanent atom relating to all the different spheres of both the astral and the mental worlds. The seven skins are composed of matter relative to the seven different spheres that exist at the astral level... The outside or densest skin is made up of atoms similar to those which you require to function on the first or densest sphere of that world. When, after a period of time, you leave the first sphere and pass to the second, you drop that outer skin, leaving the atoms relative to the second sphere of that world, which now become active, on the outside of your body. The same thing applies when you pass to higher levels.

*CU* The Bridge Between Time & Eternity:

There is a bridge between time and Eternity; and this bridge is Atman, the Spirit of man. Neither day nor night cross that bridge, nor old age, nor death nor sorrow.

Evil or sin cannot cross that bridge, because the world of the Spirit is pure. This is why when this bridge has been crossed, the eyes of the blind can see, the wounds of the wounded are healed, and the sick man becomes whole from his sickness.

To one who goes over that bridge, the night becomes like unto day; because in the worlds of the Spirit there is a Light which is everlasting.

Entering & Traversing the Spirit World

The Entrance to the Spirit World(JoS, at NDE): Most happily recognize this place and feel relief. There is a euphoria that all their worldy concerns and pain have been left behind. To some this area is unclear. Further into the spirit world, many see buildings and furnished rooms. When a soul sees things in the spirit world which relate to places they have been on earth, it is because a benevolent spiritual force allows for terrestrial mirages to sooth us. People see fields of wildflowers, castles or towers rising up in the distance, or anything. These scenes dont seem to change a great deal as a soul returns after different lives. Once a subject travels further in to describe the functional aspects, things become more uniform.

*PAP* Cross-Roads & Waiting Rooms:

It seems as if the different sections of this organization ended in cross-roads. These cross-roads represented concentration-points from which human beings were collected into their different categories. Quantities of streets seemed to end up there, from which one could go towards other planes by means of ladders set up in different directions. Waiting-rooms furnished with sofas covered with red velvet allowed new-comers to await their turn.

*WotT* The Gates of Heaven & Hell:

The gates of Hell are seven, as in His saying…each of those gates has an allotted section. And these very same gates (that is, the forms of perception in the world of soul) are themselves the gates of Paradise for Its people! For these gates are shaped like that kind of door which, when it is opened up on one place, at the same time closes off another place. So the act of shutting these gates against Paradise is precisely the same as opening them up to Hell.

Except (that Paradise has another gate which is not of this kind:) the Gate of the Heart, which is forever sealed shut against the people of Hell.

*BtD* Astral Sorting, Movement:

(NOTE: From the void) Then came a whoosh! Suddenly, as if we had been waiting for a kind of sorting process to take place, I was sucked further into the darkness by an unseen and undefined power... I was flying upright, moving at warp speed, like a comet shoooting out of nowhere. I sensed that I was going faster than any man-made aircraft could fly, but without the physical effects of flight or the pull of gravity. Nor did I have any sense of the temperature... I was probably flying for only a fraction of a second.

Traveling Between Planes

*SBtL* Journey to a Higher Realm:

We began to move upward. I could hear a hum as my body began to vibrate at a higher rate of speed. We moved up from one level to the next, like an airplane climbing gently into the sky. We were surrounded by a shimmering mist, cool and thick like fog off the ocean.

Around us I could see energy fields that looked like prisms of light. Some of this energy flowed like great rivers, while some eddied like tiny streams. I even saw lakes and small pools of it.

Through the mist I could see mountains the color of deep-blue velvet. There were no sharp peaks and craggy slopes with jagged edges in this mountain range...

On the mountainside were lights. Through the mist they looked like houses turning on their lights at twilight... (NOTE: Soooo like my dream travels!)

*ASJ* Passing From Astral Subplane 1 To 2:

The Master: ‘Passing from the lowest sphere to the one less dense than this is quite a simple matter... You will not feel anything, but will notice that the scene around you changes gradually. The walls that seem to enclose us in this room will appear to melt (NOTE: Melting... It's getting smaller. A higher frequency of light can more easily pass through or around it?), the furniture with which you are surrounded will slowly become vague and misty'... In less time than it takes me to record, we were standing in the open air, in a small field, and in the distance there was what looked like a typical English village. ‘Now listen,' he said, ‘and you will hear very distinctly a distant rumble. That is the roar of London town... This is the second sphere of the astral world and you can see already that it is very much less material than the densest part of that world.'

*GotB* Great Description of Level-Changing To See Other Discarnate Friends:

The Life Beyond Death, Arthur Ford: "I was floating in the air above my bed... There was a feeling of peace, a sense that all was well. Now I lapsed into a timeless blank. When I recovered consciousness, I found my self floating through space, without effort, without any sense that I possessed a body...

"Now there appeared a green valley with mountains on all sides, illuminated everywhere by a brilliance of light and color impossible to describe. People were coming toward me from all around, people I had known and thought of as ‘dead.'..

"There was one surprise: Some people I would have expected to see here were not present. I asked about them. In the instant of asking a thin transparent film seemed to fall over my eyes. The light grew dimmer, and colors lost their brilliance. I could no longer see those to whom I had been speaking, but through a haze I saw those for whom I had asked. They, too, were real, but as I looked at them, I felt my own body become heavy; earthly thoughts crowded into my mind. It was evident to me that I was being shown a lower sphere. I called to them; they seemed to hear me, but I could not hear a reply. Then it was over. A gentle being who looked like a symbol of eternal youth, but radiated power and wisdom, stood by me. ‘Don't worry about them,' he said. ‘They can come here whenever they want to if they desire it more than anything else.'"

*LWU* Moving Through Interpenetrating Realms, Protection From the Lower Astral:

Upon the instant of passing, of which you will remember, I was fully conscious, when I arose from my bed in response to a very definite urge. At that moment I was in the spirit world. the two worlds, then, must interpenetrate one another. But as I moved away under the support and able guidance of Edwin, I was conscious of moving in no definite direction. I might have been travelling up, or down, or along. Movement, there certainly was. Edwin later informed me that I had passed through the lower spheres- and unpleasant ones- but that through the authority of his mission of coming to help me into my realm, we were both fully protected from any and every description of unpleasant influence. We were, in effect, completely invisible to all but those of our own realm and higher.

The transition from one realm to another is gradual... It would be difficult to assign to any particular locality the designation of boundary. That is exactly how the boundaries of our own realm are situated. They seem to melt almost imperceptibly into one another.

*BDL* Dim Physical Awareness of the Planes:

S: If you become aware, like through meditation or what-have-you on this plane, you are only dimly aware because you are on a different frequency. You are able to alter part of your frequency enough to complimentary interact with another frequency to know that it exists. But there will be a barrier there. Hence the description of seeing through a glass darkly, or a veil... There are also intermediate planes where you can interact with others from other planes if need be...

You go as far as your understanding and comprehension allows you...

It is just gradual transitions from one level to the other... You just notice that things are gradually changing and becoming different as you go further up (NOTE: in frequency).

Range of Perception & Travel in the Astral

** Range of Perception & Travel Through the Astral:

Perceiving Higher Planes/Spheres(PS): It is important to note, that from whatever dimensional level one is perceiving from, it is only possible for one to see "down into the dimensions," and not possible for one to see "up into the dimensions." It is for this reason that if you were to ask one in the Astral realms about the Ascended Masters, for instance, unless that one had prior knowledge of the Masters before physical death, they will tell you that they do not exist, because from their perspective, they don't!

(Medium) You cannot hope to receive from the highest possible spheres depictions of life, which is so far removed beyond your comprehension even of souls in the lower spheres here. It can only be felt by the very oneness - being in tune with us. It is something you would have within your soul, which will come with a realization and impact that is tremendous when you are ready and prepared for it.

Moving Between Heavens & Hells(H&H): One cannot move between heavens. When ascending, one has painful anxiety, for they cannot see or converse with the angels there. He who descends is deprived of wisdom, stammers, and feels despair. Those who are wicked gasp for air when in heaven. Those in hell see nothing when they exit their dens. Evil spirits become insane in heaven's light. They cant breathe in heaven, either. The light of heaven is darkness to them. Angels can look down into hell when the Lord permits. When one comes up from hell with a fake face, God's truth eats through them and reveals them and they are filled with pain and cast themselves down into hell, not wanting to return. Hypocrites; those who talk and appear as angels but who think otherwise, are dispelled from heaven.

(PoP) If a soul from the world of Perfect Souls wants to manifest in another world to carry out a mission, then it has to take on a particular shape or form, in accordance with the laws of those worlds.

Expanding Your Range(Medium): 1) This is a world of mental reality, which by the very power that generates it, creates, what you might call, a physical condition or picturisation of things. The more one sort of develops mentally and spiritually here, the more conscious and aware you become of other places, vistas and people. It's just a matter of tapping the source and becoming tuned into it.

2) Things in the distance seem hazy almost universally to those in the spirit world. Light, motion, sound, and time are all interrelated in physical space.

The Master Vibration(AY): My next question was, "How do you explain this intense happiness?"

"Your thoughts are vibrations which are controlled by the Master-Vibration. It neutralizes all negative thoughts and lets you think only the good thoughts, such as love, freedom and happiness."

"Then what becomes of the old grouches?"

"If they are too bad they go to a plane of lower vibrations where their kind of thoughts can live. If they came here, the Master-Vibration would annihilate them. After death people gravitate into homogenous groups according to the rate of their soul's vibrations. If the percent of discord in a person is small, it can be eliminated by the Master-Vibration; then the remaining good can live on here.

"For example, if a person were 70% good and 30% bad, the bad could be eliminated by the Master-Vibration and the remaining good welcomed into heaven. However, if the percentage of bad were too high, this couldn't be done, and the person would have to gravitate to a lower level and live with people of his own kind. In the hereafter each person lives in the kind of a heaven or hell that he prepared for himself while on earth.

Can't Enter Dwelling Places

*PAP* Astral Dwelling-Places:

Also, though it is possible to pass through all the houses in a town, as if they were not there, we must not imagine that we can go into any man's place against his will.

Your dwelling is unbreachable.

I hardly had the time to see a young man lying in bed, when I was pushed back by an unknown force. I had the idea that this energy was projected by someone called Jacques. I expressed a mental wish to see him. At once, this unknown person appeared in the form of a soldier with a fixed bayonet, menacing and insulting me. [He disarms the man, returns to his body, then returns to the boy's house]. I crossed, in one leap, the space which separated me from our rendezvous. Arriving on the roof of my friend's house a magnetic current tried to carry me away. I resisted and came down. [He interacted with the boy and the next day went to confirm his experiences] A friend of his named Jacques had, in fact, left his place some days ago. So far as my visit was concerned my neighbor had not been aware of it.

Means of Interspherical Travel

*ASJ* Interspherical Travel & Visualization:

The Master: ‘You will find it just as easy to get up to spheres higher than the third... but to do this it is necessary to have a particular place on each sphere, which you visualize in thought and to which your astral body will be transported.

Rising & Descending Ground

*LWU* Passing Between Spheres, Rising & Descending Ground, Boundaries:

Each sphere is completely invisible to the inhabitants of the spheres below it, and in this respect, at least, it provides its own boundary...

How, then, does one proceed from one to the next, either above or below. There must be some point or points in each realm where there is a distinct upward inclination to the one and a distinct declivity to the other. Simple though it sounds, that is precisely the case.

It is not difficult to imagine, perhaps, a gradual descent to regions that are less salubrious. We can call to our aid our earthly experiences, and recollect some rocky places that we could visit and descend, treacherous to the feet, leading us down into dark caverns, cold and damp and uninviting, where we could imagine all manner of noisome things lurking in readiness for us. We can then remember that above us, though out of sight, there shines the sun, spreading warmth and light upon the earth, while yet we seem to be in another world altogether...

The transition in the spirit world from one realm to another is literal- as literal as passing from the dark cavern to the sunlight above...

To pass from this realm where I live to the next higher, I shall find myself walking along gently rising ground... There comes a certain line in the bridge between the realms where the higher realm becomes invisible to less spiritual eyes. Just as certain light rays are invisible to earthly eyes, and certain sounds and musical notes are inaudible to earthly ears, so are the higher realms invisible to the inhabitants of the lower realms. (NOTE: In exactly the same way. Imagine a movie played on the wall next to you with infrared light and supersonic sound. See if there is an influence. Show it being there, and us being unaware of it.)

And the reason is that each realm possesses a higher vibrational rate than that below it.

*LWU* The Boundary-Land to the Lower Spheres:

We found ourselves upon a very wide expanse of grassland, but we both noticed that the turf felt less soft beneath our feet; it was, in fact, becoming hard as we walked along. The beautiful emerald green was fast vanishing, and the grass was taking on a dull yellow appearance, very similar to earthly grass that has been scorched by the sun and has lacked water. We saw no flowers, no trees, no dwellings, and everywhere seemed bleak and barren. There was no sign of human life, and life seemed to be rapidly disappearing from beneath our feet, as by now the grass had ceased altogether, and we were upon hard ground. We noticed, too, that the temperature had fallen considerably. Gone was all that beautiful, genial warmth. There was a coldness and dampness in the air which seemed to cling to our beings, and cast a chill over our very souls... Ruth then visibly shivered, and stopped abruptly, imploring us not to go any farther...

We had been only on the threshold of the lower spheres.

*LWU* The Boundary-Land to the Higher Spheres:

Again we found ourselves upon grassland, but with a striking difference. The turf upon which we were walking was infinitely softer than that of the interior of the realm. The green of the verdure was even brighter than we had thought possible. The flowers were growing in still greater profusion, and the intensity of color, of perfume, and of health-giving power transcended anything we had encountered. The very air seemed to be imbued with rainbow tints. There were few dwellings at the spot where we were immediately standing, but behind us were to be seen some of the most stately and beautiful houses I have ever seen. In these houses, so our friend told us, lived wondrous souls who, though nominally belonging to our own realm, were by virtue of their spiritual progression and particular gifts and work, in close contact with the higher realms, into which they had full authority and the requisite power to pass upon their various occasions...

So were we now warmed and filled with such an elation that we were almost silent in wonderment. As we moved along, bathed in radiance, we felt such a spiritual exhilaration that Edwin's description of the visitations of personages from the higher realms at once came to my mind, and I almost knew what to expect when I should be fortunate enough to witness such a visitation. Standing here, one had the overwhelming desire to strive for that progression that would entitle one to inhabit one of the lovely houses, and to qualify for the honor of serving one of the dwellers in this higher sphere at whose gateway we were standing.

We walked a little way forward, but we could proceed no farther. There were no visible barriers, but we felt that we could not breath if we went onward...

I could see many souls dressed in the most tenuous of garments, the soft colors of which seemed hardly to belong to them but to float about the fabric of their robes- if fabric one can call it. Those of them who came sufficiently near smiled to us with such a friendly greeting that we knew we were not in any way intruding, and some waved their hands to us.

*LWU* Gradual Changes of Environment:

When we paid our visit to the boundary, we made our way there directly and rapidly, and we had no consciousness of the intermediate states through which we passed. It was for this reason that our sudden change of environment was so noticeable. Had we made our progress slowly we should have perceived the gradual decline of all those pleasant and enjoyable features that constitute the heaven of this realm. And those who dwelt within this area of decline are in the same relative position to ourselves in respect of movement: they would be inhibited from passing higher just as we were on the borders of that higher realm.

The same conditions obtained in our journey to the borders of the higher realm. We traversed the distance so quickly that we were unable to observe the gradual alteration in our surroundings. Otherwise we should have seen the country taking on a higher degree of etherealization, a greater intensification of color and brightness.

Not Tuned To Higher Planes

*BDL* Lower Energy Beings Cant Visit Higher:

J: Low level energy souls find it very hard to step into this realm. They feel frightened or afraid of this area and thus he says they do not seek to come here...

"Just by allowing yourself to enter a circle of white light we know you are of the higher astral. And we can read your motives behind what you are seeking. Nothing can be hidden."

*GotB* The Level of Light You Can Take:

"I found myself," he went on, "in a great white place lit up by a sun so strong I couldn't bear to look at it. At first I was all by myself. Then I saw other people in the distance...

"When I started off toward the others, the way to them grew longer. Then I gave up...

"The sun shining down on this white place turned somewhat reddish and murky. Somehow this color felt good to my eyes."

*LWU* The Realms & Boundaries, Crossing Boundaries:

[This realm] stretched as far as the eye could see- and that was a great deal farther than we could ever see upon the earth-plane on the finest and clearest day in the summer. This in itself was too wonderful for words, but it also gave an indication of the immensity of this particular realm...

Certainly there was a boundary to this realm, Edwin explained to us. And we could go see it for ourselves whenever we wished. beyond this were other and still more realms. Each soul as it passed into spirit passed into that realm for which it had fitted itself when upon the earth... There were others infinitely better- and others infinitely worse... There are other realms immeasurably more beautiful than that in which we were now happily living; realms of surpassing beauty into which we cannot penetrate until such time as we have earned the right to enter, either as visitors or as inhabitants. But though we may not pass into them, the glorious souls who dwell in them can come into realms of less celestial rarity, and can visit us here... They constantly make visitations to consult and converse with the dwellers here, to give advice and help...

At certain times, too, these transcendent beings make special visitations when the whole realm is celebrating a great occasion...

We can always proceed to a realm lower than our own, while we cannot always mount higher...

Distance becomes annihilated by our immensely rapid means of transit...

If we can move ourselves laterally over these lands by the power of our thought, we can also move ourselves vertically... We were still in some ways limited by our earthly notions and habits of thought.

*RotOS* The Aura of Heaven:

"Fear cant survive in this environment. Harmony reigns in all life here. Evil has no home, for it can breathe only in an aura of disharmony." -Sir William

*LWU* Working Boundaries- Guides & Brightness & Difficulty Breathing:

[The lower realms] are not for curiosity seekers... Those who wander in that direction alone, without authority, are soon turned back by kindly souls whose work it is to save others from the perils that lie beyond...

At the border to the higher realms there is no need for such sentinels to keep others from crossing, because the natural law prevents it. When those of a lower realm travel to a higher, it is always by authority, either vested in the traveller, or in some other person of a higher sphere, who will act as escort... [The higher spiritual atmosphere] would not damage the soul, of course, but a soul thus unprepared would find itself in much the same situation as upon earth when one emerges into brilliant sunlight after a prolonged stay in complete darkness. But as in the case of the earthly sunshine one can, after a suitable lapse of time, become again perfectly at ease in the normal bright light, it is not so in the case of the higher realms. There is no such adaptability there. The ‘blinding' effect will be continuous to one of a lower state... When it is necessary to make a journey to even higher spheres, it ten becomes imperative, in many cases, that an inhabitant of those realms should, as it were, throw a cloak over his charge.

*ND* Acclimation of Consciousness to Different Planes:

Edgar Cayce: "Passing from the material consciousness to a spiritual or cosmic, or outer consciousness, oft does an entity or being not become conscious of that about it; much in the same manner as an entity born into the material plane only becomes conscious gradually of that designated as time and space for the material or third dimensional plane. In the passage the entity becomes conscious, or the recognition of being in a fourth or higher dimensional plane takes place, much in the same way as the consciousness is gained in the material."

Appearance of Thought-Form Scenes at Other Frequencies

*tAW* Moving Up Through the Lower Astral Subplanes: Non-Earth Thought Environments:

Changing our vibrations, and mounting to higher sub-planes, we pass rapidly from scene to scene. You appear astonished to notice that many of these scenes seem to be set to scenery, like a great theater. You notice with wonder the artificial nature of this astral scenery, and wonder at the fact that the people on these scenes seem to regard this scenery as natural and real... It all seems very shadowy and imperfect to you, but very real to them. The secret is that the scenery is the creation of the minds of those taking part in the scenes, and those who have preceded them on this plane...

To the visitor they seem most unreal- one can actually see through them, and on all sides of them at one time, as in the case of a transparent crystal. But to the dwellers on the Astral they are as solid and real as are their material counterparts. (NOTE: Interesting... When apart from the scene, it is seen 4 dimensionally, when in it, it is seen in 3 dimensions!)

Color of the Barrier

*SBtL* Returning Through the Blue-Gray Space:

I left the Crystal City by fading into an atmosphere that was a rich blue-gray color. This was the same place I had gone when I was first struck by lightning, so I can only assume that it was the barrier we cross when we enter the spirit world.

I came out of this atmosphere on my back. Slowly, and without effort, I was able to roll over, and when I did, I could see that I was floating above a hallway.

Permanent Passing into the Mental

*ASJ* The Second Death- Passing Into the Mental World:

The Master: ‘You will also find those human beings whose sojourn at the astral level is over and who have to pass through this seventh sphere in order to reach the mental world through which they must pass on their journey back to the higher part of themselves, the ego, who has It's natural habitat on the higher spheres of the mental world- called the causal level. These humans are usually accompanied to the seventh sphere by guides... The particular work of these guides is to explain, in detail, what is meant by "the second death". The journey from the astral world to the mental world is entirely painless and is merely the dropping of another sheath... Although we have all travelled the same journey many times before, after each physical incarnation has been completed... we do not remember those previous journeys, because for each new physical incarnation we have entirely new mental, astral, and physical bodies, which do not carry with them detailed memories of past lives... When his time comes, he is forced to drop his astral body for the simple reason that he has no further experience to gain at the astral level; he must then pass to the mental world in order to consolidate the mental work that he has accomplished during his physical existence and add it to the reservoir of knowledge, contained within the permanent atom, representing all his previous lives... The man gradually falls asleep and awakes almost immediately in the mental world, having during that brief moment of sleep dropped his astral body for ever. Friends meet him in the mental world in exactly the same way as friends met him when he passed from the physical to the astral world. He commences an entirely new type of life; in the case of the average man this is usually much shorter than his life in the astral world.'

The Astral Shell

*ASJ* The Astral Shell Left Behind:

The Master: ‘The astral body which has been left behind... takes some little time to disintegrate and return to the main mass of astral matter. During the period of disintegration, the body retains a likeness of the individual who previously occupied it. You must understand that it is only shell, yet owing to the fluidic nature of astral matter, it can move about and to an inexperienced person seem to retain a semblance of life... Although it has no connection whatsoever with the real man, the ego who has dropped it, yet it still contains a little life. Indeed until the disintegration is complete, the shell must think of itself as a man, for it is a fragment, a shadow of the man who is gone. At spiritualistic seances we sometimes see manifestations of various sorts when, instead of the sitters getting into touch with the man himself, they only contact the shell... Although a shell in inanimate, it is quite possible for other creatures to enter it, to take it on as a temporary body and play the part of the original man. This is often done by astral human beings who enjoy playing practical jokes, and by playful nature-spirits... The man masquerading inside the shell will very likely give "proof" of his identity, for whatever entered the brain of the original occupant during his lifetime will have passed into the astral counterpart, and it will remain there for the use of any entity masquerading in that body... [Shells] are in no way dangerous and can do you no harm.'

Creating New Bodies with Downward Travel

*ASJ* Travelling Down Spheres & Creating Corresponding Astral Bodies:

If you wish to pass down again from, let us say the fourth to the first sphere, it is necessary for a permanent resident to call upon the atoms contained within the core of the orange- the permanent atom- in order to effect that change. This requires a much greater effort of will... for he must draw round his astral body yet again a new skin relative to the astral matter of this sphere in which he wishes to function...

‘The average individual who lives in the astral world does not hanker after contacts with people living in you world, in the same way that you wished to make contact with Charles.'

*ASJ* From Mental, Awakening in Astral:

We set about our return journey in the same way as when we came, and after a moment I seemed to wake up in my astral body... with the two astral helpers ‘on guard'.

*CBtL* Moving Down in Planes:

When a person lives on a higher plane he also has the ability to move into a lower plane and to construct a body that will function on that plane.

*AP* Enlightened, Higher-Plane Visitors Are Either Invisible or Form a Local Body:

A person travelling in the Mayavirupa is not perceptible to merely astral vision unless he chooses to make himself so by gathering around him particles of astral matter and so creating for himself a temporary body suitable to that plane.


It is very rarely indeed that so exalted a being manifests himself upon so low a plane as this.


Earth's Aura - The Etheric Plane - The Near Realm

The Innermost Ring - The Physical Duplicate

** Innermost Rings: The Here-Now:

(MjooB) The inner rings are quite dense. The noise was the greatest in the bands near the planet. The haze here is a thick, dull gray, with only occasional flares of light moving through it, which were from outer-ring dwellers coming in to meet and help loved ones after death. Usually Monroe passes through these rings closed, as rapidly and unobtrusively as possible.

The innermost ring is earth-life as it is, including all the physical sensory world. This locale does not contain any strange entities or places. Moving about in this locale is a forced process. Given the slightest relaxation, the Supermind will guide you in your second body to The Belief System Territories. (ABtB) On several occasions, when I'm OB for more than several minutes, the observed environment slowly fades and a new environment becomes visible.

Locale 1: Physical/Astral(RB): When you have a realtime projection (OBE) into the physical world, it is really into the boundary area between the physical and astral dimensions. If the astral body contains enough etheric matter it can exist only slightly out of phase from reality. This means the projection is in real time and so close to the physical dimension as to be indistinguishable from it.

Appearance of Physical Plane From Immediate Astral(AbtB): The physical wall in front of me looked and felt like a dense, vaporous material with form. The familiar physical objects in my room no longer looked completely real or solid; they now looked like three-dimensional holographic mirages with substance. On closer inspection, I discovered that they were every bit as real and solid as physical matter.

I was not viewing the physical world as I had assumed. What I saw when OB were nonphysical structures. This first nonphysical parallel dimension is a relatively dense energy world molded by the consensus thoughts of the six billion inhabitants existing in the physical, basically a duplicate of the physical world. There were slight variations between physical and nonphysical furniture. The nonphysical walls were often a different color, and the shapes and styles of some of the furniture and rugs were different. Much of this was minor. The walls were light yellow instead of white. The coffee table is modern physically, but astrally is an 18th century antique.

I am on the roof. It's the middle of the night, but the sky and everything around me is partially lighted by a luminescent silvery glow.

*ASJ* The Lowest Astral Sphere- Physical Copy, Distance From the Physical in Lowest Three:

The Master: ‘In [the densest] sphere there is a counterpart of everything that exists in the physical world... Imagine the astral counterpart of Piccadilly Circus, London, which you visited a few nights ago, as representing the noisy lowest sphere...

‘Then imagine a similar world, say one mile above the lowest world, to which one can transport oneself in a second's time by an effort of will; this corresponds to the second sphere... If you were existing one mile above London, you might still hear something of the roar of London's traffic and the noise that is always part of the life of a great city, but that would be only a murmur compared with the noise you hear standing on the ground floor...

‘Now imagine a third sphere of consciousness yet another mile above the second sphere... You would be so far removed from the noise and bustle of London town, that you would not only be unaffected by its existence, but would be more or less unconscious of it.'

The First Veil

*tAW* The Lowest Astral Sub-Planes: The Barrier:

Now, student, we are entering the vibrations of the lower sub-planes of the Astral...

Your first impression is that the material world is still around you, with all its scenes plainly visible. But, as you look you will find that there seems to be a peculiar veil between those scenes and the plane upon which you are temporarily dwelling. This veil, while at least semi-transparent, nevertheless seems to have a peculiar appearance of resistent solidity and you find yourself instinctively realizing that it would be a barrier to the passage of the astral entities back to the material plane.

Seeing EM & Gravitational Forces

Script: The OB bluish light EXPLAINED!!
*tAW* The Force-Plane, or the Near Realm:

[By raising your vibration...] You will find yourself with me in a strange atmosphere, although you have not moved an inch in space. Behind you, so to speak, you perceive dimly the room in which we were just living; and ahead of you, so to speak, you perceive strange flashes and streaks of phosphorescent light of different hues and tints. These are the vibrations and waves of force, for you are now passing through the Plane of Forces. That vivid, bluish streak is the passage of some electric current- probably a wireless message flashing through space. Back of you, on my table, you see the magnetic ore, or lodestone, paper-weight, which always lies there. But now you see the peculiar phosphorescence around its poles, which is not visible on the material plane.

You also notice a peculiar faint vibratory glow around every physical object- this is the force of atomic and molecular attraction, etc. Still fainter, you find a peculiar radiance permeating the entire atmosphere- this is the outward sign of the force of gravitation.

Interaction with Physical Objects

*PB* Astral Body's Interaction with the Physical:

Interaction With Physical(PB): I was able to penetrate physical objects. The senstation was just strange. I could feel the object being penetrated (this case a wall and also the bed springs). The wall felt as though I could feel the insides of it, the nails, insulation. The bed springs also felt interesting and I could hear noises like the springs themselves were being manipulated and were tinking under me as I did this.

(BP) I've experienced this painless, mock-pain several times. For instance, instead of floating up above my body on one occasion, I decided to float down under my body: What I experienced was the sense of thirty or forty bedsprings piercing through my astral body as I went down beneath my body. The sensation wasn't painful, but I did feel the dull, throbbing sense of mock-pain.

(DW) I started spinning out of control into objects that I don't know what they were, I couldn't feel any pain against my body but just felt the impact of the unknown objects around me.

(SM) I was swinging around the pole in circles with my body up in the air and on it's side, (wheee...). I could feel the texture of the pole, the coldness, black pant, dirt, grime, and rust, the touch was so accurate as how it feels in the physical world. (I was astonished!)

(MJooB) The spirit body cannot manipulate matter, but it can feel it. It can feel objects in a wall, beneath the floor, etc. A wall appeared as solid to him once, then with a little push, he went through it.

All of Monroe's Second Body was gently attracted to the earth, but his head seemed to have the most weight.

You are no longer bounded by spacetime. You can be in it but not part of it.

(JoS) Solid objects dematerialize when they try to touch them.

(AbtB) My hand actually entered the wall; I was touching its energy substance. I could feel the vibrational energy of it as if I was touching its hazy molecular structure. I felt tingling vibrational energy. I can feel a slight resistance as my hands and arms move through the ceiling.

I was able to blow out a candle while OB, but when I returned to waking consciousness, the candle was still burning.

1) I moved closer to the bed and unceremoniously jumped, length ways, on top of them. I was swaying my arms about trying to make as much contact with their bodies as possible. I hoped that they would feel something in real life and I could concur with them - I could certainly feel the vibrations through their bodies at the time. Alf noticed that something was going on - he said something to my mother and she seemed to be able to feel it too. Then she jumped out of bed and started to dust herself off. I moved to the other side of the room where she stood. They both seemed to speak and said that insects had been crawling upon them. Just before dropping through the wall, I touched my mother one more time and she frantically began trying to scratch off those imaginary insects.

2) I was just about to hit the tree, when I wiggled my torso to the left (north) and my head managed to miss hitting the tree. The rest of my body hit the tree, and much to my surprise it bent around the tree, and slithered around it elastically like a snake overcomes an obstacle. "Whew!"

3) I pushed down with my hand and it went into the floor! It felt like a thousand Smarties; I felt the vibrations and this cold feeling as I *dipped* my hand into the ground - it felt like water, and when I lifted my hand out, it was as if Smarties were dripping off my hands.

4) I could feel myself pass through a wall. It felt a bit like "bzzzzt" feeling as the thin wall passed through me.

5) He (in body) walked into me (OB) and I felt all these `bzzzt' sensations before being zapped back into my body.

8) She felt a limitless freedom. She was above the bed, hovering near the ceiling, and it felt as if she had done this forever. Her new body was weightless and extremely mobile. In movement through objects, she was limited only through her beleifs.

*APr* Astral Interaction With Matter:

Surprised to find myself stopped by the wall, which seemed as solid as in ordinary waking life. I stood facing the wall, gently pressing against it, and steadily willed to pass through it. I succeeded, and the sensation was most curious. Preserving full consciousness, I seemed to pass like a gas—in a spread-out condition—through the interstices between the molecules of the wall, regaining my normal proportions on the other side.

*GR* OB Interaction With Physical:

I put out my left hand to tap his shoulder.

There was nothing there.

*ST* OB, Breathing Water:

I decided to experiment. I flew into the water. At first I held my breath because I didn't want to be the first to drown astrally. I decided to take in a breath. I could feel cool water all around me, then the coolness came into me as I inhaled.

*PotC* Telekinesis & Structure of the Astral Body:

The telekinetic phenomenon is the capacity to affect physical matter by causing static objects to move and even float in mid-air. This can also be performed by a projector, and thus shows the existence of a percentage of "matter" in the psychosoma (NOTE: Translated: astral body)... The projector should attempt these actions when he feels the psychosoma to be in a denser state...

Repercussions or shocks to the soma during some reentries of the psychosoma constitutes further evidence of the existence of matter in the structure of the psychosoma.

*PotC* Astrally Unaffected By Physical Storms:

I left the apartment through the living room window and found myself in the middle of a raging thunderstorm. I felt nothing abnormal or unusual; not even the raindrops or the lightning. I was flying in complete serenity.

Interacting with the Astral Forms of Physical Things

*ASJ* Picking Up Thought-Forms of Physical Objects:

I have always been attracted by books and picking up one of the new ones, I turned over its pages. As I did so, I noticed that there was no gap in the shelf from which I took it and on enquiring why this was so, I was told that what I was holding in my hand was a thought-form of the book... The physical one on the shelf not having been moved at all.

*PotC* Affecting Physical Objects From the Astral:

Now gliding and totally lucid, I discovered a few light switches in the dark warehouse. As I neared them, I again heard the explanation:

"You think that you switched the light on. It seems to you as though you have, but you really haven't. Try to observe: what you think of happens, because the will desires it to be so. But the will is only able to affect the extraphysical dimension that you are in right now and not the intraphysical dimension that you are seeing and are appearing to touch, but are really not affecting."

...Everything happened as predicted when I attempted to move the switches. I firmly felt the movement of the switches on the wall. It seemed that I had touched and switched them all into the "on" position; however, the lights did not turn on. The action had merely been simulated. The resounding voice said:

"Do not concern yourself with moving physical objects. In order to do that, you would need to expend a lot more of your energies, while your extraphyiscal body is in a much denser state."

...Only with greater experience is the projector able to discern when he or she is in fact seeing physical objects with clarity and when he or she is adding his own morphothosenes based on his perception... If the projected mind thinks that a detail is missing in an object, it can immediately add it, including it in its perceptions.

Creating Thought-Forms in Physical Spaces

*ASJ* Eating Astrally in a Physical Restaurant, Experiencing From Memory:

Charles explained one of the very important points which must be understood when having an astral meal or drinks in a restaurant which existed in reality at the physical level, as compared with doing the same thing in a restaurant that had been created by ourselves through the medium of imagination or thought. He said that it was always unwise to sit down at a table which actually existed at the physical level, for, as we were invisible, people who came in and saw the vacant table but who did not see us, would naturally take possession of it, which would be slightly inconvenient... It could be avoided, he said, by producing in thought a table for one's own party in a space where, physically, no table stood...

He told me that, by thought also, he would produce a waiter who would appear to us exactly the same as the other waiters we saw... I was supplied with my drink and Charles with his, and the taste to me was exactly what I had expected it to be. I was told that, had I never tasted whisky in the world, I would not have been able to appreciate the taste of it at the astral level, though I should undoubtedly have tasted in the astral liquid what I presumed to be the taste of whisky.

Interaction of Apparitions With the Physical

*PotL* The Impression of An Apparition's Touch- Weight & Solidity:

"My mother told me one morning, when I went to see her, that in the previous night she had had a startling experience. She was awakened by feeling a heavy weight on her feet, and on sitting up saw the form of her husband (my father was then thousands of miles away) seated on the bed, in his nightshirt, and having the appearance of a corpse. After a few moments the form vanished. In due course she was informed by her husband that on that particular night he was in a state of coma, having been delirious for some days."

-D. H. Wilson


"I have a very vivid recollection that, towards dawn I was roused from my sleep to find my brother, an officer in the 16th Lancers, then quartered in Madras, standing by the bed. My impression is that he bent over me, kissed me, and passed quietly from the room, making signs to me not to speak, and that I was full of joy, thinking he had returned home unexpectedly."

"I know by letters that my brother died."

-Mrs. Brooke


"He states that he was soundly asleep, his hands outside the bedclothes, when he was suddenly aroused by feeling each of his hands firmly grasped and pressed. He instantly sat up, and by the bedside stood George, holding his hands and smiling in his face with a look of peculiar sweetness and kindness. George was attired (seemingly) in his nightdress. Mr. Williams was not at all alarmed; he knew it was George in the spirit, and his presence filled his brother-in-law with a calm feeling of peace and happiness, which remained for many hours. They thus held hands and looked on one another for a minute or longer; then the grasp relaxed, and George's spirit faded away."

-George Barth


"On the morning of his mother's death, a hand was placed on his shoulder, and a voice said distinctly; ‘Joe, your mother wants you.'"

-Mrs. Stone


"John Simpson, one of our neighbors, went to sea. The Friday night following, between 11 and 12 o'clock, I heard someone walking in my room, and every step sounded as if it were stepping in water. He then came to the bedside in his sea-jacket, all wet, and stretched his hand over me. Three drops of water fell on my hand, and felt as cold as ice. Afterwards I heard that he was cast away that night."

-E. Hobson


"My mother was wide awake. Suddenly my mother saw a very tall figure of a man (my grandfather was unusually tall) pass the foot of her bed slowly. She called out, ‘Who's there?' in great fright, and as she called a hand opened the curtains on the side where they closed, and the same figure was there. My mother sprang out of bed and ran."

-Charlotte E. Field


"Susan is dead. She has been to take leave of me. Her kiss was like a waft of cold air upon my cheek."

-Mrs. Spencer


"On the evening of his death she was passing along a darkened passage in a house where she was staying, not more than 2 or 3 miles from the house of Mr. Wilson, when she felt a cold hand clasp hers. Upon comparison of time afterwards, she found this had occurred at the time of Mr. Wilson's death."

-Geo. Brett

*PotL* The Magnetic Pull & Movements of an Apparition:

"Some 10 years ago, when in India, I contracted a great friendship which was reciprocated, for a lady, Mrs. Reed, the wife of an officer. Her health was gradually getting worse."

" I must have slept about 3 hours, when I was suddenly aroused by a violent noise at my door, which was locked. I have some recollection of feeling astonished (of fear I then had none) at seeing or rather hearing within the instant my door thrown violently open, as though by someone in great anger, and I was instantly conscious that someone, something – what shall I call it? – was in the room. For the hundredth part of a second it seemed to pause just within the room, and then by a movement, which it is impossible for me to describe – but it seemed to move with a rapid push – it was at the foot of my bed. Again a pause; for again the hundredth part of a second, and the figure-shape rose. I heard it, but as it got higher its movements quieted, and presently it was above my bed, lying horizontally, its face downwards, parallel with my face, its feet to my feet, but with a distance of some 3 or 4 feet between us. this for a moment, whilst I watched simply in astonishment and curiosity (for I had not the very faintest idea of either who or what it was), but no fear, and then it spoke. In an instant I recognized the voice, the old familiar imperious way of speaking, as my Christian name sounded clear and full through the room. ‘Frances,' it repeated, ‘I want you; come with me. Come at once.' My voice responded as instantaneously, ‘Yes, I'll come. What need for such a hurry?' and then came a quick imperative reply, ‘But you must come at once; come instantly, and without a moment's pause or hesitation.' I seemed to be drawn upwards by some extraordinary magnetic influence, and then just as suddenly and violently thrown down again."

"In one second of time the room was in a deathly stillness, and the words, ‘She is dead,' were simply burnt into my mind. At the foot of my bed, at some distance from it, was the child's iron cot. I got up and looked at him; he was sleeping quite peacefully, and had evidently been totally undisturbed. I went to the door, to find it fast locked."

-Frances W. Lightfoot

*PotL* A Chill Passes Through Them With the Apparition:

"He leaned back on the couch, and the next minute saw his friend, F. L., standing before him, dressed in his usual manner. He looked with a fixed regard at N. J. S., and then passed away. At that moment an icy chill passed through him, and his hair bristled."

-N. J. S.

Near Realm Thought-Forms

*tAW* Near-Realm: Seeing Aura Eggs:

Look closely at the persons passing by you. You notice that each one is surrounded by an egg-shaped aura extending on all sides of him to the distance of about two or three feet. Do you notice the kaleidoscopic play of blending colors in the aura? Notice the difference in the shades and tints of these colors, and also observe the predominance of special colors in each case!

*tAW* Near-Realm: Thought Form Clouds Attracting Their Like:

Do you notice those great clouds of semiluminous substance, which are slowly floating along? --Notice how the colors vary in them. Those are clouds of thought vibrations, representing the composite thought of a multitude of people. Also notice how each body of thought is drawing to itself little fragments of similar thought forms and energy.

*tAW* Near-Realm: Thought Atmospheres of Buildings:

Do you notice how each shop we pass has it own peculiar thought atmosphere? If you look into the houses on either side of the street, you will see that the same thing is true. The very street itself has its own atmosphere, created by the composite thought of those inhabiting and frequenting it...

Look at those thought forms flying through the atmosphere! What a variety of form and coloring! Some most beautiful, the majority quite neutral in tint, and occasionally a fierce, fiery one tearing its way along toward its mark. Observe those whirling and swirling tiny cyclonic thought-forms as they are thrown off from that business house. Across the street, notice that great octopus monster of a thought-form, with its great tentacles striving to wind around passing persons and draw them into that flashy dance-hall and dram-shop. A devilish monster which we would do well to destroy. Turn your concentrated thought upon it, and will it out of existence- there, that's the right way, watch it sicken and shrivel! But alas! More of its kind will come forth from that place.

*CJ* The Healthy & Unhealthy Parts of Earth's Aura:

ROMC: "I am taking a different look at the earth. I can see the pulsating energy around the earth that I saw before. It seems imbalanced in some areas. There is a very dull energy coming out of areas that are built up in large cities... The bright and intense areas of energy are where the earth is in its natural state- forests, mountains, and lakes...

"In the areas where the energies are dull, we have not cooperated with the elements of nature... Where there is a lack of energy, it almost looks like a disease- dark and blotched...


ROMC: "We should be continually appreciative and thankful. Thankfulness creates a very special circular energy in our lives- a creative flow of giving and receiving...

"The darker, diseased areas of the earth's energies can be revitalized as humans clean up their personal states of consciousness- change the way they think, creating flow instead of stagnation...

"Where there are polluted thoughts, there are polluted areas upon the earth's surface."

*CJ* Cleaning Up Earth:

ROMC: "We have to clean up all levels of pollution on planet Earth, including out thoughts. Actually, it begins there."

*CJ* Earth's Aura & Black Hole Center, Higher Vibe = More Stillness, Lower = More Movement:

It was an indication that I was in Focus 12...

The next thing I knew the energy changed. My capsule was changing direction. I looked out, and there is was- an incredible view of planet Earth from outer space. Suspended below me, it looked no bigger than my own space capsule. Then we picked up speed and began moving toward that distant, tiny ball known as planet Earth. Light, dark, and radiant colors were shooting out from it in all directions... I was actually seeing the earth's aura- or energy form...

The earth was indeed a living entity... At the same moment I could see planets shining in the darkness beyond, and I remembered that the earth is but a tiny atom in an immense system of bodies...

We went right through the earth's surface...

As we penetrated the earth's surface, it became dark. Then we moved through levels of color like the spectrum of the rainbow. Next, we were in an area of molten lava. I sensed the outside of my capsule growing very hot, but I knew it was a secure cocoon around me.

Much movement was now taking place on the outside of my capsule, but I was experiencing a strange sense of weightlessness, timelessness, and stillness within it... I perceived that the earth was on a much slowed vibration than my speeded-up light vibration; paradoxically, the earth's lower vibration seemed like movement and activity, while my higher vibration in the capsule felt peaceful and quiet...

At one particular point in the earths center, tremendous energies were "pumping" through. It was as if I were literally in the "heart" of the earth. And I knew intuitively that this point led to another dimension completely different from that of the earth, but still connected to it. It was as if here, physical matter was transformed into antimatter and into another dimension!... I had encountered "black hole" phenomenon at the center of the earth.

The Expectant, Electric Atmosphere

*CBAP* The Electric Stage & Its Reality:

Case No. 731: "About the middle of the night I ‘awoke'- in my physical body I thought. The appearance of everything was identical with the normal physical scene, but (1) a beautiful pale blue phosphorescence pervaded the atmosphere, causing a shadowless, dawnlike light on everything; (2) the air was electric with atmosphere crackling in my ears; (3) I felt different- wide awake, excited, and apprehensive; (4) I had a feeling of expectancy....

"The whole of both experiences was as real (if not more so) as anything in physical life." (NOTE: Thus, if there was any break in continuity, you would choose the OBE as real and daily life as the dream.)

Slightly Out of Phase- Nasty & Obsessed Ghosts

Script: Hard to say where this should go... Between Lives? Here?

** Locale 1: Slightly Out Of Phase:

Ghosts, The Dead(MJooB): Moving a slightly out of phase with the physical intermixed physical earth and its life with the dead. The still physical seemed less distinct, not quite but almost transparent. This ring wasnt nice. The inhabitants of this ring were completely unaware of any existence other than the physical, or didnt realize they were no longer physical, and so they kept trying to be physical. They tried to communicate with friends or anyone, and some went to meaningful places. Some tried to get back into their bodies and reanimate them, which may account for the strange radiation effects sometimes perceived in graveyards. Still others thought this was a bad dream and were waiting to wake up. The M-Band noise was thunderous, a cacophony of fear, anger, and about every other human emotion, desire, and need. All open, uncovered, up front. Any attempts to communicate or divert their attention were met with total unawareness at the least, and at the most bewilderment, fear, or outright hostility. These areas nearest the physical world in vibratory frequency are peopled for the most part by insane, or near-insane, emotionally driven beings. They include those alive but asleep or drugged and out in their Second Bodies. This area is not a pleasant place to be. The moment you dissociate from the physical, you are on the fringes of this section. The principle motivation of these near inhabitants is sexual release in all forms.

(JoS) Ghosts are those who do not accept the fact that their physical body is dead and fight returning to the spirit world for reasons of personal anguish. This displacement is of the soul's own choosing. They refuse to go home after death and often have unpleasant influences on the living. These disturbed spirits do not want to leave the Earth after physical death due to some unresolved problem which has a severe impact on his consciousness. Those killed unexpectedly or murdered are usually bewildered or angry and often dont leave right away. Most ghosts are tied to a geographic location. These entities are caught in a no-man's land between the lower astral planes of earth and the spirit world. They evidence confusion, despair, and hostility to such an extent that they want their guides to stay away from them. Someone in meditation can pick up the signals of these, which range from frivolous to provocative. Real guides are healers. Younger souls with few past lives get stuck or hover around on Earth, too. In each of these abnormal cases, help is available from higher, caring entities who can assist in the adjustment process from the other side.

(EbtL) It is important for us to acquire knowledge of the spirit while we are in the flesh. The more knowledge we acquire here, the faster we will be able to move there. Because of lack of knowledge or belief, some spirits are virtual prisoners of the earth. Some who die as atheists, or those who have bonded to the world through greed, bodily appetites, or other earthly commitments find it difficult to move on, and they become earth-bound. They often lack the faith and power to reach for, or in some cases even to recognize, the energy and light that pulls us towards God. These spirits stay on earth until they learn to accept the greater power around them and to let go of the world.

(JDS): Very often when soul extensions pass over like this, they will think of the family they have just left and they will immediatly be with a given family member. What they don't realize is that they are in another dimension, and their family members can't hear or see them. This can be quite confusing for people who haven't realized that they have died.

There are some soul extensions who are so attached to the material world that they don't allow themselves to go through the tunnel to the other side and are stuck on the earthly plane even through they are in their astral bodies. There are called "Earth-bound souls". They may continue to live in the same house they lived in before death. They don't realize that it is their own consciousness that is keeping them stuck on Earth and not allowing them to continue their spiritual evolution.

There are some soul extensions who are able to get hold of some vital force and play tricks on people who are still in earthly bodies. [...] Many people, when they die, stick arround and watch their own funerals before passing on the astral plane. Those soul extensions of a more evolved nature will gravitate to their higher astral realms and possibly to the mental realm. Many soul extensions, when they pass over, sleep for a long time before awakening on the inner plane. This is especially true of those who have experienced lingering illness or uncontrollable grief and of those with a strong desire to continue life in the physical body.

Ghosts, Inhabitation, & Body Lights(GW) "Gradually I began to notice something else. All of the living people we were watching were surrounded by a faint luminous glow, almost like an electrical field over the surface of their bodies. This luminosity moved as they moved, like a second skin made out of pale, scarely visible light.

"At first I thought it must be reflected brightness from the Person at my side. But the buildings we entered gave off no reflection, neither did inanimate objects. And then I realized that the non-physical beings didn't either. My own unsolid body, I now saw, was without this glowing sheath.

"I thought I had seen heavy drinking at fraternity parties in Richmond, but the way civilians and servicemen at this bar were going at it beat everything. I watched one young sailor rise unsteadily from a stool, take two or three steps, and sag heavily to the floor. Two of his buddies stooped down and started dragging him away from the crush.

"But that was not what I was looking at. I was staring in amazement as the bright cocoon around the unconscious sailor simply opened up. It parted at the very crown of his head and began peeling away from his head, his shoulders. Instantly, quicker than I'd ever seen anyone move, one of the insubstantial beings who had been standing near him at the bar was on top of him. He had been hovering like a thirsty shadow at the sailor's side, greedily following every swallow the young man made. Now he seemed to spring at him like a beast of prey.

"In the next instant, to my utter mystification, the springing figure had vanished. It all happened even before the two men had dragged their unconscious load from under the feet of those at the bar. One minute I'd distinctly seen two individuals; by the time they propped the sailor against the wall, there was only one.

"Twice more, as I stared, stupefied, the identical scene was repeated. A man passed out, a crack swiftly opened in the aureole round him, one of the non-solid people vanished as he hurled himself at that opening, almost as if he had scrambled inside the other man.

"Was that covering of light some kind of shield, then? Was it a protection against ... against disembodied beings like myself? "

When these substance-less creatures had been in solid bodies they had developed a dependence on alcohol that went beyond the physical. Then when they lost that body, except when they could briefly take possession of another one, they would be cut off for all eternity from the thing they could never stop craving.

To want most, to burn with most desire, where you were most powerless- that would be hell indeed.

(RM) Often depressed ghosts hang on incarnated entities to share their sadness, being accepted in their sadness. An incarnated entity who feels sad can release this kind of energy. But entities without body can't do this as easily. The incarnated entity helps the ghost or bounded spirit to release their sadness. Sometimes it is very difficult to recognize this process

(GR): With a start I noticed that we were moving. The living events of my life which had crowded round us had vanished too: instead we seemed to be high above the earth, speeding together toward a distant pinprick of light.

The distant pinprick resolved itself into a large city toward which we seemed to be descending. It was still nighttime but smoke poured from factory chimneys and many buildings had lights burning on every floor. There was an ocean or a large lake beyond the lights.

I watched one woman of maybe fifty following a man of about the same age down the street. She seemed very much alive, agitated and tearful, except that the man to whom she was addressing her emphatic words was oblivious to her existence.

"You're not getting enough sleep. Marjorie makes too many demands on you. You know you've never been strong. Why aren't you wearing a scarf? You should never have married a woman who thinks only of herself." I gathered that she was his mother, in spite of the fact that they appeared so nearly the same in age. How long had she been following him this way?

"Lay not up for yourselves treasures on earth! For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also!" (Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount)

A boy trailing a teenaged girl through the corridors of a school. "I'm sorry, Nancy!" A middle-aged woman begging a grey-haired man to forgive her.

"What are they sorry for?"

They are suicides, chained to every consequence of their act.

(MJooB) This area includes the dreamers, who have a distinctive vibration or radiation that indicates they are attached to a physical body somewhere in the current space-time. They are attempting to continue the activity that they have been performing during their physical waking hours, or those they desire or fantasize. Some are just going through the motions, some are trying to interact with those they know who are physically awake. They disappear when they wake.

Compulsive Behavior(MJooB): Both these dreamers and dead are totally and compulsively bonded to space-time materiality. They appear to be deeply enveloped in emotionally based fears and drives which they attempt to act out but never conclude. As a group, they are the major blockage to the flow of the human learning experience. Until they are reached or become aware, they remain locked into this state for years, perhaps centuries. Their numbers increase constantly.

The Wild Ones(MJooB): Included in this area are those who realize that something is different and dont know or care how or why, but realize this releases them from all restraints and obligations and they express this in replicas of physical activity- the only thing they know. An example of this is the Sex Pile: Just about ten feet out is a huge pile of writhing forms, stretching as far as the eye could see like an endless sea of earthworms. Each was looking for sexual satisfaction, but it could never come, for their bodies were gone. This was also in the immediate post-physical area, which are accessed from the Second Body.

*FVE* Van Eeden's Demon Dreams:

Now in the demon-dreams—which are always very near, before or after, the lucid dreams—I undergo similar attacks; but I see the forms, the figures, the personalities of strange non-human beings, who are doing it. One night, for instance, I saw such a being, going before me and soiling everything he touched, such as door-handles and chairs. These beings are always obscene and lascivious, and try to draw me into their acts and doings. They have no sex and appear alternately as a man or a woman. Their aspect is variable, changing every moment, taking all the fantastic forms that the old painters of the Middle Ages tried to reproduce, but with a certain weird plasticity.

I will describe one instance of these dreams following immediately after a lucid dream. The lucidity had not been very intense. Then all at once I was in the middle of demons. Never before had I seen them so distinct, so impertinent, so aggressive. One was slippery, shining, limp and cold, like a living corpse. Another changed its face repeatedly and made the most incredible grimaces. Once flew underneath me shouting an obscenity with a curious slang-word.

The circle of demons was close to me and grinning like a mob of brutal street boys. I was not afraid, however and said: "Even if you conquer me, if God wills it I do not fear." Then they all cried together like a rabble, and one said: "Let God then speak first!" And then I thundered with all my might: "He HAS spoken long since!" And then I pointed at one of them saying: "You I know for a long time!" and then pointing to another: "And you!"

Then I awoke at once. And then—this will astonish you most—after this dispute, I felt thoroughly refreshed, cheered up and entirely serene and calm.

This is the principal difference from the symbolic dreams that in the demon-dreams when I see the demons and fight them, the effect is thoroughly pleasing, refreshing and uplifting.

To see them and to fight them takes away all their terror, all the uncanniness, the weirdness of their tricks and pranks.

I seemed to wake up and heard a big luggage-box being blown along the landing, with tremendous bumping. Then I realized that I had awakened in the demon-sphere. The second time I saw that my sleeping-room had three windows, thought I knew there were only two.

It is not my mind that is responsible for all the horrors and errors of dream-life. To say that nobody is responsible for them will not do, for there is absolute evidence in them of some thought and intention, however depraved and low. To put it all down to "unconsciousness" is very convenient; but then I say that it is just as scientific to use the names Beelzebub.

*PotC* Attacked By a Ghost:

A lucid, but transfigured and pitiful looking, extraphysical consciousness approached me to make an extraphyiscal attack. I flew away with that consciousness adhered to my psychosoma, gliding over the N.S. da Paz Square... There, I left it with another extraphysical consciousness that had appeared next to a green wall.

*VS-BR* Taken Away OB By Nasties:

I knew I was dying. I said goodbye to my wife and went unconscious. In a very short while I awoke and found this object in the bed, which had a remarkable resemblance to my body. My wife and room-mate were completely unresponsive to me...

I heard people outside the room calling and thought they were hospital personnel to take me to surgery. They led me on a slow walk down the corridor, which became darker and darker. They began to bite and tear and push and pull. They derived sensation from my pain.

*PotC* Pestered By Psychotic Post-Mortems:

Some duties and commitments required that I spend part of the afternoon and night with an amiable man I had recently met... The extraphysical company that had come with the visitor had stayed...

Soon after the takeoff of the psychosoma... I became lucid among psychotic post-mortems with considerable hypnotic power, wearing gloomy expressions, making threatening gestures and forming a horde of truculent persecutors...

I began the treatment of these consciousnesses, in the surrounding of my own apartment...

The eight vigorous consciousnesses, having significant magnetic power, disorderly passions and a visible disposition to attack, insistently and implacably tried all they could to subjugate me. But, in my case, being a lucid projector and due to the intangible support of invisible helpers, their mental struggle became more arduous and evenly matched. Such consciousnesses always try to impede ongoing tasks and absorb the energies of those who make themselves available to them...

The dense energies of the soma make it easier to contact extraphysical consciousnesses of a low and still very material vibratory composition. The fraternal dialogue, thoughts of peace, the interaction of the helpers and the maintenance of inner tranquility, without the emission of negative thoughts, as always, constitute the best conduct while in the middle of a torrent of energetic emissions carrying insane blasphemies and improprieties...

Only consciential authority, achieved through being a living example of what one says, allows us to have supremacy over sick extraphysical consciousnesses... Sick individuals make up a large part of the extraphysical population and are a burden to this school-hospital-planet. Malicious, defiant or threatening extraphysical consciousnesses only dominate those who let themselves be dominated...

After a certain period of energetic confrontation, there was an increase in the pressure from the extraphysical group, with a larger number of psychotic post-mortems... having been attracted by the defection of some of their companions, who had been peacefully guided away.

My mother Aristana, an extraphysical consciousness who was seen only by myself and not by the sick consciousnesses, advised my to temporarily return to the soma in order for the atmosphere to clear up a little...

My dense soma seemed like a fortress or trench, allowing a truce in the struggle.

*PotC* The Energy Shield:

When the psychosoma is within the extraphysical sphere of energy (an area of dense energy extending approximately 13 feet in all directions from the head of the individual), it increases the energetic resources available during the takeoff of the psychosoma, offering a better defense against extraphysical attacks.

Near Realm Nasties

*ANMU* Caught in the Near Realm:

"Voices" seemed to try to detain me in the imaginary world.

*ANMU* Blind Dreaming in the Near Realm:

Second, there was a dream which also frightened me. I dreamed that I was blind. Something was happening around me, I heard voices, sounds, noises, movement, felt some danger threatening me; and I had to move somewhere with hands stretched out in front of me in order to avoid knocking against something, making all the time terrible efforts to see what was around me.

In "half-dream states" I understood that the effort I was making was not an effort to see, but an effort to open my eyes. (NOTE: This from a "dream")

2) It was dark, like nighttime. This time I could move, but it was very difficult. I pulled myself to the floor. I looked at the front door. The dimensions of the room were distorted and enlarged. The door looked far away, like in a telescope. I walked toward the door with great difficulty. I felt a small sense of triumph when I finally reached the door. I opened the door and walked out onto the porch. My movement became a little easier. I looked outside to the street. It seemed to be just before dawn. In the street, I saw two figures running carrying something looking like sacks over their shoulders. They seemed to be wearing what looked like long underwear. They were hunched over as they ran. I don't know what they were, though they were humanoid. My first impression is that they were thieves running from the scene of the crime.

3) Next I knew I was in the etheric again and heard the voices. This time I was irked and determined to confront them. I got up, with difficulty and said, also with much difficulty, "Whoever you are, come out and face me, I demand it!" Looking forward with it still appearing that I was in my Dads (actually it didn't feel like Dads in the episode, more like my own place but very comfortable), my brown curtains seemed to marshmallow out and it seemed this pack of strange humanoid creatures stepped through. My vision was very bad and I was having a difficult lockmold but I thought I saw about four of them. They had on long dingy robes and had strange distorted features. It seemed like they were yelling at me or something. I lashed out at them and stepped into them best I could. They seemed to disappear into the other wall.

*PAP* Near-Realm Sensations:

During one experiment, when I had used more effort than usual to project myself, I was hardly out of my body when I received a terrific slap in the face without being able to find whence it came.

*BP* Weird Experiences During Practice:

That first two months of OBE practice, however, yielded some very interesting and valuable results. All kinds of weird "psychic" things happened to me during my practice time.

During practice I would feel pokes and prods. Sometimes it felt as if a warm hand was being placed on my body. I even felt a few pinches on my butt! I've only had two OBEs in which I didn't feel "safe." Two out of hundreds isn't bad statistics. The first one I felt unsafe because I was surrounded by a bunch of dirty-looking people who looked like they were going to ambush me. I still felt peaceful, and not frightened. I just let myself gently float backward and into my body again, and I came to just fine. The second "unsafe" experience was also not frightening at all. I just heard a voice commanding me to say words in a language I didn't understand. Naturally, I DIDN'T say those words, because I didn't trust the voice I heard.

One night I followed Monroe's procedure to the letter and was making good progress toward leaving my body. Suddenly I became very aware and alert. My eyes were closed and I was moving deeper into the blackness that I saw ahead of me, into a deeper state of consciousness. Suddenly, I heard an authoritative voice say, "STOP!" How could I argue? I never expected to be hearing voices during these experiments. I panicked and did everything I could to force myself back to a normal state.

One night I got to the point where my mind wouldn't wander. I heard some banging sounds in my room that I couldn't explain. Suddenly I heard a louder, more defined bang that seemed to come from the ground, about five feet from the bed. I directed my senses in that direction and "felt" a big presence there, as if a spirit or ghost of some sort were there. I was afraid, but I tried to control my emotions, and asked in my mind who it was and what its purpose was. There was no answer. I forced myself back to full consciousness and looked in that direction. I saw a filmy, undefined movement in that direction. By then, I was so afraid that I purposely started moving parts of my body, to make sure I wouldn't leave my body. I tried my hardest to find a physical, logical explanation for all of this, but was unsuccessful. Naturally, it took me a while to calm down and dare to shut my eyes to go to sleep.

Trying to ignore these sensations is like trying to ignore a slap in the face. I discovered that the best thing to do was to acknowledge them, but remain passive and not let them startle me and ruin the OBE attempt. When I finally learned to get through these sensations calmly, they started leading me to conscious astral projection!

Near Realm Clairaudience

*WtL* The Near-Realm of Dreaming:

(Jennifer:) One thing I do have that annoys me terribly is that for ages now I seem to be talking to strangers every night in my dreams, or listening to strangers talking. And it annoys me really because I don't know them from a crow, and they yab, yab, yabber away in my dreams, and I'm getting all their conversations and I wish they'd just all go away. They're having very earnest conversations and I don't really want to be in them at all. When I wake up I don't know for the life of me what they've said. I don't feel as though I've had a restful night, my dreams all cluttered with these strangers (laughs).

Near Realm Visitations

*VftA* The Electric Near-Realm, a Visitation:

The room, normally dimly lit by the night-light on my dresser, was now glowing with an unearthly illumination. The air was very cold and subtly vibrating. My body was electrified, my heart racing, all my senses alert. I had experienced these sensations enough to know what they meant- I was being visited by an otherworldly presence... (NOTE: You were in the near-realm OB state)

I sat up in bed and centered myself with a prayer for protection and clarity. I became very still. My awareness moved from its normal parameters into a less limited realm...

Immediately I recognized this energy. It was Sandy, a client who had died of chronic heart disease a few nights before...

He appeared before me youthful, vigorous, and radiant...

I asked how [Sandy's living sister Helen] was, and after listening for that sign between words that let me know she could cope with what I was about to tell her, I took a deep breath.

*APr* False Awakenings into the Near Realm:

1) In my drowsy condition, I used to watch these mounting spots of a fishtail burner (a heating device) as they traversed the dark space and became lost in the outer brightness, and sometimes things would suddenly "go wrong." The light of the gas-flame grew dim and that mysterious pale-golden light from nowhere suffused the room. I would hear strange noises, crackling and snapping noises, while little shafts of blue flame, like miniature lightning, darted from the corners of the room. And then came the apparition: a man with a grotesquely horrible face, a wolf with eyes of fire, a lion, a huge serpent, a great black bear, standing erect so that it reached the ceiling. And I just yelled and yelled. The apparition would stay quite still, glowering at me, and I could hear my mother running up the stairs in answer to my frantic SOS; but as soon as she turned the door-knob, the fearsome beast vanished and things "came right" again.

I know now that it was not only a nightmare. Such apparitions, lights and sounds are common happenings in that trance condition which forms the prelude to a conscious projection.

*BP* Those Who See OB From IB:

As I studied the ghostly figure, another spirit form glided in and joined the first. As I studied the two figures, their forms started fading in and out, so that parts of them were completely transparent, parts of them were visible but translucent, and parts of them were completely visible. I could see now that it was not JH. One of the spirits was a man, and the other was a woman, and they grasped each other while they reclined on the bed, less than a foot away to my left. They didn't seem to notice me at all.

I looked around once more, and as I looked, many other spirits started fading in and out of my vision. I concentrated on seeing them and as I looked they became clearer in my vision, and soon it seemed as if the whole room was crowded with spirits of different kinds.

Most of the spirits were between the ages of 30 and 50, and they were talking to each other in this crowded room. It reminded me of a dance or a wedding reception because there were many people, crowded together, talking to each other. I moved my eyes back and forth, to scan the different spirits in the room. As I moved my eyes, the spirits seemed to move too, and it caused a strange effect. I was curious why, but it didn't bother me.

I studied some of the spirits in the room, and I remember what some of them looked like: a man about 35 years old, wearing 50's style formal clothes, with some scratches and bruises on his face. He was talking to a woman, dressed also in a 50's style formal dress.

*S&tS* Lucid, Nearby:

1) I am dreaming and I have a dim awareness that I might be dreaming. I am aware of myself lying in my bed, face down, and I hear my son Erik come running into the bedroom. He says "Dad...Dad" and shakes me slightly.I decide to remain motionless so as not to disturb myself and soon Erik leaves. His voice and touch seem so real to me that I think I must not be dreaming after all. Now the scene changes. I am looking at a beautiful country scene in springtime. (The scenes change rapidly, like flipping channels, then:) Again I hear Erik running into our bedroom and he touches me gently on the arm and says "Time to get up, dad," as he tries to awaken me. Again, I choose to remain motionless and he promptly leaves.

[Erik had not entered the bedroom during the past hour. This little experiment added credence to Scott Sparrow's suggestion that the lucid dreamer "try not to test the lucid dream by waking standards." How easily the dreamer can fool himself if he tries to determine whether or not he is dreaming by pinching himself, blinking his eyes, etc.]

*PotL* Dream Visitation & Hypnagogic/Paralysis Witness Of It:

"I had the following dream. Someone told me that Miss Elliott was dead. I instantly, in my dream, rushed to her room, entered it, went to her bedside and pulled the clothes from off her face. She was quite cold; her eyes were wide open and staring at the ceiling. This so frightened me that I dropped at the foot of her bed, and knew no more until I was half out of bed in my own room and wide awake. The time was 5 o'clock a.m."

-Constance S. Bevan

*ND* OBE- Recent Dead Visitation Crossover:

Then, as I was moving around in the room- I didn't try to get far away from the body- the room began to fill up with a light cloud. It was absolutely dark in the room, but I could see easily because of the light from this cloud... It was not a large room, and it became crowded with that cloud in it. Suddenly, out of the cloud, came Gus Elias's hand, and voice, "Cayce, come up here. Come up here. This is terrific. I've got to show you!" The hand pulled back, and I moved, stood up to try to follow the hand, and to make contact with Gus. Everything was fuzzy, but I was trying to follow his suggestion. As I touched the cloud, it was cold. I became frightened. I snapped back into my body and woke up...

