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OBEs & The Astral World

Introduction to OBEs • Electro-Chemical Correlations of OBEs • The Astral Cord • Leaving the Various Bodies • Separation From Your Physical Body • Help Getting OB • The Return to Your Body • Interacting With the Physical Body • Astral Body Appearance & Attributes • Appearance Of The Astral Cord • Mind & Emotions in the Astral • The Experience of Higher-Dimensional Time • Distance, Time, & States • All In Terms of 4D Space • Inner, Astral Senses • Mental Senses • Astral Light • The Spheres of Light • Recognition, Communication, & Interaction • Astral Travel


Introduction to OBEs


*MJooB* OBEs in Our Language:

You "fall asleep," you are "beside yourself," "out of your mind," you wake "up," pass "out."

*MJooB* OBE Definition:

1) perception from some out-of-body source.

2) knowledge at the time that one is not dreaming or fantasizing. Normal consciousness, critical faculties and all aspects of the self are retained.

*H&H* What Being Out Of Body Is Like:

Being out of body is like being midway between sleeping and being awake, and seems perfectly awake. It seems real as anything, for you are even walking about. Time and space is not attended to. Touch is very exquisite and the rest of the senses are heightened. From this state, angels and spirits can be seen. There is no tiredness. Being out-of-body is being in your interiors.

*?* Reappraisal of Ideas of Waking & Dreaming:

1) He found himself floating against the ceiling, bouncing gently with any movement. He couldnt tell where wakefulness stopped and dreaming began.

*SD&P* Projection Into Other Dimensions:

Projections into other dimensions do occur. Many such instances are considered chaotic dreams because there is no way to check them against physical events since they did not occur in physical terms.

How Safe You Are

*BP* How Safe You Are:

If you find yourself in an unpleasant astral encounter, you will faint or pass out. Count on it. Remember how powerful your subconscious is? It's old hat to the astral world. It's been dealing with the astral world for centuries. Anything you can dish out, it can handle. It's only the physical body that can't take punishment. While out of your body, you can't be harmed.

And what about the body while you're gone? Don't worry--your oversoul has made too big an investment in that body to let go of it so easily. It knows what's happening to the body at all times, and if anything disturbs the body, once again you'll pass out and be brought to full consciousness again. Your subconscious deals with that every time you go to sleep. It constantly monitors your body. If anything happens, you'll be pulled back instantly. Since time and space are illusions, it won't take any time at all to return.

*DDG* How Safe You Are:

Nothing can hurt you when you are out of body. You are literally indestructible. YOU are the only thing that can hurt you, and the only way this can happen is by letting your own fears take you over. If you learn to control your fear, you will ALWAYS be safe out of body.

*MJOOB* How Safe You Are:

Absolutely nothing can destroy you.

*ASJ* Astral Safety:

The Master: ‘There are no wild beasts to attack him for just as a man learns he cannot harm an animal in the astral world so the animals learn that they cannot harm man.'

Commonality of OBEs

*OwtL* Frequency and Occasions of OBEs:

In the 1960s, Dr. Eugene E. Bernard, professor of psychology at North Carolina State University, conducted an extensive study of out-of-body experience [OBE] and suggested that one out of every one hundred persons has experienced out-of-body projection.

The psychologist found out that OBE most often occurs during minor surgery, at times of extreme fear, and, of course, during instances of near-death.

*CBAP* 25% of People Have Had OBEs:

Dr. Jules Eisenbud, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of Colorado Medical School.. said that a fairly high percentage of people- up to 25 per cent, according to some authorities have had the experience of leaving their bodies, after which, they claimed, they saw their bodies and other objects from a higher position in space.

History of OBEs

*CBAP* OBEs Throughout History:

Dr. A. Puharich: "I plunged into renewed studies of this phenomenon from a historical point of view... I can say that from the beginning of recorded history, in every one of the great ancient classical cultures, this experience [of projection] has been recounted again and again."

*CBtL* Genies are OBEs!:

The Arabs (the Sufis) knew perfectly well about the astral body and that their tales about the "genie" were parables about the astral body.

*GHL* Hawaiian Astral Travel:

"Another type of shape-changing employed by shamans... is called in Hawaiian ho'okakaola (‘to send out a visible astral body').

Proof of OBEs

*CBAP* Sameness of Double Witnesses:

Thousands of people, usually though not necessarily during illness or crisis, have seen a replica, or "double," of the physical body. Dr. Eugene E. Barnard, Professor of Psychology at North Carolina State University, estimated that one out of every hundred persons has this type of experience at some time in his life. The content of the testimonies is remarkably uniform, despite differences of age, education, and cultural background.

*PotC* Projection Proves Life After Death:

Projection provides irrefutable evidence of the survival of biological death.

*SC* Astral Projection Proof & Also Thought Speed > Light Speed Proof:

In one very interesting experiment in the early 1970s [by The New York laboratories of the American Society for Psychical Research], Ingo Swann and Harold Sherman, were asked to leave their bodies (astral project) and travel to Mercury and Jupiter to observe the atmospheres of those two planets. Researchers hoped that the information the two psychics brought back would be corroborated by NASA's deep space probes, which had been sent to those planets and were due to orbit back within days. The intention of the experiment was to demonstrate "remote-viewing" capabilities...

The data from the probes showed that both Swann and Sherman accurately described certain previously unknown characteristics of the planet Mercury. These findings certainly seem to verify remote-viewing capabilities. Even more important, however, is that the information was received "instantaneously." NASA's photos, which were broadcast over electromagnetic frequencies, took approximately 6.5 minutes to get from point A to point B.

Script: Above: The speed of thought is proven faster than light! Wow- think of things this way. If thought is faster than light, then thought forms must be more real than light-forms (physical forms)! Reality is in the speed of the flicker! Just as physical objects, at the speed of light are more solid than the 75 Hz flicker of computer screen images, thought forms are more real than light-forms! AH! BECAUSE THAT"S WHAT WE CAN SEE REFLECTED OFF THEM! IF WE SAW THOUGHT REFLECTED OFF THEM, WE WOULD BE SEEING A HIGHER REALITY OF THEM!
*JoNDE-JW* OBE Isn't Dependent on Belief:

Significantly, an out-of-body experience occurs in the absence of any prompting by the therapist after the regression persona "dies."

*CtL* Accurate OB Knowledge

[Sabom] found that twenty-three of the twenty-five in the control group made major mistakes in describing the resuscitation procedure. On the other hand, none of the near-death patients made mistakes in describing what went on in their own resuscitations.

*CBAP* Ghost Limbs:

When a physical limb has been amputated, many people claim that they still feel the presence of the "limb" of the "double".

Causes of OBEs

*MJooB* Causes of OBEs:

OBEs are usually once-in-a-lifetime, seemingly by accident. They are sometimes caused by near-fatal illness, great emotional stress, but most often during sleep. Very rarely, one can learn to go OB at will. Some recently have been Oliver Fox, Sylvan Muldoon, and Yram.

Four beings positioned around one explorer would help to lift her out of her body.

(HU) Out-of-body experiences, or OBEs, have been reported throughout history by individuals from all walks of life. The typical OBE is usually spontaneous and occurs most often during sleep, meditation, anesthesia, illness, and instances of traumatic pain. 85 percent described the experience as pleasant and over half of them said it was joyful. OBEers found that there were psychologically normal and were on the whole extremely well adjusted.

*HU* OBEs:

Although the OBEs experienced by such patients are spontaneous, some people have mastered the ability well enough to leave their body at will.

The aboriginal concept of the "dreamtime," a realm that Australian shamans visit by entering a profound trance, is almost identical to the afterlife planes of existence described in Western sources.

*OC* The Trauma OB:

First, the little girl who is being repeatedly sexually abused has an out-of-body experience: detached from her body and what is going on, she may float up to the ceiling and imagine that she is watching another little girl being abused. The abuse is not so terrifying and overwhelming because it is happening to someone else. Not only is the abuse not happening to the original little girl, she doesn't even remember it. Various identities may be created to deal with different aspects of the trauma, resulting in an eventual total of ten, twenty, or more alter personalities.

*JoNDE-JWh* OBEs from G-LOC:

OBEs are reported in association with G-LOC episodes. These OBEs have been associated with longer G-LOC episodes and multiple, closely-spaced G-LOC episodes, as many as five within a 15 minute period. One associated OBE for example, occurred following multiple G-LOC episodes. The individual walking down a hallway immediately after a centrifuge exposure became aware not only that he was walking down the hallway, but also that he was above and behind himself, watching his own body walking. The duality persisted for approximately three minutes before the experience ended with what was described as a reintegration process with his body.

*PotAB* When The Astral Body Leaves:

Weakness of Body For Projection: In times of sickness- especially that sort of sickness which is staid or sedative- astral projection can and often does take place. The more weakened, languid, and enervated the physical becomes, the more easily the astral member detaches itself; for at such times less material resistance is brought to bear against the inner workings which prompt the separation.

Extreme Shock & Unconsciousness: A violent blow, especially upon the head, or any extreme shock, wherein unconsciousness ensues as a consequence, is another common cause of instantaneous astral projection. The more prolonged the unconsciousness, the longer-lived could be the exteriorization.

*PotL* Wandering OB in Sickness:

"Mrs. Samways took care of the house in our absence. Mrs. Samways went to a meeting-house, on her return, unlocking the street-door, she perceived a light at the end of the passage, and on going nearer saw, as she thought, the yard-door open. The light showed the yard and everything in it, but the midst she clearly recognized me, in white garments, looking very pale and worn. I was taken very faint about the same time, and lingered for many weeks, hovering between life and death."

-Mrs. Stone

*CJ* Being Clear For Dimensional Travel:

In order to move freely into other dimensions my energies had to be clear, so there was a lot of cleaning up to do.

*CBAP* Natural OBEs & Anaesthetic OBEs:

Certain differences are observed between "doubles" that were released naturally and those whose release was enforced (by anaesthetics, etc.). For instance, whereas about one in five naturally released "doubles" exhibited "super-normal" consciousness (with telepathy, clairvoyance, the sight of the dead, etc.) only about one in twenty of those whose release was due to anaesthetics, etc., reached that level of consciousness. (On our objective hypothesis, the former "doubles" consisted of the Soul Body only, while the latter "doubles" were composite- the Soul Body was more or less enshrouded by substance from the vehicle of vitality).


Those that were formed naturally (and therefore gradually) were often horizontal at first and became erect later. Those that were formed artificially, for example, by anaesthetics (and therefore suddenly) never exhibited an initial horizontal position.


Many people whose "doubles" left their bodies naturally were aware of the process, whereas those whose "doubles" were forced out of their bodies were unaware of it


When "doubles" are released naturally, their space-range is unlimited. When they are forced out by anaesthetics, they remain near the body.


"Doubles" that were formed in a natural manner typically have a higher level of consciousness (which was often "super-normal") than those whose release was enforced (which was restricted and often included dream elements). (NOTE: It depends on if the Soul-Body is awake)


"Doubles" that were released naturally tended to contact either earth or "Paradise" conditions. Those released forcibly contacted either earth or "Hades" conditions. (NOTE: I've seen this elsewhere. If you're not ready to leave, you have issues and dont naturally leave.)


A very rapid reentry into the body in cases of natural projections caused shock ("repercussion"), and this could be partially controlled; the phenomenon was not observed in enforced cases.

*CBAP* Sickness & OBEs:

Case No. 622: "I become exceedingly ill. [This condition, on our hypothesis, releases a significant portion of the vehicle of vitality-death involving its entire release.]

*BMS* The Stress OBE:

"When a person is in the depth of despair and life is at risk physically or mentally, an ejection seat seems to be activated in the mind that lets the conscious self escape or seem to escape, like the pilot from a damaged plane. The OBE self, feeling free from the damaged vehicle, allows its automatic pilot to take over. Anxiety is reduced, the autonomic nervous system switched from sympathetic to parasympathetic, heart action is lowered, and blood flow is diverted from the extremities to vital organs. If the body has been damaged by accident or attack, bleeding may slow down." -William G. Roll

How It Works

*ST* The Typical OB Experience:

Under the paralysis state, do not move under any circumstance – not even to scratch your nose!

As the paralysis begins to creep over you, a feeling of falling backwards may accompany it. You may also feel like you cannot breathe properly, but this will quickly pass. If you get through to this point you may become aware of a variety of sounds at a deafening volume-sounds such as buzzing, roaring wind, electrical sizzling, crackling, and even a musical tone or instrument.

If you transition this stage you may hear voices or see shapes and images. Having circumvented these distractions you may also become aware of a floating or upward movement. This sometimes occurs without asking. Be advised you can feel pain if you believe you have been injured by something or someone.

*DDG* Kundalini & OBEs:

It is the kundalini energy that is in large part responsible for the ability to project/have an OBE. The chills and shivers you may feel as you go deeper into trance are a result of awakening your kundalini.

*E* Astral Projection:

"Physical Ascension" means that one can depart from the body at any time.

The most important upward channel or nadi that the udana must traverse is the susumna. When one's consciousness firmly masters this upward rising breath in the susumna, one gains the ability to leave the body along the Solar Path at will.

*APr* Outside the Body:

Once outside the house—and especially if he has no pre-arranged plan of action—the chances are that he will find himself caught up by some invisible force and borne away. Sometimes the speed seems so tremendous that one gets the effect of tumbling through a hole into a new sphere.

He will lose his time-sense more or less completely.

If the return is voluntary—accomplished by walking home or willing himself back—the approach to the body should be quite gentle. He can walk up to the bed and lie down, and he will feel himself merge into his body and become one with it—a strange sensation. The trance will probably not be broken when the return is gentle. Once the Pineal Door has been passed, it is not necessary to pass through it again—and I believe it would be impossible to do so—as long as the trance remains unbroken.

I strongly advise the really keen student to take no chances with his memory, but to switch on the light and write his record straight way.

From beginning to end the Will must be master.

Impact of OBEs

*PotC* The World-Changing Impact of Your First OBE:

By far the most difficult and impressive part of projection is the moment of lucid takeoff from the waking state. There is no animic or psychic phenomenon that provides a greater impact. It is the one event able to provoke modification of scientific, moral and religious points of view, and has deep, far reaching effects on anyone's knowledge, opinions, education, customs and beliefs. Upon experiencing the lucid takeoff from the soma, generations of teachings are humbled, centuries of civilization are reduced to dust in the mind of the projector, and mountains of prejudice lose their meaning. Through personal experimentation, one dismisses all tiresome arguments. The result is peaceful certainty.

*CJ* Energized by an OBE:

I was tremendously energized by what had happened. In fact, I felt as if I were floating a few inches off the floor!

*CBAP* Unimportance of Life:

Case No. 546: ‘I was told, again not in words but in an illumination clearer than any speech, that I had been given this moment of separation from my human body in order that I should know that only a part of the whole person functions on earth, and that the trials and frustrations of life are not of a very great importance. Loving in the world is experienced as a discipline in time and not a permanent abiding-place for anyone. [Compare Saint Paul, Hebrews, XIII, 14, "Here we have no permanent home, but we are seekers after a city which is to come."]

Animals Sense Astral Bodies

*CBAP* Animals Sensing OBEs:

Case No. 639: "I longed for home [= directed his attention] and found myself hurtling through space. I saw snatches of land and sea beneath me, until suddenly I stood in our sitting room at home in London. My mother sat knitting. She was alone except for our Alsatian dog... I called out to my mother, but she simply kept on knitting. The dog woke and came running to where I stood. He barked and bounded about me."

Planes & OBEs

*CBtL* Etheric Journeys:

One of our ITC colleagues (on Earth), Jean Peterson, makes etheric journeys frequently in her meditations and channeling work.

*ASJ* Uncommon To Visit the Third Astral Sphere:

It is not common for living people to visit the third sphere of the astral world.

*MJooB* Different Focuses of Consciousness

Focus 3: mind-brain synchronicity.

Focus 10: mind is awake but the body is asleep. This like the first signpost away from your body. One goes back and forth until there is no fear.

Focus 12: all physical-data input is shut off and the consciousness can reach out and begin to perceive in new ways. The action begins here, where one truly sees that they are more than their body. This is like moving from the Focus 10 signpost to a point where you cant see the body at all, but can still see the Focus 10 signpost. State of expanded awareness.

Focus 15: increased vibrations. State of no time. Energy flow can be felt going up one side and down the other side of the body, faster and faster. He became a spiral, then a point, then flew higher and higher. Another stopped in this place where everyone seemed like alive holograms. Some went away, some joyously came closer.

Focus 21: The edge of timespace where it is possible to contact other energy systems.

Focus 22: Humans still in the physical existence only have partial consciousness. Delerium, chemical dependancy or alcoholism, dementia, anesthetized, comatose. These might be remembered as dreams or hallucinations.

Focus 23: A level corresponding to the inner rings, across time.

Focus 24-26: Middle ring, Belief System Territories.

Focus 27: The reception center or Park.

Focus 28: Beyond timespace and human thought. Residence here limits any return to the physical body.

The Body While Projecting

*WtL* Wide Awake Active OBE:

(Moira:) I was walking down the street one day, and I suddenly found myself out of my body, and I was thinking, "How can this be?" I was still walking down the street but I was a couple of paces behind, and I was looking at myself from behind, and I could see every bit of myself. And I thought, "Oh, so that's how she looks..." was very aware at that moment that I was just "expressing" in this personality for a brief moment of time and that the "real me" was the me outside.

*PotC* Average OB Time & Motionless Body:

The soma does not generally move while the psychosoma is projected. I always found the soma in the same position that I had left it in. The length of time away from the soma averaged one hour.

Always Projecting

*SC* Astral Projection All the Time:

John: "Astral projection is remembered, for you astrally project at all times."

Projection Into an Astral Fever-Projection

*OwtL* OB Journey to Someone's Mental Fever-Reality & Symbolic Healing:

[Paul, breadwinner of the family, became very sick and his son Michael ran away to get a job and send the money back home. A year and a half passed without word from Michael. Then his mother, Nancy, had this dream:] She was awakened in the dream by an insistent knocking at their back door. She got out of bed, fastened her bathrobe about her, and made her still-groggy way through to the kitchen.

She opened the door to find a young Chicano boy standing there, shivering with the cold.

Before she could say a word, her visitor spoke in urgent tones: "The boy is sick... Come quick!"

Without thinking to question him fuirther, Nancy motioned the boy, who was about the age of Michael, to come inside.

While he waited, she rushed to gather all of the spare sheets and bath towels in the house...

They threw the bundles over their backs and walked out into the night. Nancy specifically remembers closing the door quietly behind her, so as not to awaken her husband and children...

Then, with the boy leading the way, they started to walk "quickly and with a gliding motion."

They hurried through the streets until they reached open country, then "... We fairly skimmed over the roads, uphill, so fast we seemed to fly."

They climbed mountains and crossed them "as if with wings"- then just as quickly, they descended.

"We crossed rivers as if we stood on tiny canoes that scooted us across the water without even getting our feet wet..."

Nancy often found herself looking down on country that she had never seen before...

Then the road that they had been following wound up and down, over hummocks and through swamps. Finally, they came to a long, low building.

"The boy is here," the Chicano guide said.

And then thery were inside, and the lad was leading her up a short, steep stairway, covered with dust and cobwebs.

They entered a windowless room, illumined only by the light from the cracks between the clapboard walls and the broken places in the roof. The place was heavy with a moldy, damp smell.

"Oh, Mom!" Nancy heard a familiar voice cry out faintly. "You've come!"

Her heart beating faster, Nancy rushed forward to discover her son Michael lying on a bare floor in a far corner of the attic. She fell to her knees, clutching her missing son to her breast, noting with alarm that his body was burning hot and that his face was dry and parched with fever.

"Oh, Mom," Michael moaned. "I'm so sick! I'm so sick with fever."

Nancy Levesque lost no time. She turned to the Chicano lad who had brought her there to ask him to bring buckets of cold water- and quickly.

She got busy gathering refuse from the floor which she wrapped into a pallet. Then she spread a cool, clean sheet over it...

By this time, Michael's friend had returned with the cold water. She dipped the towels and sheets one by one into the buckets of cool water, wrung them out lightly, then packed them around Michael's feverish body.

Hours later, she finally relaxed, knwoing that the fever had broken. She could tell that the worst of her son's illness was over.

"Go to sleep, son," she said. "You'll get well now."

Without saying another word, Michael drifted immediately into a deep sleep.

Nancy sat quietly beside him, holding his hand, until she, too, slept.

She awoke in her own bed, tired and exhausted, every bone in her body aching.

Nancy was so weary that when she attempted to get out of bed, she found that she could not move... (NOTE: OB aftereffects)

[Nancy and Michael are reunited. She tells him of the Chicano boy coming, and he interrupts.] "Let me give you some very important background information here, Mom," Michael said. "The boy's name is Alfredo Maqueda, but I called him Jose. You know, ‘No way, Jose.' I know that somehow he saved my life. I guess, he's saved my life twice now..." [Michael fed Jose, who was hungry, and later Jose saved him from thugs]

Michael and Alfredo had been camping on the beach when a hurricane caught them unexpectedly. A huge wave had reared up and crashed down on them, sweeping them off their feet. Another angry wave hit them, and they were now at the mercy of the storm.

"Somehow, Jose got hold of me and managed to pull me onto the beach," Michael said, tears welling up in his eyes...

"He had saved me... Then lost his own life..."

Then he had come down with the illness and the terrible fever...

Michael spent most of the time in an unconscious or semiconscious state. Occasionally, he did come to, at least enough to realize that he was in a hospital- and that he was so ill he might lose his life.

In his fevered mind, Michael believed himself to be shut up in some musty, dirty old attic, covered with cobwebs and crawling with spiders. His body felt most of the time like a furnace of hot coals. "But I did not want to die. And, like a frightened little boy, I wanted my mother!.."

Then one night he had awakened to find No-Way-Jose standing at his bedside. "Amigo, it does not go so well for you. What can I do to help you?"

Michael asked his friend to go bring his mother to him. "Please, Jose. Please. As fast as you can!"

Michael fell into a semiconscious state and found himself back in that detestable attic place. He was lying on the bare floor, surrounded by refuse and debris. The place was damp and smelly- and he knew that he was sicker than ever before.

And then before his painfully burning eyes, he saw Jose come into the attic with his mother.

Michael was able to recount to his mother all that she had done that night to save him and how Jose had worked to help her. Finally, he had heard his mother tell him to sleep, and he had drifted into the sweet oblivion of a healing slumber.

He had awakened in the hospital where a murse stood taking his pulse. And he was at last rational enough to give her his parents' address in Colorado.

Nancy and her son compared the dates of their two extraordinary experiences and they found them to be the same... He had awakened that morning with a normal temperature. (NOTE: a symbolic healing in a feverish astral-correspondence)


Electro-Chemical Correlations of OBEs

Chemical & Molecular Changes in OBEs

Script: Fits best with Causes of OBEs and How It Works.
*SD&P* Chemical & EM Changes During Projection, The Molecular Structure of the OB Body:

Once you are out of the body, then you are dealing with a different kind of reality. You may or may not have the sensation of traveling through doors or windows. This is dependent upon the kind of projection involved. The molecular structure of the projecting self is of a different nature than that of the physical body.

The intellect plays some part, but the intuitional qualities are most important. There are chemical changes, also, that occur with the physical body when projections happen, and electromagnetic variations. These vary according to the form in which the projection occurs.

The projected form does make some impression upon the physical system. It is possible for it to be detected. It has definite electromagnetic reality and chemical properties. Animals have sensed such apparitions. They react to the chemical properties and build up to [the perception of] the image from these.

These chemical properties are more diffused in such an apparition than in a physical form, however. The chemical composition of a storm, perhaps, will give you an idea of what I mean. They cause small disturbances in the physical system. As a rule, they are not solid, in the same way that clouds are not solid, and yet they have shape and to a certain extent, boundaries and movement. They definitely have a reality.

There is an atomic structure, but in some ways it is less complete than the physical one. There is always a minute difference in the body's weight when the individual is projecting.

Certain chemical changes must come about in the physical organism before projection can occur. Chemicals built up during the period of waking experience are released through dreams. Not only are these released, but they form a propelling action that allows energy to flow in the opposite direction. The excess built up becomes a propelling force, allowing action to flow in what you would call subjective directions.

This same chemical reaction must also occur, only more strongly, before a legitimate projection can occur. This is one of the main reasons why deliberate projections are not more numerous. Usually the chemical access is used in normal dreaming. In periods of exuberant energy and well-being, a more than normal excess accumulates. This can trigger a projection. In periods of momentary indisposition, however, the dreaming process may be blocked and the chemical excess accumulated. Again, a good time to try projection.

These chemical excesses are a natural byproduct of consciousness that is bound up in physical materialization. The more intense the characteristic experience of reality, the greater the chemical excess that is built up. Consciousness itself, when physically oriented, burns up the chemicals. The more intense the individual, the hotter the fire, so to speak, and the greater the chemical excesses released.

Released they must be, or the organism would not survive. Periods of intense activity may also generate this additional chemical propellant. Although this is generated through activity, it is released, making projections possible, in alternating periods of quietude and rest. Periods of heightened sexual activity of a strong and deep nature will help. Periods of no sexual activity will also help, however. On the one hand, the chemical excess is built up as a result of great intensity, and in the latter case it is built up because psychic and sexual release has not been granted.

There are also electromagnetic changes [during projections] that can be perceived with instruments. Certain electrical fields will make themselves known under these conditions. The fields have always existed, but they will become apparent to physical instruments only when they are being crossed- in other words, at the very act of projection.

Projections actually involve a change of atomic structure. Consciousness simply changes its form. When projection is first accomplished, there is a strong charge of adrenaline in the body and high activity of the thyroid gland. There is a charge of sexual hormones which are also utilized in projection.

After projection is accomplished, however, there is a marked decline in chemical activity and hormone action, a drop in body temperature and a drop in blood pressure. The rapid eye movements noted by dream investigators cease entirely. The eye muscles are not used. The normal muscular activity that usually occurs in sleep vanishes. The physical body is in a deep trance state. The trance may also be masked by sleep, if the projection happens from a dream threshold.

According to the intensity of the projection and to the systems visited, the body may become more or less rigid when consciousness returns to it. This is simply a reaction to the returning consciousness. There is a subtle difference in the way sugar molecules are utilized. Momentarily, the body uses less sugar. However, the sugar is important in fueling the consciousness on its journey. It also aids in connecting the consciousness to the body.

In other words, there is indeed a connection that is and must be partially physical, between the body and the traveling consciousness, and it is based upon a certain sugar molecule in a form not normally seen.

*SD&P* Building Up the Chemical Excesses:

An almost automatic determination must be established, however, if conscious projections are to be anything but rare oddities. These chemical excesses are used up, for one thing, in your own creative work. The yoga exercises allow you to draw an abundance- indeed, a super-abundance- of energy. This energy results, also, in chemical excesses that can be utilized in projections, without drawing energy away from your other work.

Eggs and asparagus are helpful as far as diet is concerned. These plus fish oils are beneficial, however, but not when taken with acid foods.

The expectation and knowledge that you are a part of all energy will allow you to realize that all the energy you require will be given.

Before conscious projections I would therefore recommend that you take a small amount of starchy or sugar food. A small snack before bed is a good idea from this viewpoint. Alcohol is of some benefit, though not to any great degree. Excellent result can be achieved in a dream-based projection during the day, in a nap.

OB EEG Patterns

*CT* BrainWave Patterns for OBEs:

Her out experiences occurred in conjunction with a non-dreaming, nonawake brain wave stage characterized by predominant slowed alpha activity from her brain and no activation of the autonomic nervous system.

My general impression of the EEG correlates of Miss Z's floating and OOB experiences is that they occurred during a rather poorly developed Stage 1 pattern which was dominated by alphoid activity and often mixed with transitory periods of wakefulness. This alphoid activity was always one to one and a half cycles per second slower than her normal alpha rhythm. No REMs seemed to accompany these experiences and, judging from the one night when the plethysmograph was working satisfactorily and the two nights when the skin resistance channel was working satisfactorily, there are no marked autonomic alterations concomitant with the experiences; that is, heart rate stays at a normal, steady rate, and there is no pronounced change in either BSR or spontaneous GSR activity.

Further, it can be stated with some certainty that Miss Z's OOBs experiences do not occur in a normal state of Stage 1 dreaming. She showed normal, well developed Stage 1 EEG and REM patterns, but she did not report OOB experiences in conjunction with these patterns unless they changed into the alphoid pattern, without accompanying REMs.

Dr. William Dement, one of the world's leading authorities on sleep research, kindly looked at these patterns, and agreed with me that they could not very well be classified into any of the known sleep stages, nor could they even be classified unambiguously as waking or drowsy patterns.

The presence of so much alphoid activity is not typical of hypnagogic states.

*MJooB* OBE EEGs & Other Readings:

Monroe was out for 8-10 seconds and woke up immediately afterwards. The brain-wave pattern just before he awoke was a stage 1 dreaming pattern, with possibly a single REM. His blood pressure showed a sudden drop, a low lasting 8 seconds, and a sudden resurgence to normal.

Test 2: stage 1 dreaming pattern, 2 REMs, and no clear-cut blood pressure drop.

His breathing was shallow and he had periods where he would not breathe at all, and then would take a few gulping breaths. While OB, Monroe's GSR showed 150 microVolts and a total lack of specific or non-specific responses, even when touched, which is highly unusual. His skin was very dry and hot. At the time there were rapid fluttering eye movements. Most of his brain wave energy was in the 4-5 cps Theta range, with nothing above 10 cps. Energy shifted from the right to the left side of the brain. While OBE, frequency and frequency variation were less, especially on the right side. There was no hemispheric frequency differences, but there was an obvious difference in amplitude.

1) Dr Osis watched Ingo Swann. The EEGs during Swann's flights had recorded an unnaturally rapid brain wave pattern occuring while he was out. Higher brianwave activity related to more lucid OBEs.

*BP* Hard Evidence:

Laboratory tests on astral travelers have shown (with the help of BSR and GSR skin resistance monitors) that the physical body is more relaxed during an OBE than during sleep.

*CBAP* Tart's OB Readings, Dreams & OBEs:

[ Charles T. Tart's] tentative conclusion was that there was "a fairly clear cut correlation between several of Miss ‘Z's' reported out-of-the-body experiences and a physiological pattern characterized by a flattening of EEG with prominent alphoid activity, no rapid eye movements and normal heart rate."


"Some instruments (e.g. the galvanometer, used as a ‘lie-detector', and the encephalograph, used to detect minute brain-rhythms) are intermediate, in a sense, between the purely physical methods and the purely psychological ones. But they can be highly deceptive, making us think we are dealing with mind or consciousness when in fact we are noting certain physiological effects that accompany mental activities."

It was noted that Mr. "X" spent much time on "the borderland of sleep" and that Miss "Z" had out-of-the-body experiences which "seemed associated with a borderline state."... Professor Tart said, "Because dreams are scientifically acceptable, while out-of-the-body experiences are not, the skeptic is tempted to say that they are ‘just' dreams. It is of interest to consider the converse of the position- held by many occultists (Carrington, 1919, Fox, 1962, Muldoon and Carrington, 1956, Ophiel, 1961, Yram, 1965)- that dreams are ‘just' out-of-the-body experiences in which consciousness is poorly developed!" (NOTE: They are!)


Miss Z's OBE state was like a stage 1 EEG state in many ways (primarily a predominance of irregular, low voltage theta waves), except there was a lot of slowed down alpha rhythm mixed in.


Floating and full OBEs occurred in an EEG stage of poorly developed stage 1 sleep, mixed with transitory periods of brief wakefulness. Stage 1 normally accompanies the descent into sleep, the hypnagogic period, and later dreaming during the night, but these were not like those ordinary stage 1 periods because they were often dominated by alphoid activity, a distinctly slower version of the ordinary waking alpha rhythm, and there were no rapid eye movements (REMs) accompanying these stage 1 periods, as almost always happens in normal dreaming...

I found a report of a sensory deprivation study that reported alphoid rhythms occurring and also reported some subjects feeling as if they had left their bodies (Heron, 1957)...

Monroe had some alphoid activity, but not the large amount Miss Z showed. He also showed REMs in his second OBE where he reported seeing a stranger with the technician...

Monroe's OBEs seem to occur in conjunction with a prolonged, deliberately produced hypnagogic state (stage 1 EEG). Such prolonged states are not normally seen in the laboratory. The preponderance of theta rhythms and the occasional slowed alpha show an intriguing parallel with EEG states reported for advanced Zen masters during meditation (Kasamatsu, 1966).

EM Interference From OB Body

*MJooB* Strange Fields:

There are indications that a magnetic field is generated of a type with which our science is unfamiliar. One of the results of this is to set up magnetic fields in nearby electrical loops as well as audio cables. Another is to affect nearby magnetic tape to such an extent that a "print-through" takes place from one layer of the tape to another. Cars parked outside the favorite studio, studio 2, would have dead batteries.

*MJooB* Interaction With Electromagnetics:

While in a charged Faraday Cage (copper screen mesh, above ground, DC charge 50kv), Monroe got out of physical okay, but then seemed to be entangled in a large bag made of flexible wire. The bag gave way when he pushed against it, but he couldnt get through it. He struggled like a trapped animal in a snare, and finally went back into the physical. Later he found himself stopping in the Second Body on a high voltage power primary circuit. Do electrical fields attract the second body?

(DW) I lifted up in the air just missing the telephone wires which I could hear vibrations of energy coming from them.

Strain Gauge OBE Detection

*BMS* Strain Gauges Detecting OBE Bodies:

Osis and Donna McCormick (1980) place strain gauges near the target pictures. When psychic Alex Tanous "sees" the targets, the strain gauges are triggered, perhaps by his extra-somatic body, as Osis suggests, or perhaps by a non-OBE form of PK." -William G. Roll

Physiological Changes During OBEs

*PotAB* Physical Results Of Projection:

The grip of the subject was always greater after projection than before. The temperature of the hand almost invariably fell.


The Astral Cord

Script: I'd like to now introduce the astral cord, which has a great influence on the separation and reconnection of the astral body. Later we will describe the astral cord as it appears once out of the body.

Universality of the Cord

*D&IS* The Astral Cord:

The Patagonian Selk'nam describe a psychic vision or an out-of-body experience as an "eye" that leaves the body of the magician and flies in a straight line to the desired location, but remains connected to the physical body throughout its flight by an extremely thin elastic thread, which contracts as the "eye" returns to the body.

The Washo Indians say that during sleep, unconsciousness, or in a trancelike state, the soul leaves the body, but remains connected to it by a thin thread made of the same substance as the soul. This is mirrored by the Huichol shaman Ramon Medina Silva…some Australian tribes… The medicine men of the Rai (Northwestern Australia); the Ungarivin… The Australian Kulin and Kurnai…the medicine men of the Murring ascend to heaven along a thread…the Theddora, The Kurnai, the Wiradjuri…

** The Astral Cord

(BP) People from all societies and all parts of the world have reported seeing a cord regardless of location, age and religious beliefs.

Just as many people don't see any silver cord, even when they look for one and even when they expect to see one. I've had OBEs in which I have seen a cord, and ones in which there was apparently no cord. I personally believe that the astral cord exists only as a psychological comfort or point of reference. I don't believe it has any actual connection with the physical body. Also, I don't believe it has any function, except as a psychological symbol.

*JoYS* The Silver Cord:

The silver cord refers to what connects the astral self to the physical body. Psychics often see it as being the color silver. It was originally a Biblical term, found in Ecclesiastes 12:6: "Or ever the silver cord be loosed…Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it."

The Protective Purpose of the Cord

*PotC* The Silver Cord Prevents Intrusion:

The silver cord appears to have a security mechanism, such as a vibrational valve that operated during projections of the psychosoma. It automatically closes the psychic entrances of the inanimate soma upon takeoff, making it impenetrable. This prevents invasion by foreign or ailing consciousnesses for the duration of the projection.

Intrusion begins as a mental process before it manifests on a physical level. In order for the intruder to install itself in one's mind, it is necessary for the extraphysical consciousness to find a psychological and emotional predisposition in its victim.

Physiology & Energy Flow

The Etheric Cords & Astral Cord(AB): In literature and in the news the terms "silver cord" and "astral cord" are used without making any difference. I have split the two terms into two different meanings, assigning silver-cord as a term for the etheric cord phenomenon and astral cord as a term for the astral cord phenomenon.

The etheric "substance" penetrating the physical body has been experienced (by occultists) as connected to vitality. A lack of etheric substance in human body is postulated to cause weakness or sickness. On the other hand an accumulation, induced by a number of exercises in Yoga, Taoism, Kung Fu etc., seems to lead to mediumistic and paraphysical abilities.

The Silver Cord's Energy Flow(RB): The silver cord is a true umbilical cord, transmitting information and energy between the physical and subtle bodies. Once the astral body enters the astral dimension it must have a good supply of astral energy from the chakras in order to interact strongly with that dimension. The astral body will not fade out of the astral dimension due to a lack of energy. They just get weak and listless and don't interact strongly with the world, much like a physical entity without enough food/sleep energy.

The astral mind must have enough energy to give it strong, vivid memories, so the physical mind can recall them clearly when it wakes up. After a low powered astral journey, the astral body lacks energy and does not have clear enough impressions of its journey. This causes it to fail making its memories the dominant ones when it returns to the physical body.

*PotAB* The Silver Cord:

Purpose: Heart-Beat & Breathing: From coincidence to the end of cord-activity range there is always a double action taking place in the cord. One is a regular pulsating action. The other appears to be a slight expansion and contraction of the outstretched organ. Ostensibly they are merged. The purpose of the astral ‘line of force' is to deliver the ‘breath of life' to the physical body, while the finer body is projected. Throughout exteriorization, the breathing and heart-beat of the material counterpart must be sustained, and when the phantom is within cord-activity range, an outward manifestation of this action can actually be seen throughout the entire length of the cable. Regular pulsations can be felt in the back of the head, in the medulla oblongata region of the exteriorized phantom- if the phantom is conscious- at every beat of the heart. Each throb of the heart can be felt in the astral; each throb expressed throughout the cable, each throb produces a beat in the physical heart. All three are simultaneous. One can not only feel the heart's pulsations in his astral head, but he can feel them by touching the cable with his astral hand. Each breath taken in the astral can be seen pulsing over the astral cord and causes a duplicate breath to be taken in the insensible body. When consciously exteriorized, one can suspend his breath at will just as he can while in coincidence. The instant it is suspended the before-mentioned action of slight expansion and contraction ceases. A deep breath in the astral will produce an identical breath in the physical; a short one will produce a short one. You breathe in the astral and your heart beats in the astral, just as it does when you are in coincidence.

Plexus Cord

*CBAP* The Astral Cord, Darkness of the Physical:

Case No. 720: "I can see my material body lying in bed and I remain linked to it by a kind of light-beam at the height of my stomach... [solar plexus- he was mediumistic].

"The return to the physical body and world is like a return to a dark pit."

Head Cord

*ND* Where the Cord Connects:

On October 18, 1930, while Edgar Cayce was giving a reading, he had another unusual dream:

"...The cord does not, as usually thought, extend from the center- but is broken from the head, the forehead- that soft portion we see pulsate in the infant. Hence we see old people, unbeknowing to themselves, gain strength from youth by kissing there: and youth gains wisdom by such kisses.

"Indeed the vibrations may be raised to such an extent as to rekindle or reconnect the cord."

Two Cords, Two Connection Points

*CBAP* Two Cords, Two Exit Points- the Head and Solar Plexus:

In some instances, as already said, some whose "doubles" were composite later described a second separation- that of the vehicle of vitality from a composite "double" (that is, the second "death"). Thus, it is not surprising, but might be expected, that some reported having seen two extension. Two separations were in progress simultaneously. Both Mrs. Leonard and Mrs. Iddon stated that they had two "silver cords."...

French sensitives told Dr. H Durville that a well-developed "double" shows a wave motion that comes from two centres (that is, the solar plexus and the head). Some of his subjects, out of the body in trance, saw a luminous ovoid (the Soul Body) above the "double" (vehicle of vitality) and a second "silver cord" between them... [Yogi Ramacharaka] mentioned two such "cords." One forms when a portion of the "astral body" (here = vehicle of vitality+ separates temporarily from the body; and a second, when the vehicle of vitality separates from the "Mental" (= Soul+ Body...

It is not surprising that some astral projectors (those who show evidences of a loose vehicle of vitality) describe a "cord" which went to the solar plexus, while others (those who show no such evidences) describe one that went to the head.

*VS* Astral Cord Attachment Point:

"I had completed my set of Asanas and was doing the final relaxing phase, lying flat on the ground. I noticed that my consciousness left the body through the forehead, and that I was connected with the physical body through a cord attached below the navel. I had the feeling of flying, and the bliss I felt was so unsurpassable that I never wanted to return to the body.

"Returning to the body seemed like death to me. As I moved closer to leaving the "connecting cord" behind, I went through a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel I encountered light-beings."

Mark Seeling, v.XVI, n.2

*PotAB* The Silver Cord:

Points of Attachment: My two identical bodies were joined by means of an elastic-like cable, one end of which was fastened to the medulla oblongata region of the astral counterpart, while the other end centered between the eyes of the physical counterpart. The cord centers at a given plexus, ideally the medulla oblongata, which has direct control over the organs of respiration.

One authority holds that the astral cord adheres to the physical body at the solar plexus, situated just behind the stomach. Another maintains that the spot is low down on the forehead, between the eyes. And still others (and they seem in the majority) maintain the belief that the point of contact is at the medulla oblongata. I believe that the latter is true, and that the evidence for this outweighs all evidence to the contrary.

The truth is that the cable can extend from any of the several vital centers of the body. The reason why the astral cable fastens at different spots of the physical head is because of the position of the physical body at the time of projection. The cable might actually end inside the head at the pineal gland, for aught we know.

(RB): The area the cord is seen emanating from may depend on chakra activity. Whichever chakra is the most active could have control of energy flow to the subtle bodies. There is also the belief system of the projector to consider. The cord will usually appear to be wherever you believe it will be, courtesy of the subconscious.

OB Etheric Cord-Activity Range

Script: As higher bodies come from further inwards, up the stream, closer to the source, purer, with a minimum rates (light speeds- and thus can see different ranges of "super-luminal" light), we must see it as droppings-off of bodies. First, the physical, and when that is dropped, you are in all the others with the etheric as outermost. At this point you are within the cord-activity range. Drop the etheric and you are in all the higher. Each higher level is more subtle and each lower is more garish and bright and hides the subtler light.
*PotAB* Catalepsy Within Cord Activity Range:

As a rule, the subconscious frees the phantom from catalepsy at the end of cord-activity range. When motivity is restored to the projected body within this range, it is almost certain that interiorization will come instantly.

One actually has to learn to walk when he first becomes a projector. Another undesirable feature of being given motive power within cord-activity range is that the individual is seldom able to hold true stability, but becomes stupefied, or giddy, thinking that he is standing still and that everything else about him is in motion. The subconscious tries, and usually succeeds, in holding the phantom in catalepsy until it has advanced beyond cord-activity range. Within cord-activity range, the phantom is apart from the physical, yet not free from the physical.

*PotAB* Outside Cord-Activity Range:

Once the phantom advances beyond cord-activity range, it is free and subject to its own will. These complications do not all disappear in an instant, but gradually, as the body has been advancing. Regardless of the apparent deadness or laxity of the cord, there is necessarily an intrinsic flow of cosmic energy from the astral to the physical; but this flow of force by no means compares, in quality, with what it was before the advancement.

Whether one does get outside the cord-activity range, he is still under the operating subconscious Will. Once you become conscious in the astral body, you will realize at what a snail's pace the conscious mind moves in comparison with the superintelligence which is subconscious. While one is free, he will be shot back within cord-activity range at intervals, and at once the physical body will begin to respire in a stronger manner. It is plain that the subconscious has an eye on the condition of the physical body.

Friends in the invisible realm can and many times do lend a helping hand to the projected medium; which naturally is a great asset in conquering this phase.

It is the super-intelligence within him which handles the situation, and if he even forms the idea that he must depend upon others in the spirit, he will probably never achieve his aim.

*PotC* Reason For Cord-Activity Troubles:

[Helpers] explained that the extraphysical consciousnesses were united in research and study, striving for the future development of their personal projective capacity. They were observing my experimental departures and returns to the body, paying attention to the details of the process. This is why my extraphyiscal liberty had been restricted by the silver cord, and consistently pulled the psychosoma back to the physical base.

*PotC* Cord-Activity Range:

I was still within the range of the more powerful influence of the silver cord- a condition that occurs when one is up to thirteen feet from the soma.

*PotC* Going OB, Floating, Return Sound:

I emerged with the psychosoma in a horizontal position, floating above the soma and oscillating slightly as if it were a feather or a soap bubble in mid air. After a few brief moments, as I tried to stand up, the soma called me with an energetic tug of the silver cord. Once more, I heard the unique intracranial sounds, that seemed like a short "creak" made by a cabinet door closing with difficulty.

*CBAP* The Astral Cord & Materializations:

As might be expected, the "cords" of materialization- representing extensions of the vehicle of vitality- are observed to be relatively inelastic. The figure is usually held within quite a short distance from the body of the person who supplies the ectoplasm. Again as might be expected, such figures exhibit little intelligence. The vehicle of vitality is said to have no "sense organs" and is not essentially an instrument of consciousness but a vehicle of vital forces.

*CBAP* Cord-Activity Range:

In The Mechanisms of Astral Projection [Crookall]: "The hypothesis of a purely imaginary "double" fails to account for a fact discovered independently by several astral projectors, namely... that there was a critical point in the release of their "doubles," a point that was called "the range of cord activity." So long as these "doubles" were within this critical distance (fairly close to the body) they were relatively dense and (I) might be able to move physical objects, I.e., to exercise telekinesis, (ii) might be obstructed in their movements by walls and (iii) would strongly feel the pull of the body...

"This "critical distance" varied from a few feet to a few yards, being determined by a number of factors. One of these factors was the robustness (and therefore also the age) of the person concerned; thus, a robust, young, untired man (whose body-pull on the "double" would be at a maximum) had a critical distance of 20-30 feet., while a weak, tired old man (whose body-pull would be at a minimum) had one of only a few feet. With the advance of illness, and of age, the pull of the body on the "double" gradually diminished, and finally ceased...

"That bodily feature tends to be released along with the Soul Body, so that, with them, the released "double" tends to be composite, a condition which continues until it passes beyond the limit of that extension of the vehicle of vitality which resembles a cord; then the "semi-physical" component of the composite "double" returns to, and is re-absorbed by, the body, the "double" becoming simple, I.e., consisting of the "super-[physical" Soul Body only...

"All these matters, readily explicable on the hypothesis of an objective "double," cannot be explained on the hypothesis of an imaginary one. (NOTE: Of course, and so very much more, too)"

*PotC* Vision Within the Cord Activity Range:

I was only able to obtain extraphysical visual clarity during one of the takeoffs of the psychosoma. As soon as I began returning to the soma, the extraphysical vision would immediately begin to darken again. This shows that the extraphysical vision also begins within the perimeter of influence of the silver cord, or nearer the soma.

Cord Behavior

*PotAB* The Silver Cord:

Behavior: Its erratic action always made a very profound impression upon me, and at times I was almost led to believe that it actually was intelligent. At times, the power working in the cable seems to be well-governed, projecting the phantom steadily from the physical; and again, this power seems erratic- first forcing the astral body ahead, then quickly drawing it back, then throwing it to one side, then to the other, etc. To the conscious phantom it seems as though the cable were actually intelligent. This is the subconscious force working in it. When opposing factors are equalized, and when the phantom has reached a distance of separation of (say) six feet, there will be instability of the body, a swaying from side to side, and forward and backward. The mother (subconscious) allows the child (astral body) to go a short away from her, then brings him back; the child is allowed to go farther and farther, coming back each time. Eventually the child is allowed to go to such a distance that his mother can no longer call him back (outside cord-activity range).

Cord Retraction

Cord Retraction(BP): The cord connects the astral body to the physical and will pull you back inside in case of danger. I soon found out the cord doesn't play fair and pulls you back in even without fear. I was fairly angry with my silver cord, but what could I do to keep it from pulling me back to my body?

1)...My cord started a gentle tug back, but I responded immediately by resisting and, with a swimming-like motion, propelled myself forward in a southeast direction through the corner of my bedroom and into our kitchen hall. I walked into the kitchen against the tug of my own astral cord. After struggling all the way to the kitchen, I got very angry at walking with the cord tugging against me. I turned around and grabbed hold of the cord and I yanked it with all my might, to make more slack. The cord drooped down to the floor and I continued....

2) I pulled away from my body on purpose, and I started walking toward my bedroom door. This time I could feel my astral cord taking up the slack, and exerting a greater force. I was three feet from my body on the bed, and I was upright and facing my bedroom door. When I felt my cord starting to tighten, I turned around and faced my body.

I got into a kung fu stance with my weight mostly on my back leg. I was now prepared to play tug-of-war, with my own astral rope! I yanked at the cord as hard as I could. I started resisting its pull, and I kept trying to reassure myself that I should, by all rights, be free from this menace. I resisted the cord's pull for a little while, as long as I could, and then I got sucked back into my body again.

(MjooB): The snap-back to physical is the shortening of this cord as the physical body needs attention. He has felt it as a pulling from behind.

*APr* Astral Cord:

I walked for about a quarter of a mile, then I began to feel my feet grown heavy. Heavier and heavier, they became. My body was tugging hard. It was as though a mighty cord of stretched elastic, connecting my two bodies, had suddenly come into existence and over powered me.

The return to the body very often occurs in a backwards motion.

*PAP* The Connecting Cord:

The nearer we come to our physical body the more we feel those ties which draw us back, and it seems as if we were irresistibly melting into our body. The stronger this feeling becomes the more we feel the material sensation of the physical being. First of all these sensations seem far away, then they become stronger and stronger until we are reabsorbed completely into the physical body.

The double is the more tied to the physical body the more crude, or material, its composition.

As we penetrate into the upper regions the easier it becomes to separate the conscious form from the physical body.

*PotAB* The Silver Cord:

Things That Affect Cord Resistance: The cord pressure varies according to the distance of separation; the nearer the bodies are to coincidence the greater the pressure. The heart beat will affect cord resistance. The more calm the breathing, the less will be the cable-pull. If conscious, strong, deep breaths are taken by the phantom, when within cord-activity range, the pull on the cord will increase. The speedier and stronger the heart-beat, the greater the cord-resistance. Suspending the breath, while consciously exteriorized, will weaken the cable resistance. Emotion will increase cable-pull, and act detrimentally to the success of projection. Why? Merely because emotion increases the respiration and heart-beat.

Thousands of Tiny Threads

*PAP* The Sensation of Thousands of Tiny Threads:

I simply began to think about projecting myself, without undertaking any other exercises, and closed my eyes. Soon an image came clearly before my sight. I made the necessary effort and experienced a feeling as if I were wriggling through a tight opening. At last, in my second body, I rose. As soon as I left my body I felt an instinctive fear. I mastered myself, but the suggestion of fear had done its work. It seemed as if thousands of invisible threads were trying to pull me back into my physical body.

*PotAB* Tiny Cords:

There came a flashing of lights in my eyes and a ringing in my ears. By some power, apparently not my own, the Ego was rocked to and fro, laterally, as a cradle is rocked, by which process the connection with the tissues or the body was broken up. After a little time, the latter motion stopped, and along the soles of the feet, beginning at the toes, passing rapidly to the heels, I felt and heard, as it seemed, the snapping of innumerable small cords. When this was accomplished, I began slowly to retreat from the feet towards the head, as a rubber cord shortens. As I emerged from the head I floated up and down laterally like a soap bubble attached to the bowl of a pipe until at last I broke loose from the body and fell lightly to the floor, where I slowly rose and expanded into the full status of a man. I seemed to be translucent, of a bluish cast and perfectly naked.

(AB) My subtle body seemed to be tied by many elastic cords to the physical body as if being attached by gluelike stringy material. By rocking I enlarged my swinging motions, and at last I was able to rupture these cords (at least that was what I sensed). (Me: Etheric, good!)


Leaving the Various Bodies

The First Separation- Physical To Etheric Body

*CJ* Etheric OBEs- Seeing Body, Sexual Feelings:

ROMC: "When the soul has the out-of-body experience where it can look down or back and view its physical body and then explore in the physical or astral realms of consciousness, it is functioning from the second dimension of self, called etheric substance. When the soul functions on this level, there is usually strong sexual energy flowing."

*CJ* Astral OBEs- Exploring Earth:

ROMC: "From this [etheric] base, most of the soul's exploration is in the astral level. Often it will encounter strong energies of a lower vibration. In many cases these are aspects of the self. In some cases they are encounters with beings locked into the etheric-substance or astral level...

"Often this dimensional state is associated with exploration of the physical level on the earth plane itself. Many souls will be attracted to loved ones, or to places where they have existed in past lives, just to get reenergized- to ‘check in.'...

*PAP* Leaving the Room, Leaving the Body:

At first we are tempted to leave our room in order to take stock of other places in this strange dimension. This is what happens: The substance which we are using to give form to our double returns to the physical body and it is with a far more ethereal body that we soar into space. It is possible to exteriorize a third body into an ether of even finer nature.

When we project ourselves in a way which lacks order and method, the consciousness will not find itself in a proper medium for pure observation.

Always start with the first projected double and then practice projecting yourself from that, inside your room, without trying to travel away.

The body which projects is, to some extent, material. It is made up of sensory matter from our physical being and cannot go further than a few yards away. Thus, in order to leave the room we must simulate the acts of opening doors or windows. Time and again I have tried to pass through walls in this state and have only managed to give myself a headache, just as if I had banged my physical head against a wall. Much later on I was successful. At first the walls felt soft, and then I went through them as if they were not there at all. But that was only because I exteriorized a less material double.

We may use the image of a window, a door, anything which gives us the idea of passage from one place to another. It can also be a luminous area.

*CBAP* Material Keeping You in the Lower Astral:

Case No. 629: He was in what his father described as "a dark and menacing scene" and Jim cried out, "Oh, those shapes!" [...the drug had released a "double" that included a significant portion of the "semi-physical" vehicle of vitality. The latter... necessarily enshrouded the "super-physical" Soul Body, which corresponds to the finer, Paradise aura of the earth. Then, as is often, though not always the case, the enshrouding "semi-physical" substance was shed from the hitherto composite "double"] (NOTE: Like theosophy's second death, the heavier aspects are shed.]


Case No. 636: The vehicle of vitality, which properly belongs to the physical body and not to the Soul Body, enshrouds or enveils the Soul Body, so that the person concerned does not contact the fine "Paradise" aura of the earth but the dense "Hades" aura of the earth. [Note: "Hades" does not refer to "hell"- no punishment is involved]

Script: This would be a good place for the general separation section.

The Second Separation- Etheric To Astral Body

*CJ* Emotional OBEs- Past Lives & Relationships:

ROMC: "The next level of separation is the third dimension of self, which is the emotional level. Souls that separate at this level leave both their physical and etheric bodies behind... In this dimension physical experiences are not as vivid, but the emotional levels are stimulated...

"Here, the soul will come into contact with many with whom it has been strongly tied through many energy levels of lifetimes...

"In this emotional level, one often has powerful experiences of reliving strong energies from a past lifetime upon the earth- that is, from a thought-form embedded in this emotional body. These experiences will be so vivid in the emotional level that the soul knows that it has been there, wherever ‘there' might be...

"Remember that when the soul separates from the self at the third level it takes with it all the selves beyond that."

*ABtB* The Third (Second Astral) Body:

The feel of the two bodies are dramatically different. The first energy body is much denser, almost physical when compared with the lightness of the second energy-body. The first energy body is a duplicate of the physical, while the second possesses a finer vibratory rate, like pure energy, ready to respond to the slightest thought. Higher energy seems smoother. I understand how limited the first energy-body really is.

I requested clarity and to be in the second energy-body. The act of requesting automatically increased the internal frequency of my astral body. I felt a surge of energy and was instantly in a completely new environment. Again I asked for clarity, and my mind became crystal clear. Now I truly understood what being conscious means. My thoughts became faster, more vibrant and alive than ever before. I felt incredibly expansive, without fears or limits. I felt vibrantly energetic and lighter. I actually felt more aware than in my normal state of consciousness. I was more spontaneous and single minded when OB than when in. The physical state of consciousness is a dull perception, like a hazy dream.

*MjooB* Separation:

The second body actually stays in orbit around the physical. Monroe discovered this by looking at his body and seeing two of it, slightly shifted 3-4 inches away as if astigmatized. He reentered the Second body before reentering the physical.

*CBAP* Noisy OBE, Three Bodies, Joining With Third Into Astral:

Case No. 745: "Soon after retiring to bed, she suddenly felt herself being plucked violently out of her head, hearing loud banging noises, etc. She said she heard her ‘dead' mother's voice calling her. Then, suddenly, she became three: one, her physical body on the bed; two, one standing and observing her body; and three, a third self being rushed up somewhere.

"She then heard a loud ‘plop' noise when she sensed herself being identified with the third, rising, body and standing on a beautiful lake... She saw her mother."

*CJ* Double Perspective:

John: "...The breathing process seemed to have a great deal to do with the transition between the physical and nonphysical dimensions. At this point, I perceived my "light" body to be directly over my physical body. What was more strange was that a third dimension of my self was observing my other two bodies going through this process...

I was being instructed to build an "energy balloon" around my physical body using a breathing technique. I was instructed to visualize myself in the middle of a very large balloon, and to experience my physical body as I slowly breathed in and out...

From a third dimension, I saw my light body floating up out of my physical body, and from the second- light- dimension, I experienced it. My light body looked like a glowing yellow balloon, with a dark background behind it...

When I reached a certain point in the breathing process and my light body began floating above my physical one, my two friends stepped in and took me by my "light" hands, and moved me further away from the physical level. Suddenly, I was no longer an observer of this process, for my conscious awareness shifted from outside to inside my light body...

My light friends told me it was time to return... As I came out, I again experienced the "thick" state, like shifting gears back down into low.

*AB* The Etheric & Astral Bodies:

There is a series of phenomena in OBE's, which are evidently in connection to etheric matter and which do not belong to astral body and astral plane. The "composite double" (composed of the etheric- and the astral-body, like shells one in the other), here called etheric body, is dissociated from the physical body by special techniques, which differ from pure astral projection techniques. Nevertheless OBE in the etheric body can develop to astral travelling. Due to this latter fact, very often the existence of an etheric body is ignored, which leads to confusion and to a lack of understanding for diverse reports of experiences.

It is possible while OBEing with the etheric body, that all etheric matter of your subtle body may be reintegrated into the physical body (see: H. Durville). Then your consciousness stays in the astral shell, which is left. Your etheric-OBE has changed to astral travelling. This is easily explained in theory, but practically veils the differences between etheric and astral OBE-Ìng. For this reason frequently no difference at all is pointed out; consequently considerable confusion arises.

The Third Separation- Astral To Mental Body

*CJ* Mental OBEs- Different:

ROMC: "When the soul separates at level four... Traveling at the mental level is an experience of complete separation from the physical self."

*PotC* Projecting in the Mental Body:

[The advanced projector] can extract the psychosoma from the soma, leave the psychosoma at rest in the extraphysical dimension and then project from there using the mentalsoma as if he or she were an extraphysical consciousness. In this way, the projector has the advantage of maximizing his perceptions while outside the intraphysical dimension... The mentalsoma, beyond being the seat of the consciousness, shows itself to be a more flexible and efficient vehicle than the psychosoma for the transport of the consciousness.

*PotC* OB in Mental Body, Watching Astral Come Loose:

After some time, I left the soma through the physical head. The psychosoma remained inside the soma. I knew it and could feel it. Light, coming from no particular source, bathed the environment. At this point, my visual capacities became greatly enhanced...

I am completely in the mentalsoma with the consciousness mobile inside the bedroom!...

I continued to look at the wall, seeing the soma's head, trunk, arms and legs stretched out. Rigid, shining intensely on the left side of the king-size bed, when I witnessed the exit of the right arm of the psychosoma. It produced an intense phosphorescent-like glare. It shook and oscillated upwards. Then, the left arm of the psychosoma raised itself out in the same fashion. Both extraphysical arms continued to oscillate. Even the fingers vibrated, shimmering like candle flames... I think the psychosoma was leaving the soma, finding its way towards the mentalsoma which, in turn, accepted it.

Preparing for Higher Projections

*RB* Higher Level Projection:

Energy Raising For Different Bodies(RB): With enough control over the chakras, the energy for these higher levels can be produced. The production of one particular type of energy will raise the consciousness to that level and energize the corresponding subtle body. This is usually done by consciousness-raising meditation and advanced energy work on the chakras. The consciousness can then experience that level of existence. If enough energy is available, and conditions are right, the meditator can project that particular subtle body directly into its natural dimension.

Higher Level Projections(RB): Projecting consciously into levels higher than the astral dimension takes a high level of skill. You need to be proficient in both consciousness raising and chakra control, but it is achievable. I have projected into the Astral, Mental, Buddhic and Atmic levels. It is commonly believed that it is only possible for a human to project into the Astral, Mental and Buddhic levels and not possible to project into the higher Adi and Anupadaka. If you realize the true nature of the mind you will understand there are no limits.

Each Body Has Its Own Memory

Multiple Bodies, Multiple Memories(RB): Depending on the skill and natural ability of the operator, if a higher body is energized and projected, so are the lower ones. The astral body contains within it all the other subtle bodies and can project the mental body into the mental dimension and so on. This will sometimes give multiple sets of memories from the one projection. The subtle body which contains the greatest amount of energy will have the strongest memories. The dominant memories will be the ones retained by the physical mind upon its return to the waking state.


Separation From Your Physical Body

Inner Signals of Separation

** Exit Sensations: Experiences of Going OB: Vibrations & Sinking:

(ABtB) Here are some inner signals associated with the initial phases of OBEs: Buzzing, humming, or roaring sounds; unusual tingling or energy sensations; voices, laughter, or hearing your name; heaviness or sinking; Numbness or paralysis; Weightlessness or spreading lightness; Internal rocking, spinning, or movement.

*UR2* Nerve-Leaping OB:

Your own consciousness leaves the body almost in the same way that messages leap the nerve ends.

Movements & Sensations of Exit

*ST* Spin Separation:

(NOTE: Like high) I could feel my astral body moving upward. Like the hinged lid of a music box, my astral body moved up and my head rotated backwards! The soles of my astral feet were pointing straight at the ceiling.

*PotAB* Three Exits, Entries, & Their Causes:

There are three distinct ways in which the astral body interiorizes and exteriorizes:

1) The spiral fall/rise: In the spiral drop the astral body falls with a spiral motion and, while there is a repercussion, it is not if the more violent type. The sensation of the actual drop Is very unpleasant; much more so than the straight drop. In a spiral drop we have one force working against the other= the cable is pulling in the phantom, but the astral body is in a condition in which it tends to resist gravity; so instead of flopping straight down into the physical mechanism, the body begins to whirl, as the cable pulls it downward. The head of the patient often seems to be spinning more pronouncedly than the body. This is merely because the pull of the astral cable comes on the head. At other times the pull, on the head, becomes so intense that the body will lose its spiral course and begin to zigzag instead. In the spiral rise, we have the push in the cable, while the body is affected by gravity. In the spiral drop or rise, the subject can frequently hear a ‘swishing' sound as if wings were fanning the air around him, or as if his body resisted the air as it whirled through it.

2) The straight fall/rise: The straight fall results in a violent repercussion, for the astral body drops straight down into the physical mechanism. The subconscious Will can cause the astral body to move quite independently of the conscious Will. When the astral cable begins to draw down the floating astral body, if the latter be suddenly thrown into a condition where it is pulled by gravity- a straight drop results with a violent repercussion. Where there is a straight rise, we have a steady push in the cable, while the body is not affected by gravitation.

3) The slow, vibratory fall/rise: We experience the first two of these falls in our falling dreams. This one we undergo every night during sleep, and is the normal method of interiorization. In the slow, vibratory drop, there is a balance of factors, and the controlling power has everything perfectly under control. It is this balance of forces which causes the slight trembling of the phantom in an upward and downward direction, for it is almost as inclined to move upward as downward- the balance is so delicate.

*BP* Slipping Out, Falling:

Another thing I've experienced during practice is sudden falling sensations. I would be quietly attempting OBE, and suddenly it would feel as if a trap door had sprung open, and I would panic-fall about three feet. After three feet, I would be startled back to full consciousness with a slight jump, as if my astral body was slapped back into the physical body. This had a simple variation that was more common: sometimes it seemed as if my consciousness was thrown three to five feet forward or backward.

*PotAB* Moving Up OB:

When the body is in a lying-down position, the astral advances from the body in an upward direction. As a rule, all parts of the two bodies separate simultaneously. Usually the progress upward in this manner is slow, the astral body advancing only an inch or so at a time, and many times falling back again.

1) I tried to move, only to find that I was powerless. If conscious at the beginning of exteriorization, one feels fairly glued down. One can be conscious yet unable to move. This condition I have called ‘astral catalepsy.' This was eventually replaced by a sensation of floating. My astral commenced vibrating at a great rate of speed, in an up-and-down direction, and I could feel a tremendous pressure being exerted in the back of my head, in the medulla oblongata region. This pressure was very impressive, and came in regular spurts, the force of which seemed to pulsate my whole body. I began to hear somewhat familiar and seemingly far-distant sounds. Then my sight followed. I was floating! I was involuntarily uprighted. Then the controlling force relaxed. I felt free, noticing only the tension in the back of my head. I noticed the cord. All this time I was having difficulty in keeping my balance- swaying first to one side, then to the other. I made my way, struggling under the magnetic pull of the cord. All of my senses seemed normal, save that of touch. After 15 minutes of prowling, I noticed a pronounced increase in the resistance of the cable. It was pulling with a stronger and stronger tug. I began to zigzag again under this force, and found presently that I was being pulled backward toward my physical body. Again I found myself powerless to move. Coincidement was the reverse procedure. I was raised up horizontal over my bed. Slowly the phantom lowered, vibrating again as it did so, then it dropped suddenly, coinciding with the physical counterpart once more. At this moment of coincidence, every muscle in the physical jerked, and a penetrating pain, as if I had been split open from head to foot, shot through me.

*OwtL* NDE- Exit Sensation:

Hemingway said that he had felt his soul coming out of his body "... Like you'd pull a silk handkerchief out of a pocket by one corner.

*PAP* Separation Experiences:

The result is always the same: a sensation of passing through a narrow opening, followed by a conscious projection in the vicinity of the physical body.

My face turned towards the floor, my body leaning slightly forward, my arms stretched out in front of me, I allowed myself to slip to the ground and "pulled" on that part of my double still fixed in its envelope, just as if I were sliding out of a coat that was too tight.


I had the impression of being in a sack whose narrow opening was no more than a crack. At last my efforts were crowned with success and I found myself standing next to my body in full possession of all my faculties.

Tugging & Rocking Sensations

*PotC* A Slow, Detailed Projection:

I soon stopped feeling the feet, legs, hands, arms, abdomen, and trunk in that exact order... It was as though I was living solely inside of my cranium, with great lucidity. The neck and face actually ceased to serve as intraphysical sensorial references...

I started to notice... the slow takeoff of the psychosoma from the soma. There appeared to be a rhythm to the emission of the psychosoma. The process was not transpiring in its entirety, but rather, as if segments of the psychosoma were "bubbling up" little by little and floating some 8 to 12 inches above the body. I kept feeling the impressions of the oscillating rhythm of the psychosoma... (NOTE: Wah! The ecstasy trance! The kundalini! The source!)

The super-mind of the psychosoma was still trapped inside the physical head, but the rest of the psychosoma was more out than in. The condition felt pleasant. Although my eyes were shut, I was enjoying greater lucidity than that experienced during the waking state. I clearly felt that life had been multiplied many times... Consciousness was expanding beyond the cranium...

By rolling to the left and then to the right, I provoked various separations and returns by rolling first to one side and then to the other.

I felt that the sensation of breathing is, without a doubt, the most intense physical sensation. it is also the last one to be lost upon leaving the soma and the first one that is regained upon returning.

Script: The following is a great description of moving into 4D perception.
*VS* Separation Sensations:

"I was asleep when I felt a gental shaking, rocking motion. In my mind's eye it appeared as though the walls of my bedroom were slanted in at about a 45 degree angle and closing in on me and that the ceiling was slowly descending. My first thought was that we were having an earthquake- until I realized that the room was silent: there were none of the usual tinkling/rattling sounds that normally accompany an earthquake." -Mary Ann Lugenbeal, v.XVI, n.4

*CBAP* Rocking, then Pop:

Case No. 691: "I felt myself rocking back and forth, but I knew my body wasn't moving. Then I heard a small ‘pop' in my ear."

*OwtL* NDE- Tiny Cord Separation, Exit, Changing Appearance:

For the duration of four hours, Dr. Wiltse lay without pulse or perceptible heartbeat. Dr. Ratnes did state, however, that he may have perceived an occasional, very slight gasp from his patient.

During this lengthy period of clinical death, Dr. Wiltse found himself in what he later termed a state of "conscious existence" that bore no relationship to his physical body.

Immersed in this new state of consciousness, the inquisitive Dr. Wiltse decided to try a few experiments.

He began to rock back and forth, trying to break the tenuous bond of tissues and fibers within his physical form. At length, he said, he began "... To feel and to hear the snappings of innumerable small cords," and he began to retreat from his feet toward his head as "a rubber cord shortens" (NOTE: Many descriptions state that the astral body is UN-stretching, that is, returning to its natural state. If the descriptions had been that it was bunching up, then we would deduce that it was compacting, but as it is, it is UN-stretching)

Shortly after that, the doctor felt his true self to be somehow gathered in the area of his head, where he emerged through the sutures of the skull. (NOTE: Perhaps it is developed as the cells split a connection to each one)

"I recollect distinctly," he told the society in his report, "how I appeared to myself something like a jellyfish as regards to color and form..."

He felt himself bobbing gently up and down until his exertions landed him squarely on the floor.

At that point, he gradually arose and expanded himself to the full stature of his regular physical body.

"I seemed to be translucent, of a bluish cast, and perfectly naked," he said...

As he reached the door, Dr. Wiltse observed that he was suddenly fully clothed. (NOTE: The bond-breaking and rolling up returns the astral body to a natural form, then once the exit is complete, the astral body often returns to its accustomed form.)

*PotC* Separation & Breathing:

As I now started rolling the psychosoma to the side, its adherence to the soma would weaken and the strength of breathing would diminish... As the psychosoma completed one full rotation, breathing disappeared.

Spinning Separation

*OwtL* NDE- Separation, Body Acting without Soul, Thought-Travel, Fear of Tunnel:

"When the dilation had neared completion, the birth agony was driving me out of my mind, and maybe that was just what happened, for I suddenly felt a weird whirling sensation, like I was a propeller on an airplane!"

Carli seemed to spin faster and faster "... And then- pop! I was floating over the bed in the labor room..." (NOTE: The full version of this NDE appears in Body Consciousness)

*CBAP* Crackling Departure and Bobbing Energy Body:

Case No. 702: Given ether, this man started to "spin around" and "heard a crackling noise." "Then," he said, "I was a shining balloon attached to my body by a silver string...

"Then an ‘angel' in a white robe said it was time for me to return, and I was bobbing near the ceiling of the ward. I heard the same crackling noise and was back in my body."


Sleep Paralysis(RB): Some degree of physical paralysis is a sure sign an OBE is IN PROGRESS. It shows the mind split has already happened. The physical body has difficulty animating itself when the mind split effect is active. The degree of paralysis shows the 'strength' of the projection. A full powered Real Time OBE will cause total physical paralysis - while a normal astral projection will allow you to stumble to the bathroom if you have to...feeling like you are walking on pillows, body fairly numb and fuzzy...

(PB): As the years went on, the experiences became sleep paralysis. Just about everything then on was just paralysis and nothing else until I decided to try to let the experience of being paralized run its course just to see what would happen (a major feat of courage indeed). If you've never had sleep paralysis, you probably wouldn't want to. The feeling is nasty if your not used to it. You suddenly become aware that you seem awake except you can't move at all no matter how hard you try. The paralysis is usually accompianied by the sensation of electrical shock or a loud ringing noise or tone depending on what kind of person you are...

*LD-P* Paralysis:

"About half an hour after I was in bed, I found myself unable to move my legs, arms or shut my eyes. (Left body) As soon as I realized my body was "over there" I heard a door slam, just like our front door, and found myself in bed shivering and lying in a pool of cold sweat, absolutely terrified." (Green and McCreery, 1975)

*ST* Paralysis:

I would experience paralysis during the night and early morning. During the paralysis, I was only capable of moaning aloud.


"When you feel paralyzed, just think of moving your little finger; you'll reconnect."


The difficulty in breathing accompanies the paralysis state. It is not painful in any way, just very discomforting.


The paralysis slowly crept over me like a river of warm honey.

*PotAB* Physical/Astral Catalepsy:

When a person is physically cataleptic, he is in that condition because he is astrally cataleptic. With the phantom once exteriorized and powerless, under catalepsy, the subconscious can maneuver it as it pleases. This is an example of the wisdom of the super-intelligence.

*CBAP* A Presence, Whistling, Paralysis:

Case No. 681: "It usually began as I was dropping off to sleep, when I would suddenly become fully alert and very conscious of what I used to define as ‘Something' or some ‘Presence' in a position near to, or just behind, my head, at the left side as I lay on my back.

"The next stage was a kind of intermittent whistling noise in my head, just like steam blowing off in the distance, but not too loud. When I became conscious of this, my bed appeared to be swaying... these sensations became more frequent, they went a stage further and I always found myself in the grip of cataleptic paralysis...

"I was always fully conscious of the whole thing: I could hear the ticking of the clock and the breathing of my wife. While I was unable to move a limb, I could always manage to shout or make loud, incoherent noises, which never failed to awaken my wife. Her reaction was to give me an indignant poke in the ribs with her elbow, and in such fashion I was released from the catalepsy."

*CBAP* Spontaneous Rigidity and Becoming:

Case No. 617: When a boy, Sandwith was watching the flight of rooks. He said, "A feeling of intense excitement overcame me. I felt myself becoming rigid; the rooks looked far more real and I was becoming one with them. Then there was a struggle, as if something fell on my chest... and sank down into my body [= the "double" re-entered the physical body]."

The Vibrations & Sounds

*RB* The Vibrations:

The vibrations are an effect and NOT a cause of projection. When enough pressure is exerted on the astral body to loosen it sufficiently, the energy body expands and energy flows through the chakra system to be stored in the energy body. This flow of energy through the hundreds of chakras and their connecting web, or meridians, CAUSES these vibrations. This normally happens, unnoticed, during sleep.

*PotAB* The Sounds:

The principal sounds heard were the following: a hissing or whistling, as of escaping steam; single musical notes; musical phrases, generally new to the hearer. Hymn tunes and other tunes, which were known. Harmonics- often very beautiful. Two or more notes, alternating in regular sequence. The sound of a bell, sometimes in harmony. Metallic noise like the striking of an anvil.

*ST* The Vibration & Sounds:

I began to feel a low-level tingle slowly increase to full-blown vibration. At some point during the vibes, I felt several strong surges.


The sound associated with the etheric level is "buzzing bees!"


I went to bed about 10:30 P.M. At 2:30 I got up, used the bathroom and went back to bed. My mind wandered until a musical tone quickly brought me to full awareness. The tone was indescribable. I felt motion, I was floating upwards.

As I went up through the ceiling, I thought of my body lying there in the bed. Suddenly I was back in my body with a bad case of the vibes.


My ears were assaulted by loud crackling. I focused my thoughts, heard a loud "pop," and was literally tossed out of my body. (NOTE: The sudden loud sounds are sudden entries and exits)


You may experience a variety of unexplainable sounds. The sound associated with the astral plane is the roaring of the sea. The causal plane is the tinkling of bells. The mental plane is running water, and the etheric is buzzing bees.

0) A loud popping sound may indicate a seperation occuring at or near the pinael gland.

*PB* Vibrations:

The paralysis is usually accompianied by the sensation of electrical shock or a loud ringing noise or tone depending on what kind of person you are. I usually get the loud ringing in the ears. In one paticular instance of sleep paralysis that happened about five times one after another, I could have swore someone was grabbing my bedroom door and just slamming it as hard as they could. This was probably my heartbeat magnified way out of proportion.

*BP* Vibrations:

The vibrations feel very electrical, just like getting electrocuted, but they also are accompanied by a rough vibrational sound which can seem very loud. Just before the vibrations came I was always "zapped" into a state of acute alertness. Sometimes it seemed as if my consciousness was focused into an oval disk at my body's face. But every time the vibrations would come, my heart would start pounding, I would panic, and the vibrations would slowly fade until I was back to normal. When I opened my eyes, they were cloudy but slowly cleared up. My body felt very heavy and stiff. My hands were stiff and hard to open. Sometimes I was also slightly dizzy after the experience.

Another strange sensation while trying to leave my body: a ringing noise in my ears. But it was an effect, not a cause of OBEs. Sometimes I heard very loud rushing or roaring noises in my head. Usually when this happened, I also felt as if my consciousness was being crushed in on all sides. It's as if the very boundaries of my awareness were forced down to a tiny infinitesimal pinpoint in the center of my head. (NOTE: the pinprick between frequency domains)

Once, I felt a strange electrical-type sensation one third of the way up my spinal column.

*IW* Vibrations:

Intense buzzing in the head and forehead; Intense electrical surges and vibrations; Loud sounds, such as thunder, explosions, and music blaring, as loud and normal as waking sounds.

*AB* Vibrations:

They are described as being like a waterfall, a rushing, or continuous thunder, out loud banging.

1) I was looking astrally at my body shaking like I had epilepsy which I couldn't control for the life of me (The vibrations ). My brother suddenly popped out from nowhere and told me "Stop Shaking, I replied back to him " I don't know why I'm shaking", then a old friend from marching band Eric Bruce popped into my view telling my brother that it's normal. I should have noticed right away in this false awakening that my mom's work stuff should have been in my room but it wasn't.

2) I felt my head shaking quite a bit along with the body twitching, jerking, feeling like I had my hand in a electrical outlet. (Yes, I was scared and didn't want to project) After a few minuets the vibes calmed down which felt like little tingles of energy I've been used to, so I tried leaving the body again. Once again the vibrations came on even stronger which was pretty painful. The one thing I did notice was the ability to look thru my eye-lids at my room that surrounds me.

3) Two minutes after he lay down to go to sleep, a steady, unvarying vibration surged into his head and swept over his entire body. The frequency was about 27cps. He could still see the room but could hear little above the roaring sound of the vibrations. It faded after 5 minutes. This happened many times, and once it developed into a ring of sparks two feet in diameter with the axis of his body as the center of the ring. He could actually see this if he closed his eyes. It would sweep from head to foot and back in a regular oscillation of length 5 seconds. The ring could be felt as a band of vibration moving through each section it passed over, and it was accompanied by a roaring sound as it passed through the head.

4) Soon, the Kundalini vibrations started up and took over my body. These felt like chills whipping gently up and down my whole body. I laid there feeling this for some time. At some point I attempted to leave, to push up and out, and it worked.

5) The first time that I remember having felt the 'tingles': It is like an orgasm that affects the whole of your body at once - not in ripples that fade. It feels like your whole body is alive, every millimeter moving and sending this constant feeling to your brain. It also lasts quite a long time. Minutes rather than the paltry tens of seconds you have with any orgasm.

