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The Energy Bodies

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The Energy Bodies

Energy Body Terminology

*CBAP* The Bodies in Many Languages:

Our further hypothesis is that such "doubles" may consist of either the "semi-physical" feature which we call the vehicle of vitality (described in the glossary and also known as the "etheric double" of the Theosophists and the "vital body" of the Rosicrucians), or the "super-physical;" Soul Body (the Emotional Body of the Theosophists and the Desire Body of the Rosicrucians).

Nature of the Energy Bodies

*LotSB* The Rings of Being, the Infinite Center:

There is an outer ring of yourself surrounded by turbulence, chaos and anxiety; great moments swirling about, cosmic in potentiality. Within this ring is another circle outside of which are your responses to all these alarms and insistent shocks, excitements and dismays. Inside this ring is another ring. This is a place where you sense your ignorances, your unawarenesses, your inadequacies. Here is where you are sorely tried, for this is your human self. And so these rings get smaller as you near the center where you find a place in you that longs for peace, calmness and spiritual understanding. Finally there is the center which seems to the imagination within a very small circumference. Here is where you are, here is a place where you decide; here is where you are yourself. Most people seldom find it except in great moments; and yet when found and realized it encircles the universe. This is the quietness, this is the peace promised to those who seek. For this center lifts you high and clear of all the rings into eternal omniscience vision.

*EL* Understanding the Vehicle:

We can never correctly understand the nature of the vehicle and use it rightly until we realize the nature of the power for the working of which it is specially adapted.

*K* Different Levels of Consciousness (Manas):

The difference is a difference of functioning activity and not of nature: the higher manas is manas working on the spiritual plane, in possession of its full consciousness of its own past; the lower manas is manas working, on the psychic or astral plane, veiled in astral matter... and with all its activities intermingled with and coloured by the desire nature; it is to a great extent blinded by the astral matter that veils it... (NOTE: manas = consciousness)

The lower manas is the "I" and is what we term the Personal-Ego; the voice of conscience, vaguely and confusedly regarded as supernatural, as the voice of God, is for them the only manifestation of the higher manas on the psychic plane, and they quite rightly regard it as authoritative, however mistaken they may be as to its nature. But the student must realize that the lower manas is one with the higher, as they ray is one with its sun.

Necessity of Bodies

*SD&P* The Necessity of a Body While OB:

For all practical purposes, of course, you will usually find yourself in some sort of body in your out-of-body experiences. These are a necessary camouflage, for you cannot yet think of identity without some kind of body, so you project in such a form. The form itself is not important, but it can tell you something about the dimension in which you are having the experience.

The Seven Energy Bodies

*HoL* The Seven Layers- Structured & Unstructured Alternating:

I have observed seven layers... At first I could see the lower layers, which are the most dense and easiest to see. The longer I worked, the more layers I could perceive. The higher the layer, the more expanded my consciousness needed to be to perceive it. That is, in order to perceive the higher layers, like the fifth, sixth and seventh, I would have to enter into a meditative state, usually with eyes closed...

Every other layer of the field is highly structured, like standing waves of light patterns, while the layers in between appear to be composed of colored fluids in constant motion. These fluids flow through the form set by the shimmering standing light waves... The standing forms of light are themselves scintillating, as if they are composed of strings of many tiny, rapidly blinking lights, each blinking at a different rate. These standing light lines appear to have tiny charges moving along them.

Thus the first, third, fifth and seventh layer all have a definite structure, while the second, fourth and sixth are composed of fluid-like substances that have no particular structure... Each succeeding layer interpenetrates completely all the layers under it, including the physical body... Actually, each body is not a "layer" at all, although that is what we may perceive. It is, rather, a more expansive version of our self that carries within it the other, more limited forms...

In order to perceive each consecutive level, the observer must move up in consciousness to each new frequency level (NOTE: distance outward is determined by frequency. Remember, the length of focus = the frequency you can see.)...

The structured layers contain all the forms that the physical body has, including internal organs, blood vessels, etc., and additional forms that the physical body does not contain. There is a vertical flow of energy that pulsates up and down the field in the spinal cord. It extends out beyond the coccyx. I call this the main vertical power current. There are swirling cone-shaped vortexes called chakras in the field. Their tips point into the main vertical power current, and their open ends extend to the edge of each layer of the field they are located in. (NOTE: Brennan's Bodies/Charkas: Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Love, Higher/Divine Will, Celestial Love, Higher Mind)

*SiO* Different Body Counts To 7:

M. Lao-Tze in his Tao-the-King, mentions only five principles, because he, like the Vedantins, omit to include two principles, namely, the spirit (Atma) and the physical body, the latter of which, moreover, he calls ‘the cadaver'. Then there is the Taraka Raja Yoga School. Its teaching recognizes only three ‘principles' in fact; but then, in reality, their Sthulopadhi, or the physical body in its jagrata or waking conscious state, their Sukshmopadhi, the same body in svapna or that which passes from one incarnation to another, are all dual in their aspects, and thus make six. Add to this Atma, the impersonal divine principle or the immortal element in Man, undistinguished from the Universal Spirit, and you have the same seven, again, as in the esoteric division.

X. Then it seems almost the same as the division made by mystic Christians: body, soul, and spirit?

M. Just the same. We could easily make of the body the vehicle of the ‘vital Double'; of the latter the vehicle of Life or Prana; of Kama-rupa or (animal) soul, the vehicle of the higher and the lower mind, and make of this six principles, crowning the whole with the one immortal spirit.

*HoL* The Planes and Bodies:

[The aura] is much more than a medium or a field. It is life itself. Each layer is a body, just as real, alive and functioning as is our physical body. Each body exists in a conscious reality that is in some ways like, and in some ways unlike, the physical reality. Each layer is, in a sense, in a world of its own, yet these worlds are interconnecting and exist immersed within the same space in which we experience our physical reality...

The physical plane is composed of four levels: the physical, etheric, emotional, and mental levels. The astral plane is the bridge between the spiritual and physical, and the spiritual plane is above it and has gradations of enlightenment within it.

*DA* The Seven Parts of Man:

Kama is the aggregate of appetites, passions and emotions, common to man and brute, the emotions evolving to a higher point in man under the play of the lower mind. Manas is the Thinker in us, the Intellect. Buddhi is the aspect of the Spirit, which manifests above the Intellect.

Now the link between the Immortal Triad (NOTE: The upper three: Atma-Buddhi-Manas) and the Perishable Quaternary (NOTE: The four lower bodies) is Intellect, which is dual during earth life, or incarnation, and functions as Intellect and Mind. Intellect (NOTE: Causal) sends out a Ray (NOTE: Mental), Mind, which works in and through the human brain, functioning there as brain-consciousness.


The Devachani is generally spoken of as the Immortal Triad, Atma-Buddhi-Manas.

"Atman is no individual property of any man, but is the Divine Essence... It only overshadows the mortal; that which enters into him and pervades the whole body being only its omnipresent rays or light, radiated through Buddhi, its vehicle and direct emanation."

(Key to Theosophy, p. 69. Third Edition)

*C&HEF* 7 Divisions:

Man is described as having seven levels or fields of consciousness and energy, each of which is hierarchically differentiated in a way somewhat analogous to the solid, liquid, gaseous, molecular, atomic and subatomic subdivisions of the physical world.

*LDer* Seven Sufi Lucid Dream Bodies:

There are seven lucid dream bodies known by tantric traditions and by the Sufis of the near East. These bodies are known as the physical, the etheric, the astral, the mental, the spiritual, the cosmic and the nirvanic. Each dream body apparently dreams according to its own set of rules or laws, and within realms and territories specific to it. As the lucid dreamer gradually explores each level and approaches the nirvanic level, so the dream worlds take on greater and greater "reality."

The etheric body is the one which is most likely met in out-of-body experiences.

The astral body can move into the past and can visit collective unconscious.

The mental body is said to travel both into the dreamer's past and into his or her future an the past or future of his or her peoples. It is said to be able to create whatsoever the dreamer desires.

The spiritual body is said to be able to enter eternity.

The cosmic body dreams of the infinite, beyond space and time where matter and mind have become one.

The final, nirvanic, dream body, is said to "dream" simultaneously of Nothingness and Suchness; the sound and soundless. There is no duality, only the present moment unfolding and enfolding.

*HU* Seven Bodies:

(NOTE: Electron orbits) Many psychics assert that there are seven main layers, or subtle bodies, each progressively less dense than the one before it, and each increasingly more difficult to see.

Heart As Center

*HoL* The Lower Three and Upper Three Layers Connect at the Heart:

In the system I use for healing, the lower three auric layers are associated with and metabolize energy related to the physical world, and the upper three metabolize energies related to the spiritual world. The fourth layer or astral level, associated with the heart chakra, is the transforming crucible through which all energy must pass when going from one world to the other.

Partial Accounts of Energy Bodies

*ASJ* The Three Bodies of Man and Incarnational Embodiment:

The Master: ‘1. That man is an ego, or soul, and in the course of his evolution from an undeveloped state, the savage, to that of a perfect man, he has to use three vehicles of consciousness or bodies. These are known as the mental or mind body, the astral or emotional body and the physical body...

‘2... These three bodies are used by us when functioning in the three different states of consciousness, which are: the mental plane, the astral plane and the physical plane.

‘3... The home of the ego round which these bodies are drawn, is the upper part of the mental world. This is known as the causal level. (NOTE: In agreement with Theosophy)

‘When the ego starts from the causal level for a new incarnation, he has to have one of each of these three bodies. I want you to visualize the ego as a naked man, preparing to clothe himself with his three coverings or bodies. The least dense in texture is the mental body, and this the ego draws round himself from the matter of which the mental world is constructed... The mental body of an unevolved man is very different from that of an evolved being, an old soul... The ego next draws round himself a slightly coarser vehicle, made of or outside the mental body, and the type of the body is again in accordance with the man's emotion development... A still coarser and denser body is now required and to obtain this, a body has to be found by physical means at the physical level. In other words, a woman, with the assistance of a man, produces a child... Owing to the density of the outside body, the physical, it is impossible to see the other two.'

*LBD* The Parts of the Soul, By Steiner:

"The sentient soul is the first level, in which the soul reacts to the impressions of the world which our senses convey to it... Everything we encounter is immediately recognized and named by the sentient soul. This reply to the stimulation of the sense world connects with our feelings, desires and also instincts. Every kind of impression which we encounter stirs the sentient soul.

"The next level is attained through the activity of thinking. We no longer only experience, we also evaluate our experiences. If they proved pleasant, we strive to repeat them. To this end we make rational plans to enable our wishes to find fulfillment. Thinking is used initially wherever it proves to be of use. It serves the sentient soul. But it is not long before it becomes independent and generates its own systems, taking pleasure in self-created contexts. Rudolf Steiner called this activity the intellectual soul. At this stage of development the thinker is still convinced of the evident truth of his thoughts. He cannot detach himself from his thoughts, cannot observe and test his own thought-processes. Not until he reaches the level of the conscious soul does the human being strive for an ‘objective' thinking, which is in accord and harmony with the world, and is wholly true... (NOTE: Sentient is Astral, Intellectual is Mental, Conscious... is Causal?)

"The second chapter of Theosophy... contains... the phrase: ‘Only the human spirit reincarnated; and the eternal truths which he makes his own, remain united with him.'... A truth receives meaning from the context of which it is a part." -Frank Teichmann

*CBtL* Stages of Materialization:

In Stage One, we see the soul, a small beam of light.

In Stage Two, a ball of energy emanated from the soul, surrounding it like a cloud. Now the soul is called a "Light Being" and its energies are very fine, very subtle. This being operates on a very high frequency, on what is called the mental-causal plane.

In Stage Three, the astral body is formed. The vibrations become heavier and the Light Being begins to assume a shape similar to the physical body...

In Stage Four, the vibrations become heavier and the body now becomes denser than the astral body and even more closely resembles the physical body. In this fourth stage of manifestation, the body is referred to as the "etheric body"... Russian scientists referred to it as the "beta Body" or "bioplasmic Body."...

In Stage Five, the last stage, the physical body comes into form

*AoaY* Astral & Causal Bodies & Desire:

God encased the human soul successively in three bodies – the idea, or causal, body; the subtle astral body, seat of man's mental and emotional natures; and the gross physical body. An astral being works with his consciousness and feelings and a body made of prana.


"The interpenetration of man's three bodies is expressed in many ways through his threefold nature. In the wakeful state on earth a human being is conscious more or less of his three vehicles. When he is sensuously intent on tasting, smelling, touching, listening, or seeing, he is working principally through his physical body. Visualizing or willing, he is working mainly through his astral body. His causal medium finds expression when man is thinking or diving deep in introspection or meditation; the cosmical thoughts of genius come to the man who habitually contacts his causal body."

*LDer* Five Vedantic Body Sheaths:

In the classical Vedenta texts it is said that the Self is ensheathed by five bodies – the food or gross sheath, the vital, the mind, the intellect, and the bliss sheaths.

*EbotD* The Akh- Higher Soul:

"If there was such a thing as a hierarchy of souls in the next world, the akh would probably be at the top... The word akh means something like ‘the effective one' or ‘the radiant one.'... Unlike the ka or the ba, the akh does not seem to have much to do with the earthly realm." -Dr. Ogden Goelet, Jr.

*EbotD* The Ka- Astral Body?:

"Unlike the akh, the ka could exist separately from an individual's physical being while he or she was still alive. In this manner the ka could function as the person's Doppleganger... [The ka] was thought to represent the ‘vital energy' of a human being. Without a ka, life was not possible...

"The kas are personifications of qualities such as strength, prosperity, nourishment, glory, respect, effectiveness, permanence, creativity, magical power ." -Dr. Ogden Goelet, Jr.

*EbotD* The Shadow- Etheric? Astral?:

" In many BD papyri and tombs the deceased is depicted emerging from the tomb by day in shadow form, a thin, black, featureless silhouette of a person." -Dr. Ogden Goelet, Jr.

*EbotD* The Ba- Bird-Soul:

"With the ba, there appears to be a special emphasis on its mobility- one might say it is ‘free as a bird'... It was the form in which a deceased person could expect to return temporarily to earth and receive offerings. The ba appears to have manifested itself only when the body containing it was deceased, at which point it assumed its normal form as a human-headed bird, often depicted flying above the coffin." -Dr. Ogden Goelet, Jr.

Development of the Energy Bodies

*DP* Consciousness Evolving Up Through the Bodies:

Evolution of consciousness takes place from below upward... the comparatively undeveloped majority of mankind are effectively conscious as yet only in the physical body. Their astral bodies are for the most part still shapeless and unorganized- bridges of communication indeed between the ego and its physical vesture, and even vehicles for the reception of sensation, but in no sense as yet instruments in the hand of the real man or adequate expressions of his future powers on that plane.


In their earlier stages these undeveloped souls cannot feel the intensely rapid and piercing vibrations of the highly-refined matter of their own plane; the strong and coarse but comparatively slow movements of the heavier matter of the physical plane are the only ones that can evoke any response from them. So it is only upon the physical plane that they feel themselves to be alive at all, and this explains their strong craving for birth into earth-life... (NOTE: Wonderful, perfect. Well spoken) Their consciousness begins to be centred rather in their emotions than in mere physical sensations.

At a later stage, but always by the same process of learning to respond to impacts from without, the souls learn to centre their consciousness in the mental body.

*D* Individualization & Body Development:

It is the possession of a body which constitutes individualization. The average unevolved man it is barely distinguishable at all, for it is a mere colorless film – just sufficient, apparently, to hold itself together and make a reincarnating individuality, but no more.

As soon, however, as the man begins to develop in spirituality, or even higher intellect. The real individual then begins to have a persisting character of his own, apart from that molded in each of his personalities in turn by training and surrounding circumstances: and this character shows itself in the size, color, luminosity, and definiteness of the causal body. This higher vehicle is naturally subtler and more beautiful.

It happily differs from the bodies below it, and that is that in any ordinary circumstances no evil of any kind can manifest through it. The worst of men can commonly show himself on that plane only as an entirely undeveloped entity; his vices, even though continued through life after life, cannot soil that higher sheath; they can only make it more and more difficult to develop in it the opposite virtues.

That of an Adept is a magnificent sphere of living light.

*MV&I* Lower Passions Don't Translate Upwards:

At each stage as we ascend we shall find that while the higher matter exhibits a splendid power of expression of the nobler qualities, it gradually loses the power to express some which are lower. The peculiarly unpleasant hue which represents coarse sensuality in the astral body is quite incapable of reproducing itself in mental matter.

A man may form a mental image which evokes sensual feeling in him, but the thought and the image will express themselves in astral matter, and not in mental. It will leave a very definite impression of it peculiar hue upon the astral body, but in the mental body it will intensify the colors which represent its concomitant mental evils of selfishness, conceit and deception. These in their turn will find no expression whatever in the resplendent glory of the causal body, but the very intensification of them in the lower vehicle, every indulgence in them down here, tends somewhat to dim the luminosity of the colors representing the development of the opposite virtues in that higher existence which is so much nearer to reality.

So, in the course of his many lives, man develops within himself many qualities, some good, some evil; but while all good development is steadily stored up and accumulated within the causal body, that which is evil can express itself only through the lower vehicles, and so is comparatively impermanent. Man receives absolutely the exact results of his own action, whether it be bad or good; but the evil necessarily works out is effects upon the lower planes. Its force, therefore, is all expended at its own level, and it reaches in its entirety upon its creator in his astral and physical life, whether it be in this or in future incarnations.

The good action or though produces its results upon these lower planes too, but in addition to that it has the immensely higher and permanent effect upon the causal body.

*SDoG* The Interrelations of Spirit & Body:

The bodies of angels are natural and luminous, but not "elemental." The bodies of intermediate realities such as the jinn are imaginal. The bodies of the progeny- that is, the animals, plants, and minerals- are elemental and corporeal.

Spirits cannot display their properties unless in conjunction with bodily forms. Spirits themselves can be called "bodies" in relation to the activity of God.

Without the body, the spirit would be indistinguishable from the Divine Spirit. The cup gives shape and color to the water. Without the cup, the water would be reabsorbed into the ocean.

God joined spirits to bodies so that they will enjoy the blessings of wujud forever.

Script: Does this mean we lose our individuality when we die? No. In the astral, we are in the astral body (etc).

History of Energy Bodies

*GotB* The Egyptian Parts of the Soul:

The Egyptian Book of the Dead throws light on a belief in the development of the spirit by steps. Pilgrim staff in hand, the souls of the dead set out on the long road leading to the fields of Osiris, a road in the region of the Milky Way, thought of as the Great White Nile of heaven. At the highest stage the Creator is confronted.

Actually, there were two essences or souls, the ka and the ba. The ka seems to have been conceived of as a delicate physical substance, a corporeal genius or double, whereas the ba was pure soul or spirit.

*LBD* Egyptians & Life After Death:

"The Egyptian possessed a detailed and differentiated view of the essence of the human being... First of all he detached himself from his body, which was embalmed; then from his ‘Ka', a constituent of his being in which the formative life-forces were experienced; and finally also from his ‘Ba', a kind of personification of his soul which had first of all to be judged and purified before it could enter, transformed, into the realm of the sun god." -Frank Teichmann (NOTE: Also used in Energy Body)

*HoL* 97 Cultures Report the Aura:

John White in his book Future Science lists 97 different cultures that refer to the auric phenomena with 97 different names.

Many esoteric teachings- the ancient Hindu Vedic texts, the Theosophists, the Rosicrucians, the Native American Medicine People, the Tibetan and Indian Buddhists, the Japanese Zen Buddhists, Madame Blavatsky, and Rudolph Steiner, to mention a few- describe the Human Energy Field in detail.

*CBAP* Polynesian Multiple Bodies:

The description "shadowy" was also given by Max Freedom Long as occurring among the Polynesian natives- the "lower self" has a "shadowy" body (what we, following the ancient Hindus, call the vehicle of vitality), and the "middle self", or Soul, has also a "shadowy" body (what we call the Soul Body).

Enlightenment & The Body of Light

Script: This might work better in the Enlightenment section.
*AoaY* Living Forever in a Body of Light:

Babaji, guru of Lahiri Mahasaya, has retained his physical form for centuries, perhaps for millenniums. Babaji is an avatara.

An avatar is unsubject to the universal economy; his pure body, visible as a light image, is free from any debt to nature. The casual gaze may see nothing extraordinary in an avatar's form, but it casts no shadow nor makes any footprint on the ground. These are outward symbolic proofs of an inward lack of darkness and material bondage.

Krishna, Rama, Buddha, and Patanjali were among the ancient Indian avatars. Agastya, a South Indian avatar worked many miracles during the centuries preceding and following the Christian era, and is credited with retaining his physical form even to this day.

Mahavatar (Great Avatar).

Babaji bears no marks of age on his body; he appears to be no more than a youth of twenty-five.

"Babaji can be seen or recognized by others only when he so desires. He is known to have appeared in many slightly different forms to various devotees – sometimes without beard and moustache, and sometimes with them. His undecaying body requires no food.

*MotFE* The One Infinite Whole, Feeling Separated or Unified With the Whole:

"As we awaken to our rightful heritage [unity with God], we shall awaken to the beauty and purity of the age-old message that our bodies are eternally beautiful, pure and perfect. This awakening also convinces us that our bodies have never descended from that high estate. As soon as this thought is released, our body is released to its true inheritance of divinity. Then the fragrance of a warm summer evening suffuses all nature and our bodies begin to take on this effulgence. Soon pure rays of white light appear within our bodies; they become aglow with this light; and this soft, yet brilliant, living light invades the clear atmosphere around us like a white-gold vapor. This light increases steadily until it covers and permeates everything about us.

"This is the true body which Humanity has always had and which all have today.

*TB* The Rainbow Body:

Through these advanced practices of Dzogchen, accomplished practitioners can bring their lives to an extraordinary and triumphant end. As they die, they enable their body to be reabsorbed back into the light essence of the elements that created it, and consequently their material body dissolves into light and then disappears completely. This process is known as the "rainbow body" or "body of light," because the dissolution is often accompanied by spontaneous manifestations of light and rainbows. Usually a person who knows he or she is about to attain the rainbow body will ask to be left alone and undisturbed in a room or a tent for seven days. On the eighth day only the hair and nails, the impurities of the body, are found.

1) He was becoming smaller. At the same time, an extraordinary display of rainbow-colored light was seen all around the house. When they looked into the room on the sixth day, they saw that the body was getting smaller and smaller. On the eighth day after his death, the undertakers arrived to collect his body. When they undid its coverings they found nothing inside but his nails and hair.

*AoaY* Body of Light:

Only a material body whose mass is infinite could equal the velocity of light.

This conception brings us to the law of miracles.

The masters who are able to materialize and dematerialize their bodies or any other object, and to move with the velocity of light, and to utilize the creative light-rays in bringing into instant visibility any physical manifestations, have fulfilled the necessary Einsteinian condition: their mass is infinite.

The consciousness of a perfected yogi is effortlessly identified, not with a narrow body, but with the universal structure.

*AoaY* Yogi Not On Film:

Lahiri Mahasaya had an aversion to being photographed. Over his protests, a group picture was once taken of him and a cluster of devotees. It was an amazed photographer who discovered that the plate, which had clear images of all the disciples, revealed nothing more than a blank space in the center where he had reasonably expected to find the outlines of Lahiri Mahasaya.

A certain student and expert photographer, Ganga Dhar Babu, boasted that the fugitive figure would not escape him. He exposed twelve plates. On each one he soon found the imprint of wooden bench and screen, but once again the master's form was missing.

"I am Spirit. Can your camera reflect omnipresent Invisible?

"Tomorrow morning I will pose for you."

This time the sacred figure was sharp on the plate.


Expression On & Between Different Planes

The Divine Essence, The Spark

*K&tC* The Seven Bodies:

A man or woman, however, is not these seven bodies; each is rather a pure consciousness which can reside in any one or a combination of bodies.

*BtD* Our Core of Light:

Their individuality came from having separate bodies and separate spirits, but the light that was their most extraordinary attribute was the same. The light has fluidity and can be transmitted by using thought energy; and so can darkness.

Descent of the Spark & Body Creation

*MV&I* Expressing More Imperfectly At Each Lower Level:

The soul puts himself down first into the matter of the lower levels of the mental plane. Immediately, and in a certain sense automatically, a vesture of this matter is drawn round him, a vesture which is an exact expression of such qualities as already exist in him, so far at least as they can be expressed at that level.

Each stage in the descent means submission to limitation. Consequently no expression of the soul upon any lower level can ever be a perfect expression. The true quality as it exists in the soul cannot be expressed in matter of any lower level; the vibrations of the lower matter are altogether too dull and sluggish to represent it. It can, however correspond with it in a lower octave.

*C&HEF* Dimensional Sources:

We learned that what may appear to originate in one dimension, as, for example, at the etheric level, may actually derive from a deeper level such as the emotional or mental.

Different Impressions From Different Bodies

*MV&I* These Planes In Man & His Expressing Himself In Them:

All these varieties of finer matter exist in man also, consisting in each case of their matter. When sufficiently evolved he is able to express himself on all these different levels of nature, and he is therefore provided with a suitable vehicle of the matter belonging to each, and it is through these various vehicles that he is able to receive impressions from the world to which they correspond.

As man learns to function in these higher types of matter, he finds that the limitations of the lower life are transcended. He finds himself in a world of many dimensions.

Tuning To Planes by Energy Bodies

*DP* The Many Bodies of Man:

Every man has within himself matter belonging to every one of these planes, a vehicle corresponding to each, in which he can function when he learns how this may be done. So that to pass from one plane to another is to change the focus of consciousness from one of the vehicles to another... Each of these bodies responds only to the vibrations of its own plane; and so while the man's consciousness is focussed in his astral body, he will perceive the astral world only, just as while our consciousness is using only the physical senses we perceive nothing but this physical world.

*CJ* The Bodies and Planes:

ROMC: "We spoke before of the energy system within the human body: physical, etheric-substance, emotional, mental, and spiritual...

"The first two and a half levels are those that can be experienced through the physical, and the other two and a half are those that go beyond the five senses...

"The fifth dimension is the highest vibration in the earth system. There are a few on the earth plane who are released into this state within their own being...

"The higher levels are the opening-up, love-acceptance stages. The earth-consciousness is just beginning to come into this level. It is not there yet."

Interaction Between the Higher Bodies

*MV&I* Thoughts Transfered From Mental To Astral To Etheric To Physical:

Every man possesses them from the beginning. We are constantly using to a certain extent this higher matter within ourselves. Every time that we think, we set in motion the mental matter within us, and a thought is clearly visible to a clairvoyant as a vibration in that matter. But before this thought can be effective on the physical plane, it has to be transferred from that mental matter into astral matter; and when it has excited similar vibrations in that, the astral matter in its turn affects the etheric matter, creating sympathetic vibrations in it; and that in turn acts upon the denser physical matter, the grey matter of the brain.

Thought appears to be an instantaneous process; but it is not, for every thought has to go through the stages which I have described.

*MV&I* Receiving & Sending Astral, Etheric, & Mental From Astral:

The astral matter within a man, for example, is not only capable of receiving a vibration from etheric matter and transmitting it to the mental matter, but it is also quite capable of receiving impressions from the surrounding matter of its own plane, and transmitting those through the mental body to the real man within. In order to do either of these things, he must learn to focus his consciousness in his astral body or in his mental body.

*C&HEF* Three Energy Fields, Harmonics:

(NOTE: 3 fields, 3 tones**) From clairvoyants we learn that the personality includes three types of energy fields-the etheric or vital, the astral or emotional, and the mental-all of which surround and interpenetrate every cell of the physical body. The interplay among these three fields may be likened to what a musician calls the major chord, which is composed of three frequencies that in combination with four other notes form an octave of seven frequencies. Every human being emits a unique tonal pattern which is created by his individual energy fields working in unison. This is sometimes referred to as the personality note. A perfect tone indicates health, whereas dissonance in the fields and their major centers indicates disease.

Man expresses himself in physical life through a threefold mechanism: the etheric or vital, the astral or emotional, and the mental, all of which, taken together, are referred to in theosophical literature as the personality.

The harmonics of the chakras in the etheric, astral, and mental fields is an important factor, for dissonance can give rise to disease in that part of the body which the center serves. Studies of a chakra made in the three levels have established some information regarding the harmonics of the chakra system.For example, if we assume that the speed of the etheric center is one, then the astral center's speed of rotation should be double and the mental center's four times that rate, i.e., a ratio of 1:2:4. In actuality, of course, the rates are much higher, but this ratio would indicate that the chakras are working together harmoniously. If, on the other hand, the rate of an astral center is higher than that of the mental, as for example 1:5:3, the possibility of dissonance and disease associated with that astral center is indicated. In any case, it shows that the patient's emotions, not his mind, control his physical responses.

*K&tC* Interaction:

(NOTE: Each one, perhaps, encompasses a greater field, with the divine centered aroud ALL. The first 3 are personal, human, and we leave them behind when we die? (Leadbeater) Contact with one usually affects all the ones beneathe it. Questions come from below, answers from above. The higher you go, the faster your answers will come. Perhaps a chakra is a midpoint to the site of each body corresponding. {p.35})

How the Soul/Astral Works Through the Body

*SC* The Soul Through the Body:

John: "Picture the entire physical body as a reasoning faculty or as a physical organ for the expression of the soul. Then picture the patterns of individual thought extending along the body's various meridians. In this way, the soul's thoughts are extended into the physical body and manifest in specific properties within the various organs.

"The soul is in a state of perfection, yet the illumination that it may give to this particular plane comes through your physical body and is therefore filtered through your experiences on this plane, which is your karma...

"It is not so much that each organ bears a form of intelligence, it is moreso that each organ bears a system of consciousness. Even as you have discovered certain electromagnetic fields about the physical body, so in turn does each organ, by its very molecular existence and vibration, give forth specific patterns of energy...

"Chakra points correspond to the various glands... These are the portals through which the soul manifests itself in the physical."


John: "It is through the seven major chakras within the physical body that the soul makes its imprint on the earth plane."


Tom MacPherson: "The closest model I can come up with to describe the interface between spirit and the physical seat of consciousness is when your Marconi fellow, if I have it correctly, broadcast electromagnetic waves at a crystal. The crystal resonated, and audible sound resulted from the transference to electrical impulses. In many ways, the pineal gland is quite similar. Being rich in silicon, I believe, the spirit interfaces with it and resonates, and this becomes detectable as the bioelectrical functions of the body, which stimulate the cell-division process flowing along the meridians and other energy fields concentrated around the chakras."

*CBAP* Double and Body Movements:

The movements of "doubles" are sometimes identical with those of the corresponding physical body- but the two sets of movements do not occur simultaneously. On the contrary, there is an intriguing interval between the two.


"Doubles" that are interpreted as composed of the "semiphysical" vehicle of vitality made movements that were identical to those of the body. "Doubles" that consisted of the "super-physical" Soul Body made movements that differed from those of the body.

How the Mind Works Through the Body

*TDA* Brain and Mind:

Dr. Peebles: "The physical brain is a translator, extremely sophisticated translator, but no more than that... Behind the brain is the mind, that is creative and subjective in nature and is able to go beyond language to form symbols. The force behind the symbols that the mind begins to design and expand upon, that force is the will."

*TYSD* Mind-Body:

This physiological transformation of the sangsaric body induces a corresponding transformation of the sangsaric mind.

Mind-Body-Soul Interaction

*T* Higher Body Interaction:

Many soul formations are linked to those of the other worlds. The human soul, for example, is linked to the human physical body and to the human spirit, and the processes observable in it are influenced by both the physical and spiritual worlds...

After freeing itself from the body, the spirit is still linked to the soul.


The Universal Energy Field

The Universal Energy Field

*HoL* Reichenbach's Incredible Odic Force:

Count Wilhelm Von Reichenbach spent 30 years during the mid-1800s experimenting with the "field," which he called the "odic" force. He found that it exhibited many properties that were similar to the electromagnetic field that James Clerk Maxwell had described early in the 19th century. He also found many properties were unique to the odic force. He determined that the poles of a magnet exhibit not only magnetic polarity, but also a unique polarity associated with this "odic field." ...Furthermore, he determined that opposite poles do not attract as in electro-magnetism. He found that with the odic force like poles attract- or like attracts like. This is a very important auric phenomenon...

Von Reichenbach found that the odic field could be conducted through a wire, that the velocity of conduction was very slow (approximately 4 meters/second or 13 feet/second) and that the velocity seemed to depend on the mass density of the material rather than on the electrical conductivity of the material. Further, objects could be charged with this energy in a way similar to charging by the use of an electrical field. Other experiments demonstrated that part of this field could be focused like light through a lens, while another part would flow around the lens similar to the manner in which a candle flame flows around objects placed in its path. This deflected portion of the odic field would also react like a candle flame when subjected to air currents, suggesting the composition is similar to a gaseous fluid...

Von Reichenbach found that the force in the human body produced a polarity similar to that present in crystals along their major axes. based on this experimental evidence, he described the left side of the body as a - pole and the right side as + pole. This is a concept similar to the ancient Chinese yin and yang principles.

*HoL* The Universal Energy Field- Resonance:

Dr. John White and Dr. Stanley Kripper list many properties of the Universal Energy Field: the UEF permeates all space, animate and inanimate objects, and connects all objects to each other; it flows from one object to another; and its density varies inversely with the distance from its source. It also follows the laws of harmonic inductance and sympathetic resonance- the phenomenon that occurs when you strike a tuning fork and one near it will begin to vibrate at the same frequency, giving off the same sound.

*HoL* Everything Has An Energy Field:

Everything has an energy field around it that looks somewhat like the light from a candle. I also began to notice that everything was connected by these energy fields, that no space existed without an energy field.. Everything, including me, was living in a sea of energy.

*HoL* Energy Fields and Interpenetrating Light:

We normally identify ourselves as a body (the wax and wick) with consciousness (the flame). When we enter a state of expanded consciousness, we perceive ourselves also as the light coming from the flame. Where does the light begin and where does the flame end?.. The flame is completely penetrated by the light. Does the light in the room that is not from the candle (sea of energy) penetrate the flame? It does.

*BG* The Life Behind Material Energy:

"Material energy works fully under the direction of the Supreme Lord. It has no independent authority. It works as a shadow moves."

Script: Brennan states that Prana and Ch'I are equivalent to the Universal Energy Field. What better source?
*HoL* Prana:

Ancient Indian spiritual tradition, over 5,000 years old, speaks of a universal energy called Prana. This universal energy is seen as the basic constituent and source of all life. Prana, the breath of life, moves through all forms and gave them life.

*DA* Prana:

Prana is vitality, the integrating energy that co-ordinates the physical molecules and holds them together in a definite organism; it is the life-breath within the organism, the portion of the universal Life-Breath... and appears in two forms in the dense and etheric parts of the physical body.

*HoL* Ch'i:

The Chinese, in the 3rd millennium BC., posited the existence of a vital energy which they called Ch'I. All matter, animate and inanimate, is composed of and pervaded with this universal energy. This Ch'I contains two polar forces, the yin and the yang. When the yin and yang are balanced, the living system exhibits physical health; when they are unbalanced, a diseased state results.

Individual Fields in a Universal Field

*C&HEF* Fields:

We must emphasize once more that we are only justified in referring to the life energies, feelings, and thoughts associated with every individual as "fields" if we hold them to be special instances or intensifications of universal fields in which all life participates. ( A field may be generally defined as a continuous condition of space.)

The Hot/Cold Poles of EM Fields

*BtC* The Hot/Cool Poles of Magnets & Crystals:

When [Reichenbach] passed crystals downward over the spine of the sensitive, one pole gave a sensation of coolness and the other a sensation of warmth. Although the sensitives could not see the crystal, he found that they always identified the same pole with hear or warmth.

In the case of magnets the north end of a bar magnet always gave the sensitives a sensation of coolness and the south end gave a sensation of warmth...

The voluminous reports of Reichenbach on his experiments are well worth study.

*HoL* Reichenbach's Hot & Cold Odic Force:

[Wilhelm Von Reichenbach] determined that the poles of a magnet exhibit not only magnetic polarity, but also a unique polarity associated with this "odic field." Other objects, such as crystals, also exhibit the subjective properties of being "hot, red and unpleasant" or "blue, cold and pleasant" to the observations of sensitive individuals... (NOTE: I bet this pleasant/unpleasant differs on whether you are male or female)

All electropositive elements gave the subjects feelings of warmth and produced unpleasant sensations; all electronegative elements fell on the cool, agreeable side, with the degree of intensity of sensation paralleling their position in the periodic table. These sensations varying from warm to cool corresponded with the spectral colors varying from red to indigo.

*BtC* Magnet Energy Fields:

The north-seeking pole always had a bluish haze around it, and the south-seeking pole had a reddish haze around it. (Reichenbach)

*BtC* Magnets and Left-Right Energy:

[Diane] saw reddish haze around the pole pointing toward the palm of my [right] hand. It proved to be the south pole of the magnet... The energy field around the palm of my hand and the energy field around the palm of my hand and the energy field of the magnet repelled each other. I held the same pole of the magnet close to the palm of my left hand and asked her to look at the energy field. This time the energy field of the magnet and the energy field around the palm of my hand appeared to be attracted to each other. She said they seemed to be attracted to each other. She said they seemed to fuse harmoniously.

The Energy Fields of Gems

*BtC* Gem Energy Fields:

Observation of rubies brought out what appeared to be a general pattern characteristic of a ruby of this type. At the center of the stone, a core of originating energy appeared to move to the periphery and then bend in an intricate manner back to the center of the stone. Diane sees this as a constantly moving field, not a static field... She could identify two types of energy in the pattern, which she designated as positive and negative.

When we looked at the Edith Haggen De Long star sapphire, Diane saw the same pattern of energy...

The only difference she observed was that the energy pattern of the sapphires appeared to be darker. Both the ruby and the sapphire are carborundrum stones, although Diane did not know this...

Topaz: The energy emerged from a center inside the gem in a triangular form. These energy radiations twisted to the left and returned to the center still bending in triangular patterns. Each topaz we observed had the same characteristic pattern...

When Diane looked at a chunk of graphite she saw an energy pattern that seemed to emerge from some point inside the piece of graphite. The lines of energy were wider and thinner that she had observed in crystals. The energy moved in square patterns and more slowly. It was not as bright or as clearly marked as the energy patterns of the crystals we had observed.

When we looked at a diamond she insisted that she saw two leeks of energy. One level of energy came into the diamond from the outside and move out again... The energy which moved into the diamond from the outside seemed to her to be plaited like braids of hair. The second type of energy moved out from the center of the stone, appearing to have its origin at the heart of the stone. It was very tightly knit and extremely luminous...

At our next session I had a piece of uncut clear quartz crystal and several amethysts, As Diane looked at the uncut quartz crystal, she observed that the tip of the crystal seemed to draw in energy. This energy moved to a center in the crystal, then shot out from the crystal in a quick movement and moved back again to the center, bending in a triangular pattern... When she looked at an opal she saw the triangular patterned energy similar to that seen in the case of quartz and amethyst crystals. The energy lines were narrower and the pattern was not well integrated. She described it as a zig-zag and fuzzy pattern...

The more closely knit the field of force or energy the harder the crystal...

A Piece of Myrrh: "This isn't a crystal. It does not have the sharp angles of energy moving in and out of it. It is more alive than a crystal. It comes from some living thing in the plant world. It grew from the center out. It has the kind of energy I see in living plants. The energy is intertwined...

"There is more reaction of the energy field of this substance to the energy field of the hand than I see with crystals. it seems to respond to the warmth of the hand, but it takes more energy room the hand than it gives."

*BtC* The Effects of Music On Crystal Energy Patterns:

I placed fluorite crystals on top of a tape recorder and plated a musical composition on the tape. Diane observed considerable brightening of the energy field of the crystals. She described this as more energy going through the crystals. The same brightening effect was apparent when amethyst crystals were placed on the tape recorder.

Galea and pyrite crystals placed in the same position with the same musical compositions being played showed a somewhat different effect... They appeared to pick up energy from the sound of the music very slowly, to become more saturated with energy and to hold it longer. In the case of the fluorite and amethyst crystals the effect on the crystals ceased with the music. The galena and pyrite crystals seemed to hold the energy and slowly let it out. The effect of the sound lasted for some time after turning off the music...

The more pure and perfect the crystal, the quicker the brightening of energy due to sound. The denser substances brightened more slowly, and the effect wore off more slowly. The more pure crystalline substances seemed to allow the energy to flow through more easily...

When two crystals were places side by side on the tape recorder but not touching, the energy effect was more intensified under the impact of the music than was the case with the single crystal. With crystals placed half an inch apart there appeared to be an interplay of energy between the two crystals in addition to the brightening of the field... The shape determined the points of entry as energy flowed into the crystal under the impact of the music. (NOTE: Find this data)

*BtC* The Effects of Crystals on the Human Energy Field:

The energy of the index finger passed through the crystal but was slightly deflected as it did so. She could identify the lines of energy from the index finger as being clearly different from those of the crystal. She described the energy radiations from the finger as appearing wider and more diffused after they passed through the crystal.

Viewing the Universal Energy Field

*HoL* Appearance of the Universal Energy Field in the Sky and Plants:

The easiest way to begin to observe the universal energy field is to simply relax on your back in the grass on a nice sunny day and gaze at the blue sky. After some time you will be able to see the tiny globules of orgone making squiggly patterns against the blue sky. They seem to be tiny white balls, sometimes with a black spot, that appear for a second or two, leave a slight trail mark, and the disappear again. When you continue this observation and expand your vision, you will begin to see that the whole field pulsates in a synchronized rhythm. On sunny days these tiny balls of energy will be bright and move fast. On cloudy days they will be more translucent, move slowly and be fewer in number. In a smoggy city they are fewer, dark, and very slow moving... Apparently sunlight charges the globules..

Now shift your gaze to the edge of treetops against the blue sky. You may see a green haze around the trees. Curiously, you may also notice that there are no globules in this haze. But if you look closer, you will see the globules at the edge of the green haze changing their squiggly pattern and flowing into the aura of the tree, where they disappear. Apparently the tree's aura is absorbing the tiny globules. The green around the trees appears in the leafing stage, during spring and summer. Earlier in the spring, the aura of most trees has a pink-reddish hue, similar to the color of the red buds of the trees.

If you look closely at a house plant, you will see a similar phenomenon. Put the plant under bright lights with a dark background behind it. You may see lines of blue-green flashing up the plant along the leaves in the direction of growth. They will suddenly flash; then the color slowly fades, only to flash again, perhaps on the opposite side of the plant. These lines will react to your hand, or a piece of crystal, if you bring them near the aura of the plant. As you draw the crystal away from the plant, you will see the aura of the plant and the aura of the crystal stretch to maintain contact. They pull like taffy... (NOTE: Surface tension?)

I observed the aura of the leaf. It was a simple aqua-blue. When I cut the leaf, the aura of the entire leaf turned a bloody maroon... When the aqua-blue color reestablished itself in a minute or two, it showed definite signs of the missing part, but not as clearly as I have seen on the Kirlian photographs.

Inanimate objects also have an aura. Most personal objects become imbued with the energy of the owner and radiate this energy.

*DA* Seeing Energy As Physical Objects:

"Imagine, for instance, what idea we should form of surrounding objects were we endowed with eyes not sensitive to the ordinary rays of light, but sensitive to the vibrations concerned in electric and magnetic phenomena. Glass and crystal would be among the most opaque of bodies. Metals would be more or less transparent, and a telegraph wire through the air would look like a long narrow hole drilled through an impervious solid body. A dynamo in active work would resemble a conflagration, whilst a permanent magnet would realize the dream of medieval mystics, and become an everlasting lamp with no expenditure of energy or consumption of fuel."

-Mr. Crookes (Fortnightly Review, 1982, p. 176)

*BDL* Seeing Advanced Spectrums, The Interior Structure of the Universe:

S: I'm able to see into parts of the spectrum that you cannot see with your eyes. I can see the colors and the appearance of the cosmic rays that you cannot see. I can look into the very hearts of the planets and see the scintillating network, the latticework of the atoms that hold them together. It is extremely beautiful and powerful. The narrow band of waves that you can see with your eyes are different colors, an the broader bands that you cannot see are also different colors, until it gets to the bands that you observe by hearing. But I can still see them and see their colors too. It's part of the same electromagnetic spectrum...

I can observe it all... I can also see the ether. It's very beautiful. It would be much like observing aurora borealis. Picture all of space being filled with aurora borealis interconnecting and all the different colors mixing with each other. Where you have sheets and areas of energy and colors interacting and altering each other and causing changes to come to pass...

Just because there's a planet sitting there going around the sun, that doesn't mean it blocks or drapes the energy...

The energy has always been there... This energy is what the universes are built out of. And when the universes have lived their lives, they'll be broken back down into this energy. And then new universes will be built out of this energy again...

The energy, in the process of being all that there is, transforms itself into various structures, which end up being planets and suns and energy and thoughts and various universes and what-have-you...

All that there is: is energy. And as the energy fluctuates- as energy does- the various universes come into existence as fluctuations of this energy...

Energy is organized. Energy has always been organized. That is part of its basic structure...

It develops the way it should develop according to its organization as regular fluctuations in the energy.

History of the Universal Energy Field

*HoL* The Many Names of The Universal Energy Field:

Throughout history, the idea of a universal energy pervading all nature has been held by many western scientific minds. This vital energy, perceived as a luminous body, was first recorded in the western literature by the Pythagoreans around 500 B.C. They held that its light could product a variety of effects in the human organism, including the cure of illness...

The scholar Paracelsus in the middle ages called this energy "Illiaster" and said that "Illiaster" is composed of both a vital force and a vital matter. The mathematician Helmont in the 1800s visualized a universal fluid that pervades all nature and is not a corporeal or a condensable matter, but a pure vital spirit that penetrated all bodies. Leibnitz, the mathematician, wrote that the essential elements of the universe are centers of force containing their own wellspring of motion.


Dr. Wilhelm Reich, a psychiatrist and colleague of Freud in the early part of the 20th century, became interested in a universal energy that he named "orgone." He studies flow in the human body to physical and psychological illness...

In the period of the 1930s through the 1950s, Reich experimented with these energies using the latest electronic and medical instrumentation at that time. He observed this energy pulsating in the sky and around all organic and inanimate objects. he observed pulsations of orgone energy radiating from microorganisms using a specially constructed high-powered microscope.

Reich constructed a variety of physical apparatuses for the study of the orgone field. One was the "accumulator," which was capable of concentrating orgone energy and which he used to charge objects with this energy.


Science & The Human Energy Field

The Universal Energy Field As the Source
of Attention & Consciousness

*ABTM* Prana is Attention:

In India, the flow of intelligence is called Prana (usually translated as "life force"), which can be increased and decreased at will, moved here, and there, and manipulated to keep the physical body orderly and young... A yogi moves Prana using nothing more than attention, for at a deep level, attention and Prana are the same.


Prana is intelligence and consciousness... Some people sense it as a streaming or buzzing energy in their bodies...

The highest Prana is in food eaten straight from the garden...

The body's main source of Prana is through the breath.

*TYSD* Emotion, Prana, and Breathing Are Connected:

A certain type of mind or mental activity is invariably accompanied by a prana of corresponding character, whether transcendental or mundane. For instance, a particular mood, feeling, or thought is always accompanied, manifested, or reflected by a prana or breathing of corresponding character and rhythm. Thus anger produces not merely an inflamed thought-feeling, but also a harsh and accentuated ‘roughness' of breathing. On the other hand, when there is calm concentration on an intellectual problem, the thought and the breathing exhibit a like calmness. When the concentration is in a state of profound thinking, as during an effort to solve a subtle problem, unconsciously the breath is held... In deep samadhi no thought arises; so there is no perceptible breathing. (NOTE: This, in more detail, is due to the quality of prana accepted by the chakras)

Frequency & Rhythms of the Human Energy Field

The Frequency-Based Nature of the Aura

*WoL* Aura Vibration, Color, and Sound Determined By Frequency:

Vibration, color, and sound are all interrelated, and all three represent a means of determining or monitoring the frequency of energy in the auric field. (Those who have the ability to see auric color may do so by "speeding up" the normal process of visual perception) As a point of clarification, when reference is made to the color of energy, not only the visible light spectrum is intended but the nonvisible frequency bands as well; X rays, gamma rays, ultraviolet, infrared, and microwave bands are included in this category. When clairvoyants see the auric field, they may be "reading" one or more of these frequency bands.

UCLA research by Valerie Hunt: vibration and color correlated directly. Furthermore, our equipment was able to measure seven (and there may be more) harmonics or varying frequency bands of (sound, vibration, and) color of each chakra.

*WoL* Harmonics:

When a note is struck on the piano, a wave form of that note is emitted. The resonance of that first wave excites a vibration in other notes of mathematical equivalence. If we slowly depress and hold a piano key so it does not sound, then strike and release a key an octave lower, a tone will be heard in the depressed key. The depressed note is the first harmonic of the lower, or fundamental note. The second note vibrates because its natural frequency (measured in cycles per second) is triggered into movement by a complementary frequency in the original note. This phenomenon is known as harmonic, or sympathetic, vibration. Each harmonic is a mathematical multiple (in cycles per second) of the fundamental note.

*WoL* Harmonics, Octaves in the Aura:

(NOTE: different octaves of red) The frequencies of visible color have a harmonic relationship to the frequencies of auric color; auric colors may exist in both lower and higher harmonics of visible color. Let us use the example of a woman wearing a red blouse. That red blouse reflects the visible light color red; red here simply indicates a hue or pigment. If we see red in the aura of the woman, however, that red could indicate either pain or anger. These two reds in the aura look identical, but they are not the same. The lower two or three harmonics of the color red reflect pain in the physical body. In the higher red harmonics (or vibrations) there exists the same drive or action that pain excites someone to, but it is not pain itself. At least it is not physical pain; it could be existential pain. It could also be rage or anger.

*HoL* Natural Rhythms & Impedance Matching:

Dr. Dora Kunz, President of the American Section of the Theosophical Society, has worked for may years with the medical profession and in healing. She has observed in The Spiritual Aspects of the Healing Arts that, "when the vital field is healthy, there is within it a natural autonomous rhythm," and that, "each organ in the body has its corresponding energetic rhythm in the etheric field. Between the spheres of the various organs, the different rhythms interact as if a transfer were occurring; when the body is whole and healthy, these rhythms transfer easily from organ to organ. However, with pathology, the rhythms as well as the energy levels are changed. For example... (NOTE: For example, the two-tone frequency pulse) in physics, this is called impedance matching or mismatching. Each adjacent tissue is ‘impedance matched,' which means that the energy can easily flow through all the tissue. Surgery or illness changes the impedance matching so that the energy is to some degree dissipated rather than transferred."

*SC* How the Life Force Interacts With the Body:

John: "The life force does not travel by capillary action, but is a completely independent system of energy. It travels through the blood, within the hemoglobin, which is rich in iron, and its very flow generates a mild magnetic field. Also, the electrical properties of the nervous system, particularly the sympathetic nervous system, generate a similar mild magnetic flow. The life force, which extends forth from the soul, travels along these magnetic flows to various individual streams of light which flow forth from the sun- the light is not the sun itself, it is but a portion of its energies."

Tech Detection of the Human Energy Field

*HU* Electronic Subtle Energy Detecting:

Hunt discovered that the electrodes of the electromyograph could pick up another field of energy radiating from the body, much subtler and smaller in amplitude than the traditionally recognized body electricites but with frequencies that averaged between 100 and 1600 cps, and which sometimes went even higher. Moreover, instead of emanating from the brain, heart, or muscles, the field was strongest in the areas of the body associated with the chakras.

*HU* Electronic-Clairvoyant Color Agreement:

When an aura reader saw a particular color in a person's energy field, that electromyograph always picked up a specific pattern of frequencies that Hunt learned to associate with that color. Hunt was able to see this pattern on an oscilloscope.

*HU* Electronic Correlations to Psychic Talents in the Aura:

Certain talents and abilities seem to be related to the presence of specific frequencies in a person's energy field. Hunt has found that when the main focus of a person's consciousness is on the material world, the frequencies of their energy field tend to be in the lower range and are not too far removed from the 250 cps of the body's biological frequencies. In addition to these, people who are psychic or who have healing abilities also have frequencies of roughly 400 to 800 cps in their field. People who can go into trance and apparently channel other information sources through them, skip these "psychic" frequencies entirely and operate in a narrow band between 800 and 900 cps.

People who have frequencies above 900 cps are what Hunt calls mystical personalities. Whereas psychics and trance mediums are often just conduits of information, mystics possess the wisdom to know what to do with the information, says Hunt. Their frequencies also extend way beyond the bands associated with the capabilities, using a modified electromyogram. Hunt has encountered individuals who have frequencies as high as 200,000 cps in their energy fields.

*HoL* Detecting Radiations From Living Tissues:

In 1911, Dr. William Kilner, a medical doctor, reported on his studies of the Human Energy Field as seen through colored screens and filters. He described having seen glowing mist around the whole body in three zones: a) a quarter-inch dark layer closest to the skin, surrounded by b) a more vaporous layer an inch wide streaming perpendicularly from the body, and c) somewhat further out, a delicate exterior luminosity with indefinite contours about 6 inches across. Kilner found that the appearance of the "aura" (as he called it) differs considerably from subject to subject depending on age, sex, mental ability and health. Certain diseases, showed as patches or irregularities in the aura, which led Kilner to develop a system of diagnosis on the basis of the color, texture, volume and general appearance of the envelope...

In the mid-1900s, Dr. George De La Warr ad Dr. Ruth Drown built new instruments to detect radiations from living tissues. He developed Radionics, a system of detection, diagnosis and healing from a distance, utilizing the human biological energy field. His most impressive works are photographs taken using the patient's hair as an antenna. These photographs showed internal formations of diseases in living tissues.

*HoL* Experiments With Extremely Low Light Levels:

My colleagues and I have conducted a number of experiments to measure the HEF. In one Dr. Richard Dobrin, Dr. John Pierrakos and I measured the light level at a wavelength of around 350 nanometers in a darkroom before, during and after individuals were there. Results show a slight increase of light in the darkroom when people are in it. In one case, the light level actually decreased; someone who was very exhausted and full of despair was in the darkroom. In another experiment, done with the United Nations Parapsychology Club, we were able to show part of the auric field on black and white television, with the use of a device called a colorizer. This device enables one to amplify greatly light intensity variations close to the body...

In Japan, Hiroshi Motoyama has been able to measure low light levels coming from people who have practiced yoga for many years. He did this work in a darkroom, using a low-light-level movie camera.

Dr. Zheng Rongliang, of Lanzhou University in the People's Republic of China, measured energy (called "Qi" or "Ch'i") radiated from the human body by using a biological detector made from a leaf vein connected to a photoquantum device (low-light measuring device)... The detection system responds to the radiation in the form of a pulse...

At Shanghai Atomic Nuclear Institute of Academia Sinica it was shown that some vital-force emanations from Qigoing masters seem to have a very low frequency sound wave that appears as a low-frequency fluctuating carrier wave. In some cases, Qi was also detected as a microparticle flow. The size of these particles was about 60 microns in diameter and they had a velocity of about 20-50 cm/second (or 8-20 inches/second)...

A group of Soviet scientists from the Bioinformation Institute of A.S. Popow announced the discovery that living organisms emit energy vibrations at a frequency between 300 and 2,000 nanometers. They called this energy the biofield, or bioplasma... These finding have been confirmed at the Medical Sciences Academy in Moscow, and are supported by research in Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland.

The most exciting study I have seen on the human aura was done by Dr. Valorie Hunt and others at UCLA. In a study of the effects of rolfing on the body and psyche ("A Study of Structural Neuromuscular Energy Field and Emotional Approached"), she recorded the frequency of low millivoltage signals from the body during a series of rolfing sessions. To make these recordings she used elementary electrodes made of silver/silver chloride placed on the skin. Simultaneously, with the recording of the electronic signals, Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere of the Healing Light Center, Glendale, California, observed the auras of both the rolfer and the person being rolfed. Her comments were recorded on the same tape recorder as the electronic data. She gave a running report of the color, size and energy movements of the chakras and auric clouds involved...

Consistent wave forms and frequencies correlated specifically with the colors Rev. Bruyere reported. in other words, when Rev. Bruyere observed blue in the aura at any specific location, the electronic measurements would always show the characteristic blue wave form and frequency in the same locations...

Blue: 250-275 Hz plus 1200 Hz

Green: 250-475 Hz

Yellow: 500-700 Hz

Orange: 950-1050 Hz

Red: 1000-1200 Hz

Violet: 1000-1200, plus 300-400; 600-800 Hz

White: 1100-2000 Hz

These frequency bands, except for the extra bands at blue and violet, are in reverse order of rainbow color sequence.

*HU* Highly Organized Chaos Patterns in the Aura:

The normal frequency range for electrical activity in the brain is between 0 and 100 cps, most of which is between 0 and 30. Muscle frequency goes up to 225 cps, and heart up to 250 cps. There is also a more subtle frequency with smaller amplitude between 100 and 1600 cps, and sometimes even higher. This field was strongest in the areas of the chakras. Hunt found correlations between auric colors and certain frequencies. Certain talents corresponded to certain frequencies. Material-oriented people have frequencies in the lower range. People who are psychic or who have healing abilities have added frequencies in the 400-800 cps range. People who can go into a trance and channel other information sources through them skip the psychic frequencies and operate in the 800-900 cps range. Frequencies above 900 cps are what Hunt calls mystical personalities. While trance mediums can channel, mystic personalities know what to do with the information. They often have both psychic and trance abilities. Some individuals have frequencies as high as 200,000 cps. These energy fields came in clumps and patches, seemingly fluctuating randomly. The very high frequencies alone showed "the most dynamic chaos pattern you ever saw."

This may be the first true chaos pattern to be found in a major electrobiological system. The pattern appeared after only four seconds of analysis, suggesting that the human energy field is far richer in information and possesses a far more complex and dynamic organization than even the brain.

Recently researchers have found chaos patterns in EEG recordings of the brain, but they needed many minutes of data from numerous electrodes to obtain such a pattern. Hunt obtained a chaos pattern from three to four seconds of data recorded by one electrode, suggesting that the human energy field is far richer in information and possesses a far more complex and dynamic organization than even the electrical activity of the brain.

*C&HEF* Measuring Devices in 1989:

Infrared and liquid crystals give a heat color pattern called thermography; the newest medical instrumentation using ultrasound and nuclear magnetic resonance gives us other dimensions and patterns.


*HoL* Plasma and Bioplamsa:

When charged minute particles move together in clouds they are usually called plasmas by physicists. Plasmas follow certain physical laws that lead physicists to consider them to be a state between energy and matter. Many of the properties of the HEF measured in the laboratory suggest a fifth state of matter which some scientists call "bioplasma."


The Aura

Script: This all seems to be a general area for all the energy bodies. *

Origin of the Term

*BtC* Origin of the Word "Aura":

The word "aura" goes back to medieval times. The artists of the church represented the Christ and the Saints as showing a field of light surrounding the head or the whole body. In the technical language of painters in the middle ages the luminous cloud around the whole body of a figure was called an "aureola."... It is possible that some artists who were sensitives actually saw some kind of field of energy around certain individuals. The term "aura" came to be used to describe a field of force which clairvoyants were able to see around animals or human beings.

Universality Of The Aura

*HU* Aura Intro:

In their book Future Science, writer John White and parapsychologist Stanley Krippner list 97 different cultures that refer to the aura with 97 different names.

Nature of the Aura
Efflux of the Brightest Light

Script: This can act as a launching point or connecting point to the source of thoughts section
*IAD* The Thought-Atmosphere of People:

Surrounding each individual is a thought-world created by him or her. Within this thought-world is the seed, the "Divine Presence," the "I AM," which is the only acting Presence there is in the Universe, and which directs all energy. This energy can be intensified beyond any limit through the conscious activity of the individual.

The "Divine Presence" within is likened unto the pit or seed of a peach; the thought-world around It unto the pulp of the peach. The pulp represents not only the thought-world created by the individual, but also the Universal Electronic Substance, ever present, waiting to be acted upon by the conscious determination of the individual- to be precipitated into his visible use as the form of whatsoever he may desire. (NOTE: Holmes' subjective receptive stuff!)

*T* Three Kinds of Auric Light:

Within the auric streams and rays surrounding a person, three different types of color phenomena are distinguishable...The first type of color is relatively dull and opaque in character, although even it seems fleeting and transparent in comparison to the type of color seen by our physical eyes. Within the spiritual world itself, however, these colors make the space they occupy comparatively opaque, as if they were filling it with figures of mist. The second type of color is all light, so to speak; these colors light up the space they occupy so that it too becomes all light. But the third type of color phenomenon is totally different from the other two in its radiating, sparkling, glittering character. These colors do not simply fill the space they light up; they shine and radiate right through it. There is something active and inwardly mobile about them, as if they were constantly creating themselves from within, while the other colors have something quieter and more lackluster about them...

[These three color types] interpenetrate in a great variety of ways. It is possible to watch all three kings mixing and mingling in the same place in the aura... We can sort things out by turning our supersensible attention to only one of the three at a time... Seers have three different organs for the three kinds of color...

The threefold human aura is the supersensibly perceptible expression of the three components of the human being's essential nature- body, soul and spirit. The first aura reflects the body's influence on the soul; the second represents the soul's own life that extends beyond direct sensory stimulation but is not yet devoted to the service of the eternal; the third reflects the immortal spirit's degree of mastery over the transitory aspect of human nature...