Then somebody pounded on the door and said, "Cayce, get up, and get over to the hospital. They're bringing Gus Elias's body in. He was killed in an automobile accident around twelve o'clock.

Etheric Cities

*IAD* Etheric Cities:

Over the principal deserts there are Etheric Cities. Over the Arizona desert is the Etheric City in America. There is one over the Sahara and one over the Gobi. The one over Brazil is the Etheric City for South America.

Etheric Protection

*IAD* Etheric Barriers:

The Etheric Belt around the Golden City is impenetrable- far more so than a wall of many feet of steel would be....

Every creation that is Self-conscious action has this Circle of pure Electronic Force about it naturally, but to a large degree its force is ungoverned, therefore dissipated...

In the beginning of man's individualization, he was naturally surrounded by this Magic Circle, but as the consciousness was lowered more and more, rents were made in this Great Circle of Force, causing leaks, as it were, until It has almost entirely disappeared...

Students of the Light must go to work with no uncertainty and consciously create this Electronic Belt about themselves- visualizing It Perfect- with no rents or breaks in its construction...

When one has generated about himself this Electronic Belt or Ring, there is no power that can penetrate it except Divine Love.


When you say, "‘I AM' the Protective Ring or Belt," it means that the Electronic Belt is instantly formed- invincible. Realize that when you say "I AM," whatever is commanded is All-Powerfully, instantly done.

Out Past Earth

*CJ* Weird Experiences on the Moon:

ROMC: "Okay. Now we're all holding hands, and we're thinking of the moon. All of a sudden we're standing on the moon! It happened in a split second of thought... There seems to be an energy force here- an eerie energy...

"Now we're in a crater. It's very very dark down here. And the deeper we go, the stronger the vibrations. It's as if an energy force is pushing us back...

"Now we're on the other side of the gravity force- and I have a strange feeling. It's a hollow, empty feeling. But there is also a very strong presence here. A different level of consciousness is around us, but I'm not yet able to identify it...

"I feel we aren't quite welcome. It's as if we're out of the area of our own vibratory level...

"I'd like to go back to my platform, which was warm and secure. And we're back... now we're brushing each other off to get rid of the foreign vibrations."


The Void

The Lowest Subplane - The Void

** Locale 1: Further Out Of Phase: The Void:

The Void: Drifting, Shock, Barely Conscious Ring(MJooB): The next ring out is for those who realize that they are dead but have no awareness or memory of any other possibility. There were countless forms hanging motionless, or their movement is so slow as to be imperceptible. They were barely conscious, waiting for something to happen. There was low M-Band noise here. The people were stupid, unthinking, in a state of shock from dying. They are usually easy to contact, instruct, and lead to an outer ring. The population here is relatively small and remains the same size due to assistence from the outer rings.

Sleeper's Class: This is a class attended by countless humans during a portion of their non-chemical distorted deep sleep during the OB period. The teacher of this class is two rings out.

2) (AF: The Void Hell) Where was I? I was immersed in darkness. My eyes seemed to adjust, and I could see clearly even though there was no light. The darkness continued in all directions and seemed to have no end, but it wasn't just blackness, it was an endless void, an absence of light. It was completely enveloping.

I swung my head around to explore the thick blackness and saw, to my right, standing shoulder to shoulder, a handful of others. They were all teenagers. "Oh, we must be the suicides." With a laugh, I opened my mouth, but before I could form the words, they came tumbling out. I wasn't sure whether I had thought the words or had attempted to say them, but they were audible without my having to move my lips. Then I wasn't sure if these other people had heard me, until the guy next to me responded.

He didn't say a word to me. He slowly looked down at me and turned forward again. There was absolutely no expression on his face, no warmth or intelligence in his eyes. Suspended in darkness, he and all the others stood fixed in a thoughtless stupor.

Second over from the other end of the line was a girl who looked to be in her late teens. I was coming to see that feeling - what some call intuition or the sixth sense - was the preferred method of transferring information here, where unvoiced ideas grew audible. As I exercised my new power of "sensing/feeling," I had an inkling that I was remembering a long-forgotten, natural, familiar skill that had been supplanted or subverted by words, and I quickly grew proficient at this new way of gaining knowledge.

But she did not connect with me. Her empty gaze, fixed on nothing, continued uninterrupted by my thoughts about her. She was just like the rest of them, staring blankly forward, with no concern or curiosity about where we were. They were dead, and so was I.

Suddenly, as if we had been waiting for a kind of sorting process to take place, I was sucked further into the darkness by an unseen and undefined power, leaving the teenagers behind. I landed on the edge of a shadowy plane, suspended in the darkness, extending to the limits of my sight.

I knew that I was in a state of hell, but this was not the typical "fire and brimstone" hell that I had learned about as a young child. The word Purgatory rose, whispered, into my mind.

Men and women of all ages, but no children, were standing or squatting or wandering about on the plane. Some were mumbling to themselves. The darkness emanated from deep within and radiated from them in an aura I could feel. They were completely self-absorbed, every one of them too caught up in his or her own misery to engage in any mental or emotional exchange. They had the ability to connect with one another, but they were incapacitated by the darkness.

I gradually became aware of the sounds of a kaleidoscopic flurry of voices, and I realized that this realm thoughts were the mode of communication. Around me I could hear the buzz of thoughts, as if I were in a crowded movie theater with lights down low, picking up the sounds of hused exchanges.

Sitting next to me was a man who appeared to be about sixty years old. This man's eyes were totally without comprehension. Pathetically squatting on the ground, draped in filthy white robes, he wasn't radiating anything, not even self-pity. I felt that he had absorbed everything there was to know here and had chosen to stop thinking. He was completely drained, just waiting. I knew that his soul had been rotting here forever.

...And I was shown that for me, the plane of darkness was quite literally spiritual "time-out", a place where I was supposed to grasp the gravity of my offenses and to pay the price.

I don't know if the others were talking to God as I was or if they were talking to other messengers of light that I was not yet capable of seeing, but I'm sure that not all of them were just mumbling to themselves. And I could see that my spiritual "time-out" could have lasted a moment, or it could have taken me thousands of years to progress out of that dark prison, depending on when I reached the point of willingness to see the light.

Now my perception was shifting, and the darkness seemed to lift slightly. When I first entered the dark prison, my vision took in only the things and the people in the realm of darkness. But once I had taken enough light in from Jesus, my spiritual eyes were opened to another dimension in the darkness. Now I could see that beings of light were all around me.

Hell, while also a specific dimension, is primarily a state of mind.

(DDG): the void is like the empty space between radio stations on the radio dial. Being in the void takes up a great deal of my time during astral projections - sometimes much more than I'd like! There is actually a subtle type of variety to the different times I have been in the void. Sometimes it is simply a dark empty space. Other times though there is a hazy or smoky quality to it. Still other times I seem to see hazy ghost images of things. In this latter case, I suspect that I am very close to a subplane and am seeing ghost images of that subplane. Once I even met a being in the void!

I sometimes appear in the void as soon as I leave my body. I will also appear in the void if I lose my lockmold/tuning on a subplane. If I lose my lockmold, I usually do not wake up, but instead appear in the void.

1) I thought to myself that I must be right on the border of some definite frequency or plane, not locked well enough to actually be there, but right next door to it so to speak. I kept flying on, and the silhouettes were very reminiscent of buildings, cars and city objects. As I flew on, at one point I got the impression that I had entered the water and was under the water, though I was still in the void. To materialize I stopped my forward motion and simply began to spin round and round. Also I began to concentrate on my hands, trying to lift them up and look at them. Then I began to see the neatest thing. As my hands began to form and I could start to see them, the silhouettes around me began to take on color and form. It was slow at first so I concentrated harder, and I watched an environment form around me. I was now out of the void and somewhere. I was standing in a forest, surrounded by all kinds of plants.

2) There were no recognizable silhouettes, but there were distinct qualities or feelings. At first the darkness was very "electric." Eventually the void seemed like a heavy fog. I got the idea to try to look at my hands. Watched my body and a red tile floor materialize around me as the fogginess of the void faded away.

3) I was about 10 feet in front of it, but it acted as if I was not there and simply kept mumbling to itself and kept moving towards me. I asked it what it was doing and, all of a sudden it was on top of me! The thing grabbed me and started to carry me off! I couldn't believe it! I was not scared at all, but suprised. I started to struggle and was telling it to let me go. I said "you can't do anything to me, I'm astral projecting!". It continued to ignore me and simply kept carrying me through the void. It mumbled something to itself about "a specimen for the bioleum".

4) (NDE) The next thing I knew I was completely immersed in darkness. It was so dark that it was beyond imagining...solid blackness. I didn‘t feel as though I‘d gone a great distance, but had just taken a step sideways into the darkness, like going through a doorway. My sense was that this darkness had always been there, right next to our world, but that we don‘t know about it. This had no evil, tainted feel to it, though. I was relaxed and in a state of great peace. (Then chimes, then the light)

(This is back & forth between void and lowest ring/astral plane)

*AP* The Lowest Astral Subplane- the Dark Void:

For the seventh or lowest subdivision of the astral plane also this physical world of ours may be said to be the background, though what is seen is only a distorted and partial view of it, since all that is light and good and beautiful seems invisible. It was thus described four thousand years ago in the Egyptian papyrus of the Scribe Ani: "What manner of place is this unto which I have come? It hath no water, it hath no air; it is deep, unfathomable; it is black as the blackest night, and men wander helplessly about therein; in it a man may not live in quietness of heart." For the unfortunate entity on that level it is indeed true that "all the earth is full of darkness and cruel habitations," but it is darkness which radiates from within himself and causes his existence to be passed in a perpetual night of evil and horror – a very real hell, though, like all other hells, entirely of man's own creation.

There appears to be a sense of density and gross materiality about it which is indescribably loathsome to the liberated astral body, causing it the sense of pushing its way through some black, viscous fluid, while the inhabitants and influences encountered there are also usually exceedingly undesirable.

5) Several people claimed to have seen beings who seemed trapped by their inability to surrender their attachments to the physical world: possessions, people, or habits: What you would think of as their head was bent downward; they had sad depressed looks; they seemed to shuffle, as someone would on a chain gang. They looked washed out, dull, gray. And they seemed to be forever shuffling and moving around, not knowing where they were going, not knowing who to follow, or what to look for.

As I went by they didn't even raise their heads to see what was happening. They would start straight, then veer to the left and take a few steps and veer back to the right. And absolutely nothing to do. Searching, but for what they were searching I don't know.

The Buffer Zones(RB): In between the different levels are intermediary areas or buffer zones, sometimes called lower sub planes. The buffer zone is like an atmosphere. The astral body can enter the buffer zones/sub-planes of the dimensions above and below the astral dimension if it contains the correct type of energy. To exist in the buffer zone between the physical/astral levels (in real time) the astral body must contain etheric energy. To exist in the buffer zone between the astral/mental levels it must contain mental energy. You can get near the mental dimension with a very fast astral body but you need the mental body to get past the atmosphere/membrane.

*BtD* The Void With Suicides, Astral Communication:

But for me there was no blaze of radiance, no arms waiting to usher me into the Divine presence. There was only blackness, as though I were suspended in outer space, unbroken by a single glimmering star...

I was immersed in darkness. My eyes seemed to adjust, and I could see clearly even though there was no light. I was aware that I was standing on what felt like solid ground, but nothing was there. The darkness continued in all directions and seemed to have no end, but it wasnt just blackness, it was an endless void, an absence of light. I knew that it had its own life and purpose. It was completely envoloping.

...I swung my head around to explore the thick blackness and saw, to my right, standing shoulder to shoulder, a handful of others. They were all teenagers. "Oh, we must be the suicides." With a laugh, I opened my mouth, but before I could form the words, they came tumbling out... They were audible without my having to move my lips. Then I wasnt sure if these other people had heard me, until the guy next to me responded.

...He didnt say a word to me. He slowly looked down at me and turned forward again. There was absolutely no expression on his face, no warmth or intelligence in his eyes. Suspended in darkness, he and all the others stood fixed in a thoughtless stupor.

Second over from the other end of the line was a girl who looked to be in her late teens... I was coming to see that feeling- what some call intuition or the sixth sense- was the preferred method of transferring information here... As I exercised my new power of "sensing/feeling," I had an inkling that I was remembering a long-forgotten, natural, familiar skill that had been supplanted or subverted by words, and I quickly grew proficient at this new wat of gaining knowledge.

...But she did not connect with me. Her empty gaze, fixed on nothing, continued uninterrupted by my thoughts about her.

1) At first I thought I was in the void, but then I saw all kinds of humanoid silhouettes around me. There were all kinds of them marching like sleep walkers. It was a dark and eerie environment. I couldn't fly well and I felt like I was zipping along like a balloon. I shot past a silhouette and it bent out of my way in a distorted and unnatural manner-like it bent sideways or something. I bet I was on the lowest astral plane. I think I saw a bunch of "lost souls". It was very much like Leadbeater described it - dark, heavy, hard to control one's movements. The silhouettes were like zombies; no self-consciousness, they just marched like a herd.

*BtD* Hollow Minds in the Plane of Dark Fog:

Men and women of all ages, but no children, were standing or squatting or wandering about on the plane. Some were mumbling to themselves... There was a visible darkness about them... The darkness emanated from deep within and radiated from them in an aura I could feel. They were completely self-absorbed, every one of them too caught up in his or her own misery to engage in any mental or emotional exchange. They had the ability to connect with one another, but they were incapacitated by the darkness.

I gradually became aware of the sounds of a kaleidoscopic flurry of voices, and I realized that in this realm thoughts were the mode of communication. Around me I could hear the buzz of thoughts, picking up the sounds of hushed exchanges. It was difficult to distinguish many complete thoughts, but one woman's in particular stood out... She was justifying herself, over and over again, as if she were speaking to the ghosts of her past, trying to fix blame. It seemed to me that she had been there for years, reciting the same dull, pointless words that none of us cared to hear. I got the definite impression that she had committed suicide.

...Sitting next to me was a man who appeared to be about sixty years old. His hair was gray, and somehow I knew that his eyes were blue, even though everything here appeared in black and various shades of gray. This man's eyes were totally without comprehension. Pathetically squatting on the ground, draped in filthy white robes, he wasnt radiating anything, not even self-pity. I felt that he had absorbed everything there was to know here and had chosen to stop thinking. He was completely drained, just waiting. I knew that his soul had been rotting here forever...

I was sure that this man, like the middle-aged woman, had killed herself... Even in the midst of being completely wrapped up in my own problems in life, I had always been considerate of others' feelings. But now I didnt care. I felt no desire to be helpful or even polite to him or to anyone else.

As my mind reached for more information, I felt tremendous disappointment. I seemed to be using all of my brain capacity...

But worse was my growing sense of complete aloneness... In this empty world, where no connection could be made, the solitude was terrifying...

The darkness had claimed me, and I was rapidly becoming like the others here... This was the place where hope came to die.

*BtD* Appearances in the Plane of Dark Fog:

My form had been somehow reduced, made not smaller but less complicated. I thought that if I were to look down, I would have found that I no longer had breasts. The diminishing of gender seemed to apply to the others around me as well.

Everyone I saw was wearing dirty white robes. Some people's were heavily soiled, while others' just appeared singy with a few stains.

*BtD* Spirit Helpers Above the Spiritually Deaf:

Now my perception was shifting, and the darkness seemed to lift slightly... Once I had taken enough light in from God and Jesus, my spiritual eyes were opened to another dimension in the darkness. Now I could see that beings of light were all around me.

At first I could only feel their presence. Pockets of energy brushed past, almost like quick breezes. I could feel the light coming from these spirits before I was able to see their forms. Once I recognized that beings of light were whipping about, once I felt them, I found that I could see them...

These spirit messengers of God glowed pleasantly without God's solid form and majestic power... I knew that they were assisting those of us on earth. Like oil over water, the active layer of spirits of light rested above a layer of grim, motionless dark beings.


The Astral Plane

The Center Ring & Belief System Territories

** The Center Ring (Largest): The Belief System Territories: Locale 2:

(MJooB) The next ring is the largest of all, with an apparently limitless number of sub-rings. All residents here know they have passed through physical death. Difference and beliefs as to what and where they are sharply delineate the sub-rings. Monroe divides the center ring into 4 parts, highest, lowest, and two intermediate.

The Belief System Territories(MJooB): Locale 2 is a non-material environment with laws of motion only remotely related to the physical world. It is an immensity whose bounds are unknown, and has depth and dimension incomprehensible to the conscious mind. In this vastness lie all of the aspects we attribute to heaven and hell. Reality is composed of the deepest desires and most frantic fears. You could spend thousands of years in the rings and never see all of them. Whatever man can think of is in these rings; thus more is being added constantly. There is no time and space by our standards. There is a sequence, a past and future, but no cyclical seperation. Both exist simultaneously with now.

Locale 2 is the natural environment of the Second body. The principles involved in its action, composition, and control all correspond to those of Locale 2.

*SD&P* The Inner Landscape is Native To Us:

This interior landscape is a dimension native to consciousness. We have our primary existence in it after death and spend a good deal of physical time wandering through it, unknowingly, in sleep.

The Reality of It

*AP* Reality of the Astral Plane:

The objects and inhabitants of the astral plane are real in exactly the same way as our own bodies, our furniture, our houses or monuments are real.

*HU* The Sufi Astral Maps:

Individuals who are privileged enough to visit them universally, report seeing many vast and celestially beautiful cities there. The twelfth-century Sufis were so familiar with them that they even gave several of them names.

*SD&P* The Reality of the Dream World:

Nor is the dream world a shadow image of your own. It carries on according to the possibilities inherent within it.

It is because you remember only vague glimmerings and disconnected episodes that dreams appear often chaotic and meaningless.

Some dream events are more vivid than waking ones. It is only when the personality passes out of the dream experience that it may seem unreal in retrospect. Reality is a result of focus of energy and attention. (NOTE: emotions only happen NOW. Memories contain no emotions but can cause them.)

*LDer* The Richness & Realness of the Astral World:

Anyone who has experienced this vivid state will agree that a large question mark begins to hang, like the sword of Damocles, over the dreamer's waking world, which by comparison suddenly doesn't seem so stable and reassuringly substantial as it once did. The lucid world is so rich, incredibly detailed, and alive, that the normal, everyday appearance of the waking realm can seem almost a flat monotone by its side.

*SD&P* Dream Reality & the Interior Universe Are Real:

The locations that you visit while dreaming are as real to you then as physical locations are to you in the waking state. In the waking state, the whole self is focused toward physical reality, but in the dreaming state, it is focused in a different dimension. It is every bit as conscious and aware.

The interior universe is at least as rich, varied and complicated as the exterior one. Dream reality is only one aspect of this inner universe, in the same way that our planet is only one of many others in a physical sky.

*Mediums* Reality:

It's not a wishy-washy affair over here. It's not some sort of vague something. It's a real existence, and we are in our own way as physical as you are. Yet it's not a physical body as you have it. To all outward appearance it may look the same, but it isn't, the construction is different. I mean we are living on a vibration that is so far removed from earth, and everything is rarified in consequence and everything that we do has a meaning and purpose.

*AbtB* Absolutely Real:

It is impossible to convey the reality of this non-physical eternity. Monroe found that later he could feel the sand under his feet, taste the grass, and walk (not float). As he left, his sense of body disappeared. This was what he experienced everywhere on earth now. There were birds of species he hadnt seen before. All of this was a human creation. Many of those who walked this path created and added their own favorite bird, and the birds were alive, created by humans! We are all creators like our creator.

What It Is, How It Works

** Astral Planes/Realms & How They Work:

What It Is(RB): The astral is the closest dimension to the physical. It overlays and permeates the world like a huge mind net, catching and holding all thought. Its contents are created by the collective consciousness of the world mind. It contains all the thoughts, memories, fantasies, and dreams of every living thing in the world. In it, the laws of sympathetic attraction, or like attracts like, causes this ocean of mind stuff to strata and settle into layers or pools. These pools of thought are more commonly called astral planes/worlds.

The astral dimension is composed of astral matter and is aptly described as mind stuff. It is extremely sensitive to thought and can be moulded into any shape or form. These creations can be so perfect as to be indistinguishable from reality. When astral matter is exposed to thought, focused by the lens of the mind, a perfect image of reality is instantly formed out of astral mind stuff. The complexity and durability of any creation in the astral dimension depends largely on the strength of the mind doing the creating.

The astral is a topsy turvy world like Alice found in Wonderland. Everything seems objective (real) but is changeable and fluid. Anything and everything can be found there, from base, coarse levels full of sexual energy; to beautiful, serene places full of spiritual harmony. There are an infinite number of realities, planes, realms and dream pools in this dimension, which naturally strata and settle into pools of related thought.

This is where the astral body is projected into the astral dimension, where things are quite different from the real world. Time is distorted and extended. An hour in the astral can be like a few minutes in the physical dimension, depending on what part of the astral you are in. Reality is fluid and changeable.

(FM) Stage three (the astral) is a dimension where things may be created with the mind and shaped by the direct action of the imagination.

Earth Aura(RM) When you travel with your astral-body you are flying in the Aura of Earth. When we experience higher dimensions, our astral-perception is ready to hold etheric or more subtle impressions, which need to travel to a lower reality-perception.

Co-Location(Taylor): The world beyond is not up there somewhere. It's here - a change of condition. The astral world is almost a replica of your world, except that it is of a finer substance and we are not 'bound' by our objective reality as you are.

*ST* Location of the Astral Plane:

The astral plane may seem like a place to go; but in actuality it is something you become aware of.

*SD&P* One's Root Assumptions & Astral Reality:

You may also find yourself in non-physical locations or places in which matter does not behave the way it usually does.

In your journeys into inner reality, you cannot proceed with these same root assumptions.

Using the root assumptions just mentioned as a basis for judging reality, an observer would insist that the objects were not real, for they do not behave as he believes objects must.

An entirely different set of root assumptions are the keys that alone will let you manipulate within other systems or understand them. There are several major root assumptions connected here and many minor ones:

1. Energy and action are basically the same, although neither must necessarily apply to physical action.

2. All objects have their origin basically in mental action. Mental action is directed psychic energy.

3. Permanence is not a matter of time. Existence has value in terms of intensities.

4. Objects are blocks of energy perceived in a highly specialized manner.

5. Stability in time sequence is not a prerequisite requirement for an object.

6. Space as a barrier does not exist.

7. The spacious present is here more available to the senses.

8. The only barriers are mental or psychic ones.

Only if these basic root assumptions are taken for granted will your projection experiences make sense to you.

In an old-fashioned room of the 1700's, you may look out and see an automobile pass by. Obviously, you think: distortion. Yet you may be straddling time in such an instance, perceiving, say, the room as it was int eh 1700's and the street as it appears in your present. These elements may appear side by side. The car may suddenly disappear before your eyes, to be replaced by an animal or the whole street may turn into a field.

The images may be transposed one upon the other. You may also perceive a building that will never exist in physical reality. This does not mean that the form is illusion. You are simply in a position where you can pick up and translate the energy pattern before you.

Another individual may see the form of the man who originated the thought of the building.

The unifying and limiting aspects of consecutive moments are absent in inner reality. Time, in other word, cannot be counted upon to unify action.

In a projection, the problem will be of a different sort. The form of a man, for example, may be a thought-form, or a fragment sent quite unconsciously by another individual whom it resembles. It may be another projectionist, like yourself. It may be a potential form like any potential object, a record of a form played over and over again.

It may be another version of yourself. A man may suddenly appear, and be then replaced by a small girl. This would be a nonsensical development to the logical mind; yet, the girl might be the form of the man's previous or future reincarnated self.

*PoP* The Intermediate World:

The intermediate world, which is part of the spiritual world, is always located in the atmosphere surrounding each planet. Every inhabited planet has its own distinct intermediate world. That world is like a replica- immaterial, but quite real- of the material world. It is better than the material world, but still a prolongation. The souls there appear in the same form that they had taken during the earthly life; but there the form can be impalpable, like a reflected image of its earthly appearance. In the intermediate world each person can only see their own image. Sensations are far more intense and powerful than in the physical world. Happiness and sadness are felt much more poignantly there, and because of this the person who arrives there experiences a feeling of intense awakening, of heightened consciousness regarding what it has accomplished during its life on earth.

It is beyond the bounds of space and time: even if all the beings ever created were brought there, it should not affect the overall room there in the slightest. The perception of time is real, but its extent differs for each individual according to that person's destiny. The period of a year in the intermediate world may correspond to a day on earth or a hundred years on earth.

Each time a person dies, their soul returns to the intermediate world- either immediately or after a certain delay- and the soul judges its own actions and intentions. A soul may then go to school, pass through a purgatory, and then reincarnate. If it has been granted some special merit, it doesnt have to return to another life and may study in the intermediate world. In that case, a soul will be given conditions similar to those on earth, but because it is more conscious and alert, it will make fewer mistakes and will work and advance with less difficulty.

The soul can also have access to the paradise belonging to the intermediate world. This paradise appears to each soul the way they had hoped it would all their life, according to their own images of heaven.

The Fluidity of Matter in the Astral

*SD&P* The Physical Reality & Nature of the Dream World, Fluidity & Swiftness of Action:

The dream world is physically oriented, though not to the degree inherent in your ordinary universe.

All physical matter, being formed about individualized units of consciousness of varying degrees, also participates in the involuntary construction of the dream world. (NOTE: the astral counterpart of all matter!)

You perceive but a small portion of these images which you have yourselves created. You cannot bring them back into the limited perspectives of your present physical field and are left with but glimpses and flimsy glimmerings of images that are as actual, vivid and more mobile than normal physical ones.

The dream world is composed of molecular structure, and that is a continuing reality.There is a give-and-take here. For if you give the dream world much of its energy, much of your own energy is derived from it.

The dream world has a molecular construction, but this construction takes up no space as you know it. The dream world consists of depths and dimensions, expansions and contractions that are more clearly related, perhaps, to ideals. The intuitions and certain other inner abilities have so much more freedom here that it is unnecessary for molecules to be used in any imprisoning form. Action in the dream world is more fluid. The images appear and disappear much more quickly because value fulfillment is allowed greater reign.

The slower physical manifestation of growth that occurs within the physical system involves long-term patterns filled by atoms and molecules which are, to some extent, then imprisoned within the constructions.

Structures of a mental and psychic nature do exist. But structure is not dependent upon matter,and the motion of the molecules is more spontaneous. An almost unbelievable depth of experience is possible within what would seem to you a fraction of a moment.

One of the closest glimpses you can get of pure action is action as it is involved with the dream world.

The ego portion of personality is, to a large extent, dependent for the physical universe's maturity and development upon the amount of time that the physical image has spent within the system.

In the dream world, ‘growth' is a matter of value fulfillment which is achieved through perspectives of action- through traveling within any given action, and following it and changing with it.

In the dream world, development is achieved not by traveling your single line, but by delving into that point that you call a moment.

Astral Objectivity & Subjectivity(DDG): What is critically important for you to keep in mind when you astral project is that you cannot assume that what you experience is objective or purely subjective. Whatever the nature of the OBE experience, you will be somewhere where the subjective can become objective and the objective can become subjective.

(Macy) The astral planet Marduk with its Riverine communities was created by human minds, yet is as much a reality to its spiritual residents as our Earth is to us.

Inhabitants of the mid-Astral planes are assisted by higher beings in creating landscapes they are familiar with. While this reality may seem a bit "fabricated" to us, Swejen Salter is quick to point out that everything in the astral planes can be seen and touched by people in astral bodies, just as physical things are fully experienced in our material world. Also, Eastern mystics have pointed out for centuries that the "solid" world of our day-to-day reality is completely "fabricated" and illusory as well. The only true reality is in the godhead, cosmic Source, according to the masters of all time-proven religions. (Me: see also "thought forms")

*IaTR* An Unfixed, Responsive Reality:

"Did you know that this was here?"

"Nothing in this reality is fixed and static. This is a realm of pure response."


I turn around to have a last look at the city. The city has vanished! Even the landscape of hills has vanished. An undulating plain of short, pale green, fine-bladed grass stretches out before me.

I can see the water sparkling far below me at the bottom of the hill.

Turning back, I gaze once more at the vacated city site. A pair of vast silver Gates has appeared, hundreds of feet wide and as many high.


I realize that it is time for me to move on. Even as this thought crosses my mind, the door through which I entered into the room of the grass-tree Being is again visible.

*AoaY* The Astral Universe- Will & Creation:

"In the vast realms above the dark astral prison, all is shining and beautiful. The astral cosmos is more naturally attuned than the earth to the divine will and plan of perfection. Every astral object is manifested primarily by the will of God, and partially by the will-call of astral beings. They possess the power of modifying or enhancing the grace and form of anything already created by the Lord. He has given His astral children the freedom and privilege of changing or improving at will the astral cosmos. Astral solids are changed into astral liquids, gases, or energy solely and instantly by the will of the inhabitants."

*AoaY* Astral Forms:

"The astral realms know a happy harmony and equality. Astral beings dematerialize or materialize their forms at will. Flowers or fish or animals can metamorphose themselves, for a time, into astral men. All astral beings are free to assume any form, and can easily commune together. No fixed, definite, natural law hems then round – any astral tree, for example, can be successfully asked to produce an astral mango or other desired fruit, flower or indeed any other object. Certain karmic restrictions are present, but there are no distinctions in the astral world about desirability of various forms. Everything is vibrant with God's creative light."

*IA* The Spirit Realm:

There he sees a realm created without any fixed pattern, a realm that provides him an outward manifestation what the realm of this world provided in its inner psychic and spiritual dimension and its imagination. The other world is an abode of swift action, without any delay, where external appearances constantly change just as is the case with passing thoughts in the inner dimension of the realm of this world. Except that for man the planes are reversed in the other world, so that the inward dimension permanently maintains a single form, just as the outward dimension does here, while the forms of his outward dimension undergo rapid transformation like those of his inner dimension here.

*AP* Virtually Any Phenomenon in the Astral:

The resources of the astral world are so varied that almost any phenomenon with which we are acquainted can be produced in several different ways.

Like Attracts Like: Astral Sub-Planes

Like Attracts Like(RB) The laws of sympathetic attraction, or like attracts like, causes this ocean of mind stuff to strata and settle into layers or pools. These pools of thought are more commonly called astral planes/worlds.

*AP* Similarities Group Together in the Higher Astral:

It may be said in passing that communication is limited on the astral plane by the knowledge of the entity. While a person able to function freely on that plane can communicate with any of the human entities there present more readily and rapidly than on earth, by means of mental impressions, the inhabitants themselves do not usually seem able to exercise this power, but appear to be restricted by limitations similar to those that prevail on earth, though perhaps less rigid. The result of this is that they are found associating, there as here, in groups drawn together by common sympathies, beliefs, and language.

*AP* The Seven Subdivisions of the Astral Planes:

The astral plane has seven subdivisions. They naturally fall into three classes, divisions 1, 2, and 3 forming one such class, and 4, 5, and 6 another, while the seventh and lowest of all stands alone. Divisions 4, 5, and 6 of the astral plane have for their background the physical world we live in and all its familiar accessories. Life on the sixth division is simply our ordinary life on this earth, minus the physical body and its necessities.

*AoaY* The Astral Universe- Vibratory Regions:

"The ordinary astral universe – not the subtler astral heaven of Hiranyaloka – is peopled with millions of astral beings who have come, more less recently, from the earth, and also with myriads of fairies, mermaids, fishes, animals, goblins, gnomes, demigods and spirits, all residing on different astral planets in accordance with karmic qualifications. Various spheric mansions or vibratory regions are provided for good and evil spirits. Good ones can travel freely, but the evil spirits are confined to limited zones. In the same way that human beings live on the surface of the earth, worms inside the soil, fish in water, and birds in air, so astral beings of different grades are assigned to suitable vibratory quarters."

Overview(DDG): The most useful generalization about the regions of the OBE state is the idea that these regions are divided into "rings" (as Monroe calls them) or "subplanes" (as occultists call them). These subplanes form a spectrum that loosely corresponds to the spectrum of human emotions and states of mind. As human thought and feeling can range from the most lowly and debased to the most noble and inspirational, so too is it with the subplanes. I will break the regions of the subplanes down into three broad categories: the lowest, the middle and the highest.

(PS) The Astral also encompasses those which are the "heaven worlds" of the Earth and they are also in the third dimension. Within the Astral there are seven distinct planes of existence, each one of them having various sublevels within them. This is where people go upon physical death.

Nature of Astral Light & Temperature

*LWU* The Light & Temperature of the Spirit World:

I had observed that there did not appear to be what we should commonly call shade beneath the trees, and yet there did not appear to be any glaring sun. It seemed to be that there was a radiance of light that penetrated into every corner, and yet there was no hint of flatness. My friend told me that all light proceeded directly from the Giver of all light, and that this light was Divine life itself, and that it bathed and illumined the whole of the spirit world...

I noticed, too, that a comfortable warmth pervaded every inch of space, a warmth perfectly even and as perfectly sustained. The air had a stillness, yet there were gentle perfume-laden breezes- the trust zephyrs- that in no way altered the delightful balminess of the temperature.

*LBD* Sunlight, Density & the Music of the Spheres:

Now you have not only abandoned the earth and its substances, but also the immediate environment of the earth, namely, the light; you have also abandoned the densest substantiality of the earth which prevented you from hearing the music of the spheres... After death we realize this, for when we grow aware of the fact that we have abandoned our etheric body, we know that the light of the sun, which exists here, in physical life, only exists in that sphere which belongs to the earth. We have the perception: ‘You are no longer disturbed by that light. Now it is the inner conviction of this light which begins to spread in the world which is at first filled with sounds. The inner light can only shine because the external light no longer disturbs the inner light!'

(AY): It's a cool place. Heat is molecules in motion, while cold is their lack of motion. Likewise, love is a fast vibration of the soul, while hate is a slower vibration. Complete love would be God, while complete hate would be death, leaving the soul extinct.

The temperature in heaven was just right, neither hot nor cold. But that stranger who said he'd been in hell three weeks described it as a dark, dank, chilly, frightening place. (Me: like Swedenborg!)

Astral Light

*PAP* The Light in Higher & Lower Realms:

The substance of these vast moving waves [the matter/force range] has the appearance of an atmosphere which varies from the deepest darkness, passing through all the intermediary shades of grey, to radiant clarity.

In descending toward matter, the negative aspect of energy, the grey atmosphere becomes duller and darker. One experiences the sensation of a substance which becomes steadily thicker. We experience the illusion of being oppressed, of breathing with difficulty. A general malaise invades us, the consciousness becomes worried and soon the impression becomes definitely painful. In these dark states one sees phosphorescent points which move about in all directions.

When we go towards the positive side of energy, i.e. The negative side of matter, the opacity diminishes. We come into a sort of grey mist, like a cloudy sky. As we rise, the mist becomes thinner, and soon its place is taken by a luminous clarity. A blaze of light, like that of the sun at midday, lights up the atmosphere. Watching carefully, we notice on all sides an equal intensity, showing that this light is produced by the progressive activity in the atoms.

Matter has followed the same evolutionary process. From the absolute darkness of the lower worlds a slight luminosity manifests and begins to increase. This clarity, which might be compared to the dawn, is at first a sort of grayish mist. Then the opacity begins to disperse, the grey becomes less dark, and mist less heavy. Lastly, this clarity intensified, and becomes comparable to our sun at noon. Of an equal intensity at every point, this light is felt as a gentle and vivifying warmth.

*C&HEF* Higher Planes, Higher Energy:

The greatest energy can be drawn from the highest levels of our consciousness. We can awaken to these levels within us through prayer and meditation, and also by truly altruistic actions. Genuine altruism breaks the pattern of self-concern, which often is the cause of somatic illness.

*PAP* Harmonious Vibrations Between Planes:

These harmonious vibrations between the oscillating matter of the subtler worlds and the matter which our consciousness uses for its expression, are translated in the form of innumerable attracting shades which enable us to discern the causes and effects to which they are bound.

*IaTR* The Living Light:

Light, dancing through the dark green bamboo, bounces from cane to cane with an elusive grace.

Internal Illumination(CCG): Everything Shines! More correctly, everything is illuminated by its own light. There is no sense of dark once your astral eyes being to function. There is ambient light even in an absolute vacuum.

1) I awoke floating in a room bathed in light which caste no shadows.

2) (The Park) Birds of all beauty fluttered in the bushes. Everything was lit by a shadowless brilliance that was all-pervading. This light does not cast a shadow, which I realized when I cupped my hands tightly together and the palm side was just as light as the back side. I could hear the sounds of flowers blooming.

3) (The Park) Everything was lit from the inside, as if with lanterns.

4) Light in the spirit world doesnt necessarily reflect off anything. It comes from within and appears to be a living essence. A million, billion colors are possible.

Astral Lights(BP): During a few OBEs I noticed a strange light that I could not explain. As far as I know, this is not common in OBEs, but many people have reported seeing similar lights during near-death experiences (NDEs). Here are some examples from my journals: "I looked and I saw a tiny, but concentrated, pinpoint of bright light to the West, and up a little bit. I was intrigued by it, and I stared at it. It didn't seem to be a physical light. I tried focusing my eyes in a number of different ways to try to see it more clearly. I tried to look at it with physical sight, astral sight, mind-sensing, and many other forms of sight. I tried to magnify it in my vision. I don't know why I was so fascinated with it. I started staring at it almost hypnotically."

*H&H* The Heavenly Sun:

The sun in heaven is the Lord. He appears in Celestial as a sun and in Spiritual as a moon. The difference between the sun and moon there is 30 degrees, and there is a like difference between the quarters in the two kingdoms. In hell it is reversed. They look backward from the Lord to the thick darkness opposite the sun (genii, self-love) or the darkness opposite the moon (spirits, world-love). There is no earthly sun or moon there, but a dark and thick dark thing opposite the moon and sun, respectively. It appears far distant, in front of the right eye and moves to the left as an angel's state changes. In the right is appears as a sun, and before the left, appears as a moon, encompassed with several smaller moons. Angels who turn towards the sun become bright like it. In hell, they turn away from it into darkness. The Lord's love is tempered by radiant belts around the sun.

Day/Night Light: 1) ...I walked through the door and outside....It was bright and sunny outside. The change was striking to me, since the room in which my body was sleeping was dark. The sunlight didn't hurt my eyes; it just seemed very clear and bright out.

*ODM-A* The Sky In Dreams:

Artemidorus: "A sky that is clear and bright is a good sign for everyone.. But a sky that is gray, gloomy or full of clouds signifies failures and afflictions. It is best of all to fly at will."

*H&H* Natural vs Heavenly Things:

The natural sun seems dark and corresponds to love of the self. The light of nature seems like shade. All things are made manifest in heaven's light, and the evil appear as monsters. Natural truths are like the cold light of winter, and lies are darkness. Things in heaven are like earth things, but more clear and distinct.

*H&H* Appearances of Those in Heaven & Hell:

Everyone becomes the image of their own love or their own hell in heaven's light, which allows no deception. One's face represents their true self- their ruling love. No two ruling loves are exactly the same, hence no two faces are exactly the same. In the light of societies of hell, which are without heaven's light, those there appear as men.

The interiors of those in heavenly loves have flaming light interiors and rainbow exteriors. Those in heaven are wise and intelligent.

Those in corporeal love have black interiors because their connection is closed, and their exteriors are shocking and melancholy. Those who are in falses are encompassed in black clouds. To them, the light of hell, which is like burning coals, is fit to see by and the light of heaven is darkness. They shun heaven's light and cast themselves into their own light, which is like burning coals, or burning sulphur, but this light turns to darkness when heaven's light shines on it. Those in hell are foolish and dumb. They have hideous faces, devoid of life like corpses, or black, or fiery like little torches, covered with pimples, warts, and ulcers. Some have no face, but something hairy or bony instead, and some have only teeth. They have monstrous bodies. Their speech is of anger, hate, and revenge.

Hazes, Fogs, Clouds

** Astral Plane Phenomena:

Astral Matter/Foggy Hazy Clouds(At OBE): 1) Anyway, I looked around and noticed how things looked different in an OBE. In the past, I often saw gray clouds during an OBE. But now I examined my sight more closely. I saw a few places where astral matter was just sitting in small bunches. And as I looked around the room I noticed that everything was normal except now I could see different types of "glows" around everything. It was as if everything in my room had an aura of its own which glowed a little differently from any other thing....I also noticed that in some places there seemed to be blots, or places where the aura was either black or covered up by a blackness.

2) I was in a place that looked like a very bright light. It was like being in an airplane over clouds at sunset. But instead the wavy clouds and the red glow are all around me so I could touch it.

3) One morning, a solid gray mist gathered around me, and I left my body.

(At NDE):

1) There is a cloudy brightness, a light fog. I'm filtering through it. It's so still and quiet. This is a place of spirits. I feel the power of thought all around me! I feel thoughts of love, empathy, and anticipation, as if others are waiting for me. There is a harmony of thought everywhere. This isnt the sky of earth, nor can earth be seen. In my mind Earth seems close, I feel connected to the earth, but I knows I'm in another space. It's still a little murky, but I'm moving out of it.

2) Things are layered like a cake. There are layers, or levels of light which appear to be translucent... indented... The spirit world isnt solid, although you might think so at first. The levels of light are all woven together in stratified threads. Things are symmetrical. There are variations in thickness and color refraction in the layers. They also shift back and forth. The spirit world is a huge tier with layers of shaded sections from top to bottom. The sections are rounded- they curve away from me as I float through them. The layers are all variations of white, with no major color tones. I am going to a brighter area. I'm not moving up or down through the layers, I am moving across. The layers are made by light and dark color variations. Astral planes have been described as getting less dense as one moves further out.

3) Passing through foamy clouds. This place is huge! It's so bright and clean and it even smells good. I am looking at a beautiful ice palace. It's enormous... it looks like bright, sparkling crystal, with colored stones shining all around me. The colors are mostly grays and white, but I see other colors, mosaics, all glittery. There are no boundaries, this place is infinite, majestic, and peaceful.

4) It's as if I'm drifting along on pure white sand, which is shifting around me, and I'm under a giant beach umbrella with brightly colored panels- all vaporized, but banded together, too.

5) I could see a gray mist and I was rushing toward it. As I got closer to it, I could see through it. Beyond the mist I could see people, and their forms were just like they are on earth, and I could also see something which one could take to be buildings. The whole thing was permeated with the most beautiful light- a living, golden yellow glow, a pale color, not like the harsh gold we know on earth.

6) In a few instances, persons have described a border or limit in the form of a body of water, a gray mist, a door, a fence across a field, or simply a line.

7) And all of a sudden, it was just as if the fireplace disappeared! It's the only way I can put it. And there, where the fireplace was, it was as if the wall had disappeared and I could see beautiful green fields and trees and a little sort of well, I was going to say it was a river, it was more like a little brook. And I could see something - something - at first I didn't know what it was, coming up towards me in the distance and it was my mother! Dear, oh dear! She looked like when she was first married. She came right up to what was the fireplace, towards me. And she was smiling all over her face and she was as happy as a sandboy. She says: "Come on", she says, "you don't want to stay here! It is no good sitting here, no one's going to take notice of you. May won't realize, you know. You have to come and be with me, you see." Anyway, I went with my mother. And it was funny going through this what had been my fireplace and into this lovely sort of countryside.........

(A BIG see-also: dream phenomena & the law of dreams/the astral)

As I was sitting in my projection in the backyard the most unusual thing I noticed was that I could "see" the air. I've never seen anything like this on the physical. The air around me was moving like transparent sheets wrapping around and around one another. Also, these "sheets" were made of what looked like a fine mist of this white particulate matter that seemed to be graded from higher concentration to lower. The effect was something like when you see sunlight shinning through a fine mist of water.

*BtD* The Plane of Dark Fog:

But how far had I flown?.. I had no awareness of inertia, no sensation of slowing down as I neared the landing place, which I didnt see until I was upon it. In the final split second before my feet touched down, I got only a lightning glimpse of my destination- of crowds, of what looked like thousands upon thousands of other people massed below.

I landed on the edge of a shadowy plane... Its floor was form but shrouded in black mist, swirling around my feet, that also formed the thick, waist-high barrier that held me prisoner. The place was charged with a crackling energy that sparked me into hyperalertness, a state of hair-trigger sensitivity... The foglike mist had mass- it seemed to be formed of molecules of intense darkness- and it could be handled and shaped. It had life, this darkness, some kind of intelligence that was purely negative, even evil. It sucked at me, pulling me to react and then swallowing my reaction into fear and dread... The twisting anguish of this disconnection was beyond my capcity to conceive.

What was this place?

...The word Purgatory rose, whispered, into my mind.

There were a few pieces of simple furniture scattered about... The chair seemed to fade in and out, almost like a ghost that was always present but only partially visible... I sensed that the molecular makeup of everything around me- the furniture and the ground- was thinner than the things of the earth, so that here things seemed less solid though they were far more real, indestructible...

...In this dark prison a day might as well be a thousand days or a thousand years.

The Substance of Astral Space

*SD&P* Jane's OBE- The Substance of Space, Mushroom Vision:

I took an hour nap in the late morning. I "came to" in Rob's studio. I was standing before the open window, looking out at the pear tree, but it was the air itself that captures my attention. It was transparent as always but thick as Jello.

Astonished, I thrust my hand out the window, and the motion set ripples out, making fairly deep "cracks" near my fingers and more shallow ones farther away.

Several times I put my hand out as far as it could go and wiggled my fingers. The air stirred, like pudding. There was much greater contrast than usual between the very dark clouds high above and the rest of the air, and colors- dark purple, a grayish white and several green and dark grays- almost appeared like slumps, thick and then thinning. (NOTE: Mushroom vision!)

Working Out Physical Desires

*tAW* All the Astral is Concerned With Working Out Physical Desires:

The life of the soul on the comparatively higher divisions of the Astral consists in a working out of the intellectual desires and ordinary tendencies, tastes, likes, and aspirations which they were unable to manifest fully in earth life... But they are all concerned with physical manifestations, rather than with spiritual unfoldment and evolution... The higher planes are those in which the spiritual forces bud and flower, and bear fruit- the Astral, even in its highest planes, is the scene of the living-out, and working-out, of earthly intellectual and similar ambitions and aspirations.

*DA* The Desire-World, Kamaloka:

In this division of the universe, the Kamaloka, dwell all the human entities that have shaken off the dense body and its ethereal double, but have not yet disentangled themselves from the passional and emotional nature. Kamaloka has many other tenants, but we are concerned only with the human beings...

Kamaloka "is an astral locality, the Limbus of scholastic theology, the Hades of the ancients, and, strictly speaking, a locality only in a relative sense. It has neither a definite area, nor boundary, but exists within subjective space, i.e., is beyond our sensuous perceptions."

(Key to Theosophy, p. 97)

Harvest of Physical Work

*LWU* The Harvest of Earthly Work:

He said: ‘This land, wherein you and I are now living, is the land of the great harvest, the seeds of which were planted upon the earth-plane'

*LWU* Earning Possessions:

Any person who is skilled in the fashioning of [musical] instruments would be only too willing to provide another person with anything he might require musically... These things cannot be bought. They are spiritual rewards. It would be useless to try to possess that to which we have no right. We should simply find ourselves without it, and with no means of getting it. No one could create it for us, whatever it might be. If they were to try, they would find that their power would not function in that direction.

Learning Brotherhood, Adaptivity

*CBtL* Brotherhood in the Astral:

One of the purposes of the astral plane is to wean humans away from patriotism and nationalism. On the higher planes there is a universal understanding. There is no separation by time, space or dimension. Each soul is part of the whole...

The ability to be flexible and to accept the new and unusual, leads one toward progressively new dimensions.

Earthly Ignorance of the Astral

*LWU* Not Knowing of the Spirit World Upon Arrival:

There is another department of industry, though, which is vitally necessary, and it is peculiar to the spirit world.

The percentage is low, deplorably low, of people who come into the spirit world with any knowledge at all of their new life and of the spirit world in general. All the countless souls without this knowledge have to be taken care of, and helped in their difficulties and perplexities...

It is astonishing how many of them want to rush back to the earth-plane to try to tell those they have left behind of the great discovery they have made of the fact that they are alive and in another world!

In numbers of cases people require a long rest after their dissolution. They may be awake during the whole of this period of rest, and those in attendance have to be a storehouse of information. The attention of such souls is usually about equally divided between the spirit world and the earth world.

*LWU* Wanting To Share the News of the Spirit World:

Edwin told us that a very large majority of people are no sooner arrived in spirit than a burning enthusiasm overtakes them as the spirit world reveals itself to them in the new life, and they immediately want to rush back to the earth and tell the world all about it.

*LWU* Many Questions:

Another very natural tendency was to ask numberless questions upon this life in general.

The Astral Universe & Astral Planets

*AoaY* The Astral Universe:

"There are many astral planets, teeming with astral beings. The inhabitants use astral planets, or masses of light, to travel from one planet to another, faster than electricity and radioactive energies."

"The astral universe, made of various subtle vibrations of light and color, is hundreds of times larger than the material cosmos. The entire physical creation hangs like a little solid basket under the huge luminous balloon of the astral sphere. There are also countless astral solar and stellar systems. Their planets have astral suns and moons, more beautiful than the physical ones. The astral luminaries resemble the aurora borealis. The astral day and night are longer than those of earth."

*Macy* Astral Planets:

The TimeStream sending station is located on a planet called Marduk with three suns, so it is never completely dark. It orbits one sun and receives light from two other nearby stars. TimeStream sits alongside the River of Eternity, the only river on the planet. The River of Eternity flows 100 million kilometers across the entire planet the deepest spot in the river being 17,000 meters, the widest spot 3,700 meters. Also along the River are comfortably furnished houses.

*CBtL* Astral Planets:

There are many "astral" planets comprising what is called the astral plane or astral dimension.

*CBtL* Bad Guys There?!

Among the inhabitants here are petty thieves, fraudulent businessmen, pickpockets, adulterers, and liars. These types are separated into their own respective groups and cannot hurt the more respectable spirits. (NOTE: This on Marduk, mixed with the good- uhh..!)

Relation of Astral & Physical Locations

Script: Remember, the higher worlds turn along with the earth and retain a relative position to it.
*tAW* Traveling the Astral Regions & Astral Correspondences:

There are regions, points of space, places, kingdoms, countries, etc., on the Astral, just as on the material plane. Sometimes these Astral regions have no connection with any on the material plane, while in other cases they have a very direct connection with and relationship to, material places and the inhabitants thereof.

One may travel from one region of the Astral to another, by simply an act of will which raises the vibration of the astral body, without it moving a point in space. Again, one may travel in space from one point to another on the Astral, in cases where these points have some relation to points on the material plane... Yes! Time and space have their manifestation on the Astral. But, nevertheless, certain Astral manifestations, on its seven-times-seven sub-planes, may be, and likely are, present THERE in, at, and on, the exact point of space which you are occupying at this moment on the material plane- and this very moment of time, NOW!

If you have the knowledge and power, you, without leaving your seat, may traverse all of these sub-planes, one after the other, witnessing their scenery and inhabitants, their phenomena and activity, and then return to the material plane- all in a moment of time, and without changing a single point in space.

Or, if you prefer, you may travel to any of these sub-planes of the Astral, at your point of space, and then travel in space on the Astral to some other place on that sub-plane; and then have the choice of returning either the same way by which you came, or else descending to the material plane and travelling on it, in your astral body, back to where your physical body is resting.

*LWU* Lateral, National Subdivisions:

The spheres are subdivided laterally to correspond broadly with the various nations of the earth, each subdivision being situated immediately over its kindred nation. When you consider the enormous variety of national temperament and characteristics distributed throughout the earth-plane, it is not surprising that the people of each nation should wish to gravitate to those of their own kind in the spirit world, just as much as they wish to do when upon the earth-plane. Individual choice of course, is free and open to every soul; he may live in whatsoever part of his own realm that he pleases. There are no fixed territorial frontiers here to separate the nations. They make their own invisible frontiers of temperament and customs, but the members of all the nations of the earth are at liberty to intermingle in the spirit world, and to enjoy unrestricted and happy social intercourse. The language question presents no difficulty, because we are not obliged to speak aloud. We can transmit our thoughts to each other with the full assurance that they will be received by the person whom we are mentally addressing...

Each to the national subdivisions of the spirit world bears the characteristics of its earthly counterpart. That is but natural... My spirit home is located in the type of countryside with which I and my friends are very familiar.

This dividing of nations extends only to a certain number of realms. Beyond that, nationality, as such, ceases to be. There we retain only our outward and visible distinctions, such as the color of our skin... Our homes will no longer have a definite national appearance, and will partake more of pure spirit.

Awareness of the Physical

*LWU* Astral Awareness of the Physical:

The two worlds, yours and ours, are in constant and direct communication, and we are fully aware of what is occurring upon the earth-plane at all times... those of us who are in active communion with you are conversant with your personal affairs and with the affairs of your world in general. While the rest of us here, who have no further active interest in the earth-plane since we left it, may be unaware of many things in connection with it, those wise beings in the higher realms are in possession of all knowledge of what is transpiring upon earth.

*LBD* Continuing Interest in Earthly Events:

The dead, in the measure in which they shared this or that interest with others, underwent common destinies with others, remain connected with all these earthly interests; are still interested in earthly events. And, being no longer hindered by the physical body, they judge earthly events much more lucidly and sagaciously than people who are still alive.

*EbtL* Earth From The Heavens:

The heavens scrolled back again, and she saw the sphere of earth rotating in space. I saw many lights shooting up from the earth like beacons. Some were very broad and charged into heaven like broad laser beams. Other resembled the illumination of small pen lights, and some were mere sparks. These beams of power were the prayers of people on earth. She saw angels rushing to answer the prayers. All prayers of desire are heard and answered.

1) We used to sit together in this room a few years ago!

2) Your world to me seems - well, it is as if there's a dark, dreary foggy atmosphere. Of course the thought forces emanating from your world en masse are so terrible. There's all this upset, hatred, bitterness and malice. I wouldn't want to come back to it.

Correspondences - Physical in the Astral

*H&H* Nature's Correspondence To Heaven:

The whole natural world corresponds to the spiritual. The natural exists and subsists from the spiritual, the cause of its effect. It is the natural that receives light and heat from the sun. The 2nd heaven corresponds to the 3rd, and the 1st to the 2nd.

There are 3 kingdoms on earth, too: animal, vegetable, and mineral. The animal lives and grows, plants grow, and minerals dont. Mineral kingdom includes elements, metals, stones, and water. Seasons and suns and times and stars are correspondences, too. "Ways" are truths that lead to good and falses that lead to evil, and they are actual literal pathways in heaven and hell. Journeying is a progression of life. (NOTE: This is about the flow! Aha!)

*WotT* Correspondences in Heaven & Hell:

(NOTE: like Swedenborg) Then you will not be surprised if anger might become a raging fire, if it should come to exist in the external (world). Or that if knowledge, which is also a quality of soul, were to come to exist externally, it would be a spring [in paradise] called Salsabil. Or that those who wrongfully consume the property of orphans might be transformed in the realm of the other world into stomachs eating a fire that burns them up.

*SDoG* The First & Last World:

"The Nile, the Euphrates, the Pyramus, and the Sarus are among the rivers of the Garden that have been transmuted, so in this world they have become manifest in a form different from the form that they have in the last world."

"This abode is named the abode of ‘this world' or the ‘first abode.' Then, when we are transmuted into the barzakh, we are transmuted into the forms within which will be the Upstirring and the Uprising, that is called ‘the last world.' The affair in the last world never ceases to be a new creation."

"Human beings, while sleeping, may see themselves in the Garden, or at the resurrection, or in other than their own place or land, whether or not they recognize it. They may be in other than their own form and other than their own state. Through the movement by which they were transferred from waking to sleep, they have been transmuted within themselves."

1) Comparing the difference between astral midrealm and physical: First, where I saw my neighbors, there was no one there. I could not even see the house from where I was sitting in the backyard on the physical, the perspective was a lot broader in the projection. Second, in the projection, our backyard appeared much bigger and more open than it really is. Things

seemed to be located in the same relative positions though. Third, the whole back yard was neater or tidier in the projection, and also "lighter". Just now when I was outside in the physical, the backyard had a "heavy", lush feeling that wasn't present in the projection. The grass needs to be cut in the physical but was short and neat in the projection.


The Mid-Astral Plane

The Mid-Astral Planes

*BDL* Mid-Astral Lives:

J: He says, "Then there are the mid-level souls. They like to manifest themselves in happy situations with their families that have crossed over. There are houses and lake resorts and boats for them."...

This is where people live if they choose to, especially people that have a hard time adjusting to the astral world. They'll spend much time here...

Whatever style they want, they can have it... They're just there waiting for their next lifetime. It seems as if only the highly advanced souls are in the libraries and the other different areas of the complex. These other souls are still Earth associated....

The guardian of the library is saying, "As the old saying goes, ‘Birds of a feather will flock together.'"... There are nice houses and people are basically talking with their friends and their relatives and they're having good old memories. Sometimes spirit guides come into a house and talk to them and tell them they should start preparing for their next lifetimes. And they say, "Well, we just want to enjoy our families a little bit longer. Do we have time? Is it really necessary for us in our spiritual growth?" And he says, "Well, yes, you do need to go up to the temple." And they're kind of fearful. It's the attitude of "I don't know about that."

...The mid-astral, it's important. That's where a majority of the souls come to. They're neither good nor bad, they're not degenerate, they just want to see their family and their friends.

*T* The Middle Astral:

Processes of a second type take place in the soul world, processed in which sympathy and antipathy are in balance. A human soul in this condition will be influenced after death by these processes for a period of time determined by the extent to which it gave itself in life to superficial frivolities, to the pleasures of transitory sense impressions and to the influence of daily trivialties that typify this condition. People live in this condition as long as they are affected by inclinations of this sort... Anything not belonging to this trivial realm is antipathetic to them.

*CBtL* The Mid-Astral Planes:

The middle astral planes are a pleasant realm where most of us wake up to be rehabilitated after our Earthly education...

The Timestream sending station and other spirit groups of ITC colleagues all convey their messages and images to Earth from the mid-astral planes. They describe concert halls, museums, hospitals, schools and homes much like those on Earth and set in landscapes of trees, flowers, mountains, meadows and rivers that, again, are like landscapes here on Earth, only much more breathtaking.

The third plane is an interim plane where we make a decision to move on to a higher plane or return to Earth for more experiential living.

*SD&P* The Astral Midplane:

I began to speak for a personality called Malba Bronson, who told Rob that she had died in South Dakota in 1946 at the age of forty-six. My voice was halting, with many pauses. I sat there, in the darkened room, hearing the voice as if it came from a great distance, feeling a mild astonishment.

The midplane is indeed an excellent description of the semi-plane which she now inhabits. It is a waiting plane for personalities at certain stages of development.

The midplane contains a conglomeration of fragments who have not attained sufficient knowledge or manipulability to progress further at this point. Usually, they have attained only a fair level of achievement.

[More from Malba]: She felt a sharp pain in her chest, and died of a heart attack. She fell to the floor, breaking a plate as she did so.

The next thing she knew she was running across a field, looking for help, not realizing that she was dead.

Malba said that she is still a woman where she is; she isn't transparent, for instance.

(H&H: The World Of Spirits): The world of spirits is an intermediate place/state between heaven and hell. Heaven is above and the hells are below. There are gates and doors to heaven and hell there. The world of spirits appears to be an undulating valley between mountains and rocks. There is but one entrance path to every society in heaven and hell, appearing only to those ready to go there. The other gates are closed to him. To the degree that man is rational, the light of heaven flows into him here. To look up is to look at the Lord. To look down is to turn your back on the Lord. The heavens appear as mists or bright clouds to those in the world of spirits.

The intermediate state is for those whose will and understanding are not yet conjoined. One doesnt move on without this conjunction. With the good, falses are removed and replaced with truths suitable to their good. With the evil, truths are removed and replaced with falses suitable to their evil. People stay in this place different amounts of time, but no more than 30 years. One initially meets with their friends. After going to heaven or hell, they forget those who are in different states than them.

The Middle Realms(DDG): The middle planes are very much like our physical world. Here you will find houses, schools, cities and buildings, forests and rivers and pretty much all the things you find on the physical plane. These middle regions have a very ethereal feel to them compared to the physical plane.

One place you will often go in these middle subplanes is the room you are in when you project. In my case, this is always my bedroom. That fact that you will project into your bedroom will afford you many opportunities to compare what your bedroom is like in your projection to what it is like on the physical plane. When you study these differences, you will quickly realize that, when you project, you are NOT in the physical world. In general, you will find that the majority of your OBEs occur in the middle regions of the subplanes.

These middle regions are where so-called "dead" people dwell, at least for a certain amount of time after their passing away. Thus, what you can find on these regions are places specifically designed for the recently dead. Such places take the form of hospitals or dormitories. If I was ever skeptical of the idea of these "Rehab Centers", this sceptism was laid to rest when I actually MET a deceased friend of mine in one of my projections. You may sometimes encounter dreaming people in the middle regions.

Perfect Worlds(DW) When I'm out there, everything around you seems alive and the sensation is a lot stronger.

1) The angel being was giving me some sort of a 'tour' of this new place we were at. I saw all types of people/beings doing different things.. Some were building things, some were in group discussions, others were writing... I remember thinking I had never seen or been in such a beautiful place... the 'buildings' (or structures) were perfect, the light was perfect, the colors were perfect, etc.

2) (She was going rapidly through a vortex, feeling love, like she was going home) Suddenly, we burst into the light and a whole new reality was revealed to me, similar to the physical world, but, in this higher vibration, more colorful, more beautiful, more amazing. I saw plants, trees, mountains, lakes, animals, and shimmering crystal-like buildings, some very large and ornate. I saw beings moving about, light beings, going about their daily lives. They don't have physical bodies, but they are distinct fields of energy. They don't walk, they float. They have lives much like ours, but without the struggles and sorrows. They are artists, musicians, dancers, singers, inventors, builders, healers, creators of magical things... things they will manifest in their next lifetime in the physical universe.

The Second Astral Subplane

*ASJ* The Second Astral Sphere- The Domestic Sphere:

The Master: ‘You can easily visualize the difference in atmosphere between an existence amongst the teeming millions which comprise a metropolis and the comparative peace of a country village, where the inhabitants are counted in dozens... This is the second sphere... here you would find many families happily carrying on their existence, with social intercourse and the usually things which go with the idea of the perfect country life...

‘These are not spheres in which a developed person- a man who has some spiritual background- would be particularly happy were he forced to remain under these conditions for long.'

The Third Astral Subplane

*ASJ* Others in the Third Astral Sphere:

The Master: ‘The third sphere... is not limited to artists or musicians and it would have been quite easy for me to show you great engineers, craftsmen, devoted to some particular trade, in fact every type of individual whose consuming interest in life is not bound up with purely material amusements or pursuits.'

*ASJ* Third Sphere Astral Light:

It is perhaps opportune that I mention my impression of the light in this open space or glade. We were surrounded by dense trees... On the astral plane, light is bluish grey, much clearer than the most perfect moonlight, but it has not the bright, direct effect that sunlight gives. Visualize this glade as being perfectly light in its entirety; if a rabbit had run across the open circle no one could have missed seeing it, until it had run into the thickness of the jungle. We therefore had perfect vision of everything that took place, and at the same time were surrounded by dense forest into which little or no light penetrated.

*ASJ* The Third Astral Spheres- The Creator Sphere::

The Master: ‘On the third sphere... he meets the type of individual who is a creator- musicians, artists, scientists etc.- or on the fourth sphere, where he can discuss world problems with men who have greater intellects than himself.'

The Fourth Astral Subplane

*ASJ* The Fourth Astral Sphere- The Discussion Sphere:

The Master: ‘When a man passes to the fourth sphere he would at first be impressed by the entire absence of what might be described as activity. He would meet people there of course and, if he had not already met them in his past physical life, be introduced to them in exactly the same way as people are introduced in the physical world... Instead of physical activity he would find much mental activity, for the main interest of the inhabitants there is discussing international and evolutionary problems- discussions relating to the development of science, discussions relating to the parallel evolution of the deva kingdom with its great differences from our evolution and so on... In many cases, members of the deva kingdom join the deliberations, though intercommunication in such instances is not made through the medium of words, for although not yet living in the mental world- where everything is governed by thoughts- it is found that in the higher levels of the astral world conversations can be carried on without the actual use of words.'

*ASJ* The Fourth Astral Sphere- Research & Mental Healing:

The Master: ‘On the fourth sphere we find many musicians and artists, who work alone and do not wish to teach or perhaps have finished teaching for the time being. We find doctors doing research work... Many groups of research students get together and exchange ideas... Their theories are in due time perfected and impregnated upon the minds and brain cells of doctors doing similar work in the physical world... There are buildings, both large and small, which seem to be what we would describe as mental hospitals. Although astral life makes it possible to any normal human being to be completely happy, there are still large numbers of people who cry for the moon and want the impossible. They worry, as they worried in life, and a form of mental neurosis is the usual result. The astral body... also includes within itself a mental vehicle, commonly referred to as the mind. A man can be troubled by his mind after death; remorse for hasty actions and words in his past life... cause him a certain amount of suffering.'

Similarity to Earth Life

Similarity To Earth Life(JDS): There is a borderland zone that is above the purgatory and hell regions and that actually superimposes itself on Earth life. Here are good people who have found what they consider to be contentment in areas close to the Earth. This particular area is like an astral counterpart that duplicates life on Earth, except it is still in the astral plane. Life is so much like that of Earth it is often hard to realize that one has even left. At some point these soul extensions begin to yearn for something better.

It must be understood now that life after death looks not much different from life on Earth. The astral and mental and higher planes have whole thriving life with cities, beaches, mountains, homes, streets, concerts, libraries, social halls, clubs, churches, and temples just like we have on Earth. Many soul extensions, when they pass over, do not even realize they are dead. They are in their astral bodies which look just like their previous physical bodies.

Vividness & Beauty

*RotOS* The Colors & Life of Heaven:

The colors are stunning. Everything is so much more vivid and brilliant than it is on earth. Each part of the spirit world seems totally alive.

*RotOS* What You're Attracted to in Heaven:

"Heaven allows us a rest... It allows us time to recharge our spirit parts in order to continue our journey toward pure harmony.

..."You'll experience whatever your ego is drawn toward. As you grow into spiritual maturity, your view of heavenly peace matures. At this level the realms of the spirit become purer, the colors fuller, the sounds more finely tuned." -Sir William

*VftA* Channeling Sandy, His OBE & Final Separation, Goodbyes, Entering the Light:

"He will relay his thoughts to me, and I will put them into words and convey them to you."...

Sandy: ...When I reached the end of the tunnel, I was propelled forward with great force into a space of ineffable beauty and light. All of the colors here are incredible. There are hues that do not exist in your reality because they are a vibrational frequency above those that the human eye is able to perceive. These colors are not reflected off of the surface of things. They emanate as light from within each creation, so that everything appears translucent and glowing, rather than solid.

*tAW* The Reality of the Astral:

The Astral is just as real, abiding, and fixed as is the material world...

To the traveler on the Astral the scenery, and everything connected therewith, seems as solid as the most solid material does to the physical eye. It really is just as solid as is the astral body in which you visit it...

