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General Psychic

Script: This has everything to do with the spiritual senses. Maybe they should be joined. Or follow spiritual anatomy with this.

How Psychic Abilities Work

*CWG3* Understanding Psychic Abilities:

Psychic power is simply the ability to step out of your limited experience into a broader view...

There are three rules of psychic phenomena that will allow you to understand how psychic power works. Let's go over them.

1. All thought is energy.

2. All things are in motion.

3. All time is now.

Psychics are people who have opened themselves to the experiences these phenomena produce: vibrations. Sometimes formed as pictures in the mind. Sometimes a thought in the form of a word...

These energies are very light, very fleeting, very subtle. Like the slightest breeze on a summer night that you think you felt rustle your hair- but maybe didn't. Like the faintest sound in the farthest distance that you think you heard, but cant be sure. Like the dimmest flicker of an image at the corner of your eye that you swore was there, but, when you look head on, is gone. Vanished...

The accomplished psychic never asks, because to ask the question sends the answer away. Asking the question engages the mind, and that's the last thing a psychic wants to do. Intuition does not reside in the mind... Intuition resides in the psyche. In the soul...

The soul is the only instrument sensitive enough to "pick up" life's faintest vibrations, to "feel" these energies, to sense these waves in the field, and to interpret them...

Every time you have a thought, it sends off an energy. It is energy. The soul of the psychic picks up that energy. The true psychic will not stop to interpret it, but will probably just blurt out what that energy feels like...

Every feeling you've ever had resides in your soul. Your soul is the sum total of all your feelings. It is the repository. Even though it may have been years since you've stored them there, a psychic who is truly open can "feel" these "feelings" here and now...

Every occurrence sends off a wave of energy, prints an indelible picture on the cosmic photographic plate. The psychic sees, or feels, the picture of "tomorrow" as if it is happening right now- which it is. That is how some psychics tell the "future."

...Perhaps without actually knowing what he's doing, a psychic, through the act of intense focusing, is sending out an actual submolecular component of himself. His "thought," if you will, leaves the body, zings out into space, and goes far enough, fast enough, to be able to turn around and "see" from a distance the "now" that you have not yet experienced...

The submolecular part of the psychic, having absorbed the energy of the image gained from focusing, zings back to the psychic's body, bringing the energy with it. The psychic "gets a picture" -sometimes with a shiver- or "feels a feeling," and tries very hard not to do any "processing" of the data, but simply- and instantly- describes it. The psychic has learned not to question what he's "thinking" or suddenly "seeing" or "feeling," but merely t allow it to "come through" as untouched as possible...

The psychic has not "predicted the future," merely offered a glimpse of one of the "possible possibilities" observed in the Eternal Moment of Now. It is always the subject of the psychic reading who has made the choice...

Everyone leaves a trace, a "psychic fingerprint," an energy trail. And a true sensitive can feel this.

Weakness of Psychic Powers

Script: Psychic powers arent by definition limited to these lower realms. Clairvoyance can reach to high high frequency domains, like with Brennan. This is a comment on lower-level psi, which is more common than higher-level Psi.
*CH* Psychic Experiences Are Echoes:

Various techniques of concentration and the psychic experiences they produce also cannot pick up or tune in this Power but perceive only echoes or reflections of Divine Power in the complex realm of mind and desire.

Denial of One's Own Psychic Powers

Script: This is an exact correlate to reattribution of things that "arent possible" in dreams.
*BtC* Psychometry & It's Reattribution:

[Elizabeth Denton] could see objects as well in total darkness as in daylight. She could pick up an object and hold it quietly in her hand and immediately a moving picture of scenes and places, often totally unknown to her, would go through her mind. These pictures had peculiar clarity and focus. She decided that she must have a very vivid imagination. From time to time she saw in these moving pictures scenes and places which she had not previously visited. Later on when she saw these places and they looked exactly like her precognitive pictures she passed it off as some kind of strange coincidence. (NOTE: When psychometry isn't "possible" in one's mind, look how it is played off as nothing!)

*HoL* First Internal Vision Experience:

My first internal vision experience happened early one morning as I was lying in bed observing the interesting muscle and bone structure on the back of my husband's neck as he lay asleep on his side beside me. I thought it was very interesting the way the muscles connected into the cervical vertebrae. Suddenly I became aware of what I was doing and quickly cut off such seeing. I would not "return" to that level of reality for some time, saying that I had made it all up. Of course, eventually, it came back.

Denial of All Psychic Powers

*GHL* Non-Belief of the Non-Clairvoyant:

"If there existed a community of blind people- people who had no idea of what was meant by sight, and had never even heard of such a faculty- how would they be likely to feel with regard to one who claimed that he could see?" -C. W. Leadbeater (NOTE: To take it even further, a sighted person can see what's coming in the path, what would seem precognitive to the blind. Precognition- to know something sooner than another.)

Hiding Psychic Powers

*BtC* Commonality of HSP:

As I met more and more people with Higher Sense Perception I found many individuals holding responsible positions, highly respected in their work or their profession. They were very reticent about any HSP abilities and usually carefully concealed such abilities...

I was continually surprised to find how many members of the medical profession had HSP abilities and were using them... Most of them felt a little uneasy about their gifts, but finding them of value in their work they used them. Almost without exception they kept quiet about their unusual talents because they feared any mention of such things might hurt their professional standing. In most cases each had felt that perhaps he was alone and peculiar in this regard.

Realm of Psychic Powers

*THAS* Psychic Abilities Are Astral:

What s normally called psychic does not occur in the realm of the soul, the psyche, but in the realm of human emotional and mental projections, the astral realm. We create thought-forms out of thought energy which form real patterns in the mental realm.

Similarity of Psychic Powers

*EL* Psychic Abilities:

From mental healing it is but a step to telepathy, clairvoyance and other kindred manifestations of transcendental power.

Thinking It Normal

*BtC* Unwitting Psychics:

Phoebe Payne was not aware until she reached adult life that other people could not see the things she saw. From very early life she saw a field of force around human beings that changed in color and intensity with their emotions and attitudes or their state of health. She learned to judge the quality of people's character by the color and condition of this energy field which she saw around them. She was frequently puzzled that other people did not know when some individual was lying. It seemed strange to her that others could not spot a dishonest person. It was so obvious to her.

*BtC* Unknowingly Clairvoyant:

Early in my conversation with him I asked him point blank if he were clairvoyant. He was astonished and assured me he was not.

We proceeded to talk for several hours about some of his discoveries. I had just about come to the conclusion that he had no particular Higher Sense Perception when I asked one more leading question. How did he make his discoveries? he replied in his quaint idiom, "Oh, I see me do it."

"What do you mean, ‘I see me do it?" I inquired, puzzled.

"I see me do it, like TV, like the movies," he said.

"Do you mean you see it in your mind?" I asked.

"No, no. Like on the wall in front of me. Just like a moving picture on the wall."

Apparently he thought this was nothing unusual, so I proceeded cautiously. "How long have you been able to do this?" I asked.

"Since I was very small, in the Canary Islands. Long before there is TV I have my own TV. I see things in many places, things happening in the world like the newscast. I tell my brothers and sisters like stories, many things happening in the world, things that really are happening." He went on to explain that when he was working on some experiment he saw himself in moving pictures on the wall in front of him doing things in a laboratory that solves the problem on which he was working.

Here was a man who had told me he was not clairvoyant. It was just one of those things and as far as he was concerned it wasn't unusual.

*BtC* Unknowing Users of HSP:

In a great many of the case history studies of such individuals I found that they were not clearly aware of the gifts they were using. In some cases as in that of Mr. Ray they did not know where the usual sense perceptions ended and another type of perception began.

Those Who Know

*T* The Hidden Wisdom:

A "hidden wisdom" had been spoken of since time immemorial. Those who have grasped something of this hidden wisdom are as secure in their possession of it as people with normal eyes are in their ability to visualize color; thus, they need no "proof" of it. They also know that no proof is needed for anyone whose "higher sense," like their own, has been opened...

They speak to all of us, knowing that what they have to say will be met with varying degrees of understanding.

Psi is Spontaneous, Effortless

*BMS* Spontaneous, Non-Striving Aids In Psi:

"In parapsychological experiments generally, positive disposition toward the experimental situation and toward all persons involved in the study are found to be psi-conducive...

"Other sets of laboratory findings, especially those that emphasize the psi-facilitating qualities of spontaneity, absence of striving, and release of effort, are consistent with spiritual teachings of the importance and power of "grace."...

"Laboratory research has demonstrated that too much rational, analytical, interpretive thought can indeed interfere with accurate psychic functioning... Overly structured, linear thinking has been shown to be psi-antagonistic, whereas a more fluid, spontaneous, creative mode of mental functioning (typically, one that is also rich in imagery) is psi-favorable (Braud, 1982b; Stanford, 1987)... Psychic access improves when the drunken monkey of the mind is tranquilized and calmed through meditation and meditation-like techniques familiar to all spiritual seekers." -William Braud

*BMS* Self-Belief and Psi:

"Psychics... tend to be extraverted and spontaneous in their behavior. Studies also show that people who believe they will perform well at a given psi task do tend to "score significantly." Likewise, nonbelievers tend not to score well and sometimes even deviate from chance in their negative performances... (NOTE: Just as psychic but using it negatively!)

"Kenneth Batcheldor (1984), who studied the psychology of psychokinesis, wrote of "unwavering conviction," conviction so calm and self-assured that it does not become astonished (or frightened) by success...

"In the group dynamic of psi experimentation, it is sometimes the experimenter's charisma and enthusiasm that generates the psi...

"A psi-favored group dynamic involved a gamelike attitude, marked by good humor, song, spontaneity, and camaraderie." -Michael Grosso

*IAD* Submerged Faculties:

Individuals allow the impingement of doubts and fears to rush in and overwhelm them when it comes to the recognition of these Great Faculties, which are free for their use at any time. You see, they are but submerged as it were, by the outer, like a cork that has been pushed beneath the water, which when released by a little effort, pops up to the surface into use.

Everyday Psi

Script: This part may be taking psi a little too far, but this guy is on the right page. It's spiritual law that does a lot of it, connecting through psi, perhaps, but the cause is also the cause of our meager human psi.
*HoL* Everyday Psychic Experiences of Energy Fields:

We find ourselves using new language to communicate our new experiences. Terms like "bad vibes" or "the energy there was great" are becoming household phrases... We can tell when someone is staring at us, and we look up to see who it is. We may have a feeling that something is going to happen, and then it does... We "know" things, but we don't always know how we know... Sometimes during an argument with someone we may feel as if something is being pulled out of our solar plexus, or we may feel "stabbed." We may feel as if we have been punched in the stomach... On the other hand, we sometimes feel surrounded by love, caressed by it, bathed in a sea of sweetness, blessings and light. All these experiences have a reality in the energy fields. Our old world of solid concrete objects is surrounded by and permeated with a fluid world of radiating energy, constantly moving, constantly changing like the sea.

*BMS* Everyday Psi:

"There is no reason to think that occurrences of everyday PK will be preceded by some sort of overt precursor or warning (a paranormal counterpart to a flourish of trumpets). For all we know, everyday PK might blend into ordinary surrounding events. Moreover, both laboratory and non-laboratory studies suggest that psi phenomena can have both conscious and unconscious causes...

"In general, there needn't be anything about psychic experiences that- like a marker or label- distinguishes them from ordinary subjective experiences... There may be no way in principle to distinguish ordinary sorts of thoughts and feelings from those that have an underlying paranormal causal history...

"The non-experimental evidence also buttresses laboratory data suggesting that telepathy and clairvoyance are at least two-stage processes. The initial interaction might occur unconsciously, and then alter the information received might bubble up to the surface in a form that is both convenient and appropriate... Similarly, telepathic influence needn't manifest immediately. Like post-hypnotic suggestions, the effects of such influence might be delayed until an appropriate time...

"For all we know, psi influence might have been biasing the results of centuries of scientific experimentation. That possibility might be one reason why many scientists resist taking a serious look at the evidence from parapsychology." -Stephen E. Braude

*BMS* Obscuring Psi Causes, Psi As Karma:

"Guilty feelings may prevent us from lying convincingly, or from exhibiting other behaviors appropriate to the innocence we are feigning. Or, we might simply be overcome with remorse and confess our sins. Or, we might unconsciously sabotage some later activity and thereby symbolically atone for our earlier behavior...

"By externalizing psi influence that is, by obscuring its emotional origins and making our misfortune appear to emanate from outside us, we make it easier to view ourselves as victims of simple impersonal bad luck at best, and cosmic justice at worst. In either case, however, we would be attempting to deflect responsibility, both for our original reprehensible behavior and for our psychic retaliation against ourselves...

"Their misfortune might be a psi-mediated expression of their own self-hatred. Through the use of psi they might be arranging their lives to reinforce their own negative self-image... And, like other types of unconsciously-driven self-destructive behaviors (for example, the way in which so many people seem to find themselves repeatedly in the same kinds of unhealthy romantic entanglements), all this would be accomplished in a way that deflects responsibility away from themselves... (NOTE: True, and not limited to psi. Perhaps only partially psi-related.)

"Having said all this, it is now easy to see how we might psychically (and unconsciously) express our anger toward others. Instead of expressing our hostility overtly, we might help arrange an accident or other nuisance for our victim...

"If we can symbolically express our hostility paranormally, we could do so by causing an accident to a stranger who (at least for the moment) represents the parents. And of course, because we don't know the victim, we can tell ourselves that we had nothing to do with it." -Stephen E. Braude

*BMS* Psi In Prayer & History:

"Even deists could hold that, at least on some occasions, prayers that seem to be answered by God are in fact answered through human psychic interaction...

"If psi has a natural history, it's reasonable to suppose that it is typically driven by our deepest genuine or perceived needs and interests. That is why it is implausible to regard psi as the sort of capacity that is likely to be elicited (or elicited in a full-blown form) in response to the contrived and superficial needs created by formal experimentation (Braude, 1997)." -Stephen E. Braude

Development of Psychic Abilities

*CWG3* Developing Psychic Abilities:

It's sort of like muscles. You all have them, yet some of you choose to develop them, whereas in others they remain undeveloped, and far less useful.

To develop your psychic "muscle," you must exercise it. Use it. Every day. All the time...

So the first step in developing psychic "power" is to know you have it, and to use it. Pay attention to every hunch you have, every feeling you feel, every intuitive "hit" you experience. Pay attention.

Then, act on what you "know."

...The more that you act on your intuition fearlessly, the more your intuition will serve you.

*ND* Developing Abilities:

Edgar Cayce developed his abilities the same way as would a pianist, a pilot, or a diver- by desire, will, and practice.

*ASJ* Number of Incarnations & Psychic Abilities:

The Master: ‘The average man has from five to six hundred incarnations in different bodies... It is only during the last fifty lives or so that a man develops occultly and learns to use the faculties latent in all man, such as intuition, clairvoyance and the power consciously to get out of his body... But it is possible for one not so evolved to be given the opportunity of developing along this particular line.'

The Inward Psychic Focus & Dilation of Pupils

*BtC* How Sensitives Focus:

[Ben] brings his consciousness inward to "the center of his brain." He tries to blank out, or more correctly, neglect to make any other observations. He is aware only of a wedged shaped area which is located in the occipital region of the brain. At this point he begins to see through what he calls his "real eyes"...

On each occasion with the light and position unchanged there was a dilation of the pupil and a stillness and fixity of the eyes... A number of [sensitives] have mentioned a focus which involved withdrawing inward and centering the consciousness somewhere in the center of the brain.

*BtC* The LSD Pupil Dilation & Focus of Psychics:

I finally discovered one thing which is invariably present. There is a definite change in the focus of the eyes. The pupils become slightly dilated even in bright light and the gaze appear intent and slightly rigid. (NOTE: LSD!)

Psychic Sensitivity To Everyday Things

Script: This fits in with aftereffects of the light in NDEs.
*BtC* Electrical Sensitivity:

[Mike] has a type of sensitivity in his hands and fingertips. He can hold an insulated electric wire and tell whether the current is on or off.

*VftA* Being Very Sensitive:

Because of this increase in sensitivity, many things that you could do before may now seem difficult, if not impossible. Large cities may feel like giant whirlwinds of chaotic energy, psychic war zones to be approached with awareness and great caution. In a room with angry or distressed people, you could feel as if you are being physically assaulted...

A sensitized body, mind, and spirit weakens the belief in separation...

You will know immediately- sometimes beforehand- when someone approaches you (whether in a body or out) whose energy does not promote balance and well-being. You will receive a warning in the form of a physical sensation: a feeling of increased weight in the air around you, a pressure at your solar plexus- rather like the feeling you get after a narrowly missed accident. you may experience dread or bone-chilling cold.

*C&HEF* Sentitivities of Sensitives:

Fluorescent lights produce unpleasant sensations in some sensitives. For example, one healer, FF, could not stand fluorescent lights on her hands.

Over 130 years ago, Reichenbach reported the effects which magnetic fields had on some sensitives. He found that those who could feel the presence of a magnet of certain strength, when it was moved up and down the spine without touching the skin, were also sensitive to weather changes and magnetic storms. A few of these sensitives could sleep comfortably only in a north/south position. Unfortunately, we were unable to test DVK's perception of the influence of magnetic fields on any patients.

A few subjects have reported suffering a depletion of vitality when visiting certain places, either in a city or in the country. They usually have an urge to leave the spot quickly, and after doing so feel revitalized.

Human energy exchange should also be mentioned. It has already been explained that some people with whom we come into close contact can modify our energy fields, either by enhancing or sapping our vitality. This holds true also on the astral and mental levels, for some people are able to uplift our emotions and stimulate our minds, while others deaded and deplete us.

Psychic Object Location

*BtC* Sensitive Finding:

Mike can walk into a room blindfolded and find a pin that had been hidden in the room by someone in the group. In explaining how he located an object in a room, Mike says he puts his mind on the object and extends his hands. He moved his finger-tips around the room until he gets a sense of direction. There is a kind of prickly sensation in his finger-tips when he has the right direction. He follows his finger-tips, sensing a kind of magnetic pull toward the object, and moves to the point where it is hidden without hesitation. (NOTE: A specific-search using like-attracts-like in the mind and physical world!)

Police, Government & Psychics

*Ea* The Police Use Psychics:

Psychics also assist the police more than the general public knows...

We were told that information volunteered by psychics was not unusual and was always considered.

*BtC* Governments Using Psychics:

The British army had used dowsers to find water for the troops in North Africa through the second World War. I also found out that the Canadian government used dowsers to find water for the settlers in the prairie provinces of Canada.

The Energy-Body Correlate of Psychic Abilities

*BtC* Chakra Signs of HSP:

When [Diane] saw certain connections between or among two or more of the macro-vortices of energy in the energy body, she knew that the individual had certain types of Higher Sense Perception

Fatigue & Illness Promote HSP

*RotOS* Illness & Sensitivity:

When we're ill our psychic perceptions are sharper... I believe that when illness occurs, our defenses are down, so there's less of a barrier between worlds.

*BtC* Slipping into Trances:

[Mike] found that when he was overfatigued he was likely to go into a trance state. Although such states are very interesting Mike prefers to avoid them. In the trance state he speaks and writes in languages totally unknown to him.

Premature Opening of Psychic Chakras

*WtK* Psychic or Mental Abilities:

It is only when the psychic centers are prematurely opened- where spiritual growth has not opened them naturally- that there is trouble and the conscious soul is not always able to control the functioning of these centers, and it "sees" and "hears" or "feels" things that are not natural. But that is no harder than it is for one who is not "psychic" but is mental, and thoughts unbidden and unwanted come in and have their way with such. The only difference between the two is that the first named "sees," "hears" or "feels" psychically, while the other "sees,' hears" or "feels" mentally, but to each they seem as real as if in the physical.



Script: Everything in this Clairvoyance section is so involved with everything else that I find I can barely divide it into a section. It involves the frequency domains, the chakras, the many levels of matter, etc. It could very well fit into a general HSP section.

Clairvoyance Defined

*PotL* Clairvoyance Defined:

Clairvoyance is where telepathic action reaches such a pitch that the percipient seems actually to be using the senses of some person or persons at the distant scene.

*BtC* Clairvoyance's Meaning:

Literally, [Clairvoyance] means "clear seeing."

Origin & History of Clairvoyance

*GHL* Origin of the Word Clairvoyance:

"Clairvoyance is in its origin a French word signifying simply ‘clear seeing.'" -C. W. Leadbeater

*BtC* The Term "Sensitive":

The term "sensitive" was first used by Reichenbach in 1842 in his experiments with people who could sense or see the field around magnets.

*SiO* Egyptian Clairvoyance:

Diodorus Siculus mentions how the Egyptian priests, ages before Christ, attributed clairvoyance, induced for therapeutic purposes, to Isis... Galen mentions a temple near Memphis famous for these Hypnotic cures.

*RotOS* The Delphic Oracles:

The Greek oracles at Delphi induced dreamlike state by vapors.

Nature of HSP

*tSD* Moving Beyond Our Perception:

If we follow the atoms and molecules of (say) the lower in their transformation upwards, these will come to a point where they pass altogether beyond the range of the faculties we are using on the lower plane. In fact, to us the matter of the lower plane there vanishes from our perception into nothing- or rather it passes on to the higher plane. (NOTE: Vacuum diagrams and the 5th dimensional waterfall of energy.)

** Necessary Self-Consciousness of Perceptible Objects:

(NOTE: That anything becomes physical, particle-ized, is it's self-consciousness. Were it not self-conscious, we could not see it because it could not "see" itself. Were a physical object to lose consciousness of itself, what would be left to keep it in "objective" reality as we know it? [I may have meant that we see a thing by seeing through it's "seeing"])

*T* Our Spiritual Eye- Becoming:

When our "spiritual eye" is open, what otherwise lives hidden inside another being shines forth, accessible to our outward-looking spiritual gaze... (NOTE: Of course, our "becoming." That's the only way to see inside another- by becoming them.)

The seer perceives a manifestation or expression of each one's world of sensations. (NOTE: You may become a thing, but it is meaningless to you as you have disappeared to the extent that you have become it. Only upon returning to yourself does the experience have meaning and take form emotionally. That's why channels influence the channeled message. I expect empaths exaggerate issues in others that are important to themselves.)

*HoL* Higher Sense Perception:

Higher Sense Perception is a type of "seeing" in which you perceive a picture in your mind without the use of your normal vision... It is sometimes referred to as clairvoyance... For most of my life I have been in a dance with the living sea of energy in which we exist... We sense each other with it.

*RotOS* The Astral Screen:

Messages from the other side have been given to me in different ways. Often I'm able to focus on an astral screen, using a form of psychic concentration that allows me to break through the barrier between earth and spirit. When I am looking at this screen, precise pictures of the spirit world and its inhabitants are shown to me. I am aided in this process by my spirit guide, White Feather.

...There's only a thin veil between the physical world and the spirit world.

*BtC* HSP Is So Natural:

I found that the processes of Higher Sense Perception were so automatic to the sensitive that he had never broken them down and looked at them.

*HTKHW* The Inner World Appears Outwardly:

The inner world becomes the outer world.

Where before we regarded only what worked upon our senses as the outer world, now we regard what lives inwardly, in our personality, also as an outer world. In this way we gradually learn from experience to deal with ourselves in the same way as we deal with the beings in the world around us.

Not only do things that belong to our inner life appear outwardly around us, but they also appear as mirror images of what they really are. Numbers, for instance, must be read in reverse: 265 really means 562. Similarly, we see spheres as though we were at their center. A desire for something external will manifest as a form moving toward the desiring person. And the passions, which are seated in our lower nature, can take on the shapes of animals or animal like beings hurling themselves upon us.

Nature of Clairvoyance- Visual Metaphor

*WoLi* Clairvoyance & Visual Metaphor:

To be clairvoyant, we need to look in the spaces that are clear- to look at the fields of energy, not of objects; to look at relationships, not things; to see the world as a whole, and to reach out with our minds directly and clearly for the information we want.

Clairvoyance is a willed process of visualization.

The development of visualization is the ability to retrieve, create, and project images onto the mental screen. Once this is done, seeing depends largely on asking the right questions.

In the exchange with the clairvoyant student, the woman had to break through the boundaries of her mind's eye by "feeling" the aura instead of seeing it. Yet her report of her impressions was in visual terms.

This is the use of visual metaphor. It is the act of giving visual form to nebulous sense impressions from many dimensions. It is a convenient way to communicate these things that otherwise defy description.

*HTKHW* The Clairvoyant Impression of Color, Seeing A Thing's Arising & Passing Away:

The seed seems to be enclosed in a small cloud of light. In a sensory-spiritual way, we sense it as a kind of flame. At its center, we experience a sensation similar to the impression made by the color purple, at its edges a sensation similar to the color blue.

The plant – which is still physically invisible and will not become visible until later – is revealed to us in a spiritually visible manner.

Steady inner calm, and a clear mind for all things – these must be preserved.

A further exercise, connected to the seed meditation, is the following. We place before us a mature plant. First, we immerse ourselves in the thought: "A time will come when this plant will wither and decay. But the knowledge that the plant produces seeds teaches me that it will not disappear into nothingness. I cannot see what preserves the plant from disappearance anymore than I can see the future plant in the seed. There is something in the plant that I cannot see with my eyes. But if I let this thought live within me, and the appropriate feeling unites with it, then after a time new force will grow in my soul and become a new perception." A kind of spiritual flame will then grow out of the plant.

We do not see what are here called "colors" in the same way that we see colors with our physical eyes. Rather, through spiritual perception we experience something similar to the impression made by physical colors.

Once we have reached the point of such spiritual seeing, things reveal to us not only their present being but also their arising and passing away. We begin to see the spirit everywhere.

We learn to recognize how natural things and living beings stand before us unveiled – or naked. The qualities that we come to see and hear were veiled from our physical sight and hearing. This veil falls away due to a process called "the process of spiritual burning away." (NOTE: Islam!)

*HTKHW* Clairvoyantly Seeing A Person's Desire:

We can then go on to contemplate our fellow human beings. We must remove all thoughts of ever using the knowledge gained in this way for our own self-interest.

We visualize a person whom we have observed longing for something, and we direct our attention to this desire. It is best to recall the moment when the desire was strongest. Then we surrender ourselves to this picture, completely dedicated to what we can observe in our memory. We create the greatest imaginable inner calm in our souls. We try as far as possible to be deaf and blind to everything else going on around us. Above all, we pay close attention to any feeling that the mental image we have formed awakens in our souls. Then we allow this feeling to rise up within us, like a cloud on an otherwise empty horizon.

Eventually, after many attempts, we shall experience in ourselves a feeling corresponding to the inner soul state of the individual we are contemplating. Then, before long, we begin to notice that this feeling produces a force in the soul. This force then becomes the spiritual perception of the other person's soul state. An image, experienced as shining, enters our field of vision. This spiritual, shining picture is the so-called astral embodiment of the state of soul we observed – that is, of the desire. As before, we perceive this as flame-like; its center gives an impression of the color yellow red, and its periphery affects us as the color red blue or purple would.

Do not try to clothe in words what you see in the spirit, nor try to understand it with your ordinary, unskilled reason. Your thinking is not yet on the level of your spiritual vision.

Physiological Changes & Focus of HSP

*BtC* Physiological Changes With HSP:

With some of those who showed clairvoyant, or clear seeing ability, a certain relaxation of the normal focus of the eyes accompanied their perception of what appears to be a higher dimensional frequency.

*BtC* The Experience of Using HSP:

She seemed to pull in from the periphery of environmental awareness to one focused point and then turn this focused beam of awareness toward the person and the area of telepathic contact. In such cases she was aware of the outside environment of the room in which she sat but focused intently and without strain with eyes closed, on the contact. She saw the area she was contacting as she would see a moving picture and heard the words of the person contacted as if they were dropped clearly into her mind.

*BtC* Clairvoyance is Controlled:

I indicated a woman standing at the bus stop, and asked Diane if she could see the energy fields around the woman. She said, "I could if I tried. But it would be a bore if I tried to do this with everyone I met on the street... I look at people clairvoyantly if there is a good reason why I should."

*C&HEF* Changes at Oncoming of Clairvoyance:

(NOTE: watching clairvoyants) When SK observed DVK in the act of "turning on" her clairvoyance, a sudden change in the expression of the eyes became noticeable. The facial expression suggested an inward withdrawal of consciousness. Further study of this phenomenon led to an interesting neurological finding. The pupils of clairvoyants' eyes became slightly dilated and fixed for the whole period during which they are using this faculty. If a light is flashed in their eyes, the pupils do not constrict in the normal way. But when the clairvoyants return to normal physical vision, their pupils immediately react with the light reflex, and contract normally.

However, when seers concentrate upon their clairvoyant faculties, they retain full waking consciousness. Under test, they have invariably been able to describe accurately where their skin was touched lightly with cotton while they were in the clairvoyant state.

The Neurological Path of HSP

*HoL* The Neural Activation and Pathways of Inner Vision:

Light enters both through the third eye and through the physical eyes and flows along the optic nerves... This light is of higher vibration than visible light and can pass through skin. The light passes through the optic chiasm and goes round the pituitary, which sits right behind the optic chiasm. The light then takes two paths. One path goes to the occipital lobes for normal vision, and the other into the thalamus for oculomotor control. It has been my observation that by certain meditative and breathing techniques, one can cause the pituitary to start vibrating and radiating gold auric light (or rose light if the person is in love). This vibration and gold light increase the amount of light branching into the thalamus area. According to my seeing, this auric light arcs over the bottom of the corpus callosum and is directed into the pineal gland, which acts as a detector for internal vision. By breathing in a certain controlled manner that rasps the air against the upper back of the throat and soft palate, located just the other side of the pituitary, I can stimulate the pituitary into this vibration. This meditative breathing also helps to focus my mind and to quiet it. It also brings gold light up the back of my spine from the base and rose light up the front. These two streams arc over each other in the thalamus area. This brings more energy to the central forehead and central areas of the brain with which I see. The subjective feeling of this type of seeing is allowing something (energy, information) to come into the third eye region of the head...

My subjective feeling is that I have a scanner inside my head. It is located at the central brain area behind my third eye about two inches back, where a line straight back from the third eye would intersect a line drawn between my temples. This seems to be the heart of the scanner. From this point, I can look in any direction I choose without moving my head; however, it usually helps to look directly at whatever I am scanning.

Chakra Senses & Levels of Clairvoyance

Script: This part is central to much of this entire section. Show each ability as a range of chakra senses and what chakra layer its on. Maybe this can help determine the range of literal pictures, symbolic pictures, and visual metaphor.
*HoL* To See A Layer, A Chakra Must Be Opened To That Layer:

In order to perceive on any one of these levels, the chakra through which you wish to perceive must be opened on that level. If you want to see any particular auric layer, then you must open your sixth chakra to that layer. If you want to see the first level of the auric field, you must open your sixth chakra on the first level of you aura... When beginners start to see the aura, they usually see the first layer, because they open their sixth chakra on the first level their aura.

*HoL* Perceiving Higher Beings:

Opening the chakras on levels above the fourth also means that you will start to perceive beings on other planes of existence. This is rather disruptive to your personal life when it first occurs and takes some getting used to. For example, many times you must choose between carrying on the conversation you are having and stopping and listening to the guide who is trying to talk to you at the same time...

If order to hear a being who lives on the astral level you must open your fifth chakra on the astral level. If you want to hear a guide on the fifth level, then you must open your fifth chakra on the fifth level of your of your auric field. If you want to see an astral guide, then you must open your sixth chakra on the fourth level.

*BtC* Seeing The Field Is Easier than Seeing Chakras:

Many sensitives see the energy field around people but cannot see the vortices of force. These vortices appear to be in a higher frequency band. Those few who can see the vortices can always see the surrounding energy field also.

*HoL* Higher Expansion, Subtler Higher Sense Perception:

The more I expand my consciousness, the more my HSP expands, the more I am able to see a reality that already is there but was earlier outside my perception range. As my HSP expands, more of reality comes into my view. At first I was able to see only the coarser energy fields around things: it reached only about an inch or so beyond the skin. As I became more proficient, I could see that the field reached further out from the skin but was apparently of a finer substance or less intense light. Each time I thought I had found the boundary, I would, at a later date, perceive beyond that line.

*DP* Different Levels of Clairvoyance:

By the time the original force reaches our physical level it is so thoroughly veiled that it is small wonder that men often fail to recognize it as spirit at all.

For example, let us suppose the ordinary untrained clairvoyant trying to investigate the mineral monad- to examine the life-force behind the mineral kingdom. The sight of such a one would be practically certain to be limited to the astral plane, and would quite probably be exceedingly imperfect even there; so to him that force would appear simply astral. But a trained student, examining it with higher power, would see that what the clairvoyant had taken for astral force coming thither from the atomic part of the mental plane. The more advanced student would be able to see that that atomic mental matter in its turn was only a vehicle in which something from the highest buddhic sub-plane was working, while the Adept would perceive that the buddhic matter was but the vehicle of the nirvanic, and that the force which entered into and worked through all these successive veils came in reality from outside this cosmic-prakritic plane altogether, and was in truth simply one of the manifestations of the Divine Force.

*GHL* Etheric Sight:

"Etheric sight... is absolutely physical... There are seven conditions of physical matter, and our sight is able to distinguish only two of them, the solid and the liquid- for we can very rarely see a true gas, unless, like chlorine, it happens to have a strong color of its own.

"What difference will etheric sight make in the appearance of one's surroundings? Perhaps what would first strike those developing that sight would be the comparative transparency of everything... [Matter] would appear like a faint mist, through which they could see to a considerable distance. Then in looking at their friends they would see etheric bodies as well as the denser portion of the physical vehicles; and in this latter part they would be able to observe the structure of the internal organs, and so could diagnose some diseases... (NOTE: He described for a moment the disappearance of the physical, meaning that the HSP is shifting upwards, whereas in most cases, it is expanding to include the higher frequencies. In the cases where the physical is replaced by an entirely different scene, there is a shift instead of or as well as an expansion)

"Other creatures also would be seen- other inhabitants of our world which are not visible to ordinary sight, and so are not believed to exist by people of materialistic temperament. The folklore of all countries bears witness to the fact that there are spirits of the mountain and the stream, beings in the air and in the mines, called by many different names, such as fairies, elves, pixies, brownies, undines, sylphs, gnomes, good people and other titles...

"Another point that could hardly fail to strike newly developed clairvoyants is the presence of new colors about them- colors to which we can put no name, because they are entirely unlike any that we know. This is quite natural, for after all color is only a rate of vibration, and when one becomes sensitive to new rates of vibration new colors must follow." -C. W. Leadbeater

*GHL* Lesser Clairvoyance:

"The experiences of the untrained clairvoyant- and it must be remembered that that class includes practically all the clairvoyants of Europe and America, with very, very few exceptions- will usually fall very short of what I have attempted to describe. They will fall short in many different ways- in degree, in variety, in permanence and above all in precision." -C. W. Leadbeater

Script: HERE lies the test of clairvoyance! Modify this experiment to be a general test for which ranges one can see. Expand it into Brennan's higher realms! Will we need to get into tachyons? Or are the higher frequencies producable by machines and discovered lights? Good news if so, as we can develop healing lights this way. Until a machine could sense the higher frequencies it generates, though, it would have to be run by someone with extended vision.
*GHL* Extended Vision- Seeing X-Ray Transparency:

"Throw... by any succession of prisms, a long spectrum upon a sheet of white paper, and then asking a number of people to mark upon the paper the extreme limits of the spectrum as it appears to them. Their powers of vision differ appreciably. Some will see the violet extending much farther than others; some will perhaps see less violet and more at the red end...

"You will readily understand that to those possessing wider sight the world would look very different. Even the very slight extension which X rays give causes many objects which are opaque to our normal sight to become to a considerable extent transparent. Imagine how different everything would look to one who had by nature even that tiny fragment of clairvoyant power, and then imagine that multiplied a hundredfold, and you will begin to have a slight conception of what it is to be really clairvoyant." -C. W. Leadbeater

*GHL* Further Sensitivity to Higher Matter:

"We have within ourselves etheric physical matter as well as the denser kind, and we may learn how to focus our consciousness in that, and so receive impressions through it as well as through our ordinary senses. A further extension of the same idea would bring the astral matter [fluid super physical matter associated with emotion] into action, and then further on we would be able to receive impressions through even mental matter." -C. W. Leadbeater

*MV&I* The Limits of Physical Perception Are Not the Limits of Perception:

In the human eye we have both solid and liquid matter; suppose that both these orders of matter were capable of receiving separate impressions, but each only from that type of matter in the outside world to which it corresponded. Suppose also that among men some possessed one of these types of sight and some another. Imagine them as standing on the seashore; one being able to see only solid matter.

Contrast this with the man who saw only matter in the liquid condition.

It is one of the commonest of our mistakes to consider that the limit of our power of perception is also the limit of all that there is to perceive.

*C&HEF* Different Kinds of Clairvoyance:

Some of them perceive only the etheric or life field; others perceive both the field and the etheric centers (chakras) which are a key element in the basic pattern that characterizes man, both as an individual personality and as a member of the human species. Some clairvoyants see the astral or emotional field, rather than the etheric. Such psychics do not usually perceive the chakras within the emotional field unless they have been trained to do so, or have great natural gifts. The mental field and its centers are seen only by those with a highly developed type of specialized clairvoyance.

*C&HEF* About Mrs. Kunz:

Mrs. Kunz is endowed with the gift of perceiving not only the etheric or vital field and its major centers of energy (chakras), but also the astral (emotional) and mental fields with their corresponding centers.

**Mrs. Kunz was President of The Theosophical Society in America and editor of its journal, The American Theosophist.

*MB* Strong Clairvoyance:

ALMA: I know you have had some clairvoyance before, but this is different. This will be almost as you see physical things.

*MB* The Third Eye- Clairvoyance:

GABRIEL: Your contact with me is through your third eye. This is also your gateway to intuition and- this may be new to you- also your clairvoyance. Your third eye is now very much opened up, so you can expect to see any time now.

*HTKHW* Perceptions Of the Astral World:

At this stage of development, spiritual perception is initially limited to the spiritual counterparts of the physical world, insofar as these are present in the so called astral world.

The entire world of instincts, drives, desires, and passions is now seen to form an astral cloud or aura enclosing every human being and animal.