Any emotional or mental activity that is totally given over to sensuous impulses, fleeting desires and momentary external stimuli shows up as garish colors in the first aura, while the second is weakly developed, showing mere traces of colored forms. In a case like this the third aura is barely visible. Only a flicker of color here and there indicates that even in a person with this attitude, the eternal is present in the form of potentials even though it may be suppressed by the effect of sensory factors. The more a person rids him- or herself of physical urges, the less prominent the first part of the aura becomes. Meanwhile, the second part becomes larger and larger, filling the body of colors within which the physical human being dwells with its radiating energy. And the more a person proves to be a servant of the eternal, the more the third part of the aura is revealed.

*SL* Transparent Higher Bodies Let the Light Through:

[Masters] seem as gods in comparison with lower humanity, because every sheath in Them is translucent, and the Light of the Spirit shines through unchecked.

*IAD* The Flow Lighting You Up:

In the consciousness of this Perfection which is constantly flowing into their use, they can know It as Perfect health and beauty of face and form, until Its Radiance shines forth like the sun.


"The conscious recognition and use of the ‘I AM Presence,' which you are, steadily raises the vibratory action of your atomic structure, unclothing and liberating the Electronic Activity which is hidden within the atom, enabling you to become Self-luminous Beings." -Jesus

*JoYS* The Aura:

The aura is a band of etheric substance surrounding our physical body that reflects our seven levels of self. It consists of seven layers of middle-physical substance vibrating a little more quickly than the physical body itself. It is at the fringes of human perception. Our essence "shining through" our personality is like a "light bulb" lighting up the various colors and shapes of our aura. When false personality obscures essence, the aura reflects this with grayer colors: heavy blocks can show up as patches of black. The aura is constantly changing, reflecting the person's internal "climate."

The Aura

*HoL* The Aura is the Missing Link:

The aura is really the "missing link" between biology and physical medicine and psychotherapy. It's the "place" where all the emotions, thoughts, memories and behavior patterns we discuss so endlessly in therapy are located.

*T* The Human Aura:

The ether body as a life form fills our the physical body, and beyond the ether body we can distinguish the soul body or astral form projecting outward on all sides. Extending beyond this is the sentient soul, and then the mind soul that grows ever larger as it takes in ever more of the true and the good. If people lived solely out of their own inclinations, likes and dislikes, the boundaries of their mind souls would coincide with those of their sentient souls.

This formation, in the midst of which the physical body can be seen as if in a cloud, can be called the human aura...

The "I" gains an ever-increasing mastery over body and soul, and this is expressed in a person's aura. The greater the mastery, the more differentiated, complex and richly colored the aura becomes.

Appearance of the Aura

Script: Just like the higher spiritual worlds, the layers of the aura occupy the same space and are tuned to in order to see.
*HU* The Appearance of the Aura:

Many cultures believe the aura of an extremely spiritual individual is so bright it is visible even to normal human perception. The great Sufi mystic Hazrat Inayat Khan, who died in 1927, is said to have sometimes given off so much light that people could actually read by it.

The first time I saw the distinctive mist of light around my arm I thought it was smoke and jerked my arm up to see if I had somehow caught my sleeve on fire.

Brennan experiences them as changing textures and intensities of visual sensation. She compares this to being immersed in the ocean and feeling water of different temperatures wash by. "I tend to see the energy field in terms of movements and waves of energy," she says. "It's as if my vision is telescoping through various levels and dimensions of the energy field, but I don't actually see it neatly arranged in various layers."

She perceives a dazzling amount of pattern and structure—kaleidoscopic clouds of color shot through with light, complex images, glistening shapes, and gossamer mists. Shallow people have shallow and humdrum auras. Conversely, the more complex the person, the more complex and interesting their energy field.

*JoS* Soul Color:

Each soul has a particular color aura, too. There are shades of soul energy mass. The intensity aspect of our energy can make us less brilliant.

1: Our guides are yellow, of course. Their guide's teacher is light blue. Some souls are reddish, but there are no green ones. The more knowledge one has, the darker intensity of light one gives off. Blue is deeper than yellow, and yellow is more intense than white. The further along one is, the more heavy, dense, and steady their light is. Increase in the power of our knowledge and perception increases the concentration of our light matter. Individual patterns of energy display who we are, and indicate our ability to heal others and regenerate ourselves. The change is gradual. Most souls are shades of white. Colors are apparent mostly from a distance, when they are shapeless. More advanced souls project masses of faster moving energy particles, which are blue to purple. Blue and violet have the shortest wavelength. Longer wavelengths are lower vibrational energy. Once a spiritual level is attained by a soul, it stays there. The intensity of mental power increases with the darker phases of light. The knowledge by which the energy of darker light is extended to us comes from the source. Our light is attached to the source.

The energy of radiated light from cooler stars is red-orange, while the hotter stars increase from yellow to blue-white. Remember the cold to hot speed bar that you saw.

Level I: Beginner: White (bright and homogenous)

Level II: Lower Intermediate: Off-White (reddish shades, ultimately turning into shades of yellow)

Level III: Intermediate: Yellow (solid, no traces of white)

Level IV: Upper Intermediate: Dark Yellow (a deep gold ultimately turning into traces of blue): Junior Guide

Level V: Advanced: Light blue (no traces of yellow, ultimately turning into traces of purple): Senior Guide

Level VI: Highly Advanced: Dark bluish-purple (surrounded by radiant light): Master Guide

The Aura/Soul Holds the Physical in Place

*CWG3* The Soul Contains Us (The Aura):

[An "aura"] is as close as we can come in your language, in your understanding, to giving you a picture of an enormous and complex reality. The soul is that which holds you together- just as the Soul of God is that which contains the universe, and holds it together...

The soul is the energy of life that exists within and around (as the aura of) all physical objects. In a sense, it is that which is "holding" all physical objects in place. The "Soul of God" holds in the universe, the "soul of man" holds in each individual human body.

*HoL* The Universal Energy Field- Negative Entropy & The Second Law:

Visual observations reveal the field to be highly organized in a series of geometric points, isolated pulsating points of light, spirals, webs of lines, sparks and clouds...

This field is the opposite of entropy, a term used to describe the phenomenon of the slow decay that we so commonly observe in physical reality... (NOTE: Entropy is looking at old organizations become new organizations without seeing the new.) (NOTE: The belief in overall entropy- the second law of thermodynamics, is the belief that information is running down, that everyone is getting stupider. And for those who believe in the second law, it's true!) The HEF has an organizing effect on matter and builds forms... Any changes in the material world are preceded by a change in this field...

[The second law of thermodynamics] states that entropy is always increasing... says that disorder in the universe is always increasing and that you cannot get more energy out of something than you put in... [The Universal Energy Field] is always continuing to create more energy.

Vital Field Health & Disturbances

*HoL* The Forms of Energy-Blocks:

On the even-numbered layers of the field, disease takes the form of the blocks described earlier in this book- undercharged, overcharged or clogged dark energy. On the structured layers of the field, disease takes the form of disfiguration, disruption or entanglement. There may be holes in the grid structure on any of the odd-numbered layers of the aura.

*BtC* Trouble in the Vital Field:

When the vital field shows a slightly broken up and grainy appearance in any area this indicated the area of disease in the physical body...

In the case of an individual who has intense periods of depression, Laura observes a leaking of energy in the vital field and the emotional field shows a great deal of gray color.

*BtC* Brightness of Vital Energy:

The vital energy field may be dull or bright. The brighter it is, the healthier the individual. If there are localized patches of dullness a tendency to disease in these areas is indicated. That part of the vital field which extends outside the physical body shows radiating lines of energy. If these radiating lines of energy are at right angles to the physical body the vitality is good. If these lines of energy droop downward the person is listless and lacks vitality.

*BtC* The Energy Web:

Diana insisted that this was not precognition. The energy web or body showed the condition clearly many months before it became apparent in the physical body...

The whole energy web of energy may appear to her as tightly woven or loosely woven, as coarse or fine, as dull or bright. It may extend as much as two inches beyond the physical body or less than an inch. In conditions of disease it may show a wide range of disturbances. There may be loss in the energy field, breaks in the pattern, tiny whirlpools of energy that have broken off from the normal stream, gaps in the web, or a jumble of lines of force like scar tissue.

*BtC* An Energetic Person:

The energy moved at a faster rate and was brighter than it appeared in the average person. Diane remarked that the subject had always been a person with a great deal of energy and vitality.

*BtC* Clear & Muddy Thinkers:

When Ben is observing a speaker he sees wave motions emanating from the forehead of the individual. He is often aware of this in ordinary every day conversation. He finds with the slow thinker the waves are slower and with the quick thinker they are faster. To his observation a very clear thinker shows lines of force that are broad and smooth and terminate sharply. With individuals whose minds are off on tangents the wavelengths are closer together, thinner in outline and fade out gradually toward their termination. With the clear, focused thinker the energy radiations extend much further from the forehead than with the average person.

*BtC* Psychic Look At Brain Lobe Removal:

The right temporal lobe of the brain had been removed...

When I asked Diane to describe the physical brain she seemed puzzled by what she saw and rather hesitantly said, "On the right side there is a bare patch with nothing in between. The energy has to jump across."

I asked Diane to look at the energy vortex at the top of the head. She described one of the tiny spirals of energy as dropping downward like the drooping petal of a flower instead of standing upward in what we had come to designate as the normal pattern... "The energy pattern in the brain is erratic. Instead of an orderly pattern the lines of energy crisscross in a confused jumble."

Diane remarked that the left side of the brain had to work faster to compensate for the lack on the right side. As she looked at the energy field she described the right side of the brain as showing short, jerky wave patterns and the left side as showing longer wave patterns...

Her observations of physical conditions correlated with amazing accuracy with the medical diagnosis.

Energy Flow in the Aura

*BtC* General Energy Flow in the Field:

When [Diane] observes the total field, the general pattern of energy flow is in the form of a figure eight, crossing at about the heart center. In addition, there is a flow of energy inward and outward at the major vortices and numerous micro-vortices.

*HoL* Satori Waves in the Aura:

[The "normal" or "quiescent" aura] has a dark bluish-purple or clear pulsating layer out to one quarter inch or as much as one and a half inches from the skin. It is constantly pulsating at the rate of about 15 pulses per minute. The pulsations usually form a wave-like motion down the arms, legs and torso (NOTE: Satori!)... The blue color generally turns to a yellow color around the head at about three to four inches in distance. There are usually streamers of the lighter blue coming off the fingertips and toes and out of the top of the head.

*WoL* Chakras, Auras, and EM Fields:

As it spins, each chakra produces its own electromagnetic field. This field then combines with fields generated by other chakras to produce the auric field.

Sensing the Aura

*HoL* Width of Aura:

If your hands are one to one-and-a-quarter inches apart, you have touched your etheric body edges together (first layer of the aura). If your hands are three to four inches apart, you have touched the outside edges of your emotional body together (second layer of the aura).

*HoL* Seeing the Human Aura:

With the light dim in the room, hold you hand so that the tips of the fingers point toward each other. Hold your hands in front of your face at a distance of about two feet. Make sure there is a plain white wall for a background. Relax your eyes and softly gaze at the space between your fingertips, which should be about one and a half inches apart... Move your fingertips closer and than further apart... Slowly move one hand up and the other down so that different fingers are pointing to each other.


My attention is first brought to the general fifth level; then I focus in on the particular person I am observing.

*HoL* Seeing Auras:

Use a darkened room- later evening light, not real dark. You should be able to see each other's faces quite easily. Ask your friend to stand in front of a plain white wall or a screen. Make sure you do not have any lights that you may accidently look into. You want to relax your eyes.

To see the aura, you want to use your nighttime vision, as when you are walking in the dark and you notice that you can see things better if you do not look directly at them. You are using the rods rather than the cones in your eye. The rods are much more sensitive to low light levels than the cones, which are for daytime and bright color use.

Look at the area of space either near the top of your friend's head or at the neck-shoulder area. Unfocus your eyes so that you are looking at an area of space rather than a fine line. As you softly gaze at a space four to six inches deep around the head, allow the light to come into your eyes. Create a sensation of allowing something to come into your eyes, rather than your eyes reaching out to grasp something... Give yourself plenty of time...

Pick up a pair of aura goggles at the local holistic book store and follow the instructions you find in them. They help you develop your ability to see and have a cumulative affect on the sensitivity of the eye. Cobalt blue glass is the best color, but hard to get. Most aura goggles are dark purple and work fine...

I have often found that a group of people get very excited when they first see something; then as they continue, doubts come in and each person's energy system tired.

*HU* Seeing Auras:

When I was seventeen I spontaneously developed the ability to see an energy field, or "aura," around living things, and to this day can often determine things about a person's health by the pattern and colors of the mist of light that I see surrounding them.

*HU* Clairvoyant Aura-Reading:

Therapist and healer Barbara Brennan can read a person's aura even when the person is many miles distant.

She can also see a person's energy field as well with her eyes closed as she can with her eyes open. In fact, she generally keeps her eyes closed during a reading to help her concentrate solely on the energy field. "It's as real as the room I'm sitting in. Actually, it's more real and more brightly colored."

Emotional Colors in the Aura

*HoL* The Color of Spiritual Feelings:

Spiritual feelings have a range of colors: blue for the speaker of truth, purple for spirituality and silvery gold for purity.

*HoL* Red Anger is Blocked Love:

The quality of the color red is what denotes anger. Bright red orange is not anger; it is related to vibrant life force...

Someone who is angry has a dark red color. When this anger is expressed, it shoots off the person in flashes like bolts of lightning or round sparks that move away from the person...

An example in which the person did not release her anger and pain: As the red spot emerged from the throat area, it slowly moved outward. A moment later the group leader made a comment to her that was, in my opinion, hurtful. At this point, the red spot quickly moved back toward her body and into her heart area. When it hit her heart, she started crying. The crying was not of the cathartic type. It was rather "poor me, the victim." My interpretation of this event is that she had stabbed herself in her heart with her own anger...

Frustration and irritability will probably have dark reddish toned (red with anger), but are mostly apparent from their irregular vibrations that beat against another person's energy field, causing very unpleasant sensations. Usually one's friends react to this interference by trying to elicit a direct expression of negative feelings, which are much more pleasant to deal with. For example, one will say, "Are you angry?" Another will blurt out angrily, "No!" Thus some of this annoying interference is released.

*HoL* Fear & Other Negative Emotions:

Fear... has a whitish-gray prickly appearance in the aura, as in which with fear. It is very unpleasant looking and has a repulsive odor. Envy appears to be dark, dirty green and sticky, as in "green with envy." Sadness is dark gray and heavy as in the cartoons of people with dark clouds over their head.

*HoL* Expressing Emotions and Explosions of Auric Color:

One of the earliest "explosions" of the human energy field I observed remains one of the most vivid. In 1972 during a bioenergetics-primal scream intensive workshop, I watched Linda light up like a Christmas tree as she screamed about the death of her father from cancer. Bright beams of red, yellow, orange and some blue streamed from her head...

People flash bright colors when they are engaged in feelings or actions. When they are quiet, the auric field returns to a stable "normal" state for that person.

*HoL* The Effects of Emotions on the Aura:

If a person has a strong feeling, his quiescent aura will suddenly be permeated with another color and form correlating to his emotional state... If the person has not released the feeling, it will remain in his aura (usually faded) until he does...The colors and forms may rapidly flash and move out of the auric field, or they may simply fade away over a period of a few minutes or even a few weeks. They may even be colored over or masked by other colors and forms in a layered effect... Every thought, feeling, and experience a person has affects and changes his aura. Some effect always remains.

Conditions Affecting the Aura

*HoL* Pregnancy & the Aura:

When a woman gets pregnant, her field expands and becomes much brighter... The mother-to-be has beautiful soft balls of blue, pink, yellow and green rolling over each other down her shoulders.

*BtC* Brute Sex Drive & Energy Fields:

A purely physical sex emotion appears to "muddy" the emotional field and dull the mental field.

Blockage Release & Mucus

*HoL* Some Drug Ideas:

Drugs like LSD, marijuana, cocaine and alcohol are detrimental to the brilliant, healthy colors of the aura and create "etheric mucus," as does disease.

*HoL* Examples of Energy Structures & Mucus Releases:

Figure 11-2G shows a man who also had indulged for years in drugs like LSD and marijuana, with the resulting dirty green aura. The waste from these experiences appears in the upper right. It appears to exhibit weight because he always held his head at an angle which seemed to balance the form..

This woman had been a "good girl" type for years and finally just reached her rebelliousness. She stopped being so "nice" and got very angry during her session. She knocked down the chairs in the room and even stomped on the tissue box, tearing it to pieces. She left the session feeling liberated. However, the next week she contracted and withdrew very deeply and came into my office with a terrible head-ache. She moved carefully and held her shoulders up around her ears. At this point, I observed a large "blob" of mucus on top of her head. Apparently the mucus had been released in the earlier session and had accumulated there... (The phenomenon of toxin release from bioenergetic work is well known. Strong energy flow releases toxins held in the tissues. Sometimes people get "sick" after deep work.)

This process is called grounding. By the end of the session the mucus had distributed itself in a thin layer over her body. Her headache was gone. It took several weeks of bodywork to rid her of the entire mucus layer.

*HoL* A False Auric Show:

As she continued to move her arms and talk cheerfully in a manner that threw up pink and white soft clouds, the bright yellow radiating energy from the sides of the head began to cover over or mask the gray forehead problem area. She was literally convincing herself that she was happy by masking the gray with yellow (mental) energy. When I described what I was seeing, she immediately stopped creating the "false" pink cloud. They gray area in the head regained its original range...

Susan was able to talk about the pain she was feeling in her heart about her mother's illness. She started to cry. This released the red from the heart area...

The dark spot (four inches in diameter) in the solar plexus lightened and spread to a larger area (eight inches in diameter)... (NOTE: The tighter, the worse)

Negative Space Aura

*LBD* Negative Space Aura:

Between death and a new birth we really exist everywhere in the world; we live in it with that part which, here on earth, lies at the foundation of our physical body in the form of supersensible forces. We are everywhere, except in that one place. This remains empty. It is the space enclosed by our skin, the space which we take up in the physical world. (NOTE: Brennan's negative space aura!)


Spirit - Soul - Body

Script: This has a lot to do with the Unity of Consciousness section.

The Physical Body

*SC* The Body:

The physical body is our ability to have a focus in time and space... Wherever we deal with the physical body, there's always an urgency or impulsiveness to it. That is why the Buddhists say the body is the here and now.

*ER* The Body:

An invisible bird flies over,

but casts a quick shadow.

What is the body? That shadow of a shadow

of your love, that somehow contains

the entire universe.

*UR2* Physical Body is a Focus:

The physical self as you know it is a focus of consciousness that forms a personality in response to that focus.

*UR2* Consciousness Bridging Your Changing Body:

The body that you have now is not the one that you had 10 years ago; its physical composition has died completely many times since your birth, but, again, your consciousness bridges those gaps.

The Three Buddhist Bodies

*TBD* Buddhist Bodies:

From The Detailed Identification:

"The Truth Body, the voidness free of intrinsic status,

The Beatific Body, bright with freedom's natural energy,

The Emanation Body ceaselessly arising everywhere."

*TBD* The Bardos & Buddha Bodies:

A soul's continuing life-process endlessly goes through the phases of death state, between state, and life state. These phases are parallel within a single life to deep sleep, the dream state, and the waking state. And within the waking state there is a third parallel cycle, the deep trance state, the subtle body-mind state (a consciously directed out-of-body state, known as magic body), and the gross body reentry state. These sets of three are connected with the standard analysis of the Buddha state into the Three Buddha Bodies, the Truth Body, the Beatific Body, and the Emanation Body...

The processes of the sequence of lives, daily life, and the single lifetime can also be described as the "six betweens," the life, dream, trance, death-point, reality, and existence betweens. This scheme is used to create in the practitioner a sense that all moments of existence are "between" moments, unstable, fluid, and transformable into liberated enlightenment experience.

The Active Soul & Observing Supersoul

*BG* The Soul of Passions & the Observing Supersoul:

The Supersoul fulfills the desire of the soul as one friend fulfills the desire of another. The Vedas, such as the Mundaka Upanishad, as well as the Svetasvatara Upanishad, confirm this concept of two kinds of souls by comparing them to two friendly birds sitting on the same tree. One of the birds (the individual atomic soul) is eating the fruit of the tree, and the other bird is simply watching his friend. Of these two birds, although they are the same in quality, one is captivated by the fruits of the material tree, while the other is simply witnessing his activities. Krishna is the witnessing bird, and Arjuna is the eating bird. Although they are friends, one is still the master, and the other is the servant. Forgetfulness of this relationship by the atomic soul is the cause of one's changing his position from one tree to another, or from one body to another... As soon as he agrees to accept the other bird as the supreme spiritual master... the subordinate bird immediately becomes free from all lamentations.

The Soul As Astral-Mental

*CBAP* Our Primary Body is the Soul Body:

Because the Soul Body is our primary body, our Soul survives the death of our physical body...

"The wonder of this revelation continues to echo and re-echo down through the years of my life: its memory lingers undimmed, beyond worldly skepticism, beyond intellectual doubt and argument, and beyond religious dogma."

*WtK* The Soul Body:

Your soul body is very beautiful, is perfect in every way- strong, healthy, harmonious, pure, radiant, glorious; for it is your real body, in which you really live and where you always are at night when sleep frees you from your physical body consciousness. It is so because I am there, because I created it as My habitation in the beginning, and because I dwell in it as your Self and therefore You when there are one with Me, and consequently are perfect now, even as I am perfect.

*SC* Karma & Body Development:

John: "Various karmic patterns stored within the physical body have the capacity upon the level of the soul to shape the physical body after the fourth month of conception... This often determines the shape of the physical body... Ultimately, however, the soul shapes the physical body through its reflection of the personality."

*T* The Soul Is Between Two Worlds:

The soul stands between the present and the permanent... It preserves the present for remembrance...

Through the body, we belong to the physical human genus; we are members of this genus. With our spirit, we live in a higher world. The soul binds the two worlds together for a while.

The Soul as Astral-Mental-Causal

*T* Three Parts of the Soul:

The soul, like the body, consists of three distinct members- the essential soul, the mind soul, and the consciousness soul...

Physical, Shadow, Eternal

*CBAP* The Three Bodies and OBEs Among the Zulu:

Among the Zulus, traditional thinking makes a distinction between the physical form of the manifestation, the physical body (inyama), and a nonphysical form of manifestation (isithunzi). The word sithunzi literally means "shadow." This isithunzi is said to have a likeness to the physical body- to be its "double"- and is held to survive physical death as the "vehicle" of the individual's "spirit"- (umoya). The isithunzi is also said to be separable from the physical body during life.

*SiO* Aspects of the Same:

In truth there is only one under three aspects or phases: the most material portion disappearing with the body; the middle one surviving both as an independent but temporary entity in the land of shadows; the third, immortal.

Subconscious - Superconscious - Conscious

The Body as Subconscious
Memory Stored in Organs & Cells

*SC* Issues Stored Subconsciously in the Body:

In our model, the body is synonymous with the "subconscious mind." It is that function of consciousness we think of as the classical Freudian subconscious. The repository of all our suppressed thoughts... (NOTE: pictures in the aura) It is the storehouse of all the issues we aren't willing to acknowledge from this life and past lives. The subconscious mind has no will or realization of its own...

For many years, Reichian therapists have been documenting conscious memory patterns in specific muscle groups in the body. They have found that they can alleviate specific psychological conditions by manipulating particular pressure points on the body...

Through suppression, the painful memory doesn't enter into consciousness. It remains unrealized, or "subconscious." If that memory continue to be suppressed, often it will manifest as a psychosomatic illness. Edgar Cayce said that karma, which is our actions from the past, is the source of all disease in the physical body.


John: "When there are voids in the emotional structure, or blockages of harmony in the physical body, there is slippage in the muscular structure, both upon the physiological and physical levels, and even misalignment of the muscle tendons themselves.

"With regard to the effects of emotions on the particular organs of the body, we give some brief suggestions- moreso the symbolic ones. The heart is of the loving nature. The throat chakra is of the expressive nature, the lower chakras are the creative force, and the abdominal area is perhaps the storing of unpleasant emotions."

*ABTM* Transplanting Memories:

Some transplant patients report an uncanny experience after receiving a donated kidney, liver, or heart. Without knowing who the organ donor was, they begin to participate in his memories... In one instance, a woman woke up after a heart transplant craving beer and [fast food item A]; she was very surprised, because she had never before wanted either. After she began to have mysterious dreams in which a young man named Timmy came to her, she tracked down the donor of her new heart, which had come from the victim of a fatal traffic accident; when she contacted his family, it turned out that the victim was a young man named Timmy. The woman was stunned to discover that he'd had a particular fondness for drinking beer and had been killed on his way home from [the restaurant that makes fast food item A]. (NOTE: The last shock memories)

The Superconscious

*SC* The Superconscious:

The superconscious mind is a pure life force, or a pure state of energy.

The Conscious

*SC* The Conscious Mind:

Conscious mind, by contrast, can wander all over the place. It drifts into the past and projects into the future.


The Physical Body Consciousness

The Physical Body Consciousness

*DEVF1* The Development of the Body Consciousness & Universal Cell Consciousness:

As the body became physical, however, the inner self formed the body consciousness so that the physical body became more aware of itself, of the environment, and of its relationship within the environment. Before this could happen, though, the body consciousness was taught to become aware of its own inner environment. The body was lovingly formed from EE units through all the stages to atoms, cells, organs, and so forth...

To that body consciousness the inner self gives "its own body of physical knowledge," the vast reservoir of physical achievement that it has triumphantly produced... [The body] possesses its own system of consciousness that to some extent, now is separated from what you think of as your own normal consciousness. The body's consciousness is hardly to be considered less than your own, or as inferior to that of your inner self, since it represents knowledge from the inner self, and is a part of the inner self's own consciousness- the part delegated to the body.

[Each cell] is aware of the position, health, vitality, of all other cells on the face of the planet. It is aware of the position of each grain of sand on the shores of each ocean, and in those terms it forms a portion of the earth's consciousness.

At that level environment, creatures, and the elements of the natural world are all united...Your intellect as you think of it operates so clearly and precisely, so logically, sometimes so arrogantly, because the intellect rides that great thrust of codified, "ancient" "unconscious" power- the power of instant knowing that is a characteristic of the body consciousness...

So once again the inner self put a portion of its consciousness in a different parcel, so to speak. As once it had formed the body consciousness, not it formed a physically attunes consciousness.

*UR2* The Body Consciousness On Its Own, Agile Sleepwalkers:

Under certain conditions, therefore, the body can maintain itself while the "main consciousness" is away from it... At certain levels of the sleep state this does in fact happen. In sleepwalking the body is active, but the main consciousness is not "awake"...

Let us look for a moment at the body consciousness.

It is equipped, as an animal is, to perform beautifully in its environment. You would call it mindless, since it would seem not to reason. For the purpose of this discussion alone, imagine a body with a fully operating body consciousness, not diseased for any reason or defective by birth, but one without the overriding ego-directed consciousness that you have. There have been species of such a nature. In your terms they would seem to be like sleepwalkers, yet their physical abilities surpassed yours. They were indeed as agile as animals- nor were they unconscious. They simply dealt with a different kind of awareness...

Their main points of consciousness were elsewhere, in another kind of reality, while their physical manifestations were separate. Their primary focuses of consciousness were scarcely aware of the bodies they had created. Yet even those bodies learned "through experience," and began to "awaken," to become aware of themselves, to discover time, or to create it...

*TDA* The Body Without The Soul:

Don: "What is the body without the soul?"

Dr. Peebles: "It is nothing. There can be temporal movement, experience, excitement, as an electrical charge, through a body that is not inhabited. However, it is very temporary, and it extinguishes itself; the life force is gone...

"The entire experience of intelligence comes from the soul...

"The physical brain... holds information... Memories can be held and located in the brain. The brain is also a translator for language... it is a vehicle to help you integrate."

*D* The Physical Body Consciousness:

The physical body has a certain dim consciousness of its own, quite apart from that of the real self, and apart also from the mere aggregate of the consciousness of its individual cells.

When watching the extraction of a tooth under the influence of gas. The body uttered a confused cry, and raised its hands vaguely towards the mouth, clearly showing that it to some extent felt the wrench; yet when the ego resumed possession twenty seconds later, he declared that he had felt absolutely nothing of the operation. "Reflex action" is a mere phrase and explains nothing whatever.

This strange, dim consciousness has many remarkable peculiarities. Its action seems to a be to a great extent automatic, and the results are usually incoherent, senseless, and hopelessly confused. It seems unable to apprehend an idea except in the form of a scene in which it is itself an actor, and therefore all stimuli, whether from within or without, are forthwith translated into perceptual images. It is incapable of grasping abstract ideas or memories as such; they immediately become imaginary percepts. If the idea of glory could be suggested to that consciousness, it could take shape only as a vision of some glorious being appearing before the dreamer.

*D* The Spatial Transportation of the Physical Consciousness:

Every local direction of though becomes for it an absolute spatial transportation. If during our waking hours we think of China or Japan, our thought is at once, as it were, in those countries; but nevertheless we are perfectly aware that our physical bodies are exactly where they were a moment before. In the condition of consciousness which we are considering, any passing though suggesting China and Japan could image itself only as an actual, instantaneous transportation to those countries, and the dreamer would suddenly find himself there, surrounded by as much of the appropriate circumstance as he happened to be able to remember.

While startling transitions of this sort are extremely frequent in dreams, the sleeper never seems at the time to feel any surprise at their suddenness. In the mere consciousness of the physical brain there is nothing capable of such a feeling as surprise – it simply perceives the pictures as they appear before it; it has no power to judge either of the sequence or of their lack of that quality.

*SS* Physical Body Consciousness:

The volatile awareness-consciousness that exist independently of matter, form matter according to their ability and degree. The fetus, therefore, has its own consciousness, the simple component consciousness made up of the atoms that compose it. This exists before any reincarnating personality enters it. The consciousness of matter is present in any matter- a fetus, a rock, a blade of grass, a nail.

*D* The Associative Power of the Physical Consciousness:

Another source of the extraordinary confusion visible in this half-consciousness is the manner in which the law of the association of ideas works in it. We are all familiar with the wonderful instantaneous action of this law in waking life; we know how a chance word – a strain of music – even the scent of a flower – may be sufficient to bring back to the mind a chain of long-forgotten memories.

Now in the sleeping brain this law is as active as ever, but it acts under curious limitations; every such association of ideas, whether abstract or concrete, becomes a mere combination of images. Naturally enough a succession of such pictures is rarely perfectly recoverable by memory, since there is no order to help in recovery.

*D* The Sensory Magnefication of the Physical Consciousness:

Another peculiarity of this curious consciousness of the brain is, that while singularly sensitive to the slightest external influences, such as sounds or touches, it yet magnifies and distorts them to an almost incredible degree.

Among the stories most commonly told is one of a man who magnified the prick of a pin into a fatal stab received in a duel; another translated a slight pinch into the bite of a wild beast.

The Physical Body Consciousness & Vitality Collection

*C* The Physical Body Consciousness & Vitality Collecting:

The physical body has a certain blind instinctive consciousness of its own, which we sometimes call the physical elemental. This consciousness seeks always to protect its body from danger, or to procure for it whatever may be necessary. This is entirely apart from the consciousness of the man himself, and it works equally well during the absence of the ego from the physical body during sleep. It is through its activity that the working of the sympathetic system is carried on.

While we are what we call awake, this physical elemental is perpetually occupied in self-defense he is in a condition of constant vigilance, and he keeps the nerves and muscles always tense. During the night or at any time when we sleep, he lets the nerves and muscles relax, and devotes himself specially to the assimilation of vitality and the recuperation of the physical body. He works at this most successfully during the early part of the night, because then there is plenty of vitality, whereas immediately before the dawn the vitality is almost complete exhausted. This is the reason for the feeling of limpness and deadness associated with the small hours of the morning.

This vitality is indeed the food of the etheric double.

We often find ourselves weak and exhausted after sitting for a while because he has drawn the rose-coloured atoms away from us by suction before we were able to extract their energy.

*SD&P* The Physical Body's Maintenance:

When you feel your consciousness withdrawing, the first step is this: Forget the physical body or what you are to do with it. Its maintenance is being controlled by the consciousness of the individual cells and organs of which I have spoken.

The Ability To Call Back the Higher Bodies

*ASJ* The Sleeping Body:

There sure enough was my body apparently still asleep on the bed but even as we stood looking at it, I noticed that it moved and turned from one side on to its back. My guide pointed this out to me and explained that, subconsciously, it was beginning to realize that the time had nearly arrived for it to wake up again, that within a few minutes an SOS would be sent out and, even if I were ten thousand miles away, I should have to return immediately.

The Body Consciousness in Pain

*BDL* The Body Consciousness in Pain:

In one regression a young woman was being burned at the stake for her beliefs while the whole town watched... As the flames leaped higher, she decided she would not give them the satisfaction of seeing her suffer. So she left the body and watched from a hovering position above the scene. There, much to her chagrin and aggravation, she saw her body screaming as it went through the agonies of burning to death.

*OwtL* NDE- Body Acting without Soul:

(NOTE: She leaves her body during a painful labor) She was shocked to see how contorted her facial features appeared. "At first I thought I must have died, but then the body on the bed below began to thrash about wildly and let out a terrible cry of pain."

*OwtL* In & Out At NDE, The Body Acting Without the Soul:

Arnold: "Just then a spasm of pain doubled me over, and the reflex action seemed to shoot the thinking part of me up to the ceiling. I thought, ‘Oh, no! I wanted to be able to escape the pain, but I didnt want to die!'"

Arnold was completely astonished. He could actually see his mother fussing about, and he could clearly perceive himself tossing about on the bed, moaning and groaning.

"My body seemed to be like some kind of puppet, just going through the motions of awful sickness. But I- the Real Me- could no longer feel a thing. Incredibly, the pain remained down below with my physical body on the bed.

"Then I started feeling kind of ashamed about the way my physical body was behaving like such a baby, I mean, the pain was awful and all; but I was whimpering and moaning like a wimp. I decided that I really should go back and act like a man."

And just like that, Arnold said that he was back in his physical body and howling in pain.

"If it hurt so bad to be in my body- and there was absolutely no pain when I was outside of my body- then it didnt take a genius like me very long to decide where I wanted to be."

Arnold was surprised to discover how quickly the Real Arnold was able to be back up floating near the ceiling.

Higher Control of the Body

*IAD* Your Body Under Conscious Direction:

Every function of your body is sustained through conscious action, although you are not aware of it...

A simple proof of this is what any of you may test at any moment: I wish to do some physical act. Preceding that activity, there always comes the thought to do it; otherwise the hand or body would not move in action.

*IL* The You That Controls Your Body:

Now, you know You are the Intelligence that direct the work of the organs of your body, whether this directing is done consciously or unconsciously; and that each cell of each organ is really a focal center of this directing Intelligence; and that when this Intelligence is withdrawn the cells fall apart, your physical body dies and exists no more as a licing organism.

Who is this You who directs and controls the activities of your organs, and consequently of each cell composing them?..

It must then be this Impersonal I AM of you...

You cannot now consciously direct or control a single cell of your body; but when you can at will enter into the Consciousness of the I AM of you and know its identity with Me, then you can control not only every cell of your body, but that of any other body you might wish to control.


The Cellular World

The Memory of Cells

*UR2* The Memory & Interchange of Cells:

The cells have inner capabilities that you have not discovered. They contain within themselves memory of all the "previous" forms they have been a part of...

The so-called process of evolution is highly dependent upon the cooperative tendencies inherent in all properties of life and in all species... In the physical framework there is a constant intermixing, so that the cells of a man or a woman may become the cells of a plant or an animal, and of course vice versa...

This inner and yet physical transmigration of consciousness has always been extremely important, and represents a natural method of communication, uniting all species and all physical life. Inside all physical organisms, therefore, there is a thrust for development and change, even as there is also a pattern of stability within which such alterations can take place.

*UR2* The Memory of Cells:

The cells of course are changing. The atoms and molecules within them are always in a state of flux. The CU's that are within all matter have a memory bank that would far surpass any computer's. As cellular components, the atoms and molecules, therefore, carry memory of all the forms of which they have been part.

*SiO* Memory Stored in Every Organ:

‘No good ground exists for speaking of any special organ, or seat of memory,' writes Professor G.T. Ladd. ‘Every organ, indeed every area, and every limit of the nervous system has its own memory."...

Professor Ladd: "We might properly speak, then, of the memory of the end-organ of vision or of hearing, of the memory of the spinal cord and of the different so-called "centers" of reflex action belonging to the cords, of the memory of the medulla oblongata, the cerebellum, etc." This is the essence of Occult teaching- even in the Tantra works. Indeed, every organ in our body has its own memory. For if it is endowed with a consciousness ‘of its own kind', every cell must of necessity have also a memory of its own kind.

*SiO* Desires Stored in Organs, Too:

And so with all the organs of the body. It is they which originate according to their animal needs and desires the electro-vital sparks that illuminate the field of consciousness in the Low Ego; and it is these sparks which in their turn awaken to function and reminiscences in it.

*CWG3* Your Mind is in Your Cells:

Your brain is in your skull. Your mind is not.

"Where is it, then?"

In every cell of your body...

What you call the mind is really an energy. It is... Thought. And thought is an energy, not an object.

Your brain is an object. It is a physical, biochemical mechanism- the largest, most sophisticated, but not the only- mechanism in the human body, with which the body translates, or converts, the energy which is your thought into physical impulses. Your brain is a transformer. So is your whole body. You have little transformers in every cell. Biochemists have often remarked at how individual cells- blood cells, for instance- seem to have their own intelligence. They do, in fact...

There are more cells in your brain than anywhere else, so it seems as though your mind is there. Yet that is just the main processing center, not the only one...

The soul is everywhere in, through, and around you. It is that which contains you.

*DEVF2* Society's Effects on Genetics:

The information you receive from your culture, from your arts, sciences, fields of economics, is all translated, decoded, turned into cellular information. Certain genetic diseases, for example, may be activated or not activated according to the cultural climate at any given time.

The Cells' Role in Evolution & Development

*UR2* The Many-Pathed Evolution, and It's Motivating Force- Cells & Intent:

Historically, of course, you follow a one-line pattern of thought, so you see a picture in which fish left the oceans and became reptiles; from these mammals eventually appeared, and apes and men... You never imagine the situation being reversed, for example. Few of you ever imagine a conscious reptilian man...

You think that evolution is finished. Its impetus, however, comes from within the nature of consciousness itself... Every consciousness is aware of itself as itself. Each consciousness, then, is self-aware...

So-called future developments of your species are now dependent upon your ideas and beliefs... Your emotional intent and your belief will direct the functioning of your cells and bring out in them those properties and inherent abilities that will ensure such a condition...

The kind of self-awareness you have is unique, but all kinds are unique...

In a way you are all your own mutants, creatively altering cellular formations. When your fate seems dependent upon heredity, for example, then the transmission of ideas and beliefs operates; these give signals to the chromosomes. They cause miniature self-images, so to speak, that are mirrored in the cells. In many cases these images can be altered.

*GHL* How Cells Are Directed to What They Become:

"In developmental biology you start out with a sperm that fertilizes an egg, and then you have one cell with a complete complement of DNA. For development of any biological organism to begin, this one cell splits into two cells, the two into four, and so on. Each new cell from each split has exactly the same amount and configuration of DNA. But if each cell of an organism has exactly the same DNA, how does an organism develop different body parts, such as a head, arms, nose, legs?" -Pamela Kent Demers (NOTE: A fractal-field of energies directs them. The finished form directs them.)

Cells Beyond Time

*UR2* Cells In & Out of Time:

The cells do operate on the one hand apart from time, and on the other with a firm basis in time, so that the body's integrity as a time-space organisms results.

Cells & Probabilities

*UR2* Cells Choosing From Probabilities:

At deep levels the cells are always working with probabilities, and comparing probable actions and developments in the light of genetic information. The most intricate behavior is involved and calculations instantly made, for instance, before you can take one step or lift your finger... When you want to walk across the room, the body must not only operate using hindsight and "prediction" as far as its own behavior is concerned, but it must take into consideration the predictive activity of all of the other elements in that room...

You "know" that a chair is not going to chase you around the room... You know this because you have a reasoning mind, but that particular kind of reasoning mind knows what it knows because at deep levels the cells are aware of the nature of probable action. The beliefs of the conscious mind, however, set your goals and purposes. "You" are the one who decides to walk across the floor, and then all of these inner calculations take place to help you achieve your goal.

The Communication of Cells

*UR2* Cells Receive Messages From Other Existences:

Messages from other existences live within you as ghost images within the cells, for the cells recognize more than you do on a conscious level.

*ABTM* Disconnected Cells Still Know:

The polygraph will jump if a person looks at an erotic picture or relives a past trauma. Amazingly, Backster found that even cells removed from the body and placed in another room react to these stimuli when the person does...

This uncanny result does not appear to be affected by distance.

*UR2* What Cells Know:

One part of the body knows what is happening in every other part, and the body as a whole knows its precise position on the surface of the planet. It is biologically aware of all the other life-forms around it to the most minute denominator.

The Consciousness of Cells

*DEVF2* Cell Curiosity, Cells Know Their Shape, and Art:

Cells, however, possess an inner knowledge of their own shapes, and of any other shapes in their immediate environment- this apart from the communication system mentioned earlier that operates on biological levels between all cells...

To some important degree, cells possess curiosity, an impetus toward action, a sense of their own balance, and a sense of being individual while being, for example, a part of a tissue or an organ. The cell's identification biologically is highly connected with this [very] precise knowledge of its own shape... The simple cell... has a curiosity about its environment... It is primarily felt as a curiosity about shapes: the urge to touch, to explore, to feel edges and smooth places.

There is particularly a fascination with space itself, in which, so to speak, there is nothing to touch, no shapes to perceive...

When [children] draw circles or squares, they are trying to reproduce those inner shapes, transposing those images outward into the environment- a creative act, highly significant, for it gives children experience in translating inner perceived events of a personal nature into a shared physical reality apparent to all...

The art of drawing or painting to one extent or another always involves those two processes. An astute understanding of inner energy and outer energy is required, and for great art an intensification and magnification of both elements...

The particular, brilliant, intensified flowering of painting and sculpture that took place, say, in the time of Michelangelo (1475-1564) could not, in your probability, have occurred after the birth of technology, for example, and certainly not in your own era, where images are flashed constantly before your eyes on television and in the movies... In those days images outside of those provided by nature's objects were highly rare.

*ND* The Worlds of Our Cells:

Edgar Cayce: "(The body) is constituted of many, many, cells- each with its individual world within itself."

*DEVF1* Tuning Into Cellular Consciousness:

You can tune into cellular consciousness.

Precognition of Cells

*UR2* Precognitive Cells:

Any cell has practical use of precognitive abilities, for example, that quite escape you, yet many of you assign such abilities to "higher" souls. Each kind of life has its own qualities that cannot be compared with those of others.

Cellular Complexity & Balance

*GHL* The Renewing Balance of Our Bodily Systems:

"In our bodies, there are always things going on to upset the balance of oxygen or salt or acid in our blood and cells. Yet the parts of our living body work together constantly against these upsets of balance." -Elisabet Sahtouris

*GHL* The Complexities of Our Organs:

"Any one of our organs is more complicated by far than the most complicated computer we've invented- and it knows how to run itself, repair itself, and work in harmony with all other organs." -Elisabet Sahtouris

*CJ* Cells Know All, Communicate With Each Other:

ROMC: "Every cell in the body is a pattern of the whole and is a universe in and of itself. All knowledge exists therein. Therefore, your bodies have a built-in healing capacity... Your cells must have full communication with each other in order to keep the human body functioning as it should... Your inner cells can have disease, with full communication blocked."

*UR2* Holographic Genetic Imprint:

The plant has its own "idea" of itself, in which each of its leaves has its part. Yet each leaf has the latent capacities of the whole plant.

*UR2* Channeling Sounds, Cell Boundaries:

Jane: "What I'm getting is something like it would be in real fast, quick beautiful sounds that I cant duplicate- very quick, very musical- connected with the spin of electrons and cellular composition.

"The spin of electrons is faster than the cellular composition. The faster speed of the electrons somehow gives the cells their boundaries."

Damage To Cells & Aging

*ABTM* Cell Aging:

Old cells are littered with past mistakes that have taken physical form as toxic debris, clogged pigments, crosslinked molecules, and damaged DNA. These rigid bits of matter no longer flow and change, which is necessary to life...

Your skin is composed of many kinds of tissue... all of which is surrounded by water and loose connective tissue. This connective tissue is composed primarily of collagen...

Collagen provides the skin with a soft, moist webbed cushion, giving it plumpness as well as the ability to stretch and fold as your body moves. Collagen itself isnt made of cells, but nearby cells produce and repair it... As people age, their collagen undergoes change, becoming stiffer and less moist. As it loses resilience, collagen no longer snaps back when it is stretched or folded. It starts holding creases, and once a crease is permanent, a wrinkle has formed.



The Universal Genetic Language

*DEVF2* Genetics is a Universal Language:

The genetic system is an inner, biological, "universal" language.

In your terms that language speaks the flesh.

Constant DNA Activation

*ZP* Emotion Waves & DNA:

Emotion waves, the wavelength of emotions travels down the DNA strand and activates the parts it intersects with. Thus a higher-frequency emotion will activate more DNA than a lower-frequency emotion.

Malleability of the Genes

*ABTM* Mind Over Genes:

Although we assume that DNA is a locked storehouse of genetic information, its active twin, RNA, responds to day-to-day existence. Medical students at exam time show a decreased output of interluken 2, a critical chemical in the immune response that fights cancer. The production of interleuken 2 is controlled by messenger RNA, which means that the student's anxiety over passing his exams is speaking directly to his genes.

*DEVF2* An Open, Changing Genetic System:

The genetic system is not closed... The genes do not simply hold information without any reference to the body's living system...

[Chromosomal messages] are not written within the chromosomes as words might be written upon paper, but the information and the chromosomes are a living unit. The information is alive... The structures, the very physical structures, of the cells contain all of the knowledge needed to form a physical body- to form themselves. This is indeed knowledge in biological form...

The cells [with their] genetic packages, like all cells, react to stimuli. They act. They are aware of all of the body's events biologically... "Programmed" genetic activity can be altered by conditions in the environment...

Genetic activity... also prepares [the species] by triggering those characteristics and abilities that are needed by the species at any given time, and also by making allowances for such future developments.

Your genetic structure reacts to each thought that you have, to the state of your emotions, to your psychological climate. In your terms, it contains the physical history of the species in context with the probable future capabilities of the species... [Your genetic structure] is a portion of physical matter that you have identified, filled out with your own identity.


The genetic system also reacts to those beliefs and events that are paramount in any given civilization. Events can trigger genetic activity- not simply through, say, chemical reactions, but through individual and mass beliefs about the safety or lack of it in the world at large.

*DEVF1* Genetic Communications & Changes:

The genetic apparatus and the chromosomal messages actually contain far more information than is ever used... The species cares for itself in the event of any possible circumstance, so that the genetic messages also carry an endless number of triggers that will change genetic combinations if this becomes necessary.

Beyond that, however, genetic messages are coded in such a way that there is a constant give-and-take between those messages and the present experience of any given individual. That is, no genetic event is inevitable.

Correcting (Regressing) Genetic Conditions

*UR2* Regressive Genetics & Probable Yous:

First the undesirable information must be erased. It must be erased in the "past" in your terms... The body on its own performs this service often, when it automatically rights certain conditions, even though they were genetically imprinted. The imprints become regressive. In your terms, they fade into a probable series of events that do not physically affect you.

*ABTM* DNA's Self-Repair:

DNA is now known to have a remarkable capacity for self-repair... It can sense exactly what kind of damage has occurred, and via special enzymes the appropriate missing links are spliced back into place. This astonishing display of intelligence has been linked directly to human aging. If you graph the life expectancy of various animals, starting with short-lived shrews and mice and proceeding through cows, elephants, and man, the resulting curve is almost perfectly matched by how well each animal's DNA can repair itself...

(Ron Hart and Richard Setlow:) Cells from the shrew repaired themselves more slowly than did cells from a mouse, which lives somewhat longer. The rate of self-repair increased with cows and elephants, culminating with humans, who have the fastest genetir-repair rate known. Later, Dr. Edward Schneider at the National Institutes on Aging verified that older cells repair themselves much less efficiently than do younger ones.

Chromosomes Hold Choices
from Heredity, Society & Reincarnation

*DEVF1* Genetics Focus Free Will:

Any creature, large or small: insect, bird, fish, or worm; to plant life; to cells, atoms, or electrons. They possess free will in relationship to the conditions of their existence.

The conditions of existence are largely determined by generic structure. Free will must then of course function in accordance with genetic integrity. Genetic structure... must determine the kind of action possible in the world, and the way or ways in which volition can be effectively expressed.

The beaver is not free to make a spider web...

The genetic structure focuses volition.

*UR2* What the Chromosomes Store- Heredity, Present Society, Reincarnation:

To a certain extent you do carry the knowledge of your forefathers within your chromosomes, which present a pattern that is not rigid but flexible- one that in codified fashion endows you with the subjective living experience of those who, in your terms, have gone before... Some very old cultures have been aware of this. While being independent individuals their members also identified with their ancestors to some extent, accepting them as portions of their selfhoods. This does not mean that the individual self was less, but was more aware of its own reality. A completely different kind of focus was presented, in which the ancestors were understood to contribute to the "new" experience of the living; one in which the physically focused consciousness clearly saw itself as perceiving the world for itself, but also for all of those who had gone before- while realizing that in those terms he or she would contribute as well as the generations past...

I said once that no knowledge exists outside of consciousness. In those terms, neutral data are not transferred through the chromosomes...

The information carried by the chromosomes is not general, but highly specific. It is codified data (itself alive) that contains within it the essence of... specific ancestral experience. Biologically you do indeed carry within you, then, the memories of your particular ancestors. These form a partial basis for your subjective and physical existence, and provide the needed support for it...

That is but one line, however, covered by the chromosomes. You have "another line" of existence that also serves as a support for the one that you presently recognize. It includes other interweaving physical relationships that bind you with all others upon your planet at the same adjacent level of time... You will have a far closer relationship with some than with others. Some will be your counterparts...

A third line supporting your selfhood as you think of it is the reincarnational one. This is somewhat like the ancestral line, and there are also reflections in the genes and chromosomes undetected by your scientists. The ancestral and reincarnational lines merge to some extent to form what you think of as your genetic patterns ahead of time, so to speak. Before this life you chose what you wished from those two main areas.

Reincarnational experience is also transmitted, then, and can be retranslated from a biological code-imprint into emotional awareness. Again, however, as you are not your parents or your ancestors you are not your "reincarnational selves"...

Since time is simultaneous, at other levels your ancestors knew of your birth though they died centuries ago in recognized continuity...

You cannot say that your ancestors, like some strange plants, were growing toward what you are, or that you are the sum of their experiences. They were, they are, themselves. You cannot say that you are the sum of your past reincarnational lives either, and for the same reasons.

*CtL* What It Means to be Genetically Coded:

There are many other examples of genetic imprinting within the human brain, and none of those functions is any less valid for being inborn...

Birds are another example of animals that have genetically printed information in their brains. They are born with a detailed map of the night sky that is somehow passed to them through genetic tissue. (NOTE: This from an animal soul, a collective consciousness.)

Purpose of Specific Genes

*ABTM* The Mortality Genes:

Michael West, a molecular biologist at the University of Texas in Dallas, working with tissue-cultured human cells, isolated two "mortality genes" whose effect is to speed the aging process in these cells. Labeled M-1 and M-2, the two genes can be chemically switched on or off, driving the aging process backward or forward at will. In normal aging both M-1 and M-2 appear to be switched on. By turning off the M-1 gene, West is able to restore a cell's youth and double its overall life span, measured by how many times it divides...

The results are even more dramatic when the second mortality gene, M-2, is switched off. The cells continue to divide indefinitely and remain youthful forever...

Bad Scientific Attitude

*ABTM* The Attitude of Genetics:

If any field was dedicated to the proposition that the body is mindless and inherently defective, genetics is it.

The Etheric Body

The Etheric Body

*T* The Ether Body:

The ether body is not merely a result of the physical body's substances and forces, but a real, independent entity that calls these same substances and forces to life...

A portion of the ether body is finer than the rest, and this finer part forms a unity with the sentient soul, while the coarser part forms a kind of unity with the physical body.

*SiO* The Etheric (Astral) Body:

There are three kinds of ‘doubles'... First, man has his ‘double' or shadow, properly so called, around which the physical body of the fetus- the future man- is built. The imagination of the mother, or an accident which affects the child, will affect also the astral body. The astral and the physical both exist before the mind is developed into action, and before the Atma awakes. This occurs when the child is seven years old, and with it comes the responsibility attaching to a conscious sentient being. This ‘double' is born with man, dies with him, and can never separate itself far from the body during life, and though surviving him, it disintegrates, pari passu, with the corpse. It is this which is sometimes seen over the graves like a luminous figure of the man that was, during certain atmospheric conditions. From its physical aspect it is, during life, man's vital double, and after death, only the gases given off from the decaying body...

It is not created; it grows, as I told you, with the man and exists in the rudimentary condition even before the child is born.

*SD&P* The Dream/Astral Body [Etheric]:

The dream body is the one with which you are most familiar. It has been called the astral body. It strikes you as being physical when you are in it. You can levitate. As a rule, however, you do not go through walls with this body. This is the body you use for ordinary dreams. Levitation is possible with it but on a limited basis.

At physical death, after the last reincarnation, then the normal form is the dream body, and excursions are made from this point. It is possible, as mentioned, to suddenly switch from the third form to the dream body, but with a considerable jolt to consciousness.

Appearance of the Etheric Body
The Physical Template

*C&HEF* The Appearance of the Etheric:

To the clairvoyant, the etheric body looks like a luminous web of fine bright lines of force which, in a healthy person, stand out at right angles to the surface of the skin. Its texture may be fine-grained or coarse, a characteristic which repeats itself in the physical body type.

The color of the etheric body is a pale blue-gray or violet-gray, slightly luminous and shimmering, like heat waves above the earth on hot days. In the average person it extends from five to seven centimeters (two to three inches) beyond the periphery of the physical body, gradually fading away into the enveloping ocean of etheric energy. This ocean of energy is in constant rapid motion, and surrounds the body much as the atmosphere surrounds the earth.

*C&HEF* Characteristics of the Etheric Body:

(NOTE: 7 characteristics) The first characteristic of the etheric body is color: normally, pale violet or blue-gray.

The second is degree of brightness: this may vary from strongly luminous to dull, but should be uniform throughout.

The third is motion: movement should be rhythmic throughout the field, but may be fast, average or slow.

The fourth is form: size, shape and symmetry are all important.

The fifth is angle: the etheric should stand out at right angles to the physical body; if it is droopy in part or as a whole, this indicates ill health.

The sixth is elasticity: the ability of the etheric to stretch and expand is a sign of health.

The seventh is texture: the quality should be firm and fairly fine; if it is coarse, porous, spongy, thin or broken, it should be noted whether this condition is generalized or limited to a section of the etheric field, for this indicates some kind of illness or abnormality.

*C&HEF* Normal Characteristics:

Color – pale violet gray

Luminosity – moderate

Texture – firm and fairly fine

Elasticity – moderate

Form – symmetrical

Rhythm – rhythmic and moderate in speed

*HTKHW* The Etheric Body:

The ether body is the subtle body that is seen by clairvoyants as a kind of double of the physical body. One might say it is an intermediate stage between the physical body and the soul body. Just as we can turn our attention away from things around us, so those who are clairvoyant can completely erase the physical body from their perception. Consequently, the physical body becomes totally transparent. What still remains before their soul eyes are the so-called ether body and the soul body, which is larger than the physical and ether bodies and permeates both.

The ether body is an extremely delicate and finely organized structure. Its basic color is one not found among the seven colors of the rainbow. As we become able to observe the ether body, we learn to see a color that actually does not exist for sensory observation. It is best compared to the color of young peach blossoms. Of course, to study the ether body alone, we have to remove the soul body from our perception through an exercise of attentiveness similar to the one mentioned above.

The tiny particles of the human ether body are in constant movement. Countless currents stream through it in all directions. These currents maintain and regulate life. An attentive observer may even see traces of the ether body in minerals. Without esoteric training, these currents and movements are completely independent of our will and consciousness.

*HoL* The Etheric Body- Template for the Physical:

The etheric body (from "ether," the state between energy and matter) is composed of tiny energy lines "like a sparkling web of light beams"... It has the same structure as the physical body including all the anatomical parts and all the organs.

The etheric body consists of a definite structure of lines of force, or energy matrix, upon which the physical matter of the body tissues is shaped and anchored. The physical tissues exist as such only because of the vital field behind them; that is, the field prior to, not a result of, the human body... Through the use if High Sense Perception, we observed that an energy field matrix in the shape of a leaf is projected by the plant prior to the growth of a leaf, and then the leaf grows into that already existing form.

The web-like structure of the etheric body is in constant motion. To clairvoyant vision, sparks of bluish-white light move along its energy lines throughout the entire dense physical body. The etheric body extends from one quarter to two inches beyond the physical body and pulsates about 15-20 cycles per minute.

The color of the etheric body varies from light blue to gray. The light blue color has been connected to a finer form than the gray. That is, a more sensitive person with a sensitive body will tend to have a bluish first layer, whereas a more athletic, robust type of person will tend to have a more grayish etheric body. All the chakras of this layer are the same color as the body. That is, they will also range between blue to gray in color. The chakras look like vortices made of a net of light, just like the rest of the etheric body... This etheric substance sets up the matrix for the cells to grow; i.e., the cells of the body grow along the lines of energy of the etheric matrix, and that matrix is there before the cells grow...

You may be able to see the pulsations of this etheric body. The pulsation rises, say at the shoulder, and then makes its way down the arm, like a wave. If you look more closely, there appears to be a blank space between the shoulder and the blue hazy light; then there is a layer of brighter blue haze that slowly fades as it extends from the body. But be aware that as soon as you see it, it will be gone, because it moves so fast. It will have pulsated down the arm by the time you take a second look to check yourself out. Try again. you will catch the next pulsation.

*HoL* Organ Removal & Etheric Organs:

When an organ is removed, the etheric organ can still be reconstructed and serve to keep harmony in the auric bodies above the physical body.

The Etheric As Physical's Energy

*MV&I* Etheric & Physical Matter:

The etheric double is not in any sense a separate vehicle, but must be considered simply as part of the physical body. This etheric matter is the link between the astral and the physical, but it has also a very important function as the vehicle of the vital force on the physical plane.

*C&HEF* Function of the Etheric Body:

The most important function of the etheric body is the transfer of life energy or vitality from the universal field to the individual field, and thence to the physical body.

At the etheric level, the individual field is conditioned and vitalized by the life force or etheric energy which pours in through its major centers or chakras.

The etheric channels run parallel to the nervous system.

Much as the unborn child floats in the embryonic fluid of the womb, so human beings are sustained by a sea of nourishing energies.

*D* The Etheric Brain:

Almost exactly co-extensive with and interpenetrating its visible form is his etheric double, and that also has a brain which it really no less physical than the other, though composed of matter in a condition finer than the gaseous.

The etheric matter of which we have spoken and the denser matter ordinarily recognized as belonging to the brain are really both parts of one and the same physical organism. Neither can be affected without instantly producing some reaction on the other.

*D* The Etheric Gathering and Creation of Prana:

Now this etheric double has often been called the vehicle of the human life-ether, or prana. Anyone who has developed the psychic faculties will see the solar life-principle almost colorless, though intensely luminous and active, which is constantly poured into the earth's atmosphere by the sun. The etheric part of his spleen absorbs this universal life, and specializes it into prana, so that it may be more readily assimilable by his body. It then courses all over that body, running along every nerve-thread in tiny globules of lovely rose light, causing the glow of life and health and activity to penetrate every atom of the etheric double. When the rose-colored particles have been absorbed, the superfluous life-ether finally radiates form the body in every direction as bluish white light.

*C&HEF* The Healthy Flow:

When a healthy person is in a calm and happy state of mind, the energy flows evenly and smoothly. The chakras area able to transform energy from level to level in health as well as in disease, so that when an individual is full of affection this is transmitted to the body in the form of increased balanced energy. If there is no emotional conflict, the etheric energy is strengthened and enhanced. Certainly, healthy children are naturally happy and spontaneous, and they are overflowing with energy.

*C&HEF* The Etheric, Prana, & Genetics:

The etheric is not only the vehicle of the life force or prana; it also furnishes the basic pattern according to which the physical body is built. (the connections between the etheric pattern and the genetic code offer interesting possibilities, which have so far not been explored.)

*DA* The Absence of the Etheric Body:

[The etheric double's] absence from the body is generally marked by the heaviness or semi-lethargy of the latter. Acting as the reservoir, or vehicle, of the life-principle during earthlife, its withdrawal from the body is naturally marked by the lowering of all vital functions.