The Astral has its scenery, geography (!), and "things," just as has the material world...

The Astral has its laws just as has the material world...

Astral Vistas

*LWU* A Larger View of the Landscape, No Tiredness:

We walked along until we found such a ‘pleasant' place beneath the branches of a magnificent tree, whence we overlooked a great tract of the countryside, whose rich verdure undulated before us and stretched far away into the distance. The whole prospect was bathed in glorious celestial sunshine, and I could perceive many houses of varying descriptions picturesquely situated, like my own, among trees and gardens... My friend asked me if I was tired. I had no ordinary sensation of earthly fatigue, but yet I felt somewhat the necessity for a bodily relaxation. He told me that my last illness was the cause of such a desire, and that if I wished I could pass into a state of complete sleep.


We walked to some higher ground, whence a clear panorama unfolded before the eyes. Before us the countryside reached out in a seemingly unending prospect. In another direction I could clearly perceive what had all the appearance of a city of stately buildings, for it must be remembered that all people here do not possess a uniformity of tastes, and that even as on earth, many prefer the city to the country, and vice versa, while again some like both.

*CBtL* Description of Marduk:

Richard Francis Burton, writer and world traveler, and part of Timestream's team, has been busy since his death in 1890. He is charting the world where Timestream is located, and says that a large river, the River of Eternity, runs through the entire planet, "like a snake biting its own tail."

Clustered along the river are communities of people bonded together by ideas of culture, religion, and race. American Indians, who once lived on the great plains, still live in teepees. Here are the Happy Hunting Grounds of which the Indians speak.

Communities of Catholics, Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Jews, Christian Scientists, all live according to the faith they espoused... In a sense, heaven is what you believe it is... It is as real to all the people who live there as our world is to us...

Swejen Salter says that approximately sixty billion humanoids gather here from all existing worlds...

Swejen Salter: "The River of Eternity stretches out approximately 100 million kilometers. Along its banks live those who were once living on Earth... Vegetation varies from algae to mammoth trees. Many buildings are made of wood. Some people or animals wake up here born anew... Others... come to us as old people and turn young again after the regenerating sleep."

...In the land of the dead are skyscrapers, and homes that range from thatch-roofed houses to magnificent palaces with glass towers and roofs of gold.


All of them described landscapes on the third (mid-astral) plane that reminded them of Earth. Fog, night, rivers, lakes, stars, mountains and polar caps are all part of the landscape. Any type of house the mind can imagine is here: houses with thatched roofs, magnificent palaces with glass towers and roofs of gold...

The "here" is the planet Marduk, not in the Earth's solar system. It has three suns. The planet orbits one sun and is illuminated by the other two. It is never totally dark. The circumference of Marduk is approximately 127,000 kilometers. Marduk has a moon larger than Earth's moon. A single large river, The River of Eternity, flows across the entire planet. The deepest part of the river is 17,000 kilometers and the widest spot is 3700 kilometers. Scattered along this river are sixty billion people...

Swejen Salter, Director of Timestream, describes the River of Eternity as the astral plane's main topographical feature and says it winds like a snake around the entire planet of Marduk and that it seems to be fed by tributaries which originate in the surrounding mountains...

The ground has no layers here, as on Earth, and there seems to be no water seepage.

Whole communities are clumped along the river, communities of people who lived many years ago, such as the ancient Vikings and people of the Stone Age. They wear the same clothes they wore then...

Along the river, too, are communities of people where everyone is of a particular religion, particular nationality... However, as people live on this plane, feelings of divisiveness between the various groups begin to fade...

In general, one turns toward those groups that share one's interest. So there are communities of artists and musicians as well.

*IaTR* The Realm of Glorious Dawn, Above the Waterfall, The Whirlwind Plains:

I passed through the closed back door, walking out into a glorious dawn.

Brighter than possible rays of gold that haze across the sky like the billowing of a gigantic wisp of gauze. I'm walking feather light. Every blade of grass is alive and vital. Each blade of grass is a unit within itself, yet also with the plant from which it grows, and with the pasture as a Whole. (NOTE: You gain the knowledge contained in that which you love/become.)


The sun shines unabated onto a landscape that is somehow softer, more gentle than its earthly counterpart. The sun itself is a mystery. This sun is the color of pink champagne, yet with depth and incredible clarity. Its warmth feels the same, but this sun feels as though it is very aware of me. The air is still, but far more vibrant than our normal atmosphere. This mysterious realm is a far more energized place.

Everything here is somehow intensified, with much more accomplished for far less effort. Nothing here seems to require any effort. Once I make a decision to do something, everything just flows.

I climb a steep hill. I am as fresh near the top as when I began.

*PotC* An Ecstatic Experience OB in China:

Soon, we stopped in a rural area in the middle of a field planted with what appeared to be rice. The field was in the foothills of a mountain... I concluded that I must be in a distant country, where the seasons and time zone are different from those in Brazil, as night had already fallen over Rio de Janeiro...

I was ecstatic to perceive an approaching cluster of consciousnesses looking like shining low-flying birds coming in the direction of the hill. There is no human event that compares to this indescribably majestic spectacle.

It was impressive to watch them in an orderly and silent manner, as if it were a procession of pilgrims, all dressed like Lamas or simple monks wearing slightly luminescent hoods. They were magnificent with their radiant psychosomas. As I walked towards them, on Tao Mao's generous urging, a strong consciential force descended from above. We advanced towards each other with open arms, in a fraternal greeting having a wonderful sentiment of peace. We were all under the influence of the incessant torrent of energy which emanated from an indefinable source...

I could get a close look at their oriental eyes and snow-white hair. They emanated a pale golden flow that shines over the field...

I was in China... The extraphysical consciousnesses attended a few moments of the solemn proceedings that were talking place on the hill. Ten they gradually dispersed to perform assistential work that was being organized in small teams... It became clear to me that extraphysical assistance occurs everywhere.

The Earth of Heaven(PtMoE): Stones are perfect, there are veins of gold and silver everywhere, species of animals are perfect without illness and live forever. There are human beings who live naturally in the air and the water, and there are islands in the air. There the Gods dwell and they see the sun and stars as they truly are.

There are deep, wide hollows connected by underground channels, through which flow monstrous unceasing subterranean rivers of hot and cold, of liquid fire and mud, too. All this movement occurs because of a natural oscillation within the earth. There is a cavity in the earth that flows from one end to the other called Tartarus. All rivers flow together into this gulf. They oscillate back and forth and there are great air currents with them. There is a lake called Acheron dealing with the dead and many streams which flow around through the earth which dont comingle their substances. The most evil are thrown into Tartarus and destroyed. The curably evil are, too, but they come back. The neutral go to Acheron and the good live in the surface.

*RotOS* Infinite Heaven:

"The horizons are endless, the realms infinite." -Sir William

*WtL* NDE: Portal to Summerland, Description, Gradual Appearance of People:

(Grace:) I recall a sensation of movement out beyond myself, like I'd left something behind. And I seemed to move through a portal... I found myself in a place, and it was a real place, and I was there. I was standing just beyond the portal and I looked around me. There was an intensity of color. It was a green, an intense emerald green. It was like, there were gentle rolling hills, there were no crags, no sharp edges, nothing that was cruel, nothing that was other than gentle. The sky was intense blue, the scene was gently rolling. And there seemed to be figures, grouped, almost a theatrical grouping, like a stage set. And at first they were just amorphous, shadowy figures and was peripherally but intensely aware of a grouping to my right, ahead of me, but I hadn't really looked at it. I knew it was there but it was not impinging on my consciousness too much at that stage- I was too busy looking the other way. And as I looked one of the figures seemed to resolve itself, and I thought, "I know that face." and I suddenly realized, "Oh, God, it's my aunty Hannah," who died eleven years ago.

*CJ* The Experience of Timeless Ecstasy in the Realm of Love:

ROMC: "This is the golden level of love and happiness. I feel so confident in their presence.

"We're standing on a mountaintop. I'm to relax, explore, and enjoy a very special journey... There's a kind of road leading down from this mountain. Everyone and everything has a golden hue, even the road. It also vibrates, like living energy.

"A beautiful little animal is coming from the side of the road. It's very friendly- and has a glow of happiness just like the faces of my four helpers. It's sort of furry, like a little golden lion. It has a beautiful smile on its face. It's not afraid, and I'm not afraid of it.

"It's liking my hand. Each time it licks I get a surge of energy through me, a special charge. It's letting me pet it. It's so full of warmth and love.

"So much warmth and love radiates from the atmosphere here- and there's a complete absence of fear...

"It's as if you can see forever... Everything is pulsating in a valley below, radiating different rays of color...

"I hear sounds. They're coming from the colors as they pulsate- like visual sounds. I'm walking over to a tree to experience this more directly. The tree is green but is changing colors to gold, red- and now blue. Beautiful music is accompanying the changing colors. It's as if everything else here, in that I experience warmth, joy, and love coming from it...

"With everything I experience, I just want to stay for eternity and not move. I feel I could just get lost in this atmosphere and never, ever have any needs. I feel completely absorbed in everything I'm doing. As I related to the tree, I felt I had become the tree and could feel each change that was taking place in it...

"With everything I experience, I just want to stay for eternity and not move. I feel I could just get lost in this atmosphere and never, ever have any needs. I feel completely absorbed in everything I'm doing. As I related to the tree, I felt I had become the tree and could feel each change that was taking place in it...

"[My friends] want me to become so fully involved that I can understand and know and experience other living consciousness as if it were my own. They're pointing out that it is the same as my consciousness.

"Even the road I'm walking on- it's so alive I want to sit down and become one with it. I can feel it pulsating. it's so welcoming! I just want to sit down by the tree and hold this little animal or eternity. This feels like eternity.

"Now I'm going to pick up some of the dust on the road to get the feel of it. It's very fine, and as I pick it up it goes through my fingers and sort of floats out into the atmosphere. It's like fine gold dust- not like earth dust. This has a vibrancy and energy that I can feel just holding it.

"The little animal in my arms is lapping up some of the dust with his tongue. I get the feeling that I should do this to let it go through my body so I can experience it inside. Wow! It's so energizing. I can feel it- and almost see it going through my body. It's as if I'm becoming part of the dust. It makes me feel light and shimmery. It's like tasting pure energy. I am becoming part of it, and it's becoming part of me- a feeling of absolute communion...

"There's no feeling of having to go anywhere or do anything- since there's no time. I'm living in the here and now. The now is the only important part of existence, because there isn't anything else...

"Now my friends are sitting in a circle and I'm getting the message that we will sit in absolute silence and allow ourselves to be absorbed in the experience of being- and of being together. I'm already getting absorbed into their presence and consciousness. And we can read each other's thoughts...

"We're radiating joy around the circle- pure joy. It's the joy of just being... the joy of existence.. the joy of being in the presence of love- the joy of being love. The joy of being in timelessness. (NOTE: Obviously, they are experiencing time, else there would be no continuity of events. What they mean by timeless is being sunk so much deeper into the real, abiding much close to 100% on the world around you, a grand opposite of the distracted, lost, 1% attention of everyday life as we know it. This is very much like tripping.)

"Now I'm feeling pure relaxation, and I'm getting the feeling of being completely myself- like being so much myself that I feel I'm everything and everyone... (NOTE: Ah, the truth of "being yourself")

"I feel a reverence for this self that is a part of all consciousness. Everyone and everything is a part of me, and I am a part of them... There is absolutely no fear and no doubt."

These Are Higher Realms: 1) Standing on the lawn I saw a white picket fence running up the walk to the front door. Across the street was a lake and beyond the lake an amazing horizon of sun and colors. Everything seemed to have a pinkish red tint to it. The colors were like soft delicate pastels. A warm breeze was blowing. My movements were like slow motion as I walked through the front yard (not the slow motion kind of movement that makes it difficult to move, but a slow motion in the sense of being very dream like). My thoughts seemed very removed from my situation. The whole thing seemed to be beautifully unreal (but not contrived, like I feel when I'm in a thought-form. This feeling was different, what one might call a "sense of surrealism").

2) (The place in the following entry is very much like a place described by spiritualists called "Summer Land", which is a beautiful meadow strewn region where the deceased rest. Note that this occurred in the same projection where I was in the infinite mall.) There was an incredible happiness that filled me and I wanted to make love to her. She took me by the hand and I walked with them. I saw wood shacks dotted about and other people around the shacks. The area seemed to be a beautiful meadowland of rolling hills of green and yellow.

Communities of Belief

*TDA* Organization of the Spirit World:

Don: "Is the spirit world structured on lines that are similar to ours here on earth? -that is, with social institutions, governments, defined communities, families, this sort of thing?"

Dr. Peebles: "Yes, it is. And as it is throughout the universe...

"[Heaven] is very active. There are businesses, there are communities, there are projects... Over here also there is much more emphasis and gladness about collective work... Over here we love disagreement because we want to hear different points of view...

"Like mind gathers with like mind for the purposes of loving reinforcement, encouragement, and for the purposes of loving reflection and magnification for purposes of growth.

"As you fulfill yourself within one locality, you move to another... There are many, many towns and villages, states and countries- not by your definition of same, but by collective expectation, collective desire and want, over here...

"There are communities, little communities here of spirit, people who gather together to reinforce their Buddhist belief... their Christian belief... their atheistic belief... and so forth and so on."

*LWU* Tolerance for Religions, Intolerance for Spreading Them:

I have already told of the establishment of communities of those same religions here in the spirit world, so that the spirit world is in no better case than the earth world. When the earth becomes really enlightened these communities here will disappear... They are given tolerance themselves, otherwise they would be swept away. They must never attempt to influence or coerce any soul into believing any of their erroneous doctrines. They must confine themselves strictly to themselves, but they are perfectly and absolutely free to practice their own false religion among themselves. The truth awaits them on the threshold of their churches as they leave their places of worship, not when they have entered. When a soul at length perceives the futility of his particular and peculiar religious beliefs he quickly dissociates himself from them, and in full freedom and complete truth- which has no creeds or ecclesiastical commandments- he offers up his thoughts to his Heavenly Father just as they flow from his mind, free and unaffected, stripped of all jargon, simple and heartfelt.

*LWU* Religious Adherents in the Spiritual World:

Orthodoxy is manmade, but... the universe is God-given...

Souls are exactly the same the instant after passing into spirit life as they were the instant before... The theologically-built eternal hell... is such a useful weapon in the ecclesiastical armory, and one that perhaps has caused more suffering in its time than many other erroneous doctrines... The fervid adherents to any particular religious body will continue to practice their religion in the spirit world until such time as their minds become spiritually enlightened. We have here, so my friend informed me- I have since seen them for myself- whole communities still exercising their old earthly religion. The bigotry and prejudices are all there, religiously speaking. They do no harm, except to themselves, since such matters are confined to themselves...

The same ceremonies, the same ritual, the same old beliefs, all are being carried on with the same misplaced zeal- in churches erected for the purpose. The members of these communities know that they have passed on, and they think that part of their heavenly reward is to continue with their man-made forms of worship. So they will continue until such time as a spiritual awakening takes place. Pressure is never brought to bear upon these souls; their mental resurrection must come from within themselves. When it does come they will taste for the first time the real meaning of freedom.


Religious contentions and controversies are at the bottom of all the ignorance and lack of knowledge that so many people bring with them into the spirit world, and if the minds of such people are stubborn and they are unable really to think for themselves, then do they remain shackled to their narrow religious views, thinking it to be all the truth, until a day of spiritual awakening dawns for them. Then they will see that their slavish adherence to their creeds is holding them back. It is to be so much lamented that for every one who leaves, forever, these misguided congregations, another will come to fill his place- until the time comes when the whole earth knows the truth of the world of spirit. Of course they do no harm as they are, here, beyond retarding their own spiritual progression.

Cities & Residences(Medium): 1) Do you know that there are vast cities here, but also you do get communities of peoples who because of nationality when on earth, and possibly because of their colour even, they have this habit of clinging together, or being together. This is usually, of course, a temporary thing with most of them.

2) Well, as far as I'm concerned the place in which I found myself was, the nearest one can say is like some country place, it could be anywhere in a sense. I mean there were trees and the birds, and just as if one was waking up in a country village, I realized that very soon afterwards - thousands and thousands of people. Many live in what you'd call apartment houses -vast buildings housing thousands of people.

*tAW* The Imagined Heavens in the Mid-Astral:

The higher the plane of the Astral world, the less are the old earth scenes in evidence, even in the shape of the dim background we saw as we progressed on our journey. As we mounted on the scale, these old earth scenes grew very dim, and where we are standing now, on the fourth sub-plane, they are practically out of sight...

As we pass from scene to scene, we see the "happy hunting grounds" of the American Indians, thickly settled with these old aborigines who have been dwelling there for quite a period of time. They are busy, and happy hunting their astral buffaloes, and other game...A little further on, we witness similar forms of the "Spirit-land" of other primitive people, in some of which the disembodied warriors fight and conquer great hosts of artificial foes, and then have great feasts according to their old customs.

Valhalla is here, as well as the other imaginary Paradises of the old races of men... While there is nothing elevating in the pursuits followed in these scenes, there is nothing degrading or lowering, from a strictly spiritual point of view. But, there is in evidence always a living-out, and wearing-out, of the old desires of this kind, to make room for higher ones- all tends toward spiritual evolution.

*tAW* The Religious Area of the Astral:

Raising our vibrations a little, we now enter upon the great second sub-plane of the Astral, with its seven subdivisions and its many minor divisions and regions. Almost before I tell you, you will feel the religious atmosphere pervading this region. For this is the plane upon which the religious aspirations and emotions find full power of expression. On this sub-plane are many souls who have spent some time on the other subplanes of the Astral, doing their work there and then passing on to these scenes in order to manifest this part of their nature...

Religion, in the occult sense, consists of observance of certain forms of worship, rites, ceremonies, etc., the holding to certain forms of theology... The religious instinct is deeply implanted in the hearts of men, and may be called the stepping-stone toward true spirituality- but it is not spirituality itself. In its higher forms, it is a beautiful thing, but in its lower ones it leads to narrow-mindedness and bigotry...

It may be said to contain all the heavens that have ever been dreamed of in theology, and taught in the churches... Each of the great religions has its own particular region, in which its disciples gather, worship, and rejoice. In each region the religious soul finds "just what he had expected" and hopes to find on "the other shore." Some remain content in their own place, while others growing dissatisfied drift toward some sub-region, or group, which comes nearer to their newly awakened conception of truth...

You may see the golden crowns, harps, and stiff haloes, in some cases...

There are some beautiful and inspiring scenes and regions on this plane, filled with advanced souls and beautiful characters. But, alas! There are some repulsive ones also.

*TDA* The Force of Belief After Death in Heaven:

Dr. Peebles: "If a soul believes with such intensity, anything, with no flexibility- no flexibility whatsoever- then upon arrival in the spirit side, you will find yourself sucked into a certain locality of the spirit side, with others who have that same determined belief, with no flexibility, so that you can have mirrored and magnified to you your own self. What typically happens in these localities is some reinforcement, to be sure, but eventually rebellion. For you see yourself so clearly, so crystallized, that you are able to identify the lack of flexibility; and all of a sudden there is a movement inside where you say: ‘Wait a minute, there must be something I haven't thought of' -then immediately you leave that locality and you are attracted to another, which would perhaps say a larger truth representative of a larger community of life in the universe. It is also related to how quickly you leave the body, but the most important is the intensity of belief."

*VftA* The Heaven World- Where It Differs, Where They Must Be Similar:

Angels: "[This Heaven World] contains the archetypal, perfected pattern from which your world arose, it is made up of jungles and deserts, forests and vast plains, streams and lakes and great sparkling oceans, grand mountains and gently rolling hills.

"Each soul will enter this realm in the environment that feels the most comforting and welcoming and familiar- the most like home. There they will be greeted by those of their individual cultures and cosmologies. They will be welcomed and nurtured and instructed by these beings. And when they are ready, they will visit other environments and commune with other beings they find there. They merge their emotions and thoughts- their energies- one with another.

"In this merging they weave a mystic tapestry of everchanging colors, light, and sound, enriching the whole through freely shared experiences. Though each soul retains its individuality, its own unique texture and hue, it blends joyfully and smoothly with other souls to make a whole that is much greater than any single part could ever be. This tapestry of love is at the very Heart of God. Though God has many faces, He is One Essence, and that Essence is Love- pure, powerful, absolutely unconditional...

"The ‘language' we use is the language of the heart, impervious to misinterpretation. There is complete and total understanding at all levels between souls."

*ASJ* Third Astral Sphere- People of Similar Interests, Names:

She told me something of the people who lived in the valley. Many of hem were friends of hers... She explained that people at this level linked up together, where their interests were similar, but that there was no marriage in the ordinary sense of the word. People there were known by names, but they were christian names or nicknames, never surnames. She gave me instances of some of them, mentioning that one girl who was always dressed in blue was called Bluebell, whilst a man who made his life there one long effort at helping other people was known as the Doctor... ‘At this level you only see the nice side of people, for there are few petty jealousies such as we have in the world.

Astral Cities

*ASJ* A Village on the Second Sphere:

We came to the village which I had seen in the distance. It was very much like an ordinary village, for there were shops, two cinemas, a magnificent hotel which looked much too large for the size of the village and on the outskirts there were at least three buildings which were obviously churches. All around the village, stretching far and wide into the distance, I saw the most beautiful houses. Some were small, others larger, but every one was surrounded by a colourful garden... I saw both women and men working in those gardens, but obviously working because it was a pleasure and not because they had to. Dogs of different kinds had frisked about the lawns and the voices of children could be heard as we passed by. One difference between these and similar houses in the world was the absence of garages; and I noticed that there were no cars...

I asked why there were shops when money was not needed. I was told tat the people who find their happiness at this level like to live a life as near as possible to that they had always imagined as ideal when alive... ‘These shops... have their origin in the minds of the inhabitants and none of them exists in the world, nor do the people who serve in them... So long as the people want to have shops near to them, they have them, for they imagine them... it is the same with the churches. People like to continue their religious practices, even though after death they may have found that many of the statements made by their priests and pastors had not been entirely correct... (NOTE: Part about theaters moved)

‘Some people still wish to live in hotels...' ‘Surely all this becomes boring after a time?'

‘...Many people are perfectly happy with this arcadian existence, particularly those who have had rather a hard time during their earth life- such people often spend ninety per cent of their astral existence under these conditions where they have the friends, pets, beautiful houses and gardens which satisfy them, and only pass on to the mental world when they are more or less forced to do so by the urge of the egos, who wish to progress along the Path of Evolution.'

*ASJ* A Third Astral Subplane Village:

I saw what looked like a miniature ‘Garden City' nestling in a valley about half a mile in the rear of the huge building. The houses, though small, were spread out, so that each little cottage had at least an acre of ground. It was quite apparent that each occupant had designed not only his cottage but his garden in accordance with his own particular type of temperament and taste, and the result was exceedingly beautiful. There were cottages which might have been transplanted from any of the beautiful rural districts of England; others reminiscent of small villas in the South of France; others purely Italian in type whilst I noticed at least two built to resemble Eastern temples...

As there was no danger of rain or robbers... things can be left outside for an indefinite period...

I was surprised that a bedroom should be necessary in the astral world, where sleep is not part of the ordinary routine of life. Daphne explained that, however, by asking me whether there were not occasions when I felt a desire to relax in a reclining position, merely to think or to read, I had to admit this was so...

The kitchen was furnished with all modern appliances and although I had imagined a kitchen would be unnecessary here, Daphne said she still enjoyed making snacks for parties. Acharya again remarked that habits die very slowly in human beings and usually many years of existence in the astral world passed before these habits were entirely eradicated and forgotten.

*LWU* The City of Learning:

[The city] consisted of a large number of stately buildings each of which was surrounded with magnificent gardens and trees, with here and there pools of glittering water, clear as crystal, yet reflecting every shade of color known to earth, with many other tints to be seen nowhere but in the realms of spirit...

Here were fine broad thoroughfares of emerald green lawns in perfect cultivation, radiating, like the spokes of a wheel, from a central building which, as we could see, was the hub of the whole city. There was a great shaft of pure light descending upon the dome of this building, and we felt instinctively... that in this temple we could together send up our thanks to the Great Source of all, and that there we should find none other than the Glory of God in Truth.

The buildings were not of any great height as we should measure and compare with earthly structures, but they were for the most part extremely broad. It is impossible to tell of what materials they were composed because they were essentially spirit fabrics. The surface of each smooth as of marble, yet it had the delicate texture and translucence of alabaster, while each building sent forth, as it were into the adjacent air, a stream of light of the palest shade of coloring. Some of the buildings were carved with designs of foliage and flowers, and others were left almost unadorned... And over all was the light of heaven shining evenly and uninterruptedly, so that nowhere were there dark places.

This city was devoted to the pursuit of learning, to the study and practice of the arts, and to the pleasures of all in this realm. It was exclusive to none, but free for all to enjoy with equal right. Here it was possible to carry on so many of those pleasant and fruitful occupations that had been commenced on the earth-plane.

*LWU* All Open, Not Museums:

All things within these halls are free and open for all to see and hold in the two hands... There are no museums; very far from it. They are temples, rather, in which we spirit people are conscious of the eternal thanks that we owe to the Great Father for giving us such unbounded happiness

*H&H* The Form Of Societies:

The form of each is like that of all of heaven, and of one angel. Each society appears as a different man. The more angels in a society, the more they act as one, the more perfectly human their form. Every society increases in number daily and becomes more perfect. Angels desire new guests more than anything.

*H&H* Societies & The Divine Human:

Angelic societies appear as the members, organs, and viscera in man- they are in different parts. Each society corresponds to a part in man. The celestial corresponds to the heart and blood vessels. The spiritual corresponds to the lungs, respiratory system, nerves, and moving fibers. Both are needed in every effort and action. Those in the head excell all others in every good. Those in the heart are in the good of charity and faith. Those in the loins are in conjugal love. Those in the feet are in the ultimate good. Those in the arms and hands are the power of the Grand Man. Eyes: excel in understanding. Ears: excel in attention and obedience. Nostrils: perception. Mouth & tongue: discourse. The body's many plexus and ganglion are like societies.

----- this one inserted to go with the above------

*U* Metaphor:

If we were wise and reflective elephants, would it be appropriate to see the design of the whole as the Grand Elephant? Indeed yes, for it would only be through our living quality as elephants that we could sense the quality of the whole! The image of the Grand Man does not elevate man so much as it is a way to see into the whole through our functioning uses.

*H&H* Angelic Societies:

No society in heaven or hell is like another. There is infinite variety in angels and societies. Some are larger and some are smaller. Societies may have hundreds of angels or hundreds of thousands of angels. They are distinguished by the good of love and faith in them. All members of a society are in similar good but not similar wisdom. Similarity forms societies- all in the same society resemble one another in general. It is the same face in general with variations. The most good are in the middle. The rest are around them at distances corresponding to goodness. It's like light decreasing in brightness from the center out. Those in the center are in the greatest light. Angels are in their freedom with their like. There are no friends or relations, only a similarity of knowing. They are all familiar, even though they have never met before. Leaving your society is like leaving yourself. Smaller groups living apart are arranged the same, and are the best of angels. Michael, Raphael, and Gabrielle are angelic societies.

*Anon* Between Lives Memories: Pt1: The City of Light:

I turned around and entered the dark void, it was as though a part of me was dissolved, and I was reborn into a community of spiritual beings. I was a child made of light I couldn't help but wonder in amazement how it could be that my mind could have such clarity, focus and freedom. I was wearing a white robe made of light. My body of light seemed like a different dimension. It was always light in this place and communication with the other beings was telepathic.

There was a city of towering buildings with four gates. Through the south gate there was an infinite precipice of light. Through the west gate I don't know. Through the north gate there was a dark plateau with rocks on the ground, and gatherings of beings. There was a voice coming from the north addressing the multitude, and yet it was talking to each person individually, partially verbal partially telepathic, instructing us on the human reproductive system, and other things of importance. It seems as though there was some kind of war and that the sides were split in this place. To the east there was a cloud bank with red boxes lined up they looked somewhat like elevators. There were groups of beings wearing the same white robes of light.

Within the beautiful city it was always light and the colors of the buildings perfectly complimented the surrounding nature. It was not an extremely large place which may be a contradiction when one takes into account the masses of people in the world. There were winding walkways leading to these towers. Inside one of the towers there was a white room with several steps that went down three levels into a square. On the other side of the room there was a hallway that went up clockwise three times. There was a room with a computer panel to the left with five red seats, and a large screen.

*LFS* Homes, Streets:

"The streets aren't made of gold, as earth legends would have us believe. They are more like beautiful garden paths... Each one finds their own quiet, secluded place of beauty, and creates the home of their dreams." -James

Astral Government

*H&H* Societal Governments:

There are various governments, but the only governments in heaven are governments of mutual love.There is one kind in the Celestial and one kind in the Spiritual. Celestial government is called Justice, and it is composed of the Lord. Truths are inscribed on angel's hearts and all know them. Spiritual government is Judgement. Truth is of judgement and good is of justice. There are laws and governors. The governors are the ones who love others the most. They do not domineer and command. They consider society, then others, then self. There is a governer in every house as well. Governments are according to society function. Governments are concerned with the general good as well as each individual's good.

Astral Dwelling Places

*PAP* Astral Dwelling-Places:

In the dwelling places I observed the most curious facts. By examining them I was able to follow the nature of the thoughts and feelings of their occupants. Some were simple, sober and in good taste, others large and luxurious. Many were furnished oddly, all the shapes corresponding with the mentalities of their creators.

*H&H* Choice of Dwellings For The Good in Heaven:

Those who love Divine truths dwell in light, elevated places like mountains, continually in the light of heaven. There are fields and harvests and vinyards and everything glistens like precious stones. Those who apply the church immediately into life are in the inmost heaven. They behold the Divine in all things. Those who add science to the Divine like in gardens, among trees and flowers that change every day. Those who see everything as coming from spirit dwell in heavenly light which makes all transparent and they see interior delights. The walls of their houses are crystal, moving with perpetual variety. Those who are honest have radiant faces. Those who live in the chaste love of marriage remain young and beautiful forever.

*H&H* Angel Homes & Correspondence:

Angels live by themselves in seperate apartments or chambers, one above and one below, but all in one palace or court. Habitations, too, correspond to state. They are not ethereal. They have halls, inner rooms, bedchambers, gardens, cities, streets, and public squares. The beauty of heavenly cities delight the mind more than the eyes, for angels see correspondence in all. Their house corresponds to their good, and the things inside to the various compository particulars of their good. Outside the houses are things derived from good. Everything is representative. The home of an angel is the home where he was born. When he leaves, there is a desire to return. The visible objects which exist in the heavens correspond to angel's interiors. Houses and garments are not made but given by the Lord.

*HH2* The Rich & Poor In Heaven:

Worldy affairs and success and such are all fine if God is kept in mind and it is honest and loving. One must just resist the love of self and the world. The poor may be separated and sad and not get in. Man can be formed for heaven only by means of the world. In the world are the outward effects of one's affections, for unless affection flows into acts, which is done in association with others, it is suffocated such that man cares nothing for his neighbor, but only for himself. The rich live splendidly in heaven, with gold and silver, which are shaded by the uses of things. The rich without God are in hell with many WANTS and want to rise above others who they despise. Spiritual faith is love of money without use. The poor have want and envy, too.

Our Astral Home

*LWU* Arrival in the Spirit World, His House & Gardens, Trees:

After a short while our progress seemed to slacken somewhat, and I could feel that there was something very solid under my feet. I was told to open my eyes. I did so. What I saw was my old home that I had lived in on the earth-plane; my old home- but with a difference. It was improved in a way that I had not been able to do to its earthly counterpart. The house itself was rejuvenated... It was the gardens round it that attracted my attention more fully...

They were beautifully kept and tended. There were no wild growths or masses of tangled foliage and weeds, but the most glorious profusion of beautiful flowers so arranged as to show themselves to absolute perfection... I never saw either their like of their counterpart, upon the earth, of many that were there in full bloom. Numbers were to be found, of course, of the old familiar blossoms, but by far the greater number seemed to be something entirely new to my rather small knowledge of flowers. It was not merely the flowers themselves and their unbelievable range of superb colorings that caught my attention, but the vital atmosphere of eternal life that they threw out, as it were, in every direction. And as one approached any particular group of flowers, or even a single bloom, there seemed to pour out great streams of energizing power which uplifted the soul spiritually and have it strength, while the heavenly perfumes they exhaled were such as no soul clothed in its mantle of flesh has ever experienced. All these flowers were living and breathing, and they were, so my friend informed me, incorruptible.

There was another astonishing feature I noticed when I drew near to them, and that was the sound of music that enveloped them, making such soft harmonies as corresponded exactly and perfectly with the gorgeous colors of the flowers themselves...

I walked the garden paths, trod upon the exquisite grass, whose resilience and softness were almost comparable to ‘walking on air'...

There were many splendid trees to be seen, none of which was malformed, such as one is accustomed to see on earth, yet there was no suggestion of strict uniformity of pattern... They live forever incorruptible, clothed always in their full array of leaves of every possible shade of green, and forever pouring out life to all those who approach them...

There were no signs of walls or hedges or fences; indeed, nothing, so far as I could see, to mark off where my garden began or ended. I was told that such things as boundaries were not needed, because each person knew instinctively, but beyond doubt, just where his own garden ended. There was therefore no encroaching upon another's grounds, although all were open to any who wished to traverse them or linger within them. I was wholeheartedly welcome to go wherever I wished without fear of intruding upon another's privacy... I wished, then and there, that all who cared would come into the garden and enjoy its beauties. I had no notions whatever of ownership personally, although I knew that it was my own ‘to have and to hold'...

Both the house and the garden, he told me, were the harvest I had reaped for myself during my earthly life. Having earned the right to possess them, I had built them with the aid of generous souls who spend their life in the spirit world performing such deeds of kindness and service to others. Not only was it their work, but it was their pleasure at the same time. Frequently the work is undertaken and carried out by those who, on earth, were expert in such things, and who also had a love for it... Such tasks bring their own spiritual rewards, although they thought of reward is never in the minds of those who perform them. The desire of being of service to others is always uppermost...

Once the garden was created there was not the incessant toil that is necessary for upkeep, as with large gardens upon the earth. It is the constant decay, the stresses of storm and wind, and the several other causes that demand the labor on earth. here there is no decay... I was told that the garden would need practically no attention...

As I entered the doorway I saw at once the several changes that had been brought about. These changes were mostly of a structural nature and were exactly of the description of those that I had always wished I could have carried out to my earthly house...

While standing within its walls, I was fully aware of its permanence as compared with what I had left behind me. But it was a permanence that I knew I could end; permanent only so long as I wished it to be so...

The furniture that it contained consisted largely of that which I had provided for its earthly original, not because it was particularly beautiful, but because I had found it useful and comfortable, and adequately suited my few requirements. Most of the small articles of adornment were to be seen displayed in their customary places, and altogether the whole house presented the unmistakable appearance of occupancy.

*LWU* Caring for Your Possessions, Beauty Thriving on Attention:

Where we have earned the right to possess our spirit home we have also within us the constant desire to maintain and improve upon its beauty. And that is not very difficult to accomplish, since beauty responds to, and thrives upon, the appreciation of it. (NOTE: A basic rule of attention- directing the flow through you towards something brings it life and growth) The greater attention and recognition we give to it, so much the greater will be its response, and it assumes to itself still greater beauty. Spirit beauty is no abstract thing, but a real living force...

Every inch that presents itself to the eye is cared for, so that the whole landscape is a riot of color, from the brilliant emerald green of the grass to the multi-colored flowers in the gardens, coronated by the blue of the heavenly sky above.

*LWU* Leaving Houses Freely Open:

We have, then, but to walk out of our houses, leaving all doors and windows open- our houses have no locks upon them and we can return when we wish- to find that everything is as we left it. We might find some difference, some improvement. We might discover, for instance, that some friend had called while we were away, and had left some gift for us, some beautiful flowers, perhaps, or some other token of kindness.

*LWU* The Building of Our Own Spiritual Homes:

It has often been said that we build our spirit homes during our earthly lives- or after. That is so only in a broad sense. What we have built is the right to build, for it requires an expect to erect a house that would justify the name. My own home was built for me during my earthly life by builders just as proficient as those who helped to erect the annex to the library...

When that day shall dawn upon which my spiritual progression will carry me onwards, I shall leave my house. But it will rest entirely with myself whether I leave my old home as it stands for others to occupy and enjoy, or whether I demolish it.

It is customary, I am told, to make a gift of it to the ruler of the realm for his disposal to others at his discretion.

*TtE* The Angel's Dwellings- Source of Art, Made of Pure Light and Life:

"All the angels have their own dwellings in the places where they are, and they are magnificent... The architecture is such that the art itself is derived from it, with a variety that knows no limit. They have said that if all the palaces in the whole world should be given them, they would not receive them in exchange for their own. What is made of stone, clay, and wood is to them dead; but what is from the Lord, and from life itself and light itself, is living." -Swedenborg, Arcana Coelestia

Where People Live(Macy): Some residents have been living for over a century. Some live in castles, fortresses or beautiful mansions, others in tents or teepees - whatever makes them comfortable.

3) I'm drawn inward and everything seems familiar and completely comfortable. I am absolutely certain that this is my nonphysical home. It could be my home in the future but it is existing now. There is an ocean outside. Instead of a pounding surf, there is a strong rhythmic harmony, like a song. The music of the waves is almost hypnotic in its beauty. The ocean seems to radiate love. I'm amazed at the changing colors of the waves. Shimmering hues merge and blend to form endless swirls of vivid color.

Astral Architecture

*HU* Astral Architecture, The Source of Art:

They are also frequently described as foreign in architecture, and so sublimely beautiful that, like all of the other features of these implicate dimensions, words fail to convey their grandeur. This is the home and the source of the art itself.

They have an unusual number of schools and other buildings associated with the pursuit of knowledge. Spending at least some time hard at work in vast halls of learning equipped with libraries and seminar rooms while in the between-life state. (NOTE: Oops, sectence fragment. Fix)

The buildings of higher learning they visited were not just devoted to knowledge, but were literally built out of knowledge.

*JoNDE-KR* Shining Like It's Hot:

While in this field, Brad became aware of beautiful music, like nothing he had ever heard on earth. Walking toward the sound, he came to and climbed a hill, eventually encountering a glittering stone structure so brilliant that he thought it might be burning hot. The music seemed to be praising God.

The Great Astral Studies
Astral Libraries

*LWU* The Hall of Literature, History & Motive, The Response of Books:

This was the hall of literature, and it contained every work worthy of the name. Its interior was divided into smaller rooms than in the hall of painting. Edwin led us into one spacious apartment which contained the histories of all the nations upon the earth-plane... The reader would be able to gain, for the first time, the truth about the history of his country. Every word contained in these books was the literal truth. Concealment is impossible, because nothing but the truth can enter these realms...

I found that side by side with the statements of pure fact of every act by persons of historical note, by statesmen in whose hands was the government of their countries, by kings who were at the head of those same countries, side by side with such statements was the blunt naked truth of each and every motive governing or underlying their numerous acts... Many of such motives were elevated, many, many of them were utterly base; many were misconstrued, many distorted...

I also delved into church history, and the revelations I received in that direction were no better than those in the political sphere. They were, in fact, worse, considering in whose Name so many diabolical deeds were committed by men who, outwardly professing to serve God, were but instruments of men as base as themselves...

We passed through many other rooms where volumes upon every subject imaginable were at the disposal of all who wished to study them. And perhaps one of the most important subjects is that which has been called by some truly enlightened soul ‘psychic science'... Upon the shelves were books denying the existence of a spirit world, and denying the reality of spirit return. Many of the authors of them have since had the opportunity of looking again at their own works- but with very different feelings!...

We were very much struck by the beautiful bindings in which the books were encased, the material upon which they were inscribed, and the style of inscription... Who, then, writes the book of truth in spirit? The author of the earthly volume writes it- when he comes into the spirit world. And he is glad to do it. It becomes his work, and by such work, he can gain the progress of his soul. He will have no difficulty with the facts, for they are here for him to record, and he records them- but the truth this time!..

The book, once taken in the hand by the reader, instantly responds, in very much the same way as the flowers respond when one approached close to them...

We have the whole of eternity before us!... It takes time to shake off finally that feeling of impermanence, of transience, that is so closely associated with the earth life. And in consequence we feel that we must see everything as quickly as we can, in spite of the fact that time, as a factor in our lives, has ceased to function.

*RotOS* Libraries in Heaven:

All original manuscripts reside here, as well as the real history of everything that has ever happened.

...This is bliss to the historian who has spent his life trying to reconstruct the past.

"Certain libraries of learning are in the higher realms, available only to a few." -Lawrence

*BDL* The Library:

J: It's a very hushed feeling. Ahead of me is the Library.. I'm in a huge study. There are books and scrolls on everything, and all types of manuscripts on the shelves. There is a beautiful light streaming in illuminating the whole place...

It's a big area; almost cathedral size... it's the air of... like scholars. They're studying. Everybody has a sense of purpose, and there's a sense of serenity. There's music that seems to fill the whole place. It's just barely audible but it tinkles. it's pretty music...

It's really nice. Everything glimmers and everybody is in beautiful robes. The clothing looks as if it's transparent but electric colors shine through them. They're the people's auras...

There is a spirit guide who is the guardian of the library...

He says, "It's not good to delve too much into your personal futures. That is a ‘no-no' ruling. That's not good, it causes disharmony."

...He says that's the main restriction...

There's the library with the huge rotunda where people are gathered in groups and studying and discussing issues. They are able to go into viewing rooms around the perimeter of this room to view things if they wish. All knowledge is stored... Information is just relayed by intelligent thought. And he says we could go into the scriptorium. This is where things are read. This is where people that can relate to writing and reading like to go. It's part of the library complex...

It's for people that are not very advanced souls. They're medium advanced souls that still need the written word to make sense to their consciousness...

We have branch libraries down among the lower astral world. And it takes a really great spiritual entity to man these stations. But they hardly ever get used. These lower entities are still seeking out experiences in the physical form.

*WtL* The Infinite Hallway of Knowledge:

It was Hal's friend Tom who took him into a building called the "archives." Hal describes what happened:

When we went into the building we went first into a big room and there was a corridor in front of us. It only seemed to be about twenty feet long, but as we walked along there still seemed to be twenty feet to go. We kept going and going. This corridor was alive- it was a living room. It had walls that went up about ten feet and then there were upper wall panels that leaned in toward us. These panels seemed to be beaming knowledge down onto me. As I went through, all this knowledge was coming to me. Everything that was known to mankind was in these archives and it was coming down into my mind. By the time I got to the end I felt I knew everything. But now I cant remember it!! (NOTE: A hyperspace corridor)

When we finally were ready to leave, Tom said, "Now I'm going to take all this knowledge away from you. You're not allowed to take that back."

...I knew all languages, everything."


(One of Kenneth Ring's subjects:) I could hear languages. All languages. Languages that I had never heard before and I could understand them.

*JoNDE-KR* The Place Is The Knowing:

"I had a feeling like I knew everything…and like everything made sense. I just knew that… this place was where I would find the answers to all the questions about life…It's like the place was the knowing." (Vicki)

The Hall of Knowledge: [During a NDE visits the astral world] Again, the being told me it was my choice to stay or go, but that there was more for me to do in that life and it wasn't quite time for me to leave. Still hesitating, I was told that if I chose to go back, I would be given certain knowledge to take back with me to share with others. After much discussion, I agreed to go back and suddenly found myself in front of a tall cone-shaped building. I was told this was the Hall of Knowledge. I entered the building and flew, spiraling upwards, through what appeared to be shelves of books, like in a library, many millions of books, and I flew through them all. When I reached the top, I burst through it into a kaliedescope of colors and, at the same time, my head popped out of the water. I was downriver about 10 yards from the raft.

The Libraries(EbtL): It was a repository of knowledge, but there were no books. Ideas would come into ones mind, knowledge filling one on subjects they hadnt thought about for a long time. By simply reflecting on a topic, all knowledge on that topic came to me. There was absolutely no misunderstanding here. It was understood what people did and why people did it, and the effects of this behavior. One understood every angle, from every possible perception, and this brought wholeness to an event or person. The feelings of the people involved would come, too. One lived the experiences.

1) I look after the little ones. I had no education on your side of life, I got. But I am mad about education since I have been here. Oh boy, oh boy! There is not enough I couldn't find out about education. I wanted to know this and I wanted to know that and, you know, they tell me: "You want to know too much too soon, you do." So, I says, well I've got to learn, I've got a lot of catching up to do.

2) We have great halls of learning, and of music. One can study any particular thing that appeals to one, mostly of an artistic endeavour, because it seems to me, I can realize that much more now, that art and the things of the mind and of the spirit are the things that are the most lasting obviously.

*GR* The Great Astral Studies, Places of Learning:

We were moving again. Or rather, the scene in front of us was- changing somehow. Opening up. It was the quality of light that was different, as though the air had suddenly become more transparent, enabling me to see what had apparently been there all along.

Again, it was as if Jesus could reveal only as much as my mind could grasp. Behind, beyond, through all this I began to perceive a whole new realm! Enormous buildings stood in a beautiful sunny park and there was a relationship between the various structures, a pattern to the way they were arranged, that reminded me somewhat of a well-planned university.

We seemed suddenly to have entered an altogether different dimension, almost another kind of existence. Here was an all-pervading peace.

"As we entered one of the buildings and doorways, the air was so hushed that I was actually startled to see people in the passageway.

"I could not tell if they were men or women, old or young, for all were covered from head to foot in loose-flowing hooded cloaks which made me think vaguely of monks. But the atmosphere of the place was not at all as I imagined a monastery. It was more like some tremendous study center, humming with the excitement of great discovery. Everyone we passed in the wide halls and on the curving staircases seemed caught up in some all-engrossing activity; not many words were exchanged among them. And yet I sensed no unfriendliness between these beings, rather an aloofness of total concentration.

"Whatever else these people might be, they appeared utterly and supremely self-forgetful - absorbed in some vast purpose beyond themselves. Through open doors I glimpsed at enormous rooms filled with complex equipment. In several of the rooms hooded figures bent over intricate charts and diagrams, or sat at the controls of elaborate consoles flickering with lights. Somehow I felt that some vast experiment was being pursued, perhaps dozens and dozens of such experiments.

In spite of His obvious delight in the beings around us, I sensed that even this was not the ultimate.

We entered a studio where music of a complexity I couldn't begin to follow was being composed and performed. There were complicated rhythms, tones not on any scale I knew.

Next we walked through a library the size of the whole University of Richmond. "Here," the thought occurred to me, "are assembled the important books of the universe."

Then into a building crowded with technological machinery. Into a strange sphere-shaped structure where a catwalk led us over a tank of what appeared to be ordinary water. Into what looked like huge laboratories and into what might have been some kind of space observatory.

When these people were on earth did they grow beyond selfish desires?

'They grew, and they have kept on growing.' The answer shone like sunlight in that intent and eager atmosphere. But if growth could continue, then this was not all. Then ... there must be something even these serene beings lacked. And suddenly I wondered if it was the same thing missing in the 'lower realm'. Were these selfless seeking creatures also failing in some degree to see Jesus? Or perhaps, to see Him for Himself? Bits and hints of Him they surely had; obviously it was the truth they were so single-mindedly pursuing. But what if even a thirst for truth could distract from the Truth Himself, standing here in their midst while they searched for Him in books and test tubes...

Up until this point I had the impression that we were traveling- though in what manner I could not imagine- upon the earth itself. Even what I had come to think of as a "higher plane" of deep thoughts and learning, was obviously not far distant from the "physical plane" where bodiless beings were still bound to a solid world.

*H&H* Temples:

There are temples for instruction. The preacher is in the east. Those who want to learn arrange themselves in a semicircle around him, with none out of sight. In front are those of more light and to the sides those of less.

Astral Theaters

*ASJ* A Theater on the Second Sphere:

There are always ex-producers of films, or amateur producers, who create new films in their imagination, and their thought-forms are produced on the screen for all to see. These shows are, in many ways, better than those we see in the world and those which astral inhabitants see on the first sphere for, under astral conditions, producers can allow their imagination to run riot... Theatres are also popular on this level...

Holographic Astral Viewing Rooms

*BDL* The Viewing Room:

J: We're walking into the viewing room and he's showing me. He says, "Just call attention to whatever you wish to see and all kinds of images will come in."...

Not really like a screen. it surrounds you. I'm in the middle of it watching it. And he says that the lower astral is just terrible. He says, "We pray for these lower entities, but it's as if they are tied to earth.

*BDL* The Bright Theater of Holographic Light, Interiors of Spiritual Entities:

S: If you were to look at it with physical eyes it would appear that where we are gathered is suspended in midair, but it is really not. It is supported but an energy field that you cannot perceive with the eyes of your level. The energy field is a beautiful deep violet color and it surrounds all of us. There are not really any definite walls or ceilings; everything is just this deep violet and gold. And suspended in the center of this energy field is a council chamber... Their are fluted golden columns all around the sides. They really don't serve any purpose except as points of beauty, although they can also be used for focusing power. The way they are arranged, they are all evenly spaced to where the whole structure could be used as a power generator, but they are not essential for this. There are golden draperies behind these. And it is very beautiful, the gold against the violet. The furniture we are sitting on is made out of gold but has a wood grain...

It's tiers- smooth stairs going around like an amphitheater. And they surround this empty space in the center. If someone wants to come forward and speak or present something, they can do it their where all can see... From the podium could be projected what you could call "holograms"...

The things presented there in the clear space are things demonstrating the overall pattern in this particular universe. And how our karmas have interacted with this pattern and what path we need to continue to follow in order to eventually attain enlightenment...

I see spiritual entities looking like white lights. It would be like miniature suns of various shapes and colors, kind of glowing out from the center.. As the light goes out from the center it has hints of other colors within the white. It is like an aurora or an opal... With these entities, you see rays of other colors that seem to indicate how they feel, the mood they are in, what they are thinking and how developed they are...

You don't really see a definite outline because it is too bright.

*PotC* An Ephemeral Projection:

I was fully lucid in an extraphysical institution where the helpers projected a live scene of myself at a younger age... In order to study it, I made an attempt to approach the very realistic images without success. The ephemeral forms dispersed just like vaporous plastic, gauze, tissue or foam rubber...

This visual projection was not my creation, being composed of the morphothosenes of others. had these images come from my mother? As I was thinking about it, I received an unmistakable mental confirmation that they had...

The archives of the consciousness, while not restricted by the soma, surpass the records of the cerebral cells...

From the institution, I attempted a direct descent to the Earth's surface in order to geographically locate the area. This brought me right over a farm.

Akashic Temples of Knowledge

*VftA* Contacting All Knowledge- Akashic Records, Imprinting:

Sandy: If you are curious about something- someone or some event in history, for instance- you enter into a temple, and by simply thinking the question you immediately receive the answer. This answer comes not only as an intellectual concept- it is visceral. You see it, feel it, you become it. All things that every individualized spirit has ever experienced from the beginning, all possible realities that ever have or ever could exist are recorded...

[The horrors], too, are recorded here, along with a total understanding of what caused them, and what their implications are for the evolution of the individual soul as well as for mankind as a whole... You are able to see into the very hearts of all of those involved. You become these individuals to gain compassion for them and clarity about their actions...

There can never be total love without total forgiveness. This does not mean you must accept as appropriate the atrocities that are troubling you. Rather, it is that you do not reject the soul who through ignorance, pain, or fear perpetrated that action...

Many times, when souls are preparing to incarnate, they come to these temples to learn the histories of the families they are to be born into...

If they choose to come incarnate with the gift of music, they can relive the lives of Mozart or Beethoven. They can become that person in these learning temples, and in this way acquire the soul knowledge of these gifted individuals to help them complete a chosen life destiny.(NOTE: Imprinting!)

This is why, sometimes in your reality, people who are, for whatever reason, not in accord with the truth of their own being will become confused and believe that they are Cleopatra or Napoleon or Leonardo da Vinci. The accumulated knowledge of these historical figures was imprinted on their soul in a learning temple and carried into material reality to be recalled if needed to assist them in their true life path...

The temples are one of my favorite experiences here. They are sometimes referred to as the "Akashic records" on Earth.

Astral Colleges

*SBtL* Journey to the Crystal Cathedrals:

We began to move upward. I could hear a hum as my body began to vibrate at a higher rate of speed. We moved up from one level to the next, like an airplane climbing gently into the sky. We were surrounded by a shimmering mist, cool and thick like fog off the ocean.

Around us I could see energy fields that looked like prisms of light. Some of this energy flowed like great rivers, while some eddied like tiny streams. I even saw lakes and small pools of it.

Through the mist I could see mountains the color of deep-blue velvet. There were no sharp peaks and craggy slopes with jagged edges in this mountain range...

On the mountainside were lights. Through the mist they looked like houses turning on their lights at twilight...

Like wingless birds, we swept into a city of cathedrals. These cathedrals were made entirely of a crystalline substance that glowed with a light that shone powerfully from within. We stood before one.. It had spires as high and pointed as those of the great cathedrals of France, and walls as massive and powerful as those of the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City. The walls were made of large glass bricks that glowed from within...

This place had a power that seemed to pulsate through the air. I knew that I was in a place of learning...

When we entered the structure, the Being of Light was with me no more...

The benches were positioned in such a way that whoever was sitting on them would face a long podium that glowed like white quartz. The wall behind this podium was a spectacular carousel of colors, ranging from pastels to bright neons. It's beauty was hypnotic. I watched the colors blend and merge, surging and pulsing the way the ocean does...

The next moment the space behind the podium was filled with Beings of Light.

*ASJ* The Third Astral Sphere- Large Manor-House Schools:

As we drew nearer [to a huge Manor House] I saw that the architecture was very beautiful indeed and deep French windows overlooked the surrounding countryside. Spacious lawns gradually sloped away from the house, which was situated on the top of a rise. Flowers and flowering shrubs bloomed on all sides and in the distance, perhaps ten miles away, the sea could be seen if one looked carefully... In the hall there were actually small trees and plants, principally roses I noticed, blooming indoors with the roots growing through the floor...

At this level there are concerts all the time...

This huge house was one of the great art schools which exist at this level of the astral world...

‘People carry on studying and practicing day and night, week after week, month after month and year after year...' ‘They do not get tired nor does time hang heavily when they are interested and enthralled in what they are doing.'...

The people concerned, although quite seriously studying, were so obviously happy and not tense in any way...

Here one did open a door and did not go through it as one would with physical doors. (NOTE: from the astral standpoint).

*BDL* Schools Everywhere:

S: There are many schools on each level: schools of light, schools of thought.

*ASJ* Astral Schools:

The Master: ‘Most of the true musicians, artists, philosophers and those who were teachers or professors in the physical world, obtain great joy from passing on some of their knowledge and experience to those who are lacking in it but who are sufficiently interested to want to learn...

‘Not only do these schools play a tremendous part in the life of the astral world, but they undoubtedly influence the future lives of their pupils. If, at the astral level, a man has developed a love of any of the arts or sciences, in his next life at the physical level he is born with the desire to continue that study and so we find children showing at an early age an enthusiastic aptitude for one thing or another... Both in this world and the next we are all the time progressing and making our future lives happier and fuller.

‘The permanent inhabitants find out these schools in different ways and always at a stage when they are of most use. When they first realize that they are living in the astral world, it is quite useless to mention such things to them, for they will at once assure you that they have no desire to go to school again. They want to enjoy themselves. For the first few months the opportunity of travelling round the world and seeing all the countries they had not had the chance of visiting whilst they were in this world usually satisfies them...

*LFS* Learning in the Spiritual:

"Our ability to comprehend truths is quite acute. Learning is quicker, and far easier than when we were contained in a physical form." -James

*BDL* The School of Knowledge:

S: It is the school of knowledge. I see the hall. It has tall pillars and it's all in white... The light comes from within and without, from everything and just shines...

There are about 50 people just in my... class. There are others here, but we don't have much to do with them. They are working out other problems...

I'm studying life experiences and effects... Sometimes I go back through experiences and try to understand. You see, in life I tilted my judgment to fit, for whatever reason- usually to make me feel justified in my actions... We amass great knowledge here of lessons to be learned, karma to be dealt with.

*LWU* Heads of the Halls of Learning:

Each hall will have its own direct head, but it must not be thought that this ‘official' is an unapproachable, detached personage... He is just the opposite. He is always to be seen about the hall, and he welcomes, personally, anyone who comes there, either as a learner, or as a ‘mere lover' of music, or to carry out musical researches.

*LWU* Reading & Writing, Learning & Memory:

This was, to all intents and purposes, a school where souls, who had had the misfortune to miss the benefits of some earthly knowledge and learning, could here equip themselves intellectually...

The man who is unable to read will feel with his mind that something is contained within the book that he takes into his hands, but he will not know instinctively, or in any other way, the contents of it...

To be able to write is not necessary...

To acquire knowledge here is not tedious, because the memory works perfectly- that is, unfailingly- and the powers of mental perception are no longer hampered and confined by a physical brain...

The school was very comfortably arranged... Each student followed his own course of study independently of anyone else... He began when he wanted, and he finished when he wanted, and the more he dipped into his studies the more interested and fascinated he became.

*PAP* Astral Study Groups:

Passing by on my upward journey I saw various study groups being held in odd corners of space. I would stop for a little while at each one, take some part in the discussions, then would go on further.

*ST* OB Classes:

Dreaming…dreaming…slight awareness, I could hear a voice…I snapped to full consciousness. I was in a crowd of forty or fifty non-physical beings. Confused and disoriented I asked myself, "is this a dream?" This crowd of entities all focused on a single being toward the front and slightly above everyone else. No one paid any attention to me.

The "speaker" said all beings present were part of particular purpose. The excitement overpowered me, and I could feel myself being forced to return to my body.

The Hall of Music

*LWU* The Hall of Music:

Music being such a vital element in the world of spirit, it is not surprising that a grand building should be devoted to the practice, teaching, and the fostering of every description of music...

I found that the greater the knowledge of music the more it helped one to understand so many things of the life here...

The library contained books dealing with music as well as the scores of vast quantities of music that had been written on earth by composers who had now passed into spirit, or by those who were still upon the earth... There was hardly a work that had not since been altered by the composer himself since coming into spirit... The library provided a complete history of music from the very earliest times...

Many apartments were set aside for students who can learn of music in every branch, from theory to practice, under teachers whose names are known the earth world over... It must be remembered, as with the painters, composers have a different appraisement of the fruits of their brains after passing into spirit. In common with us all here, they see things exactly as they are- including their compositions... In music, it can be said that the spirit world starts where the earth world leaves off. There are laws of music here which have no application to the earth whatever... Earthly ears are not attuned to music that is essentially of the spirit realms...

The many types of musical instrument so familiar on earth were to be seen in the college of music, where students could be taught to play upon them. And here again, where dexterity of the hands is so essential the task of gaining proficiency is never arduous or wearisome, and it is, moreover, so much more rapid than upon the earth. As students acquire a mastery over their instrument they can join one of the many orchestras that exist here, or they can limit their performance to their many friends... We were extremely interested in the many instruments that have no counterpart upon the earth-plane. They are, for the most part, specially adapted to the forms of music that are exclusive to the spirit world, and they are for that reason very much more elaborate. Such instruments are only played with others of their kind for their distinctive music...

It is natural that this building should be possessed of a concert hall. This was a very large hall capable of a vast amphitheater like a great bowl sunk beneath the level of the ground... The seats that were farthest away from the performers were exactly upon ground level. Immediately surrounding these seats were masses of the most beautiful flowers of every possible hue, with a grassy space beyond, while the whole area of this outdoor temple of music was encompassed by a magnificent plantation of tall and graceful trees.

The Hall of Science - Passing Inventions On

*LWU* The Endless Study & Help of Doctors & Scientists, Inventions:

Many a spirit doctor has guided the hand of an earthly surgeon... The doctor in spirit is contented to serve without acknowledgement from him whom he serves. It is the successful issue that he is concerned about, not who shall have the credit...

The scientist, too, continues his researches when he comes here. In whatever branch of science he may be concerned, he will find enough, and more than enough, to engage his attention for a long time to come...

Science and engineering being closely allied in the spirit world, far-reaching discoveries are constantly being made, and inventions are ever being perfected. These inventions are not for us, but for you- when the time is ripe, and that is not yet. The earth world has given a poor exhibition of what has been sent through to it from the spirit world, by putting to base uses what has been given for its benefit... Hence, much is held back from the earth world until man has reached a higher state of development. That day will assuredly arrive, and a torrent of new inventions will come pouring through from the spirit world to your world.

*LWU* The Hall of Science, Passing Inventions to the Physical:

A short walk brought us to a large rectangular building which, our friend informed us, was the hall of science... The earth world has the spirit world to thank for all the major scientific discoveries that have been made throughout the centuries.

The laboratories of the world of spirit are many decades in advance of those of the earth-plane. And it will be years before many revolutionary discoveries are allowed to be sent through to the earth world, because the earth has not yet sufficiently progressed...

In the hall of science every field of scientific and engineering investigation, study, and discovery was covered, and here were to be seen so many of those men whose names have become household words, and who, since passing into spirit, have continued their life's work with their fellow scientists with the full and immense resources of the spirit world at their command...

Every [discovery] that is sent from the spirit world is for the advantage and spiritual progression of man. if perverted minds use those same things for the destruction of man, then man has only himself to blame...

When the times comes that real spiritual progress is made, then the earth-plane can expect a flood of new inventions and discoveries to come through from the scientists and engineers of the spirit world...

We in spirit do not require the many inventions of the earth-plane... We have no use for inventions that will increase our speed of travel as with you... We have no need for methods of saving life, because we are indestructible. We have no need for the hundreds of inventions to make life easier, safer, more comfortable and enjoyable, because our life is all that, and more than that already. But in this hall of science many, many devoted men were working for the betterment of the earth-plane through the medium of their researches...

Material progress must go hand in hand with spiritual progress..

It was never intended that when the results of our scientists' researched are communicated to the earth they were to be seized upon by the few to the exclusion of all others... The day will assuredly come when our two worlds will be closely interrelated, when communication between the two will be a commonplace of life, and then the great wealth of resources of the spirit world will be open to the earth world, to draw upon for the benefit of the whole human race.

The Hall of Art

*RotOS* The Art Galleries in Heaven:

The original paintings for all the paintings ever done on earth are hanging in the astral galleries. In the physical world it's not possible to create the "real" work of art because we, in the physical, do not possess the tools to translate the thought onto canvas.

...Outside the spirit galleries, many people are busy working on various forms of art. I saw teachers examining the artists' works, and helping them.

...In spirit, we can work or observe with no interruption.

*LWU* The Hall of Painting, The Original Living Pieces:

The first hall that Edwin took us into was concerned with the art of painting. This hall was of very great size and contained a long gallery, on the walls of which were hanging every great masterpiece known to man. They were arranged in such a way that every step of earthly progress could be followed in proper order, beginning with the earliest times and so continuing down to the present day. Every style of painting was represented, gathered from all points of the earth...

We were now seeing the originals for the first time. What we had seen was an earthly counterpart, which was perishable from the usual causes- for example, from fire to the general disintegration through the passage of time. But here we were viewing the direct results of the thoughts of the painter, created in the etheric before he actually transferred those thoughts to his earthly canvas. it could be plainly observed, in many cases, where the earthly picture fell short of that which the painter had in his mind... In some instances it had been the pigments that had been at fault when, in the early times, the artist had been unable to procure or evolve the particular shade of color he wanted. but though he lacked physically, his mind had known precisely what he wished to do. He had built it up in the spirit- the results of which we were now able to see- while he had failed to do so on the material canvas...

Another great point of dissimilarity- and the most important- was the fact that here all these pictures were alive... These pictures, then, whether landscape or portrait, were never flat; that is, they did not seem to have been painted upon flat canvas. They possessed, on the other hand, all the completeness of relief... one felt that the shadows were real shadows cast by real objects. The colors glowed with life...

What system is used for the selection of paintings to hang upon these walls? I was told that it was a question that is frequently asked by visitors to this gallery. The answer is that by the time an artist, whether he be good, bad, or just commonplace, has adjusted himself to his new life, he has no further illusions- if he ever harbored any- of his own work. Usually an extreme diffidence sets in, fostered by the immensity and the superlative beauty of this realm. So that in the end the problem becomes one of scarcity rather than superabundance!

When we gazed at the portraits of so many men and women whose names had worldwide fame, whether they lived in distant times or in the present day, it gave Ruth and me a strange feeling to think that we were now inhabitants of the same world as they, and that they, like ourselves, were very much alive, and not mere historic figures in the chronicles of the earth world.

In other parts of this same building were rooms wherein students of art could learn all that there is to be learned... here instruction is easy, and the acquisition and application of knowledge equally facile to those who wish to learn... Progress towards proficiency is consequently smooth and rapid.

The Hall of Fabrics

*LWU* The Hall of Fabrics:

[The hall of fabrics] was equally spacious, but the rooms were of greater dimensions than those of the two halls we had just viewed. Here were contained the scores upon scores of beautiful materials and cloths woven throughout the centuries...

A room of tapestries contained some superb examples of the artist' genius... Annexed to this apartment were smaller rooms where many happy, industrious souls were studying and practicing the art of tapestry weaving, with other equally happy souls ever at their side to help and instruct.

Astral Malls

3) It seemed like a giant shopping mall. Not giant in the sense of proportions, but giant in that it went on forever. Actually, I got both senses from the place.

Arriving in the Astral

*WANF* What We Do on the Other Side:

Taking a Rest: "It seems that when you get there, the best thing to do is to take your time adapting. Some souls claim they take what we'd understand as a vacation. They take time off, because they want to rest."

Falling Into a "Sleep": "Other spirits can come to someone's assistance, but if somebody's not ready to see the forest for the trees, figuratively, they may just leave them alone. They may go into a ‘sleep,' just as we do here on the earth if we have a problem we don't want to deal with."

Activity: "Some souls need to be occupied, just as they did here on earth. They cant wait to get into the limelight and start doing things.

Craving for Earth: "Some souls have difficulty throwing off the earth, or the materialism of the earth. Some still feel a craving to smoke, so they can imagine they smoke. Some people miss their car, so they create that image and imagine they're in a vehicle, or living in the great mansion they always wanted here but never got.

*BDL* Periods of Adjustment:

S: Every spirit needs a period of adjustment when they go from either the physical plane to the spiritual plane or vice versa. To get used to the new situations before they can start working on their karma again. So, while these spirits are going through the adjustment periods the council meets and we discuss what their situation is and what they need. And how we can best serve them to help them develop their karma in this new stage they are in...

When they pass over to this side, they first perceive that which they are capable of handling. And usually, when it is possible, if some other spiritual entities that were connected with them in their most recent life ar still on the spiritual plane, we have them there to help them across... It is a matter of giving them time to adjust to this new situation of things. By that time the experiences on the physical plane are not quite so fresh on the memory so they can start thinking of things from the spiritual perspectives.