We can notice the astral difference between a room filled largely with people oriented toward lower things, and another containing those with higher aspirations.

Meaningless desire produces an ugly astral counterpart or image, while the feeling for a high ideal creates a beautiful one. These astral counterparts are only faintly visible in physical life.

Seeing With Our Inner Light

*HTKHW* Spiritual Perception & Seeing With Our Spiritual Light:

As we are in the process of acquiring such higher consciousness – we learn not only how to awaken the spiritual force of perception in the organ formed in the region of the heart, but also how to control it. This perceptive force consists of an element of higher materiality streaming out from this organ near the heart and flowing in shining beauty through the rotating lotus flowers and the only channels of the developed ether body. Thence it flows outward, into the spiritual world around us, making this world spiritually visible to us – just like sunlight.

Perfect consciousness of an object in the spiritual world can arise only if we ourselves shed spiritual light upon it. Humanity is the means by which the spirit penetrates the physical real.

As spiritually developed persons, we now feel ourselves as if "united" with the spiritual objects we perceive, as if we were "inside" them.

We must establish our spiritual homeland in this place, and then set everything else in relation to it. We view things from the perspective of the ideas and beliefs of our native country.

Our whole being participates in the perception of supersensible things. Our whole being becomes, in a sense, "all ears" or "all eyes."

*EtS-DM* The Light of the Inner Eye:

When I was eight years old, I discovered that if I sat very still, with my eyes closed, suddenly a beautiful light would form in the middle of my forehead. It fascinated me and always gave me a great sense of peace and calmness. I was beholding the light of the spiritual eye through which one can see into the higher realms of God's creation. That is the light that some people perceive when they leave the body at the time of physical death.

*HTKHW* Seeing Dim Spirit-Sensed Things While Awake:

We cannot perceive anything with lotus flowers in our waking state because the impressions made upon them in that state are very weak, similar to why we do not see the stars by day.

We must be able to carry this consciousness of dream observations into our ordinary waking state. In other words, our attention for spiritual impressions must be so developed that these impressions no longer vanish in the presence of physical impressions.

*D&IS* Inner Illumination of Clairvoyance:

Rasmussen quotes an Eskimo shaman: "Every real shaman has to feel an illumination in his body, in the inside of his head or in his brain, something that gleams like fire, that gives him the power to see with closed eyes into the darkness, into the hidden things or into the future or into the secrets of another man."

Once crystals enter the body, they become pliable and- according to the medicine men of the northern Kimberly region- create tremendous luminosity within. The Mulla-mullung experiences an agreeable warmth, a taste of sweetness, as the crystal penetrates into his body. At the same time, he begins to see things that cannot be perceived by ordinary humans.

Symbolic & Literal Pictures

*HoL* Symbolic and Literal Pictures:

As I developed my "seeing" abilities, I discovered that the pictures came in two forms. One is symbolic, the other literal. In the case of the symbolic picture, one simply sees an image that has meaning to the person for whom one is "reading"... In the case of the literal picture, one sees pictures of events or things. One can witness an experience that the patient had in the past. In both the symbolic vision and the "reading" of an event, the healer takes the position of witness. That is, the healer enters into that time frame and witnesses events as they occurred... The healer watches the vision unfold and describes it as it is unfolding. I call this receptive channeling. It is very important that the vision not be interrupted or disturbed by the healer as it unfolds.. You may not know if the picture has symbolic meaning or if it is literal (i.e., something that actually happened or may happen) until later. This type of information receiving takes a lot of faith. You may take as long as a half to one hour to build that picture into something that is understandable.

On the other hand, some readers use their own symbols and give readings by interpreting them. This works only with a lot of practice, because the reader must first build a clear set of symbols through which she can receive information.

In another type of literal seeing the healer sees a picture of an internal organ of the patient. The picture either appears on a screen in the healer's mind, which I call the mind-screen, or appears to be located inside the patient's body, as if the healer can see through the layers of the body and into the organ like an x-ray machine. This type of seeing I have labeled internal vision... By using internal viewing, I can look wherever in the body I wish to. I can decide where to look, at what depth, at what level of the aura and in what resolution or size, macro to microscopic.

*BtC* A Symbolic Akashic Vision:

"Presently I heard a voice saying, ‘Son of the Republic,' look and learn,' while at the same time my visitor extended her arm eastwardly. I now beheld a heavy white vapor at some distance rising fold upon fold. This gradually dissipated, and I looked upon a strange scene. Before me lay opened out in one vast plain all the countries of the World- Europe, Asia, Africa and America. I saw rolling and tossing between Europe and American the billows of the Atlantic, and between Asia and America lay the Pacific. ‘Son of the Republic,' said the same mysterious voice as before, ‘look and learn.' At that moment I beheld a dark, shadowy being like an angel, standing or rather floating in mid-air, between Europe and America. Dipping water out of the ocean in the hollow of each hand, while with his left hand he cast some on Europe. Immediately a cloud raised from these countries, and joined in mid-ocean. For awhile it remained stationary, and then moved slowly westward, until it enveloped America in its murky folds. Sharp flashes of lightning gleamed through it at intervals, and I heard the smothered groans and cries of the American People. A second time the angel dipped water from the ocean and sprinkled it out as before. The dark cloud was then drawn back to the ocean, in whose heaving billows it sand from view. (NOTE: Anatomy of a symbolic Akashic vision.)

*BtC* Seeing Symbolic Concepts:

At times when Paul is working on some project or concerned about some personal problem geometrical patterns and symbols flash into his mind. These patterns or symbols are accompanied by a whole body of ideas and concepts which in an instant explain and clarify the problem which he had had on his mind. He calls it symbol-thinking.

*BP* Clairvoyance:

Visions: With clairvoyance, I just seemed to "know" things out of the reach of my senses, but with visions I saw clear-as-day pictures in front of me. I had to draw my own conclusions from those visions.

Delusions & Fantasy

*HTKHW* Non-Sensory Imaginal Delusions of Fantasy:

We would be committing a serious error if we believed that we could reach our objective more easily by dispensing with the actual object of our meditation and simply forming a mental picture of the seed that we then held in our imaginations. The perceptions we attain in this way often turn out to be delusions of fantasy.

Seeing Aura & Thought-Forms

*K* Clairvoyant Viewing of the Aura and Thought-Forms:

Clairvoyants can see flashes of colour, constantly changing, in the aura that surrounds every person: each thought, each feeling, thus translating itself in the astral world, visible to the astral sight. Persons somewhat more developed than the ordinary clairvoyant can also see the thought-forms, and can see the effects produced by the flashes of colour among the hordes of elementals.

*EJ* Suddenly Seeing Auras:

[The Englishman] I was surrounded by an aura of light... At the time I was confused, swept off my feet. I flicked the light off his skin and watched it scatter in the air...

Suddenly I saw ordinary people flaring with light: tourists, children, soldiers with their guns, Indian women carrying their babies in slings, students, and businessmen- all were shining with light. I began to shake. Light poured off their faces, hands, shoulders, wherever they showed bare skin...

Later I went to a restaurant and ordered an avocado and tomato salad, but the food was so exquisite I could not eat; it lay shining on the plate before me, light shining from the living fruit.


I grabbed my jacket and ran down the hillside toward the hotel, leaping over the terraces. I felt myself spring down the mountain full of power and joy, to meet my group.

But what was remarkable: When I looked down I saw light streaming off the palms of my hands. I could feel it pulsating off my palms in waves, like hot currents. I could see it flaring, flashing in everything; the fields were shining with light.

*Ea* Clairvoyant- Auras & Disembodied:

[Marianne] not only sees distinctive auras associated with living humans (as well as with porpoises and whales), but also, upon occasion, sees amorphous auras of the disembodied.

*BtC* Doctors With HSP:

[Dr. Dan] could see an energy field interpenetrating the body and extending a few inches beyond the periphery of the body... He looked first at the energy field and then at the physical body itself. In the physical body he could see where nerve currents were blocked or not moving in a healthy fashion. Under such conditions he often applied magnetic healing energy and could observe the effect on the nerve currents.

With regard to the endocrine system Dr. Dan could see moving vortices of energy associated with each gland. He looked for certain types of disturbances in function or for pathological conditions, depending upon the type of disturbance in the vortex of energy. He could also see the effects of drugs on the patient by observing the energy field or the vortices of energy associated with the endocrine glands. He could very quickly adjust his treatment according to what he saw...

He often sees incipient conditions in this energy body which have not yet manifested in an actual physical condition.


Dr. Gloria is able to sense or feel in her hands the flow of energy along the nervous system when she touches the patient. She knows immediately where there is a block or any other kind of difficulty. She sense the circulation of the blood and the condition of the organs and tissues of the body in the same way...

Dr. Gloria senses rather than sees an energy field interpenetrating the physical body and surrounding it.

*RotOS* Psychic Perceptions:

Thought forms can be sent through words, pictures, or sounds. The receiver has the gift of tuning in to vibrations, much like a radio.

Some visions are seen in the mind's eye. The mind's eye creates pictures in the brain. These are a different type of vision, as they arent projected on a screen, giving them a life outside of the mind. All these images are a product of thought forms.

*HoL* Feeling the Human Aura:

The energy almost always moves from left to right around the circle. It feels very unpleasant to stop, and usually it is impossible to stop the entire flow. The feeling of building something up between the hands is that of a tickling sensation with pressure... When the energy body edges touch each other, there is a feeling of tingling and of pressure...

Most people see a haze around the fingers and hands when trying to sense the aura. It looks somewhat like the heat wave over a radiator. It is sometimes seen in various colors, such as a blue tint. Usually, most people see it as colorless in the beginning.

*BtC* Seeing Pictures in Other People's Minds:

[Diane] can also pick up pictures that other people have in their minds when they are describing a place or an event to her. If the individual's ability to picture things to himself is fuzzy or inadequate, she picks up a fuzzy or vague picture."

*D&IS* Seeing Lights:

(NOTE: thought-forms?) In the traditional sweat lodges, American Indian initiates may see blue, red, orange, or green tongues of fire, all according to the state of mind of those present at the ceremony.

Internal Vision

*HoL* Internal Vision- What It's Like:

Internal vision includes the ability to look into the body at whatever depth and resolution (within a certain range) one wants to see... If I want to see an organ, I focus on it. If I want to see inside the organ or a specific part of it, I focus on that... I receive pictures of these things that look like normal pictures. For example, a good healthy liver looks dark red, just as it does with normal vision... Microorganisms look somewhat the way they look under the microscope.

*HoL* Factors Affecting Internal Viewing:

My experiences of internal viewing, which happened spontaneously at first, later became more controllable. I began to understand that to see this way I had to be in a particularly open state, in which my third eye (sixth chakra) was activated and the rest of my mind was in a comparatively calm, focused state... If I was tired, I might not be able to do so, partly because it is harder to focus and quiet the mind when one is tired... I also discovered that whether or not my eyes were open mattered little, expect for the interference of additional information that would come through the open eyes. Sometimes this additional information helps the focus; sometimes it hinders it. For example, I sometimes use my eyes to help me focus my mind on where I am looking.

*BtC* Doctors With HSP- Internal Viewing:

Dr. Philip could see any organ in the patient's body and observe its function and any pathology that might be present. He knew the complete condition of his patient in the first few minutes as the person sat before him in his office. In order to protect his medical standing he said nothing about this and always put the patient through routine laboratory tests before giving the diagnosis. In addition to this he also had a good deal of precognitive ability and could see the course of the disease or malfunction. Furthermore, out of a number of possible treatments he had an almost instant conviction about which treatment to use...

*TYSD* Seeing Within One's Own Body:

A friend of mine, after having practiced a certain yoga for five days, found his body to be illuminated by an inner light of such penetrating quality that he was able to observe the functioning of his brain, heart, and other bodily organs: and at the same time his sensitivity to sound was so keen that he could hear the beat of his heart and pulse, the circulation of his blood, and the more subtle rhythms of his body, which not even the most efficient instruments of the physiologist can detect simultaneously. A master of yoga can project his consciousness into each of the various organs and parts of his body, and, independently of them, observe their innermost functionings.

*HoL* The Many Forms That Higher Sense Perception Can Take:

During the healing session, I scanned her energy field, or aura, using my "High Sense Perception" (HSP). I "saw" some abnormal cells inside the uterus on the lower left side. At the same time, I "saw" the circumstances around the miscarriage. The abnormal cells were located where the placenta had been attached. I also "heard" words that described Jenny's condition and what to do about it...

I received information about her psychological attitude and how that was affecting her inability to heal herself. She blames herself for the miscarriage. As a result, she was placing undue stress upon herself and was preventing her body from healing itself after the miscarriage.

*LWK* Kundalini & Internal Sight:

With the aid of the luminous stuff now filling my nerves, I could, by diverting my attention towards my interior, discern clearly the outlines of the vital organs and the network of nerves spread all over my body.

At times, turning my attention upon myself, I distinctly saw my body as a column of living fire, in which innumerable currents circled and eddied, causing at places whirlpools and vortices, all forming part of a vast heaving sea of light. Prana, or cosmic vital energy, is the first subtle immaterial substance to come within the range of superconscious vision.

Seeing Higher Beings

*BMS* Seeing OBErs as Apparitions:

"There are cases on record where one or two external observers "see" the person experiencing an OBE as an apparition at the same time as the person experiences himself as visiting the observers...

"Animals also have been reported to react to the OBE apparition." -Karlis Osis

*VftA* Always Aware of the Heaven Realm, Open Hearts:

As far back as I can remember, I have been aware of an otherworldly realm, filled with heavenly beings who loved me and were there for me constantly. They were my friends and teachers, comforters and counselors, playmates and helpers. They were with me at night when I slept and walked with me during the day. There was no barrier between hearts, such as the one I very quickly realized existed within most human interactions. They were more real to me than the people of flesh and blood who inhabited my material world...

I cannot remember a time when I was not aware of the emotions and true intent, no matter how well hidden, of those around me. I can immediately sense when someone is ill, or out of balance physically or emotionally.

*BMS* Collective Apparitions:

"About one-third of those apparition experiences where more than one person was present, awake, and in position to se, were collective (Hart, 1959). Often animals also react: dogs growl, cats bristle." -Karlis Osis

*WANF* What Spirits Are Perceived Doing:

"Did anybody else pass on who went to the same school as Billy did? A female?"

"Yes!" Mrs Clarke exclaimed. "A little girl."

"That's who it is, then. After I said it, she kept walking around you, then stopped near you. She said something about, ‘Ask her about the female friend.'"

*LBD* Being Comprehended By Higher Powers:

When an Angel, an Archangel Being is present, the eye is not conscious of seeing an Angel outside itself, but is, instead, aware of being seen by the Angel... We live out into the spiritual world by means of becoming aware that we are known by the beings of the higher hierarchies, that they think us. We feel ourselves embedded in them, we feel ourselves comprehended by Angels, Archangels and Spirits of Personality, just as the realms of minerals, plants and animals feel themselves comprehended by us.

In the case of other human souls, we have both the feeling that we can be seen by them and that our seeing enters into them... We need constantly to reflect that we have a Self, which we do by looking back to our death and saying to ourselves: ‘That is you!' We have a continual awareness of this; it is constantly in our consciousness. (NOTE: So odd...)

*CtL* Predeath Vision- The Simplicity of Life:

The presence of these beings gave him a sense of peace, love, and understanding. It wasnt as though he "knew something," Ben now says. "It was more like I suddenly realized that life is a lot more simple than most of us think."

*HoL* Seeing Aura Level Four, You Also See Nonphysical Beings:

As soon as you open your perceptions to layers above the third you also begin to perceive people or beings who exist in those layers who do not have physical bodies. From my observations and those of other clairvoyants, there exist layers of reality or other "frequency bands" of reality beyond the physical. The upper four layers of the auric field correspond to four of those layers of reality.

*CBAP* Seeing Oneself:

Case No. 595: "In a corridor of a house where he was for the first time, a physician was suddenly arrested by the sight of his own image as if reflected from a mirror. Since then the hallucination often repeated itself, generally toward the evening."

*CBAP* Seeing Oneself:

Case No. 569: In 1889, at the time when the novelist was nearing general paralysis, he was sitting at his desk when he thought he heard the door open. He turned about and, to his no little surprise, saw his own self enter, sit down before him and... begin to dictate what he was writing. When he had finished, he stood up and the hallucination ["Double"] vanished [because it re-entered his body]"

*AoaY* Inner Senses:

"Child, you must meditate more. Your gaze is not yet faultless – you could not see me hiding behind the sunlight."

*MotFE* Raise Your Consciousness To See:

"Jesus and the others stand and walk beside you every moment. What you must do is to raise your consciousness so that you can see and know that you walk beside them; then you will not falter. Raise your consciousness to our consciousness and behold, you stand where we are tonight, above all mortal limitation, abundantly free."

"Jesus knew that He had the power to overcome death and He wished to show those that He loved that they had the same power.

"His body was so highly developed spiritually that Jesus was obliged to raise the consciousness of those about Him to a plane where they were able to see Him."

"Lift your sight a little higher and let it extend to a wider horizon; and if your heart and thought are sincerely with him, you will see Jesus."

"In the primal cosmos, aqueous or God substance, all things exist and, because of that existence, the vibrations are so high that none perceive them. Unless one stands forth in spirit as we do, it is necessary to raise the vibrations of the body to spirit vibrations."

"When our body vibrates in tune with Spirit vibrations, we are light vibrations, the greatest of all vibrations."

*SD&P* Perceiving OB Persons While in the Body:

It is possible for someone within the body to perceive someone who is not, but it is not usual. The perceiver must be a person of strong psychic abilities or the projecting personality must be driven by high emotional intensity to make himself known.

** Clairvoyance:

Apparitions: (BP) Later that night I woke up startled, with a sense of danger. I opened my eyes and much to my shock I saw a hand materialized in midair near my head, and the hand held something. I was so shocked and frightened that I jumped and shook the bed violently. Whatever was in the hand went flying, and the hand withdrew from me and went up and disintegrated. I fainted and my consciousness gradually fell into nothingness, although there was a slight delay.

*BtL* P.M.H.'s Aftereffects:

• Had to quit going to funerals. Could see the "dearly departed" enjoying his or her funeral and couldn't stop laughing.

*APitL* Seeing Spirits:

I have seen other people coming to greet the dying on a number of occasions. Most of the time it comes like a faint light silhouette of a person coming across the room. Other times I don't see anything that definite. Rather, I will just see something occupying a space in the room. One dying woman said excitedly "My mother has come back to me again." She was nearly dead two days later. Suddenly, she opened her eyes and started breathing faster. At the base of the bed, a yellowish light appeared. Both the husband and I saw it. We watched as it moved toward the woman. As it reached the side of her bed, it slowly disappeared. When it was gone, the woman died.

Henry was dying. Suddenly Henry's eyes got as big as saucers. "Mother's coming, Mother's coming," he said. Elisa and I looked across the room. There was an energy forming like heat waves from a blacktop highway during summer. At first it was vague, but as we watched, it developed more substance until it had a silky form. The form hovered there for a long time before it faded away.

The Effect of Who is Looking

*MV&I* The Effects of Who Is Looking:

Each sees the other through the medium of his own vehicles, and so is somewhat in the position of one looking at a landscape through the colored glass. Until he has learnt to make allowance for this influence, he will be likely to consider as most prominent in the man at whom he is looking just those characteristics to which he finds himself most ready to respond.

The Effect of Who is Being Seen

*MB* Astral Classes:

ALMA: I have embarked on a new study program which is designed to teach me how to form myself so that you and other mediums may see me in my Earth body images.

Seeing the Inner Light in Everything

*AoaY* Seeing the Within Without:

Discovering the Lord within, we soon perceive Him without.


Closing my eyes, I saw flashes of lightning; the vast space within me was a chamber of molten light. I opened my eyes and observed the same dazzling radiance.

"The spiritual radiations are not easily seen."

Seeing the Inner Light in a Memory

*LWK* A Clairvoyant Visualization & Increased Light:

I can recall the whole picture of the landscape on which my eyes lighted that day exactly as I saw it in my then-normal state of consciousness more than sixteen years before the kundalini awakening. But if I now imagine myself at the precise spot and try to visualize the panorama in the context of my present state of awareness, the picture is different. Magnified and bathed in silvery luster, the vision assumes a glorious and sublime proportion which was not there when I actually perceived it. I can recall the scene both in its original form as I saw it then, and also in the form as I would see it now.

Far-Seeing & Magnification

*HoL* Long-Distance Readings:

If I am given a name, first I hear the name, then I search kinesthetically in all directions until I feel a connection being made to that person. From that point I see pictures and hear information about the person who was named...

My long-distance readings appear to be pretty accurate, but the healings are not as powerful as when I am in the room with the person.

*Ea* Clairvoyance From Voice:

Marianne can perceive one's aura from the sound of his or her voice.

*BtC* Seeing Into Machines, Over Landscapes:

He was clearly aware of being physically present at his desk in his office but also at the same time being present in another place looking at and comprehending some complicated mechanism...

When he wanted to find his way around the large area of several square miles where he worked, he could mentally soar high over the area. As he did this he could see how all the buildings were arranged and spot the best route to take in order to get to his destination in the shortest time. He began to use this faculty as a matter of everyday experience.

*TYSD* Yogic Abilities vs. Science:

The great yogin (or yogi), possessed of clairvoyant vision, is said to be able to observe the life of micro-organisms in a way impossible for a scientist with a microscope; or to study the nature of suns or planets or nebulae the most distant, which no telescope could ever reveal. Being empowered likewise to observe the physiological processes of his own body, he needs no corpse to dissect in order to study physiology. Nor does he practice vivisection in order to test the effects of poisons or drugs or disease germs. Knowing that mind is the creator and controller of the body and of material substances in every combination, medicines and serums are for him unnecessary. He requires no mechanical devices in order to traverse air or water or land, for he tells us that he can quit his gross physical body and visit any part of the Earth or pass beyond the stratosphere to other worlds with a speed greater than that of light.

*BtC* Clairvoyant Magnification:

One of the most fascinating clairvoyant abilities of this type is found in the individual who can automatically magnify what he sees. In such a case he looks at an organ of the body as it might appear in normal vision. If he needs further detail he can magnify the organ ten or twenty times and look at the minute details.

Artistic Inspiration

*BtC* Painting From Powerful Mental Visualizations:

In his creative art work Mike explained there are moments when a mental image of a completed art work flashes very clearly before his mind. He can then hold this image until he has made the initial sketches for a piece of sculpture or a painting. He can bring the image back into his mind later and compare it with the finished work.

Historical Clairvoyance
Seeming Transportations in Time

*BtC* Full 3D Historical Clairvoyance:

Mike can see events in history so clearly they are almost as real to him as the outside world. He finds himself stepping into a time and place in history and sees the events, hears the footsteps of the people, observes their movements and hears the language of the period. He can repeat to an experimental group present with him the words of languages he does not know. He does not like to perform this kind of experiment unless there are people present with him, because he has a tendency to move so far into the time and feeling and life of a historical scene he loses contact with the outside world. This becomes almost like a trance state if he remains in contact with a historical scene for too long...

Mike simply repeats phonetically as he hears the words spoken.

*HoL* Seeing Past Life Sources of Present Problems:

During the sessions I was giving people, I began to see what might be termed past lives. I would see the individual I was working with in a completely different time frame. Whatever the scene was, it was relevant in some way to what was going on in the person's life. For example, a woman who was afraid of the water had drowned in another lifetime. She also had difficulty in asking for help in this lifetime. In the lifetime when she drowned, nobody could hear her screams for help when she fell off a boat.

*HoL* Reading Into the Past to See the Cause:

It is easy to "roll backwards" in time; we all do it. Most of us believe we can only do it for ourselves, and not for others. That is just a limited belief. I have discovered that it is this internal process, of rolling backwards in time, that is used to "read" the past history of an illness... I get a picture of the problem area to describe its present condition. I hold the connection and then roll backwards in time, reading the past and witnessing the history of the body part. As I keep witnessing back into the past, I finally "read" the cause of the problem.

*SD&P* Traveleing into the Past:

Usually, they have been invisible to your plane, as the few who fell into the apparent past were invisible to the people of the past.

*HU* Seeming Transportations in Time:

(NOTE: Walking into a past hologram.. Interaction? Hmm..) On August 10, 1901, two Oxford professors, Anne Moberly, the principal of St. Hugh's College, Oxford, and Eleanor Jourdain, the vice principal, were walking through the garden of the Petit Trianon at Versailles when they saw a shimmering effect pass over the landscape in front of them, not unlike the special effects in a movie when it changes from one seem to another. After the shimmering passed they noticed that the landscape had changed. Suddenly the people around them were wearing eighteenth-century costumes and wigs and were behaving in an agitated manner. As the two women stood dumbfounded, a repulsive man with a pockmarked face approached and urged them to change their direction. They followed him past a line of trees to a garden where they heard straings of music floating through the air and saw an aristocratic lady painting a watercolor.

Eventually the vision vanished and the landscape returned to normal, but the transformation had been so dramatic that when the women looked behind them they realized the path they had just walked down was now blocked by an old stone wall. When they returned to Englad, they searched through historical records and concluded that they had been transported back in time to the day in which the sacking of the Tuileries and the massacre of the Swiss Guards had taken place- which accounted for the agitated manner of the people in the garden- and the woman in the garden was none other than Marie Antionette. (NOTE: No traveling physically. Echoes of the past, ok.)

Traveling Clairvoyance & OBE Sight

*CBAP* Traveling Clairvoyance- Hypnosis-Induced OBEs:

Case No. 586: Traveling clairvoyance seems to be a special form of astral projection- one in which the subject is hypnotized and the released "double" sent on a journey, but with the ability to report back observations made to the hypnotist via the vocal organs. In our interpretation, hypnosis would cause part of the vehicle of vitality to accompany the Soul Body... and, in addition, the "silver cord" -extension was strongly impregnated with substance from the vehicle of vitality.

*RM* Lucid Sight:

If you are focusing on the person, and you move away from the face, for example to the outline, and you start to see the dull milky aura of the person, you even have to let go more of your watching with the physical eyes. You slip into a trance like state, but you are fully conscious, your mind is totally passive, observing, a very peaceful state. Slowly the entire surrounding begins glowing by itself, not only the person you looking at, but the wall, and all things standing arround.

When I remained in this state, my sight got expanded, not fully spherical 360 degrees, but maybe 240 degrees, as I could see things behind my shoulders glowing, and I felt, how I literally gave up watching with my physical eyes, as I no longer had stereoscopic view, but one intensive looking and feeling of living energy in the entire room I was sitting in.

You will see glowing smoke like dancing energies, and you will see your own aura or energy flooding your sight, and everything will get brighter and brighter without any need for artificial light. You might be able to see light-beings standing or being present in the room, or maybe just a human-like outline, which becomes a glowing presence of light, who are assiting you and the people who gathered for the session.

A further state of Lucid Sight is, your sight expands to full spherical 360 degrees, and you feel you are in the middle of your head (point of presence), and then, if you are fully centered in your being, you leave your body fully conscious and you feel you're watching like a bee, you feel very small and the room will getting huge, and you will see everything in spherical 360 degree view.

*PotAB* Astral Projection vs Clairvoyance:

The future, contemplating, subconscious mind sometimes projects the astral body to places which the subject, later, visits in the physical. Far more often, however, it is clairvoyant vision, and not projection, that does this.

The clairvoyant does not actually leave his body at all- he simply uses a kind of psychic telescope. Consequently he has the use of his physical powers. For example, his voice usually describes what he sees, even while he is in the act of making the observation.

Precognitive Clairvoyance

*BtC* Defying Resistance to your Gifts:

It was fortunate that [Vicky] did not try to suppress the ability and was not troubled by the fact that grown-ups could not accept such things. She simply learned to screen what she said and did not doubt that some of the things she saw in this way were true.


Most of the time, [Mike] said nothing about these things because he had been reprimanded for saying things he could not possibly know...

One day when he was about fourteen years old he and his sister were sitting in the living room when he suddenly jumped from this seat and reached out, bending down to the floor as if to catch someone who was falling. As he did so he said to his sister, "Mrs. S. just fell. I saw her fall on the floor in her house. She has broken her hip on the left side. They will take her to St. Mary's Hospital and she will be in room 218." (NOTE: Clairvoyance and precognition. An ability to see an entire event, even as it spans into the future)

Things Influencing Clairvoyance

*BtC* Sensitivity Ranges:

No sensitive has perfect sensitivity at all times. This in no way invalidates their ability.

*BtC* HSP in the Family:

In the case of Diane... there is a history of definite HSP ability for three generations, and at least three members of the family in the third generation show outstanding gifts.

*BtC* Things Affecting Sensitivity:

Fluorescent lighting disturbs some sensitives to a very marked degree. The presence of certain individuals seems to inhibit the sensitive, who feels that there is some kind of disharmonious energy pattern between him and the inhibiting individual. Some sensitives work better with several people present if such people are open-minded and friendly...

Most sensitives cannot work for more than one to three hours without fatigue which affects their accuracy... A few sensitives, and these are well-integrated ones, seem very energized following a session of work.. Most of them become aware of being very hungry at the end of a period of work, and will ask for something to eat immediately...

A number of sensitives are extremely allergic to drugs... In Diane's case very small dosages of a drug will produce the same effect a normal dose produces in the case of an average patient. Diane has observed that the antihistamine drugs tend to inhibit her clairvoyance. It is interesting to note that mental patients require double and triple the dose given to an average person to achieve the desired results.

*BtC* Good & Bad Environments for Sensitives:

The best results are obtained when the sensitive can work quietly with a few people present who are not unduly critical...

When a sensitive is dealing with one person alone he finds it easy to tune in on the things which concern that one person. Where a number of people are sitting close together in a group or meeting it is not so easy. He may be getting flashes of impressions and pictures which are associated with different people. In such a case it may be difficult to sort out the individual person to whom a picture or impression belongs. (NOTE: Like John Edwards)

*ER* The Thin Veil at Dawn:

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.

Don't go back to sleep.

You must ask for what you really want.

Don't go back to sleep.

People are going back and forth across the doorsill

where the two worlds touch.

The door is round and open.

Don't go back to sleep.

*tSD* Purity To See Higher Planes:

"If he (meaning the objector) would perceive even the dim silhouette of one of such ‘planets' on the higher planes, he has to first throw off even the thin clouds of the astral matter that stands between him and the next plane."

*HU* Clairvoyance:

Some [Jansenists] became clairvoyant and were able to "discern hidden things." Others could read even when heir eyes were closed and tightly bandaged, and instances of levitation were reported. (NOTE: Kundalini's influence)

Developing Clairvoyance

*HoL* Development of Higher Senses:

The first High Sense I developed was the kinesthetic one. I spent many hours doing body psychotherapy, touching people and their energy fields. Then my discernment moved into "seeing." I began seeing things that correlated to what I was feeling. After a lot of practice I began to hear information... By entering into a calm quiet state and concentrating on one of your senses, you enhance it. It only takes practice.

*TDA* How To See Auras:

To see the human aura with the naked eye, one must rely on peripheral vision... I have heard it suggested that in the early conditioning or early attempts to see auras, it is necessary to "fool" the direct vision by lulling it in a fixed state, allowing the photoreceptor rods used for peripheral vision to dominate the field of vision... To gaze directly into an aura is to see it instantly disappear... Perhaps this is because the optic rods that provide peripheral vision are stimulated by this very fine energy while the cones (which provide focused vision) are not...

Try practicing in private with a friend in an area of moderate lighting before an uncluttered background- preferably a bare wall of a color for good contrast with your subject... Fluorescent lighting especially helps the novice... There does have to be some light, because it is the light-energy interacting with the etheric body that produces the visible phenomena.

Begin by picking a spot on the wall about six inches above the subject's head and stare fixedly at that spot (no blinking) until you begin to feel a bit of strain. Then let the gaze crawl slowly down the wall until you encounter the aura... It was appear as a sort of luminous silvery shimmer like a corona above the head, and as long as you do not focus the eyes directly into it, you should experience it as a band of light raised two to four inches above the head...

Don't expect to see colors unless you have a strong subjective sensitivity to emotional states.

*T* Becoming Sensitive:

The more we cultivate our ability to refrain from responding immediately to sympathy or antipathy with a judgement or an action, the finer the sensitivity we develop... Any inclination we follow blindly deadens our ability to see things around us in the right light; it makes us force our way through our environment rather than exposing ourselves to it and experiencing its inherent value...

We cannot travel the path to higher knowledge if we are constantly losing ourselves in either pleasure or pain as a result of the ever-changing impressions that confront us... (NOTE: Become, but remember where you become from.)

I we are truly seeking, we never stop short at our own suffering or pleasure, but always ask what that joy or suffering has to tell us... Pleasure and displeasure develop into "soul eyes" when they cease to assert themselves for their own sake and begin to reveal unknown souls to us...

A great pleasure that once would have simply made them jump for joy will now alert them to previously unnoticed aspects of their surroundings and will leave them at peace.

*THAS* How To Experience Other Realms:

It is not by wanting to experience another realm that we get there, but by being completely aware of every action, every sound and colour around us, every relationship.

*THAS* Black & White to Realms of Color- Ecstasy Trance:

Most of what man does casts long shadows and, as in Plato's myth, he believes these shadows to be reality and he daily infuses fresh life into them. When he refuses to believe any longer in them, the pattern of light and dark will become less and less distinct, and gradually will blur into lightness. You will still have a world of contrasts, but the contrasts will be of colour, not black and white... The range of the light will be immensely greater, and the surfaces will not only reflect but will give out light from within. (NOTE: The ecstasy trance! Right/left brain perceptions.)

*HoL* HSP and Emotional Sensing:

High Sense Perception is a natural evolutionary step for the human race, leading us into the next stage of development where, because of our newly gained abilities, we will have to be deeply honest with others. Our feelings and private realities will no longer be hidden from others. They already are automatically communicated through our energy fields. As everyone learns to perceive this information, we will see and understand each other much more clearly than we do now.

For example, you may already know when someone is very angry. That is easy. With HSP, you will be able to see a red haze around the angry person. To find out what is happening with her on a deeper level, it is possible to focus on the cause of the anger, not only in the present, but also on how it relates to childhood experience and to her relationship with her parents. Under the red haze will appear a gray, thick, fluid-like substance that conveys a heavy sadness. By focusing in on the essence of the gray substance, you will probably even be able to see the childhood scene that caused the deeply rooted pain. You will also see how that anger is harming the physical body. You will see that the person habitually reacts in anger to certain situations, when perhaps crying is a more useful emotion to release in order to bring the situation to a solution.

*HoL* Developing Higher Sense Perception:

I grew up on a farm in Wisconsin. Since there were not a lot of playmates in my area, I spend a great deal of time alone. I would spend hours in the woods alone, sitting perfectly still and waiting for small animals to come up to me. I practiced blending in with my surroundings... In those quiet moments in the woods I entered into an expanded state of consciousness in which I was able to perceive things beyond the normal human ranges of experience. I remember knowing where each small animal was without looking. I could sense its state. When I practiced walking blindfolded in the woods, I would feel the trees long before I could touch them with my hands. I realized that the trees were larger than they appeared to the visible eye. Trees have life energy fields around them, and I was sensing those fields...

I accepted it all as perfectly natural, assumed everyone knew it, and then I forgot about it...

The most important thing here is to give yourself time to listen in to yourself- time to silence the noisy mind that constantly talks about what you need to do, how you could have won that argument, what you should have done... When that incessant babble is turned off, a whole new world of sweet harmonious reality opens up to you. You begin to blend in with your surroundings, as I did in the woods. At the same time your individuality is not lost, but enhanced.

*tAW* Training in Clairvoyance:

The ordinary clairvoyant has flashes of this astral vision, as a rule, and is not able to sense astrally by an act of will. The trained occultist, on the other hand, is able to shift from one set of senses to another, by an act of will, whenever he wishes to do so. In fact, such occultists may function on both planes at the same time, in this way, if they so desire.

*HTKHW* Seeing the Astral Plane- Become Fully Conscious of Every Sensation:

We rush from one sense impression to the next. Now, however, we must consciously and intensively focus our full attention on them. Whenever we perceive a quite definite form of blossoming and flourishing, we must banish all else from our souls and, for a short time, dwell on this one impression alone.

As we do so, we will soon realize that a feeling that previously only flitted through our souls has now grown and become strong and filled with energy. We must become inwardly completely still.

Attending to our souls in this way should not lead us to believe that we shall advance far on the path if we blunt our senses to the world. We must look at things as actively and precisely as possible.

Deliberately, regularly, and repeatedly surrendering to such feelings, we find a new world opening before us. The soul world or so-called astral plane begins to dawn. Growth and decay form definite spiritual lines and figures we had no inkling of before. A blossoming flower conjures up a particular line before our souls, while a growing animal or a dying tree gives rise to other lines.

Two students at the same level of development will see the same lines and figures associated with the same processes.

*HTKHW* Illumination, Inner Manifestations of Light, Clairvoyance:

The stage of illumination starts from developing and awakening certain feelings and thoughts latent in every one of us. Anyone who focuses on these simple processes with persistence, rigor, and complete patience will be led to a perception of the inner manifestations of light.

First, we try to direct our whole attention to comparing a stone and an animal. The thoughts that we form to make this comparison must pass through the soul accompanied by lively feelings.

Two very different kinds of feeling come to life in the soul. One kind streams into the soul from the stone, another from the animal. At first, the feelings persist only as long as the observation lasts. Later, they continue to work on after the exercise is over. Eventually, they become something that remains alive in our souls. At that point, we need only to reflect for stone and animal feelings to arise again. Out of these feelings, and the thoughts accompanying them, organs of clairvoyance are formed.

They gradually allow us to see soul and spiritual colors.

Occult science describes what clairvoyant organs perceive as flowing from stones as "blue" or "blue-red," while what flows from animals is described as "red" or "red-yellow." In fact, the colors seen are "spiritual" colors. The color streaming from plants is "green," gradually fading into a light, etheric rose pink. Plants are actually the only natural beings whose constitution is the higher worlds resembles to some extent their constitution in the physical world.

The beings of the higher worlds that never incarnate physically; their colors can be magnificent, but sometimes they are horrible.