6) I practised playing with the vibrations. I moved them up and down my body, finally leaving them confined to my head. I maintained this for quite a long while and could feel the bed moving a little. Also, the sound they made in my head was a metallic ringing.

7) I was lying in bed, from the top left down to the bottom right, aware of my sense of touch disappearing. I felt like I was mentally turning off buttons in my head which shut down various parts of my body. Finally, I pushed the last switch and experienced a pulsating energy coursing through me. There may have been a slight humming sound too.

8) The vibrations escalated until I felt I could leave my body if I wanted to. In my eyes, I saw flashes of blue light the color of static electricity.

*ST* Strange Lights:

While laying there feeling very relaxed, a brilliant light flashed across my eyelids. It was blue and was accompanied by a zipping or buzzing sound.

9) The vibrations surged in strong and rough, then smoothed as they took on a more rapid frequency (starting at nearly 30cps, then speeding up till they felt only as a sense of warmth.) Early in Monroe's journeys, the vibrations were rough, at about 10 cps, then increased to 18 cps with less discomfort. He then noticed a high-pitched hiss, which an ear specialist diagnosed as hearing the blood through the veins. It increased and increased until it was just a sense of warmth, where single pulsations were not discernable. The air-hiss always continued. The warmth sped up into an indefinable "being."

10) The intense vibrations and a roaring sound throughout my body are not physical sensations. They started at the back of my neck, then slowly spread to my whole body until I was vibrating at what felt like a higher frequency or energy level. The vibrational sensations are somewhat enjoyable when I was prepared. A high-pitched buzzing seemed to resonate in my body, and I felt energized and light as a feather.

11) I enter the vibrational state and feel waves of energy flowing through my body. It's a soothing sensation of energy radiating from deep within me. I feel pulses of energy flowing through me and hands gently touching my body. The waves of energy seem to increase and decrease in a rhythmical sequence. Each touch creates waves of energy resonating through me. It feels as though my internal vibrational rate is being adjusted to a new level or frequency. My body and mind resonate with these waves and I feel an overwhelming sense of peace and unity. I feel noticably light and airy for several hours afterwards.

12) Even though I'm in my body, I feel completely out of phase with it, as if I'm floating within it.

13) With arm OB, the vibrations were present to a lesser degree.

*SD&P* Separation & Sound Sensations:

Dream One

I lie down on the porch and drift into a light sleep. I discover that I can do a peculiar thing to my brain by somehow tightening the muscles on my scalp and then doing something intense with a sound I can ‘hear.' The sound holds, and I can feel my astral body shudder inside my physical one. It is as though I'm tearing loose from a Jello mold. I get out of my body this way, float above the couch and go back in. ...So I turn, leave my body behind on the couch and walk out the door and down to the dock outside our house.

*BtD* Sinking Into Death- Vibration & Birth Memories:

It was passing over into a different sphere. I could feel a tremendous energy enfold me with a deep rumble, as if I were lying in the aisle of a Boeing 747 during takeoff... My soul was disconnecting from my body with a hum, that kept groing louder, rising to a whine as the vibration of death pulled me deeper. I could see what looked like the inside of my eyelids. Peachy-rose light softened the intense sinking, rushing sensation.

Morbid intrigue beckoned me to watch my death, so I lifted my heavy eyelids, and instantly I felt a huge surge of energy pull me back into my body... (NOTE: This is a separation at death)

*CBAP* Floating Feet-Out First, Wind Sounds, Then Rejoining:

Case No. 727: "I could feel the pressure of the blanket and the bed... I felt as if I were being drawn out of the body feet first and lost the sensation of pressure from the cover and the bed. I felt as if my legs, up to the pelvis, were floating in the air...

"All the while this pulling sensation was going on, I head a sound like a hurricane or strong windstorm and felt a cool breeze blowing against the top of my head [= electroplasmic phenomena connected with the release of the vehicles of vitality from the body...]

"Then the process reversed and I felt I was sinking and being pulled back into coincidence with the body. While this occurred, the sounds (ringing and wind) became lower and the breeze lessened [because the relatively highly vibrating vehicle of vitality, by merging with the physical body, was losing its high velocity] until I gradually became aware of the pressure of the cover and bed again at which time they ceased altogether."

*CJ* Going OB By Sounds, Seeing Colors in Sounds:

ROMC: "I can hear the sound of drums all around me. It seems as if the molecules within me are speeding up with the vibration from the different sound rhythms. I feel myself starting to float.

"It's as though I'm floating on the sound waves. The sound is underneath me and not around me. I'm gently bouncing on the sound waves. There are drums beating- different drums with various rhythms. I feel different vibrations and rhythms in various parts of my body...

"Now I hear the sound of flutes- different flute tones. I'm starting to float on the flute vibrations...

"I'm beginning to see colors coming from the music. I see fantastic shades of blue coming from the sounds, and I'm floating gently on them. The color is swirling around me- and it feels so good! Now the music is moving into a different key, and the colors change with the key. I see shades of red, orange, and yellow."

*CBAP* Pre-OBE, Tight, Buzzing Head:

Case No. 650: "I went to bed before my husband. My head seemed to be very tight and buzzing and I urged it on. I had an idea what was about to happen. I found myself near the ceiling, looking down toward the bed."

*CBAP* Noisy OBEs:

Case No. 688: "I had a sense of panic- knew I should not be there, felt a terrific blow and noise in the top of my head...

"Seized with panic, I came back to my bed with the customary noise ad heart palpitation. This type of projection always ends with noise (sometimes the twang of a bass string-instrument note)."

*CBAP* Exit Snap & The Silver Cord:

Case No. 706: Butler felt "something snap" in his head, and was outside his body. His "double," which was luminous, was connected with his body by a "pulsating cord" of bluish-gray substance.

*PotC* Vibrations:

This, and almost all of the projections narrated here, are nocturnal... The position of the soma (physical body) on the bed was dorsal (NOTE: Translated: on the back), as it will be with almost all of the experiences described here, with the head pointing toward geographical east.

Little by little, I ceased to feel the soma. The vibrational state (sensation of tingling, and pulsations throughout the soma) arrived, following by a short period of discomfort. Removing all other ideas, I continued concentrating on saturating the mind with a single thought: a strong desire to leave and float over the soma...

The vibrational state is characterized by the movement of internal pulsating waves similar to electrical vibrations whose occurrence, frequency and intensity can be controlled at will to be fast or slow, strong or weak. These waves sweep the immobilized soma from head to hands and feet, returning to the brain in a steady cycle of a few seconds. The occurrence, at times, seems like a burning torch, surging and ebbing, or a ball of tolerable electricity guided at will. Not uncommonly, the vibrations produce a sensation of inflation... The complete installation of the vibrational state is what permits a lucid takeoff.

*TtE* The Tremor & Sound of Leaving the Body From Dreams:

"About twelve, one, or two o'clock in the night there came over me a very powerful tremor from the head to the feet, accompanied with a booming sound as if many winds had clashed against one another." -Swedenborg, Journal of Dreams

*CBAP* Buzzing, Paralysis, Seeing With Eyes Closed:

Case No. 657: "Many a night I dread going to sleep... My body goes through something that all I can explain is that it ‘buzzes' like crazy and it feels like the top of my head is about to blow off. While this is happening, I cant move a muscle [because part of the vehicle of vitality- the "bridge" between the Soul Body and the physical, is "broken"]. I can see [from the released Soul Body] my entire bedroom very clear...

"All I need is someone to touch me; this brings me right out of whatever it is. But this is the really strange thing about all this- a couple of times, when my wife works the mill night-shift, my children had to awaken me. I see her, or my children, well in advance of their touching me. but this is the thing- my wife, and my children, tell me that my eyelids are closed tight... (NOTE: Continued below)

*CBAP* OB Exit- Stretching, Shock, Release:

Case No. 555: "A feeling of fullness suddenly began to envelop my body. Slowly my body stiffened and my arms started moving seemingly on their own accord. I felt as if I were being stretched in all directions, then something like an electric shock shot through my body. This was climaxed by a powerful wind pushing at my back and suddenly I was floating." (NOTE: The electric shock is probably the literal sensation of fear)

Exit To A Silent Void

Vibrations To Void(CCG): Although described less often, the energy could result in flashing lights, waves of pulsating colors, etc. I find that at a certain pitch and intensity of sound, the light kicks in. I tend to think that light is a higher form of energy. ...The sound is roaring, the light is flashing, your skin is electric... then suddenly it all stops. The silence is deafening. For a split second you can't even think. You are still inside your body but you feel like you a tiny point of awareness in a huge expanse. It's almost like being in a dark cavern. Just wait. Don't let your mind run off in a million directions. Something wonderful is about to happen.

Click! That's it. You might hear a click, a switching sound, a crack. Maybe it's the sound of an astral form of static electricity as you pass through the physical barrier. Congratulations... you're out!

15) The buzzing noise and sensations subside after complete seperation. They are replaced by a serene feeling of calm.

The Void(DDG): As you feel yourself floating downwards, you can right yourself and "fly" through the void if you want to. The void is a nice place to just sit (or fly) and enjoy the quiet.

4) I had the feeling of floating in a dark space. All I felt was warmth and the most extreme comfort I have ever experienced.

5) I couldnt feel a thing in the world except peace, solitude, comfort, ease- just quietness. A great attitude of releif. I've never felt so relaxed.


Heartbeat(BP): Just before I left the body, my heartbeat had slowed down considerably. It remained very slow until the vibrations hit me. With the coming of the vibrations and the "trauma" of leaving the body, my heartbeat sped up to a very rapid pace. It was as if I had just received a terrible fright and my heart was beating wildly from a "fight or flight" response. Once I was out of my body, I listened very carefully for my heartbeat. Although it had slowed down again, it was still much faster than my normal waking heart rate.

1) I usually had the sensation with the sound of my heartbeat which was magnified considerably as well as a ringing in my ear or tone.


*LAL* Breathing:

A respiratory arrest may coincide with OB states in NDEs. 1) OBE: To an external observer, he alternately gasped, made moaning and whimpering sounds, then seemed to do little or no breathing at all while OB.


*CBAP* The Exit- Unconsciousness or Tunnel:

Those who had temporary out-of-the-body experiences said that, on leaving the body, there had been "a doorway," "a narrow corridor," "a gate," "a momentary blackout," "a second of blank unconsciousness," "a dark tunnel," "a moment's blackness," "a momentary clouding of consciousness," "a lapse of consciousness," "unconsciousness for an instant," "a state of utter blackness," "a loss of consciousness," "I fell asleep," "all became dark," "everything was dark," "loss of consciousness for a few seconds," "everything went void," "a void," "a time of darkness," "I seemed to float in a long tunnel," "an opening like a tunnel with, at the far end, a light," "passed through a pitch-dark tunnel," "like going through a tunnel," "I find myself going down a long, dim tunnel," "rushing along a pitch-black tunnel," "a chimney-like tunnel with a patch of light at the top," "a deep, dark tunnel," "a dark tunnel," "a dark, windy, cold tunnel."

*CBAP* Black-Out Is the Tunnel, Quickly:

Case No. 737: "Next I felt a gentle breeze [= the vehicle of vitality being released from the body]. Then I was being drawn along a deep corridor [= the double, composed of part of the vehicle of vitality plus- since that is a "bridge" between the physical body and the Soul Body- also the latter: when this takes place rapidly it is often described as a "blackout" in consciousness: when it takes place slowly the person concerned seems to go down a dark tunnel or corridor], going toward a pinpoint of golden light. As I neared the ‘light', it took the form of a man."

*BP* Black-Outs Not Necessary:

Many books on OBEs claim that there is usually a split-second blackout when a person leaves and returns to his or her body. Crookall believed the blackout is caused because neither the physical nor astral bodies are available as a vehicle of consciousness during the transference of consciousness. Despite the theories, I have experienced OBEs in which there was no break in consciousness between normal waking consciousness and the out-of-body state. I have also had many OBEs where I have returned to normal waking consciousness without any break in consciousness. It's more typical, however, for me to have a tiny 'blackout' right before reentry.

*PotAB* Black-Outs:

Just as the astral body leaves the physical, the consciousness grows dim for an instant; then comes back again- like an electric bulb growing dim for an interval, then again becoming bright. This spot is the place where it is most difficult to hold consciousness; and, remember, it is very close to coincidence.

*APr* Multiple Separations:

I obtained separation six times. During the whole experiment, my trance remained unbroken.

** Remembering & Black Outs:

Overload Black-Out(CCG): You might have "blacked out" (lost consciousness) when you first left your body. It might happen again when you're out but for a different reason. You will black out whenever you exceed your ability to perceive or remember.

You (the Watcher) can perceive a great deal. You (consciousness) can only remember a little. The more you become accustomed to non-verbal awareness, the more you will be able to remember. And you will not be able to remember correctly if you become confused or overwhelmed by too many sensations. Your conscious mind will have to learn to cooperate (non-verbally) with the Watcher. Remember, the conscious mind translates your OOBE -- after the fact usually -- into words, sentences and "normal" daily thoughts. It will only be able to do so if it remains focused non-verbally during the OOBE.

Let's pretend that you are a television set with 36 channels. Your Watcher is an expert at all of them, and has its favorite channels. It likes to jump around. Perhaps your conscious mind is only good at Channels 1 & 2. Everything else comes in as static or scrambled images. So your OBE might be going along fine while you are on Channels 1 and 2 but black out -- or become dreamlike -- when your Watcher hits certain areas.

1) I jumped into the air and flight was successful. The only problem I experienced was that when I ascended higher I started to lose touch with the ground and consciousness started to blacken out on me. So I descended closer to the ground focusing on the street lights to keep my consciousness in tact.

*CBAP* The OB Black-Out, Merging:

Case No. 620: "I have placed my hand over my forehead and am ‘willing' myself to be with Dr.- ... I am worried that I will again ‘merge' when it is my intention merely to observe... I black out [=the momentary loss of consciousness as the "double" separates from the body, during which brief period neither "double" nor body is available as an instrument of consciousness- much as there is a momentary loss of momentum when we change gears in a car; see The Study and Practice of Astral Projection and More Astral Projection]. Then see him sitting... He is smiling... I find I have again ‘merged.' He is very excited [the reason for the merging!]. I withdraw. He is embracing a woman... I retreat.

*VS-BR* Trapped in Body NDE With Noise:

Keely stated: "I was transiently using cocaine and the Near-Death Experience occurred... All of a sudden I didn't see anything. It wasn't dark, it was black! It was very, very disturbing, and uncomfortable. I felt I was detached from my body. Then I heard a loud humming, high-pitched drone in both my ears and in my head. It was a very, very bad internal noise. Then I tried to move, but my body couldn't... Then I had a flashback, a general negative review of what happened up to that point'... 54.5% of my Type II LTP experiences were, admittedly, behaving self-destructively at the time of their experience. (NOTE: Less than positive, bound in a dark void. NOT an NDE)

*CJ* The Dark Changing-Gears Transition Period, Breathing Exercises, Double Perspective:

John closed my CHEC Unit door... Then sound overrode my other senses as marvelous tones began to pour into both ears through my headphones... [Bob] asked me if I could hear the tone in my right ear.

"Yes, I can, Bob," I replied...

I felt as if my voice were trailing off in the distance...

I found myself getting more and more relaxed... Then everything began to feel weird in my head. I was going through what I later referred to as a "thick state of consciousness"... My energy felt thick and heavy. When Bob asked me how I was doing, my voice even sounded thick and heavy to me as I slowly answered, "I'm doing fine."

Then I went into what seemed to be a black-out period, which I later interpreted as my consciousness changing gears. When I came out of this blackout state, I experienced a new level of awareness. I felt a sense of detachment from my physical body. My physical heaviness had disappeared...

I was intensely aware of feeling more free than I had ever felt in the physical body. My mind also was very clear... (NOTE: Continued below)

Effect of Body Position on Resultant Projection

*PotAB* Projection From Different Positions:

I had an accidental projection, while lying on my stomach. The sensations while moving through the air are reversed. When you move upward, you think you are moving downward, and vice versa. The only way to tell the true direction of movement is by the sense of sight.

The horizontal position is the ideal position for projection.

Separation By the Head

Script: Often when one feels they've separated by the head or chest, they seem to feel rolled up in a ball or reduced in size.
Script: The next two should go with their corresponding sections in Astral Cord.

3) I'm ejected out the top of my head. Moving out of the body feels like shedding the skin.

4) I could feel my spirit rise out of me, out through my head.

*CWS* Separation:

Priscilla Lantini: "I knew something was happening when all of a sudden I could not hear the breathing of people around me. Then my body seemed to blow up like a giant balloon and first thing I knew I sailed up through this giant body and out through its head, which seemed to be like a cone."

*LD-P* Separation:

"I was lying on top of my bed after a two hour sleep… I had woken up, but could not move or even open my eyes… then I remember a dreadful noise came into my head so loud it was deafening, then a very loud popping noise came from my head and I seemed to shoot out of my head, and went up in the air, then turned around and looked down at my self fully clothed lying on top of the bed."

(Green, 1968b, pg. 60)

*CBAP* Exit Via the Head:

Both groups- temporary and permanent cases- stated that they left the body chiefly via the head.

*PotC* Head is Last Projected:

The last part of the soma to be projected is the head.

*WtL* OBE: Opening in Head, Push Mist Out, Travel By Thought:

(Michael:) I've learned to do a meditation where I imagine I have a glass body- the outside's glass and I fill it full of mist...

Anyway, this night, I was lying down in bed meditating, and all of a sudden I felt something happening in my head. I looked and there was a hole in my head, and I thought, "Oh yeah, let's see what happens." And I pushed all the mist out, and that's when all the muscles in my head sort of crunched up. That was really noticeable, like my eyes just closed right up, and my whole head was shaking, and I pushed it all out. And then I imagined myself in the training hall. And then I was just there. I had a look around, the place was empty and the lights were out. Looking around, I knew it really was the place because I could feel it, it's just got an amazing feeling, it's really strong. I knew I was there, so I had a look around, and then I just came back.

Separation By the Chest

Point of Exit (NDEs): 1) Time was slowing immensely (super-keen focus). She felt a sense of impending danger. She could feel her body getting weaker and weaker. She couldnt move her arms. She felt a sinking sensation, then a soft buzzing in her head. She continued to sink until she felt her body become still and lifeless. Then she felt a surge of energy, like a pop or release inside of her, and her spirit was suddenly drawn out through my chest and pulled upward, as if by a giant magnet.

Partial (Limb) Separation

*PotC* Partial Separations:

The partial separations of the extraphysical legs and extraphysical arms that seemed to float as if they were pieces of light cloth, similar to fine silk, that occasionally received a gust of wind, being blown from side to side. The comparison of the psychosoma to small air balloons of light, fine material is quite close to the sensation that one experiences during projection.

Toes-to-Head Sling-Shot Projections

High-Speed Projection

Script: This is in each case an exit via the head.
*CWS* Separation:

Betty DiAngelo: "I always experience the tremendous speed and a roaring sound- it's at that point that I usually become aware of the OBE: when I'm journeying back."


Susan Watkins: "OBEs usually start from a half-awake state, in which I can feel myself "sliding" out of my physical body. This is often accompanied by a loud buzzing noise that seems to come at me across the room, ending with a snap! Behind my right ear and an immediate whoosh! As I'm propelled out. Resting later, I let the electric-charge feeling overtake me again and I sit up, OB."

*CBAP* The Elastic Sling-Shot OBE From Near-Sleep:

Case No. 554: "I lay in bed on the verge of sleep. All was quiet and I experienced a sense of complete relaxation and peace. Just before losing consciousness, I began to feel a tingling in my toes which gathered momentum as it surged through my body. As it reached the top of my head, I felt a violent pull upward.

"Suddenly, like the bursting of a taut elastic band, I was released. I was floating, a free agent capable of traveling with indescribable speed...

"I passed through the closed door of my bedroom and rushed out through the walls.

"Again I was pulled far up into the heavens. In the distance I saw a white light, which became more and more dazzling as I approached. The whiteness was blinding. Afraid to face that light although it beckoned me to come, I turned back." (NOTE: I wonder if the further in you go, the further out you go. Reaching the center of the universe and the center of yourself is then the same thing.)

*OwtL* Separation at Death:

Heidi: "Just at the point where I was about to reach for the bulb by my pillow and flash for the nurse, I had an odd sensation, like my feet, my legs, my body were being rolled up like a giant toothpaste tube.

"Then my real self seemed to be all rolled up in a corner of my skull. There was a really intense spasm of pain- and then I seemed to shoot up into a corner of the room."

*CBAP* Being Rolled Up To Exit and Enter:

Case No. 698: Mary felt as if feet, legs, and body "were being rolled up." "Then," she said, "my real self seemed to be all... in my skull. Then I seemed to shoot into a corner of the room. I thought I'd died.

"Nurses started working over my body and I thought, ‘Oh no, you don't! I don't want to return to my body. I like it fine up here!'

"Then they gave my body an injection. It seemed as though there was an opening on the top of my skull. I rolled myself back up and aimed myself, like a bullet, for that hole. I came back."

*PotC* Ejection Projection:

I flew like a pilot ejected from the cockpit of his plane... Sometimes, in takeoff, the psychosoma seems to have a certain power of ejection. It was not just an instantaneous projection.

Instantaneous Projection

Script: This is very close to the above high-speed projections but with less detail.
*PAP* Instant Projection:

It has happened at times that I have found myself projected, standing beside my body, at the same instant as I closed my eyes. The practice of projection becomes such a habit that there have been times when I have come back to my body in order to make sure that I was really projected and not sleep-walking.

*PAP* Instantaneous Projection:

When feeling accompanies an instantaneous projection it seems as if we were being hurled through space.

*APr* Instantaneous (Forced) Projection:

An Instantaneous Projection is the name I have given to the kind where separation is effected by more or less forcibly ejecting the subtle vehicle from the physical body by a strong effort of will. In these cases, the apparent speed is so great, that one passes through he walls of the room in a flash, and thus there is no time for the sensation of dual consciousness. Often, too, in this method, breaks in consciousness will occur, so that the experimenter may not be fully aware of his conditions, identity, etc., until he comes to rest, perhaps seemingly many miles away from his body.

1. The setting may be apparently on the earth, or purely astral or switch from one to the other. (NOTE: Various settings.)

2. Astral currents at their strongest. As a rule, I have very little power to influence the course of events. Even worse, from the "control" standpoint, than the Dream of Knowledge projection.

3. Levitation conditions.

4. Owing to the short duration of the average experiment, the Warning Pain and the pull of the Cord are not often experienced. Dual consciousness also is rare in projections of this kind.

5. The degree of realization of the out-of-the-body state is usually quite good, and perhaps better than in the Dream of Knowledge projection; but it is inferior to that experienced beyond the Pineal Door.

6. The duration is, as a rule, very brief.

*SD&P* Jane's First OBE:

During this period I was trying the psychological time exercises suggested by Seth. One day I went into the bedroom where it was quiet, closed my eyes, lay down and began clearing my mind of thoughts for my psy-time exercise. Several times Miss Cunningham came to mind: I wanted to ask her doctor about her condition but hesitated because I wasn't a member of her family.

Suddenly I felt a strong jolt at the top of my skull: the next instant, I found myself standing on the front steps of an ordinary house. Utterly bewildered, I looked about me, somehow "knowing" that I was still in Elmira. The neighborhood was middle-class, the house gray-framed, two storied, with a front porch.

I blinked my eyes. Did I have amnesia? Had I actually walked here under my own power and forgotten? It didn't occur to me then that I was having an out-of-body experience.

Quickly I looked at the house. The street number wasn't visible, and I was in the middle of the block, away from street signs. At that moment, I felt another sharp jolt at the back of my neck and instantly found myself back in my bedroom, fully alert and awake.

Consciousness was independent of the body- Seth was right.

Accidental Separation

*BP* Weird OBE Effects:

After the party, I went to bed and made my nightly attempt to induce an out-of-body experience. After a few minutes of practice I opened my eyes and saw movements and lights in midair! I was frightened, and to make matters worse I started drifting away from my body! I panicked and tried my hardest to stay in my body! Once I was securely in my body I closed my eyes and decided not to continue.

Without warning I felt the bottle accidentally slip out of my hand and my hand closed into a fist. I was startled and expected to hear a loud crash as the bottle hit the floor, but there was no sound. I quickly looked at my hand, and the bottle was still there, securely in my hand! It wasn't psychokinesis; My astral hand had accidentally "let go" of my physical hand, but the physical hand held tightly onto the bottle. I knew right then it was going to be a strange day.

As I was trying to fall asleep at night, I would still feel the same weird sensations: Swaying, pokes and prods, the whole gambit. It was even more alarming because I wasn't even trying to make them happen.

Once I tripped and fell out while I was walking down the street! When I came back to my body, it was fine and it hadn't missed a step.

*VS* Knocked OB, Legs ZigZag:

"The rock that was about the size of my ten-year-old skull hit the center of the back of my head. I was knocked out and my body fell down, although I felt like I was still standing.

"I was standing in total darkness, nothing but black. I also heard a buzzing sound that wasn't coming from any direction, it was just there. I still had my body but I could not see it. I could feel my body and it felt translucent. Both of my arms were stretched out on either side and after a few seconds I began to zigzag back and forth and sink down. My legs felt like they were melting as I was sinking.

"I suppose my spirit was sinking back into my body. I didn't have any feelings of love or joy as a typical experiencer would, perhaps because I didn't experience any light."

Timothy O'Reilly, v.XVI, n.2

*VS* Childhood Trauma OBE:

"When I was about 4 years old, my Grandfather sexually abused me, and the fear, shock and suffocating nearness of him shot me out of my body to the corner of the room, looking down on the scene below. Everything was lit up by a soft glow and a beautiful bright lady was beside me. With her, I felt safe, secured and loved." -Fler Beaumont, v.XVI, n.4

*PotAB* Rapid In & Out:

Exteriorization and interiorization of the astral body can take place with such speed that the subject does not even realize that he was ‘out' of his physical body at all, having only felt dazed for an instant, and perhaps, during that instant, he believed that he had advanced about a foot beyond the spot where he was actually standing.

1. A sudden force unexpectedly exerted against the body, while it is moving in a given direction, will not instantly interrupt the astral, and the latter will continue for an instant to move in the given direction, bringing itself momentarily out of coincidence.

2. A material body, moving in a given direction, if suddenly and unexpectedly colliding with the inert body, will cause the physical member to move slightly out of coincidence in the given direction (The astral, an instant later, moves ahead into the physical).

This takes place at lightning speed. When the automobile stops quickly, it is the ephemeral disharmony of the two bodies which causes the breath-taking sensation.

It is when the body is under subconscious motivation and an unexpected barrier intercepts the physical, that the astral body keeps on moving in the given direction for a moment. If propulsion were conscious, this would not happen. (expectations!) When the colliding force meets the physical, the subconscious Will is under the inclination to remain in its given position until the conscious moves it. Thus, the phantom stands while the material is thrown out of coincidence.

Uninterrupted at Death: Picture someone, perhaps a soldier, walking straight ahead. If something should instantly rend him asunder, the astral body would keep right on walking, ignorant of the fact, for the moment, that he was physically ‘dead.'

*APr* Waking Dream Projection:

My very good friend was walking home from the office in daylight through a busy street. Suddenly all the houses and people vanished. He was standing in beautiful open country. He walked on for a few yards and came to a flight of old stone steps leading down to the bank of a wide stream or little river. Mr. Nash was about to descend the steps, when the vision faded and he found himself walking on through the familiar street, and seemingly, he had never stopped walking. This experience seemed to him to last for two or three minutes; but judging from his position on returning to normal consciousness, he had not walked more than half a dozen paces along the street.

*PotAB* Spinning & Dizziness:

What is dizziness? It is a condition of looseness of the astral body. Dizziness indicates that the astral body is not bound tightly to the physical. When dizzy, we stagger because the astral body is loose and half inclined to withdraw from the physical. Fakirs often resort to ‘whirling' to accomplish astral exteriorization.

Projecting Without Plans

*PotC* Projecting Without Planned Destination:

A crash-projector is one who leaves the soma with no destination and regains lucidity in an unknown place, among unfamiliar beings. Frequently, projections of this nature happen to beginners who project without establishing a target person, place or idea.

Visualizations & Separation

*BP* Separating From the Body:

I started by visualizing a line of light (about three feet long) going straight up from between my eyes. I reached out with my consciousness to the end of the line, and pulled myself toward the end of the line.

Then I created a rocking or swaying sensation by pulling and then pushing my consciousness along this line toward its end. Almost at once I felt the vibrations sweep over me, but they were very mild; almost unnoticeable. The vibrations faded away after a few seconds, and I was separate from my body.

Dual-Consciousness, Shifting Back & Forth

*PAP* Slowly Shifting Between Body & OB:

After having roamed about in space I came back close to my physical body and, without completely reincorporating myself, I found myself at the exact point of balance where the material sensitivity passes into the next body, or plane. As soon as I favored the idea of projection, I began to feel lighter. As soon as I brought my mind back to my physical body the intensity of the projection diminished. My body was as heavy as lead and breathing slowed down. I could feel the slight roughness of the sheets, the freshness of the outside air, and the daylight which was filtering through my eyelids.

Taking my mind back towards the idea of projection, all the physical sensations disappeared with lightning-like speed, and I began to enjoy the peace, the cool sweetness, and the inexpressible sense of well-being of this state.

*IaTR* Dual Consciousness:

I watched from my physical reality while another me stepped out of my physical body.

I was aware of being two completely different aspects of Self, both happening simultaneously. In one reality, I was the normal physical me, wide awake and aware of a painful throb in my damaged ankle. I sat up in bed and, without any though behind my action, picked up the large writing pad and pen that is always at my bedside. Calmly, I began to write down the events that unfolded in my other reality.


For a brief moment, my light body weakens, and I am aware of the physical me, sitting in my bed documenting this unfolding metaphysical reality. My ankle is aching from the drag of the bedclothes, and I am aware of Treenie turning over in bed next to me. Then this experience fades, and all my awareness is again focused in my light-body self.

*APr* Dual Consciousness:

1) I was lying on the bed in the afternoon when I experienced the False Awakening, imagining that my wife and two friends were sitting in the room and talking. I felt too tired to take any part in this conversation and ‘went to sleep" again. When I next became aware of my surroundings, I realized that I was in the Trance Condition and could leave my body. I therefore sat up (out of my body, as it were), and then leisurely got off the bed. Dual consciousness was very strong. Though I could see all the objects in the room quite clearly, I could not see my body when I looked for it upon the bed. Everything seemed just as real as in waking life—more so, extra vivid. I left the bed and walked slowly round the room to the door, the sense of dual consciousness diminishing as I moved farther away from my body; but just as I was going to leave the room, my body pulled me back instantaneously and the trance was broken. There was no final stage of apparent catalepsy, and I experienced no unpleasant after-effects.

Its special significance lies in the gentle way in which separation was effected. It was my first experience of a non-instantaneous projection.

*CBAP* Dual Consciousness:

"Dual consciousness" -awareness of both the nonphysical "double" and the physical body, and of an environment that corresponded to each occurred as long as the ":double" was close to the body, but ceased when it moved some distance away.

Projection By Whirlwind

*PAP* Projection By Whirlwind, The EM Current, & the Following Experiences:

The separation in this third category gives the impression of being lifted up by a whirlwind. The sensation of being sucked up violently by a sort of huge vortex is felt, and there is an immediate and conscious contact with the other worlds. This extraction is never painful.

In order to keep better control, I made it a habit to project myself into my room before soaring to other dimensions. However, this whirlwind is not always obedient and often it sucks up a more ethereal body, which it carries away. This is undoubtedly the most agreeable of all forms of projection. Generally the sensory reactions which follow this type of projection are more delicate and refined. The faculties are more alert. Thought is far quicker. A far more homogenous unity of life is experienced.

Here are a few examples. Having awakened the usual time for my experiments, I was surprised to hear tremendous barkings all around me. Immediately I felt myself being carried away in a whirlwind. I had the feeling of descending rapidly. In the grayish and cloudy opacity of the atmosphere into which I plunged I noticed greenish glows and, next to me, a big white dog. Then the current slowed down bit by bit and led me back into my body. I did not have to wait long for a new experience. A sort of fine ice-cold rain was falling on my head with great intensity and soon I was drawn from my body by a whirlwind whose duration was as short as the first.

During the majority of cases projection by the whirlwind method is not accompanied by any visions or sensations. There is a feeling of tremendous speed. A howling tempest deafens our ears, as if we were travelling over the earth at a rate impossible to gauge. Several times I have noticed a white luminous cloud trailing my double.

The speed at which we are carried away may not allow us to put ourselves in a convenient position. Our double may be standing up, lying on the stomach, on the back, on the side, or simply sitting. Generally, when the current is lateral we may have confidence, but when the current is vertical, with a sensation of falling, it is time to be careful.

In one experiment I was watching a lovely panorama unfold beneath me, when suddenly, without apparent motive, the current on which I was being carried suddenly changes its direction and I had the feeling of falling at a dizzy speed. I noticed many different images. The last was a sort of tube in which I was shut up. The further I went the narrower became the tube. I had the feeling of being crushed in and was literally suffocating. Keeping cool, I mentally called my guides. Soon a whirlwind rushed me clean out of this disagreeable situation.

Travel in these electro-magnetic currents gives the feeling of being borne by a tremendous draught, at a dizzy speed, through a cloudy medium which is generally of a grayish nature, and through rifts in which various landscapes are seen. To be carried through a clear atmosphere is a much rarer occurrence.

These etheric currents to some extent revitalize the physical body. The return is always accompanied with a more active, livelier consciousness. The whole of the body is impregnated with an energy which is, at once, so gentle and yet so powerful that tears spring to the eyes.

Memory of it disappears all too quickly.

[Separates via whirlwind, cant see anything, asks for help, appears in room, becomes fully self-conscious] An etheric wind picked me up and carried me away among grey clouds. Lying on my back, without having to make any movement, I had a wonderful feeling of calm and security. I had the feeling that all the knowledge I had ever had was there, ready to manifest itself. I had the feeling that every atom was awake, experiencing a conscious unity of their powers.

I was carried for many miles over country familiar to my childhood. I went through material objects as if they had been imaginary pictures and then, having gone over many details of my youth, the current seemed to slow down and brought me back to my body.

On another occasion I was caught up by one of those magnetic currents during my projection. After seeing a few grimacing faces, I found myself lightly deposited in my own room. I decided to go to a spot on the earth, hundreds of miles away, and passed through the wall of my room. I had hardly done this when I was swept up by a violent whirlwind and carried at a tremendous speed in a black cloud. I found myself travelling lying down and, as this blackness did not appeal to me, I tried to stand up, but could not. My astral body began to turn as if doing straight somersaults.

I called for help, and this painful situation coming to an end, I once more regained a normal position. The cloud disappeared and I passed, at the same fantastic speed, through a whole series of houses. During this experience I notices a phosphorescent streak left in the wake of my body. At last the current slowed down and I regained my physical body.

*VS* Separation At Death:

"I then felt a ‘stirring' (A combination of the physiological reaction of a sinking, stretching sensation in my lower back and gut, and a knowledge that I was about to leave my body- again) within me. When I looked down at my hands, I saw that they were translucent/transparent. As I marveled at the intricacies of blood vessels, atoms, and the swirling activity of my ‘inside,' I felt my spirit/soul/true-self swoop up from my lower back, travel up my trunk, down my arms and exit the body through my fingertips. I actually felt the sensations of exiting through the somewhat cramped space of my fingers. I then felt a strong wind which seemed to be pulling and pushing me on my journey; first out of my body and then on my journey through the tunnel. This all happened with great swiftness, clarity, and exquisite precision.

Projection From a Lucid Dream

*APr* Lucid Dream Unnecessary:

The Dream of Knowledge, which I had hitherto regarded as an indispensable preliminary to projection, was not essential and could be dispensed with altogether.

*APr* Lucid Dream Projection:

1. The setting is a rule more astral in nature and consequently more spectacular and varied. Greater extremes of beauty and ugliness are encountered, and the fantastic element is more marked.

2. I am visible to the people I encounter and can therefore talk to them.

3. I am at all times liable to be swept away by a current.

4. When levitating, it is difficult to rise more than a hundred feet, a strong downward pull being felt.

5. I am subject to the Warning Pain and the pull of the Cord.

*APr* Pseudo-Projections From Dreams:

Yram claimed to able to achieve a whole series of projections, passing from plane to plane and leaving a chain of bodies, or vehicles, behind him in the process. I have at times thought that these three perplexing examples should really be called "Dreams of Making a Projection," or more simply, "Pseudo-Projections."

1) I dreamed that Mrs. X; Mr. J., my wife and I were talking together. I entranced what I thought was my physical body and obtained separation by the Pineal Door method. I then saw that the room was full of flashing astral lights and that many forms were building up. Having left my body, I passed before Mrs. X and my wife, and halted beside Mr. J. He certainly could see me in my astral vehicle, and we remained conversing together.

2) This told me that I was dreaming; but I believed myself to be lying on the sofa in this room. I then made a great mental effort to leave my (astral?) body and found myself rushing through space at a tremendous speed, until I suddenly came to rest in what I felt was another sphere.

I was in a vast and lovely garden beneath an intensely blue sky. The effect was of brilliant sunlight, but I do not remember seeing the sun. Beautiful flowers abounded, and gaily-hued birds were flitting to and fro. I joined a stream of people, robed in various colors, and entered a large lecture-hall or temple. The people regarded me curiously. In this temple or hall, I sat down in the front row of seats just before a raised platform. There appeared on the dais a thin, dark, austere-looking man robed in black. This priest, or teacher, at once singled me out and approached me.

"You do not belong here," he said—or words to that effect.

"Do you know where you are?"

3) I dreamed that I was at the office in the daylight. As I sat at my desk, I fell into a reverie and had a vision in which my wife was standing near some white flowers in a garden. I held the vision in my mind and was examining the flowers, when it occurred to me to try to project myself into this garden. With this end, I concentrated upon the white flowers. Then something seemed to snap in my head and instantly I found myself standing by my wife in the garden, which was flooded with bright sunshine.

Pineal Door Projection

*APr* Pineal Door Projection:

All my consciousness seemed to be focused upon some point situated in the middle of my brain, perhaps in the region of the pineal gland. (NOTE: Satori?) More and more, it seemed to me that all my incorporeal self was being condensed about this central point within my physical brain. Soon I began to feel a numbness stealing over my body, extending from the feet upwards and gradually stiffening into a painful rigidity. I was still in darkness, physical eyes being tightly closed and rolled upwards; but now I had the sensation of possessing another pair, and these non-physical or astral eyes I opened.

1. Except for a certain glamour, which enhances the beauty of the scenes and imparts an atmosphere of mystery and seeming vitality even to the commonplace and inanimate, the places I visit seem to be on this earth. Sometimes a change of vibration may occur, so that the experience becomes more astral in nature and the fantastic element may intrude, but this is rare.

2. As a rule, I am invisible to the people I meet. If I touched him he would feel me and give such a start that, the trance would be broken. However, if I do not concentrate my attention upon people, I can pass through their bodies without their becoming aware of my presence. Only very rarely have I been visible to another person and able to enter into conversation. The act of speaking divided my attention and upset my mental control. In Dreams of Knowledge, I have frequently encountered beings who were seemingly far above me in a spiritual grad; but I have never met with such in my fully-conscious functioning on the astral plane after forcing the Pineal Door. Once I have won through the intermediate trance state and passed the Door, I have not seen any elementals or other terrifying beings.

3. Although still subject to the currents, they are less frequent, and as a general rule, I have far more control over the experiment.

4. Levitation is much easier, very little or no downward pull being felt.

5. There is no Warning Pain, and the pull of the Cord is seldom felt, unless the experiment is terminated abruptly and involuntarily. In this case, the Cord seems to come into operation all at once.

6. The degree of realization of the out-of-body states does not vary and is really perfect. The same applies to that wonderful feeling of well being and mental clarity.

7. Duration: here too, this method is greatly superior; for a series of excursion may be made, without breaking the original trance.

+ I felt my incorporeal self rushing towards, and being condensed in, the pineal gland, and at the same time the golden astral light blazed up and became very brilliant; then my body pulled me back, and the astral light died down again. I concentrated again and the same thing happened, but at the third attempt, I succeeded in obtaining separation.

The effect of turning one's attention inward upon the pineal gland is to stimulate the chakras and increase their revolutions, thus inducing clairvoyance and clairaudience.

...That attempt was to be my last conscious Pineal Door projection. I found that always before my inner eyes was the vision of a black crux ansata; and now my magic would not work the "trap-door" would not open. When I closed my eyes and turned to the light, the symbol showed clear-cut, as though painted in black on the red field of my eyelids.

They told me they had sealed my "Door" because I was becoming attuned to psychic forces which might sweep me away before my work on earth was done.

I was always rather afraid of the Pineal Door method.

I have to depend upon either the Dream of Knowledge or the False Awakening.

Separation Difficulties

Seperation Difficulty(BP): When I reached my body again I made an effort to get away, but I got stuck to the body instead. I was fully conscious, glued tightly to my body, and amazed that my consciousness was so perfectly clear. Strangely enough, I could "see" all right. I had the astral equivalent of physical sight...I freed my astral arms, reached behind me, and tried to push myself away from my body. As I pushed, I felt my astral body being stretched from behind. I felt just like a cracker stuck in a vat of very thick honey. I felt millions of tiny streamers or ribbons attached to the two bodies (not with my hands; I just felt them there).

1) I managed to get up from laying on the floor and decided to run for the door to get away from the physical body without being pulled back in.

2) I moved towards the doorway out to my brothers room and started to feel the pull of the astral cord. Quickly I grabbed onto the pole to keep myself from coming back to the physical body and also I started to scream out with conviction "I'm not going back". The pole was black which I had my arms fastened/wrapped around (hanging on for dear life) which I was swinging around the pole with my body lifted up in the air on its side.

3) There have been many occasions when I have nearly come loose from my body, when I have had the characteristic vibrations or sinking feeling, but have been unable to free any part of my inner body.

4) I had all the vibrations rippling through my body. I then felt my right leg shoot out from my body into the air. Then came the right hand and then the arm. I tried to pull my head out and managed it to an extent but kept being drawn back in. Parts of my back also separated but made this slurping, squelching sound as it happened, before being yanked back into my body. I think I heard lots of ringing type noises in my ears too. This yanking and pulling went on for a little while before the feelings went and I was held in my body.

*CWS* Separation Difficulties:

Nadine: "I was no longer afraid of OBEs, but had much more difficulty leaving body at will. Sometimes I couldn't and got a lot of ‘static' in head."

*APr* Disturbance:

Though the initial stages of the trance were easily induced, the very slightest disturbance was sufficient to break the condition before it had become sufficiently deep to allow of separation.

1) Fear prevents the sinking feeling from continuing.

*ST* Negative Thoughts Impair OBEs:

Emotions like stress, anger, envy or negative thoughts hamper if not sever the chain of events leading up to an OBE.

*APr* Barriers To Projecting:

How is it that certain features became evident only in successive experiments?

1. Until one has become accustomed to it, the actual process of passing through the "Door" in the pineal gland produces an effect of extreme mental confusion and a terrible fear. Indeed, one feels that one is heading straight for death or insanity.

2. The sounds peculiar to the Trance Condition distract one's attention and increases the general confusion.

3. Breaks in consciousness occur, so that such things as the cerebral "clicks" will often be missed.

4. After the return to the body, the impressions often become blurred, or wiped out by others, or fail altogether to register on the brain substance—especially if the return be abrupt.

Forced Separation & Astral Pain

Pain Examples(SM): 1) Induced the vibrations again and began to separate from my body. As with the other times, it was hard but there was this striking difference with this one. I was beginning to feel pain in my left hand; in the palm and fingers. The more I tried to leave my body, the more pronounced this pain became. At first it was bearable but was extremely uncomfortable. Then the pain increased and it became too much for me. I aborted the projection. Even as I write this entry, I can feel the tingles in my left hand where it hurt. I also have a headache but that's nothing new!

2) I also noticed a huge change in my mind. I went from being calm to this shooting pain in my body from a headache. My body was absolutely alive - it seemed as if every inch of skin had insects crawling all over it. This was the most intense tingles I have ever had.

3) This one was rather easier to remember. As soon as I had come free of my body, it burst into pain. Every inch of my body screamed in agony as the shrieks of pain coursed through it. It was unbearable. I made the hasty decision to abort this OBE fast! By this point, I was at the foot of the bed. I think I had spun, clockwise, horizontally down there like a propeller. I did some vigorous wiggling, pushing and poking and after what seemed like an age, I returned to my body. The pain was gone and writing this, I can discern no lasting effects other than a sharp recollection of it!

*HDSD* Low Lucidity, Concentration Pain:

At rare moments, I know this is not real.

One moment I remember that I have seen myself before in an analogue state and that I have discovered a way to escape from it. I make an enormous effort to keep that thought, to make it clear, to remember. But such an effort causes me horrible pain in my brain. In another bizarre twist, I then imagine I see that thought as some kind of leech that tries, in vain, in a bloody way, to attach to the interior cavities of my skull, while an irresistible force reaches it and forces it to roll along with others in a general whirlpool.

*APr* The Warning Pain:

When separation has been effected by the Pineal door method, the Warning Pain is not experienced. While the pain is felt, dual consciousness is operative, and the projectionist swings as it were between the dream-scene and his bedroom. I would suggest that the Warning Pain result from this conflict.

*PAP* Forcing Separation:

Another time: That day I had met unusual resistance in my projection exercises. The more I increased my efforts, the more I felt oppressed by the surrounding matter. Determined, I concentrated all my will and was freed. Immediately I became aware of an intense disorganization in my astral body. I had a feeling of having every atom broken to pieces.


In another set of experiments I had been neatly blocked by contrary forces. I struggled as hard as I could, but only succeeded in coming away with a general bruised feeling. On the day following this struggle I had not yet finished concentrating, when my astral body was shot out violently like a shell from a gun. I was thrown out, face downwards, with my arms stretched out, so realistically that I thought that I had really been thrown from my bed to the floor. On that day my astral double was more condensed than usual. In order to change to another dimension I tried to pass through the walls of the room, but found that they resisted my efforts. When I tried harder I only managed to produce a pain in my forehead and had to resort to the astral opening of the window.

*SM* Forcing Out From Weird Position: Evil In House, Nice Outside:

1) I was lying on my left side, curled up, when I wondered if I could project from this position. I tried to come out a different way; a more controlled and forceful way. This was in contrast to most of my other projections in which I only mentally willed the projection to occur. This time, I felt my inner body and tried to ram it out of my physical one. I exerted a pressure upon it and felt it press against the insides of my body. Pushing harder, I felt movement and soon my head and arms came out. I had to almost drag my body outside - it was so difficult.

Once outside of my body, I asked for my sight and almost immediately noticed that I felt paralysed down the left side of my face. My left eye seemed blocked or closed and I could only see a jagged image through my right. Some of the left side of my body seemed `damaged' too. On my way to my mother's room, I noticed that my left leg was dragging. It all felt as if I had been in some kind of accident and was left disabled and maimed.

Once in my mother's room, I saw what looked like two people in her bed. The one nearest me seemed to sense or see me and scrambled to the other side of the bed. The room seemed a little evil...very imposing at the very least. When I reached the other side, I saw what looked like my mother under the bed covers.

She looked at me and I knew something was about to happen. I could almost taste it in the atmosphere of the room. I began to practice firing balls of light from my arms and had what seemed like a little success although I couldn't be entirely sure because of my damaged sight. Then, my mother jumped out of the bed and attacked me; grabbing me around the throat. I held her by the neck and threw her across the room to the other side. I decided that I didn't like this anymore, so backed away through the wall and floated down to the front garden outside.

Things were instantly different. It was very light outside and that sinister feeling in my mother's room had gone. I felt much more calm and no longer tense as I did before. I could see a bit so tried the hands trick. I felt the usual vibrations and realised that my vision was almost perfect - say 95%. As well as that, all my physical impairments had gone. No more limp or feeling of deformity on the left side of my body.

2) I had been sleeping on my back with my left leg tucked behind my right at the knee. It was from this position that I began to OB.

I came out, slowly, to the right of the bed. I was having some difficulty doing it. Once up, I found my left leg wasn't touching the ground; it (the foot) was attached to my right leg at the knee. I hopped around for a second till I could hold onto the wall and get my balance.

2) Suddenly he rolled into a ball and seemed to smash into a wall into another reality. The passage was extremely painful, a suffocation. On the other side all pains were gone.


Help Getting OB

Helping Another Get OB

*PotC* Taking His Son for an OB Flight:

With Arista's help, it was possible to pick [my son Arthur] up in his psychosoma...

The little one became conscious and I asked him if he wished to see how the sky rocket, that we had talked about before going to sleep, flies. He expressed the desire to try. I made a quick ascent into the open night air holding Arthur in my arms... flying up and down and back and forth in all directions over the ocean all the way to Two Brothers hill with the boy radiant with joy.

*JoNDE-CT* Guiding Someone OB, From Both Perspectives:

I telephoned Monroe and told him that we would try to guide him across the country to our home at some unspecified time during the night of the experiment... The time turned out to be 11:00 PM California time, 2:00 AM where Monroe lived in Virginia. At 11;)), my wife and I began our concentration; but at 11:05, the telephone rang.

After a long period of calming mind, a sense of warmth swept over body, no break in consciousness, no pre-sleep. Almost immediately felt something (or someone) rocking my body from side to side, then tugging at me feet!... The tugging at my legs continued, and I finally managed to separate one second body arm and hold it up, feeling around in the dark. After a moment, the tugging stopped and a hand took my wrist, first gently, then very, very firmly and pulled me out of the physical (body) easily. Still trusting, and a little excited, I expressed feeling to go to Charley, if that was where he (it) wanted to lead me. The answer came back affirmatively (although there was no sense of personality, very businesslike). With the hand around my wrist very firmly, I could feel a part of the arm belonging to the hand (slightly hairy, muscular male). But could not "see" who belonged to the arm. Also heard my name called. Then we started to move, with the familiar feeling of something like air rushing around my body.

When Monroe finished his brief OBE he got out of bed to telephone me: it was 11:05 PM, our time.

*SD&P* Traveling OB Together, Helping Each Other:

It would be to your advantage if the two of you traveled together, however. You could help each other retain proper consciousness and purpose during projection. If Ruburt is projecting, he should try to rouse you astrally.

Assistance From Guides

*MjooB* Tugging & Rocking Sensations:

After a long period of calming his mind, a sense of warmth (high-order vibrations) swept over his body, with no break in consciousness, no pre-sleep. Almost immediately, he felt something or someone rocking his body side to side, then tugging at his feet. The tugging continued and he managed to seperate one Second Body arm, and held it up, feeling around in the dark.

*PAP* Separation Assitance From Guides:

A rarer type of experience is concerned with the psychic influence of our unseen guides. A sort of fine rain, exceedingly cold, pours on the body from head to foot, and slowly numbs it. Or else it seems as if circular mesmeric passes are being made over the face.

Unless one has a special connection with them, the guides rarely show themselves.

*ST* Figures Helping Me Out During the Paralysis:

I thought something grabbed my right arm. The next thing I knew I was lying in the bed in the paralysis.


I was dreaming when I became lucid to the extent that I was immediately back in my body and very much aware of the paralysis. I felt two hands pulling on my hips, as if someone was trying to help me get out of my body.


I dropped off to sleep. I was jolted to full awareness by two sets of arms pulling on my astral arms.

I mentally projected that I didn't like that feeling, and the pressure immediately decreased but did not cease. I then reached up to feel the arms and hands that were pulling on me. The arms were soft and feminine.


I woke up in the paralysis. I let go of the physical a little bit, then noticed that there were three to four humanoid figures standing around me. They appeared to have hoods and robes.


I felt my astral body floating upward.

A male voice then spoke into my left ear, and I had to calm my fear. The voice changed to a female as if it sensed my fear. The female voice was more claming. As if to further ease my anxiety, the voice changed to a soft whisper. I found this less threatening.

*IW* Help From Guides:

Here are some OB sensations: Other beings lifting or assisting you "out" then leaving. Can be even shaking you out by your feet and arms...

*CJ* There's Always a Guiding Force:

[Bob] explained that everyone who traveled to levels outside the physical realm ran into some type of guiding force. One Explorer might interpret the guiding force as a presence. Another might be guided by a voice. Still another Explorer might see an energy form... A guiding force might appear first in a robe and later as pure light, explaining that the robe was only necessary because the Explorer expected some type of physical form.

*CJ* Raising Energy OB:

John: "...I was intensely aware of feeling more free than I had ever felt in the physical body. My mind also was very clear...

I suddenly had a strong sense of presence with me. Immediately, two forms of "light" appeared. I began to feel waves of energy being directed toward me. I knew intuitively that this was some kind of support system...

ROMC: "I feel relaxed and far away. I am very comfortable. There is a coolness coming in around me. Two beings are taking my hands. They are helping me, giving me security, and talking to me. They are going to take me to a certain level; and on the way I will go through a dark area. They have put a kind of blindfold on me and are communicating without words that when I get up to this other level, it is going to be a lot lighter... Now I am experiencing a floating feeling, as if I'm gently bouncing on a cloud...

"They communicate that they are on the same consciousness level that I am on. I have been with them on an unconscious level in the sleep state...

"They are working on the physical aspect, and would like for me to do some deep-breathing exercises to assist in the process"...


The Return to Your Body

Script: As we might expect, the return has a lot of similarities to the exit. For example, if you leave through the head, you will return through the head.

How To Return
Desiring To Return To Body

** Returning to Body After OBE:

Think of Physical To Return(MJooB): To return, just think of your physical body. Try to move a toe or finger. The former brings you back slowly, the latter instantaneously. Use the second only as a reserve method. There is a slight jerk-like click upon return to the body. The most consistent physical symptom is an erection.

1) Thoughts directed towards my physical body snapped me back. When my thoughts were focused on my nonphysical body I began to feel myself drawn inward, as if I was being pulled into a vaccuum deep inside myself.

2) I feel a tugging sensation at my back and instantly think of my body.

*ASJ* Returning to the Body Through Visualization:

Acharya then told me that it was time to return to my physical body... he told me... simply to make an effort of will and endeavour to make a thought-form of the lawn outside my bungalow... I started to concentrate with all my might, and as I did so, I noticed that my surroundings immediately became blurred, and although there was no actual wind resistance noticeable, I had the feeling that I was moving through space. Instinctively I closed my eyes, holding the thought-form of my garden in mind, and after perhaps a few seconds, the feeling of movement seemed to cease. On opening my eyes, I saw Acharya standing beside me on my own lawn outside my bungalow.

Re-Entry Repurcussions & Unintentional Returns

Script: The wobbling energy field is a sign of shifting between frequencies.
Script: Seth says that the repurcussions involve the waking self (that which rationalizes) and Sylvan says they involve being within cord-activity range.
*AbtB* Fear Returns You:

I became frightened by seeing someone and instantly snapped back into my body. Guide: "You felt fear when I approached. You were wobbling in your energy field and about to reenter your body."

1) I'm scared by the intensity of the vibrations and sounds and snap back into my body.

*CCG* Snap Back:

If the body is disturbed, you become afraid, if any number of things happen, you might feel yourself snapping back to your body. You might sense movement at great speed or you might just feel a jerk as you enter your body. This is typical in early experiences and rare with more experience (unless someone touches your body). With a snap back, you might suddenly find your heart and respiration racing. Calm down and don't move for a few minutes. Let your astral body properly realign itself to the physical.

*PotAB* Some Causes of Repercussion: Emotions & OBEs:

Sounds, sensations and emotions cause bodily repercussions- providing the phantom is within cord-activity range. Outside of the range of cord-activity, of course, these influences are nil.

Probably the most common cause of bodily repercussion is the awakening of consciousness, during the process of an unconscious projection. Almost before the first scintilla of consciousness comes, the astral repercusses into the physical with unthinkable speed. When thrust back into coincidence in this manner, the entire physical mechanism is jolted throughout- as though every muscle in the body contracted at the same moment, and the body gives a spasmodic jerk- more noticeable in the limbs than elsewhere. Immediately after repercussion, the subject is conscious, in the physical body.

When tired, the phantom moves out of coincidence. A shimmering of consciousness appears, or a sudden noise, or something excites the emotions. The astral body repercusses, shocking the physical- although it might not have been separated more than a few inches from it. The phantom forces the relaxed muscles of the physical body into confrontation with its own. The violence of the shock corresponds to the extent of space through which the astral must move before coming into coincidence, and also the speed with which the interiorizing takes place, which is regulated by the amount of overbalance of negative factors.

Emotion will usually cause the controlling intelligence to make the astral body more subject to gravity.

How To Break Repercussions: One can break a falling dream, merely by ‘letting himself go.' Everyone who did this testified that the repercussion was then almost insignificant. Fear speeds up the fall!

*SD&P* A Violent Springy Projection- The Involvement of the Ego in Projection:

(I lay down on the bed to support my body, closed my eyes and used all my will-power to eject myself out. Almost at once, and I must admit, much to my astonishment, I succeeded. There was a wrench, almost painful, a click at the back of my neck and I found myself flying through a window at seemingly incredible speed. [A bit of exploring.]

At the moment I panicked, I was suddenly pulled backward through the air faster than I'd come, if that was possible. This frightened me more than the forward flight. This time, there was a strange, very loud noise, like the magnified twang of a rubber band or cable that seemed to be reeling me back in. I actually hit my physical body with a shock, my physical head and neck banging up and down on the pillow, so that my shoulders and neck were stiff for a week.)

The actual physical window was behind his head. He felt impelled to have a window in front of him in order to get out of the physical house, and the window through which he went was a fabrication of his own. He did not have the confidence, you see, to see himself passing through the physical walls, as he did in fact.

Now, when you project from the dream body, consciously you are already outside of the physical one. The mass of valid projections are made from the dreaming body. When the excursion is over, the return to the dream body is made with no strain, you see, for the ego is little concerned. In many such cases, however, the knowledge is not available to the waking self.

As you become more accustomed to the experience, the waking self will recall more and more and not become frightened. When you panicked this time, from the waking condition, the experience ended. If the waking self had not been taken along in this particular manner, the journey could have continued.

*S&tS* Sexuality & Lucid Dreams:

1) I realize I am dreaming. Suddenly I am feeling extremely sexual. I know that I have to seek sexual satisfaction before I can do anything else. I am fully lucid, floating on my back in an amorphous sky. I come to an incredible orgasm. The power of all the feelings that surge through me is intensified beyond real life and beyond all belief. The immensity of the sexual feelings is so great that I awaken.

*LAL* Return To The Body After NDE:

1) A jolt back into my body.

2) I was being sucked back, it seemed that the suction started from my head.

*OwtL* Re-Entry From ND OBE:

Ernest felt a tugging and a pulling sensation.

"I was being literally sucked back into my physical body. I perceived a brilliant, swirling blur of color- and I landed in my body with a spasmodic jerking of my muscles.

Return Signs

Return Signs(SM): 1) What was interesting was that during my projections, I sometimes get this impending feeling that I am soon going to return to my body. It's like an itchy feeling; a gnawing in my head. During this one, I felt that same feeling but concentrated harder on what I was doing and what I hoped to achieve. I think it delayed my return. Not sure.

Slow Return & Disorientation

*SM* Slow Return:

"Coming back to the body is often like the transporters in Star Trek. Bit by bit, you seem to fade out of one existence into another."

*FVE* Observance of the Astral Body Entering the Physical:

I dreamt that I was lying on my chest and observing the dog very keenly. At the same time, however, I knew with perfect certainty that I was dreaming and lying on my back in my bed. And then I resolved to wake up slowly and carefully and observe how my sensation of lying on my chest would change into the sensation of lying on my back. And so I did, slowly and deliberately, and the transition—which I have since undergone many times—is most wonderful. It is like the feeling of slipping from one body into another, and there is distinctly a double recollection of the two bodies. This observation is so indubitable that it leads almost unavoidably to the conception of a dream-body.

In waking up the two sensations blend together.

*BP* Dizziness- Astral Body Disalignment:

I rotated, so that my astral head was above my physical feet and vice versa. I started going down into my body the wrong way! Try as I may, I couldn't stop it. Finally I went into my body and blacked out for a second. When I came to again, I was disoriented, which was like a dizziness; I thought I should be facing East like my astral body was, but woke up facing West in my physical [body]. In one instant I was in my astral body, looking at the West wall of the room. The next instant I opened my eyes and saw the East wall. It seemed as if I were still physically feeling the spinning or reorientation my astral body. About one minute later, the dizziness went away and I felt normal.

*MJooB* Reversed Polarities W/Body:

This is weird: he reached down to touch his physical head and touched his feet. The big toe on his left foot was on his right foot. Everything was reversed, like a mirror image.

*SD* Re-Entry:

For those who remember re-entry, most beleived that they returned through the head, being sucked in through what seemed to be a tunnel-like motion.

*LAL* Return To The Body After NDE:

I dont recall going back to my body. I drifted away, went to sleep, and then I woke up and was lying in bed.

Turn Into Ball on Re-Entry

*CtL* NDE- Detailed Return:

"While I was thinking about whether to stay or return, I felt myself enter my body. I was about the size of a BB when I went into my body. Then I expanded and filled up all the space."

*CBAP* Forced Return From OBE By Drugs- Spring Back:

Case No. 696: "Then I saw my body sailing through the air. I didn't feel pain and seemed to have a strange feeling of indifference: I was a dispassionate observer.

" I saw a doctor fill a syringe and shoot something into my arm, and it seemed like a magnet pulling me back to my body, like one of those balls on a rubber string, that had been thrown as far as the string would stretch and was now being pulled back. The next thing, I was back."

*OwtL* Re-Entry From ND OBE:

Heidi: "Then one of them gave me a powerful injection of something, and I began to feel myself being drawn back toward my physical body.

"It seemed as though there was an opening on the top of my skull. I rolled myself back up- and I aimed myself like a bullet for that hole."

The Reconnection Sound
Re-Entry Sound Depends on What Chakra

Script: Organize into each chakra.
*PotC* Partial Returns & Various Repercussions:

Partial returns, when sudden, cause regional repercussions in the body. These sudden regional repercussions are strongly connected with the chakras or energetic centers.

The repercussion in the abdominal area, where the sex-chakra (root chakra), umbilical chakra and splenic chakra are located, either causes shivers to run up and down the spine, or the contraction of the anal sphincter. A repercussion in he thoracic area, where the cardiochakra is located, causes a compulsive deep sigh, as it effects the lungs and breathing. A repercussion in the neck area, where the laringealchakra (throat chakra) lies, stimulates the sudden, unexpected secretion of saliva. The reentry of the extraphysical head or entire psychosoma, directed by the coronal-chakra (crown chakra) at the top of the head, causes a characteristic crackling noise inside the head, which is the classic sound of an abrupt return to the soma...

The partial return of the arms and legs of the psychosoma produces motor effects, or contractions and muscular spasms...

When a small non-alignment of the bodies occurs, it is common for the psychosoma to almost entirely exit the soma, all except for the extraphysical head. The rest of the psychosoma remains inclined, with the feet being furthest from the soma. (NOTE: Like anaesthesia's effect)

Repercussion Noises: Repercussions will often be accompanied by a peculiar noise which seems close to the ear or inside the head. A very common one is ‘pop!' as if a toy balloon burst close to the ear. Another is a loud ‘sizz', and sometimes a sound inside the brain, causing that organ to vibrate. Another is a crackling sound, not unlike the noise made by an electric spark when the positive and negative posts of a battery are touched together. This sound is often heard just at the take-off of a projection, as well as at the moment of re-coincidence, and seems to be in the head, near the back part of the skull. Still another commonly heard sound, at the time of re-coincidence, is a ‘zing', as if a string were tightly drawn through the head and then struck, as one might strike the strings of a guitar. At other times the subject may hear a distinct word.

The striking thing about these sounds is the way in which they can be felt- moving about inside one's head; one's brain seems to shake like the diaphragm of a drum which vibrates when it is struck, and resounds.

You may have heard of persons who could smell color. Sounds, too, can evoke colors.

1) I was projected and was standing about ten feet from my physical body. A dog began to bark in the street. I heard the dog barking with my physical ears, but could feel the sound in my astral head!

*CBAP* The Reconnection Sound:

Case No. 643: [The eventual "matching" causes an apparent "click" noise in the head... "click" heard when reentering the body; "a sound like tearing of silk," "a sound like a silky rustle"]


Case No. 646: "Then, as the union became complete, there was a ‘click' or jar."

*PotC* The Reconnection Sound:

Upon arriving in my bedroom, abruptly entering the soma and immediately awakening, I heard the unmistakable noise inside my head, characteristic of the sudden realignment of the bodies. This forceful sound, which I have heard so many times in repeated experiences, is difficult to translate into words and varies slightly each time.

It seemed as though a can full of dried beans had been suddenly poured over an aluminum container- making a very sudden noise that sounded like "cheerroh" inside my head. The sound had a sonorous quality with the "rroh" part being strong and short.


The sudden intentional return to the soma from above, allowed me to once again hear the peculiar sound of an intracranial noise, typical of the violent reintegration of the psychosoma with the soma. On this occasion, it sounded like the short, fast crack of a whip.

1) The next thing I knew, there was a tremendous banging in my head. It was loud, it was fast, and it was extremely irritating. It went on for just a few seconds - a loud bang, bang, bang, bang. Then that was over and there was a sort of electronic click in my ear. I will never forget the sound of that click because I remember thinking that it sounded almost like a tape recorder. When the click clicked, that was it, I was back and I opened my eyes.

The Black-Out During Return

*CBAP* Re-Entrance- Unconsciousness or Tunnel:

It is surely significant that those astral projectors who were aware of passing through the reverse of the second "death" (that is, of recontacting the vehicle of vitality preparatory to reentering the body) use identical terms: "I seemed to be drawn back down a dark tunnel," "the journey back to my body is the reverse of what it was when coming."..."I blacked out," "I lost consciousness and found myself back in bed," "darkness," "a moment of darkness," "a moment of blackness," "after a blank space I reentered my body," "a gloomy tunnel," "I found myself proceeding along a straight black tube."

*CBAP* Exit Through Skull:

Case No. 705: "I felt as if I were being pulled out of my body, as if my soul were being drawn through the top of my skull... I saw my body. Then my spirit seemed to spin and everything went black and I regained consciousness."

*OwtL* Re-Entry From ND OBE:

Cole looked around him and perceived a bright light to his left. On his right he saw a dark tunnel with swirling shadows and a small light at its end.

"Instinctively, I began to struggle for the dark tunnel," Cole said. "Shadows rushed past me, and it seemed a long time before I managed to reach the light at its end. Then I was physically awake again."

*OwtL* Re-Entry From ND OBE:

The Russian felt as though something were pressing close about him.

There was a sensation of unpleasant cold.

A sensation of ever-increasing tightness continued, and just before he lost consciousness, he felt very sad, "as though [he] had lost something."

*LAL* Return To The Body After NDE:

In a few instances, people recall being drawn rapidly back through the dark tunnel. Re-entry is said to occur through the head.

Return Paralysis & Tingling

Waking Paralysis(CCG) The attachment between your physical and astral bodies is very weak when you first return. It is often easier to leave the body again during the return paralysis. Sometimes you might be able to go back and forth several times. It feels a little like bouncing or being in two places at the same time. This is a good time to practice your exit and entry techniques. The more times you do it the more you will be able to do it! Some people exit many times in a single session.

1) Afterwards, I lay there and just felt my whole body tingle!!! Really, really tingle. It was such a nice feeling that I didn't want to move and just to enjoy it. It didn't feel like the vibrations though so I didn't try and pop out again, though, in fact, I didn't try all those other times either.

2) A strange feeling of numbness and tingling faded as I opened my eyes.

3) I'm completely numb and a strange tingling sensation is spreading throughout my body. My sensations return over the next few moments.

4) After going deeply into the light, the source, I return and find myself unable to move, cataleptic. Slowly I feel a numbness and tingling spread throughout my body. After about a minute, I can move my fingers and toes.

Re-Experiencing & Disliking the Heavy Physical Body

*HTO* Return To The Body After NDE:

It is sensed that one returns through the head. Physical pain is felt again along with the body, which is now experienced as a cage and possibly a source of torment. One has returned to their old world of restrictions. Our consciousness has once more contracted to live within the tiny confines of the ego.

*LAL* Return To The Body After NDE:

The body's cumbersome weight and coldness were abhorrent. I started jerking around inside it as though many volts of electricity were pulsing through me. I felt the pain and sickness of my body again, and I became inconsolably depressed.

*JoNDE-KR* The Return:

The last thing Vicki remembers, once the life review had been completed, are the words, "You have to leave now." She then experienced "a sickening thud" like a roller-coaster going backwards, and found herself back in her body, feeling heavy and full of pain.

*MjooB* Reconnecting With the Physical:

He couldnt move the physical arms or feel from them from the Second Body state. Returning to his body felt like he had slipped on long gloves, and then he could move his arms.

*CBAP* OB, Don't Care About Body:

Those who are temporarily free from the body commonly express a remarkable indifference to its fate, an attitude which is, of course, diametrically opposed to that of all who are in the body...

Some go beyond mere indifference; they actually disparage the bodies from which they have been temporarily freed...

Phrases used include: "To be back in the bondage of flesh was a sore trial"; "returning to physical life was the hardest thing I ever did"; "I reentered my body with ever-growing repulsion"; "I was drawn back- I was intensely annoyed"; "my heart quailed"; "I hated to come back"; "I almost rebelled"; "I wanted to remain there forever"; "I returned regretfully"; "I had a strong desire to remain"; "it is with regret that one returns"; "I returned to my body with regret"; "acute regret at being called back"; "it was distasteful"; "I had no wish to reenter my body, but was forced to"; "the thought of returning to ‘life' was repugnant to me"; "I returned with a peevish kind of resentment"

*PotC* The Feeling of the Body After Being OB:

The soma felt similar to heavy clothing, like a heavy overcoat with its pockets stuffed with lead.

The Red Pain-Consciousness of the Body

*OwtL* Re-Entry From ND OBE:

There was a strange, crackling noise, and Gloria saw the color of blood all around her.

"I realized after a few minutes that I was back in my physical body. I moaned with the pain of my illness and the surgery."

Being Gone Too Long

*MJooB* Being Gone Far Too Long:

The body was shocked. It was so cold, the blood pressure very low, the pulse rate slow, the heart near fibrillation. As he started the breathing again, deeply, the body began slowly to warm up, but the muscles were stiff. It took several days to get them back into reasonable operation.


Interacting With the Physical Body

Seeing the Physical Body

*APr* Seeing the Physical Body:

I could not see my body when I looked for it upon the bed, and this has been my general experience. It has been suggested to me that if I am functioning in my astral body, I should be able to see only the astral counterparts of the objects in the room.

There was just one occasion on which I was able to see my body. The projection, which was of the instantaneous kind, was made in a very unusual way:

I willed to ascend. Then suddenly, I seemed to be wafted out of my body, turned so that I faced it, and borne upwards in a position almost horizontal. In this rapid passage upwards, I saw my face as though viewed from only an inch away, strange and monstrous, yet unmistakably mine. And through the closed eyelids, the eyeballs were plainly visible. They were rolled upwards, thus showing only the whites.

*SD&P* Seeing the Physical Body From a Projection:

You will be able to look back and see your physical body upon the bed in some occasions, and in other cases you will not be able to do this. In the first body form, for example, you can look back and see the physical body. If you project from this form into the next, in order to intensify the experience, then from this second form you will not see the physical one. You will be aware of it, and you may experience some duality. In the third form, you will no longer be aware of the physical body, and you will not see it.

Script: Above: From the etheric, the physical body can be seen, from the astral, one sees only the shell, for one is within the projected astral body.

Seeing Body OB: When I found myself looking at my body asleep, instead of struggling to walk toward it I simply willed myself to move closer to the bed. Instantly, I was nearly touching my body. I saw my face. In fact, I could see every pore in my skin. I cannot say that I liked what I saw. My view of my own body was too detailed to be aesthetically pleasing. Then something like a wind came into the room, totally disarranged everything, and erased my view.

1) She turned and saw her dead body on the bed, and wasnt frightened, but felt a kind of sympathy for it. She felt no pain at all. She felt whole in every way, perfect. "This is who I am."

2) It was like my body was a completely different human, or maybe even just an object. I knew it was my body but I had no feelings for it.

3) His body appeared ugly and repulsive to himself from an OB state.

*BP* Seeing The Physical Body While OB:

I haven't looked at my physical body much during OBEs, but when I do it usually looks like a blob of gray. However, it hasn't always appeared as I expect: "My physical body from the astral plane looked like a ghost might on the physical plane. It looked to me to be a transparent shell in the shape of a man, with nothing in the middle...." ..."I looked at my bed and it looked just like it should: all messed up. But there wasn't a body on it that I could see! I tried squinting, but I still didn't see my body. I did notice that the bed linen was flattened, as if there was some object on it, but the object was totally and completely invisible. I thought, "Oh that's interesting. I wonder why I can't see it." I closed my eyes and tried to turn on clairvoyance. I could barely mind-sense my body as a filmy, gray shadow on the bed."

1) I examined my physical body and noticed that it seemed solid on the outside edges. The edges looked like a barrier of gray. My physical body seemed like a bottle; it was solid on the outside, but hollow on the inside. I was like the liquid inside the bottle, fluid and elastic, but there was no way out of the bottle!

2) When I was closer to the bed I believe I saw myself lying on my stomach sleeping, I also could see the clothes on my back and my shoulder.

3) Now vividly clear, I tried looking for my body again, but the

physical body wasn't present

** Seeling The Physical Body From OB:

I stopped to see if my physical body was on the bed by placing my hand over the bed, but nothing was there not even a face to touch.

Awareness of Body From a Lucid Dream

*S&tS* Dual Awareness:

1) I am fully aware that I am dreaming, yet I am still aware of my physical body as it lies in bed.

*S&tS* Lucid Dual Awareness:

2) I become aware that I am dreaming. I am in a small jail cell. I consciously and deliberately levitate my body up into the air and then roll over a couple of times. Now I hear my son Erik walking into the bedroom in his usual manner. I hear the shuffle of his feet on the carpet and feel the waterbed shake as he plops onto the far side of the bed next to Charlene. I hear them speaking and soon Charlene tells him to go back to his own bed, which he does reluctantly. I continue to focus on my lucidity in the dream state. I keep full concentration on my body floating in the air and feel quite pleased with myself.

I fade out and fall asleep, then become lucid again, and am in the same jail cell. Erik comes in and converses with Charlene. I maintain my lucid balance for a while, then it fades and the dream also fades.

Lower Astral Sensations Are Near-Physical

Repercussion in the Physical

*PAP* Near-Physical Sensations in the Lower Worlds:

As to the sensations we experience in these [lower]worlds, these are almost material.

During one experience I could just make out, through the dark atmosphere of one of these planes, a deceased person standing on the step of a staircase. The imagery had brought into being the entrance of a cave where absolute darkness reigned. I walked down a few steps, being attracted by this entity who, straightaway, embraced me. Despite the fact that I was fully conscious of my condition, and already long practiced in projection, the material feeling was so strong that, in spite of myself, I opened my eyes, certain that someone had disturbed me during my experiment. I could only remember the feeling of "cold" and "touch."

*PAP* Denser Bodies & Transmission of Sensation:

Those whose projected form was too dense in quality would therefore transfer any blows or wounds it might receive to the physical body.

Everything bothers a double of too material a quality. All the vibrations which affect the body touch the double with magnified intensity. The sensory reactions of the projected form are all of a material order. The fluidic cord which ties the two bodies together follows the same law and is also very highly sensitized.

An example: whilst projected I arrived by the sea. With delight I breathed the salt air, whilst a fresh wind caressed my face. Now, the definitely material feelings of this state were complicated by other vibrations transmitted by the astral cord. During this projection someone was walking in the room and each step on the floor produced reverberations in my astral body which each time drew me nearer my physical form. My will strove vigorously against the pull of these thousands of invisible ties. Finally, I succumbed, and was forced to return to my room.

It is possible to neutralize this annoying sensitivity on the part of the astral cord.

*AP* Sympathetic Vibration & Repurcussion:

The principle of sympathetic vibration mentioned above also provides the explanation of that strange and little-known phenomenon called repercussion, by means of which any injury done to, or any mark made upon, the astral body in the course of its wanderings will be reproduced in the physical body.

*S&tS* Lucid Dream Travel:

1) I become aware that I am dreaming. I remember that I want to see Jesus and so I sit down and begin to meditate. I concentrate on the top of my head, at the crown chakra. Suddenly, instead of Jesus coming to me, it now feels as if I am being taken to him. I have the feeling of incredible speed, as if I am being shot out of the universe at such a remarkable rate that it is impossible to describe. This sensation of speed becomes so great that I awaken.

- As he lay in bed, he felt the exact same sensation of energy in his physical body as he had felt in the lucid dream. He was amazed to discover this type of "energy transfer" from his dream body to his physical body. He closed his eyes and felt the original sensation of shooting through the universe at the same incredible speed. Then he opened his eyes a few moments later and felt as if the whole universe were bearing down on him with incredible speed. The energy itself felt like a large cone-shaped field over his head, falling directly onto his head like a giant waterfall.I have had numerous experiences like this of my own.

Script: Above- by altering spacetime into a shape, a constant movement can be established. This is the nature of the great flow.
*PotAB* Physical->Astral Correspondence:

Movement, in the physical, can duplicate itself in the astral. The physical was rocked upward and downward slightly from the action of the springs, as the dog's weight landed upon the bed, and the astral, in exactly the same time, rocked upward and downward in the air, in perfect harmony with the movement of the physical, although the astral body was in the vertical and the physical was in the horizontal position. As the dog curled up against the physical it felt to me as if he were actually curling up against my side in the astral, and I could feel his weight against me in the side of my astral body until physically active again! If you feel anything material while in the astral body, you must be within cord-activity range, and what you will feel will have to touch the material counterpart; then it is transmitted over the ‘line of force' into the astral body, and that is where you really feel it.

I pricked the surface of the etheric body, that is, distant some six or eight inches from the material body, but, by a phenomenon known to psychical students as "repercussion" (of sensibility) it rebounded or reacted upon the material body in such a way that the subject felt the pricks actually in the body itself.

Touching Your Physical Body While OB

Script: This cold rubbery feeling is familiar to anyone who's had a limb go completely numb. This illustrates well how our sensation is based on higher bodies then the physical.
*PAP* The Sensation of the Physical Body From OB:

During another exercise, I became aware of myself by a definite slowing down of the breath, followed by the sensation of trying to squeeze through a narrow space. Then I felt more free and was no longer cramped. I contemplated without enthusiasm my physical body. I kissed myself and came away with the feeling of having kissed someone who had only been dead a short time.

*PotAB* Touching the Physical Body While Astral:

I have never done this. I have tried it, and I find that one cannot keep from interiorizing, because of the very close range. There is a tremendous magnetic pull.

*ST* Feeling Own Body While OB:

My upward motion suddenly came to an abrupt halt. As if from nowhere, someone or something pressed firmly up against my backside. From the back of my head to the heels of my feet, someone was there. I reached back with my astral hands, and felt down a pair of arms until I reached the hands. The hands felt lifeless and rubbery. The hands and fingers were oddly flattened and tucked in close to its legs.