Summerland Park

** Locale 2: The Center Ring's Middle Areas/Mid-Astral Planes:

The Indisputible Park(MJooB): There was also the Park, where those who recently died went. It was the same as when he visited many years ago, with the same features and a warm sun overhead among small clouds. Those there can read your thoughts. The other places in the BST are extensions of here. This place is a creation that will be here no matter what your beliefs. It was made by a human civilization many thousands of years ago. In the park you are calmed down and given the opportunity to decide where you want to go next. The destination of most who depart from here is to their inner-self or I-There. The only rule there is that one cant impose their will upon another. There are tons of little places that the residents have created. The Park is the hub of it all. This is where one is greeted by loved ones. Here are the options: reunion with loved ones, communication with those in the physical, renewal of contact and return to the Original Self, reincarnate, discussion with like-minded religious people in the BSTs, nonhuman incarnation, explore other phases of the consciousness continuum. Those who had been maimed recovered their wholeness in the Park.

(TbtL) Many people end up in a beautiful garden with all kinds of flowers, including new ones and birds and green.

1) I think this place I first came to, was a kind of reception station - it's the only way I can put it - because it is pretty obvious that quite a lot of people do need help and attention when they first come, they need to be sort of helped through - it is a difficult period. They don't take to the realisation that they're separated from people they're close to and fond of on earth in the beginning. When they realize that, although they can return, they very seldom do. They have the opportunity to have a chat or to comfort people they know and love on earth, they soon begin to realize that they are not acknowledged, and not welcomed. Of course that's a great distress to people at first. That's why they do have these reception stations where there are advanced souls in attendance who know how to deal with these difficult cases, and in consequence they're soon nurtured into a new way of thinking. I think the most difficult cases are those who have strong convictions, religious convictions, narrow outlook.

2) There were plants and flowers and beautiful scenes. I walked through a meadow.

3)Instantly I am outdoors in a parklike setting. Everything around me- the trees, the grass, the pond, is vibrantly alive. I see around me people riding bikes and roller-skating. Out of nowhere it starts to rain and everyone scrambles for cover. I'm amazed. In fifteen years I've never seen the weather change while OB. I cant beleive how real the softly falling rain seems.

*ST* The After-Death Meeting Place:

During one of my OBE flights, I was drawn to a location I can only describe as "a meeting place." I do not believe this place is a physical location. If it is, it's not on Earth. On two occasions I have felt an irresistible urge to "blink out" and follow its magnetic pull. When in this location I felt overwhelmed by the countless entities seemingly milling around.

Suddenly, I recognized the face of a being a short distance away-looking directly at me! I thought, "No way; it couldn't be her." The entity bore a striking resemblance to my late Aunt Vera.

I arrived to observe the multitudes similar as before. This time I had one person on my mind, my aunt. As if responding to a page, there, a short distance away, was Aunt Vera. She was slowly approaching me. I curiously inquired, "Aunt Vera, aren't you dead?"

"Yes, I am!" she said smiling at me. I could feel an intense sensation of love emanating from her.

Astral Building of Arrivals

*LWU* The City's Pre-Knowledge of New Arrivals:

In the city there is an immense building which exercises the function of an office of records and inquiries... Among its many important duties is that of keeping a register of people newly arrived in this particular realm... but a still more important service is that of knowing beforehand of those who are about to come into this realm. This information is accurate and infallibly reliable. It is collected through a varied process of thought transmission...

Among the first to receive pre-knowledge of an impending war are the different homes of rest. The office of inquiry will be similarly informed.

Astral Hospitals & Healing Centers

*BDL* Spiritual Hospitals:

S: There is another special place on the planes. Your physical equivalent would be like a hospital. It is for these souls that are very damaged, and we try to help them become better... It's a very slow process. Mostly advanced spirits work with these because it takes an inordinate amount of patience and knowledge.

*LWU* The Place of Healing Those in Shock:

Ruth espied a rather stately building set among some well-wooded grounds, which also aroused my curiosity. On appealing to our guide, Edwin told us that it was a home of rest for those who had come into spirit after long illness, or who had had a violent passing, and who were, in consequence, suffering from shock... It was built in the classical style, two or three stories high, and it was entirely open upon all sides. That is to say, it contained no windows... Immediately above it there was to be seen a great shaft of blue light descending upon, and enveloping, the whole building with its radiance, the effect of which was to give a striking blue tinge to the whole edifice. This great ray was the downpouring of life- a healing ray- sent to those who had already passed here, but who were not yet awake. When they were fully restored to spiritual health, there would be a splendid awakening, and they would be introduced into their new land.

I noticed that there was quite a number of people seated upon the grass in the grounds, or walking about. They were relatives and friends of those who were undergoing treatment within the hall of rest, and whose awakening was imminent...

An outer vestibule led into a lofty hall of considerable dimensions. The space that would ordinarily be devoted to windows was occupied by tall pillars set some distance apart... There was very little in the way of interior decoration... The floor was carpeted with some very soft covering in a sober design, and here and there a handsomely wrought tapestry was hanging upon the walls. Occupying the whole of the floor space were extremely comfortable-looking couches, each of which bore a recumbent form, quite still, and obviously sleeping profoundly...

I noticed as soon as we entered this hall that we came under the influence of the blue ray, and its effect was one of pronounced energizing as well as tranquility. Another noticeable quality was the entire absence of any idea of an institution with its inevitable officialdom...

I learned that all the ‘patients' in this particular hall had gone through lingering illnesses before passing over. Immediately after their dissolution they are sent gently into a deep sleep... Long illness prior to passing into the spirit world has a debilitating effect upon the mind, which it turn has its influence upon the spirit body. The latter is not serious, but the mind requires absolute rest of varying duration... During this sleep-state the mind is completely resting. There are no unpleasant dreams, or fevers of delirium...

Constant watch is kept upon them, and at the first flutterings of returning consciousness, others are summoned, and all is ready for the full awakening. Some will wake up partially, and then sink back again into slumber. Others will shake off their sleep at once, and it is then that those experienced souls in attendance will have, perhaps, their most difficult task... in so many cases it has to be explained to the newly awakened soul that he has ‘died' and is alive... They often have an urgent desire to go back to the earth, perhaps to those who are sorrowing, perhaps to those for whose care and welfare they were responsible. They are told that nothing can be done by their going back, and that others of experience will take care of those circumstances that are so distressing them. Such awakenings are not happy ones by comparison with those who wake up with the full realization of what has taken place...

We were shown another large hall similarly appointed, where those whose passing had been sudden and violent were also in their temporary sleep. These cases were usually more difficult to manage than those we had just seen. The suddenness of their departure added far greater confusion to the mind. Instead of a steady transition, the spirit body had in many cases been forcibly ejected from the physical body... The passing over had been so sudden that there seemed to them to be no break in their lives... Had so many of these souls had but a small knowledge of spirit matters, these awakenings would have been so much the happier.

*HoL* Death- In Light, the Hospital:

After people die of a long-term illness, I have often seen them resting, surrounded by white light for some period of time after death. They appear to be taken care of in some kind of hospital on the other side.

*PotC* After Death Rejuvenation:

One of the stories related telepathically by an extraphyiscal consciousness... referred to the "extraphysical beauty parlor." Most consciousnesses go through this beauty parlor when they return to the extraphysical dimension.

"There are true ‘mummies' automatically resuscitated into young bucks in the ‘rejuvenation parlor'."

*TDA* Recovery in the Spiritual- Spiritual Hospitals:

Dr. Peebles: "On the spirit side, at death, each spirit begins to recover its ability to be alive in any environment rather than only a selected environment, such as the Earth. When that ability- or level of self-permission- is large enough, the spirit reincarnates according to its own path of growth...

"Some people come into the spirit side and immediately need to go to a hospital- hospital of the heart and of the soul- where they are touched by at least three other loving masterly spirits who merely touch them and hold them as a child to the breast and comfort them till that spirit puts the head up and says: ‘What is this? Who am I? Where am I? What am I to do?'

"...There is always light and love available for those who come to the spirit... unless the belief is so intense that there is no room for flexibility. Then one experiences what one insists on experiencing- and the universe, the entire universe, is so loving that it supports your desires rather than demanding that you change...

"The death experience is in many ways for some a release from prison, from jail, into a true freedom of the mind, the heart, and the body...

"The greater pain, much greater pain, is from spirit to the earthly experience."

*BDL* The Chamber of Colors and Light:

John found himself in beautiful ethereal surroundings. He was informed that this was a portion of the Temple of Wisdom which was a large complex containing several different departments: The Temple of Healing, the Tapestry Room and the Library...

J: Here comes the guardian of the Temple of Healing... He says... "Stand here in the center of all this light and let this light energy be with you."

...There was no answer...

His whole body jerked convulsively several times. This went on for a few seconds...

J: The different lights are swirling all around me and feeling and cleansing me...

Oh, it's a wonderful feeling. I feel so rejuvenated... It's just waves of color and energy all around me taking out all my pain and soreness... This is a beautiful place for people who have been very ill in the physical body. When they pass over they are taken here so that their astral and spiritual bodies may be rejuvenated and healed in this rotunda. Afterwards these souls that are no longer tied to bodies are met by their spirit guides and conducted into the different areas where they need to go to learn more about their soul's evolution... They call it the "Chamber of Colors and Light"...

The guardian says not many people afford themselves of this opportunity while in the astral traveling state. "But they should," he says. "We are here to also be of service to the souls that are still incarnated as well...

"These are people that have died from very long-term illnesses, as well as people that have suffered immensely before crossing over..."

This healing energy is one of the first things that people experience if they have suffered immensely in the physical body through a disease or an accident. This has caused illness or negativity within their etheric bodies. So these etheric bodies have to be healed before they can progress into the astral and work in this level... (NOTE: A different idea- that etheric bodies are taken with.. It goes against a lot of sources. Maybe etheric is astral to this source?)

He says..."They do not usually want to come back here unless it's important for them to come back. This is the law. That's all he said, "That's the law. The soul knows best."

...There's a gold place here that's really marvelous. It's radiant with beautiful gold designs al over the walls...

We're still in the healing temple... he is showing me the different ray energies and how they come through.

2) (After going so high above the city that it looked like a microchip, he then descended into it but it was another city. Rehab Center:) I tried to speak with the one who looked the youngest (she looked to be maybe 50). I got her name, but she was basically ignoring me as if I was a bother to her. She was wearing a nurse outfit. I noticed that there were only old people around. (Then he met a ten-year-old boy)

*LFS* Healing Clinics in the Spiritual, Overcoming Habits:

"I go to a sort of clinic every day, or what passes for a day here. You know, the cancer had diminished my vital force and energy, so I get a kind of therapy on a regular basis. I'm taken into a roundish room, with several others. There we are bathed in a radiation of soft, pulsating lights that usually makes me tingle all over. Each session leaves me refreshed and ‘lighter'. I seem to be getting considerably younger in appearance. I no longer wear my glasses...

"[My realignment with Source] is what is actually happening in what I call the ‘clinic'" -James

Musical Healing

*PotC* A Musical Healing Colony in the Astral:

I awoke as I entered a familiar extraphysical colony...

The area was similar to a resort on Earth, made up of neat houses scattered throughout a forest which is permeated by soft light. The area was divided by inviting trails and clearings richly carpeted with soft grass. Sublime music penetrated the pleasant environment, affecting all the sensibilities. The music was not audible in the physical sense, and its notes involved and invaded the perceptions as one paid attention to it. If one were to allow him or herself to be swayed by the vibrations and impressions produced by the refined harmony, one would end up dancing, singing or exulting oneself, in accordance with the intensity and irresistible rhythm in the moment, through a spontaneous participation in the eternal, enthusiastic and seductive outdoor concert.

Carnot explained that the delicious sound waves that could be felt but not heard, constituted music therapy taken to the extreme. It is capable of restoring the memory, the imagination and the judgment of extraphysical consciousnesses still traumatized by human experiences. It dissolves conflicts, apprehensions, doubts, regrets, fixed ideas and opinions.

He informed me that there was an extensive number of inhabitants in the colony... suffering from senility...

We communicated through thought transmissions without articulating any words. The consciousness, in this case, sends and receives complete ideas...

Passing through the first death, or final projection, does not instantly transform one. We continue to behave as we did at the time when we discarded the soma. This condition continues until we have an inner transformation, which brings about changes in our opinions, introduces new ideas and allows the installation of the degree of self-control of all bodies that one is capable of...

The emotive composition resembled the Russian melodies of the Cossacks.

*PotC* The Donors of Life- Shrine to Motherhood:

I was fully lucid, following behind three extraphysical females as they entered an enormous extraphysical institution in a monumental building with thick, closed doors. It was dark there. This institution is located somewhere in the crustal dimension, close to human areas, and perhaps above the troposphere...

"Sister soul! Here we are! The donors of life!"

The marvelous, collective song prayer, a mental dialogue of pure emotions, was sung by the extraphysical females of indescribable beauty... They were dressed in white, the majority of them simply sitting on the beds..

Energy surged out from the eyes, thoraxes and hands of the singers. These surges of energy became more intense moment by moment, were synchronized to the rhythm of the chant, creating an awesome scenery of multifaced reflections. Finally, an abundance of sapphire rays poured out in all directions...

It seemed like spring within the walls of the extraphysical construction, where the illumination gradually increased, as the voices became louder...

An explanation was transmitted to me. The extraphysical consciousnesses on the beds were preparing for their own rebirth and would eventually become mothers. The anthem of praise to motherhood was being sung by all...

The elevated nature of the ambiance transformed the extraphysical nursery into a sanctuary divided only by the bluish flames...

[The prodigious rain of lights that rained down from above] was an unimaginable siren's chant that was being sung. It was impossible for me to hold back the tears of joy brought on by the sweetness of the voices which soon provoked the admonitory discomfort of the call to return to the physical base...

As I awoke, the eyes wet with tears, I could still hear the chant echoing in the twilight of the bedroom.

*LFS* The Clinic of Sound and Light:

"Now I go to a second clinic, where I'm being raised, through sacred sounds and Light. After each treatment I feel like I'm so much more aware than ever before." -James

The Locationless Resting Place

*BDL* Location of the Resting Place:

D: What level is the resting place on?

S: It has no level. It is. It exists because of a need for being without stimulation of any kind...

It is amongst the planes, but it is complete unto itself.

*BDL* The Resting Place:

D: Have you ever heard of the resting place?

S: Yes, if you are referring to what I am picturing, it is a special place for damaged souls to go to rest and restore themselves before they can enter the company of other souls or enter the plane of incarnation again.

*BDL* The Resting Place & Forgetting:

I had encountered people many times in the resting place. When they are here they do not wish to talk. They sound very sleepy and will volunteer no information, the same as a human would do if awakened in the middle of the night. They also can give no description, as though there is none to give...

S: Others go to a place which is just for resting, where there is total silence and the essence of nothingness.

D: Do they usually go there after a very traumatic life?

S: Or when they have no wish to forget and want to carry it over, yes.

...Gretchen kept trying to return to her lifetime in Germany even though it was impossible. She was continually sent to the resting place until all memory of the persistent life was erased. Then she was able to reincarnate and function normally...

S: The resting place is to completely erase everything up to that point... The resting place is for those who have problems forgetting the personality that they were or the problems that they had, and keep identifying with that facet of that entity. That personality would be too strong of an influence on the following lives...

It took [Gretchen] 200 years in the resting place to finally reconcile herself to not being able to return to the life she had left. It was such a strong, violent life that when she was finally able to return to Earth it had to be as a complete reversal in personality. It was the only way she could cope and continue with her Earthly lessons.

*BDL* The Alternative To Resting/Forgetting- Schooling:

S: Sometimes you need to go back and think over the lessons you needed to learn in that life, and explore them to see what you did accomplish. Sometimes it is what you want to accomplish that causes you to go to school. Sometimes you just go directly into another life...

If it is felt there will be too much carryover, then you would either come here to school and try to work it out or you would go to the place of rest.

*CBtL* Earth Life Seems a Dream:

[Ezra] is happy and his earth experience now seems only a dream.

*CBtL* Healing Wounds.

Salter: "When wounded children and grownups arrive here they are bedded in tubs filled with healing water."

*CBtL* Age & Healing on Marduk:

"We have a body like yours. It consists of finer matter and vibration than your dense, coarse physical bodies. There is no sickness here. Missing limbs regenerate. Bodies that are disfigured on Earth become perfect. We live in comfortably furnished houses. The countryside is very beautiful. The average age of people here is 25-30 years. Persons who die of old age on Earth wake up here after a regenerating sleep.

"This sleep lasts approximately 6 weeks of Earth time. With some persons it may be less."

*PotC* Semonta, An Astral Healing Garden:

Within a few brief minutes, I entered an apparently peaceful garden with some extraphysical consciousnesses walking about, while others were seated or stretched out on some inviting grass. There were small, cozy environments with tables and chairs here and there among the lanes, trees, groves, stairways, verandas, short walls and living room type areas, all in a natural setting... The atmosphere was quite comfortable and bright...

"You are in Semonta"...

"Where is Semonta?"...

"I will tell you."

He walked towards one of the elevated short walls and, instantly, a map of Brazil, Paraguay, and other countries including Africa appeared...

"This is Semonta. It is here, in this direction."

He drew a circle on the map, pointing to the Seychelles Islands near the African Coast, indicating the extraphysical area over the Indian Ocean...

"You live on Earth and speak Portuguese. Think calmly in English, if you can, and we will be able to understand you better. We are undergoing temporary treatment here."...

I did not observe any ill consciousnesses with visible deformities... although there appeared to be a considerable number of mental disturbances in this small average sampling of the extraphysical population here, including repressed anxiety, concealed worries, partial amnesia, and one-track minds.

I saw no one flying.

*PotC* The Astral Newcomers Building:

I became lucid in an extraphysical institution with a very pleasant environment...

Various groups of extraphysical consciousnesses were situated in comfortable places and, in one of the delightful large halls, some of them were stretched out on beds. My attention turned to a kind, young looking, sexagenarian, bald male... He was settled on a bed next to another male of advanced age who was at the head of his bed. I received a mental explanation that this had been his father....

The sexagenarian had recently become an extraphysical consciousness (had passed through biological death)... The light complexion of the extraphysical novice was glowing with happiness...

I saw another extraphysical consciousness, an ecstatic male who had entered quarters through one of the wide side does, having come to welcome the recent arrival... I clearly noticed that the extraphysical consciousness emitted a barrage of affectionate and absurd swear words in his transmental dialogue, out of habit from terrestrial life. The two joyfully celebrated the visit.

*tAW* The Sleepers (Location Unknown):

You will notice that our vibrations are now changing, and growing more intense... [This region] is a sacred place. No one is admitted here as a visitor, unless he be of high spirituality and pure heart...

This region is the resting place of the disembodied souls for some time after they have left the physical body. In it they dwell in peaceful slumber... This stage has been compared to the cocoon-stage...

On all sides, stretching away as far as the eye can see, you perceive the slumbering forms of disembodied souls, each astral form resting in dreamless sleep... Nothing depressing, you notice. Nothing but a sense of infinite calm and peace... You doubtless feel the presence of certain great spiritual entities- though you see them not, because their vibrations are too high for you to see them even by astral vision- these are the great spiritual guardians of this realm, who protect the slumber of the souls at rest herein- the Great Watchers of the Sleeping Souls. (NOTE: The "sleepers" of Monroe? The place of healing?)

If you will watch carefully, you will notice here and there a movement indicating the awakening of some of these resting forms. A moment later the form disappears from the scene- it seemingly melts into nothingness. But is still is existent- its vibrations simply have changed, and it has moved on to another sub-plane, or division thereof, without having been aware of the scenes of this place. (NOTE: Could the "astral" of other books lie within this dream state?)

*tAW* The Length of Sleep:

The highest and lowest souls in the scale of development awaken first. The average soul slumbers far longer than either...

The highly spiritual person, needing but comparatively little transformation to fit him for the higher planes, may slumber here only a very short time, and then passes on to some of the higher astral planes; or, in cases of high development, may omit these higher astral planes, and pass on at once to the plane or planes above the Astral...

The low, material soul, as a rule, awakens very speedily, and passes at once to the low plane for which it has an affinity...

The average soul, on the other hand, requires a much greater transformation for its scenes of higher activities, and so remains much longer in the transforming sleep..

*tAW* Living Our Material Desires:

The low, material soul awakens speedily, not because it has been transformed easily for the higher scenes, but, on the contrary, because it is not destined for these higher scenes- it never reaches them, but descends to a low plane of the Astral, where it lives out its low inclinations and ideals, until it finally sickens of them, at least to an extent, and then is ready for further transformation.

Astral Children & Nurseries

*LWU* Nursery of Heaven, Small Children's Houses, the Warm Teacher:

What of the souls who pass over as children; indeed, what of those, even, who pass into the spirit world at birth?

The answer is that they grow as they would have grown upon the earth-plane. But the children here- of all ages- are given such treatment and care as would never be possible in the earth world...

This children's realm has been called the ‘nursery of heaven'...

We walked toward the boundary between the higher realm and our own... Already we could feel the atmosphere more rarified... I noticed that this atmosphere had a great deal more color in it, much more than in the depths of the realm. It was as though a great number of shafts of light were meeting and spreading their broad beams over all the landscape. These shafts of light were forever on the move, interweaving themselves and producing the most delicate and delightful blending of color, like a succession of rainbows. They were extremely restful, but they were also filled with vitality and , as it seemed to Ruth and me, lightheartedness and merriment...

After we had proceeded a little distance the atmosphere became clear of he colored beams, and it more resembled that of our own sphere. But there was a strange and subtle different which was puzzling to the visitor upon his first visit... It was almost as though there were a greater degree of buoyancy in the air, apart altogether from a noticeable effect of elevation of the mind...

The buildings were constructed of a substance that had all the appearance of alabaster, and they were all tinged with the most delicate colors, such as one is accustomed to seeing in the subtle blending of an earthly rainbow. The style of architecture resembled, for the most part, that of our own sphere; that is to say, some of the buildings bore upon their surface the most exquisite carvings of such natural objects as abound in the trees and flowers, while others drew for their relief upon the normal features particular to the spirit world.

But what gave us the most enjoyable surprise was to see, interspersed throughout the woods, the quaintest little cottages such as one was always inclined to believe only belonged to the pages of children's story-books. Here were diminutive houses with crooked timbers- beautifully crooked- with bright wed roofs and lattice-windows, and each with a charming little garden, all its own, surrounding it...

This whole conception of miniature houses emanated, in the first instance, from the spirit world...

These little houses were large enough to allow a grown person plenty of room in which to move without appearing to knock his head! To the children they seemed to be of just the right size... I learned that it was for this same reason that all the large buildings in this realm were without any appreciable height. By thus not making them too high, nor the rooms too large, they conformed with the child's mind, as yet not fully formed, where spaces seem greater than they really are...

Great numbers of children live in these tiny dwellings, each being presided over by an older child, who is perfectly capable of attending to any situation that might arise with the other ‘residents'.

As we walked along we could see groups of happy children, some playing games with their fellows, others seated upon the grass while a teacher was reading to them. others, again, were to be observed listening attentively and with marked interest to a teacher who was explaining the flowers to them, and giving them something of a lesson in botany...

Edwin took us to one of the teachers... We were instantly made welcome... She had been in the spirit world a goodly number of years. She had had children of her own when upon the earth-plane, and she was still keenly interested in their welfare, and that had led her to take on her present work...

She radiated that charm and confidence, kindliness and mirthfulness of nature that so appealed to the children... I do not think we had as yet seen anyone so superlatively happy as this gracious soul.

In this sphere, our new friend told us, there were to be found children of all ages, from the infant, whose separate existence upon the earth-plane had amounted to only a few minutes, or who even had had no separate existence at all, but had been born ‘dead', to the youth of sixteen or seventeen years of earth time.

It frequently happens that as the children grow up they remain in this same sphere, and themselves become teachers for a period, until other work takes them elsewhere.

And what of the parents? Were they ever the teachers of their own children? Seldom, or never, our friend informed us... The parent would be more inclined to be prejudiced in favor of her own child... Whether the teachers were themselves parents upon the earth-plane or not, they all undergo an extensive course of training before they are adjudged fit to fill the post of teacher to the children, and to conform with, and uphold, the rigidly high standards of the work...

The mental and physical growth of the child in the spirit world is much more rapid than in the earth world...

The ruler of the realm acts, in a general sense, in loco parentis, and all the children, indeed, look upon him as a father.

*LWU* What Children Study:

The children's studies have an extremely wide range. They are taught to read, but many other subjects o the earthly curricula are entirely omitted as being superfluous in the world of spirit. It would be more exact to say that the children are given knowledge of a particular subject rather than taught it.

As they grow they are able to choose for themselves the type of work that appeals to them, and so by specializing in their studies the children can become equipped with the necessary qualifications. Some of them, for instance, elect to return to the earth-plane temporarily to work with us in the exercise of communication, and they make highly efficient instruments, and thoroughly enjoy their visits. Such visits have the advantage of adding widely to their experience. It increases their depth of understanding of the trials and tribulations- and the pleasures- of being incarnate...

The children's realm is a township in itself, containing everything that great minds, inspired by the greatest Mind, could possible provide for the welfare, comfort, and education, and the pleasure and happiness of its youthful inhabitants. The halls of learning are as fully equipped as are those larger establishments in our own sphere. Indeed, in many respects, they are more so, since they have all the equipment for the diffusion of knowledge and learning to those who are possessed of neither in the slightest degree, and who must therefore start at the very beginning... This concerns those children who have passed into the spirit world in their extreme infancy. Children who leave the earth world in their early years will continue their studies from where they left off. (NOTE: Why children have to grow up there- I have seen no evidence yet of reintegration with the greater self, so maybe when an incarnation self is made, it is made, and one has to grow it up one way or another, even if early death stand in the way.)

*LWU* OB Dreams Where You Meet Your Unincarnate Children:

Shall we be able to recognize our children when we ourselves arrive in the spirit world? The answer is, most emphatically, Yes...

You must know that when the physical body sleeps, the spirit body temporarily withdraws from it, while still remaining connected to it by a magnetic cord. This cord is the veritable life-line between the spirit body and the earth body. The spirit thus situated will either remain in the vicinity of the earth body, or it will gravitate to that sphere which its earthly life, so far, has entitled it to enter. The spirit body will thus spend part of the lifetime of the earthly body in spirit lands. And it is upon these visits that one meets relatives and friends who have passed on before, and it is similarly upon these visits that parents can meet their children, and thus watch their growth. In the majority of cases the parents are not allowed within the children's own sphere, but there are plenty of places where such meetings can take place. Remembering what I have said about the retentiveness of the subconscious mind you will see that, in such cases, the problem of recognizing a child does not arise, because the parent has seen the child and observed its growth throughout the whole of the intervening years...

There must be, of course, a sufficient bond of attachment between the parent and child, or else this law will not come into operation.

*OwtL* An Angel Instructing Children:

"Their lessons were given in what might be called ‘spiritual moving pictures.'"

*PotC* The Fantastic Kaleidoscopic Children's Playground:

I first recalled entering an extraphysical organization. There was a vast hall with various split levels and a congregation of more than 500 extraphysical children between the ages of 2 and 13. The extraphysical consciousnesses had the appearance of real children with infantile mentalities. Many resembled angels...

The whole extraphysical complex was similar to a covered playground with a very high ceiling...

The little ones were generally well behaved. They all paid attention to the show that was going on above their heads. It was like a fireworks show but, instead of having exploding stars, balls of light and multi-colored streamers, there were fantastic kaleidoscopes or galaxies materializing dreams and wishes, breathing life into toys, machines and three-dimensional fantasies.

I understood that the creations were incredibly vivid and real morphothosenes, the products of powerful consciousnesses. There were magic wands opening treasure chests, Santa Claus sacks, cornucopias of riches, surprise boxes, magic lamps, videos of endless stories and everlasting springs of wonders, satisfying the most exotic whims. The images were incredibly rich, beautiful and extravagant...

It all seemed to appear out of nothing...

The spectacle I was witnessing served as a kind of fortifying injection to the imagination of the children. It had the effect of enhancing their intelligence and promoting a greater maturity of the consciousness.

The toys rained down on the little ones with mirth, melodies, dances, mysteries, tenderness and love in their forms and movements, and would disappear just before touching the children's heads. If a child was interested, the object of his or her desire would materialize in his or her hands...

The institution contained amusement parks, a circus with ponies, fountains of toys, orchards of Christmas trees, imagination projectors, a thousand-and-one inventions and everything that the consciousness has ever conceived and created. All of it pulsing with life, light, animation, dimension and beauty, originating and spiraling in an incessant act of creation. The extraphysical children were fascinated. Therein lay the secret of their apparent tranquility... Soon, each child held their desired objects as if they had received prizes and trophies.

Curiously, the most advanced story was narrated in mid-air. I witnessed vehicles and structures of all types rain down from incredibly beautiful multicolored clouds in a seemingly endless flow of overwhelmingly harmonious, inspiring narratives that followed one another in multiple, coexisting, interpenetrating scenarios...

Many dark-skinned children were completely translucent as a result of so much light. One of the children in better condition assisted other smaller, unbalanced children. I noticed that the majority of extraphyiscal consciousnesses at that stage of infantile human appearance did not fly. Outside of that sort of covered stadium, were incredibly beautiful, sprawling gardens...

I perceived more sound there in the mental transmissions than I normally do when outside the body.

Children(Medium): 1) Oh, we have community centres, and the children of course are one of the greatest joys. I've seen so many children who live with their people over here. Of course many of them - their parents are still on earth, but they're taken in charge by people related to them like a grandmother and so on, but if there is no close tie or relationship there are always souls here who'll take charge. And we have schools for them, and they learn all sorts of things, many of them more important than they learned at school on earth.

*CBtL* Children on the Astral:

Researchers on the other side tell us that children who die on Earth arrive on the mid-astral plane or the third plane and are either cared for by relatives who have died before them or they are cared for by people who love children. The children grow and develop until they have reached the average age of twenty-five to thirty years.


Salter: "There are many such homes here in which children are looked after. Little babies are here, too. Many women and men are constantly taking care of the children."

*ASJ* Children's Lives in the Astral:

The Master: ‘If it dies young, it gains little experience and it will not take long to assimilate this after leaving the physical world, thus it is more likely that the child who has died young will be the sooner back to live another life....

‘When children reach the astral world they have a wonderfully happy life, because of the absence of restrictions. They never lack attention for there are always numbers of mothers that have passed over who are willing and eager to care for a child that has died when a baby...

‘There are also the nature-spirits, who play a great part in children's games on the astral plane.. Once a thing is imagined, it is there plain for him to see, for the matter of the astral world is moulded by thought... Whatever he thinks of, he becomes and when he gets tired of that impersonation, he has only to think of someone else and the plastic astral body obeys his commands...

‘He can be shown the answer to his question by making an image to float before his eyes. A living model (for it is living so long as our thought is concentrated upon it) is a great improvement on a wordy discourse...

‘Everyone when asleep spends these hours in the same world as the child who is dead... They are able to talk to the child and he to them, to play with him, to continue his education and so on... Often when parents are mourning over the death of a child, the one who is dead is standing by their side, trying in every way possible to communicate with them. To the child, the parents seem to be very dull and stupid at such times, for the child cannot realize that although he can see them, they cannot see him...

‘"Do children grow when they are living in the astral world?" This question is always difficult to answer, because if the child is asked, it usually answers: "Yes, I have grown quite a lot." As I have told you, the astral body does not grow after death, for though the child develops mentally and learns more, the body actually remains as it was when the child died... The child "thinks" it has grown; the plastic astral body immediately responds to that thought and for a time is bigger, but as soon as the thought is dropped, the body returns to its actual or usual size...

‘Although it is a fact that people do not grow in size on the astral plane, yet to those who cannot subscribe to this fact or find it difficult to understand, their illusions prove quite satisfactory.'

Children's Adult Body

*VftA* Children Getting Their Adult Body After Death:

Angels: "As a child leaves its body, its soul still reflects the size and shape and immature form of a child. However, a transformation begins upon entry into the tunnel that is completed after the life review. And with the completion of this transformation, the soul then possessed a body that you would call "adult," perfect and whole and made of light."

Astral Sun, Environment & Weather

The Environment(Macy): Astral worlds are typically clean, pure and well organized. There are no pests or predators. Climate is always spring-like with occasional precipitation in the form of glowing snowflakes or multicolored, shiny raindrops. The environment glistens. The temperature is very mild. Vegetation ranges from microscopic algae to giant trees.

No Factories, Bugs, or Filth(Medium): 1) You see, this is a real world, but it's not a material world. Therefore we don't have the material aspects like you do on earth. You don't get vast factories for instance. You don't get railways and stations, and thank God, you don't get all the noise, the filth and the dirt.

2) If I were to say to you that my life here is not unlike my life on Earth, you'd probably be very horrified! But it happens to be perfectly true, and I've no regrets about it whatsoever. One still writes, one still continues. Our world in some senses, as no doubt you have heard, is very similar to your Earth. We have all manner of scenery which you are accustomed to, even more beautiful. Nature as you know nature exists here, but the worser aspects, or the more irritant aspects of nature are non-existent to us. For instance, we don't have the pests, such as flies, earwigs, and all the irritating things that nature concocts to annoy man. These things seem to have disappeared fortunately. We seem to have all the beauty and loveliness of nature without the petty irritants. No more swatting flies!

*AoaY* The Astral Universe - The Subtler Hiranyaloka:

"The astral world is infinitely beautiful, clean, pure, and orderly. There are no dead planets or barren lands. The terrestrial blemishes – weeds, bacteria, insects, snakes – are absent. The astral planets maintain the even temperature of an eternal spring, with occasional luminous white snow and rain of many-colored lights. Astral planets abound in opal lakes and bright seas and rainbow rivers."

*AD* Sun & Rain in the Beyond:

"In ‘the beyond,'" says a Guarani Indian from Brazil, "there is only clarity. It is always day and the sun always shines. Time goes by, time flows, and day never comes, nor does light. Eternal life is day. It is always day. It rains, there is rain, but the sun never goes away."

*HU* Heaven's Weather:

Sri Yukteswar describes the afterlife dimension as a world composed of "various subtle vibrations of light and color." Because it is more "vibrant with God's creative light" its weather is always pleasant, and its only climatic manifestations are occasional falls of "luminous white snow and rain of many-colored lights."

*LFS* Always Summer

"We don't have seasons here, so it is always fresh, green and bountiful." -James

Astral Gardens & Vegetation

*ASJ* The Third Astral Sphere- Fields & Woods:

To pass from this second sphere to the third... At once the scene that surrounded us started to dim and gradually gave place to a new one. Our surroundings were now quite different, for we were standing in an open space, surrounded by what appeared to be dozens of small woods or coppices. If you can imagine a gigantic park with trees everywhere, with glades and dells intermingled with the clumps of trees, it will help you to visualize the scenery. There is nothing quite like it in our world... In many cases the open spaces were several square acres in extent, varying from a glade measuring perhaps three acres to open spaces covering what I would estimate to be a fifty acre field... Everywhere there were flowering shrubs, while daffodils and forget-me-nots bloomed in profusion in the green grass. There were no houses to be seen at first, but later I saw odd houses, very large ones too, resembling the huge Halls or Manor Houses that one finds in England...

In many of these open spaces groups were congregated. We approached one of these groups and found that there were perhaps a hundred people watching an artist painting a picture, on a canvas that measured about fifty by thirty feet. (NOTE: Continues with the painter)

*LWU* The Fruit Orchard, Eating, Cleaning:

Our host led us into the orchard where I beheld many trees in a high state of cultivation, and in full fruit.... As I am now in an incorruptible world anything that is ‘unwanted' immediately returns to its own element. The fruit juice that I thought I had spilled upon myself had returned to the tree from which the fruit was plucked...

The various fruits that were growing were not only for those who needed some form of treatment after their physical death, but all enjoyed eating thereof for its stimulating effect. He hoped that, if I had no fruit trees of my own- or even if I had!- I should come as often as I liked and help myself. ‘The fruit is always in season,' he added, in great amusement, ‘and you will never find any of the trees without plenty of fruit upon them.' In response to my question as to how they grow, he replied that like so many other questions in this land, the answer was only possible from those of the higher realms, and even if we were told that answer, there is more than a strong possibility that we should not understand until such time as we, ourselves, went to dwell in those realms... Things provide a never-failing supply because they come from a neverfailing Source... I saw every kind of fruit known to man, and many that were known only in spirit.

*LWU* Flowers in the Spirit World:

One or two people were to be seen with both their hands placed round some of the blooms in almost a caressing manner...

By placing the hands, she said, round the flower so as to hold it in a sort of cup, I should feel the magnetism running up my arms. As I moved my hands toward a beautiful bloom, I found that the flower upon its stem moved towards me! I did as I was instructed, and I instantly felt a stream of life rushing up my arms, the whole a most delicate aroma was exhaled by the flower.

*RotOS* The Gardens in Heaven:

"I wish I could explain the beauty of the gardens. I've never seen flowers like the ones over there. They're so alive, you expect them to say hello." -Molly

*LWU* The Stream of Life & Flowers:

[Spirit flowers] are part of the immense stream of life that flows directly from [the Great Father], and that flows through every species of botanic growth. That stream never ceases, never falters, and it is, moreover, continuously fed by the admiration and love which we, in this world of spirit, gratefully shed upon such choice gifts of the Father.

*LWU* Pickable Flowers:

There are blooms, an plenty of them, that are expressly there to be picked, and many of us do so, taking them into our houses just as we used to do on earth, and for the same reason.

These severed flowers will survive their removal for just so long as we wish to retain them. When our interest in them begins to wane they will quickly disintegrate. There will be no unsightly withered remnants, for there can be no death in a land of eternal life. We simply perceive that our flowers have gone, and we can then replace them if we so wish.

*LWU* Sustaining the Region's Plant & Water Life:

Provided my wish remained constant for the garden to continue unaltered, and provided that I had affection for the flowers and grass and trees, the garden would respond to my thoughts and flourish under them. If I desired to alter the arrangement of the flower beds, and so on, I could easily ask some expert to come to my help- and he would be only too happy to do so...

The united thoughts of the inhabitants of the whole realm will sustain all that grows within it, the flowers, and the trees and the grass, and the water, too, whether of lake, river, or sea- for water is fully alive in the spirit world.

*SBtL* The Garden:

(A woman in Chicago:) I went to a garden that was filled with green grass and was lush with flowers and fruit trees. If someone picked an apple, for instance, the apple would grow right back.

I wandered through this garden, seeing other spirit beings like myself. Then I saw my sister! It was wonderful.

*AoaY* Astral Vegetation:

"Luminous raylike vegetables abound in the astral soils. The astral beings consume vegetables, and drink a nectar flowing from glorious fountains of light and from astral brooks and rivers. The God-created, unseen astral blueprints of vegetables and plants floating in the ether are precipitated on an astral planet by the will of its inhabitants. From the wildest fancy of these beings, whole gardens of fragrant flowers are materialized, returning later to the etheric invisibility. Although dwellers on the heavenly planets like Hiranyaloka are almost freed from any necessity of eating, still higher is the unconditioned existence of almost completely liberated souls in the causal world, who eat nothing save the manna of bliss."

*AD* Plants in Paradise:

Buddhists: This paradise is full of magnificent vegetation, including trees that change their appearance six times a year during six different seasons. There are other trees that display the dazzling glory of all six seasons simultaneously, and some that show red and blue lotuses in full bloom. The majestic tree known as the celestial coral tree also grows here. Even musical instruments grow on trees in this paradise. (Ibid, p. 51)

*SBtL* Journeying with the Being of Light to the Greenhouse:

(NOTE: This follows a life review during a NDE) The Being of Light was vibrating. As we moved upward, that vibration increased, and the sound emanating from the Being became louder and higher-pitched. We moved up through dense fields of energy that changed color from dark blue to a whitish blue, at which point we stopped. Then the Being's pitch lowered and we moved forward. Again, as in the first experience, we flew toward a range of majestic mountains, where we dipped down and landed on a plateau.

On this plateau was a massive building that looked like a greenhouse. It was constructed of large panes of glass that were filled with liquid in all the colors of the rainbow.

As we passed through the glass, we also passed through all of the colors contained in the liquid. These colors had substance to them and felt like fog off the ocean. They offered a slight resistance as we entered the room.

Inside were four rows of flowers, long-stemmed beauties with cup-shaped petals the consistency of silk. They were every color imaginable, and on each of them were drops of amber-colored dew.

Among these flowers were spirit beings wearing silver robes. These were not Beings of Light. I can best describe them as radiant earthlings. They moved up and down the rows of flowers, emitting some kind of power that caused the flowers to become brighter in color as they passed. These colors would leave the petals and beam through the panes of glass, sending back a rainbow of colors. The effect was like being in a room surrounded by ten thousand prisms.

I found this environment to be tremendously relaxing. The colors and surroundings combined with the humming vibration of the Being to erase stress...

The Being of Light moved close to me. "This is the feeling you are supposed to create in the centers..."

I became aware of the fragrance of the flowers. As I breathed in the scent, I heard a chant resonating throughout the building. A-L-L-A-H-O-M...

This chant made me aware of everything around me, and I began to breathe the fragrance deeply and observe everything with such intensity that it was almost as though I were bathing in it. A-L-L-A-H-O-M, A-L-L-A-H-O-M, went the chant, and I became more and more absorbed in my surroundings. As I did I began to vibrate at a speed equal to everything around me. I became one with everything around me and could experience everything. At the same time, everything was experiencing me. (NOTE: like visual range expansion! You experience what you entrain to. It's a communication, a communion.)

As I delved into this heavenly world, it also delved into me. There was an equality to the experience. Not only was I given a heavenly experience, I was giving one... I was an equal to all things there. I realized that true love and understanding make us all equals.

Astral Water

*RotOS* The Water in Heaven:

The rivers in spirit are of the purest water; each drop shines like a diamond. The higher the realm, the clearer the water.

*LFS* Bathing, Clarity-Making Water:

"We bathe frequently, not so much to cleanse ourselves, but because the waters are electromagnetically charged, and they stimulate our vibrancy and awareness. A bath here is to increase perceptions and light." -James

*LWU* Swimming in the Living Lake:

I noticed that the brook began to broaden out until it expanded into the dimensions of a fair-sized lake. We could see many groups of happy people gathered at the side of the water, some of whom were bathing...

All we needed for the purpose of enjoying a bathe was the necessary water in which to bathe! Nothing could be simpler. We were just to go into the water precisely as we were. Whether we could swim or not, was of no consequence...

I discovered that the water felt more like a warm cloak thrown round me than the penetration of liquid. The magnetic effect of the water was of like nature to the brook into which I had thrust my hand, but here the revivifying force enveloped the whole body, pouring new life into it. It was delightfully warm and completely buoyant. It was possible to stand upright in it, to float upon it, and of course, to sink completely beneath the surface of it without the least discomfort or danger... That the water was living one could have no doubt. It breathed its very goodness by its contact...

As I emerged the water merely ran away, leaving my clothes just as they were before. It had penetrated the material just as air or atmosphere on earth will do, but it had left no visible or palpable effect whatever. We and our clothes were perfectly dry!...

[The water] was as clear as crystal, and the light was reflected back in every ripple and tiny wave in almost dazzlingly bright colors. It was unbelievably soft to the touch...

*LWU* The Great Spiritual Ocean, the Weird Substance of the Spirit World:

We were soon walking along a beautiful stretch of open country with the grass like a green velvet carpet beneath our feet. There were no trees, but there were many fine clumps of healthy looking shrubs, and, of course, plenty of flowers growing everywhere. At length we arrived at some rising ground, and we felt that the sea must be beyond it. A short walk brought us to the edge of the grassland, and then the most glorious panorama of ocean spread out before us.

The view was simply magnificent. Never had I expected to behold such a sea. Its coloring was the most perfect reflection of the blue of the sky above, but in addition it reflected a myriad rainbow tints in every little wavelet. The surface of the water was calm... From where we were, I could see islands of some considerable size in the distance- islands that looked most attractive and must certainly be visited! Beneath us was a fine stretch of beach upon which we could see people seated at the water's edge, but there was no suggestion of over-crowding. And floating upon this superb sea, some close at hand- others standing a little way out, were the most beautiful boats... I wondered who could own these fine vessels, and Edwin told us that we could own one ourselves if we so wished. Many of the owners lived upon them, having no other home but their boat...

A short walk down a pleasant winding path brought us to a sandy seashore. Edwin informed us that it was a tideless ocean, and that at no place was it very deep by comparison with terrestrial seas... In common with all water in these realms, it was of a pleasantly warm temperature that could occasion no feelings of cold- or even chilliness- to bathers. It was, of course, perfectly buoyant... To bathe in its waters was to experience a perfect manifestation of spiritual force... (NOTE: Bit on sand here) Our little experiment with the sand led us to place our hands in the sea... As far as I could observe, it had no taste at all! It was sea more by virtue of its great area and the characteristics of the adjacent land than anything else. In all other respects it resembled the water of the brooks and lakes. In general appearance the whole effect was totally unlike the earthly ocean, due, among other things, to the fact that there was no sun to give its light from one quarter only and to cause that change of aspect when the direction of the sunlight changes... There are changes going on the whole time; changes of color such as man never dreamt of.

*LWU* A Spiritual River:

We followed a path that led for part of the way beside a brook, whose clear water sparkled in the light of the heavenly sun. As the water pursued its course it gave forth many musical notes that constantly changes and weaved themselves into a medley of the most dulcet sounds... It seemed to be almost like liquid crystal, and as the light caught it, it scintillated with all the colors of the rainbow. I let some of the water run over my hand, expecting it, by its very look, to be icy cold. What was my astonishment to find that it was delightfully warm. But still more it had an electrifying effect which extended from my hand right up the arm... When I withdrew my hand from the brook, I found that the water flowed off in flashing drops, leaving it quite dry!

*LWU* A Spiritual Yacht, Guiding the Boat:

She looked much the same as an earthly yacht, that is, externally...

Our first observations at close hand showed us that many devices and fittings that are essential to earthly ships were here absent. That indispensable adjunct, an anchor, for instance. There being no winds, tides, or currents in spirit water, an anchor becomes superfluous, though we were told that some boat-owners have them merely as an ornament and because they did not feel their vessels would be complete without them...

Our host told us that the power of thought is almost unlimited in the spirit world, and that the greater the power of any particular effort or concentration of thought the greater the results. our means of personal locomotion here is by thought, and we can apply that same means to what the earth world would call ‘inanimate objects'. Of course, in the spirit world nothing is inanimate, and because of this, then our thoughts can have a direct influence upon all the countless things of which the world of spirit is composed. Ships are meant to float and move upon the waters; they are animated by the living force that animates all things here, and if we wish to move them over the water we have but to focus our thoughts in that direction and with that intention, and our thoughts produce the desired result of movement...

We noticed that he guided the boat in the same manner, with a rudder operated by the wheel in the deck-house. That, he said was because he found it sufficient work to provide the movement of the boat. In time, if he wished, he could combine the two actions in one. But he much preferred to use the old method of steering by hand as it gave him physical work to do, which was, in itself, such a pleasure. Once having given motion to the ship, he could forget about it until he wished it to stop. And the mere wishing to stop, however suddenly o gradually, brought the vessel to a standstill...

The yacht was travelling through the sea with the most perfect, steady motion... The very movement through the water could be perceptibly felt, while the sounds from the gentle waves as the boat cut along made the loveliest musical notes and harmonies as the many colors of the disturbed water changed their tints and blends. We observed that in our wake the water quickly settled into its former state, leaving no appearance of our having passed through it. Our host handled his craft skillfully, and by increasing or diminishing its speed he could create by the different degree of movement of the water, the most striking alternations of color and musical sound, the brilliant scintillations of the sea showing how alice it was.

*IaTR* Astral Water:

My slow and gentle swimming has brought me to the shore of the lagoon of liquid light. Although this liquid light is water, so also it is far more. This is the light body of water — the metaphysical essence as opposed to its physical form. I emerge not even wet, and walk up a beach of fine gold sand. The trees and vegetation beyond the sand appear normal enough, until I notice the independent movement of limbs and leaves in the warm, quiescent, haunted air.

Astral Soil

*LWU* The Strange Qualities of Spiritual Soil:

There is soil, certainly, but it has not the same mineral constituents as that of the earth-plane, for it must be understood that life here is derived directly from the Great Source. The soil varies in color and density in different localities in just the same way as upon the earth-plane...

It is perfectly dry... I found that it ran off the hand in much the same way that fry sand will do. Its colors carry in a wide range of tones, but never does it approach the dark heavy look of earthly soil. In some places I is of fine granular formation, while in others it is composed of much coarser particles- that is, relatively coarser.

one of the unexpected properties of this soil is the fact that, while it can be taken into the hand and allowed to run from it smoothly and freely, yet when it is undisturbed it remains fully cohesive, supporting as firmly as the earthly soil all that is growing within it.

The color of the ‘earth' is governed by the color of whatever botanic life it supports... it is simply that the color of the soil is complementary to the color of the flowers and trees, and the result, which could not be otherwise, is that of inspiring harmony- harmony to the eye, harmony to the mind, and the most soothing musical harmony to the ear...

As we approach the dark regions the soil, such as I have described to you, loses its granular quality and its color. It becomes thick, heavy, and moist, until it finally gives place entirely to stones, and then rock. Whatever grass there is looks yellow and seared.

As we drew closer to the higher realms the particles of the soil becomes finer, the colors more delicate, with a hint of translucency. A greater degree of resilience is at once observable underfoot when walking upon the thresholds of these higher realms...

On close examination the fine soil reveals almost jewel-like qualities both of color and form. The particles are never misshapen, but conform to a definite geometric plan.

Ruth and I plunged our hands into some of the soil and allowed it to trickle through our fingers in a gentle stream. As it descended there issued from it the sweetest musical tones, as though it were falling upon some tiny musical instrument and causing the keys to produce a ripple of sound.

*LWU* Sand & the Weird Substance of the Spirit World:

[The sand] was never tiring to walk on. Although it had every appearance of sand as we had always known it, yet to the tread it was firm in consistency although soft to the touch of the hand. in fact, this peculiar quality rendered it more like well-kept lawns to walk on, so closely did the grains hold together. We took some handfuls of the sand, and allowed it to run through our fingers, and great was our surprise to find that it lacked every trace of grittiness, but seemed to the touch more akin to some smooth, soft powder. Yet examined closely it was undeniably solid. it was one of the strangest phenomena we had met so far. Edwin said... that if we chose to make a close scrutiny of all that we saw, whether it be the ground we walked on, the substance of which our house were made, or the thousand and one other objects that go to make up the world of spirit, we should be living in a state of continual surprise... Indeed, the great scientists of the earth-plane find, when they come to live in the spirit world, that they have a completely new world upon which to commence a fresh course of investigations...

*LFS* The Crystal Gravel:

"There are perfect crystal formations everywhere, as common as gravel is on earth. The sun strikes them and rainbow colors flash in all directions. Beautiful, breathtaking colors!" -James

Astral Roads & Thoroughfares

*LWU* Streets, Paths, and Grassy Thoroughfares in the Spirit World:

We have no roads as they are known on earth. We have broad, extensive thoroughfares in our cities and elsewhere, but they are not paved... We have no traffic, and our roads are covered with the thickest and greenest of grass, as soft to the feet as a bed of fresh moss. It is on these that we walk. The grass never grows beyond the condition of being well-trimmed, and yet it is living grass...

In such places where smaller paths are desirable, and where grass would seem unsuitable, we have such pavements as are customary in the earth world. But they are constructed of very different materials. The paving is, for the most part, a description of stone, but it is without the usual dull drabness of color. It closely resembles the alabaster-like material of which so many of the buildings are constructed. The colors vary, but they are all of delicate pastel shades.

This stone, like the grass, is very pleasant to walk upon, though, naturally, it is not as soft. But there is a certain quality about it, a certain springiness...

There is never, of course, any unsightly discoloration to be observed upon the surface of these stone walks... Often the pavements reveal a network of delightful designs formed by the use of different colored materials, and blending harmoniously with their immediate surroundings.

As one approaches the boundaries to the higher realms, the pavements become noticeably more translucent in character, and they seem to lose some of their appearance of solidity, though, indeed, they are solid enough!

When one draws near the boundaries of the lower realms, the pavements become heavy in appearance, they begin to lose their color until they look leaden and opaque, and they have the semblance of extreme solidity- almost like the granite of the earth-plane.

Round about our own individual homes we have lawns and trees and flower-beds, with trim garden paths of stone similar to that which I have just described to you. but of bare ‘earth' you would see little or none. Indeed, I cannot call to mind ever having seen any such bare plots.

Astral Activities & Recreation

*TDA* Entertainment in the Astral:

Don: "Do you have formal entertainments such as music and the arts..?"

Dr. Peebles: "Over here it's all the time, it's one big party but it's not a party of withdrawal and suppression of the senses, it's a party of heightening the senses- how are our senses heightened? -through contact, through intimacy, through party, through different points of view, a rapture of the differences... And the sense of being God, the sense of being divine, or alive, is heightened accordingly."

*LFS* Non-Competitive Play:

"The departed ones... even play, but without competition, just for the sheer joy of it." -James

*LWU* Spirit Recreations, Theater, The Futility of Earth Games, Non-Competition:

Many of us find our recreation in another form of work. In the spirit world we do not suffer fatigue either of body or mind, but to continue unremittingly in the pursuit of any one occupation, without any intermittent change, would soon produce feelings of mental dissatisfaction or unrest... We will exchange our present task for another form of work, we can cease work altogether and spend our time reclining in our homes or elsewhere; we can occupy ourselves in study; or we can engage ourselves in the amusing recreations that abound in these realms...

Intellectual recreation, which may take diverse forms, is amply provided for in the halls of learning, because learning can itself be a recreation...

I have already told you how vessels in the spirit world are propelled purely by the process of thought... Such proficiency is ultimately achieved, but we can test our progress and receive valuable aid in our endeavors by taking part in contests upon the water...

All rivalry is purely friendly... There are no prizes to be fought for and won. At the end of every race we shall be sure of the greatest help to make us more expert in the increasing and handling of our vessel's speed.

One particular diversion that finds a very considerable measure of favor with us here is that of dramatic representation of different kinds.

We have beautiful theaters..

Each theater of this realm is familiar to us by the type of play that is presented in it. The plays themselves are frequently vastly different from those that are customary upon the earth-plane... We can see many problem plays where social questions of the earth-plane are dealt with, but unlike the earth-plane our plays will provide a solution to the particular problem...

We can go see comedies where, I do assure you, the laughter is invariably much more hearty and volumous than is ever to be heard in a theater of the earth-plane. In the spirit world we can afford to laugh at much that we once, when incarnate, treated with deadly seriousness and earnestness!

We have witnessed grand historical pageants showing the greater moments of a nation, and we have seen, too, history as it really was... But surely the most impressive, and, at the same time, interesting experience is to be present at one of these pageants where the original participants themselves re-enact the events in which they were concerned, first as the events were popularly thought to have occurred, and then as they actually took place. These representations are among the most widely attended here, and never are there more attentive and rapt members of the audience than those players who, during their earthly lives, played the parts, in stage plays, of the famous characters whom they are now seeing ‘in the flesh'.

In such pageants the coarser, depraved and debased incidents are omitted entirely, because they would be distasteful to the audience, and, indeed, to all in this realm. Nor are we shown scenes which are, in the main incidents, nothing but battle and bloodshed and violence...

We have no need here to take bodily exercise, vigorous or otherwise, nor do we need to go out into the ‘fresh air'. Our spirit bodies are always in perfect condition...

As most outdoor games of the earth world involve the use of a ball, it will be appreciated that here, where the law of gravity operates under different conditions from yours anything in the nature of propelling a ball by striking it, would lead to quite hopeless results...

Many of our erstwhile earthly games seem rather tame and trivial beside our greatly increased powers in the spirit world. The fact that we can move ourselves through space instantaneously is enough to make the greatest earthly athletic skill receded into insignificance... we find that we have so much to learn, and learning is in itself such pleasure that we do not need the number or variety of recreations that you do... There is such a superabundant supply of vastly more entertaining things to be seen and done here, besides which a great deal of the earthly recreations appear sheer trivialities.

*RotOS* Activities in Heaven:

There's a grreat deal of activity in devachan. You'll be drawn toward the activity of interest to you. For example, if you wish to learn more about your earthly profession, there are teachers in spirit. Instruction is readily available.

*LWU* No Boredom:

Boredom can find no place here as a general state of affairs. People have been known to become bored, but that very boredom begets their first step- or their next step- in spiritual progression through their engaging in some useful work. There are myriads of tasks to be performed- and myriads of souls to perform them.

*ASJ* The Third Astral Sphere- Artists:

In many of these open spaces groups were congregated. We approached one of these groups and found that there were perhaps a hundred people watching an artist painting a picture, on a canvas that measured about fifty by thirty feet. They were obviously enthralled by what they were watching... The artist was not using brushes, but he had in his hand a long stick resembling a fishing rod and as he pointed the stick at different parts of the canvas, a picture appeared, first in rough outline than later in detail. As he painted, the artist spoke from time to time, explaining what he was creating...

Even in the picture galleries of this world, if one looks at a picture it often happens that one is able to feel something of what the artist has endeavored to express. Such feeling is emphasized a thousand times at the astral level, and looking at the great painting I knew without any shadow of doubt what this artist wished to express in colour and form.

*LWU* Continuation of Musical Talent in the Spirit World:

Ruth had never really recovered from her initial surprise when she first beheld the piano in her own home. She was an accomplished performer during her earth life, and she has since told us of the thrilling moment when she seated herself before her ‘spirit instrument.'.. The tone of her ‘spirit piano' was something that she could never have imagined possible, it was so perfectly balanced and of such ringing quality... She found that her dexterity had increased a hundredfold by her casting off her physical body, and that she had taken her technique with her to the spirit world. She further discovered that her hands, when applied to the instrument, just rippled along the keys without conscious effort, and that her memory was as sound as though she had the very music before her.

Always Something New(Medium): Here it is a world of absolute beauty, and there's the joy of progress in everything, the feeling of elation that comes with the realisation that all the time you're stepping forward. There's always something new, something more interesting, some new experience, some new place to go to, new people to visit, fresh arrivals coming over from the earth. People we have known and loved, helping them to settle, getting them interested in all sorts of things over here.

*VftA* Activities in the Astral:

Sandy: There is no need for food at this level of existence. We are sustained by the great light of which we are so inextricably a part...

Although we can merge with and experience anything imaginable, we do not become attached to the experience or out of balance as the result of it. Instead, it flows right through us like ripples on water.

There is a time here when every soul chooses what is next for it. There are infinite choices. Will you reincarnate on planet Earth? Will you spend time serving as a guide for someone still in a body? Will you spend more time here learning in the Heaven realm? Will you journey to other realities?

*CBtL* Eating for Enjoyment:

Although it is not necessary to eat here, people enjoy eating with their friends and create the food they like.

*LWU* No Fatigue, No Monotony:

Edwin suggested that we might like to sit on the grass beneath some fine trees and rest ourselves... We do not suffer bodily fatigue, but at the same time we do not continue endlessly at the same occupation; that would mean monotony, and there is no monotony here.

*ASJ* No Astral Competition:

There was no such thing as competition, as you only had to make a thought-form of beating your opponent for it to happen.

*ASJ* One's Recreation in the Astral After Death:

The Master: ‘As an example of what happens to a man after death, take the sort of person who lives entirely for the physical plane life...

‘After death a man of this type will probably be extremely bored and will have practically nothing to do. He will soon realize that making thought-forms of good dinners and intricate business deals becomes a very unsatisfactory method of killing time... He does not get the physical satisfaction to which he is accustomed after a good dinner with choice wines, though he can imagine and even appreciate the taste of dishes and wines which he used to have on earth. It is impossible for him to feel the same result after drinking alcohol that he felt during his lifetime, however much he may drink, and the feeling of repletion which follows a good dinner on the physical plane is entirely absent from the "astral" meal. Neither does he obtain much satisfaction from a successful business deal produced in his imagination, when he is unable to use the money so made... (NOTE: everything based on physical conditioning fails you there)

‘Similar dissatisfaction is experienced from his accustomed sports. In all probability he played golf; he can still play golf if he wishes, in his new life, but he soon tires of this, for every shot he makes goes to the exact spot he has in mind at the moment of striking the ball... you can easily imagine how boring such a game would soon become... The uncertainty was the charm of the game, and this no longer exists at the astral level.'

What People Do There(Macy): Some still sit around the campfire as they used to do in their (primitive) earth life. Others meet in modern halls of congress surrounded by technical equipment. They give lectures about life after physical death. Still others do not even know that they have died.

Astral Professions

*LWU* Working for the Enjoyment of It:

Imagine yourself in a world where no one works for a living, but where everyone works for the sheer joy of doing something that will be of service to others. Just imagine that, and you will begin to understand something of the life in spirit lands.

A great many earthly occupations have no application whatever to the spirit world... The need for physical subsistence no longer exists with them, and in place of it such people feel gloriously free to engage themselves in some new work. They need never wonder what they are fitted for; they will soon find something which attracts their attention and draws their interest. And it will not be long before they are joining their fellows in learning some new occupation, an thoroughly enjoying themselves...

It is very surprising how quickly efficiency is gained by the stimulus of desire. The ‘wish to do' becomes translated into the ‘ability to do' in a very short time...

All work is undertaken willingly, freely, for the love of doing it, for the pride in creating something, for the desire of being of service to one's fellow inhabitants and to the realm in general.

*RotOS* New Jobs After Death:

If a person has had a very exhausting illness, a short period of rest is often needed in order to recharge the astral body...

A year [after her death], Kathy very excitedly reported her new assignment. She had been placed in charge of a large group of babies.

...Her greatest love was children. There was no better person to handle this job.

*tAW* The Occupations of Astral Inhabitants:

Passing through the various sub-planes, and their divisions, on the Astral you notice a great variety of scenery, and a great difference in the character and occupations of the inhabitants. But, you notice one general characteristic underlying all of the differences, namely, the fact that all of these persons (astral dwellers) seem to be filled with an intense earnestness, and manifest a degree of concentration which gives to them an appearance of being preoccupied. This, often, to such an extent that they seem to be oblivious to our presence and passage through their midst, unless we address them directly...

*LWU* The Need for Recreation, Rotation of the Halls' Staff:

The moment we feel the need for a change of work or other diversion, we cease our work for the time being, and turn to whatever else we wish. The staffs of all the halls of learning are no different from others in this respect. They most certainly need change and recreation, and so we find that the staffs alternate in their personnel as occasion demands. As some retire others take their places.

*LWU* Teachers in the Halls of Learning:

Many of the people attached to the halls of learning have been there a great number of years as you reckon time. So devoted are they to their work that although they have progressed and virtually belong to a higher sphere, they prefer to remain where they are for some considerable period yet. They will retire, from time to time, to their own realm, and then return to take up their labors anew. The moment will eventually arrive when they will relinquish their position altogether to reside permanently in their own sphere, and then others, equally capable, will take their place... The pressure of work may fluctuate, as it does with you upon earth. When we have our great celebrations and visitants from the higher realms, it follows that large numbers of people will be present in the temple or elsewhere, and during that time there will be an appreciable diminution of some activities...

In the halls of rest, however, the doctors and nurses are always in attendance whatever else may be taking place in other parts of the sphere. Their devotion to duty is always instantly rewarded, for during the general celebrations of the realm, the illustrious visitors from the upper realms make a special journey to the rest homes where they personally greet every one of the staff.

Occupations In The Afterlife(Medium): 1) Bessie devoted herself in her present abode to the welfare of others. She was teaching the "wee ones" over there at her own school.

2) We all begin to merge until we are harmonious and in consequence we live in a condition of peace and quietude and harmony, where all and each can have his or her interest, such as it may be. I prefer to continue to write, because writing was, to a great extent, my life, and I am hoping to find a suitable instrument on your side if I can, whose mind will be sufficiently open that I might be able to transmit new plays, new works, new things of interest to help and enlighten humanity.

*HH2* Occupations in Heaven:

They are innumerable. Each society has its peculiar function. Each performs a use. Some societies take care of children, some train boys and girls, some teach different religions, some keep hell creatures away, some attend to the lower earth and the hells, and some tend those raised fromt eh dead. There are guardian angels, too. But actually it is the Lord doing all the work. They love their usefulness, not self or gain. They want the common good, their work corresponds to the USE of their work in the world.

*LWU* Deciding Your Path in the Spiritual World:

The sight of so much activity on the part of my fellow inhabitants of this realm had set my mind to thinking about my own future work and what form it could take... It was a sensation common to all, sooner or later- the urge to be doing something useful for the good of others... Edwin assured us that we could continue to go upon our explorations indefinitely if we so wished, and that none would criticize or comment upon our actions.

*LWU* All Done Willingly:

Every occupation and every task performed by the inhabitants of this and higher realms is done willingly, for the pure wish of doing so... There is no such thing as being compelled to undertake a task... We never want here for help and advice.

*ASJ* One's Work in the Astral After Death:

The Master: ‘Everything... is produced by thought. Life there can be one long holiday. We can devote ourselves to whatever we really desire to do and indulge in hobbies to our hearts' content.. There is nothing in the astral body which can tire...

‘To the man who during his lifetime thought of little else but business, the next life will tend to be rather dull at first, especially if he has been in the habit of loving money for its own sake... This type of man will have to develop some other interest if he is to be really happy in the next world... If he wishes, the lover of music can spend the whole of his time listening to the finest music the world can produce... he can meet the great musicians of the past- unless they have already reincarnated; he can see the mighty thought-forms which music on the physical plane produces in the finer matter of the astral world. Even though during his lifetime he was unable to play, he can now produce music by imagination...

‘It must not be supposed that they lose interest in their work because they have died. Far from it, now they create beautiful thought-forms, for they have no longer to use brushes and canvas to express their art... The thought-forms they create are just the same as pictures here, just as visible and much more beautiful... They often say: ‘If only I could express on canvas what my imagination pictures, but never does it come exactly right.' On the astral plane the pictures created are exactly what the artist perceives ad so the creations of their imagination there are more beautiful than the finest pictures to be found in the world.'

Astral Inhabitants

*tAW* Astral Inhabitants:

In travelling on the Astral, one meets with many strange inhabitants of that wonderful realm of Nature- some pleasant and others unpleasant. Some of these inhabitants have passed on from the material plane, while others have never dwelt there, these latter forms being natives of the Astral and peculiar to itself.

*VftA* The Beings in Heaven:

Sandy: Some of these beings seemed to be made of the same essence as I. Some were angelic or devic spirits, who were larger and somewhat brighter and less dense in nature. The light that shines from them is almost impossible to describe in Earth terms. it is somewhat like a waterfall of brilliant, sparkling, pulsating energy...

Anytime one being expresses love and thanksgiving on Earth, it is also felt and celebrated here.

Who Is There(Macy): Here in the mid-Astral planes there are a great variety of people-in-spirit. Worlds in the middle astral planes are shared by new arrivals from Earth, goblins, animals, fish, nature spirits, giants and spirit beings. Residents come from several planets and include gnomes, giants, dwarfs. About 60 billion humanoids live there. Children arriving on the astral planes are nurtured by loved ones who already live there. The children grow and develop to age 25-30. There are animal species unknown on Earth, including brightly colored birds and butterflies. New arrivals have the opportunity to get to know people-in-spirit of all ages of human history and to meet unfamiliar, intelligent beings of non-earthly origin. How readily a newcomer can accept the many new and unusual things is one factor determining how quickly he or she may move on to the subtler dimensions.