Propagation of Nerve Sensation

*ASJ* The Etheric Body- Nerve Sensations:

The Master: ‘[The etheric double (in ancient Egypt it was referred to as the Ka)] is not a body in the ordinary sense of the word in that you cannot live in it, as you can in your physical body; you cannot even see it, unless you have developed the lowest form of clairvoyance- which is called etheric sight.

‘The matter of which this etheric body is composed, also surrounds our nerves... The nerve currents do not actually run along the white thread of the physical nerve, but along a coating of etheric matter which surrounds it, so that if this coating is removed from the physical nerve, we do not get any sensation. This is what happens when an anaesthetic is used. In the case of a local anaesthetic, the etheric matter which conducts the feeling is driven away a short distance from the particular nerve... When a much more powerful general anaesthetic is given for a major operation, which necessitates the patient being unconscious and devoid of feeling for a considerable time, the etheric matter is driven away almost entirely from the dense body. If it is entirely driven out, then the patient dies; this is what has happened when a patient occasionally dies while under the effect of an anaesthetic.'

The Etheric Image Stream

*HU* The Etheric Image-River Behind the Aura: It's Likeness to Dreams:

Dryer is able to peel back a person's waking self and gaze directly at the unceasing river of images that is always flowing through their unconscious mind.

Dryer's ability to observe and interpret the innermost workings of a person's psyche is one of the reasons she is able to effect such profound transformations in many of her clients. The first time she described the stream of images she saw unfolding in my own energy field, I had the uncanny sensation she was telling me about one of my own dreams, save that it was a dream I had not yet dreamed. At first the phantasmagoria of images are only mysteriously familiar, but as she unraveled and explained each symbol and metaphor in turn, I recognized the machinations of my inner self, both the things I accepted and the things I was less willing to embrace.

*D* The Etheric Brain's Thought-Reception & Ego's Willed Control of It:

Streams of though are seen to be constantly sweeping through the etheric brain – not its own thoughts in the least, for it has of itself no power to think – but the casual thoughts of others which are always floating round us.

Every thought impresses itself upon the plastic elemental essence and generates a temporary living entity, the duration of whose life depends upon the energy of the though-impulse given to it. Whether we are awake or asleep, other men's thoughts are constantly presenting themselves to the etheric part of our brain.

So long as we ourselves are actively thinking and therefore keeping our brain fully employed, it is practically impervious to this continual impingement of thought from without; but the moment that we leave it i.e., the stream of inconsequent chaos begins to pour through it. Most of the thoughts seep through unassimilated and almost unnoticed, but now and then one comes along which reawakens some vibrations to which the etheric part of the brain in accustomed; at once that brain seizes upon it, intensifies it, and makes it its own; that thought in turn suggests another; and so a whole train of ideas is started, until eventually it also fades away, and the disconnected, purposeless stream begins flowing through the brain again.

The vast majority of people, if they will watch closely what they are in the habit of calling their thoughts will find that they are not their thoughts at all, but simply the cast-off fragments of other people's. The ordinary man hardly ever knows exactly of what he is thinking at any particular moment, or why is he thinking of it. (NOTE: All thoughts are originated by a will, but many are caught passively from another's will and called one's own.)

The result of this is that even when he, the ego, really wishes for once to think consecutively on any particular subject, he finds himself practically unable to do so; all sorts of stray thoughts rush unbidden from every side. It is this utter lack of concentration, this feebleness of mind and will, that makes the early stages of occult development so difficult to the average man.

In sleep, then, the etheric part of the brain is even more than usually at the mercy of these thought-currents, since the ego is, for the time, in less close association with it. When by any means these currents are shut out from this part of the brain, it does not remain absolutely passive, but begins very slowly and dreamily to evolve pictures for itself from its store of past memories.

Etheric As a Bridge

*C* The Etheric Double:

Without the etheric body as a bridge to convey undulations of thought and feeling from the astral to the visible denser physical matter, the ego could make no use of the cells of his brain.

Moving the Etheric Body

*HTKHW* Moving the Ether Body:

As we advance successfully in our development, we become able to turn the ether body in all directions, using the currents that flow roughly parallel to the hands and whose center lies in the two-petalled lotus flower near the eyes. This is possible because the currents flowing from the larynx form rounded shapes some of which flow toward the two-petalled lotus flower and thence continue on as wave-like currents along the hands.

The Etheric Cord

*ASJ* The Etheric Body- The Etheric Cord:

The Master: ‘This etheric matter, gossamer in texture and extremely elastic... has another function. It acts as a liaison or link between the physical and the astral bodies during sleep. When you, the ego, disconnect yourself from your physical body, lying on the bed, a cord of etheric matter attached to your astral body, with its main bulk remaining in and around the physical body, stretches out as you travel to any part of the world that you wish... When the time comes for the body to awaken, an SOS is sent out along this etheric cord to you, wherever you are, and you must return to your physical body and re-enter it.'

After-Death Visitations with the Etheric Cord

*LBD* Etheric Body & Speaking:

Immediately after death the human being is in his etheric body. At this stage, as we know, he looks back and experiences his whole life in a great tableau. In particular, the powerful impulses of his soul emerge all of a sudden and can manifest quite differently from the way they did during life...

Because the etheric body was still there, he could clothe in physical words what he wished to say.


To begin with, the dead human being conveys to his etheric body what he himself wishes to transmit to us who are still in the physical world. For only by his transmitting it to his etheric body- as it were, making inscriptions in his etheric body- only by this means can we, who are here in the physical, have perceptions of the dead in terms of what we call ‘imaginations'.

Etheric & Karma

*D* The Etheric Double & Karma:

If we take the trouble to trace these inner bodies backwards to their origin, we find that the etheric double – the mould upon which the physical body is built up – is formed by the agents of the lords of karma.

Disturbances in the Etheric Body

*C&HEF* Illness & Outline of Etheric Body

If a person is ill, the outline of the etheric body becomes uneven and the normal energy flow through the chakras is reduced.

When the energy pattern is closely knit, it is very resistant to invasion from the outside world, but when loose and porous it can be penetrated more easily, and therefore the subject is apt to take in whatever may be in the surrounding environment.

Etheric Development

*HTKHW* Development of The Etheric Body:

The goal of our development is now to form a kind of central point near the physical heart from which currents and movements spread in manifold spiritual colors and shapes. This center is not really a "point," but rather a quite complex formation, a marvelous organ, shining and shimmering spiritually in a great variety of colors and revealing quickly changing shapes of great regularity.

Further forms and streams of color radiate out from this central organ to the other parts of the body and even beyond it, permeating and illuminating the entire soul body. The most important currents, however, flow to the lotus flowers, permeating each petal and regulating their rotation. The currents then flow out from the tips of the petals and disappear into the surrounding space. The more developed a person is, the greater the circumference formed by these spreading currents.

The twelve-petalled lotus flower is closely related to the central point described above. All the currents flow directly into and through this "point."

When we follow the instructions given here, we acquire currents and movements in our ether body, which are in harmony with the laws and evolution of the world to which we belong.

*C&HEF* Empowered Etheric Bodies:

In individuals who have some higher sense perception, especially telepathy, the etheric seems to be finer in texture than in the average person, and also slightly larger and more rhythmic.

Healer's their etheric fields seem to have more elasticity than the average, thus enabling them to transmit energy to the patient.

In a trance-medium, the etheric varies from the norm in several ways. If the medium goes into a trance frequently over a long period of time, certain changes take place. The texture of the etheric becomes increasingly spongy and porous, and its connection with the physical body loosens. Physical problems related to the kidneys, adrenals and water metabolism may arise from these etheric changes and abnormalities manifest themselves through fluctuations in body weight.

*WoLi* Chakras & Evolution:

The chakras are the gears that turn the spiral of evolution, drawing our attention toward the still untapped frontiers of consciousness and its infinite potential.

In the dimension of time, chakras describe stages of cultural evolution and personal life cycles.

In terms of evolution, chakras are paradigms of consciousness that prevail in the world at a given time.

The Etheric Web-Barrier

*C&HEF* The Etheric as a Barrier:

While the etheric is not in itself a vehicle of consciousness, it does transmit the stream of consciousness to the physical brain. There is an etheric web of the finest texture that acts as a natural barrier between the etheric and astral fields, and protects the individual from opening communication between these two levels prematurely. It is in effect a protective device, and its injury has serious consequences, since this opens the door to forces beyond the individual's control. Among the factors reported to modify or tear this web are alcoholism and the continued use of narcotics and similar substances. (NOTE: things that break the barriers prematurely.)

*C* The Etheric Web- Protection, Dream-Forgetting, and Momentary Unconsciousness:

The astral and etheric centres are in very close correspondence. Between them is a sheath or web of closely woven texture, a sheath composed of a single layer of physical atoms much compressed and permeated by a special form of vital force. The divine life which normally descends from the astral body to the physical is so attuned as to pass through this with perfect ease, but it is an absolute barrier to all other forces. This web is the protection provided by nature to prevent a premature opening up of communication between the planes.

It is this which under normal conditions prevents clear recollection of what has happened during sleep, and it is this also which causes the momentary unconsciousness which always occurs at death. But for this merciful provision the ordinary man, could at any moment be brought by any astral entity under the influence of forces to cope with which would be entirely beyond his strength. He would be liable to constant obsession by any being on the astral plane who desired to seize upon his vehicles.

Any injury to this web is a serious disaster.

Any great shock to the astral body, such for example as a sudden terrible fright, may rend apart this delicate organism and, as it is commonly expressed, drive the man mad. A tremendous outburst of anger may also produce the same effect. Indeed it may follow upon any exceedingly strong emotion of an evil character which produces a kind of explosion in the astral body.

*HTKHW* The Sensitive Ether Web:

These currents then ramify and branch out in the most delicate way to form a kind of net. This becomes a sort of membranous network at the boundary of the ether body. Before we began practicing the ether body was not enclosed. The currents of life flowed in and out from the universal ocean of life directly and unhindered. Now, however, all influences from the outside have to pass through this thin web or skin. As a result, we become sensitive to these outer currents and begin to perceive them.

The Health Aura

*MV&I* The Health-Aura:

It is well known that tiny particles of dense physical matter are constantly being thrown off from man's body, in insensible perspiration and in other ways; and these particles also are visible to clairvoyant sight as a faint grey mist. These particles are in many cases crystals, and therefore are seen in certain geometrical forms; for example, the tiny cubes of sodium chloride or common salt, are among the most frequent. The health-aura is a faint bluish-white, almost colorless, and has the appearance of being striated; that is, it is full of, or perhaps it might rather be said to be composed of, an infinitude of straight lines radiating evenly in all directions from the pores of the body. That at least is the normal condition of these lines when the body is in perfect health; they are separate, orderly, and as nearly parallel as their radiation allows. But on the advent of disease there is an instant change, the lines in the neighborhood of the part affected becoming erratic, and lying about in all directions in the wildest confusion, or drooping like the stems of faded flowers.

The rigidity and parallelism of the lines of this health-aura are caused by the constant radiation of life-force from the healthy body; and as soon as this radiation ceases, the lines fall into the confused condition described above. As long as the lines are firm and straight, and the force steadily radiates between them, the body seems to be almost entirely protected from the attack of evil physical influences, such as germs of disease, for example – such germs being repelled and carried away by the outrush of the life-force.

*MV&I* Building the Health-Aura into an Impervious Shell:

It is possible by an effort of will to check this radiation of vitality at the outer extremity of its lines, and there to build it into a kind of wall or shell, which will be absolutely impervious to these germs – and, with a little further effort, impervious also to any kind of astral or elemental influence – so long as such effort of the will in maintained.


The Chakras

What Chakras Are

*WoLi* Chakras Are Gateways:

Chakras exist in many dimensions simultaneously, and as such, are a point of entry into those dimensions. In the realm of the physical, they are areas of the body and can be measured as patterns of electromagnetic activity, centered around the major nerve ganglia.

*HU* Seeing Chakras:

Like Brennan, Carol Dryer, who makes her living as a psychic, can adjust her vision and see the chakras.

"Vortices of energy at certain points along the spine, connected with or influencing the endocrine system."

*WoLi* Chakras Are Vibrating Vortexes:

In all dimensions, chakras are a kind of vortex- a significant gathering point of organized life energy.

In metaphysical terminology, a chakra is a vortex. The scientific definition of a vortex describes chakras as well: a mass of fluid with a whirling circular motion, forming a cavity or vacuum in the center which draws toward itself bodies subject to this action. Anything the chakras encounters on its particular vibrational level gets drawn into the chakra, processed, and passed out again.

The spinning is the vibratory pattern of the chakra.

*C* What Chakras Are:

A chakra is a series of wheel-like vortices which exist in the surface of the etheric double of man.

The chakras or force-centres are points of connection at which energy flows from one vehicle or body of a man to another. In the etheric double, they show themselves as saucer-like depressions, or vortices in its surface. When quite undeveloped they appear as small circles about two inches in diameter, glowing dully in the ordinary man; but when awakened and vivified they are seen as blazing, coruscating whirlpools, much increased in size, and resembling miniature suns. The etheric double projects slightly beyond the outline of the dense body. The stalk of the flower in each springs from a point in the spine, so another view might show the spine as a central stem.

*TF* The Vibratory Form of Chakras:

(NOTE: Chakras! Figure out the vibratory nature of them.)

History of Chakras

*SC* The Chakras Through All Cultures:

John: "The seven chakras are common to all cultures, all expressions. In Judeo-Christian systems of thought, they are referred to as the Tree of Life. They are the Seven Churches of the Book of Revelations. They are the wheels of the Eastern systems of thought. They are the Seven Serpents of the Quetzalcoatl mythology."

Function of the Chakras

*HoL* Chakra Petals- Vortices & the Metabolization of Different Energies:

In eastern esoteric literature, each of the chakras is seen as having a certain number of petals. On closer investigation, these petals appear to be small rotating vortices spinning at very high rates. Each vortex metabolizes an energy vibration that resonates at its particular spin frequency. The pelvic chakra, for example, has four small vortices and metabolizes four basic frequencies of energy... The colors observed in each chakra are related to the frequency of energy being metabolized at its particular rate.

Since the chakras serve to vitalize the body they are directly related to any pathology in the body... Each chakra is associated with an endocrine gland and major nerve plexus. The chakras absorb the universal or primary energy (ch'i, orgone, prana, etc.), break it up into component parts and then send it along energy rivers called nadis to the nervous system, the endocrine glands and then the blood to nourish the body.

*HoL* Chakra Areas:

The three chakras in the head and throat are govern the reason; the chakras on the front of the body govern the emotions; their counterparts on the back govern the will.


The front and rear aspects of each work together as a pair, and a balance between each is more important than to try to open only one very widely.

*C&HEF* Function of the Chakras:

The chakras are superphysical centers or organs through which the energies of the different fields are synchronized and distributed to the physical body. They are more or less active on the astral, mental and (to some extent) on even higher levels, in which they have different roles, but they are of primary importance at the etheric level, where they serve as instruments for the focusing of energy in the body.

The etheric, astral and mental vehicles each contain seven major centers of force. Through this core, the energies of the different fields focus and circulate, and around it the energies whirl centrifugally and pulsate rhythmically. The cores or hearts of the centers are points of interaction where energy flows from one field or level into another. These are also associated with specific abilities or powers of consciousness related to one or another of the other fields.

It is important to note that the chakras are both the transmitters and the transformers of energy from field to field, for their mechanism synchronizes the emotional, mental and the etheric energies. They step the energy up or down, or slow or speed it up, from one field to another, so that the faster energy of the emotional field can affect the slower energy of the etheric, as well as the reverse.

Their motion is, in fact, harmonic or musical in character, with rhythms which vary according to individual, constitutional and temperamental differences.

Yet it must not be inferred that the chakras are separate from the fields themselves, as might be implied by the way they appear in the diagrams. They are vortices which concentrate the energy within the fields, just as whirlpools are formations in and of water. Therefore any important change in the energy field is immediately apparent in the chakras, and most easily observed there.

*RB* Chakra Function:

Chakras are non-physical organs that transform raw Kundalini energy into more subtle, and usable, forms of energy. The chakras do not, themselves, contain energy. Raw energy is drawn up from the planet, by the minor chakras in the legs and feet, and fed into the main chakra system. Kundalini energy is, in essence, pure thought energy that permeates and binds the universe together. This living energy field can be tapped, more deeply, by the application of focussed, creative will. It can be drawn into the body.

*HoL* The Chakras and their Purposes:

Each layer of the aura is associated with a chakra. That is, the first layer is associated with the first chakra, and the second with the second chakra, and so on... The first layer of the field and the first chakra are associated with physical functioning and physical sensation- feeling physical pain or pleasure. The first layer is associated with automatic and autonomic functioning of the body. The second layer and second chakra are in general associated with the emotional aspects of human beings. They are the vehicles through which we have our emotional life and feelings. The third layer is associated with our mental life, with linear thinking... The fourth level, associated with the heart chakra, is the vehicle through which we love, not only our mates, but also humanity in general. The fourth chakra is the chakra that metabolized the energy of love. The fifth level is the level associated with a higher will more connected with the divine will. The fifth chakra is associated with the power of the word, speaking things into being, listening and taking responsibility for our actions. The sixth level and sixth chakra are associated with celestial love. It is a love that extends beyond the human range of love and encompasses all life... The seventh later and seventh chakra are associated with the higher mind, knowing and integration of our spiritual and physical makeup.


The chakras of the auric body have three major functions:

1. To vitalize each auric body and, thus, the physical body.

2. To bring about the development of different aspects of self-consciousness...

3. To transmit energy between the auric levels. Each auric layer has its own set of seven major chakras.

Attributes of the Chakras

*WoLi* Attributes of Chakras:

Like lotuses, chakras have "petals," which vary in number from chakra to chakra (from bottom to top: 4,6,10,12,16,2,1000 petals). Like flowers, chakras can be open or closed, dying or budding, depending upon the state of consciousness within.

[p.14-15 awesome pictures of chakra patterns in nature]

**WoLi* Chakra Colors:

Clairvoyant Valerie Hunt: "Chakras frequently carried the colors stated in the metaphysical literature, ie red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, white."

Various yoga texts, describing how the chakras appear, often describe the first chakra as yellow, the second white, the third red, the fourth smoky, the fifth blue with the sixth gold and the seventh lustrous beyond color.

When viewing chakras clairvoyantly, it is equally unlikely that one would see a set of chakras reflecting the above rainbow description, for these are optimum colors occurring in chakras that are fully developed and clear.

From my own experience, it is far more common to see many colors in each chakra, twisting in and out of the chakra and forming patterns and images that relate to that person's life.

*WoLi* Chakra Density:

As a system, the seven chakras describe an incremental spectrum between matter and consciousness. The lower chakras are the most dense.

The upper chakras, then, are the least dense.

*WoL* Cause of Chakra Color:

The spinning of the individual chakras creates energy, the frequency of which determines the color of a particular chakra. The amount of intensity of energy produced by a particular chakra or group of chakras determines the color that dominates the auric field.

*WoL* Chakra Spin:

Generally a healthy, functioning chakra will spin or turning a clockwise direction (when we are viewing the front of a person), so that the energy will be drawn upward to the next chakra. (Below the equator, healthy chakras spin counterclockwise.)

*WoL* Chakra Polarity:

(NOTE: polarity input/output) One of these relationships is that of polarity. A chakra can be positive or negative. Those chakras that move energy out of the front of the body are called output chakras and have a positive polarity.

*WoL* On Color:

Pigments absorb, white light reflects.

*WoL* Chakras Are Independent & Interactive:

Each chakra is both unique and potentially interactive with each other chakra, having both a specific viewpoint and the structure for a distinctly different one.

*BtC* The Chakras & Energy Fields:

[Diane] can see the physical organs of the body and any pathology or disturbance in function...

She observes a "vital or energy body or field" which sub-stands the dense physical body, interpenetrating it like a sparkling web of light beams... Within this energy body or pattern of frequencies she observes eight major vortices of force and many smaller vortices. As she describes it, energy moves in and out of these vortices, which look like spiral cones. Seven of these major vortices are directly related to the different glands of the body... The spiral cones of energy that make up these vortices may be fast or slow, rhythmical or jerky. She sometimes sees breaks in the energy pattern. Each major vortex as she describes it more minutely is made up of a number of lesser spiral cones of energy and each major vortex differs in the number of these spiral cones (NOTE: Like Leadbeater's picture).

*HoL* Chakra Colors:

Each chakra looks like a vortex of a different color and follows the colors of the rainbow...

Chakra 1 = red

Chakra 2 = red-orange

Chakra 3 = yellow

Chakra 4 = bright grass green

Chakra 5 = sky blue

Chakra 6 = indigo

Chakra 7 = white

*HoL* The Pitch of Each Chakra:

Each chakra has a different pitch, and each person's pitch for a particular chakra is slightly different...

To find the pitch for each chakra, I vary the range a bit until I hit a resonance... When I hit the right pitch, the chakra tenses up and begins to spin rapidly and evenly. It's color brightens up...

An interesting effect of this sounding, which is usually very powerfully felt by the patient, is to increase the patient's ability to visualize... the chakra's color...

Traditional Indian teachings give a Sanskrit letter and a particular sound for each chakra.

Chakra Flow- How it Works

Script: Very important! A clear and concise, universally understood mode of electromagnetic vortical movement. This is the basis of communication, open vs closedness- this spinning, these chakras!
*HoL* How Chakras Generate Current- Electromagnetic Spinning!:

When the chakras are functioning normally, each will be "open," spinning clockwise to metabolize the particular energies needed from the universal field. A clockwise spin draws energy from the UEF into the chakra, very much like the right-hand rule in electromagnetism, which states that a changing magnetic field around a wire will induce a current in that wire. Grasping the wire with the right hand, point fingers in the direction of the positive magnetic pole. The thumb will automatically point in the direction of the induced current. The same rules hold true for chakras... When a chakra spins counterclockwise, the current is flowing outward from the body, thus interfering with metabolism.

*HoL* How Chakras Wheel in Energy:

Energy can be seen flowing into all of these chakras from the Universal Energy Field. Each swirling vortex of energy appears to suck or entrain energy from the UEF. They appear to function as do fluid vortexes we are familiar with in water or in air such as whirlpools, cyclones, water spouts and hurricanes. The open end is about six inches in diameter at a distance of one inch from the body.

*BtC* Living in an Ocean of Energy- The Interchange:

We live and move in a vast and complicated ocean of energies. These energies move in and out of our own individual fields in a similar fashion to the process of breathing... Certain activities or stimuli key in or give access to this ocean of energy... (NOTE: Where you see the Pure Essence. If everywhere, you'd never close!) Grief or self-centeredness, for example, appear to greatly diminish the individual's access to this energy supply. (NOTE: Like... so selfish you wont breathe out. So disgusted you wont breathe in)

*C&HEF* The Chakras' In and Out Flow:

The centers are never static; their speed of rotation is both rapid and variable according to the state of health and the quality of the flow. The whole process is analogous to the mechanism of respiration, for the energy is, as it were, breathed in and breathed out by the living human being. The energy pours in through the core of the chakra, reaches the spine via its stalk, then flows along the tiny pathways of the etheric body which are connected with the physical nervous system. It finally returns to the chakras, moving outward in spirals through the periphery of the petals, in constant intake and outflow. These spirals of energy become wider and wider during the circulation process, gradually blending and fading into the whole field of the etheric body, and then dispersing into the universal field, just as our expelled breath becomes part of the whole atmosphere of the earth.

*C* The Action of This Energy in the Chakras:

The primary force itself, having entered the vortex, radiates from it again at right angles, but in straight lines, as though the centre of the vortex were the hub of a wheel, and the radiations of the primary force its spokes. By means of these spokes the force seems to bind the astral and etheric bodies together as though with grappling-hooks. The number of these spokes determines the number of waves or petals which each of them exhibits.

Each of the secondary forces which sweep round the saucer-like depression has its own characteristic wave-length. It moves along relatively large undulations of various sizes, each of which is some multiple of the smaller wave-lengths within it. The number of undulations is determined by the number of spokes in the wheel and the secondary force weaves itself under and over the radiating currents of the primary force. The wave-lengths are infinitesimal, and probably thousands of them are included within one of the undulations. These oscillations produce the flower-like form. All of these undulations or petals have that shimmering pavonine effect, like mother-of-pearl, yet each of them has usually its own predominant colour. This silvery aspect is likened in Sanskrit works to the gleam of moonlight on water.

The secondary force, in passing each spoke, is to some extent modified by its influence, and therefore changes a little in its hue.

*D* Amount and Speed of Circulation of Prana & Its Effects:

The condition of the etheric portion of the brain is affected by any change in the volume or the velocity of these life-currents.

When the quantity of nerve-ether specialized by the spleen falls for any reason below the average, physical weakness and weariness are immediately felt, and if, under these circumstances, it also happens that the speed of its circulation is increased, the man becomes supersensitive, highly irritable, nervous and perhaps even hysterical, while in such a condition he is often more sensitive to physical impressions than he would normally be, and so it often occurs that a person suffering from ill-health sees visions or apparitions which are imperceptible to his more robust neighbor. If, on the other hand, the volume and velocity of the life-ether are both reduced at the same time, the man experiences intense languor, becomes less sensitive to outside influences, and has a general feeling of being too weak to care much about what happens to him.

*C&HEF* Constantly Changing Fields:

Like the physical body, which is continually disintegrating and rebuilding itself, the etheric, emotional and mental fields are constantly changing, but at a much more rapid rate. The chakras are involved in this change.

Consciousness is a basic factor in self-actualization and self-transformation, and this, of course, is reflected in the chakras. These can and do change in response to modifications in our thinking and feeling, as well as in our patterns of behavior, and this change in turn affects the healing process.

*C&HEF* Responsive Energy Patterns:

These energy patterns are responsive to changes in consciousness.

Blocking the Flow, Causing Diseases, &

Projecting By Chakra Reversal

Script: CENTRALLY IMPORTANT! This connects theory to reality! Fear closes, projection reverses, this is BRILLIANT! Prolonged fear causes diseases.
*HoL* Blocking Feeling, Blocking Chakras & PROJECTING:

Most of us react to unpleasant experiences by blocking our feeling and stopping a great deal of our natural energy flow... When the energy flow through the heart chakra is stopped or slowed down, the development of the heart chakra is affected. Eventually, a physical problem will very likely result...

Whenever a person blocks whatever experience he is having, he in turn blocks his chakras, which eventually become disfigured. The chakras become "blocked," clogged with stagnated energy, spin irregularly, or backwards (counterclockwise) and even, in the case of disease, become severely distorted or torn...

Most people I have observed have three or four chakras spinning counterclockwise at any one time... Since chakras are not only metabolizers of energy, but also devices that sense energy, they serve to tell us about the world around us. If we "close" chakras, we do not let that information come in. Thus, when we make our chakras flow counterclockwise, we send our energy out into the world, sense what the energy is that we send out and say that it is the world. This is called projection in psychology. (NOTE: Wow!!! So important!!!)

Number of the Chakras

*HoL* Major (7x21), Minor (21x14), and Tiny (?x7) Chakras

Dr. David Tansely, a radionics specialist, in his book Radionics and the Subtle Bodies of Man, states that the seven major chakras are formed at the points where the standing lines of light cross each other 21 times.

The 21 minor chakras are located at points where the energy strands cross 14 times... These chakras are only about three inches in diameter at one inch distance from the body. The two minor chakras located in the palms are very important in healing. Where the lines of energy cross seven times, even smaller vortices are created... Tansely says that these tiny vortices may very well correspond to the acupuncture points of Chinese medicine.

Each major chakra on the front of the body is paired with its counterpart on the back of the body, and together they are considered to be the front and rear aspect of one chakra. The frontal aspects are related to the person's feelings, the rear ones to her or his will...

Each of the seven chakras has seven layers, each corresponding to a layer of the auric field. Each chakra looks different on each of these fields...

*HoL* Acupuncture Points:

Acupuncture points look like little vortexes of energy or tiny chakras.

*CWG3* The Body Microcosm:

Your being is the universe in microcosm. You, and your whole physical body, are composed of raw energy, clustered around seven centers, or chakras.

Location of the Chakras

*BtC* Location of the Chakras:

Five of these macro-vortices are located in a line along the spine. There is one at the base of the spine, one approximately midway between the pubic bone and the navel, one at the navel, one at the level of mid-sternum near the heart area and one near the larynx or Adam's apple. There is another macro-vortex on the left side of the body in the area of the spleen and pancreas. This one does not seem to be connected with the spinal pattern of vortices. There are two other macro-vortices, one approximately where the eyebrows meet and one at the top of the head. There is a ninth smaller vortex at the back of the head in the vicinity of the medulla oblongata.

Diane described the energy vortex at the base of the spine as having a direct connection with the adrenal glands. According to her description it is made up of four smaller spiral cones of whirling energy with the sharp points of the cones fitting into a center point... Each of the major vortices which Diane observes has its own characteristic number of spiral cones of energy which form the total macro-vortex. In each case the major vortex as she observes it presents a mandalla pattern.

*SiO* The Pineal Horizon:

This seemingly useless appendage... [The pineal gland] is the pendulum which, once the clock-work of the inner man is wound up, carries the spiritual vision of the Ego to the highest planes of perception, where the horizon open before it becomes almost infinite. (NOTE: DMT!)

*RB* Basic Energy Work: The Major Chakras:

The major chakras are situated at:

1. MASTER: Base chakra (base of spine, between anus and genitals)

2. Spleen chakra (slightly below the belly button)

3. Solar Plexus chakra (1 hand-span above the belly button)

4. MASTER: Heart chakra (centre of the chest)

5. Throat chakra (base of throat, above where it joins the chest)

6. Brow chakra (exact centre of forehead)

7. MASTER: Crown chakra (whole top of head above the hairline)

They are best imagined as roughly the size of the palm of your hand, except for the crown chakra which is much larger...

The chakras are attached to the spinal cord and nervous system via certain glands and nerve ganglia. The full chakra system is extremely complex. There are 3 master, 4 major and over 300 minor chakras in the human body. There are also several non-physical chakras situated outside of the body. Detailed maps of the chakra system and their connecting meridians and pathways, have been used for thousands of years in Eastern mysticism and medicine, i.e., acupuncture.

*HTKHW* Chakra Location:

The further we advance in soul development, the more regularly structured our soul organism becomes. To the clairvoyant it looks like an independent body, containing certain organs. These organs may be seen spiritually in the following areas of the physical body: the first, between the eyes; the second, near the larynx; the third, in the region of the heart; the fourth, in the neighborhood of the pit of the stomach or solar plexus; and the fifth and the sixth, in the lower abdomen or reproductive region.

Opening Chakras

*HoL* Having Open Chakras- Sensing Aspects of the World Around You:

Each of these vortices exchanges energy with the UEF. Thus, when we speak of feeling "open," that is literally true. All the major chakras, minor chakras, lesser chakras and acupuncture points are openings for energy to flow into and out of the aura... Since this energy is always associated with a form of consciousness, we experience the energy we exchange in terms of seeing, hearing, sensing, intuiting, or direct knowing.

Therefore, we can see that staying "open" means two things. First, it means metabolizing a lot of energy from the universal energy field through all the chakras, large and small. Second, it means letting in, and in some way dealing with, all the consciousness that is associated with the energy that is flowing through us. That is not an easy task, and most of us cannot do it. There would simply be too much input... We therefore work in whatever growth process we are in to open each chakra slowly, so that we have time to process the personal material that is released and integrate the new information into our life.

It is important to open the chakras and increase our energy flow, because the more energy we let flow, the healthier we are. Illness in the system is caused by an imbalance of energy or a blocking of the flow of energy.

*HoL* Opening Doors Between Chakra Levels:

There are doors or seals between the chakra levels deep within the hearts of the chakras. These seals or doors must be opened in order to move from one level to the next. This is done by raising the vibrational level of your energy system. To increase and maintain your field at a higher vibrational level means purification work. You must keep your field clear and highly cleared to perceive the higher levels of the auric field. Doing this also means increased sensitivity in your daily life. This means a lot of self-care in terms of diet, exercise and spiritual practices...

This is not necessarily an easy task... Every increase in energy in the system knocks loose blocks that take you through experiences that you have buried within your subconscious because the events were too threatening to be felt at the time they occurred.

*HoL* Transmitting Energy Between Layers:

For example, for the fourth chakra, there are really seven chakras, each of a higher frequency band than the lower one. These chakras appear to be nested within each other like nesting glasses. Each chakra on each higher layer extends out farther in the auric field (to the edge of each auric layer) and is slightly broader than the one below it.

Energy is transmitted from one layer to the next through passageways in the tips of the chakras. In most people these passageways are sealed. They open as a result of spiritual purification work and thus the chakras become transmitters of energy from one layer to another. Each chakra... is directly connected to the same chakra in the next finer body that surrounds and interpenetrates it.

Chakra Release of Thought-Forms

*HoL* Chakras Throwing Off Things:

At times a person may throw off color blobs of energy into the air around him. This is especially observable when someone is releasing feelings.

Raising Energy Through the Chakras

*RB* Chakras Use:

Fully developing the chakras and learning how to control them can take many years, depending on natural ability. However, you may enhance your OBEs and lucid dreams at a very early stage in your development, by raising energy and controlling the flow of power through the chakras. This is extremely simple to do. The raised energy will automatically flow into your astral body, prior to and during projection. Your dreams and OBEs will become vivid and unforgettable experiences. This gives you a second life, full of rich experiences you can enjoy, learn and grow from.

*RB* Energy Raising:

Sit or lie down, do the relaxation exercise and clear you mind with breath awareness. Focus your awareness in your feet. Use your HANDS to pull energy up from your feet, through your legs, to the base chakra. Imagine you are gripping energy and pulling it up through you. Just like you did when you used these HANDS with breath awareness and colour breathing, pulling air and energy into your lungs. Note: Try and imagine your HANDS are inside your legs and just inside the front of your torso as you do this.

Use breath awareness as an aide to energy raising. Draw energy up through you, with the inhale, and hold it in place on the exhale. Do this over and over again, pulling energy to the Base chakra, for at least a few minutes. You may or may not feel anything while you do this. Even if you don't, you are still drawing some energy with this exercise. The amount of energy drawn up through you will increase as the chakras develop with time and use.

From the feet, up the legs to the base centre, is a natural path for the energy that flows through you. This energy will stimulate your chakras and they will transform this, basic energy, into energy of a different type. This transformed energy will then flow into your subtle bodies, energizing them. With practise, you will actually FEEL this energy tingling and surging through you.

*RB* Chakra Stimulation:

Chakras are non-physical centres, so you need a non physical method to stimulate them. This is achieved by focusing your awareness in the area of a chakra and using your mind to manipulate it. You need a localized, mental opening effect in a chakra to stimulate it; Imagine you are tearing open a bread roll at the site of a chakra with your imaginary HANDS. By moving your point of awareness to the site of a chakra and causing a mental opening effect with your HANDS, you are directly stimulating the chakra. Do the energy raising exercise, as above, before stimulating the chakras.

1) Base chakra: Raise energy up to your Base chakra. Use your HANDS to open it. Pull energy INTO the Base chakra. Repeat this first step, thoroughly, seven times.

2) Spleen chakra: Draw energy from the feet, through the Base chakra and on up to the Spleen chakra. Open the Spleen chakra. Repeat this three times, starting at feet.

3) Solar Plexus chakra: Draw energy from the feet, through the Base and Spleen chakras and on up to the Solar Plexus chakra. Open the Solar Plexus chakra. Repeat this three times, starting at feet.

4) Heart chakra: Draw energy up from the feet, through the Base, Spleen and Solar Plexus chakras and on up to the Heart chakra. Open the Heart chakra. Repeat this three times, starting at feet.

5) Throat chakra: Draw energy up from the feet, through the Base, Spleen, Solar Plexus and heart chakras to the Throat chakra. Open the Throat chakra. Repeat this three times, starting at feet.

6) Brow chakra: Draw energy up from the feet, through the Base, Spleen, Solar Plexus, Heart and Throat chakras to the Brow chakra. Open the Brow chakra. Repeat this three times, starting at feet.

7) Crown chakra: Draw energy up to the Crown chakra as in the previous step. Open the Crown chakra. This chakra is much larger than the others (whole top of head, above hairline). Imagine you have a much larger, flatter bread roll inside the top of your head and are tearing it open with your HANDS, or like you are tearing your scalp open. Repeat this entire process twice, starting with the feet.

Try your best not to tense any muscles during these exercises. You may, however, feel a slight internal contracting, a feeling that is NOT muscular while you are stimulating your chakras. These are the glands and nerve ganglia, linked to the chakras, contracting in response to the stimulation. This internal contracting is normal.

The Base, or Root chakra, is a MASTER chakra and THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE TO ACTIVATE. This chakra is the doorway for the Kundalini energy. Unless this is opened sufficiently, the energy cannot flow into the other chakras. I suggest you concentrate most of your time and energy into stimulating your Base chakra, at least in the early stages of chakra development.

When I first started raising energy and developing my chakras, many years ago, I didn't feel ANY sensation for several months. Many people, though, have reported to me strong energy and chakra sensation the first time they used them. Some people have more natural chakra activity than others. Lack of any sensation, though, will not stop you from stimulating and developing them, even if, as was my case, you feel nothing at first. I did not have ANY natural chakra activity or ANY natural psychic ability when I first started energy work.

*RB* Closing The Chakras:

After any chakras work, it is VERY important to close them, unless you are going to use them, as in projection. This closing is especially important if you FEEL strong activity in them. If you leave chakras open during normal day to day activity you will bleed energy. This can cause fatigue and even health problems. It can also attract the unwanted attention of undesirable astral entities. To close them, simply reverse the process until no activity is felt. Feel your mental hands closing the chakras and push the energy back down. The more activity you feel, the more time you must spend learning to close them. If you still feel any activity after doing this; eating and physical exercise also helps to close them.

Healing Chakras

*HoL* Healing Dysfunctional Chakras:

A chakra that is continually closed at a large diameter (CC6) will sometimes, over a period of time, decrease its diameter, turn around and then increase its diameter in the harmonious direction until it becomes C6. This type of change will not hold long, but, as the person continues his work over a long period of time, the chakra tends to stay "open" longer each time it is opened... Over a long time, the chakra will stabilize to the open position and will rarely close. The individual usually then moves on in his process to work on the next disharmoniously functioning chakra that interferes with his daily happiness.

I have found that when a chronically closed chakra opens during a therapy session, it is common that another chakra that is usually open will close briefly in compensation. The personality is not able to tolerate the new "opened" state without some degree of imagined "protection" in the beginning.

Script: See if you can find or figure out which level these descriptions are on.

Muladhara- The Root Chakra

*C* The Root Chakra:

The first centre radiates out in four spokes alternately red and orange in hue.

*C&HEF* The Chakra at the Base of the Spine:

The chakra at the base of the spine center is spoken of as the source or habitat of the kundalini fire, which is coiled up, asleep, in the ordinary human being. The two channels of energy, ida and pingala, which rise up and down on either side of the major spinal channel, called sushamna, originate in this center.

The center at the base of the spine, therefore, is particularly associated with the life energy.

*E* Muladhara- The Survival Chakra:

The root chakra corresponds with the archetypal theme of the primal womb. The ego has not yet separated the world into duality. It is the source of the energy of life; Kundalini lies coiled here.

Muladhara is closely associated with returning karma.

Confidence, trust and feeling safe are therefore functions of Muladhara. Prenatal, birth and early life experiences create the stresses that lodge in Muladhara. These early factors largely determine our orientation toward the world in all our subsequent years.

Being grounded and at one with life indicates a properly functioning first chakra. Sympathetic resonance with the electromagnetic frequency of the earth (7.8 Hz) is a function of Muladhara. Being out of tune with the natural vibration of the earth leads to greater stress and eventually results in degeneration of tissues and organs and death.

Svadhisthana- The Sacral/Spleen Chakra

*C&HEF* The Sacral Chakra:

There is a center (the svadhisthana chakra) in the sacral region which governs sexuality.

*HTKHW* Developing The Six-Petalled Lotus:

The development of the six-petalled lotus flower brings us into relation with beings of the higher worlds.

*E* Svadhisthana, the Pleasure Chakra:

Svadhisthana relates to the pre-rational Dream State of Consciousness. This chakra is the beginning of awakening to consciousness of feelings, both our own and others. Stress in Svadhisthana frequently results from the early years in which we learned to differentiate ourselves from our mother and environment; stress here causes defenses or projected idealism to avoid being vulnerable to feelings. Because the second chakra is often quite blocked in the Waking State, the conscious mind is often uncomfortable with painful or powerful feelings. As Kundalini rises from the first chakra, it may activate the stress in the second; this may cause us to seek union with another at any cost.

As the second chakra is opened, the ability to feel both pleasure and pain increases. To heal the second chakra, it is necessary to let go of past fears, disillusionments and disappointed romantic expectations. When properly developed, Svadhisthana produces the energy necessary to unite with another soul. Wholeness in the second chakra establishes a positive emotional identity; we know we are loved and lovable, we accept our feelings and realize that others accept our feelings; we can give emotional support without condition.

*C* The Spleen Chakra:

That vitality is poured out again from it in six horizontal streams, the seventh variety being drawn into the hub of the wheel.

*C&HEF* The Spleen Chakra:

The spleen chakra's most important functions to absorb vitality from the general field, modify it, and then distribute it to the other centers. It is believed that each of the colors present in this chakra has a vibratory affinity with the other chakras in which that particular color is dominant and that by this means the other chakras are continuously vitalized.

(NOTE: vitality absorption) This center usually has a radiant and glowing appearance. Since it is the main transmitter of prana or life energy to the physical body, its most important function lies in its ability to absorb and distribute vitality.

Manipura- The Solar Plexus, Navel Chakra

*C* The Navel Chakra:

The third centre receives a primary force with ten radiations. It is very closely associated with feelings and emotions. Its predominant colour is a curios blending of several shades of red, though there is also a great deal of green in it.

*E* Ascending on the Navel Chakra: Inner Body-Sight & Healing:

From focussing on the navel chakra while resonating with Ascendant Consciousness comes complete knowledge of the body, for all the subtle energy currents (known as nadis) that control the physical functioning of the body pass through this chakra. Mastery of that gives the ability to see all the internal organs and all the bodily systems; from this direct perception comes the ability to heal any of the body that is damaged, diseased or aged.

*C&HEF* The Solar Plexus Chakra:

Fluctuations in rhythm, hyperactivity, and disturbances in the color patterns of this center indicate a person who is overidentified with his emotions, and cannot easily control his feelings.

(NOTE: emotional) This chakra is the most important with respect to the connection with the emotional field, since it as this point that the astral energy enters the etheric field.

In the life of an ordinary person, the solar plexus center is probably the most important and active of all the chakras, since it is very much involved in the emotional life. It is active in a person with strong desires and plays an important role in the projections of personal energy. For this reason, when stress of emotional problems affect the digestive system, this indicates disturbance in the solar plexus area.

*HTKHW* Developing The Ten-Petalled Solar Plexus Lotus:

We must make ourselves masters of what affects us from the outer world. It must become second nature that we allow only those things to work upon us that we have intentionally focused upon.

We turn our care and attention above all to our thought life.

If any random thoughts arise, we reject them; and if we link one thought with another, we consider carefully how this second thought arose.

If we combine such self-discipline with a practice of meditation consonant with the indications given by spiritual science, the lotus flower located in the solar plexus matures properly. What had only shape and warmth for the spiritual sense organs we have previously described will now contain spiritual light and color. The color aura of living beings will become visible to us, and everything around us will manifest its soul-like qualities.

Unconscious memories are particularly active here.

*E* Manipura, the Power Chakra:

The third chakra is the gathering point of the streams of subtle energy called nadis that control all functions of the body. It regulates the flow of vital energies throughout the body. That through mastery of Manipura full knowledge and mastery of the body is attained.

It is here in the third chakra that we learn to assimilate the contents of the unconscious mind. As we do so, more spiritual energy becomes available to us. An undeveloped third chakra leads to power or ego trips and the attempt to control others by forcing them tot he ego's will. Arrogance stems from an undeveloped third; on the other hand, charm, warmth, generosity and a sunny disposition radiate from an open third.

Anahata- The Heart Chakra

*C* The Heart Chakra:

Its primary force makes for it twelve spokes.

*C&HEF* The Heart Chakra:

(NOTE: Love! a release of tension, power to maintain conflict, opens the way to the heart. Balance!) The heart chakra is linked with the higher dimensions of consciousness and with one's sense of being, and as noted above it has a close relationship with the twelve golden petals within the crown chakra. The heart center registers the quality and power of live in the individual's life. When a person has transformed personal desires and passions into a wider and more universal compassion and love for his fellows, the heart becomes the focus of energies which were formerly concentrated in the solar plexus. In mediation, the student is encouraged to focus on the heart center, in order to strengthen its connection with the core of the crown chakra. This brings about a state of true balance in the body, for the heart center is really the point of integration in the whole chakra system, and therefore has an important overall balancing effect. The heart center acts as a primary factor in spiritual transformation.

(NOTE: heart & healing) In the physical body, there is a relationship between the heart chakra and the thymus gland, and through it with the immune system.

*HTKHW* The Twelve-Petalled Heart Lotus:

The twelve-petalled lotus flower, near the heart, is formed in a way similar to the sixteen-petalled one. Half of its petals were also already present and active in a past evolutionary stage of humanity.

Quite different perceptions come to light through the twelve-petalled lotus flower. These may be roughly characterized in terms of warmth and coldness of soul. Seers, endowed with this sense organ, feel soul warmth or coldness streaming from the figures perceived by the sixteen-petalled lotus flower.

*E* The Heart Chakra:

The fifth chakra, corresponding to the hollow of the throat, controls all desire.

The heart is the fourth chakra, the primary seat in the human of the soul. Here is the strongest connection to the Infinite.

*E* Anahata, the Love Chakra:

Anahata is the seat of the Ascendant and therefore represents the union of individuality with Universality. This is the source of the Spiritual Fire. This fire transforms our personal identify. The ego is consumed and transformed by the opening of the heart chakra. When Anahata opens, a strong desire naturally comes for all beings to share in the love and peace of Infinite Awareness.

Energy flowing through the heart chakra transforms and neutralizes negative energy everywhere.

Through nourishing others with divine love, we are automatically transported beyond the limitations of personal, self-oriented reality.

Vishudda- The Throat Chakra

*C* The Throat Chakra:

The fifth centre has sixteen spokes.

*C&HEF* The Throat Chakra:

The throat center has links with the crown and brow chakras in certain states of expanded consciousness, and is especially important with respect to the interconnections between the mental and the etheric fields.

From the clairvoyant's point of view, a clear color and a steady rhythm in the etheric throat center indicate a healthy thyroid.

*HTKHW* Developing the Sixteen-Petalled Throat Lotus:

Eight of the petals of the "sixteen-petalled lotus flower" near the larynx were formed in the distant past, in an earlier evolutionary state. We ourselves contributed nothing to their development. We received these first eight petals as a gift of nature at a time when human consciousness was still dreamlike and dull. These eight petals were already active then, and their activities corresponded to this state of dim consciousness. As consciousness. Intensified, these lotus petals then lost their light and ceased their activity. We ourselves can form the remaining eight petals through the conscious practice of exercises. This will make the whole lotus flower shining and mobile.

The sixteen-petalled flower perceives forms. That is, it perceives as a form both another soul's way of thinking and the laws according to which a natural phenomenon unfolds. Such forms are mobile and filled with life. A vengeful thought has an arrow like and jagged shape, while a kind thought often has the form of a flower beginning to blossom.

To develop the sixteen-petalled lotus flower we proceed as follows. We direct our care and attention to eight specific soul processes that we usually perform without care or attention.

The first soul process concerns the way in which we acquire ideas or mental images. We must begin to see every image or idea a specific message bout something in the outer world.

The second soul process is how we make decision. We must have well-thought-out reasons for all we do.

The third soul process concerns speech. Every word should have substance and meaning.

The fourth soul process concerns the ordering of our outer actions. We should try to manage our affairs so that they fit both with the affairs of others and with events around us.

(NOTE: etc, etc. {pg. 114})

So long as it is still an effort to orient our life in this direction, the gift of seeing will not reveal itself.

*E* Vishudda, the Chakra of Miracles:

The fifth chakra, located at the base of the throat, opens when Perpetual Consciousness is established.

Visuddha represents the origin of all sounds and vibrations. Mastery of the fifth chakra creates the ability to hear all sounds and understand all languages including those far removed (e.g., clairaudience; mental telepathy), those of the birds and animals and those which are celestial or inner. All forms of knowledge are contained within the sound of all objects in creation. Mastery of Visuddha implies the ability to do anything desired: manifest any desired situation or alter any physical form. Visuddha is thus a primary tool in healing.

The voice contains complete information about the speaker, as well as the speaker's emotions and mental orientation. One certain way to become more effective in life is to communicate more clearly. Often the voice is revealing double messages.

Ajna- The Third Eye/Brow Chakra

*C* The Brow Chakra:

The sixth centre has the appearance of being divided into halves, one chiefly rose-coloured, and the other predominantly a kind of purplish-blue. Perhaps it is for this reason that this centre is mentioned in Indian books as having only two petals. Each half is subdivided into forty-eight, making ninety-six in all, because its primary force has that number of radiations.

This sudden leap from 16 to 96 spokes, and again the even more startling variation from 96 to 972 between this and the next chakra, show us that we are now dealing with centres of an altogether different order from those which we have hitherto been considering.

*C&HEF* The Brow Chakra:

In structure, the brow chakra differs from the other centers in that it appears to be divided into two segments, one half colored rose and yellow, the other blue and purple. This center is linked with the pituitary gland; interestingly, this gland is also composed of two parts, each of which has a separate function. This is the chakra which is mainly concerned with the integration of ideas and experience with capacity for organization.

When it is interconnected primarily with the throat center, this indicates an active use of the creative imagination.

It is also prominent in musicians and composers, and indeed in those engaged in creative work of any kind, for this chakra indicates a sensitivity to color and form as well as sound and rhythm. It could be said that the creative aspect of the self is transmitted from the brow chakra where it is conceptualized, to the throat chakra, where it is vitalized.

*HTKHW* Developing the Two-Petalled Lotus- The Higher Self:

Once the two petalled lotus flower begins to move, we are in a position to establish a connection between our higher I and higher spiritual beings. Currents or streams emanating from this lotus flower move toward higher realities in such a way that we can be fully conscious of their movements. Just as light makes physical objects visible to our eyes, so these streams make the spiritual beings of the higher worlds visible to us.

The higher self — which until now has lain dormant within us, seed-like and unconscious – is here born into conscious existence. This birth is a literal birth in an absolutely real sense; a birth into the spiritual world. Our own development must ensure that our higher self begins its conscious existence equipped with all the faculties it needs.

No one can give birth to a healthy higher self who does not live and think in a healthy manner in the physical world.

Our lower self, which shapes our existence in the present, is only one of the many forms our higher being can assume. It is possible to work on the lower self from the perspective of the higher self in order to become more and more perfect.

Next, we must "grow" into this higher self. We must consider it a real being and behave accordingly. Our physical body and what we used to call our "self" are really only instruments of the higher I. Just as we do not think of the car we drive as part of our I, the words "I go in through the door" now come to mean, "I take my body in through the door."

We must never allow any feelings of estrangement or alienation from the sense world to arise.

*E* Ajna, the Third Eye:

This chakra is the reservoir for Soma. The root is the seat of the physical body; the heart is the seat of the emotional body; the sixth is the seat of the mental body.

Ajna is called the third eye because of its potential for celestial perception, clairvoyance, the ability to perceive the subtle energies of non-physical realms, and fully established Exalted Consciousness. Seeing auras, knowing the future, remembering past lives, communicating with celestial beings are some of the abilities that are available to any human with an awakened sixth.

If the sixth chakra is intensely blocked, we may desire not to see it at all. This can result in intense rebellion against our parents or our society, or, in extreme cases, to weak vision or even to blindness or deafness. Our experience of reality is based on projection of our beliefs and judgments.

When both the petals of ajna are in balance, the individual is open and receptive to the world, to emotions and to intuition. Instead of manipulating life, the inherent nature of the universe is directly understood; life is lived in harmony with Natural Law. Latent abilities open new vistas; we perceive our essential unity with all that is.

Sahasrara- The Crown Chakra

*C* The Crown Chakra:

The seventh centre, when stirred into full activity is the most resplendent of all, full of indescribable chromatic effects and vibrating with almost inconceivably rapidity. It is described in Indian books as thousand-petalled, and really this is not very far from the truth.

This chakra is usually the last to be awakened. Another peculiarity attends its development. It is at first a depression in the etheric body, as are all the others, because through it, as through them, the divine force flows in from without; but when the man realizes his position as a king of the divine light, dispensing largesse to all around him, this chakra reverses itself, turning as it were inside out; it is no longer a channel of reception but of radiation, no longer a depression but a prominence, standing out from the head as a dome, a veritable crown of glory.

In Oriental pictures and statues of the deities or great men this prominence is often shown. (Picture, Fig.2, p.17)

*C&HEF* The Crown Chakra:

The crown chakra, is usually larger than the others, and is the dominant seat of consciousness.

The topmost chakra is located about six centimeters above the crown of the head. Saucer-like in shape, it consists of 12 golden central petals, with a complex of 960 secondary petals, with a complex of 960 secondary petals arranged around them: thus it is called the "thousand-petaled lotus" in Indian Tantrism. These petals display all the colors of the rainbow, with violet predominating.

It is most important and reveals both the spiritual quality of the individual and the state of his consciousness. The size, variation in color, speed of rotation, rhythm, degree of brilliance, texture and elasticity, as well as the development of the interconnections with other centers, all indicate the quality and character of the whole personality and the strength of its connection with the inmost self. If the core of the chakra shines very brilliantly, this usually indicates meditation is practiced.

The size of the core, as well as its other characteristics, gives an indication of the individual's ability to expand in consciousness, or even to achieve continuity of consciousness between the waking and sleeping states, for this is the center through which we normally exit in sleep. However, if the core is exceedingly elastic, this may make egress from the body too easy, as in the case of a medium who enters a trance unwittingly.

This is the chakra, in other words, that reveals the stage of conscious evolution in the individual.

Govinda writes that this center, together with the next two, "go beyond the gross elements (mahabhuta) and represent higher dimensions of space, in which the quality of light…merges into the psychoenergetic state of prana and into the realm of cosmic consciousness."

When the etheric interconnections between the crown and the brow centers are open and active, this indicates a degree of clairvoyance, and also that meditation and concentration are practiced.

At all stages of development, the crown chakra serves as the organ of synthesis.

*E* The Crown Chakra & Unified Consciousness:

The crown chakra is connected with the highest world. When one with stabilized Ascendant Consciousness puts his/her awareness upward into the light that is the crown chakra, one can see all those who have mastered human life completely -- all those who have attained Unified Consciousness.

*E* Sahasrara, the Crown:

The thousand petalled lotus is centered in the anterior fontanel -- the soft spot on babies' heads. When the soft spot hardens, beginning at about six months, the infant's Infinite Awareness is shrouded. The ego with its dreams of separation and limitation comes back to life at this time.

If the seventh chakra is closed, the accumulated wisdom and purpose of the soul through its many births remains unconscious. On the other hand, an open seventh becomes a channel of communication to the higher soul, Cosmic Mind. The soul is often compared to the Sun; its various incarnations are like the planets. From the perspective of a planet, all the other planets are either ahead of it or behind it in their orbits. But when the soul remembers its True Nature, these other lifetimes can be experienced simultaneously from its other dimensional perspective.

Beyond form, beyond thought, beyond concepts of being or non-being, our individual consciousness plunges into the fathomless sea of the Clear Light of Ascendant through the Gate of Being in the crown chakra. The individual body-mind recognizes that it is a conscious hologram of the entire Universe. There is nothing left to do but Be, allowing the flow of creation to pass through us unobstructed. This is the doorway to immortality, for the individual has become an incarnate expression of All-That-Is. A life of service and cooperation with Cosmic Forces begins and continues forever

*C&HEF* Visualization & the Crown Chakra:

Visualization can certainly be very useful, for it helps to strengthen the power of concentration.

When we visualize, we are using the power of the brow chakra, and this shows up clearly to clairvoyant sight, since it not only speeds up the rotation of this center but also affects the crown chakra. Therefore the practice of positive visualization helps to promote the healing process, for it energizes the whole system and thus can have a beneficent effect on our health.

*C&HEF* Thread of Life, Thread of Consciousness:

The thread of waking consciousness is connected with the core of the crown chakra. During sleep, this flow of energy diminishes, to be reactivated at the moment of awakening. The life thread, however, connects the heart chakra to the physical heart, and this connection is unbroken throughout life. At the time of death, the thread of consciousness withdraws from the crown center, and the thread of life withdraws form the heart, signaling the disintegration of all the other chakras. Thus at death all the interconnections are broken; the etheric body is first loosened from the physical body, then separates, and disintegrates within a few days after death under normal conditions.

Other Chakra Descriptions

*C* Other Accounts of the Chakras:

These seven force-centres are frequently described in Sanskrit literature, in some of the minor Upanishads, in the Puranas and in Tantric works.

European mystics were acquainted with the chakras.

*C* The Indian List of Chakras:

The discrepancies as to the number of petals are not important.

It is not surprising that differences should be on record, for there are unquestionably variants in the chakras of different people and races, as well as in the faculties of observers.


*EoH* Three Lower Chakras:

Paraphrase: The three lower chakras- 1st is group, 2nd is one on one, 3rd is self power.

The Chakras' Connection To Organs & Glands

*C&HEF* Chakras, Organs, and States of Consciousness:

Each of the centers has special links with certain organs of the body, as well as with certain states of consciousness.

The endocrine glands are related to the etheric chakras.

*C&HEF* The Chakras & the Endocrine Glands:

The Chakra System

Name Color Location Gland

Crown Gold core Above the head Pineal

Violet, gold petals

Brow Rose/yellow Between the eyes Pituitary


Throat Silvery blue Base of neck Thyroid/Parathyroid

Heart Golden yellow Midway between Thymus

shoulder blades

Solar Plexus Many-colored: Navel Adrenal/pancreas

Red and green

Root Orange-red Base of spine Spine/glandular system

Lesser Chakras

Spleen Many-colored Left of abdomen, Spleen/Liver

Yellow, rose-red below 10th rib


Sacral Vermillion red Genital/spinal region Ovaries/Testicles

Subsidiary Chakras

Palms of hands – Soles of feet

*PotAB* Glands:

There are four large nervous or psychic centers in the body- four brains of man, they are sometimes called- the cerebrum, the cerebellum, the medulla oblongata, and the solar plexus. Besides these there are the pituitary body and the pineal gland. It is well known that, within the medulla oblongata, are located certain nerves which have control over the functions of respiration.

Pineal: The pineal gland is now recognized as being a connecting link between the physical and spiritual worlds. Oriental occultists claim that the pineal gland is intimately associated with certain forms of transmission and reception of waves of mental vibrations.

Pituitary: Molecular motions in the pineal gland cause spiritual clairvoyance, but to make this clairvoyance illumine the field of the Universe, the fires of the pituitary body must unite with the fires of the pineal gland, and this union means that the sixth and seventh senses have become as one, or in other words that the individual consciousness is so indrawn that the magnetic sphere of the highest mentality and the highest spiritual sense is conjoined. The force is not created by the physical nervous center; the physical nervous center is operated upon by force.

*WoLi* The Third Eye & Pinael Gland:

The third eye can be seen as the psychic tool of the sixth chakra, just as our physical eyes are tools of perception for the brain.

The pineal gland is actually a mystery to modern science.

The pineal gland is affected by light. "Changes in external lighting influence pineal activity... Even when pathways mediating conscious light perception have been severed."

Studies have shown that light has a definite effect on the health and behavior of plants and mammals.

*C&HEF* Lymph & Blood:

Etherically, the lymph seems to have a minus charge, while the blood has a plus charge.

The lymphatic system seems to balance the energy of the etheric body by controlling the amount of blood flowing to any one area.


*PotAB* Nadis:

Nadis: Nadis are energy-carriers. There are 72,000 of these. They are composed of astral matter. These are the storage centers and the chief means of circulating the prana.

*C&HEF* Nadis:

(NOTE: healing hands) There are said to be twenty-one minor distribution centers. These minor centers, which are called nadis in Indian Tantrism differ from true chakras in that they are primarily concentration points where there is a greater flow of energy. The only subsidiary centers which are noteworthy in the context of this study are those in the palm of each hand and in the sole of each foot, as these are important in the practice of healing or therapeutic touch.

Buddhism's Subtle Winds

*TBD* The Nerve Channels, Drops of Awareness, and Subtle Winds:

The nerve channels are a structure of energy pathways that consist of thousands of fibers radiating out from five, six, or seven nexi, called wheels, complexes, or lotuses, themselves strung together on a three-channeled central axis that runs from midbrow to the tip of the genitals, via the brain-crown and the base of the spine. Within this network of pathways, there are subtle "drops" of awareness-transmitting substances, moved around by subtle energies called winds. The subtle mind corresponding to these structures and energies consists of three interior states that emerge in consciousness the instant subjective energy is withdrawn from the gross senses. These three are called luminance, radiance, and imminence (the deepest state of the subtle mind), and are likened to pure moonlight, pure sunlight, and pure darkness...