This "thing" was breathing slowly in my ear. I hit the panic button.

The "thing" was my own body!

** Feeling The Physical Body From OB:

1) When I felt my physical body, it appeared to be very different from how it is in real life. It appeared to be made of rubber; as if someone had made a mould of me in soft rubber. What's more, it seemed to be filled with some liquid. The first part I had touched was the stomach - where the cord seemed to end. I pressed down with my hand and felt the belly wobble and ripple. It was exactly the same impression you get with anything large filled with water. Moving up the body, that felt the same too. At this point, I was at the chest and became a bit worried. I was frightened as to what I would find when I felt my face. I was expecting a monsters face or something, but upon touching my rubbery features, it felt `normal'. I then ended up back in my rubber shell...

2) I found that I could free my hand so I did so. I touched parts of my body by pressing there. I felt soft, but thick - a bit like a hard form of jelly. I then pressed my fingers into what I guess should have been my stomach and found that it was covered in this ribbed thing. It was as if it had a piece of corrugated cardboard on it. There were roughly three to five of these grooves per inch. I moved my fingers up and down, feeling the tips of them dipping into the grooves.

*OwtL* NDE- Body/OB Interaction with One's Own Body:

He tried to grasp the hand of his physical body, but his spirit hand went through it. (NOTE: Different from OB)

*PotC* Seeing the Body From OB, Touching It & Returning To It:

Seeing one's own incapacitated soma is a doorway to self-knowledge. It is the first step towards one's inner self (NOTE: Disidentification with the physical).

Meditating on the enormity of my debt to this extraordinary vehicle, I found myself arriving at the conclusion: "One day I will see it for the last time."...

The soma is the straight-jacket of the consciousness, the prison of flesh and blood while in the intraphysical dimension. It is wrapped around you like a miserable corpse, an empty shell, a turned-off machine...

I touched the tips of my extraphysical fingers to my physical face and automatically slipped, with incredible rapidity, into the soma, completely returning through the side of the dense body.

Sleep Jumps

*PotC* Jumping in Sleep:

In semi-disengagement of the bodies, this phenomenon can be called self-telekinesis when, for example, the right arm is separated while the consciousness remains awake or semi-awake, and one finger of the hand of the psychosoma touches the corresponding physical part without becoming re-aligned. When this occurs, there is a kind of harmless electric shock, quite strong and clearly perceptible, with a repercussion to the physical arm. (NOTE: This is the same thing as repressed neural signals. They jump through the astral body to complete the path and cause the jump. The connection is made because the etheric body touches the physical!)

Others' Physical Responses To OB Touch

*APr* Responses to OB Touch:

1) I then proceeded to leave my body, dual consciousness being experienced until I had passed out of the house (by going through the closed doors).

I stood so close to her that I was conscious of a pleasant fragrance emanating from her hair. In the mirror I could see her face—a good-looking one, I think her eyes were gray— but not the faintest indication of mine was visible.

I laid a hand upon her shoulder. I distinctly felt the softness of her velvet dress, and then she gave a violent start—so violent, that I in my turn was startled too. Instantly my body drew me back and I was awake. No duration of trance, or cataleptic sensations. No bad after-effects. The western sky was blue when I lay down; but on breaking the trance I saw that it was actually the same glorious amber color it had been in my out-of-body experience.

I have often found that, though I may be invisible to the people I encounter in my dream traveling, they respond readily to touch.

2) I walked downstairs. Then I was caught up and borne away to what seemed to be a large oriental palace. A beautiful girl was dancing before an assemply. No one could see me. Foolishly succumbing to her fascination, I placed my arm around her bare, warm waist. She started so violently that the shock induced in me broke the trance.

*MJooB* OB Pinch:

On one occasion, OB Monroe pinched a in-body friend and left a bruise.

*ASJ* Passing Through Physical and Astral Bodies:

We actually walked through people in their physical bodies who were travelling in the opposite direction to us... We felt as if we were passing through a small cloud of mist when we did so... The mist did not in any way impede our progress... in a similar way when we came into contact with other people using their astral bodies, we felt them to a slight extent though they did not in any way hinder us. In the world I have often seen a person shudder and in a joking way say that someone was walking over his grave. I know now that this sensation must have been caused by a physical body coming into contact with an astral entity which... leaves a slight impression.

*ND* The Feeling of Passing Through a Ghost:

I got up to the landing- and ran into my grandfather. I went through him, in a way. It was like running into cobwebs across a path at night- if you've ever walked into the woods. It was around you. I was absolutely convinced that that was what it was. And he was cold.

Every hair on my head stood straight up, in broad daylight. I was frightened, caught by surprise on the landing where I didn't expect him.

*PotAB* Exteriorization Vibrations:

The astral body is vibrating at a higher rate when two feet out of coincidence than it does when six inches out of coincidence. If the astral body in coincidence vibrated at the same rate as the one out of coincidence, they would collide as the astral being tried to pass through the coinciding bodies of the earthly being.

Physical vs Spiritual Vibrations: The only difference between the two is that the atoms and molecules of spiritual matter are infinitely more refined and vibrate at higher velocities than the atoms of physical matter.

Controlling the Physical Body While OB

*BP* Moving The Physical Body While OB:

The books I read on out-of-body experiences led me to believe that it was impossible to move the physical body during an OBE. I found out that it might be difficult, but possible.

Several times I have apparently forced my body's eyes open during an OBE, yielding some interesting results. Although I have no way to prove it, I have apparently made my body move in other ways during a few OBEs.

(NOTE: Why this space here? Different source?) Body sight is very annoying. I never read about it happening, nor did I think it was possible until I experienced it. This happens when you try to open your astral eyes and your physical eyes open instead, giving you a completely different and confusing perspective. With this type of sight, you can only see in the direction that the body's eyes are pointing. It is often out of focus. This resembles split-consciousness, except that your consciousness is still fully within the astral body.

1) "I tried to open my eyes, but it once again seemed as if my physical eyes opened, and I saw from my body's viewpoint."

*OwtL* Control of Body from OB:

He saw that he had stopped breathing!

"I cannot explain how I did it," Cole said, "but somehow I managed to make my chest lift in my physical body [while OB]."

It was at that point that the nun told him that he would have to return to his physical body.


The armored car was hit directly by a German antitank gun, and the explosive cargo it carried split the car apart like a rotten log...

"I was conscious of being two persons- one lying on the ground in a field where I had fallen from the blast, my clothes on fire, waving my limbs about wildly, at the same time uttering moans and gibbering with fear... The other ‘me' was floating up in the air, about twenty feet from the ground..."

The officer's essential self, his soul, told the physical body that it was useless to thrash about and babble. With an effort of will, he impressed upon his body that it should roll over and over until the flames were smothered and put out...

The body rolled over and over until it fell into a puddle of water in a ditch beneath the hedge. The flames were extinguished and, at that moment, the officer and his body became one again.

*PotC* Breathing From the Astral:

If, during a projection, the projector thinks about breathing, he will. Depending on the circumstances, this may cause an immediate return of the psychosoma- especially if it is projected close to the soma.

The psychosoma does not need to breathe.

OB Within Your Own Body

*CJ* OB Within Your Own Body:

ROMC: "I've built the balloon and I'm floating up... I have the energy around me- and I feel as if I'm going to be taken through various parts of my own body.

"Wow, I'm in my own stomach! I'm rolling and floating around, and going up and down the sides of my stomach. I'm building a special energy in my stomach.

"Now I'm in my mouth, doing the same thing. What a big cave! I'm so small in here. My teeth look like big boulders...

"Now, I'm in my brain. I'm going to be building energy bubbles in different parts of my brain. I'm floating around in a brain cell in the right side of my brain...

"I feel light and bouncy. As I travel, everything I touch is being energized." (NOTE: showing how tiny the astral body innately is)

*CBAP* Rushing Re-Entry & Click, Paralysis, Trip to Solar Plexus, And End of Paralysis:

Case No. 695: "I seemed to be only a few feet above [my physical self] and, after a short space of time, slowly sank down into it. I then heard a rushing noise and a large ‘click' in my left ear, immediately after which I felt fully integrated with my physical self...

"When twenty-five years old... I sank slowly down into my body and expected to be fully in command of my physical self in a matter of seconds. This, however, did not happen. Instead, I found myself unable to move any physical part of myself, except for my eyelids!

"I lay like this for half a minute, then suddenly seemed to shoot forward inside myself down toward the solar plexus area, where I seemed to be in a small confined space or room, badly frightened. I remained under this illusion for five to ten seconds before zooming upward toward my head, heard the familiar ‘click' inside my head, and then found myself fully awake and in control of my physical self as normally..."

Speaking To Apparitions

*PotL* Stating It's Name Makes the Apparition Disappear:

"On entering my office, I found my clerk in conversation with the porter, and the Rev. Mr. H. standing at the clerk's back. The porter gave me a letter. On opening the letter, I immediately made known its purport, and looked Mr. H., full in the face as I spoke. I was much struck by the melancholy look he had, and observed that he was without his necktie. At this juncture I spoke to Mr. H., saying, ‘Well, what's the matter with you? You look so sour.' He made no answer, but continued looking fixedly at me. I took up an enclosure which had accompanied the letter and read it through, still seeing Mr. H., standing opposite to me at the corner of the table. As I laid the papers down, my clerk said, ‘Here, sir, is a letter come from Mr. H.,' No sooner had he pronounced the name than Mr. H., disappeared in a second."

-R. Mouat


"As the weather became more wintry, a married cousin and her husband came on a visit. One night, when were having supper, an apparition stood at the end of the sideboard. We four sat at the dining-table; and yet, with great inconsistency, I stood as this ghostly visitor again, in a spotted, light muslin summer dress, and without any terrible peculiarities of air or manner. We all four saw it, my husband having attracted our attention to it, saying, ‘It is Sarah,' in a tone of recognition. It at once disappeared."

"The apparition seemed utterly apart from myself and my feelings, as a picture or statue."

The dress in which the figure appeared was not like any that Mrs. Hall had at the time, though she says she wore one like it nearly two years afterwards.

-Sarah Jane Hall

*PotL* Apparitions Disappear When Spoken To:

"About 2 o'clock on the morning while I was perfectly wide awake, a person, as I thought, came into my room by mistake, and stopped, looking into the looking-glass on the table. It soon occurred to me it represented Robinson Kelsey, by his dress and wearing his hair long behind. When I raised myself up in bed and called out, it instantly disappeared. On the following Wednesday, a man, came and told me Robinson Kelsey was dead."

-George Merchant

Apparently Physical Astral Bodies

*CBAP* A Solid Double:

Case No. 597: "In a few instances on record the "double" was apparently solid [containing most of the vehicle of vitality] - it could hold a hymn book and could speak. The "double" of Ophelia Corrales, of San Jose, Costa Rica, was heard to sing while the girl was somewhere far away and had no knowledge of her appearance."


Astral Body Appearance & Attributes

The Astral Body

*D* Astral Body, Astral Matter:

The astral body is composed exclusively of astral matter, and is, in fact, the expression of the man on the astral plane, just as his physical body is the expression of him on the lower levels of the physical plane.

*MV&I* The Astral Body:

The astral plane is the world of passion, of emotion and sensation; and it is through man's vehicle on this plane that all his feeling exhibit themselves to the clairvoyant investigator. The astral body of man is therefore continually changing in appearance as his emotions change.

*D* Its Sensitivity, Attachment, & Control:

This astral vehicle is even more sensitive to external impressions than the gross and etheric bodies, for it is itself the seat of all desires and emotions – the connecting link through which alone the ego can collect experiences from physical life. It is peculiarly susceptible to the influence of passing thought-currents, and when the mind is not actively controlling it, it is perpetually receiving these stimuli from without, and eagerly responding to them.

A man who had been a drunkard was describing the difficulties in the way of his reformation. He declared that after a long period of total abstinence he had succeeded in entirely destroying the physical desire for alcohol, so that in his waking condition he felt an absolute repulsion for it; yet he stated that he still frequently dreamed that he was drinking, and in that dream state he felt the old horrible pleasure in such degradation.

Apparently, therefore, during the day his desire was kept under control by the will.

Attributes of the Astral Body

*AoaY* The Astral Body:

"The astral body is not subject to cold or heat or other natural conditions. The anatomy includes an astral brain, or the thousand-petaled lotus of light, and six awakened centers in the sushumna, or astral cerebro-spinal axis. The heart draws cosmic energy as well as light from the astral brain, and pumps it to the astral nerves and body cells, or prana. Astral beings can affect their bodies by pranic force or by mantric vibrations."

"The astral body is an exact counterpart of the last physical form. Astral beings retain the same appearance which they possessed in youth in their previous earthly sojourn."

*RB* Astral Body:

In the astral body you do not have any physical organs, i.e., eyes. You are a non-physical point of consciousness floating in space. You are also unaffected by gravity and other laws of physics. In this state there are no ups or downs, backs or fronts, left or rights. It is only lifelong habit that tries to force this perspective on you during projection.

*ABtB* Vibrational Quality of Astral Bodies: Frequency & Astral Dimension:

My nonphysical body possessed an inherant vibrational quality. When OB our body is not static, as it may first appear, but is actually fluctuates in its internal energy frequency. *HU: According to Sri Aurobindo, in their truest form, these beings appear as "pure vibration." He even likens their ability to appear as either a form or a vibration, to the wave-particle duality discovered by "modern science."

The vibrational frequency (density) of my nonphysical body seemed to determine whether the room was visible to me. For me to view my normal physical surroundings, my internal vibrational rate had to be relatively dense or slow. As I increased my personal energy frequency, I automatically moved inward within the interior, nonphysical regions of the universe. Our nonphysical shape and form changes as we move inwards. As we alter our personal energy frequency, we move to the nonphysical energy level of the universe that corresponds. This happens by moving inwards, too. This inner motion, when controlled, provides us with the capability to become fully conscious interdimensional beings.

Each physical object around us exists as a multiple-frequency object. Everything is multidimensional, yet all these energy dimensions coexist in the same time and space, each within its own frequency band.

*ABtB* Changing Freqeuncies & Energy Bodies: Conscious Awareness:

We change frequencies by requesting clarity and inner movement. We can even request the higher frequency body. There is a tendency for our nonphysical bodies to become progressively less dense as we continue to have OBEs.

Makeup of the Astral Body

*VS-FB* Appearing By Condensation of Light:

As I stood there, I perceived that a condensation of light was forming on the bank of the pool, and I sensed a Being within the radiance from whom flowed an indescribable beautiful love.

*tAW* The Substance of the Astral Body:

[The astral body] is composed of astral substance which resembles very fine matter... Ordinarily the astral body can be sensed only be means of the astral vision, but under certain other conditions it takes on the semblance of a vapory form of matter, and is perceptible to the ordinary physical senses as a "ghost" or "apparition," even when the person is in physical life.

*TBD* The Astral-Body (Dream-Body) Arises From the Clear Light:

This magic (NOTE: astral) body is made of pure neural energy flashing up from the clear light. It is like the between-body, and like the body you have when you arise in a dream, its eyes are like the eyes you see with in the dream, its ears and other senses like the between or dream senses...

[The magic body] is like a bubble in that it irrepressibly bubbles forth from the clear light ground.

*JoNDE-JW* The Astral Bodiless Body:

"It's like I'm in a spiritual body that nobody could see, but there's containment of me as a spiritual being. I'm not just floating out there as an amorphous body. It's like a location in space, and I may be aware of my head [but] I'm not aware of my arms..." (Subject 2)


"Body, no. Form, yes. An energy form, not a structure... I don't feel like I'm diffuse energy, but an energy structure... A dense form of energy, as opposed to energy flowing, some location in space." (Subject 3)

Giving Off Light

*PotC* Astral Body Giving Off Light:

The psychosoma always gives off some light, ranging from dim to exuberant. Its brightness is dependent upon the evolutionary level and condition of a consciousness and its environment.

*PotC* One's Own Radiant Astral Light:

The only light that could be seen was the soft, natural extraphysical illumination that can be seen wherever one is projected.

*WANF* One's Brightness & Color:

"One little boy who passed on claimed to me in a reading that the higher up you go, the more spiritual you become. And the more you progress on the other side, the brighter your light shines... On the other side, you receive a color that signifies your progression. For example, if you're very loving, charitable, giving, your vibration will have a lot of pink, because pink is love and charity. Somehow I sense that, and it seems to be one way I get an idea of the spirit's personality...

"Where you start there is determined by your ‘light.'"

Appearance of the Astral Body

*LD-CL* Why We Create a Dream Body:

Our need for a body in the lucid state is due in part to our past identity with a physical body, and our hesitancy to relinquish this identity.

*D* The Appearance of the Astral Body:

Its appearance differs very greatly according to the stage of development which the go to which it belongs has reached. In the case of the entirely uncultured and undeveloped person it is simply a floating wreath of mist, roughly ovoid in shape, but very irregular and indefinite in outline, while the figure within the mist (the denser astral counterpart of the physical body) is also vague, though generally recognizable.

*HU* The Appearance & Plasticity of OB Form:

Another strikingly holographic feature of the OBE is the plasticity of the form a person assumes once they are out of the body. After detaching from the physical, OBEers sometimes find themselves in a ghostlike body that is a replica of their biological body. Although some OBEers describe this phantom double as naked, others find themselves in bodies that are full clothed. This suggests that the phantom double is not a permanent energy replica of the biological body, but is instead a kind of hologram that can assume many shapes. There are numerous reports where people have also perceived themselves as balls of light, shapeless clouds of energy, and even no discernible form at all.

"A cloud of colors," "a mist," "an energy pattern," or "an energy field."

After wondering what he looked like, one man said he suddenly found himself staring at his own back. A World War II veteran temporarily retained this ability even after he returned to his physical body.

*TB* The Mental [Astral} Body Appearance:

Our mental body possesses all its senses. It is extremely light, lucid, and mobile, and its awareness is said to be seven times clearer than in life. It is also endowed with a rudimentary kind of clairvoyance, which is not under conscious control, but gives the mental body the ability to read others' minds. At first this mental body will have a form similar to the body of the life just lived, yet ut us without any defects and in the prime of life. The mental body is about the size of a child of eight to ten years old.

*C&HEF* The Astral Body & Aura:

(NOTE: general analysis) The texture of the "astral body" is flexible – often described as fluidic – and has the capacity to expand to a considerable extent, but the periphery is clearly marked even though the material dissipates imperceptibly into the surrounding astral field.

*MV&I* The Appearance of the Astral Body- A Solid-Looking Mist in a Cloudy Egg:

As the child-form grows its influence steadily increases, until the adult has usually over ninety percent of the matter of his astral and mental bodies within the periphery of his fleshy tabernacle. Every one of them is in rapid motion and is constantly passing in and out; but on the whole that proportion is maintained. Therefore when, with astral sight, we examine a friend, what we really see is a human form of very dense and solid-looking mist surrounded by an egg-shaped cloud of diaphanous mist; and as every feature of the familiar countenance is faithfully reproduced, the man is instantly recognizable.

*PAP* The Appearance of the Second Body:

I examined my hands and feet. They seemed semi-material, as if seen under X-rays.

[He goes to visit a friend] In this dimension one only kept the appearance of the upper portion of the body.

*VS* One's Appearance in the Light:

"The light was all around and inside me. My hand appeared transparent, even ghostlike. I saw my arm and hand as a shadowy-like thing.

"I WAS the light." -Cathleen Breaux, v.XVII, n.2

*VS* Composition of OB Body:

"During my NDE, I observed that my body was made up of vibrant bits of colored light, a kind of shimmering shape very like the texture of the rest of the place I was in."

Marilyn Hall, v.XVII, n.1

*VS* Composition of OB Body:

"When I looked down at my hands, I saw that they were translucent/transparent. As I marveled at the intricacies of blood vessels, atoms, and the swirling activity of my ‘inside,'"

*IaTR* His Body of Light:

The other me had a body of light, closely resembling my normal, physical self. I did not glow with light, nor was I illuminated, but I was aware of being composed entirely of light. I climbed out of bed, stepping onto an ankle that had never known an injury.

Practically all my focus, attention and awareness were with my light body self.

There is no feeling of weight in my body.

** Different Forms:

(MjooB) It can be naked, clothed, a ball of energy, shapeless clouds of energy, a cloud of colors, a mist, an energy pattern, a mist, smoke-like, a vapor, transparent, wispy, or no form at all. (JoS) A soul may appear as a mass of energy, but it can appear human, too.

Exact Astral Likeness(HU): Another man who studied his hands while in the ND state said they were "composed of light with tiny structures in them" and when he looked closely he could even see "the delicate whorls of his fingerprints and tubes of light up his arms." (ABtB) My arm sparkled like a thousand points of brilliant blue and white lights. I became mesmerized by the depth and beauty of the lights. My arm appeared to be a universe of stars. Instead of molecules, my nonphysical body appeared to be made up of countless tiny points of interconnected light. I see a sparkling, bluish white form. It shines and flows with energy and light. It radiates a bluish glow but seems to have a defined outer structure. The ocean of blue stars are stable, yet moving; the light and energy of my body seems to change and flow like waves of an ocean. (MJooB) Your physical body exactness includes every hair follicle, and every scar. His Second Body arms could been seen where he felt they were. He could see the bright, glowing outline of them and the bookshelf through them. They felt no different from ordinary hands. (ABtB) When I tried clenching my fist, I could feel the pressure of my grip; my hand felt completely solid. I was completely solid, completely real.

(PB) I was able to actually see my astral body and my hands had the appearance of a transparent quality to it. I experimented with it and managed to raise both hands and clasp them together. I could clearly hear a sound made when I did this. There was a light against the wall of the bedroom and I was able to lift my leg up and look straight through it to the light beyond on the wall. It looked as though the light was being distorted just a tad like what you would expect from looking at it through water (slightly magnified). (continues in next)

2) Newton's mother appeared to them in their Alpha state as a dream-like brush of whiteness above their heads.

5) I look like a glowing sky-blue fragment of light in the spirit world. It has flecks of gold in it.

7) I still felt like I had an entire body form, even while I was outside my body. I had an airy feeling, almost like a feather.

8) My heart stopped. I could feel myself drifting downwards OB through the mattress. I felt almost as though I were a piece of paper that someone had blown to the ceiling.

10) When I went OB, I moved into something else. It had form to it but no colors.

12) Without purposeful alteration, one man looked something like a jellyfish, then fell lightly to the floor like a soap bubble.

*PotAB* Astral Body:

The Astral Body is the vehicle of the soul and mind, not the soul and mind itself.

Appearance: One retains his organs of sex in the astral body.

Nine times out of ten I awaken in the astral body with everything so perfectly duplicated that I do not realize that I am out of my physical shell- until I begin to move, or try to make contact with physical objects about me. The majority of the dead state that when they have awakened in the astral body, they have thought themselves in the physical body!

3) He appeared to another as something hanging and waving in the air, like a filmy piece of grey chiffron.

4) Dr. Jones and another saw heat-wave-like distortions of Monroe's upper body while the lower part was clear to them.

5) An ex-earth lifer saw a discarnate entity, BB, as heat distortion on the desert without a clear outline. So this applies to different levels of something. Being hazy is being a little out of sync.

*BDD* Astral Form At Separation:

Dr. Wiltse: "I recollect distinctly how I appeared to myself sometimes like a jelly-fish as regards color and form. [His spirit then emerged and] I floated up and down and laterally like a soap bubble attached to the bowl of a pipe until I at last broke loose fromt he body... Where I slowly rose and expanded into the full stature of a man. I seemed to be translucent, of a bluish cast."

Influence of Mental State on Appearance

*PotC* The Appearance of the Astral Body:

The appearance of the psychosoma is dependent upon the mental state of the projector. Illnesses and disturbances of the soma and the mind generally alter the psychosoma for the worse.

Size of Astral Body

*PotC* Size of the Astral Body:

The psychosoma appears to be somewhat shrunken while outside the soma. When re-entering the body, it seems to increase in volume and weight.

Density & Weight of Astral Body

*PotC* The Weight of the Astral Body & Initial Density Upon Death:

The psychosoma, even though it is "more subtle" and does not breathe air, is still slightly material or physical in nature. It has been stated that it should weight about one thousandth of the weight of the soma. So, a person weighing 154 pounds would have a psychosoma weighing approximately 2.5 ounces...

When one discards the soma while passing through the first death, the holo-chakra or energetic body is not yet completely discarded. In this state, the psychosoma remains fairly dense, retaining a varying, minimal percentage of energy.

*LWU* Physical Translations of Spiritual Feelings:

I felt, physically, a giant... I felt light in weight.

Elasticity of Astral Body

*SS* Changing Form & Multiple Forms:

I assume whatever shape I please and it may vary, and does with the nature of my thoughts. This ability to change form is an inherant ability of any consciousness. You can see this in your own system, slowed down incredibly, when you look at evolution. We can also take several forms at one time, and you can do this, too, but you dont realize it. Your physical form can lie inert in a bed while your consciousness travels in a dream to places quite distant. Simultaneously you may create a thought-form of yourself, identical in every respect, and this may appear in the room of a friend quite without your conscious awareness. Since we realize that identity is not dependant on forms, we do not fear changing them. Consciousness seeks to create form.

*ST* Elasticity:

My astral legs didn't feel like my physical legs; they felt rubbery or elastic. I noticed that I could extend them or wrap them around each other forming an astral pretzel. I could also change their size and shape at will.

*AW* Changing One's Astral Appearance:

I have managed to change the length of my limbs and even to add extra limbs, tentacles, horns, flowers and flames growing from my fingers. Again, as with the matter penetration experiments, I found there is usually a slight pause, almost as if the imagery generator was saying, ‘are your sure?' before the effect begins.

** Elasticity of Form:

(MjooB) The OB/NDE body has a rubbery elesticity to it. For a short period, the Second Body retains the form of its mold. Then it begins to melt around the edges and finally becomes a liquid or blob. It only takes a thought to return to any form you want. He could stand in the middle of the room and reach out to touch the wall some 8 feet away. All he had to do was keep pushing out with his hand.

(PB) The hands and arms are capable of remarkable flexibility beyond imagination. They are also lightning fast.

The Astral Body Changing Form

*CBAP* Seeing OB Exit of Third Person:

Case No. 560: "I saw a mist arise from the top of her head like a silver cord. It spread out and as it got about four feet above her it suddenly took on her natural form and looks... I saw Uncle Charley take her hands and they passed right on through the ceiling before my very eyes."

*CBAP* An Energy Body Leaves & Takes Your Form:

Case No. 701: When very ill in hospital, this lady felt "a wispy puff of cotton" float away from her body and go to the middle of the ward. There "it seemed to unravel itself into another version of me."

*OwtL* NDE- Tiny Cord Separation, Exit, Changing Appearance:

(NOTE: Continued from Rocking Separation) ...Shortly after that, the doctor felt his true self to be somehow gathered in the area of his head, where he emerged through the sutures of the skull.

I recollect distinctly," he told the society in his report, "how I appeared to myself something like a jellyfish as regards to color and form..."

He felt himself bobbing gently up and down until his exertions landed him squarely on the floor.

At that point, he gradually arose and expanded himself to the full stature of his regular physical body.

"I seemed to be translucent, of a bluish cast, and perfectly naked," he said...

As he reached the door, Dr. Wiltse observed that he was suddenly fully clothed.

Appearance of Apparitions

*PotL* Strange Appearances of the Dead:

"I was sitting in my drawing-room reading, when I became aware of a vague presence within a few feet of me. It assumed no shape, and was nothing more than an indefinable dark appearance as of massed and disordered drapery, though there was not rustling. It made me feel a little uncomfortable. I received a note which informed me that my pupil had died at about the same time that I had been conscious of this appearance."

-James Went


"He had seen a ball of light pass through the room."

S. H. S.


"My husband was quickly in bed and asleep. I very soon followed him, and was just getting into bed, having put out my candle, with my face towards the door, when, much to my surprise, I saw, as though suspended a little distance from the top of the door, a strange, flickering flame; it was about six inches across the widest part, pear-shaped, and of a bluish lilac tint. I was considerably startled. My husband, in reply to his inquiries, I drew his attention to the strange flame which I still saw suspended from the door frame, and whilst we were both wonderingly speculating as to what it could be, it was joined by another flame, similar in every respect, but smaller. Greater still was our surprise when we observed these two mysterious little lights slowly advancing, side by side, toward us; they came right on to our bed, and then, determined to analyze their nature, we both sat up, and my husband grasped them with his hands, rubbing them and endeavoring to rid us of their society. But, to our astonishment, this treatment had no more effect upon them than to break them into small luminous grains, which ran all over the bed-covering like quicksilver. Gradually, however, this bright inundation began to fade, and, as we still continued our efforts to extinguish it, it disappeared."

-Hernietta Mary Ada Ward


Two daughters of a well-known clergyman described a vast swarm of soundless phantasmal shapes, dressed in old-fashioned garments, most of them dwarfish, and two with sparks round their faces, by which they and a maid were once accompanied for about 200 yards in a lane near Oxford.


"I suddenly woke without any apparent reason, and felt an impulse to turn round, my face being towards the wall, from the children. Before turning, I looked up and saw a soft light in the room. I turned round, and then a wonderful vision met my gaze. Over the second bed from mine, and on the same side of the room, there was floating a small cloud of light, forming a halo of the brightness of the moon on an ordinary moonlight night."

"In the bed, over which the light seemed to float, slept the youngest of the 6 children."

"I was seized with a strong impulse to rise and touch the substance, or whatever it might be (for it was about 5 feet high), and was getting up when something seemed to hold me back. I am certain I heard nothing, yet I felt and perfectly understood the words – "No, lie down, it won't hurt you." I at once did what I felt I was told to do. I fell asleep shortly afterwards."

"At 6 o'clock I began dressing the children. The child had been talking with the others; suddenly he was silent. And then, looking me hard in the face with an extraordinary expression, he said, "Oh, Mr. Jupp, my mother came to me last night. Did you see her?"

-Rev. C. Jupp


"I was placing my head on the pillows, when I beheld, close to the side of the bed, and on a level with it, Z's head, and the same wistful look on his face which it had worn when we had parted years before. Starting up, I cried out, "What do you want?" I did not fear; anger was my feeling. Slowly it retreated, and just as it disappeared in the shadow of the wall, a bright spark of light shone for a few seconds, and slowly expired."

"A few days after, my sister wrote, ‘You will have heard of poor Z's death on his way to the South of France.'"

-Mrs. Forsyth Hunter

*PotL* A Slowly Shifting Apparitional Face:

"It occurred after the experience related [i.e., after a cataleptic fit produced under hypnotic influence]."

"I was wide awake, and enjoying the freedom from pain; my room being carefully darkened. I was thinking very gratefully of the relief I had experienced, when I noticed a bluish-white light round the chair. It seemed to be flickering and darting in a large oval, but gradually concentrated on a figure seated on the chair. The appearance did not startle me in the last; my first though was, ‘It is Mr. T., a young officer. But the expression of the mouth struck me then, and I thought ‘Can it be Mr. D.? All this time the face seemed to be changing, and, as it were, settling. Suddenly it flashed into my mind ‘It is Mr. B.' (Curiously enough his mouth and that of Mr. D.'s were singularly alike in expression.) The figure sat in a kind of dim halo. I felt no surprise; nor did I speak to it, but thought, ‘Oh, you have come to find P. (the son); he has been here all the evening, but has gone home now.' As I thought this the halo gradually diffused itself, as it had before become concentrated, and the figure vanished."

"That same night, the friend who had magnetized me was awoke by hearing his name called twice."

-Captain Battersby

*HU* The Holographic Appearance of Astral Beings:

When one of the women present tried to embrace the Virgin, her arms closed on empty air.

Their appearance was always heralded by a brilliant flash of light. Like holograms shifting from their frequency aspects and slowly coming into focus, they were at first amorphous and slowly coalesced into human shape. There were often accompanied by doves "formed of pure light" that soared for great distances over the crowd, but never flapped their wings. As interest in the phenomenon started to wane, the Zeitoun figures also waned, becoming hazier and hazier until, in their last several appearances, they were little more than clouds of luminous fog.

Not all of the Marian apparitions are silent. Some, like the manifestations at Fatima and Lourdes, speak, and when they do, their message is invariable a warning of impending apocalypse if we mortals do not mend our ways.

*PotL* Appearance of Apparitions:

On the afternoon before his death, at 3 o'clock, in broad daylight, Brown was attending the sick man:

"I was standing on one side of the bunk, and while trying to prevent Pearce from rising, I saw on the other side of the bunk, the wife, two children, and the mother of the dying man, all of whom I knew very well, and they are all still living. They appeared to be very sorrowful, but in all other respects were the same as ordinary human beings. I could not see through them; they were not at all transparent. They had on their ordinary clothes. The mother said to me in a clearly audible voice, "He will be buried on Thursday, at 12 o'clock, in about fourteen hundred fathoms of water." They all then vanished instantly, and I saw them no more."

-Captain Blacklock


"The gas was full on at the time; there was no light about the figure; he was as natural as in life, but as I came near to him vanished. I was going down a corridor, and the vision was certainly ‘external and palpable.'"

-Amelia M. Rooke

Hologram-Like Form Transformations

14) I can feel the energy radiation of someone directly in front of me but cannot see him. I asked to see, and the hazy outline of an image appears. A transparent hologram of a man becomes increasingly dense before me.

3) Lights... soft, kind of cloudy-like. They are growing as I approach, blobs of energy, they are people! Now they are half-formed human shapes from the waist up. Their outlines are transparent, she can see through them. She sees eyes and a trace of a mouth. They arent like human eyes, they are larger, black orbs, radiating light towards me, thought. They are sending images into my head and I am starting to recognize them. Their shapes are changing into people with physical human features.

4) Legends of ghosts came from these memories. Our energy mass is not uniform. The eyes you speak of represent a more concentrated intensity of thought. They are not eyes, they are windows to old bodies, and all the physical extensions of former selves. The blackness is a concentration of our presence. We communicate by absorbing the energy presence of each other.

13) They appeared with a brilliant flash of light. They were at first amorphous and then coalesced into human form, like holograms shifting from frequency aspect to physical aspect. They were accompanied by "doves of pure light" which soared over the crowd without flapping their wings. As interest in these figures faded, so did their solidity.

Disappearance of Apparitions

*APr* Manner of Disappearance:

Suddenly she disappeared from my sight; she seemed to dissolve into a cloud and vanish.

*PotL* Gradual Appearances, Disappearances of Apparitions:

On a whole, I think that it is less uncommon for the disappearance to be gradual- a fading away, occasiohnally accompanies by an expansion of the figure. Other cases do not get beyond the stage of indefinite cloudy forms.

"While gazing, I distinctly saw – rising in the moonlit space between the curtains at the foot of the bed – what appeared to be a vapor or cloud, and as this grew higher, it gradually assumed the shape of a draped female figure, holding towards me in one hand a lamp and in the other a basin, from which steam seemed to rise. The form vanished slowly, and I afterwards fell asleep without experiencing either fear or horror."

-Robert Collings


"The door at the end of the passage seemed obscured by mist. As he advanced, the mist, so to call it, gathered into one spot, deepened, and formed itself into the outline of a human figure, the head and shoulders becoming more and more distinct, while the rest of the body seemed enveloped in a gauzy, cloak-like vestment of many folds, reaching downwards so as to hide the feet, and from its width, as it rested on the flagged passage, giving a pyramidal outline. The full light of the window fell on the object, which was so thin and tenuous in its consistency that the light on the panels of a highly varnished door was visible through the lower part of the dregs. It was altogether colorless, a statue carved in mist. He had no thought of anything supernatural till, as he gazed, the head was turned towards him, and he at once recognized the features of a very dear friend. The expression of his countenance was that of holy, peaceful repose. And then, in an instant, all passed away. The writer can only compare the manner of the evanescence to the way in which a jet of stream is dissipated on exposure to cold air."

"The morrow's or the next day's post brought the tidings that his friend had tranquilly passed out of this world, at the time when he was seen by the writer."

-from the Church Quarterly Review


"One night I awoke with a feeling some one was in the room. I looked about, and presently saw something behind the little table; felt myself grow perfectly cold; was not in the least frightened, and looked at it steadfastly. Gradually a man's head and shoulders were perfectly formed, but in a sort of misty material. The head and features were distinct, but the whole appearance was not substantial and plain; in fact it was like a cloud, formed as a man's head and shoulders. The formation of the head and forehead ‘Captain W _____.' The appearance faded away."

"Have had a sever fall off the coach."

-E. W. R.


"When crossing a garden on my way to dine there, I felt some irresistible, magnetic sort of influence compel me to turn around and look behind me. I saw an indistinct white form, about the height of a human being, gazing at me, as if it were trying to attract my attention. It was only a very few yards off. I at once walked towards it, and spoke, but it vanished."

-J. G. F. Russell


"During church service, I had an impression of something being close to my face. I opened eyes, and saw distinctly the face of a friend. It appeared quite solid, and I could recognize all the markings in the face. Being startled, I closed my eyes, when it was no longer visible; on re-opening them it was still present. He died during the day (Sunday) on which I had the vision."

"It disappeared suddenly – did not fade, but was there one moment and gone the next."


Form Follows Belief
Changing Your Own Appearance

*HU* The Appearance & Plasticity of OB Form:

There is even evidence that the form a person assumes during an OBE, is a direct consequence of their beliefs and expectations.

After NDEers have detached from the physical they find themselves in one of two forms, either as a disembodied cloud of energy, or as a hologram-like body sculpted by thought. One near-death survivor says that when he first emerged from his body, he looked "something like a jellyfish" and fell lightly to the floor like a soap bubble. Then he quickly expanded into a ghostly three-dimensional image of a naked man. However, the presence of two women in the room embarrassed him and to his surprise, this feeling caused him suddenly to become clothed.

That our innermost feelings and desires are responsible for creating the form we assume in the afterlife dimension is evident in the experiences of other NDEers. People who are confined in wheelchairs in their physical existence find themselves in healthy bodies that can run and dance. Amputees invariable have their limbs back. The elderly often inhabit youthful bodies, and even stranger, children frequently see themselves as adults, a fact that may reflect every child's fantasy to be a grown-up.

Beliefs & Form(JoS): The form is consistant with one's beliefs and expectations. (ABtB) My nonphysical self was like an energy mold- conscious energy that had assumed temporary form. The body's form was a result of my mind's expectations and self-concept. (MjooB) If left alone, it reverts back to normal humanoid shape, a ghostlike replica of the person's biological body. If you think it into a certain shape, it takes that shape. (HU) "One man described it by saying that if he stopped thinking he was merely a cloud in an endless cloud, undifferentiated. But as soon as he started think, he became himself."

*HU* Changing Astral-Body Shape Via Empathy:

While deep in thought about a novel I was working on about werewolves, I noticed that the ghostly image of a werewolf's body had formed around my own body. I could actually see the individual hairs in the fur and the way the canine nails protruded from the wolfish hand that encased my own hand. As my thoughts strayed from the novel, the werewolf image slowly faded.

5) I found myself in a strange room with a mirror. I walked over to the mirror and looked at it. At first I saw my own image, but without a beard--I only had a moustache. I thought to myself how much I looked like BA (CRA's husband). My image slowly turned into BA's image and I thought, "Hmm. Maybe I'm a counterpart of BA. But I have a beard and a moustache, and my image doesn't reflect that." I looked into the mirror again, trying to fix the image. I noticed the image wasn't smiling; it had a very serious look on. So I smiled into the mirror and watched my image change.

My image changed slowly into the image of a woman I've never seen before, and then slowly turned into an image of DS, smiling! (DS is a member of our discussion group). I thought, "Whoa! That's not me. I wonder if DS is a counterpart too!" I bid DS's image farewell, and looked into the mirror and saw myself. This time I looked normal in all respects. I was smiling, and I noticed I was wearing the same clothes my body had on in bed. I thought, "Good."

*WANF* How Spirits Appear:

"They have to appear to me as their loved ones would recall them. For example, a boy who died in infancy but who would have been sixteen at the time of his mother's reading may appear to me at the age he died. Or he might appear as a teenager and tell me what age he would have been had he remained here."

*ASJ* Changing Astral Clothes:

[My Indian friend] explained that one soon gets used to changing one's clothes, as circumstances make such changes desirable.

The Bodiless Astral Body

*ST* Astral Body as a Costume:

The astral body is just one more costume we wear.

I have slipped out of the astral body, leaving it behind like a worn out pair of coveralls. If you manage to accomplish this, you will still retain all the simulated senses you have in the physical. The power of though must be handled carefully and clearly. Anything you can imagine you will see or experience.

*RB* Astral Point:

You are a non-physical point of consciousness floating in space.

1) I appear as a pinpoint of radiating light, sort of transparent white. This energy light glows as I move around. Now I look like a wispy string, hanging. I'm in air that isnt air.

6) I was encapsulated by something that looked like a thin gelatin capsule. I wasnt controlled by this capsule, but it held my senses somehow.

9) My being felt as if it had a density to it, almost, but not a physical density, kind of like waves, almost as if it were charged. It was small and it felt as if it were circular, with no rigid outlines to it. You could liken it to a cloud. It almost seemed as if it were in its own encasement. A large end left first, then a small end.

11) I felt like I was a round ball, and I was a little sphere about the size of a BB on the inside of the round ball.

*CBAP* OB View of Himself:

Case No. 577: "Up and up, through the ethereal regions, he went till suddenly he... became conscious of himself in heaven as a small transparent ball of jelly, in the center of which was a speck which he knew to be his very Self or Ego."

Looking in Mirrors

** Looking In Mirrors:

1) I had also seen my reflection in a mirror. The thing that I noticed straight away was that I had these huge teeth that all poked out of my mouth and onto my bottom lip - a bit like a television character called Dwayne Dibbly. I looked like some clown or goof! I was a bit bothered about looking so stupid but figured it was a handy disguise in case anyone should see me and recognise me in their house.

2) I remember that I had been breathing heavily. Seeing my reflection, I could see why - I looked like a mad man. It was me, but I had this fierce expression on my face and my eyes were wide and glaring. I rushed upstairs before anything bad happened.

4) I turned away from the mirror wondering what my appearance meant and I noticed that my window which has a fan in it on the physical plane did not have a fan in it now. But then I noticed that there was somebody or something standing out in the backyard. I looked and it was a ghoul! There was a ghoul creature standing outside my room! It was wearing a ragged yellow shirt and ripped red shorts. It had long stringy, dirty gray hair, and looked like a corpse in an advanced state of decay. God, now I was really wondering what the hell was going on! Not only did I look weird, but now there was some astral slime in my very own backyard.

(Me: perhaps for the last one he went into the mirror world where the zombies were without realizing it)

6) I saw this mirror on the wall and decided to float over to it, and saw myself again. Looking at my eyes this time I saw a doubled pupil but the rest of the eyes seemed normal just like the physical world. I looked into my nose, opened my mouth, played with the hair on my head with my hands. Everything felt so real except my body, all of me, inside of me felt so numb, like I was dead or something when I would look into the mirror, I felt as if I was one thousand miles away, but conscious at the same time.

7) I saw a mirror in front of me, so I decided to look at my reflection. This time my face looked a little older and my eyes were pools of blue water with bubbles floating upward. (Me: hey! Image/thought balls!)

8) I cruised over to the mirror once again to take a good look into the mirror to see what reflection that the mirror would cast. Same thing, I saw little old me, only thing that was different is that my pupils in my eyes were at the sides of the eye. On and off I would look at the mirror with full consciousness, the longer I would stare the brighter my awareness became, this projection was the ultimate in awakening into the astral world......

*S&tS* Mirrors:

1) Lucid, I look into the mirror and it's fuzzy, though I can tell that the image is really me. What I really want to do is to examine myself very closely and look deeply inside myself, into my own eyes. The more I try to do this, however, the more foggy the mirror becomes.

Habitual Astral Form

*MV&I* The Retainment of the Normal Shape After Death & Fluidity of Form:

Habit comes into play, and the astral and mental particles, having become accustomed to that form, retain it even when the dense body which caused it is destroyed, so that there is no more difficulty in recognizing a man after death than before it. Temporary changes may take place, for the finer matter may be molded by a passing though; but as soon as the pressure of that constraining thought is withdrawn, it slips back again into its usual shape.

No man habitually images himself as decrepit, infirm, bowed, or wrinkled; and so, although immediately after death his astral body may accurately reproduce all these characteristics, the unconscious influence of his own thought of himself slowly brings back to him something of the appearance of the prime of life.

A factor which has its share in helping to preserve the astral shape unchanged after death is the thought of others. When a man's friends, whether living or dead, turn their thoughts upon him, they naturally think of him as they know him; but every such though is a momentary molding fore, and in the aggregate the effect is considerable.

The counterpart of the physical form is not a mere faint outline, but probably the most prominent feature of all.

Naturally enough, that part of the faculty which usually opens first is the lowest, the nearest to the physical. The surrounding ovoid of mist will seem to such a man much fainter in proportion ad much less conspicuous than it really is – indeed he is quite likely to overlook it altogether. Look more intently by making an effort corresponding to straining the eyes of the physical plane. The effect of such exertion is momentarily to raise the vibrations of his astral body, and so to bring within his purview more of the vehicle at which he is looking.

Since this finer matter can be modeled by though, the man is as he thinks of himself, and it is easy for each person to clothe himself as he will. If his attention is entirely occupied with some other matter, his mind usually automatically reproduces some ordinary costume with which it is familiar, so that he will probably appear in whatever dress he wears most frequently.

*CBAP* Astral Clothes Mimicking Physical Clothes:

Case No. 561: "His astral body wore a white undershirt just as his physical body did. But his astral body was outlined with a silver glow, and it was transparent."

*ND* Intentions & Expectations Influencing Astral Form:

A woman at a lecture: "I was here in California, and my daughter in Oregon had had a baby. I wanted to go and see this child...

"One night I was cooking supper, waiting for my husband to come home, and I went in and lay down on the bed- still had on my apron from the kitchen. I dropped off into a semiconscious state and suddenly I was standing in my daughter's home in Oregon. Her husband was home from work, and was holding and talking to the baby. Suddenly they both looked up and saw me standing in the door. They were very surprised. And their surprise, I guess, startled me back into my body...

"In a few minutes the phone rang. My daughter was wanting to know where I was- was I all right? They thought I was dead! They had seen me in Oregon! The funny part was- they didn't see me with my apron; they saw me in my best dress, the one I'd just bought and was planning to wear when I went to Oregon. It seemed I just put it on and went."

*CBtL* Body Thoughtforms and Regeneration:

The person with an amputated leg carries a strong mind construct or template of a missing leg. Even though the astral body is perfect, how the person "sees" the self in his or her mind has a great deal to do with how the astral body appears to others...

Most people on the astral plane choose to depict themselves at an age when they were healthiest and most handsome or beautiful- their prime. Yet if wearing glasses is part of that image of self, the person may choose to depict himself or herself with glasses.

Script: The following as an example of the glue between the sections: The power of habit and expectation creates can be so strong as to create an exact physical replica:

Exact Physical Replica

*PotC* The Astral Body is an Exact Replica:

I passed the right hand over the left shoulder confirming the presence of a dark, hairy birthmark... on the left deltoid...

The soma is a replica of the psychosoma down to the smallest detail, including pores, fingerprints and hair.

*tAW* The Appearance of the Astral Body:

You find yourself outside of your physical gown or body, and clad in your astral form alone... As you glance at your body you find that it appears not different from your ordinary one. Even your clothing is the same, to the most minute detail- this occurs through perfectly natural laws on the Astral plane...


Perfection of Astral Body, Prime of Life

*LWU* Absence of Disabilities, Appearance of the Body:

When we come into the spirit world we are recognizably ourselves. But we leave behind us all our physical disabilities... The five senses, as we know them upon earth, become many degrees more acute when we are discarnate. Any supernormal or subnormal conditions of the physical body, such as excessive stoutness or leanness, vanish when we arrive in these realms...

There is a stage in our lives on earth which we know as the prime of life. It is towards this that we all move...

How does the spirit appear anatomically, you will ask? Anatomically, just exactly the same as does yours.

*CBAP* Young Appearance of Doubles:

The temporarily released "doubles" of the pseudo-dead (and of elderly astral projectors- whose vehicles of vitality are loosening from the body, preparatory to transition) appear younger than their physical counterparts.

*PotC* Physical Problems Nonexistent OB:

The myopia I have had since adolescence, the permanent buzz in the left ear and the "scraping" sound created by the narrowing of the space between three cervical vertebrae upon moving my head from side to side that have been with me since an auto accident in 1970, completely disappeared while outside the soma.

*TtE* Infants Disembodied Appear as Adults:

"I have also spoken with a certain one who had died when an infant, and yet then appeared as an adult." -Swedenborg, Arcana Coelestia

*LWU* Disappearing Age:

It is the law that, as we progress spiritually, so do we shake off the semblance of age as it is known on earth... We do, in truth, return- or advance, according to our age when we pass into spirit- towards what we have always known as ‘the prime of life'.

The Astral Body's Aura

*C&HEF* The Appearance of the Astral Aura:

The emotional field is moving much more rapidly, and is therefore perceived as a higher octave of color and sound. The form of the individual emotional field (the astral body, or aura) has certain structural features which correspond to those of the etheric field and the physical body itself. To the clairvoyant, this structure appears as a multicolored aura extending thirty-nine to forty-five centimeters (fifteen to eighteen inches) beyond the physical body. It looks rather like an ovoid, luminous cloud surrounding the body, as though the individual were suspended inside a semitransparent bubble of changing colors and patterns.

*C&HEF* The Colors & Attributes of the Astral Aura:

These colors indicate not only the quality but also the intensity of the individual's feelings, and whether they are habitual or momentary. Therefore, inner conflicts can be perceived by noting the shade, clarity and position of the colors.

The rhythm of the aura is also significant, as it indicates the degree and kind of interaction with the etheric and mental fields. In health the shape is uniform and well defined, not ragged or wavy at the edges. The section above the diaphragm usually indicates the individual's potential – sometimes developed, sometimes not – and the colors in this part of the aura are usually lighter and less intense. The part below the diaphragm indicates ongoing and active experiences, and here the colors are usually darker, and the texture heavier and more granular. It is impossible to say as yet whether the universal law of gravity may operate in the astral world or not, but it is a fact that the heavier or coarser feelings seem to gravitate to the lower portion of the astral field, while the higher, more expansive feelings are located above the region of the heart.

Seven categories: quality (type of energy, density of substance, purity of tone), texture, form (whether symmetrical or asymmetrical), color (and its location within the aura), movement (whether rhythmic or turbulent), relationship (to the etheric and mental bodies), and luminosity.

(NOTE: color – changes and mood) The primary characteristic of the aura is dynamism. It is a kaleidoscopic pattern of colors, whose shading and brilliance denote the quality of the emotions. In the average person these vary according to mood, and therefore the colors wax and wane, lighten and darken, and the energies which impel them are in constant motion. For example, an individual who is happy in the presence of a dear friend will display a harmonious pattern of colors suffused with a lovely rose-pink, while during meditation or prayer, the colors may be overlaid with blue and gold. Anger flashes red through the aura like a bolt of lightning, while grief overlays the whole field with a cloud of gray.

(NOTE: some change slowly; interaction & location) Emotions that are sustained over a long period of time remain fairly constant in the aura. If they are negative, such as depression or resentment, they can affect the flow of energy, and this has long-range effects in terms of the condition of the etheric and physical bodies. For example, states of anxiety appear as grayish-blue clouds within the astral field, localized toward the center of the body near the solar plexus chakra. This causes the astral energy to flow inward toward the body, inhibiting the normally free circulation of energy throughout the emotional field. The closer the gray-blue color is to the physical body, the more severe the degree of anxiety and the greater the degree of its impact upon health. When this color tends towards the periphery of the aura, this indicates that the subject is on the way to freeing himself of his anxiety.

The colors in the region below the diaphragm indicate the more ordinary and sensate feelings – those which come into play in daily life – while those above this level, especially in the region around the head, indicate intellectual and spiritual qualities.

*MV&I* Higher Planes & Colors:

All known colors, and many which are at present unknown to us, exist upon each of these higher planes of nature; but as we rise from one stage to another, we find them ever more delicate and more luminous, so that they might be described as higher octaves of color.


The lowest astral colors may be thought of as dark and coarse, and they certainly are so as compared to the higher and purer hues, but at least they are luminous in their coarseness; they are not so much dark color in our ordinary sense of the word, as dimly-glowing fire.

*MV&I* Colors in the Astral Aura:

An outburst of anger will charge the whole astral body with deep-red flashes on a black ground; a sudden fright will instantaneously veil everything in a mist of ghastly, livid gray. When this fluctuation astral vehicle is comparatively at rest, and it will then show a definite group of colors which retain more or less the same arrangement.

*SPoK* Spiritual States & Stations:

"A ‘state' is that which enters in upon the heart without self-exertion or the attempt to attract it."

(NOTE: Leadbeater and chakras!) "Every station in the path of God is earned and fixed, while every state is a bestowal, neither earned nor fixed. The state is like the flashing of lightning. When it flashes, it either disappears because of its contrary, or it is followed by similars."

"The ‘station' is every attribute which becomes deeply rooted and cannot be left behind. The ‘state' is every attribute which you have at one time but not another, or its existence depends upon a condition, so it disappears when the condition ceases to exist."

"Among the stations are those by which man is qualified both in this world and the next world, such as witnessing, majesty, beauty, intimacy, awe, and expansion. Among them are those by which the servant is qualified until the time of death, or until the first step in the Garden, at which point they disappear; these include fear, contradiction, sadness, and hope. Among them are those which disappear with the disappearance of their conditions."

"Passing from station to station does not mean that you abandon a station. On the contrary, you acquire that which is higher than it without departing from the station within which you dwell."

"It is impossible for anyone to reside for two instants in a single state, so passage must occur at each instant."

*APitL* Auras:

When I had my NDE, I noticed that everyone had a certain combination of colors around them. They were the same basic colors, they were just shaded differently for each person.

*MV&I* The Constant Motion of Colors:

In certain cases, there are definite bands and clearly defined lines in these bodies; but in the vast majority the clouds of color not only melt into one another, but are all the while rolling over one another, and appearing and disappearing as they roll. Indeed, the surface of this luminous and brightly-colored mist resembles somewhat the surface of violently boiling water in the way in which the particles are seen to swirl about, to rise to the surface and sink back again, and constantly to change places with one another.

*PotAB* The Aura & Seeing Stars:

Probably everyone has at some time in his life encountered a ‘jolt' that made him ‘see stars', as the saying goes. The glow seen is an aura, and is visible for an instant as the two bodies discoincide. The same glow, in greater expanse, can be seen for a longer time when the projection is conscious, I.e. At the beginning of a prolonged separation.

*MV&I* Outbursts Fade But Add:

The process by which the colors are produced works always from below upward. After a time the emotion dies down, and the color corresponding to it fades away-but not entirely. A certain proportion of the matter of the astral body is normally oscillating at the especial rate appropriate to that emotion, and every great outburst of it adds somewhat to this proportion.

For example, men have within them a certain amount of irritability, which expresses itself in the astral body as a scarlet cloud. When the man manifests that irritability by some special outburst of temper the whole astral vehicle is temporarily suffused with scarlet. The fit of passion subsides, and the scarlet flushes die away, but it has left its traces behind, for there is a slight permanent addition to the size of the scarlet cloud of irascibility, and the whole matter of the astral body is a little more ready than before to respond to the vibration of anger when any opportunity offers. Every time we yield to a passion of any kind, we make it a little more difficult for ourselves to resist its next attack; while every successful effort at its repression makes the next victory a little easier.

The whole or almost the whole, of the matter in an astral body may be temporarily forced by a sudden rush of passion to vibrate at a certain rate; but all of it except that to which the vibration is natural will fall back into its ordinary rate when the force is removed.

*ASJ* The Form of the Astral Body:

The Master: ‘The astral body, which is composed of much finer matter than the physical one, is drawn round the ego on his way down into incarnation. It fills what we call the causal body, forming an ovoid of luminous mist. But the physical body, being denser, has a very strong attraction for the astral matter, and draws this closer to it, so that we have an astral reproduction of the physical form in the centre of that ovoid, and there the astral body is just as recognizable by the features as the physical body, only it is built of finer matter.'

The Aura Appearing As Clothing

*PotAB* Astral Body:

Clothing & Aura: One thing is clear to me- the clothing of the phantom is created, and is not a counterpart of the physical clothing. As a rule, if my physical body were clad in a certain garb, my astral counterpart would be clothed in an identical garb. But again, there have been many exceptions to that. Sometimes the astral body will be clothed in a different manner, eg a sort of flimsy, gauzy white. This is not at all unusual, and is perhaps the reason why ‘ghosts; have invariably become identified with white garments. Sometimes this astral garment is mistaken by observers for an ‘aura', and sometimes the aura is mistaken for the garment of white. It is my belief that the clothing is formed from the aura. At times the aura is more dense than at other times; it also seems to collect in some spots more densely than in other spots- causing the phantom to take on a blotchy appearance- really hideous. No sooner does one begin to think about his clothing than he will discover that his thoughts have already formed or materialized clothing for him. Thought creates in the astral. On another occasion I awakened and found myself moving along at the intermediate speed. A very dense aura surrounded me- so dense, in fact, that I could scarcely see my own body. It remained so until the phantom came to a stop, when I was dressed in the typical ghost-like garb. The conscious mind does not necessarily create the phantom's attire- as many seem to think. The clothing seems to form out of the colored aura which surrounds the astral body; when one sees the clothing form (and it does so quickly-instantaneously) it seems to form by the aura growing very dense, close to the body. At first, right after death, the molding in most cases is an unconscious act. But as the mind gains control of itself, the act of dressing becomes a conscious act. All darker colors denote a low state of development. As the spirit progresses upward the colors of the aura become continually brighter. The character, quality, and development of the spirit are denoted by the color of the garment.

3) What I saw looked like a horror story version of myself. It was me , but my skin was all white and flaked, my eyes were completely white and chalky looking, and my eye sockets were deep as if my face was just a skull. I thought to myself, "Oh my!". But I wasn't unusually startled. This is not the first time I had seen weird images of myself in astral mirrors. I continued staring at the image and it then transformed into a normal image of myself. I thought that that was interesting. I turned and looked around the cave, then turned back to the mirror. I saw the same thing; first the horror image, which then transformed to the normal image.

I was staring forward into the mists at the cave entrance and saw an outline of a humanoid form there. "What the hell is that?" I wondered. I became a bit trepid. The image was moving towards me and I focused on it with my new focusing method. And boy, did I get a surprise again! What I saw was a ghastly looking monster ready to lunge at me! I got a good glimpse of what it looked like. Its face had the same quality as my horror mirror image; white chalky skin, pure white eyes. Its mouth was agape, fangs protruding from its jaws. It seemed to be over 6 feet tall, humanoid, and was unquestionably bigger than me. It had its arms extended to grab at me, and it had huge claws on its hands. It seemed to be wrapped up like a mummy.

Appearance of the Chakras

*C&HEF* The Appearance of Chakras & What It Reveals:

In Indian literature the chakras have been referred to as lotuses because of their flower-like form, and because they have a central root or stem which connects them energetically to the spine and nervous system.

The colors, which very from chakra to chakra also glow in a way that contributes to their flower-like appearance. In a healthy person, the chakras' forms are beautifully balanced, symmetrical and organic, with all the parts flowing together in a rhythmic pattern.

The etheric chakras, which lie on the surface of the etheric body, vary greatly in shade, brightness, size, rapidity of motion, rhythm and texture, some being finer, some coarser, depending upon individual idiosyncrasy and state of health. For this reason, the disease process is very apparent in the chakras, since it both disrupts their harmonic motion and changes the texture of their material.

The chakras also reveal a person's quality of consciousness and degree of personal development and abilities, through the variations in the etheric centers and their interconnections with those at other levels. In a simple, rather undeveloped person, the chakras will be small in size, slow in movement, dull in color and coarse in texture. In a more intelligent, responsive and sensitive person they will be brighter, of finer texture and with a more rapid movement, and in an awakened individual who makes full use of his powers, they become coruscating whirlpools of color and light.

In any one individual, some chakras may vary in size and brilliance, and this, together with the activity of their interconnections, indicates special talents and abilities. For example, the throat and brow centers of a talented singer of speaker will be much larger than the norm, as well as being brighter, more luminous and more rapidly spinning. In a quite different case the solar plexus center of a trance-medium will be enlarged but of a coarser texture, with dark colors and some dysrhythmia and looseness in the core. In a newborn baby, the chakras are usually about three centimeters in size and look like hard little disks.

The various chakras also indicate the primary emphasis on an individual- the focus of the "I". For example, if a person identifies principally with feelings, the solar plexus and heart center will be more active and prominent than the others. If the brow center is very bright, this indicates a degree of personal integration; if the crown center is especially luminous, it signifies the development of spiritual awareness. The level of activity of the etheric chakras and the degree of sensitivity of their interconnections with their emotional and mental counterparts determine an individual's potential for the development of higher sense perception. (NOTE: potential for higher sensing)

The Third Eye - Chakra Incorporated Into Dream

PtE: 2) I am dressed to go out, checking my appearance in the mirror before leaving. As I do so, I notice, just below my hairline, almost hidden by my hair, a third eye. I wonder what it is for. Testing its vision, I decide it is not too good for seeing.

3) I am looking into a mirror. At first I cannot see any reflection; startled, I say "That means I'm dead." Then, smiling to myself, I correct the conclusion, "No, that means I'm dreaming." Now the image begins to take shape in the mirror as I watch, and I examine it carefully. The skin seems to be coming in rumply, oldish, scarredlike. I say to myself "Oh, don't do that," and it clears as I look. The color of my ordinary eyes is deep blue. On my forehead between my brows is a mark that I know is a kind of rudimentary third eye.

4) I am in a bedroom looking into the mirror in the early morning. I am surprised to observe how large and dark the pupil of my left eye looks. I realize with a start that I have three eyes. They are straight across, with the third one directly between the others.

I look into the mirror again and the reflection shows a man, with two eyes, a broad face, and curly hair. Then the image shifts once more to myself with three eyes. Again the image shifts and now, instead of a third eye, in its place between my brows is a round spot. At first uncolored, the spot grows white and begins to pulsate. At that, my whole body starts to throb. I feel the familiar surge of passion and hurry downstairs to find Zal.

The larger left pupil suggests a greater intensity of current on my left side. The third eye/white dot that pulsates is the strong pulsation that occurs at the root of my nose as the current passes. I felt it in meditation and now periodically during waking hours. The stairs that I raced down as the passion built suggest to me a descent into my pelvis.

*ST* Mirrors:

(NOTE: While OB) I floated over to the mirror on the back of the bedroom door and noticed I had no reflection.

Mental Body Appearance

*ASJ* Appearance in the Mental World:

The Master: ‘The mental world is the world of thought. Thoughts are the only realities; they are things just as much as chairs and tables are things, only- in the same way that the mental body is composed of finer material than the physical- they too are composed of finer matter... At the mental level you do not see other people as individuals, nor as astral counterparts of physical forms, but as thought-forms of the individual concerned, and these thought-forms accord with the mental development of the individual.'

*tAW* Lighter = Faster:

Now, you feel your life force vibrating at a higher rate, and realize that the sense of weight seems to be dropping from you. You feel as light as a feather, and feel as though you could move without an effort.

Blending of Reincarnational Forms in the Causal Body

*MV&I* The Human Form & Memory in the Causal Body:

The counterpart exists in mental matter as well as in astral, so through the heaven-life also the man retains to a considerable extent the appearance as well as the memory of his last personality. Even in the causal body there is also a human form – not that of any one incarnation, but a glorified blending of what is noblest in all of them.

Looking at the causal body, the colors betoken qualities definitely and permanently acquired by the soul, and whatever expression of this may be possible upon the lower planes will be his as a kind of stock-in-trade or inherent quality in every incarnation which the future holds in store for him.

(HU) At first, the bodies Whitton's subjects assumed resembled the persons they had been in their last life. But as their experience in the between-life state continued, they gradually became a kind of hologram-like composite of all of their past lives. This composite identity even had a name separate from any of the names they had used in their physical incarnations, although none of his subjects was able to pronounce it using their physical vocal cords.

Appearance of Highly Developed Spiritual Bodies

*MV&I* The Developed Man's Spiritual Bodies, Serving As A Channel:

One of the grandest characteristics of the developed man – his capacity to serve as a channel for higher force.

His Mental Body- With the more developed man, his various vehicles are not only all of them greatly refined and improved, but they are also very much more like one another.

The power from above, which we saw radiating out through his causal body, acts also through the mental vehicle, though with somewhat less force.

His Astral Body- The mental body itself becomes a reflection of the causal, since the man learns to follow solely the promptings of the higher self, and to guide his reason exclusively by them.

The yellow light signifies intellect. When this color is present in the oval, it invariably shows itself in the upper part of it, in the neighborhood of the head; consequently it is the origin of the idea of the nimbus or glory round the head of a saint, since this yellow is much the most conspicuous of the colors of the astral body, and the one most easily perceived by anyone who is approaching the verge of clairvoyance.

*MV&I* The Spiritual Bodies of the Adept:

The adept is the man who has attained the goal of humanity.

In his case the size of the causal body has enormously increased, and shines with a sunlike splendor far beyond all imagination in its glorious loveliness.

It colors no longer move in whirling clouds, but are arranged in great concentric shells, yet penetrated everywhere by radiations of living light always pouring forth from him as a centre.

The mind-body and astral body connected with this have very little characteristic color of their own, but are reproductions of the causal body in so far as their lower octaves can express it. They have a lovely shimmering iridescence – a sort of opalescent, mother-of-pearl effect.

*HU* High Astral Entities:

These were entities who had completed their cycle of incarnations here.

"These beings have the ability to radiate a warmth of friendliness that evokes complete trust. Perceiving our thoughts is absurdly easy for [them]. The entire history of humankind and earth is available to them in the most minute detail." -Monroe

What these beings looked like: "The first of these I saw I remember very clearly, and the manner of its appearance: there was at first a dazzle of light, and then I saw that this came from the heart of a tall figure with a body apparently shaped out of half-transparent or opalescent air, and throughout the body ran a radiant, electrical fire, to which the heart seemed the centre. Around the head of this being and through its waving luminous hair, which was blown all about the body like the living strands of gold, there appeared flaming wing-like auras. From the being itself, light seemed to stream outwards in every direction; and the effect left on me after the vision was one of extraordinary lightness, joyousness, or ecstasy.

W.Y. Evans-Wentz, The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries

Astral Body Injury & Pain

*AoaY* Astral Injury & Pain:

"The ethereal astral body may occasionally be cut or bruised but is healed at once by mere willing."

"Inhabitants in all parts of the astral worlds are still subject to mental agonies. The sensitive minds of the higher beings on planets like Hiranyaloka feel keen pain if any mistake is made in conduct or perception of truth. These advanced beings endeavor to attune their every act and thought with the perfection of spiritual law."

(PoP) The metaphysical body can also have its infirmities, for it can be blind, deaf, dumb, lame, and so on. One who is spiritually deaf may hear words of truth, but will still not have faith.

*HU* Injury in Heaven:

Sri Yukteswar says that all bodily injuries are "healed at once by mere willing."

*LD-P* Attempting to Kill in a Lucid Dream:

"I see a boy in the kitchen, then a man. How did they get in with all the doors locked? Then with some elation I discern: "It's a dream; now I can experiment." I remember that I have thought, among other things, of trying murder in a lucid dream, and so I attempt to tear the boy limb from limb, but I cannot make the least impression on his body and with my hands. The experiment is distasteful and I desist..." (NOTE: Continued elsewhere)

Astral Body Sleep

*AoaY* Astral Sleep:

"The advanced beings on Hiranyaloka remain mostly awake in ecstasy during the long astral day and night, helping to work out intricate problems of cosmic government and the redemption of earthbound souls. When the Hiranyaloka beings sleep, they have occasional dreamlike astral visions. Their minds are usually engrossed in the conscious state of highest bliss."

*LFS* Never Tired, But Rest:

"I never experience tiredness, but I do have daily ‘sleep' periods that are very refreshing." -James

Composed of Sound

(HU) Some NDEers assert that in addition to being composed of colored frequencies of light, we are also constituted out of sound. "I realized that each person and thing has its own musical tone range as well as its own color range." "If you can imagine yourself effortlessly moving in and out among prismatic rays of light and hearing each person's musical notes join and harmonize with your own when you touch or pass them, you would have some idea of the unseen world."

Things Left Behind by the Astral Body

*AoaY* The Soul is Sexless:

"The soul, impersonating both man and woman, has no sex. The soul is the pure, changeless image of God."

*APitL* Spiritual Bodies:

Skin color is not an issue in the afterlife. The core of our being is the bright spiritual light.

*ABtB* Astral Breathing:

Breathing was no longer necessary.


Appearance Of The Astral Cord

Appearance of the Astral Cord

*PotAB* The Silver Cord:

Appearance: Usually it is cylindrical but can appear as a ribbon.

Composition: The vital astral cord is composed, so far as I am able to see, of the same material, or essence, as the astral body itself. It is a whitish grey color.

*PotAB* The Silver Cord:

Elasticity: Its elasticity is far beyond the imagination, and is not comparable to any material object in its stretching qualities. The less space that lies between the two bodies the greater is the thickness of the astral cable, the greater is its magnetic pull, and the more difficult to hold the stability of the phantom.

Thickness & Range: When slightly out of coincidence, the cord is the diameter of a silver dollar. This is the maximum calibre of the cord itself, yet the aura surrounding it gives the impression to the eye that it is about six inches in thickness at this point. The diameter decreases in proportion to the increase of separation of the bodies, up to a given distance, where it is then at its minimum diameter, which it retains from there to infinity- its calibre then being about that of an ordinary sewing thread. From immediate separation to the distance when the astral cord assumes its minimum calibre there is always much activity present in it. This (distance) is called the ‘range of cord-activity.' When greatly extended, is not unlike a long, single strand of cobweb.

Thickness & Range Variability: I took the tape and measured the range of cord-activity, and found it to be fifteen feet. The next time it was but eight feet. The range of cord-activity was variable. When I was not feeling as well as usual, the range of resistance, or cord-activity, was less than when I was in better physical condition. The more healthy the subject, the more energy is stored in the condenser (astral body), the stronger will be the flow of energy through the astral cable- and the longer will be the cord-activity range. A few inches of separation of the bodies, and the cable is about the size of a silver dollar, regardless of the condition of health; but the decrease in size is speedier in the case of the enervated individual. When in fair condition, physically, the cord decreases (according to the distance of separation) somewhat as follows; at ten feet, three-fourths of an inch- resembling a piece of garden hose; at fifteen feet, approximately it might be at its minimum thickness- holding this size to infinity. Sounds (like emotions) will increase the tension in the cord, so the need of quiet is obvious.

1) Someone of the family began to shake the furnace-grates vigorously. The noise came unexpectedly. The whole cable seemed to vibrate for an instant, then, with a super-pulling force, the resistance drew me completely down into coincidence. When such takes place, ‘shock' is always felt in the physical body- sometimes accompanied by pain; or as I have termed it, a ‘split-in-two' feeling.

(AB) I reached out for it and felt something with smooth surface formed like a cone, diameter at the basis (breast) ca. 15 - 20cm, getting smaller to a diameter of about 5cm at a body-distance of about 30cm. At this diameter (5cm) it transformed to a cord, leading in direction of the physical body. In all other OBE's of the type of "stepping-out-in-trance" I paid no attention to the silver cord, but at a certain distance (ca. 50m) I felt a pull. Then I was stopped as if tied and fixed at my backside. Instantly I was retracted to the physical body. This happened very often and reduced my expeditions to a short duration, frustrating me.

Turning around, face to the physical body, the base of the silver-cord has been sensed at the frontside. It seems that the root of the silver cord always is directed towards the physical body. The most frequently described locations of the root of the cord are back and breast respectively and back of the head and forehead respectively. The position is affected by the focus of consciousness being either body centered or mental centered.

1) I was suddenly back on my bed. I reached behind me and ran one of my hands across my lower back. I didn't feel anything at first, but then I touched something. I slipped my hand onto it and felt what appeared to be a cord extruding from my lower back into my physical body which lay on the bed. I knew this because I ran my hand from where it connected to me towards its destination, my body.

There were two things that I noticed almost straight away:

1.The cord was very soft and it seemed to be made of lots of strands that came out of my back along the perimeter of the base of an imaginary cone and converged into this twisted, rope like section that led to my body.

I'd like to note here that I was only mind-sensing during the whole projection. And since I was not "seeing," I had to feel where my cord was. I felt it, and it was now joined to my astral self at the bottom of my rib cage, or just a little below my heart, and between where the ribs divide going down. The cord itself felt smooth but very rigid, like a piece of garden hose. The cord was about one centimeter in diameter.

Experiences of the Astral Cord(MjooB): 1) The silver cord extended from a spot in his back directly between his shoulder blades. The base felt like spread-out roots of a tree, which went as far out as his middle torso and up to his neck. It formed a two-inch thick cable or cord. It was hanging loosely and he could feel its texture- body-warm to the touch and composed of hundreds or thousands of tendonlike strands packed neatly together, not twisted or spiraled. It was flexible, and seemed to have no skin covering.

2) It is a thin fibrous substance like a spider's web.

*PAP* The Connecting Cord:

The extent to which this cord can stretch seems to be limitless, and it resembles the trail of a rocket as it soars into space. Where the cord joins the double it consists of thousands of very find, elastic threads, which seem to suck the double into them.

*CBAP* The Silver Cord:

Case No. 550: It was a smoky, silver color and, I would say, about a half to three-eighths-inch thick.


Gerhardi likened his "cord" to "a coil of light" and to "a luminous garden hose"; Fred Rebell, a Latvian described his as "like a luminous ribbon"; Mrs. Boorman, an American, compared hers to "a phosphorescent streak"; Mrs. Hutchinson spoke of "a long cord or streamer of light"; an uneducated French girl, Reine, likened hers to "a ray of sunlight"; while Professor M. Eliade pointed out that the prehistoric and unlettered priests, prophets, and medicine-men of Africa, Oceania, and North America who left their bodies temporarily used descriptive terms such as "a rainbow" and "a sunbeam."

*CBAP* Cord Descriptions:

Mrs. Clayton, an Englishwoman who had a natural out-of-the-body experience, "looked down" and observed "a pulsating thread of light" that united her released "double" to her vacated body.

Lester, an Englishman, also out of his body in a natural manner, stated that he looked "down" his "cord"... C.B. Moss observed, "From the top of my ["double's"] head a long broad ribbon flowed down to my bed and into the head of myself there."...

"T.D.", an Englishman in the same circumstances, looked back toward his bed and observed that he was connected to his body by "a smoky string."...

An English soldier, blasted out of his body by an explosion, stated, "I came down that silvery cord and returned to the old body."...

Mrs. Hutchinson, an Englishwoman, observed "a kind of pipe line" which, she stated, "guided me back to my body."


The Englishman, William Gerhardi... observed, "I was in the body of my resurrection." There was "an uncanny tape of light" between his released body and his vacated physical body "by means of which the body on the bed was kept breathing"- "like the umbilical cord."... [Mrs. Cripps] stated, "I could see the vitality in it- a pulsation."


Dr. Hout.. reported having seen the "cord" which, for a time, united his aunt to her dying body. "The cord seemed alive with vibrant energy. I could see the pulsations of light stream along the course of it..." Similarly Major W. T. Pole observed "currents" passing along "cords."

Ward's "communicator" stated that his "cord" vibrated.

The Light of the Cord

*CBAP* The Cord Lighting Up Behind Him:

Case No. 689: Mr. Robinson stated: "I cannot say I saw the ‘cord', but I did feel something akin to a magnetic force behind me, pushing or pulling. Also sometimes I wake up to see light [? the "cord"] coming from the back of the head, illuminating the wall behind me."

The Cord as a Bundle

*PotC* The Astral Cord, Vibrations & Thought Energies:

I noticed the presence of several tenuous and yet vigorous filaments coming out of my back. The filaments seemed like the type of covered wires used by power and light companies in the encasements beneath the sidewalks. They were components of the silver cord...

The act of thinking constructively while outside the body provokes the spontaneous absorption of subtle energies from natural sources such as the ocean and forest, and permits their immediate and effective utilization. The rapid absorption of energy takes place in the same way as the reception of thoughts and suggestions from extraphysical consciousnesses...

The forces which link the psychosoma to the soma are the same ones that cause the vibrational state. The attraction of the soma while in close proximity to it was almost irresistible...

The silver cord appears to be composed of a bundle of pulsating power cables, rather than a single cord.

*PotC* The Silver Cord:

[The silver cord] again impressed me as being a combination of tiny, loose cords or fine, occasionally sparkling elastic strings, firmly attached to the psychosoma. The silver cord exhibits warmth, flexibility and the texture of human tissue... The energetic filament does not seem to stop at the skin. It gives the impression of entering the soma and establishing a deep connection with one or more vital centers.

Width of the Cord

*CBAP* Width of the Cord:

When the "double" was distant from the body, the "cord" was very thin; when the "double drew near to the body it thickened.


More or less definite "thicknesses" were cited: Mrs. "Prothero" said one-fourth inch; Mrs. Tarsikes, a half inch; J.L. Keane, a half to three-eighths inch; Ibbetson, one inch; Mrs. Williams two to three inches.


Dr. Hout, an American medical man, observed the "doubles" of several patients that had been released by anaesthetics... When the magnetic force drew the spirit ("double") close to the physical body, the "cord" was more apparent, as though more concentrated. At other times (when the "doubles" were distant from their physical counterparts), it could not be seen.

Elasticity of the Cord

*CBAP* Elasticity of the Cord:

"Cords that were not highly elastic either did not permit the release of the "double" or kept it quite close to the body; highly elastic "cords" allowed the "double" unlimited range.


Mrs. Keeler's described "an elastic cord" and said that, before a man can leave his body to any great extent, it must be rendered very elastic.

*OwtL* Behavior of the Astral Cord:

Another of Dr. Crookall's subjects, a Mrs. Leonard, noted that as her Soul Body neared her physical body, the cord not only became "shorter and thicker," as would be expected, but also "less elastic."

*PotC* Elasticity of the Cord:

The silver cord behaved as though it were made of rubber, alternately stretching and returning to its original form.

Non-Wrapping of the Cord

*PotC* The Cord Doesn't Wrap:

The psychosoma spins freely and does not become tangled with the silver cord.

A Puppy's Astral Cord

3) I touch the OB puppy's silver cord and instantly the puppy disappears. Then I feel the dog physically jump on the bed.


Mind & Emotions in the Astral

Script: Very related with dreams and lucidity.

How Natural Being OB Is

*SC* Time In Spirit:

Tom MacPherson: "You really spend more time in spirit than you do on the physical planes anyway."

*K* Time Out of the Body:

It is important to realize that the residence outside the physical body is far more prolonged than the residence in it.

Changes in Intensity of Consciousness

*BP* The Mind During OBEs:

Usually, my consciousness is completely normal in all respects. At times my consciousness is very strong, and I feel more awake and aware than in normal life. But sometimes my consciousness feels very weak. I've often used the analogy between consciousness and a light bulb that is on a dimmer switch.

*PAP* Consciousness in the Invisible, Unity & Mastery Over Cause & Effect:

In the Invisible, the human being is represented by a state of consciousness.