Astral Reunions

*LWU* The Glad Reunions:

The meetings with relations and friends are something that must be experienced in order to grasp the full significance and joy of reunion. Such meetings will only take place where there is mutual sympathy and affection... These gatherings will continue for some while after the arrival of the new resident. It is natural that in the novelty both of surroundings and condition some time should be spent in a grand exchange of news, and in hearing of all that has transpired in the spirit lived of those who have ‘predeceased' us.

Relationships in the Astral

*LWU* Meeting People in the Spirit World:

After we have been here a little while, and become accustomed to our new environment and mode of living, we find that we never intrude since we can read at once the mind of a person who wishes for a period of seclusion. And when we see people out in the open- in garden or countryside- we are always welcome to approach and hold friendly converse with them.

*ASJ* Relationships in the Astral:

The Master: ‘Such a man... will certainly tire of all the things that he has been doing... Then one day someone to whom he has been introduced will mention to him the opportunities that exist there for increasing one's knowledge...

‘There are others to whom these new interests have no appeal. They are usually the old married couples, who have developed a taste for domestic life. All they have ever aspired to was to have a home, a garden and to live a quiet life amongst their friends... Their happiness is dependent upon being together. They can carry on this type of life at the astral level, without any difficulty whatever. If the man dies first, he wanders round looking miserable and lonely at the hours when his wife is awake, and is there to meet her as soon as she gets out of her body... Now a thought produces just the things they desire, and frequently they think of wonderful labour saving appliances... They create in thought the required number of servants to do their bidding... Frequently they link up with pets they have had on earth, or adopt others.

‘The blissful state of the elderly couple just described is not as general as might be supposed. Men and women marry for various reasons...

‘It is through the inequality of the two people concerned that much knowledge and experience can be gained...

‘After death such people do not necessarily carry on their lives together; the man probably feels that he wishes to spend his time with greater minds than his own, whereas the woman... now wishes to sit back and take things easy for a time. Usually, after a short period of relative inactivity, she finds that the seeds sown during her lifetime have now brought forth a strong desire to continue the development already begun.'

*TDA* In Spirit, Differences Are Celebrated:

Dr. Peebles: "What you call death is birth into... a greater reality- where all differences are celebrated."

*LBD* Sociability in Heaven:

We become hermits when we bring an immoral disposition with us, and sociable beings if we possess a moral inclination.

*CBtL* Our Spiritual Family:

Most of us on Earth have a large spiritual family in the spirit world and while we may not be aware of these family members, they often intercede for us and support us from the other side.

Astral Marriages

*HH2* Marriages in Heaven:

Heavenly marriage between man and woman is a conjunction of two into one mind. Mind has two parts: understanding/truth/faith, and will/affection/the good of love. The man acts as understanding and the woman as will. It is cohabitation, and the two are called one angel. Divine good, the source of intelligence, wisdom, and happiness, flows chiefly into marriage love. What he wills is good to him. What he understands is true to him. Will is formed out of goods and understanding out of truths. Love and faith are conjoined. Truth and good are conjoined. Good is then good of truth and truth is truth of good, which is the same as thinking what he wills and willing what he thinks. Thought forms present in form that which the will wills and delights is. Truth and good mutually love each other more than any. Those in falsities have their interiors closed (NOTE: Monroe!). Infernal marriage- falsity and evil, which love each other and create hell. They unite in lustful desire and inwardly hate each other. Marriages occur only within the same society, for they have to be in like good and truth. Dominion over is opposite marriage. When one wills or loves what the other wills or loves, each has freedom. In hell is the delight of adultery.

Astral Equivalent of Sex

*TDA* Astral Sex:

Don: "Is there anything there that corresponds to physical sex?"

Dr. Peebles: "Yes... It is walking into the center of another being... You would just walk over here and uh, ‘Hi, Dr. Peebles' and you'd just step right into me. And I would not feel invaded, I'd feel expanded. Indeed, in this particular vibration no permission is requested, it's a constant activity like breathing, people are walking in and out of each other all the time. When you become part of another being, inside them, your vibration feels different. Again, enjoying the differences rather than fearing them... When you come to sexuality, you love the difference more than ever... So there's no orgasm, it doesn't become delayed to a moment of time, you see. It's a constant bliss."

*CBtL* Sex on Marduk:

Spirit communicators say... sex does indeed exist there; but without pregnancy.

*ASJ* Astral Sex:

‘Is there any sex relationship at your level after you've dropped the physical body?'...'Well yes, there is, of a kind, and I think most people indulge in it, but it's not quite the same thing as on the physical plane. One leads up to things in the same way.'

Astral "Birth"

*AoaY* Astral Birth:

"No one is born of woman; offspring are materialized by astral beings through the help of their cosmic will into specially patterned, astrally condensed forms. The recently physically disembodied being arrives in an astral family through invitation, drawn by similar mental and spiritual tendencies."

Astral Food

Food, Sex & Breathing(Macy): There is no real need to eat, as we breathe in our nourishment. The astral body absorbs everything it needs for its health and well-being from its surroundings. There is no need for sex, of course, as there is no pregnancy in spirit. Still, sex as well as eating can be enjoyed in the astral planes by those who made it a major part of their lives while on Earth. Eventually there will be more important things to do.

(HU) In describing the hereafter, one child said that food appeared whenever she wished for it, but there was no need to eat. Even the symbolic language of the psyche is given "objective" form.

Sri Yukteswar says that individuals who live in this wondrous realm can materialize any body they want and can "see" with any area of their body they wish. They can also materialize any fruit or other food they desire, although they "are almost freed from any necessity of eating" and "feast only on the ambrosia of eternally new knowledge."

*LFS* Eating in Summerland:

"We do eat, but not as often or the heavy foods of the earth plane. My love of fruit has allowed me to partake of many varieties I've never known before. Honey-sweet and juicy, I find the fruits filling and comforting. I don't seem to have any need here for protein or starches. But, I still love my sweets! They are available whenever the urge hits me. You know how I loved chocolate!" -James

Astral Clothing

*LWU* Spirit Robes:

I observed that most of the people waiting in the gardens were not habited in their earth clothes... They had the right to wear their spirit robes by virtue of the fact that they were inhabitants of this realm we were now in... All outward appearances are produced, not by the texture of the material, but by the kind and degree of light that is the essence of a spirit robe. Those that we now saw were in ‘flowing' form and of full length, and the colors- blue and pink in varying degrees of intensity- seemed to interweave themselves throughout the whole substance of the robes...

Edwin suggested that, for our present purposes, we might change to our natural element in the matter of clothes...

Immediately I had expressed the wish to follow Edwin's suggestion of discarding my earthly style of clothes, those very clothes faded away- dissolved- and I was attired in my own particular spirit robe.

*LWU* Crossover Clothing, Spirit Robes:

The great majority wake up in these realms dressed in the counterpart of the clothes they wore when upon the earth-plane at the time of their transition... They may remain so attired for just as long as they please... Then they can change to their spirit clothing if they so wish. Most people are only too glad to make the change, since their old earthly style of clothing looks very drab in these colorful realms...

Spirit robes vary in themselves almost as much as the realms vary. There always seems to be some subtle difference between one person's spirit robe and another's, both in color and form, so that there is an endless variety in the two particulars of color and form alone.

All spirit robes are of full length; that is, they reach down to the feet. They are sufficiently full to hand in graceful folds, and it is these very folds that present the most beautiful shades and tones of color by the effect of what on earth would be called ‘light and shade'...

Many people will be found wearing a girdle or sash around the waist. Sometimes these will be of material, sometimes they appear to be of gold or silver lace... In all cases of the latter, they are rewards for services performed. No possible conception can be formed of the superlative brilliance of the golden or silver girdles that are worn by the great personages from the higher realms. They are usually adorned with the most beautiful of precious stones, fashioned in various shapes, and mounted in beautifully wrought settings... The higher beings, too, will be seen to be wearing the most magnificent diadems as brilliant as their girdles...

There is an enormous wealth of spirit love behind the whole subject of spirit adornments, but one fact can be plainly stated: all such adornments must be earned...

We may wear what we like upon our feet, and most of us prefer to wear a covering of some sort. It usually takes the form of a light shoe or sandal. I have seen numbers of people here who have a predilection for going barefooted, and they do so...

Our clothing possesses the same vibrational rate as the wearer. The higher one progresses the higher this rate becomes, and consequently dwellers in those elevated spheres will take on an unimaginable tenuousness both of spirit body and clothing... (NOTE: Is this just the perspective from below, since being unadjusted would be to see everything as invisible?)

We seldom wear any covering upon our heads. I do not remember seeing anything of the sort anywhere in this realm.

*BDL* What Astral Beings Wear:

Here they wear robes, but not always... Sometimes you will see someone with the shape of a body and they'll appear to have clothing on, but they'll be rather white and transparent looking. Or sometimes if they wish to look more solid, they do.

Looms & Cloth(EbtL): Women were weaving on large, ancient-looking looms. The cloth was like a mixture of spun glass and spun sugar. It shimmered and sparkled as it moved, almost as if it were alive. It was opaque on one side and see-through on the other. This was clothing for those coming into the spirit-world from earth.

*H&H* Angelic Garments:

Angels have garments which correspond to their intelligence. From less intelligence up they are: white, glittering like flame, sparkling with light, then naked. Nakedness represents innocence. Angles put on garments and take them off. Garments change according to the state of the angels.

*LFS* Spiritual Clothing:

"I've even added a couple of new garments to my wardrobe. In addition to favorite pants and shirts, I now have several long, flowing, robe-like garments of a silky-soft material, mostly whites and silvery blue. Clothing never soils here, so we don't need much, just a few for variety." -James

Astral Breathing

*CJ* No Breathing:

"It's different here... The atmosphere is so unusual... You don't breathe here the way we breathe on earth... here is seems as if there is something in the atmosphere that energizes you without breathing."

Astral Sleep & Dreams

*LWU* The Rejuvenating Sleep, Instantaneous Travel, Supreme Well-Being of Feeling:

His best advice was that I should have a thorough rest, during which time he would leave me. If, when I was quite refreshed, I would send out my thought to him, he would receive it and return to me at once. So, making myself ‘comfortable' upon a couch, I sank into a delightful state of semi-sleep, in which I was fully conscious of my surroundings, yet at the same time I could feel a downpouring of new energy, which coursed through my whole being. I could feel myself becoming, as it were, lighter, with the last traces of the old earth conditions being driven away forever.

How long I remained in this pleasant state, I have no knowledge, but eventually I fell into a gentle slumber from which I awoke in that state of health which in the spirit world is perfect. I at once remembered my friend's proposal, and I sent out my thoughts to him. Within the space of a few seconds of earth time he was walking in through the door... If we think ourselves into a certain place we shall travel with the rapidity of that thought, and that is as near instantaneous as it is possible to imagine...

It is impossible to convey, even in a small measure, this exquisite feeling of supreme vitality and well-being. When we are living upon the earth-plane we are constantly being reminded of our physical bodies in a variety of ways- by cold or heat, by discomfort, by fatigue, by minor illnesses, and by countless other means. Here we labor under no such disabilities. By that I do not mean that we are just unfeeling logs, insensible to all external influences, but that our perceptions are of the mind, and that the spirit body is impervious to anything that is destructive... If we should feel coldness in some particular and definite circumstances, we undergo that sensation with our minds, and our spirit bodies in no way suffer... In the realm of which I am now speaking, all is exactly attuned to its inhabitants- its temperature, its landscape, its many dwellings, the waters of the rivers and streams, and, most important of all, the inhabitants one with another.

*PotAB* The Sleep of Astral Bodies:

Astral beings sleep and dream even as you and I; the astral body is the dream body; we must not forget that.

Astral Fame

*LWU* Spiritual Reversal of Fortune:

Many, who were great upon earth, found themselves very small in spirit. And many, who were unknown upon earth, found themselves here so spiritually well known as to be almost overcome by it.

*LWU* No Earthly Fame in Heaven:

I was told that many people, whose public favor was considerable when they were incarnate, discovered, when they had shed their earthly bodies, that their fame and high favor had not preceded them into the world of spirit. Gone was the admiration which had been their common everyday experience. It naturally saddened such souls to leave behind them their earthly prominence, and it gave them something of a sense of loneliness, the more so when, in addition, the earth world quickly forgot all about them.

*LWU* Spiritual Fame:

Fame in the spirit word is vastly different from fame in the earth world. Spiritual fame carries with it distinctions of a very different order from the earthly distinctions, and it is gained in one way only- in service to others...

The great, who have gained their greatness through the various expressions of their genius, consider themselves but the lowly units of a vast whole, the immense organization of the spirit world. They are all striving- as we are too- for the same purpose, and that is spiritual progression and development.

Astral Privacy

*LWU* Privacy:

Discretion is something we soon learn to exercise, and it is embodied in our never prying into the facts and circumstances of other people's earthly lives. That does not mean to say that we are debarred from discussing our earthly lives, but the initiative always comes from the person concerned. If he wishes to tell anyone of his life on earth he will ever find a sympathetic and interested ear awaiting him.

Astral Honesty

*WANF* Honesty on the Other Side:

"On the other side you cant run away from yourself. You have to face up to yourself."

Astral Pets & Animals

*LWU* An Island a Spiritual Sea, Fearless Birds:

The island certainly came up to our expectations in its scenic beauty. There were not many dwellings upon it; those that were to be seen were more summer-houses than anything else. But the great feature of the place was the number of trees, none of them very tall, but all were of particularly vigorous growth. And in the branches we could see scores of the most wonderful birds, whose plumage presented a riot of color. Some of the birds were flying about, others- the larger variety- were walking majestically along the ground. But all of them were unafraid of us. They walked with us as we strolled along, and when we held up our hands, some small bird would be sure to perch upon our fingers. They seemed to know us, to know that any harm coming to them was an utter impossibility...

And all the while they were singing and twittering in a symphony of sound. It was never wearying, in spite of the quantity of sound that was going on, because in some extraordinary fashion the musical sounds blended with each other...

We strolled on through delightful groves, past the musical murmuring of the many brooks, through glades of velvet grass, as in an absolute fairyland of nature... We were told that this part of the island was exclusive to the birds, and that no other form of animal life intruded upon them. Not that there was any fear or danger that they would come to harm, because that would be impossible, but because the birds were happier with their own kind.

*ASJ* Birds on the Fourth Astral Sphere:

Between lives, birds return to this fourth sphere, in the same way that animals inhabit the sixth and seventh spheres, when they are awaiting their return to the world.

Animals/Pets(Medium): 1) I even got a pet. I call her Matilda, that's what I call her. I call her so because she's a beautiful girl. She was a big cat when she was on your side, but she's three-four times bigger over here. I guess it is love that makes her that big, you know. She talks to me too! But she don't talk with her mouth, she talks with her mind, and I knows what that girl thinks.

*LFS* Animals, Pets in Summerland:

"I have two ‘pets' now. A little white dove often sits on my shoulder, softly cooing, when I'm sitting in my garden. She seems absolutely without fear... We don't seem to have any insects or bugs here...

"I found a black and white kitten on the path awhile ago. He reminds me of Blackjack, so that's what I call him. He seems to love to hide under the bushes and jump out at me. He sleeps on the foot of my sleeping lounge, and is a lot of company. This morning I was almost sure he said, ‘Good morning, James', but maybe it was just my imagination." -James


"Speaking of pets, most everyone here seems to have a special companion, usually a beloved pet that had passed over while the individual was still on earth...

"Animals here are never noisy, rowdy, messy or pests. I've only seen cats and dogs and an occasional bird as personal companions...

"Not all teachers come to us as humans, or as angels. Animals are teachers, also... As long as the love is experienced, the cord remains, connecting one with the other in spite of the animal having left the body. Often the pet will stay close to the human master, acting like a protector and spiritual guide." -James

*ASJ* The Life of Animals in the Astral:

The Master: ‘There is a considerable difference between the life of an animal in the astral world and that of a human being. In the case of the former, it seldom inhabits spheres of that world higher than the third, for the life that a man lives on the higher spheres has little interest for an animal, and only in exceptional cases does a human being take a favourite animal with him when he passes to the higher spheres. An animal certainly has a short sojourn at the astral level after each physical life has been lived, but it does not usually last for more than ten to fifteen years at the most. When the time comes for the group soul, of which the animal is a part, to reincarnate in new animal bodies, the animal entities which have been living separate existences at the astral level, are again drawn back into the group soul and their separate identities at once cease to be. The group soul, when its various parts return to it, it coloured by the experiences of those several parts, and the life-force of which the group soul is made up then splits itself into sections again, each section inhabiting a new animal entity...

‘Those few years that an animal spends in the astral world are always happy... In the astral world you never see a dog ask for food... Many humans continue to eat and drink after death, merely because they have formed the habit of so doing. A dog or a cat only eats when it is hungry and seldom from greed. A dog of the hunting species has during its life been trained to hunt; after death it continues to do so. Its instinct is to look for its quarry and that very looking is in itself a thought, so a quarry immediately appears and the dog at once chases it. Whether it catches it or not is of little importance, for the quarry which is only a thought-form cannot be killed in the ordinary sense of the word...

‘A horse which during its lifetime has been a favourite hack of a natural lover of horses soon finds another owner with a similar love of his kind and the same routine goes on with benefit and pleasure to both horse and rider... There are rare cases where the affection between a human being and his pet is so strong that... the entire group soul, consisting of two dogs or two cats for example, has two or three consecutive lives in the same household. In this way the time when individualization can take place is often considerably shortened.'

*CBtL* Animals on the Astral:

On the astral plane, animals, too, are cared for by either their owners who have died or people who love animals.

*CBtL* Pets:

Just as our spirit realities wait for us, so often do our family pets- if a bond of love has been formed. Pets are often taken in by our spirit relatives and if the pet wishes to see us that wish is granted.

Creating Astral Objects

*LWU* Building Boats, Houses:

He told us that a boat was evolved under precisely the same conditions as our spirit houses, or any other buildings. A prerequisite is that we must earn the right to possess it...

The task of actually constructing a craft is highly technical, and the methods of the spirit world, so entirely different from those of the earth-plane, have to be mastered... We can form in our minds, when on earth, the shape of something we long to have- a garden, a home, or whatever it may be. It will then be a thought-form, and will be converted from that into actual spirit substance by the help of experts.

*LWU* Building and Changing Spiritual Buildings:

Although these fine halls of learning have every suggestion of permanency, they could be demolished if it were considered expedient or desirable to do so. In some cases it has been so considered. Such buildings have been removed, and others have taken their place....

Those who dwell in the high realms are fully aware long before it happens, of what is to take place upon the earth-plane...

Dire calamities of the earth-plane necessitate the building of more and ever more halls of rest in the spirit world. That is one occasion- and perhaps the greatest- for the changes that are always taking place here...

Sometimes the wish is expressed by a great number of souls for an extension to be made to one of the halls of learning. There is seldom any difficulty about such a desire, since it is in no sense a selfish one, because it will be there for all to use and enjoy...

As soon as some new building is desired, the ruler of the realm is consulted... Knowing, as he does, so intimately, the needs and wishes of all in his realm there never arises a case where some building is required for the use and service of all but that the wish is granted. The ruler then transmits the request to those in authority above him, who in turn refer it to those still higher. We then foregather in the central temple in the city where we are received by one whose word is law...

Within the space of a few earthly minutes our request has been stated, and the permission- with a gracious blessing accompanying it- has been granted...

The next step is to consult the architect, and it may be readily imagined that we have a host of masters upon whom we can draw without limitation... These good men collaborate in a way that would be almost impossible upon the earth-plane... Each is more than happy and proud to serve with the other...

After the plans for the new buildings have been drawn up in consultation with the ruler of the realm, there is a meeting of the master-masons...

The masons, and one other, are the only people concerned in the actual construction...

The addition which was being made to eh library consisted of an annex...

The act of building in the spirit world is essentially an operation of thought...

The ruler of the realm stepped forward a few paces, and, with his back toward us, but facing the site upon which the new wing was to arise, he spoke a brief but appropriate prayer. In simple language he asked the Great Creator for His help in the work they were about to undertake.

His prayer brought an instantaneous response, which was in the form of a bright beam of light that descended upon him and upon those gathered immediately behind him...

All eyes were now turned upon that vacant spot beside the main building, to which we noticed that a second beam of light was passing directly from the ruler and the masons. As the second beam reached the site of the annex it formed itself into a carpet of coruscation upon the ground. This gradually grew in depth, width, and height, but it seemed, as yet, to lack any suggestion of substance. it matched the main building in color, but that was all so far.

Slowly the form gained in size until it reached the required height. We could now see plainly that it matched the original structure in general outline, while the carved devices similarly corresponded.

While it was in this state the architects approached and examined it closely. We could observe them moving within it, until at length they passed from view. They were gone but a moment when they returned to the ruler with the report that all was in order.

Edwin explained to us that this rather ghostly edifice was in reality an adumbration of the finished structure, shaped in exact facsimile before an intensification of thought was applied to produce a solid and completed building. Any mistake or fault would be detected when the building was in this tenuous state, and corrected at once...

The downstream of light now became very much more intense, while the horizontal stream from the ruler and his collaborators assumed, after the lapse of a minute or two, a similar degree of intensity. We could now perceive the nebulous form acquiring an unmistakable appearance of solidity as the concentration of united thought laid layer upon layer of increased density upon the simulacrum.

From what I observed it seemed to devolve upon the ruler to supply to each of the masons just that quantity and description of force that each required upon his separate task. he acted, in fact, as a distributive agent for the magnetic power that was descending directly upon him. This split up into a number of individual shafts of light of different color and strength, which corresponded with his direct appeals to the Great Architect... The masons themselves seemed to work with a complete unanimity of concentration, since the building attained full solidity with a remarkable degree of evenness.

After what appeared to Ruth and me a very short period, the building ceased to acquire any further density, the vertical and horizontal rays were cut off, and there stood before us the finished wing, perfect in every detail, an exact match and extension to the main edifice, beautifully alike in color and form, and worthy of the high purpose to which it was to be devoted.

*CJ* Building With the Mind:

ROMC: "Dad was very creative on earth, and loved to build. Now he tells me that he builds with his mind. He has created a place to live... It's not necessary to have a place to live, but if one wants to create a thought-form, it's possible to do so."

*CJ* Creating An Energy Form on the Blue Level:

ROMC: "They are more or less human in form. But they are very tall and are pure energy, with shimmering color. They seem to be pulsating, just as the rest of the atmosphere is. I can look right through these forms...

"There is something taking place in the courtyard. I can hear some vibrations, like music. The beings seem to be working on something. They are building an energy form. They're around a big ball. They seem to be building it but not touching it.

"I can see funny bursts of light leaving their heads towards each other, like zigzags of energy going back and forth between them...

"I'm being told that the sounds I hear- what I thought was music- are the different levels of their thought energy...

"I'm being told that I can pick up their thoughts as sound and color because I'm of a different dimension. They pick it up directly...

"This dimension works strictly on a nonmaterial energy level."

Visitations from Higher Planes

*LWU* A Visitation, The Crystal Temple, Toning of Light:

Edwin recalled to our minds the great building in the center of the city, by telling us that very shortly there would be a visitation from a being of the higher realms, and for which many would be forgathering in the domed temple... Our visitant would bring with him not only his own radiance, but the radiance of the heavenly sphere which he graced...

As we drew close to the temple we could already feel ourselves being, as it were, charged with spiritual force. Edwin told us that this was always the case because of the immense power, brought by the higher visitants, which remained undiminished within a wide circle of the temple. It was for this reason that the temple stood completely isolated, with no other buildings near it. Gardens alone surrounded it- a great sea of flowers, extending, it almost seemed, as far as the eye could see, and presenting such a galaxy of brilliant color, in great banks and masses, as the earth could never contemplate. And arising from all this were the most heavenly sounds of music and the most delicate perfumes, the effect upon us being that of pure exaltation of the spirit. We felt that we were lifted up above ourselves right out into another realm.

The building itself was magnificent. It was stately; it was grand; it was an inspiration in itself. It appeared to be made of the finest crystal, but it was not transparent. Massive pillars were polished until they shone like the sun, while every carving flashed its brilliant colors until the whole edifice was a temple of light. Never did I think such scintillations possible, for not only did the surfaces reflect the light in the ordinary way, they gave out a light of their own that could be felt spiritually...

Above us was the great dome of exquisitely wrought gold, which reflected the hundreds of colors that shone from the rest of the building... We could hear the sounds of music, but whence it came I knew not... The music was evidently provided by a large orchestra- of strings only...

The sanctuary, which was of spacious dimensions, was filled with many beings from higher realms, with the exception of a space in the center, which I guessed was reserved for our visitant... Then, before our eyes, there appeared first a light, which might almost be described as dazzling, but as we concentrated our gaze upon it we immediately became attuned to it, and we felt no sensation of spiritual discomfort. In point of fact- as I discovered alter- the light really became attuned to us; that is to say, it was toned down to accord with ourselves and our realm... In the center there slowly took shape the form of our visitant. As it gained in density we could see that he was a man whose appearance was that of youth- spiritual youth... His countenance shone with transcendental beauty; hie hair was of gold, while round his head was a lustrous diadem. His raiment was of the most gossamer-like quality, and it consisted of a pure white robe bordered with a deep band of gold, while from his shoulders there depended a mantle of the richest cerulean blue, which was fastened upon his breast with a great pink pearl... We remained standing and silent while our thoughts ascended to Him Who sent us such a glorious being. We sent our thanks and we sent our petitions...

Not for long could I have remained in that temple while he was there without undergoing the almost crushing consciousness that I was low, very, very low upon the scale of spiritual evolution... And yet I knew that he was sending out to me, as to us all, thoughts of encouragement, of good hope, of kindness in the very highest degree, that made me feel that I must never, never despair of attuning to the highest spiritual realm...

With a final benediction upon us, this resplendent and truly regal being was gone from our sight.

We remained seated for a while, and gradually the temple began to empty.

*LWU* The Chance to Return to the Body:

[The Egyptian's] words to me filled me with joy even as they left me filled with wonder: ‘My beloved master,' he said, ‘whom you have just seen, bids me tell you that your prayer is answered, and that you shall have your desire. Fear not, for promises that are made here are always fulfilled.'

The Astral Reflection of the Akashic Records

*tAW* The Astral Light Records Are a Reflection of the Akashic, Kept Elsewhere:

The real records of the past- the great Akashic Records- really exist on a much higher plane than the Astral, and that which you have witnessed is but a reflection (practically perfect, however) of the original records.

*tSD* The Recorders of the Divine Astral Light:

The Lipi-ka, from the word lipi, "writing" means literally the "Scribes." Mystically, these Divine Beings are connected with Karma, the Law of Retribution, for they are the Recorders or Annalists who impress on the (to us) invisible tablets of the Astral Light, "the great picture-gallery of eternity"- a faithful record of every act, and even thought, of man, of all that was, is, or ever will be, in the phenomenal Universe... As it is the Lipika who project into objectivity from the passive Universal Mind the ideal plan of the Universe, upon which the "Builders" reconstruct the Kosmos after every Pralaya. (NOTE: Are these pralayas momentary? Then all is destroyed, the recreated from the akashic record? And thus karma is the cause of motion more than anything else.)


Lipikas, the Recorders of the Karmic ledger, make an impassible barrier between the personal Ego and the impersonal Self... They circumscribe the manifested world of matter within the Ring "Pass-Not."

*K* The Astral Akashic Reflection:

It is the reflection of these akashic images that may be thrown upon the screen of astral matter by the action of the trained attention... so that a scene from the past may be reproduced in all its living reality, correct in every detail... and lived in by the trained Seer.

Astral Time & Events

Script: Perhaps break this into two sections.
*LWU* Lack of Earth's Means of Measuring Time:

Here there is no night and day by the alternation of which time can be measured. It is perpetual day... Neither do we have the many other indications of time that force themselves upon the earthly consciousness- such, for example, as hunger and fatigue...

With the absence of earth-time in the spirit world, our lives are ordered by events... I do not refer now to incidental occurrences, but to what, on earth, would be regarded as recurrent happenings. We have many such events here.

*VftA* Heavenly Time and Space:

Sandy: Time and Space are very different here. Everything is happening at once. You simply move your focus from one thing to another to experience anything you wish. If you have a desire to create something, say a painting or music, you can just visualize it or hear it and it springs into existence immediately. And as your vision changes, those changes are instantly reflected in the new creation before you. Everything flows effortlessly from one form into another with ease and grace...

The space you call Heaven is really everywhere, intermingled with your space, only at a different frequency... All space is one. That is why everything you do in your reality affects everything in every other reality. That is why everything we do here affects you there in the same way.

*CBtL* Marduk Holidays:

Salter: "Although the New Year's celebration has lost its meaning for us, many people here still celebrate it along with you in memory of their life on Earth." Similarly, other messages from Timestream have indicated that like New Year's people in spirit enjoy celebrating birthdays and other special occasions with their families on Earth.

*AoaY* Astral Celebrations:

"Beauty in the astral world is known to be a spiritual quality, and not an outward conformation. They have the privilege, however, of costuming themselves at will with new, colorful, astrally materialized bodies. Astral beings find occasions to bedeck themselves in specially designed forms."

"Joyous astral festivities on the higher astral planets like Hiranyaloka take place when a being is liberated from the astral world through spiritual advancement, and is therefore ready to enter the heaven of the causal world. On such occasions the Invisible Heavenly Father, and the saints who are merged in Him, materialize Themselves into bodies of Their own choice and join the astral celebration. In order to please His beloved devotee, the Lord takes any desired form. The individuality with which the Creator has endowed each of His creatures makes every conceivable and inconceivable demand on the Lord's versatility!"

*LBD* The Day/Night In/Out Cycles Continue:

In the second half of the life between death and a new birth things still proceed in a rhythmic and cyclical way. We must still distinguish between periods when the soul lives in an outer world, in which it perceives its previous friends, relations, ideals and so forth in an outward, objective way; and periods when it is removed from them and experience them only inwardly. (NOTE: Clicking back and forth between what is out there and what we take in.)

Center Ring Events: The Signal(MJooB): There is a periodic occurance everywhere in Locale 2. In the midst of normal activity, there is a distant Signal, almost like heraldic trumpets. Everyone takes the signal calmly and stops their activities. It is the signal that He (or They) is coming through His Kingdom. There is no awestruck prostration, but all are matter-of-fact, and all comply. At the signal, all lie down, his impression is on their backs with their bodies arched to expose their abdomens, with head turned to one side so that they do not see him as he passes by. This abdomen-bearing is a sign of faith and complete submissiveness. The purpose seems to be to form a living road over which He can travel. There is no movement or thought as He passes by. As he passes, there is a roaring musical sound and a feeling of radiant, irresistable living force of ultimate power that peaks overhead and fades in the distance. I have gleaned the idea that occasionally he will select someone from this bridge and that person is never heard from again. After his passing, everyone returns to their normal activites without comment of it.

*IaTR* Time is A Concept Here, Determined By Growth:

The sun is setting. Is that possible? This truly is a timeless realm. A day is a concept here; there is not time. (NOTE: Yes!!! Neat! Dependent on learning/change.)

Astral Light & Temperature

*tSD* Astral Light:

Its prototype is present in an ideal form in the Astral light from "Dawn" to "Night."

*TBD* Astral Light:

From Orientation To The Existence Between:

"There is a constant twilight, gray as the predawn autumn sky, neither day nor night. That kind of between can last for one, two, three, four, five, six, or seven weeks- up to forty-nine days." (NOTE: Probably the lower astral or etheric)

*TtE* The Lord's Appearance in the First Heaven:

"In the lowest or first heaven, the Lord does not appear as a sun..., but only as a light which far surpasses the light of the world." -Swedenborg, Arcana Coelestia

4) I stood there in this gorgeous meadow and I remember that the light there was different from the light here on earth. Though it was not that brilliant white light in which I was involved, it was a more beautiful light. There was a goldenness to this light. I remember the sky was very blue. I don't recall seeing the sun. The colors were extrordinary. The green of the meadow was fantastic. The flowers were blooming all around and they had colors that I had never seen before. I was very aware that I had never seen these colors before and I was very excited about it. I thought I had seen all colors. I was thrilled to death of the beauty that was incredible. In addition to the beautiful colors, I could see a soft light glowing within every living thing. It was not a light that was reflected from the outside from a source, but it was coming from the center of this flower. Just this beautiful soft light. I think I was seeing the life inside of everything.

When I finished looking at this exquisite beauty, I started to walk. I had only taken a few steps before I saw that there was in front of me a hill, a low hill. (Arthur had a hill, too, and me, always!)

*VftA* Heavenly Light:

Sandy: There is always light here. This light cannot only be seen, but also felt as love. Its source is God. It fills everything there is.

*CtL* NDE- Internal Light in the Astral:

"I was in a beautiful place with flowers and rainbows, where everything was white like it had its own light."

*CBAP* Sunless Sun:

Case No. 690: "I have had several ‘astral' journeys, being brought back to earth with a ‘jolt.' One was very beautiful. I was in a large area where there were masses of beautiful colored flowers... it was sunny (but no sun, only golden rays)"

Help from Guides When Asked

*LWU* An Unfortunate Book, The Help of a Guide:

In the room that had formerly been my study I noticed some well-filled bookshelves... I found that conspicuous among them were my own works... One book in particular seemed to stand out in my mind more than the others, and I came to the full realization that I now wished that I had never written it. It was a distorted narrative, where the facts, as I had really known them, were given unfair treatment, and where the truth was suppressed. I felt very remorseful, and for the first time since coming into this land I had regret..

There was, at no time, any sense of condemnation over this. On the contrary, I could feel a distinct atmosphere of intense sympathy...[My friend] knew exactly what had lain before me concerning this book, but that he was debarred from making any reference to it before I made the discovery for myself. Upon my doing so, and upon my subsequent appear for his help, he was at once enabled to come to my aid.

*LWU* Helping When Asked, Not Interfering:

We do not interfere with people's beliefs nor their viewpoints; we only give our services when they are asked for in such matters, or when we see that by giving them we can effect some useful purpose.

ITC From the Astral Side

*CBtL* Other 3rd Plane Sound Labs:

Station Central [is] another spirit sound lab on the third plane.

Astral OB Facilitation Station

*PotC* An Astral Island Organization to Train Projected Individuals:

I awakened in the extraphysical dimension as I was entering an institution of multidimensional studies on a small deserted island. I was among various persons projected outside the soma, assisted by a team of helpers, all led by an instructor.

[The projected persons] were treated with energies in the area of the head, in order to increase their lucidity and improve their reasoning capacities, thus facilitating more precise recollections after the extraphysical excursion...

Everything possible had been done to make the recent arrivals "feel at home." This would predispose their enhanced lucidity...

In the installation, there were desks placed in rows, pictures on a wall, a simple podium at an elevated point and a place like a screen for projecting visual images, situated directly in front of the seminar leader.

There must have been more than four dozen projected men and women including some youths... Some knew each other and formed small groups.

As they began the exposition of what they called "operation interchange", a series of luminous, three-dimensional maps and graphs of a determinate area was shown- each one dealing with a particular aspect of human life and all dealing with the same geographical area which seemed to be a particular neighborhood of the city...

The work entailed quick and intensive preparation for extraphysical assistance in a particular area of the city where the participating persons were from...

In this case, the participants of the educational activity were being brought together to enact a broad collective task of extraphysical cleansing...

[Those being assisted] live in situations of group and reciprocal energetic parasitism wherein extraphysical consciousnesses try to force temporary, artificial, semi-physical lives and transmit pathological energy emissions through processes of intrusion and energetic drainage of their intraphysical hosts...

[The instructor] was a luminous, radiantly pleasant extraphysical consciousness who presented the final part and conclusion, beginning by questioning each one of those present about the operation and listening to their suggestions.

The majority remained awake and answered the questions... However, some of them, including two projected men and a projected woman, fell into a continuous sleep and were not able to participate in the mental dialogues...

Upon leaving the locale, the islet seemed to me to be covered by luminous signs, taking on the qualities of a majestic pyrotechnic spectacle, the entire oblong hill being covered with sparkling lights.

Length of Time in Astral

*CBtL* Length of Stay on Marduk and Moving On:

The length of time people live on the astral plane spans a few weeks to hundreds of years. Then, if there is more to learn, they reincarnate (accept another body) on Earth, or perhaps on another inhabited planet. If they have learned everything they needed to learn, they will move up into a higher plane, or higher state of consciousness; for that is what the planes really are: states of consciousness.


Life is safe and secure here, free of misery and suffering. And some people have lived here for hundreds of years without reincarnating. But gradually, each person becomes aware of the things he did not finish or learn on Earth and the time comes when a person wants to progress, to learn new things... Whatever one did not learn on Earth, whatever life lessons one evaded, those things will hold one back from progressing to higher planes of existence.

*LWU* A Chance To Go Back to Earth:

If, said our visitor, I was fully determined that by returning to the earth-plane to speak I should retrieve the situation that was giving me cause to regret, then he would do everything to assist me to achieve my purpose. It would not be possible to do what I wanted, though, for some years to come. But in the meantime I was to accept his definite assurance that I should eventually be able to communicate, and he made me a promise to that effect... I was to leave the whole matter in the hands of those who had the ordering of these things, and all would be well. The time- to use an earthly term- would soon pass, and the occurrence of certain events, meanwhile, would make the path clear and would provide the requisite opportunity...

What I wanted was to try to undo something that I wished I had never done... What I had written I could never unwrite, but I could ease my mind by telling the truth, as I now know it, to those who were still on the earth-plane.

Preparation for Incarnation

*PotC* The Ascensao Colony & Preparing for Incarnation:

He revealed that the institution which sheltered him belongs to the Ascensao extraphysical colony, situated on the outskirts of the city of Patrocinia, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

There were extraphysical consciousnesses... who preferred to reduce their apparent age and behave like adolescents in order to better prepare for their upcoming intraphysical (NOTE: Translated: physical) life. The candidate for physical rebirth transformed not only his or her appearance but also the attitudes, interests, occupation and lifestyle, and created a likeness of the conditions he or she would soon confront. The educational institution... welcomes visits from projected persons, utilizing their dense energies in order to give the environment even greater authenticity...

Placing himself in a sort of mini-existence, a pre-existence, or a simulated existence, he models- using morphothosenes (NOTE: Translated: thought-forms)- the same conditions that he will face in terrestrial life. It is an extraphysical setting similar to the workplace of his future profession as a research engineer in electronics...

They thus try, as opportunity permits, to lay a foundation in order to enrich the memory bank of the next biological body...

Emotionalism generally reduces our rationality, robbing us of the ability to make serene, intelligent decisions.

The Lower Astral Planes

Nature of The Lower Astral
The Inner Rings


*PotC* Living Better on Earth Than in The Underworld:

There are many people living in better conditions as humans than they would, and perhaps will, as extraphysical consciousnesses... How incredibly right were Dante and Swedenborg!

*IAD* The Astral:

I tell you, no good force ever comes from the astral world. Any good force that seems to come from there must come through it; but it makes its own Tunnel of Light through which it comes.

In the first place, what makes the astral world? There is only one place where the undesirable creation can find a home, and that is the next step to the human activity, which is the astral realm. This realm of astral activity has within it all undesirable creation accumulated through the centuries...

There is as wide a difference between the astral realm of activity and what some call the Star Astral as there is between Light and darkness... It is really called "Star Astrea." It is really an Activity, not a realm, and it is from the fourth sphere. The "Star Astrea" is a Cosmic Being whose Work it is to consume all possible within the astral realm, and to reach individuals whose attention seems to be drawn there. This Great Being will sooner or later clear the understanding of such individuals and consume their desire for any contact with that unhappy realm. No little children remain in the astral realm. The home of children who leave the earth is in the etheric realm. People who are in the body are in the same sphere when they sleep as the disembodied.

*LWU* Spiritual Advancement & Rescue Work:

God condemns no one. Man condemns himself, but he does not condemn himself eternally; it rests with himself as to when he shall move forward spiritually. Every spirit hates the lower realms for the unhappiness that is there... And for that reason great organizations exist to help every single soul who is living in them to rise out of them into the light. And that work will continue through countless ages until every soul is brought out from these hideous places, and at last all is as the Father of the Universe intended it to be...

*ASJ* Lower Astral Is Purgatory:

The Master: ‘This purgatory... is in the lower planes of the astral world- that part into which man passes almost immediately after death. It is the region where a man is purged of the blinding lower desires which would keep him indefinitely bound to his desire body.'

*ASJ* Earth-Life Obsessed:

The Master: ‘In most cases such people do not remain [in the two spheres nearest to the physical world] for the whole of their astral existence. There are exceptions who are so attached to the material existence, that they have no desire to progress to the higher spheres of the astral world- but they are forced to do so after a period that might run into two or even three hundred years, at which time the ego urges the vehicle he is occupying to pass through the "second death" to the mental world. This method of progress is not the usual one.'

*RotOS* Hell By Attraction, Easy To Get Out:

"Every soul is given many chances to get out of this area. They arrived there by their own hand... No person goes anywhere he's not attracted by his own actions." -Lawrence

...Even the tiniest glimmer of remorse frees a soul.

*CBAP* The Lower Astral:

The "Hades" belt, in both cases, was "misty," "foggy," and even "watery" (hence the idea of "the ‘river' of death"... Consciousness was more or less dim and dreamy; it was sometimes difficult to distinguish between hallucinations and reality. The "Paradise" belt, in both cases, was bright, and consciousness was alert and intense.

*T* The Lowest Astral:

The soul world's lowest region is the region of burning desire, where the soul's crudest self-serving desires, those relating to the lowest aspect of bodily life, are eliminated after death... The sympathy in such a soul extends only to what will nourish its own self-seeking being, and is far outweighed by the antipathy in it, which pours out over anything else... During physical life such desires are repeatedly satisfied, effectively concealing the pain of burning greed behind a kind of illusion.

*RotOS* Hell:

Almost everyone on earth right now will experience one of the heavenly realms I described when they pass over. But there is another place- where only the most utterly depraved, remorseless, evil people will go when they die. We will call this palce hell.

Hell is the Land of No Shapes. It is completely dark and nothing can grow. No good feelings are allowed. There is no kindness, no friendship, and no love...

Only the worst actions, followed by no remorse, will place a soul into these realms...

The inhabitants are shapelsss- total distortions of their former selves.

*IAD* War & The Lower Astral:

War periods more readily than any other open individuals to this psychic plane. Consequently it has always been observed that after war periods there is always a greater unleashing of the uncontrolled passion than at any other time.

*IAD* The Mysterious Psychic Plane:

When people enter into the psychic plane, everything is distorted, and they have no definite proof of the Truth.

*VftA* The Lower Astral:

Angels: "[Hell] is a space of great chaos and pain and terror and madness created by the beings who have chosen- whether consciously or unconsciously- to inhabit it. It came into being when these entities elected to negate and reject God's Love and His Divine Plan. (NOTE: This is so stated like a Christian, hurting poor God's feelings) Those who are drawn to this space are pulled there by their self-hatred. This self-hatred is the result of the surrender of the soul to fear, greed, lust, gluttony, cruelty, hate- to any emotion that is generated by a chosen action devoid of love... As long as their hearts are closed to the Love of God, this dense barrier of despair and depravity and darkness remains impenetrable.

"When a soul dies filled with self-loathing and judgment and a belief that God could not possibly love them or forgive them- that they must suffer for what they have done- these thoughts can eventually carry them into the Underworld. Those who die in the depths of addiction can also be drawn to this space, where those emotions and sensations to which they were addicted run rampant...

"Angels of great light surround this space- this black hole devoid of love. They stand at the edge of this deep darkness, ready at the slightest sign of repentance in a soul, to pull that soul into the light...

"They may leave this space when they are called up by human actions, but once they have completed their task, they return, for they cannot find the soul darkness that sustains them elsewhere- other than in the minds and souls of humans."

*CBtL* Desires & Lower Planes:

She explained that negative thought and attitudes immediately attract you to lower planes where people are still acting out their private dramas of lust, greed and selfishness. In this world, you cant ignore feelings and inclinations, nor can you suppress your wishes. If you have certain deeply felt Earthly desires, you will have to return to Earth to fulfill them.

*CBtL* The Lower Planes:

The lower planes hold man in a deadly noose of desire and negative behavior patterns... (NOTE: But deadly is an absurd word to use)

The Technician: "The first one represents a huge nebulous region in which you wander about alone, should you have left the world by suicide or through other lowly motives... There are spirits who live in this nebulous world [the lower astral plane] between Earth and the beyond."

*CJ* Hell is Stagnation:

ROMC: "(speaking for the helpers)... Hell is a state in which souls are locked into levels of stagnation."

Script: Is the following summarized? If so they need to be un-summarized. Plus, the sources of everything with 1), 2), etc need to be found and re-added.

** Locale 2: The Center Ring's Innermost Areas/Lower Planes:

The Inner Rings(MJooB): The next ring out was filled with forms, each being aware and active in a tight circle that included only their own rote. The noise is heavy here. These are those that know they have no physical bodies, but not much more. Included here are: the mother who is hoping to come back to her daughter somehow, the rich man who was frustrated because he died when he was just about ready to enjoy his life, the guilty drunk who was sorry for beating up his girl, and the teenage girl "Shit! Is that all there is to dying! I dont see God or angels... I knew it, I knew it! Shit!" All of these are closed up tight, and treat attempts at communication (thrown rotes) as pesky flies.

Then the haze began to lessen and they met a paranoid, guilt-ridden devil-fearing woman among some rocks.

There was a clearing in the haze, and they encountered a pretty scene created by Charlie. One can create any scene they want, like making a rote, almost. One called it Fantasy Land. He could create sunsets and design the shoreline. He is still thinking about his next life, but is in no hurry. Charlie's place was inside the H-Band noise barrier, within the M-Field.

There was a "Target Army" of hundreds waiting for an assignment.

There was a well-organized city in which his presence was immediatly construed as hostile. They tried hard to capture him.

He was asked if he knew someone, then was grabbed and taken towards some lights, but he escaped.

The Hungry Ocean: There is a layer or area that is part of the layer described above which one must pass through. It is a grey-black hungry ocean where the slightest motion attracts nibbling and tormenting beings. It is as if you are the bait dangling in this vast sea. If you move slowly and do not react to the curious beings ("fish") who come to investigate, you pass through without much incident. Move violently and fight back, then more excited denizens come rushing in to bite, pull, push, shove.

There is a huge sign of crude signals which cant be taken down by anyone there, placed there by a woman who wanted to tell everyone that this certain church was a fake, for she paid tons of money to it and her son didnt get into heaven as was promised.

There are helpful churches and hospitals out here. They still couldnt see BB out this far.

Once he hit an impenetrable barrier on the way back and couldnt get through it. It seemed to be made of huge plates of steel overlapping slightly and welded together. Each had a slight curvature as if part of a globe. To get past it, he just went the other direction.

1) I feel a slight vibration and a sense of rapid motion. I'm in an ornate cathedral. I realized that I was in a completely different energy-body.

The Lower Realms: Stories of Hell(DDG): The lower realms of the subplanes are easily identified. They are often dark as if it is nighttime outside. There is also an eerie feel to the lower subplanes. They just feel creepy. Often, it is hard to move on the lower subplanes, similar to being on the etheric plane, where your movement seems to be retarded and in slow motion. And of course, you will encounter ghoulish creatures on these subplanes.

You don't need to fear anything you encounter on these subplanes. First, it is unlikely you will spend any amount of time on these subplanes. I always have a bad lockmold on these planes, and thus, often "fade-out" of these lower subplanes within minutes. Since they correspond to the worst of human existance, you'd have to be pretty evil yourself to be in tune with these subplanes.

(JDS): Hell is most definitly a state of mind. It is also a location, but it is not as the fundamentalist religions describe it. People are in hell when they are run by the negative ego, by material and astral desire, and hence are cut off from their own souls. Hell, however, is not a place of eternal damnation. It is really just the very lowest level of the astral plane. Some have referred to it as outer darkness. Soul extensions will stay there indefinitely until they begin to take responsibility for their actions, or until they can't take the torture of their own deluded consciousness any longer and cry out to God for help. Each time they cry out to God for help, a guardian angel will come and offer some aid and assistance. Over time, such a soul extension will begin to emerge out of the darkness. There is no eternal damnation in God's plan or consciousness. God, in His infinite mercy and forgiveness, gives all soul extensions, no matter how deluded, a chance to return home.

(Purgatory) is a region where soul extensions go who are not evil like those in the hell regions, but rather just misled and not educated properly on Earth. They are those who have been misled in their education through unsound religious practices, those who have been overtaken bad habits, those who are atheists, those obsessed with material desire and attachments, those who have gone insane, and so forth. This would be the lower astral region. It is often very difficult to awaken such people to their spiritual path. There is a great mass of humanity living in this region of consciousness.

(GR): Now, however, although we were apparently still somewhere on the surface of the earth, I could see no living man or woman. The plain was crowded, even jammed with hordes of ghostly discarnate beings: nowhere was there a solid, light-surrounded person to be seen. These thousands of people were the most frustrated, the angriest, the most completely miserable beings I had ever laid eyes on.

"At first I thought we were looking at some great battlefield: everywhere spirits were locked in what looked like fights to the death, writhing, punching, gouging. No weapons of any sort, I saw as I looked closer, only bare hands and feet and teeth. And then I noticed that no one was apparently being injured. There was no blood, no bodies strewed the ground. A blow that ought to have eliminated an opponent would leave him exactly as before.

"Even more hideous than the bites and kicks they exchanged, were the sexual abuses many were performing in feverish pantomime. Perversions I had never dreamed of were being vainly attempted all around us. It was impossible to tell if the howls of frustration which reached us were actual sounds or only the transference of despairing thoughts. Indeed in this disembodied world it didn't seem to matter. Whatever anyone thought, however fleetingly or unwillingly, was instantly apparent to all around him, more completely than words could have expressed it, faster than sound waves could have carried it.

"And the thoughts most frequently communicated had to do with the superior knowledge, or abilities, or background of the thinker. 'I told you so!' 'I always knew!' 'Didn't' I warn you!' were shrieked into the echoing air over and over. With a feeling of sick familiarity I recognized here my own thinking. In these yelps of envy and wounded self-importance I heard myself all to well.

"If I suspected that I was seeing hell, now I was sure of it. These creatures seemed locked into habits of mind and emotion, into hatred, lust, destructive thought-patterns."

*SDoG* Heaven & Hell:

Hell is a natural world barely open to the light of the spirit. Those who enter paradise do so by having freely surrendered themselves to God. They are released from the domination of everything other than God and, in turn, are given control over everything below themselves.

*PAP* More To Less Material Sensations & Planes:

In proportion to one's descent into the world of sensual attractions so do our sensations become more material. The reduction in the speed of its atoms makes it seem darker, and we experience a definite impression of stifling.

The atmosphere of the invisible worlds becomes finer in proportion as we free ourselves from sensual satisfactions.

Spheres of the Lower Astral

*tAW* Lowest Astral: The Astral Cemetery:

This is the subdivision which the old occultists were wont to call "the Astral cemetery..." Gazing around you on all sides, you will see what appear to be the disintegrating forms of human beings, and even some animals. These forms seem to be floating in space. They seem real, and yet, some way, not real. You realize that they are not physical bodies, but still they bear too close a resemblance to physical corpses to be pleasant...

These disintegrating astral forms are what occultists know as the "astral shells." The astral shell is really an astral corpse... The disembodied soul eventually leaves the Astral and moves on to what the occultists know as the mental or spiritual planes of being...(NOTE: Could this be the "etheric?") This astral body, or form, then begins to disintegrate, and in time disappears altogether, being resolved to its original elements... (NOTE: to move on permanently you must release the lower matter, of course, unless you're "projecting" different bodies.) This particular division has no other purpose, and is separate and apart from the other subdivisions.

Passing Up Through the Lower Planes

*GotB* Journey Through the Planes by Edgar Cayce:

Edgar Cayce: "I see myself as a tiny point detached from my earthly body, and I perceive this body as lying motionless before me. Somehow I become aware that I am trapped in an oppressive darkness, and I have a feeling of being terribly alone. But suddenly I become aware of a beam of white light. As the small point that I now am, I struggle upward toward the source of the light and know that I must reach it or be lost.

"While I am ascending the path of light, I become ever more conscious that I am passing through different levels on which there is a great deal of commotion. On the lowest level I see vague but frightful shapes, grotesque forms like those seen in nightmares. Then, on all sides, monsters begin to appear, parts of whose bodies was incongruously large."

Cayce goes on to describe more changes of scene and mood until he finally reaches his goal. Once there, he can relate to others. They are the ones with whom he feels a spiritual affinity.

*GotB* OBE- Looking At the Changing Creatures As One Rises Through Planes:

Helen Aintree: "I see my body below me getting smaller and smaller, as if I were being lifted up a shaft filled with bright light. Experience has taught me that the best thing is to keep my gaze fixed upward, since otherwise I see frightful things unfolding on every side. The higher I rise, the more the figures and images lose their brutality, until finally all is peaceful."

*TBD* Rising Through the Lower Astral:

From Orientation To The Existence Between:

"At this time the great red wind of evolution will drive you from behind, fiercely, unbearably, terrifyingly. Don't be afraid of it! It is your own hallucination! A frightening thick darkness draws you from the front, irresistibly. You are terrified by harsh cries, such as ‘Strike!' ‘Kill!' ...You will see ferocious wild animals. you will be hunted by troops in blizzards, storms, and fogs. You will hear sounds of avalanches, flood waters, forest fires, and hurricanes. In panic you will escape by any means, only to stop short on the brink of falling down a yawning triple abyss, red, black, and white, bottomless and horrifying...

"It is not really an abyss. It is lust, hate, and delusion."

Entering the Shadowlands
Falling Ground

*LWU* Entering the Shadowlands, Aura Turns Grey:

Again we are on the borders of the lower realms. Edwin warned us that we should feel that sense of chilling which we experienced before, but that by an effort of will we could throw it off... I glanced at Ruth and I noticed that her robe as had Edwin's had taken on a dull color, approaching almost grey. Looking at myself I discovered that my own dress had undergone a similar change... Our friend explained that this toning down of our natural colors was but the operation of a natural law, and did not mean that we had lost what we had already gained. The practical application of such a law meant that we should not be conspicuous in uncongenial surroundings, nor should we carry the light of our realm into those dark places to blind the vision of those who dwelt there.

*RotOS* Journey to Hell:

[Lawrence] pointed to a specific corner of the room and instructed me to focus all my energy on that spot. I concentrated intensely. As I gazed into the corner, the smell of smoke entered the room. Lawrence informed me that the smell was not physical, but part of the vibration from the dark realm.

...The picture faded and a cold chill went through the room. I felt as though I might vomit. My whole body was weak.

*CBAP* Going Astrally Underground:

Case No 616: My. Gaythorpe describes his "dreams." They began "in high and beautiful sunlit mountains where the ‘dreamer' is among friendly companions and vividly aware of surroundings." He continued, "There follows a swift descent into a deep and gloomy valley, through which flows a slow park ‘river'; then the loss of companions."

Different Realms:

1) One person reported being sucked into a vast black vortex like a whirlpool.

2) Some feel they are traveling downward instead of upward: I was moving along as part of a river of sound- a constant babble of human noise.. I felt myself sinking into and becoming part of the stream and slowly being submerged by it. A great fear possessed me as if I knew that once overcome by this ever growing mass of noise that I would be lost.

I was looking down into a large pit, which was full of swirling gray mist and there were all these hands and arms reaching up and trying to grab hold of me and drag me in there. There was a terrible wailing noise, full of depression.

3) I found myself in a place surrounded by mist. I felt I was in hell. There was a big pit with vapor coming out and there were arms and hands coming out to grab mine.. An enormous lion bounded towards me from the other side and I let out a scream. I was not afraid of the lion, but I felt somehow he would unsettle me and push me into that dreadful pit.. It was very hot down there and the vapor or steam was very hot. (NOTE: Clearly a thought form)

4) I was going down, down deep into the earth. There was anger and I felt this horrible fear. Everything was gray. The noise was fearsome, with snarling and crashing like maddened wild animals, gnashing their teeth.

Dead Spots in Earth's Aura

*CJ* Dark Spots in the Earth's Aura:

ROMC: "Now I am being taken up to get an overview of the earth. There are some dead spots in the energy levels of the earth- and large clusters of these misplaced souls seem to be gathered there. These souls seem to be gathered where there are imbalances in the earth's aura... It is again the like-attracts-like principle... Many of these souls are attracted to each other because of a similar consciousness.


*CJ* The Lower Astral:

ROMC: "Now I am being guided to a level where I can hear many screams and strange sounds. This is a level of much emotional pain... This is a suicide level, of souls who were in such pain that they thought that getting rid of their bodies would relieve the pain. But the pain is now much stronger than when they were in the physical body, because the pain was in the etheric emotional body. The physical helped to ground the pain; without it, the pain is more intense.

"There are many levels of consciousness where souls can be when they have taken their lives. It depends on the consciousness of the soul at the point of death...

"They have locked themselves into this level and they must let themselves out...

"It appears dark, because they seem to have shut off the light, but the light is always there."

Lower Astral Defense

*tAW* Defense in the Lower Astral Regions:

A firm mental attitude, and the assertion of your own immunity will act as a barrier through which these influences cannot penetrate.

Rescue Missions

*IAD* Helper Angels in the Lower Astral:

On the higher planes of activity, there are great and beautiful souls who volunteer to go into this stratum to help, through their radiation, to break its hold upon humanity.

*CBtL* A Rescued Murderer:

Pat Kubis: "For many years in out-of-body trips, I traveled the astral plane, too.

"On one occasion, I was shown the lowest part of the plane where murderers live. It was subhuman. The spirits there no longer looked like normal human beings. They were gross and deformed, and the atmosphere was very dense, almost black. I witnessed the liberation of one of these spirits.

"He seemed to be incarcerated in a muddy substance with several other spirits. I asked the spirit, "What did you do?" It answered, "I killed. I was a murderer." This was said with much anguish. Then, a rescuer touched the spirit. The incarcerated spirit rose from the mud and the rescuer took its hand and they both left for a higher plane."

*GR* Ghosts Too Caught Up to See "Jesus":

If I could see Him, why couldn't everyone else?

These others could see Him now, too, if their attention was not all caught up in the physical world they had lost. As long as my heart had been set on getting to Richmond by a certain date, I hadn't been able to see Jesus either.


That entire unhappy plain was hovered over by beings seemingly made of light. It was their very size and blinding brightness that had prevented me at first from seeing them. Now that I had, now that I adjusted my eyes to take them in, I could see that these immense presences were bending over the little creatures on the plain. Perhaps even conversing with them.

Could He be standing with each of them as He was with me?

If Jesus or His angels were speaking to them, they certainly did not hear.

The common denominator to all these scenes so far was the failure to see Jesus. Whether it was a physical appetite, an earthly concern, an absorption with self- whatever got in the way of His Light created the separation into which we stepped at death.

Those Denying Death

*tAW* Those Who Believe in No Life After Death:

On this plane, and the one below, are to be found groups of disembodied souls who persist in declaring that "there is no hereafter for the soul;" "the soul perished with the body;" etc. These deluded souls believe that they are still on the material plane, in spite of appearances, and they have built up quite a good counterfeit earth-scenery to sustain them. They sneer and sniff at all talk of life outside of the physical body, and bang their astral tables with their astral fists, to prove how solid all real things are- they believe only that which is solid and "real."

Deformed Sick Consciousness

*PotC* Someone in the Underworld:

I cannot forget the painful vision of the abnormal faces of the sick consciousnesses who were assisted. Especially one case which the circumstances allowed me to better observe. The extraphysical consciousness had been a woman about four-and-one-half feet tall, deformed and demented, with a massive abdomen, slender crooked legs and, in the middle of her grimy forehead, above the nose, an enormous, striking, singular, endlessly tearing eye. She was totally disturbed by the mental suffering caused by the sick environment's hypnotic effect. Putrid, fetid odors emanated from the sick woman, agitated by overlapping convulsions, instilling pity and repugnance.

*VftA* A Soul in the Lower Astral:

Xavier: "The angel was trying to get me to listen to him... Meanwhile, the spirits of darkness, who had been with me and served me well, were doing their best to distract me and served me well, were doing their best to distract me and lure me away from this light by filling my consciousness with visions of depravity. These visions stirred an intense hunger in me which overrode any fear or confusion as to what I was to do.

"This dark hunger pulled me like a whirlpool down into a place that was filled with many souls screaming and crying and laughing- madly laughing. The sound was deafening and discordant. There I found all the depravity I was promised and more.

"After a time, I began to feel a deep inertia and a growing despair. I became aware, in the depths of my soul, of pain and a longing for something more. I could see at the edge of this swirling place of darkness a large group of angels. They never left that space to come into the darkness, but I could feel them calling to me. They still call but I cannot go with them. I am not of their kind. I am nothing without the Devil and his family. If I do leave here and go with the angels, I will burn up in the Light...

"Sometimes I am drawn to the space between your world and ours by humans whose actions feed my hunger for lust. I can experience through them the way this felt as a human. It is somewhat different, yet the same. I feel pleasure in adding to the corruption of innocence, by fueling dark fantasies in this human- aided by those demons who never leave my side... I am rewarded greatly for this, in this place known as Hell, with more power. Yet the gaping hole in my soul is screaming louder each day, and I am a prisoner of my dark desires and the fears of a weak spirit..."

Angels: "He must first let go of his dark obsessions and choose to turn his face toward God. He must forgive himself and give his souls the opportunity to once again know God and, through that knowing, find the courage to atone for his actions.

"Until that time, I am here, hand outstretched at the edge of darkness. When the longing and despair in hi soul become greater than his fear, he will take my hand and his journey back to Love will begin."

*SFH* Lured & Attacked By Lower Astral Nasties:

Then I heard my name. I heard: "Howard, Howard - come here."

Wondering, at first, where it was coming from, I discovered that it was originating in the doorway. There were different voices calling me. I asked who they were, and they said: "We are here to take care of you. We will fix you up. Come with us."

...As I asked them questions they gave evasive answers. They kept giving me a sense of urgency, insisting that I should step through the doorway. With some reluctance I stepped into the hallway, and in the hallway I was in a fog, or a haze. It was a light-colored haze. It wasnt a heavy haze. I could see my hand, for example, but the people who were calling me were 15 or 20 feet ahead, and I couldnt see them clearly. They were more like silhouettes, or shapes, and as I moved toward them they backed off into the haze... So I had to follow into the fog deeper and deeper.

...I repeatedly asked them where we were going, and they responded: "Hurry up, you'll find out." ..They told me repeatedly that my pain was meaningless and unnecessary. "Pain is bullshit," they said. I knew that we had been traveling for miles, but I occasionally had the strange ability to look back and see the hospital room. (NOTE: Through the astral cord?) My body was still there lying motionless on the bed... My perspective at these times was as if I were floating above the room looking down. It seemed millions and millions of miles away...

In a real sense I am unaware of how long it was, but it felt like a long time- maybe even days or weeks.

As we traveled, the fog got thicker and darker, and the people began to change. At first they seemed rather playful and happy, but when we had covered some distance, a few of them began to get aggressive. The more questioning and suspicious I was, the more antagonistic and rude and authoritarian they became. They began to make jokes about my bare rear end which wasnt covered by my hospital dicky and about how pathetic I was...

...They began shouting and hurling insults at me...

Finally, I told them I wouldnt go any farther... A number of them began to push and shove me, and I responded by hitting back at them.

A wild orgy of frenzied taunting, screaming and hitting ensued. I fought like a wild man. All the while it was obvious that they were having great fun.

...They seemed to want to make me hurt- by clawing at me ad biting me. Whenever I would get one off me, there were five more to replace the one.

By this time it was almost complete darkness, and I had the sense that instead of there being twenty or thirty, there were an innumerable host of them... My attempts to fight back only provoked greater merriment... I was aware that they werent in any hurry to win... Then at some point, they began to tear off pieces of my flesh. To my horror I reliazed I was being taken apart and eaten alive, slowly...

At no time did I ever have any sense that the beings who seduced and attacked me were anything other than human beings. The best way I can describe them is to think of the worst imaginable person stripped of every impulse to do good... They didnt appear to be controlled or directed by anyone. Basically they were a mob of beings totally driven by unbridled cruelty and passions. During our struggle I noticed that they seemed to feel no pain...

Fighting well and hard for a long time, ultimately I was spent. Lying there exhausted amongst them, they began to calm down since I was no longer the amusement that I had been... A few still picked and gnawed at me and ridiculed me for no longer being any fun...

*SFH* Communication With Lower Astral Nasties:

All the communication with them took place verbally just as ordinary human communication occurs. They didnt appear to know what I was thinking, and I didnt know what they were thinking. What was increasingly obvious was that they were liars.

*H&H* The Wickedness of Infernal Spirits:

Those who use craftiness to acheive fame and reputation learn magic arts, whereby they trouble and infest all who dont honor them. They set traps and burn with hatred and revenge. They are more evil, the more the wicked favor them. In the world, man-spirits are limited by words and deceptions. These are gone in heaven and hell. Those in internal deceit are the worst, in the back. These are Genii. They are invisible and flit about spreading evil and are most tormented. They bend good into bad secretly. They sit beneath the back of the head. Their hells are entirely closed. Many dark arts arent possible in the world. They want to destroy heaven and be worshipped as Gods. Roman Catholics are the worst.

Lower Astral Emotions

*TDA* Hell- The Place of Anger:

Don: "Is there a place on the spirit side that would roughly correspond to man's concept of hell?"

Dr. Peebles: "Yes, roughly speaking, yes. This is where those of like mind gather together to reinforce their anger. It's always an illusion of separation. The greater the illusion, the greater the anger. The anger is always predicated upon some form of vengeance, of feeling rejected, not understood, not cared for, and so forth- so they gather together to justify and reinforce each other's anger.

"And seeing others with their angers that just go roundabout, full circle, and are not released only creates more anger and more hurt, more pain. All understand eventually that this is not a technique for fulfillment. For they don't feel better, and they really do want to feel better... So they turn around one hundred eighty degrees finally and look in another direction, and there is the spirit of love who welcomes them and helps them to forgive themselves and forgive life around them..."

Don: "In that spirit of self-forgiveness...?"

Dr. Peebles: "They are sucked into a new vibration, a happier place of love...

"It is wise to understand that these beings you speak of in- roughly, hell- are no different from all of you on the planet Earth that have your moments of anger and rage in your lives, you see. It's no different; it's not worse; it's the same thing...

"If you are experiencing tremendous amounts of discord and anger inside you and around you all the time on Earth, you may attract that same energy when you are contacting the spirit... They just put more distance between them and you, which makes you even more angry. So be not concerned about angry spirits...

"When you see others who are angry; listen; receive them, and their anger will be dispelled."