Once we achieve the capacity of seeing with "spiritual eyes," we sooner or later meet the higher beings mentioned above, as well as sometimes also those beings, lower than we, who never enter our physical reality.

*BtL* More Post-NDE Aftereffects:

• Acquisition of the ability to sometimes "see" beings and/or scenes that are not physically present, as well as the ability to see airborne water molecules and movements of energy.

• A new awareness of invisible energy fields and a sensitivity to electricity and geomagnetic fields. Sparkles or balls of energy are sometimes seen in the air.

*HTKHW* Impatience, Contemntment , Desire, & Higher Faculties:

Every stirring of impatience paralyzes the higher faculties latent within us. Contentment with even our smallest achievement, along with calm and detachment, should increasingly fill our souls.

(NOTE: Trapped in past/future, we miss the essence speaking through the now.) Above all, longing and craving must be silenced. These are soul qualities in the face of which all higher knowledge shyly retreats. Precious as higher knowledge is, if it is to come to us, we must not long for it.

(NOTE: Developing higher knowledge without attachment!) Have this thought deeply imprinted within you: "One day when I am ready for it I shall receive what I am to receive. Do not be tempted to attract to yourself anything of the higher powers through sheer self-will.

A lily cannot turn into a thistle, no matter how inappropriate its surroundings; nor can the eyes of the soul develop into something other than what they were intended to be, even when they are worked upon by the self-seeking interests of our modern cities.

*HTKHW* Conscious of Spirit:

The esoteric student must become as conscious of soul and spirit as the ordinary person is of his or her body.

*RM* Seeing Both Physically & Astrally:

Self Realized is being conscious of physical, without denying or judging it, but also being aware of the astral and more subtle realms. Realized in this way is to be able to incorporate everything, and relate, perceive, and understand as spiritual experience. Then everything is spiritual, nothing is just physical or astral, and there is no veil which separates this, no separating concepts. In eastern tradition they are called self-realized souls, or enlighted-souls. One sign of a self-realized soul is that the person radiates a kind of presence which attracts everyone, it's unconditional Love. There are no condititions on perception!


*WoaP* Psychic Vision Opens Up in a Blind Man:

"From time to time he saw a light, though he could make out no objects in it. And sometimes, when he made the entrance into his heart, it seemed to him as though a flame, as of a lighted candle, blazed up strongly and happily in his heart, and rushing outward through his throat flooded him with light and in the light of this flame he could see even far-off things."

*MB* Love Increases Vibrations:

ARIEL: Your vibrations are going up. Divine Love makes this possible, you know.

*MB* Working Circuits, Then Turning on Power:

ARIEL: We have been working on your circuits to make for better communications- with an expansion into clairvoyance, especially. Everything is now in place. It's now just a matter of turning on the power. This will be quite dramatic for you, so we think it may be best to wait until you are asleep. It will be easier on your circuits, your energy centers and system.

The Blind Can See in Dreams & OB

Script: This is evidence of the spiritual senses. Isnt there a section for that?
*LD-P* The Blind Can See in Dreams:

Subjects with failing sight have sometimes found themselves with their sight apparently "restored" in lucid or pre-lucid dreams, i.e. having fully realistic "visual" experiences. Similar phenomena have been reported in connection with both out-of-the-body experiences (OBEs) and apparitional experiences.

*JoNDE-KR* The Blind See in OBEs & NDEs:

Blind persons, including those blind from birth do report classic NDEs of the kind common to sighted persons; that the great preponderance of blind persons claim to see during NDEs and OBEs; claims of visually based knowledge that could not have been obtained by normal means can be independently corroborated.

Their narratives, in fact, tend to be indistinguishable from those of sighted persons with respect to the elements that serve to define the classic NDE pattern.


"After she arrived at the emergency room, she found herself up on the ceiling watching a male doctor and a woman. She was also aware of seeing her body below her, which she recognized by certain identifying features, such as a distinctive wedding ring she was wearing." (Vicki)


Brad saw his apparently lifeless body on the bed. He also saw his blind roommate get up from his bed and leave the room to get help. (His roommate later confirmed this.) He found that he could see clearly.

He noticed that the sky was cloudy and dark. There had been a snowstorm the day before, and Brad could see snow everywhere except for the streets, which had been plowed, though they were still slushy. He was able to give us a very detailed description of the way the snow looked. Brad could also see the snowbanks that the plows had created. He saw a street car go by. Finally, he recognized a playground used by the children of his school and a particular hill he used to climb nearby.

When asked if he "knew" or "saw" these things, he said: "I clearly visualized them. I could suddenly notice them and see them…I remember…being able to see quite clearly."

He found himself in a tunnel and emerged from it to find himself in an immense field illuminated by a tremendous, all-encompassing light. Everything was perfect.

Brad could clearly see in this domain, too, though he commented that he was puzzled by the sensation of sight. No shadows were visible. Brad, like Vicki, had been blind from birth.


One man whom we classified as a nonvisualizer told us that he could not explain how he had the perceptions he did because "I don't know what you mean by ‘seeing'". He was not the only such person to admit such perplexity.

The visual perceptions of Vicki and Brad appeared extremely clear and detailed… "It was very clear when I was out. I could see details and everything."

However, after this breif and confusing period of adjustment, the experiencer's perception quickly seems to become self-organizing and coherent:

"It was so natural it was almost as if I should have always been able to see like that. I thought to myself I should be able to carry this right back with me." (Brad)

In the otherwordly domain, seeing is often described as "perfectly natural" or "the way it's supposed to be."

Vicki said: "I had a hard time relating to it. I've never experienced it. And it was something very foreign to me."


Typical comments were:

" It wasn't visual. It was almost like a tactile thing. But it really wasn't visual because I just don't have vision any more. It's not really like vision is. Vision is more clear, but it's also more tied down. I think what it was that was happening here was a bunch of synesthesia, where all these sensations were being belnded into some image in my mind. But I don't remember detail. I was more aware. Somehow I was aware of information or things that were going on that I wouldn't normally be able to pick up through seeing."


"Being born blind, I had no idea whether those images were visual…It was something like a tactual sense, like I could literally feel with the fingers of my mind. I was aware of those images in a way I did not really understand." (Brad)

*JoNDE-KR* The Blind Seeing Is Proof of Soul:

"Occurences of this kind represent the most convincing proof that what happens in near-death experience is more than the hallucinatory phantasmagoria of physiologically impaired brains." (Stanislov Grov, 1994, p.31)

*JoNDE-KR* No Sight In Dreams of the Blind:

"There's no visual impression at all in any dream that I have." (Vicki)

Seeing With Skin

*HU* Eyeless Sight:

Despite our unwavering conviction that we see with our eyes, reports persist of individuals who possess "eyeless sight," or the ability to see with other areas of their bodies. A blind girl who could see with the tip of her nose and the lobe of her left ear.

*JoNDE-KR* Experiments With Eyeless Sight:

Jules Romains published Eyeless Sight: A Study of Extra-Retinal Vision and the Paroptic Sense. He first blindfolded his subjects. He would present them with a newspaper and ask them to read the headlines. In others, he would ask his subjects to "read" a set of numbers. In still others, he would invite them to describe an object he placed in front of or behind them.

Quite astonishingly, Romains reported that his subjects performed remarkably well. Several conditions affected the probability of correct identification. First, even though the subjects were blindfolded, light had to be present in the room for them to be able to "see." Second, his subjects could not perceive the object or "read" the number or letters on a paper when an opaque screen or door was placed between them and the object. Finally, the greater the area of the skin actually exposed, the more accurate subjects tended to be in their descriptions.

Romain's subjects generally took a long time to achieve whatever degree of visual accuracy they did demonstrate.

Other Developed Senses

*MM* Fine-Tuned Senses:

They are so accustomed to seeing each other's footprints that they can not only identify the party but can tell from the length of the stride if the person is feeling well or walking slow from illness. The slightest derivation in the footprint can tell them the most probable destination of the walker.

Their senses of hearing, sight, and smell seem to be on superhuman levels. Footprints have vibrations that tell much more than merely what one sees on the sand.

*MM* Special Skills:

Great Stone Hunter had developed the special skill of finding marvelous big opals and even gold nuggets in the mining areas after the commercial companies had abandoned the property.

*MM* Seeking & Becoming A Thing:

Be water. When you can be water, you will find water.

Full Visions By Non-Clairvoyant Persons

*MV&I* Such Power You Cause Psychic Vision In Others:

In some cases which I have seen, it has passed the bounds of physical visibility, and been seen by many who had no power of higher sight than that of this plane. In such a case, it is not that the astral vibration slackens until it sinks below the line which separates it from the physical, but that it becomes so much more vigorous than usual that it is able to arouse a sympathetic vibration even in the coarse and heavy matter of the physical plane.

1) I flopped out sideways, like a fish, onto the floor next to my bed. I was in my bedroom. Stood up and went over to where J.C.'s bed was (he was sleeping there for real on the physical plane).

I nudged him, "John, wake up."

He rolled over, half awake, looking up at me.

"John, it's me," I said, "Can you see me?"

He said, still half asleep, "Ya, I know it's you."

He didn't seemed too thrilled.

"Can you see me? I'm projecting right now. I'm in my astral body."

He said, "You look like a haze."

2) A little girl, age 5 or 6 saw Monroe OB and looked directly at him, saying "I know what you are! You're an astral projection!"

*PotL* The Phenomenology of a Full Death Vision of a Room:

"I was walking in a country lane when, in a moment, I saw a bedroom known as the White Room in my home, and upon the floor lay my mother, to all appearance dead. The vision must have remained some minutes, during which time my real surroundings appeared to pale and die out; but as the vision faded, actual surroundings came back, at first dimly, and then clearly."

"I led the doctor straight to the White Room, where we found my mother actually lying as in my vision."

-Jeanie Gwynne-Bettany


"I sat by myself. The thought of Mr. ____, came into my mind, and suddenly, with my eyes open, as I believe, for I was not feeling sleepy, I seemed to be in a room in which a man was lying dead in a small bed. I recognized the face at once as that of Mr. ____, and felt no doubt that he was dead, and not asleep only. The room appeared to be bare and without carpet or furniture. About a week after my arrival, another of my sisters read out of the daily papers the announcement of Mr. ______'s death."

-J. Bradley Dyne


"I had a very strange dream. I saw, as in a small disc of light – something like a magic-lantern picture, only in small – the following scene: — The inside of a small hill tent, lighted (from above, apparently – the whole scene was in vivid light) on the floor, close beside a dhurrie (a small Indian carpet), and, between that and the door, a very large black scorpion, and entering by the door the figure of a man, an intimate friend. On the return of this friend, a few weeks afterwards, he volunteered the information that they had been much pestered by insects of all kinds, and added that one night he had gone into his tent and found there ‘a whopping big black scorpion.'"

"I asked him what that night was and he fixed the exact date."

-Miss Barr

*PotL* Hypnagogic Full Clairvoyance:

"On September 9th, 1848, at the siege of the Mooltan, my husband, was most severely and dangerously wounded, and supposing himself dying, asked one of the officers with him to take the ring off his finger and send it to his wife, who at that time was fully 150 miles distant, at Ferozepore. On the night of September 9th, 1848, I was lying on my bed between sleeping and waking, when I distinctly saw my husband being carried off the field, seriously wounded, and heard his voice saying, ‘Take this ring off my finger, and send it to my wife.'"

-M. A. Richardson

*PotL* The Manner of Appearance of Clairvoyant Visions:

"Being anxious to hear a particular recitation which Mr. Thorpe was shortly going to give, Mr. Gottschalk wrote to him, at the Prince's Theatre, to ask what the hour of the recitation was to be. "In the evening I was going out to see some friends, when on the road there seemed suddenly to develop itself before me a disc of the light, which appeared to be on a different plane to everything else in view. It was not possible for me to fix the distance at which it seemed to be from me. Examining the illumined space, I found that two hands were visible. They were engaged in drawing a letter from an envelope which I instinctively felt to be mine and, in consequence, thought immediately that the hands were those of Mr. Thorpe."

-F. Gottschalk


"I slept unusually well, and when I awoke, the moon was shining through the old casement brightly into the room. The white curtains of my bed were drawn to protect me from the draught that came through the large window; and on this curtain, as if depicted there, I saw the figure of my mother, the face deadly pale, with blood flowing on the bed-clothes. Horror-stricken I raised myself up in bed, and touched the curtain. Still the appearance remained (although the curtain on which it was depicted moved to and fro when I touched (it) as if reflected by a magic-lantern. I rushed off to my mother's room. There she lay, just as I had seen her on the curtain. ‘She has been very ill,' said the doctor, but I trust all danger is over now.'"

-Lady Chatterton


"I was sitting in the Birmingham Town Hall with my husband at a concert, when there came over me the icy chill which usually accompanies these occurrences. Almost immediately, I saw with perfect distinctness, between myself and the orchestra, my uncle, Mr. W., lying in bed with an appealing look on his face, like one dying. I had not heard anything of him for several months. The appearance was not transparent or filmy, but perfectly solid-looking; and yet I could somehow see the orchestra, not through, but behind it. The vision gradually disappeared. A letter came shortly after telling of my uncle's death. He died at exactly the time when I saw the vision."

-E. F. Taunton


"I saw their bedroom door was open, and I was riveted to the spot by seeing standing in the room doorway in front of me, a figure of a female; although I could not distinguish the dress, I could plainly see the features and especially the eyes. The figure collapsed when my mother called upstairs, and the light I held in my hand shone through the doorway to the opposite wall, which had been obscured by the figure, as if it had had a tangible body."

-S. J. Masters

Clairvoyance Isnt Telepathy

*HU* Remote-Viewing:

They found that individual after individual could remote-view simply by relaxing and describing whatever images came into their minds.

Subjects can identify the contents of a sealed box randomly selected from a group of sealed boxes and whose contents are therefore completely unknown. This means that we can do more than just tap into the senses of other people. We can also tap into reality itself to gain information.

Science & Clairvoyance

*BtC* Russian HSP Research:

Russia has been conducting research into the field of Higher Sense Perception for more than forty years. In 1932 the Institute for Brain Research founded by Recherev and headed by the well-known psychiatrist Professor Ossipow received an assignment to commence an experimental study of telepathy.

*C&HEF* Viewing the Etheric:

It has been suggested that the ability to see the etheric field vaguely is related to the retina of the eye, and just on the threshold of ordinary vision. If this is the case, it might be possible to devise some kind of instrumentation capable of enhancing the etheric field to the point of visibility.



*PotL* Clairaudience:

"Suddenly I heard my son's voice distinctly. He was speaking eagerly, and as if bothered; the voice seemed wafted to me by an air current, but I could not distinguish words. In perhaps a few seconds, his voice began again, but soon became faint, and died away in the distance. The hour was just the time my son expected to arrive, if the train was punctual."

-Laura C. Stone


"Traveling some years since by the night mail train, and, finding myself alone in my compartment, I lay at full length on the seat with a view to sleep. Roused suddenly by the guard waking me, I found that I had been dreaming, that it was morning; that I was at home, in my bedroom, in the act of dressing, and at the moment of awakening had been on the landing and twice called the servant by her name, ‘Sarah,' and asked her to bring me some hot water."

"On actually arriving at home, I learnt that at the time when I had been thus dreaming that I was calling to the servant, she had heard her name called by me twice, distinctly."

-Alma M. Pike


"I was employed as assistant engineer on the Moscow-Kursk. Amidst all the attendant noise of such work of fitters and boilermakers, I heard a voice quite close to me call twice, ‘Will, Will!' The voice resembled my father's (he was the only person who called me ‘Will'). He had died, his last words were, ‘Good-bye, Will! Good-bye, Will!' He died about the time I heard the voice."

W. T. Bray


"On the Saturday night I went to be at my usual hour, 12 o'clock, but did not go to sleep for some time; when I was suddenly startled by three sets of three extraordinary loud knocks, like strokes of a hammer on an empty box, at my bed head, followed immediately by a long loud cry of a woman's voice, which seemed to die away in the distance. The house was empty."

"I received a letter from one of the Miss D.'s, to tell me that their mother became suddenly worse on, and had died in the course of the night, at a quarter before 1."

-Hensleigh Wedgwood


"I was in the drawing-room with my mother and aunt. It was all very quiet, when suddenly I was much startled by my mother, who gave a scream and threw herself back on the sofa, putting both her hands up to cover he ears, saying, ‘Oh, there's water rushing fast into my ears, and I'm sure either my brother, or son James must be drowning, or both of them!'"

"Alas! It proved too true."

-Joan R. Severn


"I had a tedious illness. One of my brothers was with the army in the Punjaub at that time, and my thoughts were constantly with him, and doubtless I followed the events of the war with intense interest. On the night in question, being, as I have said, wide awake, I was astonished by hearing the report of big guns. I raised myself in bed with some difficulty, and then continued to hear the distant firing of cannon, sometimes nearer, sometimes remote. At length the guns ceased, but were succeeded by a sharp and rapid discharge of musketry. The sounds lasted altogether about four hours. My great anxiety was that some one should hear these strange sounds of battle as well as myself; but hearing my father coughing in his bedroom opposite, I pacified myself with the assurance that he must be awake and would hear what I heard."

"In due time, tidings of the severe battle of Goojerat reached us – the day on which it was fought, and hours, allowing for difference of time, exactly coinciding with the date of my prophetic battle. My brother was in the thick of the fight, but escaped unhurt."

-Georgina Malcolm

*BP* Clairaudience:

Clairaudience is the ability to hear voices of people who are not physically present. Experience would suggest this can happen between two living persons as well as the traditional "spirit voices." This is different from telepathy. In telepathy you "pick up" the thoughts of others. In clairaudience, you hear a voice as plain as day. When it's happened to me, it's been so loud and clear that I've looked around to see who was speaking, but no one was in sight.



*BtC* Clairsentience:

Thousands of people are clairsentient. They tune in on the emotional and mental climate of people around them and suffer unnecessarily. Many people pick up the depression, the anxiety, the fear or the irritation of other people... It is rather like the phenomena of sympathetic vibration which we observe in the physics laboratory... Many people do not know which emotions are their own and which emotional mood they have picked up from people around them.

*BtC* Empathic Higher Field Sensing:

[Diane] is also able to tune in to a patient and sense a physical pain or an emotional mood or a mental state. In such a case she is not "seeing the energy field". She is using a different type of gift.

*WANF* Heating Up With Sympathetic Sensations:

Reading after reading, the thermography test showed George's body "heating up" in those areas where and at exactly the instant he claimed to be experiencing sympathetic pain or sensation.

*WoLi* Clairsentience & Empathy:

Clairsentience is the psychic sense of the second chakra.

Clairsentience is the ability to sense other people's emotions, also called empathy. Others may recognize the emotions while not understanding that the source was outside of themselves.

Other people experience clairsentience by walking into a party and becoming immediately aware of the expectations and feelings of all their friends that are present. They may suddenly feel expected to act in a certain way. They may also experience abrupt mood changes as they involuntarily "match" moods with one friend or another. Often these people have an aversion to crowds and avoid parties.

If the upper chakras are not open enough to be conscious of this psychism, the clairsentient is often unpleasantly influenced. Our attention is constantly whisked outside of our central column, and others' difficulties speak more loudly than our own voices. A confusion about the self ensues.

Clairsentience is a valuable source of information in healing and helpful in the development of psychism. With conscious attention, it is an aid rather than a detriment. Many people get quite abused psychically by the unconscious broadcasting of surrounding difficulties. For these people, grounding is of the utmost importance for it brings our attention into the central line of our body, helping us sort out "whose energy is whose." Knowing the difference between your own and others' emotional needs helps to consciously "tune out" unwanted broadcasts. Many clairsentients feel compelled to respond to the needs they psychically pick up from others, and with recognition this can become a choice rather than a duty.

Awareness of the other should be balanced by awareness of the self. The two should never be without a good dose of common sense.



Seeing by Touch

*BtC* Seeing By Touch:

I blindfolded Joan and placed one picture at a time in front of her. She would place her fingertips on the picture and move around over it, describing a tree here, water there, a boat, a child on the bank, flowers, and I most cases she read the letters and words very clearly. Some of the things that she described in the pictures were so minute that I had to look closely at the picture to see them. She did this with picture after picture...

Joan could still read the pictures with the tip of her elbow, but not quite as well as she did with her fingertips.


The second subject, Mary, was not as sensitive and her perception was somewhat different. She sensed "wetness" over water, "stickiness" when she touched a picture of chocolate frosting, "bubbles" when her fingers moved over a glass of foamy beer. Mary seemed to sense the texture and quality of things rather than seeing a visual picture as it would appear to the eye... (NOTE: A good experiment- a picture of cereal with glue instead of milk- wet or sticky?)

Mary sensed the quality and texture of things in the pictures with her elbow but again not as clearly.

*BtC* Skin-Seeing:

I decided to try some experiments of reading pictures blindfolded with Mike. When he passed his finger-tips over a picture he did not describe the exact objects in the picture. However, he was able to tell what the picture was about, or what it stood for, or what it meant. He seemed to get a total impression of the picture rather than awareness of objects in detail.

Tasting by Touch & Sight

*BtC* Tasting Metals By Touch:

[Bishop Polk] mentioned his acute sensibility to metals and mentioned that if he touched brass in the dark, he immediately got an unpleasant metallic taste in his mouth which he always associated with brass. Apparently he could "taste" other metals when he touched them, and each one had its characteristic taste...

At times [Buchanon] found as many as fifty percent of a group chosen at random who demonstrated this type of ability.

*BtC* Synesthesia:

Color had a taste for Mike. When he looks at cobalt blue, for example, the color gives him a metallic taste in his mouth. Each color always gives the same characteristic taste. I have tested other sensitives who get similar impressions. Some of them associate color with sound or smell.


Collective Subjectives

Recorded in Cells & Spirit

*HU* Energy-Field Blueprint, The Subtle Bodies, & Cell Memories:

An individual's history is even contained in the "energy patterns" inherent in the body.

*EbtL* Memories are contained in the cells of our bodies. All experiences and thoughts are recorded in our subconscious minds and our cells, so that each cell is imprinted with not only our genetic coding, but every experience we have ever had. These memories are passed down through the genetic coding to our children. These then account for many of the passed on traits in families, including addictive tendencies, fears, and strengths.

*PoP* All the moments of our life are recorded in both the material and spiritual worlds, and they do not disappear. All of our actions leave their trace in the air, the earth, and other objects, as though on a sort of film. Our actions are inscribed in the spiritual world in a similar manner. Our own soul is a recorder, too. The material world only records our words and actions, but in the spiritual world and the soul all our intentions, feelings, and perceptions are also inscribed and are visible to other souls.

*PAP* Everything Is Recorded in the Cosmic Substancec:

There is not a vibration, however feeble it may be, which is not registered in the cosmic substance.

Greater Subjective Atmospheres- M Fields

*SoM* Collective Subjectives:

Just as each person, place, or thing has a subjective atmosphere or remembrance, so each town, city or nation has its individual atmosphere. Some towns are bustling with life and action while others seem dead. Some are filled with a spirit of culture, while others are filled with a spirit of commerce. This is the result of the mentalities of those who live in such places. Just as a city has its atmosphere, so does an entire nation. The combined thought of those who inhabit a nation creates a national consciousness which we speak of as the psychology of that people. The history of the race is written in the mental atmosphere of the globe on which we live. That is, everything which has ever happened on this planet has left its imprint on the walls of time. This should seem simple when we realize that the vibrations of the human voice can be preserved on the receptive phonograph disc, or the sound film, and reproduced at will.

*BtL* Morphogenetic Fields:

Rupert Sheldrake, in the early eighties came up with the theory of formative causation. In his book, A New Science of Life, he advanced the idea that primary sources of memory fields reside in nonenergetic currents that permeate existence. He theorized that these "morphogenetic" or M-fields direct the shape, development, and basic behavior of all living species and systems, functioning as invisible blueprints or connecting memories that link any member of a given species or system with its fellows…while supplying a ready bank of accumulated information that members can instinctively and automatically draw from or contribute to.

*HTO* Morphogenetic Field:

Successive generations of rats become progressively better at learning to swim throughout the maze. The last generation learned to do it ten times faster than the first. Other researchers attempted to repeat his work, and their first generation of rats were as fast as the original's last generation. Morphogenetic field?

Like Attracts Like

*SoM* Sympathetic Vibration:

A subjective unity is maintained between all people. Individual mentalities who are in sympathetic vibration with each other, more or less mingle and receive suggestions from each other. This is the meaning of mental influence, which is indeed a very real thing.

*AoaY* Intuition & Clairvoyance:

Intuition is soul guidance, appearing naturally in man during those instants when his mind is calm. Nearly everyone has had the experience of an inexplicably correct "hunch."

The human mind, free from the static of restlessness, can perform through its antenna of intuition all functions of complicated radio mechanisms — sending and receiving thoughts, and tuning out undesirable ones. The human radio is energized according to the power of will possessed by each individual.

All thoughts vibrate eternally in the cosmos. By deep concentration, a master is able to detect the thoughts of any mind, living or dead. A truth cannot be created, but only perceived.


*LFS* Like Attracts Like:

"Love and peace can only attract the same as its self. Darkness can only draw close to its own unique pattern." -James

Contacting Subjective Atmospheres

*SoM* Psychic Abilities:

Contacting the Subjective Race-Thought: Realizing that the subjective draws to itself everything that it is in sympathy with, we see that anyone who is sympathetically inclined toward the race, or vibrates to the race-thought, might pick up the entire race-emotion and experience and- if he were able to bring it to the surface- could consciously depict it. Many of the world's orators, actors and writers have been able to do this, which explains why some of them have been so erratic, for they have been more or less controlled by the emotions which they have contacted. Anyone contacting the subjective side of the race-mentality, with the ability to bring it to the surface, will have at his disposal an emotional knowledge that many lifetimes of hard study could not accumulate. But IF ONE HAD TO SURRENDER HIS INDIVIDUALITY IN THE PROCESS, HE WOULD BETTER REMAIN IGNORANT. There is, of course, a much deeper seat of knowledge than the subjective mind, which is the Spirit; direct contact with the Spirit is Illumination.

*SoM* Psychic Abilities:

Contacting Individual Subjectives: A psychic or medium is one who has the ability to objectify that which is subjective- to bring into conscious thought that which lies below the threshhold of the outer mind. A psychic can enter the stream of thought of anyone whose vibration he can mentally contact, be that person in the flesh or out of it. We do not all have the ability to objectify psychic impressions, and ordinarily they never come to the surface. However, they are there just the same. This is why we often feel uneasy in the presence of certain people, or when we mentally contact some condition and are aware of a disturbed inner feeling, without any apparent reason. Any psychic power which can be used while in a normal state of mind is harmless and helpful; by this we mean one that can be used while one is in a conscious state.

Problems With These: A psychic sees largely through his own, or another's subjective mentality. Consequently, his impressions are more or less colored by the vibration of his own or another's thought. He is subject to hallucinations and false impressions of every description.

*AoaY* Clairvoyant Radio:

Sri Yukteswar was a perfect human radio. Thoughts are no more than very gentle vibrations moving in the ether. My guru had been able to catch the thought of the half-witted man who hankered for a cauliflower.

*MotFE* Clairvoyance of Masters:

{She had intimate knowledge of every aspect of their lives.]

Viewing the Akashic Records

*MotFE* Clairvoyance, Akashic Records, the Eye of the Soul:

This is the "eye of the soul" about which the Mystics wrote. Through it men have read and will continue to read the Akashic records. Through it we may perceive things happening at a distance or envision future events with the speed of light- 186,000 miles per second. It comes to us at times during an earthquake or other extremity. "Coming events case their shadows before them." Everything happens first on higher planes; then reflection occurs here.

If it can be awakened, as has been proved in so many cases, the faculty is there.

This involves complete emotional control more particularly than mental control. We must be brought to one-pointedness.


Script: Lots in common with OBE - Communication & the Channeling above.


*BtC* The Meaning of Telepathy:

Literally, [telepathy] means "feeling across." The denotation of the word means to feel what someone else feels. In it connotation it has come to mean communication from mind to mind without any of the ordinary means involving the five senses.

Mind as a Tuner & Broadcaster

*WtK* The Brain is a Sending/Receiving Station:

Do you know that each human brain is a perfect receiving and a perfect sending station, and is exactly the same as a Radio built for both purposes?..

You are continually sending forth from your mind station both thought and picture vibrations which are being received perhaps by many other mind stations attuned to receive them. And it is from other mind sending stations that you are continually getting the many thought pictures and suggestions which enter your mind station- if you do not have it shut off. The trouble is very few turn off their mental switches but let anything of whatever nature that happens to be "on the air" come in.

*R* Telepathy in the Mirror of the Mind:

By mentally speaking to the subjective image in your mind you cause the mirror of your mind to vibrate. Your vibrating mind modifies the light of consciousness reflected on it. The modified light of consciousness reaches the one toward whom it is directed and impinges on the mirror of his mind; it causes his mind to vibrate according to the modifications it undergoes. Thus, it reproduces in him what was mentally affirmed by you. (NOTE: This is a good description for thought-forms, too. Rightly so, because it is the same thing.)

Hearing Intentions Preceding Thoughts

*SBtL* Telepathy- Reading Intentions, Hearing Through the Language Barrier:

As we sat with the Norwegians at a conference table, they began to speak to one another in Norwegian... As they spoke in their native tongue, struggling with what they were going to say, I suddenly spoke up and said, "What you mean to ask us is..." and then I formulated the question for them...

Then they began to speak among themselves in Norwegian again, which I could understand perfectly by reading their minds.

Hearing Thoughts Preceding Speech

*SBtL* Telepathy- You Can Hear Someone's Pre-Speech Thought That Speech Follows:

As he began to speak, I talked along with him as though we had practiced it, saying the same thing he was saying at the same time he said it... I didn't know how I was doing this. I just "heard" what they were going to say before they said it...

I didn't know that these questions hadn't been asked. I would hear the words in my head as surely as if the person had spoken them.

When I realized what was happening, I tried to tune into the other person. I found that if he hesitated when speaking, it was usually a sign that he was changing his train of thought. At that moment I could pick up his thought waves and hear what he was thinking.

*OwtL* Telepathy Involves Intentions, Precedes Speech:

"I could ‘hear' the thoughts of the doctor and dentist before they were actually spoken, so that their spoken words seemed like echoes."

Seeing Thoughts Behind Words

*SBtL* Telepathy- Seeing the Image Behind a Vocal Tone:

In one of my electronics businesses, we decided to buy a product from a new vendor... None of us suspected that anything was wrong, including me.

That all changed, however, when we sat down at the table to negotiate the deal. As we talked about pricing, a tone in his voice made me leery. As I listened to him, I picked up the image of a room filled with the product we were buying. As I scanned this room in my mind, I could tell that most of the components we were about to buy were defective...

In the end, more than sixty percent of the components had to be bought back by this man, who had, in fact, tried to sell us inferior goods.

Full Rote Union

*WtL* A Total Psychic Link to a Dying Pilot:

(Olivia:) I was driving along this sort of country road... It was the morning that an almost brand-new plane had crashed and killed the pilot. I kept getting the smell of burning, and it was worrying me enormously. I couldn't pull over because it was a very narrow road. It was like rubber burning, and I kept getting smoke and yet I couldn't see the smoke, so I knew the smoke was psychic. I just hoped and prayed that the burning was, too, because I couldn't stop and I couldn't do anything, and I could feel myself slipping away. Anyway I managed to retain enough consciousness to steer the car. (I was obviously picking up on that pilot, because that was the very time that he nose-dived.) The engine noise got louder and louder and louder until it was a screaming of the plane, in a dive, and the smoke was billowing around me. I could still see the road and I was still driving the car, but I had this dreadful, horrible feeling that I was going to be killed. I felt I was heading for the ground, and there was nothing I could do, and the tension built up and up and up, and the screaming was getting louder and louder, and then there was just an almighty smash. It left me absolutely shaken- I was covered in perspiration, my heart was pounding, but I was still managing to keep the car on the road.

Things Aiding Telepathy

*ND* Telepathy:

I said, "Dad, why don't you like to play bridge? You play all these other games- pitch, rook, Parcheesi, 500- why don't you like bridge?"

He said "Well, with bridge you have to concentrate so hard it's easy to read your mind."

Unshielded Telepathy

*ND* Having A Blasted-Open Telepathy:

She's hearing these voices, and she thinks you can tell her what they're saying. Some of them are horrible. She writes this stuff down. It's like garbage. It's terrible...

The husband was right- it was garbage. It was very much like you'd stand on the corner of a big city and listen to the conversations of everyone going by- everyone! Some, you know, were pretty awful. Some were prophecies of dire destruction, and some were doggerel poetry, simple little sayings, bits and pieces. As if thousands of people were talking to her.

Developing Telepathy

*R* Preparing For Telepathy:

Impress upon your consciousness the fact that you actually heard [a friend] and that he told you what you wanted to hear; feel the thrill of having heard. Then drop it completely.


*BtC* Origin of the Term Psychometry:

[Buchanon] introduced the term "psychometry" in 1842 to cover a general type of sensitivity which included identifying the nature of objects by unusual sensations experienced by the subject... Literally the term means "measuring the soul of things."

Psychometry - The Memory of Objects

*BMS* Psychometry:

"Eleanor Sidgwick (1915) quotes a supposed spirit communicator speaking through Piper: "Objects carry with them a light as distinct to us as the sunlight is to you. The instant you hand us an object, that instant we get an impression of its owner, whether the present or the past owner and often both."...

"H.H. Price (1939,1940) bridges mind and matter by "place memories." It's not just minds that hold memories, according to Price; inanimate objects may do so too. In this way, he accounts for local apparitions as well as psychometry. Place memories may be recalled by the psychically sensitive person in the same way we remember our personal past." -William G. Roll (NOTE: Maybe we only remember our own past because we are always "touching our body.")

Accessing Akashic (Memory) Information

Obtaining Knowledge From a Thing

*HoL* Accessing the Holographic Akashic:

Rather than spending hours memorizing things, we will learn how to access the information already stored in the "memory" of the universal energy field. In esoteric terms this information storage is a called the akashic records... Information is not stored in our minds; it is simply accessed. In this type of brain function, to remember means to tune in again to the universal hologram and to read the information again. (NOTE: I'll bet this deals with expansion- for the larger the area, the clearer the hologram)

*MotFE* Ask The Christ in a Thing For Any Knowledge of It:

"If you want to get a clearer view of any subject than you have at present, let the Christ speak mentally to the abstract soul of that subject or thing. Then ask the intelligence within the thing to tell you about itself."

*HU* Retrocognition:

Some psychics don't even need to resort to psychometry in order to tune into the past.

It is interesting to note that many retrocognitive individuals can also see the human energy filed.

It was a change in attitude that caused the widespread retrocognitive abilities of the Manx people to atrophy.

Retrocognition By Thought-Resonation

*MotFE* Looking Into the Past By Thought-Resonation:

"We are able to throw thought vibrations into the atmosphere which connect with the thought vibrations of those that have passed and our vibrations collect those of the thoughts gone before until they draw them together at a given point. Then you are able to see those scenes reproduced just as they were when the scenes occurred. This may seem phenomenal to you but it will not be long before your people will be producing pictures similar to these you have seen. The only difference is that they will be photographic and mechanical, while ours are neither."

"It will come to a point where a few of those who develop the pictures, through mechanical means, to their higher degree of perfection will be the first to see the true spiritual meaning, the educational value, the benefit to be derived, and the accomplishments that are possible. Then those few will have the courage to step forth and proclaim the accomplishment by the pictures they produce. It will be seen that these devices and the people that develop them- now thought to be the most material- will be the greatest power of any factor brought forth and developed by your people in bringing out the true spiritual idea. Your people are going on and will bring forth a device which will reproduce the voices of those who have passed, more accurately than they now reproduce the voices of the living. You are going on and will achieve, mechanically, what we do with thought force. This is where you are going to excel all the world in future development."

The Psychometric Experience
Sounds, Images, Feelings, Entire Rotes

*BtC* The Reality of Psychometry:

When Elizabeth Denton held [a small piece of volcanic tufa] in her hand and closed her eyes she immediately saw a moving picture as vivid and clear as the objects in the room in which she sat.

*BtC* Psychometry:

In brief ["Olivia"] said the ring gave her a sense of loneliness, desolation and grief. It had belonged to someone in the Orient. There had been a parting and the person who had given the ring to someone much beloved had never returned. I had heard the same story from the psychometrist in New York.

*BtC* Psychometry:

With a piece of jewelry the sensitive may see pictures of the person or persons who have owned it and describe them, along with outstanding incidents in their lives. The sensitive does not necessarily pick up all the information connected with an object. It is almost as if he saw flashes and fragments of incidents connected with the object. Some sensitives report what they see as if they walked in on a moving picture connected with the object at some stage of the picture. They see a sequence of events but not the whole movie... (NOTE: emotional peaks come through, like the life-review.)

When the same object is given to a sensitive on different occasions he will see substantially the same things...

At times a psychometrist seems to enter into the emotions of individuals connected with an object to such an extent that he finds it exhausting and almost unbearable. He will sense intense heat or cold as almost a physical experience. He feels the steaming heat of the jungle or the chill of cold winds...

Objects with strong emotional associations appear to be more easily evaluated than those with no emotional tone...

Metals and gems, according to the psychometrist, hold energy patterns of events connected with them better than other types of material... (NOTE: think of the subtext of the engagement ring!)

Whenever possible I endeavored to have several psychometrists work on each object without any knowledge regarding previous information that had been given. Their findings were amazingly similar... (NOTE: Find these?)

A kind of clairvoyance and clairsentience is certainly involved. In many cases clair-audience is involved. The psychometrist hears the rushing of water, the howling of the wind, the calls of wild animals or the human voice... The psychometrist often senses what people are thinking and what they intend to do as he observes events connected with an object.

*HU* Psychometry & Object Memory/Consciousness:

Psychometry—the ability to obtain information about an object's history simply by touching it—would also be explained. Rather than being inanimate, such an object would be suffused with its own kind of consciousness.

Ossowiecki always worked the same. He would take the object in his hands and concentrate until the room before him, and even his own body, became shadowy and almost nonexistent. After this transition occurred, he would find himself looking at a three-dimensional movie of the past. He could then go anywhere he wanted in the scene and see anything he chose. While he was gazing into the past, Ossowiecki even moved his eyes back and forth, as if the things he was describing possessed an actual physical presence before him.