This consciousness acts with a freedom and lucidity proportionate to the sum of attraction which it is capable of bringing to bear. As this totality of attractions increases, the causes which bring them about decrease, or vice versa. At the final summing up, the consciousness discovers itself at the top of the ladder, living in a maximum state of pure "Energy," in unity, with free access to the phenomenal multiplicity of causes and effects in all their dimensions.

*IaTR* Bodies out of Phase, Different States of Consciousness:

I reach out to embrace her, but somehow we seem to be out of phase. I'm disconcerted to find I cannot touch her.

"This isn't a dream. This is a metaphysical reality that is happening in a wide-awake state of consciousness."

"It may well be for you, but for me it lacks real clarity. I get moments when everything goes vague."


"Did you see the Beings? You got the insight with it?"

"Yes, but it was sketchy. My intuition tells me that this whole experience is basically for you, and that I'm here as a support—for a while."

I feel a smile in her thoughts. "This is your reality, I'm only here in a dream state. It all gets a big vague now and then."


Treenie: "I vaguely recall something about giants, but I can't make any sense of it. I think my dream state may have wandered off course."


Treenie is no longer so clearly defined.

Treenie is slowly fading out. Very clearly I hear her last words: "Good-bye, my darling."

*LFS* The Feeling of Being in the Spiritual:

"Our bodies feel light and free of pain, but they have actual substance and density... in fact, if it weren't for the incredible sense of freedom and joy I would feel just the same as I did before I ‘died.'" -James

Dim Consciousness

(BP) 1) But my consciousness was so dim that I didn't have conscious control, and my memory is so jumbled about that part that I can't say any more [for certain]. (NOTE: When consciousness is dim, you get fooled by old ideas, like that things are solid)

*PAP* Normal, Daily Constricted Consciousness:

In the normal state, it seems as if all our faculties are shut up in a box, while thought only filters painfully through the molecules.

Intensely Bright Consciousness

(BP) 2) I came to the conclusion that I was fully conscious in all respects. With that thought, my consciousness brightened suddenly until I was more conscious and aware than I am in waking life. I felt wonderful, alive, and vibrant, radiating with life and consciousness. I thought, "Wow! Now this is consciousness, better and more real than I've felt before!" And I felt completely free from my body. I could tell it was very dark there in my bedroom, but my eyesight was more astral than physical. I didn't hesitate to jump forward--through physical objects--to attempt flight. I closed my eyes, and I flew forward through my house, passing through walls and other physical objects as I gained speed. I felt each physical object as I passed through it, yet it didn't disturb me.

3) The consciousness was amazing once again, everything around me was pure, stable, it was like being in the physical world with no irregularities. For some reason I couldn't believe the reality I was facing, if I was in a dream or actually up, so I decided for some stupid reason said "Return", then next minute later I was on the edge of the bed fighting the pull back into my body.

Lucidity of OBE(BP): Wow. I'm really conscious. I've never been this conscious before. Not even in waking life.

*SFH* OB Sensations:

I became aware that strangely I felt more alert, more aware, more alive than I had ever felt in my entire life. All my senses were extremely acute. Everything felt tingly and alive. The floor was cool and my bare feet felt moist and clammy... I squeezed my fists and was amazed how much I was feeling in my hands just be making a fist.

Intense Focus

*BP* The Mind During OBEs:

My experiments have led me to believe that out-of-body consciousness is very focused and directed. This single-mindedness makes it easier to induce the experience, and usually stays with me during the experience. This focus also makes it easier to remember details of an experience. It can also be a hinderance, because it's tempting to divert your full attention to some small distraction during the experience, rather than doing something that you had planned. (Doesnt THIS sound familiar?)

*ABtB* The Importance of Thought Control:

Guide: "Most physical inhabitants have little control over their thoughts. Thought control and focus are absolutely essential. This is especially true as you explore deeper within the interior of the universe."

My biggest obstacle was attempting to focus on my experiment. At the moment of seperation, my mind would race with unlimited possibilities, and my experiment seemed insignificant compared with the many wonders that were available. My nonphysical consciousness was extremely sensitive and responsive to my slightest thought.

By shouting "Control now!" I immediately felt an enhancement of my analytical mind. OBEs can be very easily controlled if we remember to ask for clarity regularly.

I first tried focusing my full attention on my hand or arm right after seperation. This created a strange sensation of being immersed within myself. Though exhilerating, the end result was not control but a feeling of being mesmerized and then drawn into a sparkling universe of brilliant blue stars.

Access To Waking Memories

*LD-P* Access of Waking Memory to the Dream Self:

While awake, the subject deliberately memorized the value of pi to sixteen decimal places, and then attempted to recall this figure in a lucid dream.

"Dreamed I recalled my experiment objective of reciting pi in a dream to test the extent of conscious recall, and did so. I recited it mentally; I did not speak in the dream, but consciously thought the numbers. However, as I reached the seventh decimal place, and was forced to exert greater effort to recall the numbers, I failed and rounded the number off at the seventh place, and stopped there."

(Marcot, 1987)

It is interesting to note that the number of digits that this subject was apparently able to recall was roughly equal to a typical span hat may be held by an average waking subject in short term or immediate memory.

*SD&P* The Memory & Awareness of the Dream-Self:

The dreaming self has its own memories. It has memory of all dream experience. To the dreaming self, however, past, present and future do not exist. How can it be said to have memory?

All experience is basically simultaneous, as I have told you. The dreaming self is aware of its experience in its entirety.

The dreaming self is to some considerable degree aware of the probable self.

This data is often wound by the dream self into a dream drama which informs the subconscious of dangers or of probable success of any given event which is being considered by the subconscious for physical actuality.

If you would have some idea of what the probable universe is like, then examine your own dreams, looking for those events which do not have any strong resemblance to the physical events of waking existence. Look for landscapes that appear bizarre or alien, for all of these exist somewhere.

*SD&P* Dream/Waking Memory:

If you have little memory of your dream locations when you are awake, then remember that you have little memory of your waking locations when you are in the dream situation.

*LD* State-Specific Amnesia, The Memory of Waking By Dream Reality:

Non-lucid dreamers suffer from a state-specific form of amnesia, so that while awake they remember their dreams only with difficulty, and while asleep they recall their waking lives through a carnival mirror, darkly and distortedly, or not at all.

Perfect Memory, Rapid Learning

*LWU* Access to All Earthly Memories, Unfailing Memories:

Our minds are like a complete biography of our earthly life, wherein is set down every little detail concerning ourselves, arranged in an orderly fashion, and omitting nothing. The book is closed, normally, but it is ever there, ready to hand, for us to turn to, and we merely recall the incidents as we wish...

Sometimes you cannot recall what is in your memory, but in the spirit world we can recall instantly, without any effort, and unfailingly... The recordings upon the tablets of the realm mind cannot be erased...

When we follow a course of study in any subject whatsoever, we shall find that we learn easily and quickly... if we are acquiring knowledge we shall retain that knowledge without fail. If we are following some pursuit where dexterity of the hands is required, we shall find that our spirit bodies respond to the impulses of our minds immediately and exactly... We are not all endowed with keen intellects the moment we shake off the physical body... But our intelligence can be increased.

Access To Waking Knowledge & Logic

*PtE* Dreams Using What You Know:

1) Upon approaching a tree filled with bluebirds and looking at one up close, I saw a parakeet, because my memory records are clearer on parakeets than bluebirds.

*LD-P* Math in the Dream Self:

Said to myself "This is a dream" repeatedly.

"Then, having let the mound, I tried to work out how many times 5 went into 200 to test my powers of calculation in the dream. I think I correctly remembered that 5 times 4 made 20 and then I planned to multiply 5 or 4 (I think I wasn't sure which) by the number of 20s in 200, but I think I wasn't really able to complete the operation to my satisfaction."

(Subject C)

How To Increase Energy

Increasing Energy & Focusing For Clarity(RB): To increase astral vitality and ability it is important to have enough energy. Feel yourself sucking energy into your astral body, feel if rushing into you from your physical body. This awareness action creates a strong energy demand in the astral body, which causes a flow of energy from the physical body to meet this demand. The increase in astral clarity and ability can be quite amazing, and happens very quickly. This is expecially useful if you have astral vision problems or blindness. The astral around you will noticeably brighten and you will find a light coming from you and from around you, lighting up the darkness and following you wherever you go.

1) I seemed to have little control over my body. I moved for a second or two and then imagined that something was flowing into me from my body. Suddenly, things became sharper and clearer.

2) I needed to develop the vibes, that is, enhance and move them. In doing that, it felt as if my second body were filling up with something- taking shape and beginning to separate.

3) My right leg twitched - evaporating the vibe feelings with it. The vibes came and I felt my inner body inflate out. I could feel what appeared to be bubbles in my second body enlarging - just like pumping up an air bed.

4) This projection felt a lot better than the others I have had lately. The best way to describe it would be to say that it felt `clean'. Many projections at this point became effortless and without the vibration.

5) It seems to work very often to hold onto something around me to keep from fading out.


*WtL* NDE: Luminous Clarity, No Concepts, Well-Being:

(Gary:) I seemed to be in a state of, I suppose you could say, luminous presence or something like that. I suppose it's almost like, the sun hasn't quite come up, and you're just staring out to sea, and the sun's not actually in the sky and it's just daybreak, it's like a clear blue sky, whatever, but in the experience it wasn't blue or anything. There wasn't any conceptual process going on while I was experiencing this, there wasn't any reference point, no I, no me. There wasn't even any thought process, no mental events going on at all. The other thing was that I had an intense feeling of well-being, which for me created a really strong impression because I'd never felt that, I'd never had that feeling.

*PotC* Retaining Lucidity:

It is much easier to effect successive takeoffs, after the first lucid takeoff in a series of projections on the same day or night- especially if I don't move the soma between projections...

Those operating at high... levels... can gradually attain the state of continuous lucidity, moving uninterruptedly back and forth between the intraphysical and extraphysical dimensions.

*PotC* Density Opposes Lucidity:

One's inner lucidity... is inversely proportional to the amount of one's dense energy.

Bringing The Critical Faculties Across
Locked Into The Deductive Subjective Mind

*RB* The Mind Split:

Your mind splits during an OBE, one complete copy staying in your body, capable of thinking and dreaming - and another, a perfect copy, reflects into the astral vehicle, which is also capable of thinking and dreaming independently...while an OBE is in progress.

Shift your centre of awareness into the astral body AS it leaves. It is extremely important to keep your mind clear and focused on leaving your body, and not to lose touch with what you are doing. If your concentration and focus slips at the wrong time, your astral body will project and a reflection of your mind will transfer into it. A full copy of YOU will be left behind, feeling some degree of paralysis and weakness, and will fall asleep shortly after this. Your centre of awareness is strongly linked to your body that it is difficult to exteriorize it successfuly into the astral body during an OBE exit. The astral you feels it has succeeded every time (if it is awake when it is reflected into the astral vehicle). If the astral copy is asleep, or does not realise it has projected, it will copy the sleeping physical body and float a couple of feet above it until you wake up.

*CPitI* Deductive & Inductive Mind in the Afterlife:

Subjective mind argues only deductively. It argues quite correctly from any given premises, but it cannot take the initiative in selecting the premises... This discarnate individual has brought over his premises with him, which premises are the sum total of his inductions made during objective life...

All who have passed over without carrying their objective mentality along with them must be shut up in their individual subjective spheres and cease to function as centers of creative power so long as they do not emerge from that state...

And this consciousness can produce only one result: an ever-growing longing for the removal of this limitation...

Those who thus pass over in possession of their complete mentality must be in a very different position from those who pass into a condition of merely subjective life...

They would bring with them powers of selection and initiative by which they could continue to impress fresh and expanding conceptions upon their subjective mind...

Here, then, opens up a vast field of activity for that other class who have passed over in possession of both sides of their mentality. By means of their powers of initiative and selection, they can, on the principle of telepathy, cause their own subjective mind to penetrate the subjective spheres of those who do not possess those powers, and they can thus endeavor to impress upon them the great truth of the physical ultimate of the Creative Process.

The Subconscious Fulfills Conscious Desires
and Unconscious Habit

3) A superconscious projection: As is often the case, everything at first seemed blurred about me, as though the room were filled with steam, or white clouds, half-transparent; as though one were looking through an imperfect windowpane, seeing blurry objects through it. This condition is but temporary, however-lasting, as a rule, about a minute in practically all conscious projections.

If one does not use his own conscious Will, while projected in the astral body, his subconscious Will will control him. I relaxed my conscious mind, centering my thoughts upon being shown the reason for my landing in this strange place; a room with four people. No sooner had I done so than my body moved, without effort on my part, to a position directly in front of the young lady. I met her later. She is at the present time, in fact, a very close friend of mine.

*WotT* Imagination Creates:

When they do leave this world, their "hoping" (in the Paradise of the soul) is the same as the immediate attainment (of their desire), and their power is the same as its actualization and occurrence.

**PotAB* How the Subconscious Will Moves the Astral Body:

If the subconscious will becomes possessed of the idea to move the body (coinciding bodies) and the physical counterpart is incapacitated, the subconscious will move the astral body independent of the physical.

Suppressed desire is by far the greatest single factor inciting unintentional projection. We can see how determined the subconscious Will becomes, once it is stimulated into activity! While conscious, you desire something. You do not appease that desire. You would appease it- but there is some obstacle in your way. So you go on desiring, desiring, desiring- all the while tensing the subconscious Will. You are at war with yourself. You can feel the subconscious trying to accomplish that which you want. The subconscious Will is ‘all set' to move, the minute you try to hinder it no more. While you sleep, the conscious mind can no longer tell the subconscious Will ‘no', and the subconscious Will tries to project the body to the spot desired.

The body must be physically incapacitated. This means being in a condition of unusual passivity. Consider the somnambulist. Because his physical body is not inactive enough, when the subconscious Will started the movement. If he had been unusually passive, the astral body would have moved out of the physical.

Once you are in motion, the subconscious Will is in control, but the moment you give a conscious suggestion that you will stop, you stop. (Subconscious Will is automatic. Consciousness makes change.) When you start walking, you would walk and walk and walk, were it not for your subconscious mind stopping you. And, when you are standing, you would stand and stand and stand, did not your conscious mind start you moving.

All we have to do is to suggest to ourselves that we walk, and subconscious Will will keep us walking until it receives further instructions. The subconscious Will is not so mysterious after all- we are using it every day.

The following are factors that influence the subconscious Will: Dreams of flying or dreams which arouse desire and habit, intense or suppressed desire to posses or do something, bodily desires such as hunger, thirst, or lack of cosmic energy, or habit, including long-standing habit, routine, or broken habit.

The subconscious Will does not constitute the entire realm of the subconscious mind; the latter is so vast that it can work within itself, so to speak. The subconscious mind can ‘suggest' some action to the subconscious Will. The suggestion to the subconscious Will- to move the body- when we are asleep, comes from the subconscious mind; just as the suggestion-to move the body- when we are awake, comes from the conscious mind. It is the same ‘Will' that moves the body, regardless of the source of mind from which is takes the suggestion. The subconscious Will responds as readily to subconscious suggestion as it does to conscious suggestion. Long-standing habit and intense desire root themselves in the subconscious mind. Suppressed desire and broken habit act similarly. That is why habits are so difficult to break- because they are expressed by the subconscious mind, in which they are rooted. If you have a deep-rooted desire, you must hold yourself back by conscious effort. You would satisfy that desire in a moment, if it were not for some obstacle. It bursts forth- when you sleep and can consciously prevent it no more. You make the impression-habit, routine, desire, etc.- so strongly established in the subconscious mind that it comes to the surface, or remains on the surface, after you go to sleep, and thus acts as a suggestion- which it really is- to the subconscious Will. I found that the phantom follows the routine which the subject was accustomed to follow during the day.

Imagine the subconscious Will as a locomotive, and the stress as the engineer. In order to get the locomotive to move, the engineer must cause it to move. It is the suggestion which bursts forth- not the subconscious will. The subconscious Will obeys suggestion not unlike the hypnotized subject who obeys the suggestions of the operator.

A suppressed desire is really an intensified desire in the subconscious mind, and it thus comes to the surface and acts as a suggestion while we sleep. Thirst is the strongest and most quickly produced ‘stress; which can be used in developing the phase. Next to thirst comes hunger. Fasting exerts a double positive influence upon astral projection. The phantom obeys the dominating impression which it receives from the mind-either mind- when it is projected! If, however, a partially conscious projection results, the phantom will perform the action and the subject will dream- a dream more or less similar to the action.

Do not think for one minute that every time you dream, the astral body projects, or that every time you project, the astral body dreams.

Suppose one were projected under the suggestion ‘food.' Suppose he should pass the bank on his way to get food, where he was in the habit of going very often. This suggestion might dominate the one he was following and he would try to enter the bank instead of continuing to the bakery. (Me: Shorter contextual span, like high)

Sleepwalking attacks vary very little. Every word, gesture, and act occurs at exactly the same time. Should an attack of sleepwalking be terminated abruptly the dream-drama will, with the next attack, begin at the point where it was broken off.

To ‘Will' does not mean making oneself do something. It means getting into action-MENTALLY. It means effort of THE ATTENTION. This is all Will amounts to- ATTENTION- simply to hold the attention upon a certain thought or idea until it fills the mind, and crowds all other ideas out of the consciousness.

The passive Will is the stronger, more determined, and this is the Will which we have when we awake in the dead of night and plan our air-castles. The Will we use during the day is the active Will. The subconscious mind accepts all suggestions without reasoning.

When the ‘stress' of a desire is strong enough to awaken you at night, it is strong enough to project you in the astral body. The stress of the mind will do one of three things when it becomes strong. It will awaken the subject; it will cause him to somnambulate physically, or it will project the astral body.

1) I desired a drink of water. I did not stir from bed. Eventually I was lost in sleep. When I regained consciousness, I was in the projected astral body. It was a result of a dream- a very insignificant dream. I was dreaming that I stood beside the water-tap above the sink in the kitchen, and that I could not turn it on so that I could get a drink. There was a difference between the dream and what actually took place. In the dream I thought that the faucet shut off so tightly that I could not turn it, but in clear consciousness I knew it was because my hands would not make direct contact with the material (Me: not a possibility in the dream!).

2) I would prevent myself from drinking for some time, and at the same time aggravate the desire by thinking of drinking, gazing at a glass of water, putting it almost to my mouth, and then refusing to drink it. Before retiring, I would force myself to swallow an eight of a teaspoonful of salt. The first projection- by means of this method- in which I became conscious was a dream projection. I dreamed that I was walking along a dusty road. It was a sweltering hot day. I was thirsty, but could find no place to get a drink. Finally I reached a farm-house. There was a windmill! But the tank below it was dry. I began to climb up the ladder of the windmill. Just as I reached the top the wheel began to turn rapidly and, catching my clothing, threw me outward through the air. I was glad (in my dream) that I was flying through the air, for I could see that I was speeding toward a river near my home, and that I should probably get a drink there. Soon I was by the river and on my knees drinking. It was at this moment that I became nearly conscious, and I found myself in the astral body on the bank of a river less then 100 yards from my home- at a spot where I often sit when fishing.

After long nursing your thirst, center your mind upon your astral body, visualizing it as leaving your physical body in the room where you sleep, and travelling to the sink to drink the water which is before you in the glass. Repeat this again and again. Now you are ready for bed. Forget about the thirst and begin thinking of your heart slowing. This is an extreme exercise and will easily move the astral body. Concentrate upon the fact that when you get to the glass of water you will awaken.

Sexual Desire: Sexual desire is a stress which works against itself, so far as projection of the astral body is concerned; for such an intense desire would become emotional; the blood in the physical body would begin to circulate more rapidly, and ‘incapacity' of the physical body would not be present; consequently the astral body would not project; in fact it would be drawn more closely to the physical body.

Familiar Places: Another powerful (broken habit) factor which has a very strong activating effect upon the subconscious Will is that of sleeping in a strange place; that is, in a place where one is not in the habit of sleeping. How inclined the subconscious mind is to move the body back to the place where it is accustomed to lie while sleeping! In any projection, the astral body will always project with much more ease to a familiar place than to a strange place.

1) Before going to sleep in a neighboring village, I seemed very restless, wishing that I were at home. I finally dozed off to sleep and, shortly, I was dreaming that I was flying about with wings, in the air of my room at home, just over the bed where I had always slept. Consciousness returned, and that's exactly where I was. I wondered where my body was, and scarcely had I finished the thought than I was back in the room. You can get some idea from this just how slowly the conscious mind functions, in comparison with the rapidity of the subconscious. Before I had time to (consciously) remember that I had been sleeping at my aunt's home, I was back in my physical body!

Following Habit: The astral body, when exteriorized and unconscious, will be found to meander about in the subject's familiar haunts very much of the time- going through activities which have become habitual.This applies not alone to temporary, projected phantoms, but to permanently disembodied phantoms also (phantoms of the dead).

Phantoms of the dead are often dominated by the ‘stress' of desire or habit. This is one of the reasons for ‘haunted houses' and ‘haunted localities'. It is this same stress of desire and habit which the phantom tries to work off when we sleep. Some phantoms of the dead remain unconscious for a time; others are conscious even before the astral cable snaps; and others roam about in a dream, or partially conscious. Once conscious, he can, if he wills to, break off the continual appeasing of desire and the routine of habit. Yet, as a matter of fact, the stress is so strong that the phantom in many instances loiters about its familiar haunts, submitting to the urge of the stress- even while conscious.

1) A woman had a habit, during the last ten years of her life, of reading the Bible regularly. Every morning between four and five o'clock she would arise, take a squeaky old rocking chair, which she cherished, and read the Bible. At five o'clock she would close her Bible, then go downstairs. Finally she passed out of earthly existence. The occupants who lived in the house after the old lady's death were awakened every morning, about four o'clock, and could hear the chair.

Habit & Moving Objects: Under the stress of deep-rooted habit, routine, the subconscious Will becomes, on some occasions, actually determined- it uses powerful ‘motivity' in every action. This is the reason why phantoms of the dead- while under the stress of habit, in their accustomed haunts- often move objects, which their conscious Wills could not move. The unconscious phantom can sometimes move things which another conscious phantom cannot because the conscious Will cannot produce the ‘motivity', which the subconscious Will can produce, and a single conscious suggestion is not as strong as a deep-rooted subconscious suggestion. Many haunted-house investigators have noted that certain manifestations occur at certain times, regularly.

*PotAB* The Various Ways the Mind Functions:

As a rule, when one does reach the end of cord-activity, he is usually given the power of choice, and can do as he pleases; yet the inner power can intervene at any time.

The intermediate travelling speed is wherein one can suggest to the controlling intelligence, and it will respond. The supernormal travelling speed is always unconscious. Our inner minds can intercept each other at any time during a projection of the astral body. This is true also of spirits living on the astral plane.

One is able to influence the controlling power by his conscious Will most of the time during a projection which is conscious.

You will be amazed at the response which follows your thoughts. Most of the time, even before you can complete a thought, you have already attained when you are thinking about. The subconscious Will can bring about the result before the conscious thought is completed. The more one projects, the longer one remains in the astral- the more his conscious Will becomes its own master again.

The very things which are true on one occasion, in one particular condition of mind, would be entirely different on another occasion, when in a different menial state. It seems that the mind creates its own environment- yet the environment is real! Purgatory seems very fitting for eh lower astral condition.

Physical Habit in the Astral: The astral phantom is independent of the floor; he does not make contact with the floor at all. Yet he can walk upon it! Through force of habit thus learned in the physical- he is sustained.

I was projected in the astral body and walked down the street. I was about to cross to the other side, but stopped to see if a car might be coming! Force of habit! Sometimes one will dodge other persons, at others one will pass right through earthly people- never think of colliding with them. All of which goes to show that (in the astral) what happens on one occasion may not happen on the next. Speaking of passing through earthly beings, this is a thrill indeed when one does it for the first time! It has been said that, when this occurs, the earthly being feels a chill.

*JoNDE* Things Happen At the Speed of Desire:

"I could see anywhere I wanted to. I could see out in the parking lot, but I was still in the corridor…It was just like I said, ‘OK, what's going on out in the parking lot?' and part of my brain would go over and take a look at what's going on over there and back and report to me." (Sabom, 1982, p.34)


(NOTE: like my shroom visions: speed of desire…they are linked) "I wished I could go down there [to a city below me] and find someone who could give me directions. Almost immediately I noticed myself slowing down…Even as the idea occurred to me – as though thought and motion had become the same thing." (Ritchie and Sherrill, 1978, p.38-39)

*MotFE* The Intellect Serving the Spiritual or Material:

"Thought, operating on the plane of the intellectual, raises the vibrations of the body. On this plane, thought is neither wholly material nor wholly spiritual. It is vibrating like a pendulum between materiality and spirituality but there comes a time when one must choose which one he will serve. If he chooses materiality, a world of confusion and chaos awaits him. He may choose the spirit and, if he does so choose, he may ascend to the dome of the temple of God in man. This state is elastic and tends to expand indefinitely.

"Mind is the connecting link between the visible and invisible. Operating on the plane of the senses, the mind becomes the seat of all the animal appetites and passions. The soul or mind is capable of thinking even lower than the brute thinks; or it may enter into conscious union with pure spirit where there is an abundance of peace, purity, and God Power.

"On the plane of pure intelligence, man discriminates between those instincts which he shares with every other animal and those divine intuitions which he has in common with God. I have been shown that when man thinks on a plane with pure spirit, the soul enters consciously that realm wherein it perceives the ideal of things, rather than the things themselves.

"The spirit of triune man is pure intelligence, that region of his being where neither sense testimony nor human opinion has any weight against ascertained truth; it is the Christ within, the discovery of which sets at rest doubt and its discouragements. It is from this pinnacle of his being that man views all things with the clear vision of the educated soul."

Conscious vs Unconscious Creative Power(RB): The subconscious mind has VASTLY greater powers of visualization than the conscious mind. During any conscious projection or lucid dream, this difference can cause great confusion. The subconscious mind simmers beneath the surface during any projection. All that creative power is just bursting to get out, to create, and it will do just that any chance it gets. This difference in creative power, combined with the lifelong habit of normal frontal vision, is the cause of the "Alice In Wonderland Effect."

*PotAB* The Crypto-Conscious Mind:

The crypto-conscious mind is the intelligence which elevates the astral body, turns the body in the air, moves it outward, and places it in a standing position. The crypto-conscious mind can execute an endless number of the most dexterous and amazingly clever capers with the astral body.

The crypto-conscious mind is apt to take all matters into its own hands, ie plan out a projection. Thus, the subject suddenly discovers that he is the victim of a projection, and that the inner intelligence is controlling him. During development the astral seems to get a Will of its own. When the crypto-conscious mind does execute an astral projection automatically, the laws attributed to ordinary projection- stress, incapacity, etc.- seem to be of little import; the force exerted upon the astral body is so powerful. I have experienced this type of astral projection, when no physical ‘incapacity' was present, in full daylight, without quietude of environment, and when lying upon the front of my body!

The crypto-conscious mind acts upon a subtle force. With many mediums, the crypto-conscious mind, operating upon this hidden force, does curious things, such as producing physical manifestations. The power is in the medium, and is directed by the crypto-conscious mind, while ‘spirits' from the other side are credited with producing the phenomena. It is also probable, I believe, that many messages, given by a controlled medium, and assumed to come directly from ‘spirit friends', are given by the crypto-conscious mind of the medium.

After one has experienced even one single conscious projection, he will be convinced of the superiority of the crypto-conscious mind.

Crypto-Consciousness & Telekinesis: It is true, however, that Will-power is the factor behind the manipulation of physical objects. But ut us not the conscious Will- it is the unconscious Will. Will must operate upon some ‘force' in order to move physical objects. If the crypto-conscious mind, over which the projector or astral spirit has so little control, Wills weakly, the ‘force' will be weak. If it Wills with determination, or in a hyperpositive manner- the ‘force' it sets into work becomes what we might call ‘solid'. And this is the force which moves physical objects. A determined crypto-conscious Will actually tends to make the astral body more ‘solid'.

I have never moved an object by conscious Will in all my projections. On two different occasions I have dreamed of moving objects in my home, and on awakening have found the objects moved accordingly. You can, by repetition of an act, increase its stress.

In those cases where an entity gets into earthly rapport, while insane or in the dream state, the crypto-conscious mind always controls him; and if this mind becomes determined of its own accord, the ‘force' it operated upon becomes ‘solid': moving objects.

Consider an insane person- here in the flesh. When under the influence of his conscious Will, he is not so superior, in strength, to anyone else. But when the conscious mind loses its balance, and his inner intelligence is allowed to assume control of him, his subconscious Will gets in rapport with his conscious Will, and, in the twinkling of an eye, his power is greatly multiplied- almost beyond belief. I know a young man, when he gets into one of his insane tantrums, he becomes a giant. All insane spells of the kind are doubtless cases of crypto-conscious control.

You do not attain a thing, often, until you cease your efforts and give up trying. Then the crypto-conscious Will -that superior Will- gets a chance to work on the ‘stress', and that which you had given up trying to attain ‘materializes!' Think of the energy which the crypto-conscious mind must be manipulating in order to cause the mass of the physical body to float! Take this same energy and imagine how easily it could manipulate the astral body. When the crypto-conscious Will gets into an active mood, it is not unusual to bound here and there, unable to put the ‘brakes' on the controlling power. The ‘brakes', of course, represent the conscious Will.

Many earthbound entities are sensed by mortal beings after death, as they live through their habits and try to appease their desires- often moving physical objects while doing so. The desire is increased tremendously when the entity cannot appease it. If the haunter be subject to spells of insanity he should be able to move physical objects with comparative ease.

1) In bed, I was suddenly overcome with a sudden pain. The pain grew so intense that I could not reach the door, and fell over in a faint. I soon recovered consciousness again, and, by exerting all my will power, managed to advance a few feet further; but, having been confined to my bed for almost a month, the exertion was too much for me, and I fainted again. Here, if ever, the crypto-conscious mind was in a determined mood, for I never before remember being so completely under its deliberate influence. I wanted to look at my body but my thought had no influence upon the controlling power, which advanced me up the stairs to the room of my mother and small brother. At this point a gap came in my consciousness. On again becoming conscious, I saw both of them in confusion, my mother standing on the floor next to the bed and my brother almost off the bed; they were talking excitedly about the mattress having been lifted up and rolling them out of bed, while they were sleeping! It had lifted not once but several times.

2) I dreamed I walked up to this tank, took a monkey-wrench which was lying upon it, and began to strike the tank vigorous blows. The noise of the hammering seemed to startle me- it was so loud- and then I remember moving through the wall of the house and awakening in my physical body. I heard the blows still resounding from the tank, while fully conscious. Three other people, also, testified that they heard the hammering upon the tank. This is not at all an unusual happening.

*LD-P* Suicide & The Controlling Consciousness:

"One of the ensuing dreams was of driving in the van. I looked at my right hand, gloved, and brought upon the conscious/unconscious state… I suddenly recalled my experiment objective of dream-suicide, and saw the perfect opportunity. However, I first "checked" with myself to make certain I was dreaming… and then purposely, consciously veered off the road toward some trees. The van came to an abrupt halt before touching the trees, however, not as part of my conscious directive, but of the subconscious, as if strong brakes had been applied. The scene then faded and blurred."

(Marcot, 1987, pg. 69)


Subject E was trying to piece her hand with a skewer in a lucid dream. She reports that initially the skewer would not penetrate her hand despite repeated attempts. Finally she succeeded, but experienced no pain as a result.

*S&tS* Lucid Inner Source:

1) Lucid, I decide I will write a poem. Instantly a Source, that seems to come from somewhere deep within me, creates some poetic lines.

*LD-CL* Astral Desires Govern Experience:

What governs the experiences of the astral body while in the fourth dimensional plane during sleep? That which it seeks.

Higher Intelligence at Work in Dreams

*LD-P* Who Controls the Dream, & Distraction:

"'This is a lucid dream,' I announce to my brother with great elation. My brother, however, has disappeared. I remember that I have planned to ‘call' a taxi: ‘Taxi!' I shout, ‘taxi!' I meet a hotel employee and ask, ‘Where do I get a taxi?' ‘Downstairs at the desk,' he says, and thither I immediately descend by a short stairway. ‘Taxi?' I say to an uniformed young man who rises and leads me out to where a sport roadster is parked. He starts the car and turns onto a broad suburban avenue. ‘I suppose you know where I am to go,' I say, and he nods affirmatively. It is more than I know. I turn my thoughts to the earlier stages of the dream to fix them in my mind; but it is a fatal mistake. Attempting to return to the taxi scene, I find it wholly vanished."

(Brown, 1936, p.62)

*LD* Surrendering to Your Higher Self:

Tanya: "In the dream I was in a rink with a number of other people. We were playing hockey and I was skating in the manner I always had, competent yet hesitant. At that moment I realized I was dreaming so I told myself to allow my higher knowledge to take over my consciousness. I surrendered to the quality of complete skating. Instantly there was no more fear, no more holding back and I was skating like a pro, feeling as free as a bird.

"The next time I went skating I decided to experiment and try this surrender technique. So I hit the ice…and my feet followed my heart. I was free on the ice. I've skated with that freedom ever since."

*HU* Wisdom of the Dream-Self:

Even today, the ESP dream studies conducted at Maimonides stand as some of the best empirical evidence that, in our dreams at least, we are able to communicate with one another in ways that cannot presently be explained.

Although Ullman believes such findings are evidence of the underlying state of interconnectedness Bohm is talking about, he feels that an even more sound example of holographic wholeness can be found in another aspect of dreaming. That is the ability of our dreaming selves often to be far wiser than we ourselves are in our waking state.

But no matter how spiritually blind a person may be, or unwilling to recognize his or her own shortcomings, dreams invariably depict their families honestly and contain metaphors that seem designed to prod him or her gently into a state of greater self awareness.

Moreover, such dreams were not one-time occurrences. During the course of his practice Ullman noticed that when one of his patients failed to recognize or accept some truth about himself, that truth would surface again and again in his dreams, in different metaphorical guises and linked with different related experiences from his past, but always in an apparent attempt to offer him new opportunities to come to terms with the truth. (NOTE: Careful, this could be the metaphor game!)

Perspective Change at Regressed Death

Script: Perhaps because the integration of experience and lessons and the life review has already taken place when the regression happens, the shift from personality to greater self happens instantly. These regressions are in this way consistently different from NDEs.
*JoNDE-JW* The Change of Perspective At Regressed OBE At Death:

Since regressed subjects typically suffer acutely at the time of death, usually with real-time symptoms physically obvious to the therapist, their passage from experiencing self within the body of the past-life personality to an exterior locus marked the immediate cessation of the physical pain they were feeling. Furthermore, emotional involvement and self-identification with the deceased personality also diminished as the point of view shifted from that of actor to observer...

The relief from physical sensation was coupled with a sense of emotional peace...

The experienced personality shift reduced the former persona to a subpersonality wholly owned, both as an object and a former state, by the more complete after-death self. In the after-death mode, regression subjects experienced their deceased personality as a rather immature, unrefined version of themselves. They identified with the deceased personality to the extent of accepting it as a part of themselves formerly known subjectively yet now viewed objectively...

The after-death self was characterized by a lack of ego investment in the past-life personality, which pierced the defense mechanisms of the defunct persona. In the after-death mode, subjects could see their former self with great objectivity. Yet this unblinking assessment was not judgmental in a harsh way, but accepting of the deceased's foibles. The post-death self took full responsibility for having been what was now viewed as a rather pathetic person.


"The lessons become part of my identity, but... the sense of personality... is gone. There is an identity on a spiritual level, the identity of my mind, my consciousness in the spiritual way of things, a continuation, an accumulation of all the lives and all the lessons." (Subject 1)


"It's almost like I'm looking at someone else. I'm no longer involved in that person... When I'm in that [after-death] state, I start automatically using the third person, what she did, what she felt." (Subject 5)


"It's almost like watching a close relative or a child make a mistake, and you think, gee, well, they could have done it differently, but that's the way they did it, so that's the way it is." (Subject 6)


Although these assessments were characterized by acceptance, they were often accompanied by feelings of remorse or regret. The after-death self had a distinctly broader perspective on life than the regressed personality had had while it was alive, a feature that does not appear in the OBE phase of NDEs.


"The key lessons and the key pieces are smacking you in the face [after death]. I've never gone through a review of my life, so to speak, but [I realize] everything that I was afraid of or avoided, I ended up not doing, and that [causes] all the regrets." (Subject 8)


"In some cases, there are feelings of remorse of what might have been, but it's really tempered with the feeling that that was what was to be in that life. What was, was, and what will be, will be. There is an opportunity to change." (Subject 4)


"When it's over, you can look back, and all of a sudden everything is clear. You can see how you blew it. You're not hung up about what a pitiful person or life it was, but I always have the feeling that, gee, I wasted that life. I had a lot of chances, and I just wasted them." (Subject 9)

*JoNDE-JW* Sensory Mode of Regressed OB and NDE OB:

The shift in the trance mode, however, cuts down on sensory inputs, while the NDE enhances them.

*JoNDE-JW* Experience of Self During Regressed OBE and NDE OBE:


Regressed: Two selves; after-death self considers regressed personality as a lesser subpersonality.

NDE OBE: Continuation of same self after death.

Point of View:

Regressed: Assessor of regressed personality.

NDE OBE: Actor enmeshed in here-and-now.


Regressed: Beyond and outside of biographical life; lessons or opportunities available given the circumstances of that life; summary or overarching view of themes, few specific acts.

NDE OBE: Immediate life events; during life review, opportunities are seen as used or wasted, but as specific acts, from which themes may be deduced.

Personality Traits:

Regressed: Detached intellect; more than in life... self but little ego.

NDE OBE: Detached intellect; same maturity as in life... Some are still emotionally attached, disturbed to be dead.

(NOTE: In the regressions, remember that one difference here is that you've taken all the integration gained between lives with you. It seems described by the higher self. In the NDE OBE, the life context must continue. It must be seen in the context of the continuing life. It's described by the personality.)

*BDL* Higher Self Projection:

She was floating. I could tell by her expression and her breathing that she was in the resting place. When a subject goes there it is as if they have drifted into a deep sleep and they don't want to be disturbed. (NOTE: Ah! The higher self accessed in hypnosis feels no tunnel (right?) because that's a 3d transition illusion.)

OB Thought-Form Creation

*PotC* Controlling Your Thoughts:

Outside the soma, it is imperative to constantly police one's thoughts because they come to life, act, create, and behave, as we find ourselves in an exclusively thought-based existence in which it seems possible to produce everything that the will desires. Another reason to police our thoughts is that in the extraphysical dimension they can be perceived by others in the vicinity, or even at a distance.

Emotions in the Astral

** Emotions In The Astral:

The Floodgates Open(MjooB): No hiding layers of conditioning or inhibition can shield the inner you from others. The raw emotion so carefully repressed here is unleashed there full-force. To say that it is overwhelming at first is a massive understatement. Monroe's first visits brought out all the repressed emotional patterns he even remotely considered he had, plus many he didnt know existed. They so dominated his actions that he was embarrased at his inability to control them. Fear was the dominant theme- fear of the unknown, of strange beings, death, etc. Basic fears which one beleives to be erased are the first to come out. Second is the drive for sexual union. The sex urge was a tremendous obstacle. No rational thought was possible until he learned to control the exploding uncontrollable emotional patterns. If this control isnt gotten during life, it is the first order of business during death. Only after one has passed this "raw emotion" stage does he move into the various organized activity clusters of Locale 2.

(ABtB) Our fears will manifest as nonphysical walls and barriers that restrict our freedom and mobility.

(BP) Usually, my emotions are normal during OBEs. Even my sense of humor isn't lost during my OBEs. However, I had an experience during which I was very emotional. I even became hysterical, for no apparent reason, and needed the presence of my father.

*ST* Intense OB Emotions:

During an OBE, emotions seem to be greatly intensified, almost as if I become the emotion itself.

*PtE* Flying:

1) I am flying. The sensations build to a climax of lights, colors, sounds, and passion. I reach a peak and burst.

*WotT* The Intensity of the Astral/Imaginal:

Rather, the things (experienced in) the rising and the states of the other world are more powerful in their being and more intensely real and actual than these forms existing in (earthly) matter. The soul is the most subtle of all materials.

*MV&I* Fear in the Astral Body:

The effect of fear upon the astral body is very striking. A sudden shock of terror will in an instant suffuse the entire body with a curious livid Grey mist, while horizontal lines of the same hue appear, but vibrate with such violence as to be hardly recognizable as separate lines. All light fades out for the time from the body, and the whole Grey mass quivers helplessly like a jelly.

*Oliver Fox* Astral Fear:

In this condition, especially if it be mistaken for the waking state, one falls an easy prey to wild and unreasonable fear.

When another being sees him and is frightened, he gets frightened and draws back into the body. He is nearly always invisible to others.

*FVE* Emotions in Dreams:

It is very difficult in dreams to control emotional impulses.

*MJooB* Overcoming Emotional Desires:

Part 3: Explore your new abilities. The trick through it all is to keep the conscious you in a dominant position. So you cant have any denial, you have to accept and acknowledge the suprising emotional drives you may feel. Offer the promise of future fulfillment and you will have no resistance.

*PAP* Consciousness, Fear, & Obstacles:

The consciousness must immediately acquire its full lucidity and be ready to counter whatever obstacles may be put in its way.

In another case, I experienced a sensation of nameless fear. All my conscious faculties became limp, and suddenly I realized that I was in an unpleasant grayish atmosphere like dense clouds. Rising perpendicularly in this somber mass, I kept on the defensive (as in these states one may be attacked by rather unpleasant entities). I then came to a more sympathetic stratum where I found one of my deceased friends with whom I had a fairly long conversation..

*MV&I* Deep Depression:

No psychic condition is more infectious than this feeling of depression; its vibrations radiate in all directions and introduce their slackening, deadening effects into every astral body within reach, whether the ego to which that astral body belongs is in incarnation or not. The man who gives way to despondency is thus a nuisance and a danger alike to the living and the dead.

*ODM* Sensory Enhancement In Lucid Dreams:

After recognizing he was lucid, he decided to seek "The Highest" within him. After flying high in the clouds and noticing various religious symbols, he rose still higher and encountered a mystical realm full of love. "My mood had lifted to corresponding heights, and I began to sing with ecstatic inspiration. The quality of my voice was truly amazing- it spanned the entire range from deepest bass to highest soprano- and I felt as if I were embracing the entire cosmos in the resonance of my voice. As I improvised a melody that seemed more sublime than any I had heard before, the meaning of my song revealed itself and I sang the words, "I praise Thee, Oh Lord!"

*C&HEF* The Astral Body & Emotions:

(NOTE: emotions – awareness of an astral field?) All our emotions, moods and impressions are possible because we are embedded in a universal field called the astral, whose condition is feeling. This statement will not be startling to those who have accustomed themselves to the idea that all life is accompanied by a degree of conscious response to the environment, which enables living entities to process information and thus grow and develop. Such conscious response is always accompanied with feeling, whether of pleasure or pain, attraction or fear.

(NOTE: This field is fully created by the mental and affected by physical/etheric as well as others.) Within the universal field, every person has an individual emotional field, sometimes called the aura or the astral body.

OB Euphoria
Wide Indescribable Consciousness

*PotC* The Euphoria of OBEs:

The environment was brightly illuminated. I flew away profoundly happy. I began to feel a tranquil inner power and an indescribable sensation of non-physicality and lightness. I again experienced the euphoria of extraphysical life, which is incontestably superior to intraphysical existence. This experience leaves one with a feeling of being absolutely at peace with humanity and the entire universe. All of life's setbacks, pain, labors, emotions, aspirations, and efforts all but disappear in light of the multidimensional reality.

*DP* Mental Plane Consciousness:

The consciousness of that plane is so immensely wider than anything we can imagine down here, and its very conditions so entirely different, that when called upon to translate it all into mere ordinary words the explorer feels himself utterly at a loss.

Astral Desires

*SD&P* Desires in the Astral:

You will seek out what you want from the available data.

Fear Habits in the Astral

** Fear & the Astral:

(NOTE: Fear can ONLY enter the astral via habit. In the flesh it is innate.)

Emotional Sexual Activity

*LD-P* Erotic Encounters & Lucid Dreams:

Most subject found it difficult to engage in sexual activity, or even to have mildly erotic encounters, without loss of lucidity, a fact which they tended to ascribe to its interfering with the emotional detachment which they regard as necessary for the maintenance of insight. Subject A found it possible to engage in amorous activities but have found it impossible not to awake before the culmination of the experience.

*PtE* Sex & Lucid Dreams:

It is not at all necessary to delay sexual gratification. I can burst into ecstatic orgasm and continue to dream and learn. Yielding the power that flows in conscious dreams is but a step to higher exaltation. Sexuality is the initial stirring of psychic energy. It is inseparable from he life force. (Earlier I said it ended the lucid dream and I awoke.)

When lucid dreams endure beyond a certain point, at least for me, orgasm is inevitable. Often I will bring on the orgasm by ascending to great heights and then, turning, plummet back to earth or ocean. On impact with land or water I explode into orgasm.

Animals, plants, and objects all become more sexualized in my lucid dreams. I have made love to some strange beasts in these dreams. The ultimate of the animal-intercourse series was a strange sort of horse-goat who made love to me from behind. The tip of his grey beard was like Zal's and the edge of the Ben Franklin-style spectacles he wore was like those Zal wears. Sometimes I am my own lover in lucid dreams.

Most people who have described their experiences in lucid dreaming, although they often report flying imagery, state emphatically that intense emotion or even a mild physical touch terminated the dream state.

The pleasure that shudders through my body is not limited to the genital area. Like a pebble dropped into a pool, the ripples start from that spot and spread out in great waves of bliss. During the most intense of the nocturnal orgasms, even my vision is involved. Whatever scene is before my sleeping eyes, its color and pattern will break into parts, flash, and spin. This kind of "visual orgasm" is indicative of the totality of the response. The blissful aftermath expands in beauty and brilliant light. My body and mind reverberate with swirls of energy.

1) I burst into orgasm. Before my eyes flashes a pattern- like a honeycomb of hexagrams with red and blue markings inside.

*MJooB: Every time Monroe wanted to go further than 10 feet from the body, the sex idea stopped him. He got around it by accepting the urge and saying to himself that he would take care of it later. There seemed to be a direct relationship between the sex drive and the force which allowed him to seperate from the body.

*PotC* Sex, OB & IB:

The erection of the penis... has no repercussion on the psychosoma...

Sometimes, independent of the conditions of the human body, a latent desire or a strong impulse to have intraphysical sex during a projection can occur. Such an event must be identified, analyzed and tamed by the projector who truly desires to evolve and overcome his or her own deficiencies...

Sex while outside the body, is not the same as sex while in the physical body. Orgasm cannot occur in the extraphysical dimension. What happens is that energy is exchanged between the intraphysical and extraphysical partner and the projector ends up losing far more energy than he or she gains. (NOTE: Obviously not true- see Patricia Garfield)

Uncontrolled Emotions Obscure Senses

Passions Obscure Senses(PoP): Our spiritual senses are obscured by the passions of the basharic soul. For the spiritual eye, matter itself is no longer an obstacle at all. To the degree that we come to control the passions of our nafs, the veils covering our angelic soul are lifted and we do gradually become aware of our preceeding lives.

Uncontrolled Emotions Obscure Communication

(JoS) Emotions in the spirit world are different from those here. An incarnated soul gets the help of a spirit guide by calming their mind and focusing attention away from their immediate surroundings. This is done by silence, by reaching inwards and fastening on their inner voice. They must reach out beyond what is troubling them in order to be receptive to their guide. That's difficult when they dont remain calm. For one in the spirit world, getting signals is easy. It's harder for those on earth to, for the energy of directed thought must override human emotion. A guide communicates with one in need of help by whispering in their ear. As souls, all are able to help those on Earth connect their inner minds to the spirit world itself.

Some recently dead try hard to reach their still-living friends/lovers, with little success. Emotional trauma of the living gets in the way of their receiving the messages.

Uncontrolled Emotions, Psychic Attacks, & Obsession

*MV&I* Intense Anger Effects Astral Bodies, May Lead To Obsession:

A man who for the time being has utterly lost control of himself. Even should the discipline of education and custom still withhold him from outward violence, those terrible flashes are penetrating other astral bodies like swords, and the man is injuring those about him just as really as, though less visibly than, if he assaulted them on the physical plane.

While he is thus a source of danger to others, he is utterly defenseless himself. For the moment passion has entirely controlled him; the true man has temporarily lost hold of his vehicle. Under those circumstances another and stronger will may seize that which he has allowed to be wrested from him. In other words, at such a moment, when a man is transported with rage, he is liable to be seized and obsessed either by a dead man of similar nature or by some evil artificial elemental whose vibrations synchronize with those which are dominating him.

Contact with Past Life Memories

*PotC* Encountering Thought-Forms of Past Life Memories:

The helper made various comments on how trees are a source of psychic energy to humans...

Next, my attention was captured by a sculpture in the middle of the park. Some extraphysical consciousnesses approached me and suggested:

"Try to remember and you will understand better. Try to remember!"

I looked upon the sculpture, trying to perform a reading of the piece. It was impossible to describe exactly what happened next. In the span of a few moments I perceived scenes involving this work of art. I suddenly felt myself involved in morphothosenes that caused an instantaneous and incontestable recapitulation of events. I recalled that I had been an obscure artist who had worked with the ornamentation of tombs in France centuries earlier.

As I changed my focus, the vision of the psychosoma had been substituted by the direct vision of the mentalsoma and from human memory I shifted temporarily to integral memory.

The helper, noticing my stupefaction, realized that I had remembered something and mentally explained:

"During several of your recent projections, you have been tuning your thoughts to the wavelength of that particular existence in the distant past. This fixed idea has impacted your ability to operate freely. It has interfered in your deliberations and has sabotaged your projective recall. Observe closely and you will understand."

Still impressed by the brief vision, I remembered several target locations which I had projected to in this series of projections. Included in this recollection were three projections that I have previously described. They involve the tombstones in a cemetery, the observation of a high-relief decoration on an extraphysical gate, and the sculptures in an abandoned temple in the interior of Africa.

That explained it! The fragmentary recollection of those distant intraphysical lives has interfered in extraphysical tasks and explorations...

The helper further clarified:

"When temporarily liberated from physical matter, the freed consciousness has the capacity to immerse itself in the past and re-engage the currents of forgotten experiences. The abilities developed in past intraphysical lives come to the surface of the integral memory and sometimes exhume an ancient man from within himself..."

The powerful unconscious, full of past-life memories, often undermines the powers of recall of the projected consciousness through interference caused by ignored repressions.

I needed to recognize this fact with candor, leaving recollections of the past behind in peace, in order to allow me to accomplish things in 1979- also in peace.

Higher Mind Is More Generalized

*PAP* In Pure Energy Our Ideas & Observations Become More Generalized:

The nearer we draw to the limits of our universe in its aspect of pure energy, the more difficult it becomes to express our ideas and observations as these become more generalized.

Sensation & Action in Different Planes

*PAP* The Corresponding Sensation & Ease of Action In Higher & Lower Planes:

The corresponding sensations are: a gentle warmth which pervades the body we are using; a feeling of exceptional well-being suffusing all its molecules; consciousness itself experiences an increasing happiness. It allows itself to drift into a sweet quietude, into an ever-deepening state of peace. It is filled with a more vibrant, more joyous confidence. In order not to disturb the concentrated state of the atmosphere, we no longer dare to think. The surroundings seem to become more subtle. The speed of movement increases. The shadow of a thought evokes a whole world of phenomena. At last, if we go on with this strange ascent, a magnetic hyper-activity saturates the atmosphere. Soon we feel giddy. If we persist, it seems as if our basis of energy tends to disintegrate, owing to an inexplicable disturbance of the equilibrium. It would seem as if all the particles of our being were being violently torn apart, and this painful explosion forces the experimenter to descend into regions which are more favorable to his personal vibrations.

In the intermediate regions, the impression is better, the feelings more stable. One can compare the clearness of the atmosphere to the day at early morning. On the whole a sensation of repose, of confidence and calm is experienced. At certain stages there is neither joy nor sorrow. Other stages communicate to it a feeling of greater activity. One feels absolutely at home, one thinks or acts without any appreciable effort. The simple act of thinking will transport you wheresoever you wish. At times the atmosphere seems to be like velvet.

When we have become able to penetrate to the centrifugal states where the "pure energy" aspect of matter rules, the feelings become changed.

The task is always more arduous in those planes of matter which are darker and denser, but the consciousness no longer experiences any apprehension. It has acquired a certain stability which allows it to travel to the higher or lower states, without losing in the least its calmness and confident serenity. In this world, cause and effect are one. One sees nothing, one does not think, and yet one feels by a kind of intuition, that the universe and its laws are at our disposal. And we use the faculties inherent in this state with the pleasure and ease of the traveller rediscovering familiar objects or favorite hobbies.

*PAP* The Same Place in Different Atmospheres:

Instead of going, as usual, straight back into my body, I stopped in my room in order to notice the difference between a fairly condensed projection and a far more rarefied substance such as the one I had just been using. The surrounding atmosphere of the room was far more luminous than usual. This double followed the impulse of my thoughts with amazing facility. I hardly formed the idea that I wanted to return to my body when, immediately, I clearly felt the bed on which I was lying.

*PAP* Feeling of Homecoming:

The feeling of homecoming is proportionate to the quality of "energy" of the matter into which we project ourselves.

Consciousness in Higher Planes

*PAP* The Necessity of High Thoughts To Stay in a High Plane:

One day, I found myself on a fairly high plane of consciousness, carrying on a pleasant conversation with some friends. We had, for the occasion, created the image of a drawing-room in which we were all comfortably seated. Without being aware of it I used, whilst speaking, an unfortunate phrase. I had barely finished speaking when I felt a shock, followed by a giddy descent which brought me back into my physical body.

The images and ideas sent forth by thought must always express some quality, never a fault.

During another experiment, I wished to find out the effect of prayer in the Invisible. When I thought of the words "Deliver us from evil" I felt such a loss of strength, was so overcome, that I was forced immediately to return to earth.

Whatever the kind of attraction which is affecting us we must never act towards it in a negative manner. It is necessary that one be its absolute master. We must remove its negative character; then this impulse will become our servant. In order to achieve this goal, the consciousness must be centered fully on the best in the universe, on principles of order, whose harmony is perceived by us under the various aspects of the Good, the Beautiful, and the True.

*PAP* Oscillation & Higher Planes:

In order that he may keep his equilibrium in superfine matter it is sufficient to build up a system of oscillating energy, capable of synchronizing with the vibration of the higher planes, in order that the consciousness may discern their characteristics.


The Experience of Higher-Dimensional Time

Script: Notice how time changes in every circumstance- it is you speeding up relative to the moment. You are happening faster, becoming more aware, moving more into the now. You are moving into the timeframe and corresponding experience of a higher dimension.

Non-sequential states of time are basically a different organization. Our present organization is built on the cycles of the planet, but without a planet, and with more intensity of emotion, it is natural to have as a prime organizer emotional states. From these standpoints, all of time as we know it is available, just as from a 3-dimensional plane all 2-dimensional planes are simultaneously seen. Whereas space determines what we see of the many 2-dimensional plane, relevance determines what times of the 3-dimensional plane we see from higher perspectives.

Time & Higher Dimensions

*PAP* The Experience of Time:

The value of time is in an inverse ratio to the radio-activity of the stratum in which one projects oneself. Time becomes instantaneous in the pure essence of the higher worlds.

Time in the Astral(RB): Time is distorted and extended there. An hour in the Astral can seem like only a few minutes here in the physical. Compared to the physical world it is at a much higher vibration. It's like playing a video tape at twenty times normal speed, although this is not apparent when you are there.

*JoYS* Experience of Time:

We are not subject to time in the way you are.

Different Organizations of Time

*SS* Time:

"Continuity" in terms of time in other societies will not exist. Perceptual organization will exist by the use of different psychological groupings. Such systems would seem meaningless to you even if you were able to perceive them. You would not be able to observe the pivot points about which actions occured.

*CWS* Experience of Time:

[During Susan's OBE} "This was a ‘real' place that had been somehow going on for years beneath my sensual awareness. I tried to recall my waking days in a logical sequence, but there didn't seem to be one- or if there were, it was hidden beneath another kind of sequence that swirled in and around itself, having nothing to do with the march of days; and yet, this was the stuff I built my notion of time upon."

*SS* No Time Sequences: Instant Knowledge & Getting Lost In Another:

We do not live in any time framework. Minutes, hours, or years have lost both their meaning and their fascination. We travel through various intensities of experience- a psychological time with its own peaks and valleys. Our psychological time could be compared in terms of environment to the walls of a room, but in our case the walls would be constantly changing in color, size, height, depth, and width. Our work, development, and experience all takes place within what I term the "moment point." Here, within the moment point, the smallest thought is brought to fruition, the slightest possibility explored, the probabilities thoroughly examined, the least or the most forceful feeling entertained. Within it, simultaneous actions follow "freely" through associative patterns. For example, when I think of you, Joseph, I immediately and fully experience your past, present, and future, and all of those strong or determining emotions and motivations that have ruled you. I can travel through those experiences with you, if I choose. It takes study, development, and experience before an identity can learn to hold its own stability in the face of such constant stimuli; and many of us have gotten lost, even forgetting who we were until we once more awakened to ourselves.

For our "vacations" we visit amid simple life forms, and blend with them. To this extent we indulge in relaxation and sleep, for we can spend a century as a tree or as an uncomplicated life form in another reality. We may create, you see, the forest in which we grow. Usually, however, we are highly active, our full energies focused in our work and in new challenges. We can form from ourselves, from our own psychological entireties, other personalities whenever we wish. These, however, must then develop according to their own merit, using the creative abilities inherent in them. They are free to go their own way. We do not do this lightly.

If you gained your sense of personal continuity through associative processes primarily, rather than as a result of the familiarity of self moving through time, then you would experience physical reality in an entirely different fashion. Objects from past and present could be perceived at once, their presence justified through associative connections (LIKEing).

Expanding Into Time - Focus

Moving Eternally Into Each Moment

*ANMU* The Elongation of Time & Idea-Monsoon of Being High

When I tried having someone near me during these experiments, I found that no kind of conversation could be carried on. I began to say something, but between the first and second words of my sentence such an enormous number of ideas occurred to me and passed before me, that the two words were so widely separated as to make it impossible to find any connection between them. And the third word I usually forgot before it was pronounced, and in trying to recall it I found a million new ideas... (NOTE: Seeing ALL through each focus. Seeing the "basic motif")

This is a feeling of the extraordinary lengthening of time, in which seconds seem to be years or decades.

Nevertheless, the usual feeling of time did not disappear, only together with it or within it there appeared as it were another feeling of time, and two moments of ordinary time, like two words of my sentence, could be separated by long periods of another time...

We were still able to speak and to a certain extent understand one another at the beginning of this sentence, but by the end it had become quite impossible, because there were no means of conveying to him all that I had lived through in between...

Sometimes I succeeded in writing down a sentence, but usually as I was finishing it I did not remember and did not understand what it meant or why I had written it, nor could I remember this afterwards.

*ASJ* Differences in Experience of Time:

‘Surely my watch must have stopped." I said, ‘for we seem to have been on the astral plane for hours and not just for an hour and a half.' Acharya continued, ‘You will soon realize that time seems different at the astral level from what you are used to at the physical level.

*PotC* OB Time:

Time outside the soma is always... a mysterious and perplexing dimension, becoming quite relative and even seeming to stop at times.

*EbtL* NDE/OBE Time Flux:

She thought about a million things, remembering long parts of her life, and when she looked up, only minutes had passed. A ray of light began to shine as she decided to start thinking happy thoughts. Again, time seemed to stand still.

The entirely huge, long OB experience took only 4 hours earth time.

*MJooB: What was a minute in the control booth was hours or timeless to the volunteer in the booth.

*IaTR* Slow Motion Pre-Exit Sensations:

Everything in our bedroom seemed to move into a slow time— Treenie's breathing, my movements, even my thoughts. Despite the turmoil of my emotions while held in this state of suspension, I was calm and accepting, as though some other influence controlled me.

*IA* Death & Other Ways To See Beyond:

Upon death, the veil of this body is removed from us. Bodies are the coffins of the spirits and what beclouds them; they are what veil them so that they do not see the spirit world and are not seen, except through being parted from these bodily tombs - by becoming oblivious to them in their absorption in spiritual things, not through physical seperation. When we become oblivious to seeing our bodies, we will see the One Who gives us Being in the very act of seeing ourselves. When one comes near to God, years are folded up into the smallest instant of life on this world. The veil of our thinking lies between us and God. One must suspend all aspects of self and mind. The gaze of every person who looks never leaves God, nor is it even possible for it to do so.

Upon death, our state will not change and our certainty will not be any greater than what we already experience now.

*IaTR* The Return to the Physical:

I feel the power of his Love, and within that Love I hear again the Song — the Song of Oneness.

I am standing, bewildered, on the riverbank.

I gaze up into the early morning sky, searching for the Golden Globe, but I stand alone. Even the river is normal. There is nothing even to suggest that the river had flowed steeply and outrageously uphill.

Am I asleep or awake?

I am powerless to deny the physical pull.

Suddenly, I was aware of sitting slumped in bed, my pen in hand as I finished my frenzied writing.

Three hours had gone by.

Compression of Time - Distraction

*CJ* Time Compression:

It seemed that I had been in the CHEC Unit for about 20 minutes. But when I passed the clock in the hallway, I realized I had been in the session for nearly two hours!

*PotC* Time Compression in OBEs:

I realized that the projection had lasted almost an hour. This leads me to conclude that the events took place at a slower rate than they would have I intraphysical life... (NOTE: a strong focus)

The factor of time influences the projector's ability to recall events.

Great Tangents of Time

*GotB* A Four Year Trip to A Spiritual World:

One Wednesday evening he fell asleep at supper, was helped to bed by his wife- and did not wake up until four years later. Asleep, he at first breathed normally, but later ever more weakly, until he was breathing so feebly that the doctors expected his heart to stop at any moment...

"It was a land where there were living beings who had a fantastic ability to build palaces and houses with big, heavy columns- palaces and high-rise buildings- shaped in forms people have never thought of here...

"I lived in this world of tall buildings and columns...

"Once something happened that is the unclearest part of my experience during these four years. I suddenly sank into the ground as if a trapdoor had opened under me. I heard a muffled howling sound that became steadily louder and more distinct, and the more this howling and humming grew in my ears, the more I got a vague idea that a door that just previously had stood open had now been closed behind me...

"From that point until I woke up again here in my bed was the worst part of it all. I felt as if I didn't belong to my body any more, my own carcass. I seemed to be here on earth only on leave...

"Out there everything seemed to live and breathe- a rhythm I first began to be aware of when I had to come back, on leave, to earth..."

*D* The Experience of Time:

Time is but a limitation of this lower consciousness. All that we call time – past, present and future alike – is ‘but one eternal Now'.

In the Koran there is a wonderful narrative concerning a visit paid one morning by the prophet Mohammed to heaven, during which he saw many different regions there, had them all very fully explained to him, and also had numerous lengthy conferences with various angels; yet when he returned to his body, the bed from which he had risen was still warm, and he found that but a few seconds had passed – in fact, I believe the water had not yet all run out from a jug which he had accidentally overturned as he started on the expedition!

(Addison's story:)

A certain sultan of Egypt felt it impossible to believe this, and even went to the impolitic length of bluntly declaring to his religious teacher that the tale was a falsehood. The teacher, who was a great doctor learned in the law, and credited with miraculous powers, undertook to prove on the spot to the doubting monarch that the story was, at any rate, no impossible. He had a large basin of water brought and begged the sultan just to dip his head into the water and withdraw it as quickly as he could.

The king accordingly plunged his head into the basin, and to his intense surprise found himself at once in a place entirely unknown to him – on a lonely shore, near the foot of a great mountain. After the first stupefaction was over, what was probably the most natural idea for an oriental monarch came into his head – he thought he was bewitched, and at once began to execrate the doctor for such abominable treachery. However, time passed on; he began to get hungry, and realized that there was nothing for it but to find some means of livelihood in this strange country.

After wandering about for some time, he found some men at work felling trees in a wood, and applied to them for assistance. They set him to help them, and eventually took him with them to the town where they lived. Here he resided and worked for some years, gradually amassing money, and at length contrived to marry a rich wife. With her he spent many happy years of wedded life, bringing up a family of no less than fourteen children, but after her death he met with so many misfortunes that he at last fell into want again, and once more, in his old age, became a wood porter.

One day, walking by the sea-side, he threw off his clothes and plunged into the sea for a bath; and as he raised his head and shook the water from his eyes, he was astounded to find himself standing among his old courtiers, with his teacher of long ago at his side, and a basin of water before him. It was long – and no wonder – before he could be brought to believe that all those years of incident and adventure had been nothing but one moment's dream, caused by the hypnotic suggestion of his teacher, and that really he had done nothing but dip his head quickly into the basin of water and draw it out again.


This is a good story, and illustrates our point well, but of course, we have no proof whatever as to its truth.

It is quite different, however, with regard to an event that happened only the other day to a well-known man of science. He unfortunately had to have two teeth removed, and took gas in the ordinary way for that purpose. Being interested in such problems as these, he had resolved to note very carefully his sensations all through the operation, but as he inhaled the gas, such a drowsy contentment stole over him that he soon forgot his intention and seemed to sink into sleep.

He rose next morning, as he supposed, and went on with his regular round of scientific experiment, lecturing before various learned bodies, etc., but all with a singular sense of enhanced power and pleasure – every lecture being a remarkable achievement, every experiment leading to new and magnificent discoveries. This went on day after day, week after week, for a very considerable period, though the exact time is uncertain; until at last one day, when he was delivering a lecture before the Royal Society, he was annoyed by the unmannerly behavior of some one present, who disturbed him by remarking, ‘It's all over now'; and as he turned round to see what this meant, another voice observed, ‘They are both out'. Then he realized he was still sitting in the dentist's chair, and that he had lived through that period of intensified life in just forty seconds!

The same thing occurs constantly in ordinary dreams.

*BP* Knocked Out:

One day we were talking about wrestling, and got on the subject of the world-famous wrestling hold called "the sleeper hold." The hold would knock an opponent out by cutting off blood circulation to the brain. Anyway, we all wondered what it would be like to be knocked out. FD was the strongest of the three and the third boy was afraid, so I agreed to let FD knock me out with a bear-hug.

We went outside and he gave me the strongest bear-hug I've ever experienced. I couldn't breathe and soon became unconscious. It was like waking from a dream; this world was a dream and I awoke to a reality more real and vivid than this world is. I saw the illusion of this existence on Earth dispelled! It faded away and I didn't regret it. Soon I found myself in the "real" world in a huge city that I already knew.

My memory seemed to return--Yes--I had gone to sleep and dreamed of a little place called "Earth" and now I was awake. "That was a silly dream" I thought, and I soon forgot all about "Earth." I continued my life, just like before I fell asleep. I lived in that fantastic city for years and years--centuries it seemed. I lived there so long that I COMPLETELY forgot all about Earth. For hundreds of years I had forgotten Earth. If someone was to ask me about it, I couldn't remember, since it happened so long ago.

Then one day I was walking to a store. Suddenly a confusing loss of direction hit me and I felt myself falling. Suddenly I opened my eyes only to see strange leaves, the sky and FD and the other boy looking at me! Where was I now? How did I get here? What happened? Then I remembered: Hundreds of years ago, I fell asleep and found myself here. This place was called "Earth" and was a part of a weird dream. I must have fallen asleep again. Slowly my Earthly memory returned. I asked the boys how long I had been unconscious. They said only a few minutes. They asked me what happened, and I told them I didn't want to talk about it.

*S&tS* Lucid Into Another Life:

Then I become lucid again and am in the same jail cell. I decide to fly, and I easily and effortlessly sail through the air out of the cell. Again, I hear Erik coming into our bedroom and repeating with Charlene almost the exact same dialogue.The scene changes. Still lucid, I am one of the three magi. The journey is long and arduous, and yet I gladly continue, day after day, night after night, and week after week for a very long time. At times the passage of these countless days and nights seems like one long moment of measureless time. At other times, each distinct moment of the entire journey is very clearly etched in my awareness. I could feel the attunement to the object of my desire, Jesus, although he was hundreds of miles away. This inner attunement was a prerequisite for the journey and without it I would not even feel the desire for the journey. I am continuously aware that I am dreaming. My inner self is flooded with a rarified and highly refined "light-energy" that circulates gently and continuously inside my whole body. I feel extremely uplifted.

I arrive at an inn and talk with Herod. I sense that he does not believe my story. I tell him that I am an expert astrologer. He scoffs and at once I realize that he is not conscious enough to understand and appreciate what I am saying. I quickly look about me and feel the inner vibrations of the astrologers of this court. With full clarity about their inner life I see that they are all mediocre.

I arrive at the side of the baby Jesus. I feel as if I could kneel here forever. Now I feel Charlene moving on the waterbed and putting her arms around my physical body. She is extending a sexual invitation to me and I am completely clear that she is touching my physical body and is hoping to arouse me from sleep. Still lucid, I gaze with total absorption at the baby Jesus. It is rare for me to decline a sexual offer, and yet I do so without hesitation. Compared to this light, all the other pleasures of life that I have ever known are absolutely pale. I spend a long time here, then I watch as the light slowly fades from the Christ child until the dream has almost vanished completely.

{Erik had, in fact, entered the bedroom several times, had crawled into bed next to her, and had tried to persuade her to let him stay there.]

The Lasting Influence of Emotions

*BMS* Time-Compression of Trauma:

"Meaning can contract space-time. An emotionally charged event in the distant past can fold up time to loom over the present." -William G. Roll

Perspective Vortex of Time

Script: This is how the.. Left brain works? Pattern-matching that ignores scale. This cycle of moments is like a millenia of births and deaths. This is self-similarity across scale, as in chaos. What's that called?
*TDA* Time:

Dr. Peebles: "As you expand your concept of time, as a circle that does not quite touch itself but continues as a spiral, you'll begin to understand the past and the future as alive and living forevermore... You recognize that your day is the same as a lifetime. Your night is the same as a death experience...

Relativity of Time

*SS* OB Time Sense:

The time sense outside the body can be quite different than the body's.

*LAL* OB Timelessness:

1) I kind of lost my sense of time. It was trying to decide whether it wanted to leave or to stay. It seemed then as though time were standing still. At the first and the last of the accident, everything moved so fast. (it can stop in spacetime or move past it)

2) Things seem to go faster when you get OB.

3) Passage of time had nothing to do with this experience.

*GR* OB Time Distortion:

Was it only a few hours ago that I had been carried into this room on the stretcher? Surely that was weeks ago. Years ago. Or... Was it only minutes? I had lost all sense of whether an experience was taking a split second, or whether it was lasting for hours.

*LFS* Passage of Time in Summerland:

"Since everything is right now, we have no concept of time passing. It seems like I've always been here." -James


"Since I know ‘no time...'" -James (NOTE: Explain what this means... the now mind of e, LSD, etc.)

Consciousness Produces Time

*TDA* Conscious Interacting with Matter Creates Time:

All structures in this dimension are temporary and therefore illusions created by consciousness interacting with matter to produce linear time.

The interactions of consciousness as linear time produce a history of experience that is a prerequisite to the larger experiences available in nontime, or in what we term the spirit realms. Thus all of space-time experience in the physical universe is an educational process in which self, as a conscious entity, begins to apprehend reality through its denser vibrations and is given time to study processes that underlie the multidimensional reality. Thus the human form is a biological schoolhouse in which and through which "spirit" interacts with the basics of reality to produce understanding at an elemental level.

A Time Warp

*IaTR* Caught in a Time Warp, Living, Flaming Color:

I reach the riverbank, and, without warning, I am engulfed in timelessness. I am abruptly held in the grip of some timeless power. In suspension, transfixed, I am unable to move, or even breathe. Even the river is unmoving. Beyond my vision, I am aware that the river is flowing normally to a certain point within my vicinity; then, it becomes unmoving. There is no backup of water. Impossibly, at some place farther down river, the water continues flowing toward the sea.

Standing immobile, I watch as the sky bursts into flaming color. Burnt orange, resplendent red and molten gold mix and merge, to be pulled to earth as the river catches and reflects this riot of color. Across the river, the reeds are golden red, the same fiery color embracing the river. Heron and fish are sculptured from a forge of living fire. I can perceive and identify images of reality far beyond the range of my eyes.

Then, deep inside my psyche, I clearly feel something snap. Immediately, the heron leaps into the air, flying with a harsh croak past the curve of the river, while the water is now chuckling and gurgling quietly as it flows swiftly over the stony bed. The riot of color fades swiftly, until once again the sky is a soft, billowing gold over a backdrop of blue. The reeds are again a familiar dark green fringe bordering the crystal-clear water. (NOTE: A time-warp, physics-style: a slowing of time and redshift: does it make sense? Frequency adding up and adding up towards red?! Are you witnessing the outpouring of God into matter?)

I released my long-held breath in a gentle sight. I wonder what has snapped within me. An inner wisdom suggests that it is the breaking of a link, over-stretched and weakened as I strained against the restricting chains of disbelief and purely physical reality.

Translating Different Frequencies
Channeling Across Different Rates of Time

*SD&P* The Experience of Time, Translating Psychological to Physical Time:

Psychological time belongs to the inner self, that is, to the mind. It is, however, a connective, a portion of the inner senses which we will call, for convenience, the second inner sense. It is a natural pathway, meant to give easy access from the inner to the outer world and back again.

Time to your dreaming self is much like ‘time' to your waking inner self.

The inner senses give much stronger impressions than those given by the outer ones. You have trouble now with the duration of your inner visions because you are trying to transpose them according to physical time. You have at your command, even now, an inroad, a relatively accessible one, in what is termed psychological time.

It is upon psychological time that you must try to transpose your inner visions.

Any communications coming through the inner senses will exist in your psychological time. Psychological time operates during sleep and quiet hours of consciousness. Now, in dreams you may have the feeling of experiencing many hours of even days. These days or hours of psychological experience are not recorded by the physical body and are outside of the physical time camouflage. If, in a dream, you experience a period of three days, physically you do not age for these days.

But the minute- the physical minute - you try to transpose these visions upon the physical minute, then you lose them.

Clock time was invented by the ego to protect the ego, because of the mistaken conception of dual existence; that is, because man felt that a predictable, conscious self did the thinking and manipulating, and an unpredictable self did the breathing and dreaming. He set up boundaries to protect the ‘predictable' self from the ‘unpredictable' self and ended up by cutting the whole self in half.

Originally, psychological time allowed man to live in the inner and outer worlds with relative ease, and man felt much closer to his environment.

As you develop, you will be able to rest and be refreshed within psychological time even when you are awake. This will aid your mental and physical state to an amazing degree. You will discover an added vitality and a decreased need to sleep. Within any given five minutes of clock time, for example, you may find an hour of resting which is independent of clock time. A proper use of psychological time will not only lead you to inner reality but will prevent you from being rushed in the physical world. It provides quiet and peacefulness.

*APr* Dreaming Time Distortion:

I was lying in bed in the daylight and feeling very disgruntled—perhaps I had been sent to bed earlier than usual. I closed my eyes. Immediately I heard the most delightful sound, like a grand fanfare of celestial silver trumpets. I opened my eyes again in amazement and lay blinking in the morning light; for the night was over! It had passed in a seeming second. Though I may wake with no memory of dreaming, I still have the feeling that I have been in bed for several hours, and the atmosphere of the unremembered dream still lingers.

*MB* Compressed Experience of Time:

ARIEL: For us everything comes to us as if it were all happening at once- as if your time were compressed. But you must allow for this and be patient.

*UR2* Seth's Experience of Time:

While I am not affected by time on your plane, I am affected by something resembling time on my plane... To me time can be manipulated, used at leisure and examined. To me your time is a vehicle, one of several by which I can enter your awareness. It is therefore still a reality of some kind to me. Otherwise I could not utilize it in any way whatsoever.

*TDA* Differing Rates of Time:

Dr. Peebles: "In our concept of time, your life is but the flash of an eye."


Distance, Time, & States

** Distances/Time/States:

(H&H) Distances are due to differences in states of interiors. Those who differ much are far apart, and those who differ little are near each other. One moves from place to place by changes in state. To see another, you put yourself in their state. Aversion makes the similarity end. You arrive sooner to a place you want to go than one you dont.

All things have succession and progression, but angels have no idea of time or space. There are no years and days, only changes of state. Time occurs at regular intervals, while states do not. Eternity is an infinite state, not infinite time. Man thinks from time, angels from state. Passing out of the world is passing out of time. There are four states of love and wisdom:

1st State: Spring - Morning

2nd State: Summer - Noon

3rd State: Autumn - Evening

4th State: Winter - Night

An angel's state does not change because of the Lord, for he is always there, but by changes in their love of their selfhood, for that draws them away from the Lord.

In the first state, the Lord is fiery and glistening and splendorous. In the second, there was a great dusky belt around it, diminishing its brightness. In the third, the duskyness was so thick that the sun appeared only white. After this, it moved to the left and added its light to the moon's, making it brighter than usual. This is the celestial's fourth state and the spiritual's first. These changes occur in one society after another, and not at stated periods. Angels grow sad in the fourth state and wish to return to the first. Angels are in the first state when the Lord is in the East. The fourth state is the state of hell, which the angels never see, their night is like twilight. Only hell turns to night. Hell's societies are in opposite states of heavenly societies.

1) B.G.: How do you spend your time now?

Mr.O.: Time, time, time! Well, we're not conscious of time. Time does not mean anything to us. By coming back to you we're conscious of time to some extent. People say 'Oh well, I'm sure so-and-so will come and speak because it's his birthday.' Well, we couldn't care less in a sense about birthdays. In fact we probably wouldn't even remember it was our birthday if it were not for the fact that we pick up the idea or the thought from the consciousness of the individual near and dear to us on earth.

2) The spirit world is in non-space, which is timeless, except for certain zones. These zones are interconnecting doors, which open for us to pass through into a physical universe of time. These exist as threshholds between realities. Past, present, and future have relevance in the spirit world only in understanding succession in physical form. There is changelessness for those of us living there and not moving into space and time. There are other physical universes besides this one. In the superconscious state, the "now" of time includes past, present, and future. Seconds in the spirit world are years here. Time may be an illusion created for those who are used to incarnating in the physical universe. Light and motion are spacetime curving back on itself. The spirit world is the heart or breath of God. Some in the spirit world feel the effects of a gently rippling motion from light energy which has been described as waves or rings rolling outward from a disturbed pool of water. Spirit substance is light or heavy, thick or thin, and large or small, but they cannot locate the spirit world as being near or far from earth. One described a planet like earth that wasnt far from earth. It was not in our universe, but closer to Earth than many planets in our own galaxy. There are multiple dimension realities, and there is a confluence of all these dimensional streams into one great river of the spirit world.

Why State Changes(H&H): 1) The delight of heaven would lose its value if you were always in it. The changes increase one's sense of good.

2) Differences in loving God and loving self.

3) Angels are perfected by these changes.

*IaTR* A Change in the Experience of Time:

[Looking into a future earth] Time! Of all the changes, time is the most changed. Life is measured now by a vibrational intensity, rather than the measure of a clock.