*PAP* Lower Astral Realms:

As soon as I am out of my body I sometimes find myself under a dark and menacing sky. If I go forward it starts raining. Then my strength seems to ebb away, and I find it necessary to return. On some occasions this space seems to be lit by magnificent sunlight. A gentle warmth fills the atmosphere. Flooded with happiness by this vivifying magnetism I have plunged joyfully into its depths when, without warning, the sky darkens and it begins to rain. The impression on the consciousness is analogous. Annoyed at first, then anxious, one's impression becomes definitely bad. The astral body seems to dissolve under the influence of this darkening picture, and it becomes necessary to return to earth in order to gather a new stock of energy.

*TDA* Crime and Debilitating Emotions in the Spirit World:

Dr. Peebles: "In these localities there are those things that you can call crime, trespass. There are those activities of sex and love and so forth. There is an overwhelming awareness of a force, or a light, an authority, or a structure within and around all these environments over here. And it is a sight to see how many souls, even with that awareness, remain stubborn, remain separate, remain disbelieving, remain hurtful to self and to others. Guilt is the greatest burden in the realms of spirit... This guilt drives people to be deaf, dumb, blind... to their own drives, hopes and fears and wants...

"That is where there is cultivated a need for more striking experience of life, a school where there is a rather amplified study of separation, illusions of separation... So that is where you are encouraged, and you find yourself moving toward reincarnation, onto the school Earth."

(AY) Without physical bodies, feelings of hate and fear are intensified as souls vainly try to hide from their enemies. Their only hope is to reincarnate. Then unfortunately when they do, they may forget all about their torment in hell and again lead lives of greed and tyranny. This miserable cycle can continue "forever" unless they find salvation in one of their lifetimes.

Lower Astral Obsession

(AY) A place where everyone retains their physical desires without a way to satisfy them. For example, the glutton can't eat because he has no physical body. The alcoholic can't drink for the same reason, neither can the smoker smoke, nor the drug addict get a fix. The miser can't protect his money, and the sex-maniac, who doesn't believe in love, finds it impossible to satisfy his lust. Hell is real Hell for anyone who lives only to satisfy his selfish desires.

*ST* Ghosts Serving Thought-Forms:

I floated throughout the front doors into a huge dining hall. The room was filled with humanoid figures dressed in eighteenth century attire. Milling through the crowded room were three entities serving food and drinks. Although the room was filled to capacity, I somehow sensed these three shapes as the only genuine apparitions.

The female entity was dressed like the kitchen help from a southern plantation, circa 1800. The female looked at me, then quickly turned back to her duties. I asked, "What are you doing?"

"Get back ta work!" she yelled, then moved away.

I told the woman that I was leaving and that they were all welcome to come with me. "We cain't do dat cuz they'll come after us!" blurted one of the males.

I turned to the seemingly crowded room and announced, "I'm leaving, and no one here's going to stop me!" The crowd of imitation people showed as much interest as a room full of mannequins. I walked to the front doors, went outside, and was immediately followed by all three of the entities I had been talking to.

"What we goan do now?" inquired the female. "It's simple!" I said. "I will teach you how to fly!"

One of the males kept looking back over his shoulder as if he expected an angry mob to suddenly burst from the building. I instructed all of them to join hands. Lean forward and push off. We all flew! We began to climb rapidly.

I glanced back and forth checking on my students' progress. Suddenly without warning they disappeared. (NOTE: Wow! The freed ghosts serving thought-forms.)

Lower Astral Nightmares

*CD* Descent of Dreams to the Underworld As Opium Addiction Worsened:

In Confessions of an English Opium Eater, De Quincy described changes in his dream life as he became addicted to opium. His dreams became progressively more painful. At the beginning of his serious addiction he found an increase in hypnagogic visions as he drifted off to sleep. Whatever he voluntarily pictured in the darkness prior to sleep was likely to transfer to his dreams, so he feared to imagine anything. His dreams became accompanied by a "deep-seated anxiety and gloomy melancholy" inexpressible in words. he felt himself "descend, into chasms and sunless abysses, depths below depths, from which it seemed hopeless that I would ever reascend. nor did I, by waking, feel that I had reascended." De Quincey found that his sense of space and, later, his sense of time, became distorted: "I sometimes seemed to have lived for 70 to 100 years in one night..." The content of his dreams shifted from palaces and cities to water and then to human faces, "imploring, wrathful, despairing," by the thousands.

Darkness, Isolation & Stagnation

*CJ* Lower Earth Energies- Darkness and Isolation:

ROMC: "Souls who have lived freely in the flow of their own existence are not hindered by emotional or mental thought-forms that can confine or hold them down in the more dense earth-level vibrations. The heavy earth vibrations are often experienced as great darkness and isolation, mixed with various negative emotions."

*SFH* The Silly Magic Word Cure:

From inside of me I felt a voice, my voice, say: "Pray to God." My mind responded to that: "I dont pray, I dont know how to pray."

...I started saying things like: "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want... God bless America..." And these people went into a frenzy, as if I had thrown boiling oil all over them. They began yelling and screaming at me, telling me to quit, that there was no God, and no one could hear me... They also began backing away from me... As they were retreating, they became more rabid, cursing and screaming that what I was saying was worthless and that I was a coward.

...This continued for some time until, suddenly, I was aware that they had left. It was dark, and I was alone, yelling things that sounded churchy...

Lying there for a long time, I was in such a state of hopelessness, and blackness, and despair, that I had no way of measuring how long it was... And I had no strength; it was all gone. It seemed as if I were sort of fading out, that any effort on my part would expend the last energy I had. My conscious sense was that I was perishing, or just sinking into the darkness...

Low Selfishness, Isolation & Poverty

Lower Astral Dwelling Places

*H&H* Choice of Dwelling For The Evil in Hell:

Those who delight in falseness and deceit prefer to dwell in caverns of darkness. Those who learn for ego's sake and pride like sandy places without growth. Those who know the truth but dont live it like rocky places. Those who take personal credit for everything and gain honors and wealth study magical arts in the next world, which are abuses of Divine order. Those who use Divine Truth for self-love like urinous places of stink. Those who prize and cherish mere pleasures and appetites love excrement and toilets. Such pleasures are spiritual filth. Adulterers live in vile brothels. Those who thirst for revenge and are savage and cruel love cadaverous substances in hell.

*PAP* Astral Dwelling-Places:

In a world which was lower than this one I observed a group composed of voluptuaries and slaves to animal passion. The dwelling-place in certain cases would be no more than a stable smelling strongly of urine.

*LWU* Shadowlands Rescue Mission:

We were walking along a great tract of barren country. The ground was hard under foot; the green of trees and grass was gone. The sky was dull and leaden, and the temperature had dropped very considerably, but we could feel an internal warmth that counteracted it. Before us we could see nothing but a great bank of mist that gathered in density as we advanced, until finally we were within it. It swirled round in heavy, damp clouds, and it seemed almost like a dead weight as it pressed upon us... After a further passage through the mist, we found that it began to clear a little until it vanished altogether... The landscape was bleak in the extreme with, here and there, a dwellinghouse of the meanest order. We came closer to one...

It was a small, squat house, squarely built, devoid of ornament, and looking altogether thoroughly uninviting. It even had a sinister look in spite of its plainness, and it seemed to repel us from it the nearer we approached it. There was no sign of life to be seen at any of the windows or round about it. There was no garden attached to it; it just stood out by itself, solitary and forlorn... There was little furniture, and that of the meanest, and at first sight to earthly eyes one would have said that poverty reigned here, and one would have felt the natural sympathy and urge to offer what help one could... The coldness seemed almost greater within than without, and we were told that it came from the owner of the house himself.

We passed into a back room and met the sole occupant seated in a chair. He made no attempt to rise or give any sign of welcome... He was a man just past middle years. He had something of an air of faded prosperity and the clothes he wore had been obviously neglected... He rather scowled at the two of us as Edwin brought us forward as new visitors. It was a moment or two before he spoke, and then he railed at us rather incoherently, but we were able to gather that he deemed himself to be suffering an injustice. Edwin told him in plain terms that he was talking nonsense, because injustice does not exist in the spirit world...

He had, he said, been in spirit some years now, but in his earth life he had been a successful business man- successful, that is as far as the earth-plane judges such things. He had not thought of much else than his business, and he always considered that any means were justified in gaining his own ends, provided they were legal. He was ruthless in his dealings with all others... In his home all things- and people- were subservient to him. He gave generously to charity where there was likely to accrue the greatest advantage and credit. He supported his own religion and church with vigor, regularity, and fervor. He felt that he was an ornament to the church, and he was much esteemed by all those connected with it... He had scarcely committed one decent, unselfish action in the whole of his life. His motive was always self-aggrandizement, and he had achieved his purpose on earth at the absolute expense of his life in the spirit world...

He complained that the church had misled him all along, since his munificence had been received in such a fashion that he believed his gifts to the church would weight heavily in his favor in the ‘hereafter'. Again he could not see that it is motive that counts, and that a happy state in the spirit world cannot be bought for hard cash...

This man's present mood was anger, which was all the greater because he had never been denied anything whilst upon the earth. He had never been accustomed to such degrading circumstances as those at present... He had had few visitors because he repelled them, and although Edwin had made many visits to him, the result was always the same- a stolid adherence to his sense of injustice.

Sex Obsessed Areas

*CBtL* The Sex Plane:

Pat Kubis: "On another occasion I saw the sex plane. The locale was very dark and dim. It seemed to be a huge brothel with many, many cubicles where men and women engaged in sex on beds. Yet only a few feet away, I saw the rescuers waiting for those spirits who finally were freed from their preoccupation."

Lower, Darker, & More Lost

*LWU* Entering the Dark Lands:

The four of us resumed our journey. There were no paths to follow, and the ground was becoming decidedly rocky in formation. The light was rapidly diminishing from a sky that was heavy and black. There was not a soul, not a house, nor any sign of life to be seen. The whole district seemed colorless and empty, and we might have been wandering in another world. We could see dimly ahead of us, after the passage of some time, something which had the appearance of dwellings, and we moved in their direction.

The terrain was now rocks and nothing else, and here and there we could see people seated with their heads down, seemingly almost lifeless, but in reality in the depths of gloom and despair. They took no notice of us whatever as we passed them, and very soon we drew level with the dwellings we had viewed distantly.

At close view it became clear that these dwellings were nothing more than mere hovels...

Some of the inhabitants, he said, had lived here, or hereabouts, year after year- as time is reckoned upon earth. They themselves had no sense of time, and their existence had been one interminable continuity of darkness through no one's fault but their own... Some [rescuers] had been successful; others had not. Success depends not so much upon the rescuer as upon the rescued. If the latter shows no glimmer of light in his mind, no desire to take a step forward on the spiritual road, then nothing, literally nothing, can be done. The urge must come from within the fallen soul himself...

There were many people who, without doing any harm, had never, never done any good to a single mortal upon earth. People who had lived entirely unto themselves, without a thought for others. Such souls constantly harped upon the theme that they had done no harm to anyone. But they had harmed themselves.

As the higher spheres had created all the beauties of those realms, so had the denizens of these lower spheres built up the appalling conditions of their spirit life. There was no light in the lowest realms; no warmth, no vegetation, no beauty... It may take him countless thousands of years to raise himself one inch spiritually, but it is an inch in the right direction....

Our nostrils were first assailed by the most foul odors... They were nauseating... Edwin told us to treat them in the same way as we had mastered the coldness of the temperature- by simply closing our minds to them- and that we should be quite unaware of their existence..

The very low degree of light itself casts a blight upon the whole region. Occasionally we were able to catch a glimpse of the faces of some unfortunates as we passed along. Some were unmistakably evil, showing the life of vice they had led upon the earth; some revealed the miser, the avaricious, the ‘brute beast'. There were people here from almost every walk of earthly life, from the present earthly time to far back in the centuries... both Edwin and his friend told us that we should be appalled at the catalogue of names, well known in history, of people who were living deep in these noxious regions...

We could see, as we walked along, whole bands of seemingly demented souls passing on their way upon some prospective evil intent... Their bodies presented the outward appearance of the most hideous and repulsive of their evil minds. Many of them seemed old in years, but I was told that although such souls had been there perhaps for many centuries, it was not the passage of time that had so dealt with their faces, but their wicked minds...

The multitudinous sounds that we heard were in keeping with the awful surroundings, from mad raucous laughter to the shriek of some soul in torment- torment inflicted by others as bad as himself... We were all of us invisible to the rest.

*PotC* Journey To The Underworld Lands:

The trip began in an extraphysical region bordering the surface of the planet. In a few moments, I noticed that the environment was not at all pleasant. In the dark atmosphere, the increasingly dense ambiance gradually forced me to switch from flight to gliding and finally from gliding to a slow walk until I reached a semi-dark, deserted plain. The slender threads of light that emanated from the psychosoma suddenly disappeared.

In the humid, heavy, cold environment buffeted by freezing winds and unpleasant emanations, there was only one misty light hovering above me in the leaden sky. Vague forms passed by, like obscure shadows. Strange balls of energy swirled and appeared to explode here and there. The further I advanced, the denser the air became. It was similar to the intraphysical dimension on a plain, moonless night.

Shadowy, roaming figures burst out of the darkness. They were indescribable persistent morphothosenes- some like swarms of huge delirious hornets: quick, voracious persecutors that came from all directions and which, fortunately, were chased away as soon as they appeared...

There was still a long way to go... An extraphysical consciousness having the appearance of a strong upright man crossed our path. He gave me a mental explanation:

"Welcome, I am Javrus. I will introduce Orco."

...An enormous, muscular, earthen-colored mastiff, the size of a panther, having hair like a lion's mane and shining eyes that seemed human, only much more penetrating and disturbing, jumped into the middle of the winding path. He was growling with a resounding roar, like a very ferocious wolf. Sharp, pointed claws were protruding from his paws. He was a character who could impress even the most serene spectator.

Javrus made a gesture to calm him down and the hound retreated to one side, stood alert for a moment and then dove into the shadows in the same direction from where he had come...

[Javrus] affirmed that Orco was an extraphysical guardian and should not be considered a regular dog, but a more evolved being with sub-human intelligence... Not uncommonly, such beings are referred to as elementals or assistants of nature.. He was a consciousness in evolution, just like any other.

He informed me that they were given many peacekeeping tasks and missions of rescue and assistance to ailing consciousnesses... These consciousnesses find themselves in this state as a result of their already compromised condition and their absorption of the pathological thosenes of unaware persons on the planet... Many other species of animals perform guardian duties, according to their capabilities.

He stressed that often, the person who manages to arrive at these extraphysical regions, immediately return to the soma, shocked, in a state of terror and, upon initial contact with the brain, conjure incredibly elaborate nightmares of fights with monsters in implacable persecution.

Regions of Astral War

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*AoaY* The Astral Universe- Warfare:

"Among the fallen dark angels expelled from other worlds, friction and war take place with pranic bombs or mental mantric* vibratory rays. These beings dwell in the gloom-drenched regions of the lower astral cosmos, working out their evil karma."

*Charged seed-sounds discharged by the mental gun of concentration. The Puranas (ancient shastras or treatises) describe these mantric wars between devas and asuras (gods and demons). An asura once tried to slay a deva with a potent chant. But due to mispronunciation the mental bomb acted as a boomerang and killed the demon. (NOTE: I've had dreams with these mind bombs in them)

Sickening Religious Areas

*tAW* Sickening Religious Creations:

I regret to be compelled to call your attention to the regions of some lower forms of religion, in which there is a background picture of a burning hell, at which the devotees gaze with satisfaction, feeling the joy of heaven intensified by the sight of the suffering souls in hell. It is a satisfaction to tell you that the suffering souls, and their hell, are but fictitious things created by the imagination from the astral substance...

Gaze upon this most horrible scene before us. A large severely furnished edifice is shown, with seated congregation wearing stern, hard, cruel faces. They gaze toward the top of a smoking bottomless pit, from which rises a sort of great, endless chain, each link having a huge sharp hook upon which is impales a doomed soul. This soul is supposed to rise to the top of the pit once in a thousand years, and as each appears it is heard to cry in mournful accents: "How long- how long?" To this agonized questions, a deep stern voice is heard replying: "Forever! Forever!" I am glad to tell you that this congregation is dwindling, many evolving to higher conceptions, and practically no new recruits arriving from the earth-plane to fill the depleting ranks. In time, this congregation will disappear entirely, and the ghastly stage scenery and properties will gradually dissolve into astral dust and fade from sight forever...

Swedenborg's Hells & Quarters

*H&H* Hell:

The universal hell in one complex resembles one devil. The hells act as one. All the evils in hell are from self-love and world-love. Hellfire is hatred and revenge. There is an incessant effort there to destroy heaven and good and raving and madness at their inability to do so. Since power is in truths derived from goods, there is all power in heaven and none in hell. The gnashing of teeth in hell is a correspondence to the dispute and combat of falses. Evil spirits are attracted to these.

There are three hells. Devil is the hell of evil geniuses. It is the worst, and the furthest back. Satan is the hell of evil spirits. Lucifer, Babel, or Babylon is the hell of those who claim dominion over heaven. The shallower hells are dark and the lower ones are fiery. Each hell exhales a sphere of its lusts.

The gates of hell open only to the world of spirits. The hells are under all, valleys, mountains, etc, and appear as clefts and holes, some wide, others narrow. They are dark and musty inside. Some entrances are bogs and stagnant pools of water. All are covered over and opened only when evil spirits are cast in. Clouds of soot and black smoke exit when this is done.

Inside, the spirits seem to be in their own atmosphere. There is heat like a furnace. It is turned to intense cold when heavenly light flows in. The heat of heaven extinguishes that of hell. Those in hell are not in fire, it is an appearance. The intense heat seems normal to them.

*H&H* Quarters in Hell:

Quarters in hell begin in the west, opposite from heaven. Those hells in the west are worst. The more direful are the N ones. There are no hells in the eastern quarter. Those in the N & S are in world-love. Behind the N & W quarters are the dark forests. Behind the south are the deserts. There are hells beneath hells, and an infinite variety of evil. Hell has two kingdoms. The Celestial is opposite the Hell's western quarter. Spirits in Hell's N & S are opposite the Spiritual kingdom.

Lower Astral Societies

*H&H* Societies in Hell:

Every society in hell is the whole of hell in a lesser form. Monsters representing the appearance of the society appear at the gate to each one. Those in each society have a similar face. There are ruins in some societies of hell. Those newly entering a hellish society seems to be among friends who greet him nicely, but only for a few hours. Then he is infested and dragged deeper. The less nasty hells have huts and streets, but there is fighting and theivery. Some have brothels only. There are dark forests where spirits roam like beasts. There are sterile deserts, too.

Lower Astral Government

*H&H* Governing Hell:

The Lord governs the hells. There is no ruling demon in hell, for all are of the human race. Angels govern the hells, too, inspecting and restraining them. Hell's governments are about self-love, ruling over others, and being the greatest. They are cruel and hate those who dont favor them. The most malignant rule by fear. All in hell are governed by fears, some worldly, but most are fears of punishment. The most cunning rule by punishment, the only thing that works.

*WotT* Angels Rule Over Hell:

We have appointed only angels to be masters of Hell.

Depraved Cities

*PotC* Underworld City, Colony, Attacks, Orgy, and Flight Practice:

I was about to make an exploratory visit... to an ancient extraphysical transition colony. This colony was located in the extraphysical region over Brazil.

The helpers spurred me into action, explaining that I was carrying a high coefficient of powerful energies that would act as a protective shield... I should not allow myself to be affected by incessant advances and I could use the emission of energies defensively if necessary...

"The density of your psychosoma will be determined by your thoughts and your will to absorb the "substances" that predominate in each environment..."

We immediately set out flying through space and within moments I was left in a gloomy and poorly lit spot.

I came upon the edge of an enormous, deep pit full of rocks. It reminded me of a gorge or canyon, the kind you see in western movies. The only difference was the filth and the sewage-like water, some of which flowed slowly, but most of which was stagnating in deep puddles. I observed many extraphysical consciousnesses (an extraphysical society), gathered in groups on the edges...

I know that the canyon was used for energetic defense by the colony, besides being a sewage system for the control of energetic pollution...

Two tranquil male extraphysical consciousnesses hurriedly recommended that I move along, as this was no place for human beings...

I arrived at the outskirts of a city that was next to the canyon, which snaked its way through the surrounding landscape.

I came upon a kind of vibrational dock. It seemed like the waves of morphothosenes in the crustal dimension had plunged forth and battered the gigantic dock structure. One could see an "ocean" of heavy elements and substances as far as the eye could see. This ocean resulted from the emissions of chronically diseased minds.

A faint yellowish light permeated the whole city. It seemed like the scenery was permanently immersed in an eternal gloom. I was not able to locate any planets or stars in the grayish sky.

As they passed me, a group of friendly-looking extraphysical consciousnesses warned:

"Beware of robbers."

Within moments a consciousness having a human form with animal-like features, incapable of hiding the evil, dark nature of its psychosoma, lunged at me with all of its might in a sudden extraphysical attack. It was frenetically trying to drain all the life force from me like a vampire or energetic leach. It seemed as though it would have inhaled me whole, if it could.

I tried to free myself from it by emitting energy of peace with all my might, Surprisingly, the extraphysical consciousness backed away as if it had received an electric shock, and disappeared as quickly as it had appeared...

I decided to leave that spot, but stayed on the same side of the canyon in order to explore the environment further...

The pathway led me upwards and I decided to follow it...

A horrid-looking elderly female extraphysical consciousness with sensual intentions exuberantly approached me in yet another extraphysical attack. Due to the repulsion that she inspired in me with her appearance and unrestrained emotions, I felt nothing but repugnance and disgust towards her. As I tried to rid myself of her, several young extraphysical consciousnesses looked on and laughed openly at my troubles...

After ridding myself of the demented extraphysical female, I decided to cross to the other side of the canyon through a narrow entrance that appeared to be semi-deserted. There were powerful positive energies in the immediate area. I walked on a little and found a park full of people gathered in groups. It was strange that the environment had improved but the appearances of the extraphysical consciousnesses had changed very little.

I carefully approached a pleasant average-looking male... His psychosoma appeared to emit some light. I asked him what kind of place this was.

The mental response came like an echo, as if it had been yelled:

"Does it matter? There are hundreds of places equal to this one."

He smiled broadly, turned and left... No one is capable of hiding their thoughts and sentiments...

I circulated among the various groups for a while. Many I asked just shook their heads in a negative response to my query. Others would simply glance at me. The majority remained indifferent to my curiosity.

A male passer-by made a joke and laughed, provoking the laughter of many around him:

"I am made of flesh and bones! At least I wish I was..."

I entered a street with paved sidewalks, similar to those on Earth.

Did that street have any traffic? I could not see any...

Psychotic post-mortems... made up a fair portion of the colony.

As I reached an open square, I witnessed a shocking and bizarre spectacle. I saw a large crowds of people united in a single mass and moving in wave-like motions as if they were dancing. They appeared to be satisfying one another with hugs and kisses in a most natural fashion. It appeared to be a group exchange of energy or a donation of vibrations by way of transfusions through direct contact- all done with a promiscuity of extremely bad taste. It gave the impression of an orgy.

The whole scene had a definite sexual connotation, devoid of malice...

I left... and entered an alley with plain, unadorned houses on both sides. It was similar to the outskirts of cities in the interior of Brazil. This environment was cleaner than any of the others...

I saw gentle hills and many buildings with rounded curves where there should have been sharp corners at the intersection of side streets. It was odd. This was the first time that I had seen streets separating city blocks without corners! All the blocks were rounded, and had no right angles.

The bluish-purple color of the majority of the houses was indelibly engraved in my memory. Many of the houses were attached to each other. Some had flower gardens...

The buildings appeared to be as solid as physical ones. Sometimes, family dwellings, when observed while outside of the soma, can be seen through, as though they are transparent. Curiously, the houses in that alley were all opaque and impossible to see through...

In one of the streets, some of the extraphysical consciousnesses passing by approached me as if waiting to calmly embrace me for the purpose of receiving energies...

They knew that any projected person could give them the strength they needed in those circumstances...

I noticed a kind of gymnasium with huge metal structures that slightly resembled scaffolding, except that they were extremely high... I realized, after closer examination, that the extraphysical consciousnesses were climbing up inside of the structure in order to practice flying. They would climb up the inside of the scaffolds with the strength of their thoughts and would rest on the crossbars whenever they felt tired... (NOTE: I've done that exact thing!)

In spite of mustering every bit of will-power, I could only fly at low altitude inside the scaffolding. Was it the density of the atmosphere that kept the psychosoma from flying? If so, there was a strong gravitational influence within the extraphysical colony.

*PotC* The Underworld Sinister City:

I awoke before entering a sinister-looking city, accompanying an extraphysical consciousness who was going to someone's aid...

The tense, shadowy surroundings, reminded me of scenes in certain comic book horror stories. One could see that many artists must have been inspired by similar cities in order to compose settings, characters and plots.

I could see preparations being made for a medieval, public, religious ritual where there were sick extraphysical consciousnesses. They had dense, human-like psychosomas with terrible deformities, aberrations and imbalances resulting in the total distortion of the psychosoma. All those present were "piled up" in unspeakable promiscuity.

In order to enter the grounds through one of the immense, arched doorways reminiscent of ancient cities, those unable to fly, being in the majority, were being forced to march through a narrow pass in rows of two between a company of guards who were screening the visitors at the gate...

I received permission to pass and descend along the cliff toward the public square where the night's activities were going to be held...

I do not have adequate words to describe the atmosphere of that sinister city. In the desolate and parched setting, one could see no ornamental trees or public water fountains; only dark swampy water. There was no pleasant light anywhere. An inescapable layer of smoke filled the suffocating extraphysical surroundings.

From time to time, one could see the confusion caused by a group breaking out in a tumult, causing the unfortunate consciousnesses with transfigured faces to run in all directions. The implacable vigilantes would always be found in the middle of the confusion. In these explosions of scorn, intemperance and revolt, the most horrible expressions were shouted by the deformed extraphysical consciousnesses...

I got the impression that this extraphysical citadel was not too far from Rio de Janeiro... The majority of this population were not even able to express themselves telepathically- a capacity that is so natural for the consciousness liberated from physical form...

It was in an indescribable state of camouflaged filth, exuding a nauseating mustiness which would disgust any average visitor...

The soldiers were hopelessly trying to impose silence in the pandemonium there as more people arrived. At this point, three pygmies, who must have been the secret agents of the authorities, appeared brandishing swords and proceeded directly with the formal questioning of all those present in the area. In moments, they were headed in my direction. I instantly sensed that I had been discovered as a clandestine projector. To escape... I had to steady my thoughts and fly with all possible energy far away from the environment. I did so and the pygmies were soon below me, looking up and indignantly shaking their swords at me in the gray air.

Script: Talk about how things come to be associated with pain and fear and appear in the lower astral and how some come from the lower astral in creative works of a dark nature.
*HDSD* Lower Astral Nastiness:

I sit down and the carriage departs. Horror! It is filled with blood. I want to leave, but it is too late. We drive at an incredible speed. I only see on the road thousands of horrible indefinite things which fill me with great fear.


Somehow I succeed in moving away by walking. I have created an enormous road. I arrive at the gates of a town, where I hope to find safe refuge. I have troubles with strange customs-officers. The shoot just above my head, because they want to investigate my thoughts and not my luggage. An inner revelation comes over me. I have been transported to a world where the ideal replaces the real, where intellectuality is a contraband, where you are provided thoughts than acquire them.

They compel me to leave my body behind at the gate. I notice they put it in a box with a label carrying my name. I wander around town as a shadow, hearing voices of invisible people like myself.

Soon I see myself carried away to an amphi-theatre where a terrible surgical operation will take place. It will be performed on a prisoner who had tried to filch his body from customs. I am moved by the victim. Afterward, when the surgeon pricks his scalpel into the patient's flesh, I feel a deep grief. I recognize that it is me who must endure all the suffering from those cruelties. I want to flee, but they have tied me up. The condemned joke terribly of the transition of sensibilities.

The Darkest Underworld

*PotC* An Underworld Rescue By the Sea:

The helpers immediately informed me that the purpose of this trip was to retrieve a sick female extraphysical consciousness.

After traveling rapidly for a few minutes, we arrived at deserted coastline of the continent being battered by a mighty storm of lightning flashes, thunder clashes and heavy showers...

The helpers informed me that, as well as there being a physical tempest, there was a torrential rain of magnetic energy falling that emanated from the higher spheres in that region. This energetic storm was aimed at the periodic cleansing of dense morphothosenes in the subterranean caverns...

The icy environment in the fume-filled caverns, disclosed a magnificent and horrid beauty surpassing any nightmare. Between the colors of the jagged rock walls and the static majesty of the stalactites and stalagmites, numerous bands of suffering extraphysical consciousnesses- mentally alienated, without human bodies, but still extremely dense and feeling the magnetic effects of the tempestuous convulsions of the elements- ran, horrified, through the natural labyrinths in a depressing and terrifying "save yourself" state...

Sections of the suspended geological elements shook loose and plummeted into the swirling waters of the spacious grottos... The extraphysical consciousnesses were now floating in the mixed rain and sea waters, having emerged from hidden dungeons and prison-cell-like mud holes that were tucked away in concealed places, in one of the worst atmospheres imaginable.

Waves of small luminescent teams of extraphysical consciousness... were arriving to perform works of fraternal assistance...

Upon finding the small, sick female they were looking for, they took her with unsurpassable zeal from one of the indescribable refuges...

The deformed, squalid creature gave the impression of mental deficiency, immersed in a dark night of idiocy behind glassy eyes. She was totally oblivious to the storm's occurrence, as if living in her own world of endless nightmare...

When I was leaving the locale together with the two helpers and the extraphysical child, loud complaints and protests could be heard from the horrid extraphysical consciousnesses who remained and were beginning to celebrate the end of the storm in a bizarre orgy, loudly reciting pornographic verses by Bocage.

*VS-BR* A NDE Thought-Form of Hell:

Kay: "When I was three years old... I stopped breathing... I remember it was sort of like a halfdream. I saw what I think I knew to be a hell. It was like a very deep, dark pit or cave, like maybe down under the earth. There were fires burning, and tall stairways coming down, chiseled out of the earth. There were people coming down the stairway, from where I don't know. They seemed to be very miserable, unhappy people, moaning, in a lot of pain and agony." (NOTE: Spiritual law does not permit fire in hell. This then is a thought-form)

*VS-BR* Fever Dreams of Dark Pits:

Chris: "When I was a child I had a lot of fevers. I can remember being in that place 5 or 6 times. There was this huge pit with walls that went straight up. I didn't see any people... There were these huge monsters which were like probably the biggest brown bears on the planet. At every path to get out was one of these huge bears. I was panicked and scared looking for a way out."

*LWU* The Underworld, The Crater and the Subhuman Beings Living There:

The light steadily diminishes until we are in a grey land, and then comes the darkness- deep, black, impenetrable darkness; impenetrable, that is, to those who are spiritually blind. Visitors from a higher realm can see in this darkness without themselves being seen by the inhabitants, unless it becomes vitally necessary so to indicate their presence

Our visits have carried us to what we verily believe to be the lowest plane of human existence.

We began the descent by passing through a belt of mist which we encountered as the ground became hard and barren... Great tracts of granite-like rocks stretched out before us, cold and forbidding, and the ‘road' we followed was rough and precipitous. By now, darkness had enshrouded us, but we could still see all our surroundings perfectly clearly. It is rather a strange experience this, of being able to see in the dark, and when one first undergoes it there seems to be an air of unreality about it. But, indeed, it is real enough.

As we climbed down through one of the numerous fissures in the rocks, I could see and feel the loathsome slime that covered the whole surface of them, a dirty green in color and evil smelling. There was, of course, no danger of our falling...

After we had journeyed downwards for what seemed to be a great distance- I should imagine it to have been of one mile of earthly measurement, at least- we found ourselves in a gigantic crater, many miles in circumference, whose sides, treacherous and menacing, towered above us. (NOTE: these realms are the source of all dark fantasy)

The whole of this area was interspersed with huge masses of rock, as though some enormous landslide or cataclysm had disrupted them from the upper rim of the crater and sent them hurtling down into the depths below, there to scatter themselves in every direction, forming natural caverns and tunnels.

In our present position we were well above this sea of rocks, and we observed a dull cloud of poisonous vapor rising from it, as though a volcano were below and upon the point of erupting. Had we not been amply protected we should have found these fumes suffocating and deadly... Dimly, we could see through this miasma what might have been human beings, crawling like some foul beasts over the surface of the upper rocks... They lived a life of spiritual foulness. And in their death of the physical body they had gone to their true abode and their true estate in the spirit world...

We walked closer to one of the sub-human forms that lay sprawled upon the rocks. What remnant of clothing it wore might easily have been dispensed with, since it consisted of nothing but the filthiest rags, which hung together in some inconceivable way, leaving visible great gaps of lifeless-looking flesh. The limbs were so thinly covered with skin that one fully expected to see are bones showing forth. The hands were shaped like the talons of some bird of prey, with the finger nails so grown as to have become veritable claws. The face upon this monster was barely human, so distorted was it, and malformed. The eyes were small and penetrating, but the mouth was huge and repulsive, with thick protruding lips set upon a prognathic jaw, and scarcely concealing the veriest fangs of teeth...

Edwin, who was experienced in these sights, told us that in time we should gain certain knowledge in our work, which would enable us to read from the faces and forms of these creatures what it was that had reduce them to their present state... Their very appearance, too, would be a safe guide as to whether they needed help, or whether they were still content to abide in their sunken state.

The object that was now before us, said Edwin, would warrant little sympathy as he was, because he was still stepped in his iniquity, and was obviously showing not the least sign of regret for his loathsome earthly life. He was dazed at his loss of physical energy, and puzzled in his mind to know what had befallen him. His face showed that, given the opportunity, he would continue his base practices with every ounce of power that remained to him.

That he had been several hundred years in the spirit world could be seen by the few tattered remnants of his garb, which bespoke a former age, and he ha spent the greater part of his earth life inflicting mental and physical tortures upon those who had the misfortune to come into his evil clutches...

When he was upon earth, he had acted under a false pretense of administering justice. In very truth, his justice had been nothing but a travesty, and now he was seeing exactly what true justice really meant. Not only was his own life of wickedness continually before him, but the features of his many victims were ever passing before his mind, created out of that same memory which is registered unfailingly and ineradicably upon the subconscious mind. he cannot ever forget; he must always remember...

Had we been able to detect one tiny glimmer of that light- it is a real light that we see- which is an unmistakable sign of spiritual stirring within, we might have done something for this soul. As it was, we could do nothing but hope that one day this dreadful bring would call for help in true earnestness and sincerity. his call would be answered- unfailingly.

We turned away, and Edwin led us down through an opening in the rocks on to more or less level ground. We could see at once that this part of the crater was more thickly peopled- if one can use the term ‘people' of such as we saw there.

The inhabitants were variously occupied: some were seated upon small boulders, and gave every appearance of conspiring together upon the weaker of their kind who must, in some fashion, have fallen foul of their tormentors. Their shrieks were unbearable to listen to, and so we closed our ears to them, firmly and effectively. Their limbs were indescribably distorted and malformed, and in some cases their faces and heads had retrograded to the merest mockery of a human countenance. Others again we observed to be lying prone upon the ground as though exhausted from undergoing torture, or because of expending their last remaining energy upon inflicting it, before they could gather renewed strength to recommence their barbarities.

Interspersed throughout the great area of this dreadful region were pools of some sort of liquid. it looked thick and viscid, and inexpressibly filthy, as, indeed, it was Edwin told us that the stench that came from these pools was in keeping with all else that we had seen here...

We were horrified to see signs of movement in some of the pools, and we guessed, without Edwin having to tell us, that frequently the inhabitants slip and fall into them, They cannot drown because they are as indestructible as we are ourselves.

We witnessed all manner of bestialities and grossness, and such barbarities and cruelties as the mind can scarcely contemplate...

Every soul who lives in those awful places once lived upon the earth-plane... The whole of these revolting regions exist by virtue of the same laws that govern the states of beauty and happiness...

These dark realms have been built up by the people of the earth-plane, even as they have built up the realms of beauty...

Every soul who dwells in these dreadful dark realms has the power within himself to rise up out of the foulness into the light.

Emptying of the Lower Astral

*LFS* Emptying of the Lower Realms:

"As souls evolve, consciously trying to live harmoniously and gratefully, all planes will progress, and the grey areas will begin to empty out." -James


The Point of Equilibrium

The Null Point, Equilibrium

The Null-Point/Equilibrium(MJooB): Within this ring, approximately through the center, there is a null point of a different variety. It is generated by the existence of two symbolized energy fields overlapping and exerting near-equal pressure/influence without interaction between the two. There are no standing waves set up, for the fields are not compatible. On the inner side, the dominant force is space-time and human life, strongest at the innermost rings and lessening as it approaches the outer edge. On the outer side of the ring, the dominant force is non-physical reality. It is a mirror image in field strength, with its greatest effect at the outermost edge, and diminishing slowly to the null-point, then exponentially to the inner edge of the ring. At the null-point, the texture of the haze is different. (H&H) There must be equilibrium in all things, and every single thing. Inferior parts react against and resist the pressing superior parts. There is an equilibrium between heaven and hell. This gives man the freedom of thinking and willing. The world of spirits is in the equilibrium between heaven and hell. There is spiritual equilibrium between good and evil and true and false. Every society in heaven has an opposite in hell. The number of hells = the number of heavens. Each good and truth has an opposite. Hell hates heaven-stuff and heaven is contrary to hell-stuff. The balance shifts back and forth every day, but the Lord only knows when and how. The hells are continually assaulting heaven. Heaven can never assault hell, for the Lord's sphere is an effort to save all, but it cant work because the hell ones are turned away.


The Higher Astral Planes

The Upper Astral

The Outermost Rings

*BDL* The Upper Astral:

J: Then we go into the upper astral... Mid-astral's nice; it's like going to a nice suburb. But the upper-astral's just gorgeous with such beautiful scenery. There are gardens and the prototypes of all the beautiful mountains, oceans, streams, lakes and waterfalls... There's this beautiful jewel-like city where the Temple of Wisdom is located. There are mountains surrounding it where some of the people that are upper-astral entities live...

He says, "...You have so much more choice when you're in the upper-astral. Knowledge is freedom."

** Locale 2: The Center Ring's Outermost Area/Higher Planes:

The Higher Realms(DDG): There are higher realms in the astral plane. I have not visited these as much as I have the lower and middle realms. The higher realms appear much more ethereal than the middle realms. Colors are very delicate and "light" (the opposite of heavy). Colors and things can also appear very much like sparkling jewels. In general, the higher regions still have buildings and recognizable landscapes. The most important clue that you are in a higher region is how it feels. When in a higher region, everything feels really, really good. It is peaceful and satisfying and makes you feel light, relaxed and content.

It is my suspicion that here too, as with the middle realms, you will find regions where deceased people dwell. These are likely the regions people pass into after they have worn out their earthy desires which bind them to the middle regions. You rarely encounter dreamers in the higher OBE regions.

*LWU* Summerland:

There is a very bright and beautiful sphere of the spirit world which has been given the picturesque and most apposite title of the ‘Summerland'.

*BDL* The Sixth Through Ninth Levels:

S: The sixth is the one known as the spirit's realm...

Sometimes they are those that are locked into the earthly plane by either their own motives or their family could keep them there through grief or whatever... (NOTE: A fifth-level mentality in the sixth)

The eighth and ninth levels are reserved for the great masters. If you reach the tenth, you are one again with God.

*CBtL* The Higher Planes:

The higher astral planes are a wonderful realm called Heaven by Christians, or the Summerland by spiritualists.

*AP* The Higher Subdivision of the Astral- Summerland:

The first, second, and third subdivisions seem much further removed from this physical world, and correspondingly less material. Entities inhabiting these levels lose sight of the earth and its belongings; they are usually deeply self-absorbed, and to a large extent create their own surroundings, though these are not purely subjective, as in Devachan, but on the contrary sufficiently objective to be perceptible to other entities and also to clairvoyant vision. This region is beyond doubt the "summerland". It is on these planes that "spirits" call into temporary existence their houses, schools, and cities. Many of the imaginations that take form there are of real though temporary beauty, and a visitor who knew of nothing higher might wander contentedly enough there among forests and mountains, lovely lakes and pleasant flower-gardens, or might even construct such surroundings to suit his own fancies.

*PAP* Consciousness & Thought-Forms in Higher Planes:

The closer we draw to the atmosphere of the higher planes the more sensitive becomes the human consciousness. The shades of understanding with which this consciousness has now become familiar increase in value and intensity. The atmosphere seems to be impregnated with the highest and most perfect qualities. Every atom takes on a special tone in agreement with the harmony of eternity.

The observation of personal or collective thought-forms causes us to be definitely influenced by their radiations. The attention of the observer, who has placed himself in the conditions which I have just mentioned, is attracted in a proportionate manner to the high nature of the general character of these. The vibrations which emanate from this atmosphere make us admire, with varying intensity, the part of beauty, of exactitude of expression, the whole variety of shades which are expressed by the idea. At the same time we feel an attraction, which is variable according to the forms taken on by energy, which stimulates the experimenter, who is observing, to take part in their perfection.

AY: I Saw Heaven 1) "Gradually the earth scene faded away, and through it loomed a bright, new, beautiful world - beautiful beyond imagination! For half a minute I could see both worlds at once. Finally, when the earth was all gone, I stood in a glory that could only be heaven.

"In the background were two beautiful, round-topped mountains, similar to Fujiyama in Japan. The tops were snowcapped, and the slopes were adorned with foliage of indescribable beauty. The mountains appeared to be about fifteen miles away, yet I could see individual flowers growing on their slopes. I estimated my vision to be about one hundred times better than on earth.

"To the left was a shimmering lake containing a different kind of water - clear, golden, radiant, and alluring. It seemed to be alive. The whole landscape was carpeted with grass so vivid, clear, and green, that it defies description. To the right was a grove of large, luxuriant trees, composed of the same clear material that seemed to make up everything.

"I saw twenty people beyond the first trees, playing a singing-dancing game something like Skip-to-My-Lou. They were having a hilarious time holding hands and dancing in a circle - fast and lively. As soon as they saw me, four of the players left the game and joyfully skipped over to greet me. As they approached, I estimated their ages to be: one, thirty; two, twenty; and one, twelve. Their bodies seemed almost weightless, and the grace and beauty of their easy movements was fascinating to watch. Both sexes had long, luxuriant hair entwined with flowers, which hung down in glossy masses to their waists. Their only clothing was a gossamer loin cloth with a loop over one shoulder and a broad ribbon streaming out behind in graceful curves and curlicues. Their magnificence not only thrilled me, but filled me with awe.

"The oldest, largest, and strongest-looking man announced pleasantly, 'You are in the land of the dead. We lived on earth, just like you, 'til we came here.' He invited me to look at my arm. I looked, and it was translucent; that is, I could dimly see through it. Next they had me look at the grass and trees. They were also translucent. It was exactly the way the Bible had described heaven.

"It's marvelous!" they answered. Then with delight they told me how I could swim around in the lake as long as I pleased and when I came out, I'd be dry! Another one said, "You can run, jump, dance, sing and play as much as you want to and you'll never get tired!"

"Then I noticed that the landscape was gradually becoming familiar. It seemed as if I had been here before. I remembered what was on the other side of the mountains. Then with a sudden burst of joy, I realized that this was my real home! Back on earth I had been a visitor, a misfit, and a homesick stranger. With a sigh of relief, I said to myself, Thank God I'm back again. This time I'll stay!

"The oldest man, who looked like a Greek god, continued to explain, 'Everything over here is pure. The elements don't mix or break down as they do on earth. Everything is kept in place by an all-pervading Master-Vibration, which prevents aging. That's why things don't get dirty, or wear out, and why everything looks so bright and new.' Then I understood how heaven could be eternal."

Next I noticed that I was loving everything and everybody and that it was making me intensely happy. Apparently only the good in me had survived. Without the bad, which is discord, I was happy beyond anything I had ever known.

While we talked, my mind, or whatever I had to think with, became crystal clear. Instantly and without effort I could remember everything I had ever known. I seemed to understand the earth and all about it. The whole scheme of life was plain as day. Everything on earth has its purpose. It all fits into a pattern which will, in the end, work out for justice and good. People worry because of their incomplete viewpoints. They don't realize that trouble is nature's way of teaching lessons that won't be learned otherwise. (NOTE: Maybe split this up)

*LFS* Where Summerland Is:

"Summerland is, also, known as the Third Heaven. Those who arrive here are past the need to re-embody, and their striving is ever upward toward union with God!" -James

*LFS* What Heaven Is:

Radha: "Heaven is the Divine Creation of the wandering ones returning to their Source."

The Fifth Astral Subplane - The Golden City

*ASJ* The Fifth Astral Sphere- The Golden City:

Once more we joined hands and willed ourselves to the next level- the fifth. On opening my eyes it seemed uncanny to find that we were standing on an open plane... In the distance was a huge city, with many spires and towers, surrounded by an immense wall. Above the city shone something in the nature of a sun, for it spread a glow over all the buildings which made them shine like gold. ‘That, my friends, is the Golden City... You will find within everything that has ever been thought of or imagined as likely to be found in orthodox Heaven.' (NOTE: Roads saw this city, too, with the sun above it!)


The streets seemed to be paved with pure gold, the numerous trees which lined them were laden with precious stones. These thought-forms of diamonds, emeralds, rubies, pearls etc. were very beautiful, but the effect was rather like an unending line of Christmas trees. I noticed that there was at least one church in every street...[The guide] told me that in the Heaven world the different sects led their separate lives and carried out their specific teaching, but that there was never any disharmony here, everyone realized that the truth behind all doctrines was the same and only the forms of expression were different... He stated that here God reigned supreme and from time to time visited the Golden City; he was not seen by the ordinary inhabitants, but His voice was heard seemingly coming from the cloud which encircled Him. He stated that Christ and His twelve apostles still walked the streets teaching, and preaching to the multitude.

*OwtL* NDE- The Golden City:

"I saw before me some huge gates and I began to walk toward them. I instinctively knew that Heaven, Paradise, Jesus, Mother Mary, and all the saints lived in the magnificent city that lay behind the massive gates. I knew the city must be Heaven, because I could see tall golden spires, parapets, and towers stretching up behind the gates."

*T* The Higher Astral- Fifth:

The fifth level of the soul world is the level of soul light. Here, sympathy for others already carries considerable weight. Souls are related to this region to the extent that they took joy and pleasure in their surroundings during physical life...

Those souls who expect their religious observances to enhance their sensuous well-being are also purified here, regardless of whether they yearn for an earthly or for a heavenly paradise. They find this paradise in the soul world, but only in order to recognize its worthlessness...

*BDD* NDE- Tunnel, Past Barrier, Light, Golden City:

"I was going swiftly through a black tube, not touching the sides but soon I was glad to see light again but this time that wall didnt stop me. I actually flew right on over it. I was flying through space at a rapid rate.

"There was a river below me, and it was becoming dawn. Everything was getting brighter. I noticed that I was crossing over a beautiful city below, as I followed the river like a soaring bird. The streets seemed to be made of shining gold and were wonderfully beautiful... I descended onto one of the streets and people were all around me- happy people who were glad to see me! They seemed to be in shining clothes with a sort of glow. Nobody was in a hurry."

*BDD* NDE- Carried By Angel, Golden City, Return:

"A nurse, it seemed, had grasped me from behind, encircling my waist with her arms, and took me out of there. We started flying out of the city, going faster and faster. The first time I knew it was not a nurse was when I looked down toward my feet and saw the tips of some white wings moving behind me. I am sure now it was an angel!

"After soaring for a while, she (the angel) sat me down on a street in a fabulous city of buildings made of glittering gold and silver and beautiful trees. A beautiful light was everywhere... On this street I met my mother, my father, and my brother, all of whom had died previously.

"‘Here comes Paul' I heard my mother say. As I walked to greet them, however, this same angel picked me up by the waist again and took me off into the sky...

"In the distance we were approaching the skyline. I could recognize the buildings. I saw the hospital where I had been sent as a patient. The angel descended and put me back in the very room where I had been located and I looked up and saw the faces of the doctors working on me."

*BDD* NDE- Tunnel, Barrier, Golden City, Meet Family, House of God:

"Next thing I remember was going through this dark passage. I didnt touch any of the walls. I emerged out into an open field and was walking toward a big white wall which was very long. It had three steps leading up to a doorway in the wall...

And then I walked through the door, and saw on the other side this beautiful, brilliantly lit city, reflecting what seemed to be the sun's rays. It was all made of gold or some shiny metal with domes and steeples in a beautiful array, and the streets were shining, not quite like marble but made of something I have never seen before. There were many people all dressed in glowing white robes with radiant faces. They looked beautiful. The air smelled so fresh. I have never smelled anything like it.

...They were my mother and father, both had died years ago...

As we walked along together to find Jesus, I noticed there was one building larger than all of the others. It looked like a football stadium with an open end to the building where a blinding light radiated from it. I tried to look up at the light but I couldnt. It was too briliant. Many people seemed to be bowed in front of his building in adoration and prayer.

I said to my parents, "What is that?"

They said, "In there is God."

The Sixth Astral Subplane

*ASJ* The Fifth and Sixth Astral Spheres- Research, World Problem-Solving:

The Master: ‘On the fifth and sixth spheres, you will find still more research workers, such as psychoanalysts and brain, heart and other specialists...

‘On these levels world economic problems are discussed and worked upon for months and years... In periods of crisis great world leaders seem to stand on a pinnacle and shine... Such men are chosen and they are helped by one or other of the great Beings... Whilst the period of overshadowing lasts, they are indeed supermen; but when the crisis is over, this overshadowing has to be withdrawn for each man has free-will by right and may only be helped so far and no further.

‘On these levels there are men who are interested in the growing shortage of food for a humanity that is increasing by millions each year. Devas help with their problems by suggesting new methods of cultivation... Great progress is often made at such conferences and suggestions are made to people living in the world, which enable humanity to advance in all its different ways.

‘You probably have wondered why the world progresses much more quickly one century than another. It is not only that distances have been obliterated by air travel and such things as wireless, but simply because mankind in general is slowly but surely becoming more interested in solving existing problems, and by such solution the masses benefit.'

*ASJ* The Sixth Astral Sphere- The Lake of Perpetual Silence:

Again we linked hands, and willed ourselves to the sixth level. Within a second we were standing on the edge of a lake, which was surrounded by a high wall of rock. In the distance on our left was to be seen a very small opening... ‘Make a clear picture of this scene,' advised Acharya, ‘This lake is used principally by members of the human race who desire absolute stillness for their particular work... The small boats you see are used by the men who come here, for when they are afloat, it is impossible for one boat to be overtaken by another. This is due to some under water currents which cause the boats to drift round the entire lake; it takes twenty four hours (earth time) for a boat to return to its starting place, and the meditation exercises carried out by these people take exactly that time to complete... I have spoken to you here in a voice which is hardly above a whisper. Had I spoken in my usual voice you would have heard it reverberating round the lake like thunder... The lake is called ‘The Waters of Perpetual Silence.''

*T* The Higher Astral- Sixth:

The purification of the part of the soul that thirsts for action takes place in the sixth region, or region of active soul power... Many artistic people, as well as those who devote themselves to scientific activity for the pleasure of it, belong in this region. What binds them to the physical world is their belief that art and science exist for the sake of such pleasure.

The Seventh Astral Subplane
The Outermost Ring

** The Outermost Ring:

The Outermost Ring(MJooB): The outermost ring has a thin haze. The rim has a glow to it which broke down into soft individual light sources as you get closer. These glow sources were the residents. They were the teachers, helpers, and guides of the inner rings- all on temporary but dedicated duty.

Those there are made of three types: First-timers who just started to forget, old-timers, who mostly remember after many lives and stay around to help but dont know enough to go home, and last-timers, who make one last incarnation and then disappear. There are OBErs, too who are unstable and flick in and out. Sleepers dont usually remember when they go out that far. Very little noise was present in the outermost band.

The last-timers have lost their gray appearance and much of their humanoid form. They gave off a radiation that was unforgettable- tremendous vital power that seemed totally under control. They are nearly white in radiation with occasional sparkling patterns around them. All were cooperating as parts of the whole. They were completely open. The key is that they got that way from being human. They are tightly closed and do not respond to any communication attempts excpet possibly among themselves.

The last-timers dont select history-making roles in the final run- they've probably already performed them. They are inconspicuous, not gathered in groups.

Their final re-entry into human experience is either too rapid to see or instantaneous. Their exit from the final cycle is represented by a sparkling glowing light which moves rapidly outward passing the outermost ring, then they suddenly disappear without a trace.

*ASJ* The Seventh Astral Sphere- Hermits:

The Master: ‘I must now tell you a little about life as it is lived on the seventh and last sphere of the astral world. The first thing that will strike you, when you visit that part, is the complete absence of buildings of any sort. There are no signs of human habitations at all, but you will find that there are permanent residents living at this level, although they do everything in there power to discourage contact when other humans approach. Such men are of the opinion that their progress in evolution can only be accomplished by resorting to complete seclusion and a life of silence. In the physical world there are holy men, who live apart from humanity... These men have become so used to living within themselves, praying for long periods for the helping of mankind that after death they derive solace in continuation of the same existence that they lived for so many years on earth... They usually live in the open, in woods and out-of-the-way places...

‘In addition to the humans who live at this level, you will find countless numbers of highly evolved members of the deva kingdom who carry on work but have no contact whatever with the members of our evolution.'

*ASJ* The Seventh Astral Sphere- World's View Mountains, Passing Shells:

I saw we were standing on the highest point of a range of mountains which Acharya stated was called ‘World's View'... Although the countryside was reasonably well wooded with plenty of flowers in bloom, there were no buildings anywhere and the surroundings had a bleak appearance. I was told that a number of ascetics and holy men spend a large part of their lives under these conditions... I noticed two people who looked like a man and a woman gently floating along a valley... When we reached them they did not slow their progress, which was a little faster than a walking pace, and when Acharya spoke to them they made no reply. I too put a question to the woman who turned her face in my direction but looked through me without uttering a word; her eyes had a blank stare and the face expressed no animation. They floated along on a route which appeared to be circular. my guide told me these were shells left behind by two individuals who had passed to the mental world.

*BDL* The Seventh Plane:

I was speaking to a woman who was in-between lives and attending school on the spirit planes. But this time it sounded like a different school than the school of knowledge I had been told of earlier... She said it was located on the seventh level.

S: I am learning how to take on day-to-day experiences in life and make them worthwhile and enjoyable and make a lot count...

There are only a certain amount of people who are open to those on the seventh level. There are more who are open to those on the sixth. But we are trying to open up the ones who are, for instance, the spiritual leaders or the inventors. And those who many people would not consider to be important, in the extent that they wont be remembered for the next 200 years.

...It would seem that this seventh level is where the inventions, music and creative influences come from.

*T* The Higher Astral- Seventh:

The seventh region, that of the actual soul life, frees us from our last inclinations toward the sensory, physical world. Each preceding region has absorbed that aspect of the soul that is related to it... The being of the soul is now absorbed into its own world, and the spirit, free of all restraints, wings its way upward into regions in which it lives only in its own element.

Moving To Higher Planes

*LWU* Increasing Powers in Higher Realms:

We all of us have certain powers which are magnified as we pass from sphere to sphere in the progressive steps of our spiritual development. And one of the principal of these powers is that of matching ourselves, of adjusting ourselves, to our surroundings... In the spirit world we call it equalizing of our personal vibrational rate.

Archetypes of Physical Objects

*tAW* The Creative Work Areas of the Astral:

Raising our vibrations rapidly, and passing over many degrees of scenes of this kind, we find ourselves on a considerably higher plane. Here we see men engaged in what would be called "useful work" in earth life. But they are performing it not as labor, but rather as a joyous recreation. Observing closely, you will see that the work is all of an inventive and constructive nature. The men and women are perfecting that in which their interest was engages while on earth life... On some of these subdivisions we see the artist busily at work, turning out wonderful masterpieces; also musicians creating great compositions... The architect builds great structures- the inventor discovers great things. And all are filled with the joy of work, and the ecstasy of creative imagination...

In this work on the Astral, there is an actual mental advance and progress...

Here on these very planes of the Astral there is being built the mold from which will actually pour great inventive and creative achievements, on the material plane, in the future incarnations of these souls now doing work on this plane... Many a work of art, musical composition, great piece of literature, or great invention, has been but a reproduction of an Astral pattern. This will help to explain the feeling common to all great performers of creative, imaginative or intellectual work- the strange feeling that their work is but a completion of something at which they had previously wrought- a re-discovery, as it were.

Again, in this work-play of the Astral, the soul is always at work using up old ideas, aspirations, etc., and discarding them finally... Life on the Astral is very earnest and intense.

*VftA* Heavenly Archetypes:

"He will relay his thoughts to me, and I will put them into words and convey them to you."...

Sandy: ...This place, which we call Heaven, contains the perfect pattern that God created for the planet, and all of the universes, and everything that ever was and is and shall be. From this archetype, the reality we know as Earth was formed. Every rose, every violet, every tree, every bird on Earth has its counterpart here in Heaven. If you can imagine the most beautiful, most perfect rose you have ever seen, then multiply that beauty and perfection ten thousands times; still it would fall far short of the spirit pattern from which that same rose was formed.

I have learned that the source of this dichotomy is the condition of man's consciousness. mankind was made caretaker and co-creator of the Earth. We have chosen to build our world on beliefs in darkness, separation and fear. We have created a reality that falls far short of God's magnificent vision for us. Because any whole can only rise as high as the vibrational frequency of the sum of its parts, all beings, all things in this reality are held back and prevented from manifesting their true potential on this material plane by belief constructs contained in mass consciousness. (NOTE: Began in Tunnel & Pre-Tunnel)

*BDL* The Prototype Upper Astral Garden:

There is a glowing spirit here and he says, "Let's talk about the garden. It's the prototype of all the flowers and trees and ponds and lakes and fountains that you have on Earth, so it's much finer." Everything is exquisite. The flowers are like hand-cut jewels. Their scents are just miraculous... It feels like nature just reaches out to love you... And this is a prototype of what gardens look like in the material world. This is the world, the real world...

These are eternal. They never change. That's why they have jewel-like perfection...

Trees in your world, the material world, are just a reflection of these...

All beautiful things that are created in your physical world have their counterparts here in this world...

The intensity of the colors is breathtaking.

Higher Intellectual Pursuits

*ASJ* The Intellectual Man in Heaven:

The Master: ‘The intellectual man... pass[es] more quickly through the lower to the higher levels of the astral world, where they are not only able to continue any experimental work in which they were interested, but can gather students with similar tastes round them. Such gatherings are to be seen frequently... The artist has his group of pupils trying to imitate his skill, as also does the musician, and now the latter is happy indeed for he has the opportunity of listening not only to the world's music but to the music of nature from that of the sea and the wind to the music of the spheres... there is an ordered song as the planets move through their mighty curves in space... A musician may meet the great angels of music, for there are angels who live for music, who express themselves in and by music, to whom music is what speech is to us."

*tAW* The Astral Region of Higher Intellectual Pursuits:

On the highest of the sub-planes of the Astral we find many regions inhabited by the philosophers, metaphysicians, and higher theologians of the race- those who used their intellectual power in striving to solve the Riddle of the Universe, and to peer Behind the Veil, by the use of intellect alone. High and low are met with here. There are as many schools of philosophy and metaphysics here, as there were religious sects on the plane below. Some are pitifully weak, crude and childish in their conceptions- others have advanced so far that they seem like demi-gods of intellect. But even this is not true "spirituality..." All has its place, however, and everything is evolving and unfolding.

Higher Service

*ASJ* The Spiritual Man in Heaven:

The Master: ‘For the spiritually minded man, the man who has meditated deeply on higher things, there waits an infinity of bliss. During his lifetime he has had to rely on faith and his own reasoning powers, now he can prove the truth of many of the theories which he has studied in the world, and one can but faintly imagine the joy and peace that this knowledge will bring to such a man...

‘The philanthropist who during his lifetime has had one thought, one object in view- the helping of his fellow men- has perhaps the greatest opportunity of all, for now he is free to devote the whole of his time to helping and comforting those who require his services.'

Enlightened Communities

*TDA* The Enlightenment Community on the Spiritual Plane:

Dr. Peebles: "Now, there is a movement of consciousness that humans call enlightenment. This so-called enlightenment creates an ability to penetrate some levels of consciousness and of reality, and I am blessed to be part of that environment, and we who are gathered together in this community, having lifted ourselves through and beyond the karma of life, have another experience that is more unified, more objectified, more consistent and cooperative with each other. It's one large community of light, and in that light there is a sense of freedom beyond even what words can describe, and that sense of freedom is the result of love, love of self in the light of the divine and all life everywhere, a love of learning, a love of differences, a love of intimacy. All these items tend to be the source of fear for those who have not yet achieved this state.

"We are able then to move through these various villages, towns, and localities on the spirit side..."

The Reincarnation Center

*BDL* The Reincarnation Center:

J: This is the processing room where souls are lined up and matched with the appropriate bodies for them to incarnate in...

When a higher-level soul comes, it's like he's given priority service. They already know that he's gonna be processed through quickly. He's ushered in another direction.

Higher Astral Buildings & Cities

*LWU* Into the Higher Realms:

We immediately felt ourselves to be floating, but this sensation ceased abruptly after what seemed but a second of time, and thereafter we had no sense of movement whatever. A light flashed before our eyes. It was extremely bright, but it was by no means startling. It vanished as quickly as it came, and coincidental with its disappearance I could feel the solid ground under my feet. And then the first vision of this high realm opened before our eyes.

We were in a dominion of unparalleled beauty...

We were standing within the realm of a king... We stood upon an elevation some height above the city; our good friends had expressly taken us to this particular location to present us with this superb view. It would not be possible, they said, to spend more than a limited period here, and so it was the wish of the Chaldean's master that we should see as much as possible within that period.

Stretching before us was the wide stream of a river, looking calm, peaceful, and overwhelmingly lovely as the heavenly sun touches every tiny wave with a myriad tints and tones. Occupying a central position in the view, and upon the right bank of the river, was a spacious terrace built to the water's edge. It seemed to be composed of the most delicate alabaster. A broad flight of steps led up to the most magnificent building that the mind could ever contemplate.

It was several stories high, each of them being arranged in a series of orders, so that each occupied a gradually diminishing area until the topmost was reached. Its exterior appearance was, if anything, almost plain and unadorned, and it was obvious why this should be so. The whole edifice was exclusively composed of sapphire, diamond, and topaz, or at least, their celestial equivalent. These three precious stones constituted the crystalline embodiment of the three colors blue, white and gold, and they corresponded with the colors which we had seen before in the robe of our celestial visitor... The blue, white and gold of the jewelled palace, touched by the pure rays of the great central sun, were intensified and magnified a thousandfold, and flashed forth in every direction their beams of the purest light...

In our own realm the buildings are opaque, albeit they have a certain translucence of surface. But they are ponderous and heavy by comparison with the upper realms. We had journeyed through many other spheres to reach this present one, but had we paused to observe the lands through which we had passed, we should have seen a gradual transformation taking place until the relatively heavy-looking materials of our own realm became transmuted into the crystalline substance upon which our gaze was now fastened...

We could see, surrounding the palace, many acres of the most enchanting gardens laid out in such fashion that, from the distant and elevated viewpoint which we occupied, they presented a huge and intricate pattern as in some superbly-wrought eastern carpet...

The range of our vision was increased in these rarified regions beyond all human conception, and so it seemed that literally an unending vista spread before us of more earthly miles than it is possible to contemplate. And all through this wide expanse we could see other magnificent buildings built of still more precious stones- of emerald and amethyst, to name but two, and, far away, what looked like pearl. Each of the different buildings was set amid the most entrancing gardens, where trees were growing of unimaginable richness and color and grandeur of form. Wherever we cast our eyes, there we could see the flashing of jewelled buildings, reflecting back the rays of the central sun, the myriad colors from the flowers, and the scintillations from the waters of the river that flowed before us far away into the distance. (NOTE: Yes, I noticed the "central sun" when the home realm has a sunless sky and is internally lit)

As we were gazing spellbound upon the scene a sudden flash of light seemed to come from the palace directly to the Chaldean, and it was acknowledged by an answering flash which he sent back to the palace. Our presence in the realm was known, and as soon as we had feasted our eyes upon the view, we were asked to walk within the palace where our host would be waiting to receive us. Such was the message contained in the flash of light, as interpreted by the Chaldean...

The stonework of the terrace and the steps was pure white, but we were much surprised by its apparent softness under foot, for it was like walking upon the velvet softness of a well-tended lawn. Our footsteps made no sound, but our garments rustle as we walked along, otherwise our progress would have been a silent one except for our conversation...The whole air was filled with the harmony sent forth from the volumes of color that abounded upon every hand.

The temperature seemed to us mich higher than that of our own realm. The Chaldean told us that it was really much higher than we could feel, but that our minds had been attuned to the difference of temperature just as they had been attuned to the intensity of light. A gentle breeze was pleasantly perceptible as it touched our faces with it heavenly scented breath.

*LWU* High Realms- Mosaics of Jeweled Light:

Everywhere that we cast our eyes we could see jewelled walls and jewelled floor. Upon the walls were pictures of pastoral scenes where the artist had utilized every gem known to mortal man- and many others unknown to him- as the medium for his work. These pictures were, in their execution, of a mosaic order, but the effect produced upon the beholder was one of liquid light... The constituents of the pictures sent forth their rays of light in all the colors that the subject demanded, and the effect upon the eye was one of pure life. The colors themselves were exquisite, and contained many more tones and shades of tones than earthly pigments could provide.

*IaTR* The Morphing City of Glass & Light:

There before me is a small city. In the center, dominating the city, is a large castle. The city, the castle—everything seems to be made of glass that sparkles and gleams, as it bounces a million reflections of the sun. It appears that the city is moving, such is the power of the illusion caused by the ever-shifting reflections.

I have seen no inhabitants in the city.

As I walk, however, my perspective keeps shifting and changing. One moment the city appears small, then larger, then it's one range of colors, then another, and so on. (NOTE: ecstasy trance) One factor stays constant and steady: There is a large Golden Orb balanced on the topmost spire of the castle. How did I not see it from the hilltop, I cannot imagine. Only now do I notice that a hundred or more spires seem to pierce the sky, each spire the crown of a building. I don't remember seeing any of the spires from the hilltop either.

As though just emerging into my consciousness, I hear the sound of ethereal music—thin slivers of pure vibration that rise and fall with such purity that I hold my breath, so magical and compelling I dare not disturb it.

This whole city is alive. It lives and breathes, and this music is surely its breath. This city is a living Being.

Clear-eyed, no longer enmeshed in a fog of emotion, I walk slowly around this city of living glass. Somehow, now that I am hearing the music of a living city as it breathes, I am seeing anew. The city is now revealing itself to me. I can now see that the buildings are multidimensional and that they are changing shape in a slow, constant movement that could be described as a dance. Within this movement an ever-changing blaze of color reflects endlessly from the multifaceted glass.