The energies that flow within these channels, the subtle winds, are schematized into five main and five branch winds, which have specific bases, ranges, colors, functions, and characters... becoming aware of the body's functions in terms of these energies is the key technique for the processes of gaining control over the life and death functions.... The drops are the awareness-transmitting substances, chemical essences associated with genetic materials. (NOTE: Think of the extended nervous system- the messenger system that flows in the blood)

*PU* The Body's Energy Channels:

Prana, the power of life, rules the other living powers of the body.

Apana rules its lower regions. Prana itself lives in the eye and the ear and moves through the nose and the mouth. Samana rules the middle regions, and distributes the life-giving offering of food. From Samana come the seven flames.

In the heart dwells the Atman, the Self. It is the center of a hundred and one little channels. From each one of them come a hundred channels more. Seventy-two thousand smaller channels branch from each one of these. In all these millions of little channels moves the power of Vyana.


Script: Some or all of this should go with the new Universal Energy Field section.
*PotAB* Cosmic Energy/Prana:

Cosmic Energy/Prana: The vital bodies are but its distributors, rectifiers, transformers; the complicated mechanical arrangements that the energy of life works through and upon. The physical body itself cannot even hold the energy of life, that energy being held in the astral condenser, and poured through the physical. The energy you are using is cosmic, present everywhere. It is not created by you, but is attracted by you and condensed in your astral body.

The ordinary belief concerning energy is that it is created by the body- that to eat ‘so much' food will produce ‘so much' energy. If this idea were true, we could easily substitute food for sleep. Food is material, like the physical body, and builds up the body because the cosmic force operates upon it; not because it produces energy in itself. If foods were the only source of animal heat and working energy, fasting for a long period would be impossible. What, then, are the functions of food and drink? All that they can do is to furnish the materials to keep the system in such a condition that vital force can manifest in and through it. The inflow of life-force into the cells and organs of the body and its free distribution, by way of the nervous system, depend upon a normal or healthy condition of the organism.

This cosmic force orientals call ‘prana'. Prana is held to be capable of being transmitted from one organism to another, and it is held to be the energizing power by means of which many forms of occult and magic phenomena can be produced. Prana is very much akin to the "human magnetism" of the Western occultists. This cosmic energy has many faculties. One of these is the ‘healing' faculty. Every ill that is cured is cured by cosmic energy. All that any curative method can do is assist.

Externalizing Prana: Another common belief is that we ‘burn up' our energy. But what we really do is ‘externalize our energy.' (Me: projecting away power and essence) One set of bodily exercises and postures will cause the cosmic energy to externalize, while another set of exercises and postures will cause the energy to internalize. Fear will fill the blood-stream with poison, almost instantly. It is claimed that, for this reason, a person becomes weak when in the grip of fear. Fear externalizes the neuric energy from the astral body. Energy is omnipresent and indestructible; it is not created, nor is it burned up, it is internalized and externalized, and it is condensed in the astral body. When projected in the astral body, and conscious, one can observe this neuric energy; that is, he can see its color and condensation in the bodies of others. It is luminous, like white light. It is this energy which gives the astral body its phosphorescent appearance. It is the scintillations of this condensed energy which trail along behind the phantom, when the latter is moving at the intermediate speed. Although the glow of the neuric energy can be seen throughout the entire body, it is condensed mostly in the center of the body. It is very luminous in the center of the body.- at the solar plexus region. It is my belief, from astral observation, that the great store-house of condensed energy in the human being is located at the solar plexus region. We always feel the effects of fear in the solar plexus.

Consciousness Uses Up Energy: Consciousness (merely being awake) uses up energy, just as exertion uses it up. Unconsciousness is necessary in order to reap the full benefit of the recharging. If you project the astral and retain consciousness all the time, you will not recharge the astral body. I have noticed many times that, after experiencing an entirely conscious projection, I felt still enervated upon recoinciding with the physical- in fact more so. It is very common to experience a ‘dog-tired' feeling after an exteriorization that has been conscious, accompanied by a headache in the back of the head.

*PotAB* Things That Affect Prana Gathering :

Fasting: Fasting often helps the liberation of the astral body. Abstinence from liquids constitutes an important positive factor. When the fast is in progress, one of the secondary sources of energy is cut off; and in order to retain in the system the needed amount of energy, the astral body at night is thrown further out of coincidence, in order to collect a greater charge of cosmic energy to balance the loss. It does not depend upon the length or duration of sleep, but upon the distance of separation of the astral and physical bodies during sleep.

*MotFE* The Cosmic Life Force & Breath, Prana:

It is a well known fact today that the Cosmic Life Force surrounds and interpenetrates every condition and every atom and that the Life Force can be drawn within our bodies with the breath we breathe.

Unless definite attention to it accompanies our physical breathing it is not definitely appropriated. It is a life force which is so much finer than our physical air that it is not affected by mere physical processes. Everything toward which your attention is directed registers an impression on the mind. In turn, this impression is developed into an idea and the idea expressed in words. This is a sort of mental breathing, is it not? Well, there is an inner attention, a deep longing you call it, to be perfect in every department of your being. When the outer attention is linking with this inner attention or when it looks always toward the perfection of the Universe, then there is drawn into man's being the elements of the Cosmic forces around and about us. The mystics have always taught that attention is the secret of success in dealing with the Cosmic forces. Deep, sincere, abiding attention to the surrounding spiritual ethers, a completely relaxed body and an all-absorbing interest and complete openness of mind are the necessary attitudes in order that one may realize this "inner breath" as it is called.

This is, in reality, the force that stimulates all cellular growth, allows it to expand and become the growth of the body as well as the growth of plants. In fact, it is incorporated with all growth of every description and is the sustaining element of life. Like every other force, it is both positive and negative and acts and reacts within itself, just as whirling currents of air act and react within themselves.

The technique for starting the operation is proper breathing. Attention is the one fundamentally important practice in the process. The mind must be without strain and whatever method best relieves the mind of strain would be the next step in right procedure. Did you ever try to catch a piece of lint or down floating in the air? Every tense or quick movement to grasp it only drove it away but a quietness that was like letting it come between your fingers of its own volition was the proper technique for grasping it. That is as nearly an illustration as one could give. It is also like trying to remember something you have forgotten. If you make strong mental effort you do not remember but, if you let the mind rest, become quietly reflective, then the idea comes quickly within the mind. This method of control causes the body to keep young and vibrant.

It is a sustaining and invigorating practice that allows the cells and tissues of the body to expand, thereby giving greater oxidation to the body. Prana is not oxygen but is that which gives life to the oxygen, the actual life within the oxygen. It is that which gives force to electricity, consciousness to mind. In other words, it is the reality existing within and standing back of and sustaining all lesser forces.

It is through this practice that certain Yogi are able to suspend animation for certain periods of time. This rests the whole system and renews it for the contact with its origin or source.

Just as this practice vitalizes the body, so it enlivens the mind. The reason men do not think well is because the mind is too tense, too compressed- so to speak- so that it does not function freely. Memory, in this case, comes in from a thousand different sources and one remembers what he was in the beginning. It comes without any effort at all and anything he wants to know comes instantly and easily into his mind. Prana is an emanating energy underlying all substance. Of course, substance in its original state is energy and energy is substance. What we know as energy and substance are but two aspects of a single primal energy and this primal energy is Prana, or Spirit.

We may more truly say that Prana is one of the elements of Spirit for spirit is not only energy but intelligence and substance. It is more subtle than ether. There is a difference in the subtlety and the activity of Prana and ether. The latter is nascent while Prana is always active. Ether is Prana becoming or coming out toward manifestation. All of the finer forces of nature such as electricity and the other moving elements of creation are divisions and mediums in which and through which Prana works.

When the human body or any material form disintegrates it goes back into Prana, first into the various forms of energy and thence back into Universal and primal force. Those who overcome old age and death rebuild the body with the Pranic influence. This happens in a slight degree every time one goes to sleep or rests. The attention breathes the ever-present Prana into and through his whole being.

You see, intelligence is the primal attribute of being and the activity of consciousness is Prana, or vital force of creation, and substance is the form through which both act. Intelligence, Life, and Substance are the trinity of elements in the first cause. Intelligence is its KNOWING aspect. Life is its QUICKENING or vital aspect. Substance is the aspect which has the capacity of FORM. Prana is usually used as embracing both the substance and life elements and they are the vehicles or mediums through which intelligence moves to direct and determine the created forms.

This primal intelligence, life, and substance are just God Almighty in action but it must become a conscious fact in every individual.

The Cosmic Ray of which Millikan speaks is a Pranic wave. They will find nine divisions of the Cosmic ray which are all definitely Pranic in origin. They can be of great benefit if properly used. Creation is only a splitting up and recombining of influences or energies emanating from the Pranic ethers.

Light is life. This light is all about us and is an emanation of the Pranic ethers. When you can live in the light, as you now live in your sense of body, you will be immortal for the light never dies. [Light shines to the inner eye around great ancient ruins, thus revealing them to archaeologists.]

The Pranic Light is, of course, much beyond what we know as clairvoyance, though clairvoyance is a phase of it and is really a step backward in evolution. It is like living in the borrowed light from another when the true light, the light that lighteth every man, is within him.

The psychic faculties will fall into line and become valuable instruments when the Pranic Light is unfolded. The Pranic light vibrates way beyond the psychic forces.

Pranic light can always be called upon to overcome any degrading forces that oppose it, just as light can be brought into play to dispel darkness. The statement, "I am the force of that Pranic Light and I project It and put it forth as all powerful," will break that condition of the conflicting force or voices every time. But it must be the voice of the Christ Self, which is the real I AM within each individual.

*D&IS* The Ether, Prana, Ch'I:

In his Phaedros Plato described the True Earth. It is the highest region of being. The True Earth is situated in the Pure Ether where everything is clearer, lighter, healthier, and happier. To the Greeks the ether was just as much a metaphysical power as ch'i is to the Chinese or prana to the Hindus.

*LWK* Energy, the Nature of Prana, Prana is One Energy Assuming Many Forms in the Body:

The bioenergy which runs the extremely complex mechanism of the human body and provides the fuel for thought is not split up into compartments or currents acting independently of each other. It is one homogeneous whole, performing all the functions of the body from the movement of a muscle to the highest flight of thought. It is a medium working in a hundred ways, with varied speeds, varied spectrums and varied material to perform the almost limitless functions of the body. But the energy is basically one, capable of assuming any pattern or any speed to suit every situation. This means that prana assumes one form for digestive activity, another for the circulation of the blood, yet another for the movement of the muscles. It is an incredible stuff which can manipulate atoms and molecules in any conceivable way.

Examples: the loss of eyesight is somehow compensated by increased sensitivity of the ears or skin. In some cases of damage to a certain part of the brain, say by a tumor or accident, its function is taken over by other parts.

All the extremely complex reactions that follow a serious infection or a serious accident emanate form this mysterious intelligence present in every cell.

Prana is a medium for the activity of thought and transference of sensations and impulses in living organisms. Prana is not matter, nor is it mind or intelligence or consciousness, but rather an inseparable part of the cosmic energy or Shakti, which resides in all of them. It is the medium by which the cosmic intelligence creates, maintains, and destroys the gigantic globular formations burning ceaselessly in space as well as the tiny bacteria, filling every part of the earth. Shakti, when applied to inorganic matter, is force.

The term prana or prana-shaktiis generally applied to that aspect of the cosmic energy, which operates in the organic sphere. The generic name Shakti is applied to every form of energy.

(NOTE: If fits in everywhere! Seth – "The Pure Essence! Attention!) Prana is essentially a part of reality, assuming different shapes and appearance, entering into countless types of formations, building persistently the units or bricks to create the complicated organic structures in the same way that physical energy starts with electrons, protons, neutrons, and atoms to raise the mighty edifice of the universe, all its activity governed by eternal laws as rigid and universal as the laws which rule the physical world.

Prana brings into existence the marvelous domain of life, acting intelligently and purposefully with full knowledge of the laws and properties of matter.

While remaining constant and unaltered fundamentally, it enters into countless combinations, acting both as the architect and the object produced. It exists as a mighty universe, vaster and more wonderful than the cosmos perceived by our senses, with its own spheres and planes corresponding to the suns and earths of the latter, its own materials and bricks, it own movement and inertia, its own light and shadow, laws, and properties, existing side by side with the universe we see, interwoven with our thoughts and actions, interpenetrating the atoms and molecules of matter, radiating with light, moving with wind and tide, marvelously subtle and agile, the stuff of our fancies and dreams, the life principle of creation, which is woven inextricably with the very texture of our being.

The owners of the bodies, even the most intelligent and perceptive, know nothing of what is happening the them, know nothing of intelligence which regulates the body machine, which builds it in the womb, preserves it in illness, sustains it in danger, heals it when injured, cares for it when asleep or delirious or unconscious, creates urges and tendencies which move and sway them as wind does a reed.

After doing each and everything, even to the extent of drawing the breath and inducing the thoughts, because of its own marvelous and absolutely incomprehensible nature, it keeps itself always behind the scenes, allowing the surface consciousness, which it maintain as oil does a flame, to think and act as the master.

Prana is present in atoms and their constituents. Prana is possessed of a superhuman intelligence and memory, beyond the range of our thought.

*C* The Vitality Globule- Prana:

The vitality globule, though inconceivably minute, is so brilliant that it is often seen even by those who are not in the ordinary sense clairvoyant. Many a man, looking out towards the distant horizon, especially over the sea, will notice against the sky a number of the tiniest possible points of light dashing about in all directions with amazing rapidity. These are the vitality globules, each consisting of seven physical atoms. The Hindus call specks charged with that force prana.

It is almost colourless, and shines with a white or slightly golden light. But as soon as it is drawn into the vortex of the force-centre at the spleen, it is decomposed and breaks up into streams of different colours, though it does not follow exactly our division of the spectrum. As its component atoms are whirled round the vortex, each of the six spokes seizes upon one of them, so that all the atoms charged with yellow flow along one, and all those charged with green along another, and so on, while the seventh disappears through the centre of the vortex.

That force does not come into the atom from outside, but wells up within it – which means that it enters it from higher dimensions.

In brilliant sunshine this vitality is constantly welling up afresh; during the night the operation is entirely suspended.

Sunlight is one of the most important factors in the attainment and preservation of perfect health.

*C&HEF* Life Energy = Prana:

But in the East, where it is known as prana, it has always been perceived as a universal force in nature connected with breathing and breath. It is active in plants and animals as well as humans.

*LWK* The Sound- Impure Prana:

My father would wake up my mother in the dead of night in a state of intense alarm, shouting that the house was shaking with an earthquake, and then rush down the stairs. He was clearly passing through the upward and downward phases of a now active kundalini sending streams of impure prana (vital energy) into the brain. It was the impact of the stream that caused the hallucination of the earthquake and the symptoms of fear.

*LWK* Meditation Needs Prana, Similarity to OBE Body States:

(NOTE: OBE states!) As soon as certain measures of success are attained in meditation, a greater demand for the life energy is felt in the concentrated condition of brain, and to meet this, prana, or vital energy, residing in other parts of the body, flows to the head, sometimes to such an extent that even vital organs like the heart, lungs, and the digestive system almost cease to function, the pulse and the breathing become imperceptible, and the whole body appears cold and lifeless.

With the additional fuel the brain becomes more intensely alive; the surface consciousness rises above bodily sensations and its perceptive faculty is vastly enlarged, rendering it cognizant of super-physical existences. In this condition the first object of perception is prana, experienced as a lustrous, immaterial stuff, sentient and in a state of rapid vibration both within and outside the body, extending boundlessly on every side.

*SD&P* Creative, Psychic, & Sexual Energy:

Between the first episode and the second, I was fully alert, awake in my astral body, but still connected with the physical one. In this state I experienced what I can only call ecstasy, involving the entire body. While the feeling was not localized, it certainly felt strongly sexual in nature, and when I left my body, there was a moment when this continued very intensely.

Creative, psychic and sexual energy are only various aspects of the same force. The sexual feelings accompany many dream projections and are entirely absent in others. Their presence at all, however, may easily give rise to sexual hallucinations that should be but are not always recognized as such.

*IaTR* Strength From the Purple & Pink Light:

Just when I need the purple light, it always seems to surge close by. Very nice! It is so energizing, but more than that, the purple mist seems to dispel my confusion, promoting a greater clarity and insight.


A shaft of pink light beams onto me, bathing me in nourishment. I feel myself absorbing this pink light into my light body with all the relief of a physically thirsty person gulping down much needed water.

*MV&I* The Spleen Absorbs the Vital Force & Makes Rose Particles:

The force exists around us in the atmosphere. It clothes itself in millions of tiny particles which are colorless though intensely active. After it has been absorbed into the human body through the spleen, however, these particles take on a beautiful pale rose color, and they flow in a constant stream over and through the whole body along the nerves, the brain being the centre of this nervous circulation.

This flow is necessary to the proper working of the nerves, for when it is withdrawn there is no sensation.

*C* Vitality Clothed in Matter:

Vitality, when clothed with matter, appears to us as though it were a highly-refined chemical element.

*C* The Energy Passing Through the Chakras:

All these wheels are perpetually rotating, and into the hub or open mouth of each a force from the higher world is always flowing. The primary force is sevenfold in its nature, and all its forms operate in each of these centres, although one of them in each case usually predominates over the others. In a more evolved man, an enormously greater amount of energy passes through them, with the result that there are additional faculties and possibilities open to the man.

The first and second chakras, having but few spokes or petals, are principally concerned with receiving into the body two forces which come into it at that physical level – one being the serpent-fire from the earth and the other the vitality from the sun. 3, 4, and 5 are engaged with the forces which reach man through his personality – throughout the lower astral in the case of centre 3, the higher astral in centre 4, and from the lower mind in centre 5. 6 and 7 are connected with the pituitary body and the pineal gland.

*LWK* Prana & Its Biological Counterpart:

The activity of the brain and the nervous system depends on the existence in the body of a subtle life element known as prana, which pervades each cell of every tissue and fluid in the organism, much in the same way that electricity pervades each atom of a battery.

This vital element has a biological counterpart, as thought has a biological complement in the brain, in the shape of an extremely fine biochemical essence of a highly delicate and volatile nature, extracted by the nerves from the surrounding organic mass. After extraction, this vital essence resides in the brain and the nervous system, and is capable of generating a subtle radiation impossible to isolate by laboratory analysis. It circulates in the organism as motor impulse and sensation, permeated and worked by the superinetelligent cosmic life energy, or prana, by which it is continuously affected.

Prana signifies both the cosmic life energy and its subtle biological conductor in the body, the two being inseparable. At the very moment the body dies, the rare organic essence immediately undergoes chemical changes, ceasing to serve as a channel. The work of extraction of prana to feed the brain is done by a limited group of nerves, operating in a circumscribed area of the organism, with the result that the consciousness of an individual displays no variation in its nature or extent during the span of life exhibiting a constancy which is in sharp contrast to the continuously changing appearance of the body.

Prana-shakti utilizes oxygen as the main vehicle for its activity.

*C* The Building of the Nervous System From Above:

The radiating spokes of the chakras supply force to these sympathetic plexuses.

Dr. Annie Besant writes as follows in A Study in Consciousness:

"Let us see how the building of the nervous system, by vibratory impulses from the astral, begins and is carried on. We find a minute group of nerve cells and tiny processes connecting them. This is formed by the action of a centre which has previously appeared in the astral body – an aggregation of astral matter arranged to form a centre for receiving and responding to impulses from outside. From that astral centre vibrations pass into the etheric body, causing little etheric whirlpools which draw into themselves particles of denser physical matter, forming at last a nerve cell, and groups of nerve cells. These physical centres, receiving vibrations from the outer world, send impulses back to the astral centres, increasing their vibrations; thus the physical and the astral centres act and re-act on each other, and each becomes more complicated and more effective."

*C* The Psychic Forces In the Chakras:

The primary, the vitality and the kundalini are connected only with his bodily well-being. But there are also forces entering the chakras which may be described as psychic and spiritual. The first two centres exhibit none of these, but the navel chakra and the others higher in the body are ports of entry for forces which affect human consciousness.

*D* The Necessity of Prana for Neural Action:

If he examines further into the action of this life-ether, he will soon see reason to believe that the transmission of impression to the brain depends rather upon its regular flow along the etheric portion of the nerve-threads than upon the mere vibration of the particles of their denser and visible portion, as is commonly supposed.

When a finger becomes entirely numbed with cold, it is incapable of feeling; and the same phenomenon of insensibility may readily be produced at will by a mesmerizer, who by a few passes over the arm of his subject will bring it into a condition in which it may be pricked with a needle or burnt by the flame of a candle without the slightest sensation of pain. Why does the subject feel nothing ? The nerve-threads are still there.

The reason why the frozen finger seems dead, and the blood is unable to circulate through its vessels, is because the rosy life-ether is no longer coursing along the nerve-threads. Though matter in the etheric condition is invisible to ordinary sight, it is still purely physical, and, therefore, can be affected by the action of cold or heat.

When the mesmerizer makes the passes by which he renders the subject's arm insensible, what he really does is to pour his own nerve-ether into the arm, thereby driving back for the time that of the subject. The arm is still warm and living, because there is still life-ether coursing through it, but since it is no longer the subject's own specialized life-ether, and is therefore not en rapport with his brain, it conveys no information to that brain, and consequently there is no sense of feeling in the arm.

*E* Prana:

The life breath or prana divides into a five-fold functioning: prana, vyana, samana, apana and udana. The prana is the inward and outward breathing that brings in oxygen and breathes out carbon dioxide; the vyana carries the oxygen throughout the arterial network and capillaries and carries away the carbon dioxide via the veins; the samana is the breath involved with the digestive function in the stomach and small intestine; the apana is the downward passing of gas through the small and large intestine; and the udana is the upward directed ultimately subtle breath that rises from the heart.

*C* Vitality and Health:

The flow of vitality in these various currents regulates the health of the parts of the body with which they are concerned.

*E* Soma Sticks Ascendant to Body:

Soma is the most refined product of digestion; it naturally occurs in everyone all the time, but not in sufficient quantities to be useful. Or if the quantity is all right, then its function is typically blocked by excessive production of antagonistic molecules.

Soma is the primary physical source of the glue that sticks the Absolute firmly to the mind. It is the physical carrier or counterpart of the super-fluid functioning of the nervous system that maintains Ascendant Consciousness permanently. It is further the source of the transformation in the sense of perception that create Exalted Consciousness and Unified Consciousness. Soma is also the fundamental source of health and longevity.

Soma is the essential building block of which ojas and amrta are created. It is also the physical counterpart of the abilities and experiences of all higher states of consciousness. Soma is known as "the glue of the Universe."

*C* The Fate of the Empty Atoms:

As the different streams of atoms do their work, the charge of vitality is withdrawn from them, precisely as an electrical charge might be. The atoms bearing the rose-coloured ray grow gradually paler as they are swept along the nerves, and are eventually thrown out from the body through the pores – making the health-aura. By the time that they leave the body most of them have lost the rose-coloured light, so that the general appearance of the emanation is bluish-white.

The emptied atoms of the green ray, which is connected chiefly with digestive processes, seem to form part of the ordinary waste material of the body. The atoms belonging to the blue rays, which are used in connection with the throat-centre, generally leave the body in the exhalations of the breath.

When the student has learnt to deflect the orange-red rays so that they also move up through the spine, the empty atoms of both these and the violet-blue rays pour out from the top of the head in a fiery cascade.

When empty of the vital force the atoms are once more precisely like any other atoms, except that they have evolved somewhat through the use that has been made of them.

*C* Using Our Vitality to its Fullest:

We all draw in vitality and specialize it, but many of us do not utilize it to the full, because in various ways our lives are not as pure and healthy and reasonable as they should be. One who coarsens his body by the use of meat, alcohol or tobacco can never employ his vitality to the full in the same way as can a man of purer living.

Right thought and right feeling react upon the physical body and increase its power to assimilate the vitality which is necessary for its well-being.

*C* Vitality Isnt the Etheric Magnetism:

The vitality coarsing along the nerves must not be confused with what we usually call the magnetism of the man – his own nerve fluid, specialized within the spine, and composed of the primary life-force intermingled with the kundalini. It is this fluid which keeps up the constant circulation of etheric matter along the nerves. Etheric matter is constantly being thrown off from the pores, just as is gaseous matter, so that when two persons are close together each necessarily absorbs much of the physical emanations of the other.

*E* The Life-Breath, Digestion, & Immortality:

By mastery of the life-breath known as samana comes blazing radiance.

The samana is the division of the life breath that is responsible for digestion.

Whenever fearful or angry emotional states are turned on, the digestive system is ordered to shut down and blood pressure is told to rise to prepare for fight or flight.

As the stress dissolves from the body, digestion starts to function more and more efficiently. When this happens, the products created by digestion begin to change.

There are three specific digestive products that dramatically change life -- these are known as soma, ojas, and amrta. Amrta is that which bequeaths physical immortality. Every cell can regenerate indefinitely and perfectly; the amrta is the physical cause of perfect cell replication indefinitely.

Ojas is that which causes "blazing radiance." Even in the first days of Ascension, it is common for new practitioners to appear much brighter and clearer. Ojas is like a cleaner oil burning in a lamp -- it burns without smoke, without residue. Ojas soothes or coats every joint with super fluidity; the skin becomes softer, younger, and more supple; the internal organs become healthier and more youthful.

Where Prana Comes From

*MV&I* Where The Vital Force Comes From:

This vital force is poured upon us from the sun. The earth's atmosphere is full of this force at all times; though it is in special activity in brilliant sunlight.

*LWK* Where Prana Comes From:

The subtle prana that feeds kundalini is obtained from both food and air.

The earth has its own supply of prana, pervading every atom and every molecule of all the elements and compounds. The sun is constantly pouring an enormous supply of pranic radiation on the earth as a part of its effulgence.

The moon is another big supply center of prana for earth.

The Rays

*C* The Violet-Blue Ray:

The violet-blue ray flashes upwards to the throat.

*C* The Yellow Ray:

The yellow ray is directed to the heart.

*C* The Green Ray:

The green ray floods the abdomen.

*C* The Rose Ray:

The rose-coloured ray runs all over the body along the nerves, and is clearly the life of the nervous system. If the nerves are not fully supplied with this rosy light, they become sensitive and intensely irritable. A man in robust health usually absorbs and specializes so much more of this vitality than is actually needed by his own body that he is constantly radiating a torrent of rose-coloured atoms, and so unconsciously pours strength upon his weaker fellows without losing anything himself.

*C* The Plant Kingdom Absorbs & Gives Off Rose-Colored Light:

The vegetable kingdom also absorbs this vitality. Many trees draw from it almost exactly the same constituents as does the higher part of man's etheric body, the result being that when they have used what they require, the atoms which they reject are precisely those charged with the rose-coloured light which is needed for the cells of man's physical body. This is specially the case with such trees as the pine and the eucalyptus. Nervous people are nervous because the cells of their bodies are hungry, and the nervousness can only be allayed by feeding them.

*C* The Orange-Red Ray:

The orange-red ray energizes the desires of the flesh, and also seems to enter the blood and help to keep up the heat of the body; but if a man persistently refuses to yield to his lower nature, this ray can by long and determined effort be deflected upwards to the brain, where all three of its constituents undergo a remarkable modification: this produces a decided intensification of the powers of the intellect, unselfish affection, and quickens the spiritual part of man's nature. The man who achieves this transmutation will find that sensual desires no longer trouble him, and when it becomes necessary for him to arouse the higher layers of the serpent-fire he will be free from the most serious of the dangers of that process.


The Chakras, Relationships, & Habits

The Give & Take of Chakras in Communication

*K&tC* Chakras Energy Give & Take & Relationships

Because our chakras continually receive and send out energy, we are continually being affected by and affecting others, sometimes in positive ways, sometimes not.

(NOTE: Balance, absorbings, rejecting.) If your energies are strong, you will have an immediate impact upon anyone who comes into your presence. Specifically what kind of impact will depend on the condition of the other person's energy system. Someone who has weak energies or is not feeling well may be intimidated, overwhelmed or wiped out in your presence; that person also could be energized by you. If the other person also has strong energies, there is likely to be better balance and a better rapport—a feeling of being equal.

When you become aware of a strong reaction to another person but do not understand that reaction, seek to know the area or chakra of your body where you feel this energy most strongly.

Charismatic people have strong energy fields which they can use in positive or negative ways.

(NOTE: Stronger or intimidating energies.) Sometimes you will find that other people literally blow your mind with their forceful energies. You may be at a loss to answer the person, think clearly or verbalize your thoughts. This type of person usually sends very strong energies from the third eye (between the eyebrows) or the fifth eye (in the center of the forehead). If you find this happening to you, send energy out either your third or fifth eye, whichever seems appropriate, and let it meet the other person's half way.

Another's strong energy flow from a particular chakra may snag you in that same chakra. Concentrating on a higher chakra will help to balance things.

Co-workers often leave a negative situation only to go elsewhere and complain about it, unaware they got snagged with the negativity and are spreading it. Feel your own moods without feeling compelled to snag others into it. (NOTE: Purposefully?)

(NOTE: Thoughts actually go to a person, but they come back too.) Every thought and feeling you have about another person becomes an energy form which goes to that person. It affects the person on some level. Do remember that anything you send out eventually returns to you.

(NOTE: How to deal with it.) If you feel inundated with thoughts and feelings from others, imagine yourself surrounded with a psychic ultraviolet light. If the feelings or thoughts get stronger, they are yours; if they fade away, they are someone else's. You may even be aware of the person sending them or see his or her face. The person probably does not mean any harm. There are many careless thoughts and feelings which pollute our air.

In the company of someone whose chakras are blocked, you may feel shut out, as if that person wants nothing to do with you. This may not be the case at all.

There are some very positive benefits to openness: a sense of connection, strength, cuddliness, or of not being alone in the world.

*WoLi* The Give & Take of Signals By Chakras, Opened & Closed Chakras:

All of our chakras radiate constantly. We constantly radiate psychic signals of fear, joy, or anger, even when we may have no particular intention of doing so. Our nervous systems are constantly bombarded by harsh, conflicting rhythms. The body becomes overstimulated, and soon the internal systems lose their delicate balance. We dull our senses in order to withstand the imbalance.

When too much abrasive energy is found in our surroundings, the chakras will close down to protect the subtle body from this caustic invasion. Overloaded chakras are difficult to open. Grounding is a way to channel this excess tension.

Many people experience difficulty because their upper chakras are too open, while their lower chakras are not stable enough to support the barrage of psychic energy they pick up around them. Even simple physical touch can help a lot to ground someone in intense pain.

*MV&I* Radiating & Sucking Life Force:

This specialized life-force is constantly radiating from the body in all directions. A man in perfect health, therefore, not only is able to impart some of it another intentionally, but is also constantly through unconsciously shedding strength and vitality on those around him. On the other hand, a man who from weakness or other causes is unable to specialize for his own use a sufficient amount of the world's life-force, sometimes, equally unconsciously, acts as a sponge and absorbs the already specialized vitality of any sensitive person who is unfortunate enough to come into contact with him. A similar lassitude is frequently felt by persons who attend spiritualistic seances.

*K&tC* Spreading Confidence & Peace:

When you want someone to have certain energies, such as confidence or peace, feel that in your energies and usually it will reflect in the other person. Sometimes you may be angry over another's lack of calm or peace, but this only makes matters worse.

*K&tC* Energy Sappers:

People with low levels of energy may unconsciously drain or sap energy from others. Such people have not learned to absorb energy from the surrounding air, instead pulling it predigested from another person. "Predigested" means that the energy has already been brought in by another person and transformed to a usable frequency; it is an easy way out.

(NOTE: They're leeching, but you don't consciously know it.) People who for no apparent reason make you feel drained or irritable are sapping your energy. Energy pulled from you leaves you weakened. You may look for excuses to get away from the sappers.

Feeling drained, you may wish to become aware of the chakra or chakras from which energy is being pulled. Sometimes people become dependent on others' energies. You can then make the choice to close the chakra or send energy to the other person. Sometimes people become dependent on others' energies.

*WoLi* How Open or Closed a Chakra Is:

For example: Someone with a very closed third chakra (personal power) would be terrified of making a public speech, while another may thrive on it. Someone with an open second chakra (sexuality) may juggle many sexual partners, while someone who is closed may have difficulty maintaining even one relationship.

*C&HEF* Conscious Energy Exchange:

"Sappers" are people who draw upon the etheric or emotional energies of others and devitalize them.

We tested FF's claim that she could both charge a person with etheric energy or drain it away. She sat facing the subject, and DVK and SK sat fifteen feet away. FF focused her eyes on the subject's eyes, and in a few minutes DVK reported that she was pulling energy out. DVK then asked FF to reverse the process and charge the subject with etheric energy, which she did. After several repetitions of the experiment, we concluded that FF did have the ability to energize or devitalize. Later we studied subjects who "sapped" astral and mental energies as well as the etheric.

*K&tC* Those Who Stir It Up:

A person with highly charged or unbalanced chakras may seek stimulating conditions, such as arguments, which aid the release of these excess energies.

Gossip, heavily judgmental, is another form of stir-it-up release. In the company of someone who is trying to stir it up, try to remain peaceful and not get snagged.

Chakra Relationship Cords

Script: The equivalent of this is in getting certain types and amounts of energy from another person, not only from the Universal Energy Field. This doesnt seem healthy, and is the source of the feeling of loss when a relationship ends and the cord/source must be severed.
*HoL* Relationships & Chakra Cords:

When people fall in love, beautiful arcs of rose light can be seen between their hearts... When people form relationships with each other, they grow cords out of the chakras that connect them. These cords exist on many levels of the auric field in addition to the astral. The longer and deeper the relationship, the more cords and the stronger they are. When relationships end, those cords are torn, sometimes causing a great deal of pain. The period of "getting over" a relationship is usually a period of disconnecting those cords on the lower levels of the field and rerooting them within the self...

A great deal of interaction takes place between people on the astral level. Great blobs of color of various forms whisk across the room between people. Some of it is pleasant and some not so pleasant... For example, when a man or woman fantasize about making love with someone, say in a bar or at a party, there is an actual testing in the energy fields to see if the fields are synchronous and if the people are compatible.

*HoL* Relationship Energy Cords:

People in relationships grow cords of energy between each other. These are connected through the chakras. In a healthy relationship these cords are clear bright gold, balanced and connected through most of the chakras. In a lot of relationships, these cords simply repeat the unhealthy connections that were there from childhood between parent and child. Many of these cords connect in the solar plexus and are dark in color. During the process of transforming a relationship from unhealthy to healthy, the unhealthy cords must be disconnected, energized and reconnected deep into the individual's own core...

I have heard bereaved people speaking of feeling torn apart or of losing their better half. In such a serious trauma, one feels as if one's whole front has been torn off. This is literally true. Many times I see those threads from the solar plexus dangling about in space after such a painful separation.

*BtC* Energy Connections in People:

The sensitive often describes bright lines of energy connecting two people who may be in opposite ends of the room at a social gathering. It may be between a husband and wife who are devoted to each other or people who have some vital and intense interest in each other.

*K&tC* Energy Ties:

(NOTE: Invisible energy bonds.) People who have strong mutual feelings establish energy ties which bind them even when they are not physically together. The bind may be at the heart, brow, navel, or sexual chakras, or combinations of the chakras.

When one person of a married couple starts sending energy to a third person, his or her mate may notice something is missing.

When there are connections at all chakra levels, the partners have a feeling of blending and really fitting together. Relationships with an easy flow and strong contacts have a stronger chance of lasting. Too strong a tie may represent a loss of individuality. Sometimes one person takes on characteristics of the other. This is one reason we should be careful with whom we have our deepest contact.

*JoYS* Cording- Psychic Attachments:

A cord is a psychic connection with another person that transmits energy. Cords allow parents to provide supplemental life support for their children until they can become energetically independent (during adolescence). Adults can "run" a couple of small children off their "battery." The size of cords can vary: one that is large can seriously drain someone's energy.

Cording among adults is common. Most people both cord others and are corded by others. There may be a net loss of energy, as net gain, or it may come out equal. It is preferable for adults not to allow anyone to cord them.

Cording is not the same as a shared bond, which does not take energy from another but provides connection. A shared bond looks similar to a cord, but it does not transmit a substantial amount of energy. It is more like a telephone line that is available when needed for communication.

To eliminate cords, dissolve them in the light.

When you release a major cord, you may find that it leaves a "stub" or at least some rawness, if not an "open wound." If the wound is open, it is easier for others to re-cord you.

Cording is on the physical level.

The Most Open Chakra

*K&tC* Experience Life Through Most Open Chakra:

(NOTE: How you experience life.) We experience energy primarily through our most open chakras. If your sexual chakra is the most open then regardless of what you receive from others, you will experience it on the sexual level. Not only that, but the other person's energy will primarily go out the sexual level. If your heart chakra is the most open, you tend to experience life as love.

Chakra Dominance

*WoLi* Relationships & Chakra Dominance:

It is possible that an open chakra may dominate another's closed chakra if it's on the same level. John, who is open in the fifth chakra, is paired with Paul, who is closed. Therefore John does all the talking, and Paul retreats into greater silence. Or take the examples of Bill and Mary. Bill's openness on the third chakra level keeps Mary, who is weak in that area, at a constant disadvantage, heightening her feeling of powerlessness. If he can be sensitive about this issue, she can learn from him and they will gradually balance out.

Chakra Patterns & Habits

*K&tC* Shared Chakra Patterns:

Living together creates a situation where all people in a group tend to block or open the same chakras. Children pick up many of their parents' attitudes and feelings, even on a subliminal level, getting clues that certain chakras should be closed or open at certain times; without anyone's realizing it, the child takes on the parents' way of relating to the world.

*WoLi* Chakras Are Patterns of Consciousness, Karma & Habits:

In the world of the mind, chakras are patterns of consciousness- belief systems through which we experience and create our world around us.

Through involvement with the outside world, patterns within the chakra tend to perpetuate themselves; hence the idea of karma (patterns formed through past action). It is common to become trapped in the self-perpetuating action of any one of the chakras. This is called being "stuck" in a chakra.

Auric Effects of Friendship

*BtC* Friendship & Energy Fields:

Sensitives observe that certain activities, ideas or experiences seem to increase the inflow of energy into the field of a given individual. When an individual comes into the presence of a well-beloved person all three of his energy fields are intensely brightened. He appears to have more energy of a bright and scintillating quality in these fields.

*BtC* Intellectual Conversation & Energy Fields:

Some people show a brightened energy field under the stimulus of interesting intellectual conversation. In these cases it appears to be the mental field which first receives an inflow of energy and the effect spreads to the emotional and vital fields.

The Performer-Audience Connection

*HoL* The Performer-Audience Energy Connection:

As [a man] sings, his aura expands and brightens. Bright lightning-like flashes and sparks of iridescent blue-violet move off just after the movement of inhaling, before he starts each new line. As the audience becomes more attentive, its general aura expands. Great arcs of light reach out from the singer to the audience, and the two auras connect. Mutual forms begin to build as feelings flow between performer and audience. These energy-consciousness forms relate in structure and color to the mutual thoughts and feelings of the group and the music being created. At the end of the song, these forms are disconnected and broken up by the applause, which acts as an eraser to wipe the field clean for the next creation. Both performer and audience are energized by absorbing the energy created by the music. Some of this energy will be internalized to break blocks held in the body; some of it will be used for the next creation.

As another person lectures on his favorite subject, his aura expands and becomes yellow-gold with silvery-gold or iridescent blue sparks... The same speaker-audience phenomenon occurs, this time with an emphasis on the mental energies, which show up as yellow-gold. After the lecture, his aura remains expanded from some time, as he is high from his work. There has been a mutual exchange of energy consciousness. Some of the audience now vibrates more at his level.

*BtC* Plays & Audiences:

When an actor or actress is performing before an audience... the emotional field of the actor seems to glow and expand and extend outward until it includes the whole audience... What might be called a unified emotional field results for the duration of the performance. When the performance is over, the clapping of the audience breaks the unified field and each person is seen by the clairvoyant as again functioning within his own separated emotional field. If the performer is not able to achieve this unified field he does not reach his audience and they will say that the performance was mediocre or poor...

Basil Gill, the great Shakespearian actor in England in the early part of the century... said that when he walked on the stage he felt a rush of uplifting golden energy enfold him from the audience, as if his own energy had been magnified a thousand times. Then he seemed to move out and enfold the whole audience in his own sense of exhilaration as he portrayed a Shakespearian character and moved through the action of the drama. He felt that he and the audience together were intimately a part of a moving experience of reality until the curtain came down on the final scene. Then something snapped like a rubber band as the applause started and he was himself again instead of the character in the play.

Energetic Defenses

*HoL* Energetic Defense Systems:

I found six general types of energy blocks... People use their fields in defensive ways to protect them from an imagined unpleasant experience. They organized their entire auric fields into what I call an energetic defense system...

All of us use a combination of several of these blocks...

We all create blocks because we see the world as unsafe... Our energetic defense systems are designed to repel, to defend aggressively or passively against an incoming force.

*HoL* Body Types & Energy Dynamics:

[Wilhelm Reich] found that people with similar childhood experiences and child/parent relations had similar bodies. He also found that people with similar bodies had similar basic psychological dynamics. These dynamics were dependent not only on type of child/parent relations, but also on the age at which the child first experiences life so traumatically that it begins to block its feelings and therefore the flow of energy and to develop the defense system that will become habitual...

The individual's body is the crystallization in the physical world of the energy fields that surround and are part of each person.

Types of Energetic Defenses

*HoL* The Blah Block:

The "blah" block is a result of depressing one's feelings and energy till they stagnate and cause an accumulation of body fluids in that area. The body tends to bloat there. This block usually does not have high energy but is rather of low intensity, which is usually associated with despair... There is anger there also, usually the laming kind. The person has given up and feels powerless.

*HoL* The Compaction Block:

The compaction block, which suppresses feelings, on the other hand, contains a lot of accumulated rage, like a volcano. It is dark red in color, usually appearing quite ominous to the observer... This energy block results in an accumulation of body fat or body muscle in the area... The person is usually aware of the rage and feels trapped because release of rage is associated with humiliation... [One woman's] father humiliated her with regard to her sexuality when she was young. The result was that she blocked her powerful sexual feelings and held them tightly in her pelvis. The held sexual feelings slowly turned to rage. When the rage was not released, die to fear of humiliation, the accumulation of stagnated energy in her pelvis brought on infection.

*HoL* The Mesh Armor:

The mesh armor is an effective block in that it helps the person avoid feelings, especially fear, by quickly moving the blocks around when she is challenged either in a life situation or in therapy. For example, if the therapist tries to release a block through exercise or deep massage, the block till simply move to another part of the body. This type of blocking probably will not initiate disease as readily as the other types of blocks. Everything will appear to be wonderful in this patient's life... Yet she will have the vague sense that something is missing. This person will be able to tolerate deep feelings for only a short period of time before pulling herself out of them. Finally, sh will probably create some crisis in her life to break into her deeper feelings.

*HoL* The Plate Armor:

The plate armor... holds all types of feelings by freezing them. They are held in place around the body by a field of generalized high tension. It effectively helps the person build a well-structured life on the outer level. The body will be well constructed; muscles will tend to be hard. on the personal level, life will not be so fulfilling, because the plate armor effectively nullified all feelings... (NOTE: I'll bet anything these go in and out of fashion, learned through interaction with and witnessing others' defenses.) He will also probably eventually create some kind of life crisis... that will help him connect to his deeper reality. A heart attack does this nicely for some men.

*HoL* The Energy Depletion Block:

The energy depletion block is simply a decrease of energy flowing down the limb in the direction of the distal end. The person cuts off the limbs by simply not allowing the energy to flow there. This results in weakness of the limb and, in some cases, even physical underdevelopment in that area. This person will avoid the use of the limb to avoid the feelings of weakness, and then the deeper associated feelings, like not being able to stand on his own feet in life, or the feeling of failing in life.

*HoL* The Energy Leak:

The energy leak occurs when the person quirts his energy out of the joints instead of allowing it to flow down the limb. He does this (unconsciously) to decrease the energy flow through his limbs to the point where will not have the strength or feeling to respond to certain experiences in his environment. The reason he does not want to respond is based on a childhood conclusion that response is either improper or even dangerous... Both of these latter types of blocks also result in coldness in the limbs... This type of block results in joint problems.

*HoL* The Porcupine:

With the "porcupine" (usually whitish-gray in color), the person's aura becomes spiny and painful to touch. It is sharp. Many times, when I have put my hand on someone when he did not want it there, I could feel the spines going through my hand. Most people respond to this defense by distancing.

*HoL* Withdrawal:

In the "withdrawal" form of defense, the portion of the person's consciousness and aura that is being threatened simply leaves his body in a cloud of light blue energy. The eyes will have a glazed look, although he pretends to be fully there listening to you.

*HoL* Beside Himself:

The same is true for the person who is "beside himself." This particular configuration is more long-term than withdrawal, which may last only for a few second up to hours. The "beside himself" manifestation usually lasts for a longer period, perhaps days or even years. I have seen people who have been partially out of their bodies for years from some trauma or early surgery... her higher bodies would partially disconnect and float out, up and behind her. This disconnection resulted in a disconnection from her feelings.

*HoL* Verbal Denial:

Verbal denial is associated with much energy, usually yellow, in the head, a severe neck block and depleted energy in the lower half, which is pale and still. In order to keep the status quo, the person stays active verbally so as to sustain some feeling of being alive. This verbal exchange keeps the energy flowing in the head.

*HoL* Hooks & Mental Grasp:

The hooks I have seen on some people's heads usually are on people who have a psychopathic character structure and who are in the process of being confronted by, say, a group of people. They become very threatened in such a situation and form a "hook" on the top of the head. If things really get hot, they will throw the "hook" at whomever they see as the aggressor. This "hook" is usually accompanied with a verbal statement. On the other hand, if this type of person wants to confront someone, she may very well try to grasp the other by the head with mental energy. The possible effect on the person being confronted is to be held within the confronter's energy field until the latter is sure her point is being made and accepted as she wishes. This type of defense/offense is very threatening to the recipient because, from all appearances, she is being approached logically with very rational steps leading to the "right" conclusion, but the "between-the-lines" message being conveyed is that the recipient had better agree. This kind of exchange is usually accompanied with the underlying implication that the person being confronted is "bad" and wrong, and the confronter is "good" and right. (NOTE: Notice the similarity between these energy defenses and natural defenses. The porcupine IS the porcupine, the porcupine fish. The hook is the snake raising and cocking its head. These kundalini energy shape animal form and behavior to a great extent)

*HoL* Tentacles:

"Tentacles" are oozing, slippery, silent and heavy. They reach for your solar plexus in an effort to capture your essence but doesn't know what to do with it, because he feels that allowing it to move means humiliation. Thus he is caught in despair and even loses touch with his own essence.

*HoL* Silent Brooding:

The silent brooding is very noisy, however, on the energetic level. He stands out in a room full of people who are actively having fun. Soon he will be surrounded by those who wish to help him, and he will unconsciously, but cleverly and graciously, thank each person for the help offered, saying why it wont work and ask for other suggestions.

*HoL* Verbal Arrows:

The tentacled person thinks he needs something from the outside, but what he needs is to give out, he may then try verbal arrows to provoke someone to anger. These arrows are not only verbally painful, but also energetically painful, flying through the air and striking the recipient very precisely and effectively. The archer unconsciously hopes this will cause enough pain to elicit anger, which will then give him an excuse to release his own anger in such a way as to avoid humiliation.

*HoL* Hysterical Defense:

The person who uses "hysterical defense" will gladly respond to the "arrows" by exploding. The hysterical type will explode in a way that will impinge upon everyone's field with lightning bolts and explosions of color in such fury as to threaten and intimidate with the sheer force of power and chaos. His purpose is to clear the room of everyone.

*HoL* Boundary Containment:

The person using "boundary containment" will simply remove himself from the situation, while strengthening and thickening his boundary in order to remain unaffected. The message thus conveyed is one of superiority! Another may simply state his supremacy with a strongly ordered, well-controlled, power/will display which blows up and lights up his aura, so that there is no question of who is in charge here and who is not to be tampered with!

Energy Leeches

*BtC* Brightening Your Emotional Field:

Often the emotionally focused individual likes to stir up emotional scenes with those around him. When he does this the sensitive observes a brightening of the emotional and vital fields with little observable effect on the mental field. Those involved in the emotional scene often appear depleted and seem to lose energy. The individual creating the scene appears to achieve a sense of well-being and to be energized...

Other people seem to achieve this emotional sense of well-being from the excitement of danger, from fast driving, from needling other people or from an argument. In such cases it is primarily the emotional and vital fields that are energized...

Some people achieve an access of energy observable in the brightening of their energy fields from being out on the ocean or in the forest or from art or music or creative work. (NOTE: Whatever lets you "open up")

*HoL* Oral Sucking:

Oral sucking is closely related to verbal denial in that it is effective in sucking energy from those around in order to fill the person's own field, which he usually is unable to do from the natural surrounding environment... one can feel this form of sucking in verbal prattle that is boring and exhausting to the recipient, or see it in the "vacuum cleaner" eyes that some people possess. These people love to be around others in some form of socializing. There are other people who need to discharge an excess of energy (masochist types) who make good partners with the oral suckers. Together, they fill each other's needs quite nicely.

*BtC* Energy Sappers:

A number of the sensitives with whom I have worked have made repeated observations on individuals which we have come to designate as the "Sappers." There are certain people who do not seem to be able to pick up their own energy from the surrounding ocean of energy which the sensitives describe. They appear to take their energy "pre-digested" from the people in their immediate vicinity... "Sappers" are practically always very self-centered individuals.

The sensitive describes the sappers as having closed-in energy fields... They simply feel better when they are in the company of more vital people. Any individual who remains in the vicinity of the sapper for too long begins to feel desperately exhausted for no reason that he can understand. This baffles and bewilders him. Eventually a deep instinct of self-preservation causes the victim of the sapper to feel an irresistible desire to get away. He may attribute this to any one of a number of reasons. By the time this happens he is usually feeling an unreasoning irritation with the sapper.

As soon as the victim of the sapper has escaped and begins to feel better, he looks at his recent behavior as being rather unreasonable...

Some of these sappers pull energy from almost anyone in their vicinity. Others seem to be able to pull energy more easily from only certain people. The simply selfish person who wants things for himself or the attention of other people is not usually a sapper... It is the self-centered person enclosed in his own orbit who lacks outgoingness to other people and the outside world...

The energy pull from a victim is usually via the weakest vortex...

There are several methods, according to the sensitives, by which sappers may pull energy. Some sappers appear to pull energy by using the voice. The extremely self-centered person who is a compulsive talker pulls the energy of his victim, whose attention he has gained, simply by talking. If the victim listened long enough his vital field and even his emotional and mental fields will being to wilt, grow dull and show a general condition which to the sensitive means he is very exhausted...

Some sappers appear to use the eyes to pull energy. They look with a quiet, steady, unbroken focus at their victim...

Those in an already weakened state always seem to be more distressed and more easily drained by the sapper...

The sensitives describe a rather wide opening in the solar plexus area of the sapper in his vital field. Around the edges of this opening streamers or tentacles appear to shoot out and hook into the field of an individual; in close proximity. The sapper often seems to have a desire to touch the person whom he is draining of energy or else to be as near as possible to him.

A psychological evaluation of the sapper shows an individual who often speaks the language of altruism volubly. He will often talk a great deal about his concern and kindly interest in friends and acquaintances who are his victims. He will assure you that he would do anything for them, that they are wonderful people and they do him so much good. It requires more careful observation to realize that the sapper is nearly always extremely self-centered.

*BtC* Sapper Example:

[Carrie] simply felt exhilarated and in great good spirits after an evening with guests.

A number of observations of Carrie at social events in the homes of other people proved interesting. At a cocktail party or reception she did not make much effort to circulate or talk to people. Instead she usually established herself in a comfortable chair with a good view of the people present. She would sit quietly with a pleasant dreamy look on her face and her eyes focused with a quiet intensity on one person after another. As time went by she would show a flush in her cheeks and a general brightness and alertness... She could remain for hours in her chair making no particular effort at conversation or personal contact with the other guests.

*EoH* Leeching Energy & Getting Old:

Paraphrase: You leech from cells and other people when energy is leaked out. (NOTE: Sending energy into the past to remake it, so the past receives it and changes. Do we keep repaving our lives? Using up our energy and growing old to make life perfect enough to not get caught on things... Or doesn't that happen? Is it instead wasted? Both! You can reach enlightenment straight through or "reincarnate" this life multiple times till it's easy to win.) (NOTE: We work down the body faster than we build it up. Our soft skin- the elasticity comes from energy fields.)


Disturbances in the Chakras

Dysrhythmia & Disease

*C&HEF* Dysrthymia & Disease:

Our observations showed that when changes occured in the centers in the form of dysrhythmia, especially if there was a reversal of the movement from clockwise to counterclockwise, the potential for disease was very marked. If this was accompanied by other changes, whether in color, degree of brightness, form or texture, the malfunctioning was exaggerated. In addition, if the core of the center displayed a conflicting dual movement, that is, turning both clockwise and counterclockwise, within a few years the patient was likely to develop a growth, probably cancerous, related to those parts of the body supplied by that center. This opinion is based on a number of cases where the observations were made years before the onset of disease.

*C&HEF* Excised Glands Dont Help:

In severe physical abnormalities, where the glands related to the chakra had been surgically excised, it was noted that the surgery did not correct the abnormaility in the center itself. The persistence of this abnormal condition may help explain the recurrence of the disease in the organs of the body that were partially excised, such as the thyroid.

*C&HEF* Leaks & Rhythm:

Every time the center, during its rotation, comes to the place where the leak is, this produces confusion in the rhythm. It is as if the energy is disturbed as it passes through into the body.

*C&HEF* Chakra-Disease Correspondence:

No disease related to an etheric chakra was ever found when the center itself was perceived to be absolutely normal.

We do not as yet know what factors determine exactly where disease will show itself when an abnormality develops in a center.

All of these clues lead us to hope that in the future new techniques will be developed which are capable of detecting the behavior of the etheric chakras so that abnormalities can be discovered before physical symptoms appear.

Persistent abnormalities in the centers may be analogous to the incubation period which exists in infectious diseases.

*C&HEF* The Future of Medicine:

Should we not extend the idea of preventive medicine to include the conscious development of positive emotions such as love and sympathy, which induce inner peace and harmony?

*E* Chaos in the Chakras:

The chakras connect our consciousness with our bodies. In the Waking State, the mind experiences chaos; at least 50,000 incoherent thoughts a day race through everyone's mind, many of them mutually contradictory, many of them desiring the useless or the impossible. The physical body attempts to respond to these chaotic thought patterns; the impossibility of doing this results in sickness, failure of the organs, aging and eventually death. Most of our mental energy is literally thrown away every day in this self destructive manner. Once the mind is freed from the source of these 50,000 thoughts -- the defenses, complexes and addictive compulsions of our habitual beliefs and judgments -- the energy of complete consciousness rises up the spine, enlivening each of the seven chakras, resulting in permanent inner silence, perfect awareness of the Ascendant and complete bliss.

*EoH* Energy Leaks:

Paraphrase: Energy leaks have a source. See where you're investing your energy. Learn to see your needs. Your body language reveals leaks because you cover where you have leaks, where you feel vulnerable.

*HoL* Different Chakra Imbalances:

If a chakra is imbalanced, disease will result. The more imbalanced a chakra is, the more serious the disease... The spiral cones of energy that make up these vortices may be fast or slow, jerky or lopsided. Sometimes breaks in the energy pattern can be observed. A spiral cone may be fully or partially collapsed or inverted...

A torn chakra... has appeared in every cancer patient I have seen. Again the configurations listed here go out to the seventh layer. A chakra can be torn, and the cancer may not appear in the body until two or more years later. The protective shield is completely ripped away from this chakra... The effect of a torn seventh layer is loss of a lot of energy from the field. In addition to energy loss, the patient is subject to all kinds of outside influences that affect him not only psychologically, but physically. The field is unable to repel incoming energies that are not healthy for the system to assimilate.

*BtC* Chakra Disturbances:

If any of these major vortices show a dullness or irregularity or "leak"' in the central point or core, she looks for some serious pathology in the physical body in the area. If the pattern of the cone of energy is out of rhythm or shows a "break or crack" she finds that it is related to a problem of function in the area... She insists that any disturbance in the physical structure itself is preceded and later accompanied by disturbances in this energy body or field.

*HoL* Seeing Psychological Patterns in Chakras:

We have found that psychological patterns described by therapists are connected to the human energy field in predictable locations, shapes and colors.

*BtC* Example of a Disfunctional Chakra:

As she looked at the energy body of the patient, she noted that the vortex of energy located at the throat showed a gray color with red specks. She described these cones of energy as moving at different rhythms with an irregular slowing down and speeding up. In the normal person, Diane sees these spiral cones of energy at the throat vortex as blue-grey in color and all moving at the same steady rhythm...

The energy of the parathyroids was "flickering", and she was sure the person had a disease of the parathyroids.

*BtC* Trouble Colors:

Gray color in the energy vortex always indicates trouble in that area.

*HoL* Yin/Yang Imbalances in Chakras:

Any elliptical swing of a pendulum indicated a right/left side imbalance of energy flow in the body... The right side represent the active, aggressive, "masculine" or yang nature. The left side represents the passive, receptive, "feminine" or yin nature of personality.

Negative Emotions

*C&HEF* The Effects of Negative Emotions:

But when there are chronic disturbances on the emotional level, such as continuous hostility or anxiety, the energy discharge is disordered, and this can eventually damage the whole system. Fear and depression tend to cut down the normal flow of energy, so that organs like the kidneys become less able to function normally.

Just as too little energy is damaging, so also is the effect of too much. If the energy flow is too rapid, it can be used up quickly, resulting in a depletion of the body's reservoir of energy. Tension will also deplete energy reserves, and this can have sudden effects at the physical level. Energy depletion of this kind has such a pervasive effect that it is not possible to tell where it will manifest or which vital organ will be affected, although DVK is able to see where the depletion is occurring.

If, for example, a person is emotionally upset over a period of time, this energy goes through the whole of the etheric field as well as the emotional field, and therefore it reacts upon the body's organs such as the kidneys. Conversely, when the body is under stress, some of the outward flow from the etheric through the chakras in turn affects the emotional field.

*K&tC* Blowing Open A Chakra, Kundalini Releases:

Grief, trauma, fear, hurtful memories all aid in "blowing open" the subconscious, which in turn releases the energies. The emotional states then usually increase out of proportion to reality and people are prone to obsession. If the extra Kundalini is not removed from the subconscious (belly area) and balanced with the rest of the body, it continues and compounds the obsessiveness.

Kundalini will look for the most open area or chakra to "escape" through if the body is not ready to receive its energies, blowing open a particular area or chakra and tending to pull all energies toward that spot, as if to a black hole. Only a redirection of energy releases the obsession.

The Effects of Drugs

*C* The Effects of Alcohol, Narcotics, Tobacco, & Caffeine:

Certain drugs and drinks – notably alcohol and all the narcotics, including tobacco – contain matter which on breaking up volatilizes, and some of it passes from the physical plane to the astral. (Even tea and coffee contain this matter, but in quantities so infinitesimal that it is usually only after long-continued abuse of them that the effect manifests itself.)

When this takes place in the body of man these constituents rush out thought the chakras in the opposite direction to that for which they are intended, and in doing this repeatedly they seriously injure and finally destroy the delicate web. This deterioration may be brought about in two different ways. First, the rush of volatilizing matter actually burns away the web.

The second result is that these volatile constituents, in flowing through, somehow harden the atom, so that its pulsation is to a large extent checked and crippled, and it is no longer capable of being vitalized by the particular type of force which welds it into a web. The result of this is a kind of ossification of the web, so that instead of having too much coming through from one plane to the other, we have very little of any kind coming through.

Far more common is the second type of deterioration – the case in which we have a kind of general deadening down of the man's qualities.

*K&tC* Drug Use Chakra Blowing:

Release through "recreational drugs" can be especially harmful, blowing open chakras or causing the "burnout" experienced by some drug users. The very reason some people use drugs—for paranormal experiences—may bring about a lack of paranormal ability in everyday life. A positive aspect of drug use is that users may have been opened to higher dimensions and shown mystical possibilities in life. Drug use, however, does not enable a person to achieving this state on his or her own; thus the energies are not under control, not always very useful, and sometimes exceedingly dangerous.

*C* The Effect of Tobacco:

Tobacco permeates the man physically with exceedingly impure particles. Astrally it not only introduces impurity but it also tends to deaden many of the vibrations, and it is for this reason that it is found to "soothe the nerves", as it is called. Its results after death are also of the most distressing character; it causes a sort of ossification and paralysis of the astral body, so that for a long time (extending to weeks and months) the man remains helpless, supine, scarcely conscious, shut up as though in a prison.

When this deadening process sets in, the only communication between the astral and the etheric is when some force acting on the lower subplanes (upon which only unpleasant and evil influences are to be found) happens to be strong enough to compel a response by the violence of its vibration.

*C&HEF* Addiction = Chakra Reversal:

When the direction of movement within the chakras is reversed by a drug, it is this that causes the addiction.

Crown Disturbance

*C&HEF* Crown Disturbance:

Any disturbance in the crown center is reflected in most of the centers.