*H&H* Angelic Senses:

Angels have all the senses of man, but more exquisitely. Spirit sight = sight of understanding. Wherever the internal sight falls, an angel is there by aspect, even though it is very far from where they actually are. An angel's sight acts in unity with their thought, which is in unity with their desires/loves. Angels only see what is near/like them, and most cant even see their whole society. Angel's sight is from the light of heaven.


All In Terms of 4D Space

Script: Eventually weave this into the other sections here.

Time Cross-Sections Moving Across a Lower Spatial Dimension

*ANMU* Higher Dimensions Are Traces of Lower-Dimensional Movement:

Let us imagine this line a moving in space in a direction perpendicular to itself and leaving a trace of its movement... (NOTE: In a direction in which it didn't previously exist)

We can deduce the rule that a figure of a higher dimension can be regarded as the trace of the movement of a lower dimension.

*ANMU* 3D is a Cross-Section of 4D:

Generally speaking, in every four-dimensional body we shall see its three-dimensional projection or section.

*ANMU* Seeming Lower Dimensional Objects Must Have Higher Degrees or Be Imaginary:

If there are three dimensions, a real body of two-dimensions cannot exist. A two-dimensional body would be only an imaginary figure, a section of a body of three dimensions or its projection in two-dimensional space.

Admitting the existence of the fourth dimension, we must recognize in the same way that if there are four dimensions, a real body of three dimensions cannot exist. A real body must possess a least a very small extension along the fourth dimension, otherwise it will be only an imaginary figure.

*JoNDE-GG* How Space and Time Interchange- Fractals:

"Physicists can observe quantum fluctuations in the laboratory down to distances of about 10-16th centimeters and over times of about 10-26th seconds. These fluctuations affect such things as the positions and momenta of particles, and they take place within in apparently fixed space-time background. On the much smaller Planck scale [10-33rd centimeters and 10-43rd seconds], however, the fluctuations would also affect space-time itself... The theory of relativity requires that we view three-dimensional space and one-dimensional time as parts of a unified four-dimensional space-time. (1992, p. 62-63)" -Paul Davies' The Mind of God (1992)

When we reach the Planck scale, he noted, "Time begins to ‘turn into' space..." (p. 63)

The geometrical particulars of this process are uncovered in the scaling up from lower into higher dimensions, as formulated by Benoit Mandelbrot (1977)...

In fractal geometry, the more complex and irregular such a curve is determined to be, the further away it is from its customary linear value- and the closer it comes to being two-dimensional... In Mandelbrot's view, then, the dimensional status of a geometrical entity is determined by the distance between the observer and this entity, or by the observer's powers of observation. Geometrical entities, such as points, lines, and planes, do not, as in Euclidean geometry, possess absolute dimensional values; rather, these values are relative. And the same general principles apply to all fractal scalings between lower and higher dimensions, rather than just to those involving scalings up from one into two dimensions...

The three-dimensional self in "waking" consciousness is actually a four-dimensional being dreaming that he or she is three-dimensional.

** When 3D Time Becomes 4D Space:

(NOTE: 3- dimensional time becomes space and as such, movement in it as time nearly ceases. You go into a moment and begin moving through 4d time.)

Walking Through Higher-Dimension Walls

Script: But does this work? We're every higher dimension projecting into lower dimensions. To think of it astrally, and astral as the 4th, Then the 4th can walk through the third but be unable to see the fifth except as time in the 4th. No. The 2d being entering the 3rd can, must walk through time.
*ANMU* "Walking Through Walls" Dimensionally:

(NOTE: a 2d being finds that upon entering the 3d, he can "walk through walls")

Dimensional Boundaries

*JoNDE-JW* OB Between Worlds:

Objects within the perceptual field tended to retain their spatial boundaries, but respondents indicated a sense of infinite space spreading out in all directions, particularly upward without horizon, as if they were on a cusp between a bounded and a limitless world.

Projection Dimensionally

*JoNDE-GG* Thoughts as the Basic Particle, Partial Expansions:

To model separation experiences, our attention remains on partial or incomplete expansions...

Such a person now occupies a fractionally dimensioned world-line segment that is more than three- but still less than four-dimensional. The mobile center possesses an infinitesimal extension reaching out toward the "past" and "future" of that experiencer's three-dimensional space- along the world-line. (NOTE: Thus any looking at the bigger picture. Any stepping back. Therefore thoughts are specifics, focus points in 3D, the most real particle, the basis of them! Seth!... "present moment" is 100% defined by an awareness) What would happen if this mobile space/time agent collapsed inward, losing its added dimensionality, during the midst of such an excursion? That voyager's consciousness would merge into whatever... "Three-dimensional reality slice" he or she was intersecting at the point of collapse. (NOTE: Buddhism and distraction from the clear light!)

*JoNDE-GG* The Sphere, Dimensionally:

The second factor is the four-dimensional alignment of the ecstatic voyager's world-line body, at the onset of ecstasy. Is it, for example, positioned at right angles, or on a slant, or twisted or curved in some other fashion, relative to the three-dimensional reality slice out of which the voyager is shifting?.. (NOTE: The sphere! The olive-shaped sphere, the direction of Swedenborg's interiors!)

While this being does not visually register this "invisible movement" into a "dimension unseen," it might be able to sense something else about this shifting of positions. This being might feel strange wind-like energies rushing across what it perceives to be its "stationary" two-dimensional body.

*JoNDE-GG* Squeezing Higher Perceptions into 3D Boxes:

Although the mobile center's visual field enables ecstatic voyagers to learn to see in more than three dimensions, ecstatic voyagers have yet to learn to access these wider horizons. At the beginning of their ecstacies, especially, they unconsciously attempt to "squeeze" their extradimensional perceptions into a single three-dimensional reality slice...

Separation experiences are hyperspatial illusions. However, while separation experiences are, in and of themselves, "unreal," paradoxically they open up ecstatic voyagers, potentially, to levels of consciousness that are "more real than real."

4D Movement

*JoNDE-GG* The 3D Component of 4D Movement:

The ecstatic voyager's extradimensional eyes must be tracking the lower space in question and he or she must succumb to the OBE illusions, that is, "project" his or her locus of consciousness down into that space. (NOTE: it's not illusion, it's a component of 4d motion. In 3D you move through width, height, and depth. In 4D you also move through 3D time, for example, you move N-NW, up 30 degrees, and 3 years/4Dmoment.) Slight movements in a hyperspatial direction, once again, would produce "body feelings" of subtle currents or vibrations. (NOTE: Melting and growing thought-forms are higher forms passing in and out of 3D space. There is something within the body which inhibits 4D motion, that rides bumpy against it, that causes friction against a 4D motion, that NAILS you down in 3D- the Focus/Reality model)

*PAP* Enclosed in Higher-Dimensional Boxes & Escaping:

When you are on earth a prison is a real obstacle. Project yourself, and it is nothing more than a picture through which you can pass, with ease, as if it did not exist. On the other hand, in the projected state, if an astral box closes you in, you are well and truly imprisoned. Leave the astral plane, project yourself into a higher dimension, and you then escape from the malevolent influences that are holding you back.

Each world, earthly or super-terrestrial, is therefore a momentary reality. In order to conquer it, we must abandon it, and seek refuge in a more powerful atmosphere.

4D Sensing & Habits of 3D Sensing

** The Habit of 3D Life Carried Over:

(NOTE: Thus upon leaving 3D, you get a panoramic life review, a true look from 4D. !!! The OB at death doesn't wander as the body-habit of seeing 4D as 3D is severed! Unless the body habit is strong- thus ghosts. OB wandering earth is a 3D looking-back. Yah, think about the habit of viewing in one direction. What else is habitual?)

** Dimensional Expansion, Exiting the Rote:

(NOTE: Moving through 4D time gives the feeling of expansion as you rise out of the rote of earth life and see 3D time as a whole! [Awesome picture])

** The Akashic Records, Dimensionally:

(NOTE: The Akashic records are a 4D view of 3D)

*JoNDE-GG* 4D Perception Explained:

As inhabitants of a third dimension, we are able to see every linear contour of every hypothetical two-dimensional figure... all in a single glance. (NOTE: And in 4D we see every side, every contour of a 3D object!)

*JoNDE-GG* The Corner-Ceiling Phenomenon:

What does all this have to do with determining the dimensional status of "corner ceiling" perspectives? From the corner ceiling, more of the room's surface area is available for viewing in a single glance than from anywhere else in the room. Of all the possible views in the room, the corner ceiling one is the most comprehensive. The view of space from this locus, more than from any others, comes closest to approximating the expansiveness of vision that would be available to four-dimensional beings...

[Celia Green] observed that in a minority of OBEs, "the subject may appear to be viewing things from a height greater than that of the ceiling, although the ceiling still seems to be above him" (1968, p. 41). One of her OBE subjects reported that "Although I seemed near the ceiling, the scene I have described seemed to be quite far away, as if I were actually in a higher position than that" (Green, 1968, p. 41). Another reported that "I, or my seat of consciousness, seemed to be hovering above my body at a height of perhaps 8-10 feet, which would have meant that my normal body would have been halfway through the roof" (Green, 1968, p. 41). (NOTE: Wow wow wow! Strong strong evidence of the 3D-4D Transformation!)

The next thing I realized... I was very high up on the ceiling, looking down at myself. I looked very small. I seemed to be very high up, but I was still in the confines of the hospital room, looking down at my body. (Harris and Bascom, 1990, p. 209)

(NOTE: like that camera lens! Concave is fisheye, and convex gives the illusion of a large distance. The opening umbrella! A visio-spatial effect! That matches the movie of the tunnel entrance!!!) They have compressed a hyperspatial experience into three dimensions, by psychologically "stretching: the lower space.

*CD* 4D Perception & Curving Space:

"I am with my youngest daughter buying food in a grocery store... Finally I pick [the clerk] up and fly to the top of the room, which has become like a large ballroom type of place. (NOTE: The curvature of space upon motion- no, upon opening of 4D vision!)

Astral Jelly-Form As 4D Rotation

*JoNDE-GG* Astral Form as 3D Congruence:

What about globular forms, or feelings of occupying dime-sized areas, or even of having become a point of light?.. In these circumstances, most of the ecstatic voyager's mobile center, or, more exactly, its three-dimensional side, has rotated out of alignment with the lower space. However, a small portion of this three-dimensional side remains congruent with the lower reality slice and thus remains visible within the voyager's "projection space." (NOTE: 3D congruence is the same as Swedenborg's "correspondence!" 3D forms are carryovers, habits. A 4D habitual rotation, attachment to something in 3D reality.)

The 4D Correlates of Higher Senses

*JoNDE-GG* Clairvoyance and 4D Movement:

The mobile center, shifting along portions of a world-line extension or appendage, could occupy world-line segments existing in local proximity to any possible geographic site on the Earth. From such a vantage point, a voyager could inspect clairvoyantly any scene or event occurring at that particular lower-dimensional site...

*JoNDE-GG* Bilocation & 4D:

A bilocation would involve a similar but more complete penetration into that lower space.

*JoNDE-GG* PK & 4D:

Related psychokinetic activity would involve physical contact between portions of the voyager's intruding "self" and portions of three-dimensionally extended matter under invasion from hyperspace.


Inner, Astral Senses

Script: This section has strong connections with Energy Body where the actual higher senses- the chakras are discussed, as well as 4D. *

The Universal Inner Vibration Sense
Synergistic Knowing & Seeing Through Feeling

Script: This allows a soul to incarnate into any body, to experience any range of physical sensation. This is so brilliant, so perfect, that if this isnt the way the universe works, it should be.
*DEVF1* The Inner Psychological Universe, The Inner Senses:

When I speak of an inner psychological universe, it is very difficult to explain what I mean. In that reality, however, psychological activity is not limited by any of the physical laws that you know. Thought, for example, has properties that you do not perceive- properties that not only affect matter, but that form their own greater patterns outside of your reality. These follow their own, say, laws of physics...

The paintings that you have envisioned, for example, exist there, and they are every bit as real as the paintings in your studio.. The inner senses represent your true powers of perception. They represent, say, your native nonphysical perceptive "equipment." The physical senses are relatively easy to distinguish: You know what you see from what you hear. If you close your eyes, you do not see.

The inner senses, though I have in the past described them by separating their functions and characteristics, basically operate together to separate one from the others...

The light itself represents that inner universe, and the source of all comprehension.

*AoaY* Astral Senses:

"The astral spheres are visible to the all-inclusive sixth sense – intuition. By sheer intuitional feeling, all astral beings see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. They possess three eyes, two of which are partly closed. The third and chief astral eye, vertically placed on the forehead, is open. Astral beings have all the outer sensory organs – ears, eyes, nose, tongue, and skin – but they employ the intuitional sense to experience sensations through any part of the body; they can see through the ear, or nose, or skin. They are able to hear through the eyes or tongue, and can taste through the ears or skin, and so forth."

"The intuition of astral beings pierces through the veil and observes human activities on earth, but man cannot view the astral world unless his sixth sense is somewhat developed."

*WANF* Spiritual Sight:

"Look at a rose here on earth and say, ‘Oh, isn't that beautiful? Look at the colors!' But you feel the color. On the other side, since you're not in the physical body, the experience, the pleasure, and the color are sensed more through feeling... I usually see through feeling. I feel what the person's name is, I feel what he or she looks like..." (NOTE: The becoming is the essence of experience. You no longer travel dry paths to it, you exist in it.)


"How do you see her, George?" Peter interrupted.

"I'm not seeing," he explained, "I'm feeling. It's whatever channel that's the strongest, that's what they'll come in on. Clairsenses, or psychically perceived feeling, always seems to be the strongest. Once in a while clairvoyance, the psychic sight will open up, and you can see."

*K* Sensation & Consciousness in All Astral Bodies:

The most salient characteristic of the kamic (NOTE: astral) elemental is sensation, the power of not only answering to vibrations but of feeling them; and the psychic plane is crowded with these entities, of varying degrees of consciousness, who receive impacts of every kind and combine them into sensations. Any being who possesses, then, a body into which these elementals are built, is capable of feeling, and man feels through such a body. A man is not conscious in the particles of his body or even in its cells; they have a consciousness of their own, and by this carry on the various processes of his vegetative life; but the man whose body they form does not share their consciousness, does not consciously help or hinder them as they select, assimilate, secrete, build up, and could not at any moment so put his consciousness into rapport with the consciousness of a cell in his heart as to say exactly what it was doing. His consciousness functions normally on the psychic plane; and even in the higher psychic regions, where mind is working, it is mind intermingled with kama (NOTE: feeling), pure mind not functioning on this astral plane...

The astral plane is thronged with elementals... By his will, by his emotions, by his desires, he influences these countless beings, which sensitively respond to all the thrills of feeling that he sends out in every direction. His own desire body acts as the apparatus, and just as it combines the vibrations that come from without into feelings, so does it dissociate the feelings that arise within into vibrations.

*T* Intuition is Spiritual Sensation:

Just as we call the revelation of physical things "sensation," we will call the revelation of spiritual things "intuition"...

If a less developed and a more developed person look at the same plant, something quite different happens in the "I" of the first than in the "I" of the second, even though the sensations of both have been prompted by the same object. The difference is that one person can form much more complete thoughts about the object than the other. (NOTE: Through a more fluid becoming)

*ANMU* The Sound/Light/Vibration Knowledge Came Through FEELING:

What I have called "mathematical relations" were continually changing round me and within me, sometimes taking the form of sounds, of music, sometimes the form of a design, sometimes the form of light filling the whole of space, of a kind of visible vibration of light rays, crossing, interweaving with one another, pervading everything. In this connection there was an unmistakable feeling that through these sounds, through the design, through the light, I was learning something I had not known before...

This emotional state was perhaps the most vivid characteristic of the experiences which I am describing. Without it there would have been nothing. Everything came through it, that is, everything was understood through it. In order to understand my experiences it must be realized that I was not at all indifferent to the sounds and the light mentioned above. I took in everything through feeling, and experienced emotions which never exist in life. The new knowledge that came to me came when I was in an exceedingly intense emotional state...

There were no calm, dispassionate, unexciting moments at all; everything was full of emotion, feeling, almost passion.

*T* Spiritual Sensing:

Everything described as an image, as "shining" or "radiant," is also "sounding." Every color, every sensation of light, corresponds to a spiritual tone... other modes of perception that could be called "spiritual tasting," and so on.

Translation of Astral Senses to Physical Terms

*MJooB* The Nature of Bodiless Sensual Experience: Taking Form:

Because we know no other way, all sensory input is translated at first into terms and meanings appreciated by the five senses. *JoS: The memory of our physical senses stays with us after death. *ABtB: The forms I see when OB are made for my comprehension, for my benefit. Our minds are conditioned to react to forms, not pure energy. My higher mind or soul is creating the forms to teach me. (see section on engine of forms)

*SD&P* The Coloring of Internal Data By Physical Reality:

The inner senses are not bound by those assumptions, however. This is why so many psychic or subjective experiences seem to contradict physical laws.

Inner experience must be colored to some extent by the physical system, while you exist in it. In order for such data to rise to conscious levels, for example, it must be translated into terms that the ego can understand, and the translation is bound to distort the original experience.

These root assumptions are so a part of your existence that they cloud your dreams. Beneath them, however, portions of the self perceive physical reality in an entirely different fashion. Here you experience concepts directly, without the need for symbols. You have knowledge of your ‘past' personalities and know that they exist simultaneously with your own.

*SD&P* Translation of Realities, Hallucinations:

Seth was talking about basic reality in the dream state:

You will sometimes automatically translate this reality into physical terms. Such images will be hallucinatory. All physical objects are hallucinatory. They may be called mass hallucinations.

There is constant translation of inner reality into objects in the waking state and constant translation of ideas into pseudo-objects in the dream state. Within a certain range of dream reality, ideas and thoughts can be translated into pseudo-objects and transported. This is what happens when you adopt a pseudo-form in projection, though I am simplifying this considerably.

The Senses Are in the Astral

*CBAP* Sensation Is In the Astral:

Case No 728: "When the Astral Body is separated from the physical then the latter is incapable of experiencing any [physical] sensation. Hence, it is really the Astral Body which feels the sensations. The sense organs of the Astral body, which are known to us are clairvoyance (astral seeing), clairaudience (astral hearing), telepathy, and foreknowledge."

*TBD* Senses are Restored:

From Orientation To The Existence Between:

"Even if in life you were blind, deaf, crippled, and so on, now in the between, your eyes clearly discern forms, your ears hear sounds, and so forth. Your senses become flawlessly clear and complete."

Everything in Your Head

*B* How The Soul Perceives:

When the powers of a soul come into contact with a creature, they remove and create an image and likeness of that creature, and bring them into themselves. This is the way in which they know the creature...

When a person in this way receives an image, however the image must of necessity come from outside through the senses. For this reason, the soul knows nothing so little as itself.

Development & The Kind of Matter We Respond To

*AP* The Receptivity of the Astral Body:

It is receptive only of the coarser and more violent vibrations of desire, and unable to move more than a few yards away from its physical body; but as evolution progresses, the ovoid mist becomes more and more definite in outline, and the figure within it more and more nearly a perfect image of the physical body beneath it. Its receptivity simultaneously increases, until it is instantly responsive to all the vibrations of its plane, the finer as well as the more ignoble; though in the astral body of a highly-developed person there would naturally be practically no matter left coarse enough to respond to the latter.

*PAP* Memory is Replaced By Clairvoyant Sensitivity, Perception & Action:

In the invisible world memory is replaced by the super-sensitivity of the "matter" into which we penetrate. The body of whirling atoms used by the consciousness vibrates in harmony with their matter and transmits to its creator whatever wave-lengths may be brought to birth.

Realize the perfect union which exists between consciousness and the medium in which it manifests. In its growing rarefaction, the ether increases in that vital sensitiveness which allows it to touch inferior strata. Without being absorbed by it, its own dimension penetrates all others, and we can consider human consciousness as capable of localizing itself in each atom of this super-sensitive state of the universe.

The practical result corresponds to a progressive and clairvoyant sensitivity, bringing about a far more extended range of action.

There is no beginning or end between perception and action. To perceive is to act and vice versa.

Each world, each degree of magnetic concentration in the ether in which we are travelling, possesses a range and possibility of action in harmony with the elements of which it is composed.

*JoYS* What Astral & Causal Entities See:

Channeled entities do not perceive physical matter the same way we do except when they are being channeled and have the use of physical eyes.

The substance of physical life is matter, the substance of astral life is emotion, and the substance of causal life is intellect. Those on the astral plane perceive the physical plane in terms of its emotional substance and those on the casual plane, in terms of intellectual substance.

*AB* Etheric?:

As I suppose, there is etheric matter, but no etheric plane and therefore no etheric sight. When I saw, objects were not identical with those of the physical plane, even when it seemed so at the first glance. Therefore I did not see the etheric counterparts of the physical plane (structures of both should be identical, as theosophs say and as I believe as well). On the other hand, for instance, being in the etheric body I once saw my guardians (living on astral plane), whom I knew, because I have met them several times in the astral plane.

*PotAB* OB Senses:

The senses, within cord-activity range, function so capriciously that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to give an entirely satisfactory account of what might, and might not, happen in the ‘sense field.' When we are in coincidence and conscious, we see only those objects which agree in vibration, or are within the range of vibration, to which our eyes are attuned. When we move out of coincidence, and are conscious, the sense of sight does not always restore itself immediately; but when it does, the range of vibration has increased, and we are then able to see not only the material things, but astral things as well. During close-range separation, the senses can shift back and forth from one body to the other, or be in both bodies and the cable at the same time.

*LFS* Vibrating at a Higher Frequency:

"Their beautiful new bodies... vibrate on a higher frequency than your human eyes can see." -James

*WtK* The Senses of the Soul:

Soul sight and hearing naturally means the ability to see and hear consciously with the soul faculties on the soul planes. There all the beautiful, pure and perfect things present everywhere would be seen and they would naturally greatly attract and even entrance anyone newly privileged with such soul sight.

*WtK* The Senses of the Spirit:

Spiritual sight is the ability to see past and through all forms the ideas that they outpicture and embody, to see the spirit within the soul of things, that which is trying to express itself to the consciousness of every awakened soul.

Sensing From Any Part of the Body

*AoaY* Seeing From Different Places:

"They employ the intuitional sense to experience sensations through any part of the body; they can see through the ear, or nose, or skin. They are able to hear through the eyes or tongue, and can taste through the ears or skin, and so forth."

*PotAB* See From Different Body Parts:

SM: During astral projection, the subject may see out of different parts of his astral body. There are persons who can do this in the physical body, too, for example in the solar plexus. Usually, force of habit compels the projector to use his eyes.

4th Dimensional Astral Sight

Seeing From All Sides & Inside At Once

*AP* Why It Is Seen As the Plane of Illusion- Fluidity of Form & New Senses:

It has often been called the realm of illusion—not that it is itself any more illusory than the physical world, but because of the extreme unreliability of the impressions brought back from it by the untrained seer. This is to be accounted for mainly by two remarkable characteristics of the astral world – first, that many of its inhabitants have a marvelous power of changing their forms with protean rapidity, and also of accosting practically unlimited glamour of those with whom they choose to port; and secondly, that sight on that plane is a faculty very different from and much more extended than physical vision. An object is seen, as it were, from all sides at once, the inside of a solid being as plainly open to the view as the outside. A good example of the sort of mistake that Is likely to occur is the frequent reversal of any number which the seer has to read from the astral light.

*AP* Vision of Physical From Astral- Seeing From All Sides & Inside & Magnified & Extended:

The scenery of these lower divisions, then, is that of the earth as we know it; but it is also very much more. Purely physical objects are seen by one whose eyes are fully opened from all sides at once. Every particle in the interior of a solid body is as fully and clearly visible as those on the outside. Under such conditions even the most familiar objects may at first be totally unrecognizable. Such vision approximates much more closely to true perception than does physical sight. Looked at on the astral plane, for example, the sides of a glass cube would all appear equal, as they really are, while on the physical plane we see the further side in perspective- it appears smaller than the nearer side. This is sight in the fourth dimension.

Visual/4D Tricks, Dispersed Sight(MjooB): In the afterlife, one can see with any part of their body. The eyes of the spirit see in more dimensions than the eyes of the mortal body. She saw her body from all directions at once-from in front, behind, and from the sides.

1) My perceptions were strange, very 4d. No matter how I moved, the front always stayed in front of me.

2) The tree seemed very 4-d, as if I could see many perspectives simultaneously, and the tree looked as if it was weightless.

3) What I didn't realize until I woke up and wrote this is that there is no way I could see someone if they were standing in this position on the physical plane. I just tried to look out my window from where I was standing in my room in the projection, and you simply can't see that corner of the house. I have to put my face right up to the screen and turn my head to see that position from my window. But in the projection I could see that position perfectly standing back a few feet from the window. Geometrically, this would mean that the corner of my room was less than 90 degrees in my projection on whatever plane I was on. Either this or that I could very naturally see around a 90 degree corner! And I know that I was NOT seeing through the wall. I saw the zombie through the window. Whatever the case, the geometry of space was definitely very different in my projection than it is on the physical plane.

4) (NDE) I had never seen myself before in a full all dimensional view. It's appearance was not like looking through a single pair of eyes. But it was like I was seeing from a position while dispersed around the top of the room.

Seeing Through Objects(ABtB): As I focused my vision on the opposite side of the room, the wall seemed to fade slowly from view. It appears to get increasingly vaporous in its form and substance and slowly disappears. In front of me I could see a wide, green field extending far beyond my room.

*HU* Clairvoyant Internal Sight:

The ability to literally look inside a person's body.


*GHL* 4-Dimensional Perspectiveless Astral Sight:

"Astral sight is not quite the same thing as the physical faculty, for it needs no special sense organ. In describing it we have to use the term sight, because that gives the nearest thought to the impression which we wish to convey; but in reality it is more a sort of cognition, which tells us much more than mere sight would tell. Those using astral sight do not need to turn their heads when they wish to see something behind them, for the vibration can be received by any part of the astral body.

"For those who have developed astral senses as well as etheric, what would be the principal additions to their world? ...[We] are dealing with a faculty which needs no organ- a sight which sees all sides of an object at once, and can see it as well behind as before. The only way in which you can thoroughly understand this sight is by regarding it as four-dimensional, and considering that it gives its possessor the same powers with respect to us as we have with respect to a two-dimensional being.

"If we look at a glass cube, we shall see the far side of it in perspective- that is, it will appear smaller than the near side. We know that it is not really so, that this is only an illusion due to our physical limitations. With astral wight we should see all the sides equal, as we know that they really are... We are in every way justified in speaking of this plane and its senses as more real than the physical world." -C. W. Leadbeater

*PotC* OB 3D Omnidirectional Vision:

The extraphysical environment was very dark, and this fact caught my attention. As I thought of dark surroundings, I began to see a bluish light. The change came not from the environment, but from the psychosoma. The artificial light that was emanating from isolated windows in houses and apartments on various floors of the surrounding buildings was stronger and clearer than the light which seemed to have appeared before me over the entire urban landscape, as a result of my expanded visual perception...

When I focused on the six-story building, the structures of the floors were visible to me, as well as the intimacy of the dwellings, as if each segment of the construction had become more clearly illuminated and more sharply focused. I could see that it was occupied. Another inner warning suggested that I should not invade the privacy of those living there...

With omnidirectional, x-ray vision, I was seeing from a distance, around every side and in all directions at once, as well as two of three floors at a time... With my improved visual perception, I could see the foreground in perfect focus, as well as the insides of things, without the influence of perspective.

*SL* The 4-Dimensional Astral Vision:

There is expansion of sense-power. The astral senses, while still distinguishable from each other- for we are not beyond walls of separation in the astral world- are not so limited as the physical. Astral vision sees behind, before and around; it sees every side of an object and pierces through it. The senses acquire fresh subtlety, acuteness and refinement, and from every direction wider knowledge pours in through these wider windows of the soul.

*PotC* Habit Projection & X-Ray Vision:

I slowly achieved lucidity in front of the covered electric typewriter sitting on the table in the study where I had been writing by hand minutes before... This projection had resulted from... a case of automatic behavior...

I contemplated the typewriter and sensed that I was able to see inside of it, as though the instrument were made of crystal.

*WtL* NDE: View Out the Back- Prisms!

(Bill:) I was lying on my back, and I could see through the back of my skull, it opened up like a vision. Unbelievable! Just thinking back, it's quite incredible. It's like different prisms were being used to focus out the other way.

*PotC* Telescopic X-ray OB Vision:

While on the street, I saw the interior of a modern residence at a distance with a clear, telescopic vision, as though I were using a pair of zoom lenses...

I simultaneously saw other parts of the ample house, including a spacious living room where some sort of social reception was being held.

*CBAP* 4D Vision, Timeless Becoming:

Case No. 580: Dr. Wilson cited this case from the Hibbert Journal..:

"In this unreal world there was no time, no sense of present, part or future, but one all-embracing ‘Is.'"...

Gradually the physical objects in the sick-room had become transparent and through them, a vision of a "beyond" appeared...

"I came back to life and found it beautiful because my eyes had seen the beauty that men call ‘death'."

*ANMU* Vision in the Fourth Dimension:

Hinton's idea is precisely that before thinking of developing the capacity of seeing in the fourth dimension, we must learn to visualize objects as they would be seen from the fourth dimension, i.e. first of all, not in perspective, but from all sides at once, as they are known to our "consciousness."


We never see a cube; we see only a part of it, never see it from all sides at once.

From the fourth dimension it must be possible to see the cube from all its sides at once and from within, as though from its center.

The center of a sphere is inaccessible to us. To reach it we must cut or dig our way through the mass of the sphere, I.e. act in exactly the same way as the plane-being with regard to the circle. The process of cutting through will in that case appear to us as a gradual change in the surface of the sphere...

Along the fourth dimension, the center of the sphere is as easily accessible as is the center of the circle in the third dimension.

*CBtL* OBE- Smells, X-Ray, then Slow Return:

I fainted in the gym and my body slid under a table. Suddenly, I found myself floating above my body... The gym had been prepared for graduation and it was full of flowers and the fragrance was overpowering, particularly the gladiolas. I delightedly discovered that I could see through walls, into the locker area and listen to the people laughing and joking.

I could also look through the table and see my body below... When the teachers returned with the wet cloths, they began to wipe my face and I felt a strange pulling sensation, like the pulling of a strand of a spider web, and I realized I had to return to "that body." I really didn't want to go back into it. But then, I began to funnel back into my body.

Learning To See in 3D

*ANMU* How Normal Vision is A Distortion of Reality:

We usually see objects as either above or below us, or on the same level with us, to the right or to the left, behind us or in front of us, and always from one side only- the one facing us- and in perspective. Our eye is an extremely imperfect instrument; it gives us an utterly incorrect picture of the world. What we call perspective is in reality a distortion of visible objects.

*T* Learning to Earth-See; Our Natural Perception Changed:

After eye operations, people who were born blind must also learn to orient themselves in a world they used to know only through the sense of touch. At first, they see the objects as if these were actually in their eyes; next they see them outside their eyes, but as if painted on a flat surface. Only gradually do they learn to perceive depth and the spatial distance between things. (NOTE: Wow! This shows what's innate in man's sensing that he has to overcome to see physically! We innately see what's "inside" us, then there is a dissociation (the flat surface outside us), then a correspondence to currently developed senses, such as touch- distance)

Astral Sight - Incredible Magnification

*AP* Vision of Physical From Astral- Seeing From All Sides & Inside & Magnified & Extended:

The astral vision possesses the power of magnifying at will the minutest physical particle to any desired size.

*HU* Clairvoyant Microscopic Sight:

Brennan can adjust the focus of her vision and even see microscopic structures.

6) After smashing through the wall, he was floating in a universe of no boundaries. He saw the universe as a system of shrinking soap bubbles, one in which the bubbles appeared in spherical, concentric trains that moved in intricate patterns that he completely comprehended. Later he found that neutrinos were the soap bubbles that passed through solid bodies.

7) The bed she was in seemed huge.

*IaTR* Magnification Vision:

Each separate drop of dew is a tiny reservoir of energy. In some mystical way, I see each drop magnified, physically reflecting the gold in the sky.

MicroView(DDG): Many times I have seen what look to me like biological structures in my projections, and I wonder if I may be actually seeing my brain or my own body from on the inside. That is, sometimes it seems like my perception "shrinks" and I can see things that normally one would need a microscope to see. This is one class of surreal region.

Now, the idea of perceiving minute things that we cannot see with our normal vision is not new. Yogis have described this ability for centuries. The earliest known description of this psychic ability is in Patanjali's Yoga sutras, which dates back to 500 B.C.. At the turn of the century Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater used this psychic ability, which they called "magnifying clairvoyance." What I am saying is that you will be able to use this ability when out-of-body. This will occur in two contexts. In the first case, this may be the basis for some of the hypnogogic images you see. The other context in which you may find yourself using the anima ability is that you will seem to be in a place that is very "biological" looking. In this case you are not merely viewing biological structures, but are actually inside of them.

Now, in both cases, I do NOT believe you are literally viewing your physical body. I feel that these perceptions exist on the etheric plane. So what you are seeing is etheric plane images that correspond to biological structures inside your body. This is very similar to when you see your bedroom during a projections; it is not your physical bedroom, but its etheric counterpart. Whatever the truth behind these biological appearing images, there is no question that you may see them.

1) When I had my back to the direction of this wind force, I remember seeing trees pass me by at high velocity. But I managed to turn around and what I saw was unbelievable and utterly amazing. I don't even really know how to describe it! When, after great effort, I turned myself around, I was no longer seeing the forest. Instead I was looking onto this unbelievable colored field and there were three spheres ahead of me and they had something that looked like butterflies dancing in each of them. But they were not butterflies, though they looked a little like them. Whatever they were, there was one each inside of the three spheres and these "butterflies" were spinning and rotating within the sphere and constantly changing color. The way they changed color was strange, it was as if colors were welling into them from somewhere I could not see, like a liquid, and flowing around inside of these butterfly creatures.

I was both awed and confused; confused that the forest was gone, and confused at what I was looking at, awed because whatever I was looking at was very, very beautiful.

My first thought was, "God, this looks like what Leadbeater describes the astral plane to look like." But there was a peculiar quality to the scene that reminded me of looking under a microscope. I began to wonder if I was seeing the inside of my brain somehow. The "butterfly" things were extremely reminiscent of cellular appearances. The background behind the three spheres looked like a landscape, somewhat reminiscent of a garden, but it was strangely and complexly colored, most of the details escaping me now except the preponderance of pink colors, and the effect of sunset-like colors.

Also, I experienced another unique sensation after I had turned around. I still felt like I was being pulled forward by the wind, though that was weakening. I could see nothing in front of me that seemed to be pulling me. And the strange field of colors with its dancing "butterflies", though appearing three dimensional, looked like it was very close to my face.

2) I was watching the biochemical cycles inside my cells, but I was seeing them up close. The scene was staggering in its complexity. In this projection, I was floating amongst the images, floating surrounded by these color patterns. I remember that I was amazed, but baffled, and didn't understand in the least what I was looking at, other than that it was very beautiful and moving around too much to make out any definite structure.

Then I shrunk to protein size, then again: I opened my eyes and I was standing on a rock ledge, and in this ledge were embedded little glistening jewels. I looked up and in front of me as far as I could see were little dots of light all lined up in a lattice pattern. "Are those atoms?" I wondered, "if they are, then why aren't they moving?" The ledge that was overlooking this lattice work was only about three feet high and I stepped off of it into the lattice sea of lights. I floated out into it, mostly confounded by what I was looking at. It was very still and quiet. The lights were simply embedded in the darkness, and they were not moving or anything, only sitting in place glowing softly. I remember these images clear as day.

Then I shrunk again: This time though I was standing in a city, and it felt very gloomy to me. It was misty and kind of dark. Things were colored, but pale, and mostly shadowy. I felt a little scared by this place. Far off in the distance I saw a creature running and it seemed to me to look like a wolf running like a man. I remember at this point thinking to myself, "I wonder if I'm on the lowest astral plane now? Maybe what happened is I started out at thememe level, shrunk deeper and deeper into the physical level, until I finally popped right out of the physical level into the astral plane."

(Me: maybe this is an unhealthy cell, and it's inner world it how it sees all your experiences!)

** Becoming To Experiencing a Thing:

(EbtL) She wanted to experience the life of a flower, to step into it and feel its spirit. As this thought came, she was able to see down into it. Her vision became microscopic and allowed me to penetrate the rose's deepest parts. She felt the rose around her, she experienced it as if she was the flower.

*PotC* OB Light & Vision Expansion:

In my first projection to the door of the living room, my visual capacity improved. The orange extraphysical brightness of the ambiance, which was physically dark, intensified from an extraphysical point of view. Every time I went through the closed bedroom door leading to the corridor, both the bedroom ad the corridor seemed to be much larger than they actually were.

*PotC* Expanded Vision:

It was interesting to note that the perspective of the scenery appeared totally modified when viewing it from higher up. The Atlantic Ocean seemed to have expanded and become filled with lights. My range of vision became greatly enlarged, and the immense seascape spread out beautifully before me. (NOTE: This is like a visual equivalent of getting into the moment. You visually get into where you are now- it expands. You enter it.)

*tAW* The Magnifying Power of the Astral Vision:

The astral vision, when developed, is capable of magnifying any object, material or astral, to an enormous degree- for instance, the trained occultist is able to perceive the whirling atoms and corpuscles of matter. (NOTE: I wonder, truly, if the growing and shrinking of new and old thought-forms has anything to do with a specificly focused use of this magnifying power!)

*PotC* OB Space Distortion Effects:

The psychosoma became stabilized beneath the ceiling. I sat in mid-air, observing the situation...

My senses were sharper than usual and I started to think...

I gathered all my strength and, with all my will, leaped to the right into the hallway of the apartment. At that moment, a pleasant, pale, bluish light appeared that filled the whole room. The rooms had become huge, as if the walls had been pushed farther out.

Astral Sight - 360˚ Vision

Script: This isnt so shocking when you consider the descriptions of being able to see from any point on the astral body.
*CBtL* 360 Degree Vision:

You will discover that you have 360 degree vision, that your body has limited your vision.

*JoNDE* 360 degrees:

G-LOC: "I was floating in a blue ocean, on my back…kind of asleep but not asleep. I knew the sun was up…like someone was trying to wake me up. Finally, I woke up and I was on the centrifuge! I did not want to wake up…I could see myself on the water and also look at the sun; the sky was very blue, the sun very yellow."

*JoNDE-KR* 360 Degree Multidimensional Multispatial Vision:

"[At this time] I was meditating every day…during one of these deep meditative states, I had a very profound and startling experience. Although my eyes were closed, I could suddenly see everything-the whole room and myself in it-and I couldn't tell where I was seeing from! I wasn't seeing from my eyes of from any single point of view. I seemed to be seeing everything from everywhere. There seemed to be eyes in every cell of my body and in every particle surrounding me. I could simultaneously see from straight on, from above, from below, from behind, and so on…There seemed to be no observer separate from what was seen. There was simply awareness." (Liberman, 1995, p.47)


This account from and NDEr: I was hovering over a stretcher in one of the emergency rooms at the hospital. What a neat perspective! I could see everything. I could see to top of the light on the ceiling, and the underside of the stretcher. I could see the tiles on the ceiling and the tiles on the floor, simultaneously. Three hundred sixty degree spherical vision. And not just spherical. Detailed! I could see every single hair and the follicle out of which it grew on the head of the nurse standing beside the stretcher. At the time I knew exactly how many hairs there were to look at. But I shifted focus. She was wearing glittery white nylons. Every single shimmer an sheen stood out in glowing detail, and once again I knew exactly how many sparkles there were.

*ST* 360 Degree Sight & Bodiless Separation:

I woke at the sound of intermittent loud crackling. I was vibrating like crazy!

I moved over to a corner. But something was different. No, I was different. I was not using my astral body. I was not using any body at all!

I appeared to be a pinpoint of consciousness and nothing else. I could see the room in all directions, at once!

*ST* Multiple Body Experience, 360 Degree Point Outside the Astral:

I sat up astrally. I moved to my left. I was dragging something behind me which felt like a deflated inner tube.

Suddenly I realized that parts of me were in three separate locations. My physical body was flat on its back on the right side of our bed. My astral body was the deflated inner tube dragging behind me, and the I that was me was a pinpoint of consciousness.

I continued to move around Kathy's head and to my amazement I was not my normal size. I was tiny and Kathy appeared to be a giant! She suddenly moved. As if I were at the end of my leash, I was instantaneously jerked back into my bodies. I reconnected and realized that my physical hand was still resting on Kathy's leg. Every time she moved, so would my hand. This forced me to return to my body.

(CCG) Eight Corners -- Spherical View. You can see in all directions at the same time. Some describe this as seeing the 8 corners of the room. Try it. It is difficult to see 6 while physical. Some also describe this as having an eye in the back of the head. Your astral vision is not limited by direction. It takes a while to get used to this. Right, left, up, down? It gets confusing. We are accustomed to moving in only two directions. Now you are moving in three... actually more. Some people begin to get confused between left and right even while physical! OBE vision is often reversed, inverted or inside-out -- but not always.

(MjooB) After more time OB, some realized that they could see in all directions at once. One could see everything around him without occupying any space. We are limited by what we believe our limits are. All we have to do is to try to be able to do. You learn that you can see in all directions at once, without turning your head. You can turn these perceptions on or off at will.

*RB* Astral Vision:

The Effects Of Spherical Vision(RB): In the physical body we have 220 degrees of vision. In the Astral body we have more than 360 degrees of vision and can see on all sides at once. This is Spherical vision. During projection, habit forces us to focus our attention in one direction only, where we feel the forward part of our vision is. The view behind, above, below, left and right is still there, and seen all at once, but it can not be assimilated by the brain, all at once. This goes against the brain's lifelong habit of frontal vision.

It is important to understand spherical vision, if you are to operate competently in the astral. This is especially so when you project, in real time, close to the physical dimension. Spherical vision will often cause you to think you are in a mirror image dimension, or a reversed copy of reality. This is caused by you losing your original natural viewpoint during projection: you have become disoriented and taken a different viewpoint from normal, i.e., you have rotated or turned upside down. This reverses your natural left-right, up-down viewpoint. This tricks the subconscious mind into reversing the place you are in so your conscious mind can function properly. As you don't have a physical body in the astral, if you want to look behind yourself you don't have to turn around, or move at all. You just change your viewpoint to the rear. This, when done without moving, causes the mirror image effect, in a way its like looking in a mirror to see behind. (!!!)

The diagram below illustrates this reversal of viewpoint without turning, note left and right do not change:

Right | Right


(A) <<<<<<<<<--------|-------->>>>>>>>>> (B)


Left | Left

i.e. If viewpoint (A) becomes viewpoint (B) without turning, then Left and Right are not reversed. This causes the subconscious mind to use its creative power to correct the view by reversing it, or parts of it. This is easier and causes fewer problems for the conscious mind than if it had to try and accept a reversal of left and right.

A similar effect can be had by lying face down and looking above your head, or standing on your head and trying to pick the left and right sides of things. This causes a slight confusion in your sense of left and right, i.e., you have to consciously calculate which is left and right from your reversed position. This slight confusion is all that is needed to trick the subconscious mind into creating something easier to accept. Your brain is unable to assimilate this reversal and thus gives you a new perspective according to what it feels is left and right at the time. Once you consciously notice this anomaly it is too late to reverse it. The brain cannot accept a conscious change of left and right. If you happen to get reversed sometime during a projection, take your left-right coordinates from the building or structure around you, and ignore your own sense of left and right completely. You are not wasting your time in some strange mirror dimension.

Astral Sight - Things Not Physically Seen

*AP* Vision of Physical From Astral- Seeing From All Sides & Inside & Magnified & Extended:

Astral sight cognizes forms of matter which, while still purely physical, are nevertheless invisible under ordinary conditions. Such, for example, are the particles composing the atmosphere, all the various emanations which are always being given out by everything that has life, and also four grades of a still finer order of physical matter which, for want of more distinctive names, must all be described as etheric.

The ultra-red and ultra-violet rays which science has discovered by other means being plainly perceptible to astral sight.

Astral Sight - Seeing Psychic Flashes

*OwtL* OB, Seeing Psychic Anxiety Flashes:

Heidi saw a nurse come into the hospital room... "She took one look at my body lying on the bed, and I perceived a flash of anxiety and concern.

"She called for orderlies, interns, and other nurses..."

Wave after wave of anxiety and concern began to buffet her from the group of medical personnel.

Astral Sight - Seeing At a Distance

*LFS* Multiperspective:

"Say, that's another strange phenomena, I am here with you in New Mexico, but I just watched Alisha working on a crafts project in the dining room in North Carolina, both at the same time!" -James

*PotAB* Distant Seeing/Traveling:

There are times when the projected phantom can also see things which are many miles away; but as a rule the phantom will instantly move to the spot.

Astral Sight

*SD&P* You Learned How to Physically See, and Must Also Learn to See Astrally:

In physical experience, you are dealing with an environment with which you are familiar. You have completely forgotten the chaos and unpredictable nature it presented before learning processes were channeled into its specific directions. You learned to perceive reality in a highly specified fashion.

Your physical mechanisms are equipped to function in such a way that reality is perceived through the lens of particular root assumptions, then. Using the physical senses, it is almost impossible for you to perceive reality in any other way.

The organization however is, biologically speaking, artificial and learned. This organizational structure of perception can be broken up, as recent LSD experiments certainly show. The fact that this does occur shows that the systems of perception are not a part of over-all structure biologically, but learned secondary responses. It is disturbing to the whole organism, however, to break up the strong pattern of usual perception. Inner stability of response is suddenly swept away.

*AP* Vision of Physical From Astral- Seeing From All Sides & Inside & Magnified & Extended:

Take a rock as an example. When regarded with trained sight it is no mere inert mass of stone. First of all, the whole of the physical matter of the rock is seen instead of a very small part of it; secondly, the vibrations of its physical particles are perceptible; thirdly, it is seen to possess an astral counterpart composed of various grades of astral matter, whose particles are also in constant motion; fourthly, the universal life is seen to be circulating through it and radiating from it; fifthly, an aura will be seen surrounding it, though this is, of course, much less extended and varied than in the case of the higher kingdoms; sixthly, its appropriate elemental essence is seen permeating it.

Few untrained persons on that plane, whether living or dead, see things as they really are until after very long experience; even those who do see fully are often too dazed and confused to understand or remember; and among the very small minority who both see and remember there are hardly any who can translate the recollection into language on our lower plane.

*HU* OBE Senses:

Monroe notes that perception during OBEs seems based less on "a reflection of light waves" and more on "an impression of radiation," an observation that suggests once again that when on enters the OB realm, one begins to enter Pribaram's frequency domain. The wavelike and seemingly electromagnetic qualities of the OB realm. Still others have commented on the sense of cosmic unity one experiences during the stage and have summarized it as a feeling that "everything is everything," and "I am that."

As with OBEs, when NDEers are out-of-body, they are able to report details they have no normal sensory meaning of knowing.

NDE researchers have found that even patients who are blind, and have had no light perception for years, can see and accurately describe what is going on around them when they have left their bodies during an NDE.

Theories of Different Kinds of Vision(BP): The astral body isn't equipped with eyes which process light. Astral eyes are more for appearance than function. Therefore, the physical brain is forced to give physical interpretations to nonphysical "images." I've experienced four basic types of sight during my out-of-body experiences. I call them astral sight, body-sight, mind-sensing and clairvoyance.

Astral Mind-Sensing: [360˚ nonvisual sensing: see thought-touch]

Body Sight: [Opening the physical eyes: see physical operation]

Astral Sight is closer to in-the-body physical sight than the other types. With this type of sight, objects seen while out of the body may look just like they do while in the body. This is the most desirable type of sight because it is easier for the physical brain to interpret the images seen during the OBE. The sight is focused at the astral body's eyes and objects usually appear solid. Usually I have to make a special effort to employ this type of sight, and I've noticed that my peripheral vision isn't very good. Eyesight (among other things) is affected by our beliefs and our thoughts.

The strangest thing I find about the astral plane is how astral sight works. It's like a truer "tunnel vision." You see only where you look, and then only what you expect or want to see. I didn't see any of the surroundings of my physical room. For example, I didn't see my dressers or bookshelf, but I could see my own astral body when I expected to see it. OBE #5 also involved the strange sense of sight. [During that experience] I saw the physical pillow, hand, etc., but not my astral hands. When I wanted to see what they were doing, I looked out in front, and slowly the VISION of them swaying gently back and forth FADED IN. They slowly got clearer until I could recognize that they were my hands....

1) ...I looked up about 30 degrees and I didn't see my bookshelf, etc. I saw a gray area, almost as if it were a time-tunnel, like the old television show. But it was like a gray cloud.... (NOTE: This is what I consider "hypnagogic vision")

Clairvoyance: "Clairvoyance" is the term I use to define a whole grab-bag of different types of sight, such as seeing auras and receiving images of people and places that aren't present. I believe that "remote-viewing" mainly uses this type of sight, which used to be called "traveling clairvoyance" years ago. (CG) One phase of mediumship, which is called 'traveling clairvoyance' is the out of body state. (BP) I believe anyone can learn to use this type of sight, whether out of the body or in, with practice.

I feel now that I was actually using clairvoyant sight or "second sight" because I noticed a difference between it and the usual astral sight. The astral sight I am used to usually doesn't give me great detail. In this projection I saw my legs, the pajamas I was wearing, and the exact design on those pajamas. Ordinarily when I look at my legs astrally I either see them as bare legs, or I see clothing vaguely. In this [mode of] vision I also noticed many other details. The neatest thing was being able to see both sets of legs there. Both sets of legs looked semi-transparent, and I could distinguish color very well. I looked at my [astral] arms, not astrally, but clairvoyantly, as if trying to see a spirit from the physical world. My [astral] arms were transparent when I looked at them that way. They looked like transparent, dark black filmy shadows.

1) "I heard the back door open and shut. I directed my attention over there, and my clairvoyant vision opened up. I saw that it was my mom coming in from outside. (he eventually tried the window but was still on the second floor and went out that window)."

2) I bent my astral arms at the elbow and looked at the arms. They looked and felt perfectly normal and natural. They seemed so normal that after shaking them a few times I convinced myself I was back inside my body!

3) The details didn't change, nor did my speed. And the tremendous detail I saw around me assured me I was seeing reality and not a dream. In dreams I notice very few details, only those that are necessary to the immediate story unfolding around me. This wasn't a dream. I verified and studied the details I saw below. The details were all the same as waking life. Besides, I was fully awake and conscious. I was experiencing reality with more clarity than normal in-the-body life.

Since what I saw didn't change, (I was looking for changes) I knew my eyesight was at least normal, and that I wasn't dreaming. Dreams have a bad habit of changing the scenery to produce certain situations and emotions.

4) I dont understand how I could see so far. It seemed as if this spiritual sense had no limitations, as if I could look anywhere and everywhere.

The Astral Body Through Different Eyes: I thought of another way: if I could change my vision to purely astral vision I should be okay, I thought. So I lifted my arms out in front of me, and I tried to see clairvoyantly....I looked at my arms, not astrally, but clairvoyantly, as if trying to see a spirit from the physical world. My arms were transparent when I looked at them that way. They looked like transparent, dark black filmy shadows. I studied them for a while, then blacked out.

Back out, I held up my arms again, and I studied them carefully with clairvoyant vision. I was able to alter my vision. I could change my vision so that I could totally see my astral hands as solid, not transparent, but I had to focus on them intently to see them this way.

(AB) There are 2 kinds of visual perception: astral vision and at some few occasions astral->physical vision.

Astral->Physical vision is often reported in NDE's. There are as well some rare OBEs where the physical environment was seen and heard, but they are rather an exception and difficult to explain.

Astral sight: Astral sight is an inner sight, not depending on light or on an eventual astral pendant of it. Therefore astral sight is independent from distance, and "visual perception" can be superimposed by psychic inputs. [Combined with Clairvoyant?] Light and darkness are caused by the inner level of awareness and not by the environment. In certain energetic (kundalini) states everything presents itself in golden or silver light quality. The perception of a world formed of pure light is overwhelming.

Immediate-Environment Vision(SM): Akin to distant-point vision is what might be called immediate-environment vision, in which the dreamer sees occurrences which are actually happening in his immediate environment, and even in the room wherein he sleeps. Such dreams usually occur in the daytime during a midday nap; not infrequently just an instant before the dreamer awakens.

Impression of Radiation(MJooB): Everything is brighter than before. Vision seems incredibly more powerful. Blind people or people with poor vision can see perfectly well. Seeing is more an impression of radiation than a reflection of light waves. These experiences are frequency-like, less based on reflected light than on an impression of radiation. Things seem more wavelike and have electromagnetic qualities. Monroe usually saw things in B&W under any lighting conditions. Strong lighting can make a black-haired man look blonde.

*TB* The Mental [Astral} Body Senses:

We can see other bardo beings, but we cannot be seen by living beings, except those who have the kind of clairvoyance developed through deep experience in meditation. So we can meet and converse for fleeting moments with many other travelers in the bardo world, those who have died before us.

*SD&P* Seeing Magnificent Color in an OBE:

I fell asleep and dreamed that Rob had just come home and had begun to redecorate the room. Though I was surprised to see him, I accepted without question the fact that he was home early and did not realize I was dreaming at this point. Instead, I found the room transformed with spectacular color such as I'd never seen before- brilliant, shimmering, alive and richer than I even imagined color could be. Everything in the room took on this fantastic other-color life. I felt myself drink it up, absorb it, in a way that's most difficult to explain. The white walls were replaced by intricate colored wallpaper and drapes of velvet. The colors seemed to have a natural life themselves, glowing from within, throbbing with vitality.

I kept exclaiming about the colors and ran into the next room to see if the effect went through the whole apartment. My image in the bathroom mirror stopped me. I was wearing a lovely headdress of orange and yellow intertwines threads, each one glistening in the golden light that now filled the room. I took it off and examined it, wonderingly, then looked in the mirror again. My own hair shone, each separate hair vigorous and sensuous with color. My skin appeared the same way, giving forth the most subtle tones.

*PtE* Lucid Dreams & Sight:

1) I notice that I can see better with my left eye, that it is more open than the other eye.

Her) Here, the superior sight with the left eye in the dream was probably a function of the fact that the buzzing sensation from acupuncture was stronger on my left side.

2) My own eyes seemed to be a source of light that directed illumination wherever I looked.

*LFS* Spiritual Vision:

"Seeing in this world is different than it is in yours. We see through the feelings, and view the essence of people. We don't see height, weight, color, age, etc. We see the goodness and love in the soul. That is why when love and tenderness are present, if we have a soul connection, then the veil dissolves and visual contact is possible... It is always love that opens the door. But dark feelings close it totally, and no contact is possible." -James

Synesthesia & Full Sensory Info(SD): The blind could give accurate, visual discriptions. You could hear colors in the afterlife.

The Glow of Astral Sight

*ST* Astral Light:

My surroundings were illuminated by a strange glow. It wasn't dark nor was it daylight; it was an eerie dusk. The lighting did not appear to have a one directional source.

*PAP* The View From OB:

As we slip out of the physical wrapper, we see the familiar furniture of our room just as before. The only difference we notice is a light phosphorescent glow.

*PotAB* Glow:

The room, which is dark to your physical eyes, is no longer dark- for you are using your astral eyes, and there is a ‘foggish' light everywhere, such as you see in your dreams, a diffused light we might call it, a light which seems none too bright, and yet is not too dim, apparently sifting right through the objects of the material world.

*TB* The Mental [Astral} Body Senses:

The mental body can see through three-dimensional objects. Yet since we lack the father and mother essences of the physical body, we no longer have the light if sun or moon, but only a dim glow illuminating the space immediately in front of us.

Seeing in the Higher Realms
Astral Sight To The Astral Inhabitant

*AP* What the Regular Astral Inhabitant Sees:

The regular inhabitant of the astral plane is under ordinary circumstances conscious only of the objects of that plane, physical matter being to him as entirely invisible.

*SC* How A Spirit Personality Sees in Higher Realms:

Tom MacPherson:"There is another level that I can adjust to rather quickly, where the lot of you are little more than illumination, pure light. Depending on how far into the planes I go, eventually it all becomes white light, with perceptions of movement and greater and lesser luminosity, where all things are accessed instantaneously- rather like when you spin a color wheel with all the colors and it eventually goes to white. (NOTE: The cycling color-white!) It is light, pure illumination. Strictly light. Close your eyes once and look toward an illumination and you get a slight perception of what it's like. Look away from the light and it will get darker. Look toward it, you'll see more. Press on the surface of your eyes and you'll see sparkles. It's very similar to that."

*LBD* Physical and Spiritual Color:

In the sense-world we may see, for example, a red colour, and ask: ‘What lies behind this colour?' The answer will be: ‘Something which exists in space, something made of matter.' A red colour will also appear to you in the spiritual world, but behind it is nothing material... Behind this red is, rather, a soul-spiritual being... From the sense-impression of a colour we descend into the outer, physical material world; from imaginative perception, on the other hand, we rise up higher and higher through regions of the spiritual world... Physical colour is like a frozen, solidified spiritual experience...

But when a spirit comes near to us and we are aware... that it is radiating red, this red is not a property of the spirit in the same way that the red belongs to the rose. It is, rather, a kind of manifestation of the spirit's inner intention.

Seeing Through Space & Time

*tAW* Seeing Things Without the Akashic Records:

You may also travel in the Astral, on ordinary space dimensions, and thus see what happened simultaneously all over the earth, at any special moment of time, if you wish.

Seeing The Physical Transformed

*SC* How A Spirit Personality Sees Physicality in Its Terms:

Tom MacPherson: "We can experience things just as spatially as you. We're not just floating around.

"As I perceive this room, for instance, it has the appearance of a friendly old English pub. The gentlemen are sitting about in clothing appropriate to their consciousness as they would have been in that day. Some of the ladies are sitting about in shamefully low-cut dresses appropriate to whatever daring level of consciousness they had achieved in that day. Other ladies are sitting around buttoned up tighter than a drum. Your attire and appearance is adjusted so I don't suffer a culture shock in speaking with you. Your lamps are replaced with candles and copper-backed reflectors; fluids and beverages that did not exist in my day adapt to being ale. This perceptual reality assists me in my communication so I can work with you logistically.

"There is another level that I can adjust to rather quickly, where the lot of you are little more than illumination, pure light... (NOTE: Continued)"

*UR2* Viewing the Physical Universe From Outside It:

It is by altering its own relationship with the physical universe that consciousness can best understand its own properties, and glimpse from another vantage point that physical universe, where it will be seen in a different light. Operating outside the body, consciousness can better perceive the properties of matter. It cannot experience matter, however, in the same fashion as it can when it is physically oriented... (NOTE: psychedelics)

Such a traveling consciousness may journey within physical reality... An out-of-body consciousness may also enter other physically attuned realities: those operating "at different frequencies than your own."

*ASJ* The Astral Counterpart of Sound:

Every physical sound has its astral counterpart and, as it were, sounds a note which can be heard by those using the astral body.

Astral Thought-Touch

*ST* Astral Thought-Touch:

I became aware of a humanoid figure lying in the bed next to my body.

I began probing the figure with a part of my consciousness. I was not using my astral hands to identify this reclining intruder, I was using pure thought. I could mentally touch this being from head to toe all at the same time.

*BP* Astral Mind-Sensing:

Astral mind-sensing is the type of eyesight that I've experienced most often during my OBEs. This isn't much like true eyesight at all. You can't actually "see" things, but you can "feel" with your mind where everything is. This type of sight isn't centered around astral eyes. Objects are "felt" in all directions simultaneously, by the whole focus of consciousness. This type of sight is very hard to interpret or describe in physical terms. With this type of sight, you can flawlessly navigate a cluttered room but not "see" any particular object in the room. Here are a few examples:

1) Again, my vision [had been] funny; I had thought to look to see if I could see the glow of their auras, and had made a special effort to "look" at their bodies. I couldn't really see, but I could sense things with my mind, sort of like radar. I could feel the presences of things always, but had to make a special effort to "see" with eyes. I realized that at the time, and I made a special effort to "look" so I could bring back a clear memory when I came back; the mind-vision must be very hard to translate into physical terms by the brain.

(AB) Pre-Vision State: However, very often the astral visual perception is not yet established when starting etheric OBE. Therefore no vision exists, which for me was very annoying. Wrapped in deepest darkness, I stepped forward into the black night, having nevertheless a good orientation by a kind of inner space sensing. As usual in near-body distance I was without visual perception and in absolute darkness. In a certain distance from my physical body I always was able to see. This kind of vision was astral. [Equivalent to Astral Mind Sensing Above! And like pre-translated taste experience!]

*SS* Inner Vibrational Touch:

Inner vibrational touch is a much more personal experience, more like "becoming a part of" that which you perceive, rather than a reading of an aura.

*JoNDE* An Undeveloped Inner Sense:

"Several weeks before I nearly died, a good friend of mine, Bob, had been killed. Now the moment I got out of my body I had the feeling that Bob was standing there, right next to me. I could see him in my mind and felt like he was there, but it was strange. I didn't see him as his physical body. I could see things, but not in the physical form, yet just as clearly, his looks, everything." (Moody, 1975, p.56)

OB Skin Sensations

*CBAP* Dramatic Skin Sensations While OB:

Case No. 726: "My senses are vividly alert during such episodes... I remember... the tang of the moist air, so humid and hot. I have often wondered about this, for I could feel the humidity cling to my skin in the way I have experienced mist on the Yorkshire or Scottish moors. Once, during a stopover in Iceland on a flight to the United States, I had the same impression. It was raining hard outside the plane; but inside I felt I was in contact with hot air, as though it touched my skin."

Astral Taste, Touch, & Smell

*FVE* Taste in Dreams:

I noted with perfect clearness of mind: "Well, we can also have voluntary impressions of

taste in this dream-world; this has quite the taste of wine."

** Other Astral Senses:

Hearing: Numerous people have heard their doctor pronouncing them dead. *ABtB: Hearing remained the same.

Touch: I did have a sense of touch.

Missing Senses: *MJooB: Smell and taste have been absent. No one has ever reported any odors or tastes while OB.

*SM* Astral Body Sensations: Taste seemed absent. *H&H: Taste and touch correspond to pleasures of the body which obscure understanding the more they dominate. Men become dull and stupid as they yield to these less important senses.

Nature of Senses: All five senses are available if we focus on them.

(BP) 1) OB, I sat upright in bed and tried to smell the air. I found that I could although my room didn't smell of anything in particular. I think I felt the air rush through my nose. I pressed my hands together at my waist. It felt as if I was wearing rubbery winter gloves.

Speaking & Hearing Your Voice

*SM* Sound Effects, Voices:

Hearing Your Own Voice: 1) It was really dark, almost pitch black. I don't think I was blind, it was just as if I was suffering because of the time of day. I was searching for some light source but found none. I then asked for my sight a couple of times - in what seemed like this whiny voice!

2) I started to call out and experienced the same thing that happened the other night. I could hear my voice in my mind and it sounded perfectly normal, but when I actually tried to talk, it came out in slow motion.

3) I very enthusiastically rushed into the room shouting, "J.C., Hey J.C.! I did it!". This was very strange because, as I yelled, my voice seemed to come out of me in slow motion as if someone were playing a 78 record at 16 speed. But at the same time, I was hearing this, I was hearing another "me" actually shouting out these things normally. But this voice sounded far in the background and behind the slower voice.

4) The first experiment that came to mind was to test how sound worked. So I said something like, "Hello? Testing One-two-three." Although I formed the words with my astral lips and used my astral vocal cords, no sound came out. I faintly heard a tiny voice in the background, but it was too muffled to understand. Perhaps the problem was merely my brain's interpretation of the sound.

5) Hearing the whole answer machine then the final "Leave Your Name And....Etc" I begin talking with my mouth. The weird thing was when I would talk the speech would come out like a moaning sound or someone talking in slow motion where the words sounded funny.

6) ...I was really in my astral body again, stuck to my physical body. I tried to say, "It's just not fair," but I couldn't! So I tried to telepath it, and I heard it faintly in my inner hearing. Disappointed that I couldn't "say" it physically, I tried very hard again. Then I heard my [physical] voice say it, but the voice sounded distorted, as if someone said it for me. Or as if the transition from the physical sounds to the astral sounds made it sound squeaky, distorted.

Strange Sounds/Voices(AB): Usually I was accustomed to silence in OBE-prestage, in contrary to false awakening, in which state I was surrounded by noisy "people". In false awakenings, I actually can see the persons, who are speaking to each other or to me and they are not harmful and mostly polite.

When overtired I experienced another state. At these occasions I very often heard unpolite words and curses of entities, which seemed to surround me. Once, when it became too molesting, I pushed them away like a foggy cloud, and disturbance was gone for ever.

1) I felt the vibrations and began to sink down and down. As I did, I heard this voice or sound which appeared evil and might have been a kind of laugh. It sounded like a series of 'eh' noises. I still sank further and further down all the while still hearing this sound. I opened my eyes once more and found myself back in my body. I considered trying to leave my body again but thought better of it. Thinking back upon it, it was as if something was pulling me down.

2) I half awoke to find I could hear a voice inside my head. It told me to imagine a ball at the base of my head. I must have tried it when it said, `No, not the skull, the head'. I felt the ball growing bigger and as it did so, I felt this pulling movement in my body. I was shown lots of words in my mind, one after the other, that I should feel - words like `zip' and `whiz'. I was told to move my arms about and thrash around. Within five seconds or so, I felt the vibrations and was amazed that the `technique' worked so easily and fast. Then I lost it.

3) Sitting in my armchair I had the impression of a very crowded room. For a short time I opened my eyes and saw several persons feeling at home, lying in the bed, coming and going and being very noisy. I continued exercising with high concentration to shield off the disturbance. At last I was successful, having a wonderful walk through an unknown, lovely countryside with meadows, rocks and waterfalls.

*PAP* The Difficulty of Speaking:

[He goes to visit a friend] Talking was trying me a great deal. As soon as I stopped speaking, strength seemed to come back.

*FVE* Dream Shouting:

The sensation of the voice during a lucid dream is most marvelous. I use my voice as loudly as I can, and though I know quite well that my physical body is lying in profound sleep, I can hardly believe that this loud voice is inaudible in the waking world.

Heightened Senses Include Deep Attention & Insight

Better Sight As Greater Attention(H&H): Heavenly senses are far more exquisite. Spirits see clearly by the light of heaven. Angels can perceive and see the minutest details. Their external sight flows into their understanding. They perceive the minutest details of tone in speech. Unafraid, they look for truth and see it all. Sight and hearing are conducive to will and understanding.

(Me: YES! By seeing it all, not better vision, but better attention to detail!)

*IaTR* True Sight Contains an Accompanying Insight:

True sight contains an accompanying insight.

So complete and whole is this directly imparted communication that there is no possibility of misunderstanding.

Senses Are Limited By Beliefs

*HU* 360 Degree Vision:

These nonphysical senses are further hampered by the constraints our own self-limiting beliefs place upon them. A number of talented OB travelers have noted that once they became more at home in their second body, they discovered that they could "see" in all directions at once without turning their heads.

OB Vision From Within the Body

*CBAP* Seeing With Eyes Closed:

Case No. 657: "...But this is the really strange thing about all this- a couple of times, when my wife works the mill night-shift, my children had to awaken me. I see her, or my children, well in advance of their touching me. but this is the thing- my wife, and my children, tell me that my eyelids are closed tight..."

*TtE* Blind in NDE Can See:

In another account of a flying experiencer, a woman describes the medical charts at the head of other beds in the room. The truly remarkable feature of this NDE account was that the experiencer was blind.

Split/Dual Vision

*PotAB* Dual Vision:

The sleeper will sometimes become conscious and see himself, in the astral, from his physical eyes. True as it may seem to him, he was not conscious in the physical at all. The normal physical eyes would not see the phantom, and, furthermore, the physical eyes were closed. The current of vision, instead of centering at the astral body's eyes, was making a circuit across the cable to the physical eyes. Dual astral vision occurs when the projector apparently sees from the physical eyes, and at the same time sees from the eyes of the astral body. This dual astral vision is not necessarily dual consciousness; it is a double-track sense of sight, one of these tracks running across the ‘line of force' to the physical body, and the other to the astral body. If dual astral vision be operative, and the phantom moves beyond cord-activity range- plink!- out goes the vision from the physical eyes.

Split/Dual Vision: 1) I could feel myself "sink" into my physical body, and weird as this sounds I could see two distinct visual fields at once. They didn't overlap though, one was on top of the other, as if my visual field were cut in two. The top one was my visual field in my projection of my day-lit bedroom, and the bottom field was my dark bedroom at night. There was even a definite line of demarcation between the two view fields. My vision was literally split in half! It was the absolutely strangest sensation! And as I struggled to shake myself, I could feel myself pull down to the lower view of my bedroom, and the top view seemed to go up and out of my visual field. (NOTE: Like the higher thought-visual-field I have noticed before!)

*PotC* Dual Perception:

During one of the departures, I felt the transition state of double consciousness, seeming to be partly in the soma and partly in the psychosoma, having some lucidity in both conditions simultaneously, predominating first in one place and then in the other, according to the location of mental focus. In fact, the consciousness never divides itself. However, one's perception seems to be double, or in two places at once.

Astral Visual Agnosia

Script: This isnt so strange when we consider that the depth field is separate from the color field.

*BP* Right/Left Brain: OB Visual Agnosia:

Scientists have shown that one side of the brain (usually the left side) is more logical, mathematical and tends to put labels on the objects it sees. The other side of the brain is mainly used for aesthetics, emotions and things of an artistic nature. If the OBE was strictly devoted to the right hemisphere, it would explain why Ingo Swann could see and draw the American flag "target," but did not label it as a flag. It would also explain some difficulty people have identifying targets in OBE experiments.

1) I lifted myself slowly into the air about two feet with my mind. I didn't notice anything in my bedroom because my eyesight was strange, but when I was about three feet away from my body, I noticed an object. The object was off in the distance and hanging in midair.

I didn't recognize the object right away, but it was shaped almost like a human head: it was white, and it had dark prongs on top, as though the head was wearing a crown. I thought, "I can go anywhere I want now...but if I don't find out what that object is, it will bother me the rest of my life." I stopped my forward motion and floated weightlessly in the air. I turned toward the white object and looked at it. It appeared filmy and transparent.

At first I thought it was a materialized head with a crown, all made of ectoplasm, similar to the objects and faces seen in "spirit photography." I focused on it more and started to notice certain details: the "chin" area was square. I became very determined to solve the mystery of what it was, regardless of whether of not it was dangerous. I mentally pulled myself toward the object and tried to focus on it more.

I figured I was seeing it with my emotions, as if I were using the right side of my brain. So I tried to engage my intellect, or the left side of my brain [by solving mathematical problems in my mind]. As I did this the object became clear--it was my nearest Aloe Vera plant, sticking out of its white pot. As it came into focus, the rest of the room also came into focus and I could see everything in my bedroom clearly.

I should also mention that there were two other aloe plants, in dark brown vases, sitting next to the plant in the white vase. The three plants were sitting in a row on top of my dresser. Until my vision became clear, I only saw the one plant, and it looked as if it was hanging in midair.

(See also more on Visual Agnosias)

Overcoming Astral Perceptual Difficulties

How They Swell Into Being(SM): When the sense of hearing first begins to manifest, the sounds seem far away. When the eyes first begin to see, everything seems blurred and whitish. Just as the sounds become more distinct, so does the sense of sight become clearer and clearer. There is a spot, just out of coincidence, in which, as the phantom passes upward through it, the consciousness seems to fade out to some extent; then radiate back to normal again. I have noticed this every time.

*SD&P* OB Perceptual Weirdness:

[OB] Here I find about twelve people in the water, in skin-diving outfits. [She joins them and they discover an underwater house with underwater inhabitant.]

We kick to the wall and push through up the fireplace, one by one, to surface. The instant I yank off my mask, I jolt awake. For some time I am disoriented. I find myself sitting on the dock and do not recall walking there. I'm in my physical body now, yet somehow the physical world around me is incomplete with enormous pieces missing. Finally, my head clears; it had been filled with a peculiar whine. It was as though the world outside of the immediate focus of my eyes was only half-formed; the rest, grayish and swirling.

5) I felt like I was very high up and, when I could see it seemed that I was standing on a cloud. I couldn't see well around me but I remember managing to look downward. There only seemed to be clouds below, but my vision was fading in and out badly now. It seemed as if my spirit friend was behind me. At one point I caught a glimpse of my friend and I. We were standing on a cloud and we were both playing guitar and smiling. Finally I lost control and felt myself in bed.

Visual Problems(CCG): Many novices report seeing a black or gray mist. Just give your astral eyes some time. Don't "blindly" interpret the vision (or lack thereof) to mean that you're in a dark, evil realm. If you are uncomfortable where you are, raise your pitch/vibration.

(MjooB): Until you become accustomed to how you are seeing, your vision is somewhat impaired and distorted. Think of seeing, and that you can see, and you will. It starts myopic, but gets more sharp.

(ABtB) My sight just after seperation is often blurry and out of sync. I shouted "Clarity now!" to snap my vision into focus. I relied heavily on my sense of sight. The others seemed almost unimportant in comparison.

1) I couldnt see. Trying to open my eyes only zapped me back into my body! (x2)

2) I was then about to leave the room when I noticed the bed. I figured this would be a perfect opportunity for me to see my body lying there as I projected so I went straight towards it. My vision was very broken up; it seemed as if I were looking through a cracked window. I could see but the image was split into irregular pieces. I crouched down closer to the bed and saw that there was nothing there - just the bed and the duvet on top. I felt around with my hands, trying to touch a body - just in case my eyes were deceiving me - but felt only the duvet. What was strange was that it felt as if there were strips of wire inside the covers as I scrunched them up with my finger tips. To be sure about my sight, I lifted my hands up in front of my eyes and could see my fingers perfectly - they were splayed out.

Sensory Problems and Fixes(ABtB): Sensation of looking through your closed physical eyelids: This occurs when your consciousness is transferred within your energy body but you have not seperated from your physical body Simply direct yourself away from your body.

Blurs/Fogs: 1) I tried to look at the zombie's face, but its face was just a blur and I couldn`t focus on it.

2) While looking around the kitchen with clairvoyant sight, I also noticed the clock in the kitchen, but it was too blurry to see the time.

*CBAP* Blurry OBE:

Case No. 653: "At about 3 a.m. I was floating horizontally in a lane half a mile from my bedroom. Vision was blurred, as if there was a slight fog. Consciousness was also blurred [indicating that part of the vehicle of vitality, as well as the Soul Body, had been projected].

*CJ* Blurring Across the Barrier:

While I was in the nonphysical dimension, the physical one was unclear and hazy. Now that I was back in the physical realm, the nonphysical universe was indistinct.

Astral Sensory Discrepancies

*HU* OB Discrepancies:

The title of the lost library book I stumbled across during my own OBE looked bright green, while I was in a disembodied state. But after I was back in my physical body and returned to retrieve the book, I saw that the lettering was actually black. The literature is filled with accounts of similar discrepancies, instances in which OB travelers accurately described a distant room full of people, save that they added an extra person of perceived a couch where there was really a table.

*HU* OBE's Future Sight:

When Dr. Alex Tanous, a well-known psychic and talented OB traveler from Maine, flew in and attempted to describe the test objects they placed on a table, he had a tendency to describe items that were placed there days later!

Physical & Astral Sensory Infirmities

*WotT* The Inner Senses:

The soul in its essence has hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch other than those which are ordinarily exposed. These (external senses) may become inoperative through disease, sleep, unconsciousness, chronic illness, or death, while those (inner) senses do not cease their activity.

*SDoG* The Spiritual Faculties Are Sensory:

The spiritual faculties, despite their apparent eminence and nobility, are utterly beholden to sensation. Hence one finds God present not on the "spiritual" level, but rather in the actual sensory experience that many pious people tend to disparage. The resurrection is "bodily" because sensation alone actually finds the presence of God.

No Astral Body Sense

*ST* No Astral Body Sense:

The vibes surged from deep within me, my head being the epicenter.

(NOTE: No body sense- location only with vision) I thought about floating upward. I felt the top of my head rubbing against the headboard of our bed. The headboard had begun to slide downward! I could actually feel the surface of the headboard moving away from me, or was I moving away from it? Then suddenly I could see. I noticed an eerie, non-directional lighting radiating inside our bedroom. I also became aware of an intermittent, high volume buzzing sound.

*MjooB: They were aware of the lack of physical sensations of body weight, movement, and position sense while in their spiritual bodies. Persons have reported that they had no sensation of temperature while in most cases a feeling of comfortable warmth was felt.*ABtB: The sensations of temperature seemed nonexistant.


Mental Senses

Mental Integrated Complete Senses

*DP* Mental Plane Senses:

No longer does he hear and see and feel by separate limited organs, as he does down here, nor has he even the immensely extended capacity of sight and hearing which he possessed on the astral plane. Instead of these he feels within him a strange new power which is not any of them, and yet includes them all and much more- a power which enables him, not only to see it and feel it and hear it, but to know all about it instantly inside and out- its causes, its effects, and its possibilities, so far at least as that plane and all below it are concerned. He finds that for him to think is to realize; there is never any doubt, hesitation, or delay about his direct action of the higher sense. If he thinks of a place, he is there; if of a friend, that friend is before him. No longer can misunderstandings arise, no longer can he be deceived or misled by any outward appearances, for every thought and feeling of his friend lies open as a book before him on that plane. (NOTE: As range of motion includes all lower vibration, so does range of perception include all lower perceptions)

*PU* The Joining of the Senses in Sleep:

As when, before darkness falls, the rays of the setting sun seem all to become one in its circle of light, though at the hour of sunrise they all spread out again, even so all the powers of the senses become one in the higher power of the mind. Then a person does not see, hear, smell, taste or touch... Then people say ‘he sleeps'.

Seeing Past & Future Lives

*SL* Time Begins to Yield in the Devachanic:

In the lower devachanic regions time is beginning to yield, and past, present, and future begin to melt into the now, though not yet wholly so. But we feel there the beginning of the blending which is perfected in loftier spheres.

*SL* Devachanic Senses:

When the devachanic plane is reached, humanity will have vision reaching forward into the future, creating causes which will be worked out in following centuries... Then progress will be enormously swifter.

*DP* The Higher Mental- Seeing Past Lives:

If they are able to stand upon the higher levels of the plane, the long line of their past lives unrolls itself before them like a scroll; they see the karmic causes which have made them what they are; they see what karma still lies in front to be worked out.

*DP* Future-Vision is Higher:

If it be asked whether they an see the future as clearly as the past, the answer must be in the negative, for that faculty belongs to a still higher plane, and though in this mental plane prevision is to a great extent possible to them, yet it is not perfect, because wherever in the web of destiny the hand of the developed man comes in, his powerful will may introduce new threads, and change the pattern of the life to come. The course of the ordinary undeveloped man, who has practically no will of his own worth speaking of, may often be foreseen clearly enough.


Astral Light

The Nature of Universal Conscious Light

*DEVF1* The Universal Light of CU's, the Part that We Know, the Part in OBEs:

[Framework 2] is responsible for all physical effects, and is behind all physical "laws"...

Light... is, in a way an apport from that other inner universe...