There are no footpaths or paving for pedestrians in this city, no streets for traffic. Instead, it seems that it is carpeted, yet this carpet, too, is alive, rather like blue grass. It is all a single, living, breathing Being.

My attention is drawn to the castle, growing as it is from the center of the city. I cannot think of it as built, for its smooth lines of sparkling glass give no indication that it could be built. Only the castle remains constant, rather than shape-shift as the other buildings do. My fingers touch the smooth surface without intervention. The feeling transmitted into my fingertips is one of aware vibrant energy and acceptance. The substance that appears as a glass is not glass at all; it is the substance of a Being.

The castle appears rather like a number of pencils of varying length, very finely pointed, and all held together in a bunch, points upward. However, the tallest of these pencils are well over two hundred feet high and as slim proportionally. Cover the pencils in a vibrant, multicolored, shimmering, glasslike material, and you have some rough idea of the appearance of the castle. Then add the large Golden Orb, impossible balanced on the very tip of the tallest spire, far above all the others.

A City of Lights: 1) He found himself moving toward a city of lights.

2) The cities were built of light. I went into a cathedral. The bricks or blocks appeared to be made of plexiglass. They were square, they had dimension to them, except you could see through them and in the center of each was this gold and silver light. This cathedral was literally built of knowledge. Information was coming at me from every direction. It was almost as if I was sticking my head in a stream and each drop of water was a piece of info and it was flowing past me.

3) It was an immense city of light with nothing supporting it and no need for anything to support it. The light was coming from within the city and there seemed to be a laser beam of light in the midst of that, that was directed to me. And I just rode that laser beam of light through a vastness, being aware that there were other life forms floating by. I moved at tremendous speed. The first thing I saw was this street. It had a look of gold, but was clear, transparent. It had a smoothness and softness. Not a giving softness, but almost a blending. Everything was very defined, on the one hand, but it also had a blending with everything else.

4) The room was beautiful. It's walls were made of some kind of substance, perhaps like a very thin marble, that let light come in, and in places I could see through it to the outside.

(GR: The City of God): Now we seemed to have left the earth behind. I could no longer see it. Instead we appeared to be in an immense void. Some unnameable promise seemed to vibrate through that vast emptiness.

And then I saw, infinitely far off, a city. A glowing, seemingly endless city. The brightness seemed to shine from the very walls and streets of this place, and from beings which I could now discern moving about within it. In fact, the city and everything in it seemed to be made of light.

Two of the bright figures seemed to detach themselves from the city and start toward us, hurling themselves across that infinity with the speed of light.

But as fast as they came toward us, we drew away still faster. The distance increased, the vision faded.

** Cities in the Clouds:

3) I was looking around at where I was at and I was in awe of the incredible beauty of the place I was in. The sun seemed to be coming up over the horizon behind the city, and the city itself glistened like so many jewels far below me. And once I got around to the other side of the building, off in the distance the sky was filled by huge billowing clouds draped across the sky in wave after wave. And if things hadn't been dramatic and spectacular enough to this point in the projection, I realized as I was looking at the clouds that there was a city built right into the clouds! It was like a fairy tale - a castle built into the clouds!

The clouds themselves seemed to be getting bigger and bigger, dwarfing everything else in my view. They were beautiful as the rising (setting?) sun was shinning off them, making them look like some gorgeous pastel

painting. There was an incredible vividness to everything; very real, but not like the physical plane. Everything seemed almost like claymation. But paradoxically, even though I was moving in the direction of the city in the clouds, it didn't seem like I was getting any closer to it.

Higher Astral Inhabitants

*LWU* Someone From a Higher Plane:

Our old friend returned bringing with him a very striking looking man who, I knew at once, had come from a higher sphere in answer to Edwin's call... He was an Egyptian... He spoke our own tongue perfectly...

Our visitor was possessed of a very strong personality, and he gave one the strong impression of calmness and placidity. This would, one imagined, always remain perfectly unruffled.

*LWU* A Spirit in the High Realms, Merriment and Humor is High Spirituality, Charging His Guests:

I truly believe that the Chaldean is the merriest soul in the whole of the spirit realms. I mention this specifically because there would seem to be an idea in some minds that the higher one's spiritual status becomes the more serious one has to be. Such a notion is entirely false. The reverse is the truth...

The illustrious personage, towards whose home in the high realms we were making our way, was known by sight to every soul in the realms of light. His wish was always treated as a command, and his word law. The blue, white and gold in his robe, evident in such enormous proportions, revealed the stupendous degree of his knowledge, spirituality, and wisdom. There were thousands who named Him as their ‘beloved master'...

He is a real living person, as firm a reality as we are ourselves... There are mistaken notions that the beings of the highest realms are so ethereal as to be practically invisible except to others of their kind, and that they are utterly and completely unapproachable...

First of all [the Chaldean] came behind us and allowed his hands to rest upon or heads for a brief moment. This, he told us, was to give us extra power to move through space. We felt a tingling sensation immediately beneath his hands that was most pleasant and exhilarating, and we felt as though we were becoming lighter, although one would scarcely have thought that would be possible. We could also feel a gentle heat running through the system...

The Chaldean told us that by placing his hands upon our heads it would also have the effect, in addition to giving us power to travel, of adjusting our vision to the extra intensity of light that we should encounter in the high realm. Without such counterbalancing we should find ourselves in very considerable distress. In this adjustment our sight was not dimmed from within, but a kind of film was superimposed without, just in the same way as upon earth you wear protective glass to shield the eyes...

The Egyptian next took our hands within his, and we perceived a fresh accession of power flowing into us.

The Chaldean asked us to make ourselves completely passive, and to remember that we were upon a journey for our enjoyment and not as a test of our spiritual endurance. ‘And now, my friend,' said he, ‘our arrival is awaited. So let us be off.'


Welcome, indeed, was the overmastering feeling that enveloped us as we first put foot within the palace...

We entered. Our host was seated by a window. As soon as he saw us he rose and came forward to greet us. First he thanked the Chaldean and the Egyptian for bringing us to him. Then he took us each by the hand and bade us be welcome to his home. There were several vacant chairs close to that in which he had been seated, and he suggested that we might like to sit with him there and enjoy the view. It was, he explained, his favorite view...

His hair, for example, seemed to be golden when he came to us. Here it seemed to be as of bright golden light, rather than of the color of gold. (NOTE: The background heat of the universe upon which it is all built) He looked to be young, to be of eternal youthfulness, but we could feel the countless eons of time, as it is still known on earth, that lay behind him.

When he spoke his voice was sheer music, his laugh as a rippling of the waters, but never did I think it possible for one individual to breathe forth such affection, such kindliness, such thoughtfulness and consideration... One felt that, under the Father of Heaven, he held the key to all knowledge and wisdom... Here in his very presence we felt perfectly at home, perfectly at ease with him. He laughed with us, he joked with us, he asked us what we thought of his roses, and had the Chaldean managed to keep us merry upon our way thither. He spoke to each of us individually, displaying an exact acquaintance with all our concerns, collectively and personally. Then finally he came to the reason for his invitation to us to visit him.

In company with my friends, he said, I had visited the dark realms, and I had recounted what I had seen there. He thought that it would be in the nature of a pleasant contrast if we were to visit the highest realm, and see for ourselves some of its beauties; to show that the inhabitants of such high realms are not shadowy unreal people, but, on the contrary, they are like ourselves, capable of feeling and exhibiting the emotions of their fine natures, capable of human understanding, of human thought, and as easily susceptible to laughter and free-hearted merriment as were we ourselves. And he had asked us to visit him in order to tell us himself that these realms, wherein we were now visiting, were within the reach of every soul that is born upon the earth-plane, that no one can deprive us of that right: and that although it may take countless years of time to reach those realms, yet there is all eternity in which to achieve that end, and that there are unlimited means to help us upon our way. That, he said, is the simple, great fact of spirit life.


*LWU* Teachers Still Learn:

The teachers themselves do not cease their own studies because they are teaching. They are ever investigating and learning, and passing on to their pupils what they have thus gained. Some have progressed to a higher realm, but they still retain their interest in their former sphere, and continuously visit it- and their many friends- to pursue their teaching.

*tAW* Those Who Teach From Higher Spheres:

You have noticed certain glorious forms on these regions... These were those highly evolved beings once men like ourselves, who have voluntarily returned from higher spheres to teach and instruct.

*WtK* Teachers in the Soul Realm:

There the souls of disciples, according to their stage of unfoldment- for they always keep on unfolding- are taught by their Elder Brothers, or by their own Higher Selves, the essence of the experiences passed through each day in their body consciousness, or the higher truths that they are to bring down into application on the earth plane.


A disciple, therefore, is always taught and directed in all his activities from the soul realm in the Kingdom. From there either his own Higher Self or other Teachers and Masters teach and guide him.

The Flow Into Angels

*H&H* Angels:

Angels are recepticles of heaven. Angels attend only to the will, and to the understanding only so long as it acts in unison with the will. Angels are not minds without form or mere thoughts, they have human form. They can only be seen with spiritual eyes. Angels are warmed from the inside out. Angels automatically know how to write. The ruling affection of all is love.

*H&H* Innocence in Angels:

Infant innocence is external innocence, but it shines forth from them. They have no purpose or end or thought. They receive from the inmost heaven. Real innocence is the innocence of wisdom. Those in innocence attribute nothing of good to themselves, only to the Lord. They want to be led by him, not themselves. What they receive from they Lord they do not store in memory, but do.

*H&H* The Power of the Lord in Angels:

Angels can cast down anything against order with their will and a look. Mountains occupied by the wicked were cast down. Hundreds of thousands of spirits were cast down. Neither numbers nor cunning can stop angels. All this power is of the Lord and they ascribe it to the Lord or instantly turn weak.

Golden Orbs & Hyperspace Corridors

*IaTR* Inside the Golden Orb, The Light- A Beacon of Love, the Great Cosmic Man:

There is a power or energy coming from the Golden Orb that is unmistakable. The Golden Orb is about the same diameter as the Sphere of Images, yet appears more solid, as though it should be heavy.

Suddenly, with a soft, yet cyclopean sigh, the Golden Orb slowly splits apart, resembling an open flower with huge golden petals. From its interior, a large glowing feather comes floating out, drifting down toward me on a flake of quivering sound.

The feather-like object lands on the carpet before me.

"Step on, my friend," the vehicle says in a strange, musical voice.

As though activated by the voice, the sparkles on my light body are glittering and glinting, and I feel lighter than ever before.

Swiftly, the strange vehicle rises into the air, circling the city as it spirals higher and higher. It seems as though the vehicle and I are one.

The vehicle is now drifting down toward the unroofed Golden Orb, the open petals waiting as though to embrace us. Only now do I realize how big the Golden Orb really is. Down we go, deep into its fathomless depths, down, endlessly down. Finally, the craft comes to rest on a golden platform, set in a room that is vast beyond comprehension. I am in the center of the city, yet this single room is astronomically larger than the whole city. And the Light! This enormous room is filled with a pulsating Light of living, burnished gold.

I recognize the Light. I realize that this Light has been shining throughout all the ages of humanity—a Beacon of Love. The Being which is manifest as a living city is the Light of Enlightenment.

"Open your eyes." As though a blindfold is being removed, I am seeing with a vision that transcends my eyes, the all-embracing vision of a multidimensional Reality.

I am no longer in a room. I am somewhere in space, among the stars. But this is a space of Light. I can see the lights of countless stars in this Light as easily as I see them in a clear night sky.

I watch countless numbers of stars wheeling around me, as though alive and aware. And I know that they are. Each star as with our Earth, is an aware expression of Spirit, and each is involved in its own spiritual growth. The stars pause in their orbital progression in space and, without another movement, form the outline of an unbelievably immense human figure. Gradually, the details of the face are filled in—eyes, mouth, nose, ears—all with an expression of joy and amusement. The body is only hazily defined, as though unimportant.

I see that in a minute way, I too, am a human figure of sparking stars, for the glitter dust is now whirling and orbiting around my body of light. I see the full magnificence of humanity. I know that we, too, are Gods of Creation. This Limitless Being is the Light of Conscious Enlightenment. We already are what we are becoming.

An arrow shaft of Light reaches out, piercing me to my soul. Deep within me, I feel a formless pain. Then it fades. Against my will, I see the everyday me exposed—my folly, my fears, my humanity. I know that every aspect of me is loved by the Light of Enlightenment. Only complete acceptance.

*IaTR* The Firefly Elves in the Shining City:

Without warning, high-pitched laughter echoes around the vast room, and, suddenly, it seems the whole place is alive and moving. The room is ablaze with a myriad of tiny elves, each about the size of a bumblebee. They seem to deliberately catch the Golden Light, reflecting it in countless miniature rainbows as it bounces from one moving elf to another in a never-ending crescendo of light and color. Their laughter is wildly infectious, and I smile, then laugh aloud.

A small swarm of the tiny fairy Beings hover before me. Each is composed of Light, holding no defined form for more than a few moments before winking out, to wink in again micro-moments later. It seems that they simultaneously occupy two different dimensions, continually zipping in and out of each.

I am flying, surrounded by a huge swarm of the tiny elves, their laughter ringing in my ears. I am flying around the room, as lightly and effortlessly as a dragonfly.

As I fly, I realize that this is no different from the stars whirling around the vast figure in space. In a huge cluster, we all zip out through a wall of the castle as though the wall is no more substantial than a cobweb.

The air is filled with their fragrance, a subtle aroma that I have never before encountered. It seems that the fragrance somehow invokes memories, but these memories must surely belongs to someone else. Images of a huge orange sun fill my mind, a sun so close and large that it fills half the sky.

The memory of a slender people with almost translucent blue skin dances tantalizingly before me; then it is gone.

*IaTR* Entering Another Golden Globe, the Source of this Experience:

A bright golden glow appears in the sky, in micromoments traveling from being a speck on the distant horizon to becoming a huge golden globe hovering before me. It is similar to the Golden Orb on the city.

A single petal gently unfolds, swinging down to the ground as though intended to be a ramp. From the interior there comes a deep, rich voice, a voice that I instantly recognize.

"My child, we need you. Please come with me. You know we mean you no harm."

I walk up the ramp into a craft that is silvery bright. The interior is spacious, it seems to have remarkably little gadgetry.

Standing within a nimbus of soft white light, an immeasurably ancient man faces me. He is dressed in a long robe and holds a shepherd's staff.

"I did whisper into your heart, and I also precipitated your experiences in this timeless realm."

The petal-like ramp has folded back into place, and that a faint, subtle vibration is evident.

He guides me through an open doorway into another part of the craft. This golden globe is as deceptive as the Golden Orb of the city, for we are now in a long, wide corridor, with many doors leading into other rooms all along it. The Shepherd steers me into an average size room, comfortably furnished in a human style.


The Mental Plane

The Mental Plane

*RotOS* Devachan:

"Devachan is the Sanskrit word for "heaven," also known as "ther place of the gods."

*DP* Mental Is a Better Name Than Devachanic:

Since further enquiry has shown that the word ‘Devachan' is etymologically inaccurate and misleading, the author would prefer to omit it altogether, and to issue this manual under the simpler and more descriptive title of ‘The Mental Plane'.

*DA* What Devachan Is:

For Devachan is a state of consciousness, the consciousness of the Soul escaped for a while from the net of gross matter, and may be entered at any time by one who has learned to withdraw his Soul from the senses... (NOTE: Ah! The Astral!) Devachan is the sphere of the mind.

*ASJ* Travel in the Mental World:

The Master: ‘In the mental world there are again seven spheres of consciousness corresponding to those found at the astral level, but in this world there is no difficulty at all in passing from one sphere to another... The permanent inhabitants move about very little indeed. The average man finds his natural home, that is the sphere most suited to him and in which he will be most happy, on any of the first four spheres... There he stays, until the time comes for him to drop his mental body and spend a short time at the causal level, which is the permanent home of the ego.'

*T* The Mental-Thought World:

This spiritual world is woven out of the substance that constitutes human thought... Thought as it appears in human beings is only a shadowy image or phantom of its real being... When our spiritual senses are awakened, we actually perceive the thought being itself... We are surrounded and accompanied by thought beings...

There are a number of different levels or region... These individual regions are to be imagined as if interpenetrating rather than layered or piled on top of one another.

*DP* The Mental Plane as Home:

The mental plane upon which the heaven-life takes place, is the third of the five great planes with which humanity is at present concerned, having below it the astral and the physical, and above it the buddhic and nirvanic. It is the plane upon which man, unless at an exceedingly early stage of his progress, spends by far the greater part of his time during the process of evolution... It is, in fact, the true and permanent home of the reincarnating ego or soul of man, each descent into incarnation being merely a short though important episode in his career.

The Mental Dimension: Rainbow Metaphors(RB): This is a spectacular dimension! Iridescent rivers of sound bounded by rainbow shores of pulsating light. Thoughts appear as kaleidoscopic patterns of light and sound. You walk across fields of ideas under a sparkling crystal sky of inspiration. If you enter this world don't try to rationalize or understand it, or you may go mad, for it is beyond human understanding. Just accept it all, go with the flow and enjoy it! Exist here in wondrous amazement. Let loose the child within you to play in this fairy wonderland. Everything feels real and solid. Time is even further distorted here than in the Astral and reality is kaleidascopic.

This dimension is what, I believe, the ancient Vikings called the famed "Rainbow Bridge" into Asgard. It truly looks and feels as if you are walking up a rainbow into some wonderful world where the Gods must surely dwell.

Meyers' Higher Planes Overview(FM): Stage four, an indescribably lovely existence, is called "the plane of color". Here one must leave behind all rigid intellectual structures and dogmas, be they scientific, religious, or philosophical. An infinite variety of new sounds, colors and feelings are experienced here and souls find a much wider freedom to function with more highly energized intellect and spirit.

*BtL* Rainbows of Color & Sound, Bells:

"The scene changes and I was no longer in that room. I found myself in a place of such beauty and peace. It was timeless and spaceless. I was aware of delicate and shifting hues of colors with their accompanying rainbows of "sound," though there was no noise in this sound. It might have felt like wind and bells, were it earthly.

"I felt reentry into my body through the silver cord at the top of my head."

(Alice Morrison-Mays)

The Mental Subplanes In General

Script: Important: the first four subplanes are considered the mental, the three above that are the causal. They are yet so different as to require different bodies.
*DP* The Divisions of the Mental-Causal Plane:

All that we have hitherto attempted to indicate in this description may be taken as applying to the lowest subdivision of the mental plane; for this realm of nature, exactly like the astral, or the physical, has its seven subdivisions. Of these the four lower are called... the rupa or form planes, and these constitute the Lower Heaven-World, in which the average man spends his long lie of bliss between one incarnation and the next. The other three are spoken of as arupa or formless, and they constitute the Higher Heaven-World, where functions the reincarnating ego- the true home of the soul of man. These Sanskrit names have been given because on the rupa planes every thought takes to itself a certain definite form... The distinction between these two great divisions of the plane- the rupa and the arupa- is very marked; indeed, it even extends so far as to necessitate the use of different vehicles of consciousness. (NOTE: Wouldn't it be two planes, then?)

The vehicle appropriate to the lower heaven-world is the mind-body, while that of the higher heaven-world is the causal body- the vehicle of the reincarnating ego... Another enormous distinction is that on those four lower subdivisions some degree of illusion is still possible- not indeed for the entity who stands upon them in full consciousness during life, but for the undeveloped person who passes there after the change which men call death.

*DP* The Three Lowest Sub-Planes:

Glancing back at the three planes with which we have just been dealing, we may notice that they are in all cases concerned with the working out of devotion to personalities- either to one's family and friends or to a personal deity- rather than the wider devotion to humanity for its own sake which finds its expression on the next sub-plane.

The First Mental Subplane

*ASJ* The Lowest Mental Sphere- Undeveloped Flashing Thought-Forms:

What the mental world is like: An amazing stillness prevailed; we seemed to be suspended in space, but we were surrounded by all sorts of misty objects, which might or might not have been buildings, landscapes or people. Some of these objects were coloured, but nothing seemed to be very distinct; all of them, even the forms which might have been men, seemed to be changing all the time. I did not actually see them with my eyes, but sensed them in a way which was quite different from anything I had experienced before. I could see the thought-forms that were floating behind me as well as I could see those which were in front of me... All this time Acharya was sending out thought to me, which I received just as clearly as if he had been speaking, and it was obvious that he had received my replies as soon as I had expressed them in my mind. He told me that this was the lowest sphere of the mental world and that it was inhabited mostly by entities of a very low mental development. He pointed out the thought-forms of several people who were living at this level. They were wispy creatures without any apparent solidity; many could hardly be described as concrete forms at all, for they were little more than smoke or cloud that appeared to take human form, but owing to its lack of density did not retain the same outline for any length of time... under these mental plane conditions Acharya appeared to be a much bigger person than in either the astral of physical worlds, and he appeared clearer cut and much more solid in form than any of the other entities.

*DP* The Lowest Mental Sub-Plane:

This lowest subdivision of the heaven-world... has for its principal characteristic that of affection for family and friends...

A striking characteristic of this sub-plane for the last few centuries has been the very large number of Romans, Carthaginians, and Englishmen to be found there- this being due to the fact that among men of these nations the principal unselfish activity found its outlet through family affection, while comparatively few Hindus and Buddhists are here, since in their case real religious feeling usually enters more immediately into their daily lives, and consequently takes them to a higher level...

In all these cases it was the touch of unselfish affection which gave them their heaven.

*T* The Mental-Thought World:

The first region contains the archetypes of things in the physical world that are not endowed with life. The archetypes of minerals are to be found here, and those of plants, but only to the extent that they are purely physical, that is, to the extent that we do not take their inherent life into account. In the same way, we also find the physical forms of animals and human beings here...

Imagine a finite space filled with a wide variety of physical bodies, then imagine that the physical bodies are gone and visualize hollow spaces of the same shapes in their places. Imagine that what used to be the empty spaces between the bodies is filled with a wide variety of forms that relate to the former bodies in many different ways. This is somewhat similar to how things appear in the lowest region of the world of archetypes... When the time comes for physical embodiment, the hollow spaces are then filled in with matter, so to speak...

The Second Mental Subplane

*ASJ* The Second Mental Sphere:

Acharya told me to come close to him; he placed his hand on my shoulder- although I felt no touch- and said we were now passing to the second sphere. Without any sense of movement such as I had previously experienced, the scene changed in the same way as it foes on a cinema screen. Our new surroundings were not very different from those we had left, with the exception that the forms which floated about had a clearer outline.

*T* The Mental-Thought World:

The second region of the country of spirit beings contains the archetypes of life, but here this life forms a perfect unity. It streams through the spiritual world like a fluid element, and... it pulses through everything...

The Third Mental Subplane

*T* The Mental-Thought World:

The archetypes of everything of a soul nature make up the third region of the country of spirit beings. Here we are in a much thinned and finer element than in the first two regions... Everything taking place in souls in the two other worlds has its spiritual counterpart here; all sensations, feelings, instincts, passions, and so on are also present here once again, but in spiritual form... The longing of a human soul appears as a light breeze, a passionate outbreak as a stormy blast...

The Fourth Mental Subplane

*DP* The Fourth Mental Sub-Plane:

So varied are the activities of this, the highest of the rupa levels, that it is difficult to group them under a single characteristic. Perhaps they might best be arranged into four main divisions- unselfish pursuit of spiritual knowledge, high philosophic or scientific thought, literary or artistic ability exercised for unselfish purposes, and service for the sake of service...

It will be remembered that on the sixth sub-plane we found many Buddhists whose religion had chiefly taken the form of devotion to their great leader as a person; here, on the contrary, we have those more intelligent followers whose supreme aspiration was to sit at the feet and learn- who looked upon him in the light of a teacher rather than as a being to be adored.

Now in their heaven-life this highest wish is fulfilled; they find themselves in very truth learning from the Buddha, and the image which they have thus made of him is no empty form, but most assuredly through it shines out the wonderful wisdom, power, and love of that mightiest of earth's teachers...

Passing now to the next class, that of high philosophic and scientific thought, we find here many of those nobler and more unselfish thinkers who seek insight and knowledge only for the purpose of enlightening and helping their fellows...

The third type of activity on this plane is that highest kind of artistic and literary effort which is chiefly inspired by a desire to elevate and spiritualize the race.

*DP* The Vibrant Scientific Investigations of an Astronomer on the Fourth Mental Sub-Plane:

Another case was that of an astronomer... He was still pursuing these studies with a mind full of reverence, and was undoubtedly gaining real knowledge from those great orders of the devas, through whom on this plane the majestic cyclic movement of the mighty stellar influences seems to express itself in ever-changing coruscations of all-penetrating living light. He was lost in contemplation of a vast panorama of whirling nebulae and gradually-forming systems and worlds, and he appeared to be groping after some dim idea as to the shape of the universe... His thoughts surrounded him as elemental forms shaped as stars, and one especial source of joy to him consisted in listening to the stately rhythm of the music that pealed out in mighty chorales from the moving orbs.

*DP* The Continuing Music Work of the Greats on the Fourth Mental Sub-Plane:

Here we find all our greatest musicians; on this sub-plane Mozart, Beethoven, Bah, Wagner and others are still flooding the heaven-world with harmony far more glorious even than the grandest which they were able to produce when on earth. It seems as if a great stream of divine music poured into them from higher regions, and was, as it were, specialized by them and made their own, to be then sent forth through all the plane in a great tide of melody which adds to the bliss of all around... Even the disembodied entities of this level, each of whom is wrapped up in his own thought-cloud, are also deeply affected by the elevating and ennobling influence of its resonant melody.

*DP* Fourth Mental Sub-Plane Artistic Works:

The painter and the sculptor also, if they have followed their respective arts always with a grand, unselfish aim are here constantly making and sending forth all kinds of lovely forms for the delight and encouragement of their fellow-men- the forms begin simply artificial elementals created by their thought. And not only may these beautiful conceptions give deepest pleasure to those living entirely on the mental plane; they may also in many cases be grasped by the minds of artists still in the flesh- may act as inspirations to them, and so be reproduced down here for the elevating and ennobling of that portion of humanity which is struggling amid the turmoil of physical life.

*T* The Mental-Thought World:

The archetypes of the fourth region do not relate directly to the other worlds. In a certain respect, these archetypes are beings that govern the archetypes of the three lower regions and mediate their coming together, ordering and grouping them...

Archtypes of the Mental Plane

*T* Archetypes in the Mental World:

The first things to be seen in this world are the spiritual archetypes of all the things and beings that exist in the physical and soul worlds. If you imagine a painting as existing in the spiritual world before the artist paints it, you will have an image of what is meant by the term "archetype"... Physical things and beings are copies or imitations of their archetypes...

Archetypes in their true forms are very unlike their sense-perceptible copies... In the spiritual world, everything is in constant activity, constant motion, constant creation... simply because the archetypes are creative beings, the master builders of everything that comes into existence in the physical and soul worlds... Each archetype has the potential to assume countless specific forms. It is as if the specialized forms well up out of them- one form has hardly been created before its archetype is ready to let the next one pours out... (NOTE: The lava warp!) Often innumerable archetypes work together so that some particular being can come to life in the soul world or the physical world...

The archetypes also... resound... To an observer, it is like being in an ocean of sounds and tones in which the beings of the spiritual world are expressing themselves. Their interrelationships and the archetypal laws of their existence reveal themselves in the chords, harmonies, rhythms and melodies of this spiritual "music"... The Pythagoreans called this perception of the spiritual world "the music of the spheres."

*CBtL* The Mental-Causal & Inspirational Guidance:

The mental-causal planes are realms of divine inspiration free of Earthly desires and conflict. The beings here cause many of the artistic and technical breakthroughs on Earth by sending telepathic messages to artists and inventors. A number of Light Beings whose home frequencies are in the mental-causal planes assist the ITC projects by providing inspiration and guidance.

*B* Heaven Revolves & Thus Ideas Come From Angels into Man:

(NOTE: "Heaven" meaning here not the source, but the astral or mental world) Heaven runs constantly in a circle; therefore it has to be round so that it can run more swiftly in a circle. For it bestows on all creatures their beings and their lives... If heaven were to be still, the waters would not flow, and all creatures would have no strength... Heaven does not have this power of itself but rather from an angel who causes it to revolve... All the "images" and preliminary images or "ideas" of all the creatures were already created in the angels before they were created corporeally in creatures. Therefore an angel pours out his life and his power onto heaven and causes it to revolve constantly and thus accomplishes with heaven all the forms of life and all the strength in creatures... By causing heaven to revolve, the angel pours out all the first images of creation which he has received from God into creatures through the power of his will. Heaven is also in the middle of things. It is equally close to all the extremities:

*GHL* The Divine Forms:

"The divine mind beyond the visible cosmos was the seat of the Platonic forms, the pure Ideas of which sensible corporeal objects were merely imperfect copies." -Carolyn Merchant

*GHL* Neoplatonic Magic- Affecting the Lower By the Higher:

"As the basis of Neoplatonic hierarchical magic... was a causal chain linking elemental and celestial objects and making it possible for bodies above the terrestrial sphere to affect and alter those on earth." -Carolyn Merchant

*T* The Spiritual Dimensions of Sense-Perceptible Things:

Sense-perceptible things are of the same substance as the soul and spirit worlds surrounding them, but they stand out because of certain characteristics that make them perceptible to our senses... Having grasped this, we can also understand that the spirit world can change into the soul world and the soul world into the sensory world, just as water can turn to ice...

When we formulate thoughts about things, we are simply inwardly directed away from their sense-perceptible forms and toward their spiritual archetypes...

In the fifth, sixth, and seventh regions, [the spiritual archetypes of the sense-perceptible world] still exist as living germinal points, while in the four lower regions they take shape as spiritual formations...

The outward sense-perceptible process of assuming shape, as it takes place in both the mineral and plant kingdoms, must be seen as a sense-perceptible condensation of a purely spiritual process that occurs when the spiritual germinal points of the three upper regions of the country of spirit beings develop into the spirit formations of the lower regions...

In the plant world, too, a spirit germ that has assumed form is present, but in this case the formed being retains the living sculptural ability that the crystal's spirit germ lost when it took on shape, exhausting its life in the formation it produced...

Our physical eyes can see a lily that is first small, then larger, but they cannot see the sculpting force that makes it grow... If we call the archetypal forms that have not assumed specific shape the first elemental kingdom, then the force-beings that are invisible to our senses and that work at sculpting the growth of plants belong to the second elemental kingdom.

Our Relationship with Archtypes

*UR* Man Expands Perfection, Not Duplicates It:

Many have seen that inner world as the source for the physical one, but imagined that man's purpose was merely to construct physically these perfect images to the best of his abilities. In that picture man himself did not help create that inner world, or have any hand in its beauty. He could at best try to duplicate it physically – never able, however, to match its perfection in those terms. In such a version of inner-outer reality the back-and-forth mobility, the give-and-take between inner and outer, is ignored. Man automatically has a hand in the creation of those blueprints which at another level he uses as guides.

In your terms, the inner world does represent Idea Potential as yet unrealized, but those ideas and those potentials do not exist outside of consciousness. They are ideals set in the heart of man, yet in other terms he is the one who also put them there, out of the deeper knowledge of his being that straddles physical time. Existence is wise and compassionate, so in certain terms consciousness; knowing itself as man, sent future extensions of itself out into the time scheme that man would know, and lovingly planted signposts for itself to follow "later."

The god in himself yearned toward the man in the god, and earth experience.

Awakening on the Mental Plane

*tAW* Moving on to the Mental:

All souls, however, high or low, eventually move off the Astral and enter into the place, or rather the state, of the Mental Plane, or the regions of the "heaven," leaving their astral shells behind them.

*BDL* Above the Astral:

J: There are even more advanced grades above this. "But you are still tied to a body and so there are other things o be concerned about."

...He says we go beyond the upper astral and we go into spiritual rejuvenation and learning to be a universal spirit. Then we're not just tied to the astral areas of the Earth.

*DP* Time & Slow Awakening on the Mental Plane:

Men sometimes ask whether on this mental plane there is any consciousness of time- any alteration of night and day, of sleeping and waking. The only waking in the heaven-world is the slow dawning of its wonderful bliss upon the mind-sense as the man enters upon his life on that plane... It was once described to us in the beginning as a sort of prolongation of all the happiest hours in a man's life magnified a hundredfold in bliss.

*DP* Passing From Astral to Mental:

On the final separation of the mind-body from the astral a period of blank unconsciousness usually supervenes- varying in length...- analogous to that which usually follows physical death.

Bliss of the Mental Plane

*DP* First Impressions of the Mental Plane:

At first impressions, then, of the pupil who enters this mental plane in full consciousness will probably be those of intense bliss, indescribably vitality, enormously increased power, and the perfect confidence which flows from these... He finds himself in the midst of what seems to him a whole universe of ever-changing light and colour and sound.

*DA* Bliss of the Mental:

"As to ordinary mortal his bliss in Devachan is complete. It is an absolute oblivion of all that gave it pain or sorrow in the past incarnation, and even oblivion of the fact that such things as pain or sorrow exist at all. The Devachani lives its intermediate cycle between two incarnation surrounded by everything it had aspired to in vain, and in the companionship of everything it loved on earth." (NOTE: ..? More like heaven than astral...) (Key to Theosophy, p. 100)

*DP* The Bliss of the Mental World:

It is a world in which every being must, from the very fact of his presence there, be enjoying the highest spiritual bliss of which he is capable- a world whose power of response to his aspirations is limited only by his capacity to aspire...

This radiant sense, not only of the welcome absence of all evil and discord, but of the insistent, overwhelming presence of universal joy, is the first and most striking sensation experienced by him who enters upon the heaven-world...

One way in which this intense vitality manifests itself is the extreme rapidity of vibration of all particles and atoms of this mental matter.

*tAW* Above the Astral:

The joy, happiness and spiritual blessedness of these higher planes are beyond ordinary words. So wonderful are they, that even long after the soul has been born again on earth, there will arise within it memories of its experiences upon those higher planes.

*SL* Life in the Devachanic:

The time will come when humankind shall rise into that loftier consciousness and be able to function in the devachanic body and use the devachanic senses...

Thus all the region of devachan is radiant with changing colors of which we on earth know nothing, musical with tones that physical ears cannot hear. There mere living is bliss ineffable, which nothing evil or inharmonious can disturb. No note of discord can pass into that world, for thought which cannot frame itself in harmony and beauty can find no expression... Every sense would be stimulated and delighted at once, for all senses there are but one.

The Formless & Formed Reality of the Mental Plane

*ANMU* The Reality of the Mathematical Mental World:

To use the theosophical terminology I was in the mental world "Arupa," but the peculiarity of my observations was that only this world "Arupa" really existed. All the rest was the creation of imagination. The real world was a "world without forms."

*DP* No Scenery and All Scenery:

The mental world has no scenery except such as each individual chooses to make for himself by his thought... It would be a still better statement of the facts to say that all possible scenery exists- that there is nothing conceivable of loveliness in earth or sky or sea which is not there with a fullness nd intensity beyond all power of imagination.

*DP* Reality of Thoughts on the Thought-Plane:

On this, the thought-plane, nothing but thought can be real... Those thoughts of his are indeed realities, and are capable of producing the most striking results upon living men- results which can never be otherwise than beneficial, because upon that high plane there can be none but loving thoughts.

*IAD* The Beauty and Reality of Higher Spheres:

The beauty of these spheres surpasses the fondest imagination of the outer consciousness. When you enter them consciously and at will you will find all creation there just as tangible as your physical buildings are here.

*SS* Consciousness Beyond Symbols:

Beyond this are states in which the symbols themselves begin to fade away, become indistinct, distance. Here you begin to draw into regions of consciousness in which symbols become less and less necessary, and it is a largely unpopulated area indeed. Representations blink off and on, and finally disappear. (* you slow down slower and slower) Consciousness is less and less physically oriented. In this stage of consciousness the soul finds itself alone with its own feelings, stripped of symbolism and representations, and begins to perceive the gigantic reality of its own knowing. It feels direct experience. If we use joy as our example, all mental symbols and images of it would finally disappear. They had emerged from it, and would fall away from it, not being the original experience, but by-products. The soul would then begin to explore the reality of this joy in terms that can hardly be explained, and in so doing would learn methods of perception, expression, and actualization that would have been utterly incomprehensible to it before.

Mental Plane Inhabitants

*DP* Mental Plane Inhabitants:

It will be desirable to subdivide the human inhabitants of the mental plane into two classes- those who are still attached to a physical body, and those who are not.

*DP* Incarnate Mental Plane Inhabitants- Adepts:

Those human beings who, while still attached to a physical body, are found moving in full consciousness and activity upon this plane, are invariably either Adepts or their initiated pupils...

Very magnificent objects are these Adepts and Initiates to the vision which has learnt to see them- splendid globes of light and colour, driving away all evil influences wherever they go, acting upon all who come near them as the sunshine acts upon the flowers, and shedding around them a feeling of restfulness and happiness of which even those who do not see them are often conscious.

*DP* The Continuity of Life:

This was a very fine example of the calm continuity of life in the case of people of unselfish aims; for the only difference that death had made was to eliminate disease and suffering, and to render easy the work which had heretofore been impossible...

*tSD* Higher Beings:

But [the "Hosts" of what we loosely call "Celestial Beings"] are, in fact, nothing of the kind. They are Entities of the higher worlds in the hierarchy of Being, so immeasurably high that, to us, they must appear as Gods, and collectively- God.

Inside a Subjective Thought Atmosphere

*DP* Consciousness Rising to the Mental Plane:

The effect of the presentation of the thought-picture to [a person of pure mind and considerable though untrained psychic capacity]'s mind was of a somewhat startling character. So intense was the feeling of reverent joy, so lofty and so spiritual were the thoughts evoked by the contemplation of this glorious scene, that the consciousness of the sleeper passed entirely into the mind-body- or, to put the same idea into other words, rose on to the mental plane. It must not, however, be supposed from this that she became cognizant of her surroundings upon that plane or of its real condition. She was simply in the state of the ordinary person who has reached that level after death, floating in the sea of light and colour indeed, but nevertheless entirely absorbed in her own thought, and conscious of nothing beyond it- resting in ecstatic contemplation of the landscape and of all that it had suggested to her.

*DP* The Mental Identity:

On the [rupa levels] the man lives entirely in the world of his own thoughts, still fully identifying himself with his personality in the life which he has recently quitted

*ASJ* Thousands of Years in the Mental World Within a Thought-Form:

The Master: ‘When I tell you that men of highly developed intellects have been known to spend as much as two and three thousand years at the mental level, you will perhaps admit that for such people life could not be considered dull... When the egos who have been existing in the Golden City pass to the mental world they still have only one cardinal thought in their minds and that is their idea of Heaven... They expect to remain permanently in a heaven world and, because of this dominating belief, the illusion of heaven, as they have always imagined it, is created by them, in it they live, exchanging their thoughts with the thoughts of others, sent out by people who are controlled by the same illusions. Thus the whole of their mental life is lived within a gigantic thought-form.'

*DP* The Dreamy-Consciousness Shell of Response:

The higher thoughts and aspirations which he has poured forth during earth-life then cluster round him, and make a sort of shell about him- a kind of subjective world of his own; and in that he lives his heaven-life, perceiving but very faintly or not at all the real glories of the plane which lie outside, and, indeed, usually supposing that what he sees is all there is to see. (NOTE: That's so different... limiting shells of noncommunication. This is where (or how) the rationalization of earth-life enters into dreams)

Yet we should be wrong in thinking of that thought-cloud as a limitation. Its function is to enable the man to respond to certain vibrations- not to shut him off from the others...

In the higher heaven-world... even there many egos are only slightly and dreamily conscious of their surroundings, but in so far as they see, they see truly. (NOTE: Where true vision is the only option)

Silencing Your Thoughts For Objective Experiences

*DP* Living in Your Thought World or Silencing Thoughts To See Out:

In this higher world anyone who wishes to devote himself for a time to quiet thoughts, and to abstract himself from his surroundings, may actually live in a world of his own without possibility of interruption, and with the additional advantage of seeing all his ideas) and their consequences, fully worked out) passing in a sort of panorama before his eyes. If, however, he wished instead to observe the plane upon which he find himself, it will be necessary for him very carefully to suspend his thought for the time, so that its creations may not influence the readily impressible matter around him, and thus alter the entire condition...

He finds that although he is no longer himself a centre of radiation of all that marvelous wealth of light and colour, form and sound... It has not therefore ceased to exist; on the contrary, its harmonies and its coruscations are but grander and fuller than ever... What he is watching with such ecstasy of delight is simply the glorious colour-language of the devas- the expression of the thought or the conversation of beings far higher than himself in the scale of evolution.

*DP* All Communications Aside, There is a Regular Pulsations of the Music of the Spheres:

If the visitor wishes to carry his analysis of the plane still further, and discover what it would be when entirely undisturbed by the thought or conversation of any of its inhabitants, he can do so by forming round himself a huge shell through which none of these influences can penetrate, and then (of course holding his own mind perfectly still as before) examining the conditions which exist inside his shell... (NOTE: Think of higher-frequency waves from the ocean washing up on the shore of a lower frequency)

He will find that the sea of light has become- not still, for its particles continue their intense and rapid vibrations, but- as it were, homogenous; that those wonderful coruscations of colour and constant changes of form are no longer taking place, but that he is now able to perceive another and entirely different series of regular pulsations... These are evidently universal, and no shell which human power can make will check them or turn them aside. They cause no change of colour, no assumption of form, but flow with resistless regularity through all the matter of the plane, outwards and in again, like the exhalation and inhalation of some great breath beyond our ken.

There are several sets of these, clearly distinguishable from one another by volume, by period of vibration, and by the tone of the harmony which they bring, and grander than them all sweeps one great wave which seems the very heart-beat of the system- a wave which, welling up from unknown centres on far higher planes, pour out its life through all our world, and then draws back in its tremendous tide to that from which it came. In one long undulating curve it comes, and the sound of it is like the murmur of the sea; and yet in it and through it all the while there echoes a mighty ringing chant of triumph- the very music of the spheres.

Awareness & Dreaming Through the Mental & Causal

Development & Time of Stay in the Mental

*DP* Passing Unconscious Through the Mental-Causal:

It should be remembered that every man passes through both these stages between death and birth, though the undeveloped majority have so little consciousness in ether of them as yet that they might more truly be said to dream through them. Nevertheless, whether consciously or unconsciously, every human being must touch the higher levels of the mental plane before reincarnation can take place; and as his evolution proceeds this touch becomes more and more definite and real to him...

Every soul must of course withdraw into its true self upon the higher levels before reincarnation; but it does not at all follow that in that condition it will experience anything that we should call consciousness.

*DP* What We Generate Here Awaits Us There- Our Highest Goals Are Fulfilled:

We all know well that our highest ideas are never realized, that our highest aspirations never bear full fruit down here. So that it would seem as though in this way some efforts were fruitless, some force was lost. But we know that cannot be, for the law of the conservation of energy holds good on the higher planes just as on the lower... In the heaven-life... the accumulated energy immediately pours itself forth in the inevitable reaction which the law of eternal justice demands...

We shall be much more likely to arrive at a correct understanding of the heaven-life if we look upon it as the necessary result of the earth-life, rather than as its reward. In the course of his physical existence a man sets in motion by his higher thoughts and aspirations what may be described as a certain amount of spiritual force, which will react upon him when he reaches the mental plane. If there be but little of this force, it will be comparatively soon exhausted, and the heaven-life will be a short one; if, on the contrary, a great deal has been generated, a corresponding space of time till be needed for its full working, and the heaven will be very greatly prolonged...

For all but very highly advanced persons the heaven-life is absolutely necessary, as it is only under its conditions that their aspirations can be developed into faculty, their experiences into wisdom.

*SL* We Exist in Higher Realms, But Are Barely Conscious There:

Taking the human race as a whole, we may say that its self-conscious life is in the body on the physical plane. Humanity as before defined may indeed be said to have come down from higher regions into physical encasement. But those regions are not yet subdued by consciousness for most people, and humankind at large cannot be said to live at present in self-conscious activity in them. Humans inhabit them, but their consciousness in them is the consciousness of a babe, not yet awake.

Creating Thought Forms on the Mental Plane

*DP* How Every Thought Affects the Surroundings:

Let a man imagine himself... floating in a sea of living light, surrounded by every conceivable variety of loveliness in colour and form- the whole changing with every wave of thought that he sends out from his mind, and being indeed, as he presently discovers, only the expression of his thought in the matter of the plane and in its elemental essence. For that matter is of the very same order as that of which the mind-body is itself composed, and therefore when that vibration of the particles of the mind-body which we call a thought occurs (NOTE: Here is the definition of a thought!), it immediately extends itself to this surrounding mental matter, and sets up corresponding vibrations in it... Concrete thought naturally takes the shape of its objects, while abstract ideas usually represent themselves by all kinds of perfect and most beautiful geometrical forms.

*ASJ* Thinking Perfect Music in the Mental World:

My favorite symphony... was Beethoven's Choral Symphony, the Ninth. [Acharya] said: ‘Make a thought-form of the movement you like best and you will probably have a surprise.' Naturally I thought of the beautiful choral movement and even as I thought, I heard the music which I loved so well, seemingly coming from all around us. I listened, enthralled, until it finished with the final notes of that beautiful work. I do not think I shall ever forget this- the performance was finer in every way than anything that could be imagined under world conditions; the purity of the voices and the perfection of the playing were beyond anything I had ever conceived as possible.

Thought Communication on the Mental Plane

*SL* Thought & Communication in the Devachanic:

There speech is in color and in music, in living forms of light resplendent... Mind speaks directly to mind, and matter is so subtle that every thought at once takes form.

If we pass into the devachanic world and think, the images of the thought spring up all around us... The more beautiful the thoughts, the fairer the forms...

Opening To Streaming Thoughts From Higher Levels

Script: This is a really really central aspect of everything here. As the more frequent is the more real, you are opening to a fuller view, a larger energy, a clearer picture, a great soothing and healing. Off-cycles are closed, distracted.
*DP* Sending Love to Higher Sources Opens You:

One of the operators, while on the lower division of the plane, directed a thought of intense love and devotion towards the Adept who is his spiritual teacher...

Any one of the great Adepts is always connected with his Master by a constant current of thought and influence, which expresses itself on the mental plane as a great ray or stream of dazzling light of all colours- violet and gold and blue; and it might perhaps have been expected that the pupil's earnest, loving thought would send a special vibration along this line. Instead of this, however, the result was a sudden intensification of the colours of this bar of light, and a very distinct flow of spiritual influence, towards the pupil... (NOTE: To love higher is to open up to.) (NOTE: It flows from higher intensity to lower- an equalizing force)

It would seem that the Adept is, as it were, so highly charged with the influences which sustain and strengthen, that any thought which brings into increased activity a channel of communication with him sends no current towards him, as it ordinarily would, but simply gives a wider opening through which the great ocean of his love finds vent.

*DP* Thoughts To Causal Levels Have Instant Effects:

On the arupa levels the difference in the effect of thought is very marked... In all the experiments on lower planes it was found that the elemental hovered about the person thought of, and awaited a favourable opportunity of expending his energy either upon his mind-body, his astral, or even his physical body. Here the result is a kind of lightning-flash of the essence from the causal body of the thinker direct to the causal body of the object of his thought; so that while the thought on those lower divisions is always directed to the mere personality, here we influence the reincarnating ego.

Script: And, of course, when you do the giving, it works the same way.
*SL* Service in the Devachanic:

Service there takes on a new aspect, for as mind touches mind the lesser comes into direct contact with the Great Ones... The knowledge these beings impart is so full, so rich, that as it is studied new possibilities seem always to be welling up within it, and what is told is not a hundredth part of what is placed within reach...

There again compassion expands, rejoicing in the new channels which it finds for its outward flowing.

Those on the devachanic plane reach downwards to all planes, sending down the forces that belong to those higher regions, to strengthen and illuminate peoples' minds...

Thus part of the help given to those who are aided consists in working on the inner or higher mind, suggesting a new idea, a scientific "discovery," a missing link of knowledge... This innermost conviction overpowers all logic and the slow processes of reasoning, illuminating the lower mind.

Simultaneity of Physical Events

*DP* Simultaneity and the Mental Plane:

Events which down here take place in succession and at widely-separated places, appear there to be occurring simultaneously and at the same point. That at least is the effect produced on the consciousness of the ego, though there are circumstances which favour the supposition that absolute simultaneity is the attribute of a still higher plane.


The Akashic Records

Nature of The Akashic Records

Script: The Akashic records are undeniably holographic in nature, the way they are recorded, read, and changed.
*K* The Mental-Image Imprints Also Above on the Akashic:

The vibrations of the mental image do not only pass downwards to the lower astral plane, but they pass upwards also into the spiritual plane above it. And as the vibrations cause a denser form on the lower plane, so do they generate a far subtler form dare I call it form? It is no form to us- on the higher, in the akasha... The akasha is the storehouse of all forms, the treasure house whereunto are poured- from the infinite wealth of the Universal Mind- the rich stores of all the ideas that are to be bodied forth in a given cosmos- from all the thoughts of all intelligences, from all the desires of all kamic entities, from all the actions performed on every plane by all forms. All these make their respective impressions, the to us formless, but to lofty spiritual intelligences the formed, images of all happenings, and these akashic images- as we will henceforth call them- abide for evermore, and are the true karmic records. (NOTE: Look here! Another instance of the "formlessness" of higher planes, but with the addendum that it is formed to those there. So is it with, most likely, all descriptions of higher planes. When not tuned, you see it as formless, so descriptions of formlessness are from untuned observers)

*PotAB* The Akashic Records:

The Akashic Records are impressions of every word, scene, and action which has ever occurred, in the Universal Ether or ‘Astral Light.' We have an example of it in our own memory. Is the Akashic Record so much more mysterious than your own memory?

If you could get far enough away in space, there would always be a time, theoretically, when you could see that action, being recorded in the ether. Every stone put in place on the Great Pyramid is now being put there- at a certain distance in space. The "creation" of the world can now be seen in space- at a certain distance. We still see the record of stars which went out of existence hundreds of years ago.

Swami Panchadsi: "By traveling to a point in time on the fourth dimension, you may begin at that point, and see a moving picture of the history of any part of the earth from that time to the present- or you may reverse the sequence by travelling backward. As a matter of strict truth, however, I must inform you that the real records of the past... Exist on a much higher plane than the astral, and that which you have witnessed is but a reflection (practically perfect, however) of the original records."

*K* All Threads of Karma Are Traceable in the Akasha:

In the akasha will be pictured the mental image created by a soul, inseparable from it; then the astro-mental image produced by it, the active ensouled creature, ranging the astral plane and producing innumerable effects, all accurately pictured in connection with it, and, therefore, traceable to it and through it to its parent, each such thread... being recognizable by its own shade and colour; and however many such threads may be woven into an effect, each thread is distinguishable and is traceable to its original forth-giver... We may figure forth the way in which individual responsibility is seen at a glance by the great Lords of karma, the administrators of karmic law; the full responsibility of the soul for the mental image it creates, and the partial responsibility for its far-reaching effects, greater or less as each effect has other karmic threads entering into its causation. Thus also may we understand why motive plays a part so predominant in the working out of karma, and why actions are so relatively subordinate in their generative energy.

What It Is(RB): They are a record of every thought and event that has ever occurred, as well as the probabilities stemming from them. This is like looking into the future.

(PS) What most people are unaware of, is that within the Akash are found both accuracies and inaccuracies. Just as our own human subconscious records each one of our thoughts, conversations, and feelings, no matter how insignificant or profound, so too, does the Akash of the Earth record and hold within it all of that which is humanity's collective subconsiousness. This is one of the reasons why it becomes so confusing, because many people are under the mistaken assumption that because information is coming from the Akash, that it has to be truth. This is simply not so.

The things of the past may or may not be accurate and the things of the future are subject to change at any time depending upon the choices one makes. That leaves the present. Most of us have had the experience of one who is psychic confirming for us what we already know, this is because they are reading what is currently present in the aura, and hopefully, we are aware of what is going on in our own consciousness! Nevertheless, confirmations are usually most reassuring.

(FM) The more enterprising souls may have an opportunity to experience one of the great wonders of the astral plane of consciousness - a tour through some section of The Great Memory. Just as one may go to a library on earth and see newsreels of important earth events of history, one may witness any event that occurred from the beginning of human experience. Everything that has ever happened has been recorded by the cosmic memory.

*MV&I* The Divine Memory From Different Planes:

The history of his earlier evolution can be obtained by examination of those ineffaceable records of the past from which all that has happened since the solar system came into existence may be recovered, and caused to pass before the mind's eye; so that the observer sees everything as though he had been present when it occurred, with the enormous additional advantage of being able to hold any single scene as long as may be required for careful examination, or to pass a whole century of events in review in a few moments if desired. This wonderful reflection of the divine memory cannot be consulted with perfect certainty below the mental plane.

*E* The Akashic Records:

(NOTE: Loss makes a hole of clarity, where a structure melts and is freed for new use.)

Memory and impressions are as old as time and will continue as long as the Universe exists. Memory is ingrained in the subtle matrix of the Universe. Anything that happens anywhere at any time is recorded in the subtle, in the akasa.

For anyone with sufficient clarity of consciousness, this beginningless and endless record can be tapped. But even without that clarity, the individual is intimately conjoined with this universal field of memory and impression.

Location of the Akashic

** The Akashic Records:

Where It Is(RB): These are found in the buffer zone between the astral and mental worlds, part astral, part mental. In a way they extend into all levels.

(PS) Contained within the Astral is also the Akash, which is actually the subconscious (planetary aura) of the Earth. This is also the location of the Akashic Records.

*JoYS* Location of The Akashic Records:

The akashic records are everywhere, part of the fabric of all things. Everything that occurs is recorded there. The records are quite complex and require a great deal of practice to use skillfully.

The core of the akashic records is the akashic plane, the neutral plane. The akashic plane interpenetrates the other six planes through their "local" akashic records. Our physical body has an akashic record of all it has experienced; that record will ultimately be distilled and integrated into the akashic plane. Since the vibration of the akashic plane is closest to that of the causal and mental planes, essences focused on those planes can access it most easily.

Reflections of the Akashic Records

Script: Is this equivalent to the outpouring of God coming down through the mind, to the denser aspects, and taking on colorations?
*CBtL* The Akashic Record:

On the fourth plane are the Akashic Records, the record of the lives of people who have lived on Earth and all the events that have ever occurred or will occur on Earth. The reflection of the Akashic Records can be seen on the third plane but it is not a true record as it is distorted due to the reflection...

Most psychics are only able to access the third plane and the reflected Akashic Records. Consequently, their predictions are full of half truths. The spiritual psychic who is able to access the fourth plane is more accurate

*DP* The Mental Reflection of the Akashic Records:

In speaking of the general characteristics of the plane we must not omit to mention the ever-present background formed by the records of the past- the memory of nature... While what we have on this plane is not yet the absolute record itself, but merely the reflection of something higher still, it is at any rate clear, accurate, and continuous, differing therein from the disconnected and spasmodic manifestation which is all that represents it in the astral world.

*AP* The Akashic Reflection on the Astral:

The Records of the Astral Light are the photographic representation of all that has ever happened. These records are really and permanently impressed upon that higher medium called the Akasha, and are only reflected in a more or less spasmodic manner in the astral light, so that one whose power of vision does not rise above this plane will be likely to obtain only occasional and disconnected pictures of the past instead of a coherent narrative. But nevertheless pictures of all kinds of past events are constantly being reproduced on the astral plane, and form an important part of the surroundings of the investigator there.

The Tapestry Room

*BDL* The Tapestry Room (Akashic Records):

The guardian says the tapestry room is important, so I'm walking down this beautiful corridor with walls that look like lapis lazuli and marble. At the end is this big doorway. I'm opening the door, and there is a dazzling bright light...

It is a man, or a spirit form. He says he's the guardian of the Tapestry Room and is allowing me to enter. (This same Tapestry Room was featured in Conversations with Nostradamus, Volume II [revised edition].) This is a very honored place. There is a wonderful aroma in the air. It smells like a combination of a fresh breeze tinged with salt and perfumes from a garden. It's almost like incense. It's a beautiful room, and it's very, very tall. It goes up for maybe two or three hundred feet. No, maybe a hundred feet would be more accurate. The ceiling has a rounded point like a church nave. There are windows at the top of it and on either side of the walls. They're up high and they light up the room. And there are chandeliers that hang down from the ceiling that look like Aladdin lamps. But there are a lot of them, maybe about 15 or 20. The walls and the floor seem to be made of marble. And there is some heavy furniture at different intervals, like groups of chairs and tables opposite the tapestry... The guardian says sometimes teachers bring their students here to explain the wonders and the intricacies of the tapestry to them. It feels like I'm in a special museum where people can come to examine and study this. I'm going now to look at the tapestry. It's so beautiful. It's metallic; made of metal threads and they're just gorgeous. They glimmer and shine. And it looks like it breathes. It's like... it is alive. I mean it just undulates and sparkles. Some of the strands glisten, and others are kind of dull... And the guardian says that each thread represents a life...

It makes a beautiful design. An eternal design. And... I can see the world beyond that. By looking at this tapestry, I can see any event that has taken place...

Looking through the tapestry... I can see people daily lives... Every life that has ever been lived is represented as a thread in this tapestry. This is where all the threads of human life, the souls that incarnate are connected. It illustrated perfectly how each life is interwoven, crossing and touching all these other lives until eventually all of humanity is affected...

The tapestry is huge. It seems to be about, oh, I would say at least 20 to 25 feet tall. And it seems to go on forever. It would take me hours just to walk the length of it. It must go on for a mile or more... But there's a point that I cannot go beyond...

The guardian of the tapestry says that is part of the spiritual evolvement of all souls. Only spiritually evolved people have access to that part of the tapestry... it's made up of strands that range from a tiny piece of string all the way up to cable size, as thick as your wrist...

There are greens, blues, reds, yellows, oranges and blacks. Yeah, their are even a few black ones in there. The black ones stand out because they don't seem to go as far as the other colors do...

[These colors] represent the spiritual energy of all souls...

The black ones have just chosen an unusual way of manifesting...

[The teacher] has something like a shimmery pointer... He points to a thread in the tapestry and that thread, cable, rope or whatever you want to call it, will seem to light up on its own. He points out different characteristics about lifetimes, about how people have evolved and where they have to grow...

This is what the ancients call the "Akashic Records." These are the Akashic records that advanced souls understand. He says some of the records are kept in book form, but those are for souls who are not as highly advanced...

The tapestry has a purpose. It goes into the higher dimensions, even above here, and this is a very complex place. This tapestry eventually ends in Godhood where it's all brightness. it all leads to this beautiful light...

You'd be surprised at home many people have come to this room who are still in the body. Many come to view it as a work of art. He says this has sometimes been an inspiration for artists who are skilled in painting, sculpture and the textile arts. They sometimes come here because this is one of the most glorious works of art in all creations. It has many different designs, such as wild contemporary patterns, Oriental designs or Native American arrangements...

The tapestry is the eternal thing. That's the only thing that's not touchable. But, he says whatever is necessary for a soul's growth is allowed. For some people it's books. But for most advanced souls it's just information.

*BDL* Entering the Tapestry, the Guardian of the Tapestry:

J: You have to have a guardian. Sometimes strange things happen here because this is a portrait of time, and things have to be kept in balance...

He says, "You can see things, because behind the tapestry is your sense of time and you can find a cord and go through time... (NOTE: Ah! The gateway to 3 dimensions where you see it all. Also think of superstring theory..)

"This is the place of love and no one is ever asked to leave here unless he tries to deface the tapestry or is abusive. We just have to watch the tapestry, because sometimes in rare cases things do happen. In the past great forces have come through the tapestry itself. One time you had nuclear explosions and there were many people leaving the planet so quickly they came through the tapestry. So we have to be here to be of service to them."

*tAW* The Akashic Records, The Tapestry:

Changing our vibrations, we find ourselves entering a strange region... You find that you are becoming gradually aware of what may be called an immense picture gallery, spreading out in all directions, and apparently bearing a direct relation to every point of space on the surface of the earth.

At first you find it difficult to decipher the meaning of this great array of pictures. The trouble arises from the fact that they are arranged not one after the other in sequence on a flat plane, but rather in sequence, one after another in a peculiar order which may be called the order of "X-ness in space," because it is neither the dimension of length, breadth, or depth- it is practically the order of the fourth dimension of space, which cannot be described in terms of ordinary spatial dimension. (NOTE: My dimensional theory exactly!)

Again, you find, upon closely examining the pictures that they are very minute- practically microscopic in size- and require the use of the peculiar magnifying power of astral vision to bring them up to a size capable of being recognized by your faculty of visual recognition...

Each of the little points and details of the great world picture so spreads before you in the Astral Light, is really a complete scene of a certain place on earth. It resembles one of the small views in a series of moving pictures- a single view on the roll of film. It is fixed and not in motion, and yet we can move forward along the fourth dimension, and thus obtain a moving picture of the history of any point on the surface of the earth, or even combine the various points into a larger moving picture, in the same way...

[These astral records] travel back to the beginning of the history of the earth. Now open your eyes! Looking around you, you perceive the pictured representation of strange scenes filled with persons wearing a peculiar garb- but all is still, no life, no motion.

Now, let us move forward in time, at a much higher rate than that in which the astral views were registered. You now see flying before you the great movement of life on a certain point of space, in a far distant age. From birth to death you see the life of these strange people, all in the space of a few moment. Great battles are fought, and cities rise before your eyes, all in a great moving picture flying at a tremendous speed.

Now stop, and then let us move backward in time, still gazing at the moving pictures. You see a strange sight, like that of "reversing the film" in a moving picture. You see everything moving backward- cities crumbling into nothingness, men rising from their graves, and growing younger each second until they are finally born...

You will notice, moreover, that everything is semi-transparent, and that accordingly, you can see the picture of what is going on inside of buildings as well as outside of them. Nothing escapes the Astral Light Records. Nothing can be concealed from it. (NOTE: The transparency of things is sometimes an effect of 4D sight- the ability to see through and iniside things. It is not a symptom of it's nonreality or ethereaility. It is but another tool or mode of sight)

You have gazed at the great World Picture in the Records of the Astral Light- the great Akashic Records, as we Hindus call it...

Individual Akashic Records
Personal Memory

*BDL* The Akashic Records:

S: The concept of the Akashic records is perhaps not totally understood. We would wish to define this now. Perhaps you could use an analogy of the safe deposit boxes in your bank. The individual boxes themselves store your personal belongings. The concept of the bank itself is a storehouse; however, each individual box contains only that which is relevant to yourself. And so you can see that you yourself store or, in fact, are the safe deposit box of your own energy. It is simply that we may go to your particular vault or box and withdraw that information which you seek. You, yourself, however, are the receptacle for this information...

They contain only that which is appropriate for you at this time...

All that you experience, every singular piece of experience that you relate to in your life, is automatically fed into this as you experience it.

*JoYS* The Individual Akashic Record & It's Connection to the Whole:

The instinctive (neutral) center is the location of the person's individual akashic records. It is the seat of the subconscious. The individual instinctive center is, in turn, connected to larger "storehouses" such as the collective consciousness of humanity. Ultimately, it is connected to the whole, so when we clarify our instinctive center through self-knowledge and healing, we are contributing to the clarification of the whole physical universe. As our essence integrates the reincarnational self we are in this lifetime, our akashic records become more accessible to our whole essences, and ultimately, our records will be distilled into the akashic plane contributing to the knowledge of all the planes and the Tao.

*CD* Our Akashic Memory:

People under hypnosis have been able to recall forgotten details of their childhood experiences. People who have been unconscious during operations have later been hypnotized and were able to describe verbatim conversations held between the doctors and nurses while the operation was performed. People who have performed the complex task of bricklaying years before they were hypnotized were able to report under hypnosis amazingly accurate, minute details about specific bricks, which could then be verified by checking the actual brick. Everything we are exposed to is recorded.


I have already spoken of the huge internal recording of life experiences each person carries within him. The more positive events you can expose yourself to, the better: books, pictures, music, interesting people, new activities, travel to foreign lands. It will all be recorded.

Reading Akashic Records

*BDL* Getting Relevant Information from Others' Akashic Records:

S: It is indeed possible to cross reference others' Akashic records simultaneously and receive impressions of the experiences lived by another individual. This is not as uncommon as it may seem. An emphatic reaction is precisely this mechanism in effect...

D: When we are exploring what appears to be a past life experience, we could be investigating somebody else's Akashic records?

S: Or perhaps, your own.

D: Is there any way we can determine the difference?

S: Is it relevant to know? The fact that it is being replayed is, by virtue of the fact that it is being given to you, proof that it is relevant. Therefore, no distinction should be necessary as to who the record belongs to. The fact that it is being replayed is an indication that it is the appropriate replay for you at that particular time.

*RotOS* Contacting the Akashic:

As Lawrence spoke, he appeared to be in another world. I knew what he was doing. I often did the same thing.

"Reading the akashic records?" I asked.

"How clever you are," he joked.

The akashic records hold the complete memory of all our incarnations... To look into this astral record... Takes a great deal of concentration. You feel as though you're breaking through a wall to reach this information. I'm not always able to read these astral documents. Lawrence could do so at will.

..."Like any art- one must practice in order to become proficient. You're able to see as much as is needed at the time."

*JoYS* Reading the Akashic Records:

From the physical plane, it is not possible to go very deeply into it. Accessing the akashic plane is not really what your lessons are about on the physical plane, and you are not designed for it.

The raw material of experience will be studied, organized, and understood: it will be reduced to its essential component.

Psychics can have full access to the physical plane akashic records, which are not yet fully distilled.

The akashic records in general store memories in whatever way they were experienced and understood, irrespective of any "ultimate truth." Some types of information, such as traumatic past lives, may be difficult to get clearly in the original confusion around them is still there. The Michael traits are usually clear because they consist of specific choices made by our essence.

The akashic records can be replayed and looked at from different angles: each person experiences an event differently, and all those experiences are recorded.

The akashic records are actually windows into the past; they go into the neutral space directly above the time-space continuum and allow one to look into another time without actually going into that time.

All akashic records could be thought of as perhaps holographic, since they are not merely visual, but multidimensional. We see the total experience.

Different channeled entities sometimes give conflicting, or at least apparently conflicting, versions of everything. Different journalists can also give conflicting accounts.

There is no absolute version of reality and no ultimate source of information. Everything in the akashic records was recorded by a consciousness with a particular point of view. Their books are nonphysical-they exist on the akashic records. Interpret the records from the highest and most inclusive point of view.

The akashic records, then, do not provide instant knowledge. Information must be gathered and interpreted: this is an art as well as a science.

*tAW* Reading the Records, Psychometry:

It takes a high degree of occult development in order to perceive even this reflection in the Astral Light... An ordinary clairvoyant, however, is often able to catch occasional glimpses of these astral pictures... In the same way, the psychometrist, given an object, may be able to give the past history of the object, including a description of the persons associated therewith.

Experiences of the Akashic Records(RB): In the Akashic records, you are bombarded with an awesome array of sights and sounds. You have to select one of these thought records, tune into it and enter it. You will then live through the record as if you were really there, watching it as it happens.