(NOTE: Perhaps memory is self-psychometry.)

That the images he saw were as three-dimensional and real, even more real, than the room in which he was sitting. "It's as if the scene takes over," says Rich. "It's dominant, and once it starts to unfold, I actually become a part of it. It's like being in two places at once. I'm aware that I'm sitting in a room, but I'm also in the scene."

Psychometry of People
as Clairvoyance & Telepathy

*SBtL* Telepathy & Psychometry- Reading Pertinent Auric Memories:

I started to see "movies." I would look at someone and suddenly see snippets from his life, as though I were looking at a home movie. Or I would pick up an object that someone owned and see scenes from the life of the owner. Sometimes I touched something old and would have a vision of that object's history...

I flew to London to see a friend. As we were walking through the city, I stopped in front of the Parliament building to adjust my shoe and put my hand on a handrail. Suddenly, I smelled horses. I looked to my left and there was no one there, yet I could hear children playing. I looked at a place right in front of the Parliament and saw people in clothing from the 1800s playing croquet. I looked to my right and saw a horse standing next to me relieving itself. I began to say something to my friend, but he was no longer there. Instead, people dressed in nineteenth-century clothing and wearing derby hats were walking past me on the sidewalk...

I couldn't let go of the railing no matter how hard I tried.

My friend saw that I was in some kind of trance and tried to talk to me. When I continued to stare at my surroundings and didn't reply, he pulled my hand loose from the rail. I snapped out of it as suddenly as it had begun.


Right after being stuck by lightning, as I lay in my hospital bed and people took my hand, I found that I was suddenly them in a certain situation. For example, I would see this person fighting with someone in his family... (NOTE: AH!!!! The metaphor being played out on HIM!) Once, a close family friend came to see me and rested her hand on my forearm. Suddenly the "movie" started. I could see her sitting at a dining room table arguing with her brother and sister over a piece of land that had been left to them in someone's will... She was trying to cheat them...

Another time a friend came to visit who had kidney stones. I didn't know about this problem before he came into the hospital, but when he put his hand on my shoulder to say goodbye, I suddenly saw him curled up and squirming in agony on his living room couch as he waited for his stones to pass.

I told him what I had seen and it shocked him. "That's exactly what happened," he said. "I finally passed them just the other night."

...Stressful situations and crises dominated these psychic flashes... Car wrecks, angry girlfriends, bad family situations, office conflicts, illnesses, and other forms of stress were always the focal point of my visions. It is still that way.

*SBtL* The Viewpoint in Telepathy & Psychometry:

I was in a restaurant one time when I noticed that my waitress had the burned-out look of someone who had not slept well for several nights...

Halfway through the meal she came by to refill my coffee cup. She rested her hand on the table while she did this, which gave me the opportunity to touch her hand. When I did that, the "home movie" started immediately.

I could see this woman talking to an older man. They were standing on a street somewhere, and she was trying to hold his hand. It was obvious that he wasn't very interested in her...

For a moment I was her. I felt her pain at knowing that her relationship with this man was doomed. This scene and the knowledge came like a flash, and then it was gone. (NOTE: The viewpoint is like that in hypnotic regression!)

*SBtL* Multiple Scenes in Telepathic Psychometry:

"You pick out somebody in this restaurant and I'll read her mind."

He picked our waitress, who was walking by the table at that moment. I asked her to stop and I took her hand. The "movie" started immediately. The first scene was of her arguing angrily with her boyfriend. They were sitting at a kitchen table and really going at it. I saw him grab his coat and leave. Then another snippet of film appeared. I could see the boyfriend holding hands with another woman, a blonde with long curly hair and a cute button nose. Then came a short piece of film that showed the woman with long curly hair standing at a bar with the waitress.



Script: Many similarities between this section, the OBE's Commuincation section, and the Dream's Guides section. In fact, each of the higher senses in this section are through chakras and correspond to them. It should probably also be joined with the Astral/Mental Senses as well. There are just active while still in the body.
Script: This section needs a good combing through.


*WANF* Medium Defined:

George is a medium, a passive conduit through which the spirits communicate to subjects, their loved ones.

*Ea* Mediumship & Channeling:

The modern euphemism for direct verbal mediumship is "channeling."

*SC* Mediums Throughout History:

Abraham Lincoln was well known for his interest in the spiritualist movement. It is said that he consulted with a trance medium over the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. He was encouraged at that time, by an entity who identified himself as the spirit of Daniel Webster, to sign the Emancipation Proclamation because it would establish, once and for all, the true principle of what the United States stood for- freedom for all people...

There have always been channels and mediums among us. Trance channeling was around before biblical times and both the Old and New Testaments are rife with references to mediums. This is true of the oral and written literature of most ancient cultures. Perhaps the most familiar to Westerners is the Delphic Oracle... Roosevelt consulted with Edgar Cayce on a number of occasions. (NOTE: List who went to see them... Who went to see the Delphic Oracle)


John: "The trance state dates back to Atlantis, when various discarnate beings of the day desired to have influence in the earth plane. Many of the religious structures of those who were known in Atlantis as the Sons of the Law of One reached their final crystallization in your recorded history as the Delphic Oracle. The Oracle was a caste of priests who perpetually maintained extending forth from the realms you have come to term as spirit beings. This continuous flow was for the advancement of culture and history...

"Oracles were counselors to kings and helped to shape many of the focal points throughout history...

"Many of your sciences are an integration of meditation and technology, and the sciences that have evolved from them are but the documentation of thoughts which initially came from the trance state."

*HoL* Channeling Information:

I could manipulate my own field to interact with another person's field... Moreover, I found myself receiving information about the source of a client's illness. This information seemed to be coming from what appeared to be an intelligence higher than myself or what I normally considered to be myself. This process of receiving information in this way is popularly called channeling. Channelled information would come in the form of words, concepts or symbolic pictures that would enter into my mind when I was rebalancing the client's energy field. I would always be in an altered state of consciousness when doing this...

For example, in one case I heard directly, "She has cancer," and I saw a black spot in her energy field. The black spot correlated in size, shape and location with results from a CAT scan taken later.

*UR2* Channeling in Tuning Frequency Terms:

Ruburt tunes in to another station, translates it and broadcasts the information. To do this, however, he has to alter his own consciousness, withdraw momentarily from the official station to bring in this one. That means tuning in to other portions of the psyche, as well as another kind of reality. The final translation of my material has to come through his organism, however, or it would be meaningless to you...

I exist apart from him, as he exists apart from me, yet we are together a part of the same entity- and that simply carries the idea of the psyche further.

*CJ* Like-Attracts-Like In Channeling:

ROMC: "You are interested in the process that takes place to create this communication. It is the ‘like-attracts-like' law in the universe. This is where a particular energy outside the physical level is attracted to a similar energy within the physical level."

*WANF* Mediumship Doesn't Work Through Telepathy:

George's many readings for subjects whose loved ones disappear or die under mysterious circumstances are of particular interest because by bringing forth new and later substantiated information, he proves conclusively that telepathy, or mind reading, is not a source. As a matter of fact, George consistently scores very low in tests for telepathic ability.

*WO* Tuning In To Mental Wavelengths:

If you understand the radio you will know that when you set your dial at a certain wave length, all that is "on the air" of that wave length will make itself heard. It is exactly the same with your mind.

Different Types of Higher Contact
Aware or Dissociated Channeling

*SC* Different Forms of Trance-Contact:

The term trance medium has been around for a long time. It came into popular usage in the United States in the mid-1800s, with Andrew Jackson Davis, Daniel Douglas Home, and Lenore Piper, who were all recognized mediums in those days...

Edgar Cayce's contact was with his superconscious mind instead of with an independent entity, which clearly distinguishes him as a trance channel, rather than a medium. In fact, the term trance channel was introduced in order to distinguish between the latter form of channeling and the more traditional mediumship...

A trance channel is simply a person who has developed the ability to set aside one level of consciousness and allow another level of consciousness to come through...

Psychic merely means "of the mind" or "of the soul.".. Jean Dixon was a classic example of a psychic. She derived most of her information through clairvoyance rather than spirit channeling.

*SC* How Trance Channeling Works:

If two stations are competing for the same frequency on the radio, by slightly adjusting the dial we can tune down one vibration or channel and the other will come in more clearly. The personality named Kevin Ryerson is one vibration, channel, or frequency. By tuning down this particular frequency, other frequencies, such as Tom MacPherson and John, can speak through me...

These entities are able telepathically to "view" the energy or thoughts that we broadcast and then reflect them back to us in the form of constructive insights.

*CJ* Someone Talking Through Her:

ROMC: "Someone else has been talking through me; or maybe it is my higher soul source."

*UR2* Jane's Dissociation During Sessions:

I do depend upon Ruburt's willingness to dissociate. There is no doubt that at times he is unaware of his surroundings during a session... It is a phenomenon in which he gives consent, and he could, at any time and in a split second, return his conscious attention upon his physical environment.

*WANF* A Conscious Medium:

George also differs from other psychics in that he remains alert during readings and never goes into a trance... He works in the light, literally and figuratively, conducting readings in well-lit rooms, public places, and live on radio and television. He is also known to crack the occasional joke about the spirit in question. And George does not have a spirit guide or any other entity "speak through" him. (NOTE: Later it states that he is spoken to by the guides of those he gets information for, but awarely through claiaudience, clairvoyance, and many of the chakra methods written about above)

*ND* Edgar Cayce's Dissociated Channeling:

Those who had their own readings and those who listened regularly never observed evidence that "spirit entities" took over the body or voice of Edgar Cayce. His voice never changed in tone, timbre, or inflection during a reading. In volume- yes. But he never manifested a personality trait in his altered state that we didn't recognize as Edgar Cayce, the man himself, awake or asleep.


(Q) "Who is giving this information?"

(A) Edgar Cayce: "That same that stood in the position for the entity as a guide, and an aide, and that one who may be termed the guardian of this entity's activities...

"The body's guardian angel." (NOTE: Yet elsewhere it says that Edgar Cayce channels his Higher Self. This seems to contradict that.)

*ND* Why Channels Don't Hear What They Say:

In all those forty-three years of giving readings, he never heard one word he said in that altered state.

Once we asked Edgar Cayce in his altered state why he didn't remember; he said:

"...if the body... were to be wholly conscious of that through which it passes in its soul's activity... the strain would be so great upon that which holds the mental... in order... as to become demented in its relationship. And he is thought crazy enough anyway!"

*JoYS* Ways of Channeling:

Some material is channeled through a Ouija board. A channel using writing later began channeling orally, like most of the channels I know.

Automatic writing is a popular way to channel. There may be a sensation of "someone else" moving the pen or one's fingers.

Conscious writing is like conscious spoken channeling in that the words are formed in the consciousness of the channel in oneness with the channel rather than mindlessly coming through the channel.

*SD&P* Why Seth Channels in Full-Trance:

"Why this method of communication? Why not, say, automatic writing on Jane's part?"

This method suits me temperamentally. Automatic writing is so one-sided. I enjoy the questions that you do manage to get in. Often they remind me of other things I would like to say. I always enjoyed conversation, which is the liveliest of the arts.

Because Ruburt deals in words, it is easy for me to communicate in this way. He automatically translates inner data given by me into coherent, valid, and faithful camouflage patterns. Its transference is automatic and instantaneous on Ruburt's part, and is performed through the inner workings of the mind, the inner senses and the brain.

Developing Contact with a Guide

*HoL* The Development of Guide Contact:

As my life unfolded, the unseen hand that led me became more and more perceptible. At first I vaguely sensed it. Then I began seeing spiritual beings, as if in a vision. Then I began to hear them talking to me and feel them touch me. I now accept that I have a guide. I can see, hear, and feel him. "He" says he is not male or female. "He" says that in his world there is no splitting along sexual lines and that beings at his level of existence are whole. "He" says that his name is Heyoan, which means, "The Wind Whispering Truth Through the Centuries."...

As you become more attentive to your personal needs by listening to internal messages that come to you in the form of discomfort, you will become more balanced and clear. This will bring more health to you. The practice of listening-in will also bring on the phenomena of direct or verbal guidance.

*WANF* How Spirits Contact Us:

Sometimes spirits mention that they have tried to contact the living through dreams or by giving them a sign.

*VftA* A Visitation:

On an overcast morning, as I sat watching a pair of bluebirds dance their celebration of spring, I became aware of a presence beside me. This unseen spirit felt very familiar, and somehow feminine. She stayed with me all day, and that night, as I was preparing for bed, she made herself known to me. I had just finished my evening prayer and meditation. When I opened my eyes, there before me stood the most beautiful Native American girl. As I listened to her story, I became her.

*VftA* Methods & Forms of Messages From Helpers:

Communication with other realms most often occurs through the... more intuitive method: spirit reaching deep inside us, by-passing the overloaded mind to tug at our hearts, leaving a lasting imprint on our souls. These messages are then translated into a conscious knowing. This is called clair-sentience. Usually this information registers as a strong emotion, which comes suddenly for no apparent reason. Deep feelings of comforting safety, ecstatic joy, immense love, or overwhelming fear can convey reassurance, union, passionate care, or warnings from our ever-present helpers.

Sometimes these messages are accompanied by some direct physical manifestations. For example, whenever one particular angel is around me, the room is filled with the scent of night-blooming jasmine. If your mother was fond of roses, you may smell the delicate essence of these special blossoms, announcing her presence.

Some people actually hear their name being called by the familiar voice of one long gone. Or they are surrounded by beautiful, unearthly singing, or the ringing of bells, letting them know they are not alone. They may hear a clear voice telling them to "turn around" if they are approaching a dangerous situation. This is known as clairaudience...


Sometimes guardians will take on a physical form, appearing before you in order to help or to deliver a message. Recently... an elderly Navajo woman and her grown daughter, living in an isolated desert dwelling, received one of these miraculous visits...

There was a knock at the door. She opened it to reveal two very tall, slender men; divine emissaries of the Holy People, the creators and spirit guardians of the Navajo. They said they had come to deliver a message to the elderly woman, who was to then carry it to her people...

Their message delivered, they turned and walked a few steps and then vanished before the astonished eyes of the woman and her daughter. All that remained were two pairs of very large footprints, which ended abruptly, and a heavy sprinkling of corn pollen, always present when there is holy interaction with the spirit guardians of the Hopi and Navajo peoples...

We are continually receiving guidance and reassurance and love from this unseen world, yet most of us fail to acknowledge what we are being given.

This failure stems from two things: fear of the unknown and the numbing that comes from living in a society focused almost entirely on things material.

*VftA* When Contact Happens:

Contact with this other world often comes when we are faced with a crisis- when we lose someone to death, during times of extreme stress, grave illness, or serious danger. The sensitization of certain neural receptors at these times comes as a survival response: the more information available to us at these times, the better our chances of surviving them. (NOTE: Not neurons... it's when there is a great release and the subsequent openness)

Development of Channeling

*HoL* How To Get Verbal Information (Channelling):

Formulate a question in your mind as clearly as you can. Focus now on wanting to know the truth about that question, no matter what the answer is... Focus and silence the mind. Wait for an answer to come to you. After some time in silence you will begin to receive an answer...

After I did this every morning at sunrise for three months, the verbal information came so quickly that I couldn't write fast enough. The voice suggested that I buy a typewriter. Soon I couldn't type fast enough. The voice suggested that I buy a tape recorder. I did. At first, it was hard to go from writing to speaking the words out loud. The sound of my voice interfered with the quiet I, by that time, was able to hold in my mind. With practice I became clear again. The next step was to do it for another person, and then in front of a group. This was especially embarrassing, because the way verbal channelling works is that the channeller can only hear the first few words of what is going to be said. It takes a lot of faith to jump into the beginning of a sentence, and allow the unknown rest of it to flow out.

*TDA* Initial Channeling Experiences, Different Entities, Adjustments:

[Thomas, the medium:] "I began to get these experiences- physical experiences, like involuntary contractions in the solar plexus... It was very subtle- but I was told later that they [the spirits] were preparing me at that time, working with me on my breathing and... other internal adjustments...

"Still nothing had really happened right up into the last week of the class...

"I vividly remember what a deep feeling that was, of giving up. And at that moment- a very emotional moment- I had the strongest contraction I'd ever felt. I mean it was huge- like being hit in the solar plexus with a big hammer- a very strong contraction, almost like vomiting when there's nothing there to come up- with a force... As though this huge wind were coming out of me..

"He said his name was Ordin and started trying to talk without much success. It was just these guttural sounds. It was awful..."

Ordin was the first spirit personality to come forth for Thomas. There were others... but none much more satisfying than that first experience with Ordin. And it did not always work...

"I would put myself in position and it would happen a little bit, then a little bit more, then I would close off and it would stop- a real tug..."

I was furious. I finally went to talk to Dr. Peebles [through another medium]- angrily, I got real angry with him- ‘What's going on? How could you do this to me? If this is real, then why isn't Spirit coming through? I'm sitting there, people are waiting to see me, and nothing's going on, you're not there. Why is it vacant all of a sudden?'"

"...He said, ‘Well that's exactly why we're doing it... So that you understand that it is not you doing it; it is us.'

"...[Miriam] was my next humiliating experience... I was used to this big powerful thing, and instead this was sweet, gentle, a soft little thing just gradually building, at first so subtle that I wasn't sure anything was really there. But it kept growing and glowing- real slow... Drove me crazy. The feeling moved into my mouth and started going into this big, huge, ridiculous ear-to-ear grin...

"It's got to be the highest female voice in the history of mankind...

"Then Dr. Peebles started coming through- and I was afraid of that... because of the comparison with William... he would come through and say, maybe, five words... barely... I mean not him barely but me barely letting him come out, through me, and that was even a greater battle...

"I didn't like different spirits coming through- it was as if I were being ripped up and down and it was very uncomfortable- so I asked Dr. Peebles to fix it so I could just have one spirit coming through, and that's the way it's been."

*JoYS* Who Can Channel:

Channeling is usually not of strong interest to the soul until the mature and old soul ages, because before that, our lessons emphasize external factors. I needed to empty my "vessel" of baggage before I could become a clear channel.

We are willing to be channeled by anyone who can accommodate us. An older soul who is channeling may be able to allow a greater depth to come through.

How it Works

*JoYS* How Channeling Occurs:

Channeling occurs through what Michael calls the "higher centers," which are dormant in most of us but which can be opened with practice. Higher centers are the parts of us that connect with universal love, truth, and kinetic energy. They are like radios that can be tuned in to the frequency of the channeled entity. The "signal" is generally received first by the crown chakra. In verbal channeling, it then stimulates the sixth chakra and the brain, searching for the subconscious for correlating words.

*JoYS* Channeling is Easier These Days:

There has been an increase of spiritual consciousness, and it has become easier to channel- there is less of a "veil" in the way. A generation or two ago, human consciousness was more dense, less responsive to higher energies, and it was generally necessary to get a channel's consciousness completely out of the way. That's why most of the "old school" channels and mediums go into full trance.

*SS* Seth Communicating to Rubert & Inner Senses:

Seth says that speaking through Jane is not a simple matter, for there are many manipulations and psychological adjustments necessary. I focus my attention toward the woman, but the words on these pages are not initially verbal at all. Language as you know it is a slow affair. It is the result of a linear thought pattern. In these communications, therefore, Ruburt's consciousness expands and yet focuses in a different dimension, a dimension between his reality and mine, a field relatively free of distraction. Ruburt makes his verbal knowledge available for our use, and quite automatically the two of us together cause the various words that will be spoken. Some of my energy is also projected through Ruburt, and his energy and mine both activate his physical form during out sessions, and now as I speak these sentences. I communicate with your dimension not by willing myself to your level of reality, but by imagining myself there. Initial contact on my part was made long before our sessions began. When I enter your system, I move through a series of mental and psychic events. You would interpret these events as space and time, and so often I must use the terms. I translate what I am into an event that you can understand to some extent. I send only a portion of myself here, as you perhaps send out a portion of your consciousness as you write a letter to a friend, and yet are aware of the room in which you sit. Anything in your experience I can use as an example or a point about which I can build a discussion.

There is within his psyche what amounts to a transparent dimensional warp that serves almost like an open window through which other realities can be perceived, a multidimensional opening that has to some extent escaped being clouded over by a shade of physical focus. The physical senses usually blind you to these open channels, for they perceive reality only in their own image.

We use the inner senses quite freely and consciously. If you were to do so, then you would perceive the same kind of environment in which I have my existence. You would see an uncamouflaged situation in which events and form were free and not stuck in a jellylike mold of time. You could see, for example, your present living room not only as a conglomeration of permanent-appearing furniture, but switch your focus and see the immense and constant dance of molecules and other particles that compose the various objects. You would see a phosphorescent-like glow, the aura of electromagnetic "structures" that compose the molecules themselves. You could, if you wished, condense your consciousness until it was small enough to travel through a single molecule, and from the molecule's own world look out and survey the universe of the room and the gigantic galaxy of interrelated, ever-moving starlike shapes. Now all of these possibilities represent a legitimate reality. Yours is no more legitimate than any other, but it is the only one you perceive. If our environment seems unstructured to you, it is only because you do not understand the true nature of order, which has nothing to do with permanent form, but only appears to have form from your perspective. You can, using your inner senses, percieve reality as it exists apart from the play and your role in it. The inner senses are channels that provide communication between various dimensions of existence. Yet even here the information must be distorted to some extent as it is translated into physical terms. Otherwise, it would not be perceived at all (**).

Sometimes I am very directly concerned in a session, and sometimes you get a session that has been programmed.

*SS* Seth & Channeling:

I must have a thorough knowledge of the particular system of reality in which my pupil operates, or his or her system of thought, of the symbols that are meaningful. The stability of the pupil's personality must be correctly gauged by me. My material must be presented in such a way that it makes sense in the context in which the pupil understands reality.

*JoYS* Communication Comes Through Imagination:

Whenever you work with the invisible in any way, you do so through your facility of imagination. You have to be able to imagine yourself conversing with your guides, for instance, in order for that to occur. Letting your imagination run freely is essential to the success of guided meditations. If nothing comes, make something up. Soon, as the "pump" becomes the "primed," reality will take over where imagination left off.

It is normal to wonder if you are making up everything you get. When you first start to access your guides or learn to channel, you may not have had much practice in translating from the invisible, so translation may be rather rough. Your imagination may be filling in some of the gaps, or parts of yourself that you have ignored may take the opportunity to express themselves. With practice, you can quickly grow in your ability to translate specifically and accurately, and keep your unfinished business from interfering.

Good material has a solidity to it. Usually, at least something besides pure imagination in happening, It may have a mixture of sources. Your psyche has no reason to make up something "from scratch" when what you are asking for is available.

*SS* What Seth Sees, Channeling:

I perceive people in a room in a far different manner than they perceive themsleves; their various past and future reincarnated personalities, but not their probable selves, are perceivable to me. I see the reincarnated aspects, in your terms it would be as if you saw a series of quickly moving pictures. I see this composite image of myself.

Communicating with your system in such a manner demands great diligence and greater discrimination, according to the "distance" of the communicator from the physical system. The discrimination comes to bear upon the precision needed to enter your reality at the precise point in time and space upon which you are concentrated. Present and future experiences of those in the room are available to me, and as real as their present experience. Therefore I must remember what they think has alrealy happened, or not yet occured, for to me it is one. I say that I am aware of their past and future actions and thoughts, and yet what I am aware of, actually, are ever shifting and changing patterns, both in the future and in the past. Some of the events that I see connected very clearly with these persons in the future may not, in your system, occur. They exist as probabilities, as potentials, actualized in thoughts but not turned into definate physical form. No events were predetermined. I would have to tune into future data and probe it with all its ramifications in order to ascertain which of the probable actons I saw in your earlier would be actualized in your later.

This room does not exist for me.

*JoYS* Reading From the Subject:

I sometimes hear Michael use a word or phrase that was key in the person's life.

Different Kinds of Channeling & Chakras

*HoL* Channeling Information Through Different Chakras:

When I observe someone channelling, I am able to perceive which chakra they are using to get their information. That chakra is usually active and has more energy running through it when they are channelling...

The kind of information you receive through each of your chakras is different.

*HoL* First Chakra Channeling- Kinesthetic Information:

The first chakra yields kinesthetic information- feelings in your body like a feeling of balance or imbalance, shivers running up and down the spine, physical pain in a body part, a feeling of illness or health, safety or danger...She can distinguish between her body and the body of her patient... There are disadvantages to this method of accessing information. One tires very fast of feeling everyone else's physical pain.

*HoL* Second Chakra Channeling- Emotional Information:

The second chakra yields information about emotional states... Again the healer must use her own energy field to distinguish between her own emotional feelings and those of the patient.

*HoL* Third Chakra Channeling- Vague Precognition & Disembodied Being Sensing:

The third chakra gives vague information such as when someone says, "I thought you were going to call, and you did" or "My intuition tells me that I shouldn't fly on that plane today; something might happen." If one is sensing beings from another level, and the third chakra is being used to sense them, the person will get a vague sense of another presence in the room, its location, its general shape and size and its intent, i.e., friendly or unfriendly... In the example of the leg pain, the third chakra will give a vague idea of what deeper meaning the pain has in the client's life and also some intuition of its causes.

*HoL* Fourth Chakra Channeling- Love:

The fourth chakra yields feelings of love. Love that reaches out beyond the self, mate or family to humanity and life itself. When you are sensing with the fourth chakra, you can sense another's love and the quality and quantity of that love, whether they be in a physical body or not.

*HoL* Fifth Chakra Channeling- Sounds, Smells, Tastes:

The fifth chakra gives the sense of sounds, music, words, smells and taste.

*HoL* Sixth Chakra Channeling- Images:

The sixth chakra reveals pictures... When I say images, I don't necessarily mean you see them as you do with your eyes, but you do receive a picture in your mind that gives a strong enough impression and allows you to observe it in a way that might allow you to draw or reproduce it if you wished... The image could appear on a screen in the healer's mind... or it could appear to be coming directly from inside the leg, as it would to normal sight... The sixth chakra could also reveal, in picture form, the patient's past experience that is connected to the leg pain, such as an image of a child falling off a tricycle and bumping her leg right where the pain is now, say twenty years later. This kind or direct access is rather like watching a movie.

*HoL* Seventh Chakra Channeling- Whole Concepts:

The seventh chakra reveals information in the form of a whole concept.. The channeler, after absorbing and deeply understanding the concept, must then use her own words to describe what she understands. Many times, as I start to explain something in my own words, Heyoan will come in (from the fifth) and explain it in much clearer words than I can. The whole concept gives a complete sense of knowing.

What Is Being Channeled

*JoYS* Things That Are Channeled:

Healers sometimes channel energies, while inspirational teachers may channel emotions. Music, images, and movement can all be channeled.

*MV&I* Channeling Higher Vibrations:

The vibrations of certain types of the divine force are in themselves too fine to be appreciated by the grosser essence of these lower planes; but if they descend to them through the channel of one whose vehicles at these levels are perfectly pure, then they can be appreciated even down here, and so their work may be done.

*TF* Channeling Higher Energies Into Lower Planes:

Yet there are conditions under which the grace and strength peculiar to a higher plane may in a measure be brought down to a lower one, and may spread abroad there with wonderful effect. This seems to be possible only when a special channel is for the moment opened; and that work must be done from below and by the effort of man. When the thought or feeling is absolutely unselfish, its energy pierces through the plane above because only in that higher condition, with its additional dimension, can it find room for its expansion. But in thus breaking through, such a thought of feeling holds open a door of dimension equivalent to its own diameter, and thus furnishes the requisite channel through which the divine force appropriate to the higher plane can pour itself into the lower with marvelous results, not only for the thinker but for others.

The Nature of Inner Communication

*SS* Seth Telepathy & Communication:

We communicate telepathically. Telepathy is the basis for your languages, without which their symbolism would be meaningless. We communicate through what I can only call thermal and electromagnetic images that are capable of support much more meaning in one "sequence." The intensity of the communication is dependant upon the emotional intensity behind it.

We can communicate in far more various forms than those with which you are familiar. We can communicate with someone we have only known as a child in a life in the 14th century by relating on the basis of that experience. We do not feel the need to hide our emotions or thoughts from others, because all of us by now well recognize the cooperative nature of all consciousnes and reality, and our part in it. We are highly motivated.

The printed line does not contain information, it transmits information. Your actual words convey information, feelings, or thoughts. The words are not the information which they attempt to convey. Direct experience for the soul actually exists- it is a total field of perception, innocent of the physical cues of color, size, weight, and sense, with which your physical perceptions are clothed. Words are used to tell of an experience, but they obviously are not the experience that they attempt to describe.

*SD&P* Inner Communication- Direct Experience of a Concept-Essence:

It is difficult for me to have to string this material out in words and for you to record it. You see, it is possible, in theory, for you to directly experience a concept-essence of the material in any given session. This would involve the utilization of most, if not all inner senses, operating as a whole cognizance field.

Different Kinds of Information Received

*UR2* Jane Receiving Images:

Jane's trance had been excellent, her delivery steady and rather quiet for the most part. "I knew what Seth was talking about," she said, "because I had the images to go along with what he was saying. Not that I could repeat him now, word for word..."

*HoL* Guidance Starts General, then Gets Specific:

The information I received auditorially was at first general, and then with practice it became specific. For example, I would hear words of love and assurance for the individual who had come for a healing. Later this information would get as specific as naming people, diseases a patient had, or in some cases a diet, vitamins, remedies or drugs that would benefit the patient. Many people who chose to follow these verbal instructions became well.

*WANF* How Spirits Communicate to the Medium:

The five abilities through which George receives the spirits' messages: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, sympathetic pain and sensation, and psychometry...

Clairvoyance makes it possible for George to "see" in his mind's eye objects, symbols, figures, and scenes. Through clairaudience he hears the voices of the spirits as well as other relevant sounds: anything from gunshots, to dogs barking, to explosions, to cars crashing, to a spirit speaking to him. Clairsentience is an extrasensory feeling, perhaps best described as a hunch... George will simply state, "I have the feeling of being trapped," or "I'm feeling anxious and scared," or "They give me the feeling it was a business deal gone bad..."

Sympathetic pain and sensation differ from clairsentience, because here George receives very real (and sometimes quite painful physical sensations... A sharp stabbing pain in the chest indicates to George that a spirit died from a heart attack, for example. Thermographic imaging tests actually show that the affected area on George's body consistently "heats up" at the instant of sensation...

Through psychometry George might learn whom the object belonged to, where it came from, or in the case of a sealed newspaper story what it is about without having seen it...

"When the spirits speak to me, it's through the mind, like telepathy..."


"Does this happen in the summer?"


"I feel as if I'm in warmer weather. I feel as if I'm in the summertime-" (NOTE: A full impression. A rote.)

*WANF* Symbols in Spirit Communication:

He receives information, which he relays to the subject. Many symbols, for example, have multiple meanings. A car accident can be a symbol for a car accident or any accident. In order for him to relay it accurately and decipher the clues he receives, he must have the subject's confirmation or denial of information...


"I'm seeing Saint Joseph, my symbol for a ‘happy,' peaceful death. He tells me he went into a coma..." (NOTE: They use his symbols!)


"He shows me the last scene from the film Steel Magnolias where the parent remains with the child until the end." For George, an avid movie buff, seeing scenes from motion pictures is not unusual.

Sifting & Blocking of Channeled Information

*UR2* Comingling of Channeled Information:

Information must be sifted through the layers of the medium's personality. Any perception instantly alters the electromagnetic and neurological systems of the perceiver... Information automatically blends with, is intermingled with, and enmeshed with, the entire physically valid structure of the personality.

Any perception is action; it changes that upon which it acts, and in so doing it is itself changed. The slightest perception alters every atom within your body. (NOTE: Just like how the perfect stream of thoughts from God gets thickened and confused)

*DEVF2* Forging Imagination & Reason:

In material like tonight's but in general during sessions, you end up with information that does indeed come from outside of time in certain important fashions.

It requires that Ruburt forge imagination and reason together in a highly accelerated fashion... I have my own consciousness at other intervals- intervals that in your terms encompass your own.

*Chaos* Flow Wants Realization:

[Theodor Schwenk's] "archetypal principle" was this: that flow "wants to realize itself, regardless of the surrounding material."

Being a Clear Channel

*UR2* Channeling it Through Distortions into Words:

In the beginning, for example, there is always a distortion of material by the person who receives it, at least on the topmost subconscious level. So an individual whose personal prejudices are at a minimum is excellent...

Information like this is sifted through many layers of subconscious conception, and is subsequently colored. People believing in your organized religions color it in a manner that is highly disadvantageous, and that unfortunately adds to existing superstitions... Others less perfectionist than myself are content with more distortion. I am not...

I am not his subconscious, though I speak through it. It is the atmosphere through which I can come to you.

*CJ* Channeling, Being Clear:

ROMC: "I saw the face of a man very clearly- with a beam coming from the center of his forehead toward me. I think it means that it's time to receive the thoughts...

"I'm getting a picture of everything that's going to be discussed. It's coming into my mind. I must say what I'm getting because the voice I'm hearing builds up energy as I talk. It helps the energy flow of the vibrations that are sent.

"They say that the vibrations are sent in forms of energy, and I pick up these energy forms as they enter into my own mental system. Then the forms are transposed into my own level of communication and thought. It's at this point that the communication can be misconstrued as it comes into the earth level.

"The incoming information goes through various energy systems. When the channels are clear, the energy is stronger and the communication comes through in a purer form."

*CWG3* The Channeling Filter:

You are bringing this information through a unique filter- a filter which has been designed by you to shield you from too much remembering.

*ER* Being a Free Channel, Being Guided:

Do you think I know what I'm doing?

That for one breath or half-breath I belong to myself?

As much as a pen knows what it's writing,

or the ball can guess where it's going next.

*CWG3* Channeling Clearness:

Some times you are "cleaner" than at other times. Some moments you are more open- like a strainer which has just been rinsed. It is more "open." There are more holes open.

*HoL* Blocking Information From Guides:

Usually I get pretty specific answers, but it is not always easy, especially if I am uneasy about what the answer might be. It is then that I will block the information coming through. Then I must recenter to go on.

*CJ* Trouble With Transmissions- Static:

ROMC: "The balance of the energies in the earth level can make a difference in the nature of the transmission. If there is static in the vibrations, the energy levels can vary. We use the term ‘static' to mean that the balance is not perfect. Therefore, the transmission will not be exactly what is it meant to be.

"In the earth level, it is impossible to have a perfect transmission. Because their are always levels that are not in complete balance, one hundred percent accuracy is not possible. Also, during the transmission process, there is a continual fluctuation in the energy balance, which affects the transmission."

*ND* Channeled Information Against Cayce's World View:

When, in 1923, he responded to questions about past lives, the concept went dead against his conscious worldview.

Script: And a different type of block:
*SC* When Channeled Entities Cross the Medium's Lines:

On occasion I've had to put an entity "on notice." For example, in an early guides-and-teachers workshop, when Tom MacPherson had just started channeling through, our values came into conflict. Tom was introducing the various guides and teachers aligned with individuals in the group. At one point, an elegant Native American Indian guide by the name of Red Fox showed up. In the manner any good Irishman of his day, Tom introduced Red Fox as "a savage with practically no clothing on." Tom's transmission was terminated instantly. It was as if a large invisible hook had come out and jerked him offstage. Several minutes later he returned and said, "Excuse me. I've just been dutifully informed that you now address these individuals as ‘noble Native Americans.'" It sounded like he'd been dusted down on the other side...

On another occasion, a client of mine asked Tom if he could locate his wife, who was recently deceased. Even though my trance tends to be weak in this area, Tom told the man he would give it a try. After a few moments of silence, Tom said quite angrily, "You bloody liar. Not only do I find that your wife isn't over here, but she's in perfectly sound health!" The client, who was probably just trying to test MacPherson, was quite startled. Once again, the big hook came out and jerked Tom offstage.

The hook that jerked Tom offstage both times was my own system of ethics... My consciousness has an automatic screen that filters out behavior that goes against my values. In other words, spirit entities can make independent statements, but unless these statements serve the full intention of the channel, they will not be permitted expression.

*JoYS* Distraction & Deep Trance:

Deeper trance can occur when the channel is not distracted, and there is a rhythm established.

*JoYS* The Raw Material in the Mind for Channeling:

A conscious channel should be able to move with anything an entity wishes to communicate, provided he has adequate raw material in his subconscious mind.

Finding "raw" information is relatively easy. What can be difficult is properly interpreting it, given the limitations of language.

One channel may be able to get highly complex material about health, but be limited regarding relationships, or vise versa.

If a channel has no connection with certain material, it can be difficult, if not impossible, for him to move responsively with it.

*JoYS* Channelers Must Set Aside Their Own Thoughts, Adjustments:

When a person opens to channel, various unconscious parts of himself needing release or healing may come to the surface under the guise of channeling, especially if he hasn't given them a chance to come up. A clear channel knows the difference between his own "stuff" and valid channeling. Every channel must be able to set aside his conditioned consciousness- not only his unfinished business, but his entire belief structure- in order to be effective. The more he knows himself, the easier this is.

Unless a channel is scrupulous about disengaging his prejudices and opinions, subtle "editing" can creep in, especially when the channel has charged feelings about the specific material being channeled or the people involved.

When there is not an organic need for information to be given or a wide-open-hearted receptivity, the information can be hard to get, or can even be blocked.

Many channels and psychics feel that a vegetarian diet is necessary in order to be a "clear receptor."

Various other factors can interfere with the clear reception of channeling: a headache, illness, or just a weakened or tired physical state; excessive alcohol, medication, drugs, caffeine, or sugar; and a confused or conflicted mental/emotional state. The atmosphere of the listener(s) also has an effect.

It is also easier to channel in some places than in others. Some people say that psychic skills are enhanced around water.

If you desire to learn to channel, it is certainly possible to do so. It take practice and dedication. The qualifications for channeling are a deep desire to do it and a willingness to practice, cleanse your subconscious, and set aside your belief structure for the duration of the channeling.

Your conscious awareness is the main "road" on which your thoughts travel. It is used by many sources within you, including what is sometimes called the subconscious mind.

Ideally, a channel has all chakras open and available. The ability to open the seventh chakra is usually most important, especially if channeling verbally.