Chakra & Energy Body Development

Energy Connections At Conception

*HoL* Conception:

At conception an energetic link is formed between the soul and the fertilized egg. At this time an etheric womb also is formed which protects the incoming soul from any outer influences other than those of the mother. As the body grows inside the mother, the soul slowly begins to feel the "drag" of it and slowly becomes consciously connected to the body. At one point, the soul suddenly is aware of the connection; there is a strong flash of conscious energy down into the forming body. The soul then again loses consciousness, only to reawaken bit by bit into the physical. This strong flash of consciousness corresponds with the time of quickening.

Babyhood- Turning Focus to the Physical

*HoL* Babyhood- OB, Letting Go of Spirit:

The process of slowly awakening to the physical world continues after birth. The baby sleeps frequently during this time; the soul occupies its higher energy bodies. It leaves the physical and etheric bodies disengaged and allows them to be very busy doing the work of body building...

They still have some awareness in the spiritual world, and I have seen them struggling to let go of spiritual playmates and parent figures and to transfer affections to the new parents. The newborns I have observed have very wide open crown chakras... When I see them leave the physical body, in their higher bodies, they appear many times to be spirits of about twelve feet tall. They go through an enormous struggle in opening the lower root chakra connecting to the earth...

The child was struggling to let go of two playmates and a spirit woman who did not want to let go either. In his struggle, he would open and connect with the earth whenever his guide was present. Then he would lose contact with his guide, see his playmates and the woman, and struggle fiercely between the two worlds. He felt more affinity with the spirit woman than his own physical mother at those times... After a time of struggle, he would again connect with his guide and calm down, open the root and start the incoming process again...

The incoming soul often enters and leaves the body through the crown chakra as it begins working on opening the root chakra to grow roots into the physical plane. The root chakra looks like a very narrow funnel, and the crown chakra looks like a very wide funnel at this stage... The general field of a baby is amorphous, formless, and has a bluish or grayish color.

*HoL* Babyhood- Focus & the Unformed Aura:

As a baby fixes his attention on an object in the physical plane, the aura tenses and brightens, especially around the head. Then, as his attention fades, the aura fades in color; however, it retains some of the experience in the form of color in the aura. Each experience adds a little color to the aura and enhances its individuality.

Development of Self & Protection of the Chakras

*HoL* Babyhood & Early Chakra Development:

The child's chakras are all open in the sense that there is no protective film over them which screens out the incoming psychic influences. This makes the child very vulnerable and impressionable. Thus, even though the chakras are not developed like those of an adult, and the energy that comes into them is experienced in a vague way, it still goes right into the field of the child, and the child must deal with it in some way...

At around the age of seven, a protective screen is formed over the chakra openings that filters out a lot of the incoming influences from the universal energy field. Thus, the child is no longer as vulnerable as before...

Adult rage shocks the child's system like physical shock, while grief and depression swamp it like a fog.

In addition to the physical nourishment, breast-feeding gives etheric energy to the child. There is a small chakra in each nipple which supplies the baby with energy. Remember, the baby's chakras are not developed and so do not metabolize all the energies from the universal energy field needed to sustain life.

*HoL* Childhood- Individuation By Objects

As a child grows and the second chakra begins to develop, the child's emotional life becomes enriched. The child weaves fantasy world in which to live, she begins to feel like a separate person from the mother, and these worlds help create that separation. Within these fantasy worlds are the child's possessions. She will send amoeba-like projections from her etheric field out and around these objects. The more important the object in building the fantasy world, the more energy-consciousness from her field with which she will surround it. The object becomes part of the self. When this object is grabbed forcefully from the hand of a child, it tears the field and causes pain, both physical and emotional, to the child.

Beginning around the age of two, the child sees his parents as belonging to him, "me, my daddy, my mommy, etc." The colors red-orange and rosy-pink become more visible in the aura. The child is learning to relate to another, learning a basic kind of love... The child prefers to play alone, or if a playmate is allowed in, the playmate is carefully watched so as not to allow too much disturbance of the space. At this stage the child does not have a strong enough ego to maintain a real clarity between self and other. She struggles to find her uniqueness, and yet still feels very connected to all things. Personal objects become ways of defining individuation. The private energy space helps this definition. Thus, when another child comes to visit the room of a five to seven year old, the hostess struggles between wanting the communication with another and preserving the image of self. So she struggles to control personal objects that help define who she is and around which she has placed her own energy-consciousness. (NOTE: You can see adults caught up in stages as far back as this one)

*HoL* Childhood- Protective Screens & Social Openness:

At around the age of seven, the child begins to weave a lot of gold energy into this space. The space becomes freer, larger, less connected to mommy and more open to visitors. Having a greater sense of self, the child now begins to see her similarities to other humans. She can now allow the "other" a greater self-expression within her private space. A visitor is allowed to create all manner of energy forms within her private space. This makes things more "fun" and "lively" and enhances fantasy life. Children go into the "gang" stage. One of the things that makes this all possible is that, by the age of about seven, all the chakras now have a protecting screen over them that filters out many of the energetic influences from the field around her. The child feels "safer" because in her auric bodies she really is.

Latency - Development of Mental Capacities

*HoL* Latency & Mental Fantasy Empowerment:

As the child grows into latency between seven and puberty, the development of more mental faculties occurs, along with the development of the third chakra... The mental energies are primarily used to enhance the fantasy life of the child... The child becomes the Indian chief, the princess, Wonder Woman... Within these archetypal forms are found the deep spiritual longings of the individual, the goals and aspiration, as expressed by the qualities played out in the backyard or the school playground.

Adolescence - Development of Relationships

*HoL* Adolescence- Many Changes, Objects No Longer Self:

As the child approaches puberty, large changes start occurring all through the body and the surrounding energy field. More green is added to the aura and the individual's private space. The space becomes infused with "vibes" from friends. As the heart chakra opens to new levels of feelings, and the dawning of eros and love emerge from deep within the psyche, the beautiful color of rose fills the field. The pituitary (third eye chakra) is activated, and the body begins to mature to that of an adult. All the chakras are affected by these changes. These new higher vibrations are sometimes embraced with excitement by the individual and at other times are loathed because they bring with them new longings and new vulnerability that the individual has not yet experienced...

The individual now repeats all the stages of growth that he has experienced but with a difference. The first three stages involved the self as the center of the universe... Now it is an "I-thou" relationship... The individual no longer "owns" the love object as he did in the case of his parents or toys.

Adulthood - Growing Love & Family

*HoL* Adulthood- Full Development:

By the end of adolescence, the chakras and energy pattern used by the individual are now set. All chakras have taken on an adult form. It is at this point that the individual may try to settle down and have no more changes. Some are able to accomplish this and with it cause there lives to stagnate into safe, set, patterns of clearly defined and limited reality. Most people, sufficiently shaken by their life experiences, see that reality is not so easily definable and continue a lifelong search for meaning that leads them through constant challenge to deeper experiences of fulfillment.

In maturity, the "I-thou" expands to include the personal family, which creates its own energy form. More energies flowing through the throat chakra help this personal giving and receiving... The heart can open to include not only love of the mate and children, but also love of humanity... As the third eye opens to higher vibrations, one begins to see the unity of all things and can see at the same time the unique preciousness of each individual soul within that unity.

Maturity - Higher Vibrations

*HoL* Maturity- Higher Vibrations:

As the individual approaches old age and death, even more higher-vibration rates can be added to the energy bodies. People's hair turns bright white as the white light coursing through their being increases their affinity with the spirit world. Now, to the "I-thou" relationship is added a very deep personal relationship with God. The lower earthly energy, metabolized though the lower chakras, decreases and is steadily replaced by higher finer energies having much more to do with spirit than life on the physical plane... The solar plexus chakra, especially, becomes more harmonious.

Chakra Development

*HTKHW* Chakra Development:

Because they resemble wheels or flowers, esotericists call these formations chakras. In a person whose soul life is undeveloped, the "lotus flowers" are of a darkish color, quiet and unmoving. In a seer they are in motion, shining forth in different colors.

When an esoteric student begins practicing the exercises, the light of the lotus flowers intensifies; later the flowers will also begin to rotate. When this happens, it means that a person is beginning to have the ability to see clairvoyantly. These "flowers" are the sense organs of the soul.

The spiritual sense organ, which is near the larynx, enables us to see clairvoyantly into the way of thinking of other soul beings. The organ located in the region of the heart opens clairvoyant cognition into the mentality and character of other souls. With the sense organ situated near the solar plexus, we gain insight into the abilities and talents of other souls.

The organ in the vicinity of the larynx has sixteen "petals" or "spokes"; the one near the heart, twelve; and the one near the solar plexus, ten.

*HTKHW* Chakra Development & the Etheric Body:

If we are to find our way about this world, simply achieving mobility of the lotus flowers is not enough. We must be able to regulate and control – by our own will and in full consciousness – the movements of our spiritual organs. We must be able to hear what is called the "inner world." And for this we need to develop not only the soul body, but also the ether body.

*C* Awakened Chakras:

Besides keeping the physical vehicle, the force-centres have another function, which comes into play only when they are awakened into full activity.

*WoLi* Chakra Enlightenment:

I do not believe that the crown chakra itself is the seat of enlightenment, but rather the presence and connection of all the chakras together, given conscious attention, that brings enlightenment.

*C* The Opening of the Doors:

Nevertheless, though nature takes such precautions to guard these centres, she by no means intends that they shall always be kept rigidly closed. There is a proper way in which they may be opened.

We are always adjured to wait for the unfolding of psychic powers until they come in the natural course of events as a consequence of the development of character.

Chakra Development & The Resulting Spiritual Senses

*C* The Awakening of the Etheric Chakras [& the Senses that Follow]:

When the second of the etheric centres, that at the spleen, is awakened, the man is enabled to remember his vague astral journeys, though sometimes only very partially. The effect of a slight and accidental stimulation of this centre is often to produce half-remembrance of a blissful sensation of flying through the air.

When the third centre, that at the navel, comes into activity, the man begins in the physical body to be conscious of all kinds of astral influences, vaguely feeling that some of them are friendly and others hostile, or that some places are pleasant and others unpleasant, without in the least knowing why.

Stimulation of the fourth, that at the heart, makes the man instinctively aware of the joys and sorrows of others, and sometimes even causes him to reproduce in himself by sympathy their physical aches and pains.

The arousing of the fifth, that at the throat, enables him to hear voices, which sometimes make all kinds of suggestions to him. Also sometimes he hears music, or other less pleasant sounds. When it is fully working it makes the man clairaudient.

When the sixth becomes vivified, the man begins to see things, to have various sorts of waking visions, sometimes of places, sometimes of people. In its earlier development, when it is only just beginning to be awakened, it often means nothing more than half-seeing landscapes and clouds of colour. The full arousing of this brings about clairvoyance.

It is through it that the power of magnification of minute physical objects is exercised. A tiny flexible tube of etheric matter is projected from the centre of it, resembling a microscopic snake with something like an eye at the end of it. This is the special organ used in that form of clairvoyance, and the eye at the end of it can be expanded or contracted, the effect being to change the power of magnification according to the size of the object which is being examined. This little snake projecting from the centre of the forehead was symbolized upon the head-dress of the Pharaoh of Egypt.

When the seventh centre is quickened, the man is able by passing through it to leave his body in full consciousness, and also to return to it without the usual break, so that his consciousness will be continuous through night and day.

*C* Temporary Chakra Opening:

For specially strong vibrations may at any time galvanize one or other of the chakras into temporary activity, without arousing the serpent-fire at all; or it may happen that the fire may be partially roused, and in this way also spasmodic clairvoyance may be produced for the time.

*HTKHW* Moving the Central Point to the Heart- Hearing the Inner Word:

Initially the central point is not located near the heart, but in the head.

Only an esoteric training that begins by creating this temporary center in the head can be completely successful.

Once the temporary center in the head has been properly stabilized, further practice of the concentration exercises transfers it downward, into the vicinity of the larynx.

The time has now come to give this complex system of currents and movements a center near the heart. This moment marks the stage of our development at which we receive the gift of the "inner word." Henceforth, all things become spiritually audible to us in their inmost essence; they speak to us of their true nature.

The words of the great teachers stream through us, permeating us with a bliss we never imagined before.

The movements of Buddha's word-melodies mirror cosmic rhythms that also consist of repetitions and regular returns to earlier rhythms.

"Desiring liberation" serves to bring the ether organ near the heart to maturity.

** Chaka Senses Develop Together:

One sense organ is never developed apart from the others.

*RB* Chakras & Psychic Abilities:

The chakra system is used with every psychic ability, no exceptions. Whatever the psychic ability, the method of development or the terminology used to describe it, it is all done through chakra stimulation. It is impossible to manifest any psychic ability without first stimulating the chakras. There are many ways to develop yourself, agreed, but they all, directly or indirectly, stimulate the chakra system. And let's not forget natural ability. Many people are born with naturally active chakras and hence, natural psychic ability.

Mediums are people who exhibit psychic abilities when aided by a nonphysical spirit entity. This entity stimulates the chakras of the medium directly, by melding with the medium and causing psychic abilities; clairvoyance, channelling, healing, production of ectoplasm, etc to manifest through the medium. This is why they are called Mediums or channels, i.e., they have the ability to become a passive vehicle for a spirit entity to affect, or communicate with, the physical world. If you learn to control your own chakras and energy, you can do these things on your own, with no spirit entity involved. (NOTE: Swedenborg's Celestial & Spiritual exactly!)


The Etheric Chakras

The Etheric Chakras

*C&HEF* The Etheric Chakras:

The etheric chakras are most easily visualized as rapidly spinning vortices, which draw in energy at their cores in a tight flow and disperse it along the periphery of their petals in ever-widening spirals. The torrent of incoming energy from the general field pours into the chakras, and because of their pattern of organization, this produces a whirling or spinning motion. This flow does not affect their basic geometrical structure, however, for that remains constant.

The principal functions of the etheric chakras are to absorb and distribute prana or vital energy to the etheric body and, through it, to the physical body, and to maintain dynamic connections with the corresponding chakras in the emotional and mental bodies. One of the functions of the chakras is to coordinate the interaction among the various fields. The condition of the physical body is affected not only by the rate of etheric energy flow, but also by the degree of harmony in its rhythm, and any obstructions which deform the normal energy patterns result in loss of vitality and ill health.

Affect of the Chakras on the Physical Body

*WoLi* The Chakras' Effect on the Physical Body:

Their effect upon the physical body is strong, for it is believed that the physical body shapes itself around the chakra. An overblown third chakra would show in a big, tight belly; a constricted fifth chakra results in tight shoulders and a sore throat; a poor connection to the first chakra shows itself in skinny legs or bad knees. The shape of our physical body may even be determined by our development of chakras in former lives, to be picked up and continued again in this life.

*RB* Chakra Sensations

The sensations you will feel in your chakras can vary, according to the degree of activity occurring in them, i.e., your physical make up, natural ability, concentration and relaxation skills affect this. It can vary from a gentle warmth, a localized pressure, or bubbling, a localized dizziness, a tingling, a gentle pulsing, to a heavier throbbing, or a combination of some or all of the above. The heavier the thrumming, the more active the chakra. If you place your hand on a chakra, when it is active, you will actually feel the flesh pulsing. Some of the chakras, when active, can cause other odd, localized sensations:

Base chakra: You may feel a very slight burning or tingling, or a cramping, like you have been riding a bicycle for too long, to begin with. Once it is working properly, you will feel a gentle pulsing or throbbing between your legs, at the site of the chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra: This can sometimes cause a shortness of breath feeling, which can cause you to hyper-ventilate. This will pass, with time and use, as the chakra stabilizes.

Heart Chakra: The heart chakra merits special mention due to the strong, and sometimes frightening, sensation it can cause. When strongly activated it can feel like your heart is racing at an impossible rate. It is a powerful sensation. Try and ignore this when it happens, it won't hurt you. It is not your heart racing but the chakra working. I know this is easier said than done. This racing is more apparent in the early stages of development. I think this is caused by a lack of energy flowing from the lower centres. In a way it is like a pump racing, when it does not have enough fluid to pump.

Throat Chakra: The throbbing in it can cause a very mild choking feeling, because of the sensitive area it is in. This feels something like having an emotional lump in the base of your throat.

Crown Chakra: When fully active it feels like a thousand soft, warm fingers gently massaging the inside of the top of your head, above the hairline, and extending down in the centre of the forehead, to include the brow chakra, which is part of it. This sensation is the reason the Buddhists call it "The Thousand Petalled Lotus".

You may feel a stronger sensation in some chakras and little or none in others. Concentrate on the lowest ones with the least sensation. This will help balance the energy flow in the chakra system.

If you are unbalanced, during projection the inactive chakras can cause failure, i.e., you may get your body partly loose but find you are stuck to your body at the site of the inactive chakra. If this happens, concentrate on stimulating the inactive chakra prior to projection.


The Astral Body

Script: The bodies information is really split up between here and OBEs. It should probably be here.

Function of the Astral Body

*SC* The Purpose of the Astral Body:

John: "The astral body is the pattern of energy that keeps your personality structure in containment, so that you function upon this level rather than slipping into levels of lives past. That is, the soul is encased in the astral body to maintain your individuality in these days and in these times."

*SiO* The Astral (Thought) Body:

The second is the ‘Thought' body, or Dream body, rather; known among Occultists as the Mayavi-rupa, or ‘Illusion-body'. During life this image is the vehicle both of thought and of the animal passions and desires.

*PotC* Condensing Cosmic Energy:

The psychosoma is a condenser of cosmic energies. Emission of denser energy is used to assist psychotic post-mortems (NOTE: Translated: ghosts), as well as to reduce the density of the psychosoma while projected...

During the semi-consciousness of the projective trance, I clearly felt an influx of energy concentrated on the right cerebral hemisphere. It involved pressure over the forehead and, after a while, it remained on the right side of my forehead only.

Abilties of the Astral Body

*SD&P* The Mind Body [Astral]:

When you enter a different dimension, the abilities of the body form change, and for all intents and purposes, it is a different body form- which we will now call a mind form. It still seems physical in shape, but you can walk through physical matter with it. You can levitate much more freely, traveling within the solar system. But you cannot go further with it.

In the first form, it is possible to perceive the past, present or future on a limited basis. In the second form, this perception is increased, the scope of consciousness widened. This is the form you will use if you meet by appointment with others in the dream state.

Relationship Between The Astral & The Physical Body

*PotAB* How The Physical & Astral Interact:

You are using the eyes of the astral phantom to read this. The material body has no mind at all, but clings over the astral, which is the real "Ego"- through which the conscious mind really functions. The conscious mind, as you know it, is the mind of the astral body. The subconscious sustains practically the same relation to the exteriorized phantom as it does to the interiorized physically alive being.

The astral phantom is so much our Self that we do not realize how bound up in it we are; we do not seem to comprehend that we are using it this very moment.

*H&H* Spirit Acts Upon Body:

The internal of man is spiritual, the external is natural. The internal acts upon the external. Understanding and will are the spiritual and active agents. Spirit lives, while material does not. The body is the instrument of the spirit. The body does nothing. It only follows. Man cannot take one step without heaven. The man does not speak. The spirit speaks in man.

Man's spiritual world shows in his natural through his face, his speech, and his gestures. Natural and spiritual bodies may differ greatly. The state of heaven and hell with man is through conjunction to truth or falsity.

The spirit is bonded to the body by will's attachment to the heart and thought's attachment to respiration. All vital motion depends on these. As soon as the heart stops, the spirit leaves.

Appearance of the Astral Body

*HoL* The Astral (?!) Fourth Layer:

The astral body is amorphous and is composed of clouds of color more beautiful than those of the emotional body. The astral body tends to have the same set of colors, but they are usually infused with the rose light of love. It extends out about one half to one foot from the body.

*HoL* The Emotional Layer & Color Blobs:

[The emotional body] roughly follows the outline of the physical body. Its structure is much more fluid than the etheric and does not duplicate the physical body. Rather, it appears to be colored clouds of fine substance in continual fluid motion. It extends one to three inches from the body...

Its colors very from brilliant clear hues to dark muddy ones, depending on the clarity or confusion of the feeling or energy that produces them. Clear and highly organized feelings such as love, excitement, joy or anger are bright and clear; those feelings that are confused are dark and muddy.


The Astral Chakras & Senses

The Astral Chakras' Interactions

*C&HEF* The Astral Chakras & Their Interaction:

These astral centers are open to the great ocean of astral energy in which all living beings are immersed. As the astral energy flows in and out of these centers from the universal field, it energizes and organizes the astral body or aura. These astral chakras are similar in form to the etheric being petal-like structures clustered around a central core.

The astral chakras also act as interconnections with those at the etheric level, thus integrating the two fields. Chronic worry produces a disturbance in the solar plexus chakra at the emotional level; this in turn creates a disturbance in the corresponding chakra at the etheric level, which directly affects the digestive tract and liver.

The astral chakras are always brighter than those on the etheric level, but at the same time they are more difficult to describe precisely in respect to such qualities as texture. Little or no variations are observed in elasticity which appears to be constant.

*C&HEF* Upward & Downward Flow:

(NOTE: upward flow = normal, downward flow = increase in sex) The astral energy normally enters the individual field via the solar plexus chakra, and may move in either of two directions, depending upon whether or not there is obstruction to its flow along the astral "spine", in which the chakras have their roots. In a normal, healthy state, the astral energy flows upward towards the head, but when obstructed it will turn and flow downward, increasing sexual activity. At the same time, there will be a diminution of the astral energy in the brain leading to a disturbance in the balance of control.

*C&HEF* The Astral Spine and Brain:

The astral spinal energy, like its etheric counterpart, rises from the chakra at the base of the spine and flows upward to the medulla oblongata in three streams which correspond with the ida, pingala, and sushumna. DVK has described theses as follows: The stream on the right side of the astral spine rises from the right side of the core of the chakra at the base of the spine and flows upward to the back of the head in a stream approximately one centimeter in width. Its color is pale blue (whereas the etheric counterpart is blue-green). The stream on the left side of the spine duplicates that on the right, but its color is pink (whereas the etheric is a darker yellow-red). The energy which flows through the central portion of the astral spine arises from the very heart of the base spinal chakra, moves upward and bifurcates at the area near the medulla oblongata, at which point the two divisions cross each other, the energy on the right going to the left brain, and that on the left to the right brain. This central spinal stream is brighter than the other tow streams, opalescent and many-colored, with a great deal of yellow and orange. If it is very bright with a predominance of yellow, this indicates a state of health.

With respect to the brain, at the astral level the energy is structured differently from the etheric, and there appears to be some connection between the cerebellum, the pineal gland and the crown chakra. There is normally a tremendous amount of energy in the brain at the astral level.

*C* Astral Connection To the Physical:

For many of us the astral vortices corresponding to the sixth and seventh of these centres both converge upon the pituitary body, and for those people the pituitary body is practically the only direct link between the physical and the higher planes. Another type of people, however, while still attaching the sixth centre to the pituitary body, bend or slant the seventh until its vortex coincides with the atrophied organ called the pineal gland which is by people of that type vivified and made into a line of communication directly with the lower mental, without apparently passing through the intermediate astral plane in the ordinary way.

*D* Withdrawl of the Astral in Sleep:

When a man falls into a deep slumber, the higher principles in their astral vehicle almost invariably withdraw from the body and hover in its immediate neighborhood. Indeed, it is the process of this withdrawal which we commonly call ‘going to sleep'.

The physical body (including the etheric double) lying quietly on the bed, while the ego, in its astral body, floats with equal tranquillity just above it.

The Astral Chakras Are Astral Sense Organs

*C* The Astral Chakras & Their Corresponding Senses:

Each of the etheric centres corresponds to an astral centre. The astral centre is frequently quite in the interior of that vehicle.

The astral centres are already in full activity in all cultured people.

These centres to some extent take the place of sense-organs for the astral body.

Specialized organs are not necessary for the attainment of this result. There is matter in every part of the astral body which is capable of such response, and consequently the man functioning in that vehicle sees equally well the objects behind him, above him, and beneath him, without needing to turn his head.

As all the particles of the astral body are constantly flowing and circling about like those of boiling water, all of them in turn pass through each of the centres or vortices, so that each centre in its turn evokes in all the particles of the body the power of receptivity to a certain set of vibrations. But even when these astral senses are fully awakened it by no means follows that the man will be able to bring through into his physical body any consciousness of their action.

The first of these centres is the home of the serpent-fire. This force exists on all planes, and by its activity the rest of the centres are aroused. When awakened it moved on to the second centre, corresponding to the physical spleen, and through it vitalized the whole astral body, enabling the person to travel consciously, though with only a vague conception as yet of what he encountered on his journeys.

Then it moved on to the third, thereby awakening in the astral body the power of feeling – a sensitiveness to all sorts of influences.

The fourth centre, when awakened, endowed the man with the power to comprehend and sympathize with the vibrations of other astral entities, so that he could instinctively understand something of their feelings.

The awakening of the fifth, that corresponding to the throat, gave him the power of hearing on the astral plane.

The development of the sixth produced astral sight.

The arousing of the seventh endowed him with the perfection of its faculties.

*HTKHW* Undeveloped Spiritual Senses:

To attempt an occult training without following these guidelines would be to enter the higher worlds with defective mental eyes. Instead of cognizing the truth, one would be subject only to deceptions and illusions.

Developing the Astral Body & Senses

*HTKHW* Adding Clairvoyantly Visible Structure to the Soul & Spirit:

Educating our feelings, thoughts, and moods in the ways indicated fashions an organization in our soul and spirit. Without such training, our soul and spirit remain unstructured masses. In this state, clairvoyant seers perceive them as intertwined, spiraling, cloud-like vortices. These have a dull glow and are generally sensed as reddish and red brown or red-yellow in color. After esoteric training, however, the vortices display an orderly structure and are seen as shinning spiritually in yellow-green or green-blue colors.

The order we create enables us to breathe and see with the soul, and to hear, speak, and so on, with the spirit.

*C* Developing Astral Senses in the Physical Body:

The only way in which the dense body can be brought to share all these advantages is by repeating that process of awakening with the etheric centres.

To bring the first chakra into full activity is precisely to awaken the inner layers of the serpent-fire. When once that is aroused, it is by its tremendous force that the other centres are vivified. Its effect on the other etheric wheels is to bring into the physical consciousness the powers which were aroused by the development of their corresponding astral chakras.

Disturbances in the Astral Chakras

*C&HEF* Disturbances in the Astral Chakras:

At times the etheric and astral centers may be interrelated and the mental out of harmony; if the color gray appears predominately in an astral center this indicates that there is a blockage between the emotional and mental fields.

If the astral body is generally disturbed, the energy will flow toward one particular chakra, usually that at the solar plexus. When there is a steady and harmonious rhythm between the astral and etheric chakras, a good inner relationship is indicated, whereas disharmony and dissonance may lead to disease.

A break in the petals or in the core of one of the astral centers, leading to a leakage of energy, will tend to make that center and the energy supplied to the corresponding part of the body more vulnerable; this may or may not lead to illness some kind of serious physical condition.

The Astral Root Chakra - 1st

*HoL* First Chakra:

The first chakra, the coccygeal center, is related to the... will to live in the physical reality... The coccyx acts as an energy pump on the etheric level, helping direct the flow of energy up the spine.

This statement of physical potency, combined with the will to live, gives the individual a "presence" of power and vitality. He makes a statement, "I am here now"... He often acts as a generator by energizing those around him, recharging their energy systems...

When the coccygeal center is blocked or closed, most of the physical vitality of the life force is blocked, and the person does not make a strong impression in the physical world. He is not "here." He will avoid physical activity, will be low in energy and may even be "sickly."

The Astral Sex Chakra - 2nd

*HoL* Second Chakra:

The pubic center (chakra 2A) is related to the quality of love for the opposite sex that the person is able to have. When it is open, it facilitates giving and receiving sexual and physical pleasure...

The sacral center )chakra 2B) is related to the quantity of sexual energy of a person. With this center open, a person feels his sexual power... The orgasm bathes the body in life energy...

The sacral acts as a pair with the pubic chakra. At the two points where the front and rear centers come together, in the heart of the chakra, in the spine, the life force exhibits its second most powerful physical urge and purpose- that of the desire for sexual union...

[Orgasm] revitalizes and cleanses the body with an energy bath. It rids the body system of clogged energy, waste products and deep tension...

It is not unusual for one of these centers to be closed when the other is open. many times this is just how the pairs (front/back) of chakras work in people. There will be an overfunctioning in one and an under-functioning in the other, because the person cannot tolerate the power of having both aspects of a chakra functioning at the same time...

For example, when the rear center is strong in a clockwise direction and the front center is weak or closed, the person will have a strong sex drive and probably a great demand for sexual relations. The problem is that the large amount of sexual energy and drive is not accompanied by an ability to give and receive sexually.

The Astral Solar Plexus Chakra - 3rd

*HoL* Third Chakra:

The solar plexus is associated with the great pleasure that comes from deeply knowing one's unique and connected place within the universe. A person with an open chakra 3A can look up to the starry heavens at night and feel that he belongs...(NOTE: self-confidence)

Although the solar plexus chakra is a mental chakra, its healthy functioning is directly related to an individual's emotional life. This is true because the mind or mental processes serve as regulators of the emotional life...

If this center is open and functioning harmoniously, he will have a deeply fulfilling emotional life that does not overwhelm him. However, when this center is open but the protective membrane over it torn, he will have great uncontrolled extremes of emotions...

If this center is closed, he will block his feelings, perhaps not feeling anything...

many times this center serves as a block between the heart and sexuality. If both of those are open and the solar plexus is blocked, the two will function separately; i.e., sex will not be deeply connected to love and vice versa. These two connect very nicely when one is aware of one's firmly rooted existence in the physical universe...

Whenever a person creates a relationship with another human being, cords grow between the two 3A chakras...

Cords develop between other chakras of people in relationship also, but the third chakra cords seem to be reenactment of the dependent child/mother connection... The nature of the chakra cords that you build in your first family will be repeated in all the following relationships that you create later...

The diaphragmatic center (chakra 3B), located behind the solar plexus, is associated with one's intention towards one's physical health. If someone has a strong health-love toward his body, and an intent to keep it healthy, this center is open. This center is also known as the Healing Center and is associated with spiritual healing. It is said that in some healers this center is very large and developed... This center is associated with the solar plexus center, in the front, and is usually open if the solar plexus center is open.

*C&HEF* The Astral Solar Plexus Chakra:

The solar plexus chakra is the most active center of emotional energy in the majority of people. It is the bridge between the emotions and the physical/etheric, its closest physical connection being with the stomach and the whole gastro-intestinal tract. DVK has theorized that the astral solar plexus chakra acts as a shock absorber between the intake of astral energy and its dispersal through the body.

The colors of this chakra are somewhat variable: in an integrated person, the green indicates balance; a somewhat different shade pertains to symphony or adaptability; a mixture of yellow and green shows interest in expressing ideas in physical form. Often inventors and designers have this color combination. Also there is an entirely different shade of sickly yellowish – green which indicates jealousy, while yellow mixed with gray implies frustration in connection with work.

The Astral Heart Chakra - 4th

*HoL* Fourth Chakra:

The heart chakra (chakra 4) is the center through which we love. Through it flows the energy of connectedness with al life. The more open this center becomes, the greater is out capacity to love and ever widening circle of life...

Through this center, we connect cords to heart centers of those with whom we have a love relationship... When this chakra is open, the person can see the whole individual within his fellow man. he can see the uniqueness and inner beauty and light in each individual as well as the negative or undeveloped aspects. In the negative state (closed), the person has trouble loving, loving in the sense of giving love without expecting anything in return.

The heart chakra is the most important chakra used in the healing process. All energies metabolized through the chakras travel up the vertical power current through the roots of the chakras and into the heart chakra before moving out of the hands or eyes of the healer. In the healing process, the heart transmutes the earth plane energies to spiritual energies and the spiritual plane energies into earth plane energies...

Midway between the shoulder blades, chakra 4B is associated with the ego will, or outer will...

If this center is clockwise, we will have a positive attitude about accomplishing things in life and see other people as supports for those accomplishments... We will experience our will and the divine will in agreement. We will see the will of out friends aligned with out will...

If this center is counterclockwise... we will have the misconception that God's will and that of other people is opposed to our will. People will appear to be blocks in our way of getting what we want or in out accomplishing something... (NOTE: The chakra closes on the reason why it closed, continually projecting that reason outwards. Like closing our eyes when we think we see a monster. it then continues to exist until we open them again.)

An image of the universe as a basically hostile place where the strong aggressors will survive, sometimes boils down to "not getting my way means my ultimate survival is at stake." The person functions by control and seeks to make his world safe by controlling others.

*C&HEF* The Astral Heart Chakra:

In individuals who meditate regularly, the heart center is large than usual, for it expands easily. It also tends to be more luminous and its rhythmic movement is speeded up.

The Astral Throat Chakra - 5th

*HoL* Fifth Chakra:

The throat chakra, located at the front of the throat, is associated with taking responsibility for one's personal needs...

This center also shows what the state of the person is with respect to receiving whatever is coming toward him. If the center is measured as counterclockwise, the person does not take in what is given to him...

If the person sees the world as a negative, generally hostile place, he will be cautious and have negative expectations about what is coming his way... Since he sets up a negative force field with his negative expectations, he will attract negative input to him...

When he is able to go through this experience, connect to the original cause within himself and find inner trust again, he will reopen his throat center. This process of opening and closing continues until all misconceptions of receiving or taking in are transformed into trust in a benign nourishing universe.

The aspect of assimilation that occurs at the back of the fifth chakra (5B), sometimes referred to as the professional center, is associated with the person's sense of self within the society, his profession and with his peers...

If the person has chosen a profession that is both challenging and fulfilling and is giving his best to his work, this center will be in full bloom... If this is not the case, the person will hold back from giving his best. He will be unsuccessful and conceal his lack of success with his pride...

In this center, we will also uncover the fear of failure that blocks taking the chance to move out and create what one so dearly wants. This also holds true of one's personal friendships and social life in general. By avoiding contact, this person also avoids revealing himself and feeling the fear of not being liked on the one hand, and competition and pride like, "I'm better than you; you are not good enough got me," on the other.

*C&HEF* The Astral Throat Chakra:

The throat chakra is particularly associated with rhythm and sound. In those who are clairaudient, or sensitive to sounds which are physically inaudible, the petals of this center will be larger than average and more luminous. When diagnosing, the main factor to be looked for in connection with this center is its degree of harmony with the etheric chakra.

*WoLi* Sound, Vibration, Communication:

Chakra five is the center of sound, vibration, and self-expression. It is the realm of consciousness that controls, creates, transmits, and receives communication...

When the opening of the fifth chakra occurs, the person within becomes aware of the world around him on a "vibrational" level.

The senses are a function of perceiving rhythm. Hearing sound waves and seeing light waves are only two. The very mechanism through which nerve fibers feed information to our brain is one of rhythmic pulsations of energy.

The Astral Third Eye Chakra - 6th

*HoL* Sixth Chakra:

The forehead center (chakra 6A) is associated with the capacity to visualize and understand mental concepts... if this center is counterclockwise, one has confused mental concepts, or images about reality that are not true and are usually negative. The person holding them projects them onto the world and creates his world by them. If this center is clogged and weak, the person is usually blocked in his creative ideas simply because the amount of energy flowing through this center is small...

During the therapy process of purifying or sorting out negative belief images, when an image arises in the energy system and begins to function dominantly, this center will probably spin counterclockwise, even if it is usually clockwise... With therapeutic help, the person will understand and see the image clearly for what it is. The center will then turn around and will spin clockwise. usually this type of counterclockwise motion can be detected by the seasoned therapist because of the unstable quality of feeling accompanied by the counterclockwise motion... (NOTE: so upon spinning backwards, a chakra spits out the cause of blockages to be visible in the aura)

At the back of the head, the mental executive center (chakra 6B) is associated with implementing the creative ideas formulated through the center in the forehead. If the executive will center is open, one's ideas are followed with the appropriate action to cause them to materialize in the physical world. If it is not open, the person has a rough time bringing his ideas into fruition.

The Astral Crown Chakra - 7th

*HoL* Seventh Chakra:

The crown center is related to the person's connection to his spirituality and the integration of his whole being, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual... If this center is open, the person probably often experiences his spirituality in a very personal form, unique to that individual.

*C&HEF* The Astral Crown Chakra:

Unlike the etheric, the astral body has no visible counterparts of the physical organs, such as the spleen or the intestinal tract. There is, however, an exchange of energy. For example, if the flow of astral energy is dull in the crown center, one should expect serious mental disorders or even extreme mental deficiency. If, on the other hand, the etheric and astral levels match in color and brilliance, this indicates that the thinking processes are clear and lively. The reflection of the pineal gland may appear as a golden color in the astral body, but there is no true counterpart of the organ.


The Mental Body (3rd Body)

The Mental Body

*C&HEF* The Mental Body:

The third aspect or fact of the personal self is the instrument through which the mind finds expression; in theosophical and esoteric literature this is traditionally called the mental body. The mental is finer-grained and faster-moving than the astral. However, it should be remembered that the mental field interpenetrates both the astral and the etheric at every point, and the mental body also conforms to these vehicle in structure. The mental dimension is in constant interplay with other aspects of the personality throughout life, and its energy permeates every experience, even when we are not engaged in intellectual pursuits or even consciously thinking.

The energy which pours into the mental chakras from the inexhaustible reservoir of the universal mental field circulates through the mental chakra system in much the same manner as at the astral and etheric levels. But the mind is more complex than the emotions; it has in fact two primary aspects or functions which make possible the subtlety, originality and conceptual power of the mind, at the same time that it can lead us into false reasoning and self-delusion. Because of its multifaceted nature, the habits and patterning of the mind can affect the disease process adversely, but it can also be a powerful force for health, growth and change.

The human mental body is an ovid like the astral, but it is considerably larger and less dense. Its colors and quality are good indicators of the individual's interests and mental powers, whether latent or active, for sometimes the capacities we are born with do not mature during life. All this shows up in the mental body, just as the astral aura accurately reveals the emotional life.

Because the mental and emotional fields are so closely interconnected, the mind is colored by emotion, just as the feelings are conditioned by thought.

Far from being a product of brain activity, the distillation of meaning and the interpretation of experience are seen to derive from a deeper level of the self. Such insight is then developed rationally by the mind and related to other knowledge, while the brain, which is the mind's instrument or physical partner, registers the information.

When there is a harmonious relationship from the mental level through the emotional to the etheric, the flow of energy through the chakras displays a rhythmic and unimpeded pattern.

*D* The Causal Body:

The causal body (sometimes called the auric egg) is the real vehicle of the reincarnating ego, and is inhabited by him as long as he remains upon the plane which is his true home, the higher levels of the mental world. When he descends into the lower levels, he must, in order to be able to function upon them, clothe himself in their matter, and, descending into the astral plane, he forms his astral body out of its matter, though, of course, still retaining all the other bodies.

*D* The Mind's Purpose:

It is the mind which from its past experience is able to decide that one particular square white object is a house, and another rounded green one is a tree, and that they are both probably of such and such a size, and at such and such a distance from me.

A person who, having been born blind, obtains his sight by means of an operation, does not for some time know what are the objects he sees, nor can he judge their distance from him. The same is true of a baby, for it may often be seen grasping at attractive objects (such as the moon, for example) which are far out of its reach.

*TF* The Mental Body:

Man, the thinker, is clothed in a body composed of innumerable combinations of the subtle matter of the mental plane, this body being more or less refined in its constituents and organized more or less fully for its functions, according to the stage of intellectual development at which the man himself has arrived. The mental body is an object of great beauty, the delicacy and rapid motion of its particles giving it an aspect of living iridescent light, and this beauty becomes an extraordinarily radiant and entrancing loveliness as the intellect becomes more highly evolved.

*C&HEF* Reincarnation, Evolution, and the Mental Body:

(NOTE: self and the power we know) According to reincarnation, those fruits of experience which we have transformed into enduring qualities mark the growth or evolution of the individual self. These are retained from life to life within the casual body which becomes a composite of the highest qualities of the Self; insight, intuition or direct knowing, creativity, intentionality, aspiration to God or the Good, and the purest forms of love and compassion.

Abilties of the Mental Body

*SD&P* The True Projection Form:

The third we may call the true projection form. In it, it is possible to travel beyond your solar system, and to perceive the past, present and futures of other systems as well as your own. You may begin in one form and change to another- or go from the first to the third. On such occasions you must pass through in reverse direction [on returning].

In the third form, there could be a tendency for you not to recognize your own physical situation. It would be difficult to carry the memories of the present ego personality with you. This third form is the vehicle of the inner self. The disorientation that it feels is the same that it will feel when the physical body is deserted at the point of death. This disorientation is only temporary, and when at death the form is severed from the physical body, then all the memories and identity within the electromagnetic structure become part of the inner self. This form is sometimes used for purposes of instruction, however, most of your projections will be in the first and second form, in any case. Usually you will project from the physical body into the first form and then, perhaps, into the second.

Appearance of the Mental Body

*C&HEF* The Appearance of the Mental Body & Its Meaning:

The mental body extends about ninety centimeters (three feet) beyond the periphery of the physical body, and interpenetrates both the etheric and the astral bodies. The individual who perceives the "I" more in terms of his thoughts than his feelings usually has a mental body that is brighter and more vital than the average, and of finer texture. When such a person is using the mind, energy moves more swiftly in and out of the mental chakras, and the whole mental body becomes more lively and luminous.

*MV&I* The Causal Body:

When this causal body is newly formed it is transparent yet iridescent, like a gigantic soap-bubble. It also resembles the soap-bubble in being almost empty in appearance, for the divine force which is really contained within it has as yet had no time to develop its latent qualities by learning to vibrate in response to impacts from without, and consequently there is little color. What little there is comes because certain qualities have been already evolved within the group-soul of which that causal body previously formed a part.

*C&HEF* The Causal Body:

Seen clairvoyantly, the causal body is pale and ethereal, with iridescent colors like those is a soap bubble…At this level, the Self is not constrained by the usual limits of time and space and causality, but is able to experience the universality of life and to perceive meanings and interrelationships which are often hidden from us during physical existence.

*HoL* The Mental Body:

[The mental body] usually appears as a bright yellow light radiating about the head and shoulders and extending around the whole body. It expands and becomes brighter when its owner is concentrating on mental processes. It extends from three to eight inches from the body.

*ASJ* The Mental Body:

The Master: ‘[The mental body] is the thought-form of the individual. As you could not yet comprehend a description of this wispy, cloudy form which appears to lack all density, I shall only give you a physical comparison of the mental body of an unevolved human being... with that of an evolving human being... by likening them to a wicker basket as seen in two stages of the making... In the early stages you see a basket take shape but it has only a few strands of cane fixed to its base. Eventually all the gaps are filled in and the finished article is blended together of many hundreds of wicker strands all separate and distinct from each other but appearing at first sight to be a composite whole.'

Mental Chakras

*C&HEF* Higher Bodies & Chakras:

Each mental chakra is also closely linked with its higher frequency counterpart on the intuitional (buddhic) level.

*C&HEF* Mental Chakra Interaction & Disturbances:

(NOTE: intersects, perhaps, at chakra 5?) The energy of the mental field is stepped down as it passes through the chakras, and can in this way have a direct effect on the physical body if it is not blocked at the emotional level, which is sometimes the case. If there is a disturbance in one of the mental centers, it will be transmitted to the emotional and etheric levels, but it is more usual for the disturbance to occur at the astral level. An astral disturbance will not only affect the etheric chakra but also inhibit the energy coming in from the mental level. The whole process is very complex.

Mental Body Thought Forms

*HoL* Mental Body Thought-Forms:

The mental body is also a structured body. It contains the structure of our ideas... Within this field can be seen thought forms. They appear to be blobs of varying brightness and form. These thought forms have additional colors superimposed on them, actually emanating from the emotional level. The color represents the person's emotion that is connected to the thought form. The clearer and more well-formed the idea, the clearer and more well-formed is the thought form associated with that idea. We enhance these thought forms by focusing on the thoughts they represent. Habitual thoughts become very powerful "well-formed" forces that then affect our lives.

The Causal Body (4th Body)

The Causal Body

*SiO* The Mental (Causal) Body:

The third is the true Ego, called in the East by a man meaning ‘causal-body', but which in the trans-Himalayan schools is always called the ‘Karmic body'.

*ASJ* The Causal Body, The Reincarnating Ego, and The Source of Memory:

(NOTE: This section appears in full in the Between Lives section) ‘The causal body changes every life merely by the addition to it of the experience the man has accumulated during his last incarnation: for this reason we sometimes refer to it as the reservoir of knowledge. An evolved man can tap this reservoir at will and draw down to the physical level the experiences of his past lives; this enables him to avoid having to learn certain things every time he has a new physical brain, for, in itself, the brain has no memory of past experiences...

‘This ego, or individuality, overshadows and guides that personality to the best of his ability, within the limits allowed by the free will which is granted to all men...

‘At the causal level past, present and future are in reality one.' (NOTE: This, then would be the source of memory, where past and present and future are one)

*ASJ* Memory is From the Causal World:

The Master: ‘In itself, the brain has no memory of past experiences."

The Etheric Template Body (5th Body)

The Etheric Template Body

*HoL* The Etheric Template Body (Fifth), Negative Space & Sounding Form:

[The fifth layer] is the template form for the etheric layer, which as was already state is the template form for the physical body. (NOTE: Higher and purer forms, the train upwards) The etheric layer of the energy field derives its structure from the etheric template layer. It is the blueprint or the perfect form for the etheric layer to take. It extends from about one and one half to two feet from the body... It is the level at which sound creates matter. It is at this level that sounding in healing it the most effective... It is as if a form is made by completely filling in the background space, and the empty space left creates the form...

In etheric space, which one might call negative space, to form a sphere... an infinite number of planes comes from all directions and fill in all space, except for a spherical area of the space left empty. This defines the sphere...

Thus, the etheric template level of the aura creates an empty or negative space in which the first or etheric level of the aura can exist... The etheric template level of the universal energy field contains all the shapes and forms that exist on the physical plane, except on the template level. These forms exist in negative space, creating an empty space in which the etheric grid structure grows and upon which all physical manifestation exists.

The Celestial Body (6th Body)

The Celestial Body

*HoL* The Celestial Body (Sixth):

The sixth level is the emotional level of the spiritual plane, called the celestial body. It extends about two to two and three-quarters feet from the body. It is the level through which we experience spiritual ecstasy... When we reach the point of "being" where we know our connection with all the universe, when we see the light and love in everything that exists, when we are immersed in the light and feel we are of it and it is of us and feel that we are one with God, then we have raised our consciousness to the sixth level of the aura...

The celestial body appears to me in beautiful shimmering light, composed mostly of pastel colors. This light has a gold-silver shine and opalescent quality, like mother of pearl sequins. Its form is less defined than the etheric template level in that it simply appears to be composed of light that radiates out from the body like the glow around a candle. Within this glow are also brighter, stronger beams of light.

The Ketheric Template Body & Chakras (7th Body)

The Ketheric Template Body

*HoL* The Ketheric Template/Causal Body (Seventh), Power Current & Barrier:

The seventh level is the mental level of the spiritual plane called the ketheric template. It extends from about two and one half to three and one half feet from the body. When we bring our consciousness to the seventh level of the aura, we know that we are one with the Creator. The outer form is the egg shape of the aura body and contains all the auric bodies associated with the present incarnation an individual is undergoing. This body, too, is a highly structured template. It appears to my vision as composed of tiny threads of gold-silver light of very strong durability that hold the whole form of the aura together. It contains a golden grid structure of the physical body and all the chakras.

When "tuning" into the frequency level of the seventh layer, I perceive beautiful golden shimmering light that is pulsating so fast that I use the term "shimmering." It looks like thousands of golden threads. The golden egg form extends out beyond the body some three to three and a half feet depending on the person with the smaller tip beneath the feet and the larger end about three feet above the head. it can expand even more, if the person is very energetic. The outer edge actually looks like an eggshell to me; it appears to have a thickness of about a quarter to a half inch. This outer part of the seventh later is very strong and resilient, resistant to penetration and protects the field just as an eggshell protects the chick. All the chakras and body forms appear to be made of golden light on this level. This is the strongest, most resilient level of the auric field.

It could be likened to a standing light wave of intricate shape and form vibrating at an extremely high rate. One can almost hear a sound when looking at it... The golden template level also contains the main power current that runs up and down the spine and is the main power current that nourishes the whole body. As this golden power current pulsates up and down the spine, it carries energies through the roots of each chakra and connects the energies that are taken in through each chakra.

The main vertical power current induces other currents at right angles to it to form golden streamers that extend directly outward from the body. These in turn induce other currents that circle around the field, so that the entire auric field and all the levels below it are surrounded and held within this basket-like network...

In addition, in the ketheric template level are also the past life bands within the eggshell. These are colored bands of light which completely encircle the aura and can be found anywhere on the eggshell surface. The band found near the head-neck area is usually the band containing the past life that you are working to clear in your present life circumstance... It contains the life plan and is the last level directly related to this incarnation.

*HoL* The Ketheric Protects:

The ketheric (is) the eggshell form that seems to protect the aura.

Ketheric Color Meanings

*HoL* Color Meaning on Soul-Task Level:

Red: Passion, strong feelings. Love, when mixed with rose. Clear red: moving anger. Dark red: stagnated anger. Red-orange: sexual passion. (NOTE: Now think of anger as thwarted love)

Orange: Ambition

Yellow: Intellect

Green: Healing, healer, nurturer

Blue: Teacher, sensitivity

Purple: Deeper connection to spirit

Indigo: Moving toward a deeper connection with spirit.

Lavender: Spirit

White: Truth

Gold: Connection to God. In the service of humankind, Godlike love.

Silver: Communication

Black: Absence of light, or profound forgetting, thwarted ambition (cancer).

Black Velvet: Like black holes in space, doorways to other realities.

Maroon: Moving into one's task.

The Ketheric Past-Life Band

*HoL* The Ketheric Past-Life Band:

The past-life band that is relevant to what is happening right now in the person's life is found around the face and neck area... By putting your hands above the face and following the band to the right with the right hand and to the left with the left hand, you can see the past life pass by in linear time...

It is my impression that these bands are related to the task the person has undertaken in this lifetime and needs to do in order to grow. Many times I get the sense that I am invading a very private personal space when I reach into these areas, so I withdraw from them.

*HoL* Past-Life Blocks:

All levels, from the ketheric on down, are affected by past-life trauma. In the first four auric levels, a past-life trauma looks like a normal energy block in the field. On the etheric and ketheric template levels, it shows up as a structural problem and, in addition, on the ketheric, the past life shows up as a ring or band in the eggshell level of the field.

To "see" a past life, I may just be "given" the past-life scene relevant to the present healing situation or illness as the client is speaking with me. Or I may hold my hands on a particular block and then see the past life.

8th & 9th Body & Chakras

*HoL* The Eighth and Ninth Chakras- Reincarnational:

Recently, I have begun to see two levels of auric field above the golden template. They appear to be crystalline in nature and of very fine, high vibrations...

[The eighth and ninth layers] relate to who we are beyond this lifetime...

In the lower seven layers of our energy field are stored all the experiences we have had in this lifetime and also all the blueprints for possible experiences we programmed when planning this lifetime. We also constantly create new experiences. Because we have free will, we do not always choose to have all these experiences.

*HoL* The 8th & 9th Chakras:

The two levels above the seventh that I am able to see at this point are the eighth and ninth levels. They are each associated with the eighth and ninth chakras located above the head. Each level appears to be crystalline and composed of very high vibrations. The eighth and ninth levels seem to follow the general patterns of alternating between substance (eighth level) and form (ninth level) in that the eighth appears mostly a fluid substance and the ninth appears to be a crystalline template of everything below it.


The Ego (Leadbeater's Meaning)

*D* The Ego:

All these different portions of the mechanism are in reality merely instruments of the ego, though his control of them is as yet often very imperfect. The ego is a developing entity, and that in the case of most of us he is scarcely more than a germ of what he is to be one day.

*D* The Ego's Will:

The grasp which the ego has of his various instruments, and, therefore, his influence over him, is naturally small in his earlier stages. Neither his mind nor his passions are thoroughly under his control. The average man allows himself to be swept hither and thither just as his lower thoughts or desires suggest. Consequently, in sleep the different parts of the mechanism which we have mentioned are very apt to act almost entirely on their own account without reference to him.

*D* The Ego's Purpose:

The vibrations of the nerve-threads present to the brain are merely impressions, and it is the work of the ego, acting through the mind, to classify, combine, and re-arrange them.

*D* Ego Acting Through the Mind:

Mere vision is by no means sufficient for accurate perception. The discrimination of the ego acting through the mind must be brought to bear upon what is seen.

*D* The Ego's Senses:

The ego, when out of the body, is able to perceive with absolute instantaniety without the use of the nerves, and consequently is aware of what happens just that minute fraction of a second before the information reaches his physical brain.

*D* The Dramatization of the Ego:

It would seem that just as primitive man casts every natural phenomenon into the form of a myth, so the unadvanced ego dramatizes every event that comes under his notice; but the man who has attained continuous consciousness finds himself so fully occupied in the work of the higher planes that he devotes no energy to such matters, and therefore he dreams no more.

*D* The Ego's Symbolic Language:

The ego when out of the body during sleep appears to think in symbols what down here would be an idea requiring many words to express, is perfectly conveyed to him by a single symbolical image.

Many people, however, are quite in the habit of bringing the symbols through in this manner, and trying to invent an interpretation down here. In such cases, each person seems usually to have a system of symbology of his own.


The Spark

The Spark

*TBD* The Indestructible Drop:

The extremely subtle body is called the indestructible drop; it is a tiny energy pattern existing normally only in the center of the heart wheel or complex. The extremely subtle mind that corresponds to it is the intuition of clear light, called transparency. At this extremely subtle level, the body-mind distinction is abandoned, as the two are virtually inseparable. This indestructible-drop transparent awareness is the Buddhist soul, the deepest seat of life and awareness, whose continuity is indestructible, though it constantly changes while moving from life to life...

[The indestructible drop] consists of the finest, most sensitive, alive, and intelligent energy in the universe. It is a being's deepest state of pure soul, where the being is intelligent light, alive and singular, continuous yet changing, aware of its infinite interconnection with everything. It is beyond all instinct patterns of lust, aggression, or delusion, beyond all duality, one with reality, and one with the Truth Body of all Buddhas... This is the living soul of every being. It is what makes the boundless process of reincarnation possible. It is the gateway into liberation, always open, essentially free, though the being evolved around it may identify itself with intensely turbulent states of suffering. It is peaceful, translucent, trouble-free, and uncreated.

*SU* The Size of the Inner Flame:

The soul is like the sun in splendour. When it becomes one with the self-conscious ‘I am' and its desires, it is a flame the size of a thumb; but when one with pure reason and the inner Spirit, it becomes in concentration as the point of a needle.

The soul can be thought as the part of a point of a hair which divided by a hundred were divided by a hundred again; and yet in this living soul there is the seed of Infinity.

*CU* The Light of Our Heart:

There is a Light that shines beyond all things on earth, beyond us all, beyond the heavens, beyond the highest, the very heavens. This is the Light that shines in our heart.

*B* The Soul's Eternal Youth:

The soul is as young as it was when it was created.


If the spirit were always united to God in this power, the person could never grow old. For the now in which God created the first human being and the now in which the last human being will fade away, and the now in which I am speaking- all these nows are alike in God and are only one now.

*CWG3* The Eternal, Never-Forgetting Soul:

The soul wants nothing. The soul has everything. All wisdom, all knowing, all power, all glory. The soul is the part of You which never sleeps; never forgets.


The soul is lightness and freedom. It is also peace and joy. It is also limitlessness and painlessness; perfect wisdom and perfect love.

It is all these things, and more. Yet it experiences precious few of these things while it is with the body.

*T* The Life Kernel:

Only the germ sheath, which surrounds the actual life kernel of these beings, is taken from the elements of the world of thoughts... The life kernel itself has its origin in still higher worlds.

*CBtL* The Soul:

Deceased scientists who now live in the next dimension say that we indeed do have a soul. They describe it as a small beam of undying Light which resides in the area of the heart. Curiously, the ancient yogis spoke of the soul, calling it the "seed atom" and said it resided in the left ventricle of the heart.

The Spark & Its Veils

*DA* The Divine Spark Encased in Multiple Bodies:

Man is primarily divine, a spark of the Divine Life. This living flame, passing out from the Central Fire, weaves for itself coverings within which it dwells, and thus becomes the Triad, the Atma-Buddhi-Manas, or Spirit, the reflection of the Immortal Self. This sends out its Ray, which becomes encased in grosser matter, in the desire body, or kamic elements, the passional nature, and in the etheric double and the physical body. The once free immortal Intelligence thus entangled, enswathed, enchained, works heavily and laboriously through the coatings that enwrap it.

Sensing the Spark

*B* Sensing the Spark Within:

A pagan master made this beautiful statement to another master: "I am becoming aware of something within myself that sparkles in my reason. I feel well that it is something but cannot grasp what it may be. Only I fancy one thing, that if I could grasp it, I would know all truth." The other master replied: "Fine! Go after it! For if you could grasp it, you would have the essence of all goodness as well as eternal life." Saint Augustine had the same thing in mind when he said: "I am becoming aware of something within me that radiates and sparkles before my soul. If it could be brought to completion and permanence within me, it would have to be eternal life. It conceals itself and still makes itself known. It comes, however, in the manner of a thief, and endeavors to remove and steal all things from the soul. Because it still makes itself known and reveals itself, it would like to attract the soul, cause it to follow it, and rob and divest the soul of itself.


The Many Attributes & Divisions of Souls

The Seven Roles

*JoYS* The Seven Roles:

After committing to a series of lifetimes on a planet, we chose a role, which is our primary style or way of being. There are seven roles:

Warriors are persuasive, single-minded doers, often with a hearty sense of humor, and sometimes, the subtlety (and strength) of a Mack Truck. They seek challenge.

Kings are warriors' large-picture counterparts. They are charismatic leaders, organizing others to action, sometimes in a tyrannical manner. They seek mastery.

Scholars, rather than being oriented towards doing, are a resource for others. They study and assimilate, intellectually or otherwise. Sometimes, they are overly theoretical and distanced from life. They seek knowledge.

Artisans create what is new, whether in art, hairstyles, or carburetors. They are often warm and playful, sometimes self-deceptive and artificial. They seek originality.

Sages express and communicate. They are witty, friendly, entertaining, and sometimes loud and verbose. They seek insight.

Priests inspire others through their compassion and vision. They sometimes get too carried away and take too much on faith or try to force their beliefs on others. They seek what is highest.

And Servers support and nurture others, sometimes in a self-denying and victimized way. They seek the well-being of all.

*JoYS* Roles & Channeling:

Warriors, the most "earthy" of the seven roles, can find it disorienting to be fully conscious during channeling, and more often go into a deeper trance, whereas sages tend to not want to "miss a word," and more often stay fully conscious.

We are each a member of a permanent group of seven souls, called a "cadence" or "primary cadence," in which we have a particular numeric position, one through seven. Our cadence, in turn, has a particular numeric position within its group of seven cadences which is called a "greater cadence." Being in sixth or seventh cadence or greater cadence position facilitates channeling and other psychic work. The six resonates with the astral plane, and the seven, with the casual plane. I am in the fifth position of a cadence which is fourth in its greater cadence group.

The vibration of the six or seven is strong for someone at the sixth or seventh level of their soul age, but it is not a significant as, say, the attitude of spiritualist (a six) or more importantly, being in a six or seven cadence position.

Channeling through sixs and sevens tends to come "up" through the channels whole being. Another way is to bring the channeling "down" through the channel mind. This requires a lot of mental power, and is more cut off from the rest of the channel's self. In some channels, it happens both ways- that is, the easiest, Having sixs and sevens gives more endurance.

"Very few priests and kings make good channels because it is necessary for a channel to be able to ‘ground' and the nature of six-ness and seven-ness at role level makes such a grounding difficult." This is a matter of "too much of a good thing." -Michael's People

*JoYS* Manifestation of Roles in the Aura, & Different Clairvoyant Perceptions:

Roles, overleaves, and so forth manifest in people's auras in manifold ways: color, pattern, texture, shape, feeling, etc. It is not so simple as to say that every time you see a particular color, for instance, in someone's aura, you are seeing a particular role. Overleaves modify the appearance of the essence. All factors interact. Among those who are psychic, some people's perceptions emphasize color, while others pick up more of a feeling. What you perceive on one level is different than on others. It takes practice to fully know what you are seeing.

*JoYS* The Dominant Universal Qualities:

Each role and overleaf is classified as being on one of the axes, or dominant universal qualities: inspiration, expression, action, and assimilation. It has to do with the inner world. Inspiration is "the act of drawing in." The expression axis has to do with manifesting the inner world- for example, communication; it is the bridge between inspiration and action. The action axis relates to the outer world, or doing. The assimilation axis is objective and neutral. It provides a resource for the other axes and helps integrate them.

Servers and priests thrive on inspiration. They need to feel inspired and feel that they are inspiring others in order to feel that they are being themselves. Warriors and kings are the action axes roles. For scholars, having information to assimilate is as fundamental as having food to eat. Artisans and sages suffer if they do not have an opportunity to express themselves.

The ordinal side of an axis can be compared to a camera's zoom lens; it deals with the specific, concrete, immediate. The cardinal side is like a wide-angle lens; it deals with the general, abstract, and far-reaching. Both sides are necessary.