In your terms there is light within darkness. Light has more manifestations than its physical version, so that even when it may not be physically manifested there is light everywhere, and that light is the source of your physical version and its physical laws. In a manner of speaking, light itself forms darkness. Each unit of consciousness, whatever its degree, is, again, composed of energy- and that energy manifests itself with a kind of light that is not physically perceived: a light that is basically, now, far more intense than any physical variety, and a light from which all colors emerge.

The colors of which you are aware represent a very small portion of light's entire spectrum...

All of space is filled with the units of consciousness, alive with a light from which the very fires of life are lit...

That light, however, is literally everywhere at once, and it is a "knowing light," as Ruburt's [William] James perceived.

On certain occasions, sometimes near the point of death, but often simply in conscious states outside of the body, man is able to perceive that kind of light. In some out-of-body experiences Ruburt, for example, saw colors more dazzling than any physical ones, and you saw the same kind of colors in your dream. They are a part of your inner senses' larger spectrum of perception, and in the dream state you were not relying upon your physical sense at all...

You are greeted with a vision of the shimmering glass with its glowing colors and prisms, rich and intricate, representing the true source of life and sexuality itself- the vast multidimensional mosaic of which sexuality is but one facet.

History of Astral Light

*HoL* Astral Light:

Kabbalah, the Jewish mystical theosophy which began around 538 B.C., refers to these same energies as the astral light.

Projecting into Blue Color Fields

*SBtL* NDE: A Blue Field OB:

This place that I went to was an atmosphere of deep blue and gray... I began to look around, to roll over in midair. Below me was my own body, thrown across the bed.

The Astral Light Blue-Grey Dawn

*ASJ* First OBE, The Blue-Gray Astral Light, Firmness of Astral Entities:

Something inside [my body] seemed as it if it were loose and I felt what I can only describe as a sliding movement, which I suppose was really myself slipping out of my physical body... To say I was surprised is putting it mildly; I was excited, I was thrilled, there was a semblance of fear also, a fear of the unknown, a fear of the unusual.

To my astonishment it was as light as day! This was my first realization of the light which rules everywhere and all the time at the astral level, and although I hardly noticed its character at the time, I found later that it is a bluey-grey light; if you can imagine what a room looks like just after dawn is breaking- only much lighter... I heard a merry laugh behind me, which oddly enough did not startle me at all. I turned round, and there was Charles looking exactly the same as when I had seen him last... Automatically I clasped him by the hand, at once I felt that his handclasp was as firm and as real as it used to be. My Indian friend whom I had not noticed before but who was also in the room, said: ‘...Because you are using the at the moment the same type of body as he is using, he naturally is as real to you as you are to him.'

*BMS* Different Sources of OBE Light:

"One night I wake up in one of the clearest OBEs I have had. I step out of bed in my OBE body and walk down the hallway to the living room, which I find bathed in moonlight. As I stand in the doorway, I marvel at the clarity of the view... I notice that a shadow from a circular side table covers a corner of the rug... Finally, I can test my OBE vision. I go down on hands and knees on the rug to measure how far beyond its corner the shadow extends. Using my right hand as a measuring stick, I find the shadow overlaps the rug by one hand's length on either side. The experience is not only visual; as I press my hand against the floor, I feel the grain of the wood against my palm. With this precious measurement in mind, I hurry back to the bedroom, arouse my body and return corporeally to the living room to check the shadow. The room is black as soot. There is no moonlight or shadow." -William G. Roll

*tAW* What the Astral Light Is:

He is able to plainly perceive many fine vibrations of light which are invisible to the ordinary sight. In fact, the peculiar Astral Light which pervades this region is due to the power of the astral vision to receive and register these fine vibrations of light. (NOTE: Via the astral perceptual magnification)

No Day/Night Shift in Astral Light

*ASJ* The Astral Light is Even:

The light of the astral world was just the same here as in the East, where it was night time... There is neither night nor day at the astral level.

Brilliant Light

*OwtL* Description of OB Light:

Lasca Schroeppel of Chicago has encountered the Light during her own out-of-body traveling...

"Sometimes instead of seeing a blinding light, I will see the complete spectrum of the rainbow," she explained, "and I felt that perhaps the ‘prism' is my Soul Body that takes the spiritual energy which is always there and breaks it up for my use and comprehension.

"When I see this white light, it is not like an ordinary light source. It is frequently accompanied by a very clear, pure tone without harmonics.

"This light is so inconceivably brilliant that it is almost as if it is being drilled into me with many little photons of light- each with individual energy, yet collectively pure and bright.


The Spheres of Light

The Appearance & Sensation of The Spheres

*IaTR* The Sound/Vibration Warp, The Sphere of Images:

A faint buzzing vibration catches my attention. I come from a bit farther down river, and for a moment, I wonder if it is the orchestrated noise of cicadas. This sound, however, is much deeper and unnaturally low, conveying far more emphasis with its vibration than its sound.

"What's that strange buzzing?" Treenie asks.

Curious, I continue my walk downriver to investigate.

Much closer now to the weird buzzing sound, I tingle with the intensity of its vibration. A feeling of not unlike pins and needles sweeps through me, while the buzzing seems to be right inside my head.

"Do you get a pins-and-needles feeling?" I ask.

Treenie nods, "It's so agitating, it's difficult to be here."

I gaze in awe at the river. It seems as though a vast pressure is pushing down onto the water's surface, like some intangible but gigantic bubble. I am aware of a spherical shape, maybe one of hundred feet or so in diameter, this is filled with such an intensity of sound that even the air is distorted and blurred. The surface of the river is bulging downward from the pressure, while all the reeds and riverside vegetation are flattened. Yet, in all this, not so much as a breath of wind stirs the air. All is unnaturally calm and eerily motionless.

Without warning the vast sphere of pressure suddenly appears to consume the river where it flows into the affected area. The water just disappears, leaving the riverbed opened and bare. Gradually now, the huge buzzing sphere become opaque, as though filled with water, and I can see pictures forming and dissolving within its interior.

The shock is too much. I want to turn and run. As I gather myself in an attempt to sprint away from the river, time and motion are again abruptly suspended.

I can do nothing. I cannot even collapse on the bank. Again, under this other influence, I am now calm and tranquil.

*IaTR* The Spheres of Direct Experience:

They offer me a gift if I wish it, they will place me in spheres of direct experience. This will have the effect of transforming my mental insights into actualized reality.

Zeus: "Your physical body will remain safely in your bed and your light body will be safe here with us. You, however, will live the experience in full reality."

He has a fist sized crystal sphere.

"That looks just like a miniature version of the Sphere of Images."

"It should. Tell me what you can see in it."

*Anon* Pt2: The Sphere of Light:

The most powerful experience that I remember was that I was looking into this sphere of light. I felt like I truly belonged here all was perfect unity. I was looking back at all my past lives with perfect clarity. This fantastically developed being entered the room with the key to enter this sphere as we entered I was overwhelmed with tremendous power and knowledge there is no way I could even scratch the surface of describing it with words, it was like a uncontrollable cry, infinite power shooting into me and out to all points of space and time. We approached a great whirling force. We stood on Jupiter as giants looking across the heavens at the birth of the sun, and the evolution of the earth. We were watching space crafts flying to and from the earth during the construction of the pyramids. I was fascinated with the technology, and the level of spiritual awareness that was developing within the human race as a result of the alien presence. The entity warned me about human beings not managing technology responsibly. So we moved closer toward the earth, I was bombarded with so much information there was a contradiction in everything I couldn't possibly comprehend all of it.

When we left the sphere I asked if it would be possible to remember this in my next physical life, and the being told me that he wanted to show me something. So we traveled toward the southeast to a nebula, and at some point it was like I had merged with a god we were one. Like I had always been here in perfect silence.

Just as if you cut a hologram into a thousand or a million pieces it still retains the same information as the whole. As we grow and learn about the natural sciences the Universe grows we are literally the guardians of the Universe. A part of GOD does not die. S/he gains experience through division.

Insights, Responding To Your Thoughts

*IaTR* Interaction With the Sphere of Images: Communication, Meaning:

Time is static, irrelevant, yet it seems that ages pass while I stare at the uniformed, continually dissolving pictures. Try as I might, I cannot make any sense of the fleeting images. Just as I think there might be some meaning within a sequence, it goes wild and random.

I hear Treenie's voice.

"Relax Michael, just relax. Let it be."

She has projected her thoughts to me.

"Like you, I'm not going anywhere."

"Are you looking at a sphere filled with a mass of confused images?"

"Yes, my intuition tells me that it is confused because you are, so just relax and let it be. You can't force it. Relax."

The moment I relax and quit trying, my confusion ends. The pictures are now clear and precise, and without any effort, my attention becomes powerfully focused.

Within the translucent sphere of pressure, I can see moving, holographic images of an unbelievably ancient Earth. With the images, a silent, inner commentary explains some of what I see. This commentary is not spoken, but enfolds into my consciousness in what feels like little waves and ripples of directed knowing. (NOTE: This is because of the focus of becoming. Consciousness is free-floating. Projections/expectations were confusing it.)

"An inner understanding that seems to accompany it."


"I can't help but realize that I'm seeing our history through my conditioning and my belief systems."

By being more open, I learn not to judge what I am seeing, but to allow the images to impart a greater insight into life.


[After all the lessons are learned and assimilated, the sphere disappears and time resumes]

Entering & Exiting the Scene

*IaTR* Wobbly Exit From this Sphere:

Suddenly, I am very aware of my wobble! I feel increasingly light-headed, with the overtone of an enormous fatigue slowly closing in on me.

Even as I stare longingly back, everything around me blurs, and with no sense of movement or displacement, we are back in the Shepherd's craft.

My fatigue is developing into a throbbing ache, tugging my awareness back to the physical frailty that is ultimately in control.

I attempt to walk to the next in line, but my light body will not respond.

*IaTR* The Sphere of Light:

[Copied: notice the way it unfolds]

Suddenly, a duality of seeing takes place. I can see the Great Beings around me, but equally, in the same space, I have a vision of another time on a future/now Earth. I see a rich, green Earth filled with teeming wildlife, but there are birds and animals that are new to me.

As my vision expands, becoming stronger, an inner knowing accompanies it.

*IaTR* Multiple Realities & Focus:

At the same time, I have remained where I now stand! Each one of us is always experiencing many realities simultaneously, but our focus determines which reality we relate to.

Final Realization & End of Communication

*IaTR* The Final Realization, Communication, & Changes in the Sphere:

With this realization ringing as a bell of exultation within me, everything changes.

The opaque sphere of images is suddenly blank, swiftly becoming clear and shimmering with light.

Simultaneously, with cataclysmic power, the water in the pressurized area is sucked upward, and before my dumb-founded eyes, the river is flowing uphill.

And I can move. All life is once again in movement.

(NOTE: A subset of time, a sphere of lessons to be had while all else waits. To the other, you instantly gain knowledge.)

(NOTE: Find the other sphere thing and put together.)

Limp, I collapse onto the riverbank. As the calm thrall in which I have been held is released, my mind and emotions are in confusion and turmoil.

Treenie stares at the river as though mesmerized. "This is definitely the most extraordinary part of my dream."

The river is flowing smoothly upward. The sight is so completely outrageous that need to take it in slowly.

As the water lifts from the normal riverbed, it takes on an extra sparkle and gleam, as though a bright light is shining from some hidden place behind the curtain of water. Each drop is a liquid crystal of sparkling, translucent light, flowing upward to vanish about a hundred feet above my head.

*IaTR* The Lessons, Release the Questions, Know the Answer:

My head is spinning, and I stand staring at Thane with a grin of bliss.

"Insight and clarity will surface in your awareness for many months after this, but right now, what is a first and clear observation?"

"As a human, I have a freedom of will that is foreign to the faun. The faun is not enslaved or without will, but it is held within a framework of awareness and joy that compels its position. The gift of free will now has a whole new meaning for me, yet it also holds a sadness. I realize that we are not able to choose freely until we are free of the many fears that bind us to our false beliefs and endless limitations. Believing in separation denies us the full scope of our free will. Thought produces a sound beyond our hearing. It can be so ugly and discordant."

"Release the questions, and you will know the answers."

*IaTR* Passing The Web of Light:

As my inner speculation comes to an end, I seem to walk into a cobweb of sparkling light. At first it appears as though I am enmeshed, but as I duck, trying to elude the tiny sparkles, I discover that I have inadvertently passed through some kind of membrane.

Thane is untouched, yet I am covered in sparkling light. Energized, I am feeling clearer and more capable. Insight suggests that I have passed some sort of test; otherwise, the membrane would have held me back. "This would have happened no matter where I walked."


Recognition, Communication, & Interaction

Script: There is a lot of crossover between this, telepathy, and clairvoyance. Also- contacting the dead & channeling.

Communication Needs Universal Mind

*CPitI* A Universal Mind is Necessary For Communication:

The presence of a single All-embracing Cosmic Mind is an absolute necessity... If each individual mind were an entirely separate center of perception, not linked to all other minds by a common ground... then no two persons would see the same thing at the same timel in fact, no two individuals would be conscious of living in the same world.

Rhythm Entrainment in All Communication

*WoLi* Communication, Rhythm Entrainment, & Looking Deep Into Conversation:

All vibrations can be described as wave-forms, with oscillations per unit of time, called frequency. Rhythm entrainment, also known as sympathetic vibration, or resonance, is where two wave-forms of similar frequency "lock into phase"" with each other, meaning that the waves oscillate together at the same time. The resulting wave is a combination of the two original waves: it has the same frequency but increased amplitude. Amplitude is the distance a wave travels in a complete oscillation- in sound waves increased amplitude means increased volume.

In order to more accurately see the subtler aspects of communication, Dr. William Condon filmed numerous conversation, and then analyzed the films at extremely slow speeds (1/48 second). By breaking simple words into fundamental units of sound, each lasting a fraction of a second, he found that the body movements of both the listener and the speaker were in precise synchrony with the voice at all times. These movements might be a raising of the eyebrows, a tilt of the head, or a flexing of a finger. With each new set of sounds, a new set of movements would occur.

"It also appears to be a universal characteristic of human communication, and perhaps characterizes much of animal behavior in general. Communication is this like a dance, with everyone engaged in intricate and shared movements across many dimensions, yet all strangely oblivious that they are doing so. Even total strangers will display this synchronization." -Dr. William Condon

The "content" of the message only seems to come across once entrainment occurs. Before that point, there is often misunderstanding and inability to get the point across. At a certain point in the weekend he would find the rhythms approaching fever pitch- then suddenly breaking into a new rhythm, resonant to all present. At this point he found people suddenly understood communications they had failed to grasp before.

The listened is not reacting to the speaker but is instead part of the speaker.

Further studies by Dr. Condon examined the behavior of disturbed and autistic children in regard to this audio-physical rhythm entrainment. The children showed a time-lag response between the listener and the speaker, after the original rhythm-entrained movements occurred. The children acted as if they were responding to an echo of the original sounds. Their micromovements put them out of harmony with the world around them, hence the feeling of alienation and confusion that characterizes their condition. George Leonard, in his analysis of this data, concludes that "Our ability to have a world depends on our ability to entrain with it."

*WoLi* Telepathy:

Telepathy may result when two or more minds are rhythm-entrained such that a variation in the pattern of one rhythm results in a similar variation in the other.

*EtS-BG* Intervention & Communication From Beyond:

I heard the voice of my deceased father who told me to "go to the pool". When I got there, I found my 18-month-old boy, almost drowned.

Deceased loved ones who left this world when they were in their teens tend to use physical phenomena as a way to let us know they're still around.

Protection ADCs (after death communication) can occur at a much later time – even 40 or 50 years after the death of a loved one. Generally speaking, though, when people are contacted many years afterwards, there is usually some important, specific message that is given at that time to help them through a difficult time in life.


[EtS-AP] When my son Stephen was 15, he hanged himself.

I was sitting alone in my bedroom, and I heard Stephen's voice out loud from the corner of the room say, "Mom." There were other times when I found my own thoughts being moved to the side, and then I heard Stephen's voice speak inside my head.

*AD* Inside Communication:

Ruth had gone to the post office to mail some letters, and as she waited in line "everything changed." As she described it, "A strong feeling came over me, and suddenly all the people there lost their faces and their distinctive clothing and became the same, like blobs. I could see the blobs were all in some way connected. Their movements were connected in a sort of ballet, but it was a balanced ballet."

When one person made a movement on one side of the floor, someone else on the other side of the room made a perfectly reciprocal movement. "I saw that there really were no random motions, no motions that were not responded to by other motions, as if moving to some music I couldn't hear. Someone would leave a line, and someone, somewhere else in the post office, would join a line; a clerk would rudely ignore someone, and another clerk would lean toward someone else in a helpful way. Throughout, there was the occasional sound of the machines stamp-pounding pieces of mail. Whenever that would happen, everyone, for the tiniest second -–and I could see that tiny second – would pause in their movements and then go on.

Thought Reaches All Instantly

Script: This is one of the basises of all the communication herein.
*CJ* Communication Is the Link Between All Worlds:

ROMC: "(speaking for the helpers)... Thought is an energy more real than your physical body... You think of a person, alive or deceased, and they pick up the thought instantly...

"There are one-way and two-way communication systems. We on this dimension are able to pick up rapidly all that happens on the earth plane because we are on a higher vibration than the earth level. Those on the earth level who vibrate on a rate close to that on which we function can tune into our dimension readily...

"There are no limitations in your dimension, other than those that you put on yourselves...

"Those who are able to freely get into the flow of their own existence are able to get into this limitless level of communication that exists outside of what you consider to be time and space... (NOTE: The ecstasy trance)

"Souls who are in the flow of their own higher attunement know that there is no death...

"There is no beginning and no end, because there is no time and no space." (NOTE: Meaning, I believe, time and space are not limitations as here. Certainly, I presume, there are differences and chronology)

*VS-PK* Prayer Arcs of Energy:

PMH Atwater stated that in her studies with children who had had NDEs, they commonly talked about seeing arcs of prayer passing from one person to another.

*DA* Feeling Love From the Discarnate:

"Love beyond the grave, illusion though you may call it, has magic and divine potency that re-acts on the living. A mother's Ego, filled with love for the imaginary children it sees near itself, living a life of happiness, as real to it as when on earth- that love will always be felt by the children in flesh. It will manifest in their dreams and often in various events... Love is a strong shield and is not limited by space or time..." (Key to Theosophy, p. 102. Third Edition.)

But this is a very different thing from the "Spirit" of the mother coming back to earth to be the almost helpless spectator of the child's woes.

Locating Someone in the Astral

*MJooB* Rotes, Thought-Balls, & Second Body Communication:

Ident/Homing: a mental address of a thing that one homes onto. You think of the person you want to go to and in a few moments, you are there. You can turn a 360˚ circle, and somewhere in the circuit, you will feel the right direction as a slight pull. Be sure not to be distracted by thoughts of a different person, or your path will stray in that direction. This homing instinct is unaffected by distance. *JoS: Souls who wish to contact each other, especially when on the move, do so just by thinking of the entity they want. The individual called will suddenly appear in the soul-mind. This provides a non-visual affinity.

1) Whenever I would look at a person to wonder what they were thinking, it was like a zoom-up, exactly like through a zoom lens, and I was there. But it seemed that part of me, my mind, was still where I had been, several yards away from my body. When I wanted to see someone at a distance, it seemed like part of me, kind of like a tracer, would go to that person. If something happened anyplace in the world I could just be there.

*LFS* Communication of Receptivity:

"I get excited or at least, exhilarated, each time I feel the electromagnetic current run through my body. It always means it's time to write through you again." -James

*RotOS* Locating Someone in the Astral:

If a person Gram knew on earth arrives into spirit and wants to know where she's living, this person sends her a powerful thought. Gram receives it, then, using her own powerful thought forms, Gradma sends directions to the house. This all happens instantaneously.

*ASJ* Contacting Someone in the Astral, One's True Note:

To get into touch with someone at the astral level, one had to think strongly of that person and if the matter were very urgent, to help that thought, one also sounded the ‘true note' of that individual... Every person has what is known as a true note, which is different from the note of anyone else... The person called hears the note and is magnetically drawn to the caller.

Recognition & Familiar Appearance

*JoS* Recognition & Projection:

1: One recognizes a particular person from all the billions by their individual patterns of thought, perhaps like a vibrational code in a field of thought particles. Recognition in the spirit realm depends on a person's feelings when you meet them here. They will show you what they want you to see of themselves and what they think you want to see. Changes in the appearance they choose depend on whether they are in your turf or their turf. They may choose one set of features in one place and another in a different place. One may mentally associate with someone more rapidly when they project features. They project former life forms when communicating with people from those lives. The soul is androgynous, but appears as male or female to other entities for recognition sakes or as a form of identity preference. To project features, one thinks of the features they want. The projection comes from their mass of energy.

The image you project never hides who you truly are. It's a more abstract emotion that identifies them. You see everyone as they really are. Some beginner spirits take faces of how they think spirits should look, even faces they have never had, and we get a lot of laughs about that. How you appear isnt important, but what you are striving for. People in heaven arent all that different from here- people are people no matter how they look. Most are still far from perfect beings in the spirit world.*MJooB: One instantly knows an entity by an awareness of their prime personality habits, not by how they look.

*JoS: One sees the mind of another behind what one takes to be eyes, because that is what is done on earth. Even on earth, you see a light in people's eyes if you have known them before, even when you first meet them. You dont know why as a human, but your soul remembers. It's a kind of deja vu.

1: Her guide appears as a him because he relates to her with a masculine nature. It's right and natural to do so. Her guide watches over her in all her lifetimes and after death, too, protecting her always. One can identify others by their mind, but it's nicer when they project human features.

2: A light in the distance, moving fast towards me. Uncle Charlie! He appeared as he was remembered to appear. They are both floating around. He offers his hand and they are thinking about their good times together. Charlie is showing himself to me, letting me see in my mind his appearance and our memories (a rote!).

*AoaY* Astral Friends & Relatives:

"Friends of other lives easily recognize one another in the astral world."

"The earth-liberated astral being meets a multitude of relatives, fathers, mothers, wives, husbands, and friends, acquired during different incarnations on earth, as they appear from time to time in various parts of the astral realms. He is therefore at a loss to understand whom to love especially; he learns in this way to give a divine and equal love to all, as children and individualized expressions of God. Thought the outward appearance of loved ones may have changed, more or less according to the development of new qualities in the latest life of any particular soul, the astral being employs his unerring intuition to recognize all those once dear to him in other planes of existence, and to welcome them to their new astral home. Because every atom in creation is inextinguishably dowered with individuality, an astral friend will be recognized no matter what costume he may don."

*JoYS* The Entity Vibration/Name & Common Essences Within It:

Each entity carries a distinct vibration. It can be recognized. Every member is unique, but carries the stamp of the family. There are "strains" within an entity, people who share even more particular qualities—they can even look alike.

One entity with which I am familiar has a number of strong women who are currently into wearing short, spiky "punk" haircuts. Members of my entity tend to be at least a little flamboyant. I also know an entity that tends toward qualities such as kindness and gentleness.

Entity mates feel even more familiar.

*TDA* How Astral Souls Identify Each Other:

Don: "Are you able to identify one another by the way you look?"

Dr. Peebles: "Oh, yah!.. But you would have to redefine ‘look.' The astral body is also a subcontainer, it's also a vehicle... for the... vast aspect of the spirit world, and there is a point in the evolution of the soul where that vehicle is shed as well, and there is communication in all directions, all the time, for any reason, with no demand, no expectation except the song of life. So to ‘look' we experience all colors of another party, and that is because we are not threatened by any one band in that color wave. And we experience colors that you don't see there on Earth... We are able to see a person, another being, a fellow being, another vibration, from a distance and up close at the same time... For we transpose... time."

*TBD* Communication Across Levels:

From Orientation To The Existence Between:

"Beings of the same species in the between can see each other. Thus if some beings are of the same species, all going to be reborn as gods, they will see each other." (NOTE: Not species at all, but beings on the same plane)

*LBD* Spirits & Images of the Physical and Nonphysical:

When the departed is facing a soul that is still dwelling in an earthly body, he feels that the soul approaches him more from outside, that this picture, or imagination, forms itself of its own accord. In the case of a soul that already belongs to the disembodied souls, the experience which arises is far more active. In that case we also feel that the soul is coming towards us but we ourselves must form the picture for this soul... One who is still alive brings his picture towards us.

*PotC* Instantaneous OB Mental ID:

The mental identification of a consciousness or the clarification regarding a certain circumstance comes immediately and does not always represent the simple inspiration of the helpers, but the natural perception of the projected consciousness, a new sensorial door.

Energy Body Communication

Open: receptive, tuning in. Thinking while open is equivalent to speaking out loud and communicating. They are leaking. One cant be closed and open at the same time. One has to open a little bit to scan for a friend.

Turn in: consider, think over, inside a "closed"

Closed: nonreceptive, tuning out. When one is closed, it is thinking. Being completely closed is being in shock. It is sometimes better to close tightly during a trip. To close, you turn inward, fold it all back in a loop, and close. (NOTE: Similar to advice to close eyes and think of a thing to change your scene and situation)

Flickering: uncertain

Blank: dont understand

Dulled: lost interest

Lighted: Happy, idea, enthusiasm

Vibrate: show emotion. It can literally blow someone away.

Rolled: amused, laughed

Smooth: get it together, in charge of self, (calmed?). To mention a touchy subject without being ruffled.

CLICK!: instantaneous change in consciousness.

Curl: what we are, organized energy

Rotes, Thought-Balls, Portrayals

Script: Note the similarities between rotes and the spheres of light. Also, is the following a summary?!

MjooB: Rote: a thought-ball, an experience packet that one can experience in part or full at anytime after it is received. Running a rote is no different than actually experiencing a thing. There are some rotes one would just as soon do without. One doesnt have to accept a rote. Rotes are run by focusing through them! Rotes can have stories within stories. Rote is like memories, and you can release rote. Running a rote is much like trying to recall the memory of an event from the past. The difference rests in the immediate clarity of every detail once the unrolling process begins. Think of the ident of a rote, and it comes to you. If you are interrupted, you pause the rote and it is waiting in the place where you left it. Wild rote means something crazy. Involved in one's own rote is being in their own world of thought.

Any clean signals without one's ident do not attract or penetrate that one and so are ignored. To communicate with another, you focus on them. You can ease a rote at someone. "It spun slowly as he cautiously touched it." It moves into you with a click.

*HU* Thought-Balls:

The information arrives in "chunks" that register instantaneously in one's thoughts, rather than being strung out in a linear fashion like words in a sentence of scenes in a movie, all the facts, details, images, and pieces of information burst into one's awareness in an instant. One NDEer referred to these bursts of information as "bundles of thought."

This is the form in which one receives psychic information as well. When I just hear a person's name, a thought ball of information about that person will instantly flash into my awareness. This thought ball can include important facts about the person's psychological and emotional makeup, their health, and even scenes from their past. I am especially prone to getting thought balls about people who are in some kind of crisis.

Receiving information in this manner is similar to the way one becomes aware of information while dreaming. Virtually everyone has had a dream in which they find themselves in a situation and suddenly know all kinds of things about it without being told. As soon as you are there, you know whom it is being given for and why.

Because these bursts of psychic information arrive in nonlinear chunks, it sometimes takes me several moments to translate them into words.

Swendenborg also refers to the holographic thought balls the angles use to communicate and says that they are no different from the portrayals he could see in the "wave-substance" that surrounded a person. Like most NDEers, he describes these telepathic bursts of knowledge as a picture language so dense with information, that each image contains a thousand ideas. A communicated series of these portrayals can also be quite lengthy and "last up to several hours, in such a sequential arrangement that one can only marvel."

*IaTR* Communications from the Plant-Being:

I gaze around me. I am no longer in a room, but in a soft twilight landscape of sand and low dune. A feeling of peace pervades the atmosphere. I notice a very fine, hairlike plant growing over the sand, so fine it is hardly visible. The fact that it is a pale blue color no longer seems odd. The grass tree is reassuring, even though its long sweeping needle-thin, grasslike foliage is a deep blue.

I stroke the foliage in the way I often physically do, when an odd thing happens. Tiny sparks of light — not electrical — leap from the foliage to my hands, and they carry a communication. As each spark of light touches me, it ignites an inner knowing.

This grass tree look-alike is an intelligent, aware entity.

The grass-tree Being appears to move with about the same ease and speed that we walk on the ground. I learn that it has a symbiotic relationship with the prolific hair like plant.

As I stroke the grass tree Being, a particularly large spark of light ignites a vast insight. This insight is in the form of vision, inner knowing, and pure experience all rolled up into one package. It takes me less than a micromoment to receive it, but some timeless moments to assimilate it. On Earth there are spiritual Beings of pure energy in every plant. Although the death of a plant does not disrupt or disturb the spiritual Beings that express their energy in the plants, it does cause a displacement. In those moments of displacement —measured in hours, months, or even years on Earth — the Beings of energy that express through the forms of plant life, return instantly to their metaphysical realm of pure spirit.

I know this entity. In some other nonphysical realm, I have shared experience with this Being.

The foliage rustles gently, encouraging me once again to caress the needle fine fronds. As I do so, a huge burst of sparkling lights dazzles me, engulfing me in a brilliant shower of illumination. And I am elsewhere.

*S&tS* Story Gateways:

1) I am talking with a lumberjack-looking man. He starts to tell me a story about an encounter he once had with a blind polar bear. Suddenly the scenario of my dreamscape changes and I now see the man's story portrayed before me, like a cinema flashback.

*SD&P* Rotes! Experiencing Communications First-Person:

When you explore the inside of a concept, you act it out. You form a temporary but very vivid image production. When you understand a concept in such a way the knowledge is never forgotten. It becomes part of your physical cells and your electromagnetic structure.

I want to make this clearer, however, Suppose that you suddenly understand the concept of oneness with the universe, and that this inner sensing of concepts is to be used. You would then construct dream images, a multitudinous variety of shapes and forms meant to represent the complicated forms of life. You would then had the experience of entering each of those lives. You would not think of what it was like to be a bird. You would momentarily be one. This does involve a projection of sorts, yet still must be called by contrast a pseudo-projection. A normal projection would involve one of the three body forms.

** Dream Phenomenon:

Dream Replays(DW): Someone on the other end of the phone had a message for me, the message said "When you are in your dreams and you shift over to a person, place or event, picture your dreams as frames of a movie, and you can rewind the whole dream to that frame, then re-start it back up!"

*CJ* From Telepathy to Rote:

John: "Instantly an amazing thing happened. Instead of perceiving these instructions as coming from the light beings, I simply began experiencing the exercises I was to go through... The breathing process seemed to have a great deal to do with the transition between the physical and nonphysical dimensions. At this point, I perceived my "light" body to be directly over my physical body. What was more strange was that a third dimension of my self was observing my other two bodies going through this process...

I was being instructed to build an "energy balloon" around my physical body using a breathing technique. I was instructed to visualize myself in the middle of a very large balloon, and to experience my physical body as I slowly breathed in and out... (NOTE: Continued elsewhere)

*SBtL* The Presentation of Rotes:

The Beings came at me one at a time. As each one approached, a box the size of a videotape came from its chest and zoomed right at my face...

A moment before impact, the box opened to reveal what appeared to be a tiny television picture of a world event that was yet to happen. As I watched, I felt myself drawn right into the picture, where I was able to live the event.

Simulation Rotes

*MJooB* Simulation Rotes:

Monroe's teacher also used simulation as one method of teaching. They sent him a rote with only one way out- the right answer, which meant doing the right thing. These would clean up distorting emotional patterns.

Unraveling Non-Linear Communications

*UR* Seeking Multidimensional Knowledge, Stringing It Out Linearly:

That data comes through to us multidimensionally, then is sifted through neural connections, where it's transformed into time-segmentation or strung-out experience. We inherently possess separate pockets or pools of experience, sidepools where information collects for processing before flowing into the ‘official pool of consciousness.'

There are ways to bypass this process and dip directly into these sidepools.

We forget anything not pertinent to our selected series of probable actions.

In these side pockets, memory, so-called, is not so structured. Its ever-present living elements are apparent; and its growth. Its material is ever-fresh. Here the past still happens. Past motion and acts still go on, not recurring, still exploring other probabilities. To us those other actions seem terminated.

These ‘past' probabilities are not fleshed out in our terms, but they're brilliantly focused in their own life. In the Saratoga experience I felt ghostly because there I was a future probability.

Using these side pockets or pools where data are still unprocessed, in our terms, you can pick up several other strands of your own consciousness ‘at once,' though retention may be difficult.

Neurological action is a code for other actions that usually can't be experienced at once because of the selectivity mentioned earlier.

He was tuning into probable neurological materializations… that are ghost images inherent in the normal nervous structure.

Ruburt's difficulty, anger, and impatience last night resulted from initial problems of translating multidimensional experience into linear terms and thought patterns. Fresh material was being born anew in the past, and he didn't know how to fit it into his time scheme.

Jane: "It takes time for the message to leap the nerve endings [the synapses]. We just recognize one speed: Other messages leap too fast or too slow for us to focus upon them. By altering our consciousness in the way I'm learning to do now, though, we can line up our focuses with these other ‘ghostly' message, that are quite as real as the neurological validity we usually accept.

"Now everything I just said came in a flash while I was waiting for you to write down what you just wrote; but what I got originally was like a ball of string, so that as I explained it the string unraveled into the words.

"I'm learning to jump in between the recognized pulses and pick up usually inaccessible one."

Blocking Communication

*LFS* Blocking Spiritual Communications:

"So many things I want to tell you, to comfort you, but you don't trust my essence enough to let me in...

"When your mind rages with questions and doubts, you shut me out, and push me away." -James


"I put my arms around you, but your grief was so great you couldn't feel me." -James


"I have found that when physical tiredness or sadness overcomes you, the communication becomes very ‘spotty' and that our minds aren't synchronized enough to make a connection." -James


"No discord can exist on this plane; any negative emotion or words ‘slam' an invisible door between us." -James


"I feel so powerless when you get upset, because I cant help you. I can only stand by until the turmoil passes." -James

*LFS* You Have To Ask To Receive:

James told me he couldn't override the Cosmic Law that one first must ask in order to receive.

*VS-HB* Closing (Monroe Style), The Closed-Off Womb of Self Creation:

As the doctor and nurses scrambled to save my life and that of my yet unborn daughter, I withdrew into a dark plane where I became one of a host of vibrating beads of consciousness which constituted the gestalt of consciousness in the universe. I grew frightened as I felt my consciousness turning in on itself, becoming estranged from the other sentient beads until my connection to them was totally severed and I found myself utterly alone in a great, black void which I intuited had existed prior to the formation of the universe. I experienced myself as all there was and ever had been before life began, and the pain of my existential loneliness was excruciating...

I gradually came to realize that what I had been privileged to experience was nothing less than the primordial aloneness of the originating, undifferentiated consciousness which constitutes the ground of all our being. Within the depths of the black void, I experienced the anguish of isolation, the need for at least one other differentiated soul to keep me company and commune with me, and most important of all, I could sense the presence of the love which would keep each new soul bound to its originating ground and to all other souls for the rest of eternity.

*LBD* Hatred Blocks Communications:

There is a feeling of being observed; the man feels: the dead sees my hatred and it is an actual hindrance to his good endeavors...

Hatred creates hindrances in the spiritual world and love removes them.


As fire is avoided by our hand, so would the dead avoid such a person who was capable of hatred for personal reasons. He cannot approach him, for hatred works on the dead like fire. To come into conscious relation with the dead we must be able to make ourselves like them- independent, in a sense, of personal sympathies and antipathies.

*CJ* Blocking Communication or Opening to OBEs:

ROMC: "(speaking for the helpers)... The body is in no way a boundary. It is just an encasement... Thought, or emotional levels, can in and of themselves block the communication flow. When everything is synchronized and flows freely, the mind can function at its various levels, opening up new vistas in human consciousness...

"Out-of-body travel is a term used to describe the manner in which the energy body, or soul, can function in the other dimensions of its own being."

*ND* Contact With the Recently Dead:

Such an experience may come to the entity, will the entity allow self to be attuned to such conditions. Will fear and the wish not to be made aware of such conditions be held in the will of the entity, as the whole, such conditions may not penetrate to the consciousness of the body in a way and manner that the physical body may be aware of such conditions. (NOTE: regarding contact with the recently dead)

*TDA* Building a Shell- Separation & Loneliness:

Dr. Peebles: "[Individuals who have gone into a deep depression] have illusions of separation, and their fear is responsibility; they don't like and don't want the responsible world, and they have a massive separation."

Don: "They are even separating themselves... from the guidance that would be normally available to them?"

Dr. Peebles: "Yes, right, they have created a shell, and the therapy and breakthrough is to break that shell, to encourage them to break that shell- cant do it for them... Their attention is on everyone else victimizing them, so they have to take responsibility...

"There is no greater disease, no greater pain, than loneliness."

*CJ* Projecting an Ego-Wall:

ROMC: "When a being is not balanced or integrated within itself, it projects a strong ego, or power-consciousness. Thus, an emotional wall is built around the self. The ego self doesn't not recognize the oneness of its existence with all other levels of consciousness..

"The ego that is into outer power rather than inner growth gets locked into played the same unnecessary film over and over, until it realizes that it no longer needs to project such a fake image onto its screen of life."

*CJ* Split Energy & Focus to Communicate:

ROMC: "They are willing to talk more. But they say that before you begin, my energies have to interrelate better with theirs. I still don't have myself together. Therefore I cant understand very clearly. I will have to make several visits just to get oriented. I'm really not all here- as if part of me were in a different energy, or time zone."


** Telepathy:

(SoM) We meet some only to turn away without a word, while others we are at once drawn toward, and without any apparent reason. This is the result of their mental atmosphere or thought vibration. No matter what the lips maybe saying, the inner thought outspeaks them, and the unspoken word often carries more weight than the spoken.

Constant Telepathy(SoM): It is almost certain that between friends there is at all times a silent communication, a sort of unconscious mental conversation, going on. When this arises to the surface of the conscious intelligence, it is called mental telepathy. These impressions are there and are gradually building into our mentalities impressions and forms of thought that are unconsciously and silently perceived. Our thoughts are operative through a Universal Medium. *MJooB: Monroe, OB, could communicate with others in-body nonverbally and they would communicate back in the same fashion, even while they were physically conversing with another person. They never recall the telepathic communication, for it occurs at a level above conscious awareness.

Visual Representations(ABtB): The communication was more like pictures than words. They are visual representations of ideas- not words. It is far more direct and precise than words. He seems to know my thoughts and responds as they fill my mind. His calming thought-images pinpoint certain questions and answer them. *H&H: You can see thought in the spirit realm.

Pre-language(LAL): They do not hear physical voices or sounds, They seem to pick up the thoughts of people around them. *MJooB: You receive knowing from someone and it is translated into understandable words. Their vocabulary is limited to your memory banks and often show hesitation in searching for the right word. (mix in remembering)

1: I didnt hear them audibly, like I'm hearing you. It was more like knowing what they were thinking, but only in my mind, not in their actual vocabulary. I could catch it the second before they opened their mouths to speak.

2: I can and will speak in the language you speak. Why can I not do this? There is no limit to man's ability to express. I find that I can speak directly to you so that you may understand.

What It's Like(CCG): You can "hear" what someone is thinking. Actually, since neither of you are thinking (you are functioning non-verbally) you know each other's thoughts directly. In any event, you will probably not be speaking in the usual sense.

(JS) I must tell you that when we talked, we did not move our mouths. I can remember that I only had to have the impulse that contained the things that I wanted to say and he would immediately be able to get that and answer me. Even though he was not moving his mouth when he talked with me, I could hear the sound of his voice in my inner ear. I know what he sounded like. It was a mental transmission, yet I could hear what he sounded like. For a long long time, I could remember the sound of his voice.

1) Communication with the being of light seemed to be kind of like mental telepathy. As I would think a thought the answer was already present with total and complete understanding. There was no such thing as having to try to figure out what was being said. I was shown many things and met many different people while there. I was not permitted to return with those memories.

*MotFE* Higher Communication:

There was that beautiful feeling of complete relaxation which again must be experienced to be understood. It was as though we were in a great stream of slowly moving light; we became suddenly aware that we heard the voice of Jesus but not in words. My only explanation is, that it was a pure rhythmic, flowing, vibratory influence that came to us in thought instead of words. The effect was much more pronounced than that of words; the rhythm and cadence were beyond description. Thoughts seemed to flood in and lodge; this was an entirely new experience.

*H&H* Communication Between Angels, Man, & God:

(LAL) It is a direct communication. There is no possibility of misunderstanding or lying to the light. This unimpeded exchange does not even take place in the native language of the person. Yet he understands perfectly. He cannot even translate the thoughts and exchanges into the human language which he must speak now.

Communication Between Angels(H&H): Each angel has a sphere of life around them so full of life that it greatly affects the interiors of others. Each thought of an angel has extension according to its wisdom and knowledge. Celestial angels extend through all the heavens. Extension in heaven is not determinate and measurable. Thought reaches immense distances. Angels communicate directly from thought, at the speed of thought, without any possibility of deception. Their interiors and affections speak naturally from them. The soul and life of a thought or idea is an affection. Thoughts and words are one. Words and sounds correspond to affections. Angels have a mouth, tongue, ears, and a spiritual atmosphere in which words travel. They speak like men. Angels cannot speak anything contrary to what they think. Thoughts are like a thin wave, a circumfluent atmosphere. Celestials use u and o mostly while spirituals use e and i. Celestials use no hard consonants and have vowels between each of the others. Hellspeak is hypocritical and like the gnashing of teeth.

What Receives What(H&H): The interiors of man receive the heaven and the exteriors receive the external world. All of man's sensing life belongs to the spirit. While in the body, it gets natural input. Senses and actions are in the natural world. Whatever exists in the natural (senses, actions) from the spiritual (will, understanding) is correspondant to it.

*AoaY* Telepathy:

"A telepathic message from Sri Yukteswar flashed insistently to my mind."

"You and your intuition!"


"I sent you a message too, but you were unable to grasp it."

"Can I help it if your mental mirror oscillates with such restlessness that you cannot register our guru's instructions?"

*CWS* Communication:

Each of you grows out in all directions. You send out feelers, and communication and energy comes back to you as you send out communication and energy. Within the words, where the mind finds no reason, there are also communications.

This planet is not peopled with strangers, but those who are already psychically united.

*PotL* Unintentional Telepathic Sending By Intention To Say:

"It flashed into my mind that my assistant, Herr Schell, who knew but little English (who was coming to see me that evening), would ask me what the English phrase, ‘to wit,' meant in Dutch. Ten minutes afterwards Schell arrived, and almost his first words were the inquiry, ‘Wat is het Hollandsch yoor "to wit"?' He had resolved to ask me just before leaving his house."

-J. G. Keulmans


"My youngest child – a sensitive, quick-witted little maiden of two years and six weeks old. Dinner had just commenced, when I suddenly recollected an incident in my morning's experience which I had intended to tell her; and I looked at the child with the full intention of saying, ‘Mother saw a big, black dog in a shop, with curly hair,' catching her eyes in mine, as I paused an instant before speaking. Just then something called off my attention, and the sentence was not uttered. What was my amazement, about two minutes afterwards, to hear my little lady announced, ‘Mother saw a big dog in a shop." I gasped. ‘Yes, I did!' I answered; ‘but how did you know?' ‘With funny hair,' she added, quite calmly, and ignoring my question. ‘With funny hair,' she added, quite calmly, and ignoring my question.' ‘What color was it, Evelyn?' said one of her elder brothers; ‘was it black?' She said, ‘Yes."

"I had had no fried with me when I had seen the dog. All the children had been at home."

-Caroline Barber


"I took a trip. Our conveyance was a small sailing vessel. A heavy storm came up. In the trial we had a very narrow escape. Now just at the moment of greatest danger, when escape seemed impossible, I thought of my wife and child a hundred miles away. I thought of them in a sort of agony, and felt that to leave them was impossible. If ever there was an unuttered cry for loved ones, it was at that moment. This was on the Sunday afternoon."

"I reached home on the following Saturday afternoon. Just as I was about to commence an account of my trip, my wife said, ‘By-the-way, I had a very peculiar experience last Sunday, just about this time. I was lying on the lounge, when all at once I had a startling impression that you wanted me, and even fancied I heard you call."

-Alfred W. Arundel

*PotL* The Sensation of Receiving The Unuttered Thoughts of Others:

"I early became conscious of a peculiar sensitiveness to the undertones – the unuttered thoughts – of others. Later, this tendency developed into an occasional lightning-like reading of facts that apparently came to me through none of the ordinary sensory channels, and which always, whatever their nature, gave me a shock of surprise. As an instance: about 13 years ago I went with an uncle to a jeweler's shop to see a wonderful clock. I had never met the proprietor of the shop; he was known to my uncle, who introduced him as he came forward and stood with us before the clock. At that instant came a sensation as if every nerve in my body had been struck. The affable jeweler had extended his hand, but with a shudder, that only habitual self-control repressed, I said within myself: ‘I cannot touch your hand – there is blood upon it – you are a murderer.' Several weeks after, I learned that the jeweler and a companion, when young men, had been accused of and tried for the murder of a peddler."

-Caroline B. Morse

*PotL* Unwitting Transference of Smell Memory:

"Myself and wife took a walk up the lane. As we passed by the place, the recollection of those early violets of 12 years ago flashed upon my mind. At the usual interval of some 20 or 30 seconds, my wife remarked, ‘It's very curious, but if it were not impossible, I should declare that I could smell violets in the hedge.'"

"I had not spoken. All that I thought of was the exact locality on the hedge bank."

-P. H. Newnham

*AoaY* Astral Communication:

"Communication among the astral inhabitants is held entirely by astral telepathy and television; there is none of the confusion and misunderstanding of the written and spoken world which earth-dwellers must endure. Astral beings walk and work as intelligently guided and coordinated images of light, without the necessity of drawing power from oxygen. Astral beings sustain themselves principally by cosmic light."

7) Back Of Head: After a short time my mother's voice started coming to me. Not through my ears it seemed but through a hole in the back of my head. She said she wanted me to fly with her. I began to relax and felt my "self" lifting out of my body.

*ST* Soul Communication:

We were communicating but not with just words. Not only did I hear her voice, I felt the mood in which she said it.

The soul can communicate with other souls but not necessarily with the awareness of the part of us that interfaces with our every day material world.

*GR* Communication:

"What about the insurance money coming when I'm seventy?" The words were out, in this strange realm where communication took place by thought instead of speech, before I could call them back.

*APitL* The Spirit World:

I experienced it first in tones, like music played on an organ. Then I would start to focus on something like the window, or one of the objects on the table. Then I had the feeling of leaving the physical world. I left the confines of my physical body and felt totally unrestrained and free. I would feel the Spirit Beings. I could see them whether I had my eyes open or closed, although I could see them better with my eyes open. They did not talk to me. Instead, they unfolded the information in front of me in a way that made me feel as if I was a part of the information. I don't know what 90% of the information meant. There would be equations that I didn't understand and information that was impossible for me to comprehend.

*PAP* Communication in the Invisible:

The human being is capable of acting as both transmitter and receiver.

The one who is acting as receiver makes his mind blank, and silently observes the vibrations which come to him. These vibrations may present themselves in the guise of pictures, of sounds, or of thoughts. Distance is of no importance and has no influence on the production of the phenomenon. At the beginning, the transmitter must avoid sending complicated phrases. He ought to formulate his thought in one word, sending it outwards as strongly as he can. He should imagine that he is shouting into the ear of his recipient, or that the letters are being engraved in the ether, or are producing a powerful sound, and so on.

The neutralizing of the vibrations produced by our general way of living is the only limiting factor to these powers.

We may establish contact with every degree of the universal substance, from its aspect of crude matter up to that of pure energy.

The response varies in nature. Usually it comes in the form of a dream.

*HU* The Speech of Angels:

In addition to using portrayals, angels also employ a speech that contains concepts that are beyond human understanding. In fact, the main reason they use portrayals is because it is the only way they can make even a pale version of their thoughts and ideas comprehensible to human beings.

Information takes its place as a source of nourishment. When spirits and angles talked, their thoughts were constantly coalescing into three-dimensional symbolic images, especially animals. When angles talked about love and affection "beautiful animals are presented, such as lambs…When however the angles are talking about evil affections, this is portrayed by hideous, fierce, and useless animals like tigers, bears, wolves, scorpions, snakes, and mice."

Sri Yukteswar describes how they communicate through a telepathic series of "light pictures," rejoice at "the immortality of friendship," realize "the indestructibility of love," feel keen pain, "if any mistake is made in conduct or perception of truth," and when they are confronted with the multitude of relatives, fathers, mothers, wives, husbands, and friends acquired during their "different incarnations on earth," they are at a loss as to whom to love especially and thus learn to give " a divine and equal love to all."

According to Sri Aurobindo, in this luminous realm, one is no longer restricted to taking in information in a "point-by-point" manner, but can absorb it "in great masses," and in a single glance perceive "large extensions of space and time."

*LWK* The Rhymes Change Language Each Day:

I had drunk the cup of suffering to the dregs to come upon a resplendent, never-ending source of unutterable joy and peace lying hidden in my interior.

The world as no more than an inexplicable shadow, an impermanent, illusory appearance before an eternal resplendent sun of indescribable grandeur and sublimity.

After a fortnight, the language changed and instead of rhymes in Kashmiri they occurred in English.

A few days afterwards, the poems appeared in Urdu. Urdu was succeeded by Punjabi in a few days.

A few days later the direction came that I should prepare to receive verses in Persian. I had never read the language, nor could I in the least understand or speak it.

German was followed by French and Italian. Then came a few verses in Sanskrit, followed by Arabic. I felt wave after wave of conscious electricity pass through me, replete with knowledge to which, because of the poor capacity of my brain, I could not have full access.

*MotFE* Thought Transference:

The Masters are able to communicate with each other instantly by thought transference, or, as they call it, a force much more subtle than either electricity or wireless.

*MM* Telepathy:

Real People can use telepathy because they never tell a lie. They have nothing to hide. Mental telepathy is the way humans were designed to communicate. Different languages and various written alphabets are eliminated as obstacles when people use head to head talk. The Real People don't think the voice was designed for talking. You do that with your heart/head center. If the voice is used for speech, one gets into small unnecessary and less spiritual conversation. The voice is used for singing, for celebration, and healing.

So long as I had anything in my head or my heart that I wanted to hide, telepathy would not work. I had to come to peace with EVERYTHING- to lay my mind out on a table like the Real People do, and stand by as my motives were exposed and examined. I had to learn to forgive myself, to learn from the past without judgement. They showed me how vital it was to accept, be truthful and love myself so I could do the same with others.

The dolphin was the first creature with whom they could experience talking head to head, and it shows that life is meant to be happy and free.

*AoaY* Higher Communication:

He was conveying his word-pictures to me partly by speech and partly by thought-transference.


My guru's words were so penetratingly imprinted on the parchment of my being that at any time, by transferring my mind to the superconsciousness state; I can clearly relive the divine experience.

Attempting Contact With Earth(Medium): 1) We on this side for a long time have striven to build between our world and yours a bridge whereby man could climb to heights and find that peace which your world could not give. We know that it is only in this truth, only in this realisation of communication between the so-called dead and the living, there lies the salvation of your world. (Ghandi)

** Telepathy:

Telepathy: (BP) ...I was programming busily, when I thought I heard JP ask about my computer program (if I fixed my ENDIF statements in a particular section of code). I started explaining to him that I did, and what else I had done, when he told me that he never asked the question! He only THOUGHT about asking me! And yet I answered him as if he asked the question he had in his mind.

Telepathic Sending: (BP) ...I was eating supper with my Dad and I wanted a napkin. I decided to do a psychic experiment. I tried to put the word "Napkin" into my Dad's mind. A little while later, he reached up and grabbed a napkin for me. That's not too strange. But then he asked, "Were you just thinking 'Napkin'?" Then I told him about my experiment.

Telepathy: (BP) Knowing who is on the phone, when it's going to ring... 1)...I was talking with my friend and fellow programmer, WB, about names. He said, "I bet you could never guess my middle name it's so strange." I calmly said, "Otto," and he said "Wow! How did you know? I never told that to anyone, and it isn't on my job application or W-4 forms either!" Then he said, "But I got another middle name, but you'd never guess this other one in a million years." I calmly said, "Garhard?" to which he replied, "How did you know that? That's not a common name!" I just said "Just a guess," to which he replied, "I don't believe it!"

*BtL* More Post-NDE Aftereffects:

• An ability to merge into things more easily, to become "one with" them

• Acquisition of the ability to "hear" plants and animals speak or voice their needs. Experiencers can also "hear" words not spoken and voices and music in the air when no one is nearby.

• Synesthesia occurs frequently

*APitL* Psychic Abilities:

After being hit by lightning and put in the hospital, I could hear doctors say, "He probably isn't going to make it." Yet when I opened my eyes there was nobody in the room. Family members smiled and said, "You look wonderful," but they emitted their deeper thoughts. I could hear these thoughts, the gist of which was, "God, you look like a dead man." I remember a friend coming into the room and saying that I didn't look bad for someone who had just been hit with 180,000 volts. "Weren't you just here a minute ago?" I asked. "No," he insisted. "I just got here." That's funny, I thought. "I am sure I heard you say that already." Once I awoke with a nurse in the room. I was sure she had been talking to me about her husband and saying things that weren't very nice. I spoke up immediately. "Just leave him," I said. She looked at me for a moment and began to rub her shin. "How did you know what I was thinking about?" Another time a new doctor came in and asked if he could examine my eyes. I was sure he had asked me that question already, and I told him to quit repeating himself. "Sir," he said angrily, "I haven't said enough to you to repeat myself yet."

I could hear Scotty slip quietly into the room and place his hand on my foot. He was genuinely concerned. Since he had touched me, I could hear the conversations of others as they had talked to Scotty earlier that day about my condition. What they had to say was upsetting to me. As they talked about the accident, someone said sarcastically that it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. "Who cares, he got what he deserved," I heard a voice say. "They don't think he's going to live, and I hope they're right," said another voice. I was hearing their thoughts. If they touched me, I seemed to have a direct connection into their minds. If they told me something that wasn't true, I would hear their true thoughts.

A business associate touched my leg to wake me up. In that brief instant, I could have sworn that he told me that he and his wife had gotten a di divorce. "I never got along with her very well anyway," I heard him say. When I opened my eyes, both he and his wife were standing there. I was startled. "I thought you guys got divorced," I blurted out. "Why would you think that, Dannion?" asked the woman. "We're like an old pair of chose. We'll never find another match." A few weeks later she told him that she no longer felt compatible with him and that she wanted a divorce.

Then the deja vu experience became visual.

The mother of a friend of mine came to visit. She held my hand, and when she did that I was suddenly able to see pomegranates sitting on a living-room table. It was almost as though I were sitting right there in her home. I began to scan the room with my mind's eye. Then I looked out the window and saw a beautiful pomegranate tree. (She had been picking pomegranates that very day) When three nurses put their hands on me I began to see a hodge-podge of images. When I touched a friend's hand, I could see in my mind a handsome man with gray hair who was about twenty years older than she. I saw this in the way that many people can see a memory, like a home movie. As I saw the two of them talking in a nicely appointed room, I could tell exactly how she felt about him. Even though she was smiling in the vision, I could tell that she did not really love the man or even like him very much. She was pretending to love him for his money and status. As I held her hand I could tell she was becoming uncomfortable. My grip was a little tighter than it should have been and the distant look on my face was not what she expected. I had tapped into her channel and wanted to know what made this woman tick. In a flash her insecurities came out. I could see the poverty of her childhood, a tired and unhappy mother and a hard-working father. I could see a strong of dead-end jobs that had been her life since leaving home. I could see a number of boyfriends with barely enough money to take her out on Saturday nights. This rich older man represented the end of her struggles and the beginning of life in a higher social class. Living with a man she didn't love was better than existing in a life of poverty as her mother had.

When I was asleep, I was constantly communicating with the Beings of Light I had seen during my NDE. I would find myself in a room where Spirit Beings would be working on projects. I could watch them as they worked. At times these spiritual voyages were like going into a classroom, at other times like going into a factory. One time I went into a factory and watched as these Beings made structures out of light. Another time I watched as they took a single cell and grew it into a living human being. It was like watching conception, birth, and growth all in a few minutes. At other times I would find myself in a classroom where I was watching the universe in reverse, shrinking from the massive place it is to something as tiny as a pea. Other times I would go to the laboratories where there appeared to be research underway that dealt with light frequencies and sound.

People appeared to me as feelings and emotions surrounded by energy. As they talked to me there would be other forms of communications coming out of them as well. These were conversations and pictures and feelings and emotions that came from a place in their minds that only I seemed to be able to see. Many times these events took place even when the person wasn't in the house. I think they only had to have me on their minds, and I would pick up their thoughts. About 80% of the time I could tell who was calling when the phone rang. I was also sometimes able to tell when people were coming to the house at least five minutes before they arrived.

Going to church was an amazing experience. I could sit in the back of the church and hear people thinking. When the preacher would mention something about honesty, I could hear a dozen clear thoughts from people in the pews around me about how they had done something dishonest that week.

As I was healing, the abilities leveled off and I could pick up moods. Even if I couldn't hear what people were thinking, I could always tell how they were going to react. I could feel the sensations that each person was feeling. I could feel one person's rising elation, while another was sliding into depression. I could feel love in one and greed in another. I did not always know why they felt this way, but I always knew how they felt.

One time my wife came home thinking of a new car. When she kissed me, I could see the object of her desire, a white Ford LTD with a blue top.

When someone visited in a truly emotional state, I could feel that emotion and then I could hear his thoughts. I was not just analyzing them, the thoughts were being conveyed to me. I could feel compassion even if the people visiting didn't wear it on their faces. I could also feel the coldness of people who came to see how I was doing and acted warmly toward me. The more stress a person was under, the more perceptive I was. Any kind of stress functions as a transmitter.

I was picking up thoughts and images from the minds of people I didn't even know. I am amazed by how negatively people view themselves. They all feel guilty about something or another that they had done in their lives. They never allowed themselves to touch themselves spiritually. Instead, they focused on the surface things in their lives and picked themselves apart. They see themselves as being trapped in a reality that is controlled and manipulated by everybody else. They feel unimportant, as though they were just cogs in the machine of society.

I could listen to people during business negotiations and tell if they were actually going to deliver on the promises they had made. With one I could tell that this guy was a crook. "He thinks the world owes him a living. That's exactly what he was thinking.

I began to pick the outcome of all kinds of events with great accuracy, including the winners of a number of afternoon baseball games. As the bowler made his run up to the line, I muttered the outcome of the roll. By looking at a list of dogs and then at the dogs themselves, I could tell which ones were going to win. If the event involved living beings, I could predict the outcome. I cannot predict the spin of a roulette wheel, for instance, but stand me in front of a row of blackjack dealers and I can usually tell what the face-down card is. The more emotional the being, the better. Elements like will and skill are somehow communicated in whatever I pick up.

Sometimes I read the wrong person in a crowd. Sometimes I would perceive things and misinterpret them. Sometimes I thought I would go crazy from the sensory overload. Being in a crowded room, for instance, was sometimes more than I could take.

As Peyser talked I would see "movies," visuals in my mind that were like short home movies.

*APitL* Vocal Tone Matching:

..As she talked, I matched the tone of her voice to a tone that I produce in my own throat. To those around me, this sounds like a faint hum. For me, it is the way I make a perceptive connection with someone through their speech. I don't know how it works or why, but it is almost as effective as touching them. As I matched her tone I could see the things in her life that were bothering her.

I listen carefully to the person's tone of voice. Voice is as individual as appearance. To my way of thinking, it is the essence of the spiritual body. By imagining his voice as my voice I am able to put myself in his place. It is as though I am listening so intently to his conversation that I almost become him. To do this I clear my mind of anyone in the room but myself and the patient.

When I am able to do that, my focus shifts to the patient's breathing. Slowly I match his breathing pattern. Then when I am breathing in rhythm with him, I skip a beat and change my pattern. I begin breathing in as he breathes out, and out as he is breathing in. As I do this I imagine a figure eight between myself and the patient, in which the air we are breathing out is exchanged in an ebb and flow of energy. At the same time, I place two fingers on his wrist and take his pulse, trying to match my pulse to his. It is amazing how much control we have over our heart rate.

*PtE* Psychic Knowing:

As I experienced lucid dreaming more often, I found that this strange kind of psychic "perception" increased.

1) As the stranger climbed the long flight of stairs up to our flat, I observed that he wore the clerical garb and collar of a priest. When he reached the top of the stairs, however, the man wore a sport shirt and jacket. I stared at him in amazement because I had seen the clothing of a priest. I was utterly confused as our guest proceeded to introduce the man as the priest who had married them. I had literally seen him, for a moment, as such.

2) As Jimmy Carter spoke, I saw him as president. It was not a vague impression, but an experience of viewing him as such during the early stages of the campaign, where there was no leading in any direction.

*CWS* Inner Communication:

[During Susan's OBE] "I was talking to a friend inside when my interest was drawn away, as though some crazy magnet were tugging at my skull, toward a door that opened in the wall to my left. I walked through it and out into fifteenth-century Florence, Italy. I began talking to a fellow named Petro. ‘You don't talk like a fifteenth-century person,' I pointed out.

"Well, you're not familiar with how a fifteenth-century person would talk. This is your conversation, after all. From my side of the fence, it's completely different. You should hear it." said Petro.

*PotL* The Form of Psychic Impressions- Mental Image, Audible Impression:

In what form was the impression flashed on the percipient's mind? In connection with the partial guessing of cards seem distinctly in favor of the mental image. A king looks like a knave, but the names have no similarity. So with numbers. 35 is guessed piecemeal, the answers being 45 and 43; so 57 is attempted as 47 and 45. On the other hand, names of approximate sound were often given instead of the true ones; as "Chester" for Leicester, "Briggs" for Billings," Freemore" for Frogmore.

In some cases the idea transferred was that of the object itself, and in others, that of its name. Of the two percipients one seemed more susceptible to the visual, and the other to the auditory impressions.

*PotL* Psychic Transference Works Better When Relaxed, in Fun:

The faculty did not continue in full force; the average of successes gradually declined. The Creerys had their most starling successes at first, when the affair was a surprise and an amusement, or later, at short and seemingly casual trials; the decline set in with their sense that the experiments had become matters of weighty importance to us, and of somewhat prolonged strain and tediousness to them.

When a large number of trials were made at one sitting, the aptitude of both persons concerned seemed to be affected; it became harder for the "agent" to visualize, and the proportion of successes on the guesser's part decreased.

*PotL* Inward Blankness For Reception, Non-Seeking:

The best condition is a sort of inward blankness, on which the image of the object, sometimes suddenly but often only gradually, takes shape. And this inward blankness is hard to ensure when the objects for choice are both few and known. For their images are then apt to importune the mind, and to lead to guessing; the little procession of them marches so readily across the mental state that it is difficult to drive it off, and wait for a single image to present itself independently. Trials of this type give a result only very slightly in excess of the most probable number.

*PotL* Receiving Two Signals, Integrating Them:

The two agents had different objects to contemplate, and neither knew what the other was looking at; nor did the percipient know that anything unusual was being tried. Very soon the percipient said, "I see things moving about. . . . I seem to see two things. . . I see first one up there and then one down there. . . I don't know which to draw." She drew first a square, and then said, "Then there was the other thing as well… afterwards they seemed to go into one."

*PotL* The Feeling of Incoming Impressions:

When impressions were coming freely, she felt a sort of influence or thrill. They both say that several objects appear to them sometimes, but that one among them persistently recurs and they have a feeling when they fix upon one that it is the right one.

*PotL* Substance Is Transmitted Before Taste:

The substance of the seeds seemed to be perceived before their taste.

*PotL* Transference of Smell Impressions:

Mr. Guthrie even succeeded in obtaining what appeared to be transferences of smell-impressions.

*PotL* The Delay, The Release of the Thought:

Illustrating a special point – namely, the deferment of the percipient's consciousness of the sensation until a time when the agent had himself ceased to feel it. (NOTE: As the Masters say, the impression must then be released completely)


Dr. Hyla Greves was in contact with Miss Relph, having tasted salad oil.

Miss Relph said: "I feel a cool sensation in my mouth, something like that produced by sal prunelle."

Mr. R. C. Johnson in contact, having tasted Worcestershire sauce in another room.

"I taste something oily; it is very like salad oil." Then, a few minutes after contact with Mr. Johnson had ceased, "My mouth seems getting hot after the oil." (N.B. – Nothing at all had been said about the substances tasted either by Dr. Greves or Mr. Johnson.) Dr. Greves in contact, having tasted bitter aloes.

"I taste something frightfully hot . . . something like vinegar and pepper . . . Is it Worcestershire sauce?" Mr. Guthrie in contact, also having tasted bitter aloes.

"I tasted something extremely bitter, but don't know what it is, and do not remember tasting it before . . . It is a very horrid taste."

*PotL* Transference of Pain Sensation:

In 10 out of the 20 cases, the percipient localized the pain with great precision.

*PotL* The Conscious Idea Precedes Its Expression:

The conscious idea of the evoked or the inhibited action does precede or accompany the muscular effect.


Rev. P. H. Newnham carried out a long and systematic series of experiments, which were of the motor type that we are now considering – he writing down a question, and the planchette under his wife's hand replying to it.

The answer was often half written before I had completed the question.

*BtL* NDE & Inner Communication:

Jesus, the angels and platform, disintegrated into a giant sphere of light once Carter Mills no longer needed their shape or form to put him at ease.

"I saw the thoughts of everyone concerned with the event, as if they were thinking their thoughts inside of me."

*GR* Communication With the Light:

The instant I perceived Him, a command formed itself in my mind. "Stand up!" The words came from inside me, yet they had an authority my mere thoughts had never had.

*JoNDE-ML* Continuing Contact With Angels After NDEs, Inner Communications:

Melvin Morse found that 12 percent of his subjects continued to have regular contact with same guardian angels they saw during their NDEs, and more than 10 percent reported seeing "ghosts or other apparitions" following there NDEs.


Case History #1

During the last 20 years, Ms. A. has continued to receive inner communications like those she experienced during her NDE. She said the "type of consciousness" during which she experiences these communications: "if you mentally try to grab it and take it into your ego, it's gone." These communications manifest in one of three ways:

Auditory. This voice is always heard inside her head. It is similar to a thought, but has a "knowing character": Sometimes it feels outside of myself and sometimes there's something outside booting up your own awareness, pulling up something you already know." The voice is neither male nor female.

Energetic. At times her body will "all at once gear up when I didn't want it to." She described one example where her hand "wanted to go somewhere" without her consciously willing it to. During this type of experience, Ms. A feels "more energized." She sometimes receives information about another person she's with.

Dreams. She will sometimes "receive lessons energetically" in her dreams.


Case History #2

She described her communication with the light as follows: "the thoughts of the light came into my mind like my own thoughts do, but they were not my own…I know it was communication from another presence."

She can become distracted and not hear the messages, but they are always available when she listens. She describes several types of inner communications:

The "voice of the presence." This voice is described as "a feeling of a vibration from the heart area, causing recognition and an acceptance within myself." This communication is "the dearest and the purest and the most holy."

Voices that speak English. These voices sometimes give directions that do not have any logical basis, but lead to coincidences. These voices also provide knowledge of what others are thinking.

Inner music. At times she hears parts of songs that apply to what is happening in her life, and other times she hears "divine music that seems to have no source."

Automatic writing. At times "words will flow through me onto paper."

Automatic speech. "At times I say something I've never thought before. It's an inner voice through me saying something for someone else. At such times, I learn by hearing what I say and considering the meaning of it."


Case History #3

Immediately after her NDE, Ms. C. was aware that there was "something or someone that I could talk to…I could ask questions and get the answers." These answers cam in the form of an inner voice that she heard inside her head. She said it felt "totally natural" to hear this voice.

The communications from this voice are in a "universal language". The voice does not always speak "English per se," but acts as "an imprint that comes from mind to mind."

Following this second NDE, an "inner voice" was now "even more clear and believable". She said about the information she received from her inner voice: "the information just imprints on you. You're just exposed to it."

Since her three NDEs, Ms. C. has been in communication with a number of inner voices. These include the "guides" she encountered during her NDEs and other guides she has met since her NDEs as well as spirits of the deceased. These communications occur in three ways:

An inner voice: the voice is neither male nor female, and is heard inside her head.

Automatic writing: At times she finds herself writing NOTEs to herself, although she has no conscious awareness of this process. These NOTEs refer to Ms. C. in the third person.

A method of communication that Ms. C. calls "charades." She said that at times she experiences emotions that are out of context. She can "feel" these emotions inside her head and then she learns what the emotions are attempting to communicate to her.

*PotL* Transference of Sensation:

"I have taken a party to witness some galvanic experiments, and whilst submitting myself to continued slight galvanic shocks, have fixed my attention on some one of the party. The first time I tried this I was much amused by the person soon exclaiming, ‘Well, it is very strange, but I could fancy that I feel a sensation in my hands and arms as though I were subject to the action of the battery.'"

-H. S. Thompson

*PotL* Consciously Sending a Thought-Form of a Person:

"The intention was that Lieutenant N. should see in a dream, at 11 o'clock p.m., a lady who had been five years dead, who was to incite him to a good action. Herr N., however, contrary to expectation, had not gone to sleep by 11 o'clock, but was conversing with his friend S. on the French campaign. Suddenly the door of the chamber opens; the lady, dressed in white, with black kerchief and bare head, walks in, salutes S. thrice with her hand in a friendly way, turn to N., nods to him, and then returns through the door. Both follow quickly, and call the sentinel at the entrance; but all had vanished. The chamber door used to creak with opened, but did not do so when the lady opened it – when it is to be inferred that the opening of the door was only a dream-picture, like all the rest of the apparition."

-H. M. Wesermann


"At 9:30 p.m., I went into a room alone and sat by the fireside, and endeavored so strongly to fix my mind upon the interior of a house at Kew that I seemed to be actually in the house. During this experiment I must have fallen into a mesmeric sleep, for although I was conscious I could not move my limbs."

"At about half-past 9 she had seen me in the passage, going from one room to another, and at 12 p.m., when she was wide awake, she had seen me enter the bedroom and walk around to where she was sleeping, and take her hair (which is very long) into my hand."

-S. H. B.

*PotL* Sending a Conversation To a Dreamer:

"Madame W., in her sleep, was to hear a conversation between me and two other persons, relating to a certain secret; and when I visited her on the third day she told me all that had been said, and showed her astonishment at this remarkable dream."

-H. M. Wesermann

*PotL* Sympathetic Brain Activity- Picking Up Thoughts:

A permanent magnet brought into a room will throw any surrounding iron into a similar condition; an electric current in one coil of wire will induce a current in a neighboring coil. So it is possible to conceive that vibration-waves, or nervous induction, are a means whereby activity in one brain may evoke a kindred activity in another.

*PotL* Telepathic Sensibility Is Heightened In Illness:

Telepathic sensibility seems often heightened in illness.

*PotL* Unintentional Transfesernce of Various Intentions:

"Almost invariably before my brother came it would suddenly come into my mind as a quite clear and certain thing, that my brother was coming to see me. I cannot remember a single occasion on which I had received one of these vivid impressions, on which he did not arrive as expected."

"As to the time when the impressions occurred to me, in a number of cases, he said that, so far as he could check the time, it would seem to have been always at or about the time when he first received his instructions, or knew of the arrangement having been made for him to come."

-Robert Castle


"One morning, not long ago, while engaged with some very easy work, I saw in my mind's eye a little wicker basket, containing five eggs. About two hours later I went into another room for lunch. I was at once struck with the remarkable similarity between the eggs standing in the egg-cups on the breakfast table, and those two very long ones I had in my imagination previously seen, eggs had been sent by her mother half an hour before. My mother-in-law had placed them in the basket and thought of sending them to me; and, to use her own words, ‘I did of course think of you at that moment.' She did this at 10 in the morning, which must have been just the time of my impression."

-J. G. Keulemans


"I made an appointment to meet a personal friend. At the appointed hour I was at the designated place. My friend was tardy in his appearing. After a while, however, I saw him approaching (or thought I did). So assured was I of his advance that I advanced to meet him, when presently he disappeared entirely."

-F. R. Harbaugh


"My younger brother was in Australia, and had not written to his family for some four or five months, from which my mother had concluded he must be dead. I was sitting with her and my sister in our dining-room. I looked up, when I saw my brother standing on the lawn in front of the window apparently looking at us. I jumped up, saying to my mother, ‘Don't be frightened, mother, but there is T. come back all right.' ‘Where?' said my mother and sister, ‘I don't see him.' I had by this time opened the front door, and not seeing my brother, I thought he was hiding for fun among the shrubs. No one answered. About a year afterwards he returned home, and when recounting his troubles, he told us that he had been very ill, and that while he was delirious he had constantly requested his comrades to lay him under the great cedar tree on his father's lawn, and turning to my father he went on, ‘Yes, father, and do you know I seemed to see the dear old place as plain as I do now.' ‘When was that?" said my father. He gave the date, and my mother, who had written it down, looked and said, ‘Why, that was the very time when your sister declared she saw you on the lawn.'"

-A. Cressy

*PotL* Transference of Physical Sensations of Illness:

"We were sitting chatting over our 5 o'clock tea; I was perfectly well at the time. As I had several notes to write before dinner, I asked her to leave me alone. She did so, and I went to the writing-table and began to write."

"All at once a dreadful feeling of illness and faintness came over me, and I felt that I was dying. I had not power to get up to ring the bell for assistance, but sat with my head in my hands utterly helpless."

"My maid came into the room for the tea things. I thought I would keep her with me, but felt better while she was there, so did not mention my illness to her, thinking it had passed away. However, as soon as I lost the sound of footsteps, it all came back upon me worse than ever."

"My husband had not come home. He said he had been very well indeed all day, but just as he was preparing to leave his office he became suddenly very ill (just the same time that I was taken ill at the writing-table)."

-Emily Realy


"I was at Cambridge at the end of my second term, in full health. One evening I felt extremely ill, trembling, with no apparent cause whatever; not did it seem to me at the time to be a physical illness, a chill of any kind. I was frightened. I was totally unable to overcome it. I became convinced that I was dying."

"Towards 11, after some 3 hours of this, I got better, and went upstairs and got to bed."

"In the afternoon came a letter to say that my twin brother had died the evening before in Lincolnshire. I am quite clear of the fact that I never once thought of him, nor was his presence with me even dimly imagined."

-James M. Wilson

*PotL* Sending a Summons:

We may now pass to a group of these cases in which the primary element of the emotional impression is a sense of being wanted – an impulse to go somewhere or do something.

"My father on the day of his death had gone out of the house about 2:30 p.m., to have his usual afternoon stroll in the garden and fields. He had not been absent more than 7 or 8 minutes when, as I was talking to my wife and sister, I was seized with a very urgent desire to go to him. The feeling that I ought to go and see him came upon me with irresistible force. Search was made, and it was my sad lot to find him dead in the field, in a place which, according to the route he ordinarily adopted, he would have reached about 7 or 8 minutes after leaving the house."

-E.P. Banister

*SFH* Higher Astral Communication:

We began to engage in thought exchange, conversation very natural, very easy and casual. I heard their voices clearly and individually. They each had a distinct personality with a voice, but they spoke directly to my mind, not my ears. And they used normal, colloquial English.

They all seemed to know and understand me very well and to be completely familiar with my thoughts and my past. I didnt feel any desire to ask for someone I had known because they all knew me. Nobody could know me any better.

Telepathic Tuning

Tuning/Focusing(SoM): Mental telepathy would not be possible, unless there were a medium through which it could operate. There must also be a mental tuning in, so to speak, just as there must be in radio. We are surrounded by all sorts of vibrations and if we wish to catch any of them distinctly, we must tune in. Even then, there is a great deal of interference and we do not always get the messages clearly. We often get the wrong ones, and sometimes many of the vibrations come together and seem to be nothing but a lot of noises, without any particular reason for being. It does not follow that the sender knows he is transmitting thought. One might pick up thoughts just as he picks up radio messages. *MJooB: Often what is perceived as vicious or evil is simply a very impersonal energy you encountered which you interpret as being aimed towards you personally. These can be avoided if you consciously limit your input frequency, allowing only those on your wavelength to communicate with you.

Telepathy in Dreams

*CPL* Mother and Child Telepathy in Dreams:

"With only the slightest hypnotic suggestion, I instantly saw myself as a peasant. The sky turned black with storm clouds. A devastating storm, like a tornado, took us by surprise and destroyed our house. We lost much, including a baby. Joey survived the storm.

Soon after this regression, Joey, who is now five, had a nightmare. He was crying and calling for the baby." -Sharon Benedetto

Another way parents can respond to a child's past life nightmare – by talking him through it while he is still sleeping.

*SD&P* Communication in Dreams:

Now, when Ruburt dreams that he has discussed a dream with you, in most cases he has done so. You both converse quite naturally in forms number two.

*LD-P* Perceptual Realism, Internal Communication, & Weightlessness:

Perceptual realism may appear to be complete in one modality (the visual) but defective in another (the auditory):

"I wonder for some time whether I might be dreaming or not. I decide to observe everything closely and with circumspection.

"A wide meadow stretches out in front of me, with wooded mountains in the distance. All this is naturalistically colored and brightly lit. The sky is blue and blindingly bright. The top-most trees on the mountains are clearly outlined against the sky. Despite all my efforts I can find nothing which leads me to believe in the possibility of deception. The conversation I am listening to has a naturalistic timbre and volume. I can understand every word clearly. Nevertheless I have the impression that the words are seeming to emanate not from without, but from within myself, like audible thoughts. At this point it occurs to me that I am almost weightless, and am scarcely touching the ground on which I am lying."

(Moers-Messmer, 1938, Case 5)

Errors in the Medium of Telepathy

*PotL* Planchette Writing, Naked Reproduction, & Deferred Impression:

I asked three simple questions which were known to the operator; then three others, unknown to her, relating to my own private concerns. I proceeded to ask:

Write down the lowest temperature here this winter.

A. 8.

The actual lowest temperature had been 7.6° so that 8 was the nearest whole degree; but my wife said at once that, if she had been asked the question, she would have written 7 and not 8; as she had forgotten the decimal.

I simply quote this, as a good instance of a perfectly independent reply; the answer being correct in itself, but different from the impression on the conscious intelligence of both parties.

These answers did not correspond with the opinions or expectation nor either myself or my wife.

My wife never had the slightest idea of what words were being traced out.

Who are you that know?

A. Manifestation triune person.

In the last answers we see a new moral element introduced. There is evasion, or subterfuge, of a more or less ingenious kind; and totally foreign to the whole character and natural disposition of the operator.

48. What name shall we give to our new dog?

A. Yesterday was not a fair trial.

49. Why was not yesterday a fair trial?

A. Dog.

And again:

108. What do I mean by chaffing C. about a lilac tree?

A. Temper and imagination

109. You are thinking of somebody else. Please reply to my question.

A. Lilacs.

Here a single image or word seems to have made its mark on the percipient's mind, without calling any originative activity into play; and we thus get the naked reproduction. In these last examples we again notice the feature of deferred impression.

*PotL* Mistakes in Spelling:

A mistake or a piece of independence in spelling is by no means an unusual occurrence. Frontunac. Fond du Lac. "My name is Norman," presumably meaning Norval. Mr. Julian Hawthorne tells me that the spelling of the planchette-writing obtained through the automatism of a young child of his own was "much better than in her own letters and journals."

*PotL* Rapping- Off By One or Two, & Anagrams:

The present writer pointed to the successive letters of a printed alphabet; at intervals the sound of a rap was heard, and the letter thus indicated was written down. The name that had been selected was John Henry Pratt. The result obtained in the way described was J O H N Y E S R O S A T. If in three places an approximation be allowed, and a contiguous letter be substituted, the complete name will be found to be given, thus:



the first word being phonetically spelt, and the other two being correct anagrams.

*PotL* What Message Did You Really Send?:

M. Richet chose a quotation at random. The name of the author was Legouve. The letters produced were J O S E P H C H D, which looked like a complete failure. But the quotation was adjacent to another from the works of Joseph Chenier.


The name thought of was Victor; the letters produced on three trials were:




It appeared that while the agent had been concentrating his thoughts on "Victor," the name of a friend, Danet, had spontaneously recurred to his memory.

Intuition & Inspiration

*PAP* Intuition & Inspiration:

I call intuition "Reception without form."

Intuition does not permit of reasoning, however instantaneous. It is the formless reception of vibrations. It is an idea, or a series of ideas, which come, at first in a confused manner, then more and more clearly until one seems to hear as well as if a friend were speaking into one's ears. Sometimes the idea comes and goes with the speed of a lightning flash.

Lying down in calm and silence we concentrate our minds on the problem to be solved, and do our best to drive away all thought from the field of consciousness. So soon as an idea, or series of ideas, comes clearly to the mind, note it immediately.

If we consider intuition as the beginning of a mental correspondence between ourselves and the other dimensions of space, it is then possible to say that inspiration represents its stabilization and completion. In intuition we listen, and catch vibrations as they pass. In inspiration, on the other hand, it is not necessary to listen, because all the intellectual faculties are at a maximum of activity. It is no longer a case of mental communication, but you yourself who draw deductions, with incomparable ease. Inspiration, therefore, becomes a regular method of mental intercourse with the Invisible.

Let us suppose we wish to delve deeply into a subject by logical analysis and synthesis. In order to judge freely and to avoid falling into ordinary errors, we must first of all define exactly the subject to be studied. Then we must become acquainted with the latest investigations in the subject. Lastly, by an effort of will, we must drive all this information from the mind, and set to work as if we knew nothing whatever about the matter to be studied.

During a moment when all our thoughts are deeply concentrated on our work, a sudden flood of ideas will surge through the mind. The pen cannot write quickly enough. After having written a number of pages, we are brought up short by some question which seems to be bristling with obstacles. We stop working, worried by this new aspect of the subject about which we had not dreamed. The next time, having worked on this new idea, the same clear insight is manifested, bringing in its train the joy of seeing new points of view.

*SD&P* Rob Gets a Rush of Pure Data:

[From Rob's notes]: This sensation was so strong that I put down my sandwich and took off my glasses, because I literally didn't know what might happen next. The wave of feeling washed over me very strongly this time. Although everyone about me was talking quite loudly, I had the weird sensation of voices within me, of mouths open or crying in soundless rhythm.

[About Rob's experience]: You felt an onrush of data in its pure form, rushing through the inner senses like a wind in a kaleidoscope because you did not know how to control or disentangle it.

For this reason, you attempted a rather hilarious feat. You tried to switch over and pick up inside data with the outer senses, and then project this inward. You felt sound. But, because you did not hear sound with your ears, you panicked and formed the image of mouths that could not speak.

You felt attacked because of the onrush of data that seemed to crash down upon you, because of your inability to control the volume. If possible, try to relax if the experience happens again, and the data will slow itself up.

Conscious fear is usually the main hindrance as far as inner data is concerned.

*PAP* The Atmosphere of Intuition & Inspiration:

The "atmosphere" which surrounds us at such times varies with the subject we are studying. When we are dealing with questions relating to the intercorrelation of our microcosm and the Absolute, then tears will spring unreckoned to our eyes, and it is with indescribable joy that we arrive at deeper understandings.

In this inspirational condition, the ideas which we are handling are impregnated with such a marvelous atmosphere that the vibrations, in spite of oneself, act on our emotions. If our desire to know the ultimate word, the cause of all things, has been pushed far enough, we shall find ourselves trembling, and tremendous shudders, as from a strong shock, will run up our body, from feet to head.

In this state we lose all sense of time. After several hours of steady work it seems as if we had only been at it for a few minutes, and if someone interrupts, we seem to be holding our breath as if falling from a great height.

Inspiration is easier to develop on moral and philosophic matters than on metaphysics.

*CWG1* Communication From His Side:

I was not so much writing as taking dictation. The answers to the questions never came until the question was completely written and I'd put my own thoughts away. Often the answers came faster than I could write, and I found myself scribbling to keep up.

*MotFE* The Intuition & Brotherhood of the Hawaiians:

There is a great similarity in the thought of the Hawaiian people and our own, especially when brought about by experiences. You can take a Hawaiian anywhere in the ocean that you want and you cannot lose him.

The Hawaiians keep quiet and find a solution readily. They use this quality very definitely.

I have seen forty or fifty of them go across the island to find that some of their people were in trouble there. Sometimes their friends across the island would come to them. They never missed in those things. They were in constant touch with each other all the time. I have inquired of them and they think nothing of it. They simply function that way because they have never been given the impression that it is anything but natural.

Were the interest of those on one side of the island centered wholly within themselves they would not be concerned about the needs of those on the other side. Where there is need among their fellow they draw this sense of need into themselves through the bond of sympathy which makes them one and the needs of the group become instantly known by another. Selfishness and self-interest separate us, isolate us from the rest of humanity, and this sense of separateness makes people immune to their needs. It is in this way that greater and greater needs develop in one group while greater and greater abundance develops in another and the whole social structure is thrown out of balance. This is where war and strife develop. Can you imagine two groups going to war, each striving to meet the needs of the other? "Nature abhors a vacuum" and just as violent storms occur because of extreme differences in atmospheric pressure, so do wars develop primarily from extremes in the human status.

This faculty of the Hawaiians is mostly memory going back to former generations.

In a sense this is the same faculty of instinct which the animal uses but, just as the man is much higher form of being than the animal, so are all his faculties comparatively enlarged. Call it intuition or spiritual discernment if you will.

The true Polynesian and Hawaiian are true Caucasian. It seems that this faculty runs more definitely in the true Caucasian race.

*MotFE* Intuition First, Reason Comes Later:

The great inventive capacity of the American mind is the functioning of this same sense. The difference lies chiefly in the field into which it is directed. Also we are all making use of it to a much larger extent than we realize. When we know how we naturally function and then proceed to consciously work in harmony with ourselves, we will make much greater progress in every direction. Did you ever note how you yourself very often function in certain ways through an inner sense, or hunch, or feeling and then all the reasons develop afterwards which show the whys and wherefores? Many people try to think it all out first, then they never do anything but think, for there is no apparent solution for anything until after it has been done. The feeling that it can be done, or that it should be done, or it were better so and so is the first activity of this sense and, if one would be still, the rest of the information would come, completing his whole plan of action. Then the intellectual explanation or the thoughts defining the process would be readily formulated. The reasoning mind, as we commonly know it, only travels over the same ground it has previously been over, but reason is never complete until this other sense is taken into account. Reason is descriptive but this other sense sees and goes beyond reason, opening the way for larger reason.

The average American thinks it a sign of being a bit off if something is suggested for which there is no apparent reason. Such a feeling is the result of ignorance regarding the true capabilities of the individual and the most vital means he has for any degree of achievement. It is his doubt of himself and his ability that holds him back. "If ye believe and doubt not, nothing shall be impossible to you," said Jesus. This faculty is the first requisite to sound reason, while the other processes of reason commonly relied upon as the only basis of intelligent reason are secondary. Great achievements have been accomplished from realms beyond reason and the reasons appeared after. Sound reason is brought about by first looking clear through the limitations, catching the vision of the unapparent, yet entirely possible, and then building the other processes of reason as these facts are worked out. "To faith add knowledge."

*E* Intuition:

All that there is to be known can be known by intuition. This is the sutra that eliminates the need for all the others.

*MotFE* The Inner Voice:

"Living did not become a difficult problem until man disobeyed and refused to listen to the Inner Voice. When he returns and again learns to listen to that Inner Voice he will cease to labor for the means of a living, but he will work for the joy of creating."

"Therefore, it is not necessary to seek knowledge and help from outside sources, when you know that the source of all knowledge, the spirit of all knowledge, the understanding truth is latent within you."

When one learns to live from the Soul, the Self, and not from the mind, everything in life is clear and understandable. You know what you should do, where you should go, and life becomes simple and harmonious. That does not mean we shall live unintelligent lives and that we will have no thoughts. It means that we will truly live intelligently and that our thoughts will be the outcome of properly expressing the Inner Self.

When we are equally intent upon being what we instinctively feel we should be, we shall arrive without difficulty.

*BP* Voices From Within:

Upon closer examination, I didn't exactly make up "words" in my head when I asked myself questions. I got a jumble of thoughts, feelings, words, sounds and images, and I "translated" this jumble into words. Then I said the translated words to myself, and somehow they made sense. Later, this translation process became so automatic that it was just like "talking."

I had learned to ask myself questions, and come up with answers, but I was very skeptical about it. It seemed as if I were pretty much "making up" the answers I wanted, even if the answers often had a lot more "insight" than I thought I had. The answers just came to me from the top of my head. They only came when I asked, and often they were the first things that entered my mind after I formulated the question. For that reason, I viewed this all as a "game" I was playing, never taking it seriously.

Then the inner source of wisdom started to develop a personality of its own. Very gradually I started noticing that I was sometimes getting "answers" without asking questions. I started getting advice and reminders from within, which would come out of the blue.

I noticed that the answers addressed me in the second person; instead of receiving the message, "I should park over there" I would receive the message, "You should park over there, Bob." Also, the answers started getting more specific. Messages like, "You should park over there" became "You should park over there, because there's more time on that parking meter than this one." Later, these things turned out to be true. At first I thought I might be going crazy. Crazy people heard voices. But as I said before, I wasn't really hearing voices; I was just getting impressions and translating them into words. Then I began to worry about spirits.

That was the beginning of a new cooperation between me and my inner voice: It started giving me more advice, helping me interpret my dreams and reminding me of things I had forgotten. For example, one morning I had gotten my motorcycle out of the garage to go to work when my inner voice said to bring my bag of tools with me--"It'll come in handy today; You'll regret it if you don't." So I got off my motorcycle, walked back inside and got my tool bag. I asked my inner voice if my motorcycle was going to run into mechanical problems. It replied, "Your motorcycle is fine." "Then why should I bring tools?" "Trust me. You'll regret it if you don't." Later that day, as I pulled into a parking spot, I noticed a man with a stalled truck. I asked, "Having truck problems?" He said, "Yeah. You haven't got a Phillips screwdriver on you, do you?" I got out the tool bag and gave him a screwdriver. I was glad I had brought the tools, and I thanked my inner voice. It was right--I would have regretted it if I had not brought the tools.

My inner voice has been responsible for much of the "psychic" information I have received. In many ways, it seems like "cheating" because I don't have to work for this information; it's there for the asking.

I also found out my inner voice had a sense of humor. One morning I wrote down an out-of-body experience and I lost track of the time. When I realized I was running behind, I left in a hurry. I bolted out the door when my inner voice suddenly interrupted, "Hey, Bob, you forgot to lock the door!" I ran back, locked the door and thanked my inner voice. My inner voice jokingly replied, "You'd forget your body if it wasn't attached!"

I've also been helped by my inner voice during my out-of-body experiences. Here is another example of my inner voice helping me during an OBE:

...Another thing happened last night. It was like a lesson from my inner voice. It wanted to teach me the difference between clairvoyant vision and out-of-body vision. So first it showed me a place clairvoyantly, and it said, "this is clairvoyant vision." Then it showed me the same scene with out-of-body vision. I remember some of the differences. First, although both pictures were clear and vivid, the out-of-body picture had more of a sense of depth. I could tell my spatial location, because I had normal depth perception. In the clairvoyant vision, I saw the same things, and I could tell it was three-dimensional, but it was more like a photograph, where some particulars stood out more than others. In short, the clairvoyance was like looking at a regular photograph, only some objects in the room seemed somehow emphasized. The out-of-body vision was different in that I was in the picture.


*H&H* Communication Between Angels, Man, & God: Remembering:

Angel & Man: Remembering(H&H): To communicate with man, angels conjoin with man. They join with man's spiritual thought, which flows into his natural and coheres with his memory. Spirits conjoined to the Lord think they are the Lord and spirits conjoined to man think they are man. Spirits and angels adjoin man to God. There are evil and enthusiastic spirits which speak with man. Only the good and honest can speak with angels. Angels see the earth through man. Man sees to heaven through angels. Angels can only speak to man through his memory. It is like man remembering something he doesnt know. Man has either his interiors (heaven) or his exteriors (world) open. Thoughts and ideas of time and space are limited, and ideas about state are not. Angels speak not in man's language of time, space, and materiality, but by spiritual ideas derived from states and their changes. When these ideas come to man, they are instantly translated. This is how all of heaven comes to man. Angels cannot utter human language, only what is in agreement with their affection. Angels can feed their will into man and make him act. Most angelspeak cant be understood or remembered by man.

The Lord comes to man through his forehead. The forehead corresponds to love, the face to the interiors, the ears to wisdom. Spiritual angels go into the head from all around and celestial ones through the beck of neck by cerebellum and ears.

(HTO) You are suddenly in communications with the absolute total knowledge. You can think of a question and immediately know the answer to it. The light is the answer. When he experienced this state of total knowing, it was not that he acquired this knowledge, but that he remembered it.

1) I always got an answer back for every question that I asked.

Forms of Communication- Regular Speaking & Distant Speaking

*LWU* Communicate at a Distance:

Casting our eyes whence we had just come, we saw Edwin waving his hand to us. Then a strange thing happened. We both beheld immediately before our faces what seemed to be a flash of light. It was not blinding, nor did it startle us in any way... It illumined the small space before our eyes as we stood there... Then clearly, beyond any vestige of doubt, we heard- whether with the ear or with the mind, I could not then say- the voice of Edwin asking us if we had enjoyed our brief journey, and to go along back to him in exactly the same way as we had left him... We repeated the procedure, and there we were, once more, seated one each side of my old friend, who was laughing joyously at our wonderment...

When we focus our thoughts upon some person in the spirit world, whether they be in the form of a definite message, or whether they are solely of an affectionate nature, those thoughts will reach their destination without fail, and they will be taken up by the percipient... We had, so far, used our ‘organs of speech' in conversing with each other. It was quite natural, and we hardly gave the matter any thought. It had not occurred either to Ruth or myself that some means of communication at a distance must be available here...

Although we can thus send our thoughts, it must not be assumed that our minds are as an open book for all to read... We can, if we so will, deliberately keep our thoughts to ourselves; but if we should think idly, as it were; if we should just let our thoughts ramble along under a loose control, then they can be seen and read by others. One of the first things to be done upon arrival here is to realize that thought is concrete, that it can create and build, and then our next effort is to place our own thoughts under proper and adequate control.

Forms of Communication- Wordless Image Communication

*ANMU* A Higher Manner of "Speech":

Signs or heiroglyphs moved and changed before me with dizzy rapidity, expressing in this way transitions, changes, combinations and correlations of ideas. Only this manner of "speech" was sufficiently quick for the quickness of thought which was here arrived at... Thinking in words became quite impossible. As I have already said, between two words of the same sentence long periods of time passed. Thinking in words could never keep pace with thought as it worked in this state.

*DP* All Knowledge From Here Down is Up To Them:

Question and answer are unnecessary, for the thought-pictures are read as they are formed, and the interchange of ideas is as rapid as is their flashing into existence in the mind.

All knowledge is theirs for the searching- all, that is, which does not transcend even this lofty plane; the past of the world is as open to them as the present.

*VS-DC* Communication from Beyond:

He has seen grandpa and some other spirits who he does not know. He said the was not afraid of them and that they sometimes tell him things. He said it isn't like talking, it just comes in his brain and he understands what they are saying.

*CJ* Color Flux in Telepathic Communication:

ROMC: "I say ‘gentleman,' but this person isn't really a male. Anyway, this tall being is coming down a pathway of light and is wearing a brilliant robe. It's embroidered with light forms of different kinds...

"Everything is in movement, including the robe he has on. I can see live vibrations in everything. In fact, the colors in his robe change; there are different patterns as they change. Now the color of the instrument on his head is changing. It was plain, when I first noticed it- without color. But as he sends thoughts, colors seem to flash from the instrument. (NOTE: ecstasy trance)"

*CJ* Differences in the Heaven World:

ROMC: "You don't have to converse. You just think...

"Children become adjusted to this side very rapidly. There is no fear...

"Learning is different here. It seems that you experience concepts."

*PotC* Telepathy & Great Emotion:

A shining extraphysical consciousness approached me, and, while staring at me, emitted this thought:

"So, do you recognize me?"

...I instantly recognized him...

The impact of the surprise brought me uncontrollable emotion. Nothing was "said." Communication occurred through pure thought transmission...

"Look! I'm conscious. After returning to the soma I can remember these occurrences. Isn't it marvelous?... Do you have any lessons to offer me?"

"Yes. Analyze how electronic equipment functions. It radiates waves that not only interfere with the minds of children, but also with the process of projection by affecting the vibrations in the structure of the psychosoma..."

He had not pronounced anything with his "mouth," nor had I heard words with my "ears." Sometimes, in the extraphysical dimension, the words one hears, or the thoughts one captures appear as if they were echoes. It seems that we know the extraphysical consciousness' thoughts before they are expressed. As a general rule, the projector "hears the thought" of the extraphysical consciousness in the extraphysical dimension like he "hears the voice" of a person while in the waking state.

*MB* Certain Colors Are Communication Links:

ZADKIEL: There are many colors and shades of colors, but there are some that we call here our primary colors because of their prime importance. These are the connecting links between those of you who are still in your physical bodies and those of us in spirit.

Forms of Communication- Imageless Love Communication

*B* Communion Without Images:

The soul is inwardly free and unencumbered of all mediations and of all images. This is, then, the reason that God can unite himself with the soul freely without an image or a likeness...

Behold, God the Father has a complete insight into himself and a distinct, complete perception of himself through himself, not through just any image... In the same and in no other way God the Father generates his Son in the foundation of the soul and in its being, an he thus unites himself with the soul...

God is effective without means and without an image. The more you are without an image, the more receptive will you be to his influences; the more inwardly you are turned and the more forgetful you are of yourself, the nearer will you be to him.


When I come to the point when I no longer project myself into any image and fancy no images in myself, and toss away everything within me, then I can be transported into God's naked being, and this is the pure essence of the Spirit... Every comparison must be driven out...

Pay attention as to where our inadequacy lies! It comes from nothingness. Whatever of nothing remains in a person must be extinguished.

*EJ* A Flowing Communication:

Genevieve W. Foster, in The World Was Flooded with Light: "A few feet in front of me and a little to the left stood a numinous figure, and between us was an interchange, a flood, flowing both ways, of love. There were no words, no sound. There was light everywhere."

Forms of Communication- Musical Communication

*WtL* Hearing Our Native Musical Language:

(Barbara:) I had a rebirthing session once in which I could hear music, incredible music, which I knew was the language of the soul. It was the only music in the universe, the only language in the universe, and I remember laughing to think that we, on this plane, called our "language" a language. It was so funny.

Spheres of Communication

*T* The Interaction of Astral Lights:

In soul space, this higher form of soul substance plays a role similar to that of light in physical space... Soul beings first awaken to true soul life by drawing from these higher regions. (NOTE: Ah! Ah! Ah! Astral light!) Their subdued life in the darkness opens up to the outside and starts to shine and radiate out into soul space; their dull and sluggish inner movement, which attempts to shut itself off by means of antipathy when only the substances of the lower regions are present, is transformed into power and mobility pouring out from within. The flowing sensitivity of the second region comes into effect only on contact (NOTE: Think of Swedenborg's Sphere of Communication), when soul formations meet, in which case one flows over into the other. Actual contact is necessary here. But in the upper regions a free outraying and outpouring is the rule.

*LBD* Souls Communicating and Spheres:

Meeting with [souls] consists in feeling at one with them, being within them; to be outside them means that we do not notice them, do not become aware of them... (NOTE: Thus the lower you are, the more condensed, the more lonely. The larger your sphere, the more company you have!)

What I have now said is an indication of the fundamental form of the soul's communion with other souls during the period between death and a new birth. Similarly, the human being is also within or outside the Beings of the Hierarchies... The higher the kingdoms, the more intensely does man feel bound to them after death; he feels as though they were bearing him, sustaining him, with great power.

*BDL* Upward & Downward Communications:

S: We can contact them through a method of distant communication, like a radio on your level. But they would have to come to our level to be able to make contact with us directly, because we have only attained a certain level of enlightenment. We cant go to the higher levels because out energy level is not compatible with them yet. But we can visit the lower levels because we've already been through those levels and we know how to adjust our energy to be compatible with them...

One can help people on the earthly plane without a great expenditure of energy because we are always in repeated contact with that plane...

It is a matter of concentrating our energy and refining it so it can pick a sympathetic vibration in the higher level. Another thing that takes a lot of energy is whenever you need to visit and help people who have done many negative things to their karma. The more negative a person's karma is, the more incompatibility there is and this makes it more difficult to communicate with them and try to help them. It is like trying to push the same poles of two different magnets together... They put up energy barriers without meaning to do it... We usually have to watch them very careful and try to catch them at a vulnerable point so we can break through and give them a glimmering of hope...

They have built mental walls and walls of energy about them to block out all that they don't want to deal with.

Communicating Between Different Areas & Levels

*H&H* Communicating Between Heavens & Societies:

The Celestial and Spiritual are very different and can only communicate through intermediate societies (these which make all of heaven ONE kingdom). Societies communicate through their sphere, which extends far and wide into other societies. They are intelligent and wise according to their extension. A spiritual sphere encompasses all according to their affections and overflows from them and from each society and from all of heaven and hell. A society can communicate with another through a spirit.

*JoS* Trying to Contact the IB While OB:

Attempt to communicate with living people dont work. (NOTE: Monroe refutes this)

*AP* Interplane Communications- The Dead May Need a Medium:

It sometimes happens, however, that the desire for communication is from the other side, and that an entity has something which it specially desires to say to those whom it has left behind. If it is firmly impressed upon the mind of the dead person, it is undoubtedly desirable that he should be enabled to deliver it, as otherwise the anxiety to do so would perpetually draw his consciousness back into the earth-life, and prevent him from passing to higher sphere. In such a case a psychic or a medium is of real service to him. The reason why he cannot usually write or speak without a medium is that one state of matter can ordinarily act only upon the state next below it, and , as he has now no denser matter in his organism than that of which the Kamarupa is composed, he finds it impossible to set up vibrations in the physical substance without borrowing living matter of the intermediate order contained in the etheric double, by means of which an impulse can readily be transferred from the one plane to the other. When he cannot find a medium or does not understand how to use one he sometimes makes clumsy and blundering endeavors to communicate on his own account, and by the strength of his will he sets elemental forces blindly working, perhaps producing such apparently aimless manifestations as stone-throwing, bell-ringing, etc.

Communication Between Angels(H&H): All conjunction in the spirit world is according to the degree that spirits are turned towards one another. Spirits who turn their backs on one another are invisible.

Angels have three degrees within them and are open to different degrees. An angel with the Celestial degree open has no wisdom in the Natural and Spiritual. Angels cannot look up or down. The more inner-opened angels can see lower but they cannot converse there.

*PAP* Communication in Higher & Lower Astral Worlds:

If we seek for crude and vulgar satisfaction in the lower worlds, we become the victims of the Beings and Forces living in those dark regions of ether, and madness is generally the ultimate result. In these heavy atmospheres the mockery of its inhabitants is the dominating element. The thought-waves of the Beings who live there are transmitted in a fairly material manner. In the higher worlds thought is clear, precise, vivid, and immediate, without the least sound being heard.

In the lower worlds it seems as if we head a timbre of voice unknown on earth. Whilst being sustained it gives the impression of being reedy. The timbre is neither high nor low; it is strong, yet has no personality. Its resonance is quite different from our own and yet very distinct.

*MB* Moving Out of Earth-Communication Range:

ALMA: Well, Jim, you and I have been very close, and spend a lot of time together, but I am being told that it is now necessary for me to have more freedom of action- so as to experience the higher planes...

It seems that I must spend more time in each of the higher spheres to experience them, and get more soul growth.

This doesnt mean that we will not be communicating- just not on sch a regular basis of my being in the house with you all the time, and in the car wherever you go.

*MB* Planes & Communication:

ALMA: I have no trouble communicating with you in both the fourth and fifth planes. The fourth is easier for you, but the fifth is easier for me, due to the vibrations- the frequencies.


JIM: It seems to me that Alma is now coming through to me at a higher level. Tonight she came through at my throat and ears' chakra, but not as strongly as before; but she came through very clearly and strongly at my third eye chakra...

ARIEL: This is good news because this is what we've been working on. Alma is at a higher level, and has to step down to your throat and inner ear chakra; but at your third eye, she is right there the sae as I and the other archangels are. This is very good, Jim. Your clairvoyance will be able to improve.


ALMA: As you noticed, this time I came through at your third eye level. Last night, you recall, I came through rather faintly at the throat and inner ear angel level, and was getting to your third eye. Well, tonight I've made the move up. This is the level, I am told by Ariel, where we will best be able to communicate more powerfully, with greater clarity, and where the clairvoyance is for us.


ALMA: We are now at a higher frequency, so should have better messages, less static, and, therefore, greater clarity.

*LFS* Having the Energy To Communicate:

"How I longed to scream ‘I'm right here!', but I didn't yet have enough to materialize my form or my thoughts. I heard you ask to be left alone, and as the family left the room, I suddenly was whisked away, too.

"Next, I was in a joyous, lovely place surrounded by a lot of family and friends, all trying to touch me and welcome me home. I wanted to rush back to you, but I couldn't get my body moving. A lady near me said my vital force hadn't yet been activated, but not to worry because they had guardians with me and that you would be all right." -James

Communicating Across States of Mind

*HIoD* Two Unconsciouses Communicating:

The unconscious of one individual is better equipped to understand the unconscious of another than the conscious aspect of the personality of either.

-The Translation of the Cryptic Automatic Writing of One Hypnotic Subject by Another in a Trance-Like Dissociated State (By Milton H. Erickson and Lawrence S. Kubie)

*HIoD* Like Understands Like:

I have handed a dual personality a letter written by another dual personality and watched the startled reaction of recognition when the meaningful change in the handwriting done by the secondary personality was inserted into the body of the primary personality's letter without that primary personality being aware of it.

I have asked psychotic patients to interpret pictures, verbalizations, and posturings of other patients, often with confirmable and remarkable accuracy. I have done the same with neurotic patients innumerable times with confirmable results.

-The Translation of the Cryptic Automatic Writing of One Hypnotic Subject by Another in a Trance-Like Dissociated State (By Milton H. Erickson and Lawrence S. Kubie)

Astrally Sensing Thoughts from the Physical

*CWG3* Discarnate Souls Sense Your Thoughts About Them:

The slightest thought having to do with a being existing on what you call "the other side" brings that being's consciousness flying to you.

You cannot have a thought or an idea about a person who is what you call "deceased" without that person's Essence becoming completely aware of it...

Souls who loved you in this life are drawn to you, pulled to you, fly to you, the moment they sense the slightest trouble or disturbance in your auric field...

One might smell the loved one's perfume or cologne, or get a whiff of the cigar they smoked, or faintly hear a song they used to hum.

*VS-PMHA* Children Feeling Prayers While OBE:

Prayer and meditation take on dynamic proportions immediately afterward with child experiencers... Many of these youngsters actually saw prayers being said for them while they were out-of-body. They described how the power of those prayers turned into beams of radiant, golden, or rainbow light that would arc over from the one saying the prayer, no matter how many miles away, to where they themselves were "hovering." Once the prayer beam "hit" them, the feeling would be akin to a "splash" of love or an incredible "warming."

*LWU* Feeling Affection from the Physical World:

We will suppose that you are yourself in the spirit world... you have, we will further suppose, left behind you a friend for whom you had- and still have- a warm affection... Occasionally you have received his thoughts of affection arising from the earth-plane, by which you know that he has not forgotten you.

*LWU* Feeling Sadness From Earth at Your Passing:

After I had passed into the spirit world, one of my earliest experiences was the consciousness of a feeling of sadness, not of my own sadness, for I was supremely happy, but of the sadness of others, and I was greatly puzzled to know whence it came.

Edwin told me that this sadness was rising from the earth world, and was caused by the sorrow felt at my passing. it soon ceased, however, and Edwin informed me that forgetfulness of me by the earth people had already set in. That experience alone, my good friend, is one that can be relied upon to induce feelings of humility, if no humility before existed.

*ASJ* Calling Deceased Friends, and Help Moving Between Levels:

Your thinking of Daphne will immediately make itself known to her, for thought is a very powerful thing, and concentrated thought is not bound by different levels of matter... Daphne cannot easily come to meet you, when you get out of your physical body and are on the lowest or first sphere of this world, but she can be your contact for passing from that first sphere to the third sphere, where you are now, in exactly the same way that holding my hand acted as a contact for you when I told you to will that you passed first from the lowest to the second and later on from the second to the third sphere.

*LBD* Connecting the Dead Through Thoughts:

By visualizing , as vividly as possible, what we experienced together with the dead; by sending out our thoughts to the dead whom we conjure up before our soul in a familiar image, we can make these thoughts, as it were, soar or stream towards the dead... Not only the thought sent by us to the dead comes froth within them, but a whole world. They can gaze at our world as if through a window.

*SBtL* How Prayers Appear in Heaven:

(A woman in Washington:) Prayers were streaming through this heavenly world like rays of light.

*VftA* Prayers From the Astral:

Sandy: We see your prayers as brilliant beams of light reaching into the universe. We link our prayers with yours and in this way the consciousness of man is changed.

*R* To Make Mental Contact:

To establish rapport you call the subject mentally. Focus your attention on him and mentally shout his name just as you would to attract the attention of anyone.

Contacting the NonPhysical

*LBD* Contacting the Dead:

The moment of falling asleep is specially favourable for putting a question to a dead person... Immediately afterwards we fall asleep, as far as our ordinary consciousness is concerned; the consequence is that we ask the dead hundreds of questions and talk with them about hundreds of things, but we know nothing of it, because we have already fallen asleep...

We do not judge what the dead say to us on waking as coming from them, because we do not recognize it; we take it as something arising within ourselves...

During sleep we look back unconsciously to the moment of falling asleep, and this can be reflected in our dreams. Such dreams can really be a reproduction of the questions we put to the dead.


The moments of waking and going to sleep are particularly important for intercourse with those who have died...

What makes it possible to put questions to the dead or to communicate something to him is that we unite the life of feeling with our thoughts and ideas... (NOTE: In the world of thought-forms, this is the amplification of the thought-form) It need not be communicated consciously; you can prepare it at some time during the day... If you remind yourself of moments when you were strongly connected with the dead and were deeply interested in him, and then turn this into a desire to speak to him... then the question of the communication remains in your soul, and when you go to sleep it passes over to him...

*TYSD* Directing the Departed Spirit By Telepathy:

When death has already occurred, the yogin directs the progress of the consciousness-principle in the Bardo world by means of telepathy.

*WANF* Commonality of Contact with the Dead:

42 percent of respondents to a 1981 Gallup poll claimed to have had some form of contact with the dead.


[Therese A. Rando, a clinical psychologist widely respected for her bereavement studies,] writes, "Studies find that over half of all bereaved people report some paranormal experience..."

*THAS* Straining Isn't Believing:

Straining for contact only built barriers, whereas Love and appreciation built togetherness. (NOTE: The straining is a belief in it not being true.)

*VS-RP* One in Five Have After-Death Communications:

According to Guggenheim, 50 million Americans, or one out of five people, has had an ADC (After Death Communications), far more than those who have directly experienced angels or NDEs.

Contacting the Physical

*PotC* Habits in Projections, and OB Communication to Sleeping Family:

I awoke, little by little, in the bedroom and found myself still half asleep, heading towards the bedroom of my ailing son. He was my target person. It is common for the projector, once outside of the soma, to head straight for the place where his or her concerns are focused, in an automatic continuation of the actions performed before going to sleep.

Upon reaching my son's bedroom, it occurred to me that my wife should go with the child into the apartment's living room as it is larger and would be more comfortable for the sick little one.

I attempted to communicate my thought to the two of them. In a few minutes, I was in the living room when m wife walked in carrying the child and set him down on one of the couches...

I got out of bed in order to find out what had actually happened with a great sense of curiosity.

Everything was confirmed. My wife was in the living room with the child who was now lying on one of the couches... Elisabeth also told me that it had been Arthur's idea to move to the living room...

It is interesting to note that my concern regarding my son's physical condition had caused many actions performed while in the extraphysical dimension to appear to occur in "slow motion"... (NOTE: A great focus does this)

Earthly concerns prevent the achievement of full extraphyiscal lucidity, due to undisciplined thinking habits...

The little one, who was not quite 5 years old at the time, was able to receive my telepathic suggestion to move to the other room. Up to the physical age of 7, we demonstrate a greater psychic sensitivity to the extraphysical dimension.

*UR2* Communication Between the Living and Dead:

When communication takes place between a survival personality and one who exists within the physical system, this involves a reshuffling on the part of the survival personality, where the ego is momentarily given greater reign... If this was not done, then in most cases communication would not be possible, just because the survival personality would have such difficulty impressing the personality who was still ego-oriented within the physical system.

The nonphysical personality does not think in terms of words, but experiences concepts in a much more direct manner... The survival personality's inner self gives this reassembled ego ideas in the same way that, often, the subconscious gives the ego concepts in physical existence. This reassembled ego then attempts to perceive these insights in terms of sense perceptions, which are sent to the physical individual at the other end. Sometimes the communications are made directly, though they must be sifted through the subconscious of the one who is physical...

I speak as my whole self to you.. since my personality structure is more advanced than is usual for communications from other systems. Therefore, I do not need to adopt a past ego [of my own]... Occasionally I do impress him directly, telepathically, with a concept. When he receives data in the form of images the framework is operating.

*OwtL* NDE- OB Physical and Mental Contact with the Living:

"The next thing I knew, I seemed somehow to be floating above the trench. I thought that I had died.

"I could see my right hand kind of drooping down over a bit of my wrist sticking above the dirt, but I didnt really seem to care any longer what had happened to me. I didnt even feel sad. Just kind of indifferent.

"Then I thought of my family- and just like that, I was there in the kitchen. My wife was peeling potatoes for the evening meal. Our oldest girl was helping her...

"I wanted so much to hug them one last time. I wanted them to see me.

"That's when I felt sad.

"That's when I knew that I didnt want to die..."

Ross reached out to touch her; and whether or not it was coincidence, she jerked around with a surprised look on her face. But he just couldnt get through to her...

[He goes to visit a friend from work...] Ross made the astonishing discovery that he could actually hear what Buzz was thinking.

"His thoughts were all jumbled-up, like in a dream. I suppose that he was kind of daydreaming- and maybe that's how I was able to get through to him!"

Ross reached out in his spirit body an tapped his friend on the shoulder.

"Buzz shut off the torch and lifted up his face mask.

"While I kind of seemed to have his attention, I thought just as hard as I could: ‘Buzz! This is Ross! I need your help!'"

Ross was thrilled when he saw Buzz open his eyes wide, like he had seen a ghost.

"He said my name out loud in kind ot a hoarse voice, and Artie, who was working with him, asked him what was going on.

"‘It was the weirdest thing,' Buzz said. ‘I thought I saw Ross standing in front of me...'

"And then I prayed, ‘Oh, God, dear God! Please help Buzz to come looking for me!'"

The next thing Ross knew, he was dimly aware of the sensation of some hands grasping at him and pulling at him. As if from very far away, he could hear a lot of excited voices- and above them all, he could hear Buzz saying, "Be gentle. Hey, take it easy!"

At first Ross was still confused...

"Then a wonderful kind of peace came over me, and when I woke up again, I was in the hospital..."

[Buzz:] "I also received a very strong sense of danger," Buzz explained further. "And I was motivated to leave my work at once. Somehow I knew that I must drive to the housing development where I knew Ross was working with his crew..."

Buzz admitted that he has had a number of experiences which he considers to have been psychic or spiritual in nature...

It would appear, then, that Buzz had served as just precisely the proper receiver for Ross's telepathic cry for help.

*RotOS* How the Dead Contact the Living:

David, who passed over several months ago, came to me a few weeks ago in a dream...

He started by scolding me, telling me that I'm impossible to reach.

"There's a line of people waiting to make contact with you. I thought I'd never get through to you..."

David then became serious and talked about his happiness in the spirit world. He'd asked permission from my teacher, "the old lady," to speak to me, and she'd helped him to make the contact with me.

...Two kinds of spirit folks can give and receive messages. The first are those of a high spiritual development...

Souls who remain in realms close to the earth are the other type.

*PotC* Seeing One's Reflection While OB, Speaking With Children:

We arrived at a house in the physical dimension... A two-year-old child was playing in the garden with a three-year-old. The smaller of the two children had soiled its clothes while playing and, as the older one tried to clean them, appeared to see me. I spoke calmly to both children and told them to go into the house and look for their mother...

The three-year-old told her mother that she had seen a man and had heard him talk, but they all playfully dismissed the subject... I passed in front of a mirror and a curious thing happened. I saw my image reflected in the mirror but only the head, the shoulders and a portion of the chest. It was indeed my face, but taller, better looking and with my bald head even shinier. There was no question that my overall size had increased...

Transmentor arrived and explained that I had actually seen myself that way because the psychosoma had been denser than usual while projected.

*UR2* Legitimate Contact with the Dead:

The most legitimate instances of communication between the living and the dead occur in an intimate personal framework, in which a dead parent makes contact with its offspring: or a husband or wife freshly out of physical reality appears to his or her mate. But very seldom do historic personages make contact, except with their intimate circles.

Mental-Physical Communication - Channeling

*DA* Communications- By a Living Visitation or En Rapport With Devachan:

III. While the Soul is in Devachan, if an embodied Soul is capable of rising to its sphere, or of coming into rapport with it...

H.P. Blavatsky writes:

"Whenever years after the death of a person his spirit is claimed to have "wandered back to earth" to give advice to those it loved, it is always in subjective vision, in dream or in trance, and in that case it is the Soul of the living seer that is drawn to the disembodied spirit, and not the latter which wanders back to our spheres." (Theosophist, Sept. 1881.)

"A ‘spirit,' or the spiritual Ego, cannot descend to the medium, but it can attract the spirit of the latter to itself..." (Theosophist, June 1882.)

"Even the best and purest sensitive can at most only be placed at any time en rapport with a particular spiritual entity, and can only know, see, and feel what that particular entity knows, sees, and feels..." (no source given)

"Identity of molecular vibration is established, and for a brief space the sensitive becomes the departed personality, and writes in its handwriting, uses its language, and thinks its thoughts..."

  (Theosophist, Sept. 1882, p. 309.)

"The rapport established, he, Mr. Terry, becomes for the nonce assimilated with that other personality, and thinks, speaks, and writes as it would have done on earth... The molecules of his astral nature may from time to time vibrate in perfect unison with those of some spirit of such a person, now in Devachan, and the result may be that he appears to be in communication with that spirit, and to be advised, etc., by him, and clairvoyants may see in the Astral Light a picture of the earth-life form of that spirit." (no source given)

Mental-Mental Communication - Open Discussions

*ASJ* Communication in the Mental World:

The Master: ‘He can receive... the thoughts of others providing he can tune in to that particular wave length- in other words if he has some knowledge of the subject of which the thought is composed- and he can carry on a conversation on that subject, because he himself can answer the thought-forms that he receives by transmission of his own thoughts, which would then be picked up by all other people having similar knowledge and interests...

‘At the mental level their tuition takes the form of technical and theoretical lectures sent out in a perpetual stream of thought... The parts of the thoughts which are beyond your understanding do not register at all and are not picked up by you... At the mental level the life is much more interesting for an intellectual man than for one of limited intelligence... Because he was no longer limited by an inadequate brain, he would understand quite clearly not only all the things which he understood perfectly at the physical level, but the many things which in his physical life he was only able to realize in principle and not grasp completely.'

Direct Spirit Communication

*IAD* The Means of This Spiritual Communication:

"The thirty-three Discourses contained in this book were dictated over a visible Light and Sound Ray in our home during 1932 by the Ascended Master Saint Germain and those other Ascended Masters directly concerned with this Activity. The sound of His Voice was physically audible to everyone in the room. At times, His Visible, Tangible Presence also stood within the room, when He radiated the Power and Energy of the Light Rays to accomplish special work." -Godfre Ray King

Communications From a Higher Self

*PotL* Auditory Thought-Forms Or Communications From the Higher Self:

"After preparing to go to bed, I had just extinguished the light, when I heard the voice of my sister, who was then in Wolverhampton, call me by my name, "Joanna.' I instantly answered, ‘Yes, Polly.' The voice was low, almost a whisper, but perfectly clear, and I was so sure that she spoke that I turned to the part of the room from which the voice came."

"The next day, found her dead; and the time of her death agreed exactly with the time when I heard the voice."

-Joanna Walsh


"I was Officer of Health in the Hellenic army. I heard a sudden inward voice say to me, over and over again, in Italian, ‘Go to Volterra.' I was made almost dizzy by the frequency with which this phrase was repeated. I had no association with the name of M. Volterra, a gentleman of Zante with whom I was not even acquainted. I tried the effect of stopping my ears and of trying to distract myself by conversation with the bystanders; but all was useless, and I continued to hear the voice in the same way. After a time a servant came, and announced to me that a gentleman was at the door who wished to speak with me at once. ‘Who is the gentleman?' I asked. ‘M. Volterra, was the reply.'"

"I found a young man in a state of maniacal frenzy. I made mesmeric passes over him, and in half an hour he had fallen into the somnambulic state. The cure lasted two months and a half. Since its completion, the patient has had no return of his malady."

-Demetrio Volterra


"I was distinctly conscious of the words, ‘Go to Z., by this evening's train,' being said in my ear. I did conclude to disregard it."

"Three or four days after, I received the sad news that my friend had on the day gone home from London, had been taken ill, and two days afterwards had, in a fit of temporary insanity, put an end to his life. I have no doubt in my own mind that had I obeyed the intimation I might have saved his life."



"I was sitting one evening reading, and a voice came to me, saying, ‘Send a loaf to James Gandy's.' Still I continued reading, when a third time the voice came to me with greater emphasis. ‘Send a loaf to James Gandy's'; and this time it was accompanied by an almost irresistible impulse to get up. Mrs. Gandy the next morning said she wanted to put the children to bed, and they began to cry for food, and she had not any to give them. She then went to prayer, to ask God to send them something; soon after which a lad came to the door with a loaf, which he said a gentleman gave him to bring to her. I calculated, upon inquiry made of her, that her prayer and the voice which I heard exactly coincided in point of time."

-Joseph Smith


"I sailed to Bombay in one of Dunbar's old frigate-built ships. I was depressed the whole voyage with an undefined presentiment of ‘bad news from home.'"

"Two days after leaving St. Helena I was up aloft doing some trifling sailor's work when I heard a bell begin to toll. I said to him, ‘Do you hear that bell toiling?' ‘No,' he said, ‘I hear nothing.' I went down and examined both our bells; and placed my arm near them, to see if they were vibrating. However, while doing this, I still heard the boom of the tolling bell, and it seemed far away."

"At Falmouth I found that a lady who filled the place of elder sister to me had been suddenly carried off by illness."


If this case was telepathic, it must remain doubtful whether the form of the impression represented the last sensations or ideas of the dying person, or was a piece of death-imagery supplied by the percipient.

Communications From God

*SDoG* God Speaks Through Revelation:

God speaks to no mortal except by revelation, or from behind a veil.

"Angels are thunderstruck when God speaks to them through revelation. Gabriel brought it down upon his heart, and the Prophet would be annihilated from the world of sensation. He would froth, and they would cover him until he regained his composure. Sometimes revelation would descend upon him on an intensely cold day, and his sides would drip with perspiration."

*CWG1* Communication From God's Side, Speaking Through All Things:

I talk to everyone. All the time. The question isn't to whom I talk but who listens. My most common form of communication is through feeling. Feeling is the language of the soul. I also use the vehicle of experience as a grand communicator (metaphor?). You cannot know God until you've stopped telling yourself that you already know God. You cannot hear God until you stop thinking you've already heard God.

If revelation is requested, it cannot be had, for the act of asking is a statement that it is not there. You will not have that for which you ask, nor can you have anything you want. This is because your very request is a statement of lack, and your saying you want a thing only works to produce that precise experience- wanting. The correct prayer is therefore a prayer of gratitude.

"So go ahead now. Ask me anything. Anything. I will contrive to bring you the answer. The whole universe will I use to do this. So be on the lookout. This book is far from my only tool. You may ask a question, then put this book down. But watch, listen. The words to the next song you hear. The information in the next article you read. The story line of the next movie you watch. The chance utterance of the next person you meet. Or the whisper of the next river, the next ocean, the next breeze that caresses your ear- all these devices are mine; all these avenues are open to me. I will speak to you if you will listen. I will come to you if you will invite me. I will show you then that I have always been there. All ways."

*MM* Clear Head:

They clear thoughts out of their mind and wait to receive. "You cannot hear the voice of Oneness when you are busy talking."

*CWG1* Communicating With God:

This is the root of every problem you experience in your life- for you do not consider yourself worthy enough to be spoken to by God.

It was necessary first for you to release (deny, forget) your connection to Me in order to fully experience it by fully creating it.

Come to Me along the path of your heart. You will never find Me in your mind. In order to truly know God, you have to be out of your mind.

You shall know that you have found God, for there will be these signs, these indications, these changes in you" You shall love God with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul. No longer will you worship human love, or success, money, or power, nor any symbol thereof.

Who Might Be Communicating

*DA* Communications- From Shells:

IV. Communications other than those from disembodied Souls, passing through normal post-mortem states.

(a) From Shells...

(b) From Elementaries...

(c) From Elementals...

(d) From Nirmanakayas...

(e) From Adepts now living on earth...

(f) From the medium's Higher Ego. Where a pure and earnest man or woman is striving after the light, this upward striving is met by a downward reaching of the higher nature, and light from the higher streams downward, illuminating the lower consciousness. Then the lower mind is, for the time, united with its parent, and transmits as much of its knowledge as it is able to retain.

Astral Sex & Intimacy

*SD&P* OB Intimacy & Projection While Awake & Elsewhere:

Almost instantly I fell asleep.

First I found myself in the studio and Rob was there. He came to bed with me, and we made love. I was surprised he was home, knowing it was Friday when he was out of his body also, and so was I. I told Rob and we discussed it, plus our amazement over out-of-body love-making. Then, laughing and curious, we walked out into the living room together, looking at everything. The room and the morning were all normal. We hugged and joked- the bodies we had certainly seemed real to us. Yet to other we'd be invisible.

This made me think of looking at my physical body. Rob's, we knew, would be at work. I went into the bedroom, but the bed was as I left it, only empty.

Ruburt's experience involving you was quite legitimate, although you did not consciously remember it. You were, nevertheless, largely responsible for the encounter. Both consciously and unconsciously, you were thinking about Ruburt's dental appointment. You wanted to give him confidence and to reassure him. This acted as the emotional impetus.

Ruburt was writing earlier in the morning, and, without realizing it, he was telepathically aware of your emotional presence. It was this that gave him the idea of a projection experiment. You did not want to project per se, necessarily. You wanted to be here to offer comfort. The desire got you here. Your conscious mind was fully taken up with your activities at the art department, giving the inner self full rein.

*MJooB* Expressing Intimacy: Second Body Joining:

Physical sex is a reaching for that ultimate feeling of joining in the Second Body. If the opposite charged poles of electrostatics could feel each other as the unlike ends approach, they would need to come together. There is an accute sense of difference, which is like a fire felt when one is shivering with cold. The two unlikes come together and intermingle completely, atom for atom. In a flash, there is an ecstatic soul-shaking interflow of electrons, one to the other, unbalanced charges become equalized, balance is restored, and each is revitalized. There is no male-female interpenetration, and no shape sensuality. It all happens in an instant, but it feels like an eternity. Afterwards, there is calm and serene seperation. The act is as needed and ordinary in Locale 2 as it is in physical life.

"I gave him both my body and my soul until there was this tremendous energy surge that rocked and exploded in us. The more I gave, the greater I received and I didnt want to let go. It was like two energies in perfect union becoming one at last. Memories of past lives together came rushing in like flashes of light."

1: A woman meets her soulmate, who was three recent lifemates. They are crying and laughing, so happy to be together again. From an outside perspective, it would look like two masses of bright light whirling around each other. This signifies hugging, expressing love, connecting... it makes them happy. They hold each other by enveloping each other in light, which is like being wrapped in a bright-light blanket of love.

2: One can have a private telepathic conversation for intimacy that no one else can pick up if they want, it is called touch communication. When two spirits come so close that they are conjoined, they send private thoughts by touch which passes between them as "electrical sound impulses."

3: As I get close to my sphere, there is a monotone of many voices on the letter ‘A', for my recognition, and I can see them all vibrating fast and warm, bright energy.

*ABtB: We kiss and a surge of energy floods into my mind. Our bodies and minds come together in an intense explosion of pure energy and joy. Our thoughts merge and touch one another in a thousand subtle ways. I feel immersed in her mind as she and I become as one. The ecstasy is beyond words. For the first time I feel complete and whole. I feel lighter, brighter, and more energized than ever before.

*DDG* Astral Body Interaction & Sex:

1) Naturally, once I started getting sexually excited, I faded out.

2) I saw this woman, X, sitting on one of the chairs and walked towards her. I was curious to see what would happen if I placed my hands inside of her. I pressed my hands into her chest and saw that she had felt the same vibrations that I was feeling through my hands. I started to move my hands around and then down towards her genitals - although my final destination wasn't deliberate. This had an immediate effect on X. She started to lift her legs up and spread them apart. She was becoming really turned on and wanted to expose herself more to me. I could see from the expression on her face how much she was enjoying this but rather than become aroused myself, I knelt there captivated by what was happening. This seemed to go on for a while before it appeared that the effect was wearing off. I was slipping back into my body.

3) I touched X on both sides of the neck with my fingertips. As with the person in the other room, my fingers didn't enter the body - just seemed to press the skin.

4) Also, I felt the vibrations as I touched my penis. It was just the same sort of feeling I would have had I placed my hands in front of my face - only this was less intense.

5) I was then in a bedroom. There was a ginger haired woman that looked like she was getting ready to go to work. I went towards her and pushed her onto the bed. Immediately, she had this look of contentment on her face; a look of peace and happiness. As she lay there, the top of her suit opened and I pushed up her top and bra. I was a bit shocked to find that she had a vagina in her right breast. Then her skirt disappeared and we both became naked. I also noticed that I had an instant erection. I looked down, then touched the end of it. I nearly exploded! It was so sensitive and sent enormous shudders of pleasure throughout my body. Being of a greedy disposition, I had to touch it again and felt another wave of pleasure drown me. I then pushed myself inside of her but couldn't feel anything. Looking down to check that I was properly inside, I began to have sex with her. Two strokes later, I was sent back to my body. I felt the usual tingles but they were only faint this time. I also had a splitting headache!

6) I waved my hand about for a second before touching my thigh. It felt solid and slightly numb. As I made contact with it, I felt a shudder in my body, and then I was back. Every sexual contact sends him back to his body.

7) As soon as I felt hands slipping around my waist, I took hold of them and brought them up away from my genitals. It was then that I noticed how soft and slender the hands were. I could feel the smallness of them and knew immediately that they didn't feel like Charlton's. I turned around to see who my host was, and was pleasantly surprised to see it was a woman.

(Many of SM's adventures involved being dragged around by the penis, being grabbed from behind on the hips, and getting girls.)

8) DW gets into sex from time to time but not constantly like SM.

(BP) We got very close to each other, and just before we embraced I became conscious in the sense of a lucid dream. The intensity of the experience is what caused me to be conscious. We embraced and at first I thought we were hugging. Then her body became less defined and started melting into mine. I was surprised and my body started melting too! As we melted into each other, energy started shooting out in all directions with the intensity of the sun.

*PAP* Some Experiences Concerning the Fusion of Twin Souls, Love & Joining in the Invisible:

It seems as if, at the beginning of manifestation, two cells, or two separate systems of whirling atoms, had been fecundated by opposite aspects of the same Principle. Progressing separately, they will once more come together at the end of evolution in order to form a unity which will never again know separation.

When I was near to her, my impressions would translate themselves into a deep feeling of love.

On her side my fiance would feel my presence and speak to me, mentally, without being able to see me.

She had the sensation of finding herself near a focus of energy from which she constantly received waves of great intensity. She was able to perceive my thoughts as easily as I could receive hers.

Later on, after we were married, it often happened that we would travel together in space, with a sweetness of sensation impossible to describe.

I project my astral body.

Immediately freeing herself from her physical body she joined me. When I kissed her, I pointed out the deluge of sensations which followed. Her love penetrated into my being under the guise of a general warmth, while a feeling of absolute confidence filled my spirit. On the other hand, my aura penetrated hers and I had the sensation as if melting into her. So intense were the vibrations that I experienced a kind of giddiness. I felt that if I pushed the experience to its furthest limit the abnormal speed of the vibrations would make me lose consciousness.

During one of the experiments I noted the following facts:

I wished to unite my psychical body with that of my wife in order to note the physiological and psychological effects. In the atmosphere in which we had projected ourselves I could see our more material doubles united in the form of a cloud. Heavy at first, it began to clear in proportion to the greater and greater intimacy with which our subtle bodies interpenetrated one another. The transparency increase until soon we seemed no more than a vapor which was hardly visible. (NOTE: Whoa! Perhaps this conflict/becoming is the nature of all cloudiness/clarity in the astral!)

As the cloud became clearer I had the impression of taking off a series of clothes and becoming more and more intimately united with my wife. At the same time I could feel the vibrations of this state as if I were living in a psychological moment to which there was no end.

The observations of this rather banal experience can in no way be compared with those which I have been able to make in the state of Unity-Multiplicity.

In no other experience have I had so wide awake a consciousness, no love so powerful, nor a calm and serenity so profound.

It was if an ocean of love was taking possession of the bed. When the individuality of my wife united with mine, she brought a shade which was hardly perceptible, which then melted into my love, giving it a considerable expansion. The aura, the atmosphere thus generated became myself. The radiation of consciousness, thus universalized, awakened in every atom of my being a kind of quivering which augmented the delicacy and sweetness of the spiritual harmony in which I found myself immersed.

Each particle of the invisible space was myself. I was able to act with equal facility in the whole or in any given fraction of the space thus limited.

Communication Tech

*TDA* Scientific Communion With Higher Spheres:

Don: "Most of our restrictions in receiving spirit guidance, then, are really our own obstructions..."

Dr. Peebles: "Science can create and is going to create technology to bridge that and make communication possible, but they haven't wanted to yet."

*CJ* Earth Isn't Ready For Higher Communication:

ROMC: "If direct communication took place, there would be so much fear and panic that more harm than good would occur, because planet Earth is not ready. The groundwork has to be laid very carefully."

Understanding Other Astral Languages

*CBtL* New Language on Marduk:

Jules Verne: "They spoke to me in a language that up until then I had never heard, but strangely, I understood immediately- and I was even able to answer them in the same idiom. (It was only later that I was informed that it was the ‘Language of the River' that each one acquires as soon as one arrives here...

"Kwapore... that is what my new home was named."


Astral Travel

Script: Note that in nearly every example, there is no sensation of body movement. It seems as though scenery is rushing past you and you are standing still.

The Astral Body's Responsiveness To Thought

*AP* Power of Locomotion of the Astral Body:

Its power of locomotion also becomes much greater; it can travel without discomfort to considerable distances from its physical encasement, and can bring back more or less definite impressions as to places which it may have visited and people whom it may have met. In every case this astral body is, as ever, intensely impressionable by any thought or suggestion involving desire, though in some the desires which most readily awaken a response in it may be somewhat higher than in others.

(DDG) My first sense of movement in my earliest projections was that I willed myself to move by pushing forward. The pushing sensation seemed to originate from my heart region.

1) By now I had become quite aware of my mode of locomotion and it was clear that I was not walking. I seemed to be floating, without legs or feet. Movement seemed to result simply by me thinking of moving. And the source of the force for the motion seemed to emanate from my heart or thoracic region.

(JDS) The unique thing about life after death is that astral bodies travel with the mind. If they want to go to the beach, they just think "beach", and they are immediatly there. There is no need to get in a car, train, or airplane to travel.

Desire Effects: 1) We are drifting towards each other but I am slower because I am uncertain.

2) *EbtL: She desired to move on, back to the hospital, and was drawn back instantaneously.

*BP* Beliefs Move You:

1) I thought, "Good. Now, I will raise myself up with the power of my thoughts." I used my mind to pull up, and I started forcefully rising up one half foot... one and one-half feet. Then I questioned whether it ought to work, since I hadn't had much luck in the past with this method. That doubt caused me to stop rising, and I started gently bobbing up and down, as if my conflicting beliefs were fighting each other, one pulling me up, the other pushing me down. Then I blacked out.

2) Floating at the ceiling, I thought, "Gee, what if I fall from up here?" As soon as the thought crossed my mind, I came crashing down into my physical body and rejoined. I went right into a short, dreamless sleep. In a minute or two I woke up in my physical body.

But Walls ARE Solid!(DDG): Often during your OOBEs you do not need to use doors to exit from a place, you can pass right through the wall. However, just like with flying, this only works sometimes. Again, I don't know why it only works sometimes, but that is what I have discovered. One thing to try to do if you cannot pass through a wall is to turn around and try to pass through backwards.

*PAP* The Feeling of Expansion, of Being the Whole & Every Point Within, Traveling:

The following is one of the most curious stages which I have even experienced. After having reached a highly sublimated state of the ether, I was stimulating the life of the space around me by projecting my life energy into a considerable area. I experienced a sensation as if I were extending in all directions, as if I had been placed in the center of a sphere. At the same time, I was as entirely in the total volume of expansion as I was entirely in each separate point of this strange organism.

Whilst being clearly conscious of my unity I had the impression of multiplying myself. This multiplication neither increased nor decreased my energy in the least.

Without moving, I could feel myself bridging incalculable distances by means of the velvety vibration which formed the limits of the immense sphere which was my new domain. This activity seemed to "awaken" in each atom of this super-ether an attraction which would collect around me and whose effect was to increase the sweetness and delicacy of my energy. (NOTE: This is projection-travel, because you can focus on anything within your range of senses [the sphere of expansion] and thus draw yourself to it.)

Without having to think, I was endowed with a kind of divine consciousness.

In order to act, I communicated an impulse from my whole being either to the mass or to the fraction. Whether this impulse took effect simultaneously or separately in the atoms of this magnetic field, it always acted in a proportion corresponding to the perturbing cause. And, strange as it may seem, all I experienced from this effect was a great happiness, without my energy either increasing or decreasing by one iota. I felt myself as all over the sphere with an equal intensity.

*HU* OBE Travel:

Something over the emergency room driveway distracted her and as soon as she "thought herself" there, she was there. Next Maria "thought her way" up to the third floor of the building and found herself "eyeball to shoelace" with a tennis shoe.

Robert Monroe could pass through solid objects and travel great distances in the twinkling of an eye simply by "thinking" himself there. He found that other people were seldom aware of his presence. He also discovered that he was not alone in his pursuit and occasionally bumped into other disembodied travelers.

*TB* The Mental [Astral} Body Travel:

Because of the force of conceptual thinking, also known as the karmic wind, the mental body is unable to remain still, even for an instant. It can go wherever it wishes unobstructedly, just by thinking. Because the mental body has no physical basis, it can pass through solid barriers such as walls or mountains.

*AoD* Dream Whirlwind- Transportation to Area of Attention- Travel By Attention-Vortex::

As I was watching a window in a dream, trying to find out if I could catch a glimpse of the scenery outside the room, some windlike force, which I felt as a buzzing in my ears, pulled me through the window to the outside. Just before that pull, my dreaming attention had been caught by a strange structure some distance away. It looked like a tractor. The next thing I knew, I was standing by it, examining it.

I was perfectly aware that I was dreaming. I looked around to find out if I could tell from what window I had been looking. The scene was that of a farm in the countryside. No buildings were in sight. I wanted to ponder this. However, the quantity of farm machinery lying around, as if abandoned, took all my attention. There were so many that I forgot my original dream.

The instant I focused my attention on that billboard, I was next to it.

I saw mountains very far away. I wanted to be pulled by the green hills, but what pulled me were the distant mountains.

I was pulled by every possible feature. My dream ceased to be a dream. As far as my capacity to perceive was concerned, I was veritably in the Sierras, zooming into ravines, boulders, trees, and caves, until I had no more drive and could not focus my dreaming attention on anything. I felt myself losing control. Finally, there was no more scenery, just darkness.


All I needed was to focus my sight on the leaves, maintain it, and in one instant I was drawn into a vortex-like sensation, extremely like the vortexes in my dreams. The foliage of the mesquite tree became a universe of sensory data. It was if the foliage had swallowed me, but it was not only my sight that was engaged; if I touched the leaves, I actually felt them. I could also smell them.

(NOTE: Like when high.) What had begun as gazing had turned into a dream. I believed I was in a dreamt tree, as I had been in trees of countless dreams. And, naturally, I behaved in this dreamt tree as I had learned to behave in my dreams; I moved from item to item, pulled by the force of a vortex that took shape on whatever part of the tree I focused my multisensorial dreaming attention. Vortexes were formed not only on gazing but also on touching anything with any part of my body.

My thoughts were fleeting. They lasted an instant; then the force of direct experience blanketed them out completely.

A sudden motion around me shook everything and virtually made me emerge from a clump of leaves, as if I had broken away from the tree's magnetic pull. I was facing then, from an elevation, an immense horizon. Another jolt of energy made me shake from my bones out; then I was somewhere else. Enormous trees loomed everywhere.

Frightened, I recoiled into the clump of leaves I had emerged from the momentum of my backward motion kept me going through the tree foliage and around the hard branches. It pulled me away from the tree, and in one split second I was standing next to don Juan, at the door of his house, in the desert in Sonora.

I instantly realized I had entered again into a state in which I could think coherently, but I could not talk. Our speech faculty is extremely flimsy and attacks of muteness are common.

As I gazed at the mesquite tree I began by perceiving the energy of the tree. On the subjective level, however, I believed I was dreaming because I employed dreaming techniques to perceive energy. To use dreaming techniques in the world of everyday life was one of the old sorcerers' most effective devices. It made perceiving energy directly dreamlike, instead of totally chaotic, until a moment when something rearranged perception and the sorcerer found himself facing a new world.

*IaTR* The Mighty Will:

Everything I do is so easy. I only have to think of running, and I am away, moving like a gazelle up the hill.

*GR* Response to Thought:

An extremely broad river was below me now. There was a long, high bridge, and on the far bank the largest city I had come to yet. I wished I could go down there and find someone who could give me directions.

Almost immediately I noticed myself slowing down.

A man came briskly walking. I thought I could find out from him what town this was and in what direction I was heading. Even as the idea occurred to me- as though thought and motion had become the same thing- I found myself down on the sidewalk, hurrying along at the stranger's side.

*ST* Fears Are Expectations:

In earlier flights, a fearful thought would occur to me that I might lose altitude or fall; and immediately I would plummet from the sky in a panic.

*GR* Thought Propells You:

Farther down the corridor was one of the heavy metal doors that led to the outside. I hurried towad it. Even if I had missed the train, I'd find some way of getting to Richmond! Almost without knowing it I found myself outside, racing swiftly along, traveling faster in fact that I'd ever moved in my life. It wasnt as cold as it had been earlier in the evening- felt neither cold nor hot, actually. Looking down I was astonished to see not the ground, but the tops of mesquite bushes beneathe me. Already Camp Barkeley seemed to be far behind me as I sped over the dark frozen desert. My mind klept telling me that what I was doing was impossible, yet... It was happening. A town flashed beneathe me.

An extremely broad river was below me now. There was a long, high bridge, and on the far bank the largest city I had come to yet. I wished I could go down there and find someone who could give me directions. Almost immediately I noticed myself slowing down.

A man came briskly walking. I thought I could find out from him what town this was and in what direction I was heading. Even as the idea occured to me- as though thought and motion had become the same thing- I found myself down on the sidewalk, hurrying along at the stranger's side.

*LD-CL* Expectations Become Real:

"I am flying around, enjoying myself. At one point, I begin to doubt my weightlessness. As I do, I plummet to the ground. Then, ‘X' comes out of the house and says, ‘I had hoped you would get over your bent for these kinds of experiences. The Master has been here twice already.'"

*ST* Travel By Thought:

I seem to be able to fly to a location or "blink out" and "blink in" to wherever my thoughts are focused.

Accidents Are Impossible

*LWU* Accidents are Impossible:

It is impossible to fall here by accident... All our movements are in direct response to our minds, and we cannot come to harm or suffer accident.

Moved By the Astral Wind

Moved By The Astral Wind(DDG): This is something I have encountered many, many times. What happens is it seems like a gust of wind will grab you and pull you along. It is almost as if some kind of magnetic force or something has captured you and is pulling you.

1) I decided I wanted to see if I could make it all the way to Detroit and visit a girlfriend of mine. As soon as I thought this, and made up my mind that I was going to do it, a strong wind came out of nowhere and began to drag me along. I was thoroughly baffled and had no idea what was going on. Yet this wind pulled me along, backwards, and I remember moving very quickly through the walls of the house outside. I passed houses for a short while and then was being pulled through the forest, passing mostly pine trees. I was wondering if this wind was going to take me all the way to Detroit. For a while I relaxed and let it drag me along. (x2)

Cyclones(MjooB): A number of times, the motion of travel, which is usually rapid and smooth, has been interrupted by what feels like a violent, hurricanelike gust in the spatiality through which one moves. It is as if you are being blown away by this uncontrolled force, haphazardly tossed around, end over end, like a leaf in a gale. It is impossible to move against the torrent or do anything but let it carry you. Finally you are tossed out near the edge of the current, and you drop out unharmed. It feels naturally created.

Directed By a Higher Self

Directed By A Higher Self(ABtB): I sometimes suspected that I was being directed by a more expansive, unknown part of myself.

Deeper-Directed Astral Travel(AB): In my experience actions in spontaneous astral travelling often were not guided by an earth bound will and I could fulfill tasks given by my guardians, while I was led by an inner sense. The duration of spontaneous astral travelling was significantly longer than of those induced by will.

Turning Around

Turning Around(MjooB): To turn around, one repolarizes. It is what Monroe calls the quick-switch.

Stretching & Skipping

Stretching Method of Travel(MjooB): Monroe uses the stretch-out method of traveling, where you stretch towards your destination like a rubber band and then let go and snap to your destination.

Skipping(MJooB): "When you want to move between one pattern and another, you pull a skip. If you catch somebody wide open, and you get in just right, you can pull their skip and they're off somewhere before they even have a clue. This is a game. Skipping may be moving through time as well as space. The energy used to pull a skip can be used to help someone get OB, too."

Being Pulled Inward

Being Pulled Inward(ABtB): I feel an immediate sensation of rapid inner motion- of being drawn within a vaccuum deep within myself. The motion is so intense that I shout "Stop!"

Movement Through the Physical

*TBD* Movement Is Unimpeded:

From Orientation To The Existence Between:

"Now you can move hither and thither everywhere, through walls, houses, land, rocks, and earth."

*tAW* Near-Realm: The Wall Passes Through You, Not the Other Way Around:

Well, you may begin to walk. Yes, "walk," I said! You are still on earth, and the floor of the room is still there under your feet...

Step through the wall as if it were made of fog... As we moved the wall really passed through our thin substance, instead of the latter passing through the wall- that's the real secret of it. (NOTE: This could be simply due to the lack of body-sense)


Walking Speed(DDG): You CAN walk during a projection, presuming you feel a body, but floating and flying become the preferred method of getting around.

1) Walking up the steps, vividly aware, I noticed that I wasn't floating this time but actually using my feet. Finally upstairs in the frontroom I looked out the front window across the street to the neighbors house and instantly my sight brought the neighbor's window to me like I was there without being mobile. I made sure I was seeing properly so I shook it off and tried it 2 more times, the same effect occurred.

Traveling At Different Speeds

Script: The three speeds idea is a simplification: slow, fast, and instant. Of course, one can travel at any speed.
*APr* Locomotion in Lucid Dreams:

In these Dreams, new methods of locomotion were open to me. I could glide along the surface of the ground, passing through seemingly solid walls at a great speed, or I could levitate to a height of about one hundred feet and then glide.

** Speed:

(CCG) Astral motion: Novices tend to act like they are swimming or flying. You create your own limitations. Some people go from Point A to Point B by traveling through space. Others just jump straight to Point B. Tunnels, vortexes, mists... there are many modes of travel.

(RB) The three speeds as defined by, S. Muldoon, and commonly accepted, are a basic guide only. These are:

1. Walking speed.

2. Motor car speed.

3. Instantaneous travel.

I think these three speeds were a sign of the times back then. These would have been the only types of speed known to most people. Today, movies, computer games and air travel have thoroughly prepared our minds to accept much higher speeds.

High-Speed Travel: 1) Gliding down the street lightly in the air was almost like swimming in the water. I wanted to speed up the travel tremendously so I could move further away from my physical body. All at once I felt a tremendous amount of power inside my body, looking at the trees at the end of the street as they blew right past me along with the telephone wires too. The way the images blew past me as I burned into the wind was incredible, almost like the movie "Star Wars" seeing how the millennium falcon would travel thru space with the stars lit up then streaking past you. I could see houses, trees also unfamiliar land pass by me so quickly I couldn't believe it, I could even feel the air ripping thru my body bringing me cold chills up and down my spine.

2) My trip home was a blur. I began moving at tremendous speed, now realizing that I could, and I was only vaguely aware of trees rushing below me. I made no decisions, gave myself no directions-just thought of home and knew I was going there. Within a moment I was at my house.

*Oliver Fox* Three Different Methods of Travel:

1) horizontal gliding, accomplished by a purely mental effort.

2) levitation, similar to the flying dream- easy and harmless.

3) Skrying- shooting upwards with a great velocity.

SM: There are three different velocities at which the phantom travels, which apply also to the dead:

First, the natural or normal speed. He merely walks.

[Second is "intermediate speed" - see below]

[Third is "supernormal travelling velocity" - near instantaneous]

*PAP* How the Double Travels in the Invisible Realms:

Whilst the experimenter is merely projecting himself into his own room, strolling about there, walking down to the front door and out into the street, there is no real difference between the acts performed in the astral and those performed in the physical state.

It was by pretending to swim that I first travelled in space.

When travelling above a material surface, or an ethereal surface which takes on a material shape, the impression of being surrounded by a great void is far less strong. It will, in such cases, be found quite a simple matter to glide, standing up, without the help of any gesture.

As the double that one manages to project becomes finer, so do all the normal faculties obtain a proportionate development. Not only does it become unnecessary to make any gesture indicative of whatever movement or act we wish to make, but the very thought of movement, in the physical sense, disappears.

*DE* Flying Dreams:

Flying was a widespread motif even before the advent of airplanes.

*CBAP* Three Speeds of Travel:

Case No. 730: "There are three stages in traveling: (1) you can hover one foot above your sleeping self; (2) you can travel locally; (3) there is no sense of traveling- you are there, and return with no sense of traveling. In the first and second stages, you do not see any other spirits. In the third stage the spirits are there helping you."

High-Speed Travel

*CBAP* Near-Instantaneous Travel:

Case No. 621: "I want to see if I can again join Dr.-. Getting ‘out' is a lark. For the first time, I see the countryside on the way to S. I enter the clinic."

*LWU* Movement & Direction:

When I moved myself through space at any greater speed than ordinary walking, I found that I had no sense of absolute direction, but one of movement only...

This absence of a sense of direction in no way interferes with our initial thought function in personal locomotion. Once we have determined to journey to a certain place, we set our thoughts in motion and they, in turn- instantaneously- set our spirit bodies in motion. One might almost say ‘it requires no thinking about.'

*ASJ* High-Speed Travel in the Astral:

It was difficult to distinguish the actual places that we passed, for almost as soon as they came into view on the horizon, we had passed them... The sense of amazing speed was hardly noticeable for there was no head-wind such as one notices at high speeds in he physical world. There id not seem to be any resistance at all.

*GR* Astral Travel:

"Excuse me, Sergeant," I said. "You haven't seen the ward boy for this unit, have you?"

He didn't answer. Didn't even glance at me. He just kept coming, straight at me, not slowing down.

"Look out!" I yelled, jumping out of his way.

The next minute he was past me, walking away down the corridor as if he had never seen me, though how we had kept from colliding I didn't know.

And then I saw something that gave me a new idea. Farther down the corridor was one of the heavy metal doors that led to the outside. I hurried toward it. Even if I had missed that train, I'd find some way of getting to Richmond!

Almost without knowing it I found myself outside, racing swiftly along, traveling faster in fact than I'd even moved in my life. It wasn't as cold as it had been earlier in the evening- felt neither cold nor hot, actually.

Looking down I was astonished to see not the ground, but the tops of mesquite bushes beneath me. Already Camp Barkeley seemed to be far behind me as I sped over the dark frozen desert. My mind kept telling me that what I was doing was impossible, and yet... It was happening.

A town flashed by beneath me.

Visual Effects of Traveling Speed

Visual Effects of Speed(MjooB): You can watch the landscape move under you if you wish, but it's a little disconcerting when you rush head-long through a building or tree and go right throught it. Sometimes Monroe closes his eyes to avoid this.

There is a feeling of something like air (or very thin air) rushing around his body. As speed became faster while traveling around earth, there was a sensation of moving through a light blue or grey-black blur or blurred area.

1) The light contracts to darker shades due to the speed of motion out of this area. When I slow down, things get brighter and more clearly defined.

Space-Bending Effects(JoS): 1) Distances are unlimited, there is endless space. But when I begin to really move, it changes. Everything remains formless, but when I am gliding faster, I see I'm moving around inside a gigantic bowl-turned upside down (when traveling up?). I dont know where the rims of the bowl are, if they even exist. Movement gives me the sense of a spherical spirit world, but it's only a feeling of enclosed uniformity during rapid motion. Although everything appears to go on straight when my soul is drifting, that changes to a feeling of roundness when I am moving fast towards a specific destination. With speed the lines seem to bend. They curve in a more obvious direction for me and give me less freedom of movement, less personal control. It's like being in a current.

2) Many souls mentally traveling from one location to another in the spirit world will tell me the space around them is like a sphere, even though the spirit world is limitless.

Becoming More Experienced(MJooB): As one gets better at traveling, they dont sense the motion at all.

1) More experienced (after death)- I shoot up like a column of light and I'm on my way. I know the way, I dont need to see anybody- I'm in a hurry. I'm being pulled along by a magnet and I just enjoy the ride.

SM: Second, the intermediate speed, in which the subject moves along without effort, faster than the normal speed, but not fast enough to cause loss of perception. When this takes place one does not appear to be moving, but everything seems to be coming toward him, through him, passing him, just as fields and fences seem to ‘speed backward' when one rides in a fast train. Streaks of light (scintillations) are thrown off by the astral body, and extend backward about two feet, as it moves along at this intermediate speed. These scintillations appear phosphorescent- the color of the astral body- and trail behind it in the same manner that scintillations trail behind a ‘shooting star.' This intermediate speed enables the subject to cover considerable distances rapidly, without loss of consciousness.

Instantaneous Travel

*AoaY* Astral-Causal-Physical Travel:

"I now travel instantly by light from planet to planet or, indeed, from astral to causal or to physical cosmos."

1) *EbtL: One can travel to other galaxies with ease and at almost instantaneous speed.

SM: Third is the supernormal travelling velocity- a speed beyond comprehension. It always occurs when the subject is unconscious, and is in play when the phantom is moving back and forth over great distances. The conscious mind is too slow in its thinking, and before it could formulate one single thought the objective would already be reached. It is subconscious power that speeds the phantom to distant places and back again.

*PAP* How the Double Travels in the Invisible Realms:

There are instantaneous means of transport. As I was not sure of the exact spot where my friend was living, I was suddenly drawn towards the second floor of an unknown house. There I found the individual I sought.

The soul travels at a speed proportionate to the quality of the "Pure Energy" in which it finds itself. At the positive extremity of this quality one reaches instantaneousness. Time and space which are so greatly differentiated in this world of ours unify more and more in the greater refinement of other dimensions. The centrifugal extension of the atoms increases the extent of the circumscribed space. Time loses its value and instantaneousness is the ultimate quality of unity.

*AoaY* Instantaneous Travel:

His words are the signal for moving with his group instantaneously to another place. This is a method of astral travel.

*TBD* Movement Is Unimpeded:

From Orientation To The Existence Between:

"In a split second, you can circle this four-continent planet... You now have the power just to think about any place you wish and you will arrive there in that very instant."

*UR2* Instantaneous Travel of Consciousness:

In out-of-body states, however, consciousness can travel faster than light- often, in fact, instantaneously.

*LWU* Learning To Move By Thought:

In the first place, it was necessary to have confidence, and in the second, our concentration of thought must not be a half-hearted affair. To borrow an earthly allusion, we ‘wish ourselves' there, wherever it may be, and there we shall find ourselves! For the first few occasions it may be required to make something of a conscious effort; afterwards we can move ourselves whithersoever we wish one might almost say, without thinking!... All places are not open to us here. There are many realms where we are not able to enter except in very special circumstances, or only if our state of progression permits...

Being severely practical, I mentioned to Edwin that as we wished, all three of us, to be together, then must we not all wish to be at the same place, and must we not have some very definite locality in mind upon which to fasten our thoughts? He replied that... we should automatically remain n close contact with each other, since we had voiced the wish and intention of doing so...

Ruth and I were to go alone, while he would remain on the grass. We were just to think that we wished to be beside yonder trees. We looked at one another with a great deal of merriment, both of us wondering what would happen next, and neither of us taking the initiative. We were pondering thus, then Edwin said: ‘Off you go!' His remark must have supplied the requisite stimulus, for I took Ruth's hand, and the next thing we knew we found ourselves standing beneath the trees!..

Casting our eyes whence we had just come, we saw Edwin waving his hand to us... (NOTE: Continued in Communication)

*OwtL* Jumps Via Thought At NDE:

[Arnold, OB ND] wondered when Doc Radnich was going to get there- and suddenly he was inside the doctor's car as he traveled to the Sandeen home.

After he had ridden with the doctor for a few minutes, Arnold thought once again of his mother's anxiety, and he was back in the room.

*RotOS* NDE- Astral Thought-Travel:

The next thing I knew I was above my body, looking at it. For a second I felt out of balance, as if I could fall, but that feeling passed quickly. I thought about my baby upstairs and found myself immediately in the baby's room. The baby was fine, sleeping soundly. My mind went back to my husband, and in a flash I was standing back int he living room... The phone rang, and I was instantly in the kitchen next to the telephone. It was amazing. I felt free as a bird.

*CJ* Thought Is Action:

"Here, when you think of going someplace, you are there instantly. In this dimension the thought is the action...

"We are in the habit of separating thought and action- as if it were a two-step process...