*JoYS* Channeling Inaccuracies:

Although no channel is 100% accurate, often what seems wrong is just incomplete.

*JoYS* Raising The Channel's Vibration: Bubles of Impurities in the Aura:

Since we do a lot of healing work through this channel, there is a need to raise his vibration to accommodate our vibration. Doing this too quickly would be like ripping something that was only intended to be stretched. As we begin to come in, we are "blowing up the balloon," filling the channel with increasing pressure. As this is done, little air-bubble-like pockets of impurities come to the surface, as in a water bed, and have to be released. If they are not, they are amplified and could harm the channel, cloud the channeling, or both.

Those with whom we are speaking are included in another, larger balloon or energy field. We subtly work with clearing this container also. This is done by drawing the "bubbles" into the channel and gradually pricking holes in them, so to speak, squeezing out the air so that there is a feeling of evenness and smoothness in the person coming for healing and information. Many who come are so full of these bubble of impurities that we can only do basic work, and as a consequence, cannot raise their vibration as high as we otherwise might.

When my body is clearing energetic debris, whether mine or anothers', my body reacts in various ways, including yawning and something a little bit similar to hyperventilating or to the "breath of fire" in yoga. The rapid breathing happens less now. It was partly he result of incorrect posture creating a block in my neck.

Before clearing in whatever manner, I feel a mounting pressure and drowziness, which climaxes of its own accord and releases through the breath.

"Heaven" or higher-plane energies need to be balanced with earth energies if we are to have a state of well-being. In other words, the more we work with higher energies, the more we need grounding. My tendency is not to be fully "in my body" anyway.

Energy seems to move more freely in my body than it did before I began channeling.

*JoYS* Minimizing Stress:

In preparing to channel ask for the support of your inner resources and protect them with white light. Go through your body, cleansing your chakras.

After channeling, flush away any energetic debris that has accumulated. Release any draining cords of connection that have been attached to you by other people. Ask your soul to replenish your supply of spiritual substance.

Channeling for people of little spiritual substance drains your own. It is a great service to them, but is can be quite a workout for both you and the entity being channeled.

*SS* Receiving Inner Communications & Clashing Belief Systems:

The experience came within a framework that [Ruburt] could accept- that of highly accelerated imagination. His consciousness left his body only after he was in the throes of what seemed to him to be inspiration of almost unbearable intensity. Had his habits instead led him to regular prayer, then that framework could alo have been used. To those who believe that all answers are known, there is little need to search.

There is a fine impatience, a divine discontent that drives them on until the frontiers within their own personalities are finally opened. The energy generated by such experiences is enough to change a life in a matter of moments, and to affect the understanding and behavior of others.

Often the information given clashes with previously held ideas and beliefs.

[Individuals who receive inspiration in an expanded state of consciousness] are usually gifted with the ability to draw upon unusual amounts of energy. Often they must learn at a fairly young age not to dissapate the energy. They can seem, for example, to go off in many directions at once, before this lesson is brought home. The last 30s and early 40s are frequently involved simply because the need to know in such personalities often reaches a peak then.

The incredible charge is always the initial ecperience. Contained within it is the condensed energy from which all other developments come.

The individual now realized that he is indeed a living web of reality, and this becomes immediate conscious knowledge.

Individuals such as Rupurt are themselves a portion of the knowledge they receive.

Many individuals have experienced unusual, quite valid and intene expansions of consciousness, but found themselves unable to correlate the new knowledge with past beliefs, to make the changes necessary to handle the experience. In such cases, they tried to close it off, deny it, forget it. Others never allowed it to escape from the framework or the context from which it had sprung. If the information seemed to be coming initailly from God, they continued to think in their particular way about God, even though the experience and the information given should have brought them far beyond such a point.

Truth is all of these seemingly distinct, separate, different realities. Each of you are part of the truths you perceive. "Truth" reflected through Rupurt becomes in a way new truth, for it is perceived uniquely. It is not less truth or more truth in those terms. It becomes new truth. Such "new truths" can be very ancient indeed, but truth is not a new thing that must always have the same appearence, shape, form, or dimension. Those who are so certain of their answers will lack the need to know that can lead them into still greater dimension of understanding.

Expansion of consciousness requires honest self appraisal, an awareness of one's own beliefs and prejudices. All who wish to look within themsleves, to find their own answers, to encounter their own "appointment with the universe" should therefore become well aquainted with the intimate workings of their own personality.

If you want organization you shall have it -at any time. You structure your own existence, and you chose those realities that have exactly as much organization as you need at any given time. In this reality, you very nicely emphasize all the similarities which bind you together; you make a pattern of them, and you very nicely ignore all the distractions.

*SD&P* Channeling Distortion:

In the beginning particularly, there is always a distortion of such material by the person who receives it. So a person whose personal prejudices are at a minimum is excellent.

There must, of necessity however, be some distortion. If our communication involved invasion, then there would be no distortion because the person so ‘invaded' would be blotted out and this is not possible.

People who believe strongly in your organized religions are used to thinking in terms of an inner world. For that reason, many of them have been recipients of inner data from others like myself. There are disadvantages involved, however, which I do not like to encounter.

Material like this is sifted through many layers of subconscious conceptions and is subsequently colored to some degree. People believing strongly in your organized religions often color the material in highly disadvantageous ways.

*MB* Interfering With Channeling:

ARIEL: We noticed a breakdown in communication at one point. This was because your own thinking was entering the process instead of just letting it flow from Uris... You are trying to use your own process of reasoning because you want it to be right, but this is not necessary.

Overcoming Channeling Blocks By Redirecting Information

*HoL* Shifting Modes of Communication to Overcome Blocks:

The guide will communicate in whatever form is easiest for you to receive. It will either be in a general concept, direct words, symbolic pictures or direct pictures of happenings like past experiences or past lives. When one form of communication does not reach you, or you become afraid of what is being conveyed, the guides will simply shift to another form or approach the subject from another angle. For example, if I fear that the words that are coming through have a certain meaning, or if someone has asked a particularly controversial question, I will "run away" from that place of inner peace and harmony and no longer be able to hear what the guide is saying. I then have to take a minute or two to find that place inside again. If I cannot pick up the words again, the guides will probably send me a general concept that I then try to explain in my own words. This slowly merges with their words again, and I am "back on line." If that doesn't work, they will come in with a picture that I will begin describing and allow the client to help find the meaning.

Factors Affecting Channeling

*UR2* Things Affecting Seth's Contact:

At times I am "here" more completely than in other sessions. These reasons often have to do with circumstances usually beyond normal control: electromagnetic conditions, psychological circumstances. These could be considered as atmospheric conditions through which I must travel.

*THAS* A Delicate Connection:

These words are impressed on your mind with such delicacy that the slender thread connecting them with my mind becomes soluble to any disturbance.

*WANF* Electricity & Channeling:

George loses contact with the other side during severe lightning storms.

*TDA* Light Interference with Channeling:

On that first show some of the promotion people were there, and you know we had the lights kind of low and you stay away from Thomas while he's in trance. But at a news break they turned up the lights a little bit so they could take some pictures- and Dr Peebles got right on their case: "Don't you change the environment around here! Turn it back down! I'm really concerned about my channel, he's trying to stomp back in here anyway as it is."

Said, "We just wanted to take some pictures."

He says, "No flashbulbs!" Says, "Bill, you've got to tell these people this is something special going on."

*TDA* When the Body Interferes With Channeling:

Dr. Peebles: "We are going- please understand that there will be times that we will leave quickly from the channel, from your vantage point, because we want to speak only- for you, in this project- when we are fully present, to capture the depth, so as to honor your wonderful, insightful, important questions... Everything's right on schedule; relax and enjoy the process."

-...Thomas, who places nothing in his stomach for several hours before a trance, had developed hunger pangs. Apparently Spirit knew that, was aware of his physical discomfort, so withdrew gracefully.

*ND* Silver Cord Disturbances in Channeling:

When somebody moved something across his abdomen, he quit talking, right in the midst of a reading... First I tried to get him to continue, then to wake him up. During this time he showed no sign, even, of life. I was getting deeply concerned. And people in the room were getting frantic. Then, he came out of it, swiftly, following a suggestion, and was suddenly standing straight up, and visibly upset...

Edgar Cayce: "As was seen, through the seeking of irrelevant questions there was antagonism manifested. This made for a contraction of those channels through which the activity of the psychic forces operates in the material body; as we have outlined, along the pineal, the lyden and the cord- or silver cord...

"The mere disturbing of the body that rests above the natural body by other than the elements that have not taken bodily form- break the associations, the connections, with that source from which the records are being taken."

The Experience of Channeling

*HoL* The Experience of Contacting Your Guides:

To contact your guide, simply sit in the quiet, peaceful understanding that you are one with God, that a spark of God exists in every part of your being and that you are perfectly safe. This attitude allows you to reach a state of inner quiet that allows you to hear.

In general, when entering a lifted state for guidance, I go through the following internal experience.

I feel an excitement because I sense the presence of a guide full of light and love. Then I become aware of a beam of white light above me, and I start lifting myself up into it... My excitement diminishes as I become aware of a pink cloud of love coming down over me. I become filled with a feeling of love and security. I then feel myself being lifted into a higher state of consciousness. At this point, my body may make a few adjustments, like the pelvis curling under more (to the forward position), and my backbone straightening more. I may involuntarily yawn to help my throat chakra open. (This is the chakra through which one hears one's guides.)

After more lifting, I enter into a state of holy serenity. Then I will usually both hear and see the guides. Throughout the beginning of the reading I will continue lifting. I usually have about three teachers that guide me. The person who has come to me for help will usually be accompanied by his guide or guides...

I sit in a cross-legged position, palms down on my thighs. First I center myself. To me this means kinesthetically anchoring in my body... At a certain point when I am lifted, contact with the guide is made. Again I feel it kinesthetically. I see the guide behind my right shoulder, and I hear the first few words from that direction... At this point, I usually begin to channel verbally. At first the words come from the right shoulder area. The more connected to the channelling process I become, the closer-in the words are. The guide also appears to come closer. Soon there is no lag time between hearing and speaking the words, and the apparent direction they are coming from moves to above and inside my head. The guide also visually appears to fit over me like a glove. The guide begins to move my arms and hands in coordination with the conversation. "He" also uses my hands to balance my energy field and to run energy into my chakras while "he" is talking...

At the end of the conversation, my experience is one of the guide lightly disconnecting and lifting off, while my consciousness sinks downwards into my body and my personality self. At this point I am usually quite shy.

*FWG* Sensations of Contacting God:

Neale: "I felt a major rush inside my body. I sat quietly for a moment, stunned into a complete awareness of something that a moment before I had not thought of, but which now seemed perfectly obvious...

"The experience was usually followed by some kind of physical sensation- a sudden tingling, or what I call a happy trembling, or, sometimes, tears of joy. And, on occasion, all three."

*WANF* The Sensation of Psychic Communication:

"When the spirits come through, I feel as if I'm beaming with light inside... The average souls like ourselves give off a less brilliant light..."

"After I pray and ask for protection, as I always do, I feel a little whirring sensation, as if someone flicked on a light switch. Then I sense a presence."

*VftA* Channeling Experiences:

I felt Ruth's soft presence leave my energy field. While she was there, I experienced what she was feeling; I relived her memories as she saw them.

*TDA* Being With A Medium:

It is such an electric experience- a truly intimidating confrontation- that sometimes the mind almost glazes over in the attempt to handle what is going on there.

*TDA* The Trance State:

Dr. Peebles: "The state of trance is accomplished by any personality of life on earth suspending self-interest, suspending one's self-image, suspending one's own drive and passion. Trance channeling, or the state of trance, is an automatic and natural space where different zones of time and vibration converge into a powerful explosion. The explosion is so rhythmic and so equal in its mathematical relationships that the point of contact- the human mind and heart, for example- is almost sung to sleep, is induced into a state of calmness, of sleep, of total acceptance of another being, another presence, another point of view."

*VftA* End of the Channeling:

As she said these parting words to Sandy, I felt my own energy begin to coalesce once more, becoming centered in this time and place.

*TDA* Feelings After Being With Dr. Peebles:

Gretta: "When I left, it was like my feet weren't touching the ground, and I felt ten years younger, and the weight I'd been carrying on my shoulders was no longer there. It was a wonderful feeling and a wonderful experience."

*JoYS* What Channeled Communications Are Like:

It has the sound of his own thoughts, since channeled entities do not have physical voices. It's like the process by which we translate our thoughts into words.

Some channels experience channeling as being like taking dictation; they maintain a clear separation between themselves and the channeled entity.

At the other extreme from taking dictation is full trance channeling. The channeled entity has the channel's body mostly to itself for the time being, since full trance channels leave their bodies, often remembering little or nothing when they return.

I don't hear the word ahead of time and then speak it. I hear it at the same time those listening hear it.

*UR* The Trance State From Jane's Perspective:

Jane: "Trance state is an accelerated state. I would compare it to a higher state of wakefulness rather than to the sleep usually associated with trace – but a different kind of wakefulness, in which the usual world seems to be the one that is sleeping. My attention is not blunted. It is elsewhere.

"I'm often more refreshed than I was earlier. The state isn't always the same – it has peaks and valleys.

"The trance state is characterized by a feeling of inexhaustible energy, emotional wholeness, and subjective freedom. Returning to my usual condition, the words that I've just spoken as Seth vanished in dreamlike fashion."

Ruburt is literally a great receiver of energy. He attracts it.

*SD&P* Jane's Uncertainty About Channeling:

She is always slightly dubious and doubtful before a session. The inner senses are not accustomed to operating so freely, and this sometimes upsets the all-present ego. Ruburt wants to know where the words are coming from and still wonders if I am a part of his subconscious; and I must admit that I find such an idea appalling.

*JoYS* Full-Trance Channel Heating Up:

He can be so energized, his body heats up. His spine can feel like a red-hot poker so that he can't move.

*JoYS* The Time To Enter Full-Trance & Adjustments:

It takes him a couple minutes to go into full trance, but when he first began, it took 20 to 30 minutes. The first time that Yokar was fully in his body, he thought he might throw up. Coming back into his body is "a little rough." It takes him five to seven minutes to "animate" it, and it used to take much longer. Becoming a vegetarian and cutting out alcohol and sweets have helped him. Yokar has adjusted his body. "Some trance channels become ill after a number of years because they can't distill and process the energy into their physical bodies. Respiratory illness is especially common, because it can be hard to reactivate the lungs after channeling."

*JoYS* Recording Device Distortions:

I've heard many stories about tape recorders not working normally when recording channeling. Some people have reported making tapes in which every voice other than the channel's is recorded. Until Yokar adjusted his vibration, Michael Morgan would get high distortion when recording Yokar -the meters would peak to the right, even with suppression circuitry, and there was a background buzz. Sometimes, while Michael was going into trance, there would be a number of voices on the tape that were not heard at the time the recording was made.

** Channeling:

Channeling: 1) I wrote something last night and I dont know where the hell it comes from. It's the most powerful imagery in the world. Where am I when this stuff is coming out? I'm not sitting in the chair. I'm gone. When I'm done I frequently feel like I'm going to faint. Then I sit down and read my stuff and it's the first time I've read it.

*LWK* The Yogi Channeler:

Every Saturday, the guard invariably returned to his home from the place where he served. The spirit of a departed yoga adept manifested itself in him on the Sunday following. He rose early in the morning, completely altered.

Hundreds of visitors would assemble in front of the door of his house each morning to seek answers to problems they had on their mind. He read their thoughts, one by one, as soon as they entered into his presence, and supplied answers suited to their questions.

*SS* Channeling by Jane:

J: Suddenly my consciousness left my body, and my mind was barraged by ideas that were astonishing and new to me at the time. On return to my body, I discovered that my hands had produced an automatic script, explaiing many of the concepts I'd been given. When the book was finished, it was delightful to read. It was completely new to me, even though every word had been spoken through my lips.

R: Usually Jane goes in and out of trance with remarkable speed. When her trance has been very deep, it takes her a few minutes to really come out of it. Her eyes are usually half-open or wide open and darker than usual. Her trance voice is somewhat deeper and stronger than her own. Seth speaks with an accent that's hard to pinpoint, which he attributes to his cosmopolitan background. Jane has an angular quality to her mannerisms and a rearrangement of her facial muscles while in trance. She smokes in trance, or sips beer, wine, or coffee. She usually has a snack after the session.

Electrical displays, such as thunderstorms, interfered with trance states.

S: The cat is aware of my presence and has on several occasions reacted rather noticibly to it.

*SD&P* The Energy of Channeling:

Usually a session runs for several hours, and the energy is used up by the time the session is over. On the show, the session lasted only twenty minutes or a half hour, at most. When it was cut short, all that energy was still available, and subjectively I was aware of its full strength for the first time.

It is not a neutral energy but one of strong emotional impact, reassuring, and in an odd way, personified- warm and amazingly immediate. Perhaps it envelops me, but I do not fall asleep or lose myself in nothingness. I am myself, but very small. I seem to fade into a distance that has nothing to do with space but more to do with psychological focus. Yet I am upheld, supported and protected in the midst of this pervading energy that seems to form about and within me.

*SD&P* The First Full Channeling of Seth:

The Visitor

.."You may call me Seth," the letters spelled.

Rob looked up but didn't speak.

The cat strolled about in the warm lamplight.

"The coffee must be done," I cried.

I ran into the kitchen. "Do you want some now?"

Rob shook his head.

"There's something that wants you back at the board.

You'd better sit down again."

I stared at him. He meant it.

I knew him well enough to know.

I said as defiantly as I could, "It's only a game.

Besides, we don't know any Seth."

But my mind felt crowded out of itself,

By thoughts not its own,

As if someone were settling down in my skull

That I hadn't invited in.

Then my visitor sat with my husband,

And smiled out through my eyes at the cat.

With me out of the way, he seemed quite at home.

"Good evening. I'm Seth," my lips spoke.

He began walking my body about

As if getting accustomed to arms and legs.

I'd never been so astonished,

To be locked out of myself like that.

But he was benign and jovial as a bishop

Someone might ask in for an evening of tea,

And when he let me peek out through his eyes,

The familiar living room seemed very strange.

[End of poem]

*SS* Jane's Acceleration & Altered State While Channeling Seth:

When Seth came "around" just before the session, it seemed that something within Jane began to crank up, to whirl or accelerate faster and faster until a certain incredibly other speed was reached - a part of Jane's consciousness that is called Seth. The Seth Two experience would be an even greater acceleration of this speed, reached at the point of the pyramid effect Jane describes. When Jane came out of the trance it ws again an almost audible experience for me -a feeling of slowing down from an airy whine to our normal soundof speed. It was a sthoough part of this acceleration was connected with a dimension where sound was more than a hearing thing.

In our own sessions [Ruburt] is not aware of the creative work that is being done, precisely because he has gone out of the range that the conscious mind can follow. He has projected a portion of himself into an entirely different kind of subjective reality, a different dimension of activity entirely. Connections are made so rapidly that the physical brain is not aware of them. During sessions, however, all the characteristics of the inner being are accelerated. This is a dimension of existence native to consciousness when it is not physically oriented. In such a state he literally uses incredible power, in terms of energy. The volume of the voice in many cases is an attempt to help him use some of this, and discharge it, while he learns how to use it, and until he is taught other purposes to which it can be put.

Many of the experiences that Rupurt has during our sessions he cannot recall afterward. Experience within such a dimension is extremely difficult to translate when Rupurt is back within the physical system. On my part, there are also adjustments that must be made. I step down several levels for example, so that contact can be made.

Seen or viewed from my perspective, your objects do not exist. You inner reality does, of course.

He uses nervous connections in a way that is unusual, and to his purpose. The acceleration begins, however, on a physical level, with the use of hormones and chemicals, and then leaps from there. Both halves of the brain spark, and from those connections, speaking physically now, the acceleration in initiated, and its effects on the body are cut off. Many cases of missing persons can be explained somewhat in the same manner: when the acceleration was strong enough, unexpected enough, to sweep the entire personality out of your system. I am speeding up the acceleration to see if she can perceive it. This often takes place during the dream state -and when it seems to you that you have briefly entered an astonishing new dimension, the dream state involves such an acceleration.

To some extent or another, each artistic creation, though to a lesser degree, involves the same principle.

Sue wrote,"when Seth told me that he was speeding up the acceleration to see if I could perceive it, I had the definate feeling of greater speed and visual change in Jane's body. It seemed to become smaller, as though I were looking at it through the wrong end of binoculars. This was again connected with motion, as though the physical frequency was also changed and Jane's body was rushing past me, even while staying in the same place. Then when Jane came out of trance at the last break, I felt as though a force had been released in front of me, so that if I wasn't careful I could topple over."

*SD&P* Automatic Writing:

I began reading an excerpt from Living Time by Maurice Nicoll on probabilities.

After finishing my reading, I went out to the kitchen to wash a pan that I'd left soaking in the sink. As I did this, suddenly a concise clear stream of words came through my head.

Surprised, I went to my table and sat down with a paper and pen. The words returned exactly as before, and I wrote them down. I "knew" they were comments on what I had read:

*APr* Channeling Poetry:

Often there was a preliminary sense of discomfort and restlessness, and I knew I was going to write another "poem." Then all at once, the words would seem to form in my brain and I would sense the underlying rhythm.

*LFS* End of the Communications:

As the final message came through I felt a definite change in the usually electromagnetic charged atmosphere around me. Whenever I had written in the past, a sense of light, peace and a highly charged vibration was present.

As the last word flowed onto the paper, I felt a definite withdrawal of that energy.

Experiences While Dissociated Channeling

*ND* Cayce Remembering While Channeling- Trip Through the Astral Planes:

The light that Dad needed was a flash of white light. It was an indication to him that his soul was able to attune itself to those finer realms...

After seeing this flash of white light, after giving the reading, sometimes, actually seventeen times in all those thousands of readings, he'd remember a dream when he returned to consciousness, always about the same. Here's the version of it:

"I see myself as a tiny dot out of my physical body, which lies inert before me. I find myself oppressed by darkness, and there is a feeling of a white beam of light. As this tiny dot, I move upward, following the light, knowing that I must follow it or be lost.

"As I move along this path of light, I gradually become conscious of various levels upon which there is movement. Upon the first levels there are vague, horrible shapes- grotesque forms such as one sees in nightmares. As I pass on, there begin to appear on either side misshapen forms of human beings, with some part of the body magnified.

"Again there is a change, and I become conscious of gray-hooded forms moving downward. Gradually these become lighter in color. Then the direction changes, and these forms move upward- and the color of the robes grows rapidly lighter.

"Next, there begin to appear on each side vague outlines of houses, walls, trees, etc., but everything is motionless. As I pass on, there is more light and movement in what appear to be normal cities and towns. With the growth of movement, I become conscious of sounds- at first indistinct rumblings, then music, laughter, and the singing of birds. There is more and more light; the colors become very beautiful; and there is a blending of sound and color.

"Quite suddenly, I come upon a hall of records. It is a hall without walls, without a ceiling; but I am conscious of seeing an old man who hands me a large book- a record of the individual for whom I seek information."

*VftA* OB To Channel, Into the Infinite Possibilities of Now, Connecting By Love:

During my work, I temporarily discard the costume. It is too confining for the graceful, quicksilver movement of the Spirit.

At that moment there is no past, no future... there is only now. And in that now lie all possibilities, all realities. I am free to follow any possibility, to experience any reality. I have direct access to beings existing at these other levels, and they to me. I can witness a person's past, as well as the possible futures available to them, depending on which choices they make. Yet- and this is the most crucial point- I do not guide what I say or do in this space. Rather, I wait in the stillness for Great Spirit to convey to and through me the instruction and healing most needed by the one who has come to me...

I am filled with a deep and holy love for the person sitting across from me. It is this love that creates the pathway through which any truth or healing comes. It is this love that opens the doorway to extrasensory perception, so that the presence of angels, spiritual teachers, and guides can make themselves known. I always feel them beside us, surrounding us with protection and comfort and love. Many times they can be sensed, even seen, by others in the room.

*JoYS* Where A Full-Trance Channel Goes:

When Michael Morgan channels, he goes to a "blue field," a restful, infinite horizon of only blue. He is conscious there, but he is not conscious of where his body is, although he is within "calling distance."

Channel's Aura While Channeling

*TDA* A Channel's Aura When Channeling:

In his normal state, Thomas has a rather normal aura- a softly mystical light raised about four inches and extending from shoulder to shoulder. It varies a bit in a sort of rhythmic pulsing while he is inducing trance... After ten to fifteen seconds of this, he appears to already be in a light trance with the body processes greatly stepped down; the aura dims a bit and recedes a bit; then the pulsing begins, with the aura growing steadily brighter and expanding gradually to a strong corona extending six to eight inches. After several minutes of this, Thomas is breathing so lightly that you can just barely detect the movement.

But when Dr. Peebles arrives, the diaphragm seems to explode upward; with that same movement the aura flares dramatically to engulf virtually all the visible space above his head and often billowing out to a diameter of several feet from the waist up. We have also noted (a) zigzag stovepipe auras that disappear into the ceiling and (b) rather ragged and imprecise inverted-pyramid auras sometimes alternating with the expanded aura...

Linda and I independently sketched the same effect: an inverted pyramid more than twenty feet wide at the top and extending to the ceiling, with the tip seemingly concealed inside Thomas's head.

We have also noted full-body auras extending from members of the audience who have gone to a floor microphone to converse with Dr. Peebles...

But it is the coming-out aura that truly tells the tale. It is soft, and golden, and rides the shoulders like a halo.

*TDA* Seeing the Spirit Enter the Channeler:

Dr. Viscott: "Just before Thomas went into trance and began to shudder- just that very moment before the shudder, there appeared above his head what looked like a white puff of smoke. What was that?"

Dr. Peebles: "...They see the energy of Dr. Peebles, with some of our friends here, coming into my channel as he quiets down."


David: "The appearance of it was just about... an area maybe a foot and a half square, like a little piece of white cloth was waved, and then suddenly descended into you; you shuddered, and then the voice came."

Dr. Peebles: "Yes. Thomas disassociates off to the right of the physical body- to his right- I come forward through the upper back, through his solar plexus, and down through the crown chakra."

Channeling EEGs

*BMS* Channel Brain Waves:

"One study using brain wave measures found that the channels showed a particular brain wave pattern when channeling (Hughes, 1990), similar to results from brain wave studies of spirit mediums and psychics." -Arthur Hastings (NOTE: Note how limited the EEG is. It is like studying fish from a boat by looking at what surfaces from time to time, the ripples and the waves. Twenty different phenomena could produce the same exterior ripples, and we would assume its the same thing. What we need is better technology- a submersible craft and bright lighting.)

*WANF* Mediums & EEGs:

The doctor took a sample EEG to establish a baseline, or a record of George's normal brain-wave patterns. This "normalized EEG" showed George's brain-wave activity to be in the alpha, or deep relaxation state...

The EEG technician remarked that she was very surprised to see George's brain-wave activity show down during the reading, although he remained fully alert. Once the reading ended, George's brain-wave activity returned to normal...

Dr. Casarona explained. "George's EEG shows that the temporal and parietal lobes in the right side of his brain went into a very slow brain-wave activity- the theta [or drowsiness] state. In each reading the changes initiated in the right side of the brain. In the first reading it was localized to the right parietal lobe, the upper-back area of the brain, which is often called the sensory or passive part, because the body's sensory receptors originate there. In the second reading, this activity was seen in the right temporal lobe, an area approximately parallel to the temples. Hearing, memory, emotions, sense of self and time, even deja-vu experiences, originate there.

"Such slow activity as we saw in George during the readings is not always abnormal in an EEG. However, it usually appears symmetrically, in both the left and right hemispheres...

"In the second reading, slow-wave activity was followed by a sharp spikelike activity, which is often seen in those patients with seizure disorders, such as epilepsy. That too was found on the right side of the brain, asymmetrically, which is not generally a normal finding. Once again it ceased at the end of the reading...

"In terms of content, the first reading was much more emotional..."

So why doesn't George become sleepy when his brain waves show he is in a sleeplike state? As a matter of fact, George says that during readings he feels wide awake, or, as he puts it, "charged up."

The Influence of Spirit Guides

*SC* Communications Between Medium & Spirit:

Tom MacPherson: "It is not quite my time to incarnate, and since we don't just take a number and wait four hundred years, I wish to be active and dialogue with you, as we are all just human beings and can share a common dialogue with one another...

"We communicate, but it's more like light or sensitivity. We sense one another more than dialogue...

"Believe it or not, it's a lot easier for you to tune us out than it is for us to tune you out. So pity poor us!

"...Spirit guides and teachers do not enter your body, they merely "overshadow" you. How I function through this instrument is I can wiggle fingers and thumb my nose at the British- whatever I care to do- by simply telepathically communicating information to his body. But I assure you, the young man is still in control."

*SC* Guides Arranging Events:

Some years ago, my wife, Lynn, was conversing with Tom MacPherson while I was in trance. They agreed that I was working too hard and needed a break. Tom told Lynn that on my upcoming birthday he would treat me to a night on the town as he knew it in his day. He gave her an address in San Diego, where I was working that day, and suggested I show up at a certain time.

When I got there, I was astonished to find a restaurant that was a complete replica of a pub from Tom MacPherson's day... Shortly after I'd finished my dinner of beef and ale, a client of mine, whom I hadn't seen in years, approached my table. I had previously extended him credit for a channeling, and he insisted on making restitution by picking up my tab for the evening...

These are some of the ways that Spirit interacts with us in our everyday lives.

*WANF* Our Will:

"A higher being, a more in-tune, celestial being may suggest what would be a good direction for us, but the decision, ultimately, is left to us."

*CBtL* Taught Piano From a Spirit Guide:

Tom Kubis, Pat Kubis' son, is an internationally known jazz composer. He played the piano at twelve without any lessons, and the first composition he played was George Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue"- an exceedingly difficult piece to play. He was composing in two weeks and was playing keyboard professionally within six weeks. In junior college, he received an award for Outstanding Pianist of 51 Colleges. He had never had a piano lesson. but he remarks, "When I first began to play, a man came into the room and sat beside me on the piano bench and he ‘played through me'. I learned everything from him."

Different Levels of Guides Channeling

*UR2* Seth Two Speaking:

I am what you would refer to as a future Seth, as Seth in a "higher" stage of development. This is not to be taken literally, however, since both of us are fully independent and exist simultaneously.

*CJ* Channeling From Different Levels:

ROMC: "This communication is taking place between the lower and higher third level, which is the balancing point of the five levels or dimensions. The lower energies are still in touch with the earth energies, and the higher energies are moving into the finer vibratory energies. It is necessary to start at this balancing point of energy, for communication with the earth plane.

"Once the balancing of the initial communication takes place, then we can move into the higher energies of this being. We cannot send through higher energies or use higher energies than this system is able to accept...

"As the channels are opened up, we are able to work in the higher energies... This is why we do cleansing and raising of the vibrations before most sessions... When we get into higher levels of dimension four, there is usually no conscious remembrance on the part of the energy channel... (NOTE: Such as Seth)

"The voice vibrations are important in keeping the energy flowing. Therefore, the vocal communication is contributing a great deal in the whole process... The vocal cords and the lower mind can function freely while the higher mental energies are at work in other dimensions...

"We are able to work in the energies of the human system because we are on a higher vibration and can slow our vibrations to get into these lower energies. We exist beyond level five of the earth-consciousness."

*TDA* The Limitations of Spirit Tech, Channels Stepping In:

"Let me tell you something about that spiritcom device [the North Carolina material] you've been working with, and George Mueller."

...He told me all about Mueller and what a [character] he was... Then he tells me, "Oh, by the way, they've lost contact with him for a while. He says he's moved to another vibratory level, which is one way to put it. And he's just having some instruction there."

But he goes on to say, "But actually they're going to regain contact with him through a trance medium in Colorado.

*DA* Communications- From the Astral Through Mediums :

II. While the Soul is in Kamaloka... The Soul is clad in an astral body, the last but one of its perishable garments, and while thus clad it can utilize the physical bodies of a medium, thus consciously procuring for itself an instrument whereby it can act on the world it has left, and communicate with those living in the body.

Who Is Being Channeled
The Personality Coming Through

*CJ* Who Can Be Channeled:

ROMC: "Groups of souls work together on certain levels or rates of vibration...

"Because of the earth contact I have had, I am able to work directly through the physical energies of this entity...

"The physical energies within this entity, and the energies that are a part of my soul-consciousness, are on the same vibratory rate. Therefore, I can speak directly through the vocal cords of this dear soul, who has worked many lifetimes helping other souls to understand their purpose and meaning."

*SC* Guides Use Personalities To Come Through:

The reason guides and teachers come through in the personality of one of their previous lives is to more easily establish rapport with us.

*UR2* Seth's Personality:

I [come through so forcefully] for several reasons: because that is the way I am, in the guise that I choose to use in my communications, and to get everyone over the idea that so-called spirits must be sweet-faced, quiet, sober, and dignified. That, for example, is one of my main concerns...

I have a reservoir of personality banks upon which I can draw, and as a teacher I use the one that is most effective in any given system of reality; this is the one I use here. It is a portion of myself that is the most closely connected with earthly experience, and it is a self that I liked very well, indeed...

You yourselves adopt personalities, though usually you are not aware of doing so. So I adopt a personality that can communicate with your own. In one manner of speaking mine is heroic, larger, and multidimensional. On the other hand, I can operate only mentally in your world...

My identity includes the identities of many others, and they each operate in their own fashion. In those terms I am a wave formation. More specifically, however, and to a lesser degree, each physical person operates partially as a particleized being, and partially in terms of a wave.

*UR2* Seth's Name:

I told Ruburt from our earliest sessions that he could call me Seth. I never said "My name is Seth,"... for I am nameless. I have had too many identities to cling to one name!

*UR2* Where Seth Exists:

I dwell, in a way, in a realm that is more direct than yours. That is one image. I allow myself greater acknowledgement of my being. I speak with the wisdom, for example, that your cells would utter if they had speech.

*HoL* Her Guide:

It said, "My name is Heyoan, your spiritual guide."

What does Heyoan mean?

"The Wind Whispering Truth Through the Centuries."

Where does it come from?


Soon I could feel their touch, and sometimes when I saw them in the room, I could smell a wonderful fragrance...

Guides usually know more about where problems really lie than we do. They go right under an individual's defense and into the heart of the matter...

*WANF* Style of Spirit Communication:

Many spirits who come through in readings use the same verbal expressions or communicate in the same emotional "tone" that they used in life.

*WANF* Who Channels Through:

Spirits close to those for whom George is doing a reading, either by relation or by blood, or close to someone the subject would know, communicate directly to George without a spiritual middle man...

It's not uncommon for several spirits to drop in on a reading, sometimes quite abruptly, or for George to hear several voices simultaneously. He has no control over which spirits come through or how long they sustain the communication. Generally, the more dramatic, emotional cases result in longer and clearer readings...

In the readings that George conducts over the telephone and that are broadcast live on radio or the television, the caller may say only "hello" before George begins receiving the spiritual communications.

*TDA* The Name a Spirit Takes:

Don: "[Dr. Peebles] is how you were known in your last previous incarnation on earth..."

Dr. Peebles: "I am Dr. Peebles and I am many other things."

*TDA* Those Who Contact Earth:

Don: "Are you always instantly available for this sort of thing?"

Dr. Peebles: "Well, first of all, for the vast majority of spirits it would be an interference... Most are not involved with the planet Earth but are involved with their own lives, and it is best that they not have anything to do with the planet Earth...

"However, there are a few spirits, such as myself and others, whose life is communicating with earth. That is my joy; that is my day and my night; that is my greatest joy. It is both my greatest recreation, greatest pleasure, and most extraordinary growth, to continue to communicate with the planet Earth, and so it is not a detour or an inconvenience, it is a blessing, it is an act of love."

*CBtL* Higher Beings Channeling to Humans:

The Technician: "When I talk to you I adopt certain characteristics of you, as I must "transfer" myself to you. Being other than human, a small part of myself has to adopt human characteristics [become human]. You would not understand me otherwise."

*SS* Life Through The One Who Lived It:

It will do you no good to ask deep questions concerning the history of the times of some personality who was impoverished, ignorant, and limited. He would simply not know the answers. The picture of any given life usually comes through the experience of the personality who lived it.

*JoYS* Who Michael Is:

Michael is the name of a group or "entity" of one thousand fifty souls (also referred to as "essences" or "fragments") They refer to themselves as "we." The name Michael was chosen somewhat arbitrarily. The last soul in the entity to finish its cycle of physical-plane lifetimes had the name Michael in its last lifetime.

Michael is on the causal plane.

Michael no longer has a personality, as we think of it, and hence "borrows" traits from the channel's storehouse of possibilities,

*UR* Different Interpretations of Seth:

Seth wasn't known at the location I reached there. He could be scattered into several ‘spirit guides'; that's how his reality would be interpreted, or come through.

*JoYS* What Can Be Channeled From Different Planes (And Description of Planes):

Like attracts like. The more developed the entity's consciousness, the more powerful and refined the energy, and the clearer the channel must be to accommodate it.

The astral plane, being the nearest to the physical, is the easiest other plane from which to channel. There are also distinctions between channeling from the lower, middle, and upper levels of planes, particularly the astral plane. We are on the lower astral plane between lifetimes and during out-of-body experiences, so it is easily accessible. Cycled-off entity mates are on the middle astral plane. (NOTE: Spirit guides, etc.)

(NOTE: Outer rings) The upper astral plane is populated by fully cycled-off entities that are recombining, and it is less accessible. The higher the plane or level of plane, the faster the vibration, and the more it "stretches" (and tires) the channel's body.

Quality is not a matter of the plane. Some of the best channeled material comes from those of the astral plane. They are closer to the physical plane than higher-plane teachers, and may have more knowledge of the details of our lives and of the physical plane itself. On the other hand, their knowledge and scope may be more narrow than that of higher-plane teachers. They can be easier to relate to, but they can get rather opinionated. Higher-plane resources have little in the way of opinions or personality.

There are many levels of energy to which a channel can tune in, like the many bands on a radio. Some energies are broader or more general in scope -they combine many energies- whereas some are narrower or more specific. We are a collective energy, that of a recombined entity or "spiritual family" of one thousand fifty souls, but we are relatively narrow in scope. Wide is not better than narrow, just as blue is not better than yellow.