Artisans like to express themselves through the specific, whereas sages like to express themselves through the broad and encompassing.

The seven planes of creation also sit on the axes. The messianic plane is the cardinal inspiration plane, and , as a plane, partakes of the same basic qualities as the role of priest and the attitude of spiritualist.

The point of the assimilation-axis goal is to let go rather than trying to make things happen.

*JoYS* Mixes & Mutts:

It is also helpful to compare and contrast young-soul priests and old-soul priests, priests with a goal of acceptance and priests with a goal of growth.

Warriors tend to be highly productive, but people of other roles can be productive, too. The point is why a person is productive. Warriors are productive because of an instinctive drive to be active. Others can be productive because of an overleaf such as aggression mode, which means that their method of operating is to by dynamic.

Often people identify with many of the roles. Our role is our dominant energy, but we have all the others in us, at least potentially.

Other energies, such as essence twin role, casting, overleaves, body type, like task, and imprinting, can either emphasize or de-emphasize the energy of the role.

Since scholars study everything, they may in one life or another "impersonate" all the other roles. Artisans, being the most creative of the roles, also can "recreate" themselves in the image of the other roles.

We tend to pick up the energy of our essence twin because the bond is so powerful. This is especially true if the essence twin isn't incarnate, because it is then as if our essence twin is living inside use.

*JoYS* Roles:

Our role is the type of soul we are, the spiritual archetype we embody. There are secondary role influences from his essence twin and casting (mathematical position within the greater whole) Our role is our primary style -it determines not so much what we do but how we tend to do whatever we choose to do. Each role tends to gravitate towards certain activities. (NOTE: They are tendencies)

25% of the earths population (and the sentient population of the entire cosmos) are servers, 22% are artisans, 17% are warriors, 1% are scholars, 10% are sages, 8% are priests, and 4% are kings. This follows the order or most ordinal to most cardinal. About 64% of the population has an ordinal role, and 22% has a cardinal role, with, again, 14% having the neutral role, scholar. There may be civilizations that attract many warriors but nor many sages. In general, though, these percentages are fairly consistent from one planet to another. The Tao has found through past experiences that these proportions work well.

Those with cardinal roles -king, priest, sage- tend to like to work with large numbers of people at a time, and focus on expansive ideas and projects. Those with ordinal roles -server, artisan, and warrior- tend to like to work one-on-one, and focus on the nitty-gritty. Scholars occupy the detached, objective position.

Inspirational energy from priests is usually perceived as being more intense than that from servers, who tend to have a more low-key, diffuse style.

Sages are the most social of roles.

It is often scholars and servers who incarnate into "differently abled" bodies; scholars, out of curiosity, and servers, to serve.

Scholars draw a lot of detail from me. Warriors like speed an efficiency.

Warriors tend to have a particular focus of energy in their hands.

It is the nature of scholars to explore constantly for new knowledge.

The scholar can know innately, without necessarily knowing how he knows. He can access the depths of what he has learned over many lifetimes.

Scholars no doubt buy the most books by far, but sages and priests probably come in second and third. Sages emphasize insight- the "why" behind the facts. Priests are attracted to "higher" or inspirational knowledge, and might mostly limit their reading to new age, religious, spiritual, or philosophical. (Ahem, kinda sounds like your bookshelf, lover ;) ) Artisans and warriors might collect "how-to" books.

When sages talk a lot, they tend to focus on their views or a "story," while scholars are more likely to give detailed "raw" information or theory, without sages' expressiveness and sense or drama. Priests often like to speak about what inspired them (or didn't!). In their negative poles, sages talking too much are likely to irritate others, whereas scholars are likely to simply bore them, and priests might pressure or numb them. Sages tend to want people's attention on themselves in order to provide an audience for their self-expression, whereas scholars tend to want attention on the facts, and priests, on their vision of the higher good.

Our society tends to imprint males to talk less. Male warriors and kings are those most likely to be the "strong, silent type."

Scholars often fear being boring. Sages often fear not being heard.

Most scholars have an extensive collection of some kind, most often books, records, or computer disks. Emotionally centered scholars might save mementoes, such as letters and photographs, or clothes. They also often love to travel. His inherent inclination is to save potentially useful things, since scholars provide resources for others, and want to have them on hand in case they're ever needed or just for their own "reference." Sages more often then scholars give away books they've already read, and in general try to find "good homes" for things they are not using. The difference between expression and assimilation is evident here.

Sages are especially noted for a good sense of humor. A sage's laugh is frequently a cackle or a guffaw; titters come only when he tries to repress it. Sages seek to bring enlightenment. One way of doing this is through the lightness of humor and play, wit and cleverness. Warriors are also known for their humor, which is usually more earthy and hearty, as in the belly laugh. Puns and word play and a specialty of scholars.

Priests also seem to be the most vivid dreamers among the roles. (Artisans also tend to have extraordinary dreams, as well as daydreams.)

Servers can serve under any circumstance: therefore, they manifest their essence the most easily and pass through the soul age levels the most quickly. I also find that anyone in a number one cadence position is purposeful, and needs a purpose for anything he does.

When we take cardinality to its ultimate, we come to ordinality, and vice versa.

Warriors are known as the most focused of the roles. Artisans seek stability and balance in their aesthetic pursuits, but severs are known for promoting the stability of the family.

*JoYS* How The Roles Appear Physically and Energetically:

Role energy does exert subtle influences on how someone looks. It exerts a stronger influence on the qualities that come through the physical traits, especially facial expressions.

Priests' eyes are very warm and intense, either compassionate or severe. Warriors eyes can also be intense, but in a cooler, earthier, sometimes metallic way. Servers eyes are also warm but not as intense. Servers can look sweet, honest, and comforting, or in the negative pole, dull or downtrodden.

Kings have a contained, regal expression, sometimes as if to say "we are not amused." Both warriors and kings have a "clean," no-frills, "down to business" kind of air about them.

Scholars, generally, are not striking, since they usually don't want to call too much attention to themselves.

Artisans, servers, and scholars tend to have a gentler, lower-key demeanor. "Pretty-boy" men (as opposed to rough-hewn) and adorable or beautiful women are many times artisans. They often like to express themselves through their clothes and adornments, hairstyles, and their body itself to create beauty and originality. This is also true of sages, although to a lesser extent. Many models are artisans and sages. Priests smiles can be more angelic, whereas sages smiles often seem to have a little mischief in them. Sages faces are highly expressive and are often good-looking or interesting, so as to capture the attention they need in order to fulfill their role.

The solid roles—warriors, kings and scholars—look more strong or "hard," and the fluid roles—servers, priests, artisans, and sages—look more gentle or "soft."

Warriors' eyes tend to be narrow or close set, while kings' eyes tend to be far apart. Scholars can have a high forehead and a lot of facial wrinkles at a young age. Artisans can look cute wearing anything, even a mop!

Priests are tall and willowy. Kings and warriors are often short, and warriors can be thick, perhaps muscular or fat, with a thick neck. There is a strain of scholars who are stereotypically "nerdy": skinny and "weedy" with "ropey" muscles. Artisans exhibit somewhat childlike faces, older artisans tend to have fewer wrinkles than other roles.

There are abundant exceptions to these generalizations.

A king tends to send his energy down, while a priest tends to send his up.

*JoYS* Role Auras & Interaction:

Artisans' auras tend to be the largest and most diffuse. In a crowd, there can be many other people in an artisan's aura, and he can pick up a lot of their energies, some of which can stay with him and weight him down.

It can work the other way around, too: if a crowd is in an artisan's aura, the crowd can take on the artisan's mood—the artisan creates the atmosphere.

Priests, on the other hand, tend to pick up other people's negative energy as a result of their desire to offer healing. The empathy allows them to feel what others feel, and they are natural healers. They can unconsciously draw off other people's blocked energies, but rather than dispersing them, they can store them in their own energy fields, which of course, can become a burden to them.

*JoYS* Roles & Inputs:

Artisans have a reputation for the charming flakiness that sometimes accompanies high creativity. Artisans have five "inputs" or simultaneous "psychic (as in psyche) receivers." Artisans operate on five levels or "tracks" at the same time. Warriors operate on one. This facilitates the widest possible awareness of "what's out there," which aids creativity, because new creations are new combinations of already existing elements. Having five inputs can also be disorienting if artisans aren't well grounded. Artisans can seem not fully "there" when one is talking to them. Warriors are usually total "there." Sages have three inputs, with similar but lesser abilities and challenges in that regard. Sometimes artisans and sages compensate by being highly organized—with so many inputs, they have found that they need to be in order to keep track of everything "coming in" and all projects they may be juggling at once. Warriors are the most focused of the roles, tend to be naturally organized, but they can also sometimes live in a mess and still feel that they can function effectively. Warriors are normally "one thing at a time" people and artisans usually have several projects going at once.

The five inputs of artisans relate to 1) current reality, (2 the state of the work in progress, (3 the muse or vision of what he wants to create, 4) random unconscious stimulation that allows creativity, and 5) the application of that imagination, as in "What would happen if I try this here?" The three inputs of sages relate to 1) current reality (the setting or basic situation), 2) what is being expressed, and 3) the audience.

Scholars, kings and warriors—the "solid" roles—have one input.

With a one-image set, you can change channels, either quickly or slowly, but you are not as well equipped to integrate the two programs in your consciousness as someone watching the simultaneously.

Priests and severs each have two inputs. Priests are concerned with integrating their vision of what is higher or of greater ultimate importance into the immediate circumstance. Their "television screen," rather than having a second smaller image in the corner, has a horizontal line dividing it into higher and lower images. They view these two images simultaneously at all times. It is so natural to them that they take it for granted. The "screen" of servers is split with a vertical line, holding an image of the common good next to that of the immediate circumstance.

Sages have three inputs. Their screen is divided by two vertical lines into three side-by-side images that are more or less equal in size. Sages can use these three inputs to integrate the three other axes: inspiration, action, and assimilation. Sages are communicators and mediators. They interpret between warriors and priests, scholars and artisans, and so forth.

Sages seek wisdom in the same way that warriors seek challenge and artisans seek originality.

(NOTE: Styles?) Artisans' "screen" is divided into five sections similar to a pie divided into five pieces. These divisions, however, are not necessarily equal in size, and they can change. Images enter from the periphery of the screen toward the middle. What comes in through the piece of the pie labeled "A" might go back out in a different form through the piece "C." The images are constantly moving and changing. This allows artisans to arrange and rearrange realities, creating new ones as a result.

The solid roles are basically dealing with what is. The inspiration roles want to add something higher or greater to what is. The expression roles, with three or five inputs, want to change what is.

The essential creativity of artisans and sages is to see new possibilities through combining diverse realities. The creativity of warriors is more likely to spring from an intimate knowledge of one reality than from drawing from more than one.

"Spaciness" is disorientation stemming from not being able to handle whatever is on the screen. Five images can be especially disorienting if they are not being integrated.

Having multiple inputs brings diverse stimuli into one's thinking and feeling. This is not the same as having an excessively busy mind, which is more common with those who are intellectually centered.

If the five inpupts of artisans elements are not stabilized, there is no true creation, although there may be artifice. Artisans can easily become unstable, which undermines their ability to create.

*JoYS* Relationships & Roles:

The ordinal roles—artisans, servers, and warriors—often prefer to focus on fewer but deeper friendships. Scholars are also more likely to follow this path. Priests, kings and sages are often drawn to having larger numbers of friends, or at least, acquaintances

Artisans can often be contended being alone, working on their projects, although they can be warm and caring to those with whom they are friends.

Sages, being the most social of all the roles, tend to devote the most energy to friendships, and have the highest number of them.

Servers, priests, and scholars tend to be the best listeners. Having higher female energy facilitates listening. Kings and warriors are sometimes less adept at listening, because their focus is on action.

Roles on the same axis generally get along comfortably: servers and priests, warriors and kings, and artisans and sages, scholars and warriors, and kings and servers. Servers and scholars generally get along with all the roles. You will likely be in mate relationships with each of the roles throughout your many lifetimes in order to have a full experience of the physical plane.

Each of the roles correlates with a number between one and seven, in order from most ordinal to most cardinal, as follows: one—server; two—artisans; three—warrior; four—scholar; five—sage; six—priests; and seven—king.

Combinations that add up to less than seven are ordinal and therefore more low-key: those that add up to more than seven are cardinal and therefore more intense.

*JoYS* Chakras & Roles:

Correlate chakras and roles based on which numbers the roles resonate with.

Fifth, or communication chakra, with sage, third or power chakra, with warrior. Artisan, the number two role: creativity. Priest, the number six role, with the sixth chakra, or "third eye," the seat of perception and intuition. King, the number seven role, correlating with the crown chakra.

Correlate server with the first chakra: survival and groundedness. Scholars provide the same consolidation and integration for others that the heart chakra provides internally.

A fairly common approach, rather, correlates scholars with the first chakra, since we store our foundational information there--for example, memories from past lifetimes, and servers with the heart chakra, since servers use it a lot—they tend to be nurturing. I have also seen warriors correlated with the first chakra.

No one chakra perfectly exemplifies a particular role.

*JoYS* Representing Position With Numbers:

A scholar is in the third position of his cadence, and that cadence is in the seventh position within its greater cadence. That greater cadence is in the fifth position out of however many greater cadences of scholars there are in that entity. (3/7/5.)

I am in the sage position of a scholar-position cadence in a warrior-position greater cadence, and this "flavors" my sage energy.

*JoYS* The Uniqueness of Who You Are:

There are infinite ways to play a role, and unlimited depth we can bring to it.

We may bring to our role a remarkable communion with plants or animals, or an original, joyful sense of humor. We may have an ability to be there for others, or a gift for bringing beauty into every aspect of life.

Positive & Negative Poles

*JoYS* Postive & Negative Poles in Each Role:

Michael defines positive and negative poles for each role and overleaf.

*JoYS* Positive and Negative Poles:

Energy itself is neutral. How energies manifest depends on whether they are based in love or in fear- in the Michael teachings' terms, whether they are in their positive or negative poles. We are more likely to be in a negative pole when we're under stress, and specific situations can trigger us to go into specific negative poles.

Old kings are usually more mellow, but even seventh level souls are not immune to maya, or illusion, which results from the negative pole of the role.

Denied essence energy is more likely to come out destructively, through the negative pole.

The usual warrior strength can be muted by caution, especially its negative pole, phobia.

Sometimes a person is afraid to manifest his true nature because of past experiences.

Priests in their negative pole can tend to lay a lot of guilt and "should's" on themselves and others, leading to a quality of severity and heave-handedness not unlike that of negative-pole warriors. Priests positive pole, compassion, it the antidote to this.

The negative pole of the scholar has to do with a separation from experience, projecting ideas about it rather than directly communicating with it. The negative pole of sage has to do with commanding attention without engaging in true communication.

Negative poles are constrictions that distort a vibration.

*JoYS* Transcending Positive & Negative Poles:

On the causal plane we almost completely experience the essential nature of these roles and therefore transcend both negative and positive poles. We have already played the game of dualities, and both mastery and tyranny are integrated into our consciousness.

When a scholar truly sees theory, knowledge becomes illuminated. He is then complete regarding that duality and is not limited by either theory or knowledge.

Expansion occurs through the positive poles—acting from love. The experience of the negative poles, acting from fear, contributes to your knowledge of love. Fully awaken to the reality of love. As you do, you transcend both the negative and positive sides of things, and you develop the capacity to simply be.

Lessons about these dualities are usually not completed on the physical plane. They continue onto the astral plane until the entity recombines.

Attributes of the Soul

*JoYS* Attributes of the Essence/ Soul:

Our role is an attribute of our essence, or soul, and therefore characterizes us in every lifetime we have on earth. Our essence has several other attributes, such as the frequency (speed of vibration) and male/female energy ratio. It also forms permanent relationships such as that of essence twin (twin soul) and task companion, and joins into larger groupings such as entities and cadres. When planning an individual lifetime, we also choose several personality attributes, called overleaves, that overlay our essence. They include our goal (primary motivator), mode (dominant way of operating), attitude (way we tend to view life) and center (part of self from which we generally react.) We change our set of overleaves from lifetime to lifetime in order to give us a variety of experiences. There are seven of each of the overleaves.

*JoYS* Essence:

We manifest our essence after we dispose of whatever childhood imprinting we carry that taught us to appear different than what we really are. Anyone in their positive poles is manifesting their true identity and is having a degree of essence contact within. Essence contact brings growth and wisdom.

*JoYS* Male/Female Energy Ratio:

Each soul has a certain percentage of male energy and female energy. You have more balancing sex with someone whose male/female energy ratio complements yours.

Male energy is directed, focused, goal-oriented, productive, and outward-thrusting or positive-charged. It corresponds with linear, left-brained thinking, and with its negative pole is intrusion. Female energy is creative, process-oriented, unstructured, and inward-drawing or negative-charged. It corresponds with circular, right-brained thinking, and with being. Its positive pole is expansion and generation: its negative pole is chaotic destruction. Female energy conditions the environment, whereas male energy structures it.

Our male/female energy ratio remains constant from lifetime to lifetime. Most are fairly balanced.

The soul is without gender.

Male and female energies are not separate—they are "two end of the same stick," opposite ways in which energy can move.

Male energy moves in one direction at a time, act on something else, and is designed for achievement. Female energy is unfocused in the way that light from an incandescent bulb is—both move in all directions at once, providing an environment in which the creative process can occur. Female energy provides an atmosphere in which action can occur.

If male energy is likened to an automobile engine, female energy is like the fuel the engine processes in order to propel the automobile forward.

Male energy is more about shape, and female energy is more about content. Intellect is also more about shape, and emotions are more about content.

Female energy creates within itself, and male energy creates outside itself. New things, whether ideas or babies, germinate and gestate within female energy.

Male energy, being focused, helps manifest what is created and facilitates its impact in the world.

The interplay of the feminine and masculine, or of being and doing. Male/female is a primary duality, and other true dualities are parallel to it: light/dark, order/chaos, yang/yin, hard/soft.

Love is the ultimate nature of everything.

The masculine and feminine serve one another, the masculine catalyzing and giving form to what the feminine creates through chaos. Being makes space for doing, and doing expands being.

Souls high in male energy—let's say over seventy percent—are more likely to strongly emphasize heterosexuality in male lifetimes and be homosexual in female lifetimes.

Those fragments who are interested in speaking through a channel often have higher male energy.

Is that because in speaking, they're "protruding" into another reality?

Correct. The fragments who work through channels nonverbally to create atmosphere and "make for the event" tend to be higher in female energy.

*JoYS* Male/Female Energy & The Roles:

It's a little more common for kings, warriors, and priests to be higher in male energy, and for artisans and servers to be higher in female energy, while scholars and sages seem pretty evenly split.

Warriors have the most concentrated (earthy or dense) energies. This is reflected in their auras, which are usually compact and intense, as opposed to the auras of artisans, which are usually diffuse and soft.

Male energy is concentrated or focused in a different way: it is directional, whereas the focus of the warrior relates to density.

*JoYS* Frequency of Our Essence:

Our frequency is the rate of vibration of our essence on a scale of one to a hundred. Slow frequencies feel steady, stable, or substantial. Fast frequencies feel effervescent, ethereal, or airy.

(NOTE: Happening!) Those with slower frequencies tend to move through their experiences more slowly and with a greater steadiness than those with faster frequencies. They tend to move through the steps of their lives more slowly, with a definite, regular rhythm. Those with rapid frequencies can tend to buzz with an edge and an uneven rhythm. They can have the same amount of experience in forty years that a slow-frequency person has in seventy. An experience at high frequency is not the same as one at low frequency.

You usually feel most comfortable with people whose frequency is within about twenty points of yours.

Frequencies are permanent for the whole grand cycle. If you are tired or overstimulated, that can affect the frequency you manifest.

High frequency and low male energy balance each other. A person who combines high male energy with the "buzziness" of high frequency can be intense, in the sense that his energy is moving both quickly and outward.

People with low frequency and high female energy are often laid back and quiet; their energy, which is moving slowly to begin with, is drawn inward.

Every trait described by Michael occupies a separate layer in a person.

*JoYS* Roles & Frequency:

High frequency priests often like to "space out," dream, or meditate, leaving their bodies a lot. This allows them to connect with the higher elements of life. A relatively low-frequency priest may experience his priestliness in a more grounded and earthy way.

The Seven Modes

*JoYS* The Seven Modes:

Passion mode pours itself out. Reserve mode, its opposite, pulls itself in. Power mode exudes authority, which caution mode moves with deliberation. Aggression mode is dynamic, while perseverance mode is persistent. Observation mode is neutral.

The seven goals give a specific direction or motivation to the personality. The seven modes give the personality a particular method. The seven attitudes give its perception an individual slant.

*JoYS* Modes:

Our mode is our primary way of carrying out our goal.

Observation, on the assimilation axis, is by far the most common mode—in fact, half the population is in observation. Since it is neutral, one can slide from it to any of the other modes, which is partly why it is chosen so often.

One/reserve holds back.

Two/caution is reluctant.

Three/perseverance commits to action within a narrow range.

Four/observation is neutral.

Five/power thrusts outward, body yet diffuse.

Six/passion releases inhibitions and increases intensity.

Seven/aggression is the most conspicuously strong since it is focused on tangible actions.

There is a natural flow from the most yin (reverse) to the most yang (aggression).

Soul Age

*JoYS* Five Soul Ages With Seven Levels Each:

As we progress from lifetime to lifetime, we experience a developmental process that takes us through the five soul ages, each one of which has seven levels. Infant souls focus on survival. Baby souls are learning about structure, discipline, and rules. Young souls are interested in having maximum impact on the outer world. Mature souls are working on relationships and emotions. Old souls look at things in terms of their larger context. Mature and old souls are those most likely to be drawn to the spiritual path.

*JoYS* We Need All the Steps:

To develop, we need all the steps.

*JoYS* 7 Soul Ages:

1: Infant: Survival...innocent openness/terrified aversion

The infant soul doesnt make sense of what is out there. It only knows that it is "not me." This is an oversimplification. Infant souls are arrogant of those who are making things too difficult and impractical.

2: Baby: Structure...structure/rigidity

Baby souls are intested in commonalities and bringing together a civilization. They see others as "just like me." They become upset and confused when "other me's" act differently from them. We stabalize our perceptions by balancing them with those of the infant soul age. Baby souls are more concerned with behavioral boundaries then with emotional ones and dont get bent out of shape by them. They are appalled by bad behavior, but not ugly emotions. baby souls are arrogant of those who dont follow commands and be a good boy.

3: Young: Success...accomplishment/self-centeredness

Young souls, learning to impact the world, see others as "yous" which they can impact. We seek to use our perceptions with versatility. Young souls are arrogant about those who dont succeed and misfits. Young souls almost always seek graduate degrees. They are motivated towards the greatest outer accomplishment. They do not yet have the ability to see a lot of perspective at once. Young souls test their independance. Young soul seperateness caused WWII. Young souls are great at building civilizations. They are independant, but this has gone to excessive degrees.

4: Mature: Relationships...resonance/subjectivity

Mature souls can feel other people's "stuff" and perceive it as equal to their own. They can be intense, dramatic, and subjective. We unite and make coherant the previous soul age's perception. Mature souls want to get as far away from the offenders as possible. They dont want others projecting feelings into their space that are difficult for them to process. They need their emotional boundaries respected. Mature souls can be arrogant about those who do not take their life and values seriously and who dont seem to care. Mature souls explore their depth and seek the profound, and often produce great art. They develop interdependance.

5: Old: Context...inclusiveness/undirectedness

Old souls are more detached and see themselves and others in a larger context. They are casual, light, and airy. We expand and adventure with our perceptions. Old souls tend to be tolerant and inclusive, and at least try to be open to other ways of looking at things. They may become upset by others with rigid points of view. Since they are still learning tolerance, it is difficult to be tolerant of intolerance, and may be arrogant of their tolerance. Old souls would be happy to get lots of free money and live simply. Old souls can easily succumb to laziness. To them, it wont matter a hundred years from now. They have high standards of excellence, but must be motivated to do something, for survival, or through a sense of mission. They have a hard time making themselves do something they dont like. They may seem undisciplined, but are quite disciplined concerning things they care about. It takes old souls the longest to come to their own level, for there is a lot to move through.

6: Transcendental: Social Revolution...synthesis

Transcendental souls see others as self and directly feel their stuff. We harmonize and forge connections between the lessons of the previous soul ages.

7: Infinite: Spiritual...Tao

Infinite souls exist in oneness with everything. We instill the lessons in ourselves and at least one other person.

*JoYS* Soul Age:

Soul age only advances when we are on the physical plane, because soul age relates to physical perspective. Our astral studies support and enrich this advancement. The infant, baby, and young soul cycles all move in the same direction- towards greater focus on the outside world. Once that is reasonably well mastered, the soul changes direction and begins moving inward. Soul age is your view from the average and mundane, your habitual way of seeing, not your view when deeply thinking about things. No soul age is better. A baby soul can be loving, and an old soul spiteful. Advancement is not as important as experience. These ages all deal with physical-plane existance and is irrelevant when we are astral.

*JoYS* Manifested Soul Age:

This is our average soul age, which is an average of our perceptions at any given time. Our true soul age is our level of potential function. Manifested soul age is more on the surface. We manifest first level infant at birth, since our body is not capable of sustaining a higher perspective. As we get older, our manifested soul age increases up to our highest level of previous attainment in past lifetimes. An older soul can manifest younger due to some difficulty or attachment. We might also be going back to reveiw some lessons. Sometimes you manifest higher than you are. This is from using a perspective you have not yet "earned." This means you dont have the proper foundations and it will fall.

*JoYS* Earth's Average Soul Age:

Earth's breakdown is 10% infant, 23% baby, 32% young, 24% mature, and 11% old. In the US, it is 3% infant, 15% baby, 38% young, 32% mature, and 12% old. The average soul age on earth is 5th level young, but within fifty years or so it should be first level mature. It is a momentous time for us, for we are not only moving into a new soul age, but we are changing directions. It is called the Harmonic Convergence. It is related to the New Age, the astrological shift from Pisces to Aquarius, and the possible polar shift. This is the most radical shift that can occur in any people's history. New values will become more generally accepted, and mass media will help this along. There will more be caring for those less fortunate. There will be a more masculine/feminine balance, which will lessen aggressive tendencies.

The shift from babby to young occured two-thousand years ago. The last pole shift was about 12,000 years ago.The shift from mature to old will occur in about 1,000 years.

*JoYS* Soul Level:

There are 7 levels to each soul age. In our first physical-plane lifetime, we are a first-level infant soul. One repays karmas in each level 6, while level 7 is more self-karmic.

*JoYS* Cycling Off:

When we reach 7th level old and have no remaining karma, we can cycle off- no longer incarnate on the physical plane. We choose whether or not to cycle-off.

*JoYS* Soul Age & Lifetimes:

Soul age only advances when we are on the physical plane, because soul age relates to our physical-plane perspective.

It can take a while to get used to a new planet, which is partly why there is a lengthy infant soul cycle.

The average person spends seven lifetimes per soul age level, of which there are thirty-five, which suggests that the average person has two hundred forty-five lifetimes before cycling off.

Lifetimes group into clusters, generally five per cluster. Five clusters gather into greater clusters of twenty-five lifetimes. Seven greater clusters gather into segments of 175 lifetimes. These have significance vibrationally, but there is no compulsion to complete a segment.

One might, for instance, do a cluster in China, or in various religious orders. Lifetimes lasting less than about twenty years don't count toward a cluster.


*JoYS* Overleaves:

Overleaves are personality traits that "overlay" the essence. We choose them before a lifetime begins to facilitate the purposes of that lifetime, and usually select a new combination of them for each lifetime. The overleaves include the goal, mode, attitude, center and chief feature. The goal influences what we do; the mode, how we do it, the attitude, why we do it; the center, the part of self from which we do it; and the chief feature, what tends to block or distort our doing.

You can have a series of lifetimes in which the general theme is acceptance. Of, you might like to alternate acceptance, growth, and flow.

There are spirit guides who do nothing but help others plan their overleaves.

Everyone, at one time or another, chooses each overleaf. If we are in an overleaf that emphasizes our natural tendency, it will be especially strong.

There is a certain amount of chance in the way each essence evolves over its lifetimes.

Those of us on a spiritual path may feel the need to deliberately place ourselves in situations that challenge our preconceptions and force us to become more balanced.

During the first seven years of life, when the personality is still quite unformed, the soul can change the overleaves relatively easily.

Sometimes a neutral overleaf is chosen no so much for itself as for the flexibility it gives, since neutral overleaves can slide to all others. Sliding means temporarily moving to another overleaf. Overleaves on the three other axes can slide only to their "partners" on the axis.

Occasionally, people also combine overleaf energies. Some do more than one overleaf simultaneously, rather than sliding to one at a time.

Having an overleaf does not ensure that we are good at it.

*JoYS* Everything is Energy, Frequency:

In the realms of personality and essence, the overleaves and role and specific bands of frequency that correspond to each other.

*JoYS* Positive & Negative Poles of Overleaves:

In your true personality, which springs from the positive poles of your overleaves, your overleaves are not as noticeable as when the "harsh edges" of the negative poles are in play.

You are always free to choose your overleaves, not just at the initiation of a new life.

Taking any overleaf to an extreme pushes us into its negative pole. Sliding to the positive pole of its opposite overleaf can bring us to balance.

Positive-pole behavior is love-based, is harmonious and pleasing, no matter what the overleaves (or role) are.

Other Personality Factors

*JoYS* Goals:

Our goal is our primary motivation, what drives us.

People with a goal of acceptance often find themselves in situations that are difficult to accept. Those with a goal of flow may not actually be relaxed people who let things come to them gracefully and easily.

A person may choose flow, which is the neutral goal, simply to slide to other goals, giving him a lot of flexibility as to which goal energy he will use at any given time.

Growth, at forty percent of the population, and acceptance, at thirty percent, are the two most popular goals. Growth is a state of movement, of seeking new experiences, new stimuli to which to respond. To move, we must be unbalanced. Acceptance is a state of stillness and balance, being peaceful about what happens.

Those with a goal of growth are pone to overstimulation, and often slide to reevaluation in order to "catch up" on processing all the input they have received.

*JoYS* Attitudes:

Our attitude is our primary "slant" on life. Attitudes are the most flexible.

*JoYS* Centers:

Our centers are the seven aspects of self that experience our lives.

*JoYS* Chief Features:

Our chief feature is our Achilles' heel or primary stumbling block—it is the focus of our fears and illusions.

*JoYS* Body Types:

Body types are sets of physical and psychological traits stemming from the influences of the celestial bodies on our physical bodies. They relate to our astrological chart.



What It Is
The Kundalini Wave/Ecstasy Trance

*K&tC* About Kundalini:

Kundalini, a Sanskrit word meaning "circular power," is an individual's basic evolutionary force. Each of us is born with some of this energy already flowing. The amount available and usable determines whether a person has low intelligence, is a genius, or is somewhere in the middle. This attitude is much the same as that of people who say that if you don't educate children about sex, there won't be any problems.

The Kundalini energy lies coiled at the base of the spine.

Kundalini can be considered the oldest known science.

*E* Kundalini:

Kundalini: A serpent rests in a coil and releases its energy when it straightens and strikes. Kundalini is therefore symbolic of the primordial essence of nature, pre-rational, pre-verbal, and capable of inflicting death if misused and yet also capable of giving complete healing if properly channeled.

*WoLi* Kundalini is the Force of Consciousness:

This is the path of the chakras, with Kundalini as the "force" of consciousness.

*HTO* Kundalini:

Kundalini means "coiled up." Bioenergy said to lie latent at the base of the spine can be activated under certain circumstances. It then travels up the spine. As it travels, it activates chakras and may induce explosive and destabalizing energy transformations that are experienced both psychologically and physically. The initial experience is one of supreme rapture. It throws the nervous system into overdrive, activating its latent potentials and permitting the individual to experience the world and perform in it in extraordinary fashion. The activation of this energy is responsible for genius, psychic abilities, and varieties of mystical and religious experience. This energy is responsible for humanity's evolution towards higher consciousness. This is called the kundalini hypothesis. In full kundalini awakenings, what is experienced is significantly similar to the experiences of NDErs. The aftereffects of these awakenings seem to lead to individual transformations indistinguishable from those of NDErs. Yoga is designed to arouse kundalini deliberately through a combination of postures, breath control, and meditation upon the chakras.

*LWK* Sleeping Kundalini:

Kundalini lies asleep in the normal person, coiled three and a half times round the lowest triangular end of the spine.

*LWK* This Activity Is Present in All Cases of Spiritual & Psychic Development:

This extraordinary activity of the nervous system and brain is present in varying degrees in all cases of supernormal spiritual and psychic development, in a lesser measure in all cases of genius, in a still diminished form in all men and women of exceptionally high intellectual caliber, and in a morbid manner, when too violent and sudden or operative through a wrong nerve, in many kinds of insanity, neurosis, and other obscure and difficult to cure nervous and mental afflictions.

*SiO* The Kundalini Wave As Source of All!:

‘All the world is in the svara; svara is the Spirit itself' -the one life or motion, say the old books of Hindu Occult philosophy. ‘The proper translation of the word svara is the current of the life wave', says the author of Nature's Finer Forces, and he goes on to explain:

"It is that wavy motion which is the cause of the evolution of cosmic undifferentiated matter into the differentiated universe... From whence does this motion come? This motion is the spirit itself. The word atman (universal soul) used in the book [vide infra], itself carries the idea of eternal motion... The primeval current of the life-wave is then the same which assumes in man the form of the inspiratory and expiratory motion of the lungs, and this is the all-pervading source of the evolution and involution of the universe." (NOTE: The ecstasy trance! Find this book!) -Rama Prasad, The Theosophist, Feb 1888 p. 275

Its Function

*C* The Function of Kundalini:

It principal function in connection with occult development is that, by being sent through the force-centres in the etheric body, it quickens these chakras and makes them more fully available as gates of connection between the physical and astral bodies. When the pituitary body is brought into working order it forms a perfect link with the astral vehicle, so that through it all communications from within can be received.

*WoLi* Kundalini is the Force of Consciousness:

As She rises and descends, She changes the internal order of the personal matrix, each time allowing a greater perception of the whole.

*K&tC* The Purpose of Kundalini:

One purpose of Kundalini is to cleanse and refine the body cells so that higher mental and spiritual energies can operate in the system.

The energy not only has an evolutionary purpose, it literally gives us extra energy. The body may draw from it (without our conscious knowledge) to handle extreme situations. Often, when such situations conclude, the flow continues and the person does not handle things well; the person deals now with excessive kundalini release as well as the original trauma.

Its natural flow is up the spine and out the top of the head: along that path it brings new awareness, new abilities, and transcendental states.

*K&tC* Inner Drives:

Everyone has an inner drive to excel or be special at some thing—to be unique. Sometimes people reach for this in negative ways. The underlying drive in all people, however, is one of evolution—to reach for enlightenment, to be God-like while still human.

The Kundalini energy pushes each of us toward this goal of enlightenment—knowing the light, knowing God.

*K&tC* Note on Inconsistency of All This:

(NOTE: Sometimes it seems like Kundalini is the cause of all things, even apparent opposites… {p.18})

Its Seven Spheres/Layers

*C* The Seven Astral/Etheric Spheres of Kundalini:

Kundalini is itself invisible; but in the human body it clothes itself in a curious nest of hollow concentric spheres of astral and etheric matter, one within another. There appear to be seven such concentric spheres resting within the root chakra, but only in the outermost of these spheres is the force active in the ordinary man. In the others it is "sleeping", as is said in some of the Oriental books. The harmless fire of the outer skin of the ball flows up the spinal column, using the three lines of Sushumna, Ida and Pingala simultaneously.

This fire exists in seven layers or seven degrees of force, and it often happens that a man who exerts his will in the effort to arouse it may succeed in affecting one layer only, and so when he thinks that he has done the work he may find it ineffective, and may have to do it all over again many times, digging gradually deeper and deeper, until not only the surface is stirred but the very heart of the fire is in full activity.

*K&tC* Layers of Kundalini:

There are many layers of Kundalini waiting to be released. The action is similar to peeling off the outer edges of an onion. A person can release a few or many layers during a lifetime.

Its Everyday Action

*C* Kundalini:

But kundalini plays a much larger part in daily life than most of us have hitherto supposed; there is a far lower and gentler manifestation of it, which is already awake within us all, which is not only innocuous but beneficent, which is doing its appointed work day and night while we are entirely unconscious of its presence and activity.

*C* The Marriage of the Forces:

As the stems of all the chakras thus start from the spinal cord, this force naturally flows down those stems into the flower-bells, where it meets the incoming stream of the divine life, and the pressure set up by that encounter causes the radiation of the mingled forces horizontally along the spokes of the chakra.

The surfaces of the streams of the primary force and the kundalini grind together at this point, as they revolve in opposite directions and considerable pressure is caused. This has been symbolized as the "marriage" of the divine life, which is vividly male, to the kundalini, which is always considered as distinctively feminine, and the compound energy which results vivifies the plexuses; it flows along all the nerves of the body and is principally responsible for keeping up its temperature.

When the two forces combine as mentioned above there is a certain interlocking of some of the respective molecules. The primary force seems capable of occupying several different kinds of etheric form; that which it most commonly adopts is an octahedron, made of four atoms* (not a chemical atom, but the basic type of matter in the highest sub-plane of each plane of nature) arranged in a square, with one central atom constantly vibrating up and down through the middle. It also sometimes uses a exceedingly active little molecule consisting of three atoms. The kundalini usually clothes itself in a flat ring of seven atoms, while the vitality globule, which also consists of seven atoms arranges them on a plan not unlike that of the primary force, except that it forms a hexagon instead of a square.

(NOTE: detailed form diagrams, page 36)

Ida, Pingala, & Sushumna

*E* Ida & Pingala:

There is a subtle channel that runs along the right side of the spine known as the pingala. This contains the upward directed, hot, bright, positive, yang, masculine, solar energy. By samyamah on that comes this knowledge. Or by samyamah on the right side of the body, or on the right breast, or on the right eye.

*C* The Three Spinal Channels, Ida, Pingala, & Sushumna:

"It is by passing up through this channel of the Sushumna that a yogi leaves his physical body at will in such a manner that he can retain full consciousness on higher planes, and bring back into his physical brain a clear memory of his experiences." -(The Hidden Life in Freemasonry I)

The channel Pingala is almost wholly masculine, whereas that rising through the channel Ida is almost wholly feminine.

The second differentiation which takes place during the passage of this force up the spine is that it becomes intensely impregnated with the personality of the man. It seems to enter at the bottom as a very general force, and to issue forth at the top as definitely this particular man's.

*LWK* The Ida/Pingala Current:

The darting warm and cold current.

*WoLi* The Sushumna:

The sushumna brings psychic energy from pure consciousness (God, Goddess, The Force, Divine Mind, Nature, etc.) to the mental and physical individual here on the Earth plane.

*E* The Chakras:

The chakras are located where the ida and the pingala cross. The ida and the pingala originate in the base chakra and terminate in the sixth chakra. The pingala is white and carries solar energy and the forces of the day. This energy moves our consciousness upward toward the rational. The ida is black and carries lunar energy and the forces of the night. Its downward movement takes us into the unconscious, the source of regeneration, creativity and intuition. It is only with the awakening of enlightenment that the energy flows fully and completely up the central channel, the susumna. When this happens, the chakras reverse their orientation from downward and outward to upward and inward.

Shiva & Shakti

*E* Kundalini, Shiva & Shakti:

In the ancient Sanskrit language of the fully enlightened, this process of growth of consciousness is described as the ecstatic union of Kundalini Sakti with her divine lover, Siva. Sakti sleeps in the first chakra at the base of the spine; Siva lives Alone in the Crown. When enlightenment dawns, Sakti rises from the base and marries Siva in the crown; they then move together to dwell forever in the heart.

Siva is the unlimited whole, Sakti is the ongoing convergence of parts that make up the whole; Siva is transcendent and changeless, Sakti is phenomenal and mutable.

The seventh chakra, is related to the original transcendental union of Siva and Sakti. In the sixth chakra, Sakti separates from Siva and creates the mind and the intellect. The five remaining chakras, located from the neck to the pelvis, represents the five stages of progressive crystallization of the Ascendant into matter.

*WoLi* The Liberating & Manifesting Currents:

This incremental spectrum describes two basic currents running through the body and connecting all the chakras. They are the liberating current and the manifesting current.

Each step along the liberating pathway is a rearrangement of matter and of consciousness, to produce more efficient energy-rich combinations. As it originated below, it is fueled by the lower chakras- our roots, our guts, our desires.

Our downward current is equally important. This is the current of manifestation, whereby thoughts gain density through imagination, verbalization, and activity until they manifest themselves in the physical world. Each step downward is a step toward limitation, a constriction of freedom. Each step down is an act of creation.

In order for either of these pathways to be complete, all of the chakras need to be open and active. Liberation without limitation leaves us scattered and confused. Limitation without liberation is stifling and very boring.

Two alternative channels controlling the yin and the yang energies, Ida and Pingala, twist in figure-eight-like patterns around each chakra and run alongside the Sushumna. These channels are among thousands of psychic channels called nadis.

In terms of the brain, specific stimulation of these channels would alternately stimulate the right and left hemispheres of the cortex.

As we climb up the chakra column, our boundaries become less defined. When we reach pure consciousness, the ideal of the seventh chakra, it becomes impossible to draw a border around this consciousness and say, "This is mine, and that is yours."

*WoLi* Chakras Are Made By These Currents:

The creation of the chakras is made by the intersection of these two forces. Each chakra has a different balance between them.

Movement and flow along these nadis are responsible for the spinning of the chakras. Generally the chakras alternate between clockwise spins at each step. The motion, in opposite directions around both sides of the center, causes the chakra to spin.

The concepts of yin and yang also apply to the chakras themselves. Chakra number one is yang. Chakra two is yin, thus encompassing more of the "feminine" qualities associated with receptivity, emotions and nurturance.

*WoLi* Shiva & Shakti:

The male principle, Shiva, is identifies with pure unmanifest consciousness. He represents bliss and is represented as a formless being, deep in meditation.

Shakti, the female counterpart to this inactive consciousness, is the life giver. She is the entire creation and mother of the universe.

It is through union with Shakti that the consciousness of Shiva may descend and embody the universe (Shakti) with Divine Consciousness.

Each of these deities has a tendency to move toward the other.

Buddhism's Subtle Winds

& Kundalini Risings

*KaU* The Pathways From the Heart Flame:

One hundred and one subtle ways come from the heart. One of them rises to the crown of the head. This is the way that leads to immortality; the others lead to different ends.

Always dwelling within all beings is the Atman, the Purusha, the Self, a little flame in the heart.

*TYSD* Experiencing Navel-Chakra Bliss & The Now:

From The Path of Knowledge: The Yoga of the Six Doctrines:

174) By [this nectar]'s permeating the navel nerve-center, one experienceth ‘Wonderful Bliss', and a thrilling, or vibratory sensation, throughout the body, and realizeth the State of the Great Voidness.

175) Finally, by this vital-fire descending to the base of the reproductive organ, one experienceth ‘Simultaneously-born Bliss'.

176) Then one hath the power to recognize the minutest conceivable fraction of time which in the normal state of consciousness is beyond cognition. (NOTE: The great now-focus)

*TYSD* The Navel Chakra and Karmic Forces- and the Psychic Protuberance:

From The Path of Knowledge: The Yoga of the Six Doctrines:

142) Within the navel psychic-center abideth the karmic principle which maketh karmic results to equal karmic actions; within the heart psychic-center abideth the karmic principle which causeth karmic results to ripen; within the throat psychic-center abideth the principle which increaseth karmic propensities; and within the brain psychic-center abideth the karmic principle which emancipateth from all karmic results.

143) The ‘moon-fluid', in moving upward through the nerve-centers, awakeneth these karmic principles into activity, and the upper extremity of the median-nerve is set into overwhelming vibration [of a blissful nature].

144) And this is produced the invisible psychic protuberance on the crown of the head.

Signs of An Awakening Kundalini

*LWK* Desire For Self-Reform as Kundalini Activity, Evolution, Survival, & Morals:

The desire for self reform is the first sign of the activity of kundalini. The evolution of morals has not occurred either through the exercise of reasoning or thought experience. The crude struggle for existence draws into play those resources of the body and properties of the mind which help one to overcome other competitors and rivals in the race for survival. The emphasis of this struggle would therefore seem to be on the strength of brain and muscle, on endurance and courage, cleverness and wit, strategy and cunning, deceit and trickery, planning and plotting, falsehood and harm or on violence and aggression, to achieve the dominating position in the battle. These are traits that we see constantly at work in the animal kingdom everywhere. But the moral virtues that have been highly regarded since the dawn of civilization and are admired even today are the very opposite of these traits.

(NOTE: because they are easier) Innocence has a greater appeal to the heart than cleverness, frankness than duplicity, truth than falsehood, simplicity than sophistication, humility than pride, honesty than deception, self-denial than indulgence, pacifism than aggression, calmness than violence. Some of these virtues are in direct opposition to the essential qualities needed in a ruthless battle for self-survival.

An ordered life, free from immoderate ambition, desire, and lust, is a primary need of evolution. The brain become disorganized with uncontrollable outbursts of anger or passion, constant preoccupation with ambitious projects, greed, lust for power, and ignoble thoughts and actions.

The purpose is the need for inner purification and discipline to allow the evolutionary processes to work unhampered by immoderate lusts or evil propensities.

The distaste for daily exacting work, whether mental or physical, the wanderlust, craving for drugs, and overmastering desire for occult knowledge spiritual experiences which are an inexplicable but marked symptom in a large proportion of modern youth denote the strivings of an incipient inner transformation about which science is still in the dark.

In the course of a few months, my personality underwent a change which did not fail to impress my people at home and my friends outside. I became indifferent to dress. I preferred the simplest articles of attire and never allowed my self-respect to waver when, simply dressed, I found myself in rich company. In fact, it began to dawn on me that outer gloss and finery betrayed a lack of inner strength and a state of inward poverty which one tries to hide with outer display.

It was not simply at my own will and choice that I suddenly felt the desire to reform and master myself in the later stages of my adolescence, but because some other psychic force had begun to act in me, initiating a change in the direction of my thought. The transformative activity of kundalini starts at an early age, probably close to adulthood.

*LWK* The Source of Spiritual Hunger:

All those who experience spiritual hunger in some form would be wiser if they ascribe it to this impulse coming from their subliminal depths, based on a certain transitional condition of the brain, rather than to their own wish or desire. The thrust of kundalini actually comes from the depths of consciousness and its instrument of expression, the brain.

Religious thirst is the outcome of a certain organic urge.

*LWK* One Sort of Malfunctioning Kundalini- Vagrant Superstition:

The first symptom of a malfunctioning kundalini, even when slightly active, is an irrational and vagrant tendency of the mind towards the occult and the divine. All the monstrosities and horrors associated with religion are an outcome of this misdirection of thought. A skeptical mind which looks with suspicion at what is not demonstrable to reason is far more healthy than a credulous mind which accepts and acts on every supernatural story it encounters.

Awakening Kundalini

*LWK* Not Anyone Can Awaken It:

It is a grave error to suppose that the arousal of kundalini can be achieved by anyone who applies himself to the discipline.

*C* Health & Kundalini Awakening:

Health is a necessity, for only a strong body can endure the strain.

*C* Kundalini Through Incarnations:

This development will come to all in due course, but most people cannot gain it during the present incarnation, if it is the first in which they have begun to take these matters seriously in hand. The conquest of the serpent-fire has to be repeated in each incarnation, since the vehicles are new each time, but after it has been once thoroughly achieved these repetitions will be an easy matter.

*LWK* Kundalini Is Unstoppable:

This powerful vital force, once let loose even by accident, cannot be restrained from carrying one onward and upward towards a higher and more penetrating consciousness.

*LWK* Ida/Pingala Kundalini Rising:

Kundalini could arise through either ida (the left-hand channel) or pingala (the right-hand channel) instead of the central channel, known as sushumna. When kundalini is aroused through pingala, it could burn the body with the heat generated, causing irreparable damage or death.

If by mistake kundalini were aroused through any other nadi (nerve) except sushumna, there was every danger of serious psychic and physical disturbances. This was particularly the case if the awakening occurred through pingala on the right side of the spine when the unfortunate person is literally burned to death due to excessive internal heat.

Kundalini awakening through pingala: Bad tempered or cross;

Kundalini awakening through ida: calm, cool, sluggish or dull;

Kundalini awakening through sushumna: warm, cheerful, optimistic or passionate.

Ida, being cool, is said to resemble the pale luster of the moon. Pingala, being hot, is likened to the radience of the sun.

The prana, in modern terminology "vital energy," assumes different aspects and circulates in the system in two separate streams, one with fervid and the other with frigid effect.

Prana and apana exist side by side in the system in every tissue and every cell, the two flowing through the higher nerves and their tiny ramifications as two distinct currents.

*LWK* Constitutional Differences in Ida/Pingala Activity:

Kundalini was already slightly active from my birth but through the solar nerve pingala and not through the middle path, sushumna.

Just as there are different types of blood, so there are also different constitutional peculiarities in human beings. These peculiarities spring from the activity of the particular channel -- ida, pingala, or sushumna—through which the kundalini force is predominantly active.

*LWK* Minimize Kundalini's Action By Purifying Thoughts:

Purity of thought and disciplined behavior are essential to minimize resistance to the cleansing and remodeling action of the might power on the organism.

*LWK* Kundalini Is Biological:

The awakening of kundalini and its ascent to sahasrara is a strictly biological phenomenon.

*LWK* Pranayama- Breathing & Kundalini:

Pranayama (regulation of the breath) proves effective in the awakening of kundalini because of the physiological factors involved. The intensely sustained effort of the will needed to hold the breath beyond the normal duration, in opposition to the usual nerve impulses and the movement of the lungs can, with repeated practice, create such an impact on the command center in the brain that the paranormal chamber is forced to open.

In the advanced stages, the body often perspires with the effort, and tingling sensations are felt at nerve endings all over the body.

This tingling sensation is an indication of the effect of a powerful effort of the will, directed to changing the normal rhythm of an organ, on the entire nervous network of the body. Pranayama helps in the awakening of kundalini because it stirs up the entire nervous system and forces it to the activity necessary for production of an enhanced supply of the pranic fuel to the brain.

The pressure might force a slight activity at the muladhara chakra, with erotic sensations around the genitals.

*K&tC* No Turning Back:

Once released, there is NO TURNING BACK! If a person decides the growth is no longer desirable and tries to hold back this energy, congestion and illness may result, which may, in extreme cases, lead to death. The change is usually not a magical, total overnight preparation.

People in the midst of an active natural Kundalini flow, already using it, take less time to make the new Kundalini available for use.

*K&tC* Energy Training:

In each incarnation it is necessary to learn over again to control and use the energy. This is one of the main purposes of childhood; children need behavior and attitude guidance to use their energies appropriately. Permitting their energies to run uncontrolled causes problems in daily living and impeded further growth.

*K&tC* Aquarian Age Energy:

The Aquarian Age is very intense. This intensity speeds our evolution and pushes us into a quantum leap of development in all areas. We have been very open to technological change, which has been especially incredible over the past couple decades. Now similar growth is happening in the personal and spiritual areas; we are, in fact, just at the beginning of major breakthroughs in these areas because so much Kundalini will be released spontaneously as a result of the intensity of the new energies. This will happen whether or not people are cleansed and ready. Those people who genetically are more receptive to the Kundalini and already have a fair amount useable and active will not have that much trouble; they will also be more susceptible to release.

*K&tC* Kundalini & Pregnancy:

Some pregnant women experience extra Kundalini release from the pressure of the fetus on the Kundalini area between the anus and the genitals. Or they experience more psychic ability and awareness. Others experience postpartum depression, possibly caused by improper Kundalini flow released during the pregnancy.

*K&tC* Spiritual Initiations & Kundalini Release:

(NOTE: What ARE these initiations, though?) Spiritual initiations from high spiritual levels are given to people who have achieved high spiritual levels in their growth. These initiations usually release at least one more layer of Kundalini. Initiations from high spiritual levels quite often occur when a person is asleep, when there is no awareness of the event. The person only recognizes a change in perceptions and attitudes. Consciously aware of the initiation, however, a person will feel energy one could liken to a lightening bolt coming into the top of the head, which may go only as far as the heart area or all the way to the Kundalini reservoir to release some of its power. The advantage to this type of release is that there is generally more understanding of what is happening within the system. But if the persona is not physically, emotionally or mentally ready to handle the power, depression, disorientation, illness, the other problems may ensue.


*WoaP* Ceaseless Prayer is Ceaseless:

I picked up one of the books, opened it at random, and read, as I remember to this very hour, the following words: "Ceaseless prayer is to call upon the name of God always, whether a man is conversing, or sitting down, or walking, or making something, or eating, whatever he may be doing, in all places and at all times, he ought to call upon God's name."

*WoaP* Ceaseless Prayer- Have a Silent, Empty Mind:

"‘[Repeat the prayer] as often and as much as you can, and in a short space of time you will feel a slight and not unpleasant pain in your heart, follower by a warmth... But then, whatever you do, be on your guard against imagination and any sort of visions. Don't accept any of them whatever, for the holy Fathers lay down most strongly that inward prayer should be kept free from visions, lest one fall into temptation.'"


"‘When we concentrate within ourselves, when we draw away from everything around us and become more subtle and refined in mind, then the soul comes into its own and works to its fullest power.'"

*CWG3* Raising Energy- Sexually and Reincarnationally:

The use of physical pleasure as an avenue to remembering Who You Are is achieved by raising up, through the body, the basic energy of all life.

This is the energy which you sometimes call "sexual energy," and it is raised up along the inner column of your being, until it reaches the area you call the Third Eye... As you raise the energy, you cause it to course all through your body. It is like an inner orgasm...

You literally "think it up" the inner pathway of what you have called your "chakras..."

The experience of the energy being raised is very sublime. It quickly becomes the experience most desired. Yet you never completely lose your hunger for the lowering of the energy- for the basic passions- nor ought you try. For the higher cannot exist without the lower in your experience...

This is the sacred rhythm of all life. You do this not only by moving the energy around inside your body. You also do this by moving around the larger energy inside the Body of God.

Spontaneous & Involuntary Kundalini Release

*LWK* Forced & Spontaneous Kundalini Awakenings:

The forced ascent of kundalini, even up to the sahasrara, cannot induce the perennial turiya state or the state of extended consciousness, which is the ultimate aim of yoga. After a certain usually brief duration, kundalini returns to the muladhara, reverting the yogi back to normal consciousness.

In some exceptional cases, mere company of an illuminated soul, the transport of love with a keenly sought beloved, listening to pure music or a spiritual discourse, the contemplation of a beautiful piece of art, an image of God or the picture of an adored and highly revered prophet can also act as a trigger to raise kundalini to brahmarandhra, inducing a transporting visionary experience or ecstasy.

"Kundal(in)i does not at first stay long in Sahasrara. The length of stay depends of the strength of the Yogi's practice. There is then a natural tendency (Samskara) on the part of Kundal(in)i to return. Liberation is gained only when Kundalini takes up Her permanent abode in the Sahasrara." (Athur Avalon)

*K&tC* Types of Involuntary Release:

Drug use, overwork, a severe blow or injury to the tailbone area; grief, trauma, or excessive fear; excesses in meditation, growth practices, sex. By involuntary I do no necessarily mean unwanted; I only refer to the release of the Kundalini on its own.

*K&tC* Breakdowns from Drawing Too Much Kundalini:

People who have overworked for years may have nervous, physical, emotional, or mental breakdowns and require several months' or years' hiatus to recover; many times this, too, is attributable to excessive Kundalini pulled out by system to handle the overload. These people later relate that their "enforced rests" were very important to them; they had time to think and change their lives. Kundalini does force us to think and change our very way of being.

*K&tC* Earth Initiations:

Earth initiations may also trigger Kundalini release. When persons have opened to higher levels (or deeper levels) of earth energy a connection (initiation) happens. This opens the person to even greater earth awareness. It comes up through the feet in a very powerful manner and goes up through the entire body and out the top of the head. If it is intense enough and the person is predisposed, the Kundalini may be awakened by its power.

*K&tC* Support in Kundalini:

(NOTE: It'll help others. Have support.) The Kundalini cleansing is essentially a journey of the self, but it is not for the self alone. Your energies will help other people grow and be more evolved. You need to have a support system available, not to take over your part in the process, but simply to help.

Its Premature Awakening

*C* Kundalini:

There is indeed most serious peril in awakening the higher aspects of this furious energy in a man before he has gained the strength to control it, before he has acquired the purity of life and thought which alone can make it safe for him to unleash potency so tremendous.

*C* The Danger of Premature Awakening:

This fiery power is in very truth like liquid fire as it rushes throughout the body when it has been aroused by the will. The course through which it ought to move is spiral like the coils of a serpent.

No one should experiment with it without definite instruction from a teacher who thoroughly understands the subject, for the dangers connected with it are very real and terribly serious. Its uncontrolled movement often produces intense physical pain, and it may readily tear tissues and even destroy physical life. This, however, is the least of the evils of which it is capable, for it may do permanent injury to vehicles higher than the physical.

One very common effect of rousing it prematurely is that is rushes downwards in the body instead of upwards, and thus excites the most undesirable passions – excites them and intensifies their effects to such a degree that it becomes impossible for the man to resist them. Such men become satyrs, monsters of depravity, because they are in the grasp of a force which is out of all proportion to the ordinary human power of resistance. They may probably gain certain supernormal powers, but these will be such as will bring them into touch with a lower order of evolution and to escape from its awful thralldom may take them more than one incarnation.

Even apart from this greatest of its dangers, the premature unfoldment of the higher aspects of kundalini has many other unpleasant possibilities. It intensifies everything in the man's nature, and it reaches the lower and evil qualities more readily than the good. In the mental body, for example, ambition is very quickly aroused, and soon swells to an incredibly inordinate degree.

*LWK* Why Things Get Crazy With Kundalini:

The least abnormality in thought or in the body is prone to become magnified when the new pranic energy begins to circulate in the system at the time of arousal of kundalini.

*C* The Spontaneous Awakening of Kundalini:

There are some cases in which the inner layers of this fire awaken spontaneously, so that a dull glow is felt; it may even begin to move of itself, though this is rare. When this happens, it may cause great pain, as, since the passages are not prepared for it, it would have to clear its way by actually burning up a great deal of etheric dross – a process that cannot but engender suffering. When it thus awakes of itself or is accidentally aroused, it usually tries to pass up the interior of the spine, following the course already taken by its lowest and gentlest manifestation. It will probably flash out through the head and escape into the surrounding atmosphere, and it is likely that no harm will result beyond a slight weakening.

*AoaY* The Cosmic Current:

"As a small lamp cannot withstand excessive electrical voltage, so your nerves are unready for the cosmic current. If I gave you the infinite ecstasy right now, you would burn as if every cell were on fire."

*K&tC* The Symptoms of Premature Kundalini Release:

Kundalini raising that occurs prior to sufficient cleansing and spiritual awareness is considered premature, producing may different symptoms. In addition to short periods of heightened awareness and states of bliss or enlightenment, there may be times of extreme dullness of depression, erratic behavior, unexplainable illness, loss of or poor memory, feelings of disorientation with oneself, friends, work or the world in general. If the liver is affected, the skin may take on a yellowish color, an almost dirty look, due to the release of negativity; or some areas of the body may take on a reddish or blush cast. There may be other shadings relating to energy concentrations of different vibrational rates. (Each vibrational rate has its own color.) A person may look old, tired, or ill but a few hours later look years younger and full of vitality, or the reverse. Another sign of premature Kundalini raising is a blackish look to the nails of the big toes due to excessively activated reflexes in the big toes that relate to the pineal gland.

At times there may be a fluttering feeling as the muscles relax and release more energy into the nerve endings. There may be an internal fullness or pressure, a wanting to "vomit" out anything in order to release the extra energy. There may be involuntary movements or shaking of the body; illness may ensue from Kundalini cleansings, many times remedied simply by changing the energy patterns. A warning, however: see a doctor when changing the patterns does not help; when a problem appears to be medical, do not hesitate to seek medical assistance. Symptoms are different in each individual because each person has blocks, or energy concentrations, in different areas. It is very difficult to know just how a particular person will react. One may compare the Kundalini, when a large number of waves are released all at once, to a garden hose turned on full force: if the spine is clear and straight, the force flows through to the top of the head unhampered; if blocked, twisted or bent in some way, the free flow is stopped or hampered and then energy goes into the nearest area. A very sway-backed person, for example, will dump this energy into the belly and solar plexus area, causing intense emotions. A force that continues over a period of time may result in physical damage, stomach upsets, or even ulcers. Energy locked in the chest may make one think of heart trouble. Blockage in the brain causes loss of memory and/or mental aberrations.

Confusion is prevalent when unprepared people experience excessive Kundalini release. One woman, under a doctor's care, found she had symptoms of cancer, diabetes and heart trouble, as well as other problems, in a two year period; the symptoms later disappeared by themselves as the cleansing continued. Today she is a gifted trance reader. Another woman was ill for twenty-one years, during which time she was under the care of doctors, who finally told her they could not find her trouble and there was nothing more they knew to do for her. But when the Kundalini finished its work, she found that spiritual healing energies could flow through her hands.