Consulting with the Akashic records can be done alone if you have the skill, but is normally done with the assistance of an advanced being from a higher level of existence. This is done as a sort of telepathic guided tour. The enormous amount of information is filtered out for you and the selected record is presented to you clairvoyantly, via a telepathic link with the guide. Some people claim to have entered the Akashic Records and found a library there, with real books. When they read a record, they enter into it and experience it first hand. All these claims are consistant with the Akashic Records. These are librarian assisted guided tours, where the Akashic Records have been presented as something familiar, easy to use and accept.

(PS) Those of us upon the Earth who are gifted as psychics are able to read the Akash, just as we are able to read the aura of a client. It is from this perspective that predictions are made. Predictions are simply based upon what is held in the subconsious (aura) of the client, or that of the Earth. All of the information is available, quite simply: what has happened in the past, what is going on in the present, and what the probabilities are for the future.

(MW) Suddenly I had great visions of every possible conceivable image on beautiful Earth. I had visions of trees, evergreens to be exact, mountains as pristine as when the native American Indians found them, I saw cities from around the world including especially, LA, NY, and Amsterdam. Then I saw the grand canyon, and everything from bubbling brooks to gushing streams, to huge waterfalls like Niagra Falls, and placid lakes with bullfrogs in them. I suddenly felt the presence including the sights, the sounds, the smells, the flavors, and the textures of every culture on earth. I saw children's faces, parents at the PTA meeting children, the faces of soldiers, the faces of people being cannabalized. I saw surgeons with instruments, I saw politicians with petitions in one hand, and fists full of money in the other. I saw the rain, the fog as a mist, the cool winter snow, the ice storms cracking driveways, and the scuba divers taking pictures of large schools of fish, I saw railroads, and posters of coming attractions of events long past. I saw our entire civilization as a series of perfectly real images, impressions that have left a permanent impression on me.

I received these exquisite images after only a few moments touching the Akashic records, and yet I was overwhelmed by the myriad of images. I had to let go, I saw a bright light from the record slowly get smaller, and evolve into a tiny spinning ball. Then I saw the light go out completely, and the remaining image was of a book-like computer-like vessel.

Energy(RB): If you tune into the Akashic records yourself you will normally see those events with the greatest amount of energy around them. Wars and disasters are the easiest to see because of this.

*JoYS* "Reading" Information Psychically From An Individual:

Reading information directly from the individual usually requires less energy than looking it up in the akashic records. Reading through the channel can also help the channel increase his perceptive abilities; in time, he may be able to read certain information himself.

Looking up information about an individual in the akashic records is going to its source. Reading it directly from the individual is seeing the expression of the source, the form it takes. For example, looking up someone's role is finding the "code" for it in his record. Reading it is observing what his role looks like in his aura.

*JoYS* The Effort of Getting Information:

We have access, to some extent, to all the energies of the universe, although much of that access is more subliminal than conscious for us. You have that access as well, but not to as great an extent.

Any available information can be obtained, but one has to weigh the value of the information versus the amount of effort it would take to retrieve it.

Not all information is available. To get information, there must be a source for it. If you ask us about something occurring on Earth where those involved are not allowing a connection to the higher planes, their guides may not be able to tell us anything about it.

Attraction to Relevant Records

*JoYS* What You Are Attracted To In the Akashic Records:

What you end up attracting to your vision is what has some relevance to you, some reason for you to see. Your being on a particular piece of land, for instance, automatically biases you looking into the akashic records to the records of that land. A particular story is attracted in your presence because of something in it that resonates with you.

Symbolism of the Akashic Records

Script: I wonder at this, as the symbol idea was put down in dreams. Could RB have been creating or expecting symbols?

Understanding Its Symbolism(RB)If you look into probable futures, you enter into a confusing maelstrom of symbolism and actual events. This future symbolism is caused by millions of people believing in some form of prophecy for thousands of years. These ancient prophecies are all richly steeped in symbolism. This symbolism affects the way people think and dream about the future. It makes consulting the Akashic records easier.

You can use the Akashic symbolism as an index. For example, the "Grim Reaper" is a universal symbol of death and destruction. If you are interested in a future war you tune into this symbolic index for WAR, "dogs of war", then browse through the category of past and future wars. A knowledge of history, geography, religious symbolism, current affairs, world leaders, and clairvoyance is a big help.

In the future vision I give below: If I had known WHO the well known person I saw addressing a crowd below WAS, and recognized the country; I could have made an accurate prediction of future events instead of being wise, AFTER the event.

"I entered the state of consciousness called the Akashic records. There I was inundated with a mass of symbolism. I was seeing in four dimensions at once. My conscious mind did not assimilate this very well. I saw wars, famines, plagues, disasters, earthquakes, volcanoes erupting, plane crashes, murders, etc, it was terribly confusing and depressing.

I saw one piece of symbolism I recognized and tuned into it: The Grim Reaper holding The Dogs of War. These dogs were fearsome beasts with Red eyes and slavering jaws. They were held in check by this hooded figure. He released these dogs, symbolizing a coming war.

I tuned into this scene and was there floating above it all. I could feel the sunshine and smell the city below me. I saw a man standing on a raised dais, under two giant scimitar swords. He was giving a charismatic speech to many thousands of people. One of the swords turned into a Christian Crusader's broad sword."

The man was Saddam Hussein, the scene was in Baghdad, at the monument to the unknown soldier. I saw this six months before the Gulf war started. I did not learn WHO Saddam Hussein WAS, or WHERE this scene took place though, until later.

Development of the Akashic Record

*JoYS* The Distillation of the Akashic Records- What You Learned:

There is no distillation of the akashic records except through the evolution of those who had the experiences those records record. If you had a traumatic experience in the past and you dealt with it- if you evolved your experience of that trauma-that, too, goes into the records. What ultimately remains on the akashic plane is the distillation, what was learned, which is what is relevant for the universe to carry forward into the future. This distillation is constantly occurring as you continue to grow. It happens within you as a personality, and within your essence, entity, cadre, and so forth. When you pick up the unfinished pieces of the past and see them with more clarity and understanding, you evolve the experience.

Erasing Experiences from the Akashic Records

*BDL* Erasing Experiences from the Akashic Records:

S: It is also possible to erase this were it necessary. To remove perhaps a particular segment of an experience from the records that would serve no useful purpose, for example, the ovens of Auschwitz...

D: Can we consciously do this if we are determined to?

S: It is not for you to say, for you are merely a very small part of your entire self. It is your whole self which, in conjunction with the keepers of the information, would make that determination as to whether any particular segment of your experience is suitable for erasure...

This experience could be erased. Such that their subconscious could not access the tragedy of such an occurrence, which would indeed cause problems in subsequent lifetimes.

D: Is that part of the process that occurs when they do into the resting place?

S: That is accurate. It is a healing process where these traumatic experiences are nullified by the healing energies.


The Causal Plane

The Causal Plane

*WtK* The Realms of God:

The highest soul or causal plane... is the first realm in the Kingdom... There are many realms beyond- realms or states of consciousness higher than that of disciples.

*T* The Mental-Thought World:

(NOTE: The Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Region:) The fifth, sixth and seventh regions are fundamentally different from the previous ones because the beings at home in them provide the archetypes of the lower regions with the impulses required for their activity. There the creative forces of the archetypes themselves are to be found... The archetypes lie ready here like germinal points of life, waiting to assume the various forms of thought beings. When these germinal points are projected into the lower regions, they immediately well up and manifest in the most varied forms. The ideas through which the human spirit appears creatively in the physical world are reflections or shadows of these germinal thought beings of the higher spiritual world. On ascending from the lower regions of spirit country to these upper ones, observers possessing the "spiritual ear" become aware that sounds and tones are transformed into spiritual language; they begin to perceive the "spiritual world" through which objects and beings communicate their nature not only in music but also in words, speaking out what can be called in spiritual science their "eternal names."

*VS* Spheres of Colors:

"Immediately I knew that I was from this place and would return. I saw spheres of living colors which were radiant and unlike any colors on earth. They had a life of their own and seemed to sing with joy and love. I saw neither people nor landscapes." -Cathleen Breaux, v.XVII, n.2

The Fifth Mental (Causal) Subplane

*DP* The Third Mental Sub-plane (Fifth Heaven):

This, the lowest of the arupa sub-planes, is also by far the most populous of all the regions with which we are acquainted, for here are present almost all the sixty thousand millions of souls who are said to be engaged in the present human evolution...

The immense majority, whether in or out of the body, are but dreamily semi-conscious, though few are now in the condition of mere colourless films; those who are fully awake are marked and brilliant exceptions, standing out amid the less radiant crowds like stars of the first magnitude, and between these and the least-developed are ranged every variety of size and beauty of colour- each thus representing the exact range of evolution at which he has arrived...

The most advanced souls of this sub-plane develop to a point at which they are engaged in studying their past, tracing out the causes set going in it, and learning much from the retrospection, so that impulses sent downwards become clearer and more definite, and translate themselves in the lower consciousness as firm convictions and imperative intuitions...

The thought-images of the rupa levels are not carried into the higher heaven-world; all illusion now is past, and each soul knows his real kindred, sees them and is seen in his own royal nature, as the true immortal man that passes on from life to life, with all the ties intact that are knit to his real being.

*DP* The Fifth Mental Sub-Plane:

The chief characteristic of this subdivision may be defined as devotion expressing itself in active work. The Christian on this plane, for example, instead of merely adoring his Saviour, would think of himself as going out into the world to work for him. It is especially the plane for the working out of great schemes and designs unrealized here on earth- of great organizations inspired by religious devotion and usually having for their object some philanthropic purpose. It must be borne in mind, however, that ever as we rise higher greater complexity and variety is introduced, so that though we may still be able to give a definite characteristic as on the whole dominating the plane, we shall yet be more and more liable to find variations and exceptions that do not so readily range themselves under the general heading...

Artistic capacity may also being its votaries to this sub-plane.. Those devotees of art who follow it for its own sake or regard it as an offering to their deity, never thinking of its effect on their fellows, may in some cases find their appropriate heaven on this sub-plane.

The Sixth Mental (Causal) Subplane

*DP* The Second Mental Sub-Plane (The Sixth Heaven):

From the densely-thronged region which we have been considering we pass into a more thinly-populated world, as out of a great city into a peaceful countryside; for at the present stage of human evolution only a small minority of individuals have risen to this loftier level where even the least advanced is definitely self-conscious, and also conscious of his surroundings... The soul on this level is aware of the purpose and method of evolution... The personality with which he is connected is seen by him as part of himself, and he endeavors to guide it, using his knowledge of the past as a store of experience from which he formulated principles of conduct, clear and immutable convictions of right and wrong...

Into the inmost fibres of his being certain principles are wrought, and to act against them is an impossibility, no matter what may be the strain of circumstance...

Only such souls as are deliberately aiming at spiritual growth live on this plane... In the more highly evolved the vision is far-reaching: it ranges with clear insight over past, recognizing the causes set up, their working out, and what remains still unexhausted of their effects...

No longer by thought-pictures, but by flashing luminousness impossible to describe, the very essence of the idea flies like a star from one soul to the other... A thought is like a light placed in a room; it shows all things round it, but requires no words to describe them...

From their eyes the illusion-veil of personality has been lifted, and they know and realize they are not the lower nature, but only use it as a vehicle of experience...

As soon as he got well into the second sub-plane his vision rapidly became clearer, and he recognized the thought-forms with pleasure as vehicles through which he was able to express more of himself in certain ways than he could through his personality...

His consciousness is instantaneously and perfectly active at any point in the lower divisions to which he wills to direct it, and he, therefore, can intentionally project additional energy into such a thought-form when he wishes to use it for the purpose of teaching.

*DP* The Sixth Mental Sub-Plane:

The dominant characteristic of this subdivision may be said to be anthropomorphic religious devotion. The distinction between such devotion and the religious feeling which finds its expression on the second sub-plane of the astral lies in the fact that the former is purely unselfish...

A Vaishnavite [Worshippers of Vishnu], for example, was noticed wholly absorbed in the ecstatic worship of the very same image of Vishnu to which he had made offerings during life...

Another man... thought of his Christ only as glorified on his throne, with the crystal sea before him, and all around a vast multitude of worshippers, among them he himself stood with his wife and family. His affection for these relatives was very deep, yet his thoughts were more occupied in adoration of the Christ, though his conception of his deity was so material that he imaged him as constantly changing kaleidoscopically backwards and forwards between the form of a man and that of the lamp bearing the flag which we often see represented in church windows...

It will be seen that the blind unreasoning devotion of which we have been speaking does not at any time raise its votaries to any great spiritual heights; but it must be remembered that in all cases they are entirely happy and most fully satisfied.

The Seventh Mental (Causal) Subplane

*DP* Non-Earthly Beings on the Seventh Mental Sub-Plane:

In touching the seventh heaven we come into contact for the first time with a plane which is cosmic in its extent- on which, therefore, may be met many an entity which mere human language has no words to portray.

Freedom of the Causal Plane

*CU* Body of Light:

When the soul is in silent quietness it arises and leaves the body, and reaching the Spirit Supreme finds there its body of light. It is the land of infinite liberty where, beyond its mental body, the Spirit of man is free.

Beyond the Rings: Clusters & The Inner Energy Membrane

** Beyond the Rings: Clusters & The Inner Energy Membranes:

(MjooB) Beyond the last ring he saw clusters of light, human energy lights, a multidimensional carpet of them, endless... There is the outflow of helpers, finding lost parts of their cluster, and the inflow, bringing them back, and the other steady outflow: thousands and thousands, the insertions of groups of personality units into single fresh humans in the Earth Life system. Further out is a distinct seperation, nothing but M Field, where he met the Inspec. Just blackness now. Now he is past human thought influence.

Monroe moved through and out of the ring system and began to feel uncomfortably warm. Then he rammed into a barrier. An intense bright light appeared in front of him and changed to human shape. He cringed, but it began to cool down and he could tolerate the brightness. He had hit a standing wave, where two energies in phase appear to cancel each other to zero, but no energy goes to zero, it transforms into other dynamic states. This place is just outside the portal, the gate to their reality, a conversion point.

(ABtB) I ask to visit another system. Instantly I'm moving through a dark void at incredible speed. I am a spherical form of conscious energy and floating in space when I stop. Clusters of light are everywhere- thousands of them; like Christmas lights strung across the heavens. I feel as if I'm floating in an ocean of lights. A hazy foglike form is visible. The form extends as far as I can see. It's larger than my mind can comprehend, stretching across the heavens like an endless border. I encounter a formless entity. "What you see before you is one of the many wonders of the universe. It is one of the many inner membranes dividing different frequencies of the universe. What you are witnessing is the inner structure of the universe. The stars and galaxies you see in the distance are but the outer crust of the universe. The key to true exploration is the movement through the energy membranes. As you move further inward, towards the source, your internal energy frequency must change accordingly. You can only cross across the energy borders which are in accordance with your inner light. What you see before you is the key to stability and structure throughout the universe. All conscious energy (souls) live within the energy frequency that is in phase with their personal vibratory rate. The membrane before you seperates one wavelength from another. The possible evolution of consciousness is unlimited. The recognition and exploration of the energy membrane will have a significant impact upon the evolution of your species. You are observing the convergence point of two different dimensions. Energy membranes provide the necessary substructure for each dimension to exist. They are the internal cell walls of the living universe."

The Reincarnating Ego
Joining of Incarnated Essences

*DP* The Causal Identity:

On the [causal] [man] is simply the reincarnating ego or soul, who (if he has developed sufficient consciousness on that level to know anything clearly at all) understands, at least to some extent, the evolution upon which he is engaged, and the work that he has to do.

*DP* The Causal Body and Thread of Fire From the Higher Planes:

Each soul is represented by an ovoid form- at first a mere film, colourless and almost invisible, of most tenuous consistency; but, as the ego develops, this body begins to show a shimmering iridescence like a soap-bubble, colours playing over its surface like the changing hues made by sunlight on the spray of a waterfall.

All these causal bodies are filled with living fire drawn from a higher plane, with which the globe appears to be connected by a quivering thread of intense light, vividly recalling to the mind the words of the stanzas of Dzyan, ‘the Spark hangs from the Flame by the finest thread of Fohat'; and as the soul grows and is able to receive more and more from the inexhaustible ocean of the Divine Spirit which pours down through the thread as a channel, the latter expands and gives wider passage to the flood... Once more the stanza says it for us: ‘The thread between the Watcher and his shadow becomes more strong and radiant with every change. The morning sunlight had changed into noonday glory. This is thy present wheel, said the Flame to the Spark. Thou art myself, my image and my shadow. I have clothed myself in thee, and thou art my vahan to the day, "Be-with-us", when thou shalt re-become myself and others, thyself and me.'

*DP* Consciousness & Seeing On The Higher Mental (Causal) Plane:

We now turn from the four lower or rupa levels of the mental plane, on which man functions in his temporary personality, to the consideration of the three higher or arupa levels, his true and relatively permanent home. Here, so far as he sees at all, he sees clearly, for he has risen above the illusions of personality and the refracting medium of the lower self, and though his consciousness may be dim, dreamily unobservant and scarcely awake, yet his vision is at least true, however limited... It is still a world of manifestation... It still has forms, however rare in their materials and subtle in their essence.

*ASJ* The Ego:

The Master: ‘The ego... is you... Activities on higher levels than the physical are much more interesting to an ego than the artificial amusements and the normal routine activities that we have to go through in the physical world.'

*DP* Finally Joining the Reincarnating Ego on the Causal Plane:

All through the heaven-life the personality of the last physical life is distinctly preserved, and it is only when the consciousness is finally withdrawn into the causal body that this feeling of personality is merged in the individuality, and the man for the first time since his descent into incarnation realizes himself as the true and comparatively permanent ego.

*MJooB* Home of the Inspecs:

"I am in a bright white transparent, radiating tube and moving rapidly. I am bathed in the radiation of it and I laugh with great joy. The radiation flow is two-directional in the tube. The flow moving past me is smooth, even, undiluted. The flow that I am is moving the opposite direction and appears much different. It is the same as the wave moving past him, but has a multitude of small waves impressed upon the basic. I am both the basic and small waveforms, moving back to the source. The movement is steady and unhurried, driven by a desire. I vibrate with joyous exstacy. The tube becomes larger as another joins it from one side and another waveform melds into me and we become one. I recognize the other and it does me and there is great joy in the reunion. We move along together, happily exploring the adventures, experience, and knowledge of the other. How could I have forgotten this! The tube widens again and another joins us, repeating the process. Our waveforms are remarkably identical and our patterns grow stronger as they move in phase. There are differences of each, which when combined with another related anomoly, create a new and important modification of the total which we are. The new joinings and widenings continued, this time with one totally non-human, but the intermesh was near-perfect and they learned so much more. We learn the great usefulness of having a tail. Our knowledge and ability are so great that we do not bother to contemplate it. It is not important. With this, we divert from the underlying waveform and move away from it. We watch motionless in unified respect as it moves off to infinity. We also perceive easily the smooth originating wave coming from such infinity and dissolving into the pattern from whence we came.

Flowing through all of us is a coherent energy that is our creation, that displays immensely the reality of the whole as far greater than the sum of the parts. Our ability and knowledge is without limits, but only in the energy systems of our experience. We can create time, we can create matter from other energy patterns, or change the structure thereof to any degree desired. We can do almost anything with energy fields except create or comprehend what we are until we are complete. We monitor, supplement, and enhance the flow of human and other learning experiences. This we perform continuously at all levels of human awareness so as to prepare properly those entraining units of our prime energy for the entry and meld into the totality that we are becoming. It is the essence of our growth to do so. This assistence is only available upon request. Thereafter, a bonding is in effect through which many forms of communication pass between us until the ultimate transformation. We are an INSPEC, just one. You are still incomplete. There are parts of you still to be transformed, including the visiting Monroe. Each of us is incomplete, and that's why we remain here, gathering our remaining additional parts of us until we are complete. Our curiosity desires the effect of our completion. We move into the creative return-flow again, the waveform that brought you here. When we do so, we leave this reality and return to the source of the radiation, the creative emission and return. Communication is closed with those who have continued."

*MJooB* Inner Self Connections:

There were thousands upon thousnds of lines, each glowing with energy, extending outward in many dimensions from the inner self. Some lines were bright, some were dim, but each ended in what seemed like a cluster of radiation... another inner self. These are the sum of all the personalities we have ever been, connecting with those we think of and those who think of us. The bright ones are those associated with you in this lifetime. When we go, all the love connections will either go with us or help us on our way.

For the departure as a unified whole, as was done in 3500 AD+ and 980,000 BC+, was needed the collection and unification of the parts, not only the errant or missing ones in my own cluster, but the parts of the entire inner self I-There cluster to which I am bonded. Then as a totality we can wink out and pass through the Aperture.

The Hall of Memory
Joining with the Reincarnating Ego

*WtK* The Room of Past Selves- What Personality Is- Integration & Growth to God:

While meditating upon the mystery of the One Life... this mortal, personal phase of me, that part which concerns itself with outer, separate things, seemed to be led into a vast, wonderful room, my conscious self now having become, curiously, an onlooker, a seeker of knowledge.

This room seemed to be semi-circular in form, with high walls, forming a series of panels, oval-shaped at the top, each exquisitely beautiful in the sheen of marvelous colors that radiated from it; in each a dominant shade or tone so merging into those adjacent that all produced an impression so wholly indescribable, because so unlike anything of earthly experience, that my mind was enthralled and dazed by the brilliancy and beauty of it all.

As I gazed I became dimly conscious that in each panel were pictured wondrous scenes, all seemingly alive in their strange, intense vibration of colors, in one fiery pink predominating, in another deep, azure blue, another emerald green, another solar orange, others brilliant indigo, or richest purple or pure blood red, or blinding yellow; but each interspersed continually with scintillating flashes of every other color... At the same time the alluringly attractive interplay of thoughts and emotions, sensed as being outpictured in the colors rather than actually seen, of loves and hates, of aspirations and disappointments, of hot passions, unfulfilled desires, crazed fears and the whole gamut of suffering, held me spellbound...

I seemed to be led into the center of what now appeared to be a great rotunda, the other half of the circle seemingly having closed in behind me- this also being sensed rather than seen...

There slowly shaped in my mind the query, "Why am I here, and what have I to do with all this?"

A figure seemed to detach itself from the panel at the extreme right. It approached and spoke. There was something vaguely familiar about both the figure and the background or scenes in the panel, which sense deepened as I listened.

"So you have come also? He must be finished with you and needs you no longer- else why should you be here?...

The Lord must have completed another phase of the Father's Work and I see that you have furnished Him opportunity to do much that He was not able to do before...

You have a more refined body, a cleaner brain, and a better trained intellect. He was enabled to express His nature more easily, without so much hindrance as we were to Him. But that is natural, for you are the soul of that which we earned and provided for you. In you is gathered together all that He had accomplished in and garnered from each of us, from the simple animal soul-body of the first, long since disintegrated, down to me, who was the last before you..."

"I should know you, but I do not seem to recall your name."

"No, you do not know my name, but I can tell you of many things that you would recall as in a dream. For I, before the Lord called you into expression, was the culmination of all that He had evolved through the others; I am but the personality or the soul's body that the Lord, your Real Self, used last. Before me came the others, including all those who have become as shadows," pointing to the dim figures in the mists of the panels at the back of me to the extreme left.

"You are now standing in the Hall of Memory in the Temple of Life, as your mortal mind would conceive it, wherein is gathered all of the knowledge of the past, and where it can be fully digested and assimilated by the soul during its sojourn here between incarnations of earth life.

"On these panels are pictured the experiences of each previous incarnation and of the personality which was used in the unfolding of the soul's consciousness while it was enmeshed in a human brain. Each new brain and body enabled the Lord to teach the soul more of His Divine Idea, and in each new personality he manifested more of His Spiritual Nature."

"But who then are you and the others, and who am I?" I asked in a panic...

"You as you now deem yourself are but mortal mind's creation. You are what that mind, separate in consciousness from the Lord, has conceived your human self to be, the thought-built son of man that was born only to die as a separate self, after the soul has lived and learned enough with us in this world of memory to assimilate all the Truth taught in yon pictures, which are the true records of its past lives for its and our teaching...

"As you are now, involved in the fear thoughts of your mortal mind, you are no more than we. For you and we are the thought creations of our mortal, separate minds, given life and being by our ignorant misuse of the life breathed into us by the Lord. But remember, all life is His Life, all mind is His Mind, and all substance is His Substance; and when we really know this and abide in this knowledge, then it is that we cease as separate personalities and become one in consciousness with Him, our beloved Lord and Master, Who all the time is and has been our Real Self.

"That knowledge is almost a reality to me and to you- when you are in your normal consciousness, my more than brother; but when it is a reality, can we go on and leave our other selves here behind- for you know that they also are His disciples? Can we?...

"Those personalities are all phases of the soul- our soul, which the Lord is lifting up and making one with His Consciousness... Do we not by union enter into His Consciousness and therefore into His Being, and is not His Mind then our Mind, His Life our Life, His Will our Will, His Personality our Personality?"

Life on the Causal Plane

*SS* Seth's Environment:

While my environment differs in rather important respects from that of my readers, I can assure you, with ironic understatement, that it is as vivid, varied, and vital as physical existence. It is more pleasurable- though my ideas of pleasure have changed somewhat since I was a physical being- being more rewarding and offering far greater opportunities for creative acheivement. I share my field of existance with others who have more or less the same challenges to meet, the same overall pattern of development. We do not know death as you do. Our existence takes us into many other environments and we blend into these. There are no real barriers to seperate the systems of which I speak, the only seperation is brought about by the varying abilities of entities to perceive and manipulate. You exist in the midst of many other systems of reality, but you do not perceive them. There is no end to our environment, with no lack of space or time. We are still alert to other quite alien systems of reality that flash on the outskirts of consciousness as we know it. In some systems, consciousness forms highly integrated mathematical and musical patterns that are themselves stimuli for other universal systems.

We are aware of what you would call our past selves. We realize our freedom to choose our thoughts, and we choose them with some discrimination and finese. We often translate each other's thoughts into various shapes and forms out of pure enjoyment in the practice.

*SS* Seth's Activities:

We enjoy a sense of play that is highly spontaneous, and yet I suppose you would call it responsible play. Certainly it is creative play. We play, for example, with the mobility of our consciousness, seeing how "far" one can send it. We are constantly surprised by the products of our own consciousness, of the dimensions of reality through which we can hopscotch (skipping!). The pathways we make continue to exist and can be used by others. We leave messages to any who come by, mental signposts (like in Monroe!).

*SS* Seth's Emotional Experience:

We have a strong emotional experience, although it differs in a large measure from your own. It is far less limited and far more expansive in that we are also aware and responsive to the emotional "climate" as a whole. We are much freer to feel and experience, because we are not afraid of being swept away by feeling.

*AoaY* The Causal World:

"The causal world is indescribably subtle. In order to understand it, one would have to possess such tremendous powers of concentration that he could close his eyes and visualize the astral cosmos and the physical cosmos in all their vastness – the luminous balloon with the solid basket – as existing in ideas only. If by this superhuman concentration one succeeded, he would then reach the causal world and stand on the borderline of fusion between mind and matter. There one perceives all created things as forms of consciousness."

"Whatever a human being can do in fancy, a causal being can do in reality. The most colossal imaginative human intelligence is able, in mind only, to range from one extreme of thought to another, to skip mentally from planet to planet, or tumble endlessly down a pit of eternity, or soar rocketlike into the galaxied canopy, or scintillate like a searchlight over milky ways the starry spaces. But beings in the causal world have a much greater freedom, and can effortlessly manifest their thoughts into instant objectivity, without any material or astral obstruction or karmic limitation."

"Causal beings realize that the physical cosmos is not primarily constructed of electrons, nor is the astral cosmos basically composed of prana – both in reality are created from the minutest particles of God-thought, chopped and divided by maya, the law relativity which intervenes to apparently separate the Nounmenon from His phenomena."

"Souls in the causal world recognize one another as individualized points of joyous Spirit; their though-things are the only objects which surround them. Causal beings see the difference between their bodies and thoughts to be merely ideas."

"Both death and rebirth in the causal world are in thought. Causal-bodied beings feast only on the ambrosia of eternally new knowledge. They drink from the springs of peace, roam on he trackless soil of perceptions, swim in the ocean-endlessness of bliss. Lo! See their bright thought-bodies zoom past trillions of Spirit-created planets, fresh bubbles of universes, wisdom-stars, spectral dreams of golden nebulae, all over the skiey blue bosom of Infinity!"

"Many beings remain for thousands of years in the causal cosmos. By deeper ecstasies the freed soul then withdraws itself from the little causal body and puts on the vastness of the causal cosmos. All the separate eddies of ideas, particularized waves of power, love, will, joy, peace, intuition, calmness, self-control, and concentration melt into the ever-joyous Sea of Bliss. No longer does the soul have to experience its joy as an individualized wave of consciousness, but is merged in the One Cosmic Ocean, with all its waves-eternal laughter, thrills, throbs."

"Only when a being has no further desires for experiences in the pleasing-to-the-eye astral cosmos, and cannot be tempted to go back there, does he remain in he causal world."


Higher Spiritual Realms

The Realm of Samadhi

*SL* Thought & Consciousness in the Realm of Samadhi:

Beyond the glorious devachanic world opens yet another more glorious, the region of Samadhi, where a few of our race can function, though it is utterly unknown to the vast majority. It is a region where thought entirely changes its character and no longer exists as what is called thought on the lower planes. Consciousness loses many of its limitations, and acquires a new and strange expansion. Consciousness still knows itself to be itself, and yet has widened out to know other selves as one with it... It lives, breathes, feels with others, identifying itself with others, yet knowing its own center...

This is the unity of those who are higher and, because they are higher, realize their oneness with all below, seeing humanity in the unity of its spiritual nature instead of in the diversity of its material manifestations. Then compassion flows out, that compassion that sees and knows itself in every human soul, that understands all and therefore is able to help all... In the worst and most degraded it still realizes the possibilities that to it are actualities, as it sees in all people what they are in reality, not in appearance...

At this level, incomprehensible problems find simple solution, and things that seem unknowable come within the limits of the knowable.

Beyond Reincarnation - Nirvana

*SL* The Source of Light- Nirvana:

Then before the awakening soul unfolds a yet mightier world which dwarfs all that went before... Nirvana binds up all these glories of humanity. Its possibilities are seen and realized, and are no longer mere lovely dreams. They include life beyond all fancy of living, activity in wisdom and power and love beyond any wild imaginings, mighty hierarchies of spiritual Intelligences, each seeming vaster and more wonderful than the one before...

Sweeping as it were from the very heart of it all... comes the knowledge that this is the goal of our pilgrimage, that this is our true home, that this is the world to which we really belong. All the gleams of light that have shown upon us in our weary journey have come from here...

*DP* Nirvanic: The Ocean in the Drop- The Whole Joins You:

On the nirvanic plane he moves a step further, and realizes that his consciousness and theirs are one in a yet higher sense, because they are all in reality facets of the infinitely greater consciousness of the Logos, in whom they all live and move and have their being; so that when ‘the dewdrop slips into the shining sea' the effect produced is rather as though the process had been reversed and the ocean poured into the drop, which now for the first time realizes that it is the ocean- not a part of it, but the whole.

*DA* Nirvana:

What Devachan is to each earth-life, Nirvana is to the finished cycle of Reincarnation...

"Nirvana is a sublime state of conscious rest in omniscience."

(A.P. Sinnett, Esoteric Buddhism, p. 197 Eighth Edition.)

The Plane of Flame

Meyers' Higher Planes Overview(FM):(Since Myers had not progressed beyond the fourth plane at the time of his communication, his accounts of the higher levels of consciousness beyond this are less detailed and more speculative. He seems to have picked up enough hearsay, however, to outline with some confidence the general nature of the further advance. If on the fourth plane the soul becomes free from the earth pull, the soul is qualified to experience cosmic ranges beyond earth's confines. One of these ranges is the next plane, the "plane of flame".)

In the fifth plane, the "plane of flame", one acquires a body of flame, enabling him to tour the stellar universe without being harmed by its temperatures and turbulence and to return with a fuller experience of these cosmic reaches.

Spiritual Dimension

Script: Find how these higher reamls relate, which are equivalent.

Atmic Dimension: Spiritual Dimension(RB): This dimension appears to be the spirit world. Here, spirits wait for those they loved during their time on earth. This is the happy place of the gathering, where the reunion of souls takes place.

The light in this world is purest, brightest silver, brighter than the flash of an arc welder. It is so bright it seems impossible to look at, but it is a supremely gentle, soft, and soothing light. It is the light of divine love. People here appear as they did in the physical world, but at their most magnificent. They glow ecstatically, ablaze with the brightest love, happiness and joy imaginable. The atmosphere is electric, vital, and deeply spiritual. In this world you can FEEL the presence of God as a tangible all pervading force.

Communication here is done by high level telepathic imaging, similar to one-on-one clairvoyance only much more vivid and real. Speech and thought are gone. Time stands utterly still here. Reality is more real and solid than we can know. Compared to this, the physical world is a vague, tired dream full of half dead people.

1) I have entered this dimension only from the very deepest consciousness raising meditation, with all my chakras wide open and fully functioning, and extreme crown chakra activity. The feeling of this was like a thousand fingers vibrating, and deeply massaging, the whole top of my head above the hairline. On these four occasions my energy has soared to seemingly impossible heights within me, carrying my spirit and consciousness with it. At the climax of this deeply mystical experience I have heard the sound of one long, pure musical note slowly rising in pitch. I have felt this note in the core of my being, in my heart, calling me, drawing me to it. With every ounce of strength and energy I possess I focus my consciousness on it and project to it. Stripping away my physical body, I have projected straight into this dimension. It was just like stepping, slipping, through a heavy curtain into another place and another world. I am still aware of my physical body, duality, during this whole experience.

I look about me with wonder, the light is so silver and bright it burns deeply into my soul and I can feel its healing touch within me. There in front of me is my long dead son. He was eight years old when he left me, and he looked just as he did when I last saw him. He was beaming with happiness, his eyes bright and shining. I cuddled him up to me and wept with the joy of seeing him. I looked beyond him and there was a large crowd of people waiting for me. These were all the friends and family I had known and loved and lost during my life. There were also many people I did not know. They all seemed very familiar though and I felt I loved them all. They were clapping and jumping up and down, cheering me in greeting. There were many tears of joy and lots of hugging and kissing.

Looking beyond them, I see we are in a natural stone amphitheatre. The ground is smooth rock and it rises to a ridge a couple of hundred meters away that curves towards us. On the top of this ridge are Angels. They looked just like Michaelangelo painted them. They were incredibly beautiful, with large White feathered wings, curly Golden hair and Alabaster skin. They were blowing long sparkling golden horns, and the pure high note came from them.

Stepping from the crowd I walked into the open. I look in awe at these angels and wave at them. The note started to die away as I did this and the Angels began lowering their horns. I stand for a timeless moment in silence, looking all around me. Then everything began to shimmer and I slipped, fell back into my physical body. I wept. I have never wanted to come back.

Unknown Higher Planes

Anupadaka(RB hasnt been there)

Adi(RB hasnt been there)

*SS* Seth Two's Reality, Sending Energy:

"We are the voices who speak without tounges of our own. We are sources of that energy from which you come. We are creators, yet we have also been created. We seeded your universe as you seed other realities. We do not exist in your historical terms, nor have we known physical existence. Our joy created the exaltation from which your world comes. Our existence is such that communication must be made by others to you. Verbal symbols have no meaning for us. Our experience is not translatable. We hope our intent is. In the vast infinate scope of consciousness, all is possible. There is meaning in each thought. We perceive your thoughts as lights. They form patterns. Because of the difficulties in communication, it is nearly impossible to explain our reality. Know only that we exist. We send immeasurable vitality to you, and support all of those structures of consciousness with which you are familiar. You are never alone. We have always sent emissaries to you who understand your needs. Though you do not know us, we cherish you. Seth is a point in my refecence. He is an ancient portion of us. We are separate but united. Always the spirit forms the flesh."

Unity & The Light

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Buddhic Dimension: Singularity & Light(RB): This is a warm, abstract world filled with utter peace and infinite love. It is a dimension of pure White. There is no sight or sound perception here other than the all pervading, brilliant White. In this dimension you very quickly relinquish conscious thought and individuality. You cannot think for long once you enter here and there is no need or desire to do so. There is an irresistible urge drawing you into a quiet stillness. It is like being immersed in warm, pure White cotton wool. In this world you cease to be an individual and you become PART OF THE ONE. You also cease to be male or female. In a way this is like returning to the Mother's womb. You are surrounded, absorbed and assimilated by infinite loving warmth, understanding, and forgiveness.

Time here ceases to have any meaning. If you enter this world you will never, ever want to leave it. You cannot leave it until your physical body calls and drags you back. This is the healing, resting place of the soul.

*HU* Dropping Bodies Till God:

"There are many higher planes, and to get back to God, to reach the plane where His spirit resides, you have to drop your garment each time until your spirit is truly free."

** Higher Planes Overview:

Meyers' Higher Planes Overview(FM):The sixth plane is the "plane of Light". Individuals on this plane are matured spirits, having lived through, with conscious comprehension, all the aspects of the created universe. They are capable of living now without form, of existing as white light in the pure thought of the Creator. They have joined the immortals, thus fulfilling their final purpose of the evolution of consciousness.

*AoaY* One With Infinity:

"When a soul is out of the cocoon of the three bodies it escapes forever from the law of relativity and becomes the ineffable Ever-Existent. The soul expanded into Spirit remains alone in the region of lightless light, darkless dark, thought, intoxicated with its ecstasy of joy in God's dream of cosmic creation."

"A free soul!"

"It becomes one with the Infinite without any loss of individuality."

"A master who achieves this final freedom may elect to return to earth as a prophet to bring other human beings back to God, or like myself he may choose to reside in the astral cosmos. There a savior assumes some of the burden of the inhabitants' karma and thus helps them to terminate their cycle of reincarnation in the astral cosmos and go on permanently to the causal spheres. Or a freed soul may enter the causal world to aid its beings to shorten their span in the causal body and thus attain the Absolute Freedom."

"Finally we shall merge as one in the Cosmic Beloved; our smiles shall be His smile, our unified song of joy vibrating throughout eternity to be broadcast to God-tuned souls!"

*MJooB* His Scouting Return Home:

The scout of the inner self has to find their home, their original source. So Monroe returned to KT-95. He used to skip, which was rolling inward. What if he reverse skipped? The movements felt much stronger than it did. The music is fading, the clouds dissolving, the curls are gone. There is nothing but a spiraling mass of energy moving outward. I am moving inward bit by bit, like swimming upstream. The spiral comes tighter, tighter, narrowing, very narrow, and the current is stronger, it is hard to move against, but I am still moving. Ahead of me is the vortex point, but it's too small- I cant get through it. I concentrate energy, skip, skip. There's a surge deep inside me, another, larger, it hurts but it's beautiful, and a part of me is left behind. Skip, skip, a larger surge, hurts terribly all through me, but so beautiful, so exquisitely beautiful, nothing is so magnificent as this, and I lose another part of what I was. Then again, and there is not much left of me. Skip, then the greatest surge, this is it, and there is nothing greater, such total joy...

Then it is as if that was a dream, and it is fading quickly, all of it- spacetime, a sun, something about a planet, love, never forget the love, even if it was only a dream. A complicated dream, it took so much energy to wake up, here in the bright coolness. I notice the flow, all moving in the same direction from all dimensions. Must stay moving with the others. They are so much larger than I, I am just a speck. One offers help. It is so big I cannot see it all. Energy comes to him and his consciousness is filling out more, and he is remembering. I remember being part of the whole, and one by one, parts were placed here and there. The whole needed more, it distributed parts to grow, to reproduce, to add to the whole. I remember excitement, joy at a new adventure, then uncertainty and loneliness when my moment came. He wanted to get back to the whole. Then consciousness is falling apart, falling asleep, but then moving back to the whole, and rejoining it, and what joy in the return! The helper tells me that I bring no gifts and are incomplete and alone. Since I am to add to the whole, the gifts would be more of me. It has to do with the dream! He remembers being awakened after seperation, then trying to go up the stream before he could, then a flash of light energy and he was inserted into the play of KT-95, then his boredom, curiosity, departure, and beginning of earth life, and the limitation but the drive to continue on, and then many many lifetimes, which are the gifts to return to the whole. I am the total of all the parts of the inner self.

The Aperture is just ahead and will open soon, I am told. Beside it I can perceive the Emitter for the energy beam that creates what you call the dream (all spacetime reality). The dream/spacetime is a hologram. The Emitter reminds him of his function. He shields the two of himself who came to see it from the energy of the emitter, bathing and growing in the glory of radiation. I needed to move through the other half of the circle to complete my journey, which is much easier, I was told. It was like moving downstream, the regular skip, skip, and through the narrow slit to the blur of curls playing. I began to remember myself. He has to move the other way on the Interstate, not out, but in. I use my quick-switch phasing and the skip and I move swiftly in, past the inner-self clusters, Belief System Territories, past the blue planet, and watch as it revert to a ring of dust, going against the flow again, following back to where it began- a huge flower of particles and light folding back together, back into a beam. I get into the beam, move with it, it is so strong, can I stand it? And there it is, the Emitter! There was no big bang, it came from the Emitter, the creation of the hologram, and there it is, the return flow off to one side, a cycle, a closed loop, a circle! When I returned, my radiation was burning my inner-selves out so I had to control it.

There is no beginning or end, only change. There is no teacher or student, only remembering. There is no good or evil, only expression. There is no union or sharing, only one. There is no joy or sadness, only love. There is no greater or lesser, only balance. There is no stasis or entropy, only motion. There is no wakefulness or sleep, only being. There is no limit or chance, only a plan. This is what it is to be complete.

The physical universe, including the whole of mankind is an ongoing creative process. The creator lies beyond the Emitter and the Aperture. M-Field energy is at work in creating the hologram.

*ABtB* Third Formless Body: Deeper Inside: Lots of Answers: Melting & Increasing Vibe:

1) I move inwards again, and I'm floating in an environment where few objects are visible, but I feel intense energy radiating all around me. I dont need to turn my head; I seem to see anywhere I direct my thoughts, and I can see in every direction simultaneously. I look down at my body but can see nothing I can describe. I'm a 360 degree viewpoint without any form or substance. I feel an overpowering sense of energy and knowledge flowing through me. My entire being is immersed in a sea of pure energy and unconditional love. I enjoy these sensations for what seems like hours, but upon returning realize I was only gone for 40 minutes.

2) I say " I need to see the form I am in now!" I instantly feel an intense sensation of being drawn within myself. I'm suddenly different, weightless as though I'm floating in space. I'm a viewpoint in space, watching my body.

3) I feel an intense inner motion for several seconds and then come to a halt. My entire being is immersed in a wonderous liquid light. I feel completely peaceful and at home. A warm glowing feeling of true love surrounds me.

4) I feel a rapid inward motion. I'm startled and blinded by the intensity of the surrounding light. My body is without a distincitve outer form, just light/energy. My vision is endless. All around, pure energy emanates; there are no shapes or forms.

Column of Light: I'm drawn to what appears to be a column of pure white light. The intensity of the radiation is overpowering. Outer parts of me are being burned away. I try to shield myself. I surround myself with thoughts only to feel them burned away as well. I instinctively release and surrender myself to the light. At that moment, the light enters me like a warm liquid permeating my body and mind. My entire being is filled with light and every part of me seems to resonate at a new frequency. I relax and enjoy the sensation. There is something else within the column of light. I touch this more intense light and an intense surge of energy flows through my being. I'm suddenly immersed in an ocean of pure knowledge, I'm flooded with memories of all I've been, all I've done, all I am. Everything is now. I recognize that we have foolishly seperated ourselves from our source. This is where true reality is. We focus on deteriorating forms. I feel a deep compassion for all that is. We are all interconnected in this pure ocean of living light. My awareness comes alive with the realization that my mind and its capabilities are but another temporary vehicle of expression. I absolutely know that the column of light was really me- not just another part of me, but the pure me, the very essence of all I am. The purpose of the entire universe is experience- firsthand, gut-wrenching, personal experience.

Engine of Form Creation: I find myself taken by the inner motion, then I am at the entrance to a large stone building. I eventually push through some timbers and get to an engine or power-room. The engine is three stories high and the size of a football field. Streams of images enter my mind to answer my questions. "This is the power source behind the forms you see. The mind is attempting to relate to concepts it can comprehend. True power has no shape or form." The engine fades from sight, and an overpowering sense of pure energy radiates before me. Focusing, I see waves of energy emanating from a single source. The light becomes blinding. It feels as if the outer layers of myself are being burned away- my old concepts, beleifs, assumptions, and conclusions are incinerated by this light. I ask what this is and am instantly drawn within the light. I have merged with a greater, more expansive part of myself. I am the engine of my life, I am the creative force within me. I can create whatever reality I choose. My creative power is beyond my comprehension. This is a part of me that possesses complete access to the answers. The huge building I first entered was similar to a museum- possibly a living record of all forms. It's not the forms which are important, it's what they represent.

*MJooB* Heaven/Home:

It was a place of pure peace and exquisite emotion. It was as if you were floating in warm, soft clouds where there is no up or down, where nothing exists as a seperate piece of matter. The warmth is not only around you, it is of and through you. The cloud in which you float is swept by rays of light in shades and hues that are constantly changing, and each is good as you bathe in them and they pass over you. The colors feel meaningful. All the colors of the spectrum come and go constantly, never harshly, and each brings a different soothing or restful happiness. With every changing pattern, you also change. This is where you belong. This is Home. You can move slowly and effortlessly through the cloud, there is music around you. It is there all the time and you vibrate in harmony with it. The music is purely the emotionally moving parts of songs where you came from. There is no mundane. Choirs of human-sounding voice echo in wordless song. With you, beside you, interlocked with you are others. You are not aware of them as shapes, but you know them and are bonded to them with a great single knowledge. You feel with them, like gentle waves of electricity moving through you, a completeness of love. All other experiences of love are only pieces. Only here is the emotion without need for intense display or demonstration. You give and receive as an automatic effort. You are positive and negative, male and female, electron and proton.

You are aware of the source of the entire span of your experience, of the vastness beyond your ability to perceive and/or imagine. You know of the existence of the Creator.

Leaving was never voluntary, but reluctantly and sadly.

Another experience: As a child, listening to the Victrola, he experienced a surging up his spine from his bottom, getting stronger each time, and it feels like tingling when your foot goes to sleep, and it feels like rain on the roof, and it feels so good it starts to hurt. It increases each time, with incredible, undescribable painpleasure, the pain because the body is trying to deal with more energy than it knows how to.

Monroe remembers the same sequence when going under anesthesia before surgery, the identical pattern.

The Second Trip Home: A thousand years is but an instant... so relaxing and absorbing. What's wrong with the clouds? The bright blue, followed by two smaller yellow ones, it's familiar! That's exactly the same cloud frame as all the others. The pattern keeps repeating over and over again in a loop. The music is repeating- the same as I felt an hour or an eternity ago, and this repetition from all perspectives. In deeper, there are a bunch of curls playing games: round and round, up and down, in and out, repeated forever without any desire for change. There's nothing for me now... this happened to me before, this is why I left. I cant come back, I dont want to come back. It was something to hold dear but not to relive.

*PoP* The World of Perfect Souls:

The World of Perfect Souls is proximity to God. It is the highest and most sublime of all the worlds. It takes perfection to enter it. There, near to God, with total awareness, perfect maturity and understanding, they enjoy absolute happiness, total freedom, and unlimited possibilities.

We are trying to rediscover our native country and live in the divine proximity. To be close to God means to live forever in a state of indescribable happiness that is continually renewed and forever grows more intense (this is like being in a state of no-stick where one is all in the now).

Those who reach Perfection take on another garment, the "garment of Perfection." Their self rejoins God like a drop of water returning to the ocean, and nothing more stands between their self and God. If a soul has reached its perfection before having used up its 50,000 years, it spends a relatively short time in the intermedite world, and then, after it has accounted for all its actions, goes on to the permanent world. Those who reach perfection before their time runs out obtain a higher distinction.

General Laws of Spiritual Evolution

*LWU* Moving to a Higher State:

If we, as individuals, become more perfect than the realm in which we live, we, ipso facto, become worthy of advancing to a higher state, and we do so.

*LWU* Two Ways of Reaching Higher Spheres:

There are two ways, and two ways only, of penetrating into those lofty states. The first is through our own spiritual development and progression; the second is by special invitation from some dweller in those regions.

*DP* More Possibilities, More Service- Up Up Up!:

Ever as we rise higher in the scale of nature our possibilities become greater, our work for others ever grander and more far-reaching, and that infinite wisdom and infinite power means only infinite capacity for service, because they are directed by infinite love.

*IAD* Penetrating Higher Spheres:

The Key which opens the entrance to all higher spheres above you lies in the simplicity and firmness of this Self-control...

To step through this gossamer veil that separates your outer consciousness from its Full Inner Power and Activity is but a state of thought and feeling...

Know there is no time nor space; then the knowing of the vastness of Eternity is within your grasp. To enter a Higher Sphere than your physical world in full consciousness is but an adjusting or changing of your consciousness. How do we do this?

Answer: By knowing we are consciously there...

To be aware of what is a thousand years in advance is as easily and readily attained, in fact more so, as going to your library in search of a book...

As we step from this sphere of activity into another higher, that one becomes just as Real as this is. It is simply a different state of consciousness we have entered into...

The individual, through the centuries, has created a veil through which he has shut out these Transcendent Spheres. If he has created it, which he has, then common sense and reason will tell one that he can uncreate it.

Higher Work is Infinitely Better

*tSD* Higher Energy Spent Goes Further:

It is a law of Occult dynamics that "a given amount of energy expended on the spiritual or astral plane is productive of far greater results than the same amount expended on the physical objective plane of existence."

*DP* Higher Work Is Infinitely Better:

The work of one day on levels such as [the nirvanic] may well surpass in efficiency the toil of a thousand years on the physical plane.

Higher Spiritual Evolution

*SL* The End of This Stage- Becoming The Source of a New Universe:

The end of this stage of this mighty evolution- for there is no final end- is that each in turn should be the new Logos of a new universe, the perfect reduplication of the Light from which we came, to carry that Light to other worlds, to build from it another universe... We shall be the source of new life to others, and bring to other universes the Light which we ourselves contain.

*MB* Breaking Attachment By Experiencing The Higher:

ALMA: It seems that another change is about to take place. The rescue work I have been doing is coming to an end. I am being told that I am now going to be traveling the colors. This, apparently, means that I will be passing through different planes on something of an exploring journey. They tell me I wont be staying in one place, but, rather, experiencing different colors and vibrations to purify and cleanse my soul. They think this will give me greater freedom, and allow me to not feel so bound to the Earth plane.

Another View of the Planes

*CBtL* The Fourth Plane

Psychic researcher F. W. Myers, who died some years ago, has reported through mediums that the Fourth Plane is a world of consummate colors and forms. Beautiful lights and colors are experienced there. The soul has "the appearance of lights and colors quite unlike the human body..."

The soul is not as isolated as it is on Earth or on the Third Plane; rather, it "becomes one with the other souls of its group." Only souls of the same vibration are visible to each other.

*CBtL* Leaving the Fourth Plane:

When a soul is ready to leave the Fourth Plane of colors and lights, again there is a death on this plane and a period of reviewing and assessing its spiritual progress.

*CBtL* The Fifth Plane:

Myers calls the Fifth Plane, the mental-causal plane, the Plane of Flames. Here, the soul appears as a flame. Meyers says... Still on this plane, one must struggle against despair, grief, and pain. But there is also ecstasy and joy. (NOTE: ?! Not likely.)

*CBtL* Leaving the Fifth Plane:

There is also a death on this plane, but no longer is there a "return to the limited human personality."

*CBtL* The Sixth Plane:

On the Sixth Plane, the Plane of Light, or celestial plane, the spirit is beyond all emotions. On this level, the soul is formless and appears as Light. Myers says: "Total equanimity of pure thought characterizes this level." The realities here are completely different from the worlds of matter and motion.

*CBtL* The Seventh Plane:

Those souls who are strong enough to make the transition into "Timelessness" are now able to pass into the highest plane of all, the Seventh Plane, the Cosmic Plane of At-One-Ment. The soul at last fuses with the Sources of Spirit. Though it merges with the Godhead, it still maintains its individuality. (NOTE: The silly fascination with the respelling of "Atonement" is really absurd, since the original word really has nothing to do with what is going one. "Oneness" would be better. There is nothing to atone for when reaching oneness.)

Blazing Light

*IaTR* Where We Come in Our Deepest Dreams:

Everything blurs, space vanishes, and I am standing alone in the immense room of blazing Light. I feel certain that this realm I have entered is where many of us come in our deepest dreams, when we seek inspiration and comfort.


Spiritual Sound & Creation - Music of the Spheres

Nature of Sound & Music

*O4* Sound & Attraction:

Attraction is a natural effect of sound. Those who have no feeling for music havent had that feeling created in them yet. They day they begin to feel life, they will begin to enjoy music.

*MJooB* Non-Physical Music:

The music created in some other systems is the utilization of nonphysical, non-EM energy which induces moods and emotions of every sort and instills or inhibits a variety of sensory patterns somewhat resembling our physical input, yet not nearly so limited.

*Chopin* Spiritual Music:

True music, real music, great music, is something that is beyond your world, and springs from the spiritual aspect of man: the realization of the greatness and the oneness with God. Great music is something that is really born in the spirit and is reproduced, perhaps very badly, in your world.

On the higher planes, on the very high evolved planes, we can create music without instruments, by the mere effort of thought. Thought being creative here, a great musician can complete and achieve a whole work without an instrument at all! He can create all the sounds from himself and, in consequence, those who are attuned to his thoughts and himself will hear the reproduction of that which the composer has created.

Sound As the Beginning of Creation

*O4* Sound Creation:

The creative source in its first step is audible, then visible. Everything has been constructed by sound. Sound impressions appear in the form of leaves, flowers, and other things of nature. Healers and mystics charge an object with their thoughts using sound. This object then has healing properties when injested. The human body- the muscles, the blood, the nerves- are all moved by vibration. The human body is a living resonator for sound. It is better than the resonation of copper and brass, and it is unmatched. Each atom resonates, as well as all glands and the pulse.

*EbotD* Disembodied Thought-Form Magic!:

"The Memphite Theology, which stated that the god Ptah Tatenen brought forth the universe through the spoken word, places the power of the word at the center of the Egyptian world view...

"Akhu, the other major word for magic, is distinguished from heka in that an individual apparently could not exercise akhu until after death... Akhu has the same strong connection with speech, thought, and image and is also possessed by gods and mortals alike...

"Whatever aspect of Egyptian magic was used, most often the Egyptians were attempting to gain control over supernatural forces." -Dr. Ogden Goelet, Jr.

*WoaP* Spiritual Sound:

The Greeks spoke of the music of the spheres, and the Gospel of John attests to the primacy of the Word, but it was the Indians who extended those insights to the view that the world actually consists of sound. It is Nada Brahma- sound (nada), as sounded by Brahma (God as creator).

Interchangeable Sound, Color, & Form

*LWU* Color is Sound:

Color and sound- that is, musical sound- are interchangeable terms in the spirit world. To perform some act that will produce color is also to produce a musical sound. To play upon a musical instrument, or to sing, is to create color... The musical thought-form produces no sound itself. it is the result of sound, and is, as it were, a self-contained unit. Although music will bring forth color, and color will yield music, each is restricted to the one resultant form. They will not go on reproducing each other in a constant, unending, or gradually diminishing, alternation of color and sound.

*LWU* Music is Color and Form:

What we had witnessed had been produced upon a scale of some magnitude, the individual instrumentalist or singer can evolve on a greatly reduced scale his own musical thought-forms. In fact, it would be impossible to emit any form of musical sound deliberately without the formation of such a form. It may not take a definite shape such as we saw; that comes from more experience, but it would induce the interplay of numerous colors and blending of colors. In the spirit world all music is color, and all color is music. The one is never existent without the other. That is why the flowers give forth such pleasant tones when they are approached... The water that sparkles and flashes colors is also creating musical sounds of purity and beauty...

Music is looked upon by many on the earth-plane as merely a pleasant diversion, a pleasant adjunct to the earthly life, but by no means a necessity. Here it is part of our life, not because we make it so, but because it is part of natural existence, as are flowers and trees, grass and water, and hills and dales. It is an element of spiritual nature.

*LWU* A Spiritual Concert, Gathering By Thought, Musical Thought-Forms:

A concert was due to start very shortly...

Edwin told us to walk over to the theater and look down over the seats once again. We did so, and to our astonishment we found that the whole vast hall was packed with people, where there was not a soul to be seen but a short time before. The musicians were in their places awaiting the entrance of their conductor... The organizers had merely to send out their thoughts to people at large who were particularly interested in such performances, and they forthwith assembled. As soon as Ruth and I had shown our interest and desires in these concerts, we should establish a link, and we should find these thoughts reaching us whenever they were emitted...

As soon as the music began I could hear a remarkable difference from what I had been accustomed to hear on the earth-plane. The actual sounds made by the various instruments were easily recognizable as of old, but the quality of tone was immeasurably purer, and the balance and blend were perfect. The work to be plated was of some length, I was informed, and would be continued without any break. The opening movement was of a subdued nature as regards its volume of sound, and we noticed that the instant the music commenced a bright light seemed to rise up from the direction of the orchestra until it floated, in a flat surface, level with the topmost seats, where it remained as an iridescent over to the whole amphitheater. As the music proceeded this broad sheet of light grew in strength and density... Presently, at equal spaces round the circumference of the theater, four towers of light shot up into the sky in long tapering pinnacles of luminosity. They remained poised for a moment, and then slowly descended, becoming broader in girth as they did so, until they assumed the outward appearance of four circular towers, each surmounted with a dome, perfectly proportioned. In the meanwhile, the central area of light had thickened still more, and was beginning to rise slowly in the shape of an immense dome covering the whole theater. This continued to ascent steadily until it seemed to reach a very much greater height than the four towers while the most delicate colors were diffused throughout the whole of the etheric structure... The musical sounds sent up by the orchestra were creating, up above their heads, this immense musical thought-form, and the shape and perfection of this form rested entirely upon the purity of the musical sounds, the purity of the harmonies..

It must be assumed that every description of discord was absent. To lack discord would be to produce monotony, but the discords were legitimately used and properly dissolved.

By now the great musical thought-form had assumed what appeared to be its limit of height, and it remained stationary and steady. The music was still begin played, and in response to it the whole coloring of the dome changed, first to one shade, then to another, and many times to a delicate blend of a number of shades according to the variation in theme or movement of the music...

The audience within were basking in its splendor and enjoying still greater benefit from the effulgence of its elevating rays...

The music at last came to a grand finale, and so ended. The rainbow colors continued to interweave themselves. We wondered how long this musical structure would survive, and we were told that it would fade away in roughly the same time as would be taken by an earthly rainbow- comparatively a few minutes. We had listened o a major work, but if a series of shorter pieces were played, the effect and lasting power would be the same, but the shapes would vary in form and size.

*LWU* Studying Musical Architecture:

The expert musician can plan his compositions by his knowledge of what forms the various harmonic and melodic sounds will produce. He can, in effect, build magnificent edifices upon his manuscript of music, knowing full well exactly what the result will be when the music is played or sung. By careful adjustment of his themes and his harmonies, the length of the work, and its various marks of expression, he can build a majestic form as grand as a Gothic cathedral. This is, in itself, a delightful part of the musical art in spirit, and it is regarded as musical architecture. The student will not only study music acoustically, but he will learn to build it architecturally, and the latter is one of the most absorbing and fascinating studies

Everything Creates Spiritual Sound
Attention & Appreciation to Hear Music

*LWU* The Appreciation of Music & It's Appearance:

The music is there, but we please ourselves entirely whether we wish to hear it or listen to it. We can completely isolate ourselves from the sound, or we can throw ourselves open to all sound, or just hear that which pleases us most...

I have told you how, the instant the soil left our hands, we could hear the delightful sounds issuing from it. Another person performing the same action, but who possessed no particular musical susceptibilities, would scarcely be conscious of any sound at all...

Without that attunement it would be impossible to be conscious of the musical strains that issue forth from the whole of spirit nature...

The greater the power of the individual of appreciating and understanding beauty in all its multifarious forms, the greater will be the outflowing of magnetic force. In the spirit world nothing is wasted nor expended uselessly. We never have forced upon us something that we do not want, whether it be music or art, entertainment or learning.

*VS-FB* The Inherent Color-Sound in Flowers, Water, Similarity to Earth:

It is very similar to earth life and environment, only much more beautiful and enduring. For instance, the flowers are glowing and exquisite and never fade or die; their perfume vitalizes the air, and as with all colour there is gentle, harmonic music, soft and soothing. Even the water of the streams, etc. and the soil have exquisite music inherent in them.

The next level is made similar to earth conditions so that there is no shock to the person on transition. As we evolve higher and higher there are changes to more ethereal and spiritual conditions.

*THAS* The Inherent Sounds of Life:

Individual plant notes and individual human notes... have very potent effects. In the plant it attracts life substance through the nature spirits... In a sense, sound and light are the same; light and life shine through any being which sounds its own note. And the sound comes first... They explained that, like tuning forks, the individual notes resonate in the various plants or beings, and that the note changes with growth...

Life is movement producing sound.

*EbtL* Spiritual Plant-Life & Sound:

There were gardens with intense colors, colors we dont have here. The flowers are so vivid and luminescent with color that they dont seem to be solid. The same element that now resides in a flower may later be part of something else- and just as alive. It doesnt have a spirit as we do, but it has intelligence and organization. The music of a flower comes from its individual parts. Its petals produced its own tones.

*EbtL* Life & Music In Water:

Life was in the water, too. Each drop had its own intelligence and purpose. A melody of majestic beauty carried from the waterfall and filled the garden, eventually merging with other melodies that I was now only faintly aware of. The music came from the water itself, from its intelligence, and each drop produced its own tone and melody which mingled and interacted with every other sound and strain around it.

*IaTR* Stretching, Hearing the Song of All That Is:

I feel an inner exuberance as my awareness expands and stretches, breaking free from its long, restrictive confinement. Silence is so powerful that it becomes a shout, startling me as I feel a surge and rush of inner hearing. Now, I can hear the Song of grass, a sound of surprising power, yet exquisitely delicate. Each drop of dew is a vibration echo, adding to the harmonic of the grass. Dewdrops are a harmonic amplifier of energy for each plant on which they collect.

I listen to the dawn chorus of the birds. To inner-hear is joy magnified beyond measure. My body of light thrills and resonates to the quality of sound. (NOTE: Becoming sound = resonating.) With our physical ears, we hear the echoes.

OB Sounds

*AB* Sound Effects, Voices:

Hearing Music: 1) Already OB, I began to sink and at once heard this faint, muffled music. At first I wasn't sure if it was real or part of my projection. As I concentrated harder and had more control, the music became clearer and more pronounced. It was like something from a fairground although nothing as gaudy and cheap sounding. The music was so beautiful. It felt as if it enveloped and cushioned me as I sank lower and lower. It reminded me of the Sirens of folklore. What I heard was equally enchanting - I could have listened to it forever.

2) I was talking with Jesus in a NDE. In the background I heard what sounded like millions of tiny bells whose sound had the purest tone. Throughout the rest of my near-death experience they were always detectable as a distant presence.

We came to a golden wall. From behind the wall I sensed activity. I began to hear birds singing and chirping. As I listened to them for several minutes, their number and volume increased, then died away. String instruments then began to play enchantingly. Their volume and number also grew slowly, then disappeared. Finally, I heard a heavenly choir of the most beautiful harmonized voices singing in a minor key. They too grew in number, until hundreds of voices were apparent. I was captivated and drawn toward this realm. It seemed that the music spoke to me and welcomed me.

3) (From inside the void during NDE, before the light came:) I was also aware of the sound of chimes. Oddly, I didn‘t hear these chimes, I felt them. This was more intense than hearing. The feeling I got from them was of a warm refreshing summer day with a slight breeze blowing. This may be hard to believe, but my consciousness, even then, was capable of sarcasm, and I thought, "Oh, great, elevator music."

The Music of the Spheres

*DEVF2* The Music of the Universe- Stated & Unstated Intervals:

There are phases of relatedness, rhythms and harmonies of consciousness from whose infinite swells the molecular "music" of your universe is sounded. Your place in those rhythms is highly vital... It is as if an infinite number of orchestras were playing simultaneously, and each note sounded was also played in all of its probable positions with each other note possible, and in combination with all of the probable versions of the entire piece being played.

Between the notes sounded there would be intervals, and those unsounded intervals would also be part of a massive unstated rhythm upon which the development of the entire sounded production was dependent. The unsounded intervals would also be events, of course, cues for action, triggers for response...

There are many other universes besides your own, each following its own intervals, its own harmony.

*CD* Music of the Spheres:

In dreams I sometimes hear singing of such unsurpassed beauty that my dream characters are moved to tears.

*R* The Music of the Spheres:

If you were still enough to hear the sound of your beliefs, you would know what is meant by "the music of the spheres..." As the music of the spheres is defined as the harmony heard by the gods alone, and is supposed to be produced by the movements of the celestial spheres, so, too, is the harmony you subjectively hear for others heard by you alone and is produced by the movements of your thoughts and feelings in the true kingdom or "heaven within you."

*O4* Three Types of Music:

There is music of the universe, music of the human being, and music of instruments. Universe music is best observed in those things which one perceives in heaven, the structure of the elements, or the diversity of the seasons. Such a fast motion of all things must produce a sound. "He heard the melodies of the Spheres and the sonorities produced by the movements of the heavenly bodies; at the same time he became aware of the discreet resonance of the voices of their angels.

*EbtL* The Cosmic Song:

She heard a soft, pleasant sound, a distant but comforting sound that made her happy. It was a tone, similar to a note of music, but was universal and seemed to fill the space around her. It was followed by another tone at a different pitch, and soon I noticed a melody- a vast, cosmic song that soothed and comforted her. The tones produced soft vibrations, and as they touched her, she realized that they had the power to heal. Not all music is healing, for some produce negative emotions.

*MotFE* Celestial Music:

We were told that if we would become quiet, we could hear the music at all times, but it is only on an occasion like this that the chorus accompanies the music.

*LD-P* The Celestial Music:

"Music drifted upon my sense of hearing, and in response I began skipping and dancing along the road, past some railings. By degrees the music took on a mystical tone, and I grew increasingly absorbed. Eventually, I wandered off the road into an open space where multitudes of people were assembled. Then, somehow, sense of time and self were lost, and I became one with the multitudes – our arms all reaching aloft towards the radiance, the music and the pealing bells…rejoicing for evermore…but then intruded a grievous sense of being draw away, of falling back to earth…and I couldn't bear to leave that bliss."

(Subject E)

Incredible Colors

*TtE* Spiritual Colors and Their Representations:

"In the other life colors are presented to view which from their brightness and resplendence immeasurably surpass the beauty of the colors seen on earth; and each color represents something celestial and spiritual." -Swedenborg, Arcana Coelestia