There are seven planes of creation, and infinite facets of reality. It is possible to channel any consciousness. You could actually channel the consciousness of a rock. There are people who do channel devas, which are of the physical plane even though most people do not see them. The most common consciousness channeled is that of astral-plane souls; this includes both those who are between human lifetimes and those who have completed the physical plane.

One can channel energies from the sun- the sun has consciousness. There are energies from other planets that can be channeled, including those of extraterrestrial beings. Sometimes these are inhabitants of the physical plane, although more often they are astral -on the astral plane, movement is much easier.

Seth is a causal-plane entity, like Michael.

It is possible to channel a source from a plane (or level) lower than its true one. One channel may be accessing Michael or Seth from the fourth level of the causal plane, while another may be tapping in at the sixth level of the astral plane. In the latter case, Michael would seem like an astral entity, which is neither better nor worse than manifesting as a casual entity—only different. Astral aspects of Michael would, for one thing, show more vestiges of human personality.

One could even access a source from a plane higher than its true one. For instance, one could channel the "future" or potential messianic plane resonance of Michael, in which case a more abstract, inspirational part of Michael would come through. Similarly, one could channel the future or potential causal-plane resonance of one's own essence or reunited entity. (NOTE: Remember – channeling!)

*JoYS* Causes for Fatigue and Feeling Refreshed:

There is more physical fatigue in channeling from a higher plane than from the astral or physical planes, since the vibration is faster and is more foreign to the physical body.

Fatigue: It is work for the mind to find words to correlate with the thoughts being brought in.

Many trance channels report awakening from trance feeling refreshed.

Particularly complex or foreign material is also more tiring to channel.

*JoYS* Michael's Fragments & Channeling Them:

Different Michael fragments (or essences) among the 1050 warriors and kings are being channeled. Each fragment may identify itself as "we," like a spokesperson representing a company, but the entire entity doesn't have one voice.

The various Michael fragments confer with one another. "We are integrated fragments of a larger entity."

I worked with a pool of about a dozen Michael fragments, mostly kings in cadence positions two, five, and six, which resonate with the roles of artisan, sage, and priest. Later, they said that that pool had grown to over sixty, including those who speak, those who research, and those who do energy work. Over the years, I have opened "wider" to be able to handle more energy. The specific expertise of particular fragments can affect which ones are "on duty" to handle the unique needs of an individual or group. In a gestalt of group consensus and individual "volunteering," Michael tunes in to the situation when I am going to channel and senses which of its fragments are most appropriate.

A king is more likely to channel king fragments. A channel who is higher in male energy is more likely to channel the male energy aspect of Michael.

As many as ten can come through at once. However, since there is a high level of unity among the various fragments, such divisions are not cut and dried.

The Michael entity is 80% warriors, and is in the number four or scholar position within its cadre.

*SS* Seth & Jane Channel Seth Two:

The following paragraphs will be written by another personality, who stands relatively in the same position to me as I stand to the woman through whom I am now speaking.

Jane was experiencing the feeling of a "cone" or "pyramid" coming down over the top of her head. Jane has often told me that wherea she feels Seth come to her in a very warm and alive and friendly manner, she feels her consciousness going out of herself to meet Seth Two "up the invisible pyramid like a draft up a flue."

[Afterwards] Other realities' present might, foe example, include the life and death of your planet in a moment of their "time," Seth Two's existence is at the outside fringes of one such galaxy of consciousness. When Seth Two speaks, Ruburt initially is aware of the following: His consciousness strains upward, following an inner psychic pathway, an energized funnel, until quite simply it can go no further. It seems to him then that his consciousness goes out of his body through an invisible pyramid whose open top stretches far up into space. Here he seems to make contact with impersonal symbols whose message is somehow automatically translated into words. That point actually represents a warp in dimensions, a place between systems that has far more to do with energy and psychological reality than it has to do with space, for space is meaningless. I am almost always present as a translator at such times. My knowledge of both realities is necessary for communication. Seth Two is familiar with an entirely different set of symbols and meanings, so that two translations are being given -one by me, and one by Rupurt. These minglings of reality and experience, these messages from one system to another, occur in various ways continually, emerging in your world in one guise or another -as inspiration of many kinds. You are being helped, in other words. Your own characteristcs largely determine the amount of help you receive. Outward is also inward, and so consciousness travels as far inward as it seems to go outward.

*LFS* James' Appearance:

I opened my eyes and there he stood! Not like a ghost, but solid, vibrant, smiling, alive!..

Later I found out both of us had moved unconsciously, toward each other, and since I was in a very relaxed, peaceful state we actually met "in the dimensional doorway." At that point I could "see" in his world, and he could "see" in mine.

Changes in Appearance & Manner

*C&HEF* Observing a Trance-Medium:

DVK observed B. Mc. Both before and during the trance state. Just before she went into the trance and became unconscious, her solar plexus center began to vibrate, and at this point she took energy from the corresponding chakras of those present for whom she was giving the "reading," thus establishing the contact.

As she opened herself to the astral consciousness, her whole etheric became limp and droopy. Her breathing became rapid, which affected the brain, and she let herself lose conscious control of her body. As the core of her crown center opened and became more elastic, she herself became open to astral consciousness. This process took a few minutes, during which a degree of harmony and coordination was established between herself and the pulse of this new astral energy.

Shortly after this, B. Mc. Went into a full trance state and exited from her body. Her consciousness became completely quiescent when full harmony was established eith the astral consciousness. Its rhythm was superimposed on hers, thus enabling it to use part of her brain mechanism, which changed at the moment she entered the trance state. The etheric brain pattern speeded up, yet at the same time dulled. Thus she became a focus for other influences, and spoke aloud and gave messages in an altered voice. During trance, both the crown and the solar plexus centers speeded up. The core of the throat center, like that of the solar plexus, opened and became wider. The core of the solar plexus, however, was the one most affected: as it became wider, it became more elastic and dysthythmic, and this condition increased throughout the trance state. Also the reddish color of the chakra was accentuated.

The etheric brain pattern speeded up, yet at the same time dulled.

*JoYS* Channeled Entities' Accents:

The accent of a channeled entity may be a combination of the accents of several of its past-life selves. Lives in which the personality was especially adept at language might have particular emphasis. It can also have to do with the past lives of the channel in which he either had a relationship with the channeled entity or was a channel. Those aspects of self are brought in to assist.

*JoYS* Full-Trance Weight Increase:

Jeff Sonnenburg's weight increases when he channels, He gains up to seventy pounds when the entity he channels enters his body.

*JoYS* Strange Appearance During Channeling:

Sometimes, especially while the client and Michael, through me, are holding eye contact, the light becomes so intense that the clients face appears to me as a blur, and clients have reported the same of my face. Also, there are sometimes moments when my face looks to the client as a negative of a photograph of it.

A psychic described the change he saw in my aura when Michael entered my body as an explosion of white light. Even people who have never before seen auras have seen my aura while I'm channeling.

My face seems to change, looking much older or younger, or having a beard, or looking like a totally different person. Sometimes the images appear to be of past incarnations, and may be in historical garb.

The image might be of someone who was a teacher to the client in a past life. The image might also be of one of the person's own past-life selves, now wiser, who is seeking in this lifetime to get a point across to the person.

He might also be seeing one of my past-life selves who knew him before. Michael was once on the physical plane with many of those who are now their students.

*MJooB* Channeling:

About a third of the friendly communication is done via channeling, whereby the entity enters the explorer's body and speaks through it. There is a change in body voltage and other biomonitoring readings. The entity has total access to the memory stored within the individual.

*JoS: Guides can speak through a hypnotized subject, but the voice comes through raspy and discordant and hard to understand.

*LT* Third Eye & Channeling:

About a month later I was at a meeting where a woman whose seminars and channelings I often attend, Paula Peterson, was channeling a being who said he was an ancient Mayan. It was so interesting because I could really see (third-eye kind) this being superimposed over her whole body as a shadow of what looked to me to be an ancient Mayan shaman. I have also seen these "shadows" when I have been channeling too, when I was being shown something during the channeling.


Past Lives With Channeled Guides

*UR2* Relationship Between Jane, Robert, and Seth:

Ruburt was myself, Seth, many centuries ago, but he grew, evolved, and expanded in terms of a particular personal set of value fulfillments. He is now a personality that was one of the probable personalities into which Seth could grow. I represent another. I am another...

Ruburt and myself are offshoots of the same entity. The difference in time is but a camouflage distortion... And now, my dear patient Joseph, may I tell you that you are also part of that same entity- and this is one of the reasons why I am able to communicate with you both.


My characteristics as they are displayed through the Seth personality, therefore, come from you as well as Ruburt...

My personality, as it so richly presents itself, is to some extent a joint creation of the two of you. This does not mean that I do not have my own reality, for I do, but in my relationship with you and Ruburt, and with your world, I do take certain characteristics that come from each of your realities...

My emotional behavior does not follow your patterns.

*SC* Channeled Entity Past Life Connections:

The spirit entities who speak through me seem also to know one another from past lives at various points in history, although not necessarily in the lifetimes in which they are speaking through...

I'm quite certain that I've known all the discarnate personalities who speak through me in past lives...

Because I knew these discarnate personalities in past lives, there is tacit permission given for our association, even if I was initially unaware of them.

What The Guide Sees
How Causal Entities Perceive The Physical

*UR2* Seth's Feedback:

On many occasions I will see the questions within your mind, or the minds of your witnesses, and [again in your terms] will therefore answer them ahead of time...

I look in on you closely... to see whether or not my message is coming across clearly, and I also learn.

*UR2* Seth's Clairvoyance:

I myself operate well clairvoyantly... for my own reasons and peculiarities, and usually obtain such information [in that manner].

*TDA* What Spirits See When Channeling:

Dr. Peebles: "I'm really locked into this body, and so I don't visually see you. When I'm out of this body I don't visually see you as you see each other. I see energy patterns and waves, like heat off hot tar, but with color and change and movement... panoramic. In my channel I see blackness. However, I work with other spirits, and I am able to sense you through some of my channels."

*TDA* Sensing Emotions in the Web of Life:

Don: "When you have been counseling an individual that often they will be across the room from you, while Thomas's eyes are closed- and they are... preparing to break in, to speak while you are speaking, and we have seen you pause, evidently aware of their desire, and give them permission to speak."

Dr. Peebles: "Yes. It is not because of any physical vision. It's because between all life there is connection, there is synchronicity, there is a field of energy that is disturbed or affected by every movement and every thought- and the thoughts, the emotions behind... is much stronger and... the thoughts and emotions have a much more dramatic effect on the field of energy than physical movements."

*SS* What Seth Sees, Channeling:

I perceive people in a room in a far different manner than they perceive themsleves; their various past and future reincarnated personalities, but not their probable selves, are perceivable to me. I see the reincarnated aspects, in your terms it would be as if you saw a series of quickly moving pictures. I see this composite image of myself.

*JoYS* Interpreting Other Planes From Your Planar Perspective:

By necessity, we interpret our perceptions of higher planes through the perceptions of the physical plane, since that is where we are. By the same token, when Michael is not being channeled, they see us energetically, almost as though we were causal ourselves.

We see the causal energy of physical-plane action. That is primarily how we know you. This energy is more real and prominent to us than your physical body. It provides much information to our direct vision, telling us what is fundamentally going on. However, we cannot read the New York Times, for instance, unless we are being channeled.

The causal plane is a plane of intellect: it has a medium of thought (expression axis) energy, whereas the physical plane has a medium of kinetic. Energy, emphasizing movement and action. The astral plane has a medium of emotional energy, or content. The causal plane is here, where you are, like the other planes. You live in all of them, but do not see them, because they vibrate faster than the physical plane.

The Guide Initiating Channeling

*UR2* Seth Entering Physical Reality:

When I enter your system, I move through a series of mental and psychic events. You would interpret these events as space and time, and so often I must use the terms, for I must use your language rather than my own... In one way, I translate what I am into an event that you can understand to some extent.

*TDA* The Spirit's Experience of the Channel:

Linda: "Do you find a somewhat different experience through each channel?"

Dr. Peebles: "Oh, dramatic, yes; very different."

Don: "You channel is very important to how much of you can come through; is that right?"

Dr. Peebles: "Yes, or in many cases, what part of me can come through, effectively...

"There are other channels, however, I can come through with a little more scientific information and language that is difficult to bring through Thomas, because of certain fears and bias that, uh, impede the route and we will not interfere with that, you understand, we do not overpower...

"There are many, many issues that I can bring through Thomas that are difficult or impossible to bring through others."

*TDA* The Channeling Process:

Dr. Peebles: "He has a pattern, a series of inner movements he makes... that are very specific. When he's completed that last particular movement, we have an agreement- we're very aware of it- then we come forward, but he's not totally gone yet... We assist him out of the body by force of our presence. That's accomplished through union, not disregard for Thomas, it's a very deep love affair... He is taken and held in great love, he is nurtured and invited to another vibration...

"There are other beings and teachers here, and some of them work solely with the channel. Others work with the people in the room, such as the two of you, to help you go into a state of trance so you hear a larger depth of truth... So everyone's lullabied a little bit."

*CJ* The Heat & Cool Phases, Channeling the Light Beings:

ROMC: "The energy being wants to project a way of light into my energy body while I am going through this very relaxed state...

"The light ray that was projected into my energy body was energizing and protective, and had a lightening effect on my body...

"They would like to use the light beam to communicate through my vocal cords...

"(in a different voice)... The molecules of the energy body, which are working through her physical body, are vibrating at a more rapid rate. Therefore, at this time there is a feeling of heat surrounding the body...

"[Cont.] As she gets relaxed and begins to float above her physical body, she will experience the coolness, and a feeling of complete security. These will be the physical experiences from level one- of the heat state- to the second level of the cooling-off stage, where she will feel light and airy and relaxed. At this point she will be able to go out to explore."

*TDA* The Case of Channeling:

The thought of Dr. Peebles "is the realest thing in the universe" but it must be slowed down for resonance within the dense realm- and it is slowed down by Thomas's brain...

He has told us that Thomas is taken out of the body and held and nurtured while Dr. Peebles is present in that body... It is then Dr. Peebles's soul (or mind, however you prefer) that interacts with the dense matter of Thomas's brain to channel the thoughts through, interacting with Thomas's own articulation centers to produce the stream of consciousness in human terms that we all can understand...

[The guest spirit] must continually content with the automatic reflexes and conditioned responses- habit patterns, if you will- of the host brain which also contains memory, therefore bias and prejudice.

Guides Stringing Whole Concepts into Words

*UR2* Seth's Messages As Wholes:

(Jane could sense the whole of whatever concept Seth was discussing- and how, since such a structure was too much for her to handle at once, she could feel Seth "withdrawing it, to release it to her a little at a time in the form of connected words.")

*UR2* Concept Essences into Words:

Concepts fit together in patterns. In order for there to be communication between us I must disentangle a concept from its pattern, which is somewhat difficult. It is somewhat like having to free a particular word from a strong emotional association. I experience patterns made up of concepts, and you use words in associations...

It is natural for me to experience the concepts in their entirety; and yet I must drop very important data by the wayside because you are not capable of handling it, except in consecutive form. I feel concept patterns...

It is possible in theory for you to experience directly a concept-essence of the material in any given night's session...

Ruburt's intellect had to be of high quality. His conscious and unconscious mind had to be acquainted with certain ideas to begin with, in order for the complexity of this material to come through.

*HoL* Channeling Into Narrow Perceptions:

Heyoan: "Do you understand, my dear?"

Barbara: "No, I'm getting tired. This talk is too linear."

Heyoan: "That is because we are again squeezing this information into your narrow perception."

*HoL* Information Beyond the Rational Mind:

The information coming through a clear channel is often beyond what the rational mind of the channeller can understand. It is at those times when the channeller will need a lot of past experience to remember all the other times the information didn't make sense when it came through, yet later the information turned out to be very helpful and understandable when all the information was in.

*TDA* Spirit Must Speak in Terms We Understand:

What do we want mere Spirit to tell us? Something that we cannot possibly encompass with the mind? Let's be reasonable about this. Spirit cannot possibly tell you something that you could not tell yourself.

*CJ* Channeling & A Tape:

Interestingly, at the beginning of this session I saw a "tape" with words on it flowing by, and I received the impression that I was to read the words as they moved across my vision. But after the session got under way, the energy seemed to increase and I wasn't aware of seeing an reading the tape any longer.

Multiple Guides

*HoL* We Have Several Guides:

Each person has several guides who stay with him and guide him throughout many lifetimes. In addition, one has teacher-guides who stay during times of specific learning and are chosen because of that specific learning.

*TDA* The Availability of Spirit Guides:

Dr. Peebles: "I work with millions of spirits,... so you're pretty much left alone to your own activity, but there's always one of your council or your family on the spirit side who is going about his or her own business, who... feels a tug of the rope, typically through great pain, or request, who responds; says, ‘Oh, what's going on over there with Linda; let's take a peek'- and then we respond in concert, according to the nature of the problem- different spirits have their different preferences of work, respond to you during your daydreams or most often your night dreams, your meditations or your prayers... The spirit community can be a little distance away from you, pretty much leave you alone, or it can be pretty close, again according to your request, your need, and your permission level...

"I know of no soul who does not have at least three guides or teachers who are in contact and aware and concerned with its activity."

Opinions About Channeling

*HTKHW* Mediums:

Those who do not wish to carry out their training with open eyes may become mediums, but they will never become seers or clairvoyants as esoteric science uses these terms.

The Reaction of Pets

*JoYS* Pets & Channeled Entities:

I have a cat named Agape. Whenever I begin to bring in Michael, Agape trots in and lies on the couch right next to my chair, soaking in the energy. When I am done, he gets up and goes somewhere else. Channels' pets like Michaels energy.

False Guides

*Ea* False Guides:

There are as many imposters and opportunists on the "other side" as are in our physical reality...

One who has done extensive historical research on channeled entities claiming past mortal existences is Joe Fisher... who is credited by some as an expert on afterlife... His book, Hungry Ghosts, recounts his experiences in that group and the depth of his efforts to substantiate the claimed past-mortal life credentials of certain self-styled "guides" who came forth to them. It's a troubling revelation of how several channeled entities of his group's experience mixed specific, detailed and accurate historical information (which, upon superficial research, would seem to confirm their authenticity) with fictitious or inaccurate details...

It's clear from his account that the discarnate entities enjoyed subverting their charges' free will to their own whim and control, and had no compunctions over claiming whatever fraudulent credentials they felt gave them the stature to lead- or mislead- their dupes. They encouraged ever more frequent sessions, so they could vicariously partake of their beloved physical reality with ongoing regularity.

Channeling Lower & Disturbed Entities

*VftA* Visits By Disembodied Friends in Trance, Merging With Ghosts:

During these sessions, we are sometimes visited by people who are no longer living. They may be relatives or friends, lovers, or even old enemies. They usually appear because there are unresolved issues that need to be addressed in order for healing to occur... Sometimes they come simply to reaffirm the eternal bond and everlasting love between souls, which will never die.

Whenever one of these disembodied spirits enters into our circle of expanded awareness, I experience a physical reaction. My electrical field is disturbed, my skin prickles, my heart races and pounds, I become very cold and temporarily disoriented. As this happens, I pull myself back to my center and adjust my level of perception so that I can serve as a communicator between those on either side of that invisible fence that separates the living and the dead...

As they shared with me their fears and joys, their suffering and their deliverance, I was drawn farther and farther into their realities, until their experiences became mine. I actually became them. I felt what they felt, spoke as they spoke, saw as they saw.

The entire experience is one that I will more than likely never repeat, nor shall I ever forget it. It was very hard on me physically as well as emotionally. As one-of-a-kind beings, we all have differing vibrational frequencies. These frequencies are as unique and as individual as fingerprints. Merging with frequencies foreign to my own familiar vibration created an imbalance in my physical body. I did not regain my normal physical integrity until this process was complete. In contrast to this experience, merging with the angels has never affected me adversely. It feels like home to me!

*Ea* A Violent Channeling:

We've had no firsthand experience with classical possession, but we have interacted with one entity that, if not downright malevolent, certainly was arrogant, overbearing, physically threatening, and abusive of the occupied host's usurped body. (It required two strong men to forcefully restrain the unwitting host from materially injuring himself.) This mercifully short session ended with the host crumpling inert on the floor for several moments before normal consciousness returned.

*Ea* Channeling Intense Trauma and Hate:

In one local murder case, Marianne sought to connect with the surviving essence of the female victim, hoping to receive a visualization of the murderer through the victim's eyes. We were in a friend's apartment, quietly watching, as Marianne went into trance, when suddenly she rent the silence with a bloodcurdling scream. The traumatic intensity of experiencing the victim's own terror instantly forced Marianne out of trance, badly shaken, and it took her many long minutes to regain her composure...

At this session, Charles Strickland also went into trance, seeking to probe the consciousness of the unknown murderer in the hope of discerning something of his identity or location. Charles was unprepared for what happened: he literally seemed to enter the consciousness of the murderer, perceiving his thoughts, emotions, and, above all, his psychotic aberrations, as though they were Charles's own. Finding this devastatingly discomforting, Charles disengaged quickly- but not soon enough to avoid leaving him emotionally sickened for the balance of the evening...

"The thrill of danger and the urge to kill- not from fear, but utter revulsion-" he said, "pushed my adrenaline to a nearly intolerable level. his mental state was a hideous mixture of hate, fear, and compulsion, with a sickening viciousness and conflicting desire to both embrace and choke the objects of his rage.

*VftA* The Effect of Channeling a Lower Astral Being:

Listening to this man's story, witnessing how twisted a soul can become when it chooses a dark path, was excruciating. I was aware of a miasma of toxic emotions- lust, depravity, cruelty, and fear- emanating from this lost soul. Despite the protection of the mighty angel, I still became physically ill for several days.

Effects of Ghost's Awareness on the Channeler

*Ea* Channeling Different Sources:

Marianne: "I am normally- probably ninety-five percent of the time- aware of everything that's going on, when I'm channeling my own SC; with ghosts, most of the time I am unaware of what's going on while it's happening... I often sense a "different energy" - foreign one- when an external personality is given control.

*Ea* Channeling Aware Entities:

Marianne said afterward, "I was [mostly] aware of what was going on, while it was going on. I think this is because Rosie and Lizzie were fully aware entities, not ‘trapped' souls in distress. They certainly were there by choice." (NOTE: Maybe the wall of ghosts serves, when being channeled, to wall off the person channeling as well as the friends and helpers trying to get through to them)

*Ea* Aware Spirits Are Easier to Channel:

"I gather Melinda was an aware Spirit. I had no problem at all working with her energy in my body; it was relatively comfortable and very, very gentle to work with."

*Ea* Gone While Channeling Ghosts:

She asked "Why is my face wet?" It indeed was Marianne, much to my relief, puzzled though she clearly was. With her consciousness fully blocked during the entire incident, she didn't know, until I told her, that a ghost had been speaking through her and shedding her tears.


"When I first came out of trance," she related, "I felt emotionally drained without knowing why. I felt confusion- disorientation- and a sense of time loss. I also had a sense of some kind of catharsis, but I couldn't define it.

Ghosts Acclimating To Channeler's Body

*Ea* Acclimating to the Channeler's Body:

Then Charles invoked the ritual protective field about us, and Marianne settled into trance.

Shortly, Marianne's hands began the usual tactile exploration of her body. Mainly for Tony's benefit, I explained, "The energy is feeling a different body... trying to acclimate to it." Then, to the emerging personality, "Good evening."

It didn't answer; instead Marianne's body began to writhe and squirm, as though the visitor found it uncomfortable. "Why do you struggle?" I asked. "Would you speak to us?"

Marianne's hand suddenly shot forward, striking the microphone I was holding in front of her. There followed a long silence, as her hands returned to their tactile exploration...

"Would you do us the honor," I insisted, "of saying ‘hello,' and identifying yourself- among friends?"

Sometimes an external entity has to make several tries, before it can master speech in the strange body. After Marianne uttered some exploratory squawks, a prolonged, undulating dirge-like groan, and a series of labored, unintelligible attempts at words, I suspected the entity could now talk. I asked, "Will you speak to us now?"

"What do you want?" The question was hoarsely whispered.

*Ea* Channeled Discarnates Acclimating To The Physical Body:

For most discarnates, having been bodiless for many years, physicality is a strange, like-new experience. Some entering personalities spend long minutes in silence, feeling arms, legs, face, and hands in detail, learning to manipulate a strange body...

Speaking is the greatest challenge to physical coordination, and an emerging entity may grunt, groan, and stammer awhile, before managing to speak intelligibly through the medium's body.

Lingual Aftereffects of Channeling

*VftA* A Deeply Merged Channeling:

As the session progressed, I heard my voice become that of a Southern youth, with the cadence and timbre of a boy in his early teens. I was astounded. I had been aware of a deeper merging of souls during this session, and, in fact, for days afterward I carried a great grief and love in my heart for this young man.

*SC* Channeling Quirks- Leaving Behind Traces of Channeled Entities' Languages:

Although the entities have on occasion spoken spontaneously in their own language, they do not often do so because it tends to leave residues in my subconscious mind. For instance, I was giving a public talk some years ago, and just as I was coming to a dramatic point and was about to say "and God goes to bat for you," instead I said "God will take a shillelagh for you." (A shillelagh is a shepherd's crook. It is the old Irish word for staff.) So, even though Tom MacPherson's linguistics are close to our own, his archaic phraseology occasionally pops up in my vocabulary when I'm not in trance. Sometimes when I'm speaking, a word comes out that is alien to me on a conscious level but has the right feel at the moment. Often it turns out to be a foreign word known to Japu or another of the entities. The retention of such words is a side effect of the clairvoyant state.

What's Channeling & What Isnt

*JoYS* Inspiration & Collaboration:

Not all inspiration comes from channeling, since we are each creative beings in our own right, but most creation involves some sort of collaboration. We receive more help than we realize.

*JoYS* Intuition vs. Channeling:

Our conscious mind accounts for only a small part of our total self. Through intuition, we can access the full range of our inner knowledge, especially that of our essence, our "higher self."

Sometimes intuition comes from our spirit guides or other nonphysical souls.

Channeling is usually thought of as accessing an outside source. Channeling another entity feels like a different, perhaps more intense energy coming in, whereas channeling our own essence feels like a setting free of our own energy. Although I find channeling Michael physically tiring, channeling my own energy can be refreshing.

A person would probably not be able to channel well if he wasn't intuitive.

*JoYS* Non-Channeled Communication With The Invisible:

You can also communicate with an invisible source mentally, without it coming into your physical body and expressing through you.

To focus yourself, it is good to concentrate on something that is not distracting in order to keep your attention in one place. You can gaze through a candle flame, listen to some nonlinear music, such as chimes, or listen to your breathing. Once you feel deeply relaxed and present with yourself, state out loud what you wish to experience in the session. If you wish, for example, to receive visual images from your primary spirit guide, say that, and imagine a movie screen in your head. Then simply wait until the movie starts, Continue to focus on your breathing, the music, the flame. Once you get images, describe them on tape as they come. Work with the images as you would in interpreting a dream.

If you wish to receive words rather than images, you might imagine that you are sitting at a table with him, talking about what it is that you wish to know more about.

It is important to be clear about what you intend to happen. You can also ask that simply that whatever is for your highest good occur and then just remain in this state of openness.


Channeling & Possession Differences

*CJ* Channeling & Possession:

ROMC: "When we speak through earth energies such as the energies of this entity, we do not go into the energy body in the manner that possessing spirits do. We work through beams of high vibrations, called light."

Unwanted Channeling- Possession Attempts

*RM* Channeling:

The being leaves the body with the astral-body. This procedure has to be carefully used for channeling, because other astral-beings enter the body (even for channeling) and affect the physical body with their presence. After they leave, the body of the channel keeps energies not made by the original owner of the body, and this can cause many problem if the procedure is not guided by well experienced people, who know how to handle such problems.

*BP* Possession:

My clairvoyant friend, LD, told me of an OBE where a spirit of a woman entered her body without permission. The woman was trying to animate

LD's body, but couldn't. LD returned to her body to find it occupied. She was so angry that she yelled at the spirit to get out "or else." The spirit said no, but LD got furious and yelled "Now!" The unhappy spirit quickly left the body, and LD entered it again. The point is, even when you are out of your body, your oversoul has a "claim" on that body. Other spirits do not have the power to animate your body.

Around 1903, an invalid by the name of Vincent Turvey learned how to induce OBEs to free himself from his disabled body. Spiritualism was still popular then, so Turvey started visiting seances during his OBEs. A few times he actually sent messages through the medium during the seance.

*ND* Misuse of Occult Powers Opens One To Possession:

In another life, this entity used occult power to control others. This might lead to possession in this life, unless corrected.

*SC* No Need For Psychic Protection:

Atun-Re: "There is no need for concern over what you would call psychic protection... You may receive messages telepathically that may disturb you a bit, but only if you are emotionally unbalanced in your life. But if you are balanced, merely allow anything to pass through you and return to its source."

Automatic Writing & World Views

Automatic Writing

*EK* Automatic Writing:

Begin to combine letters, a few or many, permuting and revolving them rapidly until your mind warms up... When you feel within that your mind is very, very warm from combining the letters, and that through the combinations you understand new things that you have not attained by human tradition nor discovered on your own through mental reflection, then you are ready to receive the abundant flow, and the abundance flows upon you, arousing you again and again. (NOTE: the coldness of being caught in things is a strain, both mentally and physically.)

*EK* Automatic Writing in the Kabbalah:

"Parts of the Zohar may have been composed through automatic writing... Such a technique was reportedly used by other thirteenth-century kabbalists." -Daniel Matt

*HIoD* Automatic Writing:

Automatic writing suffers from many of the same types of distortion found in dreams.

Tuning into Others' World Views

World Views Are Different Viewpoints, Not People

*UR2* Tuning In To World Views By Writers, Scientists, Inventors:

Ruburt has trained himself to deal with words as a writer. When he picks up a world view that belongs to someone else, he can quite automatically translate it faithfully enough in that idiom of language...

So do scientists and inventors often tune in to the world views of others- living or dead, in your terms- that correlate with their own intents, talents, and purposes.

These "other," reinterpreted world views form a matrix from which new creativity emerges... If you can momentarily abandon your private world view, that focus from which you experience reality, then you can allow the experience of others who have had similar challenges to color your perceptions. You can tune in to their solutions and apply them to your particular circumstances.

*UR2* Ouija & Automatic Writing- Contacting World Views, Thinking It's Some Famous Figure:

In many such instances, the Ouija board operator or the automatic writer is to some extent or another tuning in to a world view, struggling to open roads of perception free enough to perceive an altered version of reality, but not equipped enough through training and temperament, perhaps, to express it...

When you use the Ouija board or trance procedures, you frequently free philosophical areas of your mind that have been frozen. The resulting information then definitely seems to come from outside of yourself, and because you are literal-minded you try to interpret such experiences in a literal way. The material must come from a philosopher, therefore, and since it certainly seems profound to your usual mundane organization, then it appears that such information must originate with a profound mind certainly not your own.

You may signify this to yourself symbolically, so that the board or the automatic writing designates its origin as being Socrates or Plato. If you are spiritualistically oriented, the information may come from a famous psychic recently dead. Instead you yourself have momentarily escaped from your accustomed world view, or home program; you are reaching out into other levels of reality, but still interpreting your experiences in old terms...

You are each as valid as Socrates or Plato.

*UR2* Tuning In To Others' World Views:

You always form your own experience. Ruburt picked up on the world view of a man known dead. He was not directly in communication with William James. (NOTE: If you're just receiving information, where did the idea that it was William James come from I wonder?)

He was aware, however, of the universe through William James's world view... Each person has such a world view, whether living or dead in your terms, and that "living picture" exists despite time or space. It can be perceived by others.

Each world view exists at its own particular "frequency," and can only be tuned in to by those who are more or less within the same range. (NOTE: Aha, that makes sense! Like how you remember things only on your energy level!) However, the frequencies themselves have to be adjusted properly to be brought into focus, and those adjustments necessitate certain intents and sympathies. It is not possible to move in to such a world view if you are basically at odds with it, for example. You simply will not be able to make the proper adjustments...

Even in your life as you understand it, if you are insecure or frightened, you cannot properly see your family or your neighbors. If you are afraid, then your own fear stands between yourself and others. You do not dare take your eyes off yourself for a second. You cannot afford to be friendly, for instance, because you are terrified of being rebuffed.

In the same way, if you are overly concerned about the nature of your own reality, and if you are looking to others to justify your existence, you will not be able to abandon your own world view successfully, for you will feel too threatened...

Ruburt picked up on William James's world view because their interests coincided...

The world view of any individual, even not yet born from your standpoint, exists nevertheless...

James was not aware of the situation. For that matter, James himself is embarked upon other adventures. Ruburt picked up on James's world view, however, as in your terms at least it "existed" perhaps 10 years ago...

It carried the stamp of James's own emotional state at that "time," when he was viewing his earthly experience, in your terms, from the standpoint of one who had died, could look back, and see where he thought his ideas were valid and where they were not...

Ruburt had to be free enough to accept the view of reality as perceived by someone else. To accomplish this, Ruburt, anchored in its own reality while letting another portion soak up, so to speak, a reality not its own.


If you take your own world view with you all of the time, however, as you travel, even in your own world, then you never see the "naked culture." You are always a tourist, taking your homey paraphernalia with you and afraid to give it up.

Projecting a Belief in Evil in Automatic Writing

*UR2* Projecting & Personifying By Ouija & Automatic Writing Your Belief in Evil:

When you begin to leave your home station and alter your focus, however, you leave behind you the particular familiar receptors for your projections. Using the Ouija board or automatic writing, you may find yourself immediately confronted with this material that you have suppressed in the past. When it surfaces you may then project it outward from yourself again, but in a different fashion. Instead of thinking you are in contact with a great philosopher or "ancient soul," you may believe that you are instead visiting with a demon or a devil, or that you are possessed of an evil spirit.

In such a case, you will have already been convinced of the power of evil. Your natural feelings, denied, will also carry the great charge of repression. You may be filled with the feeling that you are in the midst of a great cosmic struggle between the forces of good and evil- and indeed, this often represents a valid picture of your own view of the world.

None of this is necessary... You are in far greater danger the longer you inhibit your natural feelings, and alterations of consciousness often do not in one way or another come to your attention, then it is very possible that the denied energy behind them will erupt in ruptured relationships or illnesses.

"Psychic explorations" never cause such difficulties, nor do they ever compound original problems. On the contrary, they are often highly therapeutic, and they present the personality with an alternative- an alternative to continued repression that would be literally unbearable.



Intuition & The Inner Voice

*WO* The Hierarchy of Spirit & Mind- In the Silence, You Hear Spiritual Things:

When you get quiet and still your mind and shut out all thoughts and impressions coming from without, then you are in your pure soul consciousness and are free to be aware of the impressions coming from within your soul... Deep within the soul there is a higher consciousness and a Spiritual intelligence that presses the soul from within informing you of Spiritual things, even as the outer mind's consciousness presses from without to inform you of material things...

The Higher Self, the Spirit of God in man, reaches down or out from the center of man's being in Divine Consciousness into the soul consciousness, and thence outward into the mortal mind.

*BtC* Receiving Answers:

When Colonel Jim begins to work on a scientific project for a briefing or a large-scale plan for some military procedure he begins by mentally going over all the information available. He reviews all the facets of the situation and evaluates all the ideas which his good logical mind can turn up. He works intensively in this manner for several days. At a certain point the whole briefing or plan flashes into his mind as a completed whole which he can present clearly in words, paragraphs and diagrams...

When he is endeavoring to evaluate situations or people certain symbols flash into his mind. These symbols come with certain meanings accompanying them which give him in brief a summing up of the situation or the person. The symbol may tell him that a situation is not what it seems and that he must look further. It may tell him that an individual is telling the truth or that he isn't; that he can be trusted or he cannot be trusted.

*CJ* Receiving Answers to Questions:

ROMC: "As the question comes into your consciousness, it is opening up a level where the answer will be known and understood. Either it will come from within, which is the best way, or you will receive the answer from another source.

"Once the thought is out, the energy is there and the answer will come. It is important for the individual to be patient and not put his or her own expectations on how and when the answer will come. Following the flow is the most important thing. This will lead one into the answer."

*THAS* The Voice Within:

The voice within is soft and loving, of an unbelievable gentleness; the voices without are harsh, strident. The voice within is full of love for you and everything; the voices without are full of concern for the false self, false values... The voice within speaks with singleness of purpose; the voices without know not what they seek... The voice within woos the soul to perfection; the voices without lead blindly to destruction. The voice within speaks of beauty; the voices without shriek coldly of facts... The voice within concerns itself with the destiny of all; the voices without are wholly concerned with the advancement of one person.

*EL* Intuition & Inspiration:

In its highest workings intuition becomes inspiration.

*BtC* Answers Come When Focusing:

[Dr. Gray] might spend weeks and months collecting all the known material and conducting his experiments. He thought about the problem constantly until at a certain point there came a moment of intense focus. When this happened it was as if a light went on in his head and the information or insight came in a clear flash. Some new and before unknown information, principle or concept solved his problem.

*CtL* Deja Vu's Location in the Brain:

Deja vu experiences and precognitive dreams and intuitions are also located with the temporal lobe... Deja vu... Is therefore a natural and normal experience, and not paranormal at all.

*ANMU* The Answer Lies in the Question's Missing Part:

When I asked a question I very often began to see that the question itself was wrongly put. Instead of giving an immediate answer to my question, the "consciousness" to which I was speaking began to move my question round and turn it about, showing me that it was wrong. Gradually I began to see what was wrong. As soon as I understood clearly what was wrong in my question, I saw the answer. But the answer always included a third element which I could not see before, because my question was always built upon two elements only, thesis and antithesis... A question rightly put contains the answer in itself.

*BDL* Guided Questions:

S: These questions that you think you come up with on your own are actually suggestions from your guide of things to ask about.

*DEVF2* The Speakers- Voices of Electrons, of Gods:

The speakers are those inner voices that first taught you physical languages. You could be equally correct in calling them the voices of electrons or the voices of gods, for each is a representation of All That Is, overflowing like a fountain both with knowledge and with love.