Power trips, unexplained anger, base or perverted sexual fantasies or feelings—these are all part of personal demons, hidden away only to be brought to light by the cleansing of the Kundalini.

Blockages in Kundalini Flow

*JoA* Fear Blocks Energy in the Body:

Where there is fear, there are blocks in the body, and energy cannot flow.

Fear that nothing will happen. Fear that something really will happen that will change you.

Even the tiniest quieting of the mind releases energy. If it is able to flow through you freely, you will probably feel energized and sleep less. On the other hand, if your old habits hold on strongly and you struggle against the energy, you get fatigued.

*K&tC* Blockages in Kundalini Flow:

One may feel pressure or pain as the energy encounters a blocked area; pain may also appear when the energy patterns are not normal.

If the Kundalini is blocked in its upward flow by improper energy patterns or negativity, or by an improperly prepared or cleansed body, it may drop after several days and then begin a slow, painful ascent up the body again, cleaning and refining as it goes. This process can create much havoc and may cause physical, emotional or mental distress.

(NOTE: Pain: blockings in the flow of my life and love.) You may be forced to understand events in a different light or forgive yourself and others in order to complete the release. Shallow understanding and lack of love cause more rigid blocks than other human deficiencies such as fear, ego and greed. (NOTE: Drama-man!) Sometimes exaggerating sensation or emotion may promote release, giving a person a feeling of control and at the same time bringing more awareness to the situation.

Since cleansing removes all the old blocks and patterns and makes room for a new energy flow, it is no wonder that there is disorientation; it is similar to gutting and totally rebuilding a house. Sometimes it's painful!

*K&tC* Fear & The Cause of Energy Blocks:

A system blocks energy because of the person's fear of handling it. Sudden release sometimes brings more energy than is helpful, old structures leaving so fast that a person may have trouble knowing how or where to relate in the new state, even to the point of trying to put the block back.

When energy blocks are severe enough, blissful states do not occur; the energy goes immediately into the cleansing. Energy blocks are caused by locked-in attitudes or feelings or old emotional or mental scars. Poor posture and injuries can also create energy blocks.

*K&tC* Purposeful Blocking:

A very real concern in Kundalini cleansing is lack of understanding of what is taking place. Through misunderstanding or lack of courage, one may try to block feelings rather than face them and let them be cleansed. Granted this may occur unconsciously, but any attempts to block or close the energy flows or cleansings may cause the energy to reverse and lock into certain areas with severe and sometimes disastrous results.


*WoaP* The Ceaseless Prayer Held Back:

"I felt as it were hungry for prayer, an urgent need to pour out my soul in prayer, and I had not been in quiet nor alone for forty-eight hours. I felt as though there were in my heart a sort of flood struggling to burst out and flow through all my limbs. To hold it back caused me severe, even if comforting, pain in the heart, a pain that needed to be calmed and satisfied in the silence of prayer."

The Effects of Kundalini Awakening

*LWK* It's a Total Change of Consciousness:

Ascent to a transhuman state of consciousness implies a total transformation of the whole personality, of all the mental and behavioral structure, so that a new human being emerges from the ashes of the old one.

It is a complete metamorphosis of the personality that points to it. Just as schizophrenia results in the formation of a distorted personality easily distinguishable from the average, so the alteration effected by kundalini results in mental and behavioral changes easily differentiated from the behavior of other human beings.

*K&tC* The Movement of Kundalini:

The Kundalini, sometimes called shakti (divine spark of life force), begins its ascent from the base of the base of the tailbone, where it is stored. As it rises up the spinal column and goes out the top of the head, it blends with the spiritual energy available in the universe. An energy combination then showers down over the body and travels throughout the system, aiding in refining and cleansing the cells.

*LWK* The Effects of Kundalini Awakening on the Body:

The awakening of kundalini signifies a sudden or gradual change in the whole function of the brain. This involves the activation of a normally dormant area to add another channel of perception to the already existing senses. The opening of this new supersensory channel, in turn, involves a transformation in the activity of the whole cerebrospinal system, culminating in a change in the very pattern of consciousness. The organs performing the functions of digestion, blood circulation, oxidation, elimination, etc. have to be adjusted to maintain a tempo concordant with the demands of the new activity in the brain.

The sudden forced arousal to activity of this hitherto inactive center creates a condition analogous to that created by a serous accident.

The same condition supervenes when, with prolonged stoppage of breathe in pranayama, the supply of oxygen to the blood is seriously impeded. This desperate situation forces the body to drastic responses in order to save one's life. But such drastic responses can prove highly dangerous or abortive.

The attainment of cosmic consciousness involves a total revolution in the microbiology of every cell, tissue and fiber of the organism. The arousal of kundalini, in its true sense, does not simply imply the activity of a hitherto sleeping force, but actually the start of a new activity in the whole system to adapt it to a new pattern of consciousness by changing the composition of the bioenergy or subtle life force permeating the whole body.

With the awakening of kundalini, the arrangement suffers a radical alteration affecting the entire nervous system, as a result of which other and more extensive groups of nerves are stirred to activity, leading to the transmission of an enormously enhanced supply of a more concentrated form of pranic radiation into the brain drawn from a vastly increased area of the body. The far-reaching effects of this immensely augmented flow of an intense form of vital current into the cephalic cavity through the spinal cord before the system becomes fully accustomed to it may be visualized by considering the effects of a sudden increase in the flow of blood to the brain, such as faintness, complete insensibility, excitement, irritability, or in extreme cases, delirium, paralysis, or death.

The awakening may be gradual or sudden. In most cases it results in a greater instability of the emotional nature and a greater liability to aberrant mental conditions in the subject, mainly resulting from tainted heredity, faulty modes of conduct, or immoderation in any shape or form.

In the case of those in whom the awakening occurs all at once as the result of yoga or other spiritual practices, the sudden impact of powerful vital currents on the brain and other organs is often attended with grave risk and strange mental conditions, varying from moment to moment, exhibiting in the beginning the abnormal peculiarities of a medium, mystic, genius, and madman all rolled into one.

The bioplasma which energizes all organic systems has a slightly different spectrum for every human being. The variations in the constitution of the kundalini force are also reflected in this spectrum. This is the reason why, on the awakening of the force, radical changes occur in the working of all the organs in the body, as there is now a change in the pattern of the force, which energizes them.

The energy expended by the highly increased metabolism in the body must be replenished time after time to allow the brain to function in its altered condition. The awakening causes an upheaval in the whole system, throwing the normal rhythm of the body into utter disorder. It takes months, even years to bring order into this chaos so that the organs and the tissues get accustomed to the flow of the altered bio-plasmic currents. Until then, the body acts in the same way that it does to counteract the effect of a sudden serious infection, which threatens life.

*C* The Ascent of Kundalini:

In each chakra which she enters there is a great enhancement of life, but as her object is to reach the highest she proceeds upwards, until she reaches the topmost centre, the Sahasrara lotus. Here, as the symbology has it, she enjoys the bliss of union with her lord, Paramashiva; and as she returns on her path she gives back to each chakra its specific faculties, but much enhanced.

With practice comes facility, so that an expert, it is said, can raise and lower the Shakti within an hour, though he is of course perfectly at liberty to stay as long as he will in the crown centre.

*K&tC* The Result of Kundalini Cleansing:

The physical body, cleansed and refined by the Kundalini, will appear youthful and be very energetic. It will seldom be ill (or illness will be short), have great power, and be capable of paranormal feats.

After cleansing and refining, it is possible to have feelings without getting caught in them, to experience life without causing more karma and blocks, and to love without attachment. The emotional body will then give richness and depth to whatever you do.

We will live by intuition, awareness, and insight. We will love and feel compassion without getting caught in other people's "stuff." There will be a beautiful balance between the human and spiritual aspects of life. There will be a new understanding of God and the universe.

Sex & Kundalini

*K&tC* Sex and Kundalini:

People who accentuate their spiritual growth may be chagrined to realize that their sex drive is accentuated as well. This process is normal; when the energy of one octave is opened, the other octaves open through a resonating effect. But to keep from chasing prospective partners down the street, it would be wise to transmute some of the sexual energy into a higher form through mediation, or diffuse throughout the body and then, with mental direction, transmute it into healing, inner strength, creativity, joy, bliss, devotion, or enlightenment. The energies are intense enough during the Aquarian age that normal sex and growth can occur at the same time.

During strong spiritual growth or Kundalini cleansing, past life memories may be close to the surface, resulting in attraction to people to whom you felt sexually close in a previous life.

(NOTE: Marriage.) Affairs that begin during accelerated growth often don't last. They may be very intense, but as the song goes, "it is too hot not to cool down."Marriages do not appear to be; perhaps the other's growth is slower or in a different direction. A good marriage or relationship allows each person the freedom to develop and learn—to be on his or her own path. Always practice respect and tenderness for one another. Understanding is nice, too, but some days we don't even understand ourselves.

(NOTE: Different ways to use sexual energy. But how?) Kundalini can affect the sexual area in a variety of ways. There may be short or prolonged periods of apathy. There may be frigidity, impotence, or complete lack of enjoyment. With the sexual area has been cleansed, however, the sexual energy may be transmuted and used for further cleansing and healing of the system. Sexual energy can be used for many different purposes beyond the act of sexual union: creativity, greater mental abilities, enlightenment, inner strength and joy of life. No longer a prisoner of sexual urges or blocks, one rediscovers sex as one of life's means of expression. During Kundalini cleansing you need to accept yourself as a sexual being and recognize that the sexual energy is important to your spiritual development.

The feminine relates to the left side of the body, emotions and intuition, while the masculine relates to the right side of the body, logic and mental pursuits. Joining polarities through androgyny (developing both sides) allows high creative and spiritual forces to flow through the body; a person thus affected may experience homosexual or lesbian states for short periods of time—thoughts, feelings, and tendencies but no actions. There are, of course, reasons for homosexual or lesbian tendencies other than the action of Kundalini.

Advice During Kundalini Cleansing

*K&tC* Successive Cleansings are Easier:

The first time is the most difficult. Successive cleansings are easier, though the Kundalini waves go much deeper.

*K&tC* Energy Awareness Helps:

Learning to be aware of where the energy is, where it wants to go, and helping its movement all shorten cleansing time and lessen pain and confusion. It may only be a matter of giving in to thoughts and feelings and letting them work through; or it may involve moving the energy, through thought control or visualization, from an excessive area back to the spine and up and out the top of head. Releasing pressure from an affected area promotes healing.

*K&tC* During Cleansing, Keep Calm and Natural:

Getting caught up too intensely in the process slows progress. Remain objective and avoid morbidity. Remember that Kundalini cleansing is a natural process. During excessive release, it may indeed be much more noticeable and difficult to live with. Be prepared for anything to happen during the cleansings: radical changes in personality, spiritually, or in any level of being. Still, you need to function in your world, so retain a modicum of control. Time in Nature is very beneficial. Creative pursuits and music are important parts of the unfolding. Needless worry and concern also add to the load, while understanding and acceptance of the process are most helpful.

*K&tC* Kundalini & Food:

Good health practices are a must; your systems is going through enough strain. Chemicals are difficult for the body to digest, so try to avoid preservatives, artificial colorings and flavorings. It may help to eat smaller, more frequent meals, six to eight per day in severe cases. This eases digestion and slows the whole process. Unnecessary drugs only increase the load the system has to handle.

You may crave foods that promote releasing the emotional content of blocked energy. As much as possible, however, maintain a balanced diet. Occasional "junk" food when energy is too high can be helpful in slowing the process.

*LWK* Kundalini & Food:

It is frequent during a slow awakening of the Serpent Power to have visionary experiences, to nurture fantastic ideas and notions, to undergo constant change of mood for no apparent reason. Gnawing hunger for the ceaseless search often precedes the slow alteration.

A balanced diet was what he needed to calm the energy circulating within him.


During the course of the practice the student is not permitted to keep his stomach empty but should take a light meal every three hours. This brief advice later saved my life and sanity.


The slightest indiscretion in respect to the quantity or quality of the food consumed and any disregard of time created results and reactions so disagreeable and distressing.

From now onwards I must not eat for pleasure or the mechanical satisfaction of hunger, but to regulate the intake of food with such precision as not to cause the least strain on my oversensitive and overstimulated nervous system. The slightest error was instantaneously punished. Usually on such occasions my lost its flexibility and I felt powerless to shake myself free of the gloom that unaccountably settled upon me all of a sudden after eating the offending morsel.

I appeared as if I were undergoing a process of purgation, of internal purification of the organs and nerves, and that my digestive apparatus was being toned to a higher pitch of efficiency. I encountered no constipation or indigestion provided I refrained from overloading the stomach and followed strictly the regimen of eating which experience was forcing on me.

*K&tC* Kundalini & Physical Activity:

Physical exercise is a must, whether you feel up to it or not. Peaceful, deep breathing is very helpful. Dancing, especially free-form, walking, bicycling and swimming all help keep the energy flowing and also break down the blocks. Exercises such as yoga, tai chi and judo, aid energy flow and release blocks in the system. During excessive release, however, moderate these exercises, if you do them at all, as they have a tendency to produce even greater Kundalini release.

Physical activity is imperative when Kundalini has released. It is necessary to keep energy moving, thus preventing new blocks and concentrations of energies which cause bleeding, pain, or other physical problems.

Free form dancing can be exceptionally helpful.

Tai Chi is good.

Many people feel bound up or restricted by their bodies and wish to be free of them. They forget they added the restrictions in the first place, whether through blocking expression or creating body tension through fear, excessive worry or overwork. We can learn to feel great freedom through the body.

*K&tC* Kundalini & Massage:

Massage is an excellent way to release blocked energy and move energies which are already unblocked but not yet fully released from the body. During massage, let the mind ramble and feelings come to the awareness. Deep muscle work may be helpful for some people, releasing the more intense blocks, causing release not only on the physical level but on the emotional, mental and (sometimes) spiritual levels.

*K&tC* Deep, Peaceful Breathing:

If abdominal breathing is easiest, do that; concentration is not the mechanics. (This exercise tends to correct many breathing problems naturally.)

One of the most important things to consider, in or outside Kundalini cleansing, is breathing.

When you become aware that your energies are too intense for comfort, stretch your body and breathe deeply. This breaks up the stress pattern and increases energy flow.

*K&tC* Kundalini & Relationships:

(NOTE: **Wise!) The strain of Kundalini experience will often speed the dissolution of a marriage or relationship that is not healthy or meant to be. Much as we have courtship before marriage; there needs to be loving preparation for divorce.

Some marriages are irreparably strained during one partner's Kundalini cleansing. Spouses who stay the storm of erratic moods and powerful energies are to be commended. Sometimes the Kundalini release in one triggers a partner's release; this indicates that the couple has to grow and open to new possibilities of life (not each in the same way, but as individuals).

In any event, returning to as simple and plain a life as possible is practically a necessity. Taking part in activities which ask only a little attention of you may relax you and allow the body processes to continue more or less on their own.

*K&tC* Routine Without Discipline:

However, discipline is imposing form and structure upon yourself. This is in direct opposition to the Kundalini, which opts for more flowing and results in motivation: doing things because you "want to" rather than the "have to" of discipline. Try imagining yourself doing the exercises or other parts of the routine. This puts the energy into the body, and as it seeks expression motivation will automatically be there.

Experiences of Kundalini Awakening


*LWK* Tears of Gratitude & Joy After Kundalini Experiences:

My father at times would burst into song in Punjabi, his native tongue, and continued singing for a spell in complete absorption. During these intervals his eyes turned upwards, revealing the whites through the half-closed lids, while his face assumed a sublime expression of intense happiness and peace.

After the last note of the song was over, a hushed silence used to follow for a few more minutes while the eyes still remained half open but completely withdrawn from the world. Then a torrent of tears rolled down his cheeks, enhancing the rare beauty of expression that his face wore at the time. After that, with a start, his eyes opened, looking vacantly at the objects around for a few moments before his face resumed its normal expression.

Tears of gratitude and joy at the termination of the ecstasy are a common feature of the phenomenon. The mind is so overwhelmed by the wonder and the sublimity of the encounter that on return to normal experience, the gulf seems so great that the heart is melted and tears involuntarily flow down from the eyes at the sharp descent from the sublime majesty of the soul to the ego-bound awareness of individual mortal life.


*WoaP* Kundalini Sensations of the Ceaseless Inner Prayer:

The prayer was very active. The love of Jesus Christ and of the Mother of God seemed to surge into my heart in waves of sweetness and steep my soul in consolation and triumph.


The prayer comforted me more and more, so that at times my heart bubbled over with boundless love for Jesus Christ, and from my delight in this, streams of consolation seemed to flow through my whole being.


"While I was speaking, a strong feeling came over me, urging me to withdraw within myself again. The prayer was surging up in my heart, and I needed peace and silence to give free play to this quickening flame of prayer, as well as to hide from others the outward signs which went with it, such as tears and signs and unusual movements of the face and lips."


"‘It costs nothing but the effort to wink down in silence into the depths of one's heart and call more and more upon the radiant name of Jesus. Everyone who does that feels at once the inward light, everything becomes understandable to him, he even catches sight in this light of some of the mysteries of the kingdom of God.'"


"The prayer of my heart gave me such consolation that I felt there was no happier person on earth then I, and I doubted if there could be greater and fuller happiness in the kingdom of heaven. Not only did I feel this in my own soul, but the whole outside world also seemed to me full of charm and delight. Everything drew me to love and thank God: people, trees, plants, and animals. I saw them all as my kinsfolk; I found on all of them the magic of the name of Jesus. Sometimes I felt as light as though I had no body and were floating happily through the air instead of walking. Sometimes when I withdrew into myself, I saw clearly all my internal organs and was filled with wonder at the wisdom with which the human body is made."

The Ecstatic Dance

*VS-MS* Experience of Kundalini Arousal:

On the day it happened, I had, as usual, spent the Hatha-Yoga tradition, combined with the special breathing techniques, following by extensive sitting-periods (Zen Meditation). The first phenomena emerging were those which I knew to be typical of the onset of the "arousal of the Kundalini": tingling and burning sensations moving from the coccyx up the spine, "kriyas" or involuntary and violent movements of the body, shaking of the spine, sudden outburst of tears and laughter, visions of colors and exploding lights inside my skull, auditory phenomena etc. I was not able to sit still any more, and so I got up to move around and soon felt the urge to be out in nature...

Being out among the trees the phenomena got even more powerful, I had tears of joy about the beauty of nature, about the fact that I was existing, and the cathartic twists of my body continued as I walked through the fresh air in the middle of the night. I saw white and purple light balls exploding, I heard voices, and I "saw" people I used to feel resentment towards, only to realize that now I felt pure compassion and love for them. I screamed and ran to burn the energy that had built up in my body, and the bliss and ecstasy I was feeling became stronger and stronger. This lasted for at least 5 hours, and it continued in milder forms the following days.

Kundalini Flows into the Mind:

The Waterfall Roar, The Light, Rocking, Expansion

*LWK* The Awakening of Kundalini- Waterfall Roar, Rocking, Light, OBE:

The ascent of the kundalini force or, in other words, the gross pranic essence is almost always attended by flashes of light in the brain and a peculiar blend of sounds in the ears.

During one such spell of intense concentration I suddenly felt a strange sensation below the base of the spine, at the place touching the seat. The sensation was so extraordinary and so pleasing that my attention was forcibly drawn towards it. The moment my attention was thus unexpectedly withdrawn form the point on which it was focused, the sensation ceased.

I brought my attention back. The sensation extending upwards grew so intense and was so extraordinary that in spite of myself my mind went towards it. It again disappeared.

When completely immersed I again experienced the sensation, I maintained a rigidity of attention. The sensation again extended upwards, growing in intensity and I felt myself wavering.

Suddenly, with a roar like that of a waterfall, I felt a stream of liquid light entering my brain through the spinal cord.

The illumination grew brighter and brighter, the roaring louder. I experienced a rocking sensation and then felt myself slipping out of my body, entirely enveloped in a halo of light.

I felt the point of consciousness that was myself growing wider, surrounded by waves of light. It grew wider and wider, spreading outward while the body, normally the immediate object of its perception appeared to have receded into the distance. I was now all consciousness, without any outline, without any feeling or sensation coming from the senses, immersed in a sea of light simultaneously conscious and aware of every point, spread out in all directions without any barrier or material obstruction.

I was bathed in light and in a state of exaltation and happiness impossible to describe.

After some time, the circle began to narrow down; I felt myself contracting, becoming smaller and smaller, until I again became dimly conscious of the outline of my body, then more clearly. I became suddenly aware of the noises in the street, felt again my arms and legs and head.

When I opened my eyes, I felt a little dazed and bewildered. I tried to lift my hands. My arms felt limp and lifeless. My legs were heavy and stiff.

It seemed as if my vitality had been drained out.

*HTO* NDE Energy Like Kundalini:

Many of these are like kundalini energy discharges. The most common of these were sensations of heat. Less common are light. Some have kundalini experiences after their NDE. The energy described below is a healing energy, and some have become healers. A superintelligence flowers in which no hard studying is needed and the brain is more efficient, which matches with kundalini literature. There is a much sharper, more acute comprehension of things. In rare cases where oxygen is deprived, kundalini rushes to the brain to sustain life. Pranayama is the practice of regulating the breath.

1) I get electrical sparks in my hands that drive me crazy. This energy goes around and around and around. I'll feel a buildup and my handles will tingle and hurt. You can feel the heat pouring out of them.

4) I felt this energy travelling into my face, and then I felt this cascade coming over my head (internally) and I sort of had this feeling off it coming back down and up, like I was recycling it.

5) I had the most wonderful sensation of a cascade of "nectar"- thickness that was sweeter than water which started midway across my head (ear to ear over the top of my head) and came down my face.

7) There is a motion which is visual, sensual, gentle, and rhythmic at first. It wells the lightened mass of energy to tidal-wave proportions. Just as it seems there is no outlet, I experience an indescribable heave of the internal dimensions of my head. There is an eruption as my cranial cavity takes on a new size and dimension. The light fills and illuminates this new dome. It directs the thoughts, ideas, and visual sensations into an organized, steady flow to be channeled and used. It requires my whole self in the chosen activity. The total light package has to travel full distance from my chest to my skull ad into the dome before it can be dissipated and come to rest again. Once in the dome, it must run its course. The energy disregards physical fatigue and the need for sleep.

8) The luminosity does not end in my waking time. It persists in my dreams. In every state of being- walking, eating, drinking, I always dwell in a rapturous world of light.

*LWK* The Light Shows & Rumbling Sounds At Night:

The nights were even more terrible. I could not bear to have a light in my room after I had retired to bed. The moment my head touched the pillow, a large tongue of flame sped across the spine into the interior of my head. It appeared as if the stream of living light continuously rushing through the spinal cord into the cranium gathered greater speed and volume during the hours of darkness. Whenever I closed my eyes I found myself looking into a weird circle of light, in which luminous currents swirled and eddied, moving rapidly from side to side.

I tossed restlessly from side to side for hours without being able to bring my agitated mind to the degree of composure needed to bring sleep. I found myself staring fearfully into a vast internal glow, disquieting and threatening at times, always in rapid motion, as if the particles of an ethereal luminous stuff crossed and recrossed each other, resembling the ceaseless movement of wildly leaping lustrous clouds of spray rising from a waterfall which, lighted by the sun, rushes down foaming into a seething pool.

Sometimes it seemed as if a jet of molten copper, mounting up through the spine, dashed against my crown and fell in a scintillating shower of vast dimensions all around me. Occasionally it resembled a fireworks display of great magnitude. As far as I could look inwardly with my mental eye, I saw only a brilliant shower or a glowing pool of light. I seemed to shrink in size when compared to the gigantic halo that surrounded me, stretching out on every side in undulating waves of copper color distinctly perceptible in the surrounding darkness, as if the optic center in the brain was now in direct contact with an extremely subtle, luminous substance in perpetual motion, flooding the brain and nervous system.

(NOTE: Hey! Dream separation!) I seemed to have touched a hitherto pent-up torrent which, impinging upon the auditory and optic regions, created the sensation of roaring sounds and weirdly moving lights.

As the days went by, the abnormality became more and more pronounced. The luminous appearances became wilder and more fantastic and the noises louder and more uncanny.


Whenever my mind turned upon itself I always found myself staring with growing panic into the unearthly radiance that filled my head, swirling and eddying like a fearsome whirlpool; I even found its reflection in the pitch darkness of my room during the slowly dragging hours of the night. Not infrequently it assumed horrible shapes and postures, as if satanic faces were grinning and inhuman forms gesticulating at me in the blackness.

This happened night after night for months.


Often in the silence and darkness of my room at night I found myself looking with dread at horribly disfigured faces and distorted forms bending and twisting into shapes, appearing and disappearing rapidly in the shining medium, eddying and swirling in and around me. At times though such occurrence were rare, I could perceive within the luminous mist a brighter radiance emanating from a glowing, ethereal shape, with a hardly indistinguishable face and figure, but nevertheless a presence, emitting a luster so soft, enchanting, and soothing that on such occasions my mind overflowed with happiness and an indescribable divine peach filled every fiber of my being.

Strangely enough, on every such occasion the memory of the primary vision, which occurred on the first day of the awakening, came vividly to me as if to hearten me in the midst of despondency with a fleeting glimpse of a super-condition towards which I was being painfully and inexorably drawn.

*LWK* Seeing From an Expanded Viewpoint:

There was no remission. I could feel it leaping across the nerves in my back and even across those lining the front part of my body from the loins upward. But most alarming was the way in which my mind acted and behaved after the incident. I felt as if I were looking at the world from a higher elevation than from which I saw it before.

It seemed as if I had mentally expanded. The point of consciousness in me expanded and contracted; regulated in a mysterious way by the radiant current that was flowing up from the lowest plexus.

It seemed as if prolonged concentration had opened an only partially developed center in the brain which depended for its fuel on the stream of energy constantly rushing upward. The enlarged consciousness field was the creation of this hitherto closed chamber.

*HTO* Light & Exit:

1) With the opening of my heart chakra, I reached a new plateau. As the kundalini rose from my heart to the top of my head, it began shining white. It left my body through the top of my head and I rose with it into a higher dimension. When I came to myself 10-20 minutes later, my mother told me that she had seen a golden light shining at the top of my head and at my heart. Since then, I have been able to do psychic healing.

...At the sixth chakra, my respiration became so easy and slow that I felt I could live without breathing. My body felt as though it disappeared. I was completely immersed in a dark purple light while a bright light shone from beneath my eyebrows. I was filled with ecstasy and heavenly calm. While in this state, past, present, and future are knowable. The seventh crown chakra involves a shining golden light which began to enter and leave my body through the top of my head. I saw what looked like the head of Buddha, shimmering purple and blue. There was a golden-white light flowing in and out through the gate on the top of Buddha's crown. I was able to hear a powerful, tender voice resonating through the universe. While listening to it, I realized spontaneously my mission, my previous lives, my own spiritual state, and more. My entire spiritual existence became immersed in a great calmness. I descended, following the same path, and returned to my body through the gate on the top of my head. I consciously had to permeate my whole body with spiritual energy becasue it was rigid and my extremities were paralyzed.

*LWK* The Vital Current is Permanent, Visualization Incredible:

The radiating vital current darting up and down my spine was now a part of my being.

(NOTE: Seeing through the veil!) My mind did not function as before. There had occurred a definite and unmistakable change. At that time my thought images came and went against a somber background possessing vaguely the same combination of light, shade, and color as characterized the original objects which they represented; but now the images were vivid and bright, as if carved out of living flame, and they floated against a luminous background as if the process of thought was now done with another kind of lustrous mental stuff, not only bright itself, but also capable of perceiving its own brilliance.

Whenever I turned my mental eye upon myself I invariably perceived a luminous glow, both within and outside my head, in a state of constant vibration, as if a jet of an extremely subtle and brilliant substance rising through the spine spread itself out in the cranium, filling and surrounding it with an indescribable radiance.

This shining halo waxed and waned, brightened and grew dim, or changed its color from silver to gold and vice versa. When it increased in size or brilliance, the strange noise in my ears, now never absent, grew louder and more insistent, as if drawing my attention to something I could not understand. The halo was in a state of perpetual motion, dancing and leaping, eddying and swirling, as if composed of innumerable, extremely subtle, brilliant particles of some immaterial substance, shooting up and down, this way and that, combining to present an appearance of a circling, shimmering pool of light.

*LWK* Chakra Where Kundalini Is & Light/Sound Experiences:

In some cases the stream of kundalini might rise higher and still higher up to the heart center. The area of the transport increases with every rise in the stream. In a few cases, the kundalini current might rise to the ajna chakra in the brain. The rapture is then intensified. The light in the head and sounds in the ears become more pronounced. There might be visionary experiences during the duration of the practice and a state of intense absorption with ecstasy might supervene for a short while, ending as soon as the supply of the pranic force is spent.

*LWK* During Sickness, Moods Fell But the Current & Halo Continued:

During serious breakdowns in health, until the body regained the depleted store of vital energy, I lost the sublime moods and for part of the time even suffered from disquieting mental symptoms. But there was no diminution in the vital current or in the radiant halo around the head even in the weakest conditions.

*EJ* Kundalini- The Movement of the Energy, the Current Causes the Joy:

On the fifth day of the retreat, her teacher laid both hands on the crown of her head. Elinor turned around, took a few steps through the lawn of meditation cushions, and then: "A surge of energy was pouring through me. It pounded against my head and forehead, gushed from the center of my heart, sluiced down my arms, and ran out of prickly electric sockets that appeared to have opened in the palms of my hands. My God, I was running and running with the stuff. I was pouring. I was throbbing with it...

"When I close my eyes, the energy purrs up to the top of my head and pushes to get out, like a child at birth, and when I open them it runs down my arms and out my tingling palms. That morning my first impulse had been to hang on to this stuff... But I saw beyond any prior clarity I had had about ‘being here now,' that all this energy was only coursing by a moment at a time, I couldn't catch it, it wasn't mine in any sense; it was just passing through."

...For weeks her being was all but dissolved into the great river of existence. Slowly she returned to "normalcy."


*HTO* Heat From Kundalini:

2) I feel heat emenating from isolated parts of my body.

3) Upon returning from my NDE, there was a tremendous heat in my spinal column. (NOTE: This heat is a bad thing, a starving of the cool current)

*LWK* The Unearthly Light, Ida & Pigala Kundalini Awakening, Digestive Tongue of Flame:

I forcibly swallowed a few morsels. Immediately I felt a sinking sensation at the pit of my stomach, a fiery stream of energy shot into my head, and I felt myself lifted up and up, expanding awfully with unbearable terror clutching at me from every side. I felt a reeling sensation while my hands and feet grew cold as ice, as if all the heat had escaped from them to feed the fiery vapor in the head which had risen through the spinal cord and now struck me numb.

The heat grew every moment, causing such unbearable pain that I writhed and twisted from side to side while streams of cold perspiration poured down my face and limbs. But still the heat increased and soon it seemed as if innumerable red-hot pins were coursing through my body, scorching and blistering the organs and tissues like flying sparks.

The throbbing of my heart grew more and more terrific; acquiring such a spasmodic violence that I thought it must either stop beating or burst.

I knew I was dying.

The effort exhausted me and I felt myself sinking, dully conscious. I tried desperately to rouse myself, only to sink back again, deadened by a torment beyond my power to endure.

I was burning in every fiber, lashed as it were by a fiery rain of red-hot needles piercing my skin. Could it be that I had aroused kundalini through pingala, the solar nerve which regulates the flow of heat in the body and is located on the right side of sushumna? The idea flashed across my brain to make a last minute attempt to rouse ida, the lnar nerve on the left side, to activity, thus neutralizing the dreadful burning effect of the devouring fire within.

I brought my attention to bear on the left side of the seat of kundalini and tried to force an imaginary cold current upward through the middle of the spinal cord. I distinctly felt the location of the nerve and strained hard mentally to divert its flow into the central channel. Then, as if waiting for the destined moment, a miracle happened.

There was a sound like a nerve thread snapping and instantaneously a silvery streak passed zigzag through the spinal cord, exactly like the sinuous movement of a white serpent in rapid flight, pouring an effulgent, cascading shower of brilliant vital energy into my brain, filling my head with a blissful luster in place of the flame that had been tormenting me for the last three hours.

Overjoyed at the cessation of pain, I remained absolutely quiet and motionless for some time, tasting the bliss of relief with a mind flooded with emotion. I immediately fell asleep, bathed in light, and for the first time after weeks of anguish felt the sweet embrace of restful sleep.

As if rudely shaken out of my slumber I awoke after about an hour. The stream of luster was still pouring out of my head, my brain was clear, my heart and pulse had stopped racing, the burning sensations and the fear had almost vanished; but my throat was still dry, my mouth parched, and I found myself in a state of extreme exhaustion, as if every ounce of energy had been drained out of me. Another idea occurred to me – I should eat something immediately. I ate the bread, swallowing it with difficulty with the help of the milk and immediately fell asleep again.

I woke up again after about two hours, considerably refreshed by the sleep. My head was still filled with the glowing radiance and, to my surprise, in this heightened and lustrous state of consciousness I could distinctly perceive a tongue of the golden flame searching my stomach for food and moving round along the nerve lining it.

I took a few bites of bread and another cup of milk, and as soon as I had done so I found the halo in the head contracting and a larger tongue of flame licking my stomach, as if a part of the streaming energy pouring into my brain was being diverted to the gastric region to expedite the process of digestion.

I lay awake, dumb with wonder, watching this living radiance moving from place to place through the whole digestive tract, caressing the intestines and the liver, while another stream poured into the kidneys and the heart.

I felt no discomfort now; all that I could feel was a gentle and soothing warmth moving through my body as the current traveled from point to point.

I had this kundalini awakening when I was forty-six.

Not only has the fire been extinguished but even the excruciating pain of the burns.

I looked at myself in a mirror and found my face pale and haggard, but the maniacal expression had nearly vanished and the gleam of madness was almost gone from my eyes. I was looking at a sane but terribly weak and anguished countenance. Symptoms regarding the condition of my organs were so reassuring that my heart leapt with joy and hope.

There was no diminution in the vital radiation which, emanating from the seat of kundalini, sped across my nerves to every part of the body, filling my ears with strange sounds and my head with strange lights, but the current was now warm and pleasing and it soothed and refreshed the tortured cells and tissues in a truly miraculous manner.

The Color Flux

*HTO* Color Flux:

6) I started off with a very deep red, not colors of ordinary intensity. Then it was going into oranges and yellow and goldens. It changed to blue and I was getting waves of blues. Waves that correspond to the energy I was feeling. And then it turned to violet.


*HTO* Catalepsy:

9) The linking of diminished breathing and pulse rate, arrested flow of blood, coldness or cateleptic conditions of the body, with the awakening of kundalini is a casue of great misunderstanding and has led to erroneous notions of this power. These will not necessarily trigger kundalini.

Movement & Sensations

*AB* Kundalini Experiences:

• August 1982 (AB)

In trance I had the inner sight of the Anahata Chakra (breast). It was a shallow whirl of energy and kundalini moved out of its center like a chain of small fire-balls, creating spirals in the whirl and finally spreading out over the body.

*AB* Kundalini Experiences:

• April 1981 (Somadatta)

The past months, while awake, I frequently felt energy circling up and down my body; this happened spontaneously, whilst I did no aim for it deliberately. The experience changed in a remarkable way the day I started light-exercises on my Anahata Chakra. An emotion of cosmic love arose and I felt something like small inner flames, originating at my feet and moving upwards in spirals. Then the stream of the golden flames became vertical and my body was forced to bow forewards (in Yoga called kriya). Afterwards I felt strengthened.

*VS-HB* Kundalini & Absurdly Loose Astral Body:

I was patently terrified by the difficulty I had in remaining grounded in the mundane, physical world immediately afterward. I was horrified to find my mind quite literally wandering around the ceiling or strolling out the door ahead of me... I was afraid to lie down, for every time I did, a bolt of white-hot lightning would shoot up my spine and explode in my brain. My last brush with death had triggered a full-fledged, spontaneous release of Kundalini energy.

Ego Death & Rebirth

*HTO* Ego Death:

10) When properly raised, the kundalini can result in an ego-death, involving transformation of the nervous system and an experience of divinity. The old person dies and a new person is born, reborn a child of the cosmos.

*GB* Pt4: Kundalini Purification:

I was back to face the pain! I was immediately humbled by this realization. I told God that I embrace this pain forever with love. Immediately the pain vanished and as if a knot had been untied, energy exploded from my abdomen and shot through the top of my head. I wept.

This started a chain of emotional catharsis whereby I had to face all of my "sins". I could see how I had failed in certain areas of my life and how I must fix them. The energy grew and grew and grew and grew. I began calling various religious groups to get advice. I began to fade out of awareness and it was hard to cencentrate. Finally, on good friday of all days, I went to my parents to sleep so as to not effect my wife. I could hardly sleep. Though I did not know what would happen, I knew it would be a great test. I had resisted what God had given me in 1978 and I was going to see this through. I had pictures of every God realized person I knew on the floor. I bowed to them and asked for their guidance. I tried to go to sleep. I left instructions on my chest in the event I was found apparently dead. Yikes! I do not know how the time past but it was dawn when it was over. I watched every piece of my body and mind dissolve. It was like a life review that must occur before you pass away. Memories seemed to weigh the body down. Stress points in the body seemed to hold unresolved conflicts. The energy would take care of each thing as it arose. When there was nothing left of me, I felt two distinct waves of energy roll over me and then I was gone.

*GB* Pt5: Journey:

The next thing I knew I was in a brilliant blue realm of light. I had no body whatsoever; just this consciousness of this space. It was like the atmosphere of a planet except that there was no sun. There was no ground. There was nothing but this dimension. I called out for a guide but no one came since I wanted to travel in it. I contemplated its essence. It was the warmest, open, trusting, loving environment. There is nothing on earth that can match the happiness and utterly stress-free nature of that place. I recalled bodily existence and observed how stressful it really is to live on earth. I saw the body as "organs of stress". I considered life without the body. I seemed to breathe in the air of this space and my soul ached to live there. I remembered my wife and son and I knew that if I travelled fully into this "world" I could not go back. I began to visualize a white light and concentrated on that. I was back in my room at my parents. I had difficulty "re-entering" to say the least but that is another story.

Kundalini NDE

*VS-MS* NDE From Kundalini Arousal:

Although in many ways featuring key elements describing in near-death studies, such as "the tunnel towards the light", "accompanying entities" a "being" or "source of light" emanating unconditional love, etc., what occurred to me is not a classic near-death experience in as much as it was not preceded by a life-threatening accident or such circumstances. Instead, the experience seems to me to be the climax of years of meditation, fasting, yoga and breathing exercises, culminating in what is commonly known as the "arousal of the Kundalini."

*VS-MS* A NDE Caused By Kundalini Awakening:

I had, as usual, completed my set of Asanas and was doing the final relaxing phase, just lying flat on the ground. I noticed how my forehead in a slowly evading manner... I had the feeling of flying, and the bliss I felt was so unsurpassable that I never wanted to come back to the body. I fundamentally questioned the meaning of existing in the physical body, and I sensed clearly that now I was in a space which I had yearned for through incarnations. I had come home.

As I felt this, I began to investigate the thought of not returning to the body... As I moved closer to leaving the ‘connecting cord' behind, I went through a tunnel. I saw entities that felt to be deceased relatives, speaking to me in a "wordless language". At the end of the tunnel I encountered a light-being which seemed to come from the "beyond"... The warning came down to something like a compassionate admonition, an advice that I was not yet finished with life in the body.

...I went back through the tunnel and through the silver cord into the physical abode I had left behind.

Psychic Abilities

*HTO* Kundalini:

1) An incredible power rushed through my spine to the top of my head, my whole body was burning and a severe headache prevented me from doing anything all day. I felt as if my head would explode with energy. Soon afterwards, I began to have prophetic dreams and involuntary telepathy... I developed an attitude of non-attachment to worldly things. With the awakening of the fifth chakra, I gained the ability to see past, present, and future in the same dimension. Chronic hearing problems were also relieved. My inner hearing sharpened as well. It was only with the highest chakras that this experience culminated and where the similarities to significant NDEs become manifest.

*S&tS* The Effects of Kundalini:

The appearance of the serpent in someone's dream vision, or deep meditative trance was often seen as a portent that the kundalini energy was indeed rising in that particular person's consciousness.

At first, the biggest single change that I noticed was an increased sensitivity to my own feelings and an increased difficulty in being in prolonged contact with negative feelings and negative energies. More and more I wanted to "get away from it all" and rechoose my personal contacts very carefully. Secondly, I began to develop an energy awareness in which I saw the entire physical world as a huge mass and sea of energies, all vibrating at different frequencies. Above all, I became very aware, perhaps even hypersensitive, to all the emotional shifts and mood swings in people around me, both with my clients and students with professional work and with complete strangers in public places such as street corners, supermarkets, and restaurants. Each person I now met became more of a living, growing, dynamic ecosystem, whose thoughts, emotions, words, tone of voice, breathing, and body movements became more and more vividly impressed upon my mind than ever before. At times I felt mentally flooded by all these impressions and had to learn a new set of skills in relating to others and responding to them.

Positive Personality Changes

*HTO* Aftereffects:

2) Inexpressible. One can convey a distant picture by describing it as the highest perfection of grace, beauty, grandeur, harmony, peace, love, rapture, wonder, and happiness. The mind will swoon in ecstasy. It brings about a permanent transforming action on their life. It leads to unshakable belief in God. Selfishness is gone, replaced by altruism, self-sacrafice, charity, and benevolence. It has conferred unmatched powers on the more advanced recipients.

Negative Personality Changes

*LWK* Loss of Love for Wife & Children:

I lost all feeling of love for my wife and children. It appeared as if a scorching blast had raced through every pore in my body, wiping out every trace of affection. My children appeared to me not better than strangers.

*LWK* Losing Ability to Talk & Remember:

My memory became weaker and I faltered in my talk.

I knew that but a thin line now separated me from lunacy.

*LWK* Indifference To Normality Afterwards, Renunciation & Service, Return To Normality:

I went to the office more by force of habit than by choice or inclination. My whole being rose in revolt when I attempted to climb down from the ethereal heights of transcendence to the dry files lying unattended on my table. I proceeded on a long leave, never to enter the premises again.

I also grew indifferent to food, reveling in the thought that I had at last overcome a weakness, which had compelled me to be too attentive to my nutrition and a slave to regularity. Gradually a feeling of detachment from the world began to take hold of me, accompanied by an increasing desire to break the chains that bound me to my family and to lead the life of a sannyasi (renunciate), untroubled by desire and unfettered by customs and conventions.

It was my duty to lead a life entirely free of the fret and fever of a worldly existence, devoted exclusively to the service of mankind, with the object of making known the great truth I had found. The only obstacle to the execution of this resolve, I thought, would be presented by the strong ties of affection which bound me to my family and friends. I found to my great surprise that the amazing experience I had now undergone had purged me clean of worldly love also, and that I could part from my family and friends forever without so much as a single look behind.

But I was not destined to follow in their footsteps, due to the extreme susceptibility of my system to disorder under the stress of unfavorable and harsh conditions.

For more than a month I lived in a state of triumph and spiritual exaltation which is impossible to describe. While moving, sitting or acting I was constantly encompassed by a stupendous silent presence from which I drew my individual existence.

Owing to insufficient sleep and irregularity in diet, the feeling of exaltation and happiness, diminished perceptibly.

In the course of time I returned more and more towards normal living, while retaining the heightened state of consciousness inviolate, and descending from a state of mental intoxication to one of sobriety.

Physically I was as susceptible to disease, decay, and age, as liable to accident and calamity, as prone to hunger and thirst, as I always had been.

The slightest disturbance in the system becomes highly enlarged in an expanded state of consciousness. Emotions and feelings become magnified and the imagination highly evocative, excitable, and vivid.

Since I had practiced no austerities, denied no legitimate desire, and made no attempt to renounce family or the world, I felt safe in assuming that a healthy natural life was not an obstacle in the attainment of a more evolved consciousness. What proved of inestimable value was moderation and control over myself.

Kundalini Possession

*ND* Seeming Possession Actually Kundalini:

Woman described "a creature" which attacked her; as seen by clairvoyants, a huge octopus, which produced violent nerve reactions, jerking of the body, and severe pain. She had visited all kinds of doctors and worked with various metaphysical organizations without relief.


"We find that there has been the opening of the Lyden [Leydig?] gland, so that the kundaline forces move along the spine to the various centers that open with this attitude."



"Unless proper corrections are made, there must eventually be caused a full possession... there are those pressures existing in the coccyx, and in the lower lumbar and sacral areas, that have prevented and that do prevent the normal closing of the lyden [Leydig] gland."

Effect on the Organs

*LWK* The Vital Stream's Effect on the Organs:

The luminous glow's ceaseless interference with the normal working of my vital organs was bewildering. I could distinctly feel and perceive its passage across the spine and nerves into the heart or liver or stomach or other organs in the body, whose activity it seemed to regulate in a mysterious manner.

When it penetrated the heart, my pulse became fuller and stronger. Its penetration into the other organs had the same vivifying and invigorating effect.

The penetration was occasionally followed by pain, either in the organ itself or at the point where the linking nerve entered it, or at the point of contact with the spinal cord. It appeared on such occasions that the stream of radiant energy rising into the brain was sending offshoots into the other vital organs to regulate and improve their functions in harmony with the new development in my head.

Constant Variation of Light & Emotion

*LWK* Fear From the Craziness:

To one uninitiated in the esoteric science of kundalini, all that transpired afterwards presented such an abnormal and unnatural appearance that I became extremely nervous about the outcome.

*LWK* Constant Variation of Emotions & Light:

The few brief intervals of mental elation were followed by fits of depression much more prolonged.

My consciousness was in such a state of unceasing flux that I was never certain how it would behave within the next few minutes. It rose and fell like a wave, raising me one moment out of the clutches of fear to dash me again the next into the depths of despair.

The vital energy which lighted the flame of being was pouring visibly inside my brain; this had not been the case before. The light, too, was impure and variable. The flame was not burning with a pure, imperceptible and steady luster as in normal consciousness. It grew brighter and fainter by turns. No doubt the illumination spread over a wider circle, but it was not as clear and transparent as before.


I was burning in every part of my body while my mind, like a floating balloon, bobbed up and down and swayed sideways erratically, unable to keep itself steady even for a moment.

*LWK* A Strange Depression Follows:

I felt strangely restless and disturbed. I could not reconcile the exaltation of the morning with the depression that sat heavily on me while I tossed from side to side on the bed.

I spread the blanket and began to meditate.

I could not concentrate with the same intensity. I felt strangely nervous and uneasy. I held my attention. Nothing happened.

*LWK* Heat Meditation, Weariness:

I felt entirely absorbed in the contemplation of a brilliant conscious glow, at one with it and yet not entirely merged in it. When I came back to normal, I felt my heart thumping wildly and there was a bitter taste in my mouth. It seemed as if a scorching blast of hot air had passed through my body. The feeling of exhaustion and weariness was more pronounced than it had been yesterday.

Why did I feel uneasy and depressed?

*LWK* Healing the Craziness:

During the succeeding months there was a perceptible improvement in my bodily health.

The deep feelings of love for my family stirred in my heart again.

My former appetite returned and I could eat everything I used to previously without any fear of a few morsels more or less creating a storm in my interior.

After a few more weeks I was able to work attentively for hours with my now transformed mental equipment without feeling any distressing symptoms.

In the course of time the passage of the current through the scattered nerve threads became less perceptible and often I did not notice it at all. I had escaped from the clutches of insanity by the narrowest margin. In the primary stages, particularly before the crisis, for certain very cogent reasons, the vital current appeared to be acting erratically and blindly like the swollen waters of a flooded stream which, pouring out through a breach in the embankment, rushes madly here and there trying to scour out a new channel for its passage.

At certain times, usually in the afternoon, the passage of the current became disturbingly perceptible, accompanied by a slight uneasiness in the head.

Sometimes on such occasions I noticed a greater pressure on the nerve centers in the cardiac and hepatic regions, especially the latter, as if a greater flow of the radiation was being forced into the organ to increase its activity.

Immense regenerative and transformative processes are at work in my body, especially during sleep.

*LWK* Why The Craziness Comes Back Again:

Later on, my suffering was probably due, firstly, to the damage already sustained by my nervous system; secondly, to the fact that I was entirely uninitiated into the mystery; and thirdly and mainly, to the circumstance that my body, though above the average in muscular strength, was not sufficiently developed internally to withstand the sudden onrush of a much more dynamic and potent life energy.

After the crisis the luminous currents did not move chaotically but with definite aim and purpose.

Down Cycles in Kundalini Cleansing

*LWK* Return of the Restlessness & Lack of Focus:

On the third day of the awakening, I did not feel myself in a mood for meditation and passed the time in bed, not a little uneasy about the abnormal state of my mind and the exhausted condition of my body. The next day when I sat for meditation, after a practically sleepless night, I found to my consternation that I completely lacked the power to concentrate my attention on any point for even a brief interval and that a thin stream of the radiant essence, which had impinged on my brain with such vivifying and elevating effect on the first two occasions, was now pouring into it automatically with a sinister light that, instead of uplifting, had a most depressing influence on me.

The days that followed had all the appearance of a prolonged nightmare. It seemed as if I had abruptly precipitated myself from the steady rock of normality into a madly racing whirlpool of abnormal existence. I wanted to fly from even the thought of the supernatural. I felt a sudden distaste for work and conversation. With nothing to keep myself engaged, time hung heavily on me.

*K&tC* Degress of Readiness, Cycles of Free & Blocked Energy:

A person who releases a number of layers of energy at once may be in a beautiful state for days or even weeks. Such a person may have extra physical strength, beautiful new understandings, feelings of bliss or transcendental awareness, or a feeling of really having made it and achieving enlightenment. He or she may even have a little spiritual pride. For most people, however, this state disappears and the Kundalini begins its cleansing process; then the person wonders why things are now so difficult and where the wonderful "stuff" went. The latter is the usual pattern of Kundalini release; it is not a matter of the person "messing up" their growth.

People who have prepared well by taking care of their bodies and raising spiritual awareness will accomplish Kundalini cleaning more quickly and easily; they realize benefits almost immediately and the Kundalini rising is a beautiful experience. But if the system is not ready for this powerful force, years may be required to complete the process.

*K&tC* Depression During Kundalini Cleansing:

Everyone who goes through Kundalini cleansing will become familiar with depression. Depression means something is being "dug up" for you to look at. Plain depression concerns an energy process common to all people at some point in their lives. It has bad press in America. We need to see it positive benefits: a new depth of understanding, caring, compassion; profoundness and great creative abilities. (NOTE: Oh yeah?)

(NOTE: Yes! I used to do this all the time till it seemed absurd. Sometimes it uncovered something.) Go into the energies, exaggerate them and then listen to them.

Depression may open you to a new way of perceiving things or to new philosophical approaches. You may sense a need to change your hairstyle. You may use a new recipe, begin a new creative project; you never quite know what will come out of the depths of your subconscious. (NOTE: *K&tC*Subconscious is the physical/emotional! Yeah!) The subconscious does not actually like to be called the subconscious at all; it is really our first consciousness, a combination of physical and emotional consciousness. It is the first consciousness a baby develops, the first we humans developed. Part of the Kundalini process is to make this first consciousness as much a part of life as mental and spiritual consciousness; in so doing its energy and information are no longer hidden or "sub" to our other levels of awareness; it becomes very useable and supportive.

Most people experience suicidal thoughts or death wishes during a cleansing. Thinking about ending life is a natural part of the process and should be recognized as such. Many old ways are dying, making way for new life. To face one's death wish with understanding can be the beginning of a new life—same body, but new spirit, and new outlook. The process represents a release of old ways and a discovery of new ones.

As you explore your feelings about living or dying, you need to be aware whether it is you or your body that wants to call it quits. Sometimes the body is depleted or exhausted and is tired of being a vehicle; if this is the case, good nutrition, rest and better care will give you and your body a new lease on life. But if you find you have really lost the interest and motivation to live, the following may give you some new direction:

1) In as relaxed a state as possible, mediate on all the things you have accomplished in life; make a list and appreciate them. Then make a list of things to be accomplished. Mediate on this list also. What needs to be done to accomplish the new things?

2) Be aware of the old patterns of your life, the old personality. What changes need to be made for a new self to emerge? What would the new personality be like in the new life? Get the feeling of the old leaving and the new coming in. The more the body feels the newness, the more quickly and easily it will make the transition. Believe that the newness is already happening.

3) Write a news article about yourself as it might appear in the paper several years from now. It should list your accomplishments and any other things you would like to include. Mediate on different possibilities.

4) Re-examine the death wish. Is there anything there that might give you more insight into the future?

5) Feel again that the old way of living is leaving or dying. Let there be a rebirth into a new way of living and relating to life.

*K&tC* Kundalini Flowing Backwards:

If the Kundalini goes down instead of up there may be great trouble with the legs, including temporary paralysis. A downward flow may also result in tremendous negativity.

*LWK* Loss of Appetite:

The day after the experience I suffered loss of appetite, and food tasted like ash in my mouth. My tongue was coated white, and there was a redness in my eyes and there were acute disturbances in the digestive and excretory organs.

*LWK* The World Through a Haze:

It seemed as if I were looking at the world through a haze. When I glanced at the sky I failed to notice the lovely azure I used to see before.

In the initial stages of my experience it appeared as if I were viewing the world through a mental haze.

It seemed as if the objects seen were being viewed through a whitish medium that made them look as if an extremely fine and uniform coat of chalk dust were laid on them without in the least blurring the outline or the normal color peculiar to each.

*LWK* Needing Distraction From the Lights:

For weeks I wrestled with the mental gloom. My face became extremely pale and my body thin and weak. My restlessness had assumed such a state that I could not sit quietly for even half an hour. When I did so, my attention was drawn irresistibly towards the strange behavior of my mind. Immediately the ever-present fear was intensified. I had to divert my attention somehow.

I took recourse to walking.

My own abnormality blotted out everything else from my mind. During the day, I walked in my room or in the compound, diverting my attention from object to object without allowing it to rest on one particular thing for any length of time. I counted my steps or looked at the ceiling or at the wall with all the willpower at my command preventing my brain from attaining a state of fixity at any time.

*LWK* What All This Madness Was- Priming For Higher Energy:

I did not know then what I cam to grasp later on – that an automatic mechanism, forced by the practice of meditation, had suddenly started to function with the object of reshaping my mind to make it fit for the expression of a more heightened and extended consciousness by means of biological processes as natural and as governed by inviolable laws as the evolution of species or the development and birth of a child.

*LWK* Concentration's Immediate Effects:

Kundalini was now fully awake in me, but there was absolutely no sign of the miraculous psychic and mental powers associated with it by ancient tradition. My physical condition had considerably deteriorated. I could not read attentively or devote myself with undivided mind to any task. The halo in my head increased enormously in size after every spell of prolonged attention.


Accupuncture & Prana Release

*PtE* Acupuncture and the Vibration-Buzz:

The buzz from acupuncture and the vibration in my lucid dreams are the same! I only hear it and feel it in my ears when it reaches that high. It's the same feeling.

I did not think that the whirring-vibration of my dream travels was accessible to daily life. To my utter astonishment, then, I met it recently, full face, full force, and wide awake.

The acupuncturist took two needles and plunged them into my shins. A sharp discomfort appeared upon insertion, but thereafter it was not painful. A ‘zzzz' shot down my left shin to my ankle. Immediately after the needle insertion I felt a strange tingle in the spot above my upper lip.

The second treatment left me with a achy, heavy feel. I was very tired again- a response that many people have at first, my acupuncturist told me. The weekend days and nights were quite normal. Off and on I felt an occasional ‘zzzz' in my legs.

Next he inserted needles in the ear. That was painful! I literally screamed. Instantly my head was flooded with sensations of spreading warmth and tingling. It moved outward from my ears toward the back of my scalp and down into my jaw and neck. Simultaneously, my legs began buzzing again. When I left the office, gone was the mood of irritation. After half an hour of needles in the ear, I felt marvelously calm, yet energetic. The next day I felt exceptionally well. My body buzzed continuously. I had two lucid dreams in one week!

After another treatment, I had a marvelous mood and energy all day long. Again, at night, another lucid dream! The acupuncture buzzing was inducing lucid dreams! While lying in bed, I found that when I held my consciousness in my head, I could feel the buzzing on my face and scalp, extending forward and backwards from my ears like long fingers, and surrounding my head. When I shifted my consciousness to my legs I could feel a current simultaneously running through both legs in a complex pattern of about eight seconds on, one second off, then two or three seconds on again, one second off, and then the whole cycle repeated. After several minutes of this, Zal shifted in bed, I roused more, and the feeling vanished. As soon as I relaxed, the buzzing returned full force.

Until now the center of the buzzing sensation had been in my calves. A kind of whorl of activity, a generator, spread a line of zinging downward into my foot and upward to my hips. It felt rather like a fourth of July sparkler looks. Then a new whorl had appeared in the pelvic area, and simultaneously a smaller whorl in my foot. On both sides of my body these three centers seemed to be spinning and generating energy with a single line connecting them. I drew a picture of it to show to my acupuncturist. "Oh yes," he said matter of factly, "that's the gall bladder meridian."

My reaction to every acupuncture treatment seemed to culminate on the day after, rather than on the day of my treatment.

Now the rhythmic pattern went like this: the entire right-hand side vibrated for two seconds, then the left hand side would join it. Both sides vibrated together for another two seconds. Then usually, but not always, the right side would stop. The left side continued to vibrate for two seconds, then all was quiescent for two more seconds. With a loud ‘zzzz' the cycle would recommence.

The whir that began inside me spread outward to the surface so that I felt that there were a million points all over my skin buzzing simultaneously I felt as though I were glowing- radiating. It was incredible.

At a point when the entire body was tingling, the thousands of spots on my skin dancing at once, it turned into a wave. I could feel my heart at the center beating, and with each heartthrob a wave, a current of this sound-feel, rippled outward into a great circle.

I couldn't make the next treatment. Without it, the otherworldly response that had invaded my waking state began to calm down. By the next evening I had begun to feel a little shaky, like an addict without a shot. My normal feeling of mild tiredness returned. When the next acupuncture treatment came on Wednesday, and I felt the surge of whirring-vibration return, I welcomed it back like a long-lost friend. The marvelous glow of lucid dreams that refreshes and relaxes me and makes me joyful is obtainable in the waking state.

The Chinese called the energy flow ch'i; the Hindu's called it prana.

I meditated two and three hours a day for more than a month. I became so full of energy that I gave up naps. Then I grew so energetic I could barely sleep; I began to feel shaky. It was so hard to ignore the creeping and bubbling sensations that it was hard to work. My eyes ached and fuzzed, I felt strange dull pains; I began to feel anxious. Taoists would say that I overcirculated the energy faster than my body could absorb it.

For most people, the connection of single dream images to the current of life is obscured. I believe that the tensions of our lives, the rigidity of our bodies and spirits prevent us from experiencing all but a trickle of the dynamic power latent within.

I was systematically unraveling the knots in my own psychic energy channels. The dancing that had always given me pleasure during my first marriage had surely kept active the e"bubbling springs" on the soles of my feet. The dramatic surge, however, began with becoming sexually responsive.

The current soars through my body in waking time as well as dreamtime. My body tingles in every crevice, rumbles up my legs and across my pelvis, liquid fire laps up my spine to sparkle from my crown, and glowing golden as the current passes my eyes, it cascades downwards, refreshing me. My whole body purrs, alive and aglow. My body feels anew. With my psychic centers open, at least partially, every experience has a first-time quality to me. Every musical note, every fragrance, every taste of food is responded to by the current within.

1) I watch a small purplish orb of irregular outline before my inner eye. It sometimes has a brighter spot within it. Against a grayish-yellow-green background, the entire light seems rhythmically to shrink and expand. Whenever the light is present, the vibration in my pelvis is especially prominent.

Now the light is growing smaller and smaller as I feel something like a wave move from the back of my brain to the front. The darkish light, larger, then shrinking in size, seems to come in pulsations from the back of my head forward. Pop! Pop! Pop! -a very soft noise. What's that peculiar sound? I become aware that I have been hearing peculiar popping sounds off and on for the last few minutes. It almost seems as if the noises are coming from inside me. Like something being pulled apart or stretching, it continues- and it is moving! Pop- pop- pop, slowly, inexorably, something is moving inside my head. Creeping, as though a seem were carefully being pulled apart stitch by stitch, the line moves forward until it reaches the edge of my hairline. Now the cracking line moves downward onto my bare skin. Like the tiny feet of an ant crawling in a direct path, the sensation goes inching forward down the surface of my brow. I could swear it is an ant, but I know there is no point opening my eyes to check, for each step of the ant's "foot" is accompanied by a soft pop. The cracking line reaches the area of the third eye. A further soft pop and suddenly my whole nasal passage and sinus cavities snap clear. All is quiet. I sit still.

Then, bit by bit, a kind of discharge of single "bubbles" wells up from the back of my head and follows the same pathway. Up, up, and over my head to my crown, and forward, forward, the bubbles move in a silent drift to stop their track at the third eye where the popping has stopped. Then all is normal. I pull myself out of the meditative state a little. My whole body is singing with vibration.