"Thought is the reality."

*LWU* Instantaneous Travel:

I can stand before my house and I can bethink myself that I would like to visit the library in the city which I can see some ‘miles' away in the distance. No sooner has the thought passed with precision through my mind that I find myself- if I so desire it- standing before the very shelves that I wish to consult. (NOTE: You have to want to go with such certainty that you are willing to let go of where you are.)

*CWG3* HEB Instantaneous Travel:

It has become possible for HEBs to disassemble and reassemble their bodies at will, allowing most beings in most highly evolved cultures to "be" wherever they choose- whenever they choose...

"Long distance" travel across galaxies is done like stone skipping across water. No attempt is made to go through The Matrix which is the universe, but rather, to "skip around" on it... (NOTE: Monroe!)

Being in Multiple Places Simultaneously

*CWG3* Souls Can Be in Multiple Places at the Same Time:

In a very short time the soul learns that it can go anywhere- with the speed of its thought...

If the person had children, and should think of those children, immediately the soul is in the presence of those children, wherever they are. Thus the soul learns that not only can it be wherever it wants with the speed of its thought- it can be in two places at once. Or three places. Or five.

It can exist, observe, and conduct activities in these places simultaneously, without difficulty or confusion. Then it can "rejoin" itself, returning to one place again, simply by refocusing...


There is no reason not to want what your brother wants, not to choose what your sister chooses. If they want you in their space at the moment of their death, the very thought of you calls you to them- and you have no reason not to race to them, since your going there takes away nothing from whatever else you may be doing.

4 ..3 ..2 ..1 Earth Below Us

Long Distance Travel(RB): It is not really practical to follow the surface for a long distance. To travel long distance you need to study geography. You have to be able to recognize continents, oceans, countries, states and cities. You also need to study a map of your target area and note any landmarks. To project there, after this is memorized, you must go into orbit and reenter over your target. As you approach the earth you must adjust your approach and aim for the geological features and landmarks around your destination.

Orbiting the Earth(RB): To enter orbit is a little more difficult than it sounds. Getting up there is easy, you just go straight up, but stopping when you get high enough is difficult. Most people, myself included, tend to blast themselves straight out of the solar system, sometimes right out of the galaxy. To avoid this, it is important to control your speed during the ascent.

It is easier to project to the moon first, as a way of entering orbit. This gives you a large visual target you can project to in moments. Once there, it is a simple matter to head back to Earth, enter orbit, and circle until you are above your target. In space, away from the atmosphere, there are no problems with speed induced blurring.

1) Judging from the distance I was up in the air, it must have been around 20,000 feet because I could see clouds below me around 3,000 feet. I wanted to go one step higher and that was into the heavens of the clouds, but I was really scared of losing course of my flight out of the earth's atmosphere.

*APr* OB High Above Earth:

I then decided that I would make my first attempt at "skrying" or "rising through the planes." Concentrating all my will power in one supreme effort, I willed to ascend. Instantly the earth fell from my feet- that was how it seemed to me, because of the suddenness and speed of my ascent. My home was now no bigger than a matchbox. Up and up and up, velocity ever increasing. The loneliness I felt was indescribable. My consciousness was perfect, except for one thing- I lost my sense of time.

The blue of the sky had been gradually fading; but the brilliance of the light had not diminished- at least, to any marked degree. Now I saw a most awe-inspiring phenomenon: from a point on the zenith emerged a succession of shimmering, leaden-hued concentric circles of light, ever spreading in huge ripples- as when a stone is thrown into a pond. I willed to descend. Instantly the process was reversed.

There is no downward pull analogous to gravity, but only the call of the body.

*RB* No Limits To Far You Can Go:

There are NO limits to distance, destination or speed. It is like folding space and moving without moving. The trick is getting back for a conscious reentry. Unless you have a good knowledge of astronomy, which I do not, this is difficult. Following the silver cord, if you can see one, is not practical at that kind of speed, though it will give you a basic direction to go in.

(JoYS) We can visit the astral aspects of any place in the universe, through we prefer to stay close to home.

*MotFE* The Energy Body:

At times we seemed to see some point on the trail ahead, like a vision; the instant the point became definite, we were there, sometimes miles ahead of the main caravan.

Factors Affecting Travel

*PotC* Things Affecting OB Travel:

We were entering an area surrounding a large city that was clearly not Rio de Janeiro. The higher ranking extraphysical consciousness made reference to the difficulty of flying over certain urban areas that appear to possess geomagnetic currents that make the process of flight extremely difficult...

The helper, wanting to illustrate the difficulty of flying while in this condition, indicated that I should climb up a tree-covered hill on which I saw a few castor oil and other plants. I climbed the hill with great difficulty. The psychosoma felt very heavy. It was as if it were filled with rocks.

*PotC* Traveling in Different Atmospheres:

The denser and darker the extraphysical atmosphere is, the slower will be the velocity of flight and the greater is the will-power required for the transit of the consciousness... There are, due to the relative quality of thosenes, thick atmospheres where flight is more difficult than on the planetary crust (NOTE: Translated: planet) itself... In subtle atmospheres, flight can reach the speed of thought, without the consciousness losing any lucidity.

Distance of Travel

*CJ* Traveling Farther Distances:

ROMC: "It seems that each time I stretch my legs, I go a long distance, like having seven-league boots. Every time I put a leg out, I seem to span a universe! They're showing me how to completely span universes...

"As we go long distances it's as though I'm exercising my ability to step into other dimensions. I have to stretch. I have to let my mind stretch- realizing that there are no limits."

*UR2* Dream Locations Come To You:

In the waking state you travel to places. They do not come to you. In dream reality, however, your intent causes places to spring up about you. They come to you.

*PotC* To the Moon, OB:

I found myself alone and infinitely free in mid-air...

I looked up and saw the moon. It was bigger and clearer than usual. I felt the desire to fly towards it. I started to fly through space in the direction of the moon at an incredible rate.

I sensed the Earth becoming smaller behind me. I saw a few stars. looking back, I felt so alone, isolated in the immensity of space, that I decided to return immediately.

Relative Motion of the Projected Astral Body

*CBAP* Relative Motion of Projection, Body Falling Away, Voice Across the Veil:

Case No. 545: Mrs Everett described a night journey in a hot train when it was not possible to open the windows and get fresh air and "the atmosphere was oppressive"- that is, approaching suffocation. She said:

"I suppose I fell asleep. A momentary pang of pain went through my head... Then I seemed to float clear of my body and, still in the railway carriage, I looked down on it huddled and thought what a poor, miserable thing it appeared. (NOTE: Note that it keeps relative motion to the body)

"The carriage fell away and I found myself moving swiftly in a star-filled sky, and presently I realized that I had a companion... (NOTE: The lack of body sense- it "falls away")

"Once again I was in the railway carriage, looking at my body under the rug, and with intensity I put out the petition, imploring that I should not have to go back into my body, but, as from a far distance, I head the words, ‘You must!'" (NOTE: The voice from across the veil)

*PotAB* Physical->Astral Correspondence:

Movement, in the physical, can duplicate itself in the astral. The physical was rocked upward and downward slightly from the action of the springs, as the dog's weight landed upon the bed, and the astral, in exactly the same time, rocked upward and downward in the air, in perfect harmony with the movement of the physical, although the astral body was in the vertical and the physical was in the horizontal position. (NOTE: This is copied from elsewhere)

Mechanical Astral Travel For Fun

Script: There should be an ongoing theme of pure astral vs. Astral affected by physical habits and desires.
*CBtL* Travel on Marduk:

People can journey around the planet Marduk as well as travel to the stars. They also make their way along the River of Eternity by both mechanical conveyance and the power of thought alone...

Salter: "We can travel in space mentally and with our mind visit other dimensions and other planets to explore them... It is possible here to travel with the help of large dirigible blimps or hot air balloons. There are aircraft- small two seaters which are used by airplane enthusiasts..."

When the experimenters asked Timestream why mechanical conveyances were used when third plane inhabitants could travel by the power of their mind alone, Timestream replied that people "liked" cars and airplanes.

Warp Tunnels

*APr* Tunnels:

1) I repeated my desire: "Temple—Allahabad—India—in the Past." And now it seemed to me there was a sort of hole or break formed in the continuity of the astral matter; and through this, in the distance—as though viewed through a very long tunnel—I could see something indistinct which might have been an entrance to a temple, with a statue still further away showing through it. I then moved forward again, but to my disappointment came to rest almost immediately in another room.

*VS* Gateway to the Garden- Large Grey Pipe, Meeting Lost Brothers & Sisters:

"I became aware of the sound of children's laughter and singing behind me, and turning around found myself peering down a large grey metal pipe about a meter in diameter and two meters in length. Through it I saw a glorious sunlit garden full of happy children. Some were dancing in a circle, and two of them – a boy of about seven and a girl of about five – separated from the others and came across to the end of the grey pipe. Their faces were full of such welcoming love and joy as they looked at me.

"‘Come and join us!' they invited, and they called out my name as though they knew me. "Who are you?" I asked. ‘We are your brother and sister,' they replied. I was very puzzled by this because I had only one brother who was then six years old. ‘Come on,' they urged excitedly. ‘Come and join us!'

"Caught up in the joy of the moment and happy to escape from the abuse below, I eagerly tried to clamber into the grey pipe in order to crawl through to the lovely environment and those happy children.

"The lady of light beside me gently held me back and said, ‘No, dear; It's not yet your time. You must return to your body below.'

"My mother confirmed that she had lost two children by miscarriage – a boy three years before I was born and a girl one year before my birth." -Fler Beaumont, v.XVI, n.4

** Experiences:

17) As I drifted off to sleep, I suddenly became aware of a low, buzzing/humming sound INSIDE my head and body; it felt like my whole body was a motor, vibrating and buzzing. Next thing I know, I was flipped over (on my back), and speeding forward through some sort of a narrow tunnel. I had the perception of traveling at a very high speed, but I could not see where I was heading, except I 'felt' that I was moving through a tunnel. I could 'see/sense' a wall or something whooshing by, like when you look out the window on a ride through the subway. I could not turn my head, but could see my feet ahead of me. My arms and legs were at my side. While this was happening I was a bit frightened, as well as puzzled and astonished at what was happening. I recall thinking 'Wow! I am zooming somewhere fast... I wonder where I'm going...?' Moving faster and faster, I felt like soon I was going to 'pop' out somewhere... I could sense an opening...

As I popped out, I will NEVER forget what I saw below me ... I saw the EARTH moving farther and farther away, as if I was shooting out of it! It looked just like the space shots, with blackness and stars all around me. I continued to zoom backwards, but now the tunnel had no 'visible edge', and I felt like I was in an 'invisible' tube, still not able to turn my head, just looking straight ahead... (Every time I see the StarTrek TV intro, or a starry screen-saver with stars moving really fast, I am reminded of my astral trip!) As SOON as I realized I was out in space, and the earth was getting smaller and smaller, I remember SCREAMING really loud, as I was terrified at that point! I kept zooming backwards, really fast. The earth was just a speck! At some point (I don't know how much time passed), I found myself at some other 'place.' I don't know if I was on another planet, or what.

18) (lucid dream) Then I levitated my feet and began to fly down the hospital corridor at a good speed. The hallway ended, but instead of hitting the wall I decided to change my focus and create a tunnel that I could fly down. With an act of will, a hole appeared in the wall ahead, and a tunnel formed. The hospital scene slowly blended into a tunnel scene, the hallway becoming the tunnel. In real life, a tunnel of this size (without lights) would appear to be darker toward the end of the tunnel. The dream-tunnel I created didn't seem to end, and it appeared lighter in the back and darker in the front. There was a strange kind of grayish light, almost like a fog, that obscured the end of the tunnel.

I started flying down the tunnel at a great speed, but I knew it was an illusion. I got bored with flying, so I slowed myself down, lowered my feet and focused myself back in the hospital.

7) All of the sudden I was looking down a peephole, and I could see another place.

14) (OBE) When the voices seemed to be very close I had the impression of dissociating from my physical body. In lying position I drifted through a short tunnel, which I could not see, but of which I had a space feeling. When the tunnel was passed, all of a sudden, I stood on a meadow. There was full daylight and I saw a swimming pool just in front of me. The meadow and swimming pool were crowded.

*IaTR* Travel by Space-Folding:

"Where does not apply to this reality. We are not transversing space as you know it, but unfolding through frames of reality.

"We are in a different continuum, but we have not traveled any place to do this."

The farther we walk down the corridor, the longer it seems to become.


I wander down the corridor. In either direction there is nothing but the long, wide, seemingly endless corridor, and the doors. Not all the doors are the same. Some are very formal, yet colorful, while others appear in various styles, ranging from high and wide to short and narrow. I walk past quite a number of really strange closed doors, when a reasonably normal, pale gray door framed in metallic silver suddenly swings wide open.


"How is it possible for such a long corridor to be in such a small craft?"

"This craft follows the continuum principle. Within this craft, all space is available in an infinite continuum." "It appears that this corridor is endless. In actuality it is not, but in the reality we have created, it is. A continuum is where a finite state, or space, becomes infinite. In a similar way, Earth life appears to be finite, but in a Greater Reality it is infinite.

"These doors- whatever is behind them?"

"They are the home environments of the travelers on this craft. The same continuum principle applies to each of them. The rooms are a finite size that fits within this craft, while a simultaneous infinity also holds true. A small craft has the potential of a large planet."

"This is the meeting room of the travelers and craft personnel."

The door is the biggest I have seen. It vanishes as he faces it. I stare into a room filled with such a bizarre assortment of entities that had I been alone I would have fled.

The room I am staring into is about twice the size of a football field. Oddly, I can see it all in the same perspective. What is distant appears visually as close and clear as the immediate area. It is furnished — if that is the right description — with a bewildering assortment of chairs, stools, perches, cushions, floating pads, and wide range of unidentifiable paraphernalia.

Overall, the room is lighted with a mellow, white illumination, but in certain areas a very different color either lights it or changes the whole spectrum of vision. I get the impression that some areas are infrared, while others are beyond my understanding. The different light does not seep into other areas. One area is pitch dark, yet, strangely, I can perceive vague forms moving within it.

When I looked into this room from the doorway, I could see pretty much the whole room, but now that I am in it, I can not see any of the other entities, or the weird paraphernalia. The room appears to be just an average size, with only Skarl and me in it.

Phasing, Dual Consciousness, & Subplanes

*JoYS* Astral Travel:

Any time we are astral, we can visit the astral aspects of any place in the universe, although we tend to stay fairly close to home.

When we are out of the physical body, we can visit the astral plane of other places in the universe. We can also visit higher planes, particularly those of earth.

When your astral self goes traveling in higher planes, it is like channeling, in a sense, although the astral self cannot be said to be a vehicle. It speeds its vibration and goes into what is, for it, an altered state. It "visits" higher planes for its own education and inspiration, giving it a "preview of coming attractions" and reenergizing it for its work. However, it does not sustain such a sojourn for very long.

** Phasing/Dual Consciousness:

Phasing/Dual Consciousness(MJooB): Primary Phasing is the state where the mind is fully focused on physical sensory input or activity. In inattention, daydreaming, or introspection, part of the mind has wandered. Meditation is a more deliberate phase shift. Drugs creates a split phase shift, where the consciousness is divided between here and there. As we tune a radio receiver gradually from one frequency to the next, one signal fades and another is faintly heard. There is a point where both are heard.

Phasing is a method of measuring the percentile of the Human Mind directly involved in physical matter at any point of mental/physical activity. The purpose is to determine the flickering of our consciousness between Here and There with very little awareness and control on our part. Moving more out of phase with the physical is moving further out in the rings.

1) I was floating between two worlds, one I knew well and one I didnt know existed. In time it seemed as though the ceiling was paved with blue/white clouds, and the air seemed sprinkled with gold dust.

4) The being of light gave off heat to me; I felt a warm sensation. It seemed that it covered everything, yet it didnt prevent me from seeing everything around me- the operating room and doctors. The light's what was talking to me, but in a voice. It had a definite sense of humor.

5) Everything- the nurses and doctors, the ship and the shore- was just sort of a conglomerate. It was all together, as if one scene was superimposed right on top of the other.

6) I was sometimes able to shift a percentage of my awareness between my physical and my nonphysical body. It's possible to perceive with both forms simultaneously and to adjust and shift percentages of our awareness.

Unfocus(MjooB): When one unfocuses, they disappear.

The Surreal Regions-Partially Tuned-In(DDG): The first category of surreal regions is closely related to the void. Sometimes you may be in the void and it will transform into a space of abstract colors and shapes. You will have a hard time putting what you see in such spaces into words. The shapes and colors will also move and be very dynamic. When you are in such a surreal space, it may either transform back into the void, or you may transform into one of the middle or higher regions of the astral plane.

When you are tuning into a subplane during an OBE, it is possible to partially tune into a subplane and perceive that subplane from a completely different angle or perspective than if you have completely tuned into the subplane. When you percieve a subplane from such a partial angle, it looks totally different than it does if you tune into it completely. What you see during a partial tuning into a subplane is a weird space of moving colors and geometric patterns. In other words, you appear to be in a surreal region.

Now, this idea is not speculation on my part. I have literally observed this to be the case. I will give an example below showing how this works.

1) I was back in the void again. This time though it was different from the last time. I was seeing really complex geometrical patterns come spinning past me. It's hard to remember exact details, but every now and then I'd see these really intense color patterns. It was hard to conceptualize what I was looking at in this "void". I'd be zipping along checking out these spiro-graph patterns then all of a sudden I'd see a color pattern. It wasn't that these color patterns would appear before me in the void like the black and white spirograph patterns, it was more like I would "fall" backwards, see these intense color patterns, then "slip forward" back into the void. I was wondering if I was bordering on some deeper, more abstract plane and was blinking in and out of it or something. I do remember seeing these really intense lime-green cones that were embedded in some type of complicated geometrical patter. I remember yellow and purple too.

2) (After awaking in a lucid dream, I spoke to Eric, then faded out into the void) I seemed to now be floating in the void. However, there were what seemed to be colored triangles moving around, crossing and spinning over one another making distinctly geometric patterns in front of me. The colors were mainly a yellowish green with red, orange and pink hues and they had the texture of clear and smoky, but smooth glass. "This is a weird view of the void," I thought to myself. I stared at these patterns wondering what the hell I was looking at. I began to focus harder and harder on these patterns, trying to discern some detail in them. Then, as I was focusing, the most incredible thing happened. I watched these patterns "solidify" and transform into the scene on the dance floor of the club I had just left. The spinning triangles were actually the dancing people in the club! I was amazed. I relaxed my focus and the scene faded back to the spinning triangles. I was thinking, "Wow! This is amazing!" I tightened my focus again and the triangles again transformed into the dancers on the dance floor. This time I tightened my focus so much that the entire bar scene faded in around me! I was back in the bar again!

My lockmold was again very strong, but again, I moved slowly and cautiously so as not to get too excited and fade out. I wondered if Eric was still here. I walked off the dance floor, through a neon lit hallway, back into the bar where I had seen Eric. And no shit - there he was in the same room!

The Surreal Regions(DDG): The surreal regions are often very abstract and tend to be spaces of color, sound and feeling. They are not really "places" in the sense we normally think of the word "place". I have actually been in these surreal regions quite a bit. Getting to them has a lot to do with the void. Often, I will be in the void and it will transform into a surreal region.

What are the surreal regions? There are a couple answers to this question as far as I can tell. Some of the surreal regions are related to the physical plane or how the physical plane affects the etheric plane. That is, such regions have something to do with perceiving the physical plane from a viewpoint we normally cannot.

Moved By Other Entities

*SM* Travel:

1) I wanted to go to a friends house (CK). I then felt the wind behind my back that had been described in an astral projection book. I remember lifting up but then ending up back in my body.

2) I knew where I immediately wanted to go, my friend Kay's house, but I wasn't sure why. I started to move but this time, rather than feeling a wind gently blow behind me, I felt something push me. Not violently, but different enough for me to become cognisant of the difference. Unlike my previous journey, it felt like I was being taken a long way this time - I felt lots of objects pass through me but couldn't see anything. I was blind again.

I spun in a clockwise direction...I was surprised. I didn't seem to be moving that much faster than if I had been doing it ordinarily. Again, experienced the torrent of vibrations and a strong feeling of "tuning" in better, but no sight.

3) I then felt this really warm wind touch me from the front. It felt like the sort of breeze you feel on a really hot day. I was also being moved at this point although I'm not sure in what direction. I'm inclined to say I was being pushed from behind but that doesn't concur with where I felt the warm breeze.

4) I asked, politely, to be taken to my friend KC's house. I then felt the wind in the small of my back and was lifted up into the air. I began to feel behind me to see what was causing me to move. I was still blind at this point but I could feel what seemed like a big `blob' behind me. It seemed much bigger than me. I then turned my head to try and look at it. I remember asking, again politely!, for my sight and then it came.

I was being moved by what looked like a long haired (shoulder length, combed back), big built man that looked to be in his thirties. I remember thinking that he looked a bit like Charlton Heston or somebody from that era that starred in a Viking/Roman film.

For the time that I was with him, a couple of things repeatedly happened interspersed with our conversation. The first was that I kept holding and patting his left thigh. There were two reasons for this. Primarily, I wanted to keep giving him the impression that everything was cool despite how I felt inside. In addition, I also believed that if I kept a grip on him, I could prolong my projection and wouldn't be sent back to my body. In retrospect, I believe *he* kept me there - as if he was keeping me topped up with energy.

The second thing that happened quite a bit was that he kept trying to tell me something. I was too excited however and wouldn't give him the chance to speak. As he opened his mouth to talk, I filled it with a question!

Anyway, I asked him why he was taking me `somewhere' and he replied that he just felt like walking (flying?) down a street with a human again (once more?).

We then arrived at the top window of some house. He opened it and reached inside for some drawer/box which he pulled closer to us. Inside were a number of things but it was a toothbrush that he picked up. He then placed the bristles in my mouth and began to brush my teeth for a few seconds. Was he trying to tell me something? I could taste the minty remnants of toothpaste on it. We then continued our journey.

I asked him if he was my Guardian Angel. He said: `No, some friends have but others', he hesitated, `others have to do things to get one.'. He also mentioned God in there somewhere. Perhaps you had to have a God? I'm not sure about that.

Note that we were still heading somewhere whilst all of this happened. I watched as we passed through roads, turned corners etc.

I asked him if he was good or bad. Immediately, I spoke up and said: `No, no, I don't want to know. Don't tell me!'. I may have asked the question again, or he may have begun to speak, but I repeated my plea to not know once again.

He said: `Well...' and I got the impression that he was a bit of both - good and bad. I empathised with him thinking he was like me.

He then touched me somewhere - chest/back/shoulder - before going to my chest. He pressed a thumb/finger in the gap between two top buttons of my shirt. It was mid way at the top of my chest. He was pressing and swivelling whatever part of his hand touched the bare flesh of my chest and making a hissing sound with his mouth.

I told him to stop or I would go back to my body. He didn't, I became worried and then wiggled back.

Back in my body, I had to do a further two to three seconds of wiggling before I felt I was completely free of him. It felt as if he had followed me back to my body and was still holding on!

5) It was when my arms were back in front of me that I felt something clasping my forearms. I asked: `Who are you?'. There was no reply. I touched *it* with my left hand on what held my right forearm. It felt like somebody else's forearm. It felt as if someone were behind me, holding both forearms and directing me somewhere (or going along for the ride!).

I asked again who it was. There was a lot of noise or interference, but amongst it all, I heard *it* say: `Stephen'.

6) After being lifted off the ground into the air, I felt behind me to see what was there this time. I felt that there was something but couldn't be sure what. I then spun around and faced it. I was still being held but was moving backwards rather than forwards. It appeared as if I were being held by the arms, somewhat spaced from my host.

I then felt as if I were in a bad position; as if I might fall from `his' grip, so I shifted forwards, closing the space between us. I was now pressing against `him' with my legs wrapped around `his' waist and my arms holding onto `his' neck/shoulders. A piggy back in reverse.

I lifted my left hand (behind his back) and held it up towards my left eye. I was hoping to kick start my sight that way but didn't feel any surge of vibes. Not even a tremor.

I touched his back in a patting kind of motion. It felt rubbery but firm.

I tried to feel the top of `his' head and hair. `He' moved `his' head to avoid my hands. I managed to do it though. `His' head felt plastic and smooth, much like mine had that time I touched it.

`He' pressed/held my head against the right shoulder of `his' neck as you might do with a child. The pressure applied seemed to move, but at times, it hurt my jaw. I also felt pain in the back teeth of my mouth. I ignored all the pain. It was bearable.

*ST* Helpers in the Air:

I let go of the physical. I don't remember leaving my body, but I do recall the sensation of flying. I seemed to be on "auto-pilot", flying high and steady.

I looked back over my shoulders, toward the back of my legs. To my surprise there was an "entity" supporting my legs and feet helping me to fly! I waved at It and It waved back. It released my legs, flew up beside me, and hugged my waist. The entity pointed downward at what looked like Stonehenge.


I found myself flying in "auto-pilot" mode again. I looked over my shoulder, and there was my auto-pilot. This time "Otto" (as in "Otto-matic pilot") did not wait for me to acknowledge his presence. Otto flew up next to me, and hugged me around my waist. I did notice his color and skin pattern kept changing.


(NOTE: While OB, looking in the mirror) I felt two hands on either side of me gently grabbing my arms. The hands turned me around and pushed/pulled me out through the wall. I saw nothing but blackness. Then I stood in front of an apartment building. I was totally disoriented.


Otto floated over to the side of the bed. I couldn't help but notice the luminescent brilliance of my spiritual friend. The warm angelical glow that emanated from his was awe-inspiring. Then, abruptly and without warning, I received mental information.

My guide, my guardian angel, my Otto-matic pilot, I believe is my Higher Self. The being is me, in a higher form of consciousness.

A newcomer spoke of an expression that her angel/guide said to her which left her puzzled. Just before she returned to her body, her spiritual guide shared this insight: "The smaller light follows the larger, and larger light follows the Source."

Places That Resist Your Presence

*PAP* Limitations On Travel:

Broadly speaking we can go anywhere when we are travelling, but when our thoughts have a definite object, we must allow for the free will of others, and for the resistances due to the psychic atmosphere around the place we are visiting.

I have met resistance in the guise of black clouds emanating from the house where the person I wished to visit was living. I was able to conquer these, thanks to sympathetic vibrations emitted by furniture which had belonged to me and pieces of which were in the flat.

Learning How To Travel Astrally

** Astral Motion:

Trouble With Motion(RB): Many people have motion problems in their first few projections. Simply getting across a room in the right direction can be a major accomplishment. This lack of control is simply because they are unfamiliar with astral form; a point of consciousness with a poorly constructed etheric shell surrounding it. You have to learn to move all over again.

It really is quite a comical process, learning astral motion. I remember learning to move about my home town, in my youth. I would start by trying to navigate through my house, usually ending up stuck in the roof, for a while. Then I would run down the road, trying to build up speed and take off like a plane. I would get airborne for a while, but could never quite clear the roof tops of the surrounding houses. I would often float unintentionally into strange houses, blundering about like a drunk in zero G. I seemed to be endlessly apologizing to all these strangers in passing, as I floated in and out of their houses.

(DDG) When I first started projecting I just kind of floated around, mostly unaware of any body sensations at all.

You may see somewhere that you want to go in your OBE, but as you move towards it, you will find it harder and harder to move. There is a chance that you may even lose your lockmold and fade out of the projection if you try to force it too far. Ophiel puts forth the idea that what is happening to cause your movement to become more difficult is that you are transferring your consciousness from one subplane to another. One solution when you find it hard to move- just MOVE SLOWLY.

1) I was absolutely startled at how clear my perceptions were and at how much my dream bedroom was exactly like my "real" bedroom, right down to the books on my bookshelf! I tried to turn around and look at my body but it wouldn't work. The part of my room where I was laying on my bed defied my attempts to turn in that direction. As I tried to turn around, this direction would turn with me and constantly stay behind me.

Astral Plane/Traveling Problems and Fixes(ABtB): Heaviness or inability to move after seperation: This is caused by insufficient consciousness in your nonphysical body. Firmly request that your complete awareness be present in your energy-body. Ask for/demand awareness, lightness, and mobility.

Entering a new room only to find that the entire environment has changed: A common occurence. Entranceways, doors, and windows often represent the beginning of a different energy environment.

Rapidly changing or shifting scenes or environments: This situation usually reflects a lack of focus. To control it, simply focus on a single environment or object. Rapidly changing scenes may also indicate that you are in a nonconsensus reality.

Entering an extremely bright or high-energy environment (may manifest as a high-energy crushing sensation accompanied by intense light): You have entered an energy environment with a higher frequency than you are used to. Firmly request an adjustment of your personal vibratory rate.

Moved By Will(RB): Motion is provided by thought. You have to will yourself into motion, to change direction, and to stop. Practice varying your speed until you gain some control over it.

Astral Momentum(RB): There is a type of momentum in astral form that causes most of the problems. This causes you to continue moving for a while, after you decide to stop. This may take you through a wall or a ceiling etc. This impetus is caused by the thought you used to cause the motion. If it is too strong, or too prolonged for the action, you will move too quickly or too far. Only practice teaches you how to get about with any degree of accuracy and grace.

1) I kept rising higher until it seemed that I was looking out into the space but still in tact with the clouds below me. I wanted to stop my transcending and just fly straight but I had no control over the speed. Before I knew it I was looking down at the earth from space but staying extremely close into the earth's atmosphere. I heard voices mixed with orchestrated music in my head.

*RB* Flying:

Trouble With Flying(DDG): You cannot always fly whenever you want to. Sometimes you will go to fly and zoom right up into the air. Other times you may only float a couple feet upwards but stop. Still other times, you may try to fly but nothing at all happens. If you find it difficult to fly, pretend you are walking up stairs. If I take big steps upward, I will continue to ascend.

Sometimes, very strange things happen when you fly. Once for example, I flew up into the sky, and the sky itself seemed to turn into a room. I could have flown into this room, but did not.

The Gravity Habit(RB): At first you may find something very much like gravity affecting you. You may get yourself into the air only to find yourself slowly falling back to earth again. If you persevere you'll find yourself moving in a series of short flight hops. This is caused partly by habit. You sink back to earth when your motion-causing mental action falters. This causes your flight impetus to stop and the gravity habit then pulls you down. There is NO gravity affecting you in astral form.

Fear's Effect(BP): I started to climb too high for comfort and I became afraid of getting too far away from Earth. With that thought, I started getting lower and lower. I descended very quickly until I was forced to land. I landed okay in some street, on the slope of a hill.

Flying didn't work well either; some distraction always stopped me before I reached my goal.

Help With Flying: 1) Somehow I feel deep inside of me that someone was with me flying, trying to comfort me.

*SM* Tricks:

At some point afterwards I had the vibrations. Blind, I sat up in bed before slipping out and moving towards the door of my room. I tried to walk through it but couldn't - it felt just as it would had I tried to do it in real life. I then remembered something I had once read and tried to go through the door backwards. Happily, it worked and I made my way downstairs until, again, backwards through the door to the front room.

The Tunnel Explained

*CJ* The Tunnel Explained:

ROMC: "When the soul graduates into this dimension, having come through the more dense level of the earth, there is great rejoicing and celebration...

"For many come over temporarily, and experience a movement through a tunnel and see the light at the other end, this is merely a change in the rate of vibration within the self. It is experienced as movement through space, but it is really movement through the vibrations of the inner self into higher vibrations, and therefore higher light-levels of energy."

The Tunnel After Death(JoS): There is a pulling sensation away from the place where one died and they experience relaxation and curiosity instead of fear. They report a euphoric sense of freedom and brightness around them. Some see a brilliant whiteness totally surrounding them at the moment of death, while others observe the brightness is further away through an area of darker space through which they are being pulled, which creates the tunnel effect.

Some see the tunnel opening up right next to them right over their bodies, while others say they have to move high above the earth before they enter the tunnel.

A Theory Of What It Is(AbtB): Observations suggest that the tunnel of light is the opening of the nonphysical energy membrane seperating the phsyical dimension from it's parallel neighbor. The radiant light at the end of the tunnel is a higher-frequency light of higher/inner dimensions.

The Curvature of the Opening Tunnel

Script: I wonder if this curved space is the beginning of the movement into 4D space. It may be the 3D rationalization.*
*CtL* NDE- Detailed Tunnel, Light, Return of the Light:

Seven-year-old: "I went up and up and faded into a deep silver-blue surrounding. Then came something that looked like a big umbrella without a stick. This umbrella seemed to fold around me, and everything became very dark. Then, suddenly, I was in a very intense, bright light. I felt warm and loved in a way that I had never felt before.

"Then I heard a voice from the Light: ‘You have made a mistake. Your life is not yours to take. You must go back.'

Beverly was suddenly returned to her body...

Beverly remembers thinking that as soon as she could she would go back to the top of the snowy hill and try to kill herself again. As soon as that thought came to mind, Beverly was engulfed by the umbrella and taken out of her body again.

Warm in this "bubble of love and life," she was treated to an awesome vision. The warm bubble melted the snow and ice from a nearby tree on which she often played. The bubble showed her that, although the tree was encased in snow and ice now, it would have green leaves on it in the summertime. She saw herself sitting beneath the tree, eating a sweet apple from its branches, and feeling pleasure and joy. (NOTE: Aha! The curvature of space of the tunnel! See other entries here as well as JoS!)

*CtL* NDE- Tight Ball Through Curved Space:

"I had a cardiac arrest as a result of an allergic reaction to the anesthetic. I saw myself rolled into a very tight ball of light. I saw myself being hurled at a very great speed through a conical-shaped space. The ball was rotating at a very high speed and glowing with a warm, bright light. Sticking out from the ball were a hand and foot. That is all I can remember."

*VS-FB* Sucked into the Swirling Tunnel:

I had an NDE in which I found myself flying over the city and suburbs until I paused over my parents' back garden...

Then I became aware of a tremendous suction behind me, and, turning around, found myself being drawn into a huge, swirling dark tunnel that led slightly upward.

*TtE* The Gate to Heaven Opening:

"On one occasion, awakening from sleep I fell into a profound meditation about God; and looking up I saw above me in heaven an exceedingly bright light of oval form; and as I fixed my gaze upon it the light withdrew to the sides and formed a circle; and then, behold, heaven opened to me." -Swedenborg, True Christian Religion

*SBtL* How the Tunnel Forms, Entering the Tunnel, Its Sounds:

I looked toward the front of the ambulance to a spot over my dead body. A tunnel was forming, opening like the eye of a hurricane and coming toward me.

I actually didn't move at all; the tunnel came to me.

There was the sound of chimes as the tunnel spiraled toward and then around me. Soon there was nothing to be seen- no crying Sandy, no ambulance attendants trying to jump-start my dead body, no desperate chatter with the hospital over the radio- only a tunnel that engulfed me completely and the intensely beautiful sound of seven chimes ringing in rhythmic succession.

I looked ahead into the darkness. There was a light up there, and I began to move toward it as quickly as possible.

*VS* Opening the Door, the Veil:

"My journey began as I stood behind a closed door. I was concerned about not being able to stand there for any great length of time, and communicated that thought to a beautiful Being of light who was holding me up as I waited to enter. I was told that I could not open the door, but that it would open for me when it was ready. As the door finally began to open, the light was overwhelming. I entered a tunnel and had a life review for what seemed to have lasted only a few seconds. I then found myself being escorted by this loving Being of light to the most beautiful garden that anyone could dream imaginable." -Carole Phillips, v.XVI, n.3

Tunnel Descriptions & Transformations

*TtE* The Cave-Like Space:

"I was in a dark tunnel. There was absolutely no sound and all was black. I was being wafted along as a speck of dust, but I felt at ease. I thought I was discovering a new cave." -a ten-year-old boy's NDE (NOTE: The dream caves!)

*SBtL* The Tunnel as a Cave:

(A woman in Florida:) I was above the ceiling and actually able to see the wiring.

Then I went up a cave, and at the end I was with a number of people who looked just like me. I saw my grandparents, who had been dead for years.

*VS-BH* NDE in Familiar Form:

The truck driver who described going through a long tailpipe with bright headlights at the end.

*BMS* Near-Death Tunnel:

Vicki: "In that near-death experience, I would describe it as going through a pipe or a tube type of feeling, and I was shocked, I was just totally in awe."

*VS-BR* Buzzing & Fear:

Dorrie: "All of a sudden I heard a buzzing sound, and then I was going through this dark, shallow sewer. I thought it was a sewer because I thought there was water. I was being propelled over the water. I felt fear, only fear, real fear!"

*CtL* NDE- Tunnel Downward:

"I found myself falling down a tunnel with colored ridges that led down to a bright light. I fell slowly at first and then began to fall faster and faster. The faster I went, the better I felt. I wanted to reach the Light but I couldnt."

*VftA* NDE in Cheyenne Perspective- The Tunnel, NDE, Astral World:

Willow Dancing: "My grandmother was there for me in her brightness. She held her hand out to me and pulled me away from the body that had housed my spirit...

"I was now ready for my last journey as Willow Dancing. All that I knew- my body, the yellow-green grasses, the trees, the rushing waters, the lodges- even the cries of my people- were swallowed up in a great flash of light. And then I heard the thundering wings of the mighty Spirit Bird. This great being of fire and light swept me up and then we were moving faster than the fastest wind. We entered the darkness of the sacred mountain, and as I was carried through the heart of this mountain and into the Spirit World I could feel others of my people near. So many had ended their Earth walk in that time of flowing blood, of flowing tears. And so it was in a river of Spirits that I made my journey. I could see only darkness and light. I could hear only the song of the Thunderbird's wings and his powerful cries, but I knew that my people were there with me." (NOTE: More in Life After Death)

*OwtL* NDE- Seeing Relative As Turning Point, Scene Reflecting Gradual Return to Pain:

The next thing of which she was aware was that she was moving through a "dark railway tunnel." Far off in the distance she could see a tiny point of light.

"I came out into the light, and I saw a green railway embankment on each side of a green road," Shirley said. "The banks were covered with lilies and the fragrance was beautiful..."

At the end of the road, she was delighted to see her maternal grandmother, Angie Waldrum, who had been dead for seven years. (NOTE: Used in Life After, too)

*CtL* Coma NDE- Boat Tunnel:

While lying in a coma, she left her body and traveled down a tunnel. She said it was as though water were in the tunnel, and she was making her way through this mystical river in a small boat.

...Suddenly, she turned onto another branch of the river and passed under a glowing arch that led to a light "so beautiful that it couldnt be called just a light. It represented love and peace and happiness and complete and utter joy."

*CJ* Rapid Travel, Points of Light, Meeting Deceased Brother in Summerland:

ROMC: "I feel I'm moving rapidly through the universe... through space. I can see points of light in all directions... Now I'm going through a spiral- a kind of tunnel.

"I can hear a voice saying, ‘Rosalind, now that you are separated from your body, where would you like to go? When you get to this state you can go wherever you desire. Is there anything special you would like to do?'

"I see a point of light ahead of me. I'm keeping my eye on this point of light- and I'm being drawn to it. I don't see anything yet, but I have a very strong feeling of a personality. It's my brother Larry...

"Now the light is expanding. I see a field of green- beautiful green. Wow! It's magnificent here. The colors are magnified a thousand times compared to the colors of earth."

*CBAP* NDE: Loud Heart Beat, Squeezing Through Narrow Tunnel, Stream of Dead, Roaring Return:

Case No. 563: "I went through the strange and painful experience of drowning. It seemed to me that I was being shot from one huge anvil to another,- that big sledge-hammers were crashing down upon my chest. No doubt this terrible pounding was the exaggerated beating of my tortured heart.

"Then suddenly it seemed that I was swept into a glistening spiral-tunnel so narrow that it began to squeeze the last bit of air from my agonized lungs. This tunnel ended in a mere pinpoint of light, but somehow I knew that I had to squeeze through this tiny opening... Finally I slipped through the opening and was released from all pain and pressure. (NOTE: Is the thickness of the tunnel due to the openness of the chakra of departure?)

"I found myself floating in a strange ‘stream'... which wended upward into infinity. This ‘river' carried my along... (NOTE: bit moved with soothing music and others in the tunnel) I saw that the river reached a far-flung shore where people stood waiting in groups, like welcoming parties. The water eddied onto beaches, into coves and nooks and crannies. Hands reached out to pull some of the drifters out of the river... The waiting people hugged and kissed them as if they had come home from a long and dangerous voyage...

"I almost touched mother's hand, then suddenly I felt myself being pulled away. I seemed to sink into a whirlpool, and my mother smiled sadly as she watched my being sucked rapidly down. She became smaller and smaller until her figure was a mere dot, and then she vanished while a roar filled my ears and the whirlpool forced my chest to heave convulsively.

"Next I was aware of vomiting the water..." (NOTE: Notice a watery death influences ideas of the stream)

*OwtL* NDE- Timeless Stairway:

First, Frace said, he had a strange feeling of separation from his physical body, then he found himself ascending a marble stairway that seemed to stretch into the clouds.

"I started to climb that marble staircase out of curiosity. It seemed as though I climbed those marble stairs for days. The stairs kept going up through the clouds until the atmosphere became buoyant and vibrant."

Tunnel Subjectivity(HU): NDEers in Western cultures tend to enter the realm of the afterlife by passing through a tunnel, experiencers from other cultures might walk down a road or pass over a body of water to arrive in the world beyond.

** Experiences:

1) I just quit breathing. I went through this dark black vacuum at super speed.

2) The things around me in the hospital began to get further and further away. As they receeded, I entered head first into a narrow and very dark passageway. I seemed to just fit inside of it. I began to slide down, down, down.

3) My relatives looked like they were going farther away from me. I got dimmer and dimmer.

5) It was in a very dark, very deep valley, the valley of the shadow of death.

8) A post NDE mom's daughter was in a coma, and the mother had dreams of her daughter being stuck in the tunnel that people pass through in the death experience.

9) The speed is increasing. Gradually, you realize you're going at least the speed of light.

11) There are no limits and no gravity. She can control some of her movements, but she is drifting into a bright whiteness. It's gray back towards her body. The pulling is like a magnetic pull. She could stay and resist the pulling for as long as she wants, if she really wants to stay. There are spirits nearby, waiting until she's ready.

12) It was bright close to earth. Now it was dark as he entered a tunnel. It is a hollow, dim vent, and there is a small circle of light at the other end. He feels a gentle pulling. The light is expanding as he gets closer, and it appears more gray now. The circle of brightness grows very wide and then he is out of the tunnel.

1) There was no sensation of an abrupt end of the tunnel, but rather more of a merging into the light.

*BDD* NDE- Tunnel, Light Appears as a Bird:

"Just then, about three or four more people came in. One of them was a boy in charge of oxygen, and the others seemed to be nurses from another unit. Then everything seemed to be dimming out and going black again. I was moving through this long corridor and after a while I noticed a small pinpoint light that looked like a bird and then this slowly became larger and larger and it kept getting bigger and bigger and brighter and brighter, expanding until the whole area was lit with this brilliant, beautiful light. I have never seen anything like it before. I found myself on a rolling green meadow that was slightly uphill. I saw my brother and he was alive."

Tangible Blackness of the Tunnel

*TtE* The Tangible Absolute Sparkling Fuzzy Blackness of the Tunnel:

An experiencer who attended one of my lectures on the NDE said to me, "Everyone talks about the dark tunnel. The one I saw wasn't dark; it was so black that it glistened!"...something "so black I could feel it," or "a fuzzy, warm sort of blackness." One NDEr stated that the tunnel "was so black that I could swim in it!"

Sides of the Tunnel & Passing Lights

Script: Ut looks like without the light in the tunnel lighting up the sides, one doesnt realize that the shape is a tunnel.
*VS-FB* The Sides of the Tunnel:

Traveling at tremendous speed through this tunnel, I saw a speck of light in the far distance, and there arose a great desire to reach that light.

The light grew larger and larger until it was a glorious golden disc and the sides of the tunnel glistened with a million tiny stars.

*CtL* NDE- Detailed Tunnel, Light:

"I suddenly found myself standing up and traveling through a very wide tunnel. I couldnt see any walls on either side, but still I had the feeling that this was a tunnel. I also had the feeling that I was moving very fast even though there was no wind blowing on my face.

..."I reached a certain point in the tunnel where lights suddenly began flashing all around me. They made me certain that I was in some kind of tunnel, and the way I moved past them, I knew I was going hundreds of miles an hour.

"At this point I also noticed that there was somebody with me. He was about seven feet tall and wore a long white gown with a simple belt tied at the waist. His hair was golden, and although he didnt say anything. I wasnt afraid because I could feel him radiating peace and love."

*SBtL* NDE: Lights In the Tunnel:

(A young woman in the Deep South:) I felt like I was out of my body. I felt like I was going a thousand miles an hour, just surging up a tunnel. I passed several lights and headed for a very bright one that got brighter and brighter. Then I stopped.

*WtL* NDE: Speed as Tunnel, Description of Tunnel & Lights:

(Janet:) I then felt myself moving off very fast, exceedingly fast, into what seemed like outer space. I always felt that it was the fact of going so fast that gave me the sense of being in a tunnel. And I was going toward a very bright light. As I was traveling along I could see different-colored lights.

*SBtL* NDE: Looking Down, Blackness & Sounds, Tunnel Description:

I looked down on myself from a place that seemed to be well above the ceiling...

I was treated to a firsthand view of my own beating heart.

I don't remember seeing any more. I rolled back away from the surgery and into a position that left me engulfed in blackness. I could hear chimes ringing, three sets of three with a tone at the end of each of them. In the darkness a tunnel opened. The walls of this tunnel were grooved like furrows in a freshly plowed field. These furrows ran the length of the tunnel toward the bright light at the end. They were silver-gray, speckled with fold.

*VS* The Walls of the Tunnel:

"The next moment I found myself traveling at incredible speed through a black, strange-looking tunnel. I did not look ahead because the walls of the blackness fascinated me. The blackness was deeper than anything on earth. I tried unsuccessfully to touch it. It seemed to possess life. I felt quite peaceful and safe." -Cathleen Breaux, v.XVII, n.2

4) I found myself in a tunnel of concentric circles.

15) (NDE) I was also aware of a loud rushing sound. I was being taken up through this dark tunnel like enclosure. But it was more like being caught up in the middle of a whirlwind or tornado. The walls were of an appearance that one would see on a foggy night in the vicinity of yellow or amber street lights. The walls were not a bright light, but took on a golden or amber glow. As I approached the end I became aware of the brightest white light that I have ever seen. It was brighter than looking directly at the sun. As I approached closer the light took on human form. The light was coming from where the face should have been.

My view of all of this was from outside of myself, because everything was all dimensional. Not just three dimensional as we see with our human eyes.

Forks in the Tunnel

*GotB* NDE- Weird Downward Slide, Nice Heat, Weird Guy:

"I suddenly felt that I was in an elevator, or in any case sitting in a narrow tube, and rushing downward at tremendous speed. And yet not always downward. Suddenly I slid to one side- just as fast sideways as down, first to the left, then to the right- then up this time. Yet finally I was shooting downward again.

"During this elevator ride I got astonishingly hot. I still remember that the warmth was pleasing to me...

"Suddenly I saw a figure in front of me. It was neither man nor woman but had a white face. I called out to it, this figure, saying it should show me the way. But it made no reply because... it had no mouth."

*CtL* Coma NDE- Turn Off From ∞, Light:

While lying in a coma, she left her body and traveled down a tunnel. She said it was as though water were in the tunnel, and she was making her way through this mystical river in a small boat.

...Suddenly, she turned onto another branch of the river and passed under a glowing arch that led to a light "so beautiful that it couldnt be called just a light. It represented love and peace and happiness and complete and utter joy." (NOTE: Copied from above)

3) I seemed to have split vision because while I was being shocked, I was going down a long tunnel (second and third body?). There were also lots of doors. I didnt open any of them because they werent for me. It was cloudy, misty, and bright. At the same time I could see myself below, being worked on.

Breaking Off From the Tunnel at Death

** Conscious Intervention in an NDE:

1) As the typical heaven-like scenario began to unfold, Benedict recognized what was happening as it was happening. The process was familiar to him because he had read many books about the near-death phenomenon previously. Just as he reached the light at the end of the tunnel, he shouted, "Stop a minute. This is my death and I want to think about this!" By consciously intervening, Benedict willfully changed his near-death scenario into an exploration of realms beyond imagining, and a complete overview of history from the Big Bang to four hundred years into the future.

Instantly he was pulled by light away from the tunnel, far away from earth, past stars and galaxies, past imagery and physical realities, to a multiangled overview of all worlds and all creation, and past even that to the edge of existence where vibrations cease. He saw all wars from their beginnings, race as personality clusters, species operating like cells in a greater whole. By merging into the matrix of his soul, he confronted the "NO THING" from which all things emerge. Benedict saw planetary energy systems in detail and how human thoughts influence these systems in a simultaneous interplay between past, present, and future. He learned that the earth is a great cosmic being.

Benedict was aware of "walking" back into his body after deciding to return from his journey; as near as anyone can determine his experience took about ninety minutes. His doctor's assessment, though, was the most shocking - the cancer he had once had completely vanished.

"Because this happened to me my fear is gone, and my perspective has changed. You know, we are a very young species. The violence that formed the earth is in us, too. As the earth is mellowing, so are we as a people. Once pollution slows, we will reach a period of sustained consciousness. We have evolved as life forms from single-celled organisms to complex structures, and finally to a global brain.

*LD-CL* Distraction & the Light, Row of Mirrors:

The ancient Tibetan teachings regard the after-death state as a period during which the deceased is confronted with dream-like images and various lights from which he must discern the true path. If he is able to make the correct choices, then the need for rebirth is overcome; and the liberated soul becomes one with the "Clear Light."

"…if he [the disciple] has the power to die consciously, and at the supreme moment of quitting the body can recognize the clear Light which will dawn upon him then, and can become one with it, all…bonds of illusion are broken asunder immediately…" (Evans-Wentz, 1970; p. 34)


"Aware that I am dreaming I find myself in an area from which four tunnels branch. I intuitively know where each leads – memory, intellect, emotions and psychic. I am tempted to go down the path to memory because it includes not only memory of this life but of all my lives as well. Again intuition comes to my aid, and I choose the tunnel to the psychic. There I know I will find the tools that will help me investigate the other three realms in a proper manner. I enter the tunnel, and it becomes very dark. But I can see a bright point of white light ahead of me in the distance. After a while I become aware of eerie lights ahead of me off to either side of me and the feeling that if I look at them I will go crazy and I should keep my attention focused on the white light ahead.

Suddenly I come out of the tunnel, and see that my goal is an orb of white light which at the time I think is the moon. I become aware that there is great beauty all about me; but I should concentrate on going to the moon and not look to the side. Finally I can't resist any longer and look upon incredible beauty. I find that I am weightless and can fly. I go soaring off among clouds outlined in silver, colorful comets and a plentitude of stars. After a while I recall my goal to reach the moon and to discover my psychic powers. I look around and it is nowhere in sight…" -L.M., 1975 (NOTE: Distraction & the light. The ecstasy trance! The row of mirrors & distractions to the sides!)

Spinning in the Tunnel

*WtL* NDE: Falling & Rising in the Tunnel:

(Denise:) I was sort of first of all looking down over what was happening, but then it became an Alice in Wonderland type of experience, looking down a tunnel. I felt a black, spinning, falling sensation, but then it changed to a rising sensation. There was a momentum being gathered. It was very dark but not at all terrifying, and I was being pulled upward through a tunnel that became brighter and brighter. There was this light at the end of the tunnel.

*VS* Looking Back from Within the Tunnel:

[NDE- separates from body] "Immediately, I was aware of shooting upwards (like Superman) through a narrow, spiral tunnel. (NOTE: This copied from another section)

6) The tunnel curled all the way around like a seashell and turned into light. ( ! )

Looking Back Through the Tunnel

*VS* Tunnel Via Letting Go:

(He drowns while swimming across a lake and sinks to the bottom)

"I'm a chunk of black, frozen, excruciating panic and terror. I stop struggling. I let go…

"The second, the very instant, the exact moment that I let go…I am rushing down a black tunnel. ‘What in the hell is happening?' I scream to myself!

"The freezing cold is gone! I AM WARM! The pain is gone! I FEEL WONDERFUL! The ringing in my ears and head is gone! I CAN HEAR THE SILENCE! The blackness is gone! I CAN SEE A LIGHT!

"I look down and I can see my body in the weeds at the bottom of the lake! "Is that really my body? How can I see it through the blackness?" -Andrw Petro, Jr., v.XVI, n.4

*JoNDE-ML* The Tunnel, Looking Back Through It:

She was once again out of her body. She saw a tunnel and "I knew to head for the tunnel." She remembers a "conforming" feeling in the tunnel, which was unusual for her since the tunnel was very dark and she was afraid of the dark. After leaving the tunnel, she met a "guy" dressed in a burlap robe. He did not identify himself, other than to say that he was there to "assist" her.

(NOTE: The astral cord?) She remembered that during this conversation she could look back through the tunnel and see her mother in the hospital.

*VS* Looking Back from Within the Tunnel:

[NDE- separates from body] "Immediately, I was aware of shooting upwards (like Superman) through a narrow, spiral tunnel. I looked back, and down, and saw my body as it would look from maybe a hundred feet away. I remember thinking my body looked fatter/rounder than I had thought of it as being, then turned my attention back to my exciting flight through the tunnel." -Mary Ann Lugenbeal, v.XVI, n.4

*VS* The Tunnel from the Light:

"Next, I was abruptly thrown into an immense sphere of white, bright light with golden specks. It seemed alive and full of love – it loved me. The tunnel was a small dot, then disappeared."

-Cathleen Breaux, v.XVII, n.2

2) At the time I was in a black void and I didnt realize it was a tunnel. Then I seemed to look around and I saw this light. I was flowing towards the light. I could still see below me my sister and such.

The Tunnel's Energy Beam & Its State-Raising Sound

Script: Remember how this all works- movement is not so much from place to place but from state to state. The energy-beam is likely changing your state so as to be able to enter new levels. One example below shows a man who travels the tunnel but always remained in his bed.

*WtL* NDE: The Noise of the Tunnel:

(Juliet:) I was in the operating room and I could feel myself going to sleep. Then there was a noise like wings flapping, not actually a roaring, but more of a flapping. And then there was this feeling of being pulled very quickly along.

*CtL* NDE- Tunnel Sounds:

"Suddenly, I found myself in a long dark tube, with some strange and different music. There was a continuous rhythm that reminds me of sound you can hear when you place your ear against he mouth of a long pipe."

*WtL* NDE: Tunnel Sound:

(Olivia:) I went into something that appeared to be like a tunnel, and I was moving very fast. There was a roaring noise like a very high wind, yet I wasn't really afraid."

*VftA* Light in the Tunnel, Propelled By Sound, Transformed in Tunnel:

"He will relay his thoughts to me, and I will put them into words and convey them to you."...

Sandy: ...The longer I was out of my body, the more difficult it became to maintain contact with your reality...

I was joined by my guardian angel, and together we entered the tunnel... There is a very real sensation of movement, but it is different from any experience I ever had while in my physical body.

There was also a light within this tunnel, although it was nothing compared to the intensity of the light at the end. The light is perceived not only visually; you can feel it. It is a living essence. My body at this point was no longer what you would think of as solid. This light was able to pass through me, and it changed me. I began to feel lighter and lighter. All heaviness and any attachment to the reality I was leaving melted away. Vibrationally, I was being changed. Everything that could possibly prevent me from feeling love began to dissolve. (NOTE: The tunnel- a process, not travel! You exit all earth vibes! Or you can consider it travel through frequencies, not space)

When I first left material reality and entered this tunnel, there was sound- there is always sound. The whole universe is made up of sound. This particular sound is overwhelming- a roar that moves from a very low to a very high pitch. It pulled me away and into the tunnel, and then suddenly ceased, and I was immersed in the indescribable harmony of Heaven. This celestial sound passed through my now changed body. I sensed it with my whole being, not just my ears. I heard it with my whole self.

When I reached the end of the tunnel, I was propelled forward with great force into a space of ineffable beauty and light. (NOTE: Continued elsewhere)

*CtL* NDE- Tunnel, 3 Men, Rainbow Bridge, 3 Men Return With Him:

"I then went down a tunnel that was dark. At the end of the tunnel was a bright light. I wasnt sad and I wasnt happy, but I did want to get to the light. When I got to it, I met three men. One was very tall and the other two were short. Behind them was a rainbow bridge that stretched across the sky. They seemed nice, but I was afraid of them anyway.

"All of a sudden I was back in my body. I looked down at my feet and the men were there. Then they disappeared, and I was completely back." (NOTE: Aha! Further evidence that the motion is dimensional! They were right there the whole time but he was crossing dimensions up to be able to see them.)

*CJ* The Tunnel, The Green Level, and the Blue Level:

ROMC: "Now I've gotten up to my Focus 12 platform. It appears to be very, very dark around me...

"I am moving rapidly through a tunnel, and I can see a point of light at the other end, which is getting larger and larger. Its' as if I'm on a light beam that is helping to propel me...

"I'm at the opening of the point of light, and I am coming through gently...

"In the tunnel I felt as if I was being propelled; now I feel a strong energy pressing against me. I'm at a new energy level. It's so bright that it's taking me a minute to adjust. Everything is shades of green, and the atmosphere seems to be throbbing...

"I can see a lake at the bottom of the hill I am on... I'm putting my feet in. It's an unusual feeling, a different kind of element.. it feels so light. I don't sink, but float without trying...

"Green is a strong emotional ray... The high mental energies are on the blue ray...

"The green atmosphere is starting to fade, and I'm coming into other color levels. Now I'm moving through a blue atmosphere."

*WtL* NDE: Excellent Description of the Sound:

(Edwina:) (NOTE: Copied from Color & Light Tunnel) It was like going through a tunnel, like shooting through something and seeing the light at the end. I heard a sort of whooshing sound, like fast wind or something like that- a sort of whshshshsh It was like every wind and every sea combined in a torrent, but not deafening, not like a deafening roar. It was sort of like silvery moonbeams and the noise they'd make on water if they were going to make a noise. You know what I mean? A sort of brushing sound...

*VftA* Death, Tunnel with Lights, Life Review In a Building, Becoming His Real Self:

Joey: "He took my hand and turned me around and I saw this really bright light. Then we were moving very fast through this tunnel. It looked kind of black with lights flashing past us. And as I moved through the tunnel, I felt myself changing. It was like I was melting, but not melting in a bad way. Maybe like growing real fast and stretching like there was more of me there. That's what it felt like, kind of." (NOTE: More in NDEs)

*CJ* Stationary Tunnel, Total Isolation:

[After passing through the thick state] I felt a great surge of energy, as if I were literally being launched into space... It seemed as if I was moving rapidly through a dark tunnel. Strangely, it also seemed as if I was standing still...

Then, just as suddenly as my launch had occurred, I was suspended in a space of absolute stillness and isolation. An eerie feeling came over me, and I knew then what it would be like to be the last person on earth!...

Those few moments of absolute isolation seemed like an eternity... This space was like a cleansing center to prepare me to enter a very different dimension...

As I was just beginning to resign myself to this new feeling of naked isolation, I suddenly experienced some kind of energy capsule starting to surround me. Like a protective shield, it replaced my feeling of abandonment with a sense of security. I realized that this unique pod had been formed around my energy body by my Invisible Helpers, both to protect and to prepare me... A great surge of energy suddenly radiated within and around me...

Having found myself encircled by an energy space capsule, I began making voice contact with Bob back in the CHEC Unit. As I brought him up-to-date, a helmet with a "12" on it floated before my eyes and was placed on my head...

It was an indication that I was in Focus 12...

The next thing I knew the energy changed. My capsule was changing direction. I looked out, and there is was- an incredible view of planet Earth from outer space. (NOTE: Continued elsewhere)

*CJ* Healing Beams and Spinning Out of the Body:

(NOTE: Copied from Energy Body) ROMC: "I see a strong light beam shining down on my solar plexus. I feel energy coming into me from this light. It's flashing on and off. And now the color is changing, alternating between warm and cool colors. The contrast is energizing me. (NOTE: Beam for healing and for travel. In a way they are the same) Now the beam is covering my whole body; I'm supposed to relax and go with it.

"Now I'm up on my platform, spinning rapidly. I almost feel dizzy. It's spinning so fast that I cant see myself. I feel I'm going to disappear. I'm spinning so rapidly that I am all one. A cone of energy is building over me, and I'm floating right up through this spiral.

Others in the Tunnel

*CBAP* NDE: Stream of Dead & Soothing Music:

Case No. 563:"I found myself floating in a strange ‘stream'... which wended upward into infinity. This ‘river' carried my along. It's water and space and the stars seemed to emit a soothing music which penetrated my innermost being. It was incredibly beautiful and filled my with bliss and peace.

"When I opened my eyes I saw that the strange ‘river' was filled with people of all races and ages. Men, women, and children drifted along and were carried up towards the stars along with me. They all had their eyes closed and seemed to be listening to the soothing music as I had listened... I saw that the river reached a far-flung shore where people stood waiting in groups, like welcoming parties.

10) I left and zoomed toward a brilliant and indescribable light. A man was with me who was very gentle. He took me into the light where I experienced a kind of love I cant explain.

13) She began to hear a deep rumbling, rushing sound, and was in the presence of enormous energy. The power behind it was a movement that seemed unrelenting. She was filled with a pleasant, hypnotic feeling. She heard chimes, or tinkling bells in the background. Darkness began to surround her. The light in the room dimmed, and she was gently drawn up into a great, whirling, black mass. She felt like she had been swallowed by an enormous tornado. The darkness was more than a lack of light; it was a dense blackness unlike anything else. Still pleasant and calm, she felt herself moving forward through it, and the whirling sound became fainter. She was in a reclining position, feet first. She felt she could stay here forever if she wanted, and she could.

She became aware of other people and animals traveling with her, but at a distance. She couldnt see them, but sensed their experience was the same as hers. There were some not moving forward in the blackness, but lingering, not wanting to move on or not knowing how.

She felt a process of healing take place. Love filled the whirling black mass, and she sank more deeply into the warmth, security, and peace of it. She never felt greater tranquility. "This is the valley of the shadow of death."

I saw a pinpoint of light in the distance. The black mass began to take on the shape of a tunnel, and she felt herself traveling forward at an even greater speed towards the light. She was instinctively attracted to it, though others might not be.

*HU* Mutuality of the NDE Tunnel:

As a female NDEer found herself moving through the tunnel and approaching the realm of light, she saw a friend of hers coming back! As they passed, the friend telepathically communicated to her that he had died, but was being "sent back." The woman too, was eventually "sent back" and after she recovered she discovered that her friend had suffered a cardiac arrest at approximately the same time of her own experience.

Bright & Colorful Tunnel

Script: Many of these include soothing sound descriptions. Some sort of synesthesia must be at work or higher perception. And speaking of synesthesia, each sensory impulse is carried by neurons. It seems miraculous that hearing and sight and touch can all be so different.
*TtE* A Bright Tunnel:

When she was seven years of age, she got caught in the surf and was thrashing around in panic when suddenly she felt total calm, a great feeling of peace. "The next thing is the most incredible and vivid memory of my life. I recall traveling or flying through a tunnel of immense brightness, at phenomenal speed." But the child was not scared. She met a man "of immense kindness, power, and love."

*CBAP* Overdose OBE Roaring, Tunnel With Colors:

Case No. 680: "...He felt paralyzed and suddenly felt ‘as if he were being pulled out of himself.' He found himself ‘drifting down a tunnel.' He was aware that he was awake, and the thought crossed his mind that he was dying. He was unafraid and saw patches of various colors passing before him, between him and the light." (NOTE: Full story is in separation)

*WtL* NDE: Flashing Color-Flux, Tunnel, & Excellent Description of the Sound, Peace in the Light:

(Edwina:) I had a major experience when I was fifteen...

I was coming out of the operating room- it happened in the recovery room- and I just remember going. I sort of floated off from myself. I found I was looking down at myself, and then I was flashing to a place that was all light, like nothing but hundreds of colors and lights- but not like that- that's the only way I can describe it. It was like going through a tunnel, like shooting through something and seeing the light at the end. I heard a sort of whooshing sound, like fast wind or something like that- a sort of whshshshsh It was like every wind and every sea combined in a torrent, but not deafening, not like a deafening roar. It was sort of like silvery moonbeams and the noise they'd make on water if they were going to make a noise. You know what I mean? A sort of brushing sound...

Then I remember being in the light, just suddenly being totally engulfed by the light... And suddenly I had the feeling that everything was okay, everything was perfectly all right. That was the feeling I remember most. I had the sense that no other feeling in the world was worth that feeling. I can say it's the most beautiful things I've felt in my life..

*GotB* NDE- The Widening Color-Tunnel of Sound, Adrenaline Shot, Return To Tight Physical:

[The outside:] After the lifeless body had been laid out over an X-ray screen, skilled hands inserted a needle carrying an adrenalin injection into the right spot in the appropriate nerve plexus and then through it into the chambers of the heart...

The dead heart began to beat. Very weakly at first, very slowly, then faster and faster, and finally with tremendous speed, wildly, desperately... But presently the heart calmed down...

[The inside:] "All of a sudden I was hearing a very faint, light humming sound. Or was it the colors all around me that were making the sounds? I was floating in a long shaft that seemed very narrow at first and then became wider and wider- always getting wider and with brighter and more radiant colors the farther I floated forward in the passageway.

"I know there was a dark redness above me and a dark blueness in front of me- but the higher up I looked, the lighter it became...

"I realized I couldn't be sure what was up and what down in that tunnel, that shaftlike place.

"In any case I moved forward in the tunnel...

"I heard a voice calling from far, far away. It wasn't the singing and the humming of the colors I was hearing, but a voice naming a name...

"The patch of dark blue at the far opening of this strange tunnel was getting bigger all the time...

"I made myself go faster. The humming became more beautiful, lighter. The colors also became clearer, and seemed to be merging together in an iridescent play of tints, only to fall apart into separate hues like a bouquet of flowers opened up. And each color had a tone. All these colors and sounds combined in a wonderful music that filled me and impelled me forward- with a feeling of unimaginable delight- toward the voice calling to me.

"And then suddenly I felt someone take hold of me. I couldn't move ahead any more...

"Then, in the midst of sensations of bliss, I felt a pain go through me...

"I... had the feeling that someone was sticking a big needle downward into my head perpendicularly, right through me, as if they wanted to split me into two pieces.

"The pain got worse- while the hand gripping me got tighter and tighter- and the colors grew darker. The colors pretty soon faded out and didn't have any sound any more. And this funnel, the tunnellike place I'd been trying to work my way out of, again got narrow around me, and became so tight and small that suddenly I was terrified...

"I suddenly realized I was becoming a physical person again... The iron hand drew me back, always farther back, into a deep blackness, as unreal a blackness as only the eternal night can have.

"And then I was here."

*GotB* Rocketing Into the Sky, Hearing Music:

"It was wonderful. I saw a sky over me that was bluer than anything I'd ever seen on earth. I met people I hadn't seen for a long time. I had a marvelous feeling of well-being, indescribable. I floated in this endless blueness above me. And the higher I got, the more the clouds turned violet. I heard wonderful music coming from far off, and I seemed to soar on its waves."

16) (NDE) Then, immediately, I was moving through a tunnel, being pulled quickly through it head first. The tunnel was very big, round, and had a kind of robin's egg blue color. And then, to my left I saw my mother. My mother had died when I was 13 years old.

*CBAP* Overdose OBE Roaring, Tunnel With Colors:

Case No. 680: "My brother had had some teeth extracted and was given some Dorvon 65 capsules to alleviate the pain. The dentist prescribed one capsule every four hours. My brother took three at one time. He became dizzy and heard a loud ringing sound. He felt paralyzed and suddenly felt ‘as if he were being pulled out of himself.' He found himself ‘drifting down a tunnel.' He was aware that he was awake, and the thought crossed his mind that he was dying. He was unafraid and saw patches of various colors passing before him, between him and the light."

Tunnel Sounds

** The Tunnel Effect & The Sound:

Tunnel Sounds(LAL): Many have unusual auditory experiences. It is described as a loud click, a roaring, a banging, and as a whistling sound, like the wind. In other cases, the auditory effects seem to take a more pleasant musical form. (JoS) Some hear humming or buzzing sounds right after leaving their physical bodies, like the noise heard standing near telephone wires. These sounds are heard during general anesthesia, too. The flat ringing sounds become more musical when one leaves the tunnel. (LAL) Often concurrently with the noise, people have the sensation of being pulled very rapidly through a dark space of some kind. It seems that the heart stopping has something to do with the beginning of the tunnel.

1) A really bad buzzing noise coming from inside my head. It made me very uncomfortable.

2) I would hear what seemed to be bells tingling, a long way off.

3) I began to hear music of some sort, a majestic, really beautiful sort of music.

4) Something is pulling her to her proper level of travel and trying to relax her with sounds... an echo of music, musical tingling, wind chimes, vibrating with her movements, relaxing. It's like riding on the resonance of a tuning fork. She has a memory of scent and taste, too. There are waves of musical notes... bells and strings... such tranquility. This music has been called the energy of the universe because it revitalizes the soul.

5) My heart stopped beating. When this occured I had an experience. I had this ringing noise brrrrrnnnnng-brrrrrnnnng-brrrrrnnnnng, very rhythmic. I was moving, beating all the time with this ringing noise.

6) It was a long tunnel of light. It wasnt just a light, but a protective passage of energy with an intense brightness at the end which I wanted to touch. There were no sounds of any earthly thing. Only the sounds of serenity, a strange music like I have never heard, a soothing symphony of incredible beauty blended with the light I was approaching. As I reached the source of the light I could see in. It was a giant infinite world of calm and love and energy and beauty. It was all being, all beauty, all meaning for existence. It was the energy of the universe forever in one immeasurable place.

*CtL* NDE- Detailed Tunnel:

"I dont remember the entrance, but in a little while I was in a dark tunnel. There was absolutely no sound, and all was black. I couldnt see to make my way through the tunnel, but I was being wafted along as a speck of dust, pitch black, but as I went along with neither sight nor sound, I felt at ease. It seemed as though I was discovering a new cave.

"After a while the tunnel became square and seemed very long. I became annoyed and thought to myself that the journey was pointless and fruitless and I was wasting valuable time. Just when I was about to turn back in disgust, I saw a tiny speck of light ahead. I went on, and as I did the speck grew larger...

"At about 150 yards from the end, I saw plainly that there was brilliant white light out there beyond the square end of the tunnel...

"When I was about twenty-five yards from the end, the light became the most brilliant I have ever seen... I began to wonder about that light because all I could see was light: no landscape, no people, nothing but a bright sea. And not a single ray entered the tunnel. The tunnel was black right to the end, and there was the sea of light.

"I went closer, cautious now because it seemed that the end of the tunnel was pretty high up on the side of a cliff, and since I couldnt see through the light, I didnt know how far the drop might be if I left the tunnel. When I was near the end, I took a good look around at the sea of light. I was urged to jump into it and assured that I would not fall to the ground. No voice said this: it just came to me from a kind of presence. I thought it might be fun to try, but in an instant, I knew that if I left the end of the tunnel I'd never find it again and hence never get back home." (NOTE: Maybe the light only comes through if it usually has in life, and the membrance holds in back sometimes from illuminating throught he tunnel..?)

*VS-FB* The Disc of Light:

(NOTE: Copied from above) Traveling at tremendous speed through this tunnel, I saw a speck of light in the far distance, and there arose a great desire to reach that light.

The light grew larger and larger until it was a glorious golden disc and the sides of the tunnel glistened with a million tiny stars.

*GotB* Hearing Voices From the Tunnel:

James Lorne: "I felt myself floating in the air and could clearly see my body lying down there. I landed in a long corridor filled with soft twilight. At the end a bright light was shining. I could also hear voices coming from there."

*OwtL* NDE- Spinning in Tunnel, Merge with Light, Summerland:

"For what seemed like days, I was floating in some kind of mist," she said. "After just kind of bobbing around in this nebulous state, I finally saw a light off in the distance. I somehow directed myself to float toward the light, but then I saw that it was at the end of a tunnel."

The instant she entered the tunnel, her spiritual body began to spin and twist at a very rapid pace.

"In what seemed less than a few seconds, I was somehow moving through the light. I felt as though I was being energized by all the love in the universe. It was a feeling of ecstasy beyond anything that could ever be dreamed of on the physical plane."

The next thing that Evelyn knew, she was more or less floating near beautiful orchards and happy, cheery men and women were harvesting basketfuls of rich, ripe fruit.

Distance Measured By Time

Distance Measured By Time(JoS): When traveling spiritually, time spent in the tunnel effect is the only measure of distance.

12) I knew that I was moving, yet there was no sensation of speed.

Return Through The Tunnel

*VS-AB* Backwards Down the Tunnel:

Communication was not with spoken words. The presence said, "So, you are going back." I answered (the same way), "Yes." The presence asked, "Why?" I answered, "Because my mother needs me." At that moment, I started down what seemed like a dark tunnel. The light got smaller and smaller. When I could see it no more, I woke up.

*WtL* NDE: Looking Down From the Tunnel with Spiritual Sight, Return:

(Olivia:) I went into something that appeared to be like a tunnel, and I was moving very fast. There was a roaring noise like a very high wind, yet I wasn't really afraid... I almost reached the light, but then I stopped. I looked back and it was as though I was very, very high above the hospital. It was as though someone had taken the roof off a doll's house- I could see all the little rooms...

It was a faster descent than it was ascent. I seemed to go back very, very quickly- it was like being drawn down a vacuum- and the first thing I remember was a sister saying, "I've got a pulse."

Tunnel for Mediums

*WtL* Trance of a Medium Compared to NDE Tunnel:

(Olivia:) I am a trance medium... I was aware that I was going in very deeply. It was that same pulling feeling, of being pulled up, through something... It was the same feeling off being pulled up through a tunnel, and there was a light at the top glowing. This time I did go through into it.

Tunnels from Seizures

*JoNDE-SB* Separation & Tunnel Effects From Reflex Anoxic Seizure:

A reflex anoxic seizure is caused by a brief cardiac arrest that results from excessive activation of the vagus nerve in response to a sudden shock, pain, or other surprise. RAS is most common is babies and toddlers, and more common in girls (Stephenson, 1980). In a typical episode, the child suffers a shock. A few seconds later he or she will stiffen, clench the jaw, possibly jerk once or twice, and often become deathly white. Their eyes roll up into the head and they may have urinary incontinence. They may be unconscious for anything from a minute or two to more than an hour...

I learned that before an attack Alan feels dizzy with a throbbing headache, like being hit by a hammer. He then frequently goes into a dark tunnel and is hurtled towards a light. On one recent occasion he was simply walking from the bathroom when he found himself already in the tunnel with the light coming towards him. The tunnel is clearly very frightening and unpleasant and he dreads it, but the "white light is nice, like a Christmas light..."

At the start of an attack "people around me go into the distance." On waking, the voices around him are much louder. He said, "When I come out of the horrid tunnel everyone is much bigger and louder; I feel smaller than when I went in."

He reported hearing whistling sounds, seeing patterns like snakeskin, and seeing people from past periods in his life, adding: "They're on the other side of the wall..."

One 13-year-old girl told me that everything begins by feeling "all echoey and far away," then during the attack itself, "Sometimes I cant hear anything and other times I can. And when I cant hear anything I get scared."

Traveling on Energy Beams
Lines of Force

*CJ* Traveling the Light-Tone Beam:

ROMC: "I hear a very high tone. I get the impression that it's associated with the energy wave I'm traveling on. Now I'm going through the cleansing process again. It's very energizing. I see a circle at the end of the energy beam. The circle is the crystal-clear energy ball I traveled in before. Now I'm traveling very rapidly; suddenly my body is in an expanded state of awareness...

"The tone that I heard has changed to a lower pitch; it has a special energy. The sound is elusive and hard to describe, almost like a silent sound, or something you're not really hearing with your ears. It seems to have to do with traveling. It also seems like an energy that is being generated to tune into my energy- and to change it?" (NOTE: The sound change may be a sort of doppler shift by changing your own energy rate relative to the beam, by the beam)


ROMC: "I'm going to be sent back into myself. I'm going to receive an infusion of energy. I hear that sound again; it starts low and is getting higher. it seems to be my own frequency getting attunement from outside myself.

"Now I'm going to be put on an energy beam to be beamed back down. The sound is intensifying. Everything is starting to get dark and hazy, and it seems as if I'm moving. But I feel as if I'm standing completely still at the same time. (long pause) I feel as if I'm back in myself now!"

*CJ* Traveling a Light Beam, No Breathing, Thought Is Action:

ROMC: "I'm being told to follow a point of light...

"I'm travelling on a light beam."

*CJ* Circle of Energy, Dual Perspective:

ROMC: "I am joining the circle, sitting between two of the helpers. It is a wonderful feeling. There is so much love, and I can feel this energy going through me...

"There are two dimensions of myself. There is the self that is observing, talking, standing aside, and watching. And there is the self that is experiencing.

"What I see coming up from this circle is energy that is moving in a spiral. There is a circular motion, going up in a cone shape... This cone is building up around us...

"I sense that we are going to travel into this spiral of energy. This will be our means of travel. Now I am in this spiral.

"There are very strong vibrations here. Looking straight up through the center, I can see the earth. This is a special kind of energy beam that we will be traveling on."


"Now we are coming back up through the spiral. it has been a great experience...

"That is a sign of greatness- when you are in the presence of someone who makes you feel so good about yourself. It is almost that another's high level brings you into the experience of your own highest level."

*CJ* Real-Life Tractor Beams:

ROMC: "I'm beginning to pick up that silent sound again. The vibration is speeding up. I feel as though I am moving rapidly. I'm getting into the right vibration.

"I seem to be coming into the lower entrance of the mother ship. The light ray is coming out of the bottom, and I'm coming into the domelike area... (NOTE: Tractor beam- look how sci-fi collects these spiritual truths!) As I begin to get demagnetized and reenergized into this different state of consciousness, the walls seem to open up."

*CtL* "Summerland":

Cory (age 7) said that while asleep in the car he had traveled up a beam of light to heaven, where he crossed a moat on a rainbow bridge and visited the crystal castle, a place he called "Summerland."

Traveling On Lines of Force(JoS): 1) I am riding on a wave, a beam of light. It's similar to the bands of a radio with someone turning the dial and finding the right frequency for me. I must go with the bands of light. The waves have direction and I'm flowing with it. It's easy, they do it all for you. My mind is in tune with the movement, I flow with the resonance. I hear sounds, the wave beam vibrates. I'm on a line, like a homing beacon of sound and light, and it's part of my tonal pattern- my frequency. Think of a monster tuning fork inside of a flashing strobe light. It isnt just the lines we travel on, we generate energy ourselves. We can use these forces depending on our experience.

2) One travels along directional force lines which have the spatial properties of a grid system. They are vibrational strings.

*EtS-ER* Travleing the Light & Sound of God:

This inner Light and Sound emanate from God Himself and serve as connecting lifelines through which our souls travel through the inner planes of consciousness until we finally merge back in God.

Like Attracts Like

*UR2* Dream Travel & Like Attracts Like:

Your state of mind, freed from its usual physical focus, creatively expressed itself in all of its power and brilliance. The state of mind itself serves as an intent, propelling you into realities of like conditions.