*SC* We Already Know the Answers:

Whenever we ask a question, the answer is already contained within us... Spirit simply objectifies the inquiry we are making and then goes that extra nine yards by telepathically accessing the energy (or the "answer") that we are already "broadcasting" and then reflects it back to us.

*MotFE* Chaldean Astronomers & Intuition:

The Chaldean astronomers got their information on astronomy through the use of the intuitive faculty- or the power of the mind to penetrate through to the fact. They would depend on this completely and then work out all theories.

*RotOS* Spiritual Inspiration:

The teachers decide what philosophies might be tried to help humanity. The joint decision to inspire someone on earth to start a new religion or a new type of psychology is made in this room.

The person on earth receives the inspiration from the teachers because it's his or her karma to do so.

*SC* How Intuition Works:

"Intuition" simply means direct knowing... Any information that comes to us through a process of direct knowing, which bypasses our empirical or logical faculties, is intuitive in nature.


John: "Intuition is the harnessing of your full thought process...

"Stress interferes with this conductivity of the flow of energy... Reduce stress and you promote the flow of memory, or intuition."

The Experience of Intuition

*EL* The Actual Sensation of Intuition:

Some people are actually conscious of the action of the upper portion of the brain during the influx of an intuition, the sensation being that of a sort of expansion in that brain area, which might be compared to the opening of a valve or door.

*WO* Call on Your Higher Self:

Pour out your heart to Him, knowing that He as your Higher Self hears you, that He does know that you have need of all these things, and that He will answer you.

Developing Intuition

*EL* Sensitizing the Intuition:

By training our thought to habitually dwell upon this dual-unity of the Originating Forces of Love and Beauty the intuition is rendered more and more sensitive to ideas emanating from this supreme source... The molecular structure of the brain and body becomes more and more perfectly adjusted to the generating of vibratory currents tending to the outward manifestation of the Originating Principle... In the words of St. Paul, he is being day by day renewed after the image of Him that created him...

The All-originating Love and Beauty will thus flow out as peace of mind, health of body, discretion in the management of our affairs, and power in the carrying out of our undertakings... Our intuition will find a wider scope and our field of activity will expand along with it- in a word we shall discover that our individuality is growing, and that we are becoming more truly ourselves than we ever were before.

The Universal Language of Telepathy

*TtE* Telepathy & Man's Natural Language:

"By means of his natural mind, raised to the light of heaven, man can think, yea, speak with angels; but the thought and speech of the angels then flow into the natural thought and speech of the man, and not conversely; so that angels speak with man in a natural language, which is the man's mother tongue." -Swedenborg, Divine Love and Wisdom

Telepathic Union

*ER* Union with Another, Telepathy:

The judge then asked the youngest brother,

"What if a man cannot be made to say anything?

How do you learn his hidden nature?"

"I sit in front of him in silence,

and set up a ladder of patience,

and if in his presence a language from beyond joy

and beyond grief begins to pour from my chest,

I know that his soul is as deep and bright

as the star Canopus rising over Yemen.

And so when I start speaking a powerful right arm

of words sweeping down, I know him from what I say,

and how I say it, because there's a window open

between us, mixing the night air of our beings."



Experiences of Healing

*JoNDE-RW*Awareness of Bones Healing Naturally:

I was aware of this gentle fizz of healing energy like ginger ale in my bone cells.

*MotFE* Healing:

We stopped over the next day and attended the assembly and saw some remarkable cures. One young woman about twenty years of age who had had her feet frozen the previous winter had them restored. We could actually see the flesh grow until they were normal and she walked with perfect ease.


*LFS* Healing From a Spirit Teacher

Early on [my first true spirit teacher] placed his hands, one on top of my head, and the other on my forehead. I felt each time he did this that I was being greatly blessed, as shock waves of pure energy filled my whole body! When I asked him what was happening to me, he said it was necessary for him to activate long forgotten knowledge and to empower me to do the task at hand...

The thought of speaking before strangers was terrifying, indeed! His answer to this was to place his hands on my heart and my throat, flooding me with powerful charges of energy. I felt like I was caught in an electrical current!... "I am removing your blockages of fear, so that you can freely speak!"

The Emotional & Mental Causes of Sickness

*HU* Where Sickness Originates, Why Medicine Fails:

Because an illness can appear in the energy field weeks and even months before it appears in the body, many psychics believe that disease actually originates in the energy field.

Just as the physical body is subordinate to the etheric, the etheric body is subordinate to the astral/emotional body, the astral/emotional to the mental, and so on.

"Healing a person at the mental level is strong and produces longer lasting results than healing from either the astral or etheric levels," says Gerber.

The reason illnesses often recur is that medicine currently treats only the physical level.

*C&HEF* Healing Through Changing Emotional Patterns:

FF was convinced that her disease was partly emotional in origin, and she decided that she must resolve this problem before taking any other action. She spent the next two or three years meditating and facing her emotional problems squarely. The cancer receded, the mass began to diminish, and she has been well for the last twenty-two years. Although this method is certainly not recommended for everyone, FF was able to heal herself by changing her emotional patterns.

*SS* Illness's Mental Cause:

Illness is often the result of ignorance and lazy mental habits.

*CWG1* Fear, Worry, Hate, & Illness:

Worry is just about the worst form of mental activity there is- next to hate, which is deeply self destructive. Worry is pointless. It is wasted mental energy. Hatred is the most severely damaging mental condition. Fear is worry magnified.

*UR* The Wrong Way To View Health & Sickness:

A person ready to die will, despite any medication. A person who wants to live will seize upon the tiniest hope, and respond. The dynamics of health are regulated by emotions, desires, and thoughts. The malady is seen almost as a thing apart from the patient's person but thrust upon it – over which the patient has little control.

The complete physician would be a person who learned to understand the dynamics of being, the soul-body relationship, one who was healthy in his or her own body. Unhappy people cannot teach you to be happy. Psychiatrists have a high suicide rate.

A true medical profession would be, literally, a health profession. It would seek out people who are healthy and learn from them how to promote health, and not how to diagram disease.

A man or woman who is ready to die, if saved from one disease will promptly get another, or find a way of fulfilling that desire. Your problem there rests with the will to live, and with the mechanics of the psyche.

*CWS* Mental Cause of Illness:

1) "What do you think about the odor of the Earth and of people- do they smell?" Seth once asked a visitor who'd wondered aloud why he had pains in his nose. "What portion of you believes that they smell, so that you want to close out half of the odor that is reality?"

2) I asked why a rash had covered my son's body in less than an hour one afternoon, turning him into a mottled, scarlet mess, and the disappearing as suddenly. The answer had to do with insane mass forces attacking the innocent.

3) One woman had a terrible fear of germs. "You can get rid of an illness," Seth said, "when you realize that you have the habit of creating and drawing it to you out of fear. What you fear most, you draw to yourself. Instead, you must concentrate upon what you want. There are some past-life reasons for your attitudes and also for the profession in which you find yourself. Illness becomes in your mind the symbol of evil, which attacks you- in your mind- in small ways as small illnesses. Those who have strong healing abilities focus upon illness and sickness and are obsessed with it. It is in the same way that many ministers, given to thoughts of good and God, are obsessed with the idea of the devil and evil. You also have strong healing abilities, but these, so far in your personal life, have been latent because of your fear and your obsession in the other direction. It is somewhat like a woman with very earthly desires, who rigorously refuses to use them and dwells instead on thoughts of their evil, holding them back simply because she realizes they are so strong. You would do better if you completely changed your focus away from health- because to you, health also means poor health! When you think of good, you think of evil, and when you think of health, you think of disease. Find the area yourself, a place of energy and peace- in which you realize that in your dealings with health and disease, you are dealing with shadows."

4) Two people had a chronic blockage of the ear canal that was gradually destroying her hearing. "Both of you have this thing about noise!" Seth said. "The world is not as tumultuous as you imagine it to be. You can clear your own ears and your own vision. All you have to do is realize that within yourself is the ability to face each day as you come to it. You are trying too hard now. When you try too hard to see or hear you see or hear less. And you must learn that love is noisy and can be a bother and can get in the way, and you must learn not to deny the validity of your own feelings in those directions where you are now tending to hide them from yourself. Think of what noise represents to you and what it is that you do not want to hear and why at this particular time you do not want to hear it. It is a fear of external stimuli and the basic fear that it will sweep you away, destroy your person. You have physical senses for a reason. They are to help you, not to hinder you. Sex and noise are connected in your mind- loud noise and violence and sex; you feel they could utterly shatter you."

*DC* Modern Medicine:

Modern medicine looks unerringly to the effects and misses the causes. Each medication turns off the pain that we feel to show us what is wrong with out thinking. It blinds us to the effects of our thoughts and lifestyle. It focuses on effects and not causes. Prozac is the antichrist, for it blocks the emotional reaction we feel to our modes of thinking. This society feels that by hiding the problem, by turning off the diagnostics, they are coming to a solution. "Perhaps if they paint smiles on the bombs, they wont do so much damage," they say.

*SoM* Disease:

Disease is an experience operating through people, which does not belong to them at all. The first thing a practitioner does is to separate the belief from the believer. It is a personal, not a Cosmic problem. In mental practice, NEVER LOCATE DISEASE, because thoughts are things. While most disease must first have a subjective cause, this subjective cause (nine times out of ten) is not conscious in the thought of the person who suffers from it, but it perhaps largely the result of certain combinations of thinking.

Is all mental disease a thought held in the conscious mind of the patient? No, not necessarily. It may be a subconscious thought, or it may be the result of many thoughts, which brought together produce a definite result. Combinations of thought unite to produce definite effects. Limitation and poverty are not things, but are the results of restricted ways of thinking.

*WotT* Soul States Affect the Body:

States of the soul can directly affect the body.

This happens quite frequently, as in the blushing of an embarrassed person, the pallor of someone who is frightened. Severe illness may even result from something imagined, so that a malignant and destructive humor is formed in the body without any external cause.

*E* Healing:

It is vastly easier to cure a disease before it has manifested on the material plane of existence.

The ultimate act of healing others is a spontaneous flowing of energy from the Infinite into the finite boundaries of their minds and hearts. This flow of energy naturally breaks their boundaries.

*HU* Fear & Healing:

Fear apparently has been an important factor in the success rates of organ transplants as well.

*HU* Attitude & Healing:

The attitude an expectant mother has toward her baby, and pregnancy in general, has a direct correlation with the complications she will experience during childbirth, as well as with the medical problems her newborn infant will have after it is born. Married women have stronger immune systems than separate or divorced women, and happily married women have en stronger immune systems.

"Never, never get angry at your body or your internal organs," she advised. "Only send them positive messages."

*SD&P* Accepting an Illness As Part of Yourself:

At times, illness is momentarily accepted by the personality as a part of the self, and here lies its danger. Once this occurs, a conflict instantly develops. The self does not want to give up a portion of itself, even if that part may be painful or disadvantageous.

Any heightened sensation, pleasant or unpleasant, has a stimulating effect upon consciousness to some degree. It is a strong awareness of activity and life. This acquiescence to even painful stimuli is a basic part of the nature of consciousness and a necessary one.

The ego may attempt to escape such experiences, but the basic nature of action itself is the knowing of itself in all aspects. In a very deep manner, action does not differentiate between enjoyable and painful actions.

(At deepest cellular levels, all sensations and stimuli are instantly, automatically and joyfully accepted, regardless of their nature. At this level, no knowledge of threat exists. The "I" differentiation is not definite enough to fear destruction.)

*SD&P* Constructive, Growth Illnesses:

The whole focus of a personality can change from constructive areas to a concentration of main energies in the area of illness. Now in such a case, often the illness represents a new unifying system. If the old unifying system of personality has broken down, the illness, serving as a makeshift, temporary emergency measure may hold the integrity of the personality intact until a new constructive, unifying principle replaces the original.

In this case, the illness could not be called an impeding action unless it persisted long after its purpose was served.

Unifying principles are groups of actions about which the whole personality forms itself at any given time. These may change and do change in a relatively smooth fashion when action is allowed to flow unimpeded.

*SD&P* Healing the Source of Illness:

Illness must be treated primarily by changing the basic mental habits. Unless this is done, the trouble will erupt again and again in different guises.

In most cases the stimuli [toward healing] come from deeper levels of the self, where they may be translated into terms that the personal subconscious can use. In such cases, these perceptions may find their way to the ego, appearing as inspirations or intuitive thought.

Such inner therapeutics may occur at various other levels of consciousness, where they may be sparked by exterior stimuli of an aesthetic or pleasing nature. To involve oneself in large groups is often beneficial not simply to take attention away from the self for a change, but because of the larger range of electromagnetic ranges readily available.

Blockages in the Flow, Imbalance

*C&HEF* Nature of Health & Healing:

Health and healing are dependent upon a natural, harmonic, unimpeded flow of life energy.

*WoLi* Healing:

Healing is the restoration of balance to an organism or a situation.

Opening the heart chakra, and developing compassion, connection, and understanding for those around you naturally gives rise to the urge to heal.

*DC* The Connection:

If you let your energy get too low your body suffers. That is the relationship between stress and disease. Love is the way we keep our energy high. It keeps us healthy. It is that important. Your body is your friend and helps you figure out what's wrong.

Anything that distracts the mind from experiencing love allows your energy to get lower. As one form of distraction, repressing our real feelings gives rise to illness, from small to life-threatening. Judgemental thoughts put your body in discomfort. Disease is, above all, dis-ease, absence of ease or sweet, joyous peace of the spirit reflected through the mind in the body. It is seperation from God that has caused sickness and death. It is union with him that causes one to become conscious of being whole.


*~ The two most important factors in heart failure are happiness and job satisfaction. Monday @9 AM are when most heart attacks take place.

*~ Each feeling has a molecule: tranquility produces valium, exhileration produces interluken II (anti-cancer), and fear/stress destroys it.

*MWT* Tiredness is Imbalance:

"What is it then, that makes us say we are tired? Only one thing, an unbalanced body, nothing more. If we think we are tired or ill, it is only because we have done something to unbalance the bodily conductivity of the universal electric current which motivates it."

"Any lack of that joyousness develops body-destroying toxins. That inner ecstasy of the mind is the secret fountain of perpetual youth and strength in any man. He who finds it finds omnipotence and omniscience."

*SD&P* Illness & Blocked Energy:

Illnesses can be seen as impeding actions representing actual blockages of energy, action turned into channels that are not to the best interests of the personality.

A certain portion of the energy practically available to the personality is spent in the maintenance of this impeding action or illness. It is obvious, then, that less energy is available for actions more beneficial to the personality system as a whole.

The situation can be serious in varying degrees, according to the impetus and intensity of the original cause behind the illness. If the impetus is powerful, then the impeding action will be of more serious nature, blocking huge reserves of energy for its own purposes.

  The effect of any thought is quite precise and definite and set into motion because of the nature of its own electromagnetic identity. The physical body operates within certain electromagnetic patterns and is adversely affected by others. These effects change the actual molecular structure of the cells, for better or worse, and because of the laws of attraction, habitual patterns will operate.

*SD&P* Illnesses From Repressed Action:

An illness can be rejected.

When the lines to the repressed action are released and the channels to it opened, such an illness will vanish. However, the thwarted action may be one with disastrous consequences, which the illness may prevent.

Sue's symptoms were caused by explosive and repressed aggression. Sue had been taught as a child to repress emotions. She wanted to strike out but didn't feel that she should, and the denied actions then inhibited the function of the right arm that would ordinarily do the striking. Even the calcium deposits were accumulations of repressed energy stored up in the body.

In her dream, Sue was given information that told her how to release and use this energy creatively. The information was not given to the conscious self but to other layers more intimately concerned with body-mind mechanisms.

No Natural Law of Death & Disease

*MotFE* No Natural Law of Death or Decay For Man, Thoughts & Life, Separation From God:

"The ever-spreading banyan, always a symbol of everlasting life, does not dies except through accident.

"There is no natural law of death or decay for man, except through accident. No inevitable old age process exists within his body. Disease is, above all, dis-ease, absence of ease or Santi- sweet, joyous peace of the spirit reflected through the mind in the body. Senile decay, which is the common experience of man, is but an expression that covers his ignorance of cause, certain disease conditions of mind and body.

"Youth is the divinity within man; youth is the life spiritual- the life beautiful. Age is unspiritual, mortal, ugly, unreal. Fear thoughts, pain thoughts, and grief thoughts create the ugliness called old age. Joyous thoughts, love thoughts, and ideal thoughts create the beauty called youth.

"Practice acquiring the consciousness of childhood."

"Learn to smile in the sweet way of a child. A smile from the soul is spiritual relaxation.

"Learn to thrill yourself. Make everything bright and beautiful about you. Cultivate a spirit of humor. Enjoy the sunshine.

"You understand that I am quoting from the teaching of Siddha. They are the oldest teachers known and their teaching antedates all history by thousands of years."

"God is within the soul as power, substance, and intelligence- or in spiritual terms, wisdom, love, and truth- and is brought out into form or expression through consciousness. It is the belief in separation from Spirit that has caused our forms to age and die. When we see that Spirit is all and that form is constantly being expressed from Spirit, then shall we understand that that which is born of or brought out of Spirit is Spirit.

"By contacting the God-mind we can think with God-mind and know ourselves as we are in reality rather than as we have thought ourselves to be. It is separation from Him that has caused sin, sickness, poverty, and death. It is union with Him that causes one to become a whole Being or to become conscious of being whole. In diversity there need be no concept of separation."

*CWG1* No Illness:

All illness is self-created. Your body was designed to last forever.

*DC* Cell Renewal:

Also, if you can appreciate the fact that all of the cells of the body are renewed every seven years, you will begin to realize the possibilities of life. If you will keep your mind continually renewed as the process of life unfolds, you will begin to see that life might just as well go on, cycle after cycle, or continuously. The buds on a tree are just as young whether that tree be old or young. And the bud has the completed tree within itself.


*~ All cells in body are replaced every 7 years.

*~ The ever-spreading banyan, always a symbol of everlasting life, does not die except through accident. No natural law of decay, no old age process seems to affect injuriously the vital energy of its cells. The same is true of human form devine. There is no natural law of death or decay for humans.

*E* The Body's Constant Fluxuation:

This ancient view of the three-dimensional isolation and integrity of objects is being more and more fundamentally questioned. With every breath, for example, we breathe in 1023 atoms -- a thousand-trillion-trillion atoms -- which join us to become part of us; we breathe out a similar number of molecules that were a moment before part of our bodies. Our body is in a constant state of transformation, exchanging life and matter with the rest of the Universe continually.

*E* Flexibility, Aging, & the Ascendant:

When one is established in Perpetual Consciousness, one's body naturally becomes increasingly flexible and supple. What is the basis of aging? The organs and cells become less and less flexible, more and more rigid.

Only by stretching the mind to the Infinite, does the body become increasingly flexible. Aging reverses as one becomes more and more permanently established in the Absolute.

Thereupon, change stops having a noxious effect.

One is not much affected by any of the pairs of opposites such as heat and cold.

This scattered wandering is the tragedy of the Waking State — with all the good intentions and sincerity of belief and action, life continues to tend toward superficiality, toward unhappiness (for unfulfilled desires lead inevitably to pain and suffering), to disease (for self contradictory belief and action lead to physical distress), to aging (the body wears out rapidly when it is constantly torn between opposed desires) and even to death itself (for this is the ultimate resolution of contradiction to the Waking State mind -- to rest at all costs, even at the expense of life).

What ages a body? Heaviness of thought. It is the attachment to the things of this world that causes life to become heavier and heavier until the body bends and sags and eventually falls into dust.

Most if not all of the physical problems in life come from a confusion of the purpose of the body. The body is a wondrous pharmacy, capable of creating any drug in response to thought and feeling.

Conflicting demands on the body decrease coordination and endurance and increase weakness. As the mind becomes more simple and linear in functioning, the body straightens and becomes perfect in posture. And as one's thoughts become softer and sweeter, the hard lines etched in the face from bitter experiences in life melt away and are replaced by the suppleness and innocence of untarnished youth.

Those who Ascend regularly are biologically younger than their peers who do not. The average is some seven years younger after a year of regular Ascension and fifteen years after three years.

The older we become, the more rigidly we believe our way of thinking and living is the only way.

This rigidity is the root of aging. This rigidity keeps us from bending in adverse weather -- the old, rigid oak breaks in the hurricane; the supple young willow bends to stand another day. When we become infinitely flexible by fully and permanently establishing our Awareness in the Ascendant, all the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune do not strike us; we bend around them. The blows from our returning action pass through us and, finding no resonance in us, they do not stick to us or find any responding echo in us. Nothing anymore binds. One moves freely through all experience, untouched, free, unrestricted everywhere.


*BWT* Youth & the Current of Life:

Every day that you live you become younger and stronger; the more of life you use, the more you have.

Beliefs About Age

*DC* Age & Youth:

Youth is the divinity within man; youth is the life spiritual- the life beautiful. Age is unspiritual, mortal, ugly, unreal. Fear thoughts, pain thoughts, and greif thoughts create the ugliness called old age. Joyous thoughts, love thoughts, and ideal thoughts create the beauty called youth.


*~ 100 people 70 and older were asked to "play pretend" that it was the 50s for 10 days. Some talked as if those days were present, and some talked as if it were in the past. The ones who spoke of it as if it were the present looked younger, and their perameters of aging were set back 20 years.

*~ Alexander Leif- studied aging around the world and centurians. What made certain people live so long? Their collective perceptions of aging. In these places, to become older was to be wiser and enviable, a goal.

*~ The Tara Humara Indians (extinct)- believed that as you got older, you got physically better. The older you were, the faster you could run. Age 20, good; 30, better; 50, great; 60, the best! And this is how things turned out, too.

Healing Through Belief

*AoaY* Healing & Sickness:

I witnessed my guru's instantaneous divine healings of persons suffering from ominous disease -- tuberculosis, diabetes, epilepsy, or paralysis.

"It has been your thoughts that have made you feel alternately weak and strong. Your health has exactly followed your expectations. Thought is a force, even as electricity or gravitation. The human mind is a spark of the almighty consciousness of God. I could show you that whatever your powerful mind believes very intensely would instantly come to pass."

"Knowing that Lahiri Mahasaya never spoke idly, I addressed him with great awe and gratitude: ‘Master, if I think I am well and have regained my former weight, shall that happen?'"

"It is so, even at this moment."

"In one day I had gained fifty pounds; they remained with permanently."


"Pain and pleasure are transitory; endure all dualities with calmness, while trying at the same time to remove their hold. Imagination is the door through which disease as well as healing enters. Disbelieve in the reality of sickness even when you are ill; an unrecognized visitor will flee!"


The land of healing lies within, radiant with that happiness blindly sought in a thousand misdirections.


"I will do something for you."

I stood rooted to the ground, peace rushing like a mighty flood through the gates of my eyes. I was instantaneously healed of a pain in my back, which had troubled me intermittently for years.


"In a short time he will be dead."

"The proud horse doctor is far gone in diabetes, although he does not know it. In fifteen days he will take to his bed. The physicians will give him up for lost; his natural time to leave this earth is six weeks from today. Due to your intercession, however, on that date he will recover. But there is one condition. You must get him to wear an astrological bangle; he will doubtless object."

(NOTE: This all happened as said.) "As soon as the man gets well, advise him not to eat meat. He will not heed this counsel, however, and in six months, just as he is feeling at his best, he will drop dead. Even that six-month extension of life is granted only because of your plea."


"You are already healed."

With my guru's words, the excruciating suffering left me.

"Your disease was Asiatic cholera."


The first duty of man is to keep his body in good condition; otherwise his mind is unable to remain fixed in devotional concentration.


St. Francis of Assisi, severely afflicted with ailments, healed others and even raised the dead.


Many people imagine that every spiritual master has, or should have, the health and strength of a Sandow. The assumption is unfounded.

*E* Thoughts Determine & Can Restructure the Physical Body:

One's thoughts determine the physical shape of one's body. The state of functioning of the body and the bodily organs is a by product of our continual thought processes.

With this increasing choice, one's ability to restructure the form of the body naturally follows. There is actually no limit to this process. The body can be restructured into any desired form; it can be translated into any desired frequency.

The genetic code is imprinted from its inception with a specific life span. As one Ascends, one naturally learns what is written there, and rewrites that which does not serve.

*C&HEF* Mental Energy for Change:

The transformative power of thought when it is reinforced by conviction is well known. The ability to break long-standing habits, such as smoking, results from the power of the mind to change behavior.

The mere conviction that one can effect personal change and growth is enough to start the process moving.

*HU* Genetic Healing:

[Brocq's Disease was healed in a boy by hypnosis] Brocq's disease is a genetic condition, and getting rid of it involves more than just controlling autonomic processes such as blood flow patterns and various cells of the immune system. It means tapping into the master plan, our DNA programming itself. So, it would appear that when we access the right strata of our beliefs, our minds can override even our genetic makeup.

*HU* The Power of Beleief- the Placebo:

Neuropeptides are molecules the brain uses to communicate. The existence of receptors (telegram receivers) on the cells in our immune system implies that the immune system is not separate from, but is an extension of the brain.

On average 35 percent of all people who receive a given placebo will experience a significant effect, although this number can vary greatly from situation to situation.

Folk rituals—ritual itself being a kind of placebo.

Placebos were found to be 54 percent as effective as aspirin and 56 percent as effective as morphine.

In the first room, nine were given a stimulating amphetamine and the tenth a sleep-producing barbiturate. In the second room, the situation was reversed. In both instances, the person singled out behaved exactly as his companions did.

Chemotherapy: 30 percent of the individuals in the control group, the group given placebos, lost their hair.

Because of their cultural beliefs, the unmarried women are unconsciously preventing themselves from getting pregnant.

Bones began to regenerate.

Instantaneous Healing Through Realization

*MotFE* Unity Heals Discord:

The statement, ‘I am God," accompanied by the realization of what is truly involved in it will heal any condition instantly.

This eliminates the theory that it is necessary to do any specific work on the glands, on body centers, upon the body itself, or to treat disease, as you state it. The physical will fall into line as soon as we realize that fundamental Unity.

*MotFE* Healing:

"The power to heal can be obtained only as we learn to trace things out from their source. Supremacy over every discord can come only in the degree that we understand that they do not come from God.

"There is a Mighty Divine Power within and all around you and around and in all substance which is yours to use as you will. If you do not realize this, you cannot have confidence in yourselves. The greater cure for inharmony is the knowledge that it is not from God and that God never did create it."

Healing Through Looking At It

*HU* Holistic Health- Knowledge of the Circumstances of Sickness:

How can we put this knowledge to practical use in our lives? When we stop seeing illness as something separate and instead view it as part of a larger whole, as a milieu of behavior, diet, sleep, excersice patterns, and various other relationships with the world at large, we often get better, says Dossey. As evidence he calls attention to a study in which chronic headache sufferers were asked to keep a diary of the frequency and severity of their headaches. Although the record was intended to be a first step in preparing the headache sufferers for further treatment, most of the subjects found that when they began to keep a diary, their headaches disappeared.

In another experiment cited by Dossey, a group of epileptic children and their families were videotaped as they interacted with one another. Occasionally, there were emotional outbursts during the sessions, which were often followed by actual seizures. When the children were shown the tapes and saw the relationship between these emotional events and their siezures, they became almost siezure-free. Why? By keeping a diary or watching a videotape, the subjects were able to see their condition in a relationship to the larger pattern of their lives. When this happens, illness can no longer be viewed "as an intruding disease originating elsewhere, but as part of a process of living, which can accurately be described as an unbroken whole," says physician Larry Dossey.

** Berkeley Psychics- Awareness Releases:

Say "hello" to all the things in your energy- become aware and it leaves. Attention makes a communication. Resistance keeps it in your space and numbs you..

Healed By The Light

*TbtL* Prayer:

The light said that what we think of as prayer is more like complaining and we are frequently begging to be punished for something that we are simply going to do again in the future.

He asked me to think of my own worst enermy. Then he said to send all of my light to my worst enemy. I did and a sudden burst of light went out from me and returned as if it had been reflected back from a mirror. I became aware of every cell in my body. It was the sound and sight of light coming from my being. I was crying, laughing, shaking, trying to hold still and trying to catch my breath. When I finally recovered, the being of light said, "now you have prayed for the first time in your life."

Janet's cancer then disappeared.

*AoaY* A Blazing Light:

I knew an Indian saint, half of whose body was once festering with sores. His diabetic condition was so acute that under ordinary conditions he could not sit still at one time for more than fifteen minutes. But his spiritual aspiration was undeterrable. With ceaseless command of will, the saint gradually became able to sit daily in the lotus posture for eighteen continuous hours, engrossed in the ecstatic trance.

"And," he told me, "at the end of three years, I found the Infinite Light blazing within my shattered form. Rejoicing in the joyful splendor, I forgot the body. Later I saw that it had become whole through the Divine Mercy."

The Energy Dynamics of Healing

*C* Magnetizing Someone, Healing:

When one person mesmerizes another, the operator by an effort of will gathers together a great deal of this magnetism and throws it into the subject, pushing back his victim's nerve-fluid, and filling its place with his own. The former can think and act only as the latter wills that he should think and act.

Even when the magnetizer is trying to cure, and is pouring strength into the man, he inevitably gives along with the vitality much of his own emanations.

If the patient has a headache, for example, there will almost certainly be a congestion of noxious ether about some part of his brain, and the first step is to draw that away.

How is this to be managed? Just in the same way as the out-pouring of strength is managed – by an exercise of the will. We must not forget that these finer subdivisions of matter are readily moulded or affected by the action of the human will.

That he is actually producing the result of which he thinks, he will be very likely soon to discover, for unless he takes precautions to cast off the bad magnetism which he is absorbing, he will either himself feel the headache or begin to suffer from a pain in the arm and hand with which the operation is being performed.

He should therefore adopts some definite plan to get rid of it, and the simplest is just to throw it away, to shake it from the hands as one would shake water. The matter which he has withdrawn is physical, and we can deal with it by physical means. He should not forget to wash his hands carefully after curing a headache or any malady of that nature. Then, after he has removed the cause of the evil, he proceeds to pour in good strong healthy magnetism to take its place.

*C&HEF* Observing Healers:

Several other healers were observed at work by DVK. In general, their etheric fields tended to be somewhat more luminous and sometimes larger than the average. The chakras were also unusually luminous and elastic. These characteristics seem to be common to healers, even though they may differ considerably in their methods. In some cases the brow and throat chakras appear to be larger than average.

*MM* Healing:

I was told the movement of hands up and down over the area of involvement without touching was a way of reconnecting the former pattern of the healthy leg. It would eliminate any swelling during the healing phase. Medicine Man was jogging the memory of the bone into acknowledging the true nature of its healthy state. This removed the shock created when it snapped in half, ripping away from the position developed over thirty years. They "talked" to the bone.

Their speech was in the form of chants or songs, each one different. At one point, in unison, they all raised their voices and shouted something. I could not see any actual pulling take place. The bone just slipped back into the hole from which it exited. Medicine Man held the ragged skin together and motioned to Female Healer, who untied the strange tube of menstrual blood clot jelly she carried. There was no smell at all. She squeezed out a shiny, thick, black tar, and used it to cement the jagged edges of the wound together.

The next morning Great Stone Hunter stood up and walked with us. There was no hint of a limp. He had no pain. As far as he and the others were concerned, the experience was over and we all walked away in peace and hopefully a bit wiser. The circle was closed. It was given no more time, energy, or attention.

In setting the bone the other day, the two native physicians worked by sending the thoughts of perfection to the body. "Healing has absolutely nothing to do with time. Both healing and disease take place in an instant."

*SS* Healing & Weather:

The body's healing mechanism operates more effectively in clear weather. The electrical reactions are different according to the weather and atmospheric conditions. In reainy weather, there is an added electircal resistance within the atomic structures themselves- a sort of delayed reaction, hardly perceptible in physical terms- a delayed period before the vertebrae come to rest again, so to speak, in the desired position. In clear weather there is much less of a delayed reaction, and the activated, stirred-up atoms come more quickly to rest.

Healing Others With Belief

*SoM* The Way of Healing:

In healing, we turn entirely away from the condition, because as long as we look at it, we cannot overcome it. By thinking upon a condition, we tend to animate it with the life of our thought, and thereby it is perpetuated and magnified. Healing is the science of inducing, within Mind, concepts, acceptances, and realizations of peace, poise, power, plenty- health, happiness and success- or whatever the particular need may be. Healing is not willing things to happen; it is to provide within ourselves an avenue through which they may happen. Healing opens up the avenues of thought, expands the consciousness, and lets Reality through; it clarifies the mentality; removes the obstruction of thought and lets in the Light; it removes doubt and fear, in the realization of the Presence of Spirit, and is necessary while we are confronted by obstructions or obstacles. We already live in a Perfect Universe, but It needs to be seen mentally before It can become a part of our experience. Every problem is primarily mental, and the answer to all problems will be found in Spiritual Realization.

A practitioner works through the Law of Mind, definitely, for someone else. He declared the truth about the person whom he is treating, stating that this person is a Divine Being, complete, happy, satisfied, conscious of his own spiritual being; that this thing which is causing him to sudder now is not a law, has no right to be, is no longer effective through him. He makes such statements to himself, about this individual, as tend to clear up, in his own thought, his belief about the person whom he is treating, until finally he comes to a place in his treatment where he says that the person is now all right; he is free from that condition. It can never return. That this is the Truth about him that this now is the Truth.

A healing is a conscious movement of thought, and the work begins and ends in the thought of the one giving the treatment. The practitioner must do the work within himself. The more completely the mind turns away from lack, the more completely the thought stops trying to figure out how the demonstration can be made, the more completely it refrains from will power, and, strange as it may seem, the less it tries to concentrate, THE MORE POWER IT HAS. Healing has nothing to do with any effort which attempts to concentrate the Energy of God. The Energy of God is already concentrated everywhere.

This is not a process of saying "Peace" when there is no peace. A practitioner working for one whose blood pressure is high might say, "Go every week or so and have your blood pressure tested." if one's blood pressure is high, a demonstration will not have been made until it is reduced to normal. To claim that he is perfectly normal, while the blood pressure remains high, would be to affront the intelligence of any sane individual. There cannot be an embodiment of the image without the appreciation of what the image means. A man who is always distraught cannot give a good treatment for peace. Otherwise, it is a word and not an embodiment. The word which carries power is the one which has conviction back of it. This matter of self-deception about the truth of a demonstration is the most prolific field for delusion in our system of thought. There is nothing in all our teaching which calls for lying to ourselves or others.

We heal man, not as a physical body, neither do we heal disease as belonging to him, the reason being that if we do, we cannot subsequently free him from it. In your work, do not feel that you must heal anyone. Your only responsibility is to uncover the Truth. When you are giving a healing, you are thinking. You are meeting, opposing, neutralizing, erasing, and obliterating suppression, fear, doubt, failure, morbid emotion and sense of loss- whatever the trouble may be. The healer does not try to hold a thought or to send out a thought. He simply tries to convince himself of the perfection of his patient. The very force which makes us sick can heal us, the force which makes us poor an enrich us, and the power which makes us miserable can make us happy.

In the case of an infant- who is subjective tot he conscious thought of the people around it- it may be necessary to teach the parents how to think about the child. Everything that opposes harmony and spontaneous unity, will prove disastrous to the child's health, sooner or later.

A healer does not treat a sick man, he deals only with the idea, a spiritual man; otherwise he would enter into the vibration of suffering and might himself experience the result of such vibration. Healing is not a process, it is a realization.

*SoM* What Is a Healer?:

The one who attempts to heal himself or another through a recognition of the creative power of Mind and the ever availability of Good, is a mental or spiritual practitioner. Such a one refuses to allow negative thoughts to control his consciousness. He endeavors to greet the divinity in every man he meets. The one seeking to demonstrate the power of spiritual realization in everyday affairs should belief in Divine guidance. He should affirm that his mind is continually impressed with the images of right action, and that everything in his life is controlled by love, harmony, and peace; that everything he does prospers, and that the Eternal Energy back of all things animates everything which he undertakes. Every objective evidence contrary to good should be resolutely denied, and in its place should come a sense of right action. He should feel a unity of Spirit in all people, and running through all events. He should declare that the Spirit within him is God, quickening into right action everything he touches, bringing the best out od all his experiences, and forever guiding and sustaining.

The professional mental and spiritual practitioner is one who has dedicated his life- his time, his energies, hie intelligence- to helping others, through mental and spiritual means and methods.

It is the practitioner's business to uncover God in every man. God is not sick. God is not poor. God is not unhappy. God is never afraid. God is never confused. Where does he do his work? IN HIS OWN MIND.

*PAP* Practice By Healing:

The best training you could have is to practice mental healing. I would advise you to treat your patient without his knowledge. The treatment should never be stopped abruptly, but diminished gradually.

*MotFE* Healing Through Forgiveness:

"The thought of the disease and the disease are merely the cause and the effect. Erase, forgive the cause and the effect disappears. Erase the false belief and sickness vanishes.

"This was the only method of cure that Jesus ever resorted to. He erased the false image in the consciousness of the one to whom he ministered. He first raised the vibrations of his body by connecting his own thoughts with those of Divine Mind and holding his own thoughts steadfastly in accord with those of the perfection of the Divine Mind for man. Then the vibrations of his body became equal to the vibrations in Divine Mind. Having thus raised the vibrations of his own body by his steadfast thought of the Divine Perfection, he was able to raise the vibrations of the body of the applicant with the withered arm to the point where he could erase the image of the withered arm from his own consciousness. Then perfection was instantaneous and the forgiveness was complete. (NOTE: Becoming so rapidly that you enter a mutual moment field with the sick person, bringing them into the seat of their power, the will to heal anything in a moment, and the fear/beleif cause has no room to exist.)


*BWT* Don't Believe Appearances:

When, in your healing work, you can sit down with the mind at rest and not battle the appearance... the experience of God can take over, and then the healing takes place.

Strong Healing Vibrations

*MotFE* Healing Vibrations & Temples:

Located in this village was The Healing Temple. It is claimed that only words of Life, Love, and Peace have been given expression in this temple since its erection, and the vibrations are so potent that nearly all who pass through the temple are instantly healed.

If man would practice sending forth words of Life, Love, Harmony, Peace, and Perfection he would in a short time not be able to utter an inharmonious word.

A great many told us they were healed by declaring silently that they desired to be made whole.

The vibrations of strength, peace, power, and harmony that are always sent forth from the temples but serve to urge travelers on to these peaks.

*C&HEF* Observing the Healing Waters of the Ganges:

DVK visited the city of Varanasi (Benares) in India, long held to be most holy, where thousands of people come every day to bathe in the cleansing waters of the Ganges and be purified by its healing powers. Lookeed at with our physical eyes, and having in mind the usual Western notions of hygiene, the city is very dirty and the river ought to be heavily polluted by the numbers of sick and dying and dead who are immersed in its waters. Yet looked at etherically it presents a different picture.

Normally, every river or moving body of water has a very slight etheric counterpart which extends about three inches above the surface. The Ganges is no exception for most of its course. However, at the point in Varanasi where pilgrims enter the river, DBK observed what she described as a condition of "double-decker etheric energy" extending perhaps half a mile along the banks, but not found farther upstream or downstream. Along this stretch of the river there was a special flow of etheric energy extending about one inch under the surface of the water. In addition, about a mile upstream from this point there was another concentration of energy, which might almost be called a spiritual vortex of healing energies. (These occur all over the world.)

Color & Healing

*C&HEF* Colors & Healing:

Colored lights have varying effects. Yellow and gold light energizes; blue is soothing in cases of infection, reduces pain and lowers blood pressure; green has a harmonizing effect on the etheric. DVK observed that when yellow light was shone on a dog in shock it had a vitalizing effect on the animal's etheric field.

*WoLi* Color In Healing:

There are some metaphysical theories that believe that all matter is trapped light. Color has been used in healing with remarkable success.

Healing & EM Fields

*TbtL* Electromagnetic Systems & Healing:

Humans have a place in the brain which can sense electromagnetic sources, an area behind the ethmoid sinuses. Solar storms which generate bursts of electromagnetic radiation, have been shown to affect human behavior to such an extent that they increase admissions to psychiatric hospitals. Natural biorhythms, sleep cycles, and patterns of behavior are all influenced by the earth's magnetic fields.

Even cancer has sometimes been shown to be caused and healed by electromagnetism from outside the body. 20% of childhood cancers are caused by the force fields radiated from overhead power lines, which can depress the human immune system and stimulate cancer growth. Utility workers and linemen exposed to power-line fields have a thirteenfold increase in brain tumors. Power line magnetism has been linked to an increase in suicides and a decrease in serotonin and dopamine which control sleep and mood.

EM forces can help heal fractures that cannot be healed in any other way. This work has led to thousands of healings of people who would otherwise have been crippled.

If you clean the stump of a severed finger and leave it open, it will sometimes regrow within a matter of weeks, complete with new bone and fingernail. But if they sewed up the wound, the appendage would never grow back. One fellow has used EM currents to induce the regeneration of the entire limbs of salamanders. He transplanted some limbs from the front to back, and the transplanted forlimb turned into a hindlimb. When he interfered with the EM fields in the brains of salamanders, the regeneration stopped.

Healing With Sound

*C&HEF* Sound & Healing:

We can cut with ultrasound, shatter a kidney stone, liquefy a cataract, photograph the maturing of an ovum or the deposits of calcium in an artery.

Untrained, Unwitting Healers

*C&HEF* Developing Healing Abilities:

Sometimes such sensitivity is not under control, and this can create difficulties. For example, a person may consciously or unconsciously tune into the feelings of another person so powerfully that he physically feels the other's pain and distress. Many nurses and would-be healers open themselves in this way, by empathizing and taking in the patient's feelings. If the causes of this are unrecognized, such individuals may be considered hypochondriacs, because the physical symptoms can change constantly. On the other hand, such abilities could be of considerable value to a physician in diagnosing the source of an illness. A person can turn a disturbing faculty which may cause emotional exhaustion into a valuable talent, if he realizes that he possesses a type of higher sense perception which can be brought under control.

*BtL* More Post-NDE Aftereffects: Healing:

• Experiencers often develop "healing hands" and exhibit a charismatic "aura" around them.

Transmission of Illness & Karmic Intervention

*AoaY* Taking On Ilness & Karmic Intervention:

The metaphysical method of physical transfer of disease is known to highly advanced yogis. A strong man can assist a weaker one by helping to carry his heavy load; a spiritual superman is able to minimize his disciples' physical or mental burdens by sharing the karma of their past actions.

The yogi unites his mind and astral vehicle with those of a suffering individual; the disease is conveyed, wholly or in part, to the saint's body. That material form. Though he may allow it to register a certain disease in order to relieve others, his mind is never affected.

Escaping to the superconsciousness whenever he so desires, a master can remain oblivious of physical suffering.

The spiritual law does not require a master to become ill whenever he heals another person. Healings ordinarily take place through the saint's knowledge of various methods of instantaneous cure in which no hurt to the spiritual healer is involved.

Perfection Transcends Both Healing & Disease

*MotFE* Health & Disease:

Perfection exists independent of both the opposites of health and disease. Both health and disease are delusions according to Eastern Philosophy for they are only human concepts. For instance, your own idea of health today would not suffice you in five years from now for health is a relative idea in your own consciousness.

Our ideas of health and disease are both less than the perfection which is established in the foundation of the Universe and never can that which is less than perfection be made into perfection. You are dealing with something unrelated to either of these extremes.


Precognition & Free Will

Precognitive Experiences

*HU* Precognition:

There is an enormous body of evidence that proves at least some future events are as easy to see as past events.

Without telling Croiset the name or location of the hall, or the nature of the event, the experimenter would ask the Dutch psychic to describe who would be sitting in the seat during the evening in question.

Investigators in both Europe and America, put Croiset through the rigors of the chair test and found that he was almost always capable of giving an accurate and detailed description of the person who would be sitting in the chair, including describing their gender, facial features, dress, occupation, and even incidents from their past.

*HU* The Form of Precognition:

As with retrocognition, psychics report that precognitive information often appears to them in the form of three-dimensional images. "I feel like I'm in the situation. I can hear people talking, but they cannot hear or see me." -Cordero

** OBE Aftereffects:

Precognition: (BP) Precognition could also be classified as clairvoyance, but instead of the ability to "know" the present, this is the ability to "know" the future. On November 2, 1981, I had a certain "feeling" or "knowing" that my father was soon to die. I wrote it down, but I didn't tell anyone my feeling. My father was still in good health. Soon after that, my dad became ill and died on January 13, 1982.

Deja Vu: (BP) I've had two deja vu experiences recently. The first I'll mention was today. I was at APS, at CC's terminal. CC was on the phone, and I knew every word she said, before she said it. I broke out laughing, but she didn't understand why I was laughing.

Knowing All: 1) I remember knowing everything. I knew what you were thinking, I knew who was coming to the door and what they were going to say, I knew what was going to be on the radio before I turned it on. Finially I was able to integrate these sensitivities into my life without being continually subject to them.

2) I've had the feeling of picking up people's thoughts and vibrations. I have often been able to pick up things before people say them.

Intelligence increase: Sawyer found himself writing the equations of Max Plank.

*BtL* More Post-NDE Aftereffects: Precognition:

• An ability to know the future

*LWK* Clairvoyance, Precognition, & Kundalini Blocks:

One of the signs of kundalini awakening is that the words of an illuminated personality concern the future as easily as the present. It was believed that the spirit or the power speaking through them had transcendental knowledge beyond the reach of the common folk.

The words he spoke at times, even the course of ordinary conversation, proved so premonitory or prophetic that everyone who had this experience once was deeply impressed in their subsequent meetings with him.

If such a precognition is possible there must be a higher Intelligence hidden within us that is latently aware of all that is happening or shall happen in the cosmos.

At times it seemed as if my father literally read one's thoughts and answered them. He was too much occupied in his own internal manifestations to be the least concerned with showing off his extraordinary gifts to make an impression.

One day, after returning from his morning walk, father addressed my mother while we were all sitting together in a room and said: "Don't you hear the cries and lamentation? There is an epidemic in the city and cores are dying every day. But we are safe."

There was no epidemic and no outcry. He repeated this warning several times, as if he actually witnessed the death and heard the cries. After about a month the first case of cholera was reported in the city. This was followed by a raging epidemic and hundreds died before the scourge could be controlled.

I put the cousin in our best room on the third floor. My father occupied a room on the fourth. He knew nothing about my cousin's illness or that I had brought him down from Gariorr. But he knew him very well.

My father was coming up the stair when suddenly his eyes fell on our cousin sitting in the room assigned to him. He said nothing but on reaching the next floor called me by name and said, "Why have you put that corpse in the room below?" During the next three days the illness took a sudden turn for the worse and he expired less than a week after the fatal prediction was made.

Clairvoyance and presage are common in the case of disoriented products of kundalini arousal. Their disorientation is ascribed to miscarriage of spiritual practices or their failure to adjust themselves to the spiritual life on account of evil karma or some other cause. They are often utterly indifferent to the world and its norms.

*LWK* Presage Dreams:

A very remarkable feature in my dream life in those days was the prophetic nature of some of the dreams, especially those dreamed towards the morning. The reenaction of the dream scene or the fulfillment of the presage that very day, or during the course of the next few days was remarkable.

One dream scene showed me reading a letter from a friend whom I had not met in years. The same day I found a letter from him amongst the others delivered to me.

I saw a relative in my dream whom I had not met for months and he called on the same day.

The materialization of the dreams became common.

*FVE* Precognition from the Deceased in a Dream:

I dreamed that I was in a little provincial Dutch town and at once encountered my brother-in-law, who had died sometime before. I was absolutely sure that it was he, and I knew that he was dead. He told me that somebody was going to rob me of a sum of 10,000 guilders.

It came only too true, with this difference, that the sum I lost was twenty times greater. At the time of the dream, there seemed not to be the slightest probability of such a catastrophe. I was not even in possession of the money I lost afterwards.

*ODM* Precognitive Dreams:

Paranormal dreams are described as being unusually vivid and intense, and they have a particularly tenacious quality to them after the dreamer awakens. Most of these dreams, however, are psychologically edited so that details are variously distorted or displaced or obscured by personal symbols and metaphors.

1) Samuel Clemens dreamed he saw a metal coffin resting on two chairs in his sister's sitting room. As he approached the coffin, he saw the body of his brother Henry. One detail in particular caught his attention: a bouquet of white flowers, with one crimson flower in the center, lying on Henry's chest. A few days later, a Mississippi riverboat, upon which Henry had been one of the crew members, blew up. The Memphis ladies had taken up a special collection and bought a metal casket for him. As Clemens approached his brother's casket, as elderly woman entered the room carrying a large bouquet of white flowers, in the center of which was one crimson rose, and laid them on Henry's chest.

2) One individual dreamed twice that he saw the Titanic floating keel upward, with passengers and crew swimming about in the water.

3) A massive coal-tip slid down a mountainside and engulfed the Welsh mining village of Aberfan, killing 144 persons, mostly school children. One dreamer saw, spelled out in large, brilliant letters, the word ABERFAN. Another dreamer saw a telephone operator from Brighton talk helplessly to a child, who walked toward her, followed by a billowing cloud of black dust or smoke. One of the students, prior to the accident dreamed thus: "We go to school but there is no school there; something black has come down all over it." She told her mother "I'm not afraid to die, Mommie. I'll be with Peter and June." When the huge slag deposit slid down on the school two days later, she, Peter, and June were among the 118 children crushed or buried alive.

*MJooB* Precognition Phenomenology:

In states of deep relaxation prior to OB seperation, Monroe began to have a new experience. There would be a hissing sound localized in the forebrain, and he would get the sensation of a small rectangular door opening downward to an angle of about 45˚. This exposed a perfectly round hole. Immediately thereafter he would experience an event like a precognitive lucid dream. He could not produce this effect at will.

*APitL* Premonitions:

I had a vision of a friend's car going through a rotting bridge, and was able to alter the future by preventing his going. Another friend who was going up in a plane later called me to talk about something else. As he did, a vision came into my mind. I could see an engine running that had a wide belt with grooves on it. The belt broke loose and the engine caught on fire. This ended up really happening, but to someone else. One time I was coming off the interstate in Atlanta when in my mind I saw two cars collide and a woman get thrown out of one of the cars. I was apprehensive because I knew that I would see that very accident any minute now. As the exit road curved and went over the freeway, there ahead was the very accident I had already seen. I got to the woman and helped her the best I could. But was I still in my head now? I wondered. Was I actually giving first aid or was this event just playing out in my mind? I was often confused about what was really happening and what was an event from the future. I saw a man crossing the same street I was crossing, and behind him I saw two girls about to step off the curb. This vision appeared in my mind. It was just like a memory of something that had already happened, a memory of something I had witnessed. I realized that the man I had seen in my mind was me! I prevented the girls from being hit. (* the shouts, the psychic cries go both ways in time like ripples in a pond.) For the most part, the perceptions I have are not full of drama. What I see is ordinary stuff. I see how people go through their days, or things that are meaningful in their lives.

*JoNDE-PA* The Experience of Future Memory:

Features I have noticed with the future memory phenomenon are physical sensations at start and finish, akin to a chill, rush, lift, tickle, or "high."

*HoL* Precognition:

An example of precognition, or warning from the spirit teachers, happened one day when I was going to visit a friend. I was three blocks from her office when I was told that she wouldn't be there, that she might have had a heart attack and that I was needed to give her a healing. I found the office locked, so I went to her apartment where I found her in a state of physical pain, holding her left am to her body.

About Precognition

*HU* About Precognition:

Precognitions occur more frequently than any other kind of psychic experience.

Precognitive visions tend to be of tragedies, with premonitions of unhappy events outnumbering happy ones by a ratio of four to one. Presentiments of death predominate, with accidents coming in second and illnesses third. They only spill over into our conscious minds during times of crisis. That our "sophisticated" understanding of reality is responsible for our inability to both grasp and utilize the true nature of our relationship with time is evident in the fact that primitive cultures nearly always score better on ESP tests than so-called civilized cultures.

Coming events cast their shadows in the present.

[key:] *SD&P* About Precognition & Clairvoyance:

In telepathic and clairvoyant experiences, the electromagnetic pattern is transmitted. It must then be transformed into a pattern that can be distinguished by the ego, if the individual is to be consciously aware of the data.

Often the information is picked up translated by the subconscious and acted upon without conscious approval or recognition. In almost all cases, however, there must be an emotional attraction, for this I what allows for the initial transmission, and makes it possible.

Basically, there is no difference between telepathy and clairvoyance. The apparent difference is the result of an inadequate understanding of the nature of time.

When an individual clairvoyantly ‘sees' an event, this is what happens: First he forgets the concept of continual moments that usually hampers perception. His perception changes focus so that he is aware of an event that otherwise would seem to be in the future. Unconsciously, as always, he constructs material objects in line with the available data.

It goes without saying, then, that he helps to form the clairvoyantly perceived event.

Under ordinary circumstances, data is received through the physical senses and then interpreted by the brain. When a clairvoyant event is perceived, the data is received by the mind, then given to the brain which then interprets it. The interpretation is made, however, in the same way as it usually is. Otherwise, the information would not register for the physical organism.

Actually, of course, much information perceived directly by the mind does bypass the physical organism completely. In some such cases, the subconscious does receive the data. In other cases, it is not recorded in any way within the physical system but is recorded at deeper layers of the self.

Even this data is available to the subconscious, however, if the need for it arises. Before it can be used by the physical organism, it must [first] be taken from the deeper layers to the brain for interpretation, as if it were new sense data.

[key:] *HU* Seeing Both Ways, the Unity of Time:

"At clairvoyant levels time is undivided and whole, one often perceives the object or event in its past, present and/or future phases in abruptly swift successions." -Garrett

*ODM* Dreams & Ideas of Time:

West African Natives' idea of time is extremely peculiar. The present, the past, and the future are inextricably mingled. Most dream experiences are believed as implicitly as physical ones. Natives, without the inhibitions which our view of time and a causal universe impose upon us, regularly and vividly dream the future as much as the past, with the result that the ideas ‘present', ‘past', and ‘future', have no meaning to them as they do to us.

*SD&P* Multiple Precognitive Elements:

If one element in a dream sequence is precognitive, then the others usually are, too- at least in my case.

*LWK* Clairvoyance, Precognition, & Kundalini Blocks:

The psychics and mediums and all those possessing the power of clairvoyance, mind reading, prediction, and similar supernormal faculties owe their surprising gifts to the action of an awakened kundalini operating in a limited way in the head without reaching the highest center. The same is true of the men and women of genius.

*ODM* Foreshadowing Dreams:

The Atharva Veda suggests that dreams from the first period of sleep will not come true for a year and those of the second period for eight months, while those arising from the last part of the night are already half realized.

Dvivedagana: "In early childhood, our dreams consist of the impressions of a former world, later on they are filled with the impressions of our senses, and in old age they contain visions of a world to come."

*SD&P* Physical Factors Involving Precognition:

You will discover definite correlations that exist between the incidence of precognitive dreams and data having to do with the temperature and weather.

It would be necessary to take your temperature many times during the night and to correlate the findings with the levels of the subconscious as they showed themselves within the dream series. These various subconscious levels fall within definite temperature ranges.

This correlation is observable only when the personality is in an inactive state.

Illness can also obscure the effect.

*HU* Precognitive Dreams:

As an adolescent, I started having vivid and detailed dreams about events that would later happen. I often knew things about people I had no right knowing.

Further evidence that we have relegated our innate precognitive abilities to the hinterlands of the unconscious can be found in the close association between premonitions and dreams. From 60 to 68 percent of all precognitions occur during dreaming.

Because our dreaming self is deeper in the psyche than our conscious self—and thus closer to the primal ocean in which past, present, and future become one—it may be easier for it to access information about the future.

*HU* Hypnosis & Precognition:

Hypnotized subjects scored significantly higher on precognition tests than nonhypnotized subjects. Other studies have also confirmed the ESP-enhancing effects of hypnosis.

*UR* Learning To See Only Present:

Responses to out-of-time events do not bring the infant recognition, approval, or action, however. It immediately begins to learn to accept certain neurological pulses which bring results, and not others, and so neurological patterns are early learned. The infant sees, out of context, both present and future without discrimination.

*SC* We Can Remember the Future:

We remember not only past lives but the future. When someone prognosticates events, he isn't really "seeing," or even creating, his future- he's remembering it...

The memory mechanism is the same whether we're recalling childhood events, past lives, or future events... Since we're less familiar with future modes of transportation, architecture, and trends and fashions, it might take a little more effort to remember the future than to remember the past.

*JoNDE-GG* Past/Future Dreams:

At least some dreams and visions, then, may be products of fractionally dimensioned observations of hyperspace, as previous theorists have speculated (Hart, 1953; McKenna, 1992; Rogo, 1978c; Rucker, 1982; Smythies, 1967; Whiteman, 1961, 1968; Wolf, 1988).

*JoNDE-PA* The Content of Future Memory:

Content typically include mundane activity but sometimes covers significant events, feels like a "rehearsal" of some kind...

Neural Counterparts of Precognition

*JoNDE-PA* Temporal Lobe Development and Future Memory:

Children, [at around the ages of three to five when the temporal lobes develop] are almost entirely "future-oriented," as they play with possibilities of what may soon be expected of them as they grow...

People who go through a brain shift display evidence of what appears to be a temporal lobe expansion and traits associated with the rebirth of imagination.

How Precognition & Free Will Work

*D* Precognition & Free Will:

Another result which follows from the ego's super-normal method of time measurement is that in some degree prevision is possible to him.

Man undoubtedly does possess free-will; and therefore, as remarked above, prevision is possible only to a certain extent. In the affairs of the average man it is probably possible to a very large extent, since he has developed no will of his own worth speaking of, and is consequently very largely the creature of circumstances.

When we consider the vast number of events which can be but little affected by human action, a very large portion of the future may be foretold with considerable accuracy even as to detail.

When we come to deal with a developed individual – a man with knowledge and will – then prophecy fails us, for he is no longer the creature of circumstances but to a great extent their master. True, the main events of his life are arranged beforehand by his past karma; but the way in which he will allow them to affect him, the method by which he will deal with them, and perhaps triumph over them – these are his own.

It is clear that at any given moment a body of causes is in action which, if not interfered with, will inevitably produce certain results. A man of strong will can, by setting up new forces, largely modify these results; and these modifications could not be foreseen by any ordinary clairvoyance until after the new forces had been set in motion.

*PoP* Free Will:

There is no absolute determinism or complete free will.

The unchangeable history of each being is recorded on the Preserved Tablet before it is brought into existence. A destiny belonging to this category cannot be changed or cancelled or exchanged. Whatever is beyond our own will is in this category. God alone knows what it contains. For certain individuals the moment of their death has been set down, so that even fatal accidents will not take their life until the right time is reached. One of the distinctive signs of a destiny belonging to this category is that it seems to be extraordinary and quite different from the usual or expected course of things. Events that concern a particular group of individuals, or even a whole portion of humanity can be written down here. Those things written here are the result of certain important actions from our past lives which require a particular recompense.

The greatest part of our destiny is written down on the Variable Tablet. These can be constantly modified according to different influences, the most important of them being our will, choices, and intentions. Certain beings of a high spiritual level are able to see the contents of this category.

*MotFE* You Are Individuals & Free Wills:

"Let me also say that you are individuals, that you are not personalities, that you are free wills, not automatons."

*JoYS* Precognition & Free Will:

If everything could be predicted ahead of time, we would all have to be automatons. The Tao would likewise be an automation.

*SoM* Psychic Abilities:

Precognition: The continuation of the past, through the present, into the future, is a movement of causation passing from cause to effect; and because the movement is first set in motion in a field of Mind which is purely subjective, both cause and effect will exist at any point during the sequence of this movement. The clairvoyant vision, then, contacting it at any point- even before the final outcome- will see the final outcome. Mental tendencies set in motion cast their shadows before, and a psychic often sees the complete manifestation of an idea before it has had time to materialize in the objective world. This is what constitutes the average spirit of prophecy. How did you prophesy that the window would be broken? By drawing a logical conclusion from an already established premise.

*CWG1* Fate:

Fate can be an acronym for "from all thoughts everywhere." It is of the collective unconscious. If you want guarantees in life, then you don't want life. You want rehearsals for a script that's already been written.

*JoS* Soul's Affect on Physical:

The key to growth is understanding that we are given the ability to make mid-course corrections in our life and having the courage to make changes when what we are doing isnt working. By conquering fear and taking risks, our karmic pattern changes. The permanent identity of a soul stamps the human mind with the distinctive character of that soul.

*SD&P* Precognitive Information & Probabilities:

Sometimes precognitive information will appear to be wrong. In some cases, this is because a different probable event has been chosen by the self for physical materialization.

*SS* Precognition & Free Will:

You can tune in to certain probabilities and predict "that they will occur," but free will always operates.

Some precognative dreams are entirely legitimate. Often, however, the suggestion involved in the dream brings about the event. From this instant of reality you form and change not only the future, but the past. You do not form events alone. You are involved in a cooperative venture. You cooperate together to form the physical reality that you know, telepathically, through ways and means that are unknown to you. You weave webs of psychic reality that then coalesce into physical reality.

*AoaY* Astrology, Fate, The Interconnectedness of All Things:

"Astrology is too vast, both mathematically and philosophically, to be rightly grasped except by men of profound understanding."

"All parts of creation are linked together and interchange their influences."

"The message boldly blazoned across the heavens at the moment of birth is not meant to emphasize fate — the result of past good and evil — but to arouse man's will to escape from his universal thralldom. What he has done, he can undo."

"The wise man defeats his planets – which is to say, his past – by transferring his allegiance from the creation to the Creator. The more he realizes his unity with Spirit, the less he can be dominated by matter."

*HU* Future Events Organize Now:

(NOTE: Objectively or subjectively.) Puthoff and Targ speaks of the future as composed of "crystallizing possibilities." Speak of the future as fluid, but in the process "crystallizing," and believe that great world events are crystallized furthest in advance, as are the most important events in a person's life, such as marriage, accidents, and death.

*HTO* Personal Flashforwards:

Personal flashforwards usually occur in the context of a NDE, though they can be experienced as a subsequent vision as well. To the NDEr they represent events of a conditional future- if he chooses to return to life, these events will ensue. It is seemingly a part of his "life design" that will unfold if he returns. In some cases,the individual will recall the knowledge only when the actual events happens. One can avoid a PF. Some seem to show a possible, contingent future, not one fixed destiny.

1) Those beings showed me that if I continued down the path I was on at that time, I would be living HERE, doing THIS, and then I was showed a place I had not expected to be with three grown-up children.

*EbtL* Fate & Predestination:

We can alter or redirect our lives at any time. God made the promise that he wouldnt intervene in our lives unless we asked him.

An energetic spirit she met in the spirit realm found a way into her life, even with big things standing in the way.

*UR* Communion With Our Surroundings, Forseeing Events:

Many animals are aware of such phenomena. Mankind itself is innately equipped to "foresee" such potential disasters.

The physical organism itself is so equipped. Blood pressure rises in whole populations – stress signals in terms of hormones are activated. You are as natural as an animal, and as "tune in" to the deep rhythms of the earth.

Man no longer identifies with a storm, for example, and has lost his sense of relationship with it, and therefore his natural power over it.

*SBtL* Visions of the Future, Fate:

Without words, he told me that everything I had just seen was in the future, but not necessarily cast in stone. "The flow of human events can be changed, but first people have to know what they are."

*TDA* Predestination & Free Will:

Dr. Peebles: "There is predestination of things that must take place, that will take place in the family of mankind and in the mind of the individual. But your free will can make it sooner or later, according to your growth, according to your change and your shift."

*R* Destiny Via Imagination:

Fools exploit the world; the wise transfigure it. It is the highest wisdom to know that in the living universe there is no destiny other than that created out of the imagination of man.


*GoE* Why the Future is Veiled from Us:

In the nature of man... A veil shuts down on the facts of to-morrow; for the soul will not have us read any other cipher than that of cause and effect. By this veil which curtains events it instructs the children of men to live in to-day.

Changing Future Influences

*MotFE* Working With Future Influences:

There is a certain group of Hawaiians who will get together and tune in impending influences. If they perceive an influence that is not of benefit, they turn it over to another group who work against it, and it never manifests. The Hindus say that one man can prophesy and another God-man can stop fulfillment of the prophecy.

Do not accept prophecies of destruction and calamity. Look into the realm of Spirit and they vanish.

"All these things can be avoided if the thought that sustains them is immediately withdrawn and the vibrations are not allowed to be fixed upon those brain cells, so that those particular vibrations cannot be again projected. It is through this set of cells that all calamities are foretold.

*HU* Avoiding the Forseen Fate:

The literature is filled with examples of people who were able to use their precognitive glimpses of the future to avoid disasters, instances in which individuals correctly foresaw the crash of a place and avoided death by not getting on, or had a vision of their children being drowned in a flood and moved them out of harm's way just in the nick of time. There are nineteen documented cases of people who had precognitive glimpses of the sinking of the Titanic—some were experienced by passengers who paid attention to their premonitions and survived.

Parallel universes.

Anomolies in Precognitive Dreams

*SD&P* Precognitive Dreams:

Dream One:

First I seemed to be floating above a car. The male driver buckled over in pain.

Next, I floated above a car, which was driven by another me. (Actually, I do not drive because of poor eyesight.) The car approached our corner, at Walnut and Water Streets. Others were also in the car. As I watched from my floating position, the "driving me" made an error at the light, and suddenly we ended up in the middle of a line of traffic. Cars came from all directions. I was terrified- certain that an accident would result. But none occurred.

COMMENT: The next day a friend, Peter James, visited us. He had been having back trouble. As he sat on the couch, he suddenly buckled over with a spasm. We gave him aspirin. When he recovered, he offered to drive us to the garage to pick up our car.

On the way, Peter suddenly went through a traffic light. We ended up in the wrong line of traffic, with cars coming at us from all directions. Vehicles in both other lanes had the green light, and we were right in their path. There was a squeal of brakes as the first car stopped less than two feet away. Yet, miraculously enough, there was no accident. Peter told us later that he just hadn't seen the light.

I didn't even connect the dream and the physical event until I checked my dream records as usual that night.

Dream Two:

I dreamed that it had been raining. I saw a motorcycle on a wet road. The driver lost his balance, the vehicle veered, but the driver regained his balance just in time and continued on. I said to Rob, "Motorcycles are dangerous on a wet road."

COMMENT: [7 days later] We visited Rob's parents. In the course of conversation, my father-in-law told us that on July 3, from his window, he had watched a near-accident involving a motorcycle. Then he proceeded to outline my dream precisely, ending up with the remark: "Motorcycles are dangerous on a wet road"- the exact words I had spoken in the dream

Here, however, I think the precognitive event was actually the discussion with my father-in-law, rather than the incident itself.

Dream Three:

This dream was actually a series of four short sequences. In the first, I saw a young, black woman and a young, white woman on the corner of Walnut and Water Streets. They were hanging out clothes, and I stood applauding.

Next, I was teaching school- not an unusual dream under the circumstances, since I was acting as a substitute teacher in the public schools that autumn.

In the third sequence, I was having a long discussion with the white woman of the first episode, and there was a group of other women present.

Then, the scene switched again. The white woman was speaking on the telephone. In an aside, she disclosed that the caller was her husband, who was out of town. He was telling her that they must move. She was very embarrassed because she would not have time to give proper notice to the school or landlord. Then she laughed into the phone and said, "What?" in tones of mock disbelief. At the same time I saw in my mind's eye a picture of the house into which she would move. It reminded me of Dr. C's home in the country.

COMMENT: [2 days later] I was called to teach. This was only my second time out as a substitute. Since I'd never been to this particular school, I left early.

In the hallway, I was surprised to run into Anna Taylor. She lives in an apartment right at the corner of Walnut and Water Streets, but she was barely an acquaintance- and we saw her rarely. I knew she was a teacher, but hadn't the foggiest idea in what school. When she saw me, she burst out laughing, and said, "What? What?" in tones of great mock disbelief- as the woman had used in the dream. She didn't know I was teaching.

Immediately she told me that her husband had called her two days previously to tell her that they must move. He was out of town and had just learned that he was to be transferred to another area. Anna said that she was terribly embarrassed since they had to move quickly, and she wouldn't have time to give the proper notice.

We met at lunch in the teacher's room where we ate with a group od women, including one lovely, black girl who was particularly intelligent. Later, in a free period, she showed me her first-grade classroom, specifically pointing out the closet and mentioning the difficulty involved in helping the children hang up their clothes.

After school I went home and sat down for a cup of coffee when the phone rang. It was Anna, calling to tell me that her husband had just called to say he had definitely rented a house in Albany.

*RB* Symbolism During "Future Wind" OBEs:

Symbolic Visions & Sign Posts: There is another aspect of this wind that is very similar to the above but the vision you experience is symbolic, or has a symbolic aspect, rather than an actual future event or scene.

For example: You are taken, by a future wind, to a scene in which you see yourself winning a lot of money. You are sitting at a table checking your lottery ticket with the results. You see the prize money is $18 million. You check your numbers, or ticket, and find you have the winning ticket. You feel all the excitement, the surge of adrenalin, dreams of wealth come flooding into you and your heart races with excitement.

After this vision, you start buying lots of tickets. You also start to make decisions that affect your life with a "When the money comes through" type of attitude. Do not do this!

The symbolism of the above vision is: $18 million is an odd amount of money and may be a rare event. This is what I call a SIGN POST - a date stamp of a future event. This means that when your local lottery has a prize of the above amount, something important is going to happen in your life or in the world around you.

If you know how symbolism works, during the vision you would have been able to pick up more information about this coming event. The setting, the symbols, the connections to you, the action and the sequence of events in it, are all important aspects of its meaning.

1) "I left my body and was moving about my home. Suddenly, a force moved me across the room. I tried to fight it but it grew stronger until I was blown out of the house and up into the night sky. A short time later I was brought down again, outside my home. I was just left standing there in the middle of the road. In front of me stood a refrigerator. It was just sitting there in the road with its door open. I examined it and could tell it was not working. Behind it was a massive red brick wall, 40 feet high and twice as wide. There are no REAL brick walls in this street. Then I noticed my wife was standing beside me. I turned and said hello to her. She just said goodbye, very coldly, then turned and walked away. Perplexed, I watched her walk away. Oddly, instead of walking to our home, she walked away from it and off into the distance."

Unraveling Symbolism: Being experienced with the symbolism and nature of visions I knew this foretold the end of my marriage. I could not understand it as we were only recently married and very happy together.

To decipher a symbolic vision it is necessary to analyse it and break it down into its parts. The timing and sequence of a vision is important to unravelling its meaning. It is important to break a symbolic vision into its 5 basic parts and to note this in your journal, while it is still fresh in your mind. The six significant aspects of this vision are: When I saw the broken fridge (sign post) I saw the brick wall (symbol) and my wife (connection) said goodbye and left (symbolic action) in a direction away from our home, until she disappeared (symbolic modifiers)

A year after I had the above vision, we moved to another town. The day we moved, we had to borrow a refrigerator from a relative. Ours had broken down and was in for repairs. The borrowed fridge did not work either. After our's was repaired, this other fridge sat on our porch for two and a half years, waiting to be collected. I remembered the vision clearly, and knew this fridge was the date stamp of an upcoming event. I also knew what the event was, but honestly could not see it happening. One day, though, they came and collected this fridge. A week later my marriage ended. Suddenly, permanently, and for no foreseeable reason.

Looking at it in hind sight, it is crystal clear what the vision meant. It was as simple as it was accurate. Most symbolic visions are this simple. Be very careful not to read too much into vision otherwise the true message in the vision will be obscured.

*ODM* Foreshadowing Dreams:

Anomalies in Foreshadowing Dreams: 1) As in Bishop Layni's dream, two assassins were seen, whereas in actuality there was only one.

2) Once again, the number of the assassins was wrong: Garwell saw two soldiers but there were four attackers.

*MJooB*1: Monroe had a precognitive dream about a wreck on a plane. It meant a heart-attack, but he couldnt accept that as a possibility and the cause was interpreted as a different part of the nearby scene.

*PtE* Psychic Knowing In Dreams:

This type of perceiving was operative in my dream state as well.

1) I dreamt that I signed a contract to write a book with an ice skater- hardly a typical dream for me.I had a notion that the skater was Dick Button. The following day I received a letter from a student, a US gold-medal winner in ice skating who had skated with Dick Button.

Projections & Future Events

*HU* OBEs into the Future:

"OBEs to future time and space differ from regular precognitive dreams in that I am definitely ‘out' and moving through a black, dark area that ends at some lightened future scene." Harary has sometimes even seen a silhouette of his future self in the scene, and this is not all. When the events he has witnessed eventually come to pass, he can also sense his time-traveling OB self in the actually scene with him. He describes this eerie sensation as "meeting myself ‘behind' myself as if I were two beings."

*RB* Future Wind:

There is a strange phenomenon you will come across, from time to time, while you are projecting. I call this "Future Wind." You will be OBE'ing somewhere, minding your own business, when all of a sudden you will feel an irresistible force. You will feel yourself being moved against your will, usually backwards, by this force. You can fight it for a while but it will grow steadily stronger until you are blown away; over the roof tops, up into the sky and....into the future.

Then, after a while, you will come down in a different place....and time. Often it will be somewhere mundane, maybe a domestic setting of some sort. You will be released there and left to wander about... confused. You may even meet people you do not know, yet, and they will be just as confused as you are.

This may be an actual scene out of your future life, it may be a symbolic vision, or a mixture of both. You may be an invisible spectator to this scene, or you may merge with your future self, and see out of your future eyes for a while.

This can also be a scene of an important future event. It could be a disaster, natural or otherwise, or something unusual or exciting on the world scene. These type of events usually have a lot of energy surrounding them, and this may be part of the reason for the vision.

The only explanations I can give for this are:

1. The intervention of your higher self: For some reason it decides that now is the time to show you something from your future.

2. Clairvoyant interference: Your Brow chakra has become clairvoyantly active and has tuned into a future setting. Your point of consciousness is caught up by this vision and projected into it.

3. A combination of both of the above - this is the most logical.

*SD&P* Form Two Projection & Affecting the Future:

It is possible for you to project to a future event in which you will be involved and by an act that you make in the projection, alter the course that this future will take. Such an action would therefore appear to happen twice, once in your present and once in your future.

Let us take an example: While asleep, you project into 1982. There you see yourself considering various courses of action. For a moment you are aware of a sense of duality as you view this older self. You communicate with this other self; and we will go into this sort of thing more deeply in another session. In any case, your future self heeds what you say. Now in the actual future you are the self who hears the voice of a past self, perhaps in a dream, or perhaps in a projection into the past.

*PotAB* Enacting Future Events in the Dream Body:

It frequently happens that a future-contemplating dream takes place in which the astral body does participate. When one does have a future-contemplating projection-dream, it nearly always begins with some routine action and runs off into another channel; or the dreamer enacts something which he is in the habit of doing every day, and then certain novel aspects of the action which have not yet happened are dreamed about. Usually, after I have experienced such a dream, it ‘materializes' during the day following the dream; in the case given, the action did not happen in reality until several weeks after the astral body had enacted it.

1) I dreamed of specific events occurring while I was walking through a park. I then awoke in the astral and found the action of walking in the park true; but the persons melted out of the scene, and I was there alone in my astral body. This event then actually came true several weeks later.

Unimpressed By Precognition

*HTO* Explaining Prophetic Visions:

It has been suggested that NDErs are simply projecting their own fears of the future or their unconscious conflicts onto the world scene. Or maybe they took the phyiscal symptoms of the NDE and generated them inadvertantly into the death of the world. At least some aspects of the NDEs represent archetypal imagery. In the premonitions registry I put together, none of them impressed me with their accuracy. Some of the specific predictions have been flatly wrong. They may have tapped into an alternate future scenario.

1) In 1969, about six months before a certain date in April, psychics suddenly started declaring that on that date California would sink into the ocean and the West Coast would be destroyed. Everyone started picking up the same date in their dreams- everywhere- be they psychic or not. A hit song was written about it, warning everyone to boat up and go to Idaho. I picked it up, too, along with everyone else I know. We all held our breath. It didnt happen. There was a small earthquake, but not too bad. California held.