I proceed to the fourth set of breathing rounds. The aftermath: now a flood of bubbles rushes along the same route. No longer crawling, they gush in a fast moving stream, again and again.

x) I came across a photograph of a tribal shaman with circular designs painted on his cheeks, and I recognized them at once. I also saw a mask carved in New Guinea with dotted lines drawn in pain across the cheeks, and knew at once it was no simple primitive pattern; it is exactly the path the current takes in slow, bright dots as it crosses my own cheeks.


Health & The Energy Body

Disease All Begins With Fear/Stagnation

*VftA* All Disease from Constriction, Needing Forgiveness/Release:

The kahuna, priests of Huna, the religion indigenous to the Hawaiian Islands, teach that all disease- whether mental, physical, or spiritual- has at its source the inability to forgive oneself or another.

This refusal to embrace a path of forgiveness creates a constriction on all levels, inhibiting the free flow of the life force, with its regenerative, healing properties. (NOTE: Create a device that measures breathing, and have it go off every time it stops, showing a blockage. Whatever you're thinking about then must be forgiven)

*CtL* Emotion & Disease:

Anger and rage lead to increased infections and cancer

*CD* Origin of Diseases:

The theory that all diseases originate in the mind, as the ancient Greeks claimed, is debatable; that many diseases originate in the mind is certain. Hypnotists can produce in a subject any disease symptom by suggesting it. It is reported that Yogis can both produce and remove disease symptoms by self-suggestion.

*CBtL* The Source of Disease:

Thoughts of disease or mutilation are carried in the mind and are mind constructs or templates. Disease depletes the energy body. It takes time for the energy body to regenerate.

*LotSB* The Psychic Source of Sickness:

Much of sickness is psychic and is the heaviness of materialism.

*ABTM* Cancer's Mindframe:

A cancer cell endagers the whole body by not knowing how to die. A cancer cell is basically a runaway immortalist: It tries to survive on its own terms, disregarding the fate of every other cell.

*EL* The Cause of All Sickness:

The wrong belief which externalizes as sickness is the belief that some secondary cause, which is really only a condition, is a primary cause. (NOTE: Fears, which arent powers, fir this description)

*R* The Cause of Disease:

Emotional disturbances, especially suppressed emotions, are the cause of all disease.

*ABTM* Fear is Adrenaline:

Fear can be described as an abstract feeling or as a tangible molecule of the hormone adrenaline. Without the feeling there is no hormone; without the hormone there is no feeling. (NOTE: Fear and pain in the astral is merely habit)

*HoL* Self-Hatred, the Center of Inner Illness:

The basic malady I have found in all the people I have ever worked with is self-hatred. Self-hatred is, in my opinion, the basic inner illness in all of us, but just how that self-hatred and nonacceptance of the self manifests is shown in the different character structures.

*HoL* Disease, Clogged Energy, & Your Deepest Longing:

First we block the energy. It becomes clogged and slowed down within our energy systems. We do that by living according to our negative beliefs. We really are out of reality a lot of the time because we live and react to the universe as we think it is, not as it really is...

Your illness is directly related, through your energy system, to your deepest longing. You are sick because you are not following your deepest longing.

*HoL* The Cause of Illness:

Illness is the result of imbalance. Imbalance is a result of forgetting who you are. Forgetting who you are creates thoughts and actions that lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and eventually to illness. [The illness] is a direct message to you that tells you not only how you are in imbalance but also shows you the steps that will take you back tot he real self and health.

*CJ* Breakdowns & ReBalancing:

ROMC: "Breakdowns are energies trying to come back into their necessary balance. This shift will be a new beginning of a higher level of consciousness, because humans will also come into an awakening of their own stagnant energies.

"Such energy shifts come in waves. These waves have been taking place upon me from the beginning of my existence."

*HoL* Blocked Emotions Lead to Disease:

We stop our feelings by blocking out energy flow. This creates stagnated pools of energy in our systems which when held there long enough lead to disease in the physical body.

*ABTM* Mental States That Cause Diseases:

Early Retirement Death: In the first few years after retirement, heart attack and cancer rates soar, and early death overtakes men who were otherwise healthy before they retired. "Early retirement death," as the syndrome is called, depends on the perception that one's useful days are over; this is only a perception, but for someone who holds it firmly, it is enough to create disease and death.

Widows: Recent widows are twice as likely to develop breast cancer.

Breast Cancer: A meticulous 1987 study from Yale, reported by M. R. Jensen, found that breast cancer spread fastest among women who had repressed personalities, felt hopeless, and were unable to express anger, fear, and other negative emotions.

Love & Growth: There are remarkable medical cases of young children, for example, who feel so unloved that they stop growing. This syndrome, called psychological dwarfism, occurs among severely abused children who convert their lack of love and affection into depleted growth hormone, in defiance of the fact that growth hormone is supposedly released on a preprogrammed schedule imprinted into every child's DNA...

If loving foster patrents can transform the children's core belief about being unlovable, they can respond with bursts of naturally produced growth hormone, which sometimes brings them back to normal height, weight, and development.

Hopelessness: In the sea battles of World War I, German sailors were sometimes stranded in lifeboats for days or weeks after their ships were sunk. Invariably, the first men to die were the youngest. This phenomenon remained a mystery until it was realized that the older sailors, who had survived earlier sinkings, knew that the crisis could be weathered; lacking such experience, the young sailors perished because they saw themselves as trapped in a hopeless situation.

Self-Absorbtion: Larry Scherwitz, a University of California psychologist, tapes the conversations of nearly six hundred men, a third of thom were suffering from heart disease, the rest of whom were healthy. Listening to the tapes, he counted how often each man used the words I, me, and mine. Comparing his results with the frequency of heart disease, Scherwitz found that men who used the first-person pronoun most often had the highest risk of heart trouble. In addition, by following his subjects for several years, he found that the more a man habitually talked about himself, the greater the chance he would actually have a coronary.

*HoL* Balance and Comfort:

Any discomfort anywhere in your body/life is a direct message to you about how you are out of alignment with your true self.

*HoL* The Cause of Disease, the Basis of Healing:

Heyoan: "Any illness is a direct message to you that tells you how you have not been loving who you are, cherishing yourself in order to be who you are.This is the basis of all healing...

"You will immediately find, most likely, pain and fear when you have blocked yourself from doing what you have really desired to do...

" Illness is nothing but a result of confining oneself within limited definitions of self."

Giving Authority to External Medicine

*IAD* Giving Authority to External Medicine:

The unfortunate, almost appalling condition is that individuals, having within them this Mighty God Presence, will give every imaginable power to outside things to produce results within and upon themselves...

The outer mind, through long habit, has given enormous power to drugs and remedial agents of every kind; but do you not see that the only thing that does it is the power and authority you give it to have an effect upon your body?..

There is so much unnecessary power given to the outer activity and stress of things which the "I AM Presence" cares absolutely nothing about. It is at no time concerned with the mistakes of the outer self.

*ABTM* Super-Conditioning Society:

In a society where we are automatically trained to look to outside authority for expert advice, where inner cues from our bodies are drowned out by a flood of external directives, the isolated individual who beats the system is a rarity.

Parents Affect Children's Health

*CtL* Children Are Treated for Mother's Disorders:

A series of studies asked mothers to keep diaries about their lives. These diaries were later analyzed for evidence of mental stress. It was shown that at times of increased stress, mothers took their kids to doctors for colds and earaches. The child's illness was a response to the stress they felt from their mothers and proof of a dynamic between mother and child.

Food & Diet

*CJ* Body Food Habits:

ROMC: "The body has its habits as well. The body is a separate being in and of itself. It gets used to certain habits and types of food, which makes change difficult. When you give up things that you have taken into your system for many years, cravings will occur."

*CJ* Foods & Their Energies:

ROMC: "The important foods to eat are the natural foods- foods that have not been tampered with by humans. Artificial ingredients that enhance a food's taste and appearance are detrimental to the energy system.

"Many of the diseases that are a part of the modern life on the earth come through the foods that have artificial, man-made ingredients. What happens is that the energy balance in the food is thrown off, and important vitamins are often destroyed... Many people in societies such as yours, where there is plenty, are victims of vitamin deprivation and starvation, even though there is plenty to eat... Disease occurs when the body gets out of balance...

"Fresh juices are excellent for the system... Citrus juices are especially helpful to the body. The body can receive natural sugar through all types of fruits...

"Those who tend to eat from an emotional level often take foods into the body to overcompensate for emotional deprivation. This is detrimental to the body. One must eat from a mental level, having control over the food that is taken in...

"We stress fruits and vegetables because they have most of what the body needs for proper energy... Live foods are foods that have the vital life energy source still in them. The live elementals in each cell in the body crave the live elements in natural foods. It is the like-attracts-like principle. When the consciousness levels of the self become stagnant or dead, so to speak, they attract dead foods...

"Eating green, leafy vegetables is another good form of cleansing. Also, the yellow vegetables are good for cleansing...

"One rule is not to mix fruits and vegetables at the same period of eating. It is important not to overload the system with large amounts of meat products...

"Meat products are heavier in vibration and put a great load on the digestive system. People who overload the system with meats will have more energy problems, because the body is spending most of its energy digesting these products...

"Everyone that handles a product leaves a vibration on it. Therefore, you are getting mixed vibrations into your system when you eat foods that go through many human processes..

Those humans of the lower earth vibrations are strongly attracted to the flesh of the earth-associated animals... Those who load their systems heavily with red meat, pork, and other meats of earth-associated animals, those whose feet directly connect to the earth, are vibrating very strongly in the lower levels of their earth-consciousness.

"The vibrations of fish and fowl are of a higher source of energy. Those who are attracted to the higher-vibratory animals are functioning on a different energy rate within their systems...

"There are those who prefer to drop meats altogether... In following the flow of their own systems, they follow their inner guidance on the proper foods for the proper internal balance of energy."

*CJ* Thankfulness & Good Energy:

RAM: "Is there any method that we can employ to remove such destructive vibrations that are in things like clothes?"

ROMC: "Yes, with everything that you receive, put a blessing of thanks upon it. Be thankful for every bit of food that you put into your mouth... Do everything with appreciation and thanksgiving. This puts a new level of vibration upon everything that you take onto yourself. This attitude of praise and thanksgiving has a cleansing element about it."

*THAS* Positively Charged Food:

As positive thoughts and emotions influence the plant, the resulting higher quality food that we eat influences us positively.

*EK* Feeding the Soul:

By saying a blessing before you enjoy something, your soul partakes spiritually. This is food for the soul.

*GHL* Savoring Flavors:

"Our essence goes into your being much more readily when our flavor is enjoyed, the Winter Savory Deva said. That way you are open to our influence and let it spread through you." -Dorothy Maclean

*HoL* Listening To What Your Body Wants to Eat:

Pay attention to your appetite, which is the mechanism through which your body tells the taste buds what it needs. That is different from craving. What do you crave? Usually what you crave is what you are allergic to. Don't eat it. In three to ten days the craving will go away... If you crave one thing all the time, then something is wrong.


Script: This section has meaning also as a long-term correlate of regular disease and stress. *
*IAD* Losing Energy, Getting Old:

When the outer self has for centuries used Life's Energy to create wrong conditions, that waste of the energy becomes a wide-open drain upon the consciousness of individuals...

[Sight, hearing and memory] only cease to function when there is no longer a stream of this Life Energy flowing into the cellular structure of the brain.

*ABTM* Age & Habits:

How you age depends on how you metabolize your experience...

Once you reach adulthood... spontaneous experience has largely been squelched in favor of behavior that is safe, socially acceptable, calculated to get what you want, or simply habitual. This loss of spontaneity is a result of not living in the present.

*ABTM* Arteriosclerosis:

According to a California health department study, if medical science could wipe out just one major health risk, arteriosclerosis, the average life expectancy for women in California would rise to 100- the average.

*CJ* Aging is Unnatural:

ROMC: "Aging is the unnatural state. When the control of the physical body comes from outside, from the thought patterns and billions of energy trivia that bombard the human system, the result is aging... If the body is not perceived as aging, it indeed will remain intact and always energized... When you see aging take place around you, then you think that this is a natural process. it is merely the power of suggestion."

*ABTM* Metabolism, Stress, & Growing Old:

Most of the time, your cells are occupied with renewal- roughtly 90 percent of a cell's energy normally goes to building new proteins and manufacturing new DNA and RNA. When the brain perceives threat, however, the process of building is set aside. Whatever you decide to do in fight-or-flight situations, your body needs a massive burst of metabolism that builds the body, called anabolic metabolism, converts to its opposite, catabolic metabolism, which breaks down tissues...

What is so striking about these long-term consequences of stress is that taken all together they look very much like growing old... Stress researchers have shown that arousal occurs only at the onset of stress. If the exposure to threat is not removed, arousal turns to exhaustion, because the body finds itself unable to return to the normal anabolic metabolism that builds reserves of tissue and energy.

*ABTM* The Free-Radical Theory of Aging:

Free radicals... can... split up nearby molecules, break off pieces of molecules, garble information in various parts of cells, clog cell membrances, promote cancerous mutations, and impair the function of mitochondria... The free-radical theory of aging has grown in popularity with each passing decade...

Chemically the body's free radicals are mostly unstable variations of the oxygen atom that vary from their stable parent by having an extra electric charge in the outer electron shell. This apparently minor change makes free radicals want to bind instantly with nearby molecules in order to offset the extra charge and become stable...

In some instances, they are extremely good to have: white cells in the immune system use free radicals to bond with invading bacteria and viruses and kill these invaders...

To protect itself from damage, every cell produces enzymes to degrade, neutralize, and detoxify free radicals. These "free-radical scavengers" include various antioxidants...

The basic tenet of life extension- preventing free-radical damage before it occurs- is sound. To do that, however, we need to understand how to influence a cell's intelligence directly.

*DA* Prana Through the Etheric- That Which Controls & Organizes the Miniature Lives in Man:

Those "lives" which, separate and independent, are the minute vehicles of Automatic Vitality, aggregated together from the molecules and cells of the physical body, and they stream in and stream out, during all the years of bodily life, thus forming a continual bridge between man and his environment. Controlling these are the "Fiery Lives," Energizing Vitality, which constrain these to their work harmoniously and in order, subordinated to the higher manifestation of life in the complex organism called Man. These Fiery Lives on our plane correspond, in this controlling and organizing function, with the One Life of the Universe, and when they no longer exercise this function in the human body, the lower lives run rampant, and begin to break down the hitherto definitely organized body. During bodily life they are marshalled as an army; marching in regular order under the command of a general, performing various evolutions, keeping step, moving as a single body. At "Death" they become a disorganized and tumultuous mob, rushing hither and thither, jostling each other, tumbling over each other, with no common object, no generally recognized authority. The body is never more alive than when it is dead; but it is alive in its units, and dead in its totality. (NOTE: free radicals!)


"When [the life-principle] is extinct or entirely latent, the molecules obey a superior attraction, which draws them asunder and scatters them through space... Says Eliphas Levi: "Change attests movement, and movement only reveals life. The corpse would not decompose if it were dead; all the molecules which compose it are living and struggle to separate." (Isis Unveiled, vol. I. p. 480)


The etheric double is the vehicle of Prana, the life-principle, or vitality. Through the etheric double Prana exercises the controlling and coordinating force spoken of above, and "Death" takes triumphant possession of the body when the etheric double is finally withdrawn and the delicate cord which unites it with the body is snapped.

*ABTM* What is Aging?:

As we grow older, the things that bother us most are often not aging itself but the ills that accompany it...

Aging is so mixed in with other factors that it is extremely hard to separate it out.

*ABTM* No Death By Old Age:

Modern people still rarely die of old age.

*ABTM* Use It or Lose It:

Unlike machines, however, which run down with too much use, the human body is capable of getting better the more it is used. A well-exercised bicep doesnt deteriorate; rather, it gets stronger... A hospital patient confined to complete bed rest for a few weeks will suffer as much muscle and skeletal wasting as someone who has aged a decade.


People who age successfully, [Eric Pfeiffer, a psychiatrist at Duke] found, were those who "stayed in training" throughout their adult lives in three major areas: physical activity, psychological and intellectual activity, and social relationships.


Our notions about "taking it easy" as we age need to be reexamined. The same exercise regimen that builds muscles has a holistic effect... Blood pressure and blood-sugar tolerance improved, the typical metabolic decline of old age was reversed, and the body's ability to regulate its internal temperature stabilized...

Modern life... paradoxically blends increased creature comfort with mounting disorder.

*ABTM* Ways To Measure Age:

There are three distinct and separate ways to measure someone's age:

Chronological age- how old you are by the calendar

Biological age- how old your body is in terms of critical life signs and cellular processes (NOTE: The overall effect of past connections to the pure essence)

Psychological age- how old you feel you are. (NOTE: Your present connection to the pure essence)

*ABTM* Beliefs Cause the Decline in Old Age:

The decline of vigor in old age is largely the result of people expecting to decline; they have unwittingly implanted a self-defeating intention in the form of a strong belief, and the mind-body connection automatically carries out this intention.

*ABTM* Factors Influencing Aging (Stress & Adaptability):

The importance of a regular daily work routine is emphasized by almost every logevity study. Job satisfaction emerges as the most reliable indicator that a person is at low risk for a heart attack, while being dissatisfied with one's job puts one at extremely high risk. Living alone is precarious, while being happily married indicates that one will age slowly...

In 1957, Flanders Dunbar, a professor of medicine at Columbia University, reported on a study of centenarians and "nimble nonagenarians." She found that psychoogical adaptability in the face of stress was dominant among these people...

They are the reeds who bend in the storm, not the oaks who stand stiff and break...

[Harvard psychologist George Vaillant] found that even if someone appeared perfectly healthy in youth, he was very likely to die prematurely if he reacted poorly to stress, fell prey to depression, or was psychologicall unstable... The most formative years for establishing these conditions, he found, were between ages 21 and 46.

*ABTM* Self-Awareness & Aging:

Distressing moments arent aging. It is the absence of being aware, when we dont see anything happening, that physiological processes slip out of our control...

In Nature's scheme, provisions have been made for our lapses of conscious control. The human nervous systems are designed so that critical functions such as breathing and heartbeat can run by themselves... In one instance, [Swami Rama] caused his skin temperature on one side of his right hand to grow warmer while the other side became colder. The rate of change proceeded at about 4 degrees per minute, until one side of his hand was flushed red with warmth and the other was pale gray with cold; the total temperature difference was approximately 10 degrees...

The parts of the body that age are not just the ones that are not being used enough; the person has also withdrawn his awareness from them...

Awareness is used as a healing power: It restores balance wherever it is allowed to flow freely.

Bringing awareness into contact with frozen patterns of old conditioning starts to melt those patterns... The discomfort the body manifests as pain, numbness, spasm, inflexibility, and trauma are all knots that awareness can undo by itself...

Like a child, your body wants attention and feels comforted when it receives it.

*ABTM* The Endocrine Correlate of Aging:

Thyroid deficiency... causes an abnormal decrease in metabolism, making its victims slow and dull, their hair gray and skin wrinkled. This imitation of natural aging disappears once normal levels of the missing hormone, thyroxin, are supplied.

*ABTM* The Cause of Senility:

It is estimated that between a third and half of senility cases result from the following treatable factors: Malnutrition, side effects from drugs, smoking, alcohol abuse, dehydration, depression, inactivity.

*ABTM* The Attitude of Being Old:

A person who feels useless, discarded, uncared for, or burdonsome to his family can hardly help but fall into depression...

"I'm old." It would be hard to imagine a phrase that is more crippling...

When someone expects to be withdrawn, isolated, and useless after a certain age, he creates the very conditions that justify his beliefs.

*ABTM* Aging, Meditation & Stress:

The physiological state of meditators undergoes definite shifts toward more efficient functioning. Hundreds of individual findings show lowered respiration, reduced oxygen consumption, and decreased metabolic rate. In terms of aging, the most significant conclusion is that the hormonal imbalance associated with stress- and known to speed up the aging process- is reversed.

*ABTM* Society's Rules of Aging:

These rules explicitly state that to grow old, become frail, and die is the ultimate destiny of all...

This way of seeing things- the old paradigm- has aptly been called "the hypnosis of social conditioning," an induced fiction in which we have collectively agreed to participate.


Thousands of years ago the greatest of Indian sages, Shankara, declared, "People grow old and die because they see others grow old and die."..

In recent decades anthropologists have been surprised to discover how many so-called primitive peoples are immune to signs of aging that the West has long accepted.

*ABTM* What Causes Aging:

The invisible cracks in the body's perfection do count. The precision of our cells falters by slow degrees. The ever-new becomes slightly less new. And we age.


*HoL* Use Good Soaps (For My Own Reference):

In cleansing your body use soaps or other skin cleansers that ar pH-balanced acid/alkali balanced for your skin. The skin has a natural acid mantle that prevents infection. If you work against that protection by using soaps and creams that are alkaline, you will be working against your body, rather than with it.


*HoL* The Right Clothing:

Many synthetic fabrics interfere with the natural energy flow of the aura. These are acrylics, many polyesters and nylon. Nylon stockings strongly interfere with the energy flow up and down the legs and are, in my opinion, related to many of the female illnesses we have in our modern societies now... It is best to avoid fabrics with aldehyde/formaldehyde in them and made from petroleum by-products- especially if you think you might be hypersensitive...

Natural fibers have a strong positive effect on the aura. They enhance and sustain it. Cottons, silks and wools are best... my body and energy field like rayon and some things made of orlon, like socks.


*ABTM* The Right Amount of Exercise:

The most striking improvement came with fairly modest levels of activity. Someone who walked thirty minutes a day, six days a week, enjoyed a mortality rate almost as low as someone who ran thirty to forty miles per week.

Our Viral Health System

*DEVF1* Viruses as Part of the Body's Overall Health System:

Viruses serve may purposes... The body contains all kinds of viruses, including those considered deadly, but those are usually not only harmless, or inactive, but beneficial to the body's overall balance...

The body must now and then "flush its systems out," run through its repertoire, raise its temperature, activate its hormonal actions more strongly. In such ways it keeps its system of immunities clear. That system operates always. To some extent, it is a way that the body distinguishes between self and nonself...

So some indispositions "caused by viruses" are accepted by the body as welcome triggers, to clean out that system...

More is always involved, however, for those viruses that you consider communicable do indeed in one way or another represent communications on a biological level. They are biological statements, literally social communications, biologically made, and they can be of many kinds.

When a skunk is frightened, it throws off a foul odor indeed, and when people are frightened they react in somewhat the same fashion at times, biologically reacting to stimuli in the environment that they consider alarming. They throw off a barrage of "foul viruses"- that is, they actually collect and mobilize from within their own bodies viruses that are potentially harmful, biologically trigger these, or activate them, and send them out into the environment in self-protection, to ward off the enemy.

In a fashion this is a kind of biological aggression. The viruses, however, also represent tensions that the person involved is getting rid of. That is one kind of statement. It is often used in a very strong manner in times of war, or great social upheaval, when people feel frightened.

Now, your friend had been to the Olympics, and he was charged by the great physical vitality that he felt watching that athletic panorama... He could find no release for the intense energy he felt, so he got rid of it, protected himself, and threw out his threatening biological posture: the viruses...

Many people had such reactions as your friend's, coming from the Olympics, in that they did not know how to use and release their own energies- as if they themselves felt put in an inferior position in comparison to such achievements...

The same relationships, however, do not only exist between human bodies, of course, but between man and the animals and the plants in the environment, and is part of the unending biological communication that overall produces the vitality of physical experience...

Certain "diseases" are protections against other diseases, and the body on its own is its own excellent regulator...

The body's systems know what diseases are in the air, so to speak, and will often set up countermeasures ahead of time, giving you what you experience as an indisposition of one kind or another- but an indisposition that is actually a statement of prevention against another condition.

There is a great traffic flow in a city: A body knows how to leap out of the way in a moment's time from an approaching car. In the interior physical environment there is far greater traffic flow. here ar decisions made in periods of time so brief you cannot imagine them- reactions that are almost over before they begin... The body is an open system. As solid as it seems to you, there are constant chemical reactions between it and the world, electromagnetic adjustments, alterations of balance, changes of relationships...

All of those adjustments are made without your conscious notice, and yet fit in with your overall purposes and intents.

Desired Illnesses

*DEVF1* The True Story of Illness:

Often [illness] is a means to a desired end- a method of achieving something a person things may not be achieved otherwise.

One man might use it to achieve success. One might use it to achieve failure. A person might use it as a means of showing pride or humility, of looking for attention or escaping it. Illness if often another mode of expression... Illnesses are often misguided attempts to attain something the person thinks important.

*DEVF1* Children Playing Drama, Making Themselves Sick and Well:

Men and woman are born with a sense of drama, a need of excitement. Life itself is excitement. The quietest mood rides the thrust of spectacular molecular activity...

The thoughts of children give excellent clues as to mankind's nature...

Children play at getting killed. They try to imagine what death is like. They imagine what it would be like to fall from a wall like Humpty-Dumpty, or to break their necks. They imagine tragic roles with as much creative abandon as they imagine the roles of which adults might approve. They are often quite aware of "willing" themselves sick to get out of difficult situations- and of willing themselves well again.

They quickly learn to forget their parts in such episodes, so that later, when as adults they find themselves ill they not only forget that they caused the illness to begin with, but unfortunately they forget how to will themselves well again...

It is natural for a child to be curious about suffering, to want to know what it is, to see it- and by doing so he (or she) learns to avoid the suffering he does not want, to help others avoid suffering that they do not want, and to understand, more importantly, the gradations of emotion and sensation that are his heritage.

The Medical Extension of Life

*SBtL* The Medical Extension of Life:

Seventy cents of every dollar spent in health care in this country is spend in the last six months of a patient's life to extend life an average of fourteen days. Those are the most horrendous days of a dying person's life and are certainly among the most difficult for his or her family.

The Extended Immuno-Brain

*ABTM* The Endocrine & Immune Systems as an Extended Brain:

The specific intelligence of the immune system, the nervous system, and the endocrine system all start falling off; these three systems are now known by physiologists to function as the master controls of the body. Your immune cells and endocrine glands are outfitted with the same receptors for brain signals as your neurons are; therefore, they are like an extended brain.



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Healing by Mental Science
The Power of Belief

*IAD* Dealing With Illness:

The correct attitude to take if some organ seems to be rebellious is to instantly declare and hold fast to it: "‘I AM' the only and Perfect Energy acing there. Therefore, every appearance of disturbance is instantly corrected."

*CtL* Medicine Rejects Psychological Factors:

If an anesthesiologist whispers "You will get well soon" in the ear of a patient during surgery, that patient will leave the hospital an average of two days sooner than a control group that has not been given such tender loving words. This is fact. Such information is not routinely used in surgery because surgeons tend to reject the psychological. If such words were pills, they would be ordering thousands of them.

...Several studies have shown the value of simply talking to patients before surgery about post-operative pain and the normal healing process. These patients are sent home an average of two days earlier than patients who do not receive this treatment for the mind.

*ABTM* Beliefs & Stress:

When two monkeys are deprived of food for a long period of time, their bodies react by releasing glucocorticoids, the stress hormones we are now familiar with... But if one monkey is fed artificially sweetened water, which has absolutely no nutritional value, its levels of glucocorticoids do not rise, despite the fact that it has received no real nourishment. The monkey perceives that its situation has improved, and that is enough to signal its body that the threat of starvation has passed...

Such invisible elements as interpretation, belief, and attitude count enormously in the actual workings of the stress response.

*ABTM* Controlling Strong Beliefs:

The stronger the belief, the more rooted in the body it is and the more immune to conscious control.

*ABTM* The Power of Belief:

All the side effects of chemotherapy, including hair loss and nausea, can be induced by giving cancer patients a sugar pill while assuring them that it is a powerful anticancer drug, and there have been instances where injections of sterile saline solution have actually led to remission of advanced malignancy. (NOTE: Such connections to mental science and the Bhagavad-Gita!)

Since the same inert pill can lead to such totally different responses, we must conclude that the body is capable of producing any biochemical response once the mind has ben given the appropriate suggestion. (NOTE: The cure for cancer- an unflinching beaming belief that you have the cure for cancer!)

*EL* Temporary Cures:

For some time after a treatment there is an improvement in the patient's health, and then the old symptoms return. This is because the new beleif in his own creative faculty has not yet had time to penetrate down to the innermost depths of the subconscious mind, but has only partially entered it.

*EL* Our Beliefs Are Central:

The basis of all healing is a change in belief... Thought is the expression of the belief... Whatever the subjective mind creates is the reproduction externally of our beliefs.

*R* Bringing Health:

The subjective mind of the patient accepts the suggestion of health conditioned on such states, and as soon as these conditions are met proceeds to realize health... The confident expectation of a cure does that which no medical treatment can accomplish...

The subject subconsciously accept the suggestion and thinks he originates it.

Opening Up, Stress Reduction

*SBtL* Helping People With Psychic Powers:

Having psychic abilities means that you have access to a person's most tender spots, the areas of his life that are most shielded from public view. "Seeing" these areas is sometimes good because it gives people a chance to talk freely about the pain in their lives.


Nowhere has the use of my psychic abilities been more gratifying than in these deathbed situations. The dying cant afford the luxury of time, which allows a certain bluntness around the deathbed. If there is something to be dealt with, the dying prefer that it be dealt with right away...

By doing this work I learned that stress reduction was the key to improving a person's death as well as life.

*ABTM* Being Stress-Free:

How the most successful people solve problems- they allow the solution to present itself, trusting their own abilities to cope with difficult challenges. By creating a minimum of anxiety, conflict, worry, and false expectation, they promote highly efficient use of their mental and physical energies.

Breaking Up Blockages

*CJ* The Pattern and Flow, Breaking Up Blocks:

ROMC: "An energy pattern and flow has been built into these lessons that works upon the energy patterns of individuals who are ready to be opened up into various dimensions of their higher selves.

"This flow is very much like the Frequency Following Response... (NOTE: little ecstasy trances) It sets up an energy pattern that keeps flowing, and in turn opens up levels into all dimensions of the human self. The very flow within the energies of this material has a healing pattern integrated within it.

"It is a healing pattern in that it will help facilitate a breakthrough in the blockages of the self...

"They will also come into a much closer attunement to their own guidance system as this awakening takes place."

*HoL* Breaking Up Energy Blocks:

The client had a strong energy block in the muscles just in front of the spine near the diaphragmatic hinge. While he was working on the bioenergetic stool, this block suddenly released with a burst of energy. The "energy cloud" quickly moved up along the spine. When it reached the head of the client and broke into his consciousness, I observed his going into another space of reality. He began to cry and express early childhood pain. As he expressed his feelings, he released more and more of the energy cloud, and it moved out of his field.

Healing the Source of the Problem

*HoL* Seeing the Cause of Disease:

Using HSP, I have become proficient in diagnosing both physical and psychological problems and in finding ways to resolve those problems.

With HSP, the mechanism of psychosomatic illness lies right before your eyes. HSP reveals how most diseases are initiated in the energy fields and are then, through time and living habits, transmitted to the body... Many times the source or initiating cause of this process is associated with psychological or physical trauma, or a combination of the two. Since HSP reveals how a disease is initiated, it also reveals how to reverse the disease process.

*HoL* Healing Occurs Only With Permission:

No matter how miraculous the result, the healer really induces the patient to heal himself through natural processes.

*HoL* Healing & Responsibility:

That is what the essence of healing and good health is all about: Self-responsibility and bringing the power back home to the self.

*HoL* The Healing Process:

The healing process includes rebalancing the field, changing the living habits and dealing with the initiating trauma...

A return to health requires much more personal work and change than simply taking pills prescribed by a doctor... I have found that the source is the key. To deal with the source usually requires a life change that ultimately leads to a personal life more connected to the core of one's being. (NOTE: We have all seen or heard of miraculous healings of what would otherwise be terminal diseases, so we know we are capable of such things. Our first question, then, should be "why are we not miraculously healing?")

*SC* Healing is Found in Causes:

The principle of transformation is based on one primary function of consciousness- memory... It is a process of becoming conscious of who we are, remembering who we are, and accepting responsibility for our actions and beliefs...

The goal of any psychotherapy is to consciously understand the roots of our behavior patterns so that we can alter them.

*HoL* Asking Entire Traumas to Leave- Higher Level Healing:

Once the shield has been set, the healer reaches under it with her right hand and begins to communicate with the energy-consciousness of the trauma to coax it to leave by reminding it of its God connection... The trauma leaves of its own accord. Any amount of forcing simply disrupts the process and forces the healer to start over. This method allows the entire trauma to leave. In healing from lower auric layers, many times the blocks in the field are energetic signatures of trauma, rather than the entire energy of the trauma itself... In the higher level of healing, the trauma is treated as if it has its own being, since it is an integral piece of energy-consciousness. When the trauma leaves, all the effects of that trauma leave with it, and the patient is finished dealing with it... Once the entire trauma has left, the area is cauterized with gold or white light, and the cavity is filled with the rose light of unconditional love...

I have to sit with the trauma, make contact with that energy-consciousness while I am in a state of alignment with the Will of God and simply remind each cell of that trauma and every cell of the body that it carries with it a spark of God. I remind it that it is God, light and wisdom and therefore that inexorably flows with and is one with the universal will. This is not an easy thing to do...

An Eight Level Shield is needed when patients are unable to bear the freedom of a life-long trauma being lifted in a healing session; they are likely to fill that space with another negative experience.

The Lesson of Disease

*TDA* Healing By Union With Disease:

Dr. Peebles: "Make contact with these living forces inside of you called leukemia, and understand that this is part of God's universe...

"You will make friends with these life forces and talk to them. Be their student and ask them to teach you... They will reveal to you insights about yourself- how they are cooperating with you, not fighting you- and thereby you will become a team. At that point of insight, discovery, and movement- healing, in your soul- they will then be willing to follow new orders- new directions that you make."

*HoL* Healing & the Meaning of Illness:

It is important to keep two things in mind when we are trying to understand just what we are doing as healers. One is that there is deep meaning in each person's experience of his illness, and two is that death does not imply failure, but probably healing...

Emmanual said... "Now often there is not the healing that is expected. Often there is, perhaps, identification and easing of discomfort, but no miracle. Well, what does that mean? It means that is as far as you consciousness will go at that point. It means that there is something else to learn; there is something else to know. For every physical body is a schoolroom, and every disease is a lesson."

Controlling the Body's Functions

*ABTM* All Body Functions Can Be Controlled:

Every so-called involuntary function, from heartbeat and breathing to digestion and hormone regulation, can be consciously controlled. The era of biofeedback and meditation has taught us that...

In a famous series of experiments at the Menninger clinic in the early 1970s, a noted spiritual adept from India, Swami Rama, demonstrated the ability to raise his heartbeat at will from 70 to 300, a rate far beyond the normal range.

*ABTM* Body Control by Visualization:

[The pioneer Russian neurologist A.R. Luria]'s most famous subject was a journalist he simply called S. S. Could use simple visualizations to change all kinds of involuntary functions. If he imagined himself staring at the sun, his pupils would contract; if he imagined himself sitting in the dark, his pupils would dilate... If he wanted his heart to beat faster, S. Saw himself running after a train as it pulled out of a station; if he wanted to slow down his heart, S. Saw himself lying in bed taking a nap.


What happens if you merely visualize a lemon or think the word lemon?.. Your mouth waters and the same salivary emzymes are produced, even though there is nothing to digest. The message sent from the brain is more important than the presence of actual food.

*CtL* The Power of Visualization:

When children with leukemia are taught to visualize their cancer cells being eaten by hungry fish, their survival time increases.

Also, children being treated with chemotherapy can use self-hypnosis to stop severe vomiting.

Biofeedback and the use of imagery have been shown to be more effective than medication in controlling migraines in children.

*EL* The Healing Powers of the Subjective Mind:

But perhaps the most important fact which hypnotic experiments have demonstrated is that the subjective mind is the builder of the body. The subjective entity in the patient is able to diagnose the character of the disease from which he is suffering and to point out suitable remedies... And from this is it but a step further to those numerous instances in which it entirely dispenses with the use of material remedies and itself works directly on the organism, so that complete restoration to health follows...

Whatever personality the objective mind impresses upon it, that personality it assumes and acts up to; and since it is the builder of the body it will build up a body in correspondence with the personality thus impressed upon it. These two laws of the subjective mind form the foundation of the axiom that our body represents the aggregate of our beliefs. If our fixed belief is that the body is subject to all sorts of influences beyond our control... the subjective mind... accepts it without question and proceeds to fashion bodily conditions in accordance with this belief... (NOTE: This explains the changes in MPD)

If we realize that the subjective mind is the builder of the body, and that the body is subject to no influences except those which reach it through the subjective mind, then what we have to do is to impress this upon the subjective mind and habitually think of it as a fountain of perpetual Life, which is continually renovating the body by building in strong and healthy material.

Our Innate Healing Capacities

*ABTM* The Body's Regeneration:

The skin replaces itself once a month, the stomach lining every five days, the liver every six weeks, and the skeleton every three months... By the end of this year, 98 percent of the atoms in your body will have been exchanged for new ones...

I am not my atoms, they come and go.

I am not my thoughts, they come and go.

*UR2* Miraculous Physical Healing:

Complete physicians, as mentioned earlier, would be persons who understood the true nature of the body and its own potentials- persons who would therefore transmit such ideas to others and encourage them to trust the validity of the body... Many organs can completely replace themselves; diseased portions can be replaced by new tissue...

Your insistence upon separating yourselves from nature automatically prevented you from trusting the biological aspects of the body, and your religious concepts further alienated you from the body's spirituality.

Know Who We Are

*EL* The Cure To All Sickness:

The only conception you can have of yourself in the absolute, or unconditioned, is as purely living Spirit, not hampered by conditions of any sort, and therefore not subject to illness; and when this idea is firmly impressed on the sub-conscious mind, it will externalize it. The reason why this process is not always successful at the first attempt is that all our life we have been holding the false belief in sickness as a substantial entity in itself and thus being a primary cause, instead of being merely a negative condition resulting from the absence of a primary cause.

*WtK* Healing:

In Spirit you are One... with the Higher Self of the one whom you would quicken and help.

*HoL* Healing is Dissolving the Veil:

Heyoan says healing is ultimately dissolving the veil between the spiritual and material worlds...

Heyoan repeatedly has said that these two veils (between the spiritual and material worlds and between who we think we are and who we really are) are the same...

"When the implicate and the explicate order become one, due to the expansion of perception in the human being, then the state of enlightenment is reached."

Healing With Higher Energies

*HoL* The Microorganism Cure In Depth:

When I have observed microorganisms in the field that need to be removed, the guides use first lavender and then silver to blast them out. First they send through lavender light, which makes the microorganisms vibrate at a high rate and apparently knocks them loose. If lavender light doesn't get them all, the guides will increase intensity and frequency and go up to silver. This powerful current seems to disconnect the microorganisms from their space. The guides then reverse the direction of energy flow through my body and suck all the lavender and silver light back out, carrying the microorganisms with the light... In a particular case in which I was cleaning the blood of a leukemia patient, she received her first clear blood test the day after the healing.

*CJ* Healing Beams and Spinning Out of the Body:

ROMC: "I see a strong light beam shining down on my solar plexus. I feel energy coming into me from this light. It's flashing on and off. And now the color is changing, alternating between warm and cool colors. The contrast is energizing me. (NOTE: Beam for healing and for travel. In a way they are the same) Now the beam is covering my whole body; I'm supposed to relax and go with it.

"Now I'm up on my platform, spinning rapidly. I almost feel dizzy. It's spinning so fast that I cant see myself. I feel I'm going to disappear. I'm spinning so rapidly that I am all one. A cone of energy is building over me, and I'm floating right up through this spiral.

*SBtL* Healing Places of the Future:

I was given a tour of the operating room of the future. There were no scalpels or sharp instruments in this operating room. Instead, all healing was done by special lights. Patients were given medications and exposed to these lights, said a Being who was with me, and that changed the vibration of cells within the body. Every part of the body has its own vibratory rate, said the Being. When that rate changes, certain illnesses take place. These lights return a diseased organ to its proper vibratory rate.

*HoL* Healing An Infection:

Figure 18-5A shows the tiny rod-shaped organisms that permeated the shoulder/arm area of a person who had been diagnosed as having a leprosy-like infection. I could see these organisms penetrating this area- both muscle and bone. As we worked to heal, a very strong lavender and then silver light flowed into the body and filled the infected area. The light caused the organisms to vibrate at a high rate. It appeared to knock them loose. Then the energy flow turned around and sucked them out of the body.

Healing Others

*WtK* Healing Others:

That which will help you more than anything else to know the truth about the one you would help, is to realize that he actually Is a son or expression of God...

Try never to see or acknowledge the appearance of lack, limitation or inharmony in your brother or in yourself, but to see only the Divine perfection of the son of God which each soul truly is in its inherent nature.

*HoL* Healing:

Humanity carries with it terrible pain, loneliness and deep longing to be free. The work of the healer is a work of love. The healer reaches into these painful areas of the soul and gently reawakens hope... S/he touches the spark of God in each cell of the body and gently reminds it that it is already God and, already being God, it inexorably flows with the Universal Will towards health and wholeness.

*HoL* Take Care of Yourself:

The first prerequisite for any healer is self-care. If you do healing and don't take care of yourself, you will probably get sick faster than in any other situation.

*EL* Why Healers Are Necessary:

But "there is not in all men this knowledge," or at any rate not such a full recognition of it as will enable them to give successful treatment to themselves, and in these cases the intervention of the healer becomes necessary.

*EL* How Healers Work:

The patient is asked by the healer to put himself in a receptive mental attitude, which means that he is to exercise his volition for the purpose of removing the barrier of his own objective personality and thus affording entrance to the mental power of the healer. On his side also the healer does the same thing, only with this difference, that while the patient withdraws the barrier on his side with the intention of admitting a flowing-in, the healer does so with the intention of allowing a flowing-out... As soon as the healer realizes that the barriers of external personality between himself and his patient have been removed, he can then speak to the sub-conscious mind of the patient as though it were his own... We... must think of him as a purely spiritual individuality, and as such entirely free from subjection to any conditions... We then make mental affirmation that he shall build up outwardly the correspondence of that perfect vitality which he knows himself to be inwardly...

Sometimes the statement of principles opposed to existing prejudices arouses opposition... In these cases nothing is so effective as absent treatment... In mental treatment time and space count for nothing... It is therefore quite immaterial whether the patient be in the immediate presence of the healer or in a distant country... One of the most effectual modes of mental healing is by treatment during sleep, because then the patient's whole system is naturally in a state of relaxation which prevents him offering any conscious opposition to the treatment. And by the same rule the healer also is able to treat even more effectively during his own sleep than while waking... The sub-conscious mind does not have to work through the intellect or conscious mind to produce its curative effects.

*HoL* Scanning During Healing:

When a patient comes to me, I do a very general scan over the entire body to pick up areas of interest. I am attracted to the areas of the body that need attention. Then I tune in more finely to that area and scan it at a finer resolution. To do fine scanning, I sometimes put my hands on the area in question. I find it easier to see this way.

Sometimes I use another method. I just ask to see a picture of what the problem is, and I will receive a mental picture of the situation.

*HoL* HSP Aiding In Healing:

With the use of High Sense Perception, the healer can tell which of the many holistic healing methods will work best for each patient by observing its effects on the aura.


*CJ* Fasting & Healing Inverted Energy:

ROMC: "Many of the animals on the earth will fast advantageously when their bodies become ill. They instinctively know when to go into the fasting process, thus allowing the energies in their body to invert, and set up the cleansing and healing process...

"An ‘inverted' process means that the energies that normally extend outward into the universe have reversed, thus causing the cells to function on a different basis, in a speeded-up process...

"Food creates an outward flow of energy from the physical body."

Healing Properties of Fire & Trees

*UR2* The Healing Qualities of Fire, Trees:

An open fire elicits certain responses from the cells that, for instance, a furnace does not. The effect of the light plus the warmth on the skin is extremely healing... The cells respond to fire-light in somewhat the same manner that flowers do to sunlight... An open fire is cleansing. It even helps clear the blood...

The proximity of so many trees also has considerable health value, and to those doing psychic or other creative work the effects are particularly conducive to a peaceful state of mind. Trees are great users and yet conservators of energy, and they automatically provide much vitality to areas in which they are plentiful...

Trees are also guardians. They are attached to the people they know... Trees form a protective barrier about, say, a home or a neighborhood. They are actively concerned. They have personalities- certainly to the same extent that dogs do, yet of an entirely different nature. They respond to you.

The Transmission of Energy in Healing

*HoL* How You Use Your Energy Field in Healing- Harmonic Induction & Voltage:

In addition to keeping you healthy and balanced, your field will be used as a conduit for the healing energies that are needed by others...In order to transmit a certain frequency required in healing, your field must vibrate in that frequency or its harmonic. Thus in order to give healing, you will run your field like a roller coaster. You will be constantly varying its frequency of vibration. You will be constantly transmitting different frequencies of light... It will be good in the sense that it will speed up your own evolutionary process, because changes in frequency and intensity will break your normal holding patterns and will release blocks in your field... You do not generate the energy you transmit... You must first raise your frequency to that needed by the patient in order to entrain the energy from the Universal Energy Field. This is called harmonic induction and takes a lot of energy and focus to do. As long as your voltage of energy is higher than the patient's, you will transmit to him. If, however, you try to heal when you are very tired, the voltage you are able to produce may be weaker than the patient's. Current flows from a high voltage to a lower one. In this way you could pick up negative energies of disease from your patients.

*HoL* Energy Transfers In Healing:

Studies done by Hiroshi Motoyama measured the strength of a healer's and a patient' acupuncture lines before and after healing. In many cases, the healer's lines for a particular organ were low after healing. However, they recovered their original strength a few hours later. Motoyama also showed that usually the healer's heart meridian was stronger after a healing, indicating that the heart chakra was always used in healing.

*HoL* Keeping the Body Energized:

In preparing to give a healing, the healer must first open and align herself with the cosmic forces. This means not only just before the healing, but in her life in general... She needs to keep her own body healthy through exercise and healthy nourishment, balanced diet (including high intake of vitamins and minerals, which the body uses more of when running high energy).

*HoL* Being Open to All Frequencies:

Do not try to control the color you are channelling; allow it to flow automatically. If you focus on a color, you will probably interfere rather than help, because the fields are smarter than your linear mind.

As long as you clear your field so that your chakras are clear and can thus metabolize all colors from the Universal Energy Field, the field of the patient will simply absorb what it needs. if one of your chakras is blocked, ten you will have difficulty channelling the color or frequency of light that is transmitted through that chakra...

The patient's energy system will take the energy and automatically move it to the area in the body where it is needed.

*HoL* The Energy Is Channelled:

Remember, you are channelling, not radiating. This means that you raise your vibrations to the level of energy that is needed and then you simply connect yourself to the Universal Energy Field and let it flow (like putting an electrical plug into a wall socket). If you don't heal in this manner, you will get tired very fast. You cannot radiate or direct enough energy from inside your own field to heal; you must channel it.

*HoL* Healing is Experiencing and Moving More of Yourself Into the Flow:

The sheer force and intensity of the spiritual energy knocks loose and begins to enlighten the stagnated dark soul substance. As it comes back to life again, you experience it as real. All of its pain, anger, and agony. You may say to yourself. "Why not I'm worse than I was before I started." Let me assure you that this (is) not true. You are more sensitive.

*HoL* How She Heals:

The process I use is called laying-on of hands, faith healing or spiritual healing... It is a procedure that involves rebalancing the energy field, which I call the Human Energy Field.

*SC* Healing:

John: "Healing is the highest gift of the spirit, for it is the restoration of harmony to all things...

‘As [Jesus] extended healing to others, and they were willing to accept it, they received the information from him telepathically, by being present in his aura. Their afflictions or diseased bodies would then have a correct pattern upon vibrational, molecular, and genetic levels so as to begin to rebuild themselves."

Higher Level Healing Aided By Guides

*HoL* The Guide's Influence:

As you lift through the crown, allow the guides to come into your field through the rear aspect of the throat chakra. You will feel them come around over your shoulders and down into your arms, like an overlay.

*HoL* Spiritual Surgery- Etheric Template Level:

As I allowed my hands to passively rest upon the patient's body, my etheric hands would detach themselves from my physical hands and sink deep into the patient's body. Then the hands of the guides who do etheric template work (whom I call the surgeons) would reach through my etheric hands and literally perform an operation. When they did that, the size of my etheric hands would expand greatly.

To do an operation, the guides would stick tubes through my arms, down through my hands and into the body of the patient. Apparently, they use all the same equipment that a normal surgeon does- scalpels, clamps, scissors, needles, syringes, etc. They cut, scrape things away, cut things out, do transplants and sew things back up again. At one point, I saw a large syringe float down my arm and into the body of a patient whose spinal nerves were being rejuvenated and sewn back together...

All this work is done on the fifth level of the auric field. This layer appears to exist in negative space... To me through my High Sense Perception negative space is similar to a negative of a photograph where all the dark areas are light, and all the light areas look dark... on this level, all of what would be empty space looks dark cobalt blue, and all the auric lines appear to be empty spaces within that cobalt blue field...

The fifth level is the template for all form that exists on the physical plane...

During this type of operation, which I have called spiritual surgery, the healer cannot under any circumstances move her hands. In fact, most of the time the hands are so paralyzed it would be fairly hard to do anyway...

During etheric template surgery, the guides control the color frequencies, direction of flow and location of the work. The more you trust and follow, the more they will be able to do... After sufficient energy has been poured through to knock the configuration loose, the guides then reverse the energy flow and suck the loosened energy back up and out... It removes specific etheric template forms from the field, like the psychic forms of viruses, bacteria or, in one case, white seedlike objects from the blood of a leukemia patient so that they cannot regenerate themselves in the person's physical body.

*HoL* Spiritual Surgery- Ketheric Template Level:

Many times when the auric field is disfigured on the fifth level, it is disfigured on the seventh level as well...Seventh level work is very different from fifth level work in that the healer is very active...The golden light at this level is very strong and resilient. Many times it appears to be tiny golden threads that are extremely strong.

The guides of the patient always come to healings and assist... At this point in the healing they usually pull the patient out of his body and care for him so that a deep relaxation can take place and allow for the template work to be done...

Ketheric template work, which restructures the seventh layer with olden light, consists of two major parts: cleaning and restructuring the grid structure of the organs, muscles, nerves or other parts of the body and cleaning and restructuring the chakras. The guide's hands work directly through the healer, which move very rapidly as guided. The golden threads move much more rapidly than the healer's intricate rapid finger movements...

The hands of the healer will move with tremendous light-force and a strong burst of energy to remove the ketheric field of the organ. The organ then floats above the body where it is cleaned and restructured by more rapid finger movements, which are weaving the blue etheric grid onto the golden template with white-gold threads... When the restructuring and sterilizing is completed, the organ simply slips back into the body. It feels almost as if it were sucked back in. It is then sewn back into place and filled with blue light to energize it...

There are several major ways that chakras become damaged. They can be torn open, the screen over them may be damaged, a vortex can be clogged and slowed in it spinning motion, the point of the chakra may not be seated correctly into the heart or root area of the chakra or a vortex may be sticking out of flopping over and look like a spring that has sprung. The whole chakra can be almost gone, or a small part of it can be affected.

*HoL* Higher Healing:

In the future we would move on to discover methods to apply to the higher bodies.

Thus we could heal the disorder before it is precipitated into the physical body as physical disease.

The Experience of Healing

*HoL* The Experience of Healing:

As the energy is flowing, clearing, charging and generally rebalancing the energy field of the patient, you will probably feel it flowing through your hands. It is as if a fountain flows forth from them. It may feel warm or tingling to you. You may feel the pulsations which are slow and rhythmic...

The flow will increase and peak, then slowly decrease, and either stop or continue at a very low rate. This means it is time to move. The energy flow will feel like tingling or heat waves...

As soon as emotional material begins to release, the person will try to hold her breath in an effort to hold down the feelings.

*BtC* Healer's Heated Hands:

Anyone whom ["Mrs. Tarpey"] treated could feel great heat when her hands were brought close to any part of the body.

*EJ* Healing:

The best known schools are Therapeutic Touch and Reiki, but healing powers also come naturally, as a God-given gift, without any formal training at all. The healer's hands become as hot as hot-water bottles, as waffle irons. She places her hands above your body, not even touching your clothing perhaps. You feel her gather your energy in her palms, smoothing and combing you aura field with her hot hands, and at the same time pouring light into your body and your soul. Or else, deep in prayer, she places her hands on your head, flooding you with light and warmth...

The man I fell so passionately in love with that weekend in Costa Rica- he had healing hands. Animals and little children crept into his lap... He emitted so much heat that sometimes I couldn't sit beside him comfortably... He emitted light. Yet curiously he wasn't aware of either the light or heat, and he couldn't tell me exactly what he did to call animals to him or help wounds quickly heal.

Tips for Healers

*HoL* Environment For Healing:

It is important to work in a clean room that has been cleared of low energies, bad vibes or dead orgone energy (DOR) as Wilhelm Reich called it...

If you work in an unventilated or fluorescent lighted room, you will probably get sick. You will start accumulating DOR in your body; your vibrations will slow down and slowly get weaker.

*HoL* Drink Water Afterwards:

One should always drink a full glass of spring water after each healing; so should the patient. Running water through your system helps carry away the DOR.

OB Healing

*VS-BR* OB Healings, Color-Music, Space Made of Crystals of Love/Information:

Charles on Multiple NDEs: "They were light beings. Most of them didn't have clear definition... They had blue laser-colored eyes and everything about them was silvery platinum. As soon as I would get anywhere near their view, long beams of blue light would come from their eyes and bathe me in electric blue... It's like tears would come out of every pore, like tears of joy.

"Their robes were made of light... They were glowing, shimmering... Their arms were reaching out and going into my energy. It wasn't like their hands were touching my body, but it was like their hands and their energy blended with my body and my energy. When I would be next to them or encounter them, I would feel the most exquisite love that I have ever felt in my life... (NOTE: Brennan's Spiritual Healings)

"There was always some sort of music.. It seemed to be that I was living in the music and I was living in the colors. The first thing I would hear would be tones. I was living in the tone, and then it would become music. It makes me choke up to think about it. It's the most beautiful music I've ever heard. it touched every atom of my being... It was like there were little sparkles going off in every part of it... At times it was like looking through an opaque glass into a physical setting. It wasn't clearly defined, but there were times there were many structures and many other people there. Some of the structures appeared to be white. Some were domed, some had spires, and some had other geometric shapes. Some were cubed. I'd say they were cities of light...

"The substance of the atmosphere was made out of gillions of crystals. It shimmered in the light. Even my body appeared to be made of gillions of little crystals, and yet there was no cold, hard feeling to them, though it was cool...

"It was just a natural process to come back. There wasn't a closing of a door, but at some point all of a sudden I'd be jarred, would open my eyes, and be back in the hospital room...

"The crystals are love and contain all the information."

*PotC* Nonphysical Healers:

At the end of the main street in a small square with a few trees and benches, I came across an extraphysical consciousness who looked like a doctor...

Upon exchanging mental messages with him, he quickly explained to me that his routine work was helping the needy. At night, the specialized task becomes intense as extraphysical (NOTE: Translated:nonphysical) consciousnesses, especially sick ones, enter into contact with sleeping persons. Each assistant in that work takes care of a defined area of service...

The task did not appear to be very simple. From 6:00 p.m. on- when the greatest human anguish starts- the assistential team tries to diminish the depression, despair, sadness, longings, doubts, resentments, loneliness and problems stemming from the unstructured relationships typical of big cities. He told me that the least pleasant aspect was that some intraphysical as well as extraphysical consciousnesses refused to be assisted...

Happy are those who learn the universalistic principle: maximize fraternity, overcome taboos and perform universalistic assistance while still in human life.

Empathic Healing

*BtC* Empathic Healing:

She "tuned in" on the patient and felt in her own body any pain or discomfort which the patient felt.


She senses or feels within her own body the pain or discomfort precisely where the patient feels pain or discomfort.

Healed By MDMA

*HoL* A Chakra Tear, Healing It, and Positive Drug Effects:

Then David began to want more information. He started asking questions about the meaning of his illness in order to understand it in terms of his personal life situation...

David's inquiry came as his third chakra (the linear mind) began to function more smoothly...

The original tear in David's third chakra happened at a time near puberty when he rebelled from a very domineering and controlling mother...

David's solution to gain autonomy was like that of many teenagers. He broke ties with his parents... Unfortunately, he discovered that he kept connecting with women who were controlling... That is what felt like "normal" to him...

I could see him being soothed by the field of his new partner. It was as if the effect of her company alone expanded his auric field, whereas previously he had always contracted his field in the presence of the person he was in a relationship with...

During the last month that I worked with David, I began to see a configuration within his field, that I had never seen before. It appeared to be uncovered by the work we had done. It looked like a cocoon surrounding the spine...

David came to his last session looking very different. His aura was twice as bright and much larger than usual. The cocoon had opened. I asked what had happened to him? He said that he had taken a drug popularly called ecstasy or MDMA... over the weekend. Upon closer inspection, I could see that the MDMA had opened the left side of the pineal gland. The mucus from the third eye that had been placed there partially from doing pot and LSD was cleared away on the right side...

Since my observations had always shown psychotropic drugs to have a negative effect on the aura, I asked Heyoan about it. He said, "That depends on who takes it, and what their field configuration is at the time of taking it. Since David's sixth chakra was clogged, and it was time for him to work on opening it, the drug had a strong effect. But if the individual involved needed to focus on a different chakra, the effect would most likely be negative.

Healing Past Life Traumas

*HoL* Healing Past Life Traumas:

The healer focuses energy into the block. This starts energy moving out of the block and usually the trauma is released... The healer must be experienced with and be able to handle very strong, painful, fearful or angry feelings in the client in order to do this work...

After a good amount of energy is flowing, the healer will ask the client to allow his memory to open and go back to the first time the client put that block there. The healer continues to run energy into the block while the client goes backward in time. The healer usually gets pictures of the event in question as the client is trying to remember... The client may then reexperience that trauma fully as if living through it again or he may just see the experience as an observer... The healer must always respect the client's energy system, which is what determines how much information the client can tolerate about any given trauma...

When past-life information is uncovered in the right moment, it will help the person understand himself and learn to love themselves better. If it is done with the wrong timing, it can enhance a person's negativity either toward self or others...

As soon as the healer knows the trauma is from a past life, the healer must help the client connect present life issues to the past-life experience. The structural problems on this level of the aura from past lifetimes usually result in congenital problems in the physical body. These issues are very important to deal with as they are held very tightly and deeply within the soul substance of the individual. (NOTE: Imagine a gravity well, sucking space inwards around the trauma, covering it, darkening it, trapping it in the time where it happened. It's a flex of spacetime, and a flex of muscle as well.)

*HoL* Multiple Layers of Traumas:

If the area has not cleared, there is usually another trauma sitting under the first that was experienced. I have seen as many as five traumas from different lifetimes layered upon each other in the same area of the body.

Healing with Sound & Color

*HoL* Healing With Sound:

I have found that color in the aura is directly related to sound. Sounding specific pitches into the field not only provides specific colors in the field but is also a powerful agent of healing...

During one of the intensive training weeks I offer, one of the students (Liz) has M.S... The sound they made would loosen the scar. We used the crystals as scalpels to cut the scar away once it had been loosened with the sound... After the healing Liz said that a certain pain that had been in her leg for 15 years was no longer there... Four years later... [Liz] had succeeded in regaining all the use of her body, which was almost completely paralyzed...

Sounding also works very well for healing injured disks, enhancing tissue growth, clearing stagnated fluids from the body, tuning up the nervous system, and tuning the organs of the body so that they impedance match or harmonize with each other to function better.

*HoL* Color Used in Healing:

Red: Charging the field, burning out cancer, warming cold areas.

Orange: Charging the field, increasing sexual potency, increasing immunity

Yellow: Charging second chakra, clearing a foggy head.

Green: Charging fourth chakra, balancing, general healing, charging field.

Blue: Cooling, calming, restructuring etheric level, shielding

Purple: Connecting to spirit

Indigo: Opening third eye, clearing head

Lavender: Purging field

White: Charging field, bringing peace and comfort, taking away pain.

Gold: Restructuring seventh layer, strengthening field, charging field.

Silver: Strong purging of field (opalescent silver is used to charge sixth level)

Velvet Black: Bringing patient into a state of grace, silence and peace with God

Purple Blue: Taking away pain when doing deep tissue work and work on bone cells, helping expand patient's field in order to connect to his task.

Science & Healing

*HoL* Lying On Of Hands in Russia:

[The "IZICS" Medical Society in Warsaw, Poland] was very successful and is still in operation. Records kept by this clinic show that laying-on of hands, called bioenergotherapy (BET), is most effective... BET helps to relieve the pain caused by cancer and decrease the amount of pain medication or tranquilizers taken by the patient... In almost every case the doctors discovered that after BET treatment, patients becomes more quiet and relaxed, pain was gone or relieved, and the rehabilitation process (especially after surgery or infection) was accelerated.

*HoL* Science & Healing

Physicists state that there are no basic building blocks of matter, rather that the universe is an inseparable whole; a vast web of interacting interweaving probabilities. Bohm's work shows that the manifest universe arises out of this whole...

Becoming a healer means to move toward this universal creative power which we experience as love be reidentifying self with and becoming universal; becoming one